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 Fort George is not, at the
present time, the best place
for a workingman.
There is no active railway
work in the district at this
VOLUME  1,   NO. 41
SOUTH   FORT   GEORGE,   B.C.,   MAY   20,   1911
Board of Trade Meets and Elects Officers for Year—A G- EMBEftSftSfi^^
The annual meeting of the Hoard of Trade
held on Tuesduy last in the Fourth Street
hall, was one of the best attended meetings
nt the year. A. G, Hamilton occupied the
chair and after disposing of the usual
routine business, the secretary-treasurer's
report for the year was read. It shows a
Imliince on hand of 850.43 over expenditures. The statement follows:
By balance transferred from lirst of .July
celebration 1910  8194.75
By membership dues and special subscription 94.00
By grant from the Northern Development   Company  100.00
Hy grant from    the Nortli Coast Land
Company,  50.00
Total, 8438.75
To printing and advertising Evans
and Hastings, Vaner.,  8250.55
Noble Advertising Agency Ltd.,
Vancouver, 40.00
Tn express, on advt., matter etc, 32.00
To Telegrams postage etc., 41.00
To supplies, 18.55
Total $382.32
Balance of cash on hand  56.43
The fire committee, composed of .J. li.
Campbell and Chas E. McElroy reported
"that as South Kort George is at present
absolutely without lire protection of any
kind and that a fire once started would undoubtedly consume the whole town, we
would suggest the immediate organization
of a fire department and the election of a
fire chief, assistant fire chief and two fire
wardens, making the number four in all.
These officers to muke quarterly inspection
of all buildings.
"We would also recommend that a subscription bo taken up to purchase the necessary apparatus required for the present
time and the selection of such apparatus be
left in the hands of the chief and a committee appointed by the board. The chief to
be the chairman of the Committee. We
would further recommend that the committee go into the matter of the cost of installation of a suitable fire ularm and the
purchase of a chemical engine pulled by i
hand, consisting of two fifty-gallon tanks."
The report was received and it was the
opinion of the board that a public meeting
be called to take action in the matter.
On announcing that this was the annual
meeting and that the election of officers for
the ensuing year was in order, the president
read the following report:
Gentlcmenijn presenting this, the report of
the first annual meeting of the Soutii Fort
George Board of Trade, 1 take great pleasure in acquainting the members present with
the fact that the objects aimed at in the
organization of tho board last May—one
year ago— have borne good fruit.
The South Fort (ioorge Board of Trade
was brought into being possibly sooner than
would have been the ease were it not for the
fact that, misleading and erroneous reports
have been circulated broadcast throughout
the American continent by irresponsible lot-
selling syndicates and obscure weekly publications, operating at centres far removed
from the district proper. It was to counteract these fulse reports that led to action
being taken by business men of the district
earlier, as I have said before, than would
otherwise have been the case.
The work accomplished by the board has
been of untold value to thousands of prospective investors and others who have
sought reliable information through the one
and only representative body in Northern
Cariboo. Tho range of territory covered by
our correspondence may bettor be illustrated
by stating that enquiries from such distant
points as Chile, the Phillipines, London and
Paris, have been covered by our indefatigable secretary, and furthermore, it serves to
show us to what extent is the world-wide
interest taken in   the district   with South
Fort George ns its business centre.
The strides made by South Fort George
during the last twelve months must be gratifying to members who have seen the transformation from a two-housed hamlet to a
rising and prosperous nucleus of the G. T.
P. townsite of Fort Goorge.
All indications point today as the G. T.
P. Fort George being one of the largest, if
| not the largest, inland city of British Columbia, and it behooves us, gentlemen, in
view of this, to urge upon the government
the necessity of conserving such utilities
that will in time bear heavily upon the
public unless provision is immediately made
to safeguard them. These utilities are water
and power rights.
Another question of supreme importance
to the district today is the exorbitant toll
exacted by the Alberta Telephone Company
i Ltd. I believe the board should take the
matter up with the railway commission and
urge a readjustment of rates, or else petition the Dominion government to install or
extend its telegraph line. The service given
by the Alberta Telephone company, is not
only outrageous, but it is unreliable and
irritating in the extreme, and does not in
any particular meet with favor by those
who are compelled to use it.
The board views with disfavor the endeavor made, in the past, by questionable
townsitors, in urging the Indians of Fort
George not to part with their reservation,
or if so, to pluce a ridiculously high figure
upon their lund. The object of such action
is too plainly apparent to those who have
followed events in this district. By having
action deferred greater opportunity is afforded these questionable people to dispose
of their holdings and lots. In this connection I am pleased to say that the attorney-
general has been advised of all these misrepresentations, and a reply from the department informs us that the matter is under investigation and will receive earnest
Wishing my successor in office that measure of confidence antl support that has fallen
to my lot during the term just past,
I remain, yours truly.
The board considered that us A. fi. Hamilton had done meritorious work for the
association in its infantile first year, his reelection for a second t.rm was made unanimous. Following uro the new officers:
Pros,,,_nt, A. G. Hamilton.
Vice-President, W. J. McKay.
Secy.,-tres. John Occolson Williamson.
Executive committee; II. B. Close, H. C.
Seaman, I.. G. McIIaflio, .]. B. Daniell, Edward Roberts, P. Campbell, William Blair,
W. F. Cooke and J. McLaughlin.
Trying to Steal $1000
The following telegrams will give the
nailer an idea of the methods by which
"Bruce" of the Saturday Sunset, a Vancouver flim-flnmmcr's and promoters utility rag
ciime by his farm and print shop:
Exhibit "A"; received by the Herald;
The Northern Interior Ptg. Co. Ltd.
South Fort George B. C.
"Have nine hundred land ads. Do you
want them at five dollars each, to be
printed in Vancouver to ensure proof corrections." "X"
Exhibit "11," sent by the Herald:
Messrs., "X",
Vancouver B. C.
"Pleased to accept your business quoted
figure. Advise you have printed conformity this paper 7 column size, ten issues < f
250 each, allowing titnB for transit when
dating head lines. Ship by regisler.H
Northern Interior Ptg, Co. Ltd.
Exhibit "C"- - a specimen of how Bruce
was enabled to buy that farm- -
The Northern Interior Ptg. Co. Ltd.
South Fort (Ioorge H. C.
"X" lias ordered twenty five hundred
supplements containing nine hundred land
ailverlisments, job charged to you. Wire
your "0. K." also order on "X" for tho
amount of contract, one thousand five
hundred dollars."
Saturday Sunset Presses.
Exhibit "D;" our answers:
Messrs. "X"
Vancouver, B. ('.:
Sunset    quotes     absurdly     exorbitant
figure on job. Please give work to Nows-
\dvertiser, they do all our outside work.
Northern Interior Ptg. Co. Ltd.
And to tlle Sunset:
"Your figure exorbitant.     Have transferred order."
Northern Interior Ptg. Co. Ltd.
Exhibit "E",   showing the   hand of the
"organization"   and    the   crude    work of
Bruce," the stool-pigeon:
Reciprocity ln Townsites
Some fellow front the "other town" came
"it" the oflice and asked us "why these
townsitos round here couldn't get together
"nd boost   thc whole  thing." Reciprocity,
our visitor, was in the air, why
"I'pl.v the measure lo adjust local (HI
ol'co_? H_ vi'us a new arrival, you see. Ac-
1 filing to u wise man named Laylor, who
"l"'1' wrote an Encyclopedia of Political
science, reciprocity is a "relation between
\v" independent powers such lhat the citizen, of em.|, aro guaranteed certain commercial priyiledges at Ihe bunds of the
"tlii'i," Now what the missing word could
"ds town gain by allowing itself to be con-
1 "aihatod by viewing in a friendly spirit
""' promotion of such it doubtful proposit-
'"" as the Nechaco Itiver townsite? A man
'e« hero last week vowing an awful rovengo
"" 'he man behind the Port Goorgo town,
*ho had sold him a lot with nothing bigger
than a chipmunk's nest built within a
'"dius of a mile of it, if they would not re-
turn '""> his money. Now South Fort
George ig a real live inhabited town. It has
The Northern Interior Ptg. Co. Ltd.
South Fort George B. C.
"Sorry; others Interested have placed the
business elsewhere." "X"
The Northern Interior Printing Co., have
always refused to cut rates on land advertising, maintaining that the rates charged
by tho B, G. Gazette, should apply to other
publications. Albert Dollenmayer, the advertising manager for the Hammond town-
sites, nominally controls two advertising
rags in this district which some months ago
cut the rate on land advertising to 81.00 an
ndvertisment nt Hammond's orders, for the
purpose of putting the Herald out of business. We survived. Such rags as the Saturday Sunset the Cariboo Observer and the
Fort George Tribune are the playthings of
oultus promoters such as George J. Hammond. The Herald does not want any business from men of his calibre.
It would be interesting to know just what
rotten scheme this Bruce animal worked to
enable him    to quote    an   overestimate of
810011.00 on a printing job, and because we
refused to stand for his work, brought pros- I
sure to boar that made the "others inter- j
osted" place the work with one of the rags
that    will accept   with    avidity the scraps j
tossed to them by the "ring" in Vancouver, i
We do not deem it necessary to mention
tho name of the firm that offered us this
business in the first place. We have always
believed I hem to be clear of the operations
going on in the cess-pool of which the Sat-
urday Sunset is the publicity stench.
Had it not been for the fact that the land
advertising business is now annulled, owing
to the frenzied work of tho provincial executive, we would have turned down the
business that was offered at the reduction, j
as we have in many previous instances, but
we will not be robbed of our legitimate
profit to jirovido a rake-off for the journalistic libertine who eaters to flim-flannners
that ho may gratify his lust for their tainted gold.
Tho   Herald   is equipped to   handle   any
quantity of land-advertising on the ground, j
without having to pass its business through
the presses that   print lies and libels, and
arrant rot.
all the necessary equipment of one. Property
anywhere on the townsite is salable at a
good figures and purchasers aro satisfied.The
promoters of the Nechaco Kiver townsite
are taking chances of mooting a violent end
in a puddle of blood when some of their
lot buyers roaeh Vancouver. Our advice to
thom is to "bent it."
Loaded His Pockets with
Rocks and Jumped into
the Fraser River
A man named H. P. Newcombe, hailing
from Falmouth, Mass., who arrived here
lately, committed suicide by filling his pockets with rocks und jumping into the river
at the foot of Fourth Street on Wednesday
evening at 6 o'clock. Newcombe had been
acting strangely for some time and was
under police surveillance. Immediately
proceeding the act of suicide he had gone to
the door of the Hotel Northern dining room
v'itnriuLiig il full he' 'va.ke.I down _ol<t__C
liver. The constable followed, and seeing
him Newcombe motioned him away and
leaping onto a large rock sprang into the
Fraser. He sank immediately but came to
the surface twice afterwards and was apparently struggling desperately to regain
the shore. William Seymour, an Indian,
went to the rescue in a canoe, but the suicide did not reappear. Newcombe owned
property on the Nechaco Kiver townsite and
spent a few days there but returned to this
town. He seemed despondent, and talked so
irrationally that tho constable took a gun
ho carried away from him. His effects show
him to be a railroad man.
New Drugstore Block
Ground was broken Wednesday for the new
drugstore building to lie erected on Laselle ]
Avenue between Third and Fourth streets.
The building will be 30x50 with floor space
of 18x2!) for the drugstore and 12x20 (or j
tho stationery and cigar business, which
will bo run in connection. There will be a I
waiting room and lavatory at the rear of
the drug store proper, and at the back of
those two living rooms will complete the
ground floor space. Plate glass will adorn
lho front of both stores, with double doors
at both the eastern and western approach.
Contractor McLean expects to have his contract completed and the building turned
over to its owners by July thc first. The
cost of tho building is 84000.
W. F. Cooke, of the Northern Lumber Co.,
returned from a business trip to Soda Creek
on the "B. X." Thursday.
A drowning accident was narrowly averted on Monday evening last when a Peter-
boro canoe upset in .ho eddy at thc stern of
the "Chilcotin" and precipitated its occupants, Mr. and Mrs. McElroy, and Kudd.
Clarke, into the river. The three were able
to clamber onto tho submerged canoe and
floated past the town at a distance of some
thirty feet from shore, in full view of a
large crowd. Canoes put off to their rescue
and the shore was reached opposite Close
and Brown's store. Had it not been for the
coolness and presence of mind displayed by
each of the party a serious disaster might
have resulted.
George Wood and William McLaren left
hero last week for Teto Jauiio Cache to take
the census. Arthur E. Roberts, accompanied
by J. McDonell leaves here'next week for
the Peace Kiver country on the same errand
and Chas. Houser will cover the Nechaco
Valley, whilst Engliss Kelly of Barkerville,
is detailed to the Chilcotin country and 15(1
Mile House.
C. C. Cutler who was amongst this week's
arrivals, informs us of his intention of open-
ong a real estate office in tho Gore and McGregor block here. Mr Cutler is in partnership with W. M. Cunningham who has operated in land in this district during the past
two years. Mr. Cunningham will arrive on
the next boat.
Attention is directed to the advertisment
on page 8 calling for tenders on the con-
struotion of (ho temporary government offices. The contract will be let on Monday.
Goorge •). Walker, who has been Gazetted
as Govornmont Agent for the Fort Goorge
District,   has  b i  obliged to   go   to   the
coast from Barkerville to consult an ocotll-
ist I'm- eye troubles. His sight is threatened.
It is to bo hoped that Mr. Walker will have
a speedy recovery. We want him iti Fort
George because he is the man for the job,
Meets Watery Grave in Giscomb Rapids
John Macdonell and George Haines left
Tete Jaune Cache on May 7th., for South
Fort George, in order to provision up for
a prospecting summer they intended making
on Goat River and adjacent country. George
Haines conducted a stopping place at Moose
lake, known as 27 B. C. He sold out his
business and snppleis and was on his way
here to restock, when shooting the Giscombe
rapids the canoe he was in swamped and he
was drowned last Wednesday.
His partner, John Macdonell, arrived
here Thursday morning and reported the
matter to the provincial police.
"Haines was no canoe man" said Macdonell, in relating the event, "and of a
ni.vous temperament. We left the Cache in a
dugout with limited provisions, and going
through the Goat rapids Haines walked the
bank of the river while I took the canoe
through. We spent the night of Tuesday at
Giscombe portage and after breakfast there
Wednesday morning Haines took a walk
down to Giscombe rapids, a bad stretch of
water seven miles long and 23 miles from
South Fort George. He covered part of the
ground and on returning lo camp stated
that he saw nothing bad about the water,
and would go through in the canoe.' We
both got into the dug out, Haines nt the
bow. Shortly after entering the rapids the
white foam, the drift wood and the boiling
water at .this stage of the water must have
frightened Haines for he stood up in the
canoe and caught the edges causing her to
rock violently until she took in water and
swamped and upturned. We both caught the
edges of the canoe, one at either end. Haines
was a big man and weighed 220tb, 50Ibs
heavier than I. The difference in weight kept
my end of the canoe further out of water,
and all I could see of Haines was the tips
of his moccasins on one side and his head
on the other, and he was always swallowing
water. Haines had gloves on at the time
and about half way through the rapids he
let go and disappeared. I managed to upturn the canoe and get on the bottom of it,
steering with my feet till I ran against a
log jam and partly embedded the canoe. I
took to the shore and followed the bank of
the river up stream to where I imagined
Haines had let go and hunted the vicinity
all night, without result. Having been almost all in myself I concluded to come to
Soutii Fort George and report the accident
to the police."
Haines ' was a cook, and a prominent
Eagle, and at one time worked in the Vic.
toria Hotel Edmonton. He was a native of
Iowa, and had considerable money on his
person fit the tome of the accident.
North Coast Preparing for Busy Season
The North Coast Land Co., an English
concern, capitalized at a million dollars, aro
preparing for a busy season on the ground
here. This company own a great area of
good farming land in the district. It was
staked about two years ago by Wm. Meikle,
a reliable cruiser and stuker. Most of this
firm's land lies between this point and Quesnel on the oast side of the Fraser river. Mr.
Russell R. Walker, who represented the company last year, arrived here last week on
the "B. X." and hus re-opened the company's office on Second street. Mr. Walker has
been advertising thc country extensively
during the winter months by writing magazine artieles in the periodicals. In the current issue of the "Canadian Magazine" appears one of Mr. Walker's stories, under the
caption "Fort George; Its Awakening." Wo
reprint the opening paragraph;
"In the picturesque Fraser valley of Central British Columbia, near where tho hurtling waters of the pretty Nechaco river
sweep majestically into the Eraser, there
stands, and has stood for nearly a century,
the trading post Fort (Ioorge. Here, for a
spaee of time, the beginning of which antedates the childhood days of the oldest inhabitants of the valley, the Siwash, with his
kloochman, has   bartered   with the shrewd
factors of that intrepid body of pioneer
merchants, The Honorable The Hudson's
Bay Company, exchanging the pelts of mink
beaver, martin otter and kindred fur-bearing animals for blankets, trade-guns, steel
traps, and those staple articles of food,
Hour sugar and tea—so essential to the appetising of tho epicurian appetite of the modern Indian. .
"Hero, loss than a year prior to the time
of writing, I witnessed the birth and de-
development of the embryo town of Fort
(Ioorge—"A city in tho making," so say its
optimistic builders; and a brief study of existing conditions   leads one   to agree with
i them. A keen rivalry between the promoting
interests, and an unwillingness to cooperate
I have resulted in the placing on tho market
of two or three townsites each possessing
the name "Fort George" with prefixes
"South" and "Central" as distinguishing
features. However (hero will undoubtedly be
but one city at the junction of the Fraser
anil Nechaco Rivers when the transoontin- .
i'iitji 1 railroad, now building, is completed—
and that the united Fort George. When
speaking of Fort George, I therefore have
reference to the united city at the confluence
of these two beautiful rivers, the city that
is rapidly becoming the commercial centre
of Canada's Pacific Province."
Site Selected for Government Offices
John A. Fraser, one of tho two members
who represent Cariboo In tho Legislative
Assembly, accompanied by C. W. Grain, the
Barkerville Govornmont Agent, arrived here
on the "B. X." Thursday night. Their mission is to establish an exact site for the
temporary government buildings on the
Hudson's Bay property hero. The site chosen
is betwoen the post and the Indian Reserve
line, Contracts are being called for and
| building will proceed immediately, John A,
Fraser will hold a public meeting tonight in
the Fourth Street Hall, and will perhaps
tell tho cxpeotant crowd why the Victoria
Government compromised the vulgar wrangle born of the opposing wishes of a town
full of voters as against the desires of a
townsite promoted by an American bucket-
shop shark who is known to the police, by
placing the government buildings ut a halfway point, lt is always a delicate matter
for a local member to explain away the
mistakes of his party,
' WttmuBa
'' . .  20. !
th Iol-
Garfield   v.,
."."d 5ra"» t-..;";i'iy for' „..,„',;
' Und Distrii
_, " ' • «»ai, in       'AKE notice thai
,"_"   '■' porch...   Uncover,
'"- h - """ds   to    lr
.'„'.',"'      '-     '•r,h "»d 4"mii-,'J!J" .::"ntt<> * mil.,   *?« "» louSL; '  '-:i::  •   ■  «o   '-..'   :     ?'
■ ' north .v   ton.CT „| Ut ,      ««t ;.f th, „„rth     (     Cmmenc,.. „.    y ■      ^ -.:...    ■        ■•■':•■.
POIM „|   tnence   east       ' * V>«>« iouth So ch.v,,     eMt an.f !  nil "       '•  • •   I  mil. '    '" '
*W»ZIES. '"mmencemem    "' te <"*■"» tc .,.._ *J   theuce  ,.„..   .. ■    ,     . .,    '    '; I ■,
       "*£«-   .3t-Cf!l'.!a0rrE HUGHES ^'wi.^""" "" - 4 : X "■    ' •        " "'*
' ' ! Cariboo '-~___^ '        ap.13 ■'■•'.■ .,
■'. i: ■«'°* c__zrrr7c^—~——  M"rrh ,3ui- *    ^tersok.   :.!nm" -
IB-tugs lf *",r'*'IJ atricr      r,_. ' ~"~
TAKK   r.,-_   ..        _&"n«°IC--i_o,. c.rih,
;':"   nulinj.,   ,.,
: rancher,  miemis . TAKI':  notice  thi    -.■
'« norths.,   following  ...<.,,.i   ''," l" l'-rch_,. £ ^croft,  „..„,„. "'    Th-m.,   Klrt
; '"" 80 cf,,,,,,.       Co-ant-^eat *" * * •« vZSZi m'   intend.,.
.4,^..";rh ^ n"u'' •":'1 -3 nouZZ'.zz11' a»« Z"* *""«*> Z-:,ur"'"^«■< •»«-
"' pl-ce ol   c"rr..r of Ut 1 -,.   .        ' thc north west      Commencing  „       s
lAJIES ir,n- '_""   "fol   80'   '.I,.,,? C ,""rth *" chain,   """  a»'l  2  „,-:.,  :;   .. ''   Planted   ,   „„..
'■•MLS LOW. chain,;   lh ■--.    thenc, .rner.,, u, ^ of  th, ,   rth .....
toU.lfl.nct_--,,        "   8°*tln. U. place,,     Z"  Mst   «••    ii.;          !   '       '
,                      "      *'' ''■'■             Wlltri,.                                         ms: """cc wc.i £s    '■<«"•■   Mflth   So
^ ';" '•■ < 4ni„„,      March .jo,     !, ;U:" DClBfO. """"■"Hc.-.e,,,,*"' to d » to N,CT ,„
pttrch*M"» TAKE   DuBrK'-w«w,iofc-.i1 rr ——■ —
''-id r .a.   "1  V.,ZZ ZZ':'"^T '''"■> Wer      r"'00 ^"»««« . Di,tri.. „
.    'ojlowiog dacH^,, J"? l<> Pfltthu, UtiKtlj-, '   Malcolm _.orri_o-     1
' nth Ho      C-oinintn |i -    .     "  's ply 1 .     .. ■          ":     Mr, intends 1 T.;
.:' ;"•"""' 1 m,;e,   in. .i-s.', ..V- ..', '   : 'r ' th, |   ;'.; .,"
.      .        .. ; '■ '"« north-w-it Commencin.Tr^                                ' '    ti
tllc»" e.s[ So    ,    l"eaie north 80 chains north ... 1 ', " "   * po" P'««lnl 2 mil
*»'«! Hence «,."^'cl'he"" tooth 80 • iw     Z Z.-Z' "' "" ,; "'-'-i '• «..
"--'«»t: tont-Tnta*'? '" "»«« of '!-« «,,  fc' °Jv^™« "nth i„ d,,„^   ta.t „;
;£Sg Mth^Kr*i »nricir,^;'-::xs ss
-™ri--!ut0 i"'r"  C"nh"" '-^u^,    nT        "—— Zll_
: *■«= ¥5^"^: vis,---- -.:.,!::, t ■ »—.
'"«'-•  th*. .4.4., "^ „  ;»« north So  crner „    „', "* "■« - th, ....ru,^. t.„mi,t„C!„„          ' ;     ■
■•■...■          '™™ north _0 chain. "5    "J > >lh. ZZZV "' ""'
thnce south s_ ' "< 3w: ihenc, __r,h J* ,,r "' c"'"«
place „ ef" «» 'hina;   „„..?'' *" c.hai"»; theno,
J5_i_ _K_|_ _
,1 —^ ^^__.'4
i Close & Brown i ^ ■
1 K^Uk\
! n"rth .....
1 «o chain.
' Und Dutrk,
1 ladies' and
'j.      RUSSELL PEDEN ^^^^-'A--.^.
! "'NORTHERN LlBffi 9 (
''•4 LOW.
north and ,.,.,'
comer ol t.,., , ,
ist sy
.SjmthPortGeorge     tr^1"''^   ^
!'i thom, si^,,
Ing in por1 ,
trally locate
' purchaie
-  -.St 80 .h • nonl'   So
jon.m.n.ei_e„t. cb4,M to pl,« „f
"«rt .nhP-'.!(,,(:K J lowers.
lain, tr,
,P^« Mih. ,^MKS GR,5"«-
Hience  west g,,
. "icnce-ierit.
■ !...
l'1-ntal 3 mile
.AiS-'i^™ ^.::;i: tzzr Z '"-zz: ^.;z:z;zzly-M *«*>»
Com.n,„cj„- .,..,". -;    , Jo applj, ,or p,-^*™" *-u»ma„( iqtMd;     Tak|..
*'"' »«« 6 ,„,,,, „„   ;',('""«"l  >  mile,   Wowing  ileacriw, "'"n's         "UrthaS':  "" M""tr"!
lr"" "l 1.1 ..«   ,1          ",f "orth-we,,     commencin_  ai '     -  ■
thnce  west  go chain,     ..°nl' fe chin.    ""rUl and   . mi'e'L.?" ,planlei1 4 "mles    d	
torner allot tco.  ,„    °' lhe "orth-we,.      Comm.    ■ '* ''"""htl li
'=°3,  hence north 80 chain, «»i   ...      "* Post plant
'    "-"■ ^■•'iZ'^Z''"^
ol   thencc WK,t g.   c.
»«targe Stores>SixR''	
GORE & McrRi^-v
  ! V"   I'M:!",    |;
I Cai
1 man
Ch""'*:   Uieuce  ,a„  ZZ   ''""   S""th   «.,     .
tommenc,mcnt ",ll"s to iil_,ee   0|   then«  east  8a
-— «„4  , mi
c'-r"er .,| l,,)t , ,
thence  east  8c
*aina; il.ence
      t-neii-t   s, ...
:tst 80 chain- t„ ,,i.'
"'•"" ""m.  intenn,
?*"•.«« PnrchM. JheioKL'0. ""
"llowog decri. *oman, ,„„„,,, ,
M-« M.I,F^" ,l<,NAI-« TOSON.
»4t    8.J
notice   that   Willinn,  _
ni    Vancom lu,tI csnowden
' 'i
» miles '<\
■nii »eat _.
north 8,, chain. "
'hnce   wuth ^  '4
""'s   l"  plact   . :   3
"' th north west ,r'"n the south
''*-.  rtcot'r    C-"»'     « 'Win
' ;f fttion married
Purchase the i,,,,,-'  ;"-\ ' r PermUsioc to
Commencin. ''" d~r'   '
jta* ..thGE^,Rln)E «■ "wm.       '^
ted,mi, Ss"--.ir,?«-^t"zzzzT^^Z'Zt,
'  ' irthwm   t'""""-'"'0'«».. C"a""' '" H- ul   -hnce wSTK" C ""'    """"  8"  *K
""80 chain,     v'5;,,   V""'-UM SKOWDEV nr.,, mt"«"«i. "'"S  t0  >'u« ol com
,UU|  _« JU^tjt,,.   ,9„      «»'-MlOI.L..S-|,.   ap,...   CAWJUne r.00DW,»  ,
l.th.  „„.       "nU"  JOHNSON.
C«iboo l.,m,\ Ulsln    ~r— —
Und District
'I'AKK nol
""■ "i Vani
i"\\:n -
"'stfio ol Caribo
we« ,nd , ml
crner „i r, ,   q
;i1"" AriUM Edwip She|   J
'  ' ccul»tlon  l,r„Ker
;:,ZZ*,"' tai««4w ^
'■ ' I land.:. S_
! P»« p^ted 6 ,„
,;•"' "' th _„uU,-
tnence north 80 ,1
hm«i thenc, _,,,„,',
" no ehoin. t„ „-,
■I Cariho
May,   „
ntend. 1..
th fol.
'OM:   tn.t'ce   11 -"..'.on. : ■-«-.,_
SS'**".'  "'  V.,„c';;„erKr""1 ',,,sc'"' Me-     WKE noti.
upation  bar.   "' Vanci
ri"fr, intends i„ ,
""ki,"«"th,i,.u.,;.„7d'"r''m»'«.i„„"".„ tendst'.'i;;j'v";i:!|,"u""ii'«i-g«.;
Commend,     .„ „ "     ^l"""1 '-""a.-J lh IMI„», ?.„ " hr>>"»ion to purch,,,
w''sl »"" " mile, ,.,„',!'" "•"""led , mile,     Commencinj '"l la,"k:'
WZZ "' '•"' v'3: ">«,« .out. 'l'*"'""'"1 """" •""l 1 miles ZZ Z'M J wiles
„_?" WK"    80 chain,   . "*' cl,i'»": ' C'""w "I Ut   «.       '' "' "" "orth west
at Samuel Frj„cis Pern-   Caril. , .  ~	
'Pation ticket   .     ..y™0 Uud District     1,   .
P.m.i_.**..».ent'»»-     ,  -Dirtnct ol Caril
; s"""' «" chain,
miles   ch.i„,; „„,„, MttT'lw'""  ""'h 8.1'hnce ",'-.T'_,    .,
onth £    V6 ,     l'l<AN'K JOSEPH » , wmweneemen, "° c,li"!'" to ;,,„« „,
March „,,,,  „,,      hU" McWin;.«U .ap.„. SAMUFlp,
•■' ■ I,.    ,    "• >RA«IS PKMV.
B N..I, ,„
hank clerk,
''' purchase
"'" married
Vancouver   ., --.^j V)t
I-!.!1':"'  •«*«,  intend, t,
T«i;    nuiice   u   ■     ,
Of   Va,,c„_.t "^    A1"-"»'«
^endS't. ,    •    ^"MH'.ii genu,
»*« lhe  lollows •" '
Oommtucj ,,    ' 'h deacribed ;,   ,,
totner „i j,ut "'  tue south «,,,
Z"° "w»" ZZ': '">"'■ ^.
hginnmp, * > 10 j,.._: „,   ,
'       ^r^^^a PAT0N.  '
MAY. Cari1"10 Und District - •,  .
IAKE -.Mice  „ " "' CAri,'°»-1
I  Va-com", N"n""   E»="«  Mc       TAKK »„tic, t„ .  -      Mm'""'- j J^mh.  .,»'
1 "   NliAI.
""""taut, uiu-dh
'.'   '"  P""!.-.,  ,h
*«£* l6CttA^,JE««^B  LAM,
"f t'.
" '■■ 'h -; v
.11 ,1  • JA3IES   .1
'"   '  '^i.ii.
,',   " UudDUtrlct     Di.t
.'M*'  '   '"'' 'hi   l' K,
"""l'.iln.n ;,„   ,
?» R wis,
'' tl,llli  UlteiHis  tn •■'   • i   ■
pnnha., Ule 1,,    ',|'|,l>''"' l*r,n;,:B„„,   "  ap,,iy VV', """Pation broker, ini'
Z '^ZlZZ'* 1™Z- [^^T\ZZ ^ •. (o,
""'  ".nil,.,,,,      '  l"l,"lC'1  '  »»«•      Co"»ne.c_,J... ! t^ Vane
pia„"t,d, , ■  ::"' ,-"t »■"««',;. ';"r,,i•« wchi •« < *£;,zZr* >»»«>■ i^r,r1™1
'"'"I J m,les   "«." "«t 80  cl, „„.,''' *■' <hins-   corner ol _._, v. "' "" nsriln,.., tr.lt       S   "' I"'""	
'"" north-west   c,la">»l thenc, Z7   Z"""* """'■  80   "'">« west ., '?: .ll""" «>nth So chd__       p    I°" """'hd laid.
'   ""th «., ,,,„,„,   commencement. "*' """"» to pla« *  cl,a,„s; , . ,*',C,'","'S' 'hnce norVl, eiXv w   ,"" "'»  "' •    Z,,
h«« north ho   "l''v      Norma FSTm, >.-,,,« ""' 8u chain, to If' ?l """ ' ""le s,„ 1   '.   Z"' '' ,nil"  c»r'l»", 1,77TT7~
"»■ to pla.e of     Mam, „,„,.   ;   '-"i-.M.,.; McKENZIE : "MS. ' ,„.D,. "'      * "' '"" i», t    cc'     i ""'"" »"'     T«K '.ti"''!"" ■ Di»t.
 !!!!L i    March ijtl,   ,';""' °' OVERTON l'""   c"sl B" chnT , T' 8" "'»"'»,   c""-r, , , "'"l Gf»« 1 ,
lc"i'-'.»,D,sirict ;t  rr—^!______ • :;;;,;""" •« *^.wT„T 8oi|,,y"; SSS ;"":ur; '«A- ■.:,
■•   ■   ,, ,~~~   "I V„,„„„."    "'■" *•'>•»>  .fames I TAKP '" U'r''""'- '     March  nil       "* J' W*WB. '■""iiiicih,;      .„
" ■■■ ie:, ;?ry 'Th-iS'r^rf' Sd-» h^v^.^««- «.^ M,r <—~~zz^     zzz,: ««,*rti1	
•   hn. clerk,   7"« "«crib_d ia„„s    ""rc"a" 'h fol-   'ends to a|,,,iv,r',""''"""" took..    ,     c""'"~ U„,i i,„.~7^    thenc.    , .      Wi 'hue s,.„, ,      "«•'■-'
h nor,h.WM,      """ west 80    ,„„,"" |""l' 80 ch.,i„s;   Pre-empt  „    •"•'    comer of  s„„„„   !   '"k. intend, ,„ .,.,;.    °««l»tlo„   ,,„„,     '.,„. ORACE UNO
"« 80 ch.|„,    ','1"''  'hnce. east I V „lllt'"< «o«tl,  8.   *«t 8„ chai v  .,,"U'8"'"-"'«; tl,e„c    "",rCI",M 'h-IolloS   '" "'""i»--".i   to  S_-I.? , ""•
" north 8„    '"encement. ' clml»» '" place „,   thenc, east __'  "c"u:   "orth 80 cha,, !    C""™'ncing ,     "^ f"f'hd l_,ld,;_    ^"""Unil District     „.„
 u»» it.,,;,,;1! ,„.-!:,'•.""""■«... _,
"Hill II, ||
"Scl, ,„Z™Z" JAiIES UHo".
f i
"' Upply for permi,;;,,,, ,
^•chirto*0;:?.8. *-:'"" ^xs
„„.,„,   **lm MER.jtt. J*; w„    (   nortli
^''"•""landVT '  — l'""""--'"cme,,. """l 8u tl'""'» to plac, ,,','     Commencing »V"_ ;:"",'""!'" ' ■
^'•''  - '"'"'! March ,„,,'  ; "A,(» LOUIS DEAN,     ! ,?n« "' Ut ,v,t  „,  .'" "'" north w,-s,
z:zz'>^ iZZz; ■
thenc ...... _ s..tni, H„
o .,,,
;";»"ic,.,.m,,;;.""M 80': ■
c'iril'"" Und I)istrT_7~ iT        " — ,
TAKE n, 11      ,                  tl cl'c«llioo. Uri1'"" '.and l)isi7^~-~~       — """"'"■"•nt.
,.""■'' notice that Ceoe     ,■ """• District „( r.   .                (■ l'.< 1K1 ,|.
nortl , . .   .   " Po.t „a„   ....    I   ,■ "m,"l! dracrlbtd 1       Pnrclm„ „	
'r"'  80 chains  !    V-""""'-'"'",l,. ,a   ""« "««lhd  l,„,,|s:_   I    .."'",;,'-""l Ihtrut     „.,h ~--l" 'Ul'- '9H.
«. loun, htr ••" ^hir r-*•''':»i:rr„i >■ ■ >- .::.r ■•';";' - Eir* »■-«:
'■   cltaln.! thenc,. „„?', ""'""-■  »outl, 8„   '":,S1' "» following ,ie .',,'"  '" '"" '" up,.-          occllP»tio
 __    co«""e««mc„t, ' Cllal»' "> Place „f   n,"""""""'!.' at _     ,   "'"   >'"'■ follow^    '"   '"""'	
I" ,.1 tar,        .. GEORGE EDtfAo                     i " ' '.« 'S Mil-.   ' . '.  'v.'"'"  > ""lc .,„„   " ''"M";"'I land.
"k. nitenils i„ ' >'iiU'„ner   ,
»*«■. th to,. 1 te„d, to::,;;;"!::;':"
, the inli,,      '        l'"«i ..ion 1
1 ^m;::::;!;"^'-" - p c"ui
'"■" ZuZz^ZZ" < ■««
"."■"^ "I Ul , .a,. ti„   "' ""• north-w-si
"-.-•-t«.. _. r,i","u'B°cii.„„;
'    "'cc.  north 80
I I-,
District ol Caril,
. lvc"-t 80 thai,,
cement,  .,i„]
''' "' Ut 3M  „,.
'■•",'; z,,zz.	
«t «" thai
I Cor Und li|,in-t
c'""ns;  thence
commencement.  '"" '" I'i
M«cl. ijth.  „„'!AkV CRAOTORD.
Commencing .1 „  ti   KB "°»« tlmt   t.,,".'"' Cnril    Caril ,  ,,,
 s«* « ie,U;;"t cm., oc ; ;r n-i,,.. ,,  -iAZzZZ't °
," "''"'>■ '"' l'en,_i    '"""""i  i«    Pr'"claco   «?„_ .".' Wi"
^ntzzz"^ ;»,-,"l"" M,.rv' SSbT
,11,14                    8" chain.
|',"°"M   th  80
11 "*" ""'I 1 mile north   , '      "■
I tomer ol i,„, ,,„,"" «-■ .oi,t|,.w,
,: »i tlicnce we,   i,   ,     """  "">»>  «"   w.V, "'"""1""
j commencement tlli,"s l" place ,',\    sl   -1 ■
|a«-l.m,^.rviCToucRISP     j1:-'"«"«„',,
.ll—— ll!  com'm.„0"',cl'M w,[ B'
t—' I),slrkt',Mit:^^ rSch ,r'l91'rA '•'■"i ■ •■' 1 -
TAWt'S.ta'IS*1 »av.:rl«,C' .' C"'»'oo. I  TAKe"	
-:;::, rjffto; ^";:;r;„;f":-;- --„ :r:,-l ^ «. *« ,,„;„ ,
:::.::„::;: ,ww   --_^^ i::;, r:::riSvS?^^^^
J*1"  >« thi  Me,"Zl "' C»r"'""-   C"H1"'" U.,.1 Disir^TTT \7~ —~  ""'" 8" '' « Zn      ""    cl""«»i    le„c_   WMt ,"'1  1 mile, n,''™'  P'««.ll 1 mile.
r;:z « «t i::c\Z":z.^ ■■X^i^z^ 'A **wnone. u,„,,   clo,c""- j^l.!!!^;   "")hu<,k"' U"::.:,;
■  ".-.•" I e.,H„„„, ,^~- :;;:r    p
  t'ct-Di»*"-.car„ I M:,r„, ,(ill,'«v ,,U,SK i;k
"nal and
,     '   »' t  «,, ,
"'" ncemeni
Murch i,„i,.
-low      ""'•
,.  ,     '""•  l"tcnd,
,..'"   I"1!'"'"-   the
ol Caribo,,
"'r Permission   „ ,,   ', i"",,"'s '« »l>
h""ihd l,„,i.     >""*««• the follow I 1,, ," ^""' occupation _, V '"
 ::;:7..;;u»;>•- — >..,-«"'1!?- ---!:ii^.i' ---e"u .r^ ;:^;--;;:>-" '^-;,;'LV::;;
' ;',",':'"i»" 6.„7c.,."'    I""">' "«"ic« we      ,' ,,"""" "»«h 80  th.no,  «,'   «,'
1   Ma,„, ,,„ A,;N"'« Hl'iiia-Kuls J"m'"«'ceme„t,
J9; di
1 ,,ott|' «'• Hum,,
""'■"■;;,:: -
'"'•■ ''«crihd i,„„
1 "'"' - mile.
SJ!   "'  '""   »9I I
""'""I Ihcnce tt--
'" punl
1 ' 1
nh ,.1
„,,„ '■ 0,0 ,.,
"""•' mi,.   ,,„I,"'!N '"'.Ifl.S.
;""-■.''-:;:,:!;;",' *<,,,
!-.'."« 'Ic»crlbe,| 1,         "!■«
1 I, _■
'I A.' l:
at I'.Oil ,
a; i«
Mar, I,
'1   >-,l
80 ch,
'" 8o'rch.n",
 "th 8
' to place U|
1 e"n« at 1    "
iiimce w„t „,; '
* aviMo,
chaini! thim,",''"'    >>.•>
c""'m«i,c„„„„,   " " 'h,„.    .
1   "'"'' '»Hi, i,.1.lt",m* "'""'
"■' "i in,,,        "•■"■■'	
I hem. .......   ,          IW ,1 j '      '
"« "«»«.bed S,;.° """"»« th. ,0,,;;:     TAKB,,otlce„ ""''""'       5'""'  »'"'•  ''M." ''°UI8« UHR        ^T,0""""'"'
«' ."«' oc:,, -SL fe!».« ^"-o 1 ,is,ri,:-r-        ' " ,t„ ",.m*»«'i'Sr,'.'' SSTiJi : -i so ,„'" i
 '1   menu-  ■., ,
w™18" cimin,", ;;'
'5" i.,,'f,r -.-JSSS! l'|L°.tS- f	
^—   up.,,      """"' t" |,l.„.     '''•"""; Hi,-,,,,.     "",'" west 80 c|i,-m_.«
Cufl1 ' ^^~rH - ?MA5 n?s^ r5*"— *
'"".nil.,,,    Cam.    ,'  "I'I..
■' ,..,  -  I t..,..'';::1:1"1""" ^."■;,„„:;^—• """■'■ '.^-.. .,,';VNN "
H fUv %?v..W'.l)l«0:ict. ui
I,,I    ,     "'   >	
, ',.__   -'":"''' lo
•Villi,,,,,,,     TAKir
 ' I ,, "tith. note 11, ,i   ,•
',    "il, 1 Vutiriinver    "' "iiuniel   1.,.,,,...      ,
'-"   v foV'p-r™ .1,?", l,,bM".  '"hZZ   ',-.,
'."'.    ,,,'   '  *" W   WUtAMS   _|, """""•"cement, 8° """"' 'o pl,
!    "" ^JM« R0DRRT CUZY   hglun,,,;1,""™ -l 80 c  to ,,!.,
""'"'1 nu. " .fn,'D WIW0X M
ftSS^S ^£?<: u :■
 "»«ii..d i0,„'!'" '""cimse i„ „';;;";■■•'■. ..«.i»ii	
 1 p|„,;;.,, , '"How ni ,"r l.",nili»i"n to put
,l ",,l««     Ci,.,,,,,!,,V   '"'"'I Iniiil.i-
't a post pl
I   March 1,1,   C'EOIH,*.  '  '     '-   '""'d we«, 0- _.	
Mil,. ,9Ili MAY 20. 1911.
;t - District of Carihoo. , Cnrihuo I.ninl Dislrict - District ol Cariboo.   Cnriboo Und Districl     Dislrict nf Cariboo.
TAKE notice that Earnest  IV.   fi.  K„s  j    TAKE   notice   thai   Susie   I;    Dcueh   ,.i
sol,  of Vancouver, 11.  C.  occupation  en-  Vancouver, II. C. ....u|,.,t,.,,, .,.,i,illU   ,„
gineer, intends to apply lur permission lo   tends in apply f„r permissiun i,, purchase
purchase   thc  following descrilied   lnnds:-        the   following   .escribed   1 Is -
Commencing at a pnst  planled 6 miles     Commencliig  .,i  a  j.,.;   planted  i  mil,
norlh of lhe  N.  IV.  comer of  Lot   1652,   north  ol   the N   w   corner ol l.„i   ,648,
und about 7 miles nnrth and 2 miles west   a,id about   I mile uurtl I  | miles wesi
nl Poncho Lake,  thece  -lb 8u clmins;   nf Punchow Lnke, tbencc north Ku chains;
80"' ehaint.   thence   siilltb   811    theuce  east    81, chains;     thence     south  80   thenco    e.isl   811    chains,   thence sunth    8.
'   chains!   Ihcnce west 81, chains   Hi   place of I chains;   llience wcsl   KO ill.mis  tu  place  ul
commencement,  und  containing  640 acres   commencement, containing 640 acres morc
inure or less. | or less,
jap..,).    EARNEST W. H. RUSSELL.        [ ap.39. SUSIE R. DENCH,
Cariboo Land District
TAKE ""ii" 'that I. M. Hamilton, ,.!
V mconver B. C. occupatfoll cook, intends
to apply for |iermi.»lon  to purclmse the
lollowing  described   binds:
Commencing  at  11   l'ost  planled  5  mile.
north "I "IC N- w' c"rmr "' ''"' ,'"w'
and ubuut 5 miles mirth and 3 miles wcsl
I poncho Luke, thence mirth 80 clinins;
thence east 80 chains; tlicnce south 80
chalnsi thnce wesi 80 chaius to place ul
commencement, and containing 640 ucres
I]llire or less.
op.... I.  M.   HAMILTON.
Cnnl,,,,, 1 1 District - District ol Cariboo.   Caril Land liistrict - Dislrict ol Cariboo;' Cariboo Land District - District ol Cariboo, Cariboo Land District - Dislrict of Cnriboo.
TAKE   notice    ilml  1,   Albert   Ely, of TAKE   notice  Unit   Newton   Powell,   ot TAKE "Mi™ tllu' °eorg. Mortimer, ol take nuiice lhat John Kink, of Van-
Vancouver, uccupaliun musclnn,  iniends lu Valicouvel   II.   I',  occupation   Minister,  in- Vancouver,  B.  C. oecupatiun  engineer,  111- COuver,  11.   C.   uccupaiion   broker,   intends
npply l„i- penuissiuu  1,,  purchase the fol lends i„ applv lur permission'to parcahse u'"'ls '" aP.'y tot permission '" purchase to  apply   l„r  perinissiun   to   purchase  tho
lowing described lands: ihe following'described lends:- ""' 'ollowing described  lands:- following described lands:-
Cnnimcncillg   al   a   pust   planlcl   8  miles Commencing   al   a   pust   planled   I  miles' Commencing   nt   11  pust   planled   6   miles.     Commencing  ut  a  pust   planted 8  miles
nurth ul ihe X. W. curner ul I.ul  1654 and north ui the N   IV   curncr ul Int 1646  nml uorth  "'  "10  N-   K-   c"ri"-'r  "'   '■"'   1655, nnrth  ul  th.  K.  IV.   curner ol Lot  1646,
about   in miles nort id  1  mile west ,,1 about   < miles nortli and 5 miles wesi „I and about 8 milcs north and  I mile east and abuut 8 miles north and 4 miles west
Puncho   Lake;   thence    norlh   80   chains; Puncho   Lake,   Ihonce    north   81,   chains- "'  poncho  Lake,  thencc north 80 chains; „i  i.„,t|„, Uk„,  u,e„ee north 80 chains;
enst    Kn   chains;     tbence   suuth   K,i    Ihen
thencc wcsl  811 chains In polnl  ni   ih.n
neement,   and  containing  640  acres   cum
Ulh    Hi
enst    80   chains;     thence   soutl,   80    the
st   80   chains;    thence    suulh   Ku
ns tn   place of   chains;   thencc west  Ku chnlna   tn   place ni    cnains;  theuce west 80 chains  to  place uf
nr lei
ami  containing 640 acre
,,.   commencement,  und  conlaining  640  acre
640   acres
'   March 21, l.u.     John MacDunell, ngt.   March 21. 1911.   John MncDoncll, agent,     j March loth.  11,11.    John MncDoncll, ngt,
iuur. or lesa. ; mure ur les:
ap.,,,11,. ALBERT ELY. I np.29. NEWTON. POWELL. *P- a» OEOROE MORTIMER.     I ap.l,. JOHN  KINK,
-torch jolh. 1911,   Juhn MncDoncll, ngt.       March  22.   1.11     John McDonell, agent.   Murch 23, 19".     John MacDonell, agent. | March n. 1911,     John MacDonell, agent.
C riboo Land District - District uf Caribuo.   Cariboo Laud District - District ol Cariboo.   Cariboo Land District - Districl ol Cariboi
TAKE imlicc thai W. R. Driukwiitcr, nf
Vnncouver, II. C, occupation llrcm  inieiuls to apply lor permissiun tu purchase
the   [ollowlng   described   lands:-
Coinmenceing nt a post planled 6 miles
norlh ui Hie N. W. comer ui l.ut ll>45, '""I
,,l„„it 6 miles nortii nud 3 miles west uf
Ponclio Lake, thence north 80 chains;
,',,st 81, cbuins; thence Bouth 80 cbains:
Ihcnce west 80 chains to point of point nf
commencement,  and  containing 640 acres
mure nr less.
_„,j9. w. U. DRINKWATER.
TAKE notice thai Edward W. Pclton, nf I   .'l'_K,'; nolice "mt I, Hen:
Vniicuuver, 11. C. occupation  traveller Intend. In apply Inr permission to purchase
the lollowing described lunds:
nf   Vancuuver,   11.    C.
ruplier, intends in npply i..r permission
purchase lhe fullowing described lands:.
Commencing at a pnsl plnnted  5 miles      Commencing nl  a  post  plained nl   ihe
north nl  ihe N.  IV. corner of Lot  11.52, ' N-  *'■ corner ,,1  i,,,i   1648,  .m.i nbout 4
and abuul 6 miles north and 2 miles west j '"ilea west nf Punch,,  b.,1,
nf  Poncho  Lake  thencc  Nurtli  811  cbuins; I 8<i  chains;   thei
st   Rn
tbencc   easl    80   chains;     thelice   smilli   81
smith  8,1
March 31, 1911.     John MacDunell, agent. | Mnrch 21. 1911.   Juhn MacDonell, ngent.
,;   theme  west Kn  il s   I
chains;  thencc west 80 chains to place of | P'ace  "1    commencement,   and  contain!,
commencement, containing 640 acres mure , 6.0 acres more nr less.
„r less. np2_. HENRIETTA ANDERSON.
np.29. EDWARD  W.  PELTON, [March 20th.  1911,    John MacDonell, ngt.
ulh ul iln- N.  IV.
nl aboul  11 miles 1;
PlUKho  Lake,   Ihcnce  nurth  80
Cariboo Land District - District oi Carihoo.   Cnrihuu Land District - District ui Carihoo.
TAKE nnliee  lhat   .las.  Watt.,  of   Van-       TAK|,;   „„„..   „,_,     -^^
couver B. C. occ.i|ialmn tailor, -.tends to   Val,-ouv,r|  „,   c,  ,„,-„,,»,,„„  bro_    ' in.
Inr  permission  tn  pur-   ?"" ? ''Ir pe,™",i0", "' *""*"" I """" "' "* '<* !'«—' to pur-has.
. described lands'. lowing described lands:- the lollowing described lands:.
„i .     ',1 ilml,    -1 ih. N !    Commencing nl a pnst planted 8 miles,    _„„„„,,„,,      llt ,      d ,
'    ' '       I'1'"""1 '" "IC N'   nnrth ami 1 mile cast of thc N. E. curner   „,„.,,,   .,    , .  „    w F
Cnriboo Lund Dislrict - District oi Cariboo.   Cariboo Land Dislrict - District ol Cnriboo,
TAKE imlicc thai Ernest  Leo. Slicll, of      TAKE   notice   that    1,   William   Arnold,
Van,,,uver,    occupation   carpenter, intends   ol  Vancouver, I), C. occupation Merchant
npply fur iierinissimi 1,, purchase ihe lnl    Intend.  In np|
lowing described lands:- chase the full,,
Commencing  al a pnst  planted 9 miles'    c	
,.,,,,     li    corner   o,   l.ni     10s.,    ami   annul   iwo ,   , ,                      ,    b        ..     „„ ,„)rt|| .„,,
„.,,,.■,     :.,,,.,..,   mile west    mi es   nortl,    and   I   1,1,1c    eust   nl    Punclio          „       »     , p      ,     , ,,,      ,,„„.„ „„rU,     _'       '     '      " "    "'/""> « »»« »?"
Lake,   Ihcnce nnrth 80 chains; .thenee cast   .      .   .        .. ....   _-   _....._.   .1     Ir"m loncho Lake, thence nurth 811 chains
Lot     1655,    ami   uli,nit   two
er ,,[ Lot  1646,
Cariboo Lund District - Dislrict of Caribn
TAKE notice that Gilbert Allan, ol Vnn
couvor B.  C.  occupation  engineer.
Cnriboo Land Districl - District nf Curil,
TAKE notice thnt Addle I. Krugcr,
I Vancouver, B. I', occupalion Investor,
iu purclii
I. I'..,, 1  , ■. .        1   ..1,1 ll,,.,,,',,       „,.,■,,       H,,      !■  , .,,„. ,,„,..-,       l,,L-,,,l-      ,,,,,l,l     I",     .,,.,1,,...       ,,,,-,l,f      v.,.., Q ,        ■ ,, ..,        ...       ,.|. ..,,,„.        ,1...,,.,. '    	
ZZZiZZZ  !l,Z   ZZl   Ha chains;  thenee south 80 c ;  thence j    „,f ^.h  ^.1,        -        i-      ■   ~ £   ""  .tlT h "''"'. T" 8"
ch.ii,.-   ,|„.„n,.   cc-esl   Kn   elmln.   In   nniiil   nl    West  80  chains   tn   place   nf  cnliiiiiciicelllcilt, ' °     OIB1--I   Clitncc   wen   c       -j-,,,,,   tlicnce   west   Bu   clluilis   to   place   ul
on m.n       nt   aTd  conntoe 640 acres   and containing 640 acre. re or les,,      '   j "   "(   commene?ment,   and   contmnlng Lomrae„re„,nt,  and  containing  640 ocres
,,,,   ci I,   ,,,   ami   miilui g   f,.|n   aces ,,,„„ I ,n acres more or less more or less.
a,2 ;r^cDsoTagt. ^zzzzzzzzzz^z as23,n».»,rZm»..„-.. t-b22.zr^zzi,,t,,
Cariboo Land District ■ District nl Caribi
TAKE   nntiee   Hint   Thinnas   Blockade!
nf Vancouver,  11. C.   occupation painter, ; tends tn npplv for pen
1 apply f"r permission  in  purchase the J intends to apply for permission to purchase   the following described lands:
lluwing  described  binds:- the   luliuwing  described   lands:- |     Commencing   nt   a   pnsl   planted   ut   the
Commenceing it a post piunted 7 mile.     Commencing nt a pnst plaiiled 4 miles   N.  \V. comer ol  Lot   1G49, and about  ,
,rtb  ol  thc  N.   W.  coruer  nl  Lot   1649, i nnrlh   nl  the   N.   W.   curner  oi   I.nt   ifi... j milcs wcsl  nl Ponclio  Lake,  theme  north
Cnril,,,,, Land District -  Disirici nl Curil	
Cariboo Land District - District of Cariboo.
TAKP*   nntiee   thnl   Ernest   Tlirnel
l-""> ' d District - District ol Caril  Cariboo Land District - District ul Cnriboo.
TAKE   imtice    that   Robert  McLeod,   nf
Vancouver, B. C. occupation traveller, in-   Vancouver  11   C   occupation   contractor, IAM' "allcc   "lat   Mclvm   stoM, "
TAKI-:   nntiee     tbat   John   Williams,   nl    te|u|_ ,. .._,    ,„. -,-,„.„,-„  ,„  purch_„    ;„'„,,„,,   „,      ' ,  ' r„r   ..ermissinn   In   par Vancuuver,   11.   C.   occupation   broker,   in-
•uiicuver,  occupation llmkcr,  intends to   u„ following described  lnnds;-                    ,-hnse the followlne descrilicil  land.!- """'" '""I'I'1)' i"r permlsiion to purcliase
pply  f»r perinissinn  In  purcliase  lhe 1,,'        Commencing  .,1   n  post   planted  5  miles      Commencing  at   a  pnsl  planted   2  miles ",E  'ollowing descrihed  lands:.
nnrth   ,,l   lhe  N.  W.  crner nl   I.nt   i-jh,   „,,rti   ...a , mjie t..,st nf the N   E. enriu-r Commencing at a pnsl plnnled  10 milcs
" -tb  of  the  N.  W.  corner  ol  I.nt   1646,
,,iul about 7 miles nurth and 3 miles wesi
,,l Poncho Lnkt, tbencc nnrth 80 chains;
theuce cast 80 cbains; thencc smith 80
.hains; tbence wcsl 80 clinins to place nf
.uinmencemcnt, und containing 640 acres
more nr less.
ami abuut 5 miles nnrth ami  2  miles west . Ku   chains;   tbence   east Kn   ch,
nf   Poncho  Lake,   thence  north  80 chains;   soutii 8u chains;  llience wist Ku chums tn
thencc   eust  80 cbuins;    thence  snuth  81,   plnce nf commencement, ami containing 64a
cbuins;  llience west Kn cbains  tn  place ol   acres mure nr less.
cnmmelicviiiciit,    ami   euntuiuiiig   640   ucres ' up.29. AUDI]''.  I. KRUGER.
more or less. March 2nih. 1911.   John MacDonell, ngt.
Curiboo Lund District - District ol Cariboo.
TAKE notice tbat S. D. Craig, ol Vancuuver, B. C.  occupation broker,  iniends
1..   apply   fur   permissiuli   In   purchase   llle
luliuwing descrihed  lalids:-
Commencoing at  a   pnsl  planled  8 miles
n. rtb nf  the  N.   W.   corner ol  Lot   1(149,
and nbout 8 milcs north and 3 '"ilea west
Poncho  Lake,   thence  north  So  chains;
March 21, 19",     John MacDunell, agl.   March 21. 1911.   Juhn MacDunell, ugent.      Cariboo Land District - Districl nl Cnrihuu.
TAKE imlicc Hint Manna C. Johnson, nl
Vancouver, B- C. occupation stenographer,
intends   lu  apply   Inr   permissiuli   tu   pur
described landi
Commencing  nt n  pusi plnnted 9 mile
nortli  nl  the  X.   W.  curncr  ,,i   Lot   1,155
nnd ubuut 11 miles Nnrlh nl Puncho Lnl;,
thence   -lh   80 chains;    thence    eust  8
chuius:    tlicnce    smilh  811   chains;    Ihen.-
west 80 chains tn  place nf ciuiimcliccllienl
and containing 640 ucris mure nr less,
March Jolh.  1911.    John MacDonell, agt.
ami  nlinlll  5 miles  Hurt
miles west ,,| i,,lt  i(,55, and ubuut 4 miles nortii an
8u chains; - m||M east of Poncho Lake, thencc norti
.   smith   80 Ko  chains;   theuce   east   80   chains;   thenc
In place nl sout|, g„ eliains;   tbence west 80 chuins  l.
mil  containing  640 acres place nf commencement and containing 64
'P.22. ERNEST TURNER, l np.29. '" ROBERT McLEOD. morc or loss,
Murcli -22.   1911     John McDonell, agent.   March 23   1911.     John MacDonell, agent.   "P'JO' MELVIN STONE.
      March 22.  1911.     Juhn MacDonell, agent
i nf Puncho Lake, Ihellce
, Uieuce ensl 811 chains;
cbuins;   Ihenee  west   Ha  ell
commencement,  und  emu
1 ,.limit 10 miles nnrth und 5 miles
,t ni Poncho Lake, thencc north 80
ins. Uieuce eust Ku chuins; thence smith
chums; thence west 80 chains tu point
commencement, and containing 64U acres
Caribou LiiiiiI Dislrict - Dislrict ul Cnrlboi
TAKE nntiee  thut  John  Allen,  nf  Van
couver, occupation laborer, intends tn up-   chase ihe follow
ply fur permissiuli tn purchuse the fulluw.      Commencing   nt "a   pnst   planted   1   mile
ing described  binds:- „„rl], ,,( lhl. N-   w   L.„r„,.r „f r,ot ,649, and
Commenceing ut u pnst planted 3 miles , „|)(mt  , Mj|, „„„!, and 3 miles west of
north   of   the   N.   W.   curner   of   Lot   1652,    p0ncbo     Lake    thencc      nurtli   80   chains:
nnd   4   miles   nnrth   and   2  miles  west  of . tliencc   east   811    chains;   tbence  smith   80
Poncho    Lake    thenc-   north an   chuins;   chains; ihcnce west 80 ehnins tn puint ,,(
tlicnce cost   80 chains;    thence  south 80 j llience  eust  80 chnina;    llience  smith  80   commencement,  nml  containing  6jo acres
.mis;   thence west  80 chnius  to  place  ol ! cbuins;   thence  west  Rn chuins   I,,  puint  nl    „„„,. ,,,- less.
mtu.lic.m.llt,   and   containing   640   ocres   commencement,   und   containing   640   acres   ,,p _„, HAN'NA   C.   JOHNSON.
I Cariboo Land Dislriel  - District nf Curibuu. | Carilm,, Land District - District nl Cnriboo.	
Cariboo Land District - District ol Cariboo,      TAKE notice that Oeorge Elmis, of Van-     TAKE  notice that  Willinm Murray,  ol   Card Lnnd District - District ol Cariboo.
TAKE nntiee thnt James A. Bennett, nf couver 11. C. occupation traveller, iniends Vancouver, B. C. occupation contractor, TAKE imtice that Edward Jennsen, of
Vancouver, B. C. occupation Tailor, in to apply fur permission in purchase the intends In apply for permission in pur-1 Vancouver B. £. occupation broker, intends
lends lu upply fur permissiun tn purchase   following described lands:- chase thc fulluwing described lands:.
19, S. 1). CRAIO.
March 21, 1911,    John MacDonell, ngt.
mure 1
np.29. JOHN ALLEN.
March 21. 1911.   Juhn MacDonel
March 25, 1911.     Juhn MacDonell,
I Cnril,,,,, Land Iiislriet - District nl Caribn,
ipply  l,,r  pen
the lullowing  described  lnnds:- Commencing  nt  a   pnst  plnnted  _ miles i    Commencing  at "a  post  planted  3  miles I luliuwing described lands:.
Commencing nt a pnsl planted R miles , nnrlh nl tlie N. W. crner nf I.nt 1646, I north and I mile cost ol the N.E. corner [ Commencing ut u pnst planted 10 miles
nnrth nf ihe N. W. enmer ul Lut 1655, , and about r, miles north nnd 5 miles west Jul I.nt 1655 and ubuut 5 milcs nnrth and ■ nortli ni lhe N. IV. curncr nl Lut 1646,
and about 8 miles north nf Puncho Lake; j of Poncho Lake, thencc nnrlh 80 chains, I 2 miles east ol Ponchu Lake, tlicnce nortli : and nbout II miles nnrlh and 5 miles
thence norlh Ro chuius; thence "east 80 thence eusi 81, chains; tlicnce smith 81, 1 85 chains; thence east 80 chains; theuce west ,,f Puncho Lake, thence north 80
chains; thence sunt h Ha chains; thence chains; theuce wcsl Hn chains tu point of I snuth 80 chnius; thencc west 80 chains tu chains; thencc easl Ha chains; thelice suuth
west Hn chains tu place nl commencement, 1 commencement, nml containing 640 ncres . place nf commenooment, and containing 640 80 chains; tiience west 80 chains to place
ami conlaining 1.40 acres mure nr less.      ' mure nr less. ' acres more or less. commencement,   ami   containing 640 acres
up.29th. JAMES A. BENNETT. ! ap.29. GEORGE ENNIS. I ap.29. WILLIAM MURRAY. mure ur less,
March 20th. 1911.   John MacDonell, agt.    | March   22.   1911     John  McDonell,  agent. | March 23, 1911.     John MacDonell, agenl.   ap.29, EDWARD JENNSEN.
March 22.   I9II.      Juhn .MacDunell, agent.
Caril Lund District - District ol Cariboo:   C"ri Lund Districl - District of Cariboo,      TAKE nolice that  I,  Charles R,  Sivlll,
TAKI''   Hft.Ico   lliil    nav.il    k'in.r     .,F   Vin    ' "»    \ ■HK'«'11 ver    H.    (_.    OCCIlpi. t ln!t    tlll'ri'il.Hlt,
TAKE   nntiee   that     Juhn   Chalmers,   of       IAM.  linti.c  that  Due ul   King, ol  Van „er,„iss,nli   In   pur
v '.r,u. c.,,cc ti __.,-_ rrijip,^;;:^ '
tends to upply fur permW. to purchase ; ^,L.„fd.s.r!,K,l°-       ' ,    C , g at a post plnnted al the N.
,h, luliuwing   described   lands.-                       i     Cmummdh     .,             j     ,    t d          ,ta   W.   crner nl  Lot   1652,   and  about   1   mile
Commencing at o p., t ,, „nted  N m, K I        P       ,,.,„ „„,,  , ,„„.. „.„, „, ,,„„,,„ ,.;ikl.
■ I  tie N.  \\.  niriltT of  i.nt   1(141, ailil  .ilnmt ., . f , .inrtfi   nti/1    ?   inilp-.   wprI    <A   Pniidin   I ike
.1        1   . «.ii _, ,,,c      ( i> »nh,     "'"Hit   3  miles mii-lli   nm    2   tines  wesi  of    n"rui   '","   2  ,niles wcst   "'   ] ",uno   '"lhc'
■, nines north'iiml  }, link's west  of   l'ouclio j v , «),«.»«■    i]inm-«     souiii    Ro   elinliis'     tlier.ce
,t   a      1   ;._.    .i....    „„.. I I'o«''li"     I.itkc     Uienee    norl 1    Ho   c liiins; , Ul'""s'   mpnu     smnii   m   cnains,     uiu.ee
ike.   t 1 elite   north   80  chains    thtnee  east , .    L™.   Ho  clmiiiB  tn   nlnpp  of  pniirnieiicemeiit
cbeilCC    enst   8o   Chains;     thenee   south   8<>    west  *°  Ul'lllls  '"   l"'lte  01   K'niimtiniium
Bo  chains;   theme   south   80   chains;   thenre: .   „       , , _ UnH   cnntnhiiinr  bio ncres  more or  less
,      ,    . .   , .  „, ,  ! chains;   tliencc   west   80  chains   to   pace  oi . ■"'"  toiuainmf;  oio ntrts  more or  11 as.
wesi  Ho chains to  point  ot commencement, ' ,,n ]Q CHARLES   I.    SIVII I
,       ' , 1 commencement,    and   cont.nnini.   bio   acres    ilV-2l>- v. u.vi.i,.,r>   it.   nniLit,
and containing 640 acres more or less. h ^^ a   h J)|hn RIacr>011c)i   ft„ti
TfUIW    r-IIAl ITTrDfi i  »■"**     "'     'CMS.
inilinn land District - District of C irihoo Cariboo Land District - District of Cariboo.   Cariboo Land District - District of Caribc
TAKE  notice  that  William   II   Ilinton TAKE notice that D.  R.  Thompson, of j    TAK1! notico that  A'  S'  Kftttbdri,  of   Cariboo Und District - District of Cariboo.
Vancouver   occuiiation  Grocer   intends Vancouver, B. C. occupation merchant, in-  Vancouver,   B.   C.   occupation   artist,   in-      TAKI-   notice    that  Fred    Mandell,
lillHUIUI.     mill   iilll'HI      IIIIHII,      IIIU Him t   . _,,,,,.    ._     ___1„    r„-    .,„-,«,._.,,,,     In    nnrrl.-nn   I   .,                                .,      ,.                                           .         .              .     .
lo  apply  for
following  des
nnrlh ol lhe N. \l
bed   Lin,
„   In   p,irc'ha.c  the   tend, t .ply fur permission to purchase   'fl* 'o npply inr permissiuli  lo purchase-   ,■„„.„„,,,„. C. ,„,,„
the   following   descrihed   lands
tlie   following   described   lands;
orner of Lot 16
t   a   post   planted   at   the '    Commencing   at   a   post planted   9   miles    following described land:
broker, intends
n   to   purchase   the
orner   of  Lot   1654
of  the  N.   E.   corner  of  Lot   1655,
■st   planted   n   miles
__.it . miles north .,1 ' Pmcho i ike ' miles north and i mile' west „[ Punch,, , •""l "'""" " "lil<!s """'' "lul ' mil« ^l ,,nrth ol the X. IV. crner ,,[ Lot 1648, and
1, cl ,,n 1 Sn lis- tl '..,'; :, Lake, tbence nortl, 8u chains: thencc east ° ''"»"»' Lake, tbonce nurth 80 chains; ,„„„„ „ miI,a „„rtll ,„„, . „,,„ „.est -,
chains:    thenct    Soutii   .0    Cains;    tbence I "o c ,s;   thence   s.,,,,1,   8„  cholns;   tlicnce   \ ence   cast   80     dl^ns,   thence   sun.b   ^    ,,,„.,,„    Lake; thence    north     80    Coins;
west"*, i-bains' to"oT_.e"of commencement" I west 80 chains lo point of commencement,   chainsl tl,c"ce WMt. 8o d'ains t0 Plaw 0| ; 'hence cast 80   chain .   tbence    south 80
 I ' I and containing 640 acres more or less, commencement,   and containing 640  acres   clmins  to   point   ol commencement,   and
more or less. | containing 64,, acres m,,re or less.
March 21, 1911.     John .MacDunell, agt. t "j1
il containing C40 acres nmrc nr less.
np.39. WILLIAM II. 1I1XTUN. np.29. IV S. THOMPSON.
March aolh. 1911.   John MncDoncll, agt.      March  so.   1911.   John MacDonell,  ngent
March -1st.1.11.     Juhn MacDunell, ogl.   Cariboo Lnnd District - District of Cariboo,
. i TAKE notice that George II. Armstrong
■riboo Land District - District ,,f Carihuu. ■ Cnrib ,a„d District - District 0! Cariboo,   ,,f   Vancouver,  occupation  newannper-man,
TAKE notice that Charles B. Coupar, ol     TAK|, ]mlire t)|n( ,   Georg. -   Duff| „,; illt.m]s  ,„ .__,„ ,.. ,,„„„,.,„„,  „,  ,,„r
mcouver, 11. L. occupation carpenter, in    Vancouver, occupation broker,  intends to   chase the lull,,wmg ilescribed l.in.ls:-
ends to apply l.,r permission to purchase   lv („r ,,..,„.,.,,„ ,„      .bnM lllc ,„,.     commenclae  at  .1 pnst  planted 1 mile
he lollowing described lands:- lowing described lands:- north ol Loi    m.i, nml   about 2 miles
i ininencIng at 11 pnsl planted 10 miles ' Comme„-in), „t „ pMt piBnled , miie, „orUl ,M1,t ., ,„,les wesi ol Punch,, Lake,
nil ..1 thc N. V.. curncr of Lot 1649, „„.„, _, „,. „ „. ._.„.. _, Lo, „,,„„,„, 1|lcl|,.c „,,.„, So .h-ta ttalc0 „,sl s„
nd about 10 miles nnrth and 3 miles al„,1]1 . _,„__ ||<irt|l .„„, . mto VV(,sl ,„ ^-j..,. „,.„.„ s„„u, s„ - llaius. ,u,„„
icst ol Poncho Lake, thence north 80 I.,„ll.|1,, i,.,i,,. thence nnrth 80 chains; wesi 80 chains to puint oi commcnc_mcnl
!. .ins; tlicnce cast 80 cbains; thencc .suulh „,_„,.,, ..st 8„ c||ai|).. ,,,.„_. _,„,,,, 8„ mlJ ivu,anmi), „,„ ,lcr,s ,„„., „ ltsv
lo chains; thencc west 80 chains to point   -i,.„ll5. ,|,CII-C Wfsl 8o du,„ls ,,, pomt „, L„.j9. GEORGE II. ARMSTRONG.
, .ininciiccmclit, and containing 640 acres   commencement,    and  emit.lining  640  ocres , March .ulh.  1911.    John MacDonell, agt.
"'  "r b-ss' ' nmrc nr less.	
.March 21, 1911.     Juhn MacDunell, agl
Cariboo Land District - District of Cnril
Cariliun Land District - Disirici of Cnriboo,
ap.29. A. S. KESZTIIELZI. ap.29.
March 23,  1911.      John MacDonell,  agent. :  March
an.      Johil  MacDniiell, agent.
,.,.,. .    ,,    ,,    ,,   .. , 1 Cariboo Land District - District of Cnriboo.   Caribuu Land District - Dislrict uf Cnrihuu.
IAKI',   nntiee   thnt    \\.   R.   rhllll is,   ol       ...4-1C ., .;.„   .1-.4   i.-i,-..i _ti,   u ..,,.1,    ,,
TAKE imlicc that Harvey E. Dickson,   Vancouver   11   C   occunation   broker   In-    . Eluabeth Powell, 0,      TAKEnotice that Austin Wiles, ol Van
ol  Vancuuver,   occupatioi,  grocer,   intends   ,.„,ls ,„ ,',,.. ,'   D,Jis.io„ „,       ',,„.,   Vrtucouver,  B.  C.  oecupatiun Investor,  1.1- u   - u     b   k      ■      d
to apply fur permission  to purchase  the   |JJ j-,,-^™ib^Sil ■ ""^ '° U|,"ly '" ,'Cr'"i5Si" l° '""'
following  descrilied   lands:-
Commencing at a  post  planted  at  the
the  following ilescribed lands:-
apply far permission  iu  purchase ihe ful
luwing   described   lands:-
:otnmencing   at   a   post   planted  6   miles   « " w""Z  nV Lot" l6«' * and "about" "2 I    Coimnc"cillS   at  *  V^  Plmited   2  mUes ,     Commencing nt a post planted 10 miles
-,,. ..r ..... v   nt   J  !.,- 1 ...   .A=r .... • . A '■ f   3 i north of the N. E. corner ol l_.ol 1655, and    t]on]l   (jf   t,]e \._   w    ztxn„   oi   but   1648,
und   about   10   miles    north     anil   .)   miles
norlh of the X. \\\ corner ol Lot 1655 and
mites north  o[ I'oncho Lake, theme north
about   4   miles  north   and   I   mile   east   ol
hnhisi thence   cast 80 chainsi thence  p.ncl,0 Uke|   ama   „urth    8o   c|mi„.
,1, „   M-.,l,    «,,   .1, ,;„4.   ,l,,.„, .41   Hi, .   _    '.   . . .'   . I'nuciu   Lake,    I h.-nee     In,rth     ao    chains, „,a_,    „,   ,,„_.,,„    . ,,„    , ,     „ rtt,   o,,
tlienco  Norlli   «o  chains,   tnence    cast  81,   s-ut, 8 ticnce west (to c ha ns to!,    , ,„, '»„  .,,.,„.,    , _    _,„„,,  „, wast   o[   ■ »"cho    Lake,   teence    north  80
-l._:>.->    +1,,.,     Bniitl.   Hn   .,,,,1,,..    tl,.,„ip        . .  .     .thence    east   Ho   chains     tliencc     .uiilh   8u .1,,,,,,.. ,1 __ „„_,  _.   .1 _.  ,i,„„.... .,,,,,1,
clmins,    tnence    smith so   mains,   thencc t commencement,   and  containing    ,,,,„,. ,,  „„. , k„ -1, „„. ,    .„,,„    , cbains; tnence east Bo chains; ihcnce suutn
west 80 chains to place ol commencement,   !.„ ..„. „„ „ .. ,.„ k   chains; tbencc west 80 chains to point ol 8o .haln    lh , So t|ums l0   kM
1141,  ,,iic_   nunc   nr   ns>. .    ,,„„„,..„„„„,      ..,,.,     ...„,.,„:„..    ».,,,   „,.,.,. '
containing 640 acres nmrc nr less.
March 20th. l.ll-.   John MacDonell,
Cariboo Land Dislrict - District ol Cariboo.
March 22. I'lil.     Juhn MacDonell, agent. I    TAK1,   _ol(M ^  ^  -, 1Ur!l,.r.' ,„
Vancouver Ll. C. occupalion builder, 111
tends tn apply lur perinissiun to purchase
lhe   luliuwing   descrihed   himIs;-
Commencing at  a  pust  planted  1 mile
I.ul tl.   oi   the   X.   W.   cruel   ol   I.nt    1(154,
and  about  3   miles  In,rll I   1  mile  icesl
.rth   811  chalnt.
tbencc    enst    8u   chains;    thonco   smith   hn
Lake,   thence     nnrlh 80 chains.   pu„ci^ i,ake, tiience north 80 cliains; thence  d,'"">; """" WMt, 8o c',aj"f "','"'l"t '"
•t   80 chains;   tbencc south  8u. „asl g.   cll ,.  „,.„,,.   „„„„, R„ .,,.(„„.   commencement,  and  conlninins 640  acres
more ur less.
no Land District - District ol Cariboo. CarU ,.,,„,, I)jMrjcl . District ol Cariboo,
l.h nntiee that Earnest Ocurge Dish-      TAKK „,,Uf(. „ul ,[,.„„ „   Wi-st.,ll, of
1 Vancuuver, occupation plumber, ,11 Vancouver, D.  C. occupntion  Barber,  Into .ipply lor permission to purchase u.„l]s ,„ apply for permission to purchase
ollowing  described  binds:- ,,„.  following described  l.mds:-
nn..-iiciiig nt a pusi planted ii miles     Commencing at 0 post planted 4 miles    ,  „
in.ex. W. corner ol Lot 1649, and „„.„, „, lll(; x.  ,v   ,,,.„„ „, ,,,„  ,„,8   of Punch,, Lake,  the
VI. R. PHILLIPS. I^.™1'   U"'1   CU"U"""K   M°  ""
March   20,   1911,       .luhn   MacDunell,   agent. : .-,_ ELIZABETH POWELL.
_   ~    ;        ;      ",,                                   ,    .         !.March 21,   1911.      Juhn  MacDniiell,   agent
   Cariboo Laud District - District of Cariboo.  _  ____
of Cariboo.      TAKE notice that John Crane, of Van.  Cariboo Land District - District ni Caribn,,
A. Oarbutl   cc*vcr; 11. C. ,inccn|,nli..n dr.iuglitsmnn, ill       TAKE    notice   that    Stephen   Sturr,   0
cupation llr
,cer, intends to    Hn_s  to apply Inr perm
descrihed   1 Is:
to purchase  Vancouver,   II.    C.  occuiiation   agent,
' tends  tu apply lur perinissiun   tu plircha
nles nurlli and ,1 miles west
and   4   mil
'° ;cast   80
■ nee west   80 chailis  to   place  ol : thenci
and   4   miles   west   of
lorth 80 chains; thence
thence    smith   80  chains;
est   811
in  point  of cum- i
. .iiinu-i.iement,  mid  containing  .4" acres  mencement, nml containing 64o acres more JJ129,'
mon 01 less. r I as .March   21.   1911.    .Mm   MacDonell,   agent.
March it, mn.    Juhn MacDniiell, agt. ,    ufarch 22. lull.    John MacDunell, agent. Cariboo Land District - District ot Cariboo.
TAKE imt:,
ol Vancouver,,
npplv   Ior   permission    to    purchase the   ,I|C follow
lowing .'.escribed lands:- Commeni
Commencing at a pnsl  planted ,. miles   uortf
north "l  the  N.  W. crner ol Lot   165s
and about ; miles iiorth nl Puncho Lake
thencc   nurlli  80   chains,     tlicnce   east   H
cliains-     llience    smilh   Hn    chains;    thene
west HO chains to place 61 commencement,   l"""t   of    commencement,   and   conlaining   ,ouy, 8o c|laiiis; thencc west 80 chains ti
containing 640 acres inure nr less. "4° aires mule nr le^s. I puint   of    cummc-ncelncilt,   and   cuiilaiuing
ap.29. GEORGE S. OARBUTT. 'I''-"'- JOHN CRANE. 640 acres more or less.
March .villi.  1911.    John MacDniiell, agt.      March   24,   1911.    John  MacDunell,   agent.   _.;9. STEPHEN STl'RR.
March 23,  191 r.      Juhn MacDniiell,  ugent.
ul commencement, and cuiitauuug 640 acres
inure or less.
March 22.  1911.      John MacDonell, agent.
Caribuu Lund Dislrict - District ul Cariboo.
TAKE nnliee that Thomas Cruli, ui
Vancouher H. C. uccupatiun Hrutier, intends to apply iur permission tu purchase
lhe   luliuwing   described   luuds:-
of I,
I miles eaj
Kn   chains;   then
SOUtll  811 chains;
Carihuu Land Dislrict  - Dislrict ul Caribc
nt   .1   pnst   Iilanted   3   miles   ,[„,  following   descrihed   lands:
.lis e.isl ol thc N. E. crner,     Commencing   at   a   pust   planted   1   mile
md .bout .. miles north and   _„„_ and 1 mile east ul the N. E. coma      Co'nmeuctog at a pust planted 9 miles
I Poncho Lake; Ihenee Nurth    „,  ,,„t  ,655   am, about 3 ""les north ami    '"'"»,"'   ll,e   ./   «'   C°ruct, ul   I'"t   '"^
It   Kn   chains;   thencc    , mik,s cust 0l n,,,,,.,,,, Uk,.,  theuce nurth    "'"'„"'*","t ' «ulei north and 4 miles west
:o west 80 chains to   8o  chains;   thencc   east   80   chain.,;   thenco   °   J °"d,° L;lk0c'  <,'TC ,uf' S°   Z"f
point nl   commencement, and contaUifag   s„„u, 8o cllai„.s. thenM WMt go d,a„,s to   tl,c"" u"st   8o dla,"sl   ll,cl":u s"f' 8o
<M° '"-res mure nr less. , ,„mlt  0l    commencement,   and   contnlniag   tl'"ms' tl,e"M wrat So c,"u,,! '" P1"0 "'
JOHN CRANE. |_j„ ,„.,,.« ,„.,r.. „r I... commencement,   und cuiilaiuing 640 acres
mure  or less.
Caril I,ami Distriet - Dislriel ul Carihuu. '■ "    ' ~   '  ""' March 22.  1911.     .lohn .MacDunell, agent.
TAKE notice that Florence Clements, ol
Cariboo Land District ■ Diatrlct ol Cariboo. Cariboo Land District - District nl Caribuo. Vancouver H. C. uccupaliun saleslady, 111
TAKE notict that Peter W. llrr, nl Van j XAKli imlicc that Cenrgc S. Wbod, ol lends to apply lur permission to purchase
"ii... 11. C. occupation mechanic, intends Vancouver, ll. C. occupation merchant, In ihe lollowing described lands:-
1' npply inr permissiun lo purchase the lew|a ,,, .,,,,,1^. |,,r permission to purchase Commelicciug at a p,st planted 2 miles
luliuwing deserihed  binds:- t|,c   [ollowing described   lands:- north   ol   tho   N.   W.   crner   nl   Lot    1654
Commencing at 11 punt planted 10 miles j Commenceing at a pusi plnnted 3 mibs and ubout 4 ml.cs north and 1 milo west
'• "Hi "I Hie N. W. curner ul I.nt H.S2, and ' ,,,,-ti, „f lhe N. W. curncr ol Lot 1I148, ol Poncho I.nl.e thencc nnrlh Su chains.
nbout  II  miles north nml 2 miles west of   a„d about .1 miles nnrth und 4 miles west    thence   cast   8u     chains;   thence   smilh   811
I'i iiclio   Lake,   thence     nortli 80 chains;   ,,,  p0ncho Lake, thence nnrth 8u chains; chains, iheiue west .n cli,mis to plnco ol
;i  cast  80  chains;    Ihenee  snuth  Bo   t] ,.,,  ,.,,,,,    8l,   chains;   llience .smith Su commencement,  and  cuiilaiuing 1,4a acres
 s   thence west 80 chuins to pluce ,,l   _|,a|ns;   Ihcnce west 8,1 chains  to  place ol mure ur less.
commencement,  and containing  t>l" acres  commencement,  and  containing  640 acres op.29. FLORENCE CLEMENTS.
!:1 '"' "r less- 1 limrc nr less. March 21.  1911.    John .MacDunell, agent.
"l'-29 PETER W. ORR. np.29. GEORGES.   Willi'). . .	
March u, i9n.     John MacDonell, ngt. |    jt.ircli 22. 191I.     Jul . .HucDolicll, agent. Caribuu Land District      District ol Cariboo.
I , , ~;    ~—; ~—; ~~ ,   TAKE notice tlmt Edward Renlotson, ol
1,J Land District - District of Cariboo.   Cariliun Lund Distr-.t     District of Corilc   •Vancouver   occupation   Carpenter    intends
IAKI;  notico   that   Charles   Clnuser,   of      TAKE  untie:    hoi     Mary   McBeath,  c, ■ .„'  .    ,    ',,„.  pcrmissi011   t_   ..tu-chaso  the
.ancouver, U. C.  oecupatiun    logger,  ill    Vnncouver,  11. C up.itimi  book-keeper,   [0nowm» described lands.-
'ends to apply Ior permissiun tu purchase   intends   to   upply   b.r   permission   to   pur   '' Commencing   nl   n   post   planlcl   3   miles
the luliuwing  dncrilKll  binds:. cbnsc  the fulluwing  described   lands:- north  ol   lhe" N.  W.   comer ol   Lot   I6}4,
Commencing ut a ]mst plnnled 9 miles j   Commencing nl 11 pnst plnnted 2 in les   M](|  l]iillt , „|iK.s „„nh nml , ln||, wral
II 'nh nl the N. W. corner ol Lnl 1052, nnd | nnrlh of the N. IV. enrncr ol Lot HJ48, 0| p_nc|,0 |,„l,e ihcnce north 80 chains;
■''"'iu 111 miles north nud 2 miles west ol ' and about 2 miles nnrlh and 4 miles west I l|lellce (,ilst 'fl. chains; llience smilh 8n
Punchn Lake, thence nurlli 80 chains; ,1 Puncho Lake, tbence north 80 chains; L|ln|,ls. ,i,e,u,. ,vl.st 80 'chains to place ul
Like, tlienco nurlli Bu cbains; thence cast j thence east 8,1 chains; tlicnce suuth 80
Bo chains; thence suutli Bo cbains; thencc ' chains; thence west Bo chains 10 point ol
■"si Hi, chains tn point of conimenccment commcnccincllt, and containing 1,411 acre:
and containing 640 acres mure nr less. more or less.
•'I'J9.                   CHARLES 1'I.llt'SER.      : ap.29. MARY  MellEATII.
March 11, 1911,    j„|„, MncDoncll, agent. ;   March ;.'. 191I,    John MncDoncll, agent
that     Juhn   McKay,   ol    Cariboo Land District - Dislrict ul Caribou. ~~~7,      \      ~      '. \        I       , „    .
TAKE notice that I, II. E, bcuherstuiie Vnncouvor, B. c. occuhatlon teamster, in-     TAKE notico   that Geurge   Found, ol Cariboo Land District - District otUri-oo.
Grvllin, ,,i  Vancouver, occupation Broker, lends to apply for permission in purchase   Vancouver,   ll.   IS.   uccupatiun   agent,   in- TAKE nolice that John ilium, u,   .an
intends   to   applv   for   permission   lu   pur the  luliuwing  described   lands:-                        tends to apply Inr penuissiuu   tu  purchase couver,   occupation   Hmker,   intends to  ap-
chnse lhe lull,,wing described lands:-             Commencing at 11 pust  planted 7 miles   the following deserihed lands:- ply lur permission to purcliase the lolluw-
Commencing  at  n pust   planted 4 miles north nnd 2 miles east ol the N. E. crner .    Commencing ut  11 pust planted   I   mile "'g described lands:-
iinrlh  ol   tho  N.   IV.   crner  1,1   Lot   ihs... ol Lot   1(15., and nbout 9 miles imrth and 'east ul the .s. E. corner ol Lut 1O55, and Commencing  at  a  post  planted 8  miles
and nbout b miles  nnrlh ol  Punclio  Laic, ,1 miles east ul Ponclio Lake,  thenco nurlh    alioul  2  miles   north   nnd   2   miles  east  01 north ui the N. IV. curner ol Lut 1648, and
thelice   nurlh   Bo    eliains;   llience    cast   Sn Ha. chains;   Ihcnce   cast   Bu   chains;   theuce    Punch,,     Lake,   thencc    Iiurlh     Bo     chains; ubuut B miles nurth  and 4   miles west 01
chains:     thenee   suulh     Bo   chailis;   theuce smilh Bu chains:  theuce west Ha chains to    thence   cast   80     chains;   thence   suutli   bu Puucho   Lake,      theuce   nortli     80   chains;
west 8u chains to place ol CO-.llncnce-._nt, plnce ol commencement, and containing (14.)   chains:   tlicnce  west 60 enaius  10 place ul theuce   cast   80   chains;     theuce   suutli   Bu
and containing (.411 ucres inure nr less. acres mure nr less.                                              commencement,   and   containing   040   acre, chains;   thence west 80 chains to place ui
Ap.29.           H. E. -EATIIEKST11N np.29.                JOHN MCKAY,                more or less. commencement,  and containing 64o acres
ORYFFIN. March  24,   mil.   John MacDunell,  agenl.   np.29 GEORGE FOUND. j more or less.
March 20th.  1911.    John MacDonell, ngt.     March -3,  1911.      John MacDone.l,  agent. ' up. 19. JOHN .MINN.
- Carihoo Land District - District of Carihoo. |  ""ch  22.   1911     John   McDonell,  agent.
; Caribou Land District - District of Caribou.
Caril Land His
ct - Districl nf Caribo
TAKE nolice Unit .lames Hutchinson, ol
TAKE notice that Thomas Wootten, ui   Cnrihuu Laud District - District ol Cariu
cnmiiieineineiii,  ami  containing  640 I
mure ur less.
ap.29. EDWARD   REAl.l'I'Sl'N
March :i    1911.   .luhn MacDunell, agcl
„  ,      ...    ,     .....        Vancouver  H.   C.  occupntion  cmiiractur, ,.
TAKE, notico thnt Charles E. Lindsay,   |nlc|u|.  ,,,   .   ,v  ,.  ,lt.rmi..si..11   to pur- "uncouver,  B. L. occupation engineer, iu- TAKE notice  tiiat    vVn.iaui   Louts,  „.
of Vancouver,  B.  C.  occupation merchant,   ^^  (]i   i,,;*!,,,,.;,,, described lands'- lcmis lu al'l},2' ' "' permission to purchase Vancouver,   B.   C.   oecupatiun   hmker,   111-
intends   to   apply   l„r   permissiun   t„  pur-      Commencing   it   1  post  planted   I   mile "'e '"""Wig  i   ...ued  lands:- tends to apply (nr permission to purchase
nnrlh ol t lie '.N. e' miner nl'l.nl  1055 audi    t-'nllllileliclug   nt  a   post   planted   4   miles the   fulluwing   described   lands:-
nbout   1 nubs north nud  1 mile enst ol thence   east  80    chuins;   tbence  s u 11 till Commencing at a pnst  plained 7 miles
Poncho     Lake    tiience    north     811   chains' "orth   ol   Ihe   N.   E.   enrner   ol   Lot   1655, nnrth   ol   the   N.   IV,   crner   ul   Lot   I-48,
thence   eis'i   Ha   chains'     thence   south   811 '""'  "''"Ut b milcs norlh unci   I   mile cast ,111,1 ah.,ut 7  miles nurlh and 4 miles west
chains    llience west 80 chains   to place  nl "'   ''"'"''u   Lake,   theuce   nortli   Su   chains; ,,1   Punclio   Lake,   thencc   nurth   Bu chains;
Commencement     and   contalllillB   640   acres 8(>   chains,Ihenee   west   8u   chains   lu   place tlicnce   east   Su   eliains;     thence   snlltli   80
limrc nr less   ' ul commencement, and COIItoiing 04U acres chains;   llience   west  Bo chains  tn  place ul
chase the following described lnnds'-
Commencing .11 a pust plained ,1 mites
north rn tlie N. W. comer ol I.nt 1635,
and about 5 miles north ul Puncho Lake,
thence mirth Su chains: Ihcnce cast Sn
chains; thencc smith Sn chums, theuce
west Bu chains m plnco ul commencement,
in.' d|n aires mure ,,r less.
mure or less,
TAMES HUTCHINSON uio-e ur iess. commencement,  and containing 640 acres
:    , ciiAKi,,-, ,. u.Mir,... March 23. 1911, John MacDonellVagt.   «P"; THOMAS WOOTTEN. more orjess.
March 2111I1. 1911.   .luhn MacDonell, agt. .   March 2.1, inn.     Juhn MncDonell, agent,   np.29. WILLIAM COATS.
March   22.   1911     Juhn   McDonell,  agent.
Cariboo Land District - District of Cariboo, Cnrlhoo Land District - District ol Cariboo,
IAKE nntiee that Anton Peterson, nl ] take nuiice that 0- IV. NcclnndSi ul
Vancouver, occupation cruiser, intends in ; Vancuuver 11. C, occupation butcher, in
•I'l'ly Inr permissiun tu purchuse the fol- j tends tn npply (nr permission lu purciuise
lulling described binds:- the fulluwing il.nicribed  lauds:
Commencing nt n pnst plnnted 8 miles     Commenceing at n posi plnnled 2 miles
"""li nl t|„ N. VI'. enrncr ol Lot Ifi.SJ, '< nnrlh ui the N. IV. miner ul Lul 1I.49,
nnd aboul 9 miles norlli und 2 miles west ! am! aboul 2 miles north and ,t miles west
"' Poncho Lake, tbencc nnrth 811 ehnins; ' ,,( Punch,, Lake, thelice north 8u chuius;
Uunce east 811 chuins; tbencc soulh 80 thenco east Bu cliains; thencc suutli 811
clmins; Ihcnce west 80 eliuins tu puint nl ehnins; thencc wcsl Sn clinins In puint nf
commencement, uud contnining 640 ncres commencement, und contniuitig -ll" acres
"I •"' ANTON PETERSON. 1 mure „r less.
M'"li 21. 19,t.     j,,!,,, MnoDonoll, ngont.   ap.29. tl.  IV.  NEELANDS.
'    Mnrch 22, 191I.     John MacDniiell, agent.
Caril  Land Dislncl   -   Dislncl nl Cariliun.
TAKE nhticc Unit Albert Edward Duke,
,,l Vancouver, occupation salesman, in
lends tn apply fur perniissinn tu purchase
the following dcscclbcd  lands:-
Commencing ul a pusi planted 4 miles
norlli nl the N. ll. curner nl I.nt 1654 and
,ihu111 I, miles north anil I mile west ul
Punch,, Laic llience north Bn chains;
Ihenee cast Bn chains; Uieuce smith S|)
chailis;   Iiiencc  west   Sn chains   In   place  ul
commencement,  and  contnining (140 acres
mure or less.
up.29.        ALBERT EDWARD DUKE.
Mnrcli 21.  1911.    John MacDniiell, ngont.
1 Laud Dislncl - Iiislriet „l Cnriln
Card  Land Distnei - Dislrict ol Cnril	
Cnriboo Land District - I'istriit ni Curibuu.      TIKE'  notice  tint   I    William   IVitt    nl      ........ .. .        ... V
him. notice in.ii   1,  milium  nail, 01     TAKE    imtice  thai    Amy Wooster,  ul   Cariboo Land District • District of Cariboo.
TAKE  nutiee  that   1,   Willi.,.,.   Lindsay,   ^™"'   "iZ iT!'ZaZZZZ   V»"""'«r'  »   C'  "-."""»  investor rAKE   notice   lh.it   Robert   Ilnvnes,   of
ol Vancouver, occupation merchant, Intends  ."'ends  tn  a ,, ,   fur ,,er,u,ss,,,,  tn  pur-   ,„„,_    ,_       ,    „,r   pcrmiMio„  ,„  pur.   v_ucout'er, B. C. occupation salesmnn  in-
.pply   l,,r   penuissiuu   In   ,,,,,-c e  thc   cl, ise  lh    b l,,w ng  dos rib d   l.i „Is-  „  „„.   ,„,,„„,„.  dMcrih,d   ,,,„,l.,j. £»   V l,or „„„ ,„        '„„.
ntends   tn   apply   lur  permission
linso  thc  following  descrihed   bin
following descrihed lands Commencing ,,i ., pusi plained 4 miles
Commencing  at   a   posi   planted   2  miles   ""rl1' u"'1 ' ""h est »f the N. E. mrner
north ni ihe N. w. mrner ,,1  l.,.i  11...S,   "' h"1  "'"• •""1 "l"'"1 6 miles nortli ami
and abuul   4 miles north ul   Puncho  Lake,   ' mil" cast ul Puncho Lake,  thence nurlh   „,   ,,,,
tlicnce   easl   S„    Sn   chains;   llielue    east   Su   chains,    tlicnce    „,_,„,,
ins; llience. suuth 80 chains, Ihcnce wcsl    ""'til  Sn chains;   llience wcsl  80 cliains t., I _h,1)lls
chains t,, place ,4 commencement, and  I'1""' "' commencement and contnllfing <>-!•> |.,„,mi,
, res moro nr less.
ntnllllllg 1.411 aires nmrc ur less.
the  following
'uiniiieiicng .11  a post  planted .1 miles th. loiiowing'described binds:-
rth ui  ihe N.  E. enmer ol  Lot  11,55, Commencing at n post planted 10 miles
I ubuut   5 miles north  and   I  mile east „„.,,,   „(   lh.   j.    w    con,M   (ll   i,„t   1655,
Punclio   Luke,   thence   north   Bn   chains; im, about ,_, „„k.s „orUl  „,  p_„ch0 Lake,
ist   80    chums;   llience     smith   Su t||CMe   Mt,u   j-   d|JH,5;    t|„„ce    ,asl   80
icnce  west Su clinins   lu   pluce  ul c|,al„s.   []„„,, Sl,„,|, ,s„ chains; thencc west
ment,   and   cuutuiniiig  640  acres 8ll c|iaiDs  tn place nt commencement, und
inure or
March 2uib. i.i!'."7,'.l'ni MaiDmiell, agl.     Mnrcli 2... 1'JU, Julin MncUonell. ngt,   jia"r'ch 23   19ii, John Mncli'onell, agt. I yS 2J   ,.„,     .i„i„, MacDonell, ngent.
lining 1,41, acres more ur less.
11 Land District - Districl nl Curihnr
"ch 21. 1911.     Juhn MiicDunell, ngont, I Cnrlhoo Lnnd District - District of Cnrilioi
Carihuu Land Iiislriet - Dislriel ul Cnriboo.
TAKE nnliee that J. D. McMurlin, nl
I'AKE nntiee that Tlioiinis Gruy, oil TAKE nnliee thnl Willinm C. HUril. ol I Vancouver, B, C, occupntion merchant, In-
Vancouver, 11. 0. occupation tnllor, iu Vnncouvor It. C, occupntion waiter, in- tends to npply for permission to purclinsc
lends tn apply i„r perinissiun in purchuse j tends tn upply fur permission tn purchase , the lollowing described lands-,
tin i"ll,,wing described lunds- tbe following described binds:- |   Commonclng nt n posi plnnted 5 milcs
Commencing nt n pnst plnntod 7 miles     Commonclng ul .1 post plnnled 3 "iil.s , i,,,rib ,,1 tho N, W. comer nl Lot   11.54;
"I lhe N.  W. curner nl Lot   1632, | nnrlh ul the S.  IV.  mrner ul   l.ut   1649,   nml about 7 miles nnrth nnd 1 mile wcsl
nf  Poncho   Lake,   llience  nnrlh  811 chains;
Uienee   east     Bn   chains;    Uieuce   suutli   Bn
eliuins;  thence wcsl 8„ chnius tn place ol
ml   contnining 640 ucres
TAKE notico Unit  Lore
Vancouver, 11. C, occiipnlb
 I "built 8 mile, north und 2 miles west 1 ,,,,,1 nbuut .1 miles north und 3 mllea wcsl
"'   ''""Clio   Lnke,   tlicnce   nnrlh   80  chains: | „l   Punclio   Lake,   llience   Norlli   Ho  chains;
'"let cast  80    chuins;    llience  smith  811 j thencc  east  811   chains;    theuce  smith   BU
lll""iv  thence west Bo ehnins to point ol j cbuins,  tliencc west 811 cliains to  point ol | coilllnencclnonl
"'"niiciiceineiit,   nml contnining 64,, ucres  euiniiiciieeineiit,  and  contnining 640 acres   ,,,„„ ,,r iess,
""'" nr less. mora or loss, ; np.29. .1. I). MARTIN.
,11.29.             WILLIAM C. HURD           1 March 21. 1911.   John MncDonoll, ngonf
March 22. mil.    .lohn MncDoncll, ngenl.   ,	
11 .Hi""'2'''
"Cl  21.    191
Julin MncDoncll, ngt.
Cariboo] d District - District ol Cnriboo.   Cor" '"""' "i*'r"'1 " "islrHt "'C"r'1'""'j Cariboo Lund District - District of Cariboo. Cariboo Land District - District uf Curiboo,
TIKE  notico that  Mark Song, ol  Van TAK,,. n_tl(,_ (|m1 ,,   A   Hiowe, oi Van- TAKE nntiee that S. A. Sykes, of Van-
Poncho   Lake,    tlicnce    north  80    chains couvet| u^ t-^ „ee,i|iaii„u manufacturer, in- couver,  II.  C. occupation caterer,  intends
apply  lur  permission  to  purchuse  the top u.m|,  tcl         ]v  (l|.    ,,crtnjssjan   t„    .,„r. to  npplv  [nr   permission   to   purcliase  lhe
Intends to npply for pmnlnlon to  pur   ,„„.„,,, described lands:- .„.,. „„. ^{^     lWlrM |nml... „,„„„,,„- ^Merited lands:.
! chase the   ollowing described lauds -            Commencing nl  ,,  post  planted   1  mile Comm„lco„8 ,„ „ post ,,,,„,(„! 8 miles Coinmencing at a post plnnted 6 miles
Commencing   nt   n   post   planlcl   ,   mile   ,„,»! ol the N. E. mrner nl Lot  K.55, nn, „„.,,,    ,   ^ «j,   ,,.            •   ,„   ,,„,   1( „„.„,  _,  lh« N    w,   c-.„cr  „,   ,,„,   ,648,
! nnrlh   ol  lhe   north  west   mrucr   ,,[   Lot   n]„,„t   M  n,||c, „nrU, anil  2 miles easl ul
! 1655  and  abuul   .1  miles  north  ul  Puncho   n„.  |J.   E.  mrner ,.l  Lot   if. .5   1  about
Luke, thenoo north 80 chains; thonoo easi   ,, 11M|,,S north nnd 2 miles cast ui Poncho
Ho  chains;   thencc   smilh   80  chains,   llience    [.,-0,   thencc north 811 clmins;   Ihenee easl
west 80 chains  In point   nl  commencement    _0 chains;   thonco  SOUtll  Bu chnius;   Ihcnce
I 11111I contnining 640 acres moro nr less.       West 80 chains in place nf commoncemont,
i :i|i..'9. f.ARETTO CASTEI.1,0.     : om| containing 640 acres more ,,r less.
j March 201I1. 1911.   John MncDoncll, ngt,     ,,,,.„, MARK SONG.
and nbout in miles nurth nnd 1 miie eust and   about  6  miles    nnrth    nud   4   miles
ui   Punch,,N Lake;   thencc  north  80  clinins; west   ol   Punchn    Lake,   llience   north   80
thenee   easl   Ha   chains;     thencc   smith   8u chnius; thencc cast Bu eliuins, Uienee soutl,
chains;  tiience wcsl 80 chains tn place ol Sii chains; theuce west 80 cbains to pluce
coinmcncetucnt,  and  containing 640  acres of commencement, and containing 6|o acres
more nr less. mure or less.
np.29. !''■  A-  RUIVK. ap.a.. S. A. SYKES.
Mulch 23, 1911, .liilin Mni'lliiiii'll, ngt.
Mnrcli 23. 1911, John MacDonell, agt.    March  22.   1911     Juhn  McDonell, ngent.
"" Lund Distriet - District nf Cnriboo,
T''KE  notico thnt   Frnnk Western, nf
"""liver, H.   c. occupntion   conlrnctor,
'■'ids to npply Inr permission   in  1
"*• Hu' lollowing described lnnds!-
1'"iilneneing  ut  a  pnst   plaiiled  5 ml'*
d 1 mile cast of'the N. E
Cnriboo Land District - Diatrlct of Cariboo
,1-ihnn Lnnd District      District 1,1 Caribuu
TAKE nolice  thai  Juhn   Russ,  ul  Van- I    TAKE  nnliee  thai   J,,1m   Armstrong,  ol
uver, occupation cult, intends tu apply ' Vitniniivcr 11. C. occupation carpenter, in
ur- I (nr permission tu pdrchnso  the following   lends lu npp,y fur pormisslon tn purchase
I descrilied hinds:- , the fulluwing described lauds
Commencing nt 11 pnst  plnnled 4 miles     Commencing nt  n post  plnnted f, uric.
irth ui  ihe  N,  IV.  cornor ol   Lot   1649,   north ol the N. W. comer ,,1  I.nt '11,54
I Curil  Lnllll District  -  Dislrict nl Carlb.,,,. Cnriboo Land DiBtrlct - District nl Carihuu. Cariboo Laud District - Disirici oi Caribou. Caribuu Land Distriet - Districl nl Cariliun.
1          ,i  ,: TAKE   muni'   Unit   Tholnna   Taylor,   nl TAKE   nutiee    that   Williaiu    Carr,   nl TAKE notice Unit Kiln  Khmer   nf Van-
Clerk    inieiuls   In Vnncouver, It. C   occupation agent, inteiuls Vancuuver,   H.   C,    uccupatiun   shoemaker, couver II. C.   uccupatiun   collector,  intends
purchnse Un- Iol- lo npply  lur permission  in purchase the intends to apply  for permission  to pur- to upply lor permission  to purchnse the
ibed   binds
'" '">t if...-, and alio,,. 7 mile, nortl, uud   « ""'  ■> ""'"]  «     "'"'  J mil™   »»« "hotit B mile, north amill mile west
2 '"'les e.„t „| p..,..-  |'„|,,   ,1,,.,,,-,. nnrth    WI I   B'lliclio     Luke,   ihellce   nurth   Bn   ul   Punch,,   Luke,   Ihellce   norlli   Sn   chains;
"""'I' »" chuins;  thenee west  8„ ehnins  lu    »' ' »•(   «'«'«  »'<"" «" *»l»»    0  point   chains;   thenee  west 80 c is   t SCO  "I
H"" "I   c<,„„„,,,c.,m.il,   und cuutuiniiig   "l commencement,     und    containing   64,,  commoncemont, nnd   coiitaliiliig 640 acre.,
'i" ucres mure nr less "'"'" """'' '"' '   I l"oro "r ltss'
°l"'' PRANK WESTERN. : np.39. ■H|HN' ROSS. np.29. JOHN ARMSTRONG,
"•"cb 2j.  I,,,     j,,!,,, Miicilnneil,  ngent!   March 22. 1911,    Juhn MncDimell, ngent. I Mnrcli at, 1911.   Juhn MacDonell, ngenl,
nm ill   ,4    Uic   N.   IV
and  ,,h ml   5  null's
ni Ponclio Lake,  thenco norl
Ihcn.v   east   Su     ili.uns,    then
,liains:   llience   WCSI   Sn   eliains   tn   plat',
commencement, nnd  containing  640 n
moro or less.
Led  lands -                     : chase  the  luliuwing  deserihed  lnnds:- luliuwing described In
1  ,1 p ,si planted 1 milea     Cominenclng nt ,1 pust plnnted f. miles Commencing at n pusi planted 2 miles
tlio  N.   E   cornet  ol   Lot   1,155.   nnrth  1 1 mile e.isl at the N. E. curncr nortli of the N. W. comer of Lot  1646,and
I nbout 9 miles norlli and  1 milo e.isl   ,,f Lot 1653, nnd about B miles nnrth nnd uud about i miles nortli und 5 miles west
,,i  Poncho Lnke;  tlienco nortii Bo clinins:   2 miles cist of Ponchu Lake, thencc north ol Punclio Lake,  thenco  nortli 80 chains;
Ui  Bu   Uieuce   easl   Sn  chains;     thonco   snuth  Bn   80  chnius;   tlicnce   eust  So  chains;   tbence thence  east  80    ch !i       'hence   llollll]   in
hall I   t"  place ul    suutli Bn chains;   thence  went   Bu chains  to chains;   Ihenee  west   8                          ' '■     "
g  (,40 ucres   point nf    commencement,  and containing commencement, and   containing 640 acres
f,.|o ncres more ur less.                                 ; mure ur less.
up. 29-
,ip._9. JOHN MORRISON. up 29. THOMAS TAYLOR,        j np.29.
I March aolli. 1911.   Join. MacDunell, agt.    I Miir.li 23, 1911, Jolltl MncDoncll, agt. I March 23. 1911, John MacDonell, agt. :  March  22.   1911    Juhn  McDonell, agent. •!I'.I|HWWB__-
MAY 21
ll stl
",n...an c
,n folh
,nlh an,
Dislriel ul Cnriboo.
TAKE    nntiee  that   IVillium  Kredcrirk   	
married woman   iii-j C"""e:'   "'  Vuncouver,    occupation  clerk I nie,   of   Vniicuuver,    occupntio arricd
'"•'"eriui'ssinii lu purchase I '"tcT",'s t",,8.!'1)' Inr permission to purch-   womnn, intends to apply lur permission t
ol  Cariboo.
at    Emma   Hilton,   of
Dislriel  ,,l   Cariliun.
TAKE nnliee that  Edythe Mae McKeeli
post   plain
cast nl the
Dmriel of Cnrlhoo
T.IKE  notico   Unit   IVIlilom   llcm
f Victoria, Dccupntioti  resident   in
itciuls to apply lur pcnnlsslon n
se  the lull, wi lescribed  lands
^^          ,^_^^__^__     ,    ('"i"""'"'"'!:  "I   I   I"-'   Id"""-!
west   uud  4   miles SOUtll  ui   the suulh west    smith   and  2  miles  west   oi   tlie smith west ' suulh   nml B  miles   ensl   ul   tin	
sse the fulluwing descrilied binds:- j purchuse tlle following deserihed binds
l" miles      Cummencing  nl   a  posi   planled   I  mile      Coniniencing at a  post  piunted  ' ■
District nl Curlbuo,
,i   notico   ihai   John   Hocking,   nl
,  il ui , nccllpntlon miner, iniends tu
I i   |icrlnission   In purchase   lhe  full-
Dlslriel ,,l Cu
TAKli   imlice    tl,„l   r„
ii Vnncouvor occupaiioii
'"< npply  i,,r permissii n
lollowing descriiicd binds
nnrlh Sn cliains
clinins;  tlient
ast  Bn chains  to point of
containing  _.|u acres.
corner   post   ni   l.ut   .199:   thonco   smith   Bu
chains; thence west Bn cliains; Uieuce nnrth
Murcli i.lih. 1911.
urncr nl Lot 399;  thenci
ulh    Su   -""'"■'■ ."4".. ..4... ■"■ .........., .,,4,,._ „.,..,. I Uienee  west    80  ehnins;    thencc  suulh  Be
80   chuins;   thence   enst   Bu  eliuins  tu   the   chuius;  thencc eust Bo chuins tu lhe pluce
pluce  of   cumiiicnceinent;    contuining   640   uf commencement,  containing b40 acres,
ucres.                                                                , np.8.        EDYTHE MAE -McKECUNIE.
up. WILLIAM FREDERICK CUfTLEE.           March   null.   1911.
Murcli 81I1.   1911. I	
"*»   1'AN"  l"S'"f'CT- CARIHOO  LAND  DISTRICT.
Dislncl   ul  Card  District  ul  dnhuu. _^B 	
TAKE nnliee  Hint    IVillium    linker, of 1    TAKE nnliee lhat Laura Peters of Vnn- Keehnie, „( Vancouver, occupntion physic- [ Vancouver,  occli|
clip.,timi janitor, intends tn   couver,   occupution    mnrried    woman, in- inn,   intends  tu  upply   fur  pcrinlssion   tn I upply Inr permis:
District  ul  Caribuu.
TAKE nnliee flint Willinm M. Cecil  Mc
tn   pi
Sn  clinins;   Ihellce  wesi   Ha  1
nl commencement; cuiitnlniue 640 nci
Match 71I1.   1911.
I.inlcd  (.  miles
the smilli wesi I    Commenc
l.ol   3991   llience   South   Bn   .snnlli  ami  8 miles  ,.,.
,,.'1 80 clinins; theuce nortli ; comer i»,si  ,,1  |,„|   ,,
cc   ensl   Sn   chums   lu   place    cliains,   theuce wcsl  Sn
,u; containing <>-l" ncres.     ! bu chums; tliencc ensl
Kills  HOCKING. I ol commcuccincul; com
.«. GORDON 11
Dislriel   ,,l   Cnril	
TAKE  nntiee   Unit   Williaiu   IVheclei
purchase  the Iol
icribed   lunds -
-uic   a,   a   pust  planted   i'i miles
tends lu upply  Inr perinissiun  tu purchiise   purchnse lhe luliuwing descrilied  kind;
the fulluwing  described   lands:- 1     Commencing   al   a   pnsl   piunted   2   miles
Coinmencing at a pust planted 2 miles suulh und 2 miles west nf the south-west
and is milos east oi lhe south-west I enst uf the south-west curlier pust ui Lot curner ul I.ul 399; thence suutli Bo clinins;
,,l I.ul l.sni thencc smith Bo cbuins | .199; thence suuth Bu chains; llience east 1 Ihenee west 8,1 cliains; Uieuce north Sn
west Sii chains; tlicnce north 811 8c eliains; thence north So clinins; thence clinins; llience east 80 chains In place ul
thence cist sn clinins lu place of j west 80 chains tu place nl cutuinenccinciit commencement: cunlninihg 640 ucres.
containing 640 acres. WILLIAM M, CECIL McKECUNIE,
..larch   15th.   1911-
M.irch   null.
escribed lunds:
C nienclug  .il  t,  pnst   plnnled  .'
suuth   lllld  (,   miles   east   ul   the  soul)
curner |,,,sl    ,,i  l.,i 599;  Ihenco   nor
chains;  thence nest  hn cbuins;   lllcmc
Su   chains;   fhoiICO   easl   Su  ,! s   lu
March 7th.   1911.
.h.riii   '""• 	
C ,1(11100  I AND  DISTRICT.
Districl   ol   Caril	
,. notice  ilml   William  R.   'lucking,
|M,.,   slonl ,  occupntion   nssuyer,   in
, , apply 1, r permission to purchnse
„||  „,',,..   described   lands:
„,„.„,,„   ,,,   ,,   poal    plnnled   li   miles
unl  6 miles enst ol  lhe BOUtll west
'„,  l.ui   199,  Uieuce soutli Bn cbuins;
,   e.,-1    Sn    chains;    Uieuce     llullll   Su
\   il,,.,,,,. ,,,-si s„ chains to plnce .,1
1,-nicniiiii.  ' iiitninini   640 ucres
llll 1,1 IM  R.  HOCKING.
Mnrcli H||,   191
Districl ,,i
TAKIC  notice  lliul
Moii.Icb,    ,,l    Onkluiid
inissiuu I,, purciinsi
tliencc  ce '   Bo chains tu  plnce ol
.rim-ii    ,   1 taining  640 acres.
CARIHOO  l.ANI)  DISTRICT. District  nl  Cnrinoo. Districl   ,1  C.i, I    .
Disirici  nl  Cnril  TAKE    nntiee    thnt     IVillium    Rnttery      TA1CE notice Hint Lewis Burton Will
TAKE notice lhat Justlnn I. Foster, ul   cinrk, ol Vnncouver, occupnlloil clerk in-   ol Vancouver,  occupnl    Broker,  iuli
npalion, insur I Vancouver,  occupntion  widow,  intends to I temta in npplv Im- |ierinissinn  lu ptirchse ' '"  apply  lor  permission   lo  purchase
npply fur per-j npply lur permission  tu purchase the foil-   the following described lands:- following described binds
owing  descrilied  binds:- C iiencing   ul   11   pusi   planted   2   miles       C '"cncillg   nl   a   |'»sl   planted   I   nil
Commencing nt a  post  planled 6 miles   s,Mh ,lm| , m|lc WMl rrom t!,e B0Ut|,.WMl   soulh and 1. miles cut  ol  the anutll-w
east ,,f lhe smith west  euruer pust ul Lut   ,.,,rtier „| [.„t m-  ,\mm ,,,,-n, 8o chains;   corner  posi   ,,i   l.ol   199    tlienc,   nortli
399; Ihenee. nurth 80 ehnins; theuce ensl 811   lUl.„n,    „,esl  s„    c|,„||ls.  ,Mmx   s„uth 80   ehnins; tbence enst Sn , li in-   Uui"- sol
chains llience snuth 80 clinins; thenee west   chuins;   thenco easl 80 chains  to  plnce ni , 8" eliuins;  Uienee west   Sn chains to  pl
encement. Con-1 commencement! containing (,40 ncres. "' commencement, ci.nt.ili.ing 640 acres
mis Brown I.uf-
uiiKin, insur-
iply   Inr   per-
tbe lullowing described
- Inuted i', miles
ol the Snuth west
I smilh 811 chuius:
theuce  nnrth   Bo ] Bu elinlns lu place ui
Districl "I Carihoo.
,E notice Ll.nl t'mr e J.  Llpport, bl
OIlLllluillg   l,|i,
March   Slh,   11
tinning 640 ucres.                                           j a.p.8.            WILLIAM RiVTTERV CLARK. I '.'-8.           LEWIS  BURTON  WII.LIAN,
ap.S                JUSTINA I.  POSTER.         |    jfarch loth. I9H,                                     j    Match .tli,  mn.
March Slh.   1911. : |	
■ , ■ ., planted 6 miles
i :, in ;, s easl ut tho Bouth west
L„i in; ii.cn.c n nh su chains;
,-si s,, 'chums! tliencc sunth 80
lici.4.- e.isl Su chains lu place nl
■lllllll.   rnlllnilliUg   Oln   acres.
-Hi   1911.
Dlitrlcf ,,l (
TAKE n,,lue (hoi 11
111,  ni    Vancouver,
sl   nl   lhe
19;  tlicnce
1 cl..:
lulith wo
smith   Sn
,- . 1 .1 Curibuu.
that    Emma  Sothern,  of
pation mnrried woman, in-
1.1 perm ssmn tu purchnso
il  ,1  i„isi  planted  1', miles
ilcil   east   ui   the   Suiitll-Wi'Sl
un, tlieine north Bo chains
chains;   thenee    smith   Bu
ivest  Sn chains  lu  place of
,   nt, 1: ine.  t'.|u ucres.
C 11( I in
TAKE 11. a 1,0
,[  Vniicouvcl'  i,c
■  inr permis   	
owing   deserihed   laluls:-
Cuinmeiicing ui a pust li'anted I. miles
. -ulh ami 4 miles easl ui lhe south-west
-ner ,,t Lot l,..o3; llience north Su chuins
hence nest Sn chains thencc snuth 80
mis,   ,hence  easl   Sn   chains   to   place  ul
mimcnccinent;   contnining   f.0  acres.
Murch nth.  inn.
Disirici  nf  Cnriboo,
Dislrict nf Car
 .,.     Ul«n« 01  ut.ll.oo. TAKE notice Hint Oeusge Arthur Hyde,      TAKE nolice  th,
I'AKE   notice   thut   Cenrgc   Angus   Cnl- j ., ^ „,-__„„;„;,,„-, „JMum  „,,,„.;„,„.   V :o„vcr, occnpnl
rt  ol Vnncouver   occupation ngent,  in- ,   . ,    . '      .     „..,„;.-;-„ ,„   lends to nnnlv for
Districl ul Curil	
TAKE notice thai   Thoinns  McAdcn,
tends in apply b,r permission tu purchase
the  luliuwing described  lands:-
Commencliig nt n pnst piunted 6 miles
eust uf the south-west comer pnst nf Lot
,.99; thence sunth 80 chains; thence west
Su cliains;   thence  nnrth  80 chains;  Uienee
ugent,  intends tu upply fur permi
4 In
purchnse the luliuwing described lands:-
Commonclng at n pusi iilanted 2 miles
south nnd I mile west from tlle smith
west curner pnsl nf Lnl .199; theuce north
80   chuius;   tlicnce  ensl   80   chuins;   thence
i^w^m___hh-m_4 1 suuth Bn cliains;  llience wesi 80 chains tu
enst Su clmins tn point uf commencement;   „,.   ,___ „, mmnmam,  contnining i>4n
contnining  f_|o ncres. j   ....
 r periiiissmi     	
he following described lnnds:
Commencing   al   a   pusi   planted   2   mill's
until   alld  li  miles   east   nl   the   solllil wcsl
-'"rner  poi
chains: tin
J99;   the
ills,   tl
iuh Bu
■ nurth
1 place
Distn,t ,4 Caril	
TAKE   ice   Unit    William     Lusk,   ul
Spokane, occupation Machinist, Intenda 1,,
apply l.,r perinissiun In purcliase the full
owing described lands:- .
Commencing at .1 posi  planted   10 miles
east ol the Boutb-wcst cornei post ul l.ut
li Su clinins;
I liriirf  eft-Jl ft
m.llh   Ku
i„ plnco u,
clm-im;    tlieiic.
east  Ku chains  In   pl,,,,.
Contnining 640 ...1,-,
March Bib,   1911.
District   ul   Cu
TAKE nolice llial Wi li
ul Vancouver, r, eupnli
I,, npply Im pcrmiss •
following described Inml
March Sill.   1911.
■h 7U1
.   inn.
llll.I.IAM   1.1 SK
8th.   1911.
Dislrict ul Cnriboo.
TAKE nntiee  thai Catherine Irene Hig-
1111111   ui   Vuncouver,    occupntion    married
March  loth.   1911.
1 .1 Cariboo.
,,,l  Heslup Linscy Jumcs 	
upatioli  dyer,  intends  tn j womnn, intends to npply fur permission to
 purchnse the following deserihed lands:-
Commencing nl n post piunted 6 miles
enst uf lhe south-west enrner pnst of Lot
399: thence smith Su cbains; theuce enst 8u
Districl  ul  Caribuu.
TAKE  notice  lhat   James  Wulker  Hill,
ol Vnncouver,    occupntion broker, intends
In   applv   Inr   penuissi,111   tn   purcliase   the
following ilescrilieil lands:-
Commencing a, a pust  plnnted  2 miles
snuth  uud   1  mile wcsl  uf  lhe smith wesi
Sn chailis;
chuins; tlicnce nnrth 80 chains; tlicnce west ! c'"r"cr uf Lut 399; llience sot,
80 chnius to point nf commencement    '   lta,cc  "st  8o d'aiiis;    then
containing  641, acres 	
np.8.        CATHERINE  IRENE  fllGMAN.
Mnrch 8th.  1911.
_^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^_. nnrth Hu
chains; llience cast Su chains tu puint ul
March   loth.   1911.
District  ul   Cnriboo.
TAKE   nnliee    llial     Susie     McAden,   nl
Vnucouvcr, occupation Married woman, intend.. I,, npply lur permission to purchuse
Commencing ,11  a  post   plnnted  2 miles
Suulh .ins I) miles east ai the smith icest
miner |i .sl ul I...1 399; Ihenee smith Sn
chains; theme ensl 80 ih.mis. theuce llullll
Su chains; tbencc west Ha ,liains lu i„,,iit
:cineiil, contuining 640 acres.
ul commei
March -
Dislrct   uf  Cariboo.
TAKI-', notice  tlmt   John  Murray Scrim-
;eour ui Vancouver, occupation, barrister,
nl,11,Is i., apply lur permission  In purch- 1
ise  the luliuwing  deserihed  lanils:-
Cnmineucing a, .1 i„.si iilanted i\ miles
.until   mill   1   miles   easl   ni   the  smith-west
irncr ol l.ol  1,503; thencc lh 80 chuins
hence east Su chains, llience thence smith
lo ibains. thencc wcsl l,u eliains l„ place
,1   commencement;     containing   640   acres
Dislrict  ,,I  Carilioo.
TAKE notice thai Maurice .1. Council, ol
Seattle,   occupntion   merchant,   inteiuls   tu
apply  fur  perinissiun  tu purchase the foil-
described  land:
District  ul Ci
TAKE  notice    lint    IV
District ,,l Cnrinn,,.
TAKE notice thai Bernard Rothwcll
Duseiibury, uf Vancouver, occupation tends in ap|
bruker, intends lu apply lur permissiuli tn . ''"; foUowini
Commencing at a pnst planted 8 miles I purchase the fulluwing descrihed lands:- ! Colnmcnriu
east nf the south-west corner post ol Lot ', Commencing ut u posi planted 2 miles s"""' ai!'' I
399; thencc north 80 chains; tliencc west \ SOUtll and 1 mile west from the suutli west corner pusi
80 chains; thencc smith 80 chuins; thencc corner post nl Lot 399; thencc smilh 80 J'.'S;g ,
cast 80 cbuins to point of commencement; 1 chains; thence enst Su chains: thencc nurth . s''"u' "" ch"
cuntaining 6411 ncres. i So   chains;   thence   west   80   chains   to   the ; face   ul     Co
np.8,        MAURICE J.  CONNEI.L. ; plnce   ul   commencement   containing    640
March Stl..  1911.
llistri,I  ,,l   Cu
TAKE notice  lhat   Ji in
Nnrth  jCVnncouvcr   occup
es Woods
ni  bruker,
1, tn purcl
si planled 4
l; tbencc 1.,
cist  So  elm
District  of  Cariboo.
TAKE imtice tlmt Allan T. Armstrong I
nf Seattle, Wash., occupntion malinger, ill- !
BERNARD ROTIIWELL DUSENBURV. |    Mnl'cl' '"'   ''"'■
Mnsch lOjth. 1911.
Dislriel  ul  Carilmn.
TAKE, imtice that William Haylcy Bar
wis, ,,[ Vancouver, occupation insurance
ngent, intends lu npplv lur penuissi,.11 to
purchnse the  following deacrlbed  lunds:-    I
Commencing at n pust planled 12 miles
cast ul   the  sunth wcsl  corner  ui   Lul   399.
tlienc. nh   Su chains:   thenco   west  80
cbuins; thencc south 80 Uiams: tbonce enst
1    Murch Slh.   1911.
District   nl   Card,,.,,.
TAKE 11 une thnl Nora Crcinn H.iruis,
uf Vuncouver, • ccupntion married woman,
1111,ids 1,. apply ha- permission to purch
ase ihe following described landa
Commencing .,1 a pusi plaiiled 12 miles
e.isl ul tlie su'.ilh-west curncr post ol Lul
'..9 Uienee nurlh Bu chains, thence e.isi s,
cl ,11.-, tlicnce south 80 chains Uienee west
sn chains in plnco ol commencement; mn
' K   hi"  ncres.
Mnrch Slh.   1911.
,,f coinmoncemenl
ap.S.          WILLI.
Murch Bib, 1911
IM   All-i'i
t  - 1  Co
TAKE     ice
Vnucouvcr, occup.
Umt     M
tends rn „ v i„
ih,- lollowing des.
Commencing  ai
east   and   4   mllc,
1 1,1-1
miner    1    .,1   I.
chains; Hience wci
ll   Sn  ,,   ,
District 11
CARIHOO  LAND  DISTRICT. Distiict  „l  Cnriboo.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ District  ul  Carilioo. TAKE notice  Unit   Louise  MacK.illic
.111   Steele   of : tct"is to apply for perinissiun to purcliase      TAKE nutiee Unit Paul Harry Marshall,    Vancouver, occupation  married  wi man
ler,   intends
urclmsc the ;
the   lulli 1
descrihed   lands-
ul   Vancouver,
Commencing  nt   a  pnst  planted  8 miles   lends lu apply lur permission tu purchase , the  follov
ensl of the south-west comer post of Lot ; the  following descrilied  binds-- '    Colnincu
ul 4 tin
t l.ol 1.
•vest   Sn
ah   1911.
utcd   l1' miles   W9' thencc north Su clinins; llience east Su
I,,.  ..m'lli wesi ; chains; tiiciiee sunth Su clinins; tiience west
! 80 ehe
rth 80 j taming "4" acres.
tu place ui commencement; con-
mis  to  place  oi
si" acres.
Commencing   at   a   post   planled   I   mile south .unl   I miles e,
wcsl, and 4 miles suulh of the smith wcsl comer   post   ul   Lot
corner   pust   ul   Lut   399;   tbence   north   Su chains; tliencc cist 8
chuius: tlicnce west So clinins; theuee suuth Ku  cha lis:   thencc   wo
ilaiilcl 4 miles
lhe Smith wcsl
hence   Iiorth  Su
ALLAN   T,   ARMSTRONG,       j So chains;   thence   easl  80  eliains
March 8th,  1911. ol columenccmciit; cuntaining 640 ucres
 _—    land.
District ol  Cariboo. 1    March Slh.   1911.
TAKE   untie
that   Stewart   Mcll.icS,   of ,
itrict  ■ District uf Cariboo. ,  .
that Will , Stinson,  oi   Sa" frniwuco, CaL, occupation
pation    clerk    intends   to   "'tends  ... upply Inr  perinissiun lu purch
..'■•ii   in   iiunl'iise  the fol-I ase  l'lc  hollowing descrilied  lulids:-
Commencing at a pust planled 8 miles '.
east  ul  the south-west   curner pust  ui   Lut
399;   tbence  smith  80  chuins;   thencc  west ]
80  chaius;   Uienee   nortii   Ko  chains;   thence \
easl   80  chains   In   Ule   pluce  uf  commence. ,
chains to"nhice 0,: ",L'"i; containing 640 acres.
,,"",- ,.-.!'. I ap.8. STEWART  MENZIES.
March 8th.  1911.
■ lis
|.isl    ' mtcd   1_ miles
cast nf the suulh west
lience smith 80 eliuins;
llience  nnrth
West ^^^^
^^^^^^^^^      acres
tt 11.1.IAM   STINSON
.   lull.
District  nl  Carilmn.
TAKE  nntiee    thnl     Cuthbert    William   the b
.1;. s. LOUISA  -MAC K,l. 1'IE.
.li.ir.h Jib.   1911.
Caril,,,,. Land District  -  District of Caribi
TAKE  nutiee  Hint  Joseph  W.  Cody
New  Y-.rk City, occupation contractor
■--■-'        .ly l„r permission 1,, purclu
Rigby  of  Vancouver,    occupation   bruker,
descrihed   binds:-
pnst   planted    I   mile
lu unu.!  al  a   post   planted   I  miles
nd  3  miles  east  ol   the   south west
post  ,,:   l.„.   j99|   tl.,,:,,-  south  Bo
cast   Su
1 II
.4 I ,1.4
Uriel -  Hist
llial   A   Dai
1 Cnrihuu.
1   ul  Van
ds   t	
the   lul
ase   tne   followin
Cuinmeiiciiig ffl
west and 4 miles smith of the suuth west
curner  pnst   ul   but  399;   llience  nurlh  8u -_^■_■.___«_.________■
chains; tbence eust 80 chains; thencc SOUtll np.8.                  JOSEPH   IV.   CODV.
80   cliains;   thence   west   80   chains   lu   lhe March Jib.   1911.
place    ol   commencement    containing  640 ■	
,,-r-s, Cariboo Land Dislrict - District ol Caribi
ap.8.          CUTHBERT WILLIAM  RIGBY. TAKE  notice  Unit    Clarence    C.   All-
District   ni   Carihuu.
TAKE:   nuiice   that   Adeline  Annie  Men
tics,  ul San    Kransiscu,  CaL, occupntion | Cariboo Lnnd District - District of Cariboo. | intend, t
easl   ,:int   |   mile-,   soulh     .   1
comer i"-si   nl   1,. 1   v-u   1:1
Dislrict ..I Cariboo.
chains;  Uienee east  8,. ,!.
TAKE  notico   thai   Willinm   E.   Junes,   ul
Sn   ch.ntis,    the::,,-    WCSl
tn apply  lur periinssinii  in purchaae  the
acres mure or less.
following  described   lands -
np.8.         JOHN DANIEL
Commencing at a pust planted  12 miles
e.isl   ul   lhe   SOUth-WCSt   mri.cr   poSt   ut   Lut
199:   theuce   suulii   Su   chains;   thence   weal
Bu chains;  thence north 80 chnlno   thencc
Mar, ll  Bill,   mil.
CARIBOO  l.ANI)  Hi! 1.
easi Sn .li,mis, i,, place nf commencement,
Ihstria  .i  <   ril
containing  640 acres.
np.8.                     WILLIAM  E.  JONES.
TAKI:   lluli.e  thai   Hn'.    '
uf Vancouver, occupatli 11 ' ■'
March Rth.  inn.
tends rn apply lut- penuiss
tne  following  described  lnl 1
Commencing  ne n  p ■-,
I),.strict ul  Cariboo.
cast   alld   4   miles  BOUtll   - ■   '
TAKE nnliee lhat Delia Dorais, ol Van
mrner ol Loi   in   thenc.
miner,   occupation,    married   woman,   in
tbence   ctsi s„ chaini;    1
tends tu npply fur permission in purchase
chaini; tltenee cm  Bo .;..
lhe   luliuwing' descrihed   landjl-
i.f comment ement, coi taining -
Coiumeucing at a pnst  planted  12 miles
ap.8.         HENRY   JAMES  Ill-
.-,sl ui   lhe sonth-west  mrner ol  Lul   399
March Bill,   1911.
llience   M. .ill ll   Sn    chains:     Uieme   e.isl    80
chains;    thence   nortii  Bn   chains:   thence
west s„ chains tn place ul commencement,
containing 64.1 acres.
Districl nl Carib
np.8.                   DELI \  DOR US.
TAKE iiuin,- thai   Ubcrl   II
Mnrch Silt.  1911.
1,,    .....Iv     l,.l-    1 iu, ill -l     I  .
Caril Land Dislncl  - Dislncl ,,l Cariboo.
'"   appiv    1,-1    | 1 tm  1
following describ ,1 Ian 1.
murried womni
intenils t„ apply Inr per  ,    TAKp;  „„,
lissiun tu purchnse tlie following described    ,.
, ' h ; I nucouver, 0
Commencing ut   a pusi planted   I'., miles i  '
-'li   -unl S   miles  e.isl  ..I   iiie smith-west j ,,
nn  m I.ul  1,503; Ihcnce soutli Sn chains
hence  cast  Su  cbuins;    Ihenco    nortli   80
ii.nl.s,   thencc  Mist   Bu  chains   In   plate   ul
ninmelicemcnl;   containing  h.|,i acres,
ip 13, A.   IIAN1EI.SON.
March  131I1.   1411.
Commencing at n post plnnled 8 miles
cast ,,! the .south-west comer post ul Lul
399, thenee suuth 80 chuins; theuce enst So
clinins; tlicnce north 80 cliains; Ihcnce west
Bu chains tu place nl commencement
contuining 640 ucres inure nr less
March Slh,   1911.
f   New   Ynrk   City,   occupntion   snlasmaii
pply   lor  pe-mission  lu  purch
ase   lhe   following   described   I..nils.-
Commencing  at   a   post   plnntod   |   utiles
suuth and 3 miles east nl  lho solllil west
enrncr post ul  l.ut  399,  thenco  north  H.
chains; thencc west Sn clinins; Ihellce BOlltll
80   chailis;   thence   east   Su  chains   lu   |i!,ic,
the lulluwii
that Juhn Hcatbcote, of
pation engineer, intends in
applv iur penuissiuu tu purchnse lhe
luliuwing described  lands:-
Commencing at a pnst planled 6 miles
suulh uud 16 miles enst ul the south-west
curner nf I.nt 399: thence suuth 80 chains;
tliencc ensl Sn chains; tbence ti-.rtf. 8n
chains;  tnence west 80 chums to  place ol !    March ;lh.   1911.
ap.8. JOHN   HEATI1COTE. Cnriboo 1 tl Diatrict - Diatrlct of Cariboo.
Mnrch  ..Hi.   1911. I    TAKE imtice thnl Prank I.. Solhcell, ,,l
Vnncouver, occupution laborer, Intends t,,
apply b.r permission in purchase tin- lull
owlllg  described   lauds:
Cummencing   nt   a  pusi   planted   6  mib-s
smilh ami   1.' miles east   nl   lhe suulbwcsl
1,1    but
e  e.isl   S
TAKE nutiee that  Paul  Mayer,  nf New1    Commend)
Vork City, occupnl , cutter,  intends to I south-west c
anulv lur' permission in purchnse the toll  ' *'■ chains;   1
owing described lauds. ' '""■"' s" '"
Commencing  nt  a  posi   planted  fi  miles    tho |».,ul ol
s illlll   ami   In  miles  easl   nl   the  sulllhwesl    -"'is.
miner   post   ,,!   Lnl   399,   thence  imrib   K"   *P-8.
mis: lh
s;  the
I ill
Bn   ehnins;   thence   easl   811  chains   lu
ul   commencement,   containing   6|u
innre  ur   less.
up.8. PAl'l, MAYER.
March 8th.  1911.
im I'll ALBERT
.in; 1..11.
In    put
^^^   I c.,s:
nortli Sn chuins
■      sulllll    Su
tn   place   0,
pl inted
,1   Hi,-  11,
•is EDWARD l.ANI',
,1 nl Cariboo. I CARIHOO  I.AND  DISTRICT.        	
Crcswcll,   of Dislncl  nl  Cnril  Z ..        ~~
_HB___fl_H_MI I ..-..-.. ... ..    , Carihuu Laud District       D.sli n l u  C.in huu.
intioii mnrried womnn, in- I TAKE nntiee thnl James Graham Men-
,,r iieriniss.nii m pnrchnBO   zies ul Oakland, Cl., occupntion account-      TAK|,;  "otice  that  George  Cunningham
 ■Hjlhiuils:- unl   intends   to   applv   inr    perinissiun   to   "'  Vnnconvcr,  occupalion   laborer,  intends
Commencing at a poll planted   4   miles  purchaso tiie lollowing described lnnds:-        '" "l'P'y  '"' Permission  lu  purchase  ihe
vest  I 0 miles  tu ,,i tl,,- north-wen     Commencing at „ post plaiiled 10 miles   lollnwinj described lands:- comer p.,
orner nl Lot 19,. tlienco south 8n chains: I cast ,,! Uir south-west mrner post nl I.nt ' Commencing nt a pust plnnted ,, miles chains; Hi
hence est Sn chains; Ihcnce nnrlh 80 399! thence north 8,1 cliains: Ihenee west I S""U| ""d 4 miles enst nl the south-west 80 ehnins
liains   Ihcnce wet  SO .hams In place of   80 clinins;   Ihenco  soutii  80 chains;  thence   corner uf Lul  399: thence north 8u chnlna, | plnce    ol
II iic'cment, I enst 811 chums  In place nl commoncemont, I tlll!l,ce   west   81:
.|..ij MINNIE  CRESIVEI.L. containing 640 arrea.
March   16th.   1911. ap.8. JAMES GRAHAM MENZIES.
Dislrict nl Caribuu. Caribuu Land District   - District ol Caribou.
TAKI-   imlicc   thai   Alan   Keith   Rainier  I    TAKI?  ""lice   lhat   Alexander Cliristnph-
m,ni,   nf   Jaflruy,    occupnl    accountant    "   Dniialdsnn,   of     Vancuuver,   occupation
intends tu npply  b.r perinissiun  t„ purcl,    clerk,   intends lo  npply  Ior  permission  to
:se tlie following  descrihed lands'- 1 Purchase the following descrihed laiids:-
Cuiiimeiiciii. ut a pusi plnntod  .', miles     Coinmencing ul a  pus,  plnntod 6 miles
ist nl   Iiie south-west   S       '  "'"'  4 '" C",t  ' so"'!'west
comer uf fait 399: thence snuth So clinins;
thenee   easl   8„    chnius'    then e       rth   Rll i tbence   west   Su   cbuins;    llience   nortii   80
chuins,  Uieuce eust  So clinins  lu plnce oi
Mnrch Slli.  1911.
r ul ,ul   ism. Ihenee smilh So chuins;
e  east   So    chnius;    tlicnce   nnrth   8(1
mills;   thence  west   Sn clinins   lo plnce nl
imillelicemctil:   containing   f..(o  ncres.
March   lolh.   1911.
Cariboo Land Districl - District ol Cariboo,
1    '1:, in.is    McGoci       TIKE notice Unit IVillium  Ronf Grubb,
cr,   occupation  broker    "I  Revclstokc,  occupation  accountant,  in-
v   hi,   permission   tn   pur-    tends In apply iur permissiun to purcliase
nii'   described   lands- the luliuwing  ilescribed Innds:-
1   .1   I usl   piunted   1 1 miles       Commencing nl   a pnsl planted   I. milcs
■ s   norU]   ul   in,-  imr.lieis-    smith nml 20 miles east nl tlle smith-west
1   theuce south Bo ih.iins    corner nt Lot l,3<»3: thence nnrlh 8n chains
chnius;    tlicnce   in,rth   80   theuce   west    80   chuins; tliencc smith 80
ant  Bu chains tu  plnce ul   chuins;  tbencc enst  Bo chains  tn place of
commencement; contnining 640 acres.
i,,u. I     March   13II1.   I'll).
Carihuu Land District   -   District ol Cnrihuu.
TAKE notiee that IVillinm Small, oi
Vancouver, occupation lnborer, intends to
apply fin- permission in purchaso le
[ollowlng   described   lulids'-
Commcncing ut 11 post planled li milcs
south unit 4 miles enst ni the south-west
comer ul Lnl 399; tbencc smith So chuins;
hence eust 8u clinins: tiience nortii 8u
chains;   Uieme west 80 chains lo the pluce
ol beginning.
Mnrch   Rth.   1911.
lis;   tliencc   south   80^^^^
cbuins;  thence eust Bo chains  lu  place ol , ap.S.
beginning. -Marc
March  Slli.   191,. I Cnriho,
: Caribuu Land Dislriel - District ul Cnriboo.
j     TAKE  notico   Unit   Humid   A    Steele,   ul
I Vnncouver,  occupation   Bartender,   intends
 pply   Inr   perinissiun   lu   purchnso   Hi.
following   descrihed  1 Is:
Commencing nt a post  plnnled n mile,
,.     to    SOUth    1   lu  miles   ,.,sl   ul   lhe   BOIltll-WCSl
,. .    comer  post  ul   Lut  399;   (heme  north  Hn
"'""' M". ', .hams.  Ihcnce e.isl  Sn chains;   theme snnlli j
„cem™t    coi,ul,.ing   640  «" d,""ls'  """"* wa"  "" '''"""  '"  '"''
"'"'" plnce  nl    commencement;   contnining 641
FRANK L. STILLWELL,  JJJ  * "^  .   -....,..,.
j    Mnrch Rib. 1911.
TAKE until
"I  Wi'" 1: '
apply    lor     I
Dislriel  nl  Ci
E nolice thnt Jon
ip.S. JAMES AR'i'lll 1
March  9tll.   I'll!.
luliuwing described  binds: 1 H„„t|, tliid  12 miles cms! of tli
Coinmencing at a  pnst piunted 6 miles' enrner pus,  „i  Lot   199;  thei
sunth  nnd  4  miles east   nl  tlle  .smith west    ,-],,,j,,s   thenco east   811 chains-
Drtb 80 chaii
| Carilmn Lr
mil Districl
. District nf Cnriboo.
[    TAKE 1:
otice  Unit
Charley.   A.   Pyke,   ul
1 Vancouver
,   occupatli
ui electrician,  iniends
1 iply
for  penui:
Mum  to  purchnse the
: following
described i
smith nml
.'lug ut 1,
10 miles ,
pusi planted sis miles
■nst   nl   tlie  snnlli wcsl
Dislriel nl Cari-Vn.
rner (if  I.nt 399:  tli
lliuncc     cunt   80   iliiii        ^^^^^^^^^^
chains; tiience wc.it 80 clinins to plnce ol
(i|).H. IVAN MOttGAfJ
March   8th.   1911.
8n  dm
I Caribi
('nil Lmid District - District nf Cnriboo,
TAKK notice that G. Lnllier Schooling
... lsuiii.niks Altislin., occupation Danker,
intends in applv tor permission to purchase tin- following descrihed lunds:-
post   plnnted  2  miles
of  I,.
Cnrlhoo tand District - District ot Cariboo.
TAKK, notice tlmt George Mcintosh, of
Vancouver, occupation engineer, Intends to
apply   for    permission   to    purchnse    the
liiMi'W'iig described lands:*
^—^^^—^-^-^^^^^^        Cnunmiiciiiir   at   a   post   pi mled   b  milea
id .s tittles  west of the north-west I south  nnd   lfi miles east of the BOUth -west
Carilioo Und District   -   District ol Cariboo.
TAKK notice thnt I'clix Batleste, (ti
Vancouver, occupation logger, intends to
apply ior permission to purchase tlie
following   described   lauds:-
Commencing at a post planted d uiiles
south and 14 miles eust of the south went
corner of Lot 30.9: tiience noith 80 chaius;
thence west 80 chains; tlicnce south 80
chuius; theuce east 80 chains Lo place ol
np.  8 l'KUX  HATTI.STK.
March  8th.   1911.
tice   vvc.'.t   8n  eliains   to   }
iiettt,    contnining  <..|o .
tbencc  south  Ko ! n{    Commei
p.8. .HiSKl'Il VASSAR
March 7th.  i'Jii
th west ,
.alll   Hn 	
(i       j,    corner of IM 399; theuce south 80 cha:
thenco  went  80  chaina;   llnnee   north
chains   theuce  easl   80  chains   to   puint
commence  onl,  Containing 640 acres.
March 7U1. igti,
Cariboo Land District - District ot Cnrihoo.
TAKP. notice that John Steven, of Vancouver, occupation laborer, Inlands to
npplv tor " permission to purchase the
following descrihed   lands:-
Commencing at n post planted fi milcs
South ami   if) miles east of the south west
Cariboo Litud District - Dislrict of Cnriboo.
TAKK notice thut William Hocking, ol
Victoria, occupation miner intends to apply for.permisaion to purclmse the follow
ing described  lands:-
Cnniiucii.iiic u, 11 pnst plnnled li mites
suuth uud 6 miles West nl the iiiiiilb-west
euruer pnsl nf Lot VW; Iheticc north Hn
chuins; thenee west 8n chuins; tliencc snuth
Hn  ehiiill.s;   thence   enst   Hn   chuius
ul commencement; containing 64a
Mnrch, 7th.  1911,
C.iriluio l.n,1,1 District . District ol Cnriboo,
TAKK   nuiice   Hint   llnvi.l   II.   Mlllr,   nl
Vnucouvcr,  occupation   cnrpciiter,   IntendB
Dislrict  ui   Cum,..,,.
TAI-U nnliee thnl Oswald I,
lu  upply   fur  l»erli^^^^^^^^^^^^_
(ollowlng described lands:-
Cuiuiiiciiein,' ut n post  planted li miles
Soulh und lo miles enst ill Ibe suulh went
enrner post ui l.ni ,v,u; theme smith Hu
|„ce j chnius theuce e ist Ho ehuilis; tbence norlli
Bo cnuins; tbence wesi Hn clinins tu place
nl cumiiiciicciiieiil; colilntniiiR 640 ucres.
ap.S. DAVID  II.  All lit.
Mnrch -/Hi. mu.
Cariboo Land District - District ul Curiboo.
pluce   01 commencement;   cunt
Mnrcli Hth,   Mil.
CAlillltlll  LAND  D1STD
District nl Cariboo
TAKI'; nntiee tlmt Altrcl Kyi
cuiivcr,   necnpnlii.il   b.ul.rr,   inl'
ply Im- permission tn pur< '«
itih' described binds.
I' mencing  ,,t   „   pnsl   plnnl
enst ui lhe soutli-wcsl cornel
thence nnrth Bn chnius; lh"
clinins; Ihcnce BOlltll Hn chain*
Hn ehnins l„ plnce ul commenc
t-cinilli;   640   ncres.
np.8. ALl'UKl) SVls
Mnrcli  .Hi,  mil.
iihl I.. Lister, of     T..I.H ,,„ii„ ._„. IJdwnrd Nienllcl,   nil   TAKE not™  ._„.   r«_li  w     '
C "'   "n'"""1""'   ZZ;", "'""7 ] y"1""'". "•', "™"""i""    "1-lti,  Int.,,,.. ! ol VmiLTr  oeeimntlortennis ' 1
VI.;  1 unci   snuth Bn _hn ,s   mrner ,,[ Lot 1,503-; thenee suulh 811 cbuins [ entner nl I.nt 399; tbence nnrlh Ho clinins; '. enmer ul Lot 3991 Ihcnce soutli Bo chuins
■  ce  nortli   Hu   thence   enst   Ro    chuins;   thence   north   80 : tbence   eust   80   chains;     thence  soutl,   80   tbence  west   Ho  clinins;     tbence   nortii   Ht
intenils  tn npply  lur   permission   lu purcli-
nse lhe following described lauds:
Commencing nl u pusi   planted (, miles j   Comn
nitli  unci 6 miles enst ul Llio soutb-wes. j south nml  1
pply  nu-  permission   lu  pur      .   ..
wing descrilied  I ls;-
tig  nt  n  post   nlnnted  b  mi!
chuins:  thence west 80 chuins   tu pluce ol i Chains;   Ihcnce west 80 cnains   lo  pluce ol
commencement. j heginning.
Mnrch  nth.   mil. 1    March 13th. 1911.
rth   80 ; tbence   eust ^_■___________■___________ __Nn_i__________________________________,
chains;  tbence west 80 chains to point ol { chuius;  thence cast 80 ehnins  to  pluce  of
commencement. beginning.
np.8. GKOROE McINTOSH.        I ap,8. JOHN STEVEN.
March  Btb.   1911. 1    Murch  8th,   1911.
corner   pnst  ill   L"t   399;   tlicnce  ,,,,1-u,  j„ \ IlltH,
ensl ul  tl.
chains; thence cast 80 clmins; thenc. suuth
limit   nl   1,,,|   399:   t|
uiilh west
ence   nnrlh   Bn
enains; thenee wesi 8n chnius; thence noutli
80 chuins;   tliencc west   Ho elinlns  to nbice   80  ili.i,„    ,1
„! commencoment: cuntaining 640 acr „       ,,l ZZZZ", .V1' s l" l'"i"1
np.8. OSWALD  I..   LISTER ZZ rZZZ ^° ''ma'
Murch,7th.  1911. I %,. , MWARD   N1CA1.ICH.
In   pl,
  ul   I."1
lO    upply    f.,,-    ;,,.,-, nissin
following ilcscrihe,'  b.ilil
Commencing „i   ,,  pnj
onsl ,,i He suulii west
theuce  smith   Bo  chuins;   tlienc-  »'■'"'  'j
ell.lins; tlicnce nurlli 80 chnius, tl'0"" ' j
80 eliuins tu plnce of commencoment:
milling 640 ucres. ..„.,„,.1
Mnrch 91I1.  1911. MAY 20, 1911.
Land District • District ol.Cnriboo. Cnriboo Land Districl     Dislrict nl Curibou. Curiboo I
Madge Dunn, m Van Tu:|,; ""''<•'' "'■" Rose Roacno, ol Van-     TAKE ,
married   womnn,   In oouver,  occupation    stcnugrnplioc,  Intonda stone ..'-,
■rmissi, n iu piiiilinse (°,apply I'"' pormlssiou  tu purchuse  ih,- Btenogrs
t Fi.it
l'i''-d.'se,-ihc!l"b,ll,ls.- lollowing   described   lan.ls-
,,i  n  pusi  planted !; mile     Commonclng nt ti  posi   plnnted   1  mile   1 is
1, ""',,7*8 "milos eusi nl ihe soiilh-wcst   "'"'' '"',l I- "'ill"i oast ,,i tho suuih west     Con
-     - orner nl Lot I,Jul; ,h, nee nortli 80 ell:
■c   WOSI     Bn   ell
„ll, thenc
BOlltll  Ho
Ihcnce   ,1
rib   Bo
nst   Ha   c
inins to  |.
lilll    ul
nurlh ;m,|
lins;    llience  snuth  8H   crner nl I
llenco  e.isl   HI)  chains   |„   „[an  „|    Ul,.mi.   , (,
■incut; containing 640 ucres. : chains- tit
ROSE ROSENE. bc.lnn'iinr
Ulh.   mil.
pply '■
„,;   lies
iuh   ut
r p,
tt jolt     till
d  lunds;-
inst  plull
0   |,ll
"I     .
111 ll
h mil
.1. 1
1.1 ul  Un-
-,,    them
1 Bu c
ll   B()
tico wi
sl  .
, ch,ill's
„ pl,
cc   ut
I'-'.i.     WILLIAM  I-.: w
Mo rob mil   mn
,. 1. DuTh'it     Ibslr, Car    ZZZZZZliZZZZ'v
fAKK notiee tl"" Oeorgo D.  Wetherblo   JZ   Z'Z'ZAZr.ZnZial
ply fur permission to purcbaic the lollow 1    TAKE notice   1
ing described lnnds'. Vnncouvor,  occupu
Commonclng ni   n  pusi   planted   . mile npply for 'pennissi
nnrlh nml   1  mill-, eust  ul  tho BOllth-wcst lowing  described   1
Hie   wesi   Bu  .In,:.:.,   Uicnco  suuih   bb uurili .unl 11 miles
chuins;  Ihenco easl 80 chainB tn point ol oorner ol Lot 1,503
commencement;  containing 64O ncres, thonce  west   80 .1
"1    -    llllh:
norlli u-,s
1 Bacl.ai.ii
ind Disiria - Disirici of Caribc
nlicc tli.-l Allien Gouldcn   McKe
.•ancouver,   occupation  manager,  f
, npply  for  permission  tu pur-
following   ilescribed   binds:- j ^
1:11c. .,t  ,1 pust plnnted  15 miles \f
. miles north ui tlie nortii east
r fA^ft4^A^fA^,-d^'A^ ^4^<^<^<-_-><-t->«r__k>'^
|11(   .it   .1   1     1    , i .::',-,l   ..   mill",       I
j miles en-.i  ,-f 1,.i- iiuiili went   en,
il  1,,ui; thencc soutii 80 ih.tuis   corner ol  Lot 399; llience nnrlh 80 chains; ^
.1   Hn   ih.iins:    tbence   nurlh   BO    hence   west   -in    ehnins;     tlicnce   smith   Hn fA
IICC   MUSI   Ha   1I1,uns   lu   place   ni    ell.lins;    llicnci:   euSt   80   chuillS   to   place   uf ^k
'"i"g. a
March   131I1.   1911, 4m
It. 1911.
ml District  -   District ol Cnriboo. Cariboo Land District - District ol Caribou,   fj
■   i cc that   Wilfred   Bigv, I, ul TAKE uuticc that Frederick II. Mcdurl,   A
occupation  clerk,   intends  tn ui  Sun  Frnnclsco,   occupation purchasing  1^
permission  to  purcllusb  lhe lul- agent,  intenils to npply fur penuissiuu t,,  fA
iscribed  lands:- purchaso the luliuwing'ilescribed binds:-        At
_lt.fr  nt   „   poBt   plnntod   2  miles- Commencing  nt  11   pnst  planted  9  miles   ^
I 5 mibs oust nl the norlh-west est  .mil 2 iinles north nl lhe north-east JJ
l.u 1..nil; tl.ci.ee nortli Hu chaina comer nl Lot 399; thonce suuth 80 chuins; '.An
isl   Ku chains;    llience  soutli Bn thenco  cast 80  ehnins;    llience  in,rib  go «^
ul chains;  tlieine west 80 chuins to pluce "I if.'
1 i.uh. mtl-
, Land Dislrict    District ni Cui;,,,,.
11,,lue   Hint   1'. tn   Sherwood,   ul
1,   occupatli 11   blacksmith,  inteiuls
i,,r peiiiiissii.il in purchaso tho lul
described  lands;.
liming   nt   a    I   planted    ',    lllllo
„„l 1; mill-, cisl nl ih,  sonth wcsl
Marcli nth.  uiu.
1 nribo , i.in.l District    Distnei olCorl
TAKE    imu,,.    ih.it     s.ir ih   McGcc
lull   11,    Decimation      tl,.:!-,,,-,!    ci,,,,,.,,,
(' .mine
ed Initils:
posi   11 ;
• l-.t    nl   tl,,
March  ml,   mil.
il   V.	
,1  H„ chains  In  pl.
March 1.11I1. mil.
-1 riboo Land Districl
TAKE in tm- thai  Gj
s Ii wcsl
li hu chains
plnce  uf
ih iuh.  mil-
Murch   lull.   191
I 1,4a ,„ res
... I,.mil Dislrict - District nl Curiboo.
■il-; nntiee llial Frederick Swllnr, nl
,,,,,, occuputii Illwrlght,  intendB
V,. described lauds -
imcncing  .11   a   post   planted  ', mile
.,,,,1  1,   nubs   enst   nl   He   BOUtll wcsl
,1 Lot 1,5031 thencc north hu chaina
cl -■ miles
11 nii wesi
March   iuh.   [911.
1  Uriel a( Caril  Cariboo Land Diatrlct - Diatrlct ot Cariboo.
,,-  Daniels nl  Al. TAKI',  nuiice  that  Teresa Alexander, nl
married  woman, Vancouver, occupation mnrried woman, in
mi:        In   pur lends  In apply  b.r permissiun to purchnse   ^
■ 11 1 ! , ds the lollowing described Innda:-                  'J
planted   .'  mile- Commencing   .it   a   pust   planted   I   mile
ol tin- north-west wcsl .111,1 4 miles north nl ihe north-west
,-  nnrth  Bll ch.uns cornet'  nl   L'U   .199;   Ihncc  nortli  8n  ehnins;
thenco  south  Hn tlienco  nest  80 chuins;    thencc  sunth  8n
halns; Urate west So chains tn plnce ,,l   cbains;  thenee cist 80 cbuins to place ol y
icgluning, "commencement. \f\
Wo have
secured the
clu i,
agency fur
and have a
stock of
for the
Just Drop In and Let Us Show You.
Kemem__i' we pity special attention tD
mail orders.
1    Murch   i.uh.   mn.
Uic   mil iwil
Ci end
ulna;    Hi.
1I1   80
e  wcsl   Hn
,i;   containing   H„   lutes.
1.  mil.
't.    Hun- [Cnriboo.]       Cnriboo Lund Diatrlct  • District ol Cnriboo.   Cariboo Laud District • District ol Cariboo.
..it   Duns  Churchill,   nl   Cariboo Lnnd District    District ol Cariboo.      TAKE notice Hint Frederick  Daniels, ol     TAKE imtice thai Sol 11   Alexander,
li 11 tu.-nii-I until.ui, in TAKE nun,,- thai Harold .I.noes Ferria   Alnmedn  CaL,   occiipntion    dniryman,  in-   ui  Vnncouver,  occupation  broker,  intends
i' permission 1,, purchnse "' Vancouver, occupation clerk, inieiuls to   tends tn npply lur permission tu purchaso   to apply fur permissiun  tu purchase  the
filed InndB:- »PPly for permission lu purclinsc llu- fol-1 the following described ! nuts:                       luliuwing described lands:-
a   post   planted  _ mile lowing describod lands:-                                   Commencing nl  u  posi   iilanted  .-miles      Commencing  ut  n   pnsl  planted   I  mile
■  ensl  nl   the  suulh well       I'" let |[   .it   a   p n   planted   l   miles I norlli   slid   5 miles  easl
l; tbence soulh 80 chains w'"'' "f tbe northwest curner of lot  1503;   corner nl Lnl 1,503; them
linlns;    tlicnce. north  Hu tbence imrtb   Hu iImuis;    tlienco  west  Hu   lience west  Ha cliains;
1  i:u chnina in po I chnina;    theuce  south    80  cbains;   thence   ih.iins; ihenee cast 80 cl:
iitnining .,to ncrea. east Bu clmins 1,, plnce ni commencement,   commencement;.                                           I commencement
'A Front Street, QUESNEL, B. C. K
In-  nnrth \v, it wcsl   uud  4  miles north  ol  the  north-cast ; _T*_.^
mill Bl, chaina curncr nf Lut 399;  thencc nnrlh 80 chains;   *A
iii:   nortii   Bn tlieine   east     80   chailis;    Ihcnce   smith   80 ' JB
tu  place  nf cbains;  tbence west 80 chains lu place ol | J^
, I ,1 Dislrict  -   11.situ! , f I'.ilii	
, notice tint Fret-rick Dolour, ol
cr, occupntion salesman, intends
Ij   I,,,  pennfaaiou  tu  purchnso  the
•   ilescribed   lands:-
ip, 13                       DUH1S llirm llll.i. np.15.            HAROLD JAMES FERRIS.
M. 1. li   1 |th,   1.1I ■     M. nh   ml,.   m,i.
TT.      ;     , ,, ~—; ~ Car L.nni D.str-.t     Dislrict nl Curl	
,',",V;.1 1.D'""C.     "'»'"« ot Cariboo. ,-.,,.,.;   „„,„„    ti„lt  Tliniiins   Norbonri,
■   : '                              cl  Kirkpatrick \\.„,n..,
First-Class in Every Respect
ul Ash.ru
"potion .audio
nth, nf Purl Hammond
Doctor,   intenda  t,.  apply  i„
Marcli   13th.  1911. 4 .
Carilmn Land District - Dislrict ul Cariboo. [ 4m
TAKE   nnliee   Unit    William   Hardy,   ol ' \%
".'.win. ('.'L!'rTll.",ir1'.'!!.|s-" |,"ril';'Se UlC IU'"   '    '""'' ollowlng descri , 1 I :
at    a    pi
planted  '■;  mile
ul  lh.: south-west
. mil.
lit bill
t -
t   1).
) s
1   I,    l..i
pi rn
Ion  In 1
the   801
BOUtll 8
■ west
640   .,,1
1 oiivcr
t    ]■
1 :
,is   Bay
r perrai.
l-,li IW
B8   .h
ng ,
ribed la
the   tin
liinic,  11
ids -
2    llll
lh \c
1 li,
s 1
g at  n    post   plnnled ', 1
nortli uud 16 miles east nf the Suuth went
j comer n! Lot I,sol: tlicnce suulh 80 eliuins
nee nortii 80 c nu   ,,„.„,,  ,.,,„,   „„ c)mins.    ,]„.„„.  „,„.,!,  R„ ' "'
;     thence  smith   80   chaina;  tliencc wcsl  80 chains  to place nl     ,
cliains to place of   commencement; contnining 640 neres.
mg  640 acres. |     THOMAS  NORBOURNE  PENTUEATH
, KIRKPATRICK.   I    March nth.  mn.
Cnriboo I., ml District - District ni Caril
TAKE notico  thai  Beatrice Winston!
ul Vancouver, occupation spinster, intends   Vancouver,  occupation    teamster,   intenda
t"   apply   inr   permissiun   t,,   purclmse   the ', to   apply   for   penuissiuu   to   purchase   the
fulluwing .lescribed landa:- : fullowing described lands:—
Commencing at a pnst   plnnted   2  miles      Cummencing   ut  a   pnsl   planted   I   mile
nortii .unl  5 miles cast ,,i  the nnrlh wcsl   west unci 4 miles  nurth nl the north-east. ._
rim- of l.ut  1,503; thencc smilh Hn eh,lins   corner of Lot 399;   tiience soulh 80 chains   ▼
ence  ensl    Ha  cliains:     Uieuce  north   Hn   tlieine   west  80    chuins;   thence   north   80 19j
ih.lins;  theuce wist 80 chains to place nf   chains;  thence  east 80 chains  to place  ol
commencement. beginning.
ap.l... BEATRICE  WINSTANI.EY.        ap.15. WILLIAM   HARDY.
March i.v.b. mil.
March  13th.  1911,
—■ , Cnrihuu Land Distriet - Ibstri, t ol Caribi
1     District of Cnriboo. I    TAK-,.;    „0Ucc Hint    Frank    Akins,
uiu.is G, Kirkpatrick I Vaucotn
1 rancher
er, intends to ] to  npply lur permissiun   1,'. purchase  lhe   '    '""''''  '.'
■I-""'  the  Inl     following described lands:- ™"   ;   "T] >
Caril 1...ii.l it  -•   '     11  trict of Cariboo.   Cariboo Land District - District of Cariboo.
TAKE notice thai   FI 1 -,,- MacKinnon,      TAKE nutiee that Theodore IC. D. Bryne
i  Guclnh   (:'..-.-■■    .   spinster,   in-   "1  Vancouver,   occupation   broker,  intend.
tu purchase   'u   apply  fur   permissiun   tn   purchase  tin
following descrilied lands:-
ul       :::-'■    .'.. Commencing al „ post planted   .   miles     Commencing  at  a  pnst  planled  1  mile
,.l 20 milea eaat ol the aouth-weat   .,,.,,-,,',     r,'!.   .'_.,,.,, .•!,,,,   ■   !,-   ""r"'  »""  1 ">''« cast  "'  "'" north-west   west and 4 miles nnrth o! the north-east
.1     Ul   1,503;     thence  north  80   th. „.„',«„     1! ,i„,-    tl bn.,.     ut I, R_   corner ot-Lot 1,503; tliencc norlh 80 chains   corner ot Lot 399; tlienco south 80 chains; ..-
B„ chain,;   ,1,™... south    chain.:   Un.,..   e.,s,   Bu  -ham.,„  ,.," „    l'"'""'   »"1   S"   c"ai..s;     thenoo   south   80    .heme   ens,   80     chains:     theuce   nnrth   80 >
tliencc east  80  chains   to   jilncc   t.f    chains;   tlicnce west  80 cliains to  place of . 'A
patlDti   [irus-ii'ti.ir,
ermissimi   !■. purcli
led loiids:-
I    Commencing  at  a  post  planted
. ,*m Good Tables. Corralls. Rumple Rooms, m
'I'll Banquet Hall.       Theatre Room; R
li Rates, $1.50, $2 and $2.50 per day ^
Seventy-five Comfortable Rooms
Newly Furnished.
Occidental Hotel
E. L. KEPNER, Proprietor
Rumple Rooms.
t.o ucres.
CC BOUth    chuius;   tliencc  Coat   Bu  ih.iins   i,,   place   ul
'"  place   culninencelnetit;   Conlaiuinj.   b|n  ucres.
|i   I., l'UAN'K   AKINS.
ui.i,. FLORENCE   MacKINNON.      ap.15. THEODOItE E. D. BRYNE.
March  1.UI1.  1911, l    Mnrcli 13th..  lyn.
,t   11.
i Carlb
in purchaso the
1, rth .„„!
Caribn,, I.and Dislrict - Dislriel ol Cariboo.
TAKb: :,-.:ue Unit  Juhn G.  Walker,  ,.l
A-bcrott,  II   t'.  occupatioi.  clerk,  inten,is
tu apply  lur permisaion  tn  purchase  the
lollowing dea-ribed lands:—
Commencing  ,,t V  poat  planted  '.-  mile
,1  poat  planted  ',  mile   „,inh ,„„| ,, m|ica cast ,,l the south-west
cost   nl lhe suiitb-west    curnel nl l.ut ].-.n\. thonco north Bu cbuins
Ihcnce south 80 chains   thenco  cist  Sn chains;    thece  sunth   Bu
thenco  nnrth  80   chain.; thenee veesi Sn chains tu plant,  ut
■ ,'-:.s tu place ul   commencement; eontaining tt'40 ;urii,.
1 I"  ""es- np.15. I'.KOKl'.K G. WAI.Kb.U.
FRANK  K1I.KV. March iuh. 1911.
Mc I-
Cnriboo Land District - District of Cariboo,
TAKK notice that Alexander Anderson,
! woman ol Oakland Cal., occupation i>.m.i..ert into   pur-   tends to apply inr permission tn purchase
Fort George Land District.
District  of  Cariboo.
Curiboo Land Distr c;  - District of Cariboo.
tu  apply  f<>r  p.-nmssj.si   tn    pur- lei.iis to apply tor permission in purcnase                      W1»"1" Ul  *'«*>"""• T.-VKE notice that S. A. Rowe, of Van-
ollowine described  1 md:;:- the following described lands:-                       w.t-w      .      ..  _  ,   t.          -r           r couver B. C. occupation manufacturer, in-
"               ;.,... r                                            ,    .   i            i          TAKE notice   that   I,  Thomas Tracy, of ,     ,    .           ,    r               •    -      _.           V
.it   a   post   )■ allied   2   nvlea urnum-miii''   at   a   post   |»taiiieil   7   miles    «..«._.#_             „   «                 ■ tends to apply for permission to purchase
.            . .       i         •.           .i     r  .i           i            South Fort Georire. B. C.  occupation ran- ,,     . .,     ■    J .      K   ,  .    .          e
■■l   of  tic  north-west cast   and   2   milt-s imrth  of   tiiu  north-east,   .         . ,     ,     .   b '   ,     .           '   .    .       . the   following   described   lands:-
, '       ,   .        --.«     t t   _."._,*<,   -.,                .10                   cher.   intends   to   app v   for   ptrmission   to ,, _         Z                     ,     ,    ,   .   .      .,
hi'iiic I'urth So chains Conicr of I.ot 309,  thencc nortn 80 chains: :         .         __._..■*,       ',    .   7    . Commencing   at   a   post   planted   I   mile
. .1 .,.        .    o     1   ■        .1              .id    purchase the following described   am s- ...        ,           ■,           . ' ,  .,     ...  „
ifii    theuce   st-uth   80 tht-nce   eagt     80  chains;    thencc   south   80,'                            L            -,.,,■ ll(,rth   and     2   miles    east   of   the   Nf   K.
...       .,               .  0     ,   .             ,         f      (.(iminencini; at a post planted adjoining ,  T   .      ,           ,      ,                ..
0 chuius  to  place  0 chains   thence  west 80 chains to place of   c    ...            k    \     \      5       .        J       ■ corner  of  Lot    1655  and    about  3  miles
ip.15. KUZABETI1  M.icKINXil.N",
March nth. ton.
I 11.,nut  ■  ll..
to purcbaao the
II Ihcnce north 80 cl
cms, thencc sout
1  Bu chalua to pla,
i.l.iiuni,-  nin acres.
HENR.   1.1 I.l'.
 C.inl Land liistrict - llislnel ul Cariboo.     	
strict     Districl oiCorlboo.      JAKE uuticc thut Harold Reed, ol Porl Caribo
laphael Stephenson,   Hammond, occupation  laborer,  intends 1 , TAK
apply Inr perm
ol Co
rv B.   Siyi
occupation blacksmith, intenda apply lor permission lo purchase tho Iol St.   Catherine  Ont
,1   pcrmi-sl :i   tu purcliuse  the towina described lands: inn-,ids to apply
scribed  lands:- Commencing  nl  a  pust   plnnted   .  mile clmse tbe lollowing described lauds:
Ig   at   a  j    I  plnnted  Jj  mile north and  U miles cast  ol the south-wesl Commencing   .11   .,   post   planted
' miles      ,      i-iiccsi .,,,-„„ ,,, i„t 1503; thencc soutii 80 chains; north and ., miles east oi  tlie noi
'-   in:   then I. So chains tltenee  enst   50    ih.iins;   thencc   nortii   80 cornor ol Lot 1,503   theuce north 81
80   chaina;    thenco  north  80 chains; thence west Bu chains to place ol thenco weal  80 cl   ins;    thenc.    at
,,- wost Su chains to point ol cominenccmont; containing  6.0 ncres. chains; Ihcnce cast 80 chaina to 1
nt; containing 640 ocres. ,,|,  ij                      HAROLD REED. commencement,
RAPHAEL STEPHENSO.T. March mi,.  ,,,,,. ap.15.           MARY D. SEYMOUR.
1.  Wl , '    Marcli   1..1I1.   ton.
..birch  14th.   19I1.
_nriboo Land District - District of Cnriboo.
TAKE  nntiee  thut  Jennie  Anderson,  of
'       Oakland Cub, occupation married woman,
'    '      '    intenils   lo   npply   fur   permisaion   to   pur-
L'  ',,lr"   clmse  the  lollowing  descrihed  lniids:-
^      . Commencing at 11 nost planted 7 miles
east .ui,l 2 miles nurtli ol the north-east
Lot  39.;   theuce south 80 chuins;
S. W. curncr of Lot 1582, thencc suuth
30 cbains; thence west .o chains; theuce
nortli 30 chains; tbence eust 20 cbuins;
to point ol commencement and containing
50 acres more or less.
Ui west
March  20.   1911.
John   N.   Miller,  a
nurtli and 3 miles east oi Poncho lake,
thence north 80 cliains; thence east 80
chains; tbence soutii 80 chains; theaee
west 80 chains to point ol commencement
und containing 640 acres more or less.
ap.29. S.  A.  ROWE.
! Marcli  24.   1911      John  MucDonell,  agent.
.,1 Iiislriet - Districl ol Caril	
11,0 that William Tinker, , I
inond, uccupatiun laborer, in
i'l'ly t'-r permisaion 1 1 purchase
ng described lanaai-
-  .it  ,1  ins,  plauted  ', mile
18 mllea cost ul  the Sunth wcsl
. 1 1503; thence  north 8ocliaina
'   Su     .hains;   llience   SOUtll   80
lice  weal   Bu  ili.nns  to   place  ol
tub. l.ll.
Lnnd District - Ilisiii.l ol Cariboo.
cc thn! Hums Evnna, ol Ash
tipntioii rancher,  intends  to u,
permission to imrchaso the lollow
ribed landa;.
iicncing nl  n pnsl  planled ', milo
nil is miles eust ol tlic suiiih-ucsi
1 Ul 1,503; tlienco suuih Bu chaina
weal 8,1    chuius;   Utci.cc  north 80
Ihenco coal  Bn chnlna to polnl ol
icement; containing 640 acrea.
1   i.Uh.   |,,il.
1 Laud llislti.i - Districl oi Cnriboo
! 11 une tbnl  1,,-iiie Steplicnaon, ol
iy loi permisaion lo I
 Carihoo Land Dislrict - District ol Cariboo.	
:.     Dislrict    Dislrict ol Cariboo '    IAKE  imtice  that  Mary   Mikkleson   ol Cariboo Land Dis
,,   that Kenneth II. Dnlby, ol   Senile,  occupation    mnrried  womnn,   in TAK!-:  notice
■1   net   . ill ii druggist, intends t->   ten__ lo apply b,r permisaion to purchaso ol St Catbcrinca
1   penniaaion  lo purcliaae the (ol    the lollowing described lands:- intends  to  applj
leacrilwd 1 '"Is-                                    Commencing  .it  u  pust  planted   ', mile chase the 1 :: «
ncing   u   ..  poat  plnnled  1 miles ' ,,„„„ .IHll ,, m||cs cost ol the south-wesl Commencing n
1 -' mile, coal ol the north-west   c,,i-uer ,,1 Lot 1,503; thence nortii 80 chains north nnd 9 mil
I I.ul   1,503; Hence in,rth Bo ehnins    thencc   e.isl   8,1    chains;   Uieuce   suuth   Bu corner ol lot   l.s,
weal   sii   cliains; thence   suuth   8,.   chnius; thencc wed 80 chains to place ol thence cast  80
theuce east 80 cliains to place ol   commencement; containing 6-ln ncres. cliains; theuce u
.-                                                      up.l...                 SLARY MIKKLESON. beginuiugi-
KBNNETH B. DA1.11Y.     ;    March 13, 091I.
iuh.  191I. 	
ui Cariboo.
:, spinster,
u  to  pur-
Curiboo Land District - District ol Cnriboo. j Cariboo Land District - District of Cariboo.
TAKE notice that John Elliott of San-1    TAKR  "oti«  that Courtney  Chapman,
west 80   chains-   tbencc  north    80 I Fransisco,  occupation merchant, intend to   ol Vancouver, occupation clerk, intends to
chains;   thence cist 80 'chuins  to  place oi   apply lor permission  to purchase the Iol-: fW]y  >"' permission  to purchase the lollowing  described  binds:- j lowl"t'  described  lands:-
Commencing nt  a  post  planted  2  miles'    Commencing  at  a  post  planted  2  milea
nnrlh and 19 miles east ol the north west   n"rlh "i'1 19 n"lcs east oi the north-wtst
enmer ol Lot 1,503; thence north 80 chains   cornor ot '•ot ''503; thence south 80 chains
Cariboo Land Dislrict - District ol Curiboo.   tliencc  west   80  chains;     tbence  soutli  Bo   t,lcnM   wcat   8o   choi"'i the"« "ort*   »°
TAKli notice that Andrew W.  Scaholm, ' chains;  tlicnce east 80 clinins  lu  vlacc oi   cl""Mi   """'" cast 8o cl,ains to plact oi
nf   Vancuuver,     oecupatiun    manufacturer, ; coiniueiicemcut. commencement;    containing  6.0  teres.
inieiuls   to   apply   fur   perniission   to   pur- . up.15. JOHN*   ELLIOTT.
chase   the  following   ilescribed   binds:- March   13th.  1911.
Commencing at u pust planted 7 miles!	
March   l.|th.  I911.
ap.15, ■  CO.RT.VEY CHAPMAN.
Murcli 13th. 1911.
st aiid 2 miles  in,rth of  lhe north-east
nrner of Lot 399; thence smith 80 chains:
hence  east  80  chains;     theuce   north   80
Cariboo Land District - District ol Cariboo.
Carihoo L.uicl District -  District of Cariboo.
Mnrch   iuh.   1,111.
,-t    Iiislriet ot Cariboo.
Hint  Harry Kendall Curse
Cariboo Land Dislrict - District uf drib
TAKE nuiice th.it  Samuel Mikkelsi
Vancouver,   occi
Is in apply lot 1
following    described   land:
Seattle  Wash.,   oco
ut,   inieiuls
1 apply lor penuissiuu  to purchase ihe
Uowing described lands:*
1       ,   ■    Commencing at a  pnsl  planted  ', mile
plnnled  JJ mile | ]|nrt)] om| ,. ||)i|M c_sl _. 1|r, si|]|l|l WMt
curner of Lot 1,5031 tlicnce suuth 80 chnius
thence  west  80  chains;     thencc  nnrlh   Ha
'   ""nl1   8" ' chuins;  thence e.isl  80 chains  tu  pluce ul I ■""»«  Wsl   s
n"""' »«» 's" cl,«'l,a  «• "' .commencement; containing 64O ncres. d,'""s: tt»«
temciit;  contnining b)a acres.
Cnriboo Land Districl - District .-. Cariboo,
Til,,- nuiice that Joseph Thomas Brown
i    TAKE notice that Marstoo F. Ketly, ol
TAKE notice that Peter King,  ol  Van-, Vancouver,   occupation   broker,   intends   It
■'■'■'        "  e ol   couver,  occupation  broker,   intends  to ap-   apply for permission  to purchase the fol-
j ply   fur   permission   to   purchase   the   Iol-   lowing  described  landa:-
,...,., i lowi"B ''escribed ,nii,ls:- Commencing  ut  a  post  planted 2 milea
i|,n.  i.n. 1    Cummencing at  a  post  planted  4  miles   „„-(„ allJ ,- miles east ol the north-west
„ii,,,,.„,ini4,.   ,     m..,i ,   ir„-t      i norlh i"ul 5 '"iles wcst "' "" "onll"'cst   corner of Lot 1,503; thence south 80 chains
-..trilion  I.UIH    UlStri't   -    UlStriCt   Ol  t..ll.)l>0.      rtnn.nr   nt   T ...    I   -..T   fl.»tif>»   ti.it-tli   Mn   .-.•iltto      «i . _,
T.,.,.  „ ,.     .,   .   r.    ..    . , ,    '     .   corner ot Lot 1,503, tliencc north 80 etiams   thence   west      80    chains; thenci   north
IAK1.  notice that  Charlie Johnson, of   thenca west 80    chains;  thencc south "
80   chains;    thence    east    80   chaini   to
Ilt'oliviT,    OCCllpatlOll   lineman,   mtCllua   tO     ctim'na-    Ilionco   puct    Sn   r.i-..i.«-    in    nl'.i»o   ...        1 _   t       •      ■ ■   ■
•Iv for permission to purchase the Iol-      i!  ,'i„„ ' plaCe 0< hegmning, containing 640 ......
lorth and 1 miles east ..I the suulii wcsl
nmcr ul Lot 1,503; Uieuce suuih Bn chain:
lience  oaat   80  chai
Commencing .it
nurth and 7' mil
euruer of Lot 1,5
lanted :  miles
lhe   nortii west
mil. Bn chaina
nppiy   lur penmssinn   to  purclinsc  tne  lul-    _e«innlnE
lowing  described  lands:-                                1 .p ,5       '                  PETER  KING
Commencing at a pnst planted 9 miles     Morch l6lh   ,9U
t  and 2  miles  nurth of the north-east   	
ap.15. MARST0N F. KBELY.
March  13th,  1911.
March  iuh.  nil.
trict     Districl ol Caribo
that   Belle  bunk, ol  Sp
Mnrch  13, 1911.
.Murch 13,  1911,
March   i.|th.  Inn.
pnrvlinao  tin
Cariboo I..111,1 Dislrict ■ Dislriel ol Cariboo.
TAKE   notice th.it   Ellen   Saunders,  ol
Vnncouver, occupation mnrried v.-- in  in
tends to apply t>r permission to purchase
the following descriiicd lands;.
Commencing  nt  ,1   pust  planted   .  11
f Lot 399; llience north 80 chains; , Cariboo Land District - District of Cariboo.
,s-   ili.i..-   north   80    tltenee   west   80   chains;     thenee   snuth   80 , C.irihno Lund Distriet - District of Caribou. .„..       ,.       -     .„
is,   uiu.ei   niiiin   oo                                          . .AKE   notice   that   Oeorge   Hooper,   of
■ -■■-'_- ,,, ,,l,,-,. ,,i   chains   thenee east 80 chaina to place oi ,.                           .      .     -      . ,~'    *
TAKE   notice   that     Ellen   Crosslcy,   oi Vancouver, occupution jeweller, intenda to
Ashcroit,  occupntion  married woman,  In- "I'I'1)' lut permission to purcliaae tht lol-
tends to apply lur penuissiuu to purchase low,"K described  lands:-
the  foliuwing deserihed  binds - Cniiimciiciiig  at  a  post  planted 4 miles
,   .                             .   Distr         ,   .     u    Cariboo Laud District - District of Cariboo.      Commencing nt ,1 pust  planted 5 miles north and 3 miles west oi tbe north-wtst
TAKE notice thnl Clement  P, Dcykin, oi      TAKE   notice    that    Juhn    Murphy, ol ( west of the northwest enrner ol lot  l,.oj; eomer ol Lot 1,503; thence south lo chaina
Vancouver,   occupation   broker,   Intenda'to   Vnncouver,  occupation laborer,  intends to ' tlicnce   aouth   80  chains;     thencc.   east   80 'he"™  west    80   chains;   thence  norlh  So
apply  lur pcrmissii 11  to  purcliase  the  lnl    apply  for permissiun  to purchase  the fol- I cliains;   thence    nurth    80  chains;   llience ehnins;  tbence east 80 chains to plaice of
Inwbl. described lands'-                                    ''.wing  described   lands--                                ' west 80 chains to place ol commencement, commencement.
,l|.w,_ described land: C mmencl,_   ,1    st   planted  ',  mllc      '•"'"""'""'K  '    "   '""" .'   "u"  ,'. "'"V    Commeneing at  a poat planted  2 miles      Commenei..,  nt  ., post planted 9 miles   np.15. ELLEN CR0SSLEY. «-,       , GEORGE HOOPER.
nd n      In       ,    f ,1 ,1 11   11     t- theuee south 80 chains ,, 1    _     coruer of Lot 1 503* thonce soutli 80 chaina   c-uruer ,,l I.ut 399; thencc nnrlh 80 chains; _-	
.  miles cast ui the soutii-wcat   corner 01 loi_'.»    "■' . '     •   - , ,l]c.,u._ ,.,ls,  8„ clmins;    thence ,1, rth  Sn '    j llR,a.c   „ 8o    c|  |n     u u   8(1  Cariboo Land District - District oi Cariboo.   .   .,     ,     , „ „ ,-   ,.
"I Lot   1,503; thelice (.mill. Sn chnllll     ihenco   weal   80   ehnina;    llience    imrth    811   -|laj|ls,   ,;,,.„,-   „.,„.i  g0 chnillB  lo   place  ol .11.uns.     cm me   iiurin   »u . , Caribuo Land District •  Districl ol Cariboo.
""'   »"  chaina;     theuce   Ill  80   chains;  Ihenco cat  80 cl is lo plnce ul     „m„im,,lu.,i,;  containing „.;u acres. ;-':-'"!s' ""'"" ffMt 8° clmil" l" P1™ "', cnmim-ncement I    TAKE notice  that    Robert    Millar,  ol!    TAKE  notice  that  Joseph  St.Gtnnain,
iluiuc   uresl   Ho tli.1,us   tn   iil.itf 1,1    rcimmeitccmciit: colltaiumB bio ncres.  inttpm y\rvni.'i.". uejjiiiiiHigt  .,.,,,..,,, I vn«n<....,_.*.    „„„ ;„__     (.inrL     .......,.tu   t^   of Vancouver, occunatuxi oulicun.  intemli
Uh. mil
1 acres.
I.Uh.   !"ll-
March 13, 1911.
Id Hi
Ol   I,i
let     Dislriel ol t aril
MvE in tne Unit Howard Dudley I'i
'S lu  ,ipp|y  |„r  penuissi
:-'ll'wing ilescribed  Ian
"umcnciiig  a,   ,i   p,,s,   pbmtcd   .   till
1  and   Mi  miles ensl  ul   lhe  suulh we
■' "I Lot 1,503; thence north Sn chnlna   .|lenco onsl 80 chuins;   Iheiieo   nortl:
"   ''isl   80     clinins;   Ihenee   aouth   80 , ,.l,,,,,,s.tl,.-,,ci-   wcsl   80   ehnins   to   plnce  ol
■i   Uieuce eust   Bu  .hnins   to   pluce  ol : commencement,   colltninilig   fi.|o   acres.
'""icelnoiit;   cciiltnllllllg   f,.|n   ncres. Up Ij EDITH   DROWN.
Hira'Alill DUDLEY  I'liKHU. March  l.th   mil.
:   'I   ijH,,   ,,,1, __ 	
riboo Land Diatrlct - Diatrlct ol Cnriboo.
i'AKE notice ,!>ut Robert G. Mnxwell,
,,l Vancouver, occupation llnrdwnro, in-
n-iils in npplv for pci'misaloii lo purchnso
the lollowing describod lnnds:-
(- inciicing   ui   u   post   plnnled  '.  mile
north .unl s miles cast nl Ine south-wesl
cornei ul Lot   i.sll': Ihcnce nurlli 80 chnin
"Mnrch 13th. 1911
Murch   l,Ui. 1911
I Cnril Land Iiislriet - Dislrict of Cariboo.   Ca ,,,,,. Lnnd llis,net ■_D strict ol Caril    Cnril ■ 0
•AKE nnti.e that Edith Brown, rt Van      TAKE notice that Willinm 11. Cole, ol      TAK]
over   occupation _l.liu.-r, intends tu ap-   Ottawa, occupation Agent, inlonda   0 np    St Call.
,  ,„; per,,  ■■'  i-tirehuse the follow    M '"' Pprtniaslot. to purchuse the lollow
le '''he,   lands- 1'"■'-' lll's>'r'bc'l lands:-
,,mi.ieiicInL' nt' n" nosi   plnnled  \ milo     Coinmencing at a  pnsl  plnnled ', mile
nl,   „„|   ,;" ,„ii, 1 cast ui the south-wesl   '"""' >"«[ " '"ilf» «»»< "' ""' »""'u »'"'
thonco son.ll Bn clmins    '"""■'' "' I'"' ''_03| Ihcnce nortli Bn elinlns
thelice   West   Bn   chuius;      theuee   suuth   Bn
ehnins;   Ihellce  ensl   Su  ehnins   to   place   ol
commencement; containing (,.|n ncres,
Mnrcli 13, 1911.
r ol
ng descri icd In
, i> to purchn
■• 11 led 2 mil
bence  nortii
np  1
ns t , place
eh 1
,   I'UI.
Vancouver,   occupation     clerk,   intends   to "' Vuncouver, oecupatiun optician, intends
apply Ior permission to purcliase the Iol-' l0  "PP'y  f',r  permission  to purchase  tilt
flowing described lauds:- fullowing descrihed lancls.-
Commencing nt a post plnnted 4 miles Commencing ot a post planted 4 milea
north and 5 miles west ol the north-west "or"' ""(l 3 mllea west ol the north-west
curner ol Lul 1,501; thence norlh 80 chains l'"r"rr »' '•"' Wcli thenca south 80 chains
thencc  east   80    clmins;   tlicnce   soulh  So ll,e"ee   east  80  chains;     thence   north  80
chains;  tbence west 80 clinins to pluce of' dl"'"»i  "'ence west 80 chains to place ol
Commencing nt a  pust  piunted 9 milcs [ commencement. beginning,
east  and 2 miles nnrlh ol thc north-coat lap  15 ROBERT MILLAR.     »P-'5-
coiner  ol   lot 399; thencc soutli  80  chains;      March 13th. 1911. 'u'rcl' 'a'"' '9'1'
theuee  west     Bn   chains;     tlicnce   north   80' '	
chains;  thencc east  80 chains  lo  place ol                 -,ort G.orir_ j^j D|,lr|ct,                             ■''"" George Land Diatrict.
Mareh i.ih. I911
Furt Geurge Land Dislrict.
Distriet  of Curiboo.
Lnnd Dislriel     11 strict ,,l Cnril	
uoiice that Arthur Willinm Bnnrd
Hammond, occti|mtlon laborer, in
1 npply Iur permission In purcnase
owing dosorlbod lands:.
nl  lh miles enst of ihe snlltli west
1 bni 1,503; thonce north Bu ,1 a
'•isl   Su chaini:    thencc suutli 80
ihenee west 80 chain. 10 plnco 0
cement; containing ,1411 neres.
Mih. i,,il. !    March  ijth.  1
I.uud Dislrict   ' ii s ti, i',,1 C ii-ihuii    Cnril I.nii'l I) strict - liistrict ol Cnriboo. ! Curibuu Lnnd Distiict - Districl nl Cnrili.
T-'Kl', untlco lhat Cyril v S Herbert 0 j   TAK!-: imlicc thai Kiln Swluor, ol Vun-     TAKE notice Umt Lonnatd Henry Dick
mini,    occupntion  inborer,  lu    couver,  1 itl * limrrled womnn, iniends
-.ply fur permissiuli in piirchua    to  appl)   1 '   permlaalon  to  purchase  the
" *' """'"'I,- deserihed m ,:- I oil I >'•""' '"'" '*'" ,       ,   ,
''•""""'"ing   nl   „   pust   plnnled   ',   mile      C icing   nt   ,1  post   plnnted   %  mile
,!    ■' "' miles ensl of lhe BOllth-WCBl   nortli ami 8 111
' "'' "I Loi 1,503; thencc suulh Bn chaina corner ol l.i 1 1
,"."'" west 80 clinins; thencc north 80 llience oust 80
"'""i  thenco cast 80 chuins  to  place nl   chains thei"'" west  ho chuins  (0  point  ol
TAKE notice Unit Jus A. Ryan oi Cor-
1 bin, B. C. occupation Bookkeeper, Intends
; to upply fur permission  lo purchase the
Caribuu Lund District - Districl ol Curlbuo. ] _.irj|„„, | ,m| 11.45,-\i .  Dislriel ,,l Cariboo. ' Cariboo Lnnd Dislrict - District ol Cnril
TAKE nolice that Alcxondcr Gngnon, ol j    TAKR '„„,;„ Um| ,t0i,„ f. NTotmnn, ol'   TAKE notice thnt Thotnna .1. V. Smith, - fo||0"wtag _c_cr'ibe_"Jaiid.:-
Vnncouvor, occupntion cabinet maker,  in-  8ti  Catherines,   Out.,   occupation  111,11.11    ol London Eng., occupntion lroight agent,     Commencing at a post planted 30 cliains
tends 1,1 npplv lor permission to purchase   fnct,ircr,  intends  ti   apply  [or permission   intends  to npply  Inr permissiun  to pur-: „..., -n(1 , mi|c south „t nl0 s„„th eMt   north   and   1%  milcs  west  oi  the  south-
the  lollowing deacrlbed   binds:- ,„ pUrc|laao ,iie lollowing  described lauds:   clinse  the  luliuwing  described  binds:- \mtua o( T,„t ,586; thence nnrth 80 chains   «"»' """er of Lot 1749;  thence south 80
Commencing at   a  pnsl  planted   ,  milo I    Coinmencing nt  .1 1 ust plnnted  2 miles |    Commencliig nt ,1 pnsl planted   2 ^ miles   i]mn  wcsl „_    .lmlnJ,  ,[mn >(|Ulh 8„ ., c|m|n8. u,,,,., WMt 8o cha)na. the„ce notlh
District  oi Cariboo.
TAKE nutiee lhat W. C. Gladwin, ol
North Vancouver, occupation gentleman,
intends to apply for permission to purchnse the following described lands:-
Coniiucnciiig at  a post plauted Ji milt
nurth and   10 miles easl nf lhe solllil west
coruer oi Lot 1,503; llience nurth 8u chnius
I   Bu  eii tins;     Uiclico  suulh   Su}'1'""1'"   ensl   Bu  clmins;     tbencc   snuth   8o I tiience  ens
nco  cnnl   Su'ehiiins   to  pluce  of   Ollnills:   Ihenee west  8c clinins  to  plnce of    chains;   :!„
.„i    ciintntliih.  t'|u ucres. comuieiiceillenl;  colltallling  h|u  acres. hQeillliiliG
March 13, i.n. .    ji,,,,,, iu!l  ,,„,.
...sl  of  the   north-west nnrth  and   2  miles east nf  the north-well
u   ihenco south Sn chnius comer ol I.„t 1,503; thenco nurth 80 ehains
ch -ns     thence  north  Bn thence  ensl   80   chnius:    thencc smith Bu
st   Sll cb.uns   to   pluce  of chillis;   llielue  wcsl  Bo chuins  lo  pluce ol
"l   11
tends 1,
I    Port    Hammond,  occttpntlo
laborer,   inieiuls   to   apply   fur   permissiun j womnn, intenils In apply for |"
lo purchuse the following described lunds: | purch,ise  tlio  following   descri
Commencing nt  a pusi  piunted  ', mile 1    Commencing al  .1 pust plnn
tinrth ami t.| miles east ol tlic sunth west I linrlli and  11  milcs c-'sl nl tin
,,p 15, THOMAS J. W. SMITH.
' March i.uli. tun.
of Cnriboo Curiboo Land District - District nf Cnrihuo.
i.m nl St. TAKli notice thnl Gertrude Smith oi
,u mnrried London Eng., occupation mnrried woman,
niissiu'i to Intonda to .ipply lur perinissiun to pur-
td Innda - chase tbe following descrilied liiuds:-
t,l 1 milea '    Commencing at ., poat planted 2 miles
chains; tbence east 80 chains.
np.29. JAS. A. RYAH.
John N. Miller, agent.
Mnrch 20th. 1911,
I 80 chains;  thence enst 80 chains.
I ap.29. W. C. GLADWIN.
I    March 18th. 1911.
John N. Miller, agent.
Fort Geurge Land Dislrict.
liistrict ol Curiboo.
TAKE  nolice  that Sadie 1).  Roberts,  of
Corbin, D. C. occupation mnrried woman,
iniends   to   upply   fur   permission   to  purchnse the luliuwing deserihed lullds:-
Commencillg nt a pnst planted 30 chains
1 w.si   norlli nnd -' milea enst
he iinrlli-west ' wcsl  and   t  mile suuth  at  the smith east
Fort George Land District.
District  ol  Cariboo.
TAKE   notice   that   A.   11.   Gladwin,   ol
Corbin,  11.  C.  occupation gentleman,  in
tends to apply fur perinissiun to purchase
the  fullowing  deacrlbed  landa:.
Commencing  nt   a   post  planted  ',  mile
north and 1'. miles west Irom the 8. W.
'"""lit:  cuiilnl
I'YRil, v. S. HERBERT.
'3, 19I1.
colilnillillg (1.10 acres,
ip'.'jj; ELLA SWITZKR,
ILr.ii   l.llh.   l.ll.
ust   ul   Uic   suulh wesi      .       .
Ihenco nnrlh 811 chains   curncr of Lot 1 503' Ihcnce sunth 80 elmins i enmer ol I nl 1 .slli- llience nurlh 8,1 chains   curncr ol Lot l,5u.l; llience smith 80 chains ' crner oi Lot  1568; thenee smith 80 clinins j curner of Lot 1749: thence norlh 80 chaina
Ihenee   suuth  80   Uicnco west  80" chains;    theuce  north 80   thonco  wcsl   80'chains;    thencc suuth 80   thence west 80 chuius;    tlicnce nortli  80   thence  west  80  chuins;   thenco  north  80 j thonce west 80    chains;   thenca aouth «o
chains;   thence enst 80 clinins  to  pluce ol j cbains;  thenco easl 80  cbains  to place of j cbuins;  tlicnce eust 80 chains to piece of
beginning; cniaining G.|o acres.                   beginning, comtnoncemont,           --.„.„.„
lip IS     LEONARD IIKNRY DICKINSON,   np.15,            CLARA NOTMAN. | np.lS.                   GERTRUDE  SMITH,
Marcli  13th,   1911.                                        I    March 13th.  1911. !    March  l.th.  I.n,
March  13th.   191:
chaina; theuce east 60 chains, j chaina; tbencc eaat 80 chaina.
ap.29.                 SADIE D. ROBERTS. ap.29.               A. B. OLADWIN.
John N. J'iller, agent, John N. Millar, aftlt,
March 20, 1911. March ilth.  1911. THE   HERALD
I   rl
District ot Cariboo.
District  ol   Cariboo. District   ol   Cariboo,
TAKE   notice    that   Mis    Harry  Alalo
Take notice that  J.  N.  Miller,   of j Wright, ol Ottawa Out., occupation m.ir I    TAKE notice thut  Miss.  Maze!  ll
purchase   port George,  B,  C,  occupation  ran- ried woman, Intenda to apply Ior permls-   '"' "' Vancouver 11. C. occupation -i
cher, Intends to apply for permission , ■"'""   '"  purchase  tl„-   following  described   Ur,  Intends  to  .ipply   u.r  permis-"'
■ 5 ""''"'   to purchase tbe   lollowing described  lands: purchase lhe lollowing described landa
1   I'"1   lands:   Commencing at a post plant-'   Commenc'jig at a pnst planted nbout 20      Commencing ut .1 post planted ui.1,1
"'   '' '"'■'   Cll  at the  S.  W.  comer ol  Lot 4.1,8;   chains  eust  ul    the  S.   W.  curner ol  Lot I u'e s- >'■ corner ol Lot 4350; thencc s,
"'once   thence nortli _n chains;  tliencc west  4357,  thenee smith (,n chains;  thence cast I*1 chains;   thence wost   10 chains   1
20  chains;    thencc   south  20  chains; ' in chains;  thencc nnrlh on clmins;  thence   ""r"' N"
, \uiii .AND DISTRICT.
H strict  m  Cnnl	
■jj  „,ujce  that  Charlotte  Hcndcr,
,   .„,np.ni,,n married woman,
Dislrict ol Port George,
TAKE    nnliee     that    ,,    a
,'lusc   Wr'K''n "' "Haw.1 Ont., occnpatiui'  •
PIUS-  li    C    IH'NNIN'
vtm. West. Agent.
tbence east 211 chains.
Mnrch 8th. 1911, Ap.l.
1   rt lie I;-.-  Land   District
District  ol  Carili   ■
TAKE  ' me    Unci   Lois   M   WI,
District   nl   Cariboo.
j west 211 chains to puint ol commencement,
' N.   W,   enrner.
.1    N. Miller, ngel
Murch  2.th.   1911.
,,r   pe
Win. nest, Agent.
puint ul commencement, N. E. corner. „l , inn
lnny.6 Miss    HAZEL   ROCHESTER, ap.8
J. N. Miller, agent       March
Murch  i.slh.   nm.
.  ' ' pennsstr,,, ... ,    intc|1|1.  l0 .-_!
;r':,;:'J"pin„,.-.i,'I"'- ^se „„. ,„i,,,w,,,4,, .„
n-les ,.,'4,  of the south-west      Coinmencing  at a  poat  pl,
I   !,, ,   ,,)',,   thencc  suulh  8c.
„,,!   Sn elmins;  thencc  nnrth
.. .   ,.,sl Bn chaina lu pice.
'    ■ -litis   tu   ,
west  ol  the smith w
Lot 926, then,.- BOI
west flu cll.lins; thei
tbence   eust   81
■st  cornet ol  Diatrin
th B„ chain,   ,!,„;M
tldliiiu l.ANI' DISTRICT.
"K <>." acres ,„.,
March 27th. mn.
Cur I. unl District     Dislrict "I Cnril"
TAKK  notico   that   I,   .1    II.   Glnas,
Vniicuuver,   II.   C,   occupation  irnieller,
I i-Itnissl,
., ,111,111,      TAKE notice  that   Douglas  McCall,  of! District   ot   Cnrihuu.
'  I""-, llrnnhs,  Alta., occupation  larmer,  intends      TAKE    notice Unit    Juhn   l.eggatt, ol
-to  apply   l'-r   iiermission   to   purchase the j Brooks,  Alia.,  occupation farmer,  intend-,
'   ""lcs   following   descrihed   lands:- j lu   apply   fur   permissiun   tu   purchnse   lhe ! ""'   allowing   deacrlbed   hinds:-
1 '«9»      Commencing at u pnsl planted adjoining  lollowing described binds: i    Commencing .it .,  post  planted  1 mil
"tb  *°   the north-east  coruer ol Lot 436I, thence j    Commencing at a pust planted ndjolning   "onli "'  ""'  N   *'•  cor"" "'    '"'   '"'
the S. W. comer ol Lot 4361, thence and nbout 4 miles north and 5 miles »
smith 80 chains; thence enst 20 chains; ol p""cl'° Uke, tlicnce nortli Bo clinin
Ihenee   nnrlh  Bo  chnius;     thencc.  wesi   20   'hence   ensl   80   chains;     theuce   smith
chains to point ol commencement,  N. W.   clwmsi  ""'"" we" 8o ll,'""s ' "'
corner commencement,   und  containing  640 ucr
' mu,-,. ,,r less,
mny b. .1    II   CLASS.
Mnrch 2.'.  1911.     John MucDonell, ng
i,l  Bay,
mis   ,n   -'I
M.itv   June   Ileiulersnl
intion   married » un
lot  permission  tn   r,-
iciiie    west   21
elllcnl,   N.   W.
south 80   chains;  tho
thence north 8n   chai
chums   In   puint   ,„   „
curner. „,
may,6. DOUGLAS  MucCALL.
.1    N   Miller, agent.
March 251I1   1911
tu nurcli.is
11.,v (,. JOHN'   LEC.GATT.
.1.  N. Miller,
March 25th. 1911.
District   nl   Carilmn.
PORT GEORGE  I.AND DISTRICT. Caril Land District     District of Ci
District   ,,i   Caril	
Dtstru-I  nl Fort George.
TAKK   nutiee   that    I,   Stanley  Wri.ht
.,;;;;„ei,',„   ,,  ;,  post plnntod 2 miles   ul Ottawa thu., occupalion Military-^|tt'
,„,|     _     miles   e.isl     "I   'be    suuth    lllteilda   In   .ipply   1,„-   permissinn   tl ,'
...Vnn- posi   il Lot  ''i'i   i1"'""' i""'"1 clmM  ""' l"""wmg  described lnnd,
r,ins    thencc  cast   8"  ih.nus;   ihenee Commencing ul u post planted ndiuinhn.
'go .hnins   tbencc wcsl Bn chnina ti the  S.   K.    corner   ,,l  Districl   I  i jj,
oi  commencement,     containing   640 thencc   weal   Bu  chnlna;   thenco  soutl   in
chnlna; thcuco eual nbout 80 chaini -   ,i
MARY  JANE HENDERSON Proser  River;  thonce  toll ».  -
,,, .,,,   ,,, 1 lie-rings ,,1 the rivet up dream 1
1 IRIBOO  l.ANU  DISTRICT. „  less.
Disirici  1 i r.u.i  ,p.aa, STANLEY WRIGHT
;E     ' ce tl il   1 tines !■'.  Grnham, nl      j,,,.,,,, !Hlh   ,.,,
,p.22. JOHN s   BLAKE
Wm. West, Agent.
March  isih   mil.
Hon George Land Disirici. I-  rt
Dislrict    1  Cariboo
that   Fred   X    Ekiss,   ol TAKK  1
n,  Aim , occupation  tinner,  intends .saut-ui  Ai:
tu  applv   lor   permission   tu   pur.h.ise  the lo  upply   1
toilowing descrihed lunds:- lollowing di
Coinmencing   .11   .1   pnsl   planted   ,il   thc      Cnl one,
south-west    crner    ,,,   I.,,,     nss    Them, -..null nl thi
TAKK nuiice tlmt James Clark,   -i Van
:  . miles      TAKK nutiic that H..r,y Al,,.,, Wright'    TAKK notico that Miss. Jean Ruehester vor ll  C. occupntion broker, intends ■•
I. 1 ih.jj   ol Ottawa Out., occupation accountant, in-   uf  Vancouver,   ll.  C.   occupation  spinster, npplv lur permission tu purchase the fol
41.mil  Bu   lends tn apply for permission lu purchase   intenda   to  npplv  fur  permission   to  pur lowing described lauds
nice nurlh   the fulluwing described lands:-                        chase  ihe  luliuwing  deserihed  lands.- Commencing  al   a   poat   planted  »  milcs
Commencing at a post planted about 2,,     Commencing nt a pust planted nbout 2,1 NorTh ol   the  N   W.  crner ol  Lot   1646.
I,                 ! chnius   easl   uf   the   S.   W.   enrner   ui   l.ut    chains   cast   nl   the   S    W.   corner   nl   l.ut and nbout   7 miles nurlh  and  i mile, west
{4357,  tlicnce Smith 80 chains;  thence west   4360;   thence  south Bu chants;  thenee  east .,1   Poncho   Lake,   thence  nortii  8a  chains
i 20  chains;   thence   nnrth   80   chains;   thence   2a  chuius;   theuce   north   Bn   chains:   thenee thence   east   8"     chains;    Uieuce   smith   8"
    eust 20 chains tn puint ni commencement   west 211 chains tc, puim ,,i commencement chains;  thence wesi 8,, chains to plnce ol
id,               N.  Pi. corner.                                                    N.  W. curner. commencement,   and   containing   1.4,1  acres
may 6.              HARRY ALAZO WRIGHT,   mny. h.     Miss. JEAN ROCHESTER. nmrc ,,r  lest'
Matt,   nl                                         J.  N. Miller, agent.                               •         J.  N   Miller, ngent. mny.6.            JAMES  CLARK.
r, intends      March 25th. i.n.                                    '    March 25th. 1911. March 22.  wil.     John MacDonell, agt.
ichase  the 	
urchaat thc id
Dislncl ui Furl Gcoree
1   ....   milea eoal   ol  lho    Bouth       TAKK notice thai  I, Mr.   a.    ,  a (
,,.., ,  ,..,., posi ol Lot  19$; Uienee north a   North  Nation Mills, Que.,    ...
,,, chains   thence   w.-st 80 .hains. Uienee married woman, iniends 1,, apply 1 ',',,',.,'.
, .mil  8,1   eliains,   llielue   east  Sn  chains   I, illlssluii   ,,,   purchase   Uic   [allowing   .'.ecu-
dace   "t   commencement,   containing 640 bed binds
„r,v JAMES  K.  GRAHAM. Commencing  nl   .1  post   plant,,!   ]t
March 71I1   tit a. nnrth   and    1 mile   weal   -a tl„ ,    r, ,,
 ■  west   enrncr   ul    Distrnl   I., t   >,■'    ,,,,.
CAHIIIIill  l.ANI'  DISTRICT K-.st   80   chains-,   ihenee   north  8.1 chains
Dislrict   ,,[   Caribuo. tiience   ensl     Bu   chains     tlicnce   wroth 80
Take    nutiee    that     Phillip    Lyons,    ol chnina   lo    place  .,1    , lenceluent   m
Nnrth   Ik-mi,   B    C.
natiuti    merchant
Ith   Bu   ch,
i   s  miles
I.nt     I.85
s ulh  8u
:,,,- imrth
Win   West, Agent.
March   151I1.
Fori  (
TAKK  11 ,u,
Nantun   Alia
lu   applv   1,1
lollowii i-   ties,
March bl
Fi It
TAKE   11
iniends   tu   apply   Inr   pcrmiss
I,,    purl
posi  plantc
Its   P.   RANSOM.
Win,   Wesi,   Again
■-   miles
1      but
s .nth
Mar.h   I.
Mil.I.IAM   H
Wm IV1
F it
nu- Land  District.
Districl  -a Carilioo.
TAKK notice thnl  Henry II   Dawsoit
N a    AIM ,     occupalii.n    merchant.
lends lo applv p.r permission tu pure
llu   following  described I Is
Commencing   nt  ,1  pnst   plnnled   1
Wm. West, Agent,
Match    15th.    I'UI.
Fort Gcurpe Land  District,
District  ni  t nribi n
TAKK tiniiii- Umt Jnmes A   Daws. 1
Nan,,,11,   Alta ,   occupation   merchant,
tends t„ apply lor permission to pur.
lh,-  1 .11 acne  described  1 1. -
Im,,,,,,-,,,,,,. ... ., posi planted 1
ai ulh ,-: the south weal , a .,-, ,.| I.ot
the ,,-   ».-.:   Bu  chains     thence   soutl
ap -'.' JAMES A    DAWSON.
Win. West, Agent.
March  15th,   1911.
Furt George I.aml District
Dislrict   ,,i  Cu: .
TAKK   notice    that   James   M.I.e
Nantun   Alta,    occu ion    clerk,   1
i-   applv   for  penuissi-.11   t.,  purchase  llu    ten
lollowing   deserihed   lands ila-
Commencing  nt   a  post   planted   1   mil,      t
s- ui.   : ■:,,- south west comer    .  I. ■   1 -      ,..i
Bn chains
ap -•' IAMES McI.EOD
Wm. West, Agent,
Marcli  15th   1911.
.March   IB	
1   11   lie .   ,   l..i
li  -:   1
TAKI-'.   n-i:,,-   il,-   Ai
,-   li    WI,
le.   ul
"    Nam    Alia,  occupati
:. farmer,  1
•s'    in  applv   : ,   permissi
1 -   plircha
c   the
lollowini   descri nl  lam
Cumin-     .
"   smith  ,,i   -,.,          ■    .,„
"    1892    Ihcnce  wcsl   •■   1
'■     mi   clinins    tin     ■
111,   ce
s .ul, Ha chaina
ip.22.               ARCHIE
W    West,  Agenl
March   i;Ui.   mil
Cariboo Land Disti   •
1   •:   ■    ICi
TAKE  notice 1    t  1
,      ',   ler.
tn purchase
ted 2 miles
.,   nnrlhwesl
1)1 Bu chuins
.,-   smilh   Ho
U,   place   nl
Fort Qe,.r
TAKE nolice 1'
ni   Nantun   A]:.,
intends   I,,    applv
chase    the   i..i:   w:
Land District
ol  l.,ni	
Irene I'   MacMu
ll '1
TAKI-i :. ti
Innke,   ,,|   M,
tarried woman,  intern
liasi.iu   in  purchase  t
ccest corner ol I., ' 1
tbence   west  80   chaina llience    soutii
chains,  thenee  east   Ha chains    thelice  I.
Bn chains.
Wm. Uest, Agent.
March   15th.   mil
: I   Mrs   Sidney Pore,
law,   Sask.,  .,;„;„,„„;
iuh   Bll
e north
Fort Geurge Land District
Diatrict  ,,i t.,r.	
TAKK  nolice   thai   Gertrude   Sears
Nanton   Alt., .  occupation   tcachel    into
ap .'.' Mrs   SIDNEi   PERCY COOKE,
i    Mar.li ..,,,1,.  lull
Dislrict    1 Fori Oeorge
TAKE  notice    lhat   I.  Churlea   Arthur
I.eeiler,    „f    Battled r-l.   S. ,.     . ccunutloi*
1B..2   the   . ,
Hn chains    • ence  eaal   -,  .. ,..      thenci
nnrlh   Bn   ,1,.,,,,.
Wm. West, Agenl
Marcli   tfith.   i.n.
Fort Oeorge Land Districl
Diatrict  ul Cnril	
TAKK   notice   thai   Snow   S    S,.,,s    ,,1
Nantun AH,,,,  occupntion  larmer,   intends
In   apply   i,,r   pcrmiss    to   purcliaae   the
lollowing   ileserilad   laud.
Commencing  at   a  pnsl   planted 2 miles
Suulh    ,,|    ||„.      ,011th west    crner     nl    l„.l
isBs   thencc eaal  B,, clinins;   llience soutl
Bu   chains     Uicnco   west   Bu   ,li ,,    ihclic,
north Bu ,li s
ap.22. SNOW H. SEARS,
Win. West,  Agent.
Mar, I,   16th.   I«ll.
ase ,hc 1 .Bowing ,1, icribed lands
ncing a, ., pnsl plnnted adjoining
ll    1 rnci   ol l,,st,i,i    Lot  92b; I
est    Bu   chains;    Uienee     nurth   Ho!
Ian,4 est Hi, iliaijis,   llience snuth
■ ' ■ i I u,  , 1 commencement, con 1
I ns ni re ur lesa.
26th    mn
Distances from Fort George
Fort George is central for a large area of country, the greater part
of which is suitable for farming, ft is located near the geographical
centre of the province and at the junction of two rivers, which are navigable for steamboats tor 675 miles. Going east and southeast, following the Fraser river up-stream, are the following points:
Miles from
Fort George
Goose Country  Rnnche   lb
Mouth ol Little Salmon        22
Mouth of Willow River       25
Giscombe Portage      41
Thomas Cabin       Cl
Moutii of Hig Salmon River       68
Month ot Hear River       81
Mouth of Tonequah Creek       95
Head ot Grand Canyon    106
Slim Creek   139
Dome Creek   15C
Clearwater River   164
Smoky River   188
Goat River   204
Garnet Creek    214
Know-shoe Rapids   218
Moose Rapids   220
Heaver River   257
Sh-swap Kiver    264
Tete Jaune Cache  (via surveyed line G. T. P. 206   milesl   ... 315
Edmonton, Alberta,  via surveyed line G. T. P. (estimated) ... 461
At Giscombe Portage, a wagon road ot eight miles ctnnects Fraser
River with Summit Lake, and Summit Lake is the source or head of
Parsnip River, which is the soutli fork ot Peace River, Findlay River
being the north fork, and from their junction the river is called the
Peace, Summit Lake is on the Arctic slope or watershed, for the
waters ot Peace River flow into the Arctic Ocean. The distances to the
following points via Giscombe Portage are:
Miles from
Furt George
Summit Lake      49
Fort McLeod, on McLeod Lake     116
Mouth ol Parsnip River     196
Fort Grahame, on Findlay River    261
Ingenica Mines, on McConnell Creek     360
Fort St. John, on Peace River    360
Going west and northwest and up-stream on the Nechaco and Stuart
Rivers the distances are:
Miles from
Fort George
Indian Rancherie No. 3       11
Mud River      20
Mouth of Stunrt River       57
Mouth ot Stoney Creek  (via Stoney Creek trail 75 miles)  ...     90
Fort Fraser on Fraser Lake (via Stoney Creek trail 101 miles   120
Fort St. James on Stuart Lake (via Stuart River)      139
Hums Lake, on Telegraph line trail     156
Aldermere, in Bulkley Valley     237
Hazelton, at head of navigation on Skeenn River     297
Prince Rupert, on Pacilic Ocean    459
South, via Fraser River and thc Cariboo Road, are the following
named places:
Miles trom
Fort George
Fort George Canyon       15
Hixon Creek Trail       45
Mouth ot Blackwater River      CO
Cottonwood Canyon  ,     75
Quesnel (Barkerville is 60 miles eaet of Quesnel)       95
Soda Creek  llower end of steamboat   navigation)        155
150-Mile House on Cariboo wagon   road  ...   183
88-Mlle House on Cariboo wagon road     250
Clinton     285
Ashcroft, on Canndian Pacilic Railway     230
Vancouver, on the Straits of Georgia     524
There are feeding places on the road between Fort George and Quesnel as follows: Long Meadow 21 miles, Round Meadow 38 milcs, Swnn
Creek 61, Goose Lnke 85, Quesnel 110 milcs. Blackwater Crossing is
on this rond, 60 miles trom Fort George, A trail runs cast from Fort
Oeorge to Bear River, 40 milcs
.' I'I res mure „r   ,..
chase   lhe  following  described  lauds March  27th    1911,
commonccng   nt   n    pnst   planted   2   miles	
smilh   and   lei,   miles   east   .,(   the    smith
eves,  comet  post  ni  I.,,!  339; Ihcnce norlli
Bn   chains;    lhe,-.e     e.isl     B,l   ih.iuis,   thencc
SOUtll   Bn   Uiains;    theme   west   Bn     chain,
t,, place ol commencement, contnining 040   u'    »    '
M,,r,h 7lh,   1911.
Districl .a Fort t',e,,rt,-
TAKE  notice  thai   I,  1,,.-;    Wrighl   „|
Ottawa tun , occupation spi
N   u
iwlug described lam
.llllllllicel.a     at     a     p,
( AKIlltitl LAND DISTRICT. imrch and 1 mile west ,
Distri,t ,.l Cnril  ol  Dislrict  Lot 926;  thence »,.-  -
Tale  notice   that   Hans   Peter  Ojellstnd, thencc   louth   B„    ,|, ^    thenc,
..I   Ashcroit   II-  C.   occupation  stableman, ,1 s. Uienee north su chains 1
intends  in  apply  inr   permisaion   in  pur     ommencement, containing 0411 gci
chase  ihe  toilowing  described  lands -r less.
Commencing nt  .1  pust  planted 2 miles ap.22. INEZ WRIGHT
sranh   and    lu     miles   east     ni   tlle     smith March  .';lli.   lull.
west   cornel    ni   Lot   349;   Ihenee   smith   Bu	
,luuis: thelice west Bn chains; theme north CAHIIIIill LAND DISTRICT
s„ chains;  thence enst  Sn chains 1,1 plan- Dislrict ol Fort t'.e»rse.
.,,    cunt 1
March  7th.   lull
I,   I.uella   W
1   Spinster
siun   tu   purchase  tli
Disirut  nl  Caril,"".
TAKK nnliee llial C.cur.c Ward, nl Ash
cult, occupntion hntelkeepcr, iuit-uds I
apply l,,r permission tu purehase the lull
owing described Innda:-
Commencing   nt   a   pnst   planted   :   mi!,-'        "'
!   I,,
aouth and in miles eoal nl the aouth
wesi corner nl Lot J49 thenco sooth B,
chnina; thenre east Bo chains: theme -a.rll
Bu (hains tbencc west Bn chains tn plan
1! commencement, containing (,40 ncres.
Marcli 7th.  1911.
Commencing   at    a   p 41   planted   1   nidi
West   ui   the   S.   U     c--rt'cr  nl   Diatl ,'   1,-
l.'b. thence imrth B,, chains  ihcnce .test Si
.hains:    theme     SOUtll      Bu    chaini       th,!;„
■us, Bu chaina to place ol conuncncetnenl
laming 640 acres more or le..
l.nai.A WRIGHT.
March 27th   19J.1.
lal-iboo Land Distnei  - Diatrict ol l'.,i
TAKK  notice  lint  Thomaa  !■    I.,
e.l  la
ti.m cook, Intend
In  piir.ha.e  tl;,
a p,,st  planted
bains;  thonce wesi 80 chaina I    place
.p.ls. THOMAS  ]•"   LEE.
.Mar.h  nth   Pin.
TAKE   notice  that    John  Copeland,
1,, purebnae ihe 1 lie
CAHIIIIill LAND  DISTRICT. north  and  ,   mile west
Dislriel   ,,l   Carilmn. ,    -irin-r nl  I.nt   I vu    till
TAKK   nunc.-   that   Nellie   Pauline   Hill     ''i'1'"'   east
,,f Vancuuver, nccupat ,,n married woman
,,f Vancouver, occupntion, married woman
use the lollowing described landa:-
Commencing .-i .. poal plnnled 3 miles
smith anil 12 miles east ol the aouth wesi
,-nnicml I.ul y)9; theuee nurth Bn chains
Uienee west Bn clmins- thenco BOtllll B,
ibains; tiience easl B-i chnlna tn place ul
commencement,  containing 640   uns. „.„ [or     ,.,,
up.8. NELLIE PAULINE HILL. ,,. deacribed land-.
Mnrch 71I1. 1911. c nencing  at  .1  poal  planted .• mila
 ' n..nh .md   1  mile wcsl ul the norlh-a
CARIBOO  LAND  DISTRICT, crner   ,1 I.,,,  I.Soj; Ihen.,
Distriet ,,( Cariboo, 'hence wesi  80    chains;  thencc
TAKI'    notice that    Chrlatophcr    .luhn   chnlna; thencc east 80 chains to
Turin,,,  ol  Vancouver,    occupation insur.   „",";"""'""   .„,HN  C0PELAND
once agent, Intends to apply Ior pcrmiss     '
mu   tu   purehase     the   luliuwing    descriiicd  ______
''"'.'ls:l , .    ,   ,  , ,      Cariliun Land Dislrict  - District ol Car!
Commencing ut a  pnst planted 2 nnl«.
suuth and 12 mllea coat .,1 the aouth-weal 'rAK|,:    """"•  Ul'"    l'"'"'""   ' m
corner  pust   ol  Lut  399:   thence nortii Be forth   Vancouver,  occupation    Carpei
cl is; thencc cast a„ chains; thence south intends  i"  apply  lur   permiasion
Bu chains;  tlicnce west h„ chains to poinl choac  ihe following descrii
6|0  acre
•u    isl  Plantc.
aps.         CHRISTOPHER JOHN Tl ItTtlN north and i\ miles eust nl the norlh-weil
March 71I1.  1911. euruer ol but 1303; tbence nnrlh Bll chain.
 '  thence  wesi  Sn    clinine;   thencc sooth Hi
Carihuu 1 .1 Dislrict  -   Districl ol Carihuu chains;   thence  cast   Ha chains  lu place "I
TAKE notice thai Jamea Robert  Ham    commencement; containing "4 res
ilton "i Vancouver, m,i 11.,,, hmker, ,1 '4 GORDON TOWN
tends In upply Im- permissinn  t„ purchasi u'ul'   '!•*'   l9"-
llic   lull,,wing  described  binds:! _—~~
Commencliig  nt  .,   post   planted 2 miles Cariboo Land Districl - Diatrlct of Carlla
suuih nml 12 miles vast ui the Boiitli west TAKK  notice that  Robert  Ilcnrj  Rich-
corner "I I..,'. 399; tbence sunth Bo cbains. urdsun  ol   Vancouver,  occupation Grocer,
Uienee    wcsl  Bo chains;    thence    nurlli 8,1 IntendB   in   applv   lor   permisaion   to  pn'
iliains;   tliencc   cast   80  chains   lu   place   ul chase   lhe   luliuwing   described   lands
commencement; containing 640 acres. Commencing at a pusi  planted •■ ""1"
up.8.            JAMES   ROBERT   HAMILTON, nnrlh  inui   17  miles easl   ul   the nortl  ■'"'
Mnrch 7th.  1911. cornet .,1 Lot 1,503; thence nortli Bn chaiM
 _ thence   eaal   Bll   .hams,     tlicnce   smith  *'
Cariliun Land Districl - Districl ol Cariboo,   chaina; thenco west Bu chains to |	
commencement, and containing 'i' "",s
TAKK notice that  Matilda S.  Hustings, ROBERT   IIKNKY   RICHARDSON
,1 Vancouver, occupation aplualcr, Intends     March 13th. 1911.
o   apply   Inr   permission    In   purchase   Ule '. —
' Cnriboo Land District   -  Distil,I oil   1
lollowing   described   land:
I   Commencing nl  11  pusi  planted (, miles ".'
west   and   1   mile  nurlh  nl  lhe smilh wesi ., !  """"'   "''''   ''■'""'*
mrner  nl   Loi  399;   thenee smith  Bn chains \'i"'""",r,   ".'lipullnll   bubul-
Ithencc  east   Bo    chaina;   thence  nnnh   s,
tbonce weat 80 chuins to point 0
lhat    .1.1
11 Li
tu   pn
Port Oeorge Land District,
D .int  -I Card	
TAKK ,,,,i-,4- thai   Norman  N   Hi
"I    Nnlil.,1,    All. en,,.,, r
tends lo   uiulv :,
Ilistrut -.1  Port Geurge.
TAKE inn,,- th.,1 1, Wil ie Wnters, ol
Nnrlh Nan,,n Mills, "in , occupation
larmer, intend. I., appl) f, 1 permisaion
in purchase the [ollowlng described Innda
I'uinmeiiciii;- ,1 ., p.si planted I mile
north  n|  the  N    tl    lull,i-l    .,   11,..nm   Lm
1,21,,   Uieme   11,,rlh   Bll  ,1     theuce   wcsl
Su ,1 s:  thenct Bouth So ,i„,,us   thonco
ensl Bii chains in place -,i commencement,
and '"'it 1' ',|n acres more .„■ less.
up.22. till.1,il- WATERS.
March 27th.  11,11.
.March   nth.   uji 1
Cariliun Lnnd District - Dislriel nf Cariliun.   .
TAKE  imlicc Ilml   Miiuil Kill,,11, ,,1 San    ",\
I-'nuicisen Cnl., occupntion mnrried woman
Intend-  in  npplv  Inr  permission  to pur
clmse   the   following   descrihed   lunds:-
wing described lands
C mencing nl 0 poal  planted 1 »*
dill   und    1    lillll-   West    ul   lite   nortli cd-s
nner ul Lnl   l,5i.l, thence BOUtll So 'll'""1
li In
ila.c c,i
wcsl   Bn    chains;    Hin
Ihcnce   onst   ho  chains
Mnrch  i.|lh.   lull.
Carihuu Laud District     District ol Carlb,
1 Lanil Dislrict  - Dislrict nl Cnrili,
1 d Disirm     DiBtrlct of Cnrlh,
Commencing m 1, p,,si pl oil 4 mllea  Cnrlhoo Lund District - Dtstr.c ..(Ori''""-
west mid  2 miles  -lh  ,,1 the nnrlhwesl       TAKK notice Unit Alfred James H'1^'
 r "I L"i 399; theuee  th Bn chnius-   "I  Vancouver, occupation    marine "i'"1'•
e  wcsl  80 cbains;    thencc smilh  8 lends  l"  upply  lur  pcrmlaainn '" I"
s;   Ihcnce   ensl   Bii   chains   In   plnOO   ni    chuSC  lhe  following  described  I
Dislrict   ni   Cnril,,,,,. |    .,.,,,.,,   __„__    ^     -.,„._   -^-^   ., I    .fAKK „_Um ,,|a,   ,   g_oU  -0|l|(1||||  .,
TAKE nnliee thut Jumcs N.  Crnli,  ne-   Vancouver,  11. C. occupntion hotolmnn, In-   Vancouver,   111 C,   occupnlloil    doctor,   in-   "P-'-v MAID  ELLIOTT,
cupntinii bunker, intends In npply (nr per-   u„,|_ t„ apply Inr permissiuli lo purchase   tends lo apply  Inr permissiun to purchnse i    Mnrcl' ""'   ''"'■
mission  u,  purclinsc  the  lollowing  deser,-   ulu   following   described   binds:- jibe  fulluwing described  binds: l~~. —
Commencliig nt n  pnst plnnted 9 miles 1    Commencing nt 11 pnsl planted  2 miles   Cariboo Lnnd Disirici     Districl ,,l Cnrlhoo.   ehnins; tlienco west Bu chains I" I
Coinmencing nl "n post planted 4 ""'"
wesi and 2 miles nnrlh ,,l Hie norlh*"
curner ul I,.,, 899; thencc north 8n ehaH*
Ihcnce   cist   Bii     chains:    llnnee   »"""'
Lire "I
bed lnllds:.
TAKE notice thnl  Murgnrel  linlley   ol i    Coinni.nciiig  nt  a  pnst  planted  at  the north  nnd  2"    miles' enst' ol  the  N.   E. I north and J m.lcs cnnl'of the N. E, coriior I    'J'AK'S "otlcc that George E. Clmlky, ... ,
iss-,,,1, t,, piinhas,   Vancouver   occuiiation'married woman' In. «outh-we_t    corner .,1    1,1,1   .,2118,  ihenee ,,,lm.r ,,(  Lot   ibsi,  uud nbout  11  miles | "I Lot 1635 ami nbout 4 miles north nnd   Vancouver, occupation haul, clerk, Intenda     np.15, ALFRED .lAllbiS IL-MI-1-1'
Innda lends in npplv i,,r permissinn lo purc'hnse wral   *" cl"11"" '"    ""'   Nechaco Kiver, „„rl|, nnd 3 miles est nl Poncho Luke,' .1 '"il"" cunt ul Poncho Lnke; tbence nnrlh 1 '" "I'b'y  l"r permission tn purchnso iiie     March nib. 1.11.
lamed  t mile,   the lollowini deacrlbed lands I thenco   lullowing  ibe  river down   siream tbence   north s„ chains;   Ihenco easl  a,,  8.1 cliains;  ihenee enst 80 clmins;  thenco I 'ollowlng ilescrlhcil land:
11,1,4       1 ;.'       1   .ll'U. II;,.     ,:,■■., I ,|,| il      la ||,p,                                                                    4                                             ."41144          , II      11.1     411,.1.1.,         nil,lie      1.1.4.      __      ■"■      -       - 4.      ......      ....     I IIII HIS,       IIH'UCC                                  «      "* n.-  „.,
icr ,,l   I.,,, |,B-,       Commencing   a,   a   pnsl   planled   |   miles   '"   ""'    ""r"' *eM     ''"n"'r   "'   '"'l   •li"s.    ehulns; llience solllil 8o chains;  Ihenee wcsl , south Bu chnius;   llience west 80 chains  to       l" ""'"H   "'   0   P'".1   planled   ,|   miles 111.   OEOHOB   LANII   DIS'IIU1 "
 '■ "'■■-•      ■   point   nl    commencement und  coiilnlnlug   Wt'si und 2 miles nortii nl th,. north-west
1 """" '" '"" 'W; tte'C '" "" *■'»« - '                    „nt   ICdl.h   Bn.^
su.ill,   B„   west    I   2  miles llullll nl' the imrth west 1 tl"'llcl'   ""n"1   8° ''hums   In  point   nl   cum-    80 e, s   t in,   nl  cuminenccnicnl,  nml   puint    "I     commencement   und   cuiilaiuing! *™l   uud  2  miles  ,„,n|i ,,|  the  nnrlhwesl District of I'lllibiu
ce norlh   corner ot Lot 3991 theuce aouth 80 ch  ''
Wm.  Went,  Agent.
•lanh   [611..   Pill ap.is.
Mar.h  nth.  ....
I'm! Oeorge land Diatrict
Diatrict   nl  Cariboo. Curibou I I Dlalricl      Dislriel   I'   rlbi
TAKli i„,t„,, ihai  Leonard C. Brown, ol TAIlIp; nollca that   Jctal.   a  mu: Glen
Nantun   Ana.  oectrpatlon   Inrmer,   inieiuls ol  Victoriu,  occupation   nurao   Intend,
i„  applv  i,,r  periiiissimi  tu  purchase  thc npply Im   permiasinn  lo purch   ,   tl„   1,
hdlnwing daaeribed  Inndai. |,,„,„,,  deacrlbed  laud,
Commencing ..1 a post planted  t miles     c Hieing ,,1  „ pnsl  plunUd 4 nn
s.niiii ,,i the aouth west conici m l,„t 1585 „,.M „„,i .| mllea nortl ,   th wi
llirnre   west     «,,   chain.      lli,-me   south   Bo cnrnel   nl   I.ul    uf,    llame  aoulh  Bu  chai:
chains; thencc east Bo chaina   thence north thence east  80    chains   thence  north
*■ chains;   Ihcnce   WCBI   Bu  .Imins   In   place
LEONARD I    DROWN cammenceinonl.
Wm. West, Agent. np.15.           JESSIE ALISON GLENN
I**  '""i-  '911, Mnrch 161I1.  1911,
lememeni, nml cotltniulllg 320 acres 11
thence  west 8„    chains-,  tlicnce  north  -,.'"'''""'■
ehnins:   thenct   ensl   811  chains   I,,   place  nl    "'"''■',
commellcetnent, afarcl
.th   1911.
containing 640 acres moro nr less.
■ nb.29. JAMES  POLLEN.
j March 24.   1911      .Iuh,1  MacDonell, ngent.
Cnrlhoo Lnnd District     Dlalricl ot Curiboo,
TAKE uolli
tends   Vnncouver, 11,
"P29. J. SCOTT CONKL1N, thenoo ensl Bn ,hnins; Uienee north 81'. 'I'n^1' ""Ucu thill I'1'11"1 , ||
March 2|. nm .lul,,, MacDonell, agent chains; llience wcsl B„ eliuins lo place ul """"I'I-". of Month Kort HcU-'1'' '.
 , lioglnnlng. I!,,  occupnlion miu'rli'il  womnn,
l aril,.,., I.an.1 Hisi r, 11      Diatrlct ol Cnri    v-nriooo nniiii uistncc - uininci 01 uirmno. 1 vuir 1.111111 inairicl - liistrict ol Cnrlbnn,      n.,,,1,   ,,,1,    ,,:|[
TAKE notice llial  l.ni  Vasl , ul Van        TAKK null,,•    ilml    John     llllliiinii,   ot |    TAKK   nuiice   thut     lien   McDnllgnll    nil""
■ ■"■ •' - • izi (i.imHo" «■ -—■- zz,n.:: tS^^iSrssiis!
,1, .cribed   lands
lunds: Commeiiflng at 11 I""1' •' .;,,,
pnlion Clerk, Intends   Vnncouver,  II.    C.  ncciipiithin    Clerk,'hi-   Cnriboo Land Dlalricl     Districl   IC    1        e''   al)OU''   "llu    'll111    olu'1"'1'    ,,|
In   pill,base   Ihe    lu   apply   lur   permissinn   to   purchnse   Ibe    lends   tu  apply   for   permission   lu  purcliuse       TAKE nolle. ,1   ,  ,-, .        "'    WCIllu   ",mI   *»"J«"■ IL   OIIO   mill'   ""•' '       ,
'"" Icicribod lnnds:. tho  wing described I is:      ' | „, V-.,c,,,",!i•  -l!!„Ln!„!,"!!-..?Vn!V,lll,lf'   tho.". W, cornor ol Lot lM.:*"^
640 ui ro
poal  plnnled 10 mllea     Commoncliig  si  plnnled 1. miles     Con ncing .,, „ p,„t  „ „ „„,,,   .         '   ""'l'ii""n spiuaUr, InlcuilB went   8(1   chain.:   then,','   """",„„.,
,1 ,.i 11,, N   K  crnei   north .nut 2 miles eusi nl the N. E, comer   nonh  nud   2 milea   anal   ol   11,,.   N   I,    l„||„w  „ ,      \      ,   ',"       '"'" '" ""' chains; thonco eaat 411 il-Blns, H"".
"" " ""bs lh ni  l.ui  1O..3 ami  ,1  in miles  Hi uud   corner  nl   Lnl   i6js and  nliuiii   ,j  ,„,!,,     i-,,,,,,,',,,       ','     :   , ""ith 80 clmlliB t„ tho Nochncti ri»
■I,"  Late,  Ihenee nnrlh     1  miles  easl   ,,l   I'mnhn  Lnke,   llnnee ,„,r nl ,1   .1   mlles   east    ,„„■ ,„„,            .         ,     "«   '"    "   l"'M   PlOlltc.l   (,   lllllos or;    UlllllCil    following    llHIlkH   nl   ""'.
a.-l    Bu   chains     Ihen, e    Bn   clmllla;    thelice   easl   8„   cll -:    Uieme    theme   nnrth   Bu   ,hnins;     Ihenee   easl    80    .,„,,.,'  '     |  !'"'   '    ""llll. uest     llp-lnn,,,,   In   |, I.   of   Cl.llimelll'l''""1 .
11 chains   tbonce west 80 chains to   south 80 clinins; thonce west 80 elinlns to   west chainB; thonco aoulh 80 clinins; thonco   ihen,   '    :"''""'""' -'"""b Bo clmins; nml coiitnlnliin-    Hill ncres, m""'
 iiii'cnceineiii,   ,   cuiinuii.i.g   lo plnce nf commoncomoiit, nnd contnining   west Bn ,1 a to point nl commciiceinont,   chnina.  ,'m           . _'*    '!"•'""  "'""'  K" '»»»■     Hi'C'titly    Hiirvoycd nnd   ""'"'
-  ",""- pi b-ss.                              640 ncrea more ot less.                             and conl ng , res mor ■ less,         i„'„,,„,.,„,      I ''"          ' " '" I'1"'0 "t borad Lot 4202.
IAKL. VASIIIIN.                  np.29.                .IIUIN  HILLMAN.              . ap.29.                  IH'.N MoDOUGALL.           I nn la             r. 101)1 T11  KMII.Y ROBUBTS,
24    1911      John  MacDonell,  ugent. , Marcli  24   1911.    John  MacDniiell,   agant. ] Murcli  24.   1911      John  MncDonoll,  ngent.'    March  11     .          ,IIXA ''• HAS'iTNCK. p, (|.  [J. Uotlckcl', agent.
' ""' Mnrch 10, 1911,            (mch-H.) MAY 20, 1911.
Disirici nl Cariboo.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ District I  Caribuo.
I'AKE notice that Albert Edward Trcg- j   TAKE notico that  Marl Hull, ol Van-1
I   „i Vuncouver, occupation  gentleman,   couver, occupation laborer, intends to ap-
,;,„!, to applv Inr permisaion to purch-1 ply Im- permission to purchnse thc tollow-
,. the fullowing described lunds:- , ing descriiicd lnnds:.
.oininellcing  ul   Bt  plnnted  I. miles J    Commencing  nl   n   pnst   planted  b miles
ml, and I-' miles east ol llle suulh west | Snlltli nml l| miles east nl the snuth west
met of I.ot 1,503; Ihenee .nnrth 80 chains . enrner ul Lot 399; tlienco south Bo clinins;
,.,,,, cast Bu elmins; Uienee .snuth 8,1 ■ Ihenee west Bn chuins; Ihenee norlh 80
„ins:  thence west 80 cbuins to  plnce ol | cbuins;   tbencc  cast 80 cbuins  to  pluce ol
,,111,,,,.,1,,-iiiciii, contnining 640 nc
March 13th.  i',"-
District ol Cariboo.
TAKK  notice    that   John   V llcrsmi   ot
I'ancolivcr,  uccupatiun    clerk,    intends   to
,|.|,1\  for permission to purchuse tlie lol-
.,„,;; described lnnds:-
Commencing   ut   a   pnst   planted   2   miles
1 till and   13 miles eust ot the nurlh wcsl
rner pnst ol I.nt  1503; tlicnce suuth 80
hains    thelice eaat  811 ehnins;  theuee nurlh
■ ,, cha ; thencc wcsl Bo chains lo puint
March  i.Uh.   1911.
beginning. B	
np.8, MARK HULL.
Murch Slh.  ion.
District  ul  Cnrihuu.
TAKE imlicc  that  Chester Jackson, of | Vaucoi
Vancuuver, occupation  laborer,  intends  t<
nl Van.
ase   the
cm 1
south a
comer ,
>f la
ul   C
■   /,
"■I    IL    Mel.,-,1;;,.,
married woman,
District ul  Cariboo.
TAKK nutiee Hint Robert I,. Pack]
ll  und   Hi miles  e
ler   pnst   nl   I.ul
District ut Carihuu.
11 hard, ni      TAKE   nuiice   thut   Thomus  Curgan,  ot
I,   intends   Vancouver,   occupation    agent,   intenils   tu
chase   tlle   nppiy    inr     permissiuli
inlluwiiig deserihed  lands:      ^^^^
I   4  miles '     Commencing   al   a   pnst   plnnted   4   miles
...IIIh west    smith  aud   12  miles  east  ul  the  snuth-west
soutii  Bn   comer ,,[ Lot .199:  thence nnrlh 80 chains;
t   80   chailis;   llience     soutii   80
Dislrict  uf  Cnriboo.
Dislrict of Carihoo.
, I.aml Dislrii
u ui Cariboo. 1
11.1   dial   Samuel    Anient nl
, ,-upat   tobacconist, Intends
Bcribcd  lands -
ig   at  a   pusi  plaiiled   l','  mill
npply   (nr   pcnnisali
fulluwing   descrilied   I
Cuii nicing „t 1,
smith nml  i.|  miles 1
corner nf Loi 399, tl
Ihenee   easl    Bu   chai
chains;   llience  weat
0    pure
CARIHUU  i.am, district
Distri 1  ,.| Cariboo.
I'AKIi   notico   lhat   Marc-   McCrcary,
'   intends
apply  for   permis
March 8th.  mil.
Disirici  uf  Caribuu.
TAKK  notice  that   Jesse  ('..   Miller,   of
.ancouver, occupation manager, intends lo
nlnttienecliieul.   Containing  o.|u ucres.
tp.8. Till,MAS CORGAN.
March 8II1.   1911.
TAKE notice that Ernest Shaw, of Van- .    -,,.,,      ,,..__
nuver, oecupatiun Clerk, intends to npply ! ,.TAM'  "°Um  "">'   Ernest   Reynolds  ol
purchase   the I Ior  permissinn   tu  purchase  lhe  following   , „",g""vcr' funatlon insurance agent, In.
descrilied binds- I ""'ls l" "rfJ.   f"r perm,..,,,,, to purchaae
Oamueneluat  a  P-st  planted  6  miles   "» l"""™«  "-cribed  lauds:,
snuth and 8 miles east ol the snuth-west   . Lunnie.teing  at  a  post  plaated  2  milea
crner  pnst  ol  Lut  399:   thence  south 80    "' '"',,'. '.„      t      "' th. »Mll'-™rt
1  I coruer of.Lot J99;  thence south 80 chains;
thencc  east   80    chains;   thence    nortli  80
chains; theuce west 80 chains to point of
commencement; containing 6.|o acresl
March 7th.  1911.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^,     chains; theuce west 80 chnius; theuee nnrth
hence west 80 chains to  place ol I 80 chains;  thencc cast 80 cliains tu  point
Iiislriet   nf   Cnrihuo.
TAKK   notico   that    John   G,   Cukson,
nf  Vancouver,    occupation!  secretary,  iu-
iollowillg described  l.i
Commencing at  a  1
G miles j smith   nml   I   mile  Ofl
if the suutli west ! curner uf Lot   199   tin
linrtll  Bu chains; ! thence   east   Su   ,1	
Uieme   suulh   80 [ chains;   Ihellce  wcsl   81
.h unci 14 miles e
icr   pnsl   uf   I.ul
purchase   the    tends tn npply fur permisaion lu purchnse
danted   .1   miles       Commencing   al   1, pnst   planted   4   miles
the suulh west    suulh and  12 miles ensl nf the smith west
f commencement, containing 640 acres.
March 7U1.  1911.
District ul Cariboo.
TAKE   notice   that   August   Delricw,   of
Vancuuver, occupation foreman, intends tn
apply   for   permission    to    purcliase    tbe
luliuwing described  landa:-
Commencing  at  a  post  plnnted  4  milcs
east ot the south-west corner of Lot 399;
March 8th. mn.
. I'm.
lent. Contnining (140 a
March ml..
curner  pnst  ,,1   I,,,t  3c)9;   theuce  suulh 80   thencc south    80    chains;   thence enst    80
chains; thencc west Bo chains; thence north    chuins; theuce north 80 chuins; Ihcnce west
So chuius;   tiience  cast  80  chains to place   80 chains to point of commencement,  Con
ni commencement; containing 640 ucres.      ; taining 640 acres.
I    Marcli Slh.  mn. j    March jy,,   ,9„.
^^^^^^^^^^ until we
1 nl l.ut 1,5m; Ihcnce north 80 elm
,- easl 81, chains; llience Boulh
s,   Ihenee   west   80  chains  tn   point
iciicciiiont; clntniiiing (.40 acres.
■ch  i.Uh.   1911.
District ol Cariboo.
TAKK nntiee that David Alexander M
llellalid, Vniicuuver, occupation furnitiii
ealer, intends tu apply fur permission 1
lircbnso lhe lullowing described binds
Commencing ut a pust planted i
Dislrict   ,,[   Carilmn.
TAKK   nutiee    lhat     Lewis     Dornla,   nl
Vancouver,    oecupatiun  clerk,  intonda  tn
applv   Inr    permission   lo    pureiiase    the
luliuwing   descrilied   lalids:-
CoillinCllcillg al a pusi pl.itileli l.| miles
easl ,,l llle BOUtll west Curner pnst ut I.nt
t'I'l. Ihenee nnrlh Su chains; thence west
Bu chains: tlicnce suulh Bu chains; Uu-ii.c
easl Si, chains to point id commencement
containing 640 acres.
March, Slh.  1911.
District  ,,i  Cnril,
TAKE notice Unit  Stanley M. Johnson,
.( Vancouver, occupation insurance broker
ntends to apply to,  permission Id purch
■I    PUSIM	
es .-..-.I ,,i tl,,. aoiith-wca
1 thence north Su chains
chains   thence aouth  ft
District of Cariboo.
TAKE   notice   that   Ernest   John   Chap-
I man   of  Vancouver,  oecupatiun   Machinist,
intends  to apply for permissinn  tn purch-
mh   Bn   curner of I.ot 399; thence SOUtll Su chains: ; jse  tlie  following described landa:-
District nl Cariboo.
TAKE notice Unit Harold Joseph
Greaves, of Vancuuver, occupation clerk,
intends to apply for permission to purch-
ase lhe  luliuwing descrihed   lauds:*
Commencing nt a post planted 2 milea
soulh and sixteen miles east „I the snuth-
west curiiec pust ni Li t ,199; thence snuth
80 chuins; thence west 80 chains; theaee
north 80 chains;   Ihcnce  east  80 chains  to
point   ul   commencement;   containing 640
acres  inure  ur  less.
March ?th, 1911.
commencement; containing 640 acres.
Mnrch 81I1.   mn.
Distriet  ul  Carihuu.
TAKE imlicc lhat Janet Wilson, ,,I Van- j bruker, in...
eupatiuii book-keeper, intends to j purchuse the
District  m   Cnriboo. Districl   oi  Caril,;,,,. Diatrict of Caribou.
TAKE notice that Charles G. Van Hook TAKE notice that Mclenc Miller, ol New TAKEnotice   thnt Henry   Bradley,  nl
nf   Vancouver,   occupntion   agent,   intenda Y, rl, City, occupation spinster, intends lu Vancuuver, occupation prospector,  intends
tu  apply  for  permission  tu  pur.h..se  tin- apply    f,,(-   perinissiun    tu   purchaae   thc tu apply  for permission  to  purehase  the
following  described  lands;- following desirilied  lunds:- toilowing described lnnds:-
Comraencing ai  a  poal  plauted .| miles Comnieneing nt a pnst plnnled 4 miles' Commencing ut a post planted 6 miles I
south nml  l| mileB eaal   01   the smith west    smith and   12 miles east   nl lhe smith west    suulh  nml  8 miles  enst  nl   the  south-west |
comer ul but 399; Uieme nnrlh So chains;   comer post  ol  Lot   199;  th,
thence  cast    Bu chains     Uienee  smith   B,i   chuins; thencc ensl 80 chaina; thencc north   thence   cost  80    cnains;   thence  nnrth  80,    Cummencing  at  a  post  planted  2 miles
chains:   thence west   Su  chnina   In   place  of   80 clinins;  thence west   Bn  chains  tu point    cbuins;   tbence  west 80 chains   to   place  of   South   and   If,    miles  enst     ol   the   snuth.
commencement;   cunt iitg  640  ucres. of commencement;  cuntaining Bin acres.       commencement;   containing  640  aires. west enrner pust nf Lut 399- thence nortl.
up.8. CHARLES G. VAN HOOK.        ap.8. MKI.ANK MILLER. 1111.8. HENRY BRADLEY. 80  chnlna;   thence  east  80  chains;   thenct
Murch 81 li-  mil. j    Mnrch 8th,  mil. |    March 8th, 1911. | south 80 chains;  tbence west 80 chains to
the   place   ol    commencement;    containing
6.|o acres.
Dislrict oi Cariboo.
nmcncjng nl
1  and  4  mile
r ,,f I.,,i   -,,,,,
i pnst plnnted 2 miles
cast nf ihe south-west
thonco nnrth Sn chains;
:li and lu miles east ul lhe south-west
tier ,,l I.ul 1,5,(1.1; theuce smith 80 clmins
III ,,- wesi 81, cliains; nurlh 80 chains;
enci    easl   Su   cl s   In     place   nl   .1,1,1-
ic cement; containing 1,40 neres. I ,;,.,;,,_. ,1,,,
11 Will ALEXANDER McCLELLAND,    L[ commen
Starch i.uh.  ..,.1. Lp.8, JANET ms-N
 !    .March, Slh.  ,,,,,.
I                    Diatrict  ut  Cariboo. Dislriel  ot Cariboo.                                         District  nf Cnnl,,,,,.       '                                      	
I Gould  Sm.tTol    Vuu ZZ" cen,,uWt,_„ V^Z Z" ?*.•*"" ''' ''i"""""' "' Z^ '""T """ C""r'"S ''" Miller' '" I    "KB   no"to 'That'  ^orgc' McGee,   ol I "March 7tb,lTn
Smyth,  ,,f    Vancouver   0 cupation num.,   occupation   married    woman,   New  York City,  octupation  salesman,  in   Lytton, occupation rancher, intends to np-1 —~-
_  deserile          1 ' . MlZ,      I    '"'Z7"\       ""' ."' , ,'," ""'"y '"r l,crmissi""  l" !>»""«   ply ,„r permission to purchase tbe follow
... 1 .„.,,„     _■„_...«.•_■-■■.«              .            ,i-                              .   -fi   ucscnued   lands:- .ast'  the  iollowui;; described   aids:- tie Jol owim.   described   bnnk-                                   .       ■.    .   .     i
le, i ;'Z ,       ,   '"■ .""'V""'  '"    l'"rcllaae   ""'      Commencing at „ post plnnted 14 miles I    Coalmen-  •'  « ..' -1   . ..:,.. :    r...„.L!'!._.   T'TL _."„..., ,   .,    I '"? '""cribed lands:
"=» ; Hiiinwnij^ described  lands:- 1^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
V. appl
:l?.-.....i\.l"',S\.,1'Vi''.!''l1.,.i.'',!.'.'.!.   JlT.!.'1?-'.. P°S. ,',.a"..e'1 t"l,,m'lear'colnmencbig'at''a' pnst planted  14 miles
east ul the smith-west corner post of Lot j suulh and 14 tn ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
.199;   tbence   nnrlh   80   chnius;   tlicnce   easl : curner ni Lut 399:   llience south 80 chuins;    enrner   pust   nl   Lot   399:   thencc   nortii   80
wcsl 80 chains tu  the pluce ol commence- ■ chains;   thence  cast  80  clinins   tn   plnce ul   80 chains   ;lhclice east  80 chains to  place
I ment. Containing 640 ncres.                           • commencement; containing 610 neres. , uf commencement;  cuntaining 640 acres.
CHARLES EDWARD COULD SMYTH.        np.8.             ELLEN. 1'.   VAN HOOK. j ap.8.             CHARLES  G.  MILLER.
March Slh.   inn.                                          j    March 8th,   1911. j    Marcli 8th.  mil.
uonusin tiNvi 01 m 111 v.)
District ot Cnrihoo.
I IKE   nutiee   that    Ivor   Thomas,
. uver, occupation laborer,  intends
;.,   l,,r   permissiun   tu  purchase   llie
- described lauds:- Hb i ,,.,,,t...  ,
mmencing at a I'ust plnnled  I . miles ] ,;,,. ,1(]|
til  and   lu miles  east  nl   lhe  smith wis, I     (-,,,__
-im l.ni   ,,5.3; theuce suulh 81, cliains    KMtl
,-   easi   811   chains;     Ihcnce   nnrlh   80   C(micr
thonce  west s„ chains  tu place uljn,,.,,,.
District ul Cnriboo.
TAKE notice  that   Arthur  Pcarse  Jack-
ati, ,,l  Vancouver, occupation Clerk, in-
applylur permission  tu purchase
illCillg   at   a   pnsl   planted   2   miles
id   4   miles   east   nf  the  BOUtll west
l l.,.t   J99; thencc north 80 chains: |
lh and 10 miles east nl the south-weal j east ot the south-west comer post nf Lul
399; thence soutii 80 chains; thence east 80
chains; thence nortii 80 ehnins; thence west
80 chains to place of cnminenceinenticnn-
taining 640 acres.
Marcli 8th, 1911.
Dislrict  nf   Cariboo. District  ol   Carihuu.
TAKK imlicc lhat  Norman  E.  Ilelmick, I    TAKE   nntiee   thnt   Conway   Cortwrlght
District ot Caribuu.
TAKE nntiee that  John  William  Allan,
Dislrict of Cariboo.
TAKE notice that Rufus Gardner Chamberlin, nf Vancouver, occupation chief of
Police, intends tn apply for permission to
purcliase the fulluwing descri'ed  lands'-
Cummencing at a post planted 2 miles
south, and 16 iio'es cast nf the south-west
crner pust of Lot 399; thence north 80
chains; thence west 80 chains; tiience soutii
80 chains; thence east 80 chains to place
nf commencement; containing 640 acres.
Marcli ?th,  mil.
District  of   Cnrihuu.
T..KK   nnliee   tnat  Lacblan   McKay	
nm!"..   un.,'^r'lm-ss^^ .'a.C°"VC'.    rCC""at    *7^."H **▼■«»««.   occupation   broker,   Intend
tends to applj   for permission to purchase     0 ap  y   or   pormissiol,   to  purehase  the    ends   0 apply fur penuissiuu  to purchase I ,„  npply  l„r  permission   tn   pur base  the
'""'■" ""'    ' '--                                 the fulluwing descried lands:- , „     ! '   ,       .,   ,  ,     ,
.    ,,..,:,..          .                             , fullawiiig described lands:-
iaiited  4   miles      luiiiiuencillg   at   a   pust   panted   1   mile; r>           ' -         .             .,.._-,
, ,,          ,,        , ■ , ,.,,        ,          .,        '        ',               „„ic Commencing at a pnst  punted   16 mi es
,t  the south-west    smilh   uud   1   ,,„ e   east   nf   the   south-west '       ......        .                  .  .
- ,   .                             L  sunn, west . east 0f the south-west corner nf  I.nt  394;     r  .,   ____,
rner „f Lot 399; tbence soutii 80 cliains; ] „,t„.c  „„r,h    8o   -,,„;,„.   ,|,c,,Ce   wtst   80 i "[  Montreal   occupation  engineer,   intenda
ence  west   So   ehains;    thence  nortl,   80 c|lnins. tllellce s0„t|, 8o .,,„(„,. t|lc„cc east I ^apjily  lorjiermission   to  purchase  tb.
the following described lands:- I following ilescribed la
Commencing nt a pnst planted 14 miles , Commencing at a pi
east nl the south-west corner pnst ot Lot south and 14 miles eas
39:,- thence suuth 80 ehnins; thenee west 80 ; enrner ul Lut 31,4: thei
chains; thence nnrth 80 chains; thenee east thencc cast Sn chains
Bu chains tn puint ,,! commencement. Con-1 chains; theuce west 80
District ot Cariboo.
TAKE  notice  that  David  Edward  Blair
lulitallillig   hpi
suulh   80
laming 6.|
outh 811 cbains:
lience nortli Bu
ins  tn  place ol
md Dislrict - Districl ul Caril	
lotice lhat  James Cline ,,[ Van
cupation   tenmster,   iniends     t,
permission   to  purchase   the   lnl
icribed l.nids--
, mg   at a   pust planted   I1, mllea
tn miles east nf the snuth west
l.ut 1,5031 tliencc nnrth Bu .hams
sl Sn 1 hains; thence smith Sn
on ,- east Bn ehains to place Cll
nent;  eontaining bin acres.
uli. mn.
1 mure ur less,
____________________________   , ..p.8. I.ACIILAN MeKAY.
tencc west Su chains to place of     j,,,.,.,, gU|   „„,
■ii.cut,  containing 640 acres. j	
8th.   mn. District  nl  Caribuo.
commencement;  containing 640 acres.
March 8th.  ,',,,.
!l™!^C.S_.8°,„'l,1'"a.l0.i'0.'''t °' i *>" chains''to"p,ace'orcomiueii'ceineiit; con-
chn         ^^^^^^
commencement; contnining fuo ncres.
I   March 8th. 1911.
TAKE   11
Seward, ot
Ij  f-.r per
B Dislriel  ,,i  Cariboo,
  [    TAKE  notice that  Rnbert  James  Reed, I    TAKK   notice   that   Allred   Prcscott
Land District . District ot Cariboo. I „,  Vancouver  oecupatiun    gentleman,   in    Vancouver,  occupation
tends in apply fur permissiuli tn purchase   to  npplv frn- permissii
illowing described bin
Commencing ut a  ,„
that Frank Watson, of
mi miner, inluils In ap-
n to pureiiase the follow-
bed la
u 1 1 Distriet - District ul Caril	
ih.   notice   that   Ada   Hull/.,   ui   Van
r, occupation married woman, intenils
lc   lur  permissiun   tu  purclinsc   tin
described lands:-
■::,:,, mg   al   a   pust  planted   l',  mile:
I S miles  easl   ul   thc  smith wcsl
■   I.ul   I,jut;   Uunce smilh Sn cholUl
west  Sn chains;    thence  north b-
thence easl 80 chains to place ol
 cut, containing 640 acre.
iuh   mm
Land Distriet - District nl Caul	
uver   oecupatiun    gentleman,   in
upply fur permissiuli tn pnrcluis
the following descrilied luiids:-
Commencing at a pnst planted 6 mile
east nf the south-wesl   corner pust  nf  la;
t a post plaated  I1, milcs   399:   thence  nnrth  8u  chuins;   tlicnce   wes
j sunth  .unl  f, miles  east   nf  the suiith-west : 8"   chains:   tiience  suutli   80  chains:   thenc
crner ol I.-d  1,503; thence north 8,1 clinins ' east 8,1 cbains  u, point nl commencemen
thenco   west   8,1   cliains;     thencc   smith   80 ' nnd containing B|o acres
) chains,  thence easi 80 eliains tn place ol   ap.8. ROBERT JAMES REED.
j commencement. Mareh 8th.  mil.
, .p if,. FRANK WATSUN.	
Mnrch nth.  1911. CARIBOO  LAND  DISTRICT.
 . . Iiislriet ul Cariboo.
Carihuu Land District - Dislrict ol Cnriboo.      TAKE   notice   that   Neil   McRoberts,   o
I    TAKK   notice   1b.1t   Caroline  ll-w,   ot  Vancouver,   occupntion    clerk,  intends   b
-r,   in   ' npp'y    fur     permissinn   tu     purcliase     lh
rchase   fulluwing described lands:-
icd  1.„„Isp4^^H| Cmmc-ucmg  ut  a  pust   planted  4  miie
pnsl   planled   l',  miles : suuth  uud   IU  miles  easl ul   tlle  SOUtll wes
mill  and   I, imhs  east   "I   the  smith west j curner   pnst   ol   but   3u9:   Ihenee   north   S
irner ol  Lot nm. thencc norib 8,, c)..insi chains; thencc cast Su cliains; thenco sum
lenco   east     Bn   ili.iiiis-    ihcnce   south   Su   811 chains:   thenee  west So chains  to  plac
labia-  thence west Sn chains in place nl   "I commencement. Cuntaining 640 acres.
imme'neement, containing 640 ncres. | up.8. NKIL McRQBERTS.
1 15  the. CAROLINE BEAN.
March 13
Distriet   ,,f  Caribuo.
TAKE imtice that Frank   Kirkpatrick of
i""'-   intends   Ashcroit,   occupation    rancher,   intends   tn
,__„_„,,     , purcliase   tlie ■ apply   for    permissinn    t„    purchase   the
described lands:- , fo|i-wing iQi„ilxA  |.„d...
,1,1, .„IT,,-'.   "   '_.     .',."'      ■'i'"1'"1    C""""'-"c'i"K  a'  a  pust  planted 6 miles
■ and 6 miles east o   the aouth-wost   s,,i„i, ,, 2 mik, east of the south-west
_!__■ ,,',        w i'i  R    T ,1   '" ,"   C"rm'r "'  '•'" WI  thenee smith 80 chuius;
.mis. Uienee west 80 clinins;  Ihenee smith    thence   west    8,1   chains-
chains;   llience easl   Su  ih.iins   tn   plnce I chains;
Mr 1, in,' ^mD ,,i(KStUTT'    I "P* FRANK KIRKPATRICK
March 8th.  mn. |    M.r.h ;(]i   ._Ir
taining 640 acresl
March 8th,  1911.
District of Carilioo.
TAKE notice tdat Nellie Allan, of Vancouver,   occupntion    mnrried    tvoman,   intends to apply fur permission to purchase
the following described  lands:-
Commencing nt a post planted  16 miles
east ot the south-west comer post of Lot
399;   thence  north  80   chains;   tbence   east
thence imrth  80 j 80 chains;  thence soutli  80 chuins;  thence
, , ' s" chains to the place ' wcst 80 chains to place of commencement; I ase the fulluwing descrihed laads:-
g 040 acres.     | „t commencement: cmitaiiiing 640 ncres.     I containing 640 acres.
March 8th,  mn.
fullowing  described  lands:-!
Cummencing at a post planted 2 miles
south and 10 miles east ot tbe south-west
corner pust of Lot 399; thence soutl. 80
chains; Uienee east 8n chaina; thence north
80 chains; thelice west 80 chaina to place
nl commencement; containing 640 acrea.
March 7th, 1911.
District uf Cariboo.
TAKE    notice    that    James   Alexander
Rose of Vancuuver occupation Bank clerk,
intends to apply fur permission to purch-
New    Yurk    City,   mcllpal
. tends tn apply  for  per,nil
the   following
March  Bill.   I,,I
mt 1.
notice      lhat      Kmiueiine  An
1 Vancouver, occupation married I    1
11,lends tu apply lot permission tn    lie
>   lhe   following described   lam
dicing   at   a   pnst   pl.111l.1l   I1,
,1   12  miles  east  nl   Uic s.uilliwcsl I     ^
1 Lot 1,slli; tliencc south Bu chains I "'""
west 8,1 chnlna; thencc nnrth 80 i'"'1'
ihenee east Sn chnlna in point ol I ''"'"
cement, containing 640 acres. ! ■''''"
iuh. 1911. t "I'-'
Cnrihuu 1.
J District - Dislrict ui Caribo
iiuinc lh.it M.iri.111 Van Hunk,
Mi.nl., occupntion spinster, inten
District ui Cnriboo.
,   appl
II.,11 iu
lur   pern
Districl  nl  Carihuu.
TAKI-i    nntiee  that  Lurtia  Vaughnn  nf,
Vancouver,   occupation    married    woman,
Intends in apply ior permission tu purchase   lhe   following   described   lands:-       H	
Commencing  nt   a   pnst   planled   4   miles • luliuwing descrilied  lands:
District ,,i  Cariboo. CARIBOO I.AND  DISTRICT.
TAKE   nolice  that    Caroline Elizabeth ! District nf Cariboo.
Preset, ,,i Vuncouver, occupation mar- TAKE nutiee that William McNeil, ol
ric.l woman, intends lu apply iur permis- Vancouver, oecupatiun ship carpenter, In-
siun t,, 1a1reha.se tlie fulluwing descrihed [ tends to apply t,,r permissinn to purchase
lands:- J the fulluwing described  landal-
Conimencing at a pnst planted 4 miles j Commencing ut a post planted 6 miles
south and h miles east ,d the snuth west ! suulh .mil 14 miles east al tbe smith-west
corner pnst ,.1 Lot no: thence nortii 8,1 curncr ul Lot 399; thence smith 80 chains;
cliains thenci eas: s,, chnina; thence snuth thence east 80 eliains; thencc north 80
80 chains: thenco west 80 ehains tu place chains; theuee west 80 chains to place of
ol commencement. Containing 640 neres.       beginning.
I    March Stl,   mn. ;    .March 8th.  1911.
Dislrict uf Carihoo.
District of Caribuo.
TAKE notice that Helen C. Allan, of
Vancuuver, occupation spinster, intends n,
apply tor permissiun to purchase the
following described lands:-
Cnmmencing at a post planted 16 miles
cast ol thc south-wesl corner post of Lot
399; tbence south 80 chains; thence west
80 chains; thence north So chains; theuce
enst 80 chains to place of cuiumcncement
containing 640 ncres.
ap.8. HELEN. C. ALLAN.
-larch 8th,  1911.
District of Carihoo.
TAKE notice that Ernest Walter James
' notice   that    Armalid   Piquet,   oi      TAKE   uuticc  tlmt    Peter  Poderson,  of j of  Vancouver,   occupation   broker,   intends
nucuicr,  occupation    carpenter,  intends  Vancouver,   occupation   miner,   intends  to 1 to apply ior permission  to  purchase  the
)   apply   I,,r   permission   lu   purchase   tlie   nnnlv    lur     iicrmissinn    tn     mireh.u   the I following described   land.-.
ust   planled   |J(  miles j south   -Hid   in  miles  easl   nl   Ihe
sl   1,1  lhe suulh west : curlier   pus:   nf   but   309;   thence  smith  80
hence smith 80 chains ; chains; Uienee west 80 cbains; Ihcnce north
1  chains;   theme  east   8,1 chains  In   place
commencement, containing 640 acres.
Mnrch 8th.   uui.
80 chains; tlicnce nortl
ce easl Sn chains tn plac
IIP;   Clitailiing   I1411   acres.
Murch rub.  mil.
, Million LAND DISTHICT. I -
Diatrlct ot Cariboo. I f.
11 due    that    .lames    Mnl.ui    Van
1 Conl Springs Harbor, Long Isl i
,.c   Y,.rk    stale, occupation    clerk, j f"
tn upply i„r permission lo   pur    '"
ii.c luliuwing described binds:-     | »
lencing   ul  a   pusi  planted   I',  mile:
ind   12 miles cast nl   Uic suulh wes
I lat   1,503; thenee south 811 chain,
' 'sl    Bn      ih.ims;    UlCIICO     llurtll    8'
thence west  80 chains tn point 0
icement; contnining 640 acres,
IAMES  Mtll.AN VAN  HlltlK.
1 nth. mn.
i.l Dislncl
ci ul Cnrilioi
District ot Cnriboo.
'' IKE notice lhat   Juhn  Cllftord  Van
- "I  Helena, Mulit., occupaiioii .bang
11 ■", intends lo npplv tot   penuissi,,1
puichnso the luliuwing described 1 l>
I   iiiiiieiiung   at   a   post   plantnl   I', miles
" 1   I I  miles  east  ul   Ihe  BOUtll west
■' "i I vu, thonce north 80 chains
"     Wcsl    hu   cllail.s;      Ihcmc    smith    Bn
"I     Uienee   easl   80  chains   lu   plncO   ol
 cement; contnining 640 ncres.
'■'■'•I' nili. mn.
Take notice that  Carrie il.  Valillotk.ol
•lena Mont., occupalion married woman,
intends to apply for  perinissiun  n, purch
ase ihe following described lands:-
Commencing  .11   a   post   planled   ]', miles
soutii nnd ,, miles cast ol thc south-west
crner ,d but  1,503; thence smith So chains
Uieme   easl   811   ehalns;     thenco   nurlh   80
cliains; Ihcnce west 80 clmins tn pluce oi
commencement;  coutnining 6411 ncres.
apis CARRIE  11.   VAN   HOOK,
March I.Uh.  mn.
Cariboo Lnnd District - District ol Cariboo,
TAKE notice Umt John II. Collins, ui
Vol 1 nicer, .... lipation clerk, intends tu
ipply p.1- permission lo purch
lowing   described   lands.-
Commencing al a pnsl plnnted 11. mih-;
.outh ami h milcs east ul the snuth wes
cornet nl I.ul 1,503; Uunce nurlh 811 chain!
tlienco west Bn clinins; ihcnce smith 8,
chnius; llience e.isl 8,1 chains tu place o
District  ul  Carihuu.
TAKE nntiee that  Samuel  Boyd Matthews, ul I .nlaiiclphi.i, occupntion hmker, iu
lends in apply t,,r permissinn tu purchase
lhe  following 'descrilied  lallds:-
Commencing nt a pust planted 4 miles
smith and in miles east nl the Bouth wes,
curner ul Lot 399; thencc south Bu chains;
tlienco east Bu ehains; theme nnrlh Sn
cbains: thencc west Sn chains In point ui
commencement; containing 640 acres.
.March 8th.  mn.
Mnrch su,.
apply fur penuissiuu to purchase the
^——,^——^—^f}m^mWig described lands:-
posi plan,ed 4 miles ■ Commencing at a pnst planted 6 miles
.-.,st  ul  ihe suulh west   south and  lh miles east nf the South-west
399; theuce suutli Bu curner nf l.ut 399; ihcnce nurth 80 chains;
\u cbains: thence north thence west 80 chains; thence snuth 80
st  80 chains   tu puint   chains;   thonce  easl  80  chains   lo  place ol
:,; containing tun .1.
Disirici  ,,i Cariboo.
TAKK notice    Umt  Fn-.l  McGregor,
mtimelicemelit.   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Murch Slh.  1911.
escribed Innds;-
1 .1 pust planled 4 miles
les east ,,l ihe smilli wes,
l.u 399; theuee SOUtll Ha
>i Sn chains; llience nurlh
■  west  Rn chains  tn puint
Carilmn Land Dislrict - Distriet nf Curibou.
TAKI!  nnliee   thnt   William   Rainey,   of
Vnncouver,  Dccupat     clerk,    intends  tu
applv lur permissiuli to purchase the following  descrihed   lullds:-
Coimnciicillg al 11 pnst plnnted 2 miles
west and I mile suulh ul lhe nnrtll-wcst
enmer ol I.nt 399; tbence suutli 80 chains;
theuce west 80 chains llience norlh 80
chains;  tlicnce east 80 chains  lo  place ol
Hisiii.-t ill Oarlboo.
TAKB uui,,,. iii,,i Margaret Wilcox,
m 'Uver, ucctipnlloll  spinster, intends
'I I'ly   l"l   peniiissiull   tn  purchaSO   Uic   I'
" "« described binds:.
' 'Uilllenchig nt ,,  p0,|  plnnted  i', mil
"' and 14 miles ensl nl ihe south we
' " "' "."I 1,603; thenee norlh 8.1 chaii
1 c   east   Sn   chains;     Ihen.e   snnlli   I
■   ihcnce west 8,1 cbains tn place
 icemenl; containing ,,4,1 ncres.
"li nih. mn.
.,;,.!..                 JOHN
Mnrcli tub. mn.
Cnril  I.ami Distric
TAKE notice lbs
1  - Disirici ni Cariboo.
Henry  Hull;, ,,l Van
Dislriel   nl   Cnriboo.
TAKE imlicc that Secerc Peters ,,[ Van
iiner, occupation cabinet  maker,  Intends
the f,,l j U>   upply   fur  perinissiun   tn   purchase   the
Inlluwiiig  described binds:
Commencing nt 11 pusi plnnled 4 miles
suuth und 8 miles cast nl lhe south-west
enrner nl I.ul 391,: Ihcnce nurtli 80 chains;
thenee west Su ehains: Ihenee suuih 8„
chains;   Ihcnce easl   8,1 chains;   In place nl
commencement, containing fun acres.
Mnrch 8th. 1911.
March Slh.  19
it;  containing dpi a
fred McGregor,
ch  14th.  1911.
merch-llt,   iniends   lu
tn  purchnse llle fob
! llu
pplv   lut   penuissi'
iwlng described  hinds:.
Commencing nt n 1 ..st plaiiled ijj miles
,1   nl   the   suulh wcsl
lence nullh 811 eliuins
Bn   chains;     thencc   BOUtll   8,1
ice  wcsl   Bu clmins  tu  pluce  ul
immeuccmcnt;   1 laming  U|u  acres.
Mnrcli i.Uh. mn.  .
id  8  mile
Dislrict nl Cariboo.
j    TAKE    nnliee   ilml     Thomas   Lusk,   nl
Vancouver, occupntion Lugger, inteiuls lo
apply    fur    perinissiun   tu    purcliase    the
Inlluwiiig descrihed Inndsi-
Ciitiimcncing nl a pnsl planled 4 miles
smith nnd 8 miles east ul the aouth west
curner ul Lut 39,1; thencc nnrlh 811 chuins;
thence eust 80 clinins; Ihcnce .suuth 811
■hains' Ihcnce west 811 chains tu place ul
enmiiietteemenl. Cuiituiiiing 6411 ncres.
March 8th.  1911.
Dlslriel ol [1,,1-ihnn.
I', imtice that Willlum Wlswnll Ilil
1 Vniicuuver, uccupatiun bunk keeper,
s i" npply im- perinissiun lo purcli
' following described laluls:-
"'ciicllig nl 11 pnsl pbiulcil I . miles
"lul l-l miles eusi nl Uic BOlltll west
"' '."I 1,303; Ihenee smith 80 chains
WOSl 811 chains; Ihenee nnrlh Bn
thelice   east   So   chain:,   In   pint	
neement; emit,lining _,|o ncrea,
li l.llh. 1911.
Cnrihoo I..md Disirii-t - District nl Cnrlhoo
TAKK   nnliee   thai   iTntt.es   Lester Pratt
„l   Vnticnl
1,1   appl;-   Inr   |,c
Dlslriel ol mrilioo.
1AKE nnliee  Ilml   Dr.  Tialtmi   IP Iln
mil lit
llrokor,   intend:
 llo  purclinsc   the
lescribed lnnds:-
11, ing nl 11 pnsl plnnled iV, miles
d 12 miles east nl the suulh wcsl
1 Lnl 1503; Ihcnce north 80 chains;
cost  Su    cliains;  thenco smith 80
I Inui e   east   Sn  chains   lo  pine,  of
Clnelit,   cut.lining   fi.|0   ncres.
, 'I'- "'eup.Ulnll pliysicl.Ul,
l"> l"t penuissi,,11 u, purchnse llle iol-
°»ll'g ilescrilieil hiiuLs:.
''''Illllcllllllg „t „ p„st plnnted I', miles
, '""' ii'i'l 14 miles enst nl Ihe south wesi
, '" "I Lut t,J0,l; thelice south 811 clinins
eilc« ,'icsl 8,1 chnius; tbence nnrth 811
;"j""l  thenco..wcst 80 chnlna  to place "I
"neiieeinent'l  conlaining 64,1 ucres. ;—  --- .r.atr   4    ...*.,..,..-
M«c"l 13Hi.  1911.
Disiiici ul Carilioo.
TAKK  ii"''''1' lb"'  'nny A.  Mathews nl
,111,,,met,   occupntion   widow,   inieiuls   tu
I ,,le I,,,- perinissiun tn pnrciiusc the
dh.wmg   descrilied   lauds;-
C iiieiicing ui  n pnst  plnnted 4 miles
,,-ih and il, miles enst nl the smith-west
,,,„.I- post "I I.nt 399; Ihellrp south 80
linltis; Uienee west 80 chains; thonce nurlli
u eliains; thencc eust 80 chain, to place
[ cninliienceluent
March 8th. 1911.
District  ol Cariliun.
TAKE  nnliee   Unit  Walter  S.  Mathews,
nf Vancouver,  occupation  bruker,  iniends
tn   imply   fur   permissinn   tu   purcliase   the
toilowing described lands!-
Commencing nt 11 pnsl planted 4 miles
suulii nnd in miles east ol the south wcsl
curner uf Lnl 3991 thence north Ha chains;
tliencc west 81, eliains; Ihenee SOUtll Ha
chains;   thcttce   oust  Sn ehnins   to  puint  ai
ciiiiitiicniriiieii!; containing 'un ucres.
Distil, 1  , 1  Cariboo.
TAKK 11 iticc thai  Helen C,  M,  Johnson
nf Vancouver, occupation married woman,
intends I , apple 1 It permission in purchase lhe  lollowing  described I.iuds.-
SnUtll   air!    2   mile,     t     I           BOUth WC8l
crner pust .1 I, : in Ounce smith 80
ehains; llien.e , •: - chnil Uieme nnrlh
80 chains.   111,-. 1   ui .1   H„ ,! lins   to  point
ol commciiccmo 1   conlninii    '.pi ncrea,
ap.8. HELEN  C.  M.   .uiIINSMNi
Mnrch su,. mn
Districl  ui Caril	
TAKK notice Hint Jamea K. Harry, ul
Vancouver, occupation Printer, intends to
npplv im- uiriiiissp.ii In purchase lhe
luliuwing described lands:
Commencing .,1 a p'-t planted 4 miles
snuth and B miles east ol the Smilli vest
enmer nl I.ul 3991 Hull,,- soulh Su chains,
Ihenee west 80 chailis; Uieuce llullll Bn
chains;   tllCIICO   easl   Su   chains   In   point
commencement; containing 640 nctcs'-
ap.8. JAMES  K.  BARRY.
March 8th. mn.
Dislrict ui Caril	
TAKE imnee Him  Richard Plunkolt,
Caribuu Land District -   District nl Cariboo.
TAKI-   nnliee  that   Nina   M.   lliakemore,
,,t Vancouver, occupation married woman,
intends   t,,  apply   l,,r   permissinn   tu   pur-    ,^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^_
ihasc   the   luliuwing  descrilied   lands;- use tnl! '"H"WHig descrihed lands
Cummencing al a post planled 17 miles Commencing nt a pusi plained I mil.
east and 2 miles north "I lhe nurlh east so""' '""" ' »H« '«"' "" "" »OUth-weSt
crner ,,! I.nt w9. theiicv aoulh Bu chains. ^ corner ol Lut 399; thence imrth 80 chains
theuce wis', Sn ehains; thenee nnrth 80 """" cast 80 chains; theuce snuth 8,
cast ho chains to place ol 1 ''"'""'■ {,m" *»' '" chains tu point ol
coiiiiiii'Mi'L'itH'iit;  containing 640 ticres.
following described liuids:-
Commencing at a post planted 16 miles
east of the south-west corner post of Lot
399; thence south 80 chains; thence east
80 chains; thence north 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains to place of commencement;
containing 640 ncres.
.March 8th,   1911.
District of Cariboo.
TAKE notice thai Ethel Jane Carter, of
Vancouver,   occupation   tcacter   intends   to
apply    for   permission    to   purchase    the
following described lands:-
Commencing ut a post planted  1 mile
smith and I m:le east of lhe south-west
corner of Lot 399; llience norlh 80 chains;
llience west 80 chains; thence south Bo
chains; thence east 80 chains to the place
of commencement; containing 640 acres.
March 8th, 1911.
Commencing at a post planted 2 milea
south and 14 miles east ol the south wett
curner post of Lot 399; thence south 80
chains; thence west 80 chains: thence north
80 chains; thence east 80 chains to poiut
of commencement, containing 640 acres.
March "th,  1911.
District  of  Cariboo.
TAKE notice that William John Haddock, of Vancouver, occupation merchant.in-
tciuls to apply for permission to purchase
the  follow ng   described   lands>
Commencing at a post planted 2 miles
soutii and 14 miles east of the south-west
corner post of Lot 399; thence east 60
chains; thence south 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains; thence norlh 80 chains to
place of coin men cement. Containing 640
March 7th,   1911.
District of Cariboo.
TAKE notice that Alice Maud Gilbert
of Vancouver B. C. occupation Book-keeper
intends to apply for permission to purch-
ase  the  following descrihed lands •
Coinmencing at a post planted 2 miles
south and 16 miles east of the south-west
corner post of Lot 399, thence south 80
chains; tiience wast 80 chains; thence north
80 chains; thencc west 80 chains to place
of commencement, containing 640 acresf
March 7th,  1911.
District  of   Cariboo.
TAKE notice that Dabid Arthur Young
Merrick,   of     Vnncom. tion   bank
clerk, intends to apply for permission to
purchase  the  following  described  lands'-
Commencing   at   a   post   planted   2  miles
Districl  of Cnriboo.   U	
TAKE notice that Edward Gordon Suth south and 14 miles east of the south-
erland, of Vancouver, occupation broker, i ttCSt corner post of Lot 399; thence north
ntends  to upply for permission  to purch
ap  1
March 13th.  Mn.
Dislrict uf Cariboo.
TAKI'!   notico   Unit   Peter   Billings,   of
Vancouver, occupation laborer,  intends to
applv iur permission \o purcliase the following described lands.-
Commencing at a post planted 17 miles
east   aud   2  miles   norlli   of   the   nurlli east
cornet' ui Lot 399;  theuce south 80 chains;
1   tlicnce   cist   80   chains;     thence   north   60
I    chains,   ihcnce  west   80 chains   to  place oi
1 commencement.
.     March I3II1.  mn.
to   apply
Mnrch sih
I 4 mile
crmission   lu pin
licil Iiuh.1.:-
,i   11   post   pl-
lc.   '-.I'll   u(   the  soulh w
19   thctlca souiii 80 chai
chainui    tlWce  north
containing 640 acres.
I Cariboo Land Districl - District of Cariboo.
:    TAKE] notice Lhat  Douglas Li. Hay, of
■ Vancouver, occupation engineer, inteiuls to
■ apply i"t permission to pinch,me the following described lands:-
Conimencing .it a post planted 3 miles
north   .unl   5  tmli'.s   cast   ul   lhe  south-east
cornei ol I,ol 1,503; llience south 80 chains
> thence 1 ist 80 chains; thenco north 80
1   chains;   tlicnce uest  80 chains  to  placUe
ni commencement.
, . 1 j DOUGLAS H.  HAY.    .
March  141)1,  1911.
March, 8th.   inn.
Dislrict  of  Carihoo.
TAKE notice that John Forbes, of Van-
ceiiver, occupation broker, intends to apply
fur permission to purchase lhe following
described   lauds:-
Commencing at n post planted I mile
south and t mile east of thc south west
comer of Lot 399; thence BOUtll 80 chains,
llience cast 80 chains; thence north 80
chains; thencc west 80 chains to plnce ol
commencement, containing 640 acres.
March, 8th. 1911.
Districl  of  Cariboo.
TAKE  notice  that   Maria   1).  Mathew
of   Van con ver,  occupation   married   wolna
intends lo  apply  for permission  to purch- ' leu-Is tu applj
use the following described lauds: the fullowing tl
Commencing ai a post planted 4 miles Commencing n
south and 16 miles east ol the soulh-wesl : SOUtll and 13 m
corner of Lot 399; thence north 80 chains; [corner of l.ut ,v
District ol Curib	
TAKE notice    that   Nellie  Ilelmick,
Vnncouver, occupntion married woman,
; Caribuu I,
'    TAKE
oi     V.,1	
ids tc
,1 District - District ol Cnriboo.
ttcc that Basil Sidney Allan,
■t,  occupation    machinist,  In-
permissiun  lu purchase
llioil lands:- I Uic  following   described   landh.-
pUfl|   planted 4 milos     Commencing at a post planted 2 miles
east of the SOUtll west ' west   and   I   mile   soulh   trom   tlifl   imrth-
Uicnce north 80 chains:   west  corner o(  Lot  399;  thence  noutli  80
thenee cast    80   chains;    thence south 801 thonce went  80 chains;   ihcnce   aoutu 80   chnina; thencc cast 80" chains; theuce north
' 80 chaini; theuce went 80 clinins to place
oi commencement.
Mutch 14 111 1 I911i
chuius;   thencc  east   80 chains  to place oi, chains;  thence easl  80 chains  to  plnce oi
commencement,  contuining 640 acres.
March 8th. 1911.
commencement.  Contnining  (i.|o acres.
March 8th, 1911.
District of Cariboo.
TAKE notice that Allred Beckett, oi
Vancouver, occupation clerk, iniends to
apply for permission to purchuse thc
following described lnnds:-
Commencing al a post planted 2 miles
south and 4 mites east ol the southwest
corner post of Lot 399; llience south 80
chains; Uieuce wcsl 80 chains; theuce north
80 chains] Ihcnce east 80 chains to place
ol coiiiiiieiicemeul. Cuntaining 640 acres.
March 8th.  1911.
chains; thence west 80 chains; thence
south 80 chains: thence east 80 chains to
point of commencement; conlaining 640
acres more or  less.
Marcli 7th,  1911.
District  of  Cariboo.
TAKE notice that Anne Racey M*c-
Kallie of Vancouver, occupation spinster,
inteiuls tn apply fos permission to purchase  the following described  lands'-
Cnimticncjng at a post planted 4 miles
south ami 4 miles cast of the south-west
comer oi Lot 399; tiience soutii 80 chains;
thence west 80 sliains; theuce north 80
chains; th(ncc west 80 chains to place of
commencement, containing 640 acres.
March ;th.   1911.
District oi  Cariboo.
TAKE notice that Louisa Jessie Mac-
Kallic, of Vancouver, occupation spinster
intends to apply for permission to purchase the lollowing described lands:!
Commencing ut a post piunted 4 miles
south and 4 miles east of the South-west
corner post of Lot 399; thence south 80
chains; theuce easl 80 chains; thence north
80 chaius; thence west 80 chains to place
of commencement, containing 640 acres.
March 7th. 1911.
District of Cariboo.
TAKE notice that Sholto Smith, of
Vancouver, occupation architect, iu tends
to apply for permission to purchase the
lollowing described   laiids:-
Commeiiciug at u post planled 2 miles
south aud 4 miles east or the south wcsl
corner ol Lot 399; ihenco soulh 80 chains;
thencc east 80 chuius; thonce uorth 80
chains; theuce west 80 chains to poiut of
commencement, containing 640 acres.
March 8th. 1911.
District   of  Cariboo.
TAKE notice that Charles I,. Miller, of
New York City, occupation court clerk, iatends to apply for permission to purchase
the   following  described   lands:-
Cotnmcncing at a post planted 6 miles
south and 8 miles east of tlie south-west
coruer post of Lot 399; thtnee north 80
chains; thence east 80 chains; thenet iouth
80 chains; thence west 80 chains la plae«
of comutuaiment. Containing 640 sens,
March ?th, 1911. THE    Ik ERA L D
MAY 20, l9ij
A desirable suite of
offices for rent; central
Close & Brown
'<& Cor. Second and Hamillon Avds., SOUTH FORT CEORGE, B.C. .,
3 WANTED—Five thousand men tog
* buy the finest stock of men's fur- R
1,1        Ml        1.1
posi  planled   1   mil,   Caril Land Districl - 1 ct ol Cariboo
„i,,,li ,,i lhe ii. nh .mm TlK|.; nr,tjce Hint David Lillu, ol Ash
llience norlli So chains .-_,, ,„.„,,.„„.„ r Iicr, intends to "I'll So ehnins; llience south So (lly ,„r ,„.„„,„,„ lc, niirchiis. lhe lollow
liains; thenee ensl 8o chains to place ol „,;, Jeseriheii lands
nmm.u-tmieul Cmlaininf 6.0 acres, Cnllncncinj nl a |>osl
p 15 Al.li.X 1 ■ 1 i 11.11". ,nuth mill in miles easl
March nil,. ,-,u curncr cl Id   l_o); tnam
Cariboo Land Disirici     Districl   il Unl
TAKli    im,,.,-    llial    linuurd    Wat
H.,4,-1,   ..I      1'nrl      II  -ill.     occipal
1   I', null's
south west
8o chains;
north So
.i place ol
TAKli in-He
■uc-.-r,   II    l
ap    limVAHD tt '.TK
I; 4.I.I1.I..-1I4.I.  .,
norlh ol the N
 ,—   about   IJ  miles
J Caril    Poncho     Lul-e,
-.1 Hurt,    tl.encc  eust   8o
listricl -.1 Cariboo.
.. Procl, "I Van-
linlcr,   intends
I    purchnse  the
planted  lo miles
, „l Lot in.s., and
■i.l   i   inik-easl   ol
i, rlh    So  cliains;
C.,1       i Land 11   lr„-|
TAKli :. il cc ili.it An
lends in applv loi  perinissiun  t i purchnaa   commenccm
lhe   li.llowiiin   descrihed   hinds , e or li-i
Ciliiliii-lu-n"   ,i,   .,   1' -4t   |iliu,tld   1   miles    up .')    Iiill
n„rth  .unl  3 miles  ensl  imu  the   south     March  2. ■       ' hn  MacDonell,  aBe„l.
easl   corner ol  Iol   I303;  tlicnce south   So   	
.Luiis. llience west Bo clinins; Ihcnce norlh   Cariboo Land ll
So chains;  tliencc ensl   80 cliains  to  p
,,f cotnmenceiiicllt.
up.15. ANNIE  MOORE.
M.ir.li   ,.|,li    ,<(ll.
.mmencing nl .1 post planted 7 mil.
north ol the N. W. corner ol l.ol 1654, and
and aboul 0 miles north aiid I mile west
of Puncho Lnke, llience north 80 chains;
Ihcnce   t-ns.   Ho  chains;    thence   south   80
thence south So
chains lo point nl
lU.iininj;   ci.(0   ucres
11 .inn nl Cariboo.
TAKli notice Hint Frank Bray, ol Vancouver, occupalion broker, intends to apply lor permission to purchase thc lollowing .lescribed binds
Cariboo Land Disirici  - Districl ol ..nil,,
TAKli    notice   lli.it     Samuel   Ricei,
Vancouver,    occupation  merchant,   inlei
1,. apply  lur permission  lo purehase  1
lollowing descrihed  lands:-
Districts of
Fort George, Nechaco Valley, Fraser
Valley, Bulkley Valley _nd Stcney Creek
For Sale
Town Lots
Farm Lands
Garden Tracts
Government lnnd for purchase
and   pre-emption locnted.
For full  particulars apply to
Edward Roberts
, Hales Agent. Notary Public.
Insurance Agent, Auctioneer
South Fort George and Fort George
Telegraphic address:
"Erin," Fort George,  B.C.
'A hardware challenges comparison g
S &
'4 nishings in the whole north coun
? try K
f\ —Our new line of groceries and
Send for a folder • Send for.. folder
0 P E I. A T 1 N t;
Autos     Steamboats
From Ashcroft to Fort George, and all points in
the northern interior of British Columbia, carrying
the Royal Mail, passengers and fast freight.
The Palatial Steamer B.X. Awaits the Arrival of the Company's Stages j
Head Office: A__icroft, B.C. j
We don't ask you to purchase Soutii Fort George lots by
making a pencil mark on a townsite plan   You would
be safe in so doing, but if skeptical
=a    Investigate Our Proposition   c==^
md you will liml a good live town    Two banks, saw mill
pool ball, newspaper, two ganeral stores, splendid
hotel, bakery, stationery store, mail-boat
landing, scores of buildings,
and crowds  of  satisfied   buyers
172 Hauling.. St., VANCOUVER, B. C.
Frelghl consigned lo steamer at Soil,
creek will be promptly forwarded,
..a „t  a nost planted 3 milea "»ali»; """"' <™< s" ,h'""s "' >,kce "' I
I,   .1,1,1   1  miles  1.1st   from   the   soutl, coram.ncan.cnt,   and  containing   6*.   acres
1,503:  tlicnce soutl, 8c, more or less.
So chnina; thencc nortl, «M.. 'SASK BRAY,
cat Km chains lo place March  !..  i.n     John MacDonell   n-nt.     |
easl coma ol I
So clinins; llicnci
ap.15 S-.Ml'ISI,  HICKI
Curiboo I ,1 District - Dislriel ol Curiboo.
TAKI- notice lhat Thos. Watkin. B.iU-1
nl Port 11.iiuin. ml, occupntion farmer, ,11
lends to apply tor permission to purchnsE
the fulluwing described lands:.
Commencing ut a post piunted i'i mile,
s -..tl, nud IS ttnles cist nl lhe south-west
comer nl I.ul 1,503; llience norlh So chain.
Ihenee e.isl bo chains; Uieuce south _,
chains; theuce west 80 chuius to.place ol
commencement; contnining 640 ucres.
-March  13th.  1911.
Iiislriet ul Fort C.eorge.
TAKK nuiice that I, Sidney Percy Cooke
,.!  Mouse  Jaw  Sask .  occupation   lumber-
dealer, intends lo apply (or iiermission to
purchuse the following described l.inds:-
Commcneing al .1 post planted adjoining
the S.  \V.    eorner oi    District  Lot y-t.;
Uieme   south    80   chains;    tlier.ee   east   80
chuins;   thenee    nurlh   80    chains;     tbence
west Su chains to place ol commencement,
containing t..t„ acres inure nr lesa.
ap 23       '     SIDNEY PERCY COOKE.
March .-..tl,. 1911.
Fourteen Choice
Selected Lots in
Fort George
Terms: 1-3 cash, balance 1&
2 years at 6 p. c. Will sell
singly. Inside lots$165each.
Corners $2i5 each.   Address
Lidgerwood, N.Dakota.USA
_ Curiboo Land Districl ■ District ol Cariboo.
Caribn,, Land Ilistria - District ol Cariboo. TAKK  notiee  that    II   ffintermite,  ol ,
TAKli notice tint James Kelly, ol Van Vuncouver,   II   C   occupation  rancher,   ill
couver,   occupntion   longshoreman,   inteiuls tends lo apply lor pevmis.ion lo purchnse
l„ upply  Im pcrmiss   to  punhaso tin thc following described lands
lollowing described lands: — Commencing al a post  planten  lo miles   A*
Commencing .,l a post   plnnted 3 miles nortl, ut  the N. W. corner ol  Lot  1654,
east  anil 3 miles  norlh  of  the soulli-east and nboul  1; miles north nnd I mile west
corner ol Lot 15O3; thence norlh Rn chuius ol  Poncho  Lake,  thence imrth 80 chains;
thence    east   80  chains,     Ihcnce   snuth   811 llience   eas'   811   chains      tln-m.   south   80
clmins;   Hume wcsl 80 chains  lo  pluce ol chains;   thence  west   80 chains  to   place  ol
beginning. commencement,   nnd  conlaining   840   acres
up i5                    JAMES  K15I.LY. mure or less.
March   nth.   1911 ..]..2,,.                B, «IS1T.KM1TK
- March  24.   1911      John  MacDonell,  agent.
Cnril,,,,) Land Dislriel   . Districl ol Curi  	
TAKli   nolice    that   Alva     Walters,   ol
Harper's Camp,   occupation   spinster,   in CARIBOO LAND DISTRICT.
ti  to apply Inr permission ,.. purchuse District ol Carihoo.
the lollowing ilescribed lands: TAKE  imtice  that   Joseph  Munnion  ol
Commencing ul  .1  pusi  planled  1 miles Vancotiner;  occupntion gentlem   intends
north uud 3 milea cast from the soulli-itsl 1,.  npply  for permission  l„ purchase  the
——Properties in the business
centre for Sale
 I handle nothing but property that the investor can
realize quick profits on.
Place your realty business \\ ith me.
I have made money for others. Why not for you?
A large list of residential property.   Acreage.   Farm lands.
—-South Fort George Specialist
Good Land at Reasonable Prices
   and On Very Reaaonable Term*.  Title Perfect.
Write for further information to
North Coast Land Co. Ltd.
General Offices:   410,411, 413 Winch Bldg., Vancouver, B.C.
London Office:   6 Old Jewry.     ,
South Fort George Office, Second St.  Russell R. WALKER, Sales Agenl
[  1836 I      Assets
Exceed Fifty Million Dollars
I   l91°l
corner ul _,.it ],;
thonce west 80
clmins; llience c
comim. nccmcii t,
...rth Su
mis   lulluwini; ilescrilieil  lunds
ins,   thencc   south  80      Commencing .it a post iilanted  1', miles
Ho tli,uns to  place ul   south unit 20 miles ensl ol the south-west
corner of Lot 1,503   thencc north Ho ehains
LOYAL & DAVIS,  Props.
Smokers' supplies
a specialty
Four pool tables
Splendid environments
Second SI.
:and Feed Sta
Rigs, Saddle and Tack Horses furnished on short notice,
Draying of all kinds and excavating done. Feed of all sorts
continually kept on hand.
Terms reasonable and satisfaction guaranteed.
Bank of British North America
Your money Is safer in tlic Hank than In your house or In your
pocket. It la not tied up. You can get it out at any lime without delay. NOTES discounted. Local und Foreign DratU bought
and sold.  COLLECTIONS made promptly.   Money Orders issued.
Fort George Branch,       L. G. MacHaffie, Mgr.
1.1.15. At.VA  WALTERS.
March ljili.  i4>ii
Curiboo I.aml Disirici - Disirici ol Caril	
TAKK  imlicc  llial   C.  Frank   Lupin, "I
I'url   11.1111111.,11,1,    occupation   1 m,   in
lends lo apply lor permission 1.1 purcliase
tlic following clcscrilicil lni.il>:-
i- racing at a posi plnntcil 1', miles
soulh .111,1 is miles cast ..I the soulh wcsl
corner ..I l.ol 1,503; Ihcnce south 80 clmins
tlicnce  west Sii chains;    llience  north 80
chains;   tlicnce  cast   Sn  ilialli4   to   place  ol
commencement; contni g  _.|o acres.
au.15. C.  HUNK  LUGAN.
March 13, ion.
theaee   cast   811  chains;    thence  south   80
chuins;  thenc.  west So chains to place ol
commencement; containing 640 acres,
March   16th.   li.il.
Carilioo Land Districl     Dislrict ol Cnrihi
TAKE notice that F S Tail ol Van
couver, B. C occupation butcher, intenils
i<> upply for iiermission to purchase lhe
loll iwing _e_c.il.Hl lands:-
Commencing al a post planlcl 5 miles
north  .111,1  2  milcs east ol the  N  K. corner
nl  Lot 11.is, ami , ■  ; miles north nnd
1 miles easi ol P. mini Lake, llience north
So cliains. llience cast 50 chainB; thence
south 80 chains, ihcnce west So chuins to
point ol commencement, and conlaining
040 acres more or less,
up..., F.  S   TA1T.
Carilioo I.an.1 Dislncl - liistrict ,>l Curil
TAKK notice that  John  Thompson,
X.111..11111T II   C. occupation shoemaker,
tends to npply inr permission to purih	
Commencing  al   a  post   planted  :  miles M,iMl   J|'   ''"'      ''"'"'  M.nD-iiiell,  agent.
-lie  following  ilescribed  lands: ~ '	
Commencing  .11   a   posi   planted  r  miles '"'''""' '•"'"' "lslr;l1 '  ''"Uriel ol Caribou.
imrth ami 1 mile cast "I the N. E. corner TAKK  notice  thai   John   Kwington,  ol
ol I."I  I6..5, and al 1 0 milcs north nml   Vancouver,  11. C, ucctipi 11  butcher,  in-
1 mile', east .1 P..11,In. Lake,  theuce mirth 'ends In gpply lor permission to purchase
Bo chains;   tliencc  east 80 chains;   Hience the [ollowing ilcscrihcil lauds
south 8,, chains; thencc west 80 chains to Commencing ul a post  planted « miles
place  1.1    commencement,   aud   conlaining nnrlh  ami   2   mile,  east    ol   tlie  N.   K
i'i'. acres mors ..1 less. comer ..f   I.nt   ii-.s ami   aboul    8 miles
np.29                     .lulls THOMPSON ""i"1  "'"'   3  Uiiles  east  ,,l  Poncho   Lake,
March   :i,   ion     11 ,1m   MacDonell,  ngenl thence   norlh    Ko  chains    Himcc  easl   80
_ chaini.;    thencc   soulh    80 chains,   tlicnce
Cariboo Land Districl     District of Curil    "''■' h" 'loons lo pl.nr .,1 ,, lencement
TAKK notice  that  Florence  M,   Lyons, end 1 minimus o.|o .ores more or less.
1.1   Van,.a,,,.|,   11      1'     .    .,,.    , .,'  ."i                           JOHN   KWINGTON.
r.iplirr, iniends lo alll.lv 1 I   perm March   .'I    l.ll      John   MacUolicll,  agent.
CO cents per
dozen.    :   :
Fresh vegetables
Neil McLean
Estimates furnished
Fort George Trading & Lumber C
Operators of Steamers on the Fraser, Nechaco and Stuart Rivers
and Manufacturers of Lumber
Freight consigned to tho steamer "Chilcotin" ut Soda Creek
will be carefully transported to the point of destination.
The carefully driven automobiles of the Auto Transit Company
connect with steamer Chilcotin at Soda Crock.
For all information apply to
403 Cotton Building, Hastings street, Vancouver-, B.C.,
F. W. Stirton, Ashcroft.       Alexander Mcintosh, Soda Creek.
Hudson's Bav Co., Quesnel.
Or Headquarters ai
South Fort George, B.C.
Ilend OHIce! VANCOUVER. B. C.      _-.      '
< .-••ITAl. AUTHORIZED • - S2.000.000
D 1111: r tu 11 s :
Lennnn.   McFeely li  Co.,   Wholesale Robert Kennedy,    New \Y.slniin-
ll.iiiUnre, Vancouver, ll.C. .   ,
M    It.   r.Ill IS'.   Iv,,,.    v,c. President, J,  A.  MITCllKLL,    Eiq..   Capllnlllt.
1 i.|iltnllll,   .l.l_.la, B.C. Victoria,  11. 0.
Ills IKiMHt T. VV.  HATBRSON. Lieu- 1-1.  II.  HEAPS,   El...   E.  II.  Heapi «
tennnt-liovernor Rrltli.li Columbia, Co.,   Lumber  and  Timber!   Preiidml
I.. V,'. SIIATI'illlli.  e'.Mi., M.I,.A., Mer- <*«■•■■ i'i   Trim   Co..   I.ul..    V«   ou-
chant, II. 1M1 v. ll.C ver, 11. (.
W. II. MALKIN,  E«q., The IV. II. Mnl- J.  A.   IMUVKV.   Enq.,   K.C.,  'n-nurl;
kin  Co.,    Ltd.,    .Vhol.-Ki.lt. Grocer.,        ol i'r., -ook. B.C., Vancouver, IK-
Vancouver, ll.C. a. I.. DEWAR, Oenornl Manager.
Fort George Branch; F. N. DEWAR, MannKer.	
t.i-iicrnl Mai.nr-
purclinso tin- [ollowlnj descri 1 . .
Coiumciicini! nl a pnsl plain -I ,
N. IV, comer nl Loi 1646 and ,1
miles wcsl ..I Punclio Lnke, llicn 1
Ho i.ilinis. th.nce easl -So chuins
soulh So .liiiin-s, llience wcsl 80 elm
place ol coiiiracnccmcht, nml conlaini
ncres more or loss.
March jolh, 1011.   John MncDi ncll, net,
In the
Close to Fort George
Hi-    Cariboo Laud District  - Dislriel ol Carilioo.
TAKE nolice Hint Lena Newton, ol Van-
T'     . .lui-i 11. C. occupation waitress, inltnds
!"    '"■ npply  lor  permission  lo purchase  tin-
"'" SSr«B.W.4rlS|! N.C.J0RGENSEN SouthFt.George
about  2 miles norlh and 3 miles east ol   '	
Poncho  Lake;     thencc   north   80 chains; I
theuce   east   80    clinins;    tliencc   snnlli   80
lo place ol
 lij.   6.|o   acres
will be held as under:  e or less.
Al the Curt house, Clinton, Friday June -'I'--')- I.RNA MKWTON.
Slid.,  1911, al 1, A.  al. j Mnrcli   J.|.   1911      John  MncUullell,  nfollt.
Al   tin-     c.airl   House,    ISO   Mile     IlolISC,	
Mi.inl.iy  June   .Hi,   i- i   1,1.  A.M. Carilioo Lund Dislrict - Iiislriet ol Cariboo.
At  Hu- Court  House, Soda Crock, T
at 2 P. M.
_T lln-iuc   easl   80   clinins;    thencc
rMflflftA Silling- of count?'   chains; Ihcnce wcsl 80 ehnins to
1-UUVC court   „f  Cariboo   commencement,  nnd contalnin.
TAKE  nnliee   lh.il   Peter  Eliriiiiilililr.ini,
-mi nl Vancouver 11. C. 11ec11paii.n1 butcher
Alll"•l t ""use, Quesnel, Wedncsdny,   „,t„„,s   „,   „,,,>ly   r„r   p.r,„4i„„   ,„   p„r-
cIiiihc  the lollowing  described  land:
June 7U1 , i.n, nl 3, P, M
At the Court  U„„n, ll„l,i,cl,l, Saturday     Commencing at'°a poVt'pinutVti"4" miles
.lillll'    lillll.       JIHI       ■■<     m    A       M '111
Danforth & Lee
Plans furnished
Hamilton Ave., between 1st and 2nd
M. C. WI
FARM LANDS        Rfial Esfe.tC
Having spent tlie entire summer, last year, in South Fort
George and adjacent surroundings,  I am in a position to
advise intending investors of tlie relative value of all properties in tlie district.
1 carry a select, line of South Fort George business property.
Head Oflice:
Paying Out-of-Town Accounts
Small amounts can be sent safely and at small cost hy using
Bank Money Orders. Any bank in Canada (Yukon excepted)
will cash them without charge, and they can be cashed in leading American cities.   They are sold at the following rates:
£■ mid under     -     -       II i-niitH llc-r   .', l„ I'll     -      -      -     Bl	
liver fin in mi    •    -  11 nis Over 130 to IS)    -     -     -   1 '
Capital .....I Surplus        . $«,5-0,ooo
II. C. SEAMAN. Mannxer.
SOU T    FORT GEORGE, B. C.     _
mil,  at   10 A,  M, north and 2 miles east ol the N. E. corner
., "",' ', ;   S""U|   I "rl  l''i'"r_c   ol  Lot  ios.5 ,111,1 about 6 miles north nnd
Monday June mh., 1911 all P, II. , , „„,,,, eB8t „, pal,.,,_ j,,,^ umm „„r,|,
,„,.,.,...,,'"'''' ""   clinins;   thencc   cusl   Ho   cliains;   tliencc
■ U1-...1SAI.1.  HANI1A1.1,"       ,„„,,, «„ C|,„i„8.  „,e„.c WMl 8o .],„,„. „,
«gn.rar ol the County Court ol Carilioo.   |l0|n)   „(    commencement,  and  containing
__ 640 ncreH more or less.
NOTICE ', ii|i.l'l. I'l'.TKH KHRJIANNI'llANT.
SEALED TENDERS will be re-j"""" '4' ""'    •'"'"' Ml,c"'"""' ll|!""'
Ceived   by   the   undersigned for  Caril.00 Uml District - District ol Carihoo.
the  erection   of   the   provincial]    TAKE notice that Norali Mannlon Wil-1
government offices on the Hud- "x*. oi vancom-cr,   occupation mnrried
son's Bay iiropcrtv until noon of «""«". inumii to apply i,,,- permission to
Monday. May 22, 1911,   All ma- ZlZ.ZaZT? '!'ZZ ],nZ
lerial supplied; tenders for labor . sou"™ ,u_e_ SSZZZuZl 1
only.    Plans can be seen at the cornet ol im 1,503; thenee iouth .0 chains
Herald office.   The lowest or any ll,c"" *'" 8o dlll,,,,i   linnet nnrtlt go j
tender not necessarily accented,  ' '•',"'i'"', """" ca31 "f "uli"" '" i"1"" ot
r>   \v   n    •     A      1 1ZZLTiT      commcncimint;  COM4 n n_ 640 acres.
,C- J-!' ?;.n.lr' G°V^ ABent'        «.   ll N0RAH MAKN10N Wll'llOT. '
Suits Pi
„ tcmrmm Repaired
If you want the cheapest
and best
Gas Lamp
$5 to $50
100 to 2000 candle power
May 20, 1911.
March l.th.  1911.
Lftdltl' rlolhM a Miw.nWy	
For your business or nome
Communicate with
R.R. Carver
Quesnel, B.C.
j Bronger & Flynn
Plans and blue prints made
Estimates submitted
All kinds of work promptly
South Fort George
an..—aea___._M__.-H_i _a<_a_— _„ n_ I
The newest and most modern
hotel in lhe northern interior
Rates $2,2.60 and $3
Monthly and weekly ralei on application
Don of wlnos, llquon
Johnson & Burns, _.._»..
South Fort George
gore &. McGregor, p. g. b. bodeker
1C. UND SURVEYORS   L%ri2,"L°r'"
Victoria and
Fort Gi-onos, B. C.
fln'lIMATlin ,[;.;im|th|),
T© Colonization
M-,-. The discontinuance of land-staking by l,u'
-(©JUl Iiritish Columbia government and a 100 per
cent advance In price enhances enormous^
the value of land for pre-emption. 1 can locate from 100 to
BOO pro-emptors on first-class r ,».».• . -rt
anils. Write for particulars to Knie^tH LlVUlSSlOllC
Pre-emptions located for col- j4,m"H "• l"»«UBaw"
ernes or individuals. SOUTH FORT GEORGE, B C


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