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 /?&*      —•— '*6/
Vol II, Number ii.
One of the  Largest "Development Concerns in the
Country to Operate Near Fernie
After more thai: a year ol persistent effort to obtain entries am! titles
to coal lands, in Southwestern All-wr-
ta, -Mr. 0. A. Robertson, Mr. F.^ 11.
TJ. Lynch and Y. K. Kenasten have
at last succeeded iu having titles issued to them for jifty-fivi*. square
miles of coal lands lying on both
sides of. Livingston j range of 11101111-
taiu-i. This range of mountain-- is
separated from, thi- main range ofthe
Rockies by tlie rather broken valley
of, Ui*> Livingston... river, a branch of
tlu Old Man river. TI12 lands secured by tha above named gentlemen are
situated on both th*. east and west
sdes of Uu Livingston/, range, the
block on th;: west being iu Livingsta* river 'basin, and those to the
east are on the slope to llu pass
•which separates th. Porcupine Hills
from the Livingston, range.
The southern limit of these coal
fields are about twenty-live miles
norlli of tlu Crow's Xest branch of
tlu C-l'. II., aud extend norllurly..
some fifteen miles.
Seventeen square -miles or theso
holdings' lie cast of the range .and .he
remainder on tlu* west: There is a
arc cn the.cast slope. Tlure i.s a
'large quantity of timber, suitaibl.*; for
mining purposes, on the land, and
croppings of iroo of a good cjualily
have been foun.-.l, ibut no effort to ex-
plore that ]>art of the property . has
as yet been made by thu" owners,
though tluy " intend to investigate
this feature of their property thoroughly as soon as the coal has been
opened up.
A description of tlu coal areas   ol
this tract and their thickness   would
read like a romance, so extensive are
they and so,-many layers, .one   above
. another.     '       ■'
-* . .-*
One .of the many experts   wlio Jiave
Leen examining this property for- the
iuw owners during the past twelve
i^r eighteen months, reports that four
M.*jiiarc miles in one body has a continuous bed of coal in layers ranging
from 3 to a!, feet in thickness of suf-
~"   JlcitnT"quantity to "keep a mine    go"
ing at thc rate of 2,000 tons daily for
,    K.o. years  without     any   appreciable
impression upon thc stock of coal.
It is estimated Uiat at ihe least
t.lure is an average of- 20 feet'of good
...coal exit tiding throughout£0.;. eutue,
urea, and.taking those estimates, as
a l.asis, tlu 'quantity or coal secured
■' l.y iluse very fortunate gcntlcmc-ii is
almost',''beyond the grasp of 'the
]iii!ii*i.i'.,iitlml. Assuming that'll c-.ij.ic'
yard, of coal in. place, weighs a ton;.
Ik.! loiinage of lhat vast coal bed'
runs LcyoiuL'the millions into Uu,billion perlVxi of notation.
People have thoughl that tlu coal
areas owned by tlu ,Crow's Nesl Puss
Coal Company were tlu lar.gcsl in
WVstetn Canada, and tluy arc certainly magnificent in extent, but
these luwjy locnleil measures nre still
Tli: quality of the coal, so"far ns
cnu lie nscet'tniii:d from surface samples, is.wjual lo nny,in llu west and
porliiMis of I'i turns out the very |«ct
iqiinlity ol coke,
Mr. 0. A. Rolicrtson ntid V. 11,
Lynch, V.olli of St. Pnnl, are well
Inown to mnny Tortile people. Tluy
ore the presiilen: nnd secretary, re-
speellvoly, of th,) K.Ik Lumber Compnny, wliicli piinhusiMl tlu largo .limber holdings of Moil, Soli -Sr Co., nnd
hnve since erecliid nnd nre opiii'iiliilg
lluir splendid sawmill in West Fernie,
'Muse gcnth'iiien arc also lunvily in-
teiv'slcd in tliu Roil Dm-jv Lumliei' Co.,
norlli of WimiilH'g, nml hnve H.niu'd
up liimdiids of thousands of dollars
ns n result of tluir I'ltr-secing failli
in Uu lands of Manitoba and the
Norlli wost.
Mr. V. Pi. Keiiasli'ii, ihu otlur uinn-
lier 0 f this i-niiipiiuy wlilrli him
jmri'hiisi.'il tlu gnnl conl 1'uld just
" iiuit'.iriiu'<l,„iH (tin.' nn Aiuerlc'iit, nml
ivhUIuh in Hi. rn..l'H twin sister, Min-
»r.>iipoliH, Hi- In llu* chief own.-r mul
iiimnijjur ol oiu of tlw Iiugest ngii-
rulturnl Implement fiu'lorles in llu
Vlilled Sules, , the chiipi nt whiih
nre located at Ilopl'ln1', »-'«<' Miuiu-
A\>u\ir tli'rt-c yenrs njjvi Mr. KcU'Mcn
tool' aver the '.Tnlm A'i'l'll iiiiiiiiiluctiir-
llig iilniit in Ciiiiniln, wliicli is,now
operated us Ui*1 American A Iiul I Com-
\\'h 11 ,i.i\sA   hy i\'..iA£i'T ripn-u
liitivi, liow irpiiy times n niHllniinli'ij
lu* wa*. Mr. Konaslen wry   modestly
declined lo go into figiiri's,   anil tlu
Li-tlgcr Iiml to drnw on other muu'ccn
  n't. , 1.
Ill  h.-VVli'  W.ik, HAV.*.   ■ii.ii.t'v..     ..•'-.   ••
*, is more tlinu 11 single inlUlo.i;i.ri! hmx
he cclisMiTuil ns inie.
Tin-no tliivu very dilorp/isiiig nun
intend to nrn*nill/a n coiiipniiy, which
will Ihi n flow corpnmlioii, niul are
111 n --iwii.i-.ii to do 'ill tl'*' fiiiniifliiir
required to put tluir conl mul coke
1,11 ilu mark I ai r.ipuHy '•*•' '< ***'■■■
1*  lUvdiul.
Tlbii** will Vi* no itocV f1i-tntir4-i nn,.
ro nmioying sld,- Imsiio* iH*rnvitU«l in
lli.« n.'W iiiteri""'"'*! w'iM •■'•"• Kt-n.-v
wti tJiiiructt-ri/fil .*.*. "■ Mi'Tiiimi
i.vw-aiuUuW Uv al.ttvt «^'■n•■
Tlw ojKn'ng up of tliii jjrettt prop,
rrly Jusl to Uu- .<■*•» "I ■■**. w*** »■•-
■■•uirc   Uu l^iltlini* ot ft rmllrciad tx-
tending from the Crow branch of tlu
C. P.-R. northward from a point
somcwJisre Iwtween Cowley and
l'Vank, or a lin> from Calgary through
tlu*, Sluep Creek coal property, owiud
by P. Rums and associates. Sucli a
road would open up tlu best coal
fields and pass through some of tlu
hii-sl agricultural lands in Southern
, Busy as all railroads are, this Iiiu
must 'lie added lo the list of those
now ui'.d.r construction, and will add
to Uu, great .demand lor men and material, Xew towns will spring > upj
and more population will ix: added
to that whiih is' already spreading,
out over tlu west like some vast
flood from n,n unending source.
The coat field described 'above constitute the bulk of ,the coal land that
has recently been noted a s ibelojigiing
to other companies 'or parties, but
tlu above staUim-iils are direct from
ths real owners to a Ledger representative, and can be relied on as correct. a
Price $2   a year in Advance
To Air. 0.' L. lloytUon, who is a
very busy man, i.s ,due tiu credit for
the proliminaiy, work which has led
ii]) to the- consolidation bf the great
coal property mow ln-j,*l by. these men,
and they fully appreciate the very
careful and persistent niainur in, whicli
'lu-lius siuek to his ..lillicult task till
success erov.iud his efforts.
•llu summary report of llu Geological Survey l.eparUuini of. Canada
lor 1902, contains Uu following figures regarding llu above described,
coal fields, as reported by Wi W.
Leach.   *\\"e leprodiice the  thickness of
the coal strata only:             ■
Coal      (impure.'.".'1,..
Coal :.
Coal .-  .
Coal   ....
Coal ■  :.
Sioiti... -.
Coal    ; i.
Coal '    ;	
Coal  (impure) ...,
Coal... , !..'..'. ...  .
Coal...... .;	
Coal -(impure) '.',..
Coal ' 	
coal ' ;
Coal.,.'.  ..„
Coal   ....
...**..- ....Sft. 6io.
  4 fl. o in.
..'  3 ft. 6 in.
,.. .... *- ft! 6 in.
....'......S ft. 9 in.
.....  :,'.io It-
 .'. 2 ft. 6 in.'
,.  5 ix.. 9 in-
„_.„ ■*j_fl_j_Jn_..
 '.15 ix.. 3 in-
..'   fi It. 9 in.
.  ...... 4 ft.'       •
  5 f-l. fi in.
.; '. 6 ft. 3 i«.
..' ; 9 ft. S in,
,.  ...... 3 ft- 3 in.
  8 ft..'
  4 ft*
  1 ft. 9 iu.
  7 ft. fi in.
 ■. 1 ft. 3 in.
ITolal coal, ij,S ft, 3 in. in a sec-
tic- u;742 feet in total'thickiuss. These
figuix's represent-the seams as they'
occur from the surface downward and
w.'i-j taken [at Cat Mountain on the
west Hank of H.u Livingston Mountains, one mile,,southeast of lhe junction, of Uncilioi'si. nud Daisy creeks,
which, locality is included in llu holdings of Messrs, Robertson, Keiiasten
and Lynch, and is niported by Mr,
I.L'iich as fairly complete.
Sen'   to     llnnlui's  Kxplniniug  Cohdi-
licu of    Coal Market.
Moose. Jaw,     Oct, 9,—Conl dealers
lien,     handling the product    of    Uu
A. 11, & I. Co.'s mill j at Lethbridge,
have  received the  following circular:
Lethbridge,  Sept. -25,   '•K1''.
Mir,—At you nrc nwave thi com-
pnny,*- miners, •without giving 2.1
hour's liolice or tluir Intention so to
do, Weill, out on strike in March Inst,
11 ml ninny of the old employees ure
still 011 strike, ; '
This belli,- Uu case, and ns ord.rs
for coul him' now being sent in nip-
idly, thi! company hns detlded lo cnll
Ilni nU-'iilion ol ull loenl** rcpres'.'iitii-
tivL'K lo lli'i Iiict, Unit though Itlie
mine is uol shut down, the output
is grenlly reduced, aiid there iloesiiol.
iippnii' to l.e ally liiiiiiciliate iimspcct
nf its being iiiii'1'HK.'d niiHii-ii'iilly In
tliu nnu- 111 tn re lo iiiablii Uu i-oiii-
puny to lill tlu ninny orders It is re*
icivillg as piomplly us it would like
10 ilo.
I'nd.'i Uus-j liiiiiiiistiiiicts llu com-
pniiy feiils that it is din* to its rep-
ivseUlnliviN nl local points that tliey
hlioiiUl be advised fully ol the facts
of tlu ens.! mi lluit local representn-
<i.-iM       i..,,.. 'ni..,*..   .oi\*   ',ri"illi'"iiu*lil«!
tlvii   thi'v     mav il.'i'in  ndvlsuMe    in
order 10 s'cuiv 11 snlliciuii sii|i|ily   ol
mul for thoir custoiiurs.
As soon ns th.* grcnl driunnd    for
hiirvi-Nl labor (s over,  the" ciuiipany
.1   ,   .1  .       *n ,    . , .... 1 1
'■•.  -."-i- '""■■■ » "; •
oreii. anxious for n full winter's
work, mul jf suth is tlu case, thi
output front the miiu- will be iiiaU-r-
iiilly liii-rcnsi'il, nml ill,' rotnpaiiy will
tli.it Iw maliliil (o (ill orders.
.,*.• it in p-i'i-ilile rli.it ih'* oiilpni
Irom Uu miiu will |>j Htiiull (luring
ih.1 uinirr, (Iii'l not ire j.i giv*,n .*,o
tli.il loi-iil it-proi. Mali ves may pi<»*
ti-rt tlu- public by tnlltij; miiIi nrtii«i
as ih.*y limn iisfi'Mwry In order lo
ol.Miii cl'i'wlii'ie siiliit ii tit conl to
Mi'i-iK- ill* ii.int» ol tluir tin.ij,.'.i.*i.
A.   V    NAN'TOIS*,
Mnii.iging Dinclor.
G.K.-rat Manager.
■It takes more than soap to make a
Pussj* cats aro coinmitting. suicide
in Elko.
Frank Church was in from tlu
south fork with 75 trout.
Sain Wilkinson was down to Morrissey Tuesday.
.Alining will 'be active* on Slue])
Mountain  this winter.
Rowiuss, of Cranbrook, was au YA;
ko visitor this week,
Mrs. Davis and Master, Spcnce Lyons, visited Ivlko this week. ,
Se\xiiiy-livc drummers" and hot-air
p;ddlars visited IClko tlTis   .vees.
Mr. Weaver was lure from Vancouver with some'sampK-s of  iiig ho.us.
Snider was in town from the Kijck
Creek pineries with his big sliawhat.
There is a parly of surveyors in
town rusticating at the Wa.or Kails,
Miss'Lonely Girl says a man in
town is worth ten on the mailing, lisi.
M^. Melniies was in town from, Klk-,
mouth and wmt  west  to  Cranbrook.
W. Tracy is building camps in .Taw
Roiu Coulee, north of the -Big. G
Geo. McKec was in from Rayius
Lake spending Sunday with his  fam-
iiy-      ,
Three weasels was in fiom tlu
I'lalh'jad und left Monday for My-
. Fred limvmau caine in via Uu
Roosville trail, from the Flathead
Coal fields.
Mrs. TodhiHiter is putting ,up a
largC addition to her residence ■ on
Riverside  Awnue.
Road Master Sinclair was in town
this week telling the section bosses
some low joint stones.
Mrs. .Tames McKec, Miss Irene and
Master Carl left l'.lko for a several
month's visit lo Manitoba .points.
Archie McVit.tie returned froin a
trip to tlu - north fork ■ of Flathead
river. " ,
It is expected there will be a
ficezc-up soou, with a slight touch of
frost. „        •*   ,
P. "McConijal came in from Prince.
Hdwurd's Island, , Kootenay River,
iuar Waldo.
,T. M. Frederickson, of Roosville,
was" taking in lhc scenery  aro.nd l'l-
l-r. , lllic. Wl'pk
Several of llu, bi'g'ranch.rs iuar
■lilko intend moving into town for the
winter mouths.
Mr. Canii was in from llie Xoiili-
we;l si-liing-'pianos, billiard tables
and eribb'agc ' boards
Percy MeK'ee is taking cure,of Kil-
mardock Castle during lhc fainily's
abseiice.jn the east,
Mill Rattk-axe was.in town with'-a
bunch *of skunk fur, looking as wise
as a sU.cp lurdcr at a funeral.
Fernie is able to boast of a young
lady who is so refnud that she uses
pcrlumed rib'ben pu lur typewriter.
Alack Ross, well known in'Fernie
and. Cranbrook, was here doing the
Broadway act with "men's .clothing.
Tlure'i.s such a d.-mand for. I;*ciy
rigs in Kiko that Messrs. Shei-;-il..i
and llarby intend ''pulling rn louv
more  teams.
Irrigated land on Tobacco Plains is
•bringing filly dollars per acre. The
limber is Iwin/ bought up around
V. Ilydj linker ' was down from
Cr.-.uiirool: and diovo down lo tlu
mill .behind a fiery team of U>.i.-.-u.-ii-
bred Irish chcsluiiis.'
Tlure was several young men passed through Kiko this week wearing
(.avals that big tluy didn't n-jed any
shirt. ...
C. A. Bow was in town a few minutes from llu strike region".
Fred Hammond i.s freighting for the
IClk Livery Co.    '
F. 15. Hawthorne, of Nelson, IL C,
wires he will be in Kiko Thursday
with the help ol God and Uu C. P. R.
pas.icnger train.
Happy Krank, the -jolly Dutchman
from Saurkraut Valley, was visiting
Fernie friends in Brewery Park," old
town, .this week.
Lorusomc ,Toj will give a lecture in
Roo's, iuw store .Sunday, 10.30 K, on
thi advantages this country offers to
longrhaired cooks.
Quite a large number of himlx-r
jacks passed through Ivlko on their
way to the .logging' camps south of
this earthly  paiadise.
Otto Van Hough passed through
here on,his way lo AK^rta. His family, who' still reside in Kiko, - expect
to join him -next week.
Contractor Johnston, of Movie,
was in town this week. Mr. .Tolm-
slon put up several business blocks in
Kiko during tlu hooin.
Tlw illiniiuilnblc and only Jinimie
Mel-hail is chief tugijieer of the steamer North Star, running between tlu
Great Northern and-tlu C. P. R. two
trips daily, except Sunday.
■"The IClk river grade is'in a .dangerous condition, and a„l>cliUo!i is being circulated and will be. suit lo the
xomniis-ian.iLr_.of-_ljUid.Ji'*''-l works    to
have it put in a safp'condition before
winter sets in.      -*--",. .-
Mr. Carman, with' that great big
Cariboo smile, was here with- silks
,".ivl dashboard overalls for Mackay,
Smith, Blair .*v Co!, of Vancouver.
He's .strong and -wining, and don't
shy al anything luit'pil'chfofks, '
.Miss  Lily   Harrison,   lu-.d  waitress
and side-older jujjg.er atilu Klk/Hotel, will issue invitations 10 !vr
■hirthday party in Uu near ftiturs.    .
Before leaving Kiko, Archie MeVit-
lie stated before a jury of men that
the biggest infernal liar on tlu face
of God's green earth ..csided in Kiko,
but tlu best wa}- to get into tlu
Flath.ad coal ami oil. fields was via
Roosville, B. C. wh.re the big red
apples grow.
Four Lung Charlie was up from
Roosville with a load of big red apples looking as wise as a pack mule.
He took in Kiko after'dark Saturday
evi'iiing; dividing his time b-clween
Uu. barleycorns o£ Uu burg s.-lliug'
Ilnin pumpkins cn tlu half shell.'' Ik-
left Kiko Sumlav. a. 111. grinuiiisr Hke
a coon in a water melon paUh.
., o —
Wednesday, tlu 10th, was payday
at St. Kuguu.4 The payroll ran
about 832,580.
. Knusl Mills, district ■repivwnia'.ivi.
cf llu Western Federation of Miners,
was in town lasl weck-cir.l, visiting
the local union.  •
Thc march of progress is steadily
coming our way', for now we are in,
hopes of having a local telephone sys-
tfiii. It is tlu Cranbrook .Klectrie
Light and Telephone Co. who' are negotiating with local men, with a
view to an installment of the system.
W.   fl.   Moore,    ■ of 'Fernie,    stayed
over at Moyie  wlr.-n  returning    from
the .Socialist   convention recently held
al Nelson.   His object was   to confer
with local Socialists, with a   view to
organizing.   A meeting was held,-and
steps taken to form a local blanch of
Uu' .Socialist party.
Tlu ,    housing    question    in'   Moyie
seems :o le a problem at present
uscding a solution. Probably "uiis is
due to tlu number of people coming
in from llu points "r.n the Crow's
Xest, where the present crisis in the
labor world is being worl'cd out.; Be
th.it as it may, local property owners arc about just now with a smile
upc.11 tluir faces which won't, wash
off. A
Wlr.n we appreciate ri man's services, it is a poor return we make if
'we wait until we can send a few
(lowers   to his last, resting place as vi
This Time a University Directorate   Figure   Prominently, in the
y Deal that  is  Here  Referred.
Still   Xh.y    0onK..      Th(.    Toronl()  Xcws
°' ;hu',,41'' ■■»"*■-.  Printed an    article
•lealuig   with   tl,,.   „..,, f)f   univc.rsilv
"nils  in  the  old   Ppp,,-  Canada    ,-oU
lege  block.
I    The   News   ,-howed   tli:it   ti,e  univer-
'sily  had   i;cen   swindled  out   of   lame
Minis  of'money      by  u,,  roai  cst:.^.
agent   to, whom  Ui.  universitv trnsti-i:
board had     uiln*st_d  tlu sellin.r    ()f
Uu lauds.
Dr. lloskins, chairman of •the old
1-oard of trustees signed tlu agreement by whiih .th, university l„st so
much moiuy, . and he ruslu-d into
print llu next day after tlu News
hjd ■publi-.luil tlu damaging state-
nuut, and told the OlolxT.on I'riday,
Oct. Sth.that Uu News', slateiiii-n'is
were maliciously untrue, and that
Uie i-niversity had only an ■•'interest'-
i" tlu - properties, and lud ■ made
handsome profits.    *
But d.'spile these statements- iu the
Globe by Dr. lloskins on Mondav,
the .Sth inst., the university au'.hor-
ities issued writs in air'aclion to set
aside these "fraudulent sales.
These transactions ,wero of a critu-
iual natui-?, and would probeiiljly iuv-
er have been made public bad it been
left to- llie board to do so.
Tlu News closes its article upon
this subject'published on the nth
inst.,  as follows:
"In.view of the later development.*,
the action to annul tlu sales which
were originally sanctioned, and the
criminal proceedings begun bv tlu
Crown, it would have had a better
appearance if tlu chairman of the old
board of trustees had not been iu
such haste to characterize 'Ihe News'
story  as  'maliciously  untrue.' ''
Tlu Ledger will lx; looking fot
more, abuse ot tlu labor unions,
charging llum with' dishonesty and
irresponsibility iu ,Uuir dealings with
corporate wealth, coming from papers and individuals , who-arc conned-
cd more or less' closely with tbe corporations thai" are furnishing lluir
full share of liu evidences of tlu re-
tok-aii of our "esteem, 'etc. Rather' do
ks several Moyicitcs did last week,
.wlun they met- aU-a smoker lo do
lu..nor to a retiring servant of llu
town, Thos. IC. Kelly,'who fo. two
years hai seived the iniiurs' union ns
secretary. Allogctlur it was n.splendid nllair, and rellecls credit UpbuMlw
committee who  arranged  ihe matter.
The   Men   Working at Lethbridge out on *Strike-A
Cut in Wage^The Strikers Join the Union.
A rumor, renclud the Ledger this
'.lfteimoii 10 tlu effect that in conse-
i(|*ii'.*iu'e of nn attempt upon lho part
of llu maiiiigi'iixm at Li.'lhbridge to
r.diicj tins   wages of Uu     m 11-uiiioii
men in their employ, and upon whom
tluy idjpencl for tlu ,very short supply
of coal now being taken out, mon*
than half of tlu im-u have ■ijuil, and
will join Uu union.
'   ft .is expected that, nil the non-union,
nun will quit work and join the 1111-
iui, as have tlu others, ; President
(-'Juimun told n Lwlgi'i' rejiort-.1!1 that
he Iuul wited for eoiilirniatioii of,lhe
report, and has receiv-d a reply which
conlirinM' llu sliitcmeiU,
Rend everything in tlu Ledger,
T'lik'-n siuilo al lhe Night Cup,
Alex, ln-ek, uf CoU'iuaii, is iu the
Buy llu Ledger iilid s-.iul il to your
Mr. nud Mis, 11, ,1, .lohnson are
visiting, at Gateway,
Mr, GwOi-ge Rogers, of Lethbridge,
was ii .'i'llll;! visitor yesterday,
II. L. Illiu'kslfiiu, lii'iul (igenl of
1I1.1 Great Noi'tluiii, went to Spohiiiu
last .Sunday.
I'l-i'Niiliiiil Slii'i'iunii s-.'i'iiis to be gut-
t ng nliiig fairly well for smli 11 diti-
i ad it ed man.
.lohn doll's, so will kiinwii iu uml
(ifi/iir.d tlu cluli nt C. C, has stat'ti-d
to wurk in Kniiik, Altn,
llusin.'ss is tliriviiig 111 llu 0, 0, L.
A. A,, uud evi'iyiiu.', has seitled down
lo i4*ii*ii  thi. inigiitini'. qiii'stloii.
A. W. II. Hodges, manager ol llu
Cirnit'iy I'oiupniiy, wns a puss.tiger on
I*     , .1 ' ,.        .1 1     (.«        !»        (»
A. T. Claxton wm 11 Kernie visilor
ngiiiu dining ilu week, ami Kit lm
Cnlgury niul eiistcin po'.uls Tuesday
cvtiiin-.', *
Dnvid .lolm, Hilly Mil*'iigiiii iin-1
(iiorgo Woiindi-r looked tluir "tiissng.*
liiNt Sntiinlny lor Si 11 l-'t-iiiisco nud
Koiitli.-rn ports
Last Thur.'.d.iv nir lit was regular
city cn-ituil nnciing uigJii, Imt n 1
I'liiirum titiii.il out, nml no Inisiius*.
iould   le.   Uaiwai-cd.
Hr. Il.11 lur u.nt to Calgary Mim-
il.iy eviiiiiig on l,ii.Niii.'*.s niiiii,ilnl
with Ui* llo.i.ur lm,unite,   and    u-
iutti.iI l5ir. nir.in.n^.
Tu.u V.sxv.1 .o.A Ik T-UiLi, i>C li.ui
(All f.'iiii.', Inv'i* iiinvnl iheir ri-**t(l*ni»*
fioin C0.1I Cii-i-k to ri-iliie.   May our
lf*S.V \f F«tmr\ g.iin-
Tlu llillcrost Coal and Coke. Co.
have reconsidered tluir action in refusing lo deal with llu union, find
xhi nun are back ut work,
Mr. Thos, Keith and Harry Miui'd
ware in town yesterday on business,
lis Well us plensiiie, We hope to see
something iiinturiali/.ilig soon,
District I'residjil Slunnnti went up
to Michel Monday 011 llu lo.nl and
ri'tiU'lUil yesturhiiy. He reports everything very quiet at that eainp,
1-iitriok Hughes has severed his coif
iiec'tioii with the C. C. I„ A. A.' this
week, mill has aeeept.-d it position at
tlieWiildorf Hotel.   The l,oys wish hint
Mr, Didien's tioiuiiiiilioii ns uatidti-
al bond meinliei Is lml likely to
sliitul, iih he Would hiii'dly eule to re-
liliiili 11 e.ili'lliliiti: iiliiter presilil tir-
Keith Wliiliistei* i*. eolllilt'd lit lloini;
willi uu al I.ii-k ol typhoid fever. Mrs.
Whiuislt-r is t,ikill;; iiitv ol him, anl
a.-i his i'.i:ie N.-ciiiN a mild r-u.-, his
sp.'iily reeiiveiy  is lixikid |nr,
Th.- ti'oui.la' .it T.i.l.01' lu-. Ii.-ni aiui-
eiil lv 1 - < 1) 11.»1 -. 11 luwiiii the union nlil
llu coinpMiv, th.* Litter reciijni/iiig
th.' iiiih.11 .md 11 jm*..nr-; lu tlu idii*-
o,l  ,s\ sli'in,     iiirl  a  bi-iiiniillily    pay
ll.IV,  ,;l,l|   ,1   11.llli Hull   ui   llulll'.   li. lab
or in take I'lleet April  1st,  i«jny.
t,. \ . . ■„->-, > ■ ,*- "■—„ *■•• A.
1 ci la Clniiun, ii vi t';ly publn-hd in
th.* iiiteivst ol lul or, wa< iu town
dining Un- w.'i,k lmkin,; intn tli» *,ii•
11.1li1.11 U-i,', and 111 vriiiui tlu nial-
l-.-T up (nr Iir. |m|'it. Mr IVgLr hin
iiu.-.-.iwV.a.l '.'-.-., ai.u..n*!-.i*.i Uiiiv.i.iH
and th* ]..i 1 hi' wliuli pul.lMi.d lb-
link. 11 it-it. 1. .ii>i h >f' '1 .ll lV.l* Oi
tlir.c iiiu:si.-.>.s with tlu Lu,/,,-r, Id-
ll.ts ,Umi ><iU' *•»':!!* ti.ut- v.llli 'li-
olln-.-r-i uf th-- I'uit.d Mitt- Wfiikei".
uud I1.1-1 t.i'.. II U'.'iK time illi'l trollbh'
In gii at ih I.'.*'- in th- i-.im li.iii
h:is nwv ttth, 1 ii.il 11W )>.»l>.-t. Hi*
i.pori uli.iiilil l< <•! uinri' Vi'lii. t« ill-
|<ulill.-"Ilull Ihi' 01 .nr,* iiiiiii mil
•iA.  (»,n|sr.
Mr, nnd Mrs, d, A, .IoIiukoii, . of
UdniolKon, sjMi 1. 11 few days here this
week, the guests ol Mr. .Jos, Uohsoii.
Mr, Jchiiioii is a prominent real estate man of lvlniiiiitini, and is taking a trip through this country on a
tour of  inspection,
Mr. Gunge OT.iiiii, Hilly Alexander ar.'d n lew of the I'ernie boys Went
out 011 n hunting prospecting nnd
jolly goi-il liuie trip, lml alas il luiii*
ill out olluiv.is.. Tlu pack steed
missed its foiiling nud rolled down
tlu sidj ol the mountain ,nid brok.:
his .buck, so Hilly aiul Geotgie hud to
come hoine, sadder hut wiser men.
Too mill li work was llu pli'iisiiit*.
The no.'iiuii' Townsite Company
o|ieii,d th.- sub: of* lots 011 Sa'.ut'diiy
insti'iid (.1 Monday, ns iiuiiutiiucd in
lhe I.edgi.'i', nil nee,unit oi ill.' pivhHi"lg|
d.uiiiiul lot- lots Over .ij,(h.o worth
of lots were sold, nnd iimi'c ground
will hive to li. pit-Hid to unit Uu
(I 1111,111. The pi in- of the lots h.is
|<*.1l udi'tlie.d in p r e. lit nivt lb.-
piillislid  lignri-'-,  iilid  sonic  advances
IlilVi'   I.Oitt  iillelvd   to  pllllllllM-l'i     over
llu priiis paid last1 Satunl.ty.
Mr, (Voigi' l);ti ,d,ili-, ol  t'   0 ,  got
manieil  Inst     nigh:    to n  ili.iiiniiig
Mititii  Indy (rom I'.n.'iliiii'l.   Air. Hun
r_, ..'.-■ 1 ,* •   ■ '1      _ *
1U1 '■ '.i", n -\     1 ".1    '-w   . *i,*i' ".''-"' "•
'Ih y toi'.t (1  lit-  l.r-'le  In Ui     I --t
Allr   Ih-  w.ddin/  th.-v h.ul di.ii.inj
r.r.'l sln^.'lig ami     nllicr gain."'    v.iilil
tlu w.n siu.i'i I101111 ill Ui-' 11101 ning.
"i'i ■• I ....!.'
ill:«l   ui-lis      ill:
u.-vef be Mi'l
hippy ii.itpl,' ui.iv
CMNT.'.-CTH i.i*;t.
Tlu (fintiiets for Ui,- supply n; nl
go"!-, in ill* nnu is b.iii- 1* li.iu .mild Ih.- Cmw's Nut Ttii'lni;; Cam-
p;.iiy Mitircd tli- i-imr.iii Inr gnuvr-
ii-s, 1». Hiiiiih .V Co. |;ot llu uiul
1, t-i't.n't. and th- Mn..s.-j,iw Millin,-;
Ci»in|i;.liy ,m* to supply ih* lh.ur
Mr. MiCiowiu, of Miilul, got ih.
liiv.il  iiinii.iit nt  th.il plat.-.
'ill- i i.Tiimnlr" in iharg-a* ol th'-tn.it-
!«r hue iirdnd .» .(•••t«iii r.irlo.id nf
Ibiill, lllilll, rnll* (I 11.it' ,-u f iillli-.
\b..k j.«»  l*i» , .,ni\ it  t» on ill.- «•*■
Tined and-jiei-leeteir iu-TTclc nl ilpwiF"
right (lisli.-uusty, which don't rob by
l-jta'l. but by rcgulaely oigalii/.*-d
and systematized methods of doing
tlu act- by thi wholesale route.
•I''rom the a.bove, il seems lhat Uu
machiiury s^t up for the purpose ol
(ducating the young mc 11 of the country has been made use of lo steal by
lhe'double directorate method. Will
this awful evil,' made possible by the
la\\;s of ills land, yet lie*found to
have, not slopped even at llu college
gales, but to have crept into llu
ihiinli  organizations?
People iii-.: holding tluir-breath in
fearful dread lest ihis shall also
prbie 10 be \h^ ease.
And adiniclst it all the liiaehiiisry by
w hii It nil the 11*11 ions of dollars which
hay.,: in.tlu past been taken Irom thv
pt'ople. and1 transferred to the pockets
of double directors and tluir Invored
companies, is pel milted lo remain mi
ill.--, stuli'iti:..books to W. used in thv
same way, Oh, yes,' a corpurntieii
is jusl th.- same in the eyis of th"
law as is nu individual; ilmi'i iiU'H'-'t
il! Tlu law would not lor n uioiiuiu
liilei-iitii 11 private individual deeding
|iro|)erty Irom himself to hiiiisell, in
onl.-r to rob people, but il will allow
lluit same individual lo do that Miinii-
thilig provid.d lu will assoeiaU: himsell' wilh some more people who will
aid him iu (loin-; exactly that same
Nice principle of lnw, Unit! Tlun-
is 1:0 piiiu-iplo- of right in it, 110 principle iu Uu iM'ph- v.h<. m.il-' "*•' "f
H i,-, *ani|ily u principle r,f '"*
whiih pevniiis oiu iinpriui'il'led seouu-
dicl of llu highesi I'diieatioii tn take
both priirip.il .iii'l ''uUri'-t i.ut nl th,*
pocket ol tlu rl'-hllnl owti'i- und
pliiie it  in his irtMi-
Nie. p-lneiplc   in Iuw, but      so un
piineipKd in piaeluv and     in nior.il-
ilv litul I'l-'ht  ns in -hitk  ihe    s.ii'-
nl  Il.ill .M   pt'ipli'.
Will lie: luwyii- . Ui ■ le-lshiHU"
nil-. - 111 1 judges iiiM-i* ■*■.'•"'■• J!«i'''
,,,„.,. this awful m.nhin- uhi.h h.is
',* n if.'I Id' Uu ir (-f 1- ».-• "I ',l' ,ll'|s""
i's Ii.V the h II. Ill nl th- litt, .iw-''-'
to Ihe  Illi'l   lll.il   th ■  lllilihili-  lliu-l 1«:
,||| .f- l|   b.'li't ■   ilii   Illl.l^'ll    i'  "I1'''  ''llli
lis:   Il]l   ,'llV'l   Mll.ish     the   ^lliil '   llllllt,'.
simply li'-i.iii'-i'  th'  bmld.i-4  i.nis.-  tn
, .   .1 ,, 1, . 1 1,1-i ll   ..    ill ■
,,,.,.-, ,1 il lip'
(111-   null,   1 11"   dileitnt.-il '.  I'll-   (OIU-
p.iuv di've 01 ute  iiid-p.nl ui    "I   »»■
illdiv.lu.lllly  ol   iillv (illlet
Tak-- out   tinu cog -d'**l In iiii Man
.       ,1 1 ' : ti.        ,..■'    ' 1.11  'A ill
Inn- i,!iio\\i! ir.li.-*. p r (.in ' ' 'I''
po-siblliU, ni th- l.U'.l-li d, li.u l"l-
lerv ll,ir go*, mi niuiiiu.illv Simply   bv   Mltlllll'.'.   till-   ll.'llk   nl   ih.i'      ni.i*
iliiiu, ulii.il hi. I.'ii s 1 up l-'i 'h'
I:.iv link. 1 . Mil l."A i'.dinili'slt.it":--
Th- pi •• .'* I'Vinn.ii/ '" .itt.'1'n
,,, ha ,i,.|. , nl in '-I'* '■•' il.'-i'U.'
,i,-,l.1 .t ,.,'! A -.'.A tin'. 11 ■•■'' iA
th- i-.|'...iin-- ih.it Inv-- "i.u!!..I .ii.-
ih* toiills ol it*. * fl... 1s W-ih ih
T-.l..nt.. Wi.tM.     Ill    *:■«"■ TV'-"non
.•l! I.'ll   •*.       .'-..■MTU*'    ll*      ll'ls    ','l>.H
IWll'li'      Ul*    I.. A'   I    I-        fllinlll.il'. *I       1"
l.lii.. Utti uh*. '.'I. C.Mi.td' Ul p*-i •
ll is I.' II std'l. I !'" tl'-'- In llu II H.ul ill- ■ niii s, ii will 111.1V, up ini iti
1 if.liu s,     in iHi'ine, X.\   its |,.*f<*-
v'crancc ito\v that it has started.
Canada ' would "earn* a lasting claim
to 1*. called ihe leader of the world
if it should-be tlu first to place on
its statute hooks the mandatory law
that 110 man shall have tlu.* opportunity' placed within his'reach of
committing burglary by tlu; double
directorate mule. Will she rise "to
ber opportunity?-' * *
Tlu Ledger lias the faith to lielieve
lhat slu will, and it shall uot flu aaid
that llu Iiul. paper in the mountains
his not dniu its full share towards
bringing about such a' reform. ' "
When this method of* roUiorv has
baun made impossible by' tlu simple
ri'incdy first suggestul by this paper,
-.here will lie much less cause' for
friction between latar organiwitions
and  tlu*  money  organizations.
Had such a law been 011 tlie statute
J-ooks'of tlu country, there would not
now exist the' trouble lx'lwetn the
Crow's Xest Pass Coal Co., the
ilu Ciow's Nest Pass Klectrie Light
and Power Company, the Morrissey,
■Miclul and I'ernie liailway' Comvany«
and ihe Lord knows how many other
companies all coiiiiectedjl-ly the doi-fllfc
directorate scheme 011 the oiu side,
and the "united Mine Workers on the
otlur. If til.: Crow's Xest Pass Coal
Company business was conducted by
a directorate, created ' and organized
for tlu express purposa of conducting
th.il particular business, independent
of.any other business, it would Iw
managed by practical coal, mine men,
and such nun would lie able to get
along with their employees, as does
the same kind of a management at
Coleman, under -tlu very noses of
those who are playing at the man-'
iigenitni luie through the means of
"legally  trained minds."
In llu meantime it-i.s necessary to
keep lurping. upon Uu fact '-that
unions ore dishonest and irrespon-,
sible.'and therefore not to be dealt
wiih by people who belong lo tlu
class of uniun,. that is being exposed
iu  every issue of almost everv paper
in th.. country as having within its
numbers hundred.-: of highly educated
people wh.i aie using Uu law to rob
widows, or* bans, laboring people,
; ml each .other .wh.-never tlu opportunity  arises.
Tlu machinery which was crcateil
to protect property interests has been
made llu means of 'robbery'•'to' such
an extent that it is .ieginniiig' lo be
tlu query, not as to how 11111.H the
great fortunes of the world today are.
the results oi hoiusl endeavor, bui
how link: lias-really "been acquired
by lii-ii.sl, nqiiarc dealing.
The   Double   Directorate Again
In Evidence
Tlu f.iilun: of llu Ontario Hank is
nno'.hr instance added lo tlie long
H.-.I showing tint directors do not
direct, exrept wlun their own private
interest is conrciiu.d. A coiileinpor-
avy asks, while commenting on ihis
liltf.' ila'veliipiliclll, "where were tlu
direeloiN?" A hiiiidrid dunces' to
iiu Uut th.y wile directors in other
institution1, in which they took nioro
interest than in tlu bank, save,,wlun
ihev n.-dli'il ih.- iiid nf llu bank to
I: Ip  1I1 iu  dn • oni'- dii.-itlng  in ulll. r
duvet ions, 1
How ■li.i.'.'ulia ,110 the-*: diiiibh: dl-
le.lillg lunplu ill lluii d.'lin.Usluitilti}
tinu th- wind. thing is absolutely
rnll'. 11. Mii-.Tinis life, elected U-cuiiho
th.y .1 ii. supposed lo In null ol ill-
i-.gnly .iiul ability, lo direct the uf*
lairs of ii li.ini. wluiii do.-s u biisiu,*s>i
of siuh ,111 exliiii with otlur people's
III" II V il> In l.i.^,;H: ill.: liillstillll CillU
i:lld alt II'mil ol ,1 dn'ill dilii'tors,
'ill., ili.nl' |>,,v Ini illli.lillg, bui wlin
d.i u1 Milnli-l,' nuthiiig bin ilruw lln-ir
•a .,1.'! I.i.j nih.i null v,hu wniil'l
!., v, illiiig lii '|ni»l all til .ir time
b iil.ill;> alter tIt.* llllilists illtl'llstril
■n ill III Id iiiiul, III doing that dl-
1.1. n,*, lr. ui d' nig tth.it tluy ih'-iit-
-, h* * i.fii. , in iii'gld 1 io do
A dn* iim   wim looks .iitii' llu    af*
"  .-,- '   '..1 '     '            b      V  ■ ' !     -All
; ii ,,   ■.!> il  -.,tl.iiy. ,unl  >i-iin'l   Ii.ivc
Pin In 11'  iliti 11.Hi' Il.ill .1 iln/i II Wtll-
r 111.tit ul 1. 11      .my  111 ■  «'il   wliiili
ui'j'li*   wiiii'   in  'i'.'  thai   s.inn*    1 miiW
, ,     ,    .    1
,,,,,.,        , *, ,   ■ * ' --a, -    -a*
1td.1t  s.ni   iii-.ti 1.1 ti>*  '..lii-iii.* in wlitilt
li    is p, 1-1 11 iile mtiili  innii- inui-i-i'ii-
, .1 than -,ii the iliu.iing ol the luitk.
'Ih t*   Mill 1.- .1  lnt  nl  talk    iiImhiI
-,:l-   -ii.tldlllglll     )Kiijilt-   illlil    ItSistill,}
!   Ill    li>,ili i". I -    bill   ill -t*   is   Hist   nil*
V av   tu  lll.il.i-  .1  (JiMrl  job  i.f   it'll 1|   |l   ,,    *ll.,ll    * .|.    lm,,.. If   nit   as      .1
dn,ii. 1,  ...   tlm li   'Is-.    Jiiii": l.t
hun Mi'd u.i't   th* iiupossibli'. by try-
■II;   In   iliJ.,1   Ul*   .ill.Ulh  nl   «.IV-   Ittstl-
ini'iii wim*..' ui'.ti.-t in.iy l»- in ii.ii-
,".1 -,-t '.'1   ■- .Ui,: 1I1.1 li,  A ;.!'.<• trv-
• ;, ,  • ,  .f.r    1   t<   ih- k 1111 - tiii'i-
it':'    '41.111    iti'   iblllll'!.It,     IS    ilia'  fit it
■ i j, m Ui.  .tiiiitiiii ill luiiiplt-ti-   u--
fi.ri'i l>. «t     Ifsil:in*j1»   t,tki*     \\mt
■xv TUB i-?ERN»IE LEDGER fSrWe. B.C... QCTOBERj^.1906
Issued every "Wednesday from the office of publication, Todd l.tock,
Victoria Ave., Kernie, British Columbia.
, t.'X
Frank  Paper.
Ordinarily the Krank Paper.alsstalns
from seeking to take'any hand.in the
dilliculties that arise from lime lo
time between tlu United .line Workers bf America and the various corporations industrially' engaged in the
Crow's .Vest Pass, realizing that such
interference, is usually looked upon as
meddling by llu parties concerned,
and that as a ccaiseinietice it rarely
accomplislus good, more often doing
harm, but in tlu strike situation at
Feinie and Michel, as tlu controversy
between the niinc workers and the
Crow's Nesl Pass Company is ordinarily characterized, or Uu lockout,
us tlu nun term it, there are all tlu
possibilities of an economic disturbance so widespread in its effects that
the interests of a very large section
o! Ihe industrial life of Western Canada may lie* jeopardized and perhaps
seriously injured. Therefore, in the
interest of tlu common good, we feel
that wc are warranted in this , instance in "butting in," if you choose
to so term it, in ths hope that we
may. say something thai may start
cne or both sides to the controversy
to thinking along a new line, and
thereby ;ontribute our mite' toward
prompting a settlement of what may
lasily become the most serious upheaval between capital and labor that
has yet confronted this part of tho
To begin with, we will say that
the Krank Paper is fairly well in
touch .with the inside of things in relation to the difficulty in question; it
has fairly accurate information on
llu. points in controversy and the conditions that exist; it knows the lead-,
ers on 'both sides, and knows them
with a degree of1 acquaintance which
it believes warrants it in expressing
a conviction regarding them. It lw
lieves General "Manager Liifdsey,. of
the Crow's Nest Pass 'Company, lo
lx a man of broad tolerance, whose
innate .impulse would lx* in favor of
the welfare- ol his employees. Mr.
Lindsey once said to the writer, at a
time when he had no reason to expect his remarks to "he repeated, and
therefore could not have been talking
miration for tlu ollicers of the United
Mine Workers. , lie praised the moderation tliey had manifested in previous dealings he had with .llum, and
expressed tlu lx:lief that so long as
the then ollicials were al tlu head of
the union he would never have any
difficulty in settling any dispute that
inighl arise ibetwcen the union and
company. Di the men on the other
s-ide, llu Frank Paper also holds a
good opinion. ll docs not believe
them to be the demagogues and labor
autocrats they are so often painted
' It does not believe they are infallible
-uiul never nuike mistakes, but it does
believe they are conscientiously striving lo the best of their light to protect anil advance the interests of the
men who compos-! the organization
of whiih tluy cluincc* to l*e the .snokes-
iiun thnnii-h having been elected lo
ollicial positions. Il knows, loo, thai
most ol these men ut least hold Mr,
Lindsey in high esteem, . More than
tm of them, Mr, Sherniaii, Mr. Patterson, mid others of the. ones to
wliom Mr, Lindsey referred, have said
to the writer that tliey considered Mr.
"Lindsey nu excet-dingly fair man, and
thnt they luver had any difficulty
jitttirig justice when a dispute reached
him for 11 decision,
Tliis, tli'.ii, ought to nfiord a pretty
fair .basis upon which to gel loj-eilur.
I'.ueh side, if tTuir word is lo be believed regards    ihu other ns disposed
10 lie fair, There ought not to bu
much difficulty in finding n common
gtoiiud uiuler thnt condition If they
will go inlo the ment of tlu thing
uml wilh nbsoluli: frankness and hoii-
tsty iisci'itiiin the exact fuels in veln-
liou to cluli issue, If each side does
thnt, uml views the other's ease dls-
pnssioiiiitely, asking, only thai which
ii ubsoliiluly Inir nud sfiiuiro, as-
Uir.dly ii colll'erelici* held on such ll
T.um.h eniilil Iuiv. but mu insult,
To umv. nt smli a solution the
•unties tu tlle. coiiti'iivcrsy have hut
tu follow tlu scriptural injunction:
"Know thyself," in otder to open u
wuy. lviK.li sidy should examine, into
its own ium', uiul ili'litiniiu whether
il is doing that uhiili is absolutely
just und Inir in relation to each issue.
11 luil it.',ss iln.'S not snv it is, tlu point
1-I11111I1I be yielded, To go thus ilio
lhe merits ol 1hr< ens,. o«(. must la'inu
willi thi' issue mi whiih the men
Mriifk. Thut was n ulusul to work
with iioii-iuiloii men, Anyone who
).Jbiw.i anything, knuw.*, that Uu: union
with no otlur grievance, did not
strike 1111 that oiu* point nlotu, Th.*
lml is 1I1.1I tlu Cum-',*, Xr.'.i Company.
h{'„s a st-t nf overmen or i/ism-s, tunny
ol whom piuitlee nil .oris of petty
tyrannies 011 tli.? nun. Mr. Li i-l--« \
may not lc iiwim* ot tlu full, but ho
cull ttsiertiiill ill' .mill of the slut,-
inent by tiitkiiig two minutes wuh
uuy Mali in his rinploy, Tlnv ton-
suit ol -x'tiy iuliiiigi-iiiwini ol ilu-
linn's righl.-. iimlii ' th.- ngnenuiit,
ill */% tin mimII to U- t;ik(ti olliii.il
r«ij>»i/.ilii'i' nf, l-r.-.wv of nlh.i things
l.viu/ \t, Ml it-Cui Uny thul tluy pre-
l.r pull inj; up with tlu il.-tr.jiltii.nt
lo making tumble,     but tliey   have
rankled in ,lh.: minds of the men until
they culminated in a determination
to riglit matters for g-ood ami all
when tlu union officials obtained
what they thought to Le good eyi-
d. ncc "of conusance' on the pa.t ot
lhe 'company at disruption ol the
union. Mr. Lindsey denies lhat he en
touragi-d or had anything, to do with
■the fact that union men withdrew
tluir .signatures from the cluck-oft
agre^ini-UL, ihut he knows now that
his subordinates countenanced . it it
they did not encourage it, ami if   lu
amin.-.s lurther into his own case,
lu will find many instances in which
his overmen have doiu that which
they ought not to have don;, and
which has poisoned llu minds of the
union nun until tluy were ready
to believe llu coinpany was con.spir-
ing to disrupt the union by encouraging men to, withdraw from it.
If Mr. Lindsey examines iiito this
phas; of tlu,case, he will no doubt
iiiitl why the men .struck without
wailing to try their case through the
various tribunals provided for the adjustment of such grievances. It will
not justify them in failing, to live up
to tluir agreement in that respect,
but being a leader of men, he will lie
able to appreciate the (act that the
average horde is not endowed, with
suilicient self-control to check llu
outbreak of passion wlun patience is
gone, and in the knowledge ,hc will
have gain.d of Uu tilings that have
led up to the present difficulty, he
will lx. able to lind suilicient palliation, to warrant him in renouncing
his claim lor indemnity for the cost
of the cessation of operations.'
So much for Mr. Lindsey's side.
IVkal, about the men? ■ Undoubtedly
they were wrong in going on strike
•before? Uu last means of adjusting
their grievance was exhausted, notwithstanding, llu extenuating circumstances. Let them, therefore exercise just as much candor and sincerity as would |»e incumbent upon Mr.
Lindsey to. enable him to arrive al
tlu solution suggested for him. I,et
them frankly acknowledge their error
as he has asked them to do, and jjive
siuh assurance as will satisfy him,
tlia.1 there will not be a recurrence of
this sort of thing during llu life5 of
ths agreement. Let them live up lo
their agreement, and let Mr. Lindsey
see tihat his overmen do Uu same,
and we are inclined to think tlure
will 1>; puacc.'
We have small hope of such a culmination of the deplorable affair, but
wc venture to say thai if tlu.se suggestions were to be acted upon, thc
strike, or lockout, or whatever it i.s,
would be at an end within <- twenty-
four hours:, from the tinu an effort to
settle it a long these lines were commenced.      , ,     o   -
ih-. manager that if.he would examine
liis .own ease* a little more carefully
hu would lind out more things that
arc not right.
Now, that ought to make Lindsey
sit up and swear!
A lawyer to be Iold that lu don't
know his case! If the Ledger were to
talk like that it would have to move
out of town. But coining fro.11 a
man who is making such a commendable effort to prove that cix-i-yhody is
light and all Iiaiuls wrong, Uu ledger
sincerely hopes that . the amiable
manager will-*overlook what might at
first sight appear to l>e a reflection
upon his aibility to "know thyself."
If h. will beari in mind the fact
that the Frank speaking fellow gives
the otlur side a little ,of the same
medicine, it may help him to keep tlu
ruilles out of his temper while lu is
being cajoled into the notion of,, renouncing his claim for indemnity. .'
Th 11 Uic soul of frankness gives tlu
ininsrs some more of Uu same kind
of mediciiu, with full directions as to
wh n lo take a dose, and winds np
with tlu assurance that if botli patients will shake before taking, .and
lake as-directed, a physic is sure to
follow. But like all wise doctors
who don't propose taing caught by
results, he gravely shakes his head
and says, as he,leaves llu (hauiher of
sickness,. thai lu doubts very much
after all wlielU.r tlu patients ■ will
lake his sugar-coated pills.
Now, if .the Ledger could write such
a siiioo"th, two-sided article as that,
it would have a fortune in tlu shape
o£.2'ads. and 75 cent bits of job
work Hung at it from all sides. But
alas, il 'hasn't tlu ability! '
 —'- o	
We reproduce in full the "butt in"
of the Frank Paper on the strike' situation proffered, as is stated, in thc
lope that the "butt" may pave the
way lo an amicable settlement of the
present troubles'.'
Tlu writer of the "butt in" hopes
ih.u his suggestions may lead to a
new litu of thought which tniglit lead
out of the quagmire.
This reminds tha Ledger of tlte.raith-
er novel procedure adopted by an
irate driver of a baulky horse to
get him to go,
He filled tlu contrary_ brute's car
with dirt, atid before llu horse had
recovered froin the surprise of having, liis cur slopped up tliat way, he
had forgotten the kiulking business
nn.l was pulling away like the liest.
pulling horse in tlie world, and trying to shake tit. dirt out of his ear
iis he went, but ns soon ns the car
was clear of tlle dirt, the horses's mind
got back to llu stubborn stage, nnd
he siuldinly renumbered what hi seemed lo think wus his special , business,
and refused to pull any more. The
second trial of Uu dirt cure hud 110
effect, and some other method Iuul lo
lx: udopti'd lo get hiin to go, The
"butt iu" idea of' getting both sides
to foigel things uml start pulling, i.s
a good one for temporary purposes,
but would be like 'this dirt in tlu enr
cure—not lasting,
This article, .states thai Mr, I.iiulscy
had expressed entire confidence in the
oiliccrs of lhe union, nud tlu union
officers had seen his blind nnd strati*
died it, uiul so honors were even,
This ought to oiler u pretty (nir
basis upon which lo get together,"
lltul is, if their word is to be believ*
id. Now, il each side to this controversy would only usk "just what
is iibsoluti'ly fair und N.-unrc," our
Frnnk Paper slates thut there would
be 110 tumble,
It is only necessary to follow the
Ki-riptiirnl injunction, "Know ihysulf"
und every thing would be lovely.
That is good old scripture, ul) right,
bill ilk-iv scciiiN n whole, lol of things'
thai ure not strictly scriptural have
got tttixi'i! up in this tillnir, nml both
sides uro working double time trying
lo lind out all about tlu other fellow
iilid letting himself go to lilil'i'S,
'111 ti this oilei of the tronblc-l wnt*
cm stiis 111 n liith: vinegar just to
let thine little lire bosses or overmen know thul they nre nol lo he
t'n'is.'.i'iitt n.i ill tin- s<|iiHre ileal lor
Iiuiini'iiy, uud hints that Mr. Lindsey
don't kiinw I'l.rvtfiin. tlmt the wril-
i-r does about tlr.s. things, nml nil-
vlsi"; ih.' giii.T.il manager to hnve a
twoniiiiiilr talk with ally titan in bis
'Ill- Ledger would modestly suggest
ihut tli.' Kraal* I'n|irr mny go one
step Jiirih.r and rciniiiituiid souu- particular 1111111 out of the ?,ooo nun Mr,
Lindsay lately hud in liis employ,
'Ihi*' would savr tlie manager a few
iiu.iiiini.v nJli-ition a*, xo uho to talk
to, ami pirviut tin* possibility nt hi*)
dning the two inlniilc stunt with one
Last Friday evening a letter written,
by the then president of OladsloU-:
local union, Mr. Dicken, appeared *in a.
local paper which is well known as a
non-union paper, both as to its own
business mid in its sympathies' in the
present trouble between the management and the miners.
This letter was headed in 'big letters, accusing District President Sherman with'1 treachery to the union.
Tlu letter itself contained very little)
lhat had not baeii published before,
but coming from the president-of the
local union, it was expected to have
a great effect, and these expectations
were fully realized, so far as stirring
things up and crystali/ing the feel-
inaisi (if the union miners is concerned.c
a    . * O"
President  .Sherman  was  away    and
did uol get back to Fernie until after
noc.n on Saturday, and ktuw nothing
of- llu letter until he found it on the
table  in  tlu. hall  when  lu entered to
id to discuss matters relating lo let-
tiiigi of crntracts for provisions    and
otlur. matters.   The hall'was full    of
miners.who had read the letter,   and
,wlio were full of indignation at Pres-
•     -i
.ident Dicken for having given such   a
.statement     to the public,al   such   a
time and in such a manner as lu had
done,   wlun he had recourse  to h,gh-.
cr authority  within  tlte order    .if  he
l.ally wislud, to mend matters."
There,was no two sides to the dismission over the matter, and Presi-
dint Dicken had to bow to tlu united
will of Uu itkiUi-.-i and nl once resign
his position.
He had no excuse or cxplnniilion lo
offer except that he maintained that
what lu.slated in his letter was true,
He was offered n committee before
which I12 could' make his defence, but
did nol seem to relish doing so, However, a committee wns formed and n
time sjt for him to ni'al'e 1111 effort to
sqtinre his, conduct with tlu obligation he owed to his union i( ho so
Mr, Moore wns elected president
pro tcin to fill the vacancy so sud-
duily created, and Imsltiess goes on (is
So one doubts that it would hnve
pleased some people if this iiiijusliliable .notion on the part of Mr, Dicken
had resulted in n rupture, of the local
union, but the effect il has wns cx-
nctly thu reverse, nnd nothing has
huppeiutl since tlu trouble bt'gnn thut
Has brought tlu men so close ingellier and so nailed than has thin unexpected nctlott of Mr. Uickeii.
Thnt n 1111m should, by his own
liusty nnd ill-udvised nction huvi:
brought such smliliii humiliation upon himself is much to he regretted,
ntid hud tlu iiieinU-rs of the union
hem so lorgelliil of their duty to
ib'uir nrgiini/iilinii as to huvu shown
the slightest sign nl wavering, the
result would have been disastrous to
Uu 111. Hut ns it hits turned out, Uu
iinioil emerges froin tlu shock ninri:
liruily united liuu More, wilh tlu
atmosphere within its orgcnil/iilinii
much ih'iircr ihiin it had bei 11,
Th.it this Ii.in nciiiiii'd ut so iiitieul
11 time without ueutiug greater turmoil uml trouble th,iii it has, i.s a
inntter tor great congratulation. A
lid* (iii>iil< in ol iiiii- n'T'ilr W'l-i tli" .it.-
pi nrnnei'ol nnoth*r letter nt th.* situie
I line in the sniiie paper front 11 niiiur
uho did not iis,i liis name in cniiiic..-
tion with 11. It is believed by nenily
every miili who was nt the meeting
tint iln* writer nf this niiiioiiiyoiis
letter was in ihe hull Salunlay, but
h. Mused to ri-spoiid to a re.|iust to
innlij hi III sell known.
The l.edgcr do.'v not wish to add to
the discomfiture anl huuiiliiilii.n which
him come so siiibUnly ns n result of
this niiiit's ouii at iii 11, uud IVS.TIVS
tiltieisin ns to what motive prompt-
id liim to do i.o, itiikin^i his nwn'alalc
ment that he thought ho wns doing
\»8,tiI was 1k->i (nr llie miners, l.ut
taking that view ol tli.* wv, In* certainly hav shown a «-id u-int ol .on-
ol thn** same nwrntm by miMaVe. J«,ilr.ilii.n or ugntA lnt Jus order,
'Ih- Kr.inl: 1'apt-r tiko frankly U-l!«i'_inl .. iL'iIouU.- l.uk   of In.iwUgi
of Uu conditions which .surround hl-'u
and  his   fellow   workers   at   this'till-.e.
Every step he took in llu mal'aer
seemed to be the most ill-advised U.iat
he could have taken, and if he -was
innocent of* any wrong intention,, his
position al present i.s all the nnore
keenly felt.
Had Uu brought his -ill-timed communication to the Ledger, a paper he
kn.w was favorable to the union and
whose editor had but recently shared
his confidence with him and submitted the draft of Uu article dealing
with the whole trouble, which appeared on the front page of the ledger only tlu day 1-efore, Iks letter
would never have been published to
bring upon himself such sudden retribution. "
Tlu editor of Xhz Ledger, or anv
otn_r man who has tlu welfare of tlu
miners of this district at heart, would,'
have told Mr. Dicken that he was in
110 way justiliable in making public
statei'i.nts regarding the conduct of
ollicers of Uu union until h_ had
gone to llu highest court iu the order, and nol even th:n making public"
what all orders of the nature of the
union regard as* strictly private business. No accusing of others of tlu
same offence will be accepted as palliation  by his associates.
Tlu paper that published it could
have had no desire to in any way
lend aid to tlu cause of unionism,
aiid tlu miii.rs and otlur workm-.il of
this district have a practical demonstration of th. love thai an 'iin._itr
shop has for them.
If a  few of  the citi/'ir-- of -Ferine
would  display  Uu  determination that
tliu miners     are showing-during    all
thesi    unpleasant   '"happenings,    this
community would be iii a much   bet.
ler. condition than     it now is,    and
there would lx: fun* less possibility of
friction and strife.
h. 1\ ECKSTEt.-*
Eckstein & Gray
Barwsteks-at-Law, * Soucitoj.s,  Etc.
Hooms 1& 3, Henderson block, Fernie, B.C.
F. C. Latoe
Crow's    Nost    Trading    Co.     Block,
. Feinie,, I*. C,
Ross & Alexander
FfiltNIE, U. C.
Office In Ij. 'J', iv. Block, Victoria Avenue,
Coal.—Coul lands mny bu purchiiHori at >'10
tier Here for soft coal unit MO for itiithriicitu.
Not nioretliaii Ui'O netes ean bo acquired liy
011c imlividi'iil or company, Royalty nt tlio
into of ton ci'iit.., por ton of 2,00(1 pound) shnll
bo uolleutiid oil tlie gross output.
Quurtx—-V free min.r's certificate is grunted
upon payment, in uilviince of (li per annum for
an ihdiv i.lual,. uud from tii'i to SIOO por uunum
for a conipaiiy uccoi-diiii? to capital.
A fice miner, li'aviiiB discovered mineral in
plnco, may lceiitu a claim 1 .SOO 3: l,:'.ou feet.
The foo for recording a claim is {IS.
At least''loo must lie expended on the claim
each year or paid to the mining rouurder in
lieu thereof. Whon ifM) has ueon expended or
paid, the locator may, upon having a mirvey
mnde, und npon complying with othor requirements, pureluisc the land at SI an acre.
Thu patent provides for the payment of a
royalty cf 2' per cent ou the Miles.
Pi.a.ei. mining claims generally are 100 feet
square; ontr.v lee 4'i renewable yearly,
A free miner may obtain** two leases to
dredge for gold of live miles each tor a, term of
twenty years, renewable at tho discretion of
ho Minister of tlie Interior^.	
J. Barber*, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L T. W    Block,   opposite tlie  Bank
Ollice hours—-S u.m. to « p.m.   '
"^ if*
rfevnie, 3B. Q.    \
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OiTici- lloimsi-       f -Hilo 12 a, m. 1 to 5 p. m
c.::o tos v.in.
" Odlco iii Alex,). nl;"s llioek
over Slum's liahery.
KKU.N1E,        -"_,_'_        j,. 0
Ollice:   L.T.W. Block
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A. McCartney
p. o. nox 260
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•A f!l»
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :   :
Retail    Meat    Merchants
" Choicest cuts of fresh meats always
en hand.
Hams, bacon, and lard as well.,
All kinds of fresh fisJ-; or.  -eason.   :
Prompt  delivery.
Give 11s a! call. | -,.
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— o —
Is a. pleasant home
for the traveler.
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Goods kept in slock.
AI1I  work
John Turner,
Tiie lessee shall 'laveailrodRO in operation
within one season from ttic (lulu of Mm li.abe
for euuh live milo*. Kuutul tin por milium lor
fluch mile of rivor luftsud, Iloyiilty nt tlio
rate of 2. per cent collected on the out'iut niter it exceeds $10,000.
w. w. corey;
. Deputy, Minister* of the. Interior.
N.   U..—IJnfj_|ntliot_>i-i.c_   *ViHr)lic'a,tio.ii   ol
this advertisement will not Ijc paid
NOTlCK is lifli'obv (,'iviiii Hint, sixty days from
itutolinti'im to apply to the Hon, Cliiuf
Commissioner of LuiiiIh nml* Works for pi'r-
mission to puriiliilFU (he following ilescrihcil
limit, CoiiimenciniT ut. the. Smith liuslri.rnor
of lot H07 thonco Fu-,. at clmiiiM South 20
chains wost '.'(I chains unit thence 1101th in
chains to point of cnnn.i.ncimiont.
August 20th JiiOfl -l.'i
l*j r..  ——■ ~—	
SIXTY ila,vn iiftor (Into I Inton-I l(i apply to
tliu lloiinriihlo Uli lul' Commissioner of
Liiiuls niul WorkHi Victoria, to purchiiso tlio
following il.Sa'i'i'ioil Imnli.
UoininiMinhiK lit 11 post, miu'lccil J.R.Kilmniul-
son's M'Ull.*westi'o)iifli-mlloinlnuJohn ll.Olil*
llolil'H Imnl; tliiuicoKO chains north; thuncu w
cliaiim oust; thvii.n 811 cliains huh Hi; th.iiico ho
uhuiiiii wcsl to tlm pnlnt of (>(ii>ini(iiic(illiunt,
thu whole containing Uli) uercs,
9oiit. Mh llKM l.o.iitui',
SIXTY days after duto I Intend to npply tn
thu Honourable Chiuf Commission.!)- of
LumU niul Works, Victoria, tu iiuicIiuku thn
followln. iliiMirlhml Imnl:
Ciimiiieuciii'r ut 11 post mn ill oil S.K, Oliver's
soutli-onst cornor ikIJoIiiIiir John ll.ohllluht's
Imnl: thonco xo chains north; thonce Kit cliains
went; thence Nil ehains houlli; I lumco mi cliains
ount to the iioint of coiiimuiiciinioiit, tlio wliolu
B_pt,'6t)i KKmI Locator,
SIXTY iluyB nftor (Into I liilcml t» npply tn
the Jlnnmmilili, Uliiol CouiniisHloiKir of
J.iiikU and Works, Victoria, tn imreluiMi thu
followliiKiloscrihcil land: in Ullc ltivi'i' vnlluy
ni.'omiiiuiiidiiK ut 11 post, marked <ln!iii li,
Frntt's noi'th-ei'st onrnor, ailjiilnlnir Joint li,
Oldllt-hl's land; thuncu Huclnilns south thenco
WiidinliiH west; thuncu Hii chains north; thence
Mncliiiliiseiut to tlio point of eomiiioiiuuiiiitlit.
tliu wholo iioiiIiiIiiIuk ilio ncros.
John 1), I'.nt'., l.iicatnr.
Sept. .Mil IIUHI H, 10, Ollvur, Annul
SIXTY ilnyn iiftcnlnlii I intoiul to apply to
tlm Honourable Chief CoiiiiiiIshIiiuui' of
l.iunls nml WolltK, Victoria, to imrcliiiso tlm
fiillowluu ilosiii'lliuil lands In l<)lli Itlvur viilleyi
> I'oiiiiiKuiuiiiK nt 11 post iiiiirkfi! John 11,01.1*
lliilil'snoi-th.ttest corner to .1. A. McDonald's
Iiiml, tliniicn Wi elm Ins hoiiUii tlmiicu Ho chains
(Hint; tlimicu Mil chuiiiH iKirtli; tlienco No uIiiiiiih
Must lo Hie point, nf ciiiiilniiiicullluiil, llie
whole cdiiliilnliifi 1II11 ill-ins,
John 11, ()l.|/l.*lil, Locator
H, K.OIivur, Aki'HI)
Kept. Mh, IUKI .     —It'
TIIM.TV (Iiivh nftcr il.tiu I intciiil
to ii])|ily lo tliu Cliiei C(iiiiiiiissiiiii.*r
of I,iiiitls unit Wnii-i, Viilorlii, ll.C,
for 11 lipi'i'lu! lU'eiisi- in i-ut nml i-urry
nwny t.iiiilnii- from llio following (k*-
wriUil iniid-.:
L ...... If, ... ,.*£      ill, ,.     JIUNi     |»i.4lllial     lit
Mi.- \' \V nun, i- nt J,*.1 p-y'i, iii.u..
1'Hiniii;' V, |3,i ilnilns, ili.wiu* iwiitli ,15
iliniiis, lliciii-c \\  So itiiiilK, ih.<tui> N
Id ill.iill'.,  MlclUV  W i.S (IlililU,    tlhtld'
S i]fi ilmiiiN   to point     of i-oiiiini-inv"
M, Mi-INS*I'S.
KlkiiuiiuK,   t*.tli Sept.  i'»iN>,        15
ljy tho week or mouthy
Mrs, Clark'''«'
I'.'-.lid Avi>.
l-lro Hull
IIAKTMITT   Iiorsi.. fonmrty    \„?
Clark.  il_* W-.,  Si  a, A%y hoi-1  in
\VI«u»ii.   Onlv uffifi* Inlp fHiplnv. <l
C. \V.  IlARTMvTT,  l»r«)jiruti.r.
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Windsor     Tonic,      Jag-     Destroyer.
SIXTY iliiyHiiflui'ilftti) t ilitmul to npply tn
tlin Hmioriilild Chief CuiuuilKHlunor of
1/iuiilniuiil Wnrlm, Victoriu, to liundinxu the
InllowliiKiliiMTiliflil Innd In Klk Hivor Vnllov.
UnniriHiiiclni: nl 11 ikihI. iiinrlciul N.I*!. O'h iinrlli
ciikI. nnriicr, tliiiucii Ho nlmiini Hiiutli tn S, ]•),
Ollror'H H|i|iUi<iitliin tn imrcliuhi!: tliuiien Nn
nlmins west.; t lumen Nil clialnn nni'tli; tliiiiico
Dn (diitiiiK iiast (n point of iiniiinioneiunoiit,
lllll Wlioltl OOllttlllllllK d-H1 IK'I'OH,
N, K Oliver, I.m'iitnr
S.K. Oliver, Aituiit.
S«pt., Mil, I'-on     .<
SIXTY iliiymiftor ilnle I Inteinl tn upply tn
tliu Jlniinnililn (llilof llnininlHiiiuiiiir nf
IjIiikIhnnd VVi.i'l'H, Victoria, in puvi'liiiHii tli*
follnwIii-riliiM-rilitjil lunil;
Oniiiiiiuui'liiK nl. 11 post, lniirkml K. K. Onnil*
M'Vii'H noi'lli wi«»l utiriKir iKlJninlnu N, K,
()livor'n 11 ppl lent inn tn pnri'liiinfli tliniicn WI
itliiilns Nimlli; thi'iici) h:i iiliniiiH iiiiht; tlimico
mirlinliiN noith; thi'iii'0 mi i;]iuIiim wtml.to tlio
iinlnt of I'oininiMii'iiiiiout, tlio wliolu.iintiiliiliiw
10. K, UmiiUvyii, T.noitor
S. IC, Oliviir, AKont
s«ipt. r.tii, iimki
SIXTY iluys iiftur ilnin I iulciul In npply tu
tlm llniinriililii ("liliif l'iiinnilHkl(iiii>r of
I.hiiiIhund WorliH, Vieturiii, to piireliilHii tlio
Inllnivliiir iliiM'i'lliiil Imnli
(!iiiiiiiii*iii'Iiik ul, 11 IM'HI. iiiiukiiil 0, .1, I/n
nnrlli Mt'-il c(.iiicr iidldliiliin lv K (liiodwyu'h
il|i|illi<iiHuu tn piii-i'liiiNii; tl,iiueo su idiiiliiM
hiiuIIi ; (liiiiiCKNii'liiiltiNUiiht j tlinlii'ii Hiii-IiiiIiik
nurtli; thuiici'**)chains «i!,.t tn tlm point of
cnliiuiolii'Ulllolit, (lm   wliolu   eolltiiliiiiitf   lllll
Hnpl.mli, llHMl
.'.'•.'!,.',.'.,v"l,> Locator
H, K, (.)liviir,A«tiiit
SIXTY iIii.vn niter dale J Intend In upply tu
llio  ll'iiinriililn   Chief ('iiliiiiilHMliiiiiir of
l.lilliUlind Wiirlli', V'ieliirlii, to puieliiihii tliu
InlluwIiiK il t* 11 Hid Imnl 1
Cuiiiiiiolii'liitf nt 11 piihl iiiurliiMl IV, I', ll'l
hiiiilli   Mcht   riuiier iiiljulnltiu N, I*!, Ollvur'i
npplii'iit luu lu puii'liiiKHltlii'iii'ii Hn rim Iim nnrlli
thenee Nilrliiiiiih(u-i, tliiueii niii'IiiiIiin miiiIIi;
llieiieii tin chain* wcl to tlm point nf com-
liiiilU'eliliillt, Iliu whole ciiiitiiliiini, mu iicion;
\V. Y Hull, i.neiitiir
S, V. Olivtir, Aui'iit.
Hrrpt. Mil. 1IMH1
SIXTY iliiymiftor data 1 Itituml In npply tn
tlm lniiiniu'iiln Chief C'nlllliil«»|ii|ier ill
l.inidii nml WurliH Victnrln, tu iiureliiiuii tliu
Inllowiliu (IcM'lil.cil IuiiiIh I
1,'ulilliiei.eliiK nt 11 p(i"t inlirkiid 11, H I'M*
wnrd'H miutli wnsr. enrner iii|Jii|iiIiik*.N, K. Ill-
I v 1.1*'« ii ppl lent hiulii i.tiii'liiuo; tliciieehni'liiilii-i
iiiiilli,' tliiiiee ku chain* in.,(;Iheucfi nii'luiln*
•'iiiiii: IJiciii'iiHil rimlu« wiut In 'Km t«ilnf i.f
i-iiUiiiii ne nii-l.l ,1 liu n liein inlilnililliif I.Ill H.'r.'H
II 1. V.ilwiii*.t«, I.iii'hIot
-*., h.Ulner, Anent
Wi*]il. Mil. l«nt
Philip Carosella
General Merchant
and Dealer in-Wines,
Liquors and Cigars,
_3133.'H3Sri3I3,   33.
fil' J'ATltOM-.-..   HUM.*'   JHI'UKTKY '('«
U-JSTIOKT    Lj. 33331X1
Cpowvs    Nest   Special
Miner's Favorite Gl(|ars
SIXTVilnv" tt.fl«*ril*ln' I IiiUivI t«»|^.ljf in
tlm lliiimriililii Chief n.minU'.luiiiir nf
l.lllnlii iuul W'nlliK. \ idol In, to lilirelllimi llm
fiilluulimilimciilii'il litinUi
<• 11111111-11c-i11K nl n t«»>t nmrkiil "*',rTir*»t l'ntl-
t,,-'. • •.. j.n«» —»«».<>... .v.'./..ii»n»i .vj,.-.>iivnr H
nppHeiilfmi In |iiiii'Iiii<*<ii tlimii'ii hi i-lmli*i>
unrllli tlii'lu'tl Ml chain* west; tlieticn HI
ill.iill.* M'lltlli tlll'lne hi cliulim cunt in tlm
|inlnt nf cnuilnellicliicht,llm Mhiileci.liliilillnil
Krni.'nl I'nlhir.l, l^iciilnr
K K. (Ulscr, Audit
K'|it,f.tli,V.«ifl -IS
nvxriK \irruv tint ,t„ ,?,,,-, Mff,r ilnftj I
t. Ii.i.-u.l I..nfidy l(>tlit*<'lil. ((■..iniiiUfUimr
i.f J.lllid. niul  \Vnrlm fur II *|iH-InI II<*(-I1»4*Ii.
cut mul i-.irrvniviiy llinh.-r Irnn lllu following
.I.-«-til,i.,| Iri.i1.;
('..iniiiniriiii' nt h |k».»  plnnl^l mlmut Iwo
inilc* wcii- nl Klk lll\.-r .iri.l rI.oiii ll/n»rt nill.M
•Ulllll r.f M'ili-l»*>V. thi'liri. wet   1*1 ('tinin*.
Ilirli,-.. lH.f'1. Mi l.«!n«.ll,<iir(-«-*.t  Mr It* in*,
ll>»ii.-vv«fli hi ili^nn l„ pUrodf rommrim**
M»Ntiiiit.t,U i*>.*_.t.inii.iJKi. -II
In only one nf a liun.reil I'llfon-nt
> Hlmpoii mul uhoi our llrlur 11 turnml
out In, Tlio purfuot i|ii:illly of llio
llrlnr uml tlio Nklll with .vliloh thu/
aro iiuulo, quiillllo-i tliom an thu
Shilling Six-Penny Pipe
in lite World
thi.-/ wim. not cn-Acit,
tvffy PU« Gu«rinti«J,
SVLU  IN tANAUA tiltl  J5c.
Jtut romoiubor nml (ink for V
"Shield Brand" Piocs  «
I'or Sale ut the
Club    Clir^r   Store
*\V. A. INC.WAM, I'rop,
I'koiio 91.       -       •„     FcrnlB, Fl. C.
Atlantic Steamships,
Royal iVIaifl
.'rom ..Moiiln.-il mul Qnchcc In I,iyi-r-
Kmpivss ol  llritniii,  Oct,   icuh,
I.iilio  Cliuiniiliiiii,  Oct,   .fill,
Kuipiv-'.s ni In-hiiiil, Nny. 2nd,
I/n!.i! V,r\e, Xoy,   mill.
l'irst^ iul/iti Sfi.s nud upwimls, ..ie-
rnnliiift' lo sUkiiiut; oii.i class stciiiii-
i'1's (intoiiiiuliiitc ,?.p.,i(); si'coiul call-
in, '•■l.'i und ii'iwiii-.ls! third clnss,
Ssfi.Sn nud .S*.-.*i.--,s, Apply (it once for
niir illimlralfd liiiolilct di'Hcriplivc of
din- supciioi- Third Clmis iicchiiiiihi-
V110M   MlX'CUV.Al    TO     I.ON'llON
I.ulto 1\liJii<<aii,  Oct.  17th,
Third i'Iiiks only, Ssri.^o,
Monlids.-, Ikt, 211I1,
Curn-in-f S.-nnid class i.nly, ?|'),
"Overseas Mall''
96   liours
to  Quebec
(let. i«,tli and Kov. 721I1,
J'or di'liiiii-il, iiiiiiiiu.ilioii anil lii-"...'
r.s.'tvullints lur iniin nr lioatsi nfjily
to loi-iil u>-viiii nr write
1).   1». A., Nelson.
M, .1. COVI.l'., A. 0. 1\ A,,
Vnnronvcr,  DC
•jnAKKKOTIOKtliiitii.liiy^ftfip, ,!„,„ r ,„.
*■ (.'iiilii'iiiiiilv* »n Jim Ciiiiif Cniiiiiiimuiiicr
nf l-.in. -iii.i  Worlutiir i.«.nnIh-Iiiii  io i,iir.
iiinc tliu fnllowliitf il««.ri.,ui| |„nil In Hn   1
Kiihl Kiinti'iiiiv
l'riiitiit..neliti* <if «i
The .ontriirfcim of Tcrnie will
pkoc. tivkc iKitic. th..t Alter Apiil
lit, I'M the Carpenter, anil Joiner* ol lViiiic |,im'i.| iv>n wlll iIk.
m*tiA four -Jollam (4,00) lor tljjhl (fl)
hours' work,
0, II. of C. A J. V. !»90, Kemie,
Hff«.iril * T.lniuuni foi*    io.lc mi.'
.•»«'''»   '■'■*'«   '''r.iil.i'iit (lux. ml,., Mm
in, «•>'':"•(   l'r,'*""l'- "ii.  uml fiiwrk«hl
Tliniiiax rniliuii Nurtli \Vr»i <:«tni*V  iiiL»».
Snn; 1 iiirlmli... II,,,,,.... K«M «..H. in.*,    *   .
Nnill. iilmut tA clmln« In tl.o I.hi k of K k iTlvVr
lii-n.* Minim Hil.l liiiiih t.irliiiMn.'..  ,f '„,"
tiiriii*. iiiPiif. rnninliihiK i'i 1 «rr... .„<>,,-, (,T |„,;,
**'X*. UI.1W«I. TlliiMAH CllVlMS,
fmKK.VOTICK Iiiiii i;i ,ln». „f|,r ,|wtp , ,,'„
■■   li'li.l fn llM.lv f.if mi l.'l„'..f r,.mn Ia.I,.,!, ,
K?.ri(!.!lVn*. *'■-      ''""•,i,,«''* ■'"''I In HiMiih
ll..|iiim.|i.-hitf nt 11 luitl t.lc.K.u.n ||,r, „,,,,
iiHtik •'It. ti UiM-tiiUit.t r.;i, mn,., ,,„tt|. „,
•)c)t i< .xlt.iri N»tll> -i.t-'T.inirr.ilii.rircK.tiiii
I' rluliu, lliriii'd lJi.t in,-l,»,M«, t|i,-ri,T Nnrlh
illiivul a.*. , Imill-. In tin- I.kdI, „f KU ICUpi
lln-i:,-* nUiim »il,l tmrtk l,» ll.c j,|H,-,. „, ,.„„,.
111. lU'.-huiil niul r.-lilainiiii* l<ii»,-ir.n,,,ir ...»
I>.iiV-.l Ai.ff.i .1 .'l.». it..: j„tir, (v,,fM„
-Itiiaur.4 Mninuiit cures cold, etc.
.1 Supplement to the Fernie Ledger
VOIj.  i.
FKltXIE, Ii. C, OCTOlllSl. 17,  1906.
Ko. 4.
ll-ear Kid,—Can you tell an anxious
union man. how to" best serve liis
Oh, yes! Don't patronize any other union if you can,.find a non-union
'hop to tlo your work, and solid all
your advise as to how to run your 1
un.i-r.ii to some paper tliat you know is,
opposed to your union anil all other
unions, and .which earns iis bread and
liiitter by working* for your oppon-
mts. '■     .
This course may prove, temporarily
disastrous to you and your particular1 Hindi; hut you will not lx: open
to tin iliarg-j of having gone to a
fri.nd in order to secure a partial verdict,
This is a fault you should constantly seek to avoid, even to "tlu
extent of breaking up all tlu union''
in tlu miiveise, rat lur than do things
that would indicate that" you arc 1111-
By keeping this advise pasted in
yonr hat and following thc hat all
th? time, you will lie sure, of some
kind of rt'sulls.
To Tlu Ledger Kid:
D.'ar Kid A-I have concluded that I
* am tho olily man now Tn sight in \llte
Fernie ^district thoroughly ei-t-ipp-ed by
dame Ji;iliire iuul other ladies who
know. how to add to tlu natural,
charms anl educational ei-tiipineiit
necessary to qualify a man for the
ou.irons aiid mrivitiiig respcnsibil-
ilities of the position or represeii'.a-
tiveof this district in tlu provincial
parliament, and I write to ask, you
il vou could pill nie on to a capable
iiir.n of experience aiul wisdom to
whom I could entrust tlu* job of getting nie before the people in tha
proper light (cn the tpiiet you know),-
so that I would be sure ot the nomination ami stand to win at llu polls.
Jf you can put 111c next to such a .mail
1 slinli feel under great obligations
to you, -and as a slight asknowlcdge-
ur, nt of: your anticipated kindness, I
"hereby authorize you to , exleii-.l tlu
tlate of my snliscription to tlu Ledger for two more years, and as soon
as I have     been elected M. Y. P.,    I
who will l.e looking for things at Yic->
toria to advance enough cash to enable me to pay what I liow owe you,
_nd ihe two' extra years I have auth-
or'zul you to Solid llu paper for . I
would gladly make the time four
years,',hut I fully, realize, that it is
within tlu possibilities-that a' gov-
enuniiit may not live out its term,'
■.hough, tlu lion. Dick has almost furnish .d his demonstrution of tlu fact
that almost any. kind of a government can outlive almost any loathsome political diseal'e if il has been
Millicitiuly iir.ioculati'd with said
Your early attention to the above
'is most   ciuiustly   requested.   Fnith-
itillv vours,
X. 0. T. A, SKl?,Kl',li.
Dear Seeker,—X'pon rcceip.t of your
very esteemed letter     asking me   to
■ put vou up against a good political
(■U-eivr, I- saw at a glance, tlmt so fains your own 'qiialilicu-lioiis for llu
very responsible position tn which
voii so liciii'Slly and npmly admit tn
iiu; yo" Aspire, with an ideal aspiration", tint you possess al least two
ol tlu most essential qualities that
go to make up xh< stun total of a
great politician.
Ynu lmve, at tlu very outset, shown
how a master mind can finance n
newspaper for ti campaign, and liow
llu cash to finish up tlu deal can Iw
assessed to tlie proper parlies. -    ,
If I call get llu boys in tit: lAxoV to
throw oil 11 stimll portion of th-ir
we.'kly wages, say S'S or SiN l'*'*"
Wiek I'licli, and can lmve tli-* drafts
lor paper and ink renewed iimi! you
are el-cled, I tliiiiU I enn- 111T1 »i-«1 to
put you down tw two years, as re*
Hut these are after tliiuiglits. 'llu
i|iiestion to be d.'i'id.'i) now is who
is the mint to put in x-btirfe of vmir
loosti't- eluli, as yon say ymi will
waul 11 iiirt" of experience ini'-l wisdom.
It .is un old ndngi' tlmt n wis.' num
nlwnys prnlits liy hi* failures, nnl
viewnl in th's light, itfi'l tiiiii-iiill-f rins
tlie recent expi'iii'Ui'i' of Mr. Stork, I
ili.iiilil judge from tli-' magnitude- of
h|q failure in the gr««rtiiin(! Iitislii.'ss,
lhat lie ii* hy far the wis.'si 'fellow
ymi are lliihle to run nerosn in your
searcli of .sturlilitf nbillty this side of
London, nml 1 v,u»ox wtvi.se ji»« •«
hiv Iiiir, mi li"-' k|.,'"*t "* i":"  *■•'"'■'*
opportunity.   -
Adopt (or -ift«r HOXXo tor this «till
hunt, "ill' curly worm ge'.s cutiglit
hy alii* old guilder tliat happens to
miiv tip ovet 111g.11, num '"■'■'■* Ji" •"■■
lml lill you lnvi! ih.< worm.
 ci _
Dear Misler Kid,-I have just acquired ill company with two or lime
friend*., tt large Iwdy ol coal lands,
Mil ;v.i yi" fii-'V t|-,',r' ■" Yi'itl'i' fnr
a long time, I li*****-' (lie HU-rty of
Mitiua >.»u. t.g.adiit; ilu c»*i. 111:11
injj I limine*-'. *
Wc w«»li to ((Jifiri:* «*»r*".lv,* to
mining conl and making coke, and
wr.nl.1 lc deliglrlcd if yon could tell
rn. siiiiu-ll-ing «>i iJu way it is il.tw in,
yt.uv W*..UU.
liv. of trmrs*. want to male divi-
d.n.1*. in    U'/ii I***' baxiA, anil   any.
pointers lhat. might throw a side
Iiiiii. on the subject would be thankfully ,sharp-a*iud aud driven in tlu
. Yours  expectantly,
Itfy Dear >Greenhorn:
Your confidential note of iiv-uiry as
to 'my stotk of kno\vle.dgo on the coal
an.d coke, biisini-ss, ' is at hand, and
has caus.d me .'to take off mv, kiue
pents, put" on;: niy. nighty ■ a and -sleep
o\vr tlu nia'Ucr.: '
I have, as,you; say, liveh some time
under llu shadow of tlu-smoke from
ilu coke oven.;,' 'and consequently my
ideas may be a little ha/.y, ,but-\\;lun
elonrnd of gas1 you will, I tli'iik'niul
f.ome lucid .suggi'stii.ii's.
In tlte lir.st'place, your, idea of pay-
in;- all your attention to the mining
of coal and the making of coke is
o.k.'; don't divide your attiMilic'ii. If
th.re are any side issues, they will
work ih.iuseives through the aid of
other people.
The c oiupany lure has a. subsidiary
company, a colt of the old mare, as
it were, which travels alongside . of *
the"old lady, and causes more tro.ilpf,
tl._-.iiii a. whole team of old horses, and
it hns been found, by actual cxperi-
tnc?. tliat this colt eats up thixv-
foiirtiis of tlu profits of the mother,,
so lhat tlu coal and coke business
inly turns out 2'. per cent, profit.
Thc management here don't want
any thing to do with tlie measlcy colt,
but have to keep it going, although
it costs nioiu than its mother to
keep. The manager and two or three
of the directors have said to inc. that
tliey cl'iii't want to bollur with side
issues, and it is on their statements
that I base niy judgment- about side
lin.s in ■' .the coal mining business.
".'he product of tlu mines here, expressed in dollar shape, as slated by
tiu of   the ollicials, i.s as' follows:
Cole and coke **!*"
High  water     .0;*
Low light at high (inr.nce prices. .f>8
\Yii«    gas 04
Total. *. *t.oo
Wi.h these figures before you, wliicli
are llie lv'suli. of years of careful sup--
-crvisroii™rnrd-nianngeviit-iia-— v.n.br—-.litr
charg'O of- the simplest minded miner
that could 'be procured," you can
readily sec from which product or the
mines comes the bulk of the profits.
It i.s an old saying that goods well
bought are'hilf sold, but 1 hav.' re-
ee'iMly heard of a method of selling
coke that makes it entirely uiiuee-cs-
sary 10 pay much attention to the
cost-of production, or buying, which
I would advise you to take a visit to
Mfntaiu und investigate. If tlu com-
pi ny us ng ihis method of. selling has
imt taken out a patent ou'the process, I don't sec why you could not
■ndo'il the same method. A letter to
I'nela Sam might bring you the ncc-
eess.iry information. In conclusion, I
might say lhat the company operating. Keiiiii: h.is ou hand.a job lot of
s.cond-haud tools of ' the political
variety which tluy are discarding as
fast as tluy can procure new ones,
and'' whicli you might get at a very
low figure, if capital to lit up your
plant should happen to be a little
•!i.-rt. These tools are a. Utile buttered and -belli up, and of no use
whatever in ihis Kernie soil, but a
goi.il blacksmith with" n heavy hammer mi-.'lit straighten llum om so
that in 11 iuw place lliey would lw of
some use.
' In selecting n place to go into the
mining busifi.'ss, yon should be careful to -get as much rough, side hill
ground .sui'.nbl.i for diimpiiij,'. purposes as possible, as ,1 find lha*l 11
I'lini'iniiy that don't linyc time to
look after siich little side affairs cau
make mure out of tlmt kind of land
ilr 11 any ollur,
If tlu'i'o. is anything' mon'. y<m
would like to know n-'Viul mining coil
and making coke, don't be nlinM to
md-, as 1 can refer tlu matter to my
InwyiT.whOj, willi his "legally trained mind" enn tell all about tlu details ol iiiiuiiiig with his eyes shut.
Yours Cniifid.nilnlly.
TUe Kid assures Dear Water-man
I fully appreciate your most " laudable ambition to add,to the population of onr city a family of your «wi*|
raising, and shall be most happy to
assist you in all ways possible. I
have looked inlo -the house problem,
end find that it is possible t-o get. a
house of,,almost any si/e, without
price, which you might fancy, if you
strike tlu right parly ■ .-at the right
time. , I shall keep my eye on the
situation, ,. and- as scon as another
water by-law is up for consideration,
1; will start you iu tlu way to secure
a, h'juse em paper foundation ' with
elastic title, with no taxes to pay,
did. iiisuraii-e looked after by the
man wlio sells tlu house, ■ Imt I can't
guarantee the i\nt lieing paid by anybody else if you undertake lo live in
it and start raising that family.
However, I shall do tlu best I can
as soon as conditions favor a sud-
din move in i\al estate and houses.
II is .a pity you were not in the mar-'
ket last.Way for a property, as there
wen oyer thirty trr.-isfur.-- in r.-iu day.
so lively was tlu market and so liberal were the 'terms.
Keep your eye on the bulletin board
at the city clerk's ollice and get in on
the "round floor at the start.
Ait Irishman was sitting in the depot smoking, the other day, when a
woman came in, and, .silting down,
said:   '
"Sir, if you' were a gentleman, you
wouldn't smoke here."
"Slum," fie said, "if ye/, was a lady
ye'd sit  farther  away."
' Pretty socn tiie woman burst out*
o "If you were my husband, I'd give
you poison."
"Well, mum," relumed tlu Irishman, as he pulled his pipe, "ii ■ ye/
was mc woife, be jabbers, I'd take
The bright-eyed girls of Sunny France
■Have beauty and much grace;
'lhe English girl a tender glance,
A sweet and  smiling face;   '■
llu Yankee girl brings to the" knee
Many a full duke or carl;   ...  '.
P,nt there is none c_n equal thee,
My own d.ai   Fernie girl.
Last Saturday night .was the occasion of . a very happy reunicn of
the German element ol Ferni.As population at the old Waldorf hotel in
tin  old  town.
'Hi: iiitertaiiinmiL was arranged for
lii.- purix.se of celebrating llu wedding of Mr. Archie lCrlandson and
Miss Kdiih Di-dley, 1 o'.ii v.-.-H known
icsid.n.s-of Fernie. 'Ilu cereiiu ny
wliieh united the, happy couple for
!:'fe was performed by Rev. Hall, of
ilu Methr-disl church, in tlu parsonage at 4.30 p.  ni.  Saturday,  and the
Moll, Son k Co, Uenl l'Miile Agents,
Feline-' '
Dear Sii'--,— I rem ci.nti'inplatiug 1!laying ,x limise ill l'Vinie and slopping
llu everliist ng diain of ill.' nnt system nti my pocket book, nild with this
id. 11 in view, I write yon to know if
vou li.tve on   vour list a liom.**    anl
:        ,, ,  ■**  ,      1     ., ■..-..    1 -.
ill.ai, ji. ni.'*-, ' -.,tV'.'i'nm anl M.m" "'b
cr ni;i*i .miiu d.it'un** 11 c*.*'.s*iry lo tit*
citiifart ni a m.:li wilh or without n
.iiniiiv. At presiilt I'iiih inliiH!* botb
fiimilv and im.itey, but am certain ol
„i„ »,!.,...«!> ,. » i*,u,. .,,...1,.-.. 1, I,--..---.
raise oiu, uiid now, if yon,;can lind
me a lmuse which can be secured
without any rash, I 1.1.1II U' as luppy
r.n .1 l/lidi-n mnn after a $<' election
Will you litidly let mc know nt
icr* «h th'i- tli ti* ii ,1 iv-sfi.dliiv'n.
t. cr.nn,* a li •">*.' wiili.mt  cnr-li
.\nvi,m*.lv  V"iir<.,
Hi.*   .il(»..- l-n»inc»liVe Ittlir    wa*
refi-rr.d f.y Mott, S(in .-V Co. tn   ihe
Ledger Kid. willi the rf'iticst that he
:aU'   the  iiiaiti 1   .'i*   n-itji -n'auiiiuti,
,i-m  ill.',   ..I.   U..I   ill  luiutl IkilU  li.UU..»
hiving |irol*.-M\" to dis|H,\»- of on ".tiih
One suiiiuier day three painters were
painting the inside of a house in the
coin'.rv. Towards tea time these
painters began to wl.'h for soiirethiiv*:
to-drink. So they held a conference.
to tlu mistress of the house and
1 "The frames of your oil paintings
are very dingy, ma'am. We'll cleaa
th.-in for you if you've got any
.whisky."       '
"How, much whisky will b/e lU'd-
cd?" a-ik-.d  the guileless old lady.
"About a .'quart, ma'am," said the
So tlu old lady brought to tlu
three painlers a *(.uart of whisky, and
they drunk it up, .and cleaned the picture I'ram/s with waler,
At sunset the old lady, coining to
inspect tlu flames, expressed herself
as delighted with them.
'■..Ill" slu said, "tliey look beautiful. And who'd'have thought a ,quart
of whisky would clean so many? ,lt
wns lucky I saved it. It was wlutt I
wash-vl' Fido ju last Sunday.
'■   b—.	
A proinin nl lawyer of llrndforil,
X, If., suspected his colond servant
of iiiiiiperin; wilh 11 certain brand of
whisky iu his wine cellar, The; employer decided to adopt measures to
verify his suspicions. He allowed the
demijohn holding his private stock to
become, einpty, nnd then, instead of
refilling H, placed tlu remain.lvr in
lollies and labeled wa.Ii uiie "pois-
One I'Viiiiu-*, cn ret tuning hoine un-
i>-\p.'elcdl\', lu found his servant with
(,n.* of lii,4 1 utiles.. Seizing tbe lot-
tie from 'tlie darky's, lian V, he exclaimed, in a tone of terror'.
"IJivut h-imii, Sam! .Do you know
v.h.it you h.ive been do.iig? This bottle, is marked 'poison.' "
Tlu ii.'grn look'ilu bolll.' niul KUVr
ivied it closely. Tli. 11 lu diilfed at
il. A uiilaiiilioly smile passid over
his dusky coiiuielianee, niul lit* re-
pi id:
"I'te l'.-.u fooled again."
'■Fo.il.-d i.j-nln?" ivpealid his innii*
.r.   "Wlut do yon mean?"   - -
"Well, sah," i'iiiitiiiu-d ill' ilul'kv.
in the -aim* tine, "it am dis way. I
Uow.d Irom the I'i**1. tvtm ,,: W1,v
\oit m-lid 'bout dul lUniip-lm, dat
you had yn1 MiNpt'diuui «.*b me; mvl
tint sbo innd.' lit.* feel prdty l.lne. 1
iet dUr.sscd, un' didu'l --ure. Wliy,
' ,     ,  , .  ,..,,    ... . v- '..■"• I*-" '■•""
iliviti;  to •■"f.mivilt   '-ubidi*  outer    d-.n
Twc. Irishimi). Put imd Mike, stool
'looking .11 ii,iui.i.i>i (>■ '.*■'" '■""
working on .1 building tlt.it was Icing cr-ctid, \sb 11 ih.- following enn-
\i-rMitii.n was iiviih.-.inl:
Mikc-""l'.»t. kin >v/- tell nn* wlut
knjH-s tiunl briels logeili.-r.-"
P.i.1   "S'lr.., 1.il<*, i»'.>. -.fi * inorur "
Mikv--"Nol l.y 11 dorn .iglii; ilut
Uwi.-*. ih.ui ..■■..'£ "
1?ii^ u lii* nit- iii.u a moth.-r re-
,'1 ei\ul in in Inr m ti whiis*.- ulucntitm
h„l !»..« v-'dh- ih-'-J.-i.U-.l
■  tl.e l    JlelL-V,
"I li tic inarri.nJ ,*i male (Ivik.
'Volll    -.1111    lJ.llllll."
.Some dreamer has been d roam ing
that women should grow more de-
•votev.l and men fonder after marriage-
if they have tiie slightest idea of being  happy   as  wives      and  husbands.
,Xow, ih it i.s 1:0 dream, either.
'ill; trouble is just how lo live up
lo the dream. Some dreams corn's
true and some don't; some go by contraries, so we are told by the good
old dream interpreters. 1'eihaps if
ilu common pi need nre of billing .111!
cooing fiist) nut* lighting after, were
to be reversed, tilings wodld turn out
I.et the candidates for matrimony
i-uari-.l and light 1111 til tlu combative
abilities of both parties are well
established, and then they could start
out wilh the marriage proposition
with coiidftions at the worst, with
the assurance that time would mend
matters, and that the billing and
cooing and the growing more devoted and fender would be ino'at tlu
The dreamer says men and women
should ' grow more devoted and ' fonder if they have any idea of being
happy, in a yoked-up condition.
Ilut th.n they generally do have
tlu most extravagant ideas of how-
happy they are going tn be. What an
absurd dream to dream, that newly
married people don't entertain the
least idea that tluy are going to
have happiness to sell.
' I.et llu dreamer take tlu trouble to
pry ino this matter, a little when he.
is "wide awake,Aand 'lie will lind  that \'Ulh  wr- WMh fu  lais'*-s  ,,f  lf)..   -5
n'li.-ty-f.v.e per cent. ■ of newly married I01' =S a'llts- nud llu bidder put i_i tbe
' h-il-—provided—hbr-o.— h.i-raise"-ruTjT
10, 15 or '25 cents, as the ease mi.ght
'Tliat Mr. Dickon is- a  good   union   already  done  in  the votitui  lin.    for
man, and that lie has, the crniideiK-e
of, the majority ot. tlu Fernie and
Coal Creek miii.-rs, is evident Irom
the fact'that'this is his second consecutive idini that he has held his
present position, and that last week
he received ilu Gladstone nomination
of National "Hoard Member for the
ir. M. W. olAA."
Tlu. Kid got his slate and began
figuring  again  over  this pioblein.
Dic-beli has the Confidence of the
,    ,   . i majority or tlie union  because he has
iiilaTlainmciU    was     held    as    before j, A
1-een    twice ei.'Ckd      president  of the
staled, in llie old Waldorf hotel, lor-
nia-rly  run  by  Fred  Kaiionse.
'J here were nearly o::» hurdred
guests present, ai-.d all as happy a*;
the night was kng.
Mr. ind Mrs. Knust Frye r.n.I 'other's of the eoimiiitU'e which IiimI llu
arn.nl ..'mill!..-: in li.wnl" knew " how lo
make people fee! iu a g(«d humor.
'J here "was (bluing, sin».iiig- and recitations, intcriningkd iu such a way
as to make a bologna sausage of llie*
most pleasant and palatable kind of
the Ledger Kid was there, anl
they took t him through two square
dances th.il weren't square at all.
He got lost in the mazes ol , the
figures called several times, but ' always emerged from the whirl with
the rignl partner  at  the  right   time.
lie discovered an easy and pleasant
way lo do this.
\\h:never- lu got laiigkd lu 'grabbed his partner and took ,r swing.
Tlu wait/, is the best"of all dances,
end the swing in llu u-phiie dance
comes the nearest to a wall/. ,of any
parl of tlu square, so he got more
out of the square than was sqnarelv
coining to him.-
Cue .of tlu most pleasing parts of
tlu piogrammc yeas,, an auelion conducted on a plan that' was n'w to
many of the gueS's.   '
A bunch of Iiandkcrcjiiefs were put
up for sale and the bidding started.
Tlu  first  bid  Icing,' sav $1.0:1,    then
Troifli!e..l In
minds as to what tliey will do'   with
(heir surplus of happiness than   what
tliey will  have lo be  doing to
tlu stock up lo re'.'fiiireiiients.
Of course ,a man wouldn't deal out
goods  to      liis  sweetheart    that    lu,
hadn't in stock, and a fellow never
lias any harsh words tucked away'
af.^it his anatomy when lu is. calling
cn a sweetheart, and who ever iniag-,
ined th-it a .'sweetheart could morose
during lJu sweetheart season?
Oh, vou ibaresl little dear, how-
sweet yoii*-ytim, yum—-arc; you know
I couldn't live without—yum, yum—
you a minute. (,
That dreamer lias always leen
dreaming. lie never went through tlu;.
real ihing, or he would know more
al'iotit it.
local,, and is  nominated for National
lioaicl Member.
Mr. Fivnl- Sherman has not got ihe
confidence of llu men, and is guilty
ol treailury, because he has .been
twice elected to a higher ollice than
Mr. Dicken, and was ro-nm.iinatcd
or a third u-rjn in the same (-.line, (11
th-e same day, as was .Air. Dieke-u for
board member.
'lhe Kid read this over aud aver,
aud it grew move paradoxical a..I the
time,* so he concluded lu would have
-.o get more figures to be able-.'to solve
the riddle, and he fished up the votes
by which these two men had received
tluir nomination-,, and he lo'ind il
like this:
Fpr Dislric't President—
F. II. Slumum l.V
W.     II.   Moore......  eM
Sherman's • majority  3.1
For National  I'oard  Menibm-—
■ Dicken 72
■Moore *.    N
Dick.u's     majorily....^  S   .
' This muddled     the Kid still  more,
■nr.il he read over that statement' that
'thS.-niau who had   lit'en  re-iionuit«ited
three times,  the last •'time', b.v ae   111a-
*   -      -
ji.rity over lour times as -'   large    as
was  tlu-other fellow,  and still "> was
td-cuilicrous     fc.'i'ow,
while.'tliu'other l'i*llow-.cvi.deiiily    bad
ill- e-onlidenee of the voters,   and   liis
actions must  b,*e right.
Tlw Kid'beirau w'antinjj to knowiall
Diu't repress children, No, don't
do iti One good pressing with a
shingle, will be sullicieiu if properly
applied. Half an hour around tlu
electric light and steam register will
•blot out many a care and aiinoyaiiee
if lhe light and the steam are not
too expensive, andjialf a minute at
the repiesslng business willi a shingle
will make a boy prefer to stand up
for an hour rallier than sit down by
tlu brighicM lire lhat coke or coal
could pi-ivlucc, for half a minute,
Did the  dreniuei   ever gut spanked,
or did he ever spank his kid?
And 1I1.11 llu dreiimer gels .inisly,
and inlks of lhe touch of viinicli.-d
hinds, and the sounds of voices llial
are still, and i]u jokes nre gone from
tlu kid's mind; his pencil refuses to
move; tlu word-, will not come', in
lli.ir stead louie visions of llio*-'.: that
were,...and mv not, He hears sinuvls
of sweet coo'llg babes; sees ill.* sweet
smiles of tli.il dearest of all smiling
laces, llm smile of 11 loving mother
which •■(icius so' fur away in 1 lie misty
distiiui'-.', but Niniling still mi swielly,
(■ll, mh geHti'. 'M"'" '•*''' '■"v. I"1' "
loy is alwiixs a 1 oy in Ins nintlier
nnd to liiinvll, w h.n he is chi*.** lo
her in reality or m divaiiih'ixl
llappv dn aiiib-ul! Why i». il that
llie o!d*r a k'd grows the moiv his
dreams waudi l.nl. Xn wlun li • was
11 r al I Id.'
Ih il I can.* ill.' rc.i I kid liv.-'. in
ill.* Iiiiuiv, whll. li * 1^'iiwiiki', mi I llu
old kid Iiii--. iiii.te mid mon- 11 tli-
past diirin; |jin v..ihiug lurtu*-:
Ano'li 1 .m.n.iimn.nt ui.J K- Si.bS
t.tiiij'hl in ilu old Wald'irl It*•*4-1 .11 11
kind «if ««iiriiin.ili« ll "-' lb' ',',:»•»■- *-"c-
ass n\ J.isl ("'a uid.iv ui'li'..
Tli* Kid to •!« up on ■ of ih • I,, d-
git's Const evili.ill,; ■* llu i.tlur d.iy,
ainl a*« »li- r. suli of a li.u-; Mi'l p. r-
sislaiu (Hurt to r s..| lliunij.Ii 'li-
tb ng, '...■ \,\\ '....I *> •'••S. iiml bi '*>•
(in*    j*o   ..ut     i" hi".   giix.iliu.'  Mo*,.*
Willi   b-     wu*'-     up     l»*     Irlil.ulU tul
ilr.nming uf li avv Mviui s. and-vog^-v
duuiplu*;' t'-t ,.. h- Inu, Ii.< 1i..lh,*;l
mil' i.i tlm *'ti I ..f did for a ui< utli
he 1111,led.d tit tt lii*. dreiimmg wash* tlb'ti it tit; l» .nv mint.11 dt.-t
rMir.-m. *1 in '■*-• i«l-w-i.»V, iii.«( bit
n-Milvnl mil 1* t*'1'* ;*ny in<.r.-»hm •
< s.
le,  and if il was    the last 'bid lie.gol
lc'.'for tlu raise h^, h::d deposited.
I'I was lo's of fun and brought, big
prices for tlu articles sold. "Mr.
Meyer was the , auctioneer, and be
should never do c.iiiyihing else, he. did
il so well,
Th n there were refreshing refreshments, llu best of sandwiches, cake,
coffee and ice cream. Mr. Mat/, also
contributed lots of stout, beer, etc.,
etc,, iiud Charlie "iVaidic, Mr, Frye,Mr.
Meyer, Mr. l.nudinsky and other g-en-
thuieii, assisted by a whole bevy of
ladies that wou,d make Washington
Irving linn over in his grave in an
endeavor lo revise his sleepy, hollow
descriptions  of  f cm iile  loveliness.
Tlu music fuiuish-d by llu leader
of the Italian baud and assistants
was exceptionally go,-,d,
Several German si ngs and recila-
ti(li- Were r; ndered, but lite Kid
wasn't welliiioiigh up in liis German
to translate but a portion of one of
lhe  Veises,
Mis,; Sled-'oslahncr sang tlu song
(.milled "Sing Me to Sleep," in such
a sweet, d.licate way llial nobody
slept a wink, iilid clamored for more
so liiuill libit she hail to repeal il.
.Miss I'ri/elle iicciimpiiuiid lur oil the
Tlie large dining mum  of ilu    old
Wnldorf holil  was  tastefully decoiat-
ed   willi    Hags and     hi'iUing.     Two
liir^e Ci.'i-uiaii Hags     hung over   the
dm if, and  Tniou  .l.i. !■•",'nud  Stnl-: all'l
Sii'ipi-i were iiiti-rmiiigl-.d.
Sing min Dein  I.iid im Ilanurslieiii
Gieli min Vi'i-gessiii iilb-i* I'liii
Sang ist der Tag m-.-iii so sliwcr
Wuli 1 d ir nieiti  I.eiil viuiib-.-r war
Sing   min d;iii     I,i»d reiili   inir die
I'nd full- miili sjiiiIi  mi Ti-.iiun.'l.iirl
W;n ml.-li ilieni Auge diJi uiilit  siiht
l.ieh du bi.si 11.1I1 i-b luu- d, in I.iid.
Me, to sleep I fliil'• ill' illiidj oil coin-'-
Me, drill  rem. 111! cr .ill     til-    v.oild
Mv  It* Hi  tii'.d is,  llu day !,n;. 1-.
t'i me it  Would J  W'i'h  tn i-lill  '.ill.;.
Vour !i md in 111 n-   put an-l to -l.-* p gu
While I  pivllv miieli 111:*.- 11 bud   *tng
f'u'<*     Miur bi-ii' ivoil   bf ni1   di n'l
h nr.
Wh 11    Mipp.r   11 nr    ,s    1 vnu   .bui '.
w, ll'. lo b niiii*   K d   v*on l   --ii.il.ilit'     in •    *"'•
r i:u* *, ni th*     tr..ii*.I.r. "ii. ' in    h
i   will u ' to ' >> "a r mid    'b.ii     1I1
,n., I,  . 11 I 11.11
about--it, aid asked his Ma so iiiany
tom-iool (jiiestions thai" she ll-nnlly
li.id to spank lijin ;itrl jmi him ti»' bed
lo sleej)  over the prohh-m.
Wli.n b.*e *;ot up n.-xt 111'U ning b.-
h.iitd a 'gri-at comiuoiii 11 about
this   ci.-nfidi'iice   busiii'.'.ss,   and   ill      lhe
"     -■ .4
This riled tlu Kid, for lie don't like
to work lor nothing, aiul lie Jiuxl us_d,'
up a whole "pencil trying to prove
tluil D. hud more of tlu confidence of
the iu;ir ihaii had ■ S., and all his
work was for nothing. He didn't un-
(.(.rial.e to piove r." that soiueliow .. or
1,1 lur the first proposition was, still
c.rrect, because those men were--liable ,
to break his slate; problem aikl "all,
again—so lu gave it  up for" good;
'•-'have allow' me space in . your
valuable' paper lo place my -views,"
etc.,, etc., 'Ih it's nice. How an editor alwavs sits up ;iiul smiles when he
reads ih .*--e woids! Valuable-.paper.
About liuw valinihlu lias llu paper
which puhliMi.d lhat letter to "Fel-
,ow Workmen ' jirove-d itself to .be to
those workmen? • '
."Never mind, Kid: that expression
is only us.d as a kind of courtesy
wh 11 ii fel.'ow wt.nis to have tlu
paper man do a little, job for hini. It
di n't mean that lhc paper is worth.a
d cm jur anything if it isn't, and
you needn't worry about that." The
Kid went on reading, but ' he concluded tli.it this letter must Itave ^-oen'
copied from those circulars, as' it
seemed to le just like them, and bad
made up his mind thaA'Mr. I.indsey
h.:d- h-.d another circular attack and
wns in a state of relapse.
This conclusion hrigihteiisd the Kid
ap, and he'' ihoiiglii he, could see an-
o'.lur ren.'-.on why the writer had called the paper valuable. -Mr. I.indsey
ought to know all about  that.'
Ilut lu was ,do:-,'iiicd to dissapoint-
m'aiit once more, for glancing at ihe.
signature a*, ihe end'of the lei ler" he
ran up ngiiiint a dutch' name that
was'a .'-.liinn.'r.
His, Ma couldn't tell him who Mr.
Yox-I\>i.--Vo(l-!ie could be. ,11 is name
was i:ol* 0:1 her calling list, and she
didn't rcmeiiilser of having ever met
Vox,      "     ',' ' •'      ,,'
All at '* once it struck tlio Kid
that "Vox Pop might .1/2 an assumed
li.nue, end he dug up the dictionary*
and iii'ter -.a^ Jot of Ini or-lie dug>irp
iirat- v ox i.'opu 1 nTicmi 1   ***
eveiy1-..-ly ' talking at one., and he
, coi'L-lud. d thai-ihis Vox had 'just got,"
pome from a h.n tea party and
!\iTOle the letter before, he had recov-
■ ira-d .from the ellecl of too much
'..iikee and no sense. ^ ,--    .
Thin tbe Kid saw that .some worker
e-viniur h:  was      told  that  tbe     num j
who had yesterday .1 mono]...ly'of the   had  W.*eii kicking all     Uu way   from
f the union men
ci lilideuce of the union men had- lo«lay
lost it all, along \yilh bis olli.e, iunt,>.
lhe ui.-ii who     had so recciiHv votnl 'far,
Lawdusi as was in llu same old   cir-
Iichel  fn XeKcn,  and when lie opened  tlu  ball that .had lxeti kicked   tto
it stuffed "with the same
for him  had  relnsed      lo dn  so
more, and  took  back what  iluy
..ail Iiuliir at   the hcginiv'ng.
.Til!; Sb.ASONS. , (l
We have had the  sir-el!  ol  ke-uliup, '(
And  llu  ihili   sauce  «'*  well;       ... 1
'Jli-e odo:- of llu juicy dill, ]'
Likewise;  th;  juicy' dill. '1
Xow calming  time  is over, j    ■
Ilut a sliouger smell occurs;
Tlu cam],bur 1 .ill is now ill.- Uritg",
She's getliug out  h.-r iurs,
Knell s,:av.u l/a.-i its odor s'.roiijf,.   ft
Tli 11 seem.', ih-'  little llai; \
A lid ;i!l can tell what's going on,   ,
Hub.iv  ihev  biivt-  ill;  iu.it;
A  dinner  boiled,  an  uuiou Iried,
Which I'-.er she pivlcrs;
Iiul,  th.*y  are  lanu;  i-innpiiri'i.l t(»   llial
Wh..'U .*-he gels oul lur luu;.
I'or life is such u  lell-tab- gmne
tjur  ta.'.t' s  wu  ciiulliil  hub*;
And wli.it  wv cal  aivl wli.it   ur.   di'uk
Are   pulilish-d   lur   and   wid.->
Th.*   tale   I'-  b(il lie mi  fi', rv   lit? i-.'e,
l-'of,smell  Iiii  Willi   ilel"l-.;   ■
hreeiiue  o<   all   the   other  strikers    if
•wr were, u- strike and stay out    for
lifty ycaiK?"
"Don't, you  sec,  nn.: 'can't strike?"
;!    "l'A-erybt Uy  iise  cn     strike    and
' qtiii    work,     i:tu   we    have    lo  keep
'jri-jlii  < « '■
■    Tlu Kih hidu't lnoktcl al it in thai
J-lighl.. ,
l|    11,- stnd.e.d  tiie  tired wings  of   .the
i s'lnik, riililrd (iow 11 his bu,.' b-gs and
iS '.hi  him winging bis weary way  lor
l„, Hi:   babies.
II*  tint slork sliould go ont  of 011s-
• „,-,,,• lu would put 11 quietus on every
world  al   Iar,'.-   tur.:,i
1  lion*..
I, nmc
Shi's j'.'-ttiug om lur.fins,,
li  -.(iiiii liow  1    h,.aid i.leip !
As l!,|i V.iu.Wiii'oh- '■b-','1.
And   'Minhiiv,   'liou'd  .iwii!..: -
}'i<   Well   illi'l   Wi'. I*.    l.'l'l.
I A 11 ,d iiii .a., ud 1 tu know
I I'll 11.. lll.ll 111' I-l ll •]■''
'ih ■ *. ,1 „ ii, i .iiuid t* II it «h
Wi.i. ''cU-,11'*   um   lei   tui:.,
'-''.'Ul.Jv  Wi;l;Ki*.  DOlli:,!-:  ':1-Mi;
Tli.- -coli'ii-d*' Jt.ivu r,:V..is,*d ilu regular o rail.t nl iliings,'and are hauling
eoal  ii Vo I'Vi'iu'i',
Son     nl    coals   10 Newcas'.k* luivi-
in-ss.      !
'Ih.. I U, .md -■iiuu!' of-tlu mib'li fows
have ji 'in" tl"' '.ink',*;, iilid 11.1 wt l liim ir. \ /Mil th m ".!■. lmpid ior l-eft-iv.
spun;, -v.ii. 11 11. ts ho)i-ad ih.-v van U-.
'.mined .tn go ,1 i'k Xn. work on a
,,s. (J- ; ,.;n,. nu.nth* loiiiiiu't wit It n
lisirnni luting, il.in*-.1 n'-nin'-t s-nl'liy
lull, or ,.iw-.'Icing .ilb.wed in llli*
'■iiiii.'      1 .    '
Whil' ih    1.
'■lie \.i l.*'..l '.
lii',-1 111 hi It
'-.ilk   Ih-ll.
■ 1^,1   Mid v. . ■
,.tb b., ::i,i.e
,■    I.|.,1|| ■    •-)"
will-, wi.iiv   \. n
..'il    t 11
• Il.ii I' .Mo ne I-* ru.irsiig aroiilnl U'*
,ii-.* i.ii- nu; ni-- did ii"l call lot bids
JI-.1   11). )/.-    Hi    li-iif l/.'.n  li-oiriiig    ol1
j iii   ..;*,   i,,     -1 .p m wr.h a bid .it    .*,
j    i,.    ,,   „i 1      j', a  1 v. lytlniij',  wuh    n
■t.p.ilil.iili   iliil'   tlf   ei.li-.imi|.lii.ii    "I
,v ,t. 1  lc I., jn   v.i'.i.biu i'-m.iiii 1.mils m.
h it h * li .pi d io ,m,ik.  a pmli' on tin*
M.r; !•• -t wa*' . n i|**er
11   1.1   ill •   Nuilli  111   Ilut,*!
lb.* dn 1 1
II.* -ii... 'I it ll .;;.-i I It;
■vii' ,u|i mn,. 1 iii.u; li In
■ llllill*, lull ll.'.lll'l III
. i*. I
.  I .
,i*   1 1; e   j.i:..
*. bi    lt.i'i   .md tin* i-niiiiiiitt-e m'ielit
.'..11   I.-   illduu-M to e'.'il   '"I   lilid.-ls.
•|li'      Aswn i.illi.ii   ..I        Inieill.itiill.il
l.ui.ii-.,   i*.jii'* Ui.iii.h,   h.'.A .1 unit
in :
I    il
m II;  miiii'I n
1'U-d >'
He w nt li .m ■ and in 1 d '••'. b
Hulls \11I1 .1 H's laiiv ta! - ,n '.
Sleepy Hollow su.m.-s all ntiv'l i.p m
.1 iii'dd!.' with "hn b li "I •'•ill ..ml
in;uv 'i .0  tb * m -.1  »• 'in.in p .* 1,.   '■>
Tl.l'   lllll ud. >l
A irolby e..lli'1-d wttli a milk w.i**-
in .,nl « •-'' tli- null* ",.1.1 I'.-tig ..'a tb.
|.,iei Hi. II1 Sni 11   a   nowl   ;• ill,, i.d
■ Cm.' (Imi ss!" lAil.iun.d ,i man 'Win1,
an aw ml w.-isii! A i,iv stout >.;dv
'urn A ..lcl «i'i(''l ai Imn ••-■"■I
in ml yn'ir own bu.-u st," si.- .n.p-
1 i.i*
i.t). 11
III;;    111-    V
_h.il  lnll't
*    Ml.I M '*
jl.'.   iw,.-..
S 'll   II     '1   "
.-      t!|   ■      ,**■.!   '.     'll ll   'I   ■ " *'*
wllu   Jl ,'l   uid. 1   .1   I- Ill    ..I     llu
.'ili.it  h    li   I ■! !'•»■'.'■ 'bo
v,.  '„,  „r. I   'ii  I  h'i"   •!■ ''■     I-
,1     Mil,    'li    til       .li'i    t   'HII
lit     i.'ll 1   il.iy  ..ud  1*'■'**■• 'I  ri-Milu-
t,    . •• , 1 1*.   .,,*!■!. ri. 11-    tb-    win,U-
I ,..!,•   ii'lli '.  (..   |.-.i.' I-.   .mn   :l"'i'     <ei'
i"ai.i>.   ..:.d   tli    . .u * jii-11,    ruliictioii
;i-'  h'.ui 4   unl  wi'-.-s      i"  lit.'' legul.ir
! in 11.1 , :i ..:   th    ..id I
•  j    tun I »i,ill   .ind .ui'-iy      tilt'-Trattiiu-;
.   |M. I     ll.i.;il;;iil   III,  ..'il  it   w.is     fe.irnl
1   , i...     -iint,      1'ir.     i'i it     ■< n'<-    01   tli
1 .,
1 i
11 >,■,' :
I 1,
l.'fil   i,     1.IV
;i\.  Um-*   lit   ..I*     V.   ■
" Wiiv    ib.ti 1     ^■••'!
• ,'.) tr,.- 1. t-
"■*((».!.«*' * -ad   ib
l.i ni        "U-.-    ''
I t-i  in1 v'--   w 'Ubl
' I l!t-.-l     IIIII .-,.
I. 111    .1    ill!   -ill    til
!.!. n.*,   .1   i..l   '.I
' 111 in)   r     tu r   1
f.i<    ui tli-ir
.!>'     WI      C.ltIV
■•!• i.
it ! 11 s-
; II    111    Willi.    .It    Sl.ltU-
,.    \ ju'«;;1u    tb • nib. r
I -.    ib *  ,m iuin, is    III
t Lii-'uii.  .-ii I   ihnjs  w.ie ]..ilili-
1    (,   ih .t     im   ,i  slum  time 'sit
;. ,  '-.'fir'   111.11' I<- e\pr(*trd  I" 1 »•
-  'I    ,11   ! V   any   «'f   til.'   I'K'bsstun* THE BACK LAP OF THf. Mi&'HTT CAP
*m*?mmiA        -»•.»=*■*-■ < I'M      fill IT  I ' ——-sU*__-
T-Hotnc Bank of Canada
Y"'b would like to havo your name
on our list of depositors. No matter
"whether joiir start is one dollar or one
hundred—we will pay you interest at
eurrent rates—compounded twice a
Current Accounts Invited
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9
J.,I-l.   MARSHALL,  Mgr.,
Fernie    Branch
Bank   of   Hamilton
Thc    man with  thu  Savings
Bank habit    is the'    one who
never  gets  , laid    oil;   he's  the
one who  can get  along  with- _
out  you,  but you  cannot .get
along without hiin.   Tho Sav-
, ings Bank habit  means  sound
sleep,    good-    digestion    cooi
' judgment      and    manly   independence:   The   most   healthful
thing -T know- of. is, a Savings
Wink-book.   There  are  no  mi-
ciokes    in it     to steal .away
your peace of   mind.   It  is a
guarantee  of'     good  behaviour.
Total Assets
Over $30,000,000
I Savings
I Department i.
Otic Dollar is suilicient to open an account. In-
.ti.rc.6t paid semi annually at current rates. The
best facilities ato offered to "out of town depositors
Current accounts cf manufacturers and morcli-
nis solicited. ,       , '.
A  General  nankins-   Hiisincss   Transiicted <|
$ J. tt.   LAWRY,   AGENT   FHRNH.   1SRANCH f
We have the Buyers
who have-the Cash to purchase and improve them.
Bring in your descriptions to
under this heading insterted at the
rate of one cent a word each insertion.
. . : i	
■l'Oli SALE—Funiilure.—Apply S, Victoria  .\ venue. —12
nr -^tott -Wj^jstt .a.
VOli SALE—A good William's piano.
Apply 1). McLennan.
-  easy terms...
West Fernie.
20 lots ia West Kernie;
Apply   W.  T.   Ilealey,
Roosville . Elko
Real Estate and "Fire Insurance
FERNIE,   : ■:   :   :   B. C.
F.  ]?.  Dunne  in the' American lUnga-
'Unyhe th'  iditor is onto ye.     An'
ye're      arrested  fr  lookin'   longingly
..0       I-, ; - *
at a ham on Eastern Sundali, ye
juiglit n« well go nn1 have ye're hair
cut ««' snvc throulile fr th' prison
IjiirhV-r. Whin ye wake up in th'
tiiorniu' th' fani'ly newspaper comes
in, an',this is what ye,see:
Y'r Surely' th' Shock Will Kill   Mm.
Jlinnissy     When She  Hears    I fer
Jlorrilde    llusl-.and is    Locked
up fr Hopiir. to Steal a
"'Th' thrile i.s set f r .-.'oviinhcr, l.ut
ye're thrieil, convicted an' (loin' th'
loeli step last Aniigust if ye oit'y
knew it. Iv'ry uiglil whin fnlher
vonifs home from his wiirruk he
irinx.-i 11 copy iv.th' Ka/oo mi' reads
U'boHt this lieiid in liuiiian form divine, which means you, Jlinnissy.
Wer horrid -irt.il leaps out iu iv'ry
saloon. IVeiple that nivcr *h'erd iv ye
i-nyniiinUiv nn' tell how ye iid'.ked ill'
poor Ixi-f, hale down a childl with hip
disetuv:', starved yc'cr fani'ly ull' slop-
id wltll th' hind girl. 'I'll' childer
huddle together tliri-nililin' ut th'
Kt'ory iv ye'vr life, nu' ill' j;**o'l wotn-
un sinds up 11 prayer that hei l.oys
may Iir saved fr'm timiitatfoti,
Tli' papi-r fr th' Imiw.* iifiisls thai
liinviil oti|;lit to lie made a * capital
vri.ni' I'r ye'er hinilit un' li is what's
callril a siiiiuisyiim iv Clirisii.iii min
i-iti-m nt thiity drilluis 11 sin de-
" lll'itvlill'   ill'   lllloillVI'lllelll    Iv   ill'    1111-
wrilUii* law that allows aiiny man
h.o rayspicls ih*,' mv.iolal.ility i ilr
Uroccry Mor,- in comiuii muidlier at
•.i-jKl* At-, th' tliiih* uppKi.ii-li.'s 1 iii
ymi nr're discoveivd thiyin' tn Inilu-
th' vooit ch-iI. to put tliim 1,11 th'
inrv. Th' joniiiiil iv tli1 Imnilv lakes
n poji'lur vole, none lu-in' iIltgU|h*
who ar'ru not 011 th pirv list, an
\t'tt voU-iI Riiilty I**' a majority iv
two liunilied , .an' eight il.i,ii...ui.l t..
\*/.id. Th' inscrupuli.us 111 nu it it \- ha*.
tn law. town on th' miiliiielit llu.iiu.
llhin vi'Yi taken oici to th' ...ml
Ih' (.ulli has lo dhraw gdns In ki!|cp
ye Ir'm lu-in' tout to pines U- th'
nioli. Th' p.'ntrl wait in' in V.-- mlli-d
to well nil' lliiulv tluy v., Iiisms us
yc juiss mi' n lady stalls vc with a
liiitpin. Jii\'i.il jutviiun i.iis. u.
Narvi* licfaiis** lli.-y hav.* niii-.i'i.-uii.uis
t.criipli'1 n^aiiist not Iiiiii-.mii v.- Sillily to hid.* y.-Vr head lK-liind a post,
l.ut th' judge, who follies Up l'l I.-
.lulii.t. in ih' spring, sU-tulv ..iIIm.u
w to stand up while th' ll.is|ili*>hi
pin her is Icin' took. Two 01 ilu..
if th' jurymen ii only restrain -A (■•
Joorrc from i»tl.ul.«tijf ye wh'le 'li' <»-
iluthKVt Is U.itT i-i'iul, an' in !il.'.ut
two minyit*. y.Ar j.'g.'iii   (.i'ii to iS.'
thriiin fr-Ioliet an' ye'er frinds rend
in  111' pg-pcr:
j    " 'Th'   uatoryons     niiscrcenl    Ilin-
inissy has got, his just dues, thanks to
! an   iucorruptihlc   jury     in    constant
readers  iv     Ihis  gaurjeen  iv  pop'lar
rights, there will lie a distriliution iv
h' prizes to tli' jury offered he us at
j KiniidiULV.-. Hull  next  Siind|aiv,    whin
. ill'    In mud   judge -   Doughbody    will
make tli' presiniatiou speech.'
I    "Wauil   in   a while     a mistake is
made.   iUayl.e ye ain't guilty at all,
Mayhe. 'tis   11 nind     out at th: thrile
thai ye were in     Waukeegiin th' day
th' crime was discovered an'  it    was
another man iv th' same, name    that
coveted ih' Iniin.   Tli' I'alajuein iv our
Lilwriies docs th' rigJit thing ■-,_ ye.
The'case deliiniids   a full, five,   frank
nn' manly apology, nn' ye git it:
M'e suited yisleidah that wan Ilin-
nissy was convicted iv stcalin a liiiin.
We regret to say that this was nol
so.   Adv.
cash    errors.      What's    the   damage,
The wait less handed hiin a 15-cciil
check, and, leaving her a nickel, he
climbed down from the high stool,
lighted a cigar,  and .disappeared.
WANTED—Carpenters lo work on the
new C. V. Ii. station.—Apply'- ou
the job,  to Digby e*. Waldic
MOTT SOX & CO. have instructions
to look oul for two or three hundred acres of good land suitable for
fruit growing in Ilia Kootenay Valley. This land must be so situated
as to allow of irrigation', either" by
gravity or by a well-equipped pumping plant with an abundant supply, of water. Improved ranch js are
■withing lhc scope of the'insliActions.
" Locality, quality of,soil and access
to water come before price in the
consideration of the purchaser, who
is a practical fruit grower, and
knows what he wants. Send us
your descriptions" locations and
prices. *"
TO   LET—Two    dnfiii'iiished     rooms,
u.*ar Baptist church.—Apply, at Lw.l-
A hotel that furnishes qniicl, commodious accomnio'ik.Gi'on for its patrons is a source of pleasure to the
travelling public. .Such a one is' the
King Edward Hotel, of Kernie, corner opposite i'.ost  office.
There is nothing from a hatchet
to split the kindling wood lo the
complete outfit Tor an exploring
expedition' which we do not supply  at   a  reasonable  price.
Hardware, Harness & Saddles
Miners, Prospectors Supplies
• Dry goods, Groceries, Kami Implements and Machinery, from
Stem-Winding Mouse Traps, to
Cyclr.ne Stackers, Indian Curios,
Souvenirs of Roosville and Elko,-
It aw Kurs aud Krcsh Produce from
lobacco Plains
shipped on order from Elko to
any part east or west.
Send   orders   to   Elko.
Pi-j. Game Hunters outfitted
with supplies; Pack ..Horses . and
KOll SALE—One "'--Y.'d.diir.wton Hand
Press, 7 col. folio; "one Gordon Job-
l-.er,   7x11,   P.oth   these presses    are
in fair condition, -and are oiTered-
for sale '(.heap on account of having installed larger presses in their
stead. Write for prices and terms
to '   ■
Kernie. 13. C.
_—7i[,Carr.icc!-i n_._i_si zcs.-]	
You nre making a mistake if you have-not asked our
prices on HEATERS, no n.a.tcr.what style you may require.    Take a look.
He'ni- Island, Aug. an,  1J03.
Minaid's Liniiiiiiil Cn,, Limited.
Dear Sirs,♦-Vour traveller is here
today uud we are getting a large
qiiamily of MINARD'S LINIMENT.
We Iimi It tli.. bust Liniment in the
market, iiiakin/ no except imi. We
have been ill business i.t years, und
have handled all kinds, Imt have
dioppid them all but yours; that sells
itself: ill* nlil/is have lo be pushed lo
gel rid (.1.
"We rasliii'i's ought lo lot in n union," lie   s.nd bitterly..     "We don't
i;.*t   jll'.lliv  as  it   is "
SeuUd on ,1 high siuol in a i-nli'l'
li'inh, i.u., It* liltid a putted ham
'iiiidwirli to In:, lips    with p.ih-   und
illl, .-.lain d   liltgel!*.
"Tlil'i is mil' I'lomli." Iw siiid. "It
We nie sllult in our 1-.1-I1, we have to
iiinl.i- lit- i-liiniage gninl; lull ll '-.«'
uieli.ng, wr dnii'l pinlil. "I'll.- litm
pI,i).-» with ii. ,1 g,nm- ui "IF, .ids w,
will, tails ynu h.s,*.'
Kor .xiiu.pl-', la-,1 w.ik I w.v. '&..("
in lit* .ri'i. Si-jiiili nv. in paMiig oil
ih* kinds, I p:. d out that limih too
lllllill. Ill Ci ll.t-qllill.e, S7..P1 mil of
in,' sal.irv mad' th' sliortagt- good.
■'Ilut    y,-'*leid,i\   I   was $q  over.   I
hid iiliil.lp.iid.sclilL- otle, lit  some oil,:
hid  i.-.i-(|'...d  111.-,  'i'i  iii'l.    V.711,   ',,.
I allowed lo applv llli*1 S'l smplns to
till* $7.10 ■ iiiutin'.-?   Not  at   *'ll'       "
iliu  ti<l.iy •"•I"    ■d'orl, inn  I mil ., it
'*. jiiar.*    *--in.<*   I   wa-     vi*«.i.*rd.iy   S10
l.*n.*?   Nnl    u  Lit  nl  it.      'lhe  firm
pi'ifils wlun I'm li'li-J!, and win 11 I'm
*liori  I li>>-.
"Wi* f.ishnrs .night to loiin a union
10 inir.ii this injustice. Tli.-n* is in.
ii.iv.u wlie mu- -.iiijilni rii-li    i-inu-'
ti-ilil.l   fl.it    •.:,   t'i   1...I.IK <    uttt   A.fni'
111', 1)11) HIS PEST.
A hungry Irishman vent into a
restaurant on Kriday and said to the
"Have ye/ any whale?:'
"Have \ez any shark?" ■  •'
' Xo."
"Hnve ye/.'any swordfish?"
"Have ye/, any jellylish?"
, "No,"
"All rijihl," said the Irisliinati.
"Then hrin^ iile hum and e^'s and a
Ixiefslake .siiiolh.'i-ed wid onions. Tlie
Lord knows 1 asked for fish."
Lindsey to Slierniaii—"Have you
ally trulh?"
Shcniiaii to • Lindsey*-"Have you
r.ny hoii.'s'.y.-"
I'h-ilh—"Tli -ii let's have 11 scrap,"
niul  tli.'y're linviiij; it.
John L. t,'o.». spenkii of the. Tut-
liessee sciinle, hud all old li/jim ser-
viiiu who liked his drink ju.'it as well
in llie, best Kentucky colniivl ill tlie
liluei.|-iiss i. ate, One innriiiiii*;, Jttst
after ih- cold sp.dl broke, III.' darky
innii* to S.n 1 tor t-'ox.
"Mills' .lohn," said lie, "I'lljes' up
iiii' ilc.ui d.'so wind.is dis inoriiin'."
"All  lijjhl,     Ciu-N.ir,"  replied    tli ■
"Is "ni in h.ib 11 hull liimhlcr of
whis!.y, .Maine .lohn, IV're uin't
uiilliu Ilia: whiskey lor cleuiiiiif,' win*
Tli-- hall tuinlilei- was pi-uiii|illy
Ijiven to CaiiMiv, win iiiiifd himself
Willi Millie raj;:; mid caii'ii-il ill.* whis-
(,1 y in .11101 li i ni".11 (n I* (■■<' !'■'•*
work. A lew- iiiiuuii-s aiteiwai.d.*'
Sillitui 0«\ lied <».v:i*.ii.U t«> enter
Ills lliiiiil. l'a*'..ll" Wiis busy pnlMlill^'
III* windows. Th.- tumble'' was ru
111.* table,  bu:   no wllisWv w.is ill ll.
"Whv, I'.icsnr, wlnil's lieioine ol
tiie whiskiy''-- »sk,d tlie senator. "1
I lion*.In vou iim.I it in this wink,"
'•So I do.*s, Maise .Iniin, so I
di.es," W.is III' all-wer, 'Villi Ml',
-,,!i. I di in'. - A. v. hi l.-y .n"' 'doivi
11ii.l1 tr.-f a«in de win his!"
- .,.-. o • ■
A 1.1 FT.
C.r.iv- ".Mki heal d from onr friend
It iiiu tier in Texns. lie says liis wife
w.is l.iiily e.itin-d div.iv witli their
Mrtt hull-..'."
C.r.-en- "Carri.d away with i-nthii---
hisiii. ill'"'
r.rav-"No,  iy  .1  .-.•.h.n..--'
Are you on the inside, looking out.
0 you take and i
the Ledger?   If not,
why not?
Every man, woman and child in
East Kootenay, should be a constant reader of the Pernio Ledger.
It is not controlled by any corporation or company, nor does it
shield thc evil deeds of any political party. It has a good word for
everything that is good and a vigorous kick for what is bad in the
public life of the country. It tries tn place before its readers, in a
pleasing' way, the local news and is anxious to receive any and all
items of interest to its readers.
if yon wi**h to .•**:--.]..■ ]\ Jn it-- pfTnrt-5 to build np thf» .■nntpmil   interests and thc moral standing of the community. '
As the old songf says:-
"In nil your tniiisiirtions lut'lliis lm your pt.iit—
Kor ihu WL'If.iri! of oilicrsdo nn well iih you fan,
lio your iluty, lovo mercy, unite nil lo-rtMlu-r
And journey |Imoii/;Ii li/e IIUo liirdiofit fc.'illior,"
Are you on the outside, looking In ?
i 1
Last' week thc. Ledger piil>li-Ji5d a
.-hor. articli* in advocacy of compulsory arbitration for labor troubles,
and it believes it voiced tli:: sentiment of tlis public and of on ever-increasing*, number of labor men who
look more ^seriously into this matter.
l.ut if unions arc to lx: broken up
and every attempt ma»b to discour-
■ age unions, as i.s being done now in
Kernie by the management of the
Coal Company, aided by the clamors
of a few people who are talking all
sorts of nonsense calculated to discourage union**- ,mtn and encourage
non-union men, the unions will be
slower than ever in concluding that
ihey can entrust their cause to men
wlio. b}' their works and words iu
time of need, belie their professions
of friendship to unionism,
But aside from this, will some wise
man tell us how arbitration is going
to 'be worked if the labor side of the
controversy is to be dividud up into
individuality instead of being compelled to come licfotc such boards as
ii company oi organ!/a(ion?
If th:>  principle  of  combination    is
not to be eiteouragv'd, and the laboring, people were compelled lo go in
small bodies or individually before a
board of arbitration; there would be
no end to arbitration.. It would have
to go on indefinitely.
The principle of unionism will have
to be recognized, and if it is, then
compulsory arbitration can be carried out most effectively.
The sooner the, public recognize tliis
,fact and .demonstrate to organised
labor they are its friends in dead, not
mock friends, as many people arc
■ now proving to be, " the sooner will
.union men look upon them as real
friends and !,. willing to entrust their
* disputes to them for settlement.
■ With thc miners recognized in thc
fullest sense, and compulsory arbitration iu force as tlte machinery by
uhidi to settle differences iKtwcen
capital and labor, the excuse for
strikes and lockouts would disappear,
and a great stride in tho direction of
industrial peace would be accomplished.   4
Don't imagine, however, that the
labor unions nrc going to look wilh
loo much favor upon this proposition
until th. principle of unionism ■ is'
most .thoroughly admitted and established. This will Hot happen until managements . cease clamoring
about ihe irresponsibility of union,
nun, while the same 'managements
are demonstrating every day that
prevalent in corporate management
us it possibly could be in any kin.:l
of ornani/alioti, and the" organization
and thus succeeds in getting the property free, together with another fifty
thousand 'dollars, for which 'he gives
no equivalent. Or the Hyde ■ nature
induces the financier to invest certain
funds entrusted to his keeping in
wild cat schemes, where the risks are
so great that he would not dare to
invest his own money. If there are
profits thoy may reach 30 per cent, or
more, a bank interest is set aside for
the owner of the "money, and the remainder goes to the financier.
But occasionally it happens that a
finan-.ier holds two or more olliccs.
AsJekyll, lie may be. thc director of
a trn_c company or an insurance pom-
paiiy." As j.-l>de, he, maybe * engaged
in manufacturing or in speculative
land bining. Hyde needs money. He
■joes to .Tekyll, his other self, who
lends thi. trust inoitty without'"a "qniv-
er of self condemnation. Hyde speculates and loses, and .Tekyll charges
up the loss 'to unavoidable market
conditions. It i.s all very' delightful,
save for the people whose motley has
;ein given to the trust company for
safe keeping. And, also, it might go
0:1 forever, if it were not*for insurance commissions and iiiq.iiisit.iv<> lawyers.
Hon Geo.  IC. l-'oster says he saw no
ci-nllici of duly  in the fact that    he
Was manager of the Union Trust Company     and also member    of    a   land
syndicate.   And this in spile    of   the
fact as ag.nl of the syndicate he sold
property     to  the  trust    company ol
which  hi.:   was manager.      Here is a
case of dual    .personality where    ths
duly of Hyde to get a high price was
in .direct     conflict with thc   duly    of
.fekyll to give a low price.   Yet JMr.
Foster does "not sec any impropriety.
Again,  we have hinted that    sometimes   a   financier has  a   triple    personality.   What of th:  case of    Matthew Wilson,- K. ,C?   He, was a member of  a  speculative  syndicate  desiring     to sell'property to the    Union
Trust  Company,  aiid he,  with Chancellor Boyd, as legal' experts, formed
th*: inspection committee, which passed on all investments.   Stock    in    a
land company is  au  improper investment for trust funds.   Later,    at thc
instance of Mr. Stevenson, the   stock
ers that are so busv Irving* to induce
people not to do' what they as paper
directors make a business of doing—
that is, looking at one side of everything and ibeing as one-sided them-,
selves as the requirements if the business demands.
"You, gentlemen, are judges of the
high court of pailiament.      You    are
sworn  alld paid to act for the country, just as Sir Thomas Shaughn.ssy
is paid to act for the C. 1\ R., just
as  Mr.  1).  L).  Mann is   paid    to' act
ior   the   C. .V. 11.   If   ymi take gilts
from Sir Thomas SJiauglinessy or Mr.
Mann,  you     impair your  power    to
protect  the people  against the  , companies  which your  benefactors  represent.   You  put yourselves  iu  the- position of a judge on the bench    who
takes gifts     from  a  litigant    whose
case lie     will have to .decide."     The
foregoing is     the rebuke 11. 1,.   Uor-
dcii rdid   not     administer   to Foster,
Fowler,   l'opc  I.efurgcy,   et  al.,    and
which, in tlie opinion of th* Toronto'
Telegram, he should have done.
17    I906
not mated as a trivia! offender,  but
as a d'lil.ryt.' thief.
Wli&l about'those fellows who have
... a"-
been Hiiilty of-■■'siocfc-Taterin-' to ihe
extent of million:-; of dollars? Are
they to l:c * treated as just ordinary,
trivial offenders, who are not worth
even .a mention in tli.*. columns of tho
staid old  Gloltt?
It slates that wli.n is possible on
the oth'r siib of* llu lino is,also possible- on this. Has it found our' yet,
that wliel-jd't was talking of the rascality of tliose bad insurance intn
ov-,-1- there, and holding up th- Canadian insurance fellows as ,,u shining
exauijjle, that its pride in the home
article was misplaced,, aud that tlu
double directorate nuisaiicc is just
as l*ad h-r-e as over, there, and is a
thousand times more extensive in its
jobberies thin lias been any and all
the milk watering in th; land?
er,  after other treajnient had failed.
She  says:   '-For    .some  years  Annie
had not been well. ''Shi  would'   tak-
spells of dizziness and headaches that
would  last for several days,-and her
whole ,bodv   would  become  drv   .'and
hot  as  though  she   was   Inn ning    up
with fever.   Her lips would swell unlil near the bursting point,  and th.-u
when   (he  fever  would  leave  li.-r    th.;
miter skin of lho lips would peel  oil.
She 'doctored with two different   dor-
tors,    but they .did     not succeed - iv.
curing, her,.'   v.xiA  the  trouble  seemed
gradually to be growing  worse. Th:ir
we  began  giking     Jier Dr.   Williams-'"
l'ink Pills,  and  under this treatment
she  has  recovered  her  health.       The
lict.idaches and dizziness have goucj; he
nm      * ./
"' V.       , :     ■-
■'■;.:& ,\\ .■'
makI'S .view m'.oon.
This is good of the Telegram, and
the Xews' should look out for the rebuke which Sir Wilfrid has so Iar
failed to administer to somebody
down* in l.ondon for the wholesale debauchery of lhe 'ballot that secured
a seat in his cabinet to a man who
has no right to sit there.
, be permitted to live.
.. With, all th. double directorate rascality that is coming to light every
month, every, week, every day; il is
astounding, wilh what check these
same fellows will descant upon the
ii responsibility of labor unions and
th.-ir oiliccrs.
Give us a rest on the dishonesty ,o[
lli.'Ss union nun, nud also a rest from
tlu damning dishonesty, of double
directoriiig money out of the pockets
of the same working people into the
treasury boxes of lhc insurance robbers.
Would Mr, Dicken cease his laboring to prove.lhe dishonesty   of
was returned and a mortgage taken
as security for the money advanced.
But Mr. Wiison approved the peopos-
cd investment, of thi Trust Companv'
(Mr.'Wilson, director) in lands of
the-syndicate (Mr. Wilson a member).
It happened that the Trust'Company
will lose nothing by the transaction.'
That is nol the,, point. All the circumstances arc'improper. Trust funds
should be invested with care and % according to law. No man should l.e"-
in   such  a  position  that  lie, can ]>uj
,«^       aa,      |,*a.ia,       a...      ,t ,,,.., ...^ ... j --, HIS -        a. a- aa. . ,. , .,      a > . > j 1, I a-. a^,  ,       (,..*.
iissocinles in tlio union lonu   enough Uic Ledger hopes it will arrive finally
to find   out1 who.il wns   ..that made nl tli.     conclusion that the way'tr
two companies     of himself, oiie ;on cure the doubling business is to pre
each sido of tlie boundary line, ' nnd
that iie\y feature in the double directorate btis'ltasR to Injat Uncle Sain out
of customs duties?
If Mr. Dickon should Itnppcti In
bring to light that fellow's itume, lie
would have n dickens of a tin..' trying
to toll us llm*-difference li.lwe.'li that
follow nud u -downright rascal, whoso
wo'd -.jlioiild nut be considered worth
repenting, nr whose solemn o.hli(!fl-
tion would not hold dirt.
■I |
Tore nin News. .
Dun! pcrsriimllllt-.H nm n psychological possibility, It is alleged by scl-
tntiMs that il Ih not impossible for
11 innii tn lie .(.'iiinc'l mid ignorant,
good and ..iiii, wise and foolish, nt
tlw saiiio time. Indeed, there nmy lie
certain periods In his life when lite
good qualities overmaster tlie evil
(,K.s, and also certain periods when
tin evil is predominant. ..oliorl
l.niiis Krovciison crystalll/cil thosu
tli-firles iu his fatuous story, Dr.
Jukyll nnd Mr, I.ydu, which, in its
csselic., Ik laiiiillur to uvcryone.
Hut thu (Uiulitor may say this in
i.nly a story, a phantom of the imaig-
iliiitinti, nud Unit jt is tint illustrative ol teal conditions in life, Let
tlu doubter turn his eye towards tliu
nlestial hills nl High Viimme,   gn/u
(vi lln* Itlllill'lllillttt th'Tenf, nud ov-
nmiu(! tluir 'ihk-Ucck. We. venture to
1..I.CVQ llu Kcalos will fall trout his
eyes am! lu will nee,
Many high liiuuiriers have a dual
pi-rsonnlity. Swim have a triple on.,
Iiiii carli •.tv-crv-x- n .Tekvll-liki- t'Tdrr-
i-rally is tint avers.! to mounting. tl|.
tiistniin upcii occasion, nud spinnlu;!
out .l.kyll pltvtiluilcs about ijouA
inilil, lli.uor, public (Wiley mid all
tltosj other rtlMrnct oriianuuis wliicli
nro supposed tn go wilh tlu .Tekyll
Yet (bin is n Hyde CMU'enl.-. some-,
win-re-. Thv it.(|iiisitkiit ot money nt
th? ex'h'fi-ic of f-oiui'iiN.* else is a pns-
i.ion iii.u all th/* power of ilu .Ukvll
tui-tims cannot stamp out. Tin high
1'niiiiciir buys a pri-pi-riv wmil. Sjn,.
con, capitall>i*fi il nl Ssnn.finn,    sills hiapcis ns it have Ik* it   InU,rin,»   lor
$100,00,1     of cnlltiiinn Mock    tn    tIt "
j.ulilfr, retnins tin* j-ivf.Tt my stork ol
$100.01*1, whi.lt gel* all tlu diviil. 11.1*,
liis own property with other pco'ple's
un 11.'y, ,nnd make a,profit from --jt. It
is just common stealing, raised to the
nth" powor, and made respectable
by  a too complaisant public opinion.
If (Mr, Wilson or Mr. Foster were in
a syndicate doing business with the
Fnir.n Trust, tliey had no normal
right to retain' their olliccs in the
Trust Company. If- they did their
,'luty *in the Trust Company, for
which they we're paid, they had- no
business in  ihe syndicate;
r I
Mr. .'aciiig-llothi-Ways is not the
man lo trust with other people's
money, The .scriptures say it is ■impossible lo serve Cod and mammon.
Tlu Toronto News keeps al it on
he double  directorate duplicity,  and
Claude Amsden, supported by Hazel
Davenport, will be at tile Opers
House tonight with a ibi'gi company of
singers, and will favor Kernie people
with the • "Governor's Wifc," one of
Mr. Amsden's own productions. If
lie can write as well as he can sing
and act, there is no doubt about
there being some fun, in store for us
Mr. Amsden and Miss Davenport arc
well known to local theatre-goers,
and it was of them that the Ledger
said last '* December: "Miss Hazel
Davenport, as Hstielda," supplied the
bubbling, vivacity necessary to balance the drolleries of Claude Amsden,
and kept the audience in as good humor wilh her as slu evidently was with
herself, livery act, every note in her
part was rendered with a spirit ,tliat
was infectious., u '*'
Mr. Amsden, as Don Ivrico and El
Capitan, .displayed wonderful ability
as a comedian. He has a full voice,
though it was not at all times exactly true. .Perhaps it was because Iu
tried lo keep in tune wilh tlie piano
used r.n  the occasion.
Tlu Amsden company are sure of a
bumper house tonight, and a repetition tomorrow night, when "The Mas-
-co Ui-wi! I~hc-th(*-l'i 11—MmVinJSleiris
That is How Mr Williams' l'ink rills*.
Cure    the    Common    Ailments    of
.-    Life.
Making, iuw blood. That is just
what Dr, Williams' l'ink'I'ills^arc always ".do:iig-;U-tu.allv , making new
Woolly _. This new blood stniigthons
every organ in the bodv, 1111 I strikes
siraigh. iUil|-L. rcoi\ii aniumin, and
the common ailments of life which
have ,tluir oiigiu in poor, 'weak,
watery blool. Mrs. A."II. Seeley, of
Stirling,, Out., tells what Dr. 'Williams' Pin!. I'ills ,di,d for liL*r four-
tecn-yenr-old  sister,   Miss Annie  Sa"-
-- -'■
color is impiovcd; her appetite better, and she has had no furtlior at-
tacvs of the fever wliicli balded, tiny
doctors. "We are greatly pleased with
what Dr. Williams'" l'ink I'ills have'
done for lur, and recommend thorn to
other sufferers?' '"-,',-
It was theorich, red.blood Dr, Wi,-
linnis" 1'in.k Pills actually mdke which
cured Miss Sager. Thai is why these
Pills cure all common ailments like
anaemia and debility, headaches and
backach.'S, indigestion, rheumatism,
neuralgia, St. Vitus dance r.u-.l the
special ailments that prey, on tlie
health • aud happiness of girls and
women atnnil ages. Get th.- giniiiiu
Dr.    Williams'  Pink     Pills for    Pale
I'eoule,  with .the full  nanus    on    the
' 1
wrapper around each box. Sold In-
all medicine .dealers" or-by mail at 50
cuiis a box ot six boxes for S3.50,
from Tlu Dr.' Williams' Medicine Co.,'
Agents for
Tlio Calgrary Marble aiid Granite Work's:-',
The Kootenay Marble Works, Nelson.       '
Samploscan bo seen nt tho ofllce.,,
.,   Office Phone 41       Residence 76.
Pas-tors in Lung's Block
♦ ■
Motel, Fernie
A pleasant homo
for tho traveller.
Rooms    reserved
by wire.
Every Attention
The Elk LismSier Go.?
UfVBITiEOe   7-        i'.'f :-P '
ffiiiiiensigiBt. Fimrhma Sidiiio.
Df>»     bob a    ■   '   •   c    °v    <; »*•■■     fc}4 £' 2B~
,   ¥mishm§ Lumber1 and';;
All our .slock is last years ciftandwell seasoned.';      X
+9M9+9+**>+94>*+4**++4>   ♦♦♦♦«♦♦«+♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦++♦♦
$fie- Bestvof Satisfeefc
;inT/tfM Repairing
— a. ,.—i	
7) 11;..:'tliis
vent ill's doublilijv,
onsidered  to l:c at his 'best
well-known comic opera,
Great interest, however, is l-.eiiiij
manifested to see Mr. • Amsd.'ii in n
pnrt of his own creation, which , will
l>e  presented   tonight.
Mr, Knlisbnry, the noted tenor
sinnfer, i.s with the Amsden compnny,
nnd  will  l:c h?ar*.l tonisrht,
Notes and Comments
IIi|;lt liiver Times,
Tliu votiii-r on lhe electric lijrlit ,hy-
Inw resulted ill nit almost uitniiituniis
deelurntlon in favor of inctirrin-; ; the
lini'jility, Only'nm- opposing vole wns
ren'.isleied, The people nre .jjiailtially
renli/.in,!,' tliat profitable franchises
should not lie purled with -by jiinni-
eipiililles, aiul that miiliicipnl owjner-
sliip mid opet'iilioii of all public utilities, .is llie only wise course.
Th..y sliould movo up to l-'criilu and
net cn red of llieir wild nnd wooly
(IrmtiiN of iiiiinicipal ownurship, The
worst case has been known to lie cur-
id in one nij-lit up here, uud tliu cure
seems lo 1,e perinniichl. As n cure
for tltj wiiler <llsun.su, l'urnlc has
-.iilierliir facilities,
Tlu I,<!(l««r will hii'Ve to admit, tlw
editor of tliu Ncws-Ailvertis-ii" to the
temple nf fanciful fun fame.
Kpi'nl.ilijr of ilia" Ilyinaii I'lei-lioli iin-i-
ili.nl, ll indulges In ill. following:
l'erlinps lllu saddest, tliu most serous part of Htu-li jitcidciils is the
i-oinpnriilive IlidilTei-ellcu with wliicli
flm mass uf tlu people remind conduct more repreluiisililu in sonic' ru-
spa'tH llu 11 -.hat ol llu lmr-'liir, Must
We ,'idinlt thul tlm tiopuliir sctmc nt
rinhl nnd wri.lij- has been dulled hv
the ru-di nl mill into tlie politicnl
hjiluro, elisor only for placu nud pay,
uml uilirvly indilleuiil 10 tlu nielhod
by wluili they attain llum? Il scvius
"Yen, djnr Advcrtis.'j*-. we must ml-
luil ilut there is sr>iiii'tliiiij» wroiij;
wilh tlio jxipulnr v.«se. l'crlmps it is
tlu result or tlu inability to see tlw
tiili;!li* that Foster •./it inlo with tli*--
roil.* at tlu same lime that v.i'i in
with f.iicli picrvin**; fian: tlu Ilvinniinl
ttoubli- a'. I.oinU.n that is pailly rc-
spi tisibli- for th,- wr»ni|; popular scnsJ.
How win th.il iii(i->t snisitivc Advertiser vsjiect the jniblie m.n*w to l*:
.'Hiytliitij; civ Imt oiie-KliUxI u-hvti vurh
years to have th.* pulili. bmli at
«n.' ,*iidii nf tliin^*.*, nnd tlmt side nl-
\\M}m whiuwasli-^l by »»iic*siili.d pnji-
Toronto Globe..
It may -seem liard to fine a man
heavily for puttimj.- a wron-; label on
n box or barrel of apples, .but it i.s
i-uitc the opposite, He sliould lie
tioatcd, not ns a trivial ollcnder, but
ns a rtiilincratc thief, Many years
ago tlie cheese industry,- while struggling into importance, wns seriously
IinJidicapped .by the frauds of milk-
producers. Drastic legislation against
tlie ^vatcriiig of llu milk was enacted
and enforced, and tlu ndiilteratioii
and dilution of niilk were practically
stopped, TU*! excellent result of litis
treatment of fraud has., been tliu
uiiQi.iioiis jirodueiion and exportation
of clioesij, wli'icli ure n matter of prida'
and prolit to the Province, If is
much easier to detect frauds in apple
packing than in milk selling, for it is
a .question of eye sigilu, not of chemical testing. Tlure i.s uo reason for
complaint against the law on the
ground of tiiirensona^le harshness. On
tlu touirnry, it is, if anything, too
lax in Its provisions, us it has been
lu its enforcement, The mutter is so
important that no time should lx. lost
111 trying wlutlur it is ndc.|ium! tc
raising, llu standard (if our apples foi
export and making it possible for 1
buyer to ktiuw by looking at the huh
cl on u package (.'xuctly what lu ii
In this connection it may not b:
amiss 10 call tlu aUi-niiou of pro
ducurs and puckers of apples to tli<
Import iim'u of pulling. I linn up in
pnckiigci to still llu prderciiccs cf
those who arc to buy and ni.'tlu-u.
A little ingenuity uxpciid.il c.n ths
part of llu work will add iniiili ni.iv
lo tlu price thnn lo tlu cost. If
packer,*, An not know precisely wlul
Is most ikHitetl in tluir purlieul.11
market, tliey cull, nl little tioub.i',
fiivd out ilirotigh llw Dcpattinciil of
Agritiiltiiru   at  Ottawa,      One    s.-.s
«'((1l   *.i   vi tivr.   nt  liiiniMi'il I.'ll   ill*   «•■'■. t
snixiriorltv in llw v»c*t'»lr mctlndi
used in sonii! parts of llu Vii'tid
States over the very primitive ways
in which tlu work is <loii.. in Cnnidn.
What   Is possible over thctv is   pos-
siXAt'  h.Ti*.   lUld   Wi'  llllVi*   ill''   11i-i-.*s>:irv
object K-ssoii tin nut iiitis-iintly ou
our attention. Tln«. inti-irstnl in
llu fruit trade should take au ■■*<-
.iiiiple from tlu il.iiryiin-n, nml f«'*'l
incourngxil to follow it with lln*
mressary inodifii at inn...
Tli,' (Viol** miglii l.iok ,-iroiiii'l '|..mii
1l1.1t uny (ind see il it inn find .iiiy
iiistmui'S of iBlx-liH-i stocks juit a
little wrniy, ol imtting a little water
in llw slnt-U tali and xlling it tn
ih- n*,<li!ic U.r n.h.-it it, .*. not-vllirig
th.*- mivluri* fur punA tnflJ.' "/nil *.f
It is Vi-ry iev»re and um..m|.r..mis-
inj* at'oiil hiving tli. Umiis milk man
Make your wife happy'by buying a Steel Range of J. D. Ouail I
■ •*' r%
7:' OF; COMMERdfi'-M
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund) $4,500,000
HEAD OFFICE,  TORONTO      '-     '  '',,..
B. E. \VALKER, General Manager^ , ALEX. LAIRD, Ant Gcni Mana_-er '
,   "~- THE .UNIT3D STATES AND ENGLAND;   ■  '. \
:     '   '    '  :BhNKWQ' EY  P.^A.L    "\" •"*"'.'//
Business may bo transacted by mail with any branch
ofthe Bank.   Accounts may .bo opened, and deposits
made or withdrawn by mail.  Every attention is paid
to out-of-town accounts. ''. t.".-.'    "   '; ;;*.
Pirnio  Itrimcli "*G.S.   Hoii'   Xfiu-^or
'P^m-i ^'^^-^1^'%%^^%
or money refunded
—      "*" ■'" ■ . 1 -■ ■ -. —   1 ■ * in 1      1 1 ■■■ ,i
I^rcsh l;ish constantly arriving    J
, Have ono of tin... largest HtorcH In Fernio. '
\mmtt\\), Veal, i'rcHh ami Smoked V,\h)\,
Wholesale & Retail
:,,,   PIlOllO No. fl IVriiir    K  V   «,t.:
XJ'lSriDE'B  _ST_3.-W ''M'aA.N^G3Il_VtElJSI'T
w* isvvvtii, _. if roprietor
Well* fumislicil rooms.  The tabic i.s stippli..!  with  the  brs.
( the market aflonlH. The bar i.s Kiiii'ilieri     with   the    bust wines,    y
>, liquor-, niul cijjnrs, J f
and   Home   Life
your     iiii'iils    «t
Can he enjoycil liy fill: iii'.
The Royal  Restaurant
In rnnjiiiicliiiii with tlm 'K.iyu! IIoU-I. The lirst iih'h! scrvid in ! tlio
cily for 25 cunts. A few iimi.- iclmi! iir liminli'is ilcslrcd. Yoiir -iiilroiiiii-ii
Is  n-spftrtliilly   .soliiituil.
AI.I, WJIITK IIl'.M'     KMI'l.nVKI).
MRS. M. MOELZEL, Proprietress
Ciw Co.
Np.Ihoii, 11. C.
Smoke IRbya. Seal Cigars.
I-Atkinson,      -   . -   -.     .     fernfc,B.C
No Lengthy Argument
I Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd
*>*+«* *?
PBKNin, B.C.
ISroivcra of Extra Fino
f laifc-r IJccr nnd Aoratct!
Wntcrs. f.o<f!etI Goods
a Specialty.
us*** st *,*.*>   «_!*_■-i- mitm**<*wsr
TI-. K. n.i<|I.«il„.r i,'ili,''*H"*"
.*.i'!i ill* **.- lir.-.rv l'l 1 >li nn I  ; •
•    - ..i-.  I-,;. • • -   ,  !.*„..
'mIu'hiv hH'I   Nti" 11   II..**   <*ul.
.: 1.1 id- i.i.i ■ •,* 11 .11 . ..*if
The Fernie letar
about -i»ood printing
is necessary; a j»ootl
business man knovrs
that u neat, tasty job
of Pr.Mfi.u* atfr.-tcfs
attention & inspires
confulcncc. Thnt's
thc kind we execute
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l\iij(li.sli (tlte grentesl tea drinkers
niiii.*n'{>'.t wesletii people) as an elli-
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uiuioii, and it.** rapacity for tnnin-
talninjj .serenity of spiritH nml teni-
)*r In also iidinittcul, Imt the article
must lie llu U'M oi its Iiiml, and lo
|*4*t lhe Im-sI ynu have lo purchnM'.
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•pMljff w»i Mr, A, t. mtstsford, nil tot
W. R. McDougall
The Shoemaker
UU, &IUiokiBff Juit ttbtX U li * huiky
kmmltky t*m*t. tt* work* hii iwtt farm
***** MifntMw**, Uot.. , I .-ii.*   ;\i
M t r w«rht oi? r rM wnrli W _w j Iriitssa     1 J. * . i
»tft* C.T.».V ht eontlnutd.   Ml bid '
\'w li.v.d h.*r mini' than lvuiit\ ymri.
I've writtiii'iiinillvM* thymes ul.oui
And us mv thirtieth liirilulay H.-avs
I 1'iiiivc I uiiilil    nol live   wilium".
-.m.iii,tiny,   niiii-.i,
)i.)jf;  .... '.*,  ■...'3.U..Iy'/ahi
Mlfbl **)**(*, tlM» tad ftvtr ttxi frtautnb
W «««fKt4 ity ffctei of »/ lung*, f -»_•
daUnf fart •ml tbt «t«ctor* atid tbert
•»•»• uftm for •»«. Two month* trttw
«MM«I Fiirehlna ptil ma ttwttt tin m» f«*t-
•jiA ) kava kid ao return et Junr cfoublo
tf Uf, Muarord had aUHid to Uk»
fiycfciM wbM ha, tint caagbt cold b*
would twv. aavad blmwl/« lot of antlalK
Ud tuft-tar. P.ychlfl* curt* aii lunr
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Ikadlaaaaa, »
<,       (PnmmwI Site*)
50c. Per Bottle
Uflg* atoM 1 *xms) tt-*ff lm******,
ati lUQOIf, U»Ht4, TitmW
T!i«. I -mi tt'.t »(  an*-.,! „int
Slu tthispii,s in nu: all I iniylit ili«'.
i     ...ti.   W.I    '.i.i...,    -in.t'i.   1,11111:   id   'jii'Hf
I luve li.i  inure th.m life itM-li.
I lnvcd lier wh.'ii  ;i  l-oy—I love    liar
VI t,
'Hi- -.-iti tint I Imvo never met.
IfAVsY, mil lie ih.it ,tn il.iv.s after
ilnti* I iii'luil, io uglily to the. Chief
l.'iiMiiiis*.i-Jiier of I.unds nnd Wurk'',
Vi,','nl i.i, U, '■'., liu a ,'<|iriiiil liiell.se
in hmi n.'iil innv nwny liiuliur froin
ill:  follnwin-aj d.MiiUil I,• 11> 1 •,:
.!» Illlll'llt 111^    .11     il     '»'M    fl.lllll.4l       ill
....   ','.   ,V. . .mr ...  .'   itl,l.,it a1  }:;.-.
il, ill lit.- lllllllill.; \\7  ~y* ill.iill:*, llltlHo
,S    H'i «lu;.i«4..      tlr.-tii.-_*   !•;   X«>    (Ituiuv,
;hiliei*   S,   V iimi"*  Xn |il.u'r n(  colli
iiii'iii-imi'ill, I'liiiliiin'ii" ,1-'|' lures iuul".-
l.i    '.. .Sh,
M. Mi-IN'S"KS,
Dated    (H   l'.ll'iiii.iith,  II. C, Si'iiU-iii-
lx-r :.ih, i«h/i.
Don't   forget   our ;Celebrated    Griilill   Brand
Sugar Cured   Ham's find   Breakfast. Bacon arrives
weekly.    Try some and be convinced  that it is the
Best on tho market.!   ^*m\>
Pay Cash and Keep |ebt in the Background.
I W. 1
l'    l*.  i(   WI'.sTI'.tt SHUYU'l',.
(it .ini iiii.r ih* isi of n,-i-iinl»*r,
V)iit,, C. 1". 1' ii.y.il nuiil Kinjili-'.i
*t«iiiii.rs iiinl T.aki sttiimrrs will wiil
fit.iu Wist Si. .lohn in I,iv,i]mki1 tn*
i-t.-id ,.t Mi.nivi.a* uiul (}u_l_.i «**>ri-
^'^.»J^k■, ub.* tmisur «v-tvu,t- thtr, t-iil.-
iti» tft.ct. ,\t ibf suit.* lime if b.m
fli-l> (I,iid,.I that itx Iain- stciiiMi**
uill not tatry cultle in tlu* wtnu.
Ir..in \V, i St. JiJtn tn f,ii>t|HM>l
Ct»,\l, ANI) l'KTl.fM.I.I-M XOTICKS.
T1UHTV d.iys nldr it.itc w. Inlcml
t, o njiply tu tlie Assistant Coiiimis-
s.'uiji-r iiiii J.i|.iity C^iimiistiorur r>I
T.t'n.1** ftiwl Wnrkii, nf die 1'ravincc ol
Ilr. ;tisli   Coluinlita,  lor ,. iiaou-    to
|ilO s|Uit   i.tr   io.il   ..ll'l   pelr ll lllll     Ml
l.'t(       H'vsy, So-lib      V.:\'\  TC..OM.-1'.*,
Jlina, <1'«.  LiniiiF.nt  Cur<-« Iiiiiii*:. Kir.
coiiliiielieiuj* nl n Jiost t.lnilwd oli'llie
NuntJi east corner, liuiiijr the imlinl
jiost of J, .1/, McOniris, nnd nli.iit
two miles noutli of the l'lnlhead liver, nnd tii.it nud ailjutua iu Clnuleti
Wnldo's i'lnim, uud south n.i«l niljie-
iht to C. W. JIi-Dornuiirs rlniiis.
»\hicli urn four survovud i-litims tliu
.AleDoruiini holds, Ku ehains ninth
frulii tin:, initial jidm, west Su i-Iinits,
.'.•null So ehiiiim, euNt Si> ehaiuti In the
plain of ln-jjiiiMiiiiy;, i-mHii'iuiiijf l*i<i
ni'i'es,   Haled Auj,'. '3;,  j- ■n.
.1.   I,.   Mi'CUIKH,   l.oiMli-r.
A.  IIACKIi'l'T,  Aneut.
Haled Sept. 'JC,  i'io6,
r ,    i ,i   j.,
Couiiufm-i't'* ul ii jiost -limited m
the .soulliwiNt corner of l'eter llat-
j-url'M i-luini, thellee norlli >'n rin iim,
inst .Vn dl.iills, Miiitll' .*>u ill.iill,., (hi iiu.
Uest J-'ii ilmilis tu thu I'l.in: nl 1."
^ i nn i ii tt, uiU'aiuiU'- (..in iiMes, mil
eiiHl uud udjuielii.  to   .1.   I..  M'.'Vll'*i.
n.itui a nir. -371I1, i«io'>,
VV.'fV.lt  lTAr.C.AWY.   toeiilnr
A. HACKKTT, A'lyxxt.
IhiXtiA Sept, 36,  vtott.
Ci.inii.itii in,; .it .1 post pl.iiitiil on
tin: north eii'.t voruur of Si11u.11
Dial., li'i. ili.titi, Ikmiij,' the initiul uo.l
ol Simon J'ni;,rii's rlniui, mhiiIi ihi:I
ndjiKiiil to .1. I.. Mrtiiiin-'s ihihn.
ilmu-.i Minili >'o ih.iiu.'i, llu im* uvit
Ho iliiiius,     tlt.-n*-.  imnli   f.u ili.iius.
ill  llll'   IIISl   .So   lllllill^    III   pt.lll'   oi    1*'*
Hiniiin^',   umtninitij! ''p> «ur.-..  )*...i.l
AiiniiAi .;ili,  v-,\i,.
SIMON"  IIHACON,   l,n,.Ui.r.
A. IIACKKTV,   Ay..nt.
Diitcil S,pt. ■:(■, x>nii'i,
Coiiiiiii*niin*f nt .1 post pl.inir.I on
the north w,M rnrn.'*. Iiiu**; tin* in-
hia' (iom ol I'. A. ."(.H-.-r.s .J.'iii.i.
lli.iuc wiuiU i'-o vluiiin. tli'ii.c. m*.. 1
fn .luini, ttienir imnli h** i hi iris,
lllll'*!* Wist Ho ill.lilis ti. )*l;iu.. i.f
l^pixnip™, ...nl lining (.(■■ air.-s, an.t
south nnd adjacent to IVlur IIii(j-
jinrt's claim, nnd enst. nml udjuce.it
to Simon Dnij-i.n's elniin. Dated
Aii(j. .7,  lyofi.
IC, .1. VKI/rmit, I.iKiilur.
A. IIACKICTT, Aajjcnt.
Daled Sept. .'fi, lyofi,
& Shoes
Coinni'.'iu'iiijf ul u post planted on
llie mintIi east eotuer, lieing tic- initiul pnsi* nf W. 1), .Hill's clnlm,
thence north i*o chaius, llkiii'i! wesl
.So chains, Uiriue south tlo cliains,
.hv-iici- east «i> ("liaiti'i 10 llm place, of
Ixt^inniii'.r, lontiiiiiinn n*o ueiuv,
fimlli uiul iidjit'.vi'.l to Simon Draj;-
1 n'-i elniin.   D.ilid Aii^,. 07, Hiod.
V.'. 1). iill.l.,   Locator.
A. HACKKTT, Au-ul.
Duliil Sepl.  'iit,  li-of".
Comuu'iiiiii^ ul a post plutiU-d 011
llie miuiIi wi:*i coiiU'i', 1a:1ii-; llw In*
illal potil of P. Hoover's ilaliu,
tli.iue. mirth !•'<> iluiitts, theHvc eiwc
Su rhiiills, lllrllc* south So .'IllUll*.,
tlience west Ho iliailu. to the place of
iH-Xinmiti;, criiUailiin*; 1.40 acres, citsi
uml uiljiiciiil to W, M. Hill's claim,
D.iiul Aim,. i;ih, ivo',. ,
1). 11O0VKK, Locnlor.
A.  HACUl'lTT, A./.nt,
DiiI-mI Sept. ::/', I'y-^.
Coiiiiiiitu-iii'j at a po'-l plnnted on
ilu* mntli wc*! corner, Iwitij; llu* initial post of l'aul -uaMou'x ilaliu,
th.-nre.  south Xo ihains,  th.-nci*    cawi
l'" .U.i.*'iei,    ili.iwc.    ttt.rih ■■*■'>  ..tiifn'*,
til***!,.*   wet   t>41 lll.lillS   to pllHl!   of  lx-
-^iiu.Uj., it.nt.iinin^ i.|u .uie:., a li'i
Muith nit'l n'l;a(im lo II. t,. Hlack*
-.tnti'V, fl.i'm, .nml <a**l nnd *i4j.u«iit
in \V. A. !ln*„s' claim. Dntul Aujr-
'-!!*.,  i<ji/.,
I'AJ'L   r.ASTON",  I/K-.ilor.
A. HACKl'.TT, A-tittt.
D.ltl'il  SmJiI.   *><•.   VHtti.
Mni.ilS I.in*m*n: lMicv.s X.uralgi.*.
Men, keep your foot'cool and comfortable in a pair of onr Oxfords,
they fool Just right on-tho foot and
we know thoy will look good to you
if you stop in and let us show you,
Tan, White, Black aud Patent at
Reasonable prices.
Vacation Necessities
Wc arc   oflcriiijif   you   an   extra   qualily   Suit
Case made of Kcstol, 24 in. lony and  lias iwo
- straps and good brass trimmings anil loci., solid
leather corners, secured with copper rivets,
A Trunk made over a strong wooden frame
with iron bottom covered with 5 oz. canvas well
painted and fitted with two heavy straps and
iron trimmings stitched leather handles al
Special Prices
'AVWL*' ):
if yoii  wnnt firs.■■elass service
in the Drug I,inc.
••The Palace Drug* Store/'
t \.tmti'if fBr'VxxpttgMim


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