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 p-Y L>LMinvf ara»
No. II,Number 15.
Hotel is Blown Itb Atoms
with Fatal Results.
*-■'• >*
Price $2 ■ a year in Advance
From Tuesday's Daily News: ,
Grand Forks, Xov. 19.—An app.d-
ing crime was1 coiniiiittcd last night
at Niagara, U-n miles from here, on
tlw west side of the north fork of lhe
Kettle   river.
. An Italian laborer who has win
working on llie grade of thc Jv;';c!c
Valley Lines, broke into the powder
magazine, and for purposes of revenge, apparently, look two or three
cases of powder and secreted them in
.the Canadian Hotel, the license of
which was'owned-liy one Blanchettc,
the hotel lieing run liy,a man,named
King.   ■ ■    ,J     *
lietween t- 30 and to o'clock a terrific explosion ■ took place which
wrecked lhc building, setting lire "to
the debris and doing ghastly damage.
King.and his wife and an iS-year-old
daughter were standing together at
thc lime, of tlie explosion. Tlie girl
was literally blown to pieces. Mrs.
King, with thu .exception of severe
damage to thc hands, escaped. King,
himself, was seen shortly afterwards
running towards one of the contractors camps, half clothed.
Au Italian laborer who had ten
minutes before the tragedy been' put
to bed drunk, liy King, was badly
burned. Another Italian was brought
to thc hospital here by Dr. Dickson,
who was summoned to tiie scene and
arrived shortly after -midnight. The
injured man will hardly recover, as
he has five ribs fractured,'a bad fracture of tlie skull, and a lung puncture.
It is thought that the powder was
placed between the first and second
lloors, as most of the- injuries received were near tlie head. Nine other
people were more or less injured.
Home idea of tlie terrific force of
the explosion may be gathered' when
logs a foot and a half through "and
_o feet long were-* thrown one hundred
yards away from tlie wrecked huild:
iiigrt-Tli"cri^(l^miTav"ol~tIiF""girl were*
blown 'to an' adjoining 'building, which
-  Ihey set' on (ire.
Dr. Dickson states that on thc way
up he heard a horse pounding along
the grade towards the eity, and it is
believed that the criminal escaped
this way, though so far 110 trace has
been found.
Tlie building was a two storey and
a linlf log structure.
Dr.   Kingston, left this morning to
hold an inquest, and Constable Dins-
■ more lias been on the scene since last
'Later)— The charred remains of the
King girl were brought hero this afternoon. The Italian, who was sleeping in the .building at the time of the
explosion and who was badly burned,
has turned up, and King, has, also ar-
. rived here very seriously unnerved by
" liis awful experience, although not
severely hurt physically., Constable
Dinsmoro has one man under arrest
ou suspicion. The inquest will prob-
ally open here tomorrow afternoon,
Eagles got into your lies** on ^be
28th. " - . '■'
Thc officers of Michel loC-1*-    union
1 have  resigned.
Mrs. Eschwig and fain'*-/ left List
week for Nevada.
Government Agent Anust^ng, of
Cranbrook,   is in  the city,
Mrs. C_ II. Levers is her. ^11 a visit to her sister, Mrs. A. .1*. talker.
A. C." Nelson, of Criuibro-A . C1W'
down yesterday on goven<.jieJit >)«si'
ness.    . . '
id S
W. li. Koss, M. V, V.
Wallace arc away on a bii*',',ess tiii>
to eastern cities.
V. Hyde Dakcr and Hani; toanfl-ger"
Pinkhain, of Cranbrook, eal,K* in lUxl
night from the west. ■
Mr. Dave Kckcrsley, tin* _ popular
wine clerk at the Napanee," *s aWsiy
for a few week's rest.
John Hrown, superintend!. ••- of the
C. 1>. K. coal operations a<- llosiH**.,
was in town yesterday.
Thc Fernie Lumber Comply mill
is temporarily closed down -h. consequence ol a shortage of log****
The commissary store t>'-der, Un*
charge of the strike com*i','-tce will
be kept open for some day'*' yet.
Mr. Thos. Gill, of Leist^* En*j.,
arrived here last week to lAi* a position" with Trites-Wood C0> «*■ ^°al
R. Vi. Coulthardt, of the £*-\al Collr
pany stall,, left last SatiJf*-*ay' for
Winnipeg, where i.s soon to **•»* "'^r'
Mr. I'urritl, of the CoUc^la .^ill-
Works, was "in the eity *1-jt<-l'Mig -the
week. He never looks ''te li'ii-d-
times.   '   ' .,
Mr. Wm.'Mills took charj,'e of the
Waldoef Hotel on the : 171)1'*.%**svs-
Uegg and . Kuski retiring frwii the
management 011 that date.
returned    this
.Kagles sp_Md your wings and conic
flyingVoH' tlie -Sib.
Miss Laiiib is visiting friends in
Cranbrook ihis week.
.lolm     Galvin,    vice-president    of
District 18, js in-the city.
,T. Angus. McDonald, secretary of
District 18, j_ in the city.
W- II. Whimster went up to Jaffray by this morning's (rain.
Mr. and Mrs. D- Davies left this
morning for Nelson ami- Spokane.'"'   '
The executive cotiuuittce of District iS, U, M. W. of A-1 is is session
here to'hiy.
J, 1>. Myers Gray has been in
Cranbrook ■>, few days this week on
legal business.     :l
Leslie .Mills is in thc cily shaking
hands with old friends. He intends
sojourning with us for'a month " or
Treasurer Slobart and Sargcanl-
jtlujor liird, of tlie Salvation Army,
have returned from a visit to Victoria.     ' -      -
' ' ')
The Salvation Army have begun
preparations for the children's Christmas entertainment, wliicli will lie held
011 the evening of the 24th of December.
The nearer the end of iis existence,
the more accurate becomes the guessing as to when the government will
dissolve- the house and go to the people. * On the last day of the time
limit wc can all lie good guessers.
The Fernie Methodist church" -people
;ai-e considering the advisability of
inviting Principal Sepprell, of * Columbia College, to come lo Fernie to
I e present during the anniversary
service of Un**church.
The Ledger Night Cap appears one.
niore this week, and we hope to continue thc supplement, constantly in
future. Don't skip it, and if you have
anything that would be ut interest,
the Rid wn-.ild lie' glad to have it.
The weather i.s smiling iij'^u ■ Toni |    Mr.  Koss,  of     the     A.  Macdonald
Whelan's dog racing schcmtfi  and  the ; wholesale eompany,   was,in "town    a
Livingstone Range Deposits  are
Being  Explored. ,
In the city at the present time
there are two gentlemen who have invested several millions of dollars' .in
Canadian industries. One is Oi "" A.
Robertson, of St. Paul, and the other Y. Yi. Kenaston, of Minneapolis.
The former is president of the lied
Deer Lumber Co., which operates a
mill al Harrows, on the J.ed Deer
lake, and he occupies a ..similar position in connection with llie Klk Lumber Co., Fernie, IJ. C. Sir. Kenaston is president of the American
Ahe'I Threshing Machine Co., Toronto, and also of. the Minneapolis
Threshing Machine Co., both yl which
have large warehouses in Winnipeg.
These gentlemen have a mutual interest in Canadian coal, having taken
over ihe property of llie Tabor. Coal
-Mining Co., which is now known* as
the Canada West Coal ft, Coke. Co.
'^Ve are installing one of the finest
coal mine equipments that, I suppose, cau be found in either the United   Stales    or ■* Canada,"   said;'   Mr.
'* r
Robertson *lo  a  Free  Press representative al the.lloyal Alexandra Hotel
r . I*
last evening. "We shall have a steel
tipple, electric haulage, and every
modern appliance. We shall also furnish current to-the town of Tabor,
which comprises .,500 people, and is
still growing. The- coinpany have,
moreover, large holdings ill llie Livingstone rang''!, which have been acquired after iwo or three years' prospecting. We now have title to nearly
50,000 acres of eoal lands. Thc :on-
cern is, of course, in the stage of development. ■ Two.' hundred men arc
being employed on the Tabor mine.
I but we expect to employ, as soon as
the new  .vorks are put up, too.     He
Vote of  Confidence in Sliermnn
and Other Officers F'nsscd.
The members of C.lndstonc local
union of the Vulli'd Mine Workers ot
America met iu Miners' Hall last
Sunday afternoon, The hall was [nil
nud District President Sherman's telegram and tlmt of President Mitchell
nmiomuing that the agreement made
by llurke was recogui/.cd hy the lu-
trrnalioiml Vnioti, was read, aud llie
imn voted to 1%'ltini to work iu a
body, The company wan nuked t<.
supply a special train to convey them
to the mines on Monday, but as (his
was not ..iiiiiplicd wilh, the men went
up by foot in 11 liody to sign on,
Nol  all  nf tlum got on lhc  list,
crop of dogs, boys and si.'1*** wiU j,e
large  and. of  good quality".
Rev. II. L. Kcmptou i^ this week
at-Grand Forks assisting 'J* the dedication services of the opeii>llU" of the
new. liapiisl* church at that l-lace.
Scoltie Miln, the man w'l'^m Fitzgerald stabbed at. Frank -v .'car 0i*
two ago, was killed in souic kind ol
a row in Unite, Montana, it tew day*"
R. S..T. Alexander roliiri>e'l froin <i
vacation spent on tlie pi*a>r*e Monday morning, biit refused t-" give n
Ledger reporter an accural'-' count (A
birds brought down.
Tlle social evening, given hy Uie
Itaptisl young people ou Ti'^dny opening of Iasl week was Wol* attended
nnd everyone present repoi*^ a <4'iod
and profitable time.
1). II. Telford left for JJ'JsJ.'ut'Ooii
on thc C. l>. R, east lioiui*1 Monday
evening. Mr. Telford hu!* Si'1'"'1 . ■■
large portion of his time 'Ving Uic
past summer in our eiO,'i and v'c
hope to welcome him ha'*''** •" th1'
There will be si, special ejecting ol
I'ernie Aerie .Vo. 56J, Y, 0- K., «n
Wednesday evening, 28th |i*l*l. , Important business and e1c_ii''*i of officer-,. All iiiembers mi'1 visllinj.
brethren are earnestly requited to pc
Tlii.sa excellent Suiidu? dinUe''*-
which hnve been laid pToi'u ,t|ic
guiKis of thu Napanee ITo-*'** fiv**U.'
to 2 p. in., will licreiift.r *>e scric'd
from 5 to 7 p, in., und hii**-h will lii'
served from 1 to a in tlu* 'hiddlo, ol
the duy, This is a,welcu»n« cluvji(j<>
for the winter mouths, nml is nil evidence of the. wntehful eu.u Mr. Wlud*
an eserclNes for "the eoiii^'-l'l of liln
Tho nominations hnytf x\]l bve\\
made for ollinr-* of DiMjl**'* No-   i*1*.
•M. Phillipps, of Fruitlands, v.as in
town this   veik.,
C. A. Dow spent a few liours in
town Sunday.
John Phillipps was in town selling
fresh  milch cows.
, Jack McKec * was down from Ryan
visiting his patents.
■ Screw-augur snowplow woodshed.'-,
are not allowed in North Star Park,
. Dan McDermid and Fred Dalv/.el
were' oul prospecting on Pig Sand
C. Sinclair and son James brought
in a bunch of fat steers for the meat
C. C. Snowdon, of Winnipeg, was
in town pushing, a petroleum son,'-;
and dance.
W. A. Smith, of Gateway, IL C,
was in town offering beef cattle in
carload lots.
Sam Wilkinson and a parly of
sharp shooters left for the Wigwam,
river Tuesday.
{ Water kills more people than
whiskey, dull don't stop using water
on  that  account.
1 George Ingham, of Fernie, was here
on a visit to his parents al Sheep
Mountain  Sunday..
II. Byers, of Xclson, was in town
telling soinc hardware stories for the
,T.  IL Aslulown Co.
George Parker, iif the North Star
Co., bought some prize milch cows
from Tobacco Plains.
Four Horns, from Two Medicine
Creek, was in town selling buffalo
hides and gold lirieks.
The logging camps south of l'.lko
expect to have work for ninei thousand liicn this winter.
Miss Johnson is making gnat progress with the Christinas tree festivities ,lo be held in Kiko.
The  cowboys    ■ on    Tobacco  Plains'
piopose   holding   their   fall   round-up
dance in iilko this Christmas.
Gil yo' little sage hens ready.
Trot 'em out upon the floor;
Line up,   thar,  you curses,   steady,
Lively,   now,   one   couple  more;
Shorty,  .sh.d  'hai  old  sombrero,
• l'rtmco,   douse,   llial  cigarette;
Stop that singing, Cinnamon Tommy,
For the ladies now all se1.
The news of the Fernie strike lieing settled was received in Kiko wilh
great enthusiasm. The town • band
played ''For■ lliey ' are Jolly Good
Fellows; tlie Indians camped r.cai
town aud !i,i 1 -. pcllach dance; Hags
were living from every building in
Irwii; the *i*>i irler circle ill rec i-uy.*.
gave a wild west exhibition;* I'd.
Dilsj refcreed four dog lights, and
Contractor Snider bought bailed hay
fcr   tlie  dairy   slock.
Windsor Hotel in Ruins-
Three Deaths-Others
Badly Injured.
CanadVs national winter- game- is
now about due,""and ' from press reports the puck chasers will be busiei
this season thaii ever before in the
history of the popular pastime. As
far as we know there has been nothing of a definite nature arrived at
here in connection with the game for
the coming year. Hockey iu Feruie
has always been a popular game and
it is to be hoped those who are in-
ter.'.sted will soon gel together ° and
organi/.e. We would like to sec that
cup come here0 this winter. Other
clubs in the Crc;w:.s. Nest league have
already   organized.
day or tw0' during the week looking
after the,business of his big Jirui. He
reports a business of over $3,000,000
last ye.ir, nnd a decided increase to
date this vcar.'
The new Crow's Nest warehouse is
growing ''lowly, despite the very unfavorable weather. -Todd aud Wriglesworth stick to their guns and make
tlie mud tly whenever there isn't too
much watiT Hying about. There will
l.e some great changes in the Crow's
Nest business as soon as the much
needed room in tho new house i:-
liev. W. Lashley Hall, while in
Movie last week, had the pleasure ot
being shown'through the great .concentrator plant of the St-nlCitgeiie
mine, This is one of .the most perfectly equipped plants on the contio-
en11 and through the aid ot modern
improvements nearly 'j'J per cent, of
-the values of thc ore treated is saved. It wns a very interesting trip
for Mr. Hull, uud he came away very
lunch impi-esse'd with the magnitude
of the great mining enterprise.'
Issiicc of Worthless Cheques Al.owcd
Time lo Kscnpe.
Victoria, Nov. J9.—The decision has
been reached by Premier McBride lo
hold the provincial elections early iniin  safety
The Windsor Hotel at Uegina was
totally destroyed by fire early Monday  morning.
Three people are known to have per-!
islied iu the ilames, and two others
were badly injured and may yet die.
The two Musseter brothers and' Robert Johnson, were known to have
perished, and since il is learned lhat
a Mr. W. ...V. Uohinson, of Lakford,
Saskatchewan, was a guest at the
hotel, and has not since been seen.
Donald  Walker,   the bell  boy,    and   •
Mr.  McLeod,   the  proprietor,  did  her-
,c,ic work in alarming  the people ' in
the house as soon as they discovered ,
the fire,  or otherwise the loss  of  life
would have been awful.
:Vs il was, no one got out of the
hou-w with any clothing lo speak of,
and the servant, girls, "who were on
the upper lloor, escaped with only
their night clothing.
One. man, named Harry Jones,'
jumped from a third storey '.w'indow
to the pavement below, and is in a
^precarious condition.
Donald Walker, who had done such'
heroic work rousing ' the inmates,
jumped from a third storey window, ,
and is in so serious a condition that
little hope, of his recovery is entertained.
Tlie   Daily  .Standard,   from     which
•the  above      facts  are  gleaned,   gives
this account of how T,  W.  Wahurst,
the lasl man out, reached terra finiia.
live o'clock teas, now the pickJing aud.
saiirkraut season i.s on,
took over the'"mine'on Sept..-'..   ' C.
Dixon, who was for-many years con*
nccled  wi'Ji. the  Pittsburg Coal  Co.,
which  is    the  largest  in  the    ,vorld,       -lack   McLean   was   up  from   Fernie
and     thoroughly  11'p  lo dale,  is-the   looking for a site lo start up Vi mine
manager. "   l'roI*  n"d  tooilipick...factory. -.
"At present  there is-a great .••'.ar- J .Dig Foot Mike and Nowash    Dirty
city ot conl in Western Canada," Mr. |»^'k    passed     through Kiko on their
Robertson  proceeded.   "Our Oulpuv. is
January, as so-.'n afler the New Year
as possible. There will be no session
of the lcgisliiure before the, elections
Notice of dissolution may be ioo'-.ed
for' any day now. Tliis inforuiatior
comes from an aiilhorativc source.
and,will l.e officially, confirmed to.
niorrow, but at any rate before .Mam
days elapr.c unless some new am'
wh.dly unexpected incident arises to
luc-.ssiute  fuilher  delay.
•    ■ Z 0 ,    ,
T. W. Wahurst was the lasl out of
the building. He was alarming the
guests, and had reached the third
door, when the flames and smoke be-
•canic too much for him.. He plunged
into a room and there smashed a
window open. Oul of this he crawled
and shouted to thc firemen below.
Coals were -held that he might have
his fall broken, but as the man hung
lhy the hands from the window ledge,*
his  feet     touched   the electric    light
,.1-ut it is probable Hint ull will dono |lT. M. W, of A,   Only one .■%ilii'U|<'ii
in 11 very few days.
Al the Sunday nfti-nioon meeting 11
unanimous vole of coiilidcm. in Dl.s-
liii-L J'ri'sldeiil Slieriimii and the loenl ollicers was passed,"uud all how
to the will ol lug lur nuilionly nnd
gu (o wutiv dclctmined lo i...vke Uie
•iiiion stronger uiul more united than
Vhnt the late experience o[ the mein-
licrs of the union linn been nn education to (hem, mul that tiny lmve
throughout hK.'ntuliic.l an orderly altitude under viry trying loiidliioiw,
ptoi'ts them to he melt desirous to
dn rij'hl, aid cxpeettng the support
to whicli ro evident a, spirit of   fulr-
11'.,'i.S   I'lltitll'M    tllllJI.
The 1-nltril Mini WorUcm of Am-r-
ic:i Iiiim- Mot. llum fl great «,.-,,k,
the nolldifying ot the Inlior interests
(tigngi'd in 'he coal mining iudnii-*v,
. nnd sacrifices I avc t.c**n mad-.*, and
iwM *<vw-ha. t<i lw made, in r.rUr
tn brfnp .iMirf n p^rfi-ct nrj--in!j-.ilioi!
«,jiiili can i»« tiM-il t<> it* fiilWsl
measure i.f strength (or the protec
tion cf th. ii4;ht*. ol it* im-mb-M,
for president wns mnde, i|iill o[ l*iv*<
.cl* nt I'm 11k Slii'i'iiimi for Vcli'i'tlf-ii
for n third term.   The. elt*t"MoiiH t»l«'
plnce mi  the lirst Monday *n Di'i'eiii-
ber.       Our   fellow liiwiiHf"<tiii 'J'luiU.
itiggs,   now   su'ietury of -lie   *-»Uifl-
Hlniie liiiitii, is one ol liu; Mii.ti-I.ui.>*
for viee-presideiit, uud t)u''y nre tiv'o
or more liindiilatis foi luc'*'-   of   tl|t-
ollices to be filled,
*« , „ .    *
»'(m.s\.   »\U0,   .ty.-to   in  >"-o.-,    Mi*'* '
at the hospital last Tliu^'liiy Iro"1*
the I'fleels of blood pol,S(,l'-iig, i\fl«r
1111 illnmi of six weeks, '(K hiA \\11A
beiii woiking nt lhe iniiii'''' "l"' r';"
^.-ivi.d Injurfe. fr.itu whUli -il".nf po's'"
oniug resulted, lio wim l'*trii*il fri>i»
Miiur*-' t'uioii Hull last f^nd-iy nt 3
p. in., Hev. K. Skeldinii ^Vilklitsiii',
of Christ Clmuli, coiidin-t*«n« ill" fi,n'
tr.il iwrviti.*. Scott ni\A Uos* |ii>d
cl«j.h:c ftI ''"' ■■•••■•••• mr^Jtitteim-iiti.
A little ciiiii'.iiir.*.e of miners ri'id
ftinids mi-re in nltciidaiu'* to pay 11
tust tribttte of respeit i,» Mu- nwm*
'ory of llu- ynottti man.
Tlie folly of concealing frauds from
the policu jn die hope of securing sel-
Uiiiunt fi-oni the olHeiider, has received another illustration iu Nelson, An
issuer of worthless cheques was given
48 hours in which to inula* his escupe
before information wns given to the
luitliorllit-N, Iiud a complaint been
mnde promptly the criminal could
easily luvu been ruptured,
Henry I„ Hartford, alius Ilariy L.
I'liliiier, Was sent to the provincial
guol Hevi'i'ul nioiiths n^o from I'.ast
Kooleiiuy [or ohtnltilng money under
fulne pretenses, .       .
After serving his term lu- remained
iu Nelson, On November 1. he issued
two I'lic-pics for simill iimouuls uud
Iiud thi'in ensiled hy,tlie proprietor of
Uni Lnl-i'vjcw Hold, The latter
luu rued on ihe ijlli (lint llit'ie were
no funds jn (he bank, nud tlmt    the
not large. We are producing-from ;vo
to -1oo tons a day,- l.ut the output
is increasing every day,' and we expect by this time next year lo lw
producing _,or.o tons per day ct
least. During the scarcity, wc ne
endeavoring to divide the coal rp
among the different towns, i-oin
which*we teceive orders, so that we
may ke.-p them all partially supplied.
Il is impossible, however, for t.s I*
come anywhere near meeting the demand.
Our ni'.ms'.U'.ns in the Livingstone
mountains aro c. king coiil, whilst the
mineral in ltiu Ti.l.nr mine is one of
the finest domestic coals to be found
011 the continent, We iuli'iul lo develop the former iu the uenr future.
II cannot bu done nt once, because
some railroad building is imperative,
and this we are mulling plans to 1111-
dtrliike. This coking coul wlll find a
ready ■iniirkcl at the smellers in Hi it-
ish Columbia and llie western states
of America. The Tabor mineral is n
good steam coul,"
The interviewer inquired il the visiter would say anything rchitu'e to
the labor dispute,
"I would not like to hu quoted as
saying anything," he niiswi-red, "We
have had Uo trouble ourselves. When
we took over lhe mine, we found no
Nftihd,scale of wages, uml since then
we have been nble lo iiitiUI|*c a scale
which is very satisfactory to the men
uud to ourselves, So we anticipate
110 trouble."
Asked  if lie saw nny prospect    of
Wisliiu Camilla supplyi«|- Itself with
its own     coal,  Mr.   UohiTlsoii  snld:
"There   is    no  reason  why    Alberta
■ Imnl.I   mil    fun.Mi    Wi"'1.'t'il   ('nividn
111 niiii*.  ne  liu.1   *vie  u-nuness. 1  .    ,   ,   , ,     ,
,',,,,        , ,     ,   , ,.     Winn pi'i'  included.   To  do Ilii'i, how-
1 iili.iIu.1,1 Ulr,    iiif,li.til  *.'  iiii'in'-i' A .    .
, ,       .      ,      .      .        ,,      . ever, ilu iv tnusi  be 11 siilistiinlnil re
iilely 11 purling t«i the polite, he m-
d.*nv<*r.*d     lo find     |,i*; man him'-iU.
Late Saturday nlghl he Inloimed the
police,   An ollicef at niir.   tiivesligiil-
ci'i a ml Ji.iiiiiJ     lhat IMlmtr had UU
fnr S]iiik(ine SiiUll'diiy morning. Il Is
uuliki-lv ilmt In* will he brought luiel:
us the cimt of t'Xlrudltioii Would    bi*
The patiy nfi-rii-d to in the abuve
dispatch from the Kelson Canadian Is
llie gi'iitlt'iiiriii who passed a worth-
hss ilitqiu* mi one ol our business
mm hss thnn a >f,ir ago, nml for
whiih he Iiml just completed a term
in prisnit ulieii he again turn. to hi*
iiid iriils. It l.-i to be regretted that
he was avowed to escape, «s lie Is,
t> nil ■iPi'.r.irniifi-N, not wnrlliv of tin1
Imm coil'id.ration or knit-my.
diii'tIon in  freight  rules."
Mism's-  Itobirisou uud Kdiiiston return   lioimv/nrd   toil.iy,   hnvlll|-    eiiliie
,        M".      --                .      1 .,   I„     , .
''    '- ' **'--.    f,       -
Uistrici l-residi-iii Slierinan nnd I11-
tcriiiilioii-il Hoard Mi-mhiT I'liltersoii
ti'.uhrd hoi...' li..'.ii Mniiir.ii'nL* mi
vest ei day's delnynl Clri'iit Nortluru
ir.iin. 'Jh-v wen* delnviil **; hours
in reaching Minneapolis, nnd evper*
liiuid .iiii'llur li.ng delay upon their
return  trip,
Mr. Slieriii.iii will leave ihis (.■veiling for l,elhbriit|:.', v. here lie hopes to
bring about a vttluiirnl of the
long stiti-'*-l<* ul tluil pliire, 1.0 that
tlle people (Mil  h.ile vo.il,
way to J''ernic to pull coke.
I'\ 1). Hawthorne was down froin
Nelson selling seven-year-old stock lor
the  Hero Heforc Christmas  C0.1
Mrs, John Moll and Miss Katie
were down to Feinie visiting Mrs ,c^c\e*
Wallace, of the Hotel'De la Ke.rjiie.
Miss May lioo arrived in Kiko and
will handle the dressgoods and Indian
curios for the  Koosville Cash *8loiv.
Frank Church arrived iu Kiko from
south fork, ]-:i,k Hiver, with pack 0111-
lit loaded with mountain sheep and
Ceo. II, Scott, Koosville, 1!, C,
via Kiko, the home of the big red
apple, spent .several days in town
this week,
John Shiickleton wenl, down 10
Crab Apple Coulee north of Gateway,
for a short visit with Tom Hulchins
Monday night,
There nre 360 people in Kiko rending
every issue of the .'t't'iiiu Ledger and
only' four subscribers. Hut its a good
thing 10 do if you can't buy it, borrow it; rend it anyway.
Cnnt Hook Sam, of Owen Sound,
and Johnny H-iplislc, of St. lloiiifuce,
were giving exhibitions of physical
culture nud clothesline I'lilicwnlks ul
the Columbia shown' biith.*'.
According to ihe oldest inhabitant,
llie kciuUful summer will: not la:.l
much longer. Hven the ik.lives from
the Indian reserve ure buying (.er-
itiii 11 socks und shedding their stiaw
The IfolTmiiii House is putting inn
large furn.iee, gus works, also > lml
itnd cold water fur tin- loiiveiiiiiice <n
the tourists nud pilgiims, local 01
otherwise. The llolliniin House is
liendqualli'i's for eagles, red birds nud
Slick Fr.iMf, with 11 smile like stiiiuy,
June, wns in town from Cri'iibn.ol:
in lii;- interests of A. C. Howiics*.
ihis wcl:, Mr. >l'i-<iM<r lived in Klkn
dicing the ('.rent Norllieru (oiislrue-
lioii, 1.ml lu-vir loses uu uppoiiuuilv
In I ii'-.sl I.r tU'.s iv.rthly pnr.uli'-i.
!     I M,, t.1 11    -. . .
•--      '.'•-,,    '.     .,..      s ..«    .....    .,
ililetliiiinii scmmI ^.'litli'liieii lii. ml'.
In linker's nkbrnttil saiiikr.iul and
l.imberger chei.se, warranted f*>ur
thousand light huinlnd uud uiuely-
sevui years old, if the dale nu lhe
lend i-fillin il w.i\ cmli.ilm.'1 in {•
unyihiiig to go by.
'tin' Ivl W I Intel i*» making fxtrn-.ivc
ImprovitiHiits in the billiard room
nnii (itlice, nnd a large sialT of t.it-
p<nt<rs nre fixing ni» the *rri*iit dmirs
ami windows to ilnck (lie hot soulh
wiiuK lr«mi Koo-.villc nnd Tolsuio
I'laliis withering the hoimc plum*.
ntid tlii* bartender 1 pin-mlilly rmii*
|.li-xiitti. ^ A
Iui!!ii:i.i*ir lis,   Ind.,   Xov.   19.—Non
ii...lioiis  have  closed  for  the eleelioi.
e.f ollicers by  thc United Mine Workers  of America.   John  Mitchell,    for
president; ,T.  L-  Lewis tor, vice-prcsi
dent, and W. 15. Wilson for secretary,
treasurei;, have no opposition. "
All Kagles liy lo the Aerie   on tlu*
.Sib inst."
The Ledger will hereafter go to
press, on Thursday instead of on Wed-
nesday,  as ju  the  past.
This  is  rendered   necessary   on    nr
count  of  job  work,   which  se-ems    of
late'to hnve a habit of coining nlon,"
nt  thcbegiutiiiiif of ihe week. „
1    CO  HACK  TO  WOUK.
Lnsl Saturday night, between Cleveland tweive aiclock, Secretary liiffis.
of the loenl union received 11 message
from District I'r.esideul Shermuii
staling that the settlement arranged
by Mr.' Iturke wodld be reeogni/.ed by
the Iiileruniloiinl t'uioii, aiid instruct
ing him lo nrraiige' for lhe men to
return to work,
Ou Sund.iv  Jlr.   Ilussey received    1. .lows
limes lielow. Fireiiinn ltyaii crawleil
up the post from which the- wires
went inlo the building, and called,to
the man' to crawl across lo safety
ion the post. Mr. Wahurst lay flat-
on the. wires and crawled across the
width of the sidewalk, until lie was
within reach ol the fireman. Kyan ,
caught him and landed him safely on
the post, and they both descended to
'the ground,
Unfortunately au accident lo one
of the pumps at the power house
caused the waler to give out, nnd
where the firemen had at first been
able lo throw a stream to the roof
of the building, they were unable to
reach higher than the second floor
'.when  they needed the pressure.
When it was seen tlmt the pump.,
were not to render much assistance,
alio big steamer was brought out and
placed at the police station tank to
pump. Hose wns laid, but owning to
llhi'it in the tower of lhe hall not be-
|ing in just the best shape, the stream
from the steamer was for some thins
weak. Later, however, a good pressure was developed, but lhe main
portions of the building hnd already
been burned and the playing of fur-
It her water seemed but 11 waste.
McLeod estimates  the loss   us    fol-
wii'c  Irom
the above.
John  Mitchell    eoiilirmiug
KINO KlsWAKH-1';. I'* Davis, Mnry.
ville; A. .'loiild, S. li. .lonetI W. K
Campbell, Cr-.lil.rook; Miss I.lllie
Harrison. Kiko: Veii/cl Sulu, l-'i'imk
C. C, ticker, W. J- Nixon, llosmer.
C. Dow, Warilner; 1*. Lane, Calgary,
P, Casiy, Moyie; A. A, W-.nd, Marys
ville; .lohn Wiih, Hos er; M. Juveiio,
II. sniei: Al. I!t:i'..li, Lewisloii; ,1. M
Aiiih-r.'.iu, A. .Inhu'.oii, W, Steven
Spnrwood; Win .•'■iwliT, lb inner; A
Sampson, Miihel; T. Hope, l'.ll*
im.iiili: A. U..r!.iii*. H* Il.illiwoy.
Iloi.mi'i': W- l.ih--. W. IliiMiii(.'s, T
Wining, t'i-..wh Ne--i; A, C, V.111.
j.niiib 11;  Ol.idvi.  Miiiih y,   I'eill   King,
,li.llll    \ nil    Sewl-l",    Frill.*!-   Willlield,
I'liiudi-  Co.:    Mr.  nnd   Mrs.   Y.    Ne-
Ol-igor,    \irdiie;   II.   A,   11 rooks,   Siis-
1..11* ....      *.',•' 1        »''1 -      ''
;','        J,  i' ■'  ", .    V   V   l-'.'b '    Ho
mu,   i'.iii    M. N'.iu,   l'l.in!,,   Th-.-s- W.il
!,,-!*,   I'f'ill r "V-   II        Ai.il.-i-oH,   Wed
Dr •■;       .!.   Itiiiu-i v,      «"' o.   I)in;;-..ill-
)* iiiibi'il. v,
\A)'A.';i*;iv Ji.,, Stephen*.. Mor*
lis'- v; W Ti ,. 'ih, llo'iiii.-i. 0-Ilodg-
l-.i--, .' ,;;*i..\; A, M. !'.■'.oi, JalTray,
11s. li.iii,.*., Ci.uiboul., -J, U.uvi'ctt,
Co.il   C,\eA:      A    A.   .I.ilm'.oii,   John,
,-.i.,*i-, :'. ',).. ('.. :.. ;'„:..1., m. .. ti.i.m,
O.  S.   M.nii.1,1,     \V.   A.  Ct..i!ur,    .1
I'r.iiil'.nl.   li.   ov.eaii.      .1.   ilmt.    A.
W.ile.im.it 1.   C. 11.  MiJ*.,i,  ;'*.   Miliar,
Ad.l; Mil...!, !■:.  I'i.id   ll.iiiy Doe. (V
O.1H..II..V.   Mill- It. 1  I'm r.   M.  C1-
liii..      Flunk:   It.   IJ.    Hnnii,   Lund-
l.n.k;   Ji.bn   I'lin,;!.'   and   niir.   Miss
I'e.nl W.ll', I,   H.igt'-. ff   ll.iit.m, If
l-ringli,   l'iiiij'1.-  Co ;   A    I)   Mi nun-
.llll.    Mo! 1 IS •.
 ? 85,000
I'liinishings,    e
     3,S ,000
, i**5,ooo
Less   Iiisiirain
Net   Loss.,.,
The iiistiriiuce
is ilislributwl an fol-
Caledonia...,,.  ,
•1*1         ••
,        I.OI
Law   I'nioii  an
1     CluWII     lO,(KM»
' 1
.- »^J..
F. S. IlllsseV, slipirllltrlldiot n[
I r.ivilii'iiil police for ill.* last sivteen
vi'.ifs, mid wim has bei'ii in Fernie
dining the strike, returned t.i Vic*
(..tin Tnisd.iv illuming via the C, 1',
1". Mr. Iliissev is a most roiis.rvn*
live and taeiful geiilli-mnii, and has
made m.iiiy warm personal friends in
oiir eily who will always be interest-
nl ill llli W'll.He, IU* l.iis M1..WI1 lnt
lilln-ss (nr lile I espoiisihlc . position he
holds by his ability to" gain the ion-
Iiii.tu»■ of alli'pariii-s in 1111 iillnir into which miuli feeling must mtiui.illv
1 liter. That smli a man would .nl
pniiiijiiK and with di'ii-doii, if i-.e»*>-
■.itv required, iniinnt be doubted, but
tb.il all Ins in.his weie in lii. itn*.-
lion of paiilicilioii marks him ns 11
nun of llu- liiglur older «.( ut.ilitv
u-hlili Miki.r.illier In prevent than to
Mippli-Hs distuibanie:., lie spoil) ill
llie highisl litins nf praise ol tin*
mim is whom In* -iiilicMtn.mjjIy nt-
fiMinil In I'i' the most law abiding
s.( .J Mlil.i*. h.- b..d imi svt-11. -THE FERME LEDGER, FERNIE,B.C.  NOVEMBERS, 1906
■* ***.*W*iVt.*'**r*.
Issued every1' Thursday from tlie office cf publication, 'I odd Block,
Victoria   Ave.,   Kernie,   British   Co-
*   luminal
D.   V.   MOTT -,       - Editor
G.  G. MEIKLE   -*    - Mauager
The widespread effect of the com
plications existing al Fc*niic between
the'Crow's Xest Coal Company and
its operatives is perhaps the only excuse an outsider can have for attempting a discussion of the situation. The varying and contradictory
reports which have been given publicity but lend additional di ilieni ly lo a
proper discussion of the* affair. It be-*
gins to appear, however, lhat the issue between lhe' warring parties has
resolved its.'lf into a^question of the
closed shop and nothing more, and
that while the miners are determined
to force-the closed shop on the companv, the company'in turn is resolved  to forestall   that result.
While tliere 111 ay be important considerations involved in an issue of
this sort that arc fully understood by
thc contending parties, it is dillicull*
for an outsider to appreciate the
gravity of such an issue or the necessity for , its being carried to the-
length of stopping thc mining and
smelting industries 'of llie whole
province as well* as inflicting untold
inconvenience and' hardship on an entirely innocent   public.
The fuel famine which has ceased
to threaten and which has become a
realitv, is causing incalculable loss
to' many private individuals as well
as lo mining companies and other industries dependent upon a. full and
icgular supply of fuel for. their prosecution. Thus,,1116 evils of monopoly,
and thc uncertainty of human passions have combined lo throw the
whole counirv into a slate of suspense  and  privation.
The situation i.s the strongest   possible argument  in  favor of  the enactment   of      a   compulsory   arbitration
Jaw,   if  not,* indeed,  the  public  operation of coal      mining industries    by
means of which  the needs of  the people   -and- demands ' of      the industries
Jii-iy  be  supplied.   Thc willingness  of
the> coal company to arbitrate on one
question, and of the union bosses upon  another,  while  they  fail   lo- agree
"upon "lire-inTlTcT-"wiricir^ii'irilH)e"irn""i~
trated.  shows   that  neither  parly    i.s
sincere";     and lhat. a-merely factional
fight is well  pleasing  to both    sides.
It   i.s  to   be  a   test  of  strength   . between organized capital on one    side
and organized labor     on  lhe    other,
with no doubt at all as to which will
win  in . lhe' end.   The  operations    of
the C. X. 1'. Coal Company have been
carried     on  from  lhe  first    with    a
■ .shrewd eye lo 'maintaining   command
of the whole situation, and .whatever
the     rights r,[ labor, may be in  the
question, it is as useless for the'miners to hope to will as it ,bas   been in
every other     case where     conditions
have been lhe .same.      The   company,
can evict them, and   be   well within
its rights under     the  lnw,  whatever
may he the moral aspects of-the case.
Kvcii in the present day, when labor
locks  horns  with   unlimited    capital
und dogged persistence, there is little
chance for    any gain by the   toiling
On thc other hand, the evidences
show all loo plainly that the men
are not themselves ;i unit in ihcir
opinions, and nothing more quickly
alienates the sympathy oi the public
than the spectacle of a union or aggregation oi men tit war among themselves. It shows thai there i.s something rotten fn the stnte of Uen-
tnark, and the outraged feelings of
the public will unfortunately be turned ngailist those who most need sympathy from thai quarter.
It might not be unwise for the next
session of the legislative assembly to
puss such legislation as would enable
the government to break such dead
locks either by compulsory arbitration, as In New /.eulnnd, or by the
opening of such collieries under,gov.
iTiiiiietit control us would nfiord ic*
liel to people aiid industries when
men lose llieir heads and come to a
war ol wages or of hours, or what
is lc-cU of nil impoiiatit, closed
The Daily Canndiaii, from vhieli
the above is taken, should rend the
Ledger more rnrefully.
Hud it done so in the past, It
would now lm in n mmb bei ler position to discuss the lomplimtcd   con-
Ollll.ll     IIH*.      p.ll.lli.llg     IHU,        llllll'     1,1
ll/i 1UI1I   Ik.l   l"'.   It.A   '--."'i   :-.,.i;   lln*
Cali.idirin states, (he dosed shop.
Wither is llure anv it-.ul.t in the
minds of (he union men that tln-i'iuii-
puuy, win 11 its rept'i-seiilativi's signed
iJie tigreimeiil prnciu.i'i'iy mini nun
lhat principle, when, as lhe union
repns.niaUviK, maintain, .".Ir, I.itid-
txuy drew up that ihickolT ilanse iu
nciorduitec to (he wishes thai a ilanse
binding e-uh man who signed It, for
the life i.f lhe ugritm.iii, .On', in.n'.i
him personally responsible with the
union, (t« a body, tm' it*< minnti-iuiim*.
Ibis being the case, tin* mui had no
nlhtr rt-four•■>».■ (lull to r.f"M* t<> u...it.
whtn llie in.in.ig.-intnl took tin- sl.iiul
llml llie ehiu.e drawn up hv it did
not do what tbe men Imd Uin pr.mi-
fsiil It would iln, and nilttwid imn to
w-iihilr.iw their nnim-s.
The  m.oug.iiunt   tifu*,ul   in  .illt.w
tltis 1 oint to go t>> a l^.w.t <>t ..tin
tralion,   only  consenting  to  have     a
judge eLcide whether the clause as it
! strod Vour.d a man     who had signed
il for the life of tlie agreement.
Had the Canadian looked a little
cks.r into the controversy, it would
have discovered that the above is a
correct slaUnuni  of  the case.
Th. Canadian is only repeating
what the Ledger has said before when
it stales that the situation only actuates the d.-mand for some kind
<.f compulsory arbitration-, but while
parties to these disputes show such
a- decided repugnance to entering into
vrlunlary arbitration, how is compulsory arbitration to be brought
about? ,
As the Ledger has staled before, the,
road to compulsory arbitration leads
through the admission of.the principle of unionism to the fullest extent, and that the present - struggle
is being waged to annihilate, tliat
principle as far as possible as ap?
plied to one side and lo strengthen
it, the "closed shop principle, and perpetuate it as far and as completely
as possible, by the same party as to
iis side, does not indicate that at
least one side of thc dispute is nudy
to accept compulsory  arbitration  np-
slatioa for every parcel that'comes to
Here'is a chance for the Board of
Trade to make itself useful.—Lethbridge Herald.
When there is enough, business in
Lethbridge village to justify some
fellow to put on an express wagon,
the fellow .will he found who is willing to' do it.. Small villages always
have  that  kind  of  trouble.
on a fair basis,
, »——p- ,   —.—
The public will soon be warranted
in demanding that,, the government
,;al.c over the operation of our ceiil
Coal was not given to this country
by the Creator for llie purpose of
causing rows between mine owners
and iheir employees. Coal was intended for use of the people, and if
they don't gel it,  there'll be trouble.
Socialism will gain strength if a
great natural resource • like coal at
our people's very doors is kept from
the people this winter.—Lcthbridge
The  discovery  that  President  Cock-
burn      netted    a    personal'   profit  of
S-1,239-50     through     purchasing     two
blocks of     Ontario Bank shares,  and
reselling the stock to lhe bank,    was
the somewhat  startling  disclosure  of
the ■ proce.dings  in   the  enquiry ' into
the   charges   against   Manager McGill.
lion.  A.  B. -Murine was the central
figure  of   the    day,   coming   for     tbe
,;',rsL lima into prominence in the role
nf inquisitor.   As, an associate of Mr.
Iticknell    in  the process of exami-iing
'.he books,   and  preparing  the  special
.xhibiiij,  Mr.  Morine     had heretofore
remained  in'the background.   But   it
-.vas different for the space of 20 min-
'ilcs -or   thereabouts   yesterday. Arm-
.d with  some significant facts glean-
:el from the bank's head ollice ledger,'
1\is   incisive,   clear-cut   interrogations
wrought     speedy    confirmation      and
more besides.
In November of 1900, and again in
May of the following year, the Ontario Bank issued, a new allotment of
stock in thc ratio of one share of new
to three of thc old. President Cock-
burn bought, of these shares, so talso
did Director A. S- Irving. Mr. Cock-
ii.iini7.s total pin-chases werc__7S.
This is about as socialistic
socialist could desire. The
will have Mr. Tuttle, of the
and Maine, after it.
as the
Host in
Victoria, ].. C, Nov. i_.-Chicf
Commissioner' Green's refusal to sell
Babine Lake lands' to the Dominion
government is accepted as a reversal
eif the policy when Kaien Island was
sold to Anderson, Bodwcll &■ Co.
The Commissioner says he has uo
power under the land act to sell larg-^
or blocks „than 160 acres to any one
person. Local politicians claim,that
their contention in tlie house lasl session that thc Kaien Island sale was
illegal and the land must revert to
.he province,- is confirmed by .the
Commissioner's answer to the Dominion, and serious complications at
Prince Rupert is anticipated.
From the above il would seem lhat
■ he Commissioner 'of Lauds and
Works is as ■ unsuccessful in getting
letter terms from the Dominion as is-
Premier IdcBride. To get, good terms
t seems best to deal through private
iartie-s  or  railioad  companies'. ■''- * No
I      DJst.No. 18      ♦
♦ ▼
^ Headquarters      Blairmore, Alta. ♦
£ F.H. Sherman, Pres.       Fernie ^
£ J. A. McDcnald, Sec.   Blainnore* ♦
♦ ■■-.' -   ,. *
^   Gladstone Local-Union No.2314   ♦
4)   Thos. Biggs,   Sec, Fernie, B. C.   ♦
♦ • ♦
♦ "*
4> Michel Local Union No. 2.\Vb ♦
4/   A.   "W.     II.     McLeod,      Sec*   4}
♦ ' Michel,   B.   C. ,♦
♦ '"- ♦
♦ ■ . ' ♦
■£   Coleman Local Union No. •"■C^,",   $
4   Chas.   Brooks,   Sec,   Coleinan,   ♦
+ Alia.' ♦
4/ ♦
♦ ♦
4/ Frank Local' Union No. T263 ♦
4>   David Slcnc, Sec, Frank, Alia.   ♦.
♦ ' . ♦
♦ ♦
4   Lille    i local    Union    No. -1233   4
♦ Dan   McNeil, Sec, Lille,   Alia.., *
♦ '♦
♦ ♦
4} Bellevue Local Union No. 431 ♦
4} John Clark, Sec, Bellevue,. ♦
s>                        Alta.                       ■ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
+ Hillcrest Local Union N0.105S ♦
4/ Jas. TuriibiiU, Sec, Hillcrest, <*>
4)                        Alta. ♦
♦ ♦
♦ 4 ♦
4} Lundbreck Local Union No. ♦
4} 2275. A- i"I. Bryan, Sec, Lunil- ♦
4)                   breck, Alta. - ♦
4 ♦
♦ ' ♦'
*y Lethbridge Local Union No.574 ♦
4) S. A. B. Crabb, Sec, I.elli- ♦
4/ bridge, Alia. ♦
XiiP. tCKSTEI S' J. t1. MYEltS 0 It Af
Eckstein & Gray
BAKRisixr.s at Law, '  SouciTons,  Etc.
ltooms 1 & 3, Henderson block. Fernie,. D. C.
F, G, Latoe
Cfow's    Nest    Tradi_g    Co.-    Block,
' Fernie, B. C.
\V, It. Ross, K. 0. J. S. T. A1.KXAKiT.11
Ross & Alexander
OUIcc Jn I.. T. \V. Uloclt, Victoria Avenue.
J. Barber-, l.d.s°., d.d.s.,
L T. \V    Blocl*:,   opposite the   Bank
Olliee hour.—8 ii,m. to 8 p.m.
W. J. Wriglesworth, D. D. S.
Orrici- lloi:*t_.        f- Wlo 32 11.111. 1 to iip.'m
fi.30 to 8 ti.ni.
Ofiice iii Alux. J- «k's liioek
over Slim, is Uuliory.
WSKNJI5, -        - -   ' - B* °
Jfernie, 3B. C.
Davi-y & Laokroutk
• A GOOD WAY. ,;
lo pleas*, careful' houseko.pers is to
give honi-st weight. . Oh, we don't
Say .that all Jmtcliers d-,n't do'this
but wc cannot . h.-lp o'ecassioiially
oyerli.'nrlnj our lady, friends when
th.'y get  to telling  their experiences.-
to please is lo sujiply only the best
incut. Il" you.trade with us you will
learn just, what wc mean by these
two "ways". QUALITY and QUANTITY will be a little more than, you
Calgary Cattle Co
10 ^r
Office:   L.T.W. Block
Fkunie British Columbia
Crow's Nesl
Electric Supply Store
AH  kinds   of   Elecirica.
Goods kept in stock.
All  work
John Turner,
hares, which,  at lao,  the issue price,
-■eprespnlcd   $33,(100.      -Uut,   so     Mr.
,an;;lon  testified,  no  cash  was  paid,
.icithcr was tliere any security given.
nste.id, the de:il was conveniently en-
in:er.*d  through halving  a call    loan
mt through the Younge, street branch
■f the bank.   Nor was the    president
-.llled upon to pay any interest;  thc
ividends on  the stock,  it   ,was    ar-
•anged, should cover that item.
?.Ir.   Cockburii  retained     his    hold-
ngs  till  11)0,1,.   Meanwhile  tliey    had
'pprecinlcd   in   value.   In   March     of
hat year he unloaded,  not    011    the
ublie,  but  on*     the    institution    ot
,hicli he was the head,  getting  X^i,%
ir half his stock and a point higher
fir the other block,   lie received $37,-
Mr. Lmigtoii assented lo the sug-
(Sticn or Mr. Mf'irine that the presi-
'eni "ran no risk whatever," as the
Ulcers' guarantee Innd would have^
'ie said, made up any loss through
li'preci.'ilion in the stock, The mag-
■ilrate professed himself unable to
ee the situation in this light.
Among the other incidents, of the
lay's enquiry was the statement of
Mr. Lnngton lhat the head ollice of
tie bank had never been inspected
vhile' he wns wilh the bank, nnd thnt
lie report of the annual meeting of
Mny, K)(',i, setting forth that there
had been inspection, wns, therefore,
.ilse. This was nlso elicited by Mr,
'.loriiie, who nlso laid pnrliculnr
dress upon the ileitis of Si.i,1,ono and
',**o;(.*oo that appeared in the stnte*.
'.lent niceu to the directors by Mr.
McGill ns represeliilii(< sound seenrit-
I s, whereas, he iluiined, the former
■Uood for n speculative nceount, nnd
he latter for 11 Sjo.noo debt to Den*
iy .*i Co., the New York brokers
The,  production  of  11  cipher    hips-
.ijiu fif>in  MlI'iHI  io Cityler, Morgan
\-  Cn.,  which Lnngton Iuul refused to
*Ign, wns uu inleresiing (enUire.
Mr. Cm ley Iiiin reserved the right to>
.■■ll Mr, l,uii|*loii, who will probably
attain I e 011 the stand. Chas,
![<>1I,iiul, i.ciiel.il 111,111,if-er before Mr.
.MiCtill, will also be asked to give
There was so.ue ihliiy in adjourn-
ii»    owing to     the readjustment   ol
I      ', T, , , t      ,1       1 1. f«
 * IS"' »  V.
Dominion jiarly need-, apply. Will
■somebody bring about, an 'entente
cor.'lialc between the Dominion gov-
.rniuetil and those people who so
iuccessfully landed that deal for a
townsite ou Kaien Island, so that
the Dominion can get a little land
ip that way?
♦ ' ♦
4> Tabor .Local Union No. 102 4>
4} John, Bishop, .Sec.', Tabor, ♦
4*    -■ Alia. ♦
♦ ♦
4} TaJior I,ocal- Union No. 1959 ♦
«> Jas. ' I'roberl, Sec, Tabor, ♦
4} Alia. .♦;
♦ ' J.,° '., _. l,.o_*
4>~ CanntorcALoeal-Union-No—J-3*>7— ♦-
♦ II. Asson, .Sec, Canmore, Alia.   •$
♦ ♦
♦ A *♦
4/ Bankhead Local Union No. 19 4
4> John Iliggins, Sec, BauUbead ♦
4) Alta.   '                       ♦•
4 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<'♦ ^
M. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
Plans, Specifications and Estimates  furnished  on application.
Pleniy   of  GOOD   DRY   LUMBER ON-HAND.
.     R. A. KERR,
Architect     and Superintendent
Office at Residence,
Is rt pleasant home
for the traveler.
\ avl.in  'hniild
• uictv b.r ff.-'.on,
-lohn Met'.ill S/t.-voo, and .1. W. T.
Kiiirweitlier S7.5r.fi nu both charges
in e.icli ease. The ciupilry resumes (it
it  a,  111.  today,
The Mt, L'Oie,l<m nniitiuiicl in the
above is well kin.wn in I'ernie, having le.n lure In lonmclion wilh the
i,iidiliiig d.paruu-nt of lhe Crow's
N't Ml Crial Co,, und is n very nn-oin-
1 IMii-il   i<c.iiirifout.
I,i*tlil lidj.e is. a liljr rni.ugh j.lacf*
t . luv, a vvagtiii for enprvsi delivery
pin pi se.s.
Hi- »Apr.ss i-i.inp.inv should be \e-
nti -ii d in pm one on llie ■.tr*Ti«i
It i*. .1 . i.ivoic- for nu-rt'li iiit't and
.>:b<l<   t>. 11- ...tup,Ili.l fir j;.»    lo   Ilr
Ileal ih Restored by* thc Rich    Blood
Dr. Williams' l'ink I'ills Actually
Thousands and thousands of young
,irls throughout Canada are literally
passing into hopeless decline for the
want of the new, rich red blood so
ibuudii'itly supplied by Dr. Williams'
l'ink I'ills. They arc distressingly
.vcak, pale or sallow, appetite fickle,
•ubjecl to headaches,' dizziness; are
breathless nnd the heart palpitates
,'ioleutlv i'i the least exertion, The,
doctors call thi." anaemia—-which is
the medical name for bloodnessness,
Ur, Williams* l'ink I'ills actually
make new blood—they cure anaemia
inst n« surely us food cures hunger,
Here is a I,*it of the strongest kind
ol evidence: "Dr. Williams' l'ink
I'ills, uud nothing else, saved my
two dniightcrs when doctors had tail-
,d lo help thein," This slati'inent is
made by Mrs, Joseph Muriel, St.
Oliver ritreet, Quebec, She adds:
'■My daughters ure itgcd, respectively, twenty*lwo nud twenty-three
years, Kor two years they snllvi'cil
.rum the weakness nud distress of
iiinemin, nud had I learned of Dr.
Williams' l'ink I'ills earlier, it would
uoi only have saved mc money, { hut
much worry nnd nnxiety ns writ.
Both girls were us pule ns a siliwt.
Tluy Millercd from hendnches, *ji*ior
appetite, alld grew so feeble Unit they
could lin idly go about, Tliey were
uiuler a doctor's cure, but did not
improve a bit, I dispnired of ever
seeing thnn iu -"ond health ngniti,
when a fiiend culled my attention to
Ur. Williams' l'ink 1'ilis. Soon after
they bif-uii the I'ills there was nu
improvement iu their condition,   and
11 less tlinu a couple ol months they
were ngnin enjoying good henlth, nc-
I !,■(.       ,-n" ,i,-t     „tv\,'        T     ,\lil     'T,    tvV'll r.t\,\
for wh-.il Dr, Williams' ViuV Vlil«
have done for my children that 1
strongly n commend them to every
mother who Imt a weak, pnle-faccd
hoy or *-irl."
*, »,,.,! ■ , t,l      . .,',, . .
.1. b.H.k..^.k-.<, V.>-*^- k....*        ..,> -(,.,.
i.n. ihing, but tluy do it will—they
actually lunkc new, rich blood. Tliey
don't tinker with symptoms. They
art f.n the bowels, Tliey simply
ih.ittge bad hlood into good blood,
,m<t llui*- sfrilt* m,r.i(g!ir. af llie rnnt:
t.( smli 1 timin..ii nilmenti a* lua.l-
„ilu;., :.i.U,ulus .itut l.:uL.uhcs, ii'di
gestion, tmatmia, * nervoii* rxliain*
lion, luurjls*,!.., S«- Vitnis Annie, \t.tr-
tlal paralyni*:, and the special, painful, stent nilnunls r.f growing gtrTs
anA m.men. K.d.1 l,y till m«di<in.
dwlrr* or liv wail nt ,M» <*ttl*» ft **"*
or *it Imttt for $1.50 (rom the fir.
Willitm*.' Medicine Cm , nnvftvlllc.
City of Fernie,'    , J
,    *!«
AXCLTCAN-Christ" Church- •!•
Rev. R. Skeldiug "Wilkinson,
piistor—Services, li n, 111.
and 7.30 p. i". Sunday
School and Bible class al
2,30 ii. 111. Evening prayer
on Wednesday nt S o'clock.
Holy Communion ist aud 3rd
Sundays at u a. m.|' uud
3110 Sunday nt K n, 111.
Large slock ot Home Grows Fruit
and   Ornamental   Trees.
Ileadi'tiartcrs     for     Bacific    Coast
Grown    Garden,    Field      and  Flower
Seeds in season,
Greenhouse  Plants,  Cut Flowers.
Catalogue  Free.
M.  J.  HENRY,
3010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver, B.  C,
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
ri ; '-~
WINE   CO.,  Ltd
Wholesale Dealers and Direct import
tors of
ltetut Down '
ti.-i:. i) m JiV.
X'l.'.'f, 11 m .
n tr. a m •
T.'S,.i> 111 Arr
* Daily cxeopt.sniiiJny
SIXTY .liivHiirier.lfttol intoiitt to m.ply to
>^> ^m i« »j«*|«»j«»|«»j^Kjt*]-**-!***!-* •I",-t*',-I*T*X'" "■X**!'* •"X*'*!'* *X* •"•I*'
•j. •I"
+   BAl'TIST-Rcv.      II.     Locke   >V
BAl'TIST-Rcv.      II.     Locke
>\. Kempton, -B.A., B.Th,, pnsl-
•l* or.   Services tit J J n, m. and
>!• 7tiio   p.   in.   Sunday   school
»I" and llible class nl 2.3" V-xxx.   «•{«
•!•• l'ruyer  jnecting   on  Wednes-   •!<
•!•■' dny at H p. 111. "I*
•Ir *
.. ,.,., ttirtlftto 1 in  ...
10 lir.iiiinil.il> Cl.iuf Ci.inintHHlonor of
biiiidH unit Work*., Viet.inn, in inircliiVMO tlio
followtiu. .IcHerllmtl Iiiiul in Klk Miyiir Vftllnv.
Comnioneinu nt 11 pout inarktitl x.h,.0 * nortii
oust eoiner, tliontio 8*1 ohniiiH mnitli to S, Je,
Ollvcr'rt uiiidleiiHon to linrehnHO: tliunoo So
iilmlnswehti tlimienfti elmliiM north; tinmen
riu.eliiiiiiB eiiHt to jioint nf I'oinnioneoinoiit,
llie wliolu eontiilniiiK um iieroii. ,
N. K Oliver, J,ocfttor
S. K. Oliver, Anunt
sSepl, iitli.tnffll
Sole Agents in Canada for
Windsor     Tonic,      Jag     Destroyer
• Komi Up
Faml-   .   Arr. 8.5JUR1
Jtcxfoi'd cm 11111
SPOKAXK 0.33 pm
Seilt.tlo       Lv !) 1511 in
Leaving   Fernie 9.^5 p. in.  you
irrivc ;it 10. js p. 111. in
;-v rn ve~nT~ro _p"r iiir~"i n-
J4*..r ili>lnilt>.l Inl'orniiiti.-iit, l.nrili i*o_or-
vat ions, ute., call oii or ii.l.lruss
Philip Carosella
General Merchant
and Dealer in Wines,
Liquors and Cigars,
CATIIOLIC-Cimrcli of ihu
Holy Rnmily-l'-atltcr J. M.
Traveruier, (ULL Low
mass, «.,V' n. iu,; liijjh mass,
10.30 a. 111. Sunday school,
a p. 111. Evening service, 7.30
'■WETIIOUIST-R.cv,    W.  Lnsh-
ley Unit, ll.A., H.D., piustor,
Services nt 11 n, in, nnd 7,30
p. 111,   Bihle class ,11,30 p. 111.;
combined    Bihle    elnss    and
tca.hvrs'  liuetiiig,  3.Jo l»»>-
Class tiieellng,    in.15  11.   in.
Voting     jeople's      meeting,
•!•   1   Mondny nt H p,  in.   Prayer
»!•      lueetiug MVduesday ut N pin.
SIXTY ilnvsiiHor ilnle I intcntlto apply to
thu Jloiioriililo (Jlilef Oomnilns oner 01
UnilHHiiit WnrlcH, Vtotorln, to imrtiluiHU tlie
follnwlimduKiirllied lunil:
(Joninninelim nt 11 post mnrlic.l 11.. h. "oqti-
wvn'H inn-til w»»t iioriiur iiiljuinliiu W. J'*.
Olivev'H npnlit'iitinn topuj-cliiiKO! tlieiieo sn
.ilminH Hiintlil tlitmeo 811 elminH onnt,; thene.o
soelmliiH uottJi; Ihnneo S'.l elniin. went to tlio
point. ..I't'oinmtiiiMiiionl, tlm wholeoontionliiK
IIIDlll'I'OH. ....-,, .      »
K. K. (looilw.vn, I.oe»tnr
S K. Oliver, Agent
Soiit. fitll,lWW
SIXTY dnys nftcr .late Unlonit to npply to
Iliu llonoiiililo Ohluf 1'onimlw.inniir pf
LiiiiiUnii.l Worloi, Vlflorln, to piwhiii.0 tlio
folliiwliiuilowirllieilliiiidi _,
Uommenelnit at n post i-nnrliflil 0. ,T, I.h
north «okI nnrnui'iiillnintiiKK K UoiiiIwj'ii'h
iiiipltiiiitloii to pnreliiiKtii ll.iuieo «l cliuins
noiiI It! t lumeo en eliiilim fl»"t: tliuiin* sn chit in«
north: tlimifuWlnliiitnii wt.»tto the point of
.'.oniiiieiieuiiieilt, tlio  wliuU  coiitHluiliK  '110
ac,ui" (J.,1. Lovnll, Lncntnr
H, K. Oliver, Aunnt
-H'EJ'E.-SrfEl,  B..  O.
* m. m t^mmmmmmfm
SIXTV .Jiivit iifrur ilntti J inteiwl to apply (0
tho Jt'inoriiMe Cliiof OiiniiiU**ion«r of
Lunil*nud Worki, Vltitiirlii, l» purelnwu tlit)
ftilliiwiiiK t1on«rll>iiit luml 1
Ciiiiiuioiii'Iiik nt iv linyt n-nrleiijl W V. II «
Niiutli we*t. viiiiitir ii.lliiliilnir N, 1: Oliver'*
implti'itt Ion topiiiehio..: tlinlii'ii wieliiiln*. north
tlioiifiiSni'liKlinteitht, Ihininisiiiiliiiln-t Hoiiih:
Ihoneii sn nliiilii* wi.»t to tin. point or coin*
luuiieen.unt, lho whului-onliilnlniiniliii'tti*.;
\V, K Hull, Ji.ii'iil'ir
H,\i Oliver,Aiimit,
tar 1'ATJlO.NJZ.J*'  HuAfK   INDDSTItY 'iK_
Crow's    Nest   Spocia!
Minor's Favorite Dinars
*(•' *»*
VIUWVWiVilAS 1'"'.v
<hui<h-Riv, II. M. C.r.iul,
It,A., pAvlnr. Service** nt 11
ii.itt. and 7.30 p.tnV Sundiiy
sihool    and    Wide  class
Wtduesdny nt S p. »n.
nl   <\-
ij. •!-
"h I.nhll.iM*. Jlimility—Kiift'drill *\>
7 fl, 111. ltoliiuii.s meetii'g ll
(i 111 "I-'ree iMu' Hc\v."
2.30 p. m. .Suiidiay mIkmiJ, '
to 3. Snlvali.nt im-rtinj;, «*■
p. m. P.M.K, imwtiiif! mi
Monday nt 7,30 *p. ro. Saltation iiji/tiifi^ Vi eAnttiAit'v
if ft p. 111. •K.iji.f-*!-*-*' miff- •?*•
ing:, Ftitlay. 'tfcstimonv <%•
nin-tlng SittiiriLiy at Jt )>. w.   «t»
StXTV.lav* nftcr .Jntol intfn.l lo itpiily to
tht.  iriniitiiil.lv  Chlul  l\iininl«liiiinr  of
1,101.1*1 iuul WorJm Vliliiriit, to piirchima the
I'lilldWlimilnni'iiliedlaiiilM             ,„«■_,
Uiiiiii. in lin; nt  n  H'*t »>'*V'*',' ''• 7, *sr
vitriJ'* hoiiIIi wim!- roinrr iitlJolnliiitN, J*.,{M*
imi-lli: Ilieni.' mi t'liiiliil im*.t|tlHtli(UHii;luitli«
H'liitli-thiiiiciiSii elmlii* wvmX to tlio point i.r
II, H. J-Mwurilo, l.onitur
H, K. Oliver, Auuut-
l.Vry <li»» nfH-nliil** I liileml to apply to
On. Ilt'itiornlilo  I'liliif llm.111,l»»li.ntir  tit
l.nnilamikI »<'<♦.'*, ».<<wi4,.« (iuiimm ••*'
ti,ttiiwtiin.l..«i'rll..'.l litti.Nt
l.<iuttm<iiviii*l t\i u l|U*''*'j*«A"J.£Si"»ii v."
tir.l'i' v.nitl. t*«»t t*oH.i'rii.l|..liiliiii N,J*„ Oliver'*
ni.lillintl.it, 10 pitrfliluei ll.fi.ett ttt nlmiiu
.i,i(tl»: M..-ii<>.i  tm iliitln.   w.*.tf I hull, it  hi
I'llflllm   »l'llll,|   lllt'lHT  H.1 lllllilH villi  In ttll.
pdlui t.f it.iiiii.flutniitiil,thunli.iteriiuliiliilnir
.llniiclti*. „       ,„,,,,
llriuikl I'ltllui'il,J.i.i-alor
.-',:: ".'.'! .. ,i.- •'
S*i.t..'*lli,J.*''J "XI'
_____ __ — tm
Royal Mail!
TI1IUYV Atvtx nfter date I iiltml
to apply to Hu-' Chief Commissioner
of Liinili and IVorlx, Viiturin, It. C,,
for .-. iH-t.vt.il Iwetuv.' lo cut mul r.irry
away timUr from (bn fullouiug d«-
htliUtt  l.tud».
Coininitictng at a post plante,! at
th* K. W. witBtr of Lot 35s. **->'l'u'
uinuin.4 V. J35 ihains, theon* norlli .t'i
f|i.ilns, ih.-nc. \\ So r1i.iins, tltriK* S
10 ill tins, ih rn.* It' «•*.. tJjjitiv, l7i.«'r
S 4., iU-..u.   io luuut    of u'ti'm't*""**-
KttwHAik',   ink I**I'I    I*'**1'* '5
ma limit ii. qiinlllliH (limn tn llio
Shilling Six-Pcnny Pipa
ii llie World
,P,,,.,, ,,,-,,. yr\7* r*...ne
fvrrY Pot Ctittr_nt»*J.
Jntl rcrnoinlier nnl n-.k tor
"Shield Brand" Piocs
y*'l.l    «*>AlC    mk    ktli.
Club   Cigar   Store
"vV. A. INTiUAM, Prop,
I'hoiw 91,       -       -       Kemio, II. C,
Last St. Lawrence Sailings
■Kmpi-oss of llrllnin Xov. if.lli,
Luke Mi uitobu,  Nov.  *".'tli
Winter Sailings
St.    Joint—Liverpool    diu-i't,
l'lnipv.tis t,f   li'cliind,  Dec,   ist
Lnl;i' Cliiimpliiiu,  Di'*.'. Slli
I'lmpivs*-   of Hiititiu Div.   t.Stli
und wui'l'ly tlivri'iitti'i'
Saloon,    )\so   nnd   iipwnrds;
m.'1-oiiil,     ?.pi     nud    upwards;
,Stt"r,i;.;t',  S?fi,|*o nud iipivuiilK,
lii't'iiriiii''  to hti'uitli'l'.
Dttailid iuforiiintioii, Snlnon
pllllls,   liiTlll   IVSi'l-VlltloilM,   Wliiili;*  .Jul*;,   i'ii'.,  011  npptii'iititiii
to loiul nj-i'iils,
It. KKAIUNC,   A-p-nt I'Vrnli'.
J, 8.  CARTKll,
11.   V. A.,  KulHon
1    IVIVT Jf    \    t.    1»    A'
Vnnrouvir, lt.C.
Tlie contrtti*or» ul Feinie       will
pkaai talc uoliic tli.it After    April
lyt,  tyob tlie  Car-xnlcru i«d  Join
ill. ol   I-Viuk- I.cx-ul  l.a» will        ile-
mand four dollam (4,00) (ot ti«ht t^>
Itour*' work.
W. A. cos>mM«.
If, m. nt r, .% ,1. Tf,  tVirt, Ytrtile.
r*.*.*^*-* ********   fl *'*'* '*"*  *•
■I. Ifii.l I., -ipi'ly tn Hi" i'-hii't {^iiiiiil«iiiiii*r
of I.iiii,l» tui.l \V1.rk1, fnr titii.Union I.. pur*
tli.tM* th^ f..lli.vi|ii« .1. ~iil«-.| In ini In Small
Kdil K,«il,'iii»v: —
i'.iimiii.-.i.-Iiih; n* n |'i,st pMi.tcliiM lln. AVmt
1>iink>.r Klk ltlvt.r, ul.mil llirt-o lull." I.vli.w
l'li«- W'.iiirrr. tiu>-<n.iill.io, ni.'l uittrk.,,1
Tht.itln,, (Vnlinn Nnrlli \\V«I tlnmi.r, IIicihh
S.,ulln',n Imlli". Hit-lit*,. Knit I'lrliftliis, tlii'iici.
X.irllt nlH.iil.Virl.nin* In tlml'tiiikof Klk lllv«r
ll«*„. .-   .,'<•'•'.,(   .4Al U.AUU t>. tl'.v lit.S'. 4.'   ill  .,..,,.
Iiil-n.*<<l..i-i.t. i-oi.MiliiKW '111 arrrt iiuir.. nr In...
A-l>t. l.t, I «>1, Tll..U.ltt l.'HJtlfAV
Mi*,uli Lln'.iturHt lor
a.il« everv-
f|-»A1iV,Ki'-TirV, »»i»it lit •!*>-« itfUr .lit* I In.
-■ tM.'t lo H|4i.lv lo tl»«* Clili-f r,.n.n.lii>|..ii«r
of I.aihI. at.,| \V..rl:*._ for immlnlnn l<» |.nr*
1,«urf* ii,,, fi.llf,*.,t.i^ Ar «ril-*»l (uiul in K.ihiIi
H.i»l Kml«**»>
t"i.iiiii.p»i«'iinr nt a |*i»l- iilnntinl .m tlw w*<li
X-M,Xi i.t Kh RliTrnlH^il (i*ri tnllp* horllt „*
«'*.«», VVjm*>»«'* i*>. * mt* l*.n. ■lnl lK*rli».t
.1. '.ti,'r*l..*>iN'»itf< ll'r.M >.ri.>-r,ih»iM*ri*.uth
f. ..I'lfii-, flMiiic.. Vft't tiftittlri.. thentr. Sarih
!»1.,.-.» *-*. rti^li'.i tn »ti<* »,n«tk ihf V.Dt Klin,
lli.r.1-*. »trt.,ji«aU l-snltolln* |.l».« rilfom*
inciifi n.i I.f flinf r.itilslt.irirt lrtn,rn.«ntor. nr
IH,r*l AKfW.1 IM, l'»«l JJ.ftlrih.ti A
I- t-
7S.. ij%'*'A~ l\
Supplement; Wtlie Fernie
t      (M_Ntt_«M_M_
VOL. i^
KKRNIli,: B. C, NOV. 22,- 1966
N-e. 7 ;■,;>'*;
An  Old  Pf ay Under a New Name—Cox and  Box
a    -    Comes to Life under a New Role.
To lhe Ledger Kid:
Dear 'Kid,-—I came across"* thc
lowing note in the editorial note column of the' Toronto Glohe the other
daysaud am greatly perplexed by it.
Could you explain lhat matter tOoine
co'.that'I can understand just* how
such; things, work? I am a' director
in two. companies,, and I don't' want
to lc subject to the possibility of
having -to" sue    myself.   It" would
double mc, up, so     that I could    not
4    , - - *'
sleep nights.  „
Hoping .you can relieve mc, I am
truly yours, .
The,general' public of Canada would
be greatly pleased to learn that' a
modus' vivcndi' had been arrived at
by. the Dominion Coal Company and
the   Dominion   Iron and  Steel Com-
paiiy. ■■.. There must be some better
way than litigation of settling the
dispute between these two great corporations, which have several directors in.common, A small committee
"of experts might, after, a careful investigation,, make some useful suggestions looking to a'-reasonable set--
tltmcnt.      ,' ,   ■ -'
. Dear Mr. Double,—You* have given
the Kid a poser which reminds him
oi un-old farce play entitled Cox and,
Box, iu which Cox and Box got into
nn awful tangle with' their " landlady
over the room ithcy occupied.-*
' This "enterprising landlady had rented a'room,,, to a printer who worked
'nights,'and who consequently occupied the room only by day.
"'--Another man, a tailor, who worked
during "the day, had-the pleasure , of
occupying the room' at" night while
.the"printer was busy, sticking type.
But the landlady came to grief-,in a
little while',- just as-.those two   companies-have .done down  east.
It seems that Box, .who is a direct
or .iii both those companies, has riiii
into himself anil is haying trouble
trying to explain to ' thp shareholders
how it is possible to represent both
sides to a controversy and sue, hi 111-
s.lf, swear himself to be both right
and wrong, and comei - out of, the
tangle with his own private interests
in both companies intact and the interests of all the shareholders properly protected.
It- sec-nis lii the Kid that this Cox-
and Box kind of double, directing
sham is about as much of.a farce as
was the old <; Cox andtBox, rooming
house farce he enjoyed so much years
ago.    , .-        -.       "',-',''
Box can swear as director . of the
coal company he is being juggled by
Box as director, to the steel,1 com-'
pany, and can ask*the court lo protect'himself from himself because,;he
is sure that he is ' trying to cheat
himself.,       ' '
Then the judge will have- lo,'decide
whether Box is really honest when he
swears that he is not honest; -V r ■,--
The judge might, in such a case go
far enough into the tangle to-find, out'
how much Box is interested in the
coal company and how, much in the
steel company, and such information
might bring to his niiiul.thc wisdom
of Solomon, and he might, by .hold--
ing Box up by the heels' and' threatening to cut him in two with thc
sword of justice, making two real'directors out of him, get at the root of
the evil. ,    .
The Kid wishes to assure Mr.
Double he has nothing lo fear from
being a,director in two companies!so_
long as it i.s possible to use himself
in his double capacity so as to protect'his own, interests.
It's the shareholder who will have
to look after his'pockctbook,
Go to sleep, dear Double, you are
doubly secure. =-. "
The;Herald editor never accepted a
cent for his'vote or, his, influence.
, Good for that editor. The price of
editor:-' votes and influence should always be kept above the'cent bell.
Eviction* of tenants may be' all
right-for unpaid rent, tind the preservation of forests wise, but when a
great corporation like the ' Crow's
Nest Pass Coal Co. takes advantage
cf trouble in their works to evict
their workmen and, neither, supplies
co.il nor lets people have, wood, capital makes a more severe commentary on itself than its worst enemies
collid.—Boundary Creek  Times.
They don't seem to care about
commentaries on themselves so long
ns tliey have their men working ou
un open shop principle in a , closed
shop cnmp.
vcr wants the change, cos she 'as got
to imt a'penny in lhe_gas meter." .
Hardly had 7, he reached the 'side-
walk,'JA.after slamming .. the .* front
door, -when he was run down by a
baby' carriage. '
Stepping into the street lo dodge
ihis qbsl ruction, ■ he was butted back
Last Friday night the Patten and
Perry. Company played to a good
house,, aiul'succeeded  in making  their
auditors for-jet, for a while, the* cares
to  the sidewalk by a big red    honk- 1^ trQ^ q[ ^nais ji{?,      ^  ■ -
This company, have a tine, baud";
which rendered several pieces" of music on the street before the performance insid. begun. Their opening"
overture was most artistically rendered,'and is, cne. of the chief .attractions of-!-the show.
'Mr.-Tatton':s a gentleman of '.n.rhe
experience in the theatrical linc'and
makes his yearly trips" over the same
territory, alwsys being greeted with
a hearty welcome by his many friends.*
The company confine their work to
light, " fun-provoking 'entertainment,
and always succeed ' in their object.
Jerry--lrrni Kerry- is a typical Irishman, to" 'whom ,'comes iii the' most
natural way the • fun-provoking wit-
icisins of the real ..Terry at home , in
old 'Kerry.'.      c '    "
. There."- 'was some;'*' good . specially
work, thc most notable of which was
the acrobatic work of those -two
clowns, '.- .  '
The way that fellow turned hand
springs and .somersaults about the
stage with a chair for, companion,
and always'came"down on thc chair
at'ths right time and.place; made the
spectators hold their, breath, .especially when he made believe he was going lo send il out over their heads
for inspection.
•If you'want an evening of sparkling, "clean fun, yoii should not miss
Jerry whenever he.strays away from;
Kerry. .     .' ,       '   '■'
 0 —
wagon. >    . .    .,
Then he was almost knocked down
by an autumn leaf falling > on him.
This was simply "scare." . • ,, '   ,   '; ,
At the store the first document that
showed* up. in the mail .was the coal
bill. -. A .. -,       , -    '   *
Then the l.oy let in an agent   who
had Hannah More's  complete    works,
in' forty  volumes,   half, morocco,     to
l.e paid for in forty years at 10 cents
per month. . >.
. ■ ,4
Then 'two bands 'went by    and    all
the employees kicked his chair as they'»
rushed  to the window.
The ollice''boy smoked.a cigaret, in
the. passageway outside.  i
Tlie stenographer, a good one, resigned her position to get married. .
When he arrived at home iu the
evening he found the coal gentleman
had, thrown four tons of coal into the
vegetable cellar.
The ' next day everything was- all
right again. ' '     ■  '    .
" — --o	
* 7A young Wisconsin', farmer .who had,
the temerity to lake a helpmate for
life' ran,* head on, into the ..Wisconsin
idea of humor as embodied'in the
quiet charivari-party. The'■ papers
wrote di iiu down, or. up, as having
had l,'a .piicl .wedding." If thc wedding.-might: have been called "quiet,"
what followed was_an the nature of
inquiet, for it resembled a Polish riot
will.*^-Lithuanian -trimmings. The,
charivari party was oul for noise and
to' assist in* this laudable attempt at
agitating '.he atmosphere they secured dynamite, -Dynamite, when exploded under the house is' said to
make newly married, couples let go,
of, each other's hands, cease looking
into each other's eyes' aiid murmuring "my own, my very own,"" rand
take notice that something' has come,-
unhinged or started its rivets " somewhere.
The charivari fiends-unhitched their
dynamite under the weddiiig mansion,
several, sticks going off "to*-once,"
and" hollering fire like .a small    boy
The editor of the Kincardine 'Review.'(Ontario) has been writing fables. Some of them are so "true" to
political life as to be. worthy of'reproduction. Our' readers who follow
the course of public affairs in Canada will have little difficulty in recognizing, the originals.
Once on a time there was a 'Man
working on.a ?7,ooo Dollar job. who
lost his health and. had to - give   thc
aunouilcing -incendiary   attempts    oil | -r°I> «1* and Accept another at- Sio,-
Xbe parental' shed.   Most of thc house'.000- „■
ir.fi   1 !■-.  f.ir.n   au.l * lmiispk'._»iiiir    has!    Moral—__^ckii_.ss__is___).ite_i_ alBlessing
A fly nud a Ilea in a Hue
Were imprisoned, so what could tliey
- do?
fluid the fly;   "Let us flee."
Said the flea:   "Let iih fly."
Ho they Hew through a flaw In   the
—Dally Canadian.
When the KM did this ncc,
Ho said •■TU climb up ft tree
And sec that liy nud that lira
As tluy flee nnd they fly
Out of tlmt flue through that flaw,"
So he climbed and he saw
TH.it fly niul tliat flea
As they flew through that flaw,
But 11W one saw him sec.
. o	
'the poor benighted Hindoo,
lie docs the best he kitidoo;
lie sticks to liis caste from,first   to
And for trousers lie makes his '-kin-,
But it would be a cold proposition
for this country.—Grand Forkn   Ga-
Vow "Martin Hurt-ill
Taliis n wlilmll
At the benk-litul Hindoo
Which ought to trifiVc him -lUmtai.-
lVrtilc Ledger,
Said the Mine to the alodlng'.
"I'll wear n hole in you,"
Hald the flocking tn lho dine:
'TH lie .turned jf you do."
--Phoenix Pioneer.
Tlie V-nilon T>!r/!*"«■!••■ **"» <»' *
small j»lrl wim entered a n*"**""'"
ifcop In *ttliit«liar** a**1*1 **••'••
"Ptwiw, nir, I want* 'art a oowxA
tH tnAtut t»A a f*«*V-flh ol eJWt*,
tind nmi-ivr wr» "I.** «■" -tern! s tlttl-
Hnjr In «ht» (*t\*r -ri.«wt* home."
"All right," uplU'd tlie man
The'Kid 'o'ulnot laugh much' over
that story. Think of that little girl
growing up in such a place. Her
mother had to have the change' that
would lie coming to lier out of tlie
shilling her father was to bring home
so she could keep the gas-blaze going.    * -    " '' ''A   ',..-. '
What a home it,,must have beeii,
and what i.s the future, holding in
store for that little girl when she
becomes a liig girl|
The methods of high finance have
to be npplijl in cnler to get a ocuny
to put in the gas meter., If that was
the only lit,le girl whelms, and is,
being compelled to do such lliingc, il
wouldn't lake long to mend inn tiers,
but she is only one of the thousands
in the largo cities who lmve to do
much worse things in order lo exist,
and it is from these surroundings
that the criminal "comes" forth to
worry the v/.irlit. But they lmve nn
excuse for their criminality. They
have been born in il./'surrouiided by
il, nnd compelled to it.
The criminal who robs by the
wholisnle method, not because driven
to it by physical want, hut by that
refined desire lo live nt his onse ofl
the earnings of others, niul to wield,
over thnn the power that keeps them
down and him at the top, is the real
author of the great bulk of the want
nml ,s*-tm!er which makes of the Utile
girl the professional beggar, wlio in
timu blossoms into the victim ol refined vlco,
since continued*-in-the. barn, but. the
giv.-om, it" appears, was dissatisfied
with* something, for he is" around
threatening "to - have "the law „on
'mi." Xo matter how much you do
for some men they are never satisfi- j"', -"*
cd.'—A. .1. It., in Minneapolis .Tourn- L..,ln"
al. ',l
in Disguise'
Ambassador Choalc, tells a story o[
the bishop of Rochester, Kng.,' the divine who was so fond of cricket thai
he used to play the game with au expert local tenm.'
It appears that one, day when the
bishop was balling thc bowler pitched
very wide. _,*
"Please keep thc bait in tho .par-
ishl" conim.uitk-d the bishop testily.
The,next ball the bowler sent in
caught the right reverend" gentleman
full iu the waistband, whereupon thc
bowler observed:
"I think that's somewhere .'.'..out
(he diocese, my lord."
M IIIM II   II  ' *Q ■ l***mmm*mmw*
Xew York, Nov. 10.-I11 the .famous
old Harper publishing house, in
Kmnklili Square, tonight, nearly 050
nun and women prominent in American literary life, celebrated with
Henry Allien, for 35 years the editor
of Hnrpcr's Month,)1, the 7<>H> «"»'■
virsary of his birth, During thn din-
mr, letters of congratulations from
Pw-ilik'Hl Rriosi'vcU and Samuel L,
Climciis (Mark Twain) to Mr. Aldvn
wire rciid, The President in his letter invited the editor to cull on him
ul the While IIoiihc should he visit
Washington this winter. Mr. Cleiii*
mi Htilil, In purl: "Aldi-n, ilenr ancient friiitd, il Is it HoU'iiiu moment.
You hit ve now ri'uchi'd the years ol
dlsi'ivtltiii. You have lieen a long
time arriving. How often we recall
with M'grit that Niipolfoii once shot
at 11 mngiwiiut editor nnd mlsHi-d him
mid killnl the pulilihlur. Ilut ivimiu-
lur with clniity that his iiiti-iilioiih
wire I'liml.   Yon will reform now, Al*
WIN IHU  1100  HACI-.K.
lyvery Mil in tnun will Im* ■■In*, to
leiii-n tlmt Tom Whi-lini lum a 1 ranged
to niuw lhc dog races whiih    lmve
plllltll  til l«  Ilr* WiWI»v "1   »HI*»«I    *W"
in i,i..'» .01.. .J..*-. \Iui'hi„ <!.*' 3*'*4 lu"
witiun. Kvrry buy who Ii.i.h a d«g or
who <.•••» Irf-rMiw «**, tlxtulil l.****;lii to
j tain him.   llie |irf/i-» tliN ye.ir will
A poor Millionaire existing on a*
Meagre pittance of .7,000 and $2,500
indemnity,', who, fearing the Howling
of the Wolf at 'his door in his ' de-
years, "Provided himself with,
Pension of $3,500 a year from the
'colTors of his ..Country ' so that "lw,
could not,, beccme a Charge on thc
County Poor-1 House.
■' Moral--Thc Poor "wc have always in
Our Midst,        .,' '.    , "
A Lawyer living in a cily was offered -a Scat in the Government, ot
his Country if he would get a scat
iu the County'itself. He,tried, it on
Durham nud offered the People .two
Mouths' for their Cnnawi, but the
Ungrateful rabbin threw him down
nud he has been Unhappy ever after,
Moral—It dotHii't pay to have Too
much mouth.
A truly Great man got Mad once
because of a Graft that was going to
a Railway gang, so he quit his job,
worth $7,500 and became a Railway
Commissioner at $30,01:0, Then he-eu-
tcrcd into a Little Scheme to do his
fate Pals' but unfortuiuitely they
Caught him nt if. Today he is employed ns a Hand in a" biill-bcnring
Moi'iil—Iiivcnlion is the mother 01,
very apt to open ,the way to''nation*
al".coniplipations .which. wile-.have,.,a
very wide reaching effect on our country's, prosperity.
"How the new law is going to' affect the country's prosperity is "hard
to.say. - We (may have,our* private
opinions; biit as lhc bill only liecame
operative on August 27,, it,is too
early to hazard a guess on the ulti>
mate results. ., ° t ■ *-
"We have had a great deal of maligning ^ of "corporations recently by
irresponsible persons, who- fail, to
grasp the reasons which have actuated the fnen who have financed many
combinations that have done "great
good. To my mind* the correct definition of a corporation is an association of., individuals who contribute
from their private means to & common fund so thai a fixed and authentic capital and further a liornwing
credit may be established, suilicient to*,
carry on in a larger way than an individual or a limited or general part-
ncrslijp could carry on*, the purpose
for which business men become . as-
socvatcd.. The railrould corporations
of today nrc the result of evolution
and not of discovery. Starting, ih ns
we did many years ago, with small
and insignificant equipment, and
scope; our railroad j.systems -have so
developed*that' they'are* now the pride''
of the entire world, and. they,'are -a
decided tribute to private enterprise.
Private-,capital has conceived*and;"de-V
veloped them, and * loyal workers
have pushed them forward until today life, is much safer in a railroad
train, than on the public highways'."'
Mr., 'futile then described .railway
advancement in- detail, reviewing the
early forms of equipment and ,construction .and_'contrasting -it..with tlie
present style.
Mr. Tutlle's statement that private
capital- has* conceived" and''develbped-
thc railroads of tlie'.United. States is
correct,-with lhc qualification that if
he were to eliminate the,water which
has been added to that capital, which
is stated by,competent authority to
amount to " half the present' "capitalization, and then deduct the public
capital which has been put into these
enterprises in the" shape "ofJ*land
grant's, State aid, county, township
city"' and  town bonds,  he would have
-n=t„,, oil _.,.,«_l_f __l ^._pnll_i.rii»rtt/i_,,rtt\iint.
.*-. .,>c,i---?i.«.i.-«^. v— vw-v»»»»-|/. . . ..,v—«u,'. *,»»,-
What Mr. Tultle terms socialism as
applied by President Roosevelt, is
nothing more nor less than a dc-
111 .nd on the part of the people to
have' something "to" say' about*' ''prop-"
erly which - they have created, and
this socialistic idea is the product
of the greed which has prompted
people to do as -they like with what
1ms t'ccn given them in trust, by the
people, who/object.'to being*' robbed
by, the'recipients of the* gifts; *' ' '
*   "'   f -" ' ^^_1_01^-^* ' :'' ''"   '
A Tale of the American Revolution That Will" For;
Ever Bear Repeating.
Have you reard .-the story that   -.-os-   With his long brown rifle, and    bell-
, sips tell- '  ■..', -'
Of  Burns ,. of   Gettysburg?—Xo?   Ah,
_-    well,"        '• ;- ' ,   ,-,
Brief is the glory the hero earns,
Briefer the story of poor John Burins:
He was. lhe, fellow who won renown—
-'  *   ,  <i     ^ ,       '. ■'
The only man'who didn't back down
When    the. rebels  rode  through    his
0     native1 town;
But held his own in the fight    next
When all his townsfolk ran away.
That was in duly, sixty-three,
The very duy that General Lee/
Flower.of .Southern chivalry,
Bailkd'and beaten, backward reeled
From a stubborn Meade   ami a   bar-
jrui field.'',/
crowned hat,
And   the    swallow-tails
laughing at.
they    were -
I might" tell how,, but .the day before,
John Burns'stood at his cottage door
booking  dow'n  the  village   street,
Where,  in  the shade of his,   peaceful
He    heard  the low  of his    gathered
kine, ■
And, felt, their breath with    incense
Or   I might say,     when  the    sunset
. „.   burned        -_-..
The*old. farm  gable,   he  thought    il
turned    , °
.The ',- .uilk.tli'at fell,    in a babbling
Into the milk-pail, red as blood!
Or how he fancied the hum of bees
Were bullets buzzing among the trees.
But    all such    fanciful   thoughts    as
") ■*•*• these
,Werc strange, to a practical man like
-Buth's",    '       '      .
Who minded only his own concerns,
Troubled no more by fancies fine
Thnn one of hi.s calm-eyed', loiig-tailc-I
kine,—.. ■
Quite    old-fashioned    and   niattcr-of-
..,     fact,
Slow to argue, bill quick to act.
That was the-reason, as-some    folks
. say,        ..
ne—fought—so~- well™oii~th"at—terrtlilc
And it was terrible.   On  the right
Raged for hours the heady, fight,
Thundered;:the*lj'attery's double'bass—"*
Difficult music for men .to face;
While   on   the   lefl—where    now    the
■'•■"' '-graves-*™--'"'- *--"'      '• -    ■.
Undulate',.like-.the'>;living Waves '      ,*
That allUhat -lay-, unceasing "swept
Up' to-lhc^ pits, the rebels:, kept—,
Round- '•'shot "'ploughed  ' the upland.
'Twas but  a moment,
sped '     ,   ' j'
Which clothes all courage thcirrVoicea , 1v
"checked;     . ,  ,   "_f; -'
Arid something the wildest could un-' =■'
*   derstaitd       ^ "  ,. *'
Spake in the,old man's strong   right**: *.-
hand; '.,
* h . - "*-       i ** "■
And his corded throat, and the lurk-    '
ing frown ,    .**■
Of ids eyebrows uiuler his old    bell-. v
crown; '      * ',        .,'..-
Until, as tluy gazed,-there crept    nil.-' ...
awe "' . „,.,; ,-
iir"   Through lhc ranks in whispers,    and -  •;
' some men saw * .   ?', ..
Iu   the antique vestments  and    long '; "f
white hair, .   * , * ;',!
Thc Past of    .the Nation    in    balilo'. .'■".
And some of the soldiers since - de- /* 1
clore ■ '*     ,        ' ..-' *>--
That the gleam of his old white hat : '•'-
' ilfar' ° .,'- *  i
Like the crested pluinc of "the brave ■ '-
Navarre, '    - °      *     .     *'•
That day was, their oriflamme oly: .
war. ' .'     „ ••-i- ''-.
So raged the battle. ,Youknow, thcA^
rest: ■ '■'.:'''
How the rebels, beaten and backward "'?
Broke ut the final charge,' and ran.
At    which  John     lUirns-ra practical • -
Shouldered his rifle, unbent his brows,  ,
And then went back to his bees and
COWS. ' . . ';   n*      ='_
That is the story of .old John Burns;    '
This  is  the  moral   the  reader learns:
In fighting the battle,  the question's ■
You'll show a hat that's white, or ;i\.
feather! - :, ■       '*-«
Hvfiyliotly  knows that, there   nre
days '*■ when cvcrylhliijf Roes    wronjj.
N'j matter what you did, you    got
yours,   Kven n good man is imt exempt from tlu-HJ ofl dayH, ustiatly he.
cause, helng so good, he iitgU-its to
cross Ids fingers,
-I,  I,.    iUllb-oii, of     Kii.tv aviiiiu1.
ivhoMe life as n rule Hows on in   cud*
lens song itliove earth's lunieiitntloii-i,
stfppt'tl out of bed the other   niorn*
iug into one of tlmfx* bud il.tyit.   lie
had   bnrely    slititid   to leap Into 11
pair of .short, slo-lil paulalooii!-   ntid
w_* 0,0111 ng 011 tun* until »iiii«-«i«ii£-
ititj,  tUi w.J.i.',   ulna it.  .Wij<i*.'  ii,i'.
the hole lilt oprli by the iib.MH.t- ol
the hotflir ttjjUKr,  *ld4« |U-r W»«>l
girl had taken out to dust nml uig-
Uclul  lo  relurii.   Xu  nun    uilhoiit   U* lu the Uiai'v ut t'-iidi  instead    ol
olif limb in liis palituloi-ns niul    *!•»• ).j.-_iih«. I..r  tin* dogn im l.i'ii.u-.    mr
other In the heatlnj; plant r.in    lm-   f.rit r.ifis will 1* Min nn mmiii iim llie
nplnc exactly the slunk smh an   en* unfk Is in t,noA innditioii, ami   vlll
Once n Statesman In a Country
N'niiit'd Canada got himself mixed Up
in A Ncaiidal, so he resigned his portfolio because lie was 011 Principle op*
positl lo a Hill before the House.
His party 0ffci.1l him a Pension ol
$3,500 u year, So ]iu(snpportcd the
Iliil On principle, lie was over Five
years slaving for His country at $7,-
51111 a year, uud In that time he Saved A Million Dollars out of his Salary, He would still be c.iruiiig that
Sal my II hu Imd not (jiialuis of con*
M'l.iicv or kinks In his morality. It
is (00 Dad lhe way things Go, soma*
Mural—Virtu.* is only 11 small Part;
nf One's Own reward.   •
forced position brings to the miu.l.
Con you wonder whin hi* l»lam« hi*
wife and makes other iimotnpliitun-
itiry ri-mnrVs evm upon the **•■>' *l»*
universe Is lieing eon.lnttol?
After replacing n*.me ,A Id* iVln sua
holding ll in place with Mad cuitrt-
\ilnnUr, he moodily d«>:«'ii4i«1 tn
hxtMiut, where h* nutu{-eil to tip
mer s eop nf eofioe. 'thir. time bt
did nnl sav a word—nol a wnrA.
Afur brt»ilf.oit, uppriktiliiiij- Xnn
ii«Ar its iMge, fm wn<t tittuil'Ay pe.'t
••Hot,'- continued the child, '»muv-   A by an tstsftA unary
1.c t-t.nllMiiitfVt.ry S.iOitd.iy itlnrniMiii
unlil th-,* |.rl/r« Inivi* nil lte»u nwurd*
«il. The fir-.t Imy with hi* ih'-j; I «•»
».Wu,..\i put in un ,ipp*.t"utu». ,\:A
Ihe IjtAfjtt Kid li.nl (n mV.\t ,t.( nl
t.iv wjv .he '.tii.'r 1i.1v 11*1 hr nmr
Mtlin}* ittwn ihe itrecl lf'»-» 'U.*t|>«M
Iu.mih to lite Sa{t.i»rf.
"lhe kid** big and little, owe Mr,
VI hrlji-i a vote* i>( thank* (or M» en-
i.tpiUinjr tlfort tn create go**!, «lean
fan In which «vrn the itog*. enter
iiiih erl.lriil »htl|»ht- Get y>«r Anf.n
**A kl.il* i**Ay Uiys,
Troy. N". V., Xov. lj.-I'rcslilewt,
Lucas I'lilili1, of the Boston nnd
M.iiiif Unilr,''id, \iliiih cuip ir.ui'.u
it has leu licipuntty nllegeil tu cm*
■•rifi't iuul tlscwht'iv, doiiiinates the
gtiviinnuiii of the Noitheiu New Kng-
Inilil States, tri'iittd (i ili'i'ldril Hemin-
linn hetr tiiiiirhl whni he vliarfr.11»\
iinplii'.ilion that I'lrsiilritt KikimviII,
l.y Livoring the legitilalioit of the past
I'f'iigriS'ii i'OHitl lo the •'tlirrecs ol
sutialiMii," aud in uu elaborate intuitu r ilrfinihil eoitmratiiina and eom-
l.iiMiioiiH ol rnpilul.
"WUiii itn- niiit'iiiil giiVirutiH-nt iih-
Mimiti the ri^ht of fixing freln'ht
U1.H," mid Prvnlilciif Tultle, "it
m* iiu l.t* me it places itself in such
., j.<,Mli.!.i that it niavt v«m take,
slips wIiiih mil lead to the govern-
iniiii own-i-.h1,! uiiil ti)M-ralion ol nil
r.»ilr.Mdi of the eotintry, Thi* I*
Ifttrln^ xn '*.** will of the pennv il
the w>nnlry who fsvor the -Wtrfne
of tjtuli.tit *ith a vinj-ean.tr, audi*
Last Thursday evening at 5" o'clock
a very quiet little wedding occurred
at thc residence of Mrs. Clark, on
Pellatt avenue. ,..,-.-
'Ihere were present Mr. lindj Mrs,
Dudley, Mr, and Mrs. ■ Clapp, Mrs,
Hull, Miss Patterson, Miss Clapp,
I'ercy Clark and the Ledger Kid. „
■ Rev. W. Lashley- Hall, of the Methodist church, performed the solemn
service- whicli joined for life, for weal
or for woe, Mr. L. W. 11. Terry and
Mrs.' Louisa Clark,"
Mr. Terry has been a resident ol
Fernie for nearly two years, and Mrs,
Clark has been a citizen of the town
from its beginning, and uo one iu tlie
c'ty is more widely nnd more favorably known,
Thu first meeting held by Ucv. Mr,
Hlillmnii, the (irst Melhodisl minister
appointed to Ferule, wns held In Mrs,
Clark's hoine in the old town some
seven years ago
Mrs. Clark was dressed in cream
colored Panama cloth, with cream
lace over cream colored silk bodice,
nud wilh a beautiful gold ueckliice
with niuelhyst setting, the gift ofthe
groom. She looked"a charming bride
beside the groom in his sombre
It hnppcir.it to l.e the a.ilh nnnlver-
s.iry ol the wedding of Mr. niul Mrs,
DinlKyi who celebrated the event by
staiidiiri tip mI'.Ii thc happy pair during the i*< miidiy,    .
After tlio tiriinony nnd the congratulations of those present, the
liltl**' |wrty enjoyed n pleasant halt
liom of chat nud cakes nud tea, after
which the happy couple departed   lor
i* 1            , t     ii   .   ,   •. .    r .       1 , 1 r
*--'«-*v    *•   t	
b n-ytnoiai   trip,   tnulilM   X\\r ''lowering i.f rice nnd i-ougratulatloiiH,
Mr. and Mrs. Terry have the good
wli.1i,a ami congratulation*! t,f n very
l.itye circle of friends.
•M**.^        U.V.I       III*.      lU.ttltV      IS...      '.->,...^'Ull
Thr.iiiglt the marital groove
tu whli-li the*, now move
Towards that long home still to mmc
WIkiv all wil! in time bent liomc
Is thc wish of the Ledger,
■ o	
The admtUing manager of a news-
p^|«.|   V.al»  111  d   1'iV.eilll)-,   uy,c.
"What's the matter?" a colleague
»_.e_. , ' ;fij
■'Matter enough!" was the reply.
"The fools have placed Mine. Ko-
prono'» ttsiiintniial for a cold cure
nn the same |r*^e with th* pnnotinee-
Itittit that *he had a *or. thmal am!
o.uldn't iln^ll"
Sown  • with    bullets,    reaped , with
'   blades;
f-Uinttered fences here and there
'tossed, their splinters in the nir;,
The  very    trees were    stripped    and
The Lams that' once held yellow grain
Wert  heaped  with  harvests    of    the
The cattle bellowed on the plain,
The turkeys     screamed  with   'might
and main,
And brooding barn-fowl lefl their resJ
With strange shells ■ iru'rstiiig in each
Just where tlie title of battle turns,
I'lnct     and lonely   stood   old Jolm
How do *   you    think tho man was
He wore nn ancient long htifl vest,
Yellow us saffron—hut his best;
And, buttoned over his manly breast,
Wns a bright blue coat, with n   roll-
.   Ing collnr,
And large gilt buttons,—sire   ol    n
dollar,— -
With tails that the country-folk call-,
cd "swuller."
Ife     wore    a    broad-brimmed,   bell-
crowned hat,
White ns the locks 011 which ll sat.*,
Never hud surh a sight been si-en
For forty years on lhe village green,
Since old John llu run was n country
And went to the "I'tiililug-*"    long
Close at his elbows ull tliat(d,iy,
Vet-rani of thc Peninsula,
Sunburnt mul bearded, rliar*-t-.l away;
And' striplings, downy ol     lip   ond,
Clirl-*   ih ..t t'.'-f !! '."t CitaiV -v.;'. tit
id In —
Olnii.i'd, as tluy pasted, at  the   hnl
he wore,
Then   nl  the title     hla  right    hand
it     .   'i  •   . *      * ,.   -
youthful lore,
WUh -.craps of s stnngy repertoire:
"How arc     y.»u, White lint!" "Put
lu-r through!"
''Vour head's level," nnd "lltilly   for
Callul    him  "Drti».ly,"-|-egged    he'd
The H..HIC of the tailor who made lis,
ilot hrs,
And what ua. the value he net    on
tin se;
Wbi\* Hum-., untnimtiul ol  fttt    and
Stood then* jilding tho rehela off,—
"You may talk nil you want about j.
Jerusalem     the Golden,"  r.aitl    Mrs".
Anthony Lee, to a member of a house   "
party at Graceland, W. Vn., .while in
n    reminiscent  inootl,   '.'but  I' advise J.
my friends to'gel their Unowlehgi- of*.;
the holy cily .through the moving pic-,,,
lures or from book of (ravel."   Mrs..':
l,*e, who is the daughter of n former:.
senator from West Virginia; aiid deirt- '
ocratic candidate , for the vi'ce:p"resi-
dency, Henry G. Davis, has returned
from i\ tour of the world, which,"  nf
course,    included Palestine,   "I  never
take a drink of water but I thank my
fortune     thut    my lines  tlo  not  lie
along that     road,"  she  said.   "You
see, one'of the, first things ihey    tell
you is thai because ol the scarcity of
that element,  nil  water  is used four
or live times,      The water you wash
iu serves afterward lo wash,the dishes, nud the clothes, und the Hours nod -
through   declining  hchK-ii.   1     almost
starved to death hccalisu  I had    visions of how the fond  wns prepared,
and ns  to  drinking,  I  should    haVe
c'led but. for sonic mineral water found
in an American mission.   Deep  ivlig-   .
iotis feeling doesn't litlp one    nl    all
when such things ahont the water are
cm one's mind uininiug,     uo.m    and
As I was silting In the pailor
With the girl  I nunc to m-c,
The 1 luck upon llm stairway
Struck loudly "..I."
Said the girl who sat bt'sidt.' me,
Take now a hint or two;
The "a.t" is not eleven,
It means .skitloo, nIUiIooI
—Woman.*'' lnli-imitioiml  Daily.
So I sat n little cIiimi,
And my nnu got mu of place;
She   tin mil   then ii|uiii  uu-
A Mli'pti'ii'd but  happy  f.ue,
And Nnfily uiiiriiiiiii'il up tn itir'-
"If you'd skidtio    hell ire you osculate
How my heart Would mIn* mul p.tl*
I  purl.cri'd up  to do,  btloiv    I    tli.l
lust what  iu Mii'li a"i'.iue I'.l niighl
to do.
.lust 1 hen a muuli-T tm
Ciiini* sillily fr ,111 tin* old man's d.u;
(i.t mu i'f |,i-i •, y.m d.iii.lv ditili*,
'lhat  fierce oil man cjuciil-iU-d;
And iimi it v a*. 1l1.1t I *d.id.,.nil,
And It-It  lhc gill uiiiim 11L1 led.
Mrs. W. Lu-.hhy Hall handed tlm
Kid n copy of lln* New \Voin.iu'*«
N'ntioiial Jot1rn.1l, junt Ntarlitl iu SI.
Lotus, mul wliiili is t*, |u> iltvottd it*
til.'   illll'll'StS  nl   U'ntlHM   .-md   ii   lit  In*
ulitttl  iuul I.,ii'liut>.I  by  uuiiiiii,   II.
st.trts Htlh a vttv long Mibwti11ii1.11
list, mill tlie lil,.li,i;;iiiitlit *>.t,#ti* ltt.it
th.y hue lln- Iji>'.aI and tnimt t.ipi.1
printing i-tcit In the wnrW, uht.h
cm tutu ..ut i,t*rt,o,M eoplra of the
pufitT in  Inn nilniilrs.
>. .*_ .' -'i^4;'.'•*"'-."..*.'.' A A."'    ■'sy'V ■'-A'^i'^v'"'-^ - ^•'j^i^'S^^i^hA^r'--"'^''Cie''^:?^k- -'.;-'
-■ "'• '---  '•'r    '    .     '   ''*■' V-A. ---*"*«,. -"-A>-.-*" * _"' :"  ";'   '_""* *"• -..'.,.-     .*, A,-"-"-   "'"sO*5- "*v IA "-:^4.-.-J:--*V-" -"_*"- A-.-u.-,A-
fineMrt printing does not alone consist in
paving all t^ wvinMes, ding*
Mats an6 dingupes 'fpr^ingtf^'jOfb^   4   ^   ^
1Zf$ere 10 a knowledge of knowing fyow to use tfye 'tome, tftai
inessential to good worfyand a technical training not acquired
outside Pinion offices fiis ifte compositor for turning out the
highest standard* -'My £ \t+    &'•-,, +    >*■;+ ■ '1' :
Motonlp a knowledge\.6Tthe use of tppe, bitt the qualitp of stockis also one
of thie strong points of Xthe Ze6ger,and with tbe finest assortment and largest varU
etp of inks to be found intfte province, our artists never fail to "make good." & &
Memember tpese things when pou want something "real nice" and let ns have
pour order. We print everptfcing/and when we sap "print" we don't mean anp old
thing, thrown together and smeared with ink.r    (§     ^     it   ,'*&    &     if   '***'■
' i ~ * ' *i
Miverp job turned out is a sample of ffine Mrt printing, and if we are not
doing pour work, take,a look at the stationerp used bp pour neighbor. 'We tod bis.
Just ask him bow be is suited bp     „ ;
le ZedgePy ffernte M* 0v
Tbe public are asked to believe that
public grievances can' only be remedied by more law. The World hat*
long held that nearly every 'grievance can be corrected by existing.law,
if the men in charge of public affairs-
hnd the courage lo enforce it or avail
themselves of any oilier legal or constitutional argument nl their disposal. For instance, we don't* know
that there is any law at present 01
the statute book whicli would coiupc
the Great North Western Telegraph
Co. to give direct connection will
the ■ Ontario government telcgrnpl
bvrvico nt North Hay, where lhe twi
systems meet. As the World pointed
out, nil , messages between Toronto
und Cobalt'hnvo to.be tn'i'iieccssiirily
copied at Xorth Hay, carried out, o!
one ollice into another and then rq*
suit aud re-copied at destination at n
great loss of time. Hut we imagint
"if Hon. ,T. P. Whitney sat down and
wrote a letter something like the following, the direct connection would
ho eflecled the next day. Mr. Whitney's letter would be somewhat ol
this clmi'iieler:
H'ri'sidiiil of G, X. W. Telegraph Company;
Prt'sidtnl Canadian Pacific Telegrnplis:
Dear Sir,—I find there is great delay in tlie truiism!»sion of Toronto-
Cobalt telegraph ntessngi's by reason
of the absence of u direct connection
between onr K).sUiit .md your system
ut North Hay. The public not only
have lliflr messages delayed, but they
have to pay a.sc. to each company fm
a message of len words carried ,\io
,   *t ...       i,,   , ti    ,. i,i, i,   ;.   t.,.1,.,,
lhe vat <• Xn "Montreal, for a bout lhc
saint' distance. This seems to nti* to
hi; bad busiiu-sH for nil parties and to
be an unnecessarily high charge, and
ibis toll tr.uld certainly be cut  down
ii iit.ii   ,1,.,,
,i it.i..i i .....ini* i.
twun     the two lines at Norlli    Itay
nud only one smiting operator    und
nnc  ..reiving  operator employed    in
tun ity of iiilinit.tiiig to you that my
the transmission,   1  take ihis oppor-
government  i:t  prepared  t<>  iimb-    u
direct conn?;llon of Its system   with
yours mid to join >o« iu udiuing lhe
cost oI.iuess.igcs to n reasonable figure.   Yours  with  pr.iloun.t  it spirt,
Prinii' Minister of OiU.irio.
P.H.—Kindly lei me have yonr reply by return mail nnd before i send
to the printer* our final draft nf    ft
bill we intend bringing in at-the"approaching session of ,'the legislature
dealing with -, the ttis.-ilicm of telegraph co'mpaiiies,—-J,  P. W.        -  •
The World is right iu its contention.
that there is n tendency,, to too much
law making, , ,   >
' A law preventing -the holding ol
more than cue dircctorstliip ""-by one
juan would render unnecessary a great
deal of legislation already ou the
slatul'! books niul siwplily many olh-
irs, besides making tbe adoption ol
.ndless chains of law designed only
lo prevint whnt that double director-
ale legislation now in force'permits
lo be done when il -makes from,-two
to twenty difVinenl legal persons mil
of one iwHvitlunl, so Hint he can
mnkc fronv one to twenty transactions with* his real self to, the disadvantage of those whose -money her is
supposed to direct solely for their
How convenient it, was for President Cockbiirii' to use his bank's funds
lo buy stock for himself, and when
thnrc nppearcd to be a good margin
to sell llml-numi stock back to his
hank and icccivc his 54,53..50 profit,
Thul transaction is uot one whit
worse in principle than nrt transactions Involving millions of money
ihut go on nil .ho tinic nil over the
country simply by tlie method of the
double (iircrtiiig of other people's
In many iuutaiues honest deals nrt
niiuh1, but thc possibilities and opportunities to make money in the
saiim way that, Cockbitrn did nrc 1.0
{-.rat thul the wonder is Hint tin
robbery hns been so small.
'I'ltrr.' ('* nn cvrtt.'.. fr\r (b«* i.vIi*<(>m^i*
of the xmli'in except tlipw twmiliMIti*
ich,  nnd why continue tliciii?
Wliuiuver it tnmi's naiiir Is iiintlc use
ff ns n director to holster up n html-
n'cs'i proposition,  il is vvltU'iire that
.1   1   i    *,        it      .      1     » ,
iiurit to iiKihlc It to secure the
necessary capital mid n resort to the
use of mimc-H I'lili-ulaU'd to supply the
tltficit-nt'y of real nivrit In the busi-
n.-s< iltilf is had to iudiire people
*.tli'i do /..' l-nniv anytliln^ about the
venture they r.re nsked to Invest in,
lo p.m iv ilh ihcir money to he placed, as they suppose, in the hands nf
iln v directors, who ore suppowd In
dim-1, bin who do no directing cx-
c ptlug that kind nf directing from
one institution 10 another In which
ilt-y nre more directly concerned.
It may take a Ion**; time lc»  hrln-j
Roosville t. Elko
• There is nothing from.a lialchpt
to split the kindling wood to Uncomplete! outfit for an, exploring,
expedition which we do not supply at a reasonable price.
•i     , , ,   ,   .    1
Hardware, Harness & Saddles
Miners, Prospectors Supplies
■*    * 1 t
Drygoo'ds,  Oj onirics,-I'arm  Ini-
•ploinciiUs     and   MnchliK'ry   from
■Mtem-Wiiidiiig I-tlausu     Tfraps    lo
Cyclonu Hliickcrn,  litdinai ,Curion,
•Sotiveniirs of Uoosville nud Kiko,
Haw l')nrs and Prcsh Proilucu from
Tobacco Plains
Ei™ Home Bank of Canada
flipped 011    order from
uny pn/t cant or west.
i-u'lid  orders
Kllco .to
t   !
to Kiko.       \
JHtf Oniiia Iltjiters . ott'tfittfld
with supplies, Pack Horses ntii'l
(luiduB. -,
The man with the Savings
Bank habil is U12 one who
never gels laid oft"; he's tho
one who can get along with-
ottl you, but you cannot gel
along without him. The Savings Bank habit menus sound,
sleep, good digestion coot
judgment and mnnly independence. The most healthful
thing I know of is a Savings
Imuk-boolc, .,There nro no mi-
cj-obes in it to steal away
your pence of mind, It i.s a
gun ran lea of *gciod behaviour.
Vyo would lil.e to Imvo your unmo'
on'our list of depositor's.   No mattoi1'
' wliel'hor your start is 0110 dollar or ono
hundred—wo will pay yojj Interest nt
current*) niton—compounded twice-"it
Current Accounts Invited
Open Saturday Ev^ings 7 to 9
J, M.  iV.ARSliALLv Mar.,
Fernie. Branch
itbout ct tliniigo in Hiin diroctioit, noC
hccutis-} of tho intricacy ol such nf
mange it would tlo uway with m-
irtci.cy, but liccattsu trtf lho ojiposilton, t
Of the professional ill rector   nud   hli» i close nml ntleiilfve heaving..
lint these tlli'ii'tlng, peoplo nr<"doing.|
clmiigc tlinu arc lln. people nt Inrge
and tlio end wilt litj the nljoJIticiu of,
the abuse or total  anarchy    in'    (b\>
business wort
Accordions, Banjos, Guitars, Piccolos,
Mandolins, Autohai'i.s, Mutes, Jews'
IJarps, Mouth Organs,. Violins, Whistles
and all accessories i'or above instruments. Thoso are all new 'goods Just
opened. For variety, quality and value they cannot bo excelled in tho
The Palace Drug Store
M. I5. McLean, Mgr.
the company'-- i,;Ae ui tins cikc lu the
prcKi'iit trouble, nud for .iwo licinti
iiiiti a iiiiii iiie iii'iiitiiii'i iajiiwi ii'lvd
lhc iiaft lo um lap.icil*,, y,.\\v him   u
mcuY,t, i.\ crjosi.ii ton'.
l-'autc, 11. L\, Nov. ia.-iSpii<*inl\1-
fIn the imitation of «. coniitiittre . of
the Miihel mliurs1 union iippo!*..td
Tor lfi.it pitrpos*.*, -t.rii-.rnl Maii*»:!t-*r
Mmliwy wiut to that, town mid ait-
tlr.wM*-I a iiitfitinfj of, the cojnpAK'*-
iinplt.ywn «.n Kutun'lny ni-jliU lln
jfovo a lull i.n.1 def jtlletl „t«ton»!nl tr.f.,
In dosing hiH I'l-iiiaiku he Hitdttnl
if ni ci usury the company would keep
**,-.     k.,,,|^W       ,..l,4»l     Vl*>V..I     fit      I**** ^,   ...
ratlier tlinu., submit to iho "I'hw.'ct
ihop1' principle. At the coinliHion of
the nddrcAN hn waa asked .-■jvo.'al
i-iiculloii'i, til of which he niis'.vi'i'cd
fully, and '.ic niei-tlnj,' tlu-ii iiiuini-
nioii'dy pa'-'-'-d a hearty vote of
thaiilis to il.e npeiil'er for hii c.i.t.r
tint!  .il.Ie .id.l'.c,,!,,--!V,tucouv..'i V.'otld.
Arc tho people tn undcrslnnil from
the *hovc* I lint tin* town of nlirhcl Ih
lo riannln n closed town i!urinj» thc
hi-ycuti of lios.! down ol tin* niiiiis
on itcuuuol uf lliw lUditi* fui uu open
■J ?
'-• '
I-.                4
" .'
,'                   .
. *. 1
J        ^
'   '
,'                                ^
' '*!
■  o       1
Bank   of
Reserve   ,
Total Assets
Ovef $30,000,000
I Savings':
I Department
Ono Dollar is sudlcUint to open nn nccmint.' Tn-
torent paid Homl-mmunlly nt ciii'i't-nt rains. Tho ^
hofit facilities nro offered lo out tit town clonnxllorB )&
Current (iceoiiiitfl of mnijufnclnrOM und iiwrch*. &
ftnlH solicited.      •       * ■    ^
A Gciionil  Danklnsr   HiikIiiokh  TrnuHncicd
J. It. J-AWltV,   AGENT' riSRNI].   UKANOII' <$
W. R. McDougall
The Shocmnkcr
Don't Have Any More Spoiled Dinners!
-^pHH next time you nrc in need ol n gooil roast or a
A prime young turkey or spring chicken, ring up phone
4. You can be sure of getting a roast thnt i.s juicy and
tender,-or fowl that is young and well dressed. Vour dinners will always be a success if you get thc best nnd thc
place to get the best is
Tlie Dominion ileal* Co, limited.  Fernie Biancfi
—, TO —
1'ickits tm «nli> dully, NOV. ..•) tn
lll'IC. ,n, iniliiMVf, |*iinil to return
within three inoiitlm.
l'iiii vi upilpitu-ni, incltiitinjj; .toml-
iiut rirnl-ChiHH Slcrpliig nml .VmrlHl
Cnm on nil throiij'li trains.
iwo riiHoroir kxpkkks tkainh
Apply l» iHitrml C. t>. Uy. ii|>i-nl lol
full  IlllillllllltloP.
i ia«j» n* *3m oaantoBs ^aw m®m
A.J,Ill'llTViN,«-»n«ir#r. • VANCOliVKK.Il.O.
MnijiifiirtiircrHofiill SolIJ
nnd IciHoricd Tootli SAWS
Wu carry In slo.l-v'nn.1 can utipply nt short utillr.
IIOI5 nils and Slmnl(n Sivnf,'-.*« n.iiziiif*-.-'lux
OLDHAM Il.titil .".iiiA-ii Shiipcn. Hinlilirude Silver Si.U.r
Hntcry Wheeli Ijirn Unllicr  HiibMtijMolnlH .
WttaA Split Piiltey. tlmt will not .Yip,     .
unit all Filing Koont Supplies, at
RIrIiI  1VIc«m.      I'loinpi Delivery.
i   S.-n.lmj'i.iiror.lcr!,    .'        „.     'i Wc nuaumUc wtUCmlmi   ^ TEE FERNIE LEDGER, FERN-IE, B.C.. NOVEMBER 22, 1906
. ,1
_ 1. ».-
FREEDOM OF THE OPEN «al a"'1 organized,  is given   full rein
Tne falsity eif llie claim that the
open shop menus liberty' and independence is illustrated by the following examples;
I11 Indianapolis one t of llie most
promiiKiil advocates of llie open
shop employs three boys to every
man. .The wages of the in en are given as $6.50 a week. That's open
shop. Where is the independence al,
th.il price?
In a hat factory in Philadelphia
union meii were gradually discharged
and boys hired. Now Soo ,lioys make
from $2 to S5 'a week. When a boy
I'.ccoiii'.'s proficient and demands fair
wages, he doesn't gel them. lie is at
liberty to go.   Thai's open shop. .
A coremaker in Detroit was ' paid
, S12 a week. He had his daughter,, assisting him. Soon she learned how
to make cores. Then he was dis-
clurgi'd. The girl was given liis
place al $4 a week, lie became free
to seek another job' That's open
. .shop.
In a union pressroom in Chicago a
iioii-uiiioiiisl was put at work. .Then
a second, a third and a fourth. "The
union men cpiil, They didn't wish lo
wait until they were discharged. The
intention to get rid of them was very
plain.' That's open shop.
In the government printing office
at Washington fifty-six refused to
pay the assessment for the,eight-hour
straggle. Hy doing so ihey broke a
suitinn pledge of honor. That comes
from Ilr. open shop." It encourages
dishonor aud 'makes men contemptible.
An employer iu Milwaukee said; "I
don't know what we arc going to do.
We can not get enough young help.
, The competition is so sharp we must
employ childiin, who do not demand
big wages."   More open- shop.
The tobacco trust employs over 16-
'■   000  children .   at  an  average of less
than 35 cents a day...     Tlte work injures  their health.   Again open  shop.
Iu'Milwaukee .a boy 14 years old
worked as high as fourteen hours a
day for Si.50 a week. His employer
was fined Sio. and costs. liberty lo
hire whom lie pleased anil lo work
them as many hours as he chose was
•    t fins     denied     the    employer. lie
should  have  had  an  open-shop  judge'
to decide the case.
Imagine, a Methodisl bishop assigning clergymen of other "denominations
to Methodist churches.    Then  refusing
to  listi'ii   to  any  objections. '
would  l:o  open  shop.
' Ought  the .ITniled   Slates  to
rill  foreigners to dwell  here    wiThouT
paying taxes or being subject lo   its
laws?   That would be open shop, with
its  freedom   and   independence.     n ■
The anthracite miners had" open
.shop uiuler the most favorable conditions possible. Many of the iiiem-
her.s of the-union saw no reason to
continue to pay dues. The organization dwindled rapidly. When llie'tiine
came to make another agreement the
union had no real strength. The open
sho]) is ileal') ro labor's power. ll
makes men inio cringing slaves.0
The gariuuit workers of Chicago
had the open shop forced upon them
two years ago, Sweat shops have iu-
cre.fscd enormously* in conseipK'.ice.'
Wages have fallen very low. Trousers
are made for 13 cents a pair, and
only six pairs a week ran be made
nl the uiost by the one doing the
work. One woman who sews trousers
is nble lo make i),..cents a week. Another gets n cent apiece for linder-
vists and does about fifteen a day. A
crippled man and his wife finish coats
for a cent apiece. Ileiug slow work-
eisi each can only make about '23
cent** a week, 'Where the clothing is
made sanitary conditions nie so awful llml contagious diseases (ire likely
to.l.e in every garment coming from
there. All who buy clothing or
mingle with others nre thus endangered. The Jives of such toilers must
l.e short, and -miserable, Where is the
Independence niid freedom or the open
.'illy thousand iliildn.n work l,i the
textile mills nf llio south, The aver*
ngr life of the child after il enters
tlie mill is four .years, Tlml's open
nhop nud yawning graves, Hoes liberty mean license to coinuiii 11r.1v-
The tyranny of greed, both indivld-
by the open shop. Misery, degradation,' crime and death are its inevitable outcome. Therefore, organized
labor opposes it. Therefore, also, the
Methodisl Episcopal church aud all
oilier., who sanction it. must be classed as enemies.
Who so aids by word or action the
bringing about of such awful results
as follow the open, shop is a criminal
before the bar of morality and lustice.—Alexander Spencer in Typographical  Journal.
A mother's work and worry in caring for her little ones is greatly
lightened if she has on hand a safe
remedy for thc cure af indigestion,
colic, sour stomach, constipation,
diarrhoea, simple fevers and the other little ailments that are apt to
come to children suddenly. For these
troubles H.Vhy's Own Tablets are better than any other medicine. They
are mildly laxative, prompt in their
action, and a few doses usually
leaves the child ■ in perfect health.
They do nol contain an atom of opiate or poisonous'soothing stulT. They
always do good—they .cannot possibly do harm, aud may be given with
equal safety to the new born infant
i.r well grown child, , Mrs. Reginald
James, I'Vnaghvale, Out,, says!*- "I
have used Baby's Own Tablets and
find them unexcelled as a medicine
for children. They promote sleep and
general good_Jicallh." Vou can get
tlie Tablets from your druggist or by
mail al 25 cents a box by writing
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Hrockville,  Out.
Coul.—Conl land, lnny" bo iiiircluisoi at .10
per iio.iu for soft, emit mul $20 for untlirncite.
Not iiiuro tJitin !i__ ucrM cun lie iicquireil by
otio iiidiviili.nl or company, lloytilty ut the
rnto of ten cunts, per ton of' a,(XKi pound*-, shall
bo colleet-tl on tlm gronsoutput. '"
Quiirtz—A freo minor's cortilictito is gran'oil
upon piiyinout in wlvum:. of tf. por ionium,for
tin individual, nnd from IS. to MOO per milium
lor n company according to capital.
A fipd minor, linvhiK discovered mineral in
place, may locate a claim ),,M. x l,r.U. leet.
•   Tlio fee for recording a claim i_ *ji'..
At lonstSlOomufitliG expended on tlio clninl
oai-li year or paid tn thu niiiiiiiR record_r in
lieu tii-roof. Wlion {WKi lias neon oxpende-d or
paid, tlio locator n.uy, upon having a survey
made, and upon complying with other ru-
<Uiiroinents, purcl.ano tho land at.l au aero.
' Tiie patent■prti'viiiu.s for the'payment of n
royalty of Si per cent on the sales.
l'l.Atxit mining claims generally are 100 feet
square; entry lee ■*& renewable yearly,
A freo miner may obtain two' leases to
dredge-..irtsold-of-ilvo milescttcli-lor-n-terin-of-
twenty years, renewable at tho discretion of
he Minister of the interior.
Tho lessee shall hnvcadr.Hlgo in operation
within one season from llie date of the lease
for Oiinh Ihu mile-., Hentnl ¥10 per annum for
oni'li milo of river leased. Itoyalty at tho
■tilu of ai percent collected on the output uf-
ter it exceeds SIO.OOO.
V.* W.   CORUY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.   1»%—ITift-ViLliu|i*-i7ctf   *Vi-«lf)lici_,tio:ii   ol
this advertisement will not be paid
Notice is hereby givea' that 60 days
Iter date, I intend to apply to the
Hc«. Chief Commissioner of Lands
aiul Works for a special lice-.ise to cut
aud carry away limlx*. from the following described lands situated on
the Kootenay .ltivcr. North Kast
Kootenay District;
-Xo. 1 .—Commencing at a post
pb-.nU-d ou tha cast .sid- of the Kooteimy river, about two miles north
ol ths northern boundary of Lot 4596
lh.'iic_ 80 * chains north, tlience 80
chains west, thence 80 chains south,
thence 80 chains east, to place of
G. II. Ci. liOUI/rON-
October  ..th,, 1906.'
ousawif <3?s Delight
.5 a Clip of Delicious and Refreshing
Xo. •**>.■—Commencing at a. post
planted at th': southwest corner of'
Limit Xo. 1, thence 80 chains south,
Ui.ncc So chains west, '.hence 80
ihains 4* north, Ihjnce So chaii:. east,
to place of commencement.
G- II. G. Boui/rox.
October ,|th,   1906.
Xo, 3.—Comnu-Ueinlfj at a post
planted on; mile nortii of Limit No:
a. lluuc. So chains south, llieiirc So
chains west, thence So chains north,
th.uce So iha'ns east, to place of
G. 11. G. 1J0ULT0X.
October 4th,   1906.'
Xo. 4.—Commencing. at a post
planted al the nortii east coiner of
Limit Xo. 3, thence 80 chains north,,
tlience So ehains east, thence 80 chains,
south, th.uce So chains west, to place
of commencement,
' G. II. G, B&TJIvTON.
October 4th,   1906.
Xo. 5.—Commencing at a post
planted at lhe north west corner of.
Limit Xo. 4, tlunce 80 chains north,
th.nee 80 chains west, thence So chains
soutli, thenee So chains east, to place
of commencement.
October 4th,   1906.
Xo. 6.—Commencing at - a post
planted at tU* north west corner of
Limit Xo. 5, thence 80 chains north,
thence So chains west, tlience 80
chains south, tlience ,So cli.tms east,
to  place  of  commencement.
'    G. II. G. BOULTON.
Oclobciw-lh,   1906.
Xo,.  7.—Commencing   - at    a     post
dantcd      one-half   mile cast  of    the
nortii west corner of  Limit    Xo.    fi,
J.hanca_____cli:iins * nortii,   tlience.     So
■hains  west, ■ tlunce  So chains  south,
thence 80 chains     east,  to place    of
October 4U1,   1906.
- j
Cut the Great Consumptive Preventative brought Health and Happiness to his Home
"Our doctor said thero -cvai no curn tat
mtyi. wtfd nn Xv\l\\ tier 1nnt»a \\<*vm riffcftfiX,"
*tiy* Mr. L, II, Walter-' of Pearl Street,
i>ioe/.vi.'i'o, Out, "ft v.a* a K.ui tiimp-
nointniunt to us both, just slartlnfr out In
lira, only married n short timo. Hut before
iho had finished tho find bottle of I-iychin*
Ihe pain in her lunn-n. quickly went away,
and after inking nix bottle. Mrs. Walter
W**WV     -.»      It'CV.        W*t*<tiw_C      ti**N*      ii-C_ -*!•■% t**j"       *tt_t*
That U junt onn of the many famlllM
Inlo which Pflyi-hlno liai brought hope,
lirnlih and happlncmi, It Is a living praol
thnt Pnychlno cure. Consumption. Ilut
don't wait for Consumption. Cure vour
LftGrlppc, your Cough, your Uronchltli,
jrcwr Oi'-irrii, or your Pnuumonla with lhe
remedy that never fails—
(PioeowMAl SJ-fatca)
50c. Per Bottle
l.srt*r •!••• tl *** •.-all dructUVb
BR. T. A. SLOCUM. limit*., Tofwh,
Ti-ml.rs will be received by "the
Knrl Steele I.nwiiijjj Co,, Liiiwteil, up
to ths 18U1 day of December, )9o6,
for all braneh.'.s of work required in
tlu erection of an up-to-date Kire-
proof llrew.iry, wilh a capacity of
about 30,1*00 larrels jier year, build-
iiijj. to 1>o coni])f,sed ot brick and iron,
with cemcni foundation and Morn*
Tli*. lowest or any tender not lis'-us-
snrily (iccepletl. Plans and specifications enn be seen on application tit
the Company's olliee. All lenders
must bo accompanied by a , marked
chofjiiio for s per ceul. of tha amount
of tin bid.
Dated nt Keiuie, llriiish Columbia,
■.his 27th day of October, J'Jofi,
Ai.imiw mny.,
JOHN 11. 8MI1II,
Notice   i.s hcrebj   given     that    llu
■i-ii'lHji>lii|i h.retofore sul)siHliii).j   be-
twei-Ji   us,  tlu  umU-rsigiud,   ns    eou-
'.riielors,    ill   the  Town  of  llostuer,
hits this duy liein dissolved by    11m-
.ual  ei.tisiiil,   All  debts ow'.iij!; to thu
iitid partnership nre lo be paid to J.
i\ Wi!|{im     nt tlu Town of 'llosmer
iifofi'said, mi'l nil cliiims tiKiiinsl lhu
mid  ]iiirlu;>n-hip nre  to be pri'Sitilvil
0 the unlil ,1,  P. lli'jtnli, bv    whom
It.* siiiiie will lm sellKil,
I)nt.:d  nl   l-Viliie,  11,   C,  this pid
ihy of October,  t'jof),
A. II.  1MCH,
(As to Siniiiitmv of .1. II, llicli.)
Xo. 8.—Commencing (li a post
plnnted ■ one-half mile .. east of Ih'-'
north-west corn.-r rj^ Limit No, 7,
thelice Ro chain-- north, th.-uce So
chains west, thence So chain-i south,
thence So chains east, to place, of
C. II. G. ]K)UI/fONT.
October fiXb,   igofi.
Packed in Sealed Lead Packages Only
io preserve .ts many excellent qualities
At all Grocers
V      MB !MI«W_M_i_*_M_iil'iW*-MI*ir_Tll  Bid _■_■■<■ ■■■ia_t   *mmmm*M*mm*mW*Sm******** **********     ■_^H*H-_^_aOi___i_______a____MH^_____MiH_i        ^T
Hotel, Fernie
T. W§ie9an?   Manager
A pleasant homo
Tor the traveller.
Rooms    reserved
by wire.
Every Attontlon
I i—i ri* ■■ inn mi iim
<)♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<>«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦  ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦O
Agents for
,T9ie 0"ilarary Mtirblo «md Granit3 Works
The Kocteuay Marble Works, Xclson.
Samples can be seen nt the office.
Offick Phone 41       Residence 76
Parlors in Lundy's Block
The Elk Lumber Co.f
Dimension? Flooring? Siding?
Finishing Lumber and
All our, stock is last years cui and well seasoned.
t Make yonr wife happy by buy- |
I ing a Steel Range of J. D. Quail :J
No. 9,—Coiiiiuciiriiijf at a post
liluiiU-d one-half miiu cast of tlit'
norlli west cornur of' I,iinit No. 8,
.h.'iicc So tliains nort.i, tli.ncc So
chains west, tlwiKT So .luiins soutli,
lliencis So chains enst, to. nlnce of
. G. II, .G. uoui/roK.
Octolici- ^tli,   1906,
or  oiosiey  refunded
* Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd *
No. 10,—Coinim-iieiiijr at n post
planted oiib inilu west of tlu north
west corn.'i' of Limit No. 9, tlu-nce So
clinins east, tlience So, chains south,
llr.no! 511 chains west, tln.'iice 80
cli'iins north lo placu of commencement,
G. II. tt. HOUI/1'ON.
October Olli.   iyo6.
ly tlio week or montli,
N0, J u—Coiiiinuiiciiijr at a ])oxX
planted at tliu north west corner of
Limit No, 10, tlience So chains west,
ih.nc.' Sn iliiiiii'- Miiith, tlK'iu'ii So
i-huins i-nst, tin lieu So t hains ii;iflh,
lo plnco  o[, roiinnciici'iiii'iit.
tt, II, tt, IHH.T/I'ON.
riclol.cr ^tli,  jyofi.
No, 12,*-Cr)mmi'iicin^ nt a post
planted nl thu norlli west cornar «f
Limit Xo, Jo, tli.-nci! So chains west,
lluii.i! So (1iaili:i north, llii'iicc So
iIi.miis i-nst, lli.JK'i' So chains ,s,,nth,
to plnce of coiiniii'iict'iiiciii.
G. II, tt, IIOIM/I'ON.
OcUiler -Ilh, J0'>f>.
Brewers of Extra Fino
Lager Beer and Aerated
AVntors. Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
Limilier Co's iiorih.-ust coriu-r post,"
iIi.-ir'u ninr.iii'j; stiiith So chain.*', ih.nc**.
west     So   cliains,     Ih.'nce    north So
chains,  ilii'iic.  cast f-'o chains to   thu
po'iit of coiiiiiiincenu-nt.
Dati'l at I'cviiiu, II, C, this 2"Ji(l day
of Octoher,   toofi, *iv
No. J,V—Comiiu-tu-iiiK nt 11 post
plimt'.d nt tli' uinrtli west chiikt of
Limit No, in, Iheuce Ku ilnins nnrlh,
iliin.v So ihains east, tli-.-iut* Sn
(hains south,  thenc.*  So chuins west,
it)   plil.V.   of   ((.IIHIHlU'l'llU'lU,
(V 11. tt. llOl'LTON',
Oclidicr ^Ih,   J-ioft.
TIMlilCll NOTICl-;.
'i'nkij notice that 30 days nfler ilntu
\\v. iiiliiul to njiplv lo tliu Chief Commission..!- of Luiitls ami Works for u
special liiiiisu to cut and carry away
limlt-j- from thi fnllowiiij; il.*sii'il*_d
Coiiiiiieiu-iii^ ut 11 post planted nl
lh,i 11 ji-lliwi'i*l. cuiiier of lot 3f>3. bi
I'liist Koolriiay, lli.-iicc west Snihnius
ih.UC.t Milllh So i-ll'iills,  lll,*lici! east So
tIniin-., tli.ni-tr^iiirih So ihains, uloty.
Ih-.: w*.-sl lioiuidiiry of lot .V>3 to place
of roiiiiiulU'tliielK ,
JOHN l.J'.tt.\N" St V, A, MtDICinilJTT
lluiiliief. It.  C, Oct,   lytli,  I'Ji/i.
'.hence X. ^o ihnin- to place, of com-
nuiieeiiKUl, c-( n'ainiii;r 320 acres more
or less,
.   Locator,
Dated    nt Klkinoutli, 11, C, Kcplciii-
her 27II1, 1906.
D ' -, 1
The Best of Satisfection
in Watch & Jetoelcry Repairing
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,00').    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
D. E. WALKER, General Mhnager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager
6 cents
JO cents
15 cent-
Over $5'.and notitxcecding $10....
.   "   $10   ■   "  '        " $30....
-    - "   $30   .  " " $50....
These Orders are I'ayablc 'ut Par al .- ny ollice in Canada of a .Chattered Dank
(Yukon excepted), and at ihe principai banking points in lhc United States. .
They form an excellent meth od of rer lilting small sums of money with safety
n*nA at i mall cost..
Fernio  I-rniich
G. S.   licit,
9JWS     '%r%r%r*ytm)/*^l*mr%rtS^S)/%*^^^
Tj'_sr_D__j_s rnT-a-W 3vi'A.i<r:A.a::*5.3wi:_23s*rT
Jamos tSovorn, * * , - ( Proprietor
* Well  furnished  rooms.   .The lahlc  i.s supplied  with  the henf
the market nflordu. The lm r <i Hiu>plied    with   th.   best wines,
lit|iiors and cij-iu*H., j
-•V%^lAk^%'Vli^*%^%^U^% l^%tf%*^*%^^"V*^*V%%'
-«. 7-*-,<-    —-^"'-^^   *^—<r
Mrs. Clark'«
l'ollitt Ave.
IIAUTLI-.TT HOfSl'., formerly tli*
Clink, the U'sl Si n dny hotel in
Kelt-oil. Only white h.lp etiiploytd,
O, W.  HAUTLUTT,  1'ioprietor.
N'o. i.l,--l.'omiiK*ni'iii>j nt a post
plnnuit at ill.- i-oulli wist u.hi.t <»t
Limit Nn, lo, tli.'lK-e Hn ihaius
s.iiuli, tfc.-iKv >*ti ilniiw cant. th.n.i.'
,*f. ili.iin.-. iwi'ili, ili.iiu* Nu iJi.nti'4
w.-st, to |.la.'i- oi I'l.tniiiiiH'iiiHlil.
O. II. ('.. noTii/ros.
fli'tnl*!- 4Xh,  ly'ifi.
VOU. SAl.I-.-One W/udiimjlwi Huud
I'r.";f, 7 rol- folio; on.* (lordon .Jr-.l.-
J,cr, r*\Jl, l''"l'i Xbise \iremies ntv
lit fair ioiulitioii, mul arc oiTi-r.-J
for Hale ihi'iip on aitoiint of hav* )
Ing instiilli-d larper prt-hses in tlu*ir
M*»d. Write for pi Ices anil Utiv.t
to      "
I'ernfe. n. C.
*lniiil*i   Liniit.Dl  Oho  Uiphiherij.
*mmi *'m'''V^*^wmW**wmmm^**^mkt*m-w*m*w 0 mi ^i-ir *****■**> ****** **^f
Notice is lieti'liy jjlvrn that IV* days
nlt.-r AtiXe wi initiul to npply lo Xhe
lIr«oralili* Chief Commissioiier of
jUtiid-- and Wi.il;.- for .\ *.]<<•* ial Ui-mv*
tt> tn*. nnd tMm nwny timU-r froin
th.* It.ll.Hviii}- tksciil.ul l.iiultt in IvaHl
KwiU-JiJiy district.
Cuinnii'iiring nt ti post plant.«l on
tin* M'.-st Iim* of lot MS, nml nl»otit
I'.J mil » iii.ilh1 of tlu* soiuhufst mr-
n.r ol    »ji<l l«'t i^/5. inailnl "Elk
To ku not iff thit :\o tliys nltiT date
«•■.    till    «,|    'II    -.1.1.14'    Im    ill.    t'llli'T ('..111-
inW'-.'Oii'r i.f Lands nn.l Wml*; lor u
r.jiei-lul lit-in.:i*'tii fin iintl foiit' nwny
tliulii'f li'ti.u Ih.- following d."*i'i'iU'd
CiiiiiiiiiiiiiK at a in*l i h.niid at
tl,,. ■■,,'Hli'<, • t i ni n -r at Itit "Iti'l.
lli.iiu u.4.1 f'.i ilniiis. III n f n.illll
ho iliaim, ih ii,f va/,1 !'»' ili.tiii-.,
Iluiin-.i miiiIII ';•' ilmins In |)ll*U*j oi
i'i)iiiiii.-u.':iii; nt.
Uiu.iii.-r, 11. C, Ofl. fjtli, I'M-
/^V' ■
Our (l:i))s will     tiflilf thi ixtlnte     (if
ih- -'pii'iti. io* will as of miy nnu who
lilts   lllL>lll,
Tnl.t'ii from tlie iM'Nt Nltirk ohtiiln-
alilf, nud t.iri'lully tut uud trimiu..d,
lll-y f: mini, Inil to pli'll.*'.   yoll,
i 7 "    '   - >  ■'
j iii i .    : v    nn htyli.-r    ill in
No Lengthy Argument
Tini K«nil.'|l,t'il*'«rl<.riil .Hull'.)
wild tlm Culunry I'nluii   unl
llui t.nly Print SIki|i li l.vinn
CiilKiirj- niul 'Xi*l»iiii Hi ., cmi
liluri' Mid Dillon l.iilhil  ■     ynur
The Fernie Ledge
about fjooil printing'
is necessary; a {rood
business'man knows
that a neat, tasty job
of Printing attracts
attention & inspires
confidence. That's
the kind we execute
Have You Tried lis ?
pay   ft-r lnw-rj-rn.!'
P. Burns & Oo,, Forme
TAKE -mli.,* dm ;io davn nlti-r
dnti- I iminl lo apply lo tlu* Chief
Coiniiii-i^ioiitr <>! Lml* ami Wt.il.-*,
Viftorln, It. Cl., far .» *i».\.A liunst-
Xo nil uud cany nwnv tiiiiLcr frnm
tW.* follow inj; d.-trilul l.iiids:
Oouinunnn'. ot n piM plnnttd nt
tlte N. W. ruinr «.f .'. Mc-Iihii-k* limit, th tu. i nnu-ii;' IV. "-ii tliatn"., ili.uia
S,  .(a cbiin*.     itcn.t   V,. ?*,   ibi iv*.
00   YEAfl8,*•
JtXtpt MANKt
Coftmbmt Ae.
AnrM*wni-|lnit »»lirt»b kn4jliMtipilo.ii Mil'
<ml. klf uf**ruin i.«r it^uUm pt* vltMbcr M
i.trnieum li i.ri*»l.lr l'.l*_1fet», J<«iB|»tAi»-
l imirtfHMlf •mn-.Miilal. H(NU0« o* PttMtu
•nnt tn*. IIMmI *i*nrt tot »*i*flti»i»l»-U,
I'Alimtt ttkiHi cbronfti Mimi * Co, f«etl«*
IfttW suttt*. wllhaat Ostn*, I* tM
Scientific Hmtr-ittit.
AkwrftowtirUitwiwifl ****xt. Un****
rtiftun* of *Ay v**2}l*S kiV'*m *«».«.•» •
yotri four titniillni It Bul.1 ttSitt***a**t*t*. THE FERNIE LEDGEI*., Ffi^lfi5B.d  MOVBMBER 22, t-506
Mr. G.- G.  Jewell spent Sunday in
Fernie. ..   ,
Mr. R. A. Quance paid a.visit    to
Fernie on Monday.
A'new logging camp is being built
by the Jewell Lumber Co.
The Jewell Lumber Co.  expect    to
begin sawing again at an early dale.
Owing to the recent     keen «■ frosty
weather, the hauling ol logs has been
resumed at the various camps.
•   Rev. Mr. Hamilton, of Coal Creek,
spent Monday in  Jaffray,  the    guest
of Mr. and Mrs.  Campbell  .1. Lewis.
'     Divine service was not helil in Jrtf-
-fray as usual last Monday evening,
the Rev. McConiiell having been called away, cwing to the serious illness
of his father.
A new store has been completed
anil is now doing business at the
North Star mill. A flag station and
post ollice are also soon expected
there, under the name of Ilanbury.
The ballasting of the Jewell Lumber Co.'s spur has at last lieen completed, which is very gratifying to
the coinpany, owing to the vast
amount of lumber whicli has , long
been on hand ready for shipping.
under this heading insterted at the
rate of one cent a word each insertion.
WANTED—Girl to do housework.—
Apply to -Irs. Eckstein, Howland
HACII1.L011H' (-uarlers, two rooms;
steam beat and bath.-CUOV.S
FOR SALE—A good William's piano.
Apply I). McLennan,
.   ■ t* ■
.FOR SALE-20 lots in West Fernie;
easy terms....Apply W. T. Ilealey,
West Feiliie. *        a
"f  - -"*"--     '■""■■■    i.i'"--
FOUND—A small passbook. Owner
can have same on application to
the Ledger and paying for this ad.
"   Wc oiler One Hundred Dollars    Reward for any  case of Catarrh    that
cannot   be   cured  by   Hall's Catarrh
F. j. CHEN'EY & CO., Toledo,  0.
M'e, the undersigned, have known I<\
J. Cheney for the Lint 15 years, and
believe him perfectly honorable :a all
' business transactions and financially
able to tarry out any obligations
made by his firm.
\Vaiding, Kinnan & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh'Cure is taken :iile--
nallv, acting «!'<vclly upon tlu blood
and niucuous surfaces of the system.
Testimonials sent free. Price 75 cents
per bottle.   Sold by  all  druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills   for   constipation. r
'   ,       ,     '  o  '
FOR ,SAI,E—A •''nap; a six roomed
bouse, well built, with hot and cold
water bath, and up-to-date .electric
light fixtures; situated close in to
busincsc part,of city; must be sold
soon. For particulars* enquire ol
Mott. Son & Co. *•*■
FOR SALE—20 acres two miles from
Calgary, mi table .for chicken or hog
ranch: n.ver failing stream on prop-
, eity;   fenced;   house  and   barn;   »: 00
per acre;  easv terms.—Apply  to
"l).  R. .MACLEAN,
Real  Estate  llroker.
Alexander Mock, Calgary, Alta.
MOTT SON & CO. have instructions
to look out for two or three hundred acres of good land suitable for
fruit growing in th. Kootenay Valley. This land must be so situated
as to allow of irrigation, either'by
gravity.or by a well-equipped pumping plant with an abundant sup-;
ply of water. Improved ranchi.s arc
wilhinj; the scope of the instructions.
Locality,   quality of soil   and  access
" to water come before price in the
consideration of the purchaser, who
is a practical fruit " grower, aud
knows what he wants. Send us
.yonr descriptions,, locations and
prices. "
New York, Nov. 19.—William Randolph Hearst, who is 0 now en route
to Monterey, California, in discussing
his future course in reference to politics in New York, said:
• "I shall never again be a candidate.   However,   I  shall  continue    to
_residc ju_New.A__ork7_and a.dv_ocatc_
"ami support the 'principles of reform
which I have always stood for,' but
these principles nre' now sulliciently
understood by the general public for
- it to be no longer necessary for me
to be a candidate. You probably
know it is by no means pleasant lo
he a candidate. I am glad iu the
future it is to be my rprivilege to
stand for the principles of government which I "have always advocated, without being a candidate for ofiice, and on that account attacked
with bitterness,"*
Oi'iitleintn-I have used MINARD',*-:
LINIMENT on my vessel and in my
family lor years, and "for the every-
tlfiy ills and accidents of life I consider it has 110 equal.
I would not start on a' voyage
without il, if it cost a dollar a buttle.
„   Schr.  "Stork.," St. 'Andre, Kiunour-
)     WINTER    }
Q$ _&_ b ___■ «_P
\i     —.	
London, Ont., Nov, 19.—It is slnt-
id in Liberal circles thai Hon. Chas,
llyimin will resign his seat here atid
seek re-election ns the result of the
bribery  rharj-es.
A statement to this effect fn mi the
Hon. Clinrl.M llytiiuii himself is in
tinier. -
A hotel that furnish, s qiiii-l, i-oiu-
modioii*i lu-t-ommo'il'iitioii  for  its patron*, i.s a Kinirri! of pleiiMMi'   to   the
travrllili,; public.   Such a nil"  is tli
King i'Mwutd IfoUl, of lYniii',   uu
»*r opposite jiost ofiice.
Quobe<s, 51. John-,
Halifax, maritime
November 24th to
December Hist
Don't forsfet our Celebrated Griflill Brand
Stip-ar Cured Hams and Breakfast Bacon arrives
weekly.    rTry some and be conviiiccd  that it  is the
Best 611 the market.
■ "ff\    __B_S___3
Pay Cash and Keep Debt iu lhe BackgreiEnd.
_3_22SE___l___a_a__i__C 52^
ADlES.   .   •
Coats and Skirts
New and up-to-date.
LADIES-~    ^"™"~"~
Underwear and Hosiery
The macle-to wear kind.
—WMIIBMII ■ l,llll____K____Ba_WII I IMI IIIM ■ 1*-. l»MI,ll_.   J-"TT_'T*II*MW- II—lllll     I IMI l-y—-»" —I WflM IIH MIST 1"*
Underwear and Sweaters
The Best that is.
O  0
tW 1    fs
» o I
■ wn-ii wiiiiiw
Overcoats and Reefers
The sort that fits.
_.-_,- -_.__-_.
-II IT.'J ■*■_»___■
The Best made.   -
.-—..Nn   ....... . 1-. ...——. .....   ..——..
i smmrmmmstm&jmisXmLmmas
Jhe Crow's Nest Trading Co.,
( j   UR Values still lead.    Wc can  supply your wants with thc best quality
of goods at prices  that cannot   be
equalled elsewhere.
Wc respectfully solicit your business.
To n-lk-vc 11 ivnijjli or liri'ul. up 1 >
cold in twtiily-foiir limini, tin* ;* I
lowlnj* simple f.iiinnU, tliu hipe-li
min ol which i-un liv c>l.ti.iiu-«l oi anv
l[Ood -ircscriptlon ■litiHj'iM n\ miiiiII
coitt, if* hU llial will In- .(.-<<'iit-i<l.
Vlrt-lnOil of !>iti.> il'iirei, oiii-hiilf
tnilicc; Cilvct-riiu', iwo ounces; tioml
WliiNky, a Mill ]niil, Shake well miiu
take in Jeaspootidil doses every ("iir
hours. Tlit- iKsiictl km-Ii*. t.m imt In-
obtained titilt-t-s tin* iit^-iiilii-iiii. an*
imi't.*. II is llu'tt-diti' IrUii- in |.iii-
rtiiiM* llie jnj:ivi'lit-iiis st-'i.ir.-iii-ly ,*iinl
pri-pari' lhc inixliirt- yinir>.ilf. Yirj-in
(til o( Vim: il'nrel slu.ulil In* piiritins-
ftl in ihu riri|>iiiiil hiilf-tmnic* vinls,
wliiili tlriij-'-ist*. I.iiv (or (lisji.tiHiiif*-.
l.acli vliil is stiiiii-ly sealitl in a
r.iiiiul wo<nl''n .'.I'-..* wlif-.-li jiro'i.*.-!-- Jli*'
oil from M'-mim- i-» lij"Iit. AtouihI
Uic wootlcii ta*'-i: i. uli .imr.-,vol -.n-.i'i
|n-r with (he luitu;- -"Virgin Oil t.i
Vint H-urr)"—i-l-unly pritil-.l Uteri*
nn. There nr. tnnnv imitation** nn.l
chtap jirodtiction', of Pine, l.ui iIkm-
only <tt*(t nitii-fii, am, never tf.iii
»lt/» fJi><fr.if rfiiiffv "fi
Old Country Rates
$73.25 Return
llallfnx or St. John ^
Kl--turn Ocean Vixvoh     (
Saloon   Second Steerage
$95.00   $76.00   $54.00
'Ulll    lip   ll-COl'lIllltf   to
l-'nr <;.'ii.lli-il Itif.iriiiiillon, ntlllliKii,
ti(.|i«n !.*.•111111*11, l*'lr->t I'liunur Tunri.i
S|,*ii«*i* Id'... iviiluni*' ti|i|ily tn Infill
An.iiili.or wrltii.     „
K..I. t'liYI.K.A.C. I". A.
«-      Vll II.'. HI". IT. 11.0,     '
.!,*«. I A 1(1 Ml, ll. I'. A,,
N. 1hi.ii, II.0.
rt. IllCAl'INd, A<;«iit.KKl:MK,ll.('.
■■■■■■■MiMBMMiiiiiiMiiniiiifii'iTinTffjrmjii'TiiTiririii T"***"-fn_ni**-i__pniiiiii wu irmiTifriTnTnr-iTiri"-
•   lixaminc our new stock of Winter
Dry Goods, Boots & Shoes, Gent's Furnishings
cn.F irniK rnn   rAMPBELL9S
—dm  ■■■■■^■^■■■■■■■wwwiTtfTwiBwrginairiiiiii^i-wtMiir-Miiiiiiiii'-irirnn_iii*"fit-*'t—'*-r"-"
Staple and fancy Groceries
f_M__M-__________M__M__iin________N____*,ii *mi*M:m*w'.im***mm. *'* j**-*'jhajml k-umwi t%m *+*■****. j m.ttsm' mtmrn
The Crow's Nest Trading Co.,
*   . '. *'CM, **
C«iiiiini'«'*i"i'ir 'J'li.iiiius II. Ciiniiilis,
i.f tin* S'tlviiiii.n Aniiy, will lie in
I'i rn io mi ilu i">h t.1 lleii'inlitr. Ho
will l.t* iiii-iiiiipaiii.-il Ijv Mrs. C.M.iiili'i,
l.ieiiti-ii-Htl-fi.liiiivl |-ii|:iiiire nml Mrij:-
-.itiii-r Sni',.i'ii 'Ute xi>iiiiiii,sf.uiiu*!
will I.uiir. on lhe "Yester.luyv
tinl.iy iuul ti.nmrr.iw i>l the Salvation Army" in Sl.'.rl. s Hall, mi«l will
.ii.su };in- mil Mime v.tlu.il.ic jiidiim.l
liuu uLuui-i t.. tlu* iimnip-r.ni'fti
. 1 ms>. <i( <|i<> A nuv  '.*i tbey will    uf-
/,. I    lln-   Writ.
Ulnaril'H UniimtU Curm Col.k, Ku.   Mma.l'. Uuim-n*. Cure* lli-iimprr
M wivri-M? KN(*i*-'Sin\*K.
M.itibiiu*  t'lovi.iit'i.,  um,um, ^juL'i.vc,
Till:  (till  C.iimi v-
Tin* C.iiiailiiin I'.uifif Railway an-
lioliiice a  si-riis     of low  ininiil    1ri|.
Iii'l..*,,     1ilr.\-ii,..-.n,       '.....*.    ,.m   ),>i'»i» i
tiinil, irtrin I.ooltti.'tyK In all points
in Ontario, Oiii-hee, Mutitiiiie '.'mv
incts nml ilie (il.t Country.
Rule Irom I'einii- to Toronto, Mon-
lit'il, Wintknr nml inu-nue.linle
poinis is S'iS,?*i' HiiHl.ix tir Si. .Jt.Im.
in i-iimtciinii with nve.i-i ji.i**si|;es,
Tiilitls \ull In* M»lil A.tiU N..i-«:i:
lu-r 3|th tn IJt-uiiilier .11*1.
Ct.i'ri'.s|if.inlin-T iiitej. will lie t-imteil
t<» all K'tsUrn C.tn.tiliau jmint\ Irt.ui
rll  K««kt««jy Malion-t.
This is mi ntiiisiinl n;.|i>tiriiinitv to
vii.il Huslirii Cmi.ul.i nr tlu* old
Country til Cliiisiliims tit n Kiw r.iie.
IJ'liilli'il     iitfnvitiiili'.ti,   'iniliti.f   1i»l
for     iiei'im   .-.tcnim-p;.       !ii-«1 -c-l:i«.*i   or I' A i W
I .iii'isi  »le.*per ivM'i-i'.iliinif', on  njij'li    )_{ }j n
e.ni.ni (<v !o.':tl ji^eiiK, i.r write            V\.
.1, S. CAI-TKK,                    \(\ j ij
1>.  I>, A.. NeNon, 11- C. ,\fM ft
NOTICIC is lieii-l.y I'iveu  ilmt    tin* .'
Cliri     nl   Revision      oil   lhe   Yi.Ut':, ' A,'\
l.i'l  f I' lL  Cil-,   ..f  I-' li'.''-  '-'.ill  '■'-•    ' \fJ     T
in  the tilv oliiee on  Kriilay,  Hen-ni-| r; «
l.tr _im,  i'ii/.. ,it  S i.M.,iI. ii. in. ' fjx
! • te i   ("
.1,  W.  NTNS-,        :xJsJ    V
Cilv Cl.rk   *'- M     U
— 1 *.
I-'tl-llle,   U.   C,   XnV.   'JIM,    I'li'l*
M _
year,, has. been: a
big -surprise to the
^spaper world
on;-.account  of
increase m
rtiis paper, along with the
ger Night-Cap, far o"ut-
stripsany other newspaper
Nest Pass in circulation, and
the benefits to the advertiser
are greater than can be ob-
tained"  through   any   other
The Subscription List
. lias grown steadily iipwcirci and the
street sales have increased in a remarkable manner until now we can
fairly claim the top-notch in circulation and plainly state that we have
left all would-be competitors so far
behind that nothing is visible of them
but a cloud of dust.
Since the Strike
the increase has been most marked.
'     10
'      '     17
'.      '    2A.
'     IM
Ceep a comin
..... *. *•*
Miiunl'-.  Liiilnuiit   Cims    r„:i,j,j   liij,4,i,u-   "3B--1 >«_-XF>*_1^1W1 ^C2*««,w*;^?*V,<__;__><JI|in'*S>^


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