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 VOL fi, NO. 15.
Price Five Cents
Conservative Club
Dance and Concert
Pleases Many.
Last Monday  was the date of
It seems strange that some
people take a particular delight
in causing trouble and spreading
slanderous reports, often trying
to belittle the worthy efforts of
the annual meeting of the Central; those who may in any way be
Conservative Association of the opposed to themselves. A local
FortGeorge district, and in hon-; paper spreads the report that the
or of the visiting members of the: residents of the famous Nechaco
different associations throughout' Valley are turning against the
the riding, a dance and concert provincial government and Mr.
was held in the Ritts-Kifer Hall. Bowser. This is a gross mis-
Over one hundred and fifty were statement, and with thinking
present. Excellent music was people goes for little. Still it is
provided by Kerr's orchestra, and rather unfair to adopt such tac-|
dancing and other numbers filled tics. However, dyed-in-the-wool
the time until the wee sma' hours, journalists often have strange
A dainty supper was served by ideas. So what's the use ?
the ladies of the Red Cross Society at midnight. For their worthy cause a sum of $25.00 was
The following is the programme
of the evening's entertainment,
with the exception of the various
Kerr's Orchestra
Mrs. Radeck
\New Premier of British Columbia
Vocal Selection
Step Oance -
Violin Solo - -
Monologue - -
Vocal Selection
- G. Tapping
- R. T. Kerr
John Boehner
Mrs. Radeck
Special Postal Rate
On Parcels Sent to
Troops in France
• The Pacific coast salmon canning industry has passed the half
i century mark, and still appears
I in fair position of stability despite recurrent predictions of ultimate extermination. The biggest salmon "pack on record was
in 1913, when there was an output of 8,063,000- cases. Last
year there was a drop to 6,064,-
000 cases, while two years hence
the recurrent "big runs" will
probably shove the figures up
another notch.
The Hon. T. Chase Casgrain,
Postmaster General of Canada,
has been successful, as a result
of negotiations entered into with
the Imperial Postal Authorities,
The Post Office Department
advises that owing to difficulties
of transportation at the front, J
the maximum weight of single
parcels addressed to the British i
and Canadian Expeditionary
Paris. -Gold to the amount of
i 62,000,000 francs ($12,400,000)
i has been added to the reserves
j of the Bank of France in the last
| week.   The total added since the
issuance of the loan  is 104,000,-
000 francs
Candidate Leaves
For Coast Cities
Yesterday morning Mr. A. G.
Hamilton,   Conservative   candi-
At this rate the gold date for this riding in the next
reserve will   reach  five  billion
francs in another ten days.
Dance at South.
Thursday night,
was the scene of
! South Fort
Burch's Hall
festivities in
George,   when   the
provincial election, left for a two
weeks' trip to Vancouver and
Victoria. Mr. Hamilton is making the trip via the new Canadian
Northern line, leaving the G. T.
P. at Rainbow, where connections are made with the C N. R.
train for the coast.   Mr. Hamil-
residents of that town tripped ton wil1 v>sit Kamloops on his
the light fantastic and otherwise way to Vancouver, and expects
entertained themselves and
friends at one of the most pleasant dances of the season.
in effecting an arrangement with;Forces in France and Flanders
the British Government whereby! has been temporarily reduced to
parcels from Canada for Canadi- seven pounds only.
an soldiers in France and Flan-
tiers will be carried at the same     Nearly all the men who left
rate of postage as applies to parcels from the United Kingdom
Official   announcement   comes1    C. E. Tisdall
from Victoria that Sir Richard of railways and  public  works
McBride, premier of this province' The new minister of finance and
British Columbia points in the skince 19f has' «*i*n«l and will j agriculture will be A. C. Flumer-
Autumn to work in the harvest become Agent-General for British .felt of Victoria.   Lome Camp
to spend Christmas with his family in the latter city,
The conservative cadidate for
this new riding will, when elected, have the honor or seeing
carried to completion many un-
dertakirgs in which he is at
present vitally   interested,   and
i for which he is assiduously working. Among these is the question
of   the   Nechaco   bridge.   Mr.
I Hamilton has with him the estimates for this work, and will
make it a special point to try and
facilitate the early commencement ot the construction of this
much-needed public utility.
While in Victoria an effort will
be made to impress  upon  the
_.  government   the  rising  impor-
It has been a tradition in Eur-■tance nt'this new ridinK and the
lope that Franz Josef would be necessity of appropriating a good-
Ithe last Emperor of Austria, 'v sum of money for the building
| Things are beginning to look that of roa(is and bri(1^es'
jway. Either Austria will be
smashed by her foes, or she will!
be absorbed by her self-styled 	
| friend, Germany.   This is one of     Ottawa.—Subscriptions to the
will he minister I the things Austrians are begin- Canadian Patriotic Fund have a
Dreamland ToNight
Included   in the   bill   at  the
Dreamland this evening is a fine
two-reel Selig drama, "The Lonely Lovers."   A Vitagraph comedy, "Kidding the Boss," is funny, and the regular Hearst-Selig
weekly is an unusually interesting one,   Included in  this film
Iare scenes of actual conflict be-
| tween the Serbians and Austrians
|in the present war.
Patriotic Fund.
fields of the prairie provinces
have returned. Quite a few secured work for the Winter
months. It is stated that the
great majority of the men did
well, the average amount cleared
being $180, but some secured
over 8200 as a result of their
work. '
for the Expeditionary Forces on
the Continent •'that'.is":
For parcels weighing up to
three'pounds    -   24 cents
For parcels weighing  over
three pounds andlnot more
than seven pounds, 32 cents
For parcels  weighing over
seven pounds and not more
than 11 pounds •  38 cents   !
This means a material reduc-     Recently a preliminary   sum-
tion on the cost of parcels, and mary of  the  British Columbia
it is hoped it will be a source of! salmon pack was "given out.  The
satisfaction to the Canadian pub-(official  statement of  the  total
lie.    This   reduction  has  been! pack is now available,   lt shows
brought about by Canada fore- a grand total of 1,133,381 cases
going all postal charges for the as compared with the year 1914,1
conveyance of these parcels in when 1.111,039 cases were put up.
Canada and on the Atlantic.
The public are reminded, how- J Vancouver. - Hon. W. R. Ross,
ever, in accordance with the cir-i H. H. Stevens, and Col. J. Tay-
cular issued by the Department lor, addressed the annual meet-
recently, that until further notise, ling of the Conservative Associa-
no parcel can be sent weighing tion of Vancouver, last week, j
over seven pounds. Mr. Ross replied to criticisms of
  the government's land policy.
Dickens' Christmas Spirit.        During the past year or so
  j there had been  a great  many
Surely no man was more im- - criticisms levelled at the govern-
bued with the true spirit of ment's land policy, said Mr. Ross,
Christmas than Charles Dickens, whiie the criticisms had been al-
To him the season was, in actual- lowed to go abroad, being spread
ity, a time of "Peace on Earth, by the Liberal' newspapers and
and Good Will Towards Men."'circulated in the east by Mr.
His genial, kindly nature glowed j Brewster, leader of the Liberal
with responsive warmth at the I party. Mr. Brewster had just
sentiment of Yule, and all its j returned, and the audience had
wonderful associations. No writ- j probably read in despatches that
er has come to his task in a hap- j the assets of the province had
pier frame of mind than that in ; been given away to the specula-
which Dickens sat down to weave tor and the people robbed. Such
his Christmas stories; no writer, unjust criticism as had been in-
has imbued his work with such'dulged in by the Liberals, the
an atmosphere, such fine feeling, speaker characterized as "wrong-1
withal so tender a regard for j ing the ballot," and this practice
humanity, as that author in his' would land either Mr. Brewster,
tales of the festive season.   Inj0r his party in the water.
each story the real Dickens' spir- j 	
it lives and breaths,   To para-j      Hockey Game Today.
phrase Forster: The Christmas 	
stories carry to countless firesides „overnment employees of
real apprec ation ot the time of     inego\trni_«_a * J  '
year,  a better understanding of \ this district have selected a earn
its claims and duties; grave and 0f stick wielders hard to beat,
happy thoughts are mingled, to acC0rding to latest reports.   A
the advantage of both. team seiecte<_ from the bankers,
lawyers, and other business men
of Prince (leorge will try to turn
the trick this afternoon on the
South ice.
Columbia in  London, succeeding'Dell, of Rossland, will be minister
J. H. Turner.   The Hon. W. J. iof  mines.    This  portfolio
Bowser,   Attorney-tienerai,   be- formerly filled by the premier,
comes the head of the govern-;    William Manson, member for
ment, and several changes in the | Skeena, will be president of the
cabinet will tak* place. The Hon, council,   By - elections   will   be
Dr. Young has resigned his posi- necessary in Vancouver, Victoria
tion as provincial secretary, and anc| Rossland.
will be succeeded by the Hon.     There will be no provincial elec-
Thos. Taylor,  who will also be tion until after the next sitting
minister of education.   Hon W.    f th    leKj8|aturei   which   wi|,
K. Boss remains minister of for- ,    ,   T „„.,
ests and lands.   This seat in the commence about January 20th
cabinet is the only one which re- and continue until towards the
ning to find out.
Kaiser's Name Hooted.
grand total of $6,238,319, a large
portion of which has, however,
been paid out in relief.   A large
\ number of additional contribu-
In   the   Chamber   of tions were acknowledged today,
was | Deputies today, Carlo Altobelli, including $34,022 from the^Sas-
Socialist member for Naples, de- katchewan branch for November
livered an address in which he collection and $2,000 from Sir
strongly criticized the execution George   Perley,   the   Canadian
of Miss Edith Cavell, the English High Commissioner in London.
nurse, in Brussels, and the sink- 	
ing of the steamers Lusitania, j
Ancona,   Firenze   and   Roznia.
When  the   name   of   Emperor
William was mentioned  in   the
Firemen's Ball Monday.
mains unchanged.
end of March.
London.—David Boyle Glasgow,
aged 82, seventh Earl of Glasgow, died at his home at Fairlie,
Scotland, December 13th.
BERNE, Switzerland. — Peace manifestations
have occured not only in Berlin but at Dresden and
Leipzig, according to the (ierman correspondent of
the Tagwacht. The correspondent adds that the conviction prevails among the masses in Germany that
only a revolutionary outbreak would force the government to make peace.
LONDON.—Sir Edward Grey, secretary for foreign affairs, and Field-Marshall Earl Kitchener, secretary for war, went to Paris this week to confer
with the French government, it has been officially
KIEV, Russia.-A report states that Lemberg
is being evacuated by the Austro-< ierman forces on
account of an outbreak of scurvy.
Owing to the spread of the disease the military
authorities, according to the report, decided on the
withdrawal with a view to avoiding panic among the
civilian inhabitants of the city.
PETROGRAD.-A Teheran despatch says that
the Germans operating with a Turkish force of 1900
men near Hamadan, Persia, were defeated by Russians. The Russians have captured a strong position
at Ave.   They are continuing their offensive.
AMSTERDAM.—In connection with the Bulgarian proposal to create a neutral zone on the Greco-
Serbian frontier, it is stated that the Austro-German
forces would continue the pursuit of the Allies into
Greek territory, hoping, like the Allies for Greek
Monday night the city firemen
will hold their first dance in the
Ritts-Kifer Hall.   Kerr's orchestra will provide the music, and a
fine dance programme has been
arranged.   At midnight a free
supper  will   be  served by the
The firemen have gone to con-
According to an official state-' siderable trouble to decorate the
ment there are 25,000 refugees!large hall, and, as their cause is
in Alsace of whom about 15,000la most worthy one,  it is hoped
are in distress, there will be a large crowd.
speech the entire chamber hooted.
On a total area of 120,678 sq.
miles the United Kingdom maintains approximately 33,000,000
sheep. This means a sheep on
every two acres.
Grand-Son of the Famous Garabaldi Wounded.
Mr. Qeorge Ogston, of Vanderhoof,     Miss Stlckney left this waek on i
wiifl a visitor in the rity this weok. trip to tho Coast.
Captain Ezio Garabaldi, one of the famous brothers of
Italy's heroic family, was injured recently while fighting
at the front. Two members of the family have already
been killed while fighting for France. .....i.i.  ..«-.,._■.,   eel   i nr. .., ell I II l-.ie
S1.50 Pe'r Year, in Advance.
T-. ilee- United States J2.00.
All communications she.eilel lie aelelr,..«_-el to
Tlie- Herald, Prince Georire, II. C.
Noiiman H. W
R. li. Walker,
Meiiefee-iiii; Eeiilor
in return  for a pledge not  to
speak at any meeting and not to
Sundav,  8 a. m.,   Holy Communion
(second and fourth Sundays);  3  p.m.,
.Sunday   school;   "-'Ml   p.m.,  evening
promote   an   anti-war   agitation,   prayer and sermon.
The same method was adopted in ; Wednesday, 7-30 p.m , evening pray-
dealing with Socialists in various "r wilh intercessions for those engaged
parts of the country. There have
Full Line of Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos.
Barber Shop in Connection
been   arrest   and   imprisonment
SATURDAY, DECEMBER 18th, 1915! for Socialists caught distributing
in the war.
St. George's, Central Fort George.
Sunday;  8  a.m.,   Holy   communion
(third   Sunday);    11   a. m.,    morning
=   leaflets in which the invasion  of  prayer, litany and sermon; 1:2-15 p.m,
' Belgium   was   denounced   as   a
crime.   For asserting that war
Corner 4th Avenue
and George St.
Sunday   school.
| news in  Berlin  papers is false j the war.
Tuesday, 7-30 p.m.,  evening  prayer
I with intercessions for those engaged in
Prince Georee is the home of another Socialist got six months!   Prince C.EORGE-Temporary church
,   , ,. _..      , • _,_ l        r I on Seventh Avenue.    Sunday, 8 a.m.,
the 102nd battalion,   Thanks to: in prison.   The number of sen- H(l|y   Communion   (Fjr9t "Sunday);
the efforts of  the  mavor  andltences imposed for criticizing the '2-30 p.m., Sunday School; 7-30 p.m.,1
. _!*»!. •        •_ t_ u.  evening prayer and sermon,
others interested in the progress I conduct of the war is said to be    u ,    '        .     .  ....      ,     .
, . .,     • .  .     Holv Communion at all these churches
of the city, we have at last a unit on the increase.   A woman went, on no|y days and week dayg| accordjng
of our own.   New men are join- i to a cell for saying that a regi- to notice.
ing right along,   and  within a! ment of Hermans on the western CHRISTMAS DAY
short lime there will probably be'front were in   rebellion against St, Stephen.S) South Fort George.
]00 men join .the 102nd   here, their officers.   Alsatians  detee-i     7 a.m., Holy Communion,   iia.m.,
Lieut. Halsey is a most capable ted in the use of French are also)
ollicer, and is well pleased with imprisoned or fined.
tin'progress of his work since he ~~        ~
arrived     The  quarters   at   Ihe Grand Tmnk SkoWS
i'ache, donated  by the railway
Barrister and
Armstrong Block,
Prince (jeorge.
Morning Prayer and Sermon
St. George's, Central Fort George.
12 o'clock   (midnight)   Holy Communion    3  p.m., Evening Prayer
and Carols.
tl, &IV&     i_ Millie
'pHE price of choice farm-lands is lower
today than will be the case when financial and world conditions once more become normal. The careful buyer of good
property during this depression will realize
a big profit. The man in search of a
home, where success is assured, will find
his opportunity here and now.
We own exclusively some of the best
pieces of agricultural land in the Prince
George district and are offering some exceptional bargains.
Write for our free illustrated booklet
or call at our George Street office for full
R. R. Walker, General Agenl.       GEORGE STREET, PRINCE GEORGE, B. C
Canadian West in
Fine Manner.
contractors, are in every way
suitable. As soon as the men
are in uniform more interest will
be taken in their training by the
citizens, ami the appearance of
uniformed soldiers on our streets been awarded   the  gold  meda
I St. Michael's, Prince George.
I       8-80i,m., Holy Communion. 11a.m.
Morning Prayer and Sermon.
The Grand Trunk system has
First Methodist Church, Prince
George, near Princess Theatre, Third
Avenue west.   Rev.   H.  L. Morrison,
... , ,  ,    , ,      B. X., pastor.   Services at 11 a.m., and
(highest award) and diploma, for 7-30 p.m.:  Sunday school, 12 p.m.
its exhibit at the Panama-Pacific' 	
will be a novelty. So far we have
been  visited  by a  few  khaki-
dads, but when" the men of the' International  Exposition at San i PRESBYTERIAN.
102nd swing down the streets of' Francisco.                                      i   First Church, FortGeorge -Rev.
_•          n                              'ii     u        Thp annniinppment hn. i-Pinhprl :C' M' "'r»_ht. »•*■■ minister. Services
Prince   George,    war   will   be j    ine announcement nas teacnea ,at u am   and 7.30 pm;  Sabbath
brought closer to us than it has the railway officials from Blythe I school at 12-15 p.m.
Home Builder
Fort George Hardware
Sheet Metal.   Furnaces a Specialty.
Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water
Phone 12, Prince George. General Repairing.
ever been yet.
B. Anderson, chief of the trans-    Knox Church, South FortGeorge.
portation department of the ex- fcicA- £ j**} ^tt:
position,   and   was  the result of : church at 11 a.m.;   Sabbath school at
the decision of the superior court. 2 p-m'
Several   times   we   have announced the feet that we fre-
Saint Andrew's Church.  Prince
I done notable work at the big San | minister.   Service is  held in the Con-
The Grand Trunk system has jGi;oRCE._Rev. A_ c< Jngti
quently   receive   bulletins from Francisco fair in bringing to the i ^^"at^T-aoS^™''sSbKt^SSSSJ
the provincial and dominion gov-1 notice of tens of thousands of | in the Kex Theatre, at 2-30 p.m.
ernments  covering matters  of visitors the scenic, agricultural	
vital importance tothe farmer., and industrial resources of Can- iiiMlllllllMlMlMMliil |
We have   considerable  of  this: ada.   Its exhibit was housed in a j
matter on  hand, and should be special pavilion erected by the |
glad to give it to those interested, company, with a moving picture j
There is no charge whatever for; hall attached, where the beauties!
it.   Still, this should not lead tolof the Dominion  were  thrown: 	
the belief that the stuff is worth upon the screen throughout each We carry the finest line of
nothing. On the other hand, if day, and the riches of the new high-grade cigars, cigarettes and
thei'e was a charge  made  fori territory opened up by the Grand tobaccos in the city.
these bulletins,  and they were!Trunk Pacific illustrated. 	
widely   advertised,   we   should j "	
Nightingale & Bustin,
The Quality Barber Shop.
likely have a string of buyers.
For watchful waiting and procrastination the Greek king and
new "ordinance is, fvernment,   have   Wash'ngton
beaten a mile,
Now that the by-law regulating
the cleaning of chimneys has
been passed by the city council,
it is the duty of every citizen to
see  that the
lived up to. Of course the proper
city officials will do their best to
enforce the law, hut they should
also have the co-operation of
everyone interested in the safety
of lives and property in the city.
We have had no disastrous fire
for some time now, which is al)
the more reason why caution
should be redoubled.
Commencing today, Woodrow
pulls in double harness again
Clear the ring for the civic
contestants. Away she goes in
a blaze of glory, with a little
vituperation, slander, verbal encounters galore and petty quarrels, to lend ginger to the affair
and make the game appear natural. Many good aldermanic candidates, and some not so good,
are in the field. The matter merits your best attention. Make
your choice only after weighing
all the evidence as to the qualifications of those who seek to
guide the affairs of this young
city during the coming year. We
are passing through an era of unprecedented depression. So far,
we have done well. It is up to
the voters to see that there is no
change in our attitude towards
civic betterment.
A New York man has a cat
valued at $50,000. No, he is not
married to it,
Dominion and B. C Land Surveyors,
Surveys of Lands, Mines, Townsites.
Timber Limits, etc.
rE will sell
you a fine
residential lot
which is within
two blocks of
George Street,
for $325, providing you a-
gree to build a
house costing
$1,000 thereon
within a year.
Fort George & Alberta Telephone & Electric
Company, Limited.
fleneral Telephone and Telegraph Business. Business |
Phones, on private lines, $o a month ; 83 a month, party lines, '
Residence Phones, (vl a month, private lines; $2 a month, party I
lines. Shortest and quickest line to Vancouver and shortest i
cable line to Europe.
Phone 47 Prince George for messenger or other information.
CHARLES   A.   GASKILL,   Manager.
Bald-headed men never go insane, says an expert, but still
most men long for a nicely
thatched dome just the same.
Bald-headed men do not seem insane, they are so smooth, so to
Feert George, H. C.
Hamnieenel Str .et
K. P. Burden. MKr.
Nelson, B. C.
166, Wurd Struct
A. H. Orcein, Mj/r.
Victoria. U. C.
114. Pemberton HIiIk.
F. C. Green, Mjrr.
New Hazelton, B. O.
B. C Affleck, Mitr.
The Millar Addition of Prince
(ieorge promises to become
the best residential section of this city.
A bear never knows until he is
muzzled how many people are
afraid of him.
At the dance the other evening : Up-to-date-Notice the professor.
Agitation of any kind against
the war itself is now severely
dealt with in (iermany. Whether that much can be done this sea-
Prairie Grain Via
Prince George.
The chief engineer of the grain
commission expects that the
terminal elevator at Vancouver
will be ready for use on January
15. If ships were available to
take grain from it, this would
mean that some portion of the
Alberta crop could go out by way
of the Pacific coast this winter.
While it is too much to expect,
with ocean navigation as it is,
Goods called for and delivered. Lowest prices,
work guaranteed.
i P*c,*!(
6. T. P. R.
Edmonton - Prince George
Prince Rupert
NO. 1 Leave Edmonton Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays 10.35 p.m
WESTBOUND Arrive Prince George Tuesduys, Thursdays, Sundays 8.00 p.m.
Leave Prince George Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays 8.16 p.m.
Arrive Prince Rupert. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays G.15 | n
NO. 2 Leave Prince Rupert Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays 10.80 a m
EAST BOUND Arrive I'rince George Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays . 8.30 a.m.
Leave I'rince George Tuesdays. Fridays, Sundays . 8.45 a.m.
Arrive Edmonton Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays 8.00 a.m.
Travel via the
Our Agents will be pleased to furnish any
information desired.
District Passenger An-twit.
Winnipeg. Man,
Phone 103       George St.
Fourth Avenue,
Prince George.
Boehner's Billiard Parlors
Best grade Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos
Barber - Shop in connection.
Ruggies Block   :   George Street
The Northern Lumber and
Mercantile Co., Limited.
Manufacturers of High
Grade  Fir  and  Spruce
Dealers in General Hardware and Builders' Supplies,
Prince George and Soulh Fori George
Walter F. Gregg,
British Columbia Land
any   truth   in   stories son, it is reasonably certain that
Real Estate.
there   Le
about the violence in the streets enough grain will be handled to
"■' Berlin, with the police as ag-; .ive some indication of the pos-
gressors and the Socialists as'sibilities of the route. Once it
victims, the fact remains that a is actually opened, an irresistible
prominent Socialist of Dusseldorf demand must arise for the reduc-
Peter Winnen, was arrested and tion of the Western railway rate
imprisoned. He was accused of to a reasonable figure. The cap-
having distributed pamphlets on acity of the Vancouver elevator: 0PPICEi
behalf of subversive ideas and of is one and a half million tons.      THIRD AVENUE, PRINCE GEORGE.
Specialist in Prince
George Lots, Farm
Lands and Acreage.
Post Building,
Prince George.
Vanderhoof, B. C,
25 Rooms, Excellent Cuisine,
Finest of Wines, Liquors and
Cigars, American Plan.
Rates - $2.50 per day.
Contractors & Builders
no building is too large or too small to
receive our careful attention
Oet Our Estimates Free of Charge ::        Job Work Neatly anil Promptly Exoci "!
Phoni  26
Prince George Hotel.
E. E. Phair
Modern and up-to-date in every respect.
Entire building Steam Heated.   Hot and
Cold Water in Rooms. Public and Private
Baths. f
Iii the American civil war, men
like Ford and Bryan were shouting for peace, at one stage, on
the South's terms or on some
compromise. Lincoln paid no
attention to such hollow noise.
Though himself a great pacifist,
he saw no meaning in the word
"peace" if it, meant a peace of
slavery more cruel than war.
"No   living   man,"   he  said,
"loves peace more than 1 do, but
il may be necessary to put the
foot down (irmly.   The only call!
nf humanity now is to conquer'
peace through unrelenting warfare.   War, antl war alone, is the
duty of us all."   That is the way
any man with a spire in him andi
a conscience in him feels now in
this country.
Influential persons, especially!
as the civil war dragged on in |
1864, urged Lincoln to treat.   He'
was ready enough to treat, but
i,nly on his own terms, the terms,
that  had to be met sooner or
later, "the integrity of the whole1
Union and the abandonment of I
lavery."   Mr. Asquith similarly!
lias stated our terms—the end of j
1'i-ussianism and the  union   of |
I imanity in justice and national
freedom.   Then will be peace.
We have a large number of the
latest books, many of them being
the most recent publications.
Nothing is more suitable for a
Christmas present than a good
book.-Panama News Stand.
October Timber Cut
The timber statement for the
month of October,  issued by the
Department of Lands, show that
the total scale of sawlogs for the
province amounted to 52,162,364
feel  board measure, in addition
to 123,733 lineal feet of piles and
poles, and 14,859 cords of ties,
shingle bolts and   fence  posts.
The sawlogs scaled in the various
districts  are as follows :-Van-
couver,   30.252,786  feet;   Cranbrook, 0,689,487 feet; Nelson. 5,-!
401,713  feet;   Island,   4,267,156
feet;   Prince   Rupert, 1,637,103
feet; Vernon, 746,248 feet. Cran^
brook   district   recorded   49,175'
lineal feet, piles and poles; Van-
couver,  41,405 lineal feet;  and;
Nelson 20,340 lineal feet.
Timber sales recorded during
ihe month cover an estimated
total of 7.656,000 feet sawlogs to
produce a total estimated revenue
of $10,817.
Coal mining rights of the Dominion,
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan   and   Alberta,    the    Yukon    Territory,    the
North-West Territories and in a por-'
tion of the Province of British  Co-1
lumbia, may be leased for a term  of;
twenty-one years renewal for a furthur
term of 21 years at an annual rental of
$1 an acre.   Not more than 2,.r>(_ acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a   lease   must   be'
made by the applicant in person   to
thc Agent or Sub-Agent of the   district in which the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
lie described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurveyed territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out by the applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be re-,
funded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchant-!
able output of the mine at the rate of
five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine
shall furnish the Agent with sworn
returns accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and
pay the royalty thereon. If the coal
mining rights are not being operated,
such returns should be furnished at
least once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining
rights only,  rescirded  by Chap. 27 of i
4 5 George  V. assented  to  12th June,
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of
thc Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of.
this advertisement will not be paid i
The sight of European monarchies asking the United States
to advise the Chinese to remain
a republic would have interested
Thomas Jefferson,
And a year ago the Kaiser was
to have dined in Paris.
A rather facetious American
writer says the Allies should try
sending a book agent through the
Dardanelles. If he fails they
might as well give up.
The man who brands marriage
a failure forgets the mass of evidence to the contrary.
The chronic kicker is disliked,
but he receives more attention
llian the meek chap anyway.
Grand Trunk Pacific
and New
Fare and One Third
For Round Trip
Between all stations on the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway in Manitoba
(Winnipeg and West) Saskatchewan
and British Columbia.
Dates of Sale
FOR CHRISTMAS :  December 22nd to |
25th, 1915, both days inclusive.
FOR NEW  YEAR:   December 29th,
1915,  to January   1st,   1916, both '
days inclusive.
Nourishing^j H
The man who praises the baby
wins the mother's smile. With
so many aldermanic candidates
in the held it looks as though
Mother is about to assume the
smile that won't come of.
The best Christmas a man gets
is the Christmas he gives.
JANUARY   Ith,  1916.
Fur Tickets, Reservations and full
particulars, apply to any Grand Trunk
Pacilic Agent, or Train Agent.
District Passenger Agent,
Grand Trunk Pacific _t^
|   GRAB I|| I
^ W _z\z
^       The subscription price      ^
The subscription price
__ of the Herald, the old-
^ est established paper in 3
^ this district, is ONLY ^
| $1.50 PerYpr. |
2_: To all persons sending ^
£r in a year's subscription ^
2z we will send the Herald ^
| Free for the Balance |
i of this year I
Ogilvie's Royal Household
Canada's Best Flour
Kennedy, Blair & Co., Limited,
Just Stop and link
of the risk ancl inconvenience of burning coal oil.
Why not be up-to-date? Have your house wired,
it costs but a trifle more. Rates on application at
our office -- Rooms 7 & 8, Post Building, George
Street, and at the plant, South Fort George. We
have a stock of lamps, shades, fixtures, irons, and
handle all utility devices.
Northern Telephone & Power Co., Ltd.
Electric Light Service and Power Furnished.
House Wiring and Electrical Fixtures of all kinds.
Phone 19-Four Rings, South Fort George.
'-; >:  "Phone 10, Prince George.
Johnson & Finlaison
Pioneer Coal and Wood Dealers
Mined in the West.    Beware of Inferior Grades.
Our Motto is "Full Measure."
Phone 90 Yard: Queen Street
Dating subscriptions
from the beginning of
the New Year.
Shot and Shells
Shotguns and Rifles
Ammunition and Traps.
Kennedy, Blair & Company, Limited.
Many will remember the importation into Alaska a few years
n.n of twelve hundred and fifty j Remember
reindeer. To-day there are sixty-""1'8 December,
live thousand.
The Right Gift.
1 111 a uecemuti,
That love weighs more than gold !
Help ua spread the news to young and
old ;
Friendship bought and sold
had had  Leaves the giver cold.
The- right gilt
ls the bright gift,
The kind thought and cheer;
Send your loving heart.
If human education
ils rightful place in the schools
of Ihis land, from the first, there ^ 	
would be no Indian problem to-1 That's .he greafeat part
would   be   no Indian prODiem IO-I That's the greatest part,
(!.,v, no such black pages oiJour So will aA^^J™^^
history as tell the story of the1
white man's cunning, treachery
and inhumanity towards his fel
It does not require a botanist
to recognize a blooming idiot.
£:        Prince George.        ^
C'ikhiv, Cigarettes, Tobaccos, nt Wholesale and Retail,
Stationery, Magazines, Newspapers, Confections, and
Toilet Article's.
Fort George Drug Co., Ltd.
Laselle Avenue, Soulh Fort George.   ::   George Street, Prince George.
KODAKS - GRAMOPHONES - RECORDS Bostonian blueblood'a bally bean- if not I nias Day.
whence hi. name ?   had a<< good a time' .   •    >    »   •
on his trip to the  fair us  his hearers     William Corbett. of the lYineeGcnrge
had last .Monday evening listening to Livery Company, left yesterday morn-
him tell of his and Casey's experiences, ing for Butte,   Mont,,  where he will
he  must  have  had  SOME   time.   So  probably spend the winter.
great arc thc  powers of suggestion of: *    »    *    *    »
this roller of mono-logs, his audience;    The Fort George sci I  children will
had no trouble following him, but wore  be treated  to  a  Christinas  tree  next
often AWAY AHEAD OF HIM, Wednesday evening.   The gala event
*    '    ' will be celebrated In the theatre build-
Thc name' eef lhe Furl George Board , ing on Central Avenue,
of Trade has liee'n   officially changed to' »    «    »    •    #
the'  Prince   C!'urge  Board  of  Trade.      J,  T.  Armstrong  will   be  an alder-
This  matter  was decided  upon  at   a  manic candidate in Ward I at the corn-
meeting held a month  ago in the City  ing civic election.
Hall  and  after the  matter had been •    .   #    .    •
placed before the Department of State !    The city atorea ar0   a;Jgumjni(  „ gor.
at Ottawa the .hang,, was made. j gcous gppearance,   Christmas windows
*    »    «    *    » i appear everywhere,   and the displays
So numerous are the gayeties of this sl,eak wonders for (hc PWgressiveness
festive season it is hard to keep track  of our merchants. |
of them all.    Last  night  the women's *   *   *   *   *
association  of  the  First Presbyterian      The weekly    meeting  of  the   Fort
Church staged a most successful (Ira- George Auxiliary of   the   Red  Cross
matic concert in the  Princess Theatre,   Society was held Wednesday afternoon
on Third Avenue.   Orchestra selections  in the Presbyterian Church.
playlets, dances  anel  vocal selections »   *   *   *   »
filled the evening ami delighted a large     Fred  Handforth   left  last  Tuesday-
audience, evening for Vanderhoof, where he will [
*   *   *   *   * be engaged in  electrical   work   until:
A  local   paper this week  printed a ' probably after Christmas,
number of "don'ts"  which, if lived up - «    «    *    *    »
to, will do much to relieve the danger
from lire. At Christmas time the
spirit of gavety often tends towards
carelessness in connection with fires,
as in other cases.    Have a care!
.   it   tt   tt   *
The finest of winter weather has
been our portion during the week.
Just enough snow for sleighing, just
enough frost for skating, and the mercury so afraid of zero that it keeps
away above it every day.
The quality of Mercy is not strained.
Pity is akin to love. Mercy and Pity !
Synonyrnes ! Therefore? Mercy! Love!
Guod Heavens ?
Hockey practices have been the order
of the day this week, and the local boys
are rounding into shape.
Conductor L P. Chase, of the G.T.P.
Railway met with a ps'n'ul accident
this week, when he' sprained his ankle.
# #   *   *   #
Whitey Staffeld is a visitor in the
city this week.
# »   *   *   #
Don't forget the duty you owe yourself and the city firemen next Monday
Frank Cooper leaves for a month's
vacation tomorrow morning.
John H. wtnta to go to Beantown-
somethin' scandalous. For the sake uf
our Christmas cheer we hope he doesn't
The   Prince  George   Skating  Rink
opened last night, and a large crowd of
skaters took   advantage of  the  fine! make the raise.
evening to enjoy  the delights  of the #   *   *   *   *
slippery sheet. Panama S'ews for special Xmas gifts
QOOD merchandise
behind careful
advertising will always bring satisfaction. The Herald
is the best advertising medium in this
district. An advertisement in our columns will bring your
goods to the notice
of ready buyers—
with profit to us all.
Phone 25.
Gifts For
I'aiii'.v Perfumes         -      - 60c to 7.60
Fountain Pens, (Waterman's) 2.50 to 6.00
Khony [fair Brushes   -      - 1.50 to 5.00
I'jliony Mirrors, heavy bevel - -        3.75
P.rush mnl Comb Sets -      - 3.50 to 10.00
Christinas Stationery  -      - 50c to 2.00
Maiiicuiv Sets     -       -       - 3,60 to 10.(K)
Coffee Percolators       -      - -       12.HO
Cigars by the hox
Cased Pipes -        -
Safety Razors      -       -       -
f'< il In r lings-
Fountain Pens
Cigar and Cigarette Cases    -
Military Brushes -
Clothes and Hal Brush Sets-
.. .6 to 4.50
1.75 to 6.00
1.00 tn 5.00
1.26 to 2.(Hi
2.50 to 6.00
1.50 to 5.00
2.50 In 6.00
FOR THE CHILDREN — Toys, Games, Picture Books.
Willard's Chocolates
(n hulk, 60c per pound;   In luxes, 10c U> .4.00 ,
The last word iu High Cirndo Chocolates
Brownie Cameras
$2.00 to $10.00
Eastman Kodaks
$7.50 to $27.60
'"   ' f.     '«.;..
Latest Fiction end Copyright Novels.
A Large Assortment of Christmas Cards to choose from.
Phone 95
Phone 95
Christmas Suggestions
6 Pairs, guaranteed six
months or new hose
Hockey Shoes    ■
Dancing Pumps -
(Patent and Gun Metal)
Big Shipment New Xmas Neckwear.
#   #   ■»   #   #
* * *  »  »
BAIRD'S, George St:
Watchmaker and Jeweler
High - Class Barber
Razor-Honing a Specialty
Ruggies' Block,
1 ieorge Street.
Only High Class
Pictures Shown,
Photo-Play Piano.
(Seven instruments in one)
Shows Every Evening.
Corner Hamilton & Third
South FortGeorge. B.C.
Ratet $2.50 and $3
Monthly and weekly rate* on application
ll,e_ Of V. inert.
I.iejuorsand cigari
Albert Johnson, *.__.
Wholesale and Retail
List of pre-emptions
with full description
price and terms.
The Wright
Investment Co,,
Prince George.
City Express &
Cartage Co.
Parcel Checking
and Storage.
RUSH BROS., Proprietors.
Prince George,
Phone 51. Opposite Station.
Telephone 7.
Shamrock Brand.
G. A. IAMES, The Rexall Drug Store,
Inland Express Company, Ltd.,
Stage leaves B. C, Office Tuesdays and Fridays at 6 a.m.
J, D. Moore, Agent
South Fort Georoe.
Nechaco Feed
and Sale Stables
2 doors North of Post Office,
Vanderhoof, B. C.
Mail Stage to Fort St, James,
every Tuesday, 7 a.m.
Saddle and Pack Horses
for hire.
I). H. HOY, Prop
Best Quality Kiln-Dried
Fir and Spruce Lumber.
Sash and Doors, Lath,
Shingles, Lime, Cement.
Bogue & Browne Lumber Co.
Glass and Builders' Supplies.
Dr. R. W. Alward.
I) E N T I S T,
Ruggies' Bldg., George St.
Get "More Money" for your Furs
Beaver, Foxes, Muskrat, Wolves, Marten, Fisher,
White Weasel anil other For bcereri collected la your lectio*
house In Ihe World dealing exclusively In NORTH AMERICAN RAW FURS
tl ramble—responsible—unfa I'ur House. It h an unbtemlnhiHl reputation existing fur "meere. iiuin n third ol. century," n lottR successful recordof sending PurShippersprnmpt,SATl. I'ACTOUY
AN I) PROFITABLE returns, Write fur "Etir fttintirrt »lnieprr."
tne only reliable, accurate murkel report anil price list published.
Write lor il-NOW-H'» ITIKK
A B. SHUBFRT Inr 25-27 westaustinave.
t\. u. jn.DLi\ 1, inc. Depl c „ chicaco, u.s.a.
Panama News Stand.
The Panama News Stand carites
your home paper. A full line of
fiction is always on hand, as well flail current periodicals. Best quality stationery, cigars. cigarettes and
Bnufl's, We uro up-to-date in everything,
George Street - Prince George.


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