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victoria, is. u.
5. NO. 15.
ISP?    & *W *r W?w*P v
mmg in
Mr George Swanson of Bark-
1 '  who recently arrived in
ites that operations
that section indicat
this city
are eif11"
in. »■'
revival in the mining
.luring    the   coming
has been going on dur-
pasi summer with most
Lory results. This is
arly true of Chisholm
htiiing Creeks, especially
which now stands
It mi
tapped the  gravel with a dri
hole,   but owing to the great
water pressure were unable to
go further; each bore hole from
the tunnel resulted in a geyser
of water, slum gravel and coarse
gold, as high as one hundred and
sixty   nine     dollars    spurting
through with the gravel in one	
»!*.£"„*! £ifrom Complicated Pneumonia Attack.
bottom of the Creek. J .    ,      . —
A number of theories have'Authentic  reports just  received  credit Germany with
been put forth by practical mining men as to the most practical	
Paris,---Official.-General situation remains unchanged
Latest War News
Half Dozen German Submarines make
Attempt to Enter Admiralty Harbor.
; I Persistent Rumors State Kaiser Dead
methods of reaching this rich
deposit, and its most economic
working. The heavy slum deposit and great under-pressure
would seem to leave an uprise
from an under - channel tunnel
out of the question. The consensus of opinion seems to support some such means as those
employed on Upper Lightning,
i. e. a number of shafts sunk
simultaneously and thus draining
the entire valley. This no doubt
will be accomplished during the
coming summer.
Williams and Antler Creeks
are paraleil cases, where millions
have been mined from a small
area, while their benches, especially on Antler, will make great
hydraulics. The reason that
these Creeks have not been
worked as in the Yukon District
is due to the fact that in the
Yukon the ground is frozen to
bed-rock,   where    sinking  and
in. im-
and hi.
of the l;i!U'r'—^^_____
second in point of gold products coming next to Williams
and proceeding Antler.
According to (lovernment records a very little over two miles
of Lightning has only been worked, ami it has produced approximately twelve million dollars.
rem paradoxical that
orations on such a rich
Creek be confined to such a
small area, but it is explained by
the fact that in proceeding down
stream ih'' values became less,
and the bed-rock dipping to great
depth made drainage impossible.
But the fact of the values diminishing dues not prove that the
Creek becomes a blank or that it
remains so for any great length.
This has heen demonstrated on
many Creeks in the Yukon, es-
pecially Bonanza, Eldorado, Dominion and others, all of which
helped lo make multi-millionaires. These Creeks had their
blank spaces, some of them for
over a mile, when pay dirt would
come in again equally as rich as
where it disappeared. This same
fact has been established by recent borings on many of the
Creeks that were so short and
rich in the Barkerville District,
namely Lightning, Williams,
Antler Chisholm and others.
The portion of Lightning that
yielded so much gold was approximate',;, one hundred feet deep.
The gold was heavy lead gold
and was principally on bed-rock.
Much difficulty  was   found   in nearest point  on
reaching bed-rock on account of 'and the minimum freight rate of
the great volume of water,  and recent years being seven cents
Was only made possible by over per pound.   The opening up of
twenty-five   companies   owning, this vast area by railways east
one hundred foot claims each, | and west, north and south means
material gains, both in Polen and Flanders.
On Thursday our aviators succeeded in dropping 16 bombs
on station and aviators headquarters at Freiburg in Baden.
In spite of vigorous cannonade they returned without
Petrograd.-Official statement.--No important changes.
In region of Passes in Carpathians on Dec. 8 attacks at
fortified positions held by Austrians, we captured four
more guns, 300 prisoners and many wagons.
London.—Half dozon German submarines made an attempt Thursday morning to enter Admiralty Harbor
according to Dover despatch to Exchange Telegraph
Company and for half an hour batteries kept up furious
fusilade, firing at least 200 shots. It is reported that two
or three of submarines were sunk, but no confirmation of
this can be obtained. Attempt was made under cover of
early morning darkness and during heavy rain storm.
First alarm was given by firing of naval guns, and soon
all batteries were in action. Admirality to whom this
despatch was submitted said it had not received confirmation of reported attack.
London. - British squadron under command of Vice-
Admiral Sir Frederick Sturdee, Chief of the war staff,
A Move in the
Right Direction
! need	
11. 1915 an
! will be iv:
fully (gru
farm impl
lhe following letter is self-
explanitory. We earnestly recommend its careful perusal by
all who are anxious to better our I
farming conditions. And then:
ACT. If you are no pre-emptor,
you certainly have friends who
are. Pass this matter on to them.
drifting is an easy matter as. .
there is no water to contend with 'engaged a German squadron under Admiral Count von
or any timbering to do, simply ajSpee off Falkland Island, South Atlantic, Wednesday and
matter of thawing out and rair-! won victory that is being acclaimed throughout England.
Armored Cruisers Schornhorst and Oneisenau and protected cruisers Leipzig, three of German warships which
have been menacing British shipping and were part of
squadron which sank British Cruisers Good Hope and
Monmouth in Pacific on Nov. 1st were destroyed while
cruisers Dresden and Nurnberg, other two vessels which
composed squadron, made off during fight ancl according
to latest accounts are being pursued.   Two colliers were
London.- German Kaiser suffering from pneumonia
combined with nervous depression due to over exertion,
according to telegrams Berlin to Amsterdam. King of
Saxony, representing Emporer William, arrived Brussels
to encourage troops
ing the dirt. In the Cariboo, to
attain the same results, would
require capital, heavy machinery
and persistency in a struggle
with the water, as it would be
necessary to drain the entire
valley in order to proceed.
Another drawback, happily of
the past, has been the remoteness from a railway line, Barkerville being two hundred and
eighty miles from Ashcroft, the
thc C. P. R„
proceeding simultaneously with
shafts and thus dividing the
water, Only after a long and
persistent struggle was bed-rock
reached, resulting almost without exception in fortunes for the
owners, many of whom bathed
in champagne and wasted their
substance in riotious living, while
others added to their fortunes
and in later life became famous
nn'ii in history and finance.
In rccnt borings at Wing Dam
on Lower Lightning, some fourteen miles below the early day
workings, prospects indicate
even richer ground than anything worked on the upper
reaches during the past. Some
ol the bore holes produced as
high as one ounce of dust at bed-
rocl<. one hundred and eighty-
n">1' feet. This depth being
""Poetical for dredging, it will
Probably be developed as a
drifting proposition. As a re-
Bult of the rich pay discovered,
a fhaft has been sunk in the rim
w"h a iiiimel running out under
the Creek
British Columbias ind
between February
ie time your crop
for market'! State
ipplies,  Beeds and
___________    _____]
State fully what, other improvements you have made,
buildings, fences, well, etc.
What live stock havo you?
Is thero any land open to
homesteaders near you? It' so,
give sect' n numbers. Do you
consider il suitable for farm
  London. -   Reuters    Bologne
also the dawn of a new era in l correspondent who has jusfre-
dustrial his-1 turned to that point, says (ier-
mans on Tuesday were driven
out of Armentieres by  British
The development of this _|~ ^^ ^ ^
ritory  will mean much
City of Greater FortGeorge, and
we are of the opinion that if the
Real Estate element would de
vote more time to
range.     Armentieres   is
miles north-west of Lille.
Rome. -The Servian Legation
Paris. —■ Official. - Artillery
fighting in Aisne district resulted
in appreciable gains. On heights
of Meuse our artillery is distinctly master over the enemy, Both
in Aisne and Armolne we occupied enemy's trenches.
Fort George, B.C.
Dec. 9, 1914.
Editor of the Herald:
It seems to me that the time is
ripe for the farmers of this district to unite in an effort to improve our chances of success.
We have a chance to succeed.
We have our land. We have the
Lrawn and I believe the energy;
and we have a good market, a
market that will be better if we
show the people what we have
done and what our prospects are
for the future,
I am a farmer, first, last and
all the time, and therefore am
interested in ourselves and our
success. It is evident to anyone
who fairly considers the conditions in this district that if this
is ever to be the home of a contented people, the farmers must
make it so.- This very fact imposes upon us a responsibility
which means rather more than
eking out our own individual
The advantages of an ORGANIZED COMMUNITY OF FARMERS are too many to be given in
full here, but I will give some of
the most significant ones:
Larger and more confident
Less cost of marketing our
Makes it easier to get assistance for those who need it;
Makes it easier to get aid from
the Government in thc way of
roads, bridges, seeds, etc.
As a first step it is requested
that each farmer who receives
one of the enclosed blanks,
answer the questions as correctly
as possible and mail same to the
undersigned at the earliest practicable date.
Those who do not receive this
blank through the mail will find
[it printed in the Fort (leorge
Tribune, Prince George Post and
the Fort (leorge Herald. Blanks
can also be had at the office of
J. Buchanan, Central Ave., at
Berlin.— English civillians are
now  interned  in concentration | whose office all information with
fh WdeveloD-i makes public a report from their jcarap Ruheleben as retaliation regard  to the scheme can be
l"c -     •      ■   -A- the effect that f0l. similar  action  on   part of j obtained.   The answers to the
ment  of our outside _resuiut« —--- npmv ]ias WOn complete, England jn imprisoning 30,000 j questions may  also   be mailed
resources 1 headquarters to
upon which the very foundation resulting in the retaking!German citizens, the majority of j{0 the local newspapers who will
„ „„,  __ *-**££ rftU, of
trying to push ret
ahead of the country  that sup
benefits of two Austrian Corps.
Valjevo and Us-
vstza in Servia and the routing
ports   it,    eventually
would rebound manyfold.
It shall be the policy of the
Herald to keep in close touch jury
with the facts in respect to developments in this section, realizing that it will be of immense
importance to the future growth
and development of the whole of
the Fort (leorge District.
whom are wealthy merchants, in forward them properly.
eight barracks in England, j
Rotterdam.— Berlin Board of.
Very sincerely,
James May.
ing to report, Austrians abandon- Hea|th reports 3c, cases of chol-
ed everything, even their treas-Lra jn Germany for November,
chest. Servians took 20,000 cho]era spreacijng rapidly in
prisoners, fifty cannon and large, Austrja, 889 casss were report-
quantity of rifles, machine guns,ed fl.om Galicia during first week
and ammunition of every descrip-1 in November.   In Hungary,
Starvation in Albania and Palestine
Washington. -- American Ambassador to Turkey rajfjag:
000 people starving in Albanu.
and  Palestine.    30,000 are al
Here the company I ready dead of starvation.
Of Interest to Gentlemen.
South Fort George      ::      Prince George, B.C
Bunes Ayres, - Three Herman
merchantmen were sunk by
British or Japanese warships off
coast of Terra Del Fuego, the
southernmost extremity ofjSouth
America, last Sunday, according
to advices just received here.
Petrograd. — Evacuation by
Russians of Lodz, Russian Poland
is admitted in semi-official communication just iss
statement adds Russians
lose a man when position was
given up. I	
London.-Despatch from Rotterdam reports bombardment on
Belgian coast between Ostend
and Nieuport began at 3 oclock
Tuesday, in conjunctian
land operations.
isued, though
did not
cases with 90 deaths in Vienna.
London. -- German divisional
headquarters removed from
Roulers when shells began falling.
Rome,— Prince von Buelow,
German Ambassador to Italy,
has been authorized to negotiate
transfer of the Province of Trent
to Italy in exchange for Italy's
maintaining neutrality. It is
asserted that Austria on Germany's invitation will proclaim
the independence of Trent where
the majority of population are
Italians. After this is done,
Italy is to occupy Trent.
London,--"Russian war office
reports serious defeat inflicted
on Germans at Cracow,
Name, designation of land
(section number) P. O. address.
Is land crown granted? If
not, when?
Meeting of South Fort
George Hockey Club.
Mr. T. W. Heme, Hon. President
Mr. McElroy,
Mr. W. F. Cooke, President.
Mr. G.  McLaughlin, 1st Vice-P.
Mr. J. Campbell,        2nd    ,,
Executive Board.
Messrs. Jack Roberts, Ted Cole,
Wilfred Flynn,   Ken.  Foster,
and Frank O'Flaherty,
Treasurer   -   M. Mckay,
Secretary   -   Ted Cole.
At the meeting of Monday last
called by the president, Mr. W.
F. Cooke, the minutes of previous
meeting were read and approved.
The club decided that all teams
entering city league be required
to submit list of players to Executive Board and that the Board
reserves the power to decide on
the make-up of such teams.
It is also agreed that three entries be the limit to the number
of teams in city league.
Mr. Scott was placed on the
Executive Board in place of Ken
Foster who has removed to Prince
The club decided to give the
senior H. team the use of the
rink three nights each week between the hours of 11 a.m. and
8 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays.
It was also decided that the
managers of the rink Messrs.
Garvin and Thackra, receive fill
per cent, of receipts of match
games and that the admission to
games be 25c.
They agreed that two hours a
week be set aside for hockey
practice for children and juniors.
It was 111 ived, seconded, and
carried, that the city league consist of tlii'e in? and that only
two seniier yers can play on
any of the city league teams,
Senior players are'the following:
Messrs. Tothill, Patterson, Scott
O'Flaherty,   lynn, and McKay.
The thn e Learns of city league
are to be known as the Robarts,
Merchants, and Pioneers.
No player playing a game with
one city league team can participate with any other team in the
league during present season.
A Board of Arbitration was
appointed consisting of Messrs.
C. E. McElroy and G. McLaughlin
who are to settle all disputes and
their decisions are to be considered final.
The City League season will
consist of nine games,  and in
Is your plac ^^^^^^^^
wagon road? If not, how far
are you from a wagon road?
How many acres have you
cleared? How many plowed? How
many under cultivation during
the season 1914?
What crops did you raise this
year, if any? How much hay,
how many pounds of grain, potatoes, beets, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, onions, mangles,
sugar beets, beans, peas, radishes, and lettuce?
Have you sold your crop? If
so, at what price?
(live your plans for your next
year's crop. How much land
will be devoted to each kind of
seed? Did you plow this fall for
your next year's crop?
How much assistance will you
on or near a icase °f a l'e '" ^na' standing, an
extra game is to be played. In
case of a tie game between teams
play is to continue until one
team scores a goal.
Captains of opposing teams are
to decide upon a referee, one day
before game is played.
Meeting adjourned,
Ted Cole, Sec.
Dec. 13—Robarts v. Pioneers
,,   20—Pioneers v. Merchants
Jan.   6—Robarts v. Merchants
,,   13—Robarts v. Pioneers
,,   20-Pioneers v. Merchants
,,   27-Robarts v, Merchants
Feb.  3—Robarts v. Pioneers
,,   10—Pioneers v. Merchants
,,   17—Robarts v. Merchants Every w
1. Ice
IJRDAY   KIUIti.nu  „,   ,,»  .
:e in South Fort George,
One Year in Advance   -
Six Mont
Three 1!.
Tu The I
itates -   -
if:! 00
we   regret   uie   necessity   uj.
again  referring  to the station
site;  but no battle is won for
! right by stopping the fight. And
I while the people have taken the
tU   *.".-.!./CI.L   »»    AU1.     1.1 UCtl lllfj     1411  .4    JUdl'
decision. This being denied
them, they now propose to have
their say and make themselves
felt. The people have heretofore
bit in their teeth and do insist on j remained in the back ground. It
No paper stopped
pes are
Twelve cants per
wits per line for ea
ui til all aires
iption of the i
paid except at
line  for lie fir;
insortion, and eight
'd un
per insertion, m iiu.   t. ..„ .   ■
ui i lication.
Publishers and Proprietors,
South Fort Oeorge, B. C.
justice, we must continue what
little help we may to the end
I that they secure that which is
: their right.
in reporting the INDIGNATION MEETING held by the
people last week,  our contemp-
has been counsel only who have
handled the question ; attorneys'
and the people's interests have
been lost sight of.
Above all else in this question
be it remembered that not only
a large majority want George
Street (but that it is the only fair
orary the FortGeorge Tribune.
gave   too   much  credit  to Ito a11 the People) Site, and that
SATURDAY,   DECEMBER   12th,   1914
jone  man  as  the instigator of
that remarkable demonstration.
It was hardly fair to the other
gentlemen of the Citizens Com-
| inittee who had originated the
{idea,  or rather but carried out
T.'.ri   the demand of a majority of the
0 U R   PROGRESS. | People.   The meeting was a sur-
; prise to everybody,   As has
absolute fairness and justice
among all the people of the Fort
George district is all that is
Battles and Business
In connection with the land-development question
raised in last week's issue of the Herald, it might be
appropriate to make some reference to the extremely
regrettable economic waste following close upon the heels
of the maladministration of riational and provincial affairs
which has been so frequently met
played such a la men'able part in the development
been said, it is not always
possible to arouse and
get a public expression from the
hard headed practical western
pioneer business man and people
generally; but in this instance
___^^^^_____ the call was too great, — the
with,   and  which has j pent up indignation  must have
„£ its way.   And it did in noun-
certain  manner.     Those    who
were there, those who have listened  to  the  comment in the
practically every part of this Dominion — not to mention
the too-frequent, verified stories of graft and political
corruption which come to us from other countries in which! P''ivate   ancl  Publie  gathering
■M j places of our people,   who knew
we are less vitally interested.
Many grave instances of governmental inefficiency
are attributed by an unjustly accusatory public to dishonest motives, when no such grounds for accusation actually
exist.   The ablest and most efficient of honest legislators
the feeling existing, — even
these were surprised at the public attitude taken. The limited
space given the meeting by the
Tribuune in its last issue, the
manner  in which it expressed
, . , ,        ... i    .,i  ,,        „, .i,_„_> itself  about  the   gathering   is
make grave mistakes at times, and with these men there]e]oquent ^.^ * f ^ depth
can be no quarrel.   But against the insidious workings of {to which that meeting has gone
the ubiquitous parasital political grafter the hand of every in the minds and hearts of the
,    ,      ,, ,   j, ,,        ...     , ,      .    ^„„. u_ populace.   One of the best ways
citizen who has the good of the public at heart, must be £ ^ and take the gting out
turned. . 0f  suc\^  a demonstration is to
There is no other time in the history of the progress | limit its public notice for the
of a section of country when the proper handling of legis-i benefit of those whom it effects
.    . Z i.i ■ j-      i    that they  might  not   put  too
lative matters is so important as during the stage of early |much stress on its characteror
development, when so much can be done to insure its-come to know what it really
future progress and importance. !means'   Such tacticf ,have °ftfn
-t .  .   ii    am i ttt   11 i.i • temporarily succeeded, and the
While the Old World struggles in the tenacious grasp people.s word has not been ta.
of war, ancl the rapacious hand of destruction is pressed, ken seriously enough with the
heavily upon it - facing, as it does, an era of devolution'result ,.that at a later date dis-
...      .,,.,,        „ ,     ,.      ' ,     ,,      .„   ,, aster has overtaken those who
which will rival that of the Dark Ages, the New World
stands against the western horizon in almost primitive
virility ancl promise.   For uncounted centuries the trend
of civilization has  been westward, until now, on the
shores of the great Pacilic which divides the Old from the
New, are being laid the foundations of a civilization des-
In discussing what effect the
"war situation" will have on the
business situation, a prominent
Canadian financier expresses
the belief that early in the
coming year there will be a readjustment of conditions that
will result in a marked improvement in business regardless of
what may take place in Europe.
He bases his conclusion on the
fact that the first of a new year
is the period of inventories and
adjustments by all the large
industrial and financial concerns.
Conditions that obtained at the
end of July still arbitrarily obtain in the securities market, and
the big security holders desire
that it continue to govern until
after the first of the year; and
they are likely to have their way,
It is felt that the relatively complete readjustment of business
affairs will come early in 1915,
and it will come practically regardless of what happens on
dared to make tbe attempt to
belittle the public's rights and
demands. So we warn those who
have to do with this station site
matter: do not exasperate too
far lest you in an unexpected
hour rue the day.
As to  "teaching a man any
thing  when he does not know
tined to play an important part in the history of the race
From Panama to Alaska tremendous progress is being'when he is licked", justice is
mule, and to localize the in tei est in this question it is but'never licked- r^ht neveris van"
.   ,,     „       ,t   ,   ,t     r-t .1    :quishod, it always comes into its
necessary to point out the lact that the Georges, the own sooner or lateP| and this wi„
approximate geographical centre of British Columbia, are be no exception to the rule,  lt
developing into a commercial centre of importance, in aiis up t0 tlie Government to see
.   ,       , .       .... .,, ! to it that equal justice is done to
vast territory of almost incredible wealth. |aU our peop|e now_.
As pointed out previously, tbe development of the! But we still believe the Com
agricultural industry is of primary importance in the gen-! mission can be enlightened and
eral development of the district; and until more attention! that the suggested compromise
is paid to the opening up of the rich farm-lands of this °f sla,T a, ho\\\ M,aplfe a,nd
1        "     ' George Streets is thc bestsolu-
and other districts, the best interests of the people are tion of the question in its present
not being served. In this locality a few individual pre- predicament. The Railway Com-
emptors have wrested a meagre existence from the soil, mission have decided in favor of
A few moneyed men - a very few ~ have produced rev-!11"1.0 wc*iem end- absolutely
enucs from their farms.   But," generally speaking, it hasi .w,thouJ iefa!'d
H^^^H l' L Of iielnn.'.le     i.l    Hm
A Stitch in Time - - •
interests of the
to  the   larger
^^^^^^^^^^ |ijii.cicBtB ui uiu many; now let
been impossible so far for a man of even moderate means ■ lhern aiJ{j l0 t|10jr ru]jng acov.
to obtain a piece of land in this district and secure a living; venience for the eastern and
from it alone. That is not the fault of thc land, because j southern end, and we can stop
the productivity of the soil all through this neighborhood jfurther discussion and go ahead
has been proven. It is the result, though, of a political with might and mam with the
,.       i • 1  •     , i .ii       i   iv     t _      _   '_ development of the city all over
policy which in the past allowed Big Interests to secure1
large bodies of rich land at a small figure, and hold these
lands at prohibitive prices.   As far back as three years
ago some of these hinds were resold by corporations to
British and United States speculators at prices as high as
•125.00 per acre.   These lands have since remained untouched.   Tens of thousands of acres of the very choicest
lands are held back from improvement by speculators.
Toe quarrel is not with the individuals, but with the
system that allows such conditions to exist.
What we need in this districl is a workable scheme of
getting our lands settled up. There has been entirely too
much speculation and practically no production.
^our next week's issue we will try to throw some
^ the subject of "~
summer, wlien
their days in
the open, the incidence of scarlet
fever and diphtheria is much less
than during the inclement months,
when so many are brought together
in the schools and in their own
homes. The cold damp weather
lowers a child's resistance to such an
extent that he is a prey to germs
which ordinarily would be thrown
off, and his close contact with his
fellows makes him a source of danger
to many others, Parents are urged
to wa'tch closely the health of every
child, and not at any cost to regard
lightly a complaint of sore throat.
"Such a complaint should be attended to by tt, physician and regarded
as diphtheria until proven otherwise" declares Conservation, which
continues ivith the statement that
if this were universally done there
would he few deaths from diphtheria
and no life-long regrets from parents
who may have done their utmost in
their own hut ineffective way. It is
pointed out also that the effects of a
inilil attack of scarlet fever are often
as serious as of a severe attack. The
occurence of a rash should never be
concealed, hut made the subject of
examination by the family physician. Much sickness can thus be
avoided; only: act in time.
"Townsite Exploitation versus
its arean
A condition that never should
be lost sight of, a conditir n that
is the real cause of the war in
Europe today, is this: You cannot by edict of Emporers and
Rulers fasten an unequal yoke on
the people and expect harmony,
good feeling or peace. Sooner
or later strife and disaster wil
come, So with this station de
cision. If it is. not set right
now, it will return as a thorn'in
the flesh. Right and justice and
the people's will must conquer,
woe will be the heritage of that
man who tries to thwart it.
Up to the end of thc hearing'last year
Next Year's Crop.
Have you made your arrangements for next year's crop ? Whether we are to have peace soon or a
continuation of the war, it behooves
everyone who has tillable land, to
raise a bigger crop this year than he
did last year. No matter whether
the area you can plant is large or
small, plant it. We plead for an
alliance between the people of this
community and the forces of nature.
If wc do our part, nature will do
hers. The person who makes two
potatoes grow whore only one grew
before is a contributor to national
wealth and the reduced cost of living.
Government returns show an increase of forty per cent, in the area
under cultivation in the Prairie
Provinces this fall compared with
A Point to
1 EXPERIENCE proves that the
best way to build up a business
is by keeping'yourself well-posted
before the public. To accomplish
this, you must have Q 0 () I)
1 • It is not sufficient to have your
Ad. printed — it must lie read as
well. A thousand circulars will
do much if properly und regularly
distributed amongst your customers.
If Why not avail yourself of the resources of a house which will lift
you out of the rut of ordinary
tradesmen, and place you in a
business commanding position ?
1 It is an actual fact that we can
enable you to command remunerative orders. Phone 9, or call at
our oflice on Fourth Street.
Fort George Herald
Sooth Fort George     ::    Prince George, B. C.
Put YOUR Shoulder to
the Wheel.
arises with us in the morning and goes to rest with us at
night. It is co-extensive with
the action of intelligence. It is
the shadow which cleaves to us,
go where wc will.
Let us do our duty in our shop
or kitchen, in the market, the
street, the office, the farm, the
school and the home just as faithfully as we stood in the front
ranks of some great battle and
knew that victory for mankind
depended upon our bravery,
strength and skill. When we do
that the humblest of us will be
serving in that great army which
achieves the welfare of the
It should be the slogan of
every rural and town consumer
never to Bend, away for goods
that he can just as well buy at
home. Every time you send a
dollar to a mail-order-house that
dollur, as far as you and your
community are concerned, is
practically out of circulation.
Your home merchants are
the ones that help to keep up
your schools, your churches and
your town. They are the ones
who deserve your trade, and not
some catalogue house in Winnipeg
or elsewhere.
Gives You Goods on Unsecured
ing else to give in exchange,
to whom do you go for accommodation until some uncertain
tine when you can pay?
Do you not always find your
home merchants ready and willing to let his goods go on
promises, not guaranteed notes,
but verbal promises, trusting to
vour honesty and good luck in
meeting the obligation later?
How many farms have been
paid for by your merchants advancing tho goods to keep life in
the body, and cash to meet the
dreadful interest on the mortgage?
Under the same conditions
would the farmer trust the merchant for months and months
with the produce on his farm, or
would he ask for cash or its
equivalent upon delivery of the
Merely Institutions
of Accommodations
A but nevertheless it is a fnct,
and Bhows the entire lack of »ny
sense of justice, but ninny people
regard their local stores as merely institutions of accommodations.
When these people have cash to
spend it goes to the far-away-
muil-order-houses, but when
times are dull, when they are
sick or out of work, or during
the season when the farmers are
not turning their produce into
cash, what do they do? Oo they
write to the catalogue house anil
tsk for credit?
If they did. do you think they
would get it? Not on your life.
Those concerns must have cash,
must have it in advance, must
have it before you can even see
the goods you buy. The consumer sends his money and then
sits down and waits until the
mail-order-house gets good and
ready to fill his order. But when
people want credit or favors of
any kind, they hustle off to their
home merchant, very obligingly
order what they want, and tell
him to wait at least from one to
six months for his pay.
In buying from your home
merchants you deal with nelgn-
bors. Buy with goods before
you. Have goods delivered free.
Return goods if not satisfactory-
Build up your home stores. Heip
build up your town. And make
of yourself a worthy man ot
your day and time. APS  I IWSWW   W   "«" «"   1 UIK3       |   Now that the value of human
Me u being impressed upon us
by the  terrible experiences in
Europe, we should carefully con-
i sider whether
Useful and Ornamental Gifts for all age,.
Eastman Kodaks, Gramophones - Records.
Drugs, Medicines, Prescriptions.
Tobaccos, at Who li
Cigars, Cigarettes, louaecos, ai w noiesaie am
Magazines, Newspapers, Confections
Toilet Article.-'.
Fort George Drug Co., Ltd.
Laselle Avenue, Soulh Fort Georg*.    ::   George Street, Prince George.
. or not we are
doing everything within reason
tor the
Under Arms.
The Fire Wardens have ordered all chimneys cleaned and kept clean
Bi >y. WYATr, at the Ladies' and Gent's Shoe Cleaning Pi
. u.mllton, near Third Street.   He will do the work to yourt
your entire
Phone 53
conservation of life. An
examination of our methods of
securing settlers and our treatment after they come, under our
care seems to indicate that we
are about as irrational and unscientific in this matter as it is
well possible to be. We have
scoured Europe for settlers and
nave paid agents fat commissions
to get able- bodied men and!
women to come to Canada.   We:
have offered land, built railroads, This would leave 48 army corps for
Pledged our ard their credit to the eastern theatre,
get them here; then when they     Germany has more than 2,000,-
are safely   past   the   customs °00 men in the west, and about the
houses our organized effort al-same number in the local Landsturm
j most entirely breaks down.   The I i'1 East Prussia and Poland.
=n ; foreigner is turned adrift to a
certain  extent.     They are unloaded
London.-The official Xord Deut-
che Allgomiene Zeitung, publishes a
list of army corps and military sections, which shows the strength of
the German armies now in the
fields of battle.
Apart from the railway service,
the marines and garrisons in Belgium, there are 98 army corps. U
I'I,DUD men are taken as a fair average lor a German army corps, this
gives a total of nearly -1,000,000 men
in arms.
According to a French Bulletin,
■r)0 army corps are lighting against
the allies in Belgium and France.
Corner Hamilton & Third
South FortGeorge, B.C.
The newest and most modern
hotel in the northern interior
Rates  $2.50 and $3
Monthly and weekly rates on ap.
Best of wleiefl,
Lkjuora and cigtn
Albert Johnson, prop.
in squads in certain centres of population and made to
understand they 'rare to get out
I and look for jobs. If we get
I them on the land "they "are expected to work out three years
of duties and their own salvation, All of which may be good
for them'but is in contrast to our
solicitation for them when we
send agents Rafter them in their
native haunts.
Then we start out to""teach
| them something of their prac-
! tical problems.   We appropriate
money to show them good stock,
and methods of cropping.   But
A man's friends seldom  work overtime on the friendship job.
Predicting Prosperity.
Prince George
Builders Co. Ltd.
S-room house, Seventh Street, South
Fort Geergc- $10.00 per month.
Houses will  he built to suit purchaser on1Loti£14-16, Block 293,
Millar's Portion, Prince Gecerge.—
Cash and terms arranged.
F.er further Partlcu .rB opieJy ;
H. WILSON. Mgr., Comer Laselle i Seventh
tO. In il                SOUTH FORT GEORGE
Pioneer Bakery
We are the pioneers in the
baking business. Always has
and always will be the best.
Come and give us a call.
FRED TIEMEYER, Proprietor.
Brain font was invented for men who
like to feed^their vanity,
Specimens mounted true to
life,   dame Heads and Fur
Rugs a speciality, Standard
methods. Terms reasonable
W. D. Wandling,
3rd Avenue, Prince George, B. C.
1                    ^\
Hamilton Avenue
It|s the Fresh Eastern Oysters
It's Ilic Hum and Ei/_s
It's the Batter
jt|s the Meat Specials
It's the Baked Spuds
It's the Pure Maple Syrup
Its the Honey in comb
It'1 Ihe Pie Crust
It's the Service
It's Ihe Best in the City
!    Motto : Quality and Service
Sir George Paish, the English
financier, one of the world's authorities ou economics and finance, who
came to America six weeks ago to
consult with American financiers
relative to the reopening of the
London and New York Stock Exchanges, returned to England a few
days ago.
"There  need  he no fear,"  Sir
George' said, "in the opening of the
Stock Exchange.   The demand for
bonds will far exceed the sales by
Jj jwhen their women are in trouble [ British holders.
_ I when they are about to add to     Prosperity is heading toward tbe
our population native born Can- j ^"01'tl|   American   continent,   and
adians,   we  have  no help  for j should arrive early next year.
them.   The heroic woman who    The world is consuming its seed
risks herjifeln response to the com- When you put a lot of money
most powerful of human instincts Iint0 ammunition  and  equipment
and presents to the nation an! which are to be destroyed you are
invaluable gift, hears no whisper; realizing nothing on your invest-
eastern una da an nome visitors
From points Edmonton & East
Daily During December.   Liberal Stop-Overs.   Free Side-Trips.
En Route See
Duluth, St. Paul, Minneapolis,   Chicago,   Detroit,
London, Hamilton, Niagara Falls,
and Toronto.
Tourist and Standard Sleepers, with electric lights in both upper and
lower berths, daily between Edmonton, Saskatoon,- and Winnipeg.
Dining car service equipment and railroad unexcelled.
Travel via the
Our Agents will lee pleased to furnish any
information desired.
District Passenger Agent,
Winnipeg, Man.
Coal Wood
Windows, Doors, Shingles, Building Papers,
Wall Boards, Ready Roofings.
Bone Dry Lumber       Coast Flooring & Finish
of our own maoufaclure
Gel our Esiima'.ts on your Building
Phone I
Prince George
Phone 11
^A>» *T4 fc South Fort George
L^y     l,m,t«d     "«4^
C. McEl.noY, Manager
of official approval nor tastes of
the cup of the nations gratitude.
Her other children may be exposed to all the dangers of accident, disease and folly, but we
make no provision for their care.
Is it not time we adopted some
real humanitarian measures for
the care and conservation -o£ our
citizens, not from the standpoint
of charity or even brotherly love
if you don't like those terms, but
because it pays to bring up children with every possible provision for normal growth, sane outlook, and confidence in themselves and their country. Maternity insurance has long been
delayed but it must come soon.
North Coast Land Co., Ltd.,
L. H. WALKER, General Agent.
J.T. Hurahan, former president of
the Illinois Central Railroad, was sitting
in his office one day, when a burly
Irishman entered.
Me name's Casey, said he. Oi want
a pass to St. Louis. Oi worruk in th'
yar-r-ds. .,
' That is no way to ask for a pass, said
Mr. Harshan. You should introduce
yourself politely.   Come  back  in   an
"Tt the end "of'the hour, back came | garrisons. Very few people in Franc
the Irishman.   Doffing his hat, he in
ment. You might as well throw
your money into the sea.
England will go on fighting until
she is satisfied tlmt militarism has
disappeared from the world. That
is what England is lighting for. Before the war England was spending
S80,000,000 a year on her defenses.
With the crushing of militarism
that cost will be reduced fully 50
per cent.
Before very long, to use an electrical expression, the allies will short
circuit Germany. Commerce will
then proceed on a normal basis, just
as it was before the war, except for
the elimination of Germany."
Danforth & Mclnnis,
Joffre's Reserve Army.
French Force Equal to that already in
Field, remains out of firing line.
The French army consists not of
three million men, but of double
that number. Ol these six million
i one-half has been under fire. The
', remaining half have not left their
Ar-r j yez Mr. Harahan ?
I am. ,   „ _.,
Me name is Patrick Casey. Oi ve
been workln' out in th' yar-r-ds.
Glad to know you, Mr. Casey, wnat
CiiVeZl!_m°alflRo to hell.   Oi've got a ; r,,,v
realize that General Joffre holds
this tremendous army in reserve.
Every man of this three million is
loss than thirty and is fully trained
and adequately equipped for battle, i
tn   march
at   a   moment'
job an' a pass on th' Wabash.
Teacher says that we are here to help
Of course we are.
Well, what are the others here for I
for COAL cr WOOD
of all kinds and sizes for every Kitchen
We are exclusive agents for the famous
are right.
We are allowing a special 10 per cent,
discount on every article in our stores.
Orders will be taken at our Prince George
Yard as well as at our store at South.
Remember tbe 10 per cent. CASH Discount.
W. F. COOKE, Pres.
RUSSELL PEDEN, VicePru. I,. E. McUUGIIUH, Secretary
I'll I
we hnve tte-
R.ATES for
follows :
"'P bog to inform the public thnl
'' '" give Kl'KCiAt, WINTER
* Iv mnl monthly patrons.   They are ns
Board and Room per week   - -   $10.50
i>      ,,      ,,       month- -    45.00
B»ard only, per month  -    - -    35.00
Boom only, per month   -    - $10 to $15
Meal Tickets, each -    -    - -    $9-00
Hotel Northern,
Johnson, pROp, South Fout George, B. C.
Church of England
Holy Communion 1st and 3rd
Sundays at 8 a. m.
Even-Sunday at 11a.m. Holj
Communion Sung'with sermon.
Morning prayer at 10:45.
Evening prayer and sermon
7:30. ,     .
Presbyterian Church
A. C. Justice,    pasjor,
and    '"J"
Services:    11a.m.
p m. Gospel service.
Sabbath School meets at 2 p.m.
11 a m.-The Minister.
7 30'p.'".- The Minister.
Sunday School 2 p.m.
A. C. Justice, Minister.
Britsh People Hold Much Cash.
Mr. Lloyd George estimated that
£4,000,000,000 (820,000,000,000)
worth of good foreign securities were
held in Great Britain at the beginning of the war, while the assets of
the country were estimated at another $65,000,000,000, and that the
country's credit was nearly $90,000-
Many a man who is sure he's right,
goes ahead and finds he is wrong.
Duke Gives Ihe French 2,000,000
American Shoes.
Park-Grand Duke Michael of
Russia has presented the French
army with 1,000,000 pairs of shoes,
which have heen ordered from Webster, Mass., factories, at an average
prices of $3 per pair. Sonic enormous orders for shoes for the Russian
army   also   have
been   placed  in
P. BURNS & CO. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in all Kinds of
Butter, Cheese, Eggs;
Highest Prices Paid for Hides and Live Stock
goods delivered to all
parts of city.
Phone 85
Fort George and South Fort George.
Phone 86
Contractors & Builders
Get Our Estimates Free of Charge
Job Work Neatly and Promptly Executed
Phone 24
OFFICE     -     -     SECOND STREET
SHOP        -     •     THIRD STREET
■■MaMmal yy* A..-Q Introducing
Thc.. have stood the test. Give
rea| fjol comfort. No seams to rip.
Never become loose or baggy, rhe
..,,!,■ is knit in   nol pressed in.
fi tl A R ANTEED for linenesB,
stvle superiority of material and
workmanship. Absolutely stainless,
Will wear 6 months without holes,
or new om a free.
 -,. ,-,- „e„. aend'me us 31 Wl in cur-
send iiosl-paid, with wriuen guaiiin-
tee, bai .eel by a live million dollar
company, either
3 Pairs of our 75c value
American Silk llu. .ery,
or       4 Pairs of our 50c. value
Ami rican Cashmere Hosiery,
or       4 Pairs of oui 50c. value .
American Cotton-Lisle Hob y ;
, Diiev inure tlie lliuies ui mu e^1"-
Jiine Society are planning for n
plea .mt . oeial evening.
I     Thin time it n
Tl* many Friends-of Mr. & Mrs.     Petrograd,  Dec, 12fch. —State-
(i. E. Charlton, of .Mud Uivcr, will ment from Russian Commander-
.. in the Fort I loam with .sorrow of the death of in-chief in direction of Klawa,
l     ■ .. South Fort (leorge, j Mrs. Charlton this week, following' Germans on December 10th, kept
|, [.-ort an operation from which .-lie tailed up strong offensive throughout
to rally.   Mr. Charlton nnd his two day and night but we succeeded
there children will have ihe sympathy of in repulsing them.   Our troops
1] in their bereavement,  The fun-1 themselves   took  offensive   and
, for the benefit  ol  th
(leorge Fire Fund.
In addition to a good linn
ne  Mirprise. . anil aiieve .... ,,. e,„...  |
rselvca in'oral took place Thursday afternoon, gave chase to the German col-
all  you are  helping .vou
from   the from tlie English Cliurcl
outh umns which in some places retreated in disorder. In region
north of Lowich, the enemy made
ALBERT ST. DENNIS DEAD       s°™ fierc.e »«£*■ °" ih° "i}f
of Doeember 10th, and through-
Uberl SI   D ; . bar lender at ,,„, the who]e 0f the following
the King George Hotel, when called (|av>   We repulsed in  all seven
.,.,... ,,;. rrJ with a Kodak j Tlmi.-.lay afternoon to go on duty, attacks during which some of our
for Christmas.-Fort'George Drug Co, | was found dead in his bed.    Heart |unjj.g  permitted   enemy   to   ap-
Stores on George Street and Lasalle
protecting your  noun
il read lire.   Everybody come for n FortGeorge.
pleasant evening.'   The cist is only '    '   *   *   *
..i cents each,   and   refreshments
served free.
o,l i,    •  'ed,    lav. Di !. IGlh.
Corner Fourth nnd Hamilton        .
On Amehican Plan.
Bright m comfortable ro^Z"
suites at the *  and
Make somebody happy
also cater to Theatre nnd Dance Parties ats lort no? '": vi"
Ket every thin.; that Ig gi, d to eat on"'     '"'"' you ca"
THMD STREET, (next to Victoria Hotel) SOUTII i.,i.t    ,
^^————————— Kl   tlEORGE
'I.'.  Wu
No H is the time you need to watch \ George Street and Lasalle Street
6 Pairs of Children's Hosiery
the  .'..leer, sizi
' en (i, nt'd hosi
I your furnaces,stovepipes, klondikes
nd have ilieni renewed and
nlev against   forcing of (ires and I nurse, is now disengagei
failure was the cause ot deatli. proach  very near and then put
***** ithem to flight with murderous
Christmas Presents for everybody at  fire.    In region south  of Cracow
the Fort George DrugCo. Stores on|on December 10th, we  were Still
continuing our offensive with suc-
I cess in spite of the stubborn re-
»   #   *   *   *
| md have ilieni renewed and kept in I    Miss 1 . M.  Va mdrell, gradimtL'|gisTence"0ffered by the Germans.
|jON"I   DELAY - Offer expires
when a dealer in your lucidity is
P. O. Box 244
We captured several guns and
I burning out to prevent the destruc-j   'mitralluses, and as many as 2,000
Hon of your own and possibly your    Don.t wait to the last minute before prisoners;   There has   been   no
| neighbors house by FIRE. ^    ;tloing your Christmas sloppirg.  The important change on remainder
The  Furl (leorge Hardware Co., choice present will all have been taken.  0f rron{
London, Dee. 12th. - Telegraphing from northern  France the
Architect and Civil Engineer
Temporary Oflice :
Corner Vancuuver and Eighth Streets,
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
Ovil Fngmrers Dominion & B. C Und Surveyors
Survey* of l.iieielte, Mini., Townsites. Timlee-e
Limit . Etc.
There is no place in town equal to the
ort George Dr
mas Presents.
The   Panama   News   Stands
I'rince   George    and    South    Fori : The Fort George Drug Co. have every-
George, lake care of these things,     j ^"H >'ou want-
#    .   *   *   *
: Daily News correspondent says
.    , ,.. . °" jail along front the Germans are
lurt Leorge Drug Co. Stores for Christ-  o.,..,,„,  nt,.,,.,t    Prince   Georee   and    .       • • r r e    s   rn.
lueoigi  .uiu, iiiuu  I'lieiM. •U1U! showing signs of discomfort, lhe
Hamilton Street, South Fort Geoi^ge al]ies lineg are bejng gradual)y
have your Home Newspapers,  also | pushed forward slowly butsurely,
the unyielding wedge is being
Mr. H  H. Grant would like to
Magazines, Cigars, Cigarettes and
Snuffs. Also Stationery. News-
■ v e ry w h e r e,   The
AT  1'HE
Victoria Hotel
(Formerly Grand Union)
Third Street     -     .. eiith V i" Genree
announce that he is conducting a:    '        .T ,      .
,      .    ..    ,-,   , „ Pioneer Newstand, up-to-date in
elat'cing class in the tort George ,.       ,,„    .. ..      ,,
rn, ,-,    .,  m i  .     j.       evervthinj?.    lhe Panama News tn.
theatre, south lown.  Intending
pupils can obtain particulars by
annlvine at the store of Parisian     A man wnosc trou8ers baeg°d badl-v
applying ai tne store oi ransidn a[ thg kneM was stantlinp un B corner
Cleaners,    (opposite   Empress ■ waiting for a car.    A passing Irishman
Hotel)   Hamilton Avenue, South stopped and wai hed him with great
interest tin I '  three  minutes; at
Just Stop and link
of the risk and inconvenience of burning coal oil
Why not be up-to-date? Have your house wired'
it costs but a trifle more. Rates on application at
our office-Rooms 7 & 8, Post Building, George
Street, and at the plant, South Fort George. We
have a stock of lamps, shades, fixtures, irons, and
handle all utility devices.
Northern Telephone & Power C^Jji
Electric Light Service and Power Furnished.
House Wiring and Electrical Fixtures of all kinds.
Phone 19-Four Rings, South Kurt George.
Phone 10, Prince George.
Fort George.   Phone 98.
last le.
i ye jump.
Sejine women  put on air9 and some ,    Even a deadbeat is always willing to
try to whistle them. pay an old grudge.
driven into the heart of Belgium, j
The air is full of rumors of the,
Allies victories and of German
retirement.   Opinion  is general
that the Allies will begin definite'
operations within a short time, i
Their passage across West Fland- j  =
ers i.s likely to be swift.   The! „      _ _,        ft   _ 0
enemy plans to make his great !||   P^VS IO AoVeifitao   -   TfV If
stand before Brussels. " *
lice -.:*- ■>..>_■
llrellsh   lolumhln    Uind   Surveyor
■fci. _     V» e
Undertaker and Funeral Director.
Caskets, Funeral Supplies, & Shipping Cases always on hand,
Out-of-town calls promptly attended to.
Phone 23 Fort George.
Prince George and Fort George.
in the Boot and Shoe
The I .re Wardens call attention to
the danger of fire from dirty chimneys.
Recently, a very had fire was narrowly
averted by prompt work of the i ire
Department. The season is at hand
when all possible caro must be taken
e\ house owners and tenants, Arrangements have been with experienced
cleaners to see to the work and report
if not attended to.
Hy Order Fire Wandens.
Classified Advertisements.
LOST - Lasl night at South Fort
George,    .  fur  slcig   ro •-.      Find<
please return to Ii. ('. Stables or thi
Herald ollice.
FOR SALE.-The Fort George Drug
Co., Lid , has a splendid second-hand
but in line condition, Heintzman Upright
Piano, for sale. Enquire at their store
in South Fort George or Prince George.
WANTED. - Orders fur Printing of
every desciiptiuu - Herald, Phone 9,
LOST-Fr A. W. Harvey's lamp al
B bfct.il Lake, une l),.rk Brown Horse, I
tw- lve and a half hands high, branded
on left shoulder V up-siile-down with V
up-side-down inside, direct underneath
L. V. V. up-side-down. Anyone finding
this horse please notify 1. A. White, at
South Fort George.
South Fort George.
LOST.-There was lost on Tuesday or
Wednesday of this week, in one or the
Georges a Masonic Charm - Scottish
Kite Emblem of the Diuble Eagle on
one Bide and Commanilery Ked Cross on
the other, made of Gold. Finder re-
turnlno to  Herald Ollice  will receive
wm1"1,?-  ^'I10-   J,ls- Richardson, of
Willow RWer, is the owner
V Oil Nil.
S ndas   E
A  huly's ring waB found
cr1Wfling,he.-if..l8*t'^. ",e   BridSe'
4 .ti
flson Bay Slough,through
K'WceSlH.un. „»,,ZZ   o '"ply'nU  l"
"nl paying ex,,ens,s ,li Pr«P«rty,
&C" UlUl ^ 'he
t''1 Way ,,ol  to cem0 a
|Lt0 '"* ahout it.
Automobiles for hire.
Machinery Repaired.
Skates Sharpened.
Launches Overhauled & Repaired.
Phone 8.7.
pOR the balance of this month we are offering specii
^ prices in all our lines of High-Grade Men's Boots an
Shoes, in order to reduce our very heavy stock.
Below we mention a few lines, all made by the bei
Canadian manufacturers:
Slaters Vici Kid Blucher Cut, cushion sole, sold regularly at $6.50, our price -
Slaters Vici Kid Blucher Cut, regular price $5.50, special for December -
Ames Holden Co.   A splendid line in Box Calf, Blucher Cut, wet-proof sole,
regular at $5.50, sale price	
Ames Holden Co. Tan Calf, Blucher Cut, extra dry shod, reg. $6.25, our price
Slaters Willow Calf, rubberless sole.   Regular $7.00, sale price
Ames Holden Co.   Fine line in Box Calf, visolized sole, a very seasonable shoe
selling regularly for $7.25, extra special price
NOTE.  This shoe can be worn In the worst weather without Rubbers.
l S
Ames Holden Co. Best Quality Kangaroo, regular $6.75, our price -      - "
Slaters Fine Box Calf, rubberless sole, regular $6.50, our price       -      -     -    4.3
Ames Holden Co. Chocolate Calf, high cut top, regularly sold at $8.50. A real
Money saver at -
We have so many lines in this department, that it]
[impossible for us to quote them all on account of lack |
space. We, however, are making extraordinary low pnc<j
'and it will be to your advantage to look over our Stock.
Kennedy Blair & Co., limited,
J | Sonth Fort George. :: Central Fort Georg*


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