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Fort George Herald Jan 29, 1916

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6. No. 21.
Members of Provincial
Government Visit City.
II„n. C. E. Tisdall, New Minister of Public Works, and
Wm. Manson, President of the Council, Address
Meeting in the Ritts-Kifer Hall.
Round About Town
The phenomenally cold weath-!
er which has been our portion
for the past few weeks reached
a climax this week when storms
and cold combined tied up the
entire railway system both east
and west. Trains a day or two
late are the order of the day.
Prominent among lhe visile's tn this city this week
were the new Minister ol'
Public Works for this province, Hon. ('.  E. Tisdall, nnd
will   lie
accomplished within
months.    This   work
The Burns concert and dance
held in the Alexandra hotel last
has heen held hack on account j Tuesday evening was a most en-
of tlie well-know/i fact that it joyable affair.   Despite the cold
has heen  practically   impo.s-> weather there was a large crowd
^^^^—-^^^^^^—— _lbl_) to sell government bonds present, and the varied program
William Manson, member for si,u.0 tlic outbreak of the war. proved a most entertaining one.
Ski .ma, and   lately appointed( Whereas it was previously an A nice sum was realized for the
jeasy thing to dispose of bonds
I at par: now it   seems  impo
,, sible to get as much as !»() (or
the year ,, ?.  , ' ,
them.      t   has  not heen con-
IVsiduttt   of   the   (Jounci
I'mlertakiiio' a trip of inspec
linn al this  time  o
.       . • them,    it  lia
,vh-n we have been encounter- si(|(l|,(,(,   wjs(,   tnm.().(V   t,,js
i„n unprecedented cold weath- saciilicc However, the speak*
ri.  places   Mr.   Tisdall  at  a er confidently  believes   that
..•hill disadvantage, making il within  a  year trains wi"
eery   difficult   to   inspect the
\ariiius public works improve- .
ments and  sites for improve- '   Referring to  the  financial
mnits to be undertaken.   Mr. .standing of this province, the
Tisdnll's   visit   here   at   this minister   ol   public   works
pointed out  that   I>. ('. has a
running from I'rince Georgej
to Vancouver on the track of
here   at
lime, so soon after Ins appoint
nient as thc head of the chit
lower bonded indebtedness than
Don't forget the dance which
is being given by the young
bachelors on Monday evening in
the Ritts-Kifer Hall. A three-
piece orchestra will be in attendance and every effort is being
made to have the affair a big;
Cariboo Federal Nominee
Appeals to Men of District.
J. T. Robinson Particularly Anxious That Men of This
District Hold Up Their End of the
Work of Recruiting.
No. l.due here last Monday i To the men of the Federal
evening, arrived yesterday morn-1 Riding of Cariboo:
ing, and was the first train to j   As one, who, in common with
arrive in this city from the east
for a full week. The heavy
snowstorms in the mountains
[.have been responsible for a tie-up
that will probably never be experienced in this section again.
work of the Patriotic Association
and the thanks of those in charge
are conveyed to all who in any!   The 1st Canadian Pioneers, at
way contributed to the success j present stationed at Victoria, will
of the affair. I leave for England in about six
  I weeks.   There are vacancies for
E. E. Phair, proprietor of the]a few good men, and those inter-
Prince George Hotel, is at present visiting the coast cities. Mr.
Phair is indefatigable in his work
of boosting Prince George.
Wherever he goes he spreads the
news of the development of this
city and does much towards creating a lively interest in the
affairs of central B. C.
ested can obtain any information
from Lieut. S. Burt, Government
Office, South Fort George.
pending department   of thcjany °ther westem province, and
this in spite of the fact that bus-
.! iness has been carried on for half
a century here, while the prairie
provinces have only existed for a
matter of a little over 10 years.
We have a bonded indebtedness
. of $21,000,000,   with   $3,000,000
, credit in the banks, leaving only
a debt of $18,000,000, for a prov-
s     „    _ all<l "  l,lnn|- ince whose timber alone it is es-
inont  business  man   for the tjmated js worth to the people of
larger part of that time.    He the province a full $400,000,000.
Our mines are producing a half
province, shows his keen in
tcrest in his new work am
augurs well for the prospec
tive advancement of this dis
Mr. Tisdall has been a res
it Lent of British Columbia for j
neatly -•"» year.'
Our soldier boys present a fine
appearance as they appear on
the city streets these days.   The
new uniforms have arrived and
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    the local men of the 102nd are
  | fine looking soldiers.
Messrs. Sam Cocker, Dave Hoy i ,    	
and J. D. McCorkel^ -of Vander- j   Kantoy Neckwear at Bajrd's. Fine
hoof, were visitors in  the city, new assortment to choose from,
this week,   returning  to. their|    Arrow SHirts ami Collars, the
home town yesterday morning.   • standard in this line.—Bai'i-d'a
many others, is taking a keen interest in the formation of a crack
battalion for the Canadian overseas force selected from the men
of Central British Columbia, of
which the old Cariboo District
forms so important a part, and as
it was at my suggestion that the
right to carry the historic name
of Cariboo as a part of the regimental title was granted by the
military authorities, I make this
public appeal to the able-bodied
and efficient men of the district
for their assistance in carrying
the undertaking to a speedy and
successful issue.
The war in which Canada, to--
gether with the Mother Country
and the other overseas dominions,
is now engaged on behalf of the
able to bear arms, to shoulder
his part of the burden of the cost
of the struggle and the cave of
the loved ones of those who go
to the front.
The men of central British Columbia are largely of the kind
who can make efficient soldiers
and the 172nd Battalion C. E. F.
which is to bear the name of
"Cariboo" on its colors should be
one of the best which leave Canada's shores for the scene of the
"Your King ancl Country Need
You" and 1 sincerely trust that
your response will be a generous
If you are a married man your
wife and children will be cared
for by a grateful nation during
your absence. If you area single
man you can have no excuse
save that of physic?.! inability to
cferred to the early develop
nm. nf etc  	
nthe Canadian Pacific  Rail"- wild lands are  worth approxi-
London.-The debate on tightening ihe blockade
which took place Wednesday in the House of Commons
was addressed by .Sir Edward drey, in which he announced
,  •    ...      i    „•     , ,, ,       , that Great Britain will not abandon her right to interfere y   —-
envme-T-Y-tTe.i'i-ititrv rmUton dollars per year,-and iow_H»»-.*•■■-■■ ■;■■■ -■    r", , , -*"*-v ._______--TlT^r.^..      >'>ftllvsw rtf rither reaSnnS-TS-tm= "KamloOCS far <i_..d, 1-fib.
• Iwith the enemy s trade anil cannot exercise that right  with- TJliysiLdl Ul "ulcr reasons is uu  i\dmioupa,;)<*.. -»-«. «?«_
liberty of the world is a rigeteous! serve,
one, forced upon us by the ene-' By going to the nearest re-
my. There can be no peace un-! cruiting station you will have
til that enemy is for generations j taken the first step in the per-
put beyond the power to again! formance of your duty to your
bring so much evil into the world, j home, the empire and humanity.
This enemy must be taught that! Until further arrangements are
deeds such as she has been guilty j made any information in refer-
of place her outside the pale of
Tp this end the empire asks
every man who is capable of
bearing arms to do his share just
as it asks every man who for
ence to recruiting may be obtained from the editor  of the
Herald, Prince George, B. C.
"Let us all do our bit."
Yours faithfully.
,,.;(,  matelv $100,000,000. We have'out interfering with neutral shfpping.   The principals as aji-
way,   me    pessimism   with          •         *        .„ ,.  , ,     .              ,    .     .,     . .,            ....        ,,       .       :
1                             resources that will cause us to pned by America during the civil war will lie adhered  torn
to  the  front with great the new move to eut off Germany and Austria from all food
which the news ol lining up of ihis provinci
met, and expressed his opinion that the country along the
line of the new (ii.in.tl Trunk
Pacific Railway would develop as  much  within the next
(Continued on 4th page)
The French Heet will co-operate with the British
Of General Interest.
Here and There.
Who is backing down, United    He who expects the war to end
States or  Austria?   There is|before it is fought out to a finish
Meeting in South.
in making the blockade more stringent,  and any  notes ob-; something peculiar in the latter's ta]<es ., frjvolous view o in
jet-ting to this course will necessarily have to be sen, to the change of attitude on receipt of      nchable and (, .term.
Ar-do-freneh governments as one. |the second no^_ ;ination on both sides.   There is
no chance for peace  until the
Hon. C.  E.  Tisdall and Mr.	
Wm. Manson addressed alarge        Geneva.—Roumariia has obtained a $57,500,000 loanI   §jr ]?mest Cassel may be a
meeting held   in Burch's Hall.J ft.om Great Britain, giving her cereal  crop as security, ac-i German by birth, but that is his j military power of one side or the
i,.,••) ,,r tl,.. ,„.,,, ,,i..,. fiovoionwi m .Uth ''.' 9,eorge'last. evening' cording to advices received yesterday. ionly connection.   No Hun wouldiother is in hopeless collapse.
|.it otthepi o\ nice (le\ eloped The south side association repre- h ' • ! give W. 000 to Red Cross work:
*-">-  i- ™   "There w    value of $1,500,000,000.   It has|g've*.^,uw toKeci Uoss work
fifteen years as the sou then
London, Jan. 24.
twenty live   years.    With sents a large number of voters
mj„u   ihe   speaker and is developing  into a husky oe a irem«
I among the British soldiers.
this in mind tho speaker
pointed out thai the govern-
ineiil is alive to thc fact thai
larger appropriations will be
r-rw.innina into a huskv be a tremendous rush of ?oung patrolled^ and policed the sea. 	
ssntsiss sr^-Mrp g^gft'saU* avrrit
these former clerks and other ossal war that ever shook the;^°w   ^ ^ ^^ ^
needed for the opening up o
ihis district, and it "ill lie his
aim tn,fUi all in  his power to Canada is now passing.
condit|„„of this province, con-Un J"   Brelaen   when .peace *aj «««**«*,j™%„dRooseve,, don't sound well
sideling the crisis through which comes. -   together.
They     These were the words of Lord
Berlin, Jan. 19.   Twenty-eight
San Francisco. Sixty thousand revolutionary troops have
defeated the forces of Yuan Shi
Kai, head of the Chinese government, in an action which took
place in the province of Sze Chu-
en, according to a cablegram received here from Shanghai by
president of
■Hi   were loud in their praise of the Derby.   He is watching the de:     Berlin, Jan. a.   i wemy-e.gni    Qne  f thfi        [ses of tne war „
tlmt everything possible is were"™J'",','  liti.,s which vei0pment of recruits which he membersof the Reichstag have        b        ,    frequency   with   °"^"\       !       ,
"•"-11-  '"   S^SK^prSS L successfully organized, and formed a new party, which they S^The Bremen has'hit the the Chinese Republican Associa-
interior of this    ',   "    Vs and assured  their studies not only their present have namedthe German Party, j bottom of the various oceans.      tion.
re s    ,       would be their position but the future.   There jit includes mdependent Conserv-: _  -
ne<"e thinkers in England atives and members of the bar-,   Now you know how those far-    Paris.   Bulgarians at Gievgeh
none that wil
11 rests of   tin    _.^_^_____
Referring to the construe
li m of Nechaco Hiver bridge
Mr. Tisdall stated thai the
mly delay in connection with
lhe commencement ol this
work was the fact that the
consent of the Poniinioii go\
Tinneul had not yet been  re
'ired,   I his wi
aim and pleasure to do every- are some
i comple- who belk
irtakings lose these
h to do is not among them
_w. tn nmh to comole- who believe Britain should not mers1 League and the former
flung possible to push toconje who^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ Hanoverian Guelf party.
off ancestors of ours felt when ancl Doiran are suffering greatly
the ice age began. from lack of food, according to
A   ,  T        .   ..     .      . The veracious   Sayv.llew.re-    Two years ago all the news- newspaper   Patris   of   Athens;
A. C. Laut, .nthe American less informs us that an assoc.a, were   rimi     ^.^^ Sjnce the road from theDeffl.
Review of Reviews, says.   The tion has been formed at Ham-1     thfi the fm .rot and K        was destr    d   Uk, Bu1.
iwing to an error the name British  fta has guarded the burg to promote cultural rela-;thi       ,ike that   0thers were garians ara obliged to transport
.eviGraham was omitted last transport of 2500,000 men   It turns with South and Central debati     thfi   d f ^ pr0visions from Veles toGievgeli
the list of members has brought home  more than America,   Spam  and  Portugal., gkirts These were the questions by mule or on foot.
half a rn.ll.on invalids.  It has If Germany wins this war, these of th   hour   w   thoughtthey,   A squadron of
tion the  various   unit
which will have so nine
with the development of the Fort
(ieorge district.
c0mo,,tartyTthe"Executiveof the Prince
french  aero-
'"id  the  work   will  l-^'^^Sve A station, ^ted the carrying «rf flVW Sg?*"?.^ "^^^ chanBB to: were aerioiiB. PerhapB they were; planes aocordinK  to  the same
(l,o1geConslivat,vcA.s p^ ^ ^ ^im',,i k.   how immeasurably trivial corresponuent,   bombarded  the
, , ,  nt ,   r m01I's W - fnr Great Britain.  It has made   fk«, _.._. in contrast to things I Bulgarian camp causing several
ihe   construction    ol   the     ,»,„. „e-w si...U nl  -M'-m s. \m-mi , tor bieat nnidiu.   u
ViliCirea, Kas.ern Railway ,„„„„, aiHln.s SI wH .on safe the conveymg of 8Wg      .     -
1'nin'01i,,tont0?rii,cc(_ct,rgel,,,,,,,.vfo,-ii, im   Ban     h^   It:h. =dthe A ^  .^
supplies and munitions
roof   Ho.lM.ya1   Bai.d*s).wenowd.SCuss
is gimi'iintri-d n iimiilliH. or
they seem in contrast tt) things i Bulgari
Prirtce Gsorao l-t-H8 Than Two Y«»'« Ago
City in Darkness
After January 31st
Aecordinn'tonstateinent'made ft) the Herald this
morning by Mr. C. M. Brown, president of the Northern
rclophoncnnd Power Co., the company will discontinue
service after January 31st,
11 *''"       . i  i   •tBln'*'«!T.,tl<lii«,l  -   '  1
'viy'liUS.-n    ."_'':*, ^*''*&'v\*_]___     *
I'rince George n Few Months Later R. K. WALKER, Managing Editor.
Saturday, January 29th, 1916
The Eternal Question.
ine council passed a similar "
resolution by a vote of four
to two. lhe mayor vetoed the
resolution. When the unanimous resolution was put
throui.li    the    mayor   vott
■Mll('h    ' v    lmi'monk)US| against it.    After "Alderman
lhun usual, but none the lt
Ruggies   went   to  Winnii. \
strenuous, was the discussion ftnd Mnntl,,.,] to trv aiu] feo.
of the depot question at this ilj(,|t(l mntterH RJiA Q&m bnck
weeks meeting of  the  city wjtl) ,|is n,|)()|,t< |h(, cm]ncj]
council, held ...   the city hall Lfci] ,llimoIls|v agreefl  ,|,.|t
last Monday night. NothingU Wftntef] fc]ie f,epot ,|t
is of more importance tothe Q Str(1(,t    T)|(,   mavo|.
people of this city  than an
would not  vote.    The  people
early settlement of this mo- through theil. representatives,
mentous question. The mat- demanded tha, the hoard of
ter has heen threshed out, ij]wf_. commissioners order
discussed and viewed from fhe |,Hj|way company to p]ace
every angle, and stands as a t|_, depot* at George Street.
.daring example of the '^'- t|hm>._v< .• won. I not s.-mt-tion '
lessness of inefficiency butting thisactioll) and for that ,.eft,SOn
its head aga.nst t^ ""P'<^ and that reason alone, we
"«hle stone wall. j.n.(, t(1(|av  wjt||()1|t  ,, depot|
There is no question, and At the meeting of the council)
there never has been any held this week the mayor .said
proof to the contrary, but that | tlmt if the present council
the Hammond interests have passed another unanimous
been responsible for our lack ^solution to have the depot
ofa depot.    For some reason piam] at (ieorge .Street hi
known only to himself antl
friends. W. G. .Gillett. mayor
of this city since last .May.
saw lit to sink his [own and
client's money in Third  Ave.
would vote against it,
This plainly looks as if the
mayor of this city is not wil
ing to sacrifice  his personal
.interests, or the vague possi-
roperty.    It  is rumored by ,.,..     ,.,.   .,    •     ..
1 •' bility of furthering his person
al  interests,  for the general
If thei
vou.   we
friends of the mayor that  he
invested his own  money ami w.plfel.e of ' ]rj (.jh
that  ol  his friends  in third
Avenue lots ancl buildings be-1 . i-     ,       .     i-
.    . s respect him  for standing up
heving that the  t enot   would;,.    ■• ,»• .       , i
7 .i for his personal interests and
be built at a  point   consider- Uk,        ,. ,•    ,■"■     ,        , ,
1 those ot  his friends, as long
ably  wesi  of George Street,      li-  a . ■ .   <•       .-.i
.,.,.. as this does not interfere with
I  this is the case, one canL-   i .■ i m     ■.■
i Ins duties towards the citizens
readily see whv the inavor is     .      ■      i, •       i       .    •
• • who placed hun where he is-
anxions   to   see   the depot go Li .    , .•      .<,
1     "ldoes not at once sanction tht
where  he  expected  it would!i   •, ,-       v.i     i      _  _n
1 building of the depot at (ieorge
go.    ah   one bames him fori Wf     ,   ,
Street, he is not  can vmg out
protecting his own and friends'k; f        , \.    ,,
' his promises to work   tor the
best interests'of this city, or
is in the dark as to what tin
best interests of the city an
^|Surely our attitude in this is
broad-minded enough foi-anyone, and shows no prejtidict
The Orand Trunk Pacific
Railway Company is responsible for the existence of this
city. They have rights which
-aniiot    be    disputed.     Tht
interests. However, the situation now stands this way :
According to a statement
frankly admitted as havin
come direct from 11. II. Han
sard, solicitor for the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway (!om-
panv. Mayor Gillett says he
has been accused of being the
only stumbling block in the
way of the construction of a
depot here.
iir.., ,      ,        , ,      ,        . e.llllliei ill' III.   IIIIK'O. I  IK'
Without shadow of doubt,     • , .   .
..... railway commissioners realize
and we make this statement ., ■        , .. ,    ..
.    ,.      .....      . | this, and  in  spite of the fact
conscientiously believing it Lu ,   .,      , ,      ,    ,
.    .     . ., ., _.„      that  they  have  ordered  the;
to be true, if Mayor Gillett      , ...
...    . . I railway   company   to    built
will wire or write the Grand |„   .    :     ,   ,' ■        ...
t      i n   •_•   r. .,        ^        then-depot at a  point  which
Trunk Pacific Railway Com-! | V       .     '. .,
..   „      ,   ,„ ..        does    not   suit   the   railway
pany or the Board of Railway! ,, .      .
.   . I company,   those   orders ha\t
Commissioners that he is
willing to have the depot
built at George Street and
will endeavor to assist the
Railway Company in carrying out this work, construction of a new depot will be
commenced just as soon as
the weather will permit.
not been enforced, ancl it is
quite plain that the commissioners recognize the rights of the
railway company and are in
sympathy with them. The depot
will be built at George Street and
no place else. The depot will be
built just as soon as weather conditions permit after Mayor Gil-
M.I ■ , , «"■•"»««    pv-llllll        (IIU.   I I'lflVWI VIII-
I he legal representative of , .. ,.      , . , .        ,
,,       .. ' , .    lett, as the chief executive of
the railway company has made Lu-    •.    u _ , •     ,<
this city, has expressed himself
as in sympathy with the wishes
of the railway company, and no;
sooner.   If the mayor has  thej
best interests of this city at heart'
there is but one thing that he
can do.
the statement, and the mayor
admits it was made to him
direct, that he. Mayor Gillett,
was the one man who now
stood in the way of the construction of the depot at
George Street.
Last May VV. G. Gillett in- Fight or pay Remembe]. jf
corporatedin Ins platform a, you contribute your share to the
promise to do everything in Canadian Patriotic Fund you are
Us power to further the wel- Mpjng t0 end the war by the
are of the citizens of I'rince only practicab,e and re]jab|e
George and the question of,method that of beating Gep
the settling of the depot site
occupied the attention of the
mayor and council, as well as The dancer who values her
the ratepayers, for montliH. ankles at $55,000 would probably
lhe council, who are the legal exchange her head for a lima
representatives of the people,, bean.
City Lots and
Garden Tracts
Real Estate and
M_ XIV   M_ I111V \\J JJ
THE pri( f choice farm lands is lower today than will be the case when financial
and world conditions once more become nor-
mal. The careful buyer of good property
during this depression will realize a big-jn-olii
The man in search of a home, where success
is assured, will find his opportunity hero and
We own exclusively some of the best pieces
of agricultural land in Prince George distriet
ami are offering some exceptional bargains.
Write for our free illustrated booklet or
call at our George street office for full particulars.
R. R. WALKER, General Agent, George St., Prince George, B.C.
Fort George Hardware Co.
Now is the time for fixing   Spouting   and   Down
Pipes to Houses.
Save your surface Water. All Kinds of Supplies
in stock. Water Tanks, etc.
Or Phone No. 12
City Property
Farm Lands
Garden Tracts
Timber Lands
George Property at Saleable price.
Third Avenue
Prince George, B.C.
(jr. T. P. R.
Edmonton - Prince George • Prince Rupert
Service via "North American Alps" Route.
No. 1     Lve. Kilineeiiiiiii eSimdiiys nnd Wednesday. 10-33 p.is.
West     Ait. Prince George Mondays nnd Thurs." 8.00 p.m.
Bound   |,ve. Pi-iiic-e'Geoi-Ke iMondays and Thin-.. 8.15 p.m.
An-. Prince R.iperl Tuesdays and Fridays 11.15 p.si
No. 2     Lve. Prince Kuperl Mondays nnd Thurs.       10.80 a.m.
East      Ait. Prince George Tuesdays and Fridays      8.30 a.m.
Bound   Lve. Prince Geoi-ge Tuesdays and Fridays      S.l.'). m.
Air. Ivliiiieiiton Wednesdays and .Saturdays   8,00 ii.m,
Travel to or from Eastern points over the best
new railway ever constructed.
Our Agents will lie pleased to furnish
any information desired.
District Passenger Agent,
Winnipeg, Man.
P. Burns & Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Merchants
Telephone 7
Shamrock Brand
and Jeweler
«. 'I'. P.
CBuy your
Where you are gure lo get th*
Brand you want.
Prince George Hotel
Modern and up-to-dale in every respect. Entire building
Steam Heated. Hot md Cold Water in Roems. Public and
Private Baths.
MWta i 'oal mining rights ol' the Dominion, io Manitoba, Saskatchewan
an,| Alberta, the Yukon Territory,
lhe Northwest Territories nnd in a
portion Of the Province of British
Columbia, may be le .seel for a term
of :M yuan* nt mi annual rental of
Sl an acre. Not more than '2,TtW
ncres will be It-used to one applicant.
Application I'm' n lensi- musl be
niiiile by the applicant in person tie
ll,,. Agent or 8ub-Agi.it of the
district ill whioh tho rights applied
fo). are situated.
In surveyed territory the hind
must he described by sections, or
legal subdivisions of sections, mnl
in unsurveyed territory the trad
ui^lied for shall bo staked out by
die applicant himself,
Each applicaiion musl be accompanied hy a fee of $6 which will be
^efiuidud if the rights applied for
,,,-,. mn available, bid unl otherwise A roynlly shall I..■ paid on
il,,- merchantable Output of the
mine nl the rate ee! live, cents per
Tim person operating the mine
(ihnll furnish the Agenl with sworn
returns accounting I'ur ihe- full
quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the. royalty thereon. If
ihe cnnl milling rights are not being operated, such returns should
lie Furnished at least once a year,
The lease will include the coal
mining rights only, rescinded by
' 'Imi*. 25 of 4-5 George V. assented
tn 12th June, 1.914,
.or lull information application
slii'iilil be made lo I he,Secretary nf
ihr Department eef the Interior,
i Ulnwa, or to any Agenl '>r Sub-
Agent of Dominion Lands.
Deputy ,\l in ister of the Interior.
N'.B. Unauthorized publication
eel this advertisement will nol he
IeuieI for.   8357..
NOTICE i-i hereby Ktvcii that an application
will be made tee the? Legislative Assembly uf the
Province ol British Columbia al its next Sessieett.
een behalf ce! ihe Naaa 4 Skeena Rivers Railway
company, a compat. incorporated by the I.eKis
laiive Assembly of the Province nl British Columbia, by Chapter 69 eel the- Statutes of llritish
Columbia, 1911, for an Acl to be entituled "The
Naas & Skeena Rivers Railway Act. 1911 Amend-
Act 1916," extending the periods prescribed by
Section 711 uf the Railway Acl within which The
Naas & Skeena Rivers Railway company should
bona title commence construction of its railway.
procure lhe bona title- payment up in cash eel ne.t
less than IH per cent eel the authorized share
capital ol the company, end the expenditure of
such 15 per cent in. upon antl towards the construction of its railway and the completion antl
putting into operation 'ef the suit! company's
railway; antl for such further ami incidental
powers as may be necessary.
Dated at Victoria, B.C., this 24th day eel Nov-
ember, 1915.
Solicitors leer tlie Applltalll.
let, Chcking
and Storage
RUSH BROS., Proprietors.
Phone 51 Opposite Station
IIIISI»ll]llllll!ll1lll[»!i!i!!!llllllllllfi!IIS| |I|||||||||||||| iHilifinifiii'
British Columbia Land Surveyor,
Post Building
Prince George
Fort George, B. C.
Hammond Street
K. P. Burden. Mgr.
Nelson, B. C.
165 Ward Street
A. H. Green, Mgr.
Victoria, B. C.
114 Pemberton Bldg.
F. C. Green, Mgr.
New Hazelton, B. C.
B. C. Affleck. Mgr.
Li8t.uf,pr,?Tptions The He™ld is now
with full description, pi ice and temporarily  locat-
terms. ,                ,         _.
ed   tn   the   Post
prince george. building and fully
Civil Engineers,
Dominion and B. C. Land Surveyors.
Surveys of   Lands, Mines. Townsites,  Timber
Limits, etc.
 prepared to fill all
ll.JINI..!.5INI. .HIM!.«.<UH._1 your requirements
Dr. R. W. Alward, ****"
dentist,      Commercial
| Ruggies' Building ::  George Street' «^   ,       ,
; Ruggies  Bldg.   -    -   Prince George
British  Columbia
Panama News Stand
The Panama .News Stand
carries your Inline paper.
A full line of fiction is ul-
wn.vs mi liiinil. as well a.s
all euri-enl periodicals,
BfSi ijuality stationery,
cigars, cigarettes and
sntifl's. We are up-to-date
in everything.
Miner's Billiard
Barrister ancl
and POOL
Best  tirade   Cigars,  Cigarettes and Tobaccos
Hurl.-r Slio|i in connection.
Ruggies Block
Georgt; Street.
See us when next
you require
! Letterheads
Nechaco Feed and
Sales Stables
Two Doors Norlli of Poslofllce
Mull Slant- lo I ort St. JaitlCH
every Tuesday, i it-'".
D H, HOY Proprietor
KKKEKSEEKKKKKI *n fact   anything
— printable   can  be
C* r\r\\ turned out here in
_  best style at most
A/VoOfl  reasonable rates.
White Lunch
- Cafe •
Tlie Cleanest Place
Serving the Most
Wholesome Food
in Town.
MEALS, 25c. UP.
Hest iii tlic Wesl
Beware of Inferior
'* Grades.
Our Motto is "FULL MEASURE
Johnson & Finlaison
Queen Street
Phone 90.
Your Work Will
„ be Finished on
The Northern Lumber
ancl Mercantile Co.,
Manufacturers of liiuli Grade
Fir und Spruce Lumber.
Dealers in Gereral Hardware
ttnd Builders' Supplies.
Prince George and
South Fort George.
Prince George
Passing Out
Good Money
For Rent Is Like
Throwing it Away
Why Not Apply
It Towards a
Home of
Your Own ?
For a limited period
I am offering- special
inducements to people who will build on
Millar Addition
wliich is acknowledged to be the finest
residential portion of
the Prince George
Fire, Plate Glass,
Life and Accident.
When insuring, you
should consider the
reliability and
strength of the insurance Company. I represent the oldest and
strongest Companies
in the world.
Garden Tracts
First class garden
tracts, from 1 to 10
acres — on P. G. E.
Railway and Fraser
cse-in Acreage
1 can deliver a number of Crown Granted
Pre-emptions at reasonable prices.
Good    Opportunities
for live farmers.
George Street
Phone 103
Only High-Class
Pictures Shown
January 28 and 29
"The Vanishing Vases"
2-Reel Kalem Feature.
Hearst-Selig Pictorial Weekly
"Another Shade of Green"
Lubin Comedy.
Shows Every
Friday & Saturday
Doors Open at 7-30 p.m.
Shows at 8 and 9-15 rapidity. While it is true that
this province lias been harder hit
by the war than any other province in the dominion, it is also
true that our recovery will be the
more rapid, and when the war is
once terminated the government
will have no trouble whatever
borrowing all the money necessary for the carrying on of any
work that is necessary.
Mr. Manson, who now holds
the position of President of the
Council, addressed the meeting
and pointed out in glowing terms
the wonderful future ahead of
this district, and the entire country along the line of the G. T. P.
Mr. Manson has also been a resident of this province for a great
many years and is thoroughly
versed in the affairs of the government and a man well fitted to
hold the position to which he has
been appointed.
Tlmr-in One mineral claim, situate in the Omineca Mining Division of Omineca Distiict, on
the Smith West slope of Mount Selwyn. nbout
eight miles  below Findlaj   Rapids,  on  the
South bank if Peace River.
TAKK NOTICE, that I. F, P. Burden, acting
as agenl for James D. A. Mclntyre, (Free,Miner's
Certificate No. 79879B) intend, sixty clays from the
date hereof, to apply to Ihe Mining Recorder for
a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that  action,  under
section 37. must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 1st day of January, A.D.. 1916,
Sapphire. Omar Khayyam, Abdiel  and   Bunny
Boy mineral claims, situate in the Omineca
Mining Division of Omineca District, on the
South West slope of  Moun! Selwyn.  about
eight miles below Findlay  Rapids,  on   the
South bank of Peace River.
TAKK NOTICE, that  I. F. P. Burden, acting
as agent for C. Ross Palmer, (Free Miner's certificate No. 79896B) intend, sixty days from the
dan* hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtains a Crown (Irani of lhe above claims.
And further  lake notice  thai  action,  under
section 37, must be commenced before  the issuance of such cettificate of Improvements,
Daied this Isl day of January. A.D.. 1916.
nl-' KEvSERVK.
& FLynii
Prince George Offices and Shop
(Behind I'nioi   nhiik.
South Fort George Omen,
Phone 26 South Fort, fl*_-rKe
Best Flour
Ogilvie's Means Economy
American Plan
Excellent Cuisine
Hotel Northern
(orner Hamilton and Third    ::    South Fort (ieorge, B. C.
Best of Wines.
Liquors and Cignrs.
Albert Johnson, Prop.
Neiiie-.- is hereby given Mint the
reserve covering l.ol Xn. 7fM0,
('iiiilieiii District, by reason of a
notice published in the British C'ol-
nnibin Gazette on the 5th of May.
I lit (I, is cancelled for the purpose
nl leasing said lot to James R. McLennan.
li. A. RENWICI.,
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Department of Lands.
Victoria, I . <'.
January IKth, 1010.
Love in a Cottage
The happiness of those embarking on the "love in a
cottage" idea depends
largely upon the class of
cottage occupied.
Very Well:
Tin-   badly   built,   poorly ,
Inid-oiil cottage is destructive   to    happiness    and
creates   uncongenial  surroundings.
Houses Too
We are architects, builders
and contractors. We built
the lirst frame building in
Ihis district and we are
slid in l.hc business.
Special Low Prices
in Taxidermy Work in all its brandies. Skins'Tanned
and made ioto Rugs and Robes. All my tanning is mu'Ji
proofed. Haw Furs of all kinds Bouglit, Sold and E.v
chan.eiMl. Those desiring Raw Pur for Sets should see
mn before buying,
Deer Heads and Fur Rugs for Sale.
Great Lake
To Detroit
and Return
Weekly  ,
Fresh W
Water Sea
On  the   Great
Lakes—Ideal Travel
and Recreation Cruises _.
■with all the material Comfortt-j-llDturioui
appointments and pleasant enjoyments of ocean
travel on thc Largest Liners.
With the added attractions eel elrlictilful excursion lo BrtulHul Falls,—Iiiterestltez Fe.rre. aeeel Ship
Leeclts— Flsbliie Trijea—Uasket Picnic, to Kateete-s Wildest Nooks — Finest Meals- aee.l Ceeenlejrt-
■ble Berths all included.
Duluth, Fort William, Port Arthur, Soo, Mackinac, Georgian Bay to Detroit and return
on this Modern Fleet of Lake Liners
Covcrini all the best routes tliroticli tbe enchant-
hie waten of Lake Soperloi—Oeorfian Bay, llie
Soo, Mackinac and lhc wonderful 30,000 Islands.
From tlie Hi-it draft "Wattblc" wliich wen dl her
way ainnrij. tli^myrai d« of llletl to the hip steel
Floafinf Hotel "Noronic"— all boat, arc admirably
Itllted to the routes they serve.
Choose Your Cruise Now
Let us assist you In plannlnc your outltif,
We hire booklets full of valuable Information
regarding these different cruises,
Booklet on any Cruise sent FREE
E. W. Holton, Gen. Pass. Agt.
Personally Conducted
Weekly Cruises
Cririia No. •..Duluth io Detroit nnd
return vl,. Port ArilmV. fori William
■nd tin Soo.    6 ilay ., J4,1. .0.
Cruii* No. • n ni mh in Georran
it.iv in"4 return via Little Current)
KiilBrney, Collingwood, Owen Sound,
m days, J4; no.
Crulso No, 7—Dujitlh to Built Stf,
Marie nud return, and M.i.klnnc via
Port Arthur and Fort Willlum. S
clays, (.M.oo.
Cruli* No. IO ! ■■:' .■: i,i fort Arthur
■ml Port William .md return. _ days.
Sarnia ,   Ontario
Kennedy, Blair Co.
General Merchandisers
Dry Goods, Groceries, Clothing, Boots
and Shoes, Shelf Hardware, Paints,
Oils, Varnishes, Etce.
The Largest Mercantile House in Central B. C.
We are making special prices
on present stocks to make room
for purchases of Spring Goods.
Quotations freely and courteously
given to all
South Fort George & Fort George
and Store
on George St.
The Post
George Street
Ground Floor
Store or Office
or call at
Business Office
Prince George
Drugs   -   Medicines   -   Prescriptions
I'i.  Ill's. CiKlln.lcH 1111(1   '."eel e.l.-ens.   W 111,1. ■ -il I. • lillll
Retail.     Stationery,   MngiiZiiiPH,   NTowspu pel's,
• 'eelll'e.e I i.elis.  :||l.|  Toilet   A ll jell's.
Fort George Drug Co., Ltd.
Laselle Avenue, Soulh Fori George.
George Street, Prince (ieorge.
Kodaks   -   Gramophones   ■   Records
Inland Express Co., Ltd.
Carrying Mail, Passengers and Express
To Ail Point. South.
Stage Leaves ti. X. Office Tuesday* and Fridays at Ti a.m.
J. I). MOORE, Agenl
Miss T. M. MiiiimiI. -II. (iriidiinie
Niii-.se. Klh Avenue, i.s willing tu go
eilll MS visililig lllll'.se hy   llie   hour,
morning, afternoon, or day. Toi-iiih
. on application.
Kvery.thing   for   int'ii.      High
i|iuHit.v. low prices.   Bairil's.
Rami's Special Sale now on.
of lhe risk and inoonvenienoi of horning eoal oil. Why
not lie iip-li..lnl.'.' Have yoi house wired: il cost. 1ml
a trifle more. Rates on application al our office'
Wiggins Miiilding. Third Avenue, Prince (ieorge. We
have ii sloek of lamps, .shad' e. lixtnre.s and irons. Also
handle nil utility devices.
Electric Lighi Service and
Power Famished.
House Wiring and Elect rial Fixtures of all kinds.
Northern Telephone & Power Co. Ltd.)
I'hoiie It. Knur Rings, Houth Fori George
Phone Id. I'rince (ieorge.


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