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[. it M K 1,   NO. G5
SOUTH   FORT   GEORGE,   B.C.,   N 0 V I. M B E R 18,   1911
inch matte'.
Mil?" /\
$3 lyotV^RS -wiu a'nnu:
^^        m^"^'^^        railway uses.
il Indians today sur-  ita. Twenty five thousand dol-1render
|,e Crown,   foi
the land by thc railroad company are matters for which we
rhe ;,"';"  "' '"  '   :  | -V,'"';   ,m.. u,l"usana aoi-i render, The three Indians wholprising   about    two acres, will
|el,,(| Indian  Reserve No.   I   imb will    be   distributed   in a refused to vote were' Joe Quab, not   be    interfered with in any
•ising 1366 acres, to  j'""!iar manner al the tame the a self-styled   second chief, who way. The Indians   will remove of  South   Fort    George   have
transfer to the   '!""'l'ls   '"jandon   the   reserve,  has an idea, instilled in l.im hy . in the spring, most of them to waited patiently and long. The
uenly    thousand     dollarsi is  the teachings of some townsite; Reserve   No.     2, at    the goose sale was the signalfor immed-
iiul IrunH    iani,<    nauwaj   ,„   consideration   of the build- |protrioters who wished to serve I _.nnM li«t.B   ,,.l„l.r„i;„n_   u_._    and a
Iol'     liansil'l    1(1   lite 'e        ,   , ,| •         ".'   ■ ■"    U"D   "I" mK>   '■»'»-   '"   mic-ii   io    wiuiuu   prioiciuy   aim   Kill
-     Pnnit.fi   Rftilwuv ■ J - ,   ,""sal"1 .  "    ,U'S,',S ""' tBachln8s "f somp townsite' Reserve   No.     2, at    the goose  sale was the signal for i
1   .,' II'."   ',' ■" "Ration,   of the build- promoters who wished to serve country. j iate   celebrations   here,
-,(i_ T,„    consideration   is  the ings to be abandoned and will   their own ends,   that he could     As The Herald has stated, the banquet is -arranged for t
l ( $125,000.    Cl.i.ef  Indian >•' expended   in  new  residencies  hold  the   railway company up  former deal,   negotiated bv an in the
..munissioner   Rams-den    acted l("' Hie   red  men   upon the re-, for a large sum. These Indians, astute individual named  P. G. which
in I"
Fourth Street   hall, at
h      Indian    Commissioner
|,ehulf    of the   Indians, and   servos they choose to live upon however,  afterwards   asked for D. Durnford, was simply an at-: Ramsden, Mr. T. W. McRae, of
l||.|,il,ll the deal through in the  |n   futur?', ,,      remaining fifty  their share of the money, and   tempt   upon tl_e   part ' of that the G. T. P., and Mr. McAllan,
■ required   by the terms thousand dollars will be funded requested to be allowed to sign gentleman to gamble with the the Fraser   Lake Indian Agent
7,,,,. Indian   Act.    Mr. T. W.  and mteres-at 3i per cent wil]  the surrender, but th'e latter re- Indian's  land    in   the   realty wUl be the guests of honor.
|c|{m., claims aeent for tho G.   '"' distributed annually among quest     was    refused,    as   sig-; markets. At first sight his op-
led thai   the band. natures so   obtained would  be erations appeared to be in be-j
The surrender    was taken in   irregular under the act. half of the   railroad  -- I at the outcome of the deal and
The Indians    appear pleased
'   riiilwav    rein'esell! I'd   llial "''    ■». ^ r. - _. nainre.'   -,,     i .1 ,i m ,,,,., ]   wo,,1,1   tn.   ».,-,. i,. iii _   ii ,.. i..-i r... i   ,..   i„.   in   1.... ' ' r
imnttnv, and accepted the re-      i lie surrender    was taken in   irregular unaer tne act, nan ol tlie   railroad company,!
",,.Ve in. 'behalf of the railroad Chief Loui's   house   on the re-      Mr.   fclcllae,   acting     for the and    his bona    (ides   wen- not  are lavishly     distributing their
.'.. ||„, lie-tire agroed upon  by- serve.     Tl._re     are    thirty-six   railroad,    negotiated his busi- questioned, but   it later trans-
\\r. KaiTisden  and  the  Indians, voting   members   of the band,   ness   with Mr.    Ramsden,   who ph'ed .that     he was absolutely
H„   Indian reserve is now  lhe whom were   all present   except-   received    from     him   a written without      authority,    and had
property of lhe 11. T. I*. ing one. Thirty   two voted for  agreement, accepting the terms acted throughout in direct oon-
II,. _erms   of the    sale were (he surrender and three refused - of the surrendered land for his trayention to the terms of the
,u,.ii!\ five thousand dollars in to   vote. The absentee had as-  company  who    will use   it for Indian act.
,.,.1,      which     was distributed sured thi   Indian Commissioner railroad' townsite purposes. The final    settlemant   of the George    newspaper    anent the
i!ii. afternoon equally per cap- 'hat he was in favor of the sur-      The   Indian   graveyard, co.ii-  matter, and the acquisition  of j future of the city.
suddenly acquired wealth amongst the mercantile firms here.
This is undoubtedly the most
important item of news that
will ever be chronicled in a Fort
Tlie week before last we dwelt
nt some   length   upon   the attitude assumed by the Winnipeg
Pout towards the townsite situation at   Fort George, We set
forth facts in   connection  with
lhc manner in    which  the  Post
Inui entered the Held of conflict
:i,_.iinsl   illicit imale   promotion
in,.ill,ids.      as    practiced     here-
nlwtits,  and  had  later scurried
Whin,I the scenes, accompanied
l,v a minion of the "interests '.
si  mission, as we can prove
bi Mcunienta.ry   evidence,   has
been to fix the price and terms
in induce newspapers to discontinue attacks   against  George
J. Hammond,   or his   Natural
Resources Security Company.
So much for    the "Winnipeg
There are other writers, however, who are crowding their
journalistic capabilitits to tl'1'
limit in an endeavour to write
newsj rag-time for the support
:in,l enhancement ol th" Nell too river townsites in tlie
eyes of the distant masses, and
the peace of mind of tl._ir versatile promoter, George .1.
Hammond. One of the writers
ie whom we allude is by a satirical lest  of fate named   Play
i.'liT.   He wields   lite  pell   for sllell
>\ ts as the Malsonized "News
Advertiser" of Vancouver, and
illustrates the articles with ju-
'lii'ioiisly taken photographs.
»c me loth to indulge in per
soimlities, yet the crude work
"I I' is ueiit Italian demaii Is
s"iiH' illumination, In lhe firsl
pluce he  writes,   ostensibly, as
an independent journalist. Now
last summer, when Hammond's
Minneapolis   ad-writer,   Dollen-
mayer by   nam",  (generally re-:
ferred     to as   the   rag-picker) [
ceesed to propel ihe cash-coax-
ilie pell ill llle 11 am uiolid pull-1
licity bureau, I,is successor was
no other than lhe aforesaid Mr. |
Playfair. His name appears in
the subheading of lhe Fort
George Tribune, lh" promoter's
personal organ, published on
his townsite, as Managing Director of the Central 15. C. Pub-|
lishing Co. Lid., together witb
one, \\. Moore, "President" of
ti ,e companj. a Victoria lawyer who we are informed, frequents the Lobby in Hammond
interests. In spite of the fait
"that these names figure in the
columns of The Tribune, that
organ is controlled by the Natural   Resources Security  Com-
a recent issue of a Vancouver
paper appears one of Mr. Play-
fair's articles entitled,"Fort
George, a Glimpse of the Metropolis to be" in which the aim
of the ad-writer is obviously
to boost the Nechaco River
townsite. South Fort George is
The watorfronl and "permanent wharves
ill  the  article bv
river shown in the newspaper:
articles, and the handful of
buildings around that group,
many of which are empty store
buildings erected by the town- ]
site concern, whilst the balance
of his townsites are barren of
all save jack-pine growth and
corner stakes twenty-five feet
apart. The ba.nks of the river
are fro.n 50 to 75 feet in height
and water is supplied to the
hotel by means of a gasoline
engine and pump. It not practicable to dig wells on the Fort
I George townsite, and even the
townsite concern themselves
adandoned their attempt to
sink to water. The group of
buildings referred to represents
[the promoter's enterprise. It
consists of The Natural Resources Go's office. The Natural Resources Co.'s hotel. W. Blair &
Co.'s store built by the N. R.
S, Co., and offered with special
inducements to the well known
In South Fort George there
are no subsidized business
houses. The town is growing
daily and will be the centre of
business activity at this point
until the G. T. P. townsite, on
Indian Reserve No. 1, is on the
market,     after   which this site
George 11. mm" id's Fori George lownsite.
pany, and its printers are paid
by I hat cone.'rn. So much, then
lo establish Mr. Pluyfair's
identity with the Hammond iu-
tercsts. His mission here has
been admirably fulfilled by his
articles upon lhe greatness of
ihe Fort George townsites, as
ihe townsite concern call a por-
I ion of his sub-divided area.  In
represented in tne article oy a
view of the town from a back
street. No newspaper man possessed of a spoonful of brains,
would ever try to sl.uw the
lay of the South Fort George
townsite, from any other point
(Iun the high ground across
tlie river, from which point the
lownsite lies spread out before
tin' camera unobstructed. Mr.
Pluyfair's views of ti.u Hammond townsite are taken with
an eye to effect however. The
townsite company's stock of
buildings are carefully brought
into the view from the ground,
and with a bird's eye effect
from the roof of the hotel. Bear
in mind the fact that Mr. Ham- merchant. The Bank of Vancou-
inond is selling adjoining town- ver, carrying the account, and
A busy ,lny „,, Fraser Avqnue.
sties that will aggregate about
Iwo thousand acres, sub-divided into 25 foot lots. On all this
vast area tic development
work  has    been crowded  upon
occupying another Natural Resources building. The picture
next includes the office of the
Fort George Telephone Co., a
concern that were subsidized to
corner    near
the   Nechaco  build on the Nechaco site.
will undoubtedly form the. iinost
valuable addition property.
The Hammond ad-writer
takes the opportunity of embodying into his articles material calculated to discredit the
Campaign conducted by this
paper against the methods resorted to in the sale of the
Fort George townsites. The deluded individual with the confidence inspiring name backs it
up by a statement that out
fight purports to be in the interests of South Fort George.
Of course this is false, for
South Fort George is beside the
issue in the matter, as our figilit
has been directed for the protection of people who are being
induced to purchase misrepresented property on the outside.
As Mr. Playfair used to write
advertisments for thu townsite
concern himself he will readily
grasp the force of this argu-
! ment.
32 Days to Tete Jaune Cache
lhe governmenl  thermometer some engineering    projecf  with
' lhe Hudson's Bay Company Mr.   Bun',  lhe nature of which
ii'ifi '.red   thirty     iwu degrens they have not intimated.
'"'low /en, late last week. This 	
""'" '" be the limit  ns the j   p   McConnell, editor of tho  j^VciicJie" some "weeks ago l''"s win,,'r' ,,v,'r ,u" hundred sary to import all the lit- tim
The crew of A. K. Bourchier's: Messrs. Foley Welch & Stewart I ticulary so in consideration of
scow,  which  left    here for Tetejwi" build their two steamboats  the fact that     it will be neces-
  , ,•     , ,        .   . I a 11 lie   v an ie   no i ne    wcci.-,   u_m'. -hi i i , i , i   .       ,i       ,     .,, • .    , i
npeiature has climbed stead    "Snturdav Sunset    of Vancou-  i ,.„i,„i   u;,|,   sivteen   tl.onsn.id mon W1" '"'     (fl»iph'.ved at  the ber used in the builhing of the
tn... ) • I _       . I .   . ' lliHfll        "llll        M.MMII I lll'Ur>(lllll      .■ | , I    i i ,| l 111 .* ,1 • ir.   I
upward     since   and at  tlic   a,r, has entered suit for divorce   nouhcis    0f  merchandise  for  .,< ache on this, and other work, hulls, trom   the coast, via Ed-
ral store   which Mr. Bour- du"n*    the    W1"ter    »lonths- ronton   as their is no growth
• is starting at that point     Tliere are two _eneral stores of '"' '"  .'"'  [Z' ,Jaune tlid>'
''     l[  Limn a thaw  is in pro   f|.(i|n |lis wifej flruce \,\ McCon
'''     .'P l"     Hie presenl   the   no|   We congratulate   the lady *j'. mi
■<>■"  fall has onlj   been  hejivj   jn .,„,;,.;.,,.,,)„„. in,',|.'-,i-,rtiors!iVp'\vit'lV \ "<V. llVi-'m- nt'    present   doing  business, a J country   for   milling purposes,
.'"nigh lo provide good slen_ii ..^    ^   South   Fort   Oeorge,  barber shop     and two restati- The boilers   for the big boats
Considerable    dissnpointmenl returned   here   last   week. The ; ',ants ilt the Cnche to date. The weigh     about    50,000tbs each,
.,.,                            .         '                              ,      ,    , „,,u. of   ,-„,„.   whito    men and :«»'" steamboats   the machinery and  must     also be    imported
Northern    bun,ber < om-   is e.xp essed n.tin  lesu t ol    1 ,U1(,        (s ()f whujh a|,, ,.,,,, ()f ,        Vancouver. There is every
'losed    down this salcol    the   Quesnol i townsite -       •'       |     t> P fch   ^              Distributor and siun    of   railroad construction
""'..    IIU |
lhe ereel,
W'S.   The
"l"'l:ilions   i
cn|iditions permit, Tin
•'ire   kepi   in   ||i,
inui cioseii    down nrs  r.i,,    o    ,,,.     -.     . .     ,,    ,     .     Ul(, steamerg      UlStriDUtor anil sis.il     ol    railroad construction
n_'   to the freezing of  by the government, which took , J <' ■>   ^ I >   '   / «J«   "  (-)|n,    ,,   whi(.,,   tho contraot. a,tivit    ftt Tetfl Jaune Cache.
"V;' "URPlie- IL. b .luce on  Way      ctober t e ■-    '^ ^"^ ^J Lrs have been   working on the The    right-of-way    has     been
"""   U '"  '•'"•|""m"!"r  SIX':"'" ,.''■   r        ,1 i ve v   Wteen miles south of (iuur des- i ^Z'm T''''' ■ ^lI] h,"     U5 U"l *lM f°r a distal1W °f ab°ut
s as soon as weather   were olleied loi sau   mn  a \eij     .      . ,„   length   with   a beam of  17 ten miles     south of the settle-
, logging small  portion   wen; ^3^.      Mr. Bourchier has commenced K The expense of construct- ment. The grade is prog
woorf8 ,„   The upset I  l<u^,    ;''.,;. n,,, construction     of his store ".8 th,'st'.„ bl8 boats    at Tete rapid]y throughout the '
I,:'::::    ,        : LSiSSil   -"tiding near     the site   when,''— "111  be very great, par- ,„„„, p&s_
"' meantimi
accredited the low peree
M>' M. Burr, of the engin '.-  sales made. In comparison with
.he Yellow-
in. linn 0[ nmT aM(| Ferguson   l.asl year, the showing is bad.      I).  I). Sprague, of the 0. T. [surveys Iv was   district engin-  Mr.  Randall has receives three
''''turned from   n  business visil   Last year, oul of 100 lots oiler-j p   J^,,^-jM(M.,-;t,u- staff, tvecompan- ''er.  We    hope   tbat his duties  months leave of absence.
'" 'bo   coast  cities   this week,  ed, 69 were sold nl  an average  i(,,| |.y ^Vii   Sprau-ue, arrived in  will again bring him to Soutii
ii'rr  is    ncccimptinn
,,| |)V  price of 313.-53, making ;n.total U]ie   |3u]j_leV    valley   the other   Fort George,
■""(    is      acci 'in uiiuii o  n,\    c      - . ,    , | • , : ' .'    .......
i    |'„,,udeii,., another mining of   t__M,  while  thei   sale this dfty ,„ superintend a section of
I.. C, Gunn, accompanied by
,,,,,,,  . ,   his sister,    Mrs.    Haggith  and
""U'nnor, iatdv'conu'ected with year only realized §6,730 from construction. Mr. Sprague is Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Rand- child, will leave on Monday for
llw'Geological Survey Depart- the sale of M lots oul ol .00 we]j |ulown t0 the old-timers all of the government office here Everett, Washington, for the
"""'  who is he,.,. I,, look  into I offered. there, as during tho preliminary  leave for the south on Monday,  wilder. J.B.DANIELL,
The pl.neer pulilUheri of the Cariboo Dlslriel.
the herald's policy is lo expose tlu, operation's ul qucst-
., ,u_l_ eiiteiin l*__ irudlng upon lhe lulu,, a&suied this .ect-
ion, and taking nilvuntage ul its iemot_ne__ in t'nisi tli, ir
-ommodoties upon » dli lanl mink. I.
DURING the period which marks the
existance of even the transitory and
inanimate things that cumber this earth
'here is some period reached which marks
•.he zenith of their usefullness, excellence and
physical aspect, in oth.r words, their perfection. As transitory mat ter, so described,
must reach a period, (he great world dwells
hut lightly upon its position in the scheme
of things and passes by to those of more
lasl.in.' interest.
So it is even with cities, when in the
stage of their inception they hang in the
balance of those powers that may make or
mar their future, that may nuture their
growth, or commit them to the oblivion of
things transient.
So hung the nucleus of this future metropolis since .its inception of three years ago
until this very afternoon, waen the culmination of our confident hopes was realized and the foundation of the future city
of Port George was well and truly laid by
the acquisition of the Indian Reserve by the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company for
townsite purposes.
Corporations   are   without   souls,  minus
lhe bowels of compassion, and out for the
long- green    all of the     time. The     Grand
Trunk   Pacific     Railway Companj   was incorporated for the    purpose of building a
railroad across Canada, and making cupney
for the shareholders. The G. T. P. in British Columbia bisects a stretch of the province, which,   prior to   the knowledge that
such a raiilroad was   to be   built, was the
territory of the Indian hunter, the Hudson
Bay Company, and the man with the gold
pan alona. Then came those who alienated
land, and the timber    man bought up the
forests. Prospectors who had been walking
over coal areas for years staked those lands
for outside capital.    As capital    made inroads upon  the    resources of the country,
bringing to light the latent possibilities of
lhe territory, it became early apparent that
there must rise,    somewhere    in    the wast
region traversed  by the oncoming railroad
a city of great importance.  A distributing
centre and     converging    point     for those
future railroads which  will  ultimately descend  upon the   country from  other directions than the lateral line of the G. T. P..
Port George,'the old Hudson's Hay- post,
situated at the junction of the Fraser and
Nechaco rivers,'.1'   was  immediately    recognised at the naturally strategical location,
and the spot predestined by nature to form
tin' site   for this   great inland city of the
future. It was soon apparent, however, that
(he assurance of development here depended
upon the acquisition of the Indian  Reserve
by the G. T.  P. railroad, for townsite purposes. The history   of the vicissitudes that
have  marked  (he reserve deal  we have set
down in  these columns    as they appeared,
The    townsite   gamblers     meddled    in  lhe
matter,  wild-cat   promoters sought   to in-
. Ilueuce lhe Indians to sell only that portion
which  would    bolster their flim-flam  town-
sites, and  (he lust  of averice was fostered
in   lhe  ranks  of  (he      red   men    by  a  little
Pronch  priest   whose meddling     helped to
compromise ihe deal in several instances.
Put all difficulties have at last been been
smoothed away, and after weeks of waiting
during which strong inside influences were
at work ii Ottawa seeking to overthrow
the pending final negotiations, the deal was
put through. "I find tl.ut the Crown can
secure the surrender of this reserve for one
hundred and twenty five thousand dollars,
Mr. McRae" said Mr Ramsden, after a conference with Chief Loui and the assembled
band, "will your company purchase af thai
 v -nu diuiiiiaie outcome of this deal. To the great investing
public in the world outside, however, the
official announcement meant everything.
The fact lhat the sale had been so long delayed has undoubtedly retarded development   to a,n astonishing degree.
A word of commendation upon the diplomacy, the ability and (he knowledge of
the Indian character displayed by Chief
Indian Commissioner .). G. Ki.msden, who
conducted all negotiations with the Indians
assisted by th' local agent, Mr. McAllan,
another able officer. Mr. Ramsden was able
lo gain the immediate confidence and respect of every Indian on the rancherie, and
in spite of strong influences which sought
in a measure to destroy his aims, lie carried
the whole matter through in a most capable manner.
If Mr.   McRae. the   representative of the
big railroad  company  lhal   will   make our
city, who acted fur them in this transaction
is  a  fair sample of  the officials which   t!,'
advance of the line will bring us into business contact with, then we are well pleased,
and we bid farewell  lo the courteous gentlemen wdio have lived amongst  us for the
past few weeks, hoping that on some future
occasion  we shall  have the opportunity of
entertaining    them  in   a  marble    and gilt
resiiiiurant in the city of Port George,
rort -eorge Trading & Lumber Cc, L'miyl
Operators of Steamers cn llie Fraser, Nechaco an.    '""<'«
Ci.. i D:  ->      _ "cun.
'xiB-ned i„
.-__* 'Creek>
Smart Rivers Manufacturers of Lumber   ^r'^ZnZZilZ
AH Kinds of Rough and Dressed Lumber for S_Ip
" Bone Dry Lumber in the Yards "
Phone: One-One Mouldings
 South Fort George  j
Send for a folder
0 V I. R A T I N G
Send for „ f.,d(..
Stages Autos     Steamboats
the llojal Mail passenger" Z _%f™^»»,»_
SlSSS _£ A",S h ArriVa'»'' C»P»/S Vs
««* wm be promptly tar*_<_T     Head Office: Ashcroft 'B r
l-HBmOHBmM_m__m_m_^mm_mm——.  '   **,V't   |
^VAVA\_fA%yA%^A% a _. __       Jm" "■" *J
price?" Mr. McRae, for the G. T. I\ gave
him a linger siun. the official form of surrender was signed, money paid over and th_
Indian reserve was the property of the G.
T. P.
rl_ stated recently that we had no idea
how many publications would be induced to reprint the climb-down article published in the Winnipeg   Post, a promoter's
organ,,,burlesquing    as a     Toronto Saturday Night.   Thu Vancouver World and the
Prince Rupert   Empire   are the   latest. The
World prefaces   the     Hammond    boost by
material calculated  to counteract and  bad
effects thai, the    truthful   publicity of The
Herald may have had upon the Hammond
interests.  We do  not  like the republication
of tike promoter's contrivance which appeared in  ..he  Post, neither   do we admire our
coast contemporaries for accepting  advertising of thut nature., and so we shall give
illustrated proof of all our statements! We
can prove    the Port    George   townsites to
have been misrepresented repeatedly in advertising matter issued by the Natural Resources Security Co. We can prove that the
Indians    were    influenced by   Hammond's
agents, and we can also prove that George
J. Haimmond is an ex-crook, known to the
police! and    able to     operate only     on the
strength" of his bank-roll.
We hav
secured the
agency for
and have a
stock of
for the
photograph e
2 Just Drop In and LetfUs Show You
^_\ r. __-______■ ■■
^k Kemember we pay special attention tj                       m
^ mail orders,                                              vj
'A Front Street, QUESNEL, B. C.              tt
VER on  George      Hammond's  town-
site, where, in October last,    at the
Dominion election,  the whole "Legal registered townsite of Port (leorge" cast exactly
seven votes,    tl.uy have  apparently applied
for and received a charter for their  Hoard
of Trade, covering the   whole Port George
'   Land District.  It would appear about  time
for the local Hoard of Troide to "come out
iil it" and shake itself up, reorganize, anything to get some giiiijj into it, and  let   it
do some more good work. Ue have nothing
against our neighbor's    organization, providing  it   is   not u>if'i{     as a prop for    Mr.
Hammond's promotions, and oven then we
have no kick coming if the promotions will
pay decent   returns to investors. The local
Hoard has    accomplished    a great   deal of
good   in   lhe  pa,;l,    and   we  realize  that   its
real period    of utility has   only just commenced,
To hell with politics.
Ui believe thai Ihe organization of political cliques in a young and ambitious town
s n ss hie eliminated, and
all the organizing energy of the inhabitants
of such places should lean towards tl*. perfection of an organization that is purely local, owing nol Ling to ambitious office holders, but whose endeavors are directed towards (he growth of ils city.
Then follows incorporation, am
al government
Corner Hamilton & Thin!
Smith Port George, ll.C   J
The newest and most modern I Rates   $2.50 and $3
hotel   ill  the  northern   interim.    Mon,hl* «nd.w_ekly rates..nap-
11 Plication
Albert Johnson, p™p.
3     ffiotel ex.     5
A . , f
To those who seek a
live community; a hive of
industry without drones;
come here and prosper.
ti . __r
fA Wa
«   Most  modern  up-to-date hotel  in the interior of British  tt
JJ  Columbia, K
fl   New four-storey building,   Accommodation for 120 guests tt
fA  AH outside rooms-large, well-lighted and ventilated.        R
VI  Mean, heated. 9
RATES $2,00'-PEft DAY UP
Weekly and monthly rates on application 7(
Wire for rooms u/;     . _r
Wire for rooms Wj K>KT GEORGE HERALD
CASSIAB  LAND DISTRICT.            \ _■„;,„  „• ======_==__.        IU^.\1_1.
01'I'll. Peace River Und District.           corn.."    T* a"d  mark«l  ".'   !•'     s    ,■ -r
*W f X»' tt," £ Ce8:a,fli J- -»' B L°cal and Genera 1! V*^^^^^Si
,,,,,1.. .„ .,|.|.ly  Ut  IKi^nss,,,,,   i„  i„„cli„s_   river   ,1, v.'  ,."""'"«   ''"'   >',c„„|,,,   " " S. ^    V'CI_ei cil   v1 -,-._,_,__                               ~~.--___._k
&"_-! ? f t,2 St MS *_~' -'""* R''WS' | -^ house a,t   rouiu    S; i The
U 80 clmins;  tiience soutl, 80 cliains"u       TA I.,,' ',   "'"'"■ Z'"''"""' » * ri.) , I,    '   ,        ^PPP^S   place   ,,|   >_ MAID) WlflT'lR. JMT     T?   ...
.„,   „i  commencement,    containing  64p  ol Sloca„  n  C       "   'F1*1*   C.,„.-,;,.... "»?* .Point,   which   will  be  n. !    vl fflfl IJ ffi        H   M  !#  W       If  If
So C "ARTHUR A. BURTON.           i» ''.^ W&_KFZ! ~ IS*"?    ^    WghLS               5 Wvft I lUUVl        LL
,llal Point, which will'     ' ."   g
«'mcipa|ly   by   freighLS "fi If
,„iiiii  ',•"">   '"   ""    "■'"■-'   ami   m.irkcd Llll
,.A, A.  II, &.  »'.  corner"  tltenee est  _o CA^TTii —
.|Blins;   thence    nortl,    8,.    chains;  thence o, T1,f i I"  ,,"U'11  '"STRICT
„,,, so cliains;  thence smith 8„ chains to !    TAKF  lo-M ,Rlv" '"."'I Districl
„„.,     ,i  commencement,     containing   640   ol Slocan   B  C       "   M:"'K'"'H   c°f"liu>
^o"""   °r ARTHUR A. BURTON. aselc'f° Z^' '^ZZTtt Z°"Z   Dfe.toZZ     "'■    '""-"«*>».       Al   J
'■^n'lzz z::,,ha\ s:           '"'''v,s ,,nl>""" stop. 4
01 The Peace River I,;„„| District.           0,    ,   "■ Z" "'"'  ,"i,rli"'1   "*.   C     S    E        I     , ' """       '"1(l       Blackwater     It
n,er, in ends to apply Ior jiermissio,,  to   the   river   in »TJ'.   "»'   "" Sttna  oi   ,|ir(;    ',    ""    ,"'   ll('''('.     ll   is   the    -
"s    n   b"c.,w   ZC %   E 8o "*"»: S«« LST !"'■""• '«  ^tuated    aboul 30 3
uitends to apply lor ,S sio™'o   te "veTd   0l,°.""K   "■«  »-«" l!ri,™" oi                .°Uth    "f   ll"''". ll   is   the    _\
'  ""' '"'""'».« il-crlW   ds!      |„„.„ . ;,'''*'»!»:''>»   '"  P"inl   orReom ,"l"''sl     apology    for ,    ,.          A
lencing  ut  a  ,.,-st  planted  ,.,  miles   less.          '  """ 8   ''!"  acres  ,i,„r„     . house  between    ll,i '"l   'A
east „I Uic head on the south bank ol the   Sen 10 . \ _!„../, Ulls    l1(,inl   andM
Sation River   I marked  "W. ll. C     N       A, 1,   , ,         MARGARET COPFrANn 'Vsll"(,ft- 'A
,,; corner"  thence south  8„ chnins;   th.,,^ I Z___Z__    '  '"''                       '"-I.^Ml  ft
uest 8"  chains;   tlraicc    nurth   Ho   cllni,,.., I             rT^U '                    1 4
r •i * ^ 64°L- •'"■-■ i^'^zzvr., £■*•' itho«.z; ,i ,::.:r, ru wfen J
> •: -»<-<" —•. ^;it—i,^r 'i{;5"v^j -rs""('';'' S g two p
•*"'■ ' """Isi following  described       tnfonmat On     wis       i'i      •,    4
:nvi manufacturers of all
igh and dressed ■
and manufacturers of all kinds
of rough and dressed ■
!'_,cTer ""■'".' souti, f„ ,;;„,..';,:..,N  u,«' theft 0f        •   MUl,(l"^ «
We are consistent in our
prices and the stock is
new in our bigSecond St.
Our lumber is dry and tt
must be   used   to make k(
building resist the  frost tt
      I winter 5
n 5p;:Siii"i^s:S^ L^!ce and Lun,ber Tb* « ^ ^e f
""  'v"  *™  I   -' •-* ' "•'•- ' ' ' '-■ rv s, Br'dgo ucre sent oul t,,'    . ^^^^^^^-^^      K
orclicwl   i„  "I'    I '^'^'v^'c'>^W:W.W^5j<
ted of j __
TAKK notice Hint I, James U'dlow   ,,i ' iv"i.'"., '"'l'', '"'"  '" "',i>''1  "1   C   I'wltl     ,i ■"•giBurttlo reg
B- C  occupation  fcl!^,-    LT"^^^ '' 8° ^ ^""   P '    °f     :l Pair of
SSSXS'ri10 " ''.r;..-:si '''»''»^'n..M,,:;!™,d;r',:ri's; Lr..-hl"s |,;i1-'' of n,
in., .a
c .ii.,,
■ k "'"I  ,.  ,..    o   ,,        .
mrner   thence north «o chains; them,. west   —
in  ruitilS:     t  ii'tiri-    v,.ntl.     W.,    _1__;...        .. i
^^7777 lllivillir    r.,m,>.,'n...J       ,V ."'
...... suspected ot
[having  committed     the  theft,
The men were found down (own
poinl     i    commenccmeii.,    containinir 6.0      TATfF   „u     ..   .'T I'nl"1 District I,,-.i       ,    . -   ,,,„,,
" 'rt "r ll'ss' N- b c 'occ,,, u ,,G,r .R!'rl'>-. "f sto- j wth   their     blankets   and Z
tends  t„    „   v """'''   w"".."..  ».     Stolen   shoes     «t„i„    I •     ,0
^on^inrL^Ta'ir" "' """h-" Parcel. The   ,„o    ' .I    ? "! :!
ii,Zii." Z".'""' m.rb«i "G. k.  a e   the lock-up
1st.  l.ll.
City Livery'
and Feed
Second St.
i me lock-up. I
.„,(„„,„ K'vl'r :""1 m"rb'" ",(;.. K" s. K !    While   comin_r   no the    back I   Rigs,   Saddle and  Pack  Horses furnished on short notice.
corner"   thenee    „,,rth  8"  chains;    thence         '      '""""s     "I'   tnl       "." " I     .   •     . .    ,. , .    , , .        , ■—,     •    -
[west 8„ chains; thence souiii 8„ chnins: lane, the constables stopped lo I   Uraying oi all Kinds and excavating C "
J&r.^                                           drunk, and one of the       continually kept on hand,
ment. Containing fi_o acres m«re or less.       men, J,    Millar,     made   a    fpf- -
Sci)t._o,            GRACE KIRI1V.
I"  Hie Peace River l..,„,j District
.AMI  notice that  Walter 11.  Henderson
Saskatoon,      occupation   merchant,   inst" .ipply  for  permissinn   i„ purc|IMe
lie Inlh.w.ng descfiled  lands: ,„..,,„,      ,	
Cnimnencmg at a  post  planted  i_  miles   m.,Tt. cZ'_i_T^ ""U"  "'
I. comer"  tdence soutl, 8o chains;  thencc ! ZLZZZZZ'"''
nst *■>  chains;     tltciir_*   nurtl.   b«   ^i   ■ Z. ■ 	
- -s. foi,„wi„;,;„c;ru!;,^ zz   z-z^z \-z^zzz~i
"    "ZZo"  _"      '"' '   l""""--       TAKEInn'- — "-'^ J""'" "is,ri
•    ' .wawUThTnderson. ^;:iv"f„r',"r,;;;:;"",i"""'"i'";: .;:;;,;^«" a"7cnr LU"s'T,e'fc0 ^iv'' h™ l
■'•■""yi1- '^ '.'-,,. ;w;,;:;.!i7„;:,s purcl,asc"" '-11;     • /"v"1"'1 h;s revolver.,( I
"; "ssiak Lvn^^rIct— '""zzz'-zz ir_ *••"•"»*«« -_meTml Srd fired'Al the 	
""-*•-' ■    I«^3»- 5*-"C ^'£^frtivWbE I nn un     Real Estate   MH mm
- Jo him three times to stop," but
z^'^^rZi;zz.Ztt iltdTk"'" *;id,t on ^g
^"i,"'.^-""' ""'-K;.   !niileconstable, to give him
men, ,J.   ,\|j||ai.        , i, mm	
"it 9.."".!*1   «»"',V',,,Ni'!i j Terms reasonable and satisfaction guaranteed.
■_r» -      _  ■—    -
; must
£V^S-«_h_ ZZZZ'Z^ £ tV:. =f«   MM ums     ___»' Estate   hbh ,
Tol'ti v l';r "."<"*»"» i" purci, .ii.enc,. , v«, ,„,„. "'V'1''111 *' rli«'11', portion   „ft|„. j H'^aa^K-saHfcttaMi
w the (ollowing described  lands' river im .tr ''  lm'!""li.ri„„,s „f   back. |      »7_J»*»_, _k_rv_3 A
_?_=^^.^l-_?r^^js.. lir^fr'iii-g^ [^kths-. ■: 4LTo^b;Xc_E%.o.
; >aquest is to r/AVAWAw_.w_T?T" _—«————/
ollowini!   Ihe  me.nderiiiEs  oil        "• n„. ,,,.,.,.       .     , 	
stream   to  point   ol  commence.      TAKK    uZ   ZZ \."Z
"img  640 acres  nmrc or less       Slocan    II    c ',r,v   p""'lcrv,   ,.(
 EMMA M. PARKER.           in (.nflv W „"£" to ™^(! | Timsd"1^11.      ^^    ^   ""    ^~ ■————.   .._. wuln  r™   Ui-UKGE,   B.C.     I
.-^^^uSTOrt. " ls,';r;;H.';:ri,,';:;v'' » 1 ^^^op^todat0 !_^^^___K.^^^^v_^^^3rCird!
AKK '"t"';,::';:;j,!;- up"kr■.°(v— ^r"^ :,r, ;• ;snic b-k _<; "x': "y second man is s; l n 'A •»,   AAAxA^^5l_iiMi_3
-!">•'-'ir:,1,.;,; ■ i:::j,,;"c ::r, *';:;," "",""s-'"'"-" "■«.« th;,I,,!,kup »«-nitini; trial,     cl mM7»«-»  "CB1 __-_. •        __->.__.
"?. ^rihed  ,„„„ .h^^^^^.--  ^ ' . ,    ''--«"-,   „ ,11 show W.ie, her   ^WlH«lll^_iBrjC  .P^        ^
■zzzz,t ..j^r^ite^tft p^BlaiiftCo,
    „-      .nam..,    men
I«M 80 chains;   tliencc    nurtli   Ku   chain
liuce west  following the meanderings oi
' 'r  '    cun to puint ut commencement,
! jo acres m«irt* ur loss.
town  is   naturally    somewhat 4
c^>_lZZ7^iZiZ- ^'gh   Wkle    instruction        >J
: r^^^S£,        f^,on ;"'<' it is very nece" °
WM. KENNEDY, Manager. wi
Cor. Second and Hamilton Aves., SOUTH FORT GEORGE, B. C.
  v^z-zzzzzzzzzZzz'T^ii WUSM^ti'A   ,	
.CASSIAR uVD~_m_Kr '   "c ,"1'        w"u' l,l's'r""''1 "'"«'« Sl,°"l(i bo ,ls«l in a last cxtren,    JI    7 .       ■■
"''""'"""' k    »—«/..««,, ..J{shmi(| ,     —J Burglars walked away with a
T"mTV. _-_•___  ^-Q    ,     . --_    _
 ^ ... .1 jjosi  planted  2b milc^
cist   nl   the  head  on   the   nortli   bank   ,,l ,
thai   ISloiun  D.  Copeland,   Nation   River nnd  marVed  "C  G.   S.,  S. i
in,   M    C.   occupation   mine-owner,   VI.  curncr"   thence north Ho chnins;  tiience I
■   v  for  permission to purcl,    easl   80   chains;   thenc,.   south   80  chains;   tujlli     6 .
"«iii};  descrihed  lands: tnence  west  .ollowinf;  the  mcanderings ol   g-nt in I'M I'll dill,"..'
tnc.nj .,1  a  post  iilanted   ,.|  miles I river up sire,,,,, to poinl  ol commencement      AiilmisI  znd    ign 'u|.''-ii-
lhe lie.id    on   the  north   l>.,nk  of   and  containing 6^0 acres more or less.
Hon and  marked   "15.  C.  I).,  S.   Scpt.30.       CHARLES GORDON STUART,   " cT«b7_o  iTwn  mi^voTToT-
'.  !»«« J""-!. 80 cl s; thence     A„,„s,   ,st, ,.„. aS^Stl
lowing   the  meanderings  oi CASSIAR   I.ANI) DISTRICT
2 Burglars  walked  away with a 5
'« number of our watches. We have, g
^ however, a good selection left.     ft
_4 kfr
I'.;".. "I commencement!        Vi,7"r ^V^^^nSrict.        ip - ".-. ,„„,. intends to  „„„v    ,
........  r.i>ci i..,n,i Distri
TAKK   notice   that    William   Kc
•ci.,,, , ; """  '••"", District.
IAM. not,cc th.it  H,rrv l.cc ol Slocan
f'Z-< oc.c«Pnt'oii miner,  intends t |.
I."   t'criinss,,,,,   , ...,.....    .1      .  .. •'I'I'1.'
|M      bKVcQW^ND.      ISI /ire   occupation C7ptai,r_'r&. ll~ 	
   blocan, ,ntends to apply lor pcrmissiui to      Commencing .,t  .,  ,,os,  .,),„„,,, ..
CASsIIS   UND DISTRICT " I'T''"'"  ""  l"""w,"«  dMcriue<"  lauds       Z*'- '"   ""'  l"'"'i   "»   Uie' s u      . „
ITi,_„..      .^W1J DISTRICT. I   CommenciiK „, ,, |)ost ]>UnM       m,|e_  Nation River and marked    II «   ,',''  J
,sl  "'   ""•  '"•"'  t'"n,er     "mice     south  8o   chains'  the, '^
()| n',",,,K  '•'ANI) "'STRICT.
lAKB .     ''"'     lu'r '■..."l liistrict.
enst   ol   the   head
ih..t   D,        ti • v      '"   ""'  llc "   tllc  "■"'th   hank   „|   c"r"er"   ">c"ce     soutii   80   clmins'  *.V ,
"       »•> id   D.   Craig  or Nation   Kner ll0rked  -\V.  K    S   \V    ,Msl   8"  chains;   the ice    norll.  in
'"     "    '•'   m-r    n.tcniK   ,,, erne,-   thencc      north   80   cltailfs' the.5.   H»««   «,,,   roilolvZ  the^ m _„deri„f.",_
"   l"  '""''*■.■-■  'I-  '"I "•""   «■.■■'     thence    south  80 chains; Irnet "l.'-stream 1 !i„,        "*"1B °
containing 640 acres more or less.       ^	
c-  HARRY   r,KE.
1 wi 1.
Hwiheil la" ,,l°  i""T'WM-  ll"'  '"'    ,';lsl   H"  ■'''.'»"•.   thence    south   80' chains" !riv<* «l'-»t«
""wiiil! .,1 .,  tiosl  „i,„,  1   ,       ,       """ W('s1' r"llow"i8 tl- meandering. ,,i   rontaininj. 6
l:"   '"■•.'I   0    the' " l.lllcrLHTIU|. ■M'''"'" '" I'"11" "' ■""».-."one, i S,'J"•■"'■
'  U""' nnd  marked  "n    B   r     S1   J.0"'""""* ''I" ""» """'■ or less. !    A„..„st   >,„   	
'"     thenc    nil, "    .!•  S    Sl'l'',u- WII.I.IAM   K1JRBY. ,	
h ch'li"»i  thencc    sou   Tc S        "''"'   'S' '  '""' CASS,AR j,AND ,„ST1__H
Time'yourself here.
"u'i" H Craig
Ol The Peace River l.,„„l District. ,i "i ."  "".i"."""  "",ller,   micnus  to
TAKK   notice  thai   Charles   A.   McKer. ;'l,|,lv  '"r  ^T.   ',       '""      "      "  '"'
.                            ,      ...                           , . ]u\\ llle     (IfM I llll'll       .lllll.S
li.irm,   ul   St.ivner,   Unl.    u.eup.ilinii   mn r    h                                      ,     .   ,             ,
chant   intends' t„'npplv  for permission  to t,,,„,,,c„,„,r   „   ,  post  planted    _  miles
,          ,,      .   .I      '-i              ii      , eHS!   ul   I lie   head    i>n    t hi-   s- iii t h   li-mk   "I
purchnse  the folowtiiK  described lands N          ,,     .      ,        ,               „
CommenciB  „ta  post planted  .■„ miles ..nu.r.,   |||nu|.
'ZZ"   ,'AN'"  DISTRICT.	
'   '  '■•''""ilu!,lV,i"".! r'Ti"''' "Z   ufDt.,ll!''l"!»'!   »«   H":    11. Wi'"of l"""'r"   lhm.ee    south    So   chain's';'  ii
•   ,, , '>   "CU   McKcIchcrtn  nl Nat    River  .unl  marked   "C    \    McK vu"'1   's"  eh s    Ihcnce    north   So  ch
,„        ■     '.'  I'.".'."   merchant,   iu S.   v..   corner"   thencc     norlli   s„  chuins'.' ,l"'""'  ■'•lsl   Wlowinij   lhc  nieauderin
»       deseri Z ,""",""  l"  I"1"1"180 ""■""'   ''■"•'    S"   cl'uius;     thencc   south   8. ""r  '''»"  siren,  •" ^'"*-
'.      ""  ."."ls: chums,  thencc west lollowino  th,. n.cnnsci ""'.". eonluinine ,,
.,,   !,_....      ,os    planted   16 miles iiiRS  ol   river  tip-strcnm  lo point   „|  con, S_l«Jo.
";". ."id iii.,'rk,.,| "_"'Z •ll'"'k   "f "H'""'""'.".  eonlniiiiiiii  iMo .K,,,s  , c „r      A"R"»'   «"i.,l-li
"'"I:"   "hence80sonO.',i.;    !'"'""'   Z''"' CIIARI'"S A- McKACIIARIN. CASSIAR   UND DISTRICT
■i, ■       I, so,ui.   So   chans;    ..urns    ist ,   |.|ii ,,   The I',,,,., u„  .   ,   . ,   ,
... zzzZi mc",,<iiri"«s "M '    ' — rAiZ:ZiZuZuiZ.,zz s,
, ,.    " '"'"it of commencement, CASSIAR   l.ANI)  DISTRICT. can   11.   C.  occupation   -Tacksiiiit..'     ..,.._
M.'ll     i"ri•'.',.■''s"' '        Of The Pence River Laud Districl I ply   lor  permission   to      „ i,s      i
,..      £«"« McKERCHElUN. |    TAKIC    notice    ll,.,,    .l„|„,    \\.     Cr„w,   follow ng descri ««1 1_,   " '       a*°   ll,t
: i>l" .iocs in..11- ,,r |Css
c River Lund liistrict,
of  Slocan,   11.   C,  ucctipnlion   fur r,   in       Commencing ,,t  „  nost   planted   ij mil
icmls to npplv  h.r permission  io purchase   east ol  the head on south  hank of Nittii.
the lollowing  descrihed lnnds; River and marked "II,   K.   \    |.'   ..nn''.,'."'
.si  plnnled  -'.' miles   thencc   smuli   St.  ch,,,„...
mill   bnnk   ol   chnins;  tlicnce north 8o clinins;   lh,
Why pay fancy prices for
distant acreage when you
can purchase i ©-acre waterfront tracts directly opposite
the Reservation here, which
is to be the G. T. F. townsite?
Come to me.    I'll help you buy.    Write for acreage
Real Estate Specialist South Fort George
I.   ' ""'""'   tint  r.i.       ZZ; '    Commenciiig  nl  .,  post  plnnted  .... miles   thencc   soutii   So  chuins;     tliencc   wes    ... V—______
-,„„,    p     mat   tieorpc  A.   Ogll,  of   cast  ol   lhc   licud  on   the   south   bnnk   ol  chains; tlicnce norlh 8o chnins.  Ihenco     _      V" _==-.— 	
, lo»l'plj  for i ,   ''■'  .°"   Br"k")r'   '"    Ni"'""  H'vcr '""' mnrked "J.  W. C, N.   following    mcanderings    „l   'river    dnwii
""»'in,   ,in«..ii r,"",ss'."  '" Piirehnsc MV. cor •"  thenee soutii 8o chnins;  ihencn   stream   lo   poi |  commeucemenl    .„,, R___>___>___>^'_."__.> __s'_cs^_.s^i.s-.	
;".."".iu„„.  .,,' . ">l'''   '"".|s. ;>.'si   «„   cl,„,„s;   ihcnce   noril,   K„   chains;   taining 640 neres more "r^ less.        ' 8     AAAAA■*•-A.-^----._K_t'_*__&_*
•4 ti,,   1       •' l'osl  planted -ti miles : thence west up stream following the menu    Scpt.30. III'C.lI FRASKR "
  River   ,',„,   "",""'  "orth   lmnk   of  dcriugs   of   river   to    poinl   „l   commence       Augiisl  .'ml.,  nm 'A    #ll^rv«_^.     __.     1f__
>i" ,:,..'',   "".ril'.'    '<'■■   A. (',.,   S.l ment,  contuining  (.. cres  ,„,„■,. ,„■  |..8S.     —   _     \_,i_\_€_f-   J_T    f&Tf* £_-_&T *S
' *" .1,,, ,;  ',""•".  80 chuins;  thencc I Sept.30. ..0IIN  IV.  CROW. CASSIAR   UNI)  DISTRICT A     *-'**Jf>3*'   4SC   JOI O V¥ll
"' fiisl    , ,, , tnence  south  80  chnins;      August   and,   1911, Oi The I'eaee River I md l)l«it.l.i __ ......... _r.      _._-
! *«,     7' fi   ll1"  '"-' "'"'«« ■■'  —  TAKK notice Ilia, Cecil ll., .!.,„,. v A South Fort George, B. C.
1 .,,„.'"  I"""t   "f  coiiiincnce CASSIAR   I,AMI  DISTRICT. ol  Vancouver,  11, C. occi Hon  ,„,,„..    .,,' -
""wiisi "'«   tne  mcanderings  of    —                                                             TAKK notice Hint Cecil Hat  1 utlcv *             «««"» - ---  _._Orge, _B
'.  i.,,,,V'' I"""1  "f commonce I           CASSIAR  LAND DISTRICT. ol Vnncouver, II, C. occupation farmer   in 4
,'"           v,l it,-^''T """'' '"'  lcS9'         "' The p''"a' Rim l"""1 "'"triet, lends to npply for permission  to inirc'liaso U
l'".' 1st     '   -'""'l'.  A. CAM..                TAKK      noiice   thnl     Rnlph   Ollle    the following dcserllietl I Is: ft    ^B.
'•                                         Slocan   11.   C.   occupntion  mill  owner,   iu Commencing ,n  a post   iilanted   16 mllei __      ■■        __-__
, l'.WS|vD~7Tr— npplv   b.r  permission   to  purclmse   the   (,,! , east   „.   the   hc.,,1   ,,,,   u„.   s„„i|,   j1MI,k     , JI       ■        |B BMl%n
"ill,,. ,, "   '''.Ml  IMSTIMCT                the following   described   lnnds: Nation   River  .itul  marked   "C    II    I     V    4       H     i__T_l   ___■                9 <M_.,___,.  -_     s „„ .„.   ....    ,.
IK|':  1    ''V- Und District.          I    Commencing   nl  n  posl   plnnted   ,.|  miles K.  corner"  thence south ,So chnins     lie,,,, _     -mmJt%%Jt%MK__\,_&9__yim'^    ,1     I     ■                                L(
"'. Ore.,   1,     *,l:"*     Jnmes     Kills,   of   cant   of   the   hen    lhe   south   bnnk   nt  wesl   So   chuius;   then,, rtl,   80   chailis. A                                                      BT^ ***                   (sl   UCSlUTlS,    t'llll   lie   f,
.'"leiitls  ,'        ,A-  occupntion  merch   iNutiot,  River nnd  marked  "R. G.,  N. W. \ llience  east   billowing   the   mcaiiderlnim   ,,,' '_. <,„.,. hn o „;„ii 1              k?
«* tl,,.  |,;,l,l""lv   ''"'  Permission   to  corner"   thencc    south  80  chuins;   Uicnco  rivor down-slrcnm to  ,t  nl  commence A    Store.     We   have  SDeciallVorl   in IhiVlh,           1 ,'•    , ,              '"'   _>
"""eiieiii   '   lowl»l!   described   lnnds:      enst   «»   chains;    ihcnc  north  No  chnins; moul, containing 640 ncres 1110.0 or less 4    FiriPP of   ,,]„,■          SV.f[ Z(3fl   'n <'11S lino, and foci thejlSStir-   ►.
"I  II,,.',;''."   I'i'Sl   plnnled   16 miles! thencc   lollowing   lhc incillldcrlllgs  ol   river I Scp.,u,. I'Kl'll.   IIAVIIIIS   LUTLKV H—~——-i___.     8 "0U "    ^nipS arc (ho  (lllji't't  (if   Vlilir (innwt    ti
 "   ""'  "urlli   bnnl.  of  11p.atr.nm l" v t <>/ em encement, con Augiisl and., 1911.                                  '' ^^^^^^^^SWWWWWWW^^^jipsj^^S
A choice variety, in- K
including all the fat. _5
est designs,  can be k
seen by a visit to our f_ Messrs. Hepburn and Gallow-
of Vancouver, owners of the
coal deposits on the Bear river
located by Joseph Wendle, who
have been inspecting the property, passed through town on
thoir wav to \ ancouver this
.Messrs. W. P. Cooke and -)•
Bronger provided a most enjoyable evening's entertainment
in their residence on Second
street last Wednesday evening
at a card party attended by
about forty guests. Tl.- affair
lasted until the small hours of
the morning after.
Several treaigh teams left
here this week to bring in loads
over the sleigli road from Soda
Surveyor De.V'olf, accompanied I). Messrs. Livingstone, In-
^lis and Broun have arrived
Irom the held, having closed
their season's work here. They
leave on Monday by stage lor
the south.
An amusing little newslet has
floated down   upon  the bosom
of the mighi.y Fraser from Tete
Jaune Cache.   It concerns two
of the drove of blind-pigs tl,at
persue      their     nuid-wallow.ng
carers     in     the   construction j
camp area,    which  is destitute
of regit,ated licenced Louses for
tie vending of intoxicating liquors.
It appears   that two advent- i
urous spirits left Kamloops for
Tete Jaune, loaded to the gun- j
whales with     a $1200 stock of
booze for the ready, though il- !
ligitimate, market, found where
Dagos and Swedes labor at the
raising of   a railroad j_rade in
fever infested camps at so-much
a day. They came to the Cache
by tne back-door route up thei
Nortii     Thompson    river,   the1
easier to escape detection. When
near Tete    Jaune   Cache t',_y
l.i ild   council   together and decided  to cache the bottled joy
and hie themselves to the centre
of local activity to spy out the
lay of the land. The wind was i
blowing up the little McLennan
river valley as they cached the
cases   away in     a rock crevice
and covered the pile with brush
to hide it   from prying eyes,  .
The wind was    cold and the
boot-leggers were in a hurry to
reach the Cache. They did not
endeavour to hide their tracks,
or to note    whether their actions were   under    observation,
but rushed     tt.3 job   through,
blowing on  their numbed  lingers and drinking deeply fro_n a
bottle   of   their stock-in-trade.
Across   the    little   McLennan
valley Iwo of their ilk watci,_d
and waited.
Their tireless efforts were now
to be rewarded. The cold and
t1"' privations of the long trail
of no account now with so
much remuneration for those
trilling inconveniences at hand,
thought the Kamloops booze-
peddlers as they beheld the
Mecca of the'r hones. They
staggered and groped their way
back along their tracks by
night, prepared to tranship the
cache to a distributing centre
arranged for. only to reach the
■spot and line, lhe cases iron,.,
The sil,.M( waie'vrs had looted
the spot and are now peddling
the dope along the grades,
Of I'eaee Itiver Land Distriet.
rua^-^i^ f__ia.i_i.Ji
More than half the lots already
sold. Get your lo', hsra and double
your money in the spring.: : : ; :
Easy terns:.—No interest until 1913
E.o_..! suits solicitors
Fourth St., South Fcrl George
Fort George, H.C. Victoria. B.C.
F. I'. Burden, Mur. !■'. (\ Green, Mgr.
Nelson, H.C. A. II. Green, Mgr.
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
Civil Engineers, Dominion & B. C. Land Surveyors
Surveys of Lands, Mines, Townsites, Timber
Limits. Etc.
Watch   '_____.
PtfllMMf IY
i ill li   .11
9 lili) I _____ 1 I
Farm Lands, Garden Tracts,
Timber Limits, Mineral Claims,
Tow;. Lots
Having resided in tin3 Fort
George distiict since the first
frame building was erected,
and kin.wing all lots on the
different townsites, I will undertake the sale of all property placed in my hands.
Edward Roberts
Real Ks,,,,... Nolan Public. Insurance Agent.
Auctioneer and Valuator
Reference,:   The Bankof Vancouver and The
Tiadera Ban. of Canada
Fori G ge.
wirti1  bv
We don't ask  you  to purchase South Fort George lots bv
making a pencil mark on a townsite plan   You would
be safe in so doing, but if skeptical
come: to
_ h _
=3    Investigate Our Fropositicn   e==^
and you will find a good live town    Two I anks, saw mil
pool ball, newspaper, two general stores, splendid
hotel, baker)', stationery store, mail-boat
landing, scores of buildings,
and crowds  of  satisfied   buyers
172 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B C , or the residentagenl
g. e. Mclaughlin
Fourth Avenue, South Port George
Assets Exceed Fifty Miliim Dollars
1910 j!
f 1836 j
Th. Bank of British North America
Your money is Rafer in the Bank than In your house or in your
pocket. It is not tied up Vou nan rc( ;i mil al any time with
out delay. N0TI.S (Uncounted. Local nnd Foreign Drafts houglil
and  sold.  COLLECTIONS made promptly.   Money Orders Issued.
Fort'George Er._t.cls,       L. G. MacHaffie, Mgr.
Sendarllclesby mail to Fori Georgo, B.C.
Land Timber Cruiser
Pre-emptions Located.
I.9.TMATE9 Submitted.
core & McGregor.
Victoria and
Fort George, B. C.
and General Repairing.
NOTICE is hereby given that
on the first day of December next
application will be made to the
Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel licence to sell liquor by retail in the
hotel known as the Hotel Northern situate at South Fort George
in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 29th. day of October,
TAKE noiice i,hat Laura Ellis, of Portland, Ore., occupation married womr.., intends to
apply for permission to purchase the following deserihed ||>,.lc|
Commencing at a post planled at the Soul'. |_ast end of an
Island one mile west of the east
end of Choo-chi lake and marked "I.. I... S. K. corner" thence
northerly 70 chains more or less
t;.,.nce westerly fo'lowing the
meandering of shore, thence
southerly following the meandering of shore; thence easterly
following nu .videring of shore
to point of commencement, containing 500 acres more or less
August :Wd, 1911,
Bronger & Flynn
Plans and blue prints made
Estimates submitted
All kinds of wcrk promptly
| South Port George
Fort George **+
r_        t. "ons a
mm Co.    JO*
II h is si ason-    I •      I •
able weather fortune JUICe
A Iniiti,  loci   ,,' which I, nlwnyson hand.
Head Office: - TORONTO, ONT.
Paying Gut-of-Towi. Accounts
Small amounts can be sent safelj and at small cost by using
Bank Money Orders. Any bank in Canada (Yukon excepted)
will cash them without charge, and they can be cashed in leading American cities.   They are sold at the following rates:
S5anri under     -     -       :i cent.-. ('".,■   •' to $10 -     -     I ,■,.„;..
OverSlffJtoPSSO    -     -   10 cent» Ovoi KOlo.KO     -     -     -    16 centi
Capital and Surplus - $6,550,000
H. C. SEAMAN, Manager.
^^Mm^mm_w_mmu_m__w_VBm*_mmi_a...Bliiinw/_i-_r___<■_•__.-_wt.. _m. .g^rsrw»q_-H_. mwt t .tr_m-_mm<mnttmw
=_,      Head Ol-ir.: V/LlVCOUVKft, «. C.
li I rt K C T ii 11
11.   P.   McLennan,    I..,,..   Pregirient:   M
I. in,    .Mi'.Y.Iv   ..   Co .    Wholes),
llnrdwnrc,  Vancouver,  H.C.
M.   II.   OAltl.IN,    K., .    Vic,  President        J     (
Oiilill ,list,  Victoria,  B.C. '•   '
HIS  HONOR  T.   tt    I'', i lOlt.SO I   Men        P..   11
Robert  ICorinedy,    New Wcstniiii
I,.  IV. Si! \TI'.)KI)    I' ,,.,  M |, A.    Mtr Coluii, I'm      I „     Ud..
rt, int.  II. (ilrv,   It , .    ' ver,   II.  ('.
V..   II. M \I.l. ('-.  I-.   |., Tin   IV.   II. M i|-       .1     \    || \r ,
kin   i'ii.,    I.lrl .     Wholesale   ri.oc.ri ,,/  ,',  i,„',,.     ' ■ ,
v ■""■"'• B.C. v ,    „,., u;   ,;,;.,
i;i.:ni.;i;ai. banking business transact! u
For.'George Branch; F. N. iiKWAK, Manager.
Divisional point
LOYAL Si  DAVIS,   Props.
-.makers' supplies
a specialty
Four pool tables
Splendid environments
For the best apples, potaloi
wheat,   oats,   hurley and  r.ve
wn in Central British Columbia along the line of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway,
Not more than one prize awarded to one person. We will pay
freight charges from Prince Rupert, Hazelton, Telkwa or tort
George, to Vancouver, Ii. c, A letter signed by two witnesses
must accompany each consignment, giving legal description
of land on which samples were y,; wn, and wherever possible
r.ame£of variety should be given. In letters regarding apples,
state age of trees and when they commenc id bearii g,
Prizes will bo awarded D mbor Itth.lllll. Cnmno.onl   IiiiIri   will.-. rc.U(_>lol to mnki Un
North Coa.
5. I
General Offices: 610 to B2<_ Meliop(....iin Bid;!;., Vancouver, B.C
London Office:    « Old Jewry.
MX.Wiggins.   j
HOUSE TO RENT, 2 rooms,
"Mlil March 1st., next. $10. per
mont i   ,\,,|,|v ihjs 0fficei


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