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prion Coimitl
Small Fixed  Assessment Asked for
20 Years on all Railway Lands and
No Taxation For Shops,
111 11
,   meeting of Ihe Committee
rporation, held in the rooms
,    :., i George    Chamber   of
'Ihu.sday    morning,    a
ation from Mr. H. H. Han-
, itor for the Grand   Trunk
ivaa read, .selling    forth the
. , | demands   of   the railroad
: ir  their  support  in  incor-
.  the city.    Sufficient to say
mittee were disappointed at
el the letter.   It was not in
, hat the committee were
•  when it met with Mr.
U the lime of the visit of
.  nera.1 Dowser in July.
• wish to express an opin-
...   demands of the Grand
ific, for we are afraid that
. I  not  look  well  ln  print.
I. it warn   the   people   that
se demands   be   accepted
•ee he will never cease   to
Are we children    to    be
•ee in tli is manner?    Surely
not come to such a pass
would  stoop  to  consider
e:.e!s for a single moment,
the Grand Trunk Pacific
ad all just where we stand
..listing   time    discussing
sslble  demands.
in  in full  the communica-
ith  that tlie people   may
d judge for  themselves    the
.-i,   .it before  theli   com-
secure fair and just terms
' il) uf the future.
emmittee adjourned to meet
.1 :.eleiy night when the whole
!1   be  gone  into  at  great
n  the best solution   of   the
|in se nted.
. Incorporation   Commlt-
Port George, B.C.
.  e,;i i.f Kort George, Prince
■ . and South Port George.
Si.    Referring to our con-
il Soulh Kort George on 8th
ivi just recently returned lo
■. mui am only now In a posi-
lei.it  before your committee
; osala  ot   the  Grand Trunk
Railway  Company  and    the
i:   ,ik    Pacific    Development
l.i mi led.    in    connection
I'eiration under private bill
• George, South Fort George
utral Fori George.
lie inclusion of the whole   of
sin' of Prince George,
he cily to be named   Prince
"i'r lhe King in view of the
In   railway station Bite to be
foot of George street In the
le uf   Prince  George,  subject
' ival  of railway  commission.
axatlon    of    all   the   railway
'■• Including right-of-way, sta-
' "ids.  buildings,  equipment,
''", to be fixed far a period
: l> je'iirs from the date of In-
11 ion as follows:
five  yeaiTB   from   1315-1919,
per annum,
"H   years   from    1920-1929,
Per annum.
Ave  years  from   1930-1934,
i"'i' annum.
"'eseiiet tiio railway property is
taxation till 1921.
"hove sum to Include all local
'■ ""'ins and school taxes.
I;i*ch only to apply to railway
,v proper and In no way to
!|1" townsite property which is
1 Hie Grand Trunk Pacific De
' n< Company, United, and
: to be subject to assessment
ordinary way.
is of the Grand Trunk !'n-
'''legraph Company to be    al-
'' "" the streets and lanes free
"' °r way leave.
*B regards tlio executive   pro-
",a "r the bill  the qualification
'   mayor,    aldermen,    school
' ' "nd voters to be as follows:
" Mayor--Any    male    B.ltlpb
1 "r full age not otherwise dls-
'' hy law who has six months
'■tlliig      nomination    been    the
'"'" of land In the city  of  the
sset] value of at least $1000 (ac
cording to a special assessment roll
to be prepared by the government)
and otherwise qualified as a municipal voter;
■(b) Aldermen—Same las In Uncase of mayor except that the "assessed" value of property shall be
not less than $500.
(o) School Trustees and voters
for election of municipal council and
school trustees and also for voting
an money bylaws—Any British subject, twenty-one years of age who
has been resident for six months
preceding election within the city
and who complies with any of the
following requirements:
(a) Is assessed i in the Special
Municipal Assessment Roll) as owner of property within Ihe city of the
assessed value of $100, or
(b) Is the duly authorized representative of an incorporated company assesse-d as owner of property
in lhe city of the value of not less
than $100, or
(c) Can ies on business in the
city and is the holder of a trade
license, the annual fee for which is
not less than $5.00, or
(d) Occupies a dwelling or part
theieof in his or her own right,
Householder and holders of trade
licenses to make the declarations
specified in the Municipal Elections
The word "owner" shall include
the last holder of an agreement of
3ale las provided in the Municipal
Elections Act) and the word "land"
to be defined as in the Municipal
The above qualificalions (excepting the first year's Special Assessment Roll) to prevail and govorn
any elections that may take place
prior to 1918.
The government will no doubt desire the first election to take place
early In 1915, but the date need not
be fixed at present.
( 7 I The Development Company to
transfer or lease (long term I free of
cost or at nominal rental to the city
block "K" as shown on llie plan of
Prince Geoige io be used only for
the purpose of a cily hall site, and
also Connaught park, Alfred park
and Duchess park, to be used lor no
other purpose than city hall site and
parks, respectively.
(8) Costs of incorporation to he
paid by the city.
Yours truly,
(Signed l   II. 11. HANSARD,
VOL. 4, NO. 51.
•    SOUTH FORI GEORGE, B. C, SATURDAY, AUG.  22,   1914.
Local Store Has Attractive Window
Hood's  Ltd.   has  a very at ;
tract window this week.    The.
window pictures a scene in thc ]
deep  woods  and  has two live I
-foxes in it to give it a touch of
real life.   Everthing reminds!
one of the beautiful woods, and
renews in the onloookers mine |
the many keen enjoyments htt\
has experienced when hunting'
the game.   Crowds are always;
before this window and the pas-j held
ser-by  cannot help pausing to
gaze upon this woodland scene,
transplanted as it were from the
silent places to the window of a
busy city store.
Scattered about there are bear
traps, traps for smaller game,
'guns, revolvers and amuntion;
; all reminders of the wonderful
J attraction of the woods and
man's supremacy over the les-
i ser animals.
Hood's Ltd. are to be congratulated on the beauty, novelty
and orginality of the display and
j we hope that all the stores will
soon be vying with each other
to produce the most attractive
lacorporation Comiittee
of Chamber ot Commerce
Meet With Col lorn
A well-attended meeting of the
committee on incorporation was
in the rooms of the Prince
George Chamber of Commerce on
George street Thursday morning of
this week. The committee as a body
! welcomed Col. Thompson, the noted
engineer sent from Victoria by Attorney-general Bowser, and Mir.
Stewart, the government engineer in
this distrirt. Col. Thompson in well
chosen words explained his presence
here, how he had spent several days
going over the area it was sought to
incorporate and frankly asked for
advice and information as to the
two principal objects of his work,
an economical and efficient water and
sewerage system for the area to be
Mr. John A. Fraser, our local
member, was present in order to
gather such information as will enable him to assist when the Special
Bill comes before the government at
There will be a meeting of the, Vi(,toria in January.
South Fort George Football Club:    Co] Thomi_son enquired exhauit.
on Tuesday Evening Aug. 25th.! ively as t0 the amount of   anChor
at 8:30 p. m.   in   the  Fire  Hall, j jce forming In the Nechaco and Fra-
South Fort George.    All  players | ser   rivers,   and   from   Information I
ly invited to attend
and those interested are earnest- j given
by  the  members  present he
| gave it as his opinion that  to   draw
Our Harvest Season
"Fine crops everywhere I
visited," reports a Herald representative, who during the
week has made a careful survey
of crop conditions throughout
the distiict. The ideal weather
conditions existing throughout
tho first three weeks of the
month have been a boon to the
farmers, making the harvest of
the  hay  crop an easy matter.
The oats are ripening rapidly
and all other crops are doing ex-
ce ed i n g 1 y well. Owing to
tho small area devoted to the
raising of hay many are cutting
oats green and are curing same
for green-feed. Oats cut green
and properly cured make excellent feed for stock. This plan
is being followed by several
owners of dairy herds close to
■town. The feeding of milking
cows during the winter has heretofore been unprofitable, owing
to the high price3 of hay and
grain, but this winter promises
to see our markets supplied with
fresh dairy products, although
the supply will no doubt fall far
short of meeting the demand.
Germans Occupying Brussels,
Belgians Falling Back
on Antwerp
Vancouver, B. C, Aug. 21st.-The British cruiser
Newcastle arrived here from China to protect the
British Coast. Another cruiser has also been seen
near the coast supposed to be either the British
cruiser Manmouth or the French cruiser Montcalm.
Shipping has cleared somewhat, and many
vessels are sailing.
The Vancouver Foreign Service Contingent expects to leave Saturday for Valcatier. Another
detachment of Irish Fussiliers will be sent to
Prince Rupert where rumors say that the German
warship Leipzig is approaching for coal.
The Germans this morning occupied Brussels
without resistance, the Belgians falling back on
the fortified city of Antwerp.
All war correspondents have been ordered to
leave Belgium and France. Most rigid censorship
ever known in history.
The German steamer Mazatlan held at San Francisco was found to have five hundred tons of sacked
coal on board for the Ntirnberg, loaded under the
direction of Simon Reimer, a surgeon of Leipzig
who was smuggled into San Francisco on the German cargo boat Alexandra.
The German sameo station at Apia has been
abandoned, all government money was removed to
the Apia American sameo station.
Alvo Von Alvensleben, a German capitalist with
home at Vancouver, arrived in New York, Thursday
from Germany. He declares that he will return
here to look after some interests. Von Alvensleben
is known to be a close friend to German military
circles and may be placed under arrest when he
Ottawa, Aug. 21st-The Ottawa Government
intends to raise the war tax on Coffee, Sugar,
Tobacco, and Spirits.
Rome, Aug. 21st-Following the death of the
Pope the College of Cardinals are urging a cessation of hostilities.
Mexico City, Aug. 21st-General Carranza was
to-day installed as President of Mexico.
water direct from the Nechaco in
winter was not possible except, at.
great expense, .end that wells would
necessarily have to be driven back
from the rhei- trim which to pump
water to reservoirs. The elevations
about the city suitable for reservoirs
or a supply of water from lakes or
streams was discussed thoroughly,
and Col. Thompson spoke of arrangements being made by the committee
on public improvements of the
Chamber of Commerce of Prince
George to visit the surrounding
country and investigate the various
sites mentioned.
To place a reservoir on top of
Connaught Paik as had been suggested, it was pointed out, would not
give sufficient head to the Centoal
avenue section of the town, as there
was but 45 feet of a fall from the
top of the park, and the pipe friction would reduce the flow so that at
the Fort George Hotel there would
not be sufficient pressure to raise
water to the top of that building.
Hence, while to the lower areas of
Prince George and South Fort
George this might be ample fall, still
it would necessitate another and
separate water system to protect and
serve the western part of the etown
in case of fire or for family use. This
double system would thus greatly
increase the cost of water supply
which Col. Thompson pointed out al-
I ready, under one pumping station
I and central supply reservoir system
would prove very costly unless we
.'( uld local:1 and u.e a laUn or some
water supply and thus avoid the
pumping costs.
The Colonel pointed out that a
town of 10,000 to 15,000 people
should have an initial supply of
3,000,000 to 5,000,0ft. gallons daily,
and that this would be necessary in
the case of Prince George, especially
on account of the low areas where a
sewerage system would require to
be flushed every hour of the day with
at least 3600 gallons of water in
every section of the system. This
would naturally be a heavy drain on
the water supply, in addition to thc
irrigation, fire protection and gen-
c.al domestic use of water.
Estimates of the cost of a watei
system were gone into, and 12-inch
mains with necessary hydrants and
valves would cost approximate!}
.3.50 a foot.
While Connaught Park gave but a
maximum elevation of only 00 feet
it was pointed out that no prope,
protection was possible short of 150
feet elevation, and a greater elevation such as 700 feet as was thought
of in the lakes to the west of the
town would be just as bad as too
little, as water falling from such a
height through pipes would cause
such a pressure on valves and faucets that they could not stand ii|
under the strain, as such an elevation would give approximately 300
pounds to the square inch.
Again, an eight-Inch main would
hardly give the town of the future
sufficient service, and there would be
no use laying a water system that
would have to be torn up and done
over again merely because of a saving of $1 per foot, which such a
service would cos! as compared to a
12-Inch main.
The question also was pone into
for location of 'reservoirs at this
time that could be added to as the
necessity for increase of supply
arose without the destroying of any
of the work started from the beginning.
A reservoir to contain 5,000,000
gallons supply should be approximately 250 to 260 feet square nt the
Various sight. for the reservoirs
were discussed, such as lakes east of
the Fraser, the McMillan Creek supply, and lakes west of the town. Also
Presbyterian Sale cf
Work a Huge Success
* The Presbyterian sa'e of work
: was a huge success, the proceeds
amounting to $233.75 with expenses amounting to about $24.
This means that the church will
clear about $210.00 which is certainly a splendid success.
The bean guessing contest for
| the quilt was awarded to Mr.
| Westerby of Prince George whose
■ guess was 5867, there being
5853 beans in the jar.   Everyone
was pleased with the value they
receive   for  their   money,    the
I work bring sold merely for the
cost of the material.
The ladies wish to thank' the
merchants for the aid extended
to them and also the buyers for
theirs patronage.
Much credet is due to the ladies of the church for the stren-
uos ef fords on their part which
made this sale of work a huge
the depending solely on water pumped to reservoirs at proper elevation
direct from the Nechaco.
As to sewerage, Col. Thompson
plainly stated this was to cost an
enormous amount of money owing to
the low levels of portions of the
townsite. He indicated that the nature of the soil underneath the town
was such that cesspools would be
not only feasible but highly beneficial, and that community septic
tanks could be used for many years
to come without danger or the immense cost of the sewerage system.
It was pointed out that the underground flow of water would absorb
md carry off the excrement, and
with an ample flow of flushing water
through the cesspools and houses
would keep the city clean and healthful. He mentioned ancient cities of
Euiope built on soil similar to Prince
George where sewage systems were
not known, the soil being of such
nature as to absorb readily, and that
the people used much of the refuse
.is fertilizer to piofitable market
gardening. Everybody knows the
system adopted at the Panama Canal
that made the Isthmus a marvel of
cleanliness and health for tropic
countries. A number of small mains
separate from each other could be
jsed to drain portions of the town
into the Nechaco and Fraser rivers
to advantage, but that no combined
ijstein was possible.
As to the cost of pumping water to
.eservoiis it was estimated to cost
approximately 6 to 10 cents per 1000
gallons at the pumping station,which
s lo say, the bare cost of pumping,
aot taking into consideration interest
)ii plant or depreciation.
Mr. Thompson particularly impressed upon his hearers the necessity of restricting the incorporated
irea to the least possible number of
u:es consisii'iu With fairness' and
ix] ense to those* who would have to
bear the burden of taxes.
He pointed out that cities like
llaagow, famed for ils municipal
conomies ami money-making venules, was possible because the city
if 800,000 population was gathered
vithin an area of but 19 square
niles, but that the cities of Canada
-Edmonton, Calgary, etc., had approximately 70,000 people scattered
over an a. ea of 56 square miles, and
t was a stupendous task and burden
if taxation and cost lo the people.
COl. Thompson will again meet the
.'ommittee and spend several days
golneg over the area with engineers
who will take necessary levels and
then about two months will elapse
before a full report will be submitted by Col. Thompson to the government at Victoria, copies of which
will be forwarded to the committee
on incorporation here. Photographs
in addition will be taken and developed, showing the situation and
lay of the land sought to be covered
by the water and sewage system under contemplation.
Col. Thompson has had 37 years'
experience in the most important
cities of the States and Canada in
such work as tie has undertaken here
and showed himself capable In every
particular to handle the situation to
the best interests and results.
.     »;
A.i He c
— JUST   A K I. i v __w
W i'1
Selling at Cost
szLi ;  /:>'■
's un these
. isiness for
■r to sell goods
liture such as
.  Etc.   People
• I hilanthrop-
terest on the
■  ■
SALES AT COST', They Are Fakes.
i this we excel
highest quality
figure and stiil
MJK. Swtuii
I Drmlnre      House Furnishings
SOUT .  Fop
Price   One Year in Advance   -   -
Six Months in Advance   .-
"      Three Months in Advai  :
To The United States -   -
No paper stopped  ur.til all arrearages are paid except at
the option of the publisher.-.
Twelve csnts per line for the first insertion, and eight
cents per line for each subsequent insertion.
For Sale, Lost and Found Ads. minimum charge 50 cents
per insertion, limited to one inch. Other rates furnished on
province (British Columbia) the greatest in
the Dominion of Canada.
«»wu ui us., Burdens f„
Haight Bi
Publishers and Proprietors,
South Fort George. B. C.
ST   22ND.    1914.
The business being done in South Fort
George during the spell of disturbance in
[ the financial world and storm centres of war
is phenominal. As one of our readers expresses it - '• We are not being rushed as in
I the recent past; but, there was a time when
I we would have welcomed the amount of
business we are now doing."
Again we say the Herald refuses to be
(pessimistic or cast down, we have more
Mr. Hugh Stewart, L,„
Victoria Hotel
Third Stn-e-t
In conversation to-day with a couple of-blessings to be thankful for than we think I A.PY   Vc
young farmers, we learned that they hadLf,   old South Fort George refuses to be
anc5 put off the track of good old prosperity ; we
.■ iei
taken   up   homesteads   this   spring,
The Cookson Plumbing
and Heating Co.
Hot  Water  Heating
Hamlllfen Avenue
^1    t
O'Flaherty & Thorne
All  kinds or
Fruit, Ice Cream
Sodas and
Hamilton Avenue  • South Fori George
located there with only a small grub stake |don»t see anvbodv "with long  faces  here
and some seeds to start with, and now theyIaboutS)  the people are taking the ^A^
are independent living men,  speaking of quiet summer vacation recuperating from
good crops and what they intend to do nextUe past hustle and preparing for the stren_.
year.   They started in right by growing uous times coming after the war ig QVer
Potatoes, small fruit, and generally going the heat of summer gone and the condition-
in for mixed farming-just what the country of business return to the norma,
is best suited for    They claim that they get     As this paper goes to we reca],
a great deal of fishing and shooting, and quicklv the business houses of E. P.Campbell
never find time heavy on their hands.   They M> E.'jeglum, Hood's Ltd., Lambert's and
have also improved their land, and next year the Fort George D       ^   Ud   &]] nQ.
J they   will   start  saving   their  money _ to only sticking to South Fort G ,aU
purchase machinery for the quicker breaking putting Up additional business houses in
up of their homesteads. Prince Georg6) al, of them ^ ^ yQu that
What these young men can do others can.; they intend to enlarge their businesses in
To-day it is brought home forcibly to us that both places. The Northern Lumber &
when there is no living elsewhere, there is Mercantile Co., The Fort George Trading &
yet a good living in store for us on the land.' Lumber Co., and The German Bakery are
Builder and
mate.-.* gh
_d In
Mrs.  COBBS.
Telephone 76
lx am
Real Estate and Insurance Agent
Improved Farms and Garden Tracts For Sale.
•    •- -   south I  ■• George P.O. Box 23, South Fort George
Why not go on the land now and make it among the houses refusing to see any slump AJg _%
your life work ? Financially you will never' jn conditions. The Royal Bank is erecting bia*" V
regret it, for in the soil lies the wealth of a fine two storey structure on the comer of lltSS?c_
the country. Mixed farming and dairy Hamilton Avenue and Fourth Street, and!afgin^"'.
J products are ever in demand and high prices the manager of the Bank of British North ^jH
are asked. Stories come to us daily of men America when asked recently whv he was (« The *
who have realized a small fortnne off the not engaged moving to the two fine lots fr^SS.
land in this district inside of a few years, they have in Prince George, calmly replied
and yet, men hesitate to start farming and with that confident optimistic smile we have
to invest either their time or their money in all learned to love, "When the businesses
the cultivation of the soil because they think ieave South Fort George we will follow, we
that they can realize a larger and quicker led the businesses in, but we will never lead
return by investing in Real Estate, and they them out," and no one can remember when
never stop to consider that while Real the Bank of B. N. A. had to follow.
Estate values may remain dormant for many The Theatres are crowded every night;
years without bringing them any returns, the Hotels, Northern, Empress, Kobart's,'
and simply tying up their money for that Yale, are never by any means empty ; no,
period, the cultivation of the soil will not;We have no depression. Jack Robarts was
-? T7
Corner Hamilton & Third
South Eort George, B. C.
The i
in the
and most modem
northern interior
Rates  $2.50 and $3
Monthly und weekly rates on application
^ only bring them returns, steadily and high ;Seen and heard cracking his same happy
ones at that, but that the land will also jokes to-day, and everybody is doing the1
furnish them with employment for their; same, in fact we are all'doing it. The smile
hands and their minds. Can there be morejwill not come off for we have all seen good,
joy, more satisfaction, more contentment,: happy, prosperous days in this good old
than what comes to these tillers of the soil South Town, and we made the town, not
iwho are sure of their livelihood, and see the any one man, but all of us. When we are
vegetation, the trees and the grasses gradu- incorporated and the entire area of all the
ally spring into life, under the touch of Georges linked together by direct streets
their magic hand ? Back to the soil! for and avenues, South Fort George will be in
there lies happiness and riches for us all, j the procession just as she has been up till now
the mui:. line -
Railway    ' ■•
the water wi
Purp sea."
water is I
Province of B
quantity i f •
e^allon.-s per
posted on  th
of July. 1914.
and ap| li  il
the iv,| liren
Will lee I,,.   .
Recorder I '  .
may    be   fill
Recorder, or
Water Right-
Victoria, B. C
August 8th,
. tf*
Crown Granted S. E. Quarter Lot 803, Group 1, Curiboo,
containing 160 acres more or-less. Was Seeley Pre-emption
10 miles by road, from Eort (leorge, adjoins Indian Keserve
No 2, about a quarter of a rnile from Eraser Kiver. Excellent farm land. Inspection invited. Tenders will be
received by undersigned.   No tender necessarily accepted.
July 2nd, 1914.
S. L. FOWtfST, Maimer Bank of Ollawa, Vancouver
S. P. NEWCOMB, Manager Bank ol Ollawa, Fori George
253,000,000, WHILE DREIBUND
HAS 152,000.000
Having recently established a
lumber mill here we are prepared to deliver rough lumber
of any dimension,
a   Wakeley
nd, b.c.
The Jewelry Manufacturer
Maker of Artistic
old  and Platinum Mountings
Repair work of all kinds given
prompt attention.
Sur.r.et niock       .        Third Street
Suuth Fort t_*o»i_te
BE It LIN. The tremendous
increase of Kussia saves the
triple entente from being overwhelmed in numbers by the
Triple Alliance. Germany alone
has three-fourths as many inhabitants as Great Britain and
France together, and Austria
and Italy add roundly 8G,000,000
to this number. The great pop-
\ ulation o f Kussia, h o w e ver,
brings the total strength of the
Triple En ten t e to 253,000,000,
against 152,000,000 for the Triple
Fears that the time is rapidly
approaching when the population
of Germany, like that of France,
will become stationary, or even
|go back, have been dissipated
| for the present by an estimate in
; the latest year book of the Ger-
end of the first half of 1914 at
07,812,000. This compares with
GG.981,000 in the previous year
and shows an increase practically the same size as was recorded
from 1912 to 1913, and exceeding
the gain from 1911 to 1912 by
Comparisons with the growth
of the population in France give
striking figures. In 1872, following the Franco-German war,
France had a population of about
30,000,000, only 5,000,000 less
than Germany. In 1911 she had
less than 40,000,000, and the
number has declined since then,
Thus her increase in forty-two
years has been less than 3,000,000
i against an increase for Germany
of 26,000,000.
Attack on Kaiser
Earl of Crawford Was Eye Witness of Affair
in Which German Crown Prince Was Injured
Berlin, Aug. 6(via London,6.15
p. m.).—The force of Russian
; cavalry which tried to break
through the German frontier
guards was repulsed near Soldu,
in East Prussia.   Another Kus-
man Statistical Office putting Z'fl calvar;f .ivision also "suffer-
j population of the empL £Z | .fc& ?? Nefdent^ '"  the
will be receivi I
Minister of Pub
Tuesday, the' 2 tl
for the erection  i
two-room school ai
in lhe Cariboo Eli
Plans, Bpecilie
forms of tendi r
after the 27th da.
oflice of Mr. Thos
ment Agent. Fori
London, Aug. 6. A friend of
the Earl of Crawford who has
just arrived from Berlin stated
that the Earl saw an attack on
the Kaiser and the Crown Prince l^ro',
near the German capital on Mon-1 pu[)t|jj.'l\y,!;'i_ \;
day. By application
The assailant who was armed contractors can e
with a club escaped. The Crown : plans and apticific
Prince was badly hurt. feffiffi
soldiers who chased the man i Each proposal i
who attacked the Emperor and by an accepted I
his son seized the Earl and pull-\ oate of deposit 01
ed nearly all his clothes off in 9|S rf fES
their eagerness to search him. eqUai to io per o
Lord   Crawford had difficulty in j shall be forfeited
establishing his identity,
A schoolgirl was required to
write an esiay of 250 words
about an automobile. She submitted the following;
"My uncle bought an automobile. He was riding in the
country when it busted going up
a hill. I guess this is about fifty
words. The other 200 are what
my uncle said when he was
walking back to town; but I
don't write them down,"
decline  to
culled upon  lo (lo
complete the work
cheques or certifies!
successful tenderers
them upon theexeci
Tenders will not b
made out on the for
with the actus sigi
erer, and enclosed
The lowest or any
arily accepted. ^   -.,,„,,,,,„,
Deputy Minister and1
Works Bingm«r.
Department of Public . >"■
.   Victoria, B.C.,
24th July, WW-
tender m
1 necess- OVtK LLtMtNiS
On Saturday night all the
sport loving fans crowded into
the Fort George Theatre to witness thc three big bouts. A great
deal of interest seemed to be
centered in the heavy-weight
bout between 'Fighting' McKay
an(l Kid Clements, the sentient nf the fans being equally
jvideil between the two men.
The match between Anderson
an,l Hughes was certainly a
good exhibition of clever boxing
gml good fast fighting. Hughes
although lighter and smaller was
vcry quick aid there wasn't a
minute (luring the six rounds
that wasn't full of fast and hard
lighting. The referee's deci-
i sion was a draw, and the crowd
w8S well pleased.
The preliminary between Len
| Halliday and Young Togo   the
Japanese lighter was also good,
i the Jai> was a little stage struck;
I but put up a good fight and gave
Halliday a few anxious moments.
Halliday got the decision on
j points; but it was a very narrow
squeeze.   K i d Burke  refereed
the first two bouts.
The i.eavy-weignt bout be-
! tween McKay and Clements
lasting ten rounds was a win for
McKay. McKay was lighter
than his opponent and had to
play a d e f.e n s i v e game, for
.Clements was in the pink of con-
1 dition and forced the fight. McKay was to quick for him though
and guarded himself well, and
now ami then seeing an opening,
by quick work forced Clements
to the ropes. The fans all over
the house' was calling encourage-
; ment to their choice throughout
the entire bout.
Jack Robarts   refereed   the
' main bout  and  satisfied  both
the fighters and the fans.
Gross $67,000,000; Net $12,492,189
—Three Million Drop in
Costoms Revenue
This is a picture of a British First- Class Cruiser belonging to the Atlantic Fleet, and now in the North Sea protecting British commerce with neutral and friendly nations.
Ten years ago this was the best type of war vessel made,
but to-day England has gone two better, for we now have
Dreadnaughts and Super - Dreadnaughts, the Iron Duke
being the best in the world of the latter class, and having
a record discharge of $50,000 of amunition per minute if
all her guns were discharged at one time.
The financial statment of the
Dominion has just been issued
for July. It shows an increase
in.the total gross debt of Canada of sixty-seven million and
an increase in the net debt of
$12,492,189. Dominion notes
in circulation have decreased
nearly two miilion dollars, as
compared with July of 1913.
Customs revenue for the first
four months of the fiscal year
totalled $28,016,647 as against
$38,332,734 for the first four
months of 1913. or a falling off
of over ten millions. For the
month of July 1914, as compared
with the same month of 1913,
there is a decrease of three
The total revenue from
all sources for July was $12,
521,624, a falling off of three
million. For the four months
of the fiscal year it was $46,182,
014, a falling of eleven million.
Expenditures for the four
months amounted to $32,704,370,
or an increase of four millions.
The expenditure for July alone
is two millions in excess of July,
Expenditure on c a p i ta 1 account for the first four months
of the fiscal year 1914 is less by
four million than for the corresponding period of 1913.
Ie'papeh AT ONCE
An exchange gives the following account of what happened to
a family too stingy to take their
home paper.   He says:
"We once knew a man who
was to stingy too take the newspaper in his home town, and always went to borrow his neighbour's paper.
"One evening he sent his son
over to borrow the paper. While
the son was on the way he ran
into a large stand of bees, and in
a few minutes his face looked
like a summer squash.
"Hearing the agonized cries
of the son, the father ran to his
assistance, and in doing so ran
into a barb wire fence cutting a
handful of flesh from his anatomy, and ruined a $4 (sale price)
pair of trousers.
"lhe old cow took advantage
of the hole in the fence, got into
the corn field, and killed herself
eating green corn. Hearing the
racket, the stingy man's wife
ran out of the house, upsetting
a four gallon churn full of cream
into a basket full of kittens,
drowning the whole flock. She
slipped on the cream and fell
down stairs', breaking her leg
and a $19 set of false teeth. The
baby left alone, crawled through
the spilt cream into the parlour
and ruined a $40 carpet. During
the excitement the daughter
eloped with the hired man, taking all the family savings bank
with them."
Edmonton, Aug. 8.—"We will
j be running daily trains from Edmonton through to Prince George
thus eliminating the stop-over
at McBride, by the middle of
next month, according to present
intentions and from Prince
George to Prince Rupert we will
operate through trains about
three times a week," stated W.
E. Duperow, assistant general
Passenger agent of the Grana
Trunk Pacific, who is at the
King Edward Hotel, Edmonton.
w"li W, J. Quinlan, district pas-
*neer agent of Winnipeg.
The news that a daily through
'ra'n is to be put on between
w and Prince George will be I
we come to Edmonton people, asl
well as to those living along the
UJ: I' '.vestofMcBi.de.
."'"Weekly train each way running between Prince George and
rnncc Rupert, a distance of 450
lles hitherto untouched wilderness,will have even a more far
J**Mg effect.   It will supply
e ast link of train service from
e(^ai Lakes to the Pacific on
0 new but modern transcon-
™"ta, and open up another av-
"eof world traffic and world
,.'m'"' M   we"   as   ^eat
en! 'res ol natural wealth.
e Edmonton Board of Trade
J? been waiting for some time
wl!.,   from the G.T.P. as to
Run!, main line t0 Prince
«^r would be ready for traffic
WSV'f the members are in
of°f making that the route
noi, ? annual excursion. It is
will S:^" that the trip
teItn;i!i;'fo. orinSep-
ceren h° latest- the f°rmal
SrS,0    d-ing  the  last
Probabiv h ACarriea through'
chain / A> W- Smithers,
£'nia» of the Board of Direc-
::  ::  :;  YOU ARE SAFE TO BUY AT THE  ::  ::  ::
The Fort George Drug Co. has just received a consignment
of 1000 of the latest Victrola Records.   These records may
be heard and obtained at either of the two Stores.
Britain Seizes
Germany s South
African Possessions
London, Aug. 8,-Great
Britain is seizing German territory in South Africa. The admiralty officially announced that
British forces had seized Lome
in German Togoland, without resistance. The announcement also stated that all territory in
South Togoland up to 100 metres
from the coast had surrendered,
London, Aug. 8.-An appeal
to British patriotism was made
by Robert Bridges, the poet
laureate, in a poem published in
the Times to-day. It follows in
Thou Careless, awake,
Thou, Peacemaker, fight;
Stand, England, for honor,
And God guard the right.
The monarch, Ambition,
, Hath harnessed his slaves,
But the folk of the ocean,
Are free as the waves.
Up, Careless, awake,
Ye Peacemakers, light,
England stand for honor,
God defend thc right.
Style of Hydro-Aeroplane Now Used in Tbe
British Naval Service
The Hydro-Aeroplane is used by Great Britain for scouting purposes and are used in connection with the fleets.
They.are of great service for this purpose, for they are
adaptable for water as well as air. Their speed in air is
100 miles per hodr, and in water they will average 60
miles per hour. They are equipped with three powerful
engines and carry wireless telegraph.
Gold Find Fraught
With Possibilities
For Good of
the District
If recent discoveries of
gold in the Fort George district prove well founded and
as valuable as many believe,
we may look for the rapid
settling of this northern interior of British Columbia
with strong and determined
It will increase circulation
of gold and stimulate trade,
industry, and commerce.
It will bring to the attention of the world the valuable
timber and agricultural resources of this country.
Many of us have long believed that gold was here and in
great abundance.
It simply required the completion and facilities offered
by the Grand Trunk Pacific
and the Pacific Great Eastern
Railways to enable experts
to get into the country with
machinery to prospect, develop, and discover the hid-
ing places of this most valuable of all metals to the
commerce of the world.
We seem to be on the eve
of the prediction of Col.
Wilkin's, the President of
the Bankers' Association of
Canada, that British Columbia has more in the way of
natural resources than any of
the other provinces, and her
future will outshine most of
the others in spite of their
big start.
Every day has disclosed more
plainly the proofs of the indictment against the German Emperor and his adviser, that they
have deliberately and wantonly
planned a crime against civilization, for which they will be pilloried on history for all time.
_;./. Subscribe for the
Herald and get all
the Authentic
Reliable News of
the Fort George
This paper while
printed in South
Town intends to
devote its pages to
the best interests of
all the Georges.
" Job :!
" How is your Stationery ?
Getting low ? If so, Phone 9.
We can fill any order, and
guarantee the work and the
quality of Stationery that we
will supply to you
No Job too big :: None too small
Quality For All
ever pause to consider that
the names of goods that are
by-words with us all was
made so through advertising?
Have you something to sell ?
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Be progressive!
1 If you want to get ahead,
you will have to move, and
the right move is to advertise,
not spasmodically * but consistently.
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The development
of the Northern
Interior of British
Columbia will be
our burden of news
and effort.
We know no
boundary to our
interest in our
country, our province or our Government, except their
unlimited welfare*
mm c..rIltr fourth and Hamilton        -       South Fort George, B. C.
: UCAN Plan. Rates on Application.
Bright and comfortable  rooms  and
suites at the Empress.       ;      ;
of Newspapers the
Wide World Over
General Hardware and Sheet Metal Workers.
All kinds of tin and sheet Iron work done.
Camp Stoves, Hot-air Furnaces, Etc.
•■ nts Nagel-Chase Celebrated Gasoline Lighting Systems.
osts No More Than Other Lumber)
Sawn last summer and thoroughly  weather and frost Dried.
Killn Dried Finish
and Mouldings.
Wood $3 per Cord Delivered
Fori George Trading&Lumber Co., Ltd.
n c. Mcelroy,
: < IRT GEORGE. Manager.
Phone 111
The first movements and results of the European war are
just  filtering  through   to   us.
Some of the following incidents     jt is the big appaiiing fact that
may be new to our readers. the  Great  Nations of Europe
France has authorized an in- nations that by a supreme effort
crease note issue from $1.340.000,-am pUt 20,000,000 in the field,
000 to $2,400,000,000. j are at war.   The d i s s at i s fi e d
Japan issued assurances of sup-] Balkan Nations may seize the'
port to England in fulfillment of: opportunity to seek further rect-i
the Anglo-Japanese Alliance. , jfica1jon 0f their boundaries,thus i
The enormous cost of carrying: e x t e n d i n g the possibilities of'
on the war, the greatest in the j faminei siaughter and desolation I
world, it is thought will not al- from the North Sea to the Bos-
low it to last for very long. | pborus
The Servian army  despite its j    , ,, .   .
,      j        ....       ,      ,,. Incomparably vast, incompar-
weakened  condition,    resulting   .,     .   ,     ..        . ,,
« ,, ■       -r> ,, . ably destructive,   incomparably
from the previous Balkan war,)
seems to have given a good account of itself with the Austrians.
The Servian repulsed regiment
after regiment in numerous encounters all along the frontier.
uriscumne jrurutgc
Summit Lake
It is the intention of this firm to start a freight service from Giscombe to Summit Lake this month.
Outfits will he transferred to any point on the route.
Parties who intend going into that country this
coming season can he assured of the best service
Goods forwarded c-o. Haynes & Wood, Giscombe
Portage, will be stored until arrival of owner.
conflict possible in the war now
waging. Never before has war
on such a scale been possible,
never before has a great war
had less reason; a fainter shadow
One of the most imposing pat-; 0f exCuse.
riotic  procession in Paris  was;
formed by more than 2000 Jews
cruel and wicked is the gigantic Architect and Civil Kngihee
Temporary Office :
Ce_r_r Vancouver anil Eighth Streets,
Walter £. Haskins
Hamster, Solicitor,
Notary Public,
Blair Buildings, Soulh Fort Gcerfe.
U    :,\ ine, een  Windows,
■ j < olumnl, He., Builel-
He.e .warp bv buvintf
■ stain or oil «M-'U
' f"         %\   -fi
stain or paint yt.OV
\\"t      Frames     $1.30
>i . loi immediate >inpmen!,
Ufoae.    Ship everywhere.
Meats   *nd,
Wholesale and retail
-.ermany   has run amuck,
, . . There is no other explanation of
earning banners on which were ,,   p-„;„__>,    r     •    _
,    ■     ,    .,,                  .    ,,    the Kaiser s policy in forcing a
the words:    Jews come to the;„„ , L, • ,,. .
.,   . „ ., r,    ,• ,   t.      ,   Igeneral huropean conflict,
aid of Prance    English, French.;    Fortu]iate it is that E    ,and
Russian and lielgean flags were fa ,led tQ cagt hergword
carried   the  marchers  singing, into the ba]ance wkhout further
the   Marseilloise were heartily ,ossoflime.
cheered by populace. . .   .
The greatest satisfaction is ex-j Eitheer ^J Auteacy' must
pressed in London on all sides bfi cmhed Qr ^ ^
at the loyalty to the Motherland.Mncy ob]iterated<   There is no
shown by the Dominions over- mj(jd|e  ^^    Jf  ^   {\
seaS- ! that the Kaiser has loosed are
Trade with the East is prac-! victorious, the map of European
tically stopped between Japan, Republicanism may as well be
China and Europe, and between ; roj]ed uPi A|] of Continental
Japan and America greatly af- Europe t)iat is not Russjanized,
fected, will   be  Prussianized.     France
It seems to  be  the general' will then be a third rate power;
opinion of the Press and business: Belgium,  Holland and Demark ; The a^'™££££? . ver bv
world generally that as the facts : will   fall   SUCCCSSivelv   into   the : experienced restauranteurs.  We solicit
leak out it is apparent that Eu- maw of G erman Imperialism. SytSSToooktd ^ "'h° enjoygoad
rope owes this war—in the mag-: Italy will become a Vassal State try US OUT; WE NEVER CLOSE
nitude and destruction of   life and the sun will have set on  the
and prosperity to the madness British Empire.
North Coast Land Co., Ld.
L. R. WALKER, General Agent.
The Mecca Cafe
Estimates  an .  Plans given for all
kinds of work.
Morley Strekt -  Close to Depot
and pride of the anilitary chiefs
of Germany and Austria.
The Belgians at Liege have
won for themselves in mortal
fame in this war, 20,000 of
them daring successfully to resist 120,000 Germans.   Liege is
The course of the German i
government during the last few j
weeks cannot be reconciled with j
any theory of political sanity,
Wantonly and delibertely the
Kaiser plunged his sword into1
the heart of civilization.    The
#*: >i'A:'j____l_M£,A_'A£__ia
s Do you contemplate fe
y ' '(".inr workmanship and V*
4 oto ir eatimataa ^
>4 ' ;           Heunilton anel T(
fl First   etee-. LH k
Prince George
Builders Co. Ltd.
Five-Room Bungalow in Block 293
(Millar's portion of Prince George)
close to Bowser Street, Price $2250
$500 cash and balance arranged.
Keee- further Particular apply ;
H.WILSON, Mgr.,Corner Laselle & Seventh
fifty-four miles from Brussels, is! world pays the penalty  of  his
picturesquely  situated   at   the madness;   neutrals and   bellige-
junction of the Meuse and Our- j rents alike.   Upon the North]
the rivers, and is surrounded by American continent alone three
a ring of forts.   It has extensive thousand miles away is levied ai
coal  mines and its oldest and'tribute of millions a day in dis-j
most imporant industry is the!organized commerce, disorganiz
manufacture of arms,  including 'ed finance and disorganized in-
P. BURNS & CO. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in all Kinds of
Buter, Cheese, Eggs;
Highest Prices   paid for Elides and Live Stock
Phone SS
Fort George and South Fort George.
Phone »_
George Undertaking Co.
lock of Caskets ancl Shipping Cases always on
and.   Out-of-town calls promptly attended to.
Phone Sandiford 23.
A.PSH0W,   Licensed   Embalmer,  Manager.
Luxemburg-Whose neutrality
Germany declines to respect, lies
southeast of Belguim and
touches the frontiers ot Belguim.
France and Germany. The
treaty of London, 18G7, provided that the Prussian garrison
that had been maintained there
should be withdrawn and the
fortress dismantled. Its neutrality was, at the same time guaranteed by the great Powers.
Luxemburg is an independent
Grand-Duchy; its present ruler
is the Grand-Duchess Marie Adelaide, who succeed in 1912.
American firms with offices
in London were overwhelmed today with orders for canned
meats. The prices quoted for
this article of consumption have
dustry; and the final reckoning
defies calculation. The human
intellect is staggered as it faces
the inevitable consequences of
this supreme achievement, of
this maniacal onslaught of German Autocracy.
It is still posssible to sympathize with the German people in
the great tragedy that has over
taken them, with their backs to
the wall fighting a more powerful coalition than ever Napoleon
faced. But there can be only
one answer to the Kaiser's challenge to Europe. German autocracy has made itself the enemy
of mankind. Its destruction
will be the emancipation of the
German  people  themselves   as
1' llmatea Free of Charge         ::        Job Work gently ond Promptly Executed
Phone  .6
SOUTH FOHT 0 .ORGE                     PRINCE OEOROE
-     •     SECOND STREET                    OFFICE AND SHOP 1
-     THIRD STREET                                      THIRD AVENUE EAST
jumped from ten to thirty per) well as the salvation of European
cent within the past few days,    j republicanism.
The first   air   battle  of  the! 	
world took place at Dongary be-;      AT mST A "UNITED KINGDOM"!
tween French and German ships j    jt
Aug. 3rd.   The French airships J
flew high above the German air
If you are going to PEACE HIVER
At Mile 194 G. T. P. care George McDowell
" ' will store and deliver to SUMMIT LAKE for $25.00 per
M°tor Boat will Icayc 194 every Wednesday with freight
1    ingera for GISCOMBE.
ships and fired downwards the
Geman ships crashing to earth.
The censorship of all the news
is very severe and effective. It
seems almost increditable that
so little authentic news is available. AH wireless stations not
used by the various governments
are dismantled.
Most of the papers of Europe
have reduced their size for the
sake of economy. Eight page
sheets have cut to four and four
page sheets to two pages.
The financial leaders of Europe have notified all the powers
that they will not tolerate un-
iversalwarfareandw.ll refuse
to furnish funds for the conflct
was an occasion big with
historic significance when John
Redmond, rising in thc House of
Commons in the tense hush of
a momentous war debate, pledged to the British cause the fealty
of the Irish race.
When Mr. Remond assured
the government that every
soldier in Ireland might be withdrawn and her shores would be
defended against invasion by
her armed sons, the Catholics of
the South and the Protestants of
Ulster, he gave notice to the
world that there is at last in
fact as well as formal title a
United Kingdom.-New York
Warm Up For the
Winter at Our
^w»——pi*. — m__mMwmmmmmammmmm_tt_mmM_M
  Delivered in Hemth
YAlll) PRICE      eeieel  I'i here, Hejutii
eel PHtrieia Avenue
4 foot Slab Wood Dry, I cord orders      $1.25 $3.(10
2, 3 & I   " 1.00 2.75
" U cords eir more     1.(111 2.00
I'Oe- ll,.|iv,>ri,"e NOI'III eef 1'iel lie-ill A Vf'tlllf lielll  JV |le>|- e'ee|'l|
Place orders early (or Comfort Coal, (he best domestic coal produced in the Wesl
Warehouse Prices on Fuel Savers
10,000 feet     6000 lee 10,000     WOO in B100     1000 to 3000
rtloi-H feel iiiili-i-e      feel e,ee|,.,j       j-,.n{ „niera
$88,00        $34.00
Heaver  Board, the only
Genuine  Heaver  Board
per 1000 feet      -     -     - $31.00        $32.00
Denver Tile, waterproofed for
HalhrooniH, Toilets, Kitchens,
etc., per I DIM) feet       -     -     - 40.00 41.00 42.00
Roofing, per square   -    -   1 -ply $2.00    2-ply $2..re0    8-ply $4,00
lliiildiiiK Paper, 400 feet Holla     -     -     76c
Also  Duro  P.   . Li.  Impervious Spruce Sheathing at  low prices
Kiln Dried Finish from the coast       ::      Bone Dry Local I,umber
Prinn Cnrie Yird »ND Soulh hit Cant
IiMwiiki. __L.£-^   ^Ojlf^ HimlllM Avtnut
OuMtiSliNl Wl"* *4 k i_2 .Slrnl.
PHONI  I ^£? LIMIT!- ^^ pHONE  n
y        C, McKi.ruy, Manager        "^
Brlllsh  Colombia  Land  Surveyor
Land Agent       Timber Cruiser
Ropronontlng GORE & MCGREGOR, Limited
McGregor Building. Third Street. SOUTH
FOR SAL .-Lots 7 and 8, Block 19,
D.L. 934. Have to sell and will accept
reasonable offer, cash or terms - Address
Herald. 8-l-5t
Quit Baking
NOW you can buy
3 Loaves Bread for 25c
GemaE Bakery
Also PASTRY and CAKES at
Reasonable Prices
i* A
to cinni
Fountain ai
i at thoir new Soda
id ice Cream
'arlor on
IS1VI     AeiK.N.
OS   A
rOBACCOS,  Etc.,  Etc.
George Sired, Prince George
::       Laselle Av„ Soulh Fort George
-T.'-S   <A
^&s.   JS.!
Drs. Alward & Keeley
South and Central Fort George
Are going to locate in Vancouver, September 1st. Dr. Alward Is now in Barkerville, and
will not practice again in Central Fort George.
Anybody requiring Professional Service, would
do well to see Dr. Keeley in South Fort George
before the end of the month.
The above is a photograph of the type of Motor Guns used by the
Belgians for the defence of Liege. These guns are considered the
most destructive ever made, and the simplicity of their mechanism
combined with the ease and quickness with which they can be recharged
makes them very valuable for the defence of fortifications.
B. X. Strikes     ; Local Men Discuss
Rock Near
With Supreme Court
of Cariboo District
GT   P   R
•   JL_   ST.   mm_
Change in Passenger
train service between
George and Edmonton giving direct
Mmonton, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg,
THROUGH passenger
service to
will be inaugurated August 25th, 1914. East-
bound (rains leaving Prince George, Sundays,
Tuesdays, and Thursdays, at 8.45 a.m., arriving
Edmonton 8 a.m. the following day. Westbound trains leave Edmonton, Sundays, Tuesdays
and Fridays, at 9.15 p.m., arriving at Prince
George 7.30 p.m. the following day.
The honorable Justice of lhe Su-
The mail Steamship B. X.
on leaving a landing seven!
miles from Quesnel, struck, preme court of British Columbia,
an unseen rock in still water!Messrs- Morrison and Mcnonaid, ap-
,.,.,     - pointed  by  the  Honorable  Licuten-
causing some little damage ant.Governor undei. the Publlc En.
tO the bottom Of   the Vessel. ; quiries Act to examine Into matters
Water penetrated tO One Of I Pertaining to the redistribution    of
her compartments but did noielecloral ,lis,,il,s t"™^"'",t  '""
damage whatever.  The B. C.
Express left here on Monday
and took all her freight and
mail, bringing it into South
Fort   George   on   Tuesday
The B. X. returned to
Quesnel to undergo the slight
repairing necessary and will
in all probability continue
the mail service route next
The Death of Mrs. Wilson
Agent Prince
A. G. P, A, Winnipeg
Large tracts of good    farming land just thrown open for
free settlement in Oregon, Over
200,000    acres    in all,     Good
climate, rich soil, and dues not'
require irrigation to raise Rn- j
est    crops of grain, fruit, und
garden truck.     For large map
full instructions and information, and a plat of several sec
tions    of    exceptionally   good
claims, send   83.40 to '    John
Keefe,    Oregon   City,   Oregon
Chwe    years a O.S. surveyor
and tunberman.    An opportun
>    to get a good fertile   free
homestead near town
ket. 7.18.7t
ami mar
Church of England
Rev, M. Sadler, pastor,
next Sunday the following services will be held : Matins 11
a. in.,     Evensong 7.30.
Holy Communion 8 a, m.
Mattens 11 a. m.
Evensong 7.30 p. m.
Presbyterian   Church
Rev. A. O. Justice, pastor,
Services: 11 a. in. and 7.30
p, in. Gospel service.
Sabbath School meets at 10
a. in. for summer months.
11 a, m.   The Minister.
7.30 p, in.- The Minister.
Sunday School 10 a. m.
A. C, Justio, Minister.
The sympathy of all the American and Canadian people will go
out to President Wilson,
Beset by perplexing problems
of government at home and
abroad, the President is now
compelled to bear the burden of
a domestic affliction that is heavy
indeed, It is characteristic of
the President that even in the
darkening hours ot his private
grief he avoided no public responsibility and left no public
duty undone. It was characteristic of Mrs. Wilson that in the
last day of her life her mind
should have turned toward the
bill to clear up the slums and
pest-spots of Washington and
that by reason of her wishes
Congress should have hastened
to make the measure a law.
No finer or more wholesome
type of American women has
been mistress of the White
House than she who died yesterday. Broadly educated, cultured, domestic and highly talented
she played well her part in the
development of a great career of
province, gave a hearing Wednesday
evening in a public meeting held at
Ritts-Kifer hall on George street.
The meeting was quite largely attended, although some misunderstanding as to the meeting place and
other arrangements took place that
prevented many from attending and
giving a full expression of the people's views.
The member from this district,
Mr. John A. Praser, was also present, and very forcibly set forth the
needs of additional members for
Cariboo. Mr. Fraser is trying hard
to get the government to divide the
district into foulr Instead of two
constituencies—one for the Fort
George district, another for the
Cache, and another for the Peace
River-—these to be in addition to
the membership in the southern part
of the Cariboo.
It is unfortunate that a greater
representation could not have been
present to as. st Mr. Fraser in Ills
efl'oits, for there certainly is need of
the added representation.
A meeting of the executive
Board of the Soulh Fort George
Chamber of Commerce is called
for tonight at the Offices of
Wesley & Wiggins. Business of
importance demands the presence of every member,
the people were merely the
things to be governed, so the
crowned heads, disregarding
ties of race and blood and nationality, cut and carved the European States to suit their interests. It was an imperial policy
that dictated the seizure of Bosnia and Herzegovina by Austria
in violation of the Berlin Treaty;
it was in pursuance of an an im-
erial policy that Austria began
the present war against Servia.
That act brought into play other
dynastic forces, and the succeeding events which have involved so great a part of the
civilized world in war inevitably
Undoubtedly the German Emperor and his advisers, in their
plotting to involve Europe in
war, were without a true perception of certain great facts and
of their bearing.
For one thing, they failed to
realize adequately the meaning
of the British Empire and the
spirit that animates the people
of this and the other overseas
Dominions in their determination to aid Great Britain to the
utmost of their resources in men
and money, if need be. By this
time the world at large, including Berlin, knows that in the
self-governing British nations
vigorous action is being taken by
the Governments to bear part in
the war, and volunteers are coming forward in thousands.
Service Will Be Given
One Year's Leave
of Absence From
The following letter Was
received by T.W. Heme, t
Government Agent here«.
lating to pre-emptors volun
teering for active service ii
the present war.
To the Government Agent
South Fort George, B. C. '
I am directed by the Hon
the Minister of Lands to advise you that the Executive
Council has decided that all
pre-emptors who are mem
bers of the Militia, Naval
Volunteers, Reservists, or
who have volunteered' for
active service, may be given
leave of absence from their
pre-emptions upon applu
tion for the time they may
remain in active service.
Provided however that such
leave of absence shall not be
extended for a greater peril
than one year. You are hereby authorized to grant leave
of this nature to pre-emptors
without fee upon being satisfied that they are entitled
to same without further
reference to the Department
but reporting the granting of
such leave to the Department
in the ordinary manner.
R, A. Renwick,
Victoria, B. C.
August 18th, 1914.
A Great And Vital Truth
At the conclusion of this war
permanent peace can be assured
to Europe only through the
overthrow of the Hohenzollern,
Hapsburg and Romanoff dynasties, Emperors who govern by
"divine right" are in this age
not merely a monstrous anachronism, they are a menace, since
great and prosperous peoples,
against their own interest, may
at any time be forced into a war
for the dynastic interest, as
what is now going on in Europe
shows. It will be recalled that
it was the sovereigns of Russia,
Austria and Prussia who in 1815
formed that conspiracy against
human freedom known as the
Holy Alliance. The allied mon-
aichs proclaimed that they
looked upon themselves "as delegated by Providence" to rule
over their peoples and to give
each other a>d and support. The
treaty of Vienna, which rearranged the map of Europe after
the Napoleonic wars, was based
upon the dynastic idea. The
business of government belonged to divinely appointed kings,
The German Chancellor explained the invasion of Belgium
by saying :
We knew France was ready
for an invasion. France was
able to wait; we were not. A
French aggression into our flank
on the lower Rhine would have
been disastrous, and we therefore were compelled to overrule
the legitimate protests of the
Luxemburg and Belgian governments.
Overruling "the I i g i t i m a t e
protests of the Luxemburg and
Belgian governments" has already proved an expensive luxury
to Germany. It brought Great
Britain with all her sea power
and all her financial resources
into the war, and the stubborn
resistance of the Belgians must
have been no less a surprise to
the Germans than to the rest of
For two days the Belgian forces have succeeded in holding
back the German advance at a
time when every hour is precious.
As the Chancellor said, "France
was able to wait; we were not;"
but fate and the Belgians have
compelled Germany to wait,
Trains Now
The Grand Trunk Pacific
Railway will run their first
through train to Edmonton
Tuesday morning. The
service will be a tri-weeklj
one; Trains will leave the
station at George Street on
S u n d a y s, Tuesdays,
Thursdays, at 8-45 a.m.
arrive in Edmonton on the
following morning nt<Sa.m.
The passenger trains wi
in  future   arrive   here .-:
Mondays, We
Saturdays, at
he saving ot
i to Ed-
nesdays, and
30 p.m.
This means
a day over the past
and allows one to g_
return in W."
giving them a
thirteen hours
monton and
nine hours,
stop over of
in Edmonton.
and others o
service as a
The Grand
Railway deserve
of praise for the8*
this town wil
hail this new
unk Pacfl
a great tl
previously ^existec.^k.ng,f
.,,,..■.npliBh *
here and McBride. m
possible to
distance now
place of  the
hour run.
live hours
revious t
We will now look cag
forward to the tog ft
this company will begQ
through service from w   .
peg to Prince Rupert^ i
hope that by that time
Station and Round-
will have been compl^


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