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The Fernie Ledger 1906-10-24

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^\ -—«„  z/^ -
29 1906
i /
Prov.   I.ibrarv
Vol II," Number 12.
•     f .„ + .~t\
Press  Committee  Investigates Charges  Tlade by
Former Pres. Dicken-==A Vote of Confidence
o in Sherman is Passed.
Sonic papers have hecii very iiulns-
- iripusly . I'laeilig. ibefore the public the
fact ' .thai President Sherman had
kepi silence under tlio charges Hindu
by ex-local  1'ivsi.deill Dicl-eii.
President Sliciinuu has shown his
good sense uud  consideration  for the
- nieniU'i-.s of tho local union in remaining, quuit until charges Iuul i„*en
iuve.stij.aUd l-y th. im,:(,ii and re-
porlcd on by them.        ,      '
As is seen liy tlle neci-Mipnnymg report, h intl-.il to the press'' by tli*.: direction of tli. loenl'union, there i.s
no .division in ib. ranks of that ca-iIv
iej.aiv.linj; ihe actions o( Mr." Diei-.en
or the standing oi President* -Siier-
ihaii. The miners are amply jusli'led
in usk'ng tlu ])i-ess to give, as wile
publicity to this repor.l of their co-.ii-
uiitlee as has been lho ease with Mr.
Dicten's letter, so unjustifiably •."Ivui
lo  the public.
It is still in order for selr-st/ied
friends of organized labor, to keep cn
harping upon those charges, and to
still iiiMisl thai rrcsid.nl Sher.ii.'ii
.has1 betrayed his trust, both lo the
miners ami to President John I,:.*.-'
ihcll, bui so long as-tli.- union, p:c-
fer Sherman's particular Lf.-annl of
treachery to thai of' ,Mr." Dicken,' end
keep on endorsing tlie oii-e aud i-m-
dt.-iiiii.iig the other, smsibie, nubia*".'.!
])copl<> are not going lo go mad -..boii.
it, because .such a- state of uiliirs
den'I .suil the fellows who arc imill Ing. over with self-lissorlul love .'or
tlu union.
Thc Press Comniiilce of V;iuie
Miners' Union .desires to make the
following report to"the press:
On October 13th a committee was
appointed to investigate certain
charges niah.-by IV. M. Dicken, Uren
local presid'.nt, and pub-lii-hed 'by him
in ilu press, Tlu committee met and
spaiil many hours maT-iiig. tlu inves-'
t ij-o-tiou. District President Sherman, W. M. Dicken and thc local secretary, Thos. P.iggs, were called before the committee and closely questioned at 'some length, every opportunity being given \V. Jl. Dicken lo
prow his statements, which he failed
to do.
Tlu loniiniitec reported lo the local union meeting on October 20th, sis
The report of your committee on
this case is thai we Iiud thai Pro.
W. M. Dicken has violated ilia principles of'our organization, by .publishing his letter in th-* press, and that
we advisr" the local union to suspend
him from all ollicial positions for the
period of six months.
And, further, this committee wishes to say lhat. it has tlu fullest, confidence, in ..i'itricl" President Slier,
Upon the report of the investigating committee, it was moved, seconded,  and carried unanimously:
1. That the" report c_e accepted and
filed  for  future   refcrjice.
2. That \V. IU. Dicken stand uiuler
suspended sentence for an indefinite
period.     a '
3. That the action of this local union in (baling with W. M. Dicken be
given  to the press.
i). Tlii.it a vote of confidence b_
place'd in District President Sherman.
Tli' millers of Kernie desires "to see
tlu press give this report the same
wide publicity as it gave to the false
charges made by ex-local President
Kernie  "Miners'   Union,
Xo. 2314, IT. M. W. of A.
Master Stephen B. McXeil, of the P.
\V. A., denied that Mr. 'Patterson had
been refused pet mission to speak on
August 15II1, P. W. A. day. Mr. Patterson himself corroborated tliis, ami
further stated that lie had not asked
permission ia speak. Mr. Patterson
addressed Eqiuity Lodge P. W. A.,
and received a hearty vote of thanks.
He expects lo address tlu Grand
Council in Halifax, and hopes to see
a plebiscite on llu question of tlu P.
W. A. ._l.iliatii-.jr with the* United
Mini 'Workers of America. Thus far
the '(jiia'stioii has not roused much interest here1, but may possibly doi so
civ long.
• Communications
''] his Paper Will Not be Held Uespon-
■ if
si'ble  for    Opinions    Kxprcsseil-by
Editor of The Ledger:
Will you kindly allow, nie space in'
the Ledger'for .11 .brief reply to a letter w1.ii._h 'appeared in last week's is-
sticof the Free. Press?
My mime • was used in that rom-
iiiuiiicalir.il, and in justice to myself
and to the organization which I have"
th. honor to represent, J think it ny
duty , to make, a reply, although J
havo once .before denied those stat'e-
iiuiils .while in Nova Scolia. Xut-
wilhstaiiding (liis denial, scab news-
pupers still give space to the same
old story, while pretending friendship
ta .unions. As lo the uuthority cited
in tha Fre-a Press, 1 miilil say ili.it
tlu editor, Hubert Drummoiid, is on.*
of llm most llagri'.iil of scabs, nud
well known lo lie such, Not only
newspapers have d.-iiiul lhe sluteiusnl
regiiuding me, but l.riind Alasier J-ii-
jilk*n 1), McNeil denied it at a meeting of l'>.|iiily Lodge of the P. W. A.
That older has done goi'd work, i.ml
may be able to do much ore, .i'ii il
nmy .lie able to do 1i1u.li more, but it
purposes to Iw of ns niiu-Ii .>e.*.* ,-e
to llu member,", as it should, Some
of tlu (.Hirers "nf tli.it nssocin Aim,
jusl ns some nf llicis** of tlu V. M.
\v. of A., try to use.the.ir plnccs fur
political purposes, nud Mr. -Ir.i'ii-
moiid us.d the 1*. W. A. until he
lauded in the position of lion,
Robert Drumtut'iid.
1 was iiul sent down to Nova
Jsroil.1 to disrupt llm P, W. A„ 1 ill
to* do us luuih j-i.i.l for th.'iu ,is ;.cih-
sible, 011A I hud been a nu.niLvi- nf
tkit iirgiiiii/n'.inn for years, iveii
nil.11 Mr, Druiiimond was secreniry,
nnd wlun Ariou Slny ran. nwny" wilh
?Im iimiu'y lielouj^iig to ilu mm
of thul iinbr, I knew tli:is*> i.k-ii mo'.I
nuiii'-jJi not to j;o down iiiiinii-j them
niul try lo dictiitii,
I rim nny 1 was Ircnli'il wilh '.hi
j-lciileNi i-nurlesy hy nHioei's uud 1 i.'iu-
Ui's, nnd hnd. they ilriilwl me 11 liei.r*
in,* 011 the 17th of August, ii-. li.i,
1*cii Mnti-il, there wuuld h.ive i-i,u
Iittlo chance for uu- to attend ir.h.r
mi'vliligs of llie iii'd.-i- or «|i- uiii'i'ii-
liim. Insleiid of Iviiig pic-.n'.:•!, I
wns tendered 11 h.nrly volu nf ih I'lki
hy tlio luA^i-s I udilivii.-ivd, inclir.'.iug
Uinii.criaii'i, rn mu .inn l.ijh; i.uioii
»ui,'.'Ukj, ,.(;*) inu>'"-'■•■'• -V|" '.ti •'•';,>J
, .irj-iiiii-iii in fuvnr ol union wiih ihe
U M, IV. of A. could 1-,* m-i.l" lli-iii
i.s th.- st.ilciuciti iu ilni letter Ih.il
tliu I'orpnrntli iw nre opposed to thai
1,1 u. *i.
Tliat. is m,<iuglt Inr a mail who h.is
tlw w.lfatc of tiitionism at h.ai t, .in.l
who can tliinV Inr liiinMf, Cnrpnru-
liiJw or inmliiii.itiiiit nf nipitiil are
fipposing nny i-ouilin.iliou of In hor
W.I1M1 w.-ilt »iv.' ll"' bllotill;, tii.-m :iii
fifiml show for l.n'r Ireiiiin.llt with
iliau-.K..:., and u.ttui.illy thy will
n|i|K>'io tli.i Mnu/esl iiigulii/.ilii>ii-*.ol
1;«bor aud Iivjixuriiicilly pow as
iliitnpioiis ol tli-! ivr.il.i-r unli-rs.
tbrXc is 110 illtein.itii.1lil l.nuinlary
l.'nj Im- cipit.iI, ai.'d uhi' *1i-nAA iti u-
V*i m> miiwli UIU aUvui „u,li ii li"'- for
the w,.rkimli?
Thi-y nre ill- pni'lm-f* «•' •■■■ ^''iltli
i#*«J it w„uil<I Ik .tn _,l.*iu<tity lopr. •
vtail the producer of1 wealth following
that wealth wherever it may choose
to jro. '    .
Tlu talk .about the Kev. Gleheii
asking Kathei- McDonald to allow 1).
ill. CiiHes to talk to the. nieinl^rs ,is
4ii_t.li'.*r iuslanee of. bow even religious s-utinient and feeling is worked
iiprti, Ui-jnisdireet men's efforts lo
seelire the benefits of tli.ir own productive powers in a material sense,
As to the American union anil what
thej havo done in the west, 'l believe
Vernii. would now ly. a very little
town hid if not been for the aid of
American uniui of bolli capital and
Tluce year.*, and a half ago th.*
lowii was lelt without: a union, ai'.d
we asked the all-Cauadian oi'ijnniza-
tioii', the P, W. A,, lo lake" us in,
but they were too far. away, and
did Xhv .uexl l*st thing, and sent for
ih.1, organizer of the U, M, W, of A,,
who ni'jj-uiii/ed us, in order that we
migliL piotoct oiirsalvvH from the eii-
croacluiKius of oigaui/,ed capital, mid
I win say tlmt llu: orguni'-aiiou we
now belong lo has suit into the
conn try S.l.oo for every {.1.00 lliey
have Ink*. 11 nut'.
We   11 slu.d   them   for proleclion   in
niir own coiuilry, and lliey'are gJ,v,iii'gV
it to us.
Tlu only purely Ciinndinii sneiely
iu tliis country is the P. W, A., of
N'ova Scotia, and a small fislU'rineu's
The cash in Imnl. belonging lo
ih* V, W. A, Insl year brought the
older $111.5.1 by way of interest
wh.il a magnificent sinu thut would
lu for th.' puipnses of'protecting our
iiili'ivsls, wlun we uro engaged in <i
li'.lil willi iiiillion.1. on tlu other side?
Tli.1 wuv to iiuike our unions vffec-
li\D is to make tlu-iii as large nnd
ns strong ns possible, nol bivnU
1h.ni up lino lilllu fni|-nients.
Ill elnsillg, I wish lo ilimik ynu fnr
llu privilege ol your enlifinus to ausw
er n'li'lis, und hope I shnll not huvi-
10 'iij-uiii deny ihes,- sinli-iuenis of llu-
'Min'iig  I.i'cnid nf Nova Hcniia.
I am, fiateiliiilly ynuiti,
Iilacu H.iv, Sept. 10,—Peter Putter-
Kill, a iiuuiler n[ tlu Internal'.! iiul
Il.ui!il of United .Miti' Wiirl-.'i-s ni
Aiiieiii'ii, i.s sjuiidilig 11 few duvs h.-ie
nddr.ssiiig V. W, A, lodges,   lor   the
J.|.lj>.»r*w    i.    ........   I.f,   .......    --.   ..........v.
nlllj lln V'r'.i. Min. \Vnrl.*i nl
Am.iii.i- In itiiv.-riMitiin with tin;
Ili'i-jild .'(ii-tv-punil'llta h: express,d ii
lii-;!! njiinii il nl Nova Scntin wnrk-
nr.iik \i1i.iiit, us a whiil.', li.- prnniiuiic-
\ '■..     ,,,.|'a . '.,.( ...      ...'.'.a.   '•''«    ,..,', '*■-      -
ciiiiutiy iu whiih It.- li.nl tn-m. Uv
statul th.il be imly d.-si'imd to luy
1.4,'l.iiv tli.iu a fw laets, uiul knew
lliey mniilil ihiiuh i.nt ill.' iiinttir for
ikuis.-lvi**. Capital w.is powerful in
y.-vi SVrilf.-i, and ill* I* IV A. wiii
Inn -.ui.ill iiiiii too purely lnc.il in
nipt wi'li •■ "'i'i.,n-, l.r.iiiglii ».. 'h-
Ale dmiiig llu* past Inv yen*.*.. It
wiii «4ily l.y uniting with ilu- t'uiud
Jltiin Wi.ili.rs i.i AiiKTii'n ih.it tlu-y
(diil'l n.litml ill-' siliia'.wi.i.
I'Tiii ji'mh  h.is luri Jilt!.' imileKtiml
'ii .i'ii-,t    s.-.itf.i     rr.*    nWvii.v.ii'if.
str«n*ly tttjt tli* owl miner*. Ii,i\v
.*,mn-ol tli.lr 1 n\ 11 m.-mU-rs to r.ji-
rt.nt  tli tu  in pailiaiiunt.      t.ran.l
' TJia* Kernie MinisU'rial Association
met on Monday al'l.cv. Mr. Hall's
study. It was on motion decided to
hold a mass meeting i.u Christ Church
on Wedue.'day evening, 31st inst, llu
oilier churches to forego, their weekly
prayer services thai eveii.'iig** Ki'V-
Mr. Coodeve .will address the me.'t-
iiig as represiiilative of th: Hritish
and Koreign llible Society. The subject of a Y. M. C. A. for Kernie was
also  discussed.
1 City Clerk Xtmu announces that lhc
time for registering names on the
municipal voters' list closes 0,11 the
31-st, e.nd all persons entitled lo vote
under the new act should see to it
that (heir names are on the list. 1»-
fore the first day of Xovein.bcr. Next
Wednesday is ihe last day upon wliicljl
this can be done. Go at once to the
City Clerk's ofiice and sec that your.
name is placed ou tlu list. Any i>cr-
son who has paid S2.00 poll tax or
any otli'jr lax lo Unit amount is*, entitled to'vote if he'or slu ,1ms resided
iu Kernie  the  required length of* time.
•District Pres. Sherman received a
wire from Pivs.'J. Mitchell yesterday,
slating that two National Board
Members ol" the U. M. W. of A. lud
started for Kernie as special representatives of ,the mine workers to arrange a settlement, if possible, of the
press.nl trouble -between the men of
the order and tlu Coal Company.
Tlus'i men will arrive in Kcinie Friday or Saturday, and it is the sincere desire of all parties that their
visit will result in a resumption of
work at the mines, and a permanent
sctlleininl of all differences.
Mr. Thos. l.tirke and J. Kharpc are
the two .National llourd Moinilx-rs
who are 011 the way.
' Mr. .Shaip has len here before, aud
Mr. Burke has also had experience in
Hritish Columbia, aiid is therefore
familiar to some exlm't wilh conditions here..
Price $2   a year in Advance
Mr. .Tames Bain made a Hying trip
to  Cranbrook recently.   ■
Mr. G. G. Jewell went to Cranbrook 0,11 business Monday.
The first snow of the season came
Th11r.-d.1y, but fortunately did not
stay long.
Mr. Gilniour, -representing the Wat-
erous Engine Works, of Drantford,
Out., was in tow-it Friday on-business. ■   . *- .
The Hindoos who were working, for
the aTewell Lumber Co., were all re-
cmtly discharged, having, been found
Mr. McLachlan, ..jeweller, of Winnipeg,  visited   JalTray  last  week,    and
-spc»t part of his time renewing    old
The North Star Lumlier Co- have.
their mill nearly ready, biit owing
to tlie difficulty in gelling logs to
Uic .saw at. present, Uu spur not yet
heing completed, it is thought that
little sawing will be done this season.
'Ibi East Kootenay Lumber Co," is
mill has, been subjected to a thorough
cleaning, w_ii.li necessitated a temporary shut down. The company
have a great many logs in the pond,
and will continue sawing as iong as
the weathttr permits.
Mr. G,. G. Jewell, , tlu energetic
manager of the Jewell I.uiiilicr Co;,
is wearing a smile iliese days, as
everything poin.s to a "speedy completion of the spur he .has ik-en longing for,, .-.ll he needs now to ship
the produce of his company is cars,
as there is over Jialf a million feel of
Iuiiilx.*r in the yard awaiting ship-
meat.. ■ ° '(
 o ■—
Saturday evening, in Plairniore,
tliere passed away William 11. Chain-
■bi.rs', fatheKn-law of II. A. Kanousc.
Mr. Clumbers was 8S years of age,
nn-1 had resided in tlie Pass for Mine
past three years. He was a native of
New Jersey, and leaves two sons and
cn. daughter to mourn his death—
John K. Chambers, of Wichita, Kansas; Henry Chambers, of Clicnoa,
Illinois, and1 Mrs. II. A. Kanousc', of
this place. Tlie deceased was laid
away in the cemetery here on .Monday, Rev, Francis • performing ■ the
ceremony.—Blairmore   Times,
Mr. Chambers was well known in
Fernie, having resided here with his
daughter, Mrs.' Kanousc, for some
years,. '■'.-'■
Prominent Lawyers in the   City Relative  to the
Big Timber Law-suits.
» f—    ■ ,—.... -     ■■ ■ ,  t:
Can't   Get Away From .{.-"Don't Overlook   Reading
This Agreement which is Correct.
This Agreement made, this 23rd day
of May.-A. 1)., 1905:
T-etw^een^TIiTXrowT^est PiisTToaT
Company,   Limited, hereinafter called
'The Company'-  of-the first part;    "
'ike employees of the Crow's 'Nest
Pass Coal Coinpany, "Limited, as -e).)-
rcseULcd'.by til?: United Mine Workers,
of America,' District Xo, iS, hereinafter called "Th.. M/eu," of the sreoud
Now this agreement witiiesseth that
for and in .'onsideratioii of .the sever-
ill sch.dules attached hereto, and
made pnrt hereof, that i.s to say,
schedules A, II, C, 1), and IC, 'and of
the mutual advantage of the; parties
h.'i'elo, it is agreed Iwtween the parties hereto as follow-.:
Arliele 1.—This agreement .shall
cover all tlw mines, coke ovens -md
oul side plant operated by the eom-
pi.ny, nl* I*'--:nie, Coal Creek, Michel
aud Cm-Uuiado, IL 0,
Article 2,-11 "shall be understood
nnd agreed that in any casu where it
ui-iy appear that (1 member of 1 hu
I/nikd Mine Workers of Americn lias
not been fairly treated, tlm company
will, llirinigh' its ollicials, meel a pit
ciiinniiltee, appointed by the Uni toil
Mine Workers of America, but Mori
i-ny of tlm men shall submit a griev*
alien to the pit committee, he slinli
eiideii'vor by personal application lo
tlu pit boss, to Ki'illu the uiattet,
-und no pil Vdiiimilteeiii'iii shall go
around th,. mine for any 1u1rpo.su
uli.ileivr, unh'ss called upon to do
.*o by the, proper ollicials of the T'nil-
1,-iI ill in j Workers oi America.
Il is understood that* the pit com-
uiillec i.s to meet, ilk: pil boss <r
mini' iiiiin.iger, uud *.ndeuvor lo settle the trouble, but in case of tluir
ilisiigivt'iiuul il shall h*. referred so
tliu Miperiutciidiiu of the ..-oinpniiy,
mid the pre-'idcui of lho local union,
or siuh,person or, persons us he nmy
d.'sij.ii.itc to accompany or represent
him; **hould they fail to ngree, il
illall le referred to tll.i gell.Tlul Ulll.!-*
uAcr of'tlie ei,-iiip.,|u*/ uu-l ih,., district
pivsiil.ui of the I'liitid Miue Workers
uf Aiiiuk.i for wdjiistiiuiit; should
Mt.-y fail to ugl'ei. il shall lx referred
lo nit her ili_ president of the company, or tlie j*. iii-rnl maii.igur of the
company, and to tlij president, ur 11
uiitiuii,il I nurd member ol lit-,! I'nlted
Miue Workers ol Ameiita. Meantime,
.11 .;.. tti.M,**, iii.- iii.kiel.N, iii.u- i.ii.1.1-
ui •-, ,.*.'.**1 1 1 LA ;*„4l,'i.*. ;jji</'i,d 4j;u>i
lOlllillllr   nt   Uul'k,  )ntiding   ,UI   illVisti-
g.iti.m -.-MX adiiistimut, aud until J
finnl d.-iidioii i*i n-ucli.d in th,*. man-
ii.*r nl ovi- set (nrlli; provided, alwavH
t^f.it-  V..  '. u.   \/.,i.i'i  ...  !...g., 11  OI   l.i'iin'.i;
to iiiiiii a unanimous decision within 111.: inoii'lt afUr ih. riftreiicu o
tli* pr.>.id ul or iv*ii.*inl liiaiihigct't aii]
tlle p1i-.id.lll of the Vllitnl Mill.
Workers ol America, or ri.ttinii.il
bnir-l nv inter, ill* mm sh.ill t,.: n*
liUrly to mi>jhUi1 or iv.i.. wml., ll
1J1 y ,') " -' h   '
fit .i.l.litii.u to ill.' evinililiutii.lt*, n|.
low.d I.v th.- Co.il Mill.*!. HiguI.ilii.Ms
Art, tli* pil lominillti* nlimv rcfcrrnl
to sit ill li.-ie aruss to th.* uiitn-_
hum litue In lime In iii.tVi; i-:i.'iiiiiti.i
iii.u, fur ill.- iiiniu-'V. ul! iif-x* ti'n.itii'*;
i.ny dispuii* 1I1.1t nny i>.iur Iriu-u-n
ill.- otliii.il-t nt tli.* ii.mp.iUv .mil til-
nun .tn|.loy.iI tu tli.  litis.*.
Article 3.—It'.shall,.be optional, for
the men, to work .partners, ilmt no in-
dividual miner shall have more tlian
one laborer working for him. The
liresiMU system^.of working partners'"
at Coal Ivieek shall be adhered to.
Article 4.—'I'lie company shall see
that an equal turn of cars \x offered
to eachi miner, aiid.itliat he is'-given a-
fairckauee to obtain same, The
ch.ck-weig'lunan shall keep a turn
bulletin for the lurii-kccper's guidance'. 'J hu driver shall be subject lo
whomever the mine manager shall
designate as .turn-keeper iu pursuance
Article 5.—The coinpany will give
to the United Mine Workers of America full recognition and concede tlie
ch-ck-oll system; that is to say, upon the individual request in writing
of any of the companyis employees,
the company -.slinli deduct such monies
from llieir wagea each mouth as i.s
designated, for dues, assessments,
fines, initiation fees; in of lier
winds, the coinpany will retain from
the wages due employees, any sum
they may have givut orders tipini
the coinpany for, iu writing, paynblu
to sii^-h ollicers of thle. Uiiitwlj/ Mine
Workers ol America &s mny be designated iu such orders.
Articla f),—Tlmt nil fixed expense.*
of the nun for house ix-nl, water,
Iil'iii, sanitation and house coal shnll
remain as heretofore, ench Ion of
coal to bu delivered to ihu men duill
bu weighed on 11 lug'ilimate scnlc \*i-
fore lain* delivered, said scnlu to lie
subject to the iiKpecticm of the in-
.sn.clor of weights und nieiisures,
Article 7.--Any miner failing to
earn the minimum rate of three ilol-
I111-K jier shil'i (S.l.oii) owing tu iiiiy
ultiiormnl condition of his working
Vluce, shall be paid by the company
ii Milliciciil amount tu necuru him
tliu said minimum,
" Article H.—In every inotilU except
those ill which a statutory holiday
occurs the Monday nfler pay-day
shall U: ,1 hulidiiy, luil tn.-f.in: Mich
holiilay, uu ollicer of tlw United Mine
Wurkvi*** ol AinerUn, uppoiiiled for
ibe purpose, shall wait upon the local mine superintend.in nnd ascertain
what his wisha'Ns(tru in rennet to the
liijlilitig ol smli holiiliiy ui smli «luy
or nth*;!- ilny In lieu llienof.
Aitich- v.—In 1 use uu employee   is
iuiuv.ll    out    HI   •.Hipli.'-li.iUt,     i.llkss
l.'i.V m,it-^< A,     I.a,     .'.,'.,..'.     |'a      f,il4.l. j.ll.'.l-
iiuu Mi.i u.'U' m.n in utlier iiiin.-.*. in
llin >s.nt\.' (iiiup «.jk, i;.lvd l.y \h.- s.niu*
Article. io.--\Mi.ii nut cinplow-i' ul»*
■-n'.4. linn'.. 11 111.111 11 is Vintk 101 n
period of two d.iys, uuUss through
sicku.-.ss, or l.y lirsl having properly
ui ranged with ih,- pil loss, aiul Imv-
obtui^d Irs cUmui, h.< may lv din-
.Liigid. Ails- iiiiptoyee ulio»*e nl>-
*<n*.e «. nil Id nil'-* ally slopp :!£.,' of
work must, l.-fi.ie aKs-11 ting himsell
fuau v.i,\l, pi..|isil> .uiaiiN-a uiiiU lU-
pil ta*» inr MK ti, .ll.silUe, Olfl.-riUV
III* Iii.i)'  l«- di"»lWgnl
Arllcti, tl.   Tlie u.mpiiiiy kImII «i.iy
lln sum (4 ihr..* dollan (JJ.no) |**r
•liy foi  all 111:111 •• t.iU u (10*11   um
lu-at, ifcuik. in d>. vottiiuuy wuik.
Aitiih* U.-TIi** i'om|».-iny will ifc-
lii'ii .ill IiiiiKh as n.iir llw worViog
lift as |_,4isil.!e, or at ih.- nvoulh ol
the working rooln.
Article  13.—The compjiny will   lay
three dollars ($3-°"°) each time ttu"
McGinty is moved; one dollar and'
fifty cents (Si .50) each time the .li'g
or smaller McGinty, is'moved, and
five dollars (S5.00J each time the
bull-wheel is moved. The maximum
distance wliicli any of. these shall be
moved at these prices is twelve Teet.
The company reserves lo itself the
right to move the ^ill-wheel with
other labor than that of contract
Article 14.—One man shall have
only om* place, mul only one shift in
such place. The single shirt system
shall be adhered lu ns far ns uos-
It is understood that this article
refurs only,, to gnng.wiiy;-, rooms ami
cross-cuts, 'After levels are tiinte-l
from slopes or inclines, to- accommodate a car, the said gangway or level
shall lie turned to other men. in tli.:
even I of n' contractor on incline 01
slope desiring.. a gangway, nr level,
hi shall have the preference-, '.lie object of thi-i article is to prevent subcontracting in coal, bin not in' gravel, or rock work,
Article 15,—This ii|nrct*niciit shall
become eflcclivc on tlu: lirst any of
Ji.ue, J905, mid shall teniii-uite 011
the 3'Mt dny ol March, 1907, it being understood and agreed thai. lhe
purlies hereto will meet 111 coiiiur-
i*ice sixty days prior lo the expiration of this agreement, to discuss it
nnewal thereof.
Signed, Hi-iflcd and Deliver.'*!,
On tlio purl of tli. cmiipnitv:--
0. (V, S. I.INDSKV,
Vice-President nnd  Gcilm-iiI  Milliliter.
(leiurnl  Siipi'.riuU'iidiiil,
flu the pun iif the men:--
.1. KKV1.UNH,
WitUesu.'il tliu iiliove Signal it 1 -est
"We tho iiii-Io.hIkmo.I (mii-
irToyooH of your iioiiumny, licio-
by «iu;11 for hlinaolf oxiHiitt'H tlio
forotrolnur iiiinoxod oontriii't, mul
aiitliorlco tin* Crou'-M \Yn. I-iihh
Coal Cointmiiy, Minltoil, to <lo-
Uuct from liU wnir.H ciicli month
huciIi Hum or hiiniN, for iIiich, iih-
uet-smeiita, Ilnun mul liiltliitlou
fotiu iih mny bo U.nl|;iiiitiMl to
tho fonipuiiy in wrltliitr from
tlmo to tluu-by tho 1/nvf.il nuth-
oriKod ollli'tn* of tho Uiiltpi|,.MIiu>
Work«srh of Aiuorli-n, ami to pay
over mich hiiiii or niiiiin (0 thi*
KOcroUry of tho lueal union of
theUultcil.Mino Worker* 0. Amor fen, for unit on bclinlf of tliu
United Mino Workcmof AiiilmIch
In uccordauco with u luutiiin
nrroomeut onteri'U Into on tlu*
itilril day or May, 100ft, betnocn
thecompmiy and tho nicn,"
ANl.U.vW   I'UhNS,
WM. iiri.i.Ks-,
'ttm i.om'k,
inA l.ur.ditilt 1A oih.ii.
^nue is |iei-„fi hoUored tU.s wuek
bV the presence of Chi,f Justice II,.„-
U*r and Sheriff-Tuek, accoi.,pa,Viod hv
M tlte jury, tl,'. lawyers, and inan'v
of Xhi witnesses in- the big damage
••*■«'L now ]-oing tried Law,,,,, th, Kl!,
Mu.iU.r Co. anil ,],e Fl!rilit! j^,,,,,^*
C-'o, one one side, and the Great
Non hem   railroad   cn   the   other.
The court, j,,^. ,iml l]lB aUonu;ys
have .U-L'ii going over tl,. gmmi(l
'"akin- a personal iuspecli,.-,, 0f l-v-
irytliiiijf possible eo uiabie them to
:"''-ive al « correct jiidgnunt ol ih«
-"'■■ K. V. Davis, K. C, n,„i t,\; k.
Kf«w. K. C, M. ]», Pf, nrc iu chn .
of the plaintin-s side, aiid K. V. P„4.
■■'el i K. C, W.A. JUacdouahl, K.  C
and It. P.  Kckstein are looking, after
lhe  defeiiilaiitjs   interests-.
The suit is for $12(1,000 damages,
and it has beeu a battle of giants
calling forth the lxest' efforts of t_w
most i*iuiiia,*nt nieiiilKT. of* the liar ia
this  province. <'    .
.'he jury is *ciie of exceptional ab_U
ity, composed, as it i.s, of well knowi*
business liicn of Kelson. The pcrsoael
»f,lh-e jury is as follows:
II. P.iul (fxin-iiiMi), K. p. Gigot, Pt
Lament, .1. H. Wallace, H. Amos,
Hamilton livers, M. S. Daveys, ai«l
S.  H.   Kowler. ' ,
Tli.-y will loniplete their' investigation today, ami lvtiirn to Nelson hr
tomorrow's  train-
Several days1    will 1). required " to
close up ihe case,  ami it will go up-,
A*n iccoid ;is one of the greatest ever
tried in a 11.  C. comet.
Alex.   Taylor  was  an   Kiko  visitor
this week.
Happy I-ranl-. spent several days iu
l'.lko* this week.
- irouse_ cloaaiiig js ,-u {,,*■  ))ljst*.   a|_
the Klk Hotel.
Love may be .blind, hwi mariiiage is
au eye opc«er.
Frank.  Dickenson,    of     Cranbrook',
wu-s an Kiko visitor this week.
.Stanley  Tudliiinier  is   taking    eon- [surprised   tlu-it   the   Caitadiana.    s. oke
tracts of shingling around Kiko.'
The Great Northern steam sh0vel is
cleaning olll t]1. c,uts m;ar ^^
. When a carpenter CaUt'l snioke    i.ud
work he generally smokes.
■-• People   who fly oil the handle nearly always hit themselves.
Highballs Mid rabll-jt , sandwiches
free of charge from .now* on.
Her-bcn Clark was' visiting .Fort
Steele friends in IJlko this week.
There  i.s  a  big demand _   for    l.jnn
laborers  around Kiko just  now    digging Tippm-ary apples.
with that baseball smile of his Sunday.
A large party 0f visitor,-. fronrWr-
ii-ie and points east visited ICIko Su-i-
Mr. King, of the C. P. ... freight
■department, Fernio, was in Kiko on,
Mr. Ileale, of Beale. and Klwell,
Cranbrook, was visiting Kiko Saturday.
Madame Patti, millionaire songstress, 'might visit. Kiko next summer,
Some fine specimen heads of game
were, brought into Kiko Sundiiy by
two local sportsmen,
Com.: to, Kiko and sec the **iialily
of our scenery and inhale the pure
air of Heaven, free, of charge,
, .Some people can see thitiga*. wl'eii
ihey look at them, but slill yon c.n :
eal so.ip and wash' with it,
Mrs., Otto Van Hough' and family
left Kiko for Allicrin to join her
husband,  who  is  located  in  Okotoks,
Mr, and Mrs. Slu'riilum, ol Kiko,
Npi-lil Monday lis'iing ,m ]-L,,l Can-
y.n creek. Itoth of them cuiight
Seveuil cowboys from th."' Ouarter
Circle liar live much, near Uoosvill.!,
spuit several liours in town this
Mr, .Joss, represent ing the Hudson's,
Hay Co,, Vancouver, wsis in town
Saturday selling ginger simps and
cold cream.
Si-vi*r,il baud.. of Tu.lii.ii-, pi-.v.l
through Kiko Sundav mi lh:ir w iv
to tli-ir r'esrrvr, near I'oosvi'.li', '.o-
li.ii'i'o Pliiiii'i.
Miss Myrtle McKee. is visiting with
Miss Miiii.l I'o„, of 1'oosvilli", IX. C,
Sh.' will also' visit sevi-ral |ioiuls in
Muniiiiii  bi'foii* nt 111 niii)*,  tn  Kiko.
Miss I.ilv lian is.ui says ihe would
give a  Uinllipirk  liii'ti.ry  if she null
lind out  llie guy  1 Jul  111,'in ioiivil li.
liirtli.l.iy   party  iu   l.isl   wi-vk'"*    I.''1
I'r.d  Kim Npi 111   ii  lew diiyt uiii.li)'.
ill*   bi)'.   ltd   il|ipl.»i   ,il    l^iisvill.'     l.isl
Wci'k,, lie i'1-p.iit". ..rent iiiiivity iu
linil l.nid.s ,nid p,iu,*, going iiM.iy
'Illev lilt; liillllillg ti ilekililig so-
«.iiiv in ICIko, and 11 rc.pii-st is llm
i:\ciyiii- piiniilg will sink m 11 like
-i   . j,i-  vi..,, 1   ..; 1..   ..     ,   11 ii....i*. 1
il'iiuh '
Knuil.  I'liiiuli  rami' in fiom    «I■ -**
Miulh      fi.ik   S.Uiiid.iv uilh  iiiou;",])
lush 1111:11  to stall  mi nl.I -.iimi. uii-l
was wlli'.llilt," ill- wind thai nIi.iI..*:
ll-    1 ..t, .-
Tummy Vuiiiiti, alia'. Cuiu.uiu.ii
Tom, of lllu.! Hell iuul v, i-* mu i"';'
a Sim>l,iv -.pcii.il limn 111.- Iloilni.tii
linn*.', l'.lko, in Haul-*. Liil-*' ul A
Kool. 11.iy   n'vrr  points.
It's Ii.ind tn niiila* s.iiiii' pcopl"' I i'ii. le iiul 1111 nol bl v.i.i.lil go ..11 il
ih ■*• w.t.  i.i.; li (■• in 1'iV'r ii *i "At .•.'
Mi, Cui Mill.11 .tint 1 .il.-. N..UI i"
K. mi ■ Suiiil iy. 11
A  p.itly  "1  t'.ilg.itv    .iii'-'Viir. 1 i't
fitlul at   th   l'i..».ulL      I'.i.'h    S-.ii.:
■.ti    Kilo   ll..iiiu-,      -.i-«t  uill llp-llV
lior 1 h <>l   tli-  Iiu|i,111  \»tl.i"i*    (01     i.u
Olut.ik*.  lAui'uili.
Mi li.iii..ii. 1, th.* irhlir.iiul il.tr-
-H;*. and 1 tip. 11 !<:.aiul ,'iin tliliilut, uf
Litlilful-'i*. AHj,, ilk ,in luuii w.iir-
KLKO, KOOSVILLK AXI) TOHACCO   ing a n.cktie that loud in mi.U*
•cisiiliou    dillicult   iu  the  iinmediaUj
.Several Vancouver nuicliine agent*
core iu Kiko trying, their'dog darn'-
lesl lo sell tlie mills, planers, stick-
rs, circular saws and Iwiul saws, rip
aws and X-eut saws, bucksaws ami
;*ewi»g  itiiichiaes,
.lack Johnston likes Fernie so well
he intends to'stay ,there for a while.
A party of Iowa pilgrims came inlo l'.lko  from      the  south,  ,uu.""iti.
inch good liiiglisli.
Mrs. , of the Royal Hotel, Fernie,  spent Sunday it Kiko with   h_r.
husband.   It was Mrs.  birthday,
and slur had not seen lier. hus'lxind for,
two long days. She returned Sunday
evening, to Feruie loaded with presents from baby moccasins to Peliu
ducks.   . .'
Vou can chase a cat- rouiul a stump*
just as fast one  way-as the other. A
George Warwick was in Fernie con- ■
suiting with some of the medical cx-
pcrts.   It  must  Ixe  iiuVhtv  t-.-iinful tn	
have, a lady's hat pin run through
your figure, and we feel sorry for
George. '.'Alas, alas, poor Warwick!"
Cliff Kdwards, wlio runs the atetn-
tviiiding. typewriter,, for. ' tlie North
Star Lumber Co. here, started to.
walk to .lallray Saturday night after *
lhe soda-water fountains closei! dawn/'/
He said he had 110 idea there was so
much g;iin*e in the country. He saw
everything from Judas to retl-cyed
turkeys. Hauiey Mtilhern said when
he reached the camp al J affray lie
Irol-'id like green apple ice cream.
lul. Kiiminer was down to Klka,
building lire-proof chimneys, etc., in
the ].oosville Cnsh Store building.
Kd, is an „artisl at this work, uud
can't 1.clvat in Souiheasl Kootemiy,
C, A. Dow retiuned Friday from
the foggy regions of I'ernie, and left
Saturday for Kooteuay, river points,
He will visit all thi: Nalwdnsl factories)
south, of ICIko to tlie Montana line,
ih.n he might take a run over to
I.ousvillc and ,11'luru via the Saiir-
kraiil Valley alld Klk River grade.
Mr, Dow will lm h/>me about Thursday or Friday. r
A prize light tivik place at Ihiis-
more last Kiiday iug.hli|i.*lwei'ii .laruc.t
Iiiiiii ins, of Coleman, and Tom Mc*
Ciiiui,- of Calgiiry.
Then* wen: only three roiimls, hut
th.y wi iv all 011 the .i^'u.iri*, ulid ltur-
rows, th." coal hi-avei, w.is Xun much
for ih" Calgary tiiini'f, win. collapsi-d
during llu: lln'id round. A $.V>o luvuse.
witnessed the I'.nltli", and nil veini'il
4-ati'lii'd wilh the goods they ivu*ived
lur tlwir nioii'.'V,
Dun Kelly mul Dan MeC.iity, two
u.ilivi-s ul Holland witn ii|i lo lll.eir-
I moil* 10 giu up ih.* light, u tut as si mu
.is tli-.*v gel back the Lwlgcr Kid will
s< nin*, lull p,uli.ul,us uf tl_* dig l.*t*
Sunn- i-vil-tiiimlrtl |v*isoii has ntatt*
-I    th*  iimi,,1      that    th.- two l...n.
d.iiigl.il   fi.iin   ilu*   UU   t0!il   U-Ui-vii
lii-i.' and .tliVlown ul th.' light, hut a
.iil'.llll   t'Mllllilliltioll   of   the   1 .Mil   wilt
hiiiAum* aiivi.ii,* th.it it wouldn't huM
luu '.11.I1 duiigliiv  Diitihiiiiu
i.i\Jt 11..
'Hi* St ICiig.it,- mine luiitimu-H to
mu lull blast, iim d.*>\ tli.ro npi*ci»r
in W uiiv indicniuii*. ol it l«'inj» ,ij.
foitnl   by       lit.-     *Hlilie,       '.'lie   linker
1 , 1     -. V. .      1
   ' •■•*   -'-iv- *
to the St.  Louis Siiirltuig ami   ltj*
luini,; Co , at Culliii*.villi*, Jllinni,
'Jh: low. r gr.ide^stull is still j-o nd lii
Tniil, uiul is Uing stund. M1.I11.1-
lil.lt .IK* ill delll.rllil at llu> St. ''.Uj.'ci.i'.
A i'iii.-t Th.iiilsgivin^' i).iv w.i-i
»|ii.ut h.-ie, iiftiltuig U-ily ih-iif in lhe
imi 11 lo il.in.ilr ill.' -.pi-.-iil •lii'.iilf-'
oi tli.- ibi. (iii Suml.iy, in ih. Mi*
C.iigur Hall, lii.*  Pi.-O.vti-ti.iiiH   trlil
.1     »|VlUI       M-IVHV. Ilk-     Jtctil.|..l
.Iliiiiii il..^a-d d.iwn, ainl tb--    |A.l-r
Aim}   hi*.  J». i»]»tr   **u»"   Sill"*"-*'   tb.'    '* l»f
fu ii\-t«.f ai fh.* ♦.-•■rviii* i'ii".*! ih*
MttliinliM p.isiut, IM. 'lb.***. •»>»;!-
l.\U(*i, ,.ii"l Hev. Ml FiiulUv, *h«
p.ist'.r of th- ibnrih, touV pait is
ih. vrviii*.
%" *^*****m**S
Issued e<*erv Wednesday from the office" of a publication, Todd l.loeK,
Vicloyia' AVe.',*.Fernie, British Coir
is  ill's double directing cog
1).  V.   MOTT -        - Editor
O.  G>MEIKLE      '-. Manager
llius 1
Toronto Globe.
The "other thi".?     which    must    lie
done,- and Unit without  delay or hesitation, is lhe complete and iliorougik
investigation  of   the   whole  situation;
how the bank cam*.* to lie     involved,
bow    sucu    eiioi 11'ioiis   siOak-giiiiibl.ing
• peculations willing out ihe entire le-
serves of the  bunk,  and at  least half
a million more  weie carried  on,  and
hinv all  ihis  huge  criminality    could
U:  eoir.liHled'systematically  alld  continuously  l«r  uol-ody  as  yet    knows
how iiii,*1,  .'md  sli11  no other    ollicer
ur     oveisi-ei*. of  the    -.bank have    any
l.nowhdge ol- ihe fuels.   Tlun niuslll/j
dine,   'llu:  Canadii.n   1-jinkiiig  system
may  le supremely excellent.'but    to
whit avail  if  a lsuik may 1-e IooUmI
nnnWiiivs?      Is there   n.'iihiug but    sm
iikal ' .system?       What   is  a   pi evident
ior,  and why are directors appointod
end aiV*ferlis-d iuid"pai°d fees,  if iiiwl-
er   their   very   n.)s.*s   the' i-harcliold-ers
may  be .robbed  and      the institution
ruined.-'.     There   is   something  wrong
,m, iii.-M here    or      the    Ontario     Bank
would not have 1-itii at thc mercy oi.
an-/   di.-honest  ollicial.       That something iniisL  be  discovered.
'Jhose two, things must  be attended
to,   and  lhe     .guilt  must  b<:  brought
limn:* lo iln- guilly.     It will   not   do
for any man to try  to hush up    the
matter. The  public  will  not  allow so
serious a crime-against one    of    our
greatest  Canadian   institution',  to lie
hnlh. d 'iip.      If ihe.  general    in aim got*
has le'.ray.d his  mist  the course    is
])la.-'n.   Tlie Crown  must .be advised of
"his 'crime and proceedings* must V,c in-
stitulul.   And if the president or his
iiiard "of directors  have  lieen    incap-
al-.le'or recreant,  their guilt, must    he
exposed.   It  is too late  to pull  down
lh_\ blinds      and  shut  off  the  lights',
'ih: public, will  not  stand   for    that.
' *■ *J li-j  Crown   ought' not  to' allow    it.
The ■ banking   system   would   be   dam-
•aged by it.       It would be "partiality
" that "would  mean      injustice.      Trade
amTTiiianee     and ""pontics"lnmH^i Wn"
niyl.-r",the glare,  and will  be  the 'boiler for''h.ivin»  llieir corrupt spots revealed- aiid  cut .away.   Banking  liutst
ii.iw.inke  its imn, and    if  there    has
l.cin ollicial uialleasauce and   dummy
directing,   the  penally   must  lve   pa-id.
The   si-iirehligiit   of   thorough   inv.nli-
'gatiftn.iiiusL be lm.n..d full aiid;sU*nidy
urd white 'im -all the" afTnir.s    oi    the
Ontar'i'o'j-.aiilc'    aud justice    must   lie
dc.si:.       ' ■    ■
niach 11..1
And bo'.v persistently is example
after example being brought lo light
of. the 'iidnslriou.s use 'that has been
p.nil is lieing made of it, ,and how
certain it is to so . cn so long as
everything 'is so nicely arranged for
it  to  cotuiuue.
Let the Toronto Globe and eveiy
o'.h.r paper  in  Canada  lift    up    its
voice   continually in a warfare ugainst
this   iniquity    remaining    upon
statute   books' of   Canada   and
■.-un for the press of this country the j take walks or any other exercise
credit  for   bi'.llging about   Uie   great-
LSI rif'-rm of tlie age, f'-'-d place Canada  in  lhe     pi om! position of lender
of"   the worjd    'i"  placing  upon  the
statutes of this country th.: law that
is    sure  to     lie copied   by all other
'Hi- Toronto Globe further savs in
regard to the Ontario Bank failure.
•the Ne.inhlighi ol, puh'-ic investigation must be imiud on Uie affairs of.
the On* inio Hank ]«■"<■ a*s steadily
an.l just as liercely as i.u Uie coin-
j.iu. 'frauds, and llu iit'.urnncc frauds,
; ml" th.: election  frauds.
'lhe other thing which must ho done
and tlmt without delay or hesitation,
is the complete and thorough investigation  oi   ihe'whzle situation;    how
Uie  bank  came  lo lo  involved,    how
smli   moriiious-sioa-k' gambling   speculations wiping out     Uieoiilire
serves of Uie bank, and at least
a inillii n  more 'were carried on,
how all  this huge ciiminality
First S. I.—Yes, sir, a bath as cold
as the water wil' rtiti; then a .light
breakfast of milk and toast, tlun a
a Jive-mile, walk in-light clothing. Xo
overcoat, nol even in winter. For
luncheon a small cutlet, then more
walking. In the evening a square
iiual iviul lo bed al 10 p. m- I neither smoke nor drink.
Second S, 1.—Very well. ,1 do"' exactly the opposite. 1 sleep as long
as I can every nior-nlng. Then I dress
in a w.irnt room, eat a large breakfast  and go "to  business, for I never
take a good luncheon,, nnd on the
way home Irom business 1 eat a dinner, oi six courses. . I smoke ten ."sgiir-S
a day and drink all I can get.
■ First S. I.—Xow, "'can you tell me
why wc are both sound and strong?
Seco-.il S. I. (lighting another
cigar.)—I suppose it is because we do
as we like, and do niii mind what
others say or do.—Vienna Fre-nulen-
, and
be conducted systematically and con-
tmuoitslv, for noi-wly in yet knows,
how long, and still no ollicer or
overseer of the 1 auk' have any knowl-
i-d-e of th-, facts. That must lx:
done, 'llu Canadian banking system
mav be supremely excellent, but to
wlut avail if.a Auik may be looted
unawares? Is there noUiin/' but, an
ida-al svslem? \\h.il is a presid.ni
for. and why are directors' appointed
end adveilised and paid lees, if under
the.ir.verv noses the .Utareholders may
.le rolib.ad and the institution ruined?
There is soiiieihin*,- wrong somewhere
or the Ontario Bank would not have
bein at the mercy of any dishonest
ollicial A'That something must be discovered.
Yes, the other thing'to investigate
is tlu whole situation, and that
thoroujj'hlv, -and llu* result will :bo the
discoverv'lhal the whole directing
business' is absolutely rotten, and
that Ih.*. business or directing has
•ji-.ii reduced to a system that is used
by a few people to steer the
vtoTkitOi<iFi's-*iiitT)—vim lever
may he oi most pecuuiacy bene-
small number ol'professional
whore 'business ,it  seems  lo
Which did baby resemble tlio more-
Its f'nth.r or mother? Its parents,
btirlv Uill Blown aiid his little wife,
to inn il -.liariliihly, were not re-
i:owiu.d for lluir bounty—nor was'th.*''
l'.a.'..y. When their lrieads and ne-igh-
lors in Byker were asked the important '.'iiestii-n, Ui.-y gave evasive replies, so Bill d.cided to refer it to
arUiiratiou. "Aa'll ask aad .Take,
wli.n h- leaves Uu mill:
At   a local -y- police   court   recently,,
one   oi  Uie  •witness's  called  liy    the.
police'in   a   case,  where a'lady   palmist "was ; charged,   was   an   individual"
who  did hot  appsnv to, lx .pverbiurd-
tued    with    intelligence.    -During    a
smart  cross-examination,   defendant's
counsel   askud Jiiin—"On   goinj    into
the nibin- did you pay a shilling    fee
to tlu defendant?'!   "Yes,"  was   the
reply. .."What did  the  defendant  tell
jou in return for the money?"  "Oh,"
replied Iks witness,     "she, telle*!   me
lots (>'     things—some'    cn  'em  true,
soinii ou 'em half true, an'  some   on
'Im, lees!"      "Xow,"   continued     tlie
counsel,  after Uu  laughter   had died'
away,  "this is the point I wish    to
arr.ivc at.   Was there any attempt nl
imposition?   Bid the  lady  impose  on
yon a.t all?"   "Oh, .dear no," was the
response,    "An knowod all  alrng    as
it war-till gainiuiiit, so there, couldn't
he no  imposition.   Besides,  it  war  a
bad sliillin' as aa guv lu-r,  lo   start
Wl.-   *» „-     '
L. P. EGliSTEI**. :
..J.l*. MYEItS-ORA\*
/ Eckstein& Gray
Koonis 1 8* S, Henderson block,' Fernie, B- C.
F. C; Lavce
Crow's    Xest    (Trading    Co.    Block,
l'Vuie,, B, C.
'«J_»       cji
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :   :
Retail    Meat   Merchants
\V. It. Ross, K. 0. J. B. T- Ai.E-.AKrr.il
Ross & Alexander
- Ofllf e ln ... 'J'. W. Mock, Victoria Avenue.
J. Bar-foePp l.d.s., d.d.s.,
Sfevnie, 58, Q*    i
Davey & Laderouti*
an'   j;ive  his verdict,"  said  h.*;
a   crusty     iiad fellow, but   lu
irl. W    Block,   opposite lhc  Bnnlc
Oflii'O Iwiir.i—S u.m, to s p.m.
The Olol-c is lendiiii; its aid to the
war ui Ui.- ih-.im 'directorate double
di-iiliii,'. business,
'I'll*; manager ol th* Ontario Hani-
is ccrnuily deserving ot punishment,
Juit uol one whit more so tluni Uie
direclois, who sham and pose as di-
icclors, while the miiiia^r noes ou
i niii a million und a (piarter of the
luiwls which, thes.: directors were Mi'p-
l)is:d lo look iilt.-i were taken from
the lank while they were direcliuj'
ntlr.'i- rompniiies mid other businesses
in whiih lliey wer.e more directly in.
No piiuif-linunt whiih mny be dealt
out lo this iiiniiiij.')cr will cure lhe
evil whicli is the loiindulion upon
uhiili he uiul his diiei'lors, nud the
niiiii.i^iH nnd direi'lois ot huiidieds
of oih.'i- liislilulloiis build iheir col-
lo'i.-il .-cheini'S for Ki'lf-inriclimcnl nl
Un- I'xpi'iiM* of people wIiom* money
lliey nru Mippised lo look nf'tei mi'l
iiuiKe lhe most out of for its owlieiH,
Th- opporiiiiiltks niudi possilJelhy
ill- ihuilili- >dii-i*i'lornli' iiiiisniK'i1 nre
so iniiiiy, so uivul, nnd so leinpliiin',
lhat v-.isl robl/'ries nre sure to lx-
ii.iiiinilliil mi li.ni; as the inaihinery
is so well iii*rniij.-ed lor  lliii purposu.
An i.i'i'iisioiiiil latch of n iii(iiin»i-i'
or i.lh'.r olliciuls of a. I.siuk, insiiniliu'
(-(iiiip.'iiiy or u trust innipiuiy will
•.■I've in ihiik ihiiijj.s for a lilllc.
*,ihil.', iiud c.iuw the director sharper
to )*: ji lii llu moir i-.iri'lul, bu'. m*
toil)- ii>i Ih- oppoiiiuiiiv lo loimnii
li.unl i.u a *'i*.iiinic sciili' isi'.l.s, just
mi loll)', will ndviiiila^e be I ii kill ol
tin* oppm lunil v.
Th- nl.oliii.iii nl the whole dmililu
iiiin tilijj l/iisin.-'.'i will do iiuiiv to-
m.nd'. |.ii*viniiii.; sii.h 'aliiu^t: thnii nil
ilu- puiii-Jiiii/, thiil um Ih*. iViill out
alter th- Iiaini has l.i-cii doiie.
Th- t.iii.u.o l'..nik .dl.iir is oiu: ot
ih>* most i'.i ni tli'd- illiisli'iitii.n-i of
tli- utlir imililv of the piesint di-
Miloliile \VKltlii that h.i'. let oiiui*
nd, mvl d.iiitiii'.lr;ilc:» Icyoiul dis-
piii.- ih; t.iii.**e in.iii ubiili ...nh
llim^i. sprili;.---laili nl  din-it ■H'.?.
|l,r.iU't>* ..I ih- I i>nk did il.>l in
mi, ■. ir.* iln-11, i.ilh. r, ih -y wi-ii'
•lii.it d l.y '.heir :ij;< nl, ll'.- ii!.-inaj-«T,
a itiiilurc nf thu own iii-iitiuu,
uli .s* wold '.Inv look uud allowed
III iws in i'i) nliill^ without ally nt-
ii'iilimi In.tu ihriii.
.\-, *l.ii d iy ih*, ./*.;" i '.,.-i .if-k,
it is plo'iil.li: tll.il ill.*-- '..nin* dilcil-
i,r-'., who didn t diri-n, wm- diri-uni-*
in iith.-r loinpiitii's, whiih th.y don't
d-.r.il, i.tnl U is a's*" pi'.'.'Id*-,    1"",,
Ui.ll's*   possil.lt-       llll'kr     the   pie a lit
i.t.stein, th.il iu miiiu* im.lunt<.■* Ui*
(u.ucrs nl a ilircitiu nmy li.iv.- Ueii
r\.*i<". il to ilir.-rr ill- iiliiiiii <>i «>n'-
u.tli|Mllv m*» us to 1».illit .iliolhr
i, iii|„iii'- in whiih Mi-1 ditviii" in.iiii- >nti i. ^l^<I
Mini   a   t.-l.uliiilil   pii-ie   ol     1. ^.il
lit  to a
di recto:
le to keep profits in thi corporations
wil re thiii- own pergonal :ii'.erests| are
Ui*  greatest.
Yes, ;i thoi"oue,h svarch for the
causes lh.it hive led up to-the pres-'
■mi c< million will brin-j;. out the fad
thai it has all ben m;uU*. possible by
the law which allows one man to lie
a director in as iniiiiy eoiir.mnies ns
hi can {jet in'.o, nud which allows
h-in lo use all thesi- directorates, or
misuse tn.Mii, or n*il use tluni al all.
a» he seems incliii.-d lo do. No link-
..i-in-v at. puuillies will prevent the
ci nUnuatioii of th-i evil so Umij; -us
th. cause is left to brill-* on crop "ft-
i-i* crop oi Uie siime fruit.
Make it impossible to Iw two or
„„t.. directors, nnd tin foimdiilirn
lor th.' evil has .liei-n reduced lo so
nnrrow a liinil ihal whnl is left oi
ilu opporlunity to do siuh tiling is
so uiH-a'i-liiiii and .dillicult thul H can
be hiiudhd with miuli more cerluiuty
lootinjr inia-
mv.l ellecl     tlml    the
wares" will lie nlnioHl'imposstliK'*
ainl   I..
I.eiiuox    Fined   J-r.
lliinsoti S25.
Kol.crt T.i'iuins was lined Sri-i i'«'
1„ lli-.nson 5*25 in thu police covl
vesli-rdnv nltetiiooli. llolh men laniv
bifore. .l'iiiU-0 Illiiklts (in a ihnt'Ke »f
smiplylu*',  liii'ioi-    10 IIn/i'I  Crowley
|fi   villi's   oi   Illi'l
and llessie O'Ci-.n-
IH VelUK Ol HI!--. SepU-iliher 17.
The ease' is Hi-' <*"« '" w,,Kh tw"
viiiiii*; jtirls wen: niliied hy n woiimu,
Mippos'-d to I.u 11 procuress, lo 1'evil ii-, n. C .
On ih.'ir uriiwil i» this town ilu
,,|,*ls il.iiiiKd th.y Imd Ihvii dnijtHi
iiml Unit Uny Mi-re iriespousihli'. hit
ih.-ir noli. ns. 'Ih-' woiiiiin, Simp-*"",
who h.ul mUli ih-iil i'i l-'vnio, w»s
Ml-iiiit.d in tint win", ■'■••■ ■•'"' lft0
(jirl'i    Well'  :illlIIII1l.H-.-il    to   ilp|K'ill
witti's-vs  neii-ii*.!   ih:  imu who
Mippli'd   ih 1.1  wi-l!   I'M""1"    in    Ull:;
The •!"'
11...-, -,11V'
forwiinl iiiiiiiuov.
li.ud.d hi.i-'--li  ni
(llllll II*,      i'.U'l     ...I'.'"'*''....
lelt   .Indue      11 inkle    ll"  "•hl'1
Uliil       l'>   «'''U,-*»»'d   ,l"r   ■"     l'1-'
Th--    111.11 J-'uiii **-,n"-'
,. .ami   hi'I'iiv A^f Ililikle
Tli.! -.jiil,  lhMsic  °'(-1 "'
h*i i,'.tiiiiMiiv in 11 i'i'ii')'.'11
hut "Miss Crowley
a  iiiii/e «•!  «-■■■«'■'
-,l.i'.* nu'.-.l
l 1. ,       .,..-.       r. 1,
. oil!
jllViUilo   i"UI I (
mid  II.  Ktin. u'l" U''''''  ,,"' ""'MX* n,
tnii. 111 iii; li I1""  '"•   '"'' ■•'''" '   '" ''"
l.imil   I'.iv.   were   stl-o  urr.sted.    bui
j,. former w.i'.     :«"<.*'.d    I" R«» '">
liiidin^ .1 I mid for f\V-<*. ui"' t'**' 'ilt'
I: r .1". il  I f,',,', "i  £'""•
l',i..h eiiiidiu-tt-d   th-    ou;*4-
.111.! ,T   Tf   IJ.i.irli.
10 step 111
spehkaS' thi truth wivoot fe.ir or favor." So Jake was asked in, and after u. critical inspection he took- a
litijjo pinch of nmfl; Ihcn' solemnly
gave liis decision, while the parents
listen-d eagerly. "As expect its the
will of Vrovidaiia-e, but it's tiiijtli.tY
hard on the 'kid for anil that; thor's
ue doot it Ims a look o' ye bath,
poor 1 aim!" ,    .,
A  Rheumatic. Sufferer Cured .by    Dr.
Williams'   Pink  Fills.   •
Rhiimiiitism  is -"rooted" in the blood
—that is-a incdij:al'fiiej.   every 'poor
rheumatic     sullerer        sliould    know.'
l.iiiiineius   and   outward   appjieations
cannot     possibly. * cure ', lhetimatism.,
Thiey ar.: a waste ol money, and whihi
the sufferer i.s using Uiem the .disease
is   sleadilv ^rowin-j  worse—is ■'slowly
liut surely  taking  a firmer-grasp- up-
cn  thi    ' 1 uli re 'system,   l.lwiimatisni
must lie  treated" through  lira'  .blood.
Thnt  is  lhc  only  way  in which    the
poisonous      acuT. can   be~"dnveir~ontT
I.r.   Williams',   l'ink      l'.i.ls   actually
nnike   iiiw  blood, aiid   • thus  always
cure    rheumatism.      Kvery    dose    o(
tiles.-, pills helps     to make njw   'rich
lilood';  which      sweeps  thi ■ poisonous
acid Iron J      thi system,  loosens-  the
lulling joints and muscles' and   gives
the  ihiim-.alic n;\v h.-allh free, from
pain     * Auic-iig' those vwho  can    bear
witness to  llie Uulh of Ultese   .stalc-
niaitls is Jliss llorsina  I.iinglois,    of
St.  Jerome, Qua., for weary   months
>he snllered liom ilieivniatism and ha.il
begun lo think slu-was incurable,  "I
could not straighten up,"   .said   Miss
Laiiglois.      "I\Iy limbs were , almost
helpless,  '  so  slid   were  they,      For
many in.mlli*. I injured such pains ns
only  rhiiiiiifitie  sullerers can    iindcr-
staJiid.   Alth-nigli   only   thirty   years
of age, the suffering endured actually
Hindi me look like an old woman'   I
m-.ed lin'.nunts and tried .several medicines, but got not lhe slightest help
until, almost by   diance my attention
wns directed  to I)r.  Williams'    Fink
Pills.   I Logan Inking them,  nnd    in
the course of a few weeks I could scu
ihey   were helping me.   I.iUle by Hllle "the p.iin began to go,    and    the
stillness lo leiivu niy joints,   I    continual   taking,    the  pills  Tor  several
months, wlun every symptom   of Ihu
(rouble .had disappeared,   1  have not
felt   a twinge   of iluuiiiiilisiii sine.-.,
and   I   bless' the liny Ur.   Williams'
l'ink I'ills came to my notice."
Dr. Willlains' l'ink i'ills never fail
io UU..: illeiiliiali.Mili bualisu UieV go
right to Ur.: mot of llu trouble 'In
Uu blood, 'i'linl is why th-Sa l>ills
inr. all thi common nil int..its due lo
poor and watery blood, such ns all-
neiiiiii, heiul.nli.'S and hnvk.iclu*-i, in-
digestion, niiiriilgia, Si. Vitus danci-i
g.n..'|-,il wvnku.-s--, and tlu distressing
iiri'gul.iritii-H thiil uilHi't women and
grow-In,* girl-*-. II >'»» •»-'«<■ » xwA'w-
in* you will save money by taking
Dr. Wilji.niis' l'ink I'ills at oii.e. Si-e
that tin- lull Halm', »'•• Willlimis'
IM11U Fill's for I'.ile l'enph', in priMed
, ti t'li- wi-upii.-r uriiiind i-vi'i-v Imx.
Sold'bv .ill iiiidiiiii* deiilerii or by
innii or ,,i\ boxes (or SJ*.V» I'l'ii" 'I''-''
Dr. Willii'iii**' Medicine Co., Iliofk-
ville, Out. | ( '
 o '—•'
"I thank you with all my heart for
what'Daby's Own Tablets" havo odtn*
for my   little  -firl," "says- Mrs!    Anton.* Charett'e,  Jr.,  ot St.  Boniface,
Que.   "When  I began giving   h.-r  Uie
Tahh-lN      --he.    seemed    to   lie   pining
itway, but al'ler using less than niyix
she was rapidly gaining,  and   sh.:   is
now  a fine,  fat', healthy   little   one,
and I write you this ns ihi acknowl-
cdgcmiiit  of u mother who will never' forget    what" lia-hy's  Own Tablets
have    (hue., lor     her  child."    Letters
like  this  must bring hope  and   comfort  to all moth.rs who have   feeble
or sickly children.    Baby's Own Tab-,
lets will cure all the minor   ailments
and'can be given just as safely to   n
new-Lorn   baby  n's   to  a   well   grown
child..    If you cannot get tnese   Taily
lols from your 'denier, write the    Dr.
Williams'   Medicine  Co.,      Brockville,
Ont., and get them at 25c. a Ixix.
W. J. Wriglesworth, D, D. 8,
OV'I'ICli llOllltS:- f -V't.) 12 ll, 111,  1 to f. Jl.111
li.SO to s v.ni.
OlV.eis in Mux.), 'sIt"s lliduk
ovorSIiiui's Halipry.
FKUNn*:,        -        -'       -   ' - IX. k)
Choicest cuts of fresh meats always
tn hand.
Hams, bacon, and lard as well.     ;
All kinds of fresh f,.0-. cp  icason.
Prompt  delivery.
Give us a call. | ■      ' ■
TEI,. 18.
Crow's .Nest ;
Etok Supply Store
Ollice:   L.T.\V. Block
I'l'.KNiii British Columbin
irri ■ **» urwBr*****™
A. McCartney
P. O. BOX 260
Pernie, B. 0.
 14%>. ,	
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
All   hinds   oi'   Electrical
Goods kept in slock.
A8_  work
Joiin Turner,
, *llIN.i*.'G'n_X_UIJATIONS.
Coul.—Ooal litoal'ii-n*Jiy be piu-ebaseil nt 410
RQi-aeie Tor «o(t conl tmd $1*0 (5or iintliriicile.
ot moro than SHO nor**s oan lis aeqniroil by
one indtvidi.nl or company, Royalty at the
rat. often eonls ncr tjin of 11,000 .poumln sh.ill
be ciol^ccted on-th.'g^ospsoutput.
Qaurtis—A lree minor's osrttfleate is Krnntcil
upon payment in ndvanco of J.r. per annum for
mi individual, mid from (SO to $100 per miniun'
for iioompitny'aeeortlinK to capital.,
A free miner, liaviniidiiuoverod mineral In
place, may locate a. eluim l,SO0 x 1,600 feel.
Tlvc foo for reuording a claim iu JS.
At least 1100 muni* l.o oxpeiided on t-he clniin
lieu thereof.   Wlion (-M.X) Iiiih been expendo.! or
paid, tne locator mny.- ut)Oii havinu n- hiivvoy
mode, nud ttpon fomplyiiiK with- other  re-
'quirt4mejit»,pnreliafe lho land at 41 nu acre.
Tlio patent -pro-ides for the'payment of a
royalty of SJ fior cent on the _alei.
l'LAa-Kit miniiiK iiltiiiii-i Benorally are 1*0 feet
Biiuare; entry fee t'i renownlile yoarly,
A" free miner may o>jtnin two loasoa lo
dredge forKoldof live inilesciich for a term of
twenty yearn, ronowaule at the discretion of
hv MlBi'titer uf the Interior.
Tli'o losui'o shnll have u drciiite in operation
within one noiison froin thc date of, tlie lease
for eaeh five milen. -Rental tli) j.or aniiiim for
each ■ mile of river loiihod. Iloyiilty nt tlio
riite of Hi per cent uolluvted on the output niter it exeoedB (10,001).
Deputy Minister of tlte1 Interior.
N,. ,13.—UrtS'fillicjiri.cil   *\i^l>lica,tio,n   ol
thw advertisement will not lie paid
■  ■ J-
M. Kerr & Co:
Contractors and Builders
Hans, Specifications and Estimates [nriiislic'tl on a-vp.lkntieii.
Plcnly   ol  GOOD   DRY I.UI.I-
—LBEit-ON-iiANn. :	
11. A.'KERR.
Architect     and Snpcrinteiidfent   .
■ Office at Residence,
BAKER ST.,     -'   -'■■ FERNIE, B.C
 ■        i. i   ■'■  '--g
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
NOTiOK Islierehv nivon tlmt sixty ilnys from
(Into I intontl tn apply to tliu tion, Chief
('omininH.nner of IjihiiIk nml Work* for imr-
lnlxHlon tn iniroliiisu tlm followiiiR doserllieil
innd. Comini'iieinir lit the Himlh Kant coriicr
of lot, M)7 tlittnuo Runt 'in clmiiiH Uoutli l'l)
elinliiH wcbt iiii ithnliiH nnd tlience north !iu
eliiiiiiH to point of coniineiiceniuiit,
Aummt JOth lWil                                   -1.1
i : -
UIXTY ilii.vi* lifter diitii I intoiid lo npply to
O the Iltiunrnhlo Cliief ConimiHutoiini* nf
Lniiil-i and WiirkH, A'lotinla, <o piireluifiii the
ful low iim diiHerlliud Innd:
Commni'oliif, nt n pout murium J.ll.Kdmiiiii*.
lioii'Hhoulh-wvKti'oriierfiilliiliiliiir .Iniin 11, Old-
Held'k Imnl; Mii'iimi HOclinliiH north; tlieneu Hi)
tOinlnDi cimt; tlionce Ho eliniim huuIIi; tlienee no
.hiiiiiM wiihl to llin point of ciuunioiiuonioiit,
tho whole fontiilnliiK ilioiutoii.
fiiipt. Ml) ll-On r.ocntov.
Large stock of Home Growa Fruit
and, Oniiiniculnl   Trees.
llca.lijiiarl._rs     for    . Pacific   Const
Grown   Guril.n,    Field     nml  Flower
Seeds in season.
Greenhouse limits,  Ciit Flowers.
Catalogue  Free.
M.   J.  HENRY,
3010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver, II,  C,
%*^v*4^jw^wwi_^N**i»Mfi^>»i^wMW-^nir-|i **.** mwm*w***sm*»^irm*mnm
n __ .	
WINE   C0V Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers'and Direct Import'
tese (if
IRISH  WHISKEY,   .     ■.
OLD'TOM' i\.'
Sole Agents, in Canada for
Windsor     Tonic,      .Taj?    Destroyer,
Philip CarosellaffijfflS'
f-An.inn       It/I iN^rtU n n *> .
SIXTY ilnj'H nft»r ilnto I lntonil to niipl-r to
llio llimoiiriililu Oliltf Ciiiiiiiilmiiiiiier of
Lmidti and Worttn, VlnKirln, to puroliiiHO tlm
followlmriloMirllioil Innd; , . _., .
Cuininuiii-lnir nl n V<»<1 miirhuil H.I3, Ollvor'n
noiit hiiml i'«riierii.liiiliilii|r. I0I111 H.DIilflolil'H
linld; f 1 iiiiico Hi. cIiiiIiih norlli: lliniii'iiHo.ilntliiii
w«Kt; tlunu'ii 8iiiiliuiii*i mnilli; lliuneu K.IiilintnA
.mat to llm in/lilt of niiiinioiiuiiiiiinit, Iliu whole
Bi'Iit,full Hn:* LoiMitor,
I-r.d  C
1. r  ill    \,',i' .-"-I'."".
;i|Hh :»r.-l  lot   I1*iiii.*x. «nit  »*'l    «-nrv
Wnnlil ini   ll.tii'-U-
■I iittiil>ulc my [jor^l li.-.ilih <n-
ttr-lv 10 my ni'-d.- ol living. I R<1
II). (It •' il- i»- ■*••'• ■•i**1- .1 *■*'•'■ I ■i'i'*"
>:iid ill* Iir.*.'.  loniiil iiiiliv.dsi.il.
"If. i,..r."' miU-'l til.' s.i.nid '.miilil
!,.l.-..-Ril, *'•'» *'AA l-»lli" ll ximli-ki
in     lui'.il r 10 ihnl ol i« "
A yfuiiij: ItLVilsioVp -,'irl is i-liiirill-
ill};,    lllll    11^''    •!    li"""         •'.'
1   ,  - ij    .   . •).    * .1    !.'   J-'i"V       *"*-""
v.. ..I. ii.H,    ,.      1 J* 1 '
11.Aor ha.-. i""i'' *'1;1» ' lvvn '-^'"'"K
■'U'Mi. in a Miisoii. and tl''-' r,,i» "•
."lie ol Ih-in i.-* '.lUv.ivH a prions mnt-
li-r to li-r.   Sir- Wttii xn 11 li1lled.ui:
1111;  p.ti w.   i.i>.   «>■»-' '■>  ■*	
a irninl 11.iv while liork. ,
DmIii« Hi-- I'Vaiiiu?: n H«'i'nt Li}!,
niHac-iI, vi'ih|iiiiii},', mnn u*^1'-! '■■'r
to iimi.-.:. , He wore no 'Jove*. She
lniikiil nl his w-ll im-iniiitj! lml niulst
liiil.. .l.'s'-.iirH.-ly, mul tlif!ii'')it ol
ih.- iniiiiuiiluti! . luicl* "I lu-r waist.
I li. h. .it.'.iul .1 I'i', i'"'' '■■'" v•■,''■
with a w- iniin-* -.niile-:'
"txf toiirw' 1 i.ill d'linv villi* V/»i'.-
|.iil if yon d'ti'l nr'ii'I. woiri von
pli-n*- iim* y«nr b tnillii-i.'hii't?"
Ill* in.in lrti.1nl .11 h.i iLiflMv a
luaiiniii. .ir ti'-o Tli n n Hyht hrnlir
o'er Iiii but.
'■Wliv. i.-ttainlv," li.- sai.l,
A Ml li*  |»tlli d f.iil  his .I'ln'llerfliirf
iilnl  l.t.M   Ills   nnv, ,
SIXTY ilrv.TCi i*f.i*r ilut* I Inti'iid to iippl-fto
llm lloii'iuruhlo ('lll«f U.)i.iiiili<».i».iir nf
liiimlR nml Wiirkii, Vliilnrln. 1n i>uiulinr.n llin
inllim-liiRileiHii'ilieil IhimIi Inlillc lUvrr vnlliir
tEt.'iiiiuiii.iiiiliiK nt ti piint ninrkuil .Innii I'.
rrnlt'-i inirtli*iifi-.titiiriiiir, mlJolnliiK .Itilm II.
III.IUuI.I'n iundi Ihinn'ii horliiiliiNtiimtli 1li»liru
W)(ili-ili\ii>i'«»1; tlinlii'ii Kii'linlim iinrllu tlicniKi
no oluilim nut in llm |.nlnt ut eiiiiimonriiinniit
Ihii irliolonoiitiiliiliiK nionciiin,
Jolm I). I'rntt. I.ticntor.
Hi-iid, f.th t'M ti, K. Ullrnr, Audit
SIXTY (lnyniiflordntn I Int.ntul to miply <n
llm llnmii'iililo (!hii*r Oniniiiltfiiluiiur nf
Lnnilu nnd WnrliH, Vlotoriii, to iiiii'hIiiiho tlio
followi-iic 1l1iK.nll.u1l lunil In Kilt IHviir Vnl'.oy.
CniiiiiKinciii*-; nt 11 pimtmiirliodN,J*'. O'h north
.'Hht iMirnri', tliuiimi Hi) tilmljiH noutli to H, JC,
Ollrnr'H iipplli-iitldii In pui'i'JuiBii 1 thiiiicn Hu
iilniiiiHivvht; tliiini'.uKi eliiiiim north; thuiicii
tin oliniiirt .tint to point uf eoiiiiiiuiiooiiiiiiit,
♦lio wliolu coul umiiiK ifKiiuiifiM,
N, K (lllvur, l.oi'iitor
S, JC, Ollvor, AroiiI
■Hopt, .Mil, lSWl
General Merchant
and Dealer in Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
_?"_31"R_SriEI,   13,.  CA
SIXTY dn.VHiiftm-iliit. I. Inti'inlto npply to
tliu Jl'iiioi'iihlii Ulilnf llimitiiliniluiiiir of
l.iinilniiiitl Wnrku, VloUirlu, to puvuliiiHO ,tli«
fnllowinitdokiirihiitl lunil:
Coillllliini'in-r ntnpi.Nt nmrlioil V,. JO. (Intnl.
wvii'h iioi'Mi wiiHt mntiiir iiiljoliiliiu N, IC,
Olivui*1* npiilli'iitlnn tupiirdhuiio; 1110111*11 M
•'liiilin. nf ni Ui; tlii'iico no (dm inn i*m.t; tliunn.i
Kiii'liiiinii noilli,' tinmen h:i uhnim vr-ntto -lio
pnlnt of I'oiiimuiH'oment, tlm wliolu doiitiiininir
t\il\ II M-».1<_
Cl'j iicrus,
Hopt. ftth, lIKifl
V. K. (londw.yn, I.o(i»tor
ti, V., Ulirvr, Agtiit
SIXTY ilnjn «ftnr ilnin I Intend to npplr to
tlm ll(iii(iut»lil(i t*hli'f CimnnlNMiiimr nf
I.fiinln nnd Woik», Vliilni'lii, tt. piiii'hiii..i Hi*
full.iwll'K d«wrll'«*t ln.ii.lv In Klk Itl*.-i vnllrri
rdinnifiii'liiBit.-i ini*t nmrki'd Jnlin ll.OI.I.
HiiM'» nortti'Wtmt cnrurr to ,1. A, Jil.'Donnltl'ii
lamI. llii'iii'ii Mi'liiiliin houth; ili.iiituNii'lmliu
uuMi tliHim Hicliitliiii nuitlii thi'iii'ii k.i i'Iihiik
w«>i to Hn1 imliit  of (iiiiniiiant'iMiiont, tin.
WhulCCiillt'llllllIK M''lll'l'l"!.
.I1.I111 ll.Olilflnld, li.iciiltir
H, K.OIlv.ir.Jti'iint;
■Anpr. Mh. Wi; —Xt'
TIHtt'l'V ilfcvs nrter date T inlriid
to apply  to llie Oliiel Cuiiiniisniiim-r
of I.nnds nnd Work.., Virion.!, 11. C,
for a ».pi'clnl licinse to mi niul carry
., r.-,,i    •-.'.".'?.-;   .'.*-,;■:   ,1'*   fullniiiiij-    di-*-
m rilit.il html.; ,
Ciiiiiiiii-iiiiii}; ut n post ■ilnn.cil nl
lhe N. W. vox net ol' I.ol 35H. tli-'iu'i*
iniiiiinjtj. U5 ihains, th„on' north .15
i-Ji.iIiik, tlii'iuv W Ko ihalivi, th.-tKi- N
jo lUiiim, tit iiu* W AS ihains, lluiiiv
S .\S ihuiiu to piiint ol i-iiiniiii'iia'-
El km 01111,   uih Sept. iv**-*.        15
UJXTY ilnyHuftoi*ilnin I Intend in upply tn
IJ 11m lloiiornhlo Oiiluf Cniiiinliiiloiior or
l.uiitU mul Worku, Vliilnrlit, to ]iiirnliniiti tlio
followinif iIumtIIioiI liimlt
('iinitiiKiiidiiK nt n iioit niiirkml Cl. J, h'n
noi'tli -1'ii.t cnriiiir iidloinltir li K. Onnilwyn'ii
a|.pllpiillnii to iiiircliiimii tlii.|i(>n m ohnliu
unit li 1 1 linnet. Mi .IikIm* cimt; Mi.nuo Hn I'lniln**
norlli 1 tliKiii'oKinliitliiH wunt to Ihu point of
iitiiiiiiniit-umiint, thu wholo finituliiiiiir ilio
un rim,
II, .1, l.i<*i.ll, ],oi'iti->r
„  H, K. Oli-rnr, itfunl
fi'lil. Mil, limn
UIX'lY .Inyi. nflur ilntii 1 lntnn.1 to npply la
tit th* llonoriil.ln t'lilff 'iliiiiiiiiiiibleiiir of
Uiiiilfc-inil World, Vli'imln, to puwiliN.ii llio
ftilluivliiK i1iiii'rlin«l Imnl:
Coiiimiinclni. nt _ pout murktil W  I', II1-
1.011II1   lviml  iiiriinr iidjiilir.nK ll, ti, Ollvur'n
llifiiHuHnolmlinuiuli tlion in hoi'JihIiih mnitlii
lliviir* Ku iIihIiih wu»t tn   An, imlnt of iiiiiii*
iiiuiii:uiii«iit, thu wliulw i'iiiiUliilni/nm miroH;
\V,V Itiill.l.i.fiitnr
H,j{ Oliver, Addiit.
ittil' t'A'l'KU>.iy,-i   lltlM*!'!   INIHHi'l'ltV 'Mt
"~s!&Zo:k:;e! '
T_T3Sri03Sr   __._-VE_33_li
Crow's    Nest   Special
MJnor's Favorite Cigars
SIXTY ilny* nfl»r ilatol intotul to npply lo
tlm lloniiriilili. 1'hleif C..I11111 jmhIoiihi* 11 f
I.ntnli nnd Workx Tlriorln, to pnrnliniifl llm
following iliiii'rlhn.l lunil 1
.*........ *.. ,t,m   t.-    t.    ,"-.*   j.i.l.ku.1   ii.  .-^ 1^1*
wwril'i. •011II1 wiut I'lirildr ii.linlnliurN, K, (l|.
t\*l'.1KI-Viin'il:ilti'i.ll. l..Ui, ;.',(.|,V Si.i,t,ll,n
Tint till HiAiii'ii Ho cIiiiIiih iiiiHt|lh.ilii'ii'Hi|nlinliiv
nuitlii tlii'iii'O wi i'liiiiim wont lo tlm point of
.'oiiiiiii*iU'iiiii!;iit,tliii wholi iitHlriliiiroioiii'riiN
ll, :-.. Kilwnrdl, l.oiiulur
H, IC, Olivor, AkoiiI
«t*pl. ,'itll, JIHH,
liy tho ucclc or iitonUi,
Mrs. Clark "%%&
Pol lnt Ave.
I lnt I
v-irrY •-.■
'.Ai '*.
From Mniiiii:**! and Qui'Loi' to Tiiver-
Umpivss ol  lli'ilivii,  (Vi.   linil.
I,niii: Ch.iiiiplniii,  Oi-t,  -j;lli.
Umpri'ss ol Iri'lr.iiil, Nov. .ml,
l*:i!'u  Mii.'e,  No\-,   null.
First    nil.in Jififl nnd upwards,    iu'-
d'.rdlii.f lo sl'.*.iiiiu*r; 111.1 class sl.iiin-
I'l-S   (illta'l-lludilltL'     J*.|3.lSO;   ,'H'Cllllil   i'llll-
in, ,S.)%s .-mil upwards; third elnss,
J.3fi,5o and S'-'S,7.s, Apply ul rnuv for
niir illustrated lionUlnl. d-.'Ki'ri|iliv(i of
our siiperlor Third Clues mvoiniiio-
dnl ion,
vuom  sms'niP.Ai,  to   T.oxnoy
l.nlio Miihlj-iaii,   Oi't,   171I1.
Third elnss only, S.Ci,,s(i.
Aloiilru!-.', (lit. *i|tli.
CiiiTvitt;;'   J-Vi-inid  elnss  < illy,   Pp.
t5»   tin1  Jlini-irftlilii  l.'hl.if CwiniiiJ«i.l'iiiiiir' of f
l.ninUiiiiil Yv'orkii. VlilorlK,tu inii'iilinio Iliu
(ntlowiuif din'-ill'.'.l Imvl*),-
riniiiiihiiclnix nt 11 po.l 11u1rkr.it KriiAHt Poll*
»ril'« mnilli rant i-iiriti.rii.l'iiliiliiH N.K, 'UWhi'm
ii[iptlcfitlrit. In Mni'lin«ci tln*iu*«. M itmlnt
in.rllu DiMiri» »*i cliiilii« wi'nt | tinmen 10
.ilnilim font In thfini'K ki clniin" (nml In llm
Irfilnt «f ruiiiiiioiii'iiinwul,tliu wliiil.icunlnliiliiit
(i'.l 111*1114,
Uiiitsl I't.llni.l, l.i^nli.r
l*i. K, Oliver, Aui-nt
•Hi'tit. Mh, I.**-* -15
li only ona nf 11 hundred lUII'm-i'tit
■.tin. 0- nml nIko 1 our Ili-lur 11 ttirnnl
011L In. Tlio tiorfiml. i|ii.-illly nf llm
Ilrliir und tlio ulilllwltli whloh llioy
nro mndo. iiunllilni tliom nn tlio 17
Shilling Six-Penny Pipe
in lite World
'   T11HV WIl.T, vnr IIUIIV.
tv«rv fii* Ou#r-Jii.«**.
Jimt rainomhor nml auk for
"Shield Brand" Pines
For Halo ut tins
Club   Cigar   Store
•W. A. INOllAM, 1-iop,
Vkitxit 91.       -      -       Fornlo, 11. C.
The  conlravv-irii  of   l-Vrtiii* will
H»li'/isc niVc notice tTlnt Alter April
ut, -J906 lhe Curptntcn- nnd Join**
m ti  Fwiuie Local  mo will An.
nuntl fout cloUiim (4*oo) lo* e'R1'1 (H)
bom-i-- work.
ri*.\KV. MiTICJ* Uut at ilny< »f..r Ante I
JL- ti.trii.t l» n|.idy in thv t'lilcf l.nn>.iii!>v-lmi»«i-
nf Lnti'Id mul \Vurk« fur n niwrilnl llrtim. to
.■nt nml curry nwny I linl.ir frui* tli* following
.)«.»* nl.... I liiii.K; . ..... .
C.ri.iiif nili.^ nl i\ t'trt  Jiliilil*.! nr.oul Iwo I rrc&ldcnt,
imn-* w.>l ..I IUW Uii.-nu,.i iil.oul tl.rfc. ii.ll*'. I 1f   .     . n   i   f   ii   ■t^t.r,   Vernic
.outli i.f MArrUMr. Iliw.r« w.it  IW cli«ln», I. «• «*  « C. *  J. U.  T?*JO, l ernif*.
Ilifiirf tiori|i*"«-li-iln*,Oifiip««*«t -Dermlm, \ ^,^„,^t.„t t.,t~t~+*.t..:.*-.n,t,.,..*~*~*.
llimii'ii mnilli Ni I'liultiii tii|iUroiiIi!i.iiilTl»lirii- «
1..A.llrW««t     f    Mi»-'"U UniJlKHt  for    »al«  evny-
Ml,RB*«*.|.>,ll US**KIT. Ji'lM, Iv-o. -Uj%lie«. t< ,
"Overseas Maifl''
9G   Hours
to Quebec
0...   (;-,lh and Xhv.  I'-'tli,
For (letiiiliil, iiifoiiii.iliiiii mul .»•_*-..I
iVH.rvatinn.-i tor iniiii nr l:naU n| i'.iv
'o Imnl iiiiiii, nr wrile
J, S.  CAKTKn,
1).   V    A,,  -Ni'linn.
K. .7, COYI.K, A. 0, 1'. A,,
VnticiinviT, ll.C.
■■" * ' '" i ^..i ms w-..,« pli
'11AK1-. -N-VriOT*: tlmt <ViiWvvh nflor duto 1 In-
1 iniiii In nlildv in lln. I.lilnf l'iiliiMil>iKtf.ni>r
nl IiIiiiih nun 'rtni 1.1 (in- iii'iinu..).iti to 'uic
ilnin.. tliu following ilcm'rllii'.l litml |n Uontli
Kimt Kholi'imyi—
iiniiiiiintii'liiiriii.a post i.lfiiitniloii dm Went.
liimk nl' I'.llt lllvi'i*, uluiiit tlmo mill'., lioliiu*
1*1...*t M'»Ii(.*iI'm |.r...cniiiMoii, mul inuriiod
Tliot.m . I'ruliiit. Norlli Wunt (lr.rii.Ti llimii'ii
Siintli ii'iiilmlii'i, ili"ii.*i. Kn»t loi'liiiliin. tlii.tirii
-S'l.itli iiimiit.v.I'li.iliiM in iliu Imnkof Klk lllvur
Iliiiiii*.) aloiiK mid liimlt to tliu ilium of con)'
i ii-iti-iiim-nt, fiiii In In tin,* Sin ,*ii"i*i>. iiinrd or tin*,
t'i'I'l. li I, Uml. Tiiom.\h ClUlUN
rp.M'l'N'OTHT. Iimi' Hi iliivunfler .li.li. t In*
.1- Iimi.I i.t mif.lv l.> tlm I'lnnl I'Mitiiilmiloniir
nl' I,Uliil. niul U'nllm for Ni-ntilaiiJoji |M |,ur-
.-Iiiim. llin fi.llowliKj.i.'^rlocI Iiiml In H.nitli
);.i'.l Kimt'.nny;—
I'.ni.tiixti.'iiiK nl n |""-l l'1'tlilo.l nn (l.o wunt
i.iinu „( i*:u iiivi'i-fit" ut iim iniitH nurtli of
t'.iim, Wi-wrl'ii, |.ii-«.iiiiitli.ii, i.ri.l innrked
.luiniJlriiliimNorlli \Vi*'l("riiol-1llii.||i'i.H..iitli
) > .Iniin*. Hiinii'>'.« •' i iil«.lii«, i)iiiii'(.Jt'(i|i)i
nl.uot .Vi iliiiiii*. tn II... I.mifc nf Klk Itlvm,
lll.'ll. I.   ..li.ll*' »-.tl    l*.H. » t>. till'   l.llll.   til 11,|||.
immi ii.uiii mi'l ..•ni'-ii.Iiul UlOit.iut iimrti or
tui".'*.t Aiiitn-.f »**it. X'.nt. 'loliiKViiImn
V.in.u.lV I.iniiiK nt <urt* cold, ttct
msmsm Supplement to thc Fernie Ledger
11 .£■
..  tuft
V       '
-'/"'    '
VOL. i
FERNIE, Jl C, OCT. 24, 1906
No.. 5
Dear Mr. Kid-
-I write to ask why yon well1 not
pros* lit al llu was-lobi: hoalil of
ti<wu meeting lasl w*cek. liusiiu-ss of
inipoilance was to have been transacted, and at such tiiiiesl as ih.'prus-
int, ei*ery "' nieiii-1-i-.'r of th'* I caul
! lion Id he, prcs.nl.
' Instead of a meeting th.il \v:is full,
lliere were only four people all told
jTiselil,  ard 110 business was dii|.
Now. it seia'iiis to nie ilut a Mali of
your, prut n.ii.ns as to public interest
jlioiilil have l.ecn tlu last man mil tc>
li.ive leen there. 1 don't waul to be
Cf.iisitL'icd as iiuriiding fnr n'liiing
thus frankly (<_ you. ll is only my
vi ry* great d.-sii-a' lo have cvciylodv
1ake his full iiiir.: of llu lvspyil-ii'Lil-
ities tA cili/m.diip- npcii liiniscli lhat
actuates iiu in calling tipt-n you to
give up a little ol your unist valuable space for what might appfiir to
1,.' a mild reprimand for your lt.iviiig
iitis\ver..*d , ahs.nl uhu duly i'ullcd
vour inline al llu nieet'lig lh.il il ihi'l
ine.t   lasl  week.
I am,  Sir,  JMo'it  .Sincerely  Yours,
.   .„    A  WKLL-WlSIIlUA
Dear Wi.'h-Weller has ' caught th.
Kid in a very awkward position, auf
lie has h:ul to study over llu mnUei
a great il-'al before hilling updi .1
.olntioii of the affair liii'iiiioiicil, that
would go down "•Vish-Wellcr's iiu*nlal
tin oat  wiihout  linking him.
1'li_* Kid wasn't llu re sun- 'c'liuigh.-
l.ut jusl al llial liuu- he was hits-,
-gelling the, tucks nud rnllles -Inlo hi.*
last Night Cap, and would you be-
li*A\; it.' he had forgotten nihoul tli0
•lo.ud of trade meeting or tliat lu was
il liuintl.'er of Bitch an organi/.i-.lioH. Th.
iii.u r has Lecu so quiet since hisi
winter, that il seems everybody had
dcnu like ' tlu- Kid and for.not tha-
tlure were r.ny boards except llu's:
down at tlu mills.
Allien M'ish-AVelier' stales th.il "in
stead of a meeting- thai was ful.
tlure were only four people all, toll
pre.*--/.tit," lu* 'tangled llu Kid ii|i .
bil as to .just what lu meaiiL. , '
. Does lu svi-Ji to be understood a:
disirillg a nieel'llg of members o( tli
1 oard  uho are all full?  ?
lio]).'ii>. ilut in llu morning some sucli
thing h.i.s happiiiad.
t'util lul.or unions are ih.-irouglily
istai lislud, so that llure can bu two
distinct sides lo these troirlA-s with
ssliiih lo (Lai, i"t»ii])iilsory nil jitral.io*,i
is, < niy a dream, l.ut just as sot n us
.lure mv just two siibs to these, con-
trovers'cs, the public call .be trusted
lu devise a means ol settling a.llvtdif-
I*. r.-iics that may arise l..l\vi*ali llu
two, without Ih*; wasteful strike or
lock-out being brought inio action at
so livin.iidoiis a cost to imioiMM
purlies. li ilu public were to awake
'o ilu fact tint organized lal.or .an,
le d.siU with by llu public with a
great deal li-.or. ccrla.'ltly than call
disorganized lalor, tliey will be, much
I'-.oia fri,ll-.lly to tlivse orgnMi/.a.tioiis,
.nil ih.il will make tlu organizations
mor.! fri-.nilli- to the public, and that
is ilu only fomtudalii n upi.n which
'•(.nijiiilsory   a rliili-alii.il  criile   Imill.
'llu coiiliil.uej of 1 oth parties to a
dispute must, l.e st'i-iired before, tluy
can U' persuaded to submit their in-
leivsls In the judj.nuiit of. a conipnl-"
scry  I o.ud  of arbiilraiion.
To The Kdilor of llu Night Cup—"
Dear Sir,—r am the mother of .sev-
.11 iliildr.n. ranging ia age from
Jireo.to 15 years, mostly boy's1, but
"tie is a girl. Now', sir, it is needless for nie lo occupy space telling
vou tli.it I have a mother's love , for
niy children, since you must have
lud a mother anh know wnat thai
term, "mother's love" mean--, so, as
I have nli'eadv said, il is needless lo
tell you of that, aiid I will not do
I live on Ceiiiinel street, and you
may. judge of my surprise and apprehensions wh 11 I discovered the other
day thai c.iu of my luighbors had,
with .iiii t wsirniii'g, imported into this
.p.iel and pcacefdl neighborhood n
voiing "William Goal.        *  a
\*(;w. a N'r.nnie Goat would have
'.um bad 1 Hough, but lo have such ii
bulling liiiuh'iie as a bulling billey
.,011 turned loos: upon a deiuireless
■amily of children of lender years and
.lcsli, is tco much of the butt in game
ill at once. ,
experienced'cxprcssor  of* feeling.
'llu Kid used to know a certain
hushmau who could do such an ar-*
-.istie job o( relieving his feelings liy
way of expression that he us.d to wish
foi troubli.d feel-Jigs just 'for tlu
lileasurc af untioublilig th.-iii by way
Of llu language nieUi-d. Tlu language lu  used   was expressive,   nol eb-
Iganl,  bui  ih.il   would   make  no    dif-
I feivnce   lo  tlu*   «o:il.
ijwn •*—■v-i;"
.Unroll  Telegram.
Alary had a lii He moiuy,
IMnry saw a" little I1.1t,
iUiiry d d ,1 little »Inippinjr.
Now  lur  purse   is  Hat.
Mary  wan!-,  n  million   dollars-
Thinks of  it  and holds her
Hut'-Af Mnry  had a fortune'
Mu would .shop herself to  death
lie in  at any kind of a' boaid   meet
iiigV and  tlie d.-liberalious woiild'   ln-
Only four present, ih? Well,, Hi
Kid had more „ company by ••.liiyinj'
away than if lu had gone, and perhaps tlu four who d'.d turn out didn't
mis. him.
If .Wii-h-Weller had left-out thai
old, time-honored hit of taffy tha'
Il is V.c-11 used since papers were published, th it l.-1'irn.'y' about the viilm
of th..' space in the Night Cap, In
' inilil' have escapid tlu h.iiiiiliiili«r
of leing expos;,d lis a hypocriU'.
'Uu Kid is a Hllle suspicious o
lhat old s-f.iig, and jusl 111 thai poiiil
in WishAWller's letter he droppi'il il
'ciid went nfler the mailing cle'.li, Tin
clerk looked over ' nil Xhi list, hut
llure was no such n-.uue ns I lull <>n
the list.
Tlieu he liii.il up Xhi. kids win seH
Night Cups, and not a <»«'- <»• lll'-"li;
1-ii.w- nny siuh n fellow.
'Ill 11 h.>. caiin: lo llu coni'lusidlillml
jMr, Wish-Weller wus only jusl »«
inure ol those fellows who dmi'l sul>
scrilw for till paper, or adveilis,' ii
tlu paper, or has iuiv ,i»Ii work iloin,-
nt ilu Night Cup shop, uud win-
walclus around unlil soine Miov,
who lias paid his live ceiils k a
copy and iifU'r rending il has laid il
down to Inke 11 <|iii«l Ui'mlt <»' iw.*-
over what he has been ri'iiiliuj,', »"■•'
tli.11 swipes it, rends il, finds huh-.
ihiiig. tint liis liim pivlly ,,1-los'' in
phiiivs, Il1.11 sils (lowii In tell llu Kid
liow d.'nrly lu loves him, nnd lnn\
inrry lu is tli.it he luiMi't iloiu* hmnw-
tirn' -ili-n Iu hiniHi-'li li'ini'i A'XM.
Niilxidy seems lo know just what
..ili.il nia-eliui' wn.n railed f»i'i u».vivny.
i,ml It is un iiidieulioii thut b«siii.-ss
is still hrisli in U'wii, ns nil mlier
IiHsIiurs linn iiiiifd lmve bcti Imsier
ih. n tlu Kid was. for I" wnsti'l do-
ii^. i.nvthiiig, just li-iifin*1 ni'iiii"'*'
,.ii.l if ii'limfiTlikv Ilf.' Kid fni'iliit "II
iil.oiil  il, liow were busy un-n In i'i-
llll'lllli'l-   II?
However, lli.'l-e may be n linm whvii
llu l.imiil, wlihli Inn- ',*"'» l'»w,,rt   '*
K..o«l li_n«e "•*-'*'l»- wil1 w,llie ",l ',n,,
take nolii'o of tllin-js, ""'I i» '""V U'
ilut hy llml time U will be In 11 I'o-
tiilli.li lo do some gocd, As lliliijis
in-'. Just now, iluiu".don't s.nii U> be
imnli oiiporluiiity «*nvi*in-;. In r.wy-
Icily to in: duiiij* .iii>iii'«B*
This iviiii^l, ^ MA <A xb-  !'«;!
~"r_\i*oirrd~ii i*^~ra~ifMirvi:~i i~i mrcninic"
.irot-.-ciion  for llu  feelings  of parents
nnd of chlldn.11 in this boasted_  land
of fair pi a j'?
Would you  lx so     kind  as to    lay
his painful  matter      before lhe    city
louncil,  end ask  that tluy do   soine-
hinj  for  ilia proleclion  of tlu child-'
11  or-, this   neighl'orlior.d?   By    doiii';
1,-0, vou will greatly oblige a
'   ViUKY MOTIIlili. '
The Ledger Kid -got his write-dp of
llu CieriiKiii „b;ill in ihj old town
mixed up a little, as he got himself
mixed up in tliose s. pi a re dailies.
Tlu. yoi ng In iib and groom lu
ihoiijjil lu saw al the ball were there
sure cii.nigh, bill' he was wrong in
saying tlu ball was .got. up for them.
'Ihey were guests and weiv: happy,
and so was everybody. Nobody bill
llu Kid Is'responsible for 111.- niis-
It Ins been worrying, llu Kid to
I.now why some loyal Canadian
workmen have h-ceu so busy in their'
efforts lo keep American organizations ol la-bor out of Canada, while
at llu same time llu same fellows
are working for ami being paid by
companies whose capital comes ■ from
he ."blasted country of the. scrcain-
'ng tagle."
Some niHii down in the laud of blue
Ha.s.'s h.is leen talking, to the,, press
about this, aud although h • got a
little mixed as to llu days of the
week and mouth, lu has succeehed in
d.-iiioiiali-atii-g- tlu fad that llure
will le plenty all fool's days still to
i-ome. 'J his "ev'd. nlly staunch Ca-
n.idian:' makes'a fool of himself try-
ug to convince, people he is a loyal
Caind'i'.n  and   a   great   lover   of     or-
iirnl stn-iiiiiiiw elloit on th.- purl o.
oulB'd'i'i lo -'et Mi l.t-tweiii thi'.laps
um! tlij KtissiiHH, in order l" I*'*'*
tli.'iii to stop th.'ir little '^w. of
While tli.>r.i wuh tiny i-how l" w»ir
llu .Inn, Xbire was 11.1 oiu tnlkliij,'
nniliiiliiiii in tl>.' ih»r, but wlui li.-
I1-.4I got wli.n: lu coiildirt figlil or
run nwny, it wa. dilfennt, mid Mr.
Wwisvi'It i;ol n ili'il"'- t" 'l",l, l,,,J
llcnr still while lie nnd tlu .'-i|i Imd
11 jimv wow.
.Illst  US  Si.f'll   «.*• loll.diliollS.II'lilipr,
siiA loth slil.n to tli.' I'M'**.ill nn-
jili*n*t:iiit«i«,sN nre wilLn*,' t" asLsoiiii--
Irwly in Mep in U'tWi-in, llu 1.111111;-
luAy will U- foimd to do *■-*»
Let us  fcii  t'i   I'-'d *"v'y ,,i:''11 ,n■,,*
niir nifclit     rap.* pulh'd •!••*«»• rl""*'.
Husv Mother will be busy all righl
just ns soi 11 as that young' William
of, tlu Goal family has f-iiniliariy-cd
hinis.-lf with his surroiiiidiugs and cs-
liii'.atcd llie     heights o.f lur ehil.dn.11
1 don't jusl see why you use so,
iiiiii.li space telling uie ol''"niollur's
\o\e" wlun it is fnllur's club thul
vou seem to stand in need of jusl
now. It's' no use ■join'1" to the city
■•or.neil with such a lnatler, for they
Mould probably ' tell you that there
•:i no by-law nj-minst people owning
billy gouts and reluse to liiilfju.
Our i-ily council, has, in li.iucs ii|;iniif
■ic;i"iiir.h viiiinihli! experii'iice, jndjivd
!-y llu pi'kv paid, in-relation to ill's
I,'ulting, in itielhi.'d oi doingi business,
urd nr.'. liable lo sit V.nck and assume
11      Missouriniii.n-;'ue    itUitude,     nud
iiiilliigly   but iiiiaiiiinonsly   exclninii
f'Show nie Uu place nl which we will
101111! out if wu tnke n hull nl » hut-'
cr whoH'.i chief aim in life islo butt
nt ilu hull of iinylh'iig llml shows
A billy non I hulls inio th- name
h ml ..11, ind lhe only ivcmd tlu cily
I'liinu-il has ever Hindi! was in nil in-
vi'is.* iiril.ii-, nnd il didu'l woil* tothe
snlisliieliiiit ol lh< people    who     hid
llu bill lo pay.
However, if Iliii.v Alolh.r cou'*l i"
iliii'i. tlu nwm.'i- "( th1,' iilleiisivi'-look-
ng. hilly g»>al In swnp him I"*' n
iiicknsK, tliii city council inighi lie
pi't-siii «l.'il to tackle snih 1111 iiiiiuml.
'llu old ciiiuirii' i-liowiil its williii|.,i)i.*iv'f
to iiiti'i" 11 light Iroin tlu ri'Vci'se end
Unlil tlu fly!.' oi Uu Willinni Cm ml.
but l.i'ing uiiiiicnslotiiid In ii.ting th.-ii'
hi'inl'i in n cniillict ot Idi'iis, and if
tlu pnhviit on. u.iild U hrniij-lil
by iiaiiv s'.iu-is ;ii 1.11111I lo s»*h '•
fiinn-.i oi mii.d, 1111/1 ih.- own.-r "f the
go it pi!t*.iii*i1 d in make th,- swap of
'Ii,. |.(,.it fnr mi ii.eb ynni- dull I fl"'
,lii pinttilioii 11.' ynur liiinily iiii-alil
h plin-id 0.1 un ev.ti lootiiij willj III.:
um nu. 11,1 uiin. 1 hi >''•• K'""- »""
-;;,!, ,, i„,>.. !'»„■ *■»■;:''! I'-"'''' '",
.slow Unl ih. si11ir.1i:,' mijilil h" llllill ll o-.it nf evi'i-y kid in (leiiiinel
>tnel, includili,', iii.i Ledger Kid, before n vi.'tnrv for th.' rl«1tis   •>!    the
. - ,. ...
liu.niiv. lu*.  01   f.»i   iw.ii..*.;.   •>     "•
H.-cui'i'il th-.-oligll ill.' aiUt.ll ut th.'
Tli.* 1 niy thing Inr yoii to do is In
prntict th. iuul.r flesh ol your kul<*
With  jvllloivs      llliille  out   nl   ill.'  wilt
!l).'l!-_>a   SI.IIV     I.f    ill'   pi»PlT1   111"   ■*•■! Vllllf
(llout tin pu-sili. strike timil-.h*. 'llu
I,.] K r Kid . ;iti hiipply ymi wit'1
illulll.ll oi thi-'- .'Ollll.N.s J|olli his ■'.-.-
.Il >liyt- list lo 111,ike til.: hult^ of the
WiH'mn Coat <|ini« li.iniili'.in.
Am a s.ilvi lo tlu ut.nml im^niJi
li-Mlll"«: il<'"' .' Vl^rtirtis Lull, I
i> ou'.l r .innii'I'd 'I'if J'"H li.iv.* ynur
kid; take a Uv  ..•sm.Hi    Irnui    vi.nie
galiiziirial-.oi-, and al tlu same Cimeo
prot.sls aga'nst tlu im-asioii <;i '.! is
country liy tlu IT. M. W. of A.
'J hit man is working for 1I1. I'o-
luinicii Coal Company, owiud end
-.oiiLrolhd by Ainer.icau capital in th.'
hands of ilr. Whitney, who gets th:
big sliare  of  llu .dividends.
Why .don't that staunch Canadian
put up a. .howl about this invasion ol
Canada hy the big Yankee as well as
.he little fellow?
Tlu U. IU. W. of A- came iiito Can-
,.da nl the request of Cair.i'l'.a*.s, and
his as Mr, l'uttersou states, brought
ihree dollars into tlu eouiury l<-'
..very i.iu liikeii oul- H's a I'nod
h'ng to h-.ue some ch.-ap, oiu-horse
paper, n 11 hv, scab methods, tell the
pio.-L thai thai fellow is 11 staunch
Canadian. His letter doesn't donate
hat lu is a staunch miylhiii-j.
Windsor, Out., Oct. an.-Three Indus living in Chai ham. and two bid-
ii-.s from Si. Tlioiniis, purchased crnts
ill Delroil. ou Thiir.sduy nnd win-
spotted by iiistoins oiliccrs wlun 'hey
sleppul n!T the ferry. The coals were
ii.nlisCiit.iL , A London man was
found to be w.'Sirili:,' threii Mills "'
lleeus-lin.d underwear, which Iu >vn.J
all'inpliiig' l" siuiiK'ifli' over, ".hiftt
'joods were also sei'/ed.
How stupid th.is-.v dowii east people
,ir,i iihoiit gelling things aciosfi Uu
Iiiu. A little I'oiiipany oil i-iu'li idde
lOnii'd make llii":,r» vwy, alld iimeh
more ivKimcliililii.
An i.iiiioyiiioii.i I'ni-ivi'.pntiiliiiil r>'XXi
lu during our absiiili' 11 soimA mi
Jiilm I). Unrkfilh-r. Whll.- Mr. Uo.h-
ii-ller does uol easily hud himself to
in.-iry, th-- following iillcinpl In ein-
1 ll'lll'hil'l ill illlpel'i>hablt' verse is
wiitllv 11 IVlOIll lieu- to sht.w what
can lu il'iu wilh dilliciill muiei'ial
v.h.-n \1r.1r l"*tii Iiii"1' in n"
siraighi'. II.iv is tlu iniui.-i'
0  Cresus,    liiiind  fm*  lucre's U"llll'u
Thy ({lory's miii    i«  elnrdv darlii-^
0, pat I. lit .loh, wim cnlinlv   sorrows
111,. 11
.v., .'....„-»■ I,'"'''  iJ'y 5jJ!'!   ,'."""   ',1'
gill I'i
Aivl   Uimi, 1) Cacmif,     o'd i-nd even
'lhy cinwn.d h'-nd lintiuiely hit    th'
f„ii. 1,
0,    Ilniupnrle,    thou   mull  nl   lowllv
Yi't n ihi.d     didst liiiigiiiili far    fnmi
unlive   luini.
llm thou, o .Tcih.11,     1I11111 tiiarvi-l   of
niir n»f*.
Art ever tvui'itij;     where thou   diil-t
11 1   ,f.\\-
III  spile  of      Ti-iii   nli-l  Teddy's    bi|i*
stick l»and
'Miuli nrl siiU'with us as ii sa'iit niul
An.l Mill, .r* linn* .'(Ti.l i'iii< < •!■!,
,trl lining bit-in ■■■: ;it    th' ■ nti •   <AA
si nml, ,
' li
Last W-.dmsday. night a fair!.- -.veil
fill-..! house was livntid to one of the
nto.-'l mirth provoking comic operas
ever piesuiU-d to llu lovers' of pure
ckiin fun in.-ihis city.
Claude Aim-den, willi Miss Ila/el
Dawiijiort, l.otli'-'of Mh'.nn were wiih
llu Kosciaus lasl year, took the l.-nil-
iiig'j-arts in a* n.'w adaplalion ol" an
old .ston-v .culled tlu C.overnor's Wife,
i ud for more thnn two djlighlful
hoins, cciii|),*11l(1 lluir hearers-to forget strikes and all other strifes of
Iif.' ami put on smiles that wouldnjt
cc.nu oil' win after tluy had seui the
last of Hi.* play aiul goiu home and
lo  led.
Illr.   Ainiln     is i mil led*  to much
irulit for h's MKCe.'sfii! r.-arraiiying'of,
llu   liltl.-   story   of lhe   little   opera,
nnd  as  tlu illief actor he was    above
rep i<>.*, ill.
'J he two slurs were well supported
by Miss l.ai'ti-.i, Waller Wilson, .las.
Ilarviw uiid a well baljincul, well
ciiii'.liii'li-d ih,,111s of n.uty looking
girls, wlilosj silil;,|i-(*.;\ a'lid dinicing
w.iv. pleasiii,' fiialiiri's of tlle performance.
Claud; Annd'.n's paiitoiuimic, acting while Miss 15aci.li hovered over
him siiuin*" '"Would you care if 1
should leave you?-' was one of th.*
most artistic little bits of acting
iiver wiliussul ou any stage", and of
olself entitles Mr. AuisiLu to a plac."
beside the-best comedians uov.*' on lh»
lloards. As Miss J.aeon sung lur l:n.*s
Jiovering over hjiii as lu sat enlr'an.--
i.d wilh llu - Lewitchaig lien'uly of
those arms and Innd-;, which waiid-
ciy-l in Hi.li t: ntali/.ing freedom njljoulj
his fhoulders while she poured thosa
louihing- words, "Woultl you care?"
ihrougli rosy0 lips, Ainsd^u's face was
a study of every., einolii 11 from fear
of iL'loclion hy .his \vire, to th.* rapturous, blissful expi'i'lalion of tlu en-
lriiiic.il lover. n .
No', a w< nl did lu utter, but th.**.
language of that fn.c wiis e:o:piLiiL
lo -,lu l-,st degree, and brouglii
1 .irnils  of applause  from   cn   audience
hnl  would have  inure  and  more.
Miss   Davenport   was   as'bright ; 111
.,,-.s -sj.rightiy'     as  s!u  was   hri't   ,-e.i:,
=V,-Iull=W-lt-li t"iU—RoSeKtiif^       cTlTil    '"IrilS-
gio.'t'.il wilir applaus: upen lur fisl
■11 try niHii 111;: singe. Her singing
anl acting in tlu ,'o:i'g "Direct! d'-' by
llu p'.ofes-ci", Mr.- Harvey, gave her
a go: d opportunity lo display ihe
riehn.ss aii'l ev,nuess of lur \-n c,
•nd tli:*,    didn't n.-gljct  the nppoi-l 111-
Mr, Harvey's makeup as tlu "rro-
ro.ssor,f was in*.' of llu liiusl l'.lth*
bits of eMiggeralcd charaelen/,.*.' 'in
ever        seell, ami '     his        wedd
ing of that old feullur duster as . n
!:,,tou while I13 huili'SiJucd Uu niilies
of a diivclor, set oil agalir-.t the'sing-
iii' of the VC.oveiiii-r's Wifn" with Un:
C'.oveiiior hiuisvlf in llu ba-.k ground,
ivns oiu of the. hits of llu evening,
Mr, 'Am d.n t.ihI liis cniiipanv si 111
.-.v. ryl.ody h-'iiie willi gla.d It.arts and
aching sides, and il will be a long
time l.elore the memories of lli.it ev-
niug nf' Inn ., Mul, fad.' from tlu
miids of Ihw'S.' \\h:i were lucky eiioiijgil-j
to -he there,
Thn pivsiiil-alioii nf "The. Mnscol"
the next night was licit i*uile so well
received ns was lhe C.O'Veinor's Wile,
owing*. lo no fault of the leading
ihiiniclers, bill In a liltl.* rawness
upon the pail of Uu support in minor parts. This eviil.iitly was one of
their lirsl. ellm-ls in ihis piny.
Mr, Auisdnuns Prinee Lnreii/ii, I'iin-
rol le exfi'lh'il.
Tli.- faiiiillar old "llobhln, CoMile,
CoM.l'.'" song v.,iK (Mighlfiilly nn-
d.'i'.d l*y Miss Ibiviiipoil aiitl ^*Ir.
Wiln-ii, line ih ■ march it. u,,' in th *
last iii'l,  "Alii-e wli.'i-.' nrl ..Uiim    J',")'
lllg'?"   Will*  I'Oi'd,
Tlu  buries (lie  bieaiuss nl     I,onn/o
niul ..cum,     and ill.) game of ]iolii'i
--.-ilh soda  hisciiili., nip.*, and shu.vim
wci't* nil inii'lh pinvnliiii}..
The iiiiiiiliiu* nf liivi-r n! Ili'.hl ci mill-
op-.ru is ' iiii'ivMsin; in I'ein'c, nud
Mr. Anisdcli will ulwuys be Innk.d
lor wilh ph'iisiii,., iiulicipnlloll., nl
giv.il fun lo colli.', iuin.! n.;"i>" '/*l|»i
Ihiii.j, /ip!
l'UuoNi'Oi'i-i ..Knurrs
•III'  VoVc
'Ih.- 1',-itil- mil stiike cmii'.iiiies.
11 Awllliiii lidiug Ui,' iiiniiv ;i!>-ni ..tu'-''
1I11I 11 -1111v nil Hi' imii W'.r- P" I,
ailiing   in r-'.udinii'  I'lvjid 111    SI-
Tlu strike was said lo be th.: result |
of ih; miiurs refusing to", work with
non-uiiion 1111.11, iiotwilh-;tamling- that,
it was specifically stated thai union
men jlioub.l not cp.iil work ou iiul
faccomil.   l'l-aSideiil Sh.*rn;au siaUs'
"I desire to point out thai Co-.l
C'reik- miners did" not'.strike ' because
nouMinion ni.-n were employed iu llu
min.'s. Our members have continued
to work with iic.u-ui'.ion men at Coal
Creek righl along, preferring- lo cn-
crcisc persuasion rat her th. 11 force.,
hut Manager I.indsey allowed a iuw
.-Inns-* to be wiitlcii in our iigive-
111.nt aivl ch.'ck-o!T, and wlun twiuly-
c.'ghl nun had iloiic so, we protested
vigorously, Lindsey fiuallv look th.*
po.iitiou tha'. ih.* men who withdrew
'.heir sigii.ilni'es were leg-ally right in
so doing, and his company proposed
to iirolcct Uieii). Tlu Conl Creik
111 11 ga\-e him . tlu 'opportunity to
wi.rk iioii-t.ti'.i-ii men, bin the ' lioii-
iin'on  men      speulilv      be'.-amc   union
* , -    t*
nun,  i.ml  llu*  attempt   to  sl.ul    ih.:.
111:11.s failed. I.iiitlsey took the position lint** all his employees could
withdraw their signatures from the
conlraet, but when I offered to do
so Iu th.il said: "So, I will hold
llu orgatii/atlou rc.spriisiide for, this
I'a.ntracl, because T k.wl sign.'d it on
liihiir  of  Uli V.  M.  W.  of A." *
Had Manager Lindsey agreed last
tiu..n:h that the. men who had signed
would not b-e allowed to withdraw
until March 31st, 11)07, if thev' ci 11-
tiiiucd to work for his company, our
members a I Coal Creek and Michel
would still have continued to owor
wilh 11011.union men until March 31st,
sey thought lu saw an opportunity
to weaken our union and get our people at his mercy next spring, and so
be able lo reduce our wages and impels.; more cn-rous conditions of cui-
ployni'.nt upon our people.
Last   lTfc-rsdnv  night   thc  poo'pie   ol 1    Mr.  Morion, of llu  Coleman  Hotel,
Coleman threw open llu doors oi
th.ii- dancing hall to tluir friends of
Ji.ar-by towns upon ..thr. occasion ol
tlu third anniversary of the 'op- .-) g
of. tlu pretty towns-lie, i ji 1 -.-itn;
them to what may b<; term d tJi_:
most cleganr .hall ever given -.u a
l'ass town, 'lhe hotels were u.r.ii *i.^
over at every door way, hail i*-'--'
.stairway, with vivacious young 1 d-
hn and g-allant young nun all uill (I
i'.iiii'cipaiiiiii -iml ladi-acil expect.iH i'i.
of   -ih'Ji..i!!'e   lo colli J  ill   lh_   liilll rooill.
The little city looked hrighU and
ile.in as a -iv.w dolhir, and all iis in-
h'.iiliit,<n'.s were ;is protili and ciiteiit-
:il ;*s ambitious |)(.ople can be under
any   circuinstaiiccs.
Til* '.own, .sceiii-ad full lo o.cr-
Ibiwing with guests from lUnirmoie,
Fr. nk, I,ill.*, Hillcrest and othrpbic-
..'s, and righl royally were th.y greet-
.il  and 1 uieriaiii.d.
The Magics' Hall had b-'Ml deeoral-
11I for tlie occasion by :i lomiiiilUe
of yoi.il;; b;uhel. rs, eveiy on* o:
whom must have h:ul an aillslic
moth 1 or a lol .,:' tasteful sb.iers to
Ir.iin him as he grew up, for ihe fel-
lo.-.s had succieded in making of tlie
fcdl ii iL'lijhlfiil place, in whiih to
while  away  the  hours.iu d;*neiiig. .
Tlu windows were draped wilh lace
lurtiiins, large mirrors were at lhe
sides of ill; 100111 draped iu ■.he same
wav as were ilu window.-,, a prnlus-
,.",. l ion of lM-.iiting was hung about llu
walls  and  festoons  of   the same 0111.1-
Xo,  Uu-raot is. Manager l.ind- f •"' ll'wl   ^   ^i1in-    U   Wiis ™U>'   :'
daintv  drawing  room.
The music was supplied by the Kernie  Jla'ian   band,   ,-.«1   was  i-M-elleul.
The ball was opined by a grand
mnnli, which was lollowi.d by a long
and varied progiamine lasting to the
we.e sina' hcnirs of tlu mornuig.
At luidnigltt an iiiie.rniif*sioii from
diiiic'n-r w'iis h id, and tlu gue.sls wen;
ill sealed-nt Ike tables in the (Vn'iig
;o'oiii of the,Coleinan Hole! aiid.stiv-
c'd witli a lot ofgor-d lh:lig.s„to eat,
beginning with u\.iters oil llu half
.-lull, .,nd ending wilh" delicious ices
" ml cake. J.elwem these two ex-
li-aiii.s was to be had roast ■.i.rke.i
and  other gor.d  things.
I.1.0TIIRR      KOX     OS
'J'hb Globe continues to denounce oii
vice in the abstract, and to carefully
sidestep r.ny nu-nt.^i of win are the
criiiiiiiais. It 0is humiliated by "the
lineovering of moral rottenness* in
large areas - of Canadian life." ' Il
laments  that  "manufacturers,  trades*
is an old  Victoria     .boy, who knows
how  to make one  feel  at honn": while
ui'.d.r . his 1001". ,,
Kverybody al tlu  ball was glad to
welcome Mrs.  Galer  back in her place'
iu  llu tocial activities  of- the    enter-
The sight of ol<l-tinic Kernie faces
*;ia:ong ih; happy iluc.ng, incliuling
Mr, and .Mrs. A. IV-ck, helped to talx*
the ,Ui\n.'s-. oul of tlu Kid and make
h'111   feel  at  hoine.
-Ml  llu  m.rili.uils  iu Coleman wear
nu  eveiliisliug  smile   and  make   their.
iiiMoiiur.s  sh.iie  iheir  happiness.   All_*
llu si rre**, look liU-  l-,us\" places,  rJiJ
everybody is Jiappv  while  busy.
Mr. Di.vn, chi-.i engineer "of thi
iiiiu.s, was as cMict in the execution
o". daii'e. liguivs as h.. is in running
1111111.I.s nml .'lull like little things in
thai  big hide in tlu ground.
Me-i.-rs. MeTnlyre, Galer, Cameron.,
.Morion,   billing-and   Kraser  made    a
i'r.*at  exec nlive  committee,  and   exc-
- * .,
iiiled   ceiylhing,   not  excepting    tlu
lurlcy,   most   thoroughly.
Th* iniius at Coleineii are now
mining out from 1.400 10-1,500 tons
of coal each day with one shift, and
could, if cars could lx: had, doublii'
*.he amount.- l'iierything is working
smoothly, and llu pivs.nl output
could be maintain,,d for two or three
wars without robbing-..
,Mr. Krasei, tlu siiperiiil'.ndeiit of
the Coloiiii.ii mines, was one of' thi
utlcnlive giiilli-inin who saw to it
'.hit. ih: Ledger Kill didn't have to
tr\- for i'liih or go to U.d,in lhe dark
without ,1 l;ed. - lie saw to* it that
the Kid was linked away in his liltl.
li.nd'c bed just as snugly as thoiigli.
he had been at hoine with his mother. The Kid appreciated , lhat mnil
went io sleep and dreaiiuil of sweet
, melody  and  licet  motion.
Mr.   Kiiiniinerfell,  president    of    thi
'niein itif ail   Coal   and   Coke     Com-
|t.    |,      j,],   ||.       |h-       III'      O!       I   Lllll,ll,} UU
i.ip.ci'a of ih*' d sliii'i 1 n'cii ni 'i"i .•
v.i.rl-r:-, Ui- mam. in' <>'- U'' i".tp-i"»*
li iviif Is-'-.i d stiiiiiii-n'.s tu (lu    i-f-
in.n, pliimbers, . fruit exporters and
food supply ni'.li have all le-ii in-
volvitl in some exlor'.ion or deceit or
unlaw ."ul practice whereby tli ey
sought to make gain al the. cost 'of
Il -,;:oi- iu business, or even of thi
health   of -llu piople." "■
llui not a word of cc.nfcR'sioii or re-
pi iitan,:e from llu Gloins njwspiipei*.
Th.re was a considerable "uncoveiing
of moral rottenness" when the_ prime
liiiniistir oi CnU'irio wn.s impellid to
warn tlu people that newspapers professing to defend tluir interests were
in the pay of the electric trust, and
iHgiaged, day by (day, in nn cITort to-
,'issiiss'n ile ' public rights; that spurious letters were publish* d hy llum,
purporting to come from the masses
of tlu' penpji', .but, in fuel, furnished
by Uu trust and .deceitfully published
l.y these newspapers—including llu
C.loli—-so us to mislead and defraud
lit.* pcopli',
'•Thank God," exclaims this "pious
I'nelMi'fl, "tlmI th- moral s-.-n.-o of
■Iu people is sound." Certainly it i'V,
lieiiee tlusj hypocriliciil pii*l'ii'ii..u-i.
llui the peopb; of Canada require   no
I ill of li.alth from the Glol-*!."
We  nr.'      trciilccl      lo   disserlatirn*;
ilbollt. ill* lillalli'iill Ki-nliiliil.'i uml the
insurance company scandals. Ilut who
nr,; ill- IIMI who have 1 ecu exposed?
How ninny nf thnn ar.* ■ h.uchnldets
iu lhe Gloln'? WliiiI d'd thai, pap-r
dn b'H oppnS'.'. llu i-insnil.. by lhe
World Unl lomd even lhe Liturii r
|.ov,'l-Iilll III In move; Uiul linld'.' pus*
sible ill's iuvc.'.tigiilioii,
'(Kleclnriill luiu'li nr.' nn'iiti<^iv<l, and
II reliicliilil iidinissinii mnde, llial a
minister nf the crown I'lny be Ih-
,hi, f ciiiiriiinl. Niiii.e him. 1'* it Uy-
innii, nr Liiurii:i', ur i-'iclding,' Ihr.-s
III- Gin! e fa-,cn- this minister retain-
Ing n pbuv in ihe ciiliiiiei? ■ lb'"' il
jiiClify tlu ■■.nveiiiiii'iit m ke.-piiig
liim 1,11?
Th iu iiiaudlili. vnporlngs uboiti
,vim. in th* nbsiniic iiiiinimi" lo
II illlill,,'. Who ni'.' lhe ililllilbll'i? Is
mil ih' I'.lcihi! niiiniig th • chh'l ol ih ■
hiniii'i's, nt !i   is, ndiiiitiidly,   iimmig
I) .!.<   l.llll   ll IVI!   piolilid?
(Ill   oiu   ofCiisinll,   says   Aesop,    Ul.-
bv und-rifiol; tu deliver mi civil.in
.-.-•i-liirin  on   ilu sill  nl   Mli-nlini!  iliu-k-
nn.   Wh 11 he Iiul l.nished, .iu m his
'      *   ■ ;-,,-!,.
•I .1.1   1.     .i ;,- .1       m-  ■    ■*■■■»■■■ '
I*. \,  but   \ on i-li -ubl   have  wip. d   Ut*
hii-li. 11 fi-nihi'. ..II y.-mr whisk, is ln-
I'or* y. 11 ii'iiviul  dr pulpit •'
~h"7i"e were liimij^eU'ghiit dresses to
'c'.se n,- and all told, it was about
,h*e finest ball lhat has -ever l.-o-ii given   in  tlie  l'ass.
The cili/.f-iis of Coh'iiinn .nv justly
pror.il "f their Utile town, and spare
no 1 rouble or exp.use in their eflorts
o lr.okie their iiiinual celebralinu an
eviiil 10 be rem ■nibeivil and api>reci-
May .!u"hiive     many of them,  and
may inch one If ns ,"or<i ;|S the Insl,
Mr. 1'ovah and Mv. Oliv.-r, of the
ollice stall ol lhe Col-num mines liVi-u-
nicst coiirleciis lu Uu. Ledger Kid
wlun lu called oil llum ut 'he coinpany olliee during h\s stroll around
ihe.  1 idle cily
panyi-was aT'Tlie l-alTTHfirsecTwiir-1o~~
l.e tiijoyiug hiiuself. In coiivcrsaiion.
wi'h tlu'Ledger ivpies.illative, lie express.d gr.»l concein regarding Uu
unfortunate situation at Kernie. Mr.
I'liitiliu'erfel. was'olb: of llu nudiatoiH
during tlu tioub'e here afler du ex-
|)losi. 11, ; nd asid' from the interest he
lakes 111 llu sitiiiitii.il as it alfeclsi/t.'h^
g. lurrtl prosperity of llu country, he
h's a great peiscll.il anx.iety to sec
:lu troulilc liv.il up on n iieiiiianent
I r.rvs. He i*:i|iressid himself as greatly pleas'il wilh the prospects of his
own c.iiiip.iiiy and his, great faith in
k: f-i'.dre of lhat niuL-rtakiug,' Mr.
r'liimiueifell has'.been spending a day
or two looking over the workings,
.and   will   n.tin 11   to  the coast  soon.
candidate. I
house  vli.T.
MAKING   A WONDl'llil-'UL   1H1N.
Tlu Miller, S.  I).,  Snn  tells of   the.
i'\|icriiii.'e  ol'  a    youn*-
1* put  up one night iii i
.-.Iranger-;    aie   givi-l.-d
willi   llu  kiss  of  pear.-.   Alt. r    Iv'n.
peekvil  by   thirlieii    ihildnn  he    was
si'iiiewh 11, snrprisi.il  wli.n   ilu  iiiuilui
llir.-w h r arms aroiiivl him  and yyyi
llilii llu siiiiirk  llial  nil sli"i:ll.j|*l-s wh.i
elllelfd   lur  di mr. Were  Ultillul   lu  ne
cnidiu;; lo the  leiuts.    of her    Iniih.
At  this si.ige ul the prnc".dings   th.
I'liuclidiile   looked   luWiiii!:'   t,h'     doiii
wh 'ic his eye ni'.-l   ih • old mull   ''nin
ing  in rapidly     lo give  the slii.ti1.'. 1
ib-  LP-; i,f w  lr. 111 ■     Th • yi ua-  m..n
:.iip|io.*..d  ill it   Ul    ll nd  ul   til'   'mil'''--
wns nliiiii   in  ninke      ir.-.ul h*  l..t .1 u-i
ill * wil'- bah l*'i,.s-*l liim, nnd he bi.ike
and ran ncrosi ill.- priiiiii* at  a   l'a<e
'h .1   mad-   ih*   siuhbh*  vinol- •     V. Ip n
last   !*e.II ll- was Inppill.!  a  slight li'i:
ol j.ii.und ub.-ut  a  iiiih- dislaiii    niul
leiiving I.-hind .1 I mil "i  du*.i   lii. ■ nn
uut.. en 1.     llm p..Iiiiuil   ni. ml.    1 ■
l„,ii  thai h* i-* m..ki'ig ii ,','"l nm '"
j|u   rnillllry.
Wh n  .luu    .iv...'.-  ,*i   7 ..'*!•■'- '-'"h
ill ■   am   |u* 1   p • "u ; into h r    wh'i*
UK.Ill    III   Ml'    ll    lllll-    7-VlMl   nhl    -11I-
w.'i-i*  still HI'   v t,   alld   wh 11  -h      If
dressing ro a;; to be whuie the   con-
vi-rsaiion was.
*-So lliiii delightful social function of
breakfast in bed w;is postpniieit Tor a
1111  111,11   i '••■ > ■*
In,111 1I1 • iii.iii'*-'" "! ■
fiom  l'lvdd nl  Miuli -It xb' H'ltns nl
Uu ■■xi-.tin.. ngi,.unlit,  'iti'l had rail-
.-il  tli    Mrile iu violat'cm  ul  iis    i'f
pi.s< t*.uni*   In Ui' Ivini"  l.idgvr mi
, v.; ,,:■   ri1    III '   '•■   "|,;   "l   •'' '   Iliil"*1,"1'1'
of ill* 11 inp- «■" |,; ' •'•'li. i"id it is
.l.tiiii..! tlu' h b. .'"■t'«I •'■"■'"|- '•'
I 11)11 f ill!'! -'ll'l'1' ' '• '••' ''■■"»■'• "' l1"-'
;,g|- I'l.i.m 'Mu will,- matin is placid in a viry •lilt -1 - nt li.-hl, and it is
• Iiiiwii ih.t n «»'• •" nti*mpt v"
ind, mi-"h- Ui   in'i*n lv -.ilL-V'in,, <!<*
HI  |tj)   ..   (,,   .. >i|/.h;nt-   fiv.fti    ill •   wil
trail   nude uli >h l.d   in Uu*  iti.iihh-.
lu  liiiinii    und I linn  nl   I'lilti'i-'Oil      iiml   Wilmnt,
1'ill.iiiuiiUi, wu'i in town y.**-ii*iit.iy.
'Ihb. linn i'.\\'.'\l to li iv,* a null ui
np.r.'.iiu.i 1«(fii-. th- *iul nf ihi*. year.
If  i*.ui  nr.* 1111!   n   resist.-r."l   oh u t
nl pii.pi'ily in Uie citv, you will hue
Ul l.-itrl r i|| o'd '* 1" I •• . Ill ill -1 I-i
\t t *   ill    lie II. AI    1 its    .lulil II. II
Mill pav lavs III nilv way Xn lll'i'i-
1 nt ol S.M10, nli-l nie 11 r. sidt ;n    <<:
II.'   tilV   Ut.   liNpli'Yll   bv   lilW,    .   >■•   ilu'
miili.>1 lo a vol-:, ..nd *h..*dd -. ■- *"
if tint inn jyt 11 hu i-rin nu- -li'''
• il  in    Don 1 w.iil;   ngi*ilir   loli -I
in in'> r.d Ui il    h ■ iiiii.'.i ;*ii in   " h
,,ii.I  thai   il  w'-i * vi-rv,  v. v.- cn Iiiii ■ niuiu'li:,  '*h    bi' »piii.-   ii'l •■!'"
■ti,-.   -.....    ..    ...
■ *   -    \i -     v   : .-.i   ; '   '   '■  '
Oi ii'.id iiibb'  ililb. uli v wis luiiii.l
lor.ii''n/,   Ui ■   div.iv
"II   vol   niv   ll-.l   I'-.-lili;'   well.     I
l.i'.i s nl  up i*ii'l     Ui 11 p. th.i| *-
v, ill   lerl  I.et l»-r."
■In 1-d, i'-...i like a I.nly.'"
'• III'.',   lii.,-   a   l.idv "
"I   l.'liel •   I   would   Ili.l-   ll   ''
"Vi lv   W'll     1   «   '.1    •■"■'   i'   '"I
Il    Mils   * l'l »'    'pli !     Up 'I""' *',     I.
I-T       tl I     'l .1   h II v. 1 ■  'I !"
;.,  n     ,    n. ■        I.    .11,1     ll  ..Ml- I...'   ■■      ••"'■''!•
Inic   aiuu'r   ,1  ih-.ul >ia  tb    tn.'ii 1    1'
v.*.-i',   liv* !v.   pb.i**..!!1,      iIi.MU'l     '<n '
I i.nkli.si,-        li   iv...  1  I-.   .,-••-X     up
i.-i-j .    S-i*' I nt.-  ..   '*" >'* ",! ■"■■  <v'n
,. in 1   ■,,  .....|   >■  ■>    ll    '"I    .' "'  '       Lilt
ii,,     I>-iiiAii*
j ll l'l       1. . .ill I- '1 I h
TI1.1t llu- edilnr of lhe Moiniiig Al-
'iirlnii   nl   Ciilgtuy   reads  the    Kernie
l,id,-,.*r is evid'.ni  from the following,
nk. 11  fr-.m  the  Albellun  of   the.  22111I
nil-,  and  whiih the Albeitrni,  iu its
ll isl»!  lo j;.l  news,  Inrgot In cledil:
Aiiiioiinciii,ut is made Unit n com.
i'iiiiv repii-i.«'icl by O, A. I*ol*.'it-
011, 1*7 I!, Liii.li und I*', b), K.iiU'is*
lill will d'Vclnp lili'V-livu s-i|luii'i; inili'.s
ol vn It. conl beds in Hull llum Allen a, 11,'I ill ol l.'owlcy aiul West of
i.iu ,-r llu imt nv expcils who have
Inn i-Mini nn.; ihi*. propel 1 y for Un.
n. w nwu.is din inj; llu pn'ii light or
iw.. Ivi- itn >ti ■ Ii ■_, report ih.il four
Sjiljll. miles ill 1,lie bi.lv llil'l il con*
liiiuons bed ol ii.,il ill liivcis, lung*
'llg fi.ilii ihu. In -,*i I..I in tlncklU'si
o, •iiiiui.ii! Mu,.niii\ to l.tip a mini
y,'>'xt;i .it III* ml" ol "-,nno tuns daily
'..1 >.ii biindt.d y...i'. wilhi'tit uny
ippu. i.i'.l.- impi.'.-ion upi.n th-1 •■lock
ot H.iil,
-ll i*. .".liiiiiiii'l Uiul ut th.* 1.-11*41
li ■!.- is an .iiir.ig • nl liiriiiy f.".*l nl
en .1   Cil   I'Vdlldlllei    lllinilgllnlll     ill'
.niile   ulni,   and   Liking   thuse    csti*
.                 . .-. r
 1        , ►   ...     -, *. -...      ,,.
1   '       -ti  •'  ', *,   *b. *.   '. 1 *.     I..Mnn il.-
•-it11 ■ in 11 i*. iilnm-.t   V" mud tin- giasp
.1!   tin*   Milium   mind.   .U'uiuiti*.-   that
a   nil'.-  viiijl ol  cal   in  phut-  Wi'iilhs
,1   tl lii'   ill'    l> Illla)',!'    nl    lll.ll    VilSl    lllill
,     , ... 1     ,,       .    'ii:   .. 7...
lb,- lilhi n p. ii< d 01 nutation.
r.opl-  Ii.is.-   Ui.night   Unit   the  m.il
iil.it, owiud  by the  t'lnsv's N'c'.t l'nss
I'i .U   Coinpany   veil-   Ui-i  largest    111"
W, st. 1 ll   t'.ill.i.lii,   .nul   lhy   aiv    nl'*
i.iinlv      ui.ii'iiilif.tii      ill   i-iliiit.   but
ill   -*•   ll.-lll)    ll'l-.lt'd   IIU-ilMII.-.f   Hit' si ill
• . ..1. t
A 11 11 i.iilw.iy Iiiii' will 1" l.nill,
1.toial.lv limn ilu t*. I' H. t'niw's
NiM lill , I..II11W1I1.I Ul' noltll lull. u(
Ui- ul.l '...in'-. llis*r.
\t!,,» ih* f. ui.,i«i- t;.t..niol.M jisy
lnt   ill- 'mim us.- w. *.i1lli ill -1* h.isv in*»
..111!   il,   l'.   I.lll     .1 ll- 'l SIS*BB*
l^lHlome Baok of Canada!
Bank   of   Haetiiiton
The    man  with  the  Savings
Bank habit    is the     oiu who
"* never  gets    laid    off;  he's  the
one  who  can  get  along   without  you,  hut  you   cannot  get
■ ■■ alonjj without, him.   The  Savings  Bank  habit  means  sound
sleep,    good'     digestion    cool'
judgment      and     manly   independence. ' The   most   healthful
thing I know of is a Savings
./.ink-book.    There   are   no   ini-
ciobes    in  it     to  steal  away
, your  peace  of    mind.   It  is- a
guarantee   of      good   behaviour. „
Wc would like to have your name '
on our list of depositors.   Ko matter,
whether your start is one dollar or one,
hundred—wc will pay you interest at
current rales—compounded twice a
year. .
Current Accounts Invited
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9
J. H.   MARSHALL,  Mgr„   ft
FerraSc    Branch (fi
Total Assets
Over $30,009,900
I Savings
| Department
.Que Dollr.r is suilicient. to open an account.   ... i;>
terest paid Mini annually at current; rates.   Tho ,-£
best facilities arc offeie.dto nut of (own deposiiors .£
Current nccounts ct maniif.-iclurers nnd  inercli* <*;
.•mis solicited.
f- A  General, Ilanl.iiisr   liusinoi-s   Tninsactetl &
under this, heading insterted at the
rate of one cent ti word each insertion.
FOll   SALI.
1'01_ SAI.K—l-'iiinitun..—Apply S, Victoria  Avenue. ,, — i**-
Roosville & Elko
IF  ^TOTT  "W-AJ^T  -A.
We have the Buyers
who have the Cash to purchase and improve them.
Bring in  your   descrip-
" "O - i-
_*01. SAL1'.-A good William's piano.
Apply 1). McLennan.
KOli SALIC-ao lots in West Kernie;
easy terins....Apply W. T. Ilealey,
West Feruie.
WANTKD—Carpenters to work on the
new C. 1*. 11. station.—Apply on-
the-job, to Pigby & Waldie.
IU0TT SOX &' CO. have instructions
to look out for two or three li'und-
> red acres of good', land suitable , for
fruit growing in thr: Kooleiiay Valley, Tliis land inusl he so situated
as to allow of irrigation, cither by
gravity or by a well-equipped pumping plant with an abundant supply nof water. Improved r<*incli'.'s are
wi'.hin.- the scope ofthe instiucticns.
Locality, quality of soil and access
to waler come before price in the
cc.nsicL'i-alion of* tlu purchaser, who
is a practical fruit grower, and
luows what he wants.' Send us
your descriptions, locations and
prices.        '-' . ,
There  is  nothing  Trotu a hatchet
to .split the ,,-iind!iug wood to the
complete  outfit  for . air exploring
j|   expedition  which   we  do  not  supply  al  a,   reasonable   price.
hardware, Harness & Saddles
Miners, Prospectors Supplies
Drygoods, Groceries, Kami Iin-
pleiiieiits and Machinery from
Stem-Winding Mouse Traps to
Cyclon*. Stack is, Indian Curios,
Souvenirs of lloosville and l'.lko,
[   Nnw Kurs and Krcsh Produce from
Tobacco Plains
shipped ct     order from-  Kiko to
any part east or west,
Send   orders   lo   F.lko.
Bi;!; Game Hunters outfitted
with supplies, Tack Horses and
TO   I.KT—Two     dnfuriiisli-id
- .i.
Real Estate and Fire* Insurance
FERNIE,   : ':.'.:   :• B. G.
wc* iJW_M_M_WM_-iti_w m - x*rrt
, gcr Office., '*-"
FOR   SAT.IC—One   Ay_.t-hinir.lou   Hand
Tress, ~ col. folio; one Gordon .lob-
■ si.Mi-LV niCLieiors.
Hoarding   houses   iire   in   bloom,
S'.iid'iits fill each little room.
Smell tlu perfume  in the air,
I'ruiKs nils stewing I'V'rywheiv.
Tom Lewis i.s in jsiil, alas!
DuVeiiiel has hiui, cinched,
Hut I.yinnii is iu Olliiwn
And n.'Vi-r  will  be pinched,
The liill significance ol nil event is
not ulwuys's.ui on lhe surface, For
iiislno.c, the London voter did not
know thut th-: iWeipt of a li-n dulliir
bill would lie good at a biler date
lor ii 1 rip to Toronto,
A mnn who had Nlayid nil her lute
nt the public house, was going Iioint*
. li.' nigh I, w luu he collided with n
tree gii.ird, whiih h.ul recently been
put up by th.- .-.id.- of ih-- f.n.lp.'iili
Iti* stii|ip.d nnd suid, "IVg pnrdnii!"
Ait.r t'O-i''', ;i litth* lurih.'i, Ii.. ciuglil
i ii ilii-I-,      nnd  ri-|u-uli'd   llie  perlnnn*
lllll'l',   bill    Sl ill    his    l lllllill.",    Will*   llol
To wed, or not, to wed,
'lh.it  is lhe'*,pieslii.n.
■Ali.llt.r  'tis  better
To ri'iiiuin  single.
And  d'.s-ippoint   a   few women—
For n lime
Or lii.'irry,
And ,disap]ioinl   on,! woman—
For life?
A hungry pitman entered u lvstnii-
n-lil the r-.li.-r day and ordered n
hiinli ih.ip. Aflei a long delay, the
waiter returned with a .hop of nil-
croscnpieul •iiupi.rli.oiis. "An say,
wniter," said Gioidy, "aa tliowl aa
telhd ve thit an w.iniul a chop"
"Well." replied tlu waiter, "ih.-rc it
is!" "Wry," na'll le hlist! se il is,"
rupliiil the pitiiinii. "A.i'm h.iiigvd,
if mi didu'l think il Wis u crack In
ill.- plntul'
A  Wl'.I.L-KM.W**.   MAS',
Miiiuid's Liniiiiiiit Co., Lilliitid,
I), nr Sirs,- -I  r.m  riToiiitiund    yoiu
M.INAUD'S   I.IXISIICS'T  for  iJi.'iiiiiiit ■
, . . I isiu nud spruili s I hive iis.il it foi
nvu, in     lu i-uiiii! io i-rn-I  iign li nl    ,   ,,      .,.* ,. ..       „,.
' f I fl   I   Willi   ■••..'.111 lit   ll-MlllS.
A hotel that furnishes qmiel, eoin-
modioiiR accotiiinp'd.i.lion for its patrons is.a source of pleasure lo the
travelling public. Such a one is the
King Kdward Hotel, of Fernie, cornor opposiu post office.
her, 7xir. Hoth these presses <ir*
iu fair condition', and are offercrl
for sale cheap on account of having installed larger presses in their
stead. Write for prices and Urtui ,
"to   .*  ■        '
Feruie. II. C.
[Carried in 4 sizes.]
You arc making a mistake if you have hot asked our
prices on HEATERS, no matter what style you may require.    Take a look.
'..WHIMSTEE -&c  CO.
llie ii.ai on-. "Ity gum," he '-aid, ns
h" sal don 11 hy ih.. icad side, "lis
1 Lr ni;', ih..,11 li.'i.* ih» 11 rt: 1111 llrii'..
i.a'll wait   till  ih • 1 riii.il gc'.s by."
.— - •
Quebec Man tells how Ihe Great Consumptive Preventative -was
un _ii-ru-nu ut.iii.ni
, Y.iiirs Tinh'i
T, IL  l.AVKI.S,
■   St.  .lihn.
A Trades and Liiibor Council for Fer-
■lii)' w,".s  I tinned   on Thursday    night
ast,   'Deli-Lilies      from   thu   different
minus wei'w:
"AIin -rs'   I'nidii—T,    Hijcgs,    J.   Lnu-
uster, (.,'. Wil:on, T, Uphill,    'J.   X.
Ilowhr.ioh,     A.lliiidley  nud X,   Ilfis-
Hivwers' Union—CL   Gruui'lKich,    C.
.Moore, T.  I'.  Lueh.'i*.
Cnipaittei'.-i'  Union—W, ICuiunier, W.
Ciitiell, II. Hull,,
■Cigiiriiini.cis'     l.'niou—(leo.    Dunn-
I ecker.
Tyjio-ji-iiphiciil     Union-A, A'. Unci**
ley,  W^,   I.  Thompson,  0, 0.  Meikle.
'Ill*  following  ollicers  and  coinuiit
lees were elected:
PrcMiUm, W. Kiii'iiii'ir
Vic.-l'ivsid.iit,  C, JMooru
Kee. See., (',. G, Jleiklu.
Sec,  Treus,,  ,1,  N.  Howbrook
Kx.-iiilivi*    I'oiiiniiltee—I.    Liiuonsl-
a-r, T.  V. I.iU'Iier, ll,  Wilson.
l,e;',isl.ili-.-.-  (.'oiiiniiltec—.1.   I.iiiirnsl-
.r, Thus, lliggs, C.i-o,  Dnivn.li.'ilU'i'.
(Irn'.riii/iitu n    Cnitiiniitce — A.    J.
ruii'kli'y, .1. Luiiciisler,     .1. IM. How-
i rook.
'Ill'   inc'iiit,-"   w.is      ci,livened   under
h*  dire. I Imi   ni     (lrgiiiii/er  Triitler.
nl I'einii- 'liiid.'s mid Labor Council
hii'.ild le iu  liiirly good inuniii;; fill-
ilii u  iii.id.* of iiuotli'i' montli-
Are you on
« My -wire took J a Crippi* whfn ihe w**
In Ottawa," says U. N. l>Af.M*«fNocthrM*hl
Farm, Qui*., In nn Interview. "Sin* jrol t»
luilth' nf INychlnc nnii nfler nilnj; it for s
few ilv/s slu* wii* <itiitr** wrll. I look r cold
nnd um ii sin/.' il and am prltni)-. nil /ijf)ii.
1 Ih'iuk r»yehm« 1» one of tho lw>l tonics
on Ihe market to-day." I
There you havo lho wlioln mailer In n
riulxhcll. Ui Cirlnpo and uolds aro among
lho forcrunnct s of consumption,
Tliii man had on.*, hi* wife hail the other.
Psychine not only cured both but it built
llicm up an that llu-ir 1*i*.Iii*m aro *.ir.inj{
rnfiti|*lt lo res'ot dit.aoe, All wed*, ol
k.oiii'.u.ii|Uiun arc lo'lfcit by
tPr,in**ui-\1 ,«J.li#*r»)
50c. Per Bottle
Larger •!•*•• «l nn4 -.--all drug*lata.
OR. Tr A. CLOCtlM. UmiUd. Tmm(o.
II,.Ii'l   f(.i;*,t   tu" f,vX   your  liiiuu' <>"
lh<   miiiiicipiil   viili'l."'   list   before "III."
lii.st  il.iv ..I   S'ii\.iiil.-i'.       Oi'luU'i*  is
ih- tni.iilh iu iiliiih lo ri'i;i.'.Ur,    nnd
t  will  st.'ll l.e pusi-
A  li.lv j.i.'n ;  Irom  hi'ini'    l<*r    ill.*
diy   I.r, k.-d   ■•-.ivllnii-:   up   will,     "'id
Inr    III'   j,*loc I ,4,   Ii 11  lit,   Hlolc   fill   .1
"All   i.ut,   il ii'l   lew  ulivllliiin."
'Ids -lr siiul.  <,u ill* limit  <1i»'i•
l ll   fl   I    1 ..'.-I II    llt.Ul.    r* 11 *   tolil.li      l'l   >'
h ii.M-  iiiii.-nl.. il   aii.l  nil ha-r iliolii-.sl
i. .-, ,:. ii . ^1.,*, .  T.» 11? i.*'-* «•«* 'tail ol   u.is niiii- d
'  'III   ll' >.;    ll..   h.Uirt    lelt    lllllill"
Not    h.ll^   .'.ill..'    II   J 1)1111^,   IrlloiV   llll
il.-i iiml; to jullv mi old iiiiiid,    uhu
ill-    IllltllUIII'    ..II. lis. iti   II lll.lk p.,....
'Ililln, .nunc, uhv .1. ii l -.iiu tl't
nnuiini.' "I'm jiKi us j;uod ii'. nun
li.jl   iimi-     Mow's   ihii.'   Will,     vnu
s.c, I'Vi; (;iil ,i p,illol Iilid he due.*
Ill • Ml. llllll,1,: l'l.- j;nl il hn/ alld ll *
do*-, th.- i'llllll n^, I've j;nl ii Iniu cat
• nil  li.-  .-1.i\ s uni  ;iil  inilil,  iiml  I i<
*^.tL    ,1    ,*.i...     I. .ir.'   .       ..    i,*ii     i'
1101  .is j^'.id .i*. ih* .r.ii.i^'' hushuii'l
I'll    <j!"'l
t'.i'i,r|;e    Ilo.d'.y,      .\ ^i.v. ni.ir      ol
*. i.,.*,  ,*.,.,   ., .*.*. *■*   ,>', -     .-■      ■	
Mil III,;   ilnVJI   ll.'   c\   1   rXp.-l'.clhcil   Ul)
to him mIpIc iniiip.ii-.'iiiii-.; in In** i.imi
Slul*. Tii'd nnd <)iit of soils, h * nr
li-.nl ill .) little li.wn i.ii t*v li li <
i ltd wi ti in ih ■ ..lily lint. I in ih
pi;,. . "id- |, *-n|ii i -inr slrn.l .n.ill****-
llllill) a l"l- il sk slllnklll;. a null
,,.'    [iip Ml   r   "Ilr     ir,„..l!y   r.yKl. I
d li.i. hii l .snil 'T.iki* y. I ;-np up
1,, Ku l<>, .I'.iwi .n ill.* Lu unl ol
111-   lull " Willi   Sl.lll,-   ,*«.ls|r.I.lltl.II
lhc Sl'.li-"*' lllll'l I'MiWIlli' s.i'd. 'I
,11.1        U.   Ofr*.       IllVldl-. ,        %'■■: • Tft'-T      »..   . .
fif,,-,, -ff,.    m,m  lii'A.tl h.tii r.«.r jm.--M.iii ii:, naiiiinii'   ''<' u.risiimr.*
..ilit.lv i.iid I I'lml:    -W.ll. wl.-it »l v.  '-ut Uss
O you take and read
the Ledger? If not,
why not'?
TAKI'. r."ii-<- ili.it .io d.iys idler
iiiiii* I iir.cn I to npplv in lln* Chief
O'liniiiss.-.ti.-'- nl Luii'li ami Works.
\'i(loirt. It. t', hr ;i «.|H-tinl liri-nw
lo mi .uvl mny nu.iv tiinlrr Ironi
• li*  hsT'oii mi *  .1 vrril'd b.lids-
fi.ii'M'i n.iii;: ,ii ,i pi i-i ]iLi*ni«'l nX
ifc- N. W, f..ni,r i.i .1. Milim.-V lim-
»1, lll;tl. . iniillll.' W. -M-ih i:n>, lliin-n
S. .-,.. Ji.ui.., ;li..w.i- K ■« tlu'.n***,
.IiiM. ■  **.■    ».. .Uv'n-  «-' v'4*1* •■' *'r*''*
Everyman, woman and child in
East Kootenay, should he a constant reader of the .Kernie Ledger.
It is not controlled by any corporation or company, nor does it
shield the evil deeds of any political party. It has a good word for
everything that is good and a vigorous kick for what is bad in the
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pleasing way, the local news and is anxious lo receive any and all
items of interest to its readers.
il you wish to assist it in its efforts to build up the material  imw-
esls and the moral standing ofthe community.
As the old song says:-
"In nil your trtin-i*irli.»iis let Iliis lio your plan—
I'or llit- wi-ll'iiri* nf ollii'r*. An um widl n*. )•■■* * ■»>•
li.i v.Mir ilnlv, liwi> mi-r.-y, iiniu* nil tnj»elln*r
Ainl juiiiiii) Uiimij'li life lilic- hirds of u foallwr."
Arc you on the outside, looktnK In ?
W ..III   li;.-   In  il .    l»|.i-.   M .'''
i i.n.r  ii. i.t  ui * Hv  in Xr A.
M.  M.lVN'l'S,
...    illati-l     ,U   l*.S_.ii..tiit'    V..   «*" .  Si-|.»«m
lu,,* A\  I.H'iii.ni Cnn.li Ilnin*., 15U. '    U-r i;ili,   i'f*,.   k
ssssssssssssa T^.E FERNJ[E LEDGER, FERNIE, B.C.' OCTOBER 24, 1906
■ r>
VJ    .J
By  llobky  D.    Evans.
Zogi:.aiim draws with a pencil,
And I do'th'.ngs with a pen,        ■    *
And you sit up mi a eoiiiviiig tower
Bossing einht liumlr.d men.
Zojjabiim  takes care  ot his business,
And I tak» care of mine,'
And   yon  take care  of  ten  tliousaml
Skye-'fcaotiii"- through 1I12 brine.
■*  Zoj-;abiini can  handle  his shadows,
Aiul I  call  handle  my  style,
Ami you can handle a. ten-inch «un
To carry s_vi.ii milo..
To him that hath shall be sivi.n,    °
/Anil -.that's why tli.se plonks-nre sent
Tb   ' th*.;   111,111   who    has lived  more
'J kaii Zo^abiini or I could invent'.
1  Written    to   Admiral   Kveii-.i by    his
frit nil, Jiiidyaril Kipling.
■ Kvery man' is brave at heart; he
only temporarily looses his ii::rve.
This is Xbi dictum of my experience
with men of all conditions and de-
•rn.es. Tkjiu i.s a distinction, however, between that bravery which a
nuvu displays' in thj performance of
' his duty 'Hiid' luroisin in th; truest
sense. There lire so' many elements
composed in a heroic AetA that it is
almost impossible 10 tell exactly tlw
niuiiiiiiif- of ths word. It is not al-
lo^cth-.r the liiero doinj; of his duty,
■but th. iloinjj of something beyond
his duly, something idariiig, unexpected, and to which lie i.s not bcuiul by
moral or military code, that makes
a, man heroi.. As a jfcn.ral ilnu-*;,
wherever you find simplicity and
common sense in .1 iharacter, tlm re
von will lind the possibility of heroic actiou.
To bring it down to the navy, our
mm are ready .to lx:' heroes every day
of tlie week, but they don't £*et the
ikuiicu. Opportunity comes to tlieiu
just ill ■ the routine of performing
,their- duty. The man who takes his
life in his hands is always an inspiring lijriirii and for every h.:ro who is
luvuorcd there are tell .thousand unknown h.roes, just as valiiini in the
ess.Ha-2 o braver}-, who are never re-
. warded and who never expect reward.
' "Tliu duty oi   1,-iii''- brave i.s  a man's
everlasting duty; resistance to fear,
not absence of fear, will determine
liow much of a man he is. It is llw
exercise of certain gifts that makes
the hero: it is' the man that counts.
The well train.-d man, wheilu-r oi-
fic^r or si'ii'.iiau, who adds ellieicnoy
to force, lias within himself llie basic
- -principle of which lw-roes nrs maxle.
Xow'ainl always, tlie completeness ol
,,victory over fear will be regarded as
heroic, .'lhe man who is really afraid
and vet stands nis ground, ought to
l.e coiiiiui'iiileil, for^ hi has gained a
victory over himself and rcg.iiiu.d his
noriu.tl coiidiiiou'
I'or .his gallant died oi heroism in
this parUculnr class, thu navy department has issued this general ord-
i't recoiniiKiidiug George llreeiuaii,
swiiium,   which  vciw-ls   as   follows:
"In accordance with tlte recoiiuiiBii-
il.itions ot th. coinniiLiiding ollicer of
th. U. H. Kcursargc, approved'by th,!
roiiiiiunular-lii-cli'ief ol the U. >S, Atlantic Fleet, the department takes
j'.rcnt pleasure iu awarding, n medal
of lii.nnr nnd n gratuity of 011.1 hundred dollars to George Lrceiiitiii, son-
niiini U . ,S. Kuvy, for the exirnor-
iliii.iry heroism displayed by hiin in
lli.i Iiiu oi his profession on April JJ,
., Ou ilii nfteriiofin of that day some
, i.owila'r iKargi's in tin: l'orwiird i.V
.inch turret of x\u V, S. 'H. K«jarsnrgv
lii'f.iuu! ignited accidentally, with '.it
nl re-*ull.-i to several -oiliccrs uml iti-
llstid nun of tin niivy. Some of llu
iimi u'.ug '.nulla fell from ihi;. tiit'ivl
iuin the I'l-iiuli handling room.
Goor^c llivcni.ni, s.-iiiiiuii, wuil into
tlu i.viii.'h hmidliug room, stiinip.il
i.ut xbi 'burning powder, closed him-
Milf inslilo tlm 13-imH liiiinit/ine ul liis
stiilioii, iilid Willi to work Inside pul-
liitjj on iliu covers of llm open powder
Ota of tliu most inspiring uctH ol
hruvcry of recent .vears wuh the voluntary sell'-siu-rilice n( |,leiiliiniin
.liim 11 nil).; ins di lW Minn; battle-
illip mi llu Millie iliiU'. win 11 lu pul
himi-'lf in d.nigi"- lo save 11 wniiinii
iiniiu-l King. Ilu did il ul llm wicii*
lice of his. life. 11 ml .*huuul ilu high-
id typo of nu.r.il uiuriigc that niii"
nin In* r.ip.ilih- ol. Villi 111*: powder
1 lull HUH wclii aiTlil-iiliilly Ignllwl lit.-
lii'iitingnt     .nii_i.ii1-it.-lly wiw  King's
1    . ,-       ...  ,1     .,.,'M-!..     1..II1IM..1      , .'1«"»('1I
 «.>•'• •        -   »
Iiiiii  and ill- ^I'Vil-r tn **lr,elil liim.
In; oilur reiord nl veciiil il.itv
which 1 lite tKinciiiUy lo llii'i** ttUmt
U-ciHis. llits U.-ro wus nil obscure iiiaii.
mul yd b'.* bravery was ilisi-oveml.
,. ... .j,._. . vi'-'.'.'-il'iiiT*' h-rnlMil of
.lon.'1-H FiU, Sa'anuiii, during the ut*
tnr'k on .Mount I>uj«». wkith w.i** *1»-
ir.oiT ini|-oi'lnnt nclion nguinsi llw
Kilipitim in wvcrnl yearn. On thi-*
<n-rn»ioii llu imviil fnm*s w ere. acting with tlu military, on Mimli «.
i-M, nml in,order lo attJicU th.' Mm-
,•1, u1k» wire iiiticiirlvil im ih.* tn»
ol tlu- iiu.iiiitniii, it wan B.-«""*ary lo
rlhnU n. ImI.-iiiHc mi**'H*i*i» "i'1" •■»
ihu Uite. oi g.illing i'»"'-i 1'ili'nK ^ ■;,T'
lilkrv l.y Mock. av-A tackln. Fully
*i*lii Mwlrid ,A llu- tiu-mv were. Ior-
li.,.4.1 uhiml nftv jwr^niliciilai Tiilgut
nrfiiHi.-iftdiii*' tlw l*-**1 'u"r ''*»>'.n-il
fi-i't nf tlu nsi'i-iil nf nti *iii.'/.* ni si*«lv
i1.V«iv», ,»n.l »1».' •i-lif*' Ain*»i«.'»ii fore.
tnfcht      haw   1«*i»    »«*«l"l.  l««iMy
wiped out, had it uot been for U12
bravery and inspiration of this eigh-
tatu-year-old blue jacket who tin-nt-d
llie tide of battle by climbing a tree
and drawing  the enemy's lire.
llaugiing on lothe tree with one
hand, he used the other to fire info
the Ironches. When the revolver was
empty he .dropped it to..the ground
and eaugkt other loaded onjs that
were 1 hrown to him. Although ^subject to this s evere attack from Ureal 111s and other weapoos, according
to report, Kit/, coolyremained in tlw
tree, holding cn , the best he could,
firing his pistol rapidly, aud doing
great execution. Ilu finally came
and took pari. in the nsrault, that
carried tlu trench. The department
has aj.so rewarded this deed of luro
ism by a special order setting forth
llu. ollicial account ,.;' his valor, and
awarding h:in a medal of honor and
a prize of oiits hundred dollars.
History does not-record ix liner act
of h.-roisni than that of I.ieiileiianl
Ilobsou in sinking the -Uecriniac in
llu Kan.ingo chaiiael. Hut it was a
risk of his,life that every man in the
American squadron coveted, and they
were n.'.ne tht less heroic that they
could no', have- served. All of the
ollicer.': and my entire crew volunteered on,.the Iowa, but only one seaman
was l-ci'iiircd, aud the i-ucslion of selection was not' an ,easy one when J
had lo consider .nearly six hundred
applications of pretty well drilled
sedineiiATheii, too, I did uot expect
llui expedition would live to tell the
tale, and since these-lives were to*die
sacrificed. I wanted to- chooue a man
\vk.> would die reflecting credit upon
our ship. So I chose a prtty ollicer
who had served under me before, -by
th* name of McLean, and the executive ollicei- took a seaman named
Murr.hy. When informed tlmt I was
.abo-.it lo salience one of tlisni to
death<- in a lew minutes, and upon
inquiry if th.-y still wislud to go in
llu Merriniac, they both smiled :Mtd
said.  "Ves."
McLean tried to buy Murphy's
-.li.incc, which he declined, .ami the
loss of a penny turned the decision in
Murphy's favor. Thin the poor sailor McLean weiiL forward with the
tears stri inning do\yn. his cluck, cry-
i.c kilk-.il, for 110 oiie imagined that
iluy would ever come out of llu affair  alive.
Captain U'iuslow's g allanl.ry in
cutt-'n.- tlu cable at Cicrifuegos was
'in. of llu fnust feats of courage, per-
loniKi-l dining th-e Lite war, when he
wi h h.'s men in opai hpivts deliberately held 011 and cut llu cables uiuler Iir; of Spcnhli iuiantry. Captain
Wiiislow was wounded, and si'veral
intn'wri'j i-hot dead in the boat, but
Uu nii-ii who escaped injury continued'
hacking -away nt tlu cable with axci-
iiiii'l s:iws, f.'ictiig death from fire und-,
'ir ilii.rl rillo range for a period coveting more , limn three hours, Kiud-
ii>i-!. gi'iM-pliiigi .mul lifting Uu cable
fn.in its bed nf sand was dillicult
work, and had it mil lieen for th.*
fierce attack from llu 'blockading
.■.i-tindrnn and th.*, machiius uiouiited
1.11 ilr.' laiiucha-s, the idaring workers
w.:ii!,(l li.ive I.ccn aiuvhilnteil.
f It.ivc s-icn only one cowunl in the
naval sjrvicc, This was at tha n»-
siiiill of l'orl I'Mslii'i'. I was woiindod
nnd h.ul Iwii jerked into a plnco of
safely bch'nd a pile of sand by a mar-
iiu, and wns lauiliid across lhe body
of a innii who had worked himself into tlu Mind lulow tlu surface of llu-
ground, 'llu monitors were firing
over us, and lie pulled his knees up
to his i'liiu as n (-lull eiiuu* hurtling
,by,   "Hello!"    I    said,     'Are   you
to take their minds from their seem-
in r di.sgr.ice. I renieniU'r r.ne ocoas-
icu distinctly, because it was during
th* year ol my first active*' service in
1S63 on bOaiul t lu Powhatan. V,'i*
were oil- St. Thomas and under yuar*
r.nliiu, wlun one of tlu sailors fel)
from the rigging to' the deck and was
killed. We could not go ashoa* ' for
his burial, and' decided lo bury linn
at s:.a, aud, contrary to the custom,
llu captain insisted that his hodyib-j
ecnsigii.d to tlu sea in a collin. There-
wete no, screws on board nr
the collin, and tlie carpiuter had lo
perform the .gruesome task "of nailing'
it, which, I suppose, go t •■ oil our
lurves, to lx;gin with, and, the subse-
('iieiit happenings linish.d us oil' iu
fine i-hapc.
'lhe liuri.il service \v;ls conducted'on
the .riiurter'iljek, where the lollin
was,placed, and the rites had only
bvgun wh.n a claiiiorous nois.* fell on
llu air, and the collin lid was forced'
open several in.has. It is, utterly impossible lo describe the consternation
lhat this prolonged cry produced.
Xearly .. hrce huudived. men suddenly*
made oil forward, and it was some
time before o rder was restored and
the uncanny noise was explained to
llu satisfaction' of the crew. The
gasses formed in the collin • were
stronger 'than th-- nails,, and d*-.-*w
them ■ out, making llu terrifying
s,q,ncak. I"-vcii the ollicers lest colijr,
and I shared lluir. dismay.( When the
two b oats, oiu for- the body and one
lor llu crew, were .ready for tlu sol-
tntai trip, it was late, and 1 was ordered to lake charge aud tow it oul
to st-... 'flu -mociii had risen when'we
came over the side, and a strong
wind brought'us rather a boisterous
sr<a ns we crossed the bar.
I was glad, indeed, when we had
■gone far enough to cast llu braly
overl.oaid, and had proceeded cibodt
two hundred yards on our homeward
trip when the crew became panic-
stricken. Tliey dropped tluir oars,
their faces bb-itched with fear, and
'heir lodies .'hook as in ague. All
hands were puralv/id nnd .dumb wilh
dread,, and rniy ihe stroke oar found
his voice.
"lie's coming, sir!" I look.'d back
and  readily   ■  understood   tlu    nu,*n's
Has SteMn f h@ Test
nwii i-r vm.hi'fiir   --.r.^T . n|   ni*_______WMiiii_r_r_r_ir-T_i________iiwiri	
The approval of ihe public is ide final
test sf nsoirii.   This is the reason
Has ths Enoi*n.oiss. Sale of over1
^5flQ90,00©   Packets   AnnuaSly.   '.
liCiid Packets Only. At Yonr Grocer's
Highest Awiml, St. Lcnis, 1904.
Hotel, Fernie
Tc. WS_er.ss.i_   Manager
A pU'iisJint I101110
for, tho traveller,   j
Rooms    reserved
by wire.
13very Attention
I •->
A.gents for
The Calg-iiry Marble anil Granite 'Works
Tho'Kcctcnay-Marble Works, Xelson.
Saninlesean be seen nt tho ofiice.
Office Piioxk 4 1        Rk.sidenxe 76
Pairjf;..r*s bk. LaJj.£-^?s BJcck
1      UBSKTEQ.
FiesBski^q-Lu-nnberand ■
All our slock is las'.t yearn cut and well seasoned.
w |)
C. Un
est of Satisfection
wounded?" nnd he nnswend, "I am
afraid to move!" lie wns so soured
Unit Ii.' wnnlil cry ns tli*?' shells llcw
over us, unci was the only coward I
ever smw in llie navy, I lis to wnr.il'
ice imrlii'iilurly imiiresscil me, be-
cause every lime lie moved h-j hurt
my broki'ii  h'ljs,
llui in con 1 rust with this scin-' 011
tho luiu'li was ilu cmirnjji! nf a mini
\vhos,i r,si(;iiiUioii Iiml V.von aciepti'd
the wuiik l*efiiiv. It was licit of Dr.
I.oii''.sli'i'i.'t, niie of tli'iNi) rnro lu'roi'M
uho .didiiit kimw what fear wni. As
f.ir ns iye c.iiilil ivai-li lln ileiiil nud
woninl.ii lay 'upon the siiiul, nud
llinsi' wlin li.'ul hist nuilli lih'iid culled nut for water, Dr. 1.niij*stie*'i
w.is Iryiii-j; to relieve this ihiist by
taki 11 ;.■. th.: 1-.1i1tc1.11s from the i1.mi1 »'Vl
liiii.s.'li,; ilinii iirniiiiil iiiih nu th • Hii'tivi-
IiuIb; hill th- ibulk-ts wcrn slnjji«^'
uroiii-il liis b:,\A, nud I Iwtfgyil I*li»
in lln d'uvii. He ki*tit mi nl his work
mul hud iiul mi»I. "We will have ynu
s'l nil tlio l.euili liniijjlij. ' wlun 11
bullet struck liim in "«!'« (nuluml.
killuij! him iiist.mtly. Wli.n I ih'.nl*
if his I'olistitiilunal brnveiy, iilid his
si-ns* n< diiiv mi'l inniilv cniirii-'i' In
tiyiil't in jolly us al<"'J.' n1'" w,',l!
h.ill /l.'iul Irom wnumli, I Iiii llm*
no braver num evi-r lived iim" Hr-
I,iiiij{).iri!-t. 'Ih.- lii-lp, wliii'li i» «
rris-if. like ihis wns ill' first tocimic,
tin* Miiiplc, liindly, <|iiict djvntiin to
duty. Inn-inn Unl* nt it nil «..*a,U.i.i
Itii'irc**'i1 I""     »■* tl'-'   «'»•'  ''v'nS*  "'
nui'-j Viiliic  in  ill*.* U".«»in nl lirii-.MU
than nil tli* Kit.
StTflii.'i-aly iiinnji'ii tlioiifli jnilt-ii^
it isi w.ll Viioiin, men who haiv n-**-
t.Tili Inr fniirncf in rcil iliin^cr U.ive
fn»i-urntlv vlimin lhc aliscnce «f •wll-
untPil al ill' hriM sngjjfMlon nfth*
mip in uni nl- Th.-v po nil lo jiirrps.
uill  li,nl.  sliiilinfiiii il fnr il.ivi
Iwir. I had much ado lo control^niy-
self; it was certainly, nn nppaliiuj;
sp.'Ctaele and r.112 not easily dispelled,-
Th: coll'n wns staiidinj; upright in
ihe wat'.'r, and as it rose on each
wave it appeared to lie leaping toward us. 'lhe men_were clearly panic
stricken, and it took sonic'time to
muster iip their courage to recapture
the collin. knock in the lisad, and allow it to sink. 'J',li"*y w, ere all brave
to th; point of recklessness, but this
uncanny experii nee was n.rve wrecking niul a test ol real courage.
. During u cruise iu tha TUidilerrart-
uin iiiiuiy years later, I witnessed
iviiolhar curious iii.-iiU'iit in the way
ot phos'alv experiences that put tlii*
fcelinir of ollicers aud men to a severe
trial, We were snilinu abui^ liiwlor a
•bright 1110011, wii.'ii tlie order was
Riven to (•luirk'ii soil. This order
was obeyed, and wlu-n the topn'allc.iil
sails weie clewed up, llisrc, in plain
sij-ht, stood a innii 011 lhc fore lop-
Hallmit yard, The ollicer of tlu deck
nskul Xh'i ollicer of the forccatl..' whut
that nii)it was doiiif; aloft, and was
informed that the man were all 011
deck, lint we could s;e li'ini plainly,
end the nil'icer hilled him, but lie .did
not reply, Kiimlly oils nl the men
was s. nt nliifl to nutk-.1 tl'*'.i man i'oiiui
down iiiiniediiilL'ly and report an tin
i|iinrter rV'-jek. 'However, before the
sailor hud 1curh1.1l lho Inretop, the
.slrnii.-cr siidil.nlj   disiip])a'iiivd
'l'U;i'i! was i;rciil excitement < n deck
«h u th: watch was mustered and all;
h.iiiids were prcv.iu, and the superstitions sailnrs slnod about in unnipii
pridictiiiU (riHhtfiil 111 isfoiUiiii*. In ill'.'
hip mul wnU-liiiiu Inr Ilia ivdppciir-
■ n.v ol tha nhost. Tlu lads were
Irnvu iiinuuh wh.n llu time tn lij-hl
ii'n'llile loas, but n mysteriniis j-ucst
wuh loo iiiuih fnr thaiii. Th.*y weie
oidercd to I li-'ir liuuimncks,, but
Ilu-iv was lint miuli slivp, '111J II-.'xi
iiiiiii the mystery was solved. Tha
fininv 11 ppiiii-.d HU'iiu. ""'I wns
fniiiul In he a -.hnilmv fi'uin cniiviis mi
•li_. iiiiiiiimasl, wliit.li |irnvi'.«i ili.il. imn
cnll lie MUiMHli.il Up In lnut.ij;.ni'.*
iii-linii \ihli duly call.-., hut »"
inui.iinl ol c.iiupitlnn'.i-, prepai'*'** _ »
miiu u;;aiii-*l 11 t'*''*-'' <>' Mipcrstilii n,
nnd n i 11ir.11 In inviiliurnble it»aiit'*l a
4-upt.iiiitnsal   ii/iii-
'lll'l-c wns HI; UilUire llbnllt tlle
lnt- wm* with Spain ilmt appnils i"
mc niul ri'llucls nrwii credit up*.u iln
navy nl tlu 1'iiitnl Hliiti's, mid llial
Will' the   -.pl.llllld   llll.*..:  ni   }'.nllill *■■■
tint ni't'ii'tid i:\vry mnn nl niir buys,
wim leiaint* a- tiiuhr a*, wimiuii
uU'ii lho, iiiciny's fl.i','s m.iv ilmin
Our in n \vvii_ as /inlnu> in tin- ivm*
uie nf tlu Jiravu but uninr-.iiiiit*.'
in.:iuy win Iiml fr.njjlit thain as ih.v
linil l.cin iwmiiiis n short linn- l.cli-T-
lo kill iIk-iu nil. lion In wiif Kpiiikly
niiiiiii A, and lii.' »1 i*i*is lunil a ■*l..i(.'i i-
in this frat a*, ureal ns miv iliiiiii),'
ih* lii'^i'-, I'-r iiia:.>*i'in.-s wi'i'i* r\iil.-il-
in r, nn-1 it nnfiiirul rnura^e and
r.^»l»H-s> t" fait* it. L"l \h ■>* ■*'-.-11
},i on KliiHiiB^ witl' tli: wi.uiiiliit.
mIio were nuiile a*, iniiifnrlalile 111
jns-iil.Ie mi llu nii.iriir dul.
\\h n tli.i <nmiitaii>.-r re. ih* Vi**
cny.i, Captain Kul.it., was plncwl in
n ih.iir anil Imi'lul Xn xlu- Anl,    li-
I Make your wife;_ happy by buy- %
I ing a a Steel Range ol J. D. Quail", t
11 Ksassjnm-zitrrJt^'a^rstmmuiWLJiSSr.tl.mmt
or roooey
♦^♦♦^♦♦♦^♦♦♦'v'''} ^^^♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦^^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦O ♦
in Watch & Jemelerg Repairing
Paid-up Capita!, $30,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
B. E. WALKER, General Maiiagpr„ =.=.       ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager
"■       ,,      ■     EAPfe-iaf-SG* BY  RflAll.
Business may be trr*-*asrx'.ecl by ma.il with any branch
of tho Baals. A-^ov-iTi s mny be. opened, and deposits
E_»-le or \v?.tM?ri;;vi. hy raail. Eveiry attention is paid
to cafc'cf-towsi accounts.   . ' . :
.'■"cr-iio  Hi-itiicii Cl. S.   MoU,   Milliliter
ftwia.  '^^y^^'*i'flv'-c_^Vi>-1V^'*^'^l^^
Have one of theii iargw-t -..ovch in Fernio. ( K
Lamb. Vonl, Fi-chIi nnd Smoked Fish.      9
Fresh Fish constantly arriving    I
*^*mVmir**ir^Xi/^<&VsVSi' -\yi\Ayk±<}<2/k\i*^WW/^^
mim m**
m*tmmmm*^nS*mSm**l*ttmt*mmS*m*S, ■<_■, llil^^ \f
Wholesale & Retail
Phono No. >. Fernie, 15. (J.
/ V****** *w ***** >km**j»w'*~i*W'r**TM''*iw*tmim'**rm*Hawm^ 1 \~7
1 Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd !
I.rowors of Extra Fino
Jf.Nftor I leer niul AerattM.
Wwtci'B.  J.uttlcd COQdH
a -Siioi-ifalty.
3       rtt    rf,    ti    -(■    ■**    *■    s      tt    **     w    *r     _•    i'    *»       «r    if   Wi    f(    «r    *    tr    fMi'    tt    fr    ft    <.    n    f     *■___
•V'T-t^I'^* 'x Vf T''l"'l»I-,i',vt,vC' ',t"(.,,'(.-*i."t •l'»P»r*r,'T'i*TT'T***t,T
■D*3STIDS:-*t   _ST_i!'W  _VL'JfVl<r.A.G-E'3V_E"-N*T.
Sovorv, * - Proprietor
Well, Iiiriiisltcil rooms. The lahK: is ,sii]iplii'il with thu best
llie iiuirlu*. n)'i'(inl;i. Tlm ba r is siiii**li.*il wilii thi; liest wiiu*s,
liqiini's nnd c-ikcii-.s. !
n^JM m-ltt* mrSmtmrrtrntmUt *M**M%'*JmJm.M*tmttmtS
Cmi lm cnjnvml  bv  lul* iiu:     your     nu-iils    nt
The Royaf.  Resfcaurant „
In (■(iiijiiiirlir.ii wilh llm IvV.y.-il ]|oii:l. Tin: lust imal suri'i-il in 'lho
citv lur -5 i-Kiils, A lew niiiir. u-u'iil ar Imm tiers ili^hcil. Ynur patioiiatiu
is   iis|ii:i(tii]lv   .'.(iliiil. .1.
am, wniri*; in-:!, p    lOiri.nYK.n.
MRS. M* trtOE.J£IL:L. Proprietress
Gfgi- Co.
I* ***mm**i*m-*r*.St**t
■****,, <i*    W*4 lll_l*1 k««.H .*rr»   S   wt**   ***
=r=SS_T  NitlKon, B. C.
StTtoS-ce Royal' Sco! Cigars.
L Atkinson,
fernie, B. C
I'lMll:.    Ib'   iv.i*.   1.1 i .1 ll •   .1. Ill
ivr.iir.il-, mil ihni'.li  ..i\   \\..i.; !)..;.i i
Ii.s.   nl  i I"* 'I,     li,  ■!  ii;,' i 'I  im h'-. '
li-.*l,  i it! in Mul   li'-.  - ".n". A  )-. li,    ..ii 1 i
nil. i   i.i *. n ,  l.i.  -iu nl  |>.r .1." .1    H j
tn in.-     .i.*. .i n.i*. n i l  '.'..li.u l.i        I
Ii.uitl.il   til.'   su-i i-l   l-.nl:   .ii    Cn-lii ii
Ivul.it'.-, iuul nl th'-. mv it', ii ii..■<!.• Ui'
Will-ill iiu,: in th 'I'*"' -h"-!'< lm* th '
j.-.iH.ii.t In      i I. .  ;....   .'■> ii ..   	
j.r.nlii.il   '1 i'i- ii M-iti'-ii       ..'     'li -ir
IIK I'llfSI)  IT.
i..-., ill i
il'lr.il tn
f..'1'.ll.'S lur ill l-.'-l ii li rt *.. Hi.111*.
nl' llll.Ill IMI- Hi' '1, In VIM;; '1HJ'1>*
ill. in. 1>. •  !<*    m*:h  .' h  ;■ , l.i   '.u-i,
lit v 11>t   I'll lc ! 1. ;t!.|    ilrir.l
Tun   iiiiiii'',   ii|ii,   h;l;;iH'
n tli * .-iiiin* b-iii'i', ivr* in 1 v
i .   ., i     . ,, i.   i ,.i
i- llll.',     Wl.ll   ll ll.-iulr   1. ltl-.ll.>   l>
' lis;   ;li -v i ,i.1i li id ii |'|-,iv; nt  it, nit
I IM.I  'i*.   1..* I. ill/   it   .III,IV   .11   th •    l'l|l
! I. ml       (  11 ',    lillli.l     AI.lt ,    1.1 V      ilM.ll..
illi'l In*, iii.it-.*  iv.is ii-.l.■*,).,  Ih ii    :;.i
ii|.  .ttl I   Iiiii il il   ill.*  I ..ill.*     II,*    li i*
ur. '. i. ii I* u.
li-.nl It r. null.' in-l" I'Uii'tlv ..ui
1..1   ii:.l U;,.ui t.i tiii'ill.* ,K th    i
li.lt' llllll   III':'-   ill. in  .."I villi   I ll l<* i I > .-ml    ilrir.l Willi     ,it.-   \-     . itn;
.S.iin h 'i !,.!..iiii    'lli-v v.,-r.  i.l    ..n*l . ,l,r,*l;.'"  -Jj. uiul  M.il.   *N'.,ih ii.','   '..-
«lii4a*r...l   in    i.i i'm   tlim   ini}' i   Ui ti .|.!u-.l .l.ut..   -'Tli'i. vi-'*' lui-1 n  ill Ui
.'.liiniiiij'l 11*4*-. . ii'l t-.-ivii1  :n  inil  lit-
Ain.-ritiiti lull*'.* In .i <;ill,iiii |.>--.
Milts**   th-v li ">vo  M.iii**  a.livc .liilir** " w.it t.-irit..! uiif* i»t.   .»*.«..»'. *l*i.  hi*. M n .nl* I. n i.v ti   S.'."i.\,:
1..1TI*   nil lv   ill.*   itlni* hy   n.i* ''
ilii> '.t.mliii f' i.iirniiiii-. mint.
...,*;..,.   >l.-.M*il\  l.njsi-ni  l'..r.*i Ittm..,  Mt.
o Why Argument
"^" "          '           0 Inisini'ss man knows
'3 thai a neat, laslv iob
i '
, . ,i of Priiu'm.i»- attracts
'■'' '"| '■"' r-,"",,li"! "" \ attt'iuion & inspires
.I.,-.-.- ' I...  I   I   |.  I    I, .1 , .     "1.    '    • .1     H .                                                •
* i.tiniiiit.i!Ci.,     Thai's
tho kiml wo execute
:!,-.|,*.-r '   ..'Itn-iii ■!   'j
,- in- I . i.ii in. !   .     ji
Have You Tried Us ?
MibseriiV   i'or   Tho   luTim* Kmlgor THE FERN.E LEDGER, FERNIE,B. C.. OCTOBER 24 1906
Buy a Few Lots and lay thc Foundation of a
Fortune. Purchasers of Hosmer Lots are not
Speculating* but making a -
Prices   now range   from $110.00
SLbo    tra	
rERMS   'OF .
I 5 per cent, off for full payment in cash
2. 1-3 down, 1-3 in G months, bal. in 12 months
| 3. 20 per cent; down and-the" balance in equal
monthly instalments covering a period of
Ten Months' "- ' ,"    *■
4. Interest on unpaid purchase money and overdue interest will be charged at thc rate of
■ ■ . ' 8 percent, per annum.
1 ■   ■ ■■     ■,l   ■■»■■■■   -.••■•••-.■*■■ .>—*».»*.•*.   w*m-».>»w »u«u«—n.'  i-i«m./ -uciuiiiwv T^JL_hi_r___f «ijii___UD-f9 TMinlftMlT  w2_uiM_a)> -fiii*lR__J_i_> tttirya <J_______f__k 4____r__y_T___>
local items
C. \V. Davey will to Sprjkntic Inst
Amlv Ooo'l, ot Crow's X.sl, wasa
1-Yniie.  visitor y.-sterday.
.Mr. aiul Jits. For**. Icr, of Sparwood, wer.! in town Monday.
.1. A, Maclean was up nt VnrX
•Sled  .luiiciicii lajjt Tlnirsday..
Mr. anil Mre. Tims. Heck -.-rive u
party to a latjje niiinlwr of friends
Inst  ni-jlit.
C, I), Mi'N'iiJi, ninna-jer of tlu:
liakcr IiiinibiT Co., l*;H*mn-.itli, is iii
tliu city lodiiy.
Hr>l,i.  n. Yomif-j nf Ouaiv.i, bi'c.'.l'.-
cr-iiiliiw  af   City  Solicitor  l«awe,  i*
. in tlu; city,
Y, II. Pearson, of tlie Tuai'sniiiJew-
1*11 I.iiuibiir Coiii])iiuyv nf JalTrny, is
in  town  today.
.lohn   Mniijjun,     -nn  old   .'Yniieite,
l.nl  now of  .TufTr.'ty,      wni  in    town.
vcslcid.iy iniet today.
(V. i\. tt. I.iiulsi-y, »iiu't-;il ni,)iiu<;(*i*
of tlu Coal Company, ix-linned tn
llio city Sinitlay cvcliiiij-.
1.. M. I'i'uilor is a visitor in town.
Ilu'.-. wed., ilioiij-li un iniwilliuj- oiu*,
ihis lime, bi'inj; Iuiv in i-ointi'i-tioit
■wilh tlit. coin I proi'iiwIiiij.N in ithe, ,l>ij;
lnw suit,
l.ei everybody keep quint, now mid
j-ivc. tli* ii-pi-i-ii.nl nti ves of ihe. two
hides tn tin.- strike trouble miipli*
opportunity to iiiaki! ii iieniiiiii.nl.
,'.. til. num,
'Jlu oul li ii luu iis sirirc biiilditijj on
Iliiker Avi-nik* is llie biiM-i'si place iu
town Iliis.* ilny.. Th.* jjioiciy iilid
ment supplies ol tin* in men nre l.u-
in*.*- .I'lili mil ihert!, iinJl ih.- place i-i
iliioiit'i'il   wilh  p.'oph; ilrnwiiiL'    their
W. R* iV.cDoiggc.l_
The Shoemaker
of niiiiexiiijr liim, Siiskniotm. berries
.ire {-ond in tluir Sanson, but. tbe.
mountains nre here always, niul Mr.
'J'elfor.tl likes  ilieni.
Air. lliiiilin-jlon, lite, popular sectti.
iary of llu Ti-iles-Wnod Coinpany,
linslwn missed froin .his nccnslonieil      'l'"1**** xxodre tinu 30 dnys nfler .lulu
..AUTMCTT I10USK, formerly the
Clark, iliu best $1 a day hotel in
Nelson. Only white help employed,
Ci.  W.  l.AltTI.KTT,   Proprietor.
1 nt if.iH.
'111".   Miiuiiil   iiii'i'tiiifj   ol   tlu    l'Vinie
l.iU'n.l .Wiotini. will  he 1i.i1i1i.cki,    a ,,.,,,„■„,. Wilill... ,„„„. ,„s \V(„
Mi.nd.iy  ei-i 11,11)*,  tlm  *-'.nh   nisi.,    al
place in tlu bij>- store lor a few dnys.
lie h is* 11" 11 cntil'iiud at lu.nii' by
sickness, not of u serious nnnire, but
of muh di ir.i.li'i' ns in compel " I1I111
lo lake iii'i-feet rest from nil business
cures. His many Iriiiids will 1-..- jjljul
lo me hiin on til * .slrc.t nnd in hi;,
oliii'e   uj-iiin.
A Hi-,: was discovered in ilu base-
until of ilu l'Vinie liohl block uiuler
lllu lot.Ill ociilpitd by ih.* l-'ll Uefoini
Clnihiiijj Si ore Monday nl noon. The
l.iij-.id,' wns sni,11 mi luini, -iiid the.
lite.:.,Iiulili..1 in iis iiiiipi.iiiy, Had il
oei'iiiivd in tie* nichl, il iui*',Iit havo
■'.lllll <1 sucli luadivny before b.'illjj
'lisiovcti'l lis lo base mail.: ih.* ;.,i\ ■
illy ul Ih* luv';e l.nildiiijj n dillniili
task. \\Imi liiii.s.d lhe lire is Hot
Wlouli,    us  it      still 1.1I  111  uu   iiiiii-i.d
imi I All   Oi    I.I      .' il.v.l.l. il ..
Hloik's Hull, Tli.; i-lerlimi nl .illiivrs
Inr ih.- tiisiiiivj- venr will iiikr iilnci*
nt llu: time, mid every niriuUT
' ilii.iil.l lv pr.Miil.
Ilr, nnd Ali.s, llmuiell, iici'o.upniiied
by Coiislnnce tititl Mashr l'*j*.inkliit,
nrriviil in town Insl Hiiliinlnj- 1110111-
illf!'. J',ViT\1iody wns ...Iiul to see
ih 111 all b.uk. and tli.it th.. serious
iittnck of diphtheria whiih ttitr-ntiii-
nl to lake away tin iiuuit-.nit lile,
loved by all who knew lur, ha-l iiul
pim.*I, as was nl lir.st feii-Tn*!, falnl.
Mr. I). II, Telford nrriv«» in I-Vv-
nii* M..ii'1-iv iiinrnlii*.*;, mi/1 will U: in
tnwii a lew (lavs. Mr. IVIfnnl lini
1,1.11 v.i.Ii u*> so iiitiih tULs Mfiiiiu. r
ns  In look and  feel  Ilkt'  11   ri-uf Per
hip tlu .AItivf 11- ibis week to    discuss
ilu  iiilviS'ibilitv  ni i-,illin);  n     public
... 1 1
lii.II, lnokMI; In 11 pnNsihl*.. sjtll.-liielll
ol the dilliciillv II Wns 1hmij1.it .vl-
visabla* to poslpnu iielmii Inr ill-
pi cm 111.
('. V. I!. WINTKU Sl-'.ltVICK
(lit i.ilil nfii'i- lhe 1st nf nciciiilii-r,
|i;ni., I'. IV It 1ny.1l mail Kiupnvi
j,luiiiii*rs and Lain steiiuicrs will tail
fnnii WVst Si, .lohn lo l.iwipnnl 111-
i-lwul iif MolltlV.l' lilld nilebl'C IIS ple-
vlnii'dv, the witilcr serviic th.ii lak-
itil* cll.-n. At III,- Milne lime i* I'i,!*
It* It lie. ill. il      tll.it   tllJ lake  .'.leitlilers
'We ini.Jul to apply lo the Chief Coin-
inissiiiiur ol Iannis mid Works for 11
.-•pedal lii'.nsi- to cut nnd carry nwny
liiuL.r from ilu followiiijj ilescribnil
Cnninii'iiciiij- ut n post, plnnted ut
ill.' iinrili'.vi'.'i. eoiiur nl lnt 3(1,*', in
l'!i'.st Koutiiiiiy, tluuc. west So chains
til ili't .'-mill* .Si 1 iluilli, lll.'IICe. ensl Hn
(Ii-iiii., ili.*nivtjjnrili No chuins, uloii-({,
ill,* iv,*si biiiiiidni-i' uf lot 3(13 in plucu
(.!'  inlillil.lle.lllelll .
■:(l!l\ Itl'.CA'; -t p. A, M.-DKHMnr.
Iliisiiiur. II.   C,  del,   I'Jth,   i«ii)f],
 __        will  not  winy  entile     in   th.'  vliiler
\i.il*., '.ml wu are ibinkiii}!, v-*rin»isly   imm Wet St. .Inlm U> l.ivcrpnol.
Till-.! mil ir.- iliul 311 days nllcr dale
liv iiii< Jul in applv lu ihe Chief* Coiil-
uiiiAoiui- i.i. I.nii'Is nnd Works Inr a
i.i'ielal lic.n-e tn cut mid carry nwny
limber Ironi th' lollo\viii;f ileseribcd
l.iinl -:
C.iniin iuin** .ti a |>o*.t pl.iir.cd nt
'li.i i.oi'iliv.e*.! ..iiiiii of lot 31.3,
ili.'-u-. Must Mo ili.iin:;, lli.iiie imrtb
.'mi ill.1 11,, tlunce emit !tn cll.iius,
■I".'!!.'-, 1.1.Ulll ."'.-. lltllills 111 pillei; of
w llllll' II.    imill.
.Minx iM.;('rAV ,-', i', A. .tfi-DlvPMdTT
1I.I..HHI-, 11.  C, del.   I'Jilt,  I'jod,
c'oai, ami i'iin.di.i';i;.M ndtichs.
'J'lUUTY days nlur ilad- -.v.* intend
to apply In til,* Assistant I niulilis-
i.iuii r mi'l Deputy Ciiiiuni*.-; out nf
Land- nml Wniks, of tho Province of
tlrtlislt Cniiiiiibtii, tor 11 i.eeiKis, t<»
pimpict fnr mal and p.*ir il.Mim e,\i
l.nl      -l.s'i.l,  South     Mast   K'.mlrMiy,
Don't forget our Celebrated Grill!.. Bnilld
Sugar Cured Hams and Breakfast Bacon - arrives
weekly.    Try some and be convinced  lhat it  i.s the
Best on tlio market. ^a^
Pay Cash and Keep Debt in llie Bad^ro^iid.
l!_ I       fi
13aai_-BE_a-m_nBE-a^^ I
i.i.mm-..iH,n,.liitiliim*i,limiimmmnimt...i..m*mMimt\iii..mu-wii. - -^......-^.^.y—inr-niiMMMml
(1 J
. II11
coiiiiiK'Ufin-f nl a post |.lanv*il on tbe
south east corner, beinir ihe initial
post of ,1, 1„ lUcGuiru. and, nlimit
two miles south of ihe Klnlhend river, nnd ensl and iidjneeiil to Clinrle-*
Waldo's cluim, nnd south nnfd ndjnc-
mi to C, W, i\k'l)oriiiiin',s elaims.
which, nre four surveyed claims that
iWcDoniiau holds, Su cliains north
fnnii tliu, initiul post, west Mo cliuins,
south No cliains, mist Se cliuins lo the
plucu ol h-tyiiiiiu in;;, cn'il!ii|iiiiiij; b.'ii
iii'l'e.s.   Diiled Aujr, '!;,  i',:i'i,
.1.   ii.  Mi'tUMRI'.,   I.nenlnr,
A,  IIACKK'IT, Ajj.-iii.
Dnlwl Sept. ih, lynfi,
ColiimiUeiii'- ul 11 jiost pluliled nu
lllu soutliwisl cornet* 01 1'eUr 11 u^~
l*an'.s claim, tlitiue uorih ."n tluius,
cast Ko ihains, soutli Ko ili.iin;, iliviie.
west Nn 1 ha ins lo the place nl !<•.**
(■illlllll;;, cnll ',11 ill ill;,- .>.|n iic.'i**;, ; 111.1
ensl, uud adjacilit to .1,  J,,  .M-.i.'.n.c.
Dated   Aiiir,   371 li,   lyofi.
, I'liTHIl HACtlAHT. I.ncntor.
A.  U.lv M',i I,  Aj-uiu
M.tt.A .'.»j;(.  .*.., r,*.i,'..
CoUiii!elleiu,t  at 11  post  plnnted    nil
tlm    north     ensl   i-nrtier     of  Simon
Drn-j-i m'h claim, l-eiii-j lhe inliinl Host
1  .**,    ....       -,*      1.'. ,         .1        1
'•   * *-*■■  .'■•-,.,■'.   *• ,    	
ud.iiicciit  to  ,1.   I..  Mct'iiiiri-'s   ilalm.
tliiiieii south **-'n ilmins,  iIkii.c    west
Hn ilmins,     th.uc.  nortii  Ro illiiilis.
lli.ncu enst  .**'o 1 Imill 1  to place  nf  be-
^ln:iilih',    iiilHii'iiiliU  fi.|o  nci'c-i.   Pi.ii.l
August  -27th,   ii-n...
SIMON'  DKACO.V,   I.iinitni'.
A.  HACKKTT,   Ajr.-nt.
DaU-il Si pi. :••'..  I'-i-iV
Cnluiiuiuiii-4 ut ' 11 post planteil i.ii
tlte nortii wn.l ttii'iK"", Iif in-j the iit.-
itinl post of Yt. A. r-ltier's claim,
thi'iicc smith rin clniin.*-. IheiiiT cast
fo,, ill :t ills, tlu life noilh fn ih.iili-i,
lllein-.' West Sip (h.lills In place nf
ln'-inniiij-r, ii.nlainiiij,' b.p. .uivs, mul
south  aiid  ndjiicuit     tn IVIer " lluji-
jjnrl's elniin,    and east   uml  adjacent
in    Kin in    I''!',-;',, n's  ilnim.       !J:iit-
A ni?. 07,   lyod. ,
1'-.   ,'.  VKl.TIKl'!.   I,.ienli)i-.
A,  IVACKKTT, Aj'.itit.
I Jill I'd Kelit,  -.f.,   I'-f-d.
Ciunini'iieiii;.., nt  n. post  piiiiiled    on
llie   MOMtII   eil'il   cnl-Ui'i',   lii-ill;';   ill;     ill-
itinl post" Y W. 11. Hill's claim,
llii'iue nnrlli t-'n chains, iImicc wi st
So cliuins, tiunee Mitilli fm chains,
thciii-n eit-i. .*■(.■ chains in lb..- place ol
bc^UMi'll'*.;. .oiit.iiliili'i (..pi ni'ivi*,
nniilh niul n'djii'er.i in Simon Dri-.j;--
1 11s elaiin.    iJal'.il An.;, ■';-,   piiifi,
W.   1!    IMM,,    I.iva'.tii*.
A. .1l.\Cf:ir,TT, Ajri-ii'..
Daleil Sept. -Ji.,  i';nl..
Cnniiimii-.il/ nt n ])d:\ |iliiut*.:l nn
lhe :,nnill iii'-i 1 iv.iter. Aili.", llu Initiul poat nl P. Hoover's clniin,
ill tl.e inj-.-tli l'u ill:-L:ir,, lb llu*. enst
"ii   . I. i-n 11.  ..       .   ..*'.     i'       I. ■■.,
thi'iiiv  <v>"ji   Hn rli.:;ii.. 1.1 ti..  ..I.......  of
l*i j'.itlllilli'i   cniiliiiniii-i   1',pi   iicre"-'.,   emu
niiii  iiilp.enii  ti.  \v,  ]i,   Hill's elniin.
Date'l Aiij-, '.'rth,  let.'..
I).   IIOOVKM,   l.ociinr.
^     ill i'i.' i.-'j-'i*     \,   ...
Dated S.-pl. 211, i'm'..
Mon, keep your feet cool aiul comi-
fortablo in a pair of our Oxfords,
thoy fool,}ns(i riK'lit on the foot and
wo know tl.oy will look jlvooiI to you
if you step in and lot us show you,
Tan, White, Black and. Patent at
Koasonahlo prices.
Vacation Necessities
VVc ure afforinq* you nn extra quality Suit
Case made of Kc.sl.oI, 24 in, loii£ aiul has two
straps and n-ood brass trimmings and loci., solid
'leather corners, secured with copper rivets.
;\ Trim I. made over n strong- wooden frame
with iron bottom covered with 5 oz. canvas well
painted and fitted with two heavy .straps and
iron trimmings stitched leather handles at
Special Prices
_. r—^_, 1 (mfn IJWtW|w
mm* tm m mm *******•%
CnlimiUlc'll^   III   11   J 11,1    pluliled     llll
lhe iinvtli w.**,t cniu.-r, 1,-in.i Hi.* in*
iliul ']io-,i or Paul (iii:-.ion's ilnim,
tltelir.! south to ill.iiii*i, lb.ii:e enst:
-"-'. ill.iill'., III. Ike '.luilh Kn ill.iill.*.,
11) n.c Wc"! lift ibiill, io piece of If-
"inniiij;, iniit.-iiiiii*:. 1 ;o inn:;, nn.l
nouth and .I'lj.v.nit tn IF, l.. ' Illiicli-
.*■ Niii.-',*; cl.iiiii, niul iiii,l alld .h1.,.!.t;i-
'.(• W. A. lit :.-.'' il.iiiu. l)..Wd Ally.
'■!■!, nin'..
l'.M'I,    r.AS'HlN',   T.iw.ilor.
A.  ITACUr.TT, A-;.m.
Daleil Sept.  '."■,  I'."...
3- 1   ri,,tr\'../'}i/\.M-i T ** <-. . 1 5 ,-, r,      ty-i-.i-t-isj.i-i Tt*.* r, r, .a I ,. , ,        W
'.       ^kvl-UA.l.lJ-t.J,       .:H,./k.t\\,nrt    VJlia.At.lti. ,1%       A.   .tV^CV. .*l)»,       M
I Mandolins, Autoltar^s. FIntcs, Jews'
| Harps, ivlouth Organs, Violins, Whistles
I and all accossoricK for above lustra-
ments. Those are all now jJtoods just
opened. For variety, qnaUty and val-
| no they cannot be excelled in tlie
Kootenay r_.
TBie Palace Drug Store
H. IT. McLean, Mux*
■   «^. WMH-frfr.1.* -Iil-L. ■ I* mltf<*t<lf-*>mm*'**V!ll8IICKH   .
« *t*»I»f
ui r»n ^Wrt*$jSf *&'','* '
=...„. *. -*.    ....%J,f,
! 'H* i'^kb\.^mhWimtiemm,mktmWfi.t^'^ ^Sm^^ *ilmM*)-f'       '.     2'       '      ..   ^ .   '     - '   ',.~U,   "-^ ___*__*"* "


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