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TT Ul t*K     TT   ■■»»*.    j
91.au a Year.
VOL. 6, NO. 9.
Price Five Cents
The Voters' List.
Mr. J. T. Robinson conservative nominee of this district for j
the next federal election, has!
heen a visitor during the week. I
Mr. Robinson accompanied by
Mr. Cameron, manager of the
Inland Express Co., came up the
Cariboo road all the way from
Ashcroft by automobile, arriving
in Prince (leorge last Monday
evening. Mr. Robinson is paying a visit to the different parts
of his constituency in the north
of the riding. After spending
Tuesday in the city he left for
Vanderhoof, returning from that
point on yesterday's train. Mr.
Robinson was very much taken
up with the appearance of the
country round about Vanderhoof.
There is a lot of fine land there
and he expects to see that section of the valley develop into an
important farming centre.
Last Monday was the last day
| when voters could apply for J
J registration, excepting in cases:
where the voters are properly i
holders, These will have until,
tho end of this month to register.J
A very large voters' list is proor
of the interest taken, and it is I
expected that nearly a thousand |
votes will be cast at the next;
civic election.
If you have any doubt regarding the future of Canada after'
the war, lookup this week's Saturday Evening Post and read
"The Passing of Narrow Gauge"
by A. C. Laut.
So great is the confidence of \
the Ford Automohile Company in j
the future of Canada, they have j
agreed to loan one million dollars!
if the Dominion government;
floats an issue of bonds.
A meeting of the conservative j ——
association was held last night | Mr. Lloyd George asks anyone;
in the new quarters secured for t to name "a single country in the j
the use of the association in the | world for the freedom of which j
Armstrong Block. This meeting modern Prussia has eversacri-!
was for the purpose of attending i ficed a single life?" Theques-|
to the appointment  of  several '• tion remains,  and will remain, |
PARIS.—The war party has triumphed in Greece
and former premier Venizelos has the support of the
country. This may mean Greece's participation in the
war in the near future. The Seamis ministry will step
down and out. Additional French troops are being
landed at Salonika.
ROME.—An official statement says that Austrian
attacks have been repulsed along their line of advance.
LONDON.—Good news comes from the Russian
front. Their aggressive movement has in many places
been successful, from the < iulf of Riga to Rumania
the Russian armies are hammering away at the Teutonic lines and in many places they have met with
great successes during the past few days, taking thousands of prisoners. French and British submarines
are said to be active in the Sea of Mamora.
PETROGRAD. - The communication received
from the war office follows : "North of Lake Kanger
the (.ermans made a fruitless effort to advance In
the region west of Komarow, by a bayonet attack, we
ejected the enemy from trenches which for a long
time have been disputed by both sides.
Skating Rink Nearly Finished.
Prince George will have a fine
skating rink this season. The
owners are going ahead with the
work and will have everything
in readiness for the opening of
the skating season. 80 sixty-
watt lights are being strung, and
these will give ample light for
hockey playing. A grandstand
capable of seating 200 people is
being built.
The name of the Fort (leorge
Board of Trade was changed to
the   Prince   George   Board  of
Trade at a meeting held in the
City Hall, last Tuesday evening.
Considerable opposition to  this
change was in evidence on the
part of the old members of the
organization,  who claimed that
changing the name was an unfair  proceeding.   However the
i motion to change the name was
- Canadian troops j carried by a vote of 23 to 7.   A
arrived  safely  in! large attendance of  interested
War News of the Week.
Paper Currency.
officers to fill  vacancies on the unanswered.
board, and also to provide an op-	
portunity for the conservatives
of this disti'ict to meet Mr, Robinson.
The president, vice-president and
Mr. Robin-
The danger to the credit of the
| belligerent nations f rom a pro-
j tracted war would arise probably
will undoubtedly represent after | not jrom ^ isgues but from
the next federal election. j issueg of paper money    If any
After spending several days in; government paper became really
secretary of the asspciation being Pnnce George and several days i worthle8s it would ^ that i88Ued
away, thus leaving the associa- i in the Vanderhoof district and
tion in an unorganized condition,
it was considered best to appoint
officers to fill the vacancies, temporarily at least.
Dr. Alward was elected president, J. T. Armstrong vice-president, and C. Daniell secretary.j which will assure the farmers a
A. W. Wright and M. C. Wiggins! steady income and will greatly into national possessions. 90 it
were appointed to fill vacancies benefit the city as well. ;„„„„„   .„..„ u„„„»„j miMu„
,, .. ._,        .       ,     ...  ,  .,,.      i issued  four hundred million
on the executive. The matter of public buildings.
After  disposing  of   business was touched upon, and the local-francs of ^Per currency as a
affairs connected with the associ- conservative association advised; first l'en on those national lands,
' around Fort Fraser,
states  that he
as circulating notes.   At least
that has been the usual course.
son   states  tnat ne was most    There is the exampie 0f France.
agreeably surprised to  find  so ,   '■■'   ., ^    ' ,   _,
much  excellent  farming   iand J" 1789 the government was hard
'■■ He strongly advises the starting juP-    II had  lately  confiscated
of a creamery in this district, | lands owned by the church and
Duration of War.
which   have
England  aboard the troopships !members gave evidence of the
i Saxonia and Lapland include interest that is being taken in
I drafts   for   Lord   Strathcona's; this organization, and judging by
| Horse; 44th Battalion (Manitoba) :the spirit of the meeting good
36 officers and 1,115 men; draft | results can be expected from the
for Mounted Rifles, 1 officer and' board in the future.   The new
50 men; detail, 4 officers and 1001 industrial committee was appoin-
men. ted as follows : G. McLaughlin,
N. H. Wesley and F. P. Burden.
This committee is probably the
most important committee appointed. Their work will consist of encouraging the development of the city as a commercial
centre and much good will undoubtedly result from their
Excluding the Balkans, men of
military age in the European
countries now at war numbered
round seventy-five millions. General Green, a retired army officer
whose guess is as good as anybody's, calculates from the best
available information that up to
October about two millions had
been killed, something over three
and a half millions wounded, and
rather over two and a quarter
millions taken prisoners or missing from other causes. That
would make a total of nearly
BUCHAREST. - A Russian
transport fleet was sighted off
Baleik on Sunday, it was learned
yesterday. Destroyers and battleships escorted the flotilla. Approaching the Bulgarian port of
Yarfia, the transports dropped
behind, and the warships Began
a bombardment of the port.
ation's work, Mr. J. T. Robinson to make every effort to agree
addressed the meeting. upon a site for a public building
Mr. Robinson has been a citi- to be used for post-office, cus-
zen of the Yale-Cariboo district! toms office and- other purpose*
for a great many years, and un-j connected with public affairs,
der the redistribution bill which l Prince George is in line for such
gives the Cariboo district a mem-j a building, and Mr. Robinson as-
ber of its own, he is the first sured his hearers that he would
nominee for the new riding. Mr.! do all in his power to further the
Robinson was suffering from a | interests of the citizens of Printfe
heavy cold, but despite this fact]George in this regard,
he delivered a most pleasing and After spending an hour in dis-
entertaining speech upon the is- j cussing issues of importance and
sues of the day, the needs of this j in social conversation the meet-
new district and its potential, ing adjourned,
wealth.   Mr. Robinson is a good'    Mr. Robinson left for Quesnel
by the crown, converting them eteht millions.
No doubt a good many of the
wounded have recovered and returned to the front. We may
say roughly that the nations have
used up about one-tenth of their
total theoretical fighting strength
without arriving any nearer to a
decision, so far as one can now
see, than they were a year ago.
That they can fight two years
more, if so minded, seems very
probable. The will to fight may
become exhausted before either
the men or the money.
to be redeemed out of the sale of
the lands or used by holders in
purchasing public land.   As the
estimated value of the lands far
exceeded   the  amount  of the
notes, that seemed safe enough ;
but during the next year the
government needed more money
and issued an additional eight
hundred million francs of assign-
ats, solemnly pledging itself to
| issue no more.   The temptation
| to get more money by simply
i starting up a printing press was
i too great, however.
j   The government decreed heavy
penalties—even the penalty of
speaker   and   has   a  thorough this  morning  by  boat.    From
knowledge of the subject the there he will go to Barkerville | ^^' Qn & seeQnd conviction_.for
political and financial situation and expects to reach Kamloops refusin(; ^ exchange gold for
existing in the constituency he!in about a week.
assignats, or charging a greater
price for goods when payment
was to be made in assignats than
when it was to be made in gold.
But, as it kept on issuing assignats, the penalties were futile.
When the amount reached twenty-four billion francs assignats
were worth one-thirtieth < f their
face value. When it got to forty-
five billions they were virtually
worthless. Some of them were
finally, redeemed at about one-
seventieth of their face value.
Yet the French nation was as
rich in material possessions as
ever and French bonds have
been good ever since.
MADRID.-In spite of official
denials of the possible steps in
the direction of peace the rumor
j persists in certain quarters in
Madrid that overtures already
have been made by the Austrian
and German governments with
j the view of opening peace nego-
' tiations,
In these quarters the idea is
presented that, given the possibility of the failure of such negotiations, the Spanish government
and certain officials in Madrid
have mutually agreed to deny
that there is any foundation for
the rumors of peace negotiations,
Show Every Night.
Contrary to reports circulated
recently, there is a show at the
Dreamland every night. Several
persons have stated that shows
are not given regularly. This is
either a mis-statement or a mistake, and the patrons of the
theatre can rest assured that a
full show will Be given every
City Council Meets.
There will be a meeting of the
city council at the City Hall next
Monday night at 8 o'clock. Owing to the absence of different
members of the board, it has
been impossible to hold a meeting for some time. Mayor Gillett will return from Vanderhoof
to-morrow morning. Aid. Eagel
is back from his visit, and Aid.
E. H. Livingstone, the nimrodof
the city fathers, has returned
from stalking the lordly moose.
Considerable business has accumulated, all of which will receive
attention.     _.
Alexandra Hotel
Nearing Completion.
The new Alexandra Hotel
claims the distinction, of being
the first building of any importance to be finished with material other than lumber. This fine
new hotel is being finished with
red brick and will present an attractive appearance. The grand
opening will take place before
The Belgian government at
Havre is said to have information that more than 5,000 civilians have been shot by the (lerman authorities since they have
been occupying Belgian territory.
The most disturbed parts of barbarous Mexico would be a better
place to live than Belgium has
been under the highly organized
rule of the usurping military
Improving George Street.
Great improvement is noticeable this week on (ieorge Street.
Sir Frederick Edward  Smith: A layer of gravel has been spread
has  been   appointed   attorney- j the length of the street, and the
general in the British coalition old unsightly holes filled up.   A
A woman in love is more or less
foolish* while a man is invariably
little work with the grader would
put George Street in fine condition, ready for the winter. When
spring opens again the street
will not be a mud puddle.
Dance is Success.
The Hard Times' Ball given in
the Ritts-Kifer Hall last Monday
[evening was a most successful
! affair.   '1 he bazaar .n the after-
hoon was a most successful part
The new winter schedule of
the G. T. P. gives only two boats
a week from Prince- Rupert to
Seattle, and from Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver to Prince
Rupert. These boats will leave
Prince Rupert at 9 a.m. Tuesdays
and Saturdays. The boats will
arrive from the south at 9 a.m.
Mondays and Thursdays.,
With an increase in the gross
earnings of Canada's three traps-
1 of the day's festivities, and the; continental railroads, things are
entertainment provided was much "ot }°°Mn« so M{* in railrbad
, .        ,               ,       , circles at least,
enjoyed by a large number of j 	
patrons.    Considering   " hard j
,,..,.. .   .      „      Serbia was the excuse for war
times" the ladies are to be con
This photograph gives a close view ol the modern
trench, showing .the holes dug in the side in which the
soldiers sleep and go to when their trenches arc shelled.
.and will be one big reason for its
gratulated upon the success of |finigh Her magnificent defence
the affair. A nice sum was i has won her the admiration of
realized. ,' the world.
During his recent visit to France, King George was
injured by his horse rearing and falling with him. By
great good fortune His Majesty's injuries were not serious. V
f 1.50 Per Ye-nr, in Advance.
To the. Uteileel Steele* $_(KI.
Al! COmtnUnlcationa eelieelilrl lee nelellvKseel to
The Horald, Prince Goorge. B. C.
Norman h. Wesley,
R. R. Walker,
Munflffing ICdlto
St. Stephen's, South Fort George.
Sunday, 8 a. m.. Holy Communion
(second and fourth Sundays); 2-HO p. m.,
Sunday school; 7-30 p.m., evening
prayer and sermon.
Wednesday, 7-H0 p.m., evening prayer with intercessions for those engaged
in the war.
Tin's seems to be the age of reform, and, like every good thing,
as the situation appears to us
there is a tendency to over-do the' only some conspicuous success, or
thing,   The   liquor   traflic   has'rather, a series of conspicuous
successes, can save the Teutonic
empire from early disaster. That
they are feeling exhaustion can
no longer be concealed. It is
evident in the matter of men and
munitions and ii/so in the things
great and unjustifiable harm to needed for the non-combatant
many, The greatest oppressive .population,
influence the world has ever, that the efficiency of the British
knov n i In !iii.';thrown off, name-(fleet has been exhibited,
ly, militarism. The storm has; Mr. Belloc may be somewhat
been  brewing for decades, and optimistic in fixing the beginning
Teutonic collapse within
in. v j_u|juae. uennany inviieu
j the wrath of mankind and she
will cry in vain for peace until
she humbles herself in the dust
before those whom she has outraged.
Nevertheless, we are not indisposed to think that peace may j St. George's, Central Fort George.
be nearer than is generally Slip-! Sunday, 8 a.m., Holy communion
i is • s\ a , t mu (third Sunday); 11 a, m., morning
posed. It is the duty of all thejirayer, litsny and sermon; ,30 p.m.,
friends of human liberty to relax  Sunday   school;   7-80   p.m.,   evening
a-   s   i   s   s     i .      ,u  :    prayer and sermon.
no effort, but to keep up their ' ,,.,      ..... „,. „ „„,,„„
' . .. i Friday,  7-30 p.m.,   evening  prayer
work of preparation as if the war  with intercessions for those engaged in
may be inde fitely prolonged, but; the wa^ GBORGE_Tempor8ry church
on Seventh Avenue,    Sunday, 8 a.m.,
Holy Communion (First Sunday); 11 a.
been reduced by half, and in
some places by more than that.
Yet reformers, taking advantage
of a situation hitherto unknown,
are pressing for matters of reform that must inevitably work
m. Morning Prayer. Litany and Sermon;
2.30 p.m., Sunday School.
Holy Communion at all these churches
on holy days and week days, according
to notice. *
First Methodist Church, Prince
GEORGE, near Princess Theatre, Third
Cartage Co.
Parcel Checking
and Storage.
RUSH BROS., Proprietors.
Phone 51.
Prince < ieorge,
Opposite Station.
Home Builder
Avenue  west.    Rev.   II.
B.A., pastor.   Services at 11 a.m.
It is in   this respect j 7-30 p.m.;   Sunday school, 12 p.m.
anil I
Corner Hamilton & Third
South FortGeorge, B.C.
Rates  $2.50 and $3
Monthly and weekly ratei on application
Be'eet e,f willl'H,
LiciuorB umi clears
Albert Johnson, prop.
the resull will be the cleansing
of civilization of one of its darkest blots. Meanwhile, what of
the reforms that are being thrust
upon those not engaged in actual
conflict ? Of great interest to
those engaged in relief work for
the soldiers at the front, is the
question of sending cigarettes
to the trenches. The leaders of
the W. C. T. U. claim that all
funds used for this purpose are
misappropriated. This seems a
case of going too far with a good
thing. Possibly most people will
admit that the use of tobacco is
an injurious habit that could with
benefit be sloughed off, but is it
not asking too much of the men
who are doing the nation's fighting to undergo the additional
physical strain of foregoing the
use of tobacco ? Heaven knows
we stand in need of reform, but
social evolution is a slow proceeding, and it-were well to proceed
with caution.
of the
three months, but unless something unexpected occurs it cannot be much further postponed.
The Aftermath.
Take an American with an income of twenty thousand dollars
a year, derived from investments
and an Englishman with an income of twenty-five hundred
dollars a year, similarly derived.
The Englishman, under the new
budget, pays twice as much income tax as the American, If his
income of twenty-five hundred
dollars is earned—that is, if it is
a salary or remuneration for
professional services, or trade
profits, or the like—he pays two
hundred and ten dollars a year,
or about what an American with
an income of twenty-five thousand dollars a year would pay.
If his income is fifty thousand
dollars a year he pays practically
one quarter of it to the govern-
I ment.   If it is five hundred thou-
The question of the name 0f | sa!ld dollars he pays more than a
the board of trade which has as thircl of it-
object the furthering of all busi-: Tfwso illustrations show how
ness connected with the welfare H^ht direct Federal taxation is in
of this district has been definite- |this county. It really touches
ly settled. At a full meeting of!onlv the rich with sufficient force
the members of the board held in ;to make a dent- The Russian who
the City Hall last Tuesday even- |earns tw0 hundred and fifty doling, it was decided to change the,lars a -vea1' now contributes five
name of the board from the Fort!to his Little father.
George Board of Trade to the! And- at that, war taxation is
Prince George Board of Trade. jonly beginning, (iermany must
Considerable opposition was in soon £et down to business in that
evidence on the part of some of line; and the Italian-already in
not a few instances literally taxed
out of house and home—will probably be the subject of some fur-
the old members. However, the
concensus of opinion was that
the change should be made. The
vote stood 23 for and 7 against! ther .fiscal ingenuities,
the change. The different committees will look after all work
which falls under their jurisdiction, ancl it is hoped that the
board will be successful in its
efforts to get every good thing
for the city and district as a
First Church, FohtGrorge.-Rev.
C. M. Wright, R.A., minister. Services
at 11 a.m. and 7-3U p.m.; Sabbath
school at 12-15 p.m.
Knox Church, South Fort George.
Rev. A. (_ Justice, b.a., minister.
Service every Sunday morning in the
church at 11 a.m.; Sabbath school at
2 p.m.
Saint Andrew's Church. Prince
GEORGE.-Rev. A. C. Justice, b.a.,
minister. Service is held in the Rex
Theatre, George Street, every Sunday
evening at 7-30 p.hi.; Sabbath school
in the Hex Theatre, at 2-30 p. m.
Third Avenue, near George Street.
A Gospel Meeting will be conducted
on Sunday, at 8-15 p.m. There is no
collection.   All are welcome.
Nechaco Feed
and Sale Stables
2 doors North of Post Office,
Vanderhoof, B. C.
Mail Stage to Fort St. James,
every Tuesday, 7 a.m.
Saddle and Pack Horses
for hire.
D. H. HOY, Prop.
PE will sell
you a fine
residential lot
which is within
two blocks of
George Street,
for $325, providing you a-
gree to build a
house costing
$1,000 thereon
within a year.
The Millar Addition of Prince
Oeorge promises to become
the best residential section of this city.
Shot and Shells
Shotguns and Rifles
Ammunition and Traps.
Kennedy, Blair ___ Company, Limited.
Sheet Metal.   Furnaces a Specialty.
Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water
Phone 12, Prince George. General Repairing.
Express Carried on Steamer 11. X.
Wm. Somerton, Agent
South Fort George.
Pastime Pool Rool.
Full Line of Cigars, Cigarettes ancl Tobaccos.
Barber Shop in Connection.
Corner 4th Avenue
and George St,
N. H. Wesley
Phone 103      George St.
There's no better excess in the
world   than    the  excess   of
Mr. Uilaire Belloc, the well
known writer on military subjects, anticipates the early col-'
lapse of the Austro-German alliance. He looks upon the Serbian campaign as undertaken
Some men take to drink naturally. Others are quite willing to
be taken,
Being chained to a desk during
the hunting season may have its
disadvantages, but while you are
so chained no roving armed idiot
or political purposes and \ is going to take you for a deer,
without expectation of success.
He states that the Teutons would
never have dared undertake the 	
invasion if the Bulgarians had'    mu l. .,
. ,   ,,   .       f . ,,  i   The man who cannot go to the
not come to their assistencc,   He ..„„,. u-      ie _ .    l    _.   ,
... ...      ' ;    ,     front himself, but who backs up
says it is improbabe that thehu__,_   ;   .u   .       it
m   ,   ■ . , ;the men in the trenches by,mon-
leutonic empires can keep   upL„ „„ . _, _ . i     .
.,   ■    „.   ..     . ..   \     F eyortime or whatever else he
their effective two months one- u__ . .,  . ,    •    iL
i       .       .,       ,,   .,    ;     8 ; has to give that counts in the
er, and  mathematically impossible that they can do  so for
three months.
A report has reached London
in a very roundabout way that1
Prince von Buelow-is to inform FRANK COOPER
the   President  of   the   United! '
High-Class Barber
Vanderhoof, B. C.
25 Rooms, Excellent Cuisine,
Finest of Wines, Liquors and
Cigars, American Plan.
Rates - $2.50 per day.
strugg.e, is doing "his bit" to
the measure of his ability. More
can be asked of no one.
States and the King of Spain as
to the terms upon whieh Germany is prepared to discuss
peace. The Prince may save
himself the trouble. Germany
is not in a position to discuss
terms of peace. She must withdraw her troops within her own
Razor-Honing a Specialty
Ruggies' Block,
(Jeorge Street.
Prince George
Livery Co.
Up-to-date Equipment
Corbett & Fahrencroft,
Prince George.
Phone 58.      P. O. Box 195.
& CO.,
Dominion and B. C. Land Surveyors,
Surveys of Landa, Mines, Townsites,
Timber Limits, etc.
F. M. Ruggies & Co.,
The Pioneer Real Estate Agents.
Real Estate - Insurance - Loans - Mining
Phone 21.        GEORGE  STREET.        Phone 21.
Fori Georite, If. C.
Uuiiiieeeiiiel Street
P, P. Burden, Mitr.
Ke-lHon. R. C.
We, Will. Stiwl
A. . , Green, MKr.
Victoria. B. ('.
Ill, Pemberton 111.1k.
F. C. Green, Mjrr.
New lleizi.li.eei, B. C.
B. C Affleck, Mier.
Prince George Hotel,
E.  E.  Phair
Modern and up-to-date in every respect.
Entire building Steam Heated.   Hot and
Cold Water jn Rooms. Public and Private
Dr. R. W. Alward,
D E N T. I S T,
Ruggies' Bldg., George St.
Contractors & Builders
Got Our Estlmiileie Free of Clint .e
::        Jnli Work Nei .ly nnil Promptly Executed
Phoni  20 I
The Rexall Drug Store,
Wholesale and Retail.
George Street.
Fort George & Alberta Telephone & Electric
Company, Limited.
General Telephone and Telegraph Business; , Business
Phones, on private lines, $/i a month ; $,. a month, party lines.
Residence Phones, 8. a month, private lines; $2 a month, parly
lines. Shortest and quickest line to Vancouver and shortest
cable line to Europe.
Phone 47 Prince George for messenger or other information.
CHARLES   A.   GASKILL,  manager.
L* f K>"
A bad wreck occurred on the
main line of the G. 1. P. 4_ miles
east of Prince Rupert last week,
when a special fish train ran into
the way freight. Engineer
Hersdick and Train Agent W. D.
Tippen were killed. The collision
was a rear-end one, both trains
being eastbound.
trom their Scabbards.
During the month of August,
1.793,500 pounds of halibut were
landed in Prince Rupert. This
is within 300,000 pounds of the
amount landed in Seattle. Some
Lieutenant-governor Frank S.
Barnard was the special representative of the Dominion at the
Panama - Pacific Exposition on
October 28th, "Canada Day."
Sir Robert Borden was the guest
of honor. The formal exercises
were held at the Canada building,
without question the finest foreign building at the big fair.
Vancouver is making an effort
to have her Y. M. C. A. building
completed by offering the use of
the building to the government
for a convalescent home for returning soldiers^ provided the
government will complete the
Captain Browne, of the B. X.
has completed work for the season and will spend the winter in
the coast cities.
The execution of Miss Cavell,
the'English nurse, is the crowning tragedy of the Herman campaign of frightfulness, and has
sent a thrill of horror throughout
the civilized world. The Allies
are fighting a cowardly horde of
unspeakable barbarians, whose
rancorous hate is wreaked upon
defenceless women and innocent
children. Miss Cavell's crime
was apparently a devotion to duty
as she saw it. She was a ministering angel to thousands of
wounded Belgians, and refused
to leave the territory ravaged by
the invading Huns as long as
there was a wounded soldier left
(Who needed care. Like the much
advertised Zeppelin raids, the
murder of this brave and devoted
woman, whose office of mercy
should have spared her from even
the inhuman Hun, will fail to
produce the result desired by its
perpetrators. Instead of breaking the spirit of the British, people, thousands of swords will
leap from their scabbards to
avenge her death.
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
Nightingale & Bustin,
The Quality Barber Shop.
We carry the finest line of
high-grade cigars, cigarettes and
tobaccos in the city.
Quesnel is  working  hard  to
have the P. G. E. run through '•
that town.   Dame Nature seems
■ Mr. B. B. Kelliher, former
chief engineer of the Grand
Trunk Pacific, is spending his
honeymoon in Seattle.
Questionable Charity.
Sir Joseph Lyons told a very
good story at the opening of a
soup kitchen   for  Jewish   poor
children recently.   Getting into
her carriage one day a lady remarked to her footman, ''Jack-1
son, it's a very cold day. Remind
me when 1 get home to  send ;
some blankets to the poor peo- '■
pie."   At the end of the drive,
she entered her pleasantly warm- j
ed home again and made herself
comfortable with a cup of tea before the,, fire.   Jackson, as  requested, reminded her about the
blankets,    "Ah,  yes,  I remem-I
ber,"  she  remarked.    "But  I
don't think I need send them.
It's so nice and warm now."
In order to facilitate the handling of mail at the front and to
insure prompt delivery it is requested that all mail be addressed
as follows :—■
(a) Regimental Number.
(b) Rank.
(c) Name.
(d) Squadron, battery or com
(e) Rattalion,   regiment,   (or
other unit) staff appointment or department.
(f) Canadian Contingent
(g) British expeditionary force
(h) Army Post Office, London,
Unnecessary mention of higher
formations,   such  as  brigades,
divisions,  is strictly  forbidden,
and causes delay,
The highest compliment that
could be paid to us comes from
our neighbors and friendly rivals
in grain growing, the United
States, where they are buying
our wheat and paying the duty
on it to sell it abroad as their
own. Canada's wheat will be
sold first in the markets of the
world, and after that others can
have "a look in."
Breaking it Gently.
It happened aboard a diner on
an eastern road and the hero of
the sketch was the waiter, a
coal-black, exceedingly polite
person, whose manner alone was
proof sufficient that h_ lived to
make life brighter and fairer for
his patrons.
"Waiter," said a traveler, as
he sat himself down at one of
the little tables, "bring me grapefruit, hot toast, coffee and two
poached eggs."
"Kunnel," stated the waiter,
bending forward confidentially
and speaking under his breath,
"scuse me, suh, but effen I wuz
you I'd tek somethin' else this
mawnin' fur breakfast. I'm
feared I can't reckermend the
"What's wrong with them—
aren't they fresh or what ?" asked the white man.
"Well," said the darky, "they
mout be fresh so fur as I knows;
But to tell you the truth, suh,
we ain't got no aigs to-day."
FUNNY VICKY FORDS, .htht-torfor,
aaOueen of the Harem, in ,
V«_ Lillll MUM iNTOMWM'
A Big Universal ftrtur*
_.i*m.imm<tfmu• m•»<i»*f'    ' "|l''''**   '"
Real Estate.
Specialist in Prince
George Lots, Farm
Lands and Acreage.
(leorge Street.
Popular Prices and First-Class Service.
Barrister and
George Street,
Prince George.
Barrister and
Armstrong Block,
Prince George.
Walter F. Gregg,
British Columbia Land
Post Building,
Prince George.
Only High Class
Pictures Shown.
Photo-Play Piano.
(Seven Instruments in one)
Shows Every Evening.
The Northern Lumber and
Mercantile Co., Limited.
Manufacturers of High
Grade  Kir and  Spruce
Dealers in General Hardware and Builders' Supplies.
Prince Gtorge and South Fort George,
Coal mining rights of the Dominion,
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al-
Ibcrta, the Yukon Territory, the
j North-West Territories and in a por-1
tion of the Province of British Co- [
lumbia, may be leased for a term of
twenty-one years at an annual rental;
of $1 an acre. Not more than 2,500
j acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurveyed territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out by the applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate of
five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine
shall furnish thc Agent with sworn
returns accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and
pay the royalty thereon. If the coal
mining rights are not being operated,
such returns should be furnished at
least once a year.
The lease will include*the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for thc working of
the mine at the rate of $10.00 an acre.
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement wilt not be paid
Ogilvie's Royal Household
Canada's Best Flour
Kennedy, Blair & Co., Limited,
Johnson & Finlaison
Pioneer Coal and Wood Dealers
Mined in the West.    Beware of Inferior Grades.
Our Motto is "Full Measure."
Phone 90 Yard: Queen Street
QOOD merchandise
behind careful
advertising will always bring satisfaction. The Herald
is the best advertising medium in this
'district. An advertisement in our columns will bring your
goods to the notice
of ready buyers—
with profit to us all.
Phone 25.
Mason & Henderson,
Building and General
Plans and Estimates
Prince George, B. C.
G.  T»  P_ J\_
Edmonton - Prince George
Prince Rupert
NO. 1 Leave Edmonton Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays 10.35 p.m.
WESTBOUND Arrive Prince George Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays 8.00 p.m.
Leave Prince George Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays 8.15 p.m.
Arrive Prince Kupert, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays ti. 15 p.m
NO. 2 Leave Prince Rupert Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays 10.30 a.m
EASTBOUND Arrive Prince George Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays . 8.30 a.m.
Leave Prince George Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays . 8.45 a.m.
Arrive Edmonton Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturday^ 8.00 a.m.
Travel via the
Our Agents will be pleased to furnish any
information desired.
Disttict Paasengc
Awn i,
Winnipeg Man,
Panama News Stand.
The Panama News Stand can ieB
your home paper. A full line of
fiction ia always on hand, as well a.-.
all current, periodicals. Rest quality stationery, cigars, cigarettes and
snuffa. We are up-to-date in everything.
George Street • Prince George.
Just Stop and Think
of the risk and inconvenience of burning coal oil.
Why not be up-to-date? Have your house wired,
it costs but a trifle more. Rates on application at
our office - Rooms 7 & 8, Post Building, George
Street, and at the plant, South Fort George. We
have a stock of lamps, shades, fixtures, irons, and
handle all utility devices. *
Northern Telephone & Power Co., Ltd.
Electric Light Service and Power Furnished.
House Wiring and Electrical Fixtures of all kinds.
Phono li)- Four Rings, South Fort Georgo,
• l'hone 10, I'rince George. _ nicotine ni the executive of the
at, JHii.e,   unu  vvno met a mar-
,, ,,   , , .,,„., tyr's    death    at    the    hands
Pnnce^ George  Hockey  Club  was     George Wyatte of McBnde was _    f   the   atrocious    Teutonic
hek at ihe Alexandra Hotel, .Aed-vuitor in fo . n th,S week. fa    fc        R   .    notknown   in
nesrtay evening, for the purpose ot . _
attending to matters pertaining to CHANGE NAME
the equipment  to  be purchased for \' u LflA'vot 'VM/WC
tl,.' club, and to discuss'ways and OF MOUNT ROBSON.
whoso honor the celebrated peak
was named, but it is thought
that the honor was given to some
obscure pioneer trader named
Robson.   In that case it would
means for the raising of the  neces- 	
Bary funds    A subscription list has     Sir Richard McBnde is putting ^^'^ *ver;"^tin7t0'change
been started by the secretary of the forth every  effort (()  ha,-e the the name to  Mount Cavell, and
club, ami it is hoped  that   the citi-
name of Mount Robson changed!thus honor forever the memory
zens will respond as generously as,
possible. Hockey provides consider- to Mount Cave"- inhonorof the) ofa brave woman.
able amusemenl   here during  thej ~ ..	
winter, and in order to huve a sue-11
cossful season  sufficient  funds are'
necessary,   In nil'probability a benefit dance  will   be given, details of)
which will be furnished Inter.
The following new members were
admitted to the Prince (ieorge Board
of Trade al the meeting held in the
City Hall last Tuesday evening : .1.
T. Armstrong, li. II. Gregory, J.
II. Boehner, l'. A. I'yne, Alex.
Wimbles and Neil (Iething.
A u ling of the Red Cross Society was held yesterday afternoon in
the .Methodisl Church, Considerable business of importance was disposed of,
IJ. _, Jones, local freight clerk
for the ti. T. P. has been transferred
to Pocohontas. .Mr. Jones will be
the agenl for lhe railway at Pocohontas.
The  funeral  of .Mrs. II. (I. Bar-,
den, mother of Aid. II. 13. Parks,!
took  place  last Wednesday.    Rev. i
11. L. .Morrison  conducted the service;.
The Time to Buy.
THE price of choice farm-lands is lower
today than will be the case when financial and" world conditions once more become normal. The careful buyer of good
property during this depression will realize
a big profit. The man in search of a
home, where success is assured, will find
his opportunity here and now.
We own exclusively some of the best
pieces of agricultural land in the Prince
George district and are offering some exceptional bargains.
Write for our free illustrated booklet
or call at our George Street office for full
R. R. Walker, General Agenl.       GEORGE STREET, PRINCE GEORGE, B. C.
A meeting of the women's association of the Church of England was
held yesterday afternoon at the
I of Mrs. A. W. Wright.
Mr. .1. T. Robinson, conservative
nominee for the next federal election, spent several days this week in
the Vanderhoof district.
New and Up-to-Date.
Special Supply of New Postcards
Some splendid views of Prince George and vicinity
M. NURICK, Proprietor.
Corner THIRD and GEORGE.
"WATER ACT,  1911."
Befoue the Board of Investigation
IN THE MATTER of Austin Creek,
Australian Creek, Baker Creek, Battle   Creek,    Beaver   River,   Beedy
Creek, Buotjuck Lake, Big Lake also i
known  us  four  Mile   Lake,   Black
Bear Creek,   Black  Douglas Gulch, j
Boitcher Creek, Buckskin Creek, Bui-!
gar Bar Creek,   Celcies Gulch, China j
Lake, Coquette Creek,  Cunningham I
Creek,   Deep  Creek,   Duck   Creek,
Eight Mile Creek, First Sisters Creek I
Five  Mile Creek,  Five Mile Lake, j
Four   Mile   Creek,   Friday   Creek, '
French Snowshoe Creek, Goose Creek i
Half  Mile Greek, Half Mile Gulch, !
Harvey Creek, Higdon Creek, Keith-
ley Click, Likely Gulch, Little Lake
Creek, Little Snowshoe Creek, East
branch  uf Little  Snowshoe  Creek,
Mackin I reek, Moffatt Creek, Moore-
head  Creek,   Morgan Creek,   Mountain Creek,  Mud Lake,  Mud Lake
Creek,    Murderer's    Gulch,    Kellies
Creek,  Niagara Creek,    Nine   Mile
North Creek,    .orth  Sisters Creek,
One Mile Creek,   Folley Lake, Pollock's Lake, Poquette Lake, Prouton
Lakes,   Hoses  Gulch,   Roses  Gulch
Lake,    Sellers   Creek,   Seven   Mile
Creek, Six Mile Creek aUo known as
Alacks Creek, Six Mile Lake, Skunk
Creek, Slum Gulch, Snowshoe Creek,
Soda Creek, Spanish Creek,  Spanish
Lake, Stoney   Luke,   Summit  Lake,
Swan Gulch,  Ten  Mile  Lake.  Ten
Mile  Springs,    Three   Mile  Creek,
'twenty  Mile Creek,   Tyhee   Lake,
Warren Creek,   Warren Lake, Whiskey Creek, Woodjam  Creek, Ya-la-
del-as-la Creek,,and  all other lakes,
streams,  springs,  etc, draining into
Fraser River or its tributaries Below
the mouth of Cottonwood Creek and
above the mouth of Williams Lake
Creek, in the Quesnel Water District.
Best Quality Kiln-Dried
Fir and Spruce Lumber.
Sash and Doors, Lath,
Shingles, Lime, Cement,
Bogue & Browne Lumber Co.
Glass and Builders' Supplies.
I    Try our Sunday Dinner
Wholesale and Retail
Telephone 7.
Shamrock Brand.   I S^
TAKENOTICE that each and every
person, partnership, company, or
municipality, who, on the 12tii dnv
of March, 1009, had water rights on any
of the above-mentioned streams, Is
directed to forward on or before the
.'list day of December, 1916, to the'
Comptroller of Water Bights at the
Parliament Buildings, at Victoria, a
statement of claim in writinuus required by section ffl4 of the Water Act,
19U. Printed forms for Bueh state
ment (Form No. 50 for irKgauem or
Form No. Iil for other purposes) can
be obtained from any of the Watei
Recorders in the Province.
The Board of Investigation will tabulate such claims and will receive objections thereto if filed, and will ((ive
due neitice of the time and place sot for
the healing of claims and objections.
|j^   Dated at Victoria, B. C, the lxthil.iv
\\\\\\\\\W\mi October, 1915,
Ia  For the Hoard of Investigation,
^Jr Chairman.
Cigars, Cigarettes, ToIhu.'cos, nt Wholesale nnd Retail.
Stationery, Magazines, Newspapers, Confections, and
Toilet Articles.
Fort George Drug Co., Ltd.
Laselle Avenue, Soulh Fort George. George Street, Prince George.
Get "More Money" for your Furs
Beaver, Foxes, Mnskrat, Wolves, Marten, Fisher,
White Weasel and other Fur beaeeea collected is your aecllos
8HM! y°I'",J'J"l.,.s H"«KCT <o "MHUIIBHT-Ike larie.1
house In llie World dealing eiclutlvely in NORTH AMERICAN RAW FIRS
a rch. >le—rwejeiensililc—sale I'ur House with an unbleinisheilrep.
ii lul n .ti exUtuig leer iimro tiinti a third <ef ii century." a lone/ sue-
<'<w?Mt rei-eer,|e,fsetiilliiK I'ur Shipperspriniint.SATISI'ACTOK V
AMI PRO;lI'Al'.I.H returns. Write f.er "tin »lmtirrt »l>.prr,"
the only reliable, accurate market report an.l price list puhltsheil.
Welle lor ll-NOW-lf. I'll KB
Chicken and Rice
Fried Halibut, Drawn Butter  - - - 25c
Canned Red Salmon, Sliced Lemon - 25c
Lobster Saute on Toast    ■      - - 45c
Shrimp Saute on Toast    •      - - 40c
Sardines on Toast     .... 30c
Beef Pot Pie. Egg Dumpling   - -, 25c
Short Ribs Beef, Brown Potatoes - 25c
Breaded Veal Cutlets Allemande - 25c
Home-cooked Pork and Beans - - 25c
Fried Veal, Kidney and Bacon - - 25c
Moose Steak, rolled in flour     - - 35c
Fried Corn Meal Mush, Maple Syrup 25c
Corn Fritters and Bacon  -    ■ - - 25c
Boiled Beef and Cabbage -      - -' 25C
Calve's Liver and Bacon   -      - - 25C
Special Rib Steak - Spanish    - - 35c
Spanish Omelette, Green Peas - - 30c
Stuffed Spring Chicken    -      - -50c
Young Pork and Apple Sauce   - -25c
Sirloin Beef and Dressing        - - 25c
Rice Custard Pudding.
Pie or Cake, 10c
Day and Night Service.
a.b.shubekt.w^^^^ riiUiUi4iUAUA4AiiUAUiiU-iia._UaUi_aia_A4_..i^


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