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The Fernie Ledger 1906-12-22

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■"fl-5"*-   M*'^.,f7,J*TBt-?'
Vpo-'islative AssJJX
y.y-Yi     -——-■        ^-w •■
^     DEC 271906;'
'   4*5     v
r   • U   '"< Cv
Vol,II Number 19.
;. '.. . -jp-—.— •. . ..   .
lyOng Distance Telephone Asked for
by Board of Trade-But
Not Too Long.
Last' -Monday  there was a    surprise  would communicate with the Board,
sprung   upon    the     members  of   tl.e.    On motion of Mr. Lawry,   seconded
Board of Trade.
kunners were out with printed.dodg
I' 1
•rs that the: e would lie a special genual meeting  that afternoon  at   three;
o'clock, at   which very important business would be brought forward     fot
.immediate coi'Mderation.
It was whispered about that this
important business was nothing less
tlian a petition to Mr. Lindsey, asking liim to extend hi*, telephone sys.
tun to outsid. points. t
It was also stated,  in   explanatioif
, of tho haste in the matter, that  Mi.|
'Lindsey was leaving for Toronto that,
uij-ht, ar.d it    was   very desirous    to
t»av«  the matter brought before    him
I)«fore he left town.
There was much haste manifested
ky a few members of the. board, not
tjaite such frantic haste as an alarm
<J Hr. generally produces, but these
j-eople moved about in a mucn more
animated and lively manner than
-they would permit themselves to in-
dufgc in when travelling to a funeral.
' Promptly on time the president ol
the 17$»ard. ilr. Fred Stork, was ir.
Hi* place, the " secretary, Mr.. Alex-
_i)_ilcr, was ready with his minutes of
•previous meeting, and other records,
and the following members lined up
for busiinss': II. W. llerclinier, J.
McKvoy, S. F. Wallace, F. J. Watson, C. 1'. Iliggins, A. 11. Trites, A.
JI. Cree,- \V. F.r .Muirhead, li..* -W.
JKood, J. li. Lawry, Mayor Uleai-idell,
.'tt. Y. Jarvis,-*T. Jean, S. llerclinier,
and A. J. Mott. ;
' After the reading  and  adoption,*   o'
•the minutes   ofthe last meeting,      f-
.notion by II. W   Herchmer,   seconded
Ly Mr. Trites,     lo suspend the regu
tar. order of business, so  as to  allow
,   Mr* Cree to,address the   meeting    at
once on thc question of' getting   con
.   .lection."! with other     towns by    Ion-.
". distance telephone, was carried,      am
l.y Mr. Wallace, the report of the
committee was.adopted and the committee  discharged.
Mr. Cree gave notice of intention
to introduce a resolution.to amend
the constitution with a view of reducing the amount of nnnual dues. ,
On motion.of Mr. Trites and Cody,
a committee was arranged for to confer with the G* X. li. Co., asking
lhat company's assistance to -install
ioiig distance telephone, service by allowing the use of its poles upon
which to carry the necessary  wires.
A litter from, the associated boards
of trade of Western Canada re increased postal facilities in the west
was read, and on motion, filed.
i Two letters from. Mr. J.-'Hunger-
ford Pollen re the Kootenay Central
Railway, were- -read, aiid on motion
laid on the tabic for future consideration.        "       '
A communication from the Kingston Board of Trade relating to the
iVelland Canal, and two others from
the Halifax", and St. John's boards
regarding Atlantic mail service, were
read and  filed.
A* motion by Mr. Cree, seconded by
Ur.'Herchmer, asking the post ■ ofiice
■Icpartmciit to establish a mail box
at-the C. V. Ii. station, and to order
mail clerks to clear the same, was
A motion by Mr. llerclinier, seconded by Mr. Cree, was also passed asking the rostuiastcr-General to place a
mail clerk on the Great Northern
Railroad trains between Fernie and
Mr. McEvoy moved, seconded > by
Mr. Wallace, that, the Postmaster
General be, requested to change the
rules of thc'Fernie0post ofiice, so that
letters can be poste.d up to half an
'-.oiir before departure of trains. Carried, ...
lro'.ing as if he     held   four aces arid
saw S500 in th. pot.
A jolly time to you all this Christmas'. -   ; '
Several hui.dred lumljerjacks from
the surrounding' pineries will spend
Christmas ;n Elko.
The iiifoiMai dance that Mr.- and
Mrs. l.irney, 01 the Hotel Columbia,
g,i\. in l,i>c.r of' -Alex. McQuaigj on
Saturday night, was one af the happy
affairs of the week. * Prof. Louis' La
Chance and' his .celebrated stringed orchestra supplied the music. The
daintiest refreshments -were served and
the merry, congenial •assemblage was
charmed with-'the* delightfully planned
evening's diversion..
May you land many" a. good thing
this Christmas.
The pink-eyed, sheep-headed, suL
phur-l'fcpded. shirt-waisled son-of-a-'
calico Uronco Vermicelli Dan came in
from Tobacco Plains-, walked into our
new store, sat down ou the silk and
sateen counter,-and'with the insolence
of a pet cat. started.to ntiike faces at
our bull pup,"then walked over to the
IIolTinan House and' "' called poor.
Johnny Mott a -corn-fed, Soutli
Dakota sufferer, or something like
lhat. He left fo.* Fernie, 110 doubt to
.try and get-on the police force. When
he'returns home wc hope he will go
via the Great  Northern.
May nothing pop off with your happiness this Christmas.-.  -
Prosperity iii Elko .this winter is
like herding lambs in'nice tall grass.
Thc hotels and boarding houses are
crowded. The stores arc doing a rattling business, and the Christmas tree
collectors got's*.) -much wealth' tliey
had to go to Fernie to spend it.
May you pick up a large amount of
prosperity this Christmas.,
Walking the iloor at night with a
l.aby is a bad practice. Don't do it.
Sling Shout Hi, "the Oriental
siring bean promoter" from Morrissey Junction, ■ was in ■ Elko Monday
[c-'ldliug young Christmas trees and
collar buttons.
Miss Sallie * Calico Stripe is "doing
fancy bcidwork on buckskin for the
Uoosville Cash Store ,'in Elko. To see
htr at work would drive a, Fernie
sewing class " for, a church "social wild
with' enthusiasm. She looks as pretty
as a poster. '
Elko is growing.     Its   mineral .and
Mr. Cree began, as the minutes state,
, "pointing out' —that's a good, orig
ina. expression—"that much "business-
was being lo.>t, to Fernie ^througl
'the want of connection 'by U'J.ephont
with other points, aiid that -such bus
in-S*. was being taken to Craiibrool.
aiid'other places -which* had -j-juch connections.
'flit Ledger, a long time ago, liai'1
mentioned this little gap; in fact, il
d-i'l so at the timo it was announced
tlut the Cr. nbrook people showc
their enterprise by reaching out alter
t-h-Mio things, but things weren't just
rii*t at that time for. everybody .in
Hemic, nnd the Hoard of Tra'de didn't
wake up till Monday. 1
fjk.ue one in tho •neeting, |vho  cvi-
; *»eiitly is i;,iirmint   ns    to tlje  wnnt.
: nf those who gol such xpriiigji in their
" W.l-1 the oth-.r day, wanted'In know
yly Michel mul Coul Creek were not
mentioned in the proposed nlotion  t<
,    t«.before Mr. Lindsey requesting   tin
.ytuiision of tlit system to the   milieu, the Kootenay river, Ulluv; Jnffru\
fxiiA Hosmer
Mr, Trites thought this would     hi I lions in-all, ami arc bringing i" :
"The meeting then ai1jonriiFd7 A
■ Of course it would be asking too
.iiiieli of the Coal Company to ask
llicm to allow the public the'- • same
.rivilc-.os over the existing line:".' to
.o.il Creek and Michel as arc enjoyed
' y Triles-Wood. JIow ...silly to think
of- ill " ""
'Here's,a jolly* Christmas to all the
world—for fear some fool may take
Win. Lablis was ,in town from EU:-
moutli shaking hands with his many
friends this week.
Messrs. Pug'n nud Livingstone, the
.-nU'i-prising All.crtiiins from Okotoks,
who came here last' September fishing
for trout in EH' river, surprised the
natives around here when it bccnine
known that these two young men lind
..ought up two of the best tracts of
limber anil fruit hind io Southeast;
Kootiiiny, ahoiit fifty ([Wirier see-
'  ' -•'    '-■- !-* men
t. ,
Gity Counc. Masked to Assist ina Laudable Effort to  put   Parliament Wise
* The City ■ Council held its .regular
session on Tl*ursday, Dec. 13th. Present, Mayor Lieasdell; Aldermen Uiggs,
Mclntyre, Quail  and Tuttle.
After the reading and adoption of
the minutes'.o,f previous meetings, -a
letter from G. G. S, Lindsey agreeing
to accept $io_ , as had been arranged, - some time ago, for the weigh
scales owned by his cainp'any and oil
motion of Aldirmen Tuttle and Higgs
that thc Ma/.r purchase the scales,
the Clerk was  instructed to  pay    for
them at once. -
. y * •■ - ,
'The letters of Mr. Depcw relating
to the hydrant at the corner of
Walmsly slice; and Victoria aveiuie,
near the Presbyterian church, were
referred to the City Solicitor.
Herchmer and Herchmer wrote thc
city regarding contributions by certain parties for fire fighting apparatus
whicli had been made before incorporation. , The* letter was received and
A letter fro.*u Mr. Lindsey relating
to license fees was read, and oh, niotion of Alderman   Mclntyre, seconded
by Alderman Uigg's,    which  read    as
follows, was carried, .
"That the letter, of Mr. G. G. S.
Lindsey, dated 12th day of December,
re license fees due by the .Ci N. P.
Electric Light and Power Co.''be referred to the City Solicitor,, ahd that
lhe Clerk notify Mr, Lindsey that
llie Council had,already been'advised
prior to tne passage of the Municipal
clauses Act, 1906, that the' said company were liable to pay license fees
*o this city for carrying on the bus-
.iic.ss ofa telephone and electric light
JOliipaliy.','    . ■  1
Mr. Lindsey's   ' letter  W.is  as    follows: - ' '■
timber \veamT7Ahir"m-.igiiificonJ7~maiii-
ir,oih water power, its climate am
unsurpassed scenery arc bringing peo
pie from, all part's of the world, and
Fernie.- '   We've not   lb
Fernie,  JJec, 12, j 1906.
.lis Worship the Mayor of Fernie.
Dear.-Mr. Mayor—I find that by an
niendiiient last year  to  the.Municip-
We've got   the goods,    aim I-.,'  Act, now found iu Sub.-Sec.  27 ol
•■eoplc    seeki'ug ,-hi-'alth,    wealth    oi | Wc.   i;s   of     tlie .Municipal 'Clauses I ti,e Liberal  party in  this  Province if-
pleasure should come lo Elko, the)
^o down , to Koosvillc, where the big
red apples grow. "*-
Dogs valued at Si.aso.oro were ex-
hibited rec;ntly at a bench show ' ii
London, Eng. There.,wore no dogs
sent from Elko,
Talk about  your circus with its par
ade and pink • lemonade   and   peanuts
for the   elephant;      they  will   simply
not l-c in it wilh  Elko's big show'on
the 12th.
The Crow's    Xest Trading   Co.,   ol
Fernie, will give a three month's sub
scription   to ..the  Fernie  Ledger    foi
every dollar .'purchase.   If the   Crow's
N'ist Tr.idiiig Co. will get the roof 01
The   Week learns on   excellent     authority that  the manipulators  of  the
Provincial Liberal party  have designed a wonderful flank movement in order    to defeat thc-McBride administri-
tion.   The idea is not     original;    indeed, who'would    expect  it?   Hut    ii
fairly    matches ■ the cunning    projects
which have been  hatched  by The   Toronto gang, who have staked their all
on   the   exploitation    of the    Grand
Trunk Pacific.   The scheme is to   star
the Province with a political   troupe,
of which -'Hilly"  .Jclimes    i.s   to    be
the leading    man.     All the    financial
backing which such a,  scheme    would'
require is to  be'furnished by   the Ottawa mid Toronto    friends of  the   G.
T. V., who already have strings     on
every side-show connected-, with    that
corporation.      If such     a    mischance
should   occur as     lhe- defeat''of   Mcllride, then Mclnnes is to be  Premier
of Hritish Columbia'.' If, -as  is    morally certain, the  scheme ends in  failure, Mclnnes is to     be provided    for
in a substantial     manner as a solatium for     relinquishing    the governorship of the Yukon; a position     which
was avowedly  awarded him for political services.      It   is easy   to   under-
Bland why thc G. T. P.      and    their
friends should be willing to make any
sacrifice to insure the succtss of such
a project. ■    The Mcllride  administration has stake.1, its existence upon the
refusal to     make  any   land grant   to
the G. 'J\ P,   It has adhered*   to   its
policy   in   face ot    temptations   and
threats, and the  Toronto  gang   know
by this time that they will never get
an acre of land  for  building  the    G.
T- P.     across    Hritish Columbia    as
'ong as the      Hon.    Richard Mcllride.
and his' government are in power. So
desperate are they in their determination to force -it land   grant that within the last   month     they offered     the
enormous sum   of - S2_5,ooo for a  certain coast  paper ill order1   that   they
might, secure   the advocacy of an' in-
Humlial, established journal for  theii
policy,   A corporatifiM    prepared    to
exprnd as niiiel.     us  this on a single
newspaper will stand at  .lothing . 'fm
a political   campaign, and   will   want
the strongest    man in the party     tn
fight theiiiinistei who can neither be.
cajoled—no^frightened- iiito_.CQmj)_lL
aiiee with their -demands. 'Thai
"Hilly" .Mclnnes was easily tin-
strongest man in the ..party, when - he
,ot his Yukon prize "package ■ cauiiol
l-c questioned,   Ii ,(\n,V man  could lew'
The Winnipeg Tribune Stirs up the
, Coal Subject with a Red
Hot Poker.
"The discussion in the House at Ottawa in regard to coal lands owned by the Govirumeni of Canada is significant of public conviction in this
country that such coal deposits should be tn-ateil as the property of the
public anl  the ownership of  them not turned over into private hands.
"The Minister of the Interior, Mr.  Oliver, had  an easy task,   of  course,   -
in pointing  out  that it was  the Conservative . Government   which   granted
the,vast areas of public lands,  including immense deposits oi" eoal,  to railway companies."
The above extract from an editoii.il article published in the Free Press
yesterday is interesting as a proof of the surprising lengths to which inen-
ueity can go. It is chiefly interest ing, because it makes it not only justifiable but 'necessary again to place the fads., of the greatest steal that*
has ever been perpetuated in Canada, or elsewhere—the everlasting infam- *
oils Crow's Xest  l'ass deal—lieforc th..'   people.
The Hritish Columbia Southern Hail way Companv secured from the most
notoriously corrupt government that Hritish Columbia ever has had, by
means denounced as unspeakably corrupt, a charter for   11 railway through
the Crow's Visl  Pass.
* .
With this   charter   the  promoters received ■ 3,500,000    acres    of   land—
which   3,500,000   acres    included, the 'most   valuable coal   lands in    Hritish
Coldmbia;   in fact,  one of the mosl   valuable coal deposits on earth.
This raised a great storm of protest from the honest men ' of Hritish
Columbia, and the Liberal members for Hritish Columbia in the Dominion
House, led by Mr. W. W. I). Melnenes—now Governor of the Yukon—demanded that tin: Laurier Government disallow the provincial Act that permitted  this infamous steal.  0
In the meantime Messrs. Cox, J affray and their associated "Liberal"
grafters had obtained possession ot tlie charter from the promoters. This
fact, however, was known only tothe Cox-.Jaffray ring, to lhe' original
holders of llie .charier and to the inner circle ol the I.aurier Government.
Thc private members of the House and the general public knew nothing
of the transfer,
I.aurier, e\cr faithful to his friends, Cox and .Jaffray, and then, as
now, a traitor to the people who trusied him, declined to disallow the
iJiilish Columbia  Government's  nolo, ioiis act.
He assumed a lofty altitude, spi l:e ot the sacreduess ot Provincial
Rights—those rights that he aflerwauls outraged to nthe> last degree in his
Aulumny Hills—and flatly declined to move a lingei ito protect the people '
of Canada from the most daring aiul c.lossal robbery thai has ever been
per- ul rated.' (Yet iu the saine scs-S on he'disallowed another Act of . the
Hritish Columbia Legislature—in which, however, his friends were not
interested.) , '  ' _    .
'Jhe Government being "properly" worked, the people being held by the
Government while Cox and .lallruy (masked) wenl through their pockets,
disallowance l.ciny,   refused, ih-e  conspirators l.eimr    safe. the highwaymen	
Act, that il wilL*pe.haps have the et-
.'ect of" vary in/ thc '•'coiil'ract entered
into between ourselves and lhe eorpor
ition of Fernie as set out in para-
',r..pli ft of  that  a-jreemeiit   confirmed
y the legislture as Chap. 23 pf flic
Statute, of- 1.05, To be more explicit, the ditlerent companies therein
mentioned are liable to licenses, "not-
ivithstiindiiig anything to the con-
.rary in any aa or charter incorpor*
ui:i.; any him i.ipaHty." , The words
!n   inverted ' commas.conslitnte    the
.mendnient to which I refer. •
No doiili. parliament was not madi.
aware 01 'he existence of     our   con-
.raet  at   the time   they made    this
their    warehouse    nud   unloml   tliei: | .ui(*ti(ltiieiit, aiu!  feeling that  you nnd
freight  itnd- so lhe freight for Kiko 1 j|,e council would  like'to keep -faith
DsU,lng ton imicli all  at mice of the
Of coursi',  tins compnny have lint'.*
to those two pluces,    iiml huvi
**•*'  ...
bud for a long time, but Ute   imMic
uud nil inereliaiitH except Tritcs-Wood
am i-.eiudi'd  from  using these1' linos,
b*V * Mr. TrlU'Si holiil? i4* mi-mlicr ol
tliu favored firm, ho felt n very  nnt-
«■•!.,timidity nbout asking ,»U« U>»'
Conipauy to 1?'- itnyliody elm- tine   it
for itlie VeiiHon, an liu stated, tlmt  il
nrixiit l.e    flKkinj,'  Um mui-li 'of     the
Company to  allow  everybody to  use
A   \\nt     already   iu operation,    »"''
lbniitf,hl it lent Umt the Hoiir-I    «»»•
j.ut'itn rcqiicsi to nHkliiR'tlif   lnillil-
■mi of   new Hni'H.     T. Kilcil nl fnmi
Mr. Ti-Ut'H'     viewpoint, this   is    nil
rlf-ht, im the Limine*!--  ut Conl   Cn-uV
uml    Nlchi* , nil    coined   to 1'enii1.
through   fi-5    'I'l'llcs-Wooil  rstii.-liK**'
nun! anyway, «"'l «•  wns iiew   ■■■■■«■■
Undo that lu* w.is looking lifter.
Oil motion of Mr. TrlUs, seioiuled
l,y ilr, lri'ielimer, the president wuh
•iu.Htruet.-d t'> appoint a committee
to wult on Mi. Lindsey, r«|MP»ti«|l
Mm tu/ hnve his company put in ,»
li ng <(,i>lrtiue iiUpi.ii.i-- .y..In.* v, ilh
st, IjuJc AiUy i*'i v»'-'-'Ah' l« ■,"""<•<,,
ferule wilh tho mills <>" ll»*' K,,,.'u""
ny river, F.IU*> and .lallruy, as well
UN to unmeet with the Cmnbronk sys*
Uin, uml ex ten .1 tu HoimiiT,   with   n|H. Meltwim, lmve,  nml are,    working
vlnv (-1 uvuilu.ilU vxinniiii^, m» <.'Vi.<*
1 rint 11 in .-.nst Kootenay ns business
On tlio pftfi«aj;c of this resolution
Hit pr-mMi'iit nppoiiileil Mayor llleiiH*
,'.*:\, A. II. Cree and Mr. Trites to
rti-i-iM with Mi*. l.iniUvy and report
to th* Jlnnril at H u'cliiel*. The Hoard
Xbtu iiJ]()iiriied to meet nt H p. in.
(In rcass:ml Hi»k •» tli* fvenin-j, Mr.
Crw, *« clroinnan of the committee,
rupcrted that on the matter living
bill Uforr Mr. I.lndHiy. be had Riven
inntmctioim to Mr. Deprw to lnv*s-
(l^ste (be mallei ami xintie a report,
anil that  wIim    fills  was ret,Ay    be
and teams by the car lots. These
young men have, already a bush camp
in operation; n first-clnss sow mill
-luiclinsud, and n gang of expert millwrights framing tlm mill, and saw-
logs strung for four miles on .the
ImiiliH of Wocl* creek ready . for the
ipriug drive, ami it all happened
.■nickcr tlum 11 spring lilmli nmlil
{limp a tlilstle, '
litre's wisliln,*: you all fun. foast-
Ing ami frolic this Cliristnias.
The Cliristmns tree politicians were
mound collecting' for the children's
Christinas lr.»i feast. We hope tlint'i-
utlendiiig school, ami those too young
lo nlti'iid, will ({i'1. Uie proceeds of the
collections in useful nnd nmiising preii-
Here's lo onr fnther's swcetlu'nrt-
oi.r iiiotlier.
Mr. Alex. McQunig rettiriidl lo Mac*
It-oil, nfli'i' !,peii(lilig a very iileiistuil
viualioii in HILo, the ginst of Mr.
uml Mrs. McUi't, of Kllmiinioi'U Castle, where tlm thistle ami liciillier
j,row* 10 piiffitioii,  and the    host's
come thi'ODgli, we'll boost Hyas Tyce
1 la relay for president of tliu Amal-ja-
mnl-eil CfMi-Opcner Copipnny.
llle«sed are they that expect nothing, for they .shall .tint be disappointed,
Several sombrero wranglers from
the Quarter Circle Three Hunch, Wild
Horse Canyon,., were iti town buying
llil'los, iiieki'l-pliileil pipkin 'l|sllt-'s. picture post cards nud blue-eyed forget:
me-uot perfimi*.' for'the .Uoosville
Chris.mas tree.
W lieu you . get sad and lonesome
r.'liiL' to F,ll:o.
A young lady in l'.lko was actually
seiii trying to wash ami iron a Japanese liibleiiiipkin.
There are hundred, of people pass;
lug thr.iiigli Klk(. to the Imnl «&8f>l"'
free nnd the home of the llrown's.
May you comuinii.l miieh plensure
this Clirlstiiias,.
— n——-"—
TO I'l'.USIl'.
An Iiiipoitaiil  Knmi iu  the llusini'ss
I.ife of I'Vrulfc. «
The large wholesale linn ol the    A.
illi'Iloii.ild Co. h.ivc rent ed uiul   Xnbi-xx
wit]| t's in this regard, I write to
ni-k |f you will Join* pic iu a representation to the government se» thut at
the next session ofthe legislature we,
may l;e exempted from this provision.
1 shnll fei'l obliged to you for 1111
ciiswer at,yonr convenience,
Yours Tr'ily,
O. 0, .'   IJNDSRY,
(ii'iieral Malinger,
The City Clerk -was,. Instructed- by
motion, to prepare the financial statement for the present yenr and have
smite published before the end of lhc
pt'i sent yenr, on or beforo' the lirst
week in January,
It wus moved by Tultle, seconded
by Quail, llm•• the City Clerk notify
the H, 0. .Southern and Oreal North-
im ..Knilw.iy.Coinpiiuics that unless
liMiet* crossings ami approaehi's lur
nl onco .niKi'iitrtcil by tlinu ii'ire
ox mul Thompson streets cross iheir
right of-wiiy in the Cily of Kernie,
(hat the city will take legal hh-ps to
enforce the tcim.  bring done.
Th application of W. A. I'hillipi, ol
N'iIsiii, for tn. position of fin* rhlel
if the Cily of l\rnie wus aiTepted,
his iiul ii'sto 11',.In at (.nrc, ami Mk
snliiry   tnlp Sioo per     montli.   Mr.
I'liilllps lias .netrd ns. cliiif niul usilsl
well oMiospitulity never runs dry.      jOVer the new  lire-proof  wari*lmnso  ol J nnt chief at N.l.ir.n, ami rotuis    well
1          ....          1.1   t.i. I   .         1*        <     **     1   '1'      I'        c     ..<■ .   .
tU.t.i. ." lli«    i...;.i->lii-i    1,l.'i    a* '■'■ 1 - ,,u      li..n .-.   ,.».>. ..j,   \../...,-,.....   ii.Miiuii.mu...
'.ii-.uli, anl  tin1.] ri'iitlii-i".   wlio   -ml*.-
Miss F. Johnson, the school    tciieli-
er;  MU-4 Mary Toillmiiter nml Mr. W.
Iiiiiii in in.i-i.i- inv ■viom-iixA*. *.*.*.*. n.
tirtaimiient tli*-- liest ever seen in l'.lko. Their countenance is a lieuedic-
tion, their grip mi iusplratioii, and
their big ri<l apple smile 11 veritable
ioWsT ot ntKiigth  for making  people
ili;5 '■■•" •'"■'i1 i*'i'n'* f,,r •••*' ,l''l',-r'1''
May the l.or.l reward them for their
IKres a health gentlemen; lit it Ro
Mnn is suit i-whiil like n sausage,
Very Mtnnuilli upon the nktu;
Hut you can never trll cxactlv,
. How. Miiiiih Hon there Is within.
Axe Handle Hurry oni'v into  town
(iiul :nr vi'.iily Inr bii'.im-.'. in 11 -.tn<'*
ly wliolisali* way.
Mr. \V. G. Wnss is the loenl manager of this new business, and Is busy
lillinjr tlie big rooms with goods.
Ulis lillllillllj! Mill lie i.iiupn'l i*i»-
poraiily until a larger building is
provided for th* bltf IrmU* that in Mire
to ci.inu to tliii. Iiig I'slnlillhlimiiiti
which has lirniiihi's at Kenoru, P.A-
niout'iii, Vniiu uver anil Nelson.
Tliin ii.'-in. niuili to I-'i-niie, .md , ).<■
the fori runner nf other wholesale i-h-
tnl HhIiiiii-iiiii that arc soon In Inllnw.
As soon mt thc new warehouse has
bi. 11 built the jirtsrnt ont- will l>c occupied by th.» Crow's Nest Trnilinij*
Co,, nml still other .iilarjjciiunts will
lit* nditid in lluit progressive rom*
li.ny'.i prisent iju.irtirs.
Mi-rrv t'hiiMmiis tn ymif
'J'u-i.i i'i),u nj-j )U.ili..ii\, nm- li.iin
Viiiii'niiviT an I oni'fn 1111 Viitoiiu,
iin*ri> .iK«i te<ilve.l, but Mr, 1'liiUipr
was the lucky man. ;
The iii-i'i,iiii( of the I.lght ami l'otve 1
Ciimj-iiiiy lur i;.n Inr siii'i-t illiimiii-
atln.' during the Kagle's n»U'lir.ittiin
last July was ordcrcil paid.
Cily Clcik Nunu was a|ipoiiiled reluming (illiu-r fm the municipal citv-
Alili'tiiiiin <}it,nl gave n.iiici* linil Mt
the next mc-liii' of the Coiinril lie
wi.itld in!r.)ilu(c a weigh scale by-law,
after whiih thu mertiiig nil^ourned.
A*.«.(irtrd err ol Dnssul lMultry,
<-. iisislinj' of Tuiteys. (V.*ese, ■ Ducks.
CliifViiis uml l-'iiwl. just arrived at
1'. lliirns .*. C, I,l|., fr..m I,oiuloii,
victory lie is ll.« maiij but    will     he
make the sacrifice necessary    to    ful'*
in-line with this-scheme?   The    Wee'-
doubts it.    He already     occupies    '•
higher ,aml more   honorable    position
llian the party could offer him,   ever
,:f success   followed th<*jr-   arms.      Ai
governor, of the Yukon he occupies   1
■ofly and honorable position- His ad
ministration*of     affairs in  that   im
incuse territory has JKiWi^nore    thai
successful.    • His personal' popularity
has been established.   When   he "caim
dowir'-.i   few   weeks  ago, he had    r
send ofl of which a prince  might    1"
proud, nnd he is a "prince  ol    goo."
fellows.','   That he would (lelibcrnU'U
fling all   this overboard for  the prob
,'i'iiutical   chance of leading  the ragtag ■aiid-l-nli-tail  of the Liberal part:
'nto ollice is,'to say the least   of it
highly i mprobiul I*'*    He can    hardh
liuvc'forgotten, that this satin!   crowi'
ihrew him down  less  than four year.
;igo,wlieii he had prc-etiiiuenl   claim'
■o the Ujdershlp,  and placed    nt thi
lio id a man who,  however able inU-1
li'clnully, Is the    liest  exeinplilieiitioi
of a round pug i» " s'l""''*-* )",u'   t,",,
Hritish Columbi.i pni-lic life, lias evei
nflorded.   Hut-even   if   "Hilly" shmili'
' e found coin-l.ils.int, and  "tin*     '"
Milt" should be liltf 'Vnough lo weigl
with him, he Is hardly fu.l enough to
throw up a  eertiiinly for   soiiielliin.'
worse tlion    an iimi'iluinty.    If   tli'
piirtv     leaders have  not   inii'lligi'iic
plough to kmiv tli.it the country wil
Mot Klalt.l Uii'tii. be has.
"Hilly" llilntics is not  a guvnlinn
at the gain.'. 1! s political liirih|ilai-i
was Miss uri, and iinliss the Week i
(•really inisUkiil,   llu* last man    w'1"
cjili'  "gold-l ricked"   is  the   Cover
nor of    (lie Yukon*    Tluy   luu!   theii
chance with Iimii r.ni-e; they threw i'm
down.   The     record     of the    Liberal
pnrty during  the last four  years    i'
not 'siujj) that n man of "Hilly"   M<
linns' ability niul pid-llr status coiib'
derive tiny sul isfiu't ion fr.uii heiuu as
•tocint.j'd with -^Jt.. He Is apt to    n*
nuui XM*|i.iiiy   |i.<«'"»■> ''■•".    l'.»*-|*,
i't'i.ule iUiir UA, ib.y ilw-x  lb   1.11 il
In rritici^n*. the  jn-rform-mue givii'
Uy the   Motrjs   .Si   lloitglas Cn.,  tin
ilrnmi'iVlr cril-'- o   th.    Timi-*.--ln«nial
has ,Mil-  fnll.iwiug      in sav:      "This
week's programme is eMi-IIi-nt  and  a
r.ffeshln/.depmtiiri* lium   the rn-.ulai
failures of vaudeville    shows , whiili
lave vljiittil IW In Ou' P<"('l'   The   ar*
iiilulli* ait   11I   lhe S.ymniiis is gmul,
and fin. is Ton I.iiiici'it.r,   tin*  ...inch
nn; l.ut the ftntur.   which merits the
ftpprovnl   of  alt are the t«..    llaia-v
ihil.lri-rr.     The little ln.y H.mcy,     in,
his tin t.ildi<r    art, i* tin- l«-it   <v<r
netn htrtr 'lie tt just  a. im-re dot    <>l
liununKy, but liis hinging nnA A.m.
dig pifti  llie ('.lowii-ini'i  .1u.1v    in tin-
- -       . -,        t
** t»m ♦.•V*.
walked openly  iii   lhe streets    in   the I.rond sunlight- once more.
Messrs. Cox, JalTray, et al., sold the railway charter to the C." I*. R.
,'or $85,000, cash—and'received, t,, make good weight, another piece of
properly,   whicli    immediately   passed into other hands,
Cox and JalTray retained the ni< st valuable coal lands when they disposed of the charter to the C. 1*. IA The railway company, however,'applied to the    Dominion  Oovernm-tii    for a cash  subsidv.   (Uenutiiber,     the
-  *       -    , .1
charier when  originally. granted -carried wilh it  hundreds of - millions of,
dollar,-; word) (.1" coal lauds, the liio*;'. valuable of .which Cox  and. J uffruy retained when passing the ehai'ter'nn ti oilier hands.)   A.    subsidy of* $3,630,   ,
(X>o was   granted—and   the C,   1'.  IJ.jiol possessing   ihe  magnificent impud
..•me of the Cox-.Talfray ring, gave the     (loveiiiiiieiil    50,000  acres  of  land
hat-had   been transferred   to it  when it bought the charier.
When the dust cleared away, tin- C., 1". Ji. had the charier for the,
Crow's Xest l'ass Uuilwny, $3,1.30,( o,. cash subsidy from the Dominion
Goviniiiient, and the enormously vnh able lands that Cox and JalTray had
transferred when the subsidy was gn nted.
The Dominion hnd 50,000 acres of Ciial binds that, the C.' 1*. K. had
tin ti sf erred when the subsidy was gran ted,
Cox and .lallruy hnd SSs.ooo cash, nnd coal buds that they themselves,
in llieir   company's lirsl   statement,    cbiiii'.d to be worth $i3,(ksi,o<ki.
The I.aurier tioveriiiiieul had, aim ng other  possessions,    then reputation
if being    ii  set of traitors to their   <: .uiitry, lhe abettors   of  grafters uiul
.'iiiiiibers (,f nn   infamous  conspiracy.
lion,  Clillnri'. Siftoii hns the  1'ive   Hi ess- formerly owned    by   the C.I\
H. "
The Ottawa cnrrespondeiil ofthe l'"ree l'riss, in 11 despatch to that
.nipir shortly nfler all the deals hud -..one thioiigh, claimed on the highest authority that the value of the 50,000 acres ot coal lands that the
.'.overnniiut had received from the C, I*. IJ. was 111011 than enough to pay
1 IT the entire national debt of Caita da—at that date about $300,000,000,
II this 50,000 ni'ie block is worth $300,0,10,ikki, who ciiu estimate the
value of the whole 3,500,000 acres mi ■■.innlly given with the charter?—thu
,'ift that Sir Williid declined to permit the people to recover, though it
was liein.uiieeil by Liberal members 11:  having been obtained by fraud 1
Il is quili' impossible for uny nuui lo make an estimate- Wt* can, how
;vc-r, from the reports of engineer,;, lonu s.iiue intigh idea ol the value ot
•hut juirt of the grub llial was  retnim-d l.y Cox ami Juffi'iiv.
A most coiitpelt'iil engineer'' tli'scr.l.ed lliesi* io;il binds as inexhaustible*,
co'iitir'uing at tin- lowest estimates hundreds ol millions of tons of coal
-in other words, containing conl to the value ol billions of dollars;
conl tlmt will be dug Irom those beds as long as lhe human race exists. 011
'.his coiitiiienl; conl that is a ncccsviy lo thu people, 11 ni'iessily to life;
.•mil that is their hcritngi'--oiie of the most valuable endowments nt Hmvi-
And this is what has Ihh*ii   stolen from the Canadian people,   with tho
I'liiinivatice of two  "rrpi'csciilullve"    (i.ivernmints;   this is the iheft   that
'looms th,'  people ol the West lo  Imv ft,oiit    a   little ling of   ('lulliT.s    thu
fuel that is  their i.ttfi'   this is    the   di'il thnt lilt     thv people of   AlUrtii
md Snskaicliiwaii staring  intn  the    tail  ot shivering (leutli  when thi** little ring pluyeil the ituloiialic tytniit   with its ininiis, tinned 11 ik-al ear tn
ippciils Hindi* i.i  tin' iinme nl  huinniiitv and    lefiised to     M-ttle  the  sliiUn
that  liid its     plunder midiigroiiuil:    this is the deal thul    will   leave    the
■ii'iiple al the lilt 11V   of   tlli-   little   I' ng lllltil    lliey uinilse    theii     sleC|iilig
maiiliood ami lake lank hy the suu.t mcnis the invaltaMe   heritage   that
Ii.ik hit'it stolen liom    Hum «itli   'he   «rirtiiiuil km wledge   ami cotisenl   ol
two coniipl   (invernmeiils  by  a lii'iue. <,f ps,ilnisii'|.iug grulters IBat shoiilil
be iii.ule tn dictirute 11 pillory.
•ci.:  :  <-.   t*„i •.!...!   • t-1   -■   ;'..e :....-, V.! *.,'. ..;..'. .1: „.»...'..! i'..-t
h,i-. ivi-r ,1r,.,i in** ln.-i-vi* t  iu  f'mi'.-.l.i     Tlti*-,  1-. tin*'dial   thnt   a  part    ol     the
stakes ill tli*    j'ltlnr   the l-'ree   Hi ess- Ignores wlien H  Says:
"The Miiilstii ol the Intel inr, Mr.    Oliver, had nu emv  task, id 'nurse.
'li pointing nut Unit   it wn'i  lhe Cnii'ervutlve ('nveriitueiit    which     granted
vnnt ureas of piiblh-  bind'-, liiiludiii)' immense ilepositi nl eoal,   in railway
\... tt,'... .1*4     •- (
Hciviit knows, the Ciiiisiiv.ittvc ('.iveinuients Wire bail elinWRli, foolish enough, criminal immgli but nn (".nverniiieiit, ('.ill, T,nry, tti'pulilicnii,
Dfumrrutic nr Sncinlist, was ever Inv a moineiit in the siiine cldlis with a
■Tew if plr.iUs that bouiid the people dig infuiniiiis Crow's KtRt Tass steul.
bed tlum    of billions in tin- everlasi i,( Ciiiind.i, Innd and fn.it'. niul ri*»1><
Vi' iMiinni, li.iw.-i'.r, .'tji.i t .111'i.iiii >.i-. e.iiifi«-,lou fr.mi part of tits' ">-on-
siilcr.itinn" In thut  notorious  tniiiRiiciinn.™ Winnipe/ Tribune,
'ir- ■ tm .    iijtiM
li.ick(:ronniI.   Hi:« sister Is goml «1mi,  again.      The  fascination of   setinln((t
ami her   representation nl a tue.liatiie l»c lUtiful    pirturci    gmw* under   hU
doll  is sklendi.l.    Mntlir Smith    cm ''*i,» fih*m    with ruiMtliaMe rapid-
itv, riv-fttinjf (bt
pl.»y the     <nrii<t t» pelf"linn.     Mt  j nhl,j,Bl^ n
attititlon   of  thc
TMs fit*-., fopi ouupauy
Smith, tin- lighluiiiig <h,*1k   ailUt, 1* '   ,„ ,e tt<n {„ ,hu Umn j,t |fc,   ^
a uiiiitl.i-i   whiiti nil! 'Ita*   again  ait'1-   n.i ll.ni.i* ,11 Ib-.nnl.ff .ftlh,
W ;az!itmi^xw»i^«&
— V- -----   11 -        *
' Issued ' every   Thursday from" the" of-
■   fice of     publication;    lodd    Block,
Victoria  Ave., .1'iiriiie,. British. .Co^
lumbia.    '   *-  ■"■ ' ;'       ,"' .   ■    ,
■0, V.   MOTT -    ,    - Editor
. G.  G.  MEIKLE     .   - Manager
The  telegrapli.c report  ol' the    pro-
-eiedings of lhe  House of Commons at
Ottawa on   th-.' loth   states that    the
"overniueiit   was sustained  by a vote
of   7.   to 39 01 "   the' Ilenon' resolution.
' *   Thercsnlutioa-was    along the lines
■suggested   by   President' Roosevelt    in
his late message to the United Stales
Ci.ngress,  and in conformity    with   a
.strong     and     widespread    sentiment
throughout lho  west, which  has  Hen
brought   about by the recent   . utkis
and lockouts    and .eon.se i-ucnl   sh.v.'.-
»ge ol fuel  for  the domestic  uses    of
.the people   in  a  land   where  dial     is
'lhe 'resolution   was   as follows:       cf
"The co.il lands owned liy the   gov-
■ - trniueiil of Canada      should only    be
-.lien.ited under     such   conditions  and
.    .subject,to   such   control   and   regula*-
lions as will   provide for  an immediate supply   ofi coal      -adc'-uate; at all
times  to the  requirements of the  peo-
' j'le, and at  a   reasonable price to the
consumer, and that   iu respect  of coal
•     lauds     already    alienated,   legislative
provision     should be made  for    such
ci.nlrol'   and     regulation! in   case ot
cmergencv, as will   in   lhe future  prevent loss and  sulk-ring to the", people
of-   'the     western provinces     through
••'   lack of fuel supply."
Thc .r.markable-    ihing about    this
the'l*we*it,'7-ana'^n(5ir6ily .wlit.-, knows any-
thing~a.outs-.tl12 ;ij.iiaU<ji\ w|jr:dispute
the lion, genii.riu'n's sta-fo^ent-
From being ;.. .champion 0f govenl.
ment ownership of the t-V-w's Xest
road, he has come down lo t*u„ slatc-'
ment tnat tli.: governiiie\u ]lave notll.
ing to do" wT.'i ;th*e prcso,u coaj situ.
ation.   Why?   '. -;
„ Has he forgotten that 5o,cx;o acres
set aside to be - used a*. a Kafeinia_il
in jusl such emergencies ' ;,*. tj,e present? ..'..'/
If he has," he might -f\m\ sitUng in
that red senate chain!.(-,- ,uul evcu
around ' the council board ' at
which in* sits, men who to.,i(ii ifthey
w'ould.'pul' him wise a*.-t'o'the existence of the ■ 50,000 acrc*^ '..j,^. 'cm\<i
tell .him* thai, they ai*e sLill ^--lCi-_
tluy- were, .when .set, ii,si,ie) au,i arc
still'as useless to the people as they
set aside   for
If all the   reniaining^coal   lands
were'the day they were
the use of the people, a,^ they * will
remain so as long as' V|.c ]i,,llse n[
Commons has enough . Mlcll men as
Air. . Melntyre, Turifl, Kuowles and
Ross, 'who can-be relief („, U) nlakc
ai-scs of ilumselvcs by stating cn-the
Ik.or of lhe  House, as \-|(,v    ,*"ia   Uic
day,   lhat    llure-
was    no coal
the wesi-o-,,.y a .si,01-tage
famine iu
of cars..'-'-A^,-.-   '■'■■■■'■■■ --iy: --:,7i.,1; ';, \i^
■■'.'The .boards;,. ^if./'M;a'Kv':c(ty-:c6undls
aiid"^ proViiioial^goyvrii.UV^its'.;  in .; the
„w&t have been  fiy*  ""'Uths supplicat-^
ing, urging ami 7deiirand{,,,, ^j- soiiic-..
thing* be*done  t<- end-tbe-.strikes", and7
start ■ llli iiiiu.:ff:''ii'-,°Pch'tionA A 7' ■:.. .•;.-.
; v A;provincial7: preiniei^   accoinpaiiicd;
by ;a*l)oii'iiiU)U7 ollicialj ],.up ^]s(.   , yc_
tinned   "from' ^liidiaiu\p()j*S)7,whither.
j ihc*y'--li,ii*.y*-_Jpnc.'*V.** ■'s*-'>f.lj\'--Ux;-i.ossibicyr'.*_'i»^
['lH-iii^iti^''-vl>'oi.i.^a set;!!^-,^,,^^^^, ; tiic.
strike Ttiini^les.isoAii&Upeopic: .'would
people ..v.*erc;;.)iu.rniii^;  . \i\K[^ [uniiturc
and .ihcirAuinHi;, .m'l;e\cti thejsidjug
largest/proiluciiigAmni-. --^.UkA-whole.
district/ with ir'noVni^, j;utl„,t',„'{ v jA
.oo tons ;daily-,. had •^■^.eiil: .'down
ll ^A-; daily:.; output
iuiiount,;-;and in ;faee <>t allAliaiiAiicm--;
be'rs of : pa^i;;.'llc"--t:%in !ahcse7 prqv-
inc'esnliii'd''Uic'' jy;l^a^i.;',cfIront:pry,;..-to
standA*n Tthc Hodi'.'-^l7.,t;li„t'' Hiiiise. and
Jstate-^hatAliev;; had'^t? |i;ardf of 'any
coal "faiiiiuc—lh-U'.;|.y,\va's''.vb\vii?£-;-'.o
whole' farce at Ottawa is that a \-c .last Marcti to ;v lllliIv
premier who, as leader of si govern- * (.[ ]css than! onc-fi,
ment, a tew years ago advocated and
' had incorporated ' in the bill which
brought into existence' the Crow'.
Ne.st Railroad, a clause which effected
the setting aside of 50,0110 acres ol
coal lands in Southeast Kootenay foi
the purpose of safeguarding the interests of'the-'public against just what
has luprcned  at   Lethbridge and     a*.
Ten years    have elapsed since    that
biiri.-eeame.   law, and      thosei 50,00c.
acres are as virgin as thi-y   were   tlu
day the*bill   -  passed, and     not    om
word was uttered,  so bu* as the. Led-.
~gcr can see,  in     TlTamel>ate~oiT    iiiT
Ilerron resolttiio'i, regarding -this   5'\-
1J1&   Doin1hidn%. werec to be securely"
locked up as ai e the 59,000 acres    in
this vicinity, and not? used by,and for
the'people, what a picnic'the "existing!
coal   ermpanies'i-would   have?     Compline control" of 'all coal', areas'through
the  age-.icv  of   a  government of   coal
harc'ns. without"- -having" to buy   any,
more coal lands.   That' woiild'lie    an
idealistic  monopoly   unsurpassed any--
where in this,-   .world.of   monopolies.
We have an* example of.how-it- would
\vc-rk.'   '     -„■       -   -    ■•••-  ,"• ••■*
Some uhsophistieateiV member of
pr.rliainent who lias no'direct interest in coal mining, gels.-up ...in the*
House and- want:., to resolve .that it is
the interest of the- public to-have the
government' take - hold bf the • coal.
mining business in order to safeguard
against coal famine  in a land  full   ot.
c-al.    '. .-.   .      : ,	
The   government-.' opposes    because
that would .lie interfering    with    private interests.   If lhat,-is .so,  how   is
lhe government . . going    to. help * the
people by witholdiiig  coal  lands    and
refusing   10 operate   for   fear of injuring private interests?.   . . -,.
W'heiever and whenever    the government, operates, or - . allows others   to
operate* its coal, lands, itwill.be   interfering wi-'i.private-interests.;   ''"
• Are-we-to understand,.tliat .Uw   ■ remaining, coal areas of the. country are
to be locked up as ■. are . those, 50^x1
acris which-were   set .aside, as, a safeguard against monopoly,,- -and  - then
held-in. idleness lest private...interest's'
should* sutler?.; ■ .......  .,...- .....A   '   .'
It is such .mockery as this that, ..is
turning out'Socialists every .day and
taking out of the hearts of.the people any faith they may .have .had in
the honesty and integrity, ot ' those
who "climb- into., the,- seats, of-ft the
mighty when -the-mighty arc away.   7
d.    in   *+4&4*t0^$&+i
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Crow's    Nest \Tradi»g - Co.    Block,
Fernie, B. C. . : * "
W. R. Jfloss.lt.C.        -  -J. S. T. Ai.exanti:r
...   Ross & Alexander
FEKNIE. li* 0.
Office tn L'. T. W. HJcck, Victorlx-Aveime.
'ja t'i)cople:: cbuldii11
shortage of Aa A 4-tl
get coal A
;' Less than ; a week ^'W-^thc ; eity;:7of
).ctlii)'ridge li-y.1' to: ^o^wilhiiut^lectric
'light*;a[t.r°2 :t. .m^AieeauseVs.ot.^tlie
W'i 117 xiniiaeii gen tlcmeif «^litJ 7^ ^ohspicr
«<y,^'3All^y^#7^'^ -; wlio
'stanVi i7i'V>7
ooo acres, sci aside for the puniose o:
preventing monopoly and control o!
the coal market by ihe benencarics ol
that bill. '
The premier who insisted upon this
wise | rovisic.n by which the publii
weie to l-,c protected from just sveh
i.ecurreiices .'is have been brought
about by these strikes, has uol mov-*
ed n fingei or given a sign that he or
his government have any intentions
of using this **,o,ooo acre coal reserved
for the pin pr si-  intended,
Sir Wi'i'iil Laurier was very timid
nl.out private ihteresls when Mr. Ilerron introduced that resolution. Is it
the same 'timidity about private interests that has kept him and hi<
government idle for ten years regarding the carrying out ot the intention
i.f the bill which set aside that 50.-
enn nei'is?
Are any of the people who arc di*
reetly interested in private coal
mines sitting „iii Sir Wilfrid's cabinet
and'iu the senate ot Canada appointed to those places by Sir Wilfrid? It
si, do ilinse ollicials and senators
have more influence in preventing the
carrying out the object ot that
Crowis Nest bill coal land reserve
than have the common people of Canada?
As an example of how far blind, ig-
r.riiiinl, servile parti/an feeling can
I e relied on lo support anything that
is dictated to it by its cultivators
and leaders, the Ledger wishes to call
the alienliou ol its leaders 10 a lew
extracts from the discussion ol Mr.
Hernia's fyist ami reasonable resolution.
Mr. Oliver, n 1111111, by the way,
who opposed with all his might tin-
bill which gave the 0. 1', 11., Si 1,000
per mile to build the Crow's Nest
brunch, cl-ilming tli.it the government
i liiiilld build (iiiii operate  it, said    tin*
ihcir plaiics^ui*V;U^L.Uidir'idlow nieirij;
hers that7:it-is heC'Ui.s_^ilct.e-are not.
enough, 'of.-;wagoii'|.-,''---.t.i:> 'xleiivcr.'f'tjic.'coai.
trotii:':-liie;iiiiiies',.to'.tljc .p_p:p'i'c of I.ctp--
An oh-Scure'clause in itn old* charter
is said   to compel" ' tlit Grand' Trunk
Railway't'o   carry',passengers for  two
cents per  mile  ii" 'third-class  cars   on.
its main  line.   '• ■        ,
What does' lhe Grand Trunk ;do? '
. .OBEY''THE   LAW?   * ' I '
Not at all.      ■   	
Wlien'siich a liiw was first-brought'
to lhe alltiition of tire G: T. R. .the
company thoug'-c' it  was a joke.
O'ncc the G.' T. U. reali/.ed that the
ancient pub'.ic right, the G. T. li.
hies itself    to Ottawa with a bill   "to
bridge, and that" it *,s on llccou'nt ol
traospoi'talion that t],c ,CK.ciric lights
..f that busy little" c'lv ^() {lut ftt 2
a. 111.?   .       1 *' ■'    ''
Aa an instance ot ',M iU)W far blind,
party j.enl will Ciwry. a blockhead
who has lauded, by i-haiice, iu a seal
in'the House ol I'm-liamenl, lhe debate on the roth i'-'.st.'-has brought
out a tew shilling Samples.
It all the' people jM Alberta have
heads like M-.nu' ol ibuir inoiiibcrs ni
parliament, 'theiv is-iols 0f [uoi (m(
ihere going about <\ i_|,0 slUiiildei-s ot
the citizens, whit;], W()„1(j ,.,,^0 n
good sdlstiiute for *Ul.| j[ it w(,rc nnl
too green.
. -On _.
The Toronto Globe f,lt|,crs i|ie f„i'
lowing bit of wisdo\,.
"It will not,be iitccssni-y (or the
Dominion to eiiiliarl- j„ ^ co,,| n,j„.
ing business, No smi, -im>stionnbli'
dipariuru neel be k,\rvA, Ownership
will give the go\ei-,„m.11(_ „ co„ti*()l
thai will insure n ti.mlioiiotis supply
at fair prices by tlu, 0|lu,,-aiiiig com-
pnttics. This is all ti,L. pul.lic* (U'sirv,
and it is wlmt llivj* imvt! u njjdt to
drum nd. Such a ri*Ml|t wil| ]k |)t.st,4
with suilicient .liUK'nllies, even it th'i
g.iveiinn. nl should m-*, ^vnmpUy m,il
i-iMOi-vi' all the coal {\v])ns\\s „,',*, u|
ready .ilii-li.itid.    K Wn„|(|   |)u.  tl   MV\.
oiu mistake to 1
ires to diilt     into (|K, -,,
lv'Ue  more 'obstacles
nllowlng Pie riil,„i„in|r n)|,l uieas-
nds   of   pri
vate  imlivldiiiils nii(|  i'oi-pni'.illiiiis."
Of «lm I use woi,|(i .,|i ,|U, rcnmii,.
iu^r coal binds In' I,, |,„y|IM(|y llXl.,.,,i
ih.se who own whi(l |,,,s I,.!.-.,", uii,'i,.
uled, il, an tin* C.1,,1,,, s||ySi i( wj||
govvriimiiit had little to do with the nol le ihu-mui'v tor thn goveriinii'iit
nml sltimlion jusl now prl'Viilliiig   iu   to no into the   ''"ul mining Ims'lncss?
repeal the clause.    "•
If W'. Y. Maeienn, 'IAL* Vi, or anybody else in11 oduccs' a bill 'to strike
out of an ancient railway charter a
clause permitting' the' G'. T. R."to'
ble.d the pub'li; for:' high" rales'," the
night is full'of eloquence from all'the
moping  owls i.f parliamentary debate.
These voi'* •■! complain that; a bill
for the promotion of' pubiic rights is
repudiation, almost sacrilege, j an in-
terfeience wit', vested' rights ' aiid a'
sic)-, towards anarchy.' '
Whin C. Si. HaysX Co. 'intrl-iluces
,1 bill lo strike out from nn! nii'cieiil
railway chart.; a'clause coiupclling
lhe Grand Tf'unK to cany' people for
two cints per utile,'1 where ;nrc' all
these, sticklers for vested" rights?
If the pcopL who seek "to iliangc
■in ancient charter to the "'disadvantage of a railway arc the demagogue
eniiuics of vested riglils 'what name
will best describe the attempt tit C.
M. Hays and partners to change ah
ancient charlt". to the'disadvantage
of the public,—Toronto Telegram.
If it is true that the self-const!tilled lender o[ thi' ' Douklioliors is in
Rw-sa negotiating for the importation into Canada of teu thousand
more of these people, the Canadian
Government should promptly look Into the mutter. Tliey nvc to cqinc, it
is reported,, under 11 conti-nct, one
.irovlsion of which Is that they shall
he repatriated after two years, but
lliey cannot be expelled It they choose
tu stay here,'and "'we liilvo'viiougli of
ill.111 now.. Vo Import IloulilioliorH is
not the wny to Keltic ilii.--labor problem,   ('.loll.;
Yes, nnd there are Mill other liinui-
I,', rut Ion scluin.'s being agitated which
look more like labor Kchcitii'* Ihiin'lm-
iiiigratiim silumes. L00V out lor
-    . 0     ""'       ■   ♦
♦ .,;, *- - * ■ . ♦
4/i Prank..Local .Union No. 1263 ♦
4>   David Stc*e, Sec, Frank, Alta.   $
♦  ♦
♦ •■•■"•'•  ♦
4 Lille , i.ocal Union -N'o* J233 ♦
+   Dan  McNeil, Sec, Lille,   Alta.   *
♦ '♦
♦ --*■--    .4    . ♦
+, Bellevue Local Union -No. 431 ♦
+   John.   Clark,    Sec,   UeHeyue,   */
♦ ' Alta. ♦
♦ "•'• ' "" ■♦■
♦ .  •    '♦
4/ Hillcrest Local Union No.1658 4/
4/ 'Jas. Turnbull, "Sec, Hillcrest,-, ♦
#**   ■"',*•'      '   '  'Alta,' ♦
♦ ■'   '-'        ' ■:   ♦
♦ - ..'.♦.
♦ .Lundbreck Local Union No. 4/
4> '* a-75.' A. H. Brytin, Sec, Lu'nd- ♦
4} ■ breck, Alta.   •• .♦
♦ ..." A "♦
4/" ', 4>
4/   Lethbridge I.ocal Union No.574   ♦
♦ S. A.'U. Crahb, Sec, Leth- ♦
4' * 1.ridgei Alta. ♦
♦ "•-= : ♦.
♦     -, ..•-.;    -,♦
4 Tabor I.ocal Union No. 'io_ ♦
4/- John . JJisliop, Sec, .Tabor, ♦
^    . .. _ '.Alta. '    „■ ♦
♦ -. .. .- ♦
♦,'Tabor. Local Union. No.. I9S9 ♦
<$. Alfred l'robert, Sec, Tabor, <$,
4 ' Alta. ' ♦
+:■  ";■■'■' ♦
4} Canmore I.ocal Union No. 1387 ♦
♦ ■■■■" ♦'
^ .*■ ■ ♦
4> Bankhead Local Union No. 29 4/
4/ ■ John Higgins, Sec, Bankhead ♦
+ ' -.. Alta." ' '    ♦
J.^Barbery l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L.T..W    Dlock,   opposite the ;Bank
Olliee hoiirsr-3 ft.m. to 8 p.m..    •-
ffernie, 3B. &.
\f00099009000099999909 9
_»    '
CALL'AND SEE    '     ,
Davey & Ladkroute I
W. J. Wriglesworth, D, D. S,
On-'ii'i* IIc.t'K..-       r 'Wto is 11. m. 1 •*•» •r'">. ni
...fl loti iliu,
On\c. in Alex*. 1. «k's Ilioi'-U
over Slum's llalcevy,   ,
J.'J_l*v\lK, .     -.-.-     -
j). 0
...        DOMINION    .     ,
Office:   L.T.\V. Block :
Fekni'e—'—-British Columbia
A • GOOD W.\Y.
tp*-pleasa careful housekeepers is to
give''hi.n-.st weight. Oh, we don't'
say -th.it all Jiutihers' d0n't do this
but we cannot'- ludp occassionally
overhoar.'nr our lady . friends when
th.y get-to  telling" t-hiir-experiences.
-"■ANOTIIKK.'l-OGl") .1VAY- ■■
to please is to supply only- the best
meat.. If* you tnulu witlt..us-you will
learn just- what we'mean .by these
two'.'.'.ways':, ,QUA1.ITY and.QUANTITY will be a little .niore than you
expect.     ,        „.. ,    .
Calgary Catti e Co
Crow's Nest
Electric Supply Store
■ All  kinds   of   I.!eeirieal
Goods kept" iii stock.
AH  Work
M. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
Plans, Specifications and Estimates furnished on apjilication.
Plenty   of   GOOD   DRY   LUMBER ONT HANI). *"•
Architect     and Supe.rii_fendent
Office  at Residence,
BAKER ST.. .  -     -     KERNIE. B.C
'.FERNIE..'. ;
■ —*—rr*"'—'     ■   *■' -
^ *j
a pleasant home
for: the traveler. ;
John Turner,
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
H. 3l A.IVil.iiMAS
.Contrsnters unit IJnil.icn
Estimates Fiimlslic-il
Shop:- Ci-.rnor IlowlanilAve (iiul Mi'Kv-.ySt.
<■     •  J»  0. Uox 3M, Firnie. 1!  C
WINE   C0.? Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers and Direct Import-
...   ters of. ■'-
SCOTCH AND ;*   ■ . .
IRISH' WHISKEY,       ;-    A    .
I.ONDON DRY   ,'    ;  '   *'•
AND HOLLAND. GIN,, ;;    ■
POJIMERY °     ''• •   -
Ileml Down
B.-1.1 n m ij^v.-
12 if. u-ni
. IS. 1.1 - a-m
.7.:»inn Arr
.   ,.-    - •    \Jt-Bll I'p
Furnie    . Arr. SfOum
. JU'xfoul    ■"    . C.lOu m
Sl'OKANK. .'   .|).a.i. m
.Si.atl.il!    . hv ii 15 a m
City of Fernie '■     jj
ANC.UCAN-Christ Church-
Rev.' R: Skeldinjj Wilkinson,
pastor—Services', u n. in.
nnd '7.30 p. ni. Sunday
'tSchnol nnd llible class at
' 3.'3»']».' m; Eveiiiuji; prayer
■ on ■ Wednesday at 8 o'clock.-
Holy Coniniuiiiou ist anil 3rd
Siiiulnys at 11 a. 111,, nnd
and Sundny at 8 a. nl.-
Large stock of Home Grow* Fruit
and ^Ornamental   Trees. -     '
Ileadijuarl^rs     for     Pacific    Coast
Grown   Ganhn,    Vield   " and  Flower
Seeds  iu  season.
Greenhouse  Plants,  Cut  Flowers. „
Catalogue  Fice.
M.  .1.  HENRY,
3010 Wi'stiiiinster Road,
Vancouver, 1$. C.
* Dail.v nxecpt SumJiiy
Leaving-  Fernie  p..}-; p. ni.  you
'arrive,at 10.55 p..in., in   .
.    VANCOUVER   ,.
*     .-       NIGHT ,.   ..
Arrive  al   10 p. 111. in
'—^ SJlT-P:Vl.-ri-
Solo Agents in Canada .for
Windsor     Tonic,   *i Jag     Destroyer.
2nd    .Higlif
I'*or itntiLiliiillnformiit\.*)ii,-l,_rl]i res'.r-
vutiuiiH, tile., i-iiJI Cii/ir iii|.-Jri)__
.     .--: -    . ,..-.-,Jl. J.isJJl.AUKKIO.VK,-
IJAr*riST--Rev.     II.    ' Locke
*, Keiupton, U.A., U.Tli.,, paht-
.   or, -Services at, 11 a. 111, and
.7.30,,p.   in.   Sunday,  school
and Uihlc elnss at 2,30 p.ni,
. Prayer  niectiiij;  on Wcdnes-
duy at 8 p. 111.
Philip Carosella
.... General Merchant .
arid Dealer in Wines,
Liquors and Cigars-
j The A. J. Burton Saw Co. 1
S'  A_Ai.' MiiHtnn. .a_ni.__"^*' ' """""""'.' "™ ""~;" *'-'^,'^*-->-i~^^ '. y-.„„»li«-_-._' L   £*"_   S
+"l-        *
•J.  CATHOLIC-Cliurcli     ot    the '*
*\* '   Holy  Family—Father J. M. •!«
•j«     Tr,iveniier,       O.M.I.      Low «J«
•l«     iiniHs, 8.30'n. 111.; liitii mass, -1«
*■!♦      10.30 u,  111.   Sunday  sc.ior-1- »J«
•J«     2 ]), 111.   Kvcnhig .service, 7,30 .\.
,\. .J.
•!• •!«
•J.  METIl()l)IHT-Uev.    W. Lush- •{•
•!•     Icy Hull, ]»:A,, 11.1)., pustor. .J.
•!•     ScrvlciH ut 11 11, 111. nud 7.30 .j.
►J-     p, ti,   llihlu class 3.30 p. tn.; ♦!<
combined   llihlu   cluss    nud •!*
teachers' meeting, 3.30 p.m. •{•
I'Iuhs tiieeliiin;,    10,15 it,  in. .J.
Yolltlg       I'l'Ople'K       1lli'Ctill|r,    •!•
Monday  at H p,  in,   J'rnyer   »J«
inci'ting Wediiesduy tit 8 p.m.   »J«
i (** J. burton, woi*
Maiiuf.iclurer of all   Snlid
uml  Inserted Toolh  Siuv**.
We carry in -.tock und can
>upply Ht -.llllll IIIUIM.
Send Us Your Orders
VonoouvoiY ii* V,
Coul,—Coul Unit) may tm iiureliMOil ut. *10,
uur litre lor colt conl uud (H) for iintliriieJIg.'
Not more limn .I'M noion nun X>o niu|iili*eil liy
oiio Indtvlilniil or eoi-piiuv,   Hoy-ally ut tlm
intn ofluu eunlii por ton ol U,liOO (iouiuIj elmll
lie eollect*4 111 thu iii-i-hih oul put.
Qtmrt.z—A free miner's cerWflcute In -jrunteil
upon imyniDiit, in arivtiiou et t.!i lior luinuiu for*'
un IniJlvliliuil, uml Irum {Ao to IIUA )ioi* ununui
for u ooinuuiiy neiionlinif to impllol,
A fice minor, liavlneiiliumvoioil mlnoral ln
|iluee,limy Ueuto aftliiim 1.AO0 x l/HKKtigt,
Tlio Too Tor rcooriltiiu 11 cluim in I ft, .
, At Iwut tluo mint lie ux|>*nAe<l oii tho cluim
cAcliyour or'pnlil to thu iiilnlnu renordai- lu
lieu tlii'iool',. Wlio 11 I.Vki hut ouoii oxpimilod or
puhl, the locutur mity, upon Imvlnn 11 uurvry
(nude, Hint upon complying with other ru*
(lulri»iniiiHii,|iui'uliii«ii the lundattl uu iiei-o.'
Tlio pulmit prnvhlOH for tlie pnymimt of 11
roj'ully ol 1} per unit oil tl;u unlet.
J'l,acid inluiuK (ilMlmit uoiiurully nro I(Ki fcut
isijuure; eiitr,? luu \f, runnwHlilu yoirly,
A freo 111 Imr iuhy nl.lnlu two loiiKim tn
ilredu' fur koIi] nl tlvo iiiIU'hciioIi lur 11 term or
tvoiity .ikhi'h, iviikwnlilent tlio ilimirutioii of
hu Miuiilvi* ul tlm liiiiiiiiir,
TIlW  lUHlil'U   dllllll IlllVe UiII'OiIkO 111   OIlVTHtiOll
williln nnu miihon liom tliiiilutu of tlm Ioiimi
fer i«ch'HMi iiiIIbh, Jtuiitiil IKMur iiiiiium for
vui.-li litlli) of rlvur I1111.11.I, Iloyiilty ut tlio
lutti of v. lit'i* coiit eiillieluil nil tlio output, ul.
ler it uxi'Oi'de Iiillm,
w; w. cou«y,
Deputy Minim.r of the, Interior.
N.  l)s—Uirti*itli(<ri/i!il  iVCilii'MitiiU  ol
tliirt udycttisciii.tit wilt not lm puld
IWWP ihiiiiiji.ii> _  _1
♦♦■f*-^?^^!*-*^ ^4**t*^«*^*?«»^-**j>*$>**»*^
•rnD-RisriE], 33.. o.
t-V i'A'l liUM'.J.J   JIUMIC   nJliUHTity**
tT3Sri03Sr,   L.__333L
Crow's    Nest   Special
Minor's Favorite Cigars
|S tea um ships)
'Royal Mail
Wood Split Pulleys
(lhat will not slip)
All filing Room
Supplies at Right
Prompt Delivery and
Satisfaction Guaranteed
*   ■*.*•■»**«"i*i*»»i«»'«i-.*f»■»■>
%*     l *\ l,*ils A i A'il\ J. V.N
-    i -CliuJl
rhurili 31 er. 3T. V. C.r;iut.
ll.A., juisUir, {.ervlces'ut xx
n.m. nnd 7.30 p.m. Sundiiy
.school nnd HlMc elnss nt
■J.30 p, in.   Vrnyer   mcetln>;
\n     *      *     . .      ['
HAIA'ATIOS* AllMY-Cuplttin
I.nidluw. Siinduy—Knee drill
7 n. tn, Hnll11rN.it tneetln-,' tl
a. 111, "Ffeu unit Kftsy,"
i.,1n ji. rn, Hiimliiy .I'luml, 3
lo ,v {.Hlvation mrctlng, H
p. in. l'.M.K. meeting on
Monday at 7.30 ji, in. Hal*
vntion inettinj* Wt-dne-iday
»t 8 p, tm. Koldltr** tn«t- *»f
'"(fi Vrlilny. Testimony •{•
liiwllng Saturday at H ]>, 111.  •}•
•$>   Khlm KlVKlt 1,01)01*: NO,  ?s
($> A   Y. & A. M.
•>?> Jltj-ulur inoi'lliijj held lir.st l'ri*
.p.  Au)   iii   i.n'i   i.../iilV,.   Vl-'ltlui;
(J-   Vri'llifrti   corilliiHy   Invited,
<J.   J. S. VOI.-OMR.'Hi'C, l'Vinie.
rt*444.,-i .^.-f*,^^,-}-,,'.^,,-;-^^ ,-j^*, |4,.^..-j)
<p  <i>
<t  MT. VKUNIN l.Olir.K NO. -17 '<*>
■ii             i. .:). a. v. :;
<Ji   Meets every Weiltii-sduy evenin-* 4*
•i.<  nt 8 p. in., lu I. 0. 0. V. HiilI '*'.
<i>   I-'. C. I.AWK, Uee.-Sei;., I'eruiu <$
<t> <$>
<i>       I'UHNIK r.ODttH NO .V 4>
•t     Kvir.Tr'rs txv l-vrniAK ♦
•J>   Meets lu I. (J. 0. Y, Hull uvi-ry <-jV
<»>  Tlitirnluy evening nt K (I'l-ldi-V. <$>
f*>  Vixitinj* Imtliern nre curdially <*>
<*> t invited. <?»
<'t>" A. K. VOI.l'MII, C. C. ♦
■l' V. V. lll'lMilttW, K. Ii. H S. *
•f* ♦
^; ,u,rr.\%.y.', ri tyt4'Q'W''W-&l+
hi only ruin nf n liun.'rcd illiri)"i*iit, ,
itliii|i.(i*,iiliil/.<!'iiiii' II Iir 1.1,inn'I
,'il In,   Tlm iiorfi'i't 'ill II'y 0' llm
lii-Ui'iiii 1 llio *l.l',l with uhlii 1 lho/
mn iuul.],nnullilai tliomn*tlio
fiii'-ISIns S'x-Pcnnv Plpo
i 1 lhc V/orlJ
TIIKV Wll.li N'i»T mriiN.
fverv1 IMiii C.unr nUf.l,
JiMt r*mniiiS-iiruii>l u«*k ur   »
"SIil^'-I PrnnJ" PiDcs
Vor (Hale nt tlie
Last St. Lawrence Sailings
Unipress of llritriiu Nov. Jfitli,
•I.uke Wi nili-il.-ir, "Nov, 2.)th
Winter Sailings
St.. .Tdliu—I.iveqiiiol'' direct,
l'liiipi'i-ss nl . Ii'i'luiiil, Dee, 1st
I,tike .Clutiiipliiin. Uee. Sili
•Kttipi'CHS   'Ilf .Hl'ttlllU.IkT.    J.'jth
lind weekly tliereafler
.* Sulooii,.. S50 , ui'd .ppwiirdni
Seciuuli ?.|<> ■ nnd, iip\vtird»|
Sh'-'iMijc, $2.!.so und. upwiirdfl,
■ - iii'i'ni"Jiii|*  to hti'iiiner.
•   IJet.'iileiriiifiiviiiiiliiiii, SiiliuiM
plllHS,   lnTliriTHl'1'VlltiOIIS,   Hllll*
Iiii; .IkIs,  .lc, mi. iiiiplk'ittlun
to" liii'nl ii'',entH.
U, WKAIHNO,'Afii'iit Fernie
J, 8. CARTI.K,
H.   V,  A.,  Nelson
)., J; COV'I.U, A. 0. V. A., a
Vancouvnr. B.C,     |
60  YEARS'0
Club    Clffar   Store
11    -W, A. 1NGUAM, Prop,    „
Vhono 9J.       *      •       I'V-rnlc, I». 0.
The coninu-Virti of Ferule will
plcanc Xnhe notice, thnt Alter April
lit,   I'M llie  Carpintcrs  nnd Join*
,*IH (il l'Vinie I,(Kill l.jo will de*
mnnd lour dollnrii (4.00) (or eight (B)
iHiiirs' wurk.
U. I». <if C, & J. U. law
>, Fernie.
Jrxtxpt M*nKO
r imkrlfh mill* merlin Ion m»f
(nir i.|.iiiiuh (mo who"	
. (IM*.^ fwnn. ii fur ■Mnrrmr^iatmiti.
ni'ili''li'ir'ii»r<irliiui (nir iipiiiiuii \uo wholticr tn
rllnn 1«P|','**»»,l'f.r,!l'"MR'2f'._f0!n!Bl>.nl,1*.*
•iini' frnn.
In»«illliin 1* pruhMilr PntWfitnh'a.  Ciimmii,...7.
(loiimiirlct jrhtnudaiiilal..H»K.MPI<on y*t*nu
I'.limu ltk«ii ilir'iiiiili Miiiii-i'fcVi^rVc'el'vi
ijvc/.jJnt'llui, nil Iiiiul ciiiiree, ittiio
Scientific Hm.t-katt.
Ahwtiluui-alrftliiifriitMwwlirc, ttret-ntit.
ciiUlton o. _n» i-'Wnfl'i'! WlT-'VIi *J'*>n»». M •
1**ti fonrmmitlir.,11. H01J brfil ptwtrtMltru
ii. iw XT*t., WuMmirim. llu
Min.ir.r-i l.liiiiiient Curi-i. lVW.-nipir,      Miiutid'H I.iiiiui.-iif L'iiim Dht.-.nper. ^'yfwqKr;
^^^gi^'*.-- l?H~*r----*  --■-. - .* •*"*■-:-,:^^™ai4ffi>lwto^5ss3:-.-*.■ *-**7-*- ,#-..-.   '    .,_''..,.-»..■-'*T:'fr> -.  ■-.""*"'    ■__*,* ... ' ..     *       .* j■''■'■■■-"1 .
r.-*3"£S - 35£SS_3*„:»*.,.
-,--il"lr *** -J^V'^i*.,
V   *_*-    r,
/     -.*¥
VOL i.
e;menti0:itBe ? Fernie tedder
An Historic Day in the City Schools
7 ^^^Uriveiiihg the-Trophy;''.'
■bERNlE,.B. C, PttC.22~y.1906.
The-occdsfdn  of.the closing    of  the
city schoo's yesterday afternoon * for
the Christmas holidays,'was taken ad-
'.  vantage of fo. -jJie purpose of unveil:
ing the .beautifully    __ engraved      and
mounted memorial plaque which    had
Leen purchased   by the citizens of Pernie and which   had been-made    from
material, tal«.n from the historic Vie-
on-,   Nelson's cherished flagship.   The
... plaque is beautifully     framed   in     a
pilot wheel* of oak and sheltered,   behind n heavy plate glass  front.
The committee winch had tin* raising of the fundi and securing of Uic
trophy, have done their work, .well,
i.nil Mr; Reading, its chairman, brief:
ly told in his presentation speech of
the work they had done; and the. difficulties met. ,.
The ceremony took place in the
class room of Division, i of the public school at '3 o'clock, ami was witnessed by all the school ,and a large
number.of the citizens of the   city.
Mayor Bleasdell and Dr. Corsan being unavoidably detained, the pleasant task of accepting the trophy on
lehalf of the" school children devolved
upon'W. 11. Ross, M.P.P., who, in
a short, eoiieis; and v .eloquent manner, performed°his duty so well as to
elicit thc  cheers of his  hearers.
To Mrs. W R. Ross fell the. task of
unveiling the plaque, which was hidden behind draped banners, 'and as
she raised thi_* drapery' .and exposed
thc trophy to , view, more applause
was heartily indulged in. Mr: I.indsey
then delivered a very' eloquent - and
historic address,;, dwelling! upon the
lesson of patriotic duty taught to* the
sons of Briton by the ' bravest exemplary teacher of bravery.*
With all; due'■ .deference to thc most
eloquently eloquent description of Nelson,- it only demonstrates the futility
of words to describe the actions ' ' of
Nelson'. Suit- bravery can. only be
li\cd   not told.     -Many   fine . speeches
_. i.iv.c_bcci___-iiade hv ..i<*i.__,,_.. ;.;...
Uurke and Gladstone, descriptive of
the fight," but..'only, one Trafalgar-has
ever been fought, aiid its hero "is Nelson, and the tremendous . deeds of
that day are so   indelibly  -written up
on Kngland's historic pages tliat . no  Lest not to' publish.
power of tongue or pen can add     to
or detract  therefrom.
After Mr. I.indsey's, address, Rev;
I-iishlcy Hail spoke briefly 6i the lessons of sacrifice for principle .taught
by Nelson and of the sacrifice made,
not only fo-: Britain, but for right
the world ovir by the great admiral
and his iifon. **  '
A pleasing feature of the "ceremony
was,the awurdiiig of two prizes . to
writers of essays upon the life of
England's greatest admiral. These
prizes consisted of two books of the
life of Nelson. The first prize -.vent
to Edward Duthie, and the second lb
Elsie Woodliou.se, and were presented
>y, Mrs. Rose
During the course of Mr. Lindsey's
uddress he'read, an, extract from a
time - stained copy of the London
Times bearing the date of Nov. 7H1,
1S05. .    -
To Mr. W. , J. "Blundcll is <lue tlte
ci edit for lhe thoughtf illness ;of having this relic of the art prescrv it ire
on, hand at the right time and place.
The .programme was enlivened by
the.,singing' of 7 "Red,- White i.ml
Blue,", and an,historic,event in the
life of Fernie ■ public school was closed by, singing "God Save the King."
■So far as we know, Rev. II. Lash-
ley Hall was.the only one present
who had ever been on board the Victory. The \vi.tci- had the pleasure a
few years apo of seeing and handling
llie sword of a lieutenant who served
under Nelson or. that great day. This
sword is now in the, possession of Mr.
A. E.''Wac:..of Wattsburg, who is an
enthusiastic' gatherer of historic relics.   ;
Thc''thanks ui thc committee were
tendered the principal andj teachers of
the school for the tasteful manner in
which the decorations*' were "carried
out.*, - -
A. J. Mott received a letter 1 few
days ago from ■Feathers.on, lhe ivr 11
his life, at Victoria..Mr. Molt" knew
Fcathersloii . when he was a r.ember
cf the N. W. M.' P. some years ago.
The letter is a-' pathetic nio'ii-.nto
wliicli-the editor of this  paper, duins
_; At the napanee
'..'        MENU.   ' ' , *-
KKIIN-I'-.B 0. '
.'.PERNIE, B. C.   ":■
Wholesale Groceries, Floor, Feed and Camp Supplies
Wferry Christmas and a
9few S/ear to all
Celery    .Jliieil Pickles    Chow
Queen Olives
, * SOUP
Consomme a' la Iloya'.u   Chickon Gin«--
Ne'w Vork Counts and Cream "
"        FISH
Doiled Luke Si'ipoilor Trout, Holland*
nleu Siuico   Stuffed Whitefinh a la  -,
_   ,    ■ Coumie •
■ .' ".    "SALADS
Eastern Oysters Sliced Lemon    Green
Lettuce Miiyonni*. l)n.<ssin_;
Sugai Cured Ilnin n ta Haricots tVerta
l.t>£ of ljuuli Pm-tley Gravy
.      '        ENTREES
B.'oiled  Pi«eoii   a \n    Champ ijjnons
Ilraized Mallard Duck a In Mi.rlngo
Tenderloin of Veal a la 1101110"
Pois   Small Chanlilly Ua9. .»
ket a In Kego I
Pilme Ribs of Beef au Jus   Roast Suck-
Hn? Pig and Baked Apples  Roast
Haunch of. Venison iPino applo
Jelly   Young Turkey Can.
ada Dressing and Cranberry Saiic.
Prairlo Chicken and   Ham   Dressing
Domestic Gooec,  Raisin  Dreb-ing°
nnd Apple Juice
Boiled and Puree Polatoes   Sweet Potatoes^ Asparagus   with    Cream
French. Peas    -,
Deep Apple Pie   Boston  Cream  Pie
Hot Mince Pie   Strawberry Tart
English Plum Pudding. Brnn*    ,
* dyan'U Hard Sauce
Charlotta ltHsso    „.      "German Trifle
.,.   ,       JELLIES
Combination £ Jelly    Whipped  Cream
.. Lemon Jelly
Apples Pears Grapes Bananas Oranges
Christmas Fruit Cake French Jeliy-roll
-     Lady Fingers   Walnut Cake '   .
Merry Christmas to all! c   *
Mrs. II. j,. Blackstone arrived heme
last even in/. -**' -'    .,  \
Mrs; -A.-Mil.ougall
this mommy- -,'
arrived   l.rmc
Jce Stevens, of  Morrissey,' was   in
the'city Thinsdaj*...   '7  *'
It.' I-. T. Galbraith was in. the city
on Wednesday last.
T. B. Martin, of, Frank,' was a Fernie visitor Wednesday.
-, Mr. Alex. Heck,   of Coleman, was a
Kernie visitor  Thursday.
Mr. .1. Lindsey, of Wltitefish, was
in the city on Wednesday,
May every' kid's.stocking- be full
of good things Christ-mas morning.'
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Hill," of Hillcrest, wire in the city the first of the
1 *'
Mrs. 1_. I?. Taylor, of Kimltfrtcy,
is visiting.her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
No* 11
.,    Kip-
Cluster Raisins
Ico Cream
Vanilla Custard
Burgundy ,%   -Extl.a D,.y s,,erry
C.iffco Green -Tea  Cocoa   Milk   Black
■\    „■       'Tea   --'   0 -
*       Maclnreii- Iinperi'al' Clieeso
Dinner from ft to 8 o'clock
Christmas    Dinner
At the NortheriTRestaurant
From 5 p. m. io S p.
■    MENU.
If you have net already purchased
all your Christmas Presents it will
pay you to call and see my stock
of fine SilU Neckwear, Mufflers &
I know that you can find
something thai will suit you.
A nice Silk Scarf, Necktie,
Handkerchief or a pair of Gloves
will make a handsome gift,
ERM> JOHNSON,      L. T. W. Block
Consomme .1 la  Royale       Cream cf
FISH     "
Boiled Lake Superior WliUcli-.Ii, Span-
l(i ish Sauce French Sardines, Cold,
ft In Vicoiiio
Sugar Hum, Clmmpnjjne Sauce■ Lip
of Mutton with Rabbit Sauce
Younu Turkey stuiTiKl, with Cranberiy
Sauce   Doiucslie Duck with Oliycs
nuked Voung Goose, Raisin
Dressing, Crab-apple Jelly
Prime Ribs of Ui-ef.mi Jus
Cliicken Cutlets lireniled   n   In  Getit-
Gois Tenderloin of Veal a In Cluim-
pignon   Escnlloped Oystem n   la
MarylanJ Small Clmntilly Diiblj-
cl it In Kego Cbnrlottc Russo
Cronin Polntoes Sweet Polnioe-,
French Fried Potatoes   French Pens
Sugar Corn        Cold Tomatoes
Apple Salad Mnyonal.sc Drwilng
Shrimp Salad        Dre»iicil.,Ct,lcry
EngliKli   Plum   Pudding,   Hard  nnd
Urandy Sauro     Sponge  Pudding
Croam Sauce Hot Mince Pie
I.e-nnii Muring'.!*** Pie   Green
Apple Pie       Strawberry
Tart       IVnch Tnrt
Al,ii nie jelly tjreen Apple Jelly I
Di.niKv* ji*.tl> tJcriiuii i'rille Uidy
Fingers,        Cliristmns Cnko
Gold  nnd   Silver   Cako,
Walnut Cake
French Icllv Roll  Chnrnl.u-i Ice r^-"??
Asuirlcit Nuts Layer Rnikins
Naval   Oranges
Apples   Ilannn.is   Grapes
Illnck  Ten       Green  Ten       Coffee
Milk        Cocoa
The Cnnndinn 1 Mr I fie Wftllwny Co.
ntmouiu-e the 1isi1.1l fare ami otit-tlilrd
Clirik.inai and NVw War rcltini rat«*<»
from nml to nil l«..,i! polnu nn western linn. Tiikits will l,c jiloml 011
.v_le I)ei-. ai, .?, ;.j, ^ 95t ^ 3,)t
J,o, M "ud .Iji*. ut, ff.mtm\ ictuimt-if
until Ann. 311I. |'„r dH.ii|«| infur-
|in,ilii4i applr to Jtic.tl nucftt-j.
All kinds   ol"   Fish,;  Smoked
pered and Salt  Fish', at  p.   Burns   &
Co:, J(til.' ,   . -   ,
Y." II. Slicnnan, president of District 18, U..M W. of A., wenl. to
Frank Thursday" evening.''•' '.
J. S. Carter, the 'genial district
passenger agent of the C. P. B.., was
iii the city during, thc week., .
Ji A. McDonald, sec.-treas. * of District 18, U. if. W. of A., has been in
town . several days during tlie  week.   „
A car of fancy Dressed Bcefi, Porkj
Mutton, I^anib, and Veal jusr.jnatp.
Burns & Co., Ud.   See our display.
John Galvin, Vice-President! bf District. 18; who has been in towu since
Sunday, left for Lcthbridge yesterday
Hugh Shaw, of Nanton,' Alberta',
passed through'Fernie Tuesday.^ with'
a carload of fine horses, bound for
Cranbrook.   . ;
Eastern a|*ul Olymyia .Oysters, Chopped Suet, Mince Meat, Suckling Pigs,
*.nd other specialties, for Christmas
Burns & Co
your orders....
lift:     Leave     us
■Mr. and Mr...-..ToHii"Degall, of Craii-
hrcok; and °Mr. and Mrs. 7\V, . li.
Campbell and little.son Elroy, of our
city, left Tuesday for a.fvhort .visit to
friends iu the "■cast'.'*'"''"*'' ' "■    '■'
Miss Eva Lamb and Rheta Todd
left for Toronto last  Saturday night.
Married, on Wednesday, by Rev. R.
Skelding Wilkinson, at Christ Church,
Wm. Bushell and Elizabeth Dings-
0. L. Boynton," manager of the Elk
Lumber Co., is in Chicago, but expects to eat his Christmas dinner..
with his childreL in Portland.
Ike marriage of Mr. Ray Burling-
hatii and,Miss Lizzie Landfear will be
solemnized next Monday a, m. in
Christ Church      by Rev.   R. Skelding
Wilkinson. .   ,,
.. II. M. Fullcrton, the popular little
giant jCoinmercial traveller, will assume thc responsible position of malinger of the wholesale department of
the Triles-Wooij Co. on thc first ol
fheANcw Year. A. Happy Xew Year
to Mrf Fullerton,
Thc Trites-Wood Co. are preparing
to give the town kids, Ledger Kid included, * their usual annual treat on
New , Year's Day nt J1 a. 111. .The
kids will all be tkere with - their big
inits. The Ledger Kid's Ma i.s knitting him an .extra big one.
International Board Member Pat-,
terson lias been, somewhat under the
weather since the Lethbridge convention, suffering from indigestion and a
very, bad cold. We are glad to. note,
however, tha- he has greatly improved during the last day or two.
? The managers of nearly all the Alberta and Crow's Nest coal mines
met here last Friday, and it is understood, formed aa operator's association. Among those present were.II.
M. Galer, of the International, of
Coleuiah; Whiteside, of Lille;"Nais-
j-riit.li, of LetliLridgc, and Stockett, of
'   \ *>v
Brighi and Prosperous (Fernie Puts
on  Holiday   Attire
Mr. A. L. Fisher has returned from
thc Coast, having passed his examination most successfully, and is now a
partner in tae law firm of Lawe anil
Fisher. , Mr. Fisher is a young . niau
of energy, and of thc stuff that makes;
good westerners. The Ledger extends
thc'.'.season's greetings to this ' new
firm, and wishe;, it long ' life'and
prosperity. -.
Christmas Dinner
at the Royal Hotel
'    '■ SOUP
Marcu'ilonianln Mayonaiso Consomme
u la Royal Purisietvne
Lobster a In Marscellais    .
Finnun IluJdic Kippered Herring"
SomieofTnme Duclc nnd Sulnd Broil
cd Spring Chiclcen n In Mnyonni-jc-
Fricadeau Veal nu Floullion ct
Mushrooms   Oyster P.U-
tics u In Frnncals
Orange Fritters, Port Wine Sauce
Sugar Cured Hnm nml Celery Sutin-»
Prime Ribs of Poof n [In Jus     Prlaw
Pork and Green Applo Snucc
Young Turkey with Clicatuut Drcss-I
ing mul Cranberry Sauce
Maslioil Polnlocs Sugar Corn   Vii'ltled
Hot,   Deep,   Green  Apple Pio    llol
', Mince Pio Strawberry Tiurt
English Plum Pudding nm» lint nranj
dy Sauce   Scotch Trifle   Fruit
Cakes Assorted
Apples Mills Kulriins Onuigev Gruntf
Tea   ColTec   Cocon    Milk
Dinner will l*o from 1 _ o'clock noon
until 8 o'cloik nl night.    IVlce 75 it..
—jsoot iiToofcT^r lirc~Waldofl~s
proving himseli a getjuinc all-round
hotel man. lie has had charge 01
that popular alio, well-arranged hotel
for two weeks, and is making his
guests happy" and adding to their
numbers every day! Hob. Moore is
one of the son:; of the Emerald Isle
who is always full of sunshine and
wit, and he *. will keep the Waldorf
full of good, things (to eat and drink,
and will hav.; lots ot guests to feed
the good thir.gs to. The Ledger wishes „ the Waldorf and its genial hosts a.
Merry Christina*: and a Happy New
J. R. Boyle. M. P. I', of Edmonton, accompanied by Mrs, Boyle,
passed through Ferine last Saturday
cn route to the-Crust, Mt. Boyle in'
nlso secretary tb liic Royal Commission, which lias been working for
mon llm on an investigation of the
methods of handling the grain crops
of the Dominion. In consequence of
the labors of thin commission at Winnipeg, suits against the grain exchange of that city, in which it- is
.•lliarg.il tlmt that body has lxcn
iif-ing nictuods which result in inihiw-
iiil its tram I ii trade have been Rtot-
ed. M 111/ urintnt lawyers have beer.
riiaX-il <ii> eat-l. side, nnd a big legal
I ulll i will If t!>. result.   '
A quiet wedding took place nt the
residence of Mr. and Mrs. II. A.
Wilkes Wednesday evening last at 9.30
whui Mr.    W    O. Barclay and Miss
Ada Witrren wen. nulled In marriage
by Ucv. Mr. Grant, of Knox church.
Tlure were no invited guests, but the
Ledger Kid happened to be present,
and niter the rerrmnny Mrs. Wilkes
lind the Utile pnrty sit down In a
most dnlnty little i-pren-l nf good
things which, together with tlie good
ntmtnred plir.iitilry nf Mr. Grant,
went tn iu.hh up a pleasant hnif
tintir, after which the happy couple
went to their newly pu|mr.-d home
on Howland avenue, wheto tluy will
reside. The Ledger cxtrad*-) most
hearty cougtr.ltilatioas nml wished
llum a llie full of happiness.
Once mor. tha old but ever new
greeting "Merry Christmas" . is heard
in the land, and a spirit of gladness
beams from myriads • of bright, shining eyes and makes glad the heart of*
every licholdcr.
, All Christendom is alive to the
spirit of Him in whose memory the
day. of all (Jays is kept in'all lands,
in every cliim* where Christians live
and cliurch  bell., chime.
Kor nearly two thousand years this
spirit of giving lui,s been growing and
growing^ and for* thousands of years
that are yet. to come, it will continue to grow greater and purer ami
In all laud.-! the spirit which springs
from Him whose birth is so lovingly
remembered, is prompting -the hearts
of those who have to give to those
who may not have and the .sweetness''
of charity will bring joy ■ to the
hearts of.tho.c who give more than
to those who shall receive.
Here in Kernie the evidences of the
Christmas spirit are to be seen in
every; store, every Vindow, and beaming from the bright, expectant faces
of the kids as .they survey the good
things on every  hand.
The hotels are preparing 'sumptuous
feasts for their guests, as will bi-
-ecu by soma of the menus published
"- The Napanee, the Waldorf, the
Northern, the Central,'King Edward,
the Royal; in fact, all ,the hotels wil!
bay before their Christmas guests tin-
best there is   ii- the land.
— TO •—
ONTAHIO, <.i;i.lll_G ANIV
Titltts on saW doily, NOV. 34j   (oj
Yreil Waler*    hns nol  resinned hln
position witU the V.Wt  Lumber   Compnny t\r be»i flreil, Imt the dlreclor*,
while ht-ri. a few ibys spu. concluded
It would be best to pul a watch    un
hliu, nnd so they put       in his Inside
j. pocket    ft       stfiii-wlndcr    thnt is  n
j l-e-iiity.    'As   11 was     n   gift watch,
Fred couldn't look in Un mouth   and
till the Rid th'* price of II, but    the
|J Kid Is willing Ut tnVe chnnres     nnd
! swup with Kiel nny limy he lile...
1]    Mr,    Water 1    is   Uli in a doubt lul
{ slate ot mind, however,  ns he  don't
P know wlvOif r thi* wraith is vnMtnt ns
DHC. jl, in-lu-lve,     good \t i.ilurnI*• «>mpHmrtit for what helms   done
within three months. L •" th* f«tt, 01 a gentle reminder   to
Yimti ctiulpmtnt,  In.UuCnj"  -stand-\»ttp better tint in the future,
ard yir.t-CUts Sleeplnjt ttvA *r«urUtl    Th*r* »re nt    teller \n% m1l«r«   lo
Cars nn ull throijfh tr.iiit. Htthe munlrv tbiti Prut Wnlers, nnd _<•
TWO TIIUOTTOn nXrHTUHS TRAINS }*ill still  \* f..un.l at the ol.l    -.Und
Apply to nurest C. P.  Ry.. Isgent fot {nsia; llnwirv Kiifllish and doing r«k»1
lull i_loti_u.liio»,
Nearly,, all the .stores have maili-
extra efforts at decorating their win
dows, atid thr/- are rewarding theii
decorators by attracting the atten
lion of'searcher.-' for thc things tha-
are good and beautiful. -   "*1
The window display, along the wes*'
side of     Victoria   avenue,      from tin
window of th. Jlioyal   Hotel,' with it:
dressed pig, t.i the  Palace   Drug ston
i.s a solid lii.e of-tasteful decorations
filled with all  k'inds     of     Christina:
goods.       There arc      dolls     that an.
I-dols of the little girl's heart;  then
are big-    soldiers   on horseback'    an-'
afoot, and'whole sidetracks     full    of
locoinotivcs  to make the  boys       fee'
like soldiers  and whistle and    rattle ,
and bang like steam  engineers,
'  Perhaps the   most artistically  * ar
ranged window; in town i.s lhat of th
Crow's N'est Trading Co,   On one sidi
of the entrance   is a  representation o!
"The     Rock    of    Ages,"     with     r*
female ligure  dressed in   white  kneel
ing at the fool of a cross wilh    oni'
arm •■   extended    aver     the      cross
which       u      very        striking    and
lieautiful,   In tie opposite  window  is
lo l.e seen        Santa himself, lookiny
over a wall-at the kids us they ga/.e
into the window nt  the   good  things
to eat   that have been   arranged so as
to attract the attention of all    passers.
A very realistic representation of 11
snow storm adds the finishing touch
lo the window.
In one of Trites-Wood windows the
Kid, who is 11 lover of pictures, noticed a fine collection of etchings nud
waler colors of good old English
linn ling sceii'is, and landscapes. Tin
I'ulacu Drug Store window shines oul
brightly with its wealth of pretty
Mr. Illiiiulell, who is never slow,
Ims a .111 it'l-/ idee window of -•■
kinds of nuts, rui.-.in*. mul other goo.
lliiugs, backed by a grove ol palms
uluch makes onr- feel like singing
psalms white lie's buying his alms.
The Ledger Kid hns done,' like all
other kids, aiui lias looked al 'ull
these gojtul (things and IimiblVd tin
thirty ce.its it- Ids pock, t till he riiu'i
read the figuri'i on thrm In n v.iii
I'luleavor tu make them grow hi*.'
enough to buy the whole show.
Whnt a perplexing thing it is to tr\
to make up your mind as to just
what you wutil for your Ih-nI fricad*
*nA ut t!u. s.niic time Xt\ to ui.-ki
thirty c«.-i.*.m du the work of tlilr*.\
The  Kid hasn't got     the problem
satisfactorily solved yet,  but 11 s wiuii
as li'i In... iloi-u Un» dei'd, he is guii'.j'
to buy everything 011 the t-.tr.ei    am'
surprise nil hu friends by taking   tin
im hiitiiu    an. I'liUing it all 111    tW
own  htiiikiiig, fnr it  more blessed  to
„l,c th.il.    to   rtst-ire,   .tuA It Anti.%
wniit to tiiko ndvunliige <d luiitsill,
Whlfiisirr nnii flii.nl      bn\-t> Imtil'R-.iri
for sale,
The I. ituls have |«*er nnd ale.
The drug store.      have pictures   and
books tiM'l news,
The shoe stores have rubbers     nnd
boots mil shots.
The l.uli In is *<»1J meii Uut i* xmUt
iiml  vuret.
And  the /,'rn(ir.s lmve  things    th.il
cm not U leal,  il you want  anything Ilut I* good to t*X.
Mrs.   Told t. kept h-nsy  in an    tl*
«-»it in 1m|» Ur ss-JT-1-lr.-ir foil tA f/ra«
fffnf ffiTii'^s t»-,'if* irhiVh r.i mf.mt   tin-
Umttiinny nt the tiXy, while  Mr M«-
iKwinj?,  justiivr* thr mar,   U rt«im»p
rjtlrif i**\   bust uli.      <.Kh   prim
flings . a3   bread,    and cakes'   can b«
made to look when you know howlo ,
do it.
Even the but hers have their shops
looking neat and |he fruit stores look
like the banana Mis of creation.
Nice as all these things are, and as
attractive, still there was left „to tha
Kid, after, he had looked ' longingly -
into all the windows, the most pleasing of ull his yesterday's rounds of
the cily.
There would   be no Christmas'   Day'
and no gladsome  giving,    time . bad
there Leen   no  birthday of Him : fro»v P*
whom springs the spirit,   of the giv-
iug,    and     Uu ^ churches   that   have
through   rll these two thousand yeare
kept gre-.>i  ihe memory of Him whose
life came ii.to the world.-',   and    went5
out of it'thai   all    humanity    might.    -.
*■   be happy.      Would there  be  such    a
thing.as Christinas if thc day had not,-
been kept alive through all these centuries by he churches?
It is lintli.i liable, and what would
Kernie be without, the" churches and
the Chris .mas they have kept lo.  i.»
The  Kid called upon  all the '   lnm.
isters iu town, and at every place he-
was,greeted with  the gladness     that    '
begets gladness; and   felt at   the   end
of his jour*.:y,   that he 'had  spent    a
profitable   afternoon.
-.. At the Churcl   of the Holy Family, ,
he was    most   cordially,  greeted    by ,
fathers Ta**enier   and Meissner,   who
told him that   special Christmas  ses-
vices would be held -in the Church of
the Holy Family, beginning  with celebration     of high   mass  at midnight      "
ilouday night.
The, church altar  will  be decorated      »
with natural,   ilowers   brought    from
Spokane, and special    choir    services
will be rendered!     .Mr.  ,J.   Rudnickl
wiil preside ar the organ.   "
The Altar Society has presented the
church with, a nice carpet for thc salt-   -
Miary.   Th*r_ will  be  Christma«__M>. ,.
.ices at   103..   v.    in   and 7.30 p. in.
Christinas Day.       On Friday     special   „
services for the children of the parish
will l;e neld at 9   a. in.,'and after  s   ■'
.liort address  the Christmas  tree   entertainments will be given.
Father Tavernier will    conduct    all  -
these serviced,     and Father   Meissner
.vill conduct similar services at Michel. *.   *
At Stork's Hall last night the,
Presbyterian children gave a cantata,
after which the Christmas tree unloaded its fruit into the pockets' of
lhe little ones, but it held only a
crop of small candy bags, one for
each child, V.twithstnnding that lltsv
■vcre the happiest children in town,
for they had contributed their time
md work to snake.u success of the
ufluir, and the full measure of - that
success they have sent dowb to Vancouver to gladden the hearts of children who have 110 homes of their own.
What a noble deed so nobly done by.
those children bust nig.it | May iliti"
example be followed by many other
Sunday schools
The cantata was well rendered. The
leading parts were taken by Wm*
Bessie Ila/i'i], Miss Liuie Luudy, IIIts
Gladys IIiii*1ih, nud Arilnir Muirhead.
I.tota Pollock was uu airy ChristitU'i
Kniry,, mi*l Mr. Panics, us Smiti,
.'learid the >, 111s nil lhe tree.
Mi.***1 Ross, Mrs. Corsan and Mrs.
(.runt did the preparatory work of
training llu; children,
Special Chii. linns senium* will Le
delivered by Mr Grant on Sunday,
iiul the llmir will under music fitting to the occasion. Mr. Hamilton
will sing ih; beautiful solo, "Oro
I'rotiobls," uiul Mrs. Grant will also
.lug a Nolo, .milled "The First
I'hriKtuiuK," ami the full choir will
icmliT thc nullum, "There Was a
Rev. Mr. Ktnipton has prepared A
.peii.il -uriiiuii fni Sunday, add up-
-iropiiute niiisi ■: willf.h- mule led hy .
the limit of tin HnpUst 1 bill ill, The
cliurch will be tiiMiltilly ilitoruled
iith lio**.*i-s nn I evergreen, and a
Cliiistiiiiis in.* vi urtuiiiitu-nt will he
lu-ld iu the cliuuh mi Moud.iy evening.
Tht iliililrrti of Hit ll 1 thodist ihurck
will hiv»> llieir l"lirl«:fiwi»t ire* mi-
tvitnlnmrttt on ChrUtmn-s i.lybt, wlu>a
11 miscellaneous programme of music,
songs and recitations will he retnltr*
Special sermons will !# delivered on
'•'■.' •?..••       *vV"-    *IV       ;, ■«?..'*"i'  *?'.'?'
The Mibjert ••( his morning addrrst
will It "A Ci.nstunl Paradox,'' sni
hi the evening his theme will he "Tht
St-miricuicr of n llirthday."
. he < Loir is preparing lo give upec-
l.*il finish*, nh't rhe church will h* Are.
r'hrNt --liiir.fi Mill >> l.|-autifu!t/.
il«*iii*ii»i imitn naiuialKlowti* (tour
Sfx»V.«ne, ami with evergri*ii. Bptttal
Chrisimas "*t\krt will bt romlntted,
le^inning wt'.i ihe relefiratlon «.f
Ibily Cfrtjimaaioi.   Chrittm**    mttt*.
ill* _.l &.>» * Ull M*-U*t  Mt Hit* m,,\\
le r.iuUm. at t!  *. tn,, when   llolv
Ci.iiimiiulofi will apairi »w  celelirated.
^^^fjmmmJ/^^ ;
<w___ki>^.-!;^ri.xcei.v.3. *«. <* <^yw-t
-.■■l^^f^i^-^*^^  -, .-^mmst*. . .. .
ms ,.-"?") J wVA?V»X.J."'.S ■, .' ™
(Concluded From First Page)
"   "        '  . -   , • i     *t*      l.nf*l**i    it  • fOllllJ llICll      waiA.ii      11      _>*„*-■<* .      ,        .   ,.* ,,-jw
to 6. P;. in,, during    winch ^ keep  it     o                counrup  to a*. ■ ponderable, .^
wiU.be setveil bv 'the ladies* Uv, take. I011g?loi,        iu                     ;^,,oni ior*—the   WIS- - !■>
tU'co'of worship visited by I^ amount-then  yon  see  the   advantage-the avis  ..^
*—-'~:-' '"'^ dorn  of saving. .                  ,        *-                                *j>
I 1$ Opens an Account with Ihe Rome Bank of Canada |
$&■ __!__i-w ——■-————_   ■.     ___.■.■". &
: !A solo by -'Miss Penelope Utfvies   will
V*_e rendere.'faf' 'Iliis- service.-
The Sunday school. Christmas ..tree
■service     oY,.Ure\ children   ■of Christ'
cljurcli 'will be held* today at the hall
from 2-30 to 6 p.. in.,; during
.time tea,
The last .
the Kid on lus rounds last .'night was
thc Salvation Army barracks, where
•be found a happy baud of soldiers
busy practising their songs for the
' cheerful Christmas Day.   . .
Captain Laidlaw was not too busy
though t«j spare a moment, and cheerfully told of what . the Army would
do on the greatesl of all  days-
The Christmas    tree   entcrtaiuniiciit
at . -Uie barracks    will.be   given    .)«
Christmas   •-.vc,-when   there.will    he
a childr.*.!':; entertainment - and  distribution of gift's.   On   Sunday, morning
Mrs. Laidlaw will  conduct  a    special
'..Oiristnias   s.iviee.      The'  Salvation
"songsters will   spend Monday   evening
and     Christmas ''   morning      singling
through all parts of  the city, aud on
.Christinas Df.*;    the Salvation    Army
band,   win -li has been   reinforced    by
two new nu.ir,bers, Mr.   PauXveU   and
Mr, Long, wiil  play   upon thc streets
This -Uuid li.*s   increaseil   wonderfully
in number!- and ability. -,    .
.-    Ah, no;   there would be no   Christ-
•   .mas indeed  without the churches,oand
-   how mucii we would miss that day if
it were to lie  taken  suddenly oul    of
our lives.   God bless the  churches  for
From lhe Catholic,    the  oldest    of
all,   to   the   Salvation    Army,      the
o    youngest chuVui  organization  in   Fcr-
-   uie, the work  ol  commemorating   dm
°   sacred day oi    Christmas was    being
''   carefully   prepared     for as   the    Kid
uadc his rounds, and to all of   them
,c-owf.s many   thanks for the      open.,
.icarted.vc'.conic extended to  hiin.     „
A Merry Christinas to all!      ..
 : o———    -
A meeting of the directors of the
Fort Steel Brewing Co. was held last
*•* Wednesday to cenuder tenders for the
erection " of the large new brewing
plant, but-adjourned to . Jan. , 15th,
when final  actior   will be taken.
The annual convention , ol .District
]S, United M'n'c Workers ol America,*
was in sessioo, four days  last wecli-at
 ^ — ^-^_____T -      -a       in.        ■fs.'-t-' '-*■£
■ rur
I ;W-atch'"^Increase, "au y
SI*. •■'•'-;'
ou have to
do with  a '-Savins'. Account  is . to  start it and .
keep it   eoing-then   watch   Jt   grow.    Doesnt   si*.
Roosville lb
Fernie   Brahcl.
-There is nothing from a hatchet
to split the kindling wood-to the
complete outfit for an exploring
expedition which wc do-not supply  at  a" reasonable priceI,"
J. H.  MARSHALL," Mgr.,
:&«&&» Hardware, Harness & Saddles
ik* Lumber -Cb-
,. .-'LiMlfED. ' '
Finishing- Lumber assst
All 0111 stock is last years cut and well seasoned.
i&crs, Prospectors Supplies
Drygoods, Groceries,'Farm Im-.
plements and Machinery from
Stem-Winding Mouse Traps to
Cyclone' 'Stackers, Indian Curios,
Souvenirs of Roosville and Kiko,
Raw Furs and Fresh Produce from
; Tobacco Plains
shipped bu     order from * Elko to*
P, any pa.:t east or west,
it Scud'.orders   to Elko. "
.Big Game Ili.ntefs outfitted
willi supplies,' Pack Horses and
Guide*'   '
The Best-oil Satisfeetion
inj Watch & Jctoelerij Repairin
now in its
.. '■,.*>-■
yefc has been  a
surprise to the
A ..No.    1    Upland    Prairie [&
Hay' for'sale  al $7*5°   Per
totv-F. O. B. Caylay, Alta.
Chas. ,H. Howard, .
'   Caylay,; Alta,
"iTetlihridge,  eliding its work-on   Saturday.
A mass of "routine work was   trait
sac ted, and some new   business   of it"
portance camu'up for consideration.
-Owing to the shortness of "lime, according to   ,t!i<* 'constitution, allowed
between the tinu- ol nominations and
the  election'of ollicers,' it  was decided to amend     ihe'coiislilutiou,  making the' time fo; nominations to close
the 30th   of  December,    and  tlu: elections throughout    the   district   to   lie
the 151.I1 of .January.
To obviate -in\ dilficulty as to the
valadity of the late election, il was
decided6to.call an election under the
now provision, and nominations are
now open for candidates 'for the various positians iu the district, including that of district president, vice-
presidents, secretary, treasurer, international board memlicr and audi lot's,
The election will take place on Jun..
15th next.
The 1'nilcd Mine Workers of America of District 18 arc in the best "I
condition, ' and will soon -be the
strongest labor union organisation in
this country.
increase in
paper, along with the
-hi-Can, :far out-
msi chickens!
'i ,   S3E_.SE!
There is wisdom in the suggestion
lo reserve all conl lands us public
properly. President Uooscvclt has
mnu'd in the mutter, and Cnniida
should not longer postpone a needed
mcnsiire of- precaution. — Toronto
To be surel I.ock it all up like xbe
\w\\ Mn pitxt .I'l^.t-il" sii-in-ii O'"1****'
don't operate them for (car of hurling private interests. What more lilting paper Hum the (ilolie to advocate this new departure, with a premier holding lii> hand hard down on
the "operating"   lever,
AN II1T-..U. OH'T.
My study dt.k is d.irk   at times,
The gus jet i" not very liri-'lil;
So wlun I riM'l  rn- •ctilildi'  iliyint"*
My ejt's |»et weary ev'iy night.
"TiM CliristmiiH time.     What  shall    1
l-'or lu-r win. inic-, my humble nintp
Ah yes.   The very thing, ynu ln*l,
I'll Imy   my wife a reeling lump.
I *,H*tHm*t      .I* at   *
My sliidy, ton, if'.Miiiuiiiui-i. dull;
JN.r w.unt   >A bright, .In.trie  .-.park
And   «h I sit it. midniglil gloom,       ]
And   think'    ol wlmt msiy In-     my1
tl I don't gel sinne Cliristtnas gift
For her wli» I'm Mire looUs for   a
There come* t) me a silent thought
Which     tills me o'er     and o'er   I
Tn l.nv for Iter sometliinj; that's nie-
That    will   keep still   lier   tongue
My whiskers grow  on thin-like stul*-
And   I can't    shave wilhonl    &?*( j
Vast year tAie li'inglit for me a puff:
Thi* ve*rt »»♦ ru>». •>• W int ,wr
* -ihavinj- muj_.
We shall lmve n good lino oflhesi' for X.nns. tmJ arc now I100U 1 r
■ Orders for mime. Our X.ii.is. 1 tack ol Menm will bo of lho
: linest quiillty "nd wc can Kimriinlee mitiKfuclion as to <iunlilj,
! "price   and  service diit'inj,' Hie  fcMivo season,
1 ,
.thereof in ontario
'and'-quebkC' :
Order    Ea r3y
Quebec, St. JoE...-,
Halifax, P^arit.iii©
November 24th to
DooomlJCi'' :U«t
Will he Raffled Christ
mas Eve, at the CcJit
nil Hotel. Everybody
must have a bird.
James Severn,  Central  Hotel.  I'ernie.
Old Country Rates \ (ft
$73.25 Return
Hnl If n x or St. Jolm .
Kcttiru Oceim .Fiivch     <
Saloon, Second Steerage
$95.00   $75,00 '$54.00
"nml ii|> neeonlliiR' to
M   t\
m /\ o.
Kur   iliitiillml   liiiirinii ion, *>iilllii«i,
(Ji'i-mi Hii.nmr>r*. Vlr»t IJIiujnr Tujirl.r
hll'IIIHT   Jtl'.l'1'TlttllHl-l   HJ'l'ly  Xu  lui'iil
At-ouUoi "vil.'.o.
0*|lvTlt\Ti.l T«c7Tjri7OINT» IN   OXTAIUOt
Ol.'KIIKU .Aiid.the MAlllTIMIi PKOVIN'CIOi..
aoor~> li-oR Tiii-ixcia muntho
Ktoy-nvfir Vrlrl.ertetr Kimt or Ht, l»nul & Dulutli
Vift'.xtry to Torontoinm! Ontario imIiiIh;   Gif.*} JC
l.VruloloMonlr*nl , .?  ,    ,
TlrketMOiiKnle Xor/24UiH»l>«*-. HUl Incluslvo
  '    ■■■«■■<■■**.*•• '^•••■•"■■'••JM »_■___■
!HgiB^_____M»»w_iJji«i^i^'i^^"^l~^'  ,t*m     *.*■*.***
Ttif il*t*l>A liifonnmlflis rtitit. He, rtill f>n <* *Au«*
H. I,. ItLACKHroSK, FmmiV, It. C.
K.J.P0VI.M,A.«UVA._   '.
i     Vnnuiiiiviir.li.a.   .
'j -   .T.B,,;CA1ITKU,I),P.A., ,
i I    '■-   "       *■ * Ni>1«nil, II. fl.
— ii ii a i m •[, U'li'jl.li ■i»'i|i.Hlll I XI tj±> -!I"T
-— --,-,-"-",, * , - *
i Symphony j
Orcbitz&tv&sl l
i ■ ; 'i    mn       -'   r
U nnw rerily Irplny for nil dunron *
in tlit* city nml oiiisJJc—fnun .. jo J
7 pu'cc-*. tiiio'il nuis'if wliicli will K
natisfy <*\crsl<(iily. Wu play (ill K
iip*lo-ilatc mmlc.
Palic*.tr.'i imiiil be .engaged one
jl wccU tn (ulv.iiice,
• Vot (siixbet ivirtii'ulsr-- writi. or
# call al TIhh. M-i/y^inoliile's Slito V
t Making Sliop Mwccn W.iiilorf V
#ffoel nnJ PoMOll'ue. . if
4s% •****+*** *%%%%*-t. +>*)
strips any other newspaper,:
;~ai.Dngrthe line of the Grbw's
Nest Pass in circulaEtion, and
: the benefits to the advertiset:;
are greater than can .be obtained through any other
source. 7   J;  .. .' !','
The Subscription List
has,gro\yi{ steadily upward and the;
street sales have increased in a remarkable manner, until, now wc can
fairly claim the top-iiotch in circulation and plainly state that wc have
left all would-be conipetitors so far.
behind, that nothing is visible of them
but a cloud of dust.
Since the Strike
the increase has been most marked.
a comin' ^-w.iwawmv-J'-'^^
S ■■■■■»
' The so; 1 of (the Globe*is disturbed
over the relation between newspapers
und the politicians, or, to put il
more exactly, between the, I.iheral
party and the Liberal press. It quotes
T.irelaborat'e'' article 'Irom* "a," Wood-
astock paper which uiijjhl have been
written-in the Globe ollice,'ami it-ul-.
so publishes a deliverance of, it^-owti
on tlie subject. The Globe's contention, is that llu l.iberul papers are
more and more- imle-u-ndeiii of the
Liberal party,'and, that their duty'
. goes no furlher than to give a fair
measure of support, to ihe Liberal
leaders and politicians when ' they' are
right. That, to our mind, is nothing
but an evasion.
The real charge against the Globe
and a lot of oilier newspapers in tliis-
country is their lack of loyally to tlte
public, to the people whose subscriptions they take and whose patronage
is supposed In d'.serve* a loyal siip-
] oft lo public interests and "public
rights, A newspaper has,, or - should
have, no slrudiiig in a community
oiitsideof.au -,implied relationship
with the public who buys its sheets—
that .such a paper would be true to
the interests of the town in which it
is published, true to the interests or
the'people who take it, and' alw'ays
true to public rights generally.
Now, the Giol.e    newspaper   is    not
true to Liberal    principles   and   it   is
not true- to ..the rights -of   the .people
who subscribe to it,  and whose views
and interests   i'. is' suppost.il to   protect.   The Glol c newspaper,   when    in
the hands     ol nun  who were Liberal
politicians, and more, actively, identified with  the Liberal   party' aiid lead-
trs, like  George llrowii,   was true    to
* public .rights,  and had-a .progressive
platform.   The Globe  today is  owned
and controlled by tlie'ineii who are in
the great electrical  ring  in this °coun-
,try now busily  engaged   in tying    up
the people  of     Ontario to    perpetual
servitude in    regard to electrical    energy, und'who seek  to make the peo-.
pie of this  province tributary to them
.. in exactly    live same      waV that   the
coal barons aiul the coal railways   of
the United States have.made all"   the
people of that country  slaves   to    the
oal. monopoly.
Under    its present .,,   proprietorship
 tlio Globe has no - use  for-Uie  Liberal
party r.r the    LiberabT^fiolioTd
terniir.ed article   in the service  of thc
corporations as against  the * interests
and rights    'ot the people   who    subscribe and sustain a-prof.ssed    uews-
papi r, than   we did   in the Herald   of
Saturday- night.-.—It   is willing to turn
the whoKi      community of Hamilton*
and  lieighboih-.od jover ■■ to  the Gibson
pow'e-.- interests; it'' scouts  the idea  of
ai.y   municipal    and    public     distribution of electiieal   energy throughout
lhe province; it      is.enraged  lo think
that  anybody  in any- purlion ol   Ontario   should get' power  as cheap    as
the people of Hamilton may or    ltiay
11;.t get'it. from the .Gibson  interests.
Iu other words,  its contention is tliat
iPIIninilloii      is tied   up to   Gibson,
then     all    the     rest of the   province
sliould lie tied to the Gibson or .some
"other-electric   interest."*
J3, ."rcni Hamilton  we go ' to  Ottawa
r.nd Iiud' ih.ii. very'  little support   of
public ■ rights in its   newspapers    any
more than   there  is in Montreal.   The
Montreal Star,  which,   by reason .  of
lhe   great.     support   it, has from   the
general .public, ought    to- be the   protagonist of public   interests, is     con-
st;i]itly*lhe*cnuiiy of public interests;
it serves the   Forget   power and light
to-all-Eastern Canadian points..torn
all Kootenay stations.
-"This is an-.unusual-oppcrturiity-to
v I yisit     Eastern    Canada or  \ the Old
' Country at Christmas "at a low rate.
. Detailed    information,   sailing • lists
for    ocean   steamers;      first-class   or
tourist- sle.-per reservations on application to local agents, or write
1). 1\ A., Nelson,' B. C
gressive opinions other than that its
.owners will tuni the Globe iu to'sup-
port any Lili.-i.tl, or, in fact,- any
bind of politiciaj- or public tiiaiv who
will aid aiul abtt - the monopolistic
tc-nd.iicies of i'.s owners. lii olhei
words, -the Globe is a corporation
paper, owned by men iir corporation
business, but switched over to tin
support of men. like Ross and Gibson
and Sir Wilfrid Laurier as long n>
they supi'ort the piopnsilioiis of tin*
•   Today   the Globe, is ihe enemy'   ol
public lights; it. is the enemy   of   tin
application of Un-    principle'ul public
ownership as  applied in. the  distribution of i'k'1'lri.'.il energy,   It-   is   -Uu
organ     of Seiiutni   Cox, of   Col, l'ellatt, of   .-ml.rii'k Nicliolls,  of    Robert J all ray and oilur electrical   monopoly  promoters,   Il covers  up    tliii.
work in the     service of the corpotu*
thus   liy   professing   every   now  iiiu1
then    a lot of    generalities   wliiili   il
calls   political   -principles; -. it   rave:-
about the higher life in public nlTuirs;
it denounces    barnacles without naming'the 1ii_riiiii.il*!., i.nl every   Monday'
morning it sermonized  like any    pul-
] ite^r, but never    does it say,  "Tlun;
art the iii-»ii,"'hn did'tlie prophet'  ol-
To go from   the Globe  to the other
pnpi'i's of this country, find especially
to the Liberal papers af. this country,
llie sniiie condition of  nflairs is  seen
111 prevail.     Tlie-Cox-rellalt'-N'ieholls.
iiileii'sls in     this city nlso own   and
v.-iitn I the Star, whoso whole   effort
in concentrated in a clever -ii.iiiipulii-
tlr.n of the public interests lo the advantage of  the    eh'i'triciil monopoly.
l-'i,r years   il   Iiiih,   in nil Hinlorliniitl
wny, tried     lo liootii   nil llie  stoeks
' owned by this   ekclrii-itl ring;   it hns
cliniii4rl.il the 'fuel,  every time    Nome
11ift11l.1T i.f tin* ring's little dog hnd n
pniu lu its    stnHui.ii;  It also delivers
M~-r.ni.iiK    on (ueiipi'iilllliic: nnd     iln
worthy editor    makes confessions    In
prayer nteellnj'*- ami in thai way tries
to hiIkU'iuI  uiul  i-iit'tiiliily belniyH, the
public, whose ciip|u-r,s it gathers     in
-every night,   It hns   no loyally—like
all tin-He' piipi'i'H. It Is the enemy  and
the U'lruyi'i' nf   those who  confide  in
11   \ii\ii'
monopoly in Montreal and it goes out
of its way' to misrepresent, .to mis-
c-iYole, to ridicule iiud to humiliate
whoever, attempts to light' the battles
of public rights in' this country; yet
where would., the Montreal Star be today, were it not for the support of
the people whom it steadily betrays?
For two or thice years now it has
been'persistently,■•tlijough in an insidious wav, doin' its best to induce the
council cf the City of Montreal * to
extend all-tlio gas, power' and street
railway franchises for a period of 50
years—IS years before the pr'seiit
ones ex*.ire. IVe do not know of* -a
more wretch.-d' betrayal than this one.
And yet' every person who takes the
Star thinks it is true to the people
who buy it.'   .
The significant fact then i.s not that
the Liberal papers arc more independent and less inclined to support liberal politicians, but the significant
thing 'is that they have absolutely
gone into the service of monopolistic
corporations. - They seek to enslave
the public to these .monopolies and at
the same tinic- to betray tliose who
supporClhciff A"H"LthiK—talk"-"about-u-
newspaper's relation to a party is a
red birring drawn across  the   scent of
FRED COLLIER.. '   .„c
Missitig — Pud Collier, aged 16,
.strongly built, fair, height five feet
live inches, l.luisl. grey eyes. Has not
been seen since noon on Friday, Nov.
9, 190*".. Any . information regarding
his whereabouts will be' gratefully
received by iiis father,- Thomas «Mel-
calf Collier, Regina, or may be given
lo .the'chiif of police, .Reginaj.'^or ii
imbiber of the  R. N. W. M. 1\ "
Young Collier was employed as au
apprentice under his father in the
bindery 1-usincss. At noon on Friday, Nov. 9,' he disappeared and has
not keep seen since. He , had no money on him, and was not clothed suitably for a luir.l life. He is a high-
spirited l.oy, and it is, supposed that
the discipline of his trade irked him
and drove, him to seek his own for-'
tunes. ,. There is some reason for
thinking that he left the city on tint
day with a gang af men hired for a
distant lumber camp, and if so he
may be !-afe and well, though he is
not constitutionally fitted for such a
life. As no word has been received
the boy's family are naturally anxious and will he glad of any information.
Yom have been complaining of a . «a.*?ly, .raw, rough  "feel" about your
__ X ■ "_• _-i » ___'**-* *.     . • 0« a _i » A. il. -
hands, anus, neck or _:ice?! It is a 'eoininoir experience just now that lhc
keen, biting winds are upon us. The relief. lies in Zuisi-lSisl.. IJon't neglect
your skin. Won't forget that the skin is more'-'-than-a mere covering for, the
body. By means of tiny porcs.it, helps to purify,,Ihe_ system; and unless cared
for, the damp, raw days of winter impair i(s fiincti*>!.s, cause cracking, chaps,
aii'l sowthciirst seeds of skiti disease. Don't neglect a cut or a sore, for fear
of blood poisoning or iiitljinnnation. Zs._n-_.nk is a certain and antiseptic
healer. Applied to a cut, a; bruise or any skin injury, its antiseptic powers
com*.-inlo operation, and it kills all disease germ* which would otherwise cause
inflammation and suppuration. Then the herbal essences of which it is
composed build up new healthy, .tissue,..cell by cell'"!!-.1.7Il<L
injury  is  healed,  the  disease  cured,  atid  all   ' " "
removed.   Write for free box oii'.red below.
traces  of it
Skin Disease for Two Years
Mr. Ch-iB. Hill, of II Main Street, UrunUord, wiya:--" For
nearly two jam I .utl'urod with ft skin disease 011 my!c_.,
wlilch beciiiiio ko Irritable at times that 1 tvn. coiiflncd to my
bud and limbic lo apply lnuidajje- of uny kind or con to let
iiiiyltiiii_. loueli my Ior-i. I liad tried nearly every ointment
that was advertised and liad taken iniiiiy medieliiea Internally, but witliout any good result. Iteecntly I so.-.t for a
Htipply of /.arn-liuk, and with llio flr-it applleallou 1 KOt relief
of the Irritation. - I havo ii.od,'not quit, two box k, and my
cure Iiaiirbeuii complulu, tlio fiorea having entirely disnppcirt-it
froni.my liiub=i. Slneo then 1 liuvu been ublo to go about
my work with perfect comfort—Bouiotliing I liuvo tint dono
foi- nearly two years. Zam-l'uk his coitalnly woikod
vvondew for me, and I havo no lieultatlon tu giving it my
Sca'n' .?ores and Eczema Cured
*Mrs.T. II. lliii-l'mrl. of Seuley'811,-iy,Out..writes*.- "Korttio
bonuillof itlier-i"! liave iiJcie.iii-6 in stalini; tliat I have proved
ikiiii-lh'.k a curei for rercmn. I had cci'ciiir*. on ny Iir. n.ls=, and
lind ili'clui'i'il villi tli ll'ciciii pliyi.ic!iiii<:iii vain us well nsliaving
leiid viii'li u*. utiioiHo . A few npplii'iitlonii of /.ini-JJiil: tjavo
me jjrcal ivImC, .mil hy ihi>. time I had in-vd two l.oke.i my
hands were ci*lir»*'..v liuulud up."
Mi*, lleiny Jlirv-nj-, i.f Calaiaqui, Kays:—"/nin-Hnk in my
cn-c liiisilmic all t. was ii'eoiinuended todo. 1 Iiud >oinni-'oivs
on ilic sculp, wlili hat, times eaused 1110 hiirliiieutu pain thnt. I
could not heai- in tnueli-llio part. Thin conlinu.'d.for nearly
two years, and defied all remedies 1 tried, /.anilluk wr.i
loeoinmcniled lo liio, und after a fair trial, 1 am i*iad lo 1 eporl
tlio sqich arc ijuiio ctited. I can ttrongly iccouimend Xani-'
Jluk for scalp diseases."
*_iini-IJuk In Invaluable, for oczoina, ulcor-i, scalp discuses, riiifjworm, psurlasN. had 1ok«. fiiflaiiiiiinltan, rnsl.ni, eruptioiis,
dIiiidIoh sores scab*i scales, piles, swollingn, chapped liaudri, sore faa-.s, cold-ores. uhilliliiiiisA'iitlls. iold in the livml. cuts, buriis,
festei-lnB*, CiitheringK, poisoned wound-*., etc., etc. Of all druggists, or post free from the ".aiu-Luk Co., Toronto, for "i.e. a box.
11,    ile iisiv .1.1 .->    ,-,.i,.i,',,'..    j
il lik'\i,N|M|iii   ii.jn]i..li\'. tiwiH'il  hy Si'li-
ntnr.s Ciix mul    Jafli'iiy, uud   Mes-ii'ii.
Miiekeit/le, l'ellatt   uml NUIioIIk    call
l.e     trill' tn llie -ir-ii'il'' wim nre     its
lu tliu   VTny  hi  il.ti'iiuo.. Cs    ■..,.■::,•
tilings liii|i|ien In liu    tlte eiiho tmlny.
Tlie iirnlis-ieil Idlieiul iii'Wfc|i»|>i'r lliere
Uiul tliu      liiili'|it'i!i1eiil l.llierul    uews-
■*i'i|iiT  lliere, mul I'veit  tlie Spvctmlur,
wliiiit Is siiiniiiHeil    In lie a Cutiserva*
\ive   in-wsimver,   aiul v.Uicli l.n.iilt ev-
t-ry dny nl.niit Its loyally In   l'muier
Wlilliu'.v, ittv,   tlie iliiee ul lliua,    in
till* service nf llin (lilisnli  jimver lunil*
«i|)nly.   The ovtm-i'N »l tlu- Tinu-s .itnl
Uw nwiu'is nf tin* H(.ivilaliii* are nwu-
its nl s1iur«'!i   in llie -lct.trii.nl    jxiwcr
nml street r.tiluny coniliiiu-s in   Itaiu-
iltini, uml   tlie 11 ei'alil  is lining     the
M'lV'iiU nf Cili.    fiil.Slill   fVl-l*V ilnv     in
llieir rilutio'u \n corporations.
(Jn   to]) of   all this   let  llie   public
read.the confession .made liy tlte   par-
liaiiieiiti.i-y ci.rrespondei'tt  of  the Mini-
tve.il Ilui-.ild  in regard   lo   public    reforms, and .especially ,in rejiaril to the
ro{iiil:ilioii of railwaj-s ' in this   ' eniin-
•',i-y, .and KL them also read the tfiort
.is oiiirned  i'i lhe Tun/it to   N"ews    on
Siiti'.r.i-.iy nij;lit   that   "is-hciiijf    niaih-
by eiflain of tlit ynuiiner Liberals, to
lKsociate  thi'iiii-.elvi'H in earnest    wil'.1
1111.re pro^reusii u  ideas  in  regard     lo
pul.lie nlTiiirs-mitl  in   regard to public
^•i.'.hts. -
■ Ajjaiii tlie World niahes the stnte-
niiiil lh.it the 1111*11 who make up the
ruiiii i.lid.lile of the Liberal parly of
litis country ate well disposed to
serve the in invests of the people, but
lhe Liberal pnrty has fallen,inlo the
hands of leader.' who are associated
willi corporations, ami of newspapers
who though ul "nm: time they pro-
fiKs'-ail' lo U'lket the views of the rani-
aiul file, lmve gone inlo the service of monopolies 'and have lii'cour.'
eiiunies of publ''. rights.
The people-of Canada today are he-
liifj* hciniyed- by -newspapers whose
i/iily title of life nud inj'oim* and
profit is hnsi'i' on lidelily to their
subscribers. Thcru never wns so bad
a political situation -in Canada before. It is worse tlinu.llio r-'iiinlly
Compact ten limes over,
Wo oiler tine- Hundred. Hollars lie-
ward for .*ny ense ol' Cnliirrlt lh.il
caiiiinl   lm   cured liy   Hull's Catarrh
I\ .T. CI1KSKY St. CO., Toledo, 0.
Wc, tliu uudel'sl|*lic(1, hnvo linnwii V,
J. Cheney for the lust 15 years, and
hcllcvu liim ]ici'[eetly lioiioi'ablu in all
business iransaclious uiul I'niiiiu'liilly
able lo curry out any obli-,'iilloiis
Hindu l.y liis linn.
Wuldinu,  Kliinmi  Sr   Marvin,
%     Wh.diN.ile DriiHKlsts,  Toledo,  D.
Hull's Calavt'li Cure is tulicu   iute"
iiitlly, ucllii-.- il'ivclly ilium tli.: 1-lnuil
ami liiuctKitis siirfiict's ol the sysU-in,
Tialliii'.i't'.tl-  '■ «1   fri»p    Vrlei' 7<> ('cuts
pir Initio.   Sold bv all ilriitfulsts.
Talu* Hall's I'uinily I'ills   fur   con*
———0 —
Toronto, JJcc. 12.—The season of
navigation on the lakes is practically over, and to date has cost 137
lives and over 2,oc.o,ooo in money.
There have been but two or 'three* big
storms, 'chat of Xov. 221 proving, thc
most disastrous, in which 41 lives
were lost, including the wrecks] of the
.Jones in Georgian Hay, and ..the Resolute, of Toronto. Two or • three days
before the Canadian steamers Tlicano
.mil Strathmore were wrecked in I.ake
Superior. Canadian boats, especially
have suffered this year, tlio steamer
Monarch, of the Northern Navigation
Co., completing the remarkable run
of mishaps  to Canadian vessels.
To relieve a cough or break up    a
cold   iir twenty-four  hoiira,   the    fallowing   simple   formula,   the   ingredients of which can be obtained of any
go-id prescription  druggist  at ,, small
cost,   is     all that    will be required:
Virgin Oil of     Pine  (Pure),  one-half
ounce;  Glycerine, ,.  two ounccspGood
Whisky, a half pint.   Shake well and
take in  leaspoonful doses every, four
.hours.   The desired results can not be
obtained unless the     ingredients    are
pure.   It is therefore better  to    purchase the  ingredients separately   and
prepare  the mixture yourself. - Virgin
Oil  of  Pine  (Pure)  should be purchased in   the   original half-ounce    vials,
whicli druggists buy     [or dispensing.
Kach'   vial  is securely    scaled in    a
round woodiii ease, which protects thc
oil  from exposure to 'light-     Around
tlte wooden :ase is an engraved wrapper  with  the  name—"Virgin   Oil    of
Pine   (Pure)"—plainly   printed   thereon,   There* are many  imitations . and
cheap productions ol Pine,  but these
only create nausea,  and never   .cflcct
the iit si red results, —id
Bend thia Coupon and I cent
.lamp to Zain-
Iluk Co., and
freo'box will be
FEIIN1E i/KEGER, DEC, .2, mm
  ... * ' . Js
Hotel, Fernie
<i ; 1 ""
T. Whelan,   Manager
A pleasant homo
for tho traveller.
by wire,
Every Attention
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
D. E. WALKER, General Manager , ALEX. LA1RE), Asst, Gen'1 Manage.
...'*,* . ISSUED AT THE FOLLOWING BATES:     ,    -.   ■ ■
:"     * $S and under     Scents
Over $5 and not exceeding $10...'...    6 cents
"    $io   '. " " $30   10 cents
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TKesTOFdtt-sTiTPlfpbl^ —
(Yukon excepted), and at thc iirincip.il banking- points in the United btates.
They form an excellent method of remitting small sums of money with Mfotjr
and at small cost.
50 Good Woodsmen wanted by
Tho Elk Lumber
Co. Apply at the
Office or at Hosmer.
Tlie [Ik Lumber Co,, Lid.
Fernie, B. C.
QV%,     i^r^uVm^i/iy^m
j antes Set em, - - - J roprteior
■   Willi  furnished  rooms.   The  labl_  is jsupplictl  wilh  the butt
1   the mnrkct affords.'The bar is snuplicd    wilh   tli&   best wlnw,
a •        liquors nnd cigars. !
I" Make-your wife happy by buy-
ting" a Steel Range of J. D. Quail
or money  refilled
I Fort Steele Brewery Co.,ltd |
J Brewers of Extra Fine
<i, Lager Beer and Aerated
| Waters,  ilottled (jIoqcTh
f a'Specialty.
iliiiins nuilli  to pliu-f,  of  cdiniiun.-r
un nl.
(*.. II. G. llODliTON.
Octolor -ilii,   iijufi,
Maritime Vroviiu'cs, (Jiiturln, (.Jm-ln'o,
Tlm Old Country.
Not leu is liui'iiby j-lvi'tt that do'lMH
lU'i' d.ilii, I Inliiiil lo n\)\Ay lo Wj
1Ii«, Chief Ci'itiinisHlonji' of l.-Uuls
nnd M'ni lis (or a .sptcial lic_;i^u to tut
ind amy nwny linilivi' from iln, foi*
low in;,' d.-tii'iilu'd liindi Klliinlid mi
llu Kooli'Ji.iy llivur. Norlli l'.nsl
Koiititiny Dlslrii-l.
No, l .—Coiiiiuuiiciiijr nt n post
liU.ni.uiI i.n tlu mist slih of tlu Koot-
ui.iy rivur, nlioiit two null-,', uoiili
ol ih*' uunfuiii huiiiulaiy ul Ii.ji .|o'/.'.
tli.ticu Co iluiitti north, tln-iui* , 8o
ihains wist, UiviKc 8o tlniins Fonth,
lli.ni'o .Su (.lulus cast, to \Anw ol
Octolor /llli,, i."fi*
.0. II. 0. UOULTOM.
Oclokr 41k, jyu6.
No. /t.~-C(iintta*n*.'iD_ at n pom
pliiiitid nt ihj north i'linl rotiui- of
Limit No. 3, tli.ii.u Ho ihiiiiis north,
ihour. Co i!i->in-. cust, lli.iice 8o iliain.-i
Kinilli, iluiuu So ihjiini wu-it, to pliiia
Of*   Vi.lUlll.tU'ClU.llt.
(3. II. O. lt.iUI.T0K.
Octol.ur /|lk,  l*,ofi.
n.ittli wi*st comer of Limit. No, d,
tV.Mce Kn ik.iins notth, tlwucc Sn
.Kiiitis wi*r.l, Ih.ncc So <lr,iiiis soulh,
tlivMa' Ko di.TBi i-nst, to place ot
tt. ir, o. non.ToN.
Oetolicr 41V,   »9'>'>.
Nd, 11.—Coniiu.in-ill^, nl n post
pliiiilud nt tin noiih wi't-t Miiii.'r o'
Limit No. in, iIkii.i* Ho iluiiini wcsi,
ill.lift!   .Su   ill.illlS       hulllll,   tlli'liu:      1.1.
ilmins rust, ih,nn: Hn ilulii!,   n,.r.lt
to plui'u of iiiiiiincnciiiiiciit,
tt. II. tt. 110VI.TOS.
OIdU'I- ^ih,   I'^ifi.
The Cniuidiiiii I'lU-inc Mnihvny nn-
iionnco n kitUh of low round trip
rnU-s, lirst-clnss, lliivo (j) months
limit, Ironi Kootinay;. tn nil point--
In Onl-.irlo, Quelici*, M-irltiun* 1'rov-
incrs mid ihi' Old Ciiiiiiliv.
Itnti* from Kinilc lo Toionlo, Muntie il, WindMir and intciiiuiliiiti*
points is >m■'!?,; IInlK.ix ur Si. .Inliu.
hi cuiiiiL-vlioii wilh nct'nii piissu^i-s,
TickrlH will  lu*  mild  daily
No. '.*■.—ComHK'iiciu*; nt n post
pluiiUd ul ill: suiilhwusl cm ncr _(>
Limit No, J, lh.ni*. Ko clnuiw toutb,
• Ii.iux •*'') l li t tn-> west, •.lirnic 8o
ili.iin- ihu ill, ih.nc. Ho, ihnir., enst,
l,i lil.ivc id *.OIIIIll-.lli.'.IIKlll.
Ovtnlcr .till,  iqiiii.
No. 5.—Coiiuni'iicitj ul a pout
pluMUd ul lhc noUb Wll.M lUIU-'l of
Limit No, /\, th,iue 80 di.iin.i north,
1I1 nr*,. fn ihiins wist, ilu mc 80 ihains
loulli, tluiKc Kn th.iiu*, i-;ist, to plum
Of   CUUItllCUCL-lll.Ml.
tt. II. tt. uom/roN.
Octoler 4tb,   I'jcrfi.
!"No. iS.-*Comiiiin;,iBi; ut n post
pluAU'tl uii.'h.ilf null' ni''l .if tlu
f«/irili wmi nini'i' 1 ii, .Limit N'»* 7>
iIi.iipu Co ihiin 1 norlU, lli.n.L' >.o
• luiins wi'Hl, tlu-ni-'n «o -.liinn' m-miIi,
th.iiio Co iii.\inn i'iihI, to phut* ot
tt. U. tt. 1101:i.tos*.
Ortiiln'r  /lib,   l<H>*fi.
l?,.--Ci|iiniii-m-'in('   nx
hi 1
11    voit
.-I1-M.1. nl lli« iiwlh w^1   lo,,u'r *''
I.Inii*. No* I", lll.ll «" clmin'i   va-.l,
1I1 in:. 8n ibnins     nurlh,  t1ii'»»-e
1 hiiiii cast, th mc «'<> i"'"'"   "'""'
t0 pi»cc... -;;--;:';';;(),.1Jf>x.
Octol.cr /.111,   xyui:
wivue in »."..   '•"-** - i'*r *,•',,, ,n »«■«'•'*' 3'"»' ,
the yew.   We iim-r km\ h mole  .le- |   Crnspmnliii,; rut.-s  will  l.e <|H"lcd
No. 3. «*Coiiiiiii'Bcinl|; at a j>o_l
pl_iit.il XM: mile norlli of Limit No.
i, tluttci; .''ii ill.iill*.- si.iitft. ib.mi* Ho
ili.iiiu  wist,   tk-iicu  Ko  iluin.t-orib,
No, (>.—Coiiiiihiu-Ib^ at u pout
planted ut tit* iioitfc west toriu-r u(
Limit No 5, ilunie Ro ibvins north,
tluh.i' *So iltiil*. wt-iit, tbence tU»
ill litis  Mill 111,   llu-llll!  Co ikiin    unit,
to plnCk' of uiuiiiunaiiu-nt.
tt. II. tt, UOUI.TON.
Octol.cr   .tb, ttytf,.
.,    No.   M,--C(iiiiiiii'liciii^
.', |il(iHti(t   nt   t'-tr   Uwi vu   ,
Limit No.
nt    n    po'-t
„v ..  ^-..*:.' *    "i
10, ilii-ncc Ho ili'itni noilli,
Iniin**     i-nst,    tli.iiu; He
No. «).—Ciinimouclii/,    al    »      P^1
l>|.UKid ono-hoH  mil*!     r-M    or    Xbe   Uu..v    ft. vlum*
Lull' wet co.J.;r of Wmlt    No.    «■   xb^xn soutli, Ui.-bu* Hn i i.hii*.        ,
iSkiici  80 ih.iin.4     north,  Ili.m«    «•'  to i-l.i»'. "f ^mxwneemetxx
ilnin-*  weal,  th.-nw Bo iliuins Mitlh,
llu-ncii Co ihainx     «ast, u> pl.uu    <>f
tt. II. tt, ltOlil.'lliS,
OiAobcr 4th,   i-Jt*-
l>. U.. tt. llOl-LTON.
Oitol-cr  -"itb,   xtfift.
No. ■jo'.—ComiiituclMs    «t    xt   ,">*[
So H Coin''"''11 inl! Hl ,l '•*'sl
iilunud at th- M.iith west mi-»-*r o\
,jM1il No. 10. Hume Ko chaw*
si.nil,. it. nn* Xo (bain** "-"st*    1,l'BU'
.NO.  *jo,~VomiiiwumiB     »-.     »    i""-     ■■ , ,U.t,L_
PI..UA .» mile   went   of lb, n„rt,i   Po .la,W    n»rlb.   ^
 A'weH CO.0.T of Limit *-*■<*• «>, xb.me h» jwisl, to pl.M
ih Mew Ho ih-iM*     vast,  U> place,    of I plnnted
-Comuu^:n-i     at   »    po.it'.b,iini x-tist, \bt:tne bi, iU*iJw suiitj.
o«kilf   mil- t^t of   ll'-'   th»*'«    S» iW"   wcst'    """"^    ""
Ko  «JViiii>4
ol fornniiiiiceiiieiit.
t)   ir   O   UOUT/fON.
October ,\(H,  1906.
Onr 1 Wop.** will tu'kU: tlie paluU o(
ih.i I'pii-uic us well um of any onu who
liim Uniii.
TnU'ii fiom llm bust'stock obtain-
ftbk', und iiiictully itut i^iid triiii|po»l,
thvy iiiniuil Inil to jiIuhhc ynu.
Onr miiatw m_   ull clioico, und (\m
..:[ , . .,:' .'; . Ji'.'li'i* tli'ii vnu Miay
,i,iy lm lnw-i-(',i.uic, nitirU^iipj* li'siu*.
\vb*ri'. m..       fl
P. Burns &. Co., Fornix
by tlio wor-lc or nionili,
Mrs. Clark -*%&
IMiiurd s
1   Cows,
Liniment   Curm ttnr-jti   ia
im.— '-i «=**■**
a*tWays  "agin;; tiik* govern
It is  seldom   that any one  man fan
enter a government  and remain but a
short time and  win  as many   followers as   Joe Martin.    While   on the Op-
positiaw  lienches    lie stated that     the
f.ne dutv of  thai side was-uo oppsue,
and l:e lived   up lo it.    Today   J- A.
Macdonald and his   followers   all    be- *
lieve   in the same, according   to   their
actions, anylliin;;   lo .oppose   what is,
and get the job is the cry.      !'Give us
that job"   is   the   sleady    cry.    .Ask
why?   ccause,' well why "we waul it,'
it looks  good to us.    Let   them     tabulate a list    of ,wroii».s,      and    pr.ove
them, not'  mere suriuises.    The people
are thinking   too miuli today    to .   be
■hoodwinked     like      that.   Cranbrook
' .The verv   clcar-MjjhU'd   editor of the
above  jianied paper   h.is delivered, all
unconsciously, as   wp  believe, one    or
two lines  of wisdom.    Tlie   Prospector
is so one-sided and so prejudiced  that
iis   statiinent   that "tlie    people    are
thinking'too much   today   lo be hood-
winke-1," musl  be taken     as an    evidence     of a temporary lapse,    of   his
prejudicial   mind.    Ves, the   people to-
.  day are thinking,  e\eepling. of course.
' the  regulation machine- parly editor--
he don't have lo   think.     An    article
written ten      years ago   on the   then
political, situation by a machine editor
can in.* u.s-d  today    by simply  chaifg-
ing a few  dales and   names.   Take thc
.editorials ol  the   Prospector,   and   not
a line of originality  or an   idea-   that
could l:c called modern or unprejudiced
can le found.
The same old - drivel about
"our party being all light, and containing all the wisdom poliiic.il to be
foiiixl in the, country, and that lhe
other side is composed of unpatriotic
blockheads, ' drags its idiotic length
along the columns of such a paper until it would seem lhat no one could
hive patience lo look   at   them.
.Sucli a paper will work -days,
nights and Sundays trying to make-
its readers believe that all thc Kost-
* ers, McGrevy's, Carlings, et al., belong to tlie other' pnrty, and tha-...
ihere is no dishonest polities except
oh one side down at London, when
everybody know:- tliat,both sides have
been for vears using bank, notes a.;
tlie most potent argument to convince
If purity in,polities and in parly
methods wait till such papers as thc
Prospector brings it about, it will be
a long lime before there is any im ■
jirovenieii tin Government.
The present provincial   goverimu-ntV
any conceivable maimer, r.nd lhat'
*- paper 'wr.ul.'l be found supporting it iu
the s.uue old worn and thread-bare
manner as it is using in its "supposed support"—its' not support at
nil, however fondly its editor may
ling lhat delusion' to his breast- .
S.uch papers have lost their in
flueiice simply because, as the Prospector unwillingly puts it, "llu
I eople are thinking',':' and lliinkiiij'
, people won'l find much in think abou,
iu llie editorial wisdom in the columns of lhat paper.
SIX    SISTKKS    KrCClWlJ     1'lACIl
oTHKii as  tup: wiim*; oi-"   a
..THEFERNIE-LB^ge^ pE^JE;B.C>   DECEMBER ai 1906
m*TT***m-*m*wmwn*s  r-'-r-  ■'   ".-_-y_ '-   •  -'•--:    -;--l —.-:.«.   '---.^ , -»	
.^ : *~ ■ "* '" * - -- -     ~-*~    —■- - - ■     ----- - .
Don't   fcr£et   our   Giiebrated    Griffin   Brand
Sucrar Cured   Hams  and   Breakfast   Bacorr arrives
weekly.    Try some and be convinced   that it  is lhe
Best on the market ;______rfE3&-
Pay Cash and Keep Debt in Hie Background.
W. 1 BI
and Skirts
New and up-to-date.
Underwear and Hosiery
The made-to wear kind.
-MENS . \V; ;
Underwear and Sweaters
The Best that Is.
Overcoats and Reefers
The sort that ••fits;
___j_____________________________________^MMMaUMJMM|luw^M-«'M'-'l ■ M—_■*__MIIIMM ■ nTIT" "*" —1 -"— ■-——■—*|^
The Best made.
Mount    C.iU-.i-l,   (J., Dee
nian-yin-*)    live mkUts, nil
died or wm*
of   whom
I nines Craven, ol
this eily, li.dnv wedded llie sixth nnd
iviiiuiiiiii^ si.si'ei ol llie l.iiinpivehl
family. Craven met lhe family when
he wenl In i\b.alalia veins njjo. He
eNlabli.sheil a ii'adinj; post and mar
lied Nuia I,iiii.| I'n'lil. A jealnlis III-
iliuii, who . wished ■ to innrry N'oin,
.shut llie woiirin llii<>u**li a window of
lhe i-iibiii. Konr veins laii-r, lie nint-
ried Marie Lninpieelil, uho was also
killed by the same Indian. Then lu-
married .'Hii*, ,-, third sister, Slu- nlso
was kill 1*11 by the Indian* Craven
I hen returned lu Ohio, bill I'ulllld he
ciHilil imi l.e uiiit.-iiU'd. lie ii'lunii'd
.'Hid III,mild Hi len, ,ij;id ,'-\ Allei
lhc wnl'1,11*; h.* Ina id llml ilu* Indiiin
w.'is still in the lu-i^lilmilmml lie lay
iii wait nnd   shut the   redskin.    Then
i -
A. E. Mumford tells how Psychine
cured him after the Doctors
■ gave him up
' " It if twelve yeim since Piycliine cured
ts* of galloping consumption." The
*9**Vtt wa* Mr. A. 12. Mumlord, Mx leu.
Ull, End looking junt what lie Is a bn.ky
bMllby firmer, lln work-, liln own farm
iw Mignetawan, Ont.
••I CJiutlit my cold worklnrniRrlrrmnn
en tlie C.i'.ll." lie continued. "I Imd
Juli'U *ii'i'._li, il-illi.-u'ilX('i'<v*Ji«.. J"n-i,'W'.-i*
Steuf hf d up pie<■«•« of my Inngn. I wni
king fait and the doctors -.nlil thero
w»*iwhbpis for rre. Two montli* In-at
*%tti\ of Pnychlnu put mo right on my feet
Md I have had no return of I-inj* trouble
his wife was taken ill and died. Rer-
tha came lo his home to care for his
little bov, and he married her. She
was thrown from a horse and killed.
Craven then came  in.me lo Ohio. ■
1 I. was cured of painful Goitre; by
'Cliaihniii, Out
I was   cum1    of   Inllainuiatioii    by
M.UK,   W. 11.   JOHNSON.
Walsh, Out,
1 was cured oi Knciul X-iirnluia by
I'arkdale,  Out.      .1.  Tl.  J.AII.l.Y.
liS'oimni'S coai, kind
Mines Uimised   foi Over a Cililiivy   to
be Developed.
I.ondon, Dee, 20,—There is 11 Mjuch
of nmiiinee in lhe. discowry of immense senilis of eon I in Norlli Ire-
laud which sliould livinj; jjre.il prosperity to Unit district. In I'/fi; lIilR.!
Hoyd oblniiK'd from ihe Knrl of An
trim llie ri»lii of nil iiiinuK lro«i
l-'aiihiud lo Kiiockhidyi'. "n dislnuee ol
seven miles. A larjje" output of eoal
follnwi'd, hut with lloyd'H denth the
prosperity in ll.illyciist censi-d. Twi
\e,vsa;;o Mr. llr.niili*, n miilil^ ex-
perl, visii'.d lhe district. He then invited l'rof. Sole, nf the Cn'olnj-icul
iiud Survey Depailineiit of I rol h ml >
wliicli |i.id picviuiisly repoiled Hint
the 1n.1l was exhausted, to uuilit , 11
sinviy in his private capacity, l'rof.
Colo c ii'iilued Mr. Ilr.iiidc's estiiiM*'.'
lint liuu* was ul least 55,000,000
1. ns ol  iuul of  jjiiud  (|iinlily The
l,criii(; n-ii'iled l.l.u-k bund ironstone
I'diiiinf.il in be nl litist I5o,i«io,ooo
t. ns, I hr nie bl-ill'; oiie of the I i« IwM
in lln- W111I1I,    A   thin' ilisi'oveiy wil"*
i,|   ,|)|    1)1 .Si!*..!'!',  d* I "'--il    "i    tile    «.lay
lln- \.ilu»- "I Vhi'li cm I"' et-liniiitoil
wlien it is siid tlmt Cue biiiks ill'.'
u- w ilelive!cl in llilfnsl nX 11 net nl
s.: s!iillinj;s |-.ei llimiMiud,, wliereiiM
iln-, 1.ni I c dillvercil from Unllvr-isl-
le lur u little moiv tli.m f." shilliui*'
under this hcartlinjr instertcd nt the
rate of one cent a word each inscr
tion. ' -   '    '
WANTED—A good jjirl   for' hoiisekeep'-
]'    injj.—Apply  to Mrs.  J. K. T,awry..'v'
WANTED—A jjeueral scrvanl.—Apply
personally or by letter to .Manager
Canadian IJniiU of Commerce,
-*** — — -t *■■       :.——
ItACIII.T.OUS' quarters, two'rooms;
steam beat '..and bath.—CHOW'S.
N«ST TliAl)IKCi.CO.'!'l,TI).''''*''   "'■
-TKNISIIIS1) room lo rent', for gen-
tleiiian furniice, electric light 'and
halli, For pai'ticulars apply lo I.utl-
gcr Ollice,
KOR ,SAI,E—A good Williittn'H pinuo.
Apply I). McIvUiiuiiM.
— ______ ,,   ,t
l-'OR SAI,E-3o lots in Wcfit l'eruie;
easy terms. ..Apply \V. T. Ilealey,
West- Fernio.
VOU SAI.1C—A simp; a six rooined
lioiiso, well built, with hot and cold
water halli, nud up-lo-dulc electric
liyht lixtuies; situiited close iu to
busiiiese pnrX of city; must be sold
anon. Kor -ji.irlivuliir.s cntpiiro of
Moll, Kon(& Co.
MOTT «0N .t  CO. liuvc Instructions
to look out for two or three hundred ncies of good land suitable for
fiuit growing in Ui. KobmJ.'iy Valley. This Innd must bu 110 situated
us lo allow of irrigation, cither hi
gravity or by 11 well-ei-nipped pump*
ing plant with mi nbtindaiil sup-
ply nf wiil*r. Inipioied r.iiiih.'.s ure
wlihin^ th*> scij|)(. of lhe iimliiirliojiH,
I.oi*:ility, rjiiallty of -.nil and neci-.s.*-,
lo water conic holon* pt.'ci- in th.',
coiisiil.'iiiiiiiii of ih,i juinliiiser, who
is n pnu'(Iiul fruit grower, , mid
kiiowi wlmt In* wnnf*.-, Send in.
jour de-ii rip lions, locutions and
A   |-||ip,HIV   H'UI    ptllillilN    sillisUH'i" ,
,.„„,.„ ....:* .,1 ,,  xnuuiA  0, in.,)*    tie   VAM'tVlTl'    JIOV'U
ClatV,  the lxst  Si
'Hi* Can idiaii   Ni.illuin   look
'the l'l iiu i-   All ■!•  I.r.uiih
If Ur. Mumford   ImA HlsrteA Xo (alio  S.iiui.l.v. .1111 j.i
iiiii   «>*.or Un* lill
11 vol
).'-'jji-ly    ill*
1   duy  hotel   lu
Nelson    Only  whit"  help ciiiployid
C.  W.  HAl.TI.KTT,   Proprietor.'
Ftychtne when lie first caught cold lie
would have saved lumwilf a lot of anxiety
tad auflerini**. Pnychlno cureii all l-tntf
IrouUei by killing the Kcrmi*—the root* of
tkadiaeaie. *>
4 (PttmomttomS Si kc*n)
50c. Per Bottle
iMrgsr «(*<•« tt stitt it all drugglcta.'
II. T. A. SlOeUM. limlUd, Ter»nts-
I'MIII'slnll    ir.llll W.is . iiirulinii.s
t.i «i'libr.it0
l  li'il-'l   ihnl  fuiriihlii"*! unlet,  torn*
iiiiOiiiiiioil.iLioii   lor  11,-, path1'   lions i> a 11111110 of pleasure    lo   the
"Two more purchasing days before Christinas. If your wants
arc not yet completed our large and\, seasonable stock with our
best efforts, is at your service. We respectfully solicit your business
The In IiiM
jMW-11 iu llu
lll it w,r. 10 have   lif-ii
Odd    IVI lows'   Mall   on
:i[tf-MI'<iin    W.is    pnslpnlio'l
l.iv   iu-%1     at 1    n'.lofk
Jf du*    ...'
until   Tluir*
'-ii.il ji.
Au      llli'Mr.«ti.l    IlrtiHIi    Talk
milliters will lo giion ill the Odd Fellows'   Hull «•»   Thursday     »[tmioon.
5»ri. r;ih. lii^i-.iT.iti^ <ii " % i»Mi»<V
■lull. Ia Jfi-.. '-' V VnVi ni.iii.ip'f
ui Hit It. C,    Viavi C*>,
travi'lliii^- public. Such u .on-.! is tli.
King Edward Hotel, ol I'ernie, cor-
nr opposite post,ofiice.
You can always rely on getting tho most up-to-date furnishings when we
supply your wants. Our-aim. in this department, is not how large a stock
' we caii carry, hut rather how gmall. In this Way our stock is always right up
to the minute, we continually receiving hy express the newest goods placed
oh the market.
J-ir—-rtim-wmn _niii__n-ii_r r ,t-mmii*f*t.iir*mir r 1— |J,...-^.M_».»----'.-.-.i*-   ■_._-«_■■__jc-»______r t-e'j*vc^^*u
$6.5.0 to
$1.40 to
Tlie Standard of
Quality, ,,.
Style and
■ _VY-____-KC_______I_J
■"'Wig'can please-the niGst particular with
_^      .   '■^Tn^-rni^Gl oye^7^(lnirl'it"]r
range ,01  nWm«iS
hest, price the lowost.-
Clark's\Peoary   Hog" Skin..
--        Hoi'sehidc   .
-'. '    Mulcskin
Pinto "Shell  CorJovan'-■  ■■   ..,
I-I. B. K. Bi;oi-ko
Genuine Buckskin
>ecial   for ..Saturday
Clark's MulesMh, well  made and lined, regular 75c.   SPECIAL   50c.
-W-M—u— i ■■! i mi^riw ■ ■ iim 111111 m   1 mm i-tiiwi
90c,   $1.00,   $1.15
•wit   ■■■ IMI W-fllif— MM   II II-■-*•. \U
Kino; of thc Road Overalls, Union Made,
] Ww iiw.—imi i__ii iiW,i, r'^i.'^r-iM-m-i
■LmVmi.mmX-.mm'tPtz.mirjZtt^czB' -tvts*untvv?msz.   1 %—-»**jc^rr,u..-#*u«r/w *73r*-&#imm*****
Quality coupled ,-ivith price arc the two  lending  features of out* Grocery    Department.    We   search    thc
markets for thc best quality obtainable, then on  account of our cash system of doing1 business,   are able
■*.   (i n.-*' '    '       , * 1
to sell at prices that cannot  be equalled  elsc.whcrc.
New Naval Oranges
25c doz.
Government Creamery Butter
Imported Sliced Cryslaiikecl Fruits
in 1 lb. Boxes, including Pears,
Peaches, Oranges, Pineapples,
and Lemons .55c each
Saturday SfaeciaS
Holiday   Snap
Fancy Mixed  Candy
Caabury's Chocolates in Fancy
Packages 15c. to $9.50
A   Last   Kernis-fider   Before   Chris-tmas
Table Baisins,  Figs,  Dates,   Nats,   Apples, Oranges,  Bananas,  Confectionery.
lidintiey   &   Palmer's   Biscuits
NW»*fci *"h-un_i •% Mvumn^U'ii **•.*« ur *Mm*» mWmm****T~* ,*m,rim, mm   __________ **m****
_M**-J.WmiM»IM »^i aw llllll.Ill M_i«_«_k__J»*'iL*l<*«^
Our apologies aro extended to tho many wliose wantra we were unable to attend to on Saturday laat. Earlier shopping would enable ns to give better
attention and more sntWiictoi-y delivery. Many entitled to the Ledger coupon
received none, if there iw one one you, please call and  receive s:une«
To all our Patrons and Friends a Merry, Merry Christmas
MLm—urM vtmwx)*'**..'*****
kllW*4-M-~'MW.t_ llȴ ** 4 U   ȥ * I IW   mt t t<wi m*. mt   I
I-  *mmr-ltm*k*m**mM4
mm%m mMmmmm*T4\twrr '' ■"■- " ■■■ — '■*—■*••••—■
The Crow's Nest TEradiner Co.  Limited
/j___t_^-i,i_ff_r_iJ!_«____i?yr tEibTiwsaai
L 'm*m**mmm*iM*mm -^'
MJ'ril'H in lii-rc-liy fcivin ili.n n|i|ili-
xn taiion will lit iikhIc tu ilit* li'tiislnlive!
.i-HciiiMy ul tht- I'lovjiuu nl Hritish
■Ji.limilii.i at'lu iu-xi M*.iKiiiit for un
,-iit in ■|KnTj'i'T.i<» ii «»nj»a»5r willi
[inin-r f.i' i-iiiisirir.-r, iffiif^, tii.'iliit.tiii
diil iijitMlV ;i lint- nr Itiuw ••( r.iilw.iy
''  st.iiiil.iril (ir nilii-r I'ltiii'i', willi nuv
' W of mutlv. linwi'i',  Inv tin* niiivvy-
.111, r •    ,
Il, luini iiii ilu- Mir.tli  (ml. ul   Mitlu-1
rVnt "I  **r iif ur llu* jininl I;iim\mi as
"I'liu    !,»• ip"  mi     tlit*    (.'i-nw'ri Nisi
"'HK-Jl Ilf   tlu*   Wi*'*K*1ll   llivil.i.ill   ilf til,'
^''Ji-iiliim    I'-uili**    ltiiilwiiy,     in tlu-
' 'Wlliri* nf   ltltli-.'l   O.liimlii.i,    lliuu ■
'Jiniiij; in  u smiilu*rly iliitviinti    ii|i
'""'''I l-UL'h      Ul        llu*     li..i'.UU      ut    li.v.
' ^l   fork     u(     Haiti   iivi-k,     tlu-tuv
I1*' K.iUl «-.»st fork nt m'hI ynuli   (.irl.,
nti c.isivily nml Miiulit-tii ilinrticiii
0 Xhe Miiitinit liclwci'ii s.iid truk nml
A     tiilintiiiy ni llu*   Fl.itlir»i|   Kiur,
'\\\ks: in ii jwiDllitilv iliu-vll.iii (it.mii
s;i,il Iriliiilary In Uu- Fliilli.ul  Vi*».it
I ll t'liii* Millllli'lly nl.i.i;; '..iiii l'loUu-iitl
jKiMT  1 i  ii   jinilil   i»|i  llu*   lliliTliii.iiili.il
j *** '" *    ."..,».   *    il..      i" i wi i.n.' l.i
! lli'itl'.ii i'iiIi mi,i.i mul iln* t'liiu-il
.Stat.s i-l Aitui-i.,1, it ilisi.in -i* ot
'nlnut iifiy milvN, iimii* in  ii>>,.
Alld   Willi   |iii\*.w    lu  imistllUl, li|H|--
; nt*-* iiinriii,iiiil,i!ii ;ill iiu'i:^,tiy l.iiiljjo,,
jr ii'l , •'.;. ..i-i! ( i-.;. ,, .-...,* ,',;.i1  t„>lht
t-r I'i Iiml.I,u|ni|i, ii|ni:iti< mul iiiaiutuiit
, U it^l.ij ll *ili.I   U',.j!...iu    i.iu*,   iii mu-
iuiIkiii willi     t!n- mi.I  i.ii''vny    fiml
in J
,1 i.iii. >:•'%. .irl   (.,      ti.in* nnt   nu**.».iy'.c.i.
]f".r   ciiutuiail     |,i;t,i,i*.i'.,,    iiml     in.
Ji tl.irj.'!*  li-ll-t   llu-lvfni-,  iiiu)   In  ;>|'||c-ruln
ji'viiium   in-:      '.I..- -i'ii.) iv *t   lij'tit.
lii ill iliul ] f.v.i-r:   mul   vtili jiim-cr    in
!«\| i.i|iiiii>* 1.in.l    |,>r   tin* j.rir|-i.:ts >A
rj=^-,__-i_,.ijL:-_,ji_gi__»iv_r i sawji-is-":
tin.' Ciiinp.iiiy, ami tn aii|iiiiv liimls,
iiu.iii-y, Ijuiiiim'.*.-, in-ivili'Ki-M nr ollii'i-
j;i,i*l*j liuin any j\n\ I'liniunt, iiiuiiuijiii'i
!«-iii|nuntiiiii, nr nllii-r -u.miiih nr liii-l-
I iis, ami tn li-vy mul inlli'il lulls from
• all ji't*i"iis iiMiiyj, iiml in all tri-ljjlit
j |i;iM.in-.; nvt'r miy of muI* rinul'', rail-
< wiivh niul  ft-rriis Iniilt  l(y   tin*    Coin*
(ji.iii., iiml niiii ]i,iuii  tu kiiiiiuI v.llli
ami ina la- Intlli. nr nllur -nri.iii^i-.iU'iiW
-w.lli rail'ivavii, stiMiiilmntii    nr   nllur
! ii.||||iilllii':i;   ntnl lo i-juT.i**.* MU'Ii Jinw
vrs a-, nti- j;r.iiit.il l,y  Parts  IV,   uml
V. nf   tin*  "Wiilcr l'laiis.1  CuiKiiliila-
timi Ait";   ami   for  all   i.tlitr ititis-
StXtii nt iiuiiliiit.il rights, jhimiIh nml
j»n*vilr»i"i In  tliat la lull.
IIATHH tlu*     Itiirtii-ih Any nt    X»»-
viiulit-r,  t'jn'.    p
—a?    *r-*iin nm *, lm  tin'.'iliuii iiiiii.
Take noliie lliiii r\o il.iys nltt-r date
I intend ;o iijipiy lo tin* Cliitf Ciin.*
inihsii.ner fnr miilmrity to niaki* n
WiiRnii rnail from a point nlmtit tltr.-c
1l1lli-.i Niuuli i.i MuiilsM-y, Mlii'ii* .*>.
crf.'k >.tit|ilvs into the I'.lk rinr t*
lll« Wist slilo, tlunirt' lollnwiii*.; ■'. •
Kiiine tn-t-k fnr uIhiiiI two milo in rt
*,,4jt}i-UTi,i...iy 'linition tn my l-;.--
ht-t limit. Altn tut a mill nit. al '.! _
moulli of tlu- Mint* creek hIoiij; llu*
wni -siilc «.f tlif Klk ri-icr.
V.   A* McllKMMoi'T.
M..tri.wy,  II. C,  Ih-c    i»t, urnf. it


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