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 V^ ;*,   , .    <£***R^     A V;—*?
VOL. 3, NO.
SOUT^ram GEORGE, B. C^A'TURDAY,' JULY *5. 1913.
l fr6tti**hedCa.ciie Smn, of  course, plenty
of  railway workers   and  some home-
: steaders too,.   The place  is tusy—in-
lndian Murderer  of Constable
Kindness to Hang on Friday,
September 13th.
,aul Spintlum, Indian outlaw, be-
1 connected   with  thrcie
. ln the past two years, was
1 lieved to
I murder:
lloiinil g**ilt*>'
, last Saturday by a jury
t at New Westmin-
in tiie, assize cour
ler of the   murder   of Provincial
Uabl, Kindnes. near Clinton on
llav 3  1912*   He was sentenced by
justice Morrison
i Thc judge also spoke strongly in
favoz tho provincial police
ofliceru and tho good work they were
doing. Hu apparently resented insinuation! on behalf , of the counsel
for tho accused that the police had
trumped up this charge and manufactured evidence. Mr. Henderson
made haste to deny any implication!  against  tho police of imnroper \ now and then but
ion Friday
(slowed no
to be hanged
Sept.  12.    The accused
emotion when sentence of
, Was pronounced. His compan-
Mo9eB Paul, will be tried next
tm for being   accessory after the
Lt in   connection    with the same
Tbe trial of Paul Spintlum occulted four days and was lull of interest. When tha court reassembled after
lunch on Saturday last council for
|tlu defence and crown addressed the
|jijry and his lordship reviewed the
i and charged the jury as to their
■duty. They retired at 4:30 and re-
Ttaned about 6, after being deliber-
jatins about an hour and a half, with
|t simpli verdict oi  "guilty."
The Court-'Taul Spintlum, have
jyou anything to say why the sentence
|of the court   should not be passed
i you?"
, The prisoner maintained the stoi-
Itai demeanor he has assumed
through the trial, and upon ths
liiation being repeated smiled
tightly and mumbled "No." Judge
prison thought perhaps he did not
liderstmid English and askel Us
nwsel if that were the case. Mr.
ptMrt Henderson, who appeared for
accused, replied that Spintlum
fcnderstood English quite well.
1 The Court—"The sentence ol the
lourt is that you be sent to prison
Irom whence you came and therein
Vi Friday, September 12, you be
paged by the neck until you are
I The prisoner was then removed. No
i tap was used in the sentencing
N little emotion was shown by any
p *ith the   possible exception of
' °i two oi the jurymen who seem-
■o be pale and nervous as they re-
pned with their verdict.
1 For more than an hour Mr. Stuart
Henderson addressed the jury on be-
I oi tho prisoner, making an able
|fc for the life of the accused. He
Morcd   to show that   the evl-
inence of the crown witnesses was unliable. Ho placed   great stress on
i evidence    of the    witness Boyd,
Vk ">d ho    positively    identified
ppmtlum as the man behind the log
I* shot   Kindness. He referred to
Fhe 'act thnt. at the coroner's jury
r?d had denied that he recognized
rho tmi   the fatal shot.    Counsel
frgUed tl]at if they threw out Boyd's
pence the whole fabric of the pros-
fWon would fall to the ground.
Prosecutor MacNelll said
r°c casc did not depend entirely on
PE evident ,,r n„...,   ~,       .__*
deed all through the north country you
don't hear anything of hard times or
tight money, the people haven't time
for that. Up the Cariboo road hay in
normal limes is worth perhaps $15 or
$16 per ton; this year the price varys
from $40 to $00 per ton, according to
how far or near the product is from
the shipping point at Soda Creek. With
the rush of railway construction and
the extraordinary demand those high
prices are pretty sure to hold all
through this and next season at any
"It is really a wonderful country. Of
course, there is a piece  of   poor land
there   are splendid
BK sura
North Dakota Buyers Send Representative to Investigate—
lie is Satisfied.
Vancouver M. L. A. Enthusiastic
Over Future of this
If^ted a aeries
fo ot wh
"' Boyd. The crown had
as to his personal
of circumstances
hi(fr. lie contended, went to
Kefcr 'Ule aCC"S6d   the gullty man>
ting to Boyd'a written testim-
n.oi*,t ? tho coroner's inquest he
Vy out that there was nothing
fit abont Boyd having said he did
r^Ptewbo fired the shot. He
|M he«<* silent
if''81''0   MorriBOn    mmm'« «>»
l>veiwi„.ap:ilinBt th° accu80d>  After
skoo tin .
1111 K»ry to consider it as rea-
J- « they reached a con
■»«»<! any
|Boyd.  eaUne Wlt"
ridl^0    B°y«." said Be;
hh a,, t , ,d wouW ',0 8Uch a
V** bein*. , t0 exeoution a hu-
1      "«». unless hi were sure?"
accused was guilty
reasonable doubt that it
very    Mainly
tha    evidence of
but hia Lordship proceeded, I sect.iong and beautiful valleys that can
hardly be aurpsssed. It is different
from anything around Vancouver. It's
a splendid country for ranching—farming on a grand scale. At that, I saw
all kinds of small graden stuff growing
as prolific as you please, but it is a
country essentially of cattle and of fie
coarser feed products—just the kind of
country that is needed to back the
specialized fruit and vegetable districts
of the Okanagan and Lower Mainland.
The finest section I have ever seen in
British Columbia is that between Soda
Creek and Quesnel, 53 miles along the
Fraser river, beautifully situated and
abundantly productive. The best
slopes are in grass with the lanch cattle doing well in the summer range.
There is a fine succession of ranches
there; the Australian, for instance,
with great fields as level as billiard
tables. I did not have a chance to get
around the country much at FortGeorge,
but maty Vancouver people I met
there assured me lhat some of the very
best farming land in British Columbia
lay around Fraser Lake. Steamers are
now being built by the railway contractors to ascend the Nechaco and
they expect to carry supplios right to
Fraser Lake."
As to the wisdom of building the P.
G.E.-what do you think of lhat? Mr.
Tisdall was asked.
"I cannot speak to enthusiastically
in favor of it," was the reply. "Vancouver .people do not realize the splendid diversity of opportunity of trade
with the great northern section of
British Columbia. The P.G.E. will tap
the best of it. With the change of
route recently announced, the line after
passidg Lillooet, will skirt the Chilcoten district, pass Clinton and ascend
the rich Lac la Hache Valley. The
completion of the project means a tremendous advance for Vancouver.
"By the way, the captain of the.
steamer on which I traveled north from
Quesnel told me the water in the Fraser was the highest he had ever seen it.
What saved the lower country from
floods was that the nights were cold;
the melting of snow in the hot days
was equalized by freezing in the mountains at night.
Up towards Port George—the region
to be tapped by the Pacific Great Eastern Railway, now building—is a country big enough and rich enough to alone
support a city the size of Vancouver at
the outlet terminal of that railway
This conclusion has been reached by
Mr. Charles E. Tisdall, M.L.A., after
he has been over the ground and investigated for himself. As a businessman
doing a large trade with outlying towns
all through British Columbia, Mr. Tisdall travels a good deal to get his business knowledge at first hand. Two
8,11 weeks -spent in the Fort George trip
have made him enthusiastic about the
New North.
"It is a district of opportunity—not
only for the people in it, but for the
business men of Vancouver. At the
moment, this city has lost the Port
George trade to Edmonton, but that
condition is bound to be reversed when
the Pacific Great Eastern is finished
and perhaps much sooner," said Mr.
Tisdall to the Province today.
"Old Father Fraser, running bank
high and with menace of flood for the
lower country, is befriending Edmonton now and 'the northern merchants
are bending every energy to get in
great quantities of supplies. The G.T.
P. is finished west from Edmonton to
Tete Jaune Cache. From there to Fort
George is 315 miles and thousands of
tons of goods are being sent every day
over the flood. The stuff is put in
scows-not the decked-over barges we
have in the harbor here-but hollow
boats of the old Mississippi style with
oar sweeps over bow and stern. Av
scow of this kind' costs $200 and of
course makes only the one trip, for it
is impossible to get it back up river.
Four men are required to manage each
scow as it floats down with its 15 to 25
tons, the weight of cargo varying with
the kind of goods taken aboard. There
is so much danger at the Grand Canyon that the provincial police have taken a hand and do not allow boats to go
through with less than eight men
aboard,,so that the cost of transportation is again swelled because extra
men have to be hired here. Of course,
it is impossible to get insurance on
goods aboard these scows-the merchants have to take chances on their
arrival, and while no important losses
have yet been made, trouble may come
when the river lowers. As the matter
now stands the merchants claim that
even paying slightly Jiigher prices in
Edmonton than in Vancouver-for this
city enjoys better railway rates as an
ocean port-they can land their goods
cheaper in Fort Goorge from Edmonton than from Vancouver by way
of Ashcroft, over the Cariboo road and
up river by steamer. But I'm still
skeptical nbout it; the season is not yet
over aiid with losses in scow building,
perhaps some cargoes hung on sand
bars and wages at $8 to $10 per day to
boatmen, Vuncouver, with its lower
original prices may still bo found the
better place to buy in. In any event,
the advantage Edmonton now has in
water transportation* will puss away
when the Pacific Great Eastern is finished.
"FortGeorge, with its three town-
sites, is an ideal place for n city. 1
think there are a thousand men in the
town now, many who havo floated down
Annual Gala Day Attended by
Thousands—Ball Game Won
by South Fort George-
Dance Big Success.
Amongst tho arrivals hero this
week irom tho upper river were Mr.
Ii. K, Allien and F. J. Maionct/, who
hava been visiting tho townsite of
Willow River, owned by the Pacilic
Land and Townsites Company Ltd.
Tlie fourth annual celebration of
Dominion Day held here on Tuesday
last was a hugo success, and completely overshadowed anything of a
similar nature which has gone before.
Tho sports wero carried off without
any hitches, and tho horse races held
on Fourth Street were witnessed by
largo crowds.
Tho weather was beautiful, and the
Mr. E. K. Aldcn is general Manager attendanco 1„ge> and throughoutthe
oi  thc townsito concern reEerred to.
Ha is well remembered in this section,  aa  ho was  at one time general
manage.'  of tho    Natural   Besources
Security    Company   Ltd.,    and was
for    years an   associate    of George
John  Hammond's  oi    Fort  Georgo.
Mr. B. K. Alden,    however,    os nol
longer associated with the promoter j an.angemcnti,
oi tho Nechaco River townsites here,1
and aa ho is engaged   in heavy litigation  with  tho  Natural  Resources
Security   Company,    and,  wo  understand, haa applied for a receivership
day South Fort George was given .up
to tho enjoyment of life and the pursuit of pleasure.
Tho baseball game was,as ever, the
leading attraction. This was held at
i 3 P.M. at tho ball park. In referring
i to tho game we feel that some mention must bo mado of the   excellent
which were made for
the proper  control    of the  crowds,
which, assisted    greatly towards the
success of the  game, as by keeping
the  crowdn  back  from the diamond
r. larger number of people are able
against, it, ho comes in for a large |to yiew the gamg with greater eaBe
share of adverse commentary in con-|   Tho gamo resulted in another win
nection with tha promotion of "Wil-
lo\.' River" in thc columns of' Mr.
Hammond's advertising journals.
ior South Fort George, with a score
of five to one in their favar. It certainly was the best ball game that
Thi.i controversial criticism of the .      eyer been played in tMg sectioni
Willow River townsito has led to
some of the purchasers of lots sending in Mr. Alden's companion on the
journey, from North Dakota, tu investigate.    The   Horald   interviewed
and)   both   teams    put up a strong
Tho dance in the evening was held
in tho new Gibbs and Merrian pool
hall  on  Hamilton    avenue.  The  big
Mr. Maloney whilst he was here, and; haU wftB donated {or the occasion by
ho stated that he was well satisfiedjthe proprietorBi to whonli amongst
with the outlook at the mouth of tho otherSi the thanks of the commlttee8
Tho Herald neither endorses or condemns any townsites which its
writers havo not seen, -and on which I
aro extending tor contributing so
generously towards the success ot the
occasion. The dance was a big success, and was   attended by a large
Arthur J. Pelkey, charged with
manslaughter in connection with
the death of Luther McCarty,
was adjudged not guilty, the jury returning a verdict last evening after an
hour's deliberation. There was a ripple
of applause in the courtroom when the
verdict was announced.
The case was tried before Chief Justice Harvey, and his lordship defined
for the first time what constitutes a
prize fight in the Dominion of Canada.
He held that an encounter with fists,
privately arranged for, was a prizefight, and was not permissable. His
interpretation of the statute, if it
stands, puts an end to all boxing contests in tho Dominion where the authorities arc inclined to interfere.
The verdict of the jury was to the
effect that the contest was a prizefight,
but the jury held against the belief
that Pelkey had inflicted ths blow
which dislocated the neck of his antag
onist. The jury, by its verdict, memorializes the Provincial Legislature to
pass n law defining specifically what
C institutes a prizefight, and prohibiting the staging of such contests in Alberta in the future.
His lordship objected to the jury's
recommendation, asserting that his
definition of the law and the decision
of the jury established a precedent and
made further legislation unnecessary.
His lordship abo informed Pelky that
had the jury adjudged him guilty he
would'have imposed no sentence on
him, as the case was more to test the
lew than to fix the guilt of the defendant.
we are not fully informed. Our ad-, gatnering. Excellent music was pro-
vice to all    purchasers   nas always Lided by an orchestrai
been to sidestep largo Investment in
any  townsite  upon    tho  strength of
lurid advertising. We advocate personal investigation, or the obtaining
oi reliable information from some
sourc.i which can bo depended upon.
Anticipating the future power requirements of Greater Vancouver and
the probability of the electrification of
the coast section of the Pacific Great
Eastern Railway, the Bridge River
Company, recently incorporated, plans
to develop at least 200,000 horse power
in the Lillooet district. The expenditure involved will be about $3,000,000.
The project calls for the buildieg of
a large dam on Bridge river, and a tunnel two and a half miles long through a
mountain to an outlet on Seaton lake.
It has just been favorably reported on
by Mr. W. C. Smith, engineer of the
water rights branch of the department
of lands, Victoria. Mr. Smith made a
detailed examination of the Bridge
river, which is a large mauntain stream
with an enormous drainage basin, ensuring a large water supply the year
round. He was accompanied by Mr.
engineer of the pow-
Application  for water
The boxing match, held in the Fort
George Theatre on Monday night
last, was well attended by thei crowd
attracted hero by the widely advertised Dominion Day  Celebration.
Timo was called a little late, and
tho first preliminary blew over in a
few minutes of battle which showed
that McMillan was outclassed by
Lafoe. Tho second preliminary, won
by the gamo little scrapper Jack
Davis, was a good event and went
four fast rounds when the decision
was awarded.
Tho principal event between George
Allen and Kid    Kelly did   not last
lone, but was a fast and furious bout i Bonnycastle,
while the fighting was on. Allen was*Ier   company
on the defensive, but showed better I m* aggregating 100,000  feet have
pointn than his aggressor Kelly, who'"een macle  to tho government.   The
was the larger man and had tbe ad- project has also been favorably report-
, .    i_.„      .       , ,.    ed  on   by other  engineers, and it is
vantagu m   roach. Kelly    forced the bought that there will be little waste
fighting   but    invariably    took   the between the proposed power plant ou
worst   of   it   from    Allen's   clever' Se**t'>n '«**e and Vancouver.   The pro-
,„„     .. .   . ,    „ ...       i posed power line will follow the route
counters. It was anybody's fight as g, thef acific Great Eastern Railway
far an it went, but Kelly showed the ^ and will be about 160 miles long.
best condition and could apparently! 	
stand up against   a lot ot   punish-j     ,  BUSINESSES^!' WILLOW
ment. It wan impossible to tell who;    „.,.„,, ...
,,  . ...       ,   . ,     ,, .,   i    F. W.  Crawford,    manager  of the
would havo    got tho    dec sion if the
flgh, had gono to the last round, but
Allen hurt his wrist in the fourth
round and tho referee called the bout.
It In rumored that a side bet will
be put up and the men will meet
His Honor Judge Howay, of New
Westminister, ono oi the leading archaeologists of tho province, has been
informed by Mr. B. O. S. ScholefleUl,
provincial librarian, who has boen In
th eeast, that Simon Fraser's original diary has been discovered.
transcontinental  Townsite   Company
\_t.li,    has    opened   the   permanent
i oflice of his company on the Willow
I River    townsito.  He   states that a
| restaurant will open on River lAvenue*-
by George Schtitt, and a billiard and
pool room will commence business as
soon as its proprietor M. A. Brown,
completes a building on Gwen St.
Charles A. Malassls and Erbest ten
Hompel who have a lunch wagon
outside the Hotel Northern are prospering, and have commenced the
building of a rooming house and
lunch counter behind the Hotel Northern. PAGE   TWO
FO RT   GEORGK   H H R «| '*1(
^^BATuntiAY, JUIA* Hh
Published by the Northern Interior Printing Company, Limited
J. B. Daniell, President.
devoted  to the  Interests of the Fort George District  and  the  Northern
Interior of British Columbia.
Subscription $3.00 a Year iu Advance
[NDER the registration laws brought down in the provincial
parliament this year it is no longer possible to apply to any
parcel of land any particular name by the process of registring a
plan thereof with name appended as heretofore. Under the new-
law, for instance, a townsite cannot be registered under the name
desired. Townsite plans must be registered as sub-divisions of
district lots, and the matter of a name for these places lies between the owners and the postal authorities. We publish this information for the benefit of those of our readers who are apt to
be deceived by the advertisements of a notoriously nervy town-
site concern which is endeavoring to create the impression that
the G.T.P. will not be allowed to call their townsite on the old
Indian Reserve here by the name "Prince George," The G.T.P.
will use this name, and at a date not far distant the townsites
here will be generally referred to as the Grand Trunk Pacific town,
Prince George, The postoffice department, we are informed on
reliable authority, have approved of the name.
THE sentencing to death of the Indian outlaw Paul Spintlum
brings to a fitting close a typically western crime drama. It
is not good to rejoice in the passing of the death sentence upon
even the most abandoned of criminals, yet we feel that had Spintlum escaped the penalty of the murders of which he has been
convicted, the result would have been demoralizing to the work
of the provincial police amongst the Indians. Since the time when
the Indian Gun-a-noot at Hazelton, killed a man and successfully
escaped the vigilance of the law in the hinterlands, there has existed amongst the Hazelton Indians a certain insolence which, in
their inflamable minds might at any time find vent in violence
and murder. The same spirit would have prevailed had Spintlum
escaped the law. The days of the gun-fighter, the bad Indian and
the posse are slowly drawing to a close. Development and the
march of progress in the west leaves such dramatic, but deplorable features of primitive days in the traditions of the country
only, and when on occasion, as in the Clinton outrage, a man
harks back to the spirit of outlawry, and resists arrest by murder,
the outraged justice of a civilized country demands retribution.
And so a sordid tragedy comes to an end. Poor Kindness, the
brave young constable who was murdered lies in an honored
grave, and his murderer stands in the shadow of the gallows.
(From Toronto Saturday Night)
It seems evident that the clash between the Grand Trunk Pacific and ''Hammondaille" is far from being terminated, peacefully
or otherwise.
The decision of the Dominion Railway'Board, which upsets the
station location designed by the G.T.P. for Fort George, and
which finding favored the contentions of George Hammond, of the
Natural Resources Security Company, has been appealed by the
G.T.P. to the Governor-in-Council. The whole case will therefore undergo revision, and a possible outcome is the reversal of
the finding of the Dominion Railway Board, The Commission
recently, after hearing both parties, decided that the G.T.P.
dept should be placed on the main line about three thousand feet
east from the limits of Hammond's immense group of properties,
but not six thousand feet east and in the middle of the Grand
Trunk townsite, as designed by the railway officials.
So far as imparting actual value to the myriad of 25-foot town
lots sold by Hammond at from $250 to $1,500 or higher, the order
of the Board as to the station site did little, Plans in Hammond's
original advertisements played fast and loose with truth by locating the station on the Natural Resources property. The Railway
Board last May located the depot over half a mile in a. straight
line distant from the nearest of these sandwiches of land, and the
Grand Trunk Pacific has opened a campaign to have the matter
re-considered with a view of having their -own original station
plans accepted. What the final outcome will be cannot of course
be predicted, Hammond heralded the recent decision, however,
by announcing "A Double Victory" in bold type covering large
spreads in the newspaper, and inaugurated another lot-selling
campaign on the head of his "victory."
But the end is not yet.
Hammond has evidently put the Grand Trunk Pacific people to
the maximum of inconvenience. His wholesale townsiting methods have had the temporary effect of shifting the depot location
3,000 feet west of where the railway designed it to be. The railroad is now prepared to usher its principal officers, not to mention
expert railroad engineers, before the Federal Cabinet in the effort
to conserve the original plans of the railway, Able lawyers will
endervor to show that the station sight selected by the G.T.P. is
the logical place, and if the road is not successful it will not be
for want of a thorough ventilation of the real facts before the
Cabinet Ministers of the Dominion,
Meanwhile those that may be tempted to pin their faith to the
Hammond properties might be well advised to look well into the
situation before they buy Hammond's town lots. No matter where
the depot is finally built, it will be surrounded by Grand Trunk
Pacific business ar.d residential lots, and these must have priori-
Advcrtising Rales on A;., -ration
THE news has gone forth of the death of the Duke of Sutherland. The passing of His Grace of Sutherland removes from
Canadian annals the figure of a man who, with generations of
hereditary power, dignity and ducal grandeur behind him, walked
abreast of the times into the New World and organized in Canada
well-concived coolnization schemes, having for their aim the
relief of the congestion which is the condition in certain parts of
Great Britain in which the late duke held vast realms of land. In
Canada the late Duke of Sutherland was widely liked. Besides
being one of the most popular members of the Peerage, the Duke
of Sutherland was most widely traveled and well informed. It
will be remembered that His Grace visited South Fort George last
year, not being deterred from viewing his land holdings in this
district by the long and tedious journey up the Cariboo road. The
death of His Grace is a national loss.
ty over the Hammond lam.-, an
of which are, of course, entirely
outside of the G.T,P, lownsite.
More than that, in an interview
acc'orded a deputation from South
Fort George, Mr. Morley Donaldson, vice-president and general manager of the Grand Crunk
Pacific, made it plain last week
to those business men that development of lliv G.T.P. town-
site would be in an easterly direction, away from the Natural
Resources Security properties
rather than 'towards the Hammond lands. Mr. Donaldson
pointed out thai the cost of G.T.
P, hotels and other conveniences
was met, not from G.T.P. funds,
but came from profits of subsidiary companies, such as townsite
companies controlled by the road.
If G.T.P. plans were fulfilled,
(FortGeorge would, Mr. Donaldson said, become the most important divisional point between |
Edmonton and the coast. The
development at Kort George
would be east and south, and not
west, he said, The large shops,
and round houses of the company
would be built on the eastern
portion of the railway townsite, j
north of the tracks, where also j
would be placed the G.T.P, hotel j
and other buildings.
Evidentlv those  who   ignored j
the dominant position that the
G.T.P. must finally hold in the}
FortGeorge situation, and whoi
bought Hammond's lots on the I
strength of   full-page  suggestions, have another long session
on  the  anxious  seat ahead of
them.   The Governor-in-Council,
and possibly in the end the Privy
Council in England, will have a.
say in the final decision of this!
The Northern Lumher & Mercantile Company I .miu
Manufactured and "Dealers in the Best FIR
and SPRUCE LUMBER in British Coiuja
You can't build economically without getting
our estimates from cellar to roof,
Operators of the Famous Light
Draught Steamer  "Quesnel,"
Services :
Sunday School 5 p.m.
Evensong and Sermon 7:30
Vicar, Rev. R. H. ISAAC WILLIAMS, M. A.
The Parsonage, Soutii Fort George.
come over $300 per month.    Inquire I
at Herald office. jy3     "
Our Personally Selected Stock of General
Merchandise has arrived from the east via
Tete Jaune Cache. We beg to state to the Buying Public that our stock is Second to None
in all the Cariboo District and that our old principle of consistency in prices and treatment still
Northern Lumber & Mercantile
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FOR SALE: Farm Lands. Garden Tracts. Timber Limits. Mineral Cli hns. Valuable town I*.
$       Offices: Hamilton Avenue, Soutb Fort George: Central Avenue, Fort George, B. C
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Established 1909.
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Fori George Trading
Lumber Company
The advances made by the building trade in
this city are
in conformity with the generally improved facilities ot   ^
ply.   It is now possible to secure every requisite here to
building of a modern, up-to-date home at reasonable p    •
I cao design and build your future home to suit youi1U
P.O. Box 17. South FortGeorge, RL
of superior quality and
in all quantities.
Pioneer Sawmill and Steamboat Operators in New
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Fhone Unc-Onc
C. E. MCELROY, Manager.
To Whom It May Concern,:
A Stock of General  Merchandise  will  be dispose o
first cost of the goods.
We Appeal to Bargain Hunters for Pa
Thos. A; Blair       (
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V fJ£ -^ <A> fA> ^ <A> <^> fj£ ^<A> fAX^ 31
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a a                      Rut our tsHtimales k£
2       HANI liHTII & M'INNIS p
«S  Contractors              i          Hamilton nnd R
und Huildora             '          Firut streets m
Office an
Hamilton Ave.
d Store
South ForU \TU
' Minister of Lands, Hon. W. R. Ross, Deals With this
Important Work,
For a License to Take and Use Wator.4
Willi Hie i'ecent
passing by tbe Do-
[niinion I
jovernment oi an amendment
ltd '
Act in  so far     as  it
belt of this pro-
thc   local legis-
ovcr    same,  the
fleets the railway
vincc, conceding t<
lnture jurisdiction —^^^
Lestion of dealing with claims and
'orevei removing the confusion that
the old  condition has
Ljsted under
Lupied mueli of
[Hon. rt
"Tho legh    ..^^^—-i^^—i^^—
oscd affecting waters tn
the   attention of
H. Ross, Minister of\ lands.
station passed during .tht
I.-i,.n H I   ^_^_.
;h„ Railway Belt has revived public
the subject of water and
administrations    throughout tne
In says. "A very import
„t brancli of the Lands Department
nil(. provincial government abo it
nlcn little lias heretofore  appeared
in print, is   known     as  the   water
lights brancli, and the legislation
bovc referred to will enable this
ranch for the lirst time to adminis-
cr tin  waters in all the streams in
[he railway belt under precicely the
me laws as govern its administra-
3ii outside the belt,^
"The failure of the Dominion Gov-
nment in the    past  either to give
Iver U the province this adminis-
ation or to establish an adminis-
■ation oi its own has resulted in
uch confusion and an uncertainty
rights that has been a serious
mlicap tu development in the belt,
ore particularly to its arid por-
,ons. Here water is absolutely es-
mtial to the conducting of success-
1 operations, and the shrewd buyer
0 is contemplating an investment
farm lands is sure to ask whether
water right goes with the place,
id whether there is any doubt
out tht? validity of the water titles
['The inhabitants    of  the  belt  are
mgratulateld on  the  decision
Ithe government at Ottawa to turn
whole thing back to the Province
it is only    in  this  way  tfcat a
lif'irm administration can  be had.
ink ii. what it would have meant
1 have a dual administration in the
Innumerable    streams   in that
Ition whose    waters are  much  in
patid linw now on  Provincial and
|w on Dominion lands. The situa-
further    complicated  by  the
tt that    as fast  as  the Dominion
vernment issues to private parties
lands sn    patented  come under
Srtncia! jurisdiction. The boundary!
the belt, therefore, has been a
•tartly changing one as far as
to administration is concerned,
mani' cases have arisen where
' ,ct ol either the one government
•»! other in granting certain
fits in the waters has been called
I0 question,
|Tllls condition is happily all
I11**6,1 by the    amendment to  the
(t'Wy Belt Water Act passed at
aw« a few weeks ago. A year ago
"fls agreed upon between the two
erntnenta that the administration
"it water
should bo exercised by
"i"  BritUh  Columbia.
'I'.'H't  in view an Act was
Ottawa  last year,  but  it
to bo defective In several
making it   unworkable.
amendment    makes the
and    authorises    the
h till, „
jsed at
found i
1 Wllll'i' Rights Hoard known as '
ll"anl "I Investigation," to go|
'the railway belt and decide con-,
'VCrs"'i tlH>,'(  just as it does out-1
thc belt.
|',takln*'. of the amendments to the:
•' Clauses Act,  Mr.  Ross states I
hn. Bpe,ch.
passed    at  the
lu' amondments
session of the
pent n,
.provincial par-
" in no Bense a departure
spirit of former  acts,  but
P tli
"" "'■*• Perfect the
_^_^__ Policy laid
By the passage of thc
pwi. created tlie tribunal
Lv ll"'U''1 "' Investigatlon,
r      '""'"'ed to, the legislature of
' "V Hi-fi   r i •
irelv th6 first time facci1
I thn,,        matt6r "'  dealinS with
Ir     ands    of old   records and
Jo,  WhiCh nave been «Bsued
[ Pre  ..rr^toty during
y    ?e, ]m-™^y- it was
Ln,,,'    d Bt this time "hat a
(tl,ia laBlrUna^aking was lnvolv«-
properly re-
the  rights  of
UHk*   Rven to
am! adjudicate
i on
01 tho large vail
Vn «nd the
** oi data.
eys south of
required    extensiv
gathering of a larg
Time was required
to properly prepare the ground for
the adjudications of the Board, but
the initial stages are now happily
past, adjudications have been completed in several of the more contentious districts and existing rights
have been placed on a linn basis.
Afte: referring at lt.ngth to all the
amendments, the Minister of Lands
"Private capital is, hy the amdnd-
ments, not only permitted but in-
viter) to taue the initiative in launch
ing enterprises in British Columbia.
Ye'; thn water users are protected
and will eventually own and operate
thei: own systems. This' is coming to
be the common type of control in the
States across the line, where the irrigation enterprises now adopt the
plan outlined. Experience has seemed
to indicate that perpetual control of
systems creates endlees friction hetween companies and water users.
"In thu light of the amendments,
the southern portion of the province
has been divided into districts, the
divides and drainage areas being followed in arriving at boundaries.
These districts for the present are
as follows; Victoria, Nicola, Okanagan, Lillooet and Carihoo, Northeast and Southeast Kootenay, Nelson
and Kettle Valley. The boundaries of
several of these districts will shortly
be altered to include the railway belt
the transfer of which was recently
completed by the Dominion Parliament. Practically no division of the
province north of the railway belt
has yet been madt, but it has been
decided to place water engineers at
Fort George, in the Quesnel district
and on the line of the P. & G. E.
"Engineers have been appointed to
the important districts an 1 selected
for the northern work that the general Held work might proceed without
Interruption, assistant engineers have
also been appointed in several districts. Through this arrangement the
district engineer is available at any
time to investigate a record or licence, or hold a hearing on nn application by the direction of the Comptroller. He is particularly available
to the small water user for 'advice,
assistance and the settlement of disputes, and at the same time to report to the Comptroller of Water
Rights ln the administration of his
district. When formerly it was a
hardship to many applicants to appear either before the water recorder
or the comptroller at Victoria, it
now is a comparatively easy and inexpensive mnl ter for him to refer
any question for decision.
"The field work of the past two
years has been chiefly confined to
making surveys and plots of land
appurtenant to water records. In
order that the Board of Investigation
should this season be in a position
to make prompt adjudications, the
preliminary field of work has
again been confined to surveys appurtenant to such records, and in
such districts as, in the discretion of
the board, merited, their first attention. Their work is now well advanced, and the attention is being devoted to lines of work that will pus
sees a permanent value. These lines
of work are as follows:
"1. Systematic and continuous work
in stream measurements.
"2. The prevention of wasteful use
of water.
"3. Policing of streams.
"4. Ecomomic distrib ition and
delivery of water.
"5. Inspecting water systsms to
determine their efficiency and safety.
"6. Determining storage possibilities. . ,
"V. Drivability of stream for
"8. Study of the proper duty of
"9. Investigation  of  water  powers.
"In general tlio work as outlined
will embrace collection of data and
such public supervision as will result in full utilization of thc water
resources of the province, and to
this end tlio Water Rights Branch is
slowly, but surely overcoming outstanding difficulties."
Mr. Boss finishes his Bpecch by a
reference to the personnel of thc
Water Rights Branch, which, as introduced by him, ia evidently made
up of a most efficient number, of officers,
NOTICE is hereby riven thai the h
Own your own home!   You
I  can build your future home
now at the minimum of ex-
nd  empties  serve existing upon' Crown lands in the  !   pense.
on George.  Cariboo and Cas far Districts bv reason  S
September  i No building is too large
the British  1 •"' tio small  to receive
nber  12th. ! t> oul' careful attention.
Blue prints and plans furnished.
Get our estimates.
NOTICE is hereby given that Fort
Eraser Industrial Corporation Ltd.,
Vancouver, B. C., will apply for a license to take and use 100 cubic feel per
second of water out of Nechaco Itiver,
which flows in a northeasterly direction
through Nechaco valley and emptie
into Eraser   River near   Fi
The water will be diverted at a pom  	
one mile below and will lie used for in-   ]2tii   1907 and i ubli
dustrial purposes on the land described Columbia Gazette on  September 12th
as Fort Eraser Towifstte. 1907 as well  as   Lhe  reserve  existing
This notiee was posted on the ground ,i]h„j Cfowr lands within the Land"
on the 13th day of June 1913. The ap- Recording Ri tricts of Carihoo and
plicattffn will be filed in the office of the Lillooet and the Kamloo- i Division of
Water Recorder al Fort George, Ji. C.   y.;;,. fjanrj Recording Districl by reason
Objections may be tiled with the snid  ,,.' ., notice bearing dale April 3d Hill
Water Recorder or with Hie Comptrol-  and published in the British  Columbia
Ier of Water Rights, Parliament Build- Gazett • on Anril ;'' h  JIM 1   is cancelled
ings, Victoria, B. C. irT^^^^
PORATION, LTD., '. of tbe "Coal and Petroleum Ac I "
Applicant. ROBT. A. RENWICK,
By Geo. Ogston, Deputy Minister of Lands
Agent, i Department of Lands,
Victoria, B.C.. April 14th, 1913.    i2
pursuant to Section 3 of the Municipal- u     Sp,
ities Incorporation Act  the owners of ""'.'■'.■'    "■''. ■    --.
the land *ithin the following described /"','■   ".-"'Tjf
Iiu.it.', to-wil : within the limits of Lots
933 and 934, Cariboo District, iu the
Province of British Columbia, intend
one month after the date hereof to present to the Lieuti nant-Governor-in-
Council ;i pi tition as ;ing for the incov-
I porafion  of   the  si id '!:n,.!s as a City
j Municipality under the cor] orate name
!of the city of Sauth Fort George.
Dated this Isl day of March, 1913.
Bronger & Flynn
Contractors and Builders
4- '    serve t
For a I,ii ense to Take antj
Use Water.
Notice  is  hereby given    that   Leo
^^^^^^ exist
situated in Run
andiniire partici
the southwest cc
bearing date of
and published in
■ given that the re-
upon Grown lands
■I. ('nasi Distriet,
ly di: cribed from
r of Township 10,
25th of .May, 1910,
llritish   Columbia
rhemost modern and best-appointed
'. cafe in Fort George.
Mea.ls        - 50 Cents
iihort Orders a Specialty
I Mrs. F. C. Nahrwald, Proprietress
Cor. Hamilton and Third
j            South Fort Gkcrge.
m  tl
Erwin Evans, of South Fort George, l.i.
('., will apply for a license to lake and
use 30 cubic feet pee second of water
out of Tsinkut Creek, whieh flows in a
northernly direction through Section 22,
e 26th of May, 1910, is
far as same affects the
acquisition of said laiuls under the provisions of the  "Coal   and   Petroleum
Act." R. A. RENWICK,
Deputy Minister of Lands.
De 'virtmenl I Land:
Victoria, B.C., May5th, 1913.   i.il72m
ALL accounts a;
our work  oi
Land Timber Cruiser
Pre-emptions Located.
Estimates Submitted.
P.A.Landry J.H.McGregor J.F.Templeton
T. A. KELLY, Timbe'* Deiu.nment
Township 1. Range 4, and empties inti
Nechaco Itiver near Milne's Landing
The water will be diverted at Carrol
E. Falls' and will lie used for industrial j
power purposes (in future) on the land
described as N.W. quarter of Sec. 22,
Range 4, Td. I, B.C. WM
This notice was posted on the ground Kurt Gei r
on the Ilth day of June, 1913. The a*r- once, di Ij
plication will oe til. d in ti e office of the j ceiving tn
Water Recorder at South Fort George. !    Hereaft
Objections may be filed with the said : fur an;,   I
Water Iteeun!' I or with the t'oiaptrid-! covered bv an C	
Ier of Water Rights, Parliament Bui'.d- J. H. McPHERSON & CO.    I ,T ,   ,  ,, ,.        . *..
ings, Victoria. B.C. I mth Fort George, May 12.        m 17,6 Has started the practice of his
LEO erwin EVANS.   ! 1 I profession with headquarters at
He has had consider-
stationmen on
m   Reserve at : (
idered to us at j
by person re- \
Gore & McGregor
British    Columbia    Land    Surveyor
Lmul Agents Timbtir Cruisers
r; Chambers, Langley Street, VICTORIA,
B.C., P.O. Hox 162, Phone 084.'
McGregor Buildinir, Third Street, SOUTH FORT
^LTntriSVus!ss|DR. F. E. WOODWARD, V.D., M.D.
The time for receiving tenders
District of Carihoo
for   Completion   of   the Jetty   at     TAKE notice that  Ernest H.  l.iv-
Steveston,  at   mouth   of   Erazer' ingstone,   of  South  Fort George,   n. I
river New Westminster.   B. C  c** occupation prospector, intends to
i   '    i       ...t-„_.AnA +n  Ul„rlnnv    apply to the Minister of Lands for a : ._>.
is hereby extended to Wednes-L.^ to |i|.os.i(?ct {or coaI and pe 11
day, July 2, 1913. , troleum, over thc following descrihed ■ 1
By order, lands: / I*
R   C   DESROCHKRS Commencing at a post planted  at . j
t;Pp,'Lru  j the  south  west  corner  of  Lot  2034, i |
r   ti i r    u7    '       Carihoo    District;     thencc    west  80 I j
Department ol   rubllC Works, , chains: thence north 80 chains; thence ' j
Ottawa, June 9, 1913. | east   80    chains;    thence     south   80
1 chains  to    point  of   commencement,
containing C10 acres more or less:
May 20th, 1313.
Quesnel, _^^^_,^__^_^_
able experience in veterinary
work and solicits the "patronage
of residents of the Cariboo.
*--%   §&   c
Z.Z t-.<\
Edison  Electric
Ladies' and Children's Matinee
Saturday, 3 p. m.
Of   111.
Ft. Georgo Land Dist.     Dist. of Peace Rive
TAKE ni'lice that William S. Wright, , „
..f Hardiiick, Vt., U. S. A. . occiiuation j
Merchant, intenils to apply for permission 5
to purchase the following described lands: I
Commencing at a post nlanted on the i
south bank of the Finlav Kiver il miles.!
irmn Un- mouth, mnrked "W. S. W's.', S. ' j
]'.. corner post,'1 thencc west So chains, jj
ne.re nl* less, thence north Hn chains: 1
liana- rast So chains, mnre nr less. |
thenc following the c air-'c of lhe river 1 i j
the point of commencement, containing 6.J0 -
acres more < r less.
W"h"HAYWARD,M.L."A.,   I April  rlli.  Mil.    John MacDnnell, anent
NOTICE is hereby given thai m
Provincial Agricultural Commission will be held
at ihe rollowinjtplaces:--
Ravelstoke, July7th. 10 a.m.
Ashcroft, .tniv Sth,'.' a.m.
Clinton, July Sib.   .:•' A M.
Quosnel, July 12th, '•' a u.
I*, rl George, Jul) 10th, 10 a.m.
Lytton. .Inly I! th, 9 A.M.
Lillooet. July 19to, 7.30 P.M.
The Commission will hear evidence on all matters nll'i'i'tinir agricultural conditions  in the Province.   All persons interested are invitnt to I
C. B. Christensen,
Latest and Best Photo-Play
Pictures to be Secured.
We have our own Electric
Light Plant.
Admission, 25 cents.
Ft. George Land Dist.     Dist. of Peace Rivet
TAKE   notice  tiiat    William   Bailey,   of
Vancouver,  B.  t'.,  occupation  Broker,  intends to applv t..t* permission tu purchase |
thu following described  lands:
Commencing at a post plauted on tho
snutli bank oi ll.e Finlay Rivcr t.s utiles
from the mouth, marked "W. It's., S. W.
enrncr pnsl;" thence west (>o chains, nmre
or less, llien.e nnrlh ?.o cliains; Ihcnce :
east 40 chains, in .re or less, tlicnce fol
lowing the course ot the river to the point
ol commencement, containing 48° acies,
mine >.r less.
iuv.il Wild.IAM BAILEY
April  17th.  1913.    John MacDonell, agent.
Ft. George Land Dist.     'list, of Peace i* iver
TAKF   notic
Ft. George Land Dist.      Dist. of Peace River
TAKIC imtice  that Minnie V.  Bailey,   of
Vancouver,  P. C,  occuu
intends   tn   ap^^^_^^^_
purchase   tl c   foil i\\ ing   describe '
Commencing al a    : ■ st "lanted
Married  Wi
Apply Wesley's cottage,
Rear Close & Brown Co.
n.i   the in
m irl cd
V. 11'
the h ink ol thc  t**.r:  thi 1  c
course  of   the rivor   I     thi
tlienc. ment,  contninil ■   H
mv.*.i. MJNNIE V,
April  17II1.  1913,    John  Mac
.mil -i;
L't ( n '.!
ie operator, male or
Good wages tu tl union
s. Apply Herald, South
■ge, B.C.
Dist. of Peace River
Ft. George I.and Dist.     Dist. of Peace Rivcr
, noi
Bt l'uink ■ McClure. |
Vancouver, B, C, occupation Timbci
Broker, intends to applv for permissioi
to purchase the following described lands
Commencing at a post planted about .
mile.s east of the east haul, nl thc Finlaj
river and about a utiles [com its mouth
marked "P. G. llrl.'s, S. VI. corner"
llience east Sn chains, tliencc north 80
chains, tiience west 80 eliains, tlicnce ' l"''st
south 8,1 chains* to point ol c numcuce ' ™ ''
640 acres nmre 1 r Jess. I lc**1*
FRANK 0. MeCl.URE, ■ '""r
.Inlm   Macdnilimll, '^^^^™
Kcown,   1
otice that  Francis Aloysius Mc-
Vancouvcr**    1). C,   opcupatioii
r,   inti ud •   to   n*   '    for pcrmis-
irchase    the   lollowing  described
nl; of the Pii
liles frnm the nmntl
nil  mnrked  "F. A.   B
planled   on   tllc
river,  about   41
the   saiil   river,
s.,  S. W.  corner
ns:   tt
ment, conlaini
is: Him
the ri
, [ snid
pest   Sn  clinins,   nmre  or   '"<"
thence tqllowiiir    tlio   "r l0****'*
or to noint  0! common-     v--1
,    (,,„    0CIXS|  Morc  or I April 171*1* PU
Ft. Genrge Land Djlj
TAKE imtice that Marv Laverock, of
Vancouver, B. C, ocpupation Married Woman, intends to apply for permission to
purchase   the following  descrihed   lands:
Commencing at a post plantcd 011 the
s ith bank of the Finlay river, 41 miles
fl m tlie mouth, marked "M. L's., S. Ei
i 1 ier post," tiience west 00 ch.i ns:
thenco nortli 80 chains, mere nr less, to
tlic bank ol the river: thence following
I",, course <', the river to the pnint of
commencement,  enntaining 640 acres, more
John  MacDoneU,  agent.
er  31,  I'll-1*
 —■ -,,,,,.. nrcnuiTPT    I ™v*Si FRANCIS ALOYSIUS McKEOWN
FORT GKORGE) LAND DlblKU 1     I Apri, ,_,,,   rgl3i    John MacDonell, agent
District nf Oariboo
TAKK nutiee  that  Ernest H. Mv-
tngstono,  of South Kort George,J,
t!., occupation prospector   Intendsito ,   ,(.AKI, nMm (,K|t Is
npplv to tdie Minister of Landa k    »|Snv Westminister, B. C
licence to prospect for coal and Pe-
troleum, over tbe following described
lflOommenclug at a post P^rited ^t
tbe North west, corner of Lot 2036,
Oariboo Distriet; thence south 80
Ohalns; thenee east SI) chains; thence
north  80    chains!    thonce
■^^m^^^^^^^^H        Dietrict of Cariboo
 |    TAKIO notice that Ernest. H.  Liv-
Dist. of Peace RiverJ ingstone,   of  South  Fort  Oeoree,  B,
, ... ,. _ .  ('., occupation prospector, intends to
lion Mor    """'v to the Minister of Lands for a
haul,  iniends  to  apply  lm*  permission to   licence   to  prospect,  for  eoal  and  Pe-
airchase the   hiUowinc   descriheil lands: 1''d"nm, over the following described
Commencing   at ap post   planted   on   the   lnnds:
hank  ol   the Finlav  River  ,t|  miles      Commencing  at  n   post  plnnted   at
Ft. George Land Dist.
S""'        *^^_   Bi^^KHK        •
Irmn the mouth, marked "F, 11 :
enmer post," thonce wesl 80 chai
or less, tliencc north So chains
nst   Sii   chains,   limrc   nr less,   thenc
onaiusi   ou.11.0  -_-~ --         ,- on least   So  chains,   nmre   or iess,   iiifiicv   101- (.(1,lt,,      sn    gnalna;     tltenee
north  80    chains!    thenco    west   80   ]nwi)1„ the courSe of the river to the point eha)nsto    noint of   eommei
chains to  point of    commencement,  o[   l.,im„„.„,c,nent,    containing   640-acrea contaln1ne. G4o acres moro nr
containing MO acres more or less._     ,noro or less.       .,.,,,,-.,„,,..,* mms- ERNEST If. LIVINGS
S. E.   the  south  west  eorner nf  Lot  2030.
;, nmre   Oariboo    District:   thenre   north    80
thcuco Li.ninu*  thenco enst 80 chains;  thenee
80   eliains;     thence     west,   80
oint  of   eonimeneement,
•   k
May 20th. 1913 PAGE FIVH
E 0 R C E   H K R A L_JU_
JLU^ 5th.
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. ol Peace River
TAKI*: notice thai Dorothy L. Piper, of
Vancouver, 1!. C, occupation spinster, intends to apply lor perinissiun to purchase
the following   described  lands:
Commencing at a post planted at thc
month of south bank of Clouke river and
emptying into tlie west cud of Cho-eta-
bon ' Lake, and marked "D.L.F., N.K.
cornor," thencc south 8q chains; thencc
wcsl So chains: thencc north 6o chains
more or less to the river; thence easterly
following the bank to point of commencement,* contnining 480 acres mure or less.
May 5, 1913. DOROTHY L. PIPER.
Ft. George Land Dist.   Dist. of Peacc River
TAKIC notice that A. B. Calkins, ol
Vancouver, B. t'., nccupation gentleman,
intends to apply for permission to purehuse   the  following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted two miles
[rom the mouth on the north hank of
Clouke river, wliich empties into the west
end nl Cho-eta-bon Lake, and murked "A.
B.C.'s., S.E. corner," Ihcnce north 80
chains; tiience west 80 chains; tlicnce
south 60 chains more or less to tlie river,
thenee easterly following the bank to the
puint ni commencement, containing 480
acres nmre or less.
May  6,   1913. A.  B.   CALKINS.
Ft. George Land Dist.   Dist. of Pcacc
TAKb;  nuiice  llial   R.   Roberts, ol
miner,   B. C, occupation    Tc.iutslcj
tends to  apply   for  iiermission  t
I Land Dist
t .
the  following   described  lanils:-
Commencing at a post planted at east
end ol west arm of Cho-eta-bon Lake ami
on north shore, marked "R.R's., S.E.
curner," thence nortii 80 chains; tliencc
west 80 chains; thence south I
mure ur less to the arm; thencc
loiluwing the shure to point of c>
incut,  eontaining 480
May 6, P)i3*
1  chains
acres more or less.
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. of Peace River
TAKK nutiee that .luhn Davis, of Vaneouver, 11. C, occupation Engineer, intends to apply fur iiermission to parchase
the  fulluwing described lands:-
Cotmncneiiig at a post planted at the
west end of Cho-eta-bon Lake, and marked "J.D., S.K. enrner," tbence nortii 80
chains; thence wesl 80 ehains; thencc
smith 6u chains nmre nr less to a stream;
tbence easterly following the stream to
pnint ol commencement, containing 480
ncres more or less.
.May 5,  1913. JOHN DAVIS.
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. of Peace River
TAKK notice that Hannah Roberts, ot
Vancouver, B. C, occupation Married Woman, intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described lands:-
Cominencing at a post planted at the
Snuth Kast enmer of Lot 2750 South side
uf Nation river and marked "It.R's., N.E.
curner," thenee south 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains; thence nnrth 80 chains;
thelice east '80 chains to point ol commencement, cuntaining 640 acrcs.
May 10, 1913. HANNAH ROBERTS.
Ft. Genrge Land Dist, Dist. of Peace Rivcr
TAKK notice that T. M. Rowlands, of
Vancouver, B. C, oclupation printer, intends tu apply fur permission to purcliase
the fulluwing described laiids:-
Commencing at a post planted at the
nnrth west curner nf I.nt 2752, ou the
nurtli side nf Nation river and marked
"T..11.R's., S.K. corner," thence north 80
ebaius: theuce west 80 chains; theuce
south 811 chains; theiue east 80 chains tn
pnint of commencement, cuntaining 640
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. of Peace River
TAKE notice lhat Wm. R. Tait, oPVan-
■nnver, 11. C, oecupatiun carpenter, iniends tn applv fnr permissinn tn purcliuse
thc   following describeil   lands:-
Cninmencing at a pnst plantcd nn the
nnrth east enrncr nf lot 2753, nn the
mrth side nl Nation river, and marked
'W.R.T's., S.E. curner," thencc north 80
liains; llience. west 80 chains; thenee
.'iiith So chains: tiience east 80 chains tu
mini   of    commencement,    cuntaining  640
Ft. Genrge Land Dist. Dist. nf Peace River
TAKF) nutiee that .1. Jamiesun, uf Vancouver, B. C, occupation groom, intends
tn apply lur permissinn tu purcliase the
luliuwing described  lands:-
Commencing at a pnst planted at tlic
imrth west corner of Lot 2752, on tlie
nprth side of Nation rivcr and marked "D.
J's., S. VI. corner," tiience north 80
chains; Ihcnce cast 80 chains; thence suuth
80 chains; thence west 80 ehains to point
of commencement, cuntaining 640 acres.
May   10,   1913.
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. nf Peace River
TAKK notice that Wm. I). Rowlands, of
Vomcouver, B. C, occupation printer, intends tn applv lor permission to purcliase
the lullowing "described   Innds.-
Cnnimencing at a post planted at the
smith west corner of Lot 2748, south side
of Nation river and marked "W.D.R's.,
N.W, corner," thence south 80 chains;
theuee east Ru cliains; thence nnrth 80
chains; llience wesl 80 chains to point of
commencement,  contuining  b.]Q  acres.
May  io,  1913.
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. uf Peace Rivcr
TAKK nutiee tnat William Evans, nf
Vanconver, B. C, uccupatiun joiner, inteiuls tu apply inr permission to purchase
the Inlluwiiig   described   liimls:-
Commcncing at a pnst planted four
miles east and two miles nnrth nl north
slmre wesl end end nf Cho eta bun Lake,
and marked "W.K's., S.K. turner," thunce
norlh So chains: Uienee west 80 chains;
theiue south 80 chains; thenceeast 80
ehains to point ui commencement, containing 640 acres.
May  7,  19U-
Fl. Genrge Land Dist, Dist. of Peace Rivcr
TAKK notice that Spencer Hopkins, nf
Vancuuver, B. C, uccupatiun Clerk, intends tn apply fur permissiun tu purchase
the   following   described   lands:-
Commencing at a post planted five miles
east and two miles north of tlle nurth
slmre a I west end id Cho-eta-bnli Lake,
and marked *'S.H's., S.K. curner," theuce
imrth 80 eliuins; thence west 80 chains;
tiience suuth 80 eliains; thencc cast 80
chains to point ot commencement, con
taining 640 acres.
May 7, l9i3-
Ft. Genrge Land Dist. Dist. nf Peace River
TAKEnotice thai Jim Edwards, of Van
couver, II. C, occupation teamster, intends iu apply lm- permission tu purchase
the following described lands:-
Commcncing at  a pusi planled one mile
west   nl   Ihe   easl   mil nl lhc   wesl   anil   nf
Cho etn hon    Lake,  mi  north    shore,  and
marked "J.K's., S.K, curncr," thenee
nurlli 80 chains; thence west 811 ibains;
llience suulh bo ihains nmre ur less in the
nrni; Uieuce c.istiily following tiie shore
line in puini ul commencement, contain*
ing   |8u acres  nmre nr  les.
May r,, 191.3-
First   Insertion   June  28-Lust  August  23.
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. of Peace River
TAKK notice that K. Clark, of Van
couver, B. C, uccupatiun Clerk, intends
tu apply fnr permissiun tn purchase the
lullowing described lands:-
Commencing at a post planted live miles
cast and otic mile north ol tlie north
shore west end of Cho-eta-bon Lake and
marked "C.E's., S.K. corner," thence nortii
80 chains; thence west 80 chains; thence
south 80 chains; thence east 80 chains to
point ul commencement, containing 640
, Ft. Cent
TAKK untie
Vancouver, 11.
tends tu apply  lot 1'
; tlie luliuwing described
Commencing  at  a  p
Scuth bank uf Clouke
irmn   the   mouth
Cho-eta-bon  Lake,  ai
N.K. curner"  thelice
west   Su   cliains;     th
mure  ur  less  1"  the
ing   the   river   easterly
mencement!   cuntaining
Muv   5,   I')
isl    pl
ike river,
where it
and mark
tn pur
and' u
empties   into
,|   "M.A.E's.,
,ulli Su chailis; theiitf
ice   nortli   60   chains
river,   thence   follnw-
miut  ut  com-
icrcs  mnrc   ur
iv 7
Ft. Genrge Land Dist. Disl.nl Peace River
TAKK nutiee that Arthur 11. Harris, ol
Vancuuver, B. C. occupation Machinist intends tu apply for permissinn tu purchase
the  fullowing "described lands:-
Commencing at a post planted five miles
from the mouth on the north bank nf
Clouke river which empties into the west
end uf Cho-eta-bon Lake and marked "A.
D.H's., S.K. corner," thenee nortii So
chains; thence west 80 chains; thence south
60 chains more or less tu the river;
thence easterly fullowing the bank to the
point of eommencement, containing -|Su
acres more or less.
May 6, 1913. ARTHUR 1). HARRIS
Ft. Cenrgc La
mTAKK   null
Vancuuver,    1
inieiuls   in   apply
clmse   the   followin
Conunencing  at  a
irmn   the    molltll
Clo.ike  rivcr,   wluc
bun     Lake,   and
Ihenee     sunt
chains;     thei
less;   thence
the  bank  ol   river  to
ment, coutnining *|R»
31.iv 5,  1913.
west   8>
Oist.   Dist. ol Peace River
that     Barnard   Gillis,   nl
C,  uccupatiun  gentleman,
v  'lur   permission   tn   pur-
g  described   lands:-     .
"pnsl planted twu miles
,,„      the.   smith bank   of
li   empties  into  Clm-cta-
maiked     "B.G's.,   N.E.
So   chains;   thence
•e   nortli   tm  chains
easterly   toilowing
mint  nl  commence-
ns more nr  less.
Ft.,,,^,and.lisl.T.».st.i,tPcace[ Itiver
ation  gentleman,   in-
srmissiou  lo .purchase
,*d   lanus:
post    planted   three
TAKK nntiee that
couver,   B.   C,   occu
tends  tn  apply '.or
the   Inlluwiiig   descri
Commencing     at
irmn the 1
Clouke river,
t end of Ch.
II.(Vs..   N.K.
tout li,
w hich
et bon
Ft. Geurge Land Dist. Di.st. uf Peace Rivcr
TAKK notice that K. T. Junes, of Vancuuver, B. C, occupation Music Teacher,
intends tn apply for permission to purcliase the foliuwing described lands: -
Ciimmcucing at a post plantcd one mile
east of suutli end of nnrth arm at west
end af Cho-eta-bon Lake and marked "E.
T.J's., S.W. corner," tbencc cast 80 chaius
thence nurth 80 chains; thence west 80
chains; thenee south 80 chains' to point
uf commencement, containing 640 acres.
May 8,   1913.
I'I. George Land Dist. Dist. of Peace River
TAKK nutiee that Edward Williams, of
Vancuuver, B. C, nccupatiun Painter, intends to apply fur permission tu purchase
the fullowing described lauds.-
Commcneing at a pust planted one mile
nurth and one mile east uf tbe south end
uf north arm at the west end uf Cho-eta-
bon Lake, and marked "E.W's., ,S.W.
corner," Ihenee east 80 chains; thenee
north 80 cliains; thence west 80 chains;
tlicnce south 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres.
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. ol Peace Rivcr
TAKE notice that D. J. Griffiths, ot
Vancouver, B. C, oecupatiun Teamster,
intends to apply fur permission lo purchase the following described lands:-
Commencing at a post planted six miles j
from   the   mouth     nu   the   nnrth   bank   ol
Clouke River, which empties into the west ;
end of Cho-eta-bon  Lake,   and  marked   "D, J
T.G's.,    S.K.  corner,"     thence    north   So!
ehains; thencc west 80 chains; tlicnce south
60 chains morc or less to the river; theuee
following  the  bank  to  point ot commencement,   cuntaining  4811  acres  mure  ur   less.
May 6, I913. D. T. GRIFFITHS.
the snuth bank
empties into the
Lnke and marked
thence smith 80
west 80 chains; tbence nurth
n'u'chains nmre or less tu tbe river; thenee I—
easterlv following the bank to pnint of I -1
cummencement,   containing  480   acres  mure
°May 5, wi- J- "• OTIUS.
Ft. Geurge Land Di.st. DLst. of Peace River
TAKE nutiee that Hugh Stewart, of
Vancuuver, B. C, nccupatiun Stone-cutter
intends tu apply (ur permission to purchase the  fulluwing described  lands:-
Cuinmeiicing at a pust planted two miles
north and one mile east of the soutii end
of north arm at west end af Cho-eta-bon
Lake and marked "H.S., S.W. corner,"
thence cast 80 chains; thence nortii 80
chains; thence west 80 cbains; thence
south 80 chains tu point of cummencement
containing 640 acres.
May  8,   1913. HUGH   STEWART.
Ft. George Land Dist.   Dist. of Peace River
TAKE notice that Robert Hopkins, of
Vancuuver, B. C, occupation gentleman,
intends tn apply fur permission to purcliase   the   foliuwing  deccribed   lancls:-
Commeucing  al  'a  post  planted one mile
east   nf   the west end    and   mi   the   nnrth
bore   of    Cho eta-bon   Lake    and   marked
■R.H's.,   S.K.   corner,"     theuce   nnrth   80
hains; thence west 80 chains-; thence south
60 chains mnre ur less to lhe lake;   thence
easterlv,   [ullowing   the   shore   to   point   of
commencement,  conlaining 480 acres  more
or less.
_ . -I
Ft. George Land Dist.   Dist. of Peace River
TAKE notice that II. Mott, of Vancouver, B. C, occupation Clerk, intends to
ipply for permission to purchase thc
fnllnwingdescrilied lands:-
Commencing at a post planted seven
miles   from the   mouth, on  the  north bank
f Clnttkc river, which empties into lhe
west   end   nf   Cltn-eta-bnii   Lake and marked
H.M's.,   S.E.   corner,"     thence   north   80
inins; thencc west 80 chains; thence smith
bo chains nmre ur less to the rivcr; thenee
easterly   [ulluwiug    the   bank   tn   poiut   id
ommcnceiagnt,  cuntaining 480 acres more
r less.
May 6,  1913. II. MOTT.
Ft   George Land Dist.   Dist. ot Peace Hiver
TAKE imtice that   P.  A.  Allen,  ui Van-
cotiver,   B.   C,   occupation   Gentleman,   intends  lo  apply   fur permissinn   to purchase
llie  lollowing  described  Ian'
Cummencing at a post  1
[rum   the   moulh   on     the
Clouke River which  elliptic
end  nf  Cho-eta-bon  Lake
A.A.'s.,   N.K.   corner "
chains; thence west
60 chains
if  rivcr   tn  pnint
following  1
3Iav  i,   l9l3-
tied five miles
iouth l)a"'i °'
into thc west
md marked "P.
thence south 80
jo chains; theuce north
less tn the river; tbence
rivcr  tn  noint uf cum
George Laud Di.st,   Dlst. of Peace River
TAKE   notice   that     John    Griffiths,   of
Vancouver, B.  C,  occupation Laborer,  intends to  applv for  permission   to purcliase
the fullowing described lands:-
i    Commencing  at     a  post   planted    three
miles north of the south end on  the cast
I shore of nortli arm at west end of Cho-eta-
jbon  Lake  and  marked "J.G's.,   S.W.  cor-
I ner,"   thence cast  80 chains;   thence nortli
;8o  chains;   tliencc   west 60 chains   more  or
I less   to   the     arm;   thence smith following
the shore  of  Arm  to  point  of commencement,   containing  480  acres   mure  nr  less.
I    May 8,   1913. JOHN GRIFFITHS.
nlaining  480  acrcs  mure  or
Fl Geurge Land Dist. Dlst. nf Peace River
TAKK nutiee that 31. J. Coolly, uf Van-
comer, U. C, occupation agent, intends
to applv tor permission tn purchase the
following  described  lands:-
Commencing at a post planted six miles
[nun the moutii un the south bank ul
Clouke river, which empties into tlle wesl
end nl Cho-ela-boll Lake, and marked "M.
J.C's., N.E. curncr," thence suulh 811
chains; tbence west 80 chains; tbence nurth
60 chains nmrc nr less to tllc river; tlicnce
caslerlv following the bank nl the river tu
puint of commencement, containing 480
acres nmre nr less.
May 3,  1913. M. J. COODY.
Ft. Genrge Land Dist. Dist. of Peace River
TAKK notice that Jessie Towner, of
Vaneouver, B. C, occupation Teamster,
intends to npply lur permission tu pureiiase
the  (ulluwiug  described   lauds:-
Cummencitig at a^fost planted twu miles
north of south end uf the east shore of
north arm at west end of Cho-eta-bon
Lake and marked "J.T's., S.W. coruer,"
thence east 80 chains; thence nortii 80
chains; thence west 60 chains more or less
tu the arm; thence soutii fulluwing the
slmre of arm tn point of commencement,
cuntaining 4S0 acres morc or less:-
Mav 8,  1913. JESSIE TOWNER
TAKE n ttriCt °f Ca*     ^
TAKE notice that C  p n
tends,   Withiu   sixty   *i'aT ' ?** *
to the Commissioner of^'a__ ^
Lirence  to    prospect   t^lot
petroleum    commencing r0(Coa' 4
Placed at the   S   w   ,.     l a Pw
1468,  Cariboo   District °aSd °! 1
"C. P. Dench's N. w  corn   ,fflar***. I
80 chains east; thencc i?|   Hi
thence  80    chains ^fr 4
chains north to point ,,[ I nce 1
ment, containing   M0  0I ^^__\
less. le8 mote-J
April 25. 1913P' "^
Ft. George Land Dist,   DLst. uf Peace River
TAKE nolice tbat Margaret Russell, of
Vancuuver, B. C, occupation Spinster, intends to apply for permission to purchase
the following described lunds:
Cummencing at a post planted seven
milcs  from  the  mouth  ou  the  south  bank
[ Clouke river, which empties into tlie
west end uf Cho-eta-bon  Lake  and  marked
31.R's., N.E. curner," thence suutli 80
chains; thence west 80 chains: tbencc nurth
60 chaius more ur less tu tin- river; thenee
isterly,   fulluwing   the  hank   tu   point   of
immeneemcnt,   cuntaining 480  acres  more
: less.
May, 5, 1913.       MARGARET RUSSELL
Ft. George Land Disi. Dist. ol Peace Rivcr
TAKIC nutiee that J. II. Bennett, ui
Vancouver, B. C, occupation Clerk, intends to apply for permission  tu purchase
mIic  following described lands:-
i Commencing at a pnst planted loiir
iniles   east     and   one   mile nnrth      ot   the
; imrth slmre at west end ol Cho-eta-bon
Lake and marked "J.If.B's., S.K. curncr,"
Ihcnce Iiorth So chains; thence wcsl 80
chains; thence smith Sn chains; tbence east
80 chains tu pninl of commencement, cuii-
640  acrcs mnre  nr   less.
Ft. Genrge Land Dist. Dist. ol Peace River
j TAKK notice that D. Thomas, of Vancouver, B. C, oecupatiun Married Woman,
intends lo apply fnr permission to purchase   the   fulluwing   described lands:-
Commencing  at a  post planted one mile
I mirth of soutli  end   on   east   shore  of  the
: north     arm    at   west cud ol   Cho-eta-bon
Lake   anil   marked   "D.T's.,   S.W.   curncr,"
'• thencc   cast   80     chains;   thencc   north   80
j chains;   thence      west   60   chains   more   or
1 less  to  the  arm;    thence  south  following
lhe  slmre   ut   arm   to   puint   of   commencement,  containing 480 acres mure or less.
May S,   [913. D.   THOMAS.
Ft. George Land Dist.   Dist. ol Peace River
TAKE notice that 1*;. tl. Evans, of Van-
ntver,   B.   C,   occupation    carpenter,   intends to apply lor permission  tu purchase
the   following  described  lunds:-
Commencing at' a post planted two
milcs cast and one mile north uf the
smith end of nurlh arm at the wcsl end
of Cho-eta-bon Toke, and marked "l'-.O.E-
S.W. corner," thencc enst 80 chains;
Ihcnce north 80 chains; thencc west 80
chains; thencc south 80 chains tu point of
immeneemcnt, cuntaining 640 acres.
.May  8, 1913.      EVAN  OWEN  EVANS.
May 7, 1913*
Ft. George Land Dist. Dlst. ol Peace River
TAKE nuiice that R. 1). Williams, of
Vancuuver, B. C\, occupation Clerk, intends to apply fur permissiun tu purchase
the   fulluwing   described   lands:-
Cmnmeucing at a pust planted twu miles
cast and one .mile nurth of the nurth
shore at west cud oi Clio eta bun Lake,
and marked "R.D.W's., S.E. crner,"
theme imrth 80 ehnins; thenee wcsl 8u
chains; thence snuth 80 chains; tbence
east 80 chnins to point uf commencement,
enntaining 640 acres.
May  7,   1913.      ■    P--  D.   WILLIAMS.
i Peace Rivcr
Jenkins,   of
a Clerk, into purchaae
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. ol Tcace Rivcr
TAKE notice that Vi. A. 11. Mills, nf
Vancouver, li. C, oecupatiun Clerk, intends tu apply for permissiun to purchase
the fulluwing described lands:-
Cummeiicing at a post planted at the
south end ou east sliore ol the north arm
at west end of Chu-cta bon Lake and
marked, "W.A.B.M's., S.W. corner" thencc
ea.st 80 cliains; tlicnce north 80 chains;
tliencc west 60 chains nmre or less to the
arm; theuce soutli following the shore of
arm to point of commencement, containing 480 acres mure ur less. 1
Slay 8,  1913.            W. A. B. MILLS.
Ft. Geurge Land Dist, Dist. ul Peace River
TAKIC uuticc that M. F. Enright, ul
Vancuuver, II. C, uccupatiun Agent, in-
lends lu apply for perinissiun tu purchase
llie lollowing described lands'.-
Commencing at a post planted font
miles Irom the mnuth on the suulh bauk
ol Clouke river, which implies into the
west end nf Cho-eta-bon Lake, and marked
"M.E.F's., N. E. curner," thence suutli Su
chains; thencc west 50 chains; thence nurth
60 chnins more or less tu the river; thence
sterly, [ulluwiug tho river bank tn pnint
nlaining    48o  acres
I  commencement
more or less.
May 5i   "9U*
Ft. George Land Dist.   Dist.
TAKIC   notice   that    T.   J
Vancouver,  B.    C,   occupatioi
tends tu  apply  Inr  permissiuli
the fulluwing described  lands:
Cummencing at a pust planted one mile
cast and une mile norlh uf tlic nurth
sliore uf the west end o\ Clio eta bun
Lake and marked "T.J.J's., S.E. curner"
theuce north 80 chains; thence west 80
ehains; thencc smith 80 chnins; thence cast
80 chains to point ol commencement, containiug 640 acres.
May 7,   1913. T.   J.  JENKINS.
Ft. George Land Dist. Dist. of Peace River
TAKIC notice that J. 11. Morgan, of
Vancouver, B. C, occupation Married
Woman, intends lu apply lur permission to
purchase   tlie   foliuwing   described   lands:-
Cummeiicing at a post planted live miles
east ul the west end and un imrth shure
ul Cho-eta-bon Lake and marked ".1.11.
M's., S.E. curner," tlicnce north 80 chuins
thence west 80 eliains; thence smith 60
chains mure ur less to thc lake; thence
easterly luliuwing lhe shure to point of
commencement, conlaining 480 acres more
ur less.
May 7,  1913. J.  H, MORGAN.
Ft. George Land Dist. Di.st. ol Peace River
TAKIC notice lhat Mary Thomas, ut
Vancouver, B. C, occupation married
woman, intends to apply lor permission to
purchase the inlluwiiig described  lanus:-
Commencing at a pnst plantcd one mile
west id west arm of Clio eta bun Lake,
and mnrked "31.T's., S.E. corner," thencc
imrih So 'chains; thence west 80 chains;
thence south do chains, more or less to
a slreuin; thence lollowing the stream to
point ni commencement, emit,lining ^8u
acres nmre or less.
May 5, 1913* MARV THOMAS
Disi. ol 1
I.  K.   Rowlands
niputlon   Painter
Ft. George Land Disi
TAKK   imlicc   lhat
Vancouver,  11,  C, occup
tends In npplv Inr permi
lhe   luliuwing   descrilied   li
Commencing   a;   a     pust    planled
miles east ul  the suulh end ul  nortl
al   west    end  til     Cho da bon   Lake
mnrked  "J.K.R's., S.W,  come
easl   80   chains;   Ihcnce      nurtli
Iiuin,'   west   So   chains;    thenc
chains in puini «,l cnmmcuccmt
iui;   640  air.'s.
Mny 8,   1913.
Ft. George Land Disi. Dist. ol Peacc River
TAKIC nolice lhal A. A. Bennett, of
Vancouver, 11. C, oeeiipntion Gentleman,
inieiuls lo apply [or permission to purchase   the   luliuwing   described   liinds:-
Commclicillg at a pust planted four miles
east uf tlie west end and 011 the nortli
shore uf Chu eta bun Lake, aud marked
"A.A.B's., S.K. curner," thence nurth 811
ehnins; thenee west 80 chnins; thence suutli
bo chains more or less to the lake; thence
following the shore easterly to point nl
commencement, containing 480 acres more
ur  less.
May 7,  1913. A. A. BENNETT,
Fl. Geurge Laud Dist.   Di.st. ut Pe
TAKIC  imlicc     thai     It.   C.   Webber,   ot
Vniicuuver,   B.   IT.,  uccupaliun  Gentleman,
purchase j inivnik* to upply  lur    permission  tu  put
chase lhc fulluwing described  lands:-
Cnmiiieneing at a post planled two miles
enst uf the wesl end and on lhe nnrth
shore of Clio-eta-bo'lt Luke, and, marked
"I.C.W's., S.K. curner," thenee nurth 80
chains? tlience wesl 80 chains; thence
smilh do chains mure nr less tu tlie lako:
IIniiie easterly following the shure to
puint uf commencement, cudi.uiniug 480
acres more or less.
May 7, 1913. R.  C, WEBBER
Ft. George Land Dist. Dlst, of Peace Rivcr
TAKIC notice that IC. Hopkins, of Vancouver, 11. C, oecupatiun Spinster, intends tu apply (ur permission to purchase
the fullowing   described   lands:-
Commcncing at a post planted one mile
west of the mouth on the north bank of
Clouke river, which empties into the west
end of Chu eta-bon lake, and marked "IC.
H's., S.E. comer," theuce north 80 chnins
thencc west 80 chains; thencc soutli 60
chains mure nr less to the river; thence
easterly fulluwing the bask to point of
commencement, containing 480 ucres mure
or less.
May 6,   1914. E.   HOPKINS.
First   insertiun   June   28—Last   August   23.
District of Cariboo
TAKE notice that F. C. Porter
intends, within sixty days, to apply
to the Commissioner ol Lands for a
licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum commencing at a post planted nt thc S. W. corner of Lot 1468,
Carihoo District, and marked "F.
C. Porter's S. E. corner," thence 80
chains west; thence 80 chains north;
thence 80 chains east; thence 80
chains south to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or
April 25, 1913.   C. P. Dench, agent.
First  insertiun  June  28—Last  August  23.
First  insertiun  June  28—Lust  August  23.
District of Cariboo
TAKE notice that Arthur O'Neil,
Intends within sixty days to apply
to the Commissioner of LandB for a
licence to .prospect for Coal and Petroleum commencing at a post planted at the 8. W. corner of Lot 1468,
and marked "A. O'Noil's N. E.
corner," thence 80 chains south;
thence 80 chains west; thenco 80
chains north; thence 80 chains east
to point of commencement, contain-
in b 640 acrcs more or less.
April 25, 1913.   C. P. Dench, agent.
Advertise in The Herald
District of Cariboo
TAKE notice that Wimam , „ I
ningham within sixty days ZZH
apply to the CommissfoneVSJ
for a licence to prospect for c£l
and Petroleum commencin.. »t .7 I
Planted at the S. W. corner „ 1
1468, Cariboo District Md „,i*|
"W. J. Cunningham's R. W cST
thence east 80 chains- thence Si
80 chains; thence west To jl
thence'south 80 chains to point il
commencement, containing 610 mil
more or less. ml
April 25, 1913.   C. P. Bench, aU
District of Cariboo        L
TAKE notice that Ernest H ikJ
ingstone, of South Port George b|
C, occupation prospector, intends ti
apply to the Minister of Lands lot 1
licence to prospect for coal and pX
troleum, over the following describe!
lands: I
Commencing at a poat planted all
the north west corner of Lot ....
Cariboo District, thence south il
chains; thence east 80 chains; tbeml
north 80 chains; thence west ill
chaitis to point of commencement,!
containing 640 acres more or less T
May 20th. 1913.
District of Cariboo
TAKE notice that Ernest H. llt*|
ingstone, of South Fort George, 1
C, occupation prospector, intends tel
apply to the Minister of Lands lot il
licence to prospect for coal and ftl
troleum, over the following iltscriW|
Commencing at a post planted tt|
the  north  east corner of Lot IW
Cariboo    District;    thenct south I
chains; thence west 80 chains; tel
north  80    chains;    thence  east HI
chains to   point    of   commetceiMti
containing 640 acres more or les.
May 20th, 1913.
District of Oariboo      I
TAKE notice that Ernest t_-\
ingstone, of South Fort Georp. ».|
C, occupation prospector, inte
apply to the Minister of Lands lot >■
licence to prospect for coal and M
troleum, over the following disttiWI
lands: ,    .J
Commencing at a post plant*I «l
the north west corner ol Lot »l
Cariboo District; thence south m
chains; thence west 80 chains: WW1
north 80 chains; thence east 80 ttoil
to point of commencement, conUlfB
ing 640 acres more or less. r
May 20th, 1913.
District of Cariboo        L
TAKE notice that Ernest H. "'1
ingstone, of South Fott George,^
C. occupation prospector, inteMs«l
apply to the Minister of Lamls ot ■
licence to prospect for coal BMifffl
troleum, over tbe following 'lcscw"!
Commencing at n post pUntji 1
the  South    Western corner    I vm
2031,   Cariboo    District; thence w*|
80    chains;  thence   north 80 c™gl
thence east 80 chains; thenee;t*II
chains to    point of   commenM»l
containing 640 acres ffl0trr?.por„S
May 20th, 1913.
District of Cariboo     u L
TAKE notice that Ernest n, ■
ingstone, of South Fort Ge° '.J
0. occupation prospector int «■
apply to the Minister of Lano. ■
1-cence to prospect or ^ ' ibtl|
troleum, over the following m  I
lands: „■. .united >'|
Commencing at n port W -jl
the  north   east corner of 1^
Cariboi,  District.    •>' f.   . then«f
chains; thence west «et    |
north   80   chains;   tbence     ^
chains to point 0    f°n,n   le8,
containing 640 acres n n e       „-.
May 20th, 1913. ______--^
District of Can""      llv.|
TAKE notice that B™^, jl
ingstone, of South1 Fort *(w|
0., occupation pro Pector|0
apply to the M>"tf  °'c 'al and, J |
licence to prospect   >r      tlescrtW
troleum, over the folio*1™
lands: .09t plan"4.., I
Commencing at n i>    , ,,
.  I- ....,.( I'i  I
.1   W'.i
th7south east ^oW^ ^|
Cariboo   District,   <-       ios; w
chains; thence we    «• ccsst go dg,
south 80 chains; t       „,P„t, *»
to point of com. i«n  >
ing 640 acrcs mor' •r ^NOglO»»
May 20th, 1913.
Sign8 and
Central Avenue
JULV  5tn., _-_o.
IParticulars of the Case at New
wit|, horses,   guns, saddles  and all
th equipment  of  a  wild west show
2 the  exhibits, with Indians in
among u,°
. Wide-brimmed Stetsons  loungir.e
)n the corridor of  the  courthouse ant
icinitv, and with Paul Spintlum, an
dian outlaw, upon whose head a price
U been placed by the government, in
isoners' box, another chapter in
■iestory of one of the most exciting
„8n-hunts in the history of British
jolumbia opened in the assizes court
esterdny noon.
The last witness to be examined at
...rday's session, J. D. Boyd, of 70-
leHouse, on the Cariboo road, posi-
-jvsly identified Paul Spintlum, tlieVc-
■s the man that run from be-
log after Constable Kindness
been wounded, all the witnesses of
;he killing, including Boyd, having tes-
ilied that the shots came from that di-
Witness stated that he had personals' known the prisoner for fourteen
iears, also he knew the accused's fam-
j», Upon being i rosa-exaidned by Mr.
mart Henderson. ;:-ting for the ac-
lused, the witness si ill persisted in his
lositive identification of the aceused.
Boyd testified that he had started
mt with the posse as soon as Constable
indness had been notified by Charles
'raman, a rancher, where the outlaws
'ere located. They tracked the In-
lians from their last camp and had
roceeded but a short distance when a
ot rang out. Boyd was riding be-
een Kindness and Loring when, as
ie first shot was fired, Kindness cried,
'Oh, you beggar," .ind fell from his
,oring, who  had  sprung  from   his
lorse, and was making for shelter of
imo kind, was shot  in the arm, while
•itness made for a place of safety be-
fnd another tree as a third shot rang
He looked in the  direction from
hence the shots were coming and saw
ie muzzle of  a  gun and about IS
idles of the   barrel protruding  over
e edge of a log, also he saw the top
a cap much as the accused is alleged
have worn  at  the time.   He then
'ted the accused  making  for some
iiek timber, and  being  but 23 paces
■om him, got  a  good look at the Irian.
Later while they were taking the
•M officer to Clinton, witness stated
iat shots were again heard, and bul-
jta whizzing close to them. He defined how next day he went back to
e scene of the shooting and two emp-
cartridge shells were found behind
«*og, one being a 32 special and the
.her 130-30.
W Stuart  Henderson, for  the de-
lns*. asked witness whether he  could
'I have positively identified   the  ac-
N at the coroner's   inquest held  at
""'on on the  night of  the day that
Nonstable was killed,   Witness atv*
wed, "Yes."   In answer to wheth-
"«had done so, witness   stated that
aad not.   Pressed  as  to his reason
"j "ot doing so, witness stated that he
not consider an , inquest as  serious
a criminal trial.   Besides,  he said
an%. "When a  man  named White
'as murdered on  the Cariboo trail, a
™»man testified at an inquest and
« he is dead."   "How did he die?"
w his  lordship.   "His
head was
in  with  an axe," answered
"Murdered?" questioned  his!
'\ os,"  answered  the wit-
P*   R.
Was,   the  first witness
testified to making a post inor-
™ examination of the body of the
a( constable and certified the cause
V  a!'les Tr<inian, the next witness,
pwiued how while  ou*  looking  for
stray horsea he ran into the'two
<™. both of whom had redes'and
ready for anyone when he spoke
Hfiert'tw       hllrr'ed   toClinton   and
at     the officers, joining the posse
_     as organized immediately.   The
^'•"..^tod of Constable Kindness,
ait'"', P. I,01*ing, Carson,  Boyd,
1  Pollard and myself.   When he
1,8 '"diana the first time, ho him-
and thought it better
If Wil» unarm,,
V,^ 'hat vicinity.
lme,r:l0flthe filing was the
luliUii witnosses, only he
J    in« shoolintr
letim(,,.'0r,'"g'who Was wounded at
kled ' t6d that ,,tter he Was
*ln   r.?°ticed  ,ln fa»"«,  but
[f°r the tt' it,5Vas accused, mak.
*a". ilffli He tnok after the
I want a word with a real estate man,
or iirm, having a selling organization.
1 have an excellent propostion in.South
tort George which I figure will make a
profit of $25,000, after allowing 20 per
cent, tor selling, expenses, etc.
Ihe first payment is $5,500. The future
payments ought easily to take care of
1 have 320 acres three miles from the
Post Office, A big profit can be made by
sub-dividing into lu acre lots.
Fort George realty is good selling when
all others are dead slow.
Full particulars from,      J. HILL MARSH,
Next to Royal Bank.        FortGeorge, B.C.
A We do a large mail order business |
A and guarantee satisfaction. &
A Our stock of general merchandise  $
§ is large and up-to-date, which en-
jj ables us to fill all orders quickly.
Furnishings for the Home
We have received a complete stock of up-to-date FURNITURE, MIRRORS, CROCKERY AND GLASSWARE,
UPHOLSTERY and every requisite for the furnishing of
the home,
Our Goods Are Ordered From
Eastern Points by the Carload
We also specialize in Bank and Office Fixtures, Show-
Case Making, Wall Glass Cares and all kinds of high-class
made-to-order Furniture.
The quality of our work is well-known and appreciated,
Give us a trial
John A„ Fraser
& Cqoo Ltd
„        ,.„___    „^_ ^_~,~.T       f
Front Street
Quesnel, B. C.
Burns Building,   Phone 8.
South FortGeorge, B.C.
The Wright Investment Co., Ld.
Vancouver.        PAID UP CAPITAL, $150,030.        South Fort George
We have for sale several choice business sites in
the heart of South Fort George. Also home sites
and close-in garden tracts.
We also carry on a general Real Estate business,
including Fire, Life and Accident Insurance,
Fidelity Bonds, Employers' Liability, Plate
Glass, Automobiles, etc.
If you have the inclination to buy, we have the proper-
erty. See us for reliable investments. We handle only
tirst-class properties.
sale St
Single and Double Driving Horses.   Saddle and Pack Horses.
New Buggies and Thoroughly Reliable Rigs.
The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company are
now disposing of the remaining portion of their
lots in the new town of Willow River at the confluence of the Fraser, Salmon and Willow rivers.
By those who are in close touch of the true conditions, this new town is considered to be one of
future importance in Central British Columbia.
In investing in Willow River property be sure
that your property comes to you direct from the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company—make no
mistake in this. There is only one official and
original Grand Trunk Pacific Railway town of
Willow River at the. confluence of the Fraser,
Salmon and Willow rivers. It is located on Lot
785. Station site was approved by Board of Railway Commissioners under date of March 26th,
1912, Order No. 16179. We have no interest in
outside subdivisions. For authentic Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway maps of Willow River and detailed
information call on
or address
Transcontinental Townsite Co. Ld.
Authorized Agents Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
Choice Close-in Acreage Next to
the Grand Trunk Townsite of
British Columbia
11-4 to 6-aore Tracts at less than the price of 25 ov 50-foot city lots.
First s bdivision of acreage in the NEW COMING TOWN OF WILLOW
RIVER, B.C., of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway.
Purchase close-in property and subdivide it yourself into city lots for
your own profit. Each piece contains approximately eighteen 25-foot or
nine 50-foot, city lots. Fifteen miles of streets provided. Every lot on a
Government prescribed street.
A Choice Acreage Subdivision
For Sale En Bloc /
THE   best available  subdivision   in  the  Fort George District is
offered for sale by the owners.   The property is located opposite
South Fort George townsite on deep water.    The very best of land.
The survey i3 complete awl the land ready for marketing.    Price
on application.
HAMILTON AVE.      ...      -       SOUTII FORT GEORGE
A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY not to be missed.   Write for particulars
at once.   Lots limited in number.   Address owners:
Box 76, Box 122,
Fort George ' South Fort George
Corner Fourth and Hamilton        -       South Fort George, B. C.
Bright and comfortable  rooms and
suites at the Empress.       :      :
Rates on Application.
Port George. U.C. Victoria, B.C.
P. P. Burden, Mgr. F. C. Green, Mxr.
Nelson, U.C., A. II. Qrean, Mgr.
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
Civil Engineers, Dominion & B. C. Land Survcjots
Surveys of Lands, Minos, Townsites, Timber
Limits. Etc.
WAN TED—In side business property in South Fort George. H'.
J. Haslett & Co., corner Third
and Laselle,
Doing It!
Doing what? Getting their clothes
French Dry Cleaned at the Wardrobe
Goods Called For and Delivered
on Short Notice.
A. D. Southern, - Prop.
Fourth St.    -    South Fort George.
Phone 42. *
X13K w*..*jr.*.w..a,.ii/.] .-:io*;.:.: :"MaiTO.Ui:l22f22 JXZV2
Thero will be a social cvcliing in
connection with St. Stephen's Church
on Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock In
thc Birch hall, rtcfreslimcpts, songs
and dancing until 12 o'clock. Mind
you come. Admission 50 cents.
The splendid pool hall, built by
Messrs. Gibbs and Merrlan on Ham
ilton Avcnuo will open tonight to
the public. Besides many pool tables
tho hall will be equipped with a full
sized English  Billiard table.
Through the effort's of the local
Board of Trade the city is now
beiti;: much improved by the construction of wide sidewalks along
the main thoroughfares. These sidewalks; now extend along Hamilton
Avenue from the Empress Hotel to
the Northern, on the north side of
the street, and they are now nearing
completion on Fourth Street wliere
they extend from one end of thc
street to the other.
Another new building is well advanced on a lot that was bare gouund
when wc went to press last week.
This is the rooming house being
built by Mr. C. T. Rush on Third
Street, on a lot near the Gore and
McGregor Building. Thc new rooming
houso will have thirty rooms. Other
new buildings in course of construction are numerous. F. Enoch's rooming house, also on Third Street, is
being rapidly completed, and a new
building is being planned to be erected on the next lotto the .pool
room on Hamilton Avenue.
ported ugar.
ist received a full
This is a
We huve j'
line of the abov.
new and complete stock.
<-., 1513,
Summer Dress Goods
50 pieces
2   A special quality of Women's Silk Hosiery, black
$ and colors  w r
20c to $2.00 |l|
$1*00 and $2,251
"Stanfield's Unshrinkable Ladies'Combinations"
Any Butterick Pattern at the regular list
Delineator" always on sale.
Price.   "The    I
Laselle Ave.
and Second Street     :     South
| x'Ai.&.ir.mw.w:wj»Kj«w!jrji53r5^j»5
,. s_vmv_t£Li
We are selling 1,300 pairs
of Strong, Dressy, Regular
$6.00 Pants for only
Wc have just received a select stock of the season's
Shoe Styles.   All the select and most fashionable lasts
Our complete stock of Silk, Flannel and Fancy Shirts
is now on view. PANAMA HATS
Kennedy, 1
j   Corner Second and Hamilton
South Fort George, B. C.    f
i _w_n o nam oa mm cm ■
r. c. hooper, of;narshall-wells
A sad drowning accident occurred
at Edmonton on June 27th. in the
Saskatchewan river, when R. O.
Hooper, Canadian manager of the
Marshall Wells Company, antl five
others met their death. Mr Hooper
was quite recently a visitor here, and
even during his brief stay became exceedingly popular. The tragedy occurred before hundreds of spectators
who were enjoying themselves on the
river hanitii close to thc low.level
bridge, when a gasoline launch overturned.
Amid fruitless cries for aid six of
the occupants of the boat sank in
the fast running river. Those lost
R. C. Hooper, manager of the Marshall Wells Company.
Mrs. Hooper, his wife.
Mrs. Everett Case, wife of the
manager of tho west end branch of
the Imperial Bank.
Earl Meredith, superintendent of
Marshall Wqlls Company.
Robert Pal ton, mechanicial operating boat.
Everett Case, manager of the west
end branch oi tht Imperial Bank waB
thi only ona saved.
On the trip down tho river while
thc party was gay with laughter
there was a sudden jar due to the
boat striking a snag. The engine
stopped and tho boat overturned
precipitating its occupants into the
Mi. Case, who is a strong swimmer
afte; attempting to rescue his wife,
cluni; to the boat until rescued.
Therj wa:i a rush for the boats on
shore, but already the victims of the
treacheroun rlvei had sunk from
Mrs. Case, one of the drowned, had
only returned with her husband from
their honeymoon on June 16. They
wero married May 27 in Spokane. Mr.
Meredith and his wife are also a
newly married couple.
Mr. Case, tho only one saved, is
prostrated, and is now under a physician's care.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in all Kinds of
Butter, Cheese, Eggs;
Highest Prices Paid for Hides and Live Stock
Fort George and South Fort George.
Phone 30
Local Mmubit
of any kind will be quick sellers ir. South Fort George this season. Quick
returns moan good profits. If you want your goods to be among the lim
shipments have them billed via
The fastest and best equipped boats on the Upper Fraser. These comfort*
able and up to*date steamers make direct connections at Soda Creek with
the company's passenger autos and mail stages from Ashcroft,
service at lowest cost.
British Columbia Express Co.,
Auto, Stage and Steamboat Owners
Carefully selected land at reasonable
prices and on long terms. We own
every acre we offer for sale, and can
give guaranteed title.
R. R. WALKER, Resident Agent of the North
Coast Land Co,, Ltd.   .   South Fort George, B.C.
North Coast Land
General Offices: 619 to 624 Metropolitan Bids;., Vancouver,B.C
London Office:    6 Old Jewry.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, - - - $3,500,000.
[Tsiel      Assets Exceed Fifty Million Dollars     | 1913),
The Bank of British North America
Your money ls safer in the Bank than ln your house or In your
pocket. It is not tied up. You can «et it out at any time without, delay. NOTES discounted. Local and Foreign Drafts bougtt
and  sold.  COLLECTIONS made promptly.   Money Orders Issued.
Capital Pi
C;i]iiU*\ll.t.ori7A. 1 :
Reserve and Undivided F»ig§
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated 1869.
The Traders Bank of Canada
Head Office
to Mr.
P. C
. B. Bodeker
a Bon.
Four-Foot Mill Wood
$3.75 Pef Cord Delivered
This wood will be sold at $5 per
cord this winter.
Phone 11
Fort George Trading & Lumber Co. Ltd
Fort George District
A Few Choice Exclusive Listings
480 ACRES -Crown granted, four miles southwest of town.
Al land.   $G0 per acre; good terms.
FIVE ACRES having 350 feet of waterfrontage on the
.  Fraser River; less than a mile from South Fort Geotge.
per acre; $200 cash, balance G, 12, 18 and 24 mos.
2 1-2-ACRE TRACTS one-quarter mile from railway line
and two miles from the Indian Reserve (G.T.P. town-
site). Choice garden land. $350 to $450 per tract; $50
cash and the balance monthly, G per cent interest,
The Northern Development
Company, Limited
403-404 Carter-Cotton Building     ;      VANCOUVER, B.C.
Owners and Exclusive Dealers
Fort George Nechaco Valley Fraser Lake
and Peace River Lands,
General Hardware and Sheet Metal Workers.
All kinds of tin and sheet Iron work done
Camp Stoves, Hot-air Furnaces, Etc
Sole Agents Nugel-Chase Celebrated Gasoline Lighting Sy^'1""
The newest and most modern
hotel in the northern interior
Rates W.WjfJlJ
Ik'Ht of wines,
auorB and c taunt
Albert Johnson


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