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Library o( L«ll«l«U»e
.ipijjv  §$%?%. wm%
KM- no- fL r_^__=___-^
l,berta Man ^ Have G.T!P.
and r,N.R* Use Same Road
in Yellowhead Pass.
i,fotruth alter
ji |Wssive '
id is ap*
kin »s
Arrangements being Completed
for Extended Service.
B»h»t a woeful people we are any-
"t Canadians of the young north,
'On- ""ly  awakens  to such a
being  aroused from
,'sive somnolency in which the
to repose until jarred by
^enunciation of a keen observ-
lodore A. Burrows  made this
he was talking with  a few
the  rotunda of  the  King
Lad   hotel    recently.     He    was
L what he Mid his family-for he
rinpanied  by Mrs. Burrows and
children-saw  on  a trip taken
igh the Yellowhead to Tete Jaune
cbe' ,.    . i
ifle are inclined to
I Burrows was saying,
Bt ours alone; it  ia   the  common
-ttke of every young country that I
* of   Perhaps  our resources are
teat, so rich, we  fail to compre-
jthe value of using them thriftily;
upswe have  to  be wasteful be-
»our rush of development  is so
owe cannot pause  to  figure so
-jy ss future generations will have
Rapid Transit Route for Round
World Trip.
be wastful,"
"The fault
tSwetime** I see this in  connection
ou railways.   This is not politics.
[aid it simply as the common
komic defect. In a way I believe
\_tregulating these matter* bet-
iNew Zealand and parts of Aus-
The people pay a  little  more
Mr conveniences,  possibly   are
Iter off in the end.
Ion get a very good example of
wasteful methods of our railway
baring in the trip from which I
(just returned. Anyone who has
Ithe difficult and expensive double
(risking of the ti.T.P. and the C.
Lin getting down the Fraser on
i'to Tete Jaune  cannot but be
!ck with its wastefulness. Why
ild not those two railways have
imade double track on the same
k-of-wuy ami save the terrible cost
he two separate constructioi:.* '! In
t the one railway runs on a ledge
I rock overhanging the steel of
r railway.
Di, in such a case, Why should   not
pvernment own the  Pass  and ar-
|erunning rights o\«.- it .for every
I passing through that pass,''
d somebody in the group.
> not having  given   previous
sit it ni), 1: be feasible, and prob-
~"""i more economic.
t> » Mr.  Iiurrows?   His name
li»riy in the debates in the.
wionof the Alberta legislature.
ths part owner of magnificent
"limits which lie west ami north-
>'Edmonton; and it was into very
I proximity with some of these
n that the' Edmonton-Dun-
1 "id British  Columbia railway
being built, and-the bonds *f
nave been guaranteed by the
1!e in legislation passed at the
Mlon of Premior Sifton.
'Arrows is 8 brother-in-law of
"»• Clifford Sifton.
ltis expected that within the next
three months the Grand Trunk Pacific
passenger trains will bo running between Montreal and Tete Jaune Cache
in the mountains. The route from
Montreal westward will be via Toronto
over the Grand Trunk lines to North
Bay, thence : by the T. & N. 0., over
which the Grand' Trunk has juning
right3, to Cachrano, thence over the
Transcontinental to Winnipeg, and for
the remainder of the way over the
Grand Trunk Pacific to Edmonton and
into British Columbia. ,
' An alternative route will be provided
from Montreal to Ottawa and thenee
over the old Canada Atlantic to Scotia
Junction and Perry Sound.
Contractors' reports regarding the
Cochrane-Superior Junction sections received at the office of the commission,
indicate that the line is in first-class
shape. On the strength of these reports the final trip of inspection will be
made next week by officials of the G.P.
P. and G.T.R. and the Transcontinental commission from Cochrane to Superior Junction.
Chairman Leonard, of the commission, left here today and will proceed
to Cochrane, where he will be. met by
Mr. Morley Donaldson, vice-president
of the G.T.P.; Mr. Donald Grant, chief
engineer of the N.T.R. Commission,
and several other Grand Trunk officials.
The tour of inspection will last a week
and or. the recommendation of these
officials will depend when the service
will be inaugurated. It is said that the
service will gain a large share of the
tourist travel in addition to freight
traffic during the summer.
The formal taking over of the now
section of the N.T.R. from Superior
Junction will be made, it is expected,
as soon as the engineer has declared
the line to be ready for operation.
There is a probability that if the traffic
warrants an independent passenger
service will be inaugeratedfrom Toronto to British Columbia.
Five days less will be required for
the trip around the world when the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway opens its
new line across Canada to the Pacific
Coast a year from next month. This
will shorten the distance to be traversed by the globe trotter and the first
une to take this route will establish a
new record.
Lying well to the north, the new
rail line will take advantage of the
smaller diameter of the globe as tlie
longitudinal lines converge towards the
pole. The traveler starting from London, for example, will be able to follow
almost a straight westward course until he reaches home again.
He will leave England at Liverpool
on a liner bound for Halifax, where he
will board a mail train for Prince Rupert. Upon arrival, he will go aboard
one of the fast Oriental steamships to
be put in service out of that port and
will disembark at Valdiyostock, taking
passage over the Trans-Siberian Rail
way to St. Petersburg. There he will
step into a compartment of the fast
North Express, with a ticket for Ost-
end, Belgium, where he will take the
fast channel steamertl for i Dover aiid
reach London by mail train.
The Truth About the Social Evil
in this District
First Divisional Point East of
Prince Rupert Now Building Up.
But was Defeated in Last Game
With Central.
rer large building is being
r °» Thlr.il street, which, alth-
Jon*y commenced this week, ia
advanced i„   construction now.
8 the rooml
■I _
»K house, or hotel
Howlmrts, who, arrived
18 siting [,om Alberta, com-
»•» the irrasor In one of the
Mr, ftowbarts haa been
i Cu8l|t itveiitly completing air
1   '"   '"i' thu   furnishing and'
" "' his building, and only
Znim^   to commence   the
As a last resort to find the bodies of
the drowning accident one week ago
last Thursday night, the large steamer
Will be again chartered and sent down
the river for some dfttancV and have
attached to the rear a large iron bar
with several hooks attached. . It is
thought that this scheme will havo better results than any of the others that
have been tried, The suggestion cowes
from Inspector Wright who will ask.
Thomas Grady to put it into action.
Sunday Mr. Grady and a crew of men
went down the river for twenty miles,
but no trace of the bodies was found.
They tore all of the booms apart and
made a thorough search of the banks
■ on each side of thjS river. It is now
proposed, to charter the steamer once
more, and make a similar trip, but
with different apparatus. The large
iron bar would have weights to make
it sink, while the hooks will possibly
catch the clothing of the bodies if they
are floating about.
It is fully believed that all of the
bodies have risen to tbe top of the water. The body of Mrs. Hooper was
probably on the' way to the surface
when it was caught by the cable at
O'Neil's gravel plant. The police have
not given up the search by any means.
Sunday afternoon Inspector Wright accompanied by a friend, walked along
the shore and banks for, four miles in
an effort to locate any of the victims.
Mr. Grady who has taken the most
prominent part in the search, is still
searching the river.  I
The South Fort George Baseball
team left here last Saturday night
for Quesnel, where they played three
games with the Quesnel team, winning each game by a larga score. The
result of the games was as follows:
First game; S.F.G., 13 runs: Q. 5.
Second game, S.F.G 12 runs: Q. 5.
Third game, S.F.G. 19 runs, Q. 6.
The team are loud ln their praise
of the hospitality offered them in
old Quesnel, and assert that1' the
Quesnel team will play a return game
here .before the end of the season.
In the game between tbe home team
and Fott George, played last week,
the local team acquitted themselves
very badly, being defeated with a
score of nine runs to three in lavor
of the jjlprt George team. The Fort
George team played a splendid game
and the local boys made many errors and were   badly out   of form.
■°r <n bund
»C 1,""ili",?H iiidude & uard-
buiia'i"001 '°um and a lare°
•lings are being er-
the Northern Hotel
Hamilton Av-
Mr. F. Engen, accompanied by a
party of ladies and gentlemen from
Saskatoon, were amongst the arrivals in town this week. Mr. Engen is
one ot the best known realty operators in western Canada.
Mr. Engen has large land holdings
in this section. He visited the Fort
George country last in 1907, when,
accompanied by a party of friends he
made a journey through the Nechaco valley, and came down the
Fraser river on a scow.
Mr. Engen is represented in this
section by Dr. E. L. Evans, who also
has large interests in the agricultural lands of the district.
The Fort George Tribune, a newspaper published in the interests of
the Natural Resources Security Company's townsites, printed iu its last
issue an expose of certain facts in
connection with the attempt of a
number of prostitutes to establish
themselves in their ancient line of
business on the "legal registered
townsite of Fort George."
Tbe Tribune is much alarmed at the
threatened invasion of the "clean
town" by these ladies of easy virtue,
for it has long taken advantage of
the fact that this town has a restricted, district to refer to this state
of affairs in any manner detrimental
to South Fort Geprge. It has also
followed carefully the campaign represented in the' advertising literature'
of the Natural Resources Security
Company Ltd., which endeavors to
create, at long distance, the impression that South Fort George is a
sort of red-light annex to the "real
Fort George," and that South Fort
George, Is therefore, an undesirable
place in.which to live or do business.
'The real facts of the case are
briefly these. In the townsite of
South Fort George there are two
houses of prostitution. These houses
have been allowed to operate as tbe
outcome of a line of policy deemed
advisable under existing conditions'.
The Herald refuses to argue the
ethics of this course; we leave- it to
the common sense of our readers te
judge -whether a segregated area ie,
or is not necessary in this town today.
The administration of these matters rests, here, as in other unorganized communities, in the hands of the
provincial police. In spite of the
fact that we have had a succession of
chiefs of police,, with d flerent ideas
on the subject of the red-light section, the policy of segregation has
been maintained.
It appears that a number ot Fort
George,business, men, desirous, of obtaining, their share of, the. "free
money" which the women of the district expend in a community, aided
and abetted by a tough, element
which has other considerations in
view, have succeeded in prevailing
upon one of the. women of the diatrict, Miss Irene Jordan, to build
a bouse in their.town also. Other
women have followed her example,
and there are now three of these
brothels on the Fort George town-
site.    .':■■;. ...     ! '(';.'
There is, however, an opposing element in Fort George. This consists
of people who really oppose the invasion on principle, and others Whose
opposition is based upon a desire'to
stigmatize South Fort George by reference to,a condition which could not
be' utilized to    the disadvantage ot
A welt
! the
I at the
.Im'e in this town  has
"n|"'l)Vt'-l   this woek by
rW«f bank to mak? a
"ectlon of Sefiond
The mall and express steamer B.
X. met with .an accident op the way
down..stream on Wednesday, breaking
a crank pin on bur shaft and dis
anting the boat tor a trip.
One of the most unfortunate circumstances in connection with the
matter is the delay of our print
paper. We would ask our readers to
bear with us awhile. Next week, if
all goes w|ll, and the B. X. arrives
with our paper,., w« will again pub-
| lish on Mf whit* papyrus.
Hi ■     '.
known n^ve.tst:, ■R°Bf,r r°"
cock, is expected in'Edmonton on a
visit shortly. He left Montreal recently. From Edmonton he will go
to the end of Bteel at Tete Jaune
Cache, and he will probably continue
|:his journey to this point. Accompanying Mr. Pocock is Cecil Randall,
an experienced English newspaper
man.. Mr. Pocock is well known in
the west, having lived in Edmonton
for ten years, during two years of
which period he was connected with
the northwest mounted police.
The Nechaco River ferry Ib hauled*
out on the bank of the river tor repairs, causing much InoouVlnUaee.
this town if their "clean" city were
encroached upon.
The misguided women who have
listened to the empty assurances of
the element that want them in Fort
George have apparently been the victims of a most unprofitable experiment. The police assert that they
will not permit any houses to open
outside of the distrtct they now occupy. '"'
The Jordan woman, on the other
hand, brazenly, asserts ber intention
to open \ the bouse which she bat!
built in the Fort George townsites.
This will probably have the effect ot
cleaning out the entire crew from
this district, for we cannot see how
the police can discriminate in ihis
matter, although the common sense
policy would appear to be segregation, .
The present "district" pp. thia
townsite,' can not exist for many
montlw longer,-' as it destroys the
value of some of ttie most desirable
(evidential property bn the townsite.
The question is a most perplexing
one, It is generally admitted, even
by the clergy, that; a segregated area
is a necessity, but a great amount of
regulation is required at tbe
Mr. Alfred Waldron Smithers, chairman of the board of directors of the
Grand Trunk Railway, and godfather
of this town, has made the first contribution to the fund for a new Anglican church here that is being collected
by Bishop Du Vernet. Mr. Smithers
evidently has a warm spot in his heart
for his namesake in the Bulkley Valley
snd.it is surmised he will watch it grow
with much interest, says a dispatch
from the new town.
Mr. Smithers represents the highest
type of the skilled railroad executive
and is a financial authority who is rec- .
ognized throughout the,British Empire.
His rise in business was rapid. In ,
1873, when but 23 years old, he joined
the London Stock Exchange, but resigned in 1909 to devote his energies to
railroad development in Canada.. He
hu been, a director of the Grand Trunk
since 1895 and it is considered especially fitting that his name should be
placed prominently upon the map of
Western Canada. This is the only instance of such geographic distinction
in honor of the directorate along tbe
entire extension of the Grand Trunk
The town of Smithers has been selected by the railway as the first general freight and division point east of
Prince Rupert, the Pacific Coast terminus of the new road.
The Grand Trunk Pacific will have
its track laid to this point from Prince
Rupert by August 1st. Trains are expected to be in regular operation over
this division before the end of next
Big developments are promised with
the coming of the railway. Now a log
and canvas town, Smithers will take
on a permanent appearance as soon as
a number of business buildings now under construction are completed and the
railway begins work on its shops, round
houses, passenger depot, and other improvements necessary to handle the
business of the company at this general divisional point.
According to Collingwood Schneber,
chief consulting engineer for the Dominion government, who recently made
a trip Of inspection over the Grand
Trunk,Pacific route from Winnipeg to
Prince Rupert, the new transcontinental line will be in complete operation
from one coast of Canada to the other
by one year from next month.
Amongst the prominent visitors
here this week are Mr. J. A. Adamson and Mr. James Thompson, prominent business men of Winnipeg.
Mr. Adamson is president of the
Fort George Trading & Lumber Company, of this town, whose milling
and steamboating operations form .
an important part ot the industrial
activity of this community. Mr. Adamson is president of the Western
Trust Company, of Winnipeg, one of
the strongest trust companies in the
weat, and is also vice president ot
the Nortb Empire Fire Insurance
Company, and his name appears on
the boards ot many other important
concerns in western Canada.
Mr. Thompson, who'is president of
the Moose Mountain Lumber Company, of Winnipeg, ia another influential western , j business man. Both
are interested in the Fort George
country, and have great faith in the
future of this section.
Mr. Adamson is the owner of some
of the most valuable real estate lu
the city, aud whilst he Is here, we
understand that he will complete arrangements lor the erection of a
fine building on a double corner owned by bim on the corner of Second
Street and Hamilton Avenue.
Ed. Seabach', of the old Arm of Seabach 1 Hubble of Giscombe Portage,
Was in town this week from up river.
Mr. Seabach.has now completely recovered from the effects of the illness
Which took him east some months ago.
The swollen condition of his jaw puz-
xeled: medical opinions' considerably,
and an operation performed in the east
proved that he had been suffering from
necrwit of the jaw bene,
-.ii. f AUrJJJ     i n u
Published by the Northern Interior Rjstatjtag Company, Limited
J. B. Daniell, President.'
Devoted to the Interests of the Fort George District and the Northern
Interior of British Columbia.
SuburipliaD $3.00 I Year ia Mvaice
Advetlisiof Rales on Application
QINCB the opening of navigation on-the upper Fraser river this
spring, the whole territory along the line of construction on
the G.T.P. through thi^.^etftion of the province has undergone a
great change. The roa^.having broken through the Yellowhead
pass during the winter months, gave, in the spring upon the navigable river, and opened up an avenue of travel for those bound
for Fort George,.the unchallenged centre of interest on the G.T.
P. between Edmonton and Prince Rupert,
In the brief period which has elapsed since navigation started
the population of the country along. the construction zone, and
tributary to Fort George, has enormously increased. Supplies,
being delivered in this section from Edmonton and eastern points
via the G.TP. steel and the Fraser river, are being poured into
the country. The mercantile houses are constantly increasing
their warehouse capacity and the supply on hand for the summer
conjunction appears to be equal to all .demands made, upon it.
The problem that confronts the .people,of this .section, however,
and a problem the solving of which should not be delayed, too
long, is the supply of this country during the next winter,
Where the eastern end-of-steel will be on the G.T.P. when winter sets in this year is a matter.upon which, no definite information can be obtained..   The bes,t authorities tell us, however,, that,
under the most favorable circumstances steel cannot reach, a point
nearer than 100 miles northeast of this place, for the supply of
this section during the six mphths' winter which • must be lived
through before the steel finally connects with this place'.   Arrangements should also be made for the transport of supplies.
over the steel as far as is practicable during, the. conning winter.,
There are hundreds of people here that.will leave the country
in fear of the winter months as soon as snow beginstofly. There,
is no longer any reason why South Fort .George- cannot enjoy
every convenience during,any season of the year, but the 300
mile wagon road haul from the south should be largely eliminated
as a route of supply for the coming winter if business, ^men are ,
alive to their opportunities.
Ft. George, land Dist. Dist. of Peace River
TAKE notice that Frederick ^ovM.ol
New Westminister, B. C, oStopaUoii Merchant, intends to *„.r!v for permission to
purchase the  followi..,.   .lescribed   amis.
Commencing at up post planted ou the
sonth hank of the Finlay R.ver 34 m.les
Irom the mouth, marked f.JJs., a.-»•
nZrpost," Uienee west 8a toS, mi
or less, thence north So ch ate .thence
east 80 chains, mole or less, thence Ol-
towitf Hie course of the river to the point
aT-wnmencwwt, chaining 640 acres
more or less. frkdErick br0WN
April 17th.  I9U.    J0I1A MacDonell. aeent
Ft'.'George LandiDist. D ist. of 1 eace River
TAKK notice that William Bailey, of
Vancouver, 11. C, occ-.pation Broker, intends to apply 'or permission to purchase
the   following   descrihed  lands:
Comnieneing al a post P anted on the
south hank ol the Finlay R.v«35 mil«
(torn the mouth, marked "W. B a., b. W.
comer post" theuce west 60 ehains, more
S "ess 'thence north 80 chains; thence
cast 40' chains, more or less, thence following the course oV the river to the point
ol commencement, containing 480 acres,
more or less ,
Aa'iiva rcvi'iiiM « A "
April i;th.   1913-    John MacD.mcll, agenL
TN an endeavor to depreciate the tojv.n of South Fort, George .in
the eyes of the public, and to follow out a policy-which is
identical with the impression of this town which the promoters of
the Fort George townsite wish to create, the newspaper published
on the Hammond townsites appeared last week with a strongly
featured article on its first page reciting Jhe facts in connection
with the building of houses of prostitution on the Fort George
In order that we may establish the fact that the promoters of
the Fort George townsite wish to create a detrimental impression
regarding South Fort George we would quote the following, paragraphs from a recent advertising folder issued by the Natural
Resources Security Company, Limited,;,,
''Every new city that amounts to anything is troubled in the
beginning by camp followers, irresponsible and crooked ihdi-'
viduals of every description, male and female.  Fort George
being the most promising new city on, the continent is ho exception.   Most of them are hanging round on the outskirts,''
"Look out for these harpies, they, will tell-any kind of a
lie to 'get the money' or ,tq 'khock' the real Fort George
where they are not allowed to locate."
It is easy to see that the above is one of the veiled, insinuations o
intended to bewilder the distant lot holder or intending investor
and to injure this townsite, t Its application maybe more readily
understood' when we refer to thfi,^statement made by one of the
Hammoi\d lawyers before: the railway .commission at Ottawa on.
May-the SixthJast.   This bright) light Of the legal, profes8iftp,.-in..
the examination of a witness who was opposing the Hammond ,
application for a station site, endeavored to make the witness'
confirm his suggestion that the ^people .of thia town were not
wanted in Fort. George,   "I mean," he said, ''the scum of the
earth; people of the red lights/!,  And yet they^ won th^t application,! , Can it be wondered (that an appeal is being made,,?,   ,
On every available opportunity the newspaper-referred, .to has
endeavored to hurt South Fort George by referring., to. the fact
that a restricted district existed withjn dts confines, -
We have deaitwi^h tive, latest phase of the situation in the
news columns. This subject ha^ been introduced by the newspaper from the "clean, town," The„Herald haj,1 no, desir^ to
bring this sondid subject before its -readers, but we.do not intend
to permit the paper referred to to stigmatize South Fort George
by mi8Construihg a condition of affairs which, .affects-the decency
of this community. Our readers will therefore pardon the-necessity of the matter dealt^wiih upon, another page,
'JJH&.departure .of the Rev. R. H.I. W'dli^m^ ,v[h^ for the. paat,
two years has been rector of St. Stephen's,Church in this
town, removes from amongst us a representative of the Church
of England whose work jn this country, has been appreciated by
all. The Rev. Mr. Williams has earned the deep respect and es-
ttem of those with whom he has come in contact in this country
by his earnest efforts for the advancejjnept of the work of his
church in the right way. Being brqad. rriinded and energetic,
Mr. Williams has covered most thoroughly, and effectually the
vast territory in which he has carried on.his work. Coming here
direct from ap English parish Mr. Williams entered his vast territory undismayed by the enormity of his task, and by simple,
earnest application Of his energies and the large conception of
Western Canadian conditions he has won for himself in his huge
"parish" a warm regard and an acknowledged influence.
District of Oariboo
TAKE notice that Ernest H. Livingstone, of South Fort George, B.
(.!., occupation prospector, intends to
apply to the Minister of Lands for a
licence to prospect for coal and Petroleum, over the following described
lan(ls; ' 11' ■ •     la     .
Commencing at a post planted at
the North west corner of Lot 2035,
Cariboo District; thence south 80
cliains; thence east 80 chailis; thence
north 80 chains; thence west 80
chains to point of commencement,
containing 640 acres more or less.
May ,20th. 1913.
Four-Foot Mill Wood
$3.75 Per Cord Delivered
This wood will be sold at $5 per
cord this winter:
Phone 11
Fort George Trading & Lumber Co. Ltd
Fresh n
Wholesale and retail
The Northern Lumber & Mercantile Comuanv limiu
±!i mt:  RUSSEiPEDENi Yice-Pr"-    i I Mcii" JJJ8
Manufacturers and Dealers in the Best FIR
and SPRUCE LUMBER in British Col^
You can't build economically without geiiiiy
our estimates from cellar to roof.
Operators of the Famous Light
Praught Steamer  "Quesnel,"
HAYING Season is Here!
We are prepared to supply your machinery
.   wants,  including   .
McCormick Mowers and Rakes
Hand Rakes, Forks, etc., at our usually
.      .      .        low prices
Northern Lumber & Mercantile
Second Street
South Fort Geotge
Company, Limited
Central Avenue
Fort George
,D A VIS & PITCHER, Props.
_\ at '),...!* "■
a specialty
Four pool tables
Splendid, environments
We make our own CANDY from the best and most wholesome
materials available.      :     Our stock is large and always fresh.
A Complete Line of Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccoi.
Ice Cream and Cold Drinks in Season.
We Cater for Private Dinners, Banquets or Dance Suppers.     .
McGaghran & Thorne
Established 1909.
Wire     Write or     Call
Fort George Trading
Lumber Company
of superior quality and
in all quantities.
Pioneer Sawmill and Steamboat Operators in New
British Columbia.
Phon* One-One
C E. McElroy; Manager.
m Roberts, Jones ft Willson □.
•     EDWARD ROBERTS Wttrr hkft.     11 JUNES.     A. i. SEIWTN-WIUSON. Mfir*.
FOR SALE: Finn Laads. Garden Tracts. Timber limits. Mineral Claims. Valuable town bt
Offices: Hamilton Aveue, Sontb Fort George: Central Avenue, Fort George, B.C
Build Yourself a Home
Tho advances made by th" building traila In this city nro in conform
improved facilitieaof supply.   It ia now possible to secure every requisite
inn of a mnderj>,)Up-to-date home at reasonable jiticos.   lean design ■
homo tu suit your ideas.   LET US TALK IT OVER. OR WKI'l E
1 In* bo*
iur (»""*
P.O. Box 17.
South Fort
;for sale-small business, in-
tome over $30Q per month.   Inquire
, at Herald ofHce. jy5
To Whom It May_Con^£»i
—————— ',  1 1   ■ ■■'—"**"" ,
A Stock of General  Merchandise, will be,!1'.8^'
amounting to nearly THIRTY THOUSAND DOL.LAKb. ^
Everything must be disposed of within two nl<":("9'*3 the
we aim to get out of this large stock of .merer,..'1'1' -!
first cost of the goods. ,
We Appeal to Bargain Hunters for i      '"«
Thos. A. Blair
THIRD STREET,        -       -'    SOUTH F0K'! '•^u '
r <^> <a> »A> <A><A> <A> <A?<A? 'A>*4^ fA-VA* M
f< Do you contemplate h
A      BUILDING?       ►<
S Then investigate" our workmanship and   n
tA got our estimates, ^
3 Contractor.!, 1 Hamilton and   R
A and Builders I First streets    r
Office and Sl«
Hamilton Ave.
South Fort G
eurge Still Leads-in In Development and
Population. ,
townaite situation here has somewhat been lost
p ri these columns lately, as we have endeavored
. - outside readers all the development news of
IlJoad construction in this territory, and especially
tern informed upon the rapid' strides being made
Lpment in the humming little city of South Fort
The following resume of the whole townsite
!' wiu( however, serve to fulfill our obligations to
far scattered subscribers, from many of whom we
recently had requests for information  upon the
[site ftf^a.
spite of the inflated reports of the growth and de-
ient of other townsite areas hereabouts, South Fort
;e continues to lead in business development, real
iy values and population are as of yore. The town-
consisting of lots 933 and 984, comprising an acreage
ly 160 acres all told, is now applying for incorpora-
I a municipality.   This movement is strongly sup-
and will doubtless be carried through within the
lew months.   Municipal incorporation will allow the
Iinity to administer its own affairs in such wise that
levelopment of the town will proceed upon modem
and will provide for the equipment of South Fort
-ewith every adjunct of modern development as cir-
tances will justify.
iperty values in the, townsite area of South Fort
tear? increasing steadily, but without, the inflation
t(side manipulation. This is strongly in contrast
Ithe real estate values of other sub-divisions herea-
which are inflated and manipulated for sale on the
ade". and which are, not in demand for the quoted
grounds A strong feature of the developed this townsite is noticeable in the fact that build-
govemment lots by squatters is on 'the decrease.
nany substantial business houses which have been
ished here since navigation opened up this spring
ii property. The two lumber companies doing bus-
lere, the Northern Lumber & Mercantile Company,
and the Fort George Trading & Lumber Company,
established a record month of business in June, last
The type of buildings now going up here are sub-
jal and of larger dimentions than hetherto.   Streets
sing graded in. South FortGeorge townsite, and
.« are being laid along the principal streets.
fnthe next three months the town will be complete-
•tedby electricity, the plant for which is now being
'by private capital.
)tt George townsites, sold by the Natural Resour-
;"rit}'Company, Ltd., of Vancouver, are still re-
•p generous expenditure for building development
'heir promoters.' The Fort George Trust Company,
wi of the Natural Resources Concern, is erecting a
office building, and an addition to the townsite
lny's hotel is also under construction. The town-
wipany is building a new store on their property
theatre has recently been built. The development
''Natural Resources Security Company's townsites
linates largely from the bounty of the company
the townsite, however, and this development is
localized in the centre of the Nechaco river front of
Koperty, and the large outlying mass of the corn-
ssub-divisions remain in their undeveloped condi-
Pl'ince George townsite, owned bythe Grand Trunk
Railway, is rapidly being surveyed. About seven-
J*nt. of the whole area has already been cut up
" and Mr. Burden., the provincial land surveyor,
'} | e W0l'k in hand has three parties on the work.
survey of tlie reserve, according to the plan,
completed in about three weeks' time.
ma ter of stution ^.^ ^ gtm undeclded    The
^ na interests are endeavoring to show that the site
se opbj the railway company is unfitted for, their
'eno,tl/otogmPhs have been taken of the Indian
So oftlle tracks during the recent -high water
W wu'1 °f thelowlandwas inundated, and these,
™ petitions which the Natural Resources peo-
eat t^culated'P1'°niiscou',sly will be used in an endeavor
Rail! api!!al which has been made from the findings
ftauwav r.ntvir.-.ir.c^v. L <',•>■■••.    •
aY Commission.
* of South Fort George,, cpmWni^g with the
way Company, will present a strong case io tne suu-com-
mittee of the Cananiari Cabinet. The government are
investigating the matter for themselves, and after the
appeal is heard The Herald believes that the station will
be located 6000 feet east of the eastern boundary of the
Hammond townsites, on the point selected for it by the
G.T.P. engineers. It will be shown that the * best interests of this district favor the railway's location for the
depot site, and that the spot designated by the Railway
Commission is unfitted for th$ purpose of the railway
company, and is located in such a manner that it will destroy the value of the Prince George townsite as a divisional point. The arguments to be advanced by the Hammond lawyers will, we believe, be dissipated by the statements of engineers.
• Construction activity is evident on all sides at present.
The steam shovels working on the Nechaco river front are
now making a second cut across the face of the Hammond townsites. The high banks at this point must
take a long slope. The Bates-Rogers Construction Company have established a camp on the island in the river
here which is crossed by the Fraser river bridge, from
which base they will start the work of putting in the
foundations for their bridge contract as soon as the low
water permits.
Own your own home! You
can build your future home
now at the minimum of expense.
No building is too largo
or t-*o ' small to receive
• our c;:reful attention. /
I    J
Blue prints and plans furnished.
ij-.L our estimates.
For a License to take and
Use Water.
Notice is hereby given that Leo
Erwin Evans, of South Port George, B.
C, will apply for a license to take and
use 30 cubic feet per second of water
out of Tsinkut Creek, which flows in a
northernly direction through Section 22,
Township 1, Range 4, and empties into
Nechaco River near Milne's Landing.
The water will be diverted at Carroll
E. Falls' and will be used for industrial
power purposes (in future) on the land
described as N.W. quarter of Sec. 22,
Range 4, Td. 1, B.C.
This notice was posted on the ground
on the Ilth day of June, 1913., The application will be filed in the office of the
Water Recorder af, South Fort George.
Objections may be filed with the said
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
NOTICE is hereby given that the reserve existing upon Crown lands
situated in Range 4, Coast District,
and more particularly described from
the southwest corner of Township 10,
bearing date of the 25th of May, 1910,
and published in the British Columbia
Gazette on the 26th of ,May, 1810, is
cancelled in so fur as same affects the
acquisition of said lands under the provisions of the "Coal and Petroleum
Act." R. A. RENWICK,
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Department of Lands,
Victoria, B.C., M;*y 5th, 1913.   inl^tr.
For a License to Take and Use Water.
NOTICE is hereby given that Fort
Fraser Industrial Corporation Ltd.,
Vancouver, B. C, will apply for a license to take and use 100 cubic feet per
second of water out of Nechaco River,
which flows in a northeasterly direction
through Nechaco valley and empties
into Fraser River near Fort George.
The water will be diverted at a point
one mile below and will be used for industrial purposes on the land described
as Fort Fraser Townsite,
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 13th day of June 1913. The application will be filed in the oflice of the
Water Recorder at Fort George, B. C.
Objections may be filed with the said
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Build-
inirs* Victoria, B. C.
By Geo. Ogston,
Sunday* School 5 p.m.
Evensong and Sermon 7:30
Vicar, Rev. R. H. Isaac Williams,m. a.
The Parsonage. South Fort George.
WANTED-To rent a Sewing:
Machine.   The Ladywear.      45
NOTICE Is hereby given that mi-Clint's of the
Provincial Agricultural Commission will be hclil
at the followinz places:—
Htivelxtoke. July 7th, ID A.M.
Ashcroft. July «lh, 9 ».M.
Clinton. July Sth, 7.WI A.M.
Oueanel. July 12th, 11) a.m.
Fort tieorfr**, J illy 10th, 10 A.M.
Lytton. July huh, 9 a/m.
Lillooet. July I'm., Wo P.M.
The Commissi.ui will hour, evidence on nil tnai-
tera affectinyamiciiltiiral comliiUia in the Province. All poisons'Interested are maud m oo
present. W. H. HAYWAKR M.L.A.,
l**t. George Land Dist.     Hist, of Peace H.er
TAKK notice lhat Prunk O. McClm'e, of
Vancouver, : B* C, occupation limber
Broker, intends to npply Ior permission
to purchaso the lollowing descrilied lnnds:
Commencing  ut  il  post  planted about 4
mile* eaat of thc east bank of the Kinlay
tlver and about 37 milea from its mouth,
marked  "F.  G.    McL's.  S.  W.    corner
thence   east  80  chains,     thencc   nortii  80
chains,    thence     west  80  clmins,    thencc
south  80  chains    to  point  of cominence-
ment, containing 640 acres more or less.
Qstsbir 31, I9U. Jean Macdonnell, agent,
pursuant to Section 3 of the Municipalities Incorporated Act'the owners of
the land within the following described
limits, to-wit: within the limits oF Lots
933 and 934, Cariboo District, in the
Province of British Columbia,■ intend
one month after the date hereof to present; to the LieutenaTit-Governor-in-
CouiH-il a pel ition asking for the incorporation of the said lands as a City
Municipality under the corporate name
of the city of South Fort George.■
Dated this 1st day of March, 1913.
District of Cariboo
TAKE notioe that Ernest H. Livingstone, of South Fort George, 3.
C., occupation prospector, intends to
apply to the Minister of Lands for a
licence to prospect for coal and Petroleum, over the following described
Commencing at a ,ppst planted at
the south weBt corner of Lot 2034,
Cariboo District; thence west 80
chains; thence north 80 chains; thence
cast 80 chains; thence south 80
chains to' point of commencement,
containing 640 acres more or less:
May 20th, 1913.
Tho most modern and best-appointed
cafe in Fort George.
Meals       - .     80 Cents
Short Orders a Specialty
MitS.F. C. Nahrwald, Proprietress
■   ' Cor. Hamilton and Third
South Fort Gecrge.
Land Timber Cruiser .
Pre-emptions Located.
Estimates Submitted.
P. A. Landry .7. H. McGheuoti J. F.TKMrLEToN
T. A. Kei.i.Y, Timber Department
Gore <& McGregor
British   Columbia    Land   Surveyor
Land Agents Timber Cruisers
Chancery Chambers, Lao/dey Street, VICTOUIA,
B.C., P.O. Has IK, Vlione ffit.
McGrc£or BuiUlim-.Tl.ini Street; SOUTH FORT
Has started the practice of his
profession with headquarters at
Quesnel. He has had considerable experience in veterinary
work and solicits the patronage
of residents of the Cariboo.
4__3ra__m_UMiasi<__- v.: L^,^'B_^xcr_---_m_'a__&mxB&a:
Edison -Electric
Ladies' and Children's Matinee
Saturday, 3 p. m.
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. ol Peace Rlyer
TAKE notice that William S. Wright,
ot Harduick, Vt., tl. S. A. . occupation
Merchant, iutends to npply for permission
to purchase the following descrilied lands:
Commencinir et n poat plantcd on thc
south bnnk o( the Finlav River il mile.s
from thc month, marked "W. fi. W's., S.
IC. corner post," thence west 80 chains,
more or less, thenre north Ro chains:
thencc east 80 chains, more or less,
thence followinjr the course of the rivcr to
the point of commencement, Containing 640
acres morc or less.
April   17th.  MTJ.    John MacDonell,  agent,
Vt. George Land Dist. Uist. of Pence Rivcr
TAKK notice that Minnie V. Bailey, of
Vancouver, B. C, occupation Married Woman, intends to apply for permission to
purchase   the   followim*-. described   lands:
Cninmencing at a nost planted on the
soutli banl! of the Vinbiv River, lb miles
,'rom the month, marked "M. V.B's., S.
R, corner poet," thence vvst 40 eliains;
thence Ro chains, more or less, north to
the bank of the river: tbence fo'lowini' tin
course i.f the river to Uic 'mint ot coin
inencement, containing 160 acres, rnore or
April   17th.   totv    Jolm  MaeDotndl,  arent.
Latest and Best Photo-Play
Pictures to be Secured.
We have ctir own Electric   |
Light Plant,
Admission, 25 cents.
■ W>c«iB -mr*—tttxtn
Apply Wesley's cottage,
Rear Close & Brown Co.
Monoline operator, male or
female. Good wages and union
conditions. Apply Herald, South
FortGeorge, B.C.
Vt. George Laud Dist.     Uist. ol Peace River
TAKE notice that Mary Laverock, of
Vancouver, B. C, occupation Married Woman, intends to apply for permission to
purchase  the following  described  lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the
south lmnk of the Pinlay rivcr, 4t miles
from the mouth, marked "M. L's., S. I',.
corner post," theuce west 80 cha ns;
tliencc north 80 chaius, more or less, to
tiie bnnk ol the rivor; theuce following
the course ..' the river to the point of
commencement, edntaining 640 acres, more
or less.
April 17th.  1913.    Jolm MacDoneU, agent.
Vt. Georgo Land Dist.      Dist. of Pcifle River
TAKK notice thnt Frauds AlovniiH Me
Is'eown, of Vancouver, It C, occupation
MoU'lkeeper. intends to "••■ ' for permission to purchase the following described
Commencinir at a nost nlanted on the
north bank of the Finlnv river, about a
miles from the mouth of the seld river,
t.nd marked "F. A. McK's.. Mf. corner
•>ost." thenre enst Ro ehiilni: tbotice north
Ro chnins* theaee west 80 ehnins, more or
less to the river: thenee following the
course of snid river to point of comnien-
cement, containing 640 ncres, more or
April 1.7-tll. 1913:   .Totm MacDohel , agent.
nistrlot of Caribuo
TAKK notice that Ernes-:!, ft. Liv-
tngstone, of Soutli Eort Qsotge, B.
C, ocouiiat.ion prosipector. intend.) to
apply to tho Minister of Lnnds for a
licence to prospect for r.onl and Petroleum, over tho following described
lands: ,
Commencing: at a post, planted nt
the r.otith west corner til Lot 2030.
Cariboo District: thonce .north 80
chains; thence east 80 chains; thence
south 80 chains; thence went 80
chains to noint of commencement,
containing 040 acres more or less.
April 2fJ, 1913. rauiK    >.* v.
Ft. Oeorge Land Dist. Dist. bl Tenet* Rivtr
TAKK notice that Dorothy L. Viper, of
Vmicoftver, IL C., occupation spinster, intends lo apply for permission lo purchase
tiie following   described   lauds:
Commencing at a post planted at the
mouth ol .south bank of Clouke river and
emptying into the west end ol Cho-eta-
bon 'Lake, and marked "D.L.V., N.K.
crner," theuce soulh 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains; thenee aorth 60 chains
more or |cts to the river; thence e.sterly
lollowing tin* bank to point ol commencement, containing 480 acres more or less.
•May i, 1913. DOROTHY L. VIl'KK.
Vt. George Land Dist.   Dist. ol Peace Rivcr
ft. Goorge Land Dist, Dist. ol 'Tenet River
TAKK notice that R. Roberts, of Vancouver, B. IT., occupation Teamster, iniends to apply for permission to purcliase
the  following   described  lands:*
Commencing at a post plaated at east
end ol west arm of Cho-eta-bon Lake and
on north shore, marked "K.R s., S.l-'..
corner," thence norlh 80 chains!; theuce
west 80 cliains; Ihcnce sonth do chains
more or less to tlic arm; theuce easterly
lullowing the shore lo point. "I commence-
ment, containing 480 acres more or less.
May 6, 1913. RICHARD lUMKKl'S
tt.   n. r „ T owl Dist    Dist. of Peace River j Ft. l}eorge Land Ulst. 1 Disi. 01 »*eace mver
;Zi?Z   it"   that    M.   A.   Bnriftht,  of     TAKK notice that E. '_. JoneSj of Van-
,, ' .."".j    c      occuiiation   Clerk,   in- ' ennver,   B.   C,  occupntion  Mtisjc  (Teacher,
Vancouver,     .     *. jssi,„,  to purchase J intends   to   apply   for   permission   to   pur-
tends -to Wj^ ,„„,,.... chase the following described-lands:-
the lollowing    ^   ^ planted   on   the I    Commencing at  a post planted one mile
pommeljci j,   'pj^iju rivcri ,llui one mile | east o{ south end of nortii arm.   at  west
'   '      '"     noulh    where   il   errjpties   into 'end of Cho eta-bon  Lake and marked  "E.
I ike'  aad marked  "M.A-K's., |T.J's., S.W. corner,1' thelice east 80 chains
hence south 80 chains; thence I'thence   north    80   chains;   thence   west   80
' chains;   thence   Solltll   80   chains-   to   point
•of  commencement,   containing   (140   acres,
.   May 8,  1913.
Irom tin
Cho-eta I
N.K. coi-
west 80
TAKK notice that A. B. Calkins, of
Vancouver, B. C, occupation gentleman,
iutemls to applv for permission to pur
chase   lhe  lollowing described  lands:
Conunencing at a post plantcd two miles
Irom the 'mouth on the norlh bank pl
Clouke river, wliich empties nil.. 1 la-west
end of Clio ela hon Lnke, and marked "A.
B.C.'s., S.K. earner,'.' tliencc north So
ihains. tlicnce west 80 chains: llience
s.ailli do chains more or less to the river,
thence easterly fallowing the hank to the
point ol commencement, containing 48-1
acres more or  les-..
May  (,,   101,1. A.   B.  CALKINS.
Ft. George Land Dlst, Dist. of Peace River
TAKK notice that .lolin Davis, ..I Van
i-ouvcr, -H. *'., occupation Engineer, iniends to applj for permission to purchase
the  following   described   lands;*
Commencing at a posl planted at the
west did of Cho-eta-bon Lake, and mark
e.i ".I.l), S.E. coiner," theiue norlh 80
chains- thence west 80 chains; thence
south (»" chains more or less to a siream;
thence ensterly IoUowing the stream to
point ol commencement, containing 480
acrea more or less.
May 5,  1913. JOHN DAVIS.
Ft. George Land Dist, Dist. ol Peace Rivcr
TAKE notice that Hannah Roberts, of
Vancouver, B. C, occupation Married Worn. 01, intends 10 apply for permission to
purchase the following described lands;-
CointnciH-ing at a post planted at tlle
South Kast corner of Lot 2750 South side
of Nation river and marked "H.R's., N.E.
corner." thence south 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains: thence north 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains to point ol commencement, containing 6.10 acres.
May 10,  191.1. HANNAH ROBERTS.
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist, of Peacc River
TAKI? notice thai T. M. Rowlands, ol
Vancouver, 1!. C, aclupotion printer, inieiuls to npplv lor perniission to purchase
ih- following 'described lands:*
Conunencing at a post iilanted at the
north west cornet oi Lot 2752, on the
north side ol Nation river and marked
"T.31.K's.. S.l-!. corner." thence norlh 80
ch ilns: thence wesl 80 chains: thence
soulh 80 chains; tlicnce eas! 80 chains to
point oi commencement) enntaining 640
Ft. Oeorge Land Dist. Dist. ol Peace River
TAKK notice 'hat Wm. R. Tait, of Vancouver, P.. C, occupation carpenter, intends to apply b.r permission to purchase
thc   following   described   lands:-
Coinniencing at a post planted ou the
north cast corner of Lot 27a, on the
north side of Nation river, and marked
"W.R.T's.. S.K. corner?" thence north 80
chains; tlit-uce. west 80 chains; thence
south 80 clinins; thence tast 80 cliains to
point bf commencement, containing 640
May  to,   1913.
—i 1
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. of Peace River
TAKRSioticc that J. Jumicson, of Vancouver, B. C, occupation groom, intends
to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:-
Coninicucing at a post planted at the
norlli west 1 orner of Lot 2752, on the
north S'de of Nation river and marked "D.
J's., S. W. corner," theuce north 80
chains; tiience east 80 chains: tiience south
80 chains; tlicnce west 80 chains to point
of commencement, containing 640 acres.
3Iay  to,   1913.
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. of Peace River
TAKK notice that Win. I). Rowlands, of
Vancouver, B. C,, occttpation printer, intends to applv lor permission to purcliase
the loiluwing 'described   lnnds.-
Ciumeni ing at .1 post planted at the
sdulh west coiner of Lot 274R, south side
of Nation river and marked "W.D.R's.,
N.W. comer," thence south 80 chains;
tlicnce east 80 chains; thelice north 80
chains; tiience west 80 chains to point of
commencement,  containing  64O  acres.
May   io,   1913.
Vl. George Land Dist, Dist. of Peace Rivcr
TAKE nolice tnat William Evans, of
Vatico.iver,- B. C, occupation joiner, intends lo apply for permission to purchase
the following   described   lands:*
Conunencing     at   a     post    iilanted   lour
miles cast  and  two  miles north  of  north
'hore  west   cud  end  of  Cho-eta-bon  Lake,
' marked "W.K's., S.K. corner,"  thence
^0   chuins-   tlicnce   west   80   chains;
-ulh   80   cliains;     thence east   80
•int   of   Commencement,   con-
•    ol
Fl. C«rge Land Dist.   Disi. ol Peace River |
TAKK   notice    that   K.   Clark,   ol   Van- 1
couver,   B.   C-,   occupation   Clerk,   intends
to  apply   for   permission   to   purchase tlie
lollowing described  lands:-
Conimencing al a posl planted live miles
east and one mile nortli of the nortli
shore west end of Cho eta-bon Lake and
marked "C.K's., S.K. corner," thence north
80 cliains; thence west 80 eliains; tliencc
so,ilk 80 chains; thence east 80 chains to
I   commencement,    containing  640
thence   north   ho   chains
tin-  rivcr;   tliencc  follow-
.„„ 'Z river'ensterly   to  point
mcnceni.-nt,   containing   4*tt  acres
May 5, 191.3
of  corn-
more  or
May 7,  1913.
Ft. George Land Dist, Dist. of Peace River
TAKI/) notice that Arthur D. Harris, of
Vancouver, B. C. occupation Machinist in
ten.Is lo apply lor permission lo purchase
llu-  following   described  lands;
Commencing at a post planted live nubs
Horn thc moutii 011 the north bank of
Clouke rivcr which empties into the wesl
end of Cho eta bon Lake and marked "A.
D.Il's., S.K. corner,'' thence north 80
chuins; thence west 80 chains; tlicnce south
60 chains more or less to the river;
(lience easterly following the bank to the
point of commencement, containing 480
acrcs more or less.
May 0,  1113. ARTHUR D. HARRIS
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. ol Peace River
TAKK notice that D. J. Griffiths, oi
Vanco iver, B. C, occupation Teamster,
intends to applv for permission to purcliase thc following descrilied lands:-
Commencing at a post planted sh miles
from the mouth on the nortli bank of
Clouke River, which empties into the west
end of Cho-eta-bon Lake, and marked "D.
T.G's., S.E. corner," thence north 80
chains: thence west 80 chains; thencc soutii
60 chains more or less to the river; thence
following the bank to point of commencement, containing 480 acres more or less.
May 6, I913. D. T. GRIFFITHS.
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. of Peace Rivcr
TAKE notice that Robert Hopkins, of
Vancouver, B. C, occupation gentleman,
intends to annlv for perniission to purchase  the   following  deccribed  landa:-
Commencing at'- a post planted one mile
cast of the west end and on the north
shore of Cho-eta-bon Lake and marked
"R.H's., S.E. corner," thence north 80
cliains; thence west 80 chains; thence south
60 chains more or less to the lake; thence
easterlv, following the shore to point of
commencement,  containing  480 acrcs  more
May,'7,   1913. ROBERT HOPKINS
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. ol Peace River
TAKIC notice that II. Molt, of Vancouver, B. C, occupation Clerk, intends to
npply for permission to purchase the
lollowinirdescribcd lnnds:-
Commcnclng at a post planted seven
miles from the mouth ou the nortii bank
of Clouke river, which empties into the
west end of Cho-eta-bon Lake and marked
"H.M's., S.b". comer," thence north 80
chains; thence west 80 clinins; thence south
60 cliains more or less to the river; theuce.
caslerlv following the bank to point of
commencement, coutnining 480 acrcs more
or less.
May 6,   1913. H. MOTT.
Ft. George Land Dist,   Dist. of Peace River
TAKE notice that Margaret Russell, of
Vancouver, B. C, occupation Spinster, intends to apply lor permission to purchase
the following described lands:-
Commencing at a post planted seven
miles from thc month on thc sonth bank
of Clouke river, which empties into the
west end  id  Cho-eta-bon  Lake and  marked
M.R's., N.E. comer," thence south 80
chains; thence west 80 chains; tlicnce north
60 chains more or less to the river; thence
easterly, following the bank to point of
commencement, containing 480 acres more
or less.
May, 5, 1913.       MARGARET  RUSSELL
Ft. George Land Di.st. Dist. of Peace River
TAKE notice that'E. 0. Evans, of Vancouver, B. C, occupation 'carpenter, intends to apply for permission to purchase
the  following  described  lands:-      ,
Commencing at a post planted two
milcs east and on,e mile nortli; of thc
south end of north arm at. the west end
of Cho-eta-bon Toke, and- marked "E.O.E-
's., S.W. corner," thence east 80 cliains;
theuce north 80 cliains; thence west 80
chains; thence -South 80 chains to point of
commencement, containing 640 acres.
May 8, 1913.     EVAN OWEN EVANS.
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. of Peace Rivcr
TAKE notice that M. F. Knright, of
Vancouver, B. C, occupation Agent, intends to apply for permission to purchase
the (ollowing described lands:-
Commencing at a post planted four
miles irom the mouth on the south bank
of Clouke rivcr, which implies into the
west end ol Cho-eta-bon Lake, and marked
"M.E.F's., N, E. corner," tlicnce south 80
chains; thence west So chains; theuce nortli
60 cliains more or less to tlle river; thence
easterly, following llie river bank to point
of commencement, containing- 48o acres
more or less.
May.I,  1913- M. F.  KNRIGHT
I Ft. George Land ])ist.   Dist. ol Peace River
'"*\KE   notice    lhat   Mary    Thomas,   of
over,    B.    C,    occupation    married
'tends to apply lor permission to
(jillowiag described  lands;-
1  ll posl  planted one mile
of   Clio-eta-bon   Lake,
"■ 1'.. cofner," thence
west  80 chnins;
•  or less  to
♦team   to
■*■   480
Ft George Land Dist. Dist. of Peace River
n-TAKF notice that Barnard Gillis, of
Vniicom'er 11 C, occupation gentleman,
intends to apply for iiermission to pur-
li-ise   tin-   lollowing   described   lands:;
at a post planted Wo miles
ihe  south bank  ol
;Ft. George Land Dist. DLst. of Peace River
;' TAKE notice that Edward Williams, of
yanconver, B. tt., occupation Painter, intends to apply for perniission to purchase
the following ilescribed, lutidsf-
Commeuciiig at a. ,post planted one mile
north and one mile east of the south end
of north  arm at the west  end  ol   Cho-eta-
which  empties
 ml    marked     "B.G's
'rner,''   thence     south   80   chains
,-si  No  chains;     thei
ore   or   less;   thencc
e  bank  "I  river   to
eut, containing 4R'
May 5, i'H3-
into Cho-eta-
nortli  60 chains
easVerly   ioUowing
point  of  coinmence-
11 res more or less.
N.K.   north  80
bon  Lake,   and   marked    "E.W's.,     S.W.
theuce    east     80  chains;   theuce
chafns;   thelice   west   80   chains;
tlrcucc  south  80  chains  to  point  of  commencement,  containing 640 acrcs.
Fi   George Laud Diat,   Dist. of Pence River
TAKK "notice that   J.   II. Gillis, of Viltt-
i-.aocr, B. C,
tends to apply
the   lollowing
miles Irotn  llu
f   Clouke   r'
occupalion   gentleman,,   in-
■or permission  to purchase
lescribed   lands:
at   a   post    plantcd   three
moiith,  on  the south bank
1,   which   empties   into   the
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. of Peace River
TAKli notice that Hugh Stewart, of
Vancouver, B. C,, occupation Stpne-ciitter
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following  described lands:-.
Commencing (it a post planted two milcs
lyirtli and one mile east of the Soutli end
dl' north arm at west end af Cho-eta-bon
Lake and marked "H.S., S.W. corner,"
iheuce east 80 chains; thence north 80
chains;, thence      west   80     chains;     thence
J TAKK notice
tends,  withii;
to the Commi-'
Lirence to    ,„
petroleum    coi
Placed at the
1468,  Cariboo
Hj.P. Bench's
80 chains easi
thence  80    (
chains north
ment, cbnthl
/pril 25,  .
"'spect   tor a
"■••encine      '
\ W.
•-'orner 1
• and -
thence |
' W«t of co.
acres .
west   end  ol  I lio-ct bon  Lnke,   and  marked j soulh 80 chains ,to point of commencement
I 11 G's.    N.K.  corner,"  thence south 80 1 containljg  640 acres,
cliains' thencc wost 80 cliains; thence north j    May
60 chains more or less to   the rivcr: thence    ; ■    : - ■    ——
easterlv   following   thc   hank   to   point   of [ ht. George Land Dist
miueuiciiient,  containing  480   acres  more
or less
May 5, 1913-
Ft, George Land Dist. Dist. oi Peace Ri\er
TAKK notice that P. A. Allen, 0! Vancouver, B.. C, occupation Gentleman, intends to apply for permission to purchase
the   lollowini;  described  laiids:-
Comtnencing at a post planted five miles
trom the month on the south hank of
Clouke River wliich empties into the west
end of Cho-eta-bon Lake and marked "P.
A.A.'s., N.E. corner," thence south 80
cliains; thelice west 80 chains- thenee north
60 chains more or less to the river; thence
followine bank of rivcr to point of commencement, containing 480 acres more or
May Si  i9i.3. V. A.  ALLEN
nisi, of Peace River
TAKE notice that John Griffiths, of
Vancouver, B. C, occupation Laborer, intends to apply for permission, to'purchase
the IoUowing described lands:-
• Commencing %t a post planted three
miles north of the south end on the east
shore of north arn» at west end of Cho-eta-
bon Lake and marked "J.G's., S.W. corner," thrnce east 80 chains; thence north
80 chains; thence west 60 chains more or
less to the arm; thence south following
the shore of Arm to point of commencement, containing 48o: acres more or less.
May 8,   1913. JOHN GRIFFITHS.
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. of Peace River
. TAKE notice that Jessie Towner, of
Vancouver, B. C, occupation Teamster,
intends to apply for permission to purchase
the   following   described   Lmds:-
CniMmencing at aspost plantcd two miles
north of south  end    of the east  shore  of
end    of  Cho-eta-bon
'J.T's.,   S.W.  corner,"
80     chains:    thence north 80
cliains; thence west 60 chains more or less.
Ft. Georee Land Dist.   Dist. ol Peace River
TAKE nolice that M. J, Cody, of Van- | north   arm   at    west
couver,   B.   C,   occupation   agent,   intends ' Lake  nnd  marked   "
to  apply  U'r    permission  to  purchase the | thence    east
following descrihed lands:- • [cliains
Commencintr at a post planted six miles | to   the    arm;   thence   south   following   the
from   the  mouth    on     the smith bank  ol I shore of  arm  to  point, of commencement,
Clouke river, which empties into the west   eontaining  480  acres  more or less:-
end of Cho eta-bon Lake, aud marked I'M,      May 8,   .913. JESSIE TOWNER
J.C's.,      N.E.   corner,"     tlicnce   south   8o|_ : . .
chains: thencc west 80 chains; thence north | Ft.'Gfetirge Land Dist. Dist. ol Pence River
60 chains more or less to the river; thence TAKE notice that I). Thomas, of Van-
easterly following the bank of the fiver to ,C(lUVWi jj,, q j occupation Married Womiiu,
point ol commeiicemcut, containing 480.|jhtcnids to anplv for permission tii pur-
acres more or  less.   I chase ' the   following   descrilied lunds:-
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. ol Peacc River
TAKK notice that J. H. Bennett, of
3'ancoiiver, B. C, occipation Clerk, ill-
tends to anply for permission to purchase
the   [ollowing  described  lands;-
Coinitiencing at a post plantcd four
miles enst nud one mile, north of thc
north- shore at west end of Cho-eta-hon
Lake and marked "J.H.B's., S.E. comer,"
thence north 80 chains: llience west. 80
chains: thence soutii 80 chains; thence east
80 chains to point ol commencement, containing 040 acres more or less.
May 7,  I9LV I*' H. BENNETT
Commencinir at a post planted, one mile
nnrth of south end olu east shotc of the
north arm nt west end of Cho-eta-bon
Lake and marked "D.T's., S.W. corner,"
thencc cast 80 chains; thence north 80
chains;   thenco      west   60   chains   more   or
I less to the arm; thence south lollowing
the  shore   of   arm   to  point  of   commence*
I ment,  containing 480 acrcs more or less.
I    May  8,   191,3. I).  THOMAS.
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. of Peace River
TAKE notice that W. A. B. Mills, of
Vancouver, I). C, occupation Clerk, in-,
lends to apply for permission to purchase
the following described lauds;-    ,
Commencine:   at   a   post   planted   at   the
south end on east shore* ol the north arm
...    .    .     [at   west   end     of   Cho-eta-bon     Lake   and
Vancouver,   B. .  C,   occuiiation   Uerk,,111- . ^-.j.,,^   ..w.A.B.M's.,  S<W.  corner" thence
rchase 1 „„,,t   -,„  „*,„•„,,.    thence  north  80 chailis;
Ft, George Land Dist.   Dist. of Peace Rivcr
TAKE  notice   that   11.   D.i Williams,  of I
tends to apply for permission  to pu:
the following  described  lajidfi.-
Commcncing nt a post planted two milcs
east and one mile nortii of thc north
shore at west end df Cho-eta-bon Lake,1
and marked t'R.D.W's., S.E. comer,"
thence nortli 80 chains; thencc. west 80
chains; tlicnce soutii 80 chains; thencc
east So chains to point of coirunencement,
containing 640 acrcs.
May 7,  1913. R. D. WILLIAMS.
Ft. Oeorge Land Dist, Dist. of Peacc Rivcr
TAKE notice that T. J. Jenkins, of,
Vancouver, B. C, occupation Clerk, intends to apply for permission to purchase
the following  descrihed  lands:
Commenciiig at a post plaiitdd one 'mile-
east 'and one mile north of the north
shore of (he west end ov Cho-eta-hon
Lake and marked "T.J.J's., S.K. corner"
thence north 80 cliains; thence west 80
chains; thence south 81) chains; thence east
80 chains to point of commencement, containing G40 acres.
May 7,  1913. T.  J.  JENKINS.
Ft. George Land Dist, Dist. of Peace River
TAKE notice that J. H. Morgan, of
Vancouver, B. C, occupation Married
Woman, intends to apply lor permission to
purcliase  the  following  described  lands:-
Commencing at a post planted live miles
east ol the west end and j.n north shore
ol Cho-eta-bon Lake and marked "J.II.
M's., S.E. corner," thence north 80 chains
thence west 80 chains; 'thence south ho
chains morc or less t>. the lake; theuce
easterly lollowing the shore to point of
Commencement-, containing 480 acrcs more
or less.
May 7,  1913. J.  II.  MORGAN.
Ft. George Land Dipt, Dist. of Peace River
TAKK notice that A. A. Bennett, of
Vancouver, Ii, C, occupation 'Gentleman,
intends to upply for permission to purchase  the  following  described  laluls:-
Cotiiuieiicing at a pos,t planted lour miles
east   of   the    west   end   and   on   the  north
shore  ol    Cho eta-bon  Lake,   and  marked
"A.A.B's.,  S.E.  corner,"  thence north  80
j chains; thence west 80 cliains; thence south
I 60 chailis more or loss to the lake;  theuce
following   the   sliore   easterly   to  point   of
commencement,  containing  480  acrcs more
I or less.
May 7,  1913. A. A. BENNETT.
■*e Laud Dist.   'Di.st; of,Peace River
'ice    that    R.   C.   Webber,  of
C,   occupation  Gentleman,
'-.r    pcrttrihaion  to pun
-»cribcd 'lands: ■
''anted two miles
mi   the  norlh
'I  marked
' ' -th 80
east  80  chains;
thence we9t 60 cliains more or less to the
arm;  thelice south  following the shore of
arm   to  point  ol  commencement, containing 480 acres more or less.
May 8;  1913. W.  A.  B. MILLS,
Ft. George Lnnd Ilist. Dist. o| Peace River
TAKE notice that E. Hopkins,' df. Vancouver, B. C, occupation Spinster, intends to apply for permission to purchase
the following   described   laiids;-
Commeucipg nt a post plnnted one mile
west' of the moutli on the nortii bank of
Clouke river, which empties into the west
end of Cho-eta-bon. lake, and marked "E.
H's., S.E. corner," thence north 80 chains
theuce west 80 chains; thence south 60
chailis more or less to the river; thence
easterly following the bask to point of
commencement, containing .480 acres more
or less.
Muy 6, 1914.    / E. HOPKINS.
FORT til-Mii
* Distri
TAKE !i„i„-,.
ningham withi.
apply to the
for a lici-ni -
and Petrolc
planted at 1
1468, Carib..
"W.  J. Cun , :
thence east
80 chains;
thence south  .
more or less
April 25, llll
1 0[ (-aril)oo
tlmt William
sl,tV days l,'
'Ui'uisnioner 1
1    'inspect I
'''••imeticiitg at I
forner 1
'; "m'e 8. W~cl
'•alns; thenci
■ ''-■   weat :
1   •'hairis to"-
•ontaining ;*|
T- '.unninqhJ
PORT (JKt.Ui'.K l.ANDL...
_,„„ District of CariboV
TAKB not: :e that Ernest 1
ingstone, of South Fort Geoi
C, occupation prospector |J
apply to the Minister ol Landi
licence to prospect (or coal a-
troleum, over the following id
Commencing ut a post pis
the north wet t corner ol 1
Cariboo    Distnrt,   thenct
chains; thencc cnst 80 chain
north    80 chains;   thente   wl
chainB to   point  of comment!
containing 640 acres more orl
May 20th. 1913.
District, ol Cariboo
TAKE notice that Ernest I
ingstone, of South Port
C, occupation nrospector, Itji
apply to the Minister ol LanlJ
licence to pnmnect lor coal!
troleum, over the following i
Commencing at a post plu
the north  east corner ol 1
Cariboo   District;   thence;
chains; thence west 8(1 chains;]
north  80' chains;   thence
chains to   point   ol commas
containing 640 seres nore orl
May 20th, 1913.   '"'
District of Cariooo
TAKE notice that Ernest 1
ingstone, of South Fort Otm
C., occupation urosptttat, m
apply to the Minister Oil**™
licence to prospect for coal r
troleum, over thc following i
Commencing nt a post I
the north west corner ol
Oariboo    District;    thena 1
chains; thencc west 80
north 80 chains; thence w«,l
to point   of commencemmt,
ine 640 acres more or les!c
May 20th, 1913.
First insertion   June  28—Last  August  S3.
 1 <j	
1 DlBtrict of Cariboo
TAKE notice that. _, 0. Porter
intends, within sixty days, to apply
to the Commissioner of Lands (or a
licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum commencing at a post planted-at the S. W. corner of Lot 1468,
Cariboo District, and marked "V.
C. Porttr's S. E. corner." thence,80
chains west;'thence 80 cliains north;
thence 80 chains cast; thence 80
chains south to point of commencement, containing/ 640 acres more or
April .25, 1913.   0. P. Dench, agent.
District o( Cariboo
TAKE notice that Arthur O'Neil,
intends within sixty days to apply
to the Commissioner of Landa (or a
licence to prospect (or. Coal and Petroleum commencing at a post planted at' ib. 8. W. corner ol Lot 1468,
and marked "A. O'Neil's N. B.
corner:," thence 80 chains south;
thence 80 chains , west; thence '80
chainB north; tnence 80 chaina east
to point of commencement, contaln-
inb 640 acres more or less.
A. O'NEIL. ,
April 25, 1913.   0. P. Dench, agent.
Dietrlet of C
TAKE notice that
ingstone,  of South Fort i
C, occupation prospector,
apply to the Minister ol
licence, to prospect for #
troleum, over the. lollowing«
lands: , „,.:
Commencim: at a post P*
the South W^I'.'fJLi
2031, Cariboo District, tm
80 chains; thence north m
thence east 80 chains; thenct*
chains to point ol coatt»
containing 040 acres more
May 20th, 1913.
District ..(Cariboo.
TAKE notice that Ernest
ingstone,  of  Mouth Fort W
fl     nrcunatlon  prospector, »»
M,i istcr ol UW
apply to the mh '-- --J(|
licence to pn-Mji" .Jj«{
troleum, over the loll.'*"* 1
Commencing b    : .-
the north   es
OWiboo Dist.C   to*^g
chain9 to sr«ia«i
:,0Bt jjj
corner ol $
May 20th, Wi-       _
Disi mt
TAKE notice
ingstone, of Si
0.', occupatli .i
apply to the xi
licence to pf' '1
troleum, over
the south er
Carihoo    Dii
.   follows lltfl
-.orner °^
■ ■  thence  lu,i
in Hie Herald
tehains; thenc
south 80 chai
to point ol
ing 640 acii'i
K   _m_
May 20th.
J.A.1W ^han'
Central AvHiti*-    "Ztf*, he mui
'   EAST
The B. i
iatur.'". :
t»ilwa> si
The Paci
ibicb, w"e
m George
iagooii -
Intent ni ■
j scheme
The p
) long s
teals With Brit-
,ia Railway.
purulent of Toronto
ritingof theP.G.E.
, eat Eastern Railway,
„, plotecl, will run from
, Vancouver, has hit up-
lu'iiitf to overcome to some
;t lie cost of construction.
U) demand free right-of-
,. north shore opposite the
(.position has been put up
ffater  front property in
'. mid North Vancouver
,  | (rive  the right-of-way
l-eir properties, the Rail-
, will not keep them wait-
\ would otherwise be the
service  along   the north
roposes to build
fervice v
[ue as t
ie (or a
are.  The company I"
,ine from  Point  Atkinson to North
.MC0Uvenwiarf and to run an hourly
with electric engines until such
the Second Narrows bridge and
rest of the  line is completed.   If
,ey gei the right-of-way  free, they
,„(,„ hnve  this electric service in
'.ration within a year.   Point Atkin-
|jis about twelve  miles from North
Lcouvet  wharf, and  is  at  the en-
of Howe Sound.   This service
lould be a boon to Hollybum. Dun-
Lye, and "thor places along the north
{we,' but would be of little use to the
Mple of North Vancouver'who would
11 have to use the ferrys to get over
ptbe city, and will  have to until  the
1 Narrows  bridge  is completed.
i the meantime  the contractors  are
lulling work on the line between Fort
urge and Newport on  Howe Sound.
Ihen this stretch  is completed, the
(will have  access to deep  water,
Newport   boosters   assert  that
(company will build grain elevators
lite instead of  at Vancouver.   The
Ictio-n of the route between  Newport
Point Atkinson will   be costly to
.. tn account of   the mountains.
levers! tunnel? will  have   to  be conducted, and many people think that
portion of lhe road will  not be
lady for a long time, long after the
wo end sections are in operation.  The
■eject has been heavily subsidised by
le provincial government, and, accord-
Igto the agreement between the two,
le line was to be completed by the end
1191*1. That purt of the contract ap-
tirs to have fallen into the scrap heap
lit, on the other hand, at the recent
won of the legislature, the government increased the interest rate on the
i bonds to help tide them ov-
1 the tight money era.   The great
pjwity of die  interested property
sin West Vancouver are fn favor
lipving free  right-of-way, but the
Nt is true of those in North Van-
]"■«. Thut has become  an import-
1-Mt.tte without the aid.of the Paci-
IwettEastern and their waterfront
■ valuable.  They see no  reason why
'taidbe given away to a corpora-
n which iw ul ready receiving  consid-
f* public   assistance,   and for a.
F»ite which would be of use to a very
Wlportioi.   i the population.
Choice Close-in Acreage Next to
the Grand Trunk Townsite of
British Columbia
11-4 to 5-acre Tracts at less than the price of 25 or 50-foot city lots.
First s.bdivision of acreage in the NEW COMING TOWN OF WILLOW
RIVER, B.C., of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway.
Purchase close-in property and subdivide it yourself into city lots for
your own profit. Each piece contains approximately eighteen 25-foot or
nine 50-foot city lots. Fifteen miles of streets provided. Every lot on a
Government prescribed street.
A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY not to be missed.   Write for particulars
at once.   Lots limited in number.   AddreBs owners:
Address Owner
Furnishings for the Home
We have received a complete stock of up-to-date FURNITURE, MIRRORS, CROCKERY AND GLASSWARE,
UPHOLSTERY and every requisite for the furnishing of
the home.
Our Goods Are Ordered From,
Eastern Points by the Carload
We also specialize in Bank and Office Fixtures, Showcase Making, Wall Glass Cases and all kinds of High-class
made-to-order Furniture.
The quality of our work is well-known and appreciated,
Burns Building, Phone 41.
-    Proprietor
South Fort George, B.C.
Sale Stables
Single and Double Driving Horses.   Saddle and Pack Horses.
New Buggies and Thoroughly Reliable Rigs,
■An apijiu*ai
Mc for t!
join lhe dor,
ie foreshoi
pee alone
p yesteru
piuls of I,
, which
f Pt|i*U Ilaj,
fPtoval was
Piile soul
[Hon. yri ■
pinion thn ■
fctrol of t
In. ii,.
Is oflirni
*e the t_\
of the Grand Trunk
tension of its branch
: Prince Rupert  round
of  Kaleri  island, and
1 ne Shawalan passage,
* y the minister of rail-
The  entire  branch
f  and  a half miles of
already been approved
The portion for which
iskul consisted of about
v&rd from   the   latter
uchrane  wag  of the
■ 'ilil give the railway
"tire foreshore of the
I that before giving
• 'I  he would  like  to
■■ company  about the
9 1%
1 to stan,
I     "Mi
-tion was therefore allow-
'" Hit' present.
"1"" "f the Canadian
'wn.v fur the revision of
Us line from Regina to
approved and granted.
uns from Alsask east-
''-••'isions are of
(.■,1 :
rn r,i
iiilcs i,
5* «ne rev
% and t
'tare ii,,,,,
atter. "K no diaM»Mion of the
At the
ilwav »ol   of counsel f(>r the
r^.'6y ratiw*P -    i0" °f the Kettle
a minor
1 of ita
'ay fur
approval of a revi-
ColdWa,'l!,e  between Spray lake
,   09tM'J until the next Win*.
next hearing.
fE are constantly adding to the
equipment of our Job Department in order to enable
up to handle any class of work entrusted to us. We print Letterheads,
Billheads, Statements, Envelopes,
Business Cards, -Folders, Circulars, Booklets—in fact, all classes
of Printingof the better class is ex-
' ecnted with neatness and dispatch.
HE HERALD has a large paid
circulation amongst the class
of investors interested in obtaining reliable information on this
district. Its large local circulation
makes it the ideal medium for merchants and business men.
Fort Geroge Herald
Soutli Fort George.
Fourth Street.
We do a large mail order business
and guarantee satisfaction.
Our stock of general merchandise
is large and up-to-date, which enables us to fill all orders qutekly.
Give us a trial
& Co., Ltd.
Front Street
Quesnel, B. C.J
The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company are
now disposing of the remaining portion of their
lots in the new town 6?'Willow1 River' it the confluence of the FraserK Salmon and Willow rivers. \
By those who are in close touch of the true conditions, this new town is considered to be one of
future importance in Central British Columbia.
In investing in Willow River property be sure
that your property* comes to1 ydu direct from the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Corripatiy -make no
mistake in this. There is -only, one official and
original Grand Trunk Pacific Hailway town of
Willow River at the confluence of the Fraser,
Salmon and Willow rivers. It is located on Lot
785. Station site was approved by Board of Railway Commissioners under date of March 26th,
1912, Order No. 16179. W<l have no interest in
outside subdivisions. For authentic Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway maps of Willow River and detailed
information call on
or address
Transcontinental Townsite Co. Ld.
Authorized Agent* Grand Trunk Padflc Railway
A Choice Acreage Subdivision
For Sale En Bloc
THE best available subdivision in the Fort George District is
offered for sale by the owners.   The property is located opposite
South Fort George townsite on deep water.   The very best of land.
The survey i3 complete and the land ready for marketing.    Price
on application. •• , ,
Corner Fourth and Hamilton       •      South Fort George, R. C.
Bright and comfortable rooms and
suites at the Empresd.      :      :
Rates on Application.
Fort George. B.C. YU*torl», B.C.   .
F. P. Burden, Mgr. F. C. Green. Mgr.
Nelson. B.C.. A. H. Green, Mgr.
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
GyU tamers,
Surveys ot Lands, Mines, Townsites, Timber
v Limits, Etc.
WANTED—Inside business property in South FortGeorge. H.
J. Haslett & Co., corner Third
and Laselle,
Doing It!
Dolngwhat? Getting their clothes
FrenchDry Cleaned afthe Wardrobe
Goods Callod For and Delivered
•n Short Notic*.
A. D. Southern, - Prop.
Fourth St.    -    South frort George.
Phoa*:4a. ' I
M     'I.
7,    „•»  »
Ar-swers to Correspcitdents
Edmonton, Alta.
Editor "Herald":
1 am advised by "Toronto Saturday
Night," to write you for information
as to lots in plot 777. Will you please
give me what information you can as
to the general level of that land; is it
about the same as the rest of South
Fort George and is it likely to be desirable for business, or would it be
good residence property? Please let
me know about lot 63, block 16 especially. Inclosed find stamp for reply.
Will certainly appreciate any information you are able to give.
B. F. S.
Lot 777 lies at the southwest
corner of the Indian Reserve,
which is being surveyed as the
G. T. P. townsite of Prince
George. This subdivision was
the first piece of land subdivided
into town Lots here. It is badly
laid out, the streets being narrow
and the lots having only 25 feet
frontage. Your lot is in the low
land which is inundated during
the high water by the flooding
of a slough. A lot of the land
in 777 is of excellent quality, and
the subdivision is of a generally
level character. The north half
is the best section of the subdivision. It will scarcely qualify
during the next ten years as
business property, but may in
time be useful as residential
property if the prices are not too
high for the class of sub-division
this is.
We have just received a full
line of the above. This is a
new and complete stock.
^©ii Goods}
k. 1)0 pieces      -------      on t 9
fl .A special quality of Women's Silk Hosiery bhel ?2'00 1
fl        and colors '   »1rir,    ,        ft
■A -RUO and p 25 '4
K3_X_ZpS3_ttX   __ttt__Btt_a_I   .«_.,.,
London, Ontario, Canada.
Editor "Herald":
The writer woJd be pleased to have
your candid opinion of lots two and six,
block 12, lot 925, Cariboo district, Fort
George, plan 867, both in the matter of
price, and if you consider this a good
Thanking you very much for' your
kind attention to this inquiry.
R. B. 0.
Your lots are in the low land.
See former inquiry re this property. A creek, running out of a
small lake on the border of Lot
1430 and Lot 777 runs through
this property and flows into the
Fraser river on the Hudson Bay
Campany's land. At high water
the river rises above the mouth
of this creek and backs the water up in the low land, forming a
lake. This crosses Lots- 777, 931
and 932"and the H. B. Land;
Your lot is worth about $200 I
should think, as the best lots in
the addition are now selling for
$300. There is no townsite development on the addition.
I This must seem like a funny land to live in and so it 1?, when we
consider that a few years ago Fort George war. only a dot on the map;
the center of a great lone land where the native Indians gathered from
nearly all parts of the province to hold common council, to draft tl.cir
primitive and unwritten codes of law and to dispose of their furs to the
managers of the Hudson Bay Tost, who was tu them cl that time anout,
the only emblem that a white race existed.
When we think of the same place today, that, we can drop into a
store like Kennedy, Blair & Co.Wtf,, and inn chase almost any article that oan be bought in tlie great city department stores at almost the
same price it makes us realize that we are living in a swift age indeed.
This week we arc specializing on Ladies' Apparel. We venture to
boast that we have the most nifty line of ladies'wear ever imported
north of parallel iii!.
Drop in and see our KIMONAS, LADIES' SILK SKIRTS and our
Stole and Muff Sets, manufactured by Fairweathera from our own mink
and fisher.
We cam make the homeliest woman in South Fort George look almost like a doll.
"StanSeld'sUnskinkaMe taffies' CGmbiaations" '
Any Butterick Pattern at the regular list price    "-a     k
Delineator" always on sale '       e    2
$   Laselle Ave.aie and Second Street
South Fort George l
We have just received a select stock of tin* season's
Shoe Styles.   All the select and rriostfasfijoi>able lasts
Our complete stock of Silk, Flannel.and Fancy Shirts
is now on view. PAKAMA HATS
Corner Second and Hamilton     :     South Fort George, B. C
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in all Kinds of
Fresh ai
The R.M.S. BX mnkts connection! nt SODA CREEK with the Company'* pai
mail .-.laKt-'s fiom Ashciuft on thq Canadian Pacific Railway.
The R.M.S. E. C. Express muke-s^ircrt cmtifcdon-^ with the Gram! Tiunk 1.
Tete Juune Cache.     ' „
Fall pnrticulnrr. from our Local a^enf or by folder from head office.
Butter, Cheese, Eggs;
Highest Prices Paid for Hides and Live Stock
s. j. Mcdonald,
Fort George and South Fort George.
Phone 3C
Edmonton, Alta.
Editor "Herald":
I have been referred to you with
reference to thc valuation and condition, etc., ci lots 18, 19 and 20, block
14, in McGregor Addition L. 777.
If you will kindly tell me aa near' as
you can the value of the above you
will greatly obliged the editors 'Gold
und Dross' in the Saturday Night who
has referred me to you; you will also
confer an appreciable favor upon,
J. S. T.
Lot 925 is level land. Some of
the lots command a'good view of
the Fraser river, and in time
may be valuable for residential
property. If the P. G. E. railway comes into prince' George
on this side of the river, as we
believe it will, 925 will be benefitted thereby. 'Cannot place a
valuation on this property as it
is not handled here at all.
■» urn in "■"■■<—*iH H"*** ■*••■■** ■•■■—■"■■ ijr-ai^jtLit^AAi. B «M
i-CDt.. *■-"— rrrriuilii^
Connecting Fort George
and Central B. C. with
the Railways.
British Columbia Express Company, Auto, Stage and Sleaniuoal Cwncrs.
ECMMtUttttt, t-!T.':_itL_t_Ji^.itnm
Assets Exceeii Fifty Million Dollars      |  1913
Carefully selected land at reasonable
prices and on long terms. We own
every acre we offer for sale, and can
give guaranteed title.
R. R. WALKER, Resident Agen.t of the North
Coast Land Co,, Ltd, ;.   South Fort George, B.C.
North Coast Land Co. Ltd.
General Offices: 619 to 624 Metropolitan Bid?., Vancouver, B.C
London Office:   6 Old Jewry.
PAID-UP CAPITAL,    * " - - - $1,800,000.
The Stepmer B.X , the mail carrying
steamer that connects us with the out-
Bide world, has met with an accident
and ia teirtporarily laid up et Quesnel
with a broken crank pin. The mail is
to come ii> over the road by auto if the
B. 1)!. Expr,es3, having been't recalled
from the upper river in, liuste, cannot
make here in time to take up_the mail
contract for the big boat without causing inuch' delay in the service. The
local office, as usual, "has no information" according to their agent here.
Sam Magoffin cxpluled a big blast
at his camp two miles above here
this week, blowing of! a point of land
which ran to the edge of th« river,
Fort George District
I i_i_i»snsmjiMsjLsiiissisiiwissssii »>^w !■■!■■ ssssMssisiisi i ■■isiiiiii —i ar sMff-iiriT~rrn— —a —iui ■ wimiamia______tt_mmn
A Few^ Choice Exclusive Listings
480 ACRES'—Crown granted, four miles southwest of town.
Al land.   $60 per acre; good terms.
FIVE ACRES having 350 feet of waterfrontage on the'
Praser River; less than a mile from South Fort George.
$200 per acre; $200 cash, balance 6, 12, 18 and 24 nios.
i f
2 1-2-ACRE TRACTS one-quarter mile from railway line
and two miles from the Indian Reserve (G. T. P. town-
site). Choice garden land. $350 to $450 per tract; $50
caish and the balance monthly, 6 per cent interest.
The Northern Development
Company, Limited
403-404 Carter-Cotton Building     :     VANCOUVER, H.C.
Owners and Exclusive Dealers
Fort George Nechaco Valley Fraser Lake
and Peace River Lands.
ish North
Your money ls safer In the Bank than in your house or in your
puclict. lt is not tied up. You can get It out at nny time without delay. NOTES discounted. Local and Foreign Drafts bought
and sold.  COLLECTIONS ir-adft promptly.   Money Orders issued.
C.ipilal PuiJ Up:
mumiTii i'itiiiii—i—•*•""""""'
tnl Authorized-)
pi ■J&.OOo.uO*)
KeHcrvc and UmiWuU'd Profit*:
Incorporated 1869.
The Traders Bank of Canada
Head Office
Fort O.eoi'ffii Kmnch,
D. MURUAY. MamiKot
South FortGepr
ll.C. SKAMA-*
General Hardware and Sheet Metal Workers.
All kinds of tin and sheet Iron work done.
Gamp Stoves, Hot-air Furnaces, Etc.
Solo Agents Nagel-Chaso Celebrated Gasoline lighting System*.
H '' '   i .,.,-u>jw'*fl
• . _ __ _ ____J - . ™«UsJ«»..l-".^'"i--,a"J
ntmnMHtn MP' __
Corner Hamilton & Third
Tha iiew<!.it. and most modern
hotel in the northern interior
I   South Fort Georpe- B.&
kites n^ffji
B'lBl of wiiu'.i,
1 iquoi'ri and eitfarfl
n*'-n-«i*i-»iaii * m» _m
ubscribe for Tb Bew»


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