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 VQ I.l  M K  3, NO. 9.
S 0 0 T II   !• o k T  (i E X) H G E , B . (' M A R C II   2nd. I 9-1 2.
$3 P E R  ANNU M
FORT GEORGE HERALD        munity, yel The Herald would rather note      Of the men who have represented us dur-
■.i,*,!.,i.,.ii i,yriiKNOKTHKitNiNTBiiioici*HiNTiNi;cowi-ANvi.Tii.     [|1(, progressive |)i'(iiiioiinn of the incorpor-   ing the lust term, and who were yesterday
The Dloneer publishers of the Cariboo District
THE hkhai.o's policy is 1" ni<« the operation's of qu«Bt-
bnii ii,. enterprises trading upon tho future assured this Bect*
bn and taking' advantage of Its remoteness to foist their
niiiii'iiiiiliiiics upon ii distant market.
Saturday, March 2nd. 1912
THE scatter-brained youth who runs
lhe Nechaco sheet, in the interests of
Ithe promoters, tries in his puny way to
[discredit The Herald and its policy. The
•Tribune, now, has been discredited ever since
TJIK Conservative Convention, held at
Quesnel yesterday, turned flown the
petition of the North for more directi representation, and after wrangling amongst
themselves over the claims of different political aspirants from the wido-scatt'red localities represented by the delegates, they
finally compromised by re-nominating Jolm
Fruser, of Quesnel, and Michael Callanan,
of Barkerville, our two present members.
This is not a surprising result considering
the divergency of opinion regarding the
district's requirements.   The fact   remains,
PUBLISHER ation movement until carried to successful re-nominated, we have to say, that it would
completion, as a means to the attainment,reflect upon their intelligencee to presume
of so many other objects that are requisite ; that they could have sanctioned the method
and necessary. of allotting   delegates to the   Quesnel con
vention, yet, if it. comes within their province, as we consider it does, they should
have corrected such an unconstitutional
blunder. John A. Fraser The Herald believes in. We have known him for many
years as an enterprising business man, antl
he has done his duty by this district according to his lights, and although he has undoubtedly fallen int.o the common error of
underestimating the immediate future importance of this section, yet there is no
apparent reason for the northern electors to
lose faith in him.Michael Callanan comes
from a remote   corner of the   district that
The weather has been cold here for
the past lew dttys, un iu generally the
case immediately before the breakup.
A. G. Hamilton and Chas. E. McElroy left here early in the week to
attend the Conservative convention
at Quesnel. Mr. McElroy goes in the
place of Mr. Geo. E. McLaughlin,
who was unable to leave town.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Brewster were amongst the nrrivals on the stage yesterday. Their many friends here are
glad to welcome them bnck again.
ii was gathered into the battery of support-1 however, that there is but one section of drifted int(> a stilte of coma> ,U1(1 Passed
ling newspapei'R-by questionable means- this immense district of Cariboo from which mto a11 but oblivion with the passing of
for the Natural Resources Security Com- th„ expressed desire to nominate one of the !t,ke Kold nisn> vears and years aK°- He is
pany Limited after the death of John lions-; Conservative candidates should have re- a man dear to tlie hearts o{ the miners
Ion, its founder, whom the townsite concern  cejVed the consideration of the whole deleg-  to wnose ailments he lends his great medi
were suing for libel upon the basis of statements he had made anent their initial town-
ation, and that section is the railway belt cal ski11- He   was led   into   the legislative
to the north.   The insular prejudice of the Lulls almost against his wish on the sent-
A young man named Ross was arraigned before Stipendiary Magistrate Heme this week on a charge of
stealing a hat. He was defended by
E. J. Avison. The case was dismissed.
For throwing rotten eggs at a
school master here, a woman was
fined ten dollars and costs this week
before Stipendiary Magistrate Heme
here. The trouble came about from
the chastisement of a boy by the
sues.  We realise   that   someone must per-  Cariboo   road   dwellers   towards   the ad-   iment created by   his reputation as a phylum such objectionable tasks as the editing | vancement of the new north is adsurd, but sician> nis ferreat intelligence and vast pop-
,,[ the Port George Tribune under the con-  nevertheless pronounced, and in the instance  ularity. But Dr. Callanan is impeded by his
trol of the said   townsite   promoters, yet,  of yesterday's convention they played their  profession, by his age, and by his place of
as we   are engaged   in criminal    and civil  stacked deck   effectively, and' witb the de-  abode, from adequately assisting in the ad-
libel suits with the men whom we lnve good   sired result—the "trimming" of the north,  ministration    of   a   young    and vigorous
»:'-;tson to state   control    the   Tribune, thu      The delegates sent    down from  here had   northern constituency,
would-be editor of that sheet should really  no voice in the matter. Using a basis of al-     To sum up, The Herald believes it in the
exercise more   discretion   in his comments,   lotment two years deJunct the "organizat-  best interests   of the district   to act with
for lhe future will  bold the records of the  ion" successfully eliminated the north coun-  every consideration     for the   exigencies of
n.iiits. In an issue of a couple of weeks ago   try,; and for th' last time in history they  present conditions—even though those con-
the youth who is engaged in his initial edit- Juggled the politics of-this new-old district,  ditions will soon   be warped and distorted
orinl venture of a- few weeks duration
to dale,   spread-headed the fact that
the editor af this paper was sent down
for trial on a charge of criminal libel.
The editor of this paper has lived  in
this disti'ict for six years, lie has been
figbling an evil here for the past two
of the-', and has apparently provoked
l.the   promoters,     whose rotten   operations lie lias exposed, into going into
court for the final settlement of these
vexed questions, a finale which is entirely nrrroablo     to Tin'   Herald. The
promoter's  editor,  in   the •'featured"
article in   wliich   w,. refer,   took   for
gospel  lhe arrant  blitherings of Ceo.
•'■ Hammond's townsite foreman, who
wished to convey a bluffing threat to
some people of this community, to the
l''1"1'1  that    they stood    in   danger of
being subjected to prosecution for expressing their   views upon Mr. Hammond's operations.
MPFLE!  !  i
"Johnny" Campbell returned from
a lengthy visit to thc coast and the
Okanagan country this week. Mr.
Campbell is proprietor of the Princeton and Port George Drug Company
and he has heen attending to business in connection with his store at
Princeton. He states that in Vancouver this plnce is the centre of interest since the announcement of the
McBride railway policy.
1   lias been   suggested  that The
Herald should use some space
Fred Tiemeyer, the genial proprietor of the Germnn Bakery, one of
the pioneer restaurants of this place
who has been spending the winter in
Washington with his wife, returned
here on Friday's stage from the
south, and is busily preparing his
place of business for re-opening. Mr.
Tiemeyer brought in a Btiecial stage
loaded with fresh eggs and edibles of
all sorts as far as Quesnel, where he
transferred the load to the regular
stage on which he arrived. He is ac-
companieh by his niece.
It is with great regret that we
learn of an unexpected change of
plans by the Bank of British North
America which will deprive South
Fort George of its pioneer banker,
Mr. L. A. McHaffle, who received
orders, when on his return journey
to this place after a prolonged holiday in Europe, to proceed to Edmonton, where, we understand,, he will
take charge of their branch. Mr Bnd
MrB. McHaffle are extremely nonitisx
here, and their absence will be telt
in the business and social ci ' lis
alike. The Herald begs to crtond t'i
Mr. McHaffle congrat.<Ht.ions upon
his promotion, and the con*-:.'iu A regard of the whole community for the
welafre of them both.
Al Young, the man who drives the
red stage coach of the B. C. Express
Company, linking South Fort George
with Quesnel by an undulatibg ribbon
of a sleigh road, a hundred miles
long, iB to be congratulated upon the
fact that so far there have been no
fatalaties on the run. A story is told
about a passenger who awakened
from a nap as the stage was descending the tortuous Blackwater
hill, and gasped, "My God Wh.re
are the leaders?" Al s at neatly
into the depths of the chasm to th.ir
left, "Oh, just round the ben " lie
Second Street  South Foit George, on the first of July  1909. Since this time the growth and development of the
town have gone steadily forward, lt is intentletl that the First of July  Celebration  this year shall be  memorable.
tm   i
11   endeavour   to resuscitate tbat
'"'"d     organization,   the   South
George   Board  of   Trade. There
■>  time   whan  that    body  was a  _____ —.  .    „ , , ,   . ...
.' active, aggressive being but it over- to the smug satisfaction of the old-timers out of all semblance to their present state
<l its strength in the davs of its youth, along Cus Wright's wagon road of ancient by the march of events. Although we do
""I  ils growth, and   now lies gasping   history. not consider that the issue of the^north for
breath   of life,   from sheer neglx-t,     The issue of this short-sighted policy may  a Conservative candidate is as yet lost, ll.<a
fact (h,
M|'d from  un*  reiierai  <j-,,,-, ,,„,, ,.,,,., ,,,-.,
i.site promoter   who  handed    it   no his   northern vote will hang   hesitating in the  or to further   the aims of cumbersome op*
:" lown as a   prop to" its importance, | Political scales> whilst the anxious watohe'8
fnther disturbed th,' ardour of the local   yn'm^ strive t<* prejudge the weight record,
■wnizers.  It will not be practicable to   as the nointer swin«'s across thVVrC ?f   ,
in  ■,   ,„. ,. ..i v_ j , •„ <;  .,  'calculator from   the effects of   the jolt the
'" a properly accredited organization, . J
n,.;,.„i, „    u    •      i i   ,,„,,i mechanism received   yesterday. As we have
puvelege   having been usurped, mini ,                                      ,   ,       ,     •
,, ,„.|.      (    •                 ,. ,-                     j   predicted  the disregard    for the just repre-
01K   ol    incorporating the   proposed   '                         ...            .   .                .   .
I'ath   of life,   from sheer neglvt. me issue m t,„s .i„m™B.,wu ,—,, ..uV    . ^.         -            -----              .
-at a Board of Trade charter was upset the calculations   of the   most astute   Herald     will   not    stand to  sup,
mi the Federal r-rovernmenf, bv   t politicians in   the   lower district. The big mediocre candidates of nn ambigu
" * . i 'iii i       • i     i • •       i 1.     I       i ,.   f....il      jU,<   .,!>kio   /-.f   -.it <>. Iv-it
stand to  support   any
ous cause
ponents to a progressive policy.
ncipality    here    has   been   carried  out.
s*  the need of  just such a body as a
'"'"''' of  Trade is  necessary here   for the
'"'O't'etion of our business interests from the
'"'   '  exploitations   of get-rich-quick pro-
for the   spreading   of reliable intuition regarding our city, and as a gen-
11,1 medium for the execution of such corn-
as may generalh
11 v benefit this com-
sentations made by the north have started
side-issue politicians on the war path
already. The local Conservatives, disgusted
with the Ward-politician method of reducing
the number of northern delegates at the
convention, may launch a Conservative candidate in spilt; of tne south; Independent
Conservatives are "in the air," and the
Socialists are unfurling their red flag,
The Cariboo Observer, founded by this
company, but now run by a cent-belt printer
who was originally imported into this
country to run a scab sheet for a gang of
townsite promoters, is still active in their
behalf. The printer and the paper are keeping their "stand-in" with the Natural He-
sources Security Company by reprinting the
ravings of that concern's house-organ, lev-
oiled at this paper and its editor.
Mr. Marrill,  representative of The
j Mooney Biscuit Works, was amongst
I the arrivals in  town on yesterday's
I stage. Mr. Marrill states that he did
! a considerable    amount   of business
I here.  When   the  time comes,  he in-
| froms us, his house will piace a dis-
! tributing centre for their goods here.
| Mr.  Marrill  was    particulary  struck
! with the reception  he met with on
the Nechaco   River townsite,  where,
he informs The Herald, the manager
of the Bank of Vancouver called him
up on  the    telephone,  told him the
rating of thc business houses there,
lunched him, "introduceh him around
town" landed him up in the office of
the townsite promoter's house-organ,
and left with a solemn warning not
to heed anyone who  "knocked" the
Nechaco lot-maze.
Owing to a break-down in the plant The
Herald has been obliged to curtail its news
columns this week,
It is reported here on good authority that the Bank of Montreal will
open a branch office in South Fort
George at an early date. We understand that enquiries have been received regarding material for building. The rumor finds support in the
fact that an alliance has been affected
between the Bank of Montreal and
the Union Bank of Canada, the institution that carrys the account of
Messrs. Foley, Welch & Stewart., the
contractors on most of the western
construction of the G. T. P., and the
firm that are to start work on the
Fort George Vancouver line by the
first of July, if the Railway policy
of the government is carried. Till'. PEACE RIVER.
.lames Rutherford, milium englneoi
,,i Victoria, \i, i'.. who bus just re
turned from a three months prospect
Ing trip in the Peace River country,
having traversed and explored exten
Bive areaB of Northern British Colum
imi from Prince Rupert to Hazelton,
along the Bulkley and Nechac i valleys mnl down ll"' Parsnip mil Fin
lay  livers,  sh>s:
"I travelled fram McLeod's Lake
at the head uf the rack River, in
Pine Rivor Pass. Thc altitude "I this
pass is inily _,Sf><) feel, ami il  is well
adapted fur lhe i Btructton nf rail
mails from easl In wesi. Tho Pine
River valley averages from une to
two miles wide, throughout a dis
lauee of fifty miles, mnl is u charm
Ing valley, consisting of open nn ad
iiws. interspersed with groves of pop
lur. 'Tins valley is well adapted to
[arming and Btock raising.
"The llullwuy Kii.ur (lows Into the
peace River about thirty five milcs
wesl  of Fort   St,  John, at  an a'ti
lade uf  about   1,500  (eel,  mill   is IIIIV
Igahle al   certain   l inr s uf  the y iar
(nr a  considerable   distance.    Along
the Ilnllwny  the valley extends from
three  lu    tour  miles    wide  ami  em
braces a succession uf level tints fur
nearly a hundred miles, having within  then   area  expansive tracts uf excellent      Muck    loam,      which is the
finest lnml  that has runic under my
observation   in      British    Columbia,   >
forming  one  uf    the  most charming
and  picturesque    valleys  In  the  Duininiun ot Canada.
"The snme may be said nf the
suutheast portion of the Police Cuupe fA
prairie, Burroundlng Swan Lake, west JH
of, and adjoining the Alberta bound- f_
ary line; from here there extends
easterly into Alberta an ana ui ag- V"
ricultttral land nearlj S00 miles —
square, unsurpassed in the experience ^
of man."
Speaking  of   the   mineral   r. sources
Of the      Peace  Itiver      country,     .Mr.    fA
Rutherford said   "The whole country   yE
is underlaid  with extensive areas ot   j~
Fort George Trading & Lumber Co., Limited
Froight consiitned to steamer
"Chilcotin" at Soda Creek will
be carefully transported to the
pninl of destination.
Operators of Steamers on lhe Fraser, Nechaco and
Sluarl Rivers Manufacturers of Lumber
All Kinds of Rough and Dressed Lumber for Sale
" Bone Dry Lumber in the Yards "
Phone: One-One     Mouldings
South Fort George
11 \S   l:   Mi Kl.l.'nV
(loneral M
semi lor u I,.lilrr
Send lor ■ folder
Autos     Steamboats
Prom Ashcroft to Fort George, and all points in
the northern interior of British Columbia, carrying
the Royal Mail passengers and fast freight.
The Palatial Steamer B.X. Awaits the Arrival of the Company's Stages
I 'ZaiZmZ'o'ZZZZiiuZ     Head Office: Ashcroft, B.C.
=» ►:
rE take this opportunity to inform our many custom- j!
ers and the public generally  that the low prices \j
which have prevailed in  our store through the summer )}
months will be maintained throughout the winter. p
'E have been fortunate in receiving most of our heavy   jj
goods before the close of navigation and having our jj
own teams will be able to bring our goods over the road jj
at the minimum cost. ji   \
W. P. COOKK    jj
•a u
J!  Store, Office and Lumber Yard, South Fort George |
*■ ^
coal, particulary in tin' neighborhood
of Hudsonis  Hope,   wliere the meas*   t^
urea ure of first class quality, fA
"Hudson's Hope will probably be
come a strategic point for the railroads, ns it. ul the present time the
head of navigation on the Peace, and   Yj
because  of  its extensive coal depos
its,  available water power and  rich   y"
farming lands surrounding, will make  ft
it. an  industrial,  manufacturing and   ^
agricultural ventre. f
We have
secured the
agency for
and have a
stock of
for the
,J.   A.   I).   Sellin,   wliu  succeeds   l<\
'A Front Street, QUESNEL, B. C.
Just Drop In and Let Us Show You.
Remember we pay special attention to
mail orders.
Biggs as manager uf .lames Html
Limited interests at Quesnel lins
stated that the firm will immediately
commence thc construcion of a nev
sawmill, on the site of the mie
recently burnt. It will be larger and
better equipped thnn the old mill,
and the greatest care will be taken
to prevent destruction by lire by in
stalling modem dust-devouring an
pliances, The sides and roof will also
be covered witb metallic sh'.ngles, affording protection to surrounding
It. is also the intent mn  of tins en
terprising firm to erect a shingle mill
with separate engl e, nml  the  pl int.
will also  include machinery  Im- tut
ting wood nnd for cutting feed.
Work   will  riininiic  on   tne  buildings as  soon  as  the  weather cciDtllt
urns will  permit,  nml  it  is antl?l,i
nted that  the mill will be completed   f
in  time to cut   the winter's supply
General Hardware and Sheet Metal Workers.
All kinds of tin and sheet Iron  work done.
Camp stoves:   Hot air Furnaces,   etc.
and Peed Stables
Rigs, Saddle and Pack Horses furnished on short notice.
Draying of all kinds and excavating done. Feed of all sorts
continually kept on hand.
Terms reasonable and satisfaction guaranteed.
Real Estate
250 ACRES 0Mhlff;roL„tn.tnt'$60 per acre
1A if RF-\ 0|" luir mil*,,om k,im Reservt "G-T*p- «"*"■■«-- tl CM)
IV t\_M_. qm „„„„, ^i,   yua „m ,wo 1un .pidUV
Settlers located on 160-acres of good Government Und.
V r_h^4r_k>r^yr^>r_%_.r^^2r_%_k^_hyr_k>r^^r_^yt__y-i
fA 4
1 Kennedy, Blair & Co. Ltd. \
j| WM. KENNEDY, Manager, fi
£ Cor.Second and Hamilton Aves., SOUTH FORT GEORGE, B.C.        ti
fA        We are fully equipped to meet the "rush" of 1912.       tt
5B        Those who will require outfits during the coming    R
We are fully equipped to meet the "rush" of 1912.
.-_        Those who will require outfits during the coming ft
fi\     season can procure anything desired at our store.  We A
4M    sell the best goods at the lowest figures.   ..    .      ..".. m
in connection  with the hearing of  V
western   freight      enquiry,   winch   is
based on application of the boatd of
trade  nf      Winnipeg,  the chairman,  f
Judge Mabee, of the railway board,
recently stated     that ii      had be n   '
decided by the board to Incorporate
the Vancouver rate case In the new
hearing wliich means the whole que.-i-
tion of rates    hetween  Port  Arthur
and the Pacific coast will be decided  f
II. Vi. Whit 111. council for the Gov-   }_
ernment,   suggested    adjourning   tor  J&
two months   in order   to give   the  V^
railways time to file the information  *a
asked for, but Judge Mateo objected,
"After two months," he said, "we fA
will inui that we huve not advanced ym \\
Iiuin the position and that inform \_
ation has not been submitted. I su;.;- <*4
gest that the commission meet again V^
on Mareh Slh." fA
The information the railways have  ^|
been asked to supply is very torrr.ld-   k^^
able, and includes over 50 items.
J. M. Chrysler, council lor th I ('
P. H. said he wns confident the com
pany could supply nil the inform
ation the board wanted.
A Occidental
I     Hotel
B.C. R
A   Must modern up-to-date hotel in the interior of British ^
V^   Columbia. 74
BUILDING on corner of Second
Street and Lasalle Avenue, suitable for small store:
Only $850
Real Estate.
o South Fort George.
«   New four-storey building.   Accommodation for 120 guests m A
fA   All outside rooms—large, well-lighted and ventilated •   A
5^   Steam heated.
\ Close & Brown
South Fort George, B. C.
11 VI'KS $2.fM) 1>KR DAY UP
Weekly and monthly rates on application
ire for rooms Wire for rooms
m   Now is the Time to Order Your SPRING
B1    ' 1
E. L. KEPNER, Proprietor
A   CIIIT     As^ l'ie ^,'st 'Jesl dressed man vou meet—We arc )>
'«]   jUll" sole agents for; f,
j The Art Tailoring Company. Sfit JT Wt* |
H.^4 -r4&4&i^4*
"Liquor Licence Act 1910"       known as Campbell's store sit-
(Section 19.) uate   ab   South    Fort George,
NOTICE is hereby given that upon the lands described us I*"1
ou the First day of March next, Seven in Block numbered seven,
application will be made to thi' in District Lot numbered •,l,)
I Superintendent of Provincial Dated this 27th. day of ■'("'"
iPolice for the grant, o' a licence uary 1912,
■for the sale of liquor by whole- ' P.CAMPBELL
sale in aiid upon the premises Applicant. I1VFOR M A TTOTtf for Investors, Property
Rl* K x_w___%aM.±__ J. 1V11 •) Holders, and Intending
Settlers; Regarding Townsites; Conditions; Prices etc
• •    • •
Tlie plan reproduced above was
Prepared tor the Port George Herald
by Messrs (lore * McGregor, the
well known provincial land surveyors It shows the location of the
various sub-divided properties here
today. The various District Lots
"'Hi are subdivided bear the initials
or the names of the tirms offering
them for sale. The South Fort
George townsite, the business and
residential centre of the district, Ib
situated on Lots 933 and 934. District ij0ts initialed "N. R. S. Co."
nre owned, or being sold by the Natural Resources Security Company
Limited,   of   Vancouver.    The  Hud-
11 Hay Company's property and
931 and   932,   generally  known
nn the "Bird Addition" arc not as
y«t on thc market. The area subdivided, and either owned or sold
"" the profit sharing, plan by the
Natural Resources Security Com-
j''-..y Ltd., totals about 1800 acres.
I'liis concern has been responsible
■or such development as may be
""nd todny on a small portion of
Lot 938, the smallest of their subdivisions, Their townsites are lo-
'"•ed on a high jack-pine tlat. The
"oil is gmvelly, and, generally spcak-
">f5i will not produce domestic vegetation, There are no wells on thc
townsite, owing to its height, aad
Wl'tcr must be brought from the
■'ver, The South Port George town-
site is a very much smaller area. It
totals about 150 acres, and is sit-
"'•ted on the lower benches of the
r niser River, which is navigated by
><• largest steamboats throughout
j"e open season. Thc Nechaco River
-"wnsites are not regular ports of
™H. as owing to the difficulty in
navigating the Nechaco river except
'" nigh water the boats do not call
"'ere unless paid to do bo. Lots in
8*>me sub-divisions of the Natural Resources Security Company Limited
"ave not increased in value to any
material degree during the past three
years. Their initial sub-divisions
are as yet quite indeveloped. South
Port George is a good live town. It
has been largely built up and developed by the pioneer element, who
settled on the site as soon as it
was placed on the market. The Late
John Houston, the veteran frontier
newspaperman, established his paper
at South Port George in its earliest
days. The town contains over two-
thirds of the entire population of all
the inhabited townsites. It has two
banks, the Bank of British North
America and thc Trader's Bank of
Canada, two sawmills, tin shop,
three large general stores, a large
theatre, a newspaper issued hy the
pioneer publishers of the Carihoo
district, a licenced hotel, pool hall,
bakers, confectioners, two churches,
drug store and restaurants. It is the
terminus of the British Columbia
Express Company's mail steamboats
and stage line. It is the headquarters
of thc Fort George Trading and
Lumber Company's steamboat and
sawmilling operations. Tha headquarters of the Northern Lumber Co.
merchants and sawmill operators.
It is close proximity to the Government buildings, and is situated in
such manner that the main development of the Indian Reservation
will benefit it more directly than
any other sites. The railways that
are to be built from the south must
of necessity follow the Fraser River
shoreline in order to secure a water
grade, and will form a junction with
the main line of the G. T. P. near
the eaBt end of the Indian Reserve, j
Acreage close to the South Port
George townsite is changing hands
every day lor large figures. The land
comprising the South Fort George
townsite, and all the Fraser River
properties is of excellent quality,
covered with a light growth of poplar with scattered firs.
The foregoing resume of the town-
sites here will give tbe reader some
idea of the respective merits of both
townsiteB. The Fort George Herald
has no affiliations with either of tl.e
exploiting companies whose interests appear1 to be opposed. Those
who have invested in South Fort
George property, not too far back
from the river, may rest assurea
that they have excellent value for
the money they have invested, owing
to the rapid growth of development
created by independent initative. If
they desire to sell they should list
their' properties with one of the
local realty operators, who are constantly recording handsome profits
for investors. Lots in the townsites
of the Natural Resources /Security
Company depend for their value on
their proximity to that portion of
their property along the waterfront
at which they arc trying to centralize their development. At that point
the townsite company is putting up
a number of buildings, and arc trying
in every way to start a trend of
development, having their business
centre for its radiating point. This
will hardly be accomplished ,to any
satisfactory degree for the large
majority on their sites, for a long
time to come. We advise no one to
purchase on the strength of their advertised statements. Intending investors in any sub-divisions here
should bear in mind that the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway Company's
townBite will add about one thousand acres more townsite property
to the combined area offered for
habitation. The market has been
dangerously flooded already, and
bearing this in mind the careful investor will not venture his fundB in
any townBite that can not actually
claim the active and independent
development that signifies the approval oi the people on the ground.
Unless they can invest in a townsite
that is being developed and Increased in value by independent enterprise, they had better await the
sale  of  the     G.  T.  P.  property  or
buy  in  or  near  the  business  centre
I of the district.
Intending settlers can obtain ICO
acres of land by pre-emption. There
are large tracts of land open for
alienation by pre-emption only, in
this district. The land is capable of
raising good crops of garden produce, hay, oats, and practically any-
, thing but fruit, which has not so far
proved a success up here, should
maintain that this district should
not be regarded as a fruit growing
country until that branch of culture
has been properly tested. This is
naturally a mixed farming country.
Wild berries, however, are found
throughout the whole northern interior country, as far north as the
Peace River Plateaux. Wagon roads
are being built into the surrounding
country, and progress will be made
on such public works, as future circumstances demand. The Fraser and
Nechaco Rivers afford transportation
to their tributary valleys, the Fraser
particulary, being navigable for 160
miles south and 315 miles north of
this point. We believe that the best
| way to secure a good pre-emption
is hy engaging the services of one
of the reliable locators, who make a
business     ol  locating    the   settler.
[ Some of these men have been in the
district for a long time, and can
save the land hunter time and cash
by his experience. The Herald will
be pleased to advise the settler regarding lands open for pre-emption
and the best means of obtaining
information thereof, on application.
Building materials are at hand in
large quantities. The local mills
have about three million feet of
lumber in the yards, in preparation
for the spring. Lumber costs from
$35 to $75 a thousand feet. People
intending building should consult
by letter some of the local contractors, who, we are informed, will
be pleased to furnish all information.
Thc fare into the country from the
railway point, Ashcroft, fluctuates
with the seasons. During the summer
when navigation is open on the
Fraser River, May 1st. to October
31st., the fnre amounts to $45, and
the expenses en route about $10.
This is by automobile and Bteam-
boat. Thc winter fare, from November 1st. to March 31st. totals $62,
with expenses of about $15. Travel
in the winter is by sleigh. The express rate in the summer is 12J cts.
per Ib. The winter rate 20cts. The
summer Freight rate is Ccents, and
thc winter rate llcents per Ib.
The cost of living may be gaged
by thc following scale of prices now
prevailing. This rate will be materially reduced when freight comes
down the Kraser River from Tete
.Inline Cache, via the G. T. P. steel
from Kdtiionton. This should transpire next summer: Flour 11 cts lb.
Sugar II cts. lb. Ham 35 cts. tb.
Bacon 40 cts. tb. Beans 15 cts lb.
Rice 15 cts. Mi. Dried fruits 25 cts tb.
Overalls sell for $1.25 a pair. Meat
IS cts. lb. Meals in the hotels, however, cost but 50 cents each.
The banking interest charged here
is ten per cent.
Employment in the pnst lias been
limited to survey work, building
trades, (carpenters), loggers, steamboat crews, packers, canoe men,
land and timber cruisers, laborers
on government road work, and such
work as has been done towards the
development of townBite properties.
Farm laborers are not in demand as
yet. There is no railway work here
up to the present, but during tho
next season and thereafter laborers
may reach the grade from this place,
that is, after next June or July.
Wages range from $4 to $7 a day,
according to the class of labor.
Prospectors will find practically a
virgin field for their explorations.
The whole district has every indication of being highly mineralized. B. C. AND ALASKA
No Foundation  to Report That
Churter  Would  lie
Although It had boon suggested and
generally belioved to be the fact, that
the  British    Columbia   and    Alaska
Railway  Company   falling to secure
the inui' extension and approval  ol
"uiitc changes askod ol the Legists
tint' this session,       would      abandon
their charter of 1010, says the  Van
couver "World" such is very far from
from the Intention, according to the
emphatic statement   of  the  new  ulli
cers of the corporation lni|4iostton.
Thc original promoter of this company at the time the charter was
granted and its president up to a
few months ago, was Mr, .lean Wolkenstein. a Wall Street slock broker,
who hud visited Victoria In connection with the project on several oc
casions. He recently disposed of bis
Interests and also of the interests of
the Wall Street group associated
with htm, to Messrs. E. C, Harris of
New York, (Jeorge A. Kyle, of Portland, aud lormcr Mayor Ralph Smiles
of Greenwood, and niw a mem'er of
the railway contracting firm of Messrs. 1., M, Rice & Company of Stattle, which firm is now engaged in
building the Kettle River Valley
line. By thc terms of the charter the
company has until autum of the present year in which to expend ten percent of its capitalization, and instead of abandoning its special charter under which it is now authorized
to operate, Messrs Harris & Smailes
announce that they will begin work
in tbe spring nnd qualify for the re- ,
trention of the c'mrter hy the construction expenditure demanded. Operations will probably be inauger- .
ated by the cl March, forces licint*
put on both at Port George and thc
Terminal City of Lyt'on being alter- j
native western terminals according j
to the terms of the charter and Port
George the northern and eastern terminal.
By a revision of the company's
plans, the projected line beyond Fort
George has been swung to theright-
aliout to seek a connection at the
Albertan boundary and to develop
coal, mineral and timber territory
in Northern Cariboo. With the American promoters of the new line it is
understood that well known Uritiah
Columbia capitalists have identified
themselves, announcing a fixed intention to carry to completion the ambitious undertaking.
i=i Roberts, Jones & Willson l_j
EDWARD ROBERTS ____■-        E.UONK.      »* J* aWlMniUH. * '»
FOR SALE: Farm Lands. Garden Tracts. Timber Limits. Mineral Claims. ^^«|»lS
LIST YOUR  I'l.Ol'l'.l-Tll'.S WITH   !'■> "™.EiZZZ,_ZZ_t
Offices: Hamilton Avenue, South Fort George: Central Avenue, Fori George, B. C.
and General Wood Work
Repairing   -v-
Prescriptions a
Fort George
Drug Co.
largo shipment, j ust received
Toilot uri.iruk Patent Medicines,
Magazines,Books, Stationery. .
Toilot Articles, Druggists Sundries
Land Timber Cruiser
Pre-emptions Located.
Estimates Submitted.
Intending Building?
NOW is the time to build,
whilst seasoned lumber is
obtainable. Labor conditions
are now in your favor. We
contract to design and construct your building, guaranteeing satisfaction: Call
or write us.
Bronger & Flynn
Builders and Contractors
We don't ask you to purchase South Port George lots by
making a pencil mark on a lownsite plan- You would
be safe in so doing, but if skeptical
Investigate Our Proposition
md you will find a good live town    Two banks, saw mill,
pool hall, newspaper, two general stores,'splendid
hotel, bakery, stationery store, mail-boat
landing, scores of buildings,
and  crowds   of   satisfied   buyers
.72 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B C , or the resident agent,
c. e. Mclaughlin
Fourth Avenue, South Fort'George
Fort Georgo, B.C. Victoria, B.C.
!•'. I'. Hind™. Mtrr. F. C. Green, Mgr.
Nelson. B.C;., A. H. Green, Mgr.
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
Civil Engineers, Dominion 4 B. C. land Surveyors
Surveys of  Lands, Mines. Townsites, Timber
Limits.  Etc.
The preliminary review und estimate nt mineral production in British
Cnlumliia tor the year 1911, hy Wm.
Fleet Robertson, Provincial Mineralogist,  shows that the estimated de
crease In  value ot the yield ot gold
(rom thc placer mines of the several
mining divisions of Carihoo  liistrict
is $23,000, in the proportions of $18-
U0U from Cariboo Division and $5,0.10
from  Omineca.    The   season  of  1911
wns a short one for placer mining in
this district. As indicating the shortness of     water from     the tributary I
streams    that  supply   the  water  for
washing the gold-bearing gavels, it
may he stated that thc water in the j
Kraser Hiver,  wliich is thc main out- '
let for the surface waters of Carihoo
Districl, was lower in 1911 than ever
before known    by  those   engaged  in ;
hydraulic   placer mining    in   the   dis
trict.  Owing    to  a    cold   spring  the
st'iisiin opened lnte; ns there  was no
fall Ot rain in  the autum,  It was not
prcaticable   to   continue   operati ns
after  the  snow   had  melted    In   the
summer, hence there was no fall run
at the hydraulic mines with but one
I ike  a    bolt frnm  the  blue  comes !
the announcement of the withdrawal
of the Trader's Hank of Canada from
Stewart.  Based on a letter from the
general  manager  nt  Toronto,  W.   H.
Cray,   local     mnnnger,   informed   tbe
Portland  Canal  Miner recently,  that
his instructions were to close up the
bank  by  .Inly  1st. Beyond  this bare1
statement lie has no other details to
give out for   publication.  Of course
it  will  take   some time to  wind  up
the affairs of the branch Institution, [
but   meanwhile a  must panicky feel- i
ing is prevalent, particulary in view ,
of the fact that the Traders carried |
fully three  quarters of  the  commercial accounts of the town; and it is
also felt a  very  great hardship  w;il
lie worked unless some other financial 1
Institution steps in to tnke over tlie
?Then  investigate
_i °    our workmanship und get our estimate.
Danfiirth & Mi;Inms
Fourth St., Soulh Fort George
|  1836 I      Assets Exceed Fifty Million Dollars
ne Bank of British North America
Your money is safer in the Bnnk than in your house or in your
piickct.    It is not tied up.   You can got it out at any time with
out delay.   NOTES discounted.   Local and Foreign Drafts bought
and  sold.  COLLECTIONS made promptly.    Money Orders issued.
Fort Geoge Branch,        L. G. MacHaffie,
Mgr.   |
Contuactoks & Builders.
Hamilton and First.
I am prepared to
Locate Pre-emptors
Good Government Land.
N. C. Jorgensen.
P. 0. Bo> 21.
Soulh Fori George, B. C,
Abvertise in The Herald.
Smokers' supplies
a specialty
Four pool tables
Splendid environments
gore & McGregor,
Victoria and
Fort George. H. C.
Head Office:
Paying Out-of-Town Accounts
Small amounts can be sent safely and at small cost by using
Rank Money Orders. Any bank in Canada (Yukon excepted)
will cash them without charge, and they can be cashed in leading American cities.   They are sold at the following rates:-
JTi und under
Overfill tn J.T0
HI cents
Over   SS m fin
Over HI" In f»
fi cents
lfi cents
Capital and Surplus ... - - »6,S50,000
H. C. SEAMAN, Manager.
Head Office:
li 1 U R (' T II H S
R    P.   Mil.KNN'AN'  Rsr| ,  Pic-id lit.
McLennan,   McFeely ,. Cn.    Whole
sale   Hardware,   Vancouver,  11   C
I,.   ft-.  SHATFORD  F.su,.,  M,   I..   A
Vice I'rcs. Merchant,  Medley, II. C
HIS  HONOR T.  ft'.   PATCUSON,   Lieu
ti'inuitc.ovcniiir  Brltlr.h Columbia.
M.   II.    ('Alt!.IS,
Cnnltiillst. Victoria, B.C.
A.  ISTKL lvsi|.
C,  S.  DOUGLAS  I'',m|.
New Wcstmin-
Robert. Kennedy
.1.   A.   MITCHELL,    Esq.,    Capitalist,
Victoria,  R. C.
Iv   II.   HEAPS,   Esq.,   E   II.  Heaps *
Co.,   Lumbor   and   Timber:   President
Colunihi'i   Trust   Co..   Ltd..    Vancou*
ver,  II. C.
.1.  A.   HARVEY,  Esq..  KM'..  tormerW
of Crnnbrook.  lit'.. Vancouver, B.C.
A.  L. DEWAR. General  Manager.
Fort George Branch; F. N. DEWAR, Manager,
is equipped with the most complete
Job-printing plant in New British
Columbia, including typesetting
machinery and presses capable of
printing any job from a visiting card
to a 2-foot by 3 poster sheet.
is owned by the oldest publishing
concern in the Northern Interior. It
publishes the truth.
Fort George In every case our
District, lands were care-
Nechaco Valley fully inspected by
Bulkley Valley expert cruisersde-
Skeena Valley fore we purchased
THE GRAND TRUNK PACIFIC RAILWAY will make all these districts
accessible to all the world. Every rail laid adbs
to the value of the land
North Coast Land Co. Ltd.
General Offices: 619 lo 624 Metropolitan Btdg., Vancouver, B.
London Office:   6 Old Jewry.
- T       . $1,500,000.
CASSIAH   I.ANI)   DISTKICT. Hie norlli slmre nnd marked "H. I'-. s   ''
Of  the  Pence  River  Lund  District. miner"    Uieme   imrili     Ho  chains;   III''1'*
TAKI.; notice that  llenricr Prepontaine, west   So  chnius;     thence  south  .VS  •*"''.'.';
nl Vancouver, It. C, occupation j-ciitlciii.ui on,re or  less   to   the   lake;   tiience  oisid
intends  t,i   ipply [or permission  to  purcli ul.uii* the slime to polnl ol commence	
use the followine describe I lands: contninine \2o ucres more or less.
Loiiimenclii(i  at  a  pnsl  planled   n  mil
i west  .,1  the e.ist  end ,ii Clino-chi   Like mi      September  Ijtli.,   1911,
Ho. ')


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