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 Pf I pfpip
Vol. 5, No. 17.
_________________________        -K%f;
SOUTH   FORT   GEORGE,   B. C.,   SATURDAY,   DECEMBER   26th,   lfli,.     c-   "H
,3.00  Per  Annum.
Robarts Hotel, West Rooms,
and Gore &. McGregor
Building Destroyed by Fire
At 7-30 this morning fire was
discovered breaking through the
front windows of Robart's Hotel
on Third Street,by Mr. McMurray
on his way to open Hood's big
store for the day's business. Mr,
McMurray quickly gave the alarm
to the Fire Hall and crying fire
to the inmates of the building
woke Mr. Robarts who at once
discovered the fire was too far
under headway to do else but
wake the sleeping house.
Fourteen people were in the
house including Mr, Robarts aged
mother, wife and daughter. It
was indeed fortunate that he was
able to save everybody although
in so doing he almost lost his own
life in the rooms on the upper
floor by being suffocated by
smoke in one of the rooms, having presence of mind to break out
a window and thus secure sufficient fresh air to revive himself
and get outside the building.
Meantime the chemical engines
and many of the hand chemicals
arrived and were quickly put to
work but it was early seen that
to save the building was impossible. The best fire apparatus in
the world could not have done it.
lhe firemen therefore turned
their attention to saving surrounding property. The Gore &
McGregor building on the north
and the West rooms on the south
so closely adjoined the burning
building that it was doubtful if
they could be saved but the
attempt was made nevertheless.
The contents as near as possible
were taken to places of safety
and the people aroused so that as
in the case of Robarts house no
one was injured.
The West Rooms and the Gore
& McGregor house caught despite
the efforts of the firemen in the
buildings and on the roofs.
Soon the entire three structures, some of the largest in
South Fort George, were a mass
of flames.
An attempt was made to blow
up the Gore & MacGregor building to keep the flames back and
save the E, P. Campbell grocery
store across the street. But
the dynamite had no appreciable
Blankets were quickly
over the side of the Campbell
building and the whole kept wet
of nearby buildings on to the
roofs of the buildings nearest the
fire and thus assisted in saving a
large area of valuable property.
While the fire was at its height
Mr. Bradley of Hoods Limited
and J. B. Lambert arrived from
Prince George section with two
chemicals from that centre, one
belonging to the Prince George
Fire Department and the other
the property of Hoods Limited.
In all, the various chemicals from
the city at large, including those
of the Hotel Northern and
Hoods, were recharged 25 or 30
times. The hand extinguishers
also were frequently recharged
and did splendid work.
The entire loss will approximate $20,000, partly insured.
The Gore and MacGregor building was insured for $1,500, valued at about £3000; Robarts
Hotel, valued at about £12,000,
insured for $8,500; the West
Rooms were insured for $2000
with a value of about 85000.
The losses given above will not
include contents or personal belongings, of which nothing was
saved in the Robarts Hotel, and
much of the contents of the other buildings were lost.
The fire originated in the Robarts Hotel in a mysterious manner. Mr. Robarts is stunned at
the possibility of fire in his own
home, he himself being one of
South Fort George's best and
most enthusiastic firemen; and
having taken every possible precaution to protect his property,
the loss comes to him as a severe
one, he and his family barely
escaping with their lives.
Hon. W. T. White Says
Period of Depression May
Be Shorter Than Expected
Montreal. - "We in Canada
have great cause for thankfulness, we may have a more or less
trying period to go through before the light of peace breaks,
but I believe it will be a briefer
period than we dared to hope.
For Canada, at this juncture the
watch-word should be 'Production,'" said Hon. W. T. White,
finance minister, in an address
before the Canadian Club. Mr.
White gave a review of what
Canada has passed through,
pointing out how she has stood
the strain and detailing what
steps should be taken to safeguard the future.
"That we have been able to
withstand the shock of this world-
shaking catastrophe and recover
so quickly is nothing short of
marvelous," he said. " It is conclusive proof of the fundamental
soundness of our country and its
institutions ; an unqualified tribute to the prudence and energy
of our people and an unmistakable earnest and augury of our
future progress and greatness.
We are overtaking our adverse
trade balance. From April at
the beginning of our fiscal year
to October 31st, we had an excess
of imports over exports of $86,0-
00,000, while for the same period
of last year the excess was $141-
"Next year our agricultural
production will be immensely increased. Every man with a plot
of land should plant it next
spring. Our exports will thus be
greatly swelled. By these means
Canada is taking and will take
steps, no doubt unconsciously to
the great body of her citizens
who work by sure instinct, to
meet the subversive conditions
created by the war and the large
adverse trade balance, without
resorting to gold exports.
"The war has seriously interrupted the flow of capital and
immigration.   In  order,   under
this condition, to meet our interest
payments  abroad,  sustain   our
share of the war and promote to
While the fire was raging in the greatest possible degree pros-
the Robarts block this morning,perity throughout the Dominion,
some unknown person  entered jit is the duty of all Canadian
the Nahrwald Building on the! citizens to co-operate in produc-
corner of Hamilton and  Third j jng as much as much as possible
Dastardly Attempt to Set
the Nahrwald Building Afire.
Gives Authority
For Moratorium
The forthcoming session of the
legislature which opens on Jan.
21 will be a short one, the expectation being that a period of
three weeks will suffice in which
to transact the necessary public
business. There will be an absence of contentious legislation.
"The crisis due to the war,"
said Sir Richard McBride,
"makes it impossible for the
various governments, federal
and provincial, at this time to do
much more than mark time until
the task which the British Empire has set itself, that of defeating the enemy, has been
accomplished. Every effort is to
be directed toward the main
object in view and we must as a
people comport ourselves in calm
dignity until the date of our
victorious triumph. The situation being entirely unprecedented and abnormal, it would te
futile to attempt at this time (o
place upon the statute books of
the province legislative measures
which could only receive proper
consideration during a period
free from the turmoil of war.
Carload of Dynamite Rolls
Down Embankment at Rossland
and deliberately piled paper on ajof what can be used or sold."
bed and set it afire.   Fortunately
spread it was discovered in time and extinguished.
The suspicion is created that
by the chemical engines which possibly this is the way the Ro
were filled as quickly as emptied
at the fire hall a block away,
where Fire Chief Campbell kept
a force of men at work recharging all the chemicals and hand
extinguishers. By this means
the fire was controlled and centered in the three buildings
barts fire started, as a careful
examination fails to show how it
could possibly have originated
otherwise, as there were no fires
anywhere near the scene of the
beginning of the blaze, It has
been suggested that it would
have been an easy matter to j
enter the Robarts Hotel,
Farmers' Organization
The fire system of the North-! the stairs unnoticed, set the blaze!
em Hotel with its stanapipe on ; jn the front of the building, up-1
the corner in front of the Vic- j stairs (where the fire was dis-1
toria Hotel — across the street covered), go downstairs and out
from the fire — was all that the front door, attracting no
saved the block of business hous- special attention,
es to the north. The citizens of the town would
Fire Chief Campbell and John be doing a public service if any
Bronger of Fire brigade No. 2
went to the roof of the Campbell
building and with the hose of
the Hotel Northern kept the roaf
and blankets saturated by pouring the water from the gables
down over the side.     A  num-
one could detect the person who
is capable of such villiany and
report the matter to the police.
None of the three towns are safe
with such a devil at large,
I WANTED.-lo purclmse building for
ber of firemen and citizens' r„moval, price must be low. Boston
shoveled the Snow from the roofs j Store, South Fort George,
We are in receipt of a letter
from Mr. James May, who in the
Herald of the 12th inst. addressed the farmers of the district regarding organization. Mr. May
writes that the scheme has met
with general approval and urges
those who have not already done
so to send in their replies to the
ni0unt | list of questions submitted.
"I am advised", says Mr. May,
"that the Dominion Government
has started an active campaign
toward increasing farm production next year and will send out
representatives during January
and February to hold conferences
with the farmers all over Canada. At these conferences ways
and means for larger crops will
be discussed. If we have at
hand the information called for
in the letter recently sent out,
we will stand a better chance to
get a conference held here,
which will place us among the
recognized farming districts of
the country as well as place us
among the beneficients ol the
Rossland had a bad fright the
other week when a car load of
dynamite.Jcontaining fifteen tons
of this high explosive, rolled
down a twenty foot embankment, landing the car up side
down in a gulch. The accident
happened while the car was
being switched into place on a
siding. The roof of the car was
jammed into rocks and dirt, and
the six hundred cases of dynamite were pretty well shaken up.
There were a number of broken
boxes, and one stick of dynamite
looked as if it had supported the
corner of the box. It saved the
day, however, by refusing to go
off. That no explosion occured
is nothing short of a miracle. A
brakeman, Charles Kelman, who
was on the car at the time of the
accident, went down with the
car but escaped unhurt.
The government program for the
session will therefore be very
light. I anticipate that the
house will not require to sit for
more than three weeks. Beyond
the measure providing for authority for a moratorium and
the redistribution bill there will
be little legislation to occupy the
time of the members."
Latest News From Battlefields of Europe
London. — Evidence of the
falsity of the German claim that
British battleship Thunderer was
sunk Nov. 7th was furnished in
a letter just received by Mrs. W.
A. Pinnegar, 31 Grey Street,
from her brother Robert Bunk-
ley, of the Thunderer crew, The
letter is dated H. M. S. Thunderer Nov. 29 and says nothing of
ship even having struck a mine.
New York. - The New York
World has received the following
Petrograd despatch from Gen.
W. A. Soukhomlinoff. Russian
Minister of War, and adjutant of
Czar: "All information given
out by enemy's armies about
their so called "victory" is sheer
invention. Any partial displacement of our army can have no
bearing on ultimate outcome.
Such occurences inevitable, as a
retreat on one point is compensated by advances at some other
point. Thus, in the direction of
Warsaw enemy is exhausting
itself in vain attacks on our
Pzura positions, uselessly sacrificing considerable number of
troops. In South Poland and
Eastern Galicia (lerman offensive
has been stopped absolutely. All
efforts of garrison Przelysl fort
blockade has been defeated.
Under these circumstances there
can be no question of allowing
Warsaw to fall into German's
hands. The untruths which German General Staff is trying to
spread may find their excuse in
necessity of giving heart to German people and influencing public opinion of neutral countries in
favor of Germans. The civilized
world will be able to gauge their
Petrograd.-Half million Cal-
mucks,   members   of   Nomadic
races, which have always been
free from obligations to furnish
soldiers for Russian army, have
just been added to Russian forces. A deputation of Calmueks
recently arrived at Petrograd
with request that they be allowed
to serve in ranks during present
war and offering to supply 500,-
000 mounted troops if necessary.
"Our tribes have volunteered
practically in masses," declared
the leader of the deputation. The
Emperor's reply grants them
military organization and privileges similar to those enjoyed by
Rome.—The Austrian ambassador departed from Rome to
Vienna, last Monday,
London.—German Emperor has
again gone to western front, accompanied by Minister of War,
Minister of Marine and numerous suite, according to advices
from Copenhagen.
London.-Lloyd (leorge, Chancellor of Exchequer, says before
spring half million fresh British
soldiers will join those already in
France and Belgium.
London. — The admiralty has
issued a statement denying that
any British warships were lost
during recent raid by German
squadron on East Coast of England. Statement adds all German assertions to the contrary
are untrue.
London.—TheDaily Telegraphs
Athens correspondent in despatch claims that he is able to
confirm 'despatch that Austria
has twice attempted to make
peace with Servia, once by direct
proposals to Roumanian Government. Seivia's reply in both
cases was emphatic refusal, he
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SATURDAY,   DECEMBER   26th,   191
Results and Benefits of
the War on Canada
Up to this time the war has
been a serious factor in retarding
the progress of Canada. Whether the bankers and inside government agencies knew the war
was coming or not, as we lookback over the past two years it
can be readily seen how Canada's prosperity gradually
"pinched" off little by little.
gradually tightening the strings
Large sums of money, now
held in banks in the British
Isles on account of the cessation
iof activities on the London Stock
Exchange, will, in the opinion of
A. Moresby White, the well-
known barrister of Victoria, be
diverted to British Columbia for
investment. Mr. White, who
has just returned from the old
country after an extended visit,
is most optimistic regarding the
anticipated effect of the accumulation of funds in Great Britain
on the development of this province. He says that already a
considerable amount of money
the north in search of greater j has been sent to British Colum-
returns and investment of over-,bia for investment quite recent-
How wealth. j ly, and although he i.s not at
As the wealth of Great Britain liberty to disclose any partial-
foiind investment in the States Mars, he intimated that he had
in tlie early period of their de-j interested a number of financiers
velopment, so will Canada profit!in industrial enterprises in this
by the combined investment of'province,
the excess wealth of Great Brit- i "There is more money avail-
ain and the States in Canada in'able  for  investment  in   Great
the future
Again the Herald says to its
Britain at the present time than
at  any period  in  the national
of financial effort, and stopping
immigration.  At first it took the |, "' U1C 1J".L ^~
_ _    _ u .      iii nnnmtio .debtor nation,  borrowing more
form of a halt to wild specula- ' f
tion in land and townsite lots, i han ^e has produced.   We be-
then business ventures felt the'he^h* ls.to.be^elin ^e
pressure, and finally all advance
came to a halt.
This latter stage is where we find
ourselves today. But there are
legitimate signs of a turn in the
tide and a gradual realignment
for future activity. This is therefore the time to hang on to all
real values, to have patience and
not get discouraged. To those
who have come thus far we say:
Do not let go now.
Why do we hold to this opin-
readers: Do not be discouraged history," he said. "Britain's
and let go at the moment when , financial standing was never bet-
conditions are rising to a great i ter than at the present time. The
future for Canada. rapidity with which the big gov-
In the past Canada has been a;ernment  loan,   recently floated
for war purposes, was taken up
was one of the many striking in-
next few years, and that Canada
will be drawing from foreign
countries wealth in repayment of
her Made-In-Canada goods; her
mines, her forests, her fields,
which added to the flow of investment from foreign countries,
will produce unexampled prosperity.
The Military Glory of France
Naturally the newspapers of
ion? The Herald, as our con- England and Canada dwell with
gistent readers well know, has great enthusiasm on the achieve-
all along held that the present jments of the armies of the Eng-
eonditions were but transitory, j lish in the present war. And
that the world and business gen-: rightly so, for they are the
erally wonld right themselves, ■ premier organization and the
that the present was but one of j individual valor, and results at-
those halting places in the his- j tained in the long series of con-
toryofthe world for a greater'quests of her armies and navies
advance later. j have been an unbroken line of
Canada must needs profit by;conquering hosts to the glory of
present conditions. She cannot: the English nation and the
escape it. The injured nations;Anglo Saxon race which has
of Europe and their people will i done so much to bring peace,
be seeking new homes; the mon-: harmony and prosperity to the | Present J*h« ni .asures only
ev of their people will not be all! world at large. ! temporarily deal with the s.tua-
spentor lost. And of as great1 But we are too strong in our!tl0n- a™ that consequently a
importance will be the immense:own position, too great and just Permanent solution of the prob
issues of loans by all the beliger- as a nation and a people not to
dications of the solid basis of the
country's credit. Russian, Belgian, French, and other loans
for huge sums have also been
raised without any difficulty.
Enormous sums of money are
also owing to Britain by the nations of the world, and yet plenty of cash is being provided to
supply all needs and leave ample
funds available for investment,
"British Columbia is retaining
a high place in -tt><? opinions of
the investing public. Financiers
display great faith in the future
of this province, and recognize
that the opportunities are practically illimitable.
"Proposals to settle Belgian
refugees in western Canada and
particularly in British Columbia,
where the climatic conditions are
similar to those of their native
land, are receiving serious attention in Great Britain. It is realized that it will be impossible
to absorb such a large population
in   the-British Isles,   that the
ent nations.
France, Russia and England
alone will spend hundreds of
millions in Canada. We read of
the manufacturing industries of
this country working overtime
on shoes, blankets, hosiery,
clothing, harness, saddles, and
for the manufacture of 200,000
shells for the Allies alone $8,000,-
000 has been distributed in Canada, and orders for 600,0i»0 more
are on hand.
Then there are the products of
the field and mines next year, to
say nothing of this years crops
and values, the returns from
which have as yet not begun to
be felt in Canada.
Wo  feel  confident   that  th
spring of the year wi
ferent story, and that then these
returns from all sections will be
Uowing back to Canada.
The United States is reported
to be on the eve of a period of
great prosperity, and this will
help Canada also. That country
has always a sympathetic influence on this country, as her immense natural wealth —like that
do credit to the greatness of the
French armies under General
Joffre. Two such men as Lord
Kitchener and General Joffre
never in the history of the world
combined such genius in a great
cause. The results are obvious.
Up to this time it must be admitted that the largest share of
the western campaign in Belgium
and France has been borne by
the French and that her soldiers
have fought with efficiency,
ardent enthusiasm and self-sacrifice,   and that the turning of
lem will have to be found. The
many fertile valleys of this province are well adapted for the
settlement of Belgians who have
been accustomed to intensive
agriculture and the hardy yeomen would make splendid citizens."
The real fountain of youth never has
a grape juice flavor.
Done by tht Typos.
of Canada
Newspaper  compositors   and
men who edit copy,  no matter
thclkle^gainsUhir Germans in |h™ eagle-eyed  they  may  be,
the masterly retreat and strategy \ s™et.mes allow errors to get by
of General Joffre  in the  days ^'f are elt,hnf '?,U!?hable or hu"
when the English armies were »,hat,ng;   rhe ^icago Trihune,
few in number at the front - ln ,'eP°rtin^r a Polltlcal meeting,
elladif.N11 go down in history as the *"d .hat ^ vast audience rent
! turning point of the present war, ! thf mr *lth the,r snouts-   An"
: in the battle of the Marne |other ChicaB°   paPer   "sported
Men  fight better when  con-'thal U,e  Pr°Pe,ler Alasl<a wm
! fidence in their General is un.i|eavin.  port with a cargo of 40,-
marred.    And so it has been | °°° bushels of catSl    A Buffalo
'with the men under Kitchener paper' ln flescribin(? the scene
land Joffre.   Their men believeiwhen KooseveIt took the oath of
. in them to the point of worship  oflke as Pre9i,.lent-  said it was a
eand as a consequence they are ispectacle nem' to be forsrotten
invincible. | wben Roosevelt, before the chief
justice of supreme court and a
... necess.rly creates.   The man who imagines that vulgarity! few witnesses,  took his simple
a like movement of her people lo » wit is usually t bore. i ^h
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Ottawa. - An order-in-council
appoints Mr. Frank S. Barnard, of Victoria, Lieutenant-
Governor of British Columbia.
The order is signed by the Duke
of Connaught. I	
The above despatch corrobor- j ipeg, Toronto, or even London ?
ates  rumors  which have   been | Do we realize that every order
■-.■■■inevrj iiivrill.
We are all very ready to talk
about unemployment, but what
are the housekeepers doing to
keep people at work in our stores,
our workshops and our factories ?
Are all of us buying at home, even
if we believe we could get our
hats, our gowns or our coats
cheaper in Seattle, Calgary, Win-
afloat for weeks past to the
effect that the choice of Sir Robert Borden and his colleagues of
the Federal (lovernment for a
successor to the' Hon. T. Paterson
as Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, would fall upon
Mr.   Frank   Stilman    Barnard.
we send away is making the
chances of our own wage earners
holding their situation, less?
Do we take the trouble when
ordering our groceries to get those
articles which are sold at home ?
If we do not, the stores we have
will certainly close  down, and
The present incumbent's tenure I men and girls be idle.  Do we try
of office expired on Dec. 11.        (to find out if there are women in
The new governor, one of Ihe Ithe city who can make beautiful
"There never was a good war or a bad
peace."-, enjamin Franklin.
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baking business. Always has
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FRED TIEMEYER, Proprietor.
foremost citizens of British Columbia, is well known through
his connection with important
business interests and public-
spirited progressiveness. He has
also taken a prominent part in
the political councils and activities of both the Province and
Dominion. He was born at
Toronto, May 16, 1856.
Mr. Barnard came with his
mother to British Columbia in
1860 to join the husband and
father who, had preceded them
in 1859. His first business experience came as a clerk in the
offices of the British Columbia
Express Company, and his rise
to positions of greater responsibilities followed rapidly as a recognition of his developing power
and wisely directed talents,
evening gowns; and are wives
and mothers buying shirts for
their husbands and sons which
are made in the city ?
These are but a few of thc
things that will help to keep
people employed in these times.
Let no one think that the little
she can do does not matter. Every
dollar counts. We are far better
off now than most of our neighbors, and if we stand shoulder to
shoulder, we shall come through
this time of trial the stronger for
our experiences'.
' War is  the devil'
-Goorge Fox.
gambling game.'
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Admiral Fisher, the new commander
of the British Navy, is fond or telling
the story of an old boatswain who
served under him in several ships. He
himself toiled from 6 o'clock in the
morning until fl at night, and expected
everybody to do the same. Men who
have served under him are apt to curse
whenever his name is mentioned. Fisher knows this and takes a sardonic
pleasure in it.
The boatswain retired on pension and
Fisher paid him a visit at his country I
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     cottage in Devonshire.   He noticed a
  I man servant about the place who seem-
If the French and   British   sol- ed to have nothing to do, and asked his!
diers at the front are condemned -hos^
a, l    j.u'_„  •_.!._ :    \\ hat on earth do you want him for !j
to sufler severe hardships in the;   We,. ^ said the boat8wain| he has
trenches, they alfo are enjoying. to call mc every morning at 5o'clock
some of the new luxuries of mod-! and say I " Admir.il  wants  to see you
ern war.  When Paris and London ; sir." 1 roll over on the other side of
the bed and reply, "Tell  the  Admiral
The Auto, in War.
are stripped of their autobuses for
the use of the armies, and thou-
togo to the devil.
, . i again, feeling good,
sands upon thousands ol taxicabs ,. dozen times a d
Architect and Civil Engineer
Temporary Office :
Corner Vancouver and Eighth Slreets,
Then I go to sleep
This happens half
^^™^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_     and I feel better
are held within  reach  for use in every time.   I've been waiting for it
j emergency in moving troops from' for twenty years.
'place to place, many a long and ——	
painful march is saved  in  the
! hurry to get to the scene of fighting. Tommy Atkins and his
French comrades rushing off in
More Haste - Less Speed.
Lives a woman on Sixth Aven-
______________■_________________________________________. i ne, who has learned how to heat
autos to the relief of an_ exposed ;a#can of bake(, bpans willim]t
Good Morning!
We Are Introducing
American Silk
American Cashmere
American Cotton-Lisle
They have stood the> test. Give
real foot comfort. No seams lo rip.
Never become loose or baggv. The
shape is knit in - not pressed in,
GUARANTEED for fineness,
style, superiority of material and
workmanship. Absolutelg stainless
Will wear li months without boles,
or new ones free.
tn every one sending us $1 00 in currency or postal nolo, tee cover advertising and shipping charges, we will
send post-pain, with written guarantee, bucked by n live million dollar
company, either
3 Pairs of our 75c value
American Silk Hosiery,
w       4 Pairs of our SOc. value
American Cashmere Hosiery,
nr       <l Pairs of our 50c. value
American Cotton-Lisle llns'y
of       6 Pairs of Children's Hosiery
Give the color, size, and whether
I.mlics or Gent's hosiery is desired.
DON'T  DELAY - Offer expires
when  a dealer in your  loculitv is
P. O. Box 244
point in the line, instead of limping along, footsore and weary, in
midwinter over endless miles of
muddy roads, may not be magnificent, but it is twentieth-century I "","'   "'.'
,.      . .      .... ■   ried meal
war on  the plains ol r ranee as
Joffre directs it.
War has changl	
Napoleon marched his armies on
foot from Paris hundreds of
leagues in every direction and the
human machine was his only reliance in bringing up his reserves.
"A good man never makes a good
soldier. The worst man always makes
Ihe litest soldier. Th" soldier is nothing
but u hired legalized murden r,"
Napoleon Bonaparte.
Church of Englan
Holy Communion 1st anc
Sundays at 8 a. in,
Every Sunday at 11 a.m. Holy
Communion Sung with sermon.
Morning prayer at 10:45.
Evening prayer and sermon
Presbyterian  Church
Rev. A. C. Justice, pastor.
Services: 11 a. m. nnil 7,30
p, in. Gospel service.
Sabbath School meets at 2 p.m.
11 a. m.   The Minister.
7.30 p. m.   The Minister.
Sunday School 2 p. in,
A. C. Justice, Minister.
making work for herself, as she1
did a few evenings ago after returning home from a shopping
tour. Time was short and a hur-
must be prepared!
against the homecoming of "the!
old man." So she dicided on beans
greatly since jands(?t a gea,ed canofthemto
us armies on .    ,  •        ,  .    c      . ,,
heat m a pot of water on the
tl 3rd
stove. She then went to a nearby grocery to get something else
she needed for the meal, and in
her absence the water heated far
beyond the boiling point, the can
of beans exploded and -
There were beans upon the ceiling
•\tiel beans upon the Hour,
Anil beans clung to the window sill
Where they'd never clung before.
Some beans stuck to the pantry shelf
Some shot against the wall,
And more beans flow across the room I
And smeared the kitchen hall.
There were beans upon the chandelier
An.l beans upon Ihe sink,
And the tomato sauce among the beans
Made everything look pink.
Beans upon the kitchen range,
And Loans upon thc chair,
And beans stuck to the stovepipe-
She then was in despair.
For everything that met her gaze
Was plastered thick with beans ;
They didn't spare Ihe table,
Nor yet the window screens.
To clean the mess will take a week
Or two, its like ns not,
And all because she wanted beans
And preferred to havo them hot.
astern Canada and Home Visitors'
From points Edmonton & East    _
Daily During December.   Libera! Stop-Overs.   Free Side-Trips.
En Route See
Duluth, St. Paul, Minneapolis,  Chicago,   Detroit,
London, Hamilton, Niagara Falls,
and Toronto.
Tourist and Standard Sleepers, with electric lights in both upper and
lower berths, daily between Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg.
Dining car service equipment and railroad unexcelled.
Travel via the
Our Agents will be pleased to furnish any
information desired.
District Passenger Agent,
Winnipeg, Man,
* # # # *
W'r bog to inform the public that wc have decided to give SPECIAL WINTER RATES for
weekly and monthly patrons.   They arc as follows :
Board and Room per week   - -   $10.50
,,      ,,      ,,       month - -    45.00
Board only, per month  -    - -    35.00
Room only, per month   -    - $10 to $15
Meal Tickets, each -    -    - -    $9.00
Hotel Northern,
A. Johnson, Prop. South Fort George, B. C.
British  Colombia  Land  Surveyor
Leoiei Agent      Timber Cruiser
Representing GORE & McGREGOR, Limited
McGregor Building, Third Street, SOUTH
Fort George. B.C. Victoria, B.C.
F. P. Burden, Mgr. F. C. Green, Hfr.
Nelaon. B.C., A. II. Green, Mgr.
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
Cnl EifiMcn. Duiumi I!, C. lui Smnjnn
Survey, ot Landi, Minn. Towniltee. Timber
Limit., Etc,
Corner Fourth and Hamilton        •       South Fort George, B. C.
On American Plan. Rates on Application.
Bright and comfortable  rooms  and
suites at the Empress.      :      :
Is open fnr leu sines? for Ladies and Gentlemen.  All night and day service.
Short orders from 3Sc up.   Chop Suey and Noodles is our Specialty.  We
itttro and Dance Parties at short notice.  W '
get everything that is good to eat on
^^^^^^^^^^__^^^_^^^^___. oul' Spe       _^^^_
also cater to Theatre and Dance Parties at short notice.   Where you can
THIRD STREET, (next to Victoria Hotel; SOUTH  FORT GEORGE
for COAL or WOOD
of all kinds and sizes for every Kitchen
We are exclusive agents for the famous
are right.
We are allowing a special 10 per cent.
discount on every article in our stores.
Orders will he taken at our Prince George
Yard as well as at our store at South.
Remember the 10 per cent. CA5H Discount.
W. F. COOK . Prei,
G. E. McLAUGHUN, Stcreluj thc Koyai [>an..   ..
A ...nveiiivncc. llie w'nl I'fwliidi
I,.,. |img leeVII t'< It - wnssupplie-il thi-j
uirk   b\    llie   Solllil   l'"nrl   (ieorgej
bmncli'of llie  Koyul  Hank in the j
ishaiieof itp-tn-dnte safety  depo._t;
l„,x, ..   Tlie convenience will without douht be rapidly taken up by
those who have valuable papers to
preserve. The small rental of S5.00
or 87.50 per year is small compared
lo the feeling of safety  they will!
give and cost of duplicating papers j
should they be lest or destroyed by
lire.   The boxes are installed in a
lire-proof safe which in turn is plac-;
nl in the large re-inforccd concrete
vault of the Hoyal Hank se. that the
chances of destruction is impossible,
I in Monday   morning, December
21st, nt South Fort (leorge, 11. C. a
daughter to Mr. & Mrs. J. 0. Willi-1
Tlie Midnight Sef v i co at the
Church nf the Sacred Ilearl on Ihe
Millar Division, em Christinas 1 _\<-.
will lung lie remembered hy the
many attendants for its solemnity
and beauty. Those who-helped in
the singing of the Mass Music are
in he thanked for their service and
the many hours spent in its preparation, ami thc perfection of its rendering. The service was unique in
its being the first of its kind in the
Fort Cleorge District.
£:    Kennedy Blair __ Co. Ltd.
■«> " n i it 1111 [if iiizjy
Kennedy Blair & Co. Ltd.   3
Learn to make a difference between
"system" and "routine"
Greece Well Prepared for War.
A correspondent of a London
paper  writes: Duriug the past
year Greece   has   made   great
strides with her army and can
now put 350,000 men into the!
field in organized units.   I am:
informed on trustworthy authority from Athens that the Greek
government is ready when called
upon by the allies to land a fully
equipped army of 101 ),000 men
anywhere on the Turkish coast
to co-operate with the Russian
and British forces,  and my in-1
formant assures me that an in-j
timation to this effect has been
made to the governments of the
allied powers."
Bald-headed drill sergeant to round-
shouldered recruit-
Well, youngster, what'll you give me
if I get that hump off your back ?
Recruit (with air of simplicity) Why
sergeant, I'll give you a recipe for making your hair grow.
Instructive Figures.
The figures showing the Canadian trade returns for the twelve
months ending August last are
interesting and instructive. This
period covered the worst months
of financial stringency prior to
the outbreak of war. The decrease in the imports of merchandise was very marked, the
total shrinkage exceeding 117
million dollars. Economy was
the order of the day, ancl foreign
luxuries were the first things to
forgo. A healthy sign this, especially as it was accompanied
by increased exports exceeding
in value 75 million dollars. Of
course, customs revenue declined
in proportion with the reduction
in imports, and the Government
has to Seek fresh sources of taxation. The recent impetus given
to increasing grain-growing and
stock-raising will be in evidence
in next year's figures. Also owing to the war we may anticipate
a substantial increase in the exports of manufactures. We are
glad to see that in the year under
review they increased by nearly
15 million dollars. When a borrowing country reduces its imports and increases its exports in
such a substantial fashion, the
position is obviously healthy.
|    Start the New Year Right. 1
^~ WE have on hand a complete stock of MEN'S TWEED AND WORSTED Sl'IT. ~*
^^_                made up by Canada's leading Clothing Manufacturers, in shades of the always „ "~5
^— uhir browns and greys.    At the prices quoted below, no man need atari the N'i'h \},~, ~*
^__ with an old suit.   Gome in and pick out yours while the sizes are still unbroken --S
These Prices are available for the
next 15 days only.
At $9.00 we arc offering a Brown Worsted Suit whieh is easily worth 815.00 of
any man's money.
Al $12.50 we have a line which Sells ill
the regular way for 120.00.
Fur $15.50 you can purchase n suit made
up from imported English Worsteds for
which we ask regularly .'ih.lt).
For $19,00 we oiler you a still better quality in a beautiful grey diagonal worsted.
Ordinarily this suit would cost you nt
least $30.00 so that now you have a
chance of saving 811.00.
Cold Weather Requirements. ^5
-Men's Heavy Wool, Heivson  Tweed """"**
Pants in greys and browns.  Splendid _2
value al 85.50, selling now at     -   $ ..fill _S
Men's Heavy Grey Wool Sox, black l.ni ^2
and toe, good value at 50c, Belling nut. -m
at l! pairs for     -                           Sl on ""•
.Men'-all-wool Sucks in fawns and grey. "*
Scotch knit) now per pair   -            G5c .2
Men's  Heavy   Wool   Working   Mill . ^
red and grey check,  regular seller al -_»
65c, now per pair       -       -      -     40c •-<•
We also carry a complete stock in all """*
lines of Rubbers, Overshoes, etc., for men ^^
women and children. ~j?
^r*~-                                We take this opportunity of wishing our many patrons ^
^                                  the "Compliments of the Season and a Happy and -*
.P                                                              Prosperous New Year. 2
£             KENNEDY BLAIR & CO., LIMITED, W
__.*- SOUTH FORT GEORGE                      CENTRAL FORT GEORGE ~^m
Local Items.
Christmas services will be held at
the Presbyterian Church tomorrow,
Sunday, both morning ami evening
to whieh the public is heartily invited. Communion will be observed at the morning services of Jan.
Presents to Suit Every Taste.
Useful and Ornamental Gifts for all ages.
Eastman Kodaks, Gramophones - Records.
Drugs, Medicines, Prescriptions.
Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobaccos, at Wholesale and Retail.
Stationery, Magazines, Newspapers, Confections, and
Toilet Articles.
Fort George Drug Co., Ltd.
Laselle Avenue, South Fort George.        George Street, Prince George.
Danforth & Mclnnis,
::        PRINCE GEORGE,  B. C.
The large chemical engine of the
Fire Department has been mounted
on an auto, donated by Mr. Camb-
lx'11, the grocery man. After some
overhauling ami repairing with new
parts, it will add very much lo the
efficiency of the department in getting to tires quickly.
•   •   •   *   •
Successful Hockey Game.
The swiftest and best hockey
match to date of this season wa-
pillled off I'liristnias day in the
afternoon when the Senior teams of
Smith Fort (leorge and Prince
Oeorge met for battle jn our city.
A line crowd was present, and if
the boys didn't play their best it
wasn't because the rooters did not
do their share.   The score was n
lie.   l-l.
Coal Wood
Windows, Doors, Shingles, Building Papers,
Wall Boards, Ready Roofings.
Bone Dry Lumber       Coast Flooring & Finisjt
III UUI  UWn  lie, HUJilielf
Cil uui F.liiie.i.'. on yum IMiut
\_mtmo       ^p    umw    #»< Mtmtom
▼^        C, McEi.hoy, Manure.
Phone tl
Christmas and
New Year's Holidays
Between all stations on the Orand
Trunk Pacilic Railway in Ontaria,
(Fort William antl West), Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and
British Columbia.
F'oit CHRISTMAS. - December 22nd
to 26th, 1914, Inclusive.
For New Yrar,~December 30th
1<U4. to January 1st, 1916, inclusive.
FINAL RETURN LIMIT.-Jan.  Ith, 1916.
Por Tickets, Reservations antl
Pull Particulars, apply to any
Grand Trunk Pacific Agent or
train agent.
Ue.leiel ._«...«., Awl Wlnv». Mm.
Automobiles for hire.
Machinery Repaired.    Skates Sharpened.
Lathe Work.
South Fort George.
Dkummono a M..I .-. •
Launches Overhauled and Repaired.  Storage
Gasoline Oils and Accessories.
Phone 57.
P. BURNS & CO. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in all Kinds of
Fresh  and  Cured
Butter, Cheese, Eggs;
Highest Prices Paid for Hides and Live Stock
Fort George and South Fort George.
Phone SS
Classified Advertisements.
Pout Gf.orqr HARDWARE Co.
TAKE NOTICE that wc II. W. Gross
and A. C. Buchel, who haye been
carrying on business since May 191!.
in partnership under the firm, name and
style of the Port George Hardware Co.,
have by indenture dated Thirtieth November, 1914, dissolved partnership under
the conditions and covenants containetl
| in said Indenture.
i    By virture of said Indenture, A. C.
j Due nel retires from partnership and the
j business will  henceforward be carrletl
on by  H. W. Gross, sole partner, who
1 will be responsible for all debts, obligations and  liabilities of the said firm,
and to whom all debts owing to the
partnership firm will be paid.
Duted  this  Fourteenth day of December, 1014,
Port George Hardware Co.
Dec. 20th H. W. GROSS.
i WANTED. -Price.' for rcmovini
Building; price must be low.
I Store, South Port George.
WANTED.-A  Lady Housekeeper 1
two bachelors.   For in formation wi
to James Findlay, Newlantls
B. C. __
WANTED.- Good hpnesl womariwij
one or two children (boys |>i'""
help ond tako hold of pre-emptor jiM'"
: View to matrimony.   |c|1"'''"'',;,,,
poultrv, ducks, and geese.   Api'in
care of Herald Office,
LOST-   Bay  Marc,  about 10M jbj
Branded with outline" la »•"".;,,,.
shoulder, wearing cowbol ,;'.;.,.
Finder please notify ;•'',,],,
South Fort George, or Horald una
FOR SALE - Two  Fine Safes,
cheap.   Write Box 138.
Do with a will what your hands or
your brain tlnd to do.
j WANTED. -Orders for Printing
every description - Herald, inta


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