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Fort George Herald 1911-11-25

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 T|u, Hirald lells the truth
regarding Investments In
Ihls «ll».trl€_«. COM*_ilt It.
, sliiti ihi,
•Iclt   enquiry on all
S"rT"   "'""   «««£   '^   NoVKBBKK*   „„, »___T_T_ iT_ ANNUM
point.   :   :   :
inthetownsRe IP,"     i'"''''"'   ''"' L? P!18' """'"I''""I  sold this   townsite,!in the spring,   amongst which
Sine lust    sprine    the town ,'c!!"t     ,'      U"'"'" ' ' l.1'""-' or the t^'nsite may be said to wo might   mention   the follow-
has witnessed Se buildii^ I ul     I I v7, T" ^ 7'" "'• ^ praotieally mW, with theex- im., which,  in 'the   opinion of
now hold   l,     ■,.,          i      i (I""I"..'IIn fashon a city here ol ception oi c, few residential lots, the editor of The Herald would
i||ion   tot   of lumber   in  the  '     ,|        \    ,   ' ' ''     ''c' "M £7™]'  c"ns^ti^  «nd a but we aim to give facta of in- be paying ventures
mui               ,.,■„„... ,.,.., ,     "ll""1'  destroyed  bj   fire in sohd and valuable addition to terest to people wI.m, now that       \ wood v
V|U,|S, Brick Chimneysmaj   be  July; a   splendid    theatre;   the tho.G. T,   P,  townsite   on the the Indian    Reserve     matter is equipment.
youth Porl   Oeorge is ready |regarding their
< ,. the    great  expansion   and
irrow tl J of 1012.  I'.y spring the
]0(,,,i mills will have over three
"     " |......      ,i,i     ,.,,, |«  ,,,,,,,,,■,,,      ,    IIISll'UCl
o,.| Ii       ,!,..,, t    t...    <• .    •. .. ,: ,           i         i      , ,
iddition to teres!  to people wI.m, now that A wood yard with power saw
built from   local    brick yards, | big store of the Northern turn-1 Indian Reserve.      ' finally    disposed    of,    will   be A'first class   restaurant and
I,',,,,, can be secured ui the vie-      ' ^°'» a. I'rst class drug store, Nexi year all steamboats will making arrangements to come cafe.
initv    gradually,   even at  this j ^my. °,,   bmlclin^> und res- land here   and discharge   their I here  and   enter    into business An olectric lighting concern
■                 hfl        , u      (lf 'ir'llcrtl  '''' w'';il'   f™m fate Pftssen^ and cargo. There are ventures. To   these    people we A law office would do a good
1'   ■    '        .                                   ''"   iolno    expects    to see a no    wharves    a,    this vicinity would advise caution  in select- business
tho country is trending towards population    of    iavo thousand other than the   natural wharf- ing a location. Lots should not A furniture factory   equipped
naif support,   and   llie  develop-   people   on     the   South     Port age of the South  Fort  George be    purchased     in   uny  of the| with     power     wood    working
ment of the resources tlvit have  (,(jori?e townsite. waterfront. Steamboats do not townsites here without personal maehinen  would be a winner.
lone hv'n   stagnanl    al our    ,     1S K«nernlly conceded thai ascend the Nechaco River unless* inspection, if the lot is required A sash'and door factory.
'    this townsite will be the centre paid  to do    so.   Last   summer ,("' ;l  business    site. There n,re A private hospital would pay
™'■' |)<." V,   ', ,,          .   .              "'    activity     lor lhc    disirici the going price for the trip up reliable    realty     men   on   the during the construction period
South I ort oeorge is in every during the whole period of con- the shallow    Nechaco   to the ground who can locate you ad- There are many openings hrD
sense  of the word   a live com-  structioa.       lhe     distributing Fori  Oeorge townsite was -Soil vantageously.  Beware   of imii- and The Herald will be pleased
ni unity. Its future growth is lo  and business area will be right a, trip. ations if you are looking for a to answer any enquiries and as-
lx. estimated only by the limit-  her,, until Lhe Indian Reserve is We do not publish these state- '"' l" establish in business on. sist in any way those who in-
ntions of its area, and the fu-  subdivided   and placed on the incuts to help the Northern De- There will be many openings tend opening business houses of
inr,. policy of   the government   market   by the tl. T.  P. which velopment  Company, who pro- ''"' businesses of various kinds anv description hero next year.
.,•,                                                        •             ,,    ti,.. Mrai  li'me   \t first sight he appeared lobe slate of Washington.  His part- months ago:
Hie   Winnipeg   Post is  veryj pe son.   jiic'"J^.    a hmil(ll,)lls,    ,,rla|,i,.   and   ex- ner,     we   understand,     served "Dear Mr. Editor:
""s.v looking after its suffering we   met     mmi wa ^        ..; tremoly   unsophisticated    Irish-j lime for it, but   kit/, wriggled "I  left my law office in the
Prestige. It  is now on the trail last year, lie ^ ^ ^^   __& olni;ined in UI,.M ,,, bo oul  of the mess   somehow and U. S. A. in charge of my part-
01   ' poor   old    broken   down any ot oecii iv. ,^ ^.^    ^  American   lawyer, an  Irish a I  the time   we    met   he was ner and opened a real estate of-
,'l'""li niiniod M.. 0. Fitzmaurice general  manage nobleman, and    a large realty being escourted   over the Fort (ice here. On my arrival in the
*'':» has    been     taking   small ural Resources hocuiity                                   ,.               ...,,,.,,
small  ural Kc\80"   ,   k j nin(j ,-,„. por| operator. We placed him aa an George townsite al Hammond's field lasl  week I  was surprised
around lhe wtlter w"      1f,t)llu.os (.on. ex-barkeep from a cheap tourist expense,   preliminary   to    rep- to sec   the    Natural   Resources
iginary (Icon'-' and   ' i^ ^ ,-^ ^ houil, or a spoiler from a dime resenting   his conceru   in fields Company having a large office
townsite proposition, which ex   trived  Lo    ' Mj'.i(zi|1.|m.j(,,   anj museum, in any event we thou- and pastures new. on    the   ground    floor   within
,''. only in     the too     fertile company     <>    .,,'             cloinif irhl      him    harmless    until we Wo never   thought   anv  more three doors of my block, and in
tost.    '"I    *""' ,*> , ,   ,,_   .     i    •_ .,.  ...    i   ,.i , a..   ..i.l     i',.,,„i   ,,f  il,,,;,.   „;,,_!,,„-   ,,   I,,,,.,.
''i'i .ue from    the yi
"'peg.   on    an     inui
,"""1 of tlie oe', rich (piick Irish    his    "sl',,",",,'j^',"^".,'',>n tho  heard  that    he was implicated   about   ll*'    versatile old  rogue  front   of  their   window  a huge
[•'ie "0"ors n in ||„, embezzlement  of monies after he faded away in the dis   painting of Fort    Georgo with
&towar1  Lake, aboul   1520 miles journey. impossible   to acquired from the sale of Nat-  tiuice, until we received the fol-  magnificienl       buildings,    sky
l!l;i". at      Fort  St. .lames,   on   l!
''in-West of here. , " ,,. '        „;,i, „nv ncciifacv.   ural Resources properties in the lowing effusion from him a few
"ie Herald knows this Fit/   "«*■ htz. up Willi an3 .   ,
i. um.inucii on page four. LAST WEEK'S BANQIT
rum dcuim nniMLU «"•»«'"»;»"",
NORTHERN INTERIOR PRINTING CO.        About one thirty Wednesday     The   banqi~h^lcl to celeb-
, B uameli mtsio.N! m(>t11111•>' tiro was discovered at ,| ,.,,•,■
,,,    ,„,.„,.„.,„   ,,t   f,,,,| ,i i  -ti i      , i   ,   ,   rate the success u   cumulation
Devoted   to   the   Internists   "I   foil f_|„.    sawmill  owned    and oper-
ili-orge aud the entire North- ._((,(j y    (|u, ,|am,,s |_j(,;(| Estate  "' l'"' Indian  Reserve deal last
'''" lll"','iu''- and in'about three lours there  Saturday   night,   was   a inos<
.1.  H.   DANIKLIj,  10.liter.
Saturday, November,25 ..911
was nothing left of the mill but successful affair irom all points!
a pile of wreckage. A large _\n- 0f vjeWi McUgghren & Thorne, 	
mint  of  timber  was destroyed,     . ,. .
ti t    ,i   ,        i 'ne caterers, loll  nothing to he 3    ,,...., ., ,,.,,,,„,..
as well   as     several    thousand ?    CHAS. E, MaBLSOY
shingles. Mrs.  Harry Drinkrow desirecl m   their   selection of al       ',""""'      """"
w.    oniuwu,,,;!     I,.    I,.,     i!,..     f 1 »■ . I      ,,,_._ Mli'NII      ulli        id'       I    illM.v     i ii   i        tier
■ MtiKor
Fort George Trading & Lumber Cc, Limited""
"ChllcoU," bi Sudn'c,
lm. carefully ,,„„'., ,
i- will
.    .       .    , .. is supposed to be the first  per- menu  and  lhe   thirty  odd  per-
best in Nor i America. •     _t       ,• it , ,,',,■■
. son   seeing the    lire,  and     she sons who surrounded the festive  ,
Che lollowing eoinnuiniealion ,,,..,1|u.,],,.|  v..    Drinkrow    who i        i      .   j ,i      ,•■ •   ,i
,   ,     ,,       , uw.iiuuki  .in.    wiiiiimou,    who board voted the aflair tho most
from the pen ol the Rev. Isaac immediately started the fire bell ,, , • • ,,. .
,   ,,. ii. , •     • ' i     , t.i cultivable and auspicious allair
Williams, should loiieh a sym- ringing, and    brought  a  large      •'.; ,   ,, •      ,      ,
,     •      ,      ,  •     ., i    ,,,, ,,,.,,,,,l ,,,,i    I,,,,    uill,  iln> si.,,.| "'  lls kind  ever held  in  .South
oal telle  chord   iu   the   makeup ClOWCI  oill,  lint,  wim  llu   still
'. ....      .,.,..„„„,   |,.,i .i... the fire had   amontrsi  so i.iucli l'<"1   Ocorge-nild     (here have
Cperafcrs of Sleaners cn Il.e Fraser, Nechaco anil
Sluar. Riven Manufacturers of Lumber
All Kinds of Ro:igh and Dressed Lumber for Sale
" Bone Dry Lumber in the Yards "
Phone: One-One  __ Mouldings
Sowth Fort George
n , the fire had   amongst so much
,   '    inflammable   material   ihe mill h'V," "!;in.\''
Rev.   Isaac    Williams nol   boon  wag (|,)omi,,|> Mr.  W.  Dean,    as toastmast-
••""jugst us this winter lhe pru-     '£__ steamer Charlotte which •'''• ''"'''' ('v,'ry function of that.
ihildten's Chmtmas was on the ways ard within 15 oflice with   diplomatic   ability,
or 20 feet of tlie mill, was r.cter enlivening   tho  gathering with
a lot of haul work saved. What hls fund ol lv;1,l.v ul(- Tl"' toast,
''     consequences    would   have llsl uas "ol    to° ^onS> >«'t  no
of most of us.
jeel   of  a    i
tree would never
ave been in
itiated, which all goes to show    .
,,,      i    i ten tin
ie,'   (he ( liiirch    lultills many
_*MWTjmt_3_VW?*<3f_ \
Sena for ...older „,,..„ ,.(r]|
Autos     Steamboats
From Ashcru't to Porl George, and all points in
the northern i iteriorof British Columbia, carrviVic
Royal Mail passengers and fast freight.
^' the Church fulfills many bean hnJ --,, "-^ ;,;;,;,; ,vorthy Sllbject] of commemor-jj The paiatia! Steamer B.X. Awa ts the Arrival of the Company's Stages
Head Office: Ashcroft, B.C.
of our very incumbent  ol/igat- blowing it 'is'hard to say, but ation was overlooked,                  j ,hfi "lata! Meaffler B.X. Awa tS thi
ions which pass   us   by in the no doubl    a considerable' por Senior's   orchestra    rendered j I ^^ii'^^pfiffK^'1      He*
hurly-burlv   of our daily exist- tion of Que., nel would certanly excellent music and Mr. Thorne J^ mmm_mm_mm_mmmmmmm_mmmmmm
lie missini)- sung a  beaiitilul   ballad  in  Ins'
nnce.                                   ;   „-,.,>•           , ,,    ,.    . >__ ,..,;,.„                              ',w*A*4rJL\fA%*rjk\trAi\4'j.s.~-
.,,    , ,, , .„      Nil lie the cause of (he fire is   TOSt voice. if,
We hope thai our readers v ill  unknownj i( js bo|ieved |() |,,....,      The unanimous  of _.
,\       tli'i-     ,,.,,,,..,,,,, h, I,1..     Hiirl.n--    ..-II I       f i   •   , ll...    11.......... i     I',.11    .. .a. ..........      m
i  mini    in    iun r  '*
lire which was   the banquet, was full apprecia-
t,ns coininondab.o under- followed up r, lire winch was '"'' u»«4ubk ivhs ,„,i appreuiu-1
Vie wore all discovered during Tuesday af- '''" ol the work so well per-i
 '       ' ' ' forme;! by (he guests of honor '
I i I _\ 11 ti_\ lii'i idii^. mi till..      (Hi     \t invu vcicu       14 Uf    11}/ I. UUjU(I)      ill"          '   w      ..ii.     |      *
children once, and liked Christ- ternoon,   and   which was sup- formed by the guests of honor,
mas trees, and by the same to- P.08^ to have l""'M extinguish- Chief Indian   Commissioner J,   . -
, .,,       I,,, ,     ed.  Ihere    was no    watchman •'•  Kamsden, Indian Auent siy- 'J_
ken, although we shall never be ernp]oved at  the mi)|j  ..,,.,  t)|(, Allan, and Mr. T. W. McRae, of S
children again we can do some fire had gained so much head- the G. T. P., who together sue-15
lit ie t.,;nc' to make the child- wav by the time if was discov- ceeded in securing t- ■■ surrender1*
,.,,.,'.. l'l,.,;.,i.......  ,,   in,1..  u..;...l,i       _ ", ,,',_,• . ,      . ...•  . 1. .   1.. ,•-_      ,, ,
d be done "'' the Indian   Reserve here I
ren's Christinas a little bright- ered tiiat nothing cou'd be don<
or f,*id happier    by linanciaJly excepting in tlie way of saving the Crown, and entered into tht,
assisting this undertaking, | lumber etc. We cannot mention prelimingry agreement of trans-Vi
South  Fori llf.n-tfy. each individual   who dis great i'1''' to the Grand Trunk  Pacilic (Vfl
Rditor. work at the lire, but all those Railway Company.                      |yf
Port (Jeorge Herald. who wore   there    worked hard      Mum m's     Extra-dry     helped fA
Sir;    The  great     festival   of and faithfully, and undoubiedlj materially    to add zest  to the jH
Christmas is now almost upon saved the    "Charlotte" and it orations,    and   the   sentiments fA
uu. and iii.-v/ I crave a corner large amount of lumber. expressed    upon    the vrie.y of w\
in "The Herald" to broach the —Cariboo Observer. subieci covered bv the toast list  ^
subject of a Christmas tree for	
the little ones'.  It has   always Howard Houlder, head of tin
been my lot to see such things firms    of  Houlder,   Middleton, in their   speeches,   -real credit '•_
1 ; 1        ' ■"     • ' " ■.'    '"
subjeci covered by the toast list
was both fluent and interesting.
'he guests of honor accorded,
lien n:\  tot. 10 see sucn tilings nuns    oi   noutaer,   _tn<kiiot<,n, '" mi■ r   spcecnes,   great credit1^
carried through by members of Limited, and Houlder &  Part- to the local gentlemen who Cid'ji
the Church, but "circumstances ners, of London, Glasgow and been of such material assistance /
allei' nrtQHa"    ,mrl   I   n„_,n,,i   K,,f T.ivprnof^l   wlm ni,,i..,.t„ ,l.F.  \ ™ lit   t;   ,,,,    in    ,w.,..^.,,,il,'..l,;.,,P   _U,,   __■
n.v.   ^ ..u^v...,   1. wu       ^.n.v.uii,ai.ciiii_,u3 : *.w.n»,   ./.    ..._ >.uv. >.,    . .ni.31^^7,,    tun,    •" . '.   '"   ■-,.. 11   ni.... 1 ku  tioaioucinuc
alter cases"   and I cannot but Liverpool, who operate the Am-  to t'.un   in   accomplishing tin
"•"'      "': ' '   ''" ' '       l:   '     ''   '' eir   joi
•tc    oh
ised  the   kindness
ai iur cases      ami  1 cannot but iiiverpooi, who operate tlio Am- 10  tviin   m   accompiismng tlio
feel that in this case it wou'.d erican  and      Orient  Steamship object of   their   journey hither S_
bo bettnr for any scheme to be Company from     .\ew   Fork to from the effete    old oast. They M
,,r,_-lrt».| ., I....,    I-...    ..    U_-.-l*. _,  Pl-lim.     ...._-!       1....      1    ll-   .      * .....„.~-1..        -     1      -1_- !_'_     1 ^H
scoured the
ncy I'i r
( ompany,
have a
:k of
ry thing
Just Drop In and Let Us Show.You.
be better for any scheme to be Company from     New   York to   from the effete    old east. They.M Itememljer we pnj specinl attention t:>                      __
undertaken by a body represan- China and Japan and the Am-  warmly   praised   the    kindness ^ mail orders.   '                                       W.
tative of the town, and in my erican    Bio    Plata    Company and hospitality   that had been fA fAVII&T       A        WI "ITB   A   n'nn  fc>
opinion this should be a ladies' '■'<>"» New    York to Argentine, extended to them from all sides _m «i fif ____ l%j       /_% m     IHrSAfoi*!!?!*
committee. says   that the    United Statesihere, and dwelt upon the assur- JQ *  MA0.AJ1I R
Hero however    is  just where will be  compelled    in the near ed    prosperity     of   this future \m Front Street,  QUESNEL, B. C.                &
the tl fficulty conies in— how is future to make some kind of a   city                                               Vj> |                                              fj
the difficulty comes in— how is future to make some kind of a   city
it possible   to    electa    com- reciprocity agreement with  thi
a co\c!.rt on mmn\ nm.
I '*"*w        n/         uiwu   I.         UAIII1- ~—r* --"--vj     _.i_\-.y_tiu_:u
mittoe which is really represent- Argentine Republic.
ontntivo? I am sure'that thro- Mr. Houlder is a h'r.m believer ,,           ,,   ,
ugh the Ifilp   of your medium i'i the benefit   that will accrue ' !,er" w11   be.a concert an,i
some way out of the difficulty to the commerce of   the world vffet.V    entertainment    at   8
can be found, and if it is desir- through the   operating   of the o&ocknext Wednesday, in the
able lhal   .viv   festivities take Panama Canal,  lie said; '''"'!  ''f01'?6. , ' Ui!\tnr> t,u' Pro"
place Cat they should be done "The  opening   of   thc    new ,,S ",'  Zu ' ,\    , cll'vot';<l
in the most  representative and waterway     will     revolutionize t? t.' ,'mll(,l,lf '^ of ^ s'e-
best way possible. traffic in certain    parts   of the '   !',",*   Lhurs'h     Port   George
It seems onlyri_),t that some- "'°'"ld. and the nation most to sufficient   in itself, and
11 >eeins oniy riuet that some- »<-»iu, ano ine nation  most  to    j  \,  "iT"'""
ihing  should be   done for the benefit   will    naturally   be the 'i- V"     !'''   "   n      '"' loca
children at the 'Children's Pes- United States. If is a great op- ^and J'011 buy your ticket earlj
tival', when   we commemorate portunity   for that country to ",m<'   .v,,ll^s,'1,   ;1"(l  brine ar
the birth of our Infant, Savior utilize new consuming market "
in Nortl,   and   South America     ^dmissio,n 8L00.
on the other side of the canal       Among the ladies and gentle-
ihin  tn.niir.  It,,,,.!,,.,.,   men who    have   been   kind en-
So fa
tar   ship  owners  have been ,
o,,„.il,;„,r    _h , 1 1    1   ■_■     unable   to   form   anv   defnrle <)Ul*h lo ()ll,'r th,'!r fl('rvil'l's the
rtmethmg    should   be done    ,an as U) (|      ,    .^ ■ programme w,',l include the fol-
™ l" '"•"-'" ^ a hospital  J,,,,.,,.,   trade r,,utes   unlil C ,v io^g names:-
'"'i'""   next   summer.   As con-  know the dues the United Sta- MacElroy.  .Mrs.  McLau-
struction    creeps     upon     (ho tes is going   to cliarge. In my t-r'1''"- ^''- an<' A,''s. Senior. Mr. |
wwn the contractors will erect  ,°l)ini('n the   charges should be '.',n''   ^]Z    .l'r'Zk   Hirrl'. Mary ,
based upon tonnage, while ves- --     -•     ''■ "odeker. Mr Brown.!
Corner Hamilton & Third
The newest and most modern
hotel in the northern interior
South Port George, B.C.
Rates   $2.50 and $3
Monthly nnd iv ,' rail's on application
Albert Johnson, rroP.
tiieirown   hospitals    „„„  will bf ed upon tonnage, while ves-     ,u" : MrZZ''Zi '"' 'iZ' 1
,.,,,, .,   • ' '""  Wl" sels of speck   type should not Ml' Dan,eU.  Mr.  Hancock.  Mr.
!;u    ","i''   ,"w" doctors>   bu< be penalized, as in the case o K"n'' ,,r' °' L'lzi"''' ^- ''■ <»'
lue   aceon,01 no,.,11     1,,   <l    ... .1...   c. . I.' ■,!,,,,,,-     \t..       cu__..i_.i   .. ,      ».
,, ,   ,. .  '"   |"'"an.<,e<i,  as  in  ine case  ol     ,    ,    ,,'   """•"•   •'"•   ■',  if
''."   accomodation   in these in-  the Suez canal, where the nol hnh_vty. Mr.    Stoddard.   Mr
tJispensible   adjuncts of a con-  icy had    tended to  restrict the Thorne-    ^ev.   Isaac   Williams
struction ciimn, is not of a des - use of the canal and prevent th       '     "     '
fniilinii    t>.    in.,   ...   f    i ' i I       • i   i • _   . i        . ' 'liii
cnption to make for fu speedy buildim; of tho best type of mis
recovery of    people   who have senger liners." '
been living in a more elevated  "  —	
envoirnmenl  than    that  which    CASSIAlt LAND DISTRICT
surrounds t',3    railroad grade.     ?,f ,'''a'',' Rivcr '-and District.
•n the Yellowhead Pass hist .'''AKE notice that Laura El-
fall lhc rough hospitals wore _''s> of Portland, Ore., occupat-
crowded with f/ver patients. lon married woman, intends to
ive have never noted a line in aPPv f"1' permission to purch-
any of the Edmonton papers aSG the following described lend
commenting upon the condit- Commencing at a posl phtnl-
iona prevailing in the camps to ''', al ""' Soutl, East end of an
tho west of that city, nor of the [s,and ""'' mile west of the east
number of graves at. Wolf Creek ,!,lf' (,f L'hoo-chi lake and mark-
near the grade, but we have *'(l "■'• E., S. E. corner" thenco
heard many ,,f the evidently northerly 70 chains morj or less
well founded rumors that have C.'tiee westerly fo'lowing the
crept through the Rockies and meandering of shore, thence
we marvel at the callous in- southerly following the mean-
difiorence of the Itailway Com- dering of shore; then,.,, easterly
miss.on upon the important following meandering of 4ore
subiecf of sanitation in camps, to point of commencement con-
iind the regulation of matters taining 500 acres moro or les ■
in  sue i places    for the prop,.,-   Nv.lH. LAURA El I is"
Cftreof Realth. August :\v,\. |!i||.
A Occidenfa
Most  modern   up-to-date hotel  in the interior of Bl i i-h  m
K4r,,ii|mi,ia- r%
4M  New four-storey building.   Accommodation for 120 guests ■►
?a  All outside rooms—large, well-lighted and ventilated.
^   Steam heated.
fA m___S___2_i________»^$_t____PS__l
Weekly and monthly rates on application fr
Wire for rooms Wire for rooms R
E. L. KEPNEK/Proprietor N0\
EMBER 25 1911
dl n„. IV.,it Rher I..,n,l Dislrict.
nK|.  i„,tux- tli,a Artlmr A.  Uurtoti, ol
' ,n ', i,v,  II- V. occupnlluii former,  ,,,
'.  ... uiiply fi.r ptrxnssiuii  in put clmse
' I ||( n.iiig ilcscrihcil lands:
'„,„„„ in- «l!  ■'! "   I»,s'  I'I.'"I'il  u  in les j
! „| i|,c licuil and 2 miles sunlit ol  the
j,!,  i N  nf  Nation   River  nnil  inurkeil ■
\   II., S. W,  corner"   tlicnce e ,si   Ku
„j    tlicnce    nortli    8o    cl s;   Ihcnce ,
j, >.   .1 s;  llience smith Ko clinins lo
' i commencement,     containing   640
.   „   ,,   or less.
in!.,  1911.
mat**.-__m_-___Mt-_..****>»». :.**	
5  .       ■ -—*__»«» xxv_ aatat-zii
«orge Mardware Co
General Hardware and Sheet Metal Workers.
All Kinds «.l tm and  sheet Iron  work done.
Camp stoves:   Hot aiir Furnaces,   etc.
,&-a.,'j\T,yA-J4,"jft.y,?ff;T,;r^ .
  . I i
_&_'j£ W.*; zr, >r, __ ... __: 'Ji IB ii ."▼- *. .v, .▼, '__ -a' zk tr, a: 'at f. Sii *: a. &, a m a" aKjM »v, k j 'a" _*: SK I'
f.'A; :*. a?2£ __:__. _t_ _*_■*_ '_K__i'j>_ ";__:■:_: 'j_"s_:_t_ _t_'j_:_\ __'.    	
01  ri,,. Peace River I I District.
TAKM notice   William     11. Clem
rll. „|   Slocan     II.   C,    occupation    mine
■ml*  ■  iil'l'ly l"i'  permission   t„       _____________________________________________________
 ,1    llie  fiillowliiK  descrihed   lnnds:       I (mill. 'J
Commencing  al  a  pnsl  planled   |,|  miles   " '   River  antl   mnr..cil  "J,  p,     S    E   '' 0&0K,   a   hiirse  owned   by   "
,.,si      the hend on lhc solltll h i „f the hornur"    thenco  north    80  chnins;   llience    Burns,    .Ionian      A\\,,l,.|,        '1    4
Rivel   nnd  mnrked   "W.   II.  C,  N   [wesl   80  chnins:   Ihcnce    soutl,  80  clinins-    u (Mllll'lH      «   »e|cli, rail-   <S
and manufacturers of all kinds
of rough and dressed
uth 81, ch,
chnins:   tliencc   tlle"«   <*»l   following   the  me lerings  ui •    'omi'l"',,ll's  «'ll   llle  ('aliad-   f\
 •■■■■;    ,  "'   x"  chains;   "ver  dnwn-stre.11.1  tn  point  ,,,   commence     mn   Northern,   was  heii,,,-  h-fina    '- "™
casl   following   il„-   mcamler s  ol ' lm'"'>  continuing  6.| , ,,, ,,- „r  ],. H    ' f. ..,.   , ,        , -   "'"is-   fl
'   down-stream   to   poinl   nl  coin    Sep.30.                JAMES  EI.I.IS.                     ' 1 it'll across  I lie   I'1'ascr caltvon   A We are Wllisistent   in mi*                M,„.   I       1         •      1              ,      K
•it, containing 640 .icres „,nre      Angnsi ist., 1911,                               to thus railway grade now under 1u '        c°ns'=cent in °ui            Our lumber is dry  and    fi
wiuiam fl. CU5MUNT.              < assiak mm, t^iZiZT    " ?onst™.ctl°n- H was suspended S J™*?.         ,    a ^ .'S            fnust be   USt"1   to make    ►!
' ""■■■ '»"•                           .   .."'Ti.. Peace Rher tod Distric         m a sling and tiie rope broke \_ T  '" 0'"' 1"«" Sc-tf>ii€ 1 St.            building resist the  frost    J>
^SSIAR  LAND DISTRICT.         "of h£?_..Tc. .XnuTmTrrie'dTim.! L  n^ ^^      Which   WHS  blind -A Sl(,re                                                          oi'  winter                                       *
The Peace River Land District.          intends to apply for'permission to *««™   .ded     ll|lm^'d       llilldl'eel   lirst   A .      5
',rW-SrS,SSs ^^'tSJ^.^ ^dtoLtirhS quu-khi Store> Office and Lumber Yard, Soutii Fort George 1
illowlng descrihed lands:                   N i  River and marlm,!  "Al   c"_   ,■    followed                                                '    S-»»w-_v__„  K
,„      „     2.7'ilZZZlZWo redoubted «
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Hnti.,11   lover  ,,,„l   ni„rli,.,|   ..J|.   C     S    |<     lollowed.      ■	
"""■'   '''   "   I" sl   planlcl   i.i  miles    -"Iiur      theiM-    i,„ri|,     Hn   i',„,„s'  .|,,.,,,V. II..I,'          ,      Ml
the   licul  ol   Natinn   River  nn   the I «"**   K"   chains;   thence   soutli   8,7 ,1, Z. "   ll0Ul'   latl'r   J-<&   «'as
llience  east  lollowing   the   mcniiilcrings   of Sl'1'11   making      I,is     way  slowly
id  marked   J. A.   I,.,   S.   IC
thence north 80 chains: tin
slrr,,,,,   1,
,,,., ui t    along the grade. He had landed
'"""' "r   11 ilf-a mile below  and  was none
thence  south  Ko  cnuins;   thence I "nencement,  enntaining  (..;
Il'<- iinwn .sire,111   in   'c«- ^^^^^^^^^^Bl^^^    •"'"   >i  ,s noi
"'    ' ""'"'">"'.,    containing 640  Sep.30 MARGARET COPKLAND   the worse for the thrilliiv    illi
inre  ..r   less, I    Auiriist   ist..   ,n, . ""    lUllllllls;   Cll\
1  ist. ran.
and  journey  along   the raging
Fraser River.
Old .lack will be pensioned In-
le is regarded as almost
a member of the linn.  He was
 01 The Peace Rive,   I   „,i Districl
CASSIAR   I.ANII   DISTRICT. ;    TAKI-:  notice  thai   I.ticile  Cnuntess'Lnl _— ...   , ,,,
III The Peace River Land District, ley,  ..1   Vancouver,  It.  C.  nccupation  mar    his  owner's    after  t'vs  SPirson'o
TAKE notice that  Walter II.  Henderson,   fied  woman,   intends lo anply frn   permfs    ,-     I     II    -
Saskatoon,      occupation   merchant,   in    ''onto   pnrclins;   the     follow.iuj.   descrii   ' Ui-   "
lo npplv  foi   permission  to  purchase   lnnds:
11,.wing   descri cd Colin ,,   ,,,:,„M________________________-_-________^_____________________________________________B
mnencins   ,t   ,  posl   planted   ,.■  miles    »*l   ol   the  head   on   the  south  bank  of     ;''S'      ""   "      n""'''   "('ar   l'1'1'
■ -I   the   head   on   the   south   hank   .,1   Nation   Rjycr  and  marked   "L. C.   I..,  N.    bridge  and    entered   the   service
■ .„   Rner  and   marked  "W.   M.   II.,   N. '»•   corner     Ihcnce south  80 chairs'   thenee   ,,f   |.\,1,„-   \1'  1   I      ,     Co
nrner"  tiience snnlli 8o clmins; thencc    '■-   Bo  chains,     lience  norll,   80  chains- ' lrl)    vV   Stewart   SIX
■ K„  chains:     thencc  north   80  clmins    'lience  west   Following   ,|„  meanderings  of   '''''I1 Years a'o.   lie helped  build
e  wcsl   following  mcanderings  ..1   the   nver im-strcim to noint ol commencement,    the  Crow's   WpsI      PnvL  „   ;i„
•■   up-strenm   to     point   ..I   commence    Containing  (,-,, ner-s more ,,r  less. ' ,lss  railway
mi coiilainiiig 640 acres more nr less.           S.l.,,,,.     LVCILE COUNTESS LUTLEY   an('   """IV    other      lines   in   the
ii     •'          WALT13R 11. IIKNDKRSON.         \vgusl  2nd.,  1,11.                               '      j west
1    nsl   }rd.,   1911. _   '.   ',    . , 1
 ! cassiar landdistrict a,'K ls an animal of unusal  1
CASSIAR   LANDDISTRICT Of The Peace River l.„„,l lii«,r,-_., Int, .III, ,•..,,,.,, I
Cilj Li¥erj
mi Feed Stab
The Peace River I. ,„.! District,
il!  notice  thai   Bmina  M.   Parker, o
II C. nccupatiun wife nl II Parkei _'!'
- ,,, .,|,i»I\- I,,,- , ermissi, n , ,■ pun I, ' v
,■  , dluwing  descrii t-.l   I.,nds: C
.mun ine   nl   .,   ,, ,st   tilnnted   e, „,
,1   the   l,e..d
TAKR  nntiee  thai   Arthur   II.   Gould,   ,  ^^^^^^^^^^
I ii    H. C   neeni atiun miner, intrrds to \-     11     ir     1 lit S
|,W   f,.i   permis i „   to  purchuse  the  fol   '      N-    "■   "esley,   a   well   known   j
wing  descriheil   Iain's: local   I'ealtV   Operator,   has   sill]
I. i|io   ,,,   ,,   ,,.o  nlint»l   ■}■>  miles     ,.•,..'        '-■ -
llu   licad   on   the   norl
Second Sl.
Rigs, Saddle and Pack Horses furnished on short notice.
1 (raying of all kinds and excavating done. Feed of all sorts
continually kept cn hand.
Terms reasonable and satisfaction guaranteed.
Real Estate   garden tracts
er    thence _
chnins:    tl
mnrked  "IS.   M.  P.,   N    VI. co'ner"  thei
1,11th   8o   cl -    thenci  ' '.ist    So    ch,
,.,.,:„-     -    ...   ....   ,„■.,„   ,„,   ,,.,.   nortl,   tian'k" nl divided    Lot.   2166   into    Ill-acre 1
tap".! _ v-zzzzzi :;::z.ZiiZZi,:i.bhcks: ^rrvvv[y is ili,v:'">' I
,   thence "nst   So   chii.'n«:   thence   soutl.   So' chains "Pf'slle   Indian   Reserve   No.   I J
rth  8o  chains thence  wesl   Followine   the  mcndcriVs  ol sold  for G.  T.   I',   townsite  pur- I
is,   ,,,.,, u,,,,.   ine  meanderings  ,,' -:,.,,■ no-stream t,, nninl ,.f cmmencemolit Tl     I       t •       • s
wn-atream   to  poinl   ol  commence- ontaiuing 640  icres more ,.r l.^ ' (K,sl's.   II"' land IS ot good qiial- *
nlaining 640 acres more or less, Seot..xo ARTHUR  II. eon.n. ity alld easily cleared. %.'.
mmAcreage in small or large tracts; must
stan,I. inspection with terms reasonable.
n.      . Fii'e'Insuranc"'Au'ent for
phoenix Assurance Co., Ltd.,   British-American Assurance
^ 0., and the Liverpooljfc London & Globe Insurance Co.
FOURTH ST.      -      -      SOUTH FORT GEORGE, B. 0   1
A',,MIS,      1st.,     ,.,,,.
: ,c Pence River Land District. 01 The Peace River Land D^trict.
•   tic   that   Howard   Parker,   nl TAKK   notice   that   Uarn   Pauderv.   ..  .                     -   - -	
M   C    occupation    nccountnnt,   i„ 'Slue,,,,.   11.   C.  occunation   farmer,   intends   thence est,  lollowing  meanderin
.  ply for permiss,.,,,  to  purchase to   annly   i,.r   iiermission   to  purchase  the   river down-stream to point ol  c,	
«, ng described  lnnds; lollowing described lands:                               ment, Containing 6_|o acres more ,,r le
i  cing at  .,   poet  planted  if, miles Commetlcinp at  ,,  post  plnnted ->:  miles   Sept.30.            GRACE KIRI1V.
the  head   on    the   south   bank  of easl   ol   the  head  on    the  north   bnnk  of      August  1st.,  1911.
River  and  marked    II    P.,  N    W N'ation   River nnd  mnrked   '11    C,  S.   F	
thencc    sunt!.   Ho     chaii      I en , rner"   thence    north   80   chains;    them
tins    thence    „,,rtli   80   chaina wesl   80  chains:    thence  s,,:,tl,  80  chain
ivesl   following  the  meanderings  ol thence  cs,,  following  the meanderings  1
stream t,. point ,,l commencement, ri\,r  down-stream  to  point  ol  commenc
' ,.. ncres morc or  less ment,   containinc  640 acres  morc  or  ics
1  2nd.,1911. ,    Auetist  1st.,  11,11.
,;t'   I
Of The Peace River 1. mil District.
TAKE     notice   that     Ralph   Glllctl
Slocan   B.   C.   occupation   mill  owner,   in    ^
apply  for permission  to  purch;,se  the  fol    _\
the following   descrihed   lands: f.
Commencim;  .,,  ,,  nost  plauted  i.(  ,
m. Blair & Co.!
WM. KENNEDY, Manager.
Cor. Second and Hamilton Aves., SOUTH FORT GEORGE, B. C.
1 \SSlAli   [.AND   UISTRICT.
1   I ,c Peace Rivel  Land Districl
CK      i ,.    thai   Klnnio   D,   Cop,
II    C    ,, cu] .,1 ion   mine ownei.   .,,'
v......        1,    .,,  ,,  p-s,  pianieu  14  miles   4H BL
■'N'i"«! n'J'er'"n'l nzZzZ^ZvfA BuYglcXYs  walked  awav  with a K
Of The Peace River Land Dislriel             corner"   thence     south   80   chains;   thence   M                    o                       vv cilivv^^l       Cl VV aj          VVIUll Clk\
l'AKh:  notice that  Chas. Gordon Stuart,   «<wt   So   chains:     theuee   imrth   80   ch.„n_.:iM nil Wi Vi/-\-m   ,.£   ^.-.-,.   ..mi.    1                TXT     1 W
Zzzzt lzz^zz^:z: iX^^-"SS£Wtr S lumbei of our watches. Wehave, P
■■' ,R""' •**** "r ,css'        ^ however, a good selection left. k
^           Tiinp vnnrssplf hero f$
it  |,en,lissiiin   in  peril,     inteiuls  t..  ap|        ^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i^^^^^^^^^^_
iwing   ,1s ribed  lamls , ,se  the followine described lands: taining 640 acres morc ,,r
g  al  ,1  posl  planted   14  miles !    Commencing  al  a  posl   planted  j6 inilcs   Sept.30. RALPH G1LL1ST1
he nl    on   the  north   bank   ol   east   ..I   the  head  on   the  north   bank   ol      August and.,  1911.
■r    I   marked   "K.   C    ll .   S     Nation   River  nnd  marled   "C.   ('..   S.,   S
thencc nortli 80 chains; thence W, comer" ihcnce north 80 .hains; tlicnce
,,,s. thence south 80 ih.,,,,s easl 80 chains, thence south 80 chains.
owing the meanderlngs ol thence west following the meanderings ol
cr up stream t,, point of commencement
01 The Peace River Land Distric,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   TANK ,B,„t, ,|,,,i   H.ii iv ,,i Sine,,,,,
ream '.., poinl  ol commeucemenl   .,v,r up-stream to point of commencement   "■ C, ocenpation miner,  intends  to applv
"40 acres more or less. .,,,,1  containing 640 ncres morc or less.        'nr   permission   to  purchase   the   following
ELONZO D. COPELAND,      I Sepl.30.       CHARLES GORDON STUART,   described lands:
August   1st.,  mn. Commencing at  .,  post  planlcl  34 miles
east    ol    the    head    oil    the    SOUtll    batik    ol
Nation  River .,,,,1 marked  "II.   1...  N.  W. ; fjt
corner"   thence     south   Hr,   chnius;   thence   Atk
Time yourself here.
01 Tin Pe.,,,, Rjvcr I.aml Districl 01 The Peace Kner District,
i AK1-:   notice     that   Hand   II    Cr.ij;   ol      TAKP.   notice   that    William   Kerby,     . .
II. C. occupation Captain "i S. S.   thence  west  following   the  mcanderings  1
t,,   rner up sir,.,,,, to point ol commencement
cast   80   chains;   thence     nnrlh   80
^^^innm   farmer,   ,,,t,„,|s   I , Sh _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
permission   to  purchase  the  fol    alocati, intends to apply for permission tc . .                  ,         -. —
scribed  lauds:                                   purchuse  tlie  following described  lauds: containing 640 acres more or less,
planted   Jo miles   ' Commencing   at   a   posl   planled   _| miles   Sept.30. HARRY   LEE.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      he nl    ..,,   the   ,„,,ih   l„,„k   nl A„«„sl   -'nd.,   1111
el   and   marked  "D    II.  t'.,  S. I Nation   liner .,,,,1 marked  "W,   K., S. \V. -
ihenee   comer"   thencc     nonh   80  chains;   theme CASSIAR   I.AN'D  DISTKICT.
theme     solltll   80  chains I'i The Peace Kner Land District.
Icrings  ol TAKE notice tlmt   Markc Hr. wn, ol S!
p.,sl   pl   on    the   nnrth   I.
ence  north  811 cl„
is   thencc    Bouth  80 ch,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ east   ■   cB
following   the   mcanderings  ol ihcnce  west,  I, Uowing  the 1
stream   ,,,   p,,,,,,    ,1   commence rner up sir ,,,,, tn point ol
ining  640 acr,-'  more or less, containing
1, acres n,nre nr les
/Ulcus!    isl
The Pence Rivet   Land District. j        01 The Peace Kner Land Dislriel.
'    "nine   that   Nel   MeK,-h he,,,,   ol TAKE   notice   thnl   Charles   A.   McKci
i,   mn.,    occupation   merchant,   in harm,   oi   Stnyner,  Onl
apply for permission to purcl
wing  described  lauds |„,....,..0.    s     	
-•■in...   nl    sl   planled   K> miles Cninmencing   nl   a   pnst   planled   20 miles   Slept.,!...
llle   hend    on   the   nortl 11k   nf   east   ..I   lhc   head   nu   the   norl (k   ol      August 	
Kner and , Led "N   McK     S. W     Nntinn   Kner   and   marked   "C.   A.   Aids.,   	
thencc    north  8o    ciinius;    tiience S.   VI.   comer"   thence     north  80  chains; i            CASSIAR   I.AND  DISTRICT
cliains;   (heme    south   80   chains: lhe,
:eu|i.,l;ii„   rner
     ,   ule,,ds tn applv  for permission  lo
nurchase  the followine descriht ' '    '
II C ocenpation larmer, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the fol
lowing descrihed  lands:
Commencing at ., posl planted 21 miles
east nl the head ..„ the sunth bnnk "I
Nation Kner and marked "M, II., N. K.
miner'' theme s mtll Sn chains; theme
wcsl 80 ihains. ihenee north 80 chuins;
theme east following the mcuttderiiigs .,1
rner down sire,,,,, lo pninl t,| commence
menl. contnining 640 aires mnrc or less.
easl    8n   chains;     thencc   south   80 01 The Peace Kner Land District.
est  Inlliiwinj; the mciinser  |    TAKE notice thai   Ilugn Kraser, ol SI,
fullowing   the  mcanderings nl .chains,  the.... ,,  -— ••-- -    .    -----■-,,■ , s 1 ■••  •■."
mmmmmmmmmma ---   i'      '  river   up stream   to   point   ol   com  jean   B.   I.   occupation   blacksmith,   ,ntends
'ie ,111 ■ oniiit
:    '■ |0   a, les   mors! n,    less.
isl ,  mn.
icnci ment, [ ings  nl
lticncemcul,  cnutaiuiug  640 acres  mnri
,]ily   in,-  permission   to   purehase   ,!
|CM. I following descrihed lands:
Seji.30. CHARLES A. McKACHARIN.      Commencing  nl   a  posl   planted  .\| miles
Alll'llSt   1st.,    IQII. east   nl   llle   head   on   smith   bank   ol   N.,1	
     Kner ami marked "II.   !•'., N.  E.  crner,"    II
CASSIAR    I.AN'D   DISTRICT. 'theme    SOUtll    80    ehains;      ihenee    west    SJ i   V;
III The Pence Kner I d District. | chains;  thenee nnrth 80 chains;  tin,
Hie  Peace   Kiver   1 1   District.
notice   that   George   A.   Ggll,   ol 	
er,   II.   C.   occupation   Broker,   in TAKE    imlici
npply   L.i'  penuissi,ni  lo  purehase   „l   Sloe    B.   C.,   ncciipnllnn
'Wing   descriht mils: lends 1 iply  for; permission  lo purchas,
•none   at   „   „,,st   nlanted   .'<>   miles the lollowing  desvnled   lands:                 Hi^	
.he",,.,,,!    „'„   the' north   hunk   ol Commencliig at „  posl  planled   '-'miles     August and., 13m.        ^^^
^  "'j'"'    Z   '   {Zn.o Nlni-m'River and marM   "'.i   V'T    5!   "         CASSIAR   LAND  DISTKICT.
,1, ,     ''',',""'"'       I '"x" s    tt-   etier'"    h   e     null. 8n cli s.  ,hence Ol The Peace Kner Land District,
"''"';;     'l"',">', Wl""1   »°. "s, ;,.   80   cha   v   Uienee   north   80   chains       TAKhi  nnliee thai   Cecil  Ilavd .,,,1
;     ,f"1,,,w,"S   ""'   ""'Zl'n"''s  '" ?o,cc wcstil.str'an, following .he mean    ol Vancouver, II. C. occupation larmer, in    fl
ivi.slrenm   to  poinl   ol   cm.. n '";',,.',„    ,„,„,,   ,/co.nmenee  Lends to applv  for permissinn  ., Case   2
i.i,,,,,,,.   („„  ncres  more  m   less.   ,  1 ngs   ..I ji.u   1^  1^  ( _, M  ^     i1r,  ,„„„„„,,,'„,„,.;,„,,  Ia,„|s: $
c'    ',„ JOHN tt". CROW. 1    Commencing  nt  .,  posl   planlcl  26 miles- 'A
________________________U_m     [a'.ial     out "'     "'''                                             -
,.,,. ■'                                                               -Nation   Kner  and   marked   "V.   \\    \     v     A
'ASS1AK   LAND  DISTRICT. ,   j JJJ STRICT. E.  corner"  ihcnce south 80 chains,  thenc   '^
'lie  Peace   Kner   Land   District. ■' '              ..         ,       |  |)isUjc|
notice    ihai     .lames     Ellis,   "I '" "" 1'"', Kl
Why pay fancy prices for
distant acreage when you
can purchase 10-acre waterfront tracts directly opposite
the Reservation here, which
is to be the G. T. P. townsite?
Come to me.    I'll help you buy.    Write for acreage
Real Estate Specialist South Fort George
W.     Crow,   following    mcanderings     ol    river    down .......   . .
farmer,  iu    sire.,,,,  to  poinl    ..[commencement,  cou r^l^^'A^^-^M^^^-^^^-^2^^^^^^^^^^ilk\'1
I,lining 640 aires more or  les. 4    |?                HUGH  FRASER. ,.     __rsi™                                 —.                                I                                          '   ~'
\ Close & Brown
4        South Fort George, B. C.
LS" SET Ser^i, nr| r$^*^^ ,-,.,.   seenbyavisittoour I
''.  I'.   S.   A.  occupiitl noli       IA,V'(      .eaiHi'i,,,, mnrried  n nn, 111   'river  tlown-stream   to  point   ol  commence    *    St0re"     W('   "ave  BpeCiallZed   III ll,IS line, 1111(1 lt'cl lilt' assur-   f,
'tt ZiZini ZiZzzZ:' a ^^jru_T' ' s" z;z ' n'zzizzz vA_ ^^Vi^^^'^^^^i^iwUtww^^w^
Clllg   at   „   posl   planled    Hi   miles    I lie.nnnvv »,,       • ,,| ,   .'I   miles'     August   Jtld.    Hjll *.<-'»'**'-v.\*,\T:',<v,CVs<~',\V,2l%',?r,^—,_■&yCy,2y,^—r,—r,—K^,—'*^i—r,JTs*r,-
he   head   on   thc   nurth   Lanl.   "' '    Coinmcncinj,  ni       I   •    .
E, corner" llience south 8o chains,  thcnccIS
.est   So  chains;   theuee    nortli   8o  chains;   *
A choice variety, in- fc
including all the lat- r,
est designs,  can be tt
seen by a visit to our R scrapers, and numerous largo
steamboats in the new Fort.
George docks, while at Soulh
Fori George were only painted
,-i few shacks etc. Also, I iiHLt'llt
say, a thousand copies of the
Fort (ieorire Tribune have bom
circulated over Winnipeg, running clown South Fort George,
stating that it was under water
etc., and praising their own
low 11.
"I enclo.e yon their ad. and
I think someone from South
Fori George should write to
the Saturday l'ost, Winnipeg,
and expose those fakirs. The
I'ost h,-i,-i put some fake real
estate linns out of business,
and  I  think  it    would be only
fraserTake .
easy] TOWJVSITEI raws
 ,,ivi     ,,!■    Il|ll\
just to pet   11" editop to look
/liter these fakers.
"Thes' Porl George people
sold oOO lots in three months
in Winnipeg.
Yours s'neerelv,
That appeared to us to be a
clear ease of    the pot  and  the
kettle.   Since   writing us, however, Mr, 0. Al. Filzmaiiriee has
been afforded an opportunity of
watching lhe Winnipeg l'ost at
its fell work. If Mr. Fitzmaiirieo
is a consislant    reader    of the
I'ost, he will have been deligbt-
ed   to    note,     in their  issue of
12th. August, a full page, four
thousand word article, entitled
which, as   its descriptive   title
indicates,  \vf>,s    a scathing expose of Natural  Resources Security  Co.     methods of promotion.  We have told the history j
of (he retracting article, of about   IoOO words in  small type,
crammed into two narrow columns of the Post's issue of September 30tb.,    which    is    now
being  assiduously  reprinted  by
every paper carrying (Jeorge J.
Ilaimmond's   advertising.    How
a   minion   of Mr.   Hammond's
was rushed   from the coast to
Winnipeg and who returned to
15. C. with their representative,
who was   shadowed   by Hammond's puppet all over the field
of his enquiry.
But to return to M. 0. Fitz-
mauriee,     and    his     Fort  St.
.lames townsite swindle, which
is one of    the most audacious
frauds yet perpetrated upon the
public on   the   strength of the
remoteness    and      undeveloped
slate of this country today.      .
The following is   a specimen J
of the information furnished by j
Fitzmaurice's     company   with
regard to Port St. .lames:—
"Fort St. .lames   is   situated j
on Lake Stuart    and near the
junction of three mighty waterways navigable for 1,200 miles
north, south,    east,  and  west.
Jt is headquarters for steamers
plying on these waters.  It connects with     the    gigantic railroads now   building into central British   Columbia   and the
preat   centre     for the    Hudson
May  fur   It   is the gateway for the great Cariboo and
Yukon mining districts, and is
absolutely the most productive
in nortli Ajnerica. Level, perfect
water    facilities,   ideal   clhnate,
fertile soil,  (he garden spot of
America, and cs good and bettor  fruit   lands  than   Wenatehee
or Yakima. Here arc over 1,500
niincs and (he celebrated Omineca gold    mines.     Close  to the
city is a mountain of lime and
the  London syndicate proposes
installing the     largest    cement
plant     in  America   which    will
give employment to thousands.
Also a large saw and pulptmill.
We may point    out thai  the
timber here is the best in British Columbia, and supplies the
Fort   George    sawmills,   which
are -18 miles   distant, working
night and     day.  Close   to the
city is the celebrated coeJ area,
extending oyer sixty miles, and
can supply the world with coal
for the next  (en centuries, This
has a seam 30 feet deep. There
is nearly as much  water power
here as   at   Niagra    Palls, and
fishing in   the streams    is the
best in Nortii America."
A man that has enough nerve
to write      material     like     the
.. official I
More than half the lots already
sold. Get your lot here and doable
your money in the spring.: : : ; :
Easy terms—No interest uutf! 1S13
Local sales solicitors
Local sales solicitors
 *" 25,191
We don't ask you to purchase South Fort George lots b
making a pencil mark on a townsite plan   You would
be safe in so doinev Imi >'<'   '
=====3       COME TO       <.____
-    Investigate Onr Proposition
above ahout n townsite tint
doesn't exist |„,s ,„„. ,.1(lmil„(.
'°n tor his inimitable gall The
experience he sells t(, suckei,s ig
worth even more than an am-ee-
mont for sale to a vahiless 25-
'OOt   lot.       Kveryone      „„„.,    he
stung once to learn that ,.,,„,„■
lurks everywhere,
-*__. -—*■ ■ ■
Fourth St., South Fcrt George
Farm Lands, Cardan Tracts,
Timber Limits, Mineral Claims,
Town Lots
Having resided in the Fort
George district since the first
frame building was erected,
and knowing all lots on the
different townsites, I will undertake the sale of all property placed in my hands.
and you will find a good live town     Two hanks, saw mill
) ooi hall, newspaper, two general stores, splendid
hotel, bakery, stationery store, mail-boat
landing, scores of buildings,
and  crowds  of  satisfied   buyers
172 Hastings Street, Vancouver, li (', or the resident agent,
<;. e. Mclaughlin
Fourth Avenue, South Fort George
Fort George, B.C. Victoria. B.C.
F. P. B„r,lc.„. Mjtr. F. C. Green, Mgr.
Nelson, B.C.. A. II. Green, Mgr.
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
Civil Engineers, Dominion & B. C. Land Surveyors
Survey.s of LamK Mines, Townsites, Timber
Limits, Rtc.
Watch --
Repairing   —
Send art fries by mail to Kort George, B.C.
Edward Roberts
Real Estate, Notary Public. Insurance Agent,
Audi,.,„.,.,■ unit Valuator
References:   The Hank of Vancouver and Tl
Traders Ba A. uf Canada
For, George,
and General Repairing.
Land Timber Cruiser
Pre-emptions Located.
Estimates SUBMITTED,
Bronger & Flynn
Bank of British Nortli America
Your money is n_i(er in tlie Hank than In your house or in your
pocket, lt is not tied up. Yon ran get it out at any time without delay. NOTES discounted. I.,,ral and foreign Drafts bought
and sold.  COLLECTIONS made promptly.    Money Orders Issued.
FortJGeorge Branch,       L. G. MacHaffie, Mgr.   |
_m___m________________m miii    ii _■—■— 	
Head Office: - TORONTO, ONT.
Paying Out-of-Town Accounts
Small amounts can be sent safely and at small cost by
Bank Money Orders. Any bank in Canada (Yukon excepted)
will cash them without charge, and they can be cashed in leading American cities.   They are sold at the following rates: -
l" cents
I Ivor ...;„ to
6 centa
16 rent*
Capital and Surplus ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Plans and blue prints made
Estimates submitted
All kinds of work promptly
LIQUOR ACT 1910. _
suction 12. executed
NOTICE is hereby given that"
on the first day of December next
application will  be made to the! J office .....................m
Superintendent of Provincial Po-11  xir.   „ ,,,.,,,.,.,',!  (.mnnm
lice for renewal of the hotel li-jj  N0"  7 'SL( ()N,) STREE1
j cence to sell liquor by retail in the I South ,,',,l't Oeorge
hotel known as the Hotel North-[Jr»-i—B^-—B——__*_,_*___
ern situate at Soutii Fort George! _mmmmmmmmmmm^mma___m
in the Province of Uiitish Colum- f™     -^■"-•■-"-~—-*•_
Dated this 29th.  day of October, ' j fOff (l60r£C
Nov.4.      ALBERT JOHNSON   ■ ~
Prescriptions a
je * bank of Vancouver
CAPITAStOTHOWZED        VA~C^VEH. B. C.      ,=_=
«   ''■«„„„„,„   E8q    ,,,.„.,   »iui.:,:-,;,liS:- W--0..0.
r»^srr rv^CTs,u k""" —
GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS to!m^™"'  ,i,""-r"1  "»"•*"■
Fort Georee H„— u   ._,uhlNESS TRANSACTED
jf,1"   <'<>..     M.I.,
Vancouver,  B.C.
Drag Co.
j This is season-   p      , .      j
I able weather for Llffie JUlCe !
iml.i..    .,1    . ,
"' which liinlwnyaon hand.
>A laijf,
[ ^'":gg8 Mw I
For the best apples, potatoes,
 wheat,  oats,   barley and  rye
li'mbia along the line of il,   r" *iT" '" Ce»tral British Co-
^nejine of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway.
Divisional point
LOYAL & DAVIS,   Props.
Smokers' supplies
a specialty
 1 I  Four pool tables
FRASER   I I Sl3,endid environments
LAKE     I   "    ~
i__m__^__^mm     \_U I McORLOOR,
f'rst prize    $50.00.    Second prize   $25.1
One prize of $25.00
One prize of $25.00
One prize of $25.00
One prize of $25.00
One prize of $25.(
fwighUhJrS,fSmPplfn a^arded '" one Person' Wt' will pay
George, to vSuver r RaTO Ha.zeltoi,i Telkwa or For"
must accompany e-ir-h ZZ'■ letter s,^ne(l h>' tw° witnesses
°f land on fficl S_t_\__^lT> ffivi"f '^al descriP<''°«
name:of variety shou    L   •    groTwn,'  alul wherever possible
'Nortli Coast Land Co.Ltd.
Genera, Office,: 6,9 to «24 Melropo!J,aa BJdff., VaKtouvcr
London Oflice:    « W,l Jewry    V*"<,u*ir' B C
t " " $1,500,000.


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