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 The element of doubt that
has existed around this place
has dissapeared.
o. Legist**
Don't put off your Fort
George trip. You mav get left.
The best time to travel is now.
VOLUME 1,   NO. 50
SOUTH   FORT   GEORGE,   B.C.,   SEPTEMBER   2,   1911
Fort George, Indian Reserve No.l, Comprising 1366 acres, situated at the junction of the Frasfer aud Nechaco Rivers, was sold by the
Fort George Indians last Tuesday night to an individual named F. G. D. Durnford, whom circumstances indicate to be acting as agent for
the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company. The Consideration in the agreement was the sum of $100,000. Every member of the tribe,
with the exception of three Indians, signed the agreement-of-sale.
The muss meeting of tho Fort George Indians, held in Chief Loui's house on the lndiun Reserve lust Tuesday night, resulted in
n decision by tho bund lo sell the reserve.
A new factor in thu situation appeared, in
the presei.ee of it gentleman named F. G'.
1). Durnford, who acted as nominal purchaser. Thero were present at Use sale, Father
Cocola, thc Indian missionary, who bus
had charge of the affair in regard to the
protection of the Indian's interests, F. (I.
I). Durnford, acting as agent for the purchasers, L. (I. MacHallie, manager of the Bank
of li. N. A. here, who witnessed the signatures, and the Indians. Father Cocola''s instructions from the Department were, we
understand, to sell the reserve in tlic best
interests of his charges. Mr. Durnford has
been living at the Hudson's Bay post here
for several weeks past, anil it wins generally
understood here that he was waiting a favorable opportunity to continue a tour of
the Northern Interior by way of the Bulk-
ley valley and Hazelton. His connection
with the Indian reserve deal was unknown
until he appeared upon to scene at the Indian conference in the capacity of purchaser. Mr. Durnford addressed the Indians at,
some length upon his desire to purchase the
reserve for the sum of 81(10,000. Pierre Roi,
a French half-breed acted as interpreter.
Father Cocola, to whom the interpreter
conversed in French, did not address the
gathering. Threi' Indians, headed by Joe.
Quah, the self-styled second chief of the
tribe, refused' to sign the agreement, his
two supporters being his son and son-in-
law. Quah has always obstructed the sale,
thinking that by so doing he would force
lhc white men to pay an enormous price.
The New Northern Hotel is now completely framed and covered in. Work on the
interior is progressing rapidly.
It. W. Campbell, representing the Saskatchewan Flour Mills, of Moose .law, was
amongst   the arrivals on Thursday hist.
The bill at the Furt I leorge Theatre next
week will be changed Wednesday and Saturday. Th.ro .will be no show mi Monday
night, as the, theatre has been rented by tlic
Socalist party here for a meeting,
The British Columbia Express Companyjs
big steamboat "B. X." left here Ibis morning with the   South Fort   (I "ge baseball
team aboard, and a large party of excursionists from this plnce to witness the ball
game to bu played at Quesnel tomorrow
between the homo team and Quesnel.
News was received here yesterday nf a
fatal accident which occurred on (he Cariboo road near Soad Creek last Tuesday
when a Chinese passenger was killed and a
driver seriously injured when a ear plunged
over the grade into the ditch. II appears
that rains had rendered the road very slippery and that in rounding a bend the car
skidded into the ditch. No particulars are
forthcoming, and the identity of the dead
Chinuiinan is not vet knowi'i here.
lie once intimated to The Herald, that, if
the purchasers, would give him about twenty thousand dollars for his share, that ho
would discontinue his obstruction tactics.
In an interview with Father Cocola the
day previous to the sale he informed The
Herald thai, the identity of the purchasers
was not definitely established. "The reserve
will be sold to the test advantage of the
Indians," said Father Cocola. "They aro
poor people, and children to all intents anil
purposes, It is my duty to protect their interests all the time; the wishes of the general public must be a secondary consider-
That the G. T. P. are the purchasers there
is very little room for doubt. Mr. Durnford
who is the only person with  a knowledge
of the identity of the purchasers, refuses to
divulge the information.  Father Cocola has
no knowledge of the matter, merely satis-
fying himself that   Mr.   Durnford  represented the necessary    capital to    complete the
purchase.  Mr. I) urn ford was at one time ill
the employ of the Dominion government at
Ottawa.    Indications    would point to the
fact that he has   been entrusted with the
commission to purchase the reserve for the
Dominion, who, jn turn will transfer it to
: the G. T.  P. in the same way as the sale
! of the Indian reserve was put through at
Rupert,  the G. T.  P. paying the purchase
price lo the Indians, Tho railway company
; are supposed to hold the reversionary rights
of the    province in   this matter, therefore,
after the   Indians    have relinquished their
] rights to the land the reserve remains the
' property of the Federal authorities, or the
concern    they   purchase for.   The C. T. 1'.
, have already made two previous attempts
Father Cocola, who recently completed a
■ tour of the country between here and Hnzcl-
■ ton, speaking of the wonderful mineral
resources of tin' country in the Babine range,
states that in tlie Bear Lake country, near
Did Fort Connelly there exist groat fields of
| anthracite coal.
In the issue   of the    Winnipeg Saturday
| Post, of August  llllh., appears a letter to
■ the editor, from George .1. Hammond,
telling: the, Post that the editor of this publication is a bad. naughty man, and asking
Knox Met lee not to print any more nasty
things about the Natural Resources Company until he sends a fellow up here to find
out if out if (leorge Hammond ever told a
lie in his advertisoing literature. Would'nt
that jar you? B. A. Laselle, of this town-
site, also butts-in with a nice little note appended to    Hammond's    rug-lime,   saying
i therein that he has asked us to cut out such
■ "uncalled for criticism" lots of times. Of
course he has, since establishing inter-pock-
, etbook relations with George Hammond
through (he medial ions of a gravel-peddler
whose name might be Muses. But unfortunately  Laselle is not running The Herald
■ or diotating its policy, and as he is on re-
j cord along different lines to those laid down
j in his letter to the Post he had better keep
' ol. the grass.
to purchase the reserve, both of whieh failed owing to the attitude of the Indians,
w.io were holding out for large figures,
owing to the work of townsite concerns
that had stimulated their greed by offering
the red-men high figures for the land. Dr.
McDougall, of Oltuwa, who represented the
government at one of the former attempts
to purchase, was empowered to offer the
sum of £05,000 only for the reserve.{The Indians refused to sell for that sum. It was
understood that the G. T. P. would not pay
more, and, reading between the lines, wa
seem to see the fine hand of diplomacy
taking this means of purchasing without
establishing a bad precedent of raising
their offer.
It is probable that the G. T. P. will make
an official public announcement with regard
to the reserve' sale shortly.
The Indians are given until June the first
of next year to vacate the land, during
which period, however, they will not interfere with any survey work that is to be
carried on throughout the land. The money
is to be paid to the Indians in cash, but no
date has yet been set for the payment of
the money. The Indians formed a committee
to attend to the division of the proceeds of
; the sale, and although he requested to be
left off the body entirely, the Indians pre-
i vailed upon Father Cocola to preside over
the work that the committee were to perform.
Discussing the plans for the Indian's
future Father Cocola stated that he was
pleased at the outcome of tlseir deliberations, lie 11.-u 1 always advised them that a
sale would be desirable for their welfare,
and in the event, of their deciding ugainst
the sale he would have used his influence to
move the tribe to another reservation,
further removed from the demoralizing in-
flueneies of tne adjacent white men's towns.
"It is like a new start in life for them,"
said Father Cocola to The Herald. Their
plans include the building of a well laid out
village on the (loose country reservation,
which is situated about sixteen miles up
the Fraser river from here, on the Western
bank. The reservation comprises 2500 acres
of splendid hind. The village will have e
church and presbytery, and a school. It will
be built on a uniform plan, several different
styles of houses will be built iukI grouped
round tlie church. It will in no wise resemble what has been known to the Indians of
this country, since the beginning of time,
us their villages—straggling groups of
hovels nnd smoke houses infested by vermin
and the germs of disease. The houses forming the new village, when completed, will
be chosen by the drawing of lots. The favored ones in the lottery winning the houses
nearest the church, which is tlw locality
most desired. I .very falraily of Indians are to
receive 82500. Each individual, man wolman
and child, receives an additional $5011.
Widows will draw $1500. These Indians have
been a poor people all their lives. They do
not understand the value of a thousand
dolhirs.and have no conception of the amount, of money in the control of tive tribe
ns payment for their land here. Father Cocola will help them and advise them in everything, and in the big kindly priest, who
for years past has acted as doctor and sur-
Igeon, spiritual' adviser and confidant for
thorn all, they have an advooato and mediator who has made their betterment his
life's work.
it is with a sigh of satisfaction that we
record the sale of Indian reserve No. 1 for
railway townsite purposes. We have repeut-
edly stated that the sale would go through
this month, and we received the advice upon
which we bused that statement from a
source that leaves us no doubt as to the
identity of tl.' purchasers. Fort George, we
allude to the lndiiwi reserve, and other
Fraser River properties, now stand upon a
solid foundation.
We await with interest the statement of
the railway company.
South Fort George and Other Fraser River Properties Natural Location For Future City Here.
On February 19th., MHO, John Houston
made the following prediction regarding
the situation at Fori (leorge." In the opinion of the editor of The Tribune, Fort
(leorge will, for Iwo or three years, be where
it is today, on 200 acres of land, fronting
on Fraser River and not a mile from the
located line of the Grand Trunk Pacific
railway through the Indian reserve. It is
common opinion al, Porl (leorge Hint the
railway company will purchase Ihe Indian
Reserve land, some I,'11)11 acres ill all, make
a portion of it into a townsite and the remainder railway yards. The Hudson's Bay
Company's 07 acres lying between tho ln-
'lian reserve and tha 200 ceres on which
the town is now building. Adjoining the
Hudson Bay    Company's  91 acres on the
west is Bii'd's pi'o-eblption of 111) acres.
These four tracts have a frontage of a mile
and lit half on Fraser river, and about the
sfiMne on Nechaco river, and if sub-divided
would make 10,1)0(1 town lots and leave the
railway 500 acres for yard purposes. Ten
thousand town lots is enough for a city of
20,001). Port George may have 20,000 people
! some day; but the editor of The Tribune
will not live to see the tiny."
.John  Houston's    prediction   was a true
one. South Fort (leorge, to which he albid-
I ed as "Fort (leorge" is still, and always
will be until the railroad townsite is well
established, the centre of interest here. The
lust paragraph of "Old John's" article was
pathetically true—he died on the eighth day
of the following month.
According to the Prince Rupert News
There has been some delay over the signing
of Ihe contract for the last gap in the G. T.
P., by Messrs. Foley, Welch, and Stewart.
There is no doubt expressed thut the contract will go to that contracting firm, but
it is known that, the Toronto Construction
Co., whose representatives were here some
time ago, and Messrs. Wilson & Co., of
Minneapolis were also in the field.
The final survey of the Grand Trunk Pac-
iyo north from Edson into the Peace River
country is being completed rapidly by L. E.
Silcox, who with a party of assistants has
been working through the country since the
opening of spring. Mr. Silcox is nowr about
.'15 miles north of Edson and'is working towards the town. The information has been
obtained from good authority that when
he reaches Edson the final survey will be
ciimpleteed. This should be by the end of
the present month.
Some difficulty has been experienced in
getting a satisfactory grade over the ridge
between lhe Athabasca and the McLeod
rivers. Several preliminary surveys were run
and the final has been located around the
eastern end of the ridge where it has been
possible to secure a four-tenths grade on tho
road's main line. Following this survey
the road will run northeast from Edson until it passes the ridge between the McLeod
and the Athabasca, after which it will swing
around into the valley of the latter stream
and run northward to a suitable place for
crossing. It is understood that .Mr. Silcox
has connected up the survey from Edson
with the old survey made in 1007 through
the Pino Pass.
According to the News, Montreal advices
give it out definitely that the contruct'for
the last stretch belongs to. Messrs. Foley,
Welch, tV Stewart, the firm have promised,
il is said, to have the steel across the summit to Tele Jaune Cache by December. Kail-
head is now only twenty miles east of the
Ycllowhend Pass at the summit, and grading is in progress west of the divide to
Tete Jaune Cache. Messrs. Foley, Welch &
Slewai't will undertake to complete the entire British Columbia section before the end
of 1913, when lhe line will be opened for
j through traffic.
Th.' work along lhe route between Aider-
more and Tete Jaune Cache is much lighter
thnn on thc 100-mile Coast division now
being, operated. Generally speaking the
country to be traversed is open and level.
A wide valley extends all the way from the
head of navigation on the south fork of the
Fraser to Fort (leorge.
The townsite of Houston, in the Bulkley
valley is being boomed by a Vancouver (inn
for tho G. T. P. Railway company. The
town is named after .lohn Houston, the
veteran newspaperman who died ut Quesnel last year from exposure to conditions
his lime worn constitution was unable to
stand, whilst printing his paper in South
Fort George. The townsite is made up of
1,765 li-ts.one-quarler of which are owned
by the Provincial Government, leaving
1,342 for sale. The streets are 66 feet wide
and the lanes 15 feet. The lots nre .10x100
feet with tli..' lane al the rear. The townsite
is principally level. The Buck Kiver runs
through the town, and two blocks have
been reserved on its banks for park purposes. The town is situated about halfway
between Eraser Lake and llazellon, on lhe
route of the (I. T. P.
Capitalists Coming Here.
Mr. Chandler S. Edwards, President of
the North Coast Land Company, leaves
Ashcroft about the 12th., of the month
with a party of distinguished English capitalists who will make South Fort George
their headquarters whilst looking over the
district with a view to investment in land
for colonization purposes. The parly includes (lis Grace the Duke of Sutherland, K.
(!., Lord Desboroiigh, K. ('. V. ().. Admiral
Lord Charles Beresford, Vieounl and W
countess Castlercuiigh, Lord Stafford, The
Hon. Arthur Stanley. Captain Hutton and
Mr. A. Simpson.
The party have been al Brooks, Alberta,
where.the Duke of Sutherland is heavily interested in land, for the past two weeks.
South Fort George has already been visited'by many distinguished people, but her
history will long have been written before
she again welcomes a party of men whose
names are household words in every corner
of the world. The Duke of Sutherland is one
of the wealthiest men in the Empire. Lord
Charles Beresford is England's most distinguished Admiral, lu 1882 he commanded
the Condor in lhe hnmhiird.iiont of Alexandria. He served on. Lord Wolsey's stall' in
the Nile Expedition, and commanded the
expidition which rescued Sir Charles Wilson's party in Safin. Other members of the
party are Well known in both Mayfair aud
Whitehall, in London.
Illicit Booze Venders are
Supplying Indians.
The blind-pigs that are peddling liquor to
Indians had better have a care. The easy-
money gentry, who daily violate the Act
by illicitly vending rank brands of rot-gut
to white men should be brought to account
for tha practice, but the skunks that sow
the seed of violence and crime in the poor
bestial brains of the Indians, to line their
pockets with money that should be expended in feeding and clothing tlw swarm of
hungry brown women and children on the
rancherie, are lower in the plane of estimation than grave robbers.
A disgraceful scene was enacted on Hamilton Avenue last Tuesday night, when a
crowd of drunken Siwashes brawled and
fought like a pack of sleigh dogs, within
hearing distance of private residencies, and
families that had to suffer the indignity of
waiting the termingtion of the red-men's
orgy, or send forth volunteers to take a
hand in the subduing of the frenzied mob
The Herald hus repeatedly "bawled out"
the provincial government for not erecting
a jail here. We have cited instances without
number when the lack of a place to house
prisoners in has caused the public unnecessary exposure to sights of violence and
drunkenness. The representatives of tilie government that huve visited this place must
have realized that a jail was a very necessary itelm in a place so remotely situated as
this, yet it is not built.
The   practice    of selling  liquor   to half-
breeds should be confined to sale over the
bar only. Any of the men who can purchase liquor under the act here as half-breeds
are   worse   than   Indians    themselves,   for
when they come into possession of a Jjottle
they hie themselves away to their Siwash
tilliliiuns and get the whole crowd drunk.
Then   the    particular    hell  demon    that
sleeps in the cranium of the Indian awakes
nnd twists the brain of the red-man until
he sees red—anil crime stalks abroad. The
Herald knows that half-breeds here were in
possession of enough rum this week to craze
j the whole   tribe. They   buy it at Quesnel,
. through the medium of some white skined
friend. When The Herald gets the facts regarding some suspected    blind-pigs in this
town we will publish  the names, occupat-
I ions, and addresses of the swine themselves.
! Cider venders had better sell the beverage
| with more discretion also. Any liquor that
I will intoxicate comes nnder Attorney-General Bowser's Liquor Act as a violation if
I sold to Indians, and judging from the cider
I jags some of the natives have carried, the
dope thai is    sold under that appellation
will certainly "bring the glad."
This is    at present   a "dry" town—but
, what's the use? Ninety miles down stream
there are two retail and ono wholesale li-
; cenee, with steamboats running between tho
; points twice a week or moro often.
— o	
The clearing   of right-of-way   is How in
progress   ou the (I.   T. P. east of here. A
camp has been   established near W. Lnsh-
brook's place about eight miles fmm hero
i by a party of French Canadians, who have
taken a live-mile contract. Their first work
was to build a   ferry boat, whieh enables
i road and their camp. There are also quite
j them to cross the river between the wagon
a number of station men ut work along the
line between hero und Chicken's Lake to the
west.—Interior News. Aldermere, i
pagtc rwo
Tlie plan repn
is authentic. It
nation of the h
iiitu towusitcs h
the lirst  work i
lished showing
the station  gri
Keserve   No. I
week for railro
poses, as filed
Kegistry   ollici
1 iiinl- ' Pacific
■ed herewitl
iws tha sit-11
today, li is
s kind pub
location of
. mi Indian
., sold this
Itt nsite pur
,. Kami'"'!"
I I.i ■ i iraiiii
ilwav '   ,'o
iy il
lh .,
ilit sharing plan,
Kesources Sent' Vancouver,
o a |
only buildings on any of
iles are located on sub-
ii 938, which is. together
37, the land registered by
under    the name  "Fort
_e."llere the townsite corn-
have built  a large hotel,
i    number of other build-
The other subdivisions,
sources Company. Lot 1427 is
of doubtful ownership. It was
staked in tlie name of Harbour
Engineer Bacon of the G. T, P.
at Prince Rupert, and is called
"railroad property" on the advertising maps of the resourceful resources concern. It is not
ye. subdivided. All the above
subdivisions are a long way
from the present centre in the
scene   of townsite development
is also located on this land. It
is considered possible -that the
Hudson's Bay Company will
subdivide their land together
with the railway company. Lot
932 is tho property of the Fort
George Land Company. It has
been subdivided but temporarily withdrawn from sale. Lots
933 and 934 are the townsites
of South Fort George, the business, industrial and residential
river frontage is of little commercial value, owing to its
height ubove the river.
Lot 1426 is owned by the
YVtilch Land Company, of Winnipeg, and is a good property
for residential purposes. Lot
913 is owned by J. M. Wiley, of
Winnipeg. Plans are now being
prepared for its sub-division,
Lot 925 is owned by A. Lindsay, of Winnipeg,    and is sub-
|j Close & Brown
■-       South Fort George, B. C.
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From Ashcroft to Fort George, and all points in
the northern interior of British Columbia, carrying
the Royal Mail, passengers and fast freight.
The Palatial Steamer B.X. Awaits the Arrival of the Company's Stages
«3ttSttS&5S!'     Head.O_llce::Ashcroft,_B.C.
Fort GforKe, B.C. Victoria, B.C.
F. P. Bunion. Mgr. F. 0. Green, Mgr.
N-.itn.i_, B.C.. A. H. Green, Mgr.
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
Gvil Eotiiem, Doonwi k B. C. U-4 Stmyon
Surveys of Land.!, Mined, TownB.tet.. Timber
Limits, Etc.
IRONING    -    -
Fresh Bread   I   Quesnel, B.C.
puny. Tl*1 plan wn
llu' linn of Gore i.
here, and     very little develop-  centre   of lhe    total areu  sub-
nient work will be done on any  divided at this time. Tb_ whole
tlle well known provincial land  developed except, for a few av-  of them, unless undertaken, as ! of the waterfront on this town-
surveyors who Lave been carry-  enues cut through the jack-pine ! at the present time on hot 938, j site   forms    a  natural    dock,
by the owners. j owing to the fact that, the site
Lot 417 is owned by the Hud- ! is on a series of natural terraces
son's Hay Company and their '. the lowest of which is about
post, founded over 100 years ten feet above high water mark,
ago, stands on it. The Prdvinc- On all the other sites, especially
ial  Government   Agent's office ; those on the Nechaco River, the
nil' on survey work in tl
ion for many years past.
The lots initialed N. R, S.
lying to the west and sout
the Indian Reserve are the
ions townsites owned, or I
l.ots   numbered Ib'lV, 1429   and
are at this ti'pie entirely un
and two roughly graded streets.
Lots 2008 and 2507 are known
as the Hodgkins addition. This
addition is owned by a number
of Victoria speculators and is j
being sold by the Natural Re-
divided for residential property.
Lots 1431,9.-4 nnd 1432 are held
under reserve by the provincial
government. The large island
at the junction of the two rivers
is owned by Messrs Williams &
Murdotl, of Vancouver, who
will probably sub-divide.
The sub-divided area today
aggregates about 2000 acres.
All kinds of
Brick and
Dirm*_-r F're places a
▼¥ tf 1 H_ specialty.
All work guaranteed.
Brickmason and Contractor
fenrSte-1' South Fort George
Cariboo Lnml District - Dislrict ul Cnril,,,
Devoted   to   the   interests   "I   Kurt
Ueurye anil  the entire Northern Interior,
I tor.
Pence River Lnml Dist. - Dist. ul Cariboo.
PEACB HIVKR I.AND DISTRICT.        rT^T_u~"t7._t ->-te"m____-r___n_'      TAKR "°"M  that  WU".m  ""m'"''   «'
Dislrict ol  Cari i, ! ,,. " ""   l",   ,. Ur  '','"•"'",': Strnlliconn,  Alta., occupation Farmer,  in-
TIKli notice Unit James Rei.1,.,1 Dawson   ""' "' Vancouver »• *-• occupation hutciter , im_ u, ,1|,|,|y ,,,- „mnissi,.n to purcliaae
i    T., occuputiuii   |,ros|iect,.r    inieiuls  to   intends  to  apply lor  permission  t„  pur-   tlie following descrilied lands:-
ipply  for   permission   to  purcliase  llle   Iol-   clmse   tlie'following   described   lands:- j    Comnieneing   at   a   post   plnntcil   J   miles
owing  .les,ribed  lauds- Colnmcncllig  at  a  post  planted  4  miles   south ol Selbv's lemnorarv Boundary Post
Commenciiig al a post Iilanted 01, the ; --.th ,,„„ _ mii,.s rasl „( the N. E. corner : "I s- ''■• Corner ul Dominion Peace' River
cost bank of Hallwav Rivet aboul |B , .,, ,.,t ,6 .„d ..,„.,„ 6 m], „„.„, A Reserve, tiience SOUtll Ro chains; thelice
lilies il an    slrcnm    flum    the  In,,mh    of, .. .,-,-,., ..   I west   80   chains:    thencc iiorth   Ro   chains:
west   80  chains; ' ■> ml «• tnsl "' Poncl,° r'al»> l'""ce nurth   llience east Ro chains.
80 chains;    llience   casl    Ko   8u   chains;   tlicnce   east   80   chums;   thence   Jy.io. WILLIAM   Dl'RRAN'D.
r less, lo rlvcr bank, thencc   south So chains;  thence west 80 chains to I    March ..1st. Mill.     Albert Tale, agent.
ver hank to point ol com    point of    commencement,  and  containing •	
nl.iiiinil,'  1,40 aires more or   sjo acres more or less. ' Pence River Land Dist. - Dist. ol Cariboo.
j ,„ „, PETER FIIHM WNTR.NT  I    'I'AKE   notice    thnt   Arthur   Walker,   ol
AMES REID. I „.„.,,  ,,   , ,,„  „.,„„ „      I Edmonton,,Alta., occupation clerk, intends
SaturJiy, September 2, 1911
Frank Watson, agt.
March  14,   mil      Join,   MacDunell,  agent.
Distrul  ol   Can;	
TAKK lioticc thai  Alice  May Slcrin
il Vancouver,  II. C. occupation Clerk,
!    TAKK
cil lands
post    pl,
weal hank .,1 Hallv
d iwnstream Irnm llie m
Creek; tlicnce wcsl p. ilia
Ku chains; Ihenee east Hn
to purcnase
11cd   un   the
out 14 miles
ul   Cvnress
thenci' soutii
I.ml.; Uieme north along river hank lo tin
point uf commencement, containing _lx
lines inure or less.
February 28th., loll,   frank Watson, nel
Dislriel  ui Carilioo.
ntends t
use  the
west   I,
.nn   -li.il   ll.ri'v   I'.ns.i
11.   I',   uccupaiion   hotel
ipply lur permission to
.1   lauds:
;,   ol
irici ui Cariboo,
p lhal William Cliomnnli,
I', occupation Commen
traveller, intends tn upnlv lur rms.i,,n
to purchase lhe following descriheil lands:-
C iltnnellcing at a post planted one mile
west oi Hallwav River, abuut i; miles
downstream from the month of Cvnress
' reek thencc west 8o chains: tlicnce norlli
So chains; thence eust Ro chains; thencc
suuili hu chains to point ol commencement
colitainitig 6.|n .ill-is mure or less,
■le   lo. WILLIAM   CHAPMAN.
Feh-tia-y .8tL., iyn.   Krunk Watson, agt.
| Cnriboo Lnnd District - District ol Cnriboo.
TAKK  notice  thut    B.   Wlntermlte, oi
i   Vancouver,  It.  0. occupation rancher, in-
I   lends to applv Ior permlszioll lo purchase I south  Ro  chain:
tu   apply   fur  penuissiuu   to  purchase  the
following descrilied Ininls:-
Commeltcing at a  post planted  al, milcs
soulh   oi   the     must   southerly  corner   of
Swan  Lake;  thenee eust  8o chains;  Ihcnce
Ihellce   west   8o   chains;
the  lullowing descrihed  lands:
Commencing at a pust plantcn io miles I    „    ,    .,                ,,,      ,,,
.,,.,.,„.'                ,  .   , ...   \    March -8,   [911.      Albert Tute, agent,
north  o    the  N.   W.   curner  of  I.ot 1654,                                                                *•
thenee north Ro chains.
.mil about I. miles north and I mile west j p_aee Rjver Land Dist. - Dist. ol Cariboo,
f Poncho Lake, Ihenee north Ro chains; I TAKE notiee that Siiruh Brick, uf
hence   east  80  eliains;    thencc   south   Ro ; Slrathcoiia,      Altu.,    occupation    married
st  80 chains to   place ol
ml   containing   640   acres
chains;   llience
more or less.
March  34.   1911      Juhn   MacDunell,  agent
Disirici  ol Caribou.
TAKli nolice  Unit  Charles Leu Denting,
ul  Seattle,  Wush., occupation Shoe Sales
man,  inteiuls  lo  ni-dv   lur  nermission   to
purcnase Hie [ollowing described land.:-
Commencing at a post plauted about ,s,t
miles   nnrth   and   about    11   miles   west   oi Commenciiig nl  a  posl plnnled  about S3
the  2. mile post   cstablislied  on  lhe R.N. tnllos   north   nml   about   13   miles   wesl   ol
oj'   .11   a   posl   nlanted   in   the    W. Mouuted Police truil on the imrth bank the  22  mile nost   established   on  the R. X.
ol     Hallwav   Rlvcr   abont   17    ol the  Peace  River  ut  the mouth  ol Cash if/. Mounted Police trnil on the norlh bnnk
rastrcom   hum      llie   mouih   oi    Creek;  thence soutli 80 chains;   thence west ,,( Un,  l'_.Kl.   River ill  the  molltll  ol Cnsll
Creek;   theiue    west   80   chains:    8u chains;   Ihenee   north   80  ehnins;   thelice Creek;   tlicnce  north  80  chnius;   llience enst
nil,   80   chains;   tlicnce   cast   80   eait °° chains, lo point ol conimenccment, 80  chnins:   thence south 80  ehnins:   thenee
containing 6411 acres inure ur less. West 80 chuins to poinl ol commencement,
Dislrict of Caribou.
TAKIC   notice   Unit   Daniel   Cunningham,
of   Seattle,   Wush.,   occupation   Miner,   intends to n""'v b,r "cnuissiun in purcliaae
the fullowing described lands
river  bank    to  point    ,,1   commencement,
enntaining 1,4., acrci morc nr less.
February   -7th., 1011.     1-'rank Watson, ngt
Je.10. CIIARLKS LEO DEMINO,     I containing 640 neres more or less.
Murch 7, 1911.      James Peltry, aeent.      _„.,„, DANIEL CUNNINGHAM,
March, 8.   1911.    Jumes   Pettr"    agent.
Districl .,{ Curiboo.
,,, .   ,,.,,,, Cariboo Laud Iiislriet -  Districl ol Cnriboo,
PEACE RIVER   I.ASD    I ill i 1.1'. TAKK      ..  .1        .1   .   o   ,  1    ■  , , ...
District   ni  Cariboo o   V.I     w   , '   Jol,"»""l ol      TAKE   notice   thnt   Florence   M.   Lyons,
TAKE  nnliee    that   David  ' Monroe,   ol   ,,!'"' ,'   ««»l',   occupation  Cnriienter,   III-1 o[   Vancouver,   11.     C.   occupation   stenog-
r,   ll.     C,   occupation    ...reliant   ffUUi-Xcrll!cdtnd™- ° ""rC""M   ruphcr, intend, to .pply lor permission to
(.lily lor permission      CmnmeitcliiR .it ;i post Dial.led hI.ou.  bi ! P»"_inse the following described IhimIs:-
niik's north mid about  u  miles wcit o*[     OommenClng  tit a  post  planted at the
''■   21 mile post   CAtlUillsllCt.  nil  llie R, n.   N.   W.   enrncr   ni  I,
woman, iniends In apply for permissinn -l
purchase tlic folfowitij; descrihed lands:*
Commencing at a post planted 5 milcs
smith of Selby's temnnnirv Uoiltidaty Pnst
at S. F,. Corner of Dominion Pence River
Reserve, thence snnlli Ro chains; llience
west 80 chains; thence north 80 chnins;
llience east Ho chnins.
March 30II1.  igil.      Albert Tate, aijent.
Dislrict of Cariboo.
TAKIC notice that I, Ettle Jones, oi
Los Angeles, Call., occupation iinmnrried,
intend tn apply (nr permissinn to purchase
the   following   described lands:-
Commeticlng at a post nlanted 1 mile
south and 7 milcs wesl nf the South-east
corner of the B. C. Government• Reserve,
marked E, J.'s N. E. corner; thence south
80 chains; thence west Ho chains; thence
imrth  Ho cliains;   tlicnce east   Ho chiiins   to
point   of   commencement,   containing 6-10
March 30th., iyn.
traveller, intends ti
t<> purchase the fol
cd   laud!
isl  pl.nited one mil.
Dislrict nf Cnriboo.
TAKE nntiee that I, William Jones, of
Winnipeg, Manitoba, occupation traveller,
intends lo apply for permission to purchnse  the following described funds:-
Commencing at a post plnnted 2 miles
south and 7 miles west nf the South-east
corner of the II. C. Government Reserve,
marked W. J.'s N. Vi. corner; thencc soutii
Ho chains; thence easl 80 chains; Iheuce
north 80 ehutns; thence west 80 chains to
point of commencement, enntaining 640
March 3lst.   1911,
Dislriel of Cariboo.
TAKE  notice  tlmt  Tom   Allan, of Vancouver, ll. C. occunation Mining Engineer,
intends to apply  f.ir  permission   to  purchase  the lollowing described  lands:-
Commencing at a post planted 011 tltt
west bank of Hallway River about la
miles downstream frmu the mouth of Cypress Creek; thence west Ho cliains; thenco
north 80 chains; theuce enst 80 chains
more or less to river bank,  Ihcnce  south
along    river   bank  to  point  of cotnmencc-
ment,conlttiiiing 6_]o ncres more or less.
March  1st., ion.     Prank Watson   agent.
District  nt  Cariboo.
TAKE notice that Joe Shennerd of Van.
couver 11. C, occupntion  Labnrer, intends
to  apply  for  permissinn   lo   purchase  the
folloWm" described luiids:-
Comtnciicinir   »t   „   |1ust   planted   %   mile
I west,from   Halfway   River,   and   about   lo
milcs down  siream  from   thc   month   of
Cypress   Creek;     tlicnce      west   80   chains;
tlicnce  soulh     80  chuins;   thence  east  80
chains;   iheuce   nortii   80  chains   to   point
of  commencement,     containing  6.|o  acres
more or less.
March isti, iyn.     Prank Watson, agent.
Peace River Laod Dist. - Disi. of Cariboo.
TAKIC   nnliee    that   John   Hall,   of   Ed-
monloii,   Alta.,  occupation   accountant,   intends to un»ly  for permission to  purchase
1646   and   about   5 | the   following  described   lands:
District of Curiboo.
TAKE notice that John William Carry,
of Vancouver, B. C, occupation Hotel
Clerk, intends to am.ty f,,r permission to
purchase  the following described landa:-
Commeiicillg at a nost nlanted about %
mile west frnm Halfway River and about
8 miles downstream from the month of
Cypress Creek; thence west Ho cliains;
thenee smith Bo chains; thencc east 80
chains; theuce north 80 chains to noint of
commencement, enntaining 640 acres more
or less.
March  1,   kjh.     Kmnk   Watson    Agent.
Hn tin fact.on irunr-
Repairing   ■__*_.
Rend articles by mail t« Kurt (.corire, B.C.
LOYAL & DAVIS,  Props.
Smokers' supplies
a specialty
Four pool tables
Splendid environments
Bronger & Flynn
Plans and blue prints made
Estimates submitted
All kinds of work promptly
South Fort George
Fourth St., South Fort George
Peace Kiver ti-lld Diet. - Dili, ol Cd.lb-O.
TAKK notice Unit George IIm.iic, ol Etl-
monton, Alt-., occupation engineer, intends to n|i|,ly for |,eruiisslon t<» jmreliase
tlie Inllowiii},' ilescrilieil  landSt*
Coi--i-ttcl_n at " imst planted .1 inilcs
smith ol Selby's temnoniry Hounilnry Post
nt S. K. Corner of Dominion Peace River
KcHerve, tlicnce south 811 ciiuins; tneuce
west 80 chains; thencc north Ho cliains;
tiience enst 80 chains.
Jy.i. CHOUGH HflllNH.
Mnrcli 31st. 1911.     Albert Tale, agent.
Peace River Und Hist. - Disi. ol Caribuo,
TAKli notice thnl Kdwurd Hon,,', "I
Edmonton, Altn., occupation e-u'lneer, intends' to npply f,,r perniission to purchase
the  following described  Innils:-
Comtncnclng nt a post pluutcd v4 ol .t
mile south from the most southerly I1"1"1
ol Swun I.ukc; thence south 80 clmins;
thencc west 80 chnius; thencc north »o
clinins; thencc eusi 80 chains.
Mnrch  .7,  1911.      Albert Tute,  npOTl-
Peace River Land Hist. - Dist. ot Cnriboo.
TAKK nutiee that Duncan Iliirrund, of
Strathcona, Alta., occupution Farmer, intends to apply for iiermission to purcliase
the following described  binds
Commencing nl_n post plnntcil fi miles
soutli of Selby's tctnnoriiry Hounilnry Post
nt S. K. Corner ol Dominion Pence River
Reserve, tlicnce soutli 80 clinins; thence
west 80 chains: tliencc nortli 80 chulps;
thence eust Ko clinins.
March _oth. 1911.     Albert Tate, agent.
District ol Cnril	
TAKK notice Unit I, John MncGillvruy,
of Picton, Ontario, occupution gentleman,
Intends to apply Ior permission to purchnse the lollowing descrilied  Innds;-
Commcncing at a |,„st nlimted I mllc
soutli nnd ; miles west of the Soiillienst
corner ol the 11. C. Government Reserve,
marked J. M.'s S. W. comer; Iheuce north
80 chains; theuce east 80 chains;; thence
south 80 chuins; thence west 68 chains to
point of commencement, contuining 6do
acres. 6
Mnrcli 30th., 1911.
Pence River Lund Dint. - Dist. ol Cnril"'
TAKK   liotico     that   Henry  Gownti,
lidmoiilnn,    Altn,   occupution   Hruker,   1
tends to npply for perniission to purchn
the following described lands:-
Commencing ut n post piunted 8 mil
south of Selby's lemoorurv Boundary ''
ut S. K. Corner ol Dominion Pence ]'"
Reserve, tbencc south 811 chnins; l»en
west 80 chnins; thencc north 80 clialu
tlicnce eust 80 chnins.
March Jotli.   1911.      Albert Tute, UR™'
Dislrict ot Cnriboo. .
TAKK nolice Unit I, Charles Hums. •"
Winnipeg,  Mmillobn, occupution colllrn""
inteiuls to npply lor permission lo pun
use the following described  binds:-
Commencing nt n post planled ' "'' ■
south nml  7 miles west ol the SonUl ''■
corner  ol  the  11.  C.  Government   l"""'   ,'
marked C. H.'s N. K. corner; tbence so" '•
80  chuins;   thence   west  80  chnius;   ""'"
nortli 80 elmins;  thence ensl 80 clinins
I point ol   commencement,  contaliiron   "■'
Murcli glut. 1911. SEPTEMBER, 2, 1911.
Peace River Liiml Dint. - Dist, of Curiboo.
TAKK notice tiiut j_.ir.il.. McCouili, o[
Edmonton, AUu., occupat inn tnerchaiit, intends io u]>p)y for permission iu purcliase
the fQllowJug  described  lands:-
CommciiciiiK »t » post planted % of n
mile south ot tlie moBt southerly point of
Swim I.ake; thelice east 80 chains; tiience
South 8ci chains; tbence west 60 chains;
thelice north 80 clmins.
Jy.i. IIAR01J) McCOMJi.
Marcli 27,   191'.       Albert Tate,  agent.
Peace River I.aml Dist. - Dist. of Cariboo.
TAKK notice that Alexander McDcrmid,
of Strathcaiia, Alta., occupation fanner,
intends to apnly '"r permission to purchase lhe lollowing described  lands:-
Col-.-i.uiic.njj at a post planted on the
eastern shore of Swun Lake 1 mile north
ol the most southerly point, thence east
80 chains; thence north 80 chains-; thence
west 80 chains; thence south 80 chains.
"Match 30th. Igil, Albert Tate, agent.
Peace River Land Dist.'- DisL of CaribooT
TAKK nolice that Allred .kick, ol
Strathcona, Alta., occupation carter, intends to apply for permission to purchase
the  following described  laiids.-
Coiiimeiiciug at a post planted % mile
south ol the most soulherlv point ol Swan
I.uke; tbence east 80 chains; thencc north
80 chains; thence west 80 chains; thence
snuth 8u chains.
March 30th, ion. Albert Tote, agent.
Peace River l.and Dist. - Dist. of Caribou.
TAKK notice that Norman White, of
Kdinoiitoii, Alta., occupation clerk, intends
to apply lor permission to purchase lhe
fu I low ing described  lands:-
ComiiU'iicim- at a post planted 11 miles
south of Selby's lemimrarv Boundary Post
at S. K. Corner of Dominion Peace River
Reserve, thence south 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains; theuce north So chaius;
tbence east 80 cliains.
March 27, 1911. Albert Tate, agent.
Peace River Land Dist.     Dist. of Cariboo.
TAKK notice that Arthur Lewis, of Edmonton, Alta., occupation civil engineer,
intends to upply for permission to ptUch-
ase the following described lands:-
Commencing at u oost piunted 12 miles
south of Selby's temporary Houndary Post
at S. K. Corner of Dominion Peace River
Reserve, thence south 80 chains; thelice
west 80 chains; thencc nortli 80 chailis;
thence cast 80 chains.
March 28,  1911.      Albert Tate,  agent.
I'eaee River Land Dist. - Dist- of Coriboo.
TAKE notice thut Gertrude Ritchie, of
Edmonton, Altu., occupation married
woman, intends to apply for permission lo
purcliase  the following described  lands:-
Commencing at a nost planted 9 miles
south of Selby's temporary Boundary Post
at, S. Ii. Corner of Dominion Peace River
Reserve, theuce south 80 chains; theuce
west 80 chains; thence north 80 chains;
theuce east 80 chains.
March 301I1.   1911.      Albert Tate, agent.
Peace River Land Dist. - Dist, of Cariboo.
TAKK notice that Howard Ritchie, of
Edmonton, Altu., occupation mine owner,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described laiuls:-
Commcuciug at a post nlanted 10 miles
soutb of Selby's temporary Boundary I'ost
at S. IC.  Corner of DotM.iii.on  Peace  River
Reserve,   thence   south     80   chains;   tbence
west   80   chains;   theuce north  80   chains;
thence east 80 chains.
March  27,   1911.       Albert  Tale,   agent.
District of Cariboo.
TAKE notice that I, Frank Cameron, of
Detroit, Michignit, occupation gentleman,
intend to apply for permission to purcliase
the following described lands:-
Commencing at a post iilanted 2 miles
south and y miles west of the South east
corner of the B. C. Government Reserve,
mnrked K. C.'s N. IC. comer; thence south
80 chains; tnence west 80 chains; thence
nnrth 80 chains; thence east 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing 640
Murch 31st.  ion,
Dislrict of Cariboo.
TAKIC notice that 1, Charles Cameron,
of Victoria, ti. C, occupalion gentleman,
Intends lo apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:-
south and y miles west of the South-east
corner of the B. C. Government Reserve,
marked C. C.'s N. W. comer; thence south
80 chains; thence east 80 chuins; thence
north 80 chains; theuce west 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing 640
March 30th., 1911.
District of   ...irilin..
TAKE notice that I, Janet Vance, of
Picton, (Int., occupation widow, intends lo
apply for permission to purchase the following described laitds:-
Comineucin.r al a post piunted l mile
south and 1, miles west of thc Southeast
comer of the B. C. Government Reserve,
80 chains; theme east 80 chains; thence
marked J. V.'s N. W. corner; tiience south
north 80 chains; tbence west 80 chains lo
March  30th.,  1911.
Dislrict  of Cariboo.
TAKIC notice that Bruce MacGIUvray, of
Picton, Ontario, occupation fanner inieiuls
to apply for permissinn to purchase the
following  described   lauds:-
Commencim' at a post nlanted 1 mile
Sonlh and •> miles west of the South cast
comer of thc B. C. Government Reserve,
liiiirked B. M.'s N. IC. corner; llience south
80 chains; thencc west 80 chains; tbencc
north 80 chains; thence east 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing 640
acres more or less.
March 30th., 1911.	
District  of Cariboo.
TAKIC   notice   lhat   I,1 Christina   Vance,
of   Picton,     Ontario,   occupation   spinster,
intend to apply ior permission lo purchase
lhe following described  lands:-
Comntenciiig  at   a  post  iilanted  1  mile
south and X miles wesl of tlie South east
comer of the D. C. Government Reserve,
marked C. V.'s S. W, corner, thence north
80 chaius; thence east 80 chains; thence
soutii 80 chains; theuce west 80 chains lo
point of commencement, containing 640
Murch 30th., 1911,
Peace River Laud Dist.     Dist. of Cariboo.
TAKE notice that I, Clarence Vance, of
Picton Ontario, occunation farmer, intends
to apply for permission to purchase the
following  described   lands:-
Commcnciui' at a post -'anted 1 mile
south and 3 miles west of the South cast
corner of the B. C. Government Reserve,
marked C. V.'s S. IC. corner; theuce north
Ho chains; thence west 80 chains; thence
south 80 chains; thence cast 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing 640
March 30th., 1911.
District of Cariboo.
TAKE notice that, I, Mabel Cameron,
of Victoria, B, C, occupution uninurried,
Intend to apply for permission to purch-
the   (ollowing  described  lands:-
Commencing at a post nlaiitcd 2 miles j
soulh and 5 miles west of the South-east |
comer of thc B. C. GovcrnmeiH Reserve, j
marked M. C.'s N. \V. corner; thencc south
80 chains; llience east 80 chains; tbence ,
north 80 chains; thence west 80 chains to J
point of commencement, containing 640
March ymt. igil.
District of Cariboo.
TAKIC nolice that I, Arlhur Jones, of
McLeod, Alta., occupation gentleman, intends to apply Ior permission to purchase
the following described lands:-
Commeliciug ul u nost nlanted I mile
south and 5 miles west of tbe South cast
corner of thc ti. C. Government Reserve,
marked A. J.'s N. E. corner; llience south
80 cbains; thence west 80 chuins; thence
north 80 chains; thence enst 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing 640
March jisl. ign.-
District of Cariboo.
TAKK nolice that I, Clarence Way, of
Picton, Ontario, occupation Carriage
maker, intends to npply for permission to
purchase the following described  lands:-
Commenciiitf at u post planted 1 mile
smith and 5 miles west of the South east
corner uf the B. C. Government Reserve,
marked C. W.'s N. W. curner; thence suuth
80 chains; tliencc east 80 chains; thence
north 80 chains; thence west 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing 640
"March 301I1.,  1911.
District  of  Cariboo,
TAKIC notice that I, Charles MacGill- I
vray, of Picton, Ontario occupation gentleman, intends to apply fur periniss'on to '
purcliase the following described latids:-
Commencing   at   a   post   planted   1   mile
south and 5 miles west of the South-cast
comer of the   B,   C.   Government  Reserve, .
marked C. M.'s N. K. corner; thencc south
80   chains;   theuce   west   80   cbains;   tbence
north 80 chains;  llience east 80 chains  to
point   oi     commencement,    containing   640'
Marcli 30th.,   lyil.	
Dislrict oi Cariboo,
TAKK  notice that  Alexander Dulhic,   of \
Edmonton,    Altu., occupation  miner,  intends to apply Ior permission to purchase
the following described lands:-
Commenciug at a post [ilanted I mile
south of the S. W. corner of Swan Lake,
theuce easl 80 chains; thence south 80
chains; thence west 80 chains; thence
north 80 cliains.
March  27,   1911.       Albert   Tate,   ngent.
District of  Cariboo.
TAKIC   notice   that   I,   George   Lasee,   of
Picton, Ontario,  occupation   Clerk,   intends
apply   for   permission   to   purcliase   the
following  described  lands:-
Commencing at a post '.lanted 1 mile
south uud ,s miles west of the South east
corner of the B. C. Government Keserve,
marked (1. I,-'s S. W. corner; llience north
80 chains; thenee east 80 cliains; tbence
south 80 chuins: Ihcnce west 80 chains to
poiut of commencement, containing 640
'March 30th., 1911.
District of Cariboo. ! District of Curiboo.
TAKE  notice  that  I,  Annie  Jewell,  nf I    TAKE    notice    that  H.  __,. Murdoff, ri
Napniiee,    Ontario,     occupalion   married Prince Rupert, B, C. occupation gettttemm
woman,intends to  apply fi
purchase  the following descrilied  luntls:-
Commenciii"' at a post nlanted 1 mile
soutii and I mile west of the Sunth east
corner of the ti. C. Government Reserve, !
marked A. J.'s N. W. corner; thenoe soutli
80 chains; thence cast 80 chains; thence
north 80 chains; thence west 80 chains to
point of cummencement, containing 640
March 30th.,   1911.
Peace Kiver Land Dist   - Dist. of Cariboo.
TAKE notice that Dalton Kirkland, of
Edmonton, Alta., occupation jeweller, intends to apply for permission to purchase
the   following  described   lands;-
Comineiiciug at a post plauted 2 inilcs
south of the S. W. corner of Swan Lake,
theuce east 80 chains'; thence soutii 80
chains; thence west 60 chains; thence north
80 chains.
March  27,   1911.      Albert Tate,  agent.
District of Cariboo.
TAKK notice that 1, Kdna Way, of
Picton, Ontario, occupation married woman
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:-
Commencing at a post planted I mile
south and 5 miles west of the South-east
corner of the B. C. Government Reserve,
marked IC. W.'s S. E. corner; theuce north
80 chains; thence west 80 chains; thence
south 80 cliains; theuce east 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing 640
Jy.22. EDNA WAY.
March 30th., 1911.
Districl of Cariooo.
TAKK notice that I, Adaline MacGillvray, of Picton, Ontario, occupation
married, intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described lands:
south  and   I   mile   west  of  the  South-east
Commencing at a i»,st nlanted 1 mile
corner of the B. C. Government Reserve,
marked A. M.'s N. IC. curner; tbence south
80 chains; thence west 80 cbains; thence
north 50 chuins; thence east 80 chains to
point of commencement, tun taining 640
March 30tH)^i9££.	
District  ot   ■''.■;■■]., .,
I    TAKIC nutiee   thut   I,  Mary  Murdoff,  of
I Winnipeg,   Manitoba,    occupation   married,
j intends  to  apply  for  pcrmiss on  tu purcli-
j use the following descriiicd lands:-
1    Coiumeiicinir   at   n   post   planted   1   mile
SOUtll  uod 7  miles  west   uf  the  Suutheast
[corner  of   the   B,   C.   Cov.-rnm.nt   R.ei
1 marked M. M.'s S. K. corner: thence ■
80   chains;   thence   west   H.i  chains;   thence
south 80 chuius; thence east 80 chains to
point of   commencement,     containing   64a
March 30th., 7911.
ntends  to  upply fur permission  to purch-
jse the following described lands:-
Cuminencing al a post planted 2 miles
south ami 1 mite west of the South-east
corner of the B. C. Government Reserve,
marked II. L- M.'s N. W. corner; thence
.south 80 chains; thence enst 80 chains;
thelice north 80 chains; thence west 80
chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres.
Jy"- If.   L-   MURDOFF.
_M,ircb 31st.  1911.
District of Cariboo.
TAKIC notice that 1, Gladys S. Cameron, of Victoria, B, C. occupation unmarried, intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described luuds:-
Commencing at a pusi nlanted 2 miles
south and I mile west ol tlic South-east
comer of the B. C. Government Reserve,
marked G. S. C.'s N", K. curner; thencc
soutii 80 chains; thencc west 80 chains;
thencc north 80 chains; theuce east 80
chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres.
Dislrict of Cariboo.
TAKK notice that I, Minnie Harris, of
Winnipeg, Manitoba, occupalion spinster,
intends to apply for permission to purchase  tbe  following described lands:-
Commencin™ at a post planted I mile
south and I mile west of tlie South-east
corner of the B. C, government reserve,
marked M. H.'s S. W. comer; tlicnce north
80 chains; thence cast 80 chains; thence
QYth   BOUth 80 chains:   theuce west 80 chains lo
Peace River Land Dist. - Dist. oi Cariboo,
point   of    commencement,     cuntaining   640
March 29th., 1911.
District of Cariboo.
TAKE notice that I, Edward Vance, ol
Pictnn,    Ontario,    occupation   farmer,
TAKK notice that Walter Gilpin, of Ed- ; tends to apply for permission to purchase
inonton,    Alta.,   occupation   merchant,   in-   the following described lands:-
tends to apply for permission   to purchase •-    Commencin-   at   a   post   nlanted   I   mile
the following described  lands:- : soUtj,  and   .   mile   west   of  the Southeast
Commencing at a post . planted 1 mile corner of the B. C. Government Reserve,
south of Selby's temporary Boundary Post marked IC. V.'s S. E. comer; thence north
at S. IC. Corner of Dominion Peace River 80 chains; thence west 80 chains; thence
Reserve, thence south 80 chains; thence aoiilli 80 chains; thence east 80 chuins to
west 80 chains; thence north 80 chains: ,,0jnt 0f
thence east 80 chains. ' ttcrea
Jy.i. WALTER GILPIN. j Jv 2'2
March 31st. 1911.     Albert Tate, ugent.     I   'jiarch 30th.
commencement,   containing 640
—The Cariboo wagon road
is 167 miles long
That statement alone will prove to the readers the impossibility of price competition for imported beer against the product of a local .industry
Has been incorporated by men who have had long business experience in Cariboo. The objects of the company are: To manufacture
beer for the trade of the Northern Interior; both to satisfy present requirements and the increasing demands of the construction next
year and thereafter. To maintain a brewery capable of supplying the demand for a first-class beer. Read this prospectus. The facts:
A prospectus lins been issued which reads
in purt as follows:
Incorporated under the B. C. Companies
SHARE CAPITAL 830,000,00.
divided into 000 shares of 850.00 each.
300 shares of 850.00 eacli at par,
\ on application and \ on the corresponding
day of each of the' three following months.
JOHN, A. PHASER, M. P. P. Merchant, of
Quesnel, B. C. President.
JOHN B. DANIELL, President, Northern
Interior Printing Co. Ltd. South Port
' leorge, Vice-President.
WILLIAM L. COLLINS, Manager Hudson's Bay Co., Quesnel, Secy-Treasurer.
A. W. CAMERON, Bank Manager, President
Quesnel Board of Trade, Quesnel, B. C.
EDWARD'L. KliPNER. Proprietor Occidental Hotel, Quesnel B. C.
(lE'RGE J. WALKER, .Late Government
Agent, Barkerville B. C.
The Northern Crown Bank, Quesnel B. C.
E. J. Avison, Quesnel, B. C.
Registered Office
Quesnel B. C.
This company is proposing to immediately
erect at Quesnel, a high class, modern brewery, and is offering to the public for subscription at par 300 of its 000 shares.
 1 1	
Since the incorporation of the company
several pionths ago, continuous efforts have
been made to obtain from the Dominion
Inland Revenue Department its consent to
the issue of a brewery licence. ]t has now
agreed to a grant being made when the
brewery is erected, and it has already appointed an Inland Revenue Inspector at
Quesnel to transact tho business of the company. An application will be made with all
practicable speed for a provincial licence,
and the Directors now propose to immediately construct and equip the brewery.
The whole expenses of promoting the
company, including Solicitors charges for
promotion; Government fees; stock books;
the printing of stock certificates and the
Articles of Association; Solicitor's charges
for securing an understanding from the
Dominion Government ns to a grant of a
licence when brewety is erected; the cost of
printing and publishing this prospectus have
been assumed by the Directors, or some of
them, and for so doing the said J. B. Daniell will be allotted 60 shares, and the said
J. A. Fraser; W. L. Collins; /A. W. Cameron;
E. L. Kepner; and George J. Walker 18
shares each. A contract dated 25 November
1910 to this effect has been entered into between the Company and the individual Directors and thc same may be seen at the registered oflice of the Company during business hours.
The Company is thus, without the payment of a single dollar, in the very fortunate position of being discharged from all initial and organizing expenses.
No shares will bodssuud at a discount nnd
every dollar subscribed will be used for the
actual business ,needs of the company.
The Directors nre fortunate in having secured tho services of Mr. George Bruder as
Brewer and Manager. Mr. Bruder is splendidly equipped for the position. He hns 25
years experience   as a Brewer in Germany,
Switzerland, the United States and Canada.
He is a graduate of the American Brewing
Academy and was for years Brewmaster of
the Upper Michigan Brewing Company, and
later of the Imperial Brewing Company, of
Kamloops, both of which were exceedingly
successful under his management.
Mr. Bruder is the owner of a considerable
amount of Brewing plant and apparatus,
and so much confidence has he in the possibilities of this District, and the successful
outlook of the Company that he has agreed
to turn over his plant at a valuation in exchange for the shares of the Company at
full par value.
The Directors only propose to raise the
capital necessary to place the Company in a
thoroughly sound financial condition, and
now offer for sale 815,000,00 of shares based
on the following estimate:
Site     8500.00
Building 7000.00
Machinery etc 4000.00
Plant and Apparatus  1500.00
Tools and accessories 500.00
Working Capital 2500.00
Less estimated value o£
Mr. Bruder's plant   1250.00
Net amount  of capital
required    $14750.00
The profits of Breweries are proverbial.
The distances of this country from thc railroad; the impossibility of price competition
from the nearest brewery; the immense extent of territory this brewery will serve; and
the splendid prices obtainable, place this
brewery in a class by itself, and inuke the
Directors firm in their belief thut this company will in a very short tiine be in an exceedingly prosperous condition and paying a
very high rate of dividend.
This brewery will supply Quesnel, Fort
George, Stanley, 150 Mile House, Soda
Creek, Quesnel Forks, Hydraulic, and all the
surrounding country, and it is estimated
that these places, during this year, consume
at least 2000 ban-els of beer. The plant it is
proposed to install is capable of manufact-
facturing 2500 barrels of beer per annum,
leaving a considerable margin for development without increased cost.
The construction of the G. T. P. and other
railways through this part of Northern B.
C. will immediately increase the territory
this brewery will serve, and ensure a big expansion of business within,a comparatively
short time. As any larger quantity of beer
can be manufactured at a less cost of output than a smaller quantity, a steady increase in the yearly profit in proportion to
the increase in business will be made.
' An average wholesale price of a barrell of
beer holding 6 doz. bottles is 810.00 at the
Brewery. Prices vary from 88.10 to $12.85
The average weight of such a barrell is
2-.51bs, and the freight from the Brewery to
Quesnel at 5 cents per pound would be $12.-
25. Beer from the Railway cannot therefore
bo laid down in Quesnel under 822.25 per
The estimated sost ol manufacturing a 6
dozen barrell of finest quality beer in Quesnel is only $7.80.
At $22.25 per barrell a bottle of beer costs
approximately 31 cents, of which the freight
is approximately 17 cents.
Estd., gross profit ... $21,375.00
First working year,
Cost of manufacturing
1500 bbls., @ 88.00 ... $12,000.00
Selling price thereof @
822.25 per bbl.,(wholesale in   Quesnel is today 830.00 p=r barrel ...33,375.00
After providing for the writing off of the
cost of the entire building and plant in five
years, and for the creation in that time of
a reserve fund equal in amount to the entire capital now to be subscribed, these
profits would pay a dividend of over 60 per
To comply with the Companies Act it is
stated that the Minimum Subscription on
which the Directors will proceed to allotment is one share. A considerable number of
shares have already been spoken for.
Applications for shares should be made
upon the form accompanying this prospectus, and sent to the Company's Bankers, the
Northern Crown Bank, Quesnel, or to the
Trader's Bank, South Fort George, with a
remittance for the amount payable on ap-
A copy of the Company's Memorandum of
Association is printed in the fold hereof,
and with the Articles of Association of the
Company forms part hereof.
Whoro no allotment is made the deposit
will be returned in full, and also where the
number of shares allotted is less than tho
number applied foi* tho balance of the deposit will be applied towards the remaining
Failure to pay any future instalment on
shares allotted when due will render previous payment liable to forfeiture.
Full prospectuses (upon the terms of which
applications will alone be entertained) and
forms of application can be obtained from
(he Northern Crown Bank, Quesnel, The
Trader's Bank, South Fort George, from
any of the Directors, and from E. J. Avison
This prospectus has been filed with the
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
Dated at Quesnel, this 26th., day of April
>   <
THIS COMPANY offers to the public of Cariboo an opportunity of investing in a venture which will add materially to the industrial development of the district, and the profits of which will be great
Send in your application for shares immediately.   Much of the stock
has already been subscribed for.   Don't delay.   Act at once.
$50 EACH
$50 EACH
This form of application may be used.    It should be filled in and sent in with the
amount of the deposit to the Northern Crown Bank, Quesnel, B.C.
Gentlemen- (Traders Bank, South Fort George. B.C.)
Having paid to the (Northern Crown Bank, Quesnel, B. C.) the sum of	
being a deposit of 512.50 per share on   shares in the above named company,
I request you to allot me that number of shares upon the terms of the company's full
prospectus, dated the 26th day of April, 1911, which 1 have read, and I hereby agree to
accept the same, or any smaller number that may be allotted to me, and pay the balance of $38.50 per share as provided by the said prospectus, and I hereby authorize you
to register me as the holder of the said shares.
Name in full       Address   	
Description              Date	
RECEIVED this day of
thc sum of $ , being a deposit of $
shares in the above named company.
1911, of Mr.
per share upon
For the Northern Crown Bank, Quesnel, B.C.
For the Traders Bank, S. Fort George, B.C. IH! li
The report of l1." Canadian
Forestry Convention at Quebeo
has just been issued, and makes
u volume of 100 pages, of ad-
__     dresses, papers and discussions
, .. i   i   ••   bv Canadian and United Stales
Some few weeks ago    Jan      nutlu)1.jtiPS „„ forestry and lum-
Fink Mailed off to explore the  'hi,n||_   .yj pnns „i Canada are
northern portion of British Co-  ,1.|1|l,:,n..| in the report, and all
ml more particulary   phases of the subject, commer-
i ducutional, administrat-
und     protective   are dealt
River water-
Within one
mile of subdivisions
Apply to
N H WESLEY, Second street
Id size up a block i f some
000 acres, in «liich h i and
nal other fellow citizens nr
terested   in    lb'1   Port    Gi
The trip proved eminent];
joynble    and   instructive.
I-ink    returns     home    «
larger and truer concept ii
the immense     potentialil
this pro\ ince.
He left the mi :n lim of tl
P  K. for .he north al   \    ■
where he  boarded  an
bile and enjoyed ovi     lt)l   I
of joy    riding to „ ■
Mr. Fink declares I     I '
resolutions passed
and changes suggested in the
... s are included. Persons in-
rested may receive a copy free
i, tpplication to the Secretary, Canadian Forestry Association, Canadian Building, Ottawa, Canada.
Thr Fort George Theatre on
Fourth Street here, was well
patronized   at    every perform-
Fort George Brick Co.
We are now prepared
to accept orders for
brick and lime. Also
to job by contract.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Jorgenscn & Knox
Laselleave., South Fort Georg.
^ .and feed Stables
Rigs, Saddle and Pack Horses furnished on short notice.
Draying of all kinds and excavating done. Feed of all sorts
continually kept on hand.
Terms reasonable and satisfaction guaranteed.
lis   wei
iln' attraction
■ si Nelson light
.,, k. being the Wo
r. pictures.
The sale of the Indian Reserve
i  tion has stimulated   to a ureal ex-
■ op- lent, the    realty    values here
I o during the past week. Proper ir
pi : tic- ies offered    recently for ligures
„■) For! that were    exceptionally   low,
arils of owing to    the nun-sale   of the
lea.ner, reserve, have now climbed high
ik was again,
''.' ,tMe The rains lately have (..-ft-
dation. iyeiy cheeked the spreading of
on I    • forest fires    between this place
sixtj mlles, is n ,
and  here uiiimi    "'
pleasurgbly      i    '    '
excellence of ;"i
The steamer   running
route is llie e'.pial of the Knot- ,im| ^._ Q0ttonwood Canyon
enay and Arrow Lake boats, on t|11, Wl,s, s;c]e 0{ [|lt, Fraser.
miforl of travellers i        v mm) nf ,,,„ boo|. ..T|u, New
y (.rovi
led for.
,n route
A copy ol th
Garden of Canada
ween soda Creek and Fort   Frech.ick    Tnlbot   ;„no .„.,„„
nrge, Sir. Pink visited Can's-
written by
dbot, w
panied the  G. T.  P. publicity
l"'1' «'"'''■'' "" IrIDn^;.d nc3Jmln"   party  through   here last  year,
tance with Cl. Allison. Harry   ||;ls •,,„„„    n.,.1,iv(,,|     h(,,,   Th„
Joyce and Bill Anderson, form- |)|in|. ^   uklMy  describes the
or Cranbrook residents who are al|v(,n.|n,s of   'Ml,   Talbot on
all doing well up north   Upon ^ .^^ fmm K(|m(mton t0
their   arrival   at hort  Coorge lluz'eilon om. the G. T. P. sur-
they wore met by Bill Uest, an- rim||i   |( dwel,_ ut ■     th
other former CMnbrook.citizen. fc ^ o|
est located   the land   tor the gl   ^   ^    0      «   wUo). {,
I ranbrook     syndicate,    which d__crib__ "Metropolis in
was on Imnd ^"aXt ""aide tha miking." I
rpl.n".l,r1' arrival   "It^Fort      Alodg c   o f t he Inde pendent   j  F   „J Cpftftfik    Pre
I eorec  the Kink party learned Order "' Oddfellows will be or-  j  1 Ui I vCUI gC    .
l|M.-ti;„  on.   hot_i    i.Hheen pnized and the officers instal- tan
burncd to tl.fi ground' the pre- >ecl   "'   tllc  Ihorne-MoGaghran  |   Uy„_ jj A Specially
tin V wen
Districts ol
Fcrl George, Nechaco Valley, Fraser
Valley, Bulkley Valley and Stoney Creek
For Sale
Town Lots
Farm Lands
Garden Tracts
Government land for purchase
ami  pre-emption  located.
For full particulars apply to
Edward Roberts
Salos Agent. Notary Public.
Insurance Aeent, Auctione.r
South Fort George and Fort George
B.C. fA
Telegraphic address:
"Erin," Fort George,
Real Estate
Valuations and investments made for owners and out-of-   I
town buyers. J
Fire Insurance Agent for
Phoenix Assurance Co., Ltd.,  British-American Assurance
Co., and the Liverpool & L
FOURTH ST.      -
surance Agent tor i
Ltd.,  British-American Assurance   I
London & Globe Insurance Co. |
We don't ask you to purchase South Fort George lots hy
making a pencil mark on a townsite plan   You would
be safe in so doing, but if skeptical
 o     COME to      o _.
Investigate Our Proposition
and you will find a good live town- Two banks, sawmill
pool hall, newspaper, two general stores, splendid
hotel, bakery, stationery store, mail-boat
landing, scores of buildings,
and crowds  of  satisfied   buyers
172 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B C , or the resident agent
a e. Mclaughlin
Fourth Avenue, South Fort George
WM. KENNEDY, Manager.
Cor. Second and Hamilton Aves., SOUTH FORT GEORGE, B. C.
Fine crockery pleases the eye,
Nourishes the heart
And stimulates the appetite
We carry a complete line g
tions a
i • r. I ■
di their day evening next September tne I
(ith. All resident members of the J
order  nnd    visiting   bretheren  I
This is season-   I •      I. • .
able weather for Lime JUiCe
A la-.-, stock uf which Is always on hand.
_ ,.,..,,.IV anr, .    ,,   ,   u,.,.. Hall iiii Fourth Street Wednt
compelled     to t
The     Cranbrook   syndicnti
block nl land is located some welcome,
fifteen   miles    south    of Fort BACK ON THE COAST.
George on    fleet lake,_  named „h wi|| no,   b_ many u,.u..
niter   Hill   West      It   is :i tine h|,fol.(, (h(i|.|, _.:,] b_ hundr8dB ,„■
Btretcl-    of level   land, heavily thousands „, ,„,,.,, of [md un.
wooded with small cottonwool! der    oultivntion   in    Northern
and birch, nol dilheult In clear. ^-^     Vl)Um]-.u     Thm  .„,,
I ,„■ _,-„u„d is covered with  a va ., ar_a_ _c|    m t_       ;_ul.
thick layer nl mu.- .West has it ,                          ,      , ■■          f            ,,.,,,         ro     .      I
Pftoh often acres cleared, s,  ,,,„., {,«      __ ^ ft_ „,_•.,,_,. on the 12th day of September
of   which is   umliT culti\;iti "* 	
J-    Dr»rs Chemlcnla, Patent MedicineB,
Muirnssiin'c. Biciks. Staii.mt'i-y,
Toilet ArtlcleB, Drunarisu' Sundries
~ LIQUOR ACT, 1910.
(Section 35.)
NOTIuK is hereby given that
■;^weet  corn
eejnteun     incliei
Meuart     and
high, peas, beans, cabbi
potatoes   were   growin
l-'raser Lake, as well as Hillkli
ml    linn.    Thorn
Tavlor, minister of works, to o,
next, application will be made to
the Superintendent of Provincial
Jo police for the grant of a licence
for the sale of liquor by retail in
The Grand Trunk Railway at
Edson has 26 miles of side trackage
Figure out how much trackage will be necessary here
once the trancontidental is completed and the branch to Vancouver is in operation. The Vancouver line alone is the
equivalent of a main line, for all Puget Sound business
originating in the Eastern States, and secured by the Grand
Trunk, will pass South Fort George. This business will be
enormous and many times greater than that going to Prince
Rupert. This prospective development gives South Fort
a value not possessed by other addition property- because it
is situated on the Fraser river.   Look into the future.
Come to me.   I'll help you buy.    Write for acreage
Real Estate Specialist South Fort George
Good Land at Reasonable Prices
~~ and On Very Reasonable Terms.  Title Perfect. 	
Write for further information to
North Coast Land Co. Ltd.
General Offices:   410, 411, 412 Winch Bldg., Vancouver, B. C.
London Office:   6 Old Jewry.
South Fort George Office, Second St.  Russell R. WALKER, Sales Agent
|  1836 |      Assets Exceed Fifty Million Dollars      |  1910
Bank of British North America
Your money Is Baler in the Bank than In your house or in your
pocket. It is not tied up. You can Ret it out at any time without delay. NOTES discounted. Local and Foreign Dralts bougM
and sold.  COLLECTIONS made promptly.   Money OrdcrB Issued,
Fort George Branch,       L. G. MacHaflle, Mgr.
il go  "».•■-'"""'"""•<"•■■•—"'      Notice is hereby given that the
. puny s steamer up the .wiser to partnership heretofore subsisting
,■.,.     i   amiiJi patch of tim-   '_"'•,"' r~:~' '"*, ";  ",: •"','."' anil upon the premises known as
,   ■  ,                                     e reprrsHitulve oI the \ iincoi ver   u„i„i m-,..!,,,,.   .,•{,,„.„ .,i «„„..,
>thv   hav    was a so     in line ,,'                   ,                            Hotel Noi tnern, situate at soutn
'         ,i                                           , Iroviiice  oil      ns  ri'lurn     ll'ODl h». J fim„-„    u„nr,  ll.n lanrlc .la
ihaoe   \   ion o   tomato plants ,,         ,,                          ,           Port tieorge, upon tne lands cie-
„ _   yevy healthy   cona-tton. t"e "or hern tnp.lns  week.         sc,.ibef] „ Us u   15> 16, block
Ittto-Bobwrvan , P^scr I "ig the portion of lis  u m
trip in tho i uriboo district, Mr.   Eated lhis 12,h day of Aug. 1911
i I av or continued: "Un reaching                  at dt/id'p  muw.AM
Lust winter timothy UuV was ...__.       ,              ,   ,    ,   ,"               A1_H1_K1 JOHNsUN.
'                ■       ',. , t.uesnel, in I ariboo district, he	
selling a     oit    ye i was joined by Mr. John-A. f'ra-           Dissolution of Partnership
pei ton,    sough     giub-     haj ^  (j     A   [o_   lh(, ridin
liroii'dit ^^    per   im. him sl mi .,,       ,,            i   .,     u   .    ,.   '
,       -          i   ,',         ,i           ,   .- I hev then took lhe li. A. toll
the ground Mr.
wL'retttihntr at S127tl°ner suck '''"'' Geol'ge' "siting many in-1Betvvetn tlie undersigned, as ho-,
and Hour at 812. bacon butter, ^mediate points to mspect im- te]. proprietors,  at South Fort
tea and other ordinary camp re- Provoments.   . lhe     numerous George  has this day  been dis-
'ii             , inuds am  trails now under con-  soved (bv miitiin  consent)
iiiiii'i'iin'iits    were    sellnm    at ,                               BUIUU "    "' Jl"W -uuacm.;,
1          ,                              I struction wnl    groaitly mcreusi
Kast Kootenav '""' '"       "' ""' existing transportation fa,-  DyT w""Cameronr" AlTdebtsIR'
' I'h • on n  ied Vancouver city i'lt''s iL'"' "''' BelLlera '" brul_!" owing to the partnership are to A
branch ol the Grand Trunk IV ln^in slo,'k and applies             he paid  to him,  and all claims «
ullc   railway    will   run right ,  '.wus rnu.oh "»P^ed *>» agmnrt: the partnership are to be^
,,'  ,.    , i .    i         i llie improved   look oi (Juesnel,  presented at South rort Oeorge
1111 ■ in 1 __• 11     I he I ralihrook svmli- ,'             ,.                 l    .           '     ,   ...   ,,                ,      ,,       ,  •       _
■        i   hi i .       f .as weh   as oilier places along  to J. VV. Cameron by the claim- *■
cows laini. nnnsi  so uu. nc_- ^_ mad ^ sll,.llllhl,.lt ,.,„„,, unts ,m\ wi]| be settled by him. _■
ive operations on this proposed si              [   t   vjsi,, there two      Dated at South  Fort Oeorge \_
line ol railway have not  been •    .,      ..   ,,    ,.,            ., •.,,,,,   ,     _,. T ,    lnn            r__
i   M     i■    i             i- i    , veurs ago,     said    Mr.   lavlur.   this __ 11 h day ot July, lyil.           At
started, Mr. Funk is conhdent ;,,1V    *^>           ^^   J,.          ALBERT JOHNSON              ^
"."lll,h" I""', I"'1 "■""•!"" '   o -bo, as fur as the eve can       KOBERT MICHAEL BURNS
w ise  lhe trade     ill   the disli nl ,                          .       ..   •,          .
n. is open, aiid well adapted
Fort George Trading & Lumber Co., Limited
Operators of Steamers on Ihe Fraser, Nechaco and   F'i"hl 'T'""'
' -hik'utin   at S.
Stuart Rivers
Manufacturers of Lumber
iwl to Hti'diiicr
Soda Greek will
_>.' curpfTilly .rans|iorUtl to .In.
jioiril ui' il.'.-.;iiiutioii.
All kinds of rough and dressed
Lumber for Sale
Phone: One-One    Mouldings
South Fort George
(iunt'iul MamiKcr.
Hrad;Offlce: - TORONTO, ONT.
Paying Out-of-Town Accounts
Small amounts can he sent safely and at small cost by using
Bank Money Orders. Any hank in Canada (Yukon excepted)
will cash them without charge, and they can be cashed in leading American cities.   They are sold at the following rates:
V> mnl iiiiilrr
Ov-r:S!i)'.t., 130
They i
111 ..nin
Ovor   1'. toTSlll
Ovit Km tu fcO
Capl.al.an4j_a.plu_        . »a,__o.oao
H. C. SEAMAN, Manager.
The business will bu wound up 9____ *__>4_^>4rA^4r^\2rASrA^,rA^SrAiyt4'A^\rA^KrAiy
^ Occidental
«ill go easi. ii contingency the
alert merchants of the terminal
citj ure nol likely lo tolerate.
Speaking generally ol the
Fori George districl, and witb
special reference Lo l lie lands ln-
cated by the (Irunbrook sj ndi-
eaie. air. Kink said he ' had
never traversed n lim r ci unii'...
The land is easily cleared. The
climate is good, and whilst
there is soma frosl in tlv summer, il does nol amount to
anything serious. The winter,
so far as he could learn, is
much the same as in easl
Kootenuy,     with     occasional
spells of severei' frost. There are
good indications of coal in Ibis
W. Cameron.
hav and grain
wingVoUlacakoTtrans"  fi°^1fH,'h1S'^L^niv^n" fl   Most moder"  "'• t.i.lat.-  Imld   in Iiie inlenur uf llrilisl,
;     •••     i   ,   I. ,i ■    iiKs.uu. u;i\ oi a.ukus[ next, up- ^   ,, ,    ..
">n facilities, but all this  plication  wil,   b_   m.,(|e   to tb_ g   Columbia.
nn ie cnangea.    loo ^xo superjntendent*of Provincial Po- 14M   New four-storey building.   Accommodation for 120 guests
,;u», ,:,,,u..i by _si^c.toS_sr"-3 a a"™^-"—^. «-.n___-«« ,.n,ii.,«i.
=_     Head Ollice:
D I R E c T 0 R S :
R~l'.« Mr-winim.   Esq.,  Proaldanti Mo-     R0i,9rt Kenneily,   New Wcstmin-
.iiniiiii.    MiKi'ily   It  Oo.,    WliuliBiiln   :      „.„r
ZTvrlkZZrZ'Z errant.      J.  4.  MHOHIW.    E.,..   OanlUll.t,
(!»ni till Ik.     Vit't.iriii     It P \ ii'torill,   11.   Ij, _
nmWofe T? W. i'ATHRSON   thu-   : «;  "■ HEAPS. E«.|.. K. II. H-fr*
ii'ii.'iin (imiTiiiir iiiiiki  c,,i ,,,1.1, Co.,   Lumber end Tlmbon  Pry-Went
L-'TsiIAtTorD^C. M:I.A ' Mir   :    Oolmnbto Tru.l Co.. Lid.,   Vancou-
-bent, llmlliy. H.r. vor, ll. c.
W. II, MALKIV. Eiq., Tin. IV.  II. Mnl-      J.   A.   HARVEY,  E«...  K.C,  limmrly
kin  Co..    Ltd.,    t-holoiele Orooeri,   I    ol Cranbrook, B.C., Venoouver, B.C.
Vanoouvor, ll.C. A   |,. jii:\vAlt. Oonernl Uenegor.
Fort George'Branch; F.iN. DEWAB, Wanwgcr.
K _t_\ _________ '.-f-V fA> *a_> fA->f_iyA_\ /_-k> _\ _i__ <__fc> <__k> f-V f-%> *A-y ___• W '/p _^_\ m_ --< a-J «;
: if fan
is rich   and   the elevation nol C^aren-e Hotel, situate at South _d
loo high ensuring freedom froTO p0.t George, upon the lands de- _■
summer frosts. I his is indicated scribed as lots !) and 10, block 13, 21
by the good   crops secured by Subdivison 933. <A
pioneer settlers.   I was pleased Dated this29th day of July, 1911 "^
to observe Unit quite a number KOl.El.T M1CI1AKI, BUUNS *A
ni fruit trees are thriving and Applicant. Sj
promise lo     yield   food crops                          „  ,, J,
'  ,       ,,             -.       .    ,.        ,   ' Peace Klvcr Lend Dirt.    Diet, ol Cariboo. _t
when I hey reach a further stage TAKB l10tlcc UlBt William Matlliewt, ol
Steam heated.
Weekly and monthly rates on application
Wire for rooms Wire for rooms
-    IIIIIICIIIHIIIS   (11   COil     111    HUS ,•                   ,',        .,.,         ,      ,.,.,            [    .',, ,,   ,     ,,•, ,„,                ,,,,;,,.,_,,,  I,.'.     Wl
,    .    . ill  yrowth.   lhe Icrlllilv  ol   the Edinontoiii   Alta.,   nccunatloii   iiuiirance «
section, anil  sonic i_oiul  lunher •,                  . ,         ,   , '   ,i Acciit, iutrnih n. npplv lur nermlnlon i"  fA
to   iiie  norlh    li   is   ,nnnlv   nn B0" wns     evidenced   by   tb.' ro- pAchfUe lha [ollowiiij. d«acrl/_Hl 1 m-       A
m the_noi.ii. li   s mainly an markable growth of wild berries    Coti_„oi,ci„e ,u „ \„M plained i mllei. SI
iifnciiltnral and stock country, ,             n    i   .     ,i         .., . » south ol 8c by'n tempbrary Boiiiidnry Port  N™
,,„.i  ;,.„■                ...       .   ,        ■ saw a    aloiiu: the route. .,, s •„■  (•„.;„. ,,,    ,,;,:„„ p™,,. in..r ___r^
aiid irrignton wi    no   be nee-   ■',' s-u-  ,"n"r "' ooniituoii nwe «««r ^.v
E. L. KEPNER, Proprietor
Reserve,   lln-liu-   snnlli     Ko   ill,lins;   llicmc
PEACE IUVER LANI) DISTRICT,        wcsl   8o  -|m|,„.   i|,c„co flortli Ho  chalua;
llislrlcl nt Cariboo, ' thence oust Hu clmins.
TAKE nnliee Ilml   I, Jolm Strii.liiiii, ol   Jy[t. WILLIAM MATTHEWS.
p.ition C'.ilitk'liliili, in- |    'Munli jut, 1911,      Allien Tnle, Rjr<!!lt.
Iln  Ihe   whole   Mr.   Fink  was
delighted with his trip, It has r
given him a  new conception of "'"''" '" •'l'l'l>' '"r l>orin!aslon to piirchue _
the ffranlnn-o    ,,f  il.i_    .... ,•;.„.,. ""' followlnj; d-scrllied lnnds:.                     Pence River Lnml Dist. - Dist. ol Cnrilioi).
ine greatness    01   Uns  province   ,__t|, „,„l 7 miles west ol the South-onst     TAKE notice Hint J i Wltllo Heron, ol
anil he is eoiiliilent   thai   in tl" ""'"',|  "I  the 11. C. Oovernment  Reserve  Edmonton,  Alia.,  occupation   llurlier,  In-
very near future northern Brit- tZZZ S,i,.,,.,' W' ,''"r«"l'r;,""'""',."""'  .,"d. \? "l>l'lv,1"1' i»r,"",»siv" l" l'""1""11
•i    /.   .        . . ...    , ,       *"   iiinnis,   mime   cnst   Ho   cnains;   tneuce    llie   lolloicllii.   ilcsinlnil   liinils;-
lhh I oluinbiii will liguro largoly   north «„ chains; thonco wost ... chnms to      Commcncl"? nt n post planted 2\ miles
in   tl.i'  returns  of   natural   pro-   '"'""  "'    commcnceinenti  conlnlnhig  6jo'si.mii ,,i ihe s. w. comer iil Swun Lnke;
,!,,,,iw se"08' tlienco    smith   Hn   clmins;    tbelico   west   Ho
"""»' •')•"■ .IIUIN  BTRACHAN. I clinins; ihcnce norlh Ho chuius; llience eust
On     the   return   lournev   Mr.      Mnrch 30th., 1911, 80 chnius,
Fink   visilhd   llie   hlnlnrienl   ,t\,\ -'v''' JOHN WHITE IIE1ION,
j inn \1s110a  nu   1 sum ul old   ,.„„„ R|     ,    , „ ;   Mll.dl jB  „„,      A),   , Tlll       ,„
town   ol  Barkerville,   where he TAKE ,„,,,„. u,.,, Alieii Tate   ol Ed'
met Chan Edwards, Mike Sch- SL"i   '
illing and .lack Thompson, well the foil
known hereabouts, win are on-    t',"""    ,
I   ol   lhc  oUllet   ol   Swun   Lake, iP,
>i_^op><J^<^>s^ri<^^^^^v™_»vl^W/ a
gore & McGregor, p. g. b. bodeker
Victoria and
anufacturers of all
gh and dressed
and manufacturers of all kinds
of rough and dressed
Fort Geokgi., B. C.
I'ra-empliunn Lo.ntud,
Kh.imat-h Submit.--.
District  ol Cnrihoo.
TAKE until
We are consistent in our
prices and the stock is
new in our big Second St.
Our lumber is dry ami f,
must be used  to make ?,
building resist the frost P,
0' winter ft
are op-
eratiii(r plucer ditinrs in that lo- ,,"_,'„  ,„„,.,.   „„.,„„    ,„   ,, ;
cality, employing some 35 men   *eneo  III   chuins   cnstl   thenoo   to    chuins
with the best of prospects. I"""-1'1 a""m *° *A_»..__»e»l
Cranbrook Herald.
Disirici .,( Cariboo,
ZZWSlZZliilZ'lZlZ CLI o^SCZti'tSz iZttXEK]**""™™
prospector,  iu     Pone. Dicer I I Dist. - lll.t; ol Cnriboo.   '".lm ZloiZ'       ,'    s   iilimleil nboul ., l&,m\r,'!-,'i"C,'ll,e',.(l0lil1"1,-  ,
1'cjmlsslou .., pi u      TAKE  noiice    that   Arthur    Mas    ol   mil.,  north  and  uhoiil   ,,  ii^le,  w,'    '„. „, ,!"   ™   "L„,|,|' ',', '"'"I'".'.'"«' '"'''»,   i>
I 'nnds;- Edmouloii   Altn.,  occupation   Dentist,  in 1 ihe 22 mile limit esiu lisned on ihe H N 1,   „ ,..     ""',"'"",, ■', "I'1™ "Tsl lr	
post planted one mile   lends to nnplv l„r permission to purchase  W. M ed Police trail 011 tho north bann v h, ,.,    f i"'i    "U',li»llel"» lhc "• "• '
i.ill.iwini; descrilied  Is; 1 1,1 the Ponco Pier „i lhc moutli ,,   v li.    1 , "l",1"1 ''''"' "'"ll "" lll« nonh bank
"i.iuiciici,,,,  al  .,  post  planted  l\ mile, ' Creel';  ihen..   ,!,,! I, Ko     .,i „ ' , Zl      r,e       S'..   ,'7,. "_ l",S 1 ",. "'  C,/_
the moil soulherlv poinl .,1 Sw.m Lake   80 c ns;   thence  norll,  So ,1,,   ,    n",   . J, .ho.L    ,'        "' 8", l'_"1"",1  .ll'"ce tStt
■" ^"' «-«-^!«M'M..tetoN,,Lo,_c&^ ^h '.h„!!ri„;:;^eot.-..,ieeX:
c.intulnliiK 640 ncres more or less.
March, S.  1911.   Jumo, j>,Uty   a(,„,t.
Store, Office and Lumber Yard, Soutii Fcrt George j;
.March 26, 1911, " Albert Tute',"nKent.    rr1!*1.""'
1 Jy.i.
west  80   chnins;   thence    norlh  80   containing 640 ncres more or less
Murch, 8. 1911,   J»mei Peiir -   agent.
Iii lhe
IA/,-i J   SALMON RIVER anil
LUldlCU  Close to Fcrt George
NX. JORGENSEN South Ft.George
Suits &/
^lo Mrs. G. McGaughey


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