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The Fernie Ledger 1908-01-04

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Vol. Ill No.'19.
fr     I        1
Fernie, B. C, January 4, 1908- ■
§1.00 a Year
oo-A-L c:r:e_j:e:k: jvcxz^ies
IT. Atkinson,.* oi- Moyie, was vis-
biting here during the -week.
Vice-President John Galvin was
lin town''during the week. '  . '
President P.. H. Sherman,- was
■in the city during the week.
Start the new, year right by
■paying up,your subscription -to
'The Ledger: ';-,-'
The "winners in last*■ Saturdays'
'_dog,_racesl,^were,,J)avid.i, Anderson,
fist-.   Alf. Lamer, 2nd;   Mike Vio-
Ila 3rd. _   '    ■ A
C, 0. Demaurez is in the city
from Seattle and looks prosperous
and happy. ,
' J\ A. Macdonald, Sec-Treasurer
District No". 18.was here"on business on Thursday.
-*- (I
■Born—At Waldo, B. Con Sunday, December 29th, to, Mr. and
Mrs. C. D. McNab, a son.
Mrs. T. Bell arid child returned
'■■oiiie on , Sunday evening from
Cranbrook after a week's visit.
School will reopen again Monday.   A new room is" in readiness,
,and_jncwTclasses„jvill be formed,,
and [ample accommodation.-, is
available now. »    -
Wm. Harvey, who has been in
town for several weeks left for his
home in Stratford, Ont., Wednesday evening.
The result of, the Arbitration
vote on the sliding scale, affecting
the Moyie miners was as follows:
234 against, and 9 for.
The drawing "for the .O'Brien-
piano at Coal Creek Monday last
resulted in Wm. Dicken of Pernie,
holding the lucky  ticket.
Mr. and Mrs. .T. Hamilton arrived home Tuesday'morning from
Mrs. Hamilton's health is much
-Kootenay,. Fruit- Lands
WHY not buy a ten or twenty acre "fruit farm " which v. ill yield you
from $300.oo'to $600.00 profit per acre per year?  Situated in the
LO"WEE     AEEO'W"     Lj&JSZE
District with a most delightful climate and splendid shipping facilities.
Wc pay purchaser's expenses to look over our land.     It Stall (18
1       ' ■'■
*       ' ii
Crow's   Nest   Pass   Investment   Co.,   Ltd.
Lethbrldge,    Alberta
At Least Nine Men Killed in
Berna Property at Carthage, New Mexico.
Albuquerquo, N. M., D_e. 31—A terrific explpsion. occurred-,i:i tlie Bema
eoal miir-j at Carthage,- N. M., today.
Nine men are known to be dead__and
there are. tunny otlu.rs not heard from
Fire damp is supposed to have caused
the explosion.
There-were ..fewer men .in the mine
than usual, as ono relay was at dinner
abovo ground when the explosion took
Ijlaco. Tho mine,was reported on lire
hs a result of the explosion, but owiiig
to the lack of telegraph facilities few
details can be obtained.
The miners a--. Aniericans-and Mcxi
cans, with a" low'Greeks' and Italians.
Several of the bodies *.■ ere badly burned
and mutilated.   The number ot' men
employed by tho owners, the Carthage
Fuel Company, Is not known here.
CarthiiKO is in llie West Sonoro county,
t ivelve miles from Sail Antonio*
liss Bentloy left .for Calgary ou
iursday evening;.
(Dr. Bell, of Cranbrook is in tho
Ity for a few days.
IO. G. MoiTett was in Lethbridge
ring the week onbusinoBB,
^Dressmaking and ladiou' tailor-
}g done at 80 Pellatt avenue.
'C..  0.    Wright left  on Monday
; ivening-B flyer for Medicine Bat,
B. G. Lookhart made a flying
trip to Oranbrook on Thursday.
: And just then Mr, S. said
'•Aunnie, wull ye hat me noo?"
Mrs. J, It. Lawry is confined to
hor home with an attack of ty*
*hoid fever.
Miss McNab, a guest of Miss K.
'Vhin.Bter returned home to Cole-
•.ion on New Years' day.
You can flnd anything you want
| in jewelry for a New Year's gift
'at Liphardt's.
•-■'■-A*   Christ ehuroh   an   Sunday
livening next,   Xmas.  carols will
_i.ni bung Liy tijoccinl request.
" Poter Patterson, International
,'tioard Member is attending the
.'annual mooting of District N. 0,
- Western Fodoration of Minerfl   at
■-* , ,-■ '-i
* *U\''*.1*W*'J*»
Beet Whimster   went    to  Cran-
rook on ■ Sunday to attend   the
.-egular monthly meeting  of  the
jTypogra-4hical   Union1,   as representative   from here. Bert was in
tuo much of a hurry home to inject the bananas.
*fhe Scottish Social Club wound
i.v tho old yenr by giving t, grand
'-■.■'.l   and    supper   in   the  opera
•jse on New Year's eve. An ex-
Uent dance list was arranged,
,. ,**.-l carried through successfully.
-■ i - n   temperature    was delightful
,, the occasion and the floor was
Tho/ long lookod for Thursday
came and went, and still no "J"
paper.   Am I still talking.     *
H. W. Wood is reported as doing very nicely. We will be ploas-
ed to Bee him around again.
0, S. Pyfo and S. 0. Armstrong
attended tho Operator's ball at
Cranbrook last week.
Pat Miller, C. L. Whelan and
Walter Miller are away on a trip
to Spokane and the Coast.
Tho result of the dog raoes today are as follows' David Anderson, 1st. Ralph Lamer Snd, Percy
McDougall 3rd.
While getting up from tha table
on New Year's day in West Per-
nie Teddy Drewry slipped and
broke a small bono in his leg.
True to their promise tho TriteB-
Wood Co,, made the hearts of
ovor 500 kids and kidlots happy
Now Year's morning by presenting them with a bag of sweots.
7, Jl. Turr.?y c! the Ci .T. P. P.
Co., received word this "week saying his brother Harry was seriously ill with typhoid at Khyolito,
Nevada. "
With a viow of organising a
branch of the U. M. W. of A. at
Nicola, B. sii, Mi-Miti-, A, Goiuon
and W, 13, Davies, ot Michel, left
on Thursday ior that point. Being mon af experience, this mission will doubtless bo successful.
Bing, Bang, Ooo, Ooo, Ooo,.
With sweet music furnished by
the City Bund, tho firing of huge
fire crackers, and the hooting of
the Owltt, 1008 watt* ushered in.
Anyone who was fortunate to bo
awake    sharp    at  twelve  o'clock
Hydraulic Proposition Bought
by Illinois Steel Company.
If reports be true Tom. Wcther-
by of Spring-hill, N. S. and at one
timo well known in, Fernie is to
go to tho electric chair for killing
his stepson. With his many good
points and his part in tho work
of' rescue at Coal Creek at tho
timo of tho big explosion, it is
hard io believe that this is one1
and tho same man.
Tho Porry Crook Hydraulic mino, located near Cranbrook, B.C, hns becomo
tlio property ol tho Illinois Stool Company, of Chicago, tbo sellers bolng II.
A. Brlijht, of Blnck Rlvor Falls, Wlucon-
Blu, E. G, Boynton, snd Colonel Orlando
Holwny, of Ln Cranio, Wisconsin, nnd
A. 3. Trow, of Morrllnn, Wis., who
realised 1000,000, retaining one-tenth
intoroit In the mino.
Tho company was incorporated for
•11,000,000 nnd nold $000,000 of stock tn
tho Illinois Steel Company, whicli will
IncroiRo tho fnullltios for rnhiliijr nnd
working tho plant to the ftill capacity,
Tho   Distriot   drawing   for   the
benent of Bro. Thos.  Steele,   of
Coleman, has been postponed until February 22nd.   This is a most
worthy object.   Thos. Steele losing both hands and an eyo in   a
dynamite    explosion   in Coleman
i mine, 18 month- ago.   Owing   to
* there being no Workman's Compensation  Act in Alborta,  Steele
j wns   unable    to    claim  anything
' from the   Company and Ib conse-
! quently dependant upon his brother minors for support.   The majority of local unions in   the District   have   done   well    In sflling
' tickets.   At Michel however, only
"There is so much bad in the, best
of us*,
And so much good in the worst
of us,
It hardly behooves any of us
To speak ill of the rest of us."
*   ♦   •
This is one of the mottos ot
this Order and demonstrates the
feeling of' good fellowship engendered in the hearts of those who
join the Brotherhood. They say:—
"There is no yesterday. That
which WAS yesterday is gona forever. There is no tomorrow. That
which MAY BE tomorrow may
never come, All wa have is tht
ever PRESENT, the certain NOW.
We pass through the world but
once. Any good, therefore that
we can ao any Buffering brother
I .mploymcnt for 9.1S
Miners, Mine laborers,
Drivers,   Timbermen,
■•.■* "i i* '|M .1
Annual Clearing Sale of Ladies' White Muslin
Underwear. Every-garment marked in plain figures
at sale prices, on display downstairs in main aisle.
Ladies' Night Dresses
■ Were-$2.oo.*'' Sale   price ij>i.6o
Ladies' Corset Covers
Were   $1.^5
";        A  I.'OO
K ,
Sale-price 95c
' "        "  • 80c"
'   "        » 60c
"     ' " 40c
Ladies' Drawers
Were $1.75       Sale price $1.35
""       1.25.   •> ■ «     . "    .   95c
Ladiesi Skirtsl
Were., $2.25       Sale price $1.75
1*75 "       " '    1*35
1.50 "       "        1.20
Big Reductions on all Ladies' Coats & Furs
The   Trites=Wood   Co.,
would be well repaid by hearing;5 tickets -.me sold, Steele is a
the band render "'The Maple loaf' native of Lancashire, Eng., and is
Forever" inauguratlm* the new well worthy the support of his
yrar.    We can certainly boast of. countryman.   Buy a ticket,   only
ouv band. ,30 .cats.
1 T-
gineers, now idle.
Warranted  to be
class wage
£ Apply
# F. H. Sherman,
$ Pres. U. M. W. of A.
$ Box 145
X Taber, Aha.
we can visit, or any kindness we
can show-WE WILL DO NOW."
• •   •
The Order of Owls is a secret so-
. i ,      , 1 ,,11   .  .    . .  - 1 , v... *
kiiik^    U.   £v</w   ,.AA«/W|A,    must   lii^mmtm
_j_ lovi*. InughifT, n.-nc! the Vlnj;*
dorn ot Heaven ON EABTH. They
help the sick, bury the dead,
brighten dark moments, light up
gloomy places. Some are not
-inxiitst.,    a out, *.i.m u.   r**iu»*'
Fields, County Shrouds or Poor
Houses. None are hungry. They
do good, speak kindly, shake
hands warmly  and    respect    the
honor of their women.
• •   •
The organisers of the order ar*
busily fn£af;ed Ln.iti.-iting t*ra.n«h-
es of the Ifome Nest, which is at
South Bend, Ind., in Alberta and
British Columbia, and have but
recently formed subordinate nests
at Fen-itf, Prank, Col-roan, and
Ui.iuUiaUti*. i,l i_v« 520.   WitUiu
the past month ten' other subor-
diante nests have been added and
the membership is growing     by
VflVn        *H *m. A       1 •  •• II lt« A #T r\ mr.f.nm\.      W-wt^l       m    *
• »*«^   ■'     **♦**»-•      •_'_-»»-_»«*<••»'»        * ■*■    mm*,**     t>* 4***    is1**
f«rmed at.  Cniil Crrtixt in   *    l*vt
days,   and   from the enthusiasm
shown it should prove ont of tha
brut in the Pass.
This   order protects you during
WMH-4       *V * «*4«(teV«
causes, its doctor attends you
free of charge, and it pays a substantial benent while you art ill.
Some of tbe most influential and
best men think well of the aims
and methods of the "Order of
Owls" and show their apprecla-
t.'o*i f».nd .•*oni*lf1»ni*'* by b*f»omIrig
members. It's toast is:
Here's to the man whose haittd
Is firm when he holds your own
Like a grip of steel that makes
jou feel
You, aro not ia tin; 'norid ilIjum. FEEMIH L3BCEE, ..ERNIE, B.   C, JANUARY 4th, 1908.
In a Stirring am! laieresiiiig Address Mil HarriagiGii Reviews)
Labor's Progress Dswu the Ages
Fl. Kerr & Co.
Contractors an. Builders
Plans, Specifications nnd Estimates furnished dn application.
Architect  '*' tv.x\ Superintendent
| O-Tice at Km-Mumx,
W. J. Wriglesworth, D. D. S.
Okfice Hours.-       8 Soto 12 a. m. 1 to 5 p. m
fi.30 to h v-in. '    -
' Office in A'ox, l Qk's JJiouk
over Sliniv . HiiKery. ■
i. ElXStE, -'       - -      -       ' fi. C
Insurance and Customs Broker
Crow's   Nest   Ti'.-iding-' Co.   Block,
A --Fernie,  11. C.
fA large audience assembled     in
the Union Hall on Sunday   when
the weekly meeting of Fernie' local
*was held.   Comrade George Smith
;cf Coal Creek occupied the chair,
•and the meeting opened by, singing  of  Socialist  songs.    Comrade
Harrington was the speaker,   and
his subject was "The History     of
.-the Labor Movement," and it was
patent to all that he had made a
comprehensive study   of   his   subject.     Comrade   Harrington      remarked that   • in    order to understand the lesson of the labor movement it was necessary to take    a
brief review of primitive man, and
in  the  earliest   records  of  primi-"
tive man we find him living in   a
common state'; it was assumed at
one time He was living   as' a tree
dweller, he may have lived alone,
but there was no actual proof. We
first became acquainted with him
as a fish eater this implies      the
use  of fire,   and   is   termed      the
middle  stage  of  savagery.    From
then  on,  up through the groups,
tribes  and  parties,  we find labor
is common, and every one shared
and shared alike, as they say Socialists would do now, * during sa-*
vageryKthe   unit _ of the     human
family 'could  only  procure  sufficient to provide for himself and his
offspring;   it  was,   therefore,    unprofitable tb enslave him, and so
..cannibalism, was the rule;' - .with
the discovery of cereals and     the'
multiplication   and,, domestication
produce more than it required   to
maintain him. it became profitable
to enslave him, so that instead of
having ,one --good meal from their
visitors  of  war,   the  victor  could
have several per day, so long   as
the slave lived.
:. J. WILSiiN (Jl'.AY i
Plans   and ' Estimates on  Application
Residence 76' Howland Ave.
J. Wilson Gray, Architect'
,   Fernie B. C.
meets in McDougall's Hall every
alternate Thursday at 3*p.m.*
A. "Wykks, Pres.       IVm. D. ScHonnu), Soo.
Private  property now,, creeps in
with the; dawn cf civilization   necessitating   the     creation   of tho
state with its 'three     functioning
aims,    ,the   house of Legislature,
the bench of judges, the police and
army, then also is born that great
economic    determining   force   the
class struggle, the earliest     great
successful  movement* I,.am  aware
of, is that of the Israelites told in
the second book of the Biblo. The
. Isroelities   wished  to   go   to    the
woods and worship their God, and
it is peculiar that nearly all economic revolts arc preceded by the
lower class attacking tho Gods of
the ruling class, or the iuanric. of
worshipping ,   them;   Moses     nnd
Aaron go  10 Pharoah, Moses has
tho brain., but has an impediment
,in his speech, so Aaron docs   the
talking,  but Pharoah  rjays    why
load yo thc people from ,thoir burdens, got ye to your tasks, and ho
commanded that they should havo
no more straw as heretofore, but
should get it for themselves, How
this race of slaves came to man-h
out of a    country governed    by
military   despotism   it would be
hard   to say with nny degree   of
correctness the only    information
we have comes presumably frojn
descendants    of    slaves   and   the
causes given are impossible; perhaps there was some black   art,
Eome magic shown by Moses, such
things woro practised in Egypt Jn
those days, but in all likelihood
tho Israelites becojning numerous
nnd hardy by tholr toll, and tho
Egyptians becoming enorvatod by
luxury and idlenoHH, tho Blavos appealed to  the kw  of  tho biggest
battalians    and,    marched olT bo*
cauHe  tho  Egyptians  were nfrnid
to  pro vent     than*.,  they nro tlion
(subjected to u>i*eecU**'in-itical   den*
poli-im    undor   iVTosoa.   500 "■.earn
after this wc hnrve another uprising  oi   tliu  Egyptian  (.laves,   wo |
uie iiui toiu ut uny loaders, pre-
fcumably tho movement was spontaneous    apparently    tho    slaves
woro paid day wagoH as woro  the
Athenian slaves,  for we hear   of
them sitting- on the steps of    the
t.mplo crying "give us bread   (or
we are hungry, and it is IB days
till pay day."  They get some but
quit   shortly   afterwards and on
pay    day   break out In a raging
tt.oh, storm the palnco   and     get
some concessions,   It Is 000 yearn
before we have another gr*at sue-
.essf-il striko, the Spartans had  n
class of young tohti called tho Ep-
horl; the duty of these young men
was to kill off the slaves     when
Builder and Contractor
Estimates cheerfully given and work
promptly executed to the satisfaction of oar customers. ■
For   quotations       .%
on Hay & Oats        ^
.     wrifeTo rZ"
..emaSiircc]   &    Ruby  I
Spe.ial rates to Coi.tructors uud ■ <$>
tbey became too numarous.   1-Tabot   ■•"• '•• <-'.\m
a Helot as the   -Spartan's slaves
•were     called,    having ingratiated
himself into' the confidence of   the j   '   CONTRACTORS & BUILDERS
sworms  of Helots when Meahani-
dias, tho ruler'of Sparta died, had.
his   son   assasinated  and  became
the    tyrant   himself,    he invented
many diabolical tortures   among
which was a life like automatum
of  a woman which he facetiously
called his wife Apega; this terrible
mechanism with human wiles and
graces enticed its victim  to    embrace her, whereupon his doing so
a spring Was loosened which sent
a score of daggers into his breast.
For 15 years he ruled Sparta and
was   finally     overthrown . by the
combined , armies     of Rome   and
Greece;   to   show  how  widespread
the labor movement was in ■ those
days and for long after would be
a  lengthy   task  requiring  several
addresses; ■ how that Jesus of Nazareth who railed at the rich and
exalted the poor belonged to  one
of them; how the early Christian
movement was a labor movement
it  would be  better  not  to  touch
upon this briefly, as it might raise
misapprehension, but to those who
would  ., study this,  I recommend
Ward's    "Ancient   Lowly.''      The
guilds had-to   a  great  extent regulated the wages of the workman
for some time prior to this'period
the   beginning  of   our  era;   trades
unions were very powerful,     they
successfully combined to force .the
wage,   and  by  co-operative  societies were'forcing the middle class
down* into'their  own ranks, thus
necessitating   '   drastic    measures,
they were finally suppressed about
413 A.D.   Trades unions are heard
no more of for   some     time;     the
mediaeval  guilds   through  an  artisan movement, pure and simple',
nevertheless   reflects   some   protection upon the laborer, until   the
suppression  of the   labor unions,
the guilds were not very powerful
but shortly after this event   they
became financially and politically
a power" in the land;  financially,
through tho   doath* bequests     of
craft  brothers; .by  collecting    fee
for     apprenticeship,  by  charging
for  entrance   any by gratui/tious
from living brothers,  and p^liti-
'cally through   this   wealth     and
their  power politically was such
that tho" king-nimself dare not do
anything which he believed to bo
contrary     to  tho London guilds;
this could not bo tolerated by*tho
ruling class, so in tho yoar 1543'
thoy  wero    disbandod   and   their
property confiscated, at tho instigation of the Earl of   Soniorsot,
on the plea that they associated
with  superstitious  practices,   ono
of these practices-was their praying for the sick instead of calling
in medical help, so that then as
now men were imprisoned for believing in God and not believing
in Him; prior to this tho laborer
in England received for one day's
labor    suilicient to keep  him    a
weak, thiB was called the golden
age of labor, but now with    the
depreciation of money, tho debasement of coin,-and thn onforcing
of laws already onacted and tbe
suppression of tho guilds, tho laborer    is   forced into depths     of
misery and degradation and   tho
golden ago passos away and   anothor age anything but golden be
L.   P.   Eckstein
Bakrihtj-k-'at-LaY, Soncrroi*,
I'ooms 1 & 3, Henderson liloek. Fernie, Ii, C.
«J. Barker, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L T. W    Block, , opposite the - Bank
Office hours—8 u.m. to 8 p.m.
Successor to J. \V. TT. Terry
Employment and
Real Estate Office
Will supply men for
all classes of work,
either by the day,
week or month.
Bushmen,   Lumbermen  &
Women  for cleaning,
washing or scrubbing.
Latoe & Fisher
Crow's    Nest     Trading   Co.-   Block,
Fernie,  B. C.
W. R. KoiSs, K. C. J. S. T. Alexander
\ ■ -
Ross & Alexander
„   -   FEICJIE. B. C.
Office In h. T. IV. Block,'Victoria Avenue. *
rcT'the \tioii. ClTiof Commissionef of
Lands dud Works for a license . to
prospect for conl and petroleum on
the following described lands situated in tho district of Southeast Kootenay, Province of British  Columbia.
1. Commencing at a post planted
at or near one mile east of C. V. R.
line at 27 mile post, Block 4598,
and being southeast cornel* of S. M.
Moore's claim and marked S, Til.
Mooro southeast corner; tlience SO
chains west; thence 80 chains north;
thenco 80 chains east; thence 80
chains south to placo of commencement.
Located  this 25th day of Oct., 1907
2. Commencing at n post plantod
at or noni' S. M, M'ooro's southeast
orner and being tho northwest corner of J. C. Rochford,s claim,1 and
marked J. U. Rochford northeast
cotnoi'; thenco 80 chains west; thonco
80 chains south; thonco 80 chains
east; thonco 80 chains north to
placo of commoiicoinont.
Located  this 25th day of Oct., 11007
.J. U. ROCllFOJ'D,
Witnoss—John McDonnld,
'A. Commencing at n -lost planted
at or nonr .), C. Rochford north
oast cornor, and being N. W, corner of J. UnbortKon's claim and
marked J. Roljortson northwost cornor; thonce Hi) clmjiiH south', thenco
80 chains enst; tlicnco 80 chains
north; thonco 80 chuins west to
plnco of cotnincncoinont.
Locatod thin 25th dny of Oct., 100
I ouator,
Witness—John Mclmimld.
4, Commencing nt a lost Hunted
nt or nonr J, Robertson's north west
cornor, nnd bolng Romlnvost cornor
of John McDonald's clnlm, nnd
markod John McDonnld; t.i.nco 80
chains, north; thonco 80 chains oast;
thonco 80 chains Houth; Uii'iuo SO
chnlns wost to placo uf commenco-
L'.ciiU'il this 25th day uf Oct., 1007
JOHN' MelJOXA'.,!),
Witnoss—John  .McDonnld.
-iio/iuni   * i-   t' 1  * A-",""V   ";'""," "", *—••— i     .'"'.   (.'i>iniii"iii*iiijr nt  11  jiost  jijinitc*'.
, ...       'xxiei   uuiiuriiiK    101   wivurin .vuni <*.,,.-a .John I'lnhoj'')* southwest    cor-   enst .'ormu' of .1. McDoimlil'n i-lnlin
cd  our     ...odom  on  oxnm.nntian ' with a Hov.ire Hiiik .-.Huc-llon,    iimi;. n***.; iiV-ic" R0 chnlnc eaat'; thence i •..*,'  |*.,','J     KUtii.iiBi corn.,   of A.'
Reasonable   Rates
Cox Street
NOTICE is hereby given that 30
days after date I intend to apply
to the Host. Chiefo Commissioner
of Lands and Works for a license
to prospect for coal and petroleum
on the following described lands,
situated in the District, df South
East Kootenay, Pro_vince_of_B:iit-_
"ish Columbia:
1.—Commencing- at, a post planted at or near 32 mile post of C.
P. R. line, Block 4593, and being
the southwest corner of Nat Bab-
cock's claim, ' and marked Nat
Babeock's southwest corner; theuce
80 chains east; thence 80 chains
north; thence SO, chains west;
thence SO., chains south to place
of commencement.
Dated this 14th day of November, 1907. ,,
Witness—Nat Babcock.
2,—Commencing "at a post p3 anted at or near 32 mile post of C.
P. R. line, Block 4593, and being
northwest corner of J,' r.iving-
stone's claim, and marked* John
Livingstone's northwest corner;
thonco 80 chains east; thenco SO
chains south; thence 80 ihains
west; thonce 80 chains north to
place of commencement.
- Dated' this 14th day of November, 1907.
Witness—Nat Babcock.
3.—Commencing at a post plantod at or near J. Livingstone's
northeast cornor, and being northwest corner of W. T. Watson's
claim, and marked W. T. Watson's
northwest corner; thenco 80 chains
east; thenco 80 chains south;
thenco 80 chains wost; thenco 80
chains north to place of commencement.
Dated this 14th day of November, 1907.
W. T. WATSON, Locator.
Witness—Nat Babcock,
4,—Commencing at a poBt plant*
ed at or noar W. T, Watson's
northwest corner, and being
southwest corner of Gus Becken's
claim, and marked Gus Becken's
Kouthwest corner; thenco 80 chains
east; thence 80 chains north;
thence 80 chains west; thence 80
ohains south to the plh.ee of com**
Dated this 14th day of November, 1007.
GUS BECKEN, Locator.'
Witness—Nat Bnl-cock,
6.—Commencing at a post planted at or near one mile east of C.
P. B,. line, Block, 4593, at 34 mile
post, and being southeast corner
of W. Livingstone's claim''* EJid
marked William Livingstone's
southeast "corner; thence 80 chains
west;" thence 80 chains north;
thence 80 chains east; thence 80
chains south to place of commencement.
Dated this 14th day of November, -1907.
.Witness—Nat Babcock.
7.—Commencing at a post planted at or near W. Livingstone's
southeast comer, and being northeast corner of W. Copeland's
claim, and marked William Copeland's northeast corner; thence 80
chains west;- thence 80 chains
south; thence 80 chains east;
thence 80 chains north to placo of
Dated this 14th day of November, 1907. ___
Witness—Nat Babcock.
' 8.—Commencing at a post planted at or' near W. - Copeland's
northeast corner, andfbeing northwest corner of TR. Slugg's claim'
and marked Richard „ Slugg's
northwest corner;. thence 80 chains
east; thence 80. chains south;
thence 80 chains west; thence 80
chains north to place of commencement.    ■       •   ,
Dated this 14th day of November, 1907.   •
Witness—Nat Babcock.
■ 9.—Commencing at a post planted at or near R. Slugg's noith-
west corner,''and being southwest
corner of. J. Sandback's claim,
and marked * John ' Sandback's
southwest corner; ''thence 80
chains east; thence 80 chains
north; • thence 80 chains v.est;
thence 80 chains-south to place
of commencement.
Dated this  14th day ci '".Ac--..
ber,   1907.
Witness—Nat Babcock.
7. Commencing at a post planted
at or near the northeast corner' of
the J. P. Silverman claim, and
being northwest corner of W. Darby's claim, and marked "W. Darby
northwest corner;' thence 80 chains
south;* thenceoS0 chains east; thence
80 chains north; thence SO chains
west to- place of commencement.
Located  this 25th day.of Oct., 1907
W.  DARBY, 0
, "     •*■' Agent.
Witness—John McDonald.
8. Commencing at a post planted
at or near W. Darby, nortliwest cor-"
ner, and being southwest corner of
B. Lamoruiex's - claim, and markod
B, Lamoruiex's southwest corner;
tlicnco 80 chains north; thence 80
chains east; thence 80 chains south;
thence SO chains west to place of
Located  this 23th day of Oct., 1907
J'- Locator.
Witness—John McDonald.
f.ins; let hi go back in our story   f\ ,.     _*"*_-■ 1-1 oii ni t\ .' ? i* '"ii* '    _     n ,        _ _   .
V   A     .    .       . Ai    nr 01 I L, Oil SUM l|)l 1 \ I v*i    S.-Comnienelnf. at a poet plan
to tho signing of tho Magna Char-11   "'      w,'"'a""!'H . d ui or near oiie milo post of C
tn,  that instrument of law much
Utudrd in our school books as be- I
Tlio iiiHlor-Mf-ued having boon rt-l
Ntort-U to hfmlth by -.Imjiln
1'. R. line, Block .1593, tit 31 mile
iior*l-,  and being ,•;em1hwc.it, cornor
NOTICE is hereby-given that    30
days after date - I intend to    ap_pljr
•   NOTICE ^
NOTICE ife hereby given that 30*
days aftor date I intend to apply' to
the Hon. J Chief Commissioner of '
Lands and j Works for a lictnse to
prospect for coal and petroleum' on'
the .folloeRing described lands sit- '
uated in the district of ' Southeast
Kootenay, province of British Columbia.       I *>
1 '.
' 1. Commencing-at a post   planted
ut or   near ,ono   mile east of C. P,- „
R. line at the*29 mile post, and being southeast corner of J. L. King's
claim,   and   *marked      J.   L.  King's- ■
southeast corner;, thence 80    chains
west; thence 80 chains north; thence
80.  chains  east;    thence  80  chains
south to placjj of commencement.
Located  this 24th day of Oct., 1907'
, Agent.
Witness—John McDonald.   *
2. Commencing at a post planted,
at or near southeast corner of J.,
L. King's claim,-and being northeast- corner of D. c. Drain's claim,
and., marked D. C; Brian's northeast
corner; thenco SO' chains west; theuce
SO chains south; thenco SO chains
east; thence 80 chains north to place-
of commencement. ■ ■ - - 	
-Lo-Cate"d-th"irS4't"_rday of'Oct. 1907^
„. Locator.
Witness—John McDonald.
3. Commencing at a post planted'
at or near northeast corner of D. C.
Drain's claim, and being northwest
corner of the A. A. Sparks' claim,
and'marked A. A, Sparks' northwest corner; thenco 80 chains cast;
thonco 80 chains soutli; thenco SO*'
chains west; thenco SO chains north
to place of commencement,
Located this 24tli day of Oct,, 1907
„ Witness—John.McDonald.
4. Commencing at a post- planted*
nt or near northwest cornor of A.
A. Sparks' claim, and being southwest corner of tho A.' Good cli.lm,
nnd marked Andy Good's soulhwost
cornor; thonco 80 chains cast; thonco
■80 chains north;  thenco 80    (.hains.
west;     thonco.80 chains south     to
placo of commencement.'
Located thin 21th day of Oct., 1007
,      RAFTlS!.    LAMORUIEX,
Witness—John McDonald--
fi. ConiiiioncJiig at a post    planted •
nt or near ono milo from the ncuth-
enst cornor of A, Clood's claim, and
being sou then st cornor of,   H.    R,
(.nnii)]-.'** cluim, and markod   H, R,
Clnnil-lo'B .southeast i-orno.*.' thnnco 80 •
chnlns west; thonco SO chains north;
thonco   80   cliains oust;     thonco* 80 •
chnlns south to placo of commoncomont.
Locatod this 21th day of Oct., 100" '
n. R. GAMIIUd,*
Witness—John McDonald.
fl. Commencing at a post planted .
at or noar southeast cornor of II, ll,
(Jamblo'H   claim, and   being   north-
oast cornor of J. Mui'ld'ii.claim, und -
mnrlcod J. Murld'n northoast cornor;
thonco 80 -clmfiiH wost;    thonco   80
chains south; thonco 80 chiiins rust;
thonco 80 chains north to plnco   nf,
Located this 24th day of Oot. 1007
.7. MURID,
Witness--John McUoimlil.
7. Omiiiiifiticliig nt n pout pl.ini.-il
nt nr iic.-ii' north-Mint corner nf ..!,
Miii'lil's (.iniin, nnd bolng nori.iun.-t
enrnor ut A.  I*', n-wln's claim,    nn.l
against    arbitrary
punishment    and   imprisonments;
thoy will find a ouro for CONHUMP
i-..'.«i,l,a.g tlw viruiiixiioft (ji -wtixus , l'JUTIS ««() all thro/it   and    I mis
and heire&ses and for our class ot
whom thert wob two million out
of a population of loss than four
million; it provided that our master could not kill us without a
goni. **r-jii,<ii); thtc wan the. |;reat
Magna Charta. In tho following
reicn, that of young King Richard II, wo have an uprising of tho
laborers under the Underabip of
Wat-Tyler, John Hull and others;
Continutd on p*g* thr*».
MALADIES. Ho hopoi oil «nfforom
will try till* rtomody, an It U Inrnln-*
nblo. ThtMo doBlrlnpc tho priiworlp*
tion, whlob wlll coxt ihu nothing,
nnd may provo a hlcimlng, wlll
ple-off. nddren
Rroolilyo, _.'. V.
Wltnors—Mat Bahooclc
fyaK^oKtrrrm-ri _
Try ah Ledger Ad,
Minard's Liniment cures Garget in
>.      ■• ., . ..I -I.   ^ s.s. . S..S,
Agont,  ,
Witnoss—John McDonald.
0. Commencing nl a post plantod
nt (ir near mmtlionHt enrnor of tlio
A. Rico claim, and being noitlionst
cornor of .7. V. Silverman's clnlm,
and tnnrkrd J, F.i Hllvorm.tn's north
(nnt corner; thonco SO chnlns wost;
thonco 80 chains soutli; Mirnco *0
i-lmliw r-n.-t; Lliu-icu 'A0 jIuiIhh )>„ith
to j'lru-i. of conimonccmonl.
Located this 2fith day ut t),<i,, •* 107
Witneist—.Tohu McDonald,
T locator.
Wltlioss-John McDonnld.
8. Commencing nt n post plantod
nt or nonr tlio northwost.cornor of
A. V. Irwin's claim, and lining south
west corner of R. R. (.amble's clnlm,
nnd mnrk-vl 11. R. Onmlrii-'M -tout'i-
uost cornor; thenco 80 chains cmnt,-
thonco 80 chains north; thonco fiO
i-hniiiH west; tbonco 80 chains south
to plnco of commoncomont.
T^icalod this 21th day of Oct., 100T
ii. n. aAMnr.,i:,
A gout.
W/triwM—John MeDn-nnlrf,
Working Classes Should be in
a Position to Know How
They Stand in Relation
to Capital
Too much sti'..s cannot be laid upon
the stress of n thorough understanding
■of tbe circumstances surrounding- the
working class under the present system
of property and proper application of
•all tbepowers at it'h command to relieve
tho workers from the economic pressure
tliey suffer insder.it   *
The purpose of production, under the
rule of capital, is to bring profit to the
pockets of the owners of the resources
of the earth and the machinery of production. This profit cannot be obtained
unless those who perform the labor
necessary to carry ou production can
he in some manner compelled to surrender, their power to labor for something
less than an equivalent of the wealth
produced by its expenditure, This is,
happily for the capitalists, very neatly
provided, for under the guise of what is
termed the wage system. In return for
the'expenditure of his labor power the
worker receives wages. Upon tlio face
•of it hii appears to be paid for what he
has done. If he were actually paid for
what he had done some sliiewdiignriiij;
-would bo required,^determine how his
employer could obtain a profit from the
transaction. That the purchasers of
labor "power do make a profit out rf tho
nrame somehow leads to the conclusion
that the worker is not paid for what he
does. His wapes must, therefore, come
to him as a result of other calculations.
It i.s of prime necessity that ho be made
to understand clearly the secret of the
wage process in order that he may so
shape his action as to enable him to es-
***cape"from— the~exactions~thatr**a"re_iaid"
upon him under it.
Under production for profit tho things
produced take their place in the'market
as commodities, i.e., things for sale.
Things for whicli the owner has no uso,
but which he must sell in order tn tians-
form their value into things for which
he has use.
As the workers have no ownership in
the means of production they nre forced
to sell their, labor'power to the capital-
ist**, Tho latter, by thoir ownership of
the resources of the earth and machinery-
of production, are in coniplotocommand
of tho labor power of the workers.
They must sell their labor power to tho
capitalists in order to obtain tho necessities of lifo, Having ho means of production of their own through which
they can expend it and thus obtain tho
requisites for tholr continued existence,
thoir'labor power becomes of no use to
them. They must offor it for sale in
tho market in order to transform its
value Into the things for which thoy
havo use, i.e., food, clothing, shelter,
etc, Tholr very bodies become, na it
were, factories for the production of tho
commodity, labor power and themselves
sellers of tlmt commodity. Thoy must
soil or starve, honco the purchasers
whereof, tho capitalists, havo a powerful lever in their favor In determining
thu prlco.
Commodities, as a rulo, exchange in
tho markot according to tho rospnctlvo
amount of necessary social labor em*
bodied In tho,, production. This hold.
au truo of tho commodity labor powor
as of any othor, If a glvon amount of
food, otc,, is requisite to tho production
of a day's labor power, I.e., tho keop ol
tho laboror for ono (lay, then tho truo
•exchange valuo of a day's labor powor,
expressed In money, Is tho prlco of tlmt
amount of (bod, etc! If this given
amount of food, etc., cau bo produced
in, say, (our hours, and tho length of
tho normal working day bo eight hours,
then It logically follows that tho ox-
change value of a day's labor power is
only one-half the e.vchange value of the
product of one day's labor. If the
worker ;;ota the equivalent in money of
ibih given amount of ,oo<l, etc., ho has
received all that-his labor power for
one dny is worth in the market.. As he
lias produced this food, etc, or its equivalent, in fow; out of the fight hours he
has worked, the product of his 1-ibor for
the remahiin<- four-hours is a clear *.-ain
for the capitalist. Jt hns cost him
nothing. It represents his profit, ,lt is
the price the worker pays for, the-blessings of capitalistic rule.
The capitalist class is enabled to'
maintain its position of mnstery ot" the
menus of production and its consequent
dominion over the army of laborers
Bolcly by virtue of its instrument, the
State. By control of, the organized
powers of government, legislative, judicial and executive, it sustains, bulwarks
and defends its property rights in the
means of production and its consequent
enslavoment of labor.
So long as tho laborers give their
political support to the parties of capitalism they but forge tho fetters upon
their, own limbs.. They grant to the
master ciasB the power and privilege to
enslave and rob them.
The interests of the enslaved class
demand that their economic bondage
be brought to an end by breaking the
rule of capital over the means-of production; the things upon .which the
workers depend for their-sustenance.
To effect this it is.necessary to wrest the
control of tho State from the hands of
the capitalist class and use its powers
to effect such transformation of property
rights in the means of production as
will henceforth,secure to all men the
full fruits of their labor.
To effect this requires the best .efforts
of every member of the working class.
The - political movement ot labor
throu-ihout-thj. world signals the rapidly approaching day, of reckoning for;
tliat vulgar and repulsive' protit-mon-
•■cring class that now holds sway over
the world's industries and makes the'
lives of workers a hideous sacrifice
upon their theives' altar, capital.
John Seemed to Hake His Point
But issed the Chicken.
. The old couple were eating their first
meal with their sou after his return
from college.
"Tell tis, John,'' said thc father,
" what have you learned at college?"
"Oh, lots of things," said the eoh as
he recited his course of studies. "Then,"
he concluded, " I also .studied"logic.,•
"Logic," said the old man. " What
is that;*"' '    '
"It's the art of rea.oning," said the
son "
"The art of reasoning?" said the father.   " What is that, my boy ? "
" Well," replied the son, " let me give
you a demonstration. How many
chickens aro on that plate, father?"
-" Two," said theold man.
- ".Well," said John," I can prove there
are three.""  Then he stuck his fork in
one and said, " That is one, isn't it? "
" Yes," said tho father.
"And this is two?" sticking his fork
in the second; *  -.
" Yes," replied the father again.''
.   "Well,   don't   one  and   two   make
three?" replied John triumphantly. *
y'7'ell) I declare,1' said the father,
""yotr have learned things at college.
Well, mother," continued tbe old man
to hiswife, " I will give you one of the
chickens to eat, and I'll take the other,
and John can havo the third.   How is
Continued, from page  two.
thiit, John?"—Judge.
■ Prospectors holding mining claims in
Oregon, Idaho and Washington who
have ,been looking to congress to'pass
tlio bill suspending for the year 1907 the
requirement that SIOO worth of .labor
shall be done on' all mining claims are
Upon recovering from the effects of
ether; administered at a hospital at
Aberdeen,'Wash., while an operation
was performed, Mrs. Kcibol, formerly
of Lexington, Ky., states that her mind
once moro is clear, aud that she is free
from tho hypnotic influence held ovor
hor by John E, Waguer, with whom
she camo west.
Sho said that she met Wagner' in
answer to a matrimonial advertisement
lust August, and that ho at once put
her under his spell so that she hnd no
will ot r.ov own, states ono report. Wagner told her after thoy camo to Aberdeen
that their wedding was a farce, a friend
of his having performed tho ceremony.
Ho left a wifo and threo children in
North Dakota. Mrs. Nelbol is afraid of
Wagner and is now is hiding from him.
Sho wishes to lonvo Abordcon without
Booing him again and go to relatives.
a late Washington (D. C.) report.
The Bartlett assessment bill," it is
stated, can not be passed. The bill introduced by Senator Teller, of Colorado,
which is similar tb the Bartlett bill,
passed the senate some time ago, but it
is understood it will not pass the house.
Thc failure to, pass such legislation
means that all mining claims upon
which the required amount of assessment work was not done during the calendar year 1907 can be legally jumped
after Jauuaiy 1, 1908.
the trouble had-been brewing for
some' time on account of the degraded condition of labor; ■ on
Whit Monday 1382 Sir Simon Bur-
ley riding through Gravesend saw
a likely looking fellow whom he
claimed as a slave, saying he was
the son of a'former female slave
of his, the fellow was a favorite
with his companions who commenced to murmur upon his being abducted; he, seeing this, appealed to them, but they, being
held     in awe by the great man's
Ta. Ft
B. E, WALKED, President
ALEX. LAIRD, General JVlanager
A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of
P?dd-iro Capital, $10,000,000
Rest. "- '- - 5.000,00n
Total Assets, -  nsnnnnr-
Branches throughout
and in the United States and Enflan.:
Deposits ol $1 nnd upwards received, and interest allowed ut
current rates.    Thc depositor is subject to no delay whatever in
pressure through their customary *; the withdrawal of thc whole or any portion of the deposit.
deference" to their superiors,     did '
not move, but immediately he had ! 1,,°,p,,!o   1,rnncl1     » H.   L.   Bdinouds.   -Manou-r
gone   they  ' commenced      to    cry . —    --      ■   ~     .      - ---,---- ■   -- -—■—----—--— -- '
''down   with the    tyrants    under
Rochester, let us join our brethren '
.0 I
in Essex; Sir Simon had unwittingly touched off a spark in a
dangerous place, like one who
would.drop a match on the prairie with a high gale blowing; King
Richard about this time had forced a poll tax upon the people,
whereby all over the age of 15
had to pay 2 pence per year. Instead of having this tax collected
by , the officers' of the Crown, he
sold it out to certain favorites
who in collecting it were not very I ,t.
particular in,the manner by which
they determined the' age of young
females. This had"' resulted' in
several tax gatherers being killed;
the killing of a superior being
punishable with death: Wat-Tyler
Tom the Tyler and others, having
committed this •'crime"-incited
their fellows to rebel, and Sir Simon Burley's Act made this rebellion inevitable, so off they marched ■ to London, killing Barons,
priests and lawyers, but be it recorded to their credit, insulting
no women, except the widow of
the.Black Prince, of .Cressy fame,
whom they forced to kiss several
of the ugliest men in the crowd,
which an old. chronicler records
she did wrt_r^"^T5rd'fr£ceT*these*
serfs desired to do no injury'' to
the King, and upon airiying at
London,   while   in  audience    with
T o   Ou r
We thank you for past favors
and wish you a Merry Xmas.
and  a   Happy  New. Year
*4*^**»*^*-$-*'^'»*'*4>-$-^4-d »■»■»♦♦■»•»■»'»♦♦■»-♦♦■» &♦♦♦♦♦»
' *
Your Hair
Is It Inclined to run way?
Don't punish it with a cruel
brush and comb! Feed it, nourish It, save It with Ayer's Hair
Vigor, new improved formula,
Then your hair will remain at
home, on your hMd, where Jt
belongs. An elegant dressing,
Keeps the scalp healthy,
Dot) not change Ihe tohteflh* halt.
formula with eeah \>«ltl*
a     Ubtw it to jr«o»
Art km tXitttit it,
then duae lit eayt
Tlio Kinking of thc casalon shnft on
the Cumbrian mino Is proving a most
successful undertaking, It in now
down 00 feet, nnd tlio lowor ond Ib imbedded in solid day. Tho weights hnvo
hoen taken off nnd tho wntor pnmpod
out, and ..everything ln rondlnosH for
continuing .Inking in the usunl wny.
Tho uhnft is innklnff very Iittlo wntor,
probably not ovor 50 (jnllous an hour,''
nnd tills is very easily kept out by
means of a No, 7 Cnmoron pump. Two
shifts nro being worked continuously,
M. J. McGrath having chargo of the
dny shift nnd Chns. A. MocKay tho
night shift. Theso two men nre ontitlod
to tho blithest possible credit for tholr
perseverance nnd good work. Thoy
linvn accomplished n (ont that mnny
piitHlmists considered an almost Impossibility.—Moylo Lender*
Chcckwclghmen's ballot,  Gladstone
Local Union, No. 2014:
Dave Pnton.......... 158
Edward English  78
W. II. Evans 147
W. R. Puckey...'.  G8 ■
John Wlldo...
Joseph Blnkemoro  51
John Kent  02
William Dickenson  70
Joseph Lane  80
Spoiled papers    Q
Altornntes como ln In order of num
him, Wat-Tyler ' was stabbed,- by
the Mayor of London. The rebellion fell through, and the leaders
were hung, and the peasants dispersed, being subject to greater
tyranny than ever. The (Jromwell-
ian rebellion being successful, tne
laborers have now better times,
but with the death of Cromwell,
and marl-: you, this rebellion was
won oft' the small landed proprietors against tho landed owners,
not involving the laborers as
principals, but as sub.ecti'.e tools,
with tho death of Cromwell, as 1
said, his son Oliver being of weak
character, and General Monk being bought by * tho ro-actionists,
the restoration takes place, and
William of Orange is sent for.
Tho workers now sink into tho
lowest form of slavery, producing,
as .Rogers says, a serf without
land. An act Is now passed in
lGt.2, which purposes to bo for
tho benent of labor to exterminate ablo bodied arogrants, rogues
nnd vagabonds, to enumerate all
tho laws i that were passed deliberately, to onslavo labor, would
tako up too much time, suffice it
to say that up to tho timo whon
Patrick Henry was exclaiming in
America '-givo jno liberty or give
mo death," and Danton in a patriotic frenzy was hooting "lot
my name bu blighted so Prance
be freo," ahd Burke in England
was lamenting that tho age of
chivalry was dead bocause a profligate woman had been killed by
an onragod mob. Tho working
classes of all three countries had
been killed by au enraged mob.
Tho working class of all threo
countrien were being subjected to
the interesting experiment of how
many golden egg„ could bo extracted from the goose without
killing it; whose froodom it was
they talked about, whose chivalry, not ours; the working clans
nover entered thoir thoughts. And
the economic forces which were
in themselves sufficient to accom-
by, local applications, as they cannot reach the diseased portion of
the ear. There Is only ono way to
cure deafness, aud that- Is hy constitutional remedies. Deafness is
caused hy an Inflamed condition of
the rnucuos lining of the eustachian
tube. When this tube Is Inflamed
you havo a rumbling sound or Imperfect htiarln*;, and when It la entirely closed, deafness is tbo result,
and unless the inflammation can he
taken out and this tubo restored to
Its normal condition, hearing will b6
destroyed forever ; nine cases out of
ton are caused by catanh, which Is
nothing but an Inflamed condition
of the mucuos surfaces.
We will giro One Hundred Dollars
tor any case of deafness (caused by
catarrh) that cannot bo cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for olr»
oulnrs, freo. * i  a
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo,    O.
Tako Hall's Family Pills for constipation,
Sold by druggists, 76c.
Ottawa, Doc. no.—Tho department of
labor has boon advised of tho doclsion
of thu iirbltintloii hoard ns to wn-jou of
motal miners in British Columbia, which
fnvors :'threoHlscnlos of wages, covering
normal, utiiiiinii'tii,*. fuvtirui-i-i ami nil-
DiniDH.ly h/ir fOiiiYillunii hi Uw uwUA
Agreement hns boon reached between
the conl minora nnd employers at
Strnlhooim, Albert**, for recognition of
liu.* uiiuni una nu t-.i^nv tirmr Uny, punning until March lnt, 1,008.
 o .—
Robert 11. lletllcy, special commissioner to inquire into the mi'tnllurgiciil
conditions of Western Canada, returned
on Sunday from n. tour of lni»p<*ctlon nf
the coal mines of Northern Alberta. He
W* ceritiiniy bulk-ve this, or we would '! Mtf(,r I-ethbrWuc, und after fiupcUlng
not say so. Ayer's Hair Vigor, us now : tlunnincM of tliat-iiidtiioTulmnllslrictH
mule Irom onr new Improved formuli. ! win ■■wrwii to Ottawa to lav his report
IS-V^SIffl-WS: *&$£& i "«■' <"<• «<-'"-< * •»"-' Prt«r
druft.   Promotes the growth of bilr.      ,t0 "H piv-i-nwicii •" rnrllninci.t.-Cnl*
—_ut»-rtti»/,0.A7»rc».,iitm*\),BUn.m— ,;,'ar\ Ik-rald,
Tho securing of a union agrcomont
for tho minors of Stratheona coal wiis
tho result of tlio first meeting of tho
conciliation board under tho Lomionx
Act to bo hold in Kdmonton. The board
was appointed to uettlo a dlsputo be*
tweon tho Stratheona Coal Company
and tholr minors in which tlio minors
askod for nn eight-hour day and a raise
In wagOH. Tho members of tho board
woro V, L. Otter, of tho Universal Coal
Company, Edmonton, raprcsentlng tho
coal coinpany; P. II. Sherman, Taber,
Presldont of tho Minors' Union of Alberta and Hritish Columbia | nnd O, H, j plish tho aforesaid end wore "siiji
Montgomery, formerly of the Kdmonton | plemcnted by aetB of parliament.
Coal Company, who wm chairman. Tho|Lot vn now come to the labor
board took evidence of tho dispute and j m?™"lont of rocent. t-me8-. ,
camo to «„ „«Tnent by which thoi ^IhTe waKe ffi IT &
miners wlll receive an eight-hour day Uocojid ropublie in Trance, tho
and 10 cents per ton Increase In wages, ri«_o af the labor 'movement in tho
bringing thuin up to about fl por ton. I United States and thu Chartist
-    ,    .0  .,.,,.. I movimont in England.   Tho labor
1 n^rl-dnn*   In   TWirtnrt   nnH    T'r^«<*i*-
OKl-A'J-I.J) A STIR wont down in blood, and the' la-
_____ j hoi*    ii.oveu-uftl    in    the    United
j .States which assumed a vory   10-
Portlaiid.Ore.,D.o.'lt.—MayorHarry ' volutionary  character,  having   a
K. Lane crontorl a t-ensntlon In an nil-! newspaper cnllod -'Tho Mnn   and
dross before tho Niitlon.il OuftrdAsunciu. Illatfor,,1B     wherein   wo flnd   tho
■ - ,    t . 1       ' l.i,' ■
IN PROBATE  NO.  267 OF  1007.
NOTICE is herohy given that on
the 25th day of Novembor, 1007,
it was ordored by Toter Edmund
Wilson, Esq., local judge of the
said court, that James Ferguson
Armstrong, ofllcial administrator,
in and for that portion of the
county of East Kootonay, included in tho Fernie electoral district,
be administrator of all and singular the estate of George Onysko,
of Hosmer, B, C, deceased, interstate.
Every creditor or other pirson
having any claim upon or interest
in the distribution of the estate
of the said deceased is required to
send, before the 2nd day of January next by regintorcd letter, ad-
dr.HBod to tho undersigned, his
name and the full particulars of
his claim or interest and a state*
m-ent of his account and the nature of tho security, if any, held
by him.
After tho suid .last mentioned
date the administrator will pro-
coed with the distribution of the
estate, having regard to thoso
claims only of which he shall havo
had notice.
Dated at   Cranbrook, this 20th
1 f   >▼ l l 4 r..n*»
ti-1-j    v*   *i\i * iU.ilvCi f   m.v'Ut*
.TAMF.fl   ''■■    VF.-RHURON AT!M-
Ofllcial Administrator.
Try this week and open a
savings account by. depositing one dollar,
Keep it up, ahd at the
end of the year you will
have saved a month's fair i
wages, on which we are ,
paying full compound
interest as your account
grows, ^
The Home Bank of Canada
is the particular friend of the
small depositor, The highest
\, rate of interest is paid, and
customers who wish to save
closely nrc loaned handy metal
banks free—vest pocket size
for men.
I twill be no trouble tor you to open in serous!.
Leave your name and iditrcei.' ilepoi.it onn
dollar anil lake your pan book, when you are
oul or llie City, depoiili or withdrawal* may be
made by latter,
o' Canada.
G. W, N. Boulton, Manager
Fcrnlc Branch
germs of the Clnsn^Striinrflfl "thi*
-*._,r«.t<M „-*> ^xiaiv.,. ■..,..*. *ztiu* *... - j,roletnriaii« of Paris amidst tho
tlie .lapaiii.HC! Government Imd secured ; .allures and treason*! of tho nil-
accurate maps of the city of Portland, I ing class havo understood that
maps mul specifications of every road* I the hour has Htruck for them to
wny leading into llio city and llin vnrl- j *Jav? tho »*t»^ion hy taking into
ou* pipe lines from which lhu city oh*  ,1SP0WAjf*:,d\,lhl ,,rectl°*\ •>«
..... i puijiic    ana rn     tliey havo under-
tains Its water supply. i itood th(lt it ,„'tbf,r j,^,^^
According to .Mnynr 1-aim llie plans 1 duty and absoluto right to render
and iimpA prop-in*.! hy tho n1l.-;,'i*.!-••li'.**' tht'insolvps    innister of  their   own
nro Kiiiiorior In civcry wav to anytl.ii^ j d*stlnl,f „h\. «W»B «Pon govern-
ii     ,      mi, ment power     nnd thin from   the
poHoaveil by cliy nlliclitl.. ! work,Jg daM 40 ^ ^   »j
Mayor I,nno did  not discover  tlie|wi* nr* still drilling it into these
pri-sencn of the i-plfs Until their worl. i beads today,
i u.'in (.'.Jiiplt'U'd. i      To be continued next week.
»iu. '.nm.
IN  PROBATE  NO.  £00 OF  100?.
NOTICE Is hereby given that on
lho 8ftth day of Novom'.-ier, 1G07,
it was ord«rod by Pctor Edmund
Wilson, Esq., local judgo of the
said court, tbat James Ferguson
ArniPtrong, officiri. adimnUtratot,
in nnd for thut portion of the
couuty of Eubt Kooleu'ty, liielud-
rd in the Fernie electoral district,
be administrator of all and singular the estate of Joseph Mstwieh
or Mnteriek, of Hosmer, B, C, deceased, interstate,
Every creditor or other   person
having any claim upon or Interest in the distribution of the estate of the said deceased, is re*
iiuired to send, before the Snd
day of January n»xt by registered
letter, addressed to tbe undersigned, his name and address and
tho full particulars of bis claim
or interest and a state-nent of his
account and nature of the security, if any, held by him.
After the said last mentioned
r!fi>» *hm itiXn\{rttttXri>.ti\r v>X\\ *-*r*j-
e.od with tho distribution of the
estate, having regard to those
el aims only of which he shall have
had notice.
Dated   at  Crnnhreok,   this  20th
day of November. 11)07.
TAM"P"*5 TTTimteioV inK-
Official Administrator,
A hotel that luraiibea quiet, «oi_t-
modiolis accommodation for ita pat*
t'Wt i'.' a touree .( ple.istir. to the
travelllis; public. Buch a one ts Ik*
Klmj YAsntA IUM, of Fernie, *«r-
■er opyoeite poet oflke.
Minard's Liniment cures Garget in
The Fernie Ledger
$1 a Year in Advance
"fashed every Saturday  from tlie Ofiice of
Publication, Todd Block, Victoria Ave..
Feruie, British Columbia.
All changes of nds. must lie in us follows :—
Pages S;-aml 5,2 p. in. Tuesday; rnges:■ nnd -4,
fj>. m. Thursday, nnd page 6, i \i ni, Fririiiy.
We-will te unable to insure change- unless
this rule is complied with.
legal advertising 12 cents per nonpariel
line first insertion, 8 cents per lino each su1.sequent insertion.
Bates for c&ntract advertising on application at office of publication, Todd Block.
We thank our readers for the
support given to us. during 1907,
i'or it is to them we owe our pce-
sent strong,,position among the
human family.
* It is our intention to make this
paper the Tribune of the workers..
TEe defender of the oppressed, .the
attacker of evil, and the guardian
of the interests of the workers of
this community, whose lot it is to
face the greatest danger every day
of their lives, in order that this
community shall prosper.
No we do not intend to sell out.
On the contrary the workers who
rim this ..paper realizing the "immense power of the press in moulding public opinion,* intend to
spend a few thousand dollsars in
equipping our plant with modern
machinery and in further extending our power for good.
.We are here to stay.
The Labor unions- are here to
stay.. ■
The political movement of the
working class has come to stay,
and it is our intention to push it
on to victory. In doing this the
interests o£ our readers will- not
be allowed to suffer.
We have witnessed many- changes
during'1907- we may witness many
more during 1908.   We live in an
progress with the age.
Our circulation is on the increase, especially outside Fernie,
so we have decided to be known
in future as "The District Ledger.*'
Success to Femie and district.
,  o	
of in some quarters. That would
not alleviate matters one bit,
neither would it increase the market for coal. The Coal Companies
having contracts with their employees, cannot reducej wages and
if they could do so the consumers would immediately demand a*
reduction* in price.
Already the consumers of. "coal
are getting it at a less price than
prevails in the old country and
they can' well affotd to pay present rates.
In tho steam coal trade several
of thc Companies whose contracts
with the C. P. R. expire at the
end of the year, are now negotiating for new contracts. The C. P.
R. is the most niggerly buyer of
coal in the market and unfortunately is in a position to dictate to many of the mining companies. We believe that when they
commence operating at, Hosmer
they- will not be able to procure
coal as cheaply as they now purloin from some companies. The
coke ovens are dull, but with the
opening up of* smelters, we can
look for increased activity in the
production of coke.
■  » o	
As Viewed by-an. Mooter
I Cash! Cash!!
*■»** •'!',' '■ „ ,»>
Peed foe* SccoksJ     *:!
.   ♦
,. -.srsdl _"- sumi-hipe *''   %
Staves ,,e.4o. •*
The "Solid'Seven" from B. C.
have been airing-their views in the
House at Ottawa on the Oriental
Invasion of British Columbia; of
course they had to place themselves* right, with their constituents in view of the coming election. . 'What a farce. ' Theso men
wero. in the\;House,'at Ottawa
when the treaty with Japan was
put through. Did they raise their
voices in protest? Of course not.
Thoy hailed with delight tho passing of- the treaty because the party said so,- and becauso the Canadian Manufacturers' Association
desired anothor avenue for trade
and choap labor.
Whon tho Vancouvei'ltes forced
tho hands of the Ottawa government, .by cracking tho hoads of a
fow Caps, then thoy got a move
on, and sont Minister of Labor
Lemieux- on a • jaunt to Japan,
ostensibly to stop the Japanese
from flooding Canada with their
coolitB. .
The wily Japanese "got next and
handed Mr, Lemieux a lemon, and
Canada is out the expenses' of the
trip. What does a Quebec Canuck
know about a1 Japanese anyway?
Lemieuk ' should have stayed at
Home, and .sent his able deputy
Mackencie King out to Japan.
Mackenzie King is great at fixing
labor*—dear or cheap—' and if ho
had feailcd with tho men, he
certainly would have played a
winning card with tho ladies and
the Japnneno would havo stayed
at homo.
Thin touring the world at the
expense of the Canadian pooplo is
getting a Iittlo' too thin.
The somo old game. 0 Lord,
how long, .
• ...ii  i o*""——■-■** I*
The Domestic Coal trade of Alberta is somewhat alack at present
the mines complaining of a Bcarei-
ty of oril»r» Th. vrry .*!.-;; iuJ.
open fall throughout the north
-west this year has caused a great
saving of the coal bills as com*
pared with a year ago.
The rapid development of a
number of small mines scattered
throughout Alberta added to the
increased production of the larger
mine*, has caused a temporary
glut in the market.
A cut in prices has been spoken
Most, of our readers have heard
of the laws'   of   Frank,   in      the
Crow's Nest\Pass District of   Alberta. .   Frank is noted   for three
things.    It's  coal,  the rock slide,
and the famous sulphur   springs.
At the base of a rocky cliff bubbles forth one of the finests prings
of sulphur water' in Western.   Canada.   It is commonly.* supposed to
therefore    public    property.    Our
go<3d  LibSeral  Government" is    so
liberal that it has given away the
sole    right to take water      from
that spring to the Canadian American   Coal  Company,   a Yankee
concern operating the Frank mine.
The .owners  b'eing all  Americans
with no interest whatever in Canada except to skin labor and take
as  much  of  the   .natural   wealth
out of the   country   as   possible.
Wn shall* see the interesting spec-;
ing. corelled   to pay tribute *   to
American   speculators.     The .Sulphur    springs    of   the   Canadian
west  should never be allowed   to
pass, out of-the hands of the.people.   Our patriotic Liberals     care
for nothing but -the dough and to
hell with posterities.
Most people in this district have
heard of the town of Blairmore,
nestling as it does, amid some of
the finest scenery of the Canadian
"Rockies. For some years it has
been the custom of the residents
pf the Pass to bury their dead on
the hillside, in a beautiful location, a short distance from the
town, The land was thought to
belong to the Government, Our
good Liberal ' Government has
quietly given this hillside to a
Liberal party healor by name of
Little,! and in futuro the people
must pay for tho privilege of
burying their dead,
These are but instances ,of tho
manner in which tho public property is squandered in the interests of political grafters,
No sulphur wator to bathe in,
in spite ,of tho fact that millions
of gallons aro running to waste;
and nowhere to bury' tho dead
without paying tribute. Roll up,
ye slaves, and .vote (or tho Liberals and, graft; and.ye will soon
have no air to breathe, in spile
of the Chinook winds    "'
The decision of the recent Convention in'Calgary to, ally the labor unions of* Alberta with the
Socialist Party of Canada is likely .to have a far reaching effect
upon both old parties. In the
past it has been the custom of
party leaders,' both grit and tory
to coquette with labor leaders in
order to capture the labor vote,
to so devide the workers on election day that they dared to be
dangerous. We happen to know
that elTdrts have been.made,along
these lines lately;—especially by
the Grits, who have utterly failed
to attract the certain well alnown
labor leaders into their field. Tha
modern1 labor leader is generally
a close student of political affairs
and it is not so. easy for Grit oi
Tory politicians to' lead him astray. Not a trade union leader in
Western Canada today desires -.to
go down the same path as Ralph
Smith, M. P.', h.-.s gone and be
shunned by his ' fellow,craftsmen.
And so we see the most aggressive and .the ■ most intellectual
among trade union leaders , advocating, the principles of the Socialist Party of Canada. '■
B. C. ftimiiiire Store
Next Door to Lupf-rial Hotel
Kootenay Dray H Transfer
I have commenced a high
class Dray and Transfer business in the city and hope by
constant attention to business
to merit a share of your
Estimates furnished on contract work
The statement made to the effect
that tho small run < on the Bank
of Commerce which took place at
Fernie, was caused by the report
Nent out to the press, is not true,
Tho run, if it oan he called a run,
wus caused by the circulation of
a jmmphlot containing allegations
against tho , Bank of Commorco
made by a man named Ashplant,
of London, Ont.
It wns amusing to boo hoiiih peoplo withdrawing tholr money from
thc Hank of Commerce and do-
powltlng the" saino in tho Potu
Ofllce Saving Bank, and then to
, sec tho Postmaster depositing the
j money hack in tho Bank of Commerce again,
You can't break the bonk that
way boys.
We understand that tbo Bank of
floinmi»rrn wim n^vpr In (ln-nr»nr nf
closing its doors, and tbo statement appearing- in some papers
that a mob surrounded tbe bank
is moonshine. We don't have any
mobs in Fernie, and our banks
are as solid as any upon this continent.
The old parties have practically'
selected their t candidates and we
propose to briefly examine their
prospects. The Macleod riding being; largely composed of. farmers
it is. expected, that they are safe
for the, old parties. We shall see
what we , shall see. John Herron
of Pincher Creek is the Tory candidate, Poor old- John, he has
had his day, he has been in the
Eouse of Commons since-last general election. What has he accomplished? Nit. He is.supposed to
be a -  strong candidate; hut   not
"^m^g_^e_i_Lh_____^or_the wagej,
corners of his , constituency, nor
a.mong the intelligent and up-to-
date farmers. No', poor old John
has become fossilised. The workers
have nothing to hope for from
him. Tory he was born and Tory
he will die. "-.    ".
A. B. Macdonald is the Liberal
candidate, so says the Liberal machine and the humble and lowly,
voter must govern himself accordingly, and bov/ clown and worship,
the Golden calf that will be trotted forth from Mac's ranch. For
has it not been so decreed by the
"Hon,-Frank" tho, dictator of our
political '■ destiny,. ' Are not the
Grits in power and have not they
the long purse. * Have not they
their pockets full of new roads
and bridges to bestow upon the
needy. Of course they havo the
dough, and every little tinhorn in
the country will hang around Mac-
donald's ranch worshipping tho
Golden calf.
Jf money will win, then Macdonald is as good as elected and
tho poor widow's cow will bo safe
—when , Mac   is , talking . in   tho
House. y
#   *   *
In Medicine Hat, riding C. W.,
Simmons is tho Grit nominee, of
course he is, bas'nt he been walking around for over a,year with
bis pockets full of proxies, waiting for ihe Convention. He is
known in Southern Alberta as the
champion wire-puller, Nuff said.
"All who want a bonus for
sugar beets raise to their feet,"
And every mormon in Southern
Alberta arose, and declared their
intention of voting for Simmons,
He was elected for the Provincial
Tho Torys aro in' a most interesting dilemma. "E don't know
where E arc," Magratii, thc'lnnd
dp/ili'r has not mado up his mind ■
to .Han*.-.. I'crh'••..;, l.e in: t'.V. l-*o'v- *
■u*.-; for Gi.i- Dol.ri* e ,i -u:e lr,r.,i ,
I at tv f.i'.y f.'.v. Tw'is (
ihey i^.'ic '*.'-..,. Jleic-r
Opens on January 6th, "Wliy not study
sliorthnnd, boolckccinR, etc., and qualify
for tt, good salaried position? We enn'
help you. Interesting cataJoguo free on
request to F. G, Garlratt, Prineipai of
The Garbutt Business College, Calgary.
Five Trains daily, C. P.- R.
Stcamci*. daily Telephone and
Telegraph, good Boating,
Fishing and Hunting, level
Land, magnificent Soil.
Avoid isolation and poor transportation facilities by buyiug at
Buy   fruit   lands   where   you
can    get    irrigation    and"'be(
sure of good  crops.
These   lands can be   bought
.at $i.oo  per acre  per  month
Your money back if not satisfied.    For particulars see
F. J.  Watson
B. C.
<!> •■ , *
Well furnished roomi.   Tho table Is
supplied with tlio hm tho nutrkct
nlToi-dR.  TliohirisBtippliod
with ilio h<M ivliicw, Ii--      ,
i'l]i*** -i mm! fl'-HN.
FERNIE, 13,0.
I   '.0    ll ti.,4    <   ',
11   1'iiW   IU-..1
Fernio, I), 0.
...liid Ci'lly, yoii'v/iil .I'luii oui on
to,-i yi*v. i'hsy nru a ha-.-.jy fain ay.
tiu*:,!*   Tori**--:,    tby v;iu'it i.j-ula-,
tiller- i: ._.-,;-   -.-"•■:-_.-.-....•.-.-:l  ---".vv :
# , *    • i "
In both ,fco« ricUnp. there will' ♦■>>^**<'**^4->><^*^<J
'oo a 'Socialist candidate who will I A. »
tatio   some   beating, and wo   feel
certain   the   "Hon.  -"runic"   will
CYCrn, PrOp.jEecrii uttontioii.
Rooms rimorccd by
Minard's Liniment cure* Diphtheria.
nnt tnk*** the, rtlntfovin w1t*i ny,. r.t
The Edmonton windjammer,
Duncan Marshall will be too busy
at home to peddle hie hot air
stories at any Socialist meeting,
and th* shaking* up the Grits and
Tories of Southern Alberta will
pet in the coniinu: election!, will
not he slow.
Next week we will deal with the
situation in tbe North country.
TA***** W *   H   V ^^ I    W
The Motel of Tcrnle
,i i       —-
Tho centre o< Commercial
mul ToavU Vradis
Cui-ifrift   T?tif!>:ei"llP(l
li-tr -iii-i*.ii'd with iho best of Witiud
J\:.'*|f>i'-_ mul CliTura,
Dining' liiw.in in ciij)iji*i'!,i.in
A pleasant home for the
C. L. WHELAN • • Monufler
-nnw m ** ft* p»*«i .m-K-uo
S. r. Wallace       Prop, y
-V v,
The 3. S. Mount Royal plying
direct between London and Halifax is reported 25 days over due,
and the Steamship company have
given up all hope and the worst
is feared. Something like 365 per-
sons were on board.
Hotel, Hosmer
Open May 1
r-.M.-iji.jni'j new nnJ
Every aixommodiition
for tlie public.
Bar ihocmA with the
I'mcM in lhc Und
Proprietor ■'tl
psaans lodges, tbbnib, b. cc, janttasy 4tK, 1908.
When Physicians of High Order
Recommend Its Use'-to Nervous and Dyspeptic
People You May Srtf'oJy Assume It's Ml Right*
" .555,.
: Lead Packets Only
Blue Iiilml 40c, Hed Laliel 50c
unit CJold J.ulicl CUc. jier .lb,
At all Grocers
Mr. Thos. JE,. James,.of Edroxm-
* ton, has been .appointed as -Dis-
: trict organizer .for * the -United
I.Mine Workers ..of ^America _u_,d
; placed in charge of Northern-Al-
'■ berta.* Bro, James is an old In-
x diansa boy, .-and .has dug coal all
. his life, and is -well versed in trade
■ union (, matters,   -having  attended
■ both . District, .and International
, Conventions in .the .States.   He-is
a hustler, and believes in rational
: actions    along    Socialistic   lines,
Bro. James, we believe -will.make
good, he is sure to be.heard from
-in*.future. ■
■■',.- *  .»   *
Vice-President Johj. R. Galvin
has .been,ordered to ..take charge
of .the Souris coal field in Saskatchewan. Bro.* Alex. Susnar, will
also go along .'in order to thor-,
oughly explain othe benefits of bo-,
, ing ;organized, .to the foreign
speaking  miners.    One '-.local'  has
,,■■ already been'organized'.at Boche
Per.cee,. and about 5 others ,will be
organized immediately, conditions
being,^ripe 'for organization and
the request - from the men  an ,ur-
.gent .-one.
*■' *   *
Nicola Valley, B. C.., will be or-
ganized  and become   a  part, '    of
_1TI * c + y^n . t2.r\ 1 ft_-*-ile+__ e_en'nnjfl c_..+_
T-** .u v. *v *.—^. w . —A .*—I *»u »,—m.^—.j.. s.—.—.*.*—. .—
is    possible    to     send  organizers
there.    At least two  local .unions
■ will be formed in that coalfield.
,,*Ths  writ  issued  ag-ainst  Halph
'Smith, M,  P., for slander of Dis-
■ trict   President    Sherman   cannot
be served until the House of Commons prorouges.   Members of Parliament being immune'for  arrest
. on the, serving- of. writs while tbe
House is sitting;   We are informed
. it  is the intention <-of    President
.Sherman to push this caee   to   a
final conclusion.
"    *   *   *
.A strong loenl  of the Socialist
Party has been-- formed among
the -foreign, speaking miner* of
Prank. A locij,'l will he formed at
Taber , and Lethbridgo tho early
part of tho new year, and the
campaign of education and organization of tho workers into tho
Socialist Party will be carried on
in earnest in British Columbia
,-and Alborta. Arrangements are
under way to get Conn-ado Ben.
P. Wilson to make n tour of .> the
towns and villages -of Alborta. It
will bo remembered that Comrade
Wilson is .tx native Canadian from
The Annual Convention of the
Western Coal 'Operators' Association will be held at Fernie on
January 10th. It is reported that
some of the'Operators'at Alborta
have been nndersiilling .each -.other.
So we expect to see fur, fly.
* *   *
The Domestic Cos! companies of
Alberta'are complaining that they
cannot get paid .for^ the 1 coal they
sell, and some Companies may
have to *__ose operations "in consequence. The miner must get his
pay check -cashed .-or he-cannot get
food, as lie lias to pay cash for
what he .gets. :Tlie consumer of
coal may find (that the miners may
take a holiday unless he pays the
company, so that "'the company
can pay the miner,
* *   *■•
' The mines a.t Lille, Frank and
Bellevue are practically shut --down
and the miners are .idle, owing to
the contracts for coal expiring,
and some difficulty having arisen
over making new prices .for the
product" of the mines, with' the
C. P. It.
• '*' *' .* *
The C. P. R. is practically the
dictator of the oal trade in Southern Alberta and unless the mining Companies agree to give them
coal at their price—which .is generally too small to leave,little if
any margin "of profit to tlie oper-
"St-ol-s     ™       '-" *
, 40
with a death list of 1,110, and 1901, with
1,131 deaths.   .
Safety appliances have not kept pace
with the increase in the* number of
miners employed, which has raised the
liability of large death lists in single
Following is a list of mining accidents
aid the lives each cost since January,
1907: '    , -     .   "
of deaths
Ann. 14—Clinton, Ind "...     8
Jan. 28—Primcro, Colo    20
Jan. 24—Floi-ontK, W. Vii	
Jnn 28-Stanrbrucken, Germany
Jan. 29-Stuai-t, W. Va	
Fob'.   4-Ell.ins, W. Va ,
Feb.   8—Wanamie, Pa...........
Feb. 12—Bnkhmuth, Russia '..'.'.' .'
Feb. 18—La Esperanda, Mex	
Mar. 16—Kleinroschen, Germany..
Mar. 17—Snar Louis, Germany    22
Mar. 29—Diesfontein, S. A [   5.4
Apr. 14--Elore, Mexico;...,.','..}..'. 14
May 2—Charleston, W. Va.... ['. [, n
May 'S—Black Diamond, Wash...]!,     6
May G—Liege, Belfriuni ...   18
May 12—Valadene, Mexico '."   90
May 18—Marion, N.G    ...   24
May 19—Johannesburg, S.A .]'   18
Mayil9-Enffleville, Colo    77
Jun. !18—Princeburg-, Pa.....   * "    ,7
July .11—Hazleton, Pa Y [ Y.      7
July-22-Toyoka, Jajau....'.".",' ] 470
Aug. 3—Boxboch, Prussia ..■;..- ig
■Aug.SO-Tsing- Tan. China." n2
Sep.- 7-Coahulla,Mexico '."'.'     -
Sep.-fiO—Neg-aunee,' Mich.     '   17
Oct.   4-Bolton, .England '" 9
Nov/Jl-Raubaud,Trance.. '-      7
Dec. 1-Fayette City, Pa. .. '".*.' 47
Dec. G—Monongah, W.Va... 550
Dec. 16-Yolande. .Ala. .".......'...""   91
Dec.-19-Connellsville, Pa \ OQO
Only two mining (.busters have occurred in which more men were killed
than -at Mononffi.li and Connellsville
These are that at Courrie.es, France
uMflGe, with a death list of 1,219, and
cha.etToyoka. Japan, on July 22 of
last year, when 470 miners met death.
—Mine Workers Journal.
Licenses Have Been Secured and I
Permission Received From I
Oljfta Start .Boring for Black!
Diamonds East of Westmin-j
. ster Avenue" Bridge.       j
Early in January operations wil! bo
started to locate a coal seam which is
fully believed to underly False Creek.
That there is coal somewhere under this
city has been - believed by geologists
from the days in which Coal Harbor got
its name* The World some time ago
published-an interview with Mr. Fred
MUls,. foreman on the city sewers, in
which he told of finding indications of
cojil prospects in" various parts of the
icitj;. *   ■**
The False Creek Coal Syndicate, for
which Messrs. Bowser & Wallbridg-e are
the leg-.il representatives, is so well convinced of this that it has secured provincial licenses covering three miles of
the bed of False Creek, starting at the
head and proceeding westward.
The expert of the syndicate is confident that a live-foot vein will be struck
at a depth of 500 feet. The syndicate
has secured the" necessary permission
From the city to carry pn the boring.'
The syndicate is composed of local
men, headed by Mr. J. L. Stewart, and
the hope is that all the necessary capital
will-be raised right at home.—Spokane
Cliro nicle. s
to all  point.,   in   Ontario  and 'Ou'cbece
West  of Montreal
rri'Dorlioiiiitely low .ale. to points cast <*,f Montreal
Good fop8Q days with s^p-ove.' n»«.vSBeges
Close connections find excellent train service via*' '
"The -Oriental Limited"
wiMiiiiimm rrm—ib___——__<___——  	
;  For folders, particulars, etc.. call or nddress
. H. L. BLACKSTONB,  AGcnt, Fernie
. ROSS. Asst. Pass. Agt,, Seattle
Bruco County, Ontario, and is a
flrut class yotor, who did yeoman
servico for the cause in Fernie and
district during* last provincial
.* » »
Vteg. T. H. Sherman aad Vice-
President John R> Galvin have
been at Michel, during the week,
examining the mines and making
Borne investigations into eondi-
tlons there.
»   »   •
District Board Member D. L.
Miller has-been busy during this
week trying to organise locals at
tbe Royal collieries Lothbridge
nnd, GrasBy Lnko ond attending
to minor grievances in tho abBonce
of President Sherman from Sub-
District No. 3.
Bro. Wm. Davis, of Michel has
beon olotjtod Executive Board
Mombov for Sub-District Ko. .',
nnd will bo placed in thc field to'
tnlce ehargo of hii Sub«DlBtrict au
experienced    minor    and   a    level
i.su.s.i.s. itn.il   4iiu   Wt)  ici-i  iiiU'0  Will
i'l-'t* n yood acroujit UJ ILnnrli.
* * *
Working >nen, now is the timo
to see to it that your nnmo is on
the voter's register if you want a
vo,.*-,; iii. tluj Cvii.iiku Doiuutiou tk-
ections. The qualifications are,
British subjects 81 years of age,
,wbo have have resided six months
in British Columbia, and o*ne
month in Fernie riding, Get on
at once, H._ W. H. Evans at
Coal Creek, or Wm. Symonds at
T*mt*, or any policeman, Magistrate or Postmaster.
Start the New "year right and
fiubseribe for the Pernie Ltdger,
Only One Dollar a year.
The mines are" closed and
the men can go where they choose.
The Committee appointed by
The District Convention has been
busy all the week making investigations w,ith the charges made
against the Local officers at" Michel.
* *   *
On Tuesday President Sherman
and Vice-President Galvin and a
local committee* made an .examination of No. 8 mine at Michel,
owing .to complaints being made
of exceedingly heavy timber supplied the miners in rooms and
altered .conditions of mining,
* *   *
On Thursday the District Officers
and local committee interviewed
General Managor Hurd and General. Superintondant Simister of
the C. N. P. Coal Co., at Pernio,
relative to .a nximbcr of minor disputes at Coal Creek and Michel.
 ~o -
For those who could not-pet
away during* tho busy holiday-
..season we recommend . . . .
This Far-Famed Sanatorium
with its Sulphur Springs and
Unsurpassed Accommodation is
Just the place'
■ to build up and seta iresh start.
Kates $2.50 per day and up. ,
Through Standard  Sleeping Cars, Dining- Cars and
First Class Tourist Sleepers
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.Reliable,   approved   varieties
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No windy agents to annoy you
Buy' direct and get trees and
seeds that GROW ,
Bee Supplies, Spray Pomps, ,
Spraying material and
Cut Flowers
Catalogue .Free
The man who joins a labor union and then begins to flnd fault
with, its managonio'nt, criticises its
ofllcers and otherwise to croato
doubt and distrust among, membors and non-members, is to be
pitied for his lack of horso sonse.
He wants the union to get. results
but everything he does and says
haB a tendenoy to prevent the
very thing he most desires, In
fact he is himself an obstacle in
the way of progress, a stumbling
block to his craft, Good results
for any craft are never obtained
by men of this character. The
men who get results are the men
who have confidence in themselves
in their fellow-mon and in those
who are trying to improve the
conditions of their craft. Those
men prove their faith by
their works," and win their goal
by striving for it. Thoy am tho
powor which makes tho vohielo
movo forward, The knockers who
do nothing but doubt nnd complain are junt so much mud in tho
wheels.—Iowa Unionist,
For Three Months
For Kntos, KesorviUimiK un<l nny Information ilcsircil cull on or writ.
".'J*-A. A. &.!'.__.
•^'-'•'-•'"■■i Vimeonvor
Greenhouse — 3010 Westminster
'    Road, Vancouucr. B- O.
60   YEARS'
we will
to The
rate of
receive   subscriptions
Fernie Ledger at the
tptctalnouce, without clinm., in (ho    ™<"«*vi
Scientific Hmciiwu.
wil-Hon of iiiij- BoiominoTouninl   -ffi1" '.r"
lee, m V Bt, Wuhluutw*
One Dollar a Year
We  want to double our
of subscribers.   Seize trie
portunity   and get thc   paper
with all the News
Send    your
Miiria^ei' of
into     the
In lho number of lives M In wining1 jH
0|K*rniinnH tlm yw 1007 tins hcen tho!
most illnnntrntie im record.    Up to Do-
cmnlK'p It) tha lln r.t ili-atlm hv ml no
ncflili'iitH -itiiinl. nt 3,117-1.    Do'nths in
mino diiii»ter*. in 100,), when 1.2Jfi woro
Uilicd in ono a.chk'iit at Cjuriiiiri'c,j
Frixnce, totnllrd l,r,00.   Sine* wa tlm1
MVAi-aRii numli-r of (fontlift by fli-cMi-M.*
In ininci hat beav i,fm n'ycar.  Tho
yw» jn which the avcivijjo hun hcen
Mceededhy over lUO havo lnwn.IBTS,
when J.lla inineri wero killed; iw.,
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customoi's.    Let us do-
' monstiite tliis fact bv 11
trial. Polito imei.'Mf'n
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All work guaranteed
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Fernie, B, C.
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evlmiclun li> Momhiy, lim-.mli.rVinl. Mm,"
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ff mu of Itiiilnrfilitalnnl nttJil, Hi*|m»tin"iit.
['ri,i,V,Uii*}.im to. ,l'" ,h«IMll»,lK
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DiinuiiHlmi & Uriiltfo TimhnrX
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«% —t ,_ *\*
v All OwIph Proin|.tly _\«c-».d«*il' ?
X il i
i t0 x
D«|i»rlm«ntnr PuJ.JJr WntXt*,
Oti*w», Hovtml-tr KOi, r.,;.
j, Tel. 3 Pernie, B. C. *
* i
the A. Macdonald Co
(Head Office, Winnipeg)
nuin-lu-B—Vancouv-r, Nelson, Ytrrtit
hvlmonlon, Altn. & Kenora, Ont.
Ferule, B. C.
Read tho I odeer'^101***1* Growri«. »•*»«". p«*<i«
4       « Camp Supflift f
*■ !!
Fatigue Symptoms* and Tests
That Should Be, Heeded.
Tomorrow's Work  Will  Suffer  if You
Overdrive Today—Ths  Prico a   Man
Is Compelled to Pay if He Kcops on
•the Pressure Too Long.
When we-lmve set out on n piece ot
muscular work or lie-id work we might
expect to find a steady, regular increase in tho fatigue that resulted
from it-so much work, so much fatigue. , But that is not the case. The
•fatigue curve" is not a straight line
eloping up from one corner ot the
chart diagonally to the other. Instead
it goes sharply upward. at the start.
Then for a long distauce It runs along
ou an approximate level, aud then It
takes a sharp upward turn again.
The level stage—the plateau of hard, '
normal working power, where tho cost
In energy, doesn't vary perceptibly—Is
the "second wind."
You know how it is in long distance
running. At first the fatigue increases
very rapidly. A man has to push himself with all. tho will power lie can
muster. Then all of a sudden it gets
easier. It seems as if ho had tapped
a big, nev supply of energy, and he
can keep running for a long timo without nny great increase in his feeling
of fatigue. At last ho reaches a point
where'tlie exertion tells hard again.
Fatigue piles up terribly fast now, so
fast that unless tho runner knows just
how much he is good for and has made
careful calculations he is likely to be
"all in" . before ho 'gets to the end.
Every step makes ari inroad on his reserve energy. The last s**)urt costs
more than all the rest together.
If a man has covered his distance
without touching this final turn of the
fatigue curve he will get rested in' a
reasonably short time and be able" to
go over the course again. But if instead he has to keep on, teeth set, eyes
bulging, "hugging his corncobs" until
he rolls over on tho ground, it may
tako weeks for him to get into good
form again.    In a big race naturally,
-he-8-got-to-be-i'cadj-to-do-that *—_
There aro emergencies In everybody's
llfo when tho merely prudent thing
isn't the right thing. If a house Is on
firo and a family ou tho top floor is in
danger and you're tlie only person on
the promises ' you can't stand calmly*
aside and calctih.te your fatigue curve.
There's a necessity for action—at any
cost whatever, oven life.
A man may have a big proposition to
put through, some Important combination to effect, a now movement to get
under way. rorhnps lie Is tlio only
person who knows tlio whole situation.
Success may depend upon hiin. In
such a case ho must let mere pmdeneo
go by the board, and ho must stand
ready to pay the price, too, when thnt'a
called for,      o
But "such emergencies aro not everyday matters. Tomorrow wo are going to have another day's business to
attend to, and ilio probability Is lhat
Jt will bo Just as important as today's.
Consequently wo havo no right to overdrive ouisolvcs today, for the prlco of
It will ho taken out of the quality of
tomorrow's work. Wo havo dono
enough when wo hnvo como in sight
ol thnt Inst costly lap. Il'a tho tlmo
to quit,
* A great deal of IntercHtlug Information about tho nature of fatigue has
hften nindo nvallnblo Hirough tho ergo
Kraph, nn Ingenious recording apparatus devised by Trofossor Angelo Mos-
bo, a grent Itnlliin selentlBt. It works
something nfter this fashlon:#ou lay
your hnnd, back down, on a Tittle tabic ond to llio end of ono flnp;or Ib attached a cord which conned 3 hori-
Bontnlly over n pulley with a sraaU
-hanging weight. Thc motion of closing tho linger lifts tho weight, and as
tho effort In repeated ovor and over
again tho fntlguo Ryinptomn In tho ftr-
ger become clear and can bo observed
WiVrfiporded In detalf.
', Now, ono of tho Important discover*
(tk tbat Profawor Monso has rnnde* li
that If you ke*p mining tho wotftbt on*
til yoiir Anger Ih exhausted it wlll take
Junt about two bourn to rest It—that
Ih, In two bourn you can do tbo lamt
•tnornit of flnffi«r work over njtaln-tnd,
the least bit more.
Tou would Imnglno from this that If
the experiment woro repented at tbe
■end of ono hour instead of two you
•eoalddo junt half the amount of work.
iBnt Tt*f. ofiiy'oiio•.■unrter as much!
Thai's tho price of work on top ot
"?   -  . _. ...... ....._. ... ... i.i_
islied interest for a -good-deal- longer.
i-.*.t it would I*,*.' ;vt tho-price of a' s'.lee*)-
l"*.-:-i night. § -,
' With some people a sure sign is the
■;:-.-.\-",-.-o.l circulation of blood in the
i-a-.-s os- checks. Ko-.ie people have
!;:■.(■*.".' i'ooli'.i.-.;:'- i-l tho pit oi* {':■_• _ !;i.n-
".*.■'!-' not uaueea, but KDinethlug s*ug-
■-o-'.i'-eof it.
f*!-i» of ihe mcis-'t re'i-ibl. test*- i-*> the
.■■i.iii'ul test, holding the anus out horizontally at the Fides and - noticing
whether or not the lingers tremble.
Tho fatigue condition raif.es the nerve
■i-X's-.-duro gate and allows tlowovor.*,
from one nerve into another. Normally a nervous impulse goea along Its
n'erva directly to the point of strain,
hut when you are fatigued the stimuli.*- spreads into other nerves as well
and i.s not distinctly tr.v.i*.i*.ltte*l..
Sir Francis Oalto'i. the groat stalls-
ticia'*. says that the best test he knows
hi thai of resllessness, r-howii In i'iiis-
I'uhii' movements. Many times
.-'ays. lie has sat' in a position where
he could watch an uudie**"e ns it. listened to some long sclo*.itiilc memoir,
lie took notes of how people acted
under the strain of protracted attention—how often ihey moved. At the
beginning of tho hour they would sit
.■■..Icily- then thoy would begin to
move ou the average, of once every
four socouds, then every three seconds,
..i'..l iio cays that'it is possible to trace
•..*". :t tli-'cugh any audience every -.!_-
Sr.-ec* of fatigue by the number of miis-
cnlar movements made.   ■
lie has simply put together mntlie-
inatlcally some data that are familiar
to all of. us. Wo have all seen—and;
a'.as, boon a part of—an audience that
"war. trying .'to endure tho last half
hour nf, nn 'unendurable speech.   Ev-
Grecian Veterans Hurrying for
* Home—Turkey Again at it
Fort Steele
Fovniej   Ii.  O.
crybndy- was shifting his position,
cros'jiiig one leg over the other or back
again, moving tho fingers, playing with
watch charm or chain, yawning,
twitching, folding programme, wiping
eyeglasses, adjusting back hair, twisting mustache.   These.were all fatigue
A loss of coif control in small'thing.-
—thnt'a the symptom in different, terms,
■jw.A another name for it is irritability.
At first it, seems strange that this
undue sensitiveness to slight stimuli
r:hould be so sure an effect of fatigue;
biit It means that the"resistance gates
:ire down and we"become aware of!
ncusatlcns pouri.ag in from all sides,
c'ight sensations ,'that .-ordinarily we
tr.ko no notice of because—by tho laws
of .attention—they are quietly sliut out
from1 om* consciousness. But wlien our
attention is tired—no longer focused,
but^scnt-tc-i'ing— nil—these-slight— uer-ve-
prlcks attack x\n insistently and we
cannot neglect them.
A noise'tliat you will not hoar when
you aro rested will bo perfectly distracting when yen are tired. You will
go over nnd shut a window; you will
walk around aimlessly; you will swear
al the faint crackle of a distant grapho-
phone. If there ia a light above you
:-,(. an evening lecture* It will hurt your
■'yen almost beyond endurance. Instead of making the nervou's system a
lo.*:.- responsive Instrument, fatigue
::i--.ko_ it moro responsive—more re-
..p.nslvo.'but less ncivlcoable.
Every mnn who Is anxious to hit his
Job between tho eyes should mnko n
piudy of ills own fntlguo curve, ,n'nd
he HhouUl put the moral of it to lioniM.
To know when it'll., tlmo to quit—and
to quit whon it'i* time—la one'of the
first lessons In the primer of etllcion*
cy.-Dr. Luther H. Guild: In World's
i    Is war about to break out in Europe?:
1 Are. hundreds of the bwarthv men who
i *
] were working in and around Spokane
i a few weeks ago now hurrying home to
j light for Kir..* George of Greece or
I Prince Nicolas of Montenegro against
I the cruel Turks thev hate so bitterly? *■
i * *
| Behind the heavy homeward move-
! ment in the local Grecian colony, which
was inaugurated some two months ago,
is something more than a desire to visit
ho j the fatherland for the holidays, declares
a Portland, Ore., report Dark rumors
of a coming struggle with thoir ancient
and implacable enemy, the Turk, is
adding impetus to the orderly flight.
There are; it seems, in every city in
the country vast numbers of Greek war
veterans, men who fought in the struggle with Turkey in 1897. In thai; conflict the Greeks were,beaten lgsiomi'i*
ously.    ■' *   .        '
These veterans and hundreds o( other
Greeks of military age, and capable of
service have been receiving letters from
home, telling of alleged preparations
for war that, are being made-Ity the
sublime porte, with a view of finally
crushing the Greek people, ,t   ;,
Such is the alarming tone of. the letters that have been coming week after
week from family.and friend; on the
other side. Tlie Athenian newspapers
arc said to be couching their editorial
utterances in similarly alarming terms.
The importance of the grand tick
may be judged from the fact that there
are estimated to be something like 100,-
000 Greeks in the^ United States.—
Spokane Chronicle, ■
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n period of twenty-ono yours nt nn iiniuml
rental of «1 per ucro. Not more tlinu 2,.">*30
acres shall be loRsed to one individual or
compnny. A royalty nt tho rate of five cents
per ton slinli be collected on the merchantable
coal mined.
QuAUTZ.—A person ei.litoen; cars of ago or
over, havinir di .covered mineral in place, may
locate a olaim 1,5W) x 1,500 feet.
The fee for recording a claim is .5, •
At least $100 must be expanded on the clf.im
oncli year or paid to the mining rocorder in
lieu thereof. When **">0l* has oeen expondo'l or
paid, tlie locator may,' upon having a sur'/oy
made, and upon complying with other requirements, purchase the land at $J per acre,
Thu patent provides for tlio payment of a
royalty of 21 per ctnt on the sales.
Place'I mining clainls generally are' 101 foot
square; entry fee *-'5 renewable yearly,
An applicant may obtain two loases to
drodgciur gold of five milesencti for a term of
twenty years, renewable at the discretion of
the Minister of tlio Interior.
Tho lessee shall have a dredge in operation
within ono season from the date of the lease
for each live miles, ltental ill) per annum for
each mile of river leased. Royalty at tlie
rato of 2% per cent collected on tlie output after it exceeds *0 0,000,
'    WAV. Con v,
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N*.' B.—Unauthorized publication of this advertisement will not bo paid for.
Aug 1-07-Gm
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Moisnlain Torracoa In Lunon.
Governor General Siullli of lho riill-
IpplnoH reeenliy mndo a loiir of tbo
'.ucv.nlnln pvovlsicca of norllioru Luzon,
c'lilofly Inbabitod by pnj.;an tribes. Ou
III. reUu'ii to Mnulla lie said: "Tbo
y.uiT.y ilirouRb tho mount nin country
v,*;u*. n revolution. I have* never seeu
'*-i:t'li cultivation (is wo bhw In tho
inor.nthluB. Thoso pooplo havo tor*
i'-iral tho luountalns In somo Instnnecs
-,i thousunil feet blgli, and ovory bit of
il u land Is undor cultivation,
"I do not bellevo thoro la nnythlng In
tlio world that can equal tlio muuuoi*
In which tho pooplo of tho mountnln_
Imvo mado tholr country produntlvo.
It certainly Burpassos anything 1 Imvo
ovor roou. Tho t*.rrncn3 In Japan aro
pygmies compnrod with It. Tbo onrth
uud 'stono woro brought for miles, aud
iho most wonderful purt about It lu
that tho terraces aro as solid and sub*
Hlm.tlal as If tbey woro part of tbe
mountain Itself.
"Somo of thorn aro novonly or a hundred foot high uml romaln undisturbed
throiiKh all HorU of wentbor and,Innd*
HlldoH, Aud nt tho tlmo tbouo torrncen
were mado tlio pooplo woro under
nrmii. working with tholr knlvcn aiid
I'.hletdH clone nt band and with nontricn
mi every high point mt land and mouu*
lulu top."
Tho Pure Food Law
Secretary Wilson, says, "One.ot the
objects of the lmvis to inform tho consumer of the presence of certain harmful drugs in medicine!*." The law re
quires that the amount; of chloroform,
■opiunT.^ moi^ifineTTTind-* "o'ti*cr~ha"bit"
forming drugs, bo stated on the label
of each bottle. Thc manufacturers of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy have always claimed that their remedy did not
contain any of these drugs and lhe
truth of this claim'is now fully proven,
as 110 mention of them is made on the
label. This remedy is not only one of
the safest, but one of the beet in use for
coughs and cold?. Its value has been
proven beyond question during the
many years it has been in general use.
For sule by all druggist?.
Utigu'o. Ono unfutlKued man In to hla
work nti'four n-cmlfntlgued men to tlio
twimo ivork.   lining nil tbo strength
you havD, you can't begin to got nor«
toml rc-vilts, and tho utmln ou wlll and
tiervouii onorgy lu terrific. Carrying t j
thing through on "uviie' L Uc <-wl- ,
ikai htniltnias a iwin enn Infl-nl.p In.      '
Homo   people,   oi-peolnlly   tliown   ot I
ncrvoud inakcup. find It hurd to tell ;
when  the ntopi*i.,K  point  has  been 1
n-nehwl-that l». Jnwt whom thu dlvkl*
Intr llnr pomi^ U>Hv....ii cucrgj' fundi
Nviill'il.lc for jiivi'-*uli-.-iiJ una <t v,_t,na.i
which cannot logHlmnlely lio tamper*
nl  with.   If  they  get Intorcated In
tlu-lr work tbey !»vi> Hight of o?ery«
thing clue nnd uro  going on tthocr
m*rvo \>etoTO they renllzo It,
Tboiigli fatigue Kjinptonui vary
greatly in »urfifi-iit \a.u\\U, It may b.
worth while to meHl-m a few of them
lu-r*-. ii-iu;cUuu.M V.'xw. f-i n fln'ihln';
ut tho tetnjili;-*). Th.-.t In tbo enfc iilth
mywlf wlu'n I huvu Wen reading hard
for two or three li<»ir*, And then I
ltnow that I ought to «\ill a bait I
ttmiA keep 00 reading with undlmla
Como Navel Race.,
A I.oiidnn iiewHpnpo-' nouio yonrs ngo
I'niitn'.neil tin iieeonnt of 11 Htrungu port
uf 'iMiiitoHt whicli two nohlomen got up
fm* tholr own nninicmeiit,   u eonslut*
i'.l  "f  miiMilug u   Hoi'k of turkeyH
;'.:,';i!nst u Hock oi g.i*se for n ruco o'.*.
di-t 1 mvJi-i'i nml Vui'wli'h rond In the
n'.liV.li> of tlio hint century.   'Jlio tiir-
U .-;,-.i v.uti.il i.irtii.*. 1,;. >.i i.Vi'un it'i* li.Uf
.!u> rnnilHldo tree* to ri«M, wlillo tbe
.*•"", _w|iImh- nt* n f.ti'.-nly waddle nil
:i'*r'r, roiirlieil I.nndnti from Norwich
! 1 '.',•-■ diiy-.i  iiliond.    The B.ir*u» .lournul
•  ••   ...... -'..ii* i'i*. f-.*t« nf ui. iron.
j ." un c-ivi'iitr;.'.1 ttu'.uilirj' pig.   In VHl
f.At   tpt'iily   niiliniil   won   mntehed
:.-r -.h'-t n iT'ielii'iii.-'. j-iiiuier and sturt*
j 1 l ;i urir.-r fa\.:ri!"'mi llie by -if lli-.»
,  will'li ;-li>* v.'Jll  Willi c:l:.e.    '1 '•.<.>
Ii.i:| lu'i'li ti.ilJH'il  to t'il'.i the i'.l:.
' Washington, Dee. 16 —A charge of
peonage aa'ninst tho White Oak Coal
Compnny of West Virginia is to bo in
ve„tii_ntcd by tho Department of Just Ico.
Two citizens of Scrantou, Ta,, who
reached Washington last night in an
almost famished condition and suffering
intensely from exposure, aro tho com*
plainantH. Their nnnu-s aro John ,T.
Peyton and William Grifllt..
A fow montliR ngo thoy wero Induced
to Icavo tholr homes in Pennsylvania
hy a promise that thoy 6hould make
from ?5 to 83 a day In tho Whlto Oak-
coal minus, of which Samuol Dickson is
manager, at Scarborough, W. Va.
Upon going to work in the mines thoy
found they could mnko but 82 11 day,
the wage scale beliij*. only about one-
half of Hint In tho mine, ol Pennsylvania. This sum wna depleted through
tho fact that it was paid in scrip, and
the scrip wns discounted at thu stores
of tlio mining company at rates ranging
froi-n 20 to 80 por cunt.
Tho men iny that they wore obliged
to purchase everything thoy needed
from tlio company t>toroa nt exorbitant
pricoi, Tiioy wore soon in debt to
stores, and woro uimhlo to net out.
Thev and all thu other man employed
in tho Whlto Oak milieu, they asHort.
wore guarded by armed men, who pro*
vontod thorn from leaving. They woro
in a Hlatn of vlrtunl hlavcry, imy the
Finally tlu.y i*t»w j.n opioilunltyto
escape, nnd tbey walled all lho way to
WiiHhtiidtoii, tx dlhtauca oi 21)0 miles.
Tlio men lacked sufllciont cl tiling and
wero without food, except aubh ns thoy
could obtain by begginir,
Arriving in Washington tljuy went lo
boo T. V. I'owderly, cuiiiiiai>»iu*iti:i u<\
immtgriviiini, uiiJ »«/!.i l.Un liu'lr *H*jy
Mr. l'owderly Ims arrange^ Ibat tlio»
men nholl go btlstti A^l*taiil Attorney. 1
(lojioriil IlUBHCll tomorrow.   ' J
Mr. Uufii-'ll Imn chnrgii of ail peonngel
, Tho general increase in tho price of
effect of turning public attention to the
timber supply in general. To-many,
the increase in prices is sufficiently explained by saying that there is a combine among lumber producers and
manufacturers. But, independent of
the possible existence of any combine,
a deeper cause underlies tho increase in
prices, tvncl tho cause lies in this, that
timber is becoming harder and harder
for tho manufacturer to net. Greater
and greater economy and use of materials formerly considered as waeto is
being introduced into the manufacture
of wood, but in spite, of it nil tho prico
of lo;-s is going up, owing to higher
wnses tlmt have to bo paid, greater
distances the logs have to bo brought
and many othor reasons.
Not in America alnno is the searclty
of timber being felt; it lias become a
world-wide question. Only Biiven countries in tho world are now in a jiosition
to export timber. In Europe tliere nro
live, namely, Austro-IIungnry, Norway,
Sweden, Finland and Ituasia; In America there nro two, namely, Canada and
the United States. ButliusBla, AuBtro*
Hungary and tho United Statos nro increasing their population and developing their industries so fast Hint they
cannot long continuo to bo exporting
countries. Tho timber of Norway is
threatened with excessive cutting. Gor*
ninny, whoro tho practice of forestry
has boon brought to the greatest perfection, hns never beon nblo to supply
home demands, nnd is a heavy importer.
Canada, Sweden and Finland nro loft,
nnd llieir supply is hopelessly dolkltmt
for tho world. - If Canada -wcro to
attempt to supply tho United St a ten
alone, its entire timbor nrea would bo
cut off nnd denuded in tho course of a
▼ ory few years^-probnbly lets than &
Various estimates ol Canada's forest
land lmve boon given, Eight hundred
million ncros was a (aw yonrs ngo
accepted ai pretty near tlio truth; but,,
considering the damage caused by (iro
and othor d.Btructive agencies, it in
doubtful if tho oxlmin-j- forests cover
half tlmt area. To keep IhU area lu
Its iiuiKt productive (itntc, thus enabling
it lo meet thu dumand us far as possible
and to product) thu largest revenue, is
tho problem set those iu cuutrul or
theso nroni*, and the protection of tho
forests agniiii-t tire and otlior ilnugcrA
(il....! iiiiiii* iirni.i-r mnnniri'ini.tit under
forw-try tiif-thoili* Is the only way fu
Phillip Carosella
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes
Gent's Furnishings
WINE   GO.,  Lid.
Wholesale Dealers and, Direct
Importers of
Solo .Agents in East Kootenay for
NOTICE is hereby given that 30 .
days after date I intend to apply*
to  the Hon.    Chief ,Commissioner*
of Lands and Works for a license
to prospect for coal and petroleum ' ■
on the following,   lands,    situate
in the district of Southeast Kootenay,    British •• Columbia,    Block
1.—Commencing at a post planted 1 mile east of the 23 mil*
post of the present C.P.R. -survey,
on west Boundary line of Block
4593, and being the S.E. comer
post of•-;. the Samuel M. Moore
claim, thence running north 80
chains, thence west 80 chsras*,
thence south 80 chains, .taenco
east 80 chains, to a point of icmi-
mencement, making H4Q acres,
more or less.
Located  this  12th day  of  November,  1907.
SAMUEL M. MOONS, Co«.**-,or
A. W. BELDEN, Asr»\it. .
Witness: G.  C. H.  Cola 1 (.a.'
2.—Commencing at a post J/anted 1 mile east of the 23rd.
mile. post of the present C.
P. R. 'survey on west boundary
line of Block 4593, ai-d- being 'the *
N.E. corner post ot .-esse F, Pil-
verman's claim, thenco' running
west 80 chains, tbence south -80
chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, to a point
of commencement, making 6-10'
acres j more or liSs.
Located   thi.  '.S'.b Any oi antov- -
ember, 1907. -
A. W. BEL013N, Agent.-
Witness:  G.  0.   Ll".  C-'.leman.
3.—Communing at a ]?ost plan-
refl -1 mile -' east ,. of the 23rd
mile post of the * present C.
P. R. survey ou v es;* boundevy
cf Block 45')3, and being the S.
W. corner post of the Jni. Rob-
ertsou claim, thence lunning noi-tu.
80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence south SO. chains, jhenre
west 80 chains to a point of
commencement, making 040 acres
more or, less. - " .
Located this   l.'-^h .-lav   of November, 1907.
'   JNO. -ROBERTSON,   locator.
A. W. BELDEN, Agent.
Witness:  G. C. H. Coleman.
4.—Commencing at a post planted 1 mile east of the 23rd mile
fpost *     of the'      present      C.
P. R. survey on »'est bnrndory
line of Blocn 4593, and being the
N.W. comer post of the William
Q Pear"son_ claim,' thence .running
eas*T"8"0^chains7"thence south Sp~
chains, thence west. 80 chains,
thence north 30 chairs, to a P°-tot
of commencement, making 640
acres more "*or less.
Located   this 12th day of November, 1907.
A,  W. BELDEN,  Agent.
Witness; G. C. H.,Coleman.   ,
5.—Commencing at a post planted at or near at a point one mile
east of 25 mile post of prosent C.
P. R. survey, adjoining Block
4593 on the west, and being the
southwest corner post of Alex, S.
Farquharson's claim; thence north
80 chains; thence west 80 chains;
thence south 80 chains; thence
east 80 chains to a point of commencement, making 640 ' acres
more or less.
Located this 13tb day of Nov-
ember, 1907.
W. E. COATES, Agent.
Witness: G, C, H. Coleman.
The Dominion Meat Co.
Fresh   and   Salt Meats of all   kinds   in  stock
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in season
Dairy Butter and Ranch Eggs
Phone 4
Victoria Ave
whicli tins can bu elfi-cteil.
erfi .louinnl,
Lame shoulder ig usually cauuod
mkm, mxl .inH proinii+rt, 11 Uhviimi u ,',, ljy rhMimatasin 01 this ut-a»t_t_ **uu ,
n prolinlilo 8lory,tobei-|iilnviBtinntlrii)fl|qulokly    yields to a few appliea-;
in Wot Vii'Kluift at once—Mine Work-1 tions of Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
' Mrs. F. H. McElwoe, of Boiston,
New Brunswick, writes: '•Having
been troubled tor some timo with
t*        1        ni        1 .   11.._♦«,._ «o   a pain i»* wy left shoulder, I de-
Si'VPrJil urpnUlfit. n-lii. ,llsAMen*r>c..c{^d tn    Jr»chamberlain'.   Pain
cmriiitfin quick -.ul-1'i-.-.Ioii hi vwrlous, B(llm tt tr{ai, wn\x the result that
■i.ut'. i.f th.- f'.-tntiy ini ijiMily 1 .■■■*■■ j ^0t prompt relief."  For sale by
'y ih..' "it jrc*!»|i--t.-.ut lli'.Kli, (mu j lives recently,   i'-j-oji.-.i1 i-yMcin, iiirpcc-' all diu_;_;iBts.
'.-..' liv':.v^ril lu J*..*'', tioot* nml i tion snd veiitilatloii would lisvc snveil -.	
«-<1h<i'<1  Minard** Liniment cures Dipht-faer-
cir*"! il.'." I'ii* It" ■l.i.',.'.*r.   Atiolii
;.\ c.»:iii-.>t 11 bom Hi.' "i"1' Ji"'-* 1
Jr. f'-'f-tl  IV.'il |-.!.'*i.'l!il*,' IHilili'lll.'-.l. I
I*i4>l   :i*'.i;.i-i  '-.'•>   »ll."V   »»i   '•
T*%s%**4'    lili'&w*n\W attire*!
1      tiwCttr 1 1  IVI   %/ILmtmXmWiim.m. SsrmmJ
LWAYS a choice supply of Beef,
Perl; Mutter)*, Vcnl nnd :ll,amh on
hand. Hams, Bacon, Lard, Butter and Iiggs.
Fresh, Smoked nnd Sailed i'ish; always a
„:jicr li 11'nrJ »H» »» op*-'" nnilirella | ,hf*.e llv*» but inipM btxv*
l r.'xxtfo'x forward.
j^ood assortment.   Try
Saurkratit aud Oysters.
Meat, *_~*. ^.. i ^igc-Hfirn-i***'-'*'■'-■'•' -*"■-- *fc* ^aj& <_i
PBRNH- LB»&BR, AFERN-E, ,E.   t-
fUll Iff
In the fortcoming Elections in
the 'United ■ Kates-
~ resiliency
■ •'.*.
Only one published song out. ef ninety-five nchieves popularity.
The Appicn Wsy.
The great military' thoroughfare of
tho- Roman -world knov. u aa the Ap-
liiun way, reaching from Home to
.'.rundi'-lum, was but ti.te.n foot wide,
ye. sevouty "years clopsetl between its
.?:ni!ie!iceaioiii;nucl its completion.
'* I'i .in | vcseiit imlientiiuis lliere will
e i";!le, a nun*, hor of candidate** for the
•iri's-ii'li-nlin! nomination ou the socialist
tk-ki.'t.aEliieiHl-J of a number of pios*
peetive candidates lmve already started
booms,'' states II. W. Mnngola, n prominent member of tlio Spokane local of
the party, when seen,
'•'Euffono V.Debbs. candidate oj the
party four years ago, is mentioned as a
possible candidate nest November. J.
rhelpe Stokes, the millionaire New
York philanthropist, who has taken a
great' interest in the movement, will
probably receive the support of a great
many of the party leaders and is expected to make n strong- showing in the
race. Oaylord Wilshirc, editor of Wil-
shire's Magazine, and W. I). Haywood,
secretary oi the Western Federation of-
Miners, are also being: mentioned for
the place.   -
"The party in thia state and county
will put a full ticket in the field, in spite
of the fact that we are ^heavily handicapped by the direct primary law. A
' nomination on the socialist ticket at tho
present time ie generally a matter oi
honor and tl.o'filiiij. fee is absolutely
- "The'socialists in this city will begin
street meetings as soon as the weather
; permits, this work being carried on,to
supplement   the   regular   propaganda
".work carried on'at tlio weekly meetings.
The  street   meetings  will be-started
,within .a  very short  time,   probably
withiiitlie next two weeks.—Spokane
Chronicle,'   .
The Cal*-.".. ar. ..
In 1370 -Aloyslus Lllliig',"a it'.iyAt.Ai.n
o'.' Vcroini, sugja-sted a plan for a.111. isd-
Ing tiio ,lulian calendar. The . ujS^e?*
•ii:;:i wiiii actpil on by Pope (!■■',*:;; -;*y
XI!!.. who,In I.'R'.' issued a bri.!' ali.ii-
i.-hiug thu Julian calendar ur .old style
.'.ud iali.Kli.ein.',' the C! rector Is ii er n.*>w
*. lyle ii'.le-.iilar, which Ih to;!::;.- u.'cd
ili'/ouptlwut C.'lii'istenilont, with the except loii of Russia.     ,o
Ncv.'fsunc'i.-.nd Reindeer.
' The cnrllion or reindeer of Newfound-
land ronin over un area of sonic "5,000
miles of unbroken wilderness. They
are ninguiC.eiit creatures, some of the
larger stags weighing from C00 to 000
" London Parlor Maids.
In London the preferred dress for a
parlor inald is a cap with long streamers, a large, apron, embroidery cuffs
and turndown collars." The streamers
on the cap are only a matter of taste,
but most peoplo prefer them. •
In mediaeval times chimneys were
only norm it ted to the' nobility and the
church-one to each priory and one to
each castle or hall. The poor's chimney wns the door or window.
St, Anne.
According to French tradition, St
Anne, llio mother of the Virgin Mary,
hi said (o have been a knitter of gloves.
She Is therefore the patron saint of
tho craft, and lior fete day is celebrated by., nil • glovemakers.
New York', Dee. 29.—One week from
tomorrow Harry K, Thaw will-be called
a second time before a" jury* to make his
defence to the charge of having mur-
dered-Stauford White. It is said tliat
there will be no further delay. Thaw
and his attorneys are actively preparing
a trial while in the district attorney's
ollice it has been ready for presentation
for Efime tim..
Thaw is^'looking forward anxiously
to the beginning of his new (i-iht. , He
feels that all cluuice of further delay is
passed, and, will enter Uic court room
with thc same confidence* of acquittal
which has marked his attitude from the
first. The work of securing a jury wil!
bo more or less laborious and will oc-.
cupy two or three weeks, lc has been
definitely decided that the.-jury will be
locked up throughout the trial. ',
When you have a bad cough, or
cold do hot let it drag along until it, becomes chronic bronchitis
or develops into an attack of
pneumonia, but give it the attention it deserves and get rid of -it.
Take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and you are sure of prompt
relief. From a small beginning,
the sale and* use of this preparation has extended to all parts of
the "United States and to many
foreign countries. Its many remarkable cures of coughs and
colds have won for it this -wide
reputation and extensive use. Sold
by all Druggists.
■   Accord ing   to  tho  best   authorities,
there hns never been a race of men
that wns ignorant of the use of fire.
Queer Rowing.
The l-j-nor-iiice of many novelists In
regard to sport is lamentable. A lady
author suys -in describing a boat: race,
"All rowed -fast, but none uo fast aa
strol-o!':, -
Tako. Notice
We  publish  simple.  Ptraiglit
moniiils, not press agt*nts:
from well known ponpli).
From all over America they testify to
the nifirits of MINAHP'S WN1MENT
the best of Household Remedies.
.0C0 sou:*.
r.. t ,. wi inj
Peter's In Rome.
Koine, has n i'oor area of
.e I'eet, the gvuatest of any
Washington, Doe. 1.0.—A heavy earthquake was recorded on the instruments
oi the coast and goodetic survey obucrv-
\ utory fttClioItonhnin, Md., this morning.
]t conunuiJced at a fow minutes past
midnight and lasted for ovor un hour.
The maximum displaced was 61 millimeters;
The wi'iither beremi today issued tho
following bulletin:
"A distant e'arthquuke of considerable
I intensity was recorded hy the selsino*
|l Bi'iiph iit tlio weather hovonu thi** Morning, coinmijiiclngat U.2I-. ii.in. and lasting for over ono hour.    Thn first preliminary  treinovn* continued  for four
minute-mud flfty'llvo ti.-comlf*, nud tho
strongest motion occurred nt l'l-l"* .un.(
nt which timo tho actual movement on
tho ground at Washington wiih about
five mllllinuter..1'
catlieili'.il in the world,
Do Ton Opeii Your Mouth
Like a young bird and gulp down whatever food or medicine may be offered you'r
Or, do you want to know something of the
composition and character of that which
you take into yonr stomach whether as
food er medicine'?
. -Most intelligent and sensible people
now-a-days insist on knowing what they
employ vhcther as food pr as medicine.
Dr. Pierce believes they have a perfect
ri_,ht- to insist upon' such knowledge. So he
publishes*-l*ca.adc.:st and on each bottlc-
■ wrapper, v.'liatJiiS***n«4icincs are made of
an*n'>:|fie.\ij^^>:-vUJ> TMs^^tV^ls'
lie can wHUnlford todo bpr;mspThc~iiif.re.
tTi»^TnfircrtLor'tg| of which \us medicine-"
aremaile are studied .-ind understood tifi.
inoriTwiH''tlieiFTiTpci-ror cJiraTive virtues
he 'liir!£Ci_LiiI_i?^
Tor thc cure"c- >voman's*pecullar wcak-
nossos, frrogiilarilieu and derangement1:,
giving rise to Irrnu .nt, headaches, b.iel<>
ache, d ragging-down pain or distress in
lower abdominal or pelvic region, accompanied, ofttlincs, with a debilitating,
pelvic, catarrhal drain and kindred symptoms of weakness, Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Proscription is a most eflicient remedy,
it Is equally oil'ectlvo ln curing painful
periods, in giving strength to nursing
mothers and in preparing tho.system oi
tho. expectant mother for baby's coming,
thus rendering childbirth safe and comparatively pafnless." The '"Favorite Prescription!' is a most potent, strengthening
tonic totthe general system and to tlio
organs distinctly feminine in particular.
It Is als( a soothing* and invigorating
nervine »nd cures nervous exhaustion,
nervous prostration, neuralgia, hysteria,
spasms, chorea or, St. -Vitus's dance, and
other diftrcssing nervous symptoms attendant -tpoa.functional apd organic diseases of Oic distinctly feminine organs.
A hostlof medical authorities of all tho
several schools of practice, recommend
each of the several ingredients of which
."■Favorite Prescription" is mado for the
"cure of tbo diseases for which it is claimed
to bo a euro. You may read what they
say for yourself by sending a postal card
request for a free booklet of extracts
from the leiding authorities, to Dr. R. V.
Pierce, Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y., and it willcome to
vou by return post.
PHONE   NO.  52
HOUSE   NO.   174
The   weary   traveller in search ot a   pood
, '    .        home, plenty to eat and something good to
-    '' drink should go to ,
* \
',i i ' -"
The King Edward Hotel
J. L.  Gates,   Proprietor ■;
Corner Hanson St. ___*_-.**.__.    R    C
& Victoria Ave. reFlHe.   D.  -W.
Tho Mushroom.
The mushroom's life is measured by
lionni, hut it nourishes long enough
for mi Insect lo hang its egg on ihe
edge of the "umbrella" and for the
egg to'become an insect ready lo colonize tlio next "silver button" that
pnslKM up. ■'
Load Production.
Spain leads lho way in tho production of lead. Germany conies next.
Novor put canaries in u painted cage
or tlioy will pick the wires und imbibe
poison, When a canary droops and
'{oouib 111 or shows signs of asthma by
a whewlng sound feed hlra for n week
on boiled bread und mills and mix flax-
seed with his bird seed.
Burmese Amb'or.
nuniieso nnibor Is • rich in color, la
hard nml takes on a beautiful pollsli. ,
-o -    ■-
Liquid Modsurec.
A hunt sixty drops of any thin liquid
will llll a common ulzeil teai-poon; four
lali!('n|iooni'.,'oi' onc-luill' gill, wlll llll A
v,'l'.ii.'i;ln,*:s; I'o'.ii' wliieglass-e-s will llll n
half |ilnt uiouMiro. u common tumbler
or a i.'ii'ge coffee cup.
Double Concave for
Extra Heavy Beards
3.00 i^msC^^m
i NO-
NO  °    ,
1->' '-•'-*-■—.-_r ■
KO   ^*
limn i
Advice of Noted Authority, Also
Gives a Simple Home
Now is the time when the doctor K«tn busy, and the patent
|t "medicine manufacturers reap thc
hnrvest, unleim great caro is taken
to tUi'Ru warmly and Ucep tho feot
chy. This, ia the advice cf an old ;
eminent authority, who buys that
rheumatism ana kidney troublo
woathor ir. here, and nlso tolls \
whnt .o do in cane oi an attaclt,
Out from any'(rood prenedptlon
phr.nnaey     one-half  ounco   .Fluid
■—* j       t*.       i  t* r,.,.,       r*w"n
CiM'-iTiiund TCnrpion, three ouucob
Compound Hyrup Sar»aparllla.
Mix by uhaUlng in a bottle and
iabe a tfacpoonful after mcml**-
nnd at bedtime.
Just try thin simple home made
,..*vHir(» it ♦*hi> fireJ- «;l^n of rVifii-
juatism, or if your back aches or
you feel that the kidneys are not
acting Just right. This is said to
be a splendid kidney regulator
and almost certain remedy for all
forms of rheumatism, which is
caused hy uric acid in the blood,
which the kidney:* fail to lUtt. out,
Any one can easily prepare this
ut home and at small eo.it.
Drugxisls in this town and vicinity when shown the prescription,
fitated that they can either supplv
these ingredients, or if our read-
rre prefer, they will compound the
rniiture for tctm.
Tlio Chut Ins.
OllO Of UlO UIOHt IlltUI'KBlItlg Boelellofl
of Now York cily Ih cnlloil tho Shut
Iim, nml It lin** n iiKiinbershlp of ovor
2,000, Shut Ins nre the bedridden, tho
chronic invalid--, most of whom Imvo
in iiildltloii to their otlior burdens thut
of poverty,
Bs'nk'Netes. '    -'   ''""
■   Tlio oldest Imnl'. nntes In tho world
nro thofio IhhuciI In China 2007 n. C.
Klllod hy Sureece,
A liiill nt n cuitli' i*li"\v.lii Italy won
the \\t\'M for *\"v iuul well liolns, no
Ills jiroud owiu'i" iiuiiln ii iwreiith of
liiui'iil Ion ves nnd put If round llio rlc*
tor'', ill-el:. Well; the vlftoi' lite liln
wrmilli and died.
fill op pit*. In' Bwc-'cn.
Ymi iM'n i*Mi4.*ii"t i'i  iii1*-!' your hit
CARBO MAGNETIC RAZORS have revolutionized mot m8_t.nsf-lticy ars TEMPERED BV CiLECTRICiTV, -wticliis
OUR OWN EXCLUSIVE SECRET PROCESS--*.!™ siesl uss-J in, llw'uf ra:.nofactare Js of the {laeat English and
Sw^tich make. This wonderful discovery is the lau'.t d yejirs d c^ci'timCtA aad ctudy, and at last there has fccen
produced a t&sot that will shave any beard, NO MATTER HCvi TC UGM.-
ELECTRIC TEMPERING adds CARBON to ths sImIj v/h«rc;.«j l*:.'.-.::v:r!i>'? hy Sre, (the only other method known for
centwies) DESTROYS the CARBON which is the life oF si_..l, AL c'.Iw: r:af.;-i cf rwors must,fee HONED AND GROUND
often, as their blades will NOT hold an cdjye any length or tim., CA..SC- IViAG^e.Ti'J, RAZORS do not require HONING
or GRINDING during; % lifetime in private fcsc-j they avc ell teaaperjt. ?.!ifc*j every pact of their blades being: subjected to
METHOD, the most expensive grinding* known*
VOUR DEALER will deliver to you one of these CARBO MAGNETIC RAZORS on 30 days' trial, without
obligation on your .part to purchase—take advantage of this opportunity. Break away from the barber habit 1 You will save
$50.00 annually*
. Call on our «epresentAtlv«i tn your town, and request a copy of "Hints On Shaving;"—This booklet illustrates the
ottteet rator position for shaving every part of tbe face (ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN FROM LIFE)—it alto tells
you HOW TO STROP A RAZOR PROPERLY} should oul dealer be out of them, drop at a card, and we will send you
one lby return mall
Firm of A. L. SILBERSTEIN, Ilakers, or f  "L      _. f. . _ _ , ^
i J.  D.  QUAILS
459-4(51 Broadway. N. Y.
Nnv Yni'li,
Antlionv Cnin-
I'l Ili.l OV.TilT
:,mi S'l lu i * •■
il h*\\'i
'  -:i |*-
'Ilh' I'll.)
I'llllll,  'llll'
1)1  II  ,,1 . '
!    ill.ll
Ilr. I I-i ii--
''i;h i-lm|i v.-lii'iii t-tui'U, Hi'i'i-iitiiry iif the New YiiilrKmio y
HIJ.|H(*.*•■ imi nf  Vli-i',   v. ill   l.i-  n
f. r 'hi- ii 'i'i.i.ii> v,-|ii*n Jl.ui'.v K,
ii. .'.in iil.-u'fd I'-ii ni.i! fi-r lv.illii](*
Wliilc, i,i"a  M'lj-iliiy,    '111'*'
,* i-.i ;i M'-*:
ii'u ihr.'..
.;,"! Willi |.
. .ui
fur :lii'
Witl'l* *
*l i-i-V* l>
i.'„-. U*.*.i
<i -.ti.liiy ii|."ii
■ ih.
No Darker.
T.Mi.y   riii'tciiKi'V
(trt    llOI'll
, in Hilirioctwi nn .Mr. (f.iiii.idi K*. Itv
li'iiliil'i'^i-linul v.-ltli n nnii. i,!:iv. Tlw I ln-wi**' "I* li.'ll«'i'n Ji'«nii Tiiuw lo .Mr,
llilnl, "|iii,,'-ii,iil<n,.v livi .Iuin." iiu.-li'.ilL'.i 11 (Mi^iiiil. i-miiiMil Iio-jicji to hiiowiliiu
I wiil wurk uii'.l iiiiiii/ |irhl!f*'i'.i, j llu yiiuii;*iiiiiinvni'iiii'iit;illyitiilialiiiii'i'il
liii.-t j-ri"!' tu tlift i*}--'-.tin;r. if wm
lirnti-jlit nut In Tlwuv'n flint trial t'l.it
lj.inru lm filint Wliitn In' i.'intli* ipvitiiI
H'|.].,..m   ill    .it^t   ^I,'iiI'i'iA)I lv    III   U'lrl*   IUV-
ffiinnti*' Htinllo of Stnnfoiil Wliitd il'i*
Hirrllu"! liy Kvolyii TIiimv In liop ti'xii*
UKiuy. It in mlil Hint n iiitinlier of rom*
imiiili-atiDiiR |ins-*i'i! let wi'i'.u'I'liinv* nnii
Mr. L'oiii6tuck, l.ut ilmt Mr Cointitocl.
wna fniiilllnr icllli i-firii** nf tlie cvcnfH
liu.iii'iliiituly iinvi'iiiii^ llm tnt-jcily, 'in<l
lli.'it lie l.ni".v 'riinw'd ini'iiinl fviiiilltlnii
»t llm titi'i- win ijiili/i];iiiceil. Tlmw''.s
(■(iuiimI will nlto'iy to -iruvii tliat Mr.
CouiKU.ik \wih tlie. lir-t man uitii wiiorn
Tlmw Riti'inptt-il io -.ciniuiiiiiiati! afur
t'lf ll.W'tillL'.
,    I.  ».	
wonllier (Iimi Mil**, Mi*. Siillorv Ihn'h
H.-itiil-Talii* a v.unl fc*«ni an <iltl iialt,
muni, Tlio V'cnilicr'H novor very l«(]
wlillo tliei,.,H nny r«*mnlos* on tlo.-li
ii-iniiklni,' liliit|iil[-ii'ii iilioiil It.—LonUon
Tlio Cost nt Newport.
Tlio meat till I nf n \v«*n!'liy NVM-porl
■■iiiiiiiior ciildiil'H nvi'i'iiKo*. iii'iitly 61.*
XK.tO fl montli, hnd litm l-con k:n\vii to
cxci.il .<2,(KV», Tlie expel)*** ot enter-
tfllniiiiTit mny rcnrli ?r«0,fKK. n roason.
Tlio (ntcirr-M bill nlway* rum Into tlio
tltouundi.-T'roailwaj- VIsrarlBe.
Wliiiilpn/, Ute, 111.—An Infoniialion
wiim hwnrn mu Unlay Iji'fon. MnjflHli'iito
McMii'hrn .*i;;;ihi-t lii)up»'(« M. Smiiiicli,
iniiiiiSiT uf tli<j Nuitlnvi'itci'ii .Supply
liiiii-i', Winnljl -.'.*. 'lii" iiif.ii'innilnii
-.iiiti**, liuu Siiiiuiis Iiiih iip|iropi'liili'il lo
h'.>i uwii n.-<> iln"um i f ..'Ji.i::, lii'ln*;- mi
iiitiiiiitit ri'i'civi^ by him from Ciiui, I',
idiny, oi Mtitiir, Nu*),., inr ((ihjiIh irom
till'  ."ii'l lull l.if.MI  .'- tll'l'.,*.   iillllM".      'illit,
I'UIIL'IM'II llitS hll-ll llulll-,-- H 11 iiiii oi'ilo*
Im'.kIui'^ in tin (Uy for tlio prt*( Kix
iiiuiitli-i, mul ri'Jt'iitly tin.' pul Ico Iuul ru-
coivcil niimy comiiliiiiilH, luil tlirnti-^li
Um Iiul "ilirtl   no o'.'-l-i I'lillul In*. M-vn»«i>
wliowoiilil wwi'iir nut n wnrrnnt, Ihi'y-
Imvo bi.'on unnlilu tn iln nnytlilnar In tliu
mutter. It in mi l'l tlmt .S.uiiucU' victlnm
dio nuinrrniiH nml dovolopiiieiits of n
w-nt-iitloi.n.11'lmiiic'ter tins Hiiro to liiku
Kntnly   tli**   Nortliwe.tern   Supply
IIou ii Cn , I/'l, 'mi clmn*,cil It.** tiniiji:,
nnd, nccdi-iliii',-' t'i ft fiic'ilar, it In now
known rn* tlm Hrltlnh Am. rlonn Mnnu*
fncliirlnjr ('»*. I**" Hannntynfl nvmmn
oAKt, Ainl tlmt tlm new compnny will
(.(■Mjr.it all tbe, linliiUt^.. of tlir .M firm,
A clu-qur- Rontout iih n rofund forunoil--
not fnrwiji'doil wiih todny prcunntcd nt
tlm banl; nnd liirnoil down, lliurn inn
Iminc Hiillii'loiit fluid-,
Tim iilloriioy uuiici-al'H ilcpnrtiiiiint,
tlm pnlii'ii niul nowspiipor nllii'CK luivo
Iuul ninny ("iiiplnliit-i ii.*. In the wny llil»
iiiiiii did bimliii'iH, but ti|> lill today no
action tn protect tlm puopln was luki-ii
I." (I  n  i-l' ■.>.*.,      d'll,- ,....!.   II... I.. ,.■  r 111-.. ,-i.
woro fullv hwiii'i' nf i'nm|i!fthi(i Iwlii"
1UJYM HKf.r* TI.U.I'!ir>NI. CO.
VI".  . I.   .   .      1    ,        I        1. ...   ' lit*
"  .W...|"   p.,     .,..,..      ..        S  l'   .....  .       k.  '    .....
at tlm close nf tlm cabinet nio'iln^*
Sattu'dny, utiitcd tlmt tlm Manitoba
goviirmnout lind pjU'clmHi'dtliobiiilnen
nnd plant of tlm Hull Tclcplionn Company in Mnnlrolm n( a purclin-iu prlco of
ffl,:nx>,000„ nnd Imd purclm-a-d Niippllei
By virtue of v/mranti; of exotu-
lion if-suntl out of tht County
Court of llriiish Columbia, hold-
on nt l-'ornlc, U, C, at tho wiitu
of Roh'. Brollnt-H mul Ucnn Bnth-
or«. PlninUlTs,    nud S. A. Slwad,
i.ml   U.i. ,lu-..til   UUiiiuvl   COI'ipUUy
rc-ctod ftpninfit tlio (joodn nnd
clintt.lH* of thn nbovo nniiied do-
fendftnts, S. A. Sktftd, and the
ITosmer Lumber Company, Limited   I have fiMzed  and tnknn into-
nrr.c..ll».    .11   *!,..   «I»V4     Hit*   ,.. .1
■•**•■   -     -Jo---i   -•  •-   «..--
intvreHtn of tho Bald defendants
lumber nt Hosmer, B. C, to recover the Bum of 3501.53, bo
dides sheriff-*' poundage, officers
fees nnd all other legal incidental
oxpenROfl; all of which I shall ox-
pose for sale, or sufficient thereof
', to   Ki.tlbfy  nald
nnd cqjjIpinnntlnniMiilon totliomiioiii.ilvo  ™»»>*y »<"««_ iudgniont, dent,
ofl.00.0fc.   IMyiimntwil, b, mnde |»! ^^S^S*of jS^
A. D. 1008, ut the hour of eleven
o'clock in the forenoon,
forty four year four jut vent, ■rloljenturt*!*
nt par value " u
Tlm Ikdl Company wilt now proco.il
to ni'KOtlatc thn Halo of their iynem iu
Alborta and Ss.Vatchewao.
Bated    at Hosmer, B.  C, this
31st day of December, 1007.
Sheriff's Deputy. LNTJAB.Y 4th,* 1908. .''
Interests of P. Burns &
in -cue
fo unfurnish-
letter to A,
ice   assortment
■apply to...P.'
Hcperienced     lady
.er       and     bookkeeper
j-ood position.—Apply    to
,_r Ofiice.
'Competant bookkeeper open for
engagements,    keeping  merchants
and other books, post and render
monthly accounts.   Apply by lett- j
er to X, Fernie Ledger.    ,'
Wanted.—-One second hand saw
mill in Rood condition, capacity 10,-
000 12.000 feet per day, with planer
and sri'oover. Address Crown Conl
& Coke Co., U'ow's Nost, B.C.
FARRAU.—Wfinied inionnation of
Robert Faivar, Lust known address
Stirling, Alberta, Canada.— Inquirer
• his sister, .1. II. Schofield,. 153; Nor-
den l'oad, Rarnford, Rochdale, Lan-
casiii-e, England, who is very anxious to hear irom him.  .   ,-        *
Advertiser   with   small   capital,
desires    responsible    position   in
ofiice,   real  estate  preferred,' with
view   to   partnership  later   on.   4
years    experience    assisting management of large mercantile ' firm
abroad.    Familiar*with  life,   fire,
.  accident insurance.    Slight   exper- j
dence  in   timber cruising.'  Prefer-
ence,  billet  combining . office  and
field work;   References exchanged. [
Apply   "Cranbrook-*   care   of the")
Manager, .Fernie Ledger.
Send for  our  descriptive, catal-
„ ogue   of    Nursery' stock.   Address
The    Eiverside     Nurseries,  Grand
Forks. *        ■       ,*       ' .   J- *•
Wanted—A small shack to rent,
or will buy:    Preferred unfurnished.   Apply to Ledger.
-■• nii-lLed room', f-ir ii-e or, two
gentlemen, ' centrally located. Apply at this office. "
'    We are prepared,to furnish No.
1 Crow's Nest. Lake ice.   For particulars,      address      Good   Bros.
Crowds Nest, B. C;
i-.        i.—*-—-o ,
Dan Black is .   back again in
town and is holding down a job
as> switchman in the C. P. E.
yard.         .        ,. A
W. T. White, lately'in charge of
the dining room of the Hosmer
hotel, is making Fernie his home
for- the present.
J. Austin,' C P. E. agent at
Elko and bride of Winnipeg, passed through Fernie this week on
their way home,
', A. C, Liphardt has a very fine
selection of loose diamonds which
ho,can mount in his  owh'v/orlt-
. shop.   Kis prices are right.
"' The Fernie* Cartage Co., have removed their omcefj to tlie offices
in tho Waldorf hotel just vacated
by the G., N. -ticket office.'
Jack Blangor, popularly known
around town, is lying at the Fernie hospital' suffering with a dan-'
, gerous attack of pneumonia.
Messrs. Thompson and Rogers,
of Hosmer * and their families
drove in from Hosmer last nis-lit
to attend tho "Bonnie Briiir
On Sunday morning at 11 a.m.
there will be a covenant servace
held in tho Methodist church. Now,
Year's service in tho ovoning at
7.30 p.m.
See Liphardt about that watch
he has them at any price $l-.00,
$2.50, $2.75, $5.00 $6.50 and up.
Frank suffered a.eeond defeat in the
last league hotkey series in the firet
Same played on Uie home ice, Blairmore
.winning, by a score of 4 to 1.
We understand, that Mr. Stevens
manager of the Opera house is
making arrangemenss to have "the
boxing bout of Nelson and Gans
reproduced in the near future.
Geo. Doyle, bookkeeper for the
Calgary Cattle Co., is laid' up
at the Waldorf hotel suffering
from a severe attack of la grippe.
His many friends here hope for
his speedy recovery..
Two hundred thousand dollars
in gold and silver, just, hot from
the new Canadian mint arrived in"
"Sernie this week to be distributed-
to the various banks. A report
says the banks are to pass out
some of the $5.00 gold piecjs as
HfSen's Gloihintg nearing  an
On Monday next, the 6th inst, our Sale of Men's
Hand Tailored Clothing will come to an end. If you
have not taken advantage of this money saving
opportunity do so -without, further'-loss cf time..
An unbroken range * of Campbell & ■ Faultless
Clothing awaiting your selection at prices that
mean  a big saving to you.
i <8> ' . ..'■_"&
''.Saturday -Specials    1
* *  ■       , ■ .   <^
> Ol*ail8ge5r Regular*, price 4oe>   Saturday   3©<5- J
> Ginger* Snaps, 3.1bs'.*.,.  25© i
Pay Cash
W- J.    BLU-.DELL        Prompt Delivery
<^<4^$^^><$>^*^>^ ^*$^><^*^M^><$>^><^
£?©st and Profit lost Sight of
Yeu get the benefit
Branch nests of the Order of
Owls were instituted at Frank on
. Saturday last, and at Coleman on
Monday night, with a total 'charter membership of • 322. Some
members from Fernie went down
and helped put on the' work and
report one of j the best times of
their life. '   -
.Following is the report for the
month of December of the business transacted at the port of
Fernie. Free . Goods . $23,40.0,
Dutible $74,511, Duty Collected
$18,187.47. This is a splendid
record and is ever on the'increase
This we believe is the record for
this port,
The Crow's Nest Trading Co,
Xt^^/V^rty^Mmrts/l****, *^<^r^^^/M_*-*A*^<>^*^^^-%^^%^^
-The stoj-e of,good .quality.
Auditor, Accountant, General Affent
Lifo, Accident nnd Employer's Liability Insurance
Books opened,   closed,   audited, and accounts kept in the
most up-to-date manner. ',."<•
At an executive meeting,- of the
Fernie Hockey Club Monday "evening the, local secretary was- instructed to write the district president requesting that.all Fernie*
games be postponed . till the 1st
of ,February, cowihg to the fact
that Femie's. new rink'will not be
ready until,about that time. The
request will doubtless be granted.
At the same meeting the local colors were decided on, which will'be
black sweaters with red trimmings
a-    ,*     *   J
* • NEW  MAGfC
Programme for January 6th & 7th
Office,  Burns'  Block.
Fernie, B. O.
Pianist   -    Madame Norman
. Vocalist    --■'-■ Mr.  Sharratt     .    ...
Algerian's Revenge
Fatal Sneeze
Illustrated  Song,   "Moon-beams and
.   Dreams of You"
Cock   Fight
Nurses' Strike      .
Tinsmithing,   Plumbing,   Steam
Fitting   I
All Work Promptly Executed and
Satisfaction   Guaranteed.
Calendars, toilet -.of.**, dolls,
gtunes, in fact everything in our
window at cost, from the JJHth of
December till 1st of January. Soe
our ad. Palace Drug* Storo.
As announced laat week in tho
ledgor tho G. N, city ofllce has
been closed indeflnately, For a
while at leant, anyone having
business with the company will
have to go to the dopot on Thompson street.
On tho return of Mr, and Mrs,
Campbell from their honeymoon
a ball and trapper was tendered
this popular couple by their friend*
at the Waldorf hotel on Thursday
evening. The Strang's Orohestr*
supplied the musio,
Mrs. J, Woodhouso entertained
a number of the younger genet a*'
tion at her rosldenee on T'tMday
evening last, After indulgi-tig in
various gamee, a l*ght but d.'ij.ty
lunch wan served, A drhp-Hful
evening, so tbey nil say.
Anyone who in at all intereiitod
in the growth of Fernie, and ex-
pecially thoso who aro at all in*
terestod in sport, should at onco
nubscribo for somt -mares In the
now rink, It is something that
will wny you '.'.. ...«_»> *Att>ji uud
the proposition in n, pood <-.*.« i\n
far no monoy is concerned. Look
up any of tho committee and get
your name down for at least ton
Planniug Mysterious Surprises
in Mngic
The theatrical ECiifon brings to the
local opera house an engagement, of the
Great JIcEv.en and hispopjilni' oignni-.
jiAtion In .i programme of hypnotism,
ningic, njiud-i*eadiii£»' nnd vaudeville.
.Tlici'o is no entertainer before the pub*
iiu that is better known or giving better
Piillsfaclion to larger audiences than the
Great McEwen, -mid his appearance
hern will bu welcomed by those interest-
pd in tlie my.te'rious or seeking fun in
lbe mmif'ii!'*' hypnotic performance.
Mr. | McEwen hits spent the entire
.milmor,in (searching anions tbe now
idem, iii in**<;ic, and lias porfucled a
number of trick-' nud illusions thnt will
create n sensation wherever produced.
Tlu) new and startling illusion entitled
"Tho Magician's Dream" hns puzzled
the1 brightest minds in tho magical
world, wliilo the complicated trick
"Iluuhninesa," sugftested bv the llin*
doo8, is moat porploxlng.
Hypnotism,1 in all its branches, lias
been n life' study with tho Groat McEwen, nnd tho result ho obtains, using
a cla.H of loenl men, is wonderful,
There is no onto, tninmeut bo Interesting
to tho Bciontlflo minded and amusing to
tho plenmiro-lover as a well conducted
clues in hvpnoclBin* Tbo Groat McEwen'.
reputation woo mndo in this lino of
work and lho fact that this so(onco will
bo n fonturo of his porformnneo this
son-ton assures nil thoatrugoers of n
highly onjoyub'O evening whon this
clever otitortalner nguln visits us, Two
iiiffhts, starting Wednesday, January 8.
Telephone 1
Next King Edward Hotel
The Bonnie Drier Hush was pre*
sented at the Opera House last
night. Those who* have seen this
grand old play presented before
by Stoddard and other leading
aotors wero very well pleased with
the performance. There were ho
programmes, so we cannot oredit
any names as they deserved, but
taking the play-all through it is
one of the best things that has
been brought to our city, and Mr,
Walker deserves the recognition ot
all 'Ihoatro goer* for handling
ouch a clean, bright and ovonly
balanoed company as those who
presentod the Donnio Drier Buoh,
i        it
While unconscious his pockets
were rifled, as his watch and chain
as well' as various other articles
were -found to be missing. . The
attacking pair were evidently'
frightened away before completing
their work, however, as they passed ovor a sum of money in an'
other pocket.
Mr. Scranton has no idea of the
happenings" immediately after his
being- struck, In a dazed condition he must have wandered
through the streets, as when he
recovered his full senses, he was
near the Janctioh Inn, located in
the opposite direction from his
homo. Ho Anally reached his
house, still being somewhat dazed
and* suffering acutely from his
severe injuries.
Mr. Scranton used to live in Fernio, and was known by the name
of William Bowell, his step-fathers
name,, he is now man led and took
his first name of Scranton.
Forth they come from grief and
tormont, on they wont to win d
health and mirth.
All tho wide world is their dwelling evory cornor of '.hr eattb,
Buy them, sell them, for thy service! Try the bargain, what
'tis worth,
For the days are marching cn,
Thoso are they who build thy
housos, weavo thy raiment,
win thy wheat,
Smooth tho rugged; fill tho barren
turn tho bitter into nwunt,
AU for thee this day—and ever,
What reward for them is meet,
Till the host comes marching
Many a hundred years past over
have they labored deaf and
Never tidings reached their
sorrow, never hopo their toil
might flnd,
Now, at last, they've heard nnd
hear it, and the cry comes
down the wind,
And their feet aro marching on.
Oh, yo rioh men, hear and tremblo
for with words tho sound  is
"Once for you and death   we
labored; changed henceforward
is tho strife,
W» ft'i*!** men ar.d v.*c wil! L.'.Ule
for the world of men 'ind Ufa,
And our host is marching on,"
Two .Nights   commencing
Wednesday, Jaei. 8
The Great
And His Company
15,000 Dollars Invested in
Illuflions nnd Magical
Equipment. __ ■
«J> kit *J**,t*+J* +.1* *D* <1* k.1* k.1**J* \t* \Y> i*T> »T>«T> sr. ktf. kj*\t*<r*\1*<****V k.1*\t*=
We are there
Spates,   Hockey   Sticks^   Etc.
Without., using any   slang phrases,
A Scientific Demonstration of thn
Wonderfully Mysterious
Hypnotic Perce.
High Class Vaudeville
PRICES: 75c, 50c and 2Be,
Seats on sale ono wcolc in odvnnco at
tho Pnlnco Drug Store..
to   Skating
we   mean    what
there"   with   all
We carry the largest
these goods
quality   and
say   "We are
and  Hockey.
assortment of
in the   district and for
price   defy competition.
Whimster & Co.
Fernie, December 1, 1607.,
To Whom it may Ooneern;
The partnership heretofore existing between Wm. Scott and
Owen Boss, under the firm name
of Thn Femlo Cartage Co., and
Soott -b lloss, Undertakers, was
by mutual oonsent dissolved, to
date from the 1st of December
1007. Owen Boss retains the
name of The B'ernie Cartage Co,,
aad Wm. Soott the Undertaking
Department, All aooounts due the
said The I'ernie Cartage Oo. are
payable to Owen Boss at the office
of the. said Companv, and all
(aooounts due tho Undertaking department are payable to Wm,
Ara prr-p-irivl lopntmr foliwllM'^
trutdit «n well nn jroiitlomfln'*..
Lndlc-i' li-'iii'/wri fnenifronted
any day lint Sntuid/ij".
A fow days ago a holdup of the
knockout order occurred near the
comer of Siztoenth and Wostmin-
star avenues, in Vancouver. Mr,
flr,rft**itri*n, n young in in UvJsg jzi
Twenty-oighth avonuo, was,returning to his home when ho met a
couplo of mon whom he but dimly
remembers, as heo aught but a
passing glimpse of them. A moment later he was struok on tho
top of tho head by some weapon,
find fell to the ground unconscious
That he was still furthtr assault-
rd was proved by tho fact that,
in addition to the swelling from
the blow on the topi of his head
he in also cut about the cheek and
"Is it war, then?   Will'ye perish
as tho dry wood in 1ho fire?
Ib it peace?   Then be yo of v.e;
let your hop-*" V*.   nur dpi.™
Come and live, for lifo .vwalcotb,
and the world ehall never tiro,
And hope is marching on."
"On we march, then, we the
workers,  and the rumor that
yo hear
I,i thc blended sound of battle end
fhe deliverance drawing near,
Tdr thf* hop*** of ovory creature la
the banner that we bear,
And the world is marching on."
—William Morris, in Painter and
Notice is hereby given that
thirty) days after date I the
tbe undersigned intend to apply
to th*.* Hon. the Chief Coni'iiii.siou-
or of Lands and Works at VJr-
toria for a license to prospect for
coal and petroleum on tho follow-
Ing doucriW lands.
Ooni.nonolng at a pout marked!
S. CaU'i* _out!_. vyi-i."- tiiiMi, being alBo the south oa*>t coi*nor of
lot 1008 group 1, thonco SO chuins
east, thonr-o 00 ch.iin.i xicdt,
thenco 80 '' chalno we.it t. the
novth oast corner of Jf*''i"i group
1, thence following the eastern
boundary of said lot 1908 gToup
1, to tho point of comuioncomcnt,
containing   040     acres   more   or
Dated tho 14th day of December
,, D. A. CATE, locator.
B. McOBEOOB, Agent,
Boglnnlng Saturday, tbo 28th Deo. and until tho 1st of
January, 1008, evory thing you soe in our window wlll
be sold nt Cost price.
Bargains for Every One
This Ib a genuine sale. Tbe balance of holiday goods
must be cleared ont at cost boloro stock taking in
Wntcli the Window of the
The Palace Drug Store
Phonu 12 H. P. JlcLcan Manager
All the leading lines of High
Class Chocolates and
11 nm   *-mf* mmXmWmJSmm
Bring in Your Job Work


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