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^^^2^^2^^m^l &<*&m¥1BBmfxm*^^
J^^rur Ltr-^jA<t*_Z
sii I
•'« t,
Vol,-' II  Number 17.
.-'ERNIE, B.'C.; THURSDAY^ DECEMBER-.6,  1906'
Signally   Honored by Citizens of  Yukon-=Bahquet
Most Successful in the   History of the
There caine to the .Ledger llio other
•lay','" along with other -mail nialtfr, a
large'-'ciiyelppe hearing llu* l)a\vsoi.
Cily  postmark.       , , J
Upon opening it- the editor fouiul
therein a copy of lhe 'lawson Daily
Xews ol Nov.' i-itli, copiously Ijluc pencilled.    .. '
It was the issue contniiiini*. the des-
criplion .c.*f tlle great bnwpiel tendered
our own Wi.W. 1!. Md lines by the cil-
i/.ens of lhe northern capital upon lhe
eve of liis departure for OlUiwu.
'It,was distinctly u llilii*? Mclnnes
edition, nearly the whole paper being
l.iheii up wii.li .speeches and discrip-
lions of what went on. .'Of course the
greatest .speech was that delivered by
tlio guest of the evening, for no one
else could make a greater speech when
llillie  is on the  list.4
'lhe paper also contained a fine
large lialf-Unic portrait of the Commissioner which the Ledger cut out
ai-.d will place in its saiicluin, ■ along
with two others, one of Mark Twain
at the age of 71,- and one of W. A.
Drvan. Our own Uillie * adorns the
company ■ he has been placed iu by
his good looks.
Uelow will be found a few extracts
taken frcin the News, which are fairly
illustrative v.i what they cau do up
north in the way of banipielting.
-Mr. Mdnncs is now at Victoria and
will start for Ottawa early next week
J lis host of Itrilisli Columbia
friends am proud uf his great success
As governor of so important a territory as the Vul'i.u, and will warmly
welcome liim back to, Iris real home
where-wc* hope some day to see. Him
at lhe head of a  giv.ilcr-.'ov. rimicnt.
lln'n/ia! ,
J.onglivc Mclnnes.
Vive li: commissioner!
'Jhrce cheers for l'.illy  on the Spot!
Thus    did - ' the    banqueters    shout.
Thus   did   aco-'Yiilaiiiors   proclaim    as
they l-'-.s.-'    to their toe tips. t -~  They
ihonU'il Um;,'.    li. was tin ovation   for
.   the executive  uf   'the   Yukon.    It  was
. ti' night of tribute    to'   .the  vigorous
young tribune, of the. Yukon people.
It was-a magnificent honor that, the
people of the Yukon bestowed on their
clinf executive last nig-iit in tlie liinin-
oth Arctic Iirolherhood' hall. . Arctic
Urothers all by tlieir heritage ' iu the
north, nnd \igorous •'■ representative
.,soi.s of lhe empire of the boundless
Arctic, the; assemblage could not have
been more   llum it was.
It was radiant. It was- brilliant.
The vast ball- bla/ed with- tapestries,
lings, bunting and myriads of multicolored lights.
', The two hundred hosts 'blazed willi
ciitliiisiii.iii. The guest ot honor was
no less 'cheerful, lie was himself, lie
was Billy on the Spot. ■ ^
It was-auspicious.
In speech after speech the success of
the administration of William Wallace
' lluriis was l-'Slifioil to glowingly.
The two years  of   seivire    as  chief
I'M'Ciitivc was shown to have been ap-
piecialed,   Yukoiiers   of nil    political
puMiasiou.s were there,
The l.'iu(|iiet opened with pood    (el
low-ship and feast, running from lJ-3"
o'clock   until   utter   midnight,     Then
cnnie the How of iiilclK-eliial nl reams.
In tlte mirth of thu evcuiuj* singing
was the yr.-at   vehicle.     Accompanied
by 1'rof. I-'iiwcell's   orvhestra ol'1 six
piiees, tin-re  was no  interiuptioii nor
ileb.y in tlle    Hood ' of joy.      Awlge
Macaiilay, the ehiiirmnu, knew how.to
■  pre-.cut "llie feast   from  becoming     a
(pinker .essioii, und he did the work,
lie got   the  jolly singers   of the    ns-
Mildly J'.i'iili,'.    'I'l'i'y  li*-*-1-  I"  sin-;, and
they hnd to mi;i; olten, aud when tliey
did'sing, the llifui)' rang iu ihechor*
11.es, slinking llie 1-iiildiug.
Then    1'iiiiu'  Charley  Harwell,    the
|o.4(-Miii|j*di'i--.',iirveyor,    and,   sang    11
''pm-.-ily of his own cri'.iliiiii, n parody
un   "Ymi     Take,   the    llij'.li U».»l*"
These lire the Word'* that li-' lilted •<•
hiiil   the Klondikcis'
Oh, lhe winter  trail wis lung uiul  llie
wind lilew strong,
And ll.e grub In'''"! ji'-d li^' buih-
Wlun nie ami    mv   pail ner i|Wiru'l''d
nu lhe linil,
And ili.-iili-.l  ih.il  we .'onldii't
011 a str.mpede. .' -  ,,
A little, of pa\\slreak we were after,
'ihe-law was base to base,  aud I.told
him face ,lo' face
He was nothing but, a liar    and   a
So, you'll take the creek claim and
I'll   take the  bench ' claim,
And 1*11 get recorded afore you.
Kor eighteen months we fought the
case  from court   to  cojirt,
As.il the claims now belong to the
Chairman—The     Hon.    Mr.     Justice
Macaiilay.    ■   ■
"HIS MA.IKSTY^   Till'.   KIXO."
"Cod' Save  thc King Orchestra
United States  National Anthem	
-. Orchestra
1   ', , .
Song ':.„...Mr. V. Harris
"TII1C   IKJCSl.'.   OK.   COMMONS    OK
Proposed by Mr. '.1. ,_•}-.• .Oirouard;  re,-
.   spondul "to  by Dr.- Alfred Thompson, M*. P.
Song Mr."(.''. 'S. W. V.arweli
Proposed  by Mr. , T. 1). 1'attiillo;    responded    to  by Messrs.    Thos.    W.
O'Hrien,   II. C. Macaiilay,    George
lllaek   and   l.ielianl .Gillespie.
Song Mi*,   Kmil Mohr
"Ol'li  Gl'KST."    -'
Proposed  l.y the Chairman;    responded  to l.y  lion. \Y.  W.  il. Mclnnes. '"
"Here's health tu you, Hilly Mclnnes,
Aluy your shadow  never  diminish,   '
Diminish or not,  ■
You'll-le there on  the spot,
Here's  luck   to you.   Hilly •Mclnnes."
Song    Mr.   .Jolnr Diner
Proposed by   Mr.   A.  K.   Ceorge';     re-
spniide.1 'to by Messrs.' C.  A- Thom-
Krank    I.owc,     .T.fiT.   Kelly,
Charles  l.cid, S. Duncan  Man-
gum,',Stanley Scearce," Mr:   ,
McCalliini     and" W. 'V. '
■ Lynch
-onir  '.. Mr.  George Wall 0:1
—. o •—•
Su you'll lul'*' 'I"' While i'.i*,-*,
And" I ll   I.ilo-   Hn'   Chib'ont,
Ami I'll la' in I-'i-vmiIi aloiv ye.
Itut tne aiul   my   p.ndiur will
spea**. iiU'Hil
(111 llu* l.ollllii',   bollllil-   Iliii'm.
..I tl:<'
On lh.j  Oi..u':i      ot IVniiell   Ial."'    «'1'
agir.'.l li'i  nlil  Iiiiii".   '-I'-e
To try i.u.v tn.'iv t>> lfa-.il \ii tin-in
light in/,
lint In- Imi'iii a put  ot beans,    sp»il*
mv only pair ol jciiis
Anl   :\iuU'  iiJ.i.tit  my  Ii»'«*  in   sic-
m.X\ -Alightin-;*
Liille Maggie Carr, is iii the hospital  under  .rcatiiU'i.t for appeii'li;itis.
There.have been rumors of the football te*uii' establishing a skating rink
here, but no siart has been,mnde as
yet? "'
Mrs. IJuyo Morgan and (iiniiiv led
11 the ioc'-il veso'i-day for l/rinklyn,
Wash,- "Mr, Mor/iiti is working A t!u
iniii'-.-.s there.
ivxcelleiit progress is being made in
the mini's, and the work is being opened tip as rapidly as possible, and
soon alPlhc coke ovens will be running fulj;blasl,
Some.ot iii-.' 'io,**. who went t ) li'i*
Coast diirin-; the strike, looking lor
wurk, have come back, evidently c.'.--
.lulling 'that Michel oilers more lium'
.•nil iiiduei'iiieuts than even the inild-
i.r aud more liuinid coast.
Mr. Hurry Weber, drygoods sales-
mrii iifTrites-Wolids' store, is a man
cf vei'.-ntile mind, lie now lias a
elin-.s of eighteen or twenty foreigners
meeting him nl. nights for certain i:i-
.*-.'. rue lions ns lo the mysteries of tin
I'lnglish language,
Ail llu: youth ol .Michel, uud, iii.lu-.i
iiiiiny-of the adults, -ire laburiiig 1111-
d.i tliu lln.ic.-. of tur.icudous excite
iiintV'for t'lii-isliiniH is near, and Santa Cl.ifi-, is I'N'loeicd to visit then;
von. Not thut Simla is expected to
lill the'lillle (-.lockings hanging w-
Miggcstivily by tin* liresidcs—tli'tl foi-
Ions, ol i-i.'.iisc nor llml the viifimi;*
Siituluy m'liiinls will give their ili.u.il
Clirir.tm.i'. tieiit, but the whole town
bus taken the mailer In heau, imd
is gil.i-'i ll-.lv attempting to i.-jniu
the lii-ul'i i.f every little one i;i iowu.
■"■..f: ii-i.l ft." il*.  .HV   all  merged ill ih"
mn* j.lml thought*, ot CI11V.U1111'. ili'-ei
|,i*.l ,\eir uvi-i line hiindied «hfl'l
r.n, all th.n cuiild he lo;ind in tuiui.
Wi'M- gi.i'il   II   llllltlil  t'llliMlllii i       im-
<iii.it1i''iim.iil in llie Iniiii hull, wln-ii
tin v i.c'ivi-il s.ii'.i'Mlieiv in tin' nii'.h
.' 1     *       1       r  ■', .,    . .1.   , r   . .      .1
I'I'lii.-   M.-v     Ml   ■•,.!('■   l.t   Ul.'   •III'-'",     tin-
i.M'iTili'.ii  i';i.ibli'lu-il la-.t vimi- I".   Ii.
ill,;  il....-lv follnwid.    Public  illielillg-i
lulil* In ell     hel.l. niul     llie    following
iiiiii'i'iiiti.'i-. mi ' to work:   ruivh.i'.iiig
,,1   i\ ,,  .   1;,.     1',.... ..ii i".    Mi'       "
l.-U.-i..'.!*:.:.!*,  Mis.   A.   AUI.V...I.     V.I-
S|-n-v. ' Mis.    Suil/ef.    Mis. .I.<>...
Mr.s.. Y. Al.iiiiti,  All-. Sl'wnit,    Mis.
canvassed the town,
ics and sex
of all childivu from age of id and
under, galhi-i iug a total of nearly 300
Haines. Aireudv most of the .Sf.oo expected, is in sight, Sioo being donated
by Sir. T. Crahan, ?ro:i by Trites-
Wood Co., aud S25 by Crow's Nest
Pass Coal Co; the miner.-;' union is ex-
pe.iing to raise Jjon, and other do-
uatior.s will be coming in. Instead
of sending away for presents, as was
done la.1 year, the purchasing com.
miCtee lias made a raid on * Triu-r-
Woods' special c.-lkclion of choic:
Christmas presents, and for several
nights past, after ihe store had been
closed, mysterious conferences have
I.ecu held l-y the purchasing committee among thc treasure laden counters
(>r the store. .Nor is that all. While
thc old folks are sclt-.-ming 'and planning raids ou Santa's sack oi wonders, the children have been training
their youthful voices in song and recitation- ior the wonderful Christmas
l?vi*, This idea ol laving aside dif-
fer-.iicec. of sect and creed, and the
whole community making common
emise of ChrisiiiniK joys r.esms a most
I e-.'.eliee:ii   one. *
It lias been said tliat the limuan
hand is lho i-nst 'p.-nlvt tool ever
created. Tliere is indeed no limit, apparently, to its perform-iiices ; it guides
llie pen and llio plow ; moves the lever
that controls the greatest battleships,
with Uie lightest touch shapes thc lens
that makes visible jthe "otherwise -unknown slates of inlinite space. It
ifrasps alil-ceihe rough- implements of
labor, the artist's I1r11-.I1, ll'.e surgeon's
knife and the deiicale engraver's
tools, yot in all its, empl.-ynieiit ilierc
is none that shows iis adaptability so
vividly as the wonderful palming' feats
uf M.Kwen, tlie Great. Willi h.is lefi
hand he* palm*; al one tinu* four Kii'-Jish
billiard'I'.-ills. Iloldiny liis hand in
plain \ie\v he shows you between bis
lingers one, iwo, three, four billiard
ball*! at a lime, inakin;.f them appear
and disappear at will. Hermann did
ibis trick- willi three, bin .Icluven
outranks ilenr.an ia Ilii*.-, as'be doe;- in
many ol his newer I ricks and illusions.
U'hii..- the Inie. Herman was the -;i-*.'al-
csl of his pariicLilar sivle of ei'.lcriain-
crs, MelCweii combines his wrindei ful
ami rol of hypnotic forces with his
sni'crnaiurf.l n[_ilit\:_af—mm_l_ri_-_dinh_
and i^ives a perkiriv.aiHe. unequalled
on lhe world's slaj^o. It is beyond liie
power of human endurance for one man
lo lill ,111 entire eveninj-r under lhe tremendous strain mat M-Kw.n works,
*'.o In.* i>; assisted liy a eciiipany of liitii
class vaudeville performers, besides
hciiijj ci|iiipped willi all new and special
scenery. This lalenled ortj.-iniicaiicii
cimes lo Stork's Opera House for two
n'i;lit< and Saiurday inalinee, befjin-
niiifj; I'Vidav, l\-c. 7th, Seats on sale
at the r.dace I.: 111^ Store.
. Fred Clement was in town from Kilo.
Mr. Martin, of Vancouver, was in
town running up the scale business.
Krank Rankin takes a trip to Cranbrook. ""     .   , "
Krank Darncs, of llaync's Lake, was
in town Monday.
Thc Two Macs will show in • the
coal ;own*this  week.
Tommy Youatt was down to I'ernie Saturday beiweeii tiaiin*.
Several new .settlers and their families moved   into ICIko   this last week.
Jack Davis arrived in town from
tile smith on a visit to friends.
,T, A. Malleur was in ICIko from
Waldo, near the big pines.
l'red Roo gut the contract lo supply the harness for the water falls at
this poiat,
Alex. McCuaig, r;f Macleod, came
here Tuesday, and will go""to church
on  south fork.
.T. N. Brooks, C. ]\ !"*. claims agent,
was in town with a bundle of cross-'
cut • saws and the up-to-date stand
Sourdough Sam intends opening up
a bakery iu ICIko, aud he is already
tiikiuj i.rdevs - for lCn-^lisli plum puddings ou the half shell.
Mr. Derry, ol Maple Creek, brought
in a bi" bunch of horses from Tobacco Plains and shipped them to Maple
Creek Sunday  night.
The logging ca-nipn"soulh still want
about seven thousand five hundred
men; also four white cooks and a few
Newfoundland llunkics.
was in the
;   II. M. l'ullerton
Andy Good; of. Crow's Nest, was in
town Tuesday. -'      ;'
IC. V.. McDermid, - ol McDermid-. and
McIIardy, .of Nelson, was in town
Thursday.   ? *"     ■"'''*
W. A. DarTer, late cashier""of the
G. N7 station' here, lias been transferred to l.ayne's  Lake. "
.'1'ather De Wilde, of Coleman, was
in t!ic citv Monday and Tuesday visiting  Father Meissiicr.
A. G. Wilnii'l, of th's Patterson
Lumber Company, of l-Icd Deer, was
a visitor to   iho  city Tuesday.
Fred aud Gordon Johnson arrived
hoine Tuesday from Vancouver, where
thev have been attcr.ding school.
A. 15. Lcfcver, late station agent of
the G. N.   al llayne::; .Lake, has tak-
.,.'  ;   -\^.*„ t, "PRKgt$^/A  YEAR IN ADVANCi
The  Long  Drawn-out  Trouble  SettlecU-Men are
, %^ Com mended—Overlook The4r  Interests  to
v.! Relieve Situation
'* Kegina, Sask., Dec' 3.—Tlie foi-j "While a cheap and turbulent press
lowing* telegram has been received by Ii;: proclaiming victory; over theso men.
lhe commissioner of   agriculture   from
Premier Scott, iu Indianapolis:
- "lion. W. H. Motherwell, commissioner of agriculture, l.egina, Sask.:
Lethbridge strike ended and am as-
:,i:red men will resume work on Monday.- I ani- convinced that the men
yielded beyond what they would have
yielded except for consideration,, of
suffering Saskatchewan, and I want
litis fact emphasized so tht* people
will understand,"
''I am convinced that thc men yield-
en ih-.*  place of cashier   al   the Kernie   ed beyond     what    they      would  have
Mr. IC. Hewitt, of ICvcrett, Washington, was in the cily .Wednesday
auditing the books in the local office of theGii-at Northern.*'
. The postponed mortgage sale of
lhc Hutchinson property, being lot 7
in block -20, will lake place at Y. A.
Watson's   ollice on Saturday,   Dec.   S,
A meeting   of the Kernie  Conserva-
tive Asso.i iL',111 will be held in ill.:
lvagles MaL next Tuesday evening.
All Ci.liserc i;i.-.'s are urged to be
Oi'c of     Kernie's     well  remembered
yielded, excc-it for     consideration-    of. short lived
by corporations whose directors openly boast, that corporations ' have 11a
souls, lhe premier of a province, by .
his dispatch, openly proclaims to the
world that these union men have souls
of lhe heroic, honest, upright* kind,
which can be reached by an appeal oa
behalf of the needy.
An organization oiliccred by m«n
who can meet and overcome such circumstances as have these men, need
not fear iheir future as au organi7.n.-
Trickery, double dealing and bftd
faith may win a few skirmishes, but
at the expense of public good will,
and     these cheap   triumphs   will    be
fiiifieriii*. Saskatchewan, and I 'want
this fact emphasized so pvople will
-That i.s a tribute to the fairness and
humanity of the men composing tlie
organization kijpwn as the I'nited
Mine Workers of America, and their
Those men and those ollicers have
shown a forbearance and fortitude
under the circumrtauces which would
do credit to anv body of men.
The Crow'sNcst and thc Lcthbridge
strikes have btought 'to light many
things with which people were unacquainted, but whicli will be much better understood hereafter. '
The exact terms of the settlement
of the Lethbridge ■ strike are not a»
yet known, but that the men have
come out of it in better shape, and
with much better credit than has the.
company opposed to them is made
certain by   Premier Scott's   telegram.;.
The beautiful weather wc are having ' gor:d boys,    Charley   Fyfe, has  swung
the circle, and. is back again to remain with the C. I\ li. staff here as
ticket ager.t in the new -station. I everybody, including the Kid, hands out
hands of welcome to   Charley.
holds the tourists, and tlie three hotels are turning people away even-
day. '
. Fred lioo and seventy-five otlr.r Indians ..from.Montana, Tobacco Plains
and Fort Steele niis.-.iou held a big
pow-wow in ICIko Sunday.*
* Pat Murphy, Mike Muloncy r.nd
Terrauce O'Shane, three Swedes, registered al the Hoffman House this
week. Thee are looking for fruit
lands near the town. ■    o .
It is reported in town today that
.Mm Hales shot 22'deer on thc foVks
of Lodge Pole and Col hcsline - creeks
and that he is selling hides 1.*i the In-
d in ns and  camiiiiir tlic___m__i„_fo.r Ins,
Miss IC. I,. Craig, a graduate of the
'Vancouver .General Hospital, has arrived in the cily to take the position
of matron of Dr. Higgins' private
hfspilal. 31 is;: Craig comes well rcc-
ommai<lcd,_uml; has imd valuable ex-
. pciiencc in her chosen profession.
Chief, of Police Waller, of Spokane,
was in the cily last Saturday in con-
mclioii "with thc Ttickle-,- case. Mrs.
TncMey and her son,  Smith,  were al-
host of- Cranbrook friends; also Geo.
I.iiggarUi and Vie ICollins.
-M. Mclnnes was in town from TClk-
i.'Kiuth on • his c.-lebratcd ..pacer,'
"Can't be Heat." The Great Northern ilyer left IClkinou'th 7).: minute:;
ahead ot Mr. Mclnnes, and arrived' iu
IClko 4.*j minutes "after* Mr. Mclnnes
had left via'the' C. 1'. IJ. for Craii-
brook.   That's'going  some.
In future the Ledger will be issued
regularly   <;n  Saiurday.
Another, vote of $10,000 for the Feruie post ollice has been: brought down.
This makes a total of $20,000 appropriated   so far  for   tlie   new  ollice.
There was a joint meeting of the
Ladies' Aid trustee board and (piail-
cily board ' of the Methodist church
last Tuesday evening, which was well
Two of the .teachers in the city
schools, Miss Dolby nn.l Miss Inglis,
have tendered    their    resignations   to
fact, nil the cities and towns which •
have been visited during the present
trip, have extended to this distinguished visitor right, royally, hearty
welcomes, and Fernie will do likewise.
Just after midnight    last Saturday
night fire was  discovered, in  a  build-
4 o .     .
ing belonging to How Foon on Cox
street. The building was of wood and
occupied iu part. by^ a barber-. shop,
the- remainder, bc-'ing^used as a shoe ■
shop by .J. L.' Thornley. Mr. Thorn-,
lhe school board, to lake effect aC'ley had left the building an hour or
the holiday vaeatioii. " -n before the' lire to visit friends    in.
another part of the town! and it is
supposed thc fire was started from a
small heating, stove being _Qver.turacd._.
01'    TIIK
A famous Kuglish writer,  Dr. C W.
Snlcel.y,  ivceiitly finish*'.! .1 series   of
iirtiiles      wiil.U'.i   .iu a popular  vein,
and  cn tit led "Worry—tlie  Disease    ol
ihe Ai,e."   'lhe lirsl  of tl'.e;ie  appear,-,
ill the    Chiisumis number of  the Canadian   Magu/.i.**,     wliicli has   many
other attractive   and   .seasonable   feature.'!. -   One of the    lirst     noticeable
things iilotii the -junga/ine tliis month
is the front cover, whicli i.-. n   rcpro*
•ii.clioi! of the piize d'ruwiu,.-- by .1. .1.
Dr.-in,   Il  in entitled   "Our Lady    o
lhe Snuv,.s,'' und  is a new and pleasing   conception of this   chumiing person ility.   O1I1.T features of the Christ
inns    Cnnadian .Alaga/.iue  nre   ",leni-
.H.ilein    and its KiH-ironiiients"   (illustrated; "Old   Christmas  Ctssi'.ius    iu
iCngliir.d"     (iiir.slr.it.d*;       n-produci
lioui. of ii. i.'iitoii  Wuodvilli.'s     faiu-
mis   liruwiii.'.s,  "The Dawn ot Mujiibn
D.iy," nud   ' Aliiiwan:!     Saving '   the
Gill',-,"  ai d   .,:   ,11 ',..,   Ui-eti'llY.   I'''il*i
Ing "The Con intiiiiciiins." Tli".vni.
.*-,'■•. iT.il o'l-i-r iuteii'stili*'- articles,
with sin in sli.riis bs W. A. I'l'iie",
.Mice doiu-s nw\  IC,  I',   Medlt'l'.
The iiimii.il   iiieetiiii;-  ol   the  Ladiiv,'
I'li'lieloli'iit. Siiiety  was Ii, Id  la-.l Sal
Tin- r.iiitiii.' 1,11 .in.-.*;■. of tin1 yn'i
w.is 11 ti'.id. r.il imd ..'li.-.-i-, <I.. '.'.I loi
II,e eii, 1.in", >e ir .i*.  I..II11W'.:
1 r.si.lml." Al'-.. A. II Ti'te , I'ii it
Vice l'iv i.Um, All*, D V. Mot I* Si-
ui..1 \ i. ; 1. A A,!, .Mi ,. IC. Wii*.'>s
Mi Ilh; Imi l.l.il'V, .Ilii *. AliAilll let;
Tie 1 si,in-, .M1.1. II. d. .lolui-oii; In
\i.*>;i/,iilini; Cun nilitu -Mr*.. I*'. .1.
W.its Hi, Mi*..   Vi. W.   TiiUti',   .Mi'i.   1'"
I*     I ;  I    V-        M'*"      '" —
The ■...■i.-lv  did 'i vi-i*.*  .-,•■ it mul :\\t
•"''.- "'.* 7)\>''h?'-<-'> r ' A'... r-'\'r';",i?-r.y
?-"V< 'YYii' i-t^^kMYY iY'
Ki<i''l',Ji'mf<.Hf, "• ■■     '.','-■'
itw;. i^'W' -tufsiis■'
Wf:-'-< iffHr'i i',' '*"?'•>' '",0 5.'i* '■
Wyh\i'-\"r I1-.1.--. ...-'-
.Mo/zo-Hopj'JiJio wit It
TlioCircat .MnHwcii Co
lo'.ied to go free, upon' l.ie restoration of the money brought here and
i elriujing to th. plaintifl' in tlie case.
If. II. Mloss, ot Klkinoiilli,' was in
town Widn.'sdiiy. His company- are
bi'.-., f-,e:ting oul logs for next sca-
sr.n'n cm, and preparing for the'erection of a new double-cut baud saw
mill a mile or two below the new
IJakcr Timber Company's mill on the
An Itnh.i'i if*. u:d Jdo Fimese w.ii
so badly crushed between the bunkers of two cars at the Coal Creek
mines on Wednesday tliat he died 11
few hours later iu the Fernie hospital. A coroner's jury has been summoned and will sit tonight upon the
' Gladstone Local Union, IL M. W.
of A., al an election on Mond;i>,
elected president pro tc-in Win. Mooiv
president of the local for the unexpired term of Win, Dicken, removed,
llallotiiig for the district ollicers torn:
place at the smile -liuie, but as it occurred nil over the district .ill the
same lime, the result is mil yet
Father Cocola, formerly resident
here, passed through Calgary 011 the
niiiiii line a few days ago eiiri.utc to
Vancouver, where he. cxpei'lid to catch
-hcjio-il for Skccna river, Had he
not la-en delayed en route from Ol-
tiiwa, where li.* had been consulting
with the j;ovi-iiiii:i 11! upon Indian uf-
li-.lrs ul Si.war! I,nk>', wlu-tr he K
now slii.ttoiiid, he Mould have slopped over to vi'.it I'.'!ije friends for a
il-.iv <ir two.
An Ilali_.11 was seriously injured*
yesterday while engaged in the re-
*ninvinj»-of—tin?--nld-*frr~r~tHpplc: If
seems a portion of it broke - away
from the main pari and fell upon him
hi fore he could i'et out of the wav.
The fire brigade were' promptly on
hand, and the fire was confined to the'
interior- ofthe shop, occupied by
Thornley.   " '        ,   '
" Mr. Karney, government timber in- Mr. Thornley's stock "of footwear
spec tor, was in" town this week on j nnd his tools and personal effect*
one of' hi!".-' regular trips  to llie   mills j WL>!C totally  destroyed. -        '   -
in the l-ni£.    He. reports a most pros       He   cariied insurance   to the   extent
pcrous ye-.ii- for   the   lumbermen,   willi
bright   prospects for      a   still     more
prosperous season jusl.-. ahead.
'Ihe funeral   of   tlie Iialian    name.!
Ido  Kiorese, killed  at the mines Wed
iiesday,     w'as   conducted     from     the
Cliurch of, the Moiv   Kainilv  yesterday
(Friday)   afternoon at **.*iO, by
The    .Miners'
Father 'Alci-Jf*;ij.er. The .Miners' Vniou
luriied -'ojil iir large .numbers, and
headed liv!'the- band, escorted the remains lVil"tlie last'resting place in lhc
cemetery. The deceased hud no rein-
lives here, llu was uboul 35 years
old, and leaves a family in Nova
Scotia,' "'
A 'ipici.il' meeting i.t the iit)' n.un-
c'l w.-s hiid Wcdins lay t'i'uiing iit ll'.e
City Clelk's  ulliiv.    There    Well'   pie..
mt Hi;. Wofdiip the Al.iyoi, Al'h'i-
men llivl.-, Mclniiie, t)iii*il und 'I utile.
On iii'.tii.n of Oiiai! .unl AMntM'-*,
III.' 1.1 mini I v.i nt fliio iiiuimill. v ol
tin* it !i> le i:i*..ii iln- ' ■w.-r ili-brUMHe
b\-l iw.
All. r lisiu,; ami r.pi iinij', J'i'i* it"-**,
it w. s linn ed by 'liiitle, •• coinled by
Aii lull iv, tli il tin- \l:'i.il be -1- l.i-i•
lo c niir \ i• li Al.linger l,ii dv-v ii-
g.inling th-'      v .'iijliiiu* snili".  ' v.hi.'i
Unnecessary   Trial of  'Lawyer   Cost
Province   Thousand Di.lhirs
Is   the   way       the  Vancouver   Woild
lipids 11 special  message  froin    Fernii
announcing the ie*.uli  of  the lCckstciu
Comment unnecessary
much   headway.   It .seems
caught from an o'ver-heateil Hue.
Hi,j.pe    Fll.ll'.,   llli,:
I.   II
l-'l.ilik Sheili,
In* oi Si'e.p ! '..iliul.iii: mining Iiiiiii1
is in town i-n-'iij'i'l in n d'.ihoiiciil iit-
uiiiji. 10 G tm .nil** IV,in .Im.l li'iw
Ml.ll 11 1 III le f.r. lol'.', 11', I'l'iilil; (ilii
Iiiii air. ihiii.; lium, tie iiul won't
,it'..iii,.i io till, bin ll.i|i|iv Ft.ink
j*, pi'llili;; t ib! ;l;*.c lie nl ■ in'-> b.itut .,
with il*..- In- id. I.iu.il.ul (.in, ami In,
In a li'tb* ul'ih* If,.* 1 ..11 1 ;. full «.f
.*-, ii r' r.iut,
Aiid  wlun  the k'.'.illl   '.'< hi.ili'd  olll
It m.il,("(   tin* (icriu.iu I iu;>!i .1 ml **lioiil.
l». .11. Iiigniiu,  luU|fJ'.„nl  li. A,  Iii-
^.t.iin,  t 1 ','li.v )  Mo;iiit,i:u  i.tin li, i*. in
JCdito:* Ledger:
As tlie f.ii'l, connected with 'the  re
cent  pris i-uiiiiii of myself are   uiidei
iidviHi-iuiiit, I  iiiiiiiot yu-bl  to llie so 1
lieitaiious   of my     iniiiiy triciids    l<
publish nnvthiii-* iu lhe   inait.r,
Wilhoiit anv rifen-uu' to llml e.iM-
I may say ihut since cuiiiiiig lo I'd
nie I liuu* had to light .11 lew nuv
ttlii'tc nrc iiiiiipillcil  to tin.
Hue ,1 III.Ill lllll-l, lllibs, he be will
ing to '.iiit.iidir hi-: iiiilcpriiilriir*', a*,
so 111.iiu* li.ivc di.ii.', fi. ht. du' in tin-
guiti-r or IciU' tht' low.i. I .mi in tin*
li-'liiiii** Hue. nnd iiit.-iid in icniiiiii
|„   V. KCKSTKIN'.
of ?i,coo. The building was also insured, and as it was not entirely
consumed, How-Food's loss-will be
intirely covered by insurance.
The fire brigade boys and those who
had ably assisted them in the How'
Foon lire had hardly recovered from
their fatigue resulting from Saturday
night's fire, when they were called
out again, This time iu answer to a
call to the residence of Mr. Robert
Kerr, on Viclorig Avenue. This oc--
ciirred nt 3 a, tn. Monday.        u
The brigade succeeded in extinguishing this     lire  before it  had    guined.
to     have
Kerr hud been occupying the house u
day or two oii his return Irom Crnnlirook. The loss "is fully covered by
The members of the brigade wish to
express, through the columns of the
Ledger, their appreciation of the kindly reiiieinbniiico (if Mr. Win. Ingram
for their promptness and cllicieiit
work nt the Kerr fire. Mr. Itigrdm'ti
house .stands within four feel of Mr,
Kerr's le.sid.n'..'* ami It was on the
side next ((."Ikignim's I10u.se that the
lire broke on.1 in the latter's dwelling, It was' u close call, und Mr.
Iiigi,.,,. piefers feeling warm towards
the brigndi' to having loo much of u
house wi'riiiing.
du n>>(i' u
I n-priitti' thing in v..tin" ¥'", to   tin*   the t'ilv
i'lhldr..iis'   Aid Si.iii-ty of   Vancouver,
the 111.si1i11in.il  ol which   Mr.    C.   .1.
South   i'.   s.iidnrvi iiud *.. hii h      hi*.
ill ,11 »•    tl     -M     .1    Im    I-   1"    '.* ■  '"'•''
r.n. 1.ni  <.idv .i.iu Fi-ii.ii-, but.   li<>in
. II j...ii-, ..I  iln* 1 io-.ii...-.
This f-.-ci.-l;.    (.)'   III.-   liidlt-.of   I'lllii.-
i:. t.:.e nl   llie  most tl-illil   lnslilin ini".
So,   y.,11'11   ful-'' <!"* )-.i<-ofi,   •■•'''
Uie the bt-.ili.s,
Willi "...<r
We'll siiiv   the    l-o-'t i» t«".
,ix don'I   Ct.HK*  Xn >i.U,
Uib.r,  Mr. U. It.  Sti-.i.lniii".  Mi.   II.
Uib.r,   Mr, M.irk   t'.askill,   Mr. Tli'.s.   in lie- 1 niiimiiii*., and li.i:. .-.tin..I foi
C1.1I1.111.   Uev.   C.cit.    Kii.iu-v.   Kilter- JiAtii'.i   m-M  niuial-U*   ivpiitaiinn.   lu
t.iii.mcai   CoiiiiiitttiT   Mis-,   .lolms-ni,   uu.ik'itt n v-nh  ihe ibil.'.icn*.'    home
!>•• IMr.  II.   Weber,    Hi-v.     t'.eo- Kinmv,
j He*.   Il.tmili"!!,    *«rv.    Mi*mr,   Mr,
M.tlhcr, Mr.   Almoiid, Mr,   Alex-   M»*
a  l.la'iUt V'ti can  iliivcr. ...
<UI,I t1l, jl.c.1.   M»   Siut-*.*, *•>
■Suwiiri.    m:iU'i-.""   '.{     'fiiu-Wo"1'
.    ... •    *.«i. ..;.•.. 1st're here,   u.11   ilu lnl in   M-. r>t:.rc-
tu-aMiri-r if tb''    r:*i:*r.»l
-'oli. ii.,i*   n.i.'-.   in ti -.a 1. d to
tall! iillv       .lllll   III!  lU.i'.'-.ile   Meje* Jo
il.-ti'iI'Hiii' the  iit\ '■( ii,"lit   in    ci'lb'i't
lin-IlM-. i.ll water   ■.-.'.inil, eii .llie light
,,,t .1,     I I., 1. .,     . I  ,.,*'.,...   I..
lb,*   C...',A'. Ni-l    i'.i 4.   Lbvt'i.   l.ij'lil
nil.I   I'o'.lil  Co.
(1,1  lliuliii'.l   "if    i'.-k    nil.I   Mili.lVlr.
tin City Clu-k w.»*. iii-.iiin ii-il In iid-
v.itis.-mi'l wiil.- In .'pplii.i'ion-. lot
ih • pos'lio'.i "i i.t. iliieli .I'Vin,: f«.r
uf.r.ii.v*. ..'* 1 . .,u.i'.ili..itloii.. .iii.i ,*.il-r
nrv 1 \]m tid
1 *w,i*i ..ls.i 1.10 "I liy I'..', .md Miiu   that i liitvrc,    and i.nnii',   that   the   Fire,
ju    llllll
tl.e tu.itur ..f .pi'li.iihi.i ..nt l.iuu in
.-» r.i'.imit iwljiio'i   l-r the   n<v(    rt".-
'•■  •   -.ii     TV- y -ii.   'J  i ;,-j'i • :. .-.'   i-'i
-. ml Mi*,   A   1'   W. 1'.. 1     tJi.    (',     II
'ifiiiin i.  71   v'i"it'( (dd, nil I   'till    a
lid.*   lie liki-s this  Kdi.i.iii.v'. ..iiiitfe
niul ]'|-.'(Lii'. 11  )'i".it lnt 1111* for  I In ist*
1,   .Vt.. Iii|'i.lip's  h' me  is
whelV liudid'.- (i  [..Jll Jiving.
.i-..tiii|- 111
in Knu-i."
IN* el-. < h.i. a ii'.nru;d ili'iirtlili-r, liv
in., in     I.ai"... I'itvy *(  ll(*,|iiil.l tin'
it lul'-.       .'.**nit-tl iiuiiiv   linlr   (liiblr.n
ir v.i     ■*.:i'.'- iinlii-j;*     *.\h..!i   ttinl     i-i
male iiim'ii.il*., iiml   villi.-. >s
li'-h:, lb.*.1 .*- 1... i'-.\   iiul  .1 Jul) iv   \V.*ur .iiid I.igln   fomtiiiit
1:111,it.* ',\ il.- '-.'In.- >f su. |t  w..rk c
l<* ..med .it
The   11111 ii'in.iiieiit      tl..U   t'oiniui-.
,.'      III*. V.l-lli.11,4, '** »ll* .   '.I.   *   .1   *   l"l.
Ailll),   i.s   .t>tll...„    i>i   I liim    t'i... Hull
cl glial Hildv.i' 111 tin* t-viiil, iiiiii
l'u b..id ..I' th* f,iii,I'll,111 Ann) mil
mul with a Mglii 1.nal i.'.ipiii.u.
The M.iv.tl- und iilv 1 (illiit 11 an- is
iin.luig ovii In.nor*., .i'i.) \l I' lln",,
.1. V. V.,  wilt   pr.sidf at   the  iiui'i
ing 111 Sim..
time iii.ii*- »-' lu'I »:««■'•» aIul    u«nt |Coiumitt...-i .T{.;*..iitu.l Ir.r tlu juifio -•
I'lie  l!,-.d;,;ir In>] 11   lo  -iv   ihii  W.ul Illl.ir lilc.-tiii:.'
.row t<> iinii'i  I.ir;'ii   pr*.p.'i ti..;'., I    I lit   ii|.»li'.u   lb.  I'.uiit :l ii.lji.uiiii.l
Lid",ci" si li.i'.nlly i.tllaii:!.   Ilu-    two
I.M.i hid   ,1    *i*rv «i ciiilil.'   1J1.1l       Itv
tl.e u.iy,     ilii.  Iiif.i.iiu s.iys    Wal|Kfr;
r. ..liv did   bill'ilni ■  .Inr    Th*.   (lii-
pr.'.c, .! lln- ll'.l. , i1p 1! I..1 lii tl|% . lll.ll
have It. n ll.ie.lil*.-;'al rtiit Ibti*..' '\V_lki-r
I*..t lln' A.iii. J.'-ir^i.iuii hv l.iw llie
d-ir, .oi-l thlt it'v.as a nulfv md-
«t«»n i.ijill.v I'.*1 pun j-;<-t;t'{; 1.!! ii:>l
.111 (he iiew *tti'|>|»(il In fr.iiit of tli«*
Coin.i'i*.-lioiur C. oiiib,', h.is -'.-ii .id
ivc r.prviii*  m   uliin.sl  nil p-itl:* t.f •lu*
The Uosciiiii Opcrs Coiupniiv plnyeil  ,
lieie    on   Weilni'Mliiv  uml    Thursday,
nights to lcilmcd houses.
The first night ".Muiiha" wai pre-
Milted, nud the "I'il.ilr. ol I'i'iwaiice''
lulil tl.e bo.11 ds the List night.
The I'dsciiuiK, wilhoiii Ainsdon and
D.ivi'iipoil, is ii git'it deal lite lUm-
Ict with  the (iloomy Dune left out,'
Cluiule AiiimI.-ii is hy all odds tli*
best comic opt'i'i coliii-hliili nil the
wistt-Mi stugi', mul with Miss Dawn-
pint, mnde the (hie! iittrm-tioii ol the
l.tisciuii'. while Ihey were with tb^Dfi.
V. '.!,. P, ,.7i,. s',1,,,,1*,!) w...i> i« -.(■•
iuin ilu'lr ^'ond Tijitit-.ttli'ii p.irtifil
nlillc tlu.'ic two brilliant slui.i witjte
wilh thnn, tluy will have lo iiuprore
lhe pii-si'iii rombiiiiition.
1 »'    - *       -■—'
viv.v. a? iin.vii'.isixu;,  ,
■ - n
Kitv broke   out    in    MiOkrm.iU'.i
wholesiile liquor store     in Ciuul.rook
eirly Wcdiii'stbiy tiu.riiliig,   but  quifk
nml ellicJMH wmk by llm Are brigade
world-Atistr.iliii.    lttitnin and Aiuei-   ,%,.(lt t|„. firj| ,(lnlitir>i1 to tin* buiWilig,
iv.i.xniid it     now   sciviiig  hi
I The w.itir tfressiite  gave  out at    thc
Utt'li'nt lln- lu'.nl of th.  Cuii.i.linii .1   ,,.,„_ ..n.rijjcot.s.'unenn* an investlja-
gnnl/Alioii . ! ,i((„ „„_. ■ A t||t. tMiM <)( ,||C f(,j|-re
Oiie of tin* ff.-nnreji th.il v.ill be  ol   W1|r IifvYvTie tiiuile. '*
lliltlc.sl    in    this M>llnli   Mill be  life j
i\|il.in.ittou of the Ar.uv iiiiuiigr.itiiui j-  \ u-Iegrain n-ccivcil yesterday aft*.**
,,|. itsivit   i-ilirt-.  li.i*.  avli-rn •mini-!*,{,,„.   -,lMii.tiiiml tliat    Mr. McR«|at
**  J cd.* hypnotist i.itiM imt, appg^t    Ia*.*
Viilntia, Viiiit-oiii. 1   .md   N'tlsou   iu. as (itim.mi?*-.!, on uccfiiint ol illMAl, ,   a*
the, rawjE .ledgerIthe P10K UF THE CROP
■*.   '^ry-ry-'^VA^CB. "
Issued- every n Thursday'from;. the of-
. ike of»*.,.pub'liVatioii-,' loilil.- Llock,
Victoria Ave., Fernie, British Columbia. ,,,
D/Vn'MOTr' ''-' "'-' Editor
G.  G.  _dE.KI._5   '     "        '    Manager
;   ■   . v . *.-    ■. -.     — " |,
There is a strong undercurrent of
protest, against the activity of American-1'union--• organizers i in the coal
strike" at Kernie '"in Hritish Columbia,
in that at Lethbridge in Alberta, and
, in the street railway iroulile at Hamilton. Naturally the suspicion arises
that employing interests across the
border  . intrigue in order    to  suspend J enjoy
of the finest lea-produoing country
in ihe wot* d-Tha .stand of Ceylen
♦ __-_--__.___-  i_._-.f-/ **•-<&"''   £
F. H. Sherman,  Pres.
PacStad in sealed lead packets, which preserve
many eqoeHent qualities.
At nil Grocers'
Ji. 1\ >:okstein
the  operations of'enterprises  in   Can;
nda,  and so to benefit American   corporations.   It has   to be'  remembered,
however, that generally .strikes are declared by "si local union,  ami  that thc
international    ollicer does not appear
until' conciliation and   negotiation become necessary.     01     course  a strike
cannot    be declared  without the    approval   of the chief  ollicers   of an   international     body,  .   but we   imagine
thnt.,very rarely are these ollicers responsible for labor disturbances except
in-so far as they direct  the    general
organization over   the continent.      It
may .be that in some' cases the inter-
■ national' ollicers   have- handled strikes
unwisely; and have prolonged disputes,
which-   might have  been more easily
settled  if - ihere had been  no    outside
intervention.     ' On the • other     hand,
more than  once  international   oiliccrs
.have     refused    to countenance    local
strikes -iir Canada,      and have forced
ihe'iinioiis  to* submit to   the   authority bf the international body.   In Fernie . the local   union seems   arbitrarily
to have set aside an agreement   with
the employers.   We have,   however, no
evidence that thc trouble was fomented bjriiny,'   ' international  ollicer,    although', it seems    to be  the fact that
uiost    of the union     ollicers'    at the
.  Crow's Xest    mines have conic   from
the "'United ' States.      We, iu Ontario,
know little or nothing of the    causes
which led to the strike at Lcthbridec.
_-.>■• * "
As for. IIaniilt'..n,   it is dillicult to see
how any American interest or corporation could benefit by an attack upon
the street railway. There mayi 'be in-
vonvenience,; and dangers iii,llie iuter-
lTafionar.organizalioii oTlaJior,
we, also ha\e international organization of employers, and tlie one is
surely as'legitimate as tlie other. It
is: impossible to say what the future
may develop, but, as yet, we doubt
il the international labor leaders-have
ever contemplated any attack upon
the industries of this country.
cost of the sacrifice of right to might
lhat peace prevails to the extent it
do*.s, and- in so far as the country
s the benefits ot operation ol thc
mines here, , the credit is due to the
forbearance of the ollicials of the unions on both sides of the line.
Another Kl.IOIS which has led. the
Toronto Xews and other good papers
astray, is thai, as the News has it,
"It seems to be the fact llial most
of the union ollicials at the Crow's
N'c.si mines have come from the United  .Stales."
This SI-HOIS is as misleading ' as
the first. The president of district iS
is a native of England, and is a Hril-
1 ish subject; the international board
member for the -district is a native of
N'ova Scotia;' the secretary ditto. The
president" of Gladstone Unio-ii, Kernie,
was an Englishman; thc secretary is
an Englishman. In fact, the Ledger
knows of only one ollicer in either
local or district organization who is
an American, and yet tlie news dealt
out to the press in general makes it
SEEM that lhc officers at Fernie are
from the  United Stales. *
Will the Toronto News please note
this and disabuse the minds of its
readers of what is absolutely untrue.
There was one officer pf -a local
union, not ihe Fernie local, who is
said to be an American, though as to
this lhc Ledger is not certain, who
opposed the strike, and while iu a
:iiost exuberant state of. mind bought
:. 33-calibcr pop gun with which to
.iiincluatc the body of his superior of-'
ticer because .ihe superior favored the
itrike. This was the only instance of
■my tcndeiicv to violence throughout
the whole- trouble, and thai seems to
''in.e keen the result-of bad whiskey
mcinoralists, *   after careful   deliberation,    respectfully  submit the  follow
ing .suggestions for your consideration
in framing   your   report:
From   mere   life insurance  contracts
the tendency in r.-centyears has been
towards a multiplicity of plans    and
options,   iu   which thc  provision    for
death has become  secondary    lo    the
investment  features     of    the  policy.
Competition -amongst companies    has
been  ..thereby  actuated,  and expenses
increased.   Agents are enabled by the
collection of   large premiums,  to    increase their emolulions al the expense
of their    clients,      who,   unaware  of
what     proportion of  their    premium,
should pertain to real insurance,   and
what    to something else,  arc induced
to insure upon plans not iu    keeping
with   their circumstances.    Companies
arc thereby  also  enabled   to secure   a
larger'   amount    of premium  income,
and  give less      insurance,   and    such
plans are,  therefore,  prejudicial to the
interests of  the widows and  orphans,
for whose protection the business has
lieen mainly established.   Your   nit-moralists     believe   that   the numerous
contracts     offered by companies   are
against the principles of sound life insurance, and should be restricted, and
urge   for the   consideration   and    approval of your honors  the restriction
recommended by   the  insurance    commissioners   of the   United "States   for
the standardization of policies.
Altei natively your memorialists
submit that, no form of policy should
be used by any. life insurance company in Canada, without having first
been approved by -the superintendent
of insurance.
Your  memorialists further    suggest
that   your  honors  should   recommend
that all   .policies    should be set
E.au-inors, A.ln. <*j>
1* -   ■   •«">
Pernie £
:" ,].,A. McDcnald, Sec.   llhiinnore *$•
,        . *0
♦ ' - * ♦
4} Gladstone Local Union No.2,v \ \*>
4/   Thos. liiggs,   Sec, Feinie, 11. C.    <*>
♦ ' '•'•$■
♦ ' *-$*
4* Michel Local-Union Xo. 233.1. <•*
& A. \i. ,11. McLeod, Sec, <>
V ' Michel, ,Y\. C. •$■
♦''.'. **•>
♦ "*>
4> Coleman Local Union Xo. 0633 ty
'■'4/ Chas. Brooks, Sec, Coleman, <J>
4/ Alta." :*      O
♦ -- ♦
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«<><» <W4M®$->&
♦ . .*
♦ 'Frank  Local    Union  Xo.   \0h?.   <I>
4/   Da ml Steue, Sec, Flank, Alta.   -ft
♦ 0
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<;'*<>'*^<''a^:> >
♦ . ®
4> Lille Local Union Xo. 123.I <■>
4/   Dan   McNeil, Sec, Lille,   Alia.   <*>
♦ ,'•*+'
Eckstein & Gray
liA-ints-ixiis-AT-LAW,    {Solicitous,  Etc.
JJooms 1 & B. U_i'.ders>on block. Fernie. B. C.
F, G. Lavue
Crow's    Xe'.st    Tra'diag    Co.    Block,
Fernie, B. C.
«^ «^
\V7 it. lloss, K.C.   " J. S. T. ALEXANrER
,   Ross & Alexander
ORlcc. in \j. 'J'. W. l-locl;, Victoria Avenue.
cl.  BaS»foeE>  L.D.S.,   D.D.S.,
I. T. \V    Hli-vl-.,, opposite the  Bank
O'iiei* liours—S u.m. to 8 p.m.
ffeinte, m. Q.
"Davey & Laderoute
Bellevue Local   Union Xo.   i\i,\
John     Clark, ' Sec,   Bellevue,
W..J. Wriglesworth, D. D. S.
On-icr. limii*-:-       t 'klo 1. 11.111. 1 to 6 p. ui
ll.llil  tO IS   I.. 111.
Ollice in Mux. 1- "■).'•■■• XUtHik
i.vei-Slum's ]!:ikc/y.
_     -        Jl. 0
*|»   * • A
to please careful housekeepers is to '
give hon.st weight. Oh, we don't
say llui all liutehers d0n't do this
but. wo cannot h.-lp occassionally
overh.ailttg our lady fri-.nds \yheii
they get  to telling  their experiences.
to please i.s to supply only the liest
moat. If you-trad.: with us you will
learn jusl what we mean liy tliese,
two "ways". QUALITY and QUANTITY will be a little more than you
Calgary Cattle Co
Crow's Nest
,' Electric Supply Store
♦. l      „  •*
4/   Hillcrest Local  Union  Xo.io.-,'' ^
4/   Jas, Turnbiill,   Sec,  Hillcrest, *>
♦ . ■ Alta. O,
♦.' **'
♦ . ♦
4> Lundbreck Local Union Xo. «*>
it 3275.. A. il. Bryan, Sec., Lund- <!*■
4) ' brcck, Alta. <f*
4/ ♦
4/ ' ♦'.
4/ Lethbridge Local Union X0.57 . $>
♦. S. A. B. Crabb, Sec, Lelh- ■*>
^ ■     bridge,'Alta.' O
♦ ' $
♦ . '. <^
4> Tabor Local Union Xo. 10. 4>
4>   John    Bishop,      Sec,    Tabor,   «•
♦ Alia. ♦
OlTice:   L.T.W. Block
rr.itNiii;—-—British Columbia
.All   kinds   of   Electrical
Goods kept in stock.
All  work
The above from lhe Toronto Xews,
A paper that is generally fair'and in-
(U'1-cndcnt in the niain, is well worth
n'study by loenl .readers'ns an example ;of'how-newspapers of.the most
sincere and unbiased - intentions may
be led astray'by colored reports ' of
events'happening   in   dislnni districts.
Th'e Xews is' perfectly fair in its article when il sums up the international feature of the' labor organi/.a-
tionsby ofl-setting it with the- international charuclcr of llie employers
of Inbor.
■Ilut when it'sliitcs Unit "Tn' Kernie
the' local union- SI'dvIMS'iirbitrarily
to* lmve set aside un ngfeenii'iil. with
employers," it betrays tlie ellects of
relying upon' news sent l.i the press
by nn . employee of llie company,
ivhich news liuist cll'cctiiullv niudc il
STCl'.M ns was /lcsireil.
iTne'/iuiili'i's nl Keniii* 'were driven
to tiie'steps'. Ihey took by thc nrbi-
trnfy 'ruling of lhe nuningcr of the
cotii|J(iny when he look ihe ground
Jtljjit ihe iheck-iiH cbiusc he himself
littil,ilrn\viii nl llie rci'iicst of the union, "did nnt do whnt llie miners hud
linked him lit ..jtiiike il do when he
drew il., In  ,,nll ,ilie  U'dious iiegoiin-
The Ledger reproduces the meiuor
ul presented to the insurance- com-
uissiou of Canada by the policy-
olders association, and recommends
very leader of the Ledger to read it
■arefully. The investment feature of
ife insurance is doomed lo„go sooner
,r biter, leaving life insurance up-
iii its own basis.
A  iiicmonal   lo he. presented to the
commission on    insurance,  as
lions    ihut    drugged      ihcir   weary
lengths iilolig, the.malinger cniibl   not -\cing  11:» 11 result  nf
be brought to cnuscnt  t<i submit Unit ' u  N,*w Vnrk  Stnte
representing, lhe views'of 'the •l'olicy-
lolders'' Association of Canndii, was
.-eslirdny approvul by the directors
'iid will be forwarded to Ottawa
without di'liiy. "The directors 'also rc-
eived with regret the resignation of
William Christie, who, since1 the idea
,vns first mooted ol organi/.ing the
■;olicy holders, has been iwliligcnl
.vorker in the interests nl-'llid' association, and us secreiury has rendered
most valuable service, It wns de-
,ided to .secure 11 new secretary, who
will be nskctl to devote his whole
iimi! to the woik ol the iissocintion.
The iiieiiiorial rends:
IWny it plciise your honors:
Vour nvi'iiiorinlists nre 14. duly incorporated body, having amongst its nl>-
jecls lhc orgnni/iillon of holders of
life iiiMiriiiiie policies and benefit
ccriiliculi's, for llieir iiiiiliinl protection, . nnd to eiiilenvoT lo obtiiiu
Mich li'gisliilion us may lie deeiiti'il lid**
i-isnlile in I lie interests of the .iissiir-
id. The iissocintion wiis culled into
the disclosure^
ll  has    110 sul-
fuel to any boiird of nihilrninr--. |,ni.-d ullicinls und 110 nelivc   ciinvnsH
'"Sii tin' 'iis the resuming of ivu.1; and 1 f*m* iiuiiibers Ims ln-cii /iiiiule mi Hs be*
,thi" ri'llcving of the   Imliisti'iiil   siliiii-   linlf,   AI the  pii'selil   dnte  the   mom-
tloti is com ei unl, it was hi'mi'-hl
iilirnit'hy llie iuleriiiitliiii.il nllii'it'i
Mirri'iiderliig wlmi iln*v dccin.-il 11
rlglil, in'order to hiitiuoiii/i' diner*
• "(.Itf.t, Hot 'i.nlv bilw.'i'il lhe cnmpiiliv
liilir'tlu''"liiiiiers, bui  to prevent     di*;*
bi'i-slilp Is nver ,vin, repri'Si'iillug over
Vi dilli'i-elit ci-nlres III the llniiiiiilnll.
A-^ ihe rccniiiiiii'iidiitliiiis which your
liniiiiri will miiko tn piirliiinieiil nt
tin- close nf vi-iir i*ii(|iilry will form
ih.. lui'-i*. of future legislation  nfleel-
lord in tlie union  itself.
r          ' 1        ■
tl^ii '. ■..._;■■-.. j■■■._. j
II is ut thi'1 li.g     life iiisurniicc  in Cumida,  your
forth- tersely "5_nd—in- plain—term's--(1))-
ihal all conditions should l>e printed
on the face of the policy; (c) that a
copy of the 'application should be attached thereto, and'"(d) that under no
consideration sliould lhc face vnliic of
the policy be reduced, '   ,
further, your memorialists respectfully submit that an -amendment
. hoiild be* made to the present act,
providing that after payment of the
third premium, no policy shall lapse
by reason -of non-payment of prcnii*.
11111s until the value of such policy is
exhausted. This concession is already
granted by sonic, companies, subject
lo notification by the assured, but it
is believed that such rights should
vest automatically,
Vour memorialists believe that the
acceptance by companies of' notes in
settlement of premium's is detrimental'
lo the best interests of the business.
It enables agents to secure advances
from companies and is responsible for
the excessive expense and lapses of
lirst year business,' Many persons are
induced to sign notes unaware of the
na I uic of the obligation into which
they nrc entering,' and companies carry extensive risks for which
110 compensation is received, It is a
menus whereby agents and companies
are enabled lo discriminate against
lertuin classes of policy holders, and.
is ngainsi all sound business principles, Il incoiiragcs Improvident
contracls against wliicli insurance
should be guarded, und instead of being a eniivctiii'iice, in ninny cases
causes a hardship tn the gran ter nf
lhc noli'. Vour ini'iiiorinllsts suggest
Hint cm 11 panics sliould be prohibited
from Issuing any policy until llie lirst
premium has been paid in rash,
Vnnr uiciiii'i'l'ilis!-- suggest tlmt the
ex) ciis:s of life Insurance .companies
should be limited lo llie loading on
premiums. The excesses m which
compniik's lmve rcsni-led to necurc
business are well known. A year's Iih
'.lirniicc for nothing could lit* Imd,   lu-
fConlliincd nu l'nge it nl tlie Ledger.*.
■ -_-_^-..   U-i.'.''     .,  ,.
Tabor    Local   Union  Xo.   1959   <&
Jas.    Probcrt,     Sec,     Tabor,   <£
' Alta.   - ,    ♦
Kerr & Co.
Ciirscte and Builders
Plans, Specifications and Estimates furnished on application.
ricnly   of   GOOD   DRY   LUM
B15R ON HANI).      *  '
Architect     and Superintendent
OlTice at Residence,
BAKER ST..     -     - '  FERNIE. B.C
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
ynsrv-i'-*CMWjw*,iy.*jaw-M^_fi,kjiju tuu
4/   Canmore Local Union Xo. 13R7   fy
4/   II. Asson, S-.c, Canmore, Alta.   O
♦ ■"'■-.♦
4   -..-.-..._ i. . ♦
♦. Bankhcail Local  Union Xo.  29   4>
4>   John Higgins,  Sec,  Nanl'licnd   ♦
♦ .    "'       ..     Alta.    ., ♦
\4>4>4>'4>V4>4>b<>+^W>§$^'v<& **■
1  City of Fernio       f
AXOLICAX-Christ Church- *
Rev. U. Skeldiug Wilkinson, *J«
pastor—Services, if a. 111. ♦I-
nnd 7,30 \). 111, Sunday •!*
School and llible class, nl 'I*
a,30 p. 111. Evening' prayer •!•
011 Wediii'sdny at S o'clock,
Holy Communion 1st nud 3rd
Sundays al 11 11. 111., und
and Sunday at S n. 111.
'F©__ FALL
Large stock of Home Grows Fruit
and   Ornamental" Trees.
Headquarters for , Pacific Coast
down Garden, Fiuld' and Flower
•Seeds in season.
Greenhouse  l'lanls,  Cnl Flowers.
Catalogue. Eiu..
3010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver, B,  C,
WINE   CO., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers and Direct Import-
tcrs of
Sole Agents in Canaan for
Windsor     Tonic, "   Jag     Destroyer
J'cml Down *
" lll'llll I'll
fl.-l'i p 111 Lv.
J'Vnilo       An*. S Sj 11 111
1:.'.'.,,"> 11 in
Jlexfor.l             0.10 11 111
li.i".  11 in          S
'WjIvANK          I'll) jun
7.Ill) ii m A it
Kenlllo     ' bv !i IS 11111
* JHlil.l
■oxei'-it Sun.liiy
]IAI'TIST--Iiev. II. Locke
Kempton, ll.A'., D.Tli., pastor. Services nl li a. 111. and
7.30 p. 111. Kmndny school
ami Bible'class al 2,30 P-m-
Prayer meeting on Wednesday nl 8 p,' 111.
1,, <.
A. J. Burton, Mfjs*.
*^   W^   T^^ ^^    ^^      ***}  *m*\   (mwj W^ ^^^^^^^ mJrmm*    W** ****( M>
ttSwlMM   Ui-illU    ••»*
M mm fact 11 ter of ull   Solid
und   I lurried   Ionlii   h.tw.-.,
We carry In Morlc uiul cun
kuppty Mt short nolle?
Sen. lis Your Orders
Vnnoouvor, B. 0.
CATI-IOLIC-Chui-ch of the
Holy Kuiiiily—li'iiUtiM- J. -M.
Traviiruler, (bill.I. Dow
miuss, 8.30 ii.-111.; hi(*li muss,
jo.,10 11. 111. i-iliiiday M-'linol,
a p. 111.   Evcniii|- service, 7,,'Vi
•jlIHTimDIST-licV, W. Lash-
Icy Hull, ll.A., ll.l)., pastor.
Services nt 11 11. 111. mid 7..0
p, in.   llible cluss ,1,;io p, m,;
. combined Bible cluss nud
teiiclicrs' meet iii-;, •...io p.m,
Cluss iiu'.-tiii',;', in*.i_ 11. 111.
A'ounjf p'oplu's nii'i'tiii'-,
Moiidny at S |i, m, l'viiycr
iiiei'lliijr Wcdiii'sdiiy ul H p.m.
Coul,—I'niil l.nuU may l»o iturohimoil nt HO
i.i'i* iii'ii) lur mil't'cuul uiul Kit) for untliriiulto,
:<ut. nuui.. limn nan aoteii can lm miiiiiiruil jiy
'..ni' linliviitnnl in-coiiiiiiiny, Iloyiilty at tlio
niii' nf 1 cn i-ciiIk iior ton ol i.',ixxi iioniul'i ulinll
■ic i-'.ll.'iiicil un l.liu gruris uiitimt.
(. iiiirt/.—.V In'" luiuui-'H cerWIlonto In Ri'ftiiteil
iiliuii linvnitiiit in iiiiviinco.if (tt\n>r iiniium fur
iiiiiniliviiiiiiil, i'ii.! Innii (Kitn^lOO por iiiiiiuni
Inr 11 .'iiuipiiuy Ki'Cuiiltlii' to ciipltul,
A ru<i< niliior, luivliiRilUcovoiod mineral in
p'lU'u.iiiii.y liiciitn 11 clniin l.Miilx J,H(Hi fisut.
'_'hi* tan lor I'i'.'oi'iliiiK 11 cluim it lifi,
At luiint. tJUMiiiiiiMio oxpeiiiluil mi tho cluim
i'n/'h vein- ui' I'lihl to the iiiiiiliiii rcuurttivr In
lii-ii ih,*inil'.   Wli.iii (.'..in liim iiiiiii) ox|)nm1wl or
j.uM, Um liii'.alui'iiiny. 1111(111 IiiivIiih: a mirvoy
iimiU', io,rl ujiiiri i.'oiniilyiuK with  otlior  ro*
liiii'.4|iii)iith,i)iii'i'liiijii> tliu liin.l nlil 1111 aern.
Tlm ;mli'iil "iirnvlilcii fur the iinymulit of 11
I'.iyiUly ol -J 111a' cent 011 tliu hiiluii,
Pl.Acni lulnlii-; cliilms (touorully ani 100 fcut
,.i|iiiii*ii; iiiii.*,v Ico it' reiiiiWiiljloyoRi'ly,
A I'm" minor miiy ublnin two Iciikoi. to
IidiIki' I'm iiolilofllvii mili'HCiiuli Jorii Iiiiiii ol
• wi'invyi'in'-i. ii'iiiiwiililu ut thu illitiirutlou ol
liu Mi'm. In* nl' llm liitui'lui',
Th. lii-*.'.' hluill liiivoiiilriiilHiilii oiiorntlon
ivitInn "uu M'ln.iiu Irniu tlm diiiu of tliu liiiuo
i'uv m< li live mlli.-. Jt.'iitnl Hilimr iiiiiiinii for
jtn'li mlli' nl' river Ii'iimiiI, Iloyiilty ut tha
nie nl' -'* I'.'i'cciit ciillii'luil 011 tliuiillt|illt uf*
*.<1 II 0Xl'lli'lllli1ll,(ill|l.
W.  W.  C0UI.V,
Deputv WinlHtcr of thu Intevlor.
N.   Ib,—Unf«vitlu}»i'/eit   ^blienitlom   ol
thin advertIscinciit will not lie paid
Philip Carosella
General Merchant
and Dealer in. Wines,
Liquors and Cigars,
Leaving  Fernie 9.45 p. 111.  you
arrive at 10.55 p. in. in
*•  .    VANCOUVER
Arrive at   10 p. in. in
I'or iletnili'il  iiil'ni'innti.'iil, liortb ldsoi*.
vutimis, ole.1 cull on or iiililrcss
Jl. b, Umckstoxk,"'
B-BneinsriEi, _3,. o.
■W'.l'ATJWMJ'.K   llljflT'1   JJSJ-iUS'i'JtV'Vm-
■crasrioosr  Ij^__3_33t..
Crow's    Nest   Special
Miner's Favorlto Cigars
*t0* tsmmxt ********* nimfumm
Wood Snlit Pull^vs
»        •
(that will not slip)
All Filing Room
Supplies at Right
Prompt Delivery and
Satisfaction Guaranteed
.j. .j.
.•.«.^#*T.»t*_f •_?«*'il_*f4.t_»t«_T_.t.»*<.t«»'t.T*Vt*»^tA^«*^'^''
******      *i*r,r*i*.      «**.*      >      •      *      ■*      *
VKKSIWTHKIAS    -    'Knor
(•||!II('||--1,CV.    If.     11,    Ct'llllt,
ll.A., pinitor. Services ut ll
n.tn. mul 7,,io p.m. ri'.niduy
.•(•hiwil .mil Til.J.* iln'.'* *.r,
2..10 ]i. 111. Prnyci iiii'cliu'j
WtilucMl.iy ill S p,  111.
.(. .j.
•!• SALVATION)   AWMV-eiipttiiii   ♦!•
•J* J.iiidluw.   'l.uudiiy-Knee drill   •]«
•I* 7 n. m.   IIolincHs .inei'tlnj; it   ♦!•
•V n. in,   "Vrcc    nmr     K.i'.y,"
•h 3..1o p., ni,   Sundiiy lichool, -3
+ '•» ,1.   Nulv-ition   1/K-i.t in (j, *H
•1-* V-  m.   I'.M.l-;,   iiiw-linj,'    on
f\. Mondnj; «t  7..11. p.   m.   Sul-
<\, v.'itlon    nicctiinr    WVilitcsdiiv
•J« nt B p. in.   Sn'illcr**'  mtet-
.\. injr,       Friday.      Tvsttonntiy
•$• inceUn-- Siiliirdiiy at K !'• m*   •J"
•:• •!•
•yrnwai -M-f ■ tf*f*w*m^f*mmm
HI.K  1MVKIJ   l.ODVtY, NO.  ,1;i '»
i-               A   V, & A. M, <i>
i/  Meniiliii' ineL'tiuj; held lirst Krl- *.'
.>>   dny   in  null   iiiolith.   ViK,itiii|f ■'.•*'
••• lir.'ili.rii  cnrdiiilly  invited. ■••
.1*  J. S, VOMIMI?, Sec., I'ernie, <i>
.*» i**.» (.*rn i\-»4*<^.'i'-*4-i-i^.'».'>l'Vi^'i.';*^>.'J>'?-<;'
^ r    .     .    .    .    . ■ ^
fi Vi't.  VliiUMl*". I. ilH".l'*i NO.  -17 fit
-is I.  0.  0.  V, <i>
iii Meets every Wcdnci'diiy eveiiiu|* <$»
-*• nt H p. in., in 1. 0. 0. V. Mull <.♦'*,
■*•.'- V, C, I.AWH, Uee.-See., I'Vruio **{>
C* fi\
,;.; <»-, i.A,$ $-^At> $<iy$-V$i'-'W''i''(:&H>
,;, <?>
.;. FI.IIN'IK I(0I)(VK NO ,V AJ>
<it KN'K'.HTS OK 1'VTIIIAS <?•
i*. Muts iu I. 0. 0. V. Hull every <}V
'*> Yhiir-siLiy i-vciiiii*,' nt 't o'clocl.. $>
ii. Vif*iiiiij{ lii'illu-rii nrc cordially 'il
-i,   luvitid. •*)
.;■  .1, H, Vni.I'Ml', C. C. -t»
.*-. V. I'. lllv.VJ.lSYO, K. U. .-V S. <t>
-ii <j>
;,j .■"..■'. it 4r$4,M4rt'w>
I lit only (i
jf Hllll|l*H llll
V ..ul In,   '
« lii'lui'mi I
lit onlv nnv uf 11 Imn Ircil ilin'in'i'iii
iuul hUihoiii* llil.tr11 tiii'iiul
Tlm *-oi''u.t nu .11 y 11' Ihu
llhiiil.r.1 willi "Iiii'1 tlun'
urn nr.i.lu, i|iiulilluii iluiiii im tlm
Shilling S x-Pcnnv Pi,-, a
i.i lhc World
ilii.!  ll li.i. ..*»1' t/U.i'i,
Cvrry Pi.ic Guar,."iked.
Royal Mail
V   #K*-*-   W   *»  '•!   *M*'   •
ltAini,l;.TT 1 llt»:si'., Imiwaly llw
Cfath, (In* U-st ?i ft tiny hotel In
NcU,.ii. Only uliile help employed.
(',.  W,  HAKTI.IiTT,  Proprietor.
SOlt) IN rA**!A"A T'lR .Tic
JiMlrumeii-'iiii'mil loll 'ui'
"Shlrlfl Bran.'" PJpc*;
l'Yir Snle ut tlie
Club   Cigar   Store
•\V. A. INCVUAM, Pnip,
I'koiu 91.       •      '      1?urnl°i "' (:'
Last St. Lawrence Sailings
•NniprcHH of llritnin Nov. Jdth.
I.nl.e l\li iiilolin,  Nov.. 54th
Winter Sailings
St.     .1 ohii—Liverpool    direct.
Kliipivsn of   Ireland,  live,   Jut
I.alic Cliiiiiiplniu,  Dec,  Sth
KnipivK-i  of llrilnjii Dec,   ijtli
nnd weekly llierenftiT,
Siilooti, ?sn nml iipwnnlH,
.seciiiid, ?.|o uml ,iip\viirds;
Sli"iM!,'e, S_(i.;f,o uml iipwiirdw,
UCCOl'lill)*    lo   -ill'IIIIIlT,
The -oritr_e4fur*i of Pernli- will
itlcau tnko notice thut Alter April
m, 191*6 the Oirptntcni ami Jol"'
en. ol l'Vinie l.ocul J«o will ile.
mnnd four dolln.R {4.00) for eight (8)
liours* work. ..-..
U. II, of C, ttt 3, V, "«o, Pernie.
a.*******.***.. *u*m%,,»m*i^u*m*m*. ***<+..»•.»•
H:»iiii'i I.inini'iit  Curv-i Dlphthcrl.t.
Di'liiih'd  liifoi'iiiiilliiii, Stiliiou
1 plniiii, hcrlh rcHi'i'vuI limn, Kiill-
ini; .IhIh,  etc,, on iipplicatioii
to loenl njiciil-i,
li. Ul.AllINLi,   A Ken I. Vcrnie.
],.   V     A. ,   Vi'Linti ■
rt. COYT/l',.  A. C. V.   A.,
Vancouver, ll.C.
80  YEARB'6
Tnupc Marks
.___ _.„ . DrninNS
*nTv1l"H     C-prniaHTO Ac.
Anron.«i)ni1lni| niktlrli nuJdHKiflpilnnnmr
qiUakir luf-irnitu niir oiiininii rr4« «natlieran
lii»oi|«Un (• |.r€ih»Wr*p.-t«itftt,fe rommwrilr«.
tl.mi (irloilrconnnentlnl. NANCBOOK oa Wienu
•out froo. (/Mott lueiiorfrr ■nitiriiiir mubu.
f*unu uiliti* ibruuuh Muiiu 4 Co. ri«m»t
ijMi-liilnoll.*, without BliRras, Utbs
$mm Hitierkait.
A Jl»lli1«0-.»Jj»tU0llr»!_^ WrrXt'f.   J,nr.Mt «N
jitnn /nnrnMAIliiilL HoMMlJi ntwiilMldM. ■itt#IUaWMB|II^^
,   "~^ji_.*.J
*-.,----* f7*-*/!???r-'**"'"""T:--£'«'>s^'«=.tJt?r:.
Ai     '■ 4. :^ ?•,"'*> ^.    ll     **?- 5_    ¥>,- "J______ V* "V      Yi """•-"• ^*^7f>'l? n-^ ' \^" '?-:-a:7-5-^ ■^.^ .-%' '^:'- ">;' r7'-A-y-*AA-'f-y j-«->y, ...•>-*•>•  ' ■•■ .,-.-. .
■ i ^^^^i    i-Ki.-imi nimi  *mi* it+^'mS'mmimu.mmsmm-mmvmmmBmmMammm****?*^*?-!*   n************i m m*** ■  ■■      i    mi_h—_— ■    i     ■*■■■■ ■ f    i  *» ■—■\»  ■/ —   ■ ■^■■■^■-■---•■■--■^■•■■y**^1 •* *•*■ 1'**™M«^*^M-^M-w--w«-»w--«wrtw*»*i**^^
-.K -'.. r*l5i
VOL r.
- *-*^>^^,::-. ;^-^. * tijR(\JI.^,t;t?..gc^pEC:  6^.906 v^V^u.
--■No;' 9;
Two ^Crowns, Three Tumblers and
•> *i     •     * ■**      .
^ 1       P6nies of Beer
lhe Kid took a lew lessons, tecon.1
h-.nd,' in'-law" at the court house last
week; in-fact, he put in ai* long   day,
lusting from-10 a. ui.  to-midnight on
(Saturday.A,   a'   .'"■;
The speedy trial, of 1„ V. Eckstein,
which, by the,, way, travelled at a
pretty slow .gait to- be called speedy,
upon -the charge', of .conspiring to defeat the, enils- 61 justice, was uiilol
lor 10 "o'clock on.thal day, ami th»
Kkl was -detailed to go down to
court aiid, lake notes, wliicli he didu'l
, do, not* making u-pencil mark all day.
The Kid Is laz,'y, and when he saw
thc.court.and all the lawyers, us well
as the -reporter- for the Daily N.:v'.s,
sill scratching away' for dear life,"he
concluded'there would be", notes for
.sale, so' he" folded. his arins"aiid devoted jiis^liriie- to resting and philo-
'sophical 'observations, alter the, custom oLall-'percocious kids.
' l."irstl-'tlieii, was" the reading of a
very formidable document of ■ several
pages of.aforesaids, nniU hcreiuaftcrs,
mixed up' with 'lots of-'other terms
said to lie' legal,- and-among which
there -were allegations and allinns.-
1 ions as '■-'lo > somebody's belief that
j\lr. Eckstein had been guilty of* conduct unbecoming'a" professional   l.ian,
and agoiilsL-lhc"-peace and dignity ol
.,_ „_^..;*..A; .1 'vi....t,M..„«,.   ..r   1.
the crown. *itil*"rif '-which',' was
-,- \ . ■ *.f, $     -   -.      -,
most ,'ve*xacious> nature .to   the
'jf    *"» JiO
scnlatfvc.sr.Hl.'thc' Crown"there niesein.
illr. IS.kslein said'he wasn't guilty of
all lhat,Viiiul-tlie. Crown-nt once undertook, with 'tlie aid Ot llegg, etal,
■ to rprivc^that he was a. liar1. After
soiiijjriii'tle tu-hiiicai swearing about
the information ami preliminary liy
Magistrate Whimster, -Mr. Thomas
'Hogg ..was..made lo kiss'tlie Bible and
.submit io"* the. examination of ihw*
two Macdoiv.ilds* one Rr'iM. representing-thc -'Crown- while ,,the other, \V.
A., K: C, appearing on* behalf of his
brother .-lawyer','* Eckstein.   *
If thqse:-letter!-.*K. C.a't the end of
that naine were, rin tliis case, revcrs-
ta and made-.to' stand iC. K.,..the Kid
would S interpret them as meaning,
after-jW.'^A.'s'-naine, chief kicker, for
, he1 demonstrated an unbounded ability
to kick4;, hard .".where it hurts before
that„;lrial was' over. "*■
* The; Kid;.finds by perusing the notes
of oiie 'ofvlhV lawyers taken :-rduriug-
Ihc it-iad. , tliut IMr, Beggs' memory
iK.ofiJatti.interniitcnt nature and mis-,
lending.- getting its owner into    eon-
men, and' afterward by the  • Simpson
■woman', and, -'as  she stated, had been
drugged and'put in a hack and taken
to the' train,' along  with  thc sixlecu-
ycar-old,' by .Simpson, and how. ihey
didn't  knbw^anytliing' about  it*, inftil
lliey got.jto Rcxford;   how they came
ou to  Feruie and went to the . house,-
kept;:,l>y: Simpson, got clothing bf Iiiir. •
wore.iCup' town   ' and went    to    the
police tqVgeb.their aid lo    get    back*
home,-and'liow  the  police wired   flcwy,
money and* how  they  Iold their story
niul in-.consequence  were  uol  allowed
to go' back'. .All   this  story of degradation -had *t'cT be  retold  in the-.pre*'-*,
ence   of a- mother   whose   heart" must
soon   turn to stone."  ' A- ,   ,, ,.
"     «       -„     <i ji
' .After *this vile filth had heen*work-
cd overj only to emphasize tlie.incred-
nilily of such witnesses, lho C'rdwn
rested, jit needed* the, rest."
Only'" "two witnesses, Mr. Gray, and',
tlie accused, Mr. JCckstcin, ' were ex-
auiincdi'for -the, defense.
Mr. li. M, Macdonald cross-examined botli these witnesses at''"great
length,[but the Examination was; mon*-
of air acadcinic examination up'oii"
questions of Vaw than as, to evidence.,
of fact; " .   -   '.     - •-.-
The ^evidence of: these two respectable citi/.ens of Feruie when put*, in
the balance against that of llie'\firee
tlu*  aid of a, second  lawyer, t nuking,
as it were, two Crowns in the   case,
^Uie^onEt'xsays there,.is.* 110. oyidciiM: of
Minister Tatlow   will   have   to   do
some tall figuring if he' is to make
his hooks show a balance ou the right
side of the accounts for this year, if
all the prosecutions ' in the province
are on a par with this one. It will1
take something like a thousand dollars to pay for all tliose Spokane
trips and for -extra lawyers, and all
this expense to prove that Mr. Eck-
stijiti Was'iio'T.guiltytof any i crime';iu-
his action in a case where it was we'll"-
Known and confessed lhat other par-
'•tiqs'"\vcre guiltiAbf the"' offense . .with
which he "was charged, *■ and "against
which parties no action whatever was
.taken.  *' ,'•<•■•_ .. - - '  *.* 1  **
Hut then this action may be ' justi'*"
fied by the supposition .that the love
one practitioner at the bar has for
anothci;,! -.prompted the ;.Crowii Attorney" to "air ' 'the whole' thing'''' in* '• tlie
court in such a way as to vindicate
liin'vi'iit the most* efleclual;way.'Taking this view of the case, the Kid
hits'\ concluded ■'■that,. notwithstanding
llie great cost, tlie prosecution o"f Mr.
Eckstcii-Hvas a great success,   <.
■4      -%*!       O^        '-.",.
•• *"- ,    "~'
"Now I lay "iue'down to1 sleep—\ •■
Pray. the,l/ord my > soul lo keep'-'—
Sweet'the 'clioriis| soft |aiid' low;
Of the* prayer Ivoncc: did ,know.   ,
.'   ■"•-'•*    ■*■•- -"  ■-     !i    •'.'>• i
Tumbling hito  waiting beds,
Hiding now their little heads;
Older children (have their fears   ;,-_,
With -the darkening of the years.
principle   witnesses   for      the Crown
brought the defense side of tlieJ-Jcales	
of justice.down wilh what must have' r.itllc faces' by thc bed,'"
been, to  the' Crown, a sickening thii-1.   Little heads upon the spread,
rVll  this was  not new lo the    Kid',* _Utile .roguish'.*cyes all .closed,
lie had heard some of it, aiid read
some of it in sensational telegrams
sent o^it to the press of the ]coiintry^
by someone deeply interested in having the s cause of justice run snic-'dllir
lv—so' deeply in teres led that he
couldii't   wait for final   results."
The!Kid had tried, before the preliminary trial,"to see thc mother of
lhat |irl,,but the Crtfwn.' Attorney
Iilid bristled up like a porcupine in
danguj*, and wT.uld have none o£,it.
Tiio'se,, .voinen were hedged, 'about
by, not  a   kingly .divinity, but-i-byAa
crownly ylgTlaiicc     tlial^liroo^-edAno
trilling.  -..   . '       , .,   -       •   „ -
-Tlie Kid has-nol yet been able to
lind out liow'it is lhat one individual
iioI nccu.-icd of any'crime or detai'i-'d
as- ii,\viliief.s,.-caii. not..sec..annlliei'.ciic
iu the ssme ctiidilion. -lint lliere is
lots of rioii's-'iise thai can,'I be ex
plained,,.cyi'n by a Crown Attorney.
tradi'clpry   positions    at!; "iiiicxp'cclcd'r'He' had;;.ecii^-told-tliat-.lhe-pr.'1'mr.
time<i, .-unlil hc'luid' to specify" as' th'
whicli time'° lie told  the*truth--, uud
whicli time- he 'didn't;.;'- _, - A i*\ *,-'-.*/",
Tliis-was confiisiug'.to .the",, witness;
if not lo the cotirt*.
A memory like that is useless    except to make the    owner's testimony
useless, which, in turn,, is useful „ .to
the     caiifie.of justice'- wlien.Aproperly.
Mr. Hoggs     swore to,a good, long
.coord of      convictions in   the, police
court for gambling, and. that" lie was
engaged to Winnie Simpson1,,* who Was
to be his own Winsome Winnie,  wife.
This court record and his engagement
now publicly     nnnouuc-eil, were    two
poinds upon which his memory seem.
cd clear, lint    as will be seen .Inter,
he was to be muddled by his Winnie-
After an endeavor to untangle   Iih
fir-it evidence liy  tnuglUtg-liis last'evidence, he    wiih    let ilowii nud   out,
linvilig the    Judge to weigh his  teu-
tinioiiy   iu   it   feiither-welghl balance
to discover any weight, if possible, in
it. ,   ; ■'.        .*'!*.
In short, Bcgg contradicted liis evidence given nt Uie preliminary, nnd
the firhl'part ol his cvliWucc In tin;
lilnl itself by tlie lost'of it"lielnve hi*
^ol oil the stiind.
1 Winnie Simpson, "'In her evidence,
did not fully corporiite'lli'ggs' statement Hint tliey were to .be married,
thnilly, lml (piftlilied tliti stateiiu'lit
by n.ij ing it mlj'lil lie so, provliled
she didn't clmngc her miiul. Ho the
K|d Ih |ooliljig forward to 11 most do-
llcloiiH l>|I of news lur tlio Nlghl Cup
In the shape of a breach of pn.inl»''
suit In high life nt the low ond nf tin
Liu 11 If Winnie won't ninny Tom
i.ltir ull this trouble, ho Is witillnl
to ni U'iiNt S3.00 dmimgc for Inwriil*
vil feelings and 11 WIrIiU-iI Jutiin?.
Winnie Wns very poslllvri iitinut any
thing tlmt wus deioRiiliiiy Id llie tie-
(ciiiliintj nnd wasn't     at  ftll  sure ol
iiiiytlimg tlmt wowhf mllilale  ogaiiist
* itp.ijt
Slip proved, In an Indirect way,
tlmt oi least In one particidiiJ1 idie
wrmld nlftke an hlcnl wife.      -
She stated thnt when she <ii.ld.il
llegg how he had got out of jnll, he
1 ,lil her it wan none of her InisliiC'-s,
whicli went 11 lung way towards rs*
talillshing her right to lie called':n
■wife.   ;      '    -     *       ;" ' ,   \"y '., ■'■,
Afli-r tliu' Slmpwm wom-in e«mc.pjic
of thiiHu Spokane girls, llie" oldest one,
who had made her fourth trip to I'er
Utile naked feet exposed. ' ■'
P-f      ;  ' .-       -        *--._
Mother,-deadrthem in their jinfisc,   „_
Slo'ther, teach them heavenly ways;' -
'!iro-iher,ias they;gp'to sleep,    -.,-..-_,
Prey the I.ord their soul .to keep.- "'
—W.'B.   C,   inNew  York  Times.
It all came out in,the wash lhat
the Hritish soap trust must be dissolved—and'that's no lye. 4
*->...-, ■ .       — Exenange.
.nary • he j!rijig jwliuH 'Uie^helijJid.-i.cloJicd*
doors^flml thuV ha'<]"'to lie. pa"s'-iecP..6n
by;Jhei;cnurl-.'aiid.i.camei.,lo',gri(-/, ia'nd,
of'this iin'siivory:v'caRc';1ic'f^
The Kid was glad to see,  however;
that, upon .this final .trial .^grcnt pub;
lie interest hnd been awakened iu the
v - ,-'*- - ■*-■ -
case, ami he*, saw ninliy^pei-ple, ';iJi>the
court   'robni     litstf-' '-fcittiirtlay 'niglu,
drawn thither.hy ,11  desire to see just
how virtue ntul > *" -justice nro defended
.mil maintained'In -court,
". P~.Ii*.'    lUcKvoy,*...*;!..*.*. f-.IJriiujan, Mr,
Khmer, Mr. Spencer, Mr. Tiirney and
inouy others were,  in coinpany    with
the Kid',.ml other representatives.-of
lhe priss,* Wfitchfid .sprctalipi'K lci..* "t.ic
proceedings.,.      , *. ;• »
Thoy were^trcatciV^ojiifvei'yurorcc-
ful, plain-spoken niul sti'lglitfohvard
summing iip'of'-the'l-aso for the do-
feiiseby W,'"'Af''Jl'iicdoiialll, K. C,
whicli was fully appreciated by every-;
oiie present, lie slu led thai iu nl!
liis e.\--:ei-ioiiee at the bar during 11
■iriietlco af 55 years, lid/Iiti'd''.never ex-;
pu'lunci'il' such a persistent proscc'it*.1
lion, heifer termed, persecution, tlfoir
Imd been iiuiiiifcstcd' |ii*''thls 'prosceil-
■ loii of a brother pi'iictitloncr and ie-
■ipcctiihle citizen of tho'-crminiiiiilly;*
' lio c.uld uot believe .'.tluit, this i»)')s-
cculion wns "olt the Jitxi 'of- tlio: -.p'
i-Hcul'itlviH of the Crowit. ,        ' '•-.
'J'h.il awful sliing'iilinis'u, .''bit ' tlie
bui," niMi'ly cuifswl-'■ tlio Kid l'o:f,il'l
of the leiicli^hjit ,dti' lie'.miw how ';U
pll*,.RC<| tlip *"' oilier rt'pnrUi\.^J>e^«.-p!i*V'
cliulcd ihavJk'jijll«t''1ie^pnifj'l?'l'»*'^
hi" recovered "Ills i'.'|Uaul|iiUy'—thill's
il, Imi'I ll?~-\v!ilcli lie had so nearly
lost in thu -.iiddclinosH ol his siirpusc
• "'l'li,.U*iiAli*ci'iit,.'«ii>pe«t(iVle pltl/en
sliould loi Mlriijfgail 1 froin* his lied,>-111
luiihiight upon the htiiUmcnt of Hogg,
who (pillibli'd nhnut'having-UJnihi uif.v
.lnt incut nt . nil, wns nn oiitnijcoiis
in'oieciliiig.  ., .
"If there had ,k't,'ii i\uy cnnipii'.i.'y,
it looked tiioiv lllto' '11 conspiracy in
bind en the ..nine of ri Id low pnu*
tu.io',;cr iliau hiicli uu uiio m> .1.1.I U«u
charged, *  .
.'•'Yrm'r.lfiinon'U IK ivldetit that tin*
I i-JLC of lligg't. liberty wns his evidence a.i-niiist KcksU-ln."
.hut Wiis ui'.iiiy us good ns tlie Ktill
c-iulilMitt-'C done' ivlth "lilH.^'fght^ np
on.     •" :';_ \ "y,  '       ; '■ ;,'";,*•'    »*;
•That' IjltlV gcui of ii s'iii^rtieo ;,«i!.i
med It 'nil uf. In a iiutslieti.' "'   ' '■ *
I'd set it afire,   .
'    With -ii (musical  lyric
To the pun man hysteric.
 o 1
.'   FIDO" AND MA1.Y. -
M.iry,. on her pretty  arm,,
"' -Found a little' Ilea;
I'**very.,.limc..she grabbed at it,
>. ,It\.\VQiikl'.-'-23.'■'....   -y-„--.,*  v*w,,
*-, ,       ■% .   "*•- "   *  ■•-.,• , -■•.,'. •-'*'.■■,
.Ficlo.,saw,hgr"acting up     "__■*-.
A' Aiui'-Jt'h(J'.-'calise, he • knew—A. .;>,-.
Kido'i.milcd'-'aiKbsaid,-,-** "Ah.lial,..
^__^,        .  ST-t^-l I   - 'IA,
■In thVvirglii .forcstsipt lhat ^on-;:
dorful land, Aastrali-i, thc ancient
natives .-.practised .|ibcirj -weird ajjd.
mysterious rites 'of l.ttaling*.-- Much"
of,their nnciont !o;o will never now
be known by modern man. Some of
it, Jiowcvci*,, isvknowii jncertajn
quartoivand-'ovcn raotlcrii -sejen'c-
httve, been amazed at tho deep
knowledge of'medicinal plants rposj
scssed, by these ancient natives.
■Wljisn -disco'vcredvby.Capt. Coolf- the
6 great explorer, he wrote cf them:—
"I did not observe amongst them
any sign of disease. Old men without hair or teeth were full of life and
activity."./rhis( wonderful health
was found to' be (_ue-Jtb tlie 'fact * that
Micv* .used.certain herbaljpssences,as
-  - '   '   ;        - '   . I*      .' -.   s   i    X ''       ,' " I n 1 -
medicine.      What   stronger   proof
could'be -had. than* lhis,t?of lhet, fact
that thc hcrb3 ot tlie Held and th*.
trees of the forest cor.s'iiute nature's
\medjcine- chest.,lei* .jjjankind,?.. In
iMleans for, Biliousness,   the  groat
Australian household, reined j;, f yiu
have  the "finest mediclh<ire*jsdrices
From coating -to  kernel, .they are
purely vegetable. ' Thcy'aiW'an iib^
solutely, natural remedy for indigestion,   headache,  biliousness, cousti
pation,'■ piles' and a]l disorders arising,
from, liver and stomach disorders.' -,
It  is  now weir known'- that liveV
medicines hitherto iii use'mostly contain bismuth, mercury, and  other
harmful  products.    Ihcsc,. mineral
coivstituenls are  vory   injurious'' If
taken for long,, and produce such effects., as that of loosening thctccth,
.causing vtlie Tljaiiv to ..-fall  ojtt. etc,**
"■j*nli.,;niii*ai'8"cntlrei_f uiuerjcri»:unu"ai'e.
supiM'ioi'.' They  aTe purely vegetable and contain no ti'acc of any such
harmful ingredients as the   above.
Tliry  cure  that which  they   are?
taken to cure, and do not leave bc-
of "Destructive Criticism" in their
hands. *,-
A. E. Kemp, M.P., cannot look'
arbund-.Tiifii'-iii-Uiis**"city- -.withom.,y.secr,c
injj evidences of the good wrought in
the government of Toronto by, the
"Destructive Criticism',', of thi* .newspapers.
'<;An*d Mr.-.Kemp ,can?Joak"Hiiitil his
eyesight ■ fails> -.^Jtliou'l-Acalcliiug a
■gh'riip-Jle of niiiniL'ipal -;-)-.cn^filp ' cwn-
fcrrcid upon the taxpayers of Toronto
by such partisan emptines_ as he addresses' to- the 'ward associations.
Mary's got.
'cm, too,"
. Milwaukee Sentinel,
When Mnry felt that lilllc flea
: Inside her (litt^ptqckltj-r,  A.';
She,thoughtHhorc'iiiiisl be 03; ': ■
'i And, pulled 'off her hose—how'.shock-
;   'Y^-,  .     .,, ,1    ,,.,''. .
Fido.skipped and barked with glee
1 When he'lhat 'Ilea'did"see, '
And'itfary .sii'oiiteil 2,'*i   ''"'     '      '      ;
To Fido ns'he ciiusod the (leu,-     .■.
\*m ■ m   '■
;;   .Sho;,wasn't -sweet,,., '<t:Y.'
'   *,:r   Nor very neat, *
Yet let* this-iiiuoli Ira saldi,
■ ",.'   When with n broom
;,'■'.jShe smiglit a room,|' - >■■-;••
She swept beneath the bed, '•' '*'
^''"'''Slie'wasn't worth- ■' " **A.* *,
;x     A  pleiiHiinl berth;
r;'f4hc never could  be led; •' *
]\      She wasn't clic-i|i,'',,   ,
S      llui she, woiild siyoep*  '.
";T.iich time hpiieath the he'd.
oi'igir.al ones.
Aftir the best  possible upeeeii
nie     on this shi.ineful h«M»vsw.    Her   llw Crown,   \\xnkt tlw <ir<um
tilt'. 1.'
V,      She wftsn't snuirt,
,^i      ThiiiKH few uijnrl
^';Alld hlidltvi-O'l  ntMiei't.ri'Hd,*,;, ,,
*'       Unl I will miy
i;      Tluil every,duy  - ,    '.(
l> She swept  l.t'lienth the lu-d.
'•'       Sii when this maid
i;       A wny is', hiid.      ,  *      . ,-
.- I'll car.'e iiiiine lier heiid
:i        These   words of ehcei',
'.''. .. ,"i,!,-,.|j.ll,,!u'!'c..--
' \VI10 Hwi'pi' leiientli   the lied."
-I,oulsvlllo  Ciiiirler-.liiui'iuil.
;, ."...So.wheti hii'''. de.'I.-  • .,-.-.
*.., .  it can l.e imu*Ii , *.   ,
jt' lien, lies .ft- restful ,|ic.»i1; ■.,   .   -.
' Tl'iviVll he iiii-illVl
To lie Inert,"
■'S'Mtlrkr eternul bed.   ; -
_L      a,  -■     *^ **>.***><****
A Ji.t of vanity,
AiiiVlhek, of Kimliy, -
Mal'iV AliiiKissiiiilnlty.
iiioihcr was with her, nml once more
wns crimp'-lled In bit,In tlmt coiiri
rimm while |)pr «l|!lit«n-yeu|'-nld
danfjliter hnd to tell «d Uib flUu-ilU*
nl.U*'places i.he'Iiud vUltcil,. and liow
she had drimk heir In dive' unloons,'
t\nnwJiije it was wrong, in c«iii|iany
willi n slutwii-yeafidd nM,' x\iM ill
the home of detention l*cau«.of bad
hit/enHujc In a Hpofcnn* court, nml who
hid invHtd h«r to dn Wm>1-   I"*'*
hnd J.eeii d-fllyWrcil-^^U.M. "»Iac-
d. lulil,. lhc louu-'lii... -Jlr. r.ct.*.-itnii
ih.it hv wiis-diKi-har^cd, ub,there_win*
tm c'viilciict <>f trime *»jw»ji bin prl.
Il Ir-r-kH loIllie'l-Wrt'^ii.s'ii-ir.irgli lhe
Croi*/ri lu this ciiKf'Jmtl hien prelty
IwJly Vnttcii*.l.
X\i thr,' ci-.*; of rdmiiwiu, It roI
lo*.t In the. woods nn.il tmne out «:i
the wtottji -sidy «'! tlie ltiti;rnaiinn.il
n.iihd-»ry .'liiiei 'jij tl|l*-«•£»•«« ofj Ueb
Bileans arc mild in their action,
and are • thus-suitable.for..ihc.mpst
cnu'so 'VripiiV? '\or pain!'"Tjvlicn^at
tilfjl'it,' thjeyiiiwqi'k'Wjiii'e^you^Blcop*^.
,t"ori Ifl'S'uif ancrsti 'riuil .1 iih'fe *t lie*5' i fvi>r,!
str'ehgihehfiig (lVe''dipes'lIv'e"''OTJjiins,:
rcmovinp 'tho causes of' lica'daclic—
and ."when- yQli.iiwiikcnlt |_v th, feel
"liko another person alto^fthcr", -its'
the say I ne; gots'.:; Bileans euro hcad-
indigcstljnrull' digestive disorders,
female.'-allmoiitri,; gUIn >cruptIonB,
biliousness,r8lck hcad'iicliV,' bad''taste
iu tho. mouil), Iuul 'breath,. dizziness,
fiilntlu?,,.baxxlti^r l'olses In'tho hoad'
locUnpaol uiiconilor.tablo fulncsaoven
after allglit inoal.'aimoniitt', dcblll'-y,
otc.   They  also' act' as1 'ri:general
tonic and by lih'provln-f'tho-'toho' ol
Q->vl)oIo j^yQlotn enable It t3 t|irow
tho £eno'iatl^Qlt'ciiliUlon, '"and-'iaro a
boon to'p:ilc-riicistl jjlris and 'weak
women. .-All.Ui'iitftflstsBpU at riOo.,a
box,' or post froo iroiiV thdllllo'an Co.»'
Toronto, on lrct-lpt o( prlco.
-' . '-"- :.'-.A;-/v^.-.4.;^,-^.-.g,-v;. v,-\A,A,
•,'To.i liitii 'tliot-A.-.H.'.lI.i.'Wii, JM. V.,
1 *•   ,j;   r   .    '     v   *,     *,  '.I   ,\ ,    i,\
hhoxAA uoilce a luck of .Vcoimtnictlve
criticism" in .the work ..of  Toronto's
iiiiiiiicipiil)'r(/jiipii'i'Ul<ii>, .;
1,-,'t Mr, Kemp Htuily '    llieiiu-    (|lli',s*
'thdiU  '■ ri*:^;.    "r.i':,':5
"Iliis Toi'tiiilii ilie.ip -,'.is?j'
Wluit'i;a*/. '^lile i-ity .clivap' ;gan Inn
the "Ilcsti'iieilvo Ct llli ii.111 ' of the
iicwspnpers imd the iii'lMty <if llhc'
iiifil,-Mipnorl«dMiy" thnt erKUi^ur    ■
"Ilni; Toi'i.lito n w.itiT'.siiii|'ily"i"ooil;
In f|ii.illly*niid low In  piice?" 1
Wh.it utti-'u/fwiMUt*. . Uiv ^vl,1-'. JHl-V
rules that the   cily ' vujoys ' lml   the
I "lli-triifilvi.    I'l-iili-lsin ' of the iicivii-
Jp'.ip.V-A 'Mid* 111'**     nrlivitjl'-df tlie   uieii
Mini i.rt.-.r by Uiiil' crlticl". in?;:".
"I*,    T< r.into l.eiuj;   MipplUd   with
r.ilrljr,.|ipi-il I'o.wHviij'h?" „,,
The   "llikiriii'tii'i; CrillciSlu'-*' of one
lICWNp.lpl-r   Jllllllll   'JllloUlo    Willi MilH*--
ly ti niile of hiiiii'Mly-built pftUiutnt
ill llie Uty.' '1'hc "IJcMlnullvi; Ci tits.-
is,|ii" of iliul |ii'W'.;*u|ht opeiie.l tin*
■.o..il(ro.ds era in iIiIh lily,'miillirst
\,a.\e the propi-tty owner;.! value for
ihuir iiu.n.y.
M11i1tro.1l is nn'cNdiiiplo nf -lln- nuui-
4? -*.   -   A?   r I, i   _ . -. C-  ,,-.'-'-
> Criticism', that "don't   hurt ''anybody
may be  called  constructive  criticism,
and never-has, nor, xveri will, do anv
good "in the lineN.f corrcctinjj cvils'of
a.public nature.   Destructive criticism
Qjlways hurts soliicthiiip..that is wrong.
and   brings ' about 'better '" conditions. *
Without-the constant   haninicriiij;    of
the   press   at   public   wrongs,   .those
wrongs .   wpuld   continue,   to flourish
1 ihe grceri ■ bay trees!«v   i ■    '" -; -      A '=*,
Mary, "saw ''ttflitllesliecccr, -' . ;>    * .-* ,
As  he sat  upon her arm,
^Trying" hi<v best ;to"-e&t her   . .•■- .. r. *.
She thought fit -would'bc no' harm
To kill tliat wicked skeeter..
So '   down she brought.-','' her', oilier
Upon her arm lo kill him,
,*t But alas,j-alas.j she didn't land.
Upoii'',liiat'M)ird"6r'''Still'*]i}m.;";* '- '   !'"
Het  bu/.2ed away, wflhout delay   . -
To conic again some other day;   ','
Mary: didn't swear-V-:bit,--•;   •   ;   *,_
Uut walchcd the skeeter flit and flit-,
Upon some other arm  to sit,   .
And said il    didn't hurt a little bit.
Cut -why -did -Mary try Ho' swat; •!''';
That skeeter 'cause he tried to ■ eat
_^.\lier,?3:y... ,    ;.;•■ r  - ^ :-.y.   }
As upon her arm he squat?*
OJi|V,that, iss easy, cried, wee Mary, ,l .
Thai'.-i because were all co'iitraiy.''  '-:
The   ..J900 „ census *> iclurns for the
'United *-s' States-gives" the nierribership
of churches of   all denominations    in
that country at that time ^as 24,749,-
701. .This   total was divided as    lol-
,--*' •!?. '.-ii -fr-".:?'. v*-*.i,i •-.   •
lows: -     :-   - .-'      ' *  *-   (  ■  >* ■ -
Advenlists... .: ,    89,482
liaptists ^ ...'4,443,62s
Cljri^tiaiis.;,.......';.;;.;. '... ..u"'.;J12,414
iiti.--,-'. .-'^..'ioUip.,'..:_-?..5 ! ________7or, >,An.
.Cimr'cii"of fiod":'.....^: ''.ii ,.38,606"
Congregationalisls    628,234
Disciples of Christ.*,..,.'   ...1,118,396
Dunkards ',    ioS,694
I'lvangclical   Association    I77.'143
li'rieiids    1,18,89;
G'erlnan'kI!!vaniiclicnr'Proi-; i:.'':-'''^,6iSOO,
German  ICvangclical   Syi*,od...   202,'4I5
Jewish Congregations 1,043,50c
I.atter'Day Saints * 343,opo
lull wrai'is. .'iii.^'iyy. iiii.c.;,. v. v.';c"ji V575»77.^
Mentionites,'.."..'i;>l-„... 'i„.i. .'...".ii 57,94^
•^IcUiodis^.;i,-...;rr: i. 'v...... T.sVSog, 51/1
'rYdt.st'aiit. Episc'opnl:v..'.".''''-.,'.'...•"■'709,325:
Itcforntcil.M ',	
Iloman' Catholic.;*.,;; '	
Salvation; Army	
Spiritualists...."... .,.?... *..,
United' •_Jretl?rcii,.:*...* „)..'
Unil'arinos ;	
All jollier, bodies "'
The Cnnadian'cciisiiK of J9oi
aU'jtal church   membership of 5,312.-
fifS,*' lonl of a   'total' iiopulatioii of ?,*
37'ul1.1)'   Thc"'iiioiiibcr,ship',of'the  dif-
ftiiiiit clnircucs was as follows:,
Korjian r Ciilholics ;  2,229/100
J'rcfebytcrlniis '   '    1*43,4,12
Aii'jlicniis '. '.   6So/)2o
Me£li(idistK,.,„,  ,',    gifi.Wiri
llnptisls '. .'.'.'    3lf>,447
,'l.iithcraiiH ,	
'Mlicelldiicim.s Qre'eils.f.i,
N'o' creed slnti'd;	
The Oldest Inhabitant in the ^Hoifrie
of the M. E. Church J      5?
.\., .        1_   s?
*_! &
*., 1 5_
■ i
Aunt Rebecca'Smith, a widow of a
veteran'of* the*, war of 1812, and a
woman who lias, passed ninety-six
milestones on the road of life, is the
oldest inhabitant of .the Methodist
Episcopal church home in New York
City A:
" ASnil -Rebecca, quaint and sweet and
wilh a white frilled cap over the hair
of. mixed !" brown and gray, and a
sparkle in the bine eyes behind ths
spectacles, finds life still a good deal
of glad, sweet 'song. She has all the
beauties of. age, without the disfigurements.''
The home is devoted to those whose
advancing, age makes too much exercise impractical. It has its own special dining, room, . and of this little
^. - * . ■ - - - . ,
coterie *   Aunt    Rebecca      is     queen.
Promptly as the bell rings the little
lady,** trim 'and 'neat of figure as when
she captivated Caleb Smith, rises
from hci-1*' .rocking cliair, lies a spotless apron over0 .her black dress,
smoothes her cap strings aud settles
her shawl -before walking across the
hall' to her meal.
, Tfic".episode   of Caleb's   wooing is a
specially delightful   one.
a: veteran'^of the-war of
lost wife aiul   children.'   He   had look-  -sa-ie your life,—A.   Jr.
ed at the comely widow -many times,    apolis Journal.
but he was a liian of few words', "atid 'AS* -;J
his manner of coming ,to llie ? point ■■'._% %
was characteristic. Aiint Rebecca's".'"-Ji %
version is as follows:     ii?    '     ; *;;*.'"i      Hf* "C
" 'Ain't you tired of jliving aloW?'|-.'<;;,. y
....     ■- *-■ **   _  ."* - «... x
says Saleb. .*: .- v... „ i..v*. •%
" 'I get  along,'   says I. } ?j. J Sit
" 'When     will you tell   me?'"? '-saya";*1^ *"
Caleb. . ;     '
-"'Oii'Saliirdjy,' says.*-1.'"'      " A>   '.%_
In thc few days  that intervened* Re-    .*■.
becca went "to visit hur^niother. WhetW:" V.*!
she, leturncd  Caleb was" tliere and sho !*(. -\
said simply: ,   *'- , l"-* '     yi'.'X
' "I've made un  my mind."'   - ^•w.-v:^'' ■*?
* rf *■> fli- *-   ^kjf* '-
Caleb had' several bad years!   (roil. "\'i- -'j
chills and   fever.   The method   of hi* T'^ is
1 "    " •*"Vr   "*M   *"
Cure was a remarkable one, and'*, iii *;.-*' -V
thc interests ot medical; science is.put ^*_4 J?
on     .record here.
r, ■'**.
.-S S
■ ^
Caleb  shook _ 'and**- i:
'. -I,"        &\.'     ,-
burned and shook until"   one day* -lie*-A.  j-
- 4 *      -*     . *^.  .*
met a man who listened to hir
• '-£ .,-?
ptoms and told him to go home -and'-"- * '•
turn his shirt     and  wear it   another * t-~ 1
-,, ■ S" "> *i
week, -       .       . f '*.   '  ".* •■S'*>
He did so and never"*had the chills *" * 11,,
and fever again.' ,j '  ]i/y   ' '(-j ;*-
In some way he had '? twisted'",..tlife'*^:"' ;i
;   woointr is a   disease  vibrations so  thai  they -i,v*re - tf ;>'
I   * ■<*    4.      -j £*,.,      ***x *.'
Caleb    was   canceled.       It is  well  to know :tncse(>*3 >
, -.* .'    ^ ->*-  *--*■'* - -'^    J3-
1812, who had." .sinn.lc    home   remedies.:     'TheyiWay,f?". fi
'    . * ■ r --• -i-   > -*.-? *.-
and properly conducted organizations
as* any- in Winnipeg.
This 'is a fact of which every man
jn.V.'iniiipeg has reason to feel profoundly ashamed. - . -
It is a .reproach lo the cily that il
is possible for such so-called news-
'-.apers lo flourish and obtain patron-
aijc here.
T\'- -,        •     -
"Ihere are no 'other papers in Canada that have-ever been guilty of such
conduct. There are no other, papers
in Canada * that ever could be guilty
of Such conduct.   .     ,- ,
To engage in a conspiracy of silence, to deceive and betray the vi*r\
people.from   whom   they receive   their
. 365,075
.,   ,;4p,0()i)
.'i ' 45.035
.', 564t9fJ(.
.. 75.oo<:
.. .45.5?9
"lneanrTlii^xisteTfceT fs~pefliaps llie
most contemptible pice; of busine-is in
which a Canadian newspaper has ever
been engaged.
The Telegram and the Free Prc'si
ca'ii at Iejsl congralulale themselves
on having caused surprise' that even
lliey -coiild'. lid-guilt j*- of -su'ch-treachery
to the )ieo])k* without whose support
they could not exist. —Winnipeg Tribune;  •  n.
■'The TrilniiH* ovldi'iitly don't get a
gliiupf-e at a Frec'-Prcss that is pub-
liBlied-Up.'.lhis-.wivyi .JWhat a suggestive nnmj-th.it ''Free Press"- is any-,
__ o———
i- .-. ■\>- > ,.5 .-v
iniMinne-;..-*J. *)
z '.>■ i    r 'y. 5.
•   •    -*-'-1 *■.--*- $
care for the causes of .reform give -ey*.J$ g"
idenccs of the seriousness of th?'.p'eo**'-A •**■
pk*. The typical Aincrlcan is ncii dis-i-f J f|
honest, even though, as'iUr. Wells.put ^ - I*
il, he may he "ethically confused.";,^*. T[
Tl-.c insistent pressure of crass 'if tne.-/, J. ^.,
tcriiilism obscures ethical distinctions,?*'"'.,. 5
aiul no wonder the past generatioit in^y. „?'
the United   States     and   the'present'."c* J;,
uciieraliou   in Canada have loo often". *5 *j
/* " *-*--v -,  .^»t< s
failed   to  distinguish between ', things ".» -..
lhat differ,  and  have contused JrigHt-V.* £
and  wrong in  business.'.-'and  in fpolit-'- ii?, ii
j. ,-- '  v ;      •* ,-*-»* \\
ICS. ' l'l, i  t*   ' .-..">    ;,   H
.-    •* *'     %"    '    '-<!      ■-
-Uut ' tliere is an awakening.; kAThe-1.-: 5
churches, the universities, aiMlj^ "*the"-'^ js
niore thoughtful  men  in busine_s-icir-!*s,*' ;| .   "    -   -
 "'    . , j, \-r-\     ,t*§B fc
sponsibilitivs   for lhc present j miorol _S a
*■- t f >*tj ja ■ ,«*:> s '
confusion, and are rising to their.,ob*f>. g
igations and   opportunities.   In-ft*tcer^ii| '-u
;ain circles iu the United Stales''there ^ -^
! \Tot_ii.._.*.V..". 'iYiY.yii.i„„^y,.'lv^i
■ Is it owing li the better ndminis-
.ration of laws in Cnimila thnt theiv
,s .loss crime, or in ll because of the
'jjreater pvt-ctutii'je of church mcinlicr-
jdilp nud consequent lii'Urf mornl ed-
in-ntiou nnd tniiiiiiig of the people
'llii'i.iii'Ji the cliurch mid its inliuciice?
Thc pretence  that Mr. Ilyiimn  wiih
lot.illy Igiionint ol the multiplicity ol
the t.'if dollar dcnl* which landed liim
in nVtildnrt *e.it Is ol the untim* n| lidpnt UK tlmt fume Xn u city M.rv.d
n mttforic kind of complliuejit tn his} by m-w.*p,ipii'H utW Mr, Kmip'*. own
lh*y had hwn joined by two   ynnng Lti-in, after wecU of pfeparation and
iiM'.c<!ih<", whiih lii-no-}.e|iM' .'iililn   to
hit r.'piituttim for comtiion-sviise.
-»•>•     o   '   '    '■
*'Tli» trnsl.i- nrc •»oliijf tr» moke nbuti
out iif nil kind!.,of nkhiri,"
•'Xot out «•( haimiui Kklttn?'*    .,
"Sim*.   Tliry'll iii*l*e   »lippris   out
of Until-'*
««» »'
lic-f 1—ut ■* *»|».»j*_fv     that
•'Cotisiruiiivc Ciiticisiii." t
Toronto ix (till f«r from pcr.V'ct.
Imt I'vcrythln.-r that him Urti gained
for good governmeult eirulv-ufv* iiml
public rfghl.-t M tlw Uty Imll hns
hern {-aliird in 1; Mies led by '.I**
mws|rtp<.r« ri^liliii],' with the   iword
'Win 11 the pliimherH*'emnhiiie wim ej,-
-jm-,1 in Torimlo, every .011c of the
tih d.illy iii-Whp.tpi.r.s in thul . ily—ir-
njspicllvc nf pollllrH or hU'diicsii roil-
tii-cli»iiis—(!i<1 I'vcrythhig In tlielr |»»w-
i-r to futlhcr ihi' i-aiisu of justice and
10 illsconr.igi! uny furl her ciiiiibiiin
th iih ol the r.niiie ehftr.iiler hy Htanip.
in-' the iiiiidiu't 01 die iii.-ihIii.-i*. us 111-
1,1 ni* ni-..   0
Cmitr.iKt llli-'* union nf llu- Tor.iUlo
p.ijefM v.itli ilmt     of the two   pany
|u; tis of Wililiipi'gl
Wind a coulniNtl
11 re the j'1'.iin cotnliim—-the most )
i..iii]ii'L'lieii<.ivi' nud injurious ur.nliinr
iu Cnnnihi, one of the grintc.t nnd
Icjst cxtiiHible, i-oiiibliii'M on thin
continent—hns lieen mi thoioiighlv ex*
poMil Iy the nworii slatniiiiits i.i tin:
vt-ry m.n who have .(jmldin-d tu bunk
the Iuw, that lhc vxpomire of the To-
rrtiito plumber*' t-omhliu' leenw ub-
snrdly incomplete in coinp'irl*oti, Vet
neither of tk* paity paj'*r,s ol Wiuni-
•ey; hai printnl one line of coittttirni
on those *«posiircH; niilht-r ji.irlv
patter lias publl-ilied n word that
would lead Ave per cent, of itn rcad-
cru to Mispeci tlmt tint jjrnln ft-
(li.in^c »nd the *;iuiu dcalcri.' o>v.lift'Ion were not, ot liynmuM., upright
The   signs ure thickening  thai    f.il
'over, this continent there is ii stirring
and it shaking which may mean   new
'life for  those  things which  most   ile-
seric  to live,   The hun then    boasting
about niore bigness,  which  has miirl:-
cd not a little     of the chnracteri.sti*.*
speech both in  the United Slates 11111
in,' Canada,  has been given some rude
check:., nud   slowly   but   very   clearly
the average     man  i.s coming  lo    see
thai alike for lhc individual    and for
the Slate the big things,nre not   lln,'.
things of most real worth.   There   in
92,52*1 I nn awakening of the mornl sens*.'   of
38,21-;. I thc people which is finding sign iii cant
expression iu iniiiiy .ways,- In a boul.,
"The Kiilnru of America," fresh fruiu
the pen of Mr.  II. 0. Wells,  the Mn**,-
IIkIi author, some very scnrchiiig nnd
Ktendy lights  nre  thrown on the mure
distinctive I on tu res of life in lhc United States,  nud  when  the ugliest   mul
worst things are uncovered—and in ulni. st c-cry chiijiter     there are Ihhi^i.
both ugly and bud-ii   note of   Impc*
llilncss Is slrucl; which mul'i-n il M'ciii
worth     while .staying in     the gmiic.
Ami'iicn is not  allogelhcr  and    im-
ilc'innlily joliu'd lo its iiloli*.
'. Iiidced,    Holier-thinking      Cniiitdlnii-.
Who come close lo thiugH ns tliey mv
in lhe      ml led   Sialei, m:.y    riliif.i
Ik mo wilh tin1 (ii-ling thai,  in   i-pili
id  iipienrnnci'ii, there  nrc vurreiitH 1,1
j.nn.iit gaining li.iidwuy in   Americuu
jlffl whiih iue wilt inure Impifiil t1i.li*
niiythliig nf tin* Kiinii! noil un vex ilh.
covir.iblc in the thought nud   opinion
ol i..,iii(,ii.i.   iu not .1 mv oi im-Mul .*
iAt.tii...*. .'.'   K.nii   ..li-l   r.n,.l..k   i.i". J I.-
lie life  things  lu  Cnn.nl.i  tool. b>ltu
l.ccsi!'.,' tlu-v aiv Miiallrr, I .ia in tli.'ic
rcul (pi.ility the diflen-mt' is mil siuh
,1H tn give gi'i.iiu.l for   Caimni.iii
xtii*,1.nlion,     I'm'i'xuniii*  01 ii.iun.h>
in iniiii, cotiiiucirinl,  ami public lib'
Is worne ln'iiitiHC the loiidilion*.  wen*
more   favorable ami there h.is"   twin
time for muses tn work mil   to  ton
».e!|inii;v.s.   The fe.iturcx of the   Mliin-
luiii iu tin' tun i.iiinlilcH b.iM- in.ul.-
id poinls of siinibirily,
What stul.ci fibtcrvaiil   viHitors Idi-
i.s a siiiriL not of interest increR,'.hiifc ft >Z,
uf alarm,  because of 7the • breakdown■'$ i\
of    their social - ,-and-.economic:   safe-\\-, „
guards,   nud men   of   the   liiiesl;'.'qua\-.'_| $
ity and    largest' power ,-"'arevtfiniinjjf"**. V
from   narrr.w self-service  to    devoted■•*•• 'J
public sirvicc..:, Iu  Ciiii:ida_.that .note-;*. |;
of alarm is not ^y^t'"distinctly;, heard*,;*] '*■
and the man.of poWcjr'in' liusitiess and*'< ->
professional life has' not vet   grasped."-'. '5
the seriousness of- the "situation.* which <"* f?
recent events  have" uncovered."     ircre'"'"!s
and there signs of   interest    may " be
noted, and    presently     there may be
such nu arousing and coming together,
of      thc   forces of social    and - civic
consciousness ..will mean   much for lhc ,
life nud     stability    of this    nation..
Tliere never was iu  Canada's history,'
a lime of more real criliculhcss than
now.   If nil this upheaval iu bushiest*
and    financial   mid political    circles,
with its suggestivent'ss of moral   ilii*-    ."
honesty and paralysis,  subsides   into
ensy-going   stagnation,  the. effect, of
these exposures will be utterly   dam-,
aging to Canadian life,      The ollicer..
of jiiHtuo   must do Ihcir duty    with
cilmiuals of all sorts, and lhc'1 teachers    and   lenders of thu people    must
turn again and with more caniestncs..
to the   moral problems of life.—Tor*,
onto (.lobe, Xov. 24,
lu .'.pile of solicitations nnd   orders
Ili.it I'liiii-d Sliitcs orgniii/er in Iluml
ilton will not "Fuy'd awuy."
hike Toronto';, own "Act Promptly," lhe went hun now u Btntcncc to
mid lo the irritation of the prcKtnt
nnd tlu gnicly of die lutuiv, When
wired llie condition ol thu wvst, with
winter upon tlu-iii, and 110 mul, he**
cause of the sliike, Hon, Krnnk Oliver, Minlitici t.1. tlio Interior,, Js rc«
ported ns'wlHii|f jmukC '-^VhAtdoyaV \
Mi^ed?" It m.i,!e thc'rui-i'vcrs hot'"
uioii({h to,(l(i' without ci>;.l lor some
time. ■ '." ■■'    '1 4  t,     '"*
Tiiy./niis YOU. VOUll COUGH.
ro''r.H.V(' 11 'e'ouKli or';hr«'iik"Vp  'ik'**1
cold in: twenty-four Iioui/i, -tht   ffll*
ho. »«i),;   .'.iimin;  Mdiiuis, „uie  inxrtdi-
nils .I nJjj.Jj i.i« l.i* .A.UituA ul imy
jo id  prvsciiplil'.ii  druggist  at    Rtiidll
U'int,   is    nil thnt    will be required:1
Virgin Oil of     I'lii.   (.PttrcJ/'one.li'klf
.,    oiiiicp; Olvferiiii',     two tuincciv,. Good' f
MH    Iii'l *   1 ,        '    :     ,,      •   ,       ,„     . ..      *   ,*
>  •■■-),   ^   ......   (....k,    .-.umk-k.  Utttk .*tlts*
tike in tf.wpoonful dosr* every   four- -
h'.iiiN.  Tin*1! d. si rid result h can not b»
ol'tuineil nnli'M tht;    ingrcdlentii   ar«
pure.   It in then-fore hetter tu   jiut*
clnise the iiigri-diint*i ncpnratcly   and  .
prijmrc the mixture ymirn.lf.1 'virgin
Oil of l'iiic (1'nro*) should U-puuha**,
nl In  the  0ri-.in.1l lialf-outn-p    viali.
Juldch dm-i'giit*-, huv for dlnptnulnj,,
Mr. Well* is the pr.iriu u-mpcr of tht- JHnch " vial fs securely waled 1n'r»~-
jc.ph- of the rnil.d St.itts. Tht-, r>.titn\ »o(.d.n casf which protecU XJas,,
liuvc to « degree lust tluir pl.nid sat- joil fn.in rtpfsi^r. to.'Mpht. AtDUttd'
ishutluii with ivcivihiiig that is jlhu wix. Ini {a-n* i» an eiurravcd wrtjv*
thtlr-i, otiil thev are In a nerimwiiiuinl   per with tk* niunc—'*Virgin Oil    of
of self'criticism.     Their   uew*paper>
nnd ttin^-i/inr*. ri'llfrt this spirit of In
trns|vction, t-vin thc exploiting    an.'
c(>mmcrciali/cil p.urn.ils that Iiave no
I'ine  il»nrpt"-phinly printed  there-
011.   There nrc nmny fmi(nlinn»Atnd
cheap pr.njuclio.s of Vint, hut thtw
"•Iy *««Jte -BAn-ej, *nA »»v*r   tfleH*
ike dt.ircd result!. _££   -
'-'. * J"**'1'
-*.l*>     •'
■ *: #
• *   .-.--.- yir,.Jy.Xy^.   -*.._JL> ...-*..7-,,?:.,- '^;^aJu*iM-1E,^ »-  A '-'-fi''. - H'-*-■;■ :-■ p^- '-A^-l**--" -I   ■,■-■-.'.■■
" -a,;  "_-  . s">» --   • :_ _                .'     '     ;_ -^ _i  ■'" ■■ j,. 1 "■;; ~ i. -Yi y"   'a,-,- ... ^att -. -   ■'- — ■^■^'l'-**-""^'''^    *• -T— -'  ' *.
*tW W>*>' *J
■*t._BW«"^"*^iH<iVrv  v 4. .-   .  -■.*,' ■■    _■■! iiiijmi »m
■»       Jl V     t** -,•■-.   t«    ft   ■■*_       i> **'      _*» *v i?      _S -\ V
:,•:<■.'.**-4  "-■••" •*
s    '«.   j       *_. J- *   J ,-■ -
**',      .- fe *.--*j r      ii * .
■> \,   J i I .      . ■»>
•    !.-.'» -     -,'i * I  *    •; n.i >' ,     1 ' -.;.<;
.    ,    -.'.-•..)    t.i     I,- ..,.,,1 * ■,!'.' '-,)}
v. ill-    ..Ij    I .
-.1.. •
• . '*''->'   -   '-'   ' •'    'A A--, "-' ',.:.,,  -- •    .'  '^H,***?'
'■ '  *   ^ "" "" '   ;     *"^.r^^^;'^'V^^;'     *. 'yy^-iyY yt.y 4 > ^  0.. . CJ   , .7, .-   „ , /  y A    .,»,--, *-\   „ . * *,,**
__^^,!'',,'f*ll4^-i^-#'»^''A/''V^-''  <>  '":="'>^     '        ■•  ' ",v ■' '"      ■    -     -' ^**SiH **
l  .''ll'ill'tl      ll,    (l'il'.*rJ    •.'ll)"(li*>iju
„/'Y .•-•*•'•'"'■": j-'c'vf -:, V'i^'4 .'^'.Jfcj'-'v. .*.■.-
"''   r'    »■■•'•■'■"■"   --'s!'!:M       ..AocAW., i.,,,, .oh %;   *.,'*, i.i   "
j   ...u.i'  iiAr>*.l.' A*. .;*'._: : '     '    ^ " „.,   .    . __ -     r       _, r
r 4j-K-
'1   m!
,r.i .--I
'%£/'" FaTi'-u/J,-. j   *.',.1J'
',' J'-l*
w uui'iii.'.-*  •..iiJ'i*'.-—.,   v'<*.    ,( •,*.,-.it, "     i-   ;'>•••      *» *-* 7 }. .i*-',- 'j      -■     '"      •'''■' 'T • *-i,-'^ •' ! *' '"•   'v*r" '• "  !
/&$/& aH» tote»t dQwn'to*dhte imtxfflembw*
^Y^^    ( "     y  * *"•' "'•'{1 I •'-»,.•.•',.' * , i...-«.. t.'y    -;!.,*:i-A'?,,    ,-,.'*.   *..;;   •'>t)''''A    ' .-..i.'.  ,-  "/',.;   ;'i'i!.'*,?.^ ^; '•'«    ".'■}    -i^.l  -.'"   ]•*   !;<),.ii'. t\.yi -.«      '-.."*   t" .
^w|'*V.™ YY iyiiftk^eig a'fiitwte^
^M&r1''''' '-'' ;"-,; 'i ■•'•■■••>.*•;.•.« •••:;■{ _,..-..,;.     „ -.;■*•«..,•):'..i; .j,*; iY^-. •.p,1i,w..t-j,!",,',i!'',v»l ^* ''■"•-_":**__}':''_;*1'i,;_,_.>_,__:a
1. i*. .ii
.i:.-i .-
■'.."»;•','.. A.ifi.Aj
'. "-'I   -•', '...j''H:--i
r, 1 *
jo,1.1   !;:
> _**,:.*ij   -.,*i
.i'-tt\y t y  ;*,■?
1*'J      I  .
{ j    .*   (||.""> * I   .•-."
:*. .11; i.'.i/'i ,|t
!   •'■*,      '*•!   u 11
','*;**';.,J)rc    ;^f[ '. ». , -.n,.*:  _    ,;._      i'    ',;,*..•',"''";    "A' "*•,.'■'■"■      -    .Wit-a \t:%!, <\y.-i,i-,*
\Hk:.}   ..4,..,     Jj.f.,.
'i-,-''  '"' .'i'-iy \-tr.
(-.   -, HI    .*,,    j,. ;   (J,'        tjs,;
(.1 ' s *     '        N "        V
*; ','f ,'A.Ji   vol
" i.f;.
■ '*' -1  I'
1  •,»;■ vt;, '.-!')dT     *4.'!;i,n-i. ..;"•',A-t'- i.u jtivlf im',) iai xitiuitj'i. li.C) '! y.-:. i^--.y,s   .t;th\r. .i*s    .li;. jt ;*-:•!   ;.',•• .A , •
1 'HIV--. ..'...I;   .-/7..njA- *..;•, "'-* iie ^ivib'?x*.v I^-ro?. _;ifi; >  *Jp''ii*i*il:i*k.ii**,-;i'*'v*     ,A-*_ :<*.•;.  ^.''..'iV-,''j J*';
,.,,,„;, gust ask him how he is,mite$P$   ,;:, ,..; ::,:,::,-,,;,;,!,-
,->fi*r<   ;;,;._ *j A;:.§ ; *.'    j c-*JU,f'.,. „,.., ;„,, "Jyi;,'i ;i.i ' Mil- -j*',',:[.,. vrv .*,  yivy'-"' yj.ih'i •
I..,',', hi.*, ',;.'„'.'..''"   .jl 7.9 -.->, j ^'),Ci-i\''-.*'- ..,.'....'.. i,.K.. ,,...,., ,--;,'•'■-'; * '    ,'!.-."  <"!: ";'CfV,- -*7 !:; %'..'vL' A ,'.1'-.'• ''
v-idi    i-." if */   -,'i-*-*t 11;       i/^li/y^..-^, ■■'•■<_S__^-_fc-_^-_Jt-_i_«_'iJr-' a'.1'! fl_r'-*___■'_». *^a»*■'_«-^L__ .ir.'i,'.'. .3*
'•i'iill/ r    . .    *  _
J   -1-"1-'(A-'i.J-'-iiC.'.'IVil
iwvi, tyS'-a•.••..   ,-...,;.--,
»'* * Jt"'.; st mh" ;4»k«u
!'-1.(1 J   ViN'*iB-<^(i|.
pWi-Vio ;Ai(B ii-;.-
,   },,',:i*Aiy S;.V'»'s-Ht''U
•'-' ISWttI >M   vfW'urL'jB'*.--,,-
i-i '«ifi i. . • *.       " ra-'- ■*
:<-'u,i *|;*,*„., ..",-j ,g s,„; ^|
;iJ''ld *. .^j;.,, -,V; */.'-*ii
«i 'I'-j! J.*.' Vt;,'w-> V,i
.:od ^ ,-iri   ^c,j0 'y,.
yii-y -'iivjs (l;.;*j,i**-;
• ,-U [\*<'ru*„' ""'*.;,;
,V«''>,'    !,      1)1(4 (..'
yyi'^i'^rf  \o
' .".''J. i."i)-e!.:.a *j.!j_i•,--.,.
A'-.'t   „->(!. JSi;*   j.)  i-o
* a'iM.-'./Ji'
■i ',i.t,;' ■-, ,n 1   iii-."*. - ».,;>. hi mi'
, -- -" ^   - 4, a
,'.;*l -vis »*'■",..] j. 1 (-■   :*• -;.A
l/pi-j 'i Ij
li        >'IHIil*,'l
l'l  '•■.'.)  . -  . J.'l
'll l-t
'<   11 H____ft__m_«B**^->-g^
.'I,      .'l' *! I     'll'j   lt',
if,-J),'r !n':*-jrii-f;  *ifJi,* ;:t!.*'i'.* i   >'r
r- * - W*-
.-i ".''u, jV'.-'-J*-   i,'i?»A'."-/.  -   -. >,
* 4*,     1    ,i,rrii,:■■'• ■■■. tn •''yfynt 1.: ., .
.*/;'!     ]*!;   i,:.,-,' n;r,";;.f;ri' *. i'.  \,!'-'3A;ir
'-   ;      • rbi-r-.inri   i,   .:   ;-, ;;(b
".if    vj.(-.*',-    ^'. ;;/,, As.*,',._. 1,,**
* .» - •  , J
-nun   i<'.'H-.[ 1,:
/{    'IVI J..*".,ill Ml,:
;ii.i!i*h,(i,t-J'"iv 'Mi.iA,'
hiAUti |.n, -v.|.
■ '...;*...«.'■*
\Mu yfy
.v r.i..;:u;,'!'i.\'.-^-*J-!-'.'j-j'
., :Ayyi v.-
- - * ,1       r t       ?' -^L >
-t.*;*'.-v...; 1. 7v<;-fA,'! ii
;-i'.. urn
•v*';j,;   /.A
•j!'1  1
. -fi •  A
'A .**
--*-• (i,'\'-'i."';;'."f-,"; 1.
;i'ij If.' _*-i) 1 r!;-.;'
'■:> *,'?'■• !."".'-!•■* 1,;
,:  iAaApr j/M'i'--?.;:.
" n   -;'•.*;{ i*-.-/- ,-,-!.i AA
J>* '-S'l-) •
1 'ji* -*- &' '1. *i.
■■«■ •','*''';" h-.-i.t:,'ifH''»|  it
'-m.«!.-..IV.) **,.,( 7.B^i*,*jj
, I..i.;„*.- v..',/   i'U)-i"<j,/   -,J,|.v.(i -«'"j  «.' \tA.\-"~   ...iVj.'Ut:   'i/.;.*j>f'.v5;
?1"1'  fi/'/7 OST-A*
..'-,(|     '-I' i'i*;   fii j
.'■ i n        - fl -■* V
'I'' ,*--!*iii>/i,-j/I; 1.!{»!•'■'S'i; v
"   ',   ."'oi'l il(i       •!,|'iii,'l
1   !   I
t,A io..    i,i''.'.> f-.il,,' j''1't'i'If'J;: .--; -. - '■:>,<:ijU:i'rpif.y,y}, iV-lay
"'.■.fy'y'f ;;..:< T'-i-y'Mixu,•:
."   -.'*,    "--. .-,        '. ..    7    * ,   «={
"   s ■      . uY-AnAyr-.i-YiA-y-  'io,, ■-'    * ,*> "A< .   , , '„,.,' ;a.}' »■ l'J':,.'^v',
,-,.,,       ,        *      •-,,;*'*.* , - *'   " A     ■ *» t.''." ,,f'* '*'''''   '"•'''• '*'i
''' OA  |4).Mii'{i. M.***iii*i'i '.i'     -i ■■•''.   •.-.-. -1;   '1 1st
•'.-'i-i ■ __i_
COAi;"' KAMINW. A .WKXACK. -Ta. i;,ovcrnn,e.,t -l--y ;H,.'h.gl..(-ha,u    ,upcm .^        ^ .,
--       '=   JH-  .-i'ir Willrid ;iAU..'ier„tl,aii the cerlainly        j UU L K h il
. •■ 1. . ,■   ...   r..«    V     •._,,,     'lint private properly,;   .in, the supply   _   I • I.U- ■■■■li-M.
All Wuor   lo tt. 1,' Bftnlen   torsiff-   ., „„ ,      • ,. ',, ■   '■   ■.', • •> la,)tir'iia-s
AUWuor;iolt. J.:nor,,cn io. -,,lr )f ^ aml vhc ^p[^-naboi'Miiis
■jesting,,,thai Uie safety of. a country ,li(1 Us ..j,*^ j,ft^'.. V^iifi. tiie \ ^vic^
is a law, of .greater, yulidity Jtjmu, •■■!1l;:,.i.ii|is of.fji.e^.fnuiiii^jn, Ihcj'proviiice of
'stntutcH.\t'lik1ii.|4iiarautc<*s utircstvictt-il j..-.y.sIiiitflic).v(iH,   ,, ;,   ,,„,...,;.,, .,,. ., iA
.statutes.which'.guarantees unrestricted J.,,.^.skiiti'liuwnn
jirivatJs' owitcrstiip • ot* cckil. ile-fiositH-i >
Sir M'illrid Liiurier Was .ill'bllt Imv-
lilicd,'liy Mr. llcinlcii's hint to'the cf*,'«:
feet I'linl'(he government should > lay   "
"a high'''hanil on private' propertyY iu
: ,,IIus ,,i',ivi)ipftion .n'o 'ir.he'reiit 'power
10 .proUcL, ilf-..,cliil4i'1eii     iigaiii'i.t ''the
f   ■  '. '   ■■  ■    ,■ -.'ll   !     ,',,' • 'ii....'    1
iriv.ite 1 ownership, .91 r, a, coal supjilj;
lhat operates,in,siie|j, 11 .way us, lode'-,
.slr.iy the ljfe iiud, comfort whicli 'Unit
;-,,.,, supply ,w'js,  meajil.to _ prcjierve.' '"
coal deposit;.' *      '      ' ' >y\m ci'vi'li/riii'oii' must "i'ii* ns'big 'a
Caliii'da is' assuredly   the   only Kng*' ^.-.^ n/^r'*^|irJrt! i.nuvW'H Ubtit-
lish-spenklng'nation and" perhaps   ilu"|.x],m      ■'■' '■ -   :.'.i   '• •,-■■<■- ..*.■
()iily"clvili/.cd country in'the world, Thc 1T,--'{'('m;..y ■•jj^Viier who ofters
hlcssWl Willi n pn-miei' wliocould K*"*-'' ;er;ni(>iiil.ii 'linvlliiJfi'1' to' 'jiWi>lo'-' wild
we.ikV'shnllow nonsense in 'the pres-' ^j,,,-. j.^ij-. ritfl,ts', 'cU'rlenllstli In-oil-'
once of 11 great public calamity.' iicalioiCto':people*'wl>rrwant freedom,'
The interests thnt own the conl and   .I)ltj hoiiiilic^t nii'tiic -'bcniitles' of iiurc-
Ihc jtitercHlH 'that owii ihe labor mv' :«ui*ict'o(l 'ownership Iff -people who want
vlrlrtsllly1 llie only   son rec of- Snslmt-' coal, would    not '-'sln'iid tho-slightesl,
cliewnu'H luel supply, begun a'ijuiivi-fl"cluiiico'uT"liL'liijr rccogiii/i'il'nH'U I.tlwr.-:
nnd have kept it up for inontlis. alinrtny    crnmtry but'Cnimdii-r-'J'o-
The visult   Is' tlmt llu-re  is no-;iuel    roiito Ti'U'gmnV.'*•• ■"■"• ■■.■   ■ •■-■■
Mipl'ly" 'i'ii "■Saskiitch'cwini.'    Aliendy   '"           '■'   «'■—»*—*0 *   "'•*' ',    .■..'   .-
there'is Mlllfring uml death iiiny soiiii1''         '■'                  ;    A, i :,,   ,■;,.-
collie'' iipoii the'people expoised-to llit*j Mitianl's'l.hiiiuent'Co.', Uiniled
colil:i)f a prairie winter, -"'■- '  ■-•-■•-'«»-■'■	
'I'll 0 '11 w fil I possibility of-having   llie.
'11     ',., '.'      ,11  "   1   •
*  Of LA6R1PPE
f'ii'iitli'iiicJi,~I(ii'Hi'• winter r received
great lii-iii'lil from Hie line of MIS'-
A'WD'S MSIMKNT-ln n sevfre fittacli
cf I,u' Ofippc, iiml I have '(rcipicntly
'proved it. tube very/ ellcctivo ill cusi'M
■of Iiillniiiiniillon.     '• ' ■    '■    ■■' '
I'        Yours, "'' ■ 1 ■   .-  .' ■ .-;
' • ' '    V, A. HUTCHINSON.,,
'- 1 ■ '   ■—— .—-~—.—.—~-——mtmmmr.im—i      ■rtmmmmmmm .... \,
•,  ■■ a '"'to
S^'SftCh.jt"llfiCre_g^p. _ All you  have to':<^
'1   -I.   T'.C.-,'. ,**.■, :'.•■/'*  ;).",!   I,-,'/} •!:;,',,,.,' t\;t      bil-j ■ *   •
Bank   of   -H&tmii
II1  ,'il-.;.'•/ ,<$! -.•',-/
'I ',!'. 1, I ..',1*,'* '■
Quebec Man teilt how the Great Con*'
wmjjtlve Preventative was     |
,,'   Oil ttii*fOUllli StlieHl |, J rivnu- (,wiiu-.*,in|> ii,!*. mr m.ne suli
lis;     ..I-       kllksl'i\,: I'.isOniA  l.i   ;i|-,ijI.IJ'l
Iiiiiii the policy  wliicli divides the ■ inhabitant. <.f a city into rlsi'.**...
To tlni pr(i|ii-rl'}"'(i\viiiiig' clans prlv-
11 t'i' owni'.v.'dilp Riiym
There is nothing from a hatchet
io .split: llie kindling wood to the
-complete outfit Tor   aii LXploritig
Mixpcdilion whicli we do 'not'siipr
,, ply ^ at a reasonable price.     r " '
Hardware, Harness & Saddles
!    "■ '       ■ . ■      .    .     ;."!,■ :*,'. 1
; Miners,: Prospectors Supplies.
,l.'.-|''..     -.!<.■"       ,'. . j-'-.'l,        •
: -Drygoods, C.rocericfi, l?arm,It«-.
■ .Ulcmwils *.* nnd,,Machinery, (rom
iStcni.W.indiiig Mouse,, '.Traps' to
;CytflQ«a j-Unclani, ,,I«rt|«n,' Curios,
i-SonwuliH -ol Koosyille,' iiiiH'.l'JIko,1
■"liuw J'liiN '-iiitd l'M'Hli 'rrpililcft'frbm'
Tobacco Plains :<
;ishlppcd fm    order 'from   Kiko to
; uny iitj-'t cant or west.,
-. *     ■   '     ' • '      '  • "< •      <i|     tt i      11
fii ini''ot deri. to Kiko."
r . .     , s.        t I
, lllu . Qatiie ., Hi'.ulot-N outfitted
•with Huii|illeH, jWk iU0".."' i?"A
-t.uidea.   ,
M ^db,,:%ith',,a'-"-!Sjlvings'«->Accou,nt is to.^start ,i,t .and., ^
tl !keeR.r,it ' goi'rtg—then'"' watch it , grow.,, Doesn't,,^
Xx, 'tak^' long" for it to count! up to a considerable „^t
W Jambunt-^theri yon, 'see'llie  advantage—the wis-   a>
stf     .      -        r '    ' ' '    _ '. "•■> . . ;\ i'i / ,'i -,     ',/. 1 ',',,,' ';.;i'( ,i   •,, , \ ■?.
I v<;dom .of., saying. ,.,. ,.■ ..„_.,■      ■ \   to
|SllB^';tf Home Bank of Canada |
-   Capital 1
i  1   'I •/  ,-i!i ! :
lid   ',."','. •   '„",il
Reserve | 2-I500-,
total Assets
$2,5<50.00©™:Y ' ^Y%1:'
rww^^ii,",! ,llo.,    ,,,• (X.,.,,
— i    '"""r_i'__'_ir _»__-_i   vil'Ji'ii.1'''1'!   ''*!  *^lli'i
■'■'.Ower $3O>OO0,OOj(b',',. ,,,,■
;).'_ lm <i
ii'j.;.ii   1   11
(hyy y
-ft *»...   ''
'.' "■  ' ■ " ;' ••■ ■ ''■• •   "■■"i-::■'■,■,■( i.r.ui: ;.r,'",i n.,,,.,*,;*,-.
Si '  ' '-'OnftDollnr l8K9llleltsiJtitO'nn<iti'ii«,inl<,'mint|.,,Iijr,,^,.,.
,    •■ !*i ;'--;'. turoet pald-aoi4l ni»un*l.My(4.it** cuvr/.iit.rufy/.", Tho"X ''"
.  ■' bant foellltlt'ant'e.off.erwl.to out q'( loiviiili'i i)'M(f)i"j'<fc(*-''
J., fi, .MARSHAfLL, Mffr'ft
Pcrnlie:  Branch*
" Mr-wtf* took La Orlppo whon iho wm
1nOlUw*,','»ay» R, N. Vsfes of Nflrthlleld
I'urra, Que,, In an Interview. "Shy jrot *
Imttl* oT rnyahln- and alW iMln-f It for a
f..w (tnv« *tin wit tjnltn well. I took a cold
•nd am unlnr Jl and am pettinjy all tighx.
I thl'ik Piyclilne U on* of Um bent tonics
on lido market today." U. ■■ ,
Tbera you hav«i the whole mailer In a
y•■■*>-rn- ■;■ :i 't"u!l* • 11
i., .1
Fpr the Young Fblk
For  the   Old   Folks
jh '  j- 1,  * 11 ',1
1 "    .(! ■
■a.,''—j. ■___'_. - -i ■" -J
nulihell.   U Crlpfo and cohU are omonj
"i. faroroiiiMire of conwmpllon.
TbUroaahiui one, hii wife hail the oilier.
j-.i-V-Ui*  j»ro*iM**rty for tin* n'vorn'llim' of
'jj.nldii- ImuclilHi's -.tlie..l>roiH;rty ow'nevii
Jtiill \ve alUnati-il fr«m the movemout.
''I'lie ny  Unit Himi*-'  people" (iru pny;
  Vltirr hiidi .*.*ir Inrcs lii ofder    ti»    give
'Why. M.o.ilil     you *i.o.W'   ynuv j   ' k> ft ]m, l0< r(Uc   win  ,,e
liiii|ii-rly tn Iuiv u'Hircft r.nlwny RVii-f '
The Palace Drug Store
M. -V McLean, Mgr.
RUBBERS ,@yp()l.
'i'i ■-;;,,'.   'Hu:
•»'t   ,. i.i.i,, (..
..*'i"i"J..i.    .;i'  [i.y.Y ..,,.»,. 1
V'Uil, >di
^.r, ;„■-,,
'•"-^Aiu Jl '■•
.... !„*,
11 j I, I
1 ,1
^.^..^^^jij^ii Y
I'ii,'' I..-..I,- .'(The ShQCcimlici4,
»«w**M_.»._4U»Jj___™^_#,_._„.^4v.',4<4^.^r .JM„    ^^^^-^pM^ |p,»-
' ,      .    ' I
iW^.i'-.-llm*f*.*ir*tf1"**""*y -J
>•'■'/   l!      '(Iv.l,
, h,! /-.I,
;; HAY
For Sale!
-pacific rvY
luu tA curry people:ni c.isti nr Iwm?"
• 'l'u tlic Ti'it'i 'puy^iiji'flns-i prlvut*
oivii(.-r.'i|iI|). r,nj'M
"Kvi-rj't   time yoii   buy a car llrki't
y.ni nir. iu'ij.iiij* I.,  jiay t.ii-vs nu   tin*
propM-tv * eii   people     Mliv   vnit't
V(iL v.it cur rides nt rnst- nnd Jet rv-
i:ryV-»*tv ]>«>■ llieir <iwu taws?" '*'
,T)u* li^irul rilcct nl tliix Mylc <>( nr-
l^ittn* nt ii tf> illipcrw n nnily oV nt««
iimviit Mini iiiU'iisl  in Inivor   «il ■i-iili
Piychliia not only cured both but it built
. llicm up eo that their bodien ere utrong
rnmiRh to resUt dlieaw.   All leedn- ol
i-iu-umplluii are killed by
1   , (Pr,m*mitj,t *,tln*n) .
• ■m.--.'. _■ r     Y-tbi'-ti'. nt titutnti        •'''''•'"' \    : hlu,i,siJveiu«U» liow tlib^pl'-JfiUn-;
Kfll>      BJiOlVli   HI ft'H* 8_%      H .M'ity inun.it-jironlnHn prlwli* L.uhHu'   ownership txre to *J»' «Ilvl.1edj
ullOl   6   01 ' ' BjU T_Xl6-!"u'1'r'     u""ld J,r<t,lt >,y,thc'Mse   ?•*" j nml there will ntver ho ■«iiy:i|iroli-.n *U{
Ur».r *A,** tl .„. tl-st, 0*uSt(*U*\ ' ^^    ™9 ""J*0,,n0VM,,aBt" **" '?
tt T,  A. SIOCUW, UuiIU-. TcJWrfa, JViimnVa Mniimnt Core* iMMiiit^r.   £»MM.-1»n*l» Telegram.    „,,
iiiiswered by Hie try llml oilier people nre payliifr Iiljlli .tuxvi* I" "Tiler to
jjlvo other people tlwap -tnr fares*   ,
l»ul*yie '"owiit-mhip is the /ritml    ol
nil.,.  '        '" ;   " ■;
A l.iw Vnre:'taV Is die friend iif (.»'.
Su nu'tVii'-e is 'peipitfiitHl il a l«lr
•dint, of the profits .if'pulilie owner-,
xhip in upplicfl Mwnril flic rcilMtbm
of tnxes wliicli muslin* paid by '•'!'•,;
IJivlde the citi'-'rrm IritV* cUi<m**jj  »>ml
Don't Hav. Any More Spoiled Dinners!
.... i.n.
• »-""-•»  rr- '.— .•• ....—. •--,/"'"**r>, ■*■■•"   ..-..    ............        .-.,...    .....
nors will-always be a suqeoss it you.tfct the hcs,t aiul the
place to get tlse best, is
iM,-! -..i
The Dominion Meat Co,, limited;; Fernie Branch
 '"' "''■ .!'.-'  V.  Jiri  r*n  in if .,-1  •,,,
A No. 1 Upland Prairie
Hay for sale at $7.50, per
ton.F. O.B. Caylay, Alta.
Chas. I-I. Howaiu.,
Caylay, Alta.
TO —.
!.,*'l   I     * I
!i<: owiurship into u filed hcWeeiritwul ti|r( ■■ |J)(i. ()nMW,.jjwn*r'n.-ti|lw„i;,Hiioiije
il.'i"v: nt eitt/fii*i"        .'■■-■   --
A liote! tliat fumi-dica ifHlet. fom-
morlioito •ccommdiMtloii for itupa-
iron.1, is a iuiirc-e of'pltMW* to the
U*vett(ii,i'jiiiMfe.,,f.nt*h■■«'■'«• '' ■■■-
Ki-i lWw*fd Ifottl, of Vcrnie, cor-
*;T opjio-ilti post ofllce,
Minnrit'i Linituent Cure* riiHtemper.
Tleltt* on »ale daily,; NOV.-94 (o
DKC. .11, fiielui.lve, Rood -to''return
within three inoiitliJi.    ■■•■■'
FjuHHt equipment, includinj; stuml*
uitl ftrnl-CluM SlupiiiK und YuUtt.it
C«r.i on nil tlirough ttains.'f-. •■,....
two riiiiouaii kxpukhs i*tt\iN»
Apply tft neafrtt C'V. tty. ogmt fof
full infurtnatioH.    ...-   , j
nr-.j i',t "1 .! •■ ...i *,<,.../
mas Eve/ at the tent-
, ltiu&t havei: a ^iftV. ;\,
Ji*uiV» ScveriVj .'.(u'eniratVilolel.". IViii|d,
.. *       .. j     .        *       *   .    .    ,
**♦        *.*'J
.-*-  -  ~~ Jmm ~~ '''    ' '' '   -       '" " ~   •"'I1' -~"''"    "   '"     '   '*   "'   'r"fj Tl"     'l'l      '3' A fl^*^.^.!;jBR!J_u^_rae_..^t«U.'i| VJU^1IR_|i1PI9|l1IHHI||B_PH
PC" A* ! '7    !*•   p
(Continued   from Page'a of the Ledger)
surancc at 15 per cent, of the "premium is in some centres frequently ol).
tained. For purposes of advertisement, 'men'of loeal prominence are
induced to,accept $100,000 policies for
the price of $30,060 policies. Schemes
whereby policy holders taking such
policies secure a perpetual interest in
sill business written, in-their district
thereafter have been actively transferred. Contracts have been made wilh
agents stipulating for as high* a commission as 9 per,cent, of the first and
10 per cent, of subsequent premiums.
I'icnics in summer and turkey ut
Christmas are not unknown. Such
excesses are responsible for the high
cost of the business to tlie companies
and loss to policy holders are detvi-'
mental lo the interests of all parties,
and should be prohibited.
The  rates charged by  life insurance
companies on     all plans of insurance'
should be first     approved    of by  tlio
'superintendent of insurance.
Subject to the safeguards hereinafter suggested being allowed, your memorialists see no objection tn the
amendments lo the present .code re-
iiiiiuiieiuleil liy the I,ife Managers' As-
NDciution, provided, however, lhat rec
striclious shall be made us lo the
proportion to be invested'in any ono
class of securities. *
Your memorialisi-; suggest that for
the better scctirilv of policy holders,
•and as a safeguard against iiiinutlior-'
■ i/.ed      investments,     all,     mortgages,
• bonds, debentures and other securities
should be 'deposited in the custody of,
the superintendent of insurnuc:*, to-,
gelliei- with schedules showing the
conditions in full under which such in
vestments have been made. All invest
nients should be taken in the name of,
lhe company.
ln any event, full reports of all in-
vestuunts, conditions attaching thereto and dales of purchase aud sale
si onld be sent to' the superintendent
of insurance, at least once a month,
and such returns should be published
regularly  '11   llie  ollicial gazette.
Policy holders should be represented
011 every board and on all  investment
o -
and linance con miltees. >
Siicli representatives should be elected by the policy -holders, and should
not lie shareholders.
Proxies should not be allowed, either for shareholders or policyholders,
and all0 existing proxies should lie
cancelled by  legislation.      Proper and
 J.iliii.'lv_iioticu_of_aU_iiieetiiigs should,
be given. No business should be
transacted unless on the ajfenda calling llie meeting, and shareholders nml
policy holders alike should have the
right - to vote by registered mail.
Complete lists of policy holders
should be furnished lo the- superin-
U-iideii.'of insurance and be uecessable
at all      limes   to any   policy   holder.
- .,   Vour  memorialists  respectfully urge
■ the adoption of laws similar to tliose
rccoiii'iueiide'd by lhe Armstrong commission governing tlie* election of officers,
Profits—All policies should parlici-
jate in the ., profits earned by the
company, and there should lie no discrimination between one class and an-
■ other.
Companies  presently  writing    liusi-
.ness of non-participating flails should
lie compelled to curry each class as a
sii'pnrate brunch,
Deferred dividend policies should be
prohibited nnd Ooinpnjiies .should hi-
compelled to make 1111 iiiiiiiiaf. distri-
bulion, nnd so become directly liable
to their policy holders. A stuU'iiieiil
of profit and loss, showing the basis
• ii] 011 whicli it.' is based, nud how the
distribution has been Hindi.' tip, should
lm furnished nud approved by llu*
siipi'i'inli'iiik'iit of iiisuriin.'e before,
such distributions livcomu effective.
Dividends to ' Shareholders—These
should be rest rioted to nn equitable
return on the nmoiiiil of capital aoni-
nllv Invested for the establishment of
thi i-onipuuv. In nn ens.' should the
■■ross iimmml exceed 10 per conl. of
iho net profits of the compnny. The
i-,*,iii' of bonus stock should be prohibited.
Tin* linliillty of nu limni-niice compnny under its rontruci should lio Ae-
t.'i-iiiliied by the snporinioiidi'iit of in-
HiiiMiid', who .should bo the solo iirlii-
tir. It Is .1 In nli-hlp thnt poor bom-
li.-iniii's sl'imld I'l'i'MliT lo rosiii'l lo
v\\ onsivo legal prou-ss to detennim'
their righlk under policies. In some
hisluiu-v*. i-wii "friendly" suiti hnve
iiliMdliKiI I'.iHo liltlis of the total
litiioiiiii of iiisuiniici'. It is dosirnlilo
tlmt siuh ilUpnli's should lie sot I led
cxpodlliotihly mid wilh lho U'li'.l pos-
Hililu I'vpenii'.
CiuiviiKsing for nppllcntions on estimates hIiiiii-h hf ptiiliiliiii'd. 11 n.i**
lA'un shuwii ifi.it iJic iigui--^ »iii.ii«.*l !o
roinpniiios aro extravagant, and have
not lin-ii l-ornc out by actiiiil roiil!*,
In any event, i-oinpnnies should nut
le nllnwtd to uso esllmulos unless
tlii.se lmve l.rcn lir.st <ip|ii'ove.l by the
Mipirliitoiulciil of InmiraiU'c, Whore
iiso.l, I'Nlimiiti'S sliould l.e printo.l mi
tlio lii.k of ciicli polioy.
Kvory ruinpany hIioiiIiI ho coinpollcil
ivery nosne .wus
This Mew and ' I_nporS;Br_§: Discovery.
ANCIENT Greece will always be remembered for the f in2 types of
manhood supplied by thc hero. so.   he.  battl-ftehla end lhc
,1^,,,;,     athletes of har arenas, but still more wtH these hcrces end athlete.
I'Rli'1.'!-  .themselves be remembered for thc custom they bequeathed to'
ki-rti'ii-im. !    later,ages of Irrali g sore ahd injured pfaces on their bedies by
the external application of s-otr.e secret balm cr sa'.v.   Th_
'' ty ...i^^^Z^i~.0i£i^i--
'" i**.-~ 1   ~~.      t_ '!". is
^®wZ M%
Greek charioteers did not emerge from'their mad races without some severe brui.e or.gaping: vvouf:d; and lo anoiiit
each injury carefully  with  their  favcrite  balm  waa   an
I indispensable part of the day's pro-■ran!':*.'-.. The old Roman
II heroes, tco, who were injured Ly the wild beast, in the
now ruined Colosseum of Rome, !iaej  to   adopt  simiLr
met hods of healing.. If we Ir.wA back in hisl-ry we
find lhat this external "rubbing" hns p.-eva la! right
from the e.rl.cst times, Gn'J the oi*.ly explanation of its .utvival, amidst so
many changes in scic-cc sernt-; to lie i>*i the lact thnt thc eate n.i u e of
salves ar.cf halms is dictated to us by .. lturc tx*(.c!f. Our own *'n 1 net
Ms us to rub a part lhat horts; rn:l i 1 Zt-,ni-!.ii!i Hi? ideal .ubstanc*** io
apply tn ah injured or diseased sin-Luc is jnivcrsd ly bdieved to li.ve. been
r*4iW/^£_'|S foun,J <*■ last* il is ° ivoll-lcnowii t ict l!i:*t r.rctcraliuiis, smli ;.s
§§ IJtfiitxia Hi' ointir.cnts, creams, salves, liniments, and - mbrocations have hitherto been
 * "'  imperfect in their rc'ioi:, and, moreover,'. icy Ircqucnily tonlain qiianlit ca
ol rancid animal fet and mineral p-odncl i of a harmful natiiic. ' A sim le
yet novel thecry provided a wzy out of tin difficulty. Ins was tliat Nature,
having given t<» man the instinct to rub, might wcli be supposed to have
secreted somewhere ihe proper substaiccs to r.b svi:r.. -Search
amongst irudicina! hcrb.il essence, s icwid Iuw soir.c of them
possessed hening, soothing and antiseptic propirlie; of a wonderful
cider. Mr.ny c'.-i.r.iTcr.'s were m;dc wilh mixtures or blcndings 01 th.ic ji-.i-is, end Zam-Buk, a
comlir.clici! wi.h i s'onishing powers ns £-.hca'er end anliccptic, was secured 1 his is lhc sreal healer which is to-day
grccrally tci;cidtd as n household necessity for shin-sicknesses anii iiijurici in hame, la lo.-y, fi Id, or workshop.
Zcm-Biik as'a 'kir-rura end antiseptic hca'crcan be confidently reconunznded as well fo* its s. ncral efficacy as for
its v.hoiesr.men-'ss its purity end power. The proprietors have sucli implicit conlidencc in Zam-Buk that ihey wi.l
send cr.y reae'er a Scn:plc V.cx free whe tends in the coupon below, accor_ing !0 ins'.ructions.
WhiLt Zfirk-Buk
tiouid be tscd for.
Ziun-ihik lii'iil-iriiul cii-.'osciils. bruise-, limns, se.il.ls
snraiiin, i-li iu-i'. wi-silc uiiUIch. swullcii jmnis. Iuul l.-,'->
i.liml mul bleeiliiiK )iiles, liniiiiiiK sore*", oi-xi'iiiiv, uleprs.
iiimulcs, hulls, ra-li. ruw elm. lied lnvnil". ki-:\I|i iri-itutioii.
'•oro lioiuN, bill-In".-'.- i-.-fsli. ruw chi" <ifliM--*.|i.iviiiiJ-. sore
tin-out. uml olicst, cliilblaii:**. I'lilrt-poi-e-5. I siei-iiiu' sin-us.
- .,ois noil wounils nml otliurilis ii.t-d. lium*.*' nm iiilli.iii'il
oi-ii-riliuoil comlilionsof thu.lou. Uiil'li '1 well ini<;t!io
ivu-t-i uir.-t-.l, '/imi} UnU kJvcb (,'reiil i-oliot ri-om nun*siiRiij..
ootlnclii', s_i:it*.-_ 1. liimbir.'O, liicntiinl 1-111. oliost and Jin; K
iinin* nml i-olils- A lmx may bo oblmiicd ot any ilriiKan-l
iitouis. n«i" ii" (li Jioxes for SiSO).
Agents for ■*
Tiio OiUgary Murblo and Granite Works
The Koctonay Murble Works, Nelson.
Samples enn be seen nt the office.
Officii. Phone 41        Residence 76
Partors in Lundy's Block
TBie Elk LumBser Co.,
Bimension^ Fiaoring^ Siding^
Finishing Lumber and
Mouiejings* ,
All our stock is last years cut and well seasoned.
vision will guard the business against
exploitation   hy   adventurers, and   nt
jl.n silllle^t-i 1110= i.r,.\ij.1r*,—;. _*-ni I .r.l.l.*_
•ruar.inli'c for the,.due fullilinenl of all
obligations and the bona (ides.of the
The'capital of an insurance eoiu-
j'iiny sliiiuld not he inereased miles.;
with the consent of the majority of
its policy holders. .   ,
-'"iHurc" cii'ictiiionls should provide
for ihe retiriiiieiit of slock, and for
tliu 111:1 ii.tL-naiiee of any. slock coinpany, sliould a majority of its policy holders decide for such' r'ctireiueiiL
of st'ick ut a duly convened meelinj;.
Any conlraet which jirovidi's for n
coiiiiiiission or bonus on [iituru busi-
ni'ss should 'he ikvkuvd illegal, and no
coiitnu't sliould be iiiude with any officer for a peril nl longer lliiut three
yours. Kxislinji contracts for n longer period should bo terminated by
legislation. -I'eiision.s to oIliciTs i.iid
oilier eiiiploices out of llij.' funds ol
the i-oii'pany si 1 iiid he proliibil.'d.
All .salaries ol managers and other;-.
('IliaTK of eoiiipiinii'.s slumld be lixi'd
by (lie iliivctiirs, ■  ,
The diiiies and powers of the,.superintendent of insurance sliould be clearly defined, He should have the ri'*hl
tn (U-niiiud such information as lie
mny consider necessary, nnd sliould
■ 0 111 tilled lo employ such assistance
hu mny sai fit, lie slioii,d have po\e
er to lulie I'ViiUme 011 oath,
A ili-paitmciit of state insurance
.should lie esltililished under llie jurisdiction of llu- iiiiiiislci- vi liiiniici'.
The niimiiil ivpurt should lie sv't
fiirlli in greater detail mid should be
published in the public press of the
city ill whicli the heiiil ollice of the
i'oinp.'iiy is Hiliiuli'il, ns well ns in
llie giivi'i-iiineiil bliii' bonks* A copy
of such reports should liu mailed to
inch policy holder,
'Ihi' linoki, of nil I'oiiipuiiii'N slu .'ill il
li.1 nmlllcil iiiiiiiinlly by Iwo duty
i|ii:ililiril (h,iri.*i-.d u.v<.iiiiiaiui, win.
hllillllll l'l' lipi-dillllil by the MlplTill-
i.tiili'iii     nf iii-iii-nuri' fi'i.ni vi-iir     In
All pul lies   sij-riiii.' rcpmls iv(|iiirril
by fiillli'e eliiiililii'iilN shmihl  l.e    lii'hl
I.imil Xo. i", ih.nce So chains south,
ili-.nce .So .h.iins west, -.lic-iite Se
ili-xins  norlli,   thiriicc  So  ihuii: - east,
lo place of coiuniencenitnt.
QcLoiicr  -'llli,' i-K>6.
Xo. 3.^-Comin-.uciiil};i at a jiost
planted c&j mile north' of I/iiuit Xo.
a. th.iiee So cluin.s so\uh, lhence So
rluiins west, thence 80 chains north,
ih.nee Ko eliu'as . east, to place of
October ^tk,  1906.
Hotel, Fernie
._, A_i_1 <r. f 1 u r 1 fi •_: 1 »_-.»*_-_<■_.
—\ m. m.— j r m V. *.%U»* IS V *\* Vl>IV'
for*iho traveller.
1-icoiiis    reserved
i>y wire.
T. WheEan^     RffiariageS'    j   Every Attention
The Best of Satisfaction:-
in Watch & Jetcelery Repairing
Paid-up Capital, $10,000^00 ^Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
B. E. WALKER, Gen.eal Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager
___J : $5_«nd_under.. ._._._■_.■.__■_,..     3 centa .__
No. '].—Coini'iicncins* at a post
I'llnu'ted at the north ensl corner of
Limit Xo, 3, th*.n.e. Ro chain.*- north,
ihance So cliains east, lh'.'U-:e So chains
..-outh,' thence Jlo chains west,, to pluct
of' ciiiumeiicuui'.ut.
G. II, G. H-iUT/rON.
Octoher  i\Xb,   l^m.
^. . , '■ "i
Ko. 5,—CoiiHiieiieiB,!; ut a. post
lilnnli'd at llio nortii west corner of
Limit Xo, .1, th.nce. So ihains north,
ih.nc*.' fo ihains west, tlunce So chains
,*o.ith, th.n.o So chains east, to place-
"of comiiicUceiiMiL.
"   G. II. G. UOUL'l'OM.
Octoher -lib,   I'K'.i.
No. fi.—CoiniiuMcinn at' n yoaX.
pliintid nt Uu north west corner ot
I.iniil Xo, 5, tlii'iice, So cli.vins north,
tlunce So cliaiHS west, thviien So
ck.iina i-oiith, ihenie So cluim east,
to jilniv of I'oiiiiiienei'iiunt.
g." 11. g. houltom:.
Octol.er Jth,   l.nfi.
No. 7,—-..oiuiiiinciii-,' nt a* post
jilaiiteil (inelialf mile east of ilr.1
Korth west coriier ot Limit No. fi.
tlunce So chiins norlli, theuce lo
chain.* west, tli,nee Ho chains south,
IhciKv So iln'm cust, to iilace 0.
G, II, tt. NOIM-TON.
Oetolicr ijih,  lynfi.
A A.
Over $5 and not excci dirig $10     6 cents
"    $10       " " $30  10 cents
"    $30       " " $50...:..  15 cen:a
Thcsc Order., are Payable at Par at 1 ny office in Canada of a Chattered Bank
(Yukon excepted), and at the principal banking* points in the United State*.
They form an excellent method of reriitting small sums of money with aaitt***
•nd at 1 mall cost.
FoT'iiio 1-rimcJi G. S.   Holt,   Mnnnger
liif the   llllill   nf   llieir (lei*
No, 1..—Ciiiiiiii'.iri»; nt 11 !"<'-*t
pliii'ml niii'hill miiu cast (-f th.'
nuilii wist ci-in.-f    (iJ.Limii No. 7,
ih.nc. So ill lii i 1101 til, ill tl.l! s.i
(Inills Wml, til til- !<<> »h.r'«' •••oilill,
til, live J-'o iln llli e.iM, to place ot
(V ]L G. HOVl.TON.
OctoLer iltli,   i'J"fi.
I Cen tralJfotel
James Souorn, - - - Propwfr
Well furnished rooms. The tabic is supplied with the bait )\
the market aflords. The liar in minplicd with tin beit wImi, h(
liipiors and cigars. ! ji
'%ASkrtl>+r*l%r%M*Ar%Vmr+A <t^%tf*V%^^%^*%*%^%%4» '
Make your wife happy by buying a Steel Kanye of J. I). Quail
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd
Brewers o ' Extra Fino
Laj^er Beei • and Aoratot!
Waters.  Ii ottlcd Goods
a Specialty.
So. »j.—Ciitiiiiiiiii'il.j'
•        1. u  ,..-i
,r    iii.
Satisf actSoro
or money  refunded
Not Iro is hiTcliy rIvi-ii tli.it f.od.ivs
Iter dale, I Inleiul to npply to lit..-
lien.   Chief  CommlKsioUei*  of    l.nuil-.
mid *ll'nrl;.s fur ,1 s|n.(i.'il li.1.*.!*.*: to nil
iini) rally nwny timl.er iii.in ilr* fi.l-
lawin^ djscrihid lmidi ,-.1111111111 011
tlio KooU'tuy llivci. Noilli H.im
Kootiii-iy Distriit.
to iini.lov ri nhily ijunlilii'd iicttmry I N'o. l .—Cotmuum :«i^ ut u 1'o*,t
■il    the    Imnl .iiiiiuiiii-u'l.»ii-*l <n th-* C.1.-.1 sM* ..( il>.  Ki> *i
nl    11
. ■■«
I in rill  vi-t   roltl'T   i.i   J.iiuil     Vo
ili.iici- Ko ih lint     n-irih,  th «.-■•
diiin< west, th.n.-.; So duins wmlh, |
III nre Ko iluilm     i*tt*il,  to lilitre    ol •
(-1,111111 .-IIC III'til, I
!',.  !!   (*.   Vnv 1 Tit*'      '
Octol.cr -Ith,   I'joo. j
H, 1 in ol iV of ('i.iiimi-iiii'iui'tti ' T imit      Vo    u>      liim**   fo    ili.iin
H" I G. IT. t). Iton.TnN.    '.-.i-iili. ih nn* t-'n diiiin .-ust,   tlinu
fJclolcr ^th,   n;nf),
|io'ni of coiitiiiiscriiirnt.
,T.   K,   11OVNT0S,
DiitMl nt lVinie, 11. C,, ihis 'J.ltd d.iy
of Oiloher,   |i-o<i. ■•"
who lias •liin.'.cil
tli lid  set liv tin* Riiolelies nl the   Ho*
iniiiioii, Citf.it   llrit.iin  or lhc   Vuit.-.l
No future dinner Oioiil-l le j:r.ml«il
to « runi-mriy until V> I'cr 0.11I. or
rol Ut,*. *h*n «l«»,'**« of it^ r.«*>lt:il
•.lorlr Im*. hfi*n d«*|in«.Urtl in rnili with
the Dominion  treasury.   Siuh a   pro*
Mliianl «   I.lniini-ni   Ctin-s <*.irj**-t
Cows. •
itiiy tivcr, nlxnii two mil■** noith
til ilu tioTih.'in tiutniii.iry m i.u* -J.vi*.
ih.n..' l'u 1I111:a 1 nuilli, ihiin..- .*-'..
(hains w.sl,  tlleiuv  Xn til iiu*   muMIi
ill B.e   iiO   lllUUll       CIMl,   ll»   |>l;|t'*4     i.f
o. ii. c r.oiii.roN'
(KittJ«r 41b.   I'M*.
N'o, 10.—t'omiiimcin-? at a juiit
-)l,*_ud (ii.* iiiih: west of th.* north
w-.-si coin-r ol Limit No- 0, ih.-iui. Ko
llllill,-   r.-iil,   til III','   Su   (ll.litli   'lOlllll,
th me    50 ilnim wc-t,    ihinu*    >>o
ihrti    *i.,ri|i   (o   j.l.n.    fiT   1..iiiiii. n.-i-
0. 11. t'r. non.Tos.
Octol-er .-ih,   xw,u.
No.   .1, -CollllliiluiBl,'     III
j.l.i,»l<d   jt   ih* i>t»uiha.it
Ntl. tt.—CoiniiiLjiiiB;,' at .% pmt
..LnUiI *l. thi uoritv wi.i *...ui 1 or
Limit No- 10, th.n.v Ku ihun*. wv.x,
ih nc- Ku ih.iin*. .'.uiith, iluirr.* s>>
»li).it: 'a*.*   ib B.<- -"i- .b*i»i**   ■i«'h.
N'o, r-.--0uiiinnii.in,; nv n no-it
tiLiiii'il ;ii ih» noilli «'M nin r df
Linn. Nu. Hi, th in.* Nu di. 1 11. v.'1'M,
lh._ «• .*■-» ihrin n.rili, ih.im- >'■>
.lliiii', msi, 1I1 ii.e ,'!o (hun> s(1mli,
to jilit..* i.i iiiinui.tuiin nt.
('.. ll. C.   C.OI'LTON.
Oi'lotir .',lh,   j'jn*f..
No. ii.—t'.iiiiiii* n.in;» -.it ;i \o.\
|i|:.»i ii .0 ih- nnih w.vi ..nti r 01
Limit No n>, tli n.e So ihj-n* n..»th,
th a .- •'• ili.-i'n- - i^t, iii ti*.* ■*-.-,
1 h.iins *-onih, lb,ni.* 80 chiins wctt,
tO   |ll.U l*   ol   (Ollllll. BiVlll. n 1,
0. ». <;. iiorijoN.
iK-i.tU-r /.th,   Ufj
• o 'hiins    t./iith.   th 11-e    .So ihiin-.
w.Nt, to |ilne- 01 (•uiiiiiii-ni'-.iiunt,
(». II, G. HOl'LTON*.
f. .1  1 if    .11, (
No   11.   I'limtii-n in;    ,-it    ,.
I.SaO'  A   At    ih     4,:;*b   V..S1   ,..«■
No.ii- is h'l**•.->" "i.'in lli.it Judayii
tt'l.i >I.i'.<* m- iililu) to i>'i|ily lo the
Hduiii'l.- Chi<:< Coiiiiir.ssiiiiiir ol
fi. iiA .ii'.l Jr , I. f'*r .. ■ iv. ill Id'ii**
to in' Hid i-it*. :i«.iy liinhcr liom
th. ;i.:'.,,.<. uy, 1! .- ni4.1I l.mJ, in K_:t
Koot. n »y H':-*i »t.
C. mm-in in* :»'- ft I o-t I'Jatiti <1 on
th • w r.t lin- 01 loi iK.'S, nn-l nl.r.iit
%[', nol s moth ul ih* <ii.iitlmY«t <or*
n^i nl '-.'.A lot iVyS, iHdtUA -VM
l.w,u\.-.i CA u ,:r,fi .n *...mui yu.i,"
ih m.* ii.ir.iB_; »*.iiih h<i thiiin*, th.n.v
u'i|st     So   ilnin*.     thnrp    ni.Tth IV1
t',l    1.        *'•   fi      >Jk>    <*.   tll'B.   tn,     th-
TiiVu iMititL ib.i1  in «l.i>.*» aflir il.«t*
wi* in 1 iiul io njijilv lo tlu- Chi.l Cm
iiilssioB-n- n( Lunil-. nml  Woiks lor ii
spri-iul linn-..: 10 -.ut mul iiiirv ii\Vii\
iiml vi fnnii     th* lullwwiii}' d.'iril«l
Coiiiiiiiinin« at  .1 )kim jiliiiitul   ni
Hi; B.iiiAtti-'.i. twi.i.i   m  .i'i   .i'mi
l,*l>s   iiuititi.,!) ,    ii..'.'.«,    II. *>.    '• ' l'1 '   '
ih 111 ■ .south Mu (hiin*., ih, in.- i.i'-t !';'
ihl'lt  ,  tll.-UiVJIortb Xn ihaill-..    lilull;;
llu west IioiimI.it/ of lot ..'•.. toiiliiu
iii  1 oiiiliuBi. 111. IO .
A Uli"*- iO-Ai-i.*. h_ li'. A   .....>..*. 'Ak.'i'ii
Hosukji. It. C7, oa. ivth, rn*'*
TiU iiotiu' thai in d.ii'4 .ilt.t <l.itc
we mtmil 10 a|»|'lv in tli. Chut Cnin-
ini'.-oBi nl l.nnA. .mil Hurls for 11
MM*.«l I11.B..V to mt .md carry aw.iv
liit.Ul li'.iu t'1 ' f"""***'n<; ,1,-s. nJi.l
I U.4*
i*i.uini(B>in!> at 1* j o-t j.IjBIuI at
ilio lioiilh-at*! «or*i»r ol lot AM,
ih tit* wi-M >n .hums, ih?ntr noith
Ui ih..*., ih n.i ***•' -*•''• *h»:»s.
them*', until "* ih-tini to r'-"'* rtf
.. inmrKff IrtlBt
l.o*uwrt B  C . «Xt   I'-ik, !•*<*.
rnoi"^ TKvnvw  -vvn rvvp.vt
'J...  . ii.)'-. u.i,      111 (..'*..  uV' |.aia'«      lii
ih. i'm iiu; iis lull um ni uny one who
ttirv,   ill  in
Tiikcn lium the hi-Nt stink ol.Uin-
bl.h', uud lai.liilU' int mid Irimnied,
1J1 v  uiiiiiit luil 10.Jtlrasc* yon-, ,:'
Mnr Una's ;n > nil ilioid-, nti*-] *lhe
in"«^ ai" no h;*'.liir than yon 'juy
,i,iy di Ims t 1'iiurl.: inatk'lin^ i;'w<
mV 1.'.
P. Burns A Co., Fornle
by tli* uoolt or iiiontli.
Mrs. Clark^H;,!
 *. — n m.._»     mrntm
1,iiiiin.nl   Curie* C.argtt   in
M ni.i i.i •*
*'"  i'- THE  FERttlE LEDGER, ££RNiE,_..C-   DECEMBER 6,  .906
NOTICE.is hereby given Unit application will be made to the legislative
assemlily cf   the   l'lovinee of   Hritish
Columbia   at its-next   session   for   an
act to   incorporate   a   company    with
power to coiistni6~.,' e{*iiip,     maintain.
and; operate a line or lines of railway
oi stanilanl or other gauge, with any
kill-Tof motive power,' for lho eonvey-
an.e'of passengers  mul   t'reiglit     Irom
a   point on the   south   fork ol   Michel
Creek* at or near the point known as
"The -Loop"   on .-■ the     Crow's  Nest,
branch of   llie  western'Division  ofthe
Canadian     I'acilic _   Jiailwav,      in llie
Province of  Uritisti   Columbia,   ih. .:cv
milium;  in   <"• southerly   llirecti.iii    up
said creek.-to ... the    nioiith     of   the
east    fork     of     said    creek,     thence
lip said east  fork of said south   fork,
iii-.-au easterly, and  southern  direction
to the summit,  between  said creek and
'fl      tributary of .ihe   .'lothead   KiVer,
theuce in a southerly   direction    down
said tributary  to the l'Malhead  River,
thence southerly   along   said   l'lalhead
River to *a point on llie-. International
. lioumlury between   the   Province       oi
Hritish     Columbia     and    ihe United
States     of America,     a   (hstau.-i*    ol
about fifty  miles,   more or  less.
And willi power if) construct, oper-'
ate and maintain all necessary bridges,
reads, ways and ferries, .-mil will), power to bioTd,equip, ..penile and maintain
telegraph and . telephone lines iu connection with llie said railway anil
branches, and to transmit messages
for commercial purposes, and to
charge tolls therefor, and u> generate
electricity for the supply of light,
heat and power; and with power to
expropriate lands for'' the purposes ol
tlie Company, and to acquire lands,
money, bonuses, privileges or olhei
aids from any government, municipal
corporation, or oilier persons or boil-
i'es.-and to levy and collect lolls from
all-persons using, and-on all freight
passing'over any of sucli roads, railways :uiil'ferries built by the Company; and with pa wer to connect with
a'nd make-trallic or other arrangements
with railways, steamboats or oilier
companies; and lo exercise such powers-as,-in;, j,-i--iiiU\ I by Pans IV. and-
V. of the ""•.Valor Clauses Consolidation Act"; and for all other necessary or incidental .rights, powers and
,   privileges in  that behalf.
IJATKI) the     thirtieth day of    Xo
vnnher, iqofi.
' 1.0mvi.LI, AND LAWSON,
—2-j     Solicitors  for _tl____\tit_lcjiii.<___
. We cfi-i* 'me Hundred Dollars Reward for a:iy case of Catarrh lhat
cannot   be   cured by   Hell's Catanh
Y.  J.'CIIBNKY & CO., Toledo, 0.
Wc, the imdei'.-igned, have known I*'.
.7. Cheney .for Uie last 15 years, and
believe him perfectly honorable ia all
business transactions, and financially
able to ..-avry out any obligations
n'iade by .his'linn.
.,.   Walding,   Kiimaii  &   Marvin,
Wlu.Us.ile  Druggists,   Toledo,   '■).
I Ial I's Catarrh Cure is taken   :n'.cr.
naiiv,  acting .';<v;-lly  upon   the blood
and  mucuous  surfaces  of  the system.
! Testimonials sent free..  Price,75 cents
' inr. bottle.   Sold  by  all  druggists. '
I    Take Hall's Family Pills' for   con-
; slipatinn..
breakfast Bacon and Ham
Don't forget our . Celebrated Griffin Brand
Sugar Cured Hams and Breakfast Bacon arrives
weekly.    Try some and be convinced  that it  is the
Best on the market.___^^^»
Pay Cash anl Keep Debt in the Background.
A      W.
under this heading instetted at the
rate of one cent a word each insertion.
J\VANTK1) — Kxperiene.il       teainsler.-
Crow's Xest Trading Co.
WANTl'.D—Voung   girl  lo  do   house-
'wiirk.—Apply  to nil*.-,.   W.  .S. Keay.
WAXTKl)—C.irl lo do housework.—
Apiily to Mrs. Kekstein, Howland
Avenue. <'
HACHKI.ORS' quarters, two rooms;
steam beat and bath.-CUOW't.
FOR SAI,K—A good William's piano.
Apply 1).  McLenuaii.
I'Oii SAL10-:2o lots
easy terms. ..Apply
''West Kernie.
in  West  Kernie;
W.  T.   Healey,
Take notice that 30 days an or date
I-, intend.to apply to the Chief Commissioner for aiilhoritv to make a
wagon road from a point about  three
•mill's soutli rf iMorrissev, where n
creek tmplys into the Klk-river on
the west   side,   thenee following      the
,,.saiii. creek for about two miles in a'
south-westerly direction  to l'nv    tiw-
•lier limit. Also for a mill site at the
mouth ;- of the same creek along the
west side of the'Klk river!
■' .        •• "    P.   A. MeDKliMOI'T.
Morrissey,. II.-C,   Dec,   ist, inof>—•_]
FOR SAI,K—A ' snap; a six roomed
house, well built, with hot and cold
water bath, and up.-lo-dale electric
light fixtures; situated close in to'
busincse part 'of city'; must be sold
soon. Kor particulars enquire of
Mott, 7-ion &  Co.
FOR SAI,K—20 acres two miles-from
Calgary, mitablc for chicken or hog
ranch; never failing stream on property; fenced; house • and ,iar;i; »:.*o
lieracre;  easy  terms.—Apply  to
Coats and Skirts
New and up-to-date.
Underwear and Hosiery
The made-to .wear kind.
■   __________________n____K_Hi_Mi-i--i*-i>'M_-^-M«a-B_a--«aMW_ai^'^
MENS*   .
J o
Underwear and Sweaters
Tlie Best that is.
-MENS       _        "V  ~
Overcoats and Reefers
The sort that fits.
rn-i-—-~—-—-J~—• --*"-  *--"-«■■--""-■*
D.  li.   MACLKAX,
Iieal   Kstatc  Uroker.
Alexander Licet,  Calgary. Alta.
Symphony \
Is now reiidy tc piny for nil dances
in the city nnd ouisidi'—from -■ to
7 pieces, Ciood music which will
•nullify everybody. Wc pl,»y nil
up-to-diitc inusic. "
MOTT SON' .S.- CO. have instructions
to look out for two or three hundred acies of'good liuid siu'lablc for
fruit growing, in llm Kootinuy Valley. This land must be so situated
as to iilloiv of irrigation, either by*
gravity or by a well-equipped pumping plant with an abundant supply of water. Improved ranch.*s are
within, tlu; scon, of this inst:iii'turns,
Locality, . quality or soil nMil access
to water i-oiue. I'.eforj pi ice' ill tha
consideration oi Uu purchaser, who
is a practical fruit giower, and
knows what In- waiil*. Send 11s
your descriptions, locations and
The Best made.
The ^k-^oo
I-'Oli. }-..\I,K--0iic W.i-shiiiiylon Maul
Press, 7 col, folio; one Cordon .loli-
l.er, 7x11." llotli these pi-easus Arc
in fnir iiniditioii, and, nre otTcred
lor sale (heap on account of having installed linger presses in their,
stead, Write for piices nnd Urwj
'     Fernie. Jl. C.
Orchestra nuisl  be t'li^a.u'e.l one j)
Jwct'U in ndvance. ' ^jfM.aitinu-
For further pnrti.ul.irs writ, or #'"'
# call nt Thos, Miizzaiuibile's Shod V
0 Miikiiif*   Shop  lii.>nu'oii   Waldorf^
# Holi'l nnd Post OlliVi'. 9
,4^v%^*vvt^k'*.'tt*^t»^_.'»v^ -v«
Nights & Saturday Matinee
Commencing Friday, DEC 7
Mr. 0. P. Waldos* Po'aaei.ts
And His Company
Supi'ome Mastos*
v      1S-.000  Dollars   InvcmtArt   In
Illation, and   Miin'.onl
Iwwl   W   **%%%*¥ %%%%%*% Pi R     R     B Wh    n
m » i   mii '%jt   m  m# to
i'r.ivinci'S,   Oiilarin,  (Jiiehcc,
Tliu Old Conn try,
all Kootenay stations. ,
. This is an unusual opportunity, to
.visit Eastern Canada or the Old
Country at Christmas at a low rate.
Detailed information, sailing lists
for ocean .steamers, first-class or
tourist sleeper reservations on application to local agents, or write .
J. S. CAlU'KU.
1). P.'A,, Xclson, 11. C.
XOTICK is hereby given tlr>t the
Court of Revision on lho Voters:
r.isl for lhc Citv of Kernie will meet
in the city ollien on Friday, iJeccni-
l.er 2isi, lOof'i at 8 o'clock p. in.
J. W. NliNX,
_,y City Clerk,
I'-crnie, 11. C, Nov. aist,  l.ofi.
■ t*m*mi,^mtlma^***mmmWm^S*t****n!m*t*lI *.' tmiMmmm
The Ciinadlnii Piuilk Kailway nn-
iioiiiice n writs nf low round trip
rates, lirsl -cluss, thri'i' 1,1) monihc
limit, from Knotcnays to nil points
in Oiitiiiiu, Ondivi', Maritime Pnu-
inc.s mid   ihe Old Country,
Kale I run i Punic, tn Ti.i'imtn, Mchi-
tii'il, Wiiidsur nnd ititi'iiiicdintii
iiniiil'i is S(.2,■.',*•; llnlifiix or St. .lohn,
in     I'liiuii'ciioii   with  oci'iin  pnssiines,
Tii'!;it'i, v.ill In1 sold dally Xovi'in-
lu-r '.'.(th to Daciiihi'i- ,iist,
Ciirri-spiindiii(.- nilin will he (-noted
tn nil. K.isnru Cmi,hIihii pninis {rum
50 Good Woodsmen wanted by
The Elk Lumber
Co. Apply at tho
Cilice or at Hosmer.
Ihe Elk Lumber Co., Ud.
Fernie, B. C.
• /*°\
A HcJontldo I)(!inotiNtra(i<iii  ol
the Woml'irfiilly MyslLiloii';
Ilvnotld I'liicc.
1IIOII    CLASS    V A II»K villi-:
BROWN  &  WILflA (57
nml otluTH
TrlctiH 7Ac titxxl  ">0e
Wmtizfionim SHrhtly
S**X* oii S;ik* iii  F'iil.-uc Dm*.; Stoi.
Quebec^ St. tlohi.?
Halifax, MaHtimo
November 24 Mi'to
Deeonilx'i' .'J 1st
<H l'-H'-lC .mil tho maimtlmi-. phovixokh.
ooor.> por TT-i'H?n:iii Jutowri-is
Mni-f'tviT 1'rlvllflfrcH l-Ziifit ot HI, Paul* Duhidi
I'or iii to Toroiito ami Ontario iiolnt-4    (t/i'l OCJ
l'(iini«* tn Sloiitrcal -ij)0_5._w0
Tffl.i.(-4 on SaJp Nov. 24tli to Uov. lltui Inclimlvo
l'l-n* i!«*l,.llcil liifnrrn-itirip. rntec, cti*., rnll on or a<lre*i«; |
IVmlf, II. C.
Old Country Rates
$73.25 Roturn
Hiillftix Dt'Ht. .Iniin ,]\P\l
Kotnrii Ocimiii Kart-M      (-|55
Saloon   Second Steerage ||M n
(tor: aa     ffir aa     (trt aa s I * *   9
.Mil      4)/U.UU      f ...tlti ^ i ^
aiul  up iicconlliij,' to
Vttt    .lllllill."!     lllfnrllirltlllll,   lllllill:!*.,
(li*.i«ll ll|r»n..>r», Kir*! «'In■*■• i.r 'I'mi. i-1
>i.■..*.» 1   v.. *, i'i ..v.,-...   4,)-\-, I    1'"   .-■.,,
Anulitunr will.i,
K J. mVI.K....I. I* A.
Vlllll'IIIIM'l'. ll.C
,r,u rAHTKii. n.i'. a .
.Ni-hi.li.ll 17
W. HKAI'IMI. Ak.'I.I  l'l* IIMI-:, II.«'-
A hotel  ih.il (iirnlsliL's rjiiict, i-mu-
niiiHi.jtis  (iii(.!iiiii<<iMlii'ii   Inr  its jj.i
tr«n«i i* a x-.'.irvu nf |iK-«Mirc   to  t!u-
ltsvelV>n£ j.nMit.   Fmli .'i (-n.* v< ih
Ki»jj ivdv._r.it. ITut.t, til I'.iuL,   ui.
B.r «ifi|Mi.«itt |K>st ollice
now ■
m its seeonc
has been  a
to the
g surprise
"ii  account
of its
Tliis paper, along
Ledger Night-Cap,	
strips any other newspaper
along the line of the: Crow's
Nest Pass in circulation, and
the benefits to the advertiser
are greater than
tained through
can be ob-
any   other
The Subscription List'
has grown steadily upward and the
„ street sales have increased in a remarkable manner until now we can
fairly claim the top-notch in circulation and plainly state that we have
left all would-be competitors so far
behind-that nothing is visible of them
but a cloud of dust.
Since the Strike
the increase has been most marked.
Keep a comin


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