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 ...ird'nir lnv._.m_ai» in
VOLUME 1, NO. 65
NOVEMBER 11.   1 8 1 1
A Paradice ofMoartiin
Columbia af Vollowhead Pass,
w'th an m-on of 5,000 square
miles, 'llie park is called after
Jasper Hawos, an old Hudson's
I ay factor, who attended to
the marketing and distribution
if lhc
Province of B. C. May
Acquire Peace Reserve.
UMBER   CUT I.N B. ('.
IN  1010.
The rapid explotution of linn   j
ber in British Columbia, is in- j    /. . m     i i n
creasing    yearly     ami   almost  |    (lOVemmeilt hhOUld Ke-
ol the company s furs two hun- It was announced by Mr. C   made this province t mui of!          .«_.    (\l .     _■
 del years   ago.     ll was   later Iv Tisdall, M. I, A., at a meet- Ontario in point of lumber pro-            illOVa UOStrUCtlOnS
l.ml"-r'"1 '" •,hlB.er "owes, and mg of Ward two Conservative duction during l'Jlu. Statistics —-__—
■\\, , hundred    and six  miles  linallv to   Jasper   (louse. The Club   in   Vancouver    recently of the Dominion lumber cm for
.1   ,f this place, by the route  ".'      ' °.f ''lvillzal1'' " witnessed tlmt  Premier McBride  when i„'. 101", collected bv lie Forestry .   '""' ll"'1    '•    is   an assured
...    (.   'p   p     railroad   lies  the passing of tho o'd buildings confers with Premier Borden at brancli of   the   "..opnrtmenl  i.l facl lll;lt there will be three or
I;, ' launo Cache, the head of VkT]\7PZ°_in ,' ™i!T ""X' '""""li fl "i'"'" f'" '"'"''V''' 1Z' "':',' '!"" l'i'" ''"'"'    *enJnooflts  ^ing  be-
lctl                 ,,    ,.,.        ,,-           •" ■   l(- ' •   ■''! . lie s iperm- y,Hir to arranue    th. purohase "on, six hundred  and    twenty: tween this point and Tete Tan
|mvi] ,,,„,, oi, the fraser River,  lendent of colonization for the hy British    Columbia   of three «illion  feci    of lumber,  worth „,. ,..„.,,„    '.,                ,     ,!IU"
\,tm  navigation to the Cache, railway   company   and official and a half million acfcs of land nearly twenty-five   million dob '-        .,   - y.    -'               g
_„i,    has been restricted to an  photographer, who has   ,     re- in the Ponce River ditrict. The lars was cut in British Cblum- "     consideration .'he fact that
exploratory   trip     made by a turned from a thorough explor- land had   originally been con- bia in 1010.     Ase,   result   of conditionsat Ottawa have un-
Ipigi,,   steamboat, but, this fact   ation of thai pari of the coun- veyed   bv British   CdUnbia to greatly incraased cutting in lir dorgone a change which has re-
|,ftS : ,.„ due In the absence of  try, is enthus!nstic over the l„- the Dominion  for subsidy  par- '""I cedar forests, tin total am- suited  in  ll"   transposition of
lrilH   on tlie upper reaches to cation of tho park, and doclares posss. Exploratory sijrvevs had ount <'ul was more than doub- „.,,. ..,,.,,,i,,.,- n„n   \ '..(•„ n
justiis  lhe  presence   of steam-  there is nothing in America to |demonstrated that  the district led   in one year.    In 190!)  the     „••                    ■ -uaitin j_ur-
I,,,.,;       in these    waters.     The  compare  with    il.  In  Ins belief was verv fertile, but tlic lie min- British   Columbia    cat   constit- "       '"'■"          '"■* "' iin ever
-ivci  was  navigated for years he is lurked bv Mr. R. Douglas ion Government had clone noth- "ted one-fifth   of lhc   total; in "Bffressivo opposition^ to a gov-
Wv ,.n Soda Creek and Ones- of Edmonton, Altn., Dominion ing towards its settlement. Mr |,J'« the proportion formed by l'lll,'l,'l|G. whom, having retain;
„„|    v  steamboat,   whilst   the Oovomhienl Parks Commission- Tisdall staled that the govern- the western    province  was one ,          ''''"'" "' authority for fif-
Forl 0 'ge couniry was sup- or, and Mr. I). B. Dowling, of ment of British Columbia was third, and it lacked only forty- • ''""• y"\"*  ,    ,.  nas t°°me to
Iplied by   scows   hauled by  In-  the Geological   Survey  Depart- ready to   develop   the country n'v° million   feet  of  surpassing '~"",T   ,e PlGad"igs of constit-
jiliiin .    Next   spring   however,  ment. They   claim thai   in its and on thai account it would the cut in   Ontario. Seven im- ___°_s_ l'ePre,ented   by the op
ponents  of the  Laurier  side of
I when lhe steel rails of the G.  present condition   il   is one of bo good   policy   to repurchase portant    softwoods    make up '.'"'"ii   "'
TP   will have connected the'V.a most   natural   parks they                   ■  over 90 por-cent of the cut in if10.      "l""'    concurrently with
Cache with the navign.blo Fraser have ever seen.                        ' Owing   to the  fact that the British   Columbia,  Douglas fir, "'"' "tterance, to the import-
I Hiver. a belt line ol travel will      Mr. Procter,   a distinguished C P. R. line has boerf down for cedar,    western    yellow   pine, "{"?.. S1   tn0   cabinet  position
|In. followed from the Albertan   New Vork sculptor, was anoth- some time during the week, the tamarack, spruce, hemlock and !'..   ',"*'. ' .      A^Ioulture'   we
capital to Ashcroft, on the C,  er visitor at lhe proposed park expected messages   of  instruct- jack-pine.  Nearly forty-five per ,. j •      °     'orwarcl,   with con.
|' It . via the Kraser River sys-  (luring ihe     summer,    and ex- ions have not been received bv oent "f the total was made up "'''"''' \" Uu' Proper recogmt-
Icmand the  Cariboo   road.  In  churned   enthusiastically    while Chief       Indian     Commission,.',- of douglas fir. This species was .     .         ,'l',l"m'm™ls O   t JJ
anticipation of   this the 13.  C.   there:"!! is just as God turned Ramsden yet, Mr Ramsdcn, as- out '"  l'JIO   to   the  extent  of ,     ",   "",'" th" l,u.bll°   wks
Kvpn-SH   Company    have com-   il over." sisted  by Mr.   McRae,  the rep- nearly seven hundred and twen- „7, t    f,,   ,'<'k"('nun*-' .lhft re-
Uted plans for the building of     Aside from   its  national im- resentative of the (,'. T  P  who ty million    feel and     had the ""'V'" '."   ^e_ obstructions to
navigation   between     here and
splendidjy    equipped   steam- portonce and historical aspect,  is Lore with   Mr. Kanisdm for largest actual    increase shown I,   '-'"-""   '',uwi!(-n     "ere and
nl to take up the run from Jasper Park   will undoubtedly the purpose of   piffcTfrv-ing the h>' any species,   an increase of ! i,'.,','.""•■')'- turn   'j     iVu™
,ri George to the Cache.   In become a great recreation gro-  reserve, are now taking a roll nearly two   hundred   and fifty '      ,'1',    ""'•   ,.   sno, ° "e e.x"
lother   column    we print an und for !'.•■ prairie residents. It of the Indians on the reserve, niillion   feet.   Cedar   composed \"Z     I!!""1 l'V,s stMtch of, the
•tide dealing   wit.l.  the plans is only 195 miles from  Edmon-  one-fifth of the   total  and was ''.,"•                    P u       ,    °
,1 Foley Welch & Stewart, the ton.  Alta..     and  a   little over  ion, "The    Northwest    Passage second  wood    in magnitude  of  l\    ,      ,!'. ^."'^  Dabove ne™
' ; Land", refer   to this range cut. The three hundred and lif- *?,l'bet.Gl'S?mb? 'P«*«B«-,?3
contracting      firm       that     is,one    day's journey  from Win- by
of mountains as follows:
Tlie top of tl" mountain is
usually completely hidden, nnd
rarely is it seen entirely free
from clouds, The face of the
mountnin is strongly marked
' by horizenti .1 lines, due to the
unequul Weathering o* the rock;
and has the appearance of a
perpendicular wall. From the
summit to the bnse of the
Grand Fork the slope is over 60
degrees to the horizontal,
The Alpine Club will make
Mt. Robson nnd vicinity their
headquarters next summer, in
an effort to reach the topmost
Mount It.binn, l8.7oo.__t. fiom G. T. P. ft.nr Jaip.r Park. ,. '   ,. ,    • .       ,.
be the .Mecca for mountnin eli-
biiilding the line, which will ac-|nipeg, being situated at a stat-  mbers from    all   parts   of th
miles, the   Grand Canyon, 104
Lo .-Jam srtetchlhfr across tli.. Fraser lllver ahovp Tete Jaune Cache.
fount for the    presence of two ion formerly   known as Mietie universe. The whole district  is t,rn """'"" '''''' "' '!"s sl'!"'"'s ""'''"■  .'"' ''":U  Rm.  ,{aP,ds'
ol thoir big camp supply boats (Indian for sheep I Hot springe hemmed inon every side bv this ™t was an increas two hun- .lis miles   upstream from this
Ion the upper river next 'season. ! al an altitude ol 3,255 feel ab- snow capped     wall. The 'views ,lml '""' ZZ1"'", "       '" ■'■,"' !'."","' ,-' ■'.!'!-'''' •, ' Z '  J n""6
iTii,'  Northern     Lumber  Com- ove son  level.  For ages it  has „f the dominating peak obtain- ovf   '"' , J,M Production,   lhe (ache lies 315 miles from fqrt.
Ipiny   of this   lown     are also  been the custom of the Indians ed from th," park, especially of Cu1 °Vel'_,*'_, l'""/ f1™?"^"!-: p.prge, and is thehead of nay
to one bundled nnd eighty three igAtion   on th
Fraser   river.
the end of steel. A large the proposed L_tel site. Bv offl- Tie government propose cut- ",,,£"£ " ""P°^fl"ce (mn" l'l«' travelling between the .Cache
riil traffic may be expected cial tests thc springs have pro- ting driveways out of the solid ^,^t_mb_v producmg trees and South Dort George next
r the   steamboat  route, for  von to be ..otter than anything  rock at considerable heigbl  on  "' ( ,mncl'1' summer. Ihe value o  the boats
on the run. in total; will "perhaps reach something like
?275,000,  What  -is the govern-
liliiiiniiiL1 tha construction of nI to bathe in the sulphur springs the mass   of ice-cap and huge ... ..                       .   .
river boat here   this winter so and enjoy  hunting und fish- glaciers, are of majestic grand- ,""""' ''"'''   , wc,s  Z   y   s'. '.wo ?«les above the Cache the:
"'(upper river will be well sup-  mg in that  neighborhood. Thi   cur, while im. scene'at sunset is ,l""'s Z'Z     i'S         ''le"""' ww « completely blocked-byai
B^ied witU craft to convey   hoi    springs are    on Canyon one of rare beauty, worth trav-i »ut ". 1U.0A ""d was sulhcienl huge log jam -  •   -
feavy tralfic between this place Creok,   a short   distance from elling thousands of miles to see, ".",'''"*': "  "'"'"   ,""1'l'l'm'' "' . I h-'n-will be hundreds of peo-.
■out (ae   sieamooai   rouie.   [or   von 10 ne i.oiier man anyiiiing   roCK  at consKieralile  neigl.
Ilir .ecuie grandeur of the belt- previously known    in Canada,  the mountain  sides.   This will . ,          ...
lino journey   is n  be sur- the hottest   being 127 degi'oes,  follow the winding course of the The Fori George Tribune has n«P«nr™a™.    something    like
upon nnv inland  water  and  the   coolest     116 degrees,  roaring Canyon River (former- cut its subscripts to __ a year. ^78,000.     Hal  -is the govern-
route in     these broad  Domiii-  heaviiv impregnnlwl with suip-  Iv called  Fiddle Creek, a name ll   is n degenerated sheet, once ""'"l  '." "' ''r °-s al' excus9:-.t<>r
i ■ Toronto Saturday Night,  hur.   '                                          given by the miners when they owned by John   Houston, the neglecting to provide as far as
dwelling upon   the beauties ol      I'he site   overlooks a beaut-  can think of nothing more ap- veteran  newspaper man of the Possime '"'  lh'' !>'lU>1>  ol tlwso
Jasper I'.-.rk, which lies at  the  iful  expansive   valley,   honvilj   propriate) for five or six miles, frontiers, but  bought  alter his peop'o and this property.
Bcmlwaters of the Fraser, slates  lived, over six miles norlli nnd  such precai.ious passage in the death  by   George   Hammond's
lhat the Grand   Trunk  Pacilic soulh ami nearly two miles cast  oircutious   and    over-changing wild-cat townsite outfit, to pre- The  thermometer    registered
Railway hnve decided upon the and wesl, surrounded by miajes- driveway should   result  in one vent any further attacks again-  twenty deg'i s below zero last
TCmlerful park as the site for tic snow-capped mountain peaks of the most thrilling experiences sl  the concern,   similar to the night; the   lowest temperature,
lae _ie.ii national summer ro-  and    made    picturesque   with of a life time. A trail has aire- articles printed by Houston be- s6 far this  winter.  The Fraser
'i'i on thoir now tratisoontin-  lakes and winding streams. The ady been partly   hewn out un- fore his death, appearing in the jammed and  froze aoross sojid
"uil line. The surveyors have  Folding   Mountain, 7. COO feel   der the supervision of Commis- columns of   that    paper.    It  is opposite lown     this morning-.
w completed n lour in which  high, is biin._di_.lely to the cast  sioner Douglas,   purely for the now  in the   same class ns Mr. We shall not see the parti-col.,
ivery   par|   „f    the Canadian I Roche Miotte, 7,500 feet high to saddle or walking, where it  is ffammond's "Rulletin of'fnfor- ore:!   waters    again uiitil next
lockies   has been carefully' in-  th. south;  Roche de Smct (cal-' (oo hazardous for vehicles, for mutton"   which   is   distributed spring.
PMlcd   with lhal  end  in view,   led after Pierre do Smell, over   the special benefit  of lovers of gratis by the townsite company '
"■I all are unanimous in pro- (5,000 foal   high,   to the   nortii excitement.   This    will    follow to boost its   various proposit- u   A   Mackay left on Thurs-
'"iming    Jasper   one  of   the and Bull Rush Mountain to the largely for miles the trails pur- ions, and   is   worth  about as dny'g down stage fbV tlie coast,
ms' ideal   locations in Amor-  west. If nol satisfied with this; sued by the Indians for centur- much per annum    to the man „Mao.. ...;ls bi£&e6 ffttewell hv
11 b   - the  intention of the galaxy of mountain scenery thi  ies. who seeks reliable in ormntion „ ,,,,,,,),,.,. „,■ |,is f,.,,,,,.^ ;M the
ipm ■   to go rigid  ahead at   tourist   may    visit    the famous      The  Bear   Trail   Springs are on Mils   country     Irom reliable _uurtprg „f ,|.,.  _wai^ staff on
"       ilh    tho oreor.'On   of a   Mt.   Robson.   13,700 foet   above: also a short distance from  the sources. Wednesday    evening,   and from
'" '  'tel in order to provide  sea level, and tlle highest  peak , hotel, and     oil the   line of the                         t|„, ninny sinc.'re expressions of
accomodation    for in the Cannhian Rockies, which  historic   driveway.     This is a The Oddfellows gave n dance regrel which his departure eall-
'''"'   by lho lime tho road is  is only 35 inilcs wesi of Jasper ..mall    lake  of    pure drinking in the Fort Goorge Theatre last ,,,| for j„    the speeches   of the
ipli    ,| in  |i||;j                           park.'                                                water, as clear as crystal, and nigl.t  which was a most succcs- evening, we feel assured tint lie
aspei     park.     ,,r      Jasper      Ml.    Robson     is   beaiil ifully ! one of the most perfect samples   sl'ul event.    About   sov y-five!wJH   appreciate  fullv  (he   high
l"!l>"'- won one of tho old his   shoped, its many por.ks giving   of aqua piira ever found. This people were present. The order (.stl.(.IM j„ u|iicli he was held in
ml landmarlts,    doing service it a most imposing appearance,  is      furnished    by    numerous las recently established a local South  Fort George. A number
1 die fi r wosi during the early Travellers who have visited tb.   springs issuing from the rocks, lodge, the membership of which „f songS „.,;,.,, .sung and recitiit-
lr buding   days of the Mini-  famous Alps in Switzerland saj   and hns evidently long been the is large. The initial function of ions rendered, whilst  Mr. Mao-
"ls "ay Company, and is sit-  Ml. Robson is superior iu every trysting place for both aborig- the society was   much enjoyed kav added materially to the cn-
«1 ; tioally  'on the line way to anytb'ng there. Milton mes and   animals in search of and   appreciated by   everyone tertninmeni by rendering ah ol-
'"dii'i:   .Ibortn    from  British  ami Chcadlo, in their publicat- refreshing wnlert
who attended.
ogy from Shnkcspere. ■\j   m   a   i.n i"
lhe p!o;.e. r pnbllstieri of the Cariboo Dislrict.
.ra^tiKldvantwe of lis ,«.«» U. lota Ihdr
__mni__»- ie i upon a aiatont market. ___J
II] ITU this issue thc Fort George Herald
f? shrinks from a seven column folio
paper .■_ the five column size of days gone
by. The reason fcr this retrocession in size
is clue to the exigencies of the time, the
place, nnd the fact that the Victoria government has cut off the principal revenue of
country newspapers by an oleventh hour re-
pe'itanc. for the shortcomings of their land
policy, which took the form of an orderin-
coun 11 reserving that portion of B. C. in
whieh the best lands had already been peddled off to the bogey-man speculator, much
dwelt upon by the feeble opposition to the
McBride government. And the order fi.rti,.r
sought to double the price of lands purchased prior to the short-order law, whicii
had no: received the acceptance of the Department of Lands, when that department
were r, iy where from one to two years behind in its work, but this retroactive feature was removed from the force of the
order. -_„
The government Land Act, prior to the
Council's April bomb-shell allowed staking
of government lands for purchase, by agent,
for a sum varying from $2,50 to $5 an acre,
according to tho classification of the livid,
as recorded by the surveyor who has to bo
employed by the applicant in the event of
tho government accepting the application.
This system is still in force, but the reserves cover all the districts where staking has
be.n principally tarried on, but to new en-
plications the raised price applies. The procedure also involved the advertising of a
not'ce embodying a description of the land,
in the British Columbia Gazette, and in a
newspaper published in the district administered by the government agent who handled the preliminaries of tho applications-to-
purchaso, which was where the striving
country editor came in, and The Herald,
situated in a district administered by a
government agency thnt records tho applications for more millions of acres tiian we
have time to compute, waxed fat, and prospered. The land advertising business, however, whilst remunerative to a degree, hns
been a detriment to country publishers in
so far as the high-pressure of effort demanded from the m._hanicr,l end of the weekly,
to produce the monotonous descriptions of
land, has had a demoralizing effect upon the
journalistic end of these publications, and
therefore, whilst deploring tl._ loss of our
principal source from which we hoped for
the acvimilntion of .wealth, we turn with
quivering fingers to the ball-pointed pen for
emoluments of public approbation, earned
in a consistant effort to protect their best
interests by fearless publicity.
Tho Herald in its present size will not be
over incumbered with masses of land advertising, and its columns will be devoted
to telling the truth about the land we live
in, and the propositions coming into being
This journal is owned by the Northern
Interior Printing Company Ltd. It is published to supply the necessities of existance
for its proprietor, for the Northern Interior
Printing Co Ltd., is one individual. The
Herald boasts of the best plant and most
complete equipment of any country newspaper i- North CentroJ'B. ('., and w* aim,
to publish a s-mi-weekly before the end of
next year.
t PROPOS of the Victoria governmoni
" and its land policy, „f which m
have considerable knowledge, having noted
many instances of the ineonsislancy of its
modus operandi at clove quarters, it is amusing to rote that Premier McBride will
open negotiations at Ottawa for the re-ac
quisition of the 3.500,000 acre block of Jand
rond subsidy deal. The request for ths negotiation is backed by tlie statement that
il would be "good policy" for the province
to acquire this choice block, as the Dominion govornmont has made no provision
directed towards its set 1 lenient.
We would blush to recite the extent of lhe
developin'lit work carried on by the government of the province of British Columbia in the vast Peace Hiver u.lley. It does
not amount to very much more than the
placing of a reserve for 'ill miles on either
side of the river. This reserve was placed
after Hob Green, an ex-Minister of Lands—
who used to peddle suspend.!'., on the C. P.
IL—now slated for one of the new senators,
had acquires some choice lands in association with other fortunate ones. Outside of
this reserve the operators have stall d land
in blocks varying in size from one to fifteen
hundred square miles. Soum of th038 operations have been c: Tied on by the enterprising rnanipu.Utors cn a "shoestring."
Indeed, one firm, who advertise their intention to purchase sixteen hundred square
miles of land from the Crown, r,"e unable to
meet even thoir preliminary expenses incurred ic rrlvertislng. Because the Laurier government did not disturb the peac and serenity of the Dominion Peace river land in
British Columbia it docs not follow that
Mr. Borden's government may noi prove
more progressive in tho matter. The provincial government have surely enough care
and responsibility in the Peace Itiver Disti'ict, without increasing their obligation to
the public in a district so far barren of government development work altogether. \t
the present time there are two ways of
gaining access to the Peac Hiver valley.
One is by way of Edmonton, and vi.". tu
roads constructed by the Albertan government into the Potic Coupee prairie, the
other by a dangerous canoe route, which is1
ihe British Columbian portal to one of its
greatest undeveloped areas. It is now an
established fact that a railroad will be constructed to open up the Peace valley. Its
construction will be communed and carried
on principally ftom the Albertan side of the
provincial boundary. Surely it devolves
upon the people of this future city to take
some steps towards securing a proper means
of egress to ths groat valley lying to the
north of us. The government have now virtually got the Peace River district under
lock and key,
THE policy of tl u Government regarding the settlement of the old reserve, which stretches from the north fork
of the Fraser River to the provincial boundary in the Yellowhead pass, for a distance
of three miles cn cither side of the Fraser
River .-.nd its headwaters, has not yet been
announced. This res.rvc excludes even pre-
emptors from the soil. There ,","e many
squatters on the land a'ready, and petit"
ions nave been sent to Victoria requesting
a decision upon the policy of alienation.
The Herald beleives thai were the government to throw the ros.rve open for preemption in the spring, thai the valley
would be a thriving vista of agricultural
activity before the fall.
T m': r,,,T.v. located this summer op-
* posite the Hudson's Hay Company,
during the high water period, appears to
bc '" Hi., wrong location. It transpires thai
u'h,'n ,l"' F«iser River drops low, as the
Fraser River invariably does in the fall of
tlio year, the lorry is practically put out of
business by ,-, sand-bar thai obstructs its
passage to the east,.rn bank. IVo would sug-
uesi that the government either employ a
diver to shovel the sand-bar away, or a
light rope walker l„ carry people across on
the cable.
T'",; fire "all is to be erected at the
corner of Laselle Avenue and Third
Street. The plans for its construction, we
j1''" i"l',,1'<" 'd. are already completed. The
hal is to bo equipped with numbers of hooks
and ladder.-, ropes, and fi,,. fighting ,..,,ili-
nnces' I''"'" Chief Campbell will purchase a
™]iCfl1   '""-'ine   When   he   r,l(.|,„s   ,|1(,   Cfmg,
ron ueorge iraaing & teller lc, Limited
Cnraltrs of S.e.men cn tie Fr_s.r,Nechaco_nJ   ZZ .''",i,ri111« '..•„,,,.
( liili.-.i'i i • „| SodaC'i.,|
Sfu:.rt Rivera ffkniifaclurers of Lumber   J!„i,';,li';;f','1ll'._iV1'.'.''--""-'1"1' <""i!
All Kbits cf Rough and Dressed Lumber far Sale
"Bene Bry Lumber in the Yards "
Fhone: ©Eie-Orce Mouldings
South Fart George i
rr_F-si «t\ •-■.. *~_-iitmw__t-____™^c—f.-___-_rm-_____mumm__ *n- __-. _-_._-_       J
______*_____#. g____H_8 ,
Semi for a folder SL.na for „ foWw
! i    chas. e. Mcelroy
B Gencinl Maimgrci
Autos     Steamboats |
From /shcro''t  to Fori G?orge, and all p in ts in j
the northern i iteriorof Bri \_h Columbia, carrying !
the Royal Mail passengers and fast freight. I
I The Palatial St.aner B.X. Awaits the Arrival of the Company's Stages
Head Office: Ashcroft, B.C. j
I   Freight co-visaed to steam sr ai So l.i
creel, will be promptly forwa ik-U.
AJ T      —"     ------     -_-_.»      -_,,_,     __7i»VIT __.X_._l, 79
^j Remember we pny special attention t> |j
Front S'.reef, QUESNEL, B. C. ftp
Corner Hamilton <_. Third
South Kort George H.C
The newest and mest modern \ Rates   $2.50 and $3
L-,j   i   •      .i ,i .i  MnuJ-iljy antl weekly rules on ap-
notel iii tno nml In m interior plication
Best of wini
liqUOl'H ai ij <
Albert Johnson, «•«•<»•
¥_____-___\ <^__> f__?<*____■>"<___■*___>fAt_.♦<_____< fA*?<\a__^'Ai. 7.
__At___._____ ________)_ 4&_-   __-h   _im,Af_t._S__K _-___,__--_. A-Vm_Z
" _f\% "
A Uccfdent&I K
4     if quesnel S
' " etel
<fl   Most modern up-tc-datc hotel in the interior, of Bri.i_h m
!^  Columbia, ^
New four-storey 1 uilding,   Accommodation for 120 guests
\_A  All outside rooms—large, well-lighted and ventilated
:$j  Steam heated.
__a_a____..v __-_: _.-;:_n._:i"<?v'_
Weekly and monthly rates cn application
Wire for rooms Wire for rooms f.
E. I. KEPNER, Fr^str.c.or
^l^m^^^fA^ I ,\__li\l<-   l,l\vlll   UI_1IU_1.
Tlic Pence Rher Lund District.
I Nation   l.ivei- ,„„|  ..,.,_.   ,     ,
"■■■■'■■ ii,o,iZ,zzz.:'.,'i<' s. I..
TAKK notice that Ariliur A. Uurtp'u, ol SfC   a,""™   ",,rUl    «"  chains'   il,',,1'''
Jiuii City, -. C.  ocot.pal  farmer/ in- _£ ce *_, S'Tj   "'«'«■   *""th"._' -^«
z:,nZ,z .t „ ,,,i plants „ ma.. %■ i "«/M" .Ir::1,,;;:,.;;r;.T
, ,„ Hie ln-ad aud J miles soutli of tlie a,,,'.,.,   ,_, JAMES  ELLIS
;„l,   i  i.f  Nation   Itiver  und  m__kod _ . '''  "'"•
,    ..   , . ...     '-,"- , -LlljrllS
,ik  ,,f  Nation   Itiver  mid  m.,r;,ed ' _____
■'   \V. comer" tliencc oast Su
llii'iiniioun,,,,,    llii;i( j   , ji
J10^1^, a railway contract- g
:'"    °.'   Wmuipeg,   and   several _
associates, had acquired a chat ^
,   A. H, S.  W.  corner"  tiience oast Sol       "  rA____T7u~  associates, had acmi.'i. I  "   i *
c|,,..;   thencc    liortll    8n    chains;  thencc 0. CA?S1.Ali W» DISTRICT ter for   .,       ,'l       '      ' ' ''l ,'1'"'11'- '*.
,,, „„ chains;  thence south 8o chains to     TARE„{ft1*, ,*"'•' '"""I "line. , ',    '      ' ;lllw".v     extending  2
„„„„    ,,  commencement,     containing  6jo L Sl„can        c   """   *"*««   Copeland   '     °i!1 Edmonton to Port  GpopoS *
SS- ™* a. homo*       iW^^^uT'Sfe t (;- 7« , announced' ITS *
A4^'_3rd., ,,«.. Co,tcn1.i,.;:f^^!le'l'a".lS:     """      ^   ll"''<l   <?/  OctoW   by   .1 «
1 vssi.au land district.       " feliri°f «* >'«>« ',„! ''ZZZl _',„.'"', ,',' ,\o(i0> !™m^r For AUlnb/iHcJ, S'
Of The I'eaee l.iver Land District, .i"". '„'''''  uml  m"rl»'1  "M   C    S   J- '"  ""'  Alberta   Legislatm-P    Tl _
IAKK notico     that-   William     11. Clem     .,_V',.'..''    "T"'     8o   «""Z thence PrOl-Oflcd   line 'will   Ir   ! ,\ I.
,.„, „,  Since,    11.   C,    occupation    mine   tT.cnceen.        .    tle"CC   s"mil   8"  cam" richest Inverse   Lho $
,„,,, intends to apply for pcrmiss   to      .   riu-.    I Z"*''H   "'"  "'"'"""ings    I       ■h' 8L.Por' ><>"       ol  the   Peace 5
 I,,,,    the followm.  described   l„„,i.-        __....n,cl   ""wn-stream   i„  ,„,;,,,   „,h    ' Kiver    .   .i-\.i      .....     •        ,,  ... <
mends tu  apply for penuissi,,,,   to   tl,,;  ''.    , lo'low'"K   --    ,.,„,,_        ....       --.-
,.,,,,,-    the followmjf described  lands:       i „u„    , . „      v" str''    l<>  point   ofc      l"Ver Districl     cnl
'Commencing  at  a   post   planled   ,j  miles   ES'" '"'   c"lll«'»'«(!   6.0  ucres   more    i-    Columbia   v ." I •     ZZ   °mm    _]
fllSt ,,l the lund on the south lmnk of the   s„,.,n , ,-,        I        .    .   ' l   ' ,ne   I!'VI'''   PllSS    «
v,„„„  Itiver uud  marked   "W.  II.  t.,  N.   '  .{,.,,'■,   , , MAROAUET COPK] wn   ,l"1'l'l   <>l   Yo   Owllcad   in--    ,,,1   <l
I,  cn r"  llience south  8o c s;  theuce   ^"St    sl"  M" Opening  III) n  V.il   ,     } '   It
„-«!  »   'h s;   thenee    north   Ho  eliuins; T'T^L',,,  n, , 11 ' '  '   ""-1"11  '" the   $
Uienee east  followiiiK  the   meanilerin_s  ol oi 'i.,   ,.       I'AXI)  "ISTRICT. n-OHllSm    portion    of  the   nm.
.....' ] l'ace K,\e    1. ,„, i>,str.,, ! inn,,     I,   ....11   , .1        v
and manufacturers of till kinds
of rough and dressed
„. river  down-stream   to   puint   of  com       TAKK   '.' 11'1'!U''' Rlu:,   '- "•< District. . II1C0.   It   will  he ,„■,„■  ' ihu, ''"■['     >1
encement,   conl i.iK  (,-,„  aai_   „ Ah ',""""  tlmt   Lucile  Countess  !..„     |,„„r .,,'   ' X"   ' •0,|[| miles   «
"■>, "l  Vancouver   H   c   ,,,,,.. , • lon_r u ](    ,, ,     (.,-,, ,|       , .   vl
" ,.„„.;:. —*• rVart«;; IHH'':;;*a  '»>^_?;;: j
  la,,ls: ^   cscnl)ed Upex of which   will be at Pine l«
^i!!-" r!^;:,ll;-lTkv,!ll":ll'.A"   exploratory  survey
Oi The Peace River I.aml District
We are consistent in our
piices and the stuck is
new in our bigSecond St.
Our lumber is dry and ^
must he  used   to make tt
building resist the frost \t
pi winter ^
I;     ■
f.    •
K    ■
^ .
Ul   lilt reaee Kiver l„ilKl  llistr et.             V...I        n-                  ""'   Sllllt»    ,auk   nl ,    itlli,.      ', „               l                     <i_                                                                                               U1    Winter                                                 £
take notice that I, James Uitliow ol  I    "l Z"'""1 "'"ked "i,. e. 0 x 'l""''• .-'•"   exploratory  survey A                                                                                                   ti
1.    >"•.   »•   C.   nccupation   ll.„,k-.,.,', er,    ",st,"«''1''',,   ' '"'"ll' J"""1'  V" ''""is;   llieuve    I)ai''y    IS  |,(,W       _-„i„.r  ()V(...     , I ' , «        n,               r/C                 ,   ,         ,        ■.                                                       ==       K
;:;."!;;; «&SKi.ta""-" fc„£s^^^^       "' r.n',e-dnt» m^ |   ™«, Office and Lumber Yard, South Fcrt George \
cnunencins at „ p„st planted .3 milos _„,!  ",.(?,?. ' " '" ' >'»™™m-nt. j '"> lo undertaking the location vz-v-r-----* __■_*.__.                                              "range    ^
east ..I the head of Nation   River ,,„  the ■    ZZZ   Z Zi iZ""r" "r k™'               WOTk.   It   is    ,.v1)("|„.l    , UT^y^K^^^j-y^^                                                                       »
„„rili hank  und marked  J. A.  1.     S    E        v..,3?'      '     "•'' (-IJI'M'HSS l.l'Tl l-\    i;„        'iii '      '   '    ,"at   thr   _««.--».___,■___-_.■_  «»w»»««^JJ»»||
..rner; thonce nortii 80 ehnins: thence wef. !    "V"K"St 2I"'" '»"■                              uw    line  Will   be    Completed     ami   m J                      ■—^—————-—■
8oci,(„iis; ti.ci.ee snuii, 8„ chains: ti.e.ae           cassiar iA,...".!.-..',,.,-- "  ~  PPerati°n  within four years Its I   lf^° n           ff    o
;t,t^rcl,^^,'lZi!S.ng,6t1"o    TA°K^oH^SS'-        ^^'"^toodarra.SSn™ CliftlT   I   WWW    Hi
„_„_t ist. ion. l?n ls..t" nl'P'y for perm s_inn  1 ,., 1    ...     '     ''I'l.l'IV     hecii    I'oni :i ,.|,,,      f ,-      -*
TAK,'-.nl.,.e'7,,aV'wi,u^',r;t::;ers.,,,   ^1. ^'"   »»"«i1 "G.-'k.'."'^ SI facilic ai  Fort George, provid! j I   "c<;,"iUW'- "   ^*__>*_4_  _JZBJD_i@B
ZZ?i£~»^r^ZhZZZii__:S."S-,i;!;:'«;;;::;::| g-,,,?:*,fi^ "»-.«,M.,„sh,„,no[ice.
,rrcs more or loss
JAMES A. i.Aim.inv
Aii-fttst Ist. 1911
01 The Peace Itiver Land District.
,,.., 1   ,, ...     .-/1   1111.111.■ ir 1 __;•    tlic proposition
■.in, B. C. occupation married woman, in    linvc   all'ea'K'   been    completed, j
tcmls  tn applv  Inr permi^ion   tn purchase Uj.j rf      wlll'll COItlllll'tcd will J
iliefollnwinj! descrilied  lands: '. ,    '       , I
Commencing at a posl  planted 24 mil.s   COJineCt   wit'',  tlic (.l.'.'ld    I run l.i j    Secoisd SJ.
.east   of   the   he.,,1   on   the   north   bank   nf   Pacific  at    Poll   George,   |ll'()\i(l- S
Natinii   River  anil   inurk.-il   "I..   I...   S,   h. I.             ,.   .    .     ,,      ,,            .'
 ■•     -■ I   ! Hi"    ■'     I'"1	
lollnw.'ng  descri'ed   lands: ri,.„-   , ,      ,             ■"   ••■"••™-inii[_  o,  11
'    "encfig at  a pos.   nted  ..  milos ZZnoZZ' ""'"' "' ~<™
I the  head  01.   the  south   bank  of &nt ,cZ         rvfrZ^Lmot,: nr ksl>'     '     lh     f    IC     Ml
Xntio,, River and mnrkod "W.  H. H., N E, „,     GRACE KIEBY.                         UI..I.   K.   Mcl.cnna.n.     secret-
II   crner"  tdenee soutl, 80 chains;  thenee ZZZLZZZZ                                       1ftr>' "f  tl,e ''■   "-   -ToArthur eon
"1S1     welr'f^.owii'i'^oa^ri,,^ S't 6r%!^i &TO^"      " I f^S . C°™P^.V,  who   own
i.erma reasonable and satisfaction guaranteed.     j
over .ip-st-eam''To'"*poiuT'7rcommenc'r     .r.,'.'.Thl' '.'eaet River Unifliistrict. 'al'gC   interests   'in  'Sollf'l.'  l'.''".','    f—~"—— ,.-..■■_.-__. *"*"       '    "  ' IM
Ujrd.,,,1;,.   ™^oN. s/-sSt,:,s?op,;"hase"-^l^w  lnten«°?-. -hen!!      M. C9 WIGGINS
__M  3rd.,   1911.        	
rASSMK   I.AN'1)  UISTlM^     e .sl'""!'"';:"'", '", "   '"^  I'1""1"1  "  ""^ Kn\ZZj *a™lmV-   ,"1'1   MWB   C
LTl.e.^aeo>ivo?l!mfdTSt.          NaUo.'r   .,":„    ^,-i''. TV r'k i" !   '     ^    ^'^"enl   of   ll,
w. corner"Woe   Sh"0 iii, Zin.Z PP^1.« received here With ar
lowiiii- deserihed   lands.       ____________■__■_< I I-,,,,,,   11.1_________________________________________
Commoncmg at_ a  post planted 2. miles   !l'!.  .. .   ", S""!m"r'  aml  n,'v''s of,.
IAKK nntiee thai  Eimna IL Parker, ,,,   Z'ZiZZtiZl ZZZ'\  »' G,_  S'    W>fat   is
to apply  for  permissinn   t„  purcl,.   thence   «es,      ||„v.     "tl,     ,       1    <U"Z i
: following described  lnnds, ' river ,„, ,,.,,„..,       m_l>»denngs of
« ll-e following descrii,,,   l,„ds:"   ' ' ZZiiZlZZZZn^i Z'^'Z"' !     , "	
™,"'*'sk =:--™,i ■_;»:: __.\:z^__ -q	
I...........   in  nines cnniuij ^^^^^^^^^^ .-—-.
lut ul   the  head   on   the   south   lmnk   ol Sept.in. ARTIU'R  H. GOULD.
Sjlion Kiver  and  marked   "K.   M.   P.,   X.      An.ust   ist.,   h.ii
K . rner"  llience south  Sn chains;   thencc
-iv_i   ami  niaraco  "t:.   ..i.  p.,  .v.      August   ist.    iun   , - ",u<    ni'1'"   H|)-rivcr   A     T.,
er    thencc south 80 chains; thence   housing    tl.,.       little  steRinhnni    .     PhOeniX
_KMMA   M.   PAUKKr""'      S^yV" pS_i^" t™\ZZt    ^lA^S       ^     ^^   ^	
1C.M.MA   M.   PVRKER to   ,7,1   1  .'   occu.Pa.tlon   '"rmer,   intends    uu'   OUDy    lloat        oul
^z.^iZizr-- %* -s =    sc u,e mil"s above ,his ,,,>il11
1-  i.A.MJ  IJ|!.IRI_1. (."nimeiuim. ,u   ,,   ,„,.,   „, ...,   ,.  .  .,
_______________     mm TRACTS
Wflllltcd ■"^crea*ru 'n sma" or 'a,'s'e ^'acts; must
stand inspection with terms reasonable.
Fire Insurance Agent for
Phoenix Assurance To., Ltd.,   British-American Assurance
Co., and the Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Co.
*""'"TH ST.      -      -      SOUTH FORT GEORGE, B. C.
CASSIAR I.AXD DISTRICT. ,    Commencing al „  posl  planted  22 miles                              ,                                          l£
(J, The Peace River Land Districl. cast   ol   tlle   head   on     tlle   north   hank   oi        A   children s   party   « as   glVeil
TAKK  imtice   that   Howard   Parker,  ol Nation  River and  marked   'II.  C,  S.   E.   1,,.   Al..    ,m,|   jtr-*     \iU_M     I,,!,,,
Slotui B   C.  occupation    accountant,   in- corner"   thonce    nortii   80   chains;    Uienee      •     '"''   ,   ul   M    ,' Z     1      '
lanil 1    apply Inr permiss,,,,,   to  purchase west   80  chains:     thenee   soutl.   80  chains;    soil  at   I lie   llot"l   Nifthcrn   this
llie lollowing described  lands: thenee  east,   (ollowing   the  meanderings  ol   week oil the      occasion      of    till'
Commencing ,a a  poet planted 16 miles river down-stream  to point ol commence    . .    ,   ,              .    ,   '. '              '_     ,
last ol  the  head  oft    the  smith   bank  ol ment,  containing  6jo  acres  more  ot  less,    bll'tllday      ot  their      soil  .I,•!,"!..
N'ation River and  marked  "11.  P.,  X.  W. Sep.30.             HARRY PKXDKRV.      '         wl1()   |las       peached    his    eighth
. rner" tlicnce   south  80    chains;   tiience August ist., 1911.
e.ni  H„  chains;   Ihcnce    imrth   80   chains;   -» \cai.
thence wesl   (ollowlng  the   meanderings   nl CASSIAR   I.AXD  DISTRICT.                                         	
riw up-stream to point ol commencement, 01 The Pence River Land District.              rnr     ..         r   ,    n     1      t  n
containing 6.0 acres more or less. T.-U.K. noticb that Chas. Cnnl,,,, Stuart,        lhe  tllliadiall   Malik   of  Com-
Stpt.jo.              HOWARD PARKER. of Vnncouver, B, C, occupation gentleman,   nierce have established a branch
August 2nd.,cji 1. intends t,, apply  for permission  to purch-           -■
.                                                               _ _c.   II.-   .. ,, — .:.: ...---■
I Win. Blair & Co. I
fA WM. KENNEDY, Manager. k4
* Cor. Second and Hamilton Aves., SOUTH FORT GEORGE, B. C.
aso the (ollo'w'ing d-_c.i"b3'T-nd»:"" '       at   Coiirard,      on   Lesser  Slav,
Commoncing at a post planted .'(, miles   Lake.  It  is the first bank ill the
east   .,1   the   head   on   tlle   north   bank   "I    "
CASSIAR   l.AXD  DISTRICT. ,    - u._i..i.,g ai   a  post   j,lanted  -•(, miles Lake. It   is tlle  first
III The Peace River Land Distriet. est   ol   the   lu-.nl   on   the   north   hank   ol p.,„,„, o;,.,.,. ,„„,,,(,.,
MfC. lice  that   EI011.0   11.   Copeland,   Nation   River  and   marked   "C.   G.   S.,   S. "llU KU ('   C0U11UJ
1  Slocau,   H.   C.   occupation   mine nwuer,   \V. corner"  tl,-,,.-.   ...-t-t 1.  v.
August   2nd.,    IQII,
 _..,,v,.,,,,,. ...iLimi   Kiver   and   marked   "C.   G.   S.
.   H.   C.   occupation   mine nwuer, \V. comer"  thencc north .Sn chains, ii
iutemls to .iin.lv  inr  permissinn   to  purch- cast   8n   chains;   thenee    south   80   eliains-,       .  .             ___________m____i__.
■m- Hi,- lollowing  described   lands:     ' tliencc   wesl   following   the   meanderings  ol   .'.'"""'«  "-1" ''"'"* """'' '"'   c
w>imnenc,ng al  n  pnst  planted   i.j  mile.s .-iver up-strcnm to point of commencement
"sl  o|  ti,e  head    on   the   north   bnnk   'if and  containing 1140 acres  nmre nr  less.
MtKM   Kner  and  marked   "I..   C.   I).,   S. Scpt.30.       CHARLES GORDON STUART,
".corner" thence nortii 80 ehnins; thenee August  1st., 1911.
'«!  80 elmins;     Uicnco   smith   8n   chains;'	
'»encc wcsl   lollowing  the  mcanderings  ol CASSIAR   l.AXD  DISTRICT.
:■ <■' up-stream to point oi coiiimeiiccmcnt Of The Peace River 1 d District.
omiaining 040 acres more nr less. TAKK   notice   thai    Willinm   Kerby,   ol
KI.OXV.o ]). COPELAND. Slocau, ll. C. occupation Captain ol S. S.
1M    'St.,    IQII,
01 The Pe.n-e River Laud District, f
TAKE nnliee Unit  Ham  Lee ol  Sine  A
ll. C., occupation  miner,  intends  to apply ^
I,.,-   permission   to   pureli.is,   the  following ^
........_.-,..... «... I
8 Burglars walked away with a R
g number of our watches. Wehave, g
A however, a good selection left.-    fe
3        Time yourself here.
■ u.e le.,ee Rner I,„n,| District.
Sin,-.,,,, intends in applv for permission to Commencing at  a  pos   planted  24 miles
uurclmn the following described  lands: "ls,t. "',J,lu'  '"''"   »" ,ll,J  s"utllT l"'"1'  ':'   _
Conimencing  al  .,  posl   planted  24 miles N'"'"". R'ver tt,ul "'"'l'1"''1  '*}■  '• ■  ».  W.   ^
enst   »l   tin-   head    on   the   north   bank   ol Cur;,er_     l lcl!ce      soUtl'   8'    clmlns;    ,lu
TAKK  n-.iHt    ,1,,,   ,, ,,'."'': enst  "'   ""'  l'1'"1    ""   tl11'  """li   bank  ol Cur"«     thence     soutii   81   chains;   the
S.,_k_t    '    „    ,'        !ilV|'l   H.   Craig  nl Nation  Rner and  marked  "W.  K    S   \\ eas<   8o  chains;   thence    north  80  chaais- Ik.-"
■iiiilv f,„.'„.,„,'". '  ■'nrmer,   inten,is  to enrner"   thencc     nortii   80  chains-   thence ,h"'"'  wesl   following   thc m.iiiiderinirs  ni   ^.-—-_-.  .	
s* (lesc'rZ^,':::,.! '•"- ^ '-■ -<«° -•-■ - » *»*«»*-___■, -•««? — -  - ._«__««, ^^R9_^^9RI^I^^|_^^v_»__«r_«r#.
the   fol east   Sn   chains;   thenee     smith   8„   chains;.	
nencinn    1 thence wesl,  lollowing  the mcanderings oi   eoutnining 640 acres , .- or I
wst »i   Uu-  I,,'.  i°      ., I'''""1'11  -'" "lill'>- reer up stream to poinl ol crtmmenceme.il   Sept.30. IIARR\   I.:■;!■:.
Xatii.i,  Riier ""     "'  ""rUl   '""lk   "' contnining 640 acres more or loss. August   .ml.,   1911
-----   murked   "D.   11.   ...  S. Scp.30.            WILLIAM   KERBY.
*«l 81. .1         ''',""r,h H" ,'l,'""-v  tllcllcc Atigusl   ist.,  mn
tlienc,. ,.,1 ' ,"n     "'"''''    s""11'  s"  chuiiKs; —	
met ,|„».'„ J"'?w"'8   ""'  meand-rings  ..1 CASSIAR   l.AXD  DISTRICT,
,,,„,   (            ■""   '"  point   nl  commence 01 The Ponce River Land Districl
Scp.30       '  ,  ..-in",.'K,r'"  """''' '"   lus8' TAKI-   """"■   Umt   Charles   A.   McKcrc
V,,n,  K,   '^,U »■ CUAIG, I,.,,-,,,,  ,,|  Stayner,  Ont.    „ccup„t;„u  iner
chant,   inieiuls  t..  applv   l,,r  permission   to
CASSIaij   rTZTTT~7'7.  purehase  the  following   described  lands
HIT,   Z   WN» ^STRICT. Commencing  .„  ,,  post   planted  .0 units
T-\K1  .-„,,;,Klw'_. I"""1 I'lsimt. cast   .-i   the   head   on   the   imrth bank   ol          -     -
Staynti      . '"   Nnl  McKcIchorin  ol   Nuti .iver   I  marked  -c    a    McK     w,'sl  8" l
itmls t.i  ,1 a'.  ,'"" " ncrchiint,   In S.   IV.   comer"  theuce     north  80  chains;   'll1'""- '■•--  • ,.    -....K_  ■
Uic i..n. ..!.!■'•.   "  permission  1,1  purchase Ihenco  eusi    80  chains;     IhcWc  south   80   nu'r ''"""  streiim  to poinl  nl  cninmcnci
'scribed  lunds. clinins;  thencc wcsl  [ollowing  the mennser    ""''"' eontaining 640 .ores note ,,,  less.
sl oj^TiT"*. "l n   l",sl   planted   10  miles lugs  ..1   river  up siieam   in   pninl   ol   coin    Sjpl.30.                MARKK BROWN.
,1'iin 111,       "'.    ""   "'''  nnrth   bauk   ..( mciiccuicnl,  containing   640  acres  more  01      August   and., 1611.
earner-'    ,    "'"' "li"'iil''1 "N'- McK., S. IV. less.                                                                 	
l','""'    "',"''"   H"    ehnins;    thencc Sep.In.          CHARLES A. AIcKACIIARIN
"ins;   thenco    south   81,   ehnins: ■ August   1st.,   l.ll.
'"•"owing the mcand-rings
Ill The Peace River Land Distriet.
TAKE notice that  Mnrkt  llmwn, nl Slo
can,   II.   C.  occupation  former,  iniends   n>
applv  for  permission  t"  purchase  llie  fnl
Commencing   al   .,   posl   phmlcd   22  miles
casl   ol   the  head    on   Hie  south   bunk     1
Nation   Rue,- and  mnrked  - .11.  II ,   \.   V.
■1"   thtnet     solltll    8n  chains;   thence
thence    north   80   chnins,
followin.   tin
liver uu ""'K   ""' mcam.jrings 01
'-•ni.,,,,',,   !''"" '" """" "i comiiicncciiicnt,
Sf„ ,-    *■    •" acres nmre ,,r It.
01 The Pence River Lmul District.
TAKE notice  thnl   Hugn   prase,-, ol  Slo
tan   II.   C.   occupation   bTacksniith,   intends
111 The Peace Rner I md District. in  npply   for  fiermis-ion   to  purchuse   tin
TAKE    nnliee    that    John    \V.      Crow,   following described I Is:
ol  S'ncau,   H.  C,   occupation   farmer,   ,,, Commencing  nl   11  pnst  plnnted  .']  ,,, lei
lends  tn   apply   l,„-   pel-missinii   In   pui-ehasi -^
Ihe following .Its.ill ed  lends:
I  \SS!l..~T"n l,'"lls  '"   nl'l"y   lor   permiss.,.,,   to   purehase east   ol   llle  head  ,1,1   south'hunk   ol   N'at
II, |,,'e ,,       '•AM)  DISTRICT. Uic following des,.-,led lends: River and marked ' II.  P., V  |{, enrner"    II
TAK1.        .''ai,'Rllt'- Land 11,strict. Commenciiig  ul  .,  imst  planU'd  il miles thencc   south   80  chains;    theuce   wesi   ,.•    ^_,
"W  thnt   George   A.   Ggll,   ol   east   ..I   il„-  head  on   the   south   tank   ol ehains.  thencc north 80 clinins;  H
~—————————————'     -"-_"-^™_      |(|  M)lir|,e(|  ..j,   w,  c.,  X. following    menndering..     ol   Yivci
ehnins,   theuce stream   io   |
Why pay fancy prices for
slfstsM acreage when you
caK pureiiase 1 ©-acre waterfront tracts directly opposite
the Keservation here, which
is to be the 6. T. P. townsite?
Come to me.    I'll help you buy.    Write for acreage
Real Estate Specialist South Fort George
,.,,(|.    ' "    una   ueorge   A.   f.gll,   ol   east   ol   the
i,     ',    ■   l ■   occupation   Broker,   ,n    Nntiou  R,vc
'I PI'lv     nt :....:..    . ,   ...       ... ..
'wnl.. I,        j    J-   occupation   lirukcr,   in Nuinni   River nud  mnrked  ".I.   Vv.   _.,  N. [ollowmg    meandering.,     ol    river    ,
H,e f„||,   ," y r"f permissinn  to purchase W. corner'1  thencc south 8„ chnius;  thence strenm   to   poinl    of  commencement,
Cniiuiiei, ■„    '"'"'''"'d   lands:     So   chnins;   Ihenee   north   Kn   chnins taining 6.|o acres  in  re or  less
Mat ,,,   (|'l<  "l  n  pnst   plnnled   .'(.  miles thenee svcsl  upstream lollowini;  (lie mean Scpt.,.o. HUGH   PRASER.
"■'.ih,,,,  |, "' .'"'•"'    "a   lhe  imrth   hank  nl* tjerlligs   ol   river   lo    polnl   of  commence       Aligns!  md ,  mm.
K. c.iritci*■ it ""    ' ',''1'    '0.  A, ('.., S. ment, coiiliiinlng 6<n ncres moro or Ivss. 	
'4    „_ 	
''  i""1 mnrked    •!',.  A. (',., S. menl,
„      inence north 8„ ehains;  thencc Sent.to
' '■""■M    Ihenee   smith   Hn   chains; Aug..,
'   lollowing  the  nicnnderiiigs  ol	
1 " Hlrenin   I,,  p„|„|   ,,(   eniiiinenee CASSIAR   I.AND   DISTRICT,
"inillllig   (,.p,  neres   more  or   less. dl The Pence Rner L.nd Distr'
ni.i.nil,),   ti  	
JOHN   \\.   CROW,
ill.   mn.
Ill Tin- Pouci   River I n, ' District,
TAKE notico thnl  Cecil ilaydnn  Lulley,
nl Vancouver, 11, (.'. occupntion fnruicr, in
to apply  for permission  lo purchase   fA
i OS
South Fort George, B. C
'■".jpisl "KOIlQlj   A.  CALL. |    TAKE      notice   thnt     Ralph   Oillctt   nl   the  lollowing described  lnnd
,n Hi.ilnai   mi
ISl    pl.illle I
________________________________________________   •S'"1'."1    1    C___________________H
i \sm,n""."".—~—' '—   "I'P'v  tor permission  to purcl
Tli^ 1.        ''AN'"   OISTttlCT. thcfollowl lesrril ed   lands:
.    '    eace Riu.,- Lund District. C'ltntnciicing  nl a  p,,sl  pint  ,,. ,      ..,.„..  _,
"ll^e    thut     Juines     Ellis,   of   .nal   nl   lhe   head   ol.   thc   south   bank   nl wesl   Hn   eliains;   tin,        	
il  marked  "11,  r, ,  N.  W. Ihenee  easl   following   the  meander...
Ill   8o   eliains,   thencc river  down*stream   lo   pninl   nl   conn
tiles   ^
iwuor,   in       Cniumencitig nl  a  ;
I    ensl   nl   the   hend   nu   the    . mth   I nnk   ru _
Nation   River   ami   marked   "C,   II.   I..   N fi
'■'   corner"  thence south 8o chains;  then c _
rth   8o   chains: S
A choice variety, in- R
including all the lat- K
est designs,  can be K
''"«", lire    .?     -1'"'     ''"""'"     Bl"s'   "' "
'""■  i'.ilci,'iI      '   ,li'   fl   ""'upnlinii   iiicreh I   ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
'""clinsi   ir   '"   ""plv   f»r   periuiss mi   lo enmer"   thcuco    south   8o   eliams,   thenco   river  down-stream   lo   poinl  nl  commence.   £1    s1""-''      vve   n;IV('  Sl.i'i'lllil '.('ll   ill this line   tlllll feci tho as .UP     I?
•'"■linn,,       '""owing   described   lands: ensl   8o  ehnins:    ihenee   nortii   8o  chains;   ment, contnininn 640 acres more or less.       4    unci' (ll    lilctlsillu' V( tl if   lamnd oy„ tl,,, „l.,',.„t  -*   ,.„,,.    ,    \   ts
>M ""', »'n  pnst  planted   16 miles ihenee  following  the meanderlngs  ,,,  river, Scp.30, CECIL  HAVDON   l.l'Tl,P.v.    'VtTTTVVW^W'ww   w«»     °__.   ''  ''   '°UI   ('Uest   \.
""'  '""Ml   "..   the   north   batik   ol iip-streum 1-  nl ol coi encement, con       August  md,  mu. -vT/W^WW^WW^^^^s^^^^^^^^^^^^^
_6wm.-__.--_--i-t-*k   __ ..
__^__m__m__^__^_m^_^__\ seen by a visit to our R
t\   store.    We have specialised in this line, and feel thc assur- K
'J       nn ,1'     ..I    '-    ■•''     '--
'I  •'.(I'Oll-
■.i.ii',-i --t
I .-.iTL-ii'inmi i
uiIU-il   IH'M   Slllll-
Boalizing    t'.at    this    year  mor.
marks tho closing of steamboat I
navigation on the Skeena river,
the owncis of the different oraft
that have   boon   operating on
that, artery for muny year.', aro
looking for some new sphere of
work lor the sternwheelers. The
season   on t'._   Skeena is now
about   over,    tho wat it  being
very    low,  arid    most   of the
steamers   lift.e    gi no   to their
winter quarters at Digby Island
to go on the ways. Messrs. Foley VVelc', it Stewart are oroa.-
ing a new service foi their boats
the Operator and Conveyor, ,,'-
cording to    word   roreived here
this morning on the arrival of
the Vr'neo   Goorge,   sajs a recent Vancouver despatch.
Very   shorty the two sternwheelers    nre to    be towed to
Vancouver and there taken to
pieces for   shipment by rail . >
the upper I'Ynser and there to
be rebuilt     for    use in    'those ]
waters. The     owners   will use
them    in   s'lipp n_r supplies to ;
their contracts   in t!,. vicinity j
of Fort Georgo. This will open
un a new fio'd of inland navigation,   us     very few   steamers
have ever   traversed   the upper
waters of the Fraser, It is not
known    as to   the intention of!
the   Hudson's    Bay Company. I
The'r vesse's hnve been laid up ;
at Digby Is'and, but whether in
the spring they will be brought
south     or used   in sonic other
nort ,.rn trade is not known.
The officers of the George
state lhat it was rather a pathetic sis-'ht to si1" tl,. steam ts
towed to their winter quarters
as it practically meant the passing of the oM-t;me sternwheelers from the Skeena river.
For many tears the sternibonts
have served the needs of the
people reside;- far inland, but
the construct inn of t > (., T.
P. hns sounded the sternwheel-
er's death knell. Hy next spring
the contractors hope to. reach
Hazn'ton and every place along
the Skeena will then be touched
by the bne;
Captain MoGarr, who has
onmmandel the little steamboat, Fort Fraser, owned bv the
Fort George Trading and Lumber Co., for the past season,
will hnve command of one of
these boats. Mr. Stewart, when
Fturlh St., Scui.1 Fir Gecrge
-UE.l  ULU-1UL
Farm Lards, Garden Tracts,
Tiir.bsr Limits, Mineral Claims,
Tow. Lc's
Having resided in (lie Fort i
George d'slricl .since the first
frame building was erected,
and knowing all lots on the
| different townsites, I will un-
I dertake the sale cf all property placed in my hands.
f.,t G-Oi-fr., B.C.
F. P. Buiii. . Mm
Nelson, F.C.
Vi to.-li, B.C.
1-. C. lite, n, Mir,-.
A. H. Gioen, Mgr.
Green Ere?.
, Burden & Co.
Ovil Ergncers, tomiu'oo S B. C. LanJ Surveyors
Suivey.. of Land.,
H'ter, TownsUea, Timber
lils, Rtc.
dwarcl Roberts
Hail Kstutf. N'd.aiy Public I 'aurance Agent,
A lotioiicot it,.it Valuator
i References!  The Badk of Vancouver ami The
Tiade - H» k of Cu udti
Fi.,-. Geo ire,
I        ,1   SALMCN RiVERand
LUC twiU  Close to Fori George
NX. JORGENSEN SouthFt.George
Salisfaetion guat*-
Repairing   «._-__
________ A___*t__l:\
Sortt arli,les by mui'l to Fort George, B.C.
here rec.ntJv.   spoke
the work Cnptain Mcflnrr had
accomplished on the Skeena.
Thc G. T,  P. arc to build a
825,000 hotel at Hazelton. The
company are also building one'
at Winnipeg   which   is to cost
$1,300,000.   That   the railroad
company will also erect an imposing edifice here there appears
little room     for doubt,   when
thoir policy regard ny this pla-,
ce has been deeded upon, and j
mahoTony,    gi t     and   Italian'
marble,   Brassies  carpets, clov-!
ators and   waiters bodeched in I
single-caich suits will be familiar sichts once again. It is six
years at-o since tie first ('.. T.
1\ survey parties cam ■ to til's
district, equipped   with KeulTel
& Esser'a    transits and   Mann
axes to mark out tho route of
Canada's national highway by
plaoing numbered stakes at intervals of one   hundred feet in
liewn-out   al evs    through   tl e
virgin    timber,     located    with
carefully   computed   allowances
for exactness of grade aid cur-
curvature. During lhe six years
we have watched ll e march of
progress I en. T!"i log-hotol has
given  way to   the three   story
frame building    of today,   nnil
tl'thntiL'h     we are    still  in the
roller-town    c'ass of o'd Cariboo, solid c.omforl  may be obtained at re isonnb'e figures. In
a few years moro however, when
the bl!np-ing .dare of the night
express 'i I'llighf      will  scintillate upon the   t'-ilt   buttons of
the   (i. T.  I5.     hotel   chall'eur.
thes'a duys v. ill form the subject
of such   plpsanl   reminiscencies
as we now  indulge in regarding
a time six •. ears gone by.
Land Timber Cruiser
Pre-emptions Located.
Victoria and
Fort George. B. C.
S8.00 Reward fcr Re.tirn
LCST-A silver handled umbrella in South Fort Georpe. Initials on handle "H. M. H." Finder
please nctify I Lis office.
NOTICE is hereby given that
on the first day of November next
application will be made to the
Superintendent of Provincial Pc-
ice lo sell liquor by retail in Ihe
hotel knowu as the Hotel Northern situate at South Fort George
in the Province of Biitish Columbia.
Dated this 2Slh. day of October,
Ed.    Soabach.
Portage, at lived
of Giscombe
in town  this
and fei.ral RepaLirg.
DCT'T   BUY   OM   PAPjjft
We don't ask you to purchase South Fort Geoige foh i ,
maki: g a pencil mark on a townsite plan   You would   ^
be safe in so doing, but if skeptical
Investigate Our Prsposltion
and you wi'l (ind a good live town    Two tanks, sau mi I
pool hall, newspaper, two general stores, spler.dij
hotel, bakery, stationery store, mail-boat
landing, scores of buildings,
and  crowds   o    satisfied   buyers
172 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B C , or the resident ago,i
g. e. Mclaughlin
Fourth Avenue, South Fort George
Fort George Brick Co.
We are now prepared
to accept- orders for
brick and li ne. Also
to job by contract.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Jorgensen& Knox
Laselleave., South Fort Gecrge
1836 I
i i <#
Asse's E.'.cecd Fifty liiiliicn Dullars
Bank of Briiisli Nortii America
Your inimpy is safer in the Hank than in your Ik,use or in your
pocket. It is nol tied up. Vou can _et it out nt any time without delay. NOTES discounted. Local and Foreign Drafts bought
nml sold.  OOLt-l-CTION'S made promptly.    Money Orders issued.
Fort'George Branch,       L. G. MacHaffie, Mgr.
Kiver waterfront ape
Within cne
mile of subdivisions
Apply to
N II WESLEY, Second street
Head Office:
Paying Gut-of-Town Accounts
Fmall amounts can be sent safely and at small cost by using
Bank Money Orders. Any bank in Canada (Yukon excepted)
will cash them without charge, and they can be cashed in leading American cities.   They are sold at the following rates:-
S5*&nd ur tier
Out   tli I., .'in
Over KO to KO
li contH
1. i-enu
ronger & Flynn
Plans and blue piints made
Estimates submitted
All kinds of wcrk promptly
C'uplitl and Surplus - $6,680,000
13. C. (SEAMAN. Manager.
South Fort George |
Fort Cccrge **+!
9       lions a    j
Specially j
==3     Head Office: VANCOUVER. B. C.      _=-=-
CAPITAL .AUTHORIZED - . $2,000,000
ii i it y c to u s •
11.   P.   McL-nrai,   Km.   Presl its   M
Leiimin,    Mcl'Vely   .V:   Co.,    IVhoIrui
llnrdwnro,  Vnncouver,  ll.C.
M.   II-   f'AUMN,   l_sq .   ,,.,- prwk'on
('■imt.iiis,..  Vlctoi'ln,  B.C.
IMS  HONOR T.   II    I". , l.ltSON    I r
tctmnt-llovi rnor It' ''«. c ' .-' i ,'
I,.  IV   SHATKOIIO   l'>|., Ml. A     M,
,-l.llt,    llr-'lrl-,    B.C.
IV. II. M.M.K IS'. K.i|., Thr W. It. Mn
kin Co., I.l I . IVIiuIennlc Cr,,,-.-,,
V'nii-ou.or,  B.C.
Robert Kennedy,   New WoBtmin-
J.   \.   MITCIIKI.I.,    Esq.,   i■.,;!'. .    !.
Vlciorln, II. C.
r  ii. heaps, list]. y ii  n      i
Co.,   I, nr..:    md   Tliaboi I
\,"\ ft. C.
•I.   1    IIUiVKV.   Kmi..   K '      '
ol Crnnurook,   P.O..  Vnni n
A.  I.. DEWAH. n.ncrnl Mn
Forffceorge Branth; F. ti. DEWAR, Muna«er.
Tl i i is season-   I •      i •
able wealherftr Lime JUlCe
A law- Block of whfoh I. always on hand
LOYAL & DAVIS,  Props.
Smokers' supplies
a specialty
Four ] ooi tables
Splendid environments
HOUSE TO KENT, 2 rooms,
linl;l March 1st.) next. ?I0. per
"l""1 i- Apply 1,'iis office,
For the best apples, potatoes,
wheat, mils,  barley and rye
'• grown in Central British Columbia along the line vl' the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway.
-ore peel:-
-   lis'pii.c    $50X0.
,recond pike   $25.00
Ore pu'ze of J25.00
One prize of $25.00
Ore prize of $25.00
One prize of $25.00
One pii/e ol $25.00
Not more than ono prize awarded to one person, We will pay
freight charges from Prince Rupert, Hazelton, Telkwa or Fort
George, to Vaneouver, ||. c. A letti. signed by two witnesses
must accompany each consignment, giving legal description
of land on which samples were gr< wn, and wherever possible
namejof vai i _ty should befJven, In letters regarding apples,
state age of trees and whe i they commenc d bearing,
.1911. Compotonl jud_ro_ wlll.bar.( atod to makollio
Co. Ltd.
General Ol_\__n: 610 lo 02J Metropolltan'Qldg., Vancouver, B.C
London OOlcet   « Old Jewry.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, "• _~       - 91,500,000.


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