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The Fernie Ledger 1906-11-29

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^•" library'5 ■-•''
Vol II Number 16.
<sSs.&tii^ .
Price $2   a year in Advance
WITH $3,000
Woman   Arrives in City   From
Spokane with fat Purse-
Where aid Honry Come
From ?
A woman giving her name as Julia
Tuckk-y, about 4S years of'age, artiv- 1
ud in town last Thursday or Friday,
lind put up first at llie Ouecn:s Hotel. On Tuesday a. young num about
24 years old, a son of Mrs. Titckl.-y,
arrived in town and put up at the
Fernie, luu changed to the King Kd-
ward Hotel.
On Wednesday evening, acting upon
instructions from the cliief of police
of lhc city of Spokane, Constable
Duthie, of this city, placed the woman under arrest . and is holding * her,
-.-ending; the -arrival of the
According lo information received'
by our city plicc, Mrs.' Tuckley will
l.e charged _}villi grand larceny, as*, it
is reported -that she absconded    from
0. 1,.   lloyuton,   malinger of the IClk
"(timber Company,      relumed  a     few
, .     . , . ,    days ago from the Okanagan country,
the citv of     the inland oinpire ' with      .        ,    ,    , , .,.
_ -     ........       . fwhere he had been  111 company    with
V, IX. Lynch,' secretary of the company, y .
They closed a deal wilh Supt. Kil-
patrick, of the C. 1'. li„ Revelstoke,
and Messrs. Houston,' Woolsey. and',
MeArter, of the same place, for .**,-
..on acres of t"iiiil*".r on' Cherry Creek,
a branch of tlie Spalmnaclieen river.
Tlie estimate pf ..limber on this tract
i.s 1,000,000,006 "feet, consisting, ot
c.dar,. hemlock, white pine, fir and
spruce.     '.' t
This timber is' tributary to llina
lake at Sicamous, on the ..main line
of the C. 1'. li., al '' which point a
mill will probably be erected to manufacture this vast bodj*. of timber for,
the market,
To bo aide lo' make two such deals-
•is this coal deal up the Klk, and the
Cherry  creek limber ' purchase all    iu
S.V'.oo    which belonged      to   someone
else. -     ■
, It is said the.woman had promised'
to marry an old gentleman who had
more years „ and money than good
judgment, aud he growing confident,
and confiding, told her that he , was
carrying three thousand dollars
around in his pocket, aud tliat in colli
5 sequence he was afraid to travel' the
streets like a.portable bank.
'She proposed to lake over the cash
, for safe keeping, and has kept it "very
piafely ever since; so safely that he
has been pining for a sight of it once
more, and this explains the entrance
of the. police upon   the scene.
Our city police* found -j*2,3i8 in her
possession. The Spokane authorities
\vill have a representative upon the
^scene tomorrow, and the case will
likely come up before Judge Wilson
oh' Saturday, and if sufficient evidence ■ is- produced the woman will
rrobably be extradited for . trial on
the charge of grand larceny in Spo*
Her   son gives   liis   name   as     Jim
"Slintir*-ref Using—lo-""ackirow-ledge~^lhe
name of  Tuckley. <-
W. li. Ross, M. P, P., has been engaged by*Mrs.'Tuckley to defend her,
and -will'probably fight-extradition
Business  Section  of the Town
Practically Wiped Out.
12 and 28 feel in thickness of nn ex-
cellent quality of steaming and cook-
ing coal.
Tests showing 76 per cent, carbon
have been made, while the, amount of
ash is comparatively small.
The field lies to lhe north of . and
in close, proximity to rich iron beds,
said to be nearly' equal in grade and
of much greater extent" than the Fernie iron ores. „. .
The discovery is in the same locality as the P. linriis anthracite, beds,
and directly on the proposed line of
the Fording River \l. R., whose charter was issued last spring lo build
from Michel to Okotoks. The discovery was made hy Wilson P.ros., of
Okotoks, and the tests have been conducted by one of the most competent
experts in the west.
A syndicate has been formed lo develop discovery.
 o ■
Many Fernieites Interested in the Transfer—W. R.
Ross and S. F. Wallace at St. Paul  r
Wallace, of the Hotel Fernie, arrived
in town .Tuesday wreathed in bright,
expansive .smiles aud carrying in their
pockets the tangible evidences of a
mcsl important transaction, which,
under the • supervision of Mr. llpss,
has. beLli "consuinated, whereby the
conl lands in the Upper IClk Valley,
known as the property of the IClk
Valley Coal Company, has lieen transferred to Mr. 0. A. Robertson, uf St.
Paul, and Mr. F. IC. Keiiasloli, of
Minneapolis. 'Negotiations have .lieelii
pending for some lime, and the Iinal
deal was concluded in, .St. Paul last
week. Tlie price paid for the . properly has. not been made public, but it
is understood that a substantial*' payment 1:1 cash and itn allotment' ofi
stock in the companv, which is lo 'be
formed, was the consideration for
which lhe property was transferred.
„Kveryhody in town will be glad to
know that the people who have'spent
s:> much time and money iu gelling
this property together and holding it
have at- last been rewarded in a most
satisfactory manner.
In round numbers there arc 30,000
acres, embraced in this purchase, and
from a blue print of the survey made
by thc agents of the'"-'purchasers, a
Ledger reporter gleans the following
most flattering details of the coal
beds in the territory so far examined.'
In a section i,iSS feet in thickness,
llu're have been uncovered and measured 25 scams of coal varying in
thickness from one foot'to 30 feel. Of
ihesc 25 seams only 7 are less than 3
fc:t in thickness,, and  the total lliiek-
1 .
licss of workable coal i.s 175 feel. The
whole °c-f the 30,000 acres has not yet
l.cdi thoroughly explored and enough
is known to warrant I'll, assertion
ilr-it it is   unsurpassed  in   the Valley
one week, takes almost as good a
bank account as- lite ledger has to
its credit.
Mr.     Doviitou    has''bceii  au  active
- i,
factor'    in -llies-*., great    transactions,
and feels satisfied with  the  result   of   so  far  as quantity is  concerned,   and
his work. ; ._ _ j the quality is the same as that-being
W.R.Ross,   M. P. P.,   and  SA   F., can continent.   This .property, ,, in ' the
hands of these people, who are iu a,
position to finance and operate iv in'
the most advantageous way, will soon
JL* developed into one' of the greatest
coal-pr.-duciiig    propositions    in     the
world. • v  ]
Steps have already been taken looking, to the building of a railroad to
llie Livingstone range property, ahd
the C. P. R. holding, as Undoes, a
large area of coal lands near the
areas just li^ins.Vi-ivd lo * thv owners
of th. Livingstone property, will
prbl.ahly build--1 a line of railway up
lhe IClk valley lo these properties,
and which will have for its ultimate
destination a connection with ' the
main line east of the Rocky mountains. Such a line would -parallel
over 5S miles of this extensive coal
bed, and eventually lie one* 'of ' the
great coal hauling roads of the country*
A branch line from the Crow's Nest
line east of Frank paralleling the
Livingstone coal beds and joining .the
one up the IClk, where it , emerges
from the Rockies, is already being
arranged for, and  is one of  thc lines
whicli is Lo   be .built  in the  next few
i*     ii '
years. ■   ,
The men who were the'pioneers of
lhe IClk Valley Coal Company arc
mostly local people," and'are- lo -be
congratulated upon their ; perseverance
and thc goo,d fortune, which il has
brought them. Those interested in
the company are the following: ' ■'
W. Ii. Ross, M. P. PI,' who has
had charge of the negotiations; A.
W. nieasdell, S. F. Wallace, J". Mclntyre, IC. ■ Dobercr, A. Mutz, John
Brown, Hugh 15. Gilinorc, J. Ii. Webster, George- Scott, S.- Mannahan, W.
S„ Fairfield, T. Hammond,'.T. C.
Kenncy, J. F. . Wilson, R, A. Mc
M'ordie, " T. Pogue, C." A. Kliiigen-
mith, W. W.'Tuttle, John Podbielan-
cik, I,. I,. Mitchell, -'AV...\'. -Mitchell,,
1 mined by the  Crow's  Xest   ^Company
h.rc ond at, Michel.
.   Messrs.  Robertson,    Kcuaslon    and
associates   now   own  70,006 acres   of
the greyest coal  field on  the Ameri-
The regular     meeting    of the,   city
council' was held' last Thursday night.
Prc'sml—■His   Worship,' Mayor ..lilcas- j *            '__
dell, and'. Aldermen Tultle,  ]"eck and j 	
factory  to till  parlies.
Mrs. Vandusen, Clifford and .Comniln,
N'elsc Krohn, Captain Turner,;of Van-,
couycr; John R. Young, and-*J. . Y.
Armstrong),, administrator of L,
Flack." ■"■'''       ' '" ' ;    .
A disastrous fire nl Fori Steele on
Tuesday dt-sirojed all the business
part of the,town, excepting the store
of Cnrliii & Durriek, nnd Tniinhniis-
er's store,
A mnn .tinined Cook hud 'started a
' lire ,just"'after noon in an unused stove
in a house belonging tn Andy Neiilig,
nnd going nut of the building for a
few moments, he found on his return
that the place wns nil allume. In a
very few minutes the (ire had gained
such headway' that it bullied the most
strenuous .florin to subdue it, At
first the pressure of water was found
to bo * deficient, nnd not until lhc
firo pump wns got into opera lion
could much good hu accomplished,
On ' the south side thc fire wns
chocked in the 'building next to Tiinn-
liaiiKcr'H .Uorc," An -alley oii the nortii
nhled in checking thc lUuues in that
Twelve or thirteen buildings were
sunn in ilniues, anil the ell'orts ol the
(ire lighters were confined to prevent-
in**' the further spread of tho fire to
oilier building*,
The Imperial Hotel on the opposite
side of the street wits badly hcnrched
nml all Hi. windows in the front were
destroyed. Some tlnniiige was done lo
the Interior of the building by water.
The stores of K. 0. Miller, II. Kershaw, the post ollice building, the
Monte Carlo restaurant,. mul the
Hlrutlicniiii Hotel were the prinnipnl
buildings f-ntisumed.
Very lilllc iiiMirnucc was carried on
these buildings or thc stocks of i;tioils,
so that the loss will lm heavy 011 the
The    Cranbrook fire brigade oiTtutl
I    *       "ft t^        til"        ".'*'       "f      Itlf t.M.'lt |4|.l
.Mclntyre.      Minutes  of   the  previous,
meliling read and   approved.
Captain Laidlaw's (of the Salvation Army) invitation to the council
to be present at ' Commissioner
Coombs' lecture in Stork's Hall on
Dec. ioth, was read and accepted. '
The account of Davis, Marshall and
McXeil for $50, was ordered' paid,
and another from, the same (inn for
S10 wiis also passed for payment.
V. C. Luwe's account for ' police
,-onrt services, amounting tu J-**.-*, was
also ordered paid.
Kerr J. Co.'s account for interest
on overdue sidewalk payments was
allowed for $1.2.18,
The Mayor nnd-Aldermen Tultfe
.and Mclntyre were constituted a
court of revision on tlie voters' list,
and will sit for that purpose on Dee.
2 j st.
Uy-law Xo, 40 was finally passed,
It is the procedure ljiy-lnw.
Alderman Tuttle reported that he
had received nn offer from the Great
Northern engineer to "build the
Thompson street crossiiig,provided thc
city would build thc other crossings.
The council rejected the oflcr, holding that 'lhe railway should build nil
ihe crossings,
A iiiotliii hy Tuttle nn'il Mclntyre,
was pussul, asking Supt. IJepcw, of
the Klectrie Light and Power Co. to
move the hydrant from thc centre ol
lhc sidewalk at Victoria and Wains*
ley streets.
Cily Clerk Xtin 11 reported the receipt from tin.' llmik of. Hamilton ol
tlie (ire ilebcnluiv money, iiiiioiiiilin-*
to $5,013.83.
After d'.'ciiliiig to     hold  a    special
inc.'llng   to discuss  lir.« brigade  matters, the council adjourned.
Dan C. Killey was found guilty of
uttering a forged .heck by Judge Wilson in county court thi** morn 'ig av A
•K'Ht.-iirt* 'vim    re-icrvi'il   until      lit'ir-
A 5300 house witnessed tlie fight.
A second fight to decide who •:*. the
best man ; y be arranged lo i-ii-'e
pl.'lce in Fernie next  January,
On Monday'evening, at Los Angeles, Jack O'llricit and Tommy Hums
fought 20 fast rounds, the decisioji being ti draw. -Hums was the nggres,
sur 'ill the way, and O'llrien would
take no chances. The outcome will 1101
doubt mean, another match to a finish. Hums has shown wonderful improvement during the past year, and
lie is looked upon as being .O'Hrien's
superior, llii'rns is an Ontario boy,
coining from near Gall, and his proper iiiiuic is lli'iisso.
Craiibrool; ' has orgnuiztd a curling
.-lnl), we are told, and the ronrin'
game will be ill a premium in that
burg tliis winter, Hoot, 111011, soop
her up.
Tlie rink is being put into shape as
fast as possible, and the clash of
stick and steel will soon be heard.
CAK1) 01'* THANKS. '
Mrs. Tom Porter takes this method <It ih.inking the VniU-d Miiw W.irk-
:rs niul also lhe general pdhlic (or
(he sympathy extended to her in her
re.'Liit  bereavement.
;- --r-~!'USY.FRAX_._--,, ,. -, j.*:
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Silverman,. of
Frank, were .in town a day or two
Ihis wed;. Mr, Silverman, is •vice-
president ,of the Canadian-American
Coal and Coke ,Co., and is engaged
with company business at Frank. , He
J. H. Fox, freight* agent of, the C.
IVIi., was  in town yesterday.'
Mrs. li. W. As. Terry will reeeive on
the second Wednesday-in December.
Ji S. Carter, district passenger agent, of the C. P. Ii., is in the .cilv.
C. Klingensmith, of the Klk Hotel,
Kiko,  was in town Wednesday.
.George Scott, of Gaty-way,', was in
town during   the   week.
F. Smith, representing W.J Gage
& Co., was in town yesterday.
Superintendent J. II. O'Xeil, of thc,
Great Xorthern, was in town Tuesday.
See. the ad. of the Klk Lumber Co.
in another column calling for fifty
good  woodsmen.
Our stubby friend Stv.bbs is in town
from IClkmoulb smiling like a southern summer breeze.
Advertisers will please note that
changes for advertisements should be
in by Monday at the latest. '
II. S. Collins, general agent of the
-North Western, with headtjuartcrs at
Spokane, was in the city on Tuesday.-
Mrs. F. G. Watson leaves Monday
evening on an extended visit to her
old home  in Ontario.
-.. Accountant Walker, who has been
auditing the books of the Fernie Lumber Company, returned to' SA'lsun
Frank Shcifl, of Elko, was a Fernie
visitor this week. Frank is called
"Happy Frank" because he is always
* Mr. and Mrs. Y. C. I.awc entertained a large number of their .young
friends at cards and dancing last
night.      ' *„ '"
Xcil McKellar - was up from Tabor
Monday wearing a good coat of tan
on his cheeks, and reports things cold
down at'the new coal  town.
! Captain Xaidlaw has gone to the
Coast to attend the annual convention of lhc Hritish Columbia branch
nf=lhc-~Si_!v;_l*o!i=j^ rm*-=at-=="4=ietoriiU==
Mr. McICwan, is in the cily today.
He reports good, business everywhere.
Mr. McICwan is al the top of his profession.
1 Thc next regular,, celing ' of the.
;La'lie«''-Henevolenl - Society will be
held at the home of Mrs. I). V. Mott,
Riverbank Avenue, next Saturday, at
3.30 p.„ in.
"'   . '   I
'■   Tne Salvation    Army have   nailed
thpir colors   to thu  masi.   Two signs
have been placed  at  the Hnrracks, so
Harry Gibson, advance ageiit.   for
will accompany Commissioner Coomb*-,
and aid in explaining the plans of the
Army regarding that b?aneh of its
work. r*
A very' interesting moving picture
show is on at the opera house tonight
anh tomorrow night. Mrs. Yaina-
moto, .a Japanese lady, will describe
the pictures, appearing iu Japanese cosl
tume. This eutertainmejit is well
spoken of, and is "of a very instruct-'
ive, as well as entertaining, nature,
and should draw  good  houses.
A combination of unforseen circumstances, with whicli our devil had.
nothing to do, caused a delay in going lo press yesterday,' so that the
paper is one day late.' It is thought
by many thai a scolding wife is.
worse than a smoking flue, but out-
whole staff had smoking flues ■ lo
swap for virago wives yesterday.
The Lcthbridge strike i.s still in an
unsettled condition. Negotiations are
at a standstill, and District President
Shennuu and Hoard Member Joseph
Sharp have gone to Indianapolis lo
confer with President Mitchell. International Hoard Member Patterson
and Vice-President Galvin are in the
city, but will return to Lethbridge
tomorrow night.
The brick walls of the Crow's Nest
Pass Trading Co.'s new warehouse
have at last been completed, and \ the
roof joists and sheeting are now being put on. The cold weather has retarded the work very much, but Todd
and Wriglesworth kept wriggling away
rain or shine. Thc building will soon
be ready for use, and lots of goods
are waiting  lo be stowed therein.
Chief Walker returned last night
from his hunting trip -down the IClk.
He, in company with Mr. Frank Ingram, and his father, went down below the Klk river bridge irossing,
and did some wandering,,through tin.
snow. A fine large buck deer happened to run across Walker in one of hi:
rambles, and iu the mix-up Walker's-
gun went off and killed the deer.
This is the Chief's story, but confirmation in shape of the carcass of tin
deer, is lacking.
R.'O." Hoynton is back again ai
his post of manager of the IClk I.uui-
Settlement   Arrived   at
Owing to Certain
Gladstone Local Union, TJ. M.
of A., held a special meeting
night. The hall was well ifilled and '
much interest' was manifested in |the
report of the delegates who' went to
Minneapolis to confer with President
John Mitchell regarding the settlement arrived at between Thos. Hurk«
and Manager   Lindsey.
From this report it was learned
that President Mitchell did not agree
with Mr. Hurke's seltlenuent. Ho
could not it ns meeting Hho
wishes of tne men or iu its ailure to
protect  their  interests.
The fact that discontent' tiinong the
men at Michel had been .stirred up, '"
and in consequence of which they had
gone back to work,'"made it a matter
of policy to accept the situation as
it had be.u created by ' the ill-advised action of Mr. Hurke, and advise
the men to go back, k
District President Sherman, after
conferring with President Mitchell,
who lefl the final action in his hands,
wired Secretary Biggs to ' arrange for
the men to return to work. As soott
is Mr. Sherman returns from Indianapolis, he will lay before thc locals
of District ]S President Mitchell's explanation of the action taken, so that
responsibility for the settlement as
arrived at will be properly placed
where it belongs.
Mr. Thomas Biggs, secretary of
Gladstone Union,'is to be employed
constantly as secretary -and to further the interest' of tlie union by creating an interest among the miners and
securing members for the union.
thc spoils system' was a species of
bribery. Men clamored for offices on
the ground of service to , thc. party
in having done its dirty work.
The man who bribed was the worst
(Jbemy of national and social life. The
foreigner who come to ,the country
because of his poverty ,was easy  prey
is a nephew  oi  Mr, Frank, president | t,mt ,|C w]l() ^ nm,
of the company.   Mr.   Silverman stated to a rcpleseutative   of  the   Ledger
that his coinpany  is in  a  nourishing
condition, and arc getting  out  from
nv- the   iUM-ukc \vn<( tin  '»rt'nt,  ll wt
deemed tmiiiTesKary In  have  them y.o
This Js a Imnl Mow nl I'ort '-te*-'.*,
coming, (is •*- has, at the lic--itiiiing of
o ■ '
Some Promising Fields nrc to he Op-
encsl up nt Once.
,* J dav.
A man n.itiii'd ..nsliili l.uun wris
itri|tiUU'(I of the cliatge of -,l,'
Sm from his partner, PikIiU-ii, ut Coal
Creek Tuesday.
Tn.l.rft    »t*;1», ..      .,.lurK,„1     In
brook by thi,. allrrn«xiir«, lm-il
will l.e back •; hold omit  tn'i.'
night niul -Jiltirtlny.
r |T-,.
J.,  nf  Hp-.t'nni*,   nnd   .."111
Okotokn,  Xov.   .6.—What Is  likely j llumms,    nt Cnl.!nnn, ft.tiglu .1    12-J
to  prove tl  velluMc lion.iiua in   flic j rutin.)  buttle nt JvMn
Way of coal minti ha* ivetiitly   Wu
"Out   in  Ii'nlio" was the unuu*   i'i
a   wild west  performance  tlmt    was
givtli   nt   (lie Optra House  lust Monday night,   The wildiifss was mostly
iu the iiuilieiice,  who had paid    their
motley   to   See   lhe t.huw.   The  ptilu'i-
pul fc.ilur*.  nf it wus the manner  iu
•Ahull th.- villain,   a   Da;*", l.«pt jaill-
iug  his  knife 1.11 M.nivl.'.iilv   iitnl    the
unvarying regularity with which   the
li'.ro or one af his niiim-roii*.   friends
would hliuve a revolver under his nose
mul my  in a, 1lr.11n.1lI*" lone nf voi.u-
"Ot-.p right thai*."   This    part    «.is   Rhine,, Spntniie.
! vaii.-tl by an old gciitU-niati wim coiti-
l.iiiid   the (icaipaiKinH in  (taioniuecp'
tr mid judge, niiiimintiiig at intervali
t.| two iiiiiiiiU.s " 111 Iiiu-.; hitA
tn In* tlum* ncwnliiig tt» the lnw*  ol
the>- of   l.l.ili..."    '(aim   nil   th*-1
whi-li-, it   Itjis m-MmIii Iuin  mil*    mi**-
f«.rUiii>-   to "-ir*  ,1    worst*  priMlmtinn,
;,nd il  is li'iiiiil tin- ■•>.*>"'s ih«*(|-
mred ciivt-r    will   VM.11   iuin" (•>  an
rinl , (Hi*, nclin   Buster and   nil J- Ok. 1-
luls H.viiw.
The   alpovisiiiimlinmd    com
Soo to    (jot) Ions of coal daily,   and
aiv employing 250 nie:i.
The zinc smeller, under thc new, will be opened for btis-
iiuss in the spring, as the changes in
the roasters will bu completed by thai
lime. The town of Frank is enjoying
a brisk trade, and is lull of hope ior
the f 11 lure.
XAI-AN'l'.I'-A, 1). McDonald, Crnn-
l-rook; Mrs. O'llern, 4rnnhrook;
Wm. Ticrnc-y. Cranbrook; J, 0. Robertson, St.Paul;'Chas, Laicr, Hattlc;
II. Siemens, Winnipeg; J, If, IJayis,
Frank; Mrs. W. l'l. Ilrnolis, Macleod;
('.. W. Kaysilule, Y. Vales,. Geo. II.
White, Spokane; J. Fleishman, Vancouver; T. J. Davis, Frnnk: I..
Smith, Spi/kane; J. Vincrn, Wyoming.
WALDOl-K-IJoy 1!. Crow, Monroe:
,V. Frliilmuu, Kelson; W. J. lien/ell,
tl. C. Hunt, Calgary; A. ti. Wright,
Michel; Sol. Wilkinson, Ashland-,
Llilii- lv. I Lin, Kiko; Pat, Paddeii,
Craiibrool.; Chas, Jlo.wanl, Nova
Seolia; M. A. Webb, Waitlner^ II. I).
Collin-., Spi.l.unc, I,. II, V-'yilh'cir,
N*. C. Mc.-Kiui.try, • A. ltniikwi niul
wife-, II, C, C.tgi-, Ci,.nbi(H,k; V.. C.
Drake, Mi-.lliiiu-; V. Milntyrr
•unl wife, Kiitiluii: Jnsiuli J'owlir uml
iliiiiglitt-r, St .Tnhu; C. A, Klingcn-
' nuilli, Klkn: J. W. Kelly, |)uii-
t-iit'.;       Dr. M.    K.,   Peter
The folliiwir.i; were the winning
numbers in Win. .'owell's rnflle held
in Michel Hotel on Wednesday even-
ingj 1st prize, Xo. 34; end,'No, ..Hi;
3rd,   No, .__;   <-thi No, ,-*,2(i;   5th,   No.
Fred Woo, the*4ivelicst man in Iiito,
cam,- in on the morning loenl ns a
stowaway, aiul after Inking a run
around town to see his friends, he
Hi tied away again to his beloved l'.lko.
Leslie Mills is iu charge of the
Waldorf Hotel, and intends lo make
of it, one o[ the best hotels in the
Kootenay. '.. livirybody likes Leslie,
and he is Mire to bring good business
to his hotel,
The Klk Lumber Company have ion
nun nl work in the woods, und nre
culling for jo more, This company
will endeavor to --luce 20 million feet;
of logs nn the bunk during the win-,
ter, and want lo add 10 millions
more next summer,
'I'll.' coal famine Mill cntimu-s to
be the all (ibsorbiiig tuple in the
prairie prnviiucs, ami tin matter how
sunn the milk", ut Lcthbridge arc
Marled tn work tn tlu-ir lull capacity,
thf fin-l will,n main critical
during the winter
Chief Walker, nf (ho cily police, is
cruNiii;- fnr di-.r, gout, slwcpntnl bear
mi the s>iiiih fork of tin- KIL, ,iud all
aniniiils of the abovi-liiitiu-d »Iiil.e ale
warned not to approach ncjin-r liim
than niii* hundred feet il they value
I their lrgk nud neck*.
•*,     *■.■■•!■-1    ''■,r ,UXv lCft K'vc" hy the Lntlies-
j Aid i.t the   Mt thi.dol   liiiinii, wilt lie
ton, Npi-ii/liill;   ii.   V.  W-iruii,    Wc-   jjvm'l.y Mrs, llmlli-y mul Mrs, (lusty
bcr    Company, after   a   brief absence
on  business matters,      The big    mil',
was closed   down  for the  winter    01 ■
-.Monday,   and only the ■ planing   plant
is now running.   A large force of men
are working    at     the    three different
,camps getting out logs for the    biggest cut yet made by any -mill in tlu
valley.     The  season just closed    has
been  a very satisfactory one  for   tin
company, and now  that the mill i.s in
»ood   condition, it   is  expected   that
next year's    business   will be    much
Urea ter than   this year's record.
i:V(*,   V.l'WMHI   Hair-
X .A'ui'visn, T!.< **.. lLifiii"-, 15 H.c*riw»,
(•ii dm..i'ii; ti. W. SUlIvll, 11.lUi.nll,
.ll..itlu Ills-11, Hl.iivh-; W. .1. Ni\oii,
C. litUr, ll.mii'.'. La I.e.- Jt.*,,
Ivltm.tiili; r-.d J'tvils. .■'. .!. M.iv
lull, Ueil; W. A. Carter' nud
v. if,, Spi.kiiiit-, I). A. Mi Lean, MiIom-
.l.iw-   Fie.l Smith, Angclei; .Ini.
.it lit.- In.liu* ni Mis. (lusty, 1.11 Victoria Avium*, next 'fiic-day, lK-r.
11I1 from "t tu fi tt m .Ml nrc most
c iiiviti.l.
Dr.-uml Mi*;.   Hig'.'in-i  and    M.t-tn
l'aul,   r.'turrie-l  Imm   thc Co.isv Tins-
d.,y.     Mis, IligKDiH  has  Imn    away
.McIiii..s|i. CiUdnnia  Minrs;   Jas.  At-|,,,i,n>' *wk* NHJi'litig u  pUavtul   vs;
lVii.'itiun Min-,    >|ns*     .l.iw,     A.     Samp**"!!, ■ •■■••'■ •'■ v,il'* f,****»''-l'-   TU Ilr. Iu. l.'-vu
Toronto World.
■ -liev. A. II. Silcox addressed a large
audience iu Jloud street Congregational church/ last evening, drawing
strong present-day lessons from the
story of ".Inlamn, the bribed young
nuui." After giving the. Hiblical
story  the preacher  went on:
"The man who; holds ollice and who
takes a bribe sells himself to Satan
as surely ns did .hulas whin he tool
the 30 pieces of silver, llribery nowadays, however, assumed so many
guises and disguises iijid takes m.
many forms, that men nfti-u fail to
realize, its real essential vilencss,"
, (living -in^i'um-cs nf bartering, and
bribing, no lis*, hideous because ol
its indirectness,   the  preacher said;
"The woman who marries a man
not because she lovns him, but because she believes hu will promote her
to honors and rank, is bribed. She
sells lu-r (or mntii-v, aud
lhc In vi- that should be the love of a
hnly life becnines a species nl K-gal-
i/ed prostitution.
"The mnn who sells his vote must
nnt Iiud fault il plact-d nu the sa-nit-
h'Vil with the wnniaii who Nells hit
"And whin a minisitr nf the (Insjul
allows himself in be gagged lesl hi-
..fitml Mint- of his (••iiigre-g.iiinti, wn-l
pirliaps have his salary Inwircd -In*,
too, is bribed, he miners the truth nl
(ind fnr gold,
"Wlmt a st.iiisiuan sliitks his vol.-
nr ri'fusi.N in champion thi- i'iium' h<-
knows is right, lest h« lose -H.pulur-
tt)   anil p.isitioii,   in* is  i.iifnti,
t\ i,i 1,   Ull   Cill...',     .'...'    It'll      .^,1^1.   .11   ,,,,
iiKie.iM.I Mih.swipiinu list, udvuiutis hi', (•iiiMinKe <.i.rj<l<i«ris, Ur I-,,**
tlcgtaili'il tin- pii'ss tn the pu.pagatii.11
nf (ii..r, uiul )ui. sold liiv kiiimi.iui-
iilid Jus Jlittlli'tt to the M-ivnr ul
for Tlie-man wlio-woufir"buy his "vote™
and was thus hindered in becoming a
good citizen.
Referring to     ill-gotten gains,    the ..
speaker    said:   "The sudden     wealth
that has conic to some politicians in
this '■land has been due to their  per-.
fidy.   Tamiiiiuiyisin is not   confined to-
N'ew  York.   There is as    much  hood-
ling to the square inch in Canada as
Canadians    can stagger under.       Wt
have     men iu high places who    have
become    suddenly      and    fabulously
wealthy.      We have a right to   draw'
conclusions as to how they have come
into this wealth.   The Scripture   was'
(uoted.   "Their  right hand  is  full of
.ribes," and iu'    concluding" his     re- ■
marks, Mr, Si'.eox    urgeli   liis  young
men hearers to nl*hor bribes and bribery in every form,
Next  Sunday the   subject will    ho
■■Sniiipsoii-ii   lladly Married   Youii|? .
StafT on the Spokesman-Review Walk out in a Body.
The SpokiKinaii-Kevicw looks sickly,
Twenfy-thrtiij   \nigW«tla.ft      printttrs* ,
walked nut  Tiicstlay  night,   »utl     In.
crinsi'i|il(*lic-M the  paper docs    not    look
up to lhe slundard.
Thc editorial cnlunn of Weduestltty's
paper \u-re filled wilh "household
hints," green mid gnld, and other
Loiltr plate copy.
This might he an improvement ten
some eilitiiiial miliums, Imt not
quite so wilh the SpnkeMiimi
Twinly-thite is an milucCy number
ami sc-i-iiiK in have ciiiiMil a skidoi* <4
nil  the unit nu the stall.
The Ledger hope*, to mi* the S^ikw
man hack t.i its usual Mute ol tx-
cvlhrne t\X thv earliest pus-dlili* mo*
in. ut
It m-iiiis ilut tin-' ililhcully of «r-
living nt a new wage ncalr tnusc-d the
piintiis   tn take  ii.iiicrti'.l action.
The 111.11 (it liui been laid before ill*
Typ»gr,   nllims, and  Is  likely
tu  lie .Kljli.tni   (|i .1 (iiiv   "1   ivt.i.
1 e
.inic.KSHir you s.m.k
Vt(l<.'i.i, S*.-v J" - Tin* Vii-trtifU
Times 1..nlghl c*i!ii..thilly s.i>n: "Mr.
UuIuk Vn\w, cx-M I'.  an  eastern   l«>*    dfi i-l it 1,     u'lm in  iij.juciwit'iy
strivinj>;   tn   ruti-r a western  htthor
"When n litisimss mnn rrfires     to iif rdtige, hm    made « serious charge
against  tin*   l)..minii.n tlnvcrnmcnt in
i.l«-.,m'(l . hen*. Thf (liwr|*etv,
which Is located nbmit forty milri
west st this town, comprises n tract
nf over eight t,li.iu*Aml arres 111 extent, lyinj; tm \».xb *UU* i.t Rhccvv
Cre«k. TuniK-llinu* In the kvnl« of
the   unl  have  disch-sed veins  nl   K,
iio*-i* I,.'-'i ii"*!' 1 "ht-hl f..vth" in Stork's i,j.rr» li.iii't'
It wns (he greatiNt %hl wa '.teii in I '" •'" Mi.i|'l*n*ci.i.i i*.«* h..u.c. Wn!m-s-
\he     Pan*,   lluli imn wire    '.v\:-tAv \ A v  ll*jl.«. ..nd nprilled  th.- t>ir|nrtii-
•iiuilshcd, and it rt-siilted in n dr.iw.      '•«<■•* i'^x -tinht, -aJhii «.tilv thn-e   Lnl*
C.uMiian hrnke hU band   in the .-thi****   I"*-*   »»   *•"      '.H*'***'**"<*''■' ^-•h"'
Mimd.   and «'.is mJivcjUimly    . .-i«...  ,  •i.*'*'l "t-'dl '«  .1,^ <-*.w« lTH,tf-,n S! •»*
w>kk,    1. ' '.i.-Ti,'   f,i     pri'iTVi* ;t r.-tmlitinn for
«. T1i"m***-«, (f Prank, r.frrud ih.- j mw. civili/.ainti.    Thi*   «hn*  hardly
lulil.*, mul hi-- ilccl'h.ns  win-    :;»'U    '  »" * **1' •" •■■', s-mi n-)Uii.Hvn'-"
gone but a ftw davs, us his py.uliii-
ami tt..s].itiii vmiV. .Utti,'in.l*H hi-, «<<n-
*tant cjrc
Mhh I:   V. l-',   Prank-.   .1.    .T».hn-
■- -.!,  Cl.h i;'<*       .1    S    PilinMi.   J. P.
tar,tii1.c,  I'tiidht'-n:   Walph Itdinont,
W«i   I..-*-,... ,1. M AV Hihinhl, A. V.      Ctti>ilUrMt jB(rn„   j, M      m_„
Vh-iiii..' md wife     'Jut in Mil..;   It,      1 .
     ,      „   ., „,    , .,    I»rt.i(l in the coming  vt<. t  nf  turn
If   l-.J.H,     It   (.r.»v, U_r.!i*t*r-    K '•
»*.»r;„ ■„ f*IU     .f.Jm «(i.l,       Winni* winsintwr C.w.mU,  nt ihe S»lvaih*n
}e^    Pr..*.. Isi.u*-.n,     W. .I^xd.-Jiu,   Armv   rt-jsif-ltng that   hramh  nf   its
J   TJ tutlil.i, Cl it--fi*.Im
I fir   tntm'|*r.ilinn     dni,i»|»mnf   unit.
take n st.unl ugnjttM wrung iu the
comintinMv list he Ins.* oistniiii-rs and
iil'iii. he is a btibrd man ami has **"ld
m^ dtili   to  t„*M*  i-HjifdifiHy,
"Wli«n a la«v.r, (or s fee, defends
( uliiitt is ag4tu<.t thi* 1,1 w ili.l Ids
a trimin-il loose, hr it .1 btiluM m.»n
_rM lut. Liim) .1 Ka.iT.l .4^/.ii:*-t tbe
1 tin. .cent.
"Thus. In s inultiltiite «-.f «.*av«—
(Uiinr «.f lh*m itiMilh--turn and wontrti
allow ihiiiiM-lvti to lit hriU'd."
Cniitinuitii',.     Mr Ik Id    tlu!
(11tm.1ti.1i1 with the appointment to
1 lit* l>mih nl the supreme court of ni ,1 Hniish ClumViia. ')si&t*-
The allegation of Mr* P«J»». notwlth-
st^ndtlig its- (u.iirrr and »mtti-itll»t»ml*
Ing anv <'is|Hisitl«n t<» disrejjard it
ailli »hiisi,ji, *jiT.«..J \it ipHAtA Vi*
thrr. f'.rc dr,i«' tin" ,it lent ion of th*
Pr<hral  (mvcinnifiit In it."
FOR SAI.!*- A .Tcwett typewriter. In
first cl.ns np.iir —M   ,\   KaHner, II , -,    -
-   •   ■■"'■'"    ■■ '        .' "———■" ' — 11 . -_—;— :. —r
^ ..-^T-iLANCE,.... .   .
IsKiied every Thursday from tlie 01-
iic«f of-.-., publication, lodd ."lock,
Victoria Ave., Fernie, British Columbia'. A1    - -.
D.  V.- ;MOTT -   '    - '      Editor
G.  G.'MKIKLE - Manager
The New York)Outlook, wliicli has
gained for itself a reputation for
fairness and independence in its treat,
ment of public questions has not added to. thai reputation liy its article
upon the insurance question and its
advocacy of the elections of the administration ticket of trustees fur the
New York Life Company.
In  its  issue  of  the   ioth  inst.,    it.
has au' editorial upon the subject and
publishes   three  letters   from     corres-
. pondents who do not agree with  the
Outlook's. position.
The  Outlook,   after  stating  lhat  il
is not  its object to advocate  the elcc-
■ tioii nf 'any ticket,  winds up a    very
lame answer to its correspondents, as
follows: ,
Under, these circumstances, the Outlook advises the policy-holder in the
New York Life Insurance Company to
entrust liis properly to the reform
administrator of the administration
ticket. lie can be Mire that his property will be safe in .their hands. lie
cannot have the same assurance in
intrusting it to au untried and unknown administration."
This is a significant way of not ad-
'voijating  any.ticket.
To say that Richard Olney and
those associated with lii-m are mi-
known, is another exhibition of unfairness llial looks very much out of
place in an editorial in the Outlook.
One of the Outlook correspondents,
among other things, makes this very
ptrtineul  statement:
'.'Ycm publish the report' lhat Mr.
T..W. Lawson "is back of the co-called International Policy Holders'
Cqmmitcec," and express the opinion
that he would prove an unsafe trustee.' If we admit for sake of argument lhat he "is more unsafe than
the McCurdy and Depew type, we
still are' left in the dark* as to how-
we are' putting" him iu control by-
electing a board, of thirty-six eminent men who may fairly be presumed
*    to 'do iheir own  thinking and not be
'This '  correspondent
the piling iip of large sums of. peo-.
lie's earnings "in the hands of a few
men, to be -used - ostensibly -for - the
benefit 01 tht --.topic who contribute
il, but,in reality-to "lie used by that
greatest of Modern evils, the captain
of finance, to further his own interests, after which, if there is anything
left, cf his money's earnings, thc own-,
er may die with the assurance that
his lii-its may get a sum not quite
equal to what they would have got
through the savings bank method.   *
Tlu- foundation of the power of the
modern master of finance is 'the hard-
earned money of lhc common people
ol the- couulrv whicli has been iis-
vciglcd out-of their pockets by rosy-
linlcd'pietui-cs of participating profits
ivhish lade away in the light of experience like the fading of the lints
of the rainbow when the shower to fall.
Thc financier who devised the investment frills with which to. adorn
straight life insurance, laid the foun-
dalU.n upon which .to build his own
fiuiiuciiil future up to the billion
mark, and as surely laid a trap for
lho man who has little money,' and
haiud it with that most potent of
inducements, the protection of his.
(hpciidiiii family.
Whenever a man i.s led away from
straight life insurance oil the simplest plan, he is being robbed • of at
least ti portion of the earning power
of his money, and somebody else g*ts-
the* revenue.
Divested of commissions und cxor-l
bitaiil management charges, the cost
of straight life insurance would .be
less than half of what it now i.s, and
the common people .would be so much
richer,  mid      ihe financial    magnate*
tue'nt wis paid to Premier McBride
personally, and we are sure the .'rank
fcxpressiqV of .that, confidence, exhibited by ths u-.-ittrs' representatives at
Fernie will be very gratifying to'Mr.
Eckstein & Gray
Barristers at-Law,    Solicitous,  Etc.
Rooms 1 SrS, Heii-ers,-)- block. Fernie, B.C.
The Canadian must he hard," press.J
to find entries for the credit side' of
the provincial ' government ledger
when it, has to take up a-column of
its editorial-space in an endeavor to
show that Premier McBride' is entitled to the credit of settling the strike
here. -
The simple truth of the matter    is
this:     Mr.  Lindsey,    in making    his
counter   proposition     to submit   the
check-off  clause  as  it  stands,    with-
out  reference   to   tiny  statements'of.
lacts leading up     to the,writing   of
that      now   famous  order,   excepting
such  statements   as  he  himself    proposed,     should    be submitted     to a
superior court judge  for his  decision
as to its legality, brought from Mr.
Burke   the      second      proposition, in
whicli he agreed to submit the matter
to the Premier of the province,   who
was mentioned, uol for political'rcas-
cus, but because he, the Premier,    is
lhe Minister of Mines of.the province
and as such was deemed the   orop-'r
person to deal with thc suJ-ject.
Thus* it will be seen that neither
political or pcisoiial reasons, inured
into thc scle.'„. >n of the Hon. Mr.
McBride by Mr'  Burke,
But aside   from this,   the    Premier
^doubtless feels,  as he should,  .hat he
was   in   a   way complimented,    and
F, G, Lawe
Crow's    Nest    Trading    Co.    Block,
Fernie, B. C.
\V. K. Boss,K.C. 0*,S. T. Aia-XAsnat
,Ross & Alexander
FEHXIE. li. C.
Office Jn L. 'J'. \V. r.Iock, Victoria Avenue. .
♦' Headqa-rtera BlalrKiora, Alta. ♦
T F..H. Sherman, Pres.       Fernie^
♦ J. A. McDcnald, Sec.   Blairmore ♦
♦ , . ♦
4/ Gladstone Local Union N0.2314 ♦
4/  Thos. Biggs,  Sec, Fernie, B. C.   **
♦ A *
t -     *♦
4} Michel Local Union Xo. 2334.   4>
4> A.    W.   *H.    McLeod, Sec,   +
4>                Michel," B.  C. *♦
♦ ♦
♦ :  ♦
*%, Coleman Local Union No. 2633 ♦„
4/ 'Chas., Brooks, Sec., Coleman, ♦
4/ Alta. ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
4/ Frank Local Union Xo. 1263 ♦
4/  DaVid Steie,' Sec, Frank, Alia.   ♦
♦ ♦
t jfir^Si^iiS J|W. J. Wnslesworth, D. D. S.
J. Barber •l.d.s.. d.d.s.,
L T.
\V    Block,   opposite the   Bank
Office liours—8 u.m. to 8 p.m,
ncner,   ami      uie ...uiin-.a.     i.,<.b....—•- . . .
'   , ' ,     ,-,„,    „ ,,.,.„.. hisis I everybody is pleased that he is pleas-
would have lo hud some oinu   oasis 1       .       j       ■       „,',,_      ,
Onslqv; W.
Comstock, by name, gives the Outlook this rather rough blow in closing:/
"I notice that the Mutual Life,-arc
large buyers of advertising space ir.
the Outlook, and the question naturally arises as to whether you may
not, consequently be prejudiced ' in
favor of the company—your advertising client—as against the policy-holders' whose inteu-sls would seem clearly to point to a complete 'radical'
change of the company's management
at this opportune lime,"
' Mr. Albert ft, Bard, another of tin
correspondents on tliis insurance issue,1 makes sonic telling arguments
which the Outlook overlooks entirely'
i,n its .limping, halting, answer,
Mr. Bard states thai it is much
more important to the policyholders to demonstrate the mutual ity
of the companies than to elect any
particular ticket."1
. "Furihcriiiori', one point of thi*-
election is to prove what the policyholders CAN do. If the policy-hold
ers succeed now, coining adininistra*
'lions will make representative nom-
itiutions; if the policy-holders fail,
lliey ore ut their mercy, unless tin
legislature uguin comes to their res
'*' "It .should he rt'iiieiitiiercd that llu
whole insurance story has not beer
"The iiivciUigiition opened will
protest ut ions of innocence nud claim'
of great ptihli-  lieiicfnclitins.     '
These did not lasl  long, but the in
W'stlgutioii left ninny chapters of in
..iiirunrc     history unread,   and    every
, effort Iiiih bct'ti made lo keep  the re
Innilidi-r of  the book scaled."
"The  ih-speratt' cllorls of  the    cut
Tint iidmiiilslnillnii for rc-ch-cMon, in
whlih  lliey have brought   themselves
. nt     le-tnl   to the. verge ol   the law,
is   pail ol tl.e same programme    ol
obstruct ion   to  limber  investigation
*,r ditOoMirc nt liability.   In closing,
I would  only   add  that  It doe.    uol
, sum to me no much a cuite of swapping hor-us while erosMiig the stream
. hs of going    nshori*   in   the  lifeboat
the  Mjofi lcglsliitiin* lias will   out   in
tbe moral di rebel that the udmiiil.s,
tra tion nre atill fcct-Miig  to n,i>ig.tu
m noiiuli'iiflg.u/ ti'.c -hi H>.y."
The rea*uni the Outlook did not audi Halt to iinswtr  Mr.   Bard's   Utter
.   ia apparent.   It Could uot do so and
justify   its  advocacy of  the  udmiuiv
u.ition ticket.
Thrre has hci-n lots of rottenness
-iieurtlu-il by lhe skimming pr<-irrs«
iilnndy gone through, but there is
lota more to conn*, and when it is nil
... tired properly, there will appear no
.more reason lor 1.V1 x\u invcstim-ni
le.iturca that have l.eeti tarked on to
real life iniMf.mee ihan lliere would
le In having Miih feature-" ad.le-.l t'i
fire ifiMirjuice.
The tviln which have lieen rsposni
In the iui'<-*l'?ati<»n* of life initiraucr
in «W T'nitnl Stale* ami CanmU,
nrc inly lhc liuie Mini on ihe v.n-
fuc«, whim riMtli Hum .1 niXXvn tare,
and the rulUn rort i<  the result nl
from whicli to  build their fortunes.
The amount of money piled up in
the hands of the captains of finance
through the investment feature of life
insurance is Die lever by which those
captains retain control ol legislation,
and of the industrial' and financial
affairs of the country.
Xo wonder that such tremenduous
efforts arc being put .forth to prevent a complete exposure of this system by the election of an entire new
set of trustees composed of what the
Outlook so naively calls unknown
men, like ex-secretary of state 01-
ne-y, Mr. Long worth, and others ol
the same character.
The "Outlook  says   the  administration  ticket  is composed- of  the    best
of the   old   trustees,   and' some    new
men.   In  ihis 'case  the  policy-holders
cannot  -  be  blamed  if   they  conclude-.
ThatTlhTTjest oFTTia r~oTil—'board™of
trustees  are  not  quite  good    enough
to fill the bill and succeed in turning
the whole lot out for a rest.     If the,
policy-holders succeed  iii  electing  tlit •
international      policy-holders    ticket,
there will be a big shuffling in insurance circles,  and  the insurance, com-
iiiuks  (if Canada will  have to    submit to sonic more  impertinent qucs-'
"Whnt .vill the harvest- be?"
ed. Uut what all that had to do
with the rc-il settlement would be
hard to make out.
As to lhc 'lark, political plots
hinted at, there is no doubt that
some very clumsy attempts at steering things have been made, so clumsy
indeed that they have already defeated their object and paved thc way
for some surprises in the political
developments  of  thc  near  future,
 o :—
Docs the bid of 52-,500,ooo for the
city hall include the 1906 civic gov-
nmient. Of course. The government
aforesaid will go lo the purchaser as
interior * woodwork,—Toronto. Telegram. • ■
A dear lot ol blockheads at
 . rM* ttit»V. n*_ pt-t-o-1? n	
♦ ■ ♦
♦ ♦
4/ Bellevue Local Union Xo, 431 ♦
4/   John    Clark,   Sec,   Kcllevue,   4/
4,' ' Aba. ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ • Hillcrest I.ocal Union X0.105S 4>
4) Jas. Turnbull, .Sec, Hillcrest, 4}
4/ Alta. ♦•
♦ ♦
♦ ' >
+' Lundbreck Local Union Xo. 4/
4} 2275. A. H. Bryan, Sec, Lund- ♦
4> breck, Alta. ♦
♦■ ♦
♦ ' a , • J'
4/  Lethbridge Local Union No.574   ♦
4} S. A. 11. Cralib, Sec, Leth- 4/
4} bridge, Alta. ♦(
♦.       ■■ ♦
♦ ♦
4) Tabor Local Union Xo. 102 4>
4/ John Bishop; Sec, Taiior, 4>
4/ Alta. ♦'
♦ ♦
4/ Tabor Local .Union No., 1959 ♦
4/ Jas. Probert, Sec, Tabor, 4}
4} Alta. ♦
4)~ ♦
4/   Canmore Local Union Xo. 1387   ♦
^_jr,—A-Sson ,-Scc. ,_CaniiiQi'.e,_Al_aJ 4/,
4) 1 ♦
Opfivk Uoi'-isi-       li "Kilo li 11. in
' C.30 to 8
Oilico ill Alcx.>. els'a Hiot-li
1 to fip.m
ffernie, 3B. C.
Davey & Laderoute
over Slum's Hnkery.
_     .,_    _      n.o
f$» f|»
to pleas*; careful housekeepers is to •
give' lion:-si weight.' Oh, we do'i't
say that all' imU-hers don't do this
but we cannot li.lp occasionally
overhearing oi:r lady friends when
they gel  to telling  their experiences.
to please is to supply only ths best
meat.. If you trade wilh us you will
learn just what we mean by these
two "ways". QUALITY and QUANTITY wiil be a little *more than you
Calgary Cattle Co
Ollice:   L.T.W. Block
Febnie— British Columbia
M. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
Plans, Specifications and Estimates furnished  on-application.
PletUy  of  GOOD   DRY   LUMBER ON HAND.      "    *
Architect     and Superintendent
Office "at Residence, .
[BAKER ST..     •■    .- ;  FERNIE. B.C
, Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
Electric Supply Store
All  kinds   of   Electrical
' Goods .kept in stock.
All  work
John Turxkr,
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
Daily  Canadian-.
Now that the Kernie coal strike is,
s.'Ukd  and  the mines resuming    operations, it is worth while to call the
attention oi ihe public lo one. fcalurt
of thc iiej--iiations which were   tar
ried   on   the ;eoal    com.) my
niul  the representatives of lh»   miners, the I'oiili'iidinjr parties in the dis
pute.   Il was one of those features ol
the negotiations'    which,'while    trc
liHtidously si»iiiliciiut in itself would,
under ordinary circumstances, he lost
sij-ht of in the iiiii-'iiitiidc -yf thc con-
sef|Ut*uces   of   the  dispute.
When a proposal to submit thc dispute to arbitration wns made, il will
be remembered that the ollicials ot
the miners, or thc representatives ot
N'-itit 11.11 1'resident Mitchell, suggested tlmt l-rcniii-r Mcllride or sonic one
t.i l.e turned by him should net us
arbiter in tin* strife*. The name of
thu I'rciiiiir was uol acceptable to
lhe manager of lhc coal coinpany for
lets-ins which iR'ttl not be discussed.
The .Nciise. which he oflcrcd wnf* to
ih.' cflcct that, he did not w-iVit the
alTnif' tu us::iiiue any politlcul imn
N'o nioi*i.< did the miners or theii-
ri-pri'Mi-iit.tti-.'cs. The t|iii'Hlitiii of polity's w.i-, foreign to their thought"..
It w,t» tin- pi-isiiiialiiy thai itppe.ilu,-!
lo tli,111, U.-n was it body of mi 11
who are tntiiely iioii-pnrll/an in pul-
itics, and, whether wisely or unwlivv
ly, praciicilly without much' ►yui
[li'tltv with cither political parly-
Tluir struggle is admittedly 11 clnic*
cin-i-ioii.   struggle,   ami to   pifsciti
'      r.   ■' 1 I c  .
■'Mir,;';- ' thnn There w:\« iv.
jMi'ty ,itlv.ii'.ti.i>g to be gnincil and nn
dis.itlv.'.ntitgc could arise Irom the
Migg-silon thai the I'ri-mlcr nr hii
ii'.mhii'f -.lumlil nrbltratf, the mnttcr-i
III     lll.',pll*lV,
Th«- Cr.tubn.o). Priispcctor liiiiln ot
the .ictb.n <;l c riTtalu politician in
thir. ri.niitclii 11, hut it leave*! the public iu doubt as 1.* whether thc action
1 f Manager I.intlscy nml the opponi*,
t t.i-, U-.A *. •.:■.■.;■ I.'.' iiit''rpr..'tcd o'i
h;niu„' anv pclitical complexion,
Wt- nr.* iii.i .<» to lhc fads
bin ii is only lair if ilu-rc wnr< n dctp,
■I .t'.-. pb.l, llu* -|iii1ilic should I*
;,i..d.- ; f ■-ii.tinu-.'. wiih Ihi- fullcrtt (11-
f 'iiiiuiiiin  it*i.ilablc.
W lull* \«' tl not nml cannot »M-«in-'ti'-, in tht* ntggf^tion ol thr min*
tit mttrisittl, ivr set* nt the raitio
timr tlul     a very lUlUritig roiitpli*
Helpless jind Bent.With Rheumatism
—Cured    by   ,Dr.  Williams'    Pink
"I was a helpless* cripple.     I   was
bent iii form and could not straighten up.   Crull'crs were my only means
of moving about,   I tried many medicines, but they all failed until I l-c-
'gah using Ur.  Willialns'  Pink  Pills—
they cured  me."   George Schwab,  of
Short Ileach, ,N. S., made the   above,
almost startling  statement  to  a   reporter a few days ago.   Mr.  Schwab
is now a well built man, strong and
broad shouldered,   I,ikc  thousands of
other Jfov'a Scotians, he is a fisherman, and is consequently exposed   to
all kinds of weather, just the conditions to set the rheumatic poison in
the blood at wprk,   Mr.' Schwab adds:
'iit  is    impossible to overrate    lhc
severity  of   the  attack,   Thc, trouble
was located in niy back    and    right
hip.   I hud to ('lift work, nud    was
mostly  indoors,   There  was   n  time
when I never expected to slitnd erect,
again, but Dr, Williams'  Pink   Pills
straightened me up again, not    only
that, but they made mc thc   strong,
hearty man you see mc today,   I can
never describe the awful pain I   suffered before I used these pills,       1
tried many medicine nnd had treatment from,several doctors, but lo 110
avail,   My legs became so stiff   that
iu order lo move ut all I had to use
crutches.   Fitinlly   the  doctors  decided that 1 was incurable, ami told mc
they could render no further   assistance,   I continued to sillier   day   and
night,   nnd    then came the   turning
point of my lift,     A friend   from   a
[distance came to sec mc, audit was
from hiin I learned     that Ilr,    William*;' Pink I'ills were a great   cure
for tlnutiiiilisiii,  'At niicc  I' got    a
supply uiul began to use llinii.'   The
Indication tlmt they were helping mc
war. when the pain grew less   severe,
lu a lew weeks more the swelling   in
my legs    nil hips began    to   leave,
then iny joups seemed lo loosen   tip,
and ilttii it wait nol long until   in-'
crutches    wcte thrown aside ami    I
could itraighti-n up.  Then  I    began
tn en nnt nonm niul vnon wim able
in resume mv work ns well ns ever.
Since that tim. 1 lmve never been
troubled with rheumatism or lame
back, I can tell you my neighbors
wire nil astonished ut my cure; tliey
,..n..l,!   '.liv.',-,.  t-i»  0
♦ 7 ♦
+ Bankhead Local Union No. 29 ♦
V John - Iliggins, Sec, Bankhead ♦
4} , , . Alta. ♦■
l^«.J~Ji»J«»J«J»JwJwJ«]»J»J».J«J«J»J.^Mj«J..Ji»J..J« I
City of Fernie
Large stock of Home Grown Fruit
(iand   Ornamental   Trees.   q    ■
Ileadi-uarlers for Paci^fc Coast
iGrown Garden, Field and Flower
[iSeeds in season.-
Greenhouse Plants,  Cut Flowers.
Catalogue  Fr«!.
M.   J.  HENRY,
3010 Westminster lioad,
Vancouver, IX. C.
'ANGLICAN-Christ Church-
Rev. R, Skelding Wilkinson,
pastor—Services, J1 a. m.
nnd 7,30 ,p, in. Sunday
School and Bible class at
a.30 p. in, Evening prayer
on Wednesday at 8 o'clock.
Holy Communion ist and 3rd
Sundays at U a, 111., ami
2111I Sunday nt 8 a. 111,
WINE   CO.,  Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers and Direct Tmport-
ters of
„     OLD TOM     ■
Sole Agents in Canaoa for
Windsor     Tonic,      Jag     Destroyer
Jt.'i.l Down «         .' ' Head Up
ii.-ir. p m l,v.      J'V'inie Air. 8 5011 in
1-i.iii a m            Itcxford GlOiim
fl.-lf. am        ..Sl'OKANK ,  i'.ajpiii
T.IiOpmArr       Scitltlo       I.v 0 IS 11 m
* Jluily DX.optMintliiy
Leaving*  Fernie cj.45 p. 111.  you
arrive at 10.55 P* n1* 'n
Arrive at   10 p. in. iii
~~"' SfTPAUL-~"     F"
For (Jetnilcil inforuiiition, Jiertli reservations, etc., cnll on or lutilross
BAPTIST-Ucv. H. Locke
Kcmpton, 11,A., B.Tli., pastor. Services at Ji a. 111. and
7.30 p. in, Sunday school
niul Bible class at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting- on Wednesday at 8 |), 111.1
CATHOLIC-Church of thc
Holy Family-Father J, M.
Travernior, O.M.I. Low
mass, 8,,>) a. m.; high' mnsi-,
10,30 a., 111. Sunday school,
3 1». ««., Evening service, 7.30
Coal,—Coul InntlH nmy bt. imrchabotl nt *10
lier miro for 8olt coul uiul *a) for iintliniclte,
Not mor.; than ,')iii uuh'm cun liu iiotiuiruil by
one or ciimimiiv, Jloyulty at tlm
mto of ton coiitK per ton ot ->,ikhi iionndi shnll
bo eollcctctt on thu (ri-i.hrt output,
Quiirtz—A f ion minor'H corMilcuto in Brunt ml
upon payment In ml vniico of W. jior uniiitm for
nu iniliviilunl, unit from K><> to i*liw por uiiiimii
for iiiiiinipany iieeurilliiK to capital,
A froo minor, liavlnR.ili>novarotl minornl In
I)1ii-*j,iiiiij* Uieato 11 iiluiiil l/.DOx l,.'iix) feut.
Tho feu for rcuorillii-- u cluim la (-V
At JuiiHb i'KKiliuiKt )iu oxpanrtoit on tlio claim
oilchyciti'or pnl.t to tht* inlnitiR r.iiiuy.'e.r in
liuu tlieiiiof, Whon f'.'.Hi Iiiu neon oxpondtMl or
imill, tlie locutor mny. upon liavinua niuvcy
mmlo, uml upon complying with tillinr ru*
r)nironioutn,iiuruliiiao tlio lunil (it .1 an aero,
Tliu piitontliroviik'H for tlio jmyinunt of a
royalty uf SJ pur cent on tlio siiIiih,
l'l.Acv.ii inlnliiK cliiiniH KOiior.illy nro 100 foot,
Hqunrui uiiti-.v fuo if. riniiiwaliluyoiii'ly,
A froo minor may olitnlii-itwo Iwisoh tn
.irflilue fur uoltl ofhvo mllCHcnuli for a turiu of
twenty .vcurit.ruiiowiililo at tlio MUui'iilluii of
liu Mlnintur uf tlio Intui-iiii-,
Tlio loitntio nlmll Imvo ntlioduo In opi.rittion
wttliin oi it. KoiiHon frmii tliu. Intu uf Ilut Iiiiikd
for wit.h Iivo iniloH, Hi'iital «Ki wu* ainiiiiii for
uittili milo of rivor Iviiku.I, Jloyulty ut llm
into of 'J. per tent I'olli'i'tu.i on tliu output, ul.
tlT it CM'-iull-rlfl/VM.
Deputy MiniHtcr of thu Interior.
N..' DN—"Uitoiiithi-^i/eif  |>i-jV>liewliqii   ol
(kit adrcrtiKcmuiit will not he paid
Philip Carosella
General Merchant
and Dealer in Wines,
Liquors and Cigars,
E'Ej"R_sriEi, 33,. a.
METIIODIg'T-Uev, W. l.nsli-
ky Hull,, ll.A,, 1J.D,, pOHtor,
ServlecH Ml Ji a. 111. and 7.30
p. M. HiD'lc clnas i\,i\n ]i, 111.;
comhinctl Bible (Inso nud
tcaclterH1 meeting, ,,,V» i>.m-
Cluss inciting. 10.15 a. m.
Young -'eoplc'H meeting,
Monday tit K p. 111. Prayer
meeting iWitlnemlay at H |»-»i*
*.-!/■ l'A'J'iiuAI/J-i  J111MK   UNtil'ST'lY'lM*.
uasrioisr  label
Crow's    Nest   Special
Minor's Favorite Cigars
1,4,1   ,..-■   ,1„,„»1,|   T
Dr. Williams' l'ink Pills cure rheumatism by going Ktrnlght to the root
of the trouble in tlw blood, They
make new, rich, red blood that
sw-.pi nnt the pnlioiiotn ntitl «nd
Ht.oih.-i the junj-ltvl nervex, Thnt in
lum* tliey cure ull trouhlci rooted In
tlte blond, sue!* an utiat-iiiia. iiiiligcn*
th.n, neuralgia, St.,Vitus tlanre, gen-
1 Ml<n,'!«i nml the upcclul nil-
ntcntii that only glrli nnd womenlolk
tnr.w. S..1.1 \,% all metikine ileal-; ■<
or hy nuil at y> ttnt* a \m% nt six tor $f.$o turn The Dr. Wil*
Hami'Mfdicitie Co., Ilrockvillr, On*..
*t..,...',      10, l.i...., *  -    '*
olnirf.i—VW, IT. V. Crnut,
ll.A,, jinsttir. Services 111 Ji
n.«K ami 7.:*** p.m. Siimlay
Kchnnl nml Hlhlc class nt
5^0 p, tu.   Prayer   meeting
IV   ,.., . 1...      .1   .1   ..      ,.,
iw.1 w"'.»m luiii'mni'miiii.j.i'i wit'. ■.;. j..
HAI«VAT!flSr lAHMY-Cnptnili
I^ildluw. SuowUy—Knee drill
7 0. in. llolSnras meeting 11
n. m. ""Krc« tttA ICasy,"
?.Vi p., 111. Snmlny .•.chool, 1
to 3. Kalvniion mei'ting, R
p. m.| l'.M.K. m-a-tinR: on
Monti *y nt 7.30 p. ni. Sal-
vallo-.j mtet5nj[ Wednesday
•t * p, m. n^oWlir*.' in«t-
in;-*, Frhlny- Teitlmnnv
mett*'hig .Saturtlay «t H |». m*
-,   -■- -  1
«                                      ■• -t
*|>  I.I.K KIVHR l,onct|? N'O.  .5
t              A   Y, St. A. M,
•^   Ucgtilat- iiu'cilng held lirst I'rl*
•*.  day  in each  month.   Visiting
<$-  brclhctii  cordially  invited.
<$>   .1. H. VOI.UMIC,' Sec, l'Vinie,
<§>  MT. V1.UNI1? I,lini'.lC N'O. i\: fit
-V                I. l). (J, v. t
^    Mill*: iVi-ry \Vi*dlii*''d;iv t-Vi'Ullljr '•I
•j-*   nt K p. m.', in 1. (). 0, V. Hull •*>,
^  V. C. l.AWH, Wee.-Sec, Vcrnie <?>
^                                                    ' ^
••*' '.
•'*>       KRRN'IH I.ODC.Iv N'O 31 <i>
<*. Meets lu I. O. O. V. Hall every -jV
^ Thiir.siliiy evening at H o'clocli. -|>
<*> Visiting brctluru aiv cnnlially <•>
'i- invldil. <*■
i%,   A. S. VOl.rMl'., C. C. '•>
J*   V, V, I1K.MMSTO, K. II   fir S- -*»
* ♦
Ih only onr. nf 11 litinlreil •!! fr.j-*.*nt
Nlm;, miiu I -tlxii.oiir 11 Iii'l. t.i nml
n'll, In, T.iu |i.ii'fciit >|ii .11'y ti' l!ui
I iiiii'11111 lliiiKlil.l with uhlu't tli.iy
utv iiri.!*1, i)irill!Ii!4 tliom in tliu
Shilling S'x-Pennv Pip.*
i.i l!.c Worltl
TIIKV Wll.b MIT IH'll.Y,
t:ii:v u'ji.Ij not cii.vcj;.
fvi*r.' rt.." Oinr plr»il.
soio i.v cava'-a ran ..s-.
IIARTI.KTT II0USK, formerly tins
Clark, ih« l*'St Si « tliv hotel in
Kiliwni. Onlv white help employed.
0.  W.  HAUTUiTT,  Proprietor.
Jn-it ruinoinlicr nml auk ur
"Shield .Brand" Pbcs
Kor Sale at the
Club    Cigar   Store
W. A. IN..UAM, 1'rop,
Phone 91.       •       -       Kernlo, 1». C,
Royal Mail
Last St. Lawrence Sailings
■Itjnipress of Jlritaiu NToy. 16th.
I.ukc Mi.niiiilui,  Nov.  24th    |
Winter Sailings
St.    Jn|in--l,ivi,i'piiol    direct.
I'luipiv'is of .Ireland,  Dec,   1st'c Cliiiiiipliiin,  Dee,  Ktli
I'.mpivsH  of lli'ltuiii Dec,   if;Hi
and wcclily ihcieiiftcr
Hiilomi,    J.S'i   and   npwurdsi
sect md,     ?.pi     and    iipwartls;
Slcragc, Ssft.sii-nnii upwards,
at-ciirling lu Kteuiiicr.
Di'liiilttl iiifiiriiialiiiii, .Saltiim
plans, bt-rlli rewrvuth-iiH, sailing .ishi, i'ii-., on application
to local agents.
It. WKAIHNC,   Agent Kernie.
1>,   V,  A.,  Nelson
I-!, J. COYI.K, A. «. r. A„
Vancouver, 11,C,
The contrnciior't o( Kernie will
pjciiwc ta.ts iifttle. that After April
m, i9<-6 the Ctrptntcri- and Join
ers nf Feinie I.ocal 1330 will ile*
mand four tlollatb (4.00) for eight (8)
'houra' work.
V. 11. of C. & J. U. UM, I'ernie.
MiBitd'n  I.inlimnl   Cures  Diphtheria.
"IIAKK NivntJK tlmt im -liiyn nfler ilttte I in-
Jl. I,,ml in to llin 1'lilt.r l'.iiiiiij|»»i«iii*r
,,** '        '    . •  ' ll'  ."',     r •:■   '   ;; .', .',:,    ,' ;   '..,;
i'Iiiim* Um ftilliiivJnir iIuxitJIu'iI IiiihJ In Noutli
Kiul Kiii.t.'iiny:-- *lin»it* a t'.iit l.lniitt.*il i.n llin went
liimlt iif Kill lllv.'i*, iilirmt llireu inlli.* htiltiu-
('lni*t Wi'tucrl'i* i.rt'-ciiiiiti.iii, ttti.t imirkml
Tliuiiiiit I'riiliiin Nnrlli Wutt Of*mor, lliuncii
H.intli ilicliiiliix, tliniicn Kixt Kirlnilm, tliutict.
Noilli iilniiit Vii'IimIiim to tlm Imii.Ii of Klk Itivcr
tlii'iii'i. al..1111 Willi lunil. In tin' iilni-ii nf com.
liiiiiii'fin.'iil, ciililaliilliK -.'l.t iiri.'H iiioi-fl nr lt.»«,
S |>l, l»i, l-.t»'.. Tlf'U.Kil ClIAIUH
riiAKKNliTICK llml in .lityititflcr tbitti I In.
• li'ii'l t» n| fn III*. I'lil.'f Ciiininl''r
of liitiitU mi'l Wintlw for iHirn-il»»li>ii I..*
.*1111 ni. llin fiilliiwIiiM >I.'M-rili.*il lunil In South
Hint Koo't-iiny.--
l',<<t.init<n<'iiiir nl a |Ki»t |ilrtlllr'.I nn lli# w««t
1'itnli of Kk lilvi<ri-.l><>Ut li.u 1111 In* norlli nf
('linn, W.'iu'iTt'M pr.* I'iniitImi, hihI nmrknt
.lolin f"rnJi-ifi SorlJi W'm.1 tUimer, ihrn**ftt*,iilli
I, fluln*. ll.t'iK'i* t'n.t M.-liiilii«. llitinrt. Norlli
al.ont it-', tU-.iiti* <>■ IU l.uiik tit Klk Kiv.i,
Mien*''* n liii'ir wiM Imnkfnitlm filii... ofroni*
tiifiiet'iv.efit itinlrritiltilnitiii lntticrrnlriont «.r
I"*'. . .
I»uf«.| .tniruhf ril-.t, x\<if Julm 1 fttlmri te  ■
,.-.--■ •' ---',v--"-  *S!»*
*• "<S" * A'-vk
*%' - * •§. - ' «t"' < -*   * £   *<-I*.   1 *k"" t *»v
cv^r* c%v»—.\»9«j^ci*oaM- £*v**i^~fS-^''*j«<-'.!r-*^'—----'-" ■
»-. *K>,'g_.AiitW., '&r.*£t..i£. ^WW'jIsaS?-
-   :4j_-"»r:r-*'t'
f-.V-"U-    ■VlHJJIj'"
-..«*. fciMHtu:^^ v^^-ja-v**,;. ^**>
The ledger KidMEnlightens an. Anxious Enquirer
?:;        '  Further Pointers on Request.
"' A' -3?
Dear ;Kid:., , ■ '
.*,-. •    '•'       -    '■-
,   I  have been  reading in  the papers
of late* of "better - terms," and have
Lccotne. greatly;'confused as to just
what"* r that term of "better terms"
really- means.- I see -by some papers
that -."/better terms" should .not be
mixed with politics, and by others
that-"I'bc.ler'terms has.noi been mixed" with politics, and still others say
it has .be'euAinixed with politics , or
that'"'if it has -not ,' been mixed it
wasn't-''because somebody didn't want
to  mix  it  with politics.
If'you'would kindly explain this
mixing business, I shall be grcally
obliged to yoii, ns I don't want to
get the wrong kind of a mix on my
ballot mark when I-go to yote at thc
nixtr provincial election.
By the" 'way, can yoii tell mc whcii
the election is to be pulled oil?
■y   '*       A MIXED ELECTOR.
*,   ,      j     ,  *
Dear, Mix:   ,.      : *
I. have*' beeii  watching; this   "better
and 'have concluded
have,: ashed*.for any'better terms than
it hast'sccured; from the professional
politician'* on ' cither   side of the fence.
Premier - McBride is * sure that those
liberal;, provincial premiers and , the
Dominion: cabinet were'benr on mixing "-politics1 into the?"belter* terms"
soup, !_'soas * to .give' him such a
cramping- colic ".that he" would have
'to take:;paragoric in "such'' doses that
he woiiid'-go to sleep and wake up too
late'; to^be rc-clected.'-
The'liberal^premicrs' are' sure, thai
Mr .McBride'had rough on rats up lm
* sleeve;'Jand ifshe had not becn-iulcr-
fcrre'd'with-at, the proper moment he
would'have-' ,laid the whole lot of
them'out for good. [', r
■ Since.Mr._McBride;has got back to
IheUprbvince. with an alarming sum-,,
ptqm;,of colic still lingering with him,
hiscpolitical, friends are insisting that
he .was,; right in refusing to. lake anymore'than' just a- taste of 0the "better
. ** .        4 - *
terms" soup, 4 or .lie" would have been
' corpse;;'-'.-as «Mr;
tunas',,  .mixfupj
that',;as .a • real mix-iip"1 it could
the slogan is, liable to go bad ou his
hands*""'fritircly before he can use it.
V*'       , ' 4 4
This being thc case, if would be
very" '-hazardous business predicting
just whenfthe election will take filace.
.....the -.Hon.   Dick  can* get* "'--^,Br
■She .held" hei; china steadily
In her bewitching way,
I came upon her suddenly -'
Wlien Dolly held the tray.
' i
I saw her blue eyes warning flash, -
Heard her defiant "Nay,"       ,   ^   :\
But thought that I would risk a crash"''
When Dolly held the tray,
I'd often asked her for a kiss,
"J* •Shejdyalwayssslipped .away,,,..   -   i-;.
-■Unt_l$t'ha& tilne' Inasted: bliss, -' . .?.'.-
terms*'* fixed up with the member'for
Xanaimo' before time to call- \the
house, together, there won11: be**-any
tU'ctioh .this year.  * .,.***'*
i. 4 •*. *0   ,'■*"" " *    >*&  *.'
. Mr. G9S'neU'.s name should \h&Ve;
been speltv J. II.-* Hawthornthwaite,
and'-- -in"that case all* the necessary
lenns could have been fixed up along
the road, down cast, and tha-to" other
eight premiers could have, had things
to suit, themselves.       , A'V'H ? S
.-.You sec, ..Dear Mix, thi, f"bct!ter
terms" affair has a much wider,*and,
more.; statesmanlike scope thnUs *the
ordinary ignoramus is aware .of. ,, *
" If Mr. iiawthornthwaite and A his
followers could be depended upon "to
be constant and true during the
next | session, as they have proven to
be in   those' lhat-  have gone'   before?
there1    would be no neelf of* '.'.better
* - > - *-. -.-
terms";, the old .ones would, do to
wean through*- the, winter. Elut time
has" its "effect upon all things', and the
boom chains iu those' old terms
which'   have'held the raft of. ..drift
44'   - J -.  1;»', *
wood,  known as the government supports in  the .legislature,   are  showing
an  alarming '.tendency-, to  break' just'
as the old raft is preparing lo tic u-
lo'the shore for. the lasl time.    \*\
One day we read in a paper .that's
inthe know,  that the elections    will
-    'lit       V
paper ''a cal.
to arms" by the, commander of is'the*
"..'ij|     three."     Then' there is a lull,
and;! Qthe negotiations'     for" "bcltci
ttrriis"   arc  resumed, nol  at  Ollawr■
(that was all stage play),- but some
where between Victoria and Nanaimo
If.- such terms     as .will ensure   tin.
drawing, of    the    next "$Soo.op_  am0
perquisites  upon , the  one hand, \ant
lliej' certain support  of   the&mainstaj
in the     house during     thc time' the
eight1 hundreds arc being earned can be
relied upon,- there  is diot much 'prob-
be called .on in" three * days; .,^auo
dav iwe read in another paper 1la
When Dolly held Uic tray.
'   » • ',.-      x- "*
* ^'V      "    ■'"'■■r.'- v -J-C -,-"■   f*' '   '-V--
gweet kjisse's oft*, aid •:_•* cajole A.',
', On many a. later, day,
But ne'er^ forgot the first 1 stole ^
Whelir Dolly, held tlie tray. ,aA-\
Now, as I appear each day,
Dolly.: rtms and gets her tray; ■_   ,..
iiiie thinks' I' think" shii thinks '•i
'< \ J'
... coming',.
for drinks
'. _\ '-. ,C,t
*'%$"-       X'~\i\ '1 * ..;**.''        ■     .'-•   -
/I'hero was {a man in our.,, town,*-^   .
And..he'd a right.* good name; scramble after-wealth
He wholly lost" thc same."''"'
And when he found .his name was'lost
: 5VitIu'allj'his;,might .and-j main-,. ,-*,
He gave his .millions right and left
'■•■ToIget- it back.'aga.ihrV .A" *' '-.t.'*''',-''*'
, — Minueapqlis  Journal.
And when he'd got, it back again
He" began again deceiving,
TjUtillheKl got his Vnoiicy >.l-ack,',*j, -.' •
And now the other., ones are griev-
1^}^'A.\   lYyy[i ■,;-, :'yX\
Thro-ugh all'iiur Cuban bickering
There runs a low refrain
Of mean and cruel ^snickering
'** Upbti' the. part - of •.Spain.'., A..';_ ■.] -;«:'
. j "A * -f ■• 4      .Minneapolis  Journal.  -
iO   ,*'_'.;■"     . *,-;•,*-..>'>',:.• •';' -:•;   '=-" ••'-.'•
That ought .to .give to'* Jonathan ■
A smarting,  tickling pain,    * '
To think he is the laughing stock *'
Of 4hat old spinster, Spain.
the  Copper
Betsy Snowflake was in town
iTiV'said that. Charlie Hyman's. ill,
gfh.s^caiinot'i-e \a 'trick," 7, * 7, .    'Q;
tt',c'H..">ndou*-politics--exposed,<.\   ft
'-Made everybody sick.''
—Toronto  News.
utes this .week..*.
If you want to find where tlie shoe
pinches, wear it.
I -'like*, to*, watch a. good .Sog fight, if.
my-dog--is on topt1--■ «- -,. *5v % «
, Geo. Adams, of Vancouver, was~vis-
iling^Eiko .this.'week. *.-\ \'^'r'^\-f\ .'
*;When a womau-'haso-abthihg^erse'to
do she washes',h'er hair.
J.'ovc.-iif a cd}.tag-'"i is j*all:'right;^the
thing is-vto get*the,*Jcott'agc.-v" *' ^
' Archie' McKee" came -in from '., Rossland on a visit to his parents.
. Rrank^^, Elko., wiih
his pack.train; loaded with* doer.'*- -^'
Hc\s a-iut'y maii that can sleep in
the;day..:.tim.-lkaiid pot have to work"''
nt nights {...
* .Wm,"; McConiVack t'eame down "'frotilC
Cranbrook to cook in one of the logging camp's/-• , a^,v , „ &
■ Harry Martin was shaking hands
with his old and iuany friends in Elko, this week,
. -Ernest' -McKe; • came in 'Jrom\ \ I.eth;"*
bridgefor a few. hours visit, with his
lirdthcrVPercy.O - ^.^i'A <'UQ Y'
T.*The Sam.-, Wilkinson, gang of,., .sliarp.
shooters reliirnc'd" from* tlie sbulh'fbrk'
with live -deer.'       ,7 '     . .'   .
.Jack,,Dow   i_   in   charge of thc ta-
boggaii slid.'-•>.between tthl*. _Ulc'-hotel,
and the C. p. R. tracks
A Gcoi
hundred',dollars in" Elko advertising
C. W. Peck -S. Co^drygoods..,,.
"Miss Mary Jaiie "Slackhammcr ^iind-
young Bill, Broiichb intend giving a
ping-pong social Christmas week.
.. Mr.-yLiviiigstoue, of^PugJi *ftn'd,**-'.My-
incslone, arrived in Elko and lelt for
his game preserves1' and 'tall**-timber.** 1
Bobby Burns 'said "Man was made,
to mourn," and there arc -dozens of
women in-this world who see's that
he docs.     - - '      ^i:}   r*'■" * AsS
Joe Auslion,-llie 'well known; and
popular C. P. R. agent, leaves, this
week for,.his old Ottawa for'
i'"..'*.¥"'-,i|'-*  .i'f       *'■".*   -     ir-,,
a7well earned, rest:-   J' '■-.-,.   '.,'■>    .   -\S
*        t*      ^.-    .\ I  **, A*'  'a-."    ^vt v^,--*l_ *'-i *-4*
.Elkia's ; famous*-."■</I,"AiriJ"So* Dry"
f|Uartcttc have, reorganized,,' and will
no doubt be   engaged k for, the* Christ-
per acre.      The    sale of
italists last September will make laud
values go still higher.        <      <-.
:   ' 9	
iion'X goito ^-hb'11 theatre,'flecturec^or
4   baii.ij.   "2. -vr- »■*,.        "->,
\\*L "<**     *.*'? -<■«»_«J-i, -■-■)
i^put stay in the house" tonight; **'-
Deny yourself to the friends that call'
And' a good long letter write.   '-
-Write to thc sac^ old .mother-at home,
1 Whb^sftslwhln the '^lay Is^done,* •"**'■
With foldid hands aud downcast <?yes,'
hAAhd, thinks "of the abseut^son.
?, V<-"vi'. TvV  '^, <??"■«"   i t .;*>   *
■**•■*"-.'? -;*:. j-$ -r- S"   :-i   ■ <     «*-•■>       '
Don't let   .icr feel  "that you've' *no
more use ■*   -(. .
,-r. "tcVf-i *^ '* **»-•" *"'- -
ability of -your having^ a chance    to
cast a ballot     iu the Fernie    ballot
box ..this, winter;^ ^■■IiVavS^^s.'.^aJ!«e:
You sec, there has been a'miscon-
ception of   .what      "better   ' term's"
means. • Some people have been led lo
■ The, terms that' are;;really*hc,cessary
IpVbe*. ,fixed;-up,v^^
will- ensure, the. united-support-of., the,
old supporters of the 'government din*-'
ing the"next1 session. If' 'that' can be"
arranged .there won't., lie.'atoy*.a*lcc-
lion. >»&•:.*      ,'i«UKV*g*^>   .
UUli.     -. ;    • .," -,.N ,*5„,i,.   ..Mil,
Judging frpiu tlie'' lilufl'mg and
counter hlulfing>:tljdtVhas been going
on, the Kid,jtliinkss.thp.1 terms,, whether bolter of.^worjjp^wUllJjej'fixiHl up
so' that there will .bo another. session
and another £800 draw before there i.s
*        *". -
another 1 election. r, •(» n * -.,-1■ J .
f ■••' t i' U -'N t '
All 'Ihi.s'jockeying by *th<i- two premiers lias 'llirown  the opposition into
'','.'.'_■  .', At ,***"H":',f l'l."/*''"*''  -1'
a-kind of mild .hlacjn' that jtjhdy; -tyoiild
be, caught „ Juippiiig,  and, orgniii/.cr.s'
have .been kept/cxti-emely .busy draw-.'
ing '  their" salaries ami' nVaking   out
their expense bills.   One of these" or*
giiiiizefs'' iii reported ' _b'*hav<f" visited
Fernio    a   few days ^KO,,;..and,il is
probable that things ^iayo'";-}.i.cri-thqr?
oughly    fixed up librcQ-i^fAl^-wli^. ■^tljC'
Honorable Richard sprjligB'^iWatrcail
ho will find that at lenfiit^ Vii;p»r,-cbtt:
Htlltiencv thing,, have'li'clfi'v'fixcd'to ri
finish. "    * 'i p^Y"';* 1 '•
If IhcNo things (loujt-^ay.-ji'xe'li it
■.'.'demnitiou, "damp political
Mantilina would have
.expressed"it. ; ,"' ... .v .".-5-,.„.-,;
The^bther ifcllo'ws'vare insistuig thai
the'jllon.. pick-JS politically dead and
'doh't'khdwMt, which iusistancc .lends
;a little Color, to the contentions , of
the:;Premier's, friends, that -the ^'better teniie':. .bowl of soup" WAS y. dqc-':
K *,- , 4. .        . .   ,
This -contention  woiild carry .great.
weight if it were, not counteracted by
the,.vehement statements of Mr!-Mc-
,-'Bride's friends that he. was never, in
" better political  health, than- now, ] as
■ a- ^consequence > of' liis - ref iisnl • to" take
' the soup,'' .   -"   "-   ', ,i ;,. ',. '" '■    ., • ,_'
,    The Kid has concluded - .that there
was     a great deal' niore ■ of'political
mixing on both     sides of "the" table
wlien , that   dish of .'.'better*'terms"
was brewing than there was of statesmanship,. .'  < ,*,..!.
When-thoso liberal premiers',  were
fixing the thing up they never,for,one
moment   lost   sight of the political
possibilities in thc dish, and Mr, McBride didnjt forget that  thero    ,iyas
great, possibilities     to bo swallowed
ami     accumulated     in the   political
stomach of his- side of politics in his
own province.
All the nlTinning and denying^which,
has since been going on only, proves
one thing to have been a certainly,-
, and lhat is.that politics had :'a' great;
deal more to do with tlie whole affair than it should have had   to,do,
and    that explains  why-both * 'Hides
to the controversy arc so nnxiotis io|wi» tllkc nnotlicr sty(n^' jf^^hfl-i'lidiii
prove was tlie other   side's. «»»<* to rlf* i]^£^fr'Vw  K^
fault.   After all    this ' palaver,    tho   ' "" '"'" ' -■—-'"          ''-
wholo thing will have, to be settled
by this' Province of llrltlsli Coiiiinblti'
nud tho Dominion Governmetil, and
why that confereiico of provincial
premier-- wuh cui led nnd so iintich time
wasted, is not .('iille clear to thu Kid,
tinlcj-H It wns to nllord nn oppnrttiiilty
for nu outing at Hie public-expense,
It ought not to havo taken nil net-
tin! experiment to Imvo deiuoiiHtnited
that "bettor tcrniH" for llrltlt.h Columbia could not bo placed upon the
mimo     basis as  "better terms'] for
■ other provlnccH, with entirely illfler-
tnt condltiotm niul miri'ottiitlliigH. If
either side thought that political nd-
^'tiittntri' wflti In bt> trnltipil,'Utnv muni
hv this lime have lHncnvored llieir
;. If Elector wait!. MU ho findi*,, out
from the press reports and npcccltcH
on both niiU'N'of this "better teriu"
t>r»l,1i*,<i '.".-{ ti'j.'cj't* {hi bbime Ilf
longs, he won't be able lo cast nn
Intelligent vote upon thnt Issue this
year. ,,
That InRt question of Mixed Electors will soon be answered by Father
* • It was all very nice tn go down to
/Jttawft on a pitfi.'i aiul drnv.* milr-rtge
and other expenses out of tho licas-
nry, In order to he able in bring
homo n new tied ion slognn, hut Mr,
Mcllride failed to select thn proper
person ., to,accompany, him, nii'l has
I nn having wt muih iw-uUe. gating
the date fixed
Going' south tcTtake a pill "AT'     r
. - Is uo Sunday school pic-nic,'
Charl.eyA.sooii .will have his. fill
'*' 6rpic"vthat 'is" politic."J" ' '*''
'"..-."''"—^——o~ '*   •
*i ti' 'r. f*ti« , ij*-a^*.j*,(, --fV**,
For .herSlpve'«*and)counsel wise, ., ?'•', V
For   tlw   heart grows strongly sensitive, .
When age has. dimmed the eyes,
jlt-ni-ig-ht bejwellHo";let. her, believe, -.
"You never forget her quite;     '  " *
That ,you.; deeiA it, a pleasure'when far
. •_''  *-,? J*1*: )    - .;    -■ s . ■    ; t t     . '..: *- '«
'^*      awayr,     ■•■-*" ■-> v*    >■' -    -.'• -..■,•.
^- Long ,let(trs/-homc to write.
I. & >,   'Xt ,* .i 5 \ i-kj  , -J • VD.;, Br* }
TliO-tKxd was riding "oii th."trainr so
wus a big fat woman.
At Wardner the big woman got up
and ...went out of the car but H catite
'back" again. ■ *when' the-trdin .■"started ■
and<f^9iune<ct*her "seat behind.-the Kid.,
, lhe same thing occurred at' Jaffray, "ahil^again atVEDTo*;;, \Vlien near-;
ing Fernie she leaned, over and said
to the Kid: '     ,
4f'/Please,..,sir,,-, will,you  he. so.,kind.
Vs^to^iclp me *o£f'"iKe-traiii at? *'Fernie? ., You     see, I am so vcryjj^large'
-sp^-t ofeVtSeUrain iV-ihave*
Osierism  and   Rockefellerism  as Comppuiided-by
These Notables Along Their Lines.
|,!krr6f.|)Qisle_l*t]iinks it"-would be an
ail vantage if \aU*. the beer, spirits and
tobacco were dumped into the sea.   -
■;To whom would it ,be an advantage? Would it be any easier for "a
toper"' or a smoker or chewer to have
to,.fish his tobacco out of the salt
wafer) or! "'.to'-'thc tiplcr to have'to,
drink a .quart "of brine to get a gill
of ,whiskey?5 It,;mighT help the porpoises to; gambol a little more lively
aud the whales might be able under
extra stimulants to sprout water a
liUle higher, but it would -be a '. decided disadvantage to the man who"
"wants an eye-opener in thc morning
for! a • night-cap. ot night to ""have to
take 'an'" internal bath of salt water
in, order, to get what he thinks he
must* have,6- back' out of the sea, where
prof. Osier wants to dump It,
'...The;Professor, got all the old people down on" him for saying they
should all be killed off; and now this
proposition    to   cause the makers   of (wrong.   It
•- .A*.   M..' 1 tyre■ .spent ^several   ".^ i\i"",..,,
■d.,'dollars'' in" Elk'o" advertising * 'that*. wh'cn^I
to back down the steps and that con-.
and pushes me back into the car.
He has done this three- times 'now,
and^ waht^to^get .back to>,\yardhier.J'
' With /tilt as^i'sCancVof tiie'*]S:id%nd;
haying (It. t_? ofi titrie « at Fernie,!-■ she    .« \.v ,„ _      _.*,      t.:*3* .       ^ d n   s 4.^ '   -     -   £
succeeded in backing off the tra.n before the obliging conductor , could
.^mauii-', ,,';';.<,*•;,'. ■   _
The; .nciglihors'.'were greatly stirred up
.—../"by.the scene,. ..   ,   ''".'_   .,
And ' the, ohiy collected person'   was
_ *, '"ri"-G*juc.'".V..j-,-'. :*. "*■;>: •*.;.■*- ;;■■, -. '**•
i Yi . ■ —Princeton Tiger,
• ' i'.., •   §■ "-,':■ ','■-, '. 1 \
■Yes,'' lie'^v diRs'ectcdSand collected, , ;■.'
.ilj^tlie coroner 'inspccCcd, ^J '.„„, .i.',
:llii^ils"not yet been detected *..-
"i'f-hi'went away'protected,; '       yy:
Vrpm a climate in wliicli he'd be tic-
!j^k'jctAcd;; y.'r.U, ■ > ,\f":..-:
the opinionsyoiy .tiiio SPjEECII.
■ _*,.v_      '  '' 'V     j ^ 1   -   !/"" I. \.* /" .*• i*. ,   ,   ^1
Y/i LAURIER.   ' ,
Ill-nil my years I cannot now recall
.Anpthcr. speech"' so ,fine, so fulluof; allj
Tliose (iiiaiitlcs whicli- in'tikc' oratlonsi
liVgrcaty.;^" 'YY iiiY "-t' "."'"•'
T,challenge nnyoiic to'iiml its mate.
'■'■'■-/; " ' \notiiittN,.'*;5'.:);.'   ;; .'■'
Of -all  ,tho, dreary'speeches' I/have
, '.^.j-lionrd.
Tills oiio'of Grey's' is worsl.'"It , has
!jj '  not"stirred
Tlie tiniest my squl.
Tlio Gov J" hririib iiibr'c. vision1-than n
mok',  : i •'„'■ ','.'.' : '.   '
,...   ««.—,--0 —r
mas tree festivities. -
-The Bunday'.school was well attended Sunday afternoon.   If the   carpenters"" w6uld'lall'Vttehd'-"lh-y^mig1it-:lfavo--
lo enlarge -,thc - school. -'
- Fred Slicridaii aud family ' moved
into--towi. from-Citron,-Flats,.for,-.the
r,   "•""',' -Viiii "-'-■"        -,,','''"vl''-'4'*l -«"W»i5t.»»..'*.
Swissiv villa on'xthe;-,csplaiiadc.   .,;.*.. •   ,
-i, 'Huj-py'; .^raii^ "\ 'Tlie -Joily,,:pUdt,.
'maii;" afrivetl infElkb*oii^lils':way'to
Fcrilio'With'a sack' full 4ii.---Motmtdlit:
She always addressed Iiiiii as Mr.
Until he took courage and Kr.
—Pearson's "^Weekly.
.   says Pa,
And he begins his orders with Ma.
.■Npw,j-tUial;,;theyFV-e-. got, kids,.,,, ......
They can't shut-their eyelids,     " **
Cause the kids" keep crying Pa and Ma.
tt}local ,Grit;-.organ- looking into the
ialioif 'situation;i in -the .Siniilkfimecn)-
toci. '"After* all tills","* to ■ bo' unprep'ar-
idi! Well—-i,'-'   '   ' ' -    '
/ [| •')  ii ;"Afi "ip" 1".
' Et .wouldn't stretch*'lli'ei imagijiation,
_iiticli to havcVd(lld;'V.—I'"'  '■' *•'
don't just l(itow^)i|!ro'*,lhc-inonoy-,;th
pay for nll,-tiiV/8lr|nt>9)jij:pvrBaiii*lji|t
CfWiwB.frQiij,..l)jilj|io tlo'cjjtjino^lhat'lf
tliu-!-' liitrty' rep(jiyliijiHit. r^ost^^eiicflt
In to tlo'llicphylng, tlmt'Mf.' Mii-
llridu should Imvo a big hill tit inert
liticitl election expt'imcH iu  this    ills-
"   II
Xiw. Orleniis Pleayiilic.
IVlcr scttln'at do gnliJ;
trict. f-\l\ M,*..'. .a1 *;; J £ I .''i**/
l\llxeil Elector Is liiiblc'vo lie imtcli'
moro mixed before hu hns a chance to
mix his btilloi with'the rest * of thu
ballots-inthoMiext' provincial election, -       *v    .
, -rr^onrr- .■ I, . *
Forl^-five _ lliotiHnuil persons have
been murdered in the, , y 111 ict^, H tn ten
iliiriiig the last five" years, aiul Hiore
were tinirih-'rod-Inst- venr than tiled of
'tvpht'ld' fever'."' These "Nlntemcirls wcro
mnde by Jiidgo.Mnrctii-
nn.mlilrcsji •jn.Chiragi. ..vpu Frlilay.;slte
said this was tluc., to tho.^vay in
which .tho' law wnii*iiilinlbli»tercil, niul
tlu> lnw Htti'.U \t-in *1itil ni'iiVlnefllrlent.
j Judge Kavanagh should he "more
iliflnlte nnd certain." The Kid don't
know wheter "H» the law governing
tvpliold treatment or thc hanging
bu-ilii--***. hu was driving nt.
Ctinliln't that' Kingston genius who
lloatcd the ll-ivniliin get U. L. Hor-
1I111 St Co,'off tho rockM.-*Titegrnm.
Ko,  Tl will take a great «1r,i1 niore
llwiii" WA'te-f'/''to'fMa*''yti)t*<!«*it off  nf
since returning that | anything he gets stuck on.
:;:Nlgger pussiti',! by-^ '
Si. Peter-iip an' se/, tor hiin:,
.j-'"IImv did you como ler die?''
.ypo nx do mail whut hell do/gtui
, A 'plhUn' nt' licit, ions').
Go u« do dog witt hell my foot
f-'An' wouldn't turn hit looser'.
"Ati'so,'*- BtVAPolcr sen ter him,    '
. ."Vou wx». hotch In do nc'?"
J)at nigger.lurnl an' looked nt hlw t
''■ TItc"-pi6us**-cdltor ""of *'the""Dail-yw* -Cti-
iiadtan-(betrays -ra^dkiiger6u_. teudencv*
'^S-iprofiwly'its.'-jfollpWs,*-.   ■
*"*.'_!'. %C"'^Jii* ?cfr_.n1.r^^*-Ii:^_iifil*'goiiiff" *in**
rat- traps, which-he will,-operate wlXli  t^rjn'jpsr,^
injold.towii/,, --y; ty^i^^y; S.''a0Wd'wWh"hT3T;,-wUli,'«ic*^dltbt ol.
Martin     Thorp,'  Roy Ruby,   'with!   ' •' -
Frank • Ingram - asr guide, left s for, Wol-'
verine IJiisin and; Paradise ynllcy.'ncar-
.Roosyillc f(*y.a|l*ig, ga'ijie^iriml'of^sev-. weeks.  ,,'     ,      ,, <(.     .
..BtV.' I'uglii' of Ptlgliaiia'.iLiyi'ngsioiic,-:
nrriyeil in Elko from Okotoks with
meh'niid'toa'iiis' to build?.taiiips'-'iica*.
Rock Croak,"-; whero ..they, intend iput-t
.tiiig* in a;modern}. _„),.-,< .1
',, Ilutllesnafce Pete,was in .town,. 1110
'' ,, I '   I 1 . .     , A 1.. I . \*  - il- •>
other day look'liig as if he'd, traded off
.,-      ,       •  ,   » ..■.■'Xti\. iilrf.t     ■'■-.,"
his backbone for a name sirup, He's
as^shuri) "6*3,5 a-i;tack,- and; as, wiiootli
as'oil, :'aJitV'lcft for Wild" Gooseil'lats.*;
"ilii-ii V. i'ullVrtpii','.oiio" bOic/ ""inost
popular travelling men on the road,*
was, In • town enjoying lai,fish,ditnier;
while-telling 'some stigftr-cohted'candied peel stories.     lie's-like "Paddy
Miil-plty-isiiro^- got' a. way,'.wld .Ittui .A..
.  The,ladies     lljnt went .up  ,to   the;
Wiirdner dniiee say" they' lfad"'llie tijne-
of. tiielr ' IxJevif ai»l\ noyef •b\\ee'\ suller--
ytl.AV.itIi thiil.iiiii.hii- jji'liny^iCllc bed,
feeiliig," nnd     saw lift 'gtitiie' through*
from the logger's inarch"'lo*lhc'»Wiliffb.
cakcwalk.   ■'•■)   ..*. *  1-'' ;-
Threo well known ami popular men;
of. Tobuscb V i'ljiins ■ (yell, known iif*
Fernio) passed away.* Ciissidy, o(,"
the C.I. ranih;,'Oeorgq J»e<lbii,i  of thi
smoke, and the drinkers of beer, and'
spirits the trouble they -would'have to
go lo in order to have a snoke or u
drink, "hy'haviiig to fish them out of
the sea, 'will -put all thc smokers and,
diiakcis ovct into the ranks of the
ohTpcoplc. If , the , Professor should
make any cmorc bad breaks and intimate that ^all, the degraded dividend
lovers"and--political grafters should
be dumped- into hades, this world
■^uld-^ecoinei'-oo liot"_of""him,. and
he would .have to go to Mars or
some of the other stars. No insurance company would take a risk on
his life.
piest man of all.      The ricl.»;]rQti^$-'A
leader's face was unusually Pali.* and^l-,-?
he spoke with a seriousness thftt^ra*''-,
*■ "   , - * - -     *   .-4^.-. **,-^ r\   :*
foundly impressed his7hearcrs. lAt, frtl. ;.
period of'his talk he; became'^ intensen^"^
ly 'dramatic.   That was whet. Ke'.said?'- ';
J    ■ .. ,'.- *v*" ,•*.•,-*.. ,t
in a half-choked voice: "* .-' v--: ■->""- > *.
-*- 1:..-<     -i*--* ,-!
"I know what it     means;to Vneett,',"-; .
friends.   I never had more occasion: to'   /
«    .it*.*.-.*" ^.y-*
seek the sympathy of friends;bth»J_ /*;;>*
have had in the last few months/ A]K'."
the money in the world will liot lulie;7 ?
thc place of, friends.""'' ^ ' A    ■",' .
- Thc class -members looked* at_'Kr"«w' c
Rockfelier iu dumb, amazement.. L.Theyx   "
could   uot   help   wondering,-if; 'thei*Jf"'
leader was not making a veiled «UltyV-'   ;
ion   to   the troubles «f   the ;Silaai**?<\i-
Oil-company, some'of the iWa^s-^oit"'   -.
whicli,   including their leader's'fittiV^ /„
are. now under indicsinent. 7 ?'*'• Yis **
"It is true,"!said the leader,-;f»tk|it^ *;-
the Jjest of men will sin.   None 6f UR_j *
no matter  how hard  he triesi'/: goe|^ |'-
through     life'    without     coniini .'tin*Jf *;
seems impossible - to Isstyi \
all the'time. "Thi^'.&Sg.f"
New York," Nov. 19.—"What was lw'j
driving at? What does'it all mean?"
asked tlie ^perplexed) members . ofJ
'John ' D. Rockfelier Bible class:
"as they emerged from the class ses-''
siou yesterday at the -Fifth Avcnuci
Baptist church. For over an hour th**
young millionaire, had stood -beforo
his class" telling them how demorali?.-;
ing it is to have wealth,
s "ftlr. Rockfelier, the son of the, rich-
pure      lives
who arc less apt to sin are those'wh_>- '"
' .-. y,'t    . try* ,,
nre obliged to give strict atten.ioji't.iSj
their work. It is easy to 'do^i'tlgh'^ /,
wheu we are engrossed with'. the!pro&:' *'r
lemn of how to make our liyfngf*''lHI)jV*'-
the man who- has achieved*''imfce^^V^
success, the one who has accumiilateJs r-
a fortune in casv fashion, is the'matt **
who finds it difficult to.keep, from* ?'
doing .wrong. » _.... ■■%; '.-
"To you who may be, envio&_'-'b(v :
great, wealth I would say ' that yoii '*/
are better off by not havingri't;.'.v"'B^ '1
satisfied with your small '* pprtiooj' ■*';
whatever it may be. Too iuufchpros. A
pcrity for an individual is. a A' tiad -.'
thing. It breeds idleness /and tli». £
leads to sin. Self-indulgence h_-jl>e«n I-
the, undoing of many good jtnfea.' ^fk '\
sec instances of it in our daily life.'' .
_.^a     'iyY^l
, If young John D.- 'would propose; to f'"'
unload his
dollars   on
class and others who are iw11llng:''U!» lv
take a chance  at  being happy.,, vjit^.:.
money'in-their pockets to" barn,' ;*l|y|;
est^man in the world, told his devoted followers that the man who has
to work hard for a living, is the hap- -him.
misery .'in the. shaW Aof -£'
to that   Sunday," W^SfeAJS*
would  be astonished  at  the - c'ropjViorJ'-
friends that would'spring up, ;arbuoij. 15
; Senator xiri^jiettc.'fipf^Wi'ico.-isiii,
;w_s speaking u to1 an" Hiidiciii;.1   that
Vrowilccl"tlitJ*Sr',Akaiie-fc.tlientre * to- "tho
(loots.,the pthcr njglil,. When he read
.over '.the  .rolijc'oH,.i!!ot' 'tlie'   Vnltcd
jB^'aUn Senate iipoS't liis* nm' oii
the .'railroad riit'e bill, nnii' pronoiiiiced
"the liamcs of j.lVasliiiigtiSji's. two senat^
oi*s   as voting to table the    amendment.-there was dead Hileitce,     When
lit* .eh'diihi.   roliVcoir'.on ,fils, second,
nfncndnient Jhcro    wns a faint clap;
wcii reaii* among the opposing sendt-
oy»....'    , ,.
• ii'l Pbllette stepped fnrwntd and
ninliitd in a,','. very (pilet "tone, which
p'enctraUd tr> every piirt' of tho great
ji'ntjso,,, " , proud of that
vote?"-  .    ,    '   ,'
.'flic n.iilct that followed was broken
only by    ft, ;fcw*; rCNonuto ; cries   0
.. -eOIvD./.-IvOSES • ITvS  CHARM.   ,'
m The - present organization has existed ^Unchallenged Vfor: :',*many.'" years.—
Frb^n thc^circular at}, the'Standard
Oil '.Mwiprai-to -"the',/ stockholders.
i;.So.idid''.;thc-horrpr3.-of tno inquisition; 7"so"did feudalism;- so. did* vicious kingcraft,in- England; so did
the unspeakable excesses of the Bojir-
Ijon- monarchy in France; so, did.
human slavery in the United .States
of America; ' so did the grinding
tyranny bMhc-Romanoffs iu Russia.
But all of-these 1 offenses against Go.l
and humanity, cntue to au end. They
proved powerless to stand against thc
WMtli'-ofijustiec>: and .an inevitable
day'of1 reckoning. There* is not in all
of the- history-of organized wicked*
nefls in this world **.ny* example to cn-
(•ournge tho Standard Oil trust to
hope that it-cun escape the righteous,
^vengeance which porsi-i.cnt. cruulli^'
hnd' iustiltlug oppression always carry
with them.—Exchange
Quarter    Clrdo   TlircoJ""rnltcli, nmlj
Frank Mlntccr,.. ol the, Copper Kcttlo;
Mine Co,, Roosville,
Miss Millie ;NpJEnt*l)o|j, ;-th«:jrenjk;
^N'ol" niid'hn1'* hlliiAirttWo' responses
'ciiiua from the nHjJjence,
I'The United'Htnite's senate, tlio English House of I.ordu, iiud that nntl.
quatcd body known nn'the Cnnudinit
tii'iiate, are stumbling blocks   to the
John D. junior wept before his
'{Sunday school class a few days ago
!bceaiisc'h!s riches made him feet 'so
unhappy. He is Iu a fail' way now
to lose some of the cause of his sot'
'diva Tobacco Plains) und only known;. ^ , 0||t ,)f t)ie- -MprcffHet1 will of
living 7 rival bf the world's fninouiVI JI|0 pcopjc nf tJ)fH(. t|irc0 RrC(lt Kng.
Ailulinu.Valtl, dressed, In «»lWHft|Ut$ m m&V{n pcop.rn, which will have
An' spoil's: ."lilt is n Inc'l"
,' " '-.'A -.,}, i\   --."    *; -,.''.•_ ',.
"j)owu, lij.'de.pHdeii you miis' |
rifcr/kt'ciilliL* liv .lnt1 heiil'l "■'
Ilut'.nigger   Hi'rntch his   linld   right
Hti Peter had him den I,
m'.i,     .
Hut '-Iroi-kly liftln' up his -ajms,
lio vfl(i'b" -cui, pit .his, side,', -
An' MiCMy Xii,t a lotiMer tiow
Three times out loud ho cried I
Ht. Peter hung his bald 'will slutnie—
He 'iiieinbered uv his sin..,
An' grnbhln' up-a great big key,
1 llu let dat nigger in I
nwKEimnir of t.ErtiH-
(Prom Wfr.)
"He Is n radical of rAiUcaln.'"
"Ves?" "Ho even nrtvoci.te_ th« p«ln
He ownership ul lfgWatur**-*," "Good
ht'fivcn»l • YlVnilil lift leave mn rnnni
uhatcver for privnte enterprise?,"   .
loVWoiisviilb 'suiisct, will"'sliig'-'sev'
crititl c.imlc Hftiigs.ut the musical-festival, ChrlHlmns week, "   *
Hevciitylivo Spokano Ruta-hngns
passed llirotigh Elko,on their way
homo with their pockets filled with
good Canadian currency. They wlH
he back iu tho spring wctinng weiiry
Willie costumes nnd n look on thnn
like n South Dakota sufferer.
Mr. Walker,   Ferule's  popular  chiel
of ptiliri*. nud tvlnrgc partv ofcrack
sh'-ls tiiitfilteil ut the Roosville Cash
store     for a big game hunt on    the1
south fork of Elk river nud the licniV
watirs of the     Flathead    river,  It's!
snfo tn say     that when they' r*tttrn>
they will have both fnr and feathers,"
besides saddles    of. venison for their
mnnv friends. 1
Fred II00   wns down   lo RoosyllW
several    days this week nnd'' rcpoM
that   Americans nrc    paying     ttbty'.
price* fot. fruit hinds.  Tl« Rlchs or-!
vlijinl sold for sltieeii tlwun_nd   dolj
frir^-    f.ninl }olnlii|» P«HMvlllo   oi th#
i nouth is held   nt one hundred il^llur.
t>> ,l.e.,.,rtforJiKil..QU.t„of existence II'
they "continue* to obstruct the. will ol
the, people lo whom they owe their
exUtince. ' „
-■ 0" ■'■■■ - ■ ■■
' ' '■' POT.TTK
Her father was a ciitulldate,
liis daughter was my love;
Her face wns morning light to me,
• Her eyes the stars nbovo—
Her father was' a ciindldiite;'
This mulch Is worthy note-
She cnnic lo me, nil smiles, to state;
,  "Pa needs the flouting vote!"
"My dear," I said, "you cannot get
This lltmtlng voter'-* vote
Without you give him something first
To mnko this voter float;   *
Something to' lift liim up' from rartl
And spread his joyous wing
fit n flight o|' sunny ecstaey
Where larks ami linnets slug!" 1
"Vou can't do uny good ,v,uii> in
the world without offending some*
body," said CongresMnan I. mgworth
in un address. "The miaii who makes
no enemies is the man who does no
"Some men but for this fear of
irinltlng' cncmlM might, accomplish
something, As Ills,' they remind me
of the dying man, who was too cautious even' fo' make his pence with
'. "''lio you renounce the devil hnd
sii his works?" the mltiUler said to
this maii.'
): "And the «1)'l»i|? man rt-pllctl   In a
w._|c, hesitating' voice
,"*l*le_*ie don't  auk  trie  that.   I'm
go'ng to    a slfthji-e country, nxxA I
.don't waut to male myself entinle«."
Che Mtigt ihiluicii, Khe haw
Clean through my anecdote,
And blu-duil n bit, and archly **<}gh*il
, "So you would sell your votel"-
Jftr father was u cautlidutv;
lie needed flonters bad—
The sweetest lips I ever—Hush I
f voted for her dntl.
'. -.,   '    ,\ ir-.; i*
.". ' :'-;■!■ -,'->j?Jt *«<
The Ladies', Aid of Trinity'.; chWdi.^
0       - * -1 -.,        *'-'
will hold a handkerchief-'sale andteaiii
'-'     -i    ■ - :        :iHj^,.ki   ...
ill the' Temperance Hall, Colborii.,'o(. *■*
'        ,      *"'*v ."'' '
Thursday,    Dec. 6th.'. - l,landkerehi^ f;
made up into aprons, kimona^, sfcopkaL;-.'
■   * ,'-   ■       '.-t    -!• ; U:ii>!i\t-'f
dust'caps, etc., and in .many*., fiiScy |:-l,
' " ■      -■ :.r    ri:',Ts".l >'.
ways, but not fancy .prices,;.^»:.:t_,(*y;i
are contributed and all must besold;.*
There will also ben .table,',containing
n large   number   of useful and ornamental   articles.     Admission ' td tea?-'
25c,   All    are invited.—Eastern    Exchange;
Tlie Kid hns sent in on order, for, a" (
kimona made out of a handkerchief,
—* "•'-   o -- ,
The appointment of n commUsloBj,..
to investigate into recent elections in.*:*
Canada and tlie'charges ol co'rrujiiA
lion therewith is said to'be* th«'lu«-'
tuition of the Dominion government.:
—Exchange.'s see.   Was it London that war
paved with good intentions?
11     o   ■	
One of thc Kid's tramp frlci>Aii-trl«dJ'
lo hold him up the other day for 93.
cents. "Kid," said he, "I want to
go to Halifax nud I lack just 33
cents of having enough to pay ,tny,
fare; can't you give mc a lift?'' "'
"Ko, I can't," crustily replied thf,;
Kid; he'd helped the tramp'to HollfaJt
before, If that's nil you lock, go,
nliciiil nnd get off just 55 ccnls.wortU '
this side ol Halifax and: hoof It thi
balance of the way. The walking, l»,
good nt that end of the road.,"
The Kid nnd the trump both looli
the other way as they pass now.
One of those selfsatlsficd gentlemen,
uho ride iu automobiles and expect
ill creation to keep out of the way,
mn into a Dakota man on a broncho
white spinulug around Ceutrul Park,
New York, the other day.
The broncho was slightly injured,
whicli so injured ihe ..chli)*.** u<, lb*
broncho ilder that he unfurled bt»
rawhide rope ami swinging It oytr
the head of thu 111 tin of assurance In
Ihe Aiito, laiuleit htm on hU back on
lhe ground. There were no pnowectt*
tion-, (,r fines,,and the auto iiuu says
he auto mobile ileur of Dakota broncho riders.
John Hums, England's lalior cab
incl minister,1 was asked by nu American woman to contribute something
toher autograph' album. Mr. Hums
k«pt the album litre* days and then
relnnittl it with tlie following original slants;
Horn in struggle, reared In,strife—
Ai'itatnr at] my life.
lUff-inl with health;   mv onlv wealth
My iiiu ginle wife.
How do to have a («w of
thi-fte string swingers lualiug around
the tltv streets In n loose sort ot
-way with thrlr •min*-** r**dy to i»l»y
ujKin any auto fiend who thinks hit
auto has the sole right to (b* read.
It might iure the auto fiend as if-
fectually a* .11.1 the V«nV« is Kitg
Arthur'", curl cure that old wlttard
Merlin. 4
&> •*■
V „, -- ^ n-.Vs.^.^r^msl^mr<> tt.ry    .. ■ .-^um^y^.^im.^imjK^^tyuv^,r ^^ Vl
■*"**T T*g—*'"','" ->nl»>>W*^Ui
—■..Rmmmp?2ir+nm*~ -Bi—
-ytw "■'■<-
-y^.—y-n-— -
*   ii.j " -co <  -,
,   " - ^
--4.6ACR-FLAP'6P' LfiDdgg; HlQHT-CAP
-----    -     -* --^. -      -    --   ..   ,-*■;-   '■ iitaq^.'* ^-~
-v.iU.ll,.. *   .".
J   1
, ,
*. ,_
i - '.-.
jr^rie iHrf iJpi/tjtl/ijcr ^oed /rot ja/oiteA conat^t ;irr
bitting itiltbtMestdow ywinkle*. diM*
bints hnd dingii&sfcx d&W
"\ ■     ',      ■ > ' ' •■   **     ''    "* n    * , ■ ■,•'*''*" -i ,l   ■ * ■' ' >
' , '       * ■ ;t *- ■ ,  -    * * ,      *■ ,
8-jfi.ei'e fe a ftiipwte^f of knowing Ibow to use tlje same*• j *#a*
fo essential to good work* and a 'xt^xik not acquired
outside Union offices fits tfje compositor forturning out t%e
Ijigbest standard* ■ :>  ! &    *   Jl    *   >    ^    &   ;♦
* i
Motohlp a knowledge of ijhe ?ne
of tfle strong points of Zhe Xedger, and with) thefinest assortment and largest yari^
etp of inks to be found in the province, our artists never fail good.') jft; ♦
'Remember these things when pou want something i "real nice," and let us jb^ve
pour order. We print everptbinw and when we sap "print" we don't mean anp old
thing, thrown together and smedved witjb ink.    M,y'\¥   'M ,'SV.'■'?•'.■■ &,. j &
-- ■ ■ * i  '. ' ' k   i      k   ri:       ' i -*■ <-■*■ -.■* . . -i . ^
Spcfp job, turned bittisd sample of tfine Mrt printing, and if we are not
doing pour work, take a look ai the staiionerp used bp pour neighbor. We did pis.
i   i.
'*i-i~   ; •;   ,*i
$ust ask hint bow he is Suited bp
Wfte fti^M^g^ ferttie^ M C,
Daily Telegraph .Wants an Unconventional _Ambassador in  Slates.' '
London, Nov. 23-The Daily   Telegraph  this,    mousing-devotes a  two-
column leader lo the importance    of
properly  ■ lilling the   diplomatic  vacancy     in Washington, and says    the
government never had a more important,* and rarely has had ti more ilif-
licull task than finding 11 successor lo
Sir Mortimer Duraiid.   Whal is wanted,  what  in     the  strictest  sense  is*'
liccess.iry    i.s an unconventional   am*
' biissndor.   The  lime has conic for    n
notable break  with  nil  formal   traditions, nnd  Sir   Edwnrd   Grey's choice
ought to be "ns unfettered as the initiative of the 'American presidents in
going ont.-iide the ranks of professional'diplomacy to",send us that brilliant"
line  ' (if   icpre.seiilati\*KS,    admirably
ciintllined * by  Whili'lnw     lieid,   who
have ' been for the     last   gi'iieralion
among the most    persuasive- anil' in-
llueiiiial     ligures of our   own    social
After paying a tribute lo the VretK'h
lind'" (icriunii nmbvissnilors, the Tele-
ghipli s.iys;
'"l'lctiirc of thu ideal should combine John Morley's literary reputation, Alfred l.yltleloiljs athletic prowess nnd Lord Chailos lU'ivslonl's pop tinipi-r.iment. Whoever he may
1,t'," the paper says, 111 conclusion,
"lit* will hive niii' ol thn iniblcsl op-
p'nrttmitirs ever iipi'iicil tn a num."
• Tlie combination of (nullification;*
didn't link complete to the Kid, and
it took (fVeral moments for hiin to
discover who was lacking iu, the Tele-
gl.lpll h   '.<.<>".   »..."t..->--..t'.<>..   ■*"*
tin- Ih'tiii; Iji1-.-' if j'cil. 11i.'U A thi
(iddilig of lhe iiniiK'S'of .the premier
nnd the Iculer «.f the Opposithm of
fhisprovlncc. The tuldiiig of those
'   two nanus would supply the    much-
t«' i.ei'l  t|ll||lllJy   til   Jllilltliiit    l.K.     l.trtt
•  ' Then the new ambassador would be
loaded up as follows:
Lilemrv  reputation, athletic  prow-
«*ss, popular tempcr.ninnt nnd political tml and s.ig.iiii\.
Much n combination should lie   able
■ to "dli-ker"  with t'ntle Stun.
■ • • , - ..,.,.—o	
Till. SK1I>00 1'UtJlJLEM-
A toln rr,lli-.*l(.r had an armmul.c
th.ii of -tcn-nis Ih- told hi** miii he
fc.aild linkt- hiin .. j.riMiit r.f the r*n
lire lol if he wculd'pul th-cm in boxes, the same, number in each box. ,■ i-
There,was au odd number of ptn*,
iiies, so'lhal jf he put* an ,cqual mim- each of two boxes there would
he one, penny ilefl over; in a like uum-,
ner he figured on.3,"'4, 5, 6, 7, S. 9
10, ii, is, 13, '14,-15." 16, I7i Jfi/i'9
so, 21 and 22 boxes, but in every case
if he pul uu equal , number in" each
,iox there- would bev one (only- one)
pciiny left over. The son gave it up
.ind iold his,father he,thought it impossible lo perform, the feat,
His father replied: "Skidoo-33 lor
you,"-' '  "     '
The son then put the entire lot of
pennies iu 23 boxes, the same, number
in each box, Now many pennies were
there?       .    ' „ '      '
* Last Tuesday, at Kmilcauvlllc,
Altn,, Mr. Cushing, Minister of Public Works, made an important state-
ment about the future work of our
present  government.
Ile said he hud come to-the conclusion that the province sliould own
the railways within the boundaries ol
the province, One road had asked
the government to guarantee their
bonds. Nu iiid not sec why they
should uot. isMtu their own bonds jiinI
ns well, nnd build the road themselves. The province was full ol coal,
ami yet the people were sulfcring
from a coal lumliie on account of in-
Millicient railway facilities. He woiild
like to see thu government own its
own conl fields and build railways to
Ilnin, Tlte government was considering these things. Another thing wns
fire insurance and life insurance,   lie
.    ", r 1       1  ,1* 1
ll.tti       W'k        lit.'I     «.f,«(.l>,        WM". Wi.»*»*-.
13.'.j I 13ji* -..I'-'lr it'i-ri- JiiiJ'il'i' from
J3 lo n» pir cent, more than they
might t»> pay. It wa** the duly of the
government to sec thnt this wns
corrected; and ll was the policy of
ilu- gnveriitmri- lo w' vn*\ Mtt.t %n\
insurance at the lowest po*Hible rate.
The cllect of corporate greed is beginning to be felt in every nook nnd
corner of the tivili/rd world. In Oer*
ni,.n> ihe goY.Tivi-i.iU i.s prepju'tu-;
to institute state life insurance; in
'.'ir..ntn ihe tight against the tlttlnc
powir grafters has forced the city
j-ovirxiinml tt> sfilimit « hy-Uw to
ih.* people, allliovgh Mayor Contv
w-t.rih wn*. * vrry unwilling servant
(.1 thr people in this case. ,
All ilu ».* rhaiigM nrc Irflng hninght
Roosville 1 Ho
, There Is,, nothing from a hatchet
to split the kindling wood lo.the
complete outfit tor an exploring
expedition which w^i clo not''supply at a reasonable price. '
,- . i„ 1  ■    ..,.,,,..
Hardware, Harness & Saddles
Miners, Prospectors Supplies
Drygoods, Groceries, Vanri Im**
pknientu and Machinery from
Stem-Winding Mouse Traps to
Cyclone Stacktri, Indian Curios,
Souvenirs of Ilposville and Elko,
llaw l'urs and i'resh 1-roduce from'
(in , I
Tobacco Plains
shipped on    order from   Kiko to
any part cast or weat.
Send orders to Kiko.
Dig Game Hunters outfitted
with supplies, l'ack Horses and
-§&•"-■''■■■      '.<-"■■ ...... &
All you have to
«-»Watch it Increase.
^4   amourit—theh yon see the  advantage^the wis-
l\   dom of saving.
I 1$ Opens an "Account with The Home Bank of Canada
J. rt. MARSHALL, Mgr., Fernie  Branch
Bank  of   Hamilton
Total Asiets
'■*- » >
Christmas Goods!
For the Young Folk
For   the   Old   Folks
 ■ ■-"■ ■        ,*    AT **********************
tthout hy the urrogaiicc of thf»»c who
have lieci»( eiijoyiiiji; special favors
from the pwinlp, uud who haveheen
cniit'.ht -iisiiiK those special favorn for
the purpose ol rohhitif- thc donors.,
Yft.fir.* »noltif*i' wbn s«fi ItsliV's Own
Tablets for her little ones has ft «**4*
ettin     -ruarsntee that   this mediciM
The Palace Drug Store
H. r. McLean, Mgr.
Over $30,000,000
Ono Dollar Is Rnflklont to open nn' nccount.  Interest- pnld soml nnnunlly nt current .rates.  Tlio ]f
best facilities ar* olfered to out of town depositors
.Current account, of tnnhufncturorH, and n.orcli* «>
itntB Bollcltod.
.    . - 4 - t.1 ,
General Buuklnnr lltifiliious Transuded
does, not contain any of the poisonous opiates found in so-called "soothing" medicines and liquid prepare
ihit.1. Then. TahUts alwtiy. ihi goo.f
—they cannot possihly do harm. They,
vuic iutlij4( 1 t,tt\'\<, utuj»tipu>ti^n.
illarrluwii and simple fevers, break
up col.K, jtrevtm croup, ftp*! worm**
rtiul malic tevlhiitj; easy. Huliy's Own
TiihliU have ihme m«re to Titfnjf
health, h.nppint*i and «)«t«otimiit ta
Utile one*, ihsn any other   ««di«»»«4lKt th* v»«sU
known,     You can    get llnhy's Own
Tahlets from any dealer in medicine
or hy mail    at as cents  a hox   hy
wilting   iite i*f.   diiiitrtt"*     iJnlUi..*. is*
Co., llrocivilK', Unl* jl
_..„   .,—o-.   ■■■■■
fnmmU^lonfr ThntYins 11. Ownhfl,
of the Salvation Army, will he in
I'ernie on the loth of Deceinhcr. He
will he accompanied hy Mrs. ConmlisH
I.ieutenant'Colonel 1'ugmlre and HriR-
adler Smcatou. Thc CinmuivRinner
will Itctnre on tht "YeKlcnUyr
loduy .iiid tuiiiorrow of tfie Knlva-
llon Army" in ,Stork:» Hall, and wtlf
alsrt give out mmt ralnaWe jnlorma-
tioii relating to tht immlgmUoit
pUnt ni \bt Army a* tluy *»'*   *l"
W. R. McDougall
The Shoemaker
— TO —
VitUttA ti\\ il.uly, K0V. 14 to
1)I!C ,11, int-lu.ivt*, (*ootl to return
v.iUnn ilite. months.
Finest equipment, including; standard Pim-CI**. Sleeping and T<»riit
Can on all tli rough train*.
Apply to Msrest C. 1',. Hy. agent for
fall iututuialtou.
Don't Have Any More Spoiled Dinners!
>HpHE next time you arc in need ol n good roast or a
A prime younff turkey or spring chicken, ring up phone
4* You can be sure of getting a roast that is juicy and
tindei*, or fowl that is young and well dressed. Your dinners wil! always be a success if you get the best and thc
place to get the best is
The uomiflion meal Co., Limited.   Fernie Brandt
Mnnufiietiirers of nil Solid
nnd Inserted Tooth SAWS
* The A. J. Burton Saw Co. J
A,J,UUnTOM-_U_M«r, VANCOUVER, 11,0,  **
[                   Wo carry in ilock, nnd Can supply ol short notice „ 1 [
I IIOE IHl* nnd Slinnkn           Sw/i(»M           rirrt.lng: Pfur J 1
1 OLDHAM Hand Saui Slinp.ri HiRh Grade Silver Solder     1'
' Emery Whcctj                     Lace Lcallmi'   Iluhbll Mulal. I'
I                             Wood Split Puller* Umt will not slip, ' |
,                             and all Piling Room Sujvplhw, at J .
1                            Ulght Trices.     Prompt Delivery. (>
,   Send ut four ordert. We guaran«« nliiftct*^  ' ,
1 *
■';■   DENDS.    .".'.
The revelations -whieh hay.e. shocked
the people of P-.ri1.aiii regarding the
condition existing in the Chinese
compounds in the Transvaal will, it
is .sincerely he ped, put an end to the
degrading .state of virtual slavcrv
that our 'uie has resulted in introducing.' If this national disgrace was
foreseen from the first, as has been
freely admitted; it goes a long way
the Iioers to Hritish rule It is urged in apology' that the mines cannot
to palliate the obstinate resistance of
profitably be worked without corralling and impounding laborers under
conditions   that    lead to and    entail
, unspeakable* degradation. Then let
the mines remain unworkeil so long
as Uritsin governs the Transvaal and
Canada is responsible for that government. We cannot afford, even if
in the least degree inclined, to accept
the cynical dictum that all considerations of national prestige, honor,
humanity, and common decency must
l.e sacrificed for dividends. There is
air impressive'truth'in this old, adage
that gold may be bought too dear.
And we will be paying far loo high a
priceifor lhe gold of.the Transvaal if
it costs our acquiesence, in the wholesale degradation of virtually imprisoned laborers, even though they
be of an inferior race, and so ignorant as tb put themselves into die
hands of unscrupulous agents.
■ Canada look a leading' part 'In .lie
establishing of ■ Hritish rule iu the
Transvaal, and' sacrificed not inly
money but precious, lives to that i-i'd.
Never' was the Hritish ISiiipire mor.1
severely, criticised ,, liy the world ' ot
nations . Ihan during" that struggle.
Hut the Hritish heart was right and
true, and thc Hritish spirit lofty and
honorable. It has since transpired
that the people were deceived in m.iuy
particulars, but that makes it all "lie
mere clear that lliey -were-, actuated
by. the highest "and noblest impulses.
Now there can lie no deception.   The
, people know, ,with shameful certainty,
just what is going on in the Transvaal.
'Ihey know the 'motives of those who
have brought the deplorable condition
aliont. Everything has been laid bare
and is the common talk of the civ-,
ili/.ed world. If there is a certain
amount   of resentment in  the   public
A. E. Mumford tells how Psychine
cured him after the Doctors
gave him up
" It le twelve years since Psychine cured
me of galloping consumption." The
speaker was Mr. A. E. Mumford, six feet
tall, and looking just what he is a husky
healthy farmer. He works his own farm
near Magnetawan, Ont.
" I caught my cold working as a fireman
on the C.'P.R." he continued. "I had
night sweats, chills and fever and frequently coughed up pieces of my lungs. I was
sinking fast and the doctors said thero
was no hope for me. Two months treat
ment of Psychine put me right on my feet
and I have had no return of lung trouble
If M.\ Mumford had started to tak- phmtcd at th
Psychine when he first caught cold he
would have saved himself a lot of anxiety
and suffering. Psychine cures nil ltfcg-
troubles by killing the srerms—the roots of
the disease. g
' NOTICE ' ' '
y Notice is hereby given that 60 days
Iter date,'I intend to apply to the
Hc».7.Chicf Conin.ijssiott2r of Lands,
and Works for a special license to cut
and carry away timber from the following described lands situated on
the • Kootenay River. North Kast
Kootenay District.
No. I .—Commencing at a post
planted r.n the- east side'of the Kootenay river, about two miles nortii
of the norihsrn boundary of I(ot 4596
th.nce ■ 80 chains north, thence So
cliains west, thence So chaius soutli,
thence 80 chains cast, to place ol
,Octi_Ler /ith,. 1906.
No,, ?.—-Commencing _,
(Prooounctd Si-keen)
50c. Per Bottle
Isurgse abtM SU and 62-all dmsgUts.
IB. T. tx. SLOCUM, Limited, Toronto.
What this town v needs just at thc
present tunc is an * inspector of
weights and. measures. The buyers
of coal und wood are untitled to protection, and 110 man but a dishonest
man would have any objections lo a
rigid inspection. There are complaints all. the'time about -, mistake;;
in measurements, and as the town is
now incorporated, action should . be
taken, for lhe protection'of the pooplo.—Cranbrook  Herald.
Respectfully submitted to Uic people aud City  Couicil of Fernie.
Kernie iieeds a weighing scale and
an inspector of weights and incisures. It has* been needing them -in
the past, and will continue to need,
them until * -.liey are-'supplied and
properly "tdmin-Mered:
——-o  -
I was cured of a. severe cold by
MINAR11-S LINIMENT.    '   -
Oxford, N. vS.      R, Y. III..WS50N.
I was.cured of.a terrible sprain bv
mind toward these people, it was justified at the close of the war, and is
doubly justified now.   They have pill
the nation  on  trial, before  a  , public
opinion of the world.   But the nation
■ will clear itself-of this offence against
.humanity.'-    The.   same.-* true-hearted-,
impulse  that led  the British    people
to attack the little republic will im»
pel them, nriiy that the curtain   has
been drawn aside, to wipe out the unsuspected slii'ii.   No part of the   ein-
jiie can affoi.1  to regard this   problem  with   iiidiffcrenee.   The  imprisoning of ignorant foreigners under degrading and  revolting  conditions    in
any colony or dependency ,is the concern of th. empire al large.   But the
empire need   li.ive no fear about tin*
soundness   .A   '.liltish  sentiment
the press  and  publicists  see  to    it
that  the  people  ave made  to    know,
the.truth, nml the people can be de-
]Htitled upon to meet every Remand of
justice and Immunity,—Toronto (.lobe,
The Globe need not travel over scan
to far uwuy Soulh, Africa to linil an
instance of the degradation caused by
the love of dividends.
There are corporations in this country whose operations arc carried on
under the very nose ot the sanctimonious Globe whose methods arc ns
degrading to their Anglo-Snxon victims ns nre the appalling methods
practiced upon the heat lien Chinee in
.South Africa to tliose ignorant victims t.1 the dividend disease.
While the agent of a corporation
1.111, in this Ciiitiiila of ours, stand
upon a public platform and defiantly
till his hearers that lie and liis company can ruin them in less tlinu two
years if thoy are so Hltihhiirn nH In
undertake In excrelsi! their k'
rights in r'lpi.sitinu to him or 1,\h
•vnipiniy, iiiul geully eite thi'in 10 I'.i-
-.taiu'i'H wlit-rein such power has bi'e'i
demonst rated, it Would st'iin lo bo 11
want of m.rgy to let one's own per
pie sillier stii'li bullying while strain
iug our eyesight in nu effort tn kit
wlmt takts pluee iu lhe land mi recently wrestled from the* Boers.
Is Ihu Globe so far out ol loueli
with what gtu-'i on In lis own roan
try ns not tn   know that corruption
(if   llm   ll'nri'l    fur...      ..'in'fn    m*.,,    tic... which hns (nit-i'il Mr,' Hvinnii tn
nslgn n sent In-pittlinnient to which
he never was entitled, is J'oinjf on
here in Cnttiuhi for tlu* purpose nf In-
it tuning tlivithiitls?
.Yaniioiit!i,   N.  S.    •        Y.   A. A.C-.
I was cured of Black Erysipelas bv
Ingltsville. .1. W-  BUGC.T.ES.
>"\**iM.?l3?:N-'ni'*\'I,)1Rll'rT\nNl1.'  '  T'
The authorities nt the penitentiary
have opened up thc binder twine de-
par l-niriit and it is said the works
will run for n long time, in view of
the big stock of maiiila' on hand aud
whicli has been greatly increased in
value since it was pure-based.
at a post
southwest corner _,f>
Limit No. I, Ihence So .chains south,
thence .0 chains west, 80
(hains north, itaiice So chain, east,
to place of .oiiiinehcemeat.
.Oetolicr 4th,  i-jod.       , "    v
No, 3.—CciniiiKncinlfj at a past,
planted o&_ mile nortii of Limit No.
a. tk.nce .So ihains south, th.nce So
chain- west, thence 80 chains north,
ih.nee So cha/as east, to placu of
coiutucnceiiKnt. .4
'  o.    . G..II; G. BOULTON.
October 4th,  1906.
No,. 4.—Commencing, at a post
planted at the north east corner of
Limit No. 3, thence 80 chains north,,
thence So chains east, thence So chains
south, tlience 80 chains west, to placet
ofi ciiiutneiicenicuL,
.-October 4th,. 1906.
No. 5,—Commencing at a post
planted at the north west corner oft
Limit No. 4, th.'iice 80 chains north,
th.nce So i.liains west, tlience So chaius
south, tlience 80 chains east, to place
of commencement,
October  4th,   igofi.
No. 6—Commencing at a post
planted at thj nortii west corner of
Limit No. 5, thence 80 chains north,
thence So chains west, tlience 80
chains south, thence So ehains east,
to place of commencement.
October /.th,   1906.,
' No.,'".—Cominc-acing' at' a"^ post
planted one-hall mile cast of the
north west corner of Limit N'o. 6,
chains west, tlunce 80 chains south,
thence So' chain's east, to place of
■    G. II. G. BOULTON.
Oetolicr 4th,   1906...
Np. S— Coiunivncing at,: a post
planted one-half mile east of the
north west corner cg_ Limit No. 7,
thenee 80 chains north, thence So
cliains west, thence "So' eha-ins south,
thence So chains east, to place of
G. I.. G. BOUr/fON.
October 4 th,  1906.
Is the Most Delicious and Rafposhing Tea in ths
world. Perhaps you were shopping or calling to*
day and went home tired out. Do you know that t
cup of "Salada" wouSd have completely rafreshed
you? There Es nothing quite so good as "SALADft"
when one is weary in snind or body. ;
Luad Packets Only. At all Grocers.
^♦♦♦-^♦♦-^O^-*-***-**-*^ *>*w*tr<>*ww<><>S><><><Mw$*>w<!C>
•*)                          >
Hotel, Fernie
T.,   Rfflanager
A pleasant homo I
for the traveller...
Rooms    reserved
by wire.
Every Attention
Agents for
The Oalg-ary Marble and Granite Works
The Kootenay Marble Works, Nelson.
Samples can be seen at the ofllce.
Offick Phone 41        Rj.sid.ence,, 76 in Lundy's Block
er Co.,
Hggneiisiosi^TieoHireg^ Sidingf
FaEiis^isig Lymker1 and
All.our stock is last years cut .ind well seasoned..
The Best of .Satisfaction
in Watch & Jetoelery Repairing
$ Make youi* wife happy by. buy
I ing a Steel Range of J. D. Ouail J
TnuLrs w'.ll , ho rcccivwl hy Xbi
Kurt vStc.'lc lln\vin<r Co,, J,iiu'ti!<l, up
to thu'iSlh ilny of J^ceinlx***, JcJo6,
for all Di'iuu'lics of work iT«-uirc<l ii:
th.* ercctio* Of nn up-to-dnte Firc-
proof Urcw.iry, with a capacity of
iibout 30,.'oo liarn'lH pur year, lmil'l*
ilijf. to'lvc coiiipr.swl of brick-niul iron,
with cciui'tit foitiuliitlon and Mon.*
Th. lowest' or nny tciulcr not Ji.'.os-
snrily nccuptcd. Vlans ami specifications can lie m»ii r:ii (lpjilicntioii nt
the Company's ollice, All tomler--
must be nccouipnt-icd by a marked
clnwj.ii! for 5 pur c-ctit. of thu ainoimt
of th., bid.
Dat'rtl iit'l-'uinic, Uritbh Coliunliiii,
this 2-th day of Oetolicr, lyofi.
Nol ice is hi'i'chj jjivmi tlmt. llu
piiiliui'ship h*,.iutofoiu Kiil-.Nistiiig he-
nvt'tii xif, 'hi iiiidi-isi;,iii-d, 11H roii-
triictoi'M, In the. Town of Ifi-sm.1',
lias this Any Uxii dissolved by inn-
uuil u.ti^Jit. All ilcbts ovv'mj*; In (hi-
said |-!i'tn-i'.*hi|i mv lo bu paid lo'.l.
l\ Wi-^iii ul ih.- Ton 11 nf Mosnu'i'
afoivsaid, mil all rliilnis iif-nili'it tlu
Hiiid parlliiiMiip 11 ro li> Ui p.i'srlHid
(0 tlw said .1. 1'. l.i'}:.iii, hy    whom
ill.'  ..Mill'   Will   III!  Nl'lth'll,
Dat.'d nl l'Vnili!, II, C, this a and
d.iy nf October, lyofc.
t.  -jt    V-V-'U,
A, V. HWVVtf'
AM.X. K. l'lSinitt,
(As to Slf-inliin* or .1. II. llkb.)
V. .TOIINSTON*. -"■'
No.' 9.—Cninniciiciiijj at 11 '.ost
planted one-half mile east, of the
north, west corner ot I,imit No, 8,
tlieiico 80 chains north, thmcc H"
chains west, thonce So chains nouth,
Iheuce .So chains east, "to. place of
0. n. o, uoui/roN.
Oclol-cr t\t\\,  xt)oft.
♦4 <><> ^<» ♦♦♦♦♦♦^^♦♦♦♦<t ♦♦♦0 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<> ^♦♦^^♦♦♦^^ I
I Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd
No. io.—Coiiinieiiciiijf at 11 post
'planted nne mile west of tlu nortii
west corner of Limit No, 9, tlience So
chains east, thence 80 chains south,
th.nce 50 chains west, tlience 80
chains aurth to plucu of commencement,
Oetolicr -Ilh,  jyofi,
N0, 11.—Comniencinjr ut a post1
planted nt tha north wvv,t cortiar of
Mmit No. in, llicnce Ko chains west,
th.nce Ho chiiins Miiith, thelice Sn
chains cast, tknee So ihains Jiui'th,
lo pliice of commencement,
a 11, g. noui/roN,
October .1th,  i»J"fi.
No, 12.—Coiniiu'ncinj,' nt a -post
pliintcd *nt thu north west corner ul
Mini: No. Jo, thenco 80 chains .west,
thtt-.e So (luiiiri north, thence. So
ih.iins east, tli.nci! So chuins s((ii1h,
to plare of coiiiiiu-iiceiiHiit,
G. II. (1. IHIHI/I'ON,
. October -ith, !.i>(>.
Broircrs of Extra Fino
Laff er Beer and Aoratci.
Waters. Bottled Goods
U a Specialty.
I,iiinber Co's norlhi'iist corner post,"
ih.-nce riinulii;; mnilli So clwiins, thelice
west    So   chuins,     tlu'iice   north 80
chains,  thenee east So cliains to   the
j.o'nt of coniiiiUiCL'iiii'iil.
J.  li.  HOYNTON,
Oatul at Feinie, 11. C, this 23rd d.iy
., of October,  1906, .if
eariwM nboiit this «>( dlv-
i.lirids, it rati lind niiijilc i-copc for
nil its energies In mt iHort in do
a wny with such dc«ri-d,itloii iinnli
ch.Nir lu lioiiie thin .li.liainu-r.biirj; or
'flu** Kn-jllsh ih-ojiI.* nre fairly wide
iucilc, .uul aie nut-iii1; tiui-.i com
iiKii.Iiilili' |.r<>j>if.Hi towanU rij»litiiij-
tlie .-iwliil wr..tij» jwr*«tsi.-itn1 in thf
tiaiiii* i.r .rci'di-iii in tlu* Transvaal,
and ran sjiare th« i-flnrt of llie (".loin*
(u lit||. Wi<m. Itn .ft.trtH arc
f-Utt.r nml ri)-lit in >*> <>'*n iitv,
ttnm uh*rc fininstc^ a ureal de-tire
f..r ilu* ilejinilathm nttarhwl tn im-
t.nn,',! i!ii'.!<B,*5i
liy tlio wcok or inor.tli,
I'Oll SAI.K-- One \V«tiJiiti|.l</ii Kutid
Vra.%, 7 c«»l. folio; one tV^idnm Jollier, 7*11. I'-olh Jhiso *jir_*.*ieii Are
in fair Kin.tiiioit, nml im* on".*r.*J
for sale 4)1.up cmi .'Uiount ol hav*
lnj» in%t-illi'.l larger |.n:?.ses in th.-ir
strn«l. \Sritrf lor j>ricr< nnd Urim
to *
Ft»»i*. B. C.
No. f.\.—Ciminivnciiijj lit a post
|ilnlili.l at llu mnilli west rntiur uf
Limit No. io, thence Ko (hains north, So ihains east, thvltco So
ilmins south, thence i*o clmins west,
lo place of eoiiiiuelicemilit,
ft, II. «. HOW/TON.
(Jctolier /ith,  i.<x>.
No. i.l."Coiiini-iu-iii}( at n post
I'lanU.l at th.* vo-illt vv*«.t «uB.*r <>f
I.imll No. 10, thiiiii! So ihains
Mill ill. ll.-lice So ih.illl'i cast, tlu*n.-i'
', o iJl.ntls liiil'i.l. 1.1-tu<• Wn ih.illi*.
west, to place ot coiiimeriiciiunt.
«. it. «. nom/roN.
Octolcr .Uli,   i<Jof>.
Take notice llml 30 days uftur dale
we inti-nd in upply to the Chief Com-
nii.ssii.B-i- of Liuid.s and Works for a
spi'i'ittl to cut and carry nwny
timlvr from tlu fnlloivinj; ilcMcriU'.d
CotiiiueiiciDU ut a post -limited nl
thu m-i'lliwe.*... coiner of lot .if..., In
Kant Kooti'iiii)', thelice west So (hain't
tk lie. sotilh So iluitls, tli.'iU'e cast So
tIi.iilts, tli.nce^iortli So ihniiiN, iiloli);
the west lKiiiiidnry of lot 303 to ]ilace
of (omnuinviiH'iii,
llosmei'. 11. C, Oct,  lyth, 190G,
.hence N. /\o chains to place of com-
neiiceiiunt, coiituiniiig 3'jo acres ii'.or.
or less,
M. lllcINNl'CH,
I,ocntor. .
Dated    nt Hlkinoiilh, II. C, September 27th, iyo..
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
B.'E. WALKER, General!Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'I Manaff*.
' $5 and" under :*. "."...■..   ~3~ cents ' -1
Over $5 'and not exceeding $J0    C cents
"   $10       " " $30...... JO cents
"   $30       "     .,     "     '    $50.:....  15 cents
These Orders are Payuble at Pnr at any office in Canada of a Cliaitered Bank
(Yukon excepted), and aL t_i_ principal banking points ill the United State*.
They fc.rnnan excellent method of remitting small Bums of money with aafety
-. ' and at email cost,
O. S.   Holt,   Manager   ,
Fvrnio IJranch
X71*T3D__1K  aSTE'W" JA.Js.'tlJii.GrTSi'M.'m'JX'T
Jamos tSovorn, ~ ,      - Proprietor
Well fiirnislicd rooms, .'ho tabic is supplied with thc beit
thc mnrkct affords., The lm r is .sni-plicd with tlm bc«t wines,
lii|iiors and ciunrs, '
^*vi_^u^%^'V%4^A»^^_^v«,-^ iv-v%tfv^%^_^^*w»^-%r^%, %f*%
jm WMI-I.IU n'i» r. m * 11 jmj i.i:
'I       NOTICK.
Nolle* i.s hereby jjlvm that *_odjyn
niter date w.* ittl-iwl Xu ajiply to the
1Ir».ir(ible Cliief Commissioner ol
Jj.iImI. ami Worh;' for a viuvial linnv
to tn*. aud ratrv aw.iy timber fi'oiti
:h. f.illuwin^ ihsiiibid lands In Y.axl
K'Mit.n.iy ili.-«iriit.
V*.-»)>■»» .-u»nij(- uV a \*isi \,\,mX\A uh
tli*- w.m line ol hit lH*/H, Hnd   about
■',   Iliil.*!!   Ildllh   (ll   ill.*   MllllllW. st   (lit-
» » tA     *Jiid !<>>  •"'A utntltA "YM
'folic not'.iv 3" d.»\Mifter diitt*
«',> iiiliml in ' to ill- Cliii'f'Ciilii-
mis'iion'i- of l.niul.i mid 'Woihs for «
Micrial liniMe to nil and earrv away
llmUr Ilnin lh,« following deseriln-d
Coiiiniiiiilii'! nt (i l»»sl pli.Hlid tit
tli.* tiontliwf.i id'iit of lot V>i,
ih.neu uv.'.t ."-o iliaiiM, tli n*>' noifli
Ho      ih.t'M.,   Xb IL.•      vast   .''*>  -llllill,*
iliom.1 Miulh     Ni' ih'iiiih to plai'i:   ol
llii'iiii-'i-, 11. C, 0--I.  i-jth, I."*'..
Our (hops will tickle tlu- palat.; ol
tli' cpiniie as well ns of uny oiie vUin
tries llkin.
Tal;en from tlie dlock obtnin-
able, and i-ircfiilly nil nnd tiiiiinnMl,
tll'V i-.,mini luil  to jilense Von.
(   ,    . 4 1,' ' ■   .
'-    •.        .',-,.       ,       IH. .,,,       .,.',,..,      ,,,,'t       ....
j.tii'f.   ar.- no hiiflv-r    lh,.n vmi  mm*,'
No lenglliy Argument
riwrn. m i'm *M*m*
Tin. F.'iiili>|l,iili!.'r I* nililliit.'il
willi tlm ('al|.'i.ry I'ni< n mi'l l«
Hit. only J'rlnl S)i..|. m.iwi-.'u
Culi.'itiy mul .N'l'lx.Mi  run
|l)ll.'l! Ili.l I'lllllll I,lllll'l    I'll   .Villi'
Ihe fernie Letter
a lion l };oocl printing'
is necessary; a good
business man knows
thai a neat, tasty job
.of Printing attracts
attention is: inspires
confidence. That's
the kind we execute
Have You Tried Us ?
Pay   for low.*r-j;rsi-li*
nun k.*I in-' e'si
P. D7ue*iis & Co., Fornte
TAKK nol ii b ihu .1" thiyt "lin
date I ini.iil to apply to the Chief
Cotntins*a<-itcr <if l.'in.I*. and Woili,
Vhtoiia, 11. C, far u .■•prviul liu-nse
to cut und mny away Umber fiom
ll* following ili-T-trilid lands:
Coinm.nmij- at a |<>^t fUnud ut
tlw N. Vi. -oin.r «.l A. Mtlnnc*' limit, ih m.; iiiiin.iij! 11' v.» .hiin*-, lli.-n.o
H,   (it «l«tt»i,     Ih 8<   li   Vf    «h»i«K,
Copitowt* Ac.
Anf Mil wndlna • ikrlrh »*.<Jjl uCTlplInn mi.
intf-kl. »M»r(tli» ««.f I'l'iuion tttn vl.Mhur «n
.nvwirllftfl 1* 5*l*»Uf r»(»J'Jtl;te_,C''«>J(.»l.l'«*
tun-ilrlrtir'KwMuiliiil. HA«I0W«m I%»i#i.H
t*nt (rM. oi.imi u«w> (. _ ••ifinn* imn.ii.
I'mmiu imm ifcriMKh Mum it tit. r*o*lt«
tvttuUtuilk*, wlllmuliilitrc*, llilii
$deniific nmfttm*
Js\>*niuxii*ltXhm,tt*tA4 ***,li. Unttttttt
tntaUlan ai **1 *H«iitifl_ k«n>d_ Trrmt, l« •
ifl*ri fitirftinniha.ft. (toldtfwlttti*rt*»)t.r%. THE FERNlfi LgDGEfeFERNIE,B.C.   NOVEMBER 29,. '9°6 *
k, call' to arms.
■ there is everv reason to "believe that
an election will be sprung ai an
early^ date. There can be no mistaking the attitude of the capitalist partes in-this respect. Both Liberal
and Conservatives ' are straining every
nervc to get into shape as rapidly as
possible, but, by tacit consent, or
actual agreement, no notice will be
given until  the last possible moment
' for-fear of.further arousing an already deeply-interested working class.
Speaking in Vancouver some mouths
ago 1 stated lhat I believed that
some such arrangements had been
enlered into by the capitalist parties,
and further that in my opinion the
only ri*ason for the hesitation in
springing   the election   at   thai    time
' wa_ the energetic" action of the Socialist party in placing its organi/.ers
in the field, and tbe prompt response
of the workers lo the signal of bat-
' tie. Trusting that this energy has
been exhausted, or that the workers
liave been once more lulled'into iliac.
tivity or listlessness, the capitalist
parties are again working iu silent
but' strenuous effort to gel ready for
the fray and place tlie proletarian
lorces  at an obvious  disadvantage.
It is highly advisable that lhe Socialist parly clears decks for action,
or,, in other words, gets down to business. I would suggest that each local arrange forthwith for a nomination meeting to be' held within a
month from date, and that Socialists
in unorganized districts apply at
once to the provincial executive to
nominate, suggest, or assist them   to'
ij secure suitable candidates. This light
is,.g6ing to be lhc most stirring and
momentous in thc history of Canada
and will  prove of world-wide    iuter-
■ est. It ■ is- up to the workers to come
out of; the'fray   the victors in   every
* district contested. If they- do not
succeed to.this, extent they can at
lekst make it evident to society that
half., dozen fangs of their* capitalist
exploiters have been extracted for
good in this province of British Columbia.
Yours in the struggle for freedom,
3 fil. HAWTHORNTHWAITE, M.l'.l-.
under this heading insterted at. the
rate of one cent a word each insertion.
WANTED —Experienced teamster.—
Crow's Nest Trading' Co.
Breakfast Baton an
WANTED—Young   girl  to do   housework.—Apply  to Mrs.  W.  S. Keay.
Don't  forget   our, Celebrated   Griffin   Brand
Sugar" Cured  Hams and  Breakfast  Bacon  arrives
weekly.    Try some and be,, convinced  that it  is the
c>r      .   ■ '■ ■
Best on the inarket.L_-_ss^
n - »
Pay Cash and Keep Debt in the Background.
WANTED—Girl to do housework.—
Apply to Mrs. Eckstein, Howland
BACHELORS' quarters, two rooms;
steam beat * and bath.-CliOWS
KOR SALE—A. good William's piano.
Apply D. McLennan.
VOlt   SALE—20 lots in West Fernie;
easy  terms. ..Apply   W. T. Healey,
West Feruie.
FOR SALK—A snap; a six roomed
house, well built, with hot and cold
water bath, and up-to-date electric
•light, fixtures; situated close in to
businese part of city; must be sold
soon. Fo'r particulars enquire of
Mott. Son & Co.
[ADIES -..;■
Coats and Skirts
New and up-to-date.
lllll   1*1   --■*——-—--—■""■'-■ **"*****—'*mlm1*m**
FOR "SALK—20 acres two miles from
Calgary, suitable for chicken or hog
ranch; never failing stream on prop-
" erty;   fenced;   house  and   barn;   .'CO
per acre; easy terms.—Apply to
D. 11. .MACLEAN, ■
." Real  Estate Broker.
Alexander Block, Calgary, Alta.
MOTT SON & CO. have instructions
to look out for two or three hundred acres of good land suitable for
fruit'growing in tlte Kootenay .Valley. This land must be so situated
"as to allow of irrigation, either by
gravity or by a well-equipped pumping plant with an abundant, supply of water. Improved ranches are
withing lhe scope of the instructions.
Locality, quality of soil a»d access
to water come' before price in the
consideration of the purchaser, who
is a practical fruit grower, and
knows what he wants. Send us
your descriptions, locations and
Underwear and Hosiery
The m&de-to wear kind.
— nr - -ir-iT-^""m*-'JI""*!lwMI'
MENS     -
Underwear and Sweaters
The Best that is.
Overcoats and Reefers
The sort that fits.
in its second
has been a
to the
sn. *r?r**'*~r*m*"w"T:~'t~*'m
 ; CTTpl	
 • 1 us, j*. Is—*	
Toronto Junction Leader and    ltec-
corder:—The News asks:,  "Can W. F.
Maclean lead a party?" aiuj goes   on
to    consider Mr. Maclean's  qualifications for   ^leadership.   Well, we   can
settle the matter for the News   iu   a.
word or    two.      W. V.    Maclean IS
. leading ,, the   Conservative party    in
rthis part '   of    the country,   whoever
,lnay be leading it down cast.   If Mr.
Maclean is not  the head    and    front
VnBil brains of all  the opposition that
'.has been developed  among  the   liiem-
,'l^rs.of His   Majesty's   loyal   opposi-
.-. tion wc would    like     to know where
.hrains are located.
Ou'Saturdiy evening a quiet wedding took place at the home of Mr.
I?redcrick Dunn, 01216 Cannon street,
when his stepdaughter, Miss Ethel
Prater, was. married ,to Mr. G. W •
Scranlon, of Fernie, li' C., liev.
Charles E. Gibson, of the Jefferson
street M. E. church, oflie'aling. Only
ihe relatives of the bride -were present. Mr. and Mrs.. Scranton left for
Vancouver, K C, on Monday, where,
hey will make their home. .
 o—  m ..
The Best made.
big surprise
on  account
oi its
A   few months ago  W.  V. Maclean
waa  not  taken   very   seriously.   The
'hide-bound  party   press on both   sides
pf the political question  were inclined
- to„poke fun at him, but as the above
■  extract pills it,   who   Is   loading   the
'.  opposition    if Mr.     Maclean   is   u«t?
, The editor of  the Toronto World    is
leading the fight  through   his   paper
.nnd in the House of Commons  as  a
member,   which  will  mark the alignment between   right  and wrong in the
, government of Camilla, and sooner or
later he   will   see* the people ol   this
country breaking away  from their old
party, allegiance  and insisting   upon
tlti* "removal of the   filthy   lingers  of
corporation greed from the throats ol
the people  for whom   government    Is
supposed to have been  inMiluUd.  W.
, I', Maclean will not appear to be half
so much of a  juke  Ihis .session at Ot
tawn im will Mr. Hordeii, and    it    ii
good, not only for the countrv,    but
for the Conservative  purty, tlmt this
lii to he so.
hows tuts?
\Ve offer title Hundred Dollars   lie*
ward lor tiny ciihc of Catarrh
cumiot   be   cured by   Hull's Cn lurch
V..A. CIIKNKV Ht CO., Toledo, 0,
We, the tindecslgiii'd, have known V.
J, Cheney for the last 15 years, nud
l»l|<iv_ liim perfectly honorable in all
(husiiiD-i*.  irnns'i.tiotiH  uud  liimmiully
* s])\e    to wiry out nny ohligiilhms
mnde by liis firm.
■"  ' *Whi*h--ni1r llrtijfjrl'-l-.,  T'-li-'V'.  "1
'"   llnU'N Catarrh Cure is taken   'ii-.i-
milly, orllim .'.'■villy* npmi th.* blood
nlil! inilciioiis surfaces of lhc system.
■ -Ystltnonlnl.   nent (re..   Price 75 ci-ntu
Jill   liOttit-.    ficmi   li>    .lii   ni'l,{,y,:ls.;.
i Take Hall's Family I'ills   for   con*
■■„-,.:....-o —
•'What nre you playing wilh, PA-
Me?" nsVeil lur mother.
" I With a i'.itvv\.ill.iv .iiul vwiiMii.ill
*llttfnpillnr.," nnswtred thc miss.
The Globe intimates that the men
in the Ottawa luvc .1 ■•M.iU*-
ttianlike Rra*p." Well, v. long ai
tluy keep this ura\\t out nl Field-
itig'n xalr wr shall not complain.--
Toronto N\-w..
Mr. Fielding's iv not loo *>nfi*
Irom llu* j**".-''!' wlun lu- ■"«-■■* tlmui to
Gold win   Smith    in     Weekly Sun:
Canada is said to be affronted by the
avowal of     nn English journal that
lhe Hritish people could not J>e got toj
risk a war  with   the  United    States
iu thc quarrel of Newfoundland. Has
not England on her side' some reason
to feel  affronted  when,   while    rebellion is threatened by the Irish lender,
.md begins to show its head in  one
district, of Ireland, the prime minister of Canada,  for' the snkc ,of     the
Irish vote,  publicly pays homage  to
lhe representative-of home rule, that
is of the    disruption  of  the    United
Kingdom,'ug- fresh from the Fenian platform of New York?   So It is,
and so it will be so long as the  attempt is continued to talk into unity
of interest  nnd   press  into  unity   nf
.action coiniiitiiiltleH which nre divided
by the Atlantic,  ami,  though,  ns we
hope, nailed-forever by the tic of the
hcii'l, have little of material   interest iu eoiiiiiiou.
Maritime Provinces, Ontario, Quebec,
The Old  Country.
The Canadian Pacific Railway announce a scries of low round trip
rates, first-class, three (3) montlm
limit, from Kootenay*-, to all points
in Ontario, Quebec,'Maritime I'rov-
inces nnd the Old Country.
Rate from Ferine to Toronto', Montreal, Windsor (and intermediate-
points is $62.35;, Halifax or St. John,
in     connection with ocean passages,
Cm a   eye ,
"-Tickets Mill he sold daily November 24th to December .ist.
Corresponding rates will be quoted
to nil Eastern Canadian points from
all Kootenay stations.
This is an 'unusual opportunity to
v-isit East-cm Canada; or the Old
Country ut Christmas at a low rate
Detailed    information,  sailing lists
for    ocean   steamers,     first-class  or
tourist sleupcr reservations on application to local agents, or write
D, P. A., Nelson, B. C
Jack Spruit would cat no fill—
His wife would cat no lean,
rules', the label oil the cap
Could be distinctly seen.
O' "
Some of onr ex changes    are carry-
log  ihe Union  I.abel on  llieir
print     side,  while their
NOTICE- Is hereby given that thc
Court nf Revision on the Voters:
I,ist for the Cily of Kernie will meet
in the city* office 011 Friday, December, 1906, at 8 o'clock p. six.
3. W. NUN.N-
_,(. City Clerk.
YeTtile, n.| C, Nov, sist, 1'jofi.
Wff1t—>»t.MM_>.LU-'A»i*UJ 1,-wvwiitvwfiUK.iPJa"
UM^«HU>tn<tMUM>lU--MMI,-il»-|lM''|-|) '
.AND yuKUisc:
•Qlteh®®.- Si,
on llieir home I
ir inside pages V
iir ollice. Il.t'.e.'
are printed lu an unfair
look Ihis up,
To relieve n cough or hrciilt up n
cold iii twenty-four I10U.., the {.■>",.
lowing simple forum!*, ..he ingredients ol wiit-.ii iiiii be obtained of uny
l^j-.i' pivsLiipCiou (iiuggiftt ul small, js all will he requited:
Virgin Oil ,if Pine (Pure), one-half
ounce; Olyariuc, two uiinci's; Good
Wilis..)', a half pint,   Shake well ami
'..i'm-  Vii   '.V..if.)»>,011*1111   i'tut,l:ti  tvi'iy    It'tlt
In.iirs. The desired results can not he
obtained unless the ingredients arc
pure.. It is therefore better to purchase llie iligruHenls separately and
pnpaie the mixture yourself. Virgin
Oil of Pine tl'nre) should ht purcli/11-
eil in the original half-ounce vial*, /Irni^jKts buy for diipennlng,
Kaih vlnl js sci-urtly muleA in n
r..mul wooden ruse which protects the
oil from exposure to light. Around
the woodtii case is an engraved wr»p*
\er willi the name—"Virgin Oil of
I'iin* (Pure)"—plainly printed there-
i.u. Tlure arc many imitations aiul
cheap product foils of Pine, hut the*.,
only ireatt* nuii'c.i, am! never rflert
I ilu i|.sin-.! N-Milts. —.fi
-,9   t^M  nJ3oB_B??
November '-Mill io
Doiieinlior Hint
50 Good Woodsmen wanted by
The Elk Lumber
Co. Apply at. tbo
Oitice or at Hob-
Tte fib Lumber Co., Ltd.
Fernie, B.C
Old Country Slate
$73.25 Kc4«r?n
Hnllfiix. or St. Jolm
Uetiii'it Oiii'itu I-'ni'i'M
rapid   increase in
This paper, along" with the
strips any other newspaper
along the line of the Crow's
Nest Pass in circulation, and
the benefits to the advertiser
are greater than can be obtained through any other
source. „
The Subscription List,
has grown steadily upward anil the
street sales have increased in a re-
■markable manner until now we can
fairly claim the top-notch in circulation and plainly state that wc have
left all would-be competitors so far
behind that nothing is visible-pf them
but a cloud of dust.
Since the Strike
the increase has been most marked.
$10 Reward
Loti, l.ctvxrrB Coal Creek nml lVr
uie, ix yvittl jr.anl lm*. fontinininjt i
whit.* -.ill: ilrr-*", skirl, i sii »er
watch 'ifttMn*,. 4 white *fclti*rln. 5 «'»J*
lm*, iiiiii oilur iittieli-s. Apply t»*
Mrs. J.awr. ofe,  So. l*H3,  Coal Cfrvl.
ft      I    I*    /■    »*!*   [ft*.
iiiiii  ii|) -in'Oi-.liii.-.' to
I'nr .liitiiili'.l liifiirniiiil'in. si'illiii.'*..
(|i*|ihii !ii.*iiiiii<i'>i l'irst I'll, •■'ni* Tt.iiri'i
Hli'«|*r lii'i.i'1'vull..ii. itl'l'l.v l» l.ii-nl
AinitX*ur Willi'.
K.J. COVI.K.A.tM'-A.
VaiK-niivir. II. XX.
J.rf.'rAUTKM. ll.?. A..
V. I-..I.. fl I'.
R.'jtKM'ii;iJ. A*-.-i.!.i''i:i..*.'ii:. ua;.       II LIUIIImI
r.iRr.m ation
VIII V WNI I I   I vi-
A h'Hi'l (lint fir.'ni**li.--» <;*>ivl, unti
tnt-.l'otii ticioiiiiin-'l.ttioii for il-* pn-
ironi r: ,1 sfi-.v ff f.Vn-i.'iv in tlu*
travelling pnlilii*. Hmli a <n- i-. ih*
Klnfl Ivlf-niil Hoi. I, of l-'itni.-, r.n*
M.-t oppo*i!e | o t   .,'*»*'.
a cotnin


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