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 mu  gvtum*  gwifUU
VOL. 3, NO. 19.
Edmonton Will Not Awake
to Her Opportunities
s and Business Men of
Alberta Capital Evidently Care
Nothing for Trade Control of
District at Their Doors.
j,' reliable sources we are receiving galling reports of Edmonton's negligence
[in ll*. mutter   of preparing to
I enter into trade relations with
{this territory.   The   wholesale
I merchants and business men of
•Alberta's capital city apparent-
[ly have no more conception of
Jthe wonderful opportunity pre-"
Isented to tl.em to   secure this
■vast trade,   by   the westward
I progress   of the   Grand Trunk
IPacific   towards   South    Fort
[George, than they have of the
I exist: mco of    that city   as the
■natural trade   centre and distributing point for a vast vir-
[gin territory, which, by the ad-
Ivent of the railroad west of ithe
lliocky   Mountains,     becomes
■tributary to   their city rather
■than to Vnncouver   as it has
[always been. Perlwips the whole-
i merchants of Edmonton do
hot know that under the present conditions freight from Vancouver reaches   this place over
wagon   road   167  miles   in
length during the season of navigation,   before it  reaches the
Fraser   Kiver.    Now that the
same sort of spirit as that of
these pioneer days, our city
will be out for all the trade it
can get. Our future city will
advertise itself. The progressive
spirit of its citizens will win it
a prominent place in the great
marts of western Canada, and
it will never be necessary to
await the coming of some kind
friend who will shade the eyes
and keep the flies off while the
way is indicated to great avenues of trade in thc distance
which can be won and built up
the better by organized effort.
Tho issue will not have to lay
long in the balance of consideration, neither will the interests
of the community be affected
adversely by the procrastination of some jack-in-office.
Mr. A. K. Bourchier, of this
city, who returned bn the last
stago from eight weeks in the
capital of our neighboring province, bears out some of these
statements. He informed the
Herald that Iw had personally
interviewed several of the merchants in Edmonton, endeavoring to impress upon them the
importance of attention to the
new avenue of trade open to
them when the season of nav.
igation opens next May. "Fort
George" said one, who viewed
his visitor with a baby-stare,
"Oh, is that on the G. T. P ?
Well, well, how interesting. And
you say that from tlie end of
steel freight would go forward
by steamer, I had no idea, etc."
If the Board of Trade of the
city of Edmonton possesses any
real live men, it would be well
for    these   gentlemen   to   get
T. P. steel has pierced the
fockiea and is daily advancing
wn the  Praser   river which
ws past our    doors, freight
K be shipped   from Edmon-
Vn during thc season of nav-
ption* (May to November) to
fe head of steel on the G. T.
• and brought down the river
1 this |)lacc on onc 0{ the jjj
lEdmonton is fortunate in pos-
fS8"ig tlie services of a publio-
[y,expert named August Wolfe.
[«m man deluges the press
V 'I weekly bulletins, carrying
P* "I oven the most trivial
P'ng on the development and
Pgnss of the city of Edmon-
fcn, i , m M0 was recently
poached   by   ft   gentleman
L U;d to know why his
PwiB.dKl not include advoea-
scuvin ^anized effort toward
riM the trade of tfo North-
liito    iV" Stated lhftt K<'-
t   " d'd "ot consider it pol-
l      compete with Vancouver
fur X1"* trade.
KZrfomMr- Wolf that
Vu It,m°,,comes> ** H un-
r,lc%   will,   when   Prince
together a committee to investigate this condition. Any .Responsible body will receive the
most enthusiastic support from
this end.
The people of South Fort
Goorge are not a little bit particular where they buy their
supplies as long as the high
cost of living can be reduced.
After waiting many weary
years to get into communication with a railroad by way of
the great water lanes that run
through the breadth of the
country, an3 so establish a
reasonably low freight rate in
advance of the actual steel,
it is extremely exasperating to
be treated by the centre that
would benefit the most materially by such circumstances, in
the way which Edmonton is
at present treating this matter.
ionw ;. '   wue"   -tnnce
& lour !uture city wm
•lumbt °f tK16?1 Briti8h
1(1 the n,K •   u  ,bu8ines8 men
1,0 P«bhc bodies carry the
Last Friday, one week ago,
tho thermometer registered a
temperature of 65 degrees below
zero,. It was the lowest temperature experienced by men who
have lived in this country for
ten years past. The lowest registration hereabouts seldom
falls below 30 degrees below
zero, and such intense cold does
not last for many hours. There
is never any wind during these
cold snaps.
Announcement came in over
the wire on Thursday of the
marriage in Vancouver of John
Occolston Williamson, of South
Port George, to Miss Violet
Oliver of London, Eng. The
news does not come altogether
as a surprise to Mr Williamson's
many friends here, as the engagement of the young couple
has been announced for several
months. Mr. Neville Montgomery supported the groom. Mr.
and Mrs. Williamson are leaving the coast immediately for
South Port George. We hasten
to extend to our old friend
"Billy" Williamson and his
bride our most sincere wishes
of every happiness in life. May
the good things within the gift
of man and providence be freely
bestowed upon them for ever
and ever, and then some.
On Tuesday last at Central
Fort George, Mr. George Wase,
the popular G. T. P. engineer,
of this town, was joined in the
of matrimony to Miss Alice
Carlysle, of Vancouver, B. C.
The bride and groom were given
a most enthusiastic reception,
by their many friends on their
return to our city. They will reside in town.
Another wedding of local interest was solemnized this week
in South Fort George, the contracting parties being Captain
0. F. Browne, of New Westminister, and Miss Minnie Seymour,
of South Fort George. Captain
Browne is one of the few pioneer navigators of the upper
Fraser River and he carries a
most enviable reputation as
such. The Herald extends best
wishes to the happy couples for
a* bright and prosperous future.
The Grand Trunk Railway
has just placed 10 new engines
on the Middle division in Ontario to take care of the freight
traffic and within a short time
a total of 40 locomotives will
be added to the power equipment for the same purpose.
This first consignment has been
assigned to the Sarnia terminal
The locomotives were built at
the Kingston works and are
modern in every detail. The
latest improvements include the
Walchaert valve motion,
Smith's super-heater, and the
steam grate shakers. Immense
power is provided by 23 inch
cylinders that make the engines
capable of hauling heavy manifest freight at great speed. For
the first time it is understood,
the company are equiping their
engines with electric teadlights
and a complete electric lighting
Mr. Charles Clark, for many
years in,charge of the freight
traffic of all the Michigan lines
of the Grand Trunk system,
who has been appointed Assistant Commissioner of Industries,
will have special supervision of
the work of locating new industries, warehouses etc., and
also of the general development
of the agricultural, mining and
other resources of the territory
served by tho Grand Trunk
lines in Michigan, Indiana and
Illinois. The appointment of
Mr. Clark will enable Mr. Wm.
P. Fitzsimonds, Commissioner
of industries, with headquarters at Montreal, to devote more
time to the industrial requirements of the Grand Trunk
lines in Ontario, Quebec and
the New England states, although the lines west of Detroit
will also be under bis general
W. B. Dean, formerly of this
town, is operating in real estate in McLeod, Alberta. He expects to return hero ih the
spring, and intends to start a
sash and door business.
A Portland syndicate is arranging to place a colony of
Swedes near thc western end of
the Pine river pass in the Peaco
river section. Tlsey will locate
on a tract of 25,000 acres to be
sold at $8.25 an acre.
Tho poll tax has at last been
abolished in British Columbia.
This tax was originally imposed to raise funds for educational purposes and for the
building of roads in the early
days of B. C.
It is reported that an Indian
named Santa Frank entered a
shack about 23 miles north of
the 150 Mile House recently and
got into a fracas with a man
named Chas McConnell in which
the Indian was shot dead. McConnell is arraigned at Clinton
for trail.
A report has reached here
irom Edmonton that Burns &
Jordan, the big sub contractors
under Foley, Welch & Stewart,
working between here and the
Cache, will send two outfits
down hero next month to commence grading operations to
tha west.
The Manitoba grain growers
have taken a hand in the much-
discussed question of the high
cost of living. They passed a
resolution calling upon the farmers of the province to organize with a view to obtaining tihe
necessities of life by the carload
and to do away with tho middlemen's profits.
Captain J. R. Brown and
twelve Italian laborers narrowly escaped drowning when a
large gasoline launch operated
on Anderson lake was blown
ashore and wrecked during a
storm last week. The engine
went out of commission while
tho boat tossed on the waves
in the* storm. High, steep banks
wero just missed by the storm-
driven craft, which luckily
struck a short stretch of
beach, enabling those aboard to
reach the shore.
From Edmonton comes a
denial of the report that a food
famine has existed in the Peace
River district owing to the absence of snow on the northern
trails, and the consequent difficulty of freighting. S. H. Coward, manager of Revillions
trading posts in the north, telegraphed to the Grouard, Spirit
River, Grande Prairie and the
Peace River Crossing posts for
The manager of the Grouard
post has replied that there is
absolutely no foundation to
tho reports of a famine up in
the north. Surveyors and others
state, on tho contrary, that
large stocks of flour, bacon and
beans, etc., are on hand.
Tho Herald haa installed a
steam whistle which will wake
tho echoes at noon and six p.
We aro receiving so many requests for information regarding townsites and acreage propositions, that we will re-open
our information column in the
next issue. Correspondents seeking information of this nature
will pleaso address this column.
It is reported here that W. J.
Mackay, one of British Columbia's pioneer newspaper men, a
former partner of tho late John
Houston in Nelson, is in a Vancouver hospital about to undergo an operation for internal
troubles. Mr. Mackay is well
known here, having been connected with The Herald for a
considerable period. We trust
that his great vitality will
bring him quickly and safely
through the ordeal.
Information was received here
this week from Mr. A. K. Bourchier, that an Ottawa firm are
actively proceeding with tho
work oi installing a large capacity mill on the Fraser river
somewhere in tho vicinity of
Dome Creek. The company,
the name of which we have been
unable to learn, have already
erected a large warehouse at
Mile 53, B. C, in which the
plant will be stored as it arrives, A small portable mill is
now on the ground being setup to cut tho timber for the
large mill. The limits owned by
tho company are principally on
Goat River, Slim Creek and
Slim Lake, above the Grand
Canyon, about 140 miles east
oj this place. Timber Cruiser
Edwards, who staked the timber will be remembered by old-
timers here. "Jim" McCale, a
lumberman well known in this
section, is in charge of the
work-JThe mill will have a capacity of 100,000 feet a day.
Fire Chief Campbell requests
The Herald to impress upon the
public the necessity of instant
and concerted action in case of
fire outbreaking in the town.
The first thing to be done in
such a contingency is to ring
in an alarm from the nearest
telephone to the fire chief at
central. Thus no time will be
lost in the turning in of a general alarm by the ringing of the
fire bell. Last week a shack was
demolished by fire, causing a
loss to the owners of their personal effects, besides which there
was the grave danger of the
fire spreading. The alarm was
not rung in until after the
flames had secured a strong
hold and the shack was blazing
merrily. Thanks to Mr. Campbell and his supporters some
sort of organization has been
accomplished hero for fire protection, an organization which
will be supplemented by more
modern equipment just as soon
as circumstances will permit,
and it will facilitate greatly the
work of the fire department if
tho citizens will remember the
above at times of fires.
Ottawa.—One billion five million seven hundred thousand
dollars of trade in one year.
The tremendous industrial and
commercial growth of Canada
was never more strikingly portrayed than by figures just compiled by the department of
trade and commerce, which
show that for the year ended
November 30th. the Dominion's
trade amounted to $1,500,700,-
This is the high-water mark
since confederation and equals
if it does not surpass, the total
trade of the ten consecutive
years in the country's history
before the early nineties.
It is nn increase of $188,700,-
000 over the corresponding
period last year, tho figures for
1911 being $817,000,000.
A recent press despatch from
tho end of steel state that in
somo of tho camps up the river
provisions are very scarce. Meat
ia almost unobtainable, and the
local market is absolutely bare
oi this important necessity. A
load is now on the way in, however, and moro is expected by
Davo Hoy from the Nechaco., FAUUiwu
r        ■
Devoted   to   the   interests   of   Fort
George ana the entire Northern Interior.
Subscription $3.00 a year.
J. B. DANIELL. Editor.
Surely thero is an oppor
tunity presented to some enterprising Canadian journalist to
establish in London, Eng., an
independent journal to supply
tlio good people of the mother
land with reliable information
upon affairs in Canada, gleaned
from a thorough knowledge of
tho gamo of investment, and
supported by the right kind of
a Canadian (connection. The following editorial from "Toronto
.Saturday Night" .shows how
the sub-division fiend has even
invaded tin; quiet old cathedral
city of Exeter to part the good
people of that virgin territory
from their good money for a
25-foot lot somewhere near the
city of ltegina.
Says "Saturday Night:" The
marketing of valuless Canadian
real estate in the London market has reached proportions that
are alarming. Scarcely a weok
goes by but news comes from
the British Capital of the existance of a new crowd of land
sharks out selling property as
"town-lots", which as town
lots are absolutely without
hope. From weok to week Saturday Night has called the attention of the public to these
men, who, finding thc Canadian
market no longer remunerative,
have proceeded to London,
there to take from the Britisher
bis hard earned dollars. In the
process, of course, nearly every
buyer will lose his money and
Canada will create just so many
walking, talking advocates
against Canadian investments.
The latest instance of this
sort of thing concerns Devonia
Park, which is located way out
on tho outskirts of Regina, so
far out that this Saskatchewan
city must havo well on to a million population before the lots
would become at all valuable
as building property. This
"stuff" we are informed, is
being sold to people in Exeter,
England, for from 24 to 36
pounds sterling for twenty-five
foot lots, with six pounds sterling extra, bless the mark, for
corner lots. A recont number of
Tho ltegina Leader points out
that the Devonia Park subdivision is   no    less   than five
miles from the city hall of that
place as the crow flies, in other
words it is a great deal more
than five miles when one comes
to walk it. The Regina Board
of Trade has taken the matter
in hand and will, no doubt,
give this latest promotion all
the publicity that they are capable of,
Tt is interesting to note that
this sub-division corporation is
the Anglo-Canadian Land Company, and that tl«e owners and
promoters are members of the
Canadian Chamber of Commerce, an organization which
was formed in the British capital months ago, presumably to
protect the British investor in
Canadian properties. If this is
a fair sample of tike "protection" that the British public are
receiving at the hands of the
Canadian Chamber of Commerce in London, the sooner an
investigation is Canadian officials in the British
capital into the personnel and
business affiliations of some of
its members the bet/ter. It is
charged that some of tba worst
of the Canadian land promoters
now in England laave been able
to join this organization, and
that they are using what influence, the Chamber has to further their own questionable
schemes. A little agility on the
parti of tlreCanadian HighCom-
missioner's office might lead
to some interesting disclosures
and at the same time protect
hundreds and perhaps thousands of British people against
the realty thimble riggers.
Ii the. Provincial Public Works
Department could realize that
good arterial roads are of more
value to the development of the
country than all the fancy autor
mobile roads that have ever
been conceived, thero might be
some hope of seeing a policy
put into foroc that would be attended with some public benefit, says the Vancouver Mining
and Engineering Record. The
Cariboo road, probably the
most important highway in
British Columbia, has been allowed to remain in a disgrace-
iu! condition, and tho Minister
oi Public Works and his staff
appear to have forgotten that
there iti such a highway requiring their attention. A good
road is urgently wanted to the
Summit camp, in the Simil-
kameen, where promising developments are taking place, and
tnoso interested in the mining
development of the camp are
iurioua M tho manner in which
much needed roads are neglected in favor of extravagant lux-
urie;i such an the Mt.. Revelstoke
and tha Banff-Windermere automobile! roads.
Land Timber Cruiser
Pre-emptions Located.
Estimates Submitted.
Fort Geor-w, B.C. Vicior>£-£n, Mgr.
Green Bros., Burdenl& Co.
Cnl Emi»eer». Dominion S B. C. Und Sumyors
Surveys of Lands, Mines. Townsites. Timber
Limits, Etc.
The Northern Lumber & Mercantile Company, limited
i* '*sV 'sty '-V/A     -r* ■*»»■■ .
A Do you contemplate g
A       BUILDING! f
A Then investigate" our workmanship and Wt
5]                    get our estimates K
jj »&   i   «-* ►:
Office and Store Fixtures.
Hamilton Ave.    South Fort George
W. F. COOKE, Pra.
t E. McUUGHUN, S.crtUr,
NOTICE! To Railway
Contractors and Men
We have extraordinary
low values to offer in:
P.A.Landry J. H.WcGbeoor J.F.Templeton
T. A. Kelly, Timber Department
Gore & McGregor
British" Columbia   Land   Sarreyon
Lind^Agents Timber Cruisers
Chancery|Chamb«i s, Langley Street, VICTORIA,
B.C., P.O. Box 162, Phone 684.
McGregor Building, Third Street, SOUTH FORT
"0, Lord, I've never lived where churches grow,
I love creation bettor as it stood
That day you finished it so long ago,
And gave me work that's open to the sky;
And looked upon your work and called it good,
1  know that others find you in the light
That filters down through tinted window panes,
And yet* I seem to feel you near tonight
In this dim, quiet star-light on the plains.
1 thank you, Lord, that I am placed so well;
That you have made my freedom so complete,
That, J'm no slave of whistle, clock or bell,
Or weak-eyed prisoner of wall or street.
Just let    mo live my life as I've begun,
Make mc a partner of the wind and sun,
And  1    won't ask   a life that's soft or high.
Let me be easy on the man that's down;
And make mo square and generous with all;
I'm careless sometimes Lord, when I'm in town,
But never let them say I'm mean or small.
Make me as big and open us the plains,
As honest as the horse between my knees,
(Mean as the wind that blows behind the rains,
Free as the hawk that circles down the breeze.
Forgive me, Lord, when I sometimes forget,
You understand the reasons thnt are hid,
You know the little things that gall and fret,
You know me better than my mother did.
•lust keep nn eye on all that's done and said,
.Just right ine sometimes when I turn aside,
And guide me on that/ long, dim trail ahead
That stretches up toward tho Great Divide."
To Outsiders
Reliable information given on
anything in Fort George district. Property looked after.
Real estate reference Al.
WooHen Mitts
WooHen Gloves
Winter Caps
Mackinaw Shirts, Pants
and Coats
Top Shirts, Underwear
Don't Forget Our Celebrated
Exclusive Lines:
Carhartt's Overalls & Gloves
Campbell's Clothing
Hartl's Boots and Shoes
House of Hobberlin made
to measure Suits
As usual
our Lumber Yards are complete in Dry
Our logging crews are now busily en-
gaged in
preparation for next season s cut of the
most superior Fir and Spruce in this district
Oats for Sale, 10c per lb. Operators of Str. "Quesnel"
Northern Lumber & Mercantile
Company, Limited
South Fort George
The accompanying plan shows
accurately the
position of Lot
483 to the Grand
Trunk Pacific
Subdivision Showing Promise of Qeick
Profit af Prices Within the Reach of
LOT 483, situated at the eastern end of the projected railway and traffic bridge and within one mile ot
the Fort George G. T. P. depot and terminal yards.
It is the choicest property in the district and the
best buy on the market today. Then why buy 25-
foot lots when you can get 11-2 acres for half the
price and within closer radius of the G.T.P. depot.
For Information Apply to Owners: Box 1, South Fort George, B.C.
mi ui ifisLit
-afca-a MLUm nuiwuuiiLii
ibilities and the vast
the Peace river
natural  entrance
eace and
he possi
resources of
country, the
t0 which we maintain lies at
Giscombe Portage, 30 miles up
,.!,„ Fraser River from this
are being always brought
B0W forcibly to the notice of
the most casual peruser of the
dnily newspapers.
During ll»e past two years,
nn Ottawa press despatch,
ommission of conservation
had its hydro-electric engineer at work gauging streams
examining possible water
sites in the Athabasca,
(I Slave rivers, and it.
(report win be issued very soon.
Two of the rapids thus exam-
ined are described:
The Cassette, Mountain,
Pelican and Drowned Rapids,
collectively known as the Fort
Smith Kapids, are situated on
tte Slave Itiver, and extend
from Smith Landing to Fort
Smith, a distance of some sixteen milos. The various rapids
whose descents taken separately vary from 10 to 38 feet, may
be considered as a continuous
rapid from head to foot broken
by short intervals of swift
water, giving a total descent
in thi   16 miles   of   some 135
It would probably be difficult
to group all these rapids into
one development, although it
would be very desirable' from
the standpoint ol conservation
if this could be accomplished.
The numerous islands and projecting points from-the mainland aliord natural conditions
Jbr easy development. The vol-
lume of water in these rapids is
■enormous, being the combined
jilow of the Peace and the Athabasca and their tributaries,
with one of the great northern
flakes, Lake Athabasca, acting
us a reservoir to regulate the
i.o total power available
luring the season of navigation (May to November) by
Utilizing the total head of ,135
Mt, is estimated at one million
norse power, and is divided
imong tho different rapids in
proportion to the head in each.
w material for pulp and
umber industries is found all
"long the river and at the
lhe Peace River canyon has
ong been   renowned    for  the
"nd character   of its    waters,
no white man or Indian,
ever so   experienced in
lv« work or urged on by fool-
"irainess,   ever   attempted to
n its rapids. Rafts or boats,
i c™sness   or    otherwise,
J[«wd to drift past its upper
""  are   never    seen again,
J»8 engulfed by some of its
11.11V   r,r,**.r,,.f.,l
Jlo<% of its waters should'be
pat when    one considers,
"a.8 recently been nscertain-
wat the descent from head
J oot ls 225 .n
ft of>ss than 18 miles.
iSdlawly 8u^ests its
gjjtieg as a water power
Jlopment.   The    totalPmin.
um   power available during
"Pen water season (May to
ion t|
uiiiiu um in i ul nun in
Heroes of the north country
are born every year, says the
Omineca Herald. It takes real
men to fight the wilds, even today, when railways and steam
ships, automobiles and airships
are forcing their way into almost every neck of the woods.
On Tuesday last Wm. Ridley,
continues the Hazelton paper,
returned from the Ingenica
country where he went last
August in quest of the yellow
metal. He left here in the spring
and spent some time prospecting until he reached Babine,
where he met Frank Trainer,
an Idaho man. He took Trainer into partnership with him,
and, with an Indian, they
started off for the Ingeniku.
Trainer was to do the trapping
and keep the meat supply up
while Ridley went on to do the
prospecting. Each had half the
grub. At Hogam, Trainer turned up without any meat and
his grub all gone. Ridley halved
up with him again and once
more they parted. Ridley went
to Silver Creek, Tom creek and
then some. He reports that he
was successful in locating something that looks to him like a
very rich placer property. He is
anxious to get back as soon as
possible to complete his work
and do his staking. It was
about the first of December that
he got word that Trainer was
lost and had died on the trail.
Ridley went in search of him
and found him without grub
and dead. He was only two
days from Fort Grahame. Ridley started to bring him back
to Babine for burial but the Indians' sleighs were overloaded
and it was impossible to make
the trip, so Trainer was buried
close to where he was found.
He was given the best that
could be had.
Ridley came on to Babine
with the Indians and made his
way to Hazelton. He took only
enough grub to last until about
Christmas, but there had been
a much heavier drain upon it
than expected and he had to
come back. He says that he is
going back to his new placer
ground as soon as he can. He
would give no indication of
where it was located as he has
done no staking yet.
Both Ridley and Trainer were
known around the district. Ridley came into the district about
five years ago. He has been
prospecting for many years and
now he believes he has found
his stake. His home is in Camp-
bellford, Ont., where his folk
still live.
and 5th Sundays in month, Holy Communion, 8 a.m.; Evensong and Sermon, 7:30 p.m. Second and 4th Sundays in month, Matins, 10:30 a.m.:
Holy Eucharist and Sermon. 11 a.m. —
Rev. R. H. Isaac. Williams, Vicar.
KNOX CHURCH-Services every Sunday at 3:30 during winter. Sunday-
school at 2:30. C. M. Wright, Minister.
Wholesale and retail
I* he
Intend Building?
NOW is the time to build,
whilst seasoned lumber is
obtainable. Labor conditions
are now in your favor. We
contract to design and construct your building, guaranteeing satisfaction: Call
or write us.
Bronger & Flynn
Builders and Contractors
We do a large mail order business
and guarantee satisfaction.
Our stock of general merchandise
is large and up-to-date, which enables us to fill all orders quickly.
Give us a trial
John A. Fraser
& Co., Ltd
Front Street Quesnel, B. C.
Little Nugget
The most modern and best-appointed
cafe in Fort George.
Meal*       -       50 Cento
Short Order* a Specialty
Mrs. F. C. Nahrwald, Proprietress
Cor. Hamilton and Third
South Fort George.
Robert Spiuks
Painting and Paperhanging
South Fort George : B.C.
Smokers' supplies
a specialty
Four pool tables
Splendid environments
Prospective Builders
Are you aware that it takes less labor to build with OUR BONE DRY
LUMBER, and that the result is permanent, weatherproof and saves
repairs and fuel; also that the lumber costs no more than other lumber?
All Kindt of Lumber and Mouldings For Sale.
The Fort George Trading & Lumber Co., Ltd.
SOUTH FORT GEORGE, B.C.    Phone 11.   Chas. E. McElroy, Mgr.
Pioneers in Sawmilling and Steamboating on the Upper Fraser
and Tributaries.
Our GUMLESS SPRUCE SIDING and V-JOINT will not warp, check
nor shrink endways, and contains no gum to cause the paint to peel.
Farm Lands,
Timber Lands,      City Property,     Garden Tracts.
Fire, Accident and Life Insurance.
Acreage—- Garden Tracts
Advertise in The Herald
™ny powerful whilrpools.
ls little   wonder that the
fcvemborHs estimated at 40oT-
"" w based on the assumpt-
"at the total head of 225
[etcn» be utilized. Its develop-
.'"■• Wfttorpowor purposes
involve intricate problems
r   to compensate for this one
"" Sl consider    its   situation
N lumberW ^MP
ear the .....
iso nt *i    ■ industries.   It   is
n Z,p    hoiid of navigation
<Ct T ^ an<? Wing
oal fi,.i-i i are immense
' *.icl, i ' ,arSe Portions of
.p     h«ve already been taken
Most modern up-to-date hotel in the interior of British
New four-storey building.  Accommodation for 120 guests
All outside rooms-large, well-lighted and ventilated.
Steam heated.
. Weekly and monthly rates on application
Wire for rooms
Wire for rooms
E. L. KEPNER, Proprietor
Roberts, Jones & Willson
nwwMHiOMnMit.   lima.   Limmmm.urn.
FOR SALE: Firm Lufc. Garden TracU. Taker limb. Miami Claims. ValuUetown lots.
K 1st Tufa's tat «f Cast
^^^^^^^^^     >•( Incur*. Fsrifesrtt, I. C
OflkeK Huultoi Atom, Sooth Fart George: CemtraJ Arenne, Fort George, B. C
Corner Hamilton & Third
South Fort George, B.C.
The newest and most modern
hotel in the northern interior
Bates 92.50 and $3
U•■tfcly tm* weakly rata* •■ •■•
B«st of wines,
liquors and cigars
Albert Johnson,
McGaghran & thorne
Christmas Confectionery
A complete stock of Confectionery for the holiday season-OUR OWN MAKE.
Catering Tobaccos and Cigars
V f
' fi
W. F. Cooke left for Quesnel
on Thursday last for a brief
business visit.
During the past week the
pure wnit-8 mantle of snow on
the wood pile was seldom very
The local rink was exceptionally crowded last Thursday
evening. A large number of visitors from the em-irons were
Neville Montgomery, South
Fort George's prominent .young
attorney, will return here from
an eight weeks' sojourn on the
coast next week.
A. K. Bourchier, who has
been selling local acreage propositions in Edmonton, during
the past two months, returned
on Friday to his home here.
Traffic Superintendent Dixie
Moore and Accountant Bond,
of tba British Columbia Express Company paid a visit of
inspection to South Fort
George this week.
A very enjoyable subscription
dance was held in the Fort
George Theatre last night. The
affair was well attended, the
music declared excellent, and
thu refreshments delicious.
Williams & Murdoff, a prominent Vancouver real estate
firm are advertising the fact
tbat they will shortly offer for
sale some acreage near here
suitable for market garden
Foley Bros., Welch and Stewart have a new permanent address for their eastern construction work in B. C. It. is
Foley Bros., Welch an.! Stewart
End' of Steel P. 0„ G. T. P.
By., West, via Edmonton.
It will bo learned with regret
that Ed. Seebach, the well
known trader of Giscombe,Portage, who left this place some
weeks ago in poor health, has
apparently developed tubercular
trouble and may not return.
Tommy Hall, one of the most
widely known commercial travellers on the Pacific slope, representing the firm of R. P. Rith-
et &l Co., of Victoria, was a
business visitor here this week.
Mr. Hall reports an excellent
business all over the Cariboo,
Dave Hoy, of Milne's landing, drope in over the Stoney
Creek sleigh road this week
with a load of hay. Mr. Hoy
left for Quesnel on Thursday,
from where lve will take a load
of supplies to his ranch, and
will return here with a load of
beef in about two weeks.
Whilst Messrs. N. II. Wesley
and M. C. Wiggins were lounging amid the luxury of their
newly imported mission iurm-
iture on Tuesday evening last,
a well-organized surprise party
descended upon them and there
followed sounds of revelry by
night until a late hour. It was
a fine party.
At a recent banquet of the
Vancouver Bar Association,
Attorney-General Bowser stated
that the work of the Supreme
Court in Vancouver was growing very rapidly One of the
i ancouver judges, he said, has
to take the assizes at Prince
Rupert and a similar court
would shortly have to be arranged at Fort George.
The monthly   meeting of the
South Fort   George   Conservative Association was held in the
Fire Hall    on Monday evening
last. Charles E. McElroy, President of tba association was in
the chair.    The   meeting    was
well   attended,    but    of   short
duration, as no business of importance was    introduced. The
following motions were passed
by the meeting:    That the association endorse the application for a licence made by the
proprietors   of      the    Empress
Hotel. An application for government    help   for fire-lighting
equipment. A motion that application be made  to the provincial board of health for assistance   and    information   towards better   sanitary  conditions here.
We'.have a very complete stock of Emulsions and
CoughlSyrups.   Why continue to suffer?
General Merchants
South Fort George, B.C.
Fort George
Nechaco Valley
Bulkley Valley
Skeena Valley
In every case our
lands were carefully inspected by
expert cruisersbe-
fore we purchased
THE GRAND TRUNK PACIFIC RAILWAY will make all these districts
accessiblelto all the world. Every rail laid adds
to the value of the land
North Coast Land Co. Ltd.
General Offlcea: 619 to 634 Metropolitan Bids-, Vancouyer.B.C
London Oflice:   6 Old Jewry.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, "•        T      .        $1,606,000.
G.T. P.&P.G.E.
Railway Construction
will be on the Fraser River waterfront, adjoining South FortlGeorge. with the opening of
spring. This spells good times in this immediate neighborhood. Buy a Lot this spring
while they are cheap, and take your profits in
the early summer.
Also 21-2 acre Garden Tracts close in.
Write for'details.
The Northern Development
Company, Limited
403-404 Carter-Co      Building    :     VANCOUVER, B.C.
WE make a specialty of Fine Commercial Job
Printing. Our plant is the most modern in
Central British'Columbia, and our prices 'compare
most favorably with Coast figures. Your orders will
receive our best attention and will be delivered
promptly.   No job too big, none too small.
Winter Schedule
Mail and Passenger Service
Stages leave the company's South Fort George office for Ashcroft, Quesnel and way points at 5 a.m.
Tuesdays and Fridays
The mail, passenger and express stages arrive
from the south on
Wednesday and Saturday Evening*
Auto, Stage and Steamboat Owners
1836 |     AsseH heed Fifty Miffiw Mm     1 1913 1
Bank of British North America
Tour money li later in tbe Bank than in your houae or in your
pocket. It la not tied up. You can cat lt out at any time without delay. NOTES discounted, Local and Foreign DraiU bought
and aold. COLLECTIONS made promptly.  Money Orders luuwl.
Personal Depreciation
Every manufacturer sets aside a certain ram each year (or wear and tear on
plant. ,
Apply the same principle to the life of your earning capacity by depositing i
sufficient sum in a saving account in this Bank to assure you of comfort in
future years. a
The Royal Bank of Canada
With which is united
The Traders Bank of Canada
I rwul mid un. 112400.000 -Surplus lll.40D.00t) -rom Assets jW*ȣ
H««OI«.M«^.q*c. ittaata,,M^,U
General Hardware and Sheet Metal Workers.
All kinds of tin and sheet Iron work done.
Camp stoves
Hot air Furnaces, etc.
City Livery, Feed <**
Sale Stablesl
;. A. WHITE,
Single and Double Driving Horses.   Saddle and Pack Horses
New Buggies and Thoroughly Reliable Rig*
at the junction of the FRASER and WILLOW RIVERS, on
the main line of the GRAND TRUNK PACIFIC RAIL"A^
the entrance to the peat PEACE HIVER COUNTRY, will
be one of the IMPORTANT CITIES of INTERIOR BRITISH COLUMBIA as it possesses, at its very door, all the
NATURAL RESOURCES which go to tha building of big
Write today for maps and printed matter giving full information*
Pacific Land & Townsites Company, limited
517 Pacific Building - - Vancouver, B.C
L. M. Bower, Local Representative
■*■*. ir_ .
■ ■


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