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 Worth While
$1.50 a Year.
VOL. fi, NO. 8.
Price Five Cents
General Meeting Held Wednesday to Organize Club is
Very Enthusiastic One—First Game to be
Played on Christmas Day.
At a meeting held in the Herald office last Wednesday night
the Prince George Hockey Club
was organized for the coming
season. A large number of hockey enthusiasts attended the meeting, and, judging from the interest shown, the city should see
some good hockey this winter.
There will be but two teams in
the local league, South Fort
George and Prince (leorge. Fort
George will be unable to place a
team in the field this year, owing to so many of her players
having left this vicinity. The
following officers were appointed:
Honorary president, Mayor W.
G. Gillett; president, Rev. H. L.
Morrison; vice-president, Aid.
P. M. Ruggies; secretary-treasurer, R. R. Walker; manager,
Reg. Brehaut; three additional
executive committee members,
Alex, Wimbles, A. M. Ramsay,
and Dr. R. W. Alward.
A meeting of the executives of
both clubs was held in the Herald office last night for the purpose of drawing up a schedule
and attending to other matters
of organization. Prince won the
toss, and the first game of the
schedule will be played in the
new rink here, corner Fourth and
Victoria, on Christmas Day. The
second game will be played in
South Fort George. New Year's
Day. The balance of the games
will be played as follows :
Prince   -
-   January 7th
South    -
-   January 14th
Prince   -
-   January 21st
South    -
-   January 28th
Prince   -
-   February .th
South    -
-   February Ilth
Prince   -
-   February 18th
South    -
-   February 25th
Editor,   Herald.—In  replying
to personal remarks made by Mr,!
Parker Williams,  in connection
with certain coal measures situ-
ated in the Peace River district,
I wish to say that the statement
made by Mr.  Williams is very
misleading.   There  are  at  the
present time several coal fields j
which have been discovered in;
this district, and taken up by!
different people. So I am informed; but my interests lie only in
the one which I  discovered  a!
number of years ago.  The statement that Neil Gething is another name  for  Bob  (Ireen is of
course only a slur.   As a matter;
of fact Mr.  Green owns but a'
small interest.   The Johnsons of;
Montreal, and Kootenay people;
are the chief owners.
Going back to the real history
of this coal, I may say it was
discovered on one of my prospecting and exploration trips
made a number of years ago, before the railways were even talked about in the north. At that
time it was a long way from
civilization and the luxuries of
city life. The coal was discovered after travelling on unknown
waters, through dangerous canyons and rapids, which gave us
more than one close shave of
having to "hit the long trail."
We had to travel in all kinds ol
weather, and, as all prospectors
know, were often wet from head
to foot, while snow and slush ice
in the fall were other unpleasant
In my opinion the prospector
should be encouraged in his efforts to discover the hidden mineral resources of the province,
The greatest assets of this large
province are probably undiscovered, but lie latent, as they have
for ages.
Mr. Williams attempted to tel
us what a lot of people are doing
in the p.. vin :e, but he neglected
to tell us about his great socialise
friend, Mr. Hawthornwaite, who
is purported to have made a half
million out of the natural resources of B. C. in a few years.
Yours respectfully,
With the exception of the holiday games the contests will be
pulled off at night. Ample light
for playing purposes will be provided by the management of both
rinks. Western playing rules
will be adopted.
Lists of players must be placed
in the hands of the executive
three days before the opening
game.   In case either team wishes to replace a man, or later in
the season add a new player for
any reason, it will be necessary
to place the name before the ex-1
ecutive three days  before  thej
game in which the new player is |
to take part.
Well, she's off ! A little boost
from each one will keep the ball
rolling nicely.
Premier Borden's
Trip Postponed,
Some weeks ago it was announced that Premier Borden
would make a tour of the West
in the interests of recruiting.
Nothing has been heard of it
since. This may mean that he
has decided to spend the time in
the East, where the need of
stirrinR-up is undoubtedly greater. In that e'vent the West will
balance the compliment against
the disappointment, and hope
that the largest possible measure
of success may attend his efforts.
;The Trappers Catch Brought the First Foreign Wealth
to Norlh America-—Millions Will Change Hands
Between Trappers and Dealers.
Left to right, Lieut. Wm. B. Walker. R. N., Midshipman Geo. L. Drewry, R. N. R., and Surgeon P. B. Kelly,
R. N. These men were wounded in the landing from the
lighter "River Clyde" and all have received honors for
their bravery.
Western Scots Praised.
Victoria has already gained
considerable publicity from the
wonderfully successful and rapid
mobilization of the 67th Western
Scots. This is amply demonstrated by the letters of approval the
commanding officer, Lieut.-Col.
Lome Ross frequently receives
from eastern points. Among the
latest of these missives is one
from Sir Hugh Graham, owner
of The Montreal Star. Nor are
these expressions of good will
confined to words alone, as in almost every case cheques for
quite substantial amounts are enclosed as tokens of appreciation
and to aid in the necessary special
equipment of the battalion. Quebec, Montreal and Toronto, as
well as other points in the eastern
parts of the Dominion are represented in these pleasant concrete
evidences of good will. Although
the battalion is the "Western
Scots" the East has been most
liberal in lending a helping hand
in solving some of the problems
that beset the pathway of those
who undertake, under present
conditions, to organize new fighting units.
King George Injured
While inspecting some of the
allied forces in France, Thursday,
King George suffered painful
injuries as a result of his horse
rearing ancl falling with him.
The King's condition is not serious.
Buried Shells.
An odd problem, which will be
encountered all through the
fighting territory after the war,
is that of guarding against the
exploding of shells which buried
themselves in the ground without
having exploded. In the section
of France along the Marne, where
the fighting vy#s sharp early in
the war and from which the
Germans retreated, the peasant;
farmers already have found this
danger to be real. A plowman ,
at any moment may strike a shell
that will explode with sufficient
force to kill him and his team.
Various solutions have been
suggessed, but the most promising is one worked out by a French
scientist and considered by the
Academy of Science. The plan
is to go all over the farms with
an electrical instrument that will I
give warning when a mass of
metal is near. Such an instru -i
ment is an old American inven- J
tion frequently used in laboratory ;
work. Some modifications of it |
were adopted by the French sci- ]
entist to fit it for field use, and
his apparatus requires the ser-1
vices of two men.
In practical tests on the old
battlefields he found that it ia
possible for two men to explore
an acre thoroughly in about one
hour, and locate every buried
shell near enough to the surface
to do any harm.
Despite the great amount of
work that has been done during
the past few months on the city
streets, some of them are in a
bad condition. George Street
will never be finished until a lay-
er of gravel has been spread. If
this were done this fall, we could '
look forward to good roads next i
Recruiting in Canada.
Counting the Cost.
The second year of war, it
seems, will cost about twice as
much as the first. Every official
statement that has been made
since this war began shows higher daily cost than its predecessor;
and this applies to all the belligerents. Figures for which a considerable degree of authority may
be claimed show that direct money cost can hardly be less than
seventy-five million dollars daily,
or, say, roughly, at the rate of
thirty billions a year. As yet,
no belligerent gives any sign of
exhaustion, Apparently they
can keep it up for another year,
or even two, Short of peace,
nothing except diminution in the
size of the armies by excess of
casualties over recruiting seems
likely to stop the uptrend of cost.
War   figures   have   all   been
meaningless, in that nobody can
resolve them into terms of ordinary experience.   To say the belligerents   are  spending   thirty;
billion dollars a year makes much
the same sort of impression as to
say they are spending fifteen,
for both sums sound fabulous.
There is nothing in previous ex- i
perience with which either can
be  compared.   Yet  these   long1
rows of numerals connote actual:
dollars.    It  is   real,    veritable
wealth that is being expended, i
and it is inconceivable that thej
United States can finally avoid
paying some share uf the bill.      j
That we can continue a high
pitch of prosperity in a world
that is growing poorer at such a
rate is not credible. Stocks may
boom and the banks overflow
with money now, but it is unlikely lhat any part of the world is
getting permanently richer.
A. B. Shubert, Inc., Ch'cago,
U. S. A., the largest Lome in the
world dealing exclusively in
American raw furs, submits a
very interesting article for the
r aders of the Piince Giorge
Herald :
"Millions of dollars will change
hands between the trappers and
dealers in Raw Furs during the
coming season. It is indeed
wonderful to contemplate, when
one thinks of the thousands upon
thousands of fur-bearing animals
killed every ,year throughout
Norih America, and still the supply does not seem to be wither-
i ig. Many people are of the
opinion that the fur industry is
becoming extinct, due to the fact
that the animals are being killed
off in many parts of the country.
This is not the case, in fact, it is
just the opposite of conditions as
they exist. The demand of fashion, the competition of the large
cirular houses and the general
utility of fur garments have sent
the price of furs up to such an
enormous height that a clever
trapper can make a small fortune, if he handles his catch
The fur trade has rightly been
called the greatest of our natural
resources. No industry, agricultural, mineral, or otherwise, has
baen the origin of as much wealth
t) this country and Canada as
: he fur industry. Before a single
■ield was cultivated, before a
single mine was opened, or a
single railroad constructed, the
fur-bearing animals of this country were the only source of revenue. This was one of the main
reasons for the rapid colonization
of our country, especially of the
West. It was the trappers' trail
that formed the path of the first
highway, and the trappers' fur
formed the first cargo that was
ever freighted on any of the inland waters of this country. It
was also the trapper's catch that
brought the first foreign wealth
to this country, and ever since,
we have been practically supplying the world with furs. No
other of our natural resources
have been productive for so long
a time or have yielded such an
aggregate wealth as the fur-
bearing animals ; so after all, the
fur industry is not dying out,
The fight is getting keener, and
this promises to be the banner
year for the trapper and fur
of Seed Grain
and Potatoes,
A knocker and a qukter have
a good deal in common.
How do the figures stand in
Canada?   The  census  of  1911
showed an excess of males somewhat over 420,000.   The dispio-1
portion in numbers of men and
women has incresed rather than
diminished   since  1911,   and   it'
wo rid I e entire y reasonable to
a;sune   that  of the 8,000,0001
people in the Dominion when wa'r|
broke out 3,750,000 were women
and-1,760,000 men.   The enlist-:
ments up to the present time fall
somewhat short of 160,000,  or!
slightly less than 4 percent, of I
the male population, as compared j
with over 16 per cent, in Great
Britain, '
Charlie, the fun-maker, holds
the boards at the Dreamland tonight. A' roaring comedy entitled "By the Sea" will be
shown, ln addition there' will
be a two-reel Edison feature,
"Tracked by Hounds." Also an
interesting and instructive
Heurst-Selig News Pictorial.
Word has been' received from
Lieut. W. F, Cooke, of the 67th
Western Scots, to the effect that
he expects to reach Prince (leorge
next Thursday. Lieut. Cooke
has taken the field-gun course at
Ottawa and is returning to join
his regiment at Victoria.
By instructions of the Hon.
Minister of Agriculture a free
distribution of superior sorts of
grain and potatoes will be made
during the coming winter and
spring to Canadian farmers. The
samples will consist of spring
wheat (about 5 lbs.), white oats
(about 4 ebs.), barley (about 5
lbs.), and field peas (about5lbs.)
These will be sent out from Ottawa,
A distribution of potatoes (in
.'? Ib. samples) will be carried oh j
from several of the Experimental
Farms, the Central Farm at Ottawa supplying only the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.
Each application must be separate and must be signed by the
applicant. Only one sample of
grain and one of potatoes can be
sent to each farm. If both samples are asked for in the same
letter only one will be sent. Applications on any kind of printed
form cannot be accepted.
The destruction bv fire of the
cereal building at Ottawa, which
contained grain-cleaning machinery and a large stock of seed
grain for distribution, m.y make
it necessary to curtail the distribution to a certain extent. We
shall fill as many as possible o'
the applications which conform
to the rules; but requests received after the end of December
will probably be too late. Samples cannot be sent in response
to applications (no matter when
received) which fail to state
clearly the needs of applicant,
his experiences in crop-raising,
and the character of the soil or
which he intends to sow the seed.
All applications for grain (and
applications from the provinces
of Ontario and Quebec for potatoes) should be addressed to the
Dominion Cerealist, Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa. Such
applications require no postage,
If otherwise addressed, delay and
disappointment may occur.
Applications for potatoes from
farmers in any other province
should  be  addressed   (postage
Whisper it softly: A well-
known rancher, of indisputable
integrity, telephoned us this week
that a man in whose good faith
he had every confidence rushed
to his, the rancher's, home with
the story that off in the direction
of Six Mile Lake he had seen an
aeroplane. The machine was in
sight for two minutes, according
to the informant. Now to be
able to report the actual appearance in this district of an air
craft would be very interesting,
but we are strongly inclined to
believe that the supposed flying
machine was a wedge of Canada
geese or a small flock of sandhill
cranes energetically aeroplaning
to warmer climes.
Another critic of General Ian
Hamilton says that the general
is too fond of handling the pen
to make a good soldier. Another
case of the pen overshadowing
the sword.
Meanwhile, what of Mexico ?
Tne barbarous Yaqui evidently
believes that the good old days
have returned. The greaser is
greasier than ever and the Don
Juans of the ruling class are
Having the time of their lives.
There is enough barbarism outside of Europe to cause the whole
world to hold up its hands in holy
horror and start a crusade against
vicious oppression, and yet the
big show takes so much of the
world's surplus attention that the
bsser evils are unnoticed.
Jack Barry, apart from drawing down a fat playing salary,
has annexed approximately $15,-
000 during the past six years as
extras. During that time Barry
has participated in five world's
series—four while with the Athletics and this season with the
Red Sox.
prepaid) to the Superintendent
of the nearest branch  Experimental Farm in that provinc.;.
Director, Dominion Experimental Farms. ri'W.ISHKI) WEEKLY HY TIIK NORTHERN
tIM Per Year, in Advance,
Tee ilet- United States _._.
All communication)* ahould 'et- addreeeed lo
Tlio Herald. Prince George, B. C.
,..,..... Ss.
uts uic uuiucii.    ouh, me auciai-
ism that has been   taught  for'St. Stephen's. South Fort George.
ages would offer a State of affairs I    Sunday,  8  a.m.,  Holy Communion
i „, e-..|„   .„,,. ;e  ;.„__„.„;,,„„ I'second and fourth Sundays); 2-30 p.m.,
but little better it its doctrines £unday sch()()l.  7.30 j^ eveni„e
were universally accepted. There; prayer and sermon,
must  be  a  middle  course,   and!    Wednesday, 7-SO p.m., evening pray-
,,        . . , I er with intercessions tor those engaged-
there lies  the only   safe   way. jjn the war.
Competition is the life of trade. gT. George's. Central Fort George.
Without this Spur commerce Stag-|    Sunday,   8   a.m.,   Holy   communion
nates     KVinali'/P men' . share . nf ! (third  Slln(1a.v).    11   a. m.,    morning
nates,   equalize men s snares ot |prn>.eri |itany and Sfirmon; 2-30 p.m.,
- i this  world's   goods and  you kill  Sunday   school;   7-30  p.m.,   evening
MY, oh my ! what a whirlwind | ambition, which would inevitably j ^"a^V-roTi
of abuse we have unwittingly ' result in stagnation,  retrogres
invoked upon our unsuspecting!sion aud complete dissolution.
NeetiMA-j it. Wesley
R. R. Walker,
Managing; Eeliteer.
SATURDAY,   OCTOBER 30th,  1915.
self! How chastened we feel,
and small in spirit! We have
failed in our bounden duty to the
great Canadian people, and if we
may rely implicitly upon our esteemed con temporary's judgment
we rank high in the category of
willful prevaricators—nay, the
word is liar, (that i.s, if one who
is reputed to "seek to spread untruthful statements" may be so
dubbed). The clouds on the
journalistic horizon loom darkly
ahead, with nary a glint of the
silver lining.
Customary as it i.s for one
newspaper to rag its local con-
temporary-and we welcome most
heartily just and courteous criticism—still, any fair-minded
journalist, however crude his
ability, bitterly resents any unwarranted aspersion cast upor
his own honest efforts to bui d up
Mr. Williams' arguments prove
that he has made a careful study
of conditions in this province and
has primed himself with an array
of augumentative material that
sounds interesting delivered from
the public platform. Indeed,
without careful preparation, it
would be difficult to satisfactorily
answer some of his charges.
Such is the case whenever controversy arises. A man may have
the right upon his side and yet
become completely bewildered by
the arguments of a clever opponent. Without question, many of
the statements made by Mr. Williams were in a sense misleading.
The News maintains that we
made a deliberate mis-statement
in claiming that the roads of the
Fort (leorge district are a credit
to the country. Parker Williams
called  our  pre-emptors  human
p.m., evening prayer
with intercessions for those engaged in
the war.
Prince George-Temporary church
on Seventh Avenue. Sunday, 8 a.m.,
Holy Communion (First Sunday); 11 a.
m. Morning Prayer, Litany and Sermon;
2.30 p.m., Sunday School.
Holy Communion at all these churches
on holy days and week days, according
to notice.
Cartage Co.
Parcel Checking
and Storage.
RUSH BROS., Proprietors.
Phone 51.
Prince ( ieorge,
Opposite Station.
First Methodist Church, Prince
GEORQE, near Princess Theatre, Third !
Avenue  weat.    Rev.   H.   L, Morrison, j
B.\., pastor.   Services rtt 11 a.m., and;
7-30 p.m.;   Sunday school, 12-p.in.
a reliable newspaper, and to take pack-animals, and said that they
his place in the community as a
citizen putting forth every effort
to further the general welfare of
the district as a whole.
The editor, or maybe some unknown scribe, of the local daily,
which, judging by past associations and present policy, we
might refer to as the Conservative-Liberal-Socialist organ, has
taken to the promiscuous hurling
of barbod invective, which, how-
ever innocent the motive, would
never he written if the author
thereof paused to consider the
common courtesy due a competitor, and consumed more time
composing his scathing editorials,
Unsophisticated and illiterate
as the proletariat may be in the
average community our respected
opponent in the field of the fourth
estate would do well to bear in
mind that the reading public of
this favored section is a very enlightened one. And unless he
cares to risk the incurring of the
disrespect, not to say disdain, of
his readers, he would do well to
revise any tuture articles similar
to the one in question, before inflicting them upon a long-suffering public. The only result would see it.
First Church, FortGeorge.-Rev.
C. M. Wright, R.A., minister. Services
at 11 8.m. and 7-30 p.m.; Sahbath
school at 12-15 p.m.
Knox Church, South FortGeorge.
Rev. A. C. Justice, H.A., minister.
Service every Sunday morning in the
church at 11 a.m.; Sabbath school at
2 p.m.
Saint Andrew's Church. Prince
George.-Rev. A. C. Justice, b a.,
minister. Service is held in the Rex
Theatre, Genrge Street, every Sunday
evening at 7-30 p.m.; Sabbath school
in the Hex Theatre, at 2-30 p.m.
Third Avenue, near George Street.
A Gospel Meeting will be conducted
on Sunday, at 8-15 p.m. There is no
collection.   All are welcome.
had been robbed of the money
necessary to build roads. We
still conscientiously claim that
the roads throughout the Fort
George district are better than
those to be found in the average j-y-r     i t.      J
new section of country where de- JN eCHciCO r G6CI
velopment has only been in progress for a little over five years.
All summer hundreds of men
have been constantly at work,
and the unbiased judgment ol a
selected body of men would undoubtedly be that the roads
throughout the Cariboo district
are a credit to the province.
Mr. Williams poses as a legis- Mail Sta»e to Fort St- James,
lator of great moral principles, (every Tuesday, 7 a.m
Are we mistaken when we state I
that he advised the road-workers
in order to retain their jobs, to
pose as conservatives, and then
at election time vote as they
thought best ?
' Is there a business man in this
district who has had dealings
with the B. C. government in the
way of selling supplies who can
produce a duplicate of an account
paid by the government when
that account had not been itemized ?   If so, we should like to
and Sale Stables
2 doors North of Post Office,
Vanderhoof, B. C.
Saddle and Pack Horses
for hire. .
D. H. HOY, Prop.
Home Builder
rE will sell
you a fine
residential lot
which is within
two blocks of
George Street,
for $325, providing you a-
gree to build a
house costing
$1,000 thereon
within a year.
be the stirring up of unnecessary
ill-will. The citizens of the
Georges have been nauseated
wilh journalistic haggling.
To bring order out of these,
perchance, chaotic remarks, it is
necessary to refer to the address
of Mr, Parker Williams, and the
comments that have resulted
Parker Williams is the leader
of the socialist party (if two
members may be called a party)
in the provincial parliament. In
his recent speech, delivered in
the Princess Theatre a week ago
last night, he managed to keep
clear of the discussion and propounding of so-called red-flag
socialistic doctrines. Their day
has passed. Mr. Williams contented himself with commonplace
generalities and rather weak
criticism of the party at present
in power, laying stress upon the
fact, at the same time, that, in
hissppinion, if the conservative
parly were ousted and the liberal
party assumed the reins of government, there would be little
improvement. The only hope is
to place the balance of power in
the hands of the socialists.
Every fair-minded man agrees
with Parker Williams that capitalistic monopoly is a scour_e to
the race, and yet what would be Canada became a nation of
the result iI socialist principles, world importance at the time of
as they are at present understood, Confederation, Of lhe 33 Fathers
were set down as the rules by;of Confederation only one sur-
which men must live ? The world j vives, Sir Charles Tupper.
to-day is struggling for life a-1 	
gainst the iniquitous domination I Nature seems to be hostile to
of autocracy, plutocracy, militar-1 the Panama Canal.
Pastime Pool Root
Full Line of Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos.
Barber Shop in Connection.
The Millar Addition of Prince
(leorge promises to become
the best residential section of this city.
Corner 4th Avenue
and George St.
Vanderhoof, B. C,
25 Rooms, Excellent Cuisine,
Finest of Wines, Liquors and
Cigars, American Plan.
The visit of Parker Williams
has evidently proven a god-send
to the News. All week they have
managed to devote considerable
space daily to attempts to confirm and enlarge upon the socialist's charges. On Tuesday appeared "An Independent Press."
The gist of this article was that
whenever a paper declared its
independence it was at once
smothered. Tnis is the way it
was done, according to Park, r
Williams and the News :
"During the McBride-Bowseri Rates - $2.50 per day
regime, however, most of those'
which showed any signs of opposition to the powers that be or
erf independence, have been either
bought over, body and soul, or
choked out of existence. If a
paper is not with the government
every possible opportunity is taken to make it come over or to
fight it with money in unlimited
quantities from the public treasury, until it is forced to quit."
Such a statement is utterly absurd, and it would be exceedingly interesting to know of a single
instance where a paper in British
Columbia had been forced to the
wall, as the direct result of opposing the conservative government.
Phone 103       George St.
Dominion and B. C. Land Surveyors,
Surveys of Lands, Minca, Townsites,
Timber Limits, etc.
Corner Hamilton & Third
South Fort George, B.C.
Rates  $2.50 and $3
Monthlr and weekly rata an application
Best of wlncfl,
Liquors and cigara
Albert Johnson, Pr„P.
Shot and Shells
Shotguns and Rifles
Ammunition and Traps.
Kennedy, Blair & Company, Limited.
Sheet Metal.   Furnaces a Specialty.
Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water
Phone 12, Prince George. General Repairing.
Express Company, Ltd.,
Express Carried on Steamer B. X.
Wm. Somerton, Agent    ' -        -     South Fort George.
F. M. Ruggies & Co.,
The Pioneer Real Estate Agents.
Real Estate - Insurance - Loans
phone 21.      GEORGE STREET.      pmmisi.
Fort fleverBC, II. C. Vii-leerln. II. O.
Hammond Ktrecet III. Pemberton nlelir.
I'. P. Burden, M,rr. v. C. Qreon, Mitr.
Nrl. ne. B, f- Ne.w Hawllnn, B, ('.
IU.'., Ward Strwt li. C AltU-rk, Mtfr.
A. H. Green, Mai:
Prince George
Livery Co.
" Teaming,
Up-to-date Equipment
Corbett & Fahrencroft,
Prince George.
Phone 58.      P. O. Box
Prince George Hotel,
E. E. Phair
Modern and up-to-date in every respect.,
Entire building Steam Heated.   Hot and
Cold Water in Rooms. Public and Private
Dr. R. W. Alward,
Ruggies' Bldg., George St.
The Rexall Drug Store,
Wholesale and Retail,
Contractors & Builders
Ot Our E. .liniili'H Free nf Charge
.Inli Work Ni-nily nnd Promptly Executed
Phone  20
George Street.
Fort George & Alberta Telephone & Electric
Company, Limited.
(leneral Telephone and Telegraph Business. Business
Phones, on private lines, $_ a month ; $3 a month, party lines.
Residence Phones, «3 a month, private lines; $2 a month, party
lines. Shortest and quickest line to Vancouver and shortest
cable line to Europe.
Phone 47 Prince George for messenger, or other information.
CHARLES  A.   GASKILL,   Manager. Xvy^ftiLrS-A
Recently the Hon. W. J. Bowser, who has just returned from
an extended tour of Eastern Canada, stated that while at Ottawa
he had conferred with Sir Robert
Borden in respect to the plans
which are being formulated by a!
commission for the training of
disabled soldiers and their em-
p'oyment, Mr. Bowser had received a telegram from Sir Richard stating that it would be impossible for the Minister of Education to be present at the conference and asking him to express to Sir Robert that British
Columbia was fully in accord
with" the scheme and would be
glad to co-operate in any plans
that might be formulated. Mr,
Bowser assured the Prime Minister that this province would be
found quite willing to do its share
in making easier t|je lot of the
returned wounded soldiers.
The Japanese steamer Tambu
Maru recently arrived from the
Orient with a silk cargo valued
at $2,500,0(10.
Advices which have been re' The municipal voters' list of the City
ceived by the Hon. the Minister of Prince George is composed of the
Of Lands, from the Vancouver nal"«9 rf ^"-ee daaaes of voters, name-
(■        . j. . . . ,      j.  ,,     .      , ly, those who vote as:
forest district, speak   of  the Wl-      l.   The assessed owners of  property
provement noticeable in the lum- of the assessed value of not less than
ber industry as compared with t $100.
September, 1914.   Conditions are j   %   Householders,
much healthier, and the general M",   '"jense<'9,
... 1 No 1 embraces :
opinion IS that the Winter Will bej (u) Assessed owners who are not
a good one SO far as trade Condi- holders of an agreement of purchase
tions are concerned.    A   number I °f the property upon which they desire
of orders from the prairie prov-,'' -ual'fy-
(b) Those who are. Before the asses-
* 1   - j   „ • \u)   j uu»t: wuu ari\ Dviore tne asses*  in«i in win
inces are being received prices j8cd ^e, of property held umtor _g«e-!»™ situated.
. Coal mining rights of the Dominion,
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-West Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may b% leased.for a term of
twenty-one years at an annual rental
of $1 an acre. Not more than 2,500
acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of thc district in which the rights applied for
have become stronger, and a bet
ter class of order is being placed.
The shingle business is particularly active. The past season
has been the driest  for many
have been cleared up safely.
During the month of September
many logging operators were able
to burn their slash, thus safe-
  ! guarding the timber stands for
The Vancouver Chinook wants; next season. Numerous applica-
Mrs. Coward saved from the i tions for timber sales are being
hangman's noose. Surely all a-! made, and a number were con-
gree with that Chinook that the'eluded during the month. In
time has come when capital pun-j addition, there is much activity
ishment should be made a thing!on the part of handloggers.es-
of the past. No woman has yet | pecially in the cedar belt up the
paid the death penalty in this coast,
province.   Are we about to es-!
ment of purchase can have his name
entered on the voters' list, he is required to tile with the clerk or assessor before the closing of the voters' list (on
the 30th day of November next, at 5
.    . ! p.m.) a statutory declaration jlroviding
years, and the proximity of many j that he or she l8 the ho]der of the last
logging  operations  to  slash  off J agreement to purchase land  or  real
eight  and   ten   years' aceumula-': property or is the last assignee thereof
tion made the hazard extremely ^ tht' ,en"8 of which *uch holder or
grave,   ln spite of   this,   com-'™^^ l° ™ *e m ""«
e i li   '        British subject,
paratively little merchantable! (c) Authorized representatives of
timber has been destroyed, and | corporations. A corporation whose
many thousands of acres covered Iname is on the voters'list shall vote
with slash and   logging  debris! on|y by its duly authorized agent, whose
authority shall be filed with the clerk of
tablish a precedent
"No election  till  May.
states Parker  Williams,
which, the millenium.
'    So
I wanted to go to the end of the world,
Where life is fresh and new,
Away from the tramp of a city's feet,
With never a thing to do.
I wanted thc freedom of clean, pure air,
Unsullied by chimney spires;
If  hundreds  of  men working  I wanted to live by the giant hills,
steadiiy for 75  cents  per day    And builtJ m>' nwn camp-tires.
can't provide a section of country Oh, I went my way to the end of th*
with good roads,   what scheme world,
Where life is wild and free:
will accomplish the desired result'?
It is practically impossible to
pick up a Vancouver paper without reading of the arrival, departure or expected arrival of an
Oriental merchantman, Strange
indeed that America in general
is so sound asleep on the question
of a merchant marine that the
yellow man now conntrols the
Pacific shipping.
The Salvation Army has
been asked to locate one,
William N. D. Angus, age
22 years, height.5 ft. 11 ins.
black hair, dark grey eyes,
and dark complexion.
, Will anyone knowing of
his whereabouts kindly communicate with Staff-Captain
Simms, 259, Fountain Street,
Winnipeg, Man.
Now I eat my meat alone in oump;
There's never a soul to see.
And I want to go back from thc end of
the world,
Back where the street-cars hum;
I want the glare of electric lights,
And the crowd when day is done.
I want the street where the multitude
And the smoke of tho chimney spires;
I want to flee from the stillness of death
And the t|uiet of dead camp-fires.
The mountains  breathe  a  silence that
As I ride over hill and plain,
But I long with  a  heart  that almost
For the roar of the city again.
Oh, I want to go back to  the city once
Back where the soul is aglow
With  the  fire  that burns in the city's
But / haven't the money to go!
"Daughter am I in my mother's
house, but mistress in my own.''
So spake Kipling, in referring to
j "Our Lady of the Snows," Canada is indeed showing herself a
loyal daughter.
the municipality on or before the 30th
day of November, and who shall be a
resident of the Province and a British
subject of the full age of twenty-one
years; such agent shall be entitled to
vote for the corporation from year to
year until his appointment as agent is
cancelled and the clerk has notice of
the cancellation.
2. Householder shall extend to and
include any person of the full age of
twenty-one years who (1) occupies
within the municipality a dwelling,
tenement, hotel or boarding house, or
any portion of a dwelling, tenement,
hotel or boarding house, and (2) has
been a resident in the municipality
from the 1st day of January of the current year, and (3) has, unless exempted
by the provisions of sub-section (167)
or sub-section (168) of Section 54 of the
Municipal Act, paid to thc municipality
direct all rates, taxes and assessments,
which are not chargeable on land and
are'due by such person to the municipality for the current year, to an
p mount of not lean than $2, exclusive
of water, electric light, gat and telephone rates ov taxos and license tee*
I'or dogi.
(The %_ 00 road tax is payable before
the end of the year by every male resident who doos not pay any other tax
or license.)
3. Licensee. Any male or female
of the full age of twent>.onp years,
and any corporation, carrying on business in, and being the holder of a subsisting trade license from the municipality, the annual fee for which is not
less than $5. Provided, that In the
case of a partnership tho annual fee
paid for a trade license ia not Icbb than
$5 for each partner who is a British
subject and otherwise qualified to vote.
2 and 3. (2) The name of a householder or of the holder of trade license
shall not be entered on the annual
voters' list unless such holder or householder shall, during the month of October in each year, deliver or cause to be
delivered to the municipal clerk a statutory declaration made and subscribed
before a supreme or county court judge, |
stipendiary or police magistrate, justice
nl' the peace, comnii. doner for taking!
affidavits within British Columbia, no-;
tary public or the municipal clerk, in \
the form and to the effect of Form 1 in I
the schedule of the said Act in the case |
of a holder of a trade license, and of
Form 2 in the said schedule in the case
of a householder.
4. No declaration to qualify as a j
householder or license holder shall be
accepted by the municipal clerk unless ;
it is delivered within forty-eight hours
after it is made and all such declara-
tions shall be delivered tothe municipal
clerk before f> o'clock in the afternoon
of the last day of October.
(As this day falls on a Sunday the;
lime is, by the interpretation act, ex- \
tended to include the following day,)
5. No person shall, under  any cir-'
cuinstanees. be entitled to  more  than!
one vote for mayor or aldermen at the j
tame election, except a voter who also
iicts as the duly authorized agent of a
corporation as above mentioned.
(i.   No person who is not a  British
suhjeat can have his name placed upon i
the voters' list, or   be allowed to vote
•it any' municipal election.
Forms nf declaration may  be obtain-
! e'd and the necessary declarations mnd>'
i nt the office of the city clerk, City Hall.
City Clerk.
| Princ'6 George,
October lHth,   .115,
CitV Clerk's Ollice.
In surveyed territory the land must
be desoribed by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurveyed territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out by the applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate of
five cents per ton.
The person operating thc mine
shall furnish the Agent with sworn
returns accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and
pay thc royalty thereon. If the eoal
mining rights are not being operated,
such returns should be furnished at
least once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate of $10.00 an acre.
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
Mobilizing the
Reserves  ai
QOOD merchandise
behind careful
advertising will always bring satisfaction. The Herald
is the best advertising medium in this
district. An advertisement in our columns will bring your
goods to the notice
of ready buyers—
with profit to us all.
Phone 25.
Kennedy, Blair & Co., Limited,
Panama News Stand.
The Panama News Sl and can ies
your home paper. A full line of
fiction Ib always on hand, as well a.-
all current periodicals. Best quality stationery, cigars, cigarettes and
snuffs, We are up-to-date in everything.
George Street - Prince George.
The Northern Lumber and
Mercantile Co., Limited.
Manufacturers of Hi. h
Grade   Fir   anil   Spruce
Dealers In General Hardware and Builders' Supplies.
Prince George and Soulh Fort George,
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
Goods called for and delivered. Lowest prices,
work guaranteed.
Fourth Avenue,
Prince George.
High-Class Barber
Razor-Honing a Specialty
Ruggies' Block,
(ieorge Street.
Barrister and
Armstrong Block,
Prince oeorge.
Corner George St., and 4th Avenue.
Repairing Neutly and Promptly Done.
Shoes for deformed feet
made to order.
Only High Class
Pictures Shown.
Photo-Play Piano.
(Seven Instruments in one)
Shows Every Evening.
Barrister and
George Street,
Prince George.
(ieorge Street.
PURE  FOOD      ::     WHITE  HELP
Popular Prices and First-Class Service.
The Entente Powers will win,
whether it be in 1916 or 1926.
But this the Bulgarian and Greek
kings, having strong German
sympathies, and no doubt being
j more or less dazzled by German
promises, cannot see, They are
led by their self-delusions to
"back the wrong horse," This
error will cost their nations
Dancing School
In connection with Prince
(leorge Dancing Club.
Moose Hall, 5th Ave., West.
Straight and Fancy Dancing.
Private Lessons by Appointment.
Harry Grant : Phone 98
Walter F. Gregg,
British  Columbia Land
Post Building,
Prince George.
private tables for ladies.
Real Estate.
Specialist in Prince
George Lots, Farm
Lands and Acreage.
THIRD AVENUE, PRINCE G! A rather precocious young hope- attached to a const regiment as med-
I'ul. win) apparently  li.nl conic out .cal officer.    ITe is persistent in Iii*
second  he.,   in  11 hont   with Jack desire to gel. to the front.
Barleycorn,  Plootl   recently  mi the *   #   *   *   *
corner nt Geoi'ge and Third, rue-      .   ,
fully surveying tin1 sullied wreck of
his   John   I .   Stetson.   Tl
planed iiem*-1 lhc duck report .-it tin
corner, dipping gracefully   into tin
Yiweett, of the Union Bnnk '
in this city;  left   last  Sunday lor
'." u I Kdimniton, to which branch he has!
liccn transferred.
a I Programme For Hallowe'en
tei. .
\\ 111.-'
AS  -ee
'ro .'ill becoming greatly in-
■■I In  Puck—not the famous
I; publication of doubtfu
r, but  the  little  I'U.bber disi
In I;. il '. like ('nnudti funious,
in .;- •!„'■ Fro. I gets into the
in i an est our knights nf tin
liquid earth at each  revolution.
scries of goose-steps effected a rescue,!        Dance at Ritts-Kifer Hall, j
when  the  principal  with  the title
role dramatically remarked i   "If I     The programme for the Hallow-1
was runniu' this town I'd open her e'en Hard Times Masquerade Dance
wide, but I'il close these damn and Entertainment is ns follows:
The afternoon will be given over
to a side of work, candy stall, pump-1
kin pie and  plum  pic, full of good |
things for thc kiddies.    Tea will boi
served at dainty tables presided over
by "Martha Washington" and "Old
.Mother lluhh,.rtl.''
The .Misses Wilson will be seen in
one  of  their  pretty  dances.    The
',"'.'    ,' ,'.'   I school children will sing the nation-
heir glaum-    , ,    e        ,    ,
... . nl  anthem  and  other songs in the
tihttes.        . ....   . ...  ,
afternoon. \\ itches will be present to tell us the past, present and
Tickets for the cushion which is
on view at Miss Higgin's store, 3rd
Avenue, can be obtained during the
day. A picture of local scenery, by
Mrs. Daniell will be on view at the
hall, for wliich raffle tickets can be
The Dance will commence at 9-30
p.m. Music will be furnished by
Kerr's well-known orchestra. A
banquet supper will be served at
midnight and a good time is promised, "Kutn in your old'clo'es" is
the slogan. Prizes will be given for
the most absurd costume.
Black and white masks can be
obtained nt Mrs, Booth's store, 4th
Avenue, or at the door of the hull.
Nothing marks the fnvasion of
civilization more thnn the setting
up of law court*. In line for local
court sessions are McBride and
Vanderhoof.    Sittings will  he held
nt Vanderl f  November Mh, and
nl McBride November loth.   Judge
Robertson will preside,
*   *   *   *   #
\V. . . Gregg, B. C. L.S., returned on yesterday's truin frnm Vanderhoof. Mr. Gregg has been establishing straight and narrow.paths
in the forests primeval of the Stuart
Lake region for the past few weeks.
Frank Cooper, the popular ton-
Forial artist, who holds forth in a
corner of Boston .lohn Boehncr's
billiard parlors, has completely recovered Iroin his recent illness.
<*   *   #   *   t
The regular weekly dance of the
Prince (ieorge Dancing Club was
held in the Moo . Hull last night,
Thc new sidewalk from Qeorge The Peace River country has
Street to the hall is greatly appro- i 45,000,000 acrea of land, and one
elated. i bird of it is ready for the plow.
IN THE MATTER of "The Lnnd
Titles Act," and in the matter of
Notice of Exercising Power of Sale
given by Mary Quatsoe to Ernest
Edwin Deleree, in respect of Mortgage No. 2780 AV North Alberta
Land Registration District.
Col. Ben. Nields, who caused
a sensation at the Senior Golt
Tournament, and was the envy
of younger players.
The Russian bear evidently has
no intention of hibernating this
TAKE NOTICE that proceedings have
been commenced against vou under
"The Land Titles Act"'by Mary
Quatsoe in respect of vour default in
payment of $600, principal; and $93.40,
interest; d ie to her under a mortgage
miide by you to her of Lot live (5)
HI nek one (1) in Norwood Extension,
Edmonton, Plan 653711, North Alberta,
L, R. D.. and such default having continued for one calendar month, the
Mortgagee hereby demands payment,
and gives you notice of her intention to
enter inio possession of the said land.
And tafce notice that if such default
continues for two months from the
date of publication of this notice, the
Miirtnaj.ee intends to proceed to sell
tliesaiel bind under the provisions of
"^'he Land Tides Act."
And further take notice that If such
-ale' proves abortive and such default
continues for six months from the time
lur payment mentioned in said mortgage, the Mortga.ee intends to apply
to the Registrar for an order for foreclosure.
And further take notice thnf puhlica
lion of this notice will be deemed to
be sufficient service of notice of,the
said preieeeriim.s, under Order of thc
Registrar, dated 13th October, 1915.
Dated at Edmonton. Alberta, thi?
13th day of October, 1915.
Solicitors for Mary Quatsoe.
Approved, October 13th. 1915,
Deputy Registrar, N A.L.R.D.
(Oct. 30-2t.)
Nightingale & Bustin,
King George is  looking   'em
over   in   Prance.    The  British    „„    /v    ..     r>   ,      ..„
Tommy will stand some inspec-    The Quallty Barber ShoP-
We carry the finest line of
high-grade cigars, cigarettes and
tobaccos in- the city.
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
(Section 42.)
Canada produces 80 per cent of
the world's output of nickel.
MOTICE is hereby given that, on the
A" first day of December next, application will be made to the Superin-1
tendent of Provincial Police- for renew-  11M MIM1111111MI M 11111
al of the hotel licence to sell liquor by I 1
I retail in the hotel known as  the Hotel! 	
S0terpVot;?^lS8_c".t°bTae:   The Allies might put  it  to
Dated this first day of October, 1915. |(ireece something like this .'  "Do
albert JOHNSON,     - j you wish to remain flreece, or
Applicant,    i become a mere spot of grease ?
The muny friends of Mrs, J, H. While the United States pro-
Jolmson, of the Alexandra Hotel, I duces more wheat than Canada
will he pleased lu know thai she is Uhe produces less than one third
rapidly recovering from lier illness.
Yesterday's easthbund train was
six hours late iu reaching the city.
A rock-slide was the cause of the
•   #   »   #   «
Mr. J. IS. T. Armstrong leaves
for Vancouver tomorrow evening,
and expects to he in the coast
metropolis for a month.
A trainload of oil arrived this
week for thc G. T. P. The con-
si ;i.ment I'linsi t d of eighteen cars,
Hti,imu, a Ions.
Pantelattes Latest Fashion.
as much per head of population.
The Canadian army of nearly
33,000 men is the largest army
which ever crossed the Atlantic.
Vancouver, the youngest city
in Canada, is fourth in size and
Back from the firing line come
fie sick, the lame and the blind.
The terror of war is thus brought
home to those of us who have
not experienced at first hand the
aw fulness of armed conflict.
Johnson & Finlaison
Pioneer Coal and Wood Dealers
Mined in the West.    Beware of Inferior Grades.
Our Motto is "Full Measure."
Phone 00 Yard: Queen Street
Wholesale and Retail
The   British  submarine  that
fought off four (ierman warships
and sank a destroyer must have!
been A No. 1.
The young hopeful: "Father,
what do standing armies sit on
whpn they are tired 1"
Father : ' 'On the seat of war,
mv boy."
We must be in for a drought
judging by the way old Jupe
Pluvius has been weeping lately.
Telephone 7.
Shamrock Brand.
Mason & Henderson,
Building and General
Plana and Estimate*
Prince George, B. C.
With the mayor and three o'
the city fathers away, the baby
city has been pretty much alone
part of the woek.
This doubtful fashion is being
ied out by ultra fashionable
omen of New York.
According to Parker Williams
our yoke is not easy. Our growth
has been sadly stunted. We are
pack-animals. Still, we have
built a hustling young city in a
year and a half. We evidently
take kindly to our burden.
No carrying coals to Newcastle
by the common people, since the
honorable member from that city
claims all our coal fields have
been alienated.
Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobaccos, nt Wholesale and Retail,
Stationery, .\higazincs, Newspapers, Confections, and
Toilet Articles.
Fort George Drug Co., Ltd.
Laselle Avenue, South Fort George.    ::   George Street, Prince George.
The Time to Buy.
THE price of choice farm-lands is lower
today than will be thecasewhen financial and world conditions once more become normal. The careful buyer of good
property during this depression will realize
a big profit. The man in search of a
home, where success is assured, will find
his opportunity here and now.
We own exclusively some of the best
pieces of agricultural land in the Prince
George district and are offering some exceptional bargains.
Write for our free illustrated booklet
or call at our George Street office for full
R. R. Walker, General Agent.       CEORCE STREET, PRINCE CEORGE, B. C.
New and Up-to-Date.
Special Supply of New Postcards
Some splendid views of Prince George and vicinity
M. NURICK, Proprietor.
Corner THIRD and GEORGE.
f§   G. T. P. R.   g
Edmonton - Prince George
Prince Rupert
NO. 1 Leave Edmonton Mondaya, Wednesdays, Saturdays 10.35 p.m
WESTBOUND Arrive Prince George Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sunday* 8.00 p.m.
Leave Prince George Tueadays, Thuradaya, Sundaya 8.15 p.m.
Arrive Prince Rupert, Mondaya, Wedneadaya, Fridays 0.15 p.m
NO, 2 Leave Prince Rupert Mondaya, Thuradaya, Saturdays 10.30 am
EASI BOUND Arrive Prince George Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays . 8.30 a.m.
Leave Prince George Tueadaya, Fridays, Sundays . 8.45 a.m.
Arrive Edmonton Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays 8.00 a.m.
Travel via the
Our Agents will be pleased to furnish any
information desired.
Dlitriot PeisMnffftr Ag-nt,
Winnipeg. Man.
Rest Quality Kiln-Dried
Fir and Spruce Lumber.
Sash and Doors, Lath,
Shingles, Lime, Cement,
Bogue & Browne Lumber Co.
Glass ancl Builders' Supplies.
Just Stop and Think
of the risk and inconvenience of burning coal oil.
Why not be up-to-date? Have your house wiretj,
it costs but a trifle more. Rates on application at
our office Rooms 7 & 8, Post Building, George
Street, and at the plant, South Fort George. We
have a stock of lamps, shades, fixtures, irons, and
handle all utility devices.
Northern Telephone & Power Co., Ltd.
Electric Light Service and Power Furnished.
House Wiring and Electrical Fixtures of all kinds.
I'lione lit- Four Kin. a, South Fori Georgo.
I'honc 10, Prince George.
Get "More Money" fur your Furs
Beaver, Foxes, Muakrut, Wolves, Marten, Fisher,
White Weasel and othir Far lxar.ru ooll.ci.il la your wolloa
lluilu III tht World ilcillnej MClHU(ly In NORTII AMKWUN RAW lUkS
unliable-mepiniMlik.-sine I'ur Molina will] an utiblemlieheelrep-
ututlieii existing lor "nmra than a third ni'n oeuiiirv." a leetm h««—
CKMfulreiiiriliifH.tHtlii'itl'ur Shippers prompt .SATISKAC'TONY
AM) I'KOITI'AIII, U rem™. Write for "ll. »btitarl »WP»".
the only relluble, nt-unite uiurkct report antl prlt_ I int published.
Writ, lor It    .NOW -ll'. PIIKK
A B SHUBFRT Inr 21-27 westaustinave.
t\. D. OnUDLK 1, inc. D.PICI7 CHICAGO, U.S.A.


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