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 ^fcnip- mtiu'-ivp bUm
Vol. I.   No. 12.
$3 per Annum.
The Winnipeg capitalists who arrived here last
week from Fraser Lake with N. S. ularke, general
manager of the Fort George Lumber & Navigation
Co., left for Ashcroft by the Chilco on Monday
morning last. Both gentlemen declare themselves
greatly impressed with the beauty of the South
Fort George townsite, and with the possibilities of
the place as the present and future commercial
centre of the Fort George territory. Before leaving town they closed negotiations with N. S. Clarke
to acquire a half interest in the Fort George
Lumber & Navigation Co., the largest commercial organization of its kind operating in the northern interior today. It is understood that the name
of the company will be changed to the Fort George
Timber & Transportation Co., Limited.
J. A. Adamson is the managing'director of the
Western Trust Co., of Winnipeg, a director of the
United Empire Fire Insurance Co., and his name
appears on many other boards, as a factor in the
government of heavy financial enterprises. Dr. J.
K. McLennan, secretary-treasurer of the J. D. Mc-
Arthur Company, of Winnipeg, the well-known
firm of railway contractors, is also a prominent
figure in the financial circles of the middle west.
The J. I). McArthur Company were awarded the
largest individual contract on the construction on
the transcontinental, which extended from Winnipeg to the Great Lakes,
The purchase of the large interest in the
Fort George Lumber & Navigation Company by
these capitalists, for a large figure, speaks volumes
in favor of this place. Such investments as this
find their bssis on the solid foundational' the city
of South Fort George. All the two-color advertising matter ever printed would not influence one
iota the amount of capital required to take over
a half interest in ;--;:ch an enterprise as the Fort
George Lumber & Navigation Company.
This concern own three steamboats operating on
the Fraser river, capable by combined effort, of
transporting about two hundred and fifty thousand
pounds of freight at one time. Besides these boats
there is now well advanced in course of construction a splendid sawmill, with a capacity of 25,000
feet a day. This mill is equipped with the latest
wood-working machinery and ample power to supply the town with electric light, which is a project
also under contemplation by the company.
In addition to the investments of capital h the
Lumber & Navigation Co., which was the object in
view which brought these capitalists into the wilds,
we are glad to note their personal investments in
city property here. Mr. Adamson purchased outright one of the best corners in town, together with
the lot adjoining. This property is situated on the
corner of Second and Hamilton avenues and was
sold by W. J. Mackay of The Herald for two thousand dollars. Dr. McLennan also purchased three
lots on Hamilton and Third from L. G. MacHaffie
for twenty-five hundred dollars. Both these
sales show an advance of fifty per cent, over their
original price six months ago.
J. A. Adamson, in conversation with The Herald,
stated that South Fort George "looked good to
him.'' He stated that the northern interior country was, in his opinion, a splendid agricultural country which, during the next live years, would see
marvellous strides in both agricultural and industrial development.
Accompanied by N. S. Clarke, the Manitobans
journeyed over the tr,ail from Quesnel to Fraser
Lake, a point some 250 miles west of here up the
Nechaco valley, where they looked over some land
holdings, which they have recently acquired. From
Fraser Lake they made their way to this point by
canoe, down the Nechaco river.
The Fort George Lumber & Navigation Company
will discontinue all operations early next month
until next spring, with the exception of logging
outsome five million feet of timberfornext year.
Arthur Holland, the Provincial land surveyor,
arrived this week from the Crooked River, where
he has been surveying land for the G. T. P. Lands
Co., of Vancouver, since May of the present year.
Mr. Holland had a crew of nine nun with him. tne
party had to break ice on the small lakes along
Crooked River on their way out to Giscombe.
A complimentary dinner was tendered the officers and crew of the B. X. by the residents of
South Fort George and adjoining townsites, last
Saturday evening, at the newly opened Hotel
Northern. The event took the nature of a Thanksgiving offering at the resuscitation of this fine
river boat from her recent mishap, which at one
time looked as though a resumption for this year
would be out of the question. Any other company
but this "admirable clock of precision" would have
foregone the two trips made after the accident
and berthed the boat for the winter. But the B.X.
Co. is a system with a "system," brought to perfection through fifty years' mastery of detail on the
longest and best stage line in existence. And furthermore, the officers of this new boat have imbibed the principles of the land chain of the old organization by bringing up to South Fort George,
on her last trip of the season, the largest tonnage
ever carried on the Fraser, above Soda Creek
ninety tons. This enterprise on the part of the
transportation company led the philanthropic merchants to heroic deeds, which resulted in grouping
the officers and crew in the dining room of our prohibition hotel, and in dry wit, dry song and still
drier toasts, made plain their appreciation of their
efforts at the termination of navigation for 1910.
The toast list ran the gamut from Our Friendly
Townsites to The Press. With the former were coupled the names of J.'Williamson and J. T. Carter.
Both these gentlemen were envoys extraordinary
from adjoining suburbs, the Hudson's Bay and
Central Fort George. The representative of the
Honorable Adventurers, spoke touchingly and feelingly of the hardships encountered by bold navigators on the Fraser from the time of Simon Fraser
down to Captain Brown, but he lamented the fact
that a wave was creeping over the country that had
for its ultimate object the dethroning of an admirable aid to social felicity.
Among those present were: Captain O^F. Brown,
Captain Baker, Purser Stewart Adamson, Engineer
Heay, J. A. Davis, W. Kennedy, R. Peden, Malcolm McNevin, L. G. MacHaffie, J. Munro, P. A.
Landry, J F Templeton, F O'Flaherty, H C Seaman, J B Daniell, J Findlay, A Forrest, D Brewster, F J Johnston, J Williamson, G E Bowes, H B
Close and J T Carter. W J Mackay acted as chairman who, after three hours spent with song, music and story, brought the dry banquet to a close
with the unanimous sentiments of those present —
"Glad to have met, sorry to part, but glad to see
you here May 1, 1911."
The subdivision of lot 932 by the Calgary Land
Company forms the latest addition to the townsite
lands here. Lot 932 is the western half of a preemption owned by a native half-breed named James
Bird. For some reason his pre-emption was divided into two parts some three years ago and lot
numbers assigned to each. The Calgary Company's
half contains 80 acres. The size of the lots is 25
to 28 feet in width by 120 feet deep, the blocks
being bisected by 16-foot alleyways between the
lots. The property is a good one, but will hardly
see much active development until the-Hudson's
Bay land is sub-divided, together with lot 931,
owned by the Northern Development Company.
Admitting that the property is worth the prices
asked from a speculative standpoint, we fail to see
why the Calgary Land Company should find it necessary to follow the example of the promoters of
doubtful properties and misrepresent facts in its advertising literature. This concern "plays to the
gods" by advertising with great multi-colored folders embellished with enormous type styles and the
old hackneyed phrases about opportunity banging on
the panels," etc., etc. One folder (three feet by two)
prints some "indisputable reasons why Fort George
is destined to become a large city." Accompany-
these reasons are illustrations purporting to show
agricultural lands in this district, whereas they represent farms between Soda Creek and Quesnel, 100
miles south of here. The Calgary Land Company
have secured one of the best subdivisions here. It
adjoins the Indian reserve on the south, about half
way along the southern boundary. They paid for
the property the highest acreage price yet realized
on townsite property here. Taking these facts into
consideration it seems unnecessary to exaggerate.
The weather the past fall has been a chapter of
revelations to those who were of the opinion that
the district was chilly in October. Here is what J.
P Flynn, a carpenter, says of the tenth month in
year in South Fort George: "1 have worked in Alberta for nine years and on the Crow in British
Columbia for two years, but this is the first October I have worked outside without using gloves."
When the Natural Resources Security Company
purchased from the original owners their subdivision on the Nechaco waterfront they purchased also
the registered name of Fort George, the exclusive
right to use which in connection with a British Columbia townsite they obtained by legal procedure,
under the act which governs townsite registration.
They christened the waterfront addition with the
name given to the Hudson's Bay post here a hundred years back by the pioneers of the great trading company's New Caledonia brigade, and blazoned the fact abroad that they possessed the registered legal townsite of Fort George—which helped
them to sell lots of lots.
When Postoffice Inspector J. R. Greenfield arrived
here in August to look into departmental matters,
he found a town and a townsite. He established
a postoffice in both places and named them after
the registered names of the subdivisions on which
they were located, Fort George or the townsite of
the Natural Resources Co., and South Fort George
for the town on the Fraser river.
The general public are not aware of these nice
distinctions which identify the centre of population
from the maze of houseless streets on the Nechaco
river. They recognize only Fort George, the name
of a Hudson's Bay post which, like many another
of that company's old fur trade posts chosen years
ago, is destined to become a great city through the
advent of railroad transportation, which will develop the dormant resources convergent to the
point. When they want to reach their friends by
mail here, or when they desire information regarding this place they address their communications to
Fort George, of course. To avoid having the mail
intended to reach citizens of the town of South
Fort George, carried to the postoffice on the Nechaco river which distributes mail matter to the
employees of the Natural Resources Co., hitherto
the postmaster from that point has accompanied
their hotel bus to the postoffice here where, after
the mail had been received, at the mail boat landing, a general sorting by both postmasters would
be made and the mail intended for the townsite
company's minions would go forward intact. This
was an arrangement which proved most satisfactory. The public here were not inconvenienced by
such a method, and their mail was not delayed by
being carried four miles further after reaching its
destination to satisfy a townsite company who want
to have a separate mail from this town altogether,
knowing that their "postoffice," without such a
service, was but a sub-office and was not a good advertisement for the ' 'legal registered townsite of
Fort George."
At last, however, the service has been rudely
disrupted by the granting of this separate service.
Recently the postmasters of both towns received
notification from the postoffice inspector to the effect that after date all mail matter addressed to
the two towns would go forward in separate sacks
made up strictly in accordance with the addresses.
This service went into effect last Saturday on the
arrival of the mail boat "B.X." South Fort George
received one mail sack of letter mail and a few papers, whilst the postmaster from the townsite carried away the bulk of the people's mail to his eyre
on the Nechaco heights where, after disintegrating
the mail intended for that office from the great
bulk of the mail intended for this point, but
addressed to Fort George, it was returned here for
distribution. In the meantime the banks, business
men and citizens in general of the bona fide town
here sat whistling for their mail, awaiting the indulgence of the postoffice which handles the mail
for the Natural Resources people and the few "business houses" that are located on their site, owing
to "inducements" held out by that company.
This is where we butt in.
The Herald has told its readers all about the
townsites hereabouts, without diverging one jot
from the path of truthfulness, So, we have done
our duty. We pare not how many hundreds of lots
the Natural Resources people sell to the trusting
public, providing that the public repose their trust
in a proposition that they thoroughly understand.
We are trying to help them to this desirable information.
But now for the second time this year the town-
site people are interfering with a matter which af-
Devoted   to   the   interests   of   Fort
Oeorge nnd  the entire Northern Interior.
J. B. DANIELL, Editor.
{ Builder and Contractor t
 ,Vfc)W mm (Jhiiicb t\. mci lu-nir.n,   m    * iu-
toriu, B.C,, occupation Limber merchant, Intends
to apply forpermiaaiontopurchauetha following
described lauds:
Commencing al ;i post pluniul opposite the
mouth of ihe Stuart river, iimi-knl J.A.McEi. s N.
W. corner, thenco south UOchanfo, thence easHO
chuins, thence north 70 chains more or lean to the
Nechaco Hver, thence up stream t> tin1 point til
t'oiiunencoiiK'nt, cuiiiiiiinnj.'" ■
November 5, 1010.
Plans and Blue Prints
Estimates Submitted.
Cor. Tapage and Hamilton.
South Fort George seems to be 9
getting the worst of it from the J
government departments.    We ,
are, by the right of the people's	
will, entitled to government of-        GORE & McGREGOR,
fices here, but we have not got n   r   1 iiin  (MIDl/l Yflno
them. The people are entitled to V, I. L/UlU  OUIlf LlUIld
their  mail when it arrives,  but     Will have a party in the field dur-
have to wait now, whilst a corpo-       in« lhe whole of «"»infif winter.
Sept. 2, 1910.
i A. McEachran.
ration "get theirs" first. Why
a young and growing city should
be shoo'ed about-like a kind-
faced-cow in a silver stream—by
alien corporations, we can't understand, and as the matter is incomprehensible to anyone but
some of the wizards on the "inside," we have given up trying
Victoria and
Fort George, B. C.
Land and Timber Cruiser
Pre-emptions Located.
Estimates Supmitted.
District ol Cariboo.
TAKE nolice Ihni Edwin Earnest Korn.of MofBO-
jaw, Sask,, occupation student. Intends to apply
for permission io purchase the following do-
scribed iiunl.s:
Commencing al a posi planted aboul two miles
south of tho mouth "I Sluarl river, mnrked li. h.
K.'s N. W, comer, thenco south SO chains, ihenee
east 80 chains, north 80 chains and weal 80 chains
to the point of commencement, containing W0
acres, more or less, Edwin Earnesl Kern.
Sept. i, 1910. oct22-decl7
District ol Cariboo.
TAKE notice (hat Ulizaboth J, Campbell, of Spo-
kono, Wash., occupatio.i married woman, intends lo apply for permission lu purchase tho
following described lands:
Commencing at a pom planted about one mile
ami a quarter south ol the northeast corner ol I it
tn:', marked B. J. C'sN.E rner, thenco soulh
80 chains, thence west 10 chain:., thence north io
chains.   Ihenee west   IU clmins.  thence  nortli   I"
chains, ihcnce easi 80 chains to point oi  commencement, containing 480 acres more or less.
Elizabeth J. Campbell,
Sept, 2, 1010. nctL-.-docl7
We have
secured the
agency for
and have a
stuck of
for the
Dislrict ol Cariboo.
TAKE notice that Thomas S. McEachran, of Victoria, B. ('., occupation broker, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post plantod aboul two miles
Houthof the mouth oi Stuart river, markedT. S.
McE. s S.K. corner, ihcnce north so chains, thence
west mi chains, thence soulh SO chains, thence cast
Nl chains to the poim of c imc-ncement, containing WO acres. 'I homas S, McEachran,
Sept. 2, win. oct22-dec!7
Jfusl Drop In and Let Us Show You.
Remember we pny special attention to
Front Street, QUESNEL, B. C.
District ol Cariboo.
The Winnipeg capitalists who FORT GEORGE LAND DISTRICT
visited South Fort George this L>lst,it!t °' cariboo.
1       - irKnr rlio lnvino- nf f T TAKE notice that Cora Dock! of South
WeeK, preUlCl Lilt lajlllj, Ol U. I, ^on  (Jaorgei   occupation  a   married   TAKE notice that Minnie  Kern, of Moosejaw,
Pacific steel to Tete Jaune Cache woman, intends to apply for permis-   *ic;^
I „ Tcno fka fiwl novt voar    Thiq sion   to   Pul'chase   the  following de-     hinds;
by JUlie tiie tirst next year.   lniS scribed lands:                                               Commencing at a po?f planted about two mile
d., i .   .     «iJ««        n . i    i     4   i    l .i      soulh ol tiie mouth oi s u .rt river,marked M.K.'s
S impossible,   yet  Consider-      Commencing at a post planted at the  N, E. corner, thence sou.,i80 ohalns, thence wost
° "' '' '        <--<-     ■■ thence north 80chains. thence east tJ)
-■ point ol com
soulh of the mould ot
.. ... N, E. cornel
;„■>• il,„ cn„m,a if mi,M nnnea fnr S'W- corner of Lot 1576, thence west s" chains t
ing the source, it gives cause lor 4U(.hainS) thence north 40 chains, thence &"""
reflection. Very little definite in- east 4u chains, thence south 4u
formation is obtainable regarding t0 P°int of commencement ^
the progress of the grading con-    Oct. ll, 1910. nov5-dec25
tracts the other side of the moun-  —	
tains that divide the Cariboo dis-       fort george land district.
trict from Alberta, and some day Uislrl" °' t-'anboo.
Sepl. 2, 1910.
ment. containing
Minnie Kern.
$65,000   Stock
J'his stock is carefully purchased by an experienced
District of Cariboo.
TAKK notice that ChriBtopher C. McEachran, of
Spokane. Wash., occupation accountant, mu rids
tu apply lor permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a poBt planted about one half
,       *     4    u.   ,    4.U- TAKE notice that Charles Wesley ot   Se- SuthW80^°hVma Thenef t^KUlnlS1!,?,.?!!
SOOn     the   laCt   that   things   are attle,    Wash.,    musician,   intends   to    applv nurihTnelaims ■;■(',",',° lea to the Noehaco rfv "
,.              •                    .1           l„ l°r permission    to   purchase  the     lollowing thonce down stream to the noint of commence^
really moving OVer there may be described  lands:      Commencing  at  a    post mVtiLconM
..ii         it        „    „•   „i    «i? I'lantcd adjoining  the  north  east corner   ol                                  ChristopherC. McEachran.
appreciated   by  the arrival of [ot m,  thence west  so chains; tnence   sept2,1910. ,„:.■■-„,.;.
,nmp n-antr nf crn'mv rlaoY, shovel  north    81   clmins;   "lence east 80 ohalns	
some gang 01 grimy udgo snovei mon. or lM8 t0 tno Kras,,r Kivi,r.   thenco    „.. „„.„„„    ....j.^,,,,,,,,,,,
men    in  a dlie-OUt    from  Where   (oll°wlnl. #« meanderlngs of the river In a      rUK1 ^^OKt.L, LA.MWIMMLl
men,  111 d uug uui,   iium  wiiexc  souUl(,r.|y direcljon   t0   point 0( commcnco, District ol Cariboo.
,ve recently received the finest assortment of
that has ever reach* d the northern interior.   Call and see.
H. B. Knitting Co.'s and J. R. Clark's Famous Goods
Groceries, Men's Wear, Hoots ami Shoes, Dry Goods,
Hardware, Building Material; other things too.
the end of the grade strikes the
Pacific watershed.
meat, containing 640 acres more or less
August 23. 1910. W.  V. Cooke,  ag'
The total attendance of the annual meeting of the B. C. Conservative association, which is going to be held on November 17,
in Nelson, is expected to be over
TAKE nutiee thai CyrelWyi
ington, U.S.A.. occupation
apply for pormisiion tu pi
□escribed lands:
Commenclns at a posi planted aboul half a m
west and two miles south from the S. K cornel
'*■-'■ *-■■•> -' »■■■'■'■* wth&etaiisri^^^ha^^BSs
hence north following i
privet toapointop|
District ol Cariboo.
TAKE notice that I
Wash.,    married    woman,  intends  lo apply   h^ToNechae
lor    permission    to  purchase the  following   meanderlngs of iho'rJe'cr
described    lands:      Commencing    at a   post
ie, of Seattle, Wash-
student, intends lo
chase Hie Imlowiig
WM. KENNEDY, Manngi r.
Ccr. Second and Hamilton Ayes., SOUTH FORT GEORGE, B. C.
nine  the
iTi.  then
District  Lot  872.   thence   west   SO   Chain*
thence   north  80   chains;      thence    cast    80
chains;  thence south 80 chains to point   ol
commencement,   containing   640   acres    more
two hundred and fifty.   Vancou- "■!•««• ^          i.i/.xn-: wi-m.i:,
site point of comn
to  pu
acres more or less,
October 8,1910.
I email.inn- i
J. N. Miller, agent
ver, Victoria and Cariboo are the
three places that will have more
than ten delegates.   Cariboo will
W.  F.  Cooke, agent
First insertion above notices Sept. 24th.
District of Cariboo.
TAKE notice that Sylvester Haninglon, of Seattl
Washington, U.S.A., occupation merchant, ii
tends to apply lor permission to purchase U;
following dei.cnl.eil lam'
TAKE    notice     that   I,   Nell   (Iething,   ol
i , ,      Tv  i     •    c    . i   Vancouver,   B.C.,   miner,   thirty   davs   alter     "'mmencing at a post planted about half ami!
have twenty, Victoria forty,   and   date, intend to apply to the"islatant Com-   ^tandtwomiessoutffromtheS.EtcorSero
missioner o! Lands Ior a licence to prospect   south ^chdns   then      I it' \ '"'"''''• ,'!"''""
Ior conl and petroleum on 640 acres ol Innd   north 80 chainB, thence we tSO chains, tot '
bounded as lollows:   Commencing at a post  commencement, a nlaining 640 acre   mor
J. N. Miller, agent
Vancouver 50,
 ng at a post commencemei
planted  live miles south and two  miles east 1<;BS-
ol the west end o! Rocky   Mountain    Port- „ , ,     „ ,„
                                   age on  the soulh  side ol Pence River,  post uct0&er8, Run.                             locttMecl7
marked  N.C.'s  SE corner ol  land   applied .
James Petry, Frank Watson and Kit £»■ *»«   ™* mmam .««»,.*« FORT GEORGfO LAND DISTRICT
AH KlndKof KoukIi and Ilrcwed
easl  80 chains to  point ol commencement.
Locnted  July 28,  1910.
Carson, three old-timers in the northern
interior,  arrived  this  week from the
Peace river country, where they have -
been cruising land for Vancouver people.   Mr.  Petry's report to us on the v
Peace river country at this time of the ,{a,U:: '"lt'"d, *° ft!>ply to' the Assistant Com-  north «; chains, thf...
' ....       ,    ,        , . missioner of Lands Ior a licence to prospect   to the Nechaco rivor, thence Bouth, following the
year is surprising.    Although the   altl- Ior coal and petroleum on 640 acres olland   mfeandfr[n?? °"he Nechaco river to a point oppo-
tude of the Peace river valley is several "',» SieTsoutftTw^ mYl ? E2f  f¥f ""F ™=W^^TZ,^
.... .. ... . pmaim nil, nines souin nod Ivo mileseast   tabling 640 acres more or less,        SAM DUCK,
J. N. Miller, agent!
Dislrict ol Cariboo.
TAKK notiee thai Sam Buck, of Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.. occupation journalist, intends to
apply for permission to purchase toe following
described lands:
T4KE    notice    thnt   i   v ,n  c .i • .     Commencing at a post.planted about half a mile
1A&.&    nonce     mat   1,   .Nell   (Iething,   ol   west and t"
'aunoitver,   B.C.,  miner,   thirty  days"altcr  lot 14267and mo
.Ulli tr
id s. Ii.'.- S
ist 80 c
hundred   feet   lower   than   this   point, °'   the  west  end   ol   Rocky   Mountain   Port-
that country is generally  believed  to M fo.Wtt WSW.X
have a more rigorous climate.   This, '°.r' thonce soutli 80 chains;    thence   west
.                  .        ,           ., 80  chains;   thence  north   80  chains;    tln'iice
however, is not so,   the  past summer east 80 chains to point ot commencement,
having been entirely free from frosts. Located July 28, 1910.
Next week we will publish a full account of Mr. Petry's journey.
October S, 1911).
(Continued from page one,)
First insertion above notices Sept. 10th.
District ol Cariboo.
TAKE notice that John Henry Kern, of Moose-   ee
jaw, Sask., occupation bookkeeper, intends to   less,
apply for permission to purchase the folluwing
described lands: October k jiii
Commencing at a post planted one mile soulh of
District ot Cariboo.
TAKE notice thai Ryder Perky, of Seattle, W
ngton, U.S.A., occupation real estate agent, In
tends io apply lor permission lo purchase th
following described lands;
Commencing at a post planted aboul half a mil
wept and tun miles soutl] Irom the s. E, corner o
lot 1426, and marked R. P.'s S. W. corner, thenc
north mi eliains.   thonce eas
soulh .-.i chains, thonce wesi -
mmencement, and containii
'»• R?DE.rpERK¥r
J. N. Miller, agent
RUSSELL r;;DE:w, Manager
South Fort Geokge,
hams,  thence
is to point of
date, intend lo applj 1-
missioner oi Lands lor
Ior eoal and petroleum on 640
bounded us lollows; Commencing nl n posi p
planted two miles wesi nnd one mile mo.in o
"I the west end ol Kooky Mountain Port- n
ng'1 on tho soulh side oi Pence Rivor, ;. il pi
marked N.G's N B corner ol land applied p
tor, tlicnce south XI) chains; thonce west n
80 ohalns; tlicnce nurth 811 clmins; thenco il
east XII chains in poim ol oomiin nci mi iii. ii
Located   Julv  20,   l'JIO.
MKi;     notice     that   L.   Noll   (Iething.  ol
noouvcr,   B.C..   miner,   thirty   duys   alter
it, Intend in apply tn the Assistant C	
■ ■■liilii r ol   Lands   for  a   licence   to   prOSpcCI
"ml and potroli utu on 0'-f0 .-teres ol land
imded ns lollows;   Commonoing nt a post
inted two mllos jouth nnd two miles wost
II"   al- I n| Rocky  Mountain   Porl
'•   mi   thu  Bouth   side  or    pcaoa    Blvcr,
»l  marked  Vii.v x \\  oorni r ol land ap
"I   'or,   thoi lotilli   KO   ehnins;     thonco
•i  SO chains;    thonco    north 80 chains ;
80  chains   to   point  or     com-
id   July 2'J,   l'JIO.
fects  the convenience nf  the ntihlic at the northeast cornor of Lot912. marked J. H. K.'s
icnH  me convenience ni  me puDUC at, N. W. corner, thence east 80 chains, thence south  FOPT   fiRflRfll?   I A
large.   Last July they secured the eov- ^chains, thence west Ml chains, thenee north Ml "       ulJ"'""'    'J«
■        • » She'"8 to point of commencement, and containing
eminent building site for their town, mo acres. JohNhenKy WrnTJR'. °
,.,,,.              ,                        ,,   ,     September 2, laio. (oct2i-deci7
which selection was, however, annulled	
later by a public meeting presided over
by the government agent of the district,
whose action was afterwards supported
District ot Cariboo.
TAKE     untie
Vancouver,   11.1
ante, Intend to apply to tl]
missioner ol Lands lor a li
thai   1,  Noll Gething,
minor,   thirty  days  til
bv  Government Anriitnr  r™     Th,t TAKE notice that John P. Campliell, of Spokane, •        •     ,   .      ™e soum-east cornei
uy  tiovtinment Auditor  Oopel.    lhat Wash., occupation agent,Tntends to apply for of Section 1, township 8, range 4, Cari
was the first time.    Now the postoffice |^™l™lon to purchase tho following uesoi.bed boo district;  thence  north 80 chains,
department have  inaugurated  a mail Commencing at a post plnntod at the northeast 'i,e'lce east 80 chains, thence soulh 8U
" " riir.K.r   of    ,,l   klW     tl.,..,,...  I,   .11..1. .:..     ..      ,.I....,,,.     41  4     ....       ... .     .
District, ol Cariboo.
Take notice that Stephen Garnham,
ol Vnncouver,   B.C.,  occupation  contractor, intends lo apply for permission   ''"' ''""' ""'I potroloum on 640 ncres olland   ''"'
to  purchase   the   following   described   '"/""'i'''1 <" lollows:   Commencing ul n posi   [>oi
lanils;    Commencing at afost nlanted ^i^Hou^l Xk£t  ™\o^
ol    I'eace    River,   post,  markod   N.G.'s
Commencing at a post planted  otitook/'Mountain  Porlag"' '"
one mile east ol   the south-east corner  side    '
sei vice which will continue to be a gen-  fast;40 ohalps, thence north 40 chans more or less  nf ,■    ■-,■,'
firnl rr.iv on ho™ until thu nnatnffini An     t" lhe Nechaco river, thence up stream to point of   OI  COIlinicncCMK lit, ContallllllgMll BCfeS
eral mix-up Here until the postoffice de- commencement, containing 240 aoros moreor less,   more or less.   STEPHEN GARNHAM
■'" " '■'■" Walter Clarence Lampitt, agent!
Sept. 5, 1910. (oc8-dec3)
John P. Campbell,
(oc 22-deel7
corner of lot 833, thence south SO chains, thence  chains, thence west 80 chains to noihi
east IU chains, thence north til ehnins more or le"«   -''- ■..   .      -V" IJUI,M
to the Nechaco river, thence up stream to poinl
partment either change the name of the    Sept. 2, lwo,
office on the Nechaco river townsite, or	
go back to the old regime. •      F0RT GE0IiG„. (<AN|| ^
(.hanging the name  of   postoffices ... , . ,   , ,,  „
,.  ,    '.,....,    , , ,. District ol Cariboo,
which conflict with the prompt delivery  T.v,,„„   ,!,,,,„„    , ol Vanoouvor, B.C., married woman, In'tondi
of mail,  comes within the jurisdiction   ^'r^^^S^^^^ &M dSwC'ft. ^ (CSS3.tr *SS
of  the department.     We have already     SSftfiS Ztt?i0n ta PUrChaM ln° f""owiw aposHlantod'ar'tl^N W ^'Z^IU.
seen this done in the district, when the ^S^K&^^dAn^^d^^S^fi?J?%! & "hence\ZJt"JlTlmT cat?
name of the little town of Stanley was SSLKO^^;r^h\.;:^^,lV;^\.,™i^',V^;,,^^^ fclM pott "I'^tnlneue.tm,:
SW corner ol bind nppllod lor, thonce north
80   eliains;     llience  enst   80   elmins;     Ihcnce
soutli 80 eliuins:   thenco west 80 chains  to
point uf commencement.
Locnted  July  28,  l'JIO.
TAKE notico that I, Noll (Iething, ol
mcouvor, B.C., minor, ihiity days alter
(t"i Intend in applv to the Assistant Com-
sioner nf Lauds for n licence to prospect
conl nml potroloum on 040 ncres ot land
lel'ii ns follows; Commonoing at a post
itod three miles south ol the west end
ol Hooky Mountain 1'nrtage, on tho smith
shio ol Peace Rivor, post marked N.G/fl
N rt' eornei' of Innd appllod for. ihcnce soulh
80 chains: thenee ensl 80 ohalns; thenci
north 80 chains; thonco west 80 chains to
point nl oommonoomont.
28, 1910,
etui   .Jul
Cariboo  Land  District.   District l(f  cnriboo
TAKE notiee that  Annie  Helen   Campbell,
TAKE    notico    lhat  I,  Noll  Gothlng;,  ol
■'.■iiieniuer,   II.C,   minor,   thirty   days   alter
TAKE    notico    thai   L Noil (Iething, of
Vnncouvor,   U.C.I   miner,   thirty  duys  aftor
°nto, Intend to apply to the Assistant Coin-
1 issi r of Lauds for a licence to prospool
changed to Van Winkle, and we believe  nnL'h"','''s lu no'nt of commoncem
that  there  are  more   people  in  Van     Suul- &m-
John O, Dopihoo,
talnlng A'il) ncros mora or h
Sept. 8th,  11)10.        W.  A,  Johnson, ngent
date, intend in apply to tho Assislanl Com
missioner ol Lands for n licence  in prospect lot conl and  potroloum on (I'M acres'ot Innd
for coal and potroloum on 640 acres nl land hounded as  lollows:   Commonoing tit a post
bouiidod as lollows:   Commencing nl n posi planted  lliroo miles smith nl dm   went ond
planted  three  miles south  ol tho west   end "'  Rocky  Mountnln  Portago,  on  tne smith
nl  Itocliy  Mountain  Portage, on  tho Bouth side   nl    Ponce  Itlver,  post marked N.G.'s
side  nf     Peace     River,   posi   markod   N.G.'s N E corner ol  land applied for,  tnence south
S K corner nt land applied fur.  thonoo north M   elmins;   tlieuco   west   80   chains;    thonoo
80   chains:   thenee   west,   80   elmins;    thenco north  811 clmins;   ihenee east 80 elmins   to
south  80 ohnlns:  theni ast 80 chains  to point oi commencement.
polnl  of oommonoomont. Loualod Julv 28. J!)lb.
Located  July IH,  1010. NKIL  (IH'PIIING.
NEIL (IKTIIINC. p|rB| Insertion abovo noticesSopt liilb. ilato, Intend to apply in tho Assistant Cum
missioner of Lands Ior a licence to prospect
lor cnnl and potroloum on 640 ner,;; ot land
l ndod as lollows:   Commencing ,ii a |',,,M
plnntod live miles bouiIi and two miles cast
„I the west end ol Hooky Mountain Portnge un the smith side nl pcuco River posi
marked N.G.'s SW corner ol land applied
lor, thence north 80 chains; thoneo era mi
chains; thence south 80 ohalns; thenco wcsl
Ml chains In point nf commencement
Located July 28, 1010.
  NEIL   OETIllNii.
TAKK     notice     that   I.   Nml   tiethlng,   ol
V uvor,   U.O.,   minor,   tinny   days   tifti r
date, Intend lo apply to the \«
missionor ol Lands lor n licence
for coal mid potroloum on 640 n
houndod as follows:   Commenclttg i
planted Ave miles suulh and two miles c
ol  the  wesi  cud ol   Rod ,   Ho: ttnln    Pi
age  nil   llle  south  side  ol   Pence  uj¥( ^   |l(l.,,
marked   N'.ll.'s  N W  comet   ol  land   apples
for.  Ihenee sunlit 80 chains; thenci   onsl   bO
clmins;   thence   tiuriii   80  chain;   thoneo wet"
80 eliains to point  nf commencement.
Located  July 28,   1910.
TAKE     notico     lb,t   I.   Neil   llethinif.   of
■AK.1S   notice
"'  Luke,   U.I
"Tl md,
HI   oh,,    l0    "
lalnlny 040 ner,
Augtisl 8, 1910.
"ill.     Thui
,  truppor,  ii
lu    purcli;
nisiriet  oi  t ariiioo.
till   Ml   el
il    ol   001
Charles, ol TAKK „oli,.,. that rnnomn„ Qulgloy ol Sc- r*,
iiiei.s to apply ,,UI,,|  Wii^li..  expressman,  liftends to   apply
su iai._ioiiow,ng |ol.   p0rmlsslon     to   purchase   the    tnllowing k."
a   post   desorlbod  lands:      Con clng  al   a    post 2
, 1  f"i'5s planted adjoining the north west oornor ni r.
i  ..ni   I lb', biatrial   Lot   8fU,   thence  west   80
cc west   8IJ niece   Bouth   80   clinins;     thonco    cam     80 ^
llience  enst ,.,,.,,„.;.   ,1,,.,,,.,    ,„„,,,   h()   chains   ,„   |1(li||,   oj J
i lie nl.    COO- cninmenccllienl.   oontaillillg   040   ucres     more 'A
,     ■ j ,....,., .... or  less.                       THOMAS QVJIGLEV. ,
II(MAS (IIAULl'.S. Au ut 23    lglfJ             b/,   |,'.  Cooko,   ngent C
It.   I .  Alexander,   agent ■
1 —— i
First-Class in Every Ecspect
■ I land
li    loll.
•c.i.i.i   ,   ,!"!'""'l "I  Cnriboo. Dislrict ol Cariboo.
I„„,       ,,".'.''"''   '•'il1   ■fohn   ^nglo  oi    Port      TAKK  notice  that  James  Edward  (liiinet f.
icrmi linT,   ," i    "'"'"'L "' aPply   'or of  Vanoouvor, contractor,  intends to apply A
""»»oto   purchase   the  following    des- for    permission    to  purchase  the  lollowing ^
lU'Ucmg :,i :, post plant- described    lands:      Commencing at a   post 2
i a el 2 miles cast nf plnnled nine  miles  norlh  of  tho  Blackwater TA
"''"'     ol   l/'l   1,1,4,   tnence Rivor  nnd   at   the   SW  curncr  post    nf    Lot %
'',..    ','  ' nsl  80 chains: 989A,   thenco  80  chains  nortli;    ihcnce   80 £J
;'" .'• •''•       thunce  wcsl    80 elutins west;  thence  80 ehnins south;   thence J
"   ":   '■'":li   ucoment,  contain- 80  elmins  east,  to   point   ot  commoncoment. 'i
"""'' '"   "                                                            JAMES  KDWMID GI'INKT.
JOHN   EAGLE. September  1.  1910.       W.  MacKirdy.  ngent C
T. Alexnnder, agent ,	
Seventy-five Comfortable Rooms
Newly Furnished.
 -th  811
in.;  G40 acre  u
August 8.  1910,
E. L. KEPNER, Proprietor
that   I.
1'1'H   ii
Vanoouvor,   H.i
dntc, Intend tn
missloni I nl l.a
for   coal   and     potroleun
described  lands :      Comi
planted  four  miles south
ill the west end n[ Hock;
tin   south  side nf   Peace
N.tl.'s S K oornor ol I in
south   80  chains:   thenci
thei  north 80 chains; I
iu point nf commenci tnei
I nied  July 26,  1910
'i'AKK     in,lie     11
Sandy  liny,   Man., f
Planted abi
i ''.1   ol   till
District ol Cariboo.
I.IH ncn
8,  1910,
,i Cnriboo. TAKE notice  that  Arthur  Kilmer of  Van-   »
I     Joseph  Sinclair,  ot ''"IIVl'r.   real  estate  agent,   Intends  tu  apply   Ta
rmer,  Intends to apply ^"'    Permission     to   purchase  the  following
irehaso  Urn   following described   lands:       Commencing  at   n    post
■ cm, i.ciu    m   a  post planted   ten   miles  nurth  ol  the  Blackwater   *>
•mill  and  2 mllos 'llvcr :""' '""' m"° Ul'hl  ,rom  1I||P S W cor-   'a
i  corner ul  \ „T |7„4 ner  post    ol     Lot    0(58.     thonoo  Ml chains
Ins;    thence   oust   ISO l""',h;    l,ll',",',   0,)  "'wins  west;   thenee   80
8(J chains;   ihcnce west chains  smith;   thenee  80 chains east   to  tin
.I commencement,  con-
Good Tables. Corralls. Sample Rooms.
Banquet Hall.       Theatre Room.
I'oiut   uf  conim
JOSEPH  SINCLAIR.      s''1'1''
It. T.  Alexander, agent   	
or 1,   l'JIO.
u. MacKirdy, ageot  S
Rates, $1.50, $2 and $2.50 per day
TAKK nolice thai I '. i Oething, ol
Vunuouvor, B.C.. miner, I ■ •, dn) alter
date. Intend to anplj lo tl .'■ Istant I om
missioner of Lands loi .. licenci to prospect
lor coal und petroleum on tho lollowing
described lands: Commencing at a post
planted six miles soulh and lour mil. s cast
uf the west end ol thi Rooky Mountain
Portage, on smith sole ol Peace Itlvor,
post marked N.C.'s S E corner uf land ap-
TAKE  noli
tv. i,   llht.,
pplj   lor   i
District of Cariboo.
TAKE notice that Georgi  Waiter Evan
"   ;;    ■jrighl   o   Ot-   Vancouver,  real estate ngent,  intends to ap '"'<'
i  omi in ,   intends to   ply f0r permission to purchnse tho following ;t; ;
to  purohase   the    loi-   described   lands:     Commencing   at    a    post tp
,  uescrtDcd   lnnds:     Commencing  at  a   planted  nine  miles norlh  of  the  Blackwater 'f -j.'
pinntou  ni.mit  .i  miles south  and  ono   River and ono mile west  of the SW corner -T ',|.
io  south west corner of   Lot    post of  Lot  '..,-,jA,   thenc. 80  chains  nortli; Jtt©
h   80 chains;   thpneo    east   thence  80  chains   west;     thence    80    chains ft- j,
north   SO   chains;   thenco   BOuth;   llience  80  chains east   to  the    poiot «r<I>
■  point  oi  commencement,   ol commencement. .\: "j*.
ires more or less. OEOROE WALTER EVANS, U:**-
. „    ,„,,. LOUDON  WRIGHT.      August 31,   1910. W.  MacKirdy, agent M-
August  8,  l'JIO. R. T.  Alexander,  agent    _2  < , .|>
liol. I
80 chains; thi
wesi 80 chains
containing  640
,..,st marked N.G.
plied   for.   theaee   lull th   80   oht
west   80   ehalns:   thenco   south   80    chains
thonce    eust 80    chains to point ol   cot
iiicncement. containing 640 acres.
Located July 20, 1910.
District ol Cariboo. rrr .y
TAKE notice that I. Nell Gothlng, ot
Vanoouvor, B.C., miner, thirty day., after
dale, Intend to apply to tho Assistant ' om-
mlesioner ol landi tor a licence to prospect
fur eoal and petroleum on tho lollowing
described   lnnds:       Commencing    il posi
planted four miles south and loui toast
ol the west end ol tho Itocks Mo n! I u
portngo. on south side ol Peace River, post
marked   N.C.'s   N W   enrncr   ol   land    applied
for.  thence smith 80 chains; then 'ns!  80
chains; thence north 80 chains: thence west
80 chains to point of commencement, containing 040 aens.
Located  July 26, l'JIO.
.  Lecdcr,  ol  Bat- TAKK notiee that  Nettie Doollttlo ol In- c], 4i
,   intends   to   ap- dex, Wash.,  married woman, intends to ap- rt'.u
chase  the  follow- ply  ior permission  to purchase tho   follow- rt*;|;
lenolng at  a  post ing described    lands:       Commencing   tit   a *.;r '.'
nth   and   1    mile post  planted  adjoining the  north   west   cor- -{-*;*
lornct    of     Lot ner of    District  Lot  'jib. ihenee   north   80 it;'.";
tins;   thence   east chains;   llience  east  80 ehnins;   thence  south ;,'.'*:*
o   80  ehains:   tlicnce  west   8(1 chairs  to    point    <J> «r
..   of commencement,  containing  040  acres   of   2>-|-
land more ur iess. <f) j.'
McCormick Mowers, Rakes and 111
Binders always on hand.
st   8,
C.   A.   LEEDER. NETTIE  DOOLITTLE.       rtt J>
R. T.  Alexander,  agent   August 31,  1910. W.  F.  Cooke,  agent   3$q>
District of Cariboo. '•"  ':.
% A-
TAKK notice thnt I, Nell I
Vnncouver, B.C.. miner, thirty days oltet
date, intend to apply lu the AssiStaal '
missioner nl Lands fur a licence to prospect
fur eoal and petroleum on tho Ipllowing
fit scribed lands: Commencing at a post
planted six mil's south and lour miles eaBl
nt the wcsl end nf Rocky Mountain Port
age on suulh side ol Peace Rivor, post
marked N.G.'s SW eorm r of land applied
(or theaee nurth 80 chains: thence east 811
ehains; thence south 80 chains: thence west
80 ehains to point oi commencement, containing 040 ncres,
Located July 26, 1910.^   ^^
District ol Curiboo.
TAKK notice thai   Mrs. Albert  Erskinc of ...   .                                                  ■    ,
,,,..„,,    ,,, ,      ,, , . , , ,„,,   ..         i*   ,zL TAKK  noti'-c  lh:U  \\\ ham   Inch,   of   In-
Uttawa.   (Mit.,   ui'ou,   i 1.  (s  10  n uy  for ^i   ,    ...   (             .     ,    .  .     i                .    f
      i, „    ,       .,   .  ;            .1       f   11   ,..-              i •tll'X.    UltS   .,    Illt'ITi  lilt,    lnt'-lHK   to   iipplv   for
permission  to purchase the loUowing    des- ,nissR„,    to purohnse the lollowing   des-   '.■■  ■
crlbodnds:   Commencing a   a pus   plant- ,'.,,,„.,, ,    ,       Commencing at a post plant-    -•-
ed about 4 milesi south oi the south   west ,  adiolning  tho „„,.,,, wb„st t.on|„,. 0   Dis.    .,.-;•
orner oL Lo,1/M; thenco south 80 chains (|.i(,   Lo,   ^      ^^   ^   ^   ^.^ .    _._.
"" ,   '""'",      , thenee  west   80   chains;     thenee    south    811    .1."
io  point    ot 0haln8.   toence  ,.,,s,   80  ci.ains   to   point    of    .:. "i
,    cm.o'tAww commencement,  containing  btO  aores    more    -l«
"r   less. WILLIAM   CI.RICH.       •'•'-!
11. T.  Ah
n t
August  21,  1910V
W.  F.   Cooke,  agent
August 6, 1910.
District of t aril oo. _.     .       " _   „
TAKE notice tbat  Ersden  Hrsklne, of Ot- District  of Cariboo
t.iMi, Ont., accountant, intends to apply lor TAKK notice iba  Persia Dlricb of Index,
permission   to   ourcl .:    th)   [ollowlng    dt->- Wash.,  married    woman,  in tends  to   apply
cribed lands:   Com          £ at n  posi   plant- for    permission    to  purchase  the  following
ed  about  -1   milen   louth  ol  the  south  west described    lm:
nr (I)
.}.' rrr
1.L nr
:i-.T.rr •!--!• •;--|t-i"!r-H:;ir;h-!--r-i-'
TAKK notice thnt I. Neil Gething, oi
Vancouver, B.C., miner, thirty 'lays alter
date, Intend to applj to tho Assistant Commissioner o! Lands lor a licence to prospoct
ior eoal an.I petroleum on Ihe tollowmg
dosorlbed lands: Commencing at a post plant
ed lour miles smith and six miles east o!
the west end oi Rocky Mountnin Portage,
on smith side uf Peace River, post marked
N.G.'s N E corner ol land applied lor,
tlicnce smith 80 chains: thence west 80
chains: (hence nortli 80 chains: tlicnce east
80 chains tn point oi commencement, containing 0'10 acres.
Located   July  20.   l'JIO ,,,.,,
  ,       TAKK     nolice     that   I.   Nell   Ceding,   ol
Commencing   at a  post   ,.1AKB     '"l""!'     lh,t   '■ ,.'"'[   Gething,   of Vancouver.   B.C.,   miner,   thirty   days   after
'unci  ol  Loi   iii 1.  ■•■    i   south 80 chains;    plnnled  about  one mile north and one mile    vuncotucr.   H.C,   miner,   thirty   dnys   niter daU\ intend to apply to the Assistant loin
hence     »    I   81) i;   thel    norm    80   west from the north west corner of District    ante. int. ml to apply to the Assistant Com- missioner of Lands lor a licence io prospect
thalns;   thi   ■     east  80       tins   to   point    oi   Lot  'iib,    thence    nurth 80 chains;    thence   nilssloner of Lands fur a licence to prospect for coni nnri petroleum on 040 acres tl lu:
aimnuneement.  containing   640  acres    more   east   80  chains;    thenco soutli   80   chains:   lor  COttl  a'"'   petroleum   on   the    lollowing hounded as  follows:   Commencing    t   a
ir   less. ERSDEN   ERSKINE.       thenee    west     80    chains  to  point  ol com-   described   lands:      Commencing    at   a    post planted one mile south   ol the   west cud
August 6   l'JIO.        lt. T.  Alexander,  ngent   mencement,   containing  M0  acres   more   or   planted four miles south and six miles enst Hoekv Mountain   Portage un  soutli  side     .
 less. i'KRSIK   n.RICII.      nf   'ho   west  end   oi   Rocky   Mountain   Port- p6ace  River,   post   marked   N.C.'s   SW   c
August  22,   l'JIO. W. F.  Cooke,   agent   age    on    south  side oi   Peace  River,    post ner   0(   |mKt   applied   for,   thence   north   80
First, insortion above notices Sept, 24th. m'u'li"1  *J''/s ?, \ncor""     ,i „      ".,? an .',h;lins;  thonc? c'lsl 80 ch,,ins:    "*™ :0 "'
for,  tlicnce south 80 eliains:  thenee east  80 80  chains:  tlicnce  west  SO  chains   n   ■   in
 chains;  thence north  80 chuins:  thence west 0[  eonimenccnicnt.
PEACE  RIVKR   DISTRICT. 80  chains to   point  of commencement,   con-      Located  July 29   1910
TAKK    notice    that   I,  Nell  Gething,  ol   t:';"in»  640 acres.   Located  July 2(1   1910. .   - ■   ■       ^^ GETH1NG
Vnncouvor,   B.C..   miner,   thirty   davs   utter NRI1'   GETHING. —
Mrs. Sidney Percy
B.C., married woman,
intends to ■ pplj lor p rmission to purchase
the following d scribed lands: Commencing
at   a   past   nlaniid  about   4   miles soutli  ul . ,
thi   anith  west   oorner ol  lot   lili4     thonco    datB' intend to applv to the Assistant Com-   PEACE   Rl\ Kit   DISTRICT.
north 80  chains'     thenco east    80   chains •    missioner of Lands fur a licence to prospect PEACE  RIVKR  DISTRICT. TAKK     notice     that   I.   .Neil   Oething,   ol
thence    south    80 chains:    thenco west   80   Ior coal and petroleum on 640 ncres of land      TAKE    notice    that  I,  Nell  Gething.  of * Vancouver,   B.C.,   miner,   thirty   days   after
ohalns  to  polnl   ol commencement,  contain-   bounded fes  follows:   Commencing at  a post   Vancouver,   B.C.,   mine:
ing 640 acres  mon   or less,
thirty   davs   lifter   l,at''' Intend to apply to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands for a licence to prospect
bounded as follows:   Commoncm
1 I nited   four   miles   south   of   the   west "end ,iut,., |ntGnd to applv to the Assistant Com- missioner oi i.anus ior a licence io prospect
of  Rocky   Mountain  Rortage,  on  the   south missloncr of Landt  for a licence to prospect for eoal and petroleuin on b40 acres olland
August 6.  1910.       R. T. Alexander, agent   side of  Peace River,  rust   marked   N.  G.'s for oonl and pelroleum on G40 acres olland l'0""'!"' as follows:   Commenolng at a nost
     N \\   curncr nf land applied fnr,   tnence south - ................. i     .
planted   one  mile  south  ol  the  west  end   ol
-. . ,' "   "" ,  " "in"." ..".   .inn.' ™u,ii    |)uiuh i it  as  lollows:    i oinmeiiciug  ai  upusi    ;,,■,,       .   ■     ,,    . ..     ,  ,     ,
\NI) liKTI'ICT 80  ''ha,"s:     thonco    east   80  ''h:""s:   thonM   Planted  lour    miles    smith  and eight  miles   u"''\>'  Mountain  Portage on the south bank
iijiu uiaiiuui, nortn S(j chains;   thence west  80 chains   to   ,,., st  0f  ,|,c  west   end  ol   the   Rocky   Muun-   ot   Peace  Rivor,   post   marked   N.G. s    SE
TAKE notice that I, Neil Gething, ot
Vancouver, B.C., miner, thirty days altor
dntc, Intend to npply to tho Assistant Commissioner of Lands for a licence tu 1 inspect
lor coal and pelrnleum on tho lollowing
described lands: Commonoing al a post
planted six miles south and sit miles east
ol the wist end of Rooky Mountain Portago
on smith side „f Pence River, post marked
N (! 's S K enrncr of land applied tor th. are
north   80 chains:     thence    wcsl   80  ehains ;
theaee    soutli   80  chains:     thenc ist    80
chains tu point Ol cuminenreniclit, oontalnlng  040 acres.
'-"l"" •'"'>'  2';- 191°NEIL GETHING.
corner   of   land   applied   for,    thence   north
80  chains;   thenci
TAKE notice that  Alice Waters of North '"^.^'V'jniy 2S."iaW.
Nation  Mills, Que.,  Bpinster, intends to op- SVAL  0ETHIN(
ply  lor  permission  to  purchase  the  fulluw-	
Ing described lands:   Commencing at a post PEACE RIVKR  DISTRICT.
plantod  nbout  4  miles suutli  of the   south
west  eerier of  Lot   1/64, thence   north   80 TAKK    notice    that   1.   Neil  Gothlng,  oi   mencemen
chains;  thonco  west  Ml chains;   thonco south Vancouver,   B.C.,   miner,   thirty   days   alter
811  elmins.   thenee  . is:   80  el .ins   to    point date, intend to apply to the Assistant ("cm-
nf    commencement,     containing     640   ucres missioner ol Lands fur a licence tn prospect                 PEACE   RIVER   DISTRICT.
more  or  less.                    ALICE  WATERS, Ior coal and petroleum on 6415 acres oi land      t\KE    notice     that   I,   Neil   (Iething.   ol   date, intend to apply to the Assistant Cc in
August 0.  l'JIO.        R. T.  Alexnnder,  agent bounded  us  follows:    Commencing nt  a post   Vancouver.   B.C.,   miner,   thirty   days   after   missionor of Lands lor a licence to prospect
pos't mwked MloTsVMrner oMand ap- 8U ,c'lK'ii!',s: llt>y'"'>:J^  80  chains;     ihenee
plied   lor    thcice     north   80   chains;   thenee s0'.l1h   80  chains;   thenee  east   80  chaias  to
west   SO   chains:     thence  south   80   chaias: l'0J»t   of  comnioncoment.
thenoe    cast     80  chains  to   point  of    com-      Located July 29. 1910.
Located  Julv 25. 1910.   NEIL  OETHINO.
NKIL  GETHING. " ^^  },]Xm  ms?MW.
TAKE    notice,    that  I,   Nell  Oething,  ol
Vanoouver,   II.C,   miner,   thirty   days   after
TAKE notico lhat I, Neil Gothlng. ol
Vanoouvor, B.C., miner, thirty days niter
date, intend tu anply to the Assistant Commissioner ol Lnnds for a licence to prospect
lor eoal and potroloum on the [ollowlng
described lands: Commonoing at n implanted six mil's suulh and six m les east
of ihe west end ul Rneky Mountain Port-
ago, on south side ul Pence River, pus
marked N.O.'s N K curlier uf land applied
tor thence smith 80 ohnlns: thence wcsl 80
chains: thence north 80 chains: th.nee easl
80 elmins m point ol oommonoomont, con
talnlng C40 aoros,    Lnent,^ Jnlv^^l.110.
R. T. Alcsnndc
—■—  planted   two   miles   west   and   one   suutli  ol date."intend'to apply to lite Assistant Com- for eoal and  potroloum on 640 acres'oi land
FORT OEOROE LAN!)  DISTRICT. '•'"'  WOBl   ''i"1  "'  Rocky  Mountain   Portage, missionor of Lands tor a licence io prospect bounded as  follows:   Commencing at a post
District  oi Cariboo. on   the    smith     side  ol   Poaco   River,    post [or coal and petroleum on 040 acres ot Innd plantod   two   miles   west   and   one   south   ol
TAKK   notico   lhat   Abel   Waters  of   Nortli marked   N.C.'s  S E  comer  ot  land    applied |,0Hna;Bti .,s  lollows:    Commencing  at  n post, the   west   end   of   Rocky  Mountain   Portage.
Nation   Mills.   Que.,   farmer,   Intonds   to   np- for,   tlicnce   north   80  chains;     thence    west, planted   four   miles   soulh   and   eight    miles on   the   south     side   of   Peace   River,    post
plv   for   permission   to   purchase   tho   follow- 80  ehnins:  thenee  south   80  chains;     thenee (,.lsL 0| wea(  ,.nc|  0f  Rooky  Mountain   Port- marked   N.O.'s   S \V  corner  ol  land  applied
Ing described   lands:    Commencing  at   a post east   80  chains   to  point   of commencement. ng0, on  the north side of Peace River,  post for,  thence  nurth  80 chains;  thence cast 80
planted  aboul   .1   mllos south  of tho   soutli Located  July 2'J.  1910. marked  N'.ll.'s  S W  oorner ol land   applied ehains;   thence south  80 chains:   thenee west
west  corner  ol   Lot   1764,  thenco  north  40 KF.IL  GETHING. |ori thenee nurth  80 chains:  thenee east  80 80 chains  to point of commencement.
chains.   Hence  eust   1(1  ehnins:   thenee  north '  chains;   thence  south  SO  ehnins:   Ihcnce  west Located   July  29,  1910.
■HI   chains;     thence  enst   40  ehnins;     thenee PEACE   RIVKR   DISTRICT. 80 chains to point of commencement. NEIL   OETHINO.
smith  80  chains:   thenco  wist   80 chains   to                ,       ,,..,,,,,.          , Located  July  25,   1910.                                    • ; ; —	
puiat     ol    commenc ont,   containing    480 TAKK    notico    that   I.   Neil   Gething,  of jNKIL  GETHINO. First insertion above notieos Sept. 10th.
ttcrcs  moro or   less.           ABEL  WATERS. Vancouver,   B.C.,   miner,   thirty   days   alter .       noUco8SeDt p„h CARIBOO  LAND  DISTRICT.
.\u ubI  (i,   l'JIO.        R. T.  Alexander,  agent date, intend to apply   to the Assistant Cum- First insertion above notices sept, turn. Division  of  Fort Oeorge.
 ,  missioner of Lands for a licence to prospect
 ,,, .,,   ,  ..,,,   ,,,..„,,,,,„„ for eoal  and   potroloum on  040  acres  uf laud
KURT  OEOROE LAND DISTRK P. b                f,l,|U,u,,.    p(,mI„c„ci„g ,„   a post
District   of  I aril	
District  oi  Cariboo.
'ARE notice thnt Mrs   Willie  Waters,  oi   ^"^L.T,,™!:;.^''^,,!,!''':..^!...';:''^^    TAKE notico that. Minnie  Broussean,   ol   the  lollowing
North   Na
the   Rnekv   Mountain   Portnge  on   south   ...
...  Que, married woman,   (|,  ,., .„,,,'|.iv,.r.    poat   marked   N.O.'s  N W
or permission  to  purchase ,   ,    d ,, d   ,        Umm,
"",''   ,"f:   i   """",', i,   o   X»  chains;   thence  onsl   80  chains:
Lot im    thenoe   llort1'  K0 ''h;,i"s:  ""'"'r ,v''st  8U chl
TAKE notloo that I. N''H Oething. ot
Vanoouvor, B.C., miner, thirty dnys niter
dnte, intend to npply to tho Assislanl Commissioner ol Lands for a licence to prospect
lor eoal nnil potroloum on tho lollowing
described lands! ('uiuniencilig nl n post
pl„n„.d six miles smith nnd six miles ensl
of the wesi end nf Rneky Mountain Image, nn south side of Peaco Rivor, post
marked N.O.'s N W enrncr ol land applied
for, thence south 80 ohnlns: thonco east 81
chains: tnence un'rti, ■ *vl-vlmins; thenco weBt
80 chains tu poim ol oommoncomjnt, ciDn-
talalag 640 aces.    t^^J^g0-
liai   Julia   Hamplyldc   Dan-
icll,   uf   Furt   George,   B.C.,  journalist,    Intends  to  npply   for  permission  to  purchase
bed  lands:    Commencing
 ls,   II.C,   married   woman,   intends   to    at   a   past,   planted   al   the   north-west    cor-
ipply for permission to purohase tho follow-   ner  ol  nn   island  lying  west  of  the   north
01,111   ing described lands:   Commencing at a post   end  of   Pro-einption    Lot  No.  1511,   thenco
1,11,00   planted adjoining the south  west  corner   of   south   15     chains:     thenee   east   6   chains ;
'    '°   Lot   926,   thenee    smith   SO  chains;     thenco   thence   lollowing   shore   line  of   island   in   a
east    4.0    chains;     thence  north 80 chains ;    north easterly     direction   to   point   o!   i;om-
theiice    west    40  ehains  lu   point  of   com-   monoement    contatnipg   iu   acres    more    cr
mencement,  containing  820  acres   moro   or   less. JOHN 11. DANIELL.
MINNIE   BRODSSEAN. September 5.  1910.
August 10, 1910.       R. T. Alexander, agent      First insertion nboyo notice Sept. 17.
August 6,  1910.  R. T.  Alexander,  agent      TAKK    notiee     that   1,   Noll   Oething,   ol ■ ■   '       F()liT GEORGE LAND  DIVISION.
 Vancouver,   B.C.,   miner,   thirty   days   after        . pnRT GEORGE LAND DISTRICT. District  ol Cariboo.
FORT GEORGE LAND DISTRICT. dato, Intend to apply to tho Assistant Com- i'.,rti„,„ TAKE   notioo   that  I,   Russell   Peden,    ol
District 61 Cariboo. missioner of Lands for a licence to prospect District ot taiimu. ^^   George,   farmer,   intends   to  apply    for
TAKE nolice thai  Willie Waters, nf North    for eoal and petroleuin on 640 acres of land      TAKE  notice   that   (.us  Snmparo  ol  Has-   perm|Ssion   to   purchase   the   following     dt'S-
Naiiun  Mills,  Quo.,  Farmer,  intonds  to  ap-   bounded us  lollows:   Commonoing nt a post   olton,  B.C., clerk, intends lo apply for per-   n.i|M,il ,,nii...    Commonctnl  at  a  post plant-
nlv   tor  perinissiun  tu  purchase  ihe  fulluw-   planted ono mile south of the west   end of   mission  to  purchnse  tho lollowing described   ,,(!   ,„  nn  is|iind  noi'th-enst of  and   almost;
.'     .'        . '..        ,      . , .,      :       ..     . n.   ....      », ...I..       II      m,      111..      cull.   .M.I..       1 I...        ,' ,..,,,. 1,,,.     n.      D      ii.i^I       lipll.ll.ll        .ill- .... ,       .       . r i  t .       ,      .... ....
Ihe   tul
at  ii  posi   plnnled
the   south   west   enrncr   m   ,,„,    ilin.     iuj,u»i. ,  ,   o|   ..ulliu.elld ...
nurth   80   clinins;      Hence   wcsl   Ml    chains ,                             „„    m^
thonoo    south    80 ehains;    llience east    su NEIL  GETHING
chains   to   point   ol  emunVnecinciit,   contain- ,	
inir   1)40   ncres   mure   OT   less. „p,nv   un-i.-n    nisi'i'li 11 "e :l
ilied   lands:   Commencing al   a post   Rocky   Mountain   I
on   t
it a  post  I'lantc
..I.,I   ix,   miles  smith  ot  the'suulh  west    ot   Pence   River,   posi   marked   N.O.'s    NE   joining   the  soulh   west  corner  uf   Lnt  920,
seiicr uf   Loi  1764   tlicnce nnrlli 80 chains:    oornor   ol   bind   applied   for.    thence    south   thence  south     80  chains;     thenee  west    80
".....'   ■     on    ....    ...i    .■    on   „i,„i„...      .i,„„„„   .,...:    ., „,..,.   un  ,.i,.,i..„.   thence  cast
Lot   1511,   marked  Russol   Pede
TAKE    notice    Hint   I,  Noll  Gothlng,  o
Vancouver,   B.C.,   mi '.   thirty  days   aftoi
date. Intend to noply to tho Assistani Con,,
missioner of Lunds for n licence to JWJ
tor cnnl  am iriileum    on  Ihe   lollowing
described lnnds: Commonoing at n l"'-
plnnted six miles south and six mllos eas
ot tho Rocky Mountain  Portago, on   soutli
side   ot   Peace   River,    post   mnrked   N.   (1..8
SW corner ol land npplled Ior. thonco north
80 ohalns: thence east 80 chains: theme
soulh 80 ehnins: Ihenee wcsl 80 cInlnn to
point of oommonoomont, containing 040
ner,,.     I.uralcd  July  Mj-qOTHIHQ.
First Insortion abovo notices Kid. 10th.
west    corner,   thence  30  chains  enst :
„   40   ehains   soulh:   thenee   30     chains
-   nice  west   80     chains;     thence  south    80    80   ehains;   tlicnce  west   80   Chans;     tlicnce   chains;   thenoo  north  SO chains:   thence  enst   WMt,   ..„.,,„  ,i(,  chains   north   to   point    of
chains'   then nst  80 chains  to  point   of   north  80  chains;  thenco easl   80  chains  to   80 chains  to  point  ol oommoncemont,   con-   commencement,  being  three  islands  coiytigu-
cnninicuceineiii,  containing  040  acres   moro   point of oommonoomont. talnlng  640 acres more or leas. mK and northca8t ol Lot  1511  in the   Ne-
.„.   iess WILLIE WATERS. Located  July   29.  .1910. GCS  SAMPARE.      ,.|iaen  Ricn'. KUSSEL  Pi'.DEN.
August 7,  1910.        It- T.  Ahxander.  agent NEIL  OETHINO.      August  .10.  l'JIO.     R.  T.  Alcfinndor,  agent       ^u8,   ,    lgl0i
First insertion above ads Aug. 27.     -
isertlon above notico Sept. 8, 1910
TAKE    notice    that   L  Noil  Oetliing,  ot nisiriet. of Cnriboo.
Vancouver,   B.C.,   miner,   thirty   days   after      TAKE  notice   that   Robert  Snmparo,   oi .
intend to npply to the Assislanl Com-   Ha2olton,   B.C.,  clerk,   intends   to  npply   for      TAKE _ noti    ,..■:'     '.'■'     '■.   ,,'   .-..
chase the  following    dei
District' ol Cariboo.
a tile.    Wash.,    in
■d   womnn,   Intends    lo
District of Cnriboo.
TAKK notloo  thnt William Lewthwnllo, of       .   , of , nn(fg ,,„. n licence to prospcot    permission   to   . ■ 	
Victoria,  B.C., broker, Intends to apply Ior   f '       , am,     ,,.„!,.„„, „„ (;40 ncres ot land   orlbod  lands:   Commencing nt a  post, plain-   apply  for  permissioni to  purchase the    tol-
pcrinissiuu   to   purchnse   the   tOllOWlP"    ■'■■
orlbod lands:    Commencing at :\ pc
ed  40  chains  nurth  and  40 ehains east    ni    ','[;;'Vest'"end"of   Rnckv   Mountnln   Portngo,   80"'ohainB|   thonce   south   80  chains;    tlicaci,
  Peaco  River,    post   east   80   clmins  to   point  of  commencement,   <'hmns; Jheiice  south   40^chains;  lli;™^ cast
st    ci
Ihenee   north   80   clinin
„', IV'T^.'^en"!     B-..-    '
11 '   ] fur em   nnd petroleum on hid ncres oi nino orlbod   lumls:   Lommcncing at  a   post  piani- utj   >«'   ,■•'""••"","  ',    ."'"    ,'
"f /'T bounded as  follows:   Commonoing at  a post ,,| adjoining tho smith west  corner   ol  Lot lowing described  lands: _ Commenolng at a
s 'IU ; planted  too  miles wesi  nnd ono south of 926, ihcnce north 811 chains:'thenco   west post planted ndjolnl, >f the south oast cor
'"; the  west   end   ul   Rnckv   Mountnln   Portngo, SO  ohnlns;   thonce  Bouth  80  chains;    tlicnce ner  ol   District   Loi   * -.   th im    wist    80
.SfiS?. on  th      south    side  of   Peace Rivor,    post eas,   80  chains  to  point  uf  commencement, • ■..;.«»:     >emv sm,     40 elm   s   tl... e ,,
„, ' Sri marked  N.O.'s  N W oornor of  land  applied oontalnlng 640 acres moro or less. about 80 chains moro or less to the trase
'ost    8U for    Ihenee   soutli   80   chains;   thence    easl ROBERT  SAMPARE. River    thonce    ollowlng   the  mcandoilmjs  o
 "  ' vv'llffiTSTliwAITE. &X%$r» Poln'l  9 mmmJtSS. A^"t 10' 191°'    "' % """"* "^ -t^ntTln^ SBoW^SS^
St^^':lXS' ' ",cd J",y M' L91°NEIL GETIHNG.        First insertion above ads Aug. 27. Alli;llsl 24, ulls.        Tv. Co'o^^n I WEATHER REPORT
SUNDAY, Light snow.
MONDAY, Front with sunshine.
TUESDAY, Slight frost, cloudy,
WEDNESDAY, Two Inchon snow.
THURSDAY, Thawing,
FRIDAY. Frosty.
  lAitis   nonce   that
Rodney,  (Int.,   farmer
„ ■   i   • j    •    i permission   lo   purclui
Good progress is hemp; made in lay- ,,.„„,,! |nnds.    fjomml
; hundred miles   >,1 at  tho    northeast
thence south
chains: thcnr
40 chains lo  poii
Angus Mcougan
. Intends to apply fui
10 the lollowing des-
tiding ui a post  plunl-
curncr uf   Lot   20;S0.
lilts;      tin nee   nasi     su
nil   chuins:   tlicnce west
ed. ('. Johnson, agent
The road gangs having completed
their work on the Mud River road came
into town this week. Koad work will
be discontinued until the early spring.
Malcom McNevin, the superintendent,
is to be commended for the work he has
accomplished during the past season.
The steamer Chilco arrived from the
Cottonwood Canyon on Monday last
loaded to the guards with freight. She
left again early on Tuesday morning for
Soda Creek, taking down about thirty
passengers, mostly surveyors. The
Chilco will continue to run until the actual freeze-up ban's her progress. N.
S. Clarke, manager of the company, informed us that the boat is carrying her
equipment, for pulling out on to the
ways, aboard, and that if ice is met she
will return to Quesnel and be hauled
out for the winter.
Several lots have changed hands this
week for good figures, the transfers
principally being on Fourth street.
This is due to the proposed buildings
which will be erected on this street before next summer. Amongst those
planned are J. A. Eraser's store at the
corner of Fourth and Laselle, the Traders' Bank of Canada, at the corner of
Hamilton and Fourth; a theatre, next
to the Burns' building, and a drugstore
and numerous other buildings. Indications point to a main business street
running along Second street to Laselle
avenue, up this avenue to Fourth street
and down Fourth to the mail boat landing.
Pete Landry, of the engineering firm
of Gore & McGregor, left on Monday
last for Quesnel with a party of men to
survey a block of land up the Quesnel
river. Mr. Landry will return here in
about a month.
A dam has been made across the
slough on the Hudson's Bay land for
the purpose of raising the water to
make a skating rink.
C. Dake, one of the associates of
John Houston in the founding of the
Nelson Tribune, committed suicide at
Prince Rupert on October 16. He went
to Nelson in tho early nineties.
The British Columbia & Dawson Railway company's application to the Dominion government for incorporation
embraces the proposal to build from
Lytton along the Fraser river to Fort
George, to a crossing of the Nechaco
river at the mouth of the Stewart river,
following same by way of Stewart lake,
Thatcher river, Trembleurlake, Middle
river, North Tada lake, Driftwood
river, Bear lake, passing through Fort
Conley, thence along valley of Skeena
river to summit between Skeena and
Stickeen rivers, down the Stickeen to
Telegraph creek, thence up Telegraph
creek to the headwaters of Teslin river
and into the city of Dawson; also from
Ashcroft to the Fraser river near
where Big creek enters that river; also
from point near Lillooet along the south
side of Seaton and Anderson lakes, and
via Lillooet lake and river and Harrison
le ;e to Vancouver.
The snow has fallen. After the beautiful weather of the Indian summer, so
abruptly terminated by Wednesday's
snow storm, we are at last obliged to
face the stern realization of the fact
winter is upon us. This snow will stay.
The mild fall weather continues, however, and although the temperature is
a little too low to allow the snow to
thaw we anticipate two or three weeks'
open navigation on the Fraser before
the freeze up.
John A. Fraser, the well-known merchant of Quesnel, has let a contract for
the building of a splendid store here.
The work is to commence shortly and
the building is to be completed before
the arrival of the first boat in the
spring. Mr. Fraser, who represents
this section of Cariboo in the Legislative Assembly, is one of the most successful business men in the district. He
came to Cariboo some twenty-five years
ago as a school teacher. The late Senator James Reid took him into his mercantile and manufacturing business as
manager, which position he held for fifteen years, resigning to enter into business himself in Quesnel. J. A. Fraser
has always thoroughly appreciated the
importance of South Fort George as a
coming centre of industry and we are
glad to note his intention of entering
into business here.
ing steel on the first one
of the G. T. P, ont of Rupert.   On October 8 the steel was at  mile 84,   and
the end of the first hundred miles will Sopt. 17. 1010.     ]•
be reached in less than two weeks. poitT GEORGE LAW DISTRICT,
Piling is being driven for  a  trestle   to District of Cnrlhoo.
b             "                                .   . TAKE uutice thnt  .Inhn McGugnn ot Rod-
reach  the    gravel    at    Kltsumkiilum, my,  om.,  physician,  Intends to apply   fur
where ballast is to be obtained for the ^™ls!" SSiSSclngVawSf puS?
ballasting of the road. Timber for snow  ed at the south oast  'nor nf Lot auoti,
,,.,'.           .      .   jin. „ ,   ,,,„'„to 'hence    south     80  chains:    ihcnce   west  80
sheds is being cut  at diltetent  points ,.||.lills. a.nm, nor||| gn ,.|lai„s; thonce east
along the line and some  of  the  snow 80 chains to poim  ni emnnuneement. ^
sheds will be built this winter.   As to Sept. 17. 1910.     Fred. C. Johnson, ugent
keeping the line  open  all   winter, the -         CARIBOO LAND DISTRICT,
railway people will do their utmost and Division ol Kurt Oeorge.
it  will  not be  their fault if it is not P^\K ^rrW^ady™
kept open all winter.   It is possible the apply  for  permission  to  purchase  the   fol-
,   ,         .,        ... .     .  .       . j i,.. rl... lowing described  lands:    Commencing at  a
whole matter will be determined by the pos, 'j,,.,,,.,,,, „, „„, sw comer and about
sort of weather encountered the   first Al miles south of Lot 1883 or 1884, thenci
„    „   , 80   chains    east;     Ihcnce   80   eliains   suutli:
halt of the winter. thenee  SO  ehnins  wost;     tlm
Work has already  commenced  on a "orth to point of '';,|"^|':'v"|,;;,,;";"M1.|,pln
tote road from the point at which the Sept. 12. 1910. Win, West, ng
rail head will rest for the winter to
Beaver Dam, where the Skeena is to
be bridged and if the river steamers
are unable to carry all the supplies and
materials for the bridge up the river
this fall they will be brought by horses
and sleighs.
.At Prince Rupert it was the opinion SO chains S0UI,II|,|,|''U
that the contract for the remaining sec- Sept. iA. Into,
.ion between Aldermere and Tete Jaune '                                msTRlC~
Cache would be let about November 1. Division ol Fort George.
The distance from Aldermere to South MTAKEd "^ "j"} 'tm"^iitlnfoUlSh op °y
Fort George is 237.   The distance from for   permission"  to purchoBc the   lollowing
Smith   Fnrt     fiporire    to  Tete   Jaune described    lands:     Commencing at   a   post
aoutn   tort    ijeorge    to   icu.   oaune plantj8d a,  ,hl, nort|,west curncr and about
Cache is 315.   This  contract  calls for 4;  miles   south of    Lots 1884 and 1000.
thenee   80   chains   east;   thenee   80    -••"'»
Murphy,   nf
!ltrnds     Ii
i1. -j     ju-.ul Office: VANCOUVER. E. c.
CAI'lTAL AUTHORIZED - - $2,000,000
If. I'. Mel B.VN >M, Usq., President: Me
Liniian. Mel'n.v S Co., Wliolesulc
Hardware,   Vancouver,   11 C.
M. It (AIM.IN. F,st|., \ i" President,
Capitalist,  Victoria,  B.C.
HIS HONOR T. « '" ' t'.RSOt . I. 'ii-
teiiant Govornor llr"-!i  C ilrnnhln.
L. VI. SHATFDRD, Esq4 M.L.A., Merchant, Hi ll.i. li.o.
W. II. MALKIN. l.sp. The IV. IL Malkin Co., Ltd., Wholesale Grocers,
Vancouver,  H.C.
II.  J. JENKINS, Esq.,   I'rcsldonl   11.1
Lumber C(
t   Vniloouvo
in;: Co.,   Ltd.,   Van.
.1.   \.   MITCHELL,    Esq.,'
Victoria, R. ('.
E.  II.  HEAPS,  Esq.,  E.  I
I o .   Lumber   nnd   Timber;   |
Columbln   Trust   Co.,  L(d.,
vor,  it. C.
.1.  A.   HARVEY,   Esq.,   KM'
ol Crnnbrook,  B.C.,  Vnncouver, He"
•   L.  DEWAR, General  Manager'
,,S,,,1'"1". Wash..
Ilinber & '|'n. .;
Her.  li.c.
rieni,s t,
Tort George Branch; F, K. DEWAR, Manager.
mi ano ,?i37ia gxa a
Division  ol   Fort  George
TAKE  i,mice  thai   Michael   Ham
phy,  of Frank,  Alia.,  merchant
apply  for  permission   to  purcht
lowing described   lunds'    Comm
post  planted  at   the  southwest
about   4J   miles   soull
1606,    thenee  80  chuins  ens
'haias north;  thenee 80 chnli
Assets Exceed Fifiy Miilicn Dollars
of   l.uts
1664    and
thence    80
west;   thence
Wm.   West,   agent
niles and is one of the longest to be   s
let in the province.
south;   Ihenee     80   eliains   west;   the
chains  norlh   to   |"
Sept. 13. 1910.
Wm.  West,  agenl
District ol Cariboo. CARIBOO   LAND  DISTRICT.
M., r-i-i      *■     n   .  xi       /.   k          *   v Division   of   I* ort   George.
TAKE notice thnt Vera Godfrey, of   Van- TAKI,      t,       ,,      Uos|,  A      Ml]   ,      nf
comer.   B.C,,   horisokeeper,   intends  to  apply MacLe0(|    Alt„     wUow    lntcnds   ,„'  £pn,y
tor     permission   to   purohnse   the    following ,             lissi„„           |)1Irc|,ase   the     following
described    anils:       1 ominci.eiiig   at   a    post ,,,.„,,'.„„,,,   ,,,„,,,.     Cummeneing   at    a    post
planted  about   18   miles  north   of   BlaUa- ,    td     ,   ,h(,   x w   rm.,||,r  £       ,,,      ' j,
tor   on tho Fort Oeorge wagon road,  thenee < „            ,     f ,        UM      d 1(;(J|;      ,     .;,
north   <i0   Cains;     thence     east   M  chains; „„   „,   ,        ea          ,„,.,„.,.   s„   ohM      M)1„,
thenco   south   M  chains:     thenee    west    <su ,            H0    ,   ,                    ,          SQ     fc ,
chains to  point  oi commencement, contain- th           ,       , commencemollt,
Ing  iv acres more or less.
August  22,  1910.
Sept.  13.  1910.
Win.   West,   agenl
Division ot  Fort Oeorge.
TAKE  notice that   Robert  Michael   Burns
of South Fort Oeorge,  B.C.,  merchant,   in-   ,«.     i- "»«>'
tends  to  apply   lor  permission  to    purchase   described    land
the   following  described   lands:    Commencing   '    •     '
Division  of   Furl   Oeorge
TAKE    notiee     thnt     W.   .1.  Oreshani,  of
Frank.   Altn,   blacksmith,   intends   to   apply
for    permission    to  purchase  ii'
Commencing at a   post
planted nt the north  east  corner and nbout
me   lonuwiag   oeseruieu    lalius:     I ninmenciiig iiniueu   in   me   uuiin   euat   c.u.iei   ami   aount
at   a   post   planted   live   feet   south   ot    the A)  miles  south     of   Lot   1883.    Ihenee    80
south-east  corner of  Lot   'j^o.   Cariboo  lbs- chains  west;  thence  80 chain.-:  south:   thenee
trict,   thence   west   uO  chains;   thence   south 80   ehnins  east:   thence  80  chains  north   to
WI       ..h.ti.tu-        in,,tic,    f,.l I.... i in.    II.,,    ....ci iiilcc- nnint    >i(    cue. meiiCciiu n t
'iO    chains;    thenee  following  the mennder-   point ot eomn
ings ol the Fraser River in a north-easterly
direction lo the point of commencement and   Sept, 14, 1910
containing 20  acres  more or less.
September  8,  i:ij.u.
W.  .1.  GRESHAM.
W.J. West, agent
District of Cariboo.
TAKE notice that Stella Van  Vechten,  ot
Everett,  Wash., married woman,  intends  to
apply  lor  permission  to  purchase  the   following described  lands:     Commencing at a
post   planted  about   two  miles  west  of    Ihe
south   west    corner   of    District    Lot    '„
thence north 80 chains; thence cast 80 chaias
thence  soutli    80    chains;   thence  west    8u
chains  to  point  of commencement,  containing 640 acres more or less.
August Tl.  1910. W.  F.  Cooke,  agent
Division of Fort (Jorge.
TAKE nolice that A. V. Lang, of Frank,
Alta., merchant, intends to apply ,'or permission to purchase the following described lands: Commencing at a post planted
at the N E cornor, and about Ai miles
south of Lois 1883 or 1884. thence 80
chains west; theaee 80 ehnins soutli; ttfcnco
80 chains east: thenee 80 ehains nortli to
point of commoncemont.
A.  V.  LANG.
Sept.  12.  1910. Wm.  West,  agent
Division of Fort Oeorge.
TAKE notice that .las. II. Farmer, ol
Frank, Alta, banker, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following described luads: Commencing at a post planted at  the  N W enrner  and  about 5j    miles
TAKE  notice that  Ward  Van  Vochten,  ol   ■?""?„ °<  }•**   m'L;""!  .1SM'   'J,™?"   80
Tacoma.  Wash.,  physician,  intends  to apply     ft,1*   lli:'';-  80  '•';""J  s0"lh;     """'"
fnr    norml.oinn       in       n.,,,1....   .1...     I„l I,.,!-!,.'      »0    ehllltIS    WCSt|    lildlCe    80    cllalllS    nOrtll    U)
District of Cariboo.
purchase the   following
for  permission    to
described lands: Commencing at a post
planted about two miles west (I tho south ,.
west corner ol District Lot '-n. thonce "
soulh 80 chains; thence east 80 ihalns;
thence north 80 chains; thence v.ist 80
chains to point of commoncemont, containing 640 acres more or less.
August 22.  1910. W
point oi commoncemont
lDi.0. Wm.   WL'St
Division  of  Furt  Georgfl.
TAKE  notice  that   .lames   Lawrence  Ryan,
ol Frank, Alta., clerk, intends to apply' Ior
F,  Cooke, agint permission   to   purchase   the  lollowing     des-
.  . cribed lands:    Commencing at a post plant-
FORT  GEORGE  LAND   DISTRICT south' dl^Lo/lSS™'theil'ee. o0°chalns  west;
District  ol  Cnrlhoo. thence  80  chains   south:   thenee  80     chains
TAKE notice that Robert Van Vechten, of east thence 80 eliains  north.
Index.   Wash.,   carpenter,   intends   to    apply JAMES   LAWRENCE  RYAN,
lor    permission    to purchase  the   following Sept.  14,  191U. Win,   West,  agent
described     lands:     Commonoing  at  a    posi • •, —	
planted about two miles west of the soutli CARIBOO LAND DISTRICT
west corner ol District Lot 926, thence Division ot Port Oeorge
north 80 chains: thence west 40 chains; TAKE notiee that W. 0. McGowan, of
ihenee south 80 chains: thence enst 40 prank, Alta., merchant, intends to applv
chains to point ol commencement, contain- (,„• permission to purchase the lollowing
ing 320 acres more or less. described lands: Commenolng at a post
a . •>■> loin U,iW"„VA,.N ,■'''', ""•''■ I'1""11''' at the NE corner and about. 5»
August ii, 1910. W. v. Cooke, agent miles south of Lots 1883 and 1884, th nee
  80   chains   west:   thence   80   chains   south :
FORT GEORGE LAND. DISTRICT. ^ tfpoinf'o, '^im.uicwu'cm. 8°    """'"*
District of ( ariboo. «•    r\    McOOWAN
TAKE  notice    that    Clifford   Redding,    of Sent.   13.  1910. Wm.West.agent
Index,   Wash.,   druggist,   intends    to    apply	
Ior permission to purchase the lollowing
described lands: Commenolng at a post
planted nbout two miles ol the south west
corner of District Lot 926, thence south on
chains:   Ihcnr
Division of Fort  George.
TAKE notice  thai   Oeorge   II,   Malcolmsnn.
wesi"~40"chaias; "thenee'aortii   ','' Prankj AUa- fhyslclan, Intends tu npoly
nee east  40  ehains  tn   nnh.i    '"r  pcrmissinn    t0     purchase  the   lollowing
nils:      Commencing   al   a    post
........,,      .,,.,,.,,       ..,,..     -i\j     'in.,tin,      fin..,.,;   I1UIL1I        .
80  chains;   thence east  40  chains   to   point    ,
ol    commencement,    containing  320   ncres,.   ocBcrioi
planted    nt     the N E  corner and about  4
more  or   less,
August 22.  1910.
CLIFFORD   REDDING.       ■   , .   ,        ■ ■     .,     ■■","'': ■"   '
W.  F. Cooke,  agent   '"        s0."1'1 °'  ''0,s  lh!f,!  '""'   loX'1'   ""'i"
District ot  Cariboo.
TAKE  notice   Hint  Louis   Shall   ol  Brighton,   Wash.,   preacher,   intends  to  apply    for
permission   to   purchase   the  following     described lands:     Commenolng at a post planted about one mile north and  one  mile west
Of  the   norlh   west   corner   of   District    Lot
\)ib, thence west 40 chains; thonoo north 80   ln
chains;   Ihenee cast 40 chains;  thence south   (l
80 chains, lo point of commencement,   con
talnlng 320 aoroa more or less.
80 chains west: thenee 80 chains south ;
thenee 80 ehnins east: thence 80 chains
nortli to  point of oommonoomont,
Sept.  12,  1910, Win.  Wost, agent
Division ot  Furt  Georgn,
TAKE  notice    thai   ('.   .1.  Tompkins,    nl
Frank,  Alia., accountant,  intends lo   apply
August 22.  191.0.
cribed     binds:
.. nted  at the n
4i   miles    south
chains west;  then'
i  purchnse  Die fol
Commonoing at a
of   Lot
W.  F.  Cooke,  agent   °", ''bains  east;   Ihenee  80  el
point of oommonoomont.
Sept.  14,  19)0.
ooo,   thence
th;   thi
' alns norlh  to
Win.  West, agent
District ol Cariboo.
TAKE notice that Lena Shall ot Brighton, f'ARIlMIO  I V'H  nlSTHic'l'
Wash.,   married   woman,   Intends    to    apply Dlvist,    if   P r    ( ,   ,,
for    pcrnnss on    to    purchase  Hie |„||„,,,,, „,.,.,.   Diiihlon  ol   I'nrt   Oeurgr.
described  lands:      Commencing  at  »TroBt rIA<'\,"."""',    ",llt   ^""'i1  Cnnlnrld,    ot
Planted  aboul  one  mile  north  and one 111 il' l'nin!(' .Altn." J™"".''1''   "".''"'I" A" npply  lor
west Irom  the north west corner ot District   ,'.',,,„,  ,. ,
Lot     9ZP     "thenoo"" wesi" 4(T' chains; "ihenee lia"^ Itf N wT™T»& "LW'A Pl"^"
south     80   chnns;    thenee  east   40  ehalns ■ '    ,         .     " ,"'"."''   and   about.  4    miles
thence   norm   80   chains'  to '«,„tol "'no V 5?tf, °J"ltaho1n5n3o(1nnn,,!**;    *«""   «>
mencement   eontaining   320   acres    more    or J n" , „ iw,!       a, ?»<               •""    ;   ' '"'"'"
less.                                        IFS'\   SHAI I eiiaias  wesi;   ihenif'   ao  chains  north   to
August  22, 1910.          w. F. Cooke, ago'nl '"""l "' ^mmencomont.
First Insertion abovo notices Sopt. 24th. Sept.   12, 1910.          A M"'wm" w!'al!K',«o„t
iritish North America
Your money is safer in I lie Hank than  in  your house or In yuur
pocket,    lt is not tied up.   You can get It out at any time with
out delay,   N0TB8 discounted.   Local and Foreign Draftu bought
and sold.  COLLECTIONS made promptly.   Money Orders issued.
Fort George Branch,       L. G. MacHaffie, Mgr.
m xnxjracn jtiiu mm
Heat! Office:
Total Assets, $44,5G0,CC
Total Deposits, $33,500,000
We Aim to Pay strict. Attention to Our Clients' Business,
Along with Courteous Treatment to Everyone.
II. C; SF.AMAN, Manager.
Jxood Land al Reasonable Prices
"  and On Very Reasonable Terms.   Title Perfect.   	
North Coas
mi Co. Ltd.
General Offices:   410,411, 412 Winch BldR,, Vancouver, B. C.
London Office:    6 Oid Jewry.
We don't ask you to purchase South Fort George lots by
making a pencil mark on a townsite plan   You would
be safe in so doing, but if skeptical
~D       COME TO       £=:
=°    Investigate Our Proposition   c=
and you will find a good live town    Two hanks, saw mill,
pool hall, newspaper, two general stores, splendid
hotel, bakery, stationery store, mail-boat
landing, scores of buildings,
and crowds  of satisfied   buyers
172 Hastings S£., VANCOUVER, B. C.


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