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 The element of doubt that
has existed around this place
has disappeared.
g   cJ    uJ^i  put  off your   Fort
*JJedfge trip. You mav get left.
The best time to travel is now.
VOLUME  1,   N 0. 59
SOUTH   FORT   GEORGE,   B.C.,   S E P T E M B E R 23,   1911
When the news was given out to the world
lhat the beautiful and peaceful little town
,,f Sl Pierre, nestling in it harbour of the
West India isle Martineque, luid been des-
! roved by an eruption of the great volcanic
mountain Mt. Pelee, nine years ago, the
world I was surprised, and saddned to think
,,[ the 30,000 odd people who perished. Then
in 1906 the greatjoity of San Fransisco in
California was tutnbled into a heap of ruins
hv anlaarthquae and up burned two hundred millions of dollars worth of estimated
value. Again the world wa./rudely jarred
and vastly surprised at the unexpectedness
,,( (he cntastrophy, but in Canada the above
I'vonts, besides the landslide which took
place in Ontario and Quebec last Thursday,
pale into insignifigance and dwindle away
hi oblivion as'surprising events.
In heralding in the advent of a new order
<>( things, t coming into being after fifteen
years under the rule of a government that
went to the people| last Thursday on a
question of tlveir country's trade relations
with a nation thatjhad slighted her former
advances under their rule, we do not wish
to convey the impression that we link the
victory of the Conservative puny with similes that smack of disaster. No, gentle read
er, yet in running this paper as an organ
free from political gush and effusion, and
pro-election rag-time we want to say that
the news sent in over the Yukon telegraph
wire and the local line was received here
with the same surprise as would be the tidings of one of the disasters above mentioned, so unexpected was the news.
Never in our wildest dreams had we imagined that the Laurier government would go
down to defeat with the slap-bang effect of
Thursday lust. We had hoped to possibly
see the government returned,with a .majority .hat would not be strong enough to support tlxair Reciprocal Trade Bill, and in moments' when the sun shon brightly, or when
a delinquient subscriber paid his subscription, or some other pleasing of glad1 influence sowed in tho atmosphere a.spiHt ->f joyous optimism, we even allowed that the government might be defeated in a hardly contested battle by a smull Conservative majority, but never, as aforesaid, did we dream
of such a complete turn-over.
The news is not all here yet. Just before
the results should have arrived on1 Thursday night the Yukon telegraph line went
out of commission as,a means of colinniini-
catilm. We place this to the heal of the rep
artee which probably passed over the wire
when the employees of the lute government
between Ashcroft and Dawson heard the
sad news. It seems deplorable that the linemen and operators on a go-easy line j like
the Yukon wire betweon Quesnel1 and Ashcroft can't keep communication open at
such a time. i
According to the advices received here,
up to the time of going to press, there are
now l.'il Conservative representatives in the
Dominion parliament alnd HI Liberals. Considering lhat on th.' day previous to the
elections the Laurier government was proud
in the possession of a majority.of .2 seats,
the rand olh Conservative party did not do
so badly. There returns are not complete.
There are ntill five scuts to hear from, but
British Columbia, the banner Conservative
province, returned an almost solid Tory
representation, as winn last heard from the
Comox-Atlin constituency showed Ross, the
Liberal aluad. In this constituency of Yale-
Cariboo, the largest, by the way, in the
Dominion of Canada,, containing 107,000
square miles, we are still represented by
Martin Burrell of Grand Forks, a, clever orator and rapidly rising politician.. It set^ns
highly probable that Martin Burrell will re-
1 ceive the portfolio of Minister of Agriculture
in the new Cabinet, owing to his ability and
reputation as an agriculturist.
E. L. Borden, now Premier by right of
conquest, is less   of a politician   than Sir
. Wilfred Laurier, but perhaps more of a
statesman.  He is   a man amongst men in
' politics, clean lighting, able, and with Canada's best interests at heart and in mind;
devoid of any political clap-trap or gallery
Sir Wilfred Laurier, Premier of [the defeated government, has been in the House of
Commons at Ottawa,, on and off, since 18(J<1.
lie is seventy years of age and a born politician and orator. He has been Premier of
Canada since 1836, fifteen years ago.-
The result of the election spells a contin-
uence of prosperity to Canada ut large. Up
here in tlie new country of the west the
news is received with general acclamation.
Even the hardned old grits who never
crossed their ballot for a Conservative yet,
admit thut it was "time for a change".
We now feel confident that Mr. Burrell,
our clever representative, will now be able
to secure for us such aid towards the proper
opening up of this country by her water
routes as our local representatives are en
abled to secure from the provincial government in the construction of roads trails and
The Herald has kept out of thin campaign
altogether. Its editor fought for the Tories
to defeat Duncan Ross with the Obcerver, in
Quesnel four years ago. With that same
I paper we did our best to elect the two Conservative representatives in the provincial
legislature, In the present light however, it
j was a dead immortal oynch that Martin
Burrell would be elected by a large majority. We are not running The Herald us a
government organ or as a political paper.
We are proud of the fact that we are not
Carrying in our columns any of the government pap that litters tba udvertiseing
space of our contemporaries. We like money,
yes, but not bad enough to peddle our .policy for a mess of—pap.
It is .now a very clear matter in the eyes
of the world that Canada will not countenance the disruption of her trade relations
with the mother country to pander to our
cousins across the border. The country was
enjoying prosperity. Ti.u people were sntis-
fied. The polls hnve borne this out.
Local and Provincial
"The New Garden of Canada"-F. A. Talbot's History of New British Columbia.
Georjje Henderson, the well known hotel
man of Slocan City was a visitor here this
«irli Mr. Henderson has large lund und
timber interests in this district which requires his presence annually.
The Kort George Trading and Lumber
Company shut down their 'mill here last
Saturday. They have about a million and
it quarter feet I of lumber piled up in the
yurds. The mill will probably resume operations early in the spring, or in uny
event with the opening of nuvigution.
Albeit Johnson, proprietor of the New
Northern Hotel here, returned on Monday
last from a (lying visit to the coast. "Al."
expects to open his new hotel about ,tl._
first of the month. The house is practically
ready for occupancy. It is one of the best
laid out and most up-to-date country hotel- h, the province of British Columbia.
Albert Johnson is a man who has sufficient
faith in our town to plan the erection of a
new hotel whilst his first greut uncompleted
building was flaming into ruin. The new
Northern, on Hamilton Avenue, is the result of his energy and pluck.
George J, Hammond, promoter! of the
Natural Resources CompunJ's townsites on
the Nechaco River, is now issuing circular
letters lo his "sales soliciters" stating that
lie has bribed the Grand Trunk Pacific Kail-
way Company, with the sum of 8200,000 to
put their station just where he wants it.
Ih(s man Hurm.nond is such a prodigiolis
liar ll.'.it we regard his confidence inspiring
literature as a joke. We huve,some of Mr.
Hnnunond's statamopts on tile. In one letter
written last January, nnd with George .1.
Hammond's name appended, he states to
lot buyers a string of lies and fallacies to
induce them to pay up on their lots. The
Herald has every cause to believe that
d_orge Hammond is one man above all
"tliers who Ivis incurred the enmity of the
' 1 P. by his crude operations in central
'• ( We have it on good authority that
'resident Hays refused the townsite pro-
meter ,,f |Wenty-live foot lot fame, an interview recently, when he approached lii.ii
"Uh a list full of money, gained from op-
'■t-;i11rii_r on the future movements of the rail*
*'">' company us forecasted by himself on
nothing but pure gull. Thc Herald advises
Iol buyers not to plnce an ounce o,f credul-
"n" in the circular letters issued by George
Hiilinnond that would make one believe
"'•'" he has negotiated with the G. T. I*.
""' priveledges that bolster' up his huge
townsite, Neither George J. Hammond or
"ls "affiliated interests" can tame a wild-
'"" with the mmsic of jingling coins. Some
'line ago we forwarded an article to the
"iimipeg Post, replying to a slander of
"'"i'ge Hammond's on the editor of this
Piper in an endeavor to discredit an article
"' 'he post based upon our argiumonts for
'hi' protection ofl the investing public
''"'ii.nond sent a representative to Win-
"'I'eg who | nought up one of the Post's
Mull correspondents, personally conducted
,)' 'lie minion of "the interests." The Post
Z \ 'cal with the question, but so far it
'"'s hot produced our material, which gave
" brief resume of Ilivtimono's past proino-
iiig episodes, which, when discovered by the
Herald, warranted amply our watching tin
lvuve gentleman's schomes su ncui oui own
"Ollle. i
'he book from the pen of P. A. Talbot,
entitled Tlie New Garden of Canada, is
doing much to advertise this country. Mr.
Talbot is un Englishman, as his book will
liear out by its literary style. He wus one
of a party thut mude a trip through the
mountains from Edmonton to Hazelton
lust year, and he graphically describes'all
that he saw by the wayside. His description
of South Fort George in the days of its
extreme youth would give the reader the'impression that here was a wild and wooly
burg where every man carried a gun 'with
notches on the (bundle, where 'gambling runs
openly and bad-men walk abroad, with all
the rest of the stage effects of a, wild west
show. That material may be set down to
journalistic "licence". Poets are the only
people wdio should lie allowed' to take advantage of "licence", in our estimation, as
their material is never meant to convey the
literal truth. Mr. Talbot's book shows that
its author' is an exceptionally observant
man, und thut he sized up with accuracy
the local situation and'its probable out-
His references nre to the South Fort George
townsite. The only reference we ever snw
from his pen regarding the Nechaco sites
appeared in the February: edition of the
English "World's Work" irij,which lie (refers
to those sites as the "nucleus of a tenement
district for a future city."
We reprint some of Mr. Talbot's description of our town:
"As we looked down upon tin pulsating
little town, rapidly pushing out tentacles
of streets and avenues north and west, forcing the wall of dense black forest back
farther and farther, one's thoughts flew
wonderful journey wherein he discovered the
back iu hundred years; recalled Mackenzie's
source of the famous river which bears his
name, and on his way out to the Pacilic
struck tlie Eraser River near Giscombe Portnge nnd skirted this point. One almost
wonders how he came to miss the estuary
of the' Nechaco, since he must have been
somewhat puzzled by the strange line which
runs well defined almost down the centre of
the river. South of the line are the muddy
waters of the Eniiser, while north are the
crystal blue waters of the Nechaco, und it
is some time before'the two commingle. The
line of deinurkution is plainly visible, and
although the estuary of the Nechaco cannot
be discerned readily, since it is hidden by
low-lying islands, giving the Eraser the appearance of a lake, yet the two strongly
colored waters running side by side could
not fail to create curiosity. The only explanation that can be offered is that the
famous explorer must have hugged the
south bank very tightly, in which event,
owing to the width of the river the phenomenon would esoape his observation from
n cunoe.
"The trading post dates back from the
year 1807, and was named in honor of the
the then reigning king. Much wnter has
rolled past Fort George since that day; the
old and stout wooden buildings have witnessed strange sights and passed through
many vicissitudes; but the strangest episode
of till was the appearance of a few sturdy
adventurous spirits, some three or four
years ago—almost a century to the yenr
ufter the foundation of the post—with their
axes and blankets, who set to work sedulously to lay the foundations of what cannot help becoming the capital city of New
British Columbia.
"The position is commercially strategical.
There is every attribute for development
into a busy hub. The Fraser flows by the
front door; the Nechaco rolls by the back
entrance, meandering through a wonderfully fertile valley of noarlj .100,000 aores.
Tl..' mountains, in the hollows of which the
innumerable streams rise and flow northwards to swell the great rivers pouring
into thc Arctic seas, run in ridges radiating
from this point like the spokes of a wheel;
and pushing westwards from the north, east
nnd west lead to Fort George, and those
who, four years ago, hud the prescience und
tenacity to state that Fort George would
become a "humming' city, nre heaping up
corroboration every day. When the Grand
Trunk Pacific comes in from the north-west,
west, and east, when Edmonton'in less than
twenty-four hours' ride to the east, and the
Pacilic at Prince Rupert and Vancouver is
about the same space of t;me distant on the
west, then much will be doing. The town
will go ahead with a rush as the railway
unveils new yelds of industry and creates
new openings for human activity.
"When the town-builders arrived on the
scene a pretty problem faced tl...n. They
must have cast envious eyes upon the thousand acre tract of the Indian Reservation,
occupying the angle of the rivers, where
some 2(1(1 Siwashes drag out a miserable
existance by some means or other, and live
under conditions which an English clog
would spurn—for it was the only open
stretch of country for miles around. But
casting round half a mile below the village
they found the high bank of the river giving way to a gentle slope, vvb.'re first class
mooring facilities for shallow-draught boats
could be easily and inexpensively provided.
Yet the outlook was forbidding in the extreme. Dense scrub and towering trees lapped the water, and stretched back in an untangled mass to tiie ridge behind. Undeterred by the prospect,     theyset     bravely to
work.  In   a short     spai f time they had
cleared a large area, and had plotted u network oh streets on the American plan, wliere
the  main   avenues    run in one   direction-
broad thoroubhfares frnm 00 to 80 feet wide
—with the laterial arteries crossing ut right
angles at regular spaced intervals. The moment the plots were staked out, they sold
under the hummer like hot cukes. Inside.
lots facing, the main thoroughfare down by
the waterside fetched from £80 to £05
apiece, while corners with frontages on two
streets ran up to as much a,s £200. The
purchasers squatted on their freeholds in
tents, bravely facing privations und ndvent-
ure. As soon ns the steam engine nnd circular saw were brought up from the south by
superhuman effort, erected, and set to work
ripping the tree-trunks into planks, tin: settlers changed from canvas to wooden buildings. When I arrived, the town wus in the
throes of transition to timber. The next development is permanent masonry, but much
will huppen before this move is made. The
community hns got to shnke itself down;
hns to let the different social, industrial nnd
commercial districts define themselves, und
detirmine their own particular localities. At
present Fort George is in the melting pot
stage; everyone is too busy settling the
foundations of the city firmly and irremov-
ably to trouble about which is east and
which is west from tl__ social point of
"It was a frontier town in the fullest sense
of the word. Consider the situation and
conditions, then you will gain some idea of
the formidable nature of the task confronting the lluilders in converting into a hive of
industry what has been forest since British
Columbia was moulded. The nearest rail-
way station was Ashcroft, MIS miles to the
south. Every ounce of material had to be
brought across country by animal labor,
and freight soared to fancy prices. From
Ashcroft, fortunately, the Cariboo Road, a
splendidly built highway—itself a product
and reminiscence of an early gold stampede
—ran northwards for I(..'_ miles to Sodu
Creek on the Eraser Kiver. Put the path
thence, for 1.... miles, was existant more in
name than in actuality.
"When the nucleus of Fort George's population came in, they had a rough experience, for the last stretch was a fierce hand-
to-hand light with deadfall, obstructed trail
rock and muskeg. When the subsequent rush
I set in—a host of other "Fort Georges"
sprang'into existance in the vicinity of {lie
pioneer town owing to the success of the initial enterprise—the sight was fearful, nnd
the plight of those surging forward to get
in on the "ground floor" recalled the fearful
struggle to reach the Klondyke overland
from EiKmonton. The sun had just begun to
drive hoary winter buck to the Arctic circle,
and the going was difficult.. The stream of
speculators, traders and others tumbled out
of the train at Ashcroft and poured northwards as best they could. Some seized the
Duke of Sutherland Pleased With the District
The Duke of Sutherland, after visiting his
lands, purohasad from the North Coast
Land Company near White's Landing on
the Fraser Itiver below here, returned on the
Steamer B. X. last Monday accompanied by
Captain Mutton, who wus in charge of the
party. The balance of the party awaited the
steamboat on her way down-stream at the
Wlrte's Landing camp. The Duke is delighted with the country and with his land in-
vestemnts. On the ground he purchased more
land from the Nortii Coast Company. It is
his intention to establish an experimental
farm on the ground next year, and he will
have tho large I tract of land cut up into
quarter sections, on each of which 40 acres
will be cleared ready for the plough. Cabins
will be built, and in this witiy the Duke of
Sutherland will lay down over u dozen
ready-made farms in close proximity to
South Fori George, A small village will lie
built on the property which will be naimed
Sfrathnava, after ihe Duke of Sutherland's
title of Baron Strnthnavit. The whole party
expressed surprise al lhe development of
South Fort George, They spent some time
looking over the site, ami visited all the
principal business houses in the town.
The Duke of Sutherland will probably in-
' creasn largely his invcsl nts in this section, for lhe bench! of his Scotch tenants
whom he will send out t" make their homes
' on tlo fertile plateaux on the Fraser River
near .'White's landing. This may be said to
form the primal move in the first genuine
sign of colonization to be carried out in llu
Northern Interior, although it is rather in
the nature] of a philanthropic undertaking
on the part of the Duke of Sutherland than
(her iu llaminiondville the populace were
just crazy to get a nice little polling booth
all of their owh, like their very own post
oflice, school and newspaper. Well, they got
it. Result oft the poll:
Conservatives I
Liberals 2
Six votes,! George Hammond, in the only
real, registered, hot-air-promoted, twenty
thousand seven yard lot townsite of Fort
stage, others rode on horseback, but a
larger number walked, reeling off some
twenty or thirty miles a day, swallowing
meals hurredly at stopping places at two
shillings apiece, and passing the night
either wrapped in a blanket under a tree, or
jammed into the cramped bed-room of a
stopping-place or stable, for which accomodation they have to pay two shillings
Anyone who has endeavored to woo a few
hours repose in one of these shacks will
readily admit thut Sum Weller's twopenny
rope ranked ns a feather bed in comparison.
The stopping places drove a thriving trade,
as did the cattle dealers in Asncroft, who
flocked there in large numbers with pack-
horses which they sold to luckless travellers
ut £20 per head, but which would huve been
dear at half the price.
"South Fort George persued the even tenor of its way unconcerned, lt held the long
stretch of, waterfront, and that was u vital
consideration, for down at Soda Creek
shallow draught steamboats were being
built, and soon, for the lirst time since its
birth, the mighty Upper Fraser and its
forests echoed the shriek of a siren und the
throb of a piston. The arrival of the first
steamboat was received with tremendous
jubiliation by the Fort Georgers. They wero
now in touch with civilisation as represented by Quesnel and Sodn Creek. Then another advance was made. A stage coach ran
between Ashcroft and Soda Greek, connecting with the steamers and covering tins 103
miles in three days. But such transport was
too slow; there wus no room for eighteenth-
century methods out in a twentieth-centuary
territory, for the new town was going
ahead like a bush-fire. Commerce clamoured
for more rupud travel. It enme in the form
of motor curs which reeled off the 163 miles
between Ashcroft und Sodu Creek in ten or
j twelve hours. Thnt wus something like' travelling.
Space limitation precludes our giving thc
detailed descriptions   of Mr. Talbot'of the
men he met    here, and the impressions he
' gained of our western methods of building
j up a "boom" town.  His description reads
1 like a romance,  and conjures memories, of
the art of Remington; of men with'chaps,
long and  wooly;  of the bold, bad  gambler
1 peddling his horses at tli/' door of the hell
to get  into the game:  of frenzied bankers
| handling gold with a scoop shovel: of'lots
soaring in value like an aeroplane: a very
misleading word picture of the'editor as a
; young man tearing out copy surrounded by
j artillery und Turkish   cigarettes, and other
sidelights on the town's initial stages. But
Mr. Talbot's book is perhaps'the most in-
| teresting history yet compiled of the great
undeveloped  portion'of the map  that lies,
bisecti',1 by thc building line of the G. T. P.
between  Edmonton'and Prince  Rupert.
j George.—It makes us "larf."
The Fool With a Gun.
Fire Warden Burnett and ,1,'T. Currant,
whilst travelling together down the banks
of the Bear River was shot at by some
rattlo-headed survey boy who mistook thriii
for bears, or wild hyenas, or some other
wild animals conjured up in the capsule
bruin of the boy with the gun when he saw
J the brush stir where he thought it should
' be still. Some men should not be allowed'
to carry guns. Amongst these are known
gun-fighters, crazy men, and people who
lire at the moving brush, nnd later, sob
white-faced over a corpse thut they thought
"was a bear." ■ ij^^'^ ^_% m m* m mm im mm »i
I Close & Brown
;— ►:
Soutl. Fort Georise, B. C. MERCHANTS     |
jj Ladies' Waists— 1
We are specializing on ladies' waists this week from K
nation  ol
into tow
The plan reproduced herewith s()|,|  (1|, „  protit   sharing plan, sources Company.  Lot   1127 is   is also located on this land. It. river frontage is of little coin- f\              a stock that has no tWO patterns alike
s authentic   ll    "hows tl" sit- |n- the    Natural  Resources Se- of doubtful   ownership.  It  was  is considered possible    that the mercial   value,     owing    to its ji             '                     '
lnnds subdivided curity Company, of Vancouver, staked in tl.* namo of Harbour  Hudson's   Bay Company   will height above the river. 'A            It is a pleasure to have us show them to you
here'today. It is The only buildings on any of Engineer Bacon of 11," (I. T. P.  subdivide  their    land together Lot   I 126  is   owned    by the ________t_i_____*__._>__i__t_-i--_-l_-\--
ilie first work of its kind pub- their site,   are located on sub- at Prince Rupert, and is called  with the railway company, Lot Walch Land Company, of Win-                                                      •v«-7__.x^A.'v-r
lished showing the location of division 938, which is, together "railroad property" on the ud-  932 is the property of the Fort nipeg, and is a good properly ^<_^><__!^^#_>^-8_J^__^^^A^^^»^AMA>^___>^___>
the station grounds on  Indian with 937, the land registered by vertising maps of the resource- George Land Company. It  has for    residential    purposes. Lot f
Reserve   No   1    h'l'e     sold this them     under    the name  "Fort fill  resources concern.   It  is not   been   subdivided   but temporal-- 913 is owned by ,I. M. Wiley, of 4
w"k for railroad townsite pur- George."Here the townsite com- yet  subdivided.   All  the above  ily withdrawn from sale.  Lots Winnipeg,  Plans are now  being S
noses  as filed in the Kamloops pany have built  a large hotel, subdivisions   arc   a    long way 933 and 931 are tho townsites prepared    for its sub-division. A
Rivris'trv   office   bv   th' Grand and a    number of  other build- from the   present centre in 11>■  of South Fort George, the busi- Lot 925 is owned by A.  I.ind- *J
■e "  i   ' p.irj['„.     Rnilvvav Com- ings.     The other subdivisions, scene   of  townsite development   ness,  industrial  and  residential say, of Winnipeg,     nnd  is sill:
Fresh Bread   '•   Quesnel, B.C.
pany. Tl* plan was executed by Lois   numbered 937, 1429  and: here, and     very little develop- centre   of the    total area  sub- divided for residential property,
the firm of Core &  McGregor, 777 are at this tffno entirely un- ! ment work will be done on any divided at this time. Tl" whole Lots I 131,931 and I 132 are held
the well known provincial land developed except, for a  few nv-   of them, unless undertaken, as of the waterfront on this town- under reserve bv the provincial
surveyors who Lave been carry- enues cut through the jack-pine  at the present time on Lot 938, site   forms    a  natural    dock, government.   The   large island
ing on survey work in this sect- and two roughly graded streets,   by the owners. owing to the fact that, the site at the junction of the two rivers
ion h.r many years past.   ^    ^ Lots 2668 and 2507 are known      Lot  117 is owned by the Hud- is on a series of natural terraces is owned by Messrs Williams &
I he lots initialed .NK. S.( o. as the Hodgkins addition. This  son's Bay   Company and their the lowest     of which    is about Murdoff,    (if   Vancouver,    who
ying to the west and soutii ol addition is owned by a number post,    founded  over 100  years ten feet above high water mark, will probably sub-divide,
the Indian Keserve are the var- of Victoria    speculators and is  ago, stands on it. The Provinc- On all the other sites, especially The sub-divided area today
mus townsites owned, or being being sold by the Natural  Re-  inl   Government    Agent's office those on the Nechaco River, the aggregates about 2(101) acres.
All work guaranteed.
Brickmason and Contractor
!_-'.i™«;'_"' South Fort George
Satisfaction tnmr-
Repairing   «____
Bronger & Flynn
Plans and blue prints madi
Estimates submitted
All kinds of work promptly
South Fort George
Dislrict .,f Carilioo.
KE  notice  Hut,   I,   ..l.il.i-I   Cameron,
I  Victoria,  H. t, occupation iiiunarrieil,      TAKI
intend   lo apply lor permission to purcli    nl  Vicli
the   lollowini;  ilescrli|cil  Inmls: Intends
District i.l Cnrihoo.
Lummcucing .it .i post  nlnnl
mill  I s  milo west  ol the Soull
■rner ol   thr  11.  c,  Oovernment   Re:
,     ,. ..larkeil M, C.'s ti. VV. crner; Ihenee ■
I   to   tlie   Interest-   „t   Fort  8o -lwjlll.  ,,,,,„, Msl  g0 _nhn   ,
r_.   nn,I  the entire North-        north 8o chains; thencc west 8o chaii
em  Interior. I'"'"1     "I  ' ncnecmcnt, conin ig
the  I..1I..VMI
District ..I Carihoo.
TAKE notice ili.it Otlllon Ho_uc, .,1 Van
ice that  I, Charles Cnmer    .onvcr,  B. C.  oceupatlou  Inliorcr,  intenils
It. c , occupation geutlcmnn,   t,. apply  for  permission  t,,  purcliaae the
pply li r permission  to purch    lollowini: ilcscrihcil lamls:
.1   II   DANIl-I.I,,  Editor.
District ,,l C iriVio.
TAKE  notice  ili.it   I.   Ailnllnc  MacGill
iv,    ol    Put      Ontnrlo,    nccnpnlliin
irricd,   inteiuls   I,,  apply  f'.r   permiss-..11
ilcscrihcil Innils Commencing nl .1 post  plnntcil almut  6 I to purcliase lhe (ollow.lng ilescrlhcil Inndv
ulh  nml  v mires wesl  .,1  llie  S.null e.ist   miles west "I tlic eastern I nuuilnry ol llru   ' south   mil   1   mllc  wcsl   ,,l   the  S.nilli ensl
rner ol the 11. C. Oovernment   Reserve,   ish Column! nl   .mile north of the Red      Cnmmeuclli"  .,1    st   nlnnted   1   mile
irle.l ('. I' 's X. VV. curncr; Uieme soiitli   Willow liner .m.i in.irle.l "0.  II , s.  E.   corner "I Hie 11. C. Government   Reserve,
chains;   tlicnce   ensl   Ko  cli s.   Uienee   mrner"   thence    liortll   Ku    cliains    thencc   marked A. M.'s X. !'„ comer   thencc solltll
rth Hii chains; Ihcnce wist Ku .1 s ;,,   west   K    clinins:   tlicnce  smith  „,,  chnins    Kn ih.iins.   thencc  west  80 clinins:  thencc
uu   ul     commencement,   , ..: 1 1:,.   1,411   tl cc easl 80 chains lo the 1 1 com-   norlh 50 elmins   Ihcnce enst  Kn clinins 1..
less. '      ' ncres.
Mur.h 16H1,,  inn   \\.  11.  Hurrison, njji.      Mnrcli Jotli., 1911,
_Lir.li 30th.,  nil 1.
Saturday .September 23,1911
Dislriel "I Car n
TAKE  i lice Ilml  I, Char'cs Harris, ,.l i u.|„|5 ,,
■   Mnnit.il.a, uccupulion contractor   tl„. i,,n,
ipplj   a.i
Districl nl Carihoo.                                      Dislriel ol Carihoo. District ol Cnrlhoo
TAKE notiee tli.,1   I.  ArUmr .Imi,-.. ol     TAKE  notice  thnt   I,  Charles   MncGlll       TAKE i  thai JeMle Delia Kerr, ,,l
McLeod,  Alt.i., occupnlloil  gentleman,  in vray, ,,i Picton, lint.tti,,   occupation gent Vnncouver,  H.  C,  occupation s;.iiisier,  lu
iply l,.r permission t,, purclinsc lemnn, mien,Is  pply i-,r permlss'nn to tends In appl;   '
K descrihed l.uuls- |iurchnsc lhc following descrihed lands;- Hie Inli,
described I.,
Districl ..I Cnrlhoo.
i   TAKE notico thai  I, Jolm MncOlllvray,
' ,.i p .inn, Ontario, ocenpntion ijentleiiinn,
I inteiuls in npply Ior permissinn to purcli
Commcncint'  .,i   ,i  >.„st   »lntilcil   i   mile     Cm encing  nt
snlltli   uud   ^   mil,.,   wCSl    nl   tin-   Snlltli e.ist     -"'Hi   and   1   inilcs
planted   i   mile     Com
lit    Res rv
,,( tlie II. c. Government  Reservi
,,i ih,- Smilli east   mile west ,,i in,
:itlg   at   .1   post   planted   atiolll    I
i.l .| mllc
Hilary ,,( llril   I    Cumin
lllll   nl  tlle Kill  I
■i e   ..'   .i  nnst   planted  2 miles I corner nl  the  II. c. Gi
-   mil,. wesl  ni  Hu- South-east    marked A. .1 'a X   E   enrncr   ili.iue suulii mnrked I. M.'s X. R, mrner; theme suutli Vlilluw   River nml  marked  ■•.!.   II    K ,  X
il„-  ll   l    Government   Reserve,  Kn ,liains;  Hience west  K„ chuins!  tliencc "" chains]  tlienco  wesi Kn elmins;   tlieine VV  curner" tl tc sunth K„ .1 ■•   tlicnce
H.'s  X    E   comer;  tllCIICC South    mirth   Ku   cl s,   thencc  easl   Kn   cliains   lo nnrtll   Ko  ehains;   tlicnce  east   Bo   ihains   to '''Hl   Kn   ihains.     thenee   nurth   Kn   chains;
■si  Ku chains;  tlicnce   noint ol   commencement,    coutntuiiiB  640 l'"'"i ul    commencement,   containing 640 Uicnco  wesi   k,, cl ,s   1,,  th.-  poim   ,,1
descriiicd lai
ai   a   i„,si   nlanted   1  utile
lies   west   nl   llu   S ll list
LOYAL & DAVIS,  Props,
Smokers' supplies
a specialty
Four pool tables
Splendid envir9i.n.ents
Fourth St., Soulh Fort George
theiue   east   Kn  chains   In    aires.
encement,  containing   640 | Jy.a2. ARTHUR JONES
Mareh list.   1911.
District  "I  Caril	
TAKE  nnliee   that   I,   Williaiu   Junes,   nl
VI Ipcg, Manitoba, occupalion traveller,
Iniends in npply lor permission tu purch
use  ihe  lull, wine  descrilied  '
Mareh .villi.,  lull.
lining   640
nrner  ol  the  It.  C.  Government   Resort
marked .1. M.'s s   VV  corner; Uicnco nm-*
»u ,hains;  theme east  Kn chains::  then
lollth  Ku  ihains;   IhcllCC   wesl   KK   ih
Dlslriel  ni Cnrili	
TAKE  nnliee  thai    I.   Edward   Value,
Picton,   Ontario,   occupation    Inrmer,
Dislriel   nl   Cnril	
TAKE  notico   lhal   I,   Gliulys  S.   Cant-
,1  victoria,   H.   C.  occiinnllon
ng  630
J   Mnrcli  2-nd.,   mil. VV.   II.  Ilarrismi, net.
1 1   ni    cnmmcncci
Jv..i. juhn MacGILLVRAY,
March joih., 1911,
ie   wesl   KK   ihains   In    .'>>•'".      ,...-—. . , ,   ,„    ,„,,„ 	
nent    contnlnlii.   fijo   'ends "' ''I'l'l.v h.r permission in purchasi   m„rr|ed, |niciuls 1,, apply lur pcrmiss"
8    ''    the inlluwiiig dencrihed lands; ho purchnso the lollowing ilcscrihcil lands
District ul Cnrlhoo.
TAKE nntiee  tlmt   I,  Clarence  Way,  nl
Ontario,     occupation    Cnr lago
Distrul n| Carihoo. Diatrlct ul Cnrihuu. Disiriil  ,,1  Cnrili,,,,
TAKE notice Hint   I, George  Lnsee, nt     TAKE  notice  thai    Margaret   Jack,  ,,l '   taki? ii
Picton, Ontario, occupntion Clerk,  Intends   Vancouver, It. C, occupnlloil Sinister,  in    | ,IS ^u'eelcs   i
niss'tiii in purch-—
11. C
milker, intends in'npplv tor permissinn .0  '" "I'l'l.v Inr iiermission  in purcliase lhe  tends in applv 1
purcliase the lollowing'described  I Is:-        luliuwing descrihed  lands; Hie followine dcsuiiivu iiu,us-
iimmcncing  n't  a  post   nlnnted 1 miles     Coiumeiicinn  nt   a  post  planted   1   mile     Commencing  nl  n  pnsl   nlnnted   t   mile     Commencing ai  a post planted alioul   1   ",
lh   a,nl   ;   miles   wesl   "I   llie  Smilh east    ■'"'"111  "ml   s   miles   we"t  ol   lhe  Solllll-CIISI    *"""'   "lid   s   miles   wesl   nl   llle  S, ill III enst    mile w.si  nl  Hie eastern I MU'i'iiri-  ul  llril
he   II.   C    Guvernmeiit   Reserve    'nrner   ,,l   tin   11    _    GnVeHilnei,'   -es.nc    enrner  ol   lhc   II.   C.   Govoriltnclll    Reserve,    isli ColUlnhln nud .| miles nnrlh ul lhe Red
lint I, Ettie Junes,
ie,l   1   mile     Commencing  „i  a  pusi  nlnnted -' mile'
south    I   I   mile   west   nl   the   S..11U1 easl    - ,|t|,   am|   ,   mi|.   „.,_,,   -|   ||„.   Smith e.isl
I enrner ,,i iiie II. C. Government  Rcn.rve,   am_ „,  n„. p   c. Government  Resit".
".marked E, V.'s S. E. euruer; llielue north    ,,,,,,-kcil   I'..   S.  C.'s  N.   E.   enrner;   theuee
I Ko   ehnins;   thenee   west   Ku   ehnins;   thencc I B(}-,L|,   g„   chains;   theme   wesl   Ku   ehains.
smith  Ku  chains;   theme easl  Kn ehains  tu    Felice     nurlh     Ku   eliains;   theuee   easl   Kn
I   puint   nl   commencement,   containing 640 chnlna    lu puiui  ol commencement, con
■ ' g (,40
Inleiul I,, npply Inr ncntiiss  t,, purchase   Jy.ai, EDWARD VANCE.
llu;  luliuwing   descrihed hinds: TVIurcIl Jotll.,  mil.
hinted   1   mile , .	
lllll  11111I  7 miles  wesl   ,,[  Ihe Smith est I PEACE RIVER   I.ANII DISTRICT.
 r nl   (he   II.   C.   Gnvcrnmcill   Reserve,! Iiislriet  ui  Cnril,,.,,
Mnrcli .list. mn.
River Laud Disi.      Dist. ul Carihoi
irko.1 W. J.'s N. W. corner   ihcnce south marked C. W.'s N. W.'eSriicr: thence south marked O. L.'s S. W. enrncr; thence north Willow River nnd markcl "M. .I., N. W. ,.,. u ,1 V      -s v   ,.•     1,..-,,.,V      .,,-,•     ','         ,  .,,.'"'.,    ,n    I      1AKK ""l™    lllul  l!,iwnr ""'' ■"
chains;   Ihenco  cast   k ,,»;   thenee K„ chains;   ,1,,.,,,,.  casl   K„  0 ,„ is    ihenee »" chnins;   ll._l.oa  easi   K„  ihauis;   thenco   mrner"    thonce s     Ku e s:  tliencc   g   ,,.,:.  ,h,.,„  !','.»    ',,.,,,l'l'L,l.Ak'',',    ''',',   ,""t  "'  fi' ™""hf'        K '""■ Alt..., nee, .inn .-..-■ineer, in
I'll   8 ■..   thcuco   wesl   Ku  ehnins   tn nurtli  Kn  , hnins;   theiue  west   Kn chains   lu ■<■»"'  *'  cll«lll«l   llielue  west   K„   chnllls  lu    ™»t   Ko   eliuins:      thenee   llorth   Kn   e „; ,,,,,.,,„•,,,'';,,,,,,,       „.,   i"""v   ,lnm»   J"™W  Rupert,  It. I.  occupation  gell.lvm 1     ,,.,„ls   ,„  „|l|1|y  (,„.   ,,crm'sslol.   ...  pnrihas,
ant    „l   coinin-nccinent, contnining 64 Int   ol commencement,   emit ,.640 I"""1   "<   commencement,   contnining 640  Uienee wesi  K„ c us 1 int  ol cum ,    ' »".'""' '"■    't''"™"1 ™ duilus to  tnlcuds to apply lor perm ssion to purch-   lh_ [ollowlng described Innda:.
res                                              ^ aires.                           '                ••    4 acres, inciicomonl, coutnining 640 gcrca moro or    "'''"   "'   ' "onccnicnl,   cnnlnimng 640 uso tho lollowing descrihed lnnds;              I    Commencing at a post planted }( ol »
_.u               VMl.LIAM JONKS. Jy.".                   CLARENCE WAY. -'v"-                  GKORGK I.ASEE. '?»«' rs,j                    ,,■.,.,„.   ,„.,.,„                  I    Cotnlnencllig  at .1  Wist  lilnlilorl  J utiles | ,„||c s,„n|| f,.nm Uul „i„si a0„therly poinl
M.,i,1, us,   „,,,.                                       Mareh .v.H,., in... Mar.h vuli., ion. Sent. 9. MARGARET JACK.       ' V,',, ,,,,     ,_'""? J0NRS.                soul I 1 mllc wcsl ol the Soiith-cnst. „| Hwau Lake;    Ihenco south 80 chains
 ,    Mareh  I.III.,   mil.    VV.   II.   llnrrisun,  net. !     ,l"ri"   ,""1'   ""• enrner   nl   Hie   It, C.   Guvernllienl   Rel.TVO,    ih,.,,,,.   WC9I      H,,   clmins'    thenee   north   Hi
Distriu ,,| Cariboo.
Distriet   nl  Cnrili
^!:l,S'i:;i::!:::il nizzr;;'""''-- ■■■" -  nu ; ■■•■ ■■ • ■ »■■>■ ■-
Inieiuls to annlv  lur  ncrmsso    In    ure 1.    ,'.    M",|"i'"",  occnpnlioii   gelltletnall,   IMcloli Inrlo, occupntion married woman
ase H„- lollowing described l,„„ls:-   ' In.''1 n''I,",1'1'1. '•"" I™"..issi.,„ „, p,„c|„„c  Intends ply l,,r pormisslon 10 purch-
Commencin,    ,1   «  i„,st   planted   1   mile ? ,ol,"wl"R doscribed lnnds:- nse the lollowing described lnnds:
soutl  ;   niihs west   ul   Ihe Suutheast s,,„',|'"a,7,l' ','''„,!.    "   "','"1 ,"'['"".)   '  ""]" l'","""<'"""g   "I   ■'   pn»l    nlnnted   I   mile
corner  nl  the 11. t. Government  Risen,- 2,       i !   r* .    "' "'" 8"!,U| c""1   "'"" "' ' ",l,c" *«»' "' lllc Snuth-cnsl
liiarke,! M, M   s S. E. mrner; Ihen,,. north \.i.T. 1  _    !■ , "., l;, '"'"'rumeiil   Reserve, enmer  ,,I   ||„.  p.   C.   Gnvcrnmcill   Rcser
Ku   chains;   theme   wesl   Ku   cha
ell,  Ku ,ha
llience easl Kn chains tu
liim.nt   Reserve
 '""thenee Z''h^Z   .''" "' "' C'".'"; lll"m s"""'   m'"lM ''   »   ' '■'   ''■   	
"tence Ko chains;  Inence wesl  80 elmins;  thence  8„ ch
«ms  In „,,rih Ku chain*  then,
point nl    uunmcliieinenl,      uuituiiiing    .41 ,,„i,lt     ,,[    ,.„,„„
acres, ,,„,„,
MARY MfRDOFF. Jv,  jj. FRAt,.K CAMERON. .leu
March J15I,   11,11
Disiriil  ol Cae'linu.
TAKE   nnliee   that   I,   Aiune   Jewell,   nl
Nnpniiee,    Ontnrlo,     occupntion    mnrried w'nuli'i
wmi,all,in lends tn nnply Inr   |s.nnlasloll   lu ,.,,,,.,,,,
purchase lho luliuwing described I s: ,..,. .,
Canine      al   n   ' ,,si      anted   1   milo ' ' (-
sinith   and   I   mllc   we-1   ul   the  Sm.lh ...,sl ., „',',
enrner ,,i  tho 11   c. Govcrmncnl  Reserve, ,,,.,.
r,li  mnrkoil A. J.'s N. W. cornor  theno. soulh ,„.,i„
enrner   ul   llie   It.   C.   G,
innrked   II.   I.    .M.'s   N,   VV.
snnlli 80 chains;    thencc enst 811
IhcllCC,   imrth     Ku   elmins;    Ihenee
TAKE   that  1, Minnie Harris, ,,l Z"*  '"„, Zl  "'  '' """'""
 I......     m ,; .   ',        lain, 11 g  npi ailes.
'■' ■ "  spiiinir-r,   ,|,,._j, |,   h   jh RDOI'i
Iiislriet  ,,t Curil
thonce   west     Kn   clinins;   Uienee   nurlh   Kn
thencc   chuins! thencc east 8„ elmins.
chains;   ,|v,i. EDWARD  ItuRNE.
'■st   Ho      Mnrch 37,  mil.      Allien  Tale, ngent.
,  apply   lm   ,„.„,
ullowing describe
uu-      ai    11    posl
ur'e   wesl   11
I'eaee Rieer 1 1 Disi.      Disi. ul Caril,
I     TAKE   nnliee       llial    lli-nrv   G"W	
occupntion   Hruler,
tn purch
"•'ice River I I Dist.  - Dist. nl Cnril  ' tends''tountdv Ior ne,     ,   m   I""1'
,,..„,  ;!-~|>&^
Cm onclhg  nt   a   iin.il   nlanted  8  utiles
tn purchnse the   ,out|| „( Solby'a t mmi-v Boiindnry Posl
1 at S. E. Cniiier ul I ilnn Ponce River
ar.li Jnlh., 1911.
"' ,"''"   ""   chailis;   thenee 8„   ehnins;   ,\mm   w,,s,   R„   dl,iilis:   thenee 8„   ehau.s:   thenee   onlt   Kn   cll lins    thenee   g,    ,,, .,,'„.   '.V ° °'  "' "'™" , ""'""' "nrlll I lollowlllg ilcscrihcil lauds:-                                 I _"_   ,    '■'.,„;    V   ,,,,;„     1 .        R„
».   tieiiee  easl  K„ ehnins ,„ South 80 ,hnins;   t|,,„„  ,„,   80   challll  to Imrth  «" Chains;  tllCI.ro wc»l Kn chnins  In   ,,,„  ';,'"■.,,' "".,,..  tZ_""i     '"'""l     Cnmmeneuig „,   „  posl   planted jv ,„i|,.s    #a°'f    .     "r      J  '"'L       ,,, i ,      ,he,
""'"""""''   """ K   6<°   SS   '"    ' "»—".    '»'"••»"'«   **" ft,   '"    '"' •'    «l "'K<ri>"i"'^nu.mcnc™.;i^ wS'1^   .iul^/'imlenurilr'no'e	
FRANK CAMERON. i■, ,,„v,,  n, AVMIU   rr.-vv.,, «««• l     Vs,_      fc    ,,-!'',       .,^''.':l"*1      ««■<'•«» ■>■
Mareh Joih., inn,
Mar.h .olh.,   1011,
March jail,,, mn,
, tfi.c. trfhlrtliaVr" WC!" S° Cl'°""1 I JJ'•,• HENRY omVAN'
ue north K„ chains. March .toll,. ,„,,     Albert Tate, agent.
'  ' ariiiir WALMvli,        I   March flat. 1911, TAKIC
Iiislriet nl Carilioo.
lire that   Jessie Hicks, of Vault   c. occupation spinster, Intends
 ,',..,  for  permission  tu purchaso llu
"ihu'uiu described land.:
Commencing at a poat planted about  i
le wist nl the eastern liniiliilnry nl llril
'"   Columbia and K miles smith nl the Red
u.llow Ri"-r "'"I marked "J. H,, N. W
",,'„.,•' thenc.' suulii 8n eliuins; thenci
east Ko chnlna Ihenee nurlli 80 eliuins
Ihenco veesl 811 ehnins tu the puint ul com*
iiiiineini'iit,  and containing l>4'i aires mure
'March Jjrd.,  "H'- VI. H. llnrrisun, ngl.
liislriei nl Carihoo.
TAKK  nutiee    Ilml   Charles    Alexander
[■uallav, "I  Vancouver,  11.  C. occupation
.iiitlcitiaii, iniends lu upply Inr permissinn
1,, nnrchaao the luliuwing doscribed binds:
Commencing ut 0 pust planted about  1
„.j|e west ul llie enstern boundary -of llril
.;, Cu lnml, in und K miles suulh id the Red
Willow River nnd marked "C. A. I'., S. W,
,,,rncr"   Ihenee     north   Ku    ehains;   tllCIICC
,    :   Hu   ehnins;     Uienee   smith   811   ehnins;
 .,    theuee   west   811 eliuins  lu   puint ut
lllliliiiiemellt,   mill   containing   (1411   aires,
 ,.   or  less,
March 2.V11L ,  mn.  W.  II.  llnrrisun, agt.
PEACE RIVER LAND l.i_.i-l_-,
Districl  ul Curiboo,
TAKK imtice  Unit   Frank  Morgan   llres
,\, ui Vancouver, It C. occupation gent
,,,,  iniends In applv lur permissiun  In
iirchnse Uu- lollowing deacrlbed lands:
1 ommenelng at  a posl  plauted nboul   1
de weal ul Uu- eastern boundary ol llril
1, Culumliln and 8 miles suulh ol the Red
Willuw   Rlvcr  and  marked  "V,  M.  II.,  ti.
<    comer" Uicnco south Kn elinlns; thence
,1.1,1    Kn   ihains;    llielue   nnrth   811   ehains;
Ihcnce east  Ku ehulns  lu  llle  p 1  ul  com
inencement   ami  enntaining  1,411  neres  Inure
1    less.
Mareh -3rd.,   1911.  VV. H.  llnrrisun, ugt.
Districl  ul Cnrihuu.
TAKE nutiee thnl  Edith G. Crnssin,  nl
Vancouver, II, C. occupalion spinster, in
teiuls tu apply Iur permissinn lu purchase
iln- luliuwing  described  lauds:
Commencing at n pust planted about  1
miles wesl ul the ensiern boundary nl llril
isli Cnlumliia uud K miles suutli nf llie Red
Willuw River, and murked "E. G. C, S
E. curner" Ihenee Jinrlh Ku eliains; thenee
wesl 8,1 chains; Uienee snnlli 8u chains
thencc cast 80 eliuins In point nf commen
eemant, containing (1411 acres mure ur less.
Marcli 23rd.,   1911.  VV.  II.  Ilarrisnii, ngt.
Distriet   nl Curil,..,,.
TAKE   notice   thai   Willinm  Grundy,   ul
Vancouver,  U.  C.  nccupatiun Gentleman,
in,ends lu apply lur permissinn tu pureli
,,-,- the luliuwing described lands:
, .mmencing at a pust planted abuut 1
in h west nl tiie eastern boundary nf lirit
13I1 I nliimtiia alld 2 miles north nl the Red
Will »• River and mnrked "VV. G. ti. E.
turner" theuce smilli Ku chains, thence
,u ■ sn chains; thenee nortii 80 ehnins;
cast Kn chains lu rhe puint uf com
mei -mint, containing 640 acres mure or
Sepl   9. WILLIAM GRt'XDY.
March 14th.,  "ill.    Vl. II. Ilarrismi, agt.
Dislriel ul Caribuu.
TAKE imtice tha. Charles .lessn of Vint
1 uver   11   C, occunation painter, inteiuls
!\    for   liermissiuii   I,,   purchase   llie
:      « :.■ described lands:
1   mmencing at a pnst  plnnted nboul   1
in le wcsl ,,1 the enstern boundary u| lirit
isli 1   1 Ina anil 2 miles nurth ol the Red
ll: « Rner und marked "C. .1., S. K.
, met thence north Kn ehnins; thence
west su chains, Uienee BOUtll Kn chains;
Ihenee cast Ku ehnins In puini ul commen
lemcnleiiiitaining 6411 acres mure ur less.
S,-;,i   a. CHARLES JESSO.
March  171I1 ,  "HI. W.   II. Harrisun, agt.
District  nt  .'aril, 1,1.
TAKE   nolice   that   Mary   Chalmers,   ol
Vancuuver, 11. C. occupation spinster,  in-
,vs in applv l.,r permission in purchase
llu   ■ Uowing described  lands:
l    iiiiiieiuilig   at   a   pOSt   iilanted   .ilmllt    1
111 , west ,,l lhe eastern boundary ul lirit
sli I ■ I■ j, 1 il. 1., ami 1 miles nurth ol the Red
» a Rlvcr and marked "M C, S. W.
, inter"   thence    uorth Ko chains;   theuce
r. ■   !    .liains:   thence   suulh   8u   ehains:
WCSl   Ki. Chains  tn   tlle  point id  cult!
,■1     ':.,n,   containing  "4"   neres  inure  ur
VI,,,!   17th.,  1911. Vf.   II. Harrisun, ngt.
District nl  Curibuu.
T'.Kl notice thai William A. Rvrie, ul
Yum .r, 11. c. occupation accountant,
inlemis I, applv Inr permiaslon tu pttrih
•-•   tin   lollowing   descrihed   lands:
l n,ill.ming at n pnsl planted alinlll I
1= le inst ..1 tin eastern boundary nl lirit
:-!. I "luiiil,,,, .unl 2 miles Imrth nl lhe Red
Willow Rivel and marked "VV, A. R. ,X.
» curncr" ihenco aoulh 80 chains; tlicnce
' -' s chains; Uieuce nurth 80 chnins;
Ha;.a west Hn chains tu point ol cum
"'"""nm,  containing  6411 acres nmre  nr
"',"'   " WILLIAM W.  RVRIE.
March   17,1,.,   1911,  VV.   II. Harrisun,  agt.
Willuw River nnd marked"!!. II., S. IC.
euruer" thonce liortll 811 ehains; Ihenee
west 80 chnins; thence .snnlli Ku ehnins
Ihcnce ea.st Ku ehnins lu lhe puiui ul cum
llieilcellleut, cuiilaiuing 640 ucre.s mure 1,1
..cut. 9. ERNEST BLUE.
March 33rd., 1911. W. II. Harrison, ugt.
District ol Cariboo,
TAKK notioe Unit Cyrus Mnultuil, nl
Vnncouver, It. C. occupution gardener, in-
leuds tu applv lur permission tn purchase
tlic lollowing described Inlllls;
Commencing at a pusi planled about 3
miles west ol the eastern boundary "I Bril
ish C'duinli'u nud $ miles South 01 llle Red
Willuw River ami mnrked "C. M., N. K-
curner" llience smith Ho chains; thenee wesl
So chuins; Uienee nurtli Ku ehnins'; thenee
east Ku clinins lu puint id commencement,
containing 1,40 neres more nr less.
Sepl.9. CYRUS .MOI.'I.TAN.
March iKth., 1911.   VV. II. Harrison, ngl.
District ul  Curil	
TAKE nutiee thnl Ellen Omiir, ,,l Vniicuuver, It. C. occupation spinster, intends
in npply lm- permission tn purcnaso lhe,
lull,.wing deserihed Inuds:
Commencing ul a post plnnled about 3
miles west ul the eusterii boundary ul llril'
ish Columbia nml 1. miles north ul tiie Red
Willuw River uud murked "IC. II., S. VV.
-nrner, ihenee nnrlh Ko chains; Uieuce east
Ko chuius;   tlicnce suulh  Ko  ehains:   Ihenee
wesl 80 chuins i,, Uu- point ai commence.
motlt cuutuiniiig 640 neres mure or less-.
Sept. '). ELLEN OMAR.
March 1KH1.,  1911.    W. II.  llnrrisun, ngt.
District   nl Cariliun.
TAKE notice lhal Elmer Om„r, ul Van
louver, I). C, occunation butcher, intends
In upply Inr permissinn li, purchuse the
luliuwing descrilied  Inmls:
Commencing at a poat planted about 3
mllea west 01 tlio eastern boundary nl llril-
ish Cnlumliia nnd 1'., miles north ui lhe Red
Willow River uud marked "E. II., S. E,
enrncr" thencc nnrlh Ko chains; thence
wesl 8n cliains;    theuce suutli 80 chains;
thenee eust 80 eliuins In the point "I cum
mencement, containing npi acres mure nr
Mnrch 1HU1., 1911.   W. II. Harrison, ugt.
Disirici ul Cariboo.
TAKK   nntiee   Unit   Hercules   Becot't,   nf
Vancuuver,   11.   C.    occupntion     clerk,   iniends tu upply l,,r permission tu purclmse
lhe lollowing described  lands:
Commencing at a pnst planted aboul 1
mile west nf tlie eastern boundary uf Bril
isli Cnlumliia ami 4 miles sooth nl the Red
Willuw River and marked "II. II., S. E.
cnnier" Uicnco north 8.1 chains; llience
wesl Ko chains: Uieuce south 811 eliains;
thenee east Kn eliams In the puiui ol com
inencement, containing 640 ncres nmre ur
March JJnd., 1911. W. II. Harrison, agt.
Dislrict nl Carilioo.
TAKIC imtice that Fred Bntlerwnrt, ol
Vancouver, II. C. occupation salesman, in
lends In upply ior permissiun tu purchase
the   following  described  Inuds:
Commencing at a pnst planted aliuiit I
mile wesl nl the eastern li>,miliary ul British Columbia nud 4 miles SOUtll nl the Red
Willuw Rlbcr and murked "F. II., X. E.
curner" ttience snlltli 80 eliains; tiience
west 80 chailis: Uienee nurtli 8,1 eliams:
thence east Ku chum* tu the puint nt commencement, Containing 640 acres mure nr
March JJnd.,  1911. W.   H. Harrison, ngt.
District ,,f Caril,,,,,.
TAKK nnliee lhal William Robinson, nl
Vine,uver, B. C. occupation carpenter, in
tends to applv lur permissiun  tn  purchase
ihe following described binds:
Commencing ut a pust planted about 1
mile west ul the eastern boundary "I Bril-
ish CQlumblo and 4 chains nnrlh nl  the  Red
Willuw River, and marked"*. R., S. W.
corner" ttience liortll Kn chains; thenco
east 80 chains; thence south Kn chains
thence wesl 80 chains lu Hie point nt
cummencement, contnining 6411 acres more
nr less.
Marcli mill... 1.11.  VV.  II.  Harris,.1, agt.
District  ,,i Caribuo.
TAKE nntiee that William Fleming, 0
Vancuuver, II. C. uccupaliun Merchant, in
tends in apnlv [or nermission to purchase
the luliuwing described lauds:
Commencing at a pnst planted about t
mile west ul the eastern boundary uf British Columbia and 4 chains north ot the Red
Willuw River ami marked "VV. F. -X. W.
enrncr" thenee sunth Ku cliains; thencc
east Kn eliuins; theuee north Ku chains
tiience w-est Kn chains tu tlie polllt nl com*
meiieement contuining 640 acres mure ur
March  IKth.,  1911.  VV.  II.   Hurrison, agl.
Dislrict ol Carilmn.
I IKK 11,,lue thai Allied Omar, nl Vnn
met   It   c.  occunation seaman,  intends
I'I)   ni   permissiuli   in  pureiiase   the
» ■ ■■ described binds:
■   inuiencing   at   n   pnst   plnnled   ulinllt   1
le weal ,,i the eastern Boundary ul Brit
' Culuinbia and 2 miles nnrlh ul tl,.- Red
"<■»   Rner  and   marked   "A,   II.,   X.   W.
Tci '   llielue    .suuth   80  chuins;     thenee
-I   80  chains;   thenee    nnrth  80  chains;
cm, west 80 1 hams fa tlle puiui ul cum-
' cut   Colltallling  o-t'i  gcrcs  mnre  ur
1K1I1.,   mn.  w.  II.  Ilarrisnii, agl.
Dislrict  ul Caril	
tAKK    notice     that    Geurge Omar,   ol
"" '"er,  li,  c.  occupalion seaman,  in
i" apply fur permissiun to purcliase
'"Wine  descrilied  binds:
' , "inning „t a pnsl plnntetl about  1
' wesi ,,1 ii,,. easier,, boundary n| lirit
'   mini ,1,1 ami 1 miles south nl Ihe Red
«    I''"',   and   marked   "G.   0.   S.    IC
1 "    thence   north  80   ehnins-;  thenco
'-"d s" ihains; thenee suuth 8„ elmins;
":i     easl    8u   chuins   In   tlle     puint    ol
""'■ ".eineiit, containing 640 acres mure
Distrul nl Caril	
I TAKIC nuiice thai Roy Wlmlden, ,,l
Vancouver, 11. C. uccupatiun clerk, it,-
tends I,, applv fur nermission tu purchase
tiie Inlluwiiig deserihed lands:
j    Commencing nt a pust planted aboat 1
' utile west nl the enstern boundary uf Br,I
ialt Cnlumliia and 4 ehnins in,rlli nl the Red
Willuw River and marked "R. IV., S IC.
enrncr" tlicnce nurth 80 eliuins: Ihenee
west 80 ehnins: thenee snuth Ku chuins;
thenee eust 8u chains 1,1 Hie puiui id commencement, containing 6|o neres more ur
,   March  18II1.,  1911.  VV.  II.   Ilarrismi, agt.
District of Caribou.
I    TAKIC nnliee Unit Krnest S. Witters, ol
Vaneouver,   II.   C.   nccupatiun   bruker,   in
tends t,, applv fur nermissinn tn purchuse
] the lollowing described lauds:
]    Commencing   al   a  pnst   planted   about   1
; utile west uf tlie eusterii hnlllldarv uf British Columbia und 4 chains In,nil of the  R.'il
Willuw  Rieer uud  murked "E.  S.   W.,  N.
j IC. curner" tlicnce smith Ku chnins; thence
' west   Ku  ehains;   thencc     north   Kn   ehains;
I Uieuce east Kn chains In tlle polnl  nl Com
inencemeiit, containing (14,1 ncres mure ur
j   Murcli  18th.,  "ill.  W.  II.  Harris,*!, ngt.
1911.  W.  II.   Harris,,,,, ^t,
.. Distriet uf Cariliun.
|)t'   Mi nolle,  thai   Wallace  l.ilidsuy Till-
;|        1 Vancuuver, 11. C. occupation ngenl
in upply f,,r permissinn t,, purch.
' ,     ' fullowing doscribed lnnds
„      """ling nt n post plnnted ahnut  1
.     »'MI nt the easier,, I iiilurv nf llril
«■,.   ''"'"Iiiu and i miles  -||, ,,| tin Red
,, "   Rlvcr and  marked  "W,  L.  T., N.
»',. 'I"'r", "'ence smith 8,1 eliains;  tliencc
M|- ""  churns;   thence   llorth   811   chains:
in,, ' '""l *" '''"''is l" lhe puint of coln-
■I' '""-"t,   containing  64a neres inure ..r
'" '8th.,  1911. W. II.  Hurrisud, ugt.
... District ,,f Cariboo.
v' 'ish notico   Umt Willinm   Omar, nf
h   '"liver, 11, c. occupation Engineer, in
tl„ 1  ," "."'''v '"r nermission tu purchnso
'"'"Win.   descrilied  lnnds:
„|||;:ll';"''"eillg  nt   „   pust   plnnled  about   I
isl, pi   ' "' ""' eastern Imlindnrv nl Brit
Wn1 !''i" uud ,1 miles south ,,l the Red
,,"'*, River und  marked  "W. 0..  S.  VV.
„,; ""    theuce nnrth Kn eliuins: Ihen e eusi
Wesi "a "i ""'""'  s"""' B" •'•" '■   ""''"'e
,   l "" clinins tn the polnl nl .minium.
s    '  C'illluiiiiii|,   bio acres   re  nr  less.
*,, , ,'• WILLIAM OMAR.
_''ir'li  1811,.,   1911.  w.  II.  Harrison, ngl,
District uf Curibuu.
TAKIC   nnliee   Ilml   Reginald   Hurler,   nl
Vniicuuver, II. C. occupation gentleman, intenda in apply fur permissinn lu purchaae
Hie lollowing deacrlbed Inuds:
C'ltiimelieiiii' at a pust planted abuut I
mile west nl the eastern Imiuidurv ,,f Brit
ish Cnlumliia nnd li miles solltll nf lhc Red
Willuw River nml mnrked "R. 11., ti. VV.
curlier" thenco smith Ku cli lilts; theme east
811 chains; Uienee liortll 811 chains; Uienee
west Ku chains In point nl cumnicni'cin.-..
' enntaining 640 acres mure ,,r less.
Mnrch 23rd.,  mil.  VV.  II.  Harris igt.
1   drivel
i-.vur, iiivivR  i,AND DISTRICT
Dislriel ,,l Carib,,,,
TAKIC  notice  that     .l,,„„„ '
Vuncmiver,   ll.   C.    occupntii
tends to upply i„r porntisslo..
llie luliuwing descrilied lands
Commencing at ., |„», |,|„'„lci| „,„„„ ,
miles wesi ni the eastern boundary ol Brit
ah Columbia and j^mtics ,mlt|, of the Red
Willuw River and marked "J, ]| N Iff
curner" Ihenee suulh Kn chuins; thenee
ea.st Ku chains; thencc north Ko chains'
theuce wesl Ko chuins t,, ihe point ni Cnm-
iiieiicetnent containing 640 acres mnre ,,r
Murch jand,,  1911,  IV.   II,  iL.rnsu11   ngl
in npply fur iiermission  to purcliaae the
lollowing  descrilied   lauds:
Commencing  at   a  pust   planled   nbout  3
tulles west nf the eastern boundary nf Brit
ish Culiiml. 1.1  1 l', miles snuth ,,l the Red
Willuw River and markeip'A. C, N. W.
curner" thence suuth Ku elmins; Ihenee east
Kn chains; thenco north 80 chuins; thencc
west Ku elmins tu thc point nf commence-
menl, nnd contnining 640 ucres more or
Mat-rli, 1KII1.,  1911.  W. II.  Harrison, ngt.
Disirici  ul Caul,,,,,.
TAKIC    imtice   lhal     Henry   Benton    nl
Vancouver, B. C. occi tion clerk, intends
tn   upply   Inr   pcriniss    t„   purchase   the
luliuwing described   lands:
Cuminelicmg   at   a   pnsl   planleil  about   3
t nl the eastern I idary nl llril
Dislriel  nl Cariliun.
TAKE nuiice thai Frunk Bond, of Vancuuver,  II.   C.  occupation  clerk,   intends In
upply fur iiermission  tu pdrcbaae the foliuwing descrihed lands:
Commenciiig nl a pnsl planted about 5
miles west nl Hie eusterii boundary ul Brit-
isli Collimlrln aiid 1 miles smith ol Hit Red
Willuw River nnd m.irilcil "F. II., S. E,
corner" theuce north Kn chaina; thencc
I   811   chains;   thencc     soulh   81
isll  Cliimlii id 1% miles smith ui Hie Red I thence east 80 chuins lo the point of enm-
Willnw  River ami markvil "II.  It., s, E.   inuiiceinctit, containing 1640 acres mure' nr
curner"    Ihenee      north   Kn   ihains;    thence    less.
wesl   80   chnins;   tiience    SOUtll   Ku   chainB;    Septal. FRANK   BOND.
Ihenee   easl   Ku    chains   In   puini   ol   cum       March   25II1.,   "HI, VV.   II.   Harrison,  agl.
mencement, contuining 640 acres mure ,,r	
Sept.9. HENRY BENTON. Disirici ,,! Curibuo.
March JJnd.,   "IN.   VV-   II.   Harrisun, ngt.       TAKE   nnliee   lhal   Jumes   Hevcridgc,   id
1 Vancouver, H. C, occupation agent, in-
' tends In anply fur permissiun tn purcliase
: the following deacrlbed binds:
Commenciim at ., |,,,st  planted about 3
miles wcsl ,,1 the eastern boundary ol lirit
ish  Cd Ida  and  li mile smith iil the Red
River  and  marked"   .1.  11.,  N.  W.
theiue      suuth   Ku   eliains;   tliencc
PEACE RIVER LA.ND DISTKICT.        I    Commencing  nt a  post  plnnled ahnut   j
District id Caribuu. mile.s wesl ul tlie eusterii boundary ,,l Km'
TAKE   nutiee   thut   Albert   Alidersnn,   nl j isli  Columbia and 4% miles  smith nl the Red
Vancouver, B. C, occupation salesman, in-1 Willow River ami marked "P. K,h s. IC.
tends lu apply  lur permission   In purchase    enmer"   theoce     nurtli   Kn   ehnins;   Uieuce
the   following   deserihed   lnnds: I w'est   80   elmins;   tltenee   sunt],   Ku   chains;
Commencing at a post planted nbout 3 llience east Ko chains 1,, tin- point o| cm'
miles west ul lhe eastern boundary ,,[ Brit- mencement cuntaining 640 ncres more ur
ish   Columbia and ... miles smith ul the   Red    less.
Willuw  River nnd marked  "A.  A.,  S.  W.   Sent.9! PETER   RAVXOI.DS.
curner"   thencc   nnrth     80   chains;   llience |   March -41I1.,  1911.  VV.  II.  Harrtaou, agt.
eust  80   clinins;      tliencc   soulh   80   chains; ' .	
Ihcnce west 80 chains tu the point ni cn,. |        PEACE RIVER LAND DISTRICT, ,
District of Caribuo.
TAKIC nutiee tlmt Jaenli Henderson, nf
Vancouver, 11. C. occupation Joiner, intends
tn   apply   lur   permissiuli   tn   purcliase   tlle
luliuwing  descrilied  lands:
Cummencing al a pust planted abuut fi
miles wesi ul tlie eastern boundary nl llril
isll Columbia and 1% milos snnlli uf lhe Red
Willuw River and'marked ".I. II., S. E.
curncr" theuee nurth Kn chnius; thenca
west    0   ehnins;   tlicnce   smith   80   ciiuins;
.   . _ thence ea.st Ko ehnins lu tlie uoint ol
mencement, containing 64.1 acres mnrc or District 1,1 Cariboo. I mencement   containlno 1,1,,   ,■.,.,.,
less. TAKIC  notico   lhat  Mnl I  Sanders,   ot   less. '
Scpt.9. ALBERT AXDERSON. Vancouver,   II.   C.  occupation  accountant,      Sept.9, MICHAEI   GREY
Mnrch  JJnd.',   1911-  W.   II.  Harrison,  ugt. 1 intends  tu  npplv lur  perinissiun   tn  purch-j   Murch _(,th.,   1911    VV    11    Harrison    ,, ,1
 ■     use the   luliuwing  described   lands: 1 '  *■
PEACE RIVER LAND DISTRICT.       i    Commencing at a post  planted  abuul 5 PEACE RIVER iand district
District of Caribuo. miles west ul tlie eastern boundary ul Brit   I Diatrict m Carib,  '
TAKE  nutiee  Unit  Edward  Rndley,   „l   Ish Columbia and j milcs soutli ol tlnj Red     TAKE notice that Jacob Nelson  of Vnn
Vancouver, 11, C, occunation carpenter, iu    Willow Rlvcr and marked "M. S., N. E.   couver,   II.   c    occupation   ioiner' 1
tends  to  apply   lur  permission   tu   purehase    curner"     thence   suulh     Ku   thaills;   thence I tn   apply   Inr   permission   to   lanci, ,s -   ,'],.
the luliuwing descrilied   lands: west   8.1   cliains;   lhe,         ' I i-ii-i.'./.   a--.',.    .   .     !'   l"   l"'"-h>".0   the
Commencing ul a pusi  planted ubmit 3 : tlienco east Ku chuins
miles west uf llie ensiern boundary nl Brit   ; mencement
ish Cnlumliia and 2% miles suuth nl lhe Red i less.
Willuw   River  nnd   mnrked   "IS.   R.,   N.   E. j Scjit.9.
nnrth 811 chums; I luliuwing describe
ihe puint ,,i cum. Commencing at
lu   acres   mure   ur I miles wesl 0] tlie
ish Culumii
"Sl   plaiiled   ahout   6
■rn boundary ol llru
,.t Caril	
Valienllve   TAKIC   nutiee      lhal    Mabel    A
Serimes, ni   Vancouver,  B.   C.  occtiputloi
stonogrnphor, iniends t., applv Inr permis
Sinn   tu    purchase    Hie   lolloWJlg   descrilied    W
binds: ___\	
tuiiitneiicilig nl u pnsl planted al.uiil 3 : east Ku chains; tliencc nnrth 80 clmins;
miles wesl uf lhe eusterii huiiiidalv nl llril llielue west Kn chnius tu lhe point ol Cornish Culiiml,in and $ miles north ol the Red mencement containing b.\o neres nmrc ur
Willuw  Kiver and  marked  "M.   A,  S.,  N.   lis,,
E.   crner"   Ihenee  smith Ku chuins;   tliencc   Sepl 2. JAMES  BEVERIDGE.
west    Kn   ihains:    theuce   nurlli   Ku   chains;
theuee easl Ku ihains  tu  the  point  oT culn
mencement,   cuntaining   640 ncres  Inure nr
Murch 17th., 1911. W.  II. Harrison, agt.
March  20th.,  1911.  VV.  II.   llnrrisun,  ngt.
District id Curibuo.
TAKIC   imtice   Hint   Willinm   Telford,   ni
Vancuuver,   B.   C,   occupation   ngenl,   iniends In apply lur  permissinn  in  purchase
the luliuwing described  lands:
Commencing at a pust planted about 3
miles west .,1 llie eastern boundary ,,I Bril-
ish Cnlumliia and ^ mile .smith nl the Red
Willuw River and marked "W. T., S. IC.
curncr" theuce nnrth 80 chains; tltenee
clinins;   /.icnce   sunth   80   chailis;
Disirici ,,[ Cariboo.
TAKE notice lhal A. Lellora Gig,
ul Vancouver, II. C. occupation stem _
her, intends tn apply inr permissiun
purchase   the   follow eg  descrilied   lands:       | curner"
Commencing  at a  poat   planted about  3 ; west   81
miles west uf the enstern boundary nl Brit- i Uieuce eust Ko chains lo Hie po'n't of Cornish Columbia and l. miles nnrlh ul the Red . ineoccmont   cuiilaiuing  640  ncres  morc   ur
Willow  River and marked "A.  L.  ('...,  S.   less.
VV. Crner" theiue nortli Kn chains;   theme    Sepl.9. WILLIAM TELFORD.
east    Kn   chains;    thencc   smith   Ko   ehnins; 1   March   Joth.,   1911.   VV.  II.   Ilarrismi,  ngt.
llience west 80 chains to tlie puint of com	
menectnent cuntaining 640 acres mun.' or        PEACE RIVER LANDDISTRICT.
less. District ul Cnrihuo.
Sent. 9. A.  1.ICX0RA GIGCERE.   I    TAKE notice thai Perry Gordon, nl Van-
March 17th., "111. VV.  II. Harrisun, nut.   couver, B. C, occupation salesman, intends
 : lu  applv   f,,r  permissinn   lu   purchase   the
l'EACK RIVER   I.AXD DISTRICT.        I fulluwing deserihed lands:
Dislrict .,[ Caribn,,. j   Commencing ul ,1 pusi  piunted ubout 3
TAKIC nolice thai Katie Martin, nl miles west ol Uie eastern boundary ol Brit-
Vancouver, II C occupation stenographer, isl, Cnlumliia and --mile sunth nt the Red
intends In applv  fur permissiun  tn  |i , Willuw  River uud murked   "P.  G.,  N.  IC.
use the following described lands: ! curlier"   thence   suutli     80   chnins;   thence
Commencing at a post planled al„,lit 3 1 west 8n chuins; theuce north 80 ehains;
miles west ,,1 the eastern boundary >,f Bril  j thence east    8,, chuins    tu tlic point ol
lh Columbia and   l. miles lu,rlh ni  the Red
Willow River ami marked  "K.   M.,  S.   IC. j nr less
curner"   theuce     nnrth   80   chains;    thenco : Sept.9
west   Ku  chains;   Uienee     suulh   81.  chaii
lllclicc cist  80 chains   In tlle  point  uf em
inencement, containing 1.40 aires morc
March  17H1 ,  "ill. W.   H. Harrisun, agt
Districl ,.l ,',,,-,',,,,.
TAKE notico that I.lcw S. Davison, ul
Vancouver, 11. C. occupation stenographer,
intends lu applv fur permissiun tu |itlrch-
use the lollowing descrilied  lands: I go  chai
Commencing at a pust  planted about 3 : w,-st Ku
miles west ul ihe eastern boundary nf Brit- ! ,„,.„,   c
isli Coliimbia and 2', miles imrth ,,! the Red   Sent' 0
Willuw   Rner   and   marked   "I..   S.   D.,   X. '
W.   curner"   thelice  smith  811  chains;   thence
east Ku chains;     llience    imrth   Kn chains;
tiience wesl Kn ohalns  tu till'  point  nf com
inencement,   coutnining   648   acres more   nr
Sept. 9. I.I.EW  S.  DAVISON.
March   17th.,   1911.  W.   II.  Ilarrismi,   agl.
Dislrict  ,,l Caril	
TAKIC   in,lice   lhal   James   Drysdalc
Van-uuT-r,  11   C. uccaputioii safe-man,  iniends tu npplv Inr permissiun  lu jnirclin.se
lhe lollowing described   lands:
Commencing at a pnsl planled iilimit 3
nnles west ,,l tiie eastern boundary uf British Columbia and 1% milcs nortii ol the Red
Willuw  Kiver and  marked"J.   D.   ,s.   w.
enmer" thence nurth Kn chains; thelice
cusl 80 chains: thence smith Su chains
thencc west 811 chains In point ol emu
mencement, cuntaining 6411 acres more ur
Murcli 15th., "lit.    VV.  II. llnrrisun, agt.
:cmenl  containing  640  acres  more
March loth- 1911. VV. II.  Harrison, agt,
District ni Caribuu.
TAKIC nuiice that  Vincent Armitabe, ol
Vnncouver,  II.  C. occupation  laborer,  iniends t,, apply for permissinn tn jiurciiasc
the [ollowlng described lnnds:
Commencing at a pust  planted about 3
miles west ,d tlie eastern boundary id British   Cnlumliia   and    .utile south  nl llie Red
Willuw  River nnd  marked  "V.  A., S.  W.
cntii.r" Uieuce in,rth 80 clinins; thence east
;   Ihcnce  smith   80  ehains;   tliencc
hums tu the point nf eummeiice-
laining 640 ucres Inure ur less.
March  20th-  "III-  W.  !!.   Harrison, agl.
District ui Coriboo.
TAKIC  nutiee  Unit   Mary  Ruth   Crussiii,
,,1   Vnncouver,   II.   C.  occupation   spinster,
intends in apply  lur permissinn  lo purch-
nse the following descrihed lunds:
Commencing at a pnsl  planted ubuut 3
" ! miles west ol llle eastern boundnry id Brit-
I ish Columbia und 6', miles suuth of tlic Red
, ! Willuw   River and   marked   "M.   R.   C,  N.
VV.  crner"   thenee snuth 80 chains;  thence
cast   Ku   chains;   thencc      north   80  chains;
j Uienee west 80 chnins to the point of com*
nienceinent, cuntaining  640 acres  more  or
March 23rd- mn. W. H. Harrison, agt.
District ol Curiboo.
TAKIC nntiee Hint Alyee Phelps, oi Vancuuver, B.   C.  occupation  spinster,   intends
lu   applv   lur   permissiuli   to   pureiiase   the
Inlluwiiig described lands:
Commencing at a pnsl  planted abuut 3
miles west ul llie ensiern boundary ul British Columbia and hV, miles smith nf the Red
Willuw River and marked "A. P., S.  W.
rner"   tnence     north   Ko   chains;   thenee
Distriet ,,f Cariboo.
TAKIC   imtice   that   Elmer   I   Rnl.it,.,  .       ___,m_mmmmm__—,—^___—
,.i Vancuuver B. C. occupation gentleman i east 80 chains; llience smith 80 chains
Intends tu applv lor permissiun t,, pureli- Hience west 80 chains to tlic point of corn-
use llie vnllnwiiic described  lands: j ineui'.'tnenl,  containing  640 ucres  inure ur
Commencing   nl   a   pust   planted   ahull.    .
miles west ul the eastern 1 lldnry uf Brit'-    Septal.
ish Columbia and s', miles nortii ol lhe Red
Willuw   Riier    1   miirked'E.   C.   R.,   S.
IC. curner" llience nurth 80 cliains; thencc
west 811 chains; llience suuth Su cliains:
thenee east Ku chuiliv lu point nl commencement,  containing 641
March 23rd.,  1911,  VV.  H.IIurrisou, agt.
Dislrict ul Caribuu.
TAKIC   nutiee   that   Alice   June   Webster,
- ■ nl Vancouver,  IL  C.  occupation spinster,
r  intends tn applv lur permission In purchase  the  luliuwing   ilescrilieil   lands:
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.    [    Cnlntneneiug  al  a  pusi   planted  abuul   3
March islli ,  "111.    IV.  II. Harrisun, agt.   miles west nt the eastern boundary 1.1 Brit
ish Cnlumliia und b\ miles smith uf lhc Red
District  nl Cnriboo.
TAKIC   notice  that    John   Murdoch,   nl
Vniicuuver, B.  C.  occupation teamster,  in     tiience
lends tn applv Inr permissinn tn purchase   mencel
lhe lollowing described lands: I less.
Commencing at a pust planted about 3 Sepl.9
mites west ,,i tiie eastern boundnry uf British Columbia and V, miles nurth of lhc Red
Willuw Kiver and marked".!. M., X. VV.
curncr" thence suulh Kn chuius; thenee
cusl  Ku  chains:     thence   north  80  chnins;
tlienco west 8n chains I,. Ihe point   id I
inelicelnetil   conlaining   040  ucres   more   or
Willow River and marked "A. J. W'., N
IC. euruer" theuce smith 81, chains; theuce
west Kn eliains; Ihenee nnrlh 80 eliuins;
tltenee east 80 chains lu tlic puint of com-
mencement, contnining 6411 acres mure or
Sepl.9. JOHX MERlmCII.
March  15th.,   1911.    W.  II.   Harrisun, ii);t
Distriet  ul Cariboo.
TAKIC   notico   that   Laura   Roginn   Kel
dull,   ni     Vancouver,   D.    C,   occupntlu
.spinster,   inteiuls   tn   apply   lm-   pi-nnissiu
lu  purehuse   Hie   lollowing   ,leseril_Bm
Commencing at a pusi  plaiiled ahnut  3    pi;,,.,,, _,„,,    mn, vv. II. Harrisun, ngt
March 23rd., 1911. W. II. Harrison, ngt.
Disirici   nf Cnrilinn.
TAKE imtice that Johu II. Morrison, ol
V„ncouver, II. C. uccupatiun gentleman,
inteiuls tu applv J,.r permissiun In purclinsc  lhc   luliuwing descrihed   binds:
Commencliig at a pnst planted about 3
miles west ni tiie eastern hntiudnrv ul British Cnlumlua and f,', in,les smith nl the Red
Willuw Riu-r nnd marked "J. II. M., S.
IC. Crner" thenee north 8u chains; llience
wcsl Ku chains; Uicnco smith 80 chains;
tlicnce east Ko ehains tn the puini of commencement and cuntaining 640 neres mnre
,,r   less.
Comer" theuce smith Ku chaius; (lience
west 80 chuins; tlicnce nortii 80 chains;
theuee east 80 chains lu iiie puint uf commencement containing 640 ucres mure ur
Murcli 22nd.,  1911. VV.  II. Harrisun,
I isli Column,11 and I', miles mirth ul Uu- Red
MICHAEL SANDERS.     ! Willuw, River and   marked  ".I.  N.,  X.   IC.
Mnrch  251I1.,   191,. VI,   11,  Harrison, ugt.
Dislrict ,,l Cariboo.
TAKIC notice lhat Soath Griffith nl Van
couver,  B.  C. occupnl  luborer,  intends ! Sept.9
.rner"    thence       south   Kn
wesl   811   chains;   theuce    nurlh
thence eust Ku ehains tu the pi
mencement containiug  b.\o ner
t. I tn  apply  Inr  |iermissuiii   tu   purclmse  tlic j March  26th.,   1911    VV.   II,  Ilarrismi, agt.
—   following  described  lands: PEACE RIVER I.AXD DISTRICT.
Commencing  at  u  pnsl  planlcl  about  s District ut Cariboo.
miles west ,,( llie eastern hnundarv "I llru TAKIC nnliee thnt Hu:
nl ; isli Columbia und 1 miles soutii ul the Red Vancouver   II   I'
id  rkrd
smith     Ku
District  ul Carilmn.
TAKIC notice tlmi    Mury Cameron
Vancouver, B. C, occupation stenographer I Willuw Rner
intends   tu   apply   Inr   permission   tn   purcli- I curner"    tliencc   :
use the Inlluwiiig  described  lands: | east   Kn  chains';
Commencing at a pnst plained nbuut 4   tlhende wesi 80 cli
tulles west  uf Ule enstern  boundary nl Bril lUOItCGInCUt,   lulil,
isli   Columbia   and 4 miles   north uf the Red Sept. 9.
Willuw   River  and   marked   "M.   C,   S.   IC. less.
enrncr"   thencc   nurtli     80  chains;   theuce     March  23th.,  1911. VV.   II.  Harrison 1
west   80   chu.lis;   thence   suutli   80   chains; t ,     '
thence eust 80 chnins tu Uic puint nf com- |        PEACE RIVER I.AND DISTRICT.
mencement   containing  640  ucres  nmre  or i                    District ul Cariboo.
less. i    TAKIC  notice  Hint   Elbe  Mablc  Parent
Seiii.9. MARY CAMERON, ui Vancouver, 11. c, occi tiuit s,,:,,s,ci
Mnrch  17th.,  1911. W.   II. Ilarrismi, agt. .intends tu upply fur dcrmlssion  to  |iurcl,
lends in apply (,,r permis)
Uu- inllnwiiu. described l.u
oy r.ru
ish Chimin
Willmv  Rlu.
al a nost planted about h
the eastern boundary ol llru-
and 3.S miles south 01 the Red
and marked "Ii c, , s. IC.
e      nurtli   8,1   chains]   Ihenee
Sept ,,,
March   2stli
Ku cha1
ul ul en
s  inure
___^______________. — I use the lullu'wiliK described  la
PEACE RIVER I.AND DISTRICT,        ;    Commeucilig  at u  post  planted   ,
District nl Cariboo. | miles wesl of the eastern boundary
_______________________________________________       _________________________
TAKE nntiee Unit Margaret Munro,, ,,( ish Columbia und 5 miles suulh nl the Red
Vancuuver, B. C. occupation Stenographer, Willow River and marked "IC. M. P., X
intends tn apnly (nr permission lu purch- , W. crner" thlmco snuth 80 chuins, thonco
esc the fulluwing descrilied binds: j east  80   chains;   thencc   north   80   chains
Commencing at a post plnnled about 4 . llience west 80 chains to tiie puiui oi mm
mites west of the eastern boundary of Brit- mencement, cuntaining 640 acres mure ,,r
ish Cnlumliia   .ml 4 miles   nurth nf the Red [ less.
Willuw River and marked "M.  M., N.  IC. I Sept.9. ICFKIIC  MA11I.E PARENT,
corner"   thence    south   80   chains;   llience |   March 251I1.,   1911. VV.   II.  Ilarrisnii, agt.
west   80   chnins;   tiience   north   80   chains;;	
Ihenee east 80 chains to thc point nl com- [       I'EACE RIVER I.AXD DISTRICT,
mencement  and  containing 640 acres mure District nf Cnrihuo.
or less. TAKIC nutiee thai Blanch Man- Wilkins,
Sept,9. MARGARET MUNRO.  ; ul   Vancouper,  B.  C.  occupation  spinster,
"ill. VV.  II.  Harrison,  act.
11,sir,it ut Carib	
TAKIC notico that Mui,,,el Grey, af Vancouver, II. C. occupation si^u painter, intends tu applv lur permiss'mi io purchase
the luliuwing'descrilied lands:
Commencing at a pust planted alioul 6
miles west .,1 the eastern boundary ni British Columbia anil l\ miles smith ul the Red
Willuw Rner and marked "M. C, X. E.
crner" then,,- smith So chuins; llience
wesl Ku chains' tiience nnrth 8u chains;
thence east Su chailis tu the puint ,,i culling  640  acres  inure   ur
Scot 9.
"HI- VV.  11,  Ilarrisnii,  agt,
Sept.9. MARGARET Ml XRO. ; ul Vancouper, 11. L. ocenpiltli.il spinster,, . ' ,, ..\Y ';_.',;"'. A'i
Marel, 17th., 1911. W. II. Harris,,,,, agt. Jltends tn apply Inr permissinn tu purch j PEACE RIVKR LAND DIM Kill
  —__,ase  the  foliuwing deserihed   lands:                 |    ,.,-.,.   ..."'._.   ."' »""''.""■.
District ol Cnriboo.
TAKK uuticc that Clarence Nichols, nl
Vnncuiiver, B. C. occupation accountant,
intends In apply f,,r permissiun to purchuse tlie fulluwing descriiicd   lands:
Commencing nt u pust planted ubuut 5
miles west nl the eastern boundary uf Brit
isli Culuinbia ami 2 miles nurth uf the Red
Willuw River aud murked "C. N., S. E.
curner" thenee nurlh 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains: theuee soutii Ko chains;
thence cnst 80 chains tu Ure puint of commencement  containing 640 acres  morc or
'ing      __________________
12  nt   a   pust   planted   about
miles wesi uf Uic eastern boundary uf Brit
ish Cnlumliia and i miles smith of the Red
Willuw River, and murk.,1  "11.  M. VV., X.
IC. corner" thence smith 80 chains; theiue
west 80 chains; theuce nnrlh 811 chains:
llience ea.st Ku chains tu the puint ul com-
meiiu-lncnt cuntaining 640 acres more or
Sept.9.        BLANCH  MARY  WILKINS.
March  25th.,   1911. W.  II.  Harrisun, agt.
t'.'illls   tn   ,
the  lollow
, II. C. "occupatii
ipply lur penuissi
ing  descrii,,-,!  Ian,
,n laborer,  inui, lu purcliase
miles lies,
isli Culm,
Willuw   R
Cing  at   a   nnst   p
ui tin- eastern b,
d md 4' es I
ver.and   marked
hinted ahnut   6
amd.irv ul lirit
louth nl the Red
"R.   A.,   N.   IC.
enmer" ll
west   80   ■
Uienee em
lience smilh 80
.hams: theme In
t 80 chains tn III,
t   enntaining   (141)
chains; theuce
-nh   Sn  chains;
.■ point nf corn-
acres inure or
Districl ni Cariboo.
TAKK notice tint Napoleon Brown,  of
Viiiiciiivcr,  B.  C.  occupation  laborer,   in
Mnrch 21st., 1911.   W. II. H.irris.m, agt.   tends t«. apply lor permission tu purcliasi
1 the following described binds:
Commencing nt a post planted about <
miles west ol the eastern boundary ul Itrit
il 4 milcs sodtll oi the Red
Distriet  nf Cariboo-
TAKE notice that Thomas Archibald, of   isli ColmnM
Vancouver, B. C. occupation clerk, intends   Willow Rivvr and   marked   "N.   B.,   S.   Vi.
to   apply   for   permission   to   purchase   the    enrner" thence north 80 chains; thence east
followinp described  lands: j 8o chains;   thencc south  80 chains;   theme
Commencing at a post planted about 5 west 80 chains to the point of commence
miles west of the eastern boundary id Bril- ! '"cut. containing bin acres more or less,
ish Columbia and 2 miles north oi the Red  Sept.9. NWI'O.J.ON" BROWN.
Willow   River and   marked   "T.   A.,   K.   IC. ;   March  2_|.h.,   1911.  W.   II.   Harrison,  agt.
corner"   thence  south     80  chains;   tbence j-
Dislrict of Cariboo.
TAKK notice that Peter Dclong, of Van
couver,   B.   C.   occupation   accountant,   in
tends to apply Ior permission to purchasi
the following described lands'
 C.iiiiiieii.ini;   .a   .,   \n<_\   pl.oili.l   ..l-m   <
PEACK RIVER LAND DISTRICT. "»*!« «'^' ol the eastern boundary ol Brit-
District of Cariboo. , lsl' Cnlumliia and 4 miles south ol lhe Red miles west ,
T\KE   notice   that      David   O'Brien,   of   W'llow   Rner   and   marked   "P.   D.,   S.   E. ish Colltmbi;
Vancouver, B. C.  nccupation cook, intends , comer      thence    north 80    chains;    thence Willuw   R
west 80 cliains; thenee north 8n chains
thencc east 80 chains to thc point of commencement containing 640 acres more or
Marcli 21st.,   1911.    Vi. II. Harrison, agt.
: wesl    80   dm
thence east Ho 1
uth Ko chaii
e point ol ..,]
acres   ni"re
east Ho
to   apply   for   permisaion   tu   pun-h
following   described   lands: __M
Cninmencing  at  a  post planted   about 5   inencement
miles wesl of tlie eastern boundary of Brit-    'ess.
ish Columbia and 2 miles north of the Red   Sept.9. PETER DKI.ONO.
Willow   River   and   marked"]).   ().,   S.   W.      March 2_|th.,   1911.   W.   II.   Harrisun,
enrner" thenee north 80 cliains; thencc east :	
80 cliains;   thenee  south  80  chains;   thence I        PEACE RIVKR LAND DISTRICT
west 80 chains tn thc point nf commence- | District oi Cariboo. ,.Xi_i,    „.,.,__
ment, containing 640 acres more or less.      j ]fTAKK    notice   that    Robert   Bncley,   ol   Vancouver   B.   C
less,     _________________________________________
Disirici uf Carilmn.
TAKI*:  nutiee   tlmt  Charles  Furrcster,   uf
Vancouver, U. C. nccupation clurk, intends
tn   apply   l'T   perinissiun   lu   purchase   the ■
following  described   lands:
Commencinf at a post planted about 6
miles west ul the eastern boundary oi Bril
ish Columbia and .'', miles nnrth nf the Red
Willuw Rner and marked "C. F., N. E.
."incr" thence smith 80 chains-; thence
west 80 chains; thence nortli 80 chaius;
thence east Hu chains lu the puint nf commencement enntaining 640 acres mure or
District   nl  Caribuu.
TAKIC   nuiice   lhal   Charles   Ilennessy   nf
Vancouver H. C. occupation merchant, intends to applv  Iur permissiun  to purchase
lhe Mlluwiiig'described lands:
Commencing at a post planted abuut h
1 lhe eastern boundary ol Brit
. and j1. miles north of the Red
r   ami   marked   "C.   11.,   S   K.
imrth   80
chains;   thence
thence  s.
-uth   80   chains;
liains tn tl
,e puint n| cum-
aining 740
acres   mure   or
Sept.9. " DAVID O'BRIEN. ! Vancouver, B. C. occupation clerk, intend:
March 2ist.,   1911.    W.  II. Harrison, agt, , l"   al»ply   f"r   permission   to   purchase   the
 , loiluwing   descrilied   lands:
PEACE RIVER LAND DISTRICT.        j    Commencing  at  a  pust   planted  about 5
Districl  u|  Carilmn.
TAKE    notice   that    John   Bartlett,  of
cu pat tun  accountant
intends to applv fur permission to purcli
ase   tlle   following   described   lands:
Commencing at a post planted about 6
_^_m_______________________________mi _________■    __________ _________ l,i the eastern 1 oiiudarv I Brit-
District of Caribuo. «"« Wl'st "' the eastern boundary oi Brit-   ls]l Columbia and   '. mile north ol the ked
TAKE notice    that      James   Coulter, of     f» Columbia  and 4 miles north ul   the   Red    \v,lluw   River   aud   marked   "J.  B.,   N.   E.
Vancouver, B.  C. nccupatiun teamster,  in-    mUowRiv?r  and inarkeb "R.  II.,   N.   'A
tends to apply for permissinn  to purchase   corner    llience smith 80 chains; iheuce eas
the following described lands: j *> d",!lllf\ ™«   ,lorU'  8o c],a11
Commencing at  a  post  planted   about 5   wcsl 80 chains to thc point oi
miles west ol the eastern boundary of Brit-   meilt contahuog 640 acres more ur less,
ish Columbia and   2 miles north of the Red    Sent.9. ROBERT   BCCLK-.
Willuw River, and marked "J, C, N. \V.     Marc'' 24th-,  1911.W. II.  Harrison, ogt
corner"   thence    south   80    chains;   thence!        PEACE RIVER LAND DISTRICT,
east  80  chains;      thence   north   80   chains; j Districl "l Caribou.
thence   west   80   chains   to   point   of   com   j     TAKK   notice   that   Peter   .Marshall,   of
mencement   coiitain'og   640   acres   more   or , Vancouver,   H.   C.   o
less. iutemls   to  apply lor
Sept.9. JAMES COULTER. ase the following described land;
March 21st., 1911.   W. H. Harrison, agt. ,    Commencinc at a posi planted abuut 5
 i miles west of the eastern boundary ol Brit'-
PEACE RIVER LAND DISTRICT. ish Columbia and 4 miles smith ol the Red
District of Carihoo. I Willuw River and marked  "P. M.,  N.   K.
TAKK notice  that  Alphonse Amend,  of   corner"     thence    south 80    chains  thence
Vancuuver, B. C. occupation joiner, intends ' wesl 80 chains;     thenee    north 8u chains,
euruer" theuce south 80 chains; tliencc
west 80 chaius; iheuce imrth 80 chains;
theuce east 80 chains lo the point ol commencement cuiilaiuing 640 acres more or
March   .'Mil.,  I9U.__W.  II    Harrison, agt.
District nl  Caribuu.
TAKK   notice   that   Leonard   Mackie,   oi
conntant, ' Winnipeg,  Man.,   uccupatiun  Clerk,   intends
rmlssion to pureb- ' tl)  ii[)l)]v for permission to purchase the
'fullowing described   lands:
Coinmencing at a pust planted about I
mile west of the eastern hmindarv of British Columbia aud 4 miles north of the Red
Willow Rner and marked ' L. M., N. _..
corner" theme soulh Ho chains; thence
est  80  cbains;     thence   nurth   80   chains;
to   applv   for   permissiun   to   purchase   tlie ] thence east 80 chains to the point ni com     thence" east 80 "chain's to _]•'.'int'   V"."""'
following described lands: m_nee_.__.a__  containing b4o acres  morc   mcnCement, containing 640 acres more or
-iimmeiicitig  at   11   pusi   planted   about 5   ,,r less. MR——— *    ^
milcs wcsl uf tiie eastern boundary ol Hrit    Sent. 9. PETER lI.MiSIIAI.I..
ish Columbia and 4 miles nurlli 01 tlic Red   Jilarcii 14th., iyn. w. II.  Harrison, a^t.
Willuw River anu  marked  "A.  A., N.  W. PEACE RIVES UNI) DISTRICT
curncr"   tlicnce    sunth    80  chains;   tlicnce District ol Cariboo,
cast  80  chains;     tliencc  north  80  chains;,    TAKE   nolico     that   Frederick   Hell    ol
________ ■  640
-larch islli.. mil.    IV.  II.  Harrisun, agt,
District ,,i Cariboo,
thence went 80 chains to lhe point ol cum- j vJncun'.ef.'T'.. o'c7u"pa'tio.rei«k,Tn'i.na_ ! 0fTV.._L™"b "c'____.t' '""''' T"Cey
mencement, containing 630 acres morc ,,r l(,  „p„ly („r permission  to  purcliase  the   metal-worker' It
less. (ollowing described  lauds.                                .„,,,   , -.a,.
Sept.9.                  AWHONSE AMANI). .„,.„„.,,ci,,e   at   .,   pnsl   planlcl   about   J     'ah
.March -oth., 1911. W, II.  Harrisun, iiKt. milcs west of tlie eastern boundary oi Brit
  ish Columbia ami 1 chains south ui llie Red
PEACH RIVER LAND DISTRICT. Willutv   Rner and marked   "F.   ]).,   S.   W
lltstricl „f Cariboo, crner"   Ihcnce  norlli     80   chains;   tliencc
TAKE   nutiee   thai  Clifford   Caldwell,   uf ,.,lsl   j-     chains; tlicnce   SOUtll   Ko   chains
Vancouver,  B.  C.  occupation  laborer, in thence west Ku cliains t,, the poinl ol can
tends tn apply fur permissiuli tu purchase rnenccment   containing   640  acres  mure   ,-r
mis iu applv fur permis.
thc  fulluwing  descrilied
miles west ul lhc easier
ish Columbia and s. mllei
Willuw River ami markci
I1;, curner"  tlicnce .sunth
west   811   chnins;   tliencc
thencc, east Ku clial_^M
meitccmcnl, coutnining 640 acres ir-nre ui
Septal. l.AIRA  REl'.lNA  1.1'NHAI.I.
Marcli l.stli.,  1911.    W.   II.   llnrrisun, agt
lary ,,l lint
rth ,a Un- Red
I..   K    K ,   S
oint ,,l 1
Districl ol Cnriboo.
TAKE nuiice thai l.ctilin Puliscca, uf
Vnncuiiver, II. C. iicctipnlinn spinster, intends In npplv l,,r permissiun tn purchase
the following descrilied innils:
Commencim' nt a pnst pinned alioul 1
mile west ul llie enstern liuuniliit v nf llril
ish Columlilil ami b miles snlltli ul lhe Red
Willuw River and marked "I,. P., N. E.
curncr" thencc suulh 8,1 chains; thencc
wcsl 811 clinins: theuce nurth 811 chains;
llience cusl 811 chain, tu the puint uf com-
utciiceiiit'iil, cnlltaitijng I140 acres more nr
Sent.9. l.ETITIA   I'ONSECA.
Mnrch ..lnl., 1911, W, II. llnrrisun, ngt.
.,... Dislriel nf Cariliun.
••„,.,    '1""l"c Umt  Eiuesl  lllne, „f Vim
I,,   ,'T'i   '.'•  ucciipnliuii   laborer,   Intends
|,,n,   '.'v l"r  licrtnissiaii  lu  tiiircliasc the
, '""UR descrilied lunils:
mile' '""'"ci,l_  nt  a pnst  plantod  about   I
"tst ol the eastern boundary of Brit-
Disirici nf Carilmn,
TAKE imlicc    tlmi   Ralph  Stevens,  nf
Vniicuuver, II. C, uccllpalluli gclilteliian. ill
lends lu apply fur pcrmiaslnn tu durcitnse
the following descrilied Inmls:
Cuiiimeiic-ina nl it pnsl planted alioul I
mile west nf tlle cnBtc.ll blillndnrv nf Itrit
ish Columbia nnd 6 miles sr-'tli ul the Red
WIPow   Itiver    I   in.rtciP'R.   S..   S   W.
crner" tlienco nurtli 8n chains: thence cusl
811 ch.ius:   theuce snlltli  811 chnins;  tlicnce
West   811 ehii'tis  lu the point ul cntiililcuce-
ment, .ollt&llllltg bio acres tnnre nr less.
Mnrch 33rd., 1911. W. II, llurt'isun, ngt.
'lislrict   nl  Cnrilinn.
,-r..;   nnliee   lhal   Grace   l.ee   Inksalcr,
of Winnipeg, Man., occupnl'nu stcnog
raiiher, Intends lu apply dor permissiun lo
ptiicliasc lhe following described lunils:
Commencing nt a pnsl planted nbout 3
miles wesi uf the enstern boundary of Brit-
lab Columlilil and 7 . miles nurth ol the Red
Willuw  River nml marked "G.   I..  I., S.
W. curncr" thencc nnrlh 80 chains; theiue
east 811 chains; thence solltll Kn eliuins;
Ihenee wesl Ku chains lu the I'uilil ,,l can
inciici'iiii'iit, containing 6411 acres mure nr
Murch  r4f.l1.,  1911.    W. II.  Ilarrisnii, agl.
Districl ni Cariboo,
TAKE notice Hint Prod Tnylnr, nl Van
cnitver, II. C. occupation merchanl, iutemls
tn npnly lur permlaalon In purchnse the
Inlluwiiig   descriled   lauds:
C'nmt-Chcillg at a pnsl plnnled iilintlt 3
miles wcsl uf the ensiern boundary of Brit
ish Cnlumliia ami J'; utiles nnrth ul tlle Red
Willuw Rlvcr nnd murkeli "P. T., S. E.
curner" thencc nurth 811 cltnlua; Iheuce
west 811 chains: Ihcnce .snuth 811 chailis;
thence east 811 chnius In the puint ,,f can
mencement, conlnluing I1411 acres mnrc nr
March  14111,1911.    W.  II.  llnrrisun, ngl.
Districl of Cnriboo.
TAKE nnliee that Andrew Conk, nf Van-   Sent.9
couver, 11. C. occupation collector, intenils    March
Dislncl ni Cariboo.
TAKK imtice thai  William  .luhn   Hindi-
Iill .a Edmontnii, Alta., occttpation pros*
pcclor, iutemls In apply f,,r penuissi,at tu
purcliase Hie folluwiug descrilied Inmls:
Commencing at a pusi planled nbout 3
miles wcsl "i the eastern honiulary of Brit-
ish Culumliln und 4 . mlles south .,1 the Red
Wilhuv River .md mnrked "W. .1. If, N.
W. corner" tliencc smith 811 chains; thenco
east  8.1  cliains:     llience   nortb  Ko  chains;
tlicnce west Su chains iu ihe puint nl commencement, cnl,lining (,411 acres nmrc nr
1 ess.
Marcli   141I1.,   1911.  W.   II.   Harrisun,  ngt.
Iiislriet ul Cnrilinn.
TAKK   uuticc   that     Harvey   Clifton,   ill
Vatic,,incr, II. C. occupation carocnter, intends tu applv l,,r permission In purchase
Hie  Inlluwiiig'described  lands:
Commenciiig al a pust planted nbout 3
miles wcsl ,,11111' eastern Iniillihiry uf British  Ciiluinl ml 4', miles  suuth uf lhe Red
Willi™   Unci ami marked "II. C, N. E.
corner" thence suuth 811 chains; tlicnce
west Su cnains; thence m,ith 81) chains;
theuce easl Hn chains lu thc puint ,,[ cum-
lil.'iiceuieul c.ail.lining (,4,1 ucres mure or
Sept 9, HARVEY  1'I.ll'TON.
Mnrcli   -'Illi.,   lull.   W    11.   Ilarrisnii,  agt,
Dislrict ,,l Caribou.
TAKK     nnliee   lhat     Prank   Moore,   nl
Vancuuver, ll. C. m'tipatlon salesman, inieiuls lu applv  lur pirtnissiuii  lu  purchase
Iiie following 'ilescrilieil lnnds:
Commencing  al   a   pust   planted   abuut   3
miles IVCSl ul Iln- easlel-l Hilary ul lirit.
ish Cnlumliia anil |Si miles snlltli of lhe Red
Willutv Rner ami mnrked' P. M., S. W.
i curner" thencc liortll 80 ill.uns Ihcnce cusl
811  chains;   tlicnce   solltll  Sn chains;   theuce
wesi Ha chains lu the point "i commence*
ment contnining b4u acres more ur less.
lib., 1911. W. if  Harrison, ngt.
lhc fulluwing described lands:     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Commencing at a pnst planted about 5 ' Sept.o.
miles west of ihe eusterii boundary of Brit Marcli  'lib
ish  Columbia und 4 miles snuth  nf the   Red -''".... .'..I.'.',.',,  .".,..', .""'''"'"'
Willuw  River  anil marked  "C.  C„  N.   E. nfsir  1   ^A,N,),.D,STIUCT'
euruer"   thencc     suulh   80   chuius;    thenci*       .,.,,.,. ■_  ,,   "' , , .,.    ,   ,,
.......   an   -1,..;.,.-.     .I.-.-.-   .....ii.   a,,   .a,..:.... :     IAKK   notice   that   John   Allied   Ha
Ill    VI.   II.   Harrisun,  agt.
Commencing ut a pnst planted about t
iinlc wesi ui thc eastern boundary uf British Columbia ami 4 miles norlh ol the Red
Willuw River ami marked "G. 11. T , S
Pi. enter" thencc north 80 chains; tlien.c
west 80 chains: llience snuth 80 chains;
Iheuce    east    Kn    chains    tn    point    nl    c -III-
tui'iiceineut, containing (140 acres moro ot
west 88 chains; thencc north 80 chains;
theuee cast _._ chains tu the puini of commencement containing 640 acres mnrc ur
March -oth., 1911. w. II. Harrison, agt.
District of Caribon.
TAKIC imtice tlmt Vutice Van Allen, nf
Vancouver, B. C. occupation clt-rk, intends
apply for pcnniss'on to purchase the fallowing described  lunds:
Commencing   nt   a   post   planted   ubuut  3
miles west ul the eastern boundary al lint
ish Columbia and 4 miles nnrth ol the Red
Willuw River und mnrked  "V.  V.  A., S.
W. euruer" thencc nnrth 80 chains;   thencc
casl   80   ehains;    Iheuce   south   80   chains;
thenco west 80 ciiuins to Hie point uf com- 1 t"   upply   lur   pe
mcnccnient   containing   640   ncres   mure   ur    Inlluwiiig describe
Murch .oth.,  1911.  W.  It.   Harrison, agt
ion, ol Vancouver, 11. C. occupntion gentleman,  intenils  I,, applv  lnl perinissiun   t,,
purchiise the following described land...
Commencing at a posl planted about 3
mites west ut the eastelti boundary ul Bril
ish Columbia ami 4 chains snuth ol the Red
Willow Kiver und marked  "J.  A   11.,  S.
ihcnce    \\ ,]•„».' p
IC.  curncr"   thencc uurfld	
wcsl   80   chains;   thence   suuth   80   chains. l,y
thencc ea.st 8n chains In the point ul cm eas
mencement, containing 1,411 acres more ur thence ■
less. cement,
Sept.9.          JOHN  ALFRED  HAMILTON. Sent   9
March  .'4th.,   lull    W.   II    Harris igt. n,,rch
District ui Caril
Mar.h 15th., 1911.   W. II. Harmon, agt,
mil- I Distrut  ,,i  Caril no
TAKIC notice that Cecil Allred Hull, ul
Vancouver, II. C. occupation engineer, iutemls tn applv lur permissinn In purchase
the Inlluwiiig describeil lands
Commencing at a post planted about  1
mile west ut tiie enstern boundnry uf Until Culuinbia and 4 miles llorth uf llle Red
TAKIC   nut 11
couver, H.
il   Ethel   Hicks  ,,l   Van
': inl.lids
on  lu  purchaae  the
and   marked   "C.   A.   11.,   S.
curncr" theuce nurth Ko chains; thonce
it   Kn   chains:   thence   smith   Ko   chains;
lice west Ku chains  lu  pmut  ul  cnlllluen-
nittg c.40 acres mnrc ,,r less.
1911.   W. II. Harrison, agt.
District ol Caribi
TAKIC notice that  Winniircd  Mary  Stems ol Vuncouver, B. C. occttr.|itlon spms-
T,   intends    to   apply  lur   permission   tn
^^^^^^^      ills: purchnse the luliuwing ilescrilieil Inuds:
Corauicncing ut a post planted nbout ■ Commencing at a pnst planned about 1
miles wesl ail lhc eastern butindary itl II ' mile west ol the eastern boundary of Bril
ish Columbia anil 4 chains south ol the Red ish Columbia ami 4 miles imrth ul the Red
Willuw River ami markci 'IC. If, ti. W. Willow River, and marked "II. M. S., S.
curner" theuce smith 80 ch.mis; Ihcnce : W. Curner" thence nurlh 8n cliains; thencc
eust 80 chains; thelice nnrth 80 chains; i eust 80 clmins; thence BOlltll 8u chains;
tbence west 80 chains to the puint nl cum- ! thencc west Ko chains tn the point ni
mencement contuining 6411 acres mnrc ur ; commencement, containing 640 acrea mute
less. j ur less.
Match  -,|th.,   mil.   VI.   II.   Ilarrismi,  agl.      Marcli   ..ml.,   1911    W.   If   Harrison,  agt.
Districl oi Cnriboo.
TAKE notice  that   Allen   Then,   oi Vancouver, B. C. occupation snleaman. intends
lu   apply   for   permissiuli   tu   purchase   the ,
luliuwing   described   lands:
Commonclng ul a pnst planted ubuut 5
miles west nf the eastern boundary ul Itrit   i
ish Culuinbia  and 4 miles north of tlic  Red I District 111 1 iriliuu I iv ..    .
IVillnw 1 River 11111I  ninrked "A.  T.,  S.  IC.      TAKIC  nutiee    thai    William  nicks   nf      ner V.   ,".,      '..	
enmer" thence tmrth 80 chains; Iheuce Vancuuver, II C occupat oil Mttlcninn'i_ TAKEnotice that Mace Carvey, ol Van-
wesl 80 chains; thenco south 80 chnins; tends to upnlv for ncrmlssloS 1,, ,,. ■!,.,. '""'"'. " *•" •>»■•■.. ntlon jmiier, Intends in
Ihcnce east 8.1 chains tu llle puini nl cm- I the  following described land.. Kll    ",    Pi.m    ,     , '"   '"'"'"'^  "10   '"'
moncemon. containing 640 acres  re „r (   Cnnmieiic,,, at ,,,,,. I'-anicd t„,m,, s     clSJ1*. „, ed „, , s
Sept,,   m ALLEN .THEN. , is,, Columbia ,„,d ?! Z_W|ft t'll^l   'ZZZa'l ind TiZL'ZiZl ZZ
  So*'      e,c.    onthrkeR ;T  ""   .' K'   "'"""■ RivM "'"' "'""-' "51 ■ '•'• 1 S   W.
PEACE RIVKR LAND DISTRICT.        (west   8,1   chains'   thence  north   80  ,E.    ''"'."'.    ","'"™    "".'"'   8"    <'<'""'•   "*""
Dislrict  nl Cnrihu,,. thence east 8    cha , ,,„. , :    .1       *"   ''l'T' 1   ""'""-'   I"""'   *"   ch "'
TAKIC  notice    tl„„t  Peler   Ravnilds,   of   mcncemcul,  cm        ne          a_?__ ,    r.    r               "'. "° l'1'?'"" l" ""' ■""" "' """-
. « "   -— .;... —..   ,..-'...,.   ,_           ' -mi-uiniug oiu tares mure ur   mencement containing (140 acres mnrc ur
WILLIAM  HICKS.            S_cj.t.9. MACE GARVEV.
Mnrcli loth., 1911. W. If Harrison, ngl.
Vancouver, B. C. occupation ngenl, intends   less,
to  apply  Ior  permissiun   to  purchase   the | Sept.9,
lulluw'ng  described lands:
March -4th.,  1911.  W.  H7"l.a7r.__r,,' agt. I "___.._ .5th.,  I.ir'w,''lf'ir..r'_,',,,i, a,t. river bed—then the everlasting
mount-uns. Lights Dicker here
mid there-—electric lights*— mid
Slcwiirl is ranched, Up tin un-
puved street we stiiniblo mnl
iiiln n lirst-I'liiss eo,infortnblo
|y,'d-—ut modornto prices. In fitot
things uro ns cheap hero iiuin
the const cities four or live li.in-
drt't. milt's down,
__^^^_^ "almiii    says lie  will     build
Lest    those words   might be right _hroiigli the    mount nins
taken in their     literal sense 1   und put siininior resorts along
linve coinpilixi   the   opinion of  the now Iiu "
That "Mountain of
Gold" At Stewart.
Bj Bonaycaillt Half in Tht Cuiadiin Onlury*
Kiver water-
Within one
mile ol' subdivisions
^^^^^^^      Apply t0
N H WESLEY, Second street
i -, i )n    von hear  t.hnt   Ritchie
inr..iv    iv'iuiaiili',    responsible ,    ,       •, • , , ■    ,,
'       '   .        ' Inui stnick,!i iiuin' riL'iil in the
men regarding this, the newest Di001-.jng middle of this wildly
gold eamp of British Columbia. |,i|arious   town   of   Stewart?''
I'irst ol all. let me assure you This ...ng oorroberated later and
hat the     term    Mountain of ibolh   gM and     silver   values
inilil    is arrant nonsense, com- g|*(.vn
i'il across     tho water by over* '  ..T|.J,',..(.'S tho   road man, he's
ambitious    journalists,     and, _ojn„    ,,, pu, „     „,,|W1„.|(   „f
wlule'1  ' .' "'"   "'•!"   '" ,i|,!,nr roads and trails all around this
anyone    irnm coming     • oan-p_Stewart."
magiiihcient province, •   . prov      Sl„.|,,,.,,   t|,0   ........ s „„   H)|
ince truly ol immense distances, ,,„,„•,. tong,,ogi (,|,| ...jn,,,.s anc|
1 f"''1 li,n  m"    l"""ls "" prospectors  coming back from
'".','."'      nii.,      i ■■'"   rivor  and   mountains sav
I,   se l.iillan.l   (anal prop* .,„,,. _     ,.| ,.,.., _;,.,,,. ,.„ „;,,
ertios   hat lie some four liund* wav ,„   „,., Nnm   T|._ „owg.
r.. "".:'i":.'''!''..ZZzzz' pai**. „.■,. iin,,i with mining io.
■at'tm not ires, iu fact the most
Fort George Brick Co.
We are now prepared
to accept, orders for
brick and lime. Also
to job by con tract.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Jorgensen & Knox
Laselle ave., South Furl Georg.
Gtv L:
Second SI
aed Feej Stables
Rigs, Saddle and Pack Horses furnished on short notice.
Draying of all kinds and excavating done. Feed of all sorts
continually kept on hand.
Terms reasonable and satisfaction guaranteed.
first attracted
eneral alient-
i "'ing in iln-    investments   profitnble plants in tin. Domtn-
ul the .Mann interests. Stewart \\00 ,.-,, |<w.nj.(..i ^. this lusty ill*
point. Now, however, ii is a fant ,„„.„ i_-ln.bor ■•l"1 '>uild-
joclual point. Now il is a • (matorial litter the streets of
swiftly growing town verging ,ne towrij nnrj a]s0 ,,f t|1(. Huts,
inu; ids a city, ll is served ;n fact th,. entire.rivor Hats are
from Victoria and Vancouver staked oli inti i'ival town lots,
by the first class steamers of goodness knows wlu.re the
the ('. P. If. and G. T. 11. The townsite ends. Tn'.e fare you
Prince I leorge and the Prince dot not buy a bit that got push-
Rupert of lhe latter, two mag- k1 up oy t]ie platters, yes,
nilieient steamers, made the i wl.:u, jt plotters if you wi V t to
long trip via the Horn in \_-£, "mrj tnnt your town lot is
safety and will speed, anc(now ,.-vnv ,,,, *|„, mount,ain side,
perform a bi-weekly service be- The'place to buy .Stewart town
tween Victoria, Vnncouver, and |otH jg right in Stewart, and
Prince Rupert nm. the new go'.' don't vou forget it. Where the
camp of Stewart. To show vor, townsites end the prospect
the excellent build of these stakes begin ; and the whole
crafts, the Prince George's country right up to Bitter
bridge telegraph fr. led to work ' Creek ' is literally staked out.
and she struck her Victoria Lyi'bu. the glacier, it moves so
wharf at reduced speed, or at glowly but so steadily that tin
about six miles. She out thro- c\ajm 0f this yen. might soon
ugh stringer, beam and plank, |H, floating off over the Pacific
right into the solid stone cliff ag m) iccberg.lt is vtfv slippery
face behind the structure, yet this same glacier, ' as F. L.
a paint brus.:i repaired her- otter found out. Can there be
pretty good craft. To add to . ,.nvting in a name, as this man
is the numerous small steam Otter slid 300 feet down that
craft that are for ever puff, puff, perilous glacier. He was eross-
pufhng their way up tho "in- in? i,..,,., Bitter Creek range-
side passage - b.tween the main- , that's the "Mountain of Gold"
land of British Columbia and _.and he made his awful dos-
the three hundred mile long .ent am| dragged a companion
Island o \ ancouver, up the „nrl 0f t|,e way down, and both
Gulf of Georgia, and then the 0f them are alive to tell the
contomplatod    calls   of    those   3torv.
trans-pacific giants, the Blue what, no gold yet in the
I'unnel -liners, there is certain- U.orv? Alas, like Pat, we all
y lirst class service. The best ' l,Xpt,'(,l to see the actual gold,
boats do fourteen knots an ve8, some of US right in tk
hour on these sheltered, island f„otWav. Patience, we arc gel-
crowded waters, and the G. N. tinff there. Afoot, on horseback.
It. boats arc the lirst to steam
Districts ul
Fori George, Nechaco Valley, Fraser
Valley, Bulkley Valley antl Stcney Creek
For Sale
Town Lots
Farm Lands
Garden Tracts
Government land for pui-clnine
ami   pre-emptfun  located.
For full  purticulars apply  to
Edward Roberts
Sales Agent. Notary Public
Insurance Agent, Auctioneer
South Fort George and Fort George
Tcli'Kinpl.ic address:
'Erin,"  Fort George,  B.C
Real Estate
Valuations and investments made for owners and out-of-
town buyers.
Fire Insurance Agent for
Phoenix Assurance Co., Ltd.,  British-American Assurance
Co., and the Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Co.
7* a_\_\ A___._&___£___£___£Z____.____.____:____:___£_____yl
We don't ask  you  to purchase South Fort (Jeorge lots by
milking a pencil mark on a townsite plan   You would
be safe in so doing, but if skeptical
Investigate Our Proposition
and you will find a good live town ■  Two banks, saw mill,
pool hall, newspaper, two general stores, splendid
hotel, bakery, stationery store, mail-boat
landing, scores of buildings,
antl crowds  of  satisfied   buyers
172 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B C , or the resident agent,
g. e. Mclaughlin
Fourth Avenue, Soutli Fori George
WM. KENNEDY, Manager.
Cor. Second and Hamilton Aves., SOUTH FORT GEORGE, B. C.
Since the Indian Reserve was
sold realty yalues have risen,
but our prices on the most
complete line of general merchandise in the northern interior remain unchanged.
Fort George
Drug Co.
tit to a
This is seasonable weather for ^^^^^^
A large slock uf which l.i always un hanit.
i Lime Juice
Druits. Ch,
mi-Hls, Patent Medicines,
iii-h, Minks, Stationery,
■t Articles, Druggists' Slindri-
.....>„■ ui.  ■__. lo -.earn   with ,,„.. horse, with extra pack
ilirouirh the roarine title war- 11,„,._„_   „,...    ....   ,.-,i      ',■
tors of Sevmour   Nn
torses, aye,   even with a tiny
r Narrows ag- j BXpress carl, many with tho
ainst a full tide. This is a pass (]..|||,, h,.,,, „„ ,|.,. bnck, the
worth your trip wesl alone t
see—and hear,     for    it     roar?
I.ike a veritable bull when the
mighty tides are crushing their
way     through    this     narrow,
rocky   pass.   Seat lie,  Victoria,
Vancouver,  Prince  Rupert and
Stewart     twice   a   week   give
these  palatial     liners     almost
transatlantic distance lo cover.
One thing we want you all
la note is that no sooner does
a railroad company add swift
passenger service to their land
lines than every boat  is crowded, and yet the old liners in the
service have their full passeni-er
list—such is (he host  of prospectors,     investors, surveyor.-'
sale, jnen,   land     officials, cus
loins  men,   tourists,     Indians
men of all nations and climes,
.on can see a  Kiuiacka and n
Belgian   priest   conversing.   A
newspaper   women   and    a  re-
reporter fur a yellow journal in
N'w York, a sitnit-W    official
and a   new    constr.ble,  a land
recorder and even a  tidal stir
vey man lire all seated at   lux
uriously served meals in vorif
rV.le lloatill:
orocession urges on, ever argu-
inenled by arriving steamers,
lugs, sailing craft, for the
"Mountain of Gold" yarn has
'lown over from its birthplace,
London, and settled into the
minds of many—to their discomfort. Then conies the Forks
■ind from hero lhe trail is awful.
Mudholes, nut gold mines, but
what of it, when thai mountain
s still calling. The majority
■night as well return as force a
way up, as everything ahead i--'
itaked. The "Mammoth Reef"
'ins enough stakes upon it to
•'urnish nice dry wood for many
another's prospecting fires later.
All along the great barren
'lills of lhe range I hi' leached-
iiil quartz carries gold—sorry
lo dissapoint you. but. it is nol
really a mountain of pure gold
after all—only carries it see!
Many asseys have run live, six,
'en dollar.-, to the ton—that
will nut do for the poor miner.
Dthor parts of this truly gignn*
tic, sparsely metalled reef that
('. M. Dolgrnvo -'ound hold
many a   cla'lin    that    will
■•'■'I'' Moating lutein on route tn :,     V , , """, ,_"' "."
the new Kldorado   I)   |)   M-ir tl'""  ""'■ "ml there ,s
is nm   ||,e leasl    'of \> is noi's    ■' }"'"Tv{ . "f I'1'11,1'1- workings
(Section 35.)
NOTICE is hereby given that
ion the 12th day of September
next, application will be made to1
the Superintendent of Provincial
police for the grant of a licence
for the sale of liquor by retail in
and upon the premises known as
Hotel Northern, situate at Soutii
Fort George, upon the lands described as lots 14, 15, 16, block
11, 931
, Bated this 12th day of Aug. 1911
Diss.luli-n of Partnership
Notice is hereby given that the'
partnership heretofore subsisting
between the undersigned, as ho-
; tel proprietors, at South Fort
George, has this day been dissolved (by mutual consent).
The business will be wound up
by ,1. VV. Cameron, All debts
nving to the partnership are to - •
be paid to him, and all claims '
against the partnership are to be
presented at Soutii Fort George
to J. VV. Cameron by the claimants and will be settled by him.
Dated at South  Fort George
this 24th day of Julv. 1911.
Every ground floor has its limitations. After all its space is
occupied it's up to you to climb the stairs.
Don't climb the stairs for profitable investment in real-
estate here. Get in before it is too late.
The G. T. P. have bought the Indian Reserve. Fort George will be
the big inland city of the road.
Come to me.   I'll help you bay.    Write for acreage
Heal Estate Specialist SouthTort George
Good Land at Reasonable Prices
and On Very Reasonable Terms.  Title Perfect.  *~~
Write for further information to
North Coast Land Co. Ltd.
General Offlcei: 619 to 624 Metrlpolltan Bldg., Vancouver, B. C.
London Oflice:   6 Old Jewry.
South Fort George Office, Second St. Russell R. WALKER, Sales Agent
PAID-UP CAPITAL, • 11,800,000.
|  1838 j      Awls E-ceed Fifty Million Dollars      | 1910
Bank of British North America
Your money Is sater in tbe Uunk than In your house or In your
pocket. It is not tied up. You can get It out at any time without delay. NOTKfl discounted. Local and Foreign Mruft.H bought
and sold. CULI.ECTIONS mnde promptly.   Money Orders Issued.
Fort George Branch,      L. G. MacHaffie, Mgr.
Fort George Trading & Lumber Co., Limited
Freight nmi-iKnwl to Mtt'iiincr
"Chilcotin" al -..ulu Cr-flt will
be carefully transported to the
Operators of Steamers on the Fraser, Nechaco and
Stuart Rivers Manufacturers of Lumber   ^^ofdaniha'ti™.
All kinds of routfh and dressed
Lumber for Sale
Phone: One-One  Mouldings
South Fort George
chas. e. Mcelroy
General Munmrer.
Head Oflice:
Paying Out-of-Town Accounts
Small amounts can be sent safely and at small cost by using
Bank Money Orders. Any liank in Canada (Yukon excepted)
will cash them without charge, and they can tie cashed in leading American cities.   They are sold at the following rates:—
-.mi'l uiid.i
Ov„i_M0.t_ «3-
taplt-l.and-K-rpl-a .
H. C. SEAMAN, Manager.
I'i I'HllH
VV. Cameron.
^ Occidental
^     Hotel
thronp,   lie
being found in all ll" ud-acent
<l» Uh th- mighty rock form .  *.        £ T    ,,,,<"1 ""''
»"""   and lays   rrvls and tun-   \°ZZ'    '' "'k' (iult" " (ew
nels for gold as ho does the.bh V '"" '"i"r "'."•      ,'•
of m.'.'.t ba'ore him. His invest ■    ,l"y Zt        ■"''' '"'""•' 'Z''"
ponts andithose of his partner. ,'',',''  IT """"S ""'T    '""'^
MaeKen-ie,    out    horD' would "K aml  ,1'"  i,ss"vs show
mull.' vou open your eyes. A
w_e bit of eleven millions for a
conl mine, a fift'', as much foi
t'tnh.'t'   limils. a few   more for
«.'ll. Tlie Portland Canal Raii- I
•ond—I). I). Mann, of course-
has been well started.
The wharves are being built
Liquor Act, 1010
Section £5.
NOTICE is hereby given that on
the 30th day of August next, application  will   be   made   to the,4
superintendent of Provincial .1'"-: S
lice for the grant of a license for '
the sale of liquor by retail in'and
upon the premises known as the,
Clarence Motel, situate at South i
Fort George, upon the lands described as lots i) and 10, block 13,
Subdivison !•.'.... C
)atedihis2!)thdavof July, 1911.4
Applicant, p
md     the    station completed.   .1AKI
....     ....     .-.i.iii.Mi  11nnjiii,iI'u.
go'ct claim ontions and mining, Fully,_Wo dozon strong com-
railroads and steamboat lines— | -janies are operating here. Deep
truly a clinking strci .m of coin- ! -uttings and outcroppings
ed yellow metal is pourilip j oroVe that the big companies,
into British Columbia—but re- with tho aid of the latest maoh-
mvnber it  lakes ten dollars tc ' ■-„,*.,. __.,..,   ..-l.i.      ',-■•'   -' "--
Ivor I...i"l Dial, I.i
nolice lli.it ttillim
ni, Aim, n.,„,,i,
nlniil. I,, apply lm
llir lo lowino duel
.,1 Cur
Mullliiw-.,  nl   V^
an    l„.„,r„,i.o   fA
Mosi modern up-to-date hotel in the interior of British
New four-storey building.   Accommodation for 120 guests
All outside rooms—large, well-lighted and ventilated.
S.team heated.
Weekly and monthly rates on application
Wire for rooms Wire for rooms
m r.________
\_t  _       RIISSI-I
Head OOce:
II I I! K C T 0 ll S
H.TI'.I M_I,.nn_n,   E_q,,   l'n,«iiliinl:   Mi'-
l.i.num.    MiiVily  &  Co.,    Wholoule
Uiir.l*uri.,  Viiiicouvit,  H.C.
M.   II.   CAI1I.IN.   Kmi..   Vice I'r.'.iiilrnl.
Cniiiiiillsi. Vli'loiin. II.C.
HIS   HONOR T.  V.  I'ATKItSIIV.   1.1. u-
tennnt-llovornor Uri.tnh I'.iinniiiirt.
I.. W. SIIATI'lllll,. Bio.. M.I.A.. Mi'r
i-liiint.  il-illi'y. il.e.
W. II. MALKIN'. Km.. Tin- W. U. Malkin   Co..     I.l.I.,     Wliiilrail.   (Iror'Tl.
Vancouver, ll.C.
• 2,000,000
Robert Kennedy, New Wc.tmiii*
.1. A. MITnil.1,1,. Km|.. C-Pltalllt.
Victoria, ll. 0.
K. II. HEAPS, Bin,. K. II. ll.",". *
Co., Umber nml Tllnbon Prelldent
.'oliiiiiin-i Truit Co.. I.iil.. Vnncouver, ll. 0.
.  A.   HARVEY,  Ks.|..  ,;,'..  formerly
ol Cr.n k. li..'. Vancouver, Il.e.
A,   I,.   IIK1VAI1.  ____   MnliilBi'r.
Fort UeorKe Branch; F. N. DEWAR, Manager.
C, num.
...inI. ol
.it s. E
|10Sl    1
dis an uncoined one out
On pasl I'riniv Uyiiert with
it I live ..loii-and'people and its
eveellent hotels and liusines'
liloel.s, ils coiiteiiiplaled tin.
bail.line, it-' streets all laid mil
serins of wharves, built unit
building, its streets all laid out
with pencil r.'id paper before a
spade tiuii'1   .IT
nery —not with that of the
loor inan—will make good
•allies and pay dividends, but
I, is truly a camp in the
■nailing. Tramways, aerial and
'iirth, borings and face out-
tings, tunellintf and development of all kinds is to be seen
•it the more prominent mines
,ear     Stewart.    Nearly   all of
i'il...' li
ct l,n
ot li
s. ml I
wn.i.iA.M MATTUKWfl
•m.Nsii.u l<
I.Cll  l.uuls:
.mini   .'  mill's
ll'iniiiliirv Post
n  Peace River
, h.uns     ihi'iui'
rill   Mc,   cli.itns;
'A E. L.
KEPNER, Proprietor
T.i ie
I llisl.     llial, ,,l Cnl
li.it  .I'.ini Win!,' He	
.   occupnl    H.ii lii'i,
"t   puiiiissii.it  t., pnrili.isi' i
0»,l,||   ili'Sitil'iil   l.uuls:
hii.in,-  .it   ,.  tii.sl  [il.iiili.l ajj mill-'
i Un- S. W. corner ..i Sunn Mke
smitli  Hn cluiina;   llience  weal Ko I
Uienee llorlli ho clialliHi tlienco east ,
gore & McGregor,
Victoria and
Kort George, B. C.
and manufacturers of all kinds
of rough and dressed
1', (1. B. BODEKER
Land Timber Cruiser
Pro-emptlons l.ocuted.
We are consistent in our
prices and the stock is
new in our bigSccond St.
Our lumber is dry and
must be used to make
building resist the frcst
of winter
,..,, i.ti-nii... .leiiriv an ot
spiuie time'..iP-t'"in. A new city |)„.,,. companies have immense
growing like n mushroom, and ,,*.,. IwdtoR in siuht, and accord-
like the same nlanl it eels lots |n„ |(l ,,iH, r/0nlr ' " ^^^
of moisture. This youthful eitv .nanv of thei
is Uic lu'iu'watcrs of the Grand '..md.
Trunk    Pncific,   Abend,     ever ,, u..-_. -— •■ •■
JOHN WMITH lll'ili.iN.
ll.     A in-.. Tote, n_tt.nl
ing to t.'io goologie.nl formation,
111      should  Inn!,i'
■ •■■ pence Kiver I.nnil litsi     list   ,,t Cnrilau,,
ahead,      along    this    I'orllaii'l      TAKI. notice   ilml   Arllun    Mna  ..I
Ocnal   whose  walls  are mighty ^rilZaZ'iat'^ZZZ'Zl,"'
snowclnd  mountains  so   prop-   o,. ...a....'. ■ -• ■-■ ■ -■
ipitous that these doen-drauglit
Ilnlricl "f I'.uil	
TAKi:  „,. ti,,,,   |, .i,,i„, sirinliiiii,
i''l  Il.il.irii', im'U|.nl i.n C.i'IiiIiiii.iii,
■Iv  P..   |iorm.aalnli  In  pur. In
l'I'.Al'l'', RIVKK  I.ANII lllSTUIl'T.
IllStlllt      .'I      t'.lllllll.l.
Ili.il   Willi.'ln   .liiliti   llnvlr
.1, , oceupnll
Is   Ii,  i
lie   folio
"(  iles-rl
ilv Inr '	
ne ileacrllml Imnls:
,p,.o,,s mm innse deen-draught   ZZ'nZiXttZ'ZtiZ, 'tZ
VesS'MS      fail   skirt     their    very    llience    enat   fin    clinitta:   llience  ainttli   Rn
fe'.i.     I.iirhts     ahead,      A loni.  '< ,lle,.lte *"' R"   _t-lM\ tlicnce   nortli 8c
stretch of flat
s, a H.i.'hlly rising   .i,,,.
mill's weal  nl Uic Suutli eual
corner .n  tin- u.  _, Oni-criiintnl   Uclervo
ui'irl'.'.l .1. S.'s N. W. corner; Hience a.'.llll
So cllulna; llu'iti,. ,..,-l Hn cli.iiin; llience
iinrtli fin clinlm; tlicnce wcsl Ho clinins tn
point of cninineiHtiiienl, cniltnlliln_ tiao
■'>;■"•, JOHN  S'-UACHAN.
Mnrcli jotii., mn.
i,I Scntll
Icli.ls In
tlic   InllnWili"   <l
l.illlttlilliii,,'   ll
inilcs north  mt'
llie ii mill	
■ M.iiiiili',1 Pot ^^^^^^^
nl llie I'lne  River .it   llie nintill
I'rcl't.:   lltelii'i till  Hn   cli s:   I
Ho .'li.ims:   llience  Bull id  Ho  limit
West  Ho cllulna  tn   pnillt  rtl  Cntillilcll.'ttlli
! cUllt-ltillli 640 ncrea more or leas.
Murcli, 8,   iyn,    Jnmes Pettrv,  nj.cn
Hied   Inmls'
l>nal  pl 1
 t miles
slu  I.shell  mt
trnil .ni llu- 11
about 5
I'csi Iron
lhc  li. N
irth 1	
"I Cub
is;  Ihenc
Ilistri.l of Cnrilinn.
TAKK imli.e tlmt  llurrv  lilp'le,  nl Sc
utile,  Wnsh., ocui'iii mi  Fanner,  inleiul,
in apply  for pormlflilon  in purclmse ihe
followim,   ilescrlhcil  Inlllls;
fniniiii'i'i'iii" 111 11 imsl nliiiiteil iihniit 5,1
miles  tmrlli   umi  nlmiit   11  miles  wesl   ol
lie  11  mile  ".sl   call!  Is I  nn   llle  II. N.
W. Mnlillleil   Police  H.ii    nu  the liortll  hillll,
nl the Pence Rlvcr nl the nioiitli nl Cush
I'm'.; ll.tn.ee soutli Hn clinins; thencc wesl
Ho ch.litis; thence norlli Ho lituius theme
cnst fio chains, to polllt of cnitmicuccmcut,
containing 640 acres more or less.
•le.io. HARRY KNC.I.K.
Murch, 8.  191,,   Juines 1-ettr-   agent.
Store, Oflice and Lumber Yard, South Fort George \
Pre-emptions nechaco
LOCalcfl Close to Fcrt George
N.C. JORGENSEN South Ft.George
Pressed &
PU,N Mrs. G. Mc(


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