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 VOL. 6, NO. 11.
Prick Fivk Cents
An informal meeting of the ize upon the Prince George dis-
Peince (leorge Board of Trade trict, with the probable result
was held Thursday afternoon in J that next spring will witness a
the City Hall for the purpose of i great influx of settlers. He
meeting and conferring with Mr. speaks highly of the Mennonites
L. Kon, of the Orand Trunk Pac-; who are likely to become settlers
i!ic Railway Company's immigra- j here next spring, and states they
tion department, who has spent are very competent farmers.
some time lately in different Mr. Kroeker explained that the
parts of this district gathering Mennonite settlements of the
informati m that will enable him prairie provinces have increased
to organize a vigorous campaign: greatly in population during the
for the colonization of lamls in past fifteen years, and states that
the vicinity of Prince George,       it is necessary  for the younger
Mr. Kon has been engaged in generation of farmers to find new
this work for a long time and is homes. Mr. Kroeker is well
very enthusiastic over conditions pleased  with general conditions
in this locality as he found them
during his stay here. He evidenced groat surprise over the
line .rains, roots, vegetables and
vrasses produced hero this sea-
-on, and has taken home to Winnipeg wilh him some I
which will be used in
tising work.
here and expressed his strong
belief that the Prince George district has a fine future before it.
Among other matters discussed
at the meeting was the question
of securing the services of the
ne samples government expert in the matter
his adver- of preparing an exhibit of vegetables,   fruit,  roots and   grains
Mr, Kon suggested that the that will effectually advertise
board of trade have printed a1 our farm-lands. This is a matter
thoroughly accurate 'and attrac- which will receive further attentive pamphlet dealing with farm- tion in the near future.
conditions here, and  havo these	
distributed whoro thoy will prob- j There will be a meeting of the
ably do thc most good. This mat-! Prince (leorge Hockey Club at
ter was considered by'the board, the Alexandra Hotel, Saturday
and a price will be obtained cov-1 evening, at 8 o'clock, for the
ering cost of printing. j purpose of attending to matters
Mr.  P. P.  Kroeker,  who has pertaining   to  the  dance   next
spent considerable time in and! week.   All members of this corn-
about Prince George lately, is in-(mittee are urgently requested to
terested in the establishment of: be present.
a local Mennonite colony.   Mr.
Kroeker finis fault with the bulletin issued by the government,
which covers this section of the
province, and does not think it
does  the   country   justice,   and
would prove harmful rather than
beneficial   if  circulated   among
prospective settlers.
There is more or less fault to
be found with this pamphlet,
which is called Bulletin 22. Some
of the information was furnished
by parties who could not have
been conversant with conditions,
and the result is that statements
are made which reflect discreditably upon the agricultural lands
All Imi the' ruthless foe shall wi>ep hnr ileuth.
Shut liko ;t dog, she naid lilV's spluntlid cull;
And though they forced the rude surrenderofher breath,
They ceeuld not bruise the beauty of her soul.
The English nurse, as she appeared shortly before
her execution in Brussels by order of a German military
court, for aiding the allies.   She was 50 years of age.
War News of the Week
Last Monday evening Ihe Dominion Hotel was the scene of the
festivities when the men from
thi.-; district who have joined the
Western Scots, were hosts at a
banquet in Victoria. Lieut. W.
F. Cooke had just returned from
his trip to Ottawa, and one of the.
j principal reasons for the the celebration was to do him honor.
Pte.   Montgomery,    chairman
for the occasion,  explained that
it had been   thought fitting  that
the   soldiers   from   the   Cariboo should have a social re-union
: before they  went   abroad,   and
I that they should endeavor to indicate to their officers the good
I feeling existing among them, and
! their determination "to do their
bit" in full measure.
Songs and recitations were enjoyed, after which Lieut. Cooke
I gave a short speech.
The men found it difficult to
I do him enough honor.   Hd confessed himself as lacking a knowledge of what he had done to deserve it.   He was glad to be a-
| mong his comrades and to see
! them   together.   There was no
doubt that they had done  the
1 right thing in joining the Western Scots.   In Ottawa he  had
learned enough to appreciate that
there was much more to learn.
Efficiency   meant   effectiveness
and to obtain efficiency patience
was   needed.   No  matter  how
long one might serve he knew
that there cou'd never come a
time when nothing more remained to be learned. He hoped that
all "the boys" would not forget
that all the little things of the
drill ground, apparently insignificant, were a part of the great
big "game." He trusted that
they would remember this in
Victoria and later in England so
that, when it csme to the final
stage, thoy would be properly
lifted to do tin ir parts.
(Ireat efforts are being made
by the provincial government to
stimulate the lumber trade. Owing to the indisciiminate cutting
of prices the industry has suffered severely since the commencement of the war. A special lumber commissioner is being sent
to Europe and it is hoped that he
will be instrumental in doing
much to better the situation.
The Pacilic Coast Hockey Association clubs will soon getaway
to a good start in the season's
race. The new Seattle arena is
completed and was opened a week
ago, when there was an attendance of 2500.
New Conservative
Association Rooms
LONDON'-The situation in the Balkans is considerably more favorable this week. British, French and Serbian forces have driven the Bulgarians slowly back and
have recaptured much of the territory gained by the enemy | Wfllte's Landing
a few weeks ago. The situation on the west front remains
about the same. Continuous lighting is going on, and in
Much Appreciated many places the enemy is being slowly pushed back from
  strongly entrenched positions.
A large number of men, both        PARIS. —In the Artois region artillery fighting con-
in the city and from outside, are tinues without interruption.   The loss of the enemy since,      ,    . w,.. ,   ranHlno,  .,„
making use of the new rooms \rnvPrnhpr Uth ha . hppn vprv hpavv     Tn   thp f,h_tnn_p-npi! wnites Lanang.waa
provided as club rooms by the 7™TZ    r ft  7 \ I,    _      ™Pagn6   ^  Clty   thls   week", This
Ll Conservative Association, Strict the Germans attacked with hand grenaH-^M*    Jthe largestin thta dis.
The place is kept heated, books were Quickly repulsed.    An unconfirmed Y{_,^°l.yj.V-^i-rict where actual development
The Merritt coal mine payroll
is now about $18,000 per month.
Ranchers Developing Fine District.
Mr. James MacKav, manager
of   the  Duke  of   Sutherland's
and magazines are provided, and the first great co-operative movement of \     -uiish and
also stationery for letter-writing French forces since the recent interchange of general
purposes.   It is the aim of the staffs has been started in the Artois-Ypres region.   The
visitors 0Dject is the capturing of Lens and Lille.
association  to have all
from outside feel free to
make __^^_^^^^^_^^^_^^^^^__^^^^_^^^^_^^_
hereabout. Corrections are made I the association rooms a place SALONIKI.—After heavy fighting with the reinforced
from time to time, but there is (where a pleasant hour can be Bulgarian troops in southern Serbia, the French were corn-
still considerable room  for im-j spent
provement, and it was the gen-j    It is hoped that the settlers
is steadily going on. There are
4,000 acres in the property, some
of which is open prairie land.
About 100 acres is actually under
cultivation. Fine buildings have
been constructed, and some excellent crops have been harves- j
ted for the past four years.
Mr.  Mackay states that it is'
That Canadian grain may go
through the Panama Canal without danger of sweating and spoiling, is the assurance of Mr. K.
Magill, chief of the Board of
Grain Commissioners.
Some of those vaunted ancestors who came over in the Mayflower might not be allowed to
land today.
eral opinion of the board of trade
that a new pamphlet should be
Mr. Kon expects to carry on a
comprehensive work of colonization this winter, and will special-
throughout the district will take
advantage   of  the   opportunity
offered   to   make  known   their
wants in the way of roads and
other  necessary   improvements,
so that the executive of the as-    {_^a_^^^^^^_
sociation may be able to make guns and three searchlights.
pelled to retire at two points in the vicinity of Gradisce,
twelve miles north of the (ireek border.   A Bulgarian at-! his  intention to exhibit  hay,
tack along the Cerna River was repulsed with heavy losses grains, vegetables and stock at
to the attackers. the Prince (ieorge fair next fall,
„ .,1, 'and believes other settlers in that
-Russian successes include the recent
these wants known to the government. If each man will strive
to present his most pressing
needs in a comprehensive manner, there should be little trouble
in securing the desired help.
Now is the time to let the government know what is required,
so that the matter may be attended to at the next sitting of the
Gratification at the news sent
PETROGRAD.—ruissian successes inciuue tne  recent vicinity will do the same.   Some
capture of nearly 50,000 men, 21 heavy guns, 118 machine | very choice samples of oates and
| wheat   were  produced   on   the
 ranch this season,  but it  was
is, of course, true, that many of found almost impossible to ar-
the "Canadians" are young Eng-: range for an exhibition this year.
lishmen who have sought their This particular section nromises
fortune over there, thereby show-! to develop into an excellent stocking grit, determination and cour- raising country. There is con-
a_o all the qualities the Happy , siderable natural pasturage, and
Warrior should possess. More- crops of all kinds do exceedingly
over,  we saw  them  arrive,  we .well,
had them among us for many Mining operations are being
more months than they cared to j carried on in several places with-
wait, and when they went to the in easy reach of the Duke's
lighting line they won   instant ranch, "Strathnaver," and feed
Preparation Slow.
Frederick Palmer, the war correspondent, says, "One thing the
war has done is that it helps to
teach army officers that infantrymen can bo trained in six months
if they have good instructors and
good rifles." There are thousands
of men in Canada who have been
under training for six months or
What Would Protect
The Monroe Doctrine?
"Germany will not be allowed to
take Canada ; we are protected
by the Monroe Doctrine," says
Colonel Lavergne, the Quebec
gentleman who i.s too proud to
fight but not too proud to run
for succor to a foreign country.
"We are protected by the Monroe Doctrine!" Rut what would
protect the Monroe Doctrine if
Germany destroyed the British
Fieet ?
Tickets, Ono Dollar for the
Hockey Club Dance,
from London   that   the  dread- more, and who are evidently notL|oryi   u anybody thinks that I of all kinds is obtainable.   There
nought cruiser Canada is   now >'et considered well enough tram-, Canada could or would be ready j is a store and postoffice within a
it a pretext to throw off allegi
en to be sent even to England
for final instruction. According
to Mr. Palmer's statement, the
delay in forwarding them argues
on the part of the Government a
belief that their instructors have
In recent despatches from European countries King Alfonso is
frequently mentioned as a peace
I in battle line with the New Zealand and the Australia in the
; North Sea will be tempered by
i the sad reflection that the Can-
jadais only Canadian in name.
She was built by the British tax- ,                J?.,,-,,             .   .
one was           .           ,w_l_n not been competent or an admis-
uavers   monev, while Canadian ,       ,       ,       ,            .   ,    „
v '                             Lif son  that they   have   not been
politicians were squabbling over slon    "',l imy
I how little tbey could do to help properly armed^
the Empire that ensures the safety of their persons, their proper- QamclianS Praised.
ty and their country. 	
A   super - dreadnought   each At the beginning of things the
month has been completed and (lerman newspapers openly sneer-
■.Hrled to the British fleet since ed at the Canadians as "cowboys
the  war  began.     The   "Day" in slouched hats."   Now   their
which    German    naval   officers military   experts   describe   the
toasted before the war. has re- soldiers from over the Atlantic
ceded further than ever into the as the   Kerntrupen -the finest
, . fighting material in Europe.   It
miie of ihe ranch.
ance to the crown, events must
have undeceived them forever.
Germany Wants
Peace-No Doubt
The Devil must be well satisfied with the shambles he has
made of Europe.
  can hardly be otherwise than true. \
  But the evacuation nf Belgium
That Germany wants peace is! wil1 not satisfy the Entente pow-j
no longer in doubt,   Abatement ers'    Northern   France,   Serbia:
comes from Brussels to the effect and Rlissia nll,st be evacuated,
that extracts from a letter from before thev  wil1 talk of peace, i
ind Russia     ^^^^^^
before they  will talk of
the Pope tothe Kaiser have been ;Tho Kaiser knows the en(i is not
read in all the Belgian churches.,far off' He can doubtless very
From these it appears that the «reat|y ProlonK the war- but he
Herman ruler has asked the in- must be fully aware that defeat
tervention of the Pope and the awaits bim- He may postpone
latter has replied that before he '*• but ll ls inevitable, and the
can grant it, the Germans must '°W if is Postponed the worse
evacuate Belgium, This state-, it will be for the House of Hohen-
ment is so circumstantial that it zollern when it comes.
Crown Prince Alexander narrowly escaped capture when the
Ji.r.n i
Toe h.
.■!■ Y..-ei: in A.lve.'
Unitejil Sfitos $2.
All cnmmunic
The Her
itloHR sIlOUlll lee'.'e
111, Prince Georw
I.l rosso
ll. c.
I i.i
m man H. Wes
I.BY,               It. 1.
Walk rait,
21 IT II
The danger from fire in Prince
(ioorge is a grave question, ln
all now towns of frame construction this menace is ever present,
lt is the intention of the city
council, at their next meeting, to
bring in a by-law regulating the
cleaning of chimneys and Ihe enforcing of any measures that
will assist in lessening the fire
A short time ago a chimeey
fire occurred in a house on the
Millar Addition. Luckily, no
damage resulted. Last Wednesday the north end of the city
was for a few n ii utes'in grave
peril as a result of a chimney fire
in the Nehring building. Flames
shot out of the chimney with a
roar that could be heard for two
blocks. The firemen responded
quickly, and again, hapi ily, no
loss was suffered. This blaze was
more spectacular than dangerous
However, the fiery element is
ever ready to unleash its fury if
given half a chance, and it behooves us to close the door while
the horse is yet in the stable.
Don't wait for the city council
to pass thoir by-law. (let your
chimney .cleaned. Ten chances
to one, it needs it. This is a duty
you owe nut only yourself and'
the firms who carry your insurance—it is a duty of primary importance which you owe the city
in which yr u live,
Remember the (Ire loss experienced last winter in the different
Georges, and newer lose sight of
tho fact that your unintentional
neg.ect may cause a regrettable
loss of life antl property. This
is no matter to be passed over
with a shrug.   Think il over.
"Down with tho Governmenl,"
seems lo ho the slogan of the
Daily News, The opposition nag
is proving a welcome hobby-horse
for Ihe publishers of this sheet
to ride. Let us hope thoy ilo not
ride the poor animal to its death
and their own. Their latest cry
is that the so-called land policy
of the government will prove another rook upon which tho
weather-beaten Tory craft will
be wrecked. Sounds like a tale
of the good old buccaneering
days. The weather-beaten Tory
craft! Rock upon which it will
be wrecked !
British Columbia is a ver\
young province, commercially
speaking. Despite this fact, tre-1
mendous development has taken
place within tho past decade.
Much of this development is due
to the fact that the government
induced outside capitalists to invest their money in the lands of
the province and upon them up
for settlement. Had the government been a wealthy one, it
might not have boon necessary
to appeal to outside capital. Had
I hey not done so, many of the
improved sections of the more
inaccessible parts of the province
would to-day bo wildernesses.
During the present financial
stringency it is impossible to secure funds to carry on all tho
p ro v i n cia I work undertaken.
When financial conditions again
become normal this money will
be secured antl the first use to he
be made of it will he the assisting of tho settlers already on
farms. Then will come the opening up of now districts, ami the
government's expansive land
policy will prove not a rock upon
whioh tho provincial ship of stale
will he wrecked; but a strong integral pari of a 'successful legis-
ative policy.
national income estimated at
three Inn dred million pounds,
(ireat Britain raised sixty-two
million pounds by taxation that
is the government took a little
over one-fifth of the total national income. Average income a
head was seventy-five dollar*;
average taxation a head slightly
over fifteen dollars. At the same
rate of taxation the average tax
bill woultl now be about fifty-two
dollars a head, whereas in 1914 it
was only about seventeen dollars.
In other words, to get the tax
rate of 1815 taxation would have
to be multiplied by three. National income is now estimated at
twenty-four hundred million
pounds, against three hundred
millions at Waterloo, (iermany,
of course, shows an even greater
gain in wealth and income in the
hundred years. An excited young
man declared to Adam Smith
that the nation was ruined.
"You must remember," replied
the Father of Political Economy,
"there is a great deal of ruin in
a nation."
British Preparedness
Mr. Frederick Palmer says
that Kitchener has completed
his work of organization and has
gone to the Near East for the
purpose of putting his preparations into activity. In spite of
all that thoughtless people have
alleged to the contrary, the manner in which the British Empire,
and especially the United Kingdom, has been changed from a
non-military power to one of the
greatest military nations the
world has ever seen, is the marvel of the time, The simple fact
that whereas a year ago Britain
was able to send abroad nnlv an
expeditionary force of about 15.,-
000, ?he la now able, in addition
to keeping 1,000,000 men in the
battlefrnnt in Franpo antl Belgium, ample reserves at home
and all her needed garrisons complete, to send 7 50,00. men to the
Balkans,' is the most amazing
thing in all military history—
and every one of the men forming this magnificent army is a
ST. Stephen's  South Fort George.
Sunday, 8 a. in.. ll»ly Comnviiiinn
(serum! and fourth Sundays); il ii.tn.,
Sunday school : 7-Ht) p. m., evening
prayer and sermon,
Wednesday, 7-80 p.m . evening pray-
i er with intercessions fur those engaged
in the war.
St. George's. Central Fort George.
Sunday, x a.m., II»l.v communion
(third Sunday); 11 a. in., morning
iiraver, litany and sermon; 2-30 p.m.,
Sunday   school
Friday, 7-30 p.m., evening prayer
with intercessions fur Ihose engaged in
the war,
Prince George-Temporary ehutvh
l on Seventh Avenue.    .Sunday, 8 a.m.,
Heely Communion (First Sunday); 11 a.
m. Morning Prayer. I.itany and Sermon;
2-30 p.m., Sunday School; 7-30  p. ni.,
] evening prayer and sermon.
Holy Communion nt all these churches
i on holy days and week days, according
to notice.
barrage uo.
Parcel Checking
and Storage.
RUSH BROS., Proprietors.
Phone Iil,
Prince ( ieorge
Opposite Station.
Fiiist Methodist Church, Prince
GEOHGE, near Princess Theatre, Third
Avenue west. Rev. H. I,. Morrison,
H. v, pastier. Services al II a.m., ated
7-30 p.m.;   Sunday school, 12 p.m.
First Church, FortGeorge.-Rev.
C. M. Wright, H.A., minister. Services
at 11 a.m. and 7-30 p.m.; Sahbath
school at 12-15 p.m.
Knox Church, South FortGeorge.
Rev. A. (.. Justice, H.A., minister.
Service every Sunday morning in Ihe
church at 11 a.m.; Sabbath school al
2 p.m.
Saint Andrew's Church, Prince
George.--Rev. A. C. Justice, b a.,
minister. Service is held in the Conservative Club Rooms, every Sunday
evening at 7-30 p.m.; Sabbath school
in the Rex Theatre, at 2-30 p.m.
Third Avenue, near George Street.
A Gospel Meeting will be conducted
on Sunday, at S-lo p.m. There is no
collection.   All are welcome.
Nechaco Feed
and Sale Stables
2 doors North of Post Office,
Vanderhoof, B, C,
Ma|l Stage to Fort St. Jamos,
every Tuesday, 7 a.m.
Saddle and Pack Horses
for hire.
D. II. HOY, Prop,
We have  nol   heard  of any
Boston parties dumping the gold
that Britain is sending them into
the sea.
Home Builder
rE will sell
you a fine
residential lot
which is within
two blocks of
George Street,
for $325, providing you a-
gree to build a
house costing
$1,000 thereon
within a year.
I'lio Mill. i' Addition of Prince
i ieorge promises to become
the best residential section of this city.
niujjiwjni.   i i_rw.
r.AOJ'.LLKNT CUI;    ,]/
Corner Hamilton & Third
South Fori Ccort!
Rates  $2.50 and $3
!>1 oiitiil, und weekly rales on application
Bout eif wieies.
l.i lllora und iriuarn
Albert Johnson, p, „,
—=    =_.
Shot and Shells
Shotguns and Rifles
Ammunition and Traps.
Kennedy,  Blair & Company,  Limited.
Sheet Metal.   Furnaces a Specially.
Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water
Phone 12, Prince George. General Repairing.
uua ■*.__._   i__i_nsru/u vw<i.    >y'wuauju'wiauj *
Express Carrlrd on .Steamer  II. X.
Wm. Somerton, Agent     -       -     South Fort George
ime Pool Rool.
Full Line of Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos.
Barber Shop in Connection.
The old blue lows were prob- CoiTier 4th AveilUe
ably invented tor tho purpose of
keeping people from painting the       ciTld GeOFffe St,
town rod.
Phone 103       George St.
Boehner's Billiard Parlors
Lest grade Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos
Harbor - Shop in connection,
Ruggies Block    :   George Street
Art for art's sake: printing fori
business' sako; and money for
Heaven's sake.
Minding one's own business is
said to be a good way of developing the brain.
Vanderhoof, B, C,
25 Rooms, Excellent Cuisine,
Finest of Wines, Liquors and
Cigars, American Plan.
British Columbia To England Rates - $2.50 per day.
As to how near financial exhaustion any of Lho big bclliger-
Fro.11 the wastes of the frozen Yukon
llitfh up In the Northern landi,
From the shores of the lei ie Pacific
Ringed round with Its silent Rands,
From I ht.' teiwns ami thn hiving cities
And the far-off Kuuttniny,
Wl- have' come to tne tryst together
And wu're hore in the light tu slay.
Hunger anil hunter and runcher
Ami men frum thu lumber .'amp,
Doctor and lawyer and bunker
And miner witli cust-olf lamp,
Fanner ami prcucher and idler,
Where (here's a will there's a way,
We havo come to the tryst together
And we're here In the lixlit to stay.
English, Irish, and Scotch are wie
And m.-ii of tne Maple Leaf,
•Sons of the uld-lime Loyalists,
And heirs of lhe Scolti.ih Chief,
Cornish and Welsh and Islanders
And Iln- Lion's whelps at hay,
Wo have come to the tryst together
Anil we're hero in lhe light to stay.
Wi' havo burned our bouts behind us
We came when you  signalled "Come,"
We have taken (he sword and rifle
To inarch to the pipes and drum,
We ask for a tight lo a finish
For lhal is the only way,
We have come to the tryst together
And we're here in the tight to slay.
Dominion and li. C, I.and Surveyors,   |
Surveys of Lamls, Mines, Townsites,
Timber Limits, etc, '
F.e.i Oik) mo, H.c. Victoria, II. C. ,
Hammond Stnal III, Pemlw rtnn HUr. i
I'. I*. Bunion, Mirr. F, C, Croon, Mm.
Ne.l .in, II. c. Now Hnzollnn, II. ('.
IHO, WiirdXiiwt II. C Affleck, t/lgi:
A. II. Or i, Mitr.
Prince George Hotel,
E.  E.  1'iiAiit
Modern and up-to-date in every respect.
Entire building Steam Heated.   Hoi and
Cold Water in Rooms. Public and Private
Prince George
Livery Co.
Dray ing,
Up-to-date Equipment
Corbett & Fahrencroft,
Prince George.
Phono 58,      P. O. Box 195,
Dr. R. W. Alward,
I) E N T I S T,
Ruggies'Bldg., George St.
High-('lass Barber
Razor-Honing a Specially
Ruggies' Block,
< ieorge Street.
Contractors & Builders
Ooi Our Eiiiiiimie.ee IV f Chard ::        Job Work Nontly nnil Promptly Execnlr
Phone  26
'I'll lit li STREET
OFFICE anu Silt)]':
Fott George & Alberta Telephone & Electric
Company, Limited.
(leneral Telephone nnd Telegraph Business, Business
Phones, on private lines, $. a month ; ._ a month, parly lines,
Residence Phones, 83 a month, private lines; $_ a month, parly
lines. Shortest and quickest line lo Vancouver and shortest
cable line to Europe,
Phone 47 Prince George for messenger orother information,
CHARLES A.  (JASKii.i.  Manager.
-R!S_i. Parcels For Men
At The Front.
The public is urged to exercise
every cure in packing parcels fur
the troops, as careful packing is
absolutely essential to ensure delivery of the parcels in good
Parcels sent abroad require a
higher standard of packing than
is necessary in the Canadian
Parcel Pnst, and this applies with
even greater force to parcels for
the troops. Those which are inadequately packed run great risk
of damage or loss of contents.
Thin cardboard boxes, such as
shoe boxes, and thin wooden
boxes, should not be used; nor
does a single sheet of ordinary
brown paper afford sufficient protection. The following forms of
packing are recommended.
(1) Strong double cardboard
boxes, preferably those made
of corrugated cardboard, and •jOClut in
having lids which completely , Wi/folD River 'School
enclosethesidesof the boxes.
(2) Strong wooden boxes.
(3) Several folds of stout packing paper.
(4) Additional security is afforded by an outer covering of
linen, calico or canvas, which
should be securely sewn up.
The address of the parcel
should be written in ink on the
cover preferably in  two  places.
The address'of the sender of
the parcel should also be stated
in order that it may be returned
if undeliverable. The contents
of the parcel should be stated in
writing on the cover.
Social in Aid of
Only High Class
Pictures Shown.
On Saturday evenening, 13th
November, an enjoyable function
was held in Willow River in
order to raise some necessary
funds for furnishing the local
school with some needful supplies.
The gathering took the form of
a concert by the school children, j	
followed by a  basket social and 71111        I      L J
dance. The haii was beautifully Ine Northern Lumber and
decorated with flags, bunting and
evergreens. The singing and reciting by the children were very
much appreciated by the audi-
Photo-Play Piano.
(Seven instruments in one)
Shows Every Evening.
Coal mining rights of the Dominion,
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al-
lie.Ui, the .u.on Territory, the
No:th-We. t Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leased for a term of
twenty-one years at an annual rental
of $1 an acre. Not more than 2,000
aires will Le leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease mint be
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsur-
v eyej territory the tract applied for
'hall I e stal.ed out by the applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 whieh will be refunded if the rights applied for are'
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall lie paid on the merchantable output of tne mine at the rate of
five cents per ton.
'lhe person operating the min?'
shall furnish lhe Agent with sworn
returns accounting for the full quantity cf merchantable coal mined and
pay the royalty thereon. If the coal
mining rights are not being operated,
such returns should be furnished at
least once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate of $10.00 an acre.
For full information application
"hould be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.'
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
More Women
Needed in Canada.
To make Ammunition for Home
C onsumption —Us in.<5
Mercantile Co., Limited.
ence.   After Ihe concert the basin the case of parcels sent to ,keU we,,e auctioned and in the
the  Mediterranean  Force,  they. Bhort gpac,p of a  few mjnutes
_,___!lilifL !^_L.Pa-°,.e__ over flfty (lollars WPI'e realized'
The following wa» the concert
programme ■
•    ()' Canada
??chol .rs.
The Diamonds Gleam
- The Wreck of thej
Beatrice White.;
They should be as nearly round
as possible, antl well padded with
.havings,   crumpled   paper,   or
similar protective material.   The
outer covering should consist of
strong linen,  calico or  oanvaa,
and should be securely sewn  up. I
The use of wooden or metal boxes Recitation -
with square corners are undosir-     Hesperus
able,   as parcels so packed are ,gnnB- l)mna l',liU'lvl ma llmrni'"s
liable to injure other parcels in I "'
transit.   No perishable  articles Recitation
should  be   sent,   and   anything
likely  to become soft or sticky, "-""^
such as chocolates, should be enclosed in tin
wrapped  in  paper or packed in
cardboard boxes,  such  as
boxes, cannot be accepted.
a murderer,
lied with the result of the killing'
of Miss Caved
•. ,John Golder,
-    Choice of Trades
The Bhoys.
Watching for Pa
The Misses Golder antl White
Parcels merely Rec''tation " Llewellyn and his dog
Irene Lewis.
-  The Bell Doth Toll
Recitation     -     A Boy's Pocket
Jim Harvie.
Recitation - All Things Beautiful
Dorothy Hartford
If Von Bissing was jealous of I Duet     -      The Hunting Tower
the reputation of Von Tirpitz as Mr' and Mrs' Gol(Je1''
he ought to be satis-1 Recitation   -   The Better Land
Catherine Lewis,
Song - - Star of Peace
Contrary to the impression The National Anthem - Audience
held by many, Italy and Ger-| At the conclusion of the con-
many are not at war. Some game: cert a hearty vote of thanks was
all right. Italians and Hermans'extended by the audience and
live in each other's country with- scholars to Mrs. Brown, accom-
out molestation, Italian soldiers panistofthe evening. Votes of
fight German soldiers and officers thanks were also given to .Mrs.
with Ihe Austrian forces. Italy's Brand, Mr, (lair and Mr, Giov-
light is with Austria, and so the'arnini for their hard work in
game goes on. Some sweet day connection with the decorations
the common soldier will wake up, The artistically decorated hall
refuse to become a murderer or ant| the beautiful dresses of the
a suicide, and the millenium will ladies and children blended well
be in sight. land was a sight long to be re-
Manufacturers of High
Grade   Fir  and   Spruce
Dealers in General Hardware and Builders' Supplies,
Prince (Ioorge and Soulh Fort George.
List of pre-emptions
with fqll description
price and terms.
The Wright
Investment Co.,
Prince George.
Real Estate.
Specialist in Prince
George Lots, Farm
Lands and Acreage.
Walter F. Gregg,
British Columbia  Land
Tost  Uui loi ng,
Prince Georoe.
Americans have no fear of
German victory and annexation
of Canada. They are establishing expensive factories this side
of the border, knowing they will
be safe.
membered in the annals of Wil
low River.
The first train over the Gov-;
fi'iiment's Alaska  railroad   ran j
recently   between   Seward   and
Mile Twenty-Nine, carrying passenger, mail and freight, destined to the Idilarod.   From  Mile
Twenty-Nine the travelers will
go into the interior by dog teams, j
The portion of the road placed in
operation was part of the line of
the old   Alaska   Central,  taken
over by the government and rehabilitated.
Unless you are a lawyer it is
safer to refrain from arguing the;
other fellow's case.
Barrister and
George Street,
Prince George.
I     ^Hmmm_mammmmtmmmmmmm_umMm*<m
QOOD merchandise
behind careful
advertising will always bring satisfaction. The Herald
is the best advertising medium in this
district. An advertisement in our columns will bring your
goods to the notice
of ready buyers—
with profit to us all.
Phone 25.
The pessimist believes that the
milk in tbe coeoanut is watered.
"Thus far the Lord has been
with us." says the Kaiser. One
would hardly think so, judging
by the way the Kaiser's forces
have shelled the Lord's houses.
There is nothing more annoying than the inspiration that arrives the morning after.
Never call a big strong man a
liar. It is safer to get some
other fellow to break the news
to him.
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
Panama News Stand.
The Panama News Stunt! cun ies
your home paper. A full line of
fiction is always on hand, as well a.',
all current periodicals, Best quality stationery, cigars, cigarettes and
snuffs. Wc are up-to-date in everything.
George Street - Prince George.
Ogilvie's Royal Household
Canada's Best Flour
Kennedy, Blair & Co., Limited,
Johnson & Finlaison
Pioneer Coal end Wood Dealers
Mine . in the West.    Beware of Inferior Grades.
Our Motto is "Full Measure."
Phone 90 Yard: Queen Street
Mason & Henderson,
Building and General
Plan,  and Estimates
Prince George, B. C.
G. T. P. R.   fJJ
Edmonton - Prince George
Prince Rupert
NO. 1 Leave Edmonton Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays 10.35 p.m.
WESTBOUND Arrive Prince Geoi'ge Tupsdays, Thursdays, Sundays 8.00 p.m.
Leave Prince George Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays 8.15 p.m.
Arrive Prince Kupert, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 6.15 p.m
NO. 2 Leave Prince Ruperl Mond'iys, Thursdays, Saturdays 10.30 a.m
EAST BOUND Arrive I'rince Geor. e Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays . 8.30 a.m.
Leave Prince George Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays . 8..15 a.m.
Arrive Edmonton Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays 8.00 a.m.
Travel via tin'
Our Agents will he pleased to furnish any
information eli'sired.
Dlftlriet 1'iis:. *.r■.
Ae. .nt.
Winnipeg, Man.
Just Stop and Think
of the risk and inconvenience of burning coal oil.
Why not be up-to-date? Have your house wired,
it costs but a trifle more. Rates on application at
our office - Rooms 7 & 8, Post Building, George
Street, and at the plant, South Fort George. We
have a stock of lamps, shades, fixtures, irons, and
handle all utility devices.
Northern Telephone & Power Co., Ltd.
Electric Light Service and Power Furnished.
House Wiring and Electrical Fixtures of all kinds.
Phone 19- Four Rings, South Fort George.
Phone 10, Prince George. ,        II IUIIS  .'Il'l'     llClllg  CIl'CU-
lalcil calling 11 j iiii   lhc govermnonl
I" I'l'lil'Ve'       lhc       piiri'll.l. IT. nf
govcniii iii lut- from purl nf tin "ii
I'liynii ni -. Tin1 pi't ii iuoer? .'in1111 cist -
ly Furl ti corgi; property owners,
.....! i! eir contention seems to lie
Ilml tin' government Fold the lots
after dm wing attention to the fuel
tli.it lhe ilt'piil would lie constructed
nt Maplf Streel, nnd if this hml -
l i'i ii done Fori George would hnve
I'i'i'i'iviel n I'ill nf ineorpoi'ntion,
which would linve enhaneed lhe
value of the aforesaid lots, .lust
what reception this petition n erils
ha ni.'itli'i' fnr conjecture. I'ui'i'has-
i'i'- of |n|s nmsl always run the' risk
eef finding Iheir property poorly sit-
ualed as dcvelopinenl lakes place.
Hellion 11 ior ihe hig dance a! the
.' lexu eel :i Hotel, next Tlilll'sdny
evening. Von Americans, wjjo evish
(ogive thanks for your many Mess-I
ings nn this day—American Thanksgiving—will have' Ihe np| oi'iunily nf
rounding oul the day in a pleasing
man ner. The Prince George Hockey
(Iuh lasl season proved itself worthy
nf tin' hearty support of the citizens
ami if is hoped thai this will lie the
case ihi- season, and lhal everyone
will help make the season a successful ami enjoyable one.
A Real Money Raising
Money Saving Sale
QUI. entire stock of high quality Ladies'
and Children's Wear greatly reduced—
when your short money will go a long way.
The resistance Serbians have been able to put np
against (he Teuton Allies is largely due to the rugged
country, giving them splendid natural barriers, to fight
The regular semi-monthly dance      Mr. I.. Kon, of tlie Grnnd Trunk
nf the Prince (ieorge Dancing t.'hih Pacilic    I igrntion    Departmenl
was held  Thursday  evening jn the paid -,n .visit lo Ihe city and distriet
Moose   Hall.    Refreshments   were this week,    Mr. Kon is working on-
provided   ley tin'  ladies,   ami   (heithe matter of settling Mennonites in
anisic   was   in   charge   of   Kerr'- this dislriel.
Orchestra. *   *   *  '*   * !
»      *      .      *      „ le
\\ . .1. P. McGregor, general freight
The'milei weather this week is de- agenl ofthcfl. T. P. at   Edmonton.
laying the ival opening ot the skat- u';l< '" '""" 1,li- "'«*•
ing season.   The rink is practically *   *   *   *   *
completed, and tl wners are lo he     pte. |{. |..  Condy  arrived iu tin
congratulated upon its fine appear- city yesterday  morning,  on a visit
In his lainilv here.
*    *    tt    *    *
#    *    #    #    *
Alderman Eagel expects, in the
near future, lo open a grocery and
commission business in this city.
After looking nver Ibe business situation in different outside centres.
Mr. Eagel is of the opinion that
Prir.ce (ieorge offers great attractions, While business is dull at
present, everything here points to
rapid development when conditions
again become normal,
The ladies eef (be Ked Gross Soci-
Mild spring weather has been the ety will hav.' charge of Ihe refresh-
: order of the day all week. Those|ments n« the big dance Thursday,
mistaken people who haw an idea,Kerr's orchestra will furnish the
lhat Central British Columbia is a musb-. Help make lhe affair a
land of ice and snow should visit ns success,
nt this  time  of year.    Despite our *   '   *   *   "
northerly position, we hnve a much     Considerable interest   in mining]
, milder climate than many places n circles is evidenced  lately.    Mr. L.    ArH_.Str01_.Qf Block
1 thousand miles farther south. M. Parker, of Spokane, lins secured '
options on several claims on Terry
Creek and lests will be made soon.
These nre hydraulic pro posi I ions.
A change of services is announced
by the rector of St. Michael's Anglican Church. Commencing tomorrow, (here w iil be a church service every Sunday evening at 7-.0
p.m. Thr regular morning service
■ will also I.,, continued.
The llril Cross sale of li cook-
cry, being held leiilay in Ihe Fori
(ieorge Drug Company's store, merits your patronage. .Many templing dainties are nn display, and tin
Barrister, and
Prince < ieorge.
American   Lady Corsets
10.00 value    .    $6.50
A Lm Grace Corsets, reg.
price -LOO .    .    $2.60
Red Cross  Waists, great
values    ...    $1.40
Dress Shields leg.  .He, 30c
Brasslerc.-i, 1.7-1 value. 75c
Hose Supporters, 50 cents
value     ....   30c
Sanitary  Belts, 40 cents
value     ,    ,    .    .  25c
Ladies'   Vests,   DO  cents
value    .... 50c
Ladies' ('onibination Underwear $4 value. $2.35
Ladies'   Silk   Lisle   I lose,
high value .    .    .   40c
Ladies' Silk   Hose,   high
value     ....   60c
This Sacrificial Sale
Prices   greatly
duced mi Laces,
broidery, Frill
i ng,
etc.    All Press
All Hair goo<
at Half Price
Infants' Cashmere Hum.,
50 cents value .    .  30c
Children's   Bootees,   |()(.
value    .... 25c
Silk    Petticoats,   regular
price. I.no .    .    $2.4(1
Silk    Tango    Petticoats,
great value    .    $6,00
Cashmere   Waists,   four
dollar value    .   $2.35
Satin Waists, three dollar
value     .    .    .    $l.(io
Linen Waisis. 2.50 value
f»i'    ....   $1.30
Ladies' All-Wool Gloves,
40c value    .    .    .  30c
Ladies'   I g Blaeh Silk
< Hoves, high value, 95c
Ladies'   Kid (Iloves, extra value    .    .   $1.45
We have many other
Bargains not listed
.'nod vain
■ .
25 per c
iff all
, tilings, eti
(lur prie
• right
on Xmas
Walt Until Monday, November 22nd.
W. C. ('. Mehnn, General Superintendent eef the Ci. T. P. [Hissed
th rough the cily Thursday. Mr.
Mehan has been on n trip nf inspection of tin' western lines.
#   *   tt   tt   tt
Miss jjynt 11.-1111 I,-i'i Ibis week fnr
Nova Scotia, where she h ill resid«
with her Iher.
A. II. Mahan. genernl locomotive
proceeds of the sale are for a must      ■''
worthy cause, foreman of tl.p (i.T  |>. Ief( for his
neiulcpiat'tors   m   . il    yesterday
.Many of lhe men who left to help
hiirvcsl the big wheal crop have returned,    .rich train  brings nnc or
IIIOI'C h.'ii'l; |n thr (.jty,
*   *   *   »
And now comes Ihe I'rince (icorgi
Club! Gel I ing mure ttp-lo-dnti
every minute.
The ollice of tlie poliee magislwli
An   interest ing event   this  week . has bee ved lo the City .1 Inli.
wns the social held in the Fort
(leorge Presbyterian Church by the
Women's Association.
•   »   •   •
Mrs.   I.   Direclor   won   ll
range at blood's la-i Saturday
ie    I.ir
The Time to B
J 'PHE price of choice farm-lands is lower
| today than will be the case when finan-
j cial and world conditions once more be
come normal.   The careful buyer of good
I property during this depression will realize
i a big profit.   The man in search of a
J home, where success is assured, will find
his opportunity here and now.
We own exclusively some of the best,
pieces of agricultural land in the Prince
George district and are offering some exceptional bargains.
Write for our free illustrated booklet
or call at our George Street office for full
R. R. Walker, General Agenl.       GEORGE STREET, PRINCE GEORGE, B. C.
Best Quality Kiln-Dried
Fir and Spruce Lumber.
Sash and Doors, Lath,
Shingles, Lime, Cement,
Bogue & Browne Lumber Co.
Glass and Builders' Supplies.
• leorge Street.
Nightingale & Bustin,
The Quality Barber Shop.
WIII'IT   llll !'       We   Ca'Ty   Ule   fine8t   '''"'   "'
j Popular Prices and* FirBt-ciass Service.l h'^-grade ci. are, cigarettes and
tobaccos in the city.
Made to Your Individual Measure
See Our Samples
Wholesale and Retail
Cigar.", Cigiu'elles, Tohaceos, al Wholesale and Retail.
Stationery, Magazines, N'ewspupers, Confections, and
Toilcl Articles.
Fort George Drug Co., Ltd.
Laselle Avenue, South Fort George.    ::   George Street, Prince George.
Telephone 7.
Shamrock Brand.
Get "More Money" for your Furs
Beaver, Foxes, Muskrut, Wolves, Marten, Fisher,
White Weasel and other Fur bearcra collected In your section
8U1I* VOOII I'lilts DM .CT l.,"Sllt)IIKIIT"llie l»r«f»J
hoira In Ilic World dealing excluslvely In NORTH AM1NII AN RAW fill*'
a n li.'ileli.—ri'_"eeisiiei(.—Ma,e I-nr Ileitise!with an (Inblemtoliedri I"
ul ee: n exi.-i e,. tier njeer. Ulan nt'itreleet Hce'emir. ft Ions «' .
i.s .eelrecordn(seiidlnfr|.'urHhlpperaproinni,8ATlSI'AC10Ni|
AND I'KOl'lTABMSreturns, Wr.ie. for due*(lltflttt*&W**>,
tlie; only re--lluhle, accurate market i. pieri anel price list pulillHlied.
Writ. Inr ll   Jill . ■ ||', MIKK
A B SHURFRT In/- 29.27westaustinave.
/_. d. jnsjdci_ 1, inc. D,plc9; Chicago.u.s. a.


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