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Fort George Herald 1913-08-02

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lis [Illi OLIVER
,,.,,(• Interior Pays
sit to Central B.
H Report to Ed-
on Business
,f Edi
.'1'  of
l,_.   .
i visitor   to |
this week.   Mr. and
0  ; re   making a trip
Alberta, over the G. j
B0Uth from here by the j
C.P.R, are registered I
the opinion that the
. | ouses do not even
■ |ue of the trade
thi m in this vast ter-
c mversation with The
ti I thai part of the
in wa. to gather  data
■ which he would pre-
lonton people, presum-
■ columns of his paper,
larked upon the rlcvel-
town, saying that the
• here wan in marked
..■ quietness whieh ac-
presenl   stale  of  the
n the   northwest   gen-
ne of lhe besl   known
• ,, |a.    As Minister   of
• e Laurier cabinet he
nown aa an energetic
mil ister.
Oliver are continuing
ith from this place to-
mer B. X. to Ashcroft.
Orders were received by the contractors here this
week from Divisional Engineer F. J. George, of Fitzhugh, who is looking over the construction zone, to the
effect that the steel must reach the bridge crossing opposite the G.T.P. townsite of Prince George hereby the
end of the present year,
Chief Engineer B. B. Kelliher, of the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway, passed through the town last week on
his way over the work. Mr. Kelliher gave orders all
along the route to the contractors to rush the work as
rapidly as possible. Pile bridges will be put in at the
bridge crossings which threaten to hold up the work
pending the arrival of the steel, and a big effort will be
made all along the line to finish the work.
Kennedy, Blair & Co., Ltd.
Have Landed Immense
Tonnage Without
Independent Freight Must,
However, be Unloaded at
Mile 53.
The contractors, Messrs. Foley,
Welch & Stewart, have moved the location of their distributing depot and
end-of-steel  from Tete Jaune Cache,
George Williams, the  wizard of the
Fraser river, arrived in town again this
week from  the end of steel bringing,
down  another   large   consignment  of | Mile 53, to Mile 129, seventy-nine mdes
merchandise for Kennedy, Blair & Co.,
a local mercantile house. George Wil-
and Bob
ty scows
with William McLaren
Alexander, both well-known
have brought down over six-
from   steel-head   since   the
[opening of  navigation this spring and
I have not lost a pound of freight.  Over
RACE  UP  MOUNT ROBSON one th°us*nd tons of freight have been
landed here by these three  men and
A race to the summit of Mount Rob-
,-,, ,      •_• ,'son which promises  a parallel  to  the
The Northern   Interior   Club, which  memorgble race up the Matterhorn in
has for long past been in theincorpora- whkh E(]ward ^^ asc6ndingfrom
tion stage, was taken up  actively this . ^ Gimm ^ ^ ^ ^ ^        [n
,y the business men in town who , Ume tQ see lhe UMm Ueordana as.
■T, is to see the proposed club an j ^.^ from  ^  ItaHan &.^ ^^
at the top, will probably be witnessed
during the camp of the Canadian Alpine
Club in Robson Park shortly.
Supt. J. P. Farrar, editor of the Alpine Journal, and A. L. Mumm, both
members of the Alpine Club, of England, are coming out as guests of the
:   fore the Pre-As
.'.': m lay evening   Bi".'.
■ :' Fort George told of
11 Ier which the work is
■ district, but he also
: there is  a bright side
area of thousands of
isourcea of forest and
and mine, is being made
the approach of the
Pacific Railway, now
i in, and there are great
ir men of the right type
n facilities are exceed-
idering the location of
miles from the nearest
Splendidly equipped
on the Fraser and auto-
wilh the boats regulur-
, sn that the journey
litful country over the
I is made with conipara- j
1 ease.
rapidly gaining streng-
nches, and Mr.Wright's
that   because  of the
prevailing among his
I others  he  had  great
; tture, that "the very
uld not prevail against
' irees of truth."
are a
accomplished fact.
To assist the progress of the project,
premises have been arranged for in the
building being erected by Mr. Crozner,
above the ground floor on Hamilton
avenue at a point about midway between the two hotels. The present
quarters will have a floor space of
30 x 40 feet, and entrance will be provided through a private stairway on
Hamilton avenue.
A large lounge room is being provided,
having a brick fire-place and finishings
to suit the club committee.
The club is being incorporated as a
stock company under the name of the
Northern interior Club. A limited
number of non-resident members will
be invited to join, and the standard of i
the club will be  carefully  maintained. ]
A   committee   wus   appointed    this |
week   to   arrange the   final details  of j
decoration,    furnishing,   membership,
etc., and the club should be running by
the middle of September.
Discovery of Russian Scientists
Produces Wonderful
Here is a discovery which farmers
in the Northern Interior would do
well to Investigate immediately. It
opens up an illimitable field of profit
for the farmer. By the. use of this
wonderful  dope a farmer can sell all
Passed i
•ind co!
« 111 ;i
lemark, wife of .1. P.
rietor of the B. C. Marin et, died suddenly in
* morning of Monday,
a. rn.
Mrs. Fmemark's death
v to the many friends of
'■•':•" here, as it was un-
•ate   Mrs. Enemark had
dergone a serious opera-
ana was becoming con-
ices   from   Edmonton
critical stage in the
'  patient   had   been
!!"'  the   physicians attending
"i,'n"1   the   recovery ol  their
'■."|"-Jt assured when a  relaps
"  resulted  in death as re-
/'"I'-'t'iy is felt here towards
," '"'"nnrk, and his parents,
'_' "' Edmonton cn route for
, j'1 tha time of the death of
Dl   tl
CK" m be Bunted
Soul R°frubl»"l>.<m
for the
lownsite of
Ihis hay to the railway contractors,
obviating the necessity of feeding his
cattle during the winter hy handing
them a shot or two of "anabiose"
and then lay them away on shelves
for the winter. News of the discovery
Prof. Bakhametiefl af Moscow, in
Russia, announces that he has been
experimenting to determine the
source of life nnd has obtained some
remarkable results along a collateral
line, the suspension of life by the
use of a substance which he calls
He hns been a specialist for seventeen years in the study of hibernation nnd the results of cold on animals, particulary bears, antl his discoveries nre in this field.
He has progressed to a point, he
says, whan he can place an entire
herd of cattle in a state of suspended animation during the severe Russian winter, thereby saving the cost
of fodder, shelter and attendance,
and revive them in the spring in
good condition.
Thc treatment, which he has applied successfully to several d rterent
kinds of animals, reduces them to
total unconsciousness. Respiration
and digestion cease completely. They
are kept for months at a uniform
temperature, regulated hy a thermostat and when they are brought to
light humidity and warmth they recover consciousness, apparently not
weakened hy their experience.
Canadian Alpine Club and will make
the attempt on Mount Robson, the
highest mountain in the Canadian
Rockies, from different sides. Capt.
Farrar will ascend from the south and
Mr. Mumm from the east. Mr. Mumm
has had considerable experience in the
Canadian Rockies and has already
made two attempts on the monarch of
the range in company with Dr. Norman
Collie, of the London University, and
who will bring with him his Swiss
guide, Maurice Inderbinin. The transportation of the camp outfit will be in
the hands of Otto Brothers of Fitzhugh, the well-known guides, and Donald Phillips, one of the only two men
who have ever stood on the summit of
Mount Robson.
This information was learned from
A. 0. Wheeler, president of the Alpine
Club of Canada, who was in Edmonton
to meet Mr. Phillips and Otto Brothers.
Mr. Wheeler said that if weather favored the Alpinists they would have the
camp of their life at Robson. The
hoary giant, however, is noted for a
climate all his own and no forecast can
be attempted as to what the weather
will be like. The camp this year, said
Mr. Wheeler, is practically under the
auspices of the British Columbia government and of the Grand Trunk Pacific
railway, as the camp will be the opening of Mount Robson Park. In 1911
the members of the Alpine Club had an
expedition to Mount Robson and surveyed about 1200 square miles of the
country in this region.
On the present occasion there will be
three camps in the vicinity of Mount
Robson, and from them a great deal of
exploration work will be done. The
attendance is restricted to 100 and invitations have been extended to twenty-
live members of the English Alpine
Club to be present. Among the well-
known English climbers who have accepted the invitation in addition to
Capt. Farrar and Mr. Mumm are G.
down the river, At this point the contractors have recently built huge warehouses, and they are distributing the
construction camp equipment, and supplies from there. On the line between
Mile 53 and their new forwarding poinl
no independent freight is yet being
carried, however, and all freight consigned to merchants here must still be
carried by steamboat from Mile 53,
almost twice the distance by river necessary for the steamer run if arrangements can be made to have all freight
landed at Mile 129.
This arrangement can only be made
through the consent of the G. T. P.
and of the Railway Commission. The
permission of the railway company and
the contractors, we believe, can be obtained without much difficulty, but the
matter of the Railway Commission, if
such permission is to be asked, and in
view of the short period in which to
act, must be taken up immediately if
any sood is to result.
The effect of this matter, if the per-
misiion were granted even provisionally until the close of navigation, would
be the rapid supply of this territory
before the close of navigation. Where
the steamboats are now experiencing
much difficulty in making a round trip
in seven or eight days from Mile 53,
they could make the trip from Mile 129
in at out three days, and could more
than double the weekly delivery of independent freight into these towns for
ARE  ALMOST  READY ithe rest of the season.
  It must be borne in mind that there
. .n „. will be  a very large permanent and
Old Village at Eraser Water- ifloatinK population here this winter,
Front Will be Burned.        | and that in spite of the best efforts of
\ the steamboat companies operating between here and the end of steel a suffi-
their crews since May.
Asked for an estimate of the number
1 of scows which have  come down river I
'since navigation opened, Mr. Williams
placed the total at about one thousand.
These scows cost about $250, contain
2000 feet of lumber and carry about 25
tons of freight.
A tremendous amount of freight has
been lost along the river through the
operations of inexperienced scow men.
The Bates Rogers Construction Company have last hundreds of tons of
cement for their bridge work, and
Foley. Welch & Stewart are reported
to have lost enough material to pay for
the construction of two large steamboats.
The river is now at a good stage for
scowing, said Mr. Williams, and he expects to land another thousand tons of
freight for his employers before the
end of the season.
cient quantity of freight for the winter
consumption cannot be stored here unless some arrangement is arrived at
with the railway people to assist the
freight delivery as far as possible.
The water in the river is now arriving at a stage when the navigation of
the Fraser river will be rendered most
difficult and the delivery of freight will
suffer accordingly,
The Herald believes that a strong
effort should be made to obtain the
opening of the line as far as possible
for independent freight.
Messrs. Bronger &  Flynn, the  contractors for the building of the Indian
village on  Reserve No. 2, fifteen miles
up the river, have practically completed
the  work,   and ,the   Indians  will   be
moved  to  their new homes by one of
the  steamboats   in   the   near future.
Thirty houses and a  church have been
built in a line  along the river front of
the beautiful Goose country ranchorie.
The Indians will move about the middle
of the month, as the contract will be
finished   a   full   two   weeks ahead of
Indian Agent McAllan is well pleased
at  the  progress made by the contrac-1 —————
tors on the work.   He anticipates little Ng^ Hardware Firm
difficulty in moving the Indians from
their old homes here, and states that the
conditions  of  their houses here are so 	
poor that the new homes will be a j    M. E. Jeglum & Co., Limited, form
great thing for the improvement of the | the  latest addition    to   the   business
band. | houses of South Fort Georgo.   Thii
firm opened a fine large store, stocked
with a complete line of hardware, only
completed this week, on Lot 10, Block
10, Hamilton avenue, near the Northern Hotel.
This  is  the  first hardware store to
open its doors in this section.    Owing
the  excessive  cost  of  freight the
hardware business of  the Fort George
Opens for Business
The Grand Trunk Railway management has placed an order for 75 of the
most up-to-date locomotives. Fifty of
them will be used on the Canadian lines
while the other 25 will be
United States.   These locomotives wi
Baker,  Major  Eckford   and   Geoffrey
Howard    W  W  Foster, deputy min- be of the most modern type and the j country has hitherto been handled by
ister of public works for British Colum-  largest in the country.   They will cost
Ml fubhi=w VJ1eoree until fuvtrler notice.
*18h should be carried away.
A dance was held     in the
George Thoatre last evening.
bia, will attend the camp with the idea
of gaining information for the future
development of Mount Robson Park.
Parks Commissioner Harvey, of the
Dominion government, will also be
there to see the possibilities for the
development of the Alberta portion.
In addition there will be a number of
well-known Canadian and American
mountain climbers.
W. P. Hinton, R. It. Charlton and
R. G. W. Lett will represent the Grand
Trunk Pacific railway at this formal
opening of Robson Park in connection
with the publicity work of the company.
Another new building ia being erected on Fourth Street, opposite the
Fort George Theatre. The building
is a business venture of Mr. Anthony
Wedgis, proprietor of the South Fort
George General furnishing store, and
it will comprise a furniture store on
the ground floor and a rooming
house above.
$25,000 each, so that the company will
pay out $1,875,000 within the next year
for motive power. Most of them will
be built in the Montreal shops and some
of them in Philadelphia. The work will
the general merchants, each of whom
earned a line of hardware in connection
with their stock.
A forest fire which has been   raging
,    ,            ,                . .         for several days and   is   still   burning
entail  the  employment of many nun-'      .     ,             ,.     .     m  „  \_tt„,_,_.„
,     ., S funouslv, according to  F. II. Watson,
dreds ot men.  j of  Edmontoni  is devastating all   the
UA7EITWU   I1ISDIITU   CCTflCn COU1,t''y   between   Tete    Jaune  Cache
nAttLlUN   Ulbrlllt  atllLtU and Jasper. The latter is better known
J by the old name of Fitzhugh.   The for-
After almost two years dispute, the est ftr6| wnicn nag been seen by many
townsite fight which has been going on I people traveling over the G.T.P., is
between South and New Hazelton has , gaW t0 be some ten mile3 in lengtn and
at last been amicably settled, and Mr. \ abol|t two niUes wid6r    lt ig  traveling
Sanders, on behalf of the residents of
South Hazelton, has agreed to join
forces with Mr. Robert Kelly in advancing the interests of New Hazelton.
In order to protect those who have already purchased property in South
Hazelton, provision has been made
whereby they will be transferred to
good locations in New Hazelton, and
also arrangements have been made for
tho transfer of merchants and business
men on fair and equitable terms.
at a great rate of speed, and, if not
checked, promises to involve heavy
An enquiry has reached', us concerning the whereabouts of a man named
Jack Kennedy, who was last heard of
by his relations at Tete Jaune Cache.
Kennedy is fair and has blue eyes.
Communications should be addressed
to Mrs,  Senior, City.
Published by the Northern Interior Printing Company, Limited
J. B. Daniell, President.
Devoted to the  Interests of the  Fort George  District and  the  Northern
Interior of British Columbia.
Subscriplioa $3.00 a Vnar iu Advance
Advertising Rales on Application
THE ventilation of lhe subject of public morals in this
section is being- carefully attended to by both press
and public. The motives which actuate the different
sources of criticism of this nauseous subject, are many
and varied. We have already shown fairly conclusively
that one element have used the presence of a segregated
area in this town as an argument against it in a townsite
fight, and this phase of the argument was carefully presented in the columns of the Vancouver Sun of recent
date, and that paper also used its version of the subject
tt) gratify a malicious vindictiveness towards Attorney
General Bowser.
This subject was old when Solomon, the wise man of
Israel, started his kingdom on the toboggan by introducing foreign women into his harem. It has been discussed, analysed and campaigned against ever since.
Misguided "reformers" have plunged into their blind war
against the ever-present evil, and, in these modern days,
have succeeded in numerous cases in driving their victims, the fallen women, from pillar to post amid the
smug plaudits of their kind.
The Herald has no desire to continue in a discourse upon this morbid subject. We believe that the presence of
the rotten things of the world are better dealt with by
deeds than by words. The subject of the social evil, as
an advancing civilization has dubbed the problem of the
prostitute, is too often made the excuse for gratifying
the desire of a section of the public for sensational and
unwholesome reading.
However, the subject having been so strongly commented upon in its application to the local situation, cannot be disregarded by us, without a further expression ' of opinion rendered necessary by recent developments.
Freed of the ulterior subjects of the different critics of
the problem's local issue, and deprived of the vainglorious
advertisement of the "moral reformers" and the "1 am
holier than thou" cry of the rival townsite, the matter
comes down to a police problem.
If a segregated district is deemed advisable, as it appears to be here at this stage of the country's development, then let a segregated area survive, but tiie spread
of the evil without let or hindrance, at the will of the
women owners of the tolerated brothels, carries the matter beyond the reach of proper control and should not be
We cannot pass the subject by without referring to the
work of the average moral reformer. There is probably
no greater opportunity extant for a reformer to gratify
his ambition than those who seek to eradicate the social
evil. In spite of the fact that every prostitute is a criminal in the eyes of the law, and therefore a prey for all
moral reformers, they exist in acknowledged conditions
in every city of importance in the world. This proves
that a law has been made which cannot be properly applied, and should therefore be struck from the statutes,
as the solution to the perplexing question would appear
to lie deeper than the treatment of a natural sin which is
not confined by any means to one class, as a crime. But
the average reformer will turn almost every time to the
law which altereth not, and which enables the authorities
to deal with the sins of the fallen women as an enumerated crime, and he cries aloud for the enforcement of the
law which breeds disaster alsolute, for the jailing of these
unfortunate women would appear to be the most unnatural manner of bringing about their reformation.
The Herald is not going to advise a course of action
with regard to this matter, but we venture to remark
that in this city the whole matter could be better administered than it is, and we strongly stand against the permanent establishment of the segregated area in its present location. The women should be given six months to
move their houses to some more remote point.
The merchants of these towns would pursue a wise
course by taking up actively the matter of shipping their
freight to the actual end of steel if this arrangement can
possibly be made. The most careful and well ordered
arrangements by the merchants to provide against a
shortage of material here during the winter of 1913-14
will not avail against the demands upon the supply if this
supply is not landed before the close of navigation. It
would appear to us that in order to assure this delivery
of merchandise the usefulness of a shorter steamboat
haul should be taken advantage of if this is possible.
Broad Invitation
Tk Northern Lumber & Mercantile Company, Limit
Lust   fall   a   rum ir   '■ as
broadcast that   food supplii
short in Soulh Fort Georg.  ai    th     II
great hunger and  destitution
prevail before Bpring, which  was to ;
a certain extent true on account ol <
our extreme isolation, and the onrly j
closing of na'    ation, can  ng manj ^  ■
of our citizens I '•' ; '•' '"''' "',n   ;   j
tor, and   causing complete  stagna- .  I
tion in the influx of settlers arriving j
hero. ji
Wo would like to state here  that ;
taken duo precaution against similar
conditions this year.
Since the opening of navigation , j
wc have imported one thousand lens i j
of merchandise.
We have a thousand lens  more to ii
arrive hei e ! eforo   the cl
The transit of this vast tonnage is ji
in the hands of our famous scow- I |
mon, Admiral Ceo. Williams, K. j j
Alexander and W. McLaren.
We therefore issue a cordial invit- j j
ation to our citizens to remain here, j
We also extend this  invitation  to !
people from  all  parts of  the world j
who anticipate a trip to PortGeor :•■ I
either for business purposes or in- ' t
vestment, to come nnd  bring along I j
your friends.
read W.F.COOKE, I'res
BEN, V.ce-Pres. c. E. McUUCHLIN, Sec,
*P*;'--     ntinnH
"' 7
•.".faclnrers aod Dealers k the Best FIR
anil SPRUCS" LUMBER in Eiisli Columbia
You can't build economically without getting
our estimates from cellar to roof.
if Lhe Famous Light
teamer  "Quesnel,"
That the KENNEDY-BIA1R CO.   j
will Feed you, Clothe you, I
Furnish your House, give j
you maximum values and
minimum prices.
HAYING Season is Mere!
We are prepared to supply your machinery
.   wants,   including   .
McCorniick Mowers asid Rakes
Hand Rakes, Forks, etc., at our usually
low prices
lortbern Lumber & Mercantile
Second Street
South Foi t Ge
Kennedy, Blair & Co.
ge Company, Limited *
Central Avenue
ort Oeorge
1% Beef
M Mutton
i and
- Veal
Wholesale and retail
Slop S  Look I  Li
TRERS OF Ice Cream, Soda Water and all Classes
'of I ;:-.      ade Confectionery.   WE ALSO  CARRY A
Our    ure ver; i   ble and our motto will always b»
McGaghran & Thorne
Smokers' supplies
a specialty
Four pool tables
Splendid environments
Roberts, Jones k Willson
EDWARD ROBERTS Nobrj Polk.      E. E. JONES.      A. J. SEI.WYNWIUS0N, Auditor.
FOR SALE: Farm Lands. Garden Tracts. Timber Limits. Mineral Claims. Valuable town lots
I1CT VflliP    lirilPl.'I'Tli.V WITH    ll<*s    RtfeuMM. Tlit Traifcr'i Bank ol CjniJi
Lib I   lUl.R   I Mil I',I CIIJCjO Willi   Uo. llie b^ „[ vacuum, Foil Gmh. b \
Offices: Hamilton Avenue, Soutli Fort George: Central Avenue, Fort George, B. C
Build Yourself a Home
Established 1909.
Wire     Write or     Call
Fcrt George Trading
Lumber Company
nltywltli theaen*!
kite here (or the »
»nd build youi a
. OK U lllll.
B>.  A.  B U E WSTER
P.O. Box 17. g-v.t-h ffnt-t. Oeorge, B-O-J
It May Concern;
Tb Whoi
■***.■.  ■...,■■■_.■        ....     ........    •..».■.   ■•■«>.-»*■ '~"*»
A Slock of General   Merchandise  will  be  disposed of
amounting to nearly THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLAkb.
Everything must be disposed of within two months,    a
we aim to get out of this large slock of merchandise is
first cost of the goods.
We Appeal to Bargain Hunters for Palronag
Thos. A. Blair
of superior quality and
in all quantities.
ft Da you contemplate r
A       BUKLDING?        f<
$  Thnn InvestlKOto* our wo I mnnaliip ond    I 1
Pioneer Sawmill and Steamboat Operators in New
British Columbia.
ejtiiiii: One-One
C. E. McElroy. Manager.
S       DANFORTH & H'INNIS       b
)    Contractors i Hamilton nnd    R
4 and Bulldora ' VI: it bin  <       »
S»5 .^~??5 J<B WW-JK-TWWJ-WW^ ^
Office and Store Fixtures-
t Goorge
I- 0 .      T 11 _     DEVELOPMENT     OF
situ  UNO  umt
UlllCl'l      A«C II 11 t C 1 »
it (iAeon min
lllllll   iillitlllllK
SOUTH       FORT      0 E0 K G
, , '^'i-nnwunpss centre-will lie in the south!! for a very long period, as the
, the Grand M there lie, a group of islands close —a';7 ' t"     e"      \       Sta of .He townsite. The! am00nt of ^d  sub-divided
1 L .    . . .i ;,,i.,,-,,i wlnt-h pomDi-ise as   Fort Geoige   wniui ue ««   flndiv,^Q tnA»v would warrant own-
3relies a group oi isittimDv.iu0*.|*...,, ,,..,.   ,
the mainland, which comprise as "Fort George" which lie west j east section of the townsite. mejamount  oi   uimu...*   <-**<■- •--
'  ' •■''' nnt he- nf the G.T.P. property.   The in-j ground at this point is level and j here today would warrant own-
'"    """  """■   —f t~t,tAa nrnnpvties selling at
' iHDSU;rw/\'-nKviv  company's to the mainland, wmcu wih^ «   *wl--""'' n   ,,.    T)    ;n_ I ground at this point is levei auu;here toaay wuum „■»-.»—-..-
1 iwtUge onthe about 160 acres, and do not be- of the G.T.P. property,J™?   J™ and development will con-1 ers of inside properties selling at
Tf1]"p^aStoT^s Ion, to the Grand Trunk Pacific terests behind the se P opeUes.hgh  a tL nature of the L   early date, in  view of    he
0ld I.Khan Rese, ation h   c^ a        g .^^   ^ wereBUMMriulmoltonin^ ^^» * from large territory covered by the
rf IStil^and his sev- ■ owned by a Vancouver syndicate, the railway c^r^^S   he Faser iver waterfront.        present  sub-divided area,  and
ffl^"liXn.     The  railway  company    have "^^^^3^ the Hudson's Bay    Con,|the large  interest **u* »
site has been laid out in accord- ample ground for the location of tMttmme ^ between ipany's land which lies south of
ance with the above plan, and their work aud divisional equip- about nwt ^ ^ theG_T>R townsite. on the Fraser
the lots are marked off with the ment nortl. of the tracks, and it, the ™> .        This de.; .       very little information can ^        _.
ne posts planted by the sur- is understood they   have "H^^*Jis ^       ^.^   ft hag been   the I ^ wipe moved to their new
veyors additional land  for   these pur- cis.on has    ecu policy of the Hudson's Bay Com-|vina^ fifteen miles up the Fia
Wi tt the exception   of   Con- poses Cose to the townsite. »d«2SST* U to ^elay the marketing of jjrriver. some time dumg^e
nau ht Park and the playground     We understand that the to**- th »n^ Herald, their lands until  the  develo p.,^^™Sby
townsite has been entirely cleat    mai ket. unui int iiiduoj
ed of timber. location of th
e6 2K of S -™*«* know* =-=7t„   J^^TO
edof timber. Ration of the depot  site lias ^^<^t^ erty.   Such a policy here, how        ib,   ^e old shacks^occu-
North of the railway tracks, in been finally disposed of.    Th      ^S-and the property that ever wouknot  ss^t *e comA p .rfbyfte   ^
the blank space shown unsub- site, as shown on thei map, h      o ent bus, pany's propeit^njh^^way^  ==T
divided   in   the townsite plan. 6000 feet  east of  the eastern^ _ _ __ Z^^^^^^^======:=^   ^
 . r-   __^^M»'»«""*',1**,1        '•'  ***^*^ «■ "" I
> I
Edison  Electric
Ladies' and Children's Matinee
Saturday, 3 p. m.
Latest and Best Photo-Play
Pictures to be Secured.
We have our own Electric
Light Plant,
Land Timber Cruiser
Pre-emptions Located,
Estimates Submitted.
Admission, 25 cents.
Has started the practice of his
profession with headquarters at
Que?""1    °» u"" ■—■ —■
-i wan neauquaiteis tn
Quesnel.   He has had consider
experience in veterinary
work and solicits the patronage
of residents of the Cariboo.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Opp. Postoffice,
Fort George,     -     B.C.
P. A. Lanihiy J.H. McGregor J. F.Tkmplbton
T, A. Kiii.i.v, Timber Department
Gore & McGregor
British    Columbia    Land   Surveyor
Land Agents Timber Cruiaera
Chancery Ohnmbora, Langley Stroet, VICTORIA,
B.C., P.O. Hox 152, l'hono 684.
McGregor Uuiklinir, Third Street, SOUTH FORT
Little Nugget
Tlio most, modern and beat-appointed
cafe in Fort George,
Meals        -        50 Cents
Short Orders a Specialty
Mrs. F. C. Naiiuwai.h, Proprietress
Cor. Hamilton ami Third
South Fort George
Own your own home! You
can build your future home
now at the minimum of expense.
No building is too largo
or too small to receive
our careful attention.
Blue prints and plans furnished.
Get our estimates.
Bronger & Flynn
Contractors and Builders
J        SOUTH FOItT GEORGE        .
Modern five-room house on Fourth
St. for sale. Three-ply of boards.
Warm winter house and cool in
the summer.   Price $ 1200.
tJJ~- "        7   -    Box "A" Herald
A,,plv Wesley's cottage, . .
Rear Close & Brown Co.
Advertise in The Herald
Monoline operator, male or
female. Good wages and union
conditions. Apply Herald, South
FortGeorge, B,C.
Lime, Shingles and Cement
in any quantity.
I am  Specializing  in this Line
Warehouse on Hua^vTB^TPr^^ "ear the Bridge
' i- MILII till II UNlll'UMS*?
Well Known Toronto  Man
Will Establish Ten Plants
in British Columbia.
TAKIC notice that Dorothy i,. np", '
Vancouver, 11. C, occupation spinster, ii
teiuls to apply lor pennission to purchas
the I.ill.wins'  described  lands:
Commencing  at   a   post   plantod   al   tl
month  ot  south  lank  ol  Clouke river on
emptying   into   the   west   end   ol   Cho-eti
bon  'Lake,   and    marked     "D.L.r.,   M
corner,"   thence    soutii   Ko   chains;   thence   wesl   80   chains;  in
west   80  chains;    thence    north  60  chains   more or  loss  to
more or less to  the river;   thence easterly   following  the shore
following  the  bank   to  point ol commence    , ■■ ■
ment, containing   480   acres   nmrc   or   Itss.
Mav 5, 1913. DOROTHY L. PIPER.
Ft. Goorge I.and Dist,   Disi. ol Peace River
couver, ' 11 IT-, occupatioi
tends to apply tor permis
tin* following described li
Commenciiig at a post
end ol west arm ol Clio e
, „ north shore, mnrked
.nrner."   Uienee   no""'
ly  Ior permission  to purchs
' the Iollowin
nted   at   east      Coinmcnci
,.„   r.akc  .oal   South  bank
S IC    trom   tho   moil
[or permission to purehase  ,.,„,.,,,. "n"",'*"' L""1 ,'".''• •'"»«, ol v.,
... . .      . iuu\ii.   11.   v.      oceiii...!.....   -,,    ■ ' .     * an.
escribed lands: intends   to   nnnlv  t M"S1C Teacher
Ol    a    post    planted   0,1    llle     .,'    ",,,-, il"   "       T   -'"""Ssion   ZZ'
Clouke   river,   and   one  u>i'v !    "    ,1 , c 1    n        I''K  ^'^ '""^
.     . V OlIlHll'lR 1 111!     ;i 1     *i     11, ,l(     .1       .
th,   where   it   empties  into        ,   „,        & £ a 1°»t Pouted o„e B0|
'le,   and  marked   "M.A.E's., Lml  0,   C|,o ,,,,   ,'  '' .''"    »"n   at west
sullt.ll 60 euain
; tliencc easlcrl
,iMi ,,1 commenei
cs more or less.
■1—It;..'*., b^ZA.':.;''itiZZrZ''''
ainsl,!,,.,, rtl,    o..   i,   inence east 80cliain
tlicnce  west i
thencc   north    Ho
! eliains:   theiue   soutl,   Kn  .
111   m  mains-  tu   ,,	
I   collllllelucliu'ut,   ,,,i,i.,;„;„     ,
st   80
chains;     theuee
Extensive milk factories, where
processed milk will be bottled,
are planned for British Columbia
by Mr. A. F. McLaren of Toronto, widely known as a large
cheese manufacturer.    He has
ind- or, nnn ti norl urViilo   nn    n visit I soutii 60 chains morc or less to the rivcr,
just announced wnue on a visn!_ ^Urh followinE lk. bank t0 tne
tO   this   City that   he   intends   tO | point   ol    commencement,    eontaining  480
put in ten plants in the province
at an early date.
Arrangements have been made
for the first of these establishments to be located at Clayburn
and construction wi
May h, 1913*
TAKR notice that A. B. Calkins, ol
Vancouver, Ii. C, occupation gentleman,
inten.!*, to applv for perniission to pureiiase   the  lollowini; described  lands:
Commencing at a post planted two miles cast and one
trom the month on the north bank ol \ shore west cr,
Clouke river, wliich empties into the west marked "C.K i
,,n,l ,1 Cln, eta-bon Lake, alld marked "A. 80 ehains; tin
PC's.,   S.E.   corner,"     thenee   north   So | south 80 -■
Ft. Genrge Land Ttisi
TAKE   notice    Ilia
couver,   11.   C,   nccii
to   applv   for   pcrmi
(ollowing   deserihed   1
Conimencing al  ;i 1
S.K. corner tnence south Mo chain
wcsl 8a chains; thence north bt
more  or  less  tn  tbe   river;   thence  follow
ing   the  river  easterly   to   point   ol   com   ,, .   , .,„,, „„..,
RICHARD RUBERTb   mencement,  containing  480  acres  more  »i j EDWARD THOMASinvT"
 — A   less. Mav  8,   1913.
list, ol Pcacc Kiver j    May 5| 1913, M.  A.  ENRIGH1       I 1	
.;.   Clark,   ol   Van   I . —     ' I Ft. George Land Dist    Dist nt D,,.,.
'„„   Clerk,   intends   Ft. George Land Dist.   Dist. ol Pence River ■      M- «' Icace Km,
n   tn   purchase thc  „iTAKE  notice   that     Barnard   I illis,   of
j Vancouver,    11.   C,
plnnted five miles   ;,
,rth   oi   the   north . c
icres more or
May  6,   1913.
A.  11.  CALKINS.
pacity will be about 500 gallons jj
daily but  it   is   expected to in-
Ft. George Land Dist.   Dist. oi Peace River
TAKb:   in an.'   that   .lohn   Davis,   "I   Van
ouver,   B.   C,     occupation   Engineer,  in
tends to apulv  bir permission  to purchase
the   Iollowin'..'ilescribed  lands:-
Commencing  at   a   nost   planted   at   the
be Started I west   end  of Cho-eta-bon  Lake,  and  marl.
,        ....     .... led   "J.D .   S.E.   eorner."   thenee  north   80
at once.   Its initial  bottling ca- ,!,.,.„,   thencc   west 80   chains:   tbence
outh hn chains more or less to a stream:
thence easterlv following the stream to
point   of    commencement,    containing   480
crease this figure to three or four |'Hii-i%■'"',' 1913. '        John davis.
thousand gallons.
"I have been told that 75 per I "-^7^"' u,ai itannai, Roberts, 0i
Cent. Of the milk SOld in VanCOU-   Vancouver,  B.  C,  ocenpation  Married Vln-
,     Tr   .     _ -111.111.  intends   to apply    for permission to
Ver 13 imported from   the United   purchase the following described lands:
States" said Mr.  MacLaren, in L^Xt^er of Tot #w &.«.?£ side
an  interview.     "Our  company °r NaU,? viva ■""' '"■"''"•'1 ",U-K'S-. ,NK-
eorner. thencc south So chains; llience
Will SOOn ptlt ail end tO all that, wesl 80 chains; thence norlh 80 chains;
r\ p 1 rt 'l' 1 rt 1 1 * J* i • llience easl So eliains to point ol com-
Our first British  Columbia   fact- : „„„,.,„„„,,,  containing  Lo  Icres.
ory at Clayburn will be the start-)  May "•• "»!-      hannaii Roberts.
ing point for  an industry that L GcnrgeLam, Disti Disl. otPcace Wv^
Will prove Of   great   help   to   the!    TAKE  notice  that   T.   M.   Rowlands,   of
. 1       .,1   •    l-       ,, Vancouver,   11.   C,   sclnpation   printer, in-
farmei'and   Will   indirectly   turn   tends to apply  for permission  to purchase
his attention to mixed fanning, ^^^.u at the
in the SUCCeSS   Of Which   the   fu-   iorth   west   corner     of   Lot 2752.   on   the
o t*»   *. •  1   .-*.   1       1 -    - *> 1 1   north   sole   ol     Nation   rivcr   and   marked
tlire Of British Columbia U bound   'TM R's..  S.IC.  corner."   thence north  So
tin     T hnne to rlnas much for the c,lni"s;   ""'""'   wcst  8"    c'lains:  llle"ce
up,    1 nupe to muui iui tne  sm|l|| 8o c*mins. thcllce enst go chains to
Canadian milk as 1 have done for   l"1'"1   ol    commencement,    containing   640
Canadian cheese.                                    thomas morris Rowlands.
"We hope to have ten plants '
,.       •     ,, .1       I Ft. Georee Land Dist.   Dist. of Pence River
111 Operation in the   province  be-     TAKEnotice that Wm. R. Tait, ol Van-
fore long   and    are  now   Spying ^"Jer;   "•   C.,  occunation   car-penter,  in-
0 1.      .    tends lo anply for iiermission  to purchase
OUt the    various    dairy    centres.!the  followine described   Innds:-
Commencing at a nost plnnted on the
north east corner of Lot 275.;, on the
north side "f Nation river, and marked
"W.R.T's.. S.E. coriu-r." thence norlh 80
chains- theiue west 80 chains- thencc
sonth 80 chains; thence east So ehains to
poiut of commencement, containiug 640
point   ol    con
Mav 7,   19IS
tion   gentleman,      TAKE notice that Edward Williams   ol
s   t„   anplv   for   penuissi,,,,   to   pur-   } •""""vttt a*  <•*.  occupation Painter,' in.
ase   lhc  billowing  described  lands*.- tend^0 apply ^ Peoatwa, to pur^
Commencine at a nost planted two miles  the lollowing described lands:-
Coiiiniciicini*  at  n  nost nl ,ia„i
, K ., I "l plained one tn t
noith and one mile cast ,,1 t|,c s„llUl ,
of north arm at the -.vest end ol Cho-eta*
bon   Lake,   uud   marked    "E.W's.      S W
..._r," thelice nortii I frnm   the    moutii   on     tlie  smith hank  of
vest   So   chains;   thence   Clouke  river,   which   emulies   into  Cho-etn-
Cthencc east  So chains   1°   hon     Lake,   and    muled     "11.(Vs.,   N.E.
encement,     containing   640   crner."   theuce     south   80   chains:   thenee
j west   80   chains-      Hence   north   60   chains
E.  CLARK more   or   less-   thencc     easterlv   lollowing
_______    the  bank  of  riier  to   poinl   ol  cojnmence-
nisl    Dist. of Peace River L t, contnining 480 acres nmre or  less
tl,;,| Arthur D.   Harris, of      M,,v s,   19,3. ' BARNARD GILLIS
occupntion Machinist  ir
There will be plants on Vancouver Island, in Nicola Valley, the
Okanagan, Kootenays, as well
as at other favorite points."
Kl. George 1.11 cl
TAKI-'.  notice
Vancouver,  B.  C
tends  to  anply  for nermission  lo  1
tl,„  bdlowinr   described  land**- ^  ^
Commencing nt a post- 1
from the mouth on the
Clouke river wh'
end  ,,f  Cl la 1
D.H's..     S.E.   comer,       llionci
chains; thencc west 80 ch ,ins; t
bo chains    mor ■  lesr
thence eastcrlv followine
point of commencement
acres more or less.
Mav 6,  im,*..
c miles
pl   George Land Disl.   H-1. of Peace River
TAKE notice that  ,T.  II. Gillis, of Vnncouver,   11.   C,   occupation   ecntlcman,   in*
iorth   bank  of I teds to  nunly 'for nermission  to purchase
into  Hu*  west!.,,,,  [ollowing   described   lands
1  milked  "A. '    c.mimen. in"     at   n   posl     ilanted   three
iiici-   north   80   ,„(,„ [,,,„, the moutii   ,
'Uth I n|   Clou' e   river,   which
iver: |we5t   md   of   Cl
rner," theuce east 80 chains! tlicnce
north 80 chains; theiue west So chains*
thenee south 80 chains to point ol commencement, containing 640 acres
the  bank  to  the
containing   -lxo
ss |.
Fl George Land Dist. ol Pence River
TAKE nolice that 1). J. Griffiths, ol
Vnncmver, B. C, occupation Teamster,
iniends to applv for permission to pur-
if. ,.,. the  followine described  lauds:-
Commencing at a posl planted six miles
from the moutii on the north hank ol
Clouke River, which empties into ihe west
end of Cho eta hon Lake, and marked "Tl.
T.G's., S.E. corner." thence north So
chains: tbence west So chains: tbencc SOUtll |
fio chains more or b-ss to the river- Ihcnce
following the bank to point of eommencement,   containing  480   teres   more   ni*   1-ss. j,.,,,   tht
Mav fi, I91.V ' D. T. GRIFFITHS,    j n„ chains
Ft.  Georee Land Disl.    Dist. nf Peace River j H,pnc(,me„|
chains- thence wesl
„0 ch lins more or
easterlv   b Mowing   the
commencement^  contninir
"May's, I9I.1. -1- "- On*WS
ll. George Land Disl,   DUt. of Peace Rivcr
TAKE notice that Hugh Stewart ol
Vancouver, 11. IT, occupation Stone-cutter
inieiuls lo apply for pertnissi in to mir
chase the following described landa
Coinmencing at a post planted two miles
1)l0    t),o I norlli   and   one   mile  easl   ,,i   the  s,lUl|,  ,.,„|
,,,   Take   and  marked P1   ""r"'   arm at west   end  af Cho-eta-bon
"'"ence south  *_\W*   and marked    o„.s      sw.   „„„,„
hence north   l. 80 chains:    thence   north Ru
I chains:   thence      wesl   So    chains;    theiue
j soulh So chains to point ol commencement
] containing  640   acres.
I   May 8,   [9:3. HUGH STE-WART.
be river: thence
I- to Point of
480   acres   more
Ft. George Land Dist.   Dist. ol Peace Rivtr
pi   Genrge T oul Disl    Dist. ol Pene River
TAKE notice thai   P.   A.   Mien. 0! Vancouver    11    C ,   occunation   Gentlcmj
,,.„ds in  nnnlv   lor  nermission   to purchase
th*.   fol',,win"   described   lnnds;-
Comiiiencing   ■'   a nosl   nlnnted b'-e miles
frnm   tie   moulh   on     lhe   soutii   bank   of |
ClntiVe Piver which  cmnlics into the west
marked "P.
ice soutii So
thence norlh
TAKE notice that .lohn Griffiths, ol
Vancouver, B. C, occupation Laborer, iti.
tends to apply for permission to purchase
the following described laluls:-
Comracncing   at     a  post  planted   three
miles  north   of  the south end on  the east
shore ol north arm at west end of Cho-eta.
Ibini   Lake  and   marked ".I.C's.,   S.W.  cor-
TAKE   nnliee.   that   Robert   Hopkins,   01
Vancouver,   P.   C.   occupation   gentleman,
intends   to   annlv   for   permission   to   pur- 1
chase  the   followin.'   deccriheel   lands--      ^      ■*,   r.wrire fo
Commencing at a nost nlanted one mile TAKE "nth
east of the west red and Oil the north c ,n,„. |( (*
sh,,,-.. of Cho-eta-bon Lake and marked ,, .,, •, , ,-
"R.H's.,   S.E.   corner,"     then.,-   north   80   [nii,)V ,.,,   ,'...,
, hains: thence wesl  So chains;  llience soutii      Cn„, ;,,„
60 chains more or less tn  the lake:  thence.   tr    ,,,„   ,„,,
easterlv,   iollowin,..   the   shore   to   point   "fop, „t „  .-:,-,.-
commencement,   containing  480  acres  more | ,.„,,  flf n,,,,
nr   less. I.C's..       N.E
Mav 7,  mn. ROBERT HOPKINS | rt,n),„. ,!,„„.,.
(A chains moi
taining   l:~"  acrcs  morc
Mav S.  »9l.V v-   v   A,T1-S'
1 Disi     DM
thnl   M. J.
of Pence River
Coodv, nl Van*
,,   purchase the
bed   lands
.,.,,.,1  vix miles
nth bank   ol
.11  T.
Two new experimental farms are
promised British Columbia by the Dominion government. This was made
known this week by Mr. J. H. Grisdale,
director of this branch of Dominion
activities, who has arrived in Vuncouver. The first of these new farms is to
be at a point located alonp the line of
the Grand Trunk Pacific railway, probably in the Bulkley Valley, between
New Hazelton and Fort George. The
exact location has not yet been determined. Residents of Northern British
Columbia have petitioned for such a
farm, believing it will prove of great
benefit to settlers. One is also mentioned for the Okanagan Valley. The
location for this will probably be on the
Indian reserve near Summeriand.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for Wharf at Vancouver, B.C.,"
will be received at this office until 4:00
P.M., on Thursday, August LH, 1918,
for the construction of a wharf at Vancouver, B.C.
Plans, specifications and form of contract can be seen and forms of tender
obtained at this Department and at the
Mav  10,  mn.
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. of Peace Rivcr
TAKE notice that J. Jamieson, of Vancouver, II. C, occupation groom, intends
to applv for Permission to purchase the
followin,,' ilescribed  lands:-
Cflmmencing at a post planted at the
north west corner of Lot 2752, on the
north s*,'.c ot Nation rivcr and marked "D.
.Vs., S. W. corner," thencc nortii 8n
chains: thence east 80 chains: theiue south
Sn chains: thence west 8n chains to point
of commencement, enntaining 640 acres.
May   IO,   1913,
Ft. George Land of Peace River
TAKE notice that Wm. I). Rowlands, of
Vnncouver, 11. C, occupation printer, intends lo apply lor permission to purchase
the following   descrilied   lands.-
Commcncihg at a post planted at the
south west corner of Lot 2748, south side
of Nation river and marked "W.D.R's.,
N.W. corner," theiue south Ko chains;
thenee enst So chains: thence north 80
chains: thenee west 80 chains lo point of
commencement,  containing  64O  acres.
May   TO,   mil.
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. nl Pcacc Rivcr
TAKE notice tnat William Evans, of
Vancouver, II. C, occupation joiner, iniends to applv for permission to purchase
the f,,lb,wing 'described binds:-
Commcncing    at  a     post   planted  four
Ft. Georee Land Dist. Disl. of Pen - River
TAKb, notice that 11. Mott, nf Vancouver, B. C, occupati,,11 Clerk, iniends to b.r nermissinn to purchase the
fi,O,,wln,'descrii ed   lands -
Commencinir at a post planted seven
niles frnm He mnuth on the north lanl
,f Clonic river, which emulies into llie
c-st end !■' Cho-eta hon Lake and marled
HI M's., S.E. enrner," thence north 80
hains: theiue west So chaini; thence south
,0 ,hains mnre or less to the river: thence
MSt.-rlv I- lion in» the bank to point "I
ommencement,   containing  480  acres   more
hence vcesi So rlinii
, mnre or l»ss lo t
the   bank   "I   Hie   Hvi
cement,     containing
'ner." theiue easl So chains: theme nurtli
I So chains: thence west 60 chains more er
1 b-ss to the arm; thencc south following
ihe shore of Arm to poinl ol commencement, cuitaining .|So acres mole or less.
;    M,,v 8,  mi.v JOHN GRIFFITHS.
Ft. George Land Dist.   Dist. nl Peace River
TAKE notice lhat Jessie Towner, nl
Vnncouver, 11. C, occupation Teamster,
iniends lo apply Ior permission to purchase
the   billowing   described   lands-
Commencing at a'post planted two miles
north of south end nl the east shore ,11
north arm at west end ol Cho-eta-lion
'" ''"' w"sl ■ Lake and marked "J.T's., S.W. corner,"
marked "M. | tiience east So chains; Ihcnce north 80
'' ■,n"Ui "° chains; llience wesl do chains more ..r less
"L io the arm; thenci* soulh following the
shore ,>l arm In point of commencement,
containing 4H0 acres more or less
M,,v s, 'wit. .1KSS1K TOWNER
ex* Hn
nre   or   lc
, mil!.
tie-    I.-
MaV   fi,   mil.
M.  .1. C00DY. I Kl. Gcrge Land   Dist. of Peacc Hiver
1    TAKI*'.  notice   that  D.  Thomas,  ol Van
 couver,  H.  C, ,.ccupation Married Woman,
r    reel md P'st.   Disl   of P  River   *„tem]s   t„   annlv   lur  permission to pur-
tlint   J-   H.   Bennett,   of    ,rlv.   lhl,   f,,i],,Wnig  described lands:-
(' ,   occrinntioii   Clerk,   i'i        Commencing  at  a post  planted out mile
or nermissinn  to purchase I nort), 0f south  end  on  cast   shore ol tti
scribed  lnnds:- north     arm     at   west end ol   Cho-eta-bon
,t     a   i" st     nlnnted   four fonl*e  and   marled   '-Ill's..  S.W. corner,
one   mile north     of   the   thence   enst   So     cliains:   thence  nortl U
w,.st   end   ,,'   Cho-eta-bon   cimins;   thence      west   6,1  chains  more or
1 ".1.11 H's,. S.E, 1   i-i'i"    |,.ss   to   Hu-   arm:    thence   sonth  lollowini
,,.   ,,  rii,   So    clmins-   there-   west   80 j the  sin re  ol   arm   t,,  point  --f  comment*
ns: thence smith So chains   th  easl   ment,  containing 480 acrcs more or Itss.
hains  I.,  noint   ,,[ commencement,  con  ■    May S,   [913. I). THOMAS
.;,,-"*•'   ign. J. tt. BENNETT j Ft. George Land Dist.   Dist. of PeaceHive
nnd 111 irt
Ft. Genrge Land Dist,   Dist. of Peace River
TAKE   notice   that  Marraret   Russell,   of
Vancouver,  P.  C, occupation  Spinster,  in-j ^
lends to apply  for permission to purchase.         ' . 1 TAKK  notice   thai   VI.   A.   B,  Mils
the followine described lands:-                        -p*   George Lnnd Disl.   Disl   of v  River Vancouver,     B.   C,   occupation Clerk, in*
Commencinr    at  a   post    nlanted   seven      TAKE   imlicc   thai   R.   D.   Williams,   ol tends to anplv  for permission to purcnase
miles  from   the mouth   nn   the  south   bank   y* „„.,,„,,.,-,   fl,     r\.   occunation   Clerk, in- the following described lands;-
ot   Clouke   river,   which   canities   into   Hie|,,.,,,K  tn annlv  for nermissinn  to purchase Commencing   at   a   post   planted  at the
west end  of Cho-eta-bon  Lake and marked   tl)r,  followine*  described  lnnds:- soutii end on cast shore of the north arm
"M.R's..   N.E.   enrner,"   tbence   south   80      Commencing at  n  post planted Iwo miles at   west   end     of   Cho-eta-bon     Law W
chains: thence west 80 chains; thence nortii Lns|   al,,t   nlu.    ,„;i,,  north   of    Hie   north .marked,   "IV.A. 11.M's.,  S.W, corner  thence
60 chains more nr lessen thc river; thence L]lore   :,i   wrst   end of   Cho-eta-bon   Lake, cast   80   chains;     llience   norlh  80 cliains.
easterly,   following  the  bank   to  point   of Lm]    marked     "R.D.W's.,     S.E.   enrner." thence  west  ho chains more or less to tne
commencement,  containing   -)8o  acres  more   thence   norlh    So   ihains-   then,-,,   west   So arm;   theme  soutii  following  the Mm";
chains*    thence  south     80  chains;     thence arm   to   point   of  commencement, contain*
MARGARET  IU'SSKI.i j,.,.,,  s,i chains 1" point of commencement, ing .|Sn .ores more or less.
 ,   , i,,i„g (,,„ acres. Mav 8,  1913.             W.  A.  B. U'Ll^
Mny  7.   mn. R.   D.  WILLIAMS
,r   less.
May, 5, 1913.
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. ol Peace River
TAKE notice that IC. 0. Evans, of Van
couver, B. C, occupation carpenter, in
tends to applv Inr permission to purchase
the  following'descrihed   lands:-
Commeiieiiig at a post planted two
miles east and one mile north of the
south end of north arm at the wesl end
ni Cho-eta-bon Tokc, and marked "E.0.E
's., S.W. corner," thencc east So chains;
thencc north 80 chains: Ihenee west 8n
chains; thence south So chains to point ol
commencement, containing 640 acres.
May  8, 1913.      EVAN  OWEN  EVANS.
iniles  easl   and   two   miles  north   of  north
Offices Of C. C. Worsfold, Esq., District  shore   west   end   end   ,,r   Cho-eta-bon   Lake,
Engineer, New Westminster, B.C.; J. Und marked "W.E's., s.ic crner," thence
S. MacLachlan, Esq., District Engi- "°rtli 80 chains- thence west 80 chains;
neer, Victoria, B.C.; The District Engi- lhc"ce s"""' R" cn*i"*'< thence easl 80
neer'sOffice, Confederation Life Build- ,h;""s        l"'i"t "' *-'""''"""**»'""t
ing, Toronto, Ont.; .1. L. Michaud, Esq.,
District Engineer, Post Oflice Building,
Ft. Oeorge Land Dist. Disl. of Peace River
TAKIC notice that Spencer Hopkins, of
Vancouver, It. C, occupation Clerk, intends to apply for permission to purchase
lhe   following   described  lands:*
Commencing at a post planted five miles
east and two miles' north of the north
shore at wesl end of Cho eta-bon Lake,
and marked "S.H's., S.IC comer," tbence
norlh 80 chains; tbencc west 80 chains;
Ihenee     solltll   So   chnius;     Ihenee   east   80
chains  to    poini  of  commencement,   containing 640 acres.
May 7, 19U*
Montreal, Que,, and on application to
the Postmaster at Vaneouver, B.C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures,
stating their occupations and places
of residence. In the case nf linns, the
actual signature, the nature of the occupation, and place of residence of
each member of the firm must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied by
an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to Ihe Honourable the
Minister of Public Works, equal to five
per cent. (5 i\. c) of the amount of the
tender, which will be  forfeited  if  the
person tendering decline In enter into a 1   TAKEnotice thnl  Jim Edwards,"ot Van
contract when called upon  to do so, or couver,    It,   ('.,   occupation   teamaler,   infinite complete  the  work contracted  tends to apply for permission to purchase
for.    If the tender be not accepted the  tlle following "described  landsi-
eheque will be returned. !   Commencing at a post planted one mile
The Department does not bind  itself i !.!'M ,°r.t,,e 'Z,  '''"' "f l,u', wcst """ °!
to accept the lowest or any tender. ZZ:!   ",'!, ,',"'''  "",. ""nh   s ,"n';. ;"'"1
1     15 , J iin.iried     '.I.l', s.,     S.K.   corner,       thenee
Iv. O. IJhSKOCIIlaRS, j Ihcnce soiitli 60 chains more or less to the
Secretary,     .arm;   ihcnce  easterlv  lollowing  tne  shore
Department of Public Works, line  to  poim  ol  commencement,  contain
Ottawa, July 8, 1913. ''"K  Is" neres more or less.
Newspapers will not be paid  for this JIM EVANS
advertisement i f they insert it without        v (,[ '"'■*"
authoiily from the Department.    [ ,•„„„.,!      i       no"t   .   . '.	
J ' ' First   insertion   June   28—Lust   Aiigusl   23.
Ft. Oeorge Land Disl.   Dist. dI Peace River
Fl   George Lnnd Disl     Dist. olPence Uivcr      TAKIC  notice  that  E. Hopkins, ol van
TAKE  notice  thai     T,   .1.    Jenkins,  of   »uyer,    B.   C.,  occupation    Spl;nster, »
Vancouver,   11.    C,   nccupatinn   Clerk,   in-   tends  to apply. Ior permiss.
i,n,ls  to  applv  for  permission  1,, purchase ,'
the toilowing  described  lands:
Commencing al  a  post  nlanted
e ist and   one   mile     norlh
shore    "I   the      wcsl    end .,',     Cho-eta bon
Lnke and  marked  "T.J.J'.s .  S E.  corner"
hence   north   80   chains;       thenee   west   80
'described   lamb
Commencing at a post
mile Iwest   °'  t'lc   "'""lh   "ii  til
"the'iinrtli   Clouke river, which empti
end   of  C ho eta hon   lane.
' H's., S.IC. comer," thencc
llience     wesl   80   chains,
; chains   mnre   or   less   to
chains: thence sou,,, So ehains;  thence east | < »-   mnrc. »     ■      k   ,
so ch.iis  to  noint  of commencement, con     ^ ncem nt, containing  480
taining fi-l" acres.                                                  .
Mav 7,   1913.           T.   J.   JENKINS.          \otJ™-,      ,,*    „t
Ft, George Land Hist.   Dist. of Peace River
TAKIC   notice  that     M.   P.   Enright,   of j pt, George Land Dist.   Hist, oi |',-
Vancouver,   II.   IT.,   occupalion   Agent,   in-
or  less
Mav  b,   1914.
TAKE   noti
that   J.   II.   Mori
River   First   insertion   .rune  28-Last  August *'-
nds to apply for permission lo purchase Vancouver,   11.      C,   occupation      Married
lhe lollowing "described lands:- Woman, intends to anplv for permissinn  to I
Commencing     at   a   post     planted     I"iir ,,„,-, I,,,.;,,   the   lollowine' described   la.uks:-
iniks  from  the  mouth  on   lhe  south bank j ' Commencing nl  a post planted five miles
of   Clouke   river,   which   implies   into   tlic r..ast   ol  the  wc 1  end  nnd  on  north  shore ]
wesl   end  ol  Cho eta boll  Lake,   and  marked ,,|    d,,, ,.!,, boll      Lake and marked      "J.II. I
"M.E.F's., N. IC. comer," theuee south So j['s., S.IC. corner,"  thencc norlh Ko chains
hains; Hience west 50 chains; theuce north theuce   wesl   80     .hains.   theiue   south   60 I 0
60 chains more or less to the river;  thencc
easterlv, following the river     ink to point
of  commencement,    containing    48o  acres
more or less.
May 5,  1913. M. F. ENRIGHT
chains   nun- ■   less   to the lake;   thencc
caslerlv   lollowing   the   shore   to   point   ol
commencement,   conlaining   .'80  neres  more
or   less.
May  7,   1913, J-   II-  MORGAN.
Fl. George Land Dist,   Hist, ol Peace Rivcr
Ft. George Land Hist. Diat. ol Peace River
TAKIC notice that Mary Thomas, of
Vancouver, 11. C, occupation married
woman, iniends to applv b,r perniission to
purchase  the following descrihed   lauds:-
Commeiicing at a post planted one mile
west ol west arm of Clio eta bon Lake*
and marked "M.'f's., S.IC. corner," thelice I
north 80 ehains; thence west 80 chains;
thence south 60 chains, more or less lo
a stream; thence following the stream to
point of commencement, containing .|Ho
acres more or less.
May  5, 1913. MARY  THOMAS
Ft. George Land Dist, Hist, of Peace Rivcr
TAKIC',* that A. A. Bennett, of
Vancouver, 11. C, occupalion Gentleman,
intends to apply for permission to purchuse   the   following   described   lands:-
Commencing at a post planted lour miles
east of the wesl end and un lhe north
sliore of Cln, eta hon Lake, and marked
"A.A.H's., S.IC. corner," Ihenee norlh 80
chains;   thenee  wesl   So tliains;   thencc solltll
jfiil chains more or less to the lake; thence
Iollowin*.' the shore eastcrlv to point of
commencement, conlaining .|8o acres more
or  less.
!    May 7,   1913. A.   A.  BENNETT.
A reward of $100 will be paid
y the contractors for information leading to the arrest ana
conviction of the party or paw»
who cut adrift a scowloacieo
with equipment at Mile Ztf °"
the night of July 23rd.
The Contractors.
Ft. George Land Dist,   Disl. of Peace Rlvcr   Ft. George Land Hist.   Hist, of Peace Rivcr
TAKIC   notice   that   J.   IC.   Rowlands,   ,,| :    TAKIC   notice     lhal     R.   C.   Webber,   ol
Vancouver,  II.  C,  occupalion   Painter, iu  i Vancouver,   II.   C,  occupation  Gentleman,
tends to applv for permission to purchase   intends1 to  apply   for    permission   I
the   following described   lauds:- chnsi   Hie loll
Commeneing al  a    posl     planted     two      Commencing
miles easl  of  tlie south  end   of norlh  arm   casl   of   the.
at   wesl    end   of     Clio cln bon   Lake,   and ' shore   ol   Cho eta bon      Lake,   and   marked
marked   ".I.E.R's.,   S.W.   crner,"     thence I "R.C.W's.,   S.H.   coiner,"   theiue  norlh  So
east   So   chains;   theuce      north   So   chains;   chain:.r     theuce      wesl   80     chains;   theuce
thencc  wcsl  So chains;    thence    south  8n I smith f>.> chain.,', moro or 1
chains lo point of commencement, contain    theuce easier!
Ing 640 acres, poi
JOHN  KDWARD ROWLANDS. acres  more or   less.
May 8,   1913, May 7,  1913. R,  C,  WEBBER
J. A. Manahan & Co.
Signs and
Central Avenue FortGeorge
taking. °"r
the managemen
Mr. Lym Wan is «,»..•■=„   he
■ ■■,"..      the management anil »''    f
owing descriled  lands:- •   1,     nf • l,p R  (,   LalinUI.V   '•
at « post planted two miles        1 IffhtS Ol Wle D, \J. ^ g
west     end    „,l „,,   the  north        South Fort GeOl'ge  -Jtt<-1   n.
3rd, 1913.
insortion  June  28—Last  August  23.   First  insertion  June  28—I,ast  August  33
 s   more  or   less   ,0   ,„e   lake; li t\t_._ _X_    ^    ^0'*      '
■riy   ioii„wi,,g the  shore to Uj*,e Reorganized Churcn 01
'"'"I"1""1"""1' l'",,u"""K 4So ter Day Saints in this vici" •
please communicate witnu —
W. Winn, Central Fort Georu JMMlfllun "" • —
New Line of 85 Mil
nueen Charlotte to m
set-Many   Settlers
• g to Bulk-
who are at Vancouver.
The visitors wenlfwest from
Edmonton ov. r the Gran ''
from Pacific main line to Tet<
as-     Cache,   whence they
Tuesday  by steamer down the
| south fork of the Fraser Lo Fort
George.   There they took anoth-
boat  early Wednesday morning
; for Soda Creek from which point
Returning from an inspection .(h(.y  sel Qut  m  ^ auto at 9
trip through his territory. Mi. J. 0'c]0(,^ Wednesday morning. As
I phelan, Dominion Govern- the rQ..(]. were in gQod (,()|)(]iUon
ment superintendent oi «'«- Ashcroft was reached that night
graphs for Northern cl'msn at midnight just in time to catch
Columbia, and the Yukon re- a west.bound CP R passenger
ports that the government is |train)
Mr, Clarke, who removed from
Ontario a year ago to Calgary,
1 .',"' where he is practicing law, stat-
'"'   .      "' ed thai neither   Mrs. Clarke nor
Thls hne himself
thinks the country has a great £j
commercial future and spoke en- ^
rank thusiastically of <he 'possbilities 8
ne of the interior of British Golum-3
eied Imi along the route of theG.T.P. f
and    the   P.G.E.     The   seen
Except fo
Alford  1
is cabled, the wholeof
building a compoi
and telephone lim
Charlotte city  to
Tohill, a distance
taking inQueenstc
will serve most oi
0fthe district   th
the line pas.--'.
short   stretch  at
which i
wire is
ion government is also building
a telephone line from Lillooet to
"The estimates for these piee-
esof work," said .Mr. Phelan,
"were passed hy the House at
theclose of the last session, the
appropriations for these purposes
amounting to $21,000; of which ji
amount the composite 1 ie v -
allot te. I $13,000, and the Lilloo -
Lytton line $10,000, A further
appropriation of $10,000 was voted for general repairs and improvements to the system which
at present gives telegraphic am
telephone communication fron
Ashcroft to the United Stati s
boundary below Dawson, with
branches to Prince Rupert, St ■ •'-
art, Lillooet and Bella Coola."
"The composite system of telegraph and telephone communication is of great beni fi to I ie
ranchers and settlers alo ; the
pne," continued Mr. P . n,
"as it enables them to have local
telephone communication on the
through telegraph wire withi u1
interfering with the telegraph
service, It 1ms been taken adjutage of to such an extent that
between Quesnel and Ashcroft
alone there are nearly thirty tel-
:emc jj We do a large mail order business
vest-1??    «-,,-,!   i.. - •   «
experienced any diseom-
WZZ_Z\ '\ZZZZZ\ and guarantee satisfaction.
c«^!;;-«JLr"/:J Our stock of general merchandise
Skagway   returning here in a *   jS ]arge anc[ up-to-date, which en-
fortnight. )j       *, -j _|.     ii ,
Mr. ciarke is a Liberal in pod-:« ables us to till all orders quickly.
tics and has been a member ofjg
the House at Ottawa since 1904. A —---_-—--___»___
He is now senior member of the A
Calgary   law  firm   of   Messrs.;^
Clarke,  McCarthy,  Carson and A
McLeod, a
_  $
Give us a trial
Advertise in The Herald
John A.
South Fcrt George House-Furnishing Store
Mew rurnismngs
80 cases Mission Furniture
(Quartered  Oak)   will arrive
in the next few days,     Also
rom Owen Sound,
Carload Chairs
The Best Materials Obtainable
Burns Building, Phone 41.
Prices Lowest in
South Fort George, B.C.
I! Front Street
Quesnel, B. C. %
i '
Light and Heavy Horses for Sale and Hire.
Single and Double Driving Horses.
Saddle Horses.       Good Buggies and Lurry.
Draying, Freighting and Excavating-Done.
WHITE &  WESTOBY      -     -     Proprietors
rropneiors   ■
Choice Close-in Acreage Next to
the Grand Trunk Townsite of
British Columbia
'phonesstrung   irom
wires to  ranches  and
Mr, Phelan reported that the
* in tlir north have been exceptionally heavy this year, and!
'«' waters  in the Skeena and1
Stikene rivers are higher than
,r *l»ny years past.    The coun-
^ is settling up fast through
l[ Nechaco and Bulkley valleys!
1 'I? the line of theG.T.P., and
'"■-•country, where it   is settled,
begins to have an attractive appearance.    There  are  quite a!
Jumb« of prospectors going in-
»the country north of Hazelton,
says Mr. Phelan,   rumors  of a
J'road from Port George to the
"won being the stimulating fac-
tor,»f Hns influx.
There are also large numbers
bl«fk and silver fox buyers in
"e ^strict around Telegraph
VJJ some of them purchasing
JJJe fox farms on Prince Ed-
^1 Island.   "The Indian trap-
r^re reaping a goodly harvest
pjWBaccount," remarked Mr.
in../'!' ,as a good living speci-
n2°fik- black  fox brings a
XfP"ce,Bnd the country is
wel' stocked with them."
1 l-l to 5-acre Tracts at leaa than the price of 25 or BO-foot city lots.
First s bdivision of acreage in the NEW COMING TOWN OF WILLOW
RIVER, B.C., of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway.
Purchase close-in property and subdivide it yourself into city lots for
your own profit. Each piece contains approximately eighteen 25-foot or
nine 50-foot city lots. Fifteen miles of streets provided. Every lot on a
Government prescribed street.
A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY not to be missed.   Write for particulars
at once.   Lots limited in number.
Address Owner
The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company are
now disposing of the remaining portion of their
lots in the new town of Willow River at the confluence of the Fraser, Salmon and Willow rivers,
By those who are in close touch of the true conditions, this new town is considered to be one of
future importance in Central British Columbia.
ln investing in Willow River property be sure
that your property comes to you direct from the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company-make no
mistake in this. There is only one official and
original Grand Trunk Pacific Railway town of
Willow River at the confluence of the Fraser,
Salmon and Willow rivers. It is located on Lot
785. Station site was approved by Board of Railway Commissioners under date of March 26th,
1912, Order No. 16179. We have no interest in
outside subdivisions. For authentic Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway maps of Willow River and detailed
information call on
or address
Transcontinental Townsite Co. Ld.
Authorized Agents Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
We aro opening a branch of our Vancouver contracting business at
this point. We have built ueverul of the largest buildings in the city
nl' Vancouver.
Estimates rendered on all kinds of Contracting,
Building, Store Fronts, Counters Etc.
[athesoti & (Gordon
A Choice Acreage Subdivision
For Sale En Bloc
THE best available subdivision  in the Fort George District is
offered for sale by the owners.   The property is located opposite
South Fort George townsite on deep water.    The very best of land.
The survey is complete and the land ready for marketing.    Price
on application,
HAMILTON AVE. -      -      -      SOUTH FORT GEORGE
mm Fort George
n  48 hours by'
rail was corn-
recently  by Mr. Arth
Four-Foot Mill Wood
$3.75 Per Cord Delivered
This wood will be sold  at $5 per
cord this winter.
Phone 11
Fort George Trading & Lumber Co. Ltd
Corner Fourth and Hamilton        -       South Fort George, B. C.
Bright and comfortable rooms and
suites at the Empress.       :      :
Rates on Application.
Je! Priitii
Fort Georgo. U.C. Victoria, B.C.
F. P. Bunion, Mitr. F. C. Green, Mgr.
Nelson, B.C., A. H. Green, Mgr.
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
Civil Engineers, Dominion & B. C. land Surveyors
Surveys of Lands, Mines, Townsites, Timber
Limits, Etc.
WANTED—Inside business property in South Fort George. H.
J. Haslett & Co., corner Third
and Laselle.
Doing It!
Doing what? Getting their clothes
FrenchDry Cleaned at the Wardrobe
Goods Called For and Delivered
on Short Notice.
A. D. Southern, - Prop.
Fourth St.    -    South Fort George.
Phone 42.
_^_n. PAGE   SIX
People of Bulkley Valley Town
Greet Tracklaying Gang With
Big Ovation.
Probably the most remarkable
welcome ever given to a new
railroad in British Columbia was
that extended by that town to
contractors and workmen when
steel of the Grand Trunk Pacific
reached Smithers this week. Unbounded enthusiasm was shown
by Bulkley Valley residents, who
have waited for years for the
sight of a railway locomotive,
When   the   track-laying  machine rounded the curve east of
Smithers and poked its nose out
on the long tangent that passed
through the town, it was the signal   for  a   big  demonstration.
Signs of welcome were displayed
and people of Smithers and the
surrounding country made holiday.   They were not slow in displaying their enthusiasm and as
the men actually laying the rails
and spiking them to the ties were
the nearest  representatives  of
the railway available, they showered their attentions upon them,
"Bohunks" working upon the
track were treated like high railway  officials,   being  given  refreshments and cigars, congratulated upon   their  good work   in
bringing  the  steel  to Smithers
two weeks before the contractors
had promised to reach that point,
and made to feel that their efforts had an important part in
accomplishing the desired result.
These track laborers  had never
before experienced  such appreciation and althought the life of
a bohunk as a rule is not a happy
one, these men for once thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Wm, Dempsey, in charge of
the track-laying machine, was
given an ovation. He said that
although he had been engaged in
work of this kind for 20 years,
he had never been given such a
welcome as he had received from
the Smithers people.
We have just receive!
line of Hair bn
ter stock is carried in B. C.
a fine
No bet-
A        4
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in all Kinds of
Cured Meats
Butter, Cheese, Eggs;
Highest Prices Paid for Hides and Live Stock
Fort George and Soutii Fort George.
Local Manager
iuittmer Dress
■■"•«i«« ^ -^
50 pieces  OA ,
^0c to V) (in
A special quality of Women's Silk Hosiery black
and colors " '  : ; _ '• $1-°°and $2.25
"Stanneld's Unshrinkable Ladies' Combinations"
Any Butterick Pattern at the regular list price
Delineator" always on sale.
Laselle Avenue, and Second Street     :
South Fort Georgt
OMBMM nmmammmm —m—m—
J. 1<\ Richmond, of the Royal Bank
stall', left last night on _ holiday
trip to  Vuncouver.
0. E. Stanhope, a new arrival
from Edmonton, is establishing a
restaurant on Hamilton Avenue under the new club building* Mr. Stanhope intends to run a first class establishment with tables ami private
Tlie Steamer Ohllcotln, owned by
the Kort George Timber and Trading
Co, Ltd., blew out a piston head
whilst cptering the White Mud Rapids
on the Nechaco River and is now
laid up at her dock here pending the
arrival of castings from Vancouver.
Amongst thc travelling men here
this week we noticed the names of
the following: ('. L. Bine, representing thc Quaker Oats Company; T. M.
West, representing the Merchant's
Hardware Specialty Co, of Calgary;
"Scotty" Adam, representing McAllister & Co. of Winnipeg, and T.
('. Shamper, of the (', 0, Snowdon
Co, Edmonton.
Tommy Hall, the man who sells
King George the Fourth, his nice
talkative brand of Scotch, arrived
here again this week on his semiannual round of supply. We were beginning to feel somewhat anxious
about the winter supply, but now
that Tommy has came we no longer
worry. Mr. Hall represents the firm
of U. P. Rithet, of Victoria.
A. W. Healey, the popular traveller
for W. H. Malkin & Company, wholesale grocers of Vancouver, B. C, was
amongst the arrivals here this week.
Mr. Healey was formerly manager ol
the mercantile business of James
Reid Ltd. at Quesnel, 100 miles soutli
of here, and he has a thorough
knowledge of the conditions of this
territory. Speaking to The Herald
Mr. Healtty stated that South Fort
George appealed to him as the livest
town in British Columbia todav
l'lic 1!. X. made only one trip from
the south this week, arriving here
on Thursday last, and leaving this
morning early,
Carefully selected land at reasonable
prices and on long terms. We own
every acre we offer for sale, and can
give guaranteed title.
R. R. WALKER, Resident Agent of the North
Coast Land Co,, Ltd.   .   South Fort George, B.C.
North Coast Land Co. Ltd.
General Offices: 619 to 624 Metropolitan Bldg., Vancouver,B.C
London Office:    6 Old Jewry.
PAID-UP  CAPITAL, - - - $1,500,000.
We have just received a select stock of the season's
Shoe Styles.   All the select and most fashionable lasts.
Our complete stock of Silk, Flannel and Fancy Shirts
is now on view. PANAMA HATS.
Connecting Fort George
and Central B. C. with
the Railways.
The R.M.S. HX makes connection! at SODA CREEK with theCompauj
mail stages from Ashcrofl on the Canadian Pacific Railway.
■ R.M.S. B. C. Express make
Tete Jaune Cache.
direct connections with the Grand Trunk Pi
Full particulars from our Locul agent or by folder from head offlci
British Columbia Express Company, Aulo, Stage and Steamboat Owners.
Subject to Confirmation, the Following Properties in
South Fort Ge«
Lot 11, Block 7, $500; One-Third Cnsh, 6 and 12 months, 7 per cent. int.
Lot  3, Block 9, $1000; One-Quarter Cash, 6, 12 and 18 months, (1 perct.
Lot 1, Block 10, $1250; One-Quarter Cash, 6, 12 and 18 months, 6 perct.
|  1836 ]      Assets Exceed Fifty Million Dollars      j 1913
The Bank of British North America
Your money ls saler In the Bank than In your house or in your
pocket. It is not tied up. You can get It out at any time without delay. NOTES discounted. Local and Foreign Drafts bought
and sold. COLLECTIONS made promptly.   Money Orders Issued.
Lot 5, Block 15, if! 100; One-Third Cash, (1 and  12 months, 7 per cent.
Lots 1 and 2, Block 22, $3000; One-Third Cash, 6 and 12 mo's., 7 per ct.
Lots 9 and 10, Block 3*1, $2200; One-Third Cash, G and 12 mo's., 7 per ct.
The Northern Development
403-404 Carter-Cotton Building   .... Vancouver, B.C.
(Agents Soulh Fort George Townsite)
Capital Paid Up
Capital Authorized:
Reserve and Unim
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated 1869.
The Traders Bank of Canada
Head Office
Furt Goorro llrnnch,
I). Ml! Kit AY, Manaitar
Souiii Fori ''"'"."
Ig Auction Sale
I wish to announce to the public that 1 have had
consigned to me 25 Teams of Heavy Draft
Horses, the largest and best 1 )raft Horses that
ever came over the Cariboo road.
Also About 2© Heavy Wagons.
The aforementioned horses are guaranteed to bo
as represented or no sale.   They will thsolute
sold to the highest bidder at our stables at
General Hardware and Sheet Metal Workers.
All kinds of tin and sheet Iron work done,
Camp Stoves, Hot-air Furnaces, Etc.
Sole Agents Nagel-Chaso Celebrated Gasoline Lighting Syat< nu
i j r
Corner Hamilton & Third
The newest and most modern
hotel in the northern interior
Rates  $2-50 and f
ge9 Aug,
Bent of wines,
liquors and cigars
Albert Johnson
Sale commences at 10 a.m; terms 3 and 6 months.
W. R. MILLS, Auctioneer.


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