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 For assured prosperity we await Iwo .?•
tills: Steel it Tete Juane Cache, and tie j
sale of Indian Resenre No.l to Ibe C. T. P.
' - -Steel will be laid into Tete Juane Cache by
;tljq_ OffilaM of navigation next year. Nc-
-0_ati-_yj>jTR^No. 1 are now progressing.
VOLUME  1,   NO. 55
SOUTH   FORT   GEORGE,   B.C.,   AUGUST   26,   1911
Following is an excerpt from a leading
article in the Winnipeg Saturday Post of
August 12th., which, under the caption,
"Fort (ioorge--The Original Hot-Air
Townsite" deals with tiro methods of the
Natural Resources Security Company Ltd.,
who are selling the Fort George townsite
on the Nechaco river front, buck of the
Indian Iteserve here, as the Post not*™
those methods in Winnipeg:
"In the little elbow of Main Street which
lies between Bunnutyne Avenue and William
on the west side, is a large plate-glass
window, with offices l>ehind it. Il used to
be occupied by the Dominion Express Co.,
class, and now is the stand of a real estate
but it has graduated from thc commercial
firm, of ultra-modern methods. Tn passing
this window, ti.u attention is drawn by a
vividly puinted bird's-eye view of large dimensions, occupying a prominent place in
the window spuce. Surrounding it, and
thickly scattered over the fore-ground, are
mottoes, of wondrous variety, but all pointing to the one fact—that he who does not
buy twenty-five foot lots in the registered
townsite of Fort, George, B. C., is one of
those to whiom opportunity is a vain thing,
a dull and footless dolt, without brains, ambition or common sense, one who lacks faith
in his country, and, more perticulary, in
Messrs. Cox, Herm, and Stephenson, the
vendors in Winnipeg of the townsite afore
"The idle and curious pause for a moment
to survey the display. With open mouth
they look upon the wonders vividly depicted, and set forth for their ultimate benefit—
or otherwise. If they gupe wide enough and
seem to be sufficiently innocent, they have
to hurry to get away. In the doorway of
the oflice a hawk-like eye in on the watch.
At lhe approach of a likely customer, its
owner burries forth, and buttonholes the
unconcious victim. A few minutes of rapid-
fire conversation, mostly one-sided, and the
Hy disstippeurs within the web, that is to
say, the offic., personally conducted by the
hawk-eyed conversationalist.
"If ho is born under a lucky star, he es-
cupes with an annfull of literature setting
forth thc fortunes to bo made by purchasing
a twenty-five foot lot in Fort George. If, on
the other hand, he belongs to the class of
unfortunates wliose mission appears to be
to bear the brunt of every disaster that
comes within a mile of them, he comes out
with an ugroement of sale, und leaves behind him as much of his hard-earned
savings as can be pried loose frctn his
"Amongst the secondrhand stores of tho
nortlt end this method of conducting business is looked upon with an unfavorable
eye by the police. Salesmen are not permitted in those less-fuvored regions to go
out into the highways and byeways and to
haul in their customers from off tho street.
Persistance in such a course ends in a visit
to the police court, and in presentation to
the city, of a sum varying in amount with
the persistance in the practice, and tba
methods of persuasion used. Hut the Centre
Winnipeg exponents of this method of salesmanship do not hesitate on this account.
They are great believers in the doctrine that
he who hesitates is lost—so much that they
impress it upon their customers at every
turn—and they have another thing in common with their customers; they ure willing
to take a chance, ft may not he quite us
long as that taken by their customers, but
it goes the length of soliciting business on
the street, ut least.
"The land these people ure selling is described as "the registered townsite of Fort
George," Cariboo District, It lies in the
path of the projected main line of the Grand
Trunk Paoific railway through British '.Columbia.' It is at the junction of the Fraser
und Neohudo Rivers—or to be more correct, for the lndiun Reserve lies ut the junction, ubout two miles' west. About two und
a half milos from this townsite, on the bunk
of the Fraser, in close proximity to the
Hudson's Bay post from which the town-
site takes its name, is the village of South
Fort George. Hen! is the actuul town, so
fur us there is n town. Here ure the steamboat landings, und those industries which
form the pivotal point of settlement for the
'*Herc the lund slopes gently to the river,
nffording perfect whurfugo—probubly the
principal deciding point for the pioneers
who decided to establish the nucleus of the
town here.
"At the townsite which Cox, Helln, and
Stepb.nson are selling there is little development but what the Natural Resources Security Co., the owners of the townsite, have
put in it yiemselves. A big hotel hus been
built—the property of the Natural Resources
Security Company. TTse Bunk of Vancouver
has a branch thero—the building being given
them rent free, I am informed, by the Natural Resources Security Co. All in all, judging by the photographs reproduced in the
literature dealing with the townsite, there
nre about 19 or 20 buildings in the registered townsite of Fort George, a considerable proportion of which are built and owned by the Natural Resources Security Co.,
which is booming the townsite."
The Post writer also adds several columns
of random clippings from the columns of
this journal, stating that "tb.y deal with
the Natural Resources Security Co., its
paper, the Fort George Tribune, und its
president, und like the editor of the Herald,
they nre right to the point." There ure still
some pupers in Cunuda thut will puss up
promoter's money to expose doubtful propositions.
Local and Provincial
George Hammond is now up ngainst the
limelight of publicity properly. The Winning Post is edited by one of Canada's
lighting journulists. George will of course
retaliate by sicking his journalistic lap-dog
in the Saturday Sunset offices, Vancouver,
on to the Post. The professional bluekmnil-
ing truth distorter, and promoter's meniul,
who crawls in the slime that oozes from
thc promoter's cess-pool will get very busy:
He's wanted on the job.
Post-office Inspector Greenfield, of Vancouver, wus u visitor here this week. Mr.
Greenfield hus been investigating the affairs
of the postal service here, und hus decided
to institute several chunges. The absurd
system of ullowing railway mail clerks and
the Ashcroft post oflice to separate the mail
for the towns of Southi Fort George, on the
Fruser River, and of Fort George, the town-
site up the Nechaco river, which leads to a
groat deal of the mail intended for this
place bung curried on into the woods, and
returned after a lapse of time, is to be rec-
tilii'd by the sorting of all mail for the two
towns in tliis postoffice. This rule is to remain in force, we understand, until the full
of the your, when the segregated system will
lie re-adopted. This is to give business men
in the two different towns un opportunity
of impressing upon their correspondents the
proper post offices thut should bo used in
addressing their houses through the mails.
The whole system smacks of fiasco. The
postoffice wus originally located in the Hudson Buy post here, and the factor was appointed postmaster. Then came the time
when the South Fort George townsite was
put on the market, and the settlement that
grew up thereon, and threatned to keep on
growing up, justified the post office authorities in changing the locution of the nffice
lo the town. This wus done. Tb_n the Ne-
chaco townsite, just coming into being, und
jealous ever of anything in the way of public convenience that wus awnrded to the
proper town on the Fraser, wailed for one
too. They got it. At first the mail would be
sorted hero, by both postmasters, and all
mail intended for the Port George townsite
would be forwarded tli.reto. The people here,
forming over three quarters of thc populat
ion of both towns, hud no objection to this
as no inconvenience was imposed upon them
by ullowing one of the Nechaco River residents to pluy postmuster, but when they
went out for a separate mail delivery from
tl*. south, and by so doing got a lnrge proportion of the mail intended for the lnrger
town mixed up with thut of their town-
site's, South Fort George hud u kick
coming, nnd kicked. The fact of having
letters correctly addressed does not rectify
the matter, as we have had numbers of cases
brought to our attention where mail addressed to South Fort George has gone to
the other town. And yet these townsite
boosters from the Nechaco River will rise at
a banquet und hold forth upon u desire to
weave a "gronter Fort George" out of the
tangled skein of townsites. With eloquence
nnd gesture they will picture tlj. united
townsites, woven by the Grand Trunk site.
With an array of listners round a festive
board before them, with fine idenls romping
in their think-boxes, their bibulous speech-
making evolves n desirable mirage, to vanish utterly into thin air ns some trifling incident of townsite opposition creeps like a
cloud betwixt the sun and this mirage in
the wilderness.
IT. C. Seamen, manager of the Trader's
Bunk here returned from a month's holiday
in California this week.
The contract for the building of the new
Northern Hotel on Hnmilton Avenue, was
awnrded, last Monday, to the local firm of
Bronger & Flynn. Rapid progress is now-
being made on the building. Already the
first floor of the building is now framed nnd
covered in, whilst the second story is also
framed. Contractor Bronger, informs us
thnt the building will bo under its roof by
Wednesday next. The hotel is to be entirely
completed by the end of next month.
Dr. J. K. McLennan, of the J. D. McArthur Construction Company, is expected
here on the next bo*t.
Dr. McDougull is expected here shortly to
represent the Dominion government in the
detail work of settling the Indian reserve
Don't fail to see the fight pictures.
Father Cocola arrived here from Stewart
Luke early in the week, und hus been working with the Indians on tine sale of the lndiun reservation here to the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway. Up to the time of going to.
press no satisfactory arrangement hud been
arrived nt between the Indians nnd Father
Cocoln, who, in his capacity of missionary,
is negotiating the matter for the railway
company, but at the same time is nttending
to the Indian's interest in the matter. The
Indians are divided into two cliques. One,
apparently the stronger, ndvocuting the
sale, under Chief I.oui. The other gung, who
ure resorting to obstruction tactics, follow
Joseph Quah, a wily old Siwush who calls
himself second  chief. Quah  thinks .that the
Indians have the big railway company ut
their mercy entirely, and wunts the whole
bund to hold out for some fabulous figure.
Chief Loui comes down from I. R. No. 2 today to take part in a mass meeting and conference which should end the mutter for all
time. Father Cocola made a trip-up the
Fraser this week to the goose country reserve, where part of the tribe will settle in
the event of the sale of the reserve going
through, whilst another section of them will
settle on tlie Chief cabin reserve. At this moment it is impossible to say just what the
outcome of the conference will be. Indications would point to the fact that the attitude of the Chief and his majority following will curry tl«e matter to the desired
The big tilling in Canada's wnys-andv
means policy is on the brink of the precipice of public decision.—Shull we recipross?
if we may coin rather n mixed grumetricul
Nobody knows. The Conservatives say no,
decidedly; that Wilfred Laurier, will go
down to defeat, buried under the reciprocity
agreement, to tho salutes of the Canadian
nuVy's second hand guns. It is a big question and one which offers a wide divergency
of opinion. It is influenced largely by the
occupution of the voters, nnd on the American side of tho line ti.u country is divided
over it under similar impulses. Sir Wilfred
Laurier is confident. His "white plume" is
in the thick of the campaign in the eastern
provinces, where the big parliamentary representation comes from. The light appears
to be centred between Ontario and Quebec.
R. L. Borden, leader of the opposition, will
undoubtedly have a groat following in Ontario. Tho railroads aro adverse to the pas
sage of the bill, for they want the longer
freight hauls along, the latitude of Canada.
The Territories want tine markets of the
United States.for their grain, and added to
this is a large Almerioan population in tho
north-west, which will support the measure.
The reciprocity agreement appeals to us,
from our limited knowledge of the subject,
to be a measure the results and outcome of
which onn not be foroenstod with uny degree
of accuracy. The effects of the measure upon
the country us a politico-economic measure
cun not be gauged. The agreement must go
into force for some yours before the country
can properly realize the conditions that the
passage of the bill will bring into being,
yet, if it is thrown out the rosy predictions
of tha Laurier government will be held as
un argument against the opposition—in the
event of their coming into power as a gov-
ernment-by Sir Wilfred Laurier, should
Canada fall upon a period of "lean years."
during the political life of that statosmnn.
The Hon. Thomas Taylor, whilst on his
recent visit here, wus continuully reminded
of the requirements of this town from the
provincial government. In South Fort
George we impressed upon the Minister of
Public Works tb! necessity of the building
of a school capable of properly accomodating the children of tho district. The present
building is totally unfit for such a purpose.
The necessity of having a jail built here we
have continuully culled attention to. Thc
steel cages and fixtures for a "jug" huve
been here since lust full. They rcmuined in
the British Columbia Express Company's
warehouse until the company requested the
government to remove tlwm nnd they now
rest beside the government warehouse on
Second Street, as u sort of mute evidence
of the goodness of the community. Last
week the constable left town with a crazy
lndiun—who amuses himself at times by
throwing rocks nt children—bound for the
asylum at Coquitlam. We huve seen this in-
snne Siwush roaming the streets at times, a
menance to the children's safety. There were
occasions when his demented mind went
astray altogether and he should have been
locked up—where? And down in tho capital,
with the big surplus, tb.y deliberate and
ponder on the expenditurec of a few dollnrs
to protect the public safety.
Every new-comer to the city tells of the
frenzied work of the "knockers" along tho
Curiboo rond. It is u good thing thnt the
automobile hus superseded the stngo couch
during lhc summer months along the great
pike to Soda Creek. These poor disgruntled
fools, crazed at the thoughts of the wave of
prosperity which is swishing along tho big
valleys to the north of them, aware, und
helpless before tht! f.wt thnt steel at Tete
Junno Cache will mark the death of the
Curiboo Road as a route for thu transportation of freight for the country tributary to
the upper Fruser valley, they seek to dishearten the incoming throng with canards
and exaggerations about the country to the
north, of which they ure in reality just as
ignorant of as the pcopletjthey ure informing, Keep on travelling stranger, "All men
are liars" some damosel once foolishly remarked, but us regards the roud house
keepers along the great Curiboo road this
is very nearly true.
A well balanced show tonight at the Fort
Goorge Theatre. Comedy and melo-drama.
Up in tl«e Yukon they are progressive. In
thnt land of snow and gold they nre now-
trying to hook-up the remote and isolated
points in the hinterland, with Dawson and
other centres, by wireless. We have advocated the installation of a similar system
along the Fraser valley. If instruments
were instulled ut Tete Juane Cache and
Fort George a good service could be maintained between to active but remote points.
Writing of the new service which is to be
estnblished in the Yukon, the Vancouver
News-ndvertiser says thnt representations
are to be made in a very short time to the
Dominion government, urging the extension
of the splendid government wireless telegraph systems to several of the out-of-the-
way posts of the Yukon. Bishop Stringer of
Dawson, who is well-known in Vancouver,
having paid several visits to friends there,
will soon take the matter up with the officials at Ottawa. The residents of the nortii
are desirous of linking up Hersehel island.
Fort MncPherson und Rampart House with
The Dominion Stock antl Bond Corporation, of Vuncouver, a company capitalized
nt 82,000,0(10, is flouting a townsite ut
Fruser Luke. Their site is ut tlte western end
of the lake, where the Nechaco river Hows
by. The railroad surveys bisect the site. Thc
townsite hns just been surveyed by Arthur
Holland, P. L. S. The company deserve
credit for the manner in which they are conducting their lot-selling campaign so fur, ns
apart from diluting upon the resources of
the country they appear to be trying to
keep extruvngont statements out of their
advertising literature. We have been informed that the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
Company would locute their townsite nt
the Stella end of the lake, and (his may, or
may not lie. N. T. McMillan, of Winnipeg,
we ure informed, is ulso preparing to town-
site smue land near Stella on the south
bunk of the hike.
D. U. Johnstone, returning officer for tho
Yule-Cariboo eloctrul district hns issued his
proclamations regarding the nomination of
candidates for the constituency. The fourth
of September has been set for the nominut-
j ion, in the old court house hall at Kamloops. There nre 24 polling stations in the
Cariboo District for this election, Fort
George, Tete Juane Cache and Moose Lake
being included.
In the conservative platform Mr. Borden
| hns included a  plank for the chilled meat
I industry in Canada.   That will never give
Wilf. cold feet,
N. H. Wesley has enlarged his offices on
Second Street to provide for the rapid
growth of his business.
Frank O'Flahity, of lhe Trader's Bank of
Canada here left for sunny California on tht!
"I!. X." this morning, for several weeks
holiday. Frank will be missed.
Arthur Holland's survey party arrived in
town on Wednesday lust from the Nechaco
: valley,   where they   have been working for
i the past three months. A.  II.  Holland,  I'.
| I.. S., is in charge.
Fort George has tt policeman but no lockup. Kaslo and Nakusp hail lhe same (rouble
nearly 20 years ago. In I -'.ll! there were
four policemen stationed at Nakusp, and no
lock-up. When arrests were made (he prisoners wen- chained to a tree until the court
opened in the morning.—Greenwood Ledge;
It. Campbell, a brother of Mr. P. Campbell of the Second Street stationery business
wus amongst the arrivals on the "B. X."
this week. Mr. Campbell is to take charge
of the school here as teacher. He is a gold-
.nedulist, in mathematics, from Prince of
Wales Colledge, and is a most competent
teacher. Mr. Campbell comes here direct
from Prince Edward's Island, clear across
K. C. MacDonald, of Vernon, Inspector of
Indian Agencies, who was unanimously
selected ns the Liberal candidate at the
Yule-Cariboo convention held in Kamloops
on August lotl... 190 delegates and proxies
being present, is now conducting u strenuous campaign in the lower end of the
disti'ict. Dr. MacDonald is a dentist, and tt
good one, but we do not see how the most
expert knowledge of teeth-pulling will avail
him much in pulling down the majority of
Mr. Martin Burrell. Dr. Macdonald was in
South Fort George this spring at one of
the attempts to buy the Indian Reserve for
theG. T. P.
The quartz excitement, back on the hill
behind the peach orchards sold by an enterprising Vancouver firm, seems to be keeping
up. A semi-expert, who claims,to know till
ubout gold when it is cached in rocks, says
that we are going to witness a "second Johannesburg", right here. That will help
some. Johannesburg is the centre of the
greut Witwuterstrund gold fields, in Africa;
und is the largest town in the Transvaal.
Prior to the African war Kill mining claims
near the town employed 96,000 natives, and
the gold production was in the neighborhood of 87,000,000 a month. We never had
any idea that there was so much wealth
lying about loose in this neck of the wootls,
but the unexpected is always happening.
We would advise the semi-expert, however,
to hit this northern booze light. Peruna. in
small quantities is all right, but overdoses
have been known to bring on the willies
George C. Taylor, representing R. G.
Dunn's mercantile agency, hus been spending
a week in town, investigating the standing
of the business houses here and obtaining
other information, relative to the status of
the various townsites and interests at this
point, for tba clients of the agency. Mr,
Taylor is very favorably impressed with the
town of South Fort (leorge. and stated to
The Herald, that this properly, in view of
the splendid docking facilities offered by the
low sloping banks here, should always form
a thriving addition to the main townsite of
the (1. \. P. on the Indian Reserve, and possibly the Hudson Bay land, which adjoins
this site on the north. The I!. T. Dunn Mercantile agency was established iu Is 11 and
have 212 offices in different parts of the
The Nortbarn Interior Amusement Company are advertising thnl they will produce
the Wolgust-Nelson fight films in the Fort
George theatre next week. The management
informs us thnt thoy have secured these
films at great expense from Denver Col., and
that they nre producing tlviu here at great
difficulty. The price of admission has been
raised, for tine week only, to fifty cents, and
the films will be run Monday Wednesday and
Saturday. The Wolgust-Nelson light, for the
world's lightweight championship, will bo
remembered ns one of tho most fiercely contested lislic battles in the history of thi!
ring. It was fought at Colville, near San-
Francisco, and lasted for forty-two rounds,
when it was stopped by the poliee owing to
the terrible punishment that Battling
Nelson was receiving, and to save him
from a knock-out. We are informed by the
management, that the Amusement Company will run similar films, portraying the
greut events of tho world, not alone of
sport, but of incidents of international interest und import, from, time to time, providing that the town can support such an
nmusepient service at this early state of its
development. i   1,
i iGK TWO         ^
—,,;     -.-,.ew;rt—or»>»»«
■vr-_rii_iiii, ■■in
District oi Curil,-
'   Distrul  ui  Curibou.
Disirio ol Cariboo.
Mian, ol Van-  _    £°i.
AUGUST 26, isii
„[ Se      TAKE notice     that  Waller Scott Mc      TAKIC notice   that Charles    Drown, ol      TAKE1 notice  that Turn Allan, ol \ an- Ja « -\\J       &__     _     B_fW«%'VArlM
intends   l.,ll„„.    „i'     Vancouver,    B.    C,   oecupatiun   Vancouver, B. C. „ccn|.ation Miner inteiuls   couver, B. C. occiioatton Jtlnin. K»I!«KW, $ g     ft C_V___V K   *%   .li-M^Wll-.
hsi   ii.c   miner, intends to , Iv for perniission t„ ' in  apply  Ior p.™ission  lo  purcliase  tlic   Intends to apply (ar p.-rniissi  purcli M V-> •«-*u »-J"»•  WW
purchase Hie following descriiicd lands:-    I following described lands:-                        ase tlic lollowini; described lunus:- £ Smith FCT- C_-Grg«., B.C.
bunt si      Commencing ut « post  planted on  tlic      Commencing nt .i  post  planted  ', mile!   Commencing  nl a  post planted on  Un A »i_»S«tu it «-» c >--•.-•- _.   > •-   ■"•
.....           ...   ..             ..-..            .'.           '.     .■,... ,    i i.     ...    u.i       ,»;....    .I...1H     Io >I
> VI iC.
oi   Halfway   River  uuout   _u   west  Iroin  Halfway River nliout  14 miles   west  bnnk   of  .fairway    Rive,   ,, -  -•■  ,j
N.   miles    downstreum    from   tbe   moutli   ol   downstream   from  the moutli  of Cvnress   miles downstream from the inoiilb "f Cyp   ;<l
nnk   Cypress    Creek;   tliencc   south  So   chains;   Creel.; theuce west So ehnins; llience norlh ! rcss  Creek;   thencc  west Kn chains,   tbencc   ,4 -■__«,
nsli   ihcnce   enst   Ko    chains;   thence  nortli  ao   80 chnins;   theuee cnst   Ko clinins;  thence   north Ko  chains:     thenre  cusl so chains  ^    «_- jo » y .
.,,.   chains, more or less, .0 river bank, thence   s ,,.,1, So ehnins to point of e oncel-cnt,   more or less to river hank, Ihenee;*"«,'   %     Ljg|0SCS       W (_t_-fe ii,ferai- '"'
nice   wcsl,   [ollowing  river  bank,   io  point  ,,1   containing 640 dcres more or less. nlong   river   bonk to point of con mence   ))    jb-_m-u.v_-.__s-. »-■
111,   lonimeneemeiil,  -ulituiilllig 480 ucres more   Je.lo. CHARI.ES UROWN. menl,containing 640 ncres more or   1
or  l.-ss. '   February j8th., l.ll.    Frank  Wnlson, ngl. i Je   10 TOM ALLAN
.le 10.        WALTER SCOTT MeI.l5LI.AN.    i Mni'eh  1st., mil.     Prank Watson
Frank Watsou, agent. I'EACE RIVER LAN'll III... RICT.
We are specializing: on ladies' waists this week 1'rom %.
a stock lhal lias no two patterns alike. k
— , District of Carihoo. PEACH RIVER l.ANI) l)l.,_lflvl. _ R is a ll'.C.'lSUI'C (0 ll.'tVC US sllOW thell) to VOII. [<
PEACE RIVER LAND DISTRICT.        !    TAKE notice that Oeorgo Ayrcsomc, ol District ol Cnrihuo. <l ' .. .„„^.,_.„_ _.„ N
Districl   ol Caribuo. 1 Vnncouver     B.   C.,  Decimation'   travelling      TAKE notice thnl ,I, e Sin crd' of Vnn- __£___;_£.:_^'jiyj__£^!j_'j_?.i 1.3___:__J._L.__;-_-?_X__^_e^_K_ii__>'',
t'AKE nolice Hint  .Limes Willinm Mc-   salesman, inteiuls to u'-lv for nermission | couver 11. C, occupntion Laborer, intends
„.!. ^^_^^2ii-SS^;2__«^_^_>^^^^
■chase   lhc
lawson,     Y.  T.,   occupation to   purclinsc  lhc  [ollowlng described   lands:   lo  apply   for   pern
"'';  "■>•'•"•'•   Miner,  intends lo apply lor iiermission to'     Commencin"  nl   n   post   planted  on   the   Iollowin- ilcscrihcil lnml:
I'lirchasc   Hie      M.j,,M. ,|U. [„|l„wing described  lunds:- west   bank    of  Hnllway    Uiier   nboul   i.l      Commencin,-   nl   n   posl   planted    ,   1
Cm.,men. in-   nl   a   posl   planted   on   the miles   ilownsteuni   Ir    tlie   lhc   moulh   of   West   Irom   Ilnllwny   liner,   .mil   aboil     1     >.
■ nl  .1.0111  ..,1   _.__(   |jn|lk     n|   n,|hl,u.   t_y_   nD0Ut   j. Cvpress Creek:     tliencc   west     Ko   ehains; I miles  down  slrcnm  Ir
'les   west  ol    ...j.^ ,|,,„„sire,i„ iroin "llie mouih "I Cvp tlicnce   norlh      So   eliuins;   ihenee   eusi   40   Cypress   Creek;     tiience      wesl   Ko   chains:   t
"'  ''"'  "■ 'v   ,.. • 1 red     llience west Ko chnins;  thence chains, more or less, lo rner hunt, Ihcnce ' Ihcnce  .soulh     So  chuins;   tliencc  e.isl   Ml   f
u"r"' bunk   ...iol,  :;„     chains    Uienee  east   Ko  el s; south  along   river  limit   10   poini   ol  com  .eliuins:   Ihenee   norlh   Ko  clint-i   lo   |	
"" '" u ,   iiuine north Ko chains lu  | it  of com mcnccincul,  cuntaining 560 neres more or  ol   commepcemciil,     containing  640  ncres  ^,
llien.e cusl   .,....,..,    ,.,,10 ,,nine  loo acres  more  or less. 1 more or less. 4 ,-
ni"!    '■""'    1,'.. ' -I-' jtI0 GEOROE AYRESOME,        Je.lo. JOE SHEPPERD. '.- 1
! "'■' ;|"'"""-1.   jCI'0       JAMES WILLIAM McQUSTION. February jSth., 1911.   Frank Watson, ngt.      Mnrci, 1st., mil.    Frank Wiitsn..,
■""x- ■    K'''' **"'''  ""''     ''r'""     ".""'"' *"""' ;        I'EACE llTc'EfTi-AXD DISTRICI'. PEACE RIVER UND DI01RICT, £
■"    agent. l'KACK KIVKK  I.ANII DISTRICT. „ District  ol  Cnrihoo. District ol Cnriboo,
  ll Mint .a Cnrihoo I   TAKE notice Umt Jnmes Riley, oi Vnn  !   TAKE notice Umt .Mm William Curry.   \
STRICT, TA]<K   -O,(co     UliJ   Jamra  Conrad   oi couver, B. C, occupation teamster, iniends   of  Vnncouver,     ll    C„  nccunatlun   Hue1   fA
Dawson, .Y.  T.,  occupation  miner,  intends '"  apply  lor   permission   10   purch-sc  the   Clerk,  intends  lo  nunly
, 1.   ,, ..,,,.   i,, .,:,,,!,   f,,r  i.enmssioii  lo  purcliase  the following described Inmls:- pureli.ise ihe follow! leacrilicd lanus o
". ' i,    following doscribed 1 Is:- Colnmcncllig al  11  posi  plnntel ,1:   the     Commencing  nt  .1 nost  nlnnted about  ',   J
■ ■ ' ,se      Commencing  .0 a  posi  plnnled on  the wesi  bank     of  Halfway  liner uboul   1.'   mile wesi irom Halfwny River mnl about   rA
wosi   kink   0:   Hnltway   Unci, about  10 '"'h's    downstreom     Irom  lhe  moilUi  ..1   H  mi'.-s  dovviistrcum   imi   moutli   ol   %
....   .....  -,   miles    downstream    from    ihe  mouth   ol Cypress    Creek;   tlicnce     west  Ko cum.-   Cvpress  Creek;     tlicnce    wcsl   Ko chains    %
a  west 11.111   Cipiess   Crui.,     thencc   west   So   chains; llu''»c     "orth   Ko  chnins;   theuee   cast   40   tlicnce   soulh   Ko   ehnins-     thencc  e.isl   Ko   f,
.... o   n    thence north    80 chains;   llience  ensl  Go chains, more or less, 10 river bank, ihcnce   chalnsi ihenee nortii
,  north hank   ihmns lo  rner  bnnk;   thelice south   along "°"l»   "ln"_   river   ll'll,k   '"   l""m   ' ' '""'    commencement,  containing hi" neres  more   ^
,1    „| Cash   ri.er  bank     to   polnl   of  em encement, pciicemcnt, contnining 48o acres more or   „r less. I
,.„.......,   , i„|„i„„   =80   icres morc or less less' Me 1. .1IIIIX WILLIAM CCRRY. ■'
Jc.lo. JAMES 11 II.HY. !    March  1.   1011.     Frank Waison   Aeent
„,t.,it       March ist.,1911.    Frank W'atson, ageat. ,	
____ —<- i        l'EACK KIVER  LAND UISTRICT.
PEACE RIVEK LAND lUSlRli-i. PHAGE RIVER LAN'll 1)1.-,. RICT. District of Cariboo.
Districl  oi  Cariboo. Distrul ol  Cariboo. .    T.,K],:  ,„llia.  l]]|t  yyillinm   JncVsnn,  of   V
 TAKE notice  Hint   William Juines  Eliot      TAKE notice Hint Jumcs Bntcr, 11! Van   .Vnncouver   H,   C.    occupation   Lumberman,   fA
DISTRICT. oi Vuncouver 11.  C. occupation Miner .mil couver,  B.C., occupati liner, Intends to  intends lo annly (or perniission to purcli
iboo. prospeeior, intends to appl)  for permission apply  for permission  to  purchase  lhc lot-   ase  lhe   Iollowin-  ilcscrihcil   lands:- xs,'1
to purclmse Hie [ollowing described lands, lowing described lands:- i    Commencing  nl   .1   post   planted ou   the   J
Commencing  ui  .1   post  planleil on  Hie     Commencing at  a  post  planted  on   tue   east   bank    of  Halfwav    Itiver ahout  -    ■'
wesi   bank     ol   Halfway   River   about   20 cost bank of Halfway river about 13 miles | miles     downstream   from    lhe   moutii   .
miles   downstrcau
lil,        he
.'..Hi.,   1911.     Frmik Wills
.mini aliout 51
iil..., wcsl from
.1  i.n  the li. N.
I.Utw.iv Kiver auout 20 cnst bank oi iialhvny river about ia miles miles downstream [mm iln- numtii ol ^1
1 from tin; mtnttli oi , downstream from \lio moutli of Cvnress j Cypress Crcoki thence cnst Ho cliattis: 2
tltenee  we..i   Bo  chains;   Creek; thencc east 40.cliains; thence north   tlicnce  north    80  chains;   llience  west   .\u  fj.
We hav..
secured the
aitency for
and nave a
SttJCrf Of
for the
ehnins, more or less,  to river lunik; thei
uth   nlong   river   bank   to   point   ol cn;
mencement,  containing 6.pi ncres more
Mnrcli and. l.ll.   Frnnk Watson   a. ent.  J
nth      So   ehnins:    thence  cnst   No   Ho   chains:   tlicnce   west   80  chuins;   tlicnce
ience  norlh 80 chuins 111 point of   south   20   chuins.   more   nr   less   to   rner
ment, containing 640 acres more I bank,   theiue  along  rtver bank   to  noint
'' ■' ! "" i"e nortii kins    ,r jllsSi ,,f commencement,    '.'ontaiuing .|8o ncres [less,
-'   " ' '   ''     I'  ".'!'  <! Je.10.     WILLIAM JAMES 1CL1IIT. more or less. Jc.lo.
« nortli 5o chnins; llience west      ,,Qb   ,.t|l^  ,.,,      Frank ffatson, agent. I Je.io. JAMES HATER.
llience  south  So chains;   theuce  ^    March 1st., IQII.     Frank Watson, ngent
'," ''; I ol conimenccment, PEACE RIA'ER LAND DISTRICT.       I — I       PEACE RIVEH LAND IllciRl. 1.
.■iV;;i'.^\lo,,rv,,-Tiv,,-,irri, l>istril''  "' Cariboo. PEACE RIVER LAND DISiRtCT. District  ol Cnril	
'..'.','      ''■Zvl'iir-     ....nt TAKE notice that James McConnell, ol Dislrict of Cariboo. TA];H   „_,,..   ||m,   j,,,,,.,   -,.„___   .,
 Dawson   Y.   T.,  oeeiipntion  miner,  inieiuls!    TAKE notice that Juines MncDoirihl, of  Vancouver,   11.   C.  occupntion Lumhermnn,
IIIVI'K  1 \N'|l DISTRICT I"  ;lI'lllv   '"r   permission   to  purcnase  the   Dawson, Y. T. occupntion miner, inteiuls to I inteiuls  to  no"'.-  for permission  to nlirch.
District ot Cariboo followine  described  lunils:- apply for permission  to  purchuse  the Iol-'use the followin- described lands:
Commencing .11 .1 posl plnnled nbout ;, ' lowin» described lands:- j   Commencing at   n   post  planted  .,11   the
•itice th.it ('.us. Slul.cn, of Se    „ mile uest ot Hallway Kiver and about      Commencing  at  0  post planted  on   lhe Cist hank of llnlfwnv River about 7 miles
 malion  ill si. .0-    intends   23 miles down strenm  from the mouth of   east    bnnk   of   Halfway    River   about   lo   downstream   from   the   mouth   of   Cvnress
■ '   -.-rmissi 11   lo   nurchase   the   Cvpress     Creek,   thencc    west  80   ciiuins; : miles  down   strenm   from   tlle   mouth     of   Creek; theno.- north 80 ihuiiis: thenee west
"''   cil loads: thence  Soutli   80   cliains:   tlicnce east  80   Cypress    Creek:   thence   north   80   clinins:   80 chuins  more  or    less  to     river haul,,
il      it a 1 isl   pl inc.I  aboul   51    chains;   llience nurlh 80 cbuins to point of    Ihenee   west .  80   ehnins;   Ihcnce   SOUtll   20 { thencc south  along  river bank to noint  of
■ i .1 mil   1; miles wes:  from   commencement,  contnining (140 aires more   chuins,   to  river  Imnk,  thencc  along  river   commencement,  containing 4110 neres  more
le 1   si  ,-.,' 1 lislieil mi  tho K. N.   ,.r ieSS> hank to p..int of commencement, containing 1 or less.
ill'   ice trnil on the nortii bnnk   j, ,_ JAMES M.CnN'N'EI.L. 320 acres more or less, i Jc.io. ROBERT WATSON
1   Kivel   ul the mouth of Cash      Feb. 27th, 1911.     Frank Watson, agent.      Je.10. JAMES M.icDON'AI.D. |    Marclil.mil.     Frank Wats icent
nh 80 chains; thencc west     " |    Murcli 1st., mn.    Frnnk Watson, ngent, ; . s
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e   _a.- j__i_-
Fro_.i Street, QUESNEL, E. C
ehnins:   th
District ol Cariboo.
Dislrict „i Can,,  |    TAKK   „„,„,.
TAKE    notice    that   George   Itciirv,   of |     "i-mci 01   .ariuou. 1    TAK-K   ]1(||ia.  1]ia  Wl||;.M|1  jjimKU-v.   of
Ilamiltou, Wash, occupation Farmer, in- TAKIC notice Hint Malcolm Jumcs Mc- Vancouver, 11. C, oeeiipntion Drummer
tends lo upply for permission to purcliuse Klnnon, of Dawson, V. T.. occunation inteiuls to npplv p r permission to purch-
the   lollowing" deserihed   land.,:- miner,   intenils lo nnnty  for nermission   to   ase the foil,,urn.,  [lescribed l.mils'-
Commeucing at a post plnnted on tlie ' purehase the lollowini. ilescrilieil huuls:- j Commencing nt n posl planted about 1
'  nk of   llnlfwnv   river    nbout  14 :    Commencing nl  n   post  planted  on the i mile cast of Halfway  River nml about 0
District -f Cnrihoo.
TAK!-'   notice   tlmt   Clarence   Fisher    ol   'm'ea downstream from'the mouth of Cy-   w.si   bank   of     llullwuy    river   nhonl   10 1 milcs   downstream     from    the   moutii   of
'.■null'   Wash      mien   ition   Lineman ' in-   l:rL'ss Creek;  thence west 80 chains; thence   miles    downstream     from   the   month   of   Cypress     Creek:   tbence     enst   80   elmins
Ul ehnins   lo   Cvpress   Creek;      thencc   wesl     80   chains; j thencc   south   8n     chuins:   tliencc   west   80
s'ioli lo nurchase ninth 80 chaius' ihenee east CO chains to vvpress c rres; uienee wesi no cnuins; inence soutn Isn clinins: Hience west 81
ml river bank thence south alone river bulk'""''""'' ""r"' R" cll'""s: thencc east 20 chains; thence norlli 80 chnins to - Jul 0
planted about  -,i   ,0 point o'l commencement, containing 580   ,,mi,"s'   '" .riu'r,   ,k'   "'c"cc',"'"".  ri;"''r i commencement,  containing 640 ncres mor
...il_.    „■,..!    fr... r,   ■    ...    ..   ,r    !_.. ' 5'a"k   l"   I"""!   "'   COmillCllCCtllCllt ,   C   UtUlllllIn     Ot   'CSS.
I.llll>    WIM     l|n|ll       iltll„    U1CIC    Ul      JtMS. .Q.-,      .■*_■    .__.H        ..1   IT       * it.T*--...      ...--..-.
iil ____■ ma*-— ____■ •__n_i7__«_fl___T> ■_____■ «__d_h ■_■■ .tf_a_M*HIHtMH-MMDW4n_^-ltaH.__HMI---H____M_-__|
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OPE I! A T 1 N G
Mtiiil for a f'niili-r I
Stages Autos     Steamboats
From Ashcroft to Fort •George, and all points in I
the northern interior of British Columbia, carrying        J
the Hiiyul Mail, passengers and fast freight. |
The Palatial Steamer B.X. Awaits the Arrival of the Company's Stages j
''.re-;..She...™k!;,i:':_.-'■. i"     Head Of_ice:'AsIicroft, B.C. |
res  IIP
I on  the :(. N'.   Je.  10. GEORGE IIEN'RV.
the north bank      Feb. :;t!i. 1911,     Frank Watson, agent
chains:   thence Districl of Carihoo.
iiilncnccment,      TAKE    notice    that    .1 lion   Gray,    nf   Vnn-
l.inik to pomt oi commencement, containing
3.0 acres more or less. Jet. Win"-'    '■''■■'LEV.
Jc.lo.     MALCOLM JAMES M-KIN-iON.    j    March 2. 1011.     Frank Watsou   agent.
March  1st., 1.11.     Frnnk Watson, agent, j ,	
PEACE HIVKR LAND DISTRICT. Distriet  ol Cnrihoo.
District  ,,[ Cariboo. 1    TAKE   „(>lk.      ,,, |t   Ji||u]   Su.wjrt    „,
TAKK notice that Mat Falvin of Dawson   Vnncouver,   H,   C.
iimg 640 ucres more or less. „„.,...,.   „   r   „...„„.„:„„ , ,„„;.„„..„   i„      IAKE notice that Mat Falvm of Dawson   Vancouver,  11.   C.  ocenpntion  Prospector,
CLAUENCE  FISHER. ■     " ' 1 ".■,,.•    ", \'„      "'    1      i vie s. : ^ '   '" "^'"1'"''"" Miner, iiileml.s lo upply 1 inieiuls to npplv  lor permission  to pur.h
li 9. 1911      James Pettrv   ngent       ,     , , 1    '•" 'i       ,   1 purchase   ror permission  to  purchase  the  following  ase the follow-tir describeil lands:.
J ."    the lollowing described lands.- describeil  lands:- I    Cot-itienciug nt  .1  posi  planted „n  tbe
!ACK UIVKU I AND I.I..T1.KT.       Ll? bank"   ofaHnaifwa.   Kiv'-i ",l»a!t   1-      l'""",,l'm"'l-' ^ » l"'sl I'1'1""''1 »tout K  «' "«lik oi the Halfway River aboul  J
.. . uest   I1.111K       ol    llninvni    K1MT   nliout    15    ,  - ,   ,...,,,.   ,,;,.„_  .,,,,1    ,,„,„,   ,,    ,-, ..    ,,„„.,        ,. ■   ., .,.
P_rtnoonre.B.C. \ --..III'.     ,
I-'. P. Burden, Msrr. I  C 0  Mr.
Nol on, B.C., A. II On  Mgr.
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
Gvil EnjBBWt, Dcnt-niou i B. C Und SwTjyoil
Won Mee
IRONING   -   -
Fresh Bread      Quesnel, B.C
le west of Ualfwuv River ant! ubout  12   miles   downstream     Iron,   ti,,
"'   miles il,,w!isi.-c_m from the mouth ol Cyp-   Cypress   Creel,   tbence      il
,    "; I rcss Creek:   thence  south Ho chnius;  thencc   thencc  cist    Ko   chains:     tncln
ence   south    So   chains;     llience   ens,   80    „.,   s„   c'h_)n      „,_„..   „„.„,   g.   ehains;    ehains;   theme  west Ko chums
thence north 80 chains to 1 t ol com-   „,„„,, ,,..,  5.    -|mi„.  tli      ,„,    , m_ ■ „,„„„„„,,.„„   eontaining (,40 no
nencement,   containing  640  acres more  or , ,„e„eenieul,   conlaining   640  acres  more   or   or less.
nt  I'i    °f.sn Minn rPAV le!s' Je 10 JOHN STEWART
Ir    ''".I1,        , ..     . J"°,   0RAV Jcio. MAT FALVIN. :    March 2. 1.11.     Frank Wats	
UN.      he. :,th, phi.    Frank Watson, agent.    ,  February .8. l9ll.   Frnnk Watson, agent.  -
miles   downstream     frmu      the   111
ilrotnlcv    of   t-.vl"'ess     Creek;    tlicnce     west   80   cll
I ,rer,' iu-
011  to  purch-
outh 8»
poinl 11
.li 10.
'.I. rch
es   Peltry, ngent.
District oi Cariboo.
TAKK  notice  Hint   Lewis  Haker Tnylur,
nl Vancouver 11. C. occupalion hackdriver, 1 0( \.flnconver II   C
inieiuls  to   applv   for iiermission to   purch- : mtm_  l0  0„„lv  i„r  pL.rr
nse   the   lollowing   ilcserii.ul   1     '
on   the
PEACK RIVER LAND DISTRICI'. District  ol  Curil	
District ol Cariboo. ;    TAKli  notice   llmt   Herbert  Youn».
TAKE notice that Robert Samuel Irwin   Vuncouver,   11.   C.   occupation   Broker,   1
itpatloti Bartender,   tends to apply for permission tu 1.111. he
to purch-  the lullowing described Inmls:
;e  the lollowing ilcscrihcil  lands: Commencing   at   ,1  post   pinntci
Commencing at  u
cast batik ol  II.1llw.1y Rner uboul 8 miles
wesi    bank  ol   Ilnllwny   Rner  about   17 [r,„„  ,i,e    „.,.st  |,„„_  „f Halfway  River down stream  Irom  the in
miles downstream Irom the mouth ol Cyp. .,,„„„ ,; mil,, ,|ow„siream Irom tli moutii Creek; thelice cast  .0 1   tl
ress   Creek;   thence   west  80 chnins:   thencc „,   Cvpress   Creek;   Ihellce west   80  chnins; So cliains:   llielue uest  80 chain
nortii Ku chnins: tltenee cnst 60 chains to , heue'e-  nortli    80 chuins; thencc  cnst  80 la
I \
11k,   thence soutli  nlolltr riier  hunk
is., notice  Hi. 1   Ki ,„k   Henry Melin
incouver, 11. C .   , upulion Miner, in- to point
I,' apply hn j cm, .sion ,„ purchase acres ...ore or less.
"Uowing  ilesrnheil     ,,l, j,..,,,.      LEWIS  BAKER TAYLOR.
I""11; pl nted about 49     February .71b., 19I1.   Frank Watson,   ngt
in   ngent
'bains; thence south 80 chains to noint 01
olniucnecinelil, coliluliillp. 640 ucres more
,r less.
.Murch Slh.phi.     Frnnk  Watson, u.-enl.
District oi Caril   ,.    ,
TAKK    notice   -Hal   Hirrv   l.ii.on.,   ol      ..       .     "'Mr":l '"  U'" '
TAKIC nolice  that Alexander Pellctt, of
rner bank
l.inl..   llu
ore,   lllole  or   lei
Kl.   noli,
r, 11. C. oecupatiun hotel clitk,
to npplv b.r permission lo pnrch
lollowing describeil Inmls:-
nencing at a post nlnnted ■ 11 lhe
.ink ot Hallwav Riier about 17
liownstrcnm irmn the month 01
s      Creek;   theuee     west   80   chnins;
HERBERT viir.Ni',.
Miicb 3, pjii.       Frank Watson, agent.
Dl.slnu   ol  Cariboo.
TAKE  notice  Hint  Annie Sir Ibcrg    ,,|
Vancouver, ll. I.  occupation Sninster. in.
All kinds nf
iiCk  and
Fire places ;i
All work guaranteed,
Brickmason and Contractor
Bronger & Flynn
Plans and blue prints made
Estimates submitted
All kinds of work promptly
teiuls to upply l»r permis
lhal    .lam,.    I.,
• i'i -tt 1. 1,   iiuriin
1 r pcrmiss  1
descrihed  lands:
..   posl   planted
outh   811   chains;   thencc   cnst   8" ""'""-'   "?"''     "U   cll"h"l     ,h
chains  to river  bank,   thencc north,  along clmins; thence s ,uth 80 chains; thence
1,ver  bank    to  point    1,1  cdiduniceiiKiit, °°. ™a_n* '" l,"",, "' commencement,
ci in.lining 6|o acres more or less. l'"
Vnliconvcr   H.   C.   occupntion   Spinster,   ill     .
lends to aimlv for ...mission  lo   ■urchase ; ",. '"„,     £ "",' ',"""!    ,   ,
the   lollowini.  ilescribed  I,nils- i    Commencing  nl   u   post   planted   oil   tin
Commencing at ,, post plnnted on   the K8!.,*"."'',?",""»? Rlv«,?uou| 7 mil.
nor ink 0. Ch.. Wn lied .reel, nhonl l!j   ™" . "'"".    !." .'"""''Il   .'"   l v|"'v
nnlfs     i.|)Strcam     Irom    Hallway  rivi
.(   Hn
'elminry  27th., low.    Knuik W.its m
less  to river     bank,  tliencc  suutli  plu
rlvcr bank to point ol commencement, .1
..   ,    ,      ,   ;,  . ,,"1"'' '8 ''■)" ncrea mure ur less.
VLBXANDKli 1'ICIJ.KTT,        Je'10* .   /»W« STRAKJlBBRO.
Watch   :;-^-
Repalring  >sm-
!   NO.   7
Soulh Fort George
_th...n.     Frnnk Watson, -rail.     »«"" 3i ">"■       I'ratik Wntsut
l'EACK RIVKR LAND Dl.il nil I.
Dislncl   ol   t'.n	
District oi Crihoo.
TAKE notice Hint James Hciil.of Dawson I   TAKE notice lhal Charles Jackson, ol y l^ntnZ'Zi' Zcim'I'i.' , 5I,,K.l'""il'  "'
Cash   ^    '''■  "m """  Prospector   intends  to   Van cr,   11.   C,  occi tion   Su .boat tends to apply for licruiisswi to™_r_a___
,,,„,   upply for  pcrmiss,,,,, to purchnse the iol    man,  Intends lo annly lor permissioi,  t, ,|„. followi i described land."
(1 lowini! described-1 s purchase the followin'   described lands:- Com,,,., ,,,■.,    i   ,,«,,„,  i        ,,
'   '        '    i '" -   ';;;- »■■■■,■■■.«r\ZZ"Z'Z ^ZZrt^ZZZZZiZ
"ZZZZ:; zzz^;::;; 'izzzzzzzxz::!' z?
Cy,.r-_.    Creek    tliencc    wcsl   Ko  chains,   Uienee  north  Ko  elmins;   thence  west   I-CtK'ailn "       ' "
thenci    smilli    80 ,It.nns;    llielue   cnst    8o   eh.uns      Ihenee   soutli     8o   chains;   thence j alone   rivor   hi
R I. wn UISTRICT.        chains, more or less, to r|\.r hank, thence   easi no clmins lo point ol commencement, hnent   conlaliiii
Dislrict  ol Card	
esl   bulk
III,.,     llollll
om   lhe  nib   01
to river  hunk,  theme so
iik   to  point  ol   commei
north alo
nielli elm ll
thnt   Robert   McCov.   nl   less
nccuiietlon   tenmster,   In    Jc 10.
h.uin  to point  of  com  I conlaining 640 acres more
cd lunds ■
I.|o m res more or
, phi     Prank Wats in. agt.
II  mil,  act,
1   n «',ii   11   m,as   «,.-!   ,.| Distrul   ol   Carilioo.
lm 1 ,',"',.'  ' '•' '"■'" ■' mi the li. N       TAKE notice thut Willinm Chapman, oi
'    '      '  'rail mi lhc nortl '. Vancouver,  B.  C. ocenpntion Commercial
''"'''   ■"  H,e moulh 01  Cash trnvellcr,   inteiuls  fo  apnly  for  ■■■rimssiiui
;" chnins: Hience wesl lo purchuse the lollowiim described lalids:-
'  '."li  *' ch    thence      Comilloncing nl u post plnntcil one mile
'    1     mmo.nmieiil. vest   rl   liclfwny   River, ul nit   17 miles   th-ii-»   s-mlh    8--   :h-ili.
,,",'l",   '"ore   u less, downstream   fr   the mouth of Cynress I ,i,.,:,,.. ii,,.,, ,nrii, Ro .h
" RHIlhR'l  v.tiiv. Creek; thence west 80 c is; thence liortll '
'''•'      Jumes I'ctin   irent. Bo ehnins:    Ihenco cast 80 chains;  thenco
„,.,-,. , ,,   .south 80 ehnins to point of coiiiinelicciuenl
PEACE RHER 1..ND DISTRICT, containing 640 nlrcs mnrc or loss.
March Slh.I'm.      ['milk  Wnlson. monit.
Dislriel  ol  Caril,	
Je.lo. ALEX   McKLA.S \
Murch ;„  1911.        prank Wits,
LOYAL &  DAVIS,  Props.
Smokers' supplies
a specialty
''our pool tables
Splendid environments
District ol Cnrihoo.
TAKK liotico  I Jnmes Husk, ol Vnn
TAKE  notice  that' Hugh   Murdock,  of  couver, II. C, occniiatlmi farmoi   Intcnili
Vancouver,   11.   C,   occupntion   "roS|lcctor,   to  apply   Ior  permission   lo  pitrcllnao   lhc'
inieiuls  to upnlv Ior ncrinissioii  lo purch    foltowtlif; described  I Is.- jl_i_lllsiui--lilllMi
use the Iollowin.. described lands:                  ;    Coiiinieiiclng   al   a   post   planted   on   tlir    p,.,,,. nivor I ,ml Disi    - Disi. ol Caril
t'ominenrilij.   at   11   »n»t   ■ I  llted   aboul    1 , WCSI   bank   ol   I lull v..u    River  null  about   I, ,     T IKK nnliee   lb it Cool -e   11 0   ol
mile  wcsl   Irom   Halfway  Rlvcr about 8   miles downstream1 from tlio nun n        , . '. cui i  ciielnocr
mih's    ibucnslre.ini    Irom   Cynress   Creel,;   less Cn. k,   theiue  well   80 ihuiiis;  then 	
Fourth St., South Fori Ccorgc
SI    80
iciitllc, W
Venger,   ol
—   Intends
to   purchase   thc
.'Ml ., PHI.    Frank  Watsmi, agt,
bunk:   Hi
isl    in   chalnsi   ihe lolh.
lo    poll,.
80 chains to polnl ol commencement, con along  rivet
ii'.iiiiiijj 6|o acres inure or less.       . lnenf,colital
Je.io. HUGH MURDOCK. .Tc.10. ".IA5I1S iicsk
Mnrch  Rih.i.n.      Prank  Wnlson.   1 nt.      Muni. 3,  1911.        I'r.mk Wats
lh      c
coimnonco ' .,,„;iii ,,i Sell,
'"' lean,      : „i S. E. Col
li, , in-,
ited J
Ko    ,h.i
oi   Dominion   I'i 1.
soulh    Ko  clinlm
theme norlh  80
once Rlvei Land Dial      Dist, ol 1
TAKK   notice     thai    Kdwnrd   111
■nils  to apply fi r perur'ssioii   I" 1
ie following ilescribed  binds:
iili- south Irom ih" most jotithci
I    Siv.m    Like       thencc   Soulh   Ko
in,,  ,... -i    Ko chains;   Uienco n
-i i
l'KACK RIVKR LAND ...... Id. i.
District ol  Cnriboo.
TAKE nolico Hint  Thomas Coulter, oil    TAKE notice tli.it William liordm tier  H.  Co   pectination  progocclnr,   Vancouver, II. C, occupnlloil Parmer, iu I Pence
io purclinsc I    TA.
sl Ko
M.ir.h III
Ill,      Alberl  Tale,
PKACK RIVKR I.ANII 111,.1'RIU', '' ■""'   "'  ' ■'' UlSlrlcl   nl C
District  oi Car	
TAKE   nolice     that   David     Mnnroe,   of | V
i-s".io'i-|,,"\„'!i '!i "!,'.' ,',"",'!,l,li!1.,l,'""1! 4.1 Vancouver,   II.     C,  occupation    Merchant  Intenda to nftlv for perniission lo inircli^ I lentla fo apply b.r per
31 mile is I   I    I     ,11     11   v     traveller,   iniends   lo   applv  lor  perniission   use  Ibe followin- ilc'ieribcd  Iambi:- 'lhe Iollowin,. described  I :,. Slrulhcoi     ■■
Mounted Piii   'i'r ,'i   "",' "   ;,,,".'   i" pureiiase the followin. ilcacrlneil lands;     Commaii'clntr ni a post planted almul . I    Cnmiiioiiclng al u nnsi i.i.,nt.,-,|  on   the  tend. In appl.  loi- pennlwil.
  Coinmencing nl  a   posl planted one mile ' miles  «csl   Iroin   llulrwnv   River  abuut   8   Weal bank ol  [Inllwny Rlvcr abnul J inilcs Ithe  followi icribed   lnml
PH..        Alberl   Tnle
1       ' ' .'       .   .1    , .,., ,1.   „,
610 acres mon    r lm
■    -' Pl T151I E11RMANNTRANT
March   l.|.          Julin   M...1I.,,.!',  agenl
1   rll  I   Lund li-i,,,,      tJimti cl oi C oil	
TAK!-:     that     ll    Wlutermilo    oi
Van Oliver,  H   r   occupatli a rancher   In
River ut  Ibe   ml,  ol   Cush
iouth  Ko , Imins:   thonce we
nee  nnrlh  Ko chnius;   then
to polnl ,,i comiucncemoi
acres more or less
II,     Jam,-. Pettrv, menl
- Ponce Rim   Land Hist.      Dist. of Can'
Cariboo. tai-:i:  uoi.ee     Ilml   Henry How."', -1
:'-""1'   "' Edmonton,     Alta,   occupation llrnkcl,   '"
"'"''-. '" lend:.   In  upnlv   tot  p.-riiib^ioii lo plil'l'-"
I""'1"'11"' Hu- following described lnnds:
b rch 7, p,
Hnlfwny   Rner   'about    iK   miles j miles downstream Iron, lhc liioijlli ol  _yp lloWllslrc    Iroin    lhe   luoa.li
iiowiisirenin  from  the mouth  ol Cypross  rcss Crook;  iheuce wcsl 8o clin'n'    llience Creek   tlicnce weal So chnlna
Creek,  Ihenee  wesl 811 chains'  thelice soull i sonlh    Ko   chains;    thenee   ensl   So  chuins; 8o chains,   tlicnce easl   ',()  , I,,
Ko  ,Imins;   thenco   ca'l   Ko   chnlna;    llienu-   thelice   north   8o   chuins   lo   mini   o|   COBl ll"'»i   I"   rivel    bnnk,   the	
math 8o ciinius to poinl ,,i commeiiceinoul 1 tiienceiiieiu, containing Mo ucres moro ui Uver bank   i,,  point    ol  co
ol   Cere
,t'H, ■ soulh
ilillle-l   I,   III
r.,.1 Hmmilnry Pi
iliilnloli Peaco R"
co iioiili' Ko  choli
lh  ,,l
|,osl      I
Lulled  K
•Ul   So   chin'1
Je lo.
., I.l i.    Prank Wntson, ugl.
March _Ugr.il,     Prank Watsmi, .imm       Marcli J, mn        Prank Walton
> ih.i
Al.,1. li
on.      Albert Talc,
11   lo In.les     ,,p
Loi   ...si,   ' i
Mnrcli  imli    ion.      Allien  T, to, ngi
D.'-lll 1   1.1   Can.  Districl   of   Car	
TAKK notice ihnl  I, John MacGillvrny, TAKK notice Hint I, Chorion n"r/;-
I  Picton, nm , occupation geiillelilnli, Winnipeg, Mnnitnbn
uieiiih. to apply lor ponnlss  .,, purch    Intonds  nnlv lor nermtii
ation couii.u'-'
»|i .',. H. WINTKRMITK.
Murd. 2\. i.n     John MncDoncll, ngent,
Mil; notice  lhat  John Slanlcv   „l So- Dislriel  of Cnril  Dislrict nl Cnrihoo. Disirm  ol  Cnril	
wish., occupution teamster, Inteiuls     TAKK noiice thnt Alice Mny Sliortrecil,     TAKE nolico Umt Kichiiril I-iiIiIhi.i, of TAKK mui,,, Uinl Goor.o Wllklusmi, „l
l'iy   or nermissinn  to pureiiase the  "I Vancouver, ll. C, occnnntlon Clerk, in   Voncoiivet 11.    C.   occupation Woodsman, Vancouver, ll. c. occupalion laborer, In
nil described I in-'-i ■                          ifmla lo npplv for nct-mins! »i to purchase Intends to u'"'!v for uormlastoii to purii. '"ids in n.,"'.- a-* nermission i,, niircliasc   ■            ...                 ...
plnntcil about ^   the followin- describeil lands-                    I use the lollowlii" doscribed lands: the following described Inmls; aso flic lollnwlni; descrllud binds:               nso lho following described lain"
i  mibs west  ,,f     Coi oncli i  a posi   plnnled  on  the 1   Commencim' nt u posl pin..led 2 mllos Cum..mucin. ,,. n p,.»i   imutcil mio mil-     Coiiiiiion    nl   a   i„,-,i   nlnnteil   1   ...ih-1   Coininei.cii.g  nl   a  posl  planum
lu'.lisl.ed 011 ihe ll. N.   west bank ol Hallwav river illlolll 1.1 mill's   west  Irom   Ilallwuv     River  Olid  nbout   7 wesl   irnm   Half Wny   Rlvcr  olid   ab, in   5 annth ami J miles  trail  ul  tho Solllil.onst   s I. nml 7 niilea west 11:
e 1101-11, i,„nk   downstreiim    Irom  ibe mouth nl Cvnress  miles downstream from Uu- mouth ,,i Cvn mllei dowiisiremii from Hi,, innutli ,.i Cyp corner ..I ihe li   c   (.ovcrnmenl  Reserve    corner oi  the II, C. Cou-
mih ol Cnsh   Creek; thencc wesl .10 ehnins; tbence south'rcss  Creek;   Ihcnce  west  80 elinlns   thonco r.-s-, Creek,  ihem-e snuth 80 ohnllil   tlu-m-c ulnrkcd .1. M.'s S   \\   cornor- thenco liorlli   Itinrkcd C.  II,'s K.  15. corner; inence ,
i;   llience cast   Ko chains;   Ihenee ensl   80 chnius,   lo  rher   north   Ko   cl is:      tllOllce   easl   80   cnains;    wesl   80   chuins;    UlencC   1 ll   80   elmins-    ""   eh n    III.11,1-  casl   80   chains"   ll-eiue   8"   chains,   thonco   wesl   81.   chums,
1.   ," ,1,,011s;   thence   bank; thenee north nlolig river hunk to the   tlienco  SOUtll   80 chains   lo  pom.   ,,|   i,,m tllCIICO   cast    80   chains   lo   point   ul   coin, aotltll So cjnilnai   Ulcucc  wcsl   88  ihains  I,,   llollll   Ko chuins;   Ihcnce   ensl 80 dull
^   ^     ^    noncemcnl,  poini     ,1  commencemoiit, containing  S6d  moncoinent, coutalnln    6.|o ncres more or moncouiont, colltallling (,|u ucres mon or 1 jlolnl   ul    coramcncoiiioiit,  conlaining  640'point   ol    comuicnccmout,  oonUunlng
JOHN STANI.EY,            Je.to.        Al.tCI?'MAY 8H0RTHEBD        J-ciol            RICHARD DAVIDSOH. Jc'.'l'o,            OEOROE WILKINSON, 5v,j_.              JOHN MacOILLVRAV      I'iv"._                 CHARLES HARMS-
 ;"'    I'ellry, ,'_eii'-    !  Pebruary jStll., 1911.   Frank Waison, agt. I    K_l.eb-8th.i9tl.     Prank   Wats. n.  aeent. !    March 4. Mil.     Prank willon ""int.     I   W-l, ™"   "MOWllAT,           Vl'r'cb j'lsl,  Mjll
mile!   norlli   nml  aim
He  .': mi s.   est
'■V   SI ilrd I',,Iiie I
ot   He   Peine   Rlvcr   al   lie
Crock;  theuce sonlh Kn cl
So ,1 is. tlicnce north
lies'   Ko   rll.on,   I,,   poim   ol
, intnliilng 64,1
hebriiary j8lh., 1911.   Praiil; Watson, agt. I   March Slh.i.ii.     Prank  Wutwui, ugent. |    March 4. l.ll.     Prank Watson', ngont.    |    Mar.h Joili., 1011. AUGUST 20. 1911.
1>,  Rivel   I I DHil-     Hist, ol Cnriboi,  i Peace River Inlllil Disi      Dial   HI Carlb           PEACE RIVEU  LANDDISTRICT,                PKACK RIVKR  LANDDISTRICT.        I I'KACE RIVKR LAND DISTRICT. l'KACK RIVKR LAND DISTRICT.        ,       l'KAl K lillh.R LAND DISTRICT.
•TARE liotico' Unit II Id M-Uiinb, ol      TAKE notice thut Ocrt a Ritchie, til Districl of -uriboo. Iiislriet of Curil,,,,,. District of Car  District ot Cariboo. ,, District of Caril	
lid Hon, Altn., oceupatlou merchant, in     Udmolitoli,     Alia.,     occupattoii    mnrried      TAKb.   uol.ee   that   I.   Junet   Vnnce,   ol      TAKK   notice   Hint,   I,   Mabel   Cameron, TAKE  notice   Umt   I,  Charles   MacGill- TAKE  notice   that  I,   Annie   Jewell,   ,,(      IAKE    notice    that   II.   I„  Muriloll, ,1
muds io upply ."i permission n. purchaso   w0_.u1i, intends to a| ply bo permission lo ; Picton, lint., occupation widow, iniends t,,   oi Victoria,  B, C, occupntion imiiiarricd, vrav, ol Picton, Ontario   occupalion pent- Nnputujo,    Ontario,     occupation   mnrried ] Prince Rupert, 11. C. oeeiipntion gentl-tiuu
the following described   units:                     purchase ih,- (ollowing described lands;.      "pply lor pcrmisi  to purchaso ike Iol    intend   to npplv lor permission to purcli- Icmnn, Intends i" upply hu- permlss'on to woman .Intends to apply for permission to  intends lo apply f„r permission to purch-
Commencing  ul  n   posl   planted    i  ol   n       Commencing al   .,   nost   planleil  9 miles   lowing descrihed lauds:                                    the   following   descrioed  lands: purchase Hie Iollowin,. described binds:- purehase lhe following described lands:.        nse the following described lamls:-
„„!,. soiiUi "l lhe most soulherlv poinl ol   ,out|, ,,, s.ibv's tem.iorary Boundnry Post j   Commencim,  ai  a   posl   planted   1  mile     Commencing nt ,1 post  planted -' miles Conunencing  ut n  jiost plnnted   1  mile Commencin"  at  n  post  nlanted   1   mih- |   -omineiieing at  a  post   plnnted 2 miles
Scan  Luke:  tbencc last  ho ,- uu.    tlicni      ...   ,;   p;   _0r_ct 0|  l).,.amino   I', .ue" River I south  and  I mllea wcsl   ol  Hi- South-Bust   south nml 5 miles west   ol the .South eust   south  I s miles west   oi lhe South-east smilh  uud  1   mile  west  of lhc South-east   south .out   I   mile wes,   ,,i  the South-east
snuth  8"  chains;   thenco   weal   '>"  1    Reserve,   Uieuce  smith    Co  chains;   thenco   corner ol llu- 11. C. Governmenl   Reserve,   crner ol  ihe 11. C, Oovernment Reserve, corner ,,[ ihe  11. C. Government Reserve, corner "I  tho H.  C.  Oovernment Reserve,  cornet of the II. C. Government Reserve,
thence north Ko chaina.                                 ivost' So   chnins;   tbencc north  80  chains;   80 ehnins;   ihen-,-  cast   80 chnins;   thencc   marked M. C.'s N. W. coruer; ihcnce suuth marked C. M.'s N'. K. corner; tbence south marked A. J.'s X. W. enrncr; thencc soutl, : marked II. L- M. s  N.  v.. corner, thencc
Jv I.               HAROLD JIcCOMD.                      ihenco cast 8" chnilln.                                          marked ,1, V.'s N.  W   corner;  thence South    80   elm,us-    Ihenee   ens.   So   chains;   tliencc Ko   chains;   tbencc   wesl   80   ,Imins;   thence 80   ehains;   thonco   cost   80   chains;   Ihenee: south   So   chains;     theme   east   Ko  chnius;
.Much   17,   Mill.       Albert   . lie,   ngenl.       J- ,.              GERTRUDE  RITCHIE.               north Su chain-..   Ham,   »,-m   Ko chnius lo   north So chains-   thence  west   80 ehnins  to   norlh  So chains;   thenee eust 80 cl is   to north 80 chains;  thencc west 80 chains  to   ' '»«   ""rlh     So   chnms:   thenee   west   80
 7- T, TT-    I    '     March 30II1: 1911.     Albert Tate, agent,    acres.                                                      I p,,i„t     ,,1 commencement, containiug 640 point  oi    commencement,   containing 640 ,„,iiii   ul   commencement,   containing 640 _".'.3 "'    1"""' "I commencement, con-
Pcnce River Land Dist.     Dist   ofCnnlrao.                .     Jy.jJ.               JANET VANCE.                  acres acres. 'ores.                                                            taming 640 acrea.
TAKE notice lhat Alexin                             p,    e River-.and Dist, - Dist. ol Carlb  I   -lurch 30th.,   1011.                                        .Iv.,,.                MA1IEI, CAMERON. Jy.JJ.                CIIARLKS MacGILLVRAY. Jy.12.   .'        ANNIE JEWELL.                                                      to   Ml'RDOPI
PEACE RIVER LAND DISTRICT.     '      March 31st. 1911,                                              March 30th., 1911.  March 30th., igtl.
:)Wrifl  "''""                                                                                 " PKACI-. RIVER LAND DISTRICT. PEACE RIVKR I.AND DISTRICT
District oi i.ni 1,0. Disirici ,,i Cariboo
I'-'i    :          ■-. 1   I     m ■■   :   Jones, of ].-]jI),!„|';„""li'Ci,l,!"",,e!;":'.'!!'!'r "m_:C'i" TAKE notice that   I, Adaliiie l-acOill
al    Howard   Ritchie,   ol
occupation   mine owner,       .j-AK,.;   |lot|Ce   (Jiat Urine-.laet'.illcrav oil        PEACE RIVKR LAND DISTRICT.
,r permission to purcli- 11.|cVo„i Ontario, occupntion limner intends District ,,f Caril,,,
1 •!"">."> -■.«-:,ou3!. di'sn-K",:;:;:.'" 1,m',o8c '"■,mc ,, a,..,., occupation „___
Ml.,.,   occupalion   Ian	
iiemls to aimlv for permisaion to pinch-      TAKE 111
■ e   the   iollowin;'   de.se.bed   hunts: ' Kdlnonloii,
Commencing  nt  0   posl   planted  on  the  intends to
stern shore ol Swan, Uko  1 mllc nortli   ase the lollowing described lnml:
loiitherly  1
, ,. .».  "■""'• north K-. clmim.  llience   soulh ol Selbv's lemin.rnry Boundary 1 -.»i ,    ,.
-est lio chains;  llience south 80 chnins.       ,-1 S.E. Comer ol Dominion Peace Riier!    l
v.i. ALEXANDER McDERlTID,        Reserve,   thelice S011U1   80 ,Imins;  theuce   s""
March 30th.  phi.      Alberl  Tate, ngent,     west   80   elmins;   Iheuce north  So   chuii
'care River I.aml Disi.      Dist. ol Cariboo
TAKK    notice   lhal   Allied   Brick,   0
trnthcono,  Alia.,  occupntion  carter,   in
Is  to  apply  for pcrml-Sioil t   base ., , a.r.s  ,,,,,,■,:  ,,r   ll-s:
March ,10th.,  11,11.
TAKE notice Hint I, Prank Colncrou, nl , ""   l'KACK RIVKR  I.AND DISTHICT.
Detroit,    Michignu,   occupation   gentleman, Districl  ol Cariboo.
Itilenil tn npply Ior pcrmioolon.to purchase     TAKE  notice  thut   I,   Chnslinu   V.i
 "'. '",   vr.iv,     '-I    Picton,      Ontario,     occupation
i ,1   n   pnst   „km.cl   1   mile    '™ils lo npplv for permission lo purclinsc    ^"r.SjKJ^HlSj'VS. '    married,   intenils   to   applv   Ior   iiermission
-   mil s   WOSI   , I   the  Soutl, easl | Uic ' wing  described  lands: ■ "'•„;."•>„";,     ,    '   s     pl-1,,1 ed    I    111.:,-    <"   l""-'1'-'"'  th°   following   ileseiibed   lnnds:
thc II. C. Government Reserve,     Commencing  nt  a  nost  nlanted  1  mile       rf.    . ..'«„   tt-'   '   „' 1 Slv ,„ , lkl.    south and 1 mile west „l the South-east
■h ami s  miles west   of Ule South-east   ', , .,    v.  -t,.i«-.   ,l„„,,-!,   s li' 801    Coiuiiiciicin.i   ut   a   i">-,t   nlanted   I   mill
I'a-nee  , ,sl   8     ei, lins                                                  i morked   II.   M.'s   N.   E.  ci rner    llielue  SOUtll s'""h   ""'I   5   Ulllcs   WCSl    "I   the   South east ..   , ,      ft|    ,.,,,;„..    ,!„,„„    „„„,),    S„ i      l.oliiu.eiiein..    ill    u    posl    olnllteil    I    lllllc
Iv 1.1      oil piTCnii.'                i Ko chains;   thencc wcsl  Ko chains;   ihenee corner oi  lhc 1). C, Government  Resent-, ,   „ .',              ,',.,   V     ,   ■ '    ., „.    corner of the H.  t. Governmenl   Reserve,
' liircl, -   m           Vl, ,-i T    -' anent       "°r"' s" c "si «"="« ■»<" K" <*«<»• '" matM A' J''a N'' E' ,'"r""r: "■«■« """'' norll So chain..                                """"marked A. M.'s N. E. corner; ,heme south
1 -  "" "lL  ''lU| "'■""•    liioint  ol   commencement,   containing 640 8° <*»li«l  "icnce wesi  K„ chains;  thenco J°   .              ALEXANDER DI'TIIIE.       8° ehnins,  theuce west  Bo ehnins   thencc
tiie lollowinc describeil  lmul:
Coiiinieiiclng at a post planted . in
Soulh ol lhe most soiilkeili 1,0ml ol Sv,
Lake;   tlicnce easl   Ko ,Imins   thenco  11 ir
south 80 cli
Dislrii I of Carihoo.
ih Ko chains; th
ol   comma
80   ,ha,ns   lo I     _,|arch  27,   ,i,|i.       Alberl  T
ntalnlng 64c'
Mnrcli .list.
Dlslriel  ol Cariboo.
TAKK notice that I, Gladys S. Cum-
cron, of Victoria, B, C. occupation unmarried, inteiuls to applv l,,r perniission
to purchase iiie following described lands:-
Commencing at ,1 post nlanted 2 miles
soutli and I nub- wcsl ,.l tlle Soulh cast
corner of llu- I! C, Government Reserve,
marked G. S. C.'s N. li. corner; llicnci.
south 80 eliains; tllCIICC wesl So ehnins;
Ihcnce north So chuius; Uicnco east 80
chains     to   point   oi   commencement,   con-
■Iv .'-'. ARTIU'R JUNKS.
March list.  11,11.
,rth  50 chains;   Ihenee easl   80 ,hains   lo
poini oi    cot-.__ence-.cnt,    containing 640I taming 640 acre
Districl of Cariboo. .,,.,,. -     ADAUNE MacGILLVRAY.   "*  PEACE RIVER  I.AND DISTRICT.   _
TAKE  notice   that   I,  George   L.isi-e,   of      March lolh.,  1.11. District  oi Cariboo.
Picton, Ontario, occupation Clerk,  Intends ,„,.,,.,, „,.,.,.„  , ,„,, nisTutrT  ' TAKE notice thai   I, Mumie Harris, ol
March Jolli. 1911.     Alhci    1  ■■        nt.
I',-.,,,- River Land Dist,     11   l.ol: Caribo,       ','
TAKK   noine     Umi    '-''-nil. u   White,   ol
fidiiioul Mia , "', 't  clerk, n tei da   ,,
following il- cribed boa's
south ol Sill y'a lemn r
.11   S. I-;.  Camr 01  Dm,,
Reserve.    tllCIICC   ' I
wcsl   80   chnins;   tbencc
'■'I lnnds: ' ,,I   Picton,     Ontario,   occup,
pnsl   nlnnted 1 miles' intend to applj  lor permissi
isl   ol   Ha-   Solllil casl     the   following   ths.l.licl   land
Carriage   soutli mil
inst   ■',mted   1   mile
,.    0!   the   S.aoli east
to parch-
sins;   tucilco   nisi   80   elmins
8,, chain* Uicnco easl 80 ,l,„
PKACK RIVKR  LANDDISTRICT. to   npplv  for   _ni_.lo„   to purehuse   the,        ''"CK RIVKK  LANDDISTRICT. m
TV.!.' „ m'"";',' ."f^-.!;1"'"'     ... lollowing described lands: TAKK .„.,:,-.•  thnt' I,'M.,rv M„„l, II, „l   ."'emls ." app
,   -       oi:.,-  tlmt   I,  Clarence Way,  ol     Commcncine  al   .,  m        '.inted   1   mile   «•„,„,,,..,    M ,„;,„|„,     occiipatiun   mured    nae the following described loi...
Commencin:  nt  0   pnsl   planted   1   mllc
mill   and   I       wesl   nl   llle   Soulh enst
.rner   of   the  H.   C,   government   reserve,
posl   piunted   I   mile   80   chuins;   thei.ee   easl   80   chains:   theme       „','i'"",,',7 'i_n_ "west" ol' Ci     inu'th'.ail    marked M. H.'s S. W. corner; Uienee north
lUth and ;   miles   wesl   ,,l   the So.iHieaM    s. ,nlli  Ko , liains    thencc West So chains  1"   ;.' "'",   '.,   J, "p    Govomin-iii   Reserve    fi"   clwlll_!   Uieme   easl    So   clintas;   Uienee
•'   ' ■     ■ ■ ■ ■ "V- SEdi zzzzzzizzz ss. o1 i mMM- c""i"i,;mK "tu «*- »■ "•■■ «■ ■■ «■«"■■   ■ ■—, s""1" 8° c""i,,s - »™1 *■•«"-
1,11.1. u.. 1.1. i.l,    „,l:la j   l.]o- Ko   .bain,     Uicnco   eust    80   thaills;    1
PRANK CAMKRON. ■ ■    . ,   .
'"  640 «,, eliains:  thonce  east  80 chains;  thepco  Jy.jj, GEORGE I.ASKI
I.V.... CHRISTINA VANCE I""-^ io.dmim'  H-cncawcst 80 diains to      March 30U,., r-•
nl   of   commei
ntaining  040
March  .'7.   1911.      Albi rl   Tal
Peace Riier Lann Dist.     Dial. 1
TAKb; 11 nn- thnl Arthur Lev
lie  li.  C.  Government   Reserve i    Cnminenefm,    ,1        ,„ .,   ,,r.,„i„,i   ,   ,„;i.   Picton,      Hal,,,,,,,   ... ...
r',,1 F. c.-s N. K. oorner; tlicnce soutl   «,«_-   unl  t miles west „lte Soutl, ™i    "'"'''T' i""'"'ls l" 'l|,|,l-v '"' l'"'"'1^"" '"  corner of the B,  C.  Government   Reserve,   '',';. ?,K'   ,      liiir]
i-   ,  ., ,-    ii, cr "i,-,,,,,,. ,       Purchnse the lollowing described land,:-       marked 0. L.'o S. W. corner: thence nortli   '''■   '',„ ,       ' h       ,        ,', ' i  -   .      ,
,...■1..'v.-ss.w..,;.;;:.,;:,:-,_"::;;;; stt?™ ^j^s \mih.8o *?%" ',»■ to cir"; *■-«■ ZzzzzzZti:,.\.,:.z:i
eorntr oi the H. C. Gnu-ram ■ I Reserve,
marked M. M.'s S. E. cornel: thcuco north
80 chains; thence west 80 chailis llience
sonlh  So ehnins;   lli.-ncc east 80 chains   to   '"'res-
. p„i,,t of   commencement,    com,,-,    i,.,, Jy.«.                MINNIE HARRIS.
March 30th., mn.                                    -!',",".'   '"  '"".'"o-'it,    containiug   640 ~ .,.,. „,„,.~~7      r.~. .1    acres, Morch__9tli., 1911.
'"  "             Jy.JJ.                MART MURDOFF. PKACK RIVliR LAND DISTRICT.
Marcli villi., mi. District ol  Cariboo.
n        „■       ,      , ,v , 'rvT      .      , TAKE notice that  I.  Edward  Vnnce,  nl
Peace River Land Dist, - Dist. ol Cariboo ,,,,.„       ctatorlo,   occupation   farmer, iu-
iply   for  permission   to  purch-1     TAKK notico that Walter Gil , ol   Ed- tends to apply for penuissi",,   to purchase
District ol Cariboo.
District of  Cariloo
I   TAKE notice    that   I,    bah...   Way,   of
Picton, Ontario, occupation mnrried woman
Pence  River  I d Dist.      Dist.  ol  Curiboo.    Jy.JJ.
j    TAKI-'. noiice Unit 1, Clarence Vance, ol     March 301
TAKI-: notice  Hut   I,  Charles Cameron,   Picton   Ontnrto, occunation larmer, iniends    '.	
,1   Victoria,   B.   C,   occupaiioii   gentleman,   to   apply   lor   permission   to   purchuse   the   Pence River Lnml Dist. - Disc of Cariboi
'"'"";■'• ',"„ llytf permisrioii to purcli    lollowing described 1 »;. ■       TAKE notice thnt Dalton Kirklaud, ol   ase the lollowing described lands:- 1, ,t,,„,    AH,.,  occupat icrdian .   1..,.   ,.
'        ■■-"-'■'■ I    CoT.._d.l._,.L"_.l_?,t,":„_te_1..',.l!_!. I Edmonton,  AH.,., occupation jeweller,  in--    Commeneing  at  a  post  plnntcil   .  mile',ends ti, npplv'for permission to purchase     Commencing Tt: .? post Mlanled  ,  mile
pplv Ior perniission   to purchase   south, and  s   ...lies   west   ol the Soulh east    ,),„   following   describeil   lands - smith   und   I   mile   west   oi   tlle  South east
orner of the B.  C. Government  Reserve,      Commencing nt  a  post  planled   1  mile   crner ol  llie II. C. Government Rcaerve
•nil   anil   1  mi'es  wesl   of  the   SoUtll-eaSl SOUtll   nnd  .1  mi'es  west   ol  UlO  Soutli cast tends  lojippk-  Io
ruir   ol   Ihe   II.   C.   Oovernment   Reserve, corner   of   lhe   II.   C.   Government   Reserve, tho  following   described   Inl
orbed C, C.'s N. VI. corner, thence south marked C. V.'s S. E. corner; llience north Commeneing at ..'post' planted J miles   mnrked Ii. W.'a S. Ii. corner; ihcnce north   soulh ol Sclliy's temobrary'Boundary Posl           ,_ i"r "v 'sS "E Vorn'er'-".     '   ■'■,'
imins;    llielue 80   eh.uns;    thelice   west   So   ehnins:   the"".-    ........     1  .1...  c    iti          ,  c    .   ,..     a.   .,..:     ...   ..,...,     .,  ........ !. ,.       - ., , 1 .   ,
•The Cariboo wagon road
is 167 miles long
That statement alone will prove to the readers the impossibility of price competition for imported beer against the product of a local industry
:j Has been incorporated by men who have had long business experience in Cariboo. The objects of the company are: To manufacture
beer for the trade of the Northern Interior; both to satisfy present requirements and the increasing demands of the construction next
year and thereafter. To maintain a brewery capable of supplying the demand for a first-class beer. Read this prospectus. The facts:
A prospectus has been issued whi.li read-
in part as follows:
Incorporated under the B. I'. Companies
SI IAKK OAPITAI $30,000,00.
divided into tint) shares of S50.00 each.
300 eliares of 550.00 each at par,
on application and \ on the corresponding
iv nf each of the' three following months.
JOHN A. PRASER, BI. P. P. Merchant, of
Quesnel, I!. ('. President.
• inilX li. DANIELL, President, Northern
Interior Printing Co. Ltd. South Eort
George, Vice-President.
son's Bay Co., Quesnel, Secy-Treasurer.
A. W. CAMEI.0N, Bank Manager, Presidont
Quesnel Board of Trade, Quesnel, IS. C.
I5D.VARD1 L. I.IJ'.NI.I.. Proprietor Occidental Hotel, Quesnel B. C.
GE Kill. ,1. WALKER, Late Government
Agont, Barkerville I!. ('.
Tho Northern Crown Hank, Quesnel B. C.
E. J, Avison, Quosnel, li. C.
I.I'L'ISll't'l'll   llllll'C
Quesnol li. C.
This company is proposing to immediately
erect at Quesnol, a high class, modern brewery, ,'tiitl is offering to the public for subscription ul par .'UIU of its (ii)u -hares,
Since the incorporation of the company
several pipnths ago, continuous efforts have
been made to obtain from the Dominion
Inland Revonud Departmflnt its consent to
the issue of a brewery licence, lt has now
agreed to a grant being made when the
brewery is erected, and it has already tip-
pointed an Inland Revenue Inspector at
Quesnel lo transact the business of the company. An application will be made with all
practicable speed for a provincial licence,
and the Directors now propose to immediately construct and equip the brewery.
The whole expenses of promoting the
company, including Solicitors charges for
promotion; Government fees; stock books:
the printing of stock certificates and tho
Articles of Association; Solicitor's charges
for securing an understanding from the
Dominion Government as to a errant of a
licence when brewety is erected; the cost of
printing and publishing this prospectus have
been assumed by the Directors, or some of
them, and for so doing the snid .1. B. Daniell will be allotted lid shares, and the said
.1. A. Fraser; W. L. Collins; ... W. Cameron;
I'". L. Kepner; and Geon_e.' J. Walker 18
shares each. A contract tinted 2"> November
1910 to this ell'ect has been entered into between the Company and the individual Directors and the same may be seen at the registered office of the Company during business hours.
The Company is thus, without tho payment of a single dollar, in the very fortunate position of being discharged from all initial and organizing expenses.
No shares will bevissue<l at a discount and
every dollar subscribed will be used for the
net unl business,needs of the company.
The Dirootors nre fortunate in having secured the services of Mr, George Bruder as
Brewer and Manager, Mr. Bruder is splendidly equipped for the position. He has 25
years experience   as a Brewer in Germany,
Switzerland, the United States and Canada.
He is a graduate of the American Brewing
Academy and was for years Brewmaster of
the lpper Michigan Brewing Company, and
later of the Imperial Brewing Company, of
Kamloops, both of which were exceedingly
successful under his management.
Mr. Bruder is the owner of a considerable
amount of Brewing plant and apparatus,
and so much confidence, has he in the possibilities of this Dislrict, and the successful
outlook of the Company that he has agreed
to turn over his plant at a valuation in ex-
change for thc shares of the Company at
full par value.
The Directors only propose to raise the
capital necessary to place the Company in a
thoroughly sound financial condition, and
now offer for sale $15,000,00 of shares based
on tbe following estimate:
Site    §500.00
Building 7000.00
Machinery etc 4000.00
Plant and Apparatus  1500.00
Tools and accessories 500.00
Working Capital 2500.00
Less estimated value of
Mr. .trader's plant 	
Net amount   of capital
The profits of Breweries are proverbial.
The distances of this country from the railroad; the impossibility of price competition
from the nearest brewery; thc immense extent of territory this brewery will serve; antl
the splendid prices obtainable, place this
brewery in a class by itself, and make the
Directors linn in their belief that this company will in a very short tiino be in an exceedingly prosperous condition and paying a
very high rate of dividend.
This brewery will supply Quesnel, Fort
George, Stanley, 150 Mile House, Soda
Creek, Quesnel Porks, Hydraulic, and all the
surrounding country, and it is estimated
that these places, during this year, consume
at least 2000 barrels of beer. The plant it is
proposed to install is capable of manufact-
facturing 2500 barrels of beer per annum,
leaving a considerable margin for development without increased cost.
The construction of the G. T. P. and other
railways through this part of Northern B.
C. will immediately increase the territory
this brewery will serve, and ensure a big expansion of business within,a comparatively
short time. As any larger quantity of beer
can be manufactured at a less cost of output than a smaller quantity, a steady increase in the yearly profit in proportion to
the increase in business will be made.
An average wholesale price of a barrell of
beer holding 0 doz. bottles is §10.00 nt the
Brewery. Prices vary from $8.10 to $12.85
The average weight of such a burrell is
2151b-., nnd the freight from the Brewery to
Quesnel at 5 cents per pound would be $12.-
25. Beer from the Railway cannot therefore
be laid down in Quesnel under $22.25 per
The estimated sost ol manufacturing a 6
dozen barrell of finest quality beer in Quesnel is only $7.80.
At $22.25 per barrell n bottle of beer costs
approximately 31 cents, of which the freight
is approximately 17 cents.
Estd., gross profit ... $21,375.00
First working year,
Cost of manufacturing
1500 bbls., in 88.00 ... $12,000.00
Selling price thereof @
$22.25 per bbl.,(wholesale in   Quosnel is today $30.00 per barrel ...33,375.00
After providing for the writing off of the
cost of the entire building and plant in five
years, and for the creation in that time of
a reserve fund equal in amount to the entire capital now to be subscribed, these
profits would pay a dividend of over 00 per
To comply with the Companies Act it is
stated that the Minimum Subscription on
which the Directors will proceed to allotment is one share. A considerable number of
shares have already been spoken for.
Applications for shares should be made
upon the form accompanying this prospectus, and sent to the Company's Bankers, the
Northern Crown Bank, Quesnel, or to the
Trader's Bank, South Fort Goorge, with a
remittance for the amount payable on application.
A copy of the Company's Memorandum of
Association is printed in the fold hereof,
and with the Articles of Association of the
Company forms pan hereof.
\\ here no allotment is made the deposit
will be returned in full, and also where the
number of shares allotted is less thnn the
number applied for the balance of the deposit will be applied towards the remaining
Failure to pny any future instalment on
shares allotted when tine will render previous payment liable to forfeiture.
Full prospectuses (upon the terms of which
applications will alone be entertained) and
forms of application can be obtained from
the Northern Crown Hank, Quesnel, The
Trader's Bank, South Fort (leorge, from
any of the Directors, and from E. •). Avison
This prospectus has been tiled with thc
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
Dated at Quesnel, this 26th., day of April
THIS COMPANY offers to the public of Cariboo an opportunity of investing- in a venture which will add materially to the industrial develop-
■ ment of the district, and the profits of which will be great
Send in your application for shares immediately.   Much of the stock
has already been subscribed for.   Don't delay.   Act at once.
This form of application may be used.    It should be filled in and sent in with the
amount of the deposit to the Northern Crown Bank, Quesnel, B.C.
Gentlemen- (Traders Bank, South Fort George, B.C.)
Having paid to the (Northern Crown Bank, Quesnel, B. C.) the sum nf	
being a deposit of A'12.50 per share on   shares in the above named company,
I request you to allot me that number of shares upon thc terms of the company's full
prospectus, dated the 26th day of April, 1911, which I have read, and I hereby agree to
accept the same, or any smaller number that may bo allotted to me, and pay the balance of $,'.S.50 per share as provided by the said prospectus, and I hereby authorize you
to register mc as the holder of the said shares.
Name in full..
Address   ,
RECEIVED this day of
the sum of $ , being a deposit of $
shares in the above named company.
1911, of Mr.
per share upon
For the Northern Crown Bank, Quesnel, B.C.
For the Traders Bank, S. Fort George, B.C.
a,E-.xc::';r-7,:--.'-v^r__rj>_x,_i;r THE    HERALD
AUGUST 26, 1910
TheFoelW nJheJobJ |
The house organ of the
„,.„] Resources Securit-y C
their   lasi   issue   Iiublisl
most assinine and unwarranted ffl
attack  upon   Captain brow,,,', r
■vho commands the Steamer H.- &j _»
\   The   Fort   George  Tribune,
for ihai   is th.-   hotiso-organ s
name,   appears    1" think   the 3-
big steamer was purposely nu
mrround whilst mi her win   ti
,i,, Nechaco townsite from here
with the Minister of Works and  v,
|„s party aboard, for sonic ul   -
terior motive,   which  the pro
moter's leaflet  hints darkly a
'mi,l, but  wlucl
I rail
Next week, af the
The management has secured at great expense,]
Knowing  u. i ..
nbstruse nnd   nmbigui
of reasoning it casts n.  . ^
light upon, Apparently tin ><" §
,.1,.,,,,, river is no« rau-iini! the
stni'e of water when ii can not
; li'" 1.1
be n.ii igntwl «ilh an
,,,i',.i t. by the large
The kuturul Resoiirci
C.nipaliv   pay    ll"'    »■   l ; l;.N"
press Company the sum "' ^'|U .
., tn|, t0 continue their journey
I ,.st the company's logiet.l terminus, and northern headquarters here, to their townsite on
the  Nechaco    River.    As,    on
manv  of these   trips,   there is
little or nothing to unload nl
the townsite wo miles up the
Nechaco, the hand of the manager up-river   is beginning to
hesitate before he dips his pen
into the blue-black ink to sign
the fifty dollar cheque twice-a-
ui'ck. for the pleasure of stating
lhat the "British Columbia Express Company   have officially
announced    the    terminus    of j
their steamboat lines on the Ne-  i
ciutco  River front  of the  Fort
George   townsite," whilst   they
stale also lhal tlie South Fort
George townsite, and its allili-
alul    additions,"   — whatever
they mean by that - is from I_
In a miles from the main steamboat   wharves."   Thai    is very
funny. Their "main steamboat
wharf" is a dirty little shanty I A*
stuck up on piles on an alluvial   i
(lnl, in the shadow of lhe high
gravelly banks of the jack pine  j
lint   townsite.    Tin'   warehouse, I
office ol' resident agent, and the
stables of the li. C. Express Co. j
are     located    at   (he     fool,  of
Fourth    Street.    Sonlh     Fort.
Goorge. At the end of the fifty-
dollar run. there is. as we have
stated, a shack on stilts.        '
The assumption of the writer j
of the article we first referee! to,
in which lie criticises the ability J
of a steamboat captain who is [
recognized as one of Ihe most
nphese films Portray the best of
«■the rounds in the great 42-
rouncl world-championship fight.
Three nights, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
We don't ask you to purchaso Soulh Fort George lots by
making a pencil mark on a townsite plan   You would
be safe in so doing, but if skeptical
Investigate Our Proposition   c==^
and you will find a good live town    Two banks, saw mill
pool hall, newspaper, two general stores, splendid
hotel, bakery, stationery store, mail-boat
landing, scores of buildings,
and crowds  of satisfied   buyers
172 Hastings Street, Vancouver, I„ 0 , or the resident agent
g. e. Mclaughlin
Fourth Avenue, South Port George
Pack Horses furnished on short notice.
Draying of all kinds and excavating done.    Feed of all sorts
continually kept on hand.
■ Terms reasonable and satisfaction guaranteed.
r> _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______'_ ______> __■__ _______ _______ ______________ \^
WH. KENNEDY, Manager.
Cor. Second and Hamilton Aves., SOUTH FORT GEORGE, B. C.
•   ^__/e
farm lands     Keal Estate   GARDEN tracts
Valuations and investments made for owners and out-of-
town buyers.
Fire Insurance Agent for
Phoenix Assurance Co.. Ltd.,  British-American Assurance
Co., and the Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Co.
FOURTH ST.      -     -      SOUTH FORT GEORGE, B. C.
Fine crockery pleases the eye,
Nourishes the heart
And stimulates the appetite
Good Land at Reasonable Prices
"— and On Very Ilea..uii..t.... T.-ri.ts.  Title Perfect.  ™"~
Write for further information to
North Coast Land Co. Ltd.
General Offices:   410, 411, 412 Winch BIdg., Vancouver, B. C.
London Office:   6 Old Jewry.
South Fort George Oflice, Second St.  Russell R. WALKER, Sales Agent
We carry a complete line _  Th, Bailk of British Noith America
careful and expert navigators in
l.ri_i_h      Columbia'"     i»i-«j
River water-
Within one
mile of subdivisions
Apply to
N H WESLEY, Second street
waters, shouts of its absurdity. ;
We have taken it upon ourselves
at different    times, to criticise
the service of the express company, as a corporation owing
certain    duties    to tho public,
bul  we Lave always found the j
operating    department    of the
whole concern in every way efficient, and perhaps amongst the
men whose work lends itself to
I his desirable stale of affairs we '
may     mention Captain    0. I'\
Browne, of Ihe Steamer B. X.
early in the    list.   We  were in
formed    last    weak, by   \Y.   K.
I'layl'air,   late  of   tl"' Natural
Resources   Security Company's
advertising brigade, but now of
ti" Vancouver News-Advertiser,  |i
whose name appears in the sub-   '-
headitig of   the  Nechaco town-
site weekly as manager of the LIQUOR ACT, 1910.
Central li. ('. Publishing Co. of
which Mr. II. VV. K. Moore, a (Section 35.)
Victoria lawyer, whom, we be      NOTICE is hereby given that
lieve has executed a good deal   m the 12th day oi' September
of work for Mr.   Hammond in   lext, application will he made to
Victoria, is president, told ns  ;he Superintendent of Provincial |
that the newly formed company    lolice for the grant of a licence
had acquired The Tribune /nun    or the sale of liquor by retail in
Oeorge J. Han md, and that   uid upon the premises known as
it was io j>c run hereafter, as a c-OtelNorthern, situate at South
newspaper. We must take this .'orl George, upon the lands de-.
with a pinch of salt, even from   icribed as lots 14, 15, 16, block I
Fort George Brick Co.
We are now prepared
to accept orders for
brick and lime. Also
to job by contract.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
i Jorgensen & Knox
.aselleave., South Fort Georg.
District, ol
Fort George, Nechaco Valley, Fraser
Valley, Bulkley Valley and Stoney Creek
For Sale
Town Lots
Farm Lands
Garden Tracts
Guvernmeiit lund for purchase
and  pre-emption located.
For full  particulars apply to
Edward Roberts
Sales Afent. Notnry rulilic.
Insurance A .ent, Auctioneer
South Fort George and Fort George
TeleKi'Hpl'ic address:
"Erin," Kort George, B.C.
The Grand Trunk Railway at
Edson has 26 miles of side trackage
figure out how much trackage will be necessary here
once the trancontidental is completed and the branch to Vancouver is in operation. The Vancouver line alone is the
equivalent of a main line, for all Puget Sound business
originating in the Eastern States, and secured by the Grand
Trunk, will pass South Fort George. This business will be
enormous and many times greater than that going 'to Prince
Rupert. This prospective development gives South Fort
a value not possessed by other addition property because it
is situated on the Fraser river.   Look into the future.
Come to mc.    I'll help you buy.    Write lor acreage
Real Estate Specialist Soulh Fort George
|  1836 |
Assets Exceed Fifty Million Dollars
Your money Is saler in the Hank than in your house or io your
pocket. It Is not tied up. You can \\tA it out at any time without delay. NOTES discounted. Local air.l Foreign Drafts bought
and sold.  COLLECTIONS made promptly.   Money Orders issued.
Fort George Branch,     j L..G. MacHaffie, Mgr.
11, __l
.Sated this 12th day of Aug. 1911
a man of such undoubted inl
rlly as   Mr.   I'hiyf'iir.      tor    sn
many 'phoney deals have gone
through with the leaflet as the ,•„„, _
excuse that  we have always a ,TAK1
merry ha-ha for the new ones. ZZ.
We possess   two documents re- u« i"H
lativo to the   operation of tho ZZ„ ... ■-  ,         :■,    ,. ,.
Iribuni' along the linos desired hence   smith 80 clmins;   thence west Hn
by Georue J. Hammond, blow-   ZiZZ" "'"'"' "" d"""s; ""'""''""
ever, if Mr. I'lavfair desires that   iy.i. .iiuin white iikhiin.
The Tribune be run iu tho inter- ■   __ '' jS- ''"_ A"'"' TaU'' "«""■
I'sts of the public, and not as a . 'enci Ricei I i n,»t. - Dist, ol Cariboi
promoter's  ready   referenco for    TAKIi ".'"" "lat All"'rl T"u> "' K,:
thn <>..,„„.....   :.-.!  I :n  ..... '■■""". vll.-i "•'"'l'»''"'i prospector, ii
i-r I...nd Dist. - Dist. <il Caril	
notice Hint John White Heron, i
i, Alt.,., occupation Barber, III
apply [or permission lo piltchal
.in:; described lunils;.
iicine ,u i, post planted i\ mile
the S   W. corner nl Swan bake;
Fcrt George
Drug Co.
Prescriptions a
This is season-   !•      I ' .
able weather for Lime JUlCe
A large stock ol which Is always on Imml,
i, CliemtaUi. Patent Mullcfncs,
Hjrazlnes, Books, Stationery,
foil.*. Articles. Unit-Kin-n' Sutulrieit
Head Oflice:
Fort George Trading & Lumber Co., Limited
Operators of Steamers on the Fraser, Nechaco and   SSf1",T'IT.";. "T'Z
' t.hiicutin   at .Si-iiii Creole will
Stuart Rivers —      Manufacturers of Lumber   fe^ud'|Jti™Krtalu'tb°
All kinds of rough and dressed
Lumber for Sale
Phone: One-One    Mouldings
n'AS-":- &„«--.... South Fort George
Paying Out-of-Tovvn Accounts
Small amounts can be sent safely and at small cost by using
Bank Money Orders. Any hank in Canada (Yukon excepted)
will cash them without charge, and thoy can be cashed in leading American cities.   They are sold at the following rates:
-Vnml uiiiIit    -     -      STceats Over 16 t-fllO    -    -    -    - conW
OvaOlOlto ISO    .     -   In .'■■mis Ovorl3-t-8.     -     -     -    IBcont.
Capital and Surplun        - SS.SSO.OOO
II. C. SEAMAN, Manit!.~r.
*_&__* ___>4___>*___>i4___*_*^_Vl*A&*r-m>*rA->*K-&
ue come-on crowd he will not- t.ntis i >,.i
permit  its   "editor" to usn its
columns irrationally,   or  belie
his name by tolerating the vil-
ilii'iiliuii   of men   who nun not
pn.nl!-.-     ,.. •      i i.irili; ilifiui' 40 chaina went.
ii i.ui. ti',   io   avenge some vm-1 iy.i. ai.iikkt tath.
HL'iiii'il   grievance    againwt    a '   M"u'11 :6. '?"■    Alta,c.' '1'1|U'' vol.
wild-cat  townsite.'
In |jti.c!i__c
"wm,: ilra.rilicil lamls:-
Icncilij; ,,t .i post pliuit.il one mill'
i Hi. outlet nl Siv.ui I,nko, (Pons
Itiv-ti; tlmnce Ki clihlim pnutln
in   I'lmiiiK  .'iihi :   thonce  Ml    chuln.
1 .once Rlvcr Lmul Hist. - Disi. ,,[ Cnrihoo.
■i   TAKK notice that Willinm Mnlthcws, "i
iSilmoiiton,    Alta.,    occunalloii   Inmtunce
VHcnt, inti-iiil. in njiplj- lor iicrmlaslon to
Mm'Trn.!  •-_._.. , ' ""'cl,Ml' Uic Iollowin). il.acrll.ol Inlullil-
WUlIl.h is hereby given that on I   eomincncini; m „ ,,„si  ni__ 2 mile
Liquor Act, 1010
Section ,'15.
the 80th clay of Aug ist next, ap-|
plication will  be  made  to the!
superintendent of Provincial Po-  '7sl "" ll
lice for the grant, of a license for' iv'iT"'""    ,
the sale of liquor by retail in and |   MllKl1 J|M  '
upon the premises known as the
nili nl Selby's temporary lloilnilnry Post
1  B. i_. Comer ..1  Dominion  Pcate  River
III     Ko   elmins;   llielue
1 Ho chaina.
wn.1.IAM MAT.III5W...
Allien Tale, ment.
Dissolution of Partnership
Notice is hereby given that the
partnership heretofore subsisting
between the undersigned, as ho-
tel proprietors, at South Fort
(leorge, has this day been dissolved (by mutual consent).
The business will be wound up
by J. W. Cameron. All debts
owing to the partnership are to
be paid to him, and all claims
against the partnership are to be
presented at South Kort (leorge
to J, W. Cameron by the claimants and will be settled by him.
Dated at South Fort George
this 24th day of Julv, 1911.
Witness:   J. VV. Cameron.
Di-Ulct of Carihoo.
TAKIC notice  thnt  I, .luhn Strnchali, oil
Pictoiii Ontario, occupation Gentleman, in-1
Head iisick
R.3P.1 MoUnnan,   Em.,  Proaldnnti Mf;     |{0h_rt Kennedy,   New Westmtn-
I.eniinn.   McFcoly  & Co.,   Wliolrsnlc   '     stc,.
J. A. MITCHELL,   Eiq.,   OapttnlW.
Iliirilwnr..  VaneoiKcr.  B.C.
M.   II.   CAHI.IN,   BRq.,   Vlro-PrO-lil-nt
Capitalist. Victoria, ll.r.
HIS  lliiNDIt T.  IV.  I'ATEIISOH, l.l"i-   I
tenant-Uovemor British Colnmliln.
Ii. IV. S1IATP0RD,  Esq., M.I,.A.. Mir-
eli.ilit.   Hcill.y,  11.0.
W. II. MAI.K1N'. Esq., Thc W, II. Malkin Co.,   I.til.,    tt'liulewilu Qronrs.   i
Vancouver, H.C.
Victoria. H. 0.
E. II. HEAPS, Esq., E. H. Iloani *
Co Lumbar mnl Timbori I'ri'slilrnt
Coliimhin Trail Co.. Ltd., Vaneouver, II. C.
J. A. IIAIIVKV. Esq., ICC, Inrni.TlV
k. B.C., Vanoouver. B.C.
ol   I'I
A. L. DEWAR, General
Fort George^ Branch; F. N. DEWAK, Mnnnger,
Most niodern up-to-date hotel in tiie interior of British
New four-storey building.   Accommodation for 120 guests
All outside rooms—large, well-lighted and ventilated.
Steam heated.
Weekly and monthly rates on application
Wire for rooms Wire for rooms
We are consistent in our
prices and the stock is
new in our bigSecond St.
and manufacturers of all kinds
of rough and dressed
Our lumber is dry an'l f,
must be  used  to make \
building resist the fr««l \
Oi winter
Clarence Hotel, situate at South \ :'tak"iv"„!.."' "Z ,,',',;"' V'""] ; i If'"1, i," ?|,l>r,'t". ,,"T,ll"'ii"" '" """'"""'
FortGeorg;e, upon the lands de- \«L^ ZZZZlZ olZ"; ,„' ZZllZ]" oWZ'tZZ^ So„t.,....t
scribed as lots 0 and 10, block 13, ""	
Is 1" epply lor nettnlaslon t„ pindi.....
ni'.. describeil lantlsi-
icinp at a post iiliiiiii-il i\ t„ii,.s
Subdivison 933.  ,
Dated this 20th dav of July 10111 "J ",0'""", »o«Uie*fir.oinr_[lsvvan ul
 ■•■■       ' ' 'hence   east 80   clmins;  Uieuce eolith 80
hence west 811   clmins; Uienee   north tn
rner ol the B. C. Government Reserve
marked J. K.'s N. W. curner; tliencc soutii
80 chains; Ihcnce ensl 81) clinins; Uieuce
north 80 chnlna; tlicnce wesl 80 clinins lo
point ol ciimiiielieelnenl, colltallling I140
Murch 30th., 1911,
E. L. KEPMEiS, Froi.ric.or
gore & McGregor, p. g. _, bodeker
Victoria and
kI  Store, Oflice and Lumber Yard, Sauth Fcrt George jj
Fort Georoe. B, C.
P-e-.i-pUoiiK Locatod.
Ks-iiiAT_a Suaim-r_o.
In (he
Ift    1  J   SALMON RIVER and
LOldlcO   Close to Fcrl George
N.C. JORGENSEN South Ft.George
Pressed &
H-I'-iC-i'-l HB__t___Wti
L°l Mrs. G. McGaugliey


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