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 a mvi;
%.'   jlai^a am*
VOL. 5, NO. 48.
Prick Five Denis
The provincial government is
calling for tenders for the erection of a two-room and a four-
room school in this city. Tenders
will close on the 6th and 20th of
August respectively.
The two-room school will be
built on Block 238, and the four-
room school on Block 178. It
was proposed to make the latter
a six-room building, the additional rooms to be used for high
school purposes. Upon representations being made to the
educational department for a sep
arate building for the high s„cho<
the Minister of Education agreed [now in the hands o
to build a high school next year j government agent.
for Prince George provided a
four-room building would meet
the present requirements of the
people here,
It was decided to accept the
department's proposal, as the
buildings now planned will no
doubt be ample for both the public and high departments. The
building of a separate high school
here next year will give this city
exceptional educational facilities,
which are among the first requirements of a Browing community.
Plans of lhe new buildings are
Mr. Heme,
Swamp River Find
Seems Important
Mining Recorder at Barkerville
Wires Department, of Mines
Regarding Discovery.
May Reopen
Whole Question
Railway  Commission   Recognize
That City Alone Should Decide' Depot Location.
Victoria,  July  24th.—Reports
which  have  reached  the mines
department    of   the   Provincial I ivas referred in an order
Government suggest, that thereJ boa'rd of railway
may be solid basis for the reports i
from Prince Genrge that, there
has been a  rich  strike of placer i1'"'
Petrograd, July 29.    In the gigantic struggle now being waged
tort on the Russian front no decisive result has beeu attained by either
George townsite question which side.   IntheLubli
Ottawa,   July   24.—Tli
jy the
j for enforcement to the Exche-
Cmirt   recently,   is   again
fit tne
Has Extensive
.erty Interests
Charles Millar Visits   City and
Arranges for Buildings on
His Property Here.
Mr. Charles Millar, of Toronto,
spent a few days in the city this
week looking over his property
interests here. He was accompanied by Mr. McKenna, a
<_ ell-known Toronto hotelman and
a business associate. Mr. Millar
is the largest individual property
owner in this city, the Millar
portion of Prince (leorge comprising about 200 acres in the
southeast corner of the subdivided area, most of which is inside
the city limits. The gity taxes
on this property aggregate over
Besides city property Mr. Millar's other investments in British
Columbia total over a million
dollars. He is president and managing director of the famous B.
C. Express company, a transportation company with a network
of stage lines throughout Cariboo and operating river steamboats. The "B.X." system of
stage lines is the largest and most
complete on the continent.
During his visit here Mr. Millar
arranged through his local representative, Mr. N, H. Wesley, for
the erection of two residences on
his property here. These houses
will cost in the neighborhood of
$2500 each and will be thoroughly modern in every particular.
The plans are now in the hands
of the contractors,
Mr. Millar is an enthusiastic
Says German
Nation Will
Never Submit
Chicago, July 28—The Staats
Zeitung, Chicago's German newspaper, prinos an editorial on
President Wilson's latest note,
lt says: "Germany can never
submit to the tone of it and will,
as much as we are sorry, for it,
find no other answer than the
breaking off of diplomatic relations. We, as well as the German government, know fully tht t
with such a step she fulfils not
only the wish of thie government
but also that of England, and
will create a very painful situation for German-Americans.
"The note shows the President
I will break  with Germany at all
1 hazards..  He should first ask the
I people of the United States if
i they are satisfied to be driven into war.   The note is unworthy
of the republic.   We hope  (ler-
many will not blame the people
for  the   present   government's
Latest U. S. Note
is Emphatic.
Washington, July 24. The text
of the American note oo submarine warfare, presented at
Berlin today by Ambassador
Gerard, was made made public
here tonight,
It, reveals that the imperial
government has been informed
it is the intention of the United
States to regard as "deliberately
unfriendly" any repetition by the
crolrl east of Barkerville. Mr. R. jum](,i'
F, Tolmie, deputy minister of ward
mines, yesterday received the! beard
following teletrram from Gold' QUirei
Commissioner Grain at Barkerville :
"Sooiewluit. of a discovery has
been made on Swamp River.
Many powers-of-attorney are being recorded and locators are expected to arrive shortly to record,
The map shows that the locality
is in the Quesnel mining division
for which 150-Mile is recording
office. Barkerville is much more
accessible. Can not arrangements be made so that locators
mav record here ?"
The following replv was sent:
"If strike confirmed, would not
your appointment as deputy recorder for Quesnel division meet
the convenience of locators for
present. We might also appoint
another deputy at the Forks of
The alleged find is at a point
along the old line of travel and
between   Keithley   and   Antler
ie LiUDiin region the Austro-Germans, checked orfthrown
one direction, are making fresh attempts in another, but
the consideration of the
The order passed by the
on December 19 last, re-
that the station be located
junction of Oak and Ash
Streets. Since then Ihe board
[has received further representa-
rfions which lead to the belief
elliat. lhe whole question may be
j re-opened before the commissioners,
A resolution was received from
the council of the municipality
of Prince (ieorge advocating that
the station be located at the foot
of (leorge Street. This resolution
was passed by a vote of of 4 to 1
of the council, the mayor dissenting. Later the resolution was
again passed by a similar vote
reiterating the demand, the mayor continuing to dissent.
A few days ago a statement
was filed with the board lo the
ell'ect that out of 184 registered
property owners of the town 115
had signed a petition in favor of
the George Street site and seven
had  signed   against   it.   Thirty
back ii
have failed so far to reach the railroad.
The Archduke's troops, in their advance from Chodel to Bielzico,
15 miles southwest of Lublin, are sugering from heavy Russian
counter-attacks, while General Mackensen, after fierce fighting on
the broad front south of Chplm, has succeeded in moving his right
a little further to the north along the Bug from Grubechow,
London, July 28.—Though the Or-4"1'111'"".1''' ''ram Germany for build-
mans now hold a great line from the in8 purposes were found to be hollow
Gulf of Riga, sweeping southwsstward awl ,i"''(l wi,h "hell cases for the
around Warsnw, thence encircling the I German   howiteers.   All   have   been
stopped and confiscated,
Creeks.   Unofficial reports state llai1 refused to signed   and  24
that some nuggets were found
ranging from 88 to $12 in value.
A  Substitute For the Bar.
Edmonton, July 26.- It is the
intention of the temperance and
church organizations to thorough-1 that the
ly discuss the question of a sub- case.
were absent from the town. The
petition was sent ancl is now on
In  view  of the expression of
opinion by  the council and ratepayers in   favor of the (leorge
Street  site, it  is  very  probable
board will  re-open the
stitute for the bar. Just as the
bars have been a factor in the
social relaxation of a large num-
It is recognized that the munic
ipality should have more say in
the location of the station than
follower of all kinds of sport, and
his string of thoroughbreds in-j commanders of German naval
elude some of the classiest horses! vessels of acts in contravention
in Canada.   Last year his entries! of American rights.
The United States announced
that it continued to contend for
the freedom of the seas, "from
ran first and second in the King's
Plate handicap at Woodbine,
an accomplishment never equalled in the history of Canada's whatever quarter violate!
classic racing event. Willi a few j out compromise and at any cost."
associates Mr. Millar owns a In official and diplomatic quar-
modern race track in Jamaica' tl.,.K n,0 communication was re-
where races are held throughout ceived as the strongest and most
the winter season. emphatic   pronouncement    that
has come from the Washington
government since the beginning
of ils correspondence with the
belligerents of Europe.
ber of persons who have develop-, lot-holders   living   outside   the
ed few other social resources, so town.   Chairman Drayton is ab
will the substituted refreshment .sent from the city,
place of the future.
It is too early yet to discuss
the question as to what will happen to the hotels of the province,
although it is admitted that those
which have been built up on a
purely "bar" foundation will
have to close their doors. It is
thought, however, that the better
class hotels will remain, provided
the question of abnormal leases
can be adjusted. Many hotel
men claim that leases were swollen out of all proportion because
of the bar attached to the hotel
and suggest that the government
should step in if the lessors will
not agree to a reduction.
An Upper Fraser Industry.
An interesting item concerning
the development of the lumber
industry in the northern interior
is reported from Tete Jaune.
The Northern Construction Co.,
which constructed a mill on the
Upper Fraser River for the purpose of sawing lumber for use on
theC. N. R., has shipped 3,600,-
000 feet of spruce lumber to Edmonton. The province realized
the sum of 85,500 in royalties and
stumpage from this shipment. -
Fort George
The different  committees  in
charge of the Fort George Agfi
cultural Exhibition an- working J    "Wire mc
harmoniously and with a  will, j listed, and 1
Prize lists are now  being pre-'the
pared to cover the many differ- to I
ent exhibits in agriculture, fruit,  is I
live-stock,  poultry, and articles VV.
of local and domestic manufacture.   In addition to the prizes
for agricultural products, a good
list of racing  and  competitive
events is being prepared,   and
there will be entertainment a-
plenty for the most varied tastes.
September 14 and 15 are the
dates-make a note of Ibis, and
Mr. Charles Millar's Offer
To Mr. W. F. Cooke.
Her you have en-
fnrnish you with
biggest and best machine gun
e found in Canada," This
ie sporting offer made to Mr.
F. Cooke, a well-known local
stretching away lo lhc Gn-
lician frontier, near . nl-nl, il ie; estimated they have lost 500,000 mon,
perhnps moro, in this, the most ambitious movement of thc war, and the
Russian front is not yet broken.
On thc Narew river, north of the
Polish capital, the Russians have
made a stubborn show of resistance,
holding Field Marshal von Hinden-
burg for the time being in check,
while to the south tbe combined Austro-German forces struggling to seize
the Lublin-Cholm railway have been
for dnys on the threshold of success
without being able to act.uallv achieve
their goal, fighting on this latter
front has been renewed with great intensity and the Teutons claim to have
improved their position ott the extreme right, which is resting on the
Bug river.
Immediately west of Warsaw comparative quiet prevails and it is along
the Lublin-Cholm section, or In the
Narew river region that it is believed
a crisis will be reached. Which one
of these forts is of the greater strategic importance London critics cannot agree, but this is irrelevant an a
German victory on either one doubtless would mean the fall of Warsaw.
Turkish Reply lo Greece
Is Unsatisfactory
Athens,  July   27.—Turkey has replied to the protest of Greece against
the  ill-treatment of Greeks in Ottoman  territory, by   stating   that   the
I "expulsion of Greeks from Turkey is
; merely a military measure taken for
i the safety of the empire."   The reply
is   unsatisfactory.    Diplomatic   rela-
I lions may be broken.
Conscription in Canada
Not Being Considered
London, July 28.—Thc. Daily Telegraph's Petrograd correspondent
says: "Evidently even the fate of a
great city like Warsaw play, only a
small part in the strategy of Grand
Duke Nicholas. Military authorities
hold that a fortnight must elapse be-
I'eiiv there is a definite issue deciding
the fate of Warsaw in the gigantic iboo
battle raging on this front. city.
"Nei great importance is attached
te. the success of the' small detachment
of (lei mans attaining a foothold on
ihe left lanl; of the Narew. Before
llie y become a real menace to Warsaw
they must fight their way through
miles of woody and marshy country.
"Meanwhile in their advance the
Germans find the country devastated
'iy the Russians as when Naooleon
aelvaiiceel on Moscow, Alreael- they
are beginning to feel the pinch. Col.
Schumsky believes it likely history
will repent itself."
The Daily News Petrograd correspondent telegraphs: "Al every point
field Marshal von Mackensen's army
is suffering from a lack of reserves,
while the Russian reinforcements are.
steadily arriving. General Ruzsky has
issued tyi appeal to the workmen of
Petrograd, through the press, to for
ward the work on arms and muni
Ottawa, July 28.—Hon. T. Chase E.
Casgrain, postmaster general, this
morning declared that the question of
conscription has not been considered
by tbe government and lhat it is not
likely to be. Mr. Casgrain asserted
that lhe enrollment of olunteers for
overseas service is proceeding satisfactorily, lie stated that no one
in Canada would be forced to go to
the war, but a privileged class would
be made of those who devote themselves to thc salvation of their country.
Saw Railway Train
For the First Time.
William Boucher, of Quesnel,
one of lhe real old-timers of Car-
is spending the week in the
Though "Billy" is a grandfather and well on in years, he
viewed a railway train for the
lirst lime this week, having made
the 100-mile drive trom the old
Cariboo for that sole purpose.
His feelings were divided between amazement, interest, and
fear, as the big mogul engine
hauling Tuesday evening's express whizzed into the depot,
"Billy" Boucher is an interesting character in the early history of Cariboo, and was at one
time coachman to Sir James
Douglas, first governor of British
Bucharest, July L'S.—Renewed ef-
orts are being made by Germany to
induce Roumania to permit the passage of arms to Turkey. The Roumanian government continues successfully and energetically to prevent
all anus from Germany and Austria
intended for Turkey and elsewhere
from passing through Roumanian territory.
In addition to lho stopping of double partitioned wagons, the Roumanian authorities have lately confiscated trains with what was represented
to lee barrels of Munich beer, which
on examination Were found lo contain
ammunition. Large consignments of
blocks of cement consigned  to  Con-
Money Bylaws Will Be
Voted on August 14th.
To raise the sum of $150,000
for the installation of public utilities and civic improvements, the
ratepayers will be asked on August 14th to pass three bylaws
authorizing the following expenditures :
City Hall, $10,000; street grading and improvements, $15,000;
electric light and power plant.
$45,000; water system, $80,000.
The telegraph rate between
Whitehorse and Skagway, has
been reduced from Sl to 50 cents
for 1(1 words.
merchant  and a veteran  of the
Soulh  African   war,   by   Mr. C.
Millar,  the Toronto millionaire,
during his visit here this  week,
Mr, Cooke states thai if he can
arrange  his  business affairs  toi
allow of his absence al the front,     Since the advent of the disappearing gun which raises up on the
he will take pleasure in separa-'deck of the submarine, the fighting efficiency of this craft has been
ting Charlie from the price of the | greatly augmented;   These submarines are now able to hold up
The Nukko, Swamp and Ness
Lakes district, about 20 miles
northeast of this city, will be
joined up with the Chief Lake
wagon road, by a branch road
running southwest. This inform-
large district, and upon their
representations several new settlements in the country surrounding I'rince (ieorge have been given wagon road facilities.
A majority of the settlers in
get your exhibit ready.
1 promise-
-il machine gun.
[vessels and bombard them while traveling on the surface.
alien has been received this week Ithe Nukko Lake and surrounding
from George Snell, government districts have located there dur-
road superintendent. Mr. A. G.: ing the past two years. Many
Hamilton, the Conservative nom- jof them have considerable areas
inee for this district, and Mr. | under cultivation and the new
Fraser, M.L.A., have been active
on behalf of the settlers of this
road will be a boon to development there. PUBLISHED Wb.r.m.t ii*  IHE NORTHER]
Sl... Per Year, in Advance.
To the Unittd Stettes Uiu
Al! COO! mUnicft tions ihOUld I- eiiieiel.. .ed to
The Herald. Princv George. B. C.
Norman H. Wesley.
P .sident.
J. G. Ql'INN.
ManAfinff Director
FRIDAY,   JULY  30th,   1915.
The amount of useful  work
done by the Dominion Department of Agriculture, under th<
direction of Mr. Martin Burrel
is very great.   We are not suggesting that Mr. Burrell inaugurated the campaign of agricul-
tnral education by means of leaflets,   pamphlets,   and   in  othei
ways; but unquestionably it hat
been greatly stimulated since ht i
became   minister.    Very   much I
greater publicity is being given I
to the information in the posses- i
sion of the department than ever1'
before,  and in this respect the!
work is being steadily broadened. I
These remarks were suggested i.'
by the receipt of a twelve-page i
o long as he succeeds in holding unreported orders are estimated
m's armies together.   And as to! at $25,000,000. The orders placed
.is ability to do this there is no through the shell committee ag-j
loubt.   He is now operating on ;gregate $254,000,000.
the well-known tactical plan de-1
scribed as "interior lines." By; Following the news that Al-j
the present disposition of hisjberta has gone dry, Vancouver j
forces he can give battle north; business men sent out D. F. Glass!
or south of Wawsaw and by de- j to tour the province in the in- j
'eating one wing of the advanc- terest of prohibition. He will J
ng German armies, can shift his wind up his tour in a month,;
forces rapidly so as to meet the with a week's campaign at Prince
other. This was a favorite man- Rupert and will demand a refer-
oeuvre of Napoleon and almost endum on prohibition at the same
always a successful one.
Meanwhile the fortresses that
juard Warsaw are holding out,
•ind the Germans will evidently
lave to pay heavily in loss of life
before they succeed, if ever they
lo, in capturing them, Windau.
in the Baltic provinces, if we are
to believe (lerman reports, was
set on fire before it was abandoned by the Russians and other villages and towns in Courland shared its fate. This will make the invaders' task all the harder, for
Kovno and Courland are ill furnished with railways, and supplies
for the Germans will be greatly
At any  rate, even if the Ger-
time as tbe provincial election.
TN THE  MATTER of an application
1 for duplicate Certificate of title No.
26429a issued to Knut Mellem cover- -
ing Lot Twenty-Seven (27)   Block Ftf-
teen (15)   Map 649. Townsite of Fort!
George, (McGregor Addition).
it is my inlention at the expiration of
one month from the date of first publication hereof to issue a duplicate eer-
tificate of title covering the above
lands to Knut Mellem unless in the
meantime I shall receive valid objection
thereti in writing.
DATED at the Land Registry Oflice, i
Kamloops. B. C, this 27th day of April;
A. D. 1915.
30-7 5t. District Registrar.
Answers Critics
of Land Policy
Vancouver, July 23.-That 58
per cent, of the 22,618,000 acres
of agricultural land in this province was available for settlers1
was the statement made by Mr.
Alex. Lucas, M.L.A., at a Ward i
One meeting last night.   His ad-„;
dress was designed to be a reply
to certain phases of the pamph-'
let "The Crisis in B.C."
About 18 per cent, of the wild I
land in the province was held as
real property, according to Mr.
Lucas, and as this remained in
the original staker's name until
pamphlet,    being    "Seasonable,
Hints,  No. 2," issued from the'hamPered
nonunion Experimental Farm at ,   .    ,        ,
Ottawa.   In connection with the Imans s,ucceed '" their Plans- the>;
Experimental Farms Branch can at best prolong the war   If
there is an "Extension ann Pub-! the-v fai1 they.are mdme- , J00' the final |,ayn!ent «as made, the
licity Division " of which Mr J   mania ln probability,'government always had the right
_ winicnn i- ti,_ ___f __?_ . join the Quadruple Entente be- j to close out defaulters. He had
r.   Watson is the chief officer.   ,       ,,,„,, . '    st      j t •■     , .
On the title page of the pamphlet ,ore September; Turkey is al- not heard any L.beral speakers
above mentioned is this notice :iready th,rst'"* [or p.eac! ; Italy advocate closing out people who
"From the Atlantic to the Pac Pierced the Austrian front on had made their first  and even
ific Oceans specially trained men i *he JIsonzc and . isu makinf &** their second P«™ents. The gov-
are devoting their time to the i headway toward her goal All ernment wanted to give every-
study of your problems, and will. ,    .„        .   ,,,.        _. ,    ,     ,
be pleased to discuss them with |?°™ a?alnst ?e._Te"!°^?i,lle'I-_SL*\J^T__!!_* :!S?
you.   A communication will not
cost you anything, and may result
To the Holders of Agreements of Sale
or Assignments Within the Municipality of Prince George.
In order that the holders of agreements of sale or of assignments of
properly within the Municipality of
Prince George may exercise their rights
as voters under the same, you are requested to notify the City Assessor and
Collector at his oflice in the Princess
Block, Prince George, B.C., at your
earliest convenience, and have your
name placed on the City Assessment
Assessment Notices will be mailed to
Owners and Agreement Holders at an
early date, and it is advisable that you
have vour name on the roll, thus avoiding delay and saving any discount
allowed on Taxes due Auegust 31, 1915.
City Assessor and Collector.
Dated June 9th, 1915.
Prince George, B.C.
in suggestions of value.",
The pamphlet now before us contains hints in regard to live stock,
poultry, clover and timothy, hoed
crops, grain, corn, forage plants.
potatoes, alfalfa, orchards, bee.,
tobacco, water supply, and other
things, Here ii one hint: If you
have fields in red clover, save the
;e-d. You will then have an acclimatized clover. "It will pay
to do so," says the pamphlet,
"even if the quantity saved is
small." All through the pamphlet are hints of this character.
Persons who wish, can obtain
copies of this very useful pamphlet by addressing the Publications Branch. Department of
Agriculture. Ottawa. They are
distri bii ted free. We suppose
that any person desiring to receive the publications of this de-
partmentas they come out car
do so if they send their address
to the Publications Branch with
mama win, in all probability,'government always had the right
idruple Entente be- J to close out defaulters. He had
fore September; Turkey is al- not heard any Liberal speakers
ready thirsting for. peace; Italy advocate closir
has pierced the Austrian front on had made the
the Isonzc and is making good their second pi
headway toward her goal. AIL ernment want
these factors will tell more and body a chance,
That the  g
during the autumn campaign.     ; policy had  been keeping people
—Vancouver World, off the land the speaker denied.!
  Between 1901 and 1911 the num•
In a column interview with a ber of farmers increased from
Vancouver newspaper Mr. G. J. 6,739 to 18,467. In the three and i
Hammond, promoter of the Fort a half years to date he estimated:'
George subdivisions hereabouts,  that the number had   been   in-
reviews the .controversy of the created to 37,000,
past five years over the station      Production in B. C. waa higheri
site.   Incidentally Mr. Hammond per head than in the rest of the:
drags forth his old knock on thei Dominion, Mr. Lucas also stated.
business   section  of  this city — Here the production waa 3190 per!
"low-lying overflow land  which head and in the rest of Canada a
can never be fit for human habi- little over *114.     In a very few
tation except by enormous ex- years production would be doubl-
pense of filling in.  etc."    The ed in this province,
term  "low lying"  is especially    Mr. Lucas concluded his address
applicable to anything George J.   with an outline of the agricul-
may have to say regarding this tural credit bill.
city.   'Ihe main  fact:   that the 	
people of Prince George are best Provision of the New
able to solve their own problem Alberta Liquor Act.
as to the location of the railway 	
station, seems te. nave been overlooked by Mr. Hammond.
Sole Agent for the
MILLAR Portion
of Prince George
Special inducements to
people who will build.
Come in and talk it over.
It will not cost you anything.
The new Alberta liquor act,!
which comes into force on July 1.
1916, abolishes 320   hotel,  clubj
If there's anything in a name. and wholesale liquor licenses in j
then a new community some 87 the province.   No liquor can then I
to have their names miles north of Edmonton on the be bought in Alberta except forj
1 regular mailing list.  ^ & fi. W. railway, should rap   medicinal, scientific or sacramen-1
Every   farmer,   gardener   and idl-v bfcome a well-known town, ta| pur,poses,  For these purposes
poultry  farmer ought to receive il havin£ been christened "Tip- liquor will be handled by dispen-
W|]) perary." They already have a: ^ries under control of the gov-
club there called the Tipperary ernment. The act, however,
Social Club, and under its aus- does not prevent individuals im-
pices a monster picnic was held porting liquor for their own use
at Skeleton Lake recentlv. which-from outside the province. The
was attended by no less than 200 act provides for no compensation
men and their wives and families, j for those who lose their licenses.
The Alberta Liquor Act was
Garden Tracts
From 1 to 10 acres on
the Fraser River and P.
G. E. Railway within a
mile of town. Price and
terms on application.
these   publications.   They
prove of very great assistance.
In view of the recent gold discovery in the Swamp River coun-
try, suutheast of this city, the
following extracts taken from
the Year Book of British Colum-
913,563 in 1863, the famous Wi
liams   and    Lightning    creeks.
Cariboo,  having been first dis
covered In 1861."
Montreal Gazette. -The 11 rand, submitted to the people under
Trunk Pacific has encouraged the the Direct Legislation Act. This
bia 1911-1914. give some interest- fishery business at I'rince Rupert is the first time that a vote was
ing data on gold mining in the with such effect that today the so taken in Canada. The pro-
province ; monthly record of transportation posed act. attached to a giant
"From |705,000, whieh is a east is 740.000 pounds by special petition, was submitted to the
rough estimate of the total gold train. Fourteen steamboats are Legislature last session and ac-
proiluction in lSi.8, it rose to s3,. now   landing   their  catches  at cording to the terms of the direc-
Prince Rupert,   whereas before tion provisions were passed on by
the advent of the Grand Trunk plebiscite   to  the   people,   The
Pacific something like one hun- Legislature at the next session
dred steamers used Seattle  as must pass the bill according to
"The greatest  production   of their landing port and from that the Direct Legislation Act.
placer gold in  the province took place some 40,000.000 pounds of     Leaders of both parties are al-
place during ten years, 1861-1870 fish were shipped east.
with an aggregate for that period 	
ot $28,000,000." The current issue of the Mone-
''During the years 1S58 to 1910 tary Times contains an illumina-   —
both inclusive, the total value of ting article on the value of the Several train-loads of men for!
the placer gold recovered was war contracts placed in Canada, work in the munition factories of
171,213,103. Lode gold recovered The writer points out that last Great Britain have been dispatch-1
in the same pei .od was $60,811,- December the estimated total was ed from  Vancouver.   Some 00u;
140,000,000,   Shortly afterwards men in all, it is understood, have1
i this was increased to §70,1)00,000, been sent through to date.   The
and the aggregate is now estima- selecting of the men has been
at §394,000,0ii0.   Of  this   huge practically completed, although a
j total British orders take up i..,- few stragglers are still expected
pressed at the long-continued re-i 943.545, France accounts for $6,- to present themselves for exam-
treat of her troops.   The Grand;375.4H0 and Russia for $10,750,- ination.   A good proportion  of
Fire, Accident, Life,
Plate Glass and all
other forms of
Phone 103      George St.
Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobaccos, at Wholesale and Retail.
Stationery, Magazines, Newspapers, Confections, and
Toilet Articles.
Fort George Drug Co., Ltd.
Laselle Avenue, Soutli Fort George.   ::   George Streel, Prince George.
Inland Express Company,
Expreaa Carrie. •■ Steamer H. X.
F. MeLEOD, Agent
South Fort George.
King George Hotel,
E. E. Phair
Modern and up-to-date in every respect.
Entire building Steam Heated.   Hot and
Cold Water in Rooms. Public and Private
Corner Hamilton & Third
South Fort George. B. C
The newest and most modern
hotel in the northern interior
Rates  $2.60 and $3
Manlkly aad weekly run on •»•
Best at win*.
LiqeMT* and ciV* .
Albert Johnson, ?"»
Free Information.
We have just
issued our new land booklet,
which gives accurate and complete information regarding lands in Central British Columbia, along the new railroads.   Free
copies can be obtained at our
George St. office.
North Coast Land Co., Ltd.,
L. ft. WALKCft. Ocacral _*•■(.
ready pledged to support it if it
received the endorsation of the
Russia   is Ly   no  means  de-
Clean, Bright, Well
Furnished Rooms
Centrally Located.
W*d Rata tt Ptnuacat Gat*.
Duke Nicholas has not  abated
one jot of his confidence in his
000. The Canadian pievernment's those who presented themselves
orders Hcceed $26,000,000, those have been accepted.
Armstrong and Ellis Block,
Prince George.
Fort George Hardware Co.
Sheet MetaL   Furnaces a Specialty.
Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water
Phones *•■'movrm POBT 6e°*ce-
As indicating the  extent  of son or his companions since
Great Britain's efforis to keep\ end of March last year.
metals out of Germany the public j 	
has been officially requested to J It is announced (hat the King
pack whatever food may be sent,and all the leaders of the nation
to prisoners of war in Germany '■_ will attend St. Paul's Cathedral
in cardboard or wooden boxes; orjon August 4, the anniversary of
if the provisions are such as are the declaration of war, to inaug-
usually put up in tin boxes or urate the second year of the war
cans, that glass or earthenware
be substituted. The export of
tin already has been prohibited
to the Scandinavian countries and
Ten months' war operations of
the European belligerents has
wiped out approximately two per
cent, of the world's merchant
tonnage. A carefully complied
record, printed by the New York
Journal of Commerce, of the vessels of all classes destroyed by
various means, from August,
1914, down to and including the
cable reports of June 30, shows
that 511 ships have been elimina-
from the available tonnage,
These 511 shios had a total gross
tonnage of 915,457 tons. The
tonnage of some of the ships given in the record could not be
learned. Therefore, the aggregate gross tonnage stated is in
reality within the actual losses.
by invoking God's help.
A syndicate of Norwegians has
accepted a commission from the
(ierman meat trade to furnish
10,000 live reindeer which are to
be delivered alive in Berlin during the summer and fall, for
slaughtering there.
Replying to the debate in the
house of commons on the situation in the dominions and colonies
Arthur M. Steel-Maitland, undersecretary for the colonieB, said it
was the intention to take the responsible minister of the overseas
states Into the confidence of the
government in every matter that
might arise, not only during the
war but also in the question of
the settlement of peace. That
was the reason, he said, Premier
Borden, of Canada, attended the
cabinet meeting July 14. That
was not an isolated phenomenon,
the under-secretary added, but a
part of the general trend of
Speaking for the government
in the house of lords, Lord Newton said that the number of married men at present in the British
army was approximately 843,000,
The aggregate cost of separation
allowances paid to wives and
children of these men has been
British army staff officers in
their "Notes from the Front,"
have repeatedly emphasized the
necessity of practicing night
route marches, night platoon and
company drill and manoeuvres.
They point out that it is practically impossible to get into or
out of the trenches by day, and
that night work should be made
a practice of in all military training1 camps. Major E. A. Seeley-
Smith, general staff officer, at
Vernon, responsible for the training of the overseas units, has,
consequently prescribed night
work, and during the dark midnight hours Vernon people have
seen what seemed to be phantom
armies moving through the
streets and over the roads.
If Vilhjalmar Stefannson, who
headed an expedition into the
Arctic regions for the Canadian
government in June, 1913, and
who a few months later left his
ship, the Karluk, with two Norwegians who had resided for
several years in northern Alaska,
to go north in the interests of
scientific research, does not show
up, or if nothing is heard from
him by the end of August, or
early September, officials of the
naval service department feel
that they will be compelled to
believe that their worst fears
have been realized. Not a word
ha: been received from Stefann-
Government Positions
For Maimed Soldiers.
Ottawa, July 20th.-''Government positions, as far as possible
should be given to returned
soldiers," declared E. N. Rhodes
M. P. for Cumberland, "There
are many positions in the government service which injured men
can efficiently fill. A Canadian
who has lost a leg or arm or who
has received other serious injury
may not be able to take a place
on the fighting line again, but
there is no reason why such a
man cannot look after a lighthouse, rur a mail route, or perform the duties of many other
government positions."
Peace River Country
Is Settling Up.
Prince Rupert, July 28.—Mr.
Fletcher Bredin, who with Mrs.
Bredin, is visiting with Mr. and
Mrs. F. H. Mobley, is a pioneer
of pioneers, having been active
in the development of the great
Northwest for many years.
Mr. Bredin is now located at
Grand Prairie, where he has 200
acres of fine farm land. In 1901
he sent the first plow into that
country, where today there are
thousands of settlers. A talk
with Mr. Bredin is a great cure
for pessimism in these times of
stringency. He is one of those
broad ■ minded, ever- young old-
timers, who have helped to bring
civi ization tothe wilderness, and
who keep steadily looking ahead.
He looks forward to the time
when the fertile Peace River
country of six hundred by three
hundred miles will be shipping
grain via Prince Rupert and
bringing in European supplies by
this great Pacific doorway.
He states that six coach loads
of settlers are going into the
Peace River country every week,
He expects that the Edmonton,
Dunvegan and   B. C.   Railroad
will reach Peace River Crossing
in   December,   and  will   enter
Grand Prairie in January or Feb- ■
ruary of next year,   In Peace!
River Crossing, he sees a great i
city of the future.   In several
years he has never experienced ;
crop failure, and at present has I
grain of three seasons back in
his barns, which speaks volumes
for the climate of that countr .
Prince George School (Twj Room).
SEALED TENDERS, superscribed!
"Tender for Prince George School,"!
will be received by ihe Honourable the
Minister uf Public: Works up to 12
o'clock noon of Friday, the 6th day of
Augusl, 191S, for Ihe erection and completion of a two-room school-house at
Prince George, in the Cariboo Electoral
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forms of te der may be seen on and
after the 18th day of July, 1915, at the
office of Mr, T. W, Aerne, Oovernment
Agent, Prince (ieorge. and the Department of Public Works, Victoria.
Hy application to the undersigned,
contractors may ol iiuin a copy of the
plans and specifications (or the sum of
ten dollars ($10). which will be refunded on their reel urn in good order.
Each proposal nuist be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque or certificate of deposit oil a chartered bank of
Canada, made jeayable to the Honourable the Minister nf Public Works, for
a sum equal to 1(1 per cent of tender,
which snail lie foi foiled if the party
tendering decline to enter into contract
when caliod upon to do so, or if he fail
to complete the work contracted for.
The cheques or certificates of deposit
of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon the execution of
the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless
made out on the forms supplied, signed !!
with the actual signature of the  ten-1,
derer, and enclosed in  Ihe envelopes j
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Deputy Minister and Public I,
Works Engineer.
1) partment of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C., July 12th, 1915. 1,
SALTER F.  GREGG,     \\
British Columbia '
Post Building  -   - Prince George, i'
SPECIALTY. No order too small
to receive our immediate attention.
We want an opportunity to show
you. Just Phone 25 - we'll do the
rest. And you'll get your printing
Prince George Post Building,
George Street   -   Prince George, B.C
Prince George Herald
George Street
Telephone 25.
Dominion and H. C. Land Surveyor!,   I
Surveys of Lands, Mines, Townsites,
Timber Limits, etc,
Fort George, B, C, Wieeria, B. C.
Hammond Street in. IV-intecrion Bide/.
r. V. Burden, Mitr, K. G. Green, Mitr,
Kelson, B. C. N,.w Baselten, B. O.
165. Ward Stre...| B, C Affleck, Mgr,
A. H. Green, MKr.
Two Lots, number 2li and 27, in
block number2G, in Stuart River
Price $100
in advance, or $,Till cash, and $25
[ier month for three months.
Tux paid up to June, 1916.
Apply at once, address I'S.DI.
care of the Herald.
OU R Telegraph Ollice at Prince
George is now open for business.
All telegrams for I'rince George
and Central Kort George will go
through  Ihis ollice.    Free delivery
between Prince and Central.
Removing the Priceless Windows of the Milan Cathedral.
Since the beginning of hostilities between Austria and Italy
the Church authorities have been fearful that the priceless stained
glass windows of the famous Milan Cathedral would be destroyed
by bombardment, possibly by aircraft.
Business Follows the Flag
of Good Advertising.
UNUSUAL CONDITIONS of the past ten months have
created an up-hill situation for business. Consistent and
persistent advertising in the proper medium will enable you to
"make" the hill and show a gain for your business over
even normal times.
The wise engineer does not
cut down the steam on the upgrade-just a little more is
needed to negotiate the hill.
Why not let us talk to you about a conservative publicity campaign in the Prince George Herald, the oldest established newspaper in Central British Columbia? We can
introduce you to the- people who will buy your merchandise.
Call us up and we shall be pleased to discuss publicity
with you.
Tclrpbon. SS.
P. O. Bos _*».
lr&4il\4y4W4&4ir_2V.iw\&Mik& "
" -■
.   -
" ;
:.:- ■
~ -    -
- -
■ -
.-.    :■   '■
. ■ • _
■: • _ -
CS7.-3.C-a    i5_eviCE_-
K    3     -»
.wsrjjig m Fineni Direcar.
Prince George and Fort Georse-
je m
opifiu m.x:
5i  •
Acs    ■-..
l i
2_': :
vi I 1 L. ?<DG 2..KG
Phone 57.
Summer Holiday Trips
To L-s..r: C.:.:: i*d Lsited Stiles
aac Fresh Water Cmis.*
smurs service stars
Contractors a Builders
■■        '    --'.'UT
D-4» Traia fruai F««.   WH.iajn   >aii unai ,'iij.* <
a'ter arri. »J ut «tm>r.
' .-> '.
W.  J.  QUM.A.Y
'.:i .'> F.USi
_»_«. I'bbwb"  li*.
Just Stop and Think
NurlkrB_Teiephofie & Power _Co. Lti
:.   .: a.:_ ?>;r Fsrasfei
I P r* -i
• • ■•"•        '■..:.. ..':: »• i.j i;n.a.
P. BURNS & CO. Ltd.
Fresh and Cured Meats.
Stiitf". Fwt _dtr%.   ■_.  Friace Gm& _   Cst it Firt w^
_•■  J . riMO. T pn ..1 .   1-1
Bish.it Price.  Paid  for H d*s aad Live St•«*
Danfortli & Mclnnis.


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