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 gi m % %
VOL. 5. NO. fi.
AY. OCTORER 10th, 1914.
Boston Wins First Game of Series; Score 7 to 1
Ostend, Oct. 8th.—The Germans have laid siege to
Antwerp and are contending with all their force for its
possession. They are reported as using their heaviest
Krupp siege guns, and making a most determined
attack, also'using Zepelin dirigibles with deadly effect
in dropping bombs into the city.  Loss of life frightful.
Second Canadian
London, Oct. 9th.—The attack of the Germans on
Antwerp the past twenty-four hours has been terrific.
Antwerp is burning in four places. One German airship was brought down by shells from the Allies guns.
A relief force of the English sent to aid the Belgians
succeeded in capturing a large force of Germans.
Sent to the Front
King George Hotel Opened     !Col. Dan McGregor An
,"~~   , , Old Timer Visits Town
At last the long  looked  for 	
hotel at P r ine e George  is a j   0ne f,  . ftfa      .
real,tv.   The King George open-|ed ,ntffl ^ HerM Qffice & . .^
ed its tioors to the public on Saturday night October 3rd.
Located on George Street in
the centre of the business district it means much to the business interests of the town and
releases much circulation which
coming as it does at this time
ly faced, white haired old gentleman, and asked, "Can you tell
me anything about John Houston."
This led to reminiscences. The
gentleman was Col. Dan McGregor, who back in 1870 came
[up the Fraser River on the
Latest Telegrams From
the Front
Odd Fellows to Hold
Third Masquerade Ball Oct. 30;
Empire Concert Proceeds
has already increased traffic and I flrtt~altomboat "called"the" Vic-
put a busy aspect to the city S ^   an(]  ,anded at  the   Fort
streets, George Canyon,  the rocks  not
The City of the Georges now perrnjttjnK the steamer to come
has a list of finely equipped up to fm,ther at ,hat time> the ba,ance
date hotels serving the differentjof the trip to Fort George being
sections of the City and is ready
for the [ravelling public. If the
business conditions had been
what they were last year at this
time these hotels would be sorely taxed to care for all the guests
seeking accommodation.
It is fully expected that as
soon a.s normal business conditions are resumed, with the connecting of all parts of the City
by direct Boulevard now being
built from South Fort George
through George Street to Central
Fort George, the Northern Hotel
the oldest and best known hostelry in the Interior of B r i t i s h
Columbia, the Empress and
Robarts hotels at the South end
of the boulevard, and the Fort
George Hotel at the western end
passing the new King George
Hotel on George Street and from
the..' centres a development and
branching out into neighboring
avenues, our City of Georges
will have come into its own and
on the way to tbe Great City
the Interior, its destiny.
Opening of Queen
Street Now Under Way
Ihis week was commenced the
work of connecting all the towns
of the (leorges into a real city.
Shortly a broad Avenue taking
on "ll the aspects of a boulevard
will be a reality, from the foot
of Fourth Street at the steamboat landing in the section of the
''•'rater city known in the past
58South Kort (leorge, through
what for over 100 years has been
toe Hudson Bay Reserve, con-
Slsting of about 90 acres, to
l;eorge Street the centre of the
lire«ter City and up Ihird Street
to Central Fort (leorge,
South Fort (leorge with its
three up to date hotels and numerous lirst class rooming house
hotels, for years the business
centre of the country and Central
J'oi't (leorge the western end of
the greater city, is thus brought
'" close touch and centered in
thetlrand Trunk town of Prince
,eoi'ge formerly the Indian Re-
8erve and sold off last year at
™™t has come to be known as
^e highest priced auction sale
'new town lots ever recorded.
,   "'f W01'k was made possible
J_ Hon. Thomas Taylor,   Min-
[ei' °f Public Works,  visiting
™ section last month and see-
g the necessity of a   closer
tow    8 connectio»  of all the
ms-   He decided on the im-
made by trail.
From this point Col. McGregor
went to Fort St.James and west
to the coast,
Col. McGregor was afterwards
associated with John Houston,
formerly owner of this paper, in
New Westminister. Later he
went to Dawson and was
through the early stirring times
in the Yukon, running a paper
called the 'Yukoner' for 10 years
in that north city.
Col. McGregor is making a
trip back through the country of
his early days, and left for Quesnel and Barkerville the scene of
many recollections of the 70's
and 80's.
provement then and promised a
committee of the Chamber of
Commerce that an appropriation
of $5,000.00 would be made as
the (lovernment's share of the
To confirm this a wire was received by Geo. McLaughiln, from
Minister Taylor reading as follows :
"Executive Council approves
grant $.5,000,00 lo be paid on
completion of road and bridge to
satisfaction of Department Engineers. Will confirm by letter."
Thomas Taylor.
In the early part of the summer the Hon. W. J. Bowser, Attorney neneral and Hon. R. W.
Ross, Minister of Lands, with
John A. Fraser, and other members of the Provincial Government made an extensive trip
through the Northern Interior of
British Columbia and as a result
the Ministers were able to present the needs to the Executive
Council intelligently from first
hand information, and not by
the say so formal reports of
others, always weighed with a
measure of doubt and the possibility of its not being as necer-
sary as presented, by the Government listening to similar requests from all parts of the province.
But with the Government making good on this petition, and by
this action assuring us they are
alive to our requirements, the
Herald from information to hand
feels assured that the people of
this dislrict will have no cause
to justly complain at the future
plans of Government in the opening up of the district to roads into its country, and in other ways
helping us out in our own efforts,
in that direction.
Work will now be pushed vig-
London, Oct. 9th.-Canadian troops landed in England
to-day at Portsmouth and will train on the famous Salisbury Plains before going to the front. The entire Canadian
forces are reported as having made the trip across the
Atlantic and arrived without accident and all well.
Ostend, Oct. 8th. -A large British force is on the way
to the relief of Antwerp via. Ostend, the Germans having
laid seige to Antwerp and arc contending with all their
force for its possession. The Germans are reported as
using their heaviest Krupp siege guns, and making a most
determined attack, also using Zepelin dirigibles with
deadly effect in dropping bombs into the city. The loss of
life and destruction is said to be frightful.
Vancouver, Oct. 8th.-The Grand Jury to-day returned
a true bill against officials of Minoru Race Track, the
charge being the open practice of keeping common betting
house. The meet has being going on for over seventy
London, Oct. 9th, Special Correspondent to the Herald.
The attack of the Germans on Antwerp the past twenty-
four hours has been terrific. Antwerp is burning in four
places. One German airship was brought down by shells
from the Allies guns. A relief force of the English sent
to aid the Belgians succeeded in capturing a large force
of the Germans.
Paris, Oct. 8th,-Premsyl in Galicia is in flames and
about to surrender to the Russians. The Russian forces
in the east continue their forward movements, meeting
success all along the route.
Ottawa, Oct. 9th.-The second Canadian force to be sent
to the front will consist of twenty-two thousand men and
will leave Canada before Christmas. Already this contingent is over recruited.
Philadelphia, Oct. 9th. The first game of the World
Series was fought out on Shibe Park Grounds, this afternoon between the Boston Nationals and Philadelphia
Americans. Boston won - 7 to 1. The next game will be
played in Boston Saturday afternoon.
The Third Annual Masquerade
Ball of the Independent Order
of Odd Fellows of the Port
George District will be held
By request the Herald publishes
the following letter :
Dear Madam,—
I beg to acknowledge receipt
of your letter enclosing cheque
«n | for $219.75,  being the proceeds
the evening of October Hh in of funds obtained from the Em-
their lodge rooms in Lurch's pire concert and dance held by
Hall corner Hamilton and Third |£.e inhabitants of South   Fort
George for the benefit of the
| Streets South Fort George.   The
j Odd Fellows night each year has
eclisped  the  previous  occasion
|and it is always a time of entertainment looked forward to with
keen appreciation. This year
it is expected that some novel
j features not heretofore thought
pf will make the occasion unique
in entertainment and dancii.g for
this section. Everybody will
want to turn out and take part
in the masquerade. Prizes will
be given to the different characters and some surprises are in
store, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
; ing will be given for the benefit
of widows and orphans. Don't
forget its October 30th, "not far
off" and the dance begins at
8:30 p. m. sharp.
'Patriotic Fund.      ^^^^^^^
In reply I beg to state that I
will have this amount forwarded
to the secretary of the 'Patriotic
Fund' at Victoria.
Yours truly,
Thos. W. Heme,
Govt. Agent,
AH Ready
$50.00 REWARD
For tht Arrest and Conviction of thc person or persons who stole
(|uuntily of Liquors from the Warehouse of the I!. C, Express Co. on
the night of Sepleinher 13th, 1914. See the B, C, Express Co.,
Soulh Fort George, B. C.
orously to complete the improvement before the frosts and cold
weather of winter cause further
It is also hoped the Avenue
will be pushed through for use
by the people before bad weather
sets in, which has always made
the round-about route Ly the
Fraser a hardship in going to
and from the different towns.
This new avenue will bring the
(I rand Trunk Depot within ten
minutes walk of the Central
Hotel section of South Fort
George and a three minutes ride,
lt also opens up a route for a
trolley line to connect the three
This a p p r o p r i a t i o n by the
Government at this time is all
the more appreciated because of
the financial and political disturbances throughout the world
which has so beset business and
Government alike. It helps at
a time when the letting loose of
a little money even the $10,000
which the work will cost means
much to the city. It is as good
as a $15,000.CO appropriation in
prosperous times. Again it
helps, improves and beautifies
the whole city.
All sections have been benefitted, and the real public spirited
citizen will be grateful for the
Accomplishment and give all the
.credit where credit is due for
J this big lift toward the development of our city,
Buy your
& Finlaison.
wood from Johnson
Local Assessor in Quesnel
D. F, M. Perkins, local assessor in the City of the Georges
under the proposed Incorporation
of the three towns, is in Quesnel
for a few days gathering data
and information to aid him in his
work here.
Two Well Known Boxers Left For
The Coast
The long look-for word that the 2nd
The proceeds of the even- j Comment from Canada, has been call-
ed out, has at last come, and expectation is rife aj to the date of departure
of our own little band of gallant Legion
of Frontiersmen, Who have been assiduously drilling under the leadership
of Captain Leatham, assisted by a few
able Lieutenants.
On interviewing tho Captain, we learn
that he is In constant communicai ■ n
with Commander Wilson, of Edmonton
Legion of Frontiersmen, who has been
officially authorized by Colonel Sam
Hughes to proceed with the formation
of a whole Battalion of Frontiersmen,
drawn from Vancouver, Calgary,
Edmonton, Medicine Hat, Regina, and
Winnipeg, and when complete and the
time comes, will be attached to the
Regular Army snbject to the ordinary
military rules and regulations, and will
go into miltary training straight away,
either at some point on the Coast line
here, or the training camp at Aldershot,
Tho men from the Fort George distriet will be sent to Edmonton as soon
Harry Anderson and'Fighting'
McKay left on Wednesday
night's train for Prince Rupert
where they will meet all comers,
Anderson will try to get a bout
with 'Rough-house' Burns a
lightweight now nearing the top
rung in the lightweight class
and Harry ought to give a good
account of himself should they
clash in the near future. McKay will no doubt try to get jas Captain Leatham receives official
a match with Frank Bureaui or j notification, and as the result of a wire
some other  topnotcher  in   the! r':c'uVed ".' -Aie as the 7th in8t" he is
,. . , ,      . . . „,, jot the opinion  that in  less  than two
welterweight  oiv.s.on.   1 h e. r weeks from the (Ue of goirig t0 ^
many   iriends   in   the    Georges 0ur men may receive marching orders.
wish them both the best of luck |    Captain Leatham  is reluctant to call
and hope at some future date to jin the men from their pre-emptions and
their various occupations, until officially
again see them in action.
Special Sale at Kennedy-Blair Co., Lid.
Elsewhere in this issue will be
found an announcement by the
Kennedy-Blair Co., Ltd.. of their
Big Reduction Sale which will
continue all the balance of this
month. Each week in the
columns of the Herald they will
offer to the public special extra
reductions in the several departments,
Big Lacrosse Match
On Sunday at the Riverside
Park grounds South Fort George
at 3 p.m., a stirring game of Lacrosse will be waged between
Prince George and South Fort
George teams. C. Brynoldson,
the well-known coast lacrosse
player will handle Prince George
side and thinks his team can
lower the colors of the South
Fort George team, that were
beaten by Quesnel last week, after one of the hardest fought
games of lacrosse of the season.
A large crowd is expected to
boom the Grand national game.
Ball faced off at 3 p. m. sharp.
Our water is the best and fresh
each day,   Hotel Robarts.
notified by the authorities at Ottawa,
but wishes to take the opportunity,
through the medium of this paper, of
asking the men to hold themselvee in
readiness in anticipation of a hurried
The men enrolled hero number 97, all
of whom have passed the medical examination held locally, and the attendances at drill have heen of a very satisfactory nature, the men having shewn
a very creditable enthusiasm all along.
Numerous difficulties have been encountered, such as the absence of rifles
etc., but these have in no way dampened
the ardour of the men, and Fort George
.ill we are sure, have reason to be
proud of her little band of patriots.
They have the hearty good wishes of
the residents in ihe district and will
leave behind many who would willingly
serve their King and Country at thia
crisis, but who are prevented by various
causes from doing so.
lt has been suggested by some ladies
in the town, in order to show their
appreciation of the men's spirit in coming forward so readily to serve their
country in her time of need, that they
provide the men with some warm clothing, preferably flannel shirts, good
woolen socks, and what is always a
useful and acceptable gift a small
" Housewife " containing needles, pins,
buttons, thread, darningwool, etc.
Captain Leatham, Central Fort George
Mr. Heme, Government Agent, and
Mr. Marvin, Distriot Forester, both of
South Fort George, will readily give
any information, all being in close
touch with the latest movements of the
troops, and any man anxious to enroll
for enlistment, or lady wishing to
donate garments to the men, are invited
to communicate with either of thete
. -
ed late effect of railway transportation into the
placer mines of Cariboo, Mr. Stevenson
stated that while Cariboo has had a splendid record as a gold producing camp, yet in
his opinion the past would pale into insignifi-
:..•-. yoi
:.c? of
e of the party has e t-
?urprise at the possibili-
the country after they
shown what has already
accomplished,   and   were
. ;00-AX
j i i
given an outline of  what was
■    „ 'je.ing to be done as soon as the
cance when compared with its immediate p &gQ £ m<, [heir road up in
future with railway transportation at hand. ,hat direction,   This will be the
Coupled with the present modern methods means of assisting to bring some
of working ground cheaply by hydraulic and of the finest land in the country
dredging the Yukon district which is similar
to Cariboo is now yielding large dividends
where it is necessary there to thaw the
ground  before  working while in Cariboo
this expensive way is unnecessary.
Mr. Stevenson informs us that at the
present time a number of large American to know all about the land and
syndicates have secured mining properties how same is t0 be procured, and
Williams Creek. Big Valley and Antler.*0     ':
on with re-
to a state of proper cultivation
ar,d usefuinnss, and will benefit
the lonely farmers up there and
the consumers here alike and
thus will be a blessing for all concerned,
A few of the party were anxious
where boring has been going
fields trom all me...
now that this
by a transc n .
enterce] ts the
distric:. and v th
construct!  . r
Vancouver int  the
following the tjold
trict. gold miningis
attention of a class of investc
the   industry   appeals.     Am
but little dou'j". but th it thos
this country _;-..   an i some
perties being held by many of t
who in anticipation oi
tion have secured many of the
hydraulic and dredging propert
bulldog tenacity stuck to their pre;
either buy a farm for themsehrs
or in order to be able to advise
suits obtained even beyond expectation and frienrjs. in any case tney hau.
that within a few years  several   million seen splendid  land capable of
dollars   will   be expended    installing easiest clearing imaginable, and
dredges and hydraulic plants to work the land that wi:i Produce wonderful
vast  gold  bearing  material  on  a   more c™ps fd -vet s0 ne,ar town' ™*
° ,       °      .    ,     , ...        .   thev   have   never   known o:   it
scientific  and economic basis.    Although before_
the richest known spots have been worked h ha3 been s0 farvery discour-
by the primitive methods of the early day aging work to develop farm land
miner yet this represents but a small frac- since there were no means of
tion of one per cent of the virgin  ground disposing of produce, and the
vet  to  be  handled  bv  the more speedv though1t thfl the stee' hor*e wi",
come shortly, was the sole com-
methoas. forter in a long struggle.
But it is not to be inferred  that  the    With great glee and enthusiasm1
• under above are the only creeks open at which the news of the P. & G. E. con
i and south from development  will   take   place in  this im- struction north, was received by
.-.uui  „i„„„_ c-ij   ,,,-,ru  4\.r, ,'r^-.-;™ n-f \ mil the settlers along the Salmon
River country and ™fe placer fie d   with the invasion of andthere are lots of them,
othe Yukon dis- railway transportation and modem mach- and everybody was getting ready
, in g to attract the inelT-   No doubt Lightning i reek,  V. lllow ta pt.epare the soil for next y .ar-s j
whom R'ver> Summitt Creek,   Konklins Gulch and crop.    Unfortunately the matter'
is many others will appeal  to the ingenuity had to be delayed again on account
the white
■ r .old
 int   In-
instay min-
iance on ac-
: the placer
rtion.    But;
.-.:". removed:
hich almost
the Cariboo'
for COAL cr WOOD
of all kinds and sizes
for every Kitchen
"GURNFYt??Tv"§?5f0/the famous
bl KrsL l STO . ES."   Our PRICF.
are right.
We are allowing a special 10 per cent
discount on every  article in  our  st re '
Orders will be taken at pur Prince Ge
Yard as well as at our store at South.
"TookIipIour stove requirements
Renumber Ike 10 per teal. CASH Distort.
W. F. COOKE. Pres.
C I *__..-..
Barristers.  Solicitors,  Etc.
Haight Bldg, Prince George, B. C
P. E. Wilson   ::   L. P. ErKSTti*.
Quit Baking
irs, to
a who scan land "skill of the present dav mining man of the general European conflag-
of the nro  and come in for a share of the development ration, but this is only a temper-
'js   nt jjiij arv halt which  was unavoidable
he old timers pending.   British   Columbia with a pop- and cou]d not be foreseen
transporta- ulatl0n of about four hundred thousand and    The iclea of hog raising is being
m >st choice the greater part of its area hitherto void of  .one into and will be commenced
ies and with railway facilities produces annually  over next spring, and on the other
i the .e thirty millions dollars from its mines yet we hand one rancher is s°insin for
fruit and will experiment in this
years realizing that in the nd the remum- scarcely hear the mining industry   ......  |ine_   Garden gtuff suchascab.
eration would justify their long wait and tioned- bages, turnip?, onions, carrots,
ended.  But dur-        While in Alberta a few   months  ago and beets, have been verysuc-
. it be interpret- when a small prospect of oil was discover- cessful, and of course spuds have
. have beenly- edintheDingmanwelland in quantities of to be mentioned.   There will be
.       been working unproven commerical value, investors both sometnic,e ff™ «ogr houses built,
  ,11        i   _     ■ i       ii        ,r  .   1      i    on   at   least two of the farms
hydraulicing and local and foreign almost lost their heads alonR there vvhich have already
'.      pn perousgoing and  resulted in a mad   rush,   including been decided on for the begin-
to spend their winters the small salaried sales girl to the hard ning of the-winter and no doubt
me improving headed business magnate who were equally!several others will go up at a
ending   their extra carried away, in their eager stampede to la^r dat^
ties that would get rich quick business.
tati       . • orne
the amount of p;
ing all these
ed that the sl
ing idle. Many
claims on a sm
drifting by hand
away to the ci
while others rem
their plants, ai
capita! on se
with railway tr
enhanced in v..
During the
correspondents .
U._  'iKl-ijl, 'j:   ...:'.  ..    .
of the few -.. .:.'.;.   if ■
rush to the C       land
equalled by ".I.and the great r   i to 1
Mr. Steven
continuously a n
young man has
one of the provin i
trusted official   occi
assessor and colli
istrate and sherifl  of
and residing at Barl
gold mining dislrict has
curate knowledge of de1
spects of this great p
Watch Repairing,
and Jewelery
High-Grade Watches
Jewelery, Diamonds, and
Precious Stones.
Native Gold and Souvenir
Pennes' Jewelery Store,
3 Loaves Bread for 25c
rman Bakery
Also PASTRY are.j CAKES st
Reasonatk- I
Architect and Civil Engines
Tern] -       ■■ ■■"
Corner Vancouver        . . :   -:rects,
Mr. Hugh Stewart, kii.u
Prince George
Builders Co. Ltd.
New Modern ¥:■■:-P..- :r. Rungaleew,
Prince George, Ottawa and Bowser
Forfurthe   Pi
H. WILSON. Mgr., Comer Laselle i Seventh
P.O. foi 64 SOUTH fW ml
:.'i i
That there is going to be a
great farming comunitv around
greatly Although it is not our intention to de-: Little Salmon River there is no
tract from the merits and possibilities of'doubt, and as a further guarantee
g one of .our the Alberta oil fields but merely to point'of this there is the fact that the
•e of inter-.out that human nature when carried:class of people who havc' matters
pioneers in away by enthusiasm excited by the litera- in hand are a go-a-head ana hard-
._  „„j , - .i      l        vi   i     i ,  l working bunch and are going in
m and one ture of the plausable broker on exaggerat-1 for various CJcperimcnt8 wh*ich
overland ed possibilities will often lead the sound and !are essential in the farming busi-
only been sane business man to fall, contary to his ness of a new country.
in 1849 sober business instincts and persue a will of    People here wishing to go out
on in 1-98. wisp and at the same time let go unheeded fishing or shooting should not
been almost fields for solid and legitimate investments. "eglect.hi8pJ^.t.of the country
,.;',,    ■.:«_,       ur 11   a      . si       -o ,i     because in addition  to most ex-
..boo since a We  would  therefore  suggest that if the cel|ent Bport they wil| al80See
:n years been British  Columbians  would  arouse  them- some of the most valuable assets
i n snt's most selves from their present apathy and be- the country possesses.
• position of come  inbued  with  some of the Alberta'
mdiary mag-1spirit in pushing and advertising its own , ,
anboo district resources now that the country is being ex-fc? ? K°°. aU?.?y ? lak"
,       s   c si       i -s   i   i m , .'        .     u        ; ing place on board the steamer
e heart of the ploited  by  railways there is no doubt but Mauretaina while at sea.
more ac-, that the benefits would rebound in compen-1   Their Marconi operator heard
Church of England
Holy Communion 1st and 3rd
■Sundays at 8 a. m.
Every Sunday at 11 a.m. Holy
Communion Sung with sermon.
Morning prayer at 10:45.
Evening prayer and sermon
Presbyterian  Church
Rev. A. C. .Justice, pastor,
Services : 11 a, ni. and 7.30
p, in. Gospel service.
Sabbath School meets nt 10
a. in. for summer months.
11 a. m. - The Minister.
7.30 p. m.   The Minister.
Sunday School 10 a. m.
A. ('. Justie, Minister.
NOTICE is herebj pvi
expiration of 80
will lio ma li
Joint-Stock Compai ii
to chance tho name of thi
pany to "GOKDON BAIN
(Signed) Gordi
Prince George. B.C.
-   I. \'\l     4
; the
An incident of the war
is re-
camp than any that follow.
engaged an experienced surface loom is mixed up and well.
About three weeks a
of local businessmen w
a pleasure trip to Little Salmon
River District.  Some of the party
had never been near that district
and others had never been more
than two or three miles out of
town, but one of the party
matter of fact the om
ranged the excursion hai
there on variou
ously, and as a
trips now owns an entire section
of land. He has decided after
careful  investigation to d
pments and pro-jsation to ourselves and to the generation i by his instruments a call from
I some ship also at sea for news of
the war.
ias engaged an experienced surface loom is mixed up and well' SusPecting a |-l|se from an
farmer, who, in spite of road nigh covered with rotten residue enemy ship in the vicinit>' the
difficulties and other troubles, Iof fallen trees. There has been !°Perator signalled by private
which are bound to present them- a fire through that part of the i coc*,e kn°wP ?nl-V to operators
selves in a new and unexplored; country some six or seven years
ccuntry,  is now engaged in the j ago, and the partly burnt trees
have since been rotting there on
the ground, Beaver dams have
been constructed at many points,
naturally, finemeadowlands have
and got back the word "beat it."
breaking-up  and ploughing of
land which has been easily cleared
The clearing is very easy indeed
and this will be understood readi-
as a
who ar-
ln.'eii up
occasions previ-
result of his past
ly when it is pointed out that the I been thereby created.   Wild grass
growth around there consists of | is there in abundance and in some
places stands as high a.s five feet.
half-inch and one-inch  Willows
and some very young birch and
There is no growth
poplar tree;
there that requires more strength
for pulling out than can be done
by hand.   The soil is of a silt
op nature covered ly  about   nine
the land,  and for that purpose inches of black loom and  this
Italy seems to be maintaining
the neutrality with difficulty her
own people demanding more and
more insistently, war on the allies side, All political parties
continue demonstrations against
Italian attachee at Berlin has
left for Rome.
OUR PARLOR makes it home
like.   Hotel Robarts.
Letters from Edmonton, Vancouver and the outside tell of
the ladies of the Daughters of
the Empire and other organizations devoting their time and
money making and providing
clothing to be sent to the soldiers
Alarge shipment went
from Edmonton last week. The
good loyal women may not fight
but theirs is an important part
in helping to keep the soldiers
warmly clad during the coming
Fori Georg
"Tender for I ■
will ho receivi I
the Minister ofPul I
of Tuesday, the 131
1914, for the erection
vt two - room Bcho
l George, in theCarilw
Plans, specifics!!
on on »n
forms of tender mav u= ■--•■ ^ the
after the 27th day of.JuJ7e 1;.';:„„rc.
Needless to say that the beaver
meadows have become favorite
places for ducks which are always
to be seen around there.
The party went primarily to     mut t~77_  ~      T
mg,  neither were  they  dis-1 Johnson & Finlaison.
If ever a nation deserved to
win a war; if ever it was right
to go into a war or to pray for
[the success of a nation's arms,
that nation is the British Empire.
We arc constantly in recepitof
'information setting forth the
! humane act of the English
people, but none of these messages will so appeal to the justice
loving as that of English families
adopting and taking into their
homes the orphaned children of
Belguim parents killed in the
German invasion of that innocent country.
,K. Govern-
»j Mr. ft &
" ■ hool Hi*™'.
office of Mr. Thos. \V
ment Aeent, ','ort,(j10/
Perry, Secretly .'I   "■.'ia],|,u,,;tl)
Fort George ; and  tm   i   I
Public Work-. Victoria. .^
Bv application to, llu ""ovofl.
contractors can obtain one     . _,;>(!
plans and specifications Ut  ■     ,,riC.
ten dollars ($10), which wil db
ed on their return in _ood oro.
Each proposal must  i»   •
by an accepted hank     ; I"1
cato of deposit on ticnan
Canada, made payaWj;.
Minister of Public »
to thi
equal to 10 per cent
shall be forfeited If the i
decline to enter into
called upon  to oo so
complete the wor	
ir if he
cted for
■lllllpleli' eeee-  ,   ,   . osjt Ol '" '
cheques or certilicales''l   M||Ui|.|H,,iI(,
successful tenderesui'   '\|H,,„nlr;»'l
them upon the exe!Ution«"du„|^
Tenders will not be con»     ^ H „,..
made out on the w«"'f"p'0f the tenj;
with the actua   sign!  u.        ^  .,.,,
erer,  and enclosed  in
furnished. ,.,. ,,,,1 iietea'
The lowest or nny tenaei
arily accepted.   |    );   (;Ki V"i I'I !'■,
Deputy WhilBterftno J
1 \v„rks, Engineei
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.^
24'th, J"'*. 19l4n,t. 3-14-2'- RS
Made From Your Own Skins
PARTICULARS.       ;:       	
We also carry a large stock of High
Grade Furs to suit all purchasers.
n LtuiiT io me neraia
.&... e_-m . prospective uuyer 01
160 acres out east of the Fraser,
and showed him what the buyer
wanted, a piece of land than
which there is nothing richer out
of doors, but the buyer hesitated I
because of lack of road to it.
Eut the people must remember
this is a new country,  until this
The Herald is in receipt of the
following letter, which is reproduced for the benefit of our
readers, being typical of the feel-1 Past year we,l nigh inaccessible,
ing of the general public, and j everybody knows that Govern-
interesting from many points of ments  and   business  has been
view :-■
The Fort George Herald.
Re-your kind letter of
September 10th, I shall be ready
to send you next spring one or
sadly crippled by financial and
political disturbances. By
another year all these developments should be accomplished or
under way.
As   for   development   around
Danforth & Mclnnis,
I. C.
Box 278 Fort Gkorke, IS. C
The Cookson Plumbing
and Heating Co.
Plumbing,  Steam and Hot Water Heating
Local Manager
than has taken place up to date j
around ! 's our ^rm belief.   To our readers |
Cleanliness is next to Godliness
BATHS at Hotel Robarts.
Fort George Undertaking Co.
.1. \\. <AND1F0RD
Stuck of Caskets and Shipping Cases always on
hand,   Out-of town calls promptly attended to.
Phone Sandiford 23.
VAPSHOW,  Licensed   Embalmer,  Manager.
Prince George Chamber of
Contractors & Builders
K:.t ierentcB Few of Chariro
:: Jole Work Neatly und Promptly Executed
Phone  26
Always buys the genuine article, especially when it can he obtained
al ■ qua] price with the inferior. She will therefore show her good
- ine'iit by putting in the winter supply of the famous Johnson &
Finlaison'a Fir Wood while prices are cut. Our cord-wood is the best
thai money can buy.   Our motto - FULL MEASURE.
Johnson & Finlaison
P. 0. Box 166
Corner Hamilton & Third
South FortGeorge. B.C.
lhe newest and most modern
hf|t''l in the northern interior
Rates  $2.50 and $3
Monthly and weekly ratea on application
li''"! 'if wines,
'-.nor» and elgaw
Albert Johnson, prop.
j more subscriptions for the Herald : Prince - Fort George, the sum of
provided you get out of the rut!tlle whole of it is surprisingly
; that many western Canada papers I £reat considering as we must the
find themselves in, viz., town \ newness of the country and
boosting and neglect of publicity !recent railroad facilities. But,
m reference to agricultural and jthat more development will take
other resources and state of de-1 P|ace in the next twelve months,
What have you done
Fort George in an agricultural'we woulti most emphatically state
way ? How much chance is there |this is a vei*y rich mixed farming
for a new settler to make a living !and dairy country.
who has money to pay for land | 	
and then some, and practical ex-     We have fir, poplar, jack pine,
perience as a farmer ? i spruce and balsam wood.   John-
What is the climate and temp- son & Finlaison.
erature for the various months of.  — — 	
the year ?
What have the few settlers you
know produced ? Are there openings for dairy farming, and what
j is being done by local Provincial
j and Dominion Authorities to
' make your agricultural lands have
access to Fort George and other 	
! markets ? Are there bridges, A Special Meeting of the Exec-
ferries, or is it a "free for all utive Board of the Prince George
swim " across the Fraser and the Chamber of Commerce was held
Nechaco? If you get settlers to, Monday evening at their rooms
develop yous agricultural lands on George Street, It was the
and other resources Fort George first fall meeting of that body,
will need no more artificial boom- preparatory to its winters work,
ing. Her future is secure owing Plans for the future of the busi-
to her fortunate geographical ness interests of the Greater City
location. were discussed and advanced in
Wishing you the success you; many  instances.      Among  the
deserve as pioneers in the last! matters decided on was the ap-
great west.   I am, with kind re- pointment of a night watchman
gards, j f°r the winter, it being thought
Yours truly a necessity that some provision
This correspondent has asked be made to protect the town at
the questions many have ponder- night when fires are most liable
jedover and carried with heavy to occur.   Several good applicants
hearts and backs. were considered  and   the  Fire
To-day we had a call from a1 Committee authorised to make a
pre-emptor, one of the "real selection from among the number.
Jones," no make believe squatteriThe fuilds for the maintenance of
on land waiting for his time to1 the fire department being found
! roll round that he might get his.low !t was deemed wise that a
Crown Grant without a tree felled systematic canvass be made
or an acre got ready for the plow. amonP the 10 w n s p e 0 p 1 e for
This man came in to buy a monthly donations to the fund
plow and a harrow.   He brought ,and !t is lioped everybody will
Ihis horse with him to pack it out Provide as liberally as possible
to his pre-emption, 20 miles of a for this purpose.   It is an insur-
pack trail, C miles of which he P« and Protection  everybody
j himself has cut for a sleigh t-oad. j should be glad to contribute to
He is full of ambition and en- f°r the benefit of the whole. A
thusiasm for his land, asked us UM from everybody will make
Tor the names of the best seed the burden light and effective
houses, was sending out for fruit! A committee was also appoint-
trees, has two acres ready for I ed to wait on the members of the
the plow, and looked every inch!Chamber to collect necessary
of him the sort of man that is j funds to continue the work of the
to make this country bloom. But! commercial body as awhole.it
he was discouraged because of no (being recognized by everyone
roads to his place or within miles j that it is the only organization
0r jt we have for the advancement of
These communications we are industry and business, and the
constantly receiving, this kind encouragement of settlers to our
of conversation is a common oc- ''ich agricultural lands in the
currence. distnct
The Herald will in its future The question also of a Fire
issues try to set forth the advant-1 Chief to look after the equipment
ages of this section, and answer
Victor Gramophones and Records, Heintzman Pianos.
Drugs,   Stationery,   Toilet Articles,  Cigars,  Cigarettes,
Tobaccos, Wholesale and Retail.'
P. BURNS & CO. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in all Kinds of
Butter, Cheese, Eggs;
Highest Prices Paid for Hides and Live Stock
Phone SS
Fort George and South Fort George.
Corner Fourth and Hamilton       -       Soulh Fort George, B. C
On American Plan. Rates on Application.
Bright and comfortable  rooms  and
suites at the Empress.
Coal Wood
Windows, Doors, Shingles, Building Papers,
Wall Boards, Ready Roofings.
Bone Dry Lumber       Coast Flooring & Finish
Gel 0or Estimilu on your Buildiif
•I nr own mmufjclure
Fhoni I
Prince Ceorje
.»** c°40»
Phonk It
Soull Fort Geonji
C. McElroy, Manager
these and all communications on
W'lKN cities and towns feel the doprflasing effect of a tight money
market and a general re-adjustment of commercial and financial
'"""ii'ms i» taking place, the cry la "Hack to the Farm," No man
'"lc affected by changing financial conditions and so--"1   ' >-"[
caned hard
'he farmer." The °Fort"Oeorge farm-lands will solve your
Mr. Homeseeker.   No richer undeveloped country lies out ot
.'";'; ;""1 no better agricultural opportunities ever existed than tnoBe
'"'' grasped right hero and now.   Fertile landsi excellently loCBteci,
-1'"1 transportation facilities and a waiting market, what more ao
ynu want ?
I     '•''' 1IS help you secure the choice farm vou have lunged for,   We
c '"'""■ Of the best selections in the  district ; our puces are lair,
our tei
- ■    uiiv    ni  ni    ni  in  111   .in   III    nii'      iiie'i'"1   t       1 L
is easy, and every possible assistance is given tne intending
.. R. WALKER, Genernl Agent.
and to handle fires and the fire
brigades, was considered and the
fi.-same subject. It solicits and (suggestion made that some one
invites replies from its readers to of the business men on George
these letters and writings of our Street familiar with such work,
editoral columns. jin   conjunction   with   the_ fire
Write for next weeks Herald,| wardens,  volunteer for this unjoin our  subscription  list, and POrtant duty.
keep posted on the developments
Fort George, B.C.
Victoria. B.C.
P. C. Green, Mgr.
F. P. Burden, Mgr.
Nelson. B.C.. A. H. Green, Mgr.
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
Gril EBCiDHrs, Dominion & B. C. land Surveyors
Surveys of Lanels, Mines, Townsites, Timber
Limits, Etc
All kinds of wood from $5.00
j down-(not up.) Johnson &
! Finlaison.
Hamilton Avenue
the Fresh Eastern Oysters
the Ham and Eggs
the Butter
the Meat Specials
the Baked Spuds
the Pure Maple Svrup
the Honey in comb
the Pie Crust
the Service
the Best in the City
Motto : Quality and Service
British  Columbia  Laud  Surveyor
Land Agent       Timber Cruiser
Representing GORE   . McGREGOR, Limited
McGregor Buildirg. Third Street. SOUTH
Beginning next week wo will establish a
Telegraph Office at Prince Goorgo
,,A1' Teleirram» for Prince George and
Central Fort Genrge will go through the
Prince George Office.
We are also placing a free delivery on
between Pnnce and Central.
We do not run a department
store, we run a wood yard. Johnson & Finlaison.
Victoria Hotel
(Formerly Grand Union)
Third Street     -     South Fort Geor^
Hot ud Cold Water Baths
F.C BURCH       •     •        Proprietor
The Princess Theatre will devote several nights this winter
or our section of British Columbia       ,,,.,,    ,,     ,. .    ...
the pearl and the richest of all I ^or the Flre Fta"d benefit in which
the Provinces in natural resources
local talent will be found taking
ami advantages.
We have roads through the
country, but too Few of them. It
is expected that during the coming year the Government will!
prosecute extensive plans fori Despite their reported stoicism
coad building. The Ministers' the wounded among the Germans
visit here this past summer dis- spend the greater part of their
closed to them these necessities.
Now that the railroad is in full
operation as never before there
is a cry for land accessible to
One of our clients a few days
Buy your wood from Johnson
& Finlaison,
waking hours sobbing piteously.
London is still kept dark at
night to prevent air attacks from
Zeppelin raiders.
You elfect an enetrmous saving em Windows,
Doom, MeeiilelieiK.. Porch Columns, etc., Build-
in* Paper nnel Builders' Hardware by Iniyintr
direct by mall.       NOTE THESE PRICES :
B-cross panel doora for Cf 1 "7A
light stain or oil <?*••"
5-croMJ panel doors for fljl PA
dark stain or paint «pl»JU
Window Frames
Door Frames
EnrylUni in slock fnr immediate shipment
We sell lo anyone.   Snip everywhere.
ELesh JE.
Wholesale and retail
with  steady roomers at  Hotel
! Robarts.
prince george lots
Grand Trunk Pacific Townsite
Lot 18, Block 163   Lot 10, Block 200
Lot 9,     „    113   Lot 19-20 ,,    327
Will accept reiueonable; e,flVr ('eer tlio whole
for Cn nh or Tonys, batanco in 0-12-24 months
Write or Wire
J. M. LAWRENCE, 20115, Cronwii St., MONTREAL
Sept. 26-51. b. I. r, i\.
.. Day..
MoDdav. October 12lh. 1914
. ervations and
a; ply   to   any
:;.c Agent, or
W. ■'. QU1NLAN
District i   • ■••'._■•   .'■..
Winnipeg, Man.
in thi
,    Neil Gething; of tr.e f.rrr. of Iford fl
£ Gething,  George Street, and Pres-
QbtriC.  dent of the Conservative Association of
i the h
South  Fort George,  returned  to  the
lnaugurateo   iol   une City of the Georges, on Thursday, com-
.rsl      me, regular  ma"   Service  ing from Vancouver, via Prince Rupert.
to and  from the east, it being    Mr Gething -a accompanied by hi?
an extension of the service fo-! famUy airi they will tdse op their resi-
1 sometime ago to Mc- dence in Mr   MurdoSrs cottage,  j„
Prince George for the winter.
Specimens mounted true to
life, (iame Heads and Fur
Rug; a speciality. Standard
methods. Terms reasonable
W. D. Wandling,
3:d Avenue. Prince George, B. C
We now get our mail from the
Easti rn provinces via Edmonton,
direct to Prince George, and
from Vancouver and Victoria via
Calgary and Edmonton three
times a week via the Grand
Trunk Pacific.
But will anyone tell us why
only Prince George?
Train service is regular and
just as reliable west of here to
Prince Rupert, and intermediate
poi litS.
Why should not Vanderhoof.
En da co, Smithers, Hazelton,
Prince Rupert have the mail extended to their cities.
And of just as great importance,  why is the City of the brightest.   Hotel Robarts.
:".'i:.. this centre of the In- *  *   *  *  «
••■:' r  of   British   Columbia   de-     Brother Moose, see Pennes for Pins,
prived  of  mail   communications  Fobs, etc., of the fraternity.
with the western end of the rail- *   .  .   ♦   ,
roac'- The Dreamland Theatre, on Hamilton j
This town is deprived of trade. Avenue> are 8Urely pmting upsorne|
of important communication and attractive features. See their announce-'
.opment by reason of this ments in other columM in this weeks'
Penr.es, THE Jeweller, has just received a complete line of baby spoons.
»    .   »   *   *
Mrs. Cowie and her daughter, Misf
Lawrence served tea to their friends on
Wednesday afternoon, assisted by Mrs.
H. Wilson and Mrs. Sadler. Those
present were, the Mrs. Lazier, Perl-,/ ..
Armstrong, Randall, O'Flaherty, F ister, Johnson, Wilson, £. P. Campbell,
McElroy, Blair. Daniell, MissCrawford,
Mi. - Mabee of St. John. N. B., Mrs.
Armstrong of Toronto, Mrs. Dakin of
Central Fort George.
*   ft   ft   *   ft
Our rooms are the largest and
We recently received a letter
from Prince Rupert. It had to
do with the Exhibition at that
We had been invited to participate but the letter was "only
nineteen days enroute" and
arrived after the exhibition date-
was past in its travels around by
Vancouver and Ashcroft.
ft  (»   ft   «   «
Call on Johnson & Finlaison
and get their prices before you
buy your winter fuel.
3 rings.
Phone 45
Charlie McMillan, genera!
blacksmith and horseshoer has
moved his shop from the Hudson
Deail of Louis P. Eckstein
The hand of the grim messenger of death came close to us all
this past week in the sudden illness and death of Attorney Eckstein at the Grand Trunk Hospital last Saturday night. His
a distinct shock
ir i acquaintances
: a few days pre-
returned from a
pparently well and
death cam
to hii frie
hearty a
I ;■-■
he himself said.
fe t for years."
'-•-.-.e  into  the
c -■- ■■ _..z, rsiiwsy
>   ...:c_.v  aided
:. --. '.ess a large
art of this year
artnerehip with
'■'• ilson, from the
rict and  opened
rge Street.
•as held on Tues-
rom the Roman
These are pertinent questions Bay water front to a new stand
for our readers to take up. at  Sixth   and   Queen,   east  of
Take it up through your George street. Charlie expects
Boards of TradejConservative As- to do just as good blacksmith
sociations; take it it up persona'.- work and horse shoeing there as
• ly as citizens; as business men. in South, although he says he ex-
Communicate with the Hon. pects to be back in South during
Martin Burrill, Minister of Agri- the winter.
culture ar.d British Columbia's »  » •  »  •
representative in the Cabinet at     Remember our Rates are ab-
Ottawa. solutely the lowest if CONVENI-
Communicate  with the   Post ENCE and COMFORT is consid-
Master General.
Let everybody communicate
and keep on communicating until
this matter is straightened out.
The trains are running, why
not carry the mails on them and
let us have the benefit of the
• ered, Hotel Robarts.
4       4       4       •       ft
Transferred to Vancouver
erment I ■■ at South Fort
ge '.em-.-'..- . .Many friends
i panied th« remains to their
the funeral being in
'-'■- of H. W. Gross, South
Mr. Richmond of the Royal
Bank in South, left by last Monday night's train for Vancouver
As to our local interests we via Prince Rupert. Rich, has
suggest that the Prince George been transferred to the main
Chamber of Commerce handle it 0^ce at Vancouver to fill one of
vigorously, likewise the Board of ^e vacancies caused by the war.
Trade of Fort George and last The K°>'al Bank has lost about
but not least the South Fort 35 of its force from Vancouver
George Chamber of Commerce,    branches on account of the war,
And then we suggest the they been called to their regiments
three Conservative Associations and service at the front, Rich,
of South, Central and Prince, did not seem any to happy about
towns ail c o m m u n i c a t e with' £°ing and we sure were sorry to
Ottawa. ' see him leave us.
We invite the co-operation of *   *   »   »   »
western cities also.
OCR PARLOR makes it home
like.   Hotel Robarts.
"Six Mile Mary Passes Away"
The town was aroused this
week to learn of the death on Sat
urday last and burial on Sunday
of its familar figure "Old Mary."
The streets and trails about Me
country will know her with her
dogs and Indian girl attendents
no more, lt has been variously
estimated that her age ranged
from 85 to 95 years, and up to
recently she fished and hunted
and trapped as of old in her
favorite hunting grounds and
brought to town her spoils for
the market. Mary Quah, as the
Government and Church records
will ever know her, is survived
by several children, Brand children and great grand children
among them Joe Quah the present chief of the tribe of Siwush
Indians in this vicinity. Her
photograph has been taken in
many poses by dealers and
amateur photographers pointing
to her, as she truly was, the
most interesting member of the
tribe to the last.
Don't forget to attend the big Boxing
and Wrestling Match at the Dreamland
Theatre, to-night, immediately after
the last show at 10 p.m. sharp. He-
served seats ?1, General Admission 75c.
We have fir, poplar, jack pine,
spruce and balsam wood. Johnson & Finlaison.
For criticising the telegram of
the Kaiser to President Wilson
with regard to the conduct of the
the war in Belgium the Kolnisco
V o 1 k o z e i t u n g—the leading [
Roman   Catholic   newspaper  in |
Germany  has  been suspended.     Cleanliness is next to Godliness
The German papers are strictly j BA'1HS at Hotel Robarts.
censored,   but   now   and   then —
blurt out a few words showing;    Deputy Assessor And Tax Collector
how illusions are passing. 	
' — John Steven;oi,  Deputy As-
Think of the price of our wood sessor and Tax Collector, from
$4.00 a cord  and less.   Phone; Quesnel Office, was in town this
Johnson & Finlaison. week for a few days.    Mr.
Stevenson was in town regarding
assessments and taxes on property in this district and left
"Did yon ever notice, said Mrs. ion Tuesday morning for McBride.
H. Peck, "that about half of the!0n his relurn he wil1 W to Fort
pictures in the photographers' j Fraser and intermediate towns
windows are of bridal couples? Iancl l)ack t0 South Fort George,
I wonder why they always rush '■prince George and other nearby
off to a photographers so soon?" points before returning to Ques-
'I fancy the husband is re
sponsible for it." said Mr. Peck.
"He realizes that it is about his
last chance to ever look pleasant."
Remember our prices are cut'
to meet the times. Ask for rates
at Hotel Robarts.
Kennedy, Blair & Co.,
Kennedy, Blair & Co.,
Men's Furnishings Department
Genuine Stetson Hats, now - $4.00
Men's Pants, reg. 2.50, sale • 1,75
Heavy Wool Pants, reg. 5.50, sale 3.50
Pant Overalls to 1.50, sale - 1.00
Bib Overalls to 1.75, sale - - 1.25
Brown Canvas Shirts to 2.00, sale 1.00
Stripe Canvas Shirts to 2.00, sale 1.00
Black Mackinaw Coats to 7.50,
Sale $4,50
>•       ii      ii     to 6.50, Sale  4,mi
Men's Hvy Wool Mitts to P5c, sale 40c
Men's Hvy Wool Socks, regular value
50c, sale 35c, 3 pairs 1.00
Horse Hide Gloves, reg. 1.50, sale 1.00
Horse Hide Gloves, reg. 2.25, sale l.ii
Dry Goods Department
TABLE LINEN, neat flowered patterns, semi-bleached, pure linen,
72 inches wide, regular 75c seller - Sale Price, 60c per yard
OLD COUNTRY CHAMBRAYS in pinks, blues, and grays, regular
18c values, while they last 2 yards for 25c.
Ladies' Heavy Fall and Winter Coats
Reg. values to 25.00, Sale $15.00 Reg. values 13.50, Sale $8 0
Reg. values to 14.00, Sale    8.00 Reg. values 20.00, Sale 12 0
Regular 25.00 seller for $15.
Ladies White Pique Shirt Waists, special value at 2.50, now going at
sale for $1.50.
Women's sleeveless Undervests, regular 25c, on sale at 15c a garment.
Childrens heavy ribbed Cotton Hose, good value at 25c for 15c a pair,
All other lines in Dry Goods and Domestics reduced.
House Furnishings
Nottingham Lace Curtains,  full size, regular $1.50 values for $1.00
,, ,, ,, ,, 2.50 values for 1.50
3.00 values for 2.00
Brussels Squares, size 3x3 yds 18 ins. regular price $13.50, now on sale 510.00
,, ,, ,,    3 x 3 yds 18 ins. regular price  15.00, now on sale 11.50
,, .,    3 x 4 yds regular price  17.00, now on sale 13.00
,,    3 x 4 yds regular price  20,00, now on sale 15.00
Hearth Rugs, your choice of assorted colours and patterns, reg. to 2.50, Sale $1.60
Good make Iron Beds, 4 ft. 6 ins. reg. $6.00 sellers for $5.00
Comfortable Mattresses 4 ft. 6 ins. reg.   6.00 sellers for 5.00
Bed Springs, good qual. 4 ft. 6 ins. reg,   5.25 on sale at 4.00
Roll-up Mattresses, cotton filled, 3 feet, regularly $3.00, now $2.50
,, ,, ,, ,,       4 ft. 6 ins.   ,, 4.50, now 3.75
Grocery Department
Canned B. C. Salmon, 1 lb. tins, now on sale at 15c,   ■   2 tins for 25c
Pumpkin, 3 lb. tins, extra special -    2 large tins for 25c
Bulk Currants, all next week, 3 lbs. for 25c
Reindeer Milk, 15c per tin.     B. C. Potatoes, sale price per 100, $2.25
Fine Yellow Onions, while they last,        ...      6 lbs. for 25c
Pork and Beans, Clark's 1 lb. tins,   ....     3 tins for 25c
'    „ ,,     Van Camps 1 lb. tins     -      -      -     2 tins for 25c
,, ,,     E. D. Smiths 2 lb. tins, all next week   -
Lyles Golden Syrup, 2 lb. tins, regular 25c      -      -     -     Sale 2C
,, ,, 4 lb. tins, regular 45c      -      -      -      Sale
Sherriffs 4 oz. Extracts, lemon and vanilla, regular 40c, now
,,   16 oz. ,, ,, ,,        regular 1.35, now
Clarks Roast Mutton, l's, regular value 35c, on sale at   -
,, ,, 2's, regular value 65c, on sale at  -
Libbys Roast Beef in l's, regular value 35c, on sale at   -
Extra Special Fine Early June Peas, 2 lb. tins,        -      2 tins for 25c
Hunts Celebrated California Fruits, put up in fine large 21 lb. tins, a
special buy in these, allows   us   to offer them at the exceptional
low price of 40c per tin.
While this Sale continues special offerings will be
made to the public each week.
Two Stores: Central and South Fort George.


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