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 -•»,«. c,   —""HI). 5-
Q^» ^^ W> *%$W     ^^W % W* V i>
VOL. 5, NO. 24.
Incorporation Area Settled
Prince George Advocates Win For Incorporation Alone.
Yesterday afternoon came special advices from Victoria by wire to the people of the district that, roughly
speaking, the area to be incorporated would be bounded
on the south by Bowser Avenue and on the west by Fraser
Moratorium Bill
This is distinctly a victory for
the best interests of the townsite
of Prince George; it is in the interests of the best in civic economy and financial prosperity.
Too long has the blanket of
uncertainty and arrested development hung over the townsite.
Now its people and business interests can go ahead with confidence and assurance that their
asset in the business development of Prince George.
Without doubt, it cleared the
atmosphere for the ministers of
the Government and the members of the Provincial Parliament
to make a decision that would
settle for all time in the interests
of the people this very important
The  Herald,   as our readers
a permanency and a chance to
advance. Prince George will
now take jts place in the procession of great inland Canadian
Cities. And as this centre has
always controlled the business
traffic of this great Interior of
British Columbia, so now is that
eminence assured for all time in
the growth and prosperity
this Inland Empire.
Those who have invested in
property in this city and outlying
country can now with better
heart take hold of their appointed destiny and work out their
plans with sure step and confident demeanor.
The people are to be congratu<
work and investment shall have know, has consistently worked
for the area as settled on, believing that the Government
could not and would not, with
the overwhelming sentiment of
the citizens against it. include a
greater area. Our confidence
has been justified in the result.
It was the only reasonable and
business settlement that could be
of adopted, considering the facts
The only question now unsettled is that of the station site,
and we have good reason to
make the statement that it too
will be adjusted to the satisfaction of the people and as the
majority of the people want.
The committees sent to Vio
lated in the stand they have toria to represent Prince George
taken for incorporation of the | anji South Fort George returned
middle portion of the great Bub-; to the city this week, ahead of
divided area hereabout as the the decision of the Government,
beginning of the future city, j well satisfied that they had done
Such a step assures, as nearly as all that was possible for the reso-
tmy human agency can be assur-■ lution they supported and with a
eo, the safety and prosperity of, confident feeling that they had
the new city now launched, with I not spoken in vain. Having
a limited debt and expense dur- stated their case, they returned
The so-called Moratorium Bill
of which so much has been said,
has been introduced in the Provincial Legislature as scheduled
and for the benefit of our readers is here given in synopsis.
It provides that any instrument, meaning any mortgage,
charge, encumbrance, agreement
of sale, or other instrument,
charging land with a payment
of money, and every estate,
right, title and interest in
land or real property both legal
and equitable, situated within
the province, and whether created before or after the coming
into effect of the act, notwithstanding any rule of court or
provisions of any statue, vests
in the Lieutenant-Governor in
Council the right by proclamation to authorize any judge of
any court in the province to
postpone the payment of any
moneys relating to principal due
or accruing due and to stay any
action or proceeding and the execution of any process until after
i the lapse of a time named in the
order, and to fix the period to be
allowed for redemption of land
or mortgage or charge, and to
extend the time.
No order shall be granted under this section unless upon cause
j shown by the person liable to
make the payment or standing in  the  name  of the de-'n _. r l\tc
fendant, and after considering Uynamiter, a berman llcer.
all the circumstances of the case 	
and the position of all the par- Machias, Maine.-Werner Horn
ties. The judge may so order, if, who maintains that his recent
it is his opinion that time should; attempt to blow up the Canadian
be given to such person on thc; end of the international railway
ground that he is unable imme- j bridge, near Vanceboroi was an
diately to make the payment by i act of war and whose extradition
reason of circumstances attribut-1 is sought by the Canadian gov-
able directly or indirectly "to the I ernment, retained Daniel T.
ing these times of financial unrest, and until such time as the
extension of the initial area to
the west or south is warranted,
To South Fort George citizens
belongs the full credit of the
present satisfactory outcome of
the incorporation matter.   They
to the city, leaving the matter in
the hands of their representatives.
Incorporation is now assured
as the people want it, The Government h__" not been appealed
to in vain. And now the serious
task of constructing the future
early saw the unwisdom of their! city of Prince George!   This will
original plan to be incorporated j require no mean ability, no small
with the greater area at this
time. Their voluntary withdrawal pointed to the final settling of
the question as it has been determined, It left no excuse for
the continued fight for inclusion
of Central Fort George with its
great subdivisions and undeveloped area. Sound business principles have carried South Fort
George to success as against
townsite exploitation, and its
people today are the greatest
amount of time and study. Mis^
takes will be made, but with care
these can be reduced to a minimum.
The name asfdesired by the
Government would be Fort
George. But it is left to a vote
of the people to determine what
the name shall be. This will be
settled at the first election to be
held in the new municipality,
and without doubt Prince George
will be the name adopted,
Prince George Hospital
and the Sunshine Club
The ladies of the Sunshine Club
of South Fort George on Tuesday
afternoon of this week visited
the new Prince George Hospital
and were delightfully entertained
by Miss Elliot at tea and in an
inspection of the hospital. The
Sunshine Club among many other
of their charitable ventures have
furnished a bed at the hospital
to be known as the "sunshine
hod." They were delighted with
the outlook at the hospital, nothing like it having ever before
been  sustained in the district,
Thn Misses Elliot and Keppel
arc certainly to be congratulated
for having provided the district
with such an institution, which
will fill a long felt want. The
facilities here provided, together
with the proficiency of the two
ladies in their profession as nurses will be appreciated by those
who find the services of a hospital a necessity. They will find
every possible comfort at this
The Sunshine Club at their
dance at the Fort (ieorge Theatre
last week netted $25.00 to their
fund. While this organization is
strictly a South FortGeorge venture, supported in large measure
by South Fort George people, it
does not confine its efforts to
South Town only, but wherever
its assistance is required in any
of the towns, there its committees are found relieving the distressed. Some criticism has been
heard that it does not publish its
expenditures etc.; but we feel
the ladies are within their rights
and the proprieties in not so doing. It is hard enough that some
good people are reduced to the
necessity of accepting aid without the fact being published.
The ladies of South so far have
done all the labor and spent much
time in the work, and it must be
remembered, moreover, that it is
a voluntary effort, springing
from a love of humanity. It
would therefore seem tmappre-
ciative-to say the least-to
criticize their work, unselfishly
^formed, especially so when
this criticism comes from those
who have donated nothing or at
the most very little to the cause.
Carnival at the Cache.!     War J|ews 0f jfe Week
A large party from South enjoyed one of the best carnivals
given in this district on Saturday
evening last, when our friends at
the Cache gave their annual
event on the large open air skating rink at Foley's football
Some very fine and amusing
costumes were in evidence and
even the "Kultured" Kaiser was
well represented in a most elaborate make-up. Mrs. McKenzie
as Canada won the ladies prize
in a very effective costume.
At 9:30 after the judging of
the costumes, the rink was
thrown open for skating and the
ice was in excellent shape, some
150 skaters enjoying the thrills of
the sport. At 10:30 supper was
served by the Cache ladies who
were most kind in satisfying the
hungry demands of the skaters.
The South party loaded up at
11 o'clock under Bill Cooke's
motherly wing and drove home
via Central.
We all hope tbe skating weather will improve so that we can
take advantage of Mr. and Mrs.
Cole's kind invitation for another
visit to the Cache, and all wish
to express their thanks for the
hospitality shown on Saturday
evening last by the Cache ladies,
(signed) Puck.
present war,  and that justicv
and right demand that some re
lief be given.
The costs of the application
may be fixed by the judge and
shall be payable by the applicant
Every order shall have effect
according to its terms and shall
have no appeal. Any sale made
in contravention of the order
shall be null and void.
Action may be brought on
agreements in any instrument
for the payment of interest, taxes, premiums of insurance, and
any judgment given may be enforced against the land and goods
of the defendant, but any sale of
the land to enforce the judgment
may be stayed by order.
O'Connell, of Boston, as counsel.
After a conference with the prisoner the attorney said Horn had
acquainted him fully with the
facts leading up to the dynamiting and that he was convinced
that the act was political. Papers
in Horn's trunks, O'Connell said,
proved conclusively that Horn
was a German officer.
Horn is now serving a sentence
of thirty days in the county jail
here for causing damage to property on the American side by the
One of the cheapest things of real value
is politeness.
Declines to Make Peace Overtures.
San Antonio, Texas.-General
Obregon has declined peace overtures offered by the Mexican convention, which asked the warring
leaders to consider a plan for the
cession of hostilities.
Speaking of the price of wheat
one cent a loaf increase in the
price of bread in New York adds
$16,500,000 a year to the cost of
living in that city. An increase
to 10c per loaf means the city
would pay $82,500,000 more a
year for the food bill.
London.—English refuges from Constantinople declare former
German cruiser Goeben, now owned by Turkey, was so badly damaged by striking Turkish mine that it will be impossible to repair
her at Constantinople. This virtual loss of services of Goeben reduces Turkish fleet to state of inferiority as compared with Russian
Black Sea fleet, which is about to be strengthened by a vew dreadnaught constructed at Sebastopol.
London.—Turkish army is in full retreat eastward of the Suez
Canal.   There are no enemy forces within 20 miles of the canal.
London.—Despatch to Daily Telegraph from Rotterdam reports a successful air raid by Allies over Dusseldorf. Germans,
fearing such raid at Dusseldorf, recently built secret storehouses
some distance away from arsenal, into which war material and
explosives from latter were removed. Raiders discovered this
store and dropped bombs, setting it on lire.
Berlin.—War bread is being served at every meal in the Imperial Palace. Kaiserin bars all dainties, even when grandchildren
are there.   Meat is served at evening table only.
Petrograd.—It has been definately established that Germans
are concentrating very great forces in East Prussia. These forces
have started an offensive which they are developing especially in
direction of Wilkowizki, north of Augustowa and Lyck. Presence
is reported of units composed of new recruits from central Germany.
Most valient artillary duel that has occurred in Alsace since
beginning of war was commenced Thursday of this week. As a
result of these battles an exodus has begun of German families
from Mulhausen and Strassburg. American students and school
children who remained in German universities and schools at wish
of parents despite war, now are being recalled. A number of
scholars from Munich and Dresden passed through Geneva last
night for Paris.
London.—Word has reached here from Christiana says Daily
News Copenhagen correspondent that during recent heavy weather
in the North Sea German submarines arrived at Bergen, S'avanger
and other Norweigen ports, all of them badly battered and their
crews on verge of exhaustion. Norweigen patrol cruisers escorted
crafts into port where they were informed that they must leave
within twenty-four hours.    This they did.
London.-First Canadian Contingent has safely crossed the
Channel and is now encamped in Franc?, near Rouen,
London.—Daily Mail's Rotterdam correspondent ?ays he 'earns
that 35 German soluiers were kibeu in une _f Autwerp's forts last
Friday by bomb dropped by British airmen.
Washington,-That Germany is preparing another note to the
American government contending that hydro-aeroplanes are war
vessels, was learned at the German embassy. Germany is understood to maintain that hydro-aeroplanes, submarines and war
vessels are in the same class as far as the Hague convention is
Rotterdam,—The Derfflinger and the Seydlitz, two of the German battle cruisers engaged in the recent North Sea fight, are now
on the docks at Hamburg. 1,500 men are now working on them.
It will take six and ten weeks respectively to repair them.
All the World is
Borrowing Money
From New York
Main Estimates Total 190 Million.
Pacific Great Eastern Construction
Activity on the Pacific Great centres.
Eastern for the first twenty material
miles or so south of Prince
George is very pronounced these
days. Workmen are passing to
and fro, and many teams can
daily be seen moving to and
from the lower end of the first
section with food supplies, pile
material, machinery and freight
of all kind for the various large
camps. Several large tie camps
have heen established in addition
to camps tor the production of
bridge timbers. A large pile-
driver and engine started for the
work last Sunday from the
Cache, Witb two camps at mile
7 and 8 (Six Mile Creek), a
bridge at mile 13 (Twelve Mile
Creek), a tie camp at mile 18
where thousands of ties are being
cut, three bridges at mile 20 -
one of which is 165 feet high and
2500 to 3000 feet long - it can
readily be seen that the employment which this work will give
to the 600 to 1000 men will fill a
long felt want in the business
Morever,  much of the
and supplies used are
furnished by the merchants of
Prince George and South Fort
Persistent rumors are current
of the continuation of the road
to the north, it being freely predicted that money and the necessary backing will soon be provided. The Government at Victoria has been petitioned by the
various trade organizations,
Chambers of Commerce and Conservative Associations of the
three towns to provide the machinery and prosecute the road's
construction in the interest of
the opening up and development
of this new country and the new
towns that are waiting such progressive ventures in order to be
able to continue their development.
The furnishing of ties, piles
and timbers by the settlers and
pre-emptors to the railway contractors will also materially assist in bearing the land.
Abundant evidence that New
York is rapidly becoming a world
money centre of the first rank
is being afforded by applications
for financial aid from all quarters
of the world.
Details have been published of
flotations in Wall Street of loans
to Russia, Norway, Sweden, and
other European countries; the
arrangement of an Argentine loan
and the flotation of City of Montreal notes. Yesterday it became
known that Kissel, Kinnicut &
Co. had bought $5,475,000 five-
year 5 per cent, notes of the
Province of Manitoba, principal
and interest payable in gold in
Winnipeg, Montreal, Toronto, or
at the National Park Bank, New
The City of Ottawa has arranged to place a $1,000,000 note issue
in this market, and the Province
of Columbia has just sold to a
syndicate of New York bankers
$2,700,000 of one-year treasury
notes bearing interest at 4.5 per
cent. The issue brought 98.5 per
cent, net in New York.
The loan is part of an issue of
$10,000,000 authorized recently
by the Provincial Legislature. It
Ottawa, Feb. 8. - The main
estimates for the coming fiscal
i year, tabled in the commons tonight, provide for a total appropriation of $190,329,352, a decrease of $17,789,330, as compared with the total amount voted
in both main and supplementary
estimates la^t session. With
supplementary estimates to come,
this season's appropriations will
probably equal, if not surpass,
those of last year, exclusive together of the $100,000,000 to be
voted for war.
Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec Dead
Quebec, Feb, 8.—Sir Francois
Langelier, lieutenant - governor
of Quebec, died this afternoon at
his official residence, Spencer-
wood, in the presence of his
family, He had been ill for several months.
Cheaper Meat and Shoes
Washington, -The Department
of Agriculture sees cheaper meat
and shoes for people of the country in figures gathered by its
agents showing that the number
of live stock in the United States
is on the increase.
In a recent report the department discounted reports that
prices' were bound to rise and
said that January 1st there were
7,712,000 more live stock in the
United States than on the same
is probable that further sales of j&.gj jf^™^ t
a new issue ot similar character statement saidi that an increage
will be made in New York. Since had been shown. The number
the European war broke out Can-; of beef cuttle increased 3.4 per
ada has done practically all of'cent over the number a year
its financing in New York, and ago,   or  an  actual increase of
the total of public and private
loans floated was estimated at
1,212,000 head. Hitherto the
number of beef cattle has declined steadily since 1910. No
Kvery Saturday Mornino at its Crintinu
Office in South Port (Jeoiioi:.
Price   One Year in Advance   -   -   - $3 00
Six Months in Advance    -   - 1.75
Throe Months in Advance    - l.'OO
To The United Slates -   -   - 8.50
paper stopped until all arrearages are paid except
the option of the publishers.
Twelve  cents  per  line for the first, insertion, and eight
cents per line for each subsequent insertion.
For Sale, Lost and Found Ads. minimum charge GO cents
per insertion, limited to one inch.   Other rates furnished on
Publishers and Proprietors,
South Furt George, IB, ('.
norm enters new ua
For first time big annual Freight
Shipments for North will be
Forwarded by Rail,
Edmonton.--A new era in the
transportation   history   of   the
north  country will be  reached
,   i i... _„ l ii • ue      i this year.   Hitherto the big an-
and dependable income, and these!      ,»,,.,.        ...        ,,
are the factors to which primary j nual ire'ght sh'pn;cnts Y,"    ,
•-—-  must of necessity Je-n Points sent forwai-d by the
 i„,... .„ i Hudson s Bay Company and Rev-
illon Wholesale,  Limited,   have
gone by way of Athabasca Land-
conservatism, how can he hope
to increase or even retain his
wealth ? He would bo all to easily persuaded to venture into uncertain or untried schemes, and
not until the day of keen disappointment would he come to
realize the seriousness of his mistakes. Conservative investment
on the other hand, implies safety
be given in accumulating a,com
lience it i.s by systematic sav-
supported by exhaustive comparative testing each Bean™,TZ
Our Own Trial Grounds, our thorough . nowledl 0 ' ,h"
adaptability of every known vegetable for Western dim. "
conditions enables us to-maintain the
Uniform High Standard of Quality.
for which our seeds are famous.
Cultural booklets written by Mr. .Iur     HI
Cocks,  K.It.U.S.,  who has  hod many
years' practical oxp ortencu jn Western
Canudii, mnil«d to customers on  re
T;^,.0^"' ;'LI"N','. RKANDhI,,,*..
of V 10I1I aewts aro tho acme uf need
Write for oun Illustrated Catalogue Today,
SATUliDXV,   FEJ3U l'.\ UV
Til,     11)15.
Canada's Future
iiiK and the Athabasca River; but
(Jfc. Winnipeg
ing, conservative investment, ab-i'','* """ """"■:""""• ■"**"'"j.'.".~"
__*!,...,..   .„ t  „_j   .^ !„ui« I this year the railway facilities
solutely   honest and   honorable
factory to know that the banks 	
fully realize their duly in this are best enabled to make steady
  respect and will do everything in and consistent progress. Coupled
There is no doubt that the out- their power to aid in the produc- with these, however, is another
look, as far as Canada is con-, tion of real wealth. ltis thei important element, and one which
cerned, is'of a distinctly cheering latter which is required for the tends to hasten the accumulation
character. In practically the upbuilding of Canada, and the j of wealthy This is compound in-
whole of the addresses of the co-operation of our financial in- terest It is a silent but none the
bank presidents and managers stitutions with the.producers will ,ess reliable worker, and cease-
bring about this result. 'ess in its productivity.
-Wpg. Sat. Post.        Few   realize  how rapidly
  money accumulates at compound
p. 'Ill J interest,   or  how  important  a
financial Independence.^1^ en simple interest in
  ; making more profitable ordinary
business transactions.
These are days, however, when
afforded by the Edmonton, Dun-
dealings with all men, that men ■ , n ... , n .     ..  D .,
-— u..^ .__ui. . *_ i,_ „*_„_„ ! vegan and British Columbia Rail-
at the recent annual meetings of
these institutions a healthy optimism was the most outstanding
feature. These are the men,
too, whose fingers are constantly
upon the pulse of the community
and whose opinions are, therefore, worthy of careful attention.
One necessity  was emphasized,
The following homily on saving
is taken from a review issued by
a leading financial house'in the
every man in a position to save
should certainly test for himself
the workings of compound interest, and likewise the wisdom
of investing money conservatively.
ZZ'' "•,"  aTT Z ""•"T'lman'aubmVrine uV2lThouTdhVv"eias Round Lake- 262 miles north"
that similar good fortune is be- man suomanne u-ti snouianave| t „.Uj _w s-i_._ „_:...•..,•
yond the realm of his possibili- been so far from her P°rt- and
ties, the better.
no reason to believe that she was
run _i_„,. _„_ __fo . i _ u   attended by another ship mas-
I he older one gets the more he ,. .   , T.   ,
__«, ,„ *_ ,._„r „.u nu „ querading as a neutra  trader,
comes to realize that the years of j ! ,   .   ,        ~.   .,   ,      ,   ,     .
__«_«_„ui_ _„   • ,,: Admiral von Tirpitz has declared
dependable earning power are all;.,   . ..     , .        , ,.      .
. „ »_, „„j ,      ,    ,      , .,   , that the Larger type of his sub-
too lew and too short, and that,      . .    . ...
,-f+u_„ u  ,„   . i      .ml marines can navigate around the
if they be wasted, or ii the earn-!   ,  ,      „ '-,   ,    ,
: _„ n.,   ~. _      i s i .,    who e  of   Mpand,   remaining
ings they produce be wasted, the   u     t        , _   s ■ Z
loss is irreparable.   It is for this
absent as long as a fortnight,
namely, the increased production" United States :
of marketable commodities.   In     He is,  indeed,  an exceptional
connection with this subject the man who does not look forward
writer was very much struck by to his day of financial independ-
some remarks made by Mr. Dun- ence. There are, however, many
can Coulson,   president of  the! misconceptions as to how to at-
Bank of Toronto.  He said: "The tain this enviable position, and it
duty that now lies before us as is by reason of the wrong lead
a country is that of givingatten-1 that so many, relatively speaking
tion specially to increased com- fail to realize their ambition,   Bi
modifies that have a ready mar-.    While there are instances where'   Regarding the latest German
ket, and which will create a large | the rise to wealth has been sud- submarine raid, the Daily News'
exportable surplus.... It needs, | den or unexpected, such cases naval expert says:
however,  more  than mere  ex-iare so extremely rare that the I    "There is nothing particularly
hoi .ation to bring about increas- sooner a man admits to himself I stHkint? in the fact that the Ger
ed production.   In  no administration   department    is    there
greater room for leadership than
in directing this movement wisely.    We cannot turn unskilled
labor on to new territory and by
mere  exhortation   make   grain
grow.   There is need for wise
co-operation between those who
are willing to work and become
producers and those who can direct and aid in making this labor
productive.     It  is not enough
that we should increase the acreage devoted to grain growing,
but greater attention should be
paid to making the present area
more productive."
This last sentence is worthy of
special notice. Ther£ is no doubt
whatever that if that part of the
Dominion which is already under
one kind of cultivation or other
were utilized to the fullest possible extent the result would be
substantial enough to cause no
small surprise. To secure this it
is necessary, therefore, that up-
to-date methods should be followed. If Mr. Coulson's ideal is
to be realized, however, it is not
alone the growing of more grain
which will be required, In agriculture a greater extent of diversified is required in order to
safeguard our own food supply
and also provide a surplus for
export  purposes.     If one may
judge from the sentiments ex-    	
pressed at recent gatherings of j earning power should be abun-; miles from her base,  which is a
j way will be taken advantage of,
j thus not only saving about three
i weeks' time on the trip, but also
j materially reducing the freight
I The big shipments to be sent
north this year include the following:
Hudson's Bay Company, five
hundred tons, or thirty - three
car loads.
Revillon Wholesale, Limited,
goods to the value of nearly half
a million dollars, weight not yet
estimated. This Company will
also ship $25,000 worth of goods
this year to the Indians of the
north, under the terms of a contract with the Dominion Government. The Indians, in addition
to the treaty money each year,
receive a certain quantity of
groceries. The Revillon Company
is carrying out' the contract for
the third year.
Part of the above shipments
will go as far as the Arctic circle. The goods will begin to
leave Edmonton some time next
month over the E. D. & B. C.
to McLennan, formerly known
,1   , ,    ,,  .    i but he added that it was neces-
reason that every man snoud stop ..   ,. .,       .    u _    n  .
, . ..      .,K'sary that they should be able to
to analyze, once in so often, the U. . , . „ „„.„„„
, ...       , .,.   '       j he up in calm, shallow waters so
degree ot importance of his earn-1 ^ crew could regt_
ing power to  those  dependent     .. fc  ^ ,   thfi firgt of ^
upon him.   He snoud make it! ,        ... , ,
,. , . , , . " i new and greatly improved type
his business to check up these! __.,, .       • ah .u
...,.„.    . ,  " of (lerman submarines.   All the
responsibilities in much the same, ...    . i       ..
., .     ,   ,    .    parts which show above the sur-
manner as the merchant checks ,        ... ,
.... face when cruising are armoured
up his inventory. i   ,L, „ , ..       ,.,,     ...
with Krupp plating.   Ihe other
Natural ability, alone, should \ boats number from tj.h to u.22
not be expected to accomplish the \ an(j carry on]y one gun<
same results as for the past gen- "Tne actuai strength of the
eration. Modern business meth-1 German navy ln completed sub-
ods are coming to be more scien-1 marines is unknown. The last
tific every day, and special train- jofficial British return was that 2\
ing along certain well - defined we,.e in service at the beginning
lines is even now essential to in- j of 1914f whi|e 14 boatSi from u^
dividual success in practically all j to tj.38 with further numbers
branches of industry. Far-seeing I uncertaini were under construc-
men, appreciating that this con-; tion_ ln the autumn of 19U the
dit.on must become more pro-l(ierman pre8S waa making con.
nouncedastnnegoeson, aretak- fident boasts that they wou|d
ing every precaution possible.  -   possess at least 50 gobmarineg in
Thought must be^given to those; 1914."
approaching the eventide of life, German papers express enthu-
and who may be forced to lean sjasm over the doings of the sub-
upon their offspring as their chief marine. Attention is particular-
means of support. The sacrifices iy cai|ed to the fact that the
made by them in the days of their U-2L was operating a thousand
west, which is the second divisi
onal point from the city, and
thence along the 30 miles of steel
on the Canadian Central to within 20 miles of Peace River Crossing. Teams will be used in
transporting the goods over this
20-mile portage, and then the
shipments will be loaded on
steamers, ready for their long
journey on the Peace, Slave and
McKenzie rivers.
On the old route, along the
Athabasca, considerable delay
and expense was always occasioned by the numerous rapids and
portages; but on the new route
the only delay will be the Chutes,
4 1-2 miles long, located 40 miles
east of Fort Vermilion. The
steamer Athabasca River will
take the Hudson's Bay shipments
to the Chutes, and the steamer
Fort McMurray from that point
Corner Hamilton & Third
South FortGeorge, B.C.
The newest and most modern
hotel in the northern interior
Rates  $2.50 and $3
Monthly and weekly rales oa application
Beat of wines.
Liquors and cigar.
Albert Johnson, prop.
farmers in the prairie provinces
the necessity of increasing production is fully realized and steps
are likely to be taken to put the
new policy into practical working-
effect. Having thus fulfilled its
purpose, "exhortation" should
now cease and the farming community left to do its part.
While naturally agriculture es
the basic industry of Canada receives the first share "of attention, the development of indus-]mind that money must be saved
trial enterprise of all kinds should : before it can be accumulated he
not be left out of sight. It is a i fails to take the first step towards
bad policy to have all the eggs in j building up a competency. Moreover, even should he inherit
wealth, unless he had learned
the lesson of saving, the money
dantly repaid by the present gen-! «™**r radius of activity than
. ; hitherto was believed  possible.
eratlon- I The argument is advanced that
By what method, by what time-i what already has happened to
tested plan, is it possible for a! small coasters may now happen
man to provide for these  and, to the great English liners.
other obligations, placing himself!
in a i o.sition at the same time to      i_^H^^^^W
take advantage of his best opportunities ?
The answer depends largely
upon the individual view-point.
Until a man gets it fixed in his
One Sunday morning, on his way to
church, a deacon observed a boy industriously fishing. After the lad had
landed several, he approached and said:
My son,   don't you know it is very
wrong to fish on thc Sabbath Day? And i
besides, it is very cruel to impale that
poor, helpless beetle upon that sharp
Said the boy: Oh, say, mister, this is
only an imitation.   It ain't a real bug.
Bless me, replied the deacon, why I
thought it wan a real bug.
The boy, lifting a line string of fish
out of the water, said: So did these
I am going to sell kisses at the charity fair.   You'll buy some, won't youf
I guess so, said the young man. Are
you distributing any samples ?
the one basket, and for this rea
son it is desirable to encourage
enterprise in various forms.
In carrying on the work of expansion of all kinds, the Canadi-j through his fingers with startling
.banks must naturally take a rapidity.
int part,  and it is satis-j   This same idea holds true as
would in all  probability  slip
Construction camp along the Pacific Great Eastern.
Undertaker and Funeral Director.
Caskets, Funeral Supplies, & Shipping Cases always on hand.
Out-of-town calls promptly attended to.
Phone 23 Fort George.
Prince George and Fort George.
Just Stop and Think
of the risk and inconvenience of burning coal oil.
Why not be up-to-date? Have your house wired,
it costs but a trifle more. Rates on application at
our office - Rooms 7 & 8, Post Building, George
Street, and at the plant, South Fort George. We
have a stock of lamps, shades, fixtures, irons, and
handle all utility devices.
Northern Telephone & Power Co., Ltd.
Electric Light Service and Power Furnished.
House Wiring and Electrical Fixtures of all kinds.
Phone 19- Four Rings, South Fort George.
Phone 10, Prince George.
North Coast Land Co., Ltd.,
Phone IS.        PRINCE GEORGE, R. C.
V. U. WALKER, General Aient.
Fort George Hardware Co.
Sheet Metal.   Furnaces a Specially.
Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water
PhnnAfi No'' "OUTH fort oeorge.
rnuuea so. ia prince oeoroe. wa »IMII      _JI_
New York.- E. N. Breitung,
owner of lho steamship Dacia,
is negotiating with the Ward
Lino for the purchase of the
steamer Segurance. It ia the in-
tion to convert this vessel, now
a passenger ship, into a cotton-
carrying freighter.
Another ship of the Ward line,
the Vigilancia, has been sold and
will likewise be converted into a
cotton-carrying freighter.
A representative of Mr. Brei-
tnng announced that he was
seeking to purchase other ships
of American or British registry.
Oilers had been made, the representative said, for available
vessels, and in the last two weeks
prices had advanced approximately 50 per cent. This repre-
sentstive asserted that Mr. Brei-
lnng ancl his associates would
not consider the purchase of any
more ships of German registry,
and their transfer to the American flag after their experience
with the Dacia.
waveyard in New York
Madge.-Would you marry a spendthrift, my dear?
Marjorie.-It wouldn't be ao bad if
hu were just starting out on his career.
Bridging Second Narrows at Vancouver.
Vancouver.— The designs presented by Mr. Turner for the
Second Narrows bridge have
been accepted, and the contract
awarded to the Western Foundry
Company of this city for $1,744.-
831.   Work will start at once.
If there are any doubting!
Thomases in Canada who think '
for a moment that the glorious
flag is not still all-powerful
throughout the world, or that
Great Britain has ceased to be
mistress of the sea, let them
come down to New York and see
the jolly lot of British ships of
all shapes and sizes, the Union
Jack flying at their sterns, with
smoking funnels and clanking
machinery, loading or unloading
huge cargoes of merchandise.
The hustle and confusion and
confusion and strenuous activity
goes on just the same as if there
were no great conflict raging in
unhappy Europe.
Let these same doubting Thomases take a walk over to Germany's marine graveyard — the
Hamburg-American Line docks.
What a difference! On the one
side, commercial activity and
prosperity, despite the war; on
the other, lines upon lines of
steamships-ghostly, silent, dead
— no fires beneath their boilers,
no hissing or harnessed steam,
no shouts of teamsters or songs
of dock laborers — a silence pro
found and impressive.
The following is an accurate
list of the German and Austrian
steamships now   "interned" in
the port of New York.    It was
proposed to bring up the Prinzess
Cecilie also  from  Bar Harbor,
Maine.   This was the Lig Hamburg-American  liner   that  had
such an exciting time running the
gauntlet of British cruisers some
months ago.   She carried a cargo of a million dollars in gold,
and her commander did his best
to reach the port of New York.
But he soon found that such a
feat was impossible, so the voyage developed into a race through
the dark for Bar Harbor,   the
| nearest port, which she reached
; in safety.   Later, it was proposed to bring the liner to New York
along the waters of the three-
i mile limit. This scheme was also
abandoned.    "Might as well be
captured by a British cruiser,"
jsaid  her commander,   "as   be
pounded to pieces on the rocks
of Maine and  Massachusetts."
So the Prinzess Cecilia will remain where she is indefinately.
Following  are  the    interned
I vessels at New York:
January 1st,
VeV'nry follows
• flag.
The old method of scowing is rapidly disappearing in the District
owing to the advent of the railroads.
High Explosive
Used By Germans.
Paris.—An officer who bus been
through the entire campaign and is
now resting before returning to the
front, gives some details concerning
a new and extremely powerful explosive which the Germans have
been employing for about a month.
" My battalion " he said, " calls
them bottles of champagne. Tbey
are cylindrical in form and about
as long as a champagne bottle. That
is to say, about 12 to 16 inches and
about live inches in diameter. We
suppose tbey are filled with liquid
air or liquid carbonic acid."
"They are thrown a distance of
from 300 to 100 yards. This is the
maximum. You can follow the
projectile through the air and see
where it is going to drop. They are
apparently thrown by means of
mortars, and when they fall and
explode the effect is equivalent to
tbat produced by the explosion of a
charge of 32 pounds of melinite. A
single ' bottle of champagne ' makes
a hole from forty-five to fifty-five
feet in diameter and thirty or forty-
feet deep.
Grading along the P. G. E.
Rights That Attach
To Sovereignty.
Strange things have happened
in many countries since a worldwide war began last summer.
The British government has fixed
weekly the prices of food, including milk and butter, through the
action of a committee of the
Hoard of Trade. It maintains in
this country agents charged with
the purchase of-grain and provisions which it controls. It has
bought all of the sugar in the
United Kingdom and all consignee! thereto, and established the
retail price. It has placed an
embargo upon wool and rubber,
which has since been modified.
It has forbidden the investment
"( money outside of the empire.
It has extended all debts. It has
guaranteed the loans of banks.
France has done most of these
•bhigsand more. By sovereign
decree it has reduced rents one-
tbird. Cermany has command-
'■''I'ed tho food supply of the em-
I'ire, and with its matchless
bureaucracy has made it impossible for merchant, family or individual to possess unknown to
•be state grain or preserved
meats beyond immediate necessities, In all these countries, as
'" others affected by the war,
speculation in food has been pro-
Men who gamble pick thcirown pockets
President Grant
President Lincoln
8, :.27
Konig Wilhelm II
Prinz Eitel Friedrich
Prinz Joachim
Other German steamships held
in New York are:
Otara Mennig
Friedrich dertlrosse
George Washington
(irosser Kurfurst
Kaiser Wilhelm II.
Prinzess Irene
Indra (ship)
Matador (barque)
Hagen (motor tank)
Martha Washington
$345,000,000 Gold Now
Held By Bank of England
"1 have long ago received, with
amiability I hope, the professions
of all sorts ancl conditions of men,
but after I have heard their professions I wait patiently to see their
performance, and I do not pass
judgment until that performance.
If a man wishes me lo consider bim
loyal, for example, 1 must really
trouble him lo show his quality
when he is put to the test ; and if
be cannot show bis quality when
put to tbe test, I may not say anything the next time he comes around
and professes his loyalty, but I will
do a lot of thinking. I wonder within my own bead if be really thinks
I am deceived, if he really thinks I
am as innocent as I look.
That i.s the rigid and stern standard to which we hold each other,
whether we realize it or not. You
know the slang expression, 'He is
a bad actor.' You are not speaking
of the stage. You mean be does not
do what he says, and tbe minute
you find be does not do what he
says, then it is all up so far as your
trustfulness and admiration and
willing dealings with him are concerned.''
Pbesidest WlLSON.
We wish you health, and wish you wealth,
And many n merry day,
And a happy heart to play the part
On the        '   '
Phone 1
Prince Geotge
; great highway.
^p. cn*_
C. McElroy, Manager
South Fori George
Domestic Coal
Of the highest grade obtainable and specially
sifted for domestic use.
Lath, Kiln Dried Coast and Local Lumber, Cedar Siding,
Sash and Doors, Building Papers, Ready
Roofings, Wall Boards, etc.
Tbe Bank of England at present
holds about S315,000,000, of which
about 8100,000,000 has been supplied by America in order to ease
their exchanges. If gold has to be
exported, it is lo be hoped that
English bankers will be of as much
assistance to their own country as
American bankers have been tc
theirs, and place their gold at the
disposal of tbe Bank of England.
Germany's exports, undoubtedly
will fall off to a much greater extent than ber imports, and the adverse' balance will have to be paid in
gold. Superhuman efforts are being
made to increase the gold reserve in
tbe lieichsbank, which now amounts
to S,r)30,000,000, but already withdrawals are taking place to pay for
Plans for the financial mobilization of Germany were carefully
worked out long before the war.
There was one defect, however.
That was that the Reichsbank note
which replaced gold became inconvertible into gold, which caused tin
note to fall to a discount.
Neutral territory— Convenient spots
on the map to quarter your troops at
the expense of the spots.
Pre-Orea .naught— A warship built
day before yesterday.
' Ultimatum—Keeping the other man
waiting while you complete the finishing touches.
Mobilizatiofli—Wholesale death   no-!
tices served in advance  to friends and
Machine Gun-Labor saving killing
for COAL or WOOD
of all kinds and sizes for every Kitchen
We are exclusive agents for the famous
are right.
We are allowing a special 10 per cent,
discount on every article in our stores.
Orders will be taken at our Prince George
Yard as well as at our store at South.
Remember tlie 10 per cent. CASK Discount.
W. F. COOKE, Pt«. RUSSELL PEDEN, Vice-Flo. (.. t. MclAIMItlrt,  .cteuu
Danforth & Mclnnis,
Ten o'clock,  11 o'clock,  12 o'clock,
and then what comes, Bobbie ?
Daddy without his boots.
A medical journal notes that the
difficulty in obtaining German "tar
barrel" products since the war, so
extensively used by the profession,
is driving ninny medical men back
to old tried and true therapeutic
measures, measures which are becoming obsolete, not because they
lack quality or virtue but because it
takes more "think" to use them
than it does to accept them from
the "tar barrel" already labelled by
the makers. A forced movement
"back to nature's drugs" may
prove beneficial to all concerned.
Information in possession of
the State Department in Washington shows that of the thousands of Belgian refugees in England, none are victims of German
This confirms the results of the
world's investigations. The
charges of fiendish mutilations
committed by German soldiers
seem to have as little substantial
foundation as the German charges that Belgians were in the habit
of putting out the eyes and cutting off the ears and noses of
German wounded.
There have been plenty of
atrocities committed in the war-
atrocities committed not merely
against individuals but against
communities and states—but the
common soldier of either side are
not to blame for, many of them.
g§   G. T. P. R.
Edmonton - Prince George
Prince Rupert
No. I Leave Edmonton Tuesdays and Fridays 10-00 p.m.
West Bound— Arrive Prince George Wednesdays & Saturdays 8 00 p. m.
Leave    ,, ,, ,, ,, 8-15 „
Arrive Prince Rupert Thursdays and Sundays 6-30 p.m.
No. 2 Leave Prince Rupert Wednesdays and Saturdays 10 a.m.
East Bound- Arrive Prince George Thursdays and Sundays 8-30 a.m.
Leave    ,, ,, ,, ,,        8-45  ,,
Arrive Edmonton Fridays and Mondays 8-30 a.m.
According to a census bulletin
giving some details of Canada's
farthest north population, there are
some six hundred Eskimos in Un-
gava. On the east coast of Hudson
Bay, and on the west coast and in
the Churchill district the total population is given as 1,588, of whom
1,860 arc Eskimos, 180 Indians, 27
half-breeds and 22 whites.
A wind was blowing the sand ibout
down at the manoeuvre camp at Texas
City, and a good deal of it sifted into
one of the kitchens. Of course, some
of it got into the food.
A lieutenant inspecting during the
mess hour, heard one man grumbling.
Did you enter the army to serve
your country or to grumble?—he demanded sternly.
The man stood up, saluted and replied: I enlisted to serve my country,
sir, not to cat it.
A little girl was very fond of her
bath but objected vigorously to the
drying process.
One day while her mother was remonstrating with her, she said, Why,
what would happen, mamma, if you
didn't wipe me dry ? Would I get
rusty ?
Travel via the
Our Agents will be pleased to furnish any
information desired.
District Passenger Agent,
Winnipeg. Man,
Civil Service Examiner-How is it
that every time you add up a sum the
total'exceeds the real amount, and is
never less ?   What is your occupation ?
Applicant—I'm a waiter, sir.
Automobiles for hire.
Machinery Repaired.    Skates Sharpened.
Lathe Work.
South Fort George.
Drummono ft McKay,
Launches Overhauled and Repaired.  Storage.
Gasoline Oils and Accessories.
Phone 57. X u.ui.v.ua   HVWVHI wu
Paris. — Tin' following official
slaleinenl has been issued here:
"Tin- finance ministers of CS real
Britain, France and Russia have
met here to examine into financial
questions growing oul of the war.
It is stated that the three powers
resolved to unite their financial as
Well as their military resources lo
carry on the war to victory. With
that idea they decided to propose to
their respective governments that
they share equally in the advance
made or to he made to the countries
Under the title' e.l' " Khaki " a
magazine .unl news sheet is being
published as a means ley which
British men ami women can in a
small way render a service lo the
individual members of thc overseas
forces at the front and in training,
Owing to interrupted mail service
and the fact that the hulk of the
newspapers which reach the front
are mostly devoted tn war news,
little or no space is given to Colonial
matters, and our soldiers find themselves practically isolated from home
news, which lo them, next to their!
Empire's need, is the most important of all their interests.
or whieh might he disposed  to take
the   field shortly   for  the conn 1
"The amount of those advances
will lie covered   both   hy siiecial resources-of the  three powers  and hy     ^^^—^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the issue of a  loan in tho name of     " Khaki " will appear as an Muslim-three powers nl the proper lime. "'•»'"1 monthly magazine of a most
Tl ii,-.ion ,,f the  relations to he interesting ami up-to-date character
established   hetween   lhe    issuing ac npanicd  by an   insetted news
hanks of the three countries has sheet including the latest cabled
been lho object of a special agree- news. The fi isl issue will appear
ment, al i Februnry loth, the aim being
"Tho ministers decided to make to send each month lo every soldier
in  concert  nil   pun-liases   for their Ur the Colonies this monthly bud-
countries    from    neutral    nations, get of home news and pictures.
They have taken  the necessary   li-     What  you are asked to do is to
nancial  measures lo facilitate the make a six   i iths subscription of
Russian export irado and to restore, So. Vou can send your subscription
as far as possible, parity of exchange j to the Rival Bank branches in
between   liussin nnd  the allied nn- south Fort George, Prince (ieorge,
"'"They also decided I eel ngniu '""' Forl i;'""w'' :""' thei' "''" see
as circumstances require. The next '-hat Iheainount is properly forward-
i'Onfereni-e will be in London." ed to lhe publishers.
1 \\\\t^
j Drugs, Medicines, Prescriptions,
I Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobaccos, at Wholesale and Retail.
Stationery, Magazine.-. Newspapers, Confections, am'.
I Toilet Article-.
Fort george Drug Co., Ltd.
Laselle Avenue, South Fori George.   ::   George Street, Prince George.
Kodaks - Gramophones - Records
Dr. Lazier hns extended liis practice lo I'rince (leorge by opening an
nlficc in iln- building nf the Fort
(leorge Drug Company, opprosite
the King Ceorge Hotel, on George
Street. The Doctor also maintains
his South Fori (leorge ollice.
*      *      #      4      4
.Melville (i. Brown and Charles
Brown returned to town tbis week
after nn extended trip to the east
and at Vancouver and Victoria.
They are rapidly perfecting their
plans for the new Power Plant to be
erected for the lighting of tbe city.
Miss F. M. Maundrell, graduate
nurse, is changing her address, nnd
will move to her new residence on
8th Avenue, Prince George, near
Dominion Street, which is fitted up
to receive a medical, obstetrical, or
surgical patient. She will also attend
patients in their own homes when
not otherwise engaged.
The continuation of Queen Street
around Connaught Hill Park wus
commenced this week by the clearing of timber from the portion to be
cut away for grading of the street to
the north in the spring.
#   #   #   #    .
Church Dance a
Splendid Success,
wocery specials
Combining the Highest Quality
With the Lowest Cost.
Large size and mealy.
The best we ever had.
$2.25 per 100 lbs.
Everyone sound.
7 lbs. for 25c.
Lyles Golden
21b. Tin for 20c.
Orchard Brand   -   Pure Fruit.
51b. Tins for 65c.
A blend of Ceylon and Indian Teas
Wonderful Value
40 Cents per lb.
Very Choice Table Figs.
15c per lb.
Kennedy, Blair & Co., limited.
be dance given  by the Indies of | -
south fort george ano
Prince  George,
British Columbia.
Specialists in Farm Lands and Prince George Lots.
Phoenix Assurance Co. of London
Liverpool and London and Globe of Liverpool
British American Assurance Co. of Toronto.
Pioneer Real Estate and Insurance Agents of the Northern Interior
of British Columbia.
the Church of thc Sacred Heart last
evening, nt the Ititts Kil'er Hull, on
George Street, was a splendid success. In fact it was voted as one of
the most successful and enjoyable
occasions of its kind yet given in
the Ritts Kil'er.
A pleasing feature was the moonlight dance with colored lights, etc.
To the ladies of the Church belong all the credit of the occasion,
all the arrangements having been
engineered by them.
Another Wrestling Match To
Be Staged at the Rex Theatre
A championship wrestling match
will take place at tlic Rex Theatre,
Prince George, Tuesday, February
23rd, at 10:15 p.m. immediately
after Inst show. See posters for
further particulars.
Special Postal Rate To Our
Troops on the Continent.
Arrangements hnve been made
whereby the ordinary rate of two
cents per ounce applicable to all
letters sent from Canada to the
United Kingdom, will apply to
letters addressed to British or Canadian troops on the continent. The
rate on ordinary letters from Canada for the continent is five cents
for the first ounce, and three cents
for each subsequent ounce, so that
this extension of tbe two cent an
ounce rate to letters addressed to
our soldiers on tbe continent, is a
decided reduction in favor of eorre
pondence going the soldiers.
Wilhelmina Arrives at Falmouth
P. BURNS & CO, Ltd,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in all Kinds of
Butter, Cheese, Eggs M
Highest Prices Paid for Hides and Live Stock
This weeks trains to Vancouver
via Prince Rupert carried quite an
array of witnesses in the various
cases called at Vancouver for trial
in the Supreme Court. The B. C.
Express Co., Fort George Trading
and Lumber Co., Tbe Salmon River
Lumber Co., and the owners of the
Steamer Geo. Hammond, having
suits against the Grand Trunk Pacilic Railway for damages growing
out of tbe alleged stoppage of navigation during tbe building of thc
railroad bridge across the Fraser
Kiver nt Prince George.
The amount involved is snid to be
about $200,000.
The 1 . C. Express Co. and the
Inland Express Co. case is also expected to take quite some time in
the trial at thc same term of Court,
The American steamer Wilhelmina, which has cargo of food
supplies for Germany, arrived at
Falmouth Wednesday afternoon.
The captain of the vessel said he
came to Falmouth of his own
free will and had no prize crew
Speaking of Waste Places and
Great Unpeopled Areas
of Canada.
London.—Earl Grey, presiding at
a meeting held this week to advocate an agreement among nations
for the enforcement of international
law, said tbat the present conflict
wonld probably never have taken
place bad the policy of American
pacificists, that the signatory nations
to tbe Hague convention should undertake collective responsibility for
their enforcement, been adopted.
" It is almost certain," said Earl
Grey, "tbat tbis logical and necessary complement of tbe Hague
tribunal will be adopted when tbe
nations again meet in consultation.
The neutral powers, who signed the
Hague conventions, missed a great
opportunity by not protesting
against the violations of the international regulations tbat occurred in
this war, which undoubtedly would
would have led to a diminution of
its horrors."
A resolution wns adopted declaring it to " be imperative that peace
be established which shall secure
collective responsibility by all civilized nations for the maintenance
and enforcement   of   international
Robert Service Lives in Paris
The announcement that wolves
have made their appearance in the
earthquake - devastated region of
Italy has drawn out expressions of
j surprise from those who supposed
the country was so old and so thickly settled that animals of this kind
were non-existent. But tbe fact is
thnt a good part of Italy is still in a
primitive state. The earthquake
section is near the Apennines, a
range of rugged mountains in which
such conditions exist. The Apennines are nliout .S00 miles long and
from twenty-five to eighty-five iniles
wide, and in some respects strongly
resemble the Alps. It is not strange
that wild beasts abound in this
Phone 35
Fort George and South Fort George.
Phone 30
In Lynn, Mass., there is a baby
whose mother is l(t and whose grandmother is 32. "Granny" will not lack
young companions.
Contractors & Builders
Get Our Estimates Free of CliRi'8. :: Jeele Work Neeally and Promptly   .XOCtUed
Phone 26
The Morning l'ost of London in
n recent issue published a long, appreciative biography of Robert Service, who declares he will write no
more songs of the far west or tbe
.high north, but will seek subjects
hereafter in the great world cities,
such   as Paris,   London and  New
Servie-e   It'll-   her.v ('anailian   B
perssent  bin. lo (he Balkan ;,,. i^ve the blotter, how it soaks
, "    "'"'Up words and deeds of other folks;  il
and afterwards he wandered over j Then shows them up to me and you
j Europe; settling in Paris,   where he ! 1" all details, but wrong side to,
I will probably end his days, he says, j 	
"since Iioother city is so satisfying    London Scot (proud of his English)
| and there is no danger of I ning'Aw'll behame abocteicht o'clock the
too  respectable there.    I   have ,,0 niohtan-
spceinl illusions abotll   my   work;!    Voico of tclePbone operator (obedient
I write things nf today for jieoplc of
today. Thi' lives of people I see
around me hold enough roiininee
for ine,"
to government instructions) No foreign
languages, please.   Buz-z-z-z Cut off,
Better a painful tituaiion than no job
at all. J
You should take three or fOw.r eggs
daily for a month to build you up.
But, doctor, I cannot afford that.
Well, then, you must take a trip to
Church of England
Holy Communion 1st and 3rd
Sundays at 8 a. m.
Every Sunday at 11 a.m. Holy
Communion Sung with sermon.
Morning prayer at 10:45.
Evening prayer and sermon
Presbyterian Church
Rev. A. C. Justice,    pastor,
Services :    11 a. m. and   7.30
p. in. Gospel service.
11 a. m.-The Minister.
7.30 p. m.-The Minister.
Sunday School 2 p. m.
A. C. Justice, Minister,
Blithn  Colambla  Land   Surveyor
Land Airent       Timbor Crutoer
Representing GORE & MCGREGOR, Limited
McGregor Building, Third Street. SOUTH
Architect and Civil Engineer
Temporary Ollice :
Corner Vancouver and Eighth Streets,
Fort Georgo, B.C. Victoria, B.C.
F. P. Burden, Mgr. F. C. Green. Mgr,
Nelson. B.C.. A. H. Green. Mgr.
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
0ri! EifimM, Da Mitt IB. C. Lud Suntyon
Survey! of Land a, Minea, Townsites, Timber
Limit. Etc.
During the coining year, Canada
as the "granary of the empire"
should make such large increases in
production as to fulfil her duty and
deserve the appellation. Fanners
of thc Bulkley, it is reported, are I
doing their slmre by sticking more
closely to work at home this winter
and cutting, slashing and getting
more ground ready for breaking in
the .spring; also many have been
increasing their live stock recently
by importing groin the prairie provinces. All of which is a pretty good
indication that this valley will ere
long be prepared to do its full share
in the production of harvests for the
big granary.
Victoria Hotel
(Formerly Grand Union)
Third Street     -     South Fort George
6;500 Surgeons at the Front
Paris.—Professor Trullicr, in an
address before the Surgical Society,
stated that of thc 14,000 surgeons
in the army, 0,500 were at the
front. At the end of December, 95
had been killed, 2(10 wounded and
440 were among the missing, while
155 bad been mentioned in orders
for gallant conduct on the field of
Hot and Cold Water I
F.C BURCH        ■       • Proprietor
Pioneer Bakery
We are the pioneers in the
baking business. Always has
and always will be the best
Cone and give us a call.
FRED TIEMEYER, Proprietor.
OUR Telegraph Office at Prince
Georgo is now open for bujineas.
All telegrams for Prince George
and Central Fort George will ('"
through this office.   Freo delivery
between Prince and Central.


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