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VOL. 5, NO. 32.
Italy Assembling Troops
Along Austrian Frontier
Latest War Despatches.
Paris, Apr. 9th. - Special. — Despite continued bad
weather the allied forces in the west continue to advance
Chiasso, Switzerland, via Paris.' - d — W sl^ht but i™P°rtant gains.    More than a
From two to four weeks earlier j
I ban usual, the ice in the Nechaco ]    ■■ musso, .-.vuzerianu, viarans.  iiu„u..,„,i   ,i„. j
 !^A^tAiA™"ZZsT^? . I*",t™*\tmS__U__ tnTuSSk
ihis year.
memory of the oldest settler in
the upper Fraser Valley has the
season been so far advanced at
this date. March was a remarkable month for balmy sunny days
clear and remarkably free from
frost. The ice in the rivers and
creeks began to break up as early
as the 15th, the last few days of
the month indicating quite clearly a complete break-up, so that
Germans were counted on the field, be-
Near Lamorville an entire
Additional trenches
houses of peasants in the disto'r6"6™^1"^ attaCk and held despite. efforts of
!._-__-:__t'Z-     IP ine aZln. Germans to regain them.
ind passing out to the sea. ! on the Austrian frontier is con- Geman c wag w{    ,
is   appreciably   early1 UnuinK with great activity-    All   . .   •   , >     . , .     ,, ',
In fact, not in the
bordering the confines affected
have been occupied by soldiers, I       Petrograd, April 9th. — Despite   reinforcements  to:
This information reached Chi- j the German-Austrian army in the Carpathians, and their
asso from Italian sources.   It is i attempt to envelop the Russians, the enemy was repulsed
learned from the same sources | at every point with heavy losses.   The principal chain of
that still more important military; the Carpathians has been crossed by the Russians.   Im-1
activity is under way.   Informa-'portant tactical results have thus been obtained on the1
tion on this point is refused; Heights south and north of Volasatts.
transmission by the Italian een-;        Tacomaj Apri, 8th>.„ Fifteen cars  q{  aerop]anes  jd
  i the Russian army arrived here tonight for shipment to,
r«.,_«-_«i _•_•     n i Vladivostok, on Japanese steamer Hakushira Maru, duel
liOVemment Aiding Ues-      jtomorrow.   There are about 150 aeroplanes valued at*
titute Foreigners in District :three t0 four thousand dollars each-
none were surprised to see the
ice running heavy April 3rd, and
all this week large bodies have
continued to float down in both
the Nechaco and the Fraser.
First Boat of Season
Joffre Predicts Speedy
Termination of War
Paris.—General Joffre has predicted a speedy termination of
the war in victory for the Allies,
according to a despatch from
Dunkirk published in the Eclair.
The despatch from Dunkirk says:
"General Joffre, the French
commander-in-chief, in the course
of a visit to Belgian headquarters to decorate certain Belgian
officers with the legion of honor,
told King Albert and Premier
Broqueville that the war soon
would come to an end to the advantage of the Allies."
On authority received from!
Acting Premier Bowser through
the Provincial Secretary, Hon.
H, E. Young, the Provincial Police, through Chief Constable
McGuffie started on Thursday to
Lord Rothschild, head of the [ London. - The first morning
British branch of the Rothschild: mai| on Saturday last to reach
family, died in London. ' Chancellor  of  the    Exchequer
Lord Rothschild,  head of the,Lloyd George brought about 15,-
The gasoline launch "Viper
renamed the "Rounder," carried j relieve the destitution among the
with her this morning the dis- Russians stranded   here on ac-
tinction of being the first boat to count of stoppage of work in the En&ll8J bl'anch ofDthe gre&} fin- 00° letters,  virtually all dealing
go down the Fraser for the sea- vicinity  on  the   Pacific   Great'fncm! house of .Rothschild, waslwith the question of abstinence
of  1915.    She started for;Eastern. It it estimated by some born in London in 1840' and wasifrom drinking in England.   This
and  way     points   at that from 500 to 600 are in need ! *Sfandson of the famous Nathan | number indicated that the day's
lock and expected to make! of food.    Beef, ham, bacon, oat-1Mayer de R°thschlld of Frankfort | total of letters would exceed 25,
s o'cl
ber of passengers and considerable freight made up her load.
The river is reported free of
ice the entire distance south.
Great Struggle in
rians soon
will be Decided
and  potatoes  were  distributed j
The needs of the men  were;
easily  ascertained through  thei
assistance  of   Mr.   Bernitz   of1
Prince who volunteered for this
purpose, as he speaks the Rus-
this afternoon.   A num-1 meal, beans,  flour, sugar, coffee |a baron of the Austr'an emP,re-, 000.
He was a son of Baron Lionel i These communications were
de Rothschild, and succeeded his | received by the chancenor in an.
uncle in the baronetcy in 1876. jswer tothe full page appea, ap.
and his father as an Austrian jpea]jng in the newspapers the
Baron in 1879. He was educated day before urging citizens to
at Trinity College, Cambridge, |write him in favop of absolute
„„.,..„ „...,       and was Liberal member of parli-,prohibition
sian  and  five other languages ament ^'^l for20j;ear8
fluentlv i P»*»or to 1885, when he was eleva-
The authority was conveyed to!ted ^^ British peerage.
the Police by a wire to Mr. Heme. r Loi'd Rothschild had been Lord-
the Government Agent, reading:! Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire,
"Have food to meet imtaediato|^~*!~^.^J?A_2
needs furnished through Provin
German Cruiser Prinz
Eitel Friedrich Interned
i.   —   The   fluctuating
in   the    Carpathians
to be nearing its decision,
family are situated and have been
cial Police and submkMl "report,j ^ }he last f artuer °f a cent"ry'
when further action will be de- He ,s succeeded b>' hls son' Hon'
ng to despatches reaching terarined.   Where are Russians ;Lionel, Walter  Rothschild,   for
By successive rushes amid ice
and snow, Russian troops are
said to have carried a series of
Austrian lines, and in view of
British observers, they bid fair
soon to break through in force
between the Lupkow and Uzsok
Almost daily thousands of Aus-
trians are being taken prisoners.
'hi the 4th, 20 officers and 75m
men were taken prisoners in the
Carpathians by the Russians.
Retreating Austrians are burning bridges and provision depots.
German attacks in region of
Resiouvka and Rozanka ceased
March 27th after eight weeks
continued fruitless attempts to
take Russian positions by assault.
Germans suffered enormous loss-
In the West, conditions bordering on stagnation prevail. The
allies are keeping the Germans
in the dark as to when and where
the big thrust will come.
Snowstorm Wrecks
Holiday Business
Philadelphia.—The snowstorm
which struck the middle Atlantic
states on the 3rd became almost
a blizzard— the worst storm of
the winter in this section. Wire
communication with all New Jersey seashore resorts was interrupted, as was also steam railroad traffic and street car service, causing a partial paralysis
nf business. With the coming ol
the storm, the Easter plans of
most people went to pieces.
Steam and electric trains, instead
of being filled with holiday
crowds bound for the seashore
points to spend Easter, left here
with comparatively few passengers,
from and what prospects of their
several years member of parlia-
leaving District?    H. E. Young, ment for Buckinghamshire.
Provincial Secretary." ,, ,   «        «••    .
Many of the men are in the!MorganS br.at MpiDg
District owing to completion of TnKi •   lSilltrnhipc
work at some of the camps, and | ,rUM m WW""'*
came in here to get settlement
for their winter's work, Few of
them had sufficient coming to
tide them over and pay their
way out of the District.
Newport News, Virginia. —
Commander Theirichens of the1
German auxiliary cruiser Prinz i
Eitel Friedrich has asked the
United States Government
through port authorities to interne his ship and crew,
Sir Richard
Goes to London
Ottawa.—A message has been
received here that Sir Richard
McBride left New York on Saturday last aboard the Lusitania
for London.
The Premier of British Columbia spent several days of last
week in New York in company
with J. W. Stewart, president of
the Pacific Great Eastern Railway, lt is understood that they
carried on some negotiations for
the sale of bonds of that railway,
but a satisfactory price could not
be obtained, and Sir Richard has
now gone on to make a quick
trip to London to see what can
be done there in the way of financing the railway, whose construction bonds the British Columbia Government has guaranteed.
A spinster mny live to congratulate
horsolf on the number of times she did
not marry,
Over 123,000 Prisoners sent to Russia
Petrograd. All the Austrian
prisoners from Przemysl have
now been sent into the Interior
of Russia. Altogether they comprise nine generals, 2..()7 officers
and 113,890 soldiers. In addition
there were 6800 sick or wounded
persons whose condition prevents
their transportation and who are
still retained in hospitals at the
front. Austrian doctors and
nurses to the number of 289 have
been temporarily retained to look
after them.
New York.- The International
Merchantile Marine Company,
organized by J. P. Morgan & Co.
and controlling a great fleet of
steamships plying between the
United States and Europe, was
placed in the hands of a receiver
last week by the federal court.
The receiver named was P. A. S.
Franklin, vice-president of the
company. Action against the
company was taken by the New
York Trust Company, trustee of
its $..2,714,000 four and a half
per cent, collateral trust bonds,
interest on which has been defaulted. The proceedings are
understood to be friendly. Mr.
Franklin was placed under a
#50,000 bond and empowered to
continue the business of the company.
Arranging Loans in United States
New York. — Conferences a-
mong bankers here have brought
almost to a conclusion arrangements for the extension of credits to Great Britain, France,
Italy and other countries in addition to the $10,000,000 loan to
The French credit, it is expected, will be the first to be closed.
The amount has not been defin-
ately fixed, but may, it is said,
be as large as $50,000,000.
The British credit, it is said,
may be twice as large as that of
France. Negotiations are in
progress for a loan to Russia in
addition to the $25,000,000 she
recently obtained. Italy is likely
to obtain a credit.
Russians Capture
260,000 Prisoners
London.—According to a despatch received here from the
Petrograd correspondent of the
Daily Mail, the Russians have
taken 260,000 prisoners on the
Carpathian front since the Slav
advance started on January 21.
Another despatch to the Daily
Telegraph said the Russians for
some time past have taken prisoners in the Carpathians at the
rate of an army corps every two
John Oliver vs
Colony Farm Stock
We publish this week a letter
from Mr. John Oliver, in which
he reiterates his statements concerning Mr. Ellison's connection
with a company which Mr. Oliver
alleges is the owner of large
areas of land in the northern interior of the province.
In reply we again repeat with
the utmost emphasis possible our
statements made two weeks ago.
Mr.  Ellison does not now,  and
never has owned an acre of land
outside of  the  Okanagan.   He
has not purchased a single dol
lar's worth of public lands since j
he became a member of the Gov-!
ernment.     The  company  with
which he is connected does not
own any of these lands despite
the quotation from the advertisement furnished  by  Mr.   Oliver,
for which an explanation will be
forthcoming,  no doubt,   in due'
We may add that we are in-;
formed that Mr. Oliver bought!
at a sale of Colony Farm cattle a
bull at the low price of $35.   We
suppose that  had   this  animal
been "knocked down" to Mr. Ellison at this figure, it would have
been   alleged   that he paid less!
than it was worth.   This would
seem to indicate very clearly that
"scrub" stock was not so uncommon  among  the Colony   Farm
herd as some people would have
us believe.—Vernon News.
Canada's War Orders.
The Pacilic Land and Townsites
Company, Limited.
The B. C. Gazette gives notice-
that a meeting of creditors of;
the Pacific Land & Townsites Co.
Ltd., was held at Vancouver,
March 26th, by order of the
Chief Justice of the Supreme
This is the company that sold
the adjoining subdivision to the
Grand Trunk Town at Willow
River, calling it Willow City,
Both town lots and acreage were
sold in considerable quantity,
S. J. ' Lombard was appointed
Sir Richard to try for Mainland Seat?
Vancouver. —There is good rea- j
son to believe from the in forma- j
tion recently received from a
reliable source that it is correct
that Lieut.-Col. J. D. Taylor,
now member in the Dominion
house for New Westminster, will
be sent to the senate and that at
the general election to be held in
June, Sir Richard McBride will
contest that seat, and, if elected,
will be given a portfolio, if the
Since coming to Canada last
October, Mr. F. W. Stobart,
Purchasing Commissioner for the
British War Office, has placed
255 contracts, with an aggregate
value of $80,000,000. Of this sum
(says the Toronto Mail and Empire) only $765,000 went to the
United States for goods which
could not be got here, more than
nine-tenths of the expenditures
thus being made within the
Dominion and going to keep Canadian workmen and Canadian
capital employed. An inventory
of Mr. Stobart's purchases ir-
cludes sheep-lined coats, sweater
coats, wool vests, wool and cotton
drawers, wool and leather mitts,
socks, cap comfortings, flannel
shirts, cholera bands, rubber
boots, boot laces, buttons, leather
accoutrements, packs and haversacks, binoculars, razors, shaving
brushes, mess tins, clasp knives,
halters, railroad ties, posts and
pegs, shovels, and pick handles.
In addition, Colonel Rarton has
spent $5,000,000 here for greatcoats, jackets, and trousers for
the British Armies.
Havana, April 6.-Jack Johnson, exile from his own country,
yesterday lost his claim to fistic
fame as the heavyweight champion of the world, the title being
wrested from him hy Jess Willard, tbe Kansas cowboy, the
biggest man that ever entered
the prize ring and a "white
hope" who at last, has made
| good.
On Wednesday Johnson and
j his wife and a little group of
j friends will sail for Martinique,
! there to await passage back to
j France, where Johnson proposes
[to settle down and lead the life
jof a farmer, raising pigs and
chickens. There is no doubt that
he is through with the ring.
Willard, who is being acclaimed as the new champion, is going
back to the United Siates to win
the fortune which was denied
him yesterday when Johnson got
$30,000 before the fight started,
Willard taking only a small share
of the net receipts. Just what
his share was is not known.
Yesterday's fight probably has
no parallel in the history of ring
battles. For twenty rounds
Johnson punched and punched
Willard at will, but his blows
grew perceptibly less powerful
as the fight progressed, until at
last he seemad unable or unwilling to go on.
Johnson stopped leading and
for three or four rounds the battle between the two big men was
little more than a series of plastic poses of white and black
So it was until the 25th round
when Willard got one of his
wickedly swinging windmill right
hand blows to Johnson's heart.
This was the beginning of the
When the round closed Johnson sent word to his wife that he
was all in and told her to start
for home. She was on the way
out and was passing the ring in
the twenty-sixth round when a
stinging left to the body and a
cyclonic right to the jaw caused
Johnson to crumble on the floor
of the ring, where he lay partly
outside the ropes until the referee counted ten and held up Willard's hand in token of his newly
won laurels.
There was much discussion after the fight — and probably will
be for all time - - among the followers of the fighting game as to
whether Johnson was really
knocked out. In the sense of being smashed into unconsciousness, he certainly was not put
out. The consensus of opinion is
that Johnson expected and knew
that there was no possibility of
his winning; so when knocked
down, he chose to take the count
rather than rise and stand further punishment. He has often
stated that fighting is a business
and he would not foolishly submit to repeated knockdowns
when he found he had met his
master. A second or two after
Jack Welsh, the referee, had
counted ten, Johnson quickly got
up, It was well that he did, for
a moment later a rush of spectators to the fighting platform all
but smothered the pugilists.
The fight was a clean one. No
match between heavyweights
that has gone to a finish was
cleaner or less brutal.
Luck counts once in awhile
count all tho the time,
in .ins   Prohibition Successes.
Regulation of man's morals and
Conservative party is returned
to power.
The statement of Mr. Bowser
that "possibly in the future I
shall be able to do more in fashioning the policy of the government," may also be accepted as
an indication of how the wind is
ethics by law is not popular for
any sustained length of time.
Therefore, the joy of prohibitionists at recent successes in the
west must be tempered by the
reflection that the voter for sobriety by statute is liable to reverse his action, as he has done
already in 14 states.
. J.   AX  X_i
A Weekly Journal of Local General News, Published
Every Kridav at its Piiintin . Office
in South Kort George.
Price   One Year in Advance   -   -   - $3 00
Six Months in Advance    -   - 1.75
Three'Months in Advance'     - 1.00
To The United Slates -   -   - 3.50
Nei  paper slopped  until all arrearages arc paid except at
the option of the publishers.
Twelve cents  per line  for the first insertion, and eight
cents per line fur each subsequent insertion.
For Sale, Lost and Found Ads. minimum charge 50 cents
per insertion, limited to one inch.   Other rates furnished on
Publishers and Proprietors,
South Furt George, B. C.
FR I DAY.   A I'I! I I,   9th,    11)15.
Greece. Great Britain, France,
Belgium and Japan should absorb
Germany's colonies. The allies,
moreover, must claim a war indemnity, and Belgium, of course,
should be compensated fully for.
the wrong done her,
These comprise a largo order,
but in effect they are more moderate than many publicists in the
allied countries have outlined.
The dismemberment of the Austrian and Turkish empires is inevitable,  in fact,  it cannot be
The British Empire After
The War.
,   ' \
We quote below a passage from
the speech of the chairman at I
Ihe annual meeting of the shareholders of  The  Financier and
Bullionist, Ltd. :—
"1 am not unmindful of the
great difficulties that confront
this country and her Allies be-;
fore our enemies are crushed,;
but of an ultimate success I have
} long delayed, As far as Germany,
is concerned, she is bound to lose j not the least shadow of a doubt,
Alsace and Lorraine, and must | ^om this war, terrible and de-
; release Belgium from her grip
But no possible terms of peace
At this time of political interest throughout not only the province, but the Dominion, it were|concrete statement from the op
election,   without knowing what
they can do once they are elected
and what actually can be accomplished—In promise everything.
We have yet to find a single
well for the electorate to weigh
position, which can be laid down
carefully statements, from oppo- as an actua| p|an|; 0f their gov-
sition, candidates for office, their ernmental policy that will benefit
friends and partisans. the people of British Columbia,
The present Administration of and bring to  development  the
should be concluded that does not
include the dis-armament of the
nations, both army and navy, beyond a police footing, and the
consequent reduction of the burdens of military service and costs
on the people. If this is not accomplished then will the present
war have been fought in vain,
all the loss of lives and treasure
gone for naught.
governmental affairs at Victoria
is on the defensive, as well as
the offensive, in relation to its
trusteeship of the affairs of British Columbia for the past twelve
years. The opposition is in everyway possible, trying to discredit
wealth of this great province,
that is an improvement sufficiently defined to trust them with the
reins of power. Their cry is
"Smash the fellow who is in and
give us a chance," They tear
down, but offer nothing construe
its acts and throw  insinuation \ tjve jn its p]acc>   They gQ about
and suspicion on the. good faith j charging graft, dishonesty, mal-
even honesty of its officials. From; feasance| and every known cheap
this time to election, the fury of
the opposition  in its attempt to
unseat the present (lovernment
will know no bounds, ancl it were
well not to take too seriously some
nf the statements appearing in
the Liberal Press, and emanating
political trick to catch the public
ear, knowing that humanity is
prone to listen to evil rather than
truth. Much of this loose talk
the Government very rightly do
The unemployment problem is
still existent in   the cities and j
scarcity of labor is still complain-1
ed of in the rural districts,   Thei
question is how one can be recon- j
ciled with the other, and the onej
brought to supply what the other |
needs and the other to take what i
the one possesses in excess. After
the war there may be a rush of
immigration, but that cannot be
from Liberal speakers, as much j ^ey
not deem of sufficient moment to!for a >'eai' at least   We must-
even notice,  they could not if'therefore, make the best of the
of it will not 1
would,  answer
and  keep!s'tuati°n and try to get along
vastating as it is, our Empire
will emerge stronger in its might
and greater in its influence than
it ever has been before in all its
glorious history. The heroic part
its soldiers have played and are
playing in assisting in the destruction of the power that has
so long threatened the very existence of every nation that stood
in the way of its insensate ambitions must earn for it the gratitude and goodwill of the civilised
world. The effect, of this upon
the commercial prosperity of the
country must be boundless—far
greater even than the most optimistic of us can easily realise.
The goodwill of the world, I need
scarcely remind you, is a trade
assetof incalculable value. Think
for a moment what the position
will be when the war is ended,
whether, as we hope, in the comparatively near future, or whether it is prolonged to our utmost
fears, As a commercial rival of
moment, Germany cannot count
for at least a decade. Naturally
her capital resources will be exhausted, her credit must be ruined, her industries and great carrying trade of which she was so
Special Prices
AND ON EASY  TERMS.        :: :: ::
North Coast Land Co., Ltd.,
h, Vt. WALKER, General Aeent.
,ave regard for llu answering these statements that with what we have    A Toronto L
-"•  "'• ""'•"-'•crop   up in  every  conceivable W? has been publishing letters aiy8ed) anYier very name a b^
truth or veracity of the accusations made.   A half truth leaves1
a nastier impression   than   the
whole story.    We warn the electorate that the the kind of loose
insinuation and inuendo of much i
that is said in the heat of the:
fight for place will bear investi- j
Corner Hamilton & Third
South Fort George, B.C.
The newest and most modern
hotel in the northern interior
Rates  $2.50 and $3
Monthly and weekly rain on ap.
Beat of wine.
Liciuors and cigari
Albert Johnson, prop.
I word of hatred and reproach.
Contrast with this the British
i Empire.   Rejuvenated   by   the
•o anv man is
.ation, ant
turned out of office, before the'
Conservative Administration is j
voted a lack of confidence, it j
would be well to see if some of
the statements made or to be
made against the ruling party by j
the opposition will bear the light i
of truth.
Mr. Parker Williams rises in
his place in the Legislature and
accuses mining companies of
reaping a profit out of hospital
from a number of men who have
accepted   positions   on   farm3.
They all. without exception speak
in good terms of their experience,..       ,,     .,   .      ,,       .     , , .
T, .       ,  ,   , .   .  s ^   fires of Buffering: through which
The pay is not lav sh, but thei.. , ,    . ,   ,      ,,
..„ _ .„,, _,__„_„, ....   .■   , .        ,      ,    ,     ]   .  .,    it has passed, at last really cons-
daining to give  notice  to  the f°°,d » *ood ,an.df abundant, theZ% Jf Jbj Qwn *     m
earnings of the scandal monger. e.bed clean; and h%'n fhe 0J*n :longer obsessed by the craven
of whom the walks of life know brings a keen app.tite for meals; decadence, and
and a pleasant desire for sound
refreshing sleep.   One man
shape'', form, and place
An honest man, an honest administration, conscious of the integrity of its acts, i; content to
wait the day of vindication, dis-
with the loyalty, the love and the
...  ,        , ,     ,     admiration of its children, to the
writes:    I have tramped miles ... , .,,'     lL
.    .,      r.     , j . , furthermost corners of the earth,
and miles after deer and dropped,  _,      ,     ,     ,       „      ,
too exhausted to eat or sleep,
too many.
We have heard for so long of
the dishonesty of this, that and
the other member of Government
without a single fact worthy of,T, ,       ,,    , , , ,.
proof being brought out, that has, Her.e whe" l m ^ * hav., a j during.   Think also of the great
not been clearly explained, that; ^d meal to Po to. and when I m jRussian £
„r,innn .l. __„ „•.■           ._■ i   tired there is a nice c ean bed!„ ., ./..„..
unless the opposition can think:„._.,..__    v_ ,, ,.....,,  .  ,'France, of resuscitated Belgium,
of the many nations, small in extent, but mighty in strength of
! affirmed and yet reaffirmed, our
; Empire is impregnable and en-
of something more tangible than
waiting.   You know how I
me,v suspicion, they" Tad" better |J break ?T ^ flu ^ ,°W
Mary and I are both glad we
stick to a discussion of the merits
, , , , , of policies, a. the voters of Brit-',       ,.
dues charged to employees, and ^   Co|umbia   ^   somethjngl her skirt tucked up bustling to
discrimination against the English speaking races in favor of
forei; ners, making a long speech I
and tirade against the Conserva-|
tive party thereon.   He does noti
look into all the facts, but just!
starts something.   It is found |
that the employees  themselves |
administer the hospital fund and
and the mining company referred
to loses yearly by it.   That English speaking labor as a rule will
else besides a mere declaration of
came. You should see her with
her skirt tucked up bustling to
and from the barns.   It's  the
'Tm honest, put me in, the other pastoral l\ie fo':usal nght; uMen
fellow is dishonest, put him out." who wander c.ties idle and hun-
They want to be shown, *[y wuhlle^here areopportunities
like this offering are crazy.
Perhaps readers of this may
SUOGESTIONS OF PEACE ?ini;lhewritero^hefrgrK
Trnup upon a        sp 1S
ItKMOi I more than likely however, that
  'he is possessed of  that  Mark
M. Guyot, a celebrated French Tapleyism that should accompany
statesman, in discussing peace!all desires for work.   That hope-
take only preferred positions in | terms recently, said the allies; fulness which leads to success
mines and the harder manual j must refuse to treat with any and, at this period of time, belabor below ground has to be member of the Hohenzollernfam- gets some fulfilment of the scrip-
done by the class of men-willing jly, and that the dominion of jtural injunction to bear one ante do it. I Prussia over the German empire; others' burdens. Every man,
Mr. Price Ellison is charged J must be destroyed. In his opinion'yes and every woman who goes
with buying cattle from the Col
ony Farm at low prices, but Mr.
John Oliver can buy as cheap or
cheaper, at the same farm, but
he is "Honest John" at the same
kind of transaction.
No Government was ever perfect. No man is omnipotent.
Criticise freely, point out what
you think in error, and thus assist in digging out the best way
to administer the public's affairs,
but let us have honest statements
and fair discussion. If you do
not approve every act of the
government, or if you think the
government has not done what
it should have done, say so man
beyond the restitution of Alsace to work in this strain of spirit,
and Lorraine and the little band and to all it is possible, is helping
of territory which was yielded to! to take the handicap off some-
the insistence of Prussia in 1815, i body else's shoulders and is con-
France must ask for nothing in j tributing tothe welfare alike of
Europe. The Kiel Canal should!his own country and the empire,
be neutralized ; Poland reconsti-!He is uplifting his fellowman, he
tuted as an autonomous state;is assisting in the clothing and
with its boundaries extended to!fading of his countrymen, may
include Posen and a portion of j be his townsmen at the front,
Silesia. Austria-Hungary, he in- and he is setting an example that
sists, should be dismembered, cannot be too extensively follovv-
Hungary to form an independent ed. He is doing his share towards
state, Gemanic Austria another, 'reconciling the wants of the city
and there must be a larger Serbia with the needs of the country,
and a larger Roumania. Bohemia Hfi '-s u'so probably prolonging
and Moravia should become an I his own life as well as making
nationality, whose continued existence has been assured—think,
I say, of this great portion of the
world, whose trade and commerce
will be gladly poured into our
lap, then we shall begin to realise
an eraof prosperity thatwill follow
this period of trial through which
we are now passing."
This newspaper company, like
the great majority of others, has
been hard hit by the war, but
the spirit in which severe financial conditions are accepted by
the business community in the
Old Country was well exemplified
io this chairman's speech. He
emphasises a point with which
Canada has dealt on morc than
one occasion—the gratitude and
increased respect of all civilised
nations which the British Empire
will receive at the end of this
great war must prove an international asset of incalculable
Findlay Jet. and Outlying
Fort George District Points
The attention of our readers is
called to an   interesting letter
from Findlay Junction published
in this issue.
We extend an invitation to all
independent nation. The Turkish I matters easier fnr others. Above'correspondents  throughout   the
fashion, and let the public have j empire should be divided among all he is proving himself a true district  to  write us regarding
a full and concise statement of, the entente powers as follows: patriot in  earnestly  doing  his' their sections in like manner as'
what you would do in the same! The valley of the Euphrates and; best to promote production,
place.  The voters are intelligent | Arabia to Great  Britain; Syria' —	
men, they know the difference and the Holy Land to France:!   Thc K"'"1-''" thinks ho has trouble,
between  promises  to do,   and
boasts of what Liberalism will do
' elected, and actual accomplishment.   Its all very fit.e before
Constantinople, Armenia and the but hc dooB",|; know one end of '•*   "e
rivers of the Black Sea to Russia;'nevor t.ried T" " couftt7unowWer»
,,,-.,,, in, ', or umi.ru a done gutne of baseball, or
the Dardanelles and Bosphorousi act as private hi.rctary to a popular
being declared free to all nations;; prima donna.
suringthem that such items of
news are not only eagerly sought
by our readers, but will be of
great benefit in bringing together
the far corners of this great section embraced in the new Electoral District of Fort George.
Undertaker and Funeral Director.
Caskets, Funeral Supplies, & Shipping Cases always on hand.
Out-of-town calls promptly attended to.
Phone 23 Fort George.
Prince George and Fort George.
Just Stop and Think
of the risk and inconvenience of burning coal oil.
Why not be up-to-date? Have your house wired,
it costs but a trifle more. Rates on application at
our office - Rooms 7 & 8, Post Building, George
Street, and at the plant, South Fort George. We
have a stock of lamps, shades, fixtures, irons, and
handle all utility devices.
Northern Telephone & Power Co., Ltd.
Electric Light Service and Power Furnished.
House Wiring and Electrical Fixtures of all kinds.
Phone 19- Four Rings, South Fort George.
Phone 10, Prince George.
Fort George Hardware Co.
Sheet Metal.   Furnaces a Specialty.
Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water
PhnnfG   No' ' SOUTH   FORT   GEORGE.
* UWUCa   No. la pm_rr  annum;.
.. GO TO..
For Your Groceries.
10 per cent, less than any other
house in town.
^^^^^^^^^ i/uiiuoilllg  IU   UC   11.9UIIICU
fOTICE is hereby given that lhc
..caerve  covering certain  lands in
the vicinity of Canoe River between
Tete Jaune Cache  and  the  Columbia
Kiver bv reason ofa notice published i ,„:fu.    .,„ „     . ,. .
•„ the British Columbia Gazette on the wlthln the next few weeks some-
27th of August, 1908, is cancelled in so j thing like a thousand men will
far as it relates  to lots  7-119 and 7420
tanaoa ai tne
Panama Exposition.
war lax on Letters
Word has been received in the
district that the  Grand Trunk     ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Pacific Railway Co.  is preparing! '	
to resume ballasting operations _ At the Panama'Pacific Exposi-
on the main line, and that the !tion at San Francisco, Canada
line through this district will be |lias a magnificent pavilion, cost-
put in shape at the earliest possible date.   It is understood that
uriboo District, and that the reserve
covering lands in the same vicinity by
reason of a notice published in the
British Columbia Gazette on the 17th
i,l' lulv 1913. is also cancelled in so far
as it relates to lots 7450, 7449, 7448,
7447 7440, 7445, 7444, 7143, 7442, 7441,
7439' 7440 743S, 7487, 7488, 74."_, 7484,
7433' 74:12, 7431, 7429, 7430, 7428, 7427,
7426,' 742!>, 7424, 7423, 7421, Cariboo
liistrict. The said lands will be open
ed to entry by pre-emption on Tuesday,
the 18th day of May, 1915, at the hour
of nine o'clock in the forenoon. No
Pre-empttot) Record will be issued cov-
ering more than one surveyed Lot, and
all applications must be made at the
oflice ot' the Government Agent, at
South Furt (leorge.
R. A. Renwick,
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Department of Lands,
Victoria, H. C,
March Ilth, 1915.
between   Skeena
about five  miles
OU R Telegraph Office at Prince
George is now open for bu. .ness.
All telegrams for Prince George
and Central Fort George will po
through  this oflice.   Free delivery
between Prince and Central.
be employed
Crossing and
east of New
men will be ^^^^^^^^
several months, as there is an
immense amount of work to be
done before the track is in shape
for the fast trains. Such a force
of men should help the business
situation here materially.
—Omineca Herald.
ing $300,000, stocked with a fine
individual collection of exhibits.
The Grand Trunk and Canadian
Pacific Railways are also represented by buildings of their own.
The Grand Trunk exhibit in-
Hazelton. These! eludes a number of Mr. G. Home
in this district fori Russell's fine oil paintings of
scenes in the Canadian Rockies,
on the route of tbe Grand Trunk
Pacific ; a model of one of the
Grand Trunk Pacific steamships
operating on the North Pacific ;
a model representing Jasper Park
and Mount Robson Park ; mounted fish and game, including a
buffalo head from the Buffalo
National Park, Wainright, Alberta ; transparencies depicting
scenes in the Dominion of Canada ; photographic views of the
principal attractions in Canada,
illustrating fishing and hunting,
tourist resorts, agricultural pur-
The real friend of the people in not a
politician —he is a photographer.
and Post Cards j
■— 11
A war tax of one cent has been I
imposed on each letter and post I
card mailed in Canada for deliv- I
ery in Canada, the United States |
or Mexico, and on each letter1
mailed in Canada for delivery in
the United Kingdom and British
possessions generally, and wher
ever the two cent rate applies,
to become effective on and from
the 15th of April, 1915.
This war tax is to be prepaid :
by the senders by means of a
war stamp for sale by postmas- :
ters and  other  postage  stamp
Wherever possible, stamps on '
wliich the word "War Tax" havej
been printed should be used for
prepayment of the war tax, but |
should ordinary postage stamps
be used for this purpose,  they
will be accepted.
This war stamp or additional;
stamp for war purposes should
be affixed to the upper right hand
portion of the address side of the
January 1st,
Victory follows
Ihe nag.
We wish you health, and wish you wealth,
And many a merry day,
And a happy heart to play the part
On the ureal highway.
suits, mining camps, etc.: agri- envelope or post card, close to |
cultural products from Western the regular postage so that it
Canada, the Bulkley and Nechaco may be readily cancelled at the
NOTICE is hereby given that the, Valleys of Central British Colum- ] same time as the postage
reserve covering certain  lands on i _;„. r-.,:i <•„__. t>-:<.:i. n.t—u:-.l    . • » ••
British   Colombia   Lund   Surveyor
l_nel Agent       Timber Cruiser
Representing GORE & MoGRBQOR, Limit, .
McGregor Building, Third Streel, SOUTII
reserve covering certain lands on
the South Fork of the Fraser River
Valley in the vicinity of the town of
McBride, by reason of a notice published in the British Columbia Gazette
on the Kith of January, 1907, is cancelled in so fur as it relates to Lots
5682, r.UK.'i, the N. half and S. W. quarter ol 5684, 5085, the S. half and N. VV.
quarter of ..680, 5687, 6007, S. half of
6008, S. half and N. W. quarter of 6012
and the W. half of 6013, Cariboo District, and the reserve covering lands in
the same vicinity by reason of a nolice
published in the British Columbia Gazette on the 29th of August, 1907, is
cancelled in so far as it relate:! to the
N. half of Lot 3281, N. half of 3282,
I E. half of 8288, 3307, 3322, 3323, the E.
I half of 5491, 5957, the N. E. quarter of
1 5961, N. half and S. E. quarter of 5962,
% W. '   "
bia; fruit from British Columbia;
and a collection of minerals. In
the G. T. R. Motion Picture The- i
In the event of failure on the
part of the sender through over-
—-^—^—^^^—^^^^^^—     sight or negligence to prepay the
atre are being shown scenes in j war tax on each letter or post
Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Win- j card above specified, such a let-
nipeg, Edmonton, the prairies,
the Rocky Mountains, the Skeena
River, and mining districts.
We have the wireless telegraph,
The horseless car is here
And yet we've no desire to quart"
A glass of foamless beer.
A vrthitopr nnrl Civil F.nfrinPPr [ N- W. quarter of 5963, Vf. half or 5968,'
Aicnitect ana uvu j_ngmet_ m^ ^ mi lhc N hB|f and s.e.
Temporary Office :
Setting the Example
ter or post card will be sent immediately to the nearest Branch
Dead Letter Oflice.
It is essential that postage on
all classes of mail matter should
be prepaid by means of ordinary
postage stamps. The War Tax
stamp will not be accepted in
any case for the prepayment of
1 postage.
Corner Vancouver and Eighth Streets,
Feert George, B.C.
F. P. Kur.lcn, Mgr.
Nelson, U.C...
Victoria B.C.
K. C. Green, Mjrr.
A. H. Green, Mtrr.
Green Bros.,
Burden & Co.
in. htfiiims Dominion & B. C. ha_ Surveyors
Surveys of Lands, N
ines, TownBttW, Timber
Limits, Etc.
quarter of 5973, N. half of 5974, the E.
half of 5975, 6t'88, the S. half and N.E.
quarter of 6023, E. half of 6025, 7004,
: S. half of 7051, 7071, 7072, 7073, tho N
half mid S, E. quarter of 7051, 7652,
! 7654, 7667, 7668, 7670,7676, tho W. half
iof 7677,   N. W. quarter of 7678,  8021,
8022, the N. Vv. quarter of 8032,  8039,
It is pleasing to see so many
citizens undertaking the spring    A
cleaning at such an earlv date.'about ,0 thlie an examination for life
insurance,   "You  don't dissipate,   do
small henpecked little  man was
In all parts of the town the yards
N.E.  quarter o'f 8043,  8044,  N. half j are he™8 a.U clean.ed .UP ?nd the \'t___j foTtests
and S. w
irter of 8045, 8048, 8049
N. half of 8051, 8052, N, half of 8058
. . half and N. W. quarter of 8009. S
half nnd N. E. quarter of 8060, 8061
the N. \V. quarter of 8067,
half of 8069, 8071, 8073, 80'
off ^^^^^
1" asked  the physician ua he made j
        'Not a fast liver, or !
; ground made ready for the crop j anything of that sort?" The little man j
1 that will  be put  in   this season, i hesitated a moment, looked a bit fright;.
. j It is safe to say that the increase
-806|' h5J|i in production in this town alone
then  replied in  a »niall piping
"I sometimes chew a little gum."
Victoria Hotel
wm be over three hundred per j
cent. The New Hazelton citizens
should aim, not only to have all;
8, 8079, S. W. quarter of 8080,
N. W. quarter of 8083, S. half and N.
Vf. quarter of 8084, N. E. quarter 80S5,
8087, E. half 8088, 8090, N, W. quarter
and S. E. quarter of 8091, W. half of
8092, S. half 8093, 8094, 8095, 8096,
8097, 8099, 8100, N. half and S. VV.
quarter of 8106, 8107, 8108.  the E. half
of 8947 and the E. half of 8948, Cariboo 1 _^bi»i^^^bi^^^^^_i^^^™^bi^^™^^^^
District, is cancelled. The said Lots : indication later in the season that' made of wax for models
will i.e open to entry,by Pre-emption| vegetables vvin be harvested in |  . .	
For three pretty young women ground
their own garden produce, but to j up on a prand lru"k, Rfl'lroaduwi'eckf
, , .  '      ,, ,   , 1 in  Canada,   Mrs.   Alicia Crowther, of
have some to ship to the market j Monlroge> settled with the compBny
in Prince Rupert.   If there is an j for oniy $25 each.   Tho. women were
(Formerly Grand Union)
Street     -     South Fort George
Hot and Cold Water Baths
lSlh'day of May, 1915. ■      s,,^—,^^^^^—
in the forenoon.   No'sufficient   quantities,    arrange-
ord will be issued to ! ments wiIl be made to ship them
on Tuesday, the
at nine  0 clock
I't'e-e'inption   I      ^^^^^^^^^^
include mire than one surveyed lot ex ,
cept in the enae of small fractional to Prince Rupert at the best pos
parcels,   ami all applications must  be |  -i 1    ,.afet.  —Omineca Hprald
made at the  ollice of the Government  smle lau!S'     umineca neiaia.
Agent, at South Fort George. , .
^^^^JH      R. A. Renwick,
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Department of Lands,
Victoria, B.   ..,
March Uth, 1915.
Phone 57.
"Why look here." said the merchant
who was in need of a boy, "aren't you
! the same boy who was in here a week
j ai;o?"
.     "Yes sir," said the applicant.
. I    "I thought so.   And didn't I tell you
then that I wanted an older boy?"
"Yes sir.     That's why I'm  back.
I'm older now."
Canada's Military Expense
Totals $95,000,000
Fur Sale Will Last
Half Usual Time
N. H. Wesley,
■Specialist in Farm Lands and Prince George Lots.
Phoenix Assurance Co. of London
Liverpool and London and Globe of Liverpool
British American Assurance Co. of Toronto.
Pioneer Real Estate and Insurance Agents of lhe Northern Interior
of British Columbia.
Ottawa. —An estimate of the
military expenditures under the
war vote was presented to the
House by General Hughes. It
| was proposed during the year to
spend $95,000,000, the chief items
being as follows:
Pay for 45,000 men, $45,000,-
000; rations, $7,000,000; transport, $18,000,000; rifles, etc.,
$3,000,000; stores and equipment,
$15,000,0000; artillery, 83,000,-
000; remounts, $2,000,000,
Church of England
Holy Communion 1st Sunday
at 7 a. in.
Every Sunday at 11 a.m. Holy
Communion Sung with sermon.
Morning prayer at 10:45.
Evening prayer and sermon
Why did you tell my wife that before
1*1 met her 1 promised to love you forever?
Well, didn't you?
Sure, I did; but that's no kind of
conversation to go to a man's wife with.
Presbyterian  Church
Rov. A. C. Justice, pastor,
Services : 11 a. m. and 7.30
p. m. Gospel service.
11 a, m.—The Minister.
7.30 p. m.-The Minister.
Sunday School 2 p. m,
The London spring fur sale,
now proceeding, has been disappointing  both  as to quantities
and prices and will lasUnly one-i
half  the   usual   time,  although
neither October   nor   January
sales were held on account of the j
war.   The quantities offered are j
less than half the usual quantities and prices generally are fully one-half less than last March.
Many  consignments are  being
passed over without bids.
Experts declare that they see
no probability of an improvement
in the English fur market. Great
stocks are being held in America
and the public generally are not
buying costly furs. Germany
and Austria, formerly extensive
buyers^ are not buying now.
Further reductions in prices are
Phone 1
Prince George
<jP LIMIT.D ^4>
r C. _cEl.aOY, Manager "^
Phone 11
South Fort George
Domestic Coal
Of tho highest grade obtainable and specially
sifted for domestic use.
Lath, Kiln Dried Coast and Local Lumber, Cedar Siding,
Sash and Doors, Building Papers, Ready
Roofings, Wall Boards, etc. 1
for COAL or WOOD
of all kinds and sizes for every Kitchen
We are exclusive agents for the famous
are right.
We are allowing a special 10 per cent,
discount on every article in our stores.
Orders will be taken at our Prince George
Yard as well as at our store at South.
Remember the 10 per cent. CASH Discount.
W. f. COOKE. Pm,
RUSSELL I'EDiiN, Vi ....
<; t. suAh.'iii.ii. Sionlirj
Danforth & Mclnnis,
G»  T* Po R*
Edmonton - Prince George
Prince Rupert
No. 1 Leave Edmonton Tuesdays and Fridays 10-35 p.m.
West Bound    Arrive Prince George Wednesdays & Saturdays 8 00 p.m.
Leave    ,, ,, ,, ,, 8-15  ,,
Arrive Prince Rupert Thursdays and Sundays  6-30 p.m.
No. 2 Leave Prince Rupert Wednesdays and Saturdays 10 a.m.
Easl Bound- Arrive Prince George Thursdays and Sundays 8-30 a.m.
Leave    ,, ,, ,, ,, 8-45   ,,
Arrive Edmonton Fridays and Mondays 8-00 a.m.
Travel via the
Our Agents will be pleased to furnish any
information desired.
District Passenger AKent,
Winnipeg, Man,
Farming in 6. C.
According to present indications, there will be a very great
increase in the area sown to crop
in British Columbia this year.
This increase is not local, but is
in evidence everywhere. The
people generally are beginning
to appreciate the very great necessity of adding to the volume
of our farm products. This news
is very satisfactory.
Automobiles for hire.
Machinery Repaired.    Skates Sharpened.
Lathe Work.
Sonth Fort George.
Drummond a MoKay.
Launches Overhauled and Repaired.  Storage.
Gasoline Oils and Accessories.
Phone 57. er   Vancouver on 11
Tin' very much divided commun-
il.v ni iln1 junction of the Praser and
.-.:■ a. .ji. — ■—   ....   _ _    ..... .iw...   - -
llii.-   morning   mr   \ uiiruuviu   "ii .e I ,    .        f 1 m e
B Spring nl Mil.i
Mr. Hov McLaughlin, lirollior of laisiness trip, via Quesnel and Ash-      .,     ,, .,     ,,
.............. ' I"oil (ieorge Herald:
(•i'il. K. .Mcl.;iuglilin eel Iln' Neeiilicrn  emit. , nH^B^nHii^Hi
,, ..... Our I'1'")!   residents organized  :i  \ec uico rivers has lieen mcorporat
Lumber &   Mercantile Co.,  spent ,, .      . ,. ,      ,.   ' • . .    ,r    .,
ii ',i   !•   i    ,i     ,!■'        cnucumr cnnrTv umre Progressive Association on Jan. 15 ed as one city ancl iu May tlie pecs
several  days  with   his brother this] SUNSHINE SOCIETY NOTES,
week nn hi- way through from Win-
lust   and   had osl  enthusiastic p]P  will be asked to say  whether
they want it  called   Furt (leorge or
Prince George. The lirst is the morel
fainiliar name, and the influence of
ssocifition is hound to prove strong.
„.,.„-..       . „.     .     lhc  Sunshine   Society   Meeting meeting.     J.  Adams  was   elected
nipeg    tn    ( aliliiriiia    via 'mice     , . ,         ,    ,     ,   , ,       ,,,,       ,        ,,    . .           , .
,,             ,,     ., ,      , ,. which was to be held mi lliursday,  President and Laurence Canty Sec-
Hiipi'ii.    .Mr.   McLaugh in expects   .    .,,-,,     . Vt    ,. ,. »* ,-.,
' .                      . '        April 15th, at Mrs. (. L. McLlrovs rotary.
tee eniiiv  n  iiinleii'  trip   Irum   van-     ... ,     ,   ,, , ,,'...
..       ,        .   mil lie  hi'lel  at   the same place on      IViuioiis tor a much needed post-
ciuiver   to   the   hxpo-ltlnu  tlil'ollgli  .... „, ,      ,, ^^^^^^a_^^___
Washington, Oregon and California.   """"'^   Ap"1   ""'l   "   '"i'"6"""'"'   ''[  J'   P'!   nnd SOme  M On thc other hand   it is  urged that
necessary to postpone it one weok,     trad work were drawn  up and for- "Fort" conveys to the outside world
  At the Dance at Rill. Kifer Hall, warded to their  respective depart- L suggestion of stockades and fierce
One of lie most  pleasant social  I'^ter Monday, given by  the  rail-Lents. and warlike Indians.
events of the sea. ni  was the party road men, at which the ladies of the j    At the next meeting of the Asso-1    ft is true that   most other towns
given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sunshine   Society   served   refresh- ciation, held Feb. 10th, we petition- j |mve  tlropped   the prefix as they
W. .1. Mntheson, last Sunday even- '"cuts, many  of the attendants at ed for a surveyor, to be sent in here |mve gmm<  \ml   in „„,,,  Qascs \d
ing, in honor of Miss Mae Gross and ll"' dance spoke in an appreciative at oner for local  work. was simply because the lasl part of]
Mr. Russel R. Walker.    Miss Gross "Kmm'r "r tll(i .appointments and      We have Iietween  30 and 40 per- ,]„. imme   „..,,, sufficient.     "Fort;
has since  left,  and  will  make her attractive service given hy the ladies. Lanonl   residents   here,   the large Edmonton" did  nol   long survive. | f
home with her sister, Mrs.  Wilkes,:'1'1"' SUI" "■ S3G.00 was taken in majority of whom have taken up "Fort Garry" and "Fort Dearborn"
in   Eugene,  Oregon.   Mr.  Walker |V which, it is expected  they will | homesteads,  and all are most % |gftve wfty to new mmea altogether
DEN SEEDS nro fninous for tin
Uniform High Standard of Quality.
m Season to Season, ensuring
mtinuous success to the planter.
QUAllTY-      JBk^.1
Write foh Catalogue
]Steele.Briggs SeedCo.iW
(liTtt/jUJAvi w i n n i p
■ fi' 'i M Ae.ilsl'T ° B A    >v^i
leaves shortly on a visit to San Fran-
I net about 875,00 for their fun.
#   #   #   #   #
jthusiastic over our future prospects.
There arc  three  families  with  six
ci-co.   Over forty gllc.-t- cn Joyce 1 tin       ^	
hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Mathe-j    Mr. and Mrs. McLaughlin enter- children amongst us.
son,   The  rooms  were  tastily  ar- tained  Sunday  evening and again      Two years ago there was only one
ranged, and dancing and cards were I Tuesday evening a   party of friends cabin in these parts.    There are at
"Fort Benton" and "Fort Wayne"
have, however, persisted.
All exact precedent for those who
wish to change to "Prince (leorge"
      is to he found in   "Prince Albert."
indulged in, The Rushworth orches-1 in honor of Mr. McLaughlin's present at least -JO, and as many | Qn the early maps of the west, on
Ira furnished excellent music, and brother. Very enjoyable times wereImore are being erected. Some of ,]le one included ln Butler's "Great
al midnight a daintily served supper had both evenings by all who were us are not over-anxious to .build Lone Land," for instance, that
was had. present. | until our homesteads are surveyed. ' [)oil,t Js marked "Fort Albert."
                                   *   *   *   *   * Many  more wool.I  have taken up And was not the name first suggest-
FISH FROM PRINCE RUPERT land; l,ut owing tothe lack ofa edM the Grand Trunk Pacific ter-
The second ceremonial-communi- government official and a post office Limll ejty   "Fort   Rupert."   thisL .___.      ...'-.
I'.iiiein eel' tbe new Oriler nf   k'niirleis I lie I lii'ouglt   tram  ' en 11 te Uraiii I; e             1 ,„•„_ j„ ii,„ „.._„„.„_ ;„                   '   ,        .                          ,,  T ARGE firm of London Furriers wish
■ n      iA. ,   g     Trunk   Pacific  „,■■     ,.   l^re, ancl owing to the expenses m- being altereci „, "Prince Rupert?" L to get into touch with collectors of
and Ladies of the Round  ruble and mmk   l'1"1"   losing  tn i ougn ,,mT0Cl jn making a trip to outside     While on the subject   it might lie       raw skins, Fox, Skunk, Musk Hat,
lirown Jus of South   FortGeorge Prmee 'ieorge   for   the   East,   on      • .    .,,.„ ,i„.1i,i„ ,,, ,in .n                          ,         ,,,,,.,               ; Wolf, etc., any quanities, fair market
V                              \, Tbursilav carri,,l   .vlulleir oHisb1         '                                                i pointed out that   the  settlement on j value.   Can give references to leading
wns hclil in  the   parlors of Mr. and mui.__y .lanieusiMUU cal. oi nsn      Our petitions are entitled to every Hie   Pence Hiver    Fort   VVrmilinn ! Canadian  Banks.-The  Wholesale Fur
Mrs. George  McLaughlin, Tuesday for eastern points and for export to consideration     ,nd   om.   mUK,-       . ,                  '.       u ,",",'';Ca, 201, Regent Street, London, Eng.
r                 ,.,              ' r,,j;.i  ,   ,.,.   ti    .-it             < on. tun.iiion,    .mu   uui    lequuji* w)uc ]. promises  before  long to be-
evening.   Seven   candidates   were Kngl.^h ports.  I he train had a very   ,    k]  ,       .       , T|. ; J -__== _
initiated into the  mysteries  of the heavy load, and was four hours late,vouk] M   ]     ,   .„        local de_ C°"'   a pk     °   "onadenibl.   in-                SH0CKED ,EM.
societv in f.,11 ceremonial form  and in leaving Prince Geo,?e.                '                   largely n ou.   local ae   porfance, will soon present a prob-     Mistresg (indignant,y)_Janei what.
"'•   "'""       '"    ''   ' ""',' .   .   .   .   i                   velopn ent work.  \ e have splendid leln.   Already it is confusecl  witll fivor d        '     K      »'         m
a    pronounced   the   Order  and the na- . h   I (.   bere   both   from   mrrl-  i-       -e- .e i-      v    .,    '      ,    , •     j ,    ,,      ,
,   , .... ,    ,   ,, , |K>i"inm>  mu, ooui   iiom  agl i-, \,.rn,ilmn ,m the  Canadian North-. necked evening dress at the 'bus dnv
several degrees Jughly enlerlaming Probably thc most successful and cultural and mining standpoints,
and elevating. Mrs. McLaughlin enjoyable dance ever held in this Roots and grain have beengrOwn in
pleased the members with vocal district was that given by the Order sufficient quantities to prove to the
selections and di ing, Mr. =. Rush- of Railroad Conductors,, last Monday j most   skeptical   that  they   can be
worth the official musician presided evening,   in  the  Ritts  Kifer Hall,
at   the  pit     Mrs. McElroy exe- Prince George,   The large ballroom
cuted some  wonderful and delight- had  been  newly  decorated for the
raised here with success.    Our mining resources are at  present mule-
em   main  line,  both   being in Al- era' bal1 last n'Kht? Reall>'. you °uf?ht
i    ,       ,.,       ,,    r     ,   i to be ashamed of yourself'
leortu. — hilnionton Journal. i J
Jane  (meekly) —1  was mum.    You1
never 'eerd such remarks as they made, i
Government Supplying Seeds.
Pioneer Bakery
We are the pioneers in the
baking business. Always has
and always will be the best
Come and give us a call.
FRED TIEMEYER, Proprietor.
ful dance?, songs, and instrumental occasion, and many pleasing innova-l ttnd between  70 and",SO miles of;
selections,   while the  whole  party tions were introduced.   The   pro- dredging leases are   all  recorded,
enjoyed  dancing, singing,   and   a grammes  were beautifully printed and primary indications are most
thorough good time,  such as Mr. and the different dances announced|favorable.
:'|veloped,  but many quartz claims J    The Herakl recently published in
these columns information regarding
the supplying of seeds to farmers
unable to pay cash  at tbis time.
^-e^—e^-e^Be^—H^^^^B^e^H^HH^HH^iH^^^i^     i Following lip this O.Cl' tllC  CoVCl'll-
and .Mrs. Jlel.augblm always furnisli ni  a   novel  manner,   A   railroad j    0. Johnson is'engaged in improv-
their friends on social occasions at semaphore, showing a green light,  ing his place and hunting locally,
their home. pronunced the floor safe for dancing     Mrs. ]',.  Bodeker is  recovering
  at which   times  Ken's  orchestra rapidly after a protracted illness,
mi-vi,  cr,,.-   i,„r,i. ,„ou. furnishing excellent music, gave the     Mr, and Mrs. Adams are well and
M u-   ,•.    .    f «„„,!   signal to commence,   rwo membersUmv on thoir homestead. I    lhp  Panama   News  Stands  on
ami mr.-.   ll.   \\. uross, oi   >outti    ,,,,,.,. , • ;,< „      ...     .   i> ■       ,• i
Port George   left   on   Wednesday '' m    eir comluc"|    Messrs Ferguson, Monroe, Booth, j-^»eorge .Street, Pnnce Geol-ge, and
ment advertisement of how to go
about securing seeds In tbis issue!
will be of interest to readers.
at the Hudson's Bay Company's Office,   Fort
George (South), on and after 15th March, 1915,
^_^^^^JB| tors  uiiilorm-. punched  all tickets t \\ ilpm .Bennett,   Weston,  liuolon,
night - tram mr Oregon, wbeiv she       . .    , ' „
•      ,, -r     m the guests arrived, returning same Raswansson,     Palmer,      Manson,
will take a course in college, residing ,.       .     . ,
,   ,       ■ ,     .,      ,    ,.   e.'-ii to ensure  cadi   one'  a through trip (,nnn,    Hedges,   Groes,    Ounnell,
with her sister Mrs. \„ v. Wilkes.    ,        . .....       ,, ....,,,,,.,,
trom Mart to   .atisfaction—the two Brown,   Iliggms,   Keklaml,   Bradv
¥t       #      #      #       It
principal stations on  the evening's 8e))< and Brady jr., are all busy im-
GARDENS IN PREPARATION FOR PLANTING |51™ \T .S|U|,|".'r y™ S",|T'"1 proving their respective places'.
                       by the ladies of the Mm-hme Club,      Mr. P.. Bodeker has  beeq recom-
lt is gratifving to note the large nml |■"ll|ll^-|•,1 n|"'  "f  the    *t mended for local postmaster.
number of gardens  throughout  the l)k>iWanl   fwUurea   "'   ' ln !'      Mr' '-  Poterson>   ftfter  il  llU-v
district  especially  in the towns on  IIearty  wngmtulntiona are due te. season,   is contemplating tl n-
vacant    Lets,   being   prepared   for the memhersof the local 0. R. C.    Largement of his store.    He will
planting and  cultivation.thissum-!   leave on a  business trip early this
mer.   The Steele 11 riggs Seed.- Co.'    Miss B. A. Fry, Graduate Nurse, sp«ng-
of Winnipeg, through their advertise- is now disengaged. She is staying J-H. (Jack) Wisnor, our local
ment in this paper point you to the at Mrs. ,|. o. Williamson's, . outh freighter, is getting his boats in
place lo get your seeds. . Fort (leorge    Phone 37. I"1'11!"'' i,s uslml> for tlie comin8 w':|-
  son.   lie expects ii busy summer
land will be prepared  to handle all
kinds of freight.
Laurence Canty had the misfortune lo have both bis feet frozen
badly in January, lie is being
taken care of bv J. Wisnor and is
progressing favorably, lie extends
' thanks to bis many friends for their
1 kindness and good fellowship.
Wm. Fox the well known trader
is making arrangements for enlarging his premises in tbe near future.
A. Perry, his partner, has been
with him all winter.— Death claimed his youngest child October last.
We have two local stores at present.
There are several chances here to
[open up various businesses and get
in on the ground floor proper.
Parties desirous of hoinesleading
in these parts, and others wishing
I information regarding our resources
etc, may communicate with I.aur-
enco Canty who will gladly answer
jllll inquiries.
W. and M. Teare, C McKinnoii,
Drugs, Medicines, Prescriptions,
Cigar-, Cigarettes, Tobaccos, at Wholesale and Retail.
Stationery, Magazines. Newspaper'-, Confections, and
Toilet Articles.
Fort George Drug Co., Ltd.
Laselle Avenue, South Fort George. George Street, I'rince George.
Kodaks - Gramophones - Records
Hamilton Street, Soutii FortGeorgi
have your Home Newspapers, also
Magazines, Cigars, Cigarettes and
Snuffs. You will find there, too, a
complete line of Stationery. .We
are up-to-date in everything.
Tiik Panama News Co.
A Liberal Association has been
formed at McBride with the following officers: Hon. Pres., C. II.
Brewster; Pros., Claud Christian;
Sec.-Treas., Win. A. E. Wall.
(Jet Our Estimates Free of Charge :: Job Work Neatly anil Promptly !
Phone  26
OFFICE     -     -     SECONn STREET
SHOP        -     .     THIRD STREET
Some Men are failures because they
have pinned all of their faith to the
horseshoes over their doors.
The Grand Trunk Pacilic an-
nounce the following special Excursion Fares tothe Panama Exposition
and Pacilic Coast points;
From Prince (leorge to
Vancouver, Victoria, Bel-
linglnini 849.751
Seattle, Taconia and Everett   50.00
Portland, Oregon 55.00
San Francisco, California       .Sll.75!
Los Angeles, California, 94.75
San Diego, California 9.S.75
Tickets are limited to 11 months
from date of sale. Stopovers allowed at all points.
P. BURNS & CO. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in all Kinds of
Fresh and Cured Meats.
South Fort George  ::  Prince George :: Central Fort George
Phone 38
Phone 1
Phone 3S
Highest Prices Paid for Hides and Live Stock
Seed Advance To Settlers.
ONE car load of Abondancc Seed Oats
in beiiiK imported into the Northern
v   cil i      i  ,   ,.   x.   ■    ,       I*    ."^rior by   the   Department   of
\. . Iierwotid and .1.    ., Novili  have j Agriculture for sale to settlers who are
unable topay cash for their seed. Notes
icnii busy prospecting until .hum
lliry.    Messrs  Sherwood  and Nevin
I left    iii   February    for   the   Police
Coupe to return at once with teams
Peter Mcintosh   recently arrived
here from Police Coupe.
Sincerely yours
Laurence Canty,
Chairman Publicity Committees
Mr. Canty   writes he  will   he in
Prince (leorge in the spring,
due December 1st, without interest are
required for all seed obtained. Applica-
tion forms will be available at the
Government Offices, South Port Georee
on and after April Rth. Applications
ahou d be tilled and foi warded ear I to
he Department of Agriculture, Telkwa
IJ. u Applications will be considered
in the order they are received. The
maximum order to one settler id 1000
pounds. Full particulars will appear in
next issue. '
Provincial Agriculturist.
Government Agent's Office,
South Port George. 4 9
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