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The Fernie Ledger 1906-10-31

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Vol II,, Number 13.
J   it
Prov.   Library
FERNIE, B. C, WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 3.,. igo6  HOV f. 1806
Price $2   a year in Advance
Thos. Porter Drops Dead While
- Walking Home--Was a Fine
Specimen of Physical
■*"   Manhood.
'.ticnias Porter, a miner, who lias
been a resident of Fernie and Coal
Creek for ilu last, three or four years,
■was found ilea*.! on tlu railway track
U'twein lure awl Coal Creek on the
of.lh inst. '■*
A jury to sii 0:1 the ease , was
sworn in c.n Satin day, .nud an adjournment taken uiiLil Tuesday even-,
in;.*". 'Jhe* fi)ll„win.,r named ..ciitlenieii.
were  swoin  in:
■ ...lines Severn (loreinlaj.'), Gaorjje
Wild..*. Charles YAAnrt P,en>in?u
Cluemaii, Colin " Uiullov au-d James
lie id. H
Dr. Corsaa eNnmiii.il the Im-ly and
testified thai deivawd's death was
the result of heart trouble, and ilu
jury ivtuiiuil ,\ verdict in accordance
The funeral "took i)liU'c Tuesday afi-
eiiioon from th*.* Seoll and 'Koss undertaking purloin to llu Alellioilist
chinch, where liev. Hall coii*.lucte.d a
-briif, service, after which the body
was taken on;its last earthly journey
to the   citv  of  th:- dead ou tlu hill,
4 Q
followed by a very larjjc. turnout of
friend., and of Gladstone Union, U.
■M. W. of A., of which order tlu deceased had  been an  active member.
Th0inas I'ortev was about .15 years
old, and leaves a widow and' three
children to mourn his loss, and to
face a world which will seem all too
full  of trouble and dark shadows.
Oiu boy, 12, oiu 10, r.nd a little
girl of 3 years ims left without a
father,* and tlu mother will have" a
double burden to carry. May il be
lijjhl'aiud by tbo lo*i*e of dutiful cliild-
iiai,i,o\v.v-.._: PUAXKS.
T.asl n^lit'• .was II*allowe'ui, and
all the little sinners in town - {jol
busy, as is .llu . custom on llm'.
orcasion,  and  worked  off their   extra
slock, of vim in stealing gales aud
iv.lur things nn.l swingling them upon telephciu poles-and doing "other
things, ninsLly of a li.innless nature,
but the IX-dger is sorry to announce
lhat some o? tlu kids went a little
-.00 far-and did damage' to trees or
in rued r.n -water, in .basements, which
did damage to pro|>cr.ty. These, kids
.'.liquid- read the ledger more closely
(luring the next year uiul leaMi thai
llure ia a vast difference' between 11
little'harmless fun and the" wanton
d!structiiii of- properly,
Tlu' l.oys who turned r.n the water
in tlu basement of the I/. *T. W.
lllock' -.lioulil go to the owners, confess their wrong doing, nud do .all in
their power to mend the inalter, and
then nsolvu never to do such a ihinj.-
again.       ' ■
Y. S. Iliissey, superintendent of
provincial "police, is still in the city,
•but is a very quiet man, and has a
situation which is remarkably quiet
to look upon. This pleases that
most efficient ollicer as much' as it
does tlie people of the district.
Trie'"'quietness of everybody is cosn-
iiuiiilable, and Mr. Jlussey is rot
likely to ,linvc to exercise any coercive measures.    „, '-
lie is a very unassuming man, -nil
litUd for his particular work and a
very companionable man with whom
to "converse.
The ledger is not in llu habit of
wishing good nun like Mr. llussey to
leave Fernie, but 11 inlet*1 tlu circuiu-
slaliCa'S ■ il will -be joined- by everybody in ', town in its wish that 1ne
necessity for his presence, may speedily disappear, ■nmwillisl-aiiiding '.lie
fact that the genial cliief will leave
witJi tlu disappearance of lluit necessity.. ■ O    ' 4>
'• o	
Miss Keith was in town Wednesday.
Fresh Hulk Oysters at 1\. 1-hirns .**
Co. •
Mrs. James Stevens and daughter,
both of Coal Creek, visited'jn l'Vinie
(.11 Wednesday.
Ilorseiiiaiisliip is getting popular iti
Coal Creek; even Col. Andy lias taken it up for a pastime.
Thc C. C. li. A. club, room was
closed all day Tuesday lo allow the.
stall to attend the funeral of the late
Tom  Porter.   .
Mr. John Drew was iu "Fernie today. He leporls everything ijiiict at
Coal Cwelc. ,
Mr. Tom Hunus, uho removed to
l-'eniie lately, paid the club a visit
last week. The' boys made him welcome  by passing round  tlu -chips.
' Married, by -liev. li'. .Skeld'ng *\Vil-
kiii.se .ii, rector of Christ church, al
the rectory, on Tuesday afternoon,
Octol.cr 30th,. .lames., Win. Slow** -aiul
'VlTniTr'IIiTl'gfeaveT "■
mQ)X .vj&rs ago.   Mr.-Ingrain, bought
■V'jjit'^'l'ouiul .,01    the    variety      tsvo
Both Parties to the Agreement in Conference and a
Hopeful View for Settlement is in Sight.
~ Mr. Hurkc r.nd Mr. Sharp, tlu In-
lenirvt.ioii.il Hoard Members of the,
United Mine Workers of America, arrived in town last Friday, and have
1.0-.H' waiting the return of Mr, Lindsey, in ordor lo lake up .with him the
strike situation here,))
Tlu.s_ two members, with Mr. Peter
"PatU.r-.oii, arc representing tlu great
lalUir orgain'/atioii, and it. is uiulci-
Mooil thai Mr lliu-ke, as tlu Dean of
tlu da-leg a.tion, has fullpower to act
upon uny uiattei pertaining to the
piesiiit  unfortunate  situation.
He has had experience in such matte rs, and will i-.e. found lo be well
t'-jtiipp-d for th.; task .set -before him.
I.nsl Monday morning Messrs.' "Jur!.
and Huri* called at lb;: ollice of tlu
Coal Company uml asked for an aiid-
i'.nee with General Manager Lindsey,
but were informed by Supt. Drinnan
that MK I.indsey was out of .town.
Mr. Drinnan said he_ would endeavor
to locate tlu Manager by wire -with
a ,view to bringing about iui interview with the repres.'iitatives of the
U. JI. W. of A.
Wednesday ■morn.'ng Mr. I.indsey arrived in the city over tlu G. N. and
in the alternoon tlu lir.st meeting; l>e-
tweeu Mr. llurk -and Mr. I.indsey took
place at tlu company ollice. What
took place at this first conference is
not as yet. known to, the public, but
tha'. a second meeting was arranged
lo lake plate today "at 11 a. in. is
considered  as, a  favorable  indication.
'llu* International Hoard Members,
I'.urke and Sharp, were again in ses-
years ago. from which lu^grew 53
lhs. This 53 lbs. planUid last spring
yielded him ihis fall 790 lbs. of beautiful snioolli ..tubers, a sample of
which can lx seen in our window.
Air.  Ingram     is    doing • something
tangible in the way of demonsirat-ing
the   possibilities      of   tlu     Kootenay
V allev,  and i.s entitled  to a rich re-
uill  receive,
sioii with' the General .Manager of tlu
Coal'Company  this morning fruiu'ii'
a. m. to 12.30 p. 111., and are again-    "'"'""-'  *"",
,.*.*' h ward,   which      llie   J/eiJ.'ei   hopes
in  consultation  since 2.20 this after--
-N'ol.iing of a d.-finile nature lias
transpired, so far as the i.edger can
ascertain, but' every.l,ody is watching
with anxiety for something* of an assuring nature to result from the iu-
goliatioiis now proceeding.
As soon as 'anything of a defiuiti
nature has transpired, llu I.edgei
will gladly place it before its readers.
In th..*, meantime it is hoped that
nothing will transpire lhat will in
any way interfere with a sober nnd
intelligo.it discussion of the dillicul-
tie.s, anil lhat all will be well in a
few  ilayu.
G.   0. S.
I.inds.'V  arrived iu   town
Horn, to Mr. and Mrs. C. U. Cass-
well, Monday, nioiniiig, - Oct, sylh,
a .daughter.    ,
-• ' -1'
Mr',  aud     jMrs.  II.  I,.  Mauley   -left
Monday night over the Northern
bound foi* Seattle, -"where tluy will in
future reside.
After th. steady downpour of niiii
lasl week, • we are again mjuying the
salubn'oiisness  of   the   autumns    lies! r
efforts in tlu weather' line.
Dni't forget t0 read every line in
the Ledger and recommend it to vour
friends, to read. If you are no
regular stibscrilxir, see lhat yon
ou llu list at once.
"llu monthly tea given by the ladies .i llu Methodist church Aid Socio', y it to lie held next Tuesday .'1-
irnooa at tlu home ()f IMrs. James
Dn.iey from three to six. A most
cordial invitalio;. is extended to .-.-il
to be prcS'.nl.
Majority  is  More Than
(Special to tlu Ledger.)
Nelson, Nov.   1 .--IIon. W, S. Fielding was yesterday  elecleil  iu    Shel-
bourne nnd Queen's, by n, majority oi
In the general eleclioii Vli-ldiiig's
umjr.rily over .1. J. Nitchie was 3«5,
rn thai he lias luoiv limit tloublcd
his foriiier uinjnrity.
l.liiliiiKiie Tinii'.'*.
While ili'ii'l'iui'i'i- liiay linvn ruiigllt
I'ri'.sld.iil Sli'-i'iMW, ol' llie V- i-l* W,
1 of A., in his political cuui|migii in
All.i'1'ln, wu l-olii'Vii in fuir play, and
III' lI'j.spilllH.-.H h-iiig s.ni out to tln>
press in ritg.inl to his actions in the
l'Vinie strike, now i.n, 11 ru far fnnii
Inir Ui llial j',viitla'iiinii. His nppoii*
nil'* in this iiiiitii'v hiving th.> nimiey
limy have lit- C I'. W. press service,
lml th.' iiiiiits 01 tli.' .'•11s;' will be
judged hy tlu wiKlvin nml inin-ri*,
iinti not by lake sympathy nnmst'd
iu tlu 1 list  by iiii.sli-oil'ii-r'il.'spiili'Ii'.'M.'
v.'.M'.i.JO rr.
'llu T,p(l*-.r limes with pli-iiKiit-e lhat
tlu I.elUbi-iili!*.! Herald has copied ill."
Ledger's repurt of the I.ig nml land
(Will iu Southwest  Alb'-i'tn, and . lias
(.-iilll   .1   lb.   ;..*. ji .r  nm .r      ^ 11   Mlii'i*
lu puU'r. whiih Kii'ins not so careful
tn do its inditing, pn.bll-.li/d ix-
tracts fnnii lit,: report ns given bv
ilu I.i-'l*vr, bin fuil.il tn iiifoi 111 its
niidi'iH us to its nnlli'irily.
A weekly |iiib1^h,'(1 iu Si-Mli-ru Al-
lu'i'ln Lilliil tu I*.-*.' the lvpoil In 'li.'
Ledger, whkli gn.-s n-jriilnrlv to itn
1; 11,1-u nml .-iiiiinl "li- i"«triu-t« I-n-.i.
llu U'dger iih tli'V upp-a-aivd in the
iliily uhiili LmIkI to tinlil, anl
lli-nil**.* l<»l a w-txVs time iu giving
its niiil.-is i»ci.t valiiaM-' n.-w*,   nnd
Hill lluglus aiul Billie McKay were
in town i.n Tuesday renewing old
aiufiiaiulances and making new ones
Come again, hoys, you've always a
toyal welcome awaiting you-       n
Jc-liu Hull, late of. Coal Creel:,*■ and.
,1 brother-iu-law of the late Thomas
Porter, left Keiuie for": Nanaiino "via
llu G. N. on Wednesday night. Ik*
expects to be away until spring,
A public meeting uiuler the nuspi,-c.v
of llu W. C. T, V. will bo held .1:1
Sunday eveiiiug, Xov. 4U1, in the
Oddfellow's Hall. Time, S.30 p. m.-
<},3";  no collectibii;   all   welcome.
Married, by Kev. W. Lashley Hall,
in tlu Methodist church, on Tuesday, .Oct. ,'jotli, at fi.30 p. in., William Jackson, of Kernie, lo Miss
Hannah  Weavale,   of .Sloiu.'l'.uglaiid.
Today, Vhurstliiy, Xov. ist, is All
Saint's Day, and a large' congregation lillid the Holy Kiiiuily church,
nh.-re services in coiiuiii'inorntioii ol'
the day were conducted by Kalhci'
On Monday altenioou liev. KiiUier
Tiu-iiiier of the Holy Kainily church
coiulucled the (iin.'i'ul services al the
burial of Krcd li. H'eliii, 11 .lapaiie'ie
who siiccunilcd to the .divad typhoid
fever,   lie was about 24 years old,
Mr. and Mr,-i, W. W. Leach arrived
in tlu city lasl I'Yiday 11 ghi on the
ih'lny.il eustboiiiiil C, V. U. express,
ntid remained iu tlu* city two or three
days, Ih,' guests ul" Dr, niul Mrs. Cor-
sun. 'Vlivy are on their way to Ottawa, whciv tluy will sip lioli;-;,- friuu
Ilia 1110MI in |tc!|ii-tiilty.
liitv, (iiiikI.'Vi' pivsi*iK'd lust nighl at
tin iiieetiiig lulu in Christ i-liiucli '11
the ititei'i'M of th.* lirili,h and Kore.ijiji,
lliible Society. l.evcrctids Hall,
(Sniiit nud Kt'iiiplnu weiv presi'til and
took purl in th.- s.-tvli'es, A good
cnigrogiitloii was in iiMi'ihIiiiht mil
much intercut iniiiill'csinl iu th.' gieni
Work this Mii'lety is'doing in its roii-
Ntiitit elliirt to place ill: llible ill ill.'
li'iiidi of every pi'iipl.* uli the Cili»W-*.
'I'll-* fm.' lnigi) llelgilaii-bri'd fniir-
yeiir-iild •■tallloti iiiipoileil by Me
Lniiglilin lirotli.'is, of Coluiubiis
Oliio, n Iuw weeks ago, has urrivul
ill.luu. 11, and is at llu Mcutl ,V Uos.i
Mahli*', lie is a liuigiiiliieiit speci*
nun nf Jioim* bn.diiig, w.-igliiiip
l.tjiin lis, Mr, CoiiV, who has vli.-i■■j-.*
of Um, is iiriaiigiii;,' 11 sale of the I
liom* to a lucid syndicate, whn are
piin-lia'-liig ii'ni for tli.* purpii*..' ol
linpriiviiij,' their prev.-lit Mnel; ol
left 0:1, tlu C. 1'. li. easlbomul Tues-
d:iv evening,' bbimd for Cowjey,
where ihev expect to-biig what little
reiiinanl of ducks aiul chickens that
nii'-li-'. have escaped tlui'u 011 tluir
first trip a fsw weeks ago.
WAS. McKwan returned from eastern points this week.
Uill Leacey is building a curling
rink and bowling alley in Nortii Star
Park,   Kiko.
Hob Cox, of Strawlierry Flats,''is
at the .--.ll* Hotel during Charii. s
trip lo lhe gold fields.
Uill Iliggins, saw log chaser for the
Hast Kootenay Lumber Co., paid
I'',lko. a visit Saturday.-
■ Kd. Richard, horse cobbler of th.
Baker Milling. Co., • was visiting
friends in Kiko Sunday.
Land buyers from the middle west
states are rushing, in here like Meth-
oilisls to a tea meeting.
Several large .gangs of lumber 1, i-ks
passed through' Kiko on tluir way to
llu mills and logjfing camps south.
liobt- Ihithie came down, from .'.*er-
nie to inhale the pure air of. Heaven
and'see ihe heather-in full blossom.
___\\ie_aue_pleasi'd_io_,say— tliat— w^-arc
still using     j)yim ie4lf fans jn   p^Q
and  watching  the  grasshopper    make
Will Tompkins, of Okotoks, Alberta, and sister,     is visiting- 1I13    Me
With church' 1>a/.aars and socials,
dances and vuklinga going right
along, it looks as though. Feruie people have fine faith in their future.
Tha line new station of the C. V.
li.. company is ilieginiiiing to look like
a finishid product, ,al least ou . the
outside.   „
Tits -weather, which has lxieii rather
uiiravorable during the last week is
muclii better now, aiul' ibuildcrs> are all
taking advantage of it.
Th; big warehouse lieingi built l.y
the Crow's Xest Coininiiuy grows
right, along, and' the numerous dwellings under con.struct.ion are, all.near-
ing. completion..
As will be seen in another, column,
tlu Fort Steele Ure wing Comqiaiiy are
calling for tenders for lluir fine new
brewery of 30,000 barrels capacity,
and that building will be rushed to
completion just* as fast as cimditioiis
wilJLpctniit. JIr.J.Iut__.is_a_v,etyJbii.sy,
The municipal voters' list closed
last night with (11 ,iuw nanus added.
These 61 voters, with -tlu registered
property owiurs, make up Uu * list of
voter.*- wh.) can express tluir choice
of candidates for mayor and aldermen at   the  lle.U  elceeiolL
There slrmlil have ■Ij.-cii il.u instead
of the <.i, as there un: al least thai
number nf people iu the eity who are
entitled to vote, and *-Jioiii.'.l -exercise
{lie duty imposed upon them as citizens of  lhe city.
Tliose wlio' enjoy the privileges of
citizenship sliould willingly lake upon themselves the duties of cili/.en-
ship* , "'
 p—--T  '
.Airs. \V. Ppllard, .uogethef with
three children, arrived iu llu cily
ycstewluy from Methlev, Yorkshire,
I'.ng'laiitl. Mr. l'ollard .has U-en hoiv
for the past three uioiuhs.
man,' but never so occupied Imt that
he can a<ld a. iheerful word , nind a
liroiid, expressive smile to the sum
total of the good humor thai ■ keeps
us ull alive.
an,     .ill,...     ^uib. , m     Vi,-i,l.l..u      III.*        UIC-   J
Lellaiids, of Ualleynieiia Castle, Ball-'    1hj.   llwL-llin-r    oa    PtllilU   Avenue
niahack aweiuie, Kiko, j l''1*-"1.**' uwn:A by Mr. Maiiley, "liiit'now
..llui'.dr.ds  of .copies' of  the  Udfi« (Mra. Kj^he had*a little lairtiji '    '     *tU-  property   of Mr. Fred Waters, is
'       '   '" .His cheeks were red and rosey,.
And when  lu  rodj tlu. lestive- bronk
He tumbled on  liis nosey.
Dan linker, contractor, is   handling.
more  real  estule  in  Kiko  than    the
bind   coniiuissicjurs,     He' is  raising.
Main street properly to tlu high level mark.
Albert Mul/.,  ot'Koosvillc,   ,11.  C,
was an Kiko,visitor this week,   w'.i.h
n pocket full of Colorado beetles and
a     blow-pipe    picture     gallery,  Ire
crackers galo-re, and bottled goods nt
;u*u being called for and Kent to out
side friends each week-A This is 0
luallhy judication, aim the demand
will steadily increase. The paper
th*,i.l. stands by tlu people will ■ always 1 e appreciated by llu : people,
hi nee the, rapid growth of the Ledger
circulation. '   '
Tlu tenth nllidal'bulletin issued by
iho I'vovinciul 1-riniing llureuii, nnd
devoted 10 agriculture iu Hritish Columbia, is out, aud is a most creditable product jof llu printer's art. The
illustration** are from the, Times office anil are splendid specimens of llui
jlhistnilini*. iii'l,
**■ n
Mr, Krnnk I. Clark has done, lino
work in editing tli. lit lie book,' uiul
llu goveiniiiiUt primers l-iidect credit 011 that inslitution. .
This little book i-lifiulil l>e widely
cireiilatul nbioad, mul tli,* edition
t-houlil  be doubled.
Bln.innorc. Tunes .
Tlu atuciunt of co.il used in tt1*-'
manufacture of coke in TJ05 was; ^19,c
530,677" hhort tons, valued at $50,-
6l4,,>74. Th-...value of the coke produced from this coal was 572,476, iy6,
making a. difiereiie. of .'.M,^'ii ,5-22,'as
representing llu prolits on tlu cokinj,
operations, less the cost of niaiuifiic-
tiire -nud the expense of adiiiin.istraV-
tii:n ami selling. In i'jo-1 llu , y.ahie--,
of the coal .used was $37,13.1,1132, nnd
llu value nd the coke produced vas
?46,026,iS3.._i .diflerenee to cover all
Report of. the Commission Appointed by the Dominion
!     Government.
The report of tlie commission appointed by '.he Doininion Govenuneiit
to in\ estigate tiie xiiie resources ol
Hritish' Columbia and tlu eoiulitioiis
affecting their exploitation have
be-.ii submilled lo the Minister of tlu
Interior, under whose liistriietioiis it
was made, and has bexli placed lie-
fore, the public.
It is voluminous, consisting of 400
c lo.se ly printed pages, inlcrsiw-rsed
with maps and -numerous illustration.^
most artistically clleetive and oL -
siuh a nature as to bring before lllu '•
mind in a striking manner ihe tremendous' possil.ilities which lie 1a;-
fore ih*.* iutelligciit capitalist seeking
for prolit.'i.Llo eiiiployiueiil of his
' Mr. b'lige'lie Hnatiel, superintendent <-,
of mines, placc-l this great work in
the hands of Walter Denton Ingalls,"
of llu Hngiiieiiing and Mining -Journal, of New York, who bad associated with him I'hilip, Argall, M. F,,,
of Denver, Col., and Mr. A. C.
Gaide, of Nelson, 15. C. Mr. Argall
had charge of tlie field work, lieing
assisted by Mr. Garde.
The services of Dr. A. ]*.. Harlow
and Mr. .Joseph Keele, of the Doininion Geologi'-'al Survey Department,
were also of miich assistance lo the
The. -report covers es'ery branch of
the subject from a description of the
deposits con tain ing zinc, in difierent -
parts of the piovince to a description of tlu new z.ine smelter plant re-
cilitlv installed at Krank, where the
product of '.he ores from dillcrent
mines is to be sent for final reduction to lhe marketable product.,
This report is so exhaustive and so
complete that it lKComes at once mi
iikdespelisible book of reference to the
1111111 who wishes a thorough understanding or tlu possibilities of this,
i_n_jjritish C.-iliinil-i___ncw industry.
1   Tlu    Dominion,   'Government
'cer.iainly  rendered   ar valuable   service
to the  whole  country,  and especially
'      to Uriti.sh Columbia  in laving liefore
'Jhe Calgary Weekly Herald ot llioj itlu mining world so thoroughly and
25th, published I**. C. Tegler's report! ;so attracti\ely the passibilities that
ol tlu strike situation .in Kernie, ■iihIj|1'_ wailing tlu dollars of the cap-
by so doing h.is shown, that  it is one j-I italist and the hand of lhe    laboring.
being transformed into a hospital.
Two rooms are lieing. added', one for
o|H.-rating pnrpo-Ks niul one for a
kitclr.ii'   There  will  be  -three    waads
to shirt witli.'l.'sides a co.n.uod.i,)a.s   ^"f ^ "^f [ ,^;u    ,t,W
nurse's room, .dining room and baHh
of lhe, few newspapers   tha.t is willinj!
to see fair play to alfl parties.
So-far   the   Ledger  ,has   looked     inj
vain, to see in the coir, inns of its ex-1
'llu Ledger is iiuU'iKlixl to Hon. Win..
Teinpleiiian for a copy ol  the report..
Tin* l.n/uor ainl Xi-w l'.liglainl dinner I'.lvili l.y llie ladies ol the I'ivi-
)(>tui'l.111 iliiii'ili List l'riil.iy niuM
at   Stork's Hull  wus .1  d**i*i.l.'.l    *.iu--
The Kernie i-oi-ri'iipoiul.nl of tlu
N.I.mhi News li.iii wi.iidei.'.d i.iitsidu of
li i.*.. 11 ri liuu ■ I ic. In Tuesday's issue of
ill- News li.-' alteinpls to give tlle
/■unlilitl;',s nml price of llu allowance
of pioiisluns being is'.ii.'l tn the
stril.litg 'iiliiers nud tluir I'-ainilies al
ilu I'lHiiniiMii'v »tore Iuiv in l'Vinie,
'llu iiiil'i' isMie.il by tlu cniuiiit.'.i'e
lu cluigi! of tlu work gives the nl*
Itiwatii'i' tn each individual (or ><n
weeli.'j, ami mi thnt slip it is staled
thai eath Individual is enlilhil tn
i'-1', lbs. of Hour. The News iiiiiii gol
Mill-Jail up iu llial I'.'1! uli.-n lu dlvi.l-
id il by iwo 11 nd gnl a t,iii'lliiii • f S,
mul iiliile 111 ti good huiiini- with his
sla1e uiul pilii'll, lie divided 0 lbs, (4
ivllcil  mils   by 2,  and  Iuul    n  i|iii'ii-
I ity ns large as tlu ninouiil  was bu*
fi.iv hu began  lo (livid*.      As    lluit
t.i ...-I. *
».,-'-a'<       (,*'        .«        I**.' ->.*... ..'        l.'i.
Ifv.-nni .unl mill*. Wlun li • • 11 ink llu
vi'j'i-tijtblis 'Iu look 1111 c\lr,i s-jiiliH
ul  h;.-. iiiilhnielii' and ilivid'ng 0 llw.
»»''  ill III   bV  3,  ll*    I'llHlK   out    ol     >!•'
iii.illi-iii.it.ii'ii1   utii/c  with   u  ipio.i'iH
'     . "" »a,.,.a.,.#      > *.,1V       I'.a'.l.l.       -l1...*..);.^       *..'(*
II little,
'IIt 11 Iu threw in  _■'    citils Aiorlli
01 io.il oil, wliicli iiinde him so
Mii'-nllii* lh.it he slipi-..,tl. llii'.iiigli two
. iih's i,f soup uu.) caul.- nir. .vail
Ti.il/ ;i pound.
'Ih"  ^.ninl nml careful niaiMgcr of
ih- <"i.i.i\ Vi'it  Ci.uip.iuy i.. Iinikiu^
strike prices. '<
A,. CL CunnuiiigH, Doiniiiion niul
J'r.oyi-uciiil land surveyor, und start
of. assistants, is driving piles 011,'Mnini
street nnd cutting tlu wild mustard
at llu angle of *15 in tlw shade,
'llie greatest hero is tlu taxpayer,
lie. keeps lllu government going, aiid
the gnvci-muci.'a. sliould clean out the
IClk river gnulj so the rnncli.r, can
get into town with his produce iuul
gel some cash tn pay the tuxes.
llariiey Mnllii.ni, of JnlTniy, pftssed
ihroiigh Wko nit his way lo the
Koi'lmuy river jiiiifi-ii'H. lie goes to
the l'iiie Tree Circle six cnmp, niul
will have charge of llu ymd niul
.'hipping, Uu is .1 favniili' with everybody,  nml never deal', from    the
There was n -visitor ill l'.lko last
week (a kniglu nf tlu grip and hot-
nil llnid) who will ii'iiii'inbiT l«,lko's
li.'iititflul sciui'i,' mul i.iu of tlu cit-
l/i'iii nfler lu's been dend two thntiH*
uud years, The laiig-mgo l'e umviI
oii that poor iiiiforluiiate diiiiiiiiier
11 iiilml.il nie ol ti minister's poll par-
(Linn- W.ikLii Huml'ill drnppid into
Kiko like, 11 fentlier Irniu 11 flylnj*
j>o..ie S.iUuday night, and Kit S1111-
ilay nioiniiig early for tliu \\u\w pre-
HeryeN. ii.- is I'liiitiiily piwi-minj* nil
kinds of gaiiiti being killed for sport
ah,tie. IL* coin.*.! nnd goes like "Will
of th.* wisp,'' Now yiiii wi'liim, now
vnu don't.   He vniibh-s like III.' il-'W
Dr. Higgins h.is charge of tlu new
lio-tpital and it .stnrl.s with busineiis
to its full capacity. There is ample
room for u much larger building, nndV
tliK preseiil f.-iuirtvt'.s will soou be
grcgtly enlarged. ;
The Ledger extends to llu projectors of Ihis new enterprise its eon*
grutulatibns, and voices,, thi! senli-
itKitit of hosts of frieuds, when i'i
wishes them .success-in their worth/
Tlie excnitlvi* coininitti'i! of District
No IK, 1'uiti'd Minn Workers- ot Am-
cHt-ri Ims been in 'session in Hhiscity
since Momliiy. 'Kyery local, I'vcepl-
llitr one of til.' two at Tuhnr is rep-
Muck Ivusiiicsi <if it very imiportmil
aatuiv has );c.-n ir,ins.icti-<l, aud th--'
session lias been 'pniW.ng.'rt lleynnd the
I'xpi'Clivl liuu* In I'lmK-'ifiii'iirct.
'Ih,i fnllowing •luiiicd .gitiili'iiiiii
mu iircseiu from tin1 sevcal union!.-
iu thu district:
HiiiikU.nil, Mr.   Mr Alpiii",
Cminiiiiv, Tin-inns.
I/'thbrid^i', Mi-N'uli.
Tulwir,  Alillor, '     »
Luuilbji-rk,   ICvaiii.    '
Lille, I'i'tlft. \'     '
I'r.uik, Niilii.ll.*,.
Ik-llevli'W, Htulilui.   .• '
Cnl'-iimu, Grah.iin,     1
Miili?, flnnor, '
l'Vinie, Mnoi'j.
miners and the Coal  Company as  iti
actually exists,    "and .without which
information     no inlelli.-j-vni iiulg/ineiiu *J"-mls'--
of the dispute can  bn i*nrrivi-d    ul  by
llu outside public.
, Tlu att-.-inpl to haw (1, e pillule taki;
such judgiiieiii ii|)i.-n this dis|)tile, the
iiiiitiiiualion of Aihiih mei ins tm much
loss    to all     panics con wmed, cun  • .     i.„;„t„,..i,.,.i„i.
„.   'good  keel,  1iiuriMlb.de,  knu-l.el-l.«AlMi
According i<> the \Vinuii>eg Vice
1'ress, AUoriiev-G.-iteral CainpU'U has
got a double hump iu his back lathings K"'- 1,I,t- down in Kincr-
Tli'i  siinie  paper lias     an "editorial
about  llriiish preference in .Australia.
['J'li.' K.»l don't  know what  the   pivf-
fereiice. ik'tn.iiids over llieie, hut in Ihis
coiiuliv   tbose  fellows seem  to  prefer
work no ^ootl towards ai periiiatu
«eltli*.iiii'Hl. Jn llu iiieaiiti'.'lie things
mre working nl.mg slowly, but surely
lo Niit.li a suite as, will |er,-,T.bli' tlu
parlies to the i-mili-iivciM' l" arrive
ill an. iiiuljisiaiiiling irom . wliii-Ji a
suit lenient iiiav lie evolved wi lieh will
be  011  a lusting  foiiuilutiiiii'.
The Pernio and Rlk f lum--'
bcr Companies L ose
Jury out 7 Hour.«
limits and  Yankee "vivc
~n,"ir    "    IIOTKLS.
C. Libby.'M'hitelisli; W. b.ngii*'.'.,
Cily: Mrs. .1. 0. Tespcraiice und . id*
,;t, Calgary; 1>. Tracey, lClkin lU'li;
Andy (iood, Crow's Nest; J'*, lb
Smith, Colciin.il, Mis. Sil.r, Calgary;
W. J. Tinilivk, City; I'. Kennedy,
City, .1. 11. Muretx, Calgary, .1. X.
T.*Hp.'ian--e, MidiciiH! Hut; 'A. »■.,.,
Still, Coli'iiiiiii; A.W, ll McLtotl.i
Hnrtoii      Winnipeg;
.1. .T..
.loc .1.
(Spftiill   to  III'  L'.'d;*:-r.)..
N'l'lsoii,   Nnv,   I - Afler  sev.-n ' \n\\\'i.
,<li'lil*i'!uiiiin,     ih,* j ti 1 v- in the     pi fit
iliitiiiigi'  suit   \vIiii h  has  Inn  ni   .tnpy-
in,.j   III.-  11tl.111i.1i1 ,,,f  luwvi-is,       Piiwil
uu I  juiv  lm   loin   weeks,  1.1..iif,.  'H   i'i!
;i  vi'iilhl   y. sli-id .y ili.it   lln  Iir.   '*"''"*
acini niul,     uti.l ih.il   ih- d.-I.U'   ball 1
weie  imi ii'Spi.tisible for tlie  (bu   ».«r.
1.'Stilling  fi<tin  tin  siiiiu*.
Tiviekli.-r and wife, Okotoks;
■fl'iomiiMUi,   WijdH'pc,  W,   Pt.
sun, HiiMiu-r; .1 HuiUl, Sp.uw.iu'.',
.1. T. Ufgmi, ll"''""'"' J'Hi. i'.tlitV,
IIifuiu'I*-, ll. b'tiiiii'iiiKon, C1m1.iJ.1i>;
p-„ W. H'D.-ll, •' A. I'l^tt, 'I iin*lto".,
,1, Ciiiiiis, Si'ck.m", M. .i(.M.*o.
Wilbur; Cli.is. I''. Ki»«. *SP >'' »'i ('-
',V,.*II, l'.iwlb'i..n, C, C, I.i viHC.11,
N..H-iiin'>'. A I'urrott, N.iim' i". •••
I'liiile,   Spoki.li'    .1*   .lolins"".    ' li'"
liMfii.;  ll-  l>* C.ialiai.i,  \V«mi.-m lib ; Ci.,
F.l.iiiM.ii,   V.   .liim-*'-".      II«''-'"'i-.   •'•
Tlu  i.isl'i.  whiih  nn-  vciv    In   irv.j K.i//ni«f.   ',•'"Jlt■'   "*i'^'*''   ';   K'    ''*;'
will   be  ....SCV...I  ..........1   ilu    pl   mw ! Ii.m.ild.   Hl.ii.MU.ft.   "»    J-..U.   _t /y,.
(jn,,                                        i wu.  iimi.'ii, .s«-«ni*'i 1N- ■'■■ »»;l■,'-'•
.,,'*         .              ,   ,,               .         ..., ! I I'll.   Ciaiil,i...ik;   Mi.   aiul   M'    -'■"•'
llll'.   I'll. S    nltc   Iif        I'       lllll-l      1     I' ..                       *.l      11. 111,..,     'il-',-"
t .*.i,i,   n.iMiit'i:    ■>'   n.iiu' *. ./'■ '
•isl.iil v   fnuidil    I1e.1l   I..IM.-.1-    .    iu''1 ",0"'   '■■■'"'••'      .,         ,,,..,,.    ,,,,.,.
..I   ....   .1........»{,.
Tli    VII... -nin,; 1 .ml "'MU  In A-.A
fray I-'ritlty tu play   for   tin supper
and  ball givi-ii     -bv Mc*,Nr.s.  lVor^oti
and   ,!i*w.ll,   ri ntriiclors-   J'rof. Ln 1 c
Ln  tlriuv,  Ivi'il-r nt  tli-  nnli/'Mra,
,.,y...k..    „     ',-j,   *ts.l,..    ,., i,    ..i-,,:
able lime, 'I'll-' il.ilue Kiiiii.uili'nl tit
"J..1H k willi ilu I.o/gt'"-'* Mnnli, and
ilns.d with tlu Tie Minks two supn,
I nlh popular d.iiuiS.
Ceorge llm loll was tn town w-lli l*»
■It ■ .ir'.     V..1   th    it-It lint. V.eili mil
ul oil I.Ik riwr Iclore tlu r.igl.l    ol
llu    !.i„   wind   iiiih,      Lul-   th-   -UL
i-i-ss in evei-i  v.'.iy,   Tlu dinn.r    v'.**-|,#u*r  lint slat.iiu-iil    iuul \ioink-iitig
/   1
)<nv:> f-r.'ilil   tn  ih* wri"ii;» pa|i.-r wlii'ii
il did walk- up Millult iuiv u> xb.-. fail J umry , uih-- LiJiis, l.ut  tlu-v
'lull   Hii.lt      .1   gig.ni*'*'      trniisai-lilVii's.'iiii to miinl"i<    H xhe   icsnlts
might h* ol   InuTtHi to ii** r.-.i'1-i*.-      1..  . mxaty
exivllillt, Intn nf "i"-''- tll'ngs \U1.:
soM, 1.ml l'l." ri'Mill linatuuilly \in'.
1-i.iiiiiuUHiir.il.i wiih the itu-rilH uf ilu
»(x.l thin^v I 1 If li:iiL. ibise tatvt'
liiiinii. ti!*i (iitail lol** ni work .unl
Lulit s, l.ut llleV tlolt'l
v.Il r*    In* g.*t«i nil     ut  if lie has    to
MII'I'Iv  III;".*   list  for St.Su.
lit*  should  tnkf  lii-*  si.lie    to    ill*
ti «■. 11.1 r.**jHiifl.ru  .ml ...nn  "thli-
iu*. tic"
All MiuU i.f Hiiioli.>l ..n.i Ki|i|>ii«-<1
li*ll ul 1'- Minn*; * Vn.
Mi    111;;r.n 11,   ulin i*. .1  r.j.'.InT .'.l'l
il" ol th' LeilgiT, lias suit us 11.   miiu*
pl.- nl ,1 new v.iiii-.y ol pntatn uliMi
lie Ims be.1  i*xp,.riii»iiiliiig willi    in
lit\t. .1    Vi.i.m.jlM    i.iul.      IT .i-iit.f    >. . >'
th? nolircs f.I tli* .llsplay'i of M''"*-'-
t.il It's in tlu> J,rtl-{.T whulow .1 few
vvkn ago, It,- tliniigltl li.* would add
to ih.* intrr.st irfntid by ttt.- Id'd-
fcr's I'lTort tn slimuliilc 11 liwlv in*
trrt-st in Miih ihingi Ly M-ri'.ii!j- 11s
,1 '..tuiptc i,(  wfui lould 1.   1I..11.'.    iu
lishllllv   foiljihl    hj'.ll    1 niiii*.1*
Irfnii* a finti*li Cnliiiiibia iiiiul,
unoii,   IIomiu-i;
M,   ;l,„l Mis.  IL.Ml"*. I."!"..'-. V"
.j ,      |.'ii.... nib
llli'i 1,1,   A .    Ki\ii;>i.A 1 ri.
Aloyip l.m'i •
•' IJ, ,1. KI1111T Ii.is iiiiu|i,i'.*i1 ih.- U>  >>'
Swiiii'i'ii 11,  mul will tiiKi*   ji..'.*..*■'■  i»n
(ig.ir, 1I1 it  ilii  In* MiioL-l when imt j ill.- Imnl of f* mil |ion*.iliililii.<t. Yliew
ii |,M^-/i is stirrin,;, mul ii.lds plius
lire tn llu tifi" nl (div lover r.f j-fml
irikiitit.. II. j,'iv<-. sisc» iwift* In Oi-
(I.i/i»i aii*l .1 ..K' l"'/l' Xn llu- b-aAtt.
lie 1u.1l., * fii."'I ^ok '.nine v.-*l*..j
aiv jj«-tliti_i iit«.,iMi-nt*t'l, Ilr in virtually l,ini; ol ii,t;.ir J" ildli-i*. r.n xbi \AVe
:in.I ii'iir l.l;nli :in 1 ic
\nAaXi*i, 'illicit tan l«* *.ii in tit
Lulj-rr H-iftifriu', nre n.,1 vn lurjie ••)*
w<te Vitrir th.it hnve l*'<-n on displ.iy
lul tluy »ts- l*.-ituitul s.uoiitti tub'
111 t>C imittjiiu \in-, niv\ ui u...,i ii-
Cellini (pulity. In »p|«-ari.ru.- ihey
rr*-miili* v.rv nuilli ih." nlil "IV.kIi-
fcfoj,,''     -*lii.h    w.»n  vii.h  1%   LiViM-itr
iil«iiit   Nnu itilci   I'.l.   Tin  d'.il   1
ill.'liuls      1 nit* i.l.i,Jill.*   1,unl,     \\1   .i.V
Inkcs ill pi.ul'i.ilh   tli.-  in\',n-:ii-      ot
iii^ tu M.i-a'....'l, -..I. ■,., !..   1...
inter,s|.,l in ,, |,i<. Ik,i.|,
Ivlll^'.J'.il.-   .1   .ill    I '■■•   l.i.lill.t.il v
• 11 llu     Spul.in.- Ir i.-in.uioii 11
v^.iv, unl pt..!ii"-. s  lul    'p.ii   ■'
pl.i>.<   .illii   ti,.ilt,   1 .-•• hi  tnun ne
Mr.  Klimi  nm ml, i'i*"1-,'    UP
ti^.n  liiiiin sn <.liur.li, .iiid  .nil
Mil,*   li'i    wh.il.     ,ll*1-111(11    In    b>
iif ler lis null ,11.piir.it ml.
III*. f.iltuK w.ll l;ui.i'll III \\..\t-
id    |.r.--.Bt,
11   K.   I'm um.  S'.oilnn;  Sarah   IVt-
,,,.,(,11,   lilnliii'.   V,    17   I'.itl'.  and    -.■'"■.
\ I'. Shit'ltl*!, Aihiicti;     I'.   U"M*_   Hi.
li.iii   t"    p.nul-.iii'i   Sl»i>k.i« •-    W     l».
J{. ...      vuCliiuiMi,       Aii v     'IV)'^1.
iCtiiBLniil.-'l'    I'otursi.n,  Muli.l.  Xi.
|.'i..wi, i'.».i! Cu«k, II   II* Umhs, Klk*
u Miuli. A- Ih.itiii', Klliii.iuih:,  .1. A.
iM .l>..n.il.l.  Nil*.,tf    ft,  I'.nktr. N.I;
Swiu.'iiiii  i. 11   ua jt.oii;   II    V,   SuhI.hhi,  Oaljiiin.      ■■
*'-  j 11--.In.iiI,   Liuu «i*u     .'     \uilmv,     V.i-
-inilli. ti;     V   A   Iimi, l'.lko,    K.    II*
5a- 'Cvf. Idi,   f..iiiw,iv.  -l    \    U.H.,iul'L
1^,1   \W%lel.i*   1'    M.Ci.unlL   Il.iv.i-..*.  LaVc;
J--. * '\V    If.   An^'i-,      V..in,.'-iM!.      II    0
^ W.ivt.*,  Kr.mli*      II    ***    IViitli.    Cil-
.I.ii. in-*
t   tot
jj.iM, W, II H. iu-.it, Mitlnl, V I...
l,irv, Turimio, tt A. Mit.U 11. l'«wl
Ci.il.- W l.i.n.tbb Ni-l-«ii; C »*,o«,»>.
Mini.- I"'!.'*-**!.- Ki-Hov, 1,1'tlil.ii'V;
:t;.o. 0. l-'i-li. I'uiti.iti.I. ,T. tttl-.,,n,
'd-lj-.-m.  «:. I.   Kit.ni.tn, billing. "^CL^ifSa-^i_^_e4-_rfMw,T^-_,..
vy v
rd at the'veiy outset. ''A. tHere  wiU   it -as a matter bdu-ccn lfe»    and
v,-n    uie   wi.v      ».- n... . U  more  thau     enough  power  ta  go   ilu  union. V     -.       /- '
when his app-lal lu pained roul,(1 al, Ui. tovins within tlu Iran.      Mr. Dicken says Ih.  men uu par.
J. 1*. SlYERS-GRA"!*;
THE   FERNIE' LEDGER j ^^'^iT wn.n TOt. I'.". mo« t^   enough i^r ta go | ,iu ««*.
Issued every Wednestay   rom the of
(ice   ot    pufticatwn,     £*dd  BtoUj,
Yfclona Ave.,- Feruie, British Col-
And iuaile.il it, to ilu .reuik-ineii v.ho !    .   .
O. V.  1MOTT
' Th. Outlopk, of Xew York, has laid
1-cforo its readers two ■ character
sketches, one of William Kaiidolph
Hearst, tlu other of IMr. Hughes; the
uu llu candidate of tlu Democratic j
party, *-anil llu other Uu candidate ot '
llu l.epublican party lor governor of
»h. great Stale of Xew York at the
election which occurs early in next
Tlu early life education nnd public
life of'tlu .iwo mill are compared in
a way which brings out the person.il
shortcomings of Mr. lleajsl" as compared io thi excellencies of llie n: i-
vate life and character of his oppoU-
tnt. ll coneid.s tlu great orguni/.iug
powers of Mr. Hearst, but does it in
a way to make ot that trail of character nn argument, • iu his case,
fig-air*.:,  iho man.
Th». Outlook concedes thc fact, however, that Mr, Hearst has done some
go,-.,d. in unearthing sonic great
wrosjf* during his brief career as a
newspaper  man.
In Mr. Hughes, the Outlook finds a
man    of    personal   purity,  a    great
worker     and   a man     who rendered
great service  in     his prosecution    of
ilu investigation into the g.ij^.inlie in-,
surance frauds,  which were  made the
fonudation  for  the  building  of  great
fortunes for a  few people  out of  lhe
,  earnings of the people of two continents. ■ ,
Tlu     Outlook  unhesitatingly    condemns Mr. Hearst as totally unfit'for.
lhe great responsibilities of the position to whiih he aspires,  and as one
►great ■ reason for so doing, il calls nt-
tmtion to the fact that Hearst is depending upon      the  support  of  Taiu-
,  nny, an institution which he only    a
year ago denounced  as corrupt,    and
us being led Ly men who should    \k
wearing stripes,  etc.,   etc-
There is no denying  these tilings.
'I'hat  being  tie case,  how    arc   we
to account tor    the fact that in' the
great State ot    New  York,  there    is
haivi- tlu co'n.io .sp.iul,
That, this sly ruse
To hell) out Hmg'hes
.■Would not and could not fail
To bring, him in tlu ducats wilh llw
ucxl  iHsiiiiig  mail.
For Myall  and   ,
Tlu gents who liand
Oul millions "(luvcr less),'
Are ltATHKll interested in said "Mr.
Hughes'   success-.
When  Perkins gels bis,  will lie sigh:
"I'll keep niy cash al home
localise 1 fear (!)  th. luavy hand of
William  T.   .Jerome?"
Or will he say:    ,
"l'roin   "Woodruff,  hey?
If wlut I give won't do,
I'll  see old Morgan right away
have him coin*.*, iu too!
Will I h-lp out?
Well  I  should shout!
And Morgan?   I  guess ye!-!
We're SOJIKWIIAT iiilereslid in  this
Mr.   Hughes'   success?"
Eckstein 5c Gray
wns wniun me iiini-"- i    -«'■  i'*>-"^"  —*.' -  — -   i « _
"..    ,        .    -.:"     .     4    ,,,„ rrauirict   niulih'-u   tries   Uakris.crs-at-Law,    Solicitors,  Ivrc.
municipal   aMiiorities   uss to-tlu coutraci.,  ami  «-»-" !
, Rooms 1 & 3, Henderson liloek, Fernie, B. C.
ev.rvulure c*;u aitoeil to .proceed as
leisurely i\s -may I*; lucessary, in, ord-
ir-to keep well within the., saiely.
Hue." '•;-'
And yd people wonder how "sin can
exist, with tlle sainted Globe in our
to excuse cue of. ih-.othai* parties ior
lulpinr .tlum to violate it, and to
ahus/ui'. olh:raParty to it as being
Entirely wrong for-Mnsisting upon its
enforcement-to'--'the uid of its existence.
What a world of worn- this is, any
way i - '*
■An.l  as for lV.iss,     who used to  use
his huge .hypnotic brain
To till.' .he C>. 0. V. clear    through
the   Nineteen   _*oiir  campaign,
Will he reply:   "
'•Nix!   Nix!  Xol?"
.  Or will  aforesaid Bliss
!--ay: .'.'I'll  jusl see tin. Wall    .Street
l.ovs, ami let llum in on this!
They'll  all  come in
With tons of tin,
And  cheerfully  I  guess.
They're SOMT OK interested in
Mr.   Hughes'   success?"
The World keeps  so persistently at
it ili.it ilUie is no rest for the weary
man who sils up nights to work out
ilu .solution     of th
for  themselves.
It   is uii to th.  GLolx*. to prove that
nir.n'finalities    bavi;  no    l«etler  souls
'hen'have corporations, and therefore
tlioiild not     be permitted lo do   for
themselves  what   cor]>cy.{tiiiions  are so
will ng. io do for tlum.'   If the Glolx.
lould  have tli__*>rivik-jf_ of   imposing
upon  tlu  Ontario   cities  such    lights
: ml rates as l'Vinie people have, and
(lav   for,  ihey would have  no 'trouble
in   il-.iviU;.*  u  gdjd   bargain,   for    tlw
corporalioii mnn. with lhe cities aftei,
tbey   had   been   paying   Kernie     rates
( for a few month-;.   Any change would
be  a reiiet. .,
As to those 15-ceiil correspondents,
I'ernie could add a little to the
list. We have Vox Pop nl i and a tew
olh.-r.4-, who seem to have uothilig- to
do jusl now, and lliey: would at least
swell tlu volume of the public voice
which is spouting ils.lt hoarse in
iis attempt' to warn the -public
air^iiist itself.
The ex-president is  forced to admit
that tlu eciiteiilion of th,*. in rue r that
lhat clause which Mr." I.indsey says is
cnly au ovi.iin'ar\*-s{op order.oiviwr^eis,..
is a part of ~an-agreement,  and that
    is what * every  fair  mindul    man    is
Ontario cities | forced to admit, simply because 'be
language ol lhat clause is so explicit
as to its beimg a part of a contra*:!,
lhat the men were signing,,that io
other construction could in. placed m
'When those men Went to ".he nmn-
agement to ask to have- their names
taken   ofi,   the   luanageineiil     l-.vann'.
; F, G, Latce
Crow's    Nest    Trading    Co.     Block,
•     '    „ o    Pernie,. B. C.
\V. It. ROS*, JC. C. J. S. T. ALEXAKHiai
* Ross & Alexander
Oilico In J.. T. W. Mock, Victoria Avenue.
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :   :
Retail    Meat " Merchants
J. BaB'fe'S^ij l.d.s.,. n.D.s.,
fernie, 58. Q.
Davey & Laderoutk
Aiul,th.n there's honest old'.Inlin U-,
who lately has discussed
The  great      and  lastin»     lienefitx  ol
:'    lnaiiajjin ;   a  trust.
He'll groan  (perhaps*!:
"Th-e*,e   hoggin;; chaps
They're always on the loiii-h!"
I'.ul   he'll   more   likely   chirp:       "Vou
Let!  .lust     let     me know   how
And Rogers, too,
"Will  say:   "That's  true!
Let's send it by express!"
For all  "large  interests" depend    on
Mr.   Hughes'   success. "
A Mr.  Appleton,   representing    the
parties to a violation . so llagraui
that -all other mailers sunk into iir-
significjuicc jn comparison, and ..>•
union -men's light resolved i'.self into a strtigfjl.. not. only for -i'iV--
mce tu llw contract, but tor ih.i '.'lc
nt  the. union itself.
It is the olil story of the <.n:ir.I-.._'.
who locks securely  niiiety-uiiij   iloors
th'roUj;h which the  discovery    of    his
guilt may  be imule,  and. leaves    tlw
ctti hundteth door -wide op-en that all
the v.-orltl liiav sec.
Mr.    Appleton      asserts    that   Mr.
Sherman committed a grossi breach of
conlraet.   and   waxes   elcA.uciit '   over
tlu; honor of-the union.
The i'-cksnifis are nol all dead.
'■ 'i'k?. shullliug  of  lb.-* niaiUi'enuut lr.
iiiaku* il appear that a  conlraet   Vail
L T. W    Block,   opposite the  Dank
OIKi'ii hmir*—8inn, to S ii.m.
Choicest cuts ot fresh meats always
in hand.
Hams, bacon, and lard as well,     ;
All kinds of fresh fȣ__ oa  icason.
Prompt  delivery.
Give us a call. I
TEL. 18. '
W." J.' Wriglesworth, D. D. S,
Oi-'i-'ii-i: JIOUUS:-       f ""to l'J 11.111. 1 to .ip. m
C..31 tos u.m.
Ollice i'.-i Alex, 1. 'Mi's JJkhiIi
KKUNlK,        -
Crow's Nest
Electric Supply Store
-        B.
A Mr,  Appleton,    re,ireseut,uS    ^      - •.       -^ pnblishin,   ,    fmg-
Wianipeg ITcc  Press   has been ,a,u -   ^    i ^1 ^ ^ ^
,rin,    a'..«.ui    British      Columbia  "M^UopUon of  the a.r^cit as
il. utauds.ou record, has been roport-
Who are the" supporter of Mr,
Answer that -question and' y,pu have
it- reason for tlle doubt as lo tlw
outcome. o
,    'Jbere  should  not lie  the    slightest
doubt of Mr.  Hughes' election' under
ordinary circumstances.   Tlu. State of
New York is usually Republican; during lhe last    f«w years it has    beeii
' i»l>noniiir..lly so, and   with a 'cundUliittj
such as Hearst, supported by such a
political  machine  as Taiiiinaiiy,    Mr.
Hearst should mil be. taken seriously.
Ilut   , tlic're is   soniethiuj-     radically
wr.ii.v-, ou  the other side,
It will be  found upon close inspection tinu every limn connected    with
the  insurance robberies, every double,
dealing director who  li|*nml in  llial
investij-utinj     court    run     by    Mr,
Hughes,   niul   wilt*)     was imposed  by
lhat giiitlemaii is an ardi'iu supporter ot Mr.  Hughes for Rovunior,    and
thai the Uocklelleis, lk: Uoj-ers, nud
nil lhe U'tnig of j-ignitic rohbi-rs   by
lhe cnrpnriitioii     method  are  to    be
found behind llw man who so recenl.-
ly  wns scoiirg.iii);  them  in  Unit    in-
-.L'sligalioii  mill.
If it i.s filial to Mr. Ilenrsl to ae-
lept the support -ot the Tumulty
irowd, is it not ci-ii.illy Iniiii for Mr,
IliiUhes to ni-cept the finnnciul siip-
pnrt nt the men whom he so recently
proved out ol their own months w
he xbi most unprincipled niul most
ciilo.ss.il   rolil:i-rs  of  recent   times?
The slhuee nl tlu Outlook upon Ihis
phase of tlie rruiilini denotes thai it
is well (iwiirc of the weak pari in the,
armour willi which il is clot.hing Mr.
Hughes, nnd lends to the impression
lhat tha Outlook is not loo certain
of ihe result,
Thnt the (mils of the grciU iiives-
llgntioii so ul.ly conducted by Mr.
Iliij-hc*. ulitin't liiiled ol ftniliiii. nl
All nny, nud ih.u opposition lo the
(lei-lion of 11 new net of directors [ur
111 um: jji.ul iiisiiriiiii'u ii)iii|iiitiies in
l«'liij{ imittili'Hii'il by the chief sii|i-
jinrtiTS of Mr. Hughes, iienti-il sus-
liicion in ilu; in .wis. nf th.- pi-opl.* of
lhe giviil Suite* ot New Yuik. niul
li-lltls niore sll'cllgllt lo lhe ciiU'lidill-
ure of Mr. IL-uist llum is coiiiloit-
ulilc to his (ipji(.n.iits.
Tli I.. d;».*v i« not snUii'liiilly in-
W.nifil as tn tlu sllt'llt'lh oi lh> up-
lioKlui; forces in New Yolk to ha/iml
on niiliiiim iis lo wlt.1l (lie ti-sultifiiiiiy
*>>.', Km it do.s know th.n ill* ti
Wdllld W< Uol lllu least sJtnw ill lhe
ii.*i>, (..p ih- ..I.i-iinii of Air. Hi*»ist
ii it were not lor the l.ut tli,a the
Hr.fltcst roinl,in.ilion ot mcthodinil
rulibirs in ihe world un* rnnged
ugainst him, and thus nie driving
lit-opli*  unwillingly lo his support.
Th* following i-xtraii fi inn a in'.*
Mill oni l.y Timotliy L- W.M.diul'i in
ih» liiilhful, ingflh-r wiih iIt - jim-iic
idllillliilt of Mr. .Ijtilll.s .1. Mi llliigin-,
will coiivcv sotiU" i'l-ii ol wI1.1i in go-
iu_- 011 in tli.il grc.it i.iiii|>aigir
H-nftllHUlW-f.  i.n TLI':  SOTK
O'j   JUlll'-l   •I'    lffilllrt"llc.
IVn h.iiK) ih-- (mlilic int-re-ili-l in M"r.
lliif.hr*' *iiu'_<,s will not fnrj.'t li.iw
h"l|.ttil their iontfl1.iitii.iis will 1*-.
'^Reportjciirantrindiciitcs tlia"t>-, the
i'Tiitario iPowe1!* 'Company?' ill <.Niagara
Kails ;will Aurnislt' the Ilyilro-'Rlectric.
Ooiiiniission7 willi '. vppwev7so "cheaply:
■jl ra*i^"#tTm'H-iTi'fi^^R]iiit-^a'iidj.ultuJ_uisi|
electric currt-iit "-Id,'lhf"uuiiiicipnlities;
;,p['l Ontario.Ait; an1; ev*eii'»lower7 .'.figure,
than that cstiiiia,te.d. A' This: , slioiil.d
arry joy1 to; llie^Glo^;':\vli7clv; so ,:per-;
isteiitly has .Ua.iiieutyA- tlie s inability,
it the ■■commission to liidk-e its proiu-
ood;   AtJ least', il sliouVd. cause
fiUaiiicial representative of that paper,
mil searching for tlu truth with a
blind bridle on, and carrying-, a dark
lantern with the slide, so arranged as
lo admit iii the Hashing of only otui
colored  light.
This gLiillciuaii came lo Ferniis to,
}j'i.t whatever .iiiforiuatii*n -he could
thai would l;olsler up the cause ■ of
one side ot the controversy, going
i.n between the t'niled Mine Workers
of America l-'nion and tin union of
dollars, calied th.> Crow's Nest Tass
'Coal  Companv.*
.'rem what tlie Ledger .gleaned from
Mr. Apple'.on in a it'll'minute conversation,   il   was  very
ed by. this fairy-minded man,
can't see that when a man slates he
is signing the contract that he becomes a party to it, and the' fellow
who took lii:. name off by and with
the' consent of only cnAot. the other
partiec is the fellow guilty ot tiie.
most-Uagraut ". ot'all contract, viola-
It would be well' for Mr, Appleton
to write' to Gladstone Union at least
oacc a week piotesting his love foi
thoir* union, otherwise tbey may become ungrateful and grow cold in
of ! their    love ■   for   so    disinterested    a
OlTice:   L.T.W. Block
Fr-i-Niu—■—British Columbia
A. McCartney
■tv o. r.ox 2G0
Fernie, B. 0.
All   kinds   of   Electrical
Goods kept in stock.
AM work
John Turner,
Is a pleasant home
* for the traveler.
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
B. Kerr & Co.
and Builders
•ses  „  ..
.o   ivjnic.'.   the   iditorinl 'departineul,
Ahich  hiis  hiiwli-d   for ,  ('li;a-i  power
ind da.-1-.onncid delay, evm ilionj.li the
m.siiiv.ss ollice miilil    suiter from    a
-essiitiou   in   Ilr.*   loll ers from   "Veri-
"l'ro Rono IMihlii-n,"  "Old'Cit-
a'.ul  other  eorrcsprii-.d.iUs    who
ii lin.* for    the
.re pnyiii;;  i.i cents
irivih'jje of discoiirii^injr th... coiiintis-
.ioii and every form nt public owiior-'
lint,- slraiij'c lo say, ci'iii the edil-
irinl coliiiun of the Clnl-e shows lln
■inn of linppineNs or **,iie(. ll is af-
rif-hleil liy llu [net iliul ih: Ontario
.(Mti|i!iny is ccntrollid by American
•apital; n company ilimlily curst as
'nlerreriii!*; with onr mvii .Iwloved elec-
.ric trust,"
"ll is worlliy of remark," th..
Illol* slalis, Ihnl tlu Ontario Vower
JoinpiiJiv is essentially nti Aniej-icnii
irj-'.iiii/.ntioii, while llie. oth.-r two nre
..'iiiiiiilinn i-oiiipiiiiii-s, This is n fea-
'.itn*. of ih.: siiiinlioii wliicli is more
h iu merely ciivinii.-i, even nl this
•tn|!o'i nml which mny yd kecoine
/cry iiniKii-liiiit,"
Aa a matter or Ini-t, two of the
ihiei: poivi-r houses nl N'iagiirn Kails
ire owned hv slo.-klidlil'is resiilitt-*-in
ihe TTiiiteil Stntca. 'Iliv point-il
Iuiv is miy ])(iiiil--M-eiiis to I/1, thai
.he llydrn-KK'iU'ir I'liuiinission slunild
ileal, and d*nl only, with ilr* t'ox-*
Nii.lrills-C.lc.he   1*1.11,'; uiul     nl     their
.-•WI1   lij*lll'P.
Aiiolli.-r    tiling.     Tlu   Clolie    has
Itnrp.d upon   Mr, Wlillney's procras-
■ iii.ilit'U. II.Ti-infoiv ill.' cotiiiiiissimi
hns li'in loo slow. Tli,* ('.1(i|<* iiiinply
•unlil tint wait, Ili'ii-lotoiv its
.viitihwot'd h;is 1 ueii   "huny."      On
■ let. 1 •) il nr.ively iiliiinuiii-iil lli.il
"tli,* |iiople- Iuul; tnili.' lU'lrn-Klc.--
ilii' Coiniuissinn ntl.l In ill- Milt.ilio
(iiiveiliiuiiii   lor  pniinpt   nn.l  elliiiiiil
,l',li|1."    lu   ill.-   IIIUtl'.T   oi   luu iy     il
liai In un like 11 itiiinl' lookinj- fur
,1'orli, tt had to l.i* s,*ivnl  iiniiudiaU:-
p.,. il,., i-inii. liuiliin.r fm* woiU is
iu 1u.pi*>; ihii lu uiiiv not tind 11.
N'uw iiiiii 1'ii'ciiii- piwer inr muniii-
pnlilics is nl li.nul, tlu C.lole is 111
un Inn 11-. It il.i.-s not l.i-l tlu mini'
eipnlilHs     to  uiiilii*   It,isle,
just what knid, of a~repoFt"^^ou.l"d"*"ap";-i-frieii
;icar    iu  tlu Free  Press.   Mr.. Apple-
1011 was as particular to impress up*
(.11 the Ledger  that  he  was  a -most
:.rd nl lover of unions,  as is the av-
.irajit! old maid to impress everybody '
with the lact tkit slu don't want to
marry, and lie was jusl as successful
'11 his attempt to make his .hearer l:e-',
li.:ve' that little slory as are the* efforts  ol   the poor     old maids.    Too
much prolesliiijj leaves a bad tasle'iu
,h: ir.ouih
After some   ",li.*ad  and luck" Iwnd-
,  which  clearly  denioiislrales    tins
i,.a*doiiiin*jiv.'e   of    n.-ck       over   head
in the writer, he deliver*- himself   of
his hit of wisdom,
"Aftev niakiii*.; careful enquiries, th.
real ciins-.:  oi  the  i.lriku is uuniist'ak-
ulily  llu   j-ros;.   in.'jjincily  nml»  bail
iiiaii.i.j'.niejil nn the piirt ol llui Dis*
'.net  laliairniiiiij     Slicnnan, niul   his
iluvrful disro»ni'd ol riinli'iictiiriil ol>-
Mj..;:ili(,u,   Th.: existence, of* u eoiiiruct
is to him it li^hl tnaller,   His object
appeir. s to lie to make a cheap   hero
of himself by lakiu-r the Crow's Xesl;
Co-.il Compnny by the neck and coin--
livlliiv-,' litem >lo ol-'.y  his  orders, His
o11,'ecl, however, is likuly to V,« foiled.
'I li.- Conl Company ilself* is not worrying, but the men who ure not   al
work 11 ru.   Tl  is Irom  the, men llum-
selves   lli.it   lllu knock-out    blow   to
Sli.'i'iiiiiii is likely lo i-oine.",.,
Tlmt knock-out. blow from the liieii
wim (l.*1ivi'i-ed nil ri*-ht, but Sheniinu
-^iiiis to have iiiniuijieil to Innd il on
on,; i.l llm other felly^s willi such <i
lesi.iiiiditi^ wlinek llial lu is out' of
lilisill„s,i   ill   inllM«|Ue1li'i*.
I11 litis conn.cl ion it is well lo
iii.ntioti th.it the. Vree l'ress, in itn
Iraiuie I'lideiiviir to |j,et nl lhe exncl
until of the mutter here in l'Vinie,
published a dispnlch Insl week d.iteil
nt l-Vinic, Oct, 1.1th, which staled
thn Mr, nil-kin's V.'tliT hnd denied
•1 pnii'iiiiiul H.nsuiioii, iiiiidii-* llu peo*
pl.* npli'ie, mi I llial lln- .liiln-'i'H were
iViiiill-.! Mr, Sl'iiin.ill 111 i'i.llsi".illi*ni'o.
Now, ilu mln.-is nu'l on Siilunlny,
tin- ijlh, ih*: Vi-iy day liefons Iii.i
l*'ii!> I'i*.-*'; iiti'SMipc wns sent niul
111. n'liioiisli tiiuia.d iliiiiii the writer
nl  ilu  Utter, mi'l ill -iv was nn   end
to   Il|i;„pvnl0ll1llllli'-.N   nl   llie   s.'lls.llinll
uiusiil by ll1) piibliiiilinii.
Th • Viu* Ti.-ss ilcu'i .seem
inn."  Mi
Plans, Specifications and Ksli-
mates" furnishtd* on application.
Plenty   of' GOOD   DRY   LUM-
=*=BRR=ON=iIAND.: !	
foul.—Coal lands may bo ltnrchanod nt no
per acre fur soft, coal and fSO for iiiitlirucll'*.
Not moro tliun SKU iiuriiB can bu ti.quii.il by
due iiidivl.ival ur coui-Jtmv, Hoyalty at th* 1
rube of tun i*onts mr ton ol -.,(kh'i pound-, slinli
be t!oIle<.*i-tl on tlio Rr.mB output.
' Qniirtfc—i. freo mlnor'e cerWfieulo is iiranted
11. on i.kym.nt 111 Hitvaiici! of ti per annum for
(tn Individual, nnd from X-i'i to SIOO por annum
foraoomrany nueonliiiK to uapitul.
A free tiiinHr, liarinr .lI»p.«vorerl mlnei-.il in
placo,may Ueute n.claim 1,.'.0Q x l.filKl triit,
Tlie fee for rcuordtnii a claim .»5.1.
At loaxttlWniuiUii. expended on tlio (ilnim
fueiiyoiii* «r jiaiil to the lnlnine i'«uoi'iiu.r iu
liuu tlicroof. Wlion (Mm liai neon exptntilud or
paiil, tint locator mny, npon lif.vini; 11 nurvoy
maih., and upon eompljinK witli other re*
l.ulrt>meiil»,imrchaie Uie lniul.'illl an iicro,
The patentnirftViden for tli. payment of a
royalty ol!{per ucnt on tliu Mile*.
ri,Ac;r.n miuiuv cslalmn Kencnill.v nrc lu'i fed
HMiiart; entry foe Hti renuivalilt yearly,
A free miner may obtain two kimun to
ilreiiicf fur cold of Uvemllcnoiiuli for 11 turm of
twenty year«, renewublt at tlio ilUuretiou ol
hi Mluf»t«r of the Interior.
The lenNce elmll haveadni.lKO In uponiliou
wltliin one smiH'ju limn llio date of tliu luiuu
for each fire iiiilua, llenliil irln per milium for
each mile of rlvor leaned, lloynlty at tlio
rath ot .( percent collected on tliu output ul'*
tdr'it e-ieot'ilB.io.aXK),
W. W.  COkEY,'
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N,,  B.,--UiiTt'-itlir-im7ei'[  ^blictatiofii  ol
(kit adtcrtiseincnt will not be paid
11. A. KI5RR. . '
Architect     and Superintendent
Ollice  at Residence.
■BAKER ST.,     -     - ■  FERNIE, B.C
Largo slocl; of Home Grown' Fruit
and  Ornamental   Trees,
Ileiiilijuarlers for Pacific Coast
Grown Ganlen, Field anil Flower
Sewls in season.
Greenhouse  Plants,   Cut Flowers..
Caliiloj-ue  Fiee.
M.   ,T.  1I1CXRY,
3010 ■Westminster Road,
Vancouver, 11. C,
CnXTY dnys uf ler .Int.) 1 inteiid tn upply to
t-J ilio lloiHiriililn t.'liiel' CiiiiiiiiiHHliiiicr of
'liiui'liiiiinl WnrliH, Vliilorm, to liiiruhiiHO thu
rolliiwiiiKiluKi'i'JIiAil lunil in Kilt Hivor Vulloy.
ConimpiK'lim at 11 piiHl.iiiiirkiidN.I'l. O's norlli
oiu,!. iMinii'r, thi'iii'ii Hn t-.liniiis* noutli tn S. K.
Ollvi.'i*',-. 111n1ll1111U1.11 to iinrclinao 1 t.lmiico Hit
.'hiitiii. wi-ht; i.lieni'i'H.i cfuiliiH nortlij tlioncu
Hi 1 cluiiiirt on*.,  to point, of I'l.iiiiiiuiic.oiiienti
tliu WllOlu I'llllt.llllilll*' 11411 IK'I'llrl,
N, IC nilvnv, I.ociitor
S, 15. Olivor.AKont
Supt, Mil, HtfM.
WINE   CO., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers ami Direct Import
(eta of
Sole Audits in Canada for
-Windsor     Tonic,      Jap     Destroyer.
Philip Carosella
. General Merchant
and Dealer in Wines,
, Liquors and Cigars.
SIXTY <liiy-uiftur .hilt-I inlond to npply tn
tin,   llonni'iililv   Clilel  ConimtHHlancr  of
liinnU ami \Vni'l<N, Vintoi'lu. tn tuireliiifo tlio
follnwIlIU .IbKl.llllllil lllllill
UoiuiimiiciiiK ut 11 post nuii'liuil .l.U.I'Miniind-
h'iii'i bniit|)i.w«Nt, I'oi'iiiiriKll.ilniin,'.luhu 11.(11.1*
field'N Inlnl; tlii'iicn K11 (ilia 1 nn imi'tli! tlii'iici. su
vhillliH mint; llmli.-u Hi elmliiH Miutli; lli.*iii:u Hn
elmlim wnsl to tin* point, nf enuinioiii'iiiiiurit,
I he u hold ciintiilnliiK illn ui'iim
Kepi. All) JlKiA l.'ii-ajur,
SIXTY iltt-V" after .Utw I iiitionl In apply lo
llie Il011.111r1il.lu (ililel* (;<.iiiiiit»i4liiiiiii* of
I.aii.li mill Wnrku, Vlcioilii, n. piiii'liiihii tlm
follii-rrtitll.ilflM'l-llil.il lllllill
Ouiiiiiinii-lii'; ut 1111(1 s 1 Vnuvkuil U.K. 0)tvi.i''r.
mmtli.fili.t eui'iior iiiIJi.IiiIiik 1I..I111 ll.Olilllolit'h
limit 11.i'linl Hn cliii Ina north; tinmen hi elm inn
went; HiMice Niiulielim m.utli; tlinlii'ii hoi'IiiiIiih
unit to the pulut of I'oiniiiiiiiriiiiiiiiit.tliu wliolu
iiiuitiilniiiB illn in* idM,
Bupt.ith V.U J 111or.
' 331ID'BISriEl,  B.
UIXTV dnys ufler dill.; I intend to npply to
I*-' tin. li'iiinrnlilA r.lilwf ConutilHHionur ol
I.andHiinil \V..t1;k, Vli*.tni*lii,lii pui'eliiiHO the
l'iilliiwiiii;ili,*n:i*)lieil luini:
('iiiiuiiiini'luil nt upiiht. ilia 1-1(0.1 K. Ji. (looil-
wvn'n iioi-th (im.* I'orncr nd|nlnlii« N, 1*1.
Oliver's npiillpiii.lnu to iiiutIiiiso; llimii'ii Hi
elmlim hoiiih; tlioui't. ii'l eliiiiiiH ciiHt,; tlmuco
H.ii.|iiiIiih nuilli: 1 hum*.! hii i-luiliiH wi.,*t lo tlio
point of riiiiuiioiicniiKinti the wliolu iiDiitiilniiiK
'lllllll'I'IHI,   '
IC. IC. (Iiiii.livyiij.uoittiir
S IC, (Hiver, .\HOiit
Si>|>t. fttll, Iiiin*.
mi i-A'mo"Ntz,i. lioAn*; jnj'jiStjiy **» j
tT3srionsr  l^beil
Crow's    Nest   Special
Miner's Favorite Cigars
Atlantic Steamships
Royal! Mail
*,       1
.•'mm Mon ire ill niul Quel.ee to I.lver-
]',ni|)i'i*MS ol Britain,  (Vi,  JS'th.
I,alie Clininpliiiii,  Oei,  'J71I1,
l'!iii|ii-i.'ss 01 Ireland, Nov, and,
J,nl;i! Kri«, Nov,  mill.
l'irst -iil.il! Sd,-* nud it|i\Viirds, *nc-
torilin^- to stem ner; oiu eluss sleiiln-
ors tinUiriii-diiiii:   $i\i.■"(!; s-.'i-iiud enli-
ud   iipwurd*,;    third   elnss,
■1 A11 t ■"
III. j.l .......
II #*.
Mr. Apnh tiiii'i itiviiiiniii ettorl  "to
j;. \    ,.t    lb'   l.ll'l-."   IjIkuVS   IlllW     UlVl'''l
l.ilo; tiny le lo^l wln-ii i<ii_d.*i'i'leil.
Hi4 ulwil,. nrliili In 1*1 lnlir..^. I'ltort
In JjliiW* Uiul "iii. ■ \n\,.',-.\,..'. ,.'. !'"
ilUtrii-i uiiiiin \iiis wroiijj in nil h.*
il'.il, mul ill.* !iiiiuii»i'iii.'iit nHo)'i'llh-r
lev ly, with ih- iii..iiii;{i-r nwnv huli-
tliviii;, ill- t'.r.iit Nnrtliein happier
linn i*\e*' willi its iliief supply nf
.. ill Un- o'T, fir , etc
lint,   mi   with  ull  houses  Imilt , nti
Vlll-I,   ihis   nil-   lill'.U    y,ith   ;,ll*,h     illlt-
niu.r fn re io o.iivimv ivuptv, lll.ll. ihe.
I". M, l\" „f ,\ h.fl provi-il. tn'.Uili*.*
to iU e. iilLiel, and >*Mr,. .Np|_ih-l,iiir,*.
pnpi'.- linns*.* Imill. in i$xy\ ,*'!ii|e
tinutfin*, fUiKii uUiut In.*, vtx■>, 11I1 n
lti.it    Mr
\.'.': •' i'i'-.- v(,ur lini>." is now il>
molto- 'Ihi pioviti e li.uin;: nitii'i
proiiipilv, are th.' .iiimui*i-.ilit..'-* nr^*
d lo Innrv.J (In th.* u ir.r.ity, 1,e-
iwi-iii vault., ihe lilnl.- inii-tiiiil'v
.null'-.-Is il-Iiw. II nr^.il ih.- ii.in-
*!*:'>- 1 n nn.l llu {li|l:irii» (inv.uiin. 11«.
10 "pinliipl" ui 1 um en lii*  i*a1i     >..i
hr ..i'ii,  >,! iliu-, I'lv.s I'liiuis-.-l Intli.*
JiIU'li'S   U  M   lo   lilnV. ■   111.'   tlltllllil|iill<
tit if-
"Of ri.iir.'-.- iiiii.1i i.ni.iin* to I.-
din in tli- way ril fr.-paiin-* l.v-
1»*- ail'l Ink iti;.'. plrlils. iles unit *i lln*
mill.irlfv of  ih> llii1ni-l*',liiliii I'm*.
.ifl itili'.d lie iiiiiiihip.il niHliorith-i J DifU-n |u,1 '•jl,,imril out" thai th*
1.11m.1i pii/r.ul tm laiilinii-alv in ih- inn uh*. si. nd tli.it wiiinnt w.-n*
iiinti.-r.   It iK.ul.t lc \ery uni'«.i«>5n.itr i,,t   \ ,, .\  .,.,<.j.»Hv  |.>mul  t«. •.Iniul 1,\
SIXTY iliivd uftur (Iiito 1 Intend te npply ti.
tin. Jliiuiiiiielile lllili.! CuiiiiiilnhltiiH'r of
l.uii.li uiul Worloii Vlnti.ilii, to iiiiii'liiuii II1.1
'oIIohIuk di*«<;rit.i*.| liii.'l*. In JCIIi ltlv. 1* -.ulli-v
ni^iiiiiiiiviii'iiill nt 11 |.<»<t iiuii'lii'il .Iniiii Ji,
nnt f» iiintli. nM»t oiii'iiiir. iuI'hIiiIiiu ,1.dm II,
(II.INwI.t'i imnl; tliulirii »vi«lii.iii* hunt li tli..ii|ij
Sueliitliiiwrit; ttieiiei' Hii'liiilim iiurtli; tlii'ii.r
lul rl.11 liu iiiih. In tin. iiiilnl of coiiiiiii.iii'.ii.iiir.t
thu uliolo rout 11 liiiuit i'.l 1 iti'ii'H,
.Iniin 1), I'riilt, l.iiiittiii*,
Hfpt, r.ih inofl m, ic,oiivor, Aboiii
to   llilVtt     __. 	
of   V-JirrV .Inj* ifier iiul-. I lutau.l to iitiply t.i
IS      III*    II......I.IA....I   li.i*'   ',', ..'.'■'.    .'.      ■',
l.iin.lii iiiiii Win-In, Vlntoilii, to imt'i'liiind tlm
.'iii'..i». iIik ii, m i.'.t<J i7a.'< l, in t:i\, Jii> 1 r ...ll, r
r.iiniilfiielliB It 1 pout iiiiii-IimJ J.ilni 11,01.1*
fli>l.l'u niiilli.»t.ht coliii'i* t.i .1, A, Jlli'lJiilwil.ri.
li.u.I. Iimi..'.' In clili iim t nuilli tliiilliii Klli'liuliiA
el|*l; tlmiii'ti lili'lmiiii 11.11 (.III lliciiru M .Iiiiiii*
Went 111 Hit* imhll of .>i.liiiiiiill.'|.|liunl, llio
wlioluui.litiillllliii illn lli'li'n,
.l.ilili IJ. (llilii..!.!. I.iieiilni'
SIXTY .'nymiflui'diite 1 Intiind to npply tn
lln.   Iloiioinlile  Clii.if  ('riiiiiiiiiihloiii'r of
I,mull.mul Wotl.'h, Vlci.iiiu, to imri'liiiKd llio
I'llllllWllir lIl'Kl'I'OlI'lJ luini 1
Coiiiiiii'iinlnij nt 11 unit nini'lii.il (1 .1. I.'.,
norlli \<et.l ri Tiii'i'inlliiiiiliiK IC I*'. (looilwyn'.i
iipplli'ittlnu 1.. imi'i'liiiKiii tl.i.ii.'ii Wi elm I lis.
unlil li; t Ilnin*.. :.(i cliii Inn cunt: llieiii'i. WKiIiiiIiih
Iiurtli; llii'iii'i. mi cIiiiIiih wi'.;t. In llin pilut nl
.'OlIIIIIIIUI'Ullll'lll,   llm   wliolu    CllllllllllllHI   'HU
(I, .1, l.(ivul), l.ru'ntnr
S, I-l, Ollini', Annul
Hiipl., Mh, 1'Urt
8IXTY .Iii.m nllic iiul.' I liiti'ii.11., itpply In
tlm llniiniiililii Chief CiiIIiIiiIhnIuiibi* ul
hllll.Uilll.l Win In, VI.'Inilu, tn puri'liUM. tlm
'lolli.wlim ili^"i*|li.i I (.unl 1
(!.iiiiiiii'|imIiiK nl e. p..»l iiniil.i'.l \V   I', ll'f.
hiiiilli   xu'hl   i.uriler luljolnliiti N, 1*',   Ollver'H
iip)ilieilllolit<ipiiri'liii,.i.; I lii'iiru Ml elm Iim noil ll
thi'iico li'ielmli. 11 .'imi, llioni'i. wicliniiih sniitlij
thi.neii IM elm In* wont tn  tlm point of eiiin-
iliunei'liit'lil, llui   wl|i.l.i.'iilitiillllii|(l(|<liii>i'UH|
\V, 1*7 llllll, l.oeiilnr
K, li (lllM.|*,A|(i)lit,
Hitl, Mh, l'llKl
Sept. Mh, JiH.il
Il ivc   11   h-W  Jii.tt.-r  !■>
.jV.i-4.1i- ' il,  tut  ilii'  ;is tli. v iliil nol  tlo    so,   I'.lliiiK.illW,    nih  Hi-pt.   I'M
TIIIIITV fins m nftiT ilinc I intend
lo upply lo lhe Chief Coiiiiiiis.*iiiiii.*i'
of I.'ini!.- tind llAiks. Vi.ioiin, ll.C.,
Ior ii t.pvriiil ixevtwe lo ml utiA viiuy
dw.it* 1 lml it fn.iii ih* fnlliuiiii'; di-
siiilMi)  Iniul.s:
' Cciiiiiiii-untijj nt n I'oM planted Hi
tin; X, W. 101 tier of Lot 3.s«, theiiif
iiiniiiii)i li u.s iliains, ih.'o.e nurtli ,1.*.
.h.iiris, ih.in,-' \V v» <Ii:«lni, tli.*niv X
1.1 .liti'ns* ih n.v IV I'i .h.iiiis, tli.'im*
S (1.1 ihaini   lo jmilil     ut ii.iiiliiill.e-
in. Ml.
M. M.ISS'l'.S,
<*(l vi'V.I'iv* riftM* dnlii I I11I011.I to npply to
la)    th(>    llllill .III'".'    •Illi'l    • ........Ilkloli. .     "I
trii'U nii.l Wi.rli*  Vlelorlii, in iniieliiini) llm
lotlnwinu lieM'iH'i.'i i..i..i»'.
('.tinmi>nt-lui: nt n pi.**', iiiui'l.cil II, H l*,i|.
-ivind'n Minlli wi»t. .'..riicr MilJiilohiiiN. IO,(II*
..rr'«r|.pl|.>iill<ni|.. |.n ie .'l.'i.,..; t liim t'i* -hi. .-li nl tin
i.ollli: ilii'iirn k;i eliiuiiH eiu.lj lln-ure Nielli.in..
B'nilli; 1li.iii.-i. W elnilin v.cil, to llin point of
I'l.tiiiiii'iH .'iiu. ui,I In. w I111I1.1 'inilu liilnir HIM iicr.'H
II. il. Kil-vuiiK l.i.i'uli.i*
.-, :...'■: i,.;'
H..j.l..'.lli. in,.
SIXTY .liiyi. iitt.-r.1iil.' I Inteinl lonpply to
iln. Iiini..mlil" iliil.<f <'oii>iiiI*>»Ioiii.|' nf
I,innii, niiii WhiLk, Vi.*l<niii, to |iiii'<'hiu.u tlio
l'ollowliiU>l..>ei'lli.'il Iiiii.)*.;
Ciiii.tiii'iii'liijl nt 11 111 *ht iniirt.i'il tirncHt l'nl1.
nlil'*. ...mill emt enrni'i* ml join Iim N.M.nltvi r's
iipi-li.'M Imi to piii'i* lm .nt ilii'iii'.. ht elmnu
iii.rlIi ; Hi'lic.< so .'Iniin-. Wont I tlinlii'ii Nn
i* li'i 111 ^ vim 11|; liieiiri. s. idi niii ■ I'lint tu tlir
polli! of e. lull,ell,eluelit,I lie 1\ Inilu ennl II lllllill
illn liein „
i'.iin .1   l'lillui'l, 1,'iraf'ir
■-. JJ. (I'.iwr, Aui'iit
lVpt,.'.lli,l;u'. -If'
Safi.Sd nnd S'jS,;,**. Apply ul niuv for
ciiir illiistrated liool.let deserlptive of
our superior Third Class iiei'iniiiiio-
YllOM    lUO.NTKl'.AT,    Tl)     l.OXDOX
I,alio Mulligan,  Oil.   17II1.
Third elnss only, Safi.fio.
Mini l ri is.', Oil. 'J.)lh.
Cnrryin-i  Seemid elnss i.nly,  ?|').
hi only nnu of n liiimlr-u! illir.ri.nl,
iilmponuml nlvo*-imi' lliliir 11 inrnud
mil, In, Thu in I'feol, I'unlliy nf tlm
lti'liii'iin.l llli) I.KIII willi whluh thiiy
um nr.iilu, i|iiiili!'.eN Ilium 111 llu
Shilling Six-Penny Pips
i.i thc World
■nll'Y WIM. .VM'I..'..-.'.,
fvti) I'l.'e Ciiar.ntaT.1.
■Jii.il I'uninniliiir uml 111U for
"Shield Brand" Pipes
i.        For Sale at the
Club    Cigar   Store
'W. A. INC.UAM, Prop,
Photic 91.      -      -      Furnlo, B. C.
Ijy (he ivi-If or montli,
Mrs. Clark";<!S,
The contnuVors orrernle will
-(ilenne title notice that Alter April
lit, i<)oft the Utrpttiter* and Join-
■rs of l'Vinie I.oe.l 1330 will (le*
miinil four dbllnm (4.00) tor tight (A)
hour.' work,
U. ». ot C. At J. \J. Jaw, Pant..
Mteuid't I.lniineHt for   sule •.very-
Hull VHuitt.
''Overseas Mail''
96   Hours
to  Quebec
(W, i.sth nnd Nov.  I'JlIi.
I'm- di'liiilid, iiifiii'iiiiitloii nnd liii'.'.h
n -i.'t ah 1 Iiiiii fm- 1 i'ii iii or hoiiis iiifly
In loenl ii)1,'1^ 1 or write
II.  1',  A,, NeUon,
K. J, CUV I.I*., A, l». I'. A.,
l',Uli.i)ilief 1   1),C,
•IIA UK NOTIOW Unit iniIiivh nfler dntn I 111*
1-   llllill III HpJllV  to   Um  I'llll'l'  I'i'llllll lllllllll'l*
-lt'j., ...1    • 1 i\'....i . f-i*  .. 11..1. n.i.  *.>  ...ip
eiiiiM' iim folloii-liiir ili'M'iili.'il J11111I In y.nitli
riiiiiiii.'iiclnirii' 11 lii'1"! plniitcdon llin wi'«t
liiiuit i.r Kill Itlvi'i', iiluiiil llil'i'ii nillim lielmv
t',\\i\* VYcliti.tt'ri |ii'(.-oiniitl(.n, uud tilfirktui
Tliniiuii- (Iriilinii Noilli \Vnht (loi-iKir, I iimeii
Month llleliiillM, tliniicn I'.'l'l lilelillllH, HlBIH'ii
Norlli iilioiitfi'i cIiiiIiih to tin. lunik of Kid lllvur
ilK'lie,. illi'lll/ Hiiid Imnli in tin. i.Imcii iif (-iim*
iiKiiii'i'iiiniit, I'l.iitiiliiluu -.'in iii'i'ii*. iiinri) or loin.
S-pt. Ul 1 X'M. Tlli.ll.lti C'iuiuv
n-ilKKNOTKJK llml ni diiyiinfler .Iiito I In-
I |,.|i>| (,. iipi'lv to tlm I'lil.'f I'.>muil«.Inner
iifl.iiinli iuul XV.ti-l»n for t..'riiil»sl.m to pur*
i'Iiiin.i tin. foil..tvInn ili'i>i*rll'i'il Imnl in Noutli
Kind Uiatloiuiy;— ,
ll.-li-iiiiciiellu' nt 11 1>n.l |.liililc.l nil tlm w««t
Imnli of KU lUiiTaliinif Ion iiulu* norlli of
I'lnm \l'..m..rl'>. |.r.>-i>iii|.il«i., uud ii.nrk*.!
.liiliirrriiliiiiiNoillj \VcjHyiii.r,ili«iCB»jiiitli
l.ilialiu tin 'ii... I'biI I '('Iniiii". II..'lire Nortii
stout .r.'cliitln*;,"; Hi.- Imnli .if Klk Kiv.i.
tllellen (llulll* "(ii'l l.llllli fn Hi-* |.lne« of coin*
iiu.iii'i.iu«nit iiml roiitniniiiir l''iiii'i.i«ii.or« or
.'llil'i'ii Aiutil-.f flthf. Il«»> 'lohn ..rnliitn
UiiianIN l.Iiiiiiieiil ctircn cold, etc.. m*k%k***m* ******—irjl
-i _-
Supplement to the Fernie Ledger
VOL.  i.
FERNIE, B. C, OCIV31, 1906
 :—„______: ^a
N 0. 6
Short Narratives by the Ledger Kid=Sorne Selections
from the Pen of A. J. R.
Ko prospect on earth is more beautiful tlinu New Kiig.lniid foliage iu
Oe.oher. ' Th * country roads wind
llu-oi.jiih th..: woods iu lciijr yellow and
crimson ianes of ripening leaves.
'Hi. atmosph.iv is full of-a brillii.ul
gold.11 glow. The earth i.s carpeted
with colors thai would be the despair'of an orioiilul rug weaver.
And,at tjie mil of every road there
is dinner, dinner of the line, ov.r-
iluwing hospita!l,le vari.lv that
teinpUd you beyond what you are
'lhe people; tco, are lieginning lo
value more highly their o'.d furniture,
which lliey have in th.: past "twenty
years or mi, been .1 little too free 'in
selling to ^collectors and • peddlers,
who knew its value and who would
come around displaying long rolls ol
lhc government's g.reen paper that
acts -so wonderfully,, oil Ahe Yankee
„ In on- old home I'saw a liureaii so
satisfying in its old mahogany va-
iicer, so'generally all right in its
linos, so rich and venerable ill its
aspect, so well preservul without, Ih:-
touch of the refmi.>-hjr, a-.y.l withal 'so
useful and glorious to look upon thai
I feel sure it would melt in your
There are old bureaus and old,bureaus-. Some of them are just, simply
old bureaus. Others make you' feel
like g.ll'iig down on the braided rugs
in from of them and rolling over to
testify  to yonr appreciation.
The bureau i.s au evolution. It was
developed from the old "chist."
Some one pul a diuwer under ■ lln
(liest; then two drawers, and so il
ili'cnni'.* "a ehe.SL of drawers." And
so uu ut). Vou can follow il oat foi
yoUrself.*    " '    *
Bitl'.iiow lliere are wicked men al
work duplicating th's old. furniture..
They do.;iiol do il right, but    it    is
gloom was so thick that he   scarcely   said,  people  sometimes  prefer   soiuc-
conlil   breath.'.   What   all   that  piling   thiuj nol icily correct."
done, mid tlie job is a very foxy* cn.'.
If you ,do not buy it put of an old
house the inhabitants of which you
kr.ow, il i.s well lo study the old
piece a bit and'examine tho  "jinls."
ol things against lhe doors and the
placing of thos. iciigs' by the "bed
meant \\*as a. source of great trouble
to Hi; Kill, and for a lilllc he
thought he would have to play tJu
toward and call for mother, but lit:
lie kids get sleepy very (,-uickly when
everything is still and .dark, and this
cn.! was six,11 in dreamland, and as
happy in his .dreams as any kid could
Le.        - ' '
A few days after that eveiilful
night ihj Kids parents bundled hiin
t-.iul th; ' oth.'i- kids into Wagons,
airily with other plunder, the old
bureau included, and began the most
wonderful and the longest journey
ihe K.id has ever-taken.
They moved everything • niovea,ble
tm miles away into another country
au.l settlul down iu i.notlier, house,
this oh: made of bricks, instead of
logs, as was the  _kl cine lefl behind.
After llr.it lhe. . old bureau . grew
',1-a-adily smaller, until the Kid, could
not. only reach the top, but 'could
see over il without the aid of a
1 hair to stand on. Then,it was moved to his room, and .,1k* stored'away
in lhat big top .drawer all sorts of
things dear lo a kid, bui most of all
he had hooks, dime* novels liy the
aiinful, and tw-i" little leather Covered volumes of Pope's (not
any of the Pious Popes, s ut
Alexander , Pope's) translation ,of
Homer's _lliad." . The 1-iid ,'used to
toil and trouble through long pages
ot jaw-breaking Greek names, from
Paris to A.jax, lill he wished.,by .Tax
them were 110 grease iu the universe
except what his mother ppt in vth_
tallow candles I12 used lo sit by till
all hours of the'night, .while every-
l'odv else thoughl he was in bed,
where he ought to have been.
Thai,     in   th'. morning;,     he, was
■RTiTCeht fl]TTiM^a"wnTng";     aiTtl^d iclli* f
that about tlle best use for rum is
that of a lotion for the horse's sore
hoof. S01neti1r.es a mere breath*of it
goes well in mince pie, though.
A. J. ll. is way oft cil the. ihureaii
subject, when he says il i.s an evolution.    It .is  a  deiuoliitifi'li,   '
Tiie Kid remembers lhat the, first
bureau lu .ever saw towered high,
aliovo his1' head, and- the biggest
drawer iu il was al the top, and *hc-
ciiuse th.it drawer was tlie bigigesl
and was at the lop, away oul of his
lunch, he wauled lo gel into il witl'
a want iliat made him oblivious to
lhe existence of all the oilier drawers,
M-Uiy 11 lime - he remembers ol
I'lmi'.iing , upon chairs in order ,lo
reach up to thai drawer to have a
peep nl its bewildering contents while
Ills mother wns carefully stowing
away some treasure thing or iiikine
out something.
As the veins roiieti by that bureau
giv\v sinnllei- and smaller until the
Kill could reach the top of il without
lhe aid of a chair, and he noticed,
too, that the things iu that top drawer .grew just a little less interesting
ns his ability lo gel nt them increiis-
ed, Mil iii: thai, lmreuii was still
iinitli taller .than the Kid, n great,
evuit iu his life evented.
His fn thai' sold lhe f a nu upon
which th.i Kid had been horn. 'I'll.'
sale took place, when the Kid was
eighl  years  old,
The iiiiiii uho bought il nuiie oil,'
d.iy to the place, and he and the
Kid's father Weill out to tli. barn,
nli-l Usui,;, uu old [nulling mil! fnr n
Imnli counter, tli. stranger counted
nnd I'iniiili'l 'Mils, nr.tl the Kid's
father, took lli.'iu nud did the Huiiiu
tiling wliil'J lho Kid 11 Jul his brollier
liids looki'il 011 in speechless wo-uder
at iiili.il giviit dull of fr.'U/ieil linaiii'i',
which hlnlvi'lfil up tli.'iv Iliiiiii'. inlo
such a Miiiill coinpiiMs'thul their fiilh-
i'i- could p.il II in his poi-liel nli-l
curry il mound ns though it wriv
ti .th'11;; ul  nil.
Tlm I night, nnH ti lit.'. Kid Iuul W'nii
lucked nwny in his tinidle lied nnd
wus siippuN-d inic sound n.sli'i'Pi hi.'i
fulhi'V uml n.oilier did rti.Mii' strnnge
things; in slniiig'.' th.il  it liiiide   thn
K'.r!. „>».. b::\n. --•*'.'. in ii'.i-'i.i ..-,.■■>
Ji:i*ju*i1   nut   fn 11'   1-U "-I'll   111'   cn'i-r'-
First, llin lather took out    of    liln
pocket   the  fnnii,  ill rli.ipe  of    luini.
liills, and     hiii.d.d il    tn tin1  Kiil'ri
iiioih.'f, who look It. to l ha I old Iiiir-
.1      r.  ,       . 1    ■..     *i        ,■ i-.ili..
-a.,..,     .....      ....    . .....*,..„      ...      a ,
away I11 ill.* fiirih.-M curii'i- und pt|t-
ting nil the mil.'1 tl'iings,in th,* dinw*
i*r 1.11 tup of ll, she lucked the draw
<*r mvl put Ih.' l-vy 'it*''*''' her pillow,
'Ih 11  thev both  wili;  to work    mid
■:een_ to take any interest in.the pigs
and cows, and was put down as the
huii-sl kid of-, lhe whole lot, .which
used to hurt his feelings, because it
was so Irue thai there was no driving it. -•      •
Put tha Kid h-.ul finally , lo part
with the gld bureau after reodiii.g
Pnrkniaii's "(hvgoii Trail'," so off lie,
wiiu to hit thai tu-hauling trail,
and has been hilling it ever since.
The bureau he now uses is ' still
smaller lluln tin old one he lefl 011
lhe. o'd "-.aim, which is -furlh.-r proof
th.il A.AT. li. is wrong wh.n he talks
of the evolution of the, bureau; He
should say- dcir.olutiuii.
Tl.e bureau Is' so small now that
the, Kid has lo gel hi-uiself . in the
>h.ipe of the, letter Z before il in order to sec above Jiis chin in lhe glass
that is cJi top ol tlu modern ab'oin-
Insl-uid ot the'jbig, roomy old drawer nt the top, this- liltle modem oft-
shool has two little 'flat boxes for
drawers, in one of which lho Kid is
allowed to keep his collars nnd culls
and luiudk-rchiefs and neckties in a
charming maze of disorder from
which he can never get anything, lie
wim Is till his 11111 comes along nnd
fishes out collar buttons, shir*- studs,
or those tiewfrniftlcd hold-up ar-
rnii-,-eiiu:iils with which h. .hitches his
cuds to his .shirt sleeves before he
goes lo church.
The most iiggiuvntiug thing n'xiut
il is ilia", when he h.is tuui.d everything ill ill.' liieiisley Utile box topsy-
turvcy without finding what ho
WiulilA, inn ulv-uys littppuis along* jus*.
. "Vou are right there," sai.il Air.
Hearst.. "I haw. so far avoided tlw
icily correct and splendidly null and
have printed something that palpitates. I have hammered, for instance, 011 the fact that IMr. ltaer
■has testified th.it anthracite coal
costs at the mine from 51.50 to .2.
It is carried Horn the mine to Xew
York for ahoui Jm a ton, and at
that price' tlie railroads, working
with the mine-operators, make a big
profit. Uut when you ask your coal
d.aler what he is compelled to pay
bv tlle I rust for his coal, he will tell
you tha*. the trust makes il impossible1 for him to sell it for less than
Sh.jyO a ton. The people are so iu-
W-ested in facts like this that , tli_y
tako my palier." *
"Well, they take your paper without electing, you governor."
"They may, but you perhaps .have
noticed that the people do not alf
ways elect ahe correct candidate any
more than ihey always take the correct, paper. I wSint to lay down for
vou a law that, sometimes seems* to
.govern iu a campaign that runs into
personalities. It is this: . 'Of two
candidates men will vote for the cne
they prefer to go fishing, with.' "'
Here Mr. Hearst was called out
by a delegation laden with banners,
ai:*l liquid enthusiasm, and the noise
lhat arof-e as he - appeared sounded
like a dog fight in the post ofiice.
We are assured by careful, conservative geiUleiiK***-. from Xew York
thnt theic is 110 danger of Mr.
Hearst's election, so w-.e take courapi::.
-- ~;0	
Travelling acioss Xew York recently, the writer took occasion lo ask a
liuiu.l.er of -Xew Yorkers who got on
TiM'TSirnrii^tTains-ifTIearst was go-
ing to win oul. It was discovered
I ha 1 at least a fair number of I.e-
pkblicans were nursing a "scare:' on
the subject.
.lil,rov.id:ii*.*e"_i.s using Hearst as it
does a scourge or a civil war," .said
(.lie man. "II don't seem to care
what instruments it uses when il gvt-*
nfler a nation."
"Tlu last 'man you would" expect
lo see succeed in the newspaper' business," said uHolhor, ".is Hearst. But
he has made good. lie is liable to
do  anything,   1,00k   oul."
"The trouble " is,:1 said another,
"that a lol of fool people look upon
Hearst as a little tin lioosevell, but
more radicnT and sensational. And
do'you know ihii there are a lot of
people that waul a more radical
KooseVell in power? They would like
to see the national administration
gel after llu coal coniliiiu for instance—and gel after il viciously,
'lluy have nu idea that this would
ko'Hearst's •programme—and perhaps
it would,   Hii' says so."
"Is he going lo win the governor-
"I hope not, lml I don't bet nj.*.iinsl
Perhaps Tliurst has no show, but
just'the, sniun'we are all ot us going
lo be down on newspaper row election
uiglil to see the return,, couiii ill,
There nre grenl ilniinlie possibilities  iu   till!  I'M III
Kot all'the goats are in Fernie.
Mr. Graham is not the only man
who can sport a goat.
The Kid hopes, however, that the
Feruie'boys won't takc it into their
heads to try tlie red riot water cure
ou the Ge111111e.ll si roc I Billie.
Think, boys, oi the chance you take
of being butted over the side of l_iv-
erbank Avenue before you undertake
any siuh experiments as those , Me-
Kcesport boys did as described below bv A. j. 11.
A McKeesport, Pa., goat was given
liquor by,some hoys who were doubtless under the iuiluince of cigarettes
and the comic supplements. Tlie
goat took to th- riot water like Jus
mother's milk and suffered from a
.surprising attack ot bighorn. • He ibut-
te.d two of the iboys over an enibank-
muit,- slopped a euchre parly by
diarg.inj; up r-n . the porch of a private residence, tied up trallic oh a
ear lin. by nearly butting the car
frc.il the track .and badly hurting tlie
niotorniaii, and was only secured -liy
the patrol wagon, whicli finally got
him into a livery stable, where time
and coiifiii'eiiunt reduced his jag-.
The boys who were bulled over the
i-iiilMJikiiiint have learned something
a*l|*-.ut goals which il seems th. comic
supplement should have taught them
The goat lias a sense of humor,
hut  it is Hot well to impose on it.
An "Amoosin" Assortment of Pithy Paragraphs from
the Ledger:-Kid'^*.Note-book
Pr.sUknL lioosevell is. going, to appoint a .Tew Democrat to a place in
his cabinet.
Ga.-e, but the Ledger Kid would like
to meet Fleichmanj
tt I inu lo keep him from profnitiiig
th.'ngs and pic,k-. out llu very lliiii}"
he waiiln nt lhe lirst jab'of lior lumd
in'o tliu Hiix-tip.
The uii.'i-iiiig ulni ot llu Ki'l's ii'»
in such things would iiiuke. un old
KiMucky K.|iiiii-el hunter htimU lhe
lights oil his rille. '.
No, lhe bureau is not evolving, It
is going to ill.' civilnsliH;! Ikiw-wowh
ns fast 11*. ,11 cun,
h'iflv years     ngo I In* Kid hnd    to
g'.*l on n iluiir tu remh tlu lop of il.;
linw he has to double himsell  up like
the lasl   h'lti'i- of Ihu nlphiilicl  lo see
ill  ih' --lii'''! ihnl'ii un tup uf Hi yim
Willi- pr-'dii. tlifou'.li Mew York
Ml nti- this ni'iiih, our linil ctosned
thai of W. il. Ileiii'sl, who wus nut
iipi'lll..inditig, uml we xtwx ilu hov
mid tried In give him some Ku'.-l H'l*
"You don't wiiiil to think, WilUc."
we Hiiid pleasantly, ",iu*.t Iihi-iiiim-.vou
have 11 lirciilnlli n ui nbinit «im,'Ko
for your New Vork Sund.iy sheet
th.il you nre gitmig mil » good pup-
.pIlid   (allies     mul  ihnirs  nml   nther  i*r uii-cN-iiirily."
inovi.alile  things iignilisl  tlu doors nf
ill.-   room,   llllill   ill*  pb"'.'   Innhell   like
TJol.in'.s .seioridh.uid Mihv just l.^fure
ih« Iir. lmiiit It up.
'Ih.11 they pripnri-d for bed, nnd Um
Kid's lallnr uXouA the U'XX'<t,, a pair
r.f ill: j,<*inl, nVi-li^h«'« A kind, U-
<lAt< Ih' h< A, nri'l «K»m-i«" lh<* ''Ilni,
Kit tin K11I in th.* most fiar**.'iiu-
R'.iH.m he h.ul ever Siviuphd in h's
i-lghl siiiuiiifr*. ot kid Iiii*.
It' was f'tiiksume.      At  firsl    that
•*(J, I ili.Ji'l, diili'l I?" wii'l Wil-
'•Xi-l ul all. 1'iopli' di.11'1 ili-erliii-
iitnti- in what  ih.-v ivml.
•'(), they don't?"
•♦.Vol in lhe haM."
••IViU.ijui you ihink y„u niulil .^fi
out   11   Let Id   ■■'■per."
"I ciTliiinly "lu-*"
".\ti_l you llii-tit* llie people would
"DI lli.il I niii «">t mi sure.   As   1
VioteSMii- Hunvy Washiii'gtoii Wiley,
ihluf of ll»,i .bureau of chemistry in
the 1'nitcd Sin Iff* depnrliiieiit of ng*
1-ii'iiltur.e, is about to. add to the
gaiety oi notions hv experiments 011
huiiiiiu* MibjeclH coiiceiliiiig the effects
I milui'ud liy whiskey in the eiilnrgi'-
imtil  of the caput,     developiiKilt    nt
lll.lt   lll'liWIl   tllSt'.'   ill   lllu   IIHIIIUIlg llllll
in the o'eiwci'tiiiig 'desire to put n
t ei in cnl tn tn nin over tlu* iiiicimit
inn 11.
rrofi'ssoi- Wilc\ Is Ih.- nutlioi ol f-o
yu'H'i nnu fit hiilli tins uud 9*15 M-lciitil-
ii* pnp'r", n-'sidis winning iniiiiy Ihui*
.ns lu the iw-i'ld of Hiielirc. 11 wiin
he who liegnii til" putu fi-i.il agilntioli
by d iiKilisiriit'lig, lii'vi'fiil years itjto,
ih.- .il'.'li't.-rifiu.s I'lh'i'tH ol i-li.'iiiicnlly
pnpiil'i'il Toiids, cold slorugu prn'lucu
and iilhi'i- cdll-.h' iiii'ivhaii-liMi. H
..„>, ). , J.,., uh.. !....!■ "i l y.'.M-»i.l
lllli'.l.l'V"    ill    ll.l'.lll" 1!    lllillUl."!   (Ull     Of
ih.'lllic.ilH  before   it   H.n Hi'   «*numiltHro
ln*.t uiiili-i*.
'Ih- irniiMe wilh l'mfcHsur Wiley's
eMierliiiuil ,1s Unit il has In-ill   U'ii-d
J,   f.,;,  . ,\>"      ,,.-,-.-,I :f      .■*■>•  .-I'M   «'.■"'
Ii.ivi* tried th-.- i-ffut of llu* rum that
-H'l'i.lii'lh, iuul 110 on.'' is willing yet
to t.'Hlify that it is lhe uiwlniililwl
n.piiilli' ihnl iiiake.'i you forget llu*
gfoii-ry bill and feel five niul easy lit
ih.* pr.i-.-i mv ol llu ice innii. 'I'ciiipor-
uiy ill its of this iUtiiiitt-f lUi'ino-*
iliii-i(1, I.ii: iu th. Inn;,' run the rum
llml glvi'ih its 1 olor tn the nip^iv-
iih oii.* 11 feeling likir iwo (j-roevry
^iiK a iiKinih uml a peipeliial iiv.maii
iiiiiip.iiit on a vtllow field. Your
wife taW*« loinl.r*», th* rlilliln-n are
„| wnrk l«*for.* llw nn* x%, and ih.-
iii^hiois poim you out lo Uwir
iltililii-U iis lhe linirilde exuiuiile.
With nil dm* ri*»|h-ct fnr I>r. Wiky's
ivp.iiin in*., wv ut't (nitvituvil already
George Pullman's son-in-law has
gen- to fanning. Pullman pcrc is stander-in with
dead, but you may'recall him. He i.s f
Ih. man who utili/.ed the. invention of
the sleeping car that .bears his name
and who was liright enough to get
the public to pay the wagus of * his
help for him. Hy soaking .tha public
gocd and strong and refusing to accommodate it by putting up the
upper berth wli-.ii there'was no one in
it, ..Ir. Pullman ao'(|iiire(l a fortune
(.wollen out of all fair proportions
.and large enough to ruin his two
iUiss Pullman .married Frank 0.
-Iro \v<l:n~t h e~C htc ago" pol i tic i an7~amV
it i.s Krank who is "farming" for a
.-"rank's method of farming .is unlike 'grniidpa.s, because it is so differ-
lii'i.. Grandpa arose from his mahogany coach at ?,.i\o a. 111,, and shook
a li.rd of thirteen to twenty cows for
their milk before breakfast, usually
winning. Xh.'U he put in a . long
day's work and retired tired out and
wilh his* feet hinting him.
Frank's method of farming is different, lie ride", around tin farm on
his own macadam roads in his auto
car aud watches a lol oi hired men
do the farniittg, llui wc sometimes
think Grandpa had more, fun,
(In Frank I.owdeii'.s farm,, buildings
costing' a lorluu.! have just keen com-
plet'.*d. Situated two miles from
Uri'gon, 111,, . covers 4,000 ncrcs,
through whicli the "scenic Hock river"
Hows for three and a,half miles,
'flu ii:w house, which has just Iveen
completed,     is a marvel of comfort
nnd coitveiiiiucu.   ll  contains twenty-
one large 100111s,   lu 'hnildiiijf it special care was liilaii that an attractive
view be obtained  Troiii every window,
ami tlu result is that from each room
iiiu river is plainly seen either up toward Oregon or down toward Dixon.
The dining room is 05x^12 feet in sUe.
('.niudpn did 110I mind thj view.     It
took ill llu pig pen mul III- "PtiHter
l'-riink'.s library i.s JSx.tS feet,   and
has at llu north end a large fireplace
mi wide lli.it     tlu regular coulwood
diiy Is in-ill.   Grandpa's library was
mad.' up of the Farmer's    'Almanac,
laying mil the weather n year in a/d-
vnnci', a   copy   ol  .losephns'    works,
lhe   Vlcnr oi'    Wnkefield   mid   "the
The carefully     planned drives,   the
Well-kept lu.VllH und thu llu.' old trees
ill (inI  llu park hnd it sph-lidnr   arid
riihii.'ss all     thulr own to    Frank''-)
place llui. Grandpa's juver ktuw.
Asld'   from   the   home -ol   Colonel
nml Mrs, I.ika.Ii'M,   ihere is a   great
hoif-i- ciinlaiiiliig six ln'ilri-Kiii'1 mwl a
living riioin. 'I'h-ii ihere is a lodge
li.i- tin hiiiisekcipiT mul ilu maids, a
h in., for llu sii|M'riiiti'iid.iit and his
fniiiilv, mul iicioiiiiiiodiilioiH for rn*
j-in.'irs, f.ir.'slciN, fnrui limuls, loai'li*
111111 mid olh.rs. Grniidpii didn't
1    . .... 1   1,   "      ■■■.,    1   "ti v "t<*r "
1.    .>a ,|        ,,.-. a        I	
On ,'iv nl Ki'iink'"- upper mid lower
lorlies th.iv Is 11 very altrnctivi'rose
l.iitd 11 mIi iv cvity variety ol tlu
llow.-r Is pn-diii'id. A Uilcliui gardin
covi-rs live lures mul supplies all llu
(.11 ., I     . ...„11     f. nil.'    lie it        1.11
-    «.- ""' ' **	
tli.* plaiv. Gimdpa didu'l do much
with liis.*, hm his cnlilmgu tools n
riliHoit oiiiv nt th: Aiulror.mg'i'iii
i-.'iiiily fair, i.ml he had a "li.iug" or
Iwo that would     mako vo»r   iiurnth
Uut it must 1*> c--.nf.s--.il lh.it
l*'i'.iiil,-\- iti"ili(.'1< of fininliig iiii not
Mi'ii'li ion -o iiiiuh as Grandpa'--, did.
Tn Invii a million dollars In ih*- nav-
nigs lank is of gnat value Xn any
fiiruv.-r. ami Ii-lp"* lo Rd lU'njp. il..u;
ill.11   VOU   f.lMl'.t   A'*   If   yoii   trlv     (tt-
fiii-lr nn vmir own iiiikcIc. (Jl
(.i.urv ivttvlmily want* bi farm, niul
tl might 11'. will (<•• our alliance* to
((int-iiler Frrnik'-* nuih.^l 01 ixi Buxl
Appleton as a trade unionist 1
Well,    say,     you've   another guess
coining.   Why all Winnipeg- knows his
record, and   th* Trades   Council   has
repeatedly sat i;U him.
Appleton a li-phew of Kalph Smith?
Well, that accounts for the milk in
It. cocoaiiut and the hair on the out-
John Appleton, alias l.ich'ard lTa.b-
orson, has for s0in. time conducted a
column or so in the Manitoba Free,
Press, ostensibly in . th. interest of
la'bor, 'but so untrue were his statc-
11u.uts._hat even ,tlu Five,'Press would
not stand for th.ni, ,. and'tried to
sqjiiarc itself by making Appleton responsible for his writings. Why, the
city of Winnipeg; reeks wi'th Apple-
ton's discredited vaporing*-, and no
on. '.believes him other than .what he
is, .''a traitor to. trades unionism, a
tlu manufacturers'
association, the Typothaete and the
bosses, and one with an itching* but
slimy palm.
Wh.n a man     ain't; got a cent, un'   bills lhat are distributed  with   Kiich'
liltv'ralily about election times, tluy;
could protect all „lhe insects iu llu
district. They could make it "hot fo*
any fellow, who would point a. gun iu ■
lhe direction of a woodpecker or a
sapsiicker, and make people who eat
hird-i in restaurants go hungry to
bid. Hy all menus keep up lhat was
(/ii llu enemies of birds just now.
Th. little incid.ut of  the wholesale,
buying,   and,  selling   of  votes sliould
not  be allowed to interfere    with the.
protection    of     animal.      that Weiu:
—~—-»      .....
Sonic ■otto luutly stuffed our ".backdoor contemporary", when they dub-
bod. Appleton financial editor of the
Manitoba Free Press, lie was, and
may be yet, financial editor of the
Russian Fne' Press, a paper filled
with political dope and circulated amongst the Doiikhohors,
Hochavariaiis, ,1-iithandans aiid Ca-
he's feelin' kind of blue,
An'  th: clouds hang hard and heavy
and    won't    let "the    suii-hiiie
It's u great      thing., 0 my brethein,
fin- a feller just .to lay
His  hand  upon your shoulder    in    a
friendly sort ol way.
Il makes a iii.-m feel curious-, it makes
the tear drops start, ■
An' you sort <,", feel a flutter in    the
region  of  your heart,
You can't look up and meet his eyes;
vou don't know what  to sav,
Wli.n h7s hand is on your .shuiilil.r iiii
a friendly sort of way.
Oh,  tlu world's a curious compound,
with its huiey and its gall,
With' its cares and bitter cro-,ses; l>ut
a good world,  after all,
And a good God must have   made il
leastways,   that  is  what  I  say,
Wlun a, hand rests on my shoulder in
a'friendly sort of way.'
•*-James  Whitcoinb Wiley.
When it man is thuiupPd i,y" enemies,
and is feeling lough ,nid tired,
'Aivl tlu clouds ■ seem thick nd
gloomy, aiid he know's that he's
. been fired.
It nukes 11 lump come in his throat
and slick there like a  chunk,
When a friend conies close cli<-siile
him and whispers, "Hill, I hope
you  won't  gel  drunk?"
■When a man's engaged 'in striking,
innd I lure's no work for him  lo
When wife and lii lie children are feeling  sick  and  blue,
"I'is then ilu sinning silver and the
glitter oi thc £old
.Tempts him to throw- down his duly
'.md go back to systems old
Which' kepi him bound  in serfdom a*.
 he- toiled- his'^daiiy™grind"     ;
Movie wants a Iwnk; .;
.Moyie  wauls a   banker.
Moyie  wauis scnie ,hanker crank
To t'oine along and spank lur.
Moyie wants to push ahead
As fast as she is able,= \
Hut she shouldn't try to use
A bo0'us O'ui'^n I.it-cl....
— o -
"If tlu. law woulii allow me, I
would step out into the ini(T81c of llw
court room and thrasli you. Thera'
is no spark of manhood in yon*. Von
are nolhin_ but a cur,"
Tlu-se woids from the usually gva-
ial Magisliaie Daly startled all Uu*.
court this ■ nioiniiig. These remark*
le Fred Morrison, who bad disgrace*
fully 1-eateii his wife, a. meek litllu
send lur Jiusband to jail
woman, who begged His- Worship not
to send lier hu.sland to jail, but just
lo bind him over to keep the |>racu,
so that he would I* unable in futuru
to vent his driink.11 fury upon h*r.
Tliis was done and,the coats of.ihj
court imposed upou iher, defitidjjit.
His worship-tlun delivered one of llw
steinest rebukes ever h.*«rd from his
Tlie   above  is l'roau '   the  Winnipeg.
And Y-i  trembles with einotii.-n as he
feels   he -is liy want1 ciilwiiud.
Because Appleton was al one time
president of the Trades and I,a,l>or
Council of Winnipeg is no reason that ,
he  sliould  be  classed with  trade 1111- j VcR' iL :*,:i!cc-s a "m11 feel curious and
ionists now.   Judas   \v(as one   of the.!       ■   i,tst a llUlc H"0""
apostles ihosjii     bv  Christ   himself, 1 Tn ]l:IV{->  a tlinu! ™lm clos*; lo lli"1 I by Uu law lo do physical■ violence i
and he left a daiigiinjc repiilatu-.ii !-.«-,'■ " - ' '*m-  wllisP<--r in his ear,
Tribune report  ol  a  case  iu  thi
ni].eg   police  court.
It. is a great pity-that the 'law
prevettlid .ludge Daly from making tost
stern, a caslignliou n.s b; felt like nd-
niiiiisleriug,   If' he. had been   allowed
Iiiiul him
John Appleton my Jo John,
Wlun we were lirsl aoifiiaiiit,
You used to be a union man,
But now, ,by gad, you ain't.'
Grand Forks Gazette. "f- '.
The   poor   benighted   Hindoo,'
He does llu best he kiiuloo-
He sticks to his caste from first   to
And for trousers he makes his skin-   A
But it would he a ciild proposition
for this country.
*;l);irt give  up  the     tight,  Hill,    you
lii.ivir a friend  that's  near.
Ves,  this   world's Ai coinl.'nation    of
ijrief and joy^aiid strife,
Ilut a gooxl  world after all, Hill, full
of struggling,teeming life,
And with a   friend beside you, and a
loving,   ti listing, wife,
You  call   look' iu   ill-.,   face  nf     duty
and give up to it  your life,
lir'.Aa.'ni'HJl'j       I.KC.ISl.ATl VINA U,,
Now Martin Burrill f
Takes a wliirull '
At tlm lx-nightcd Hindoo
Which ought to make him -shimloo.
An ounce of prosecution is worth' n
pound of legislation. Thu Dominii***..
parliament can, nud uv.iloiililedly
will, do something to perfect the Canadian linking act, hut flu', duty of
th> hour i.s tint lo legislfitc, but to
prosecute. The. courts,, nor purlin-
ment, are tlu tribunal which should'.
lirHt djnl with tlu i-irciiustnncvs ol
the douulnll of the Ontario Hniik.—*
WlnttiiiB'' Tcln;riiiii.,
Tha  Kid rend     tlmt    nnd thdiigli,f'-i
how much liettcr It woiild have 1i.-i._i,
if tlu Telegram    haJl    said ihut    iim'
ounce nf priiviulUui is. worth 11 pound
od cure, as j-oes th.-. old saw.
If there hnd Ijw'II no doiible ilin-rt-
iug miiihiiv.'iy iipun whiih In Imil'l
that jjiviit pj-Miiihiil nl .innii, then*
would hnve Ik'cii uo in-cil ol *o uimli
No one nrgiicv that trustn,.nml i-mii"
'liili.itii.u-i nre Iinposwlih' under Ur*'*'
tmde, TU.-y aru not iiupi-ssihl'', 'hnl
il is Itiipossililu ,111 lli.in lo hvy ."<•
nrl.ltiim prkvs, uiul that is lit.- • niy
injury lluy enn inllict 011 the pul Ih'*
—Toronto Globe
Xow' thai tin site of llu Alherln
piiiliiiineui hiiildings at F.dtnoiilon
has liven seftleil, preparation uf tlu
plans lor the hmidsoiiie nrcliilestiiViil
pile will be rushed, nnd uo doiiut
work '.u llu excavation coiiiiiiciuvd
iiiiiiiedlalely. Tha; sliuctiiie irself will
pi-m.1 ivhly he -ilii-- Himulsoinesl pai'Iiu
nitiit buildings- in lhe Dominion. It
will he -it)!! feev in. length mid sue
fuel ill deplh, .in,iliu-. form of nil "I."
the front wing iVini,' cousidt-rnlily
1. ngi-r 1I1.111 lln- reair oil-'* 'l'1'1' hiiild*
ing' will lm i>r;*clic!il.*.y four storeys
in hoighl, The dome .nr main towi-i
will i-xtei'.d Mi feet aV*-' lll*! inain
^___      *•
Now, who owl     henid   ot  nil   "I"
having. Iroiu     mid unr vTit'j.-**.  wixh
III!    irollt    Willg    t'lilisideril.'dy   loll.-Jei
iii.u tlu rear iiJJ-'?
If. tlu- nun* ci.nti'iiiplaiion oi tin
plmis (if ■' tli'it gn-ni stimlii.'i' l*-,!-
such 1111 i-IIi'i-l iipuii tlu im.i'.-ii.Mtion.
jusl 'wlmt will lln* thing itself < l'» \"
ill* null Who will be vleitid tn s il !l1
it,' V
Wc h.ni* n flouvr day in'ih* publ'V
sihooln- why  1101   11  Lin. d.i*..*   Th.t
i-lKiiilf!    be  11 spuinl d.,y nl il.-,awiiig ,
,-itli III inn  nl  llie  yiitni--  to   th'-  haiiu
di.ii* bv ih* wiliul mid w.mtoii I'-illiiy.
ol Hliiall  l.itds.    It is wilh aii'-tr mid
hit-fellow in a stern 111 aimer to xAu
measure of. his deserts, ' the UrutB
would STAND convicted (or the' r(t-
inaiiuler of hi-j life.
-J o	
1 drenini ihut I dwelt.on an isU* of
crackid ice, in the midst of a lake of
ihainpagii'.-,,,where bloomed tlu mint
juleps iu meadows ot green, iimiil
.>howers of lithia rain.
1 reclined on a divan of lager lieer
loam, with .1 pillow of froth for my
head, while lhc spray from a fountain ol sparkling gin li//. descended
like dew i.n my lied.
Front fiir-aivay' mountains of crystal iile ice, a zephyr resfreshin^. and
mul, canie v.'af'liiig the iiidliso ol swiv,.
iiiuscntel,  llui   sparkled  in  many    u
My Miisis were soollwl liy the 'soft
purling song of a brooklet of pousse
i-iife, thai ripphd along iiivr -k-li.ih-1
of sii-jw to a liver nf' ab'sinllie frapfk.'.
Th.-n, Iiilhil by the music of tinkling glass from the sihooiu-rs that
duiiced 011 tit-: deep, I dreamily sipped a highball  or two. and luttj-uiil-
lv lloati'd to .sleeji.
>      .      •      •      •      ( .   •
And iii.u I invoke on a U-<1 «>f old
rocks, with a bolster us haul as a
brick, a wr.u-'h in my back, a ruck
in my h-iid .mil a stomach deti*liili-
lv sick.
With sand in my i-yi-s and u „rli in
my lln.ial, whre tlu* tnste ol luHt
■vin'iig still clung, nnd tell a l«.th
;owil was siullud iu my uioi'lh wliifl*
I n/U'i wm iis found was my   to-VJ.'*".
I giopul for III.' lliu-iid of tin- evr
inn. L.-linv, in a mystifuvl iiu«* irf
my hi .tin, 1111U1 a great light Imrtt
1 iti ii-|-|*ln-' Cli.ifiuiuKV". Tfitn., Tinu-1.,
upi.n in.* at last. I'm nil of the tinu*
■ikiN is Kfimt ...nn' of nu. ^M;;.;,;;";,;•;. ;;;;' ^y^ .yYi,
(miwI it pn-inliing,
"llu «lily iniiii\ ill.-y cun iulliit on
tli.* public is Iiiiii piius, i-. it?
Mini about uli the cotiu,it 1 irac
titvs ii's.utid in in fnnii 't 1 usts hi ini
,sjiict'.'e out ,vm,*|l_*r (-• Jii'i'i:!!-*,-' Is tlie
piife of -goo'l*. th- Itivasiiiv nf ih.'
moral c.iu-siieitiv ui th.-Ke piviiih.* *s?
A reemi jiress 'dikpalili  slates 'th.il
"Thi   Uuv.Ui* Ki|iuuli(iti   wilt   .arrivi*
htit,  tl,ii\i-l»ni  iMiu.iti.v..   All  I";-n 1
men rhdiiM rnw tn fowr  nml "*• »'  •"
it that lUi-u head-* un* oil linn.' 1
CI.K.Umc.   ItfiUSK  WKfl'UMf*.
The Cli'atit»„' Hoii-M- Trtwrn* tt- uli.-d
Xh- brj;,i Sgiiri- <A $r,.j<ji,4t5 ttM.r*
if.iv TMi si fnrj»»r trYirt uni* pte »*)•»#•*•"
w.tk --Ciliary   Alh.-it.iii.
___ '
tlu> V.ye IH*** «*•«* J''»»*l lisv** vi>M
»..J1 List WnV, •
.ml in*.*iti*.(.i'i.ii'. Liid lii.'iid'* me
sirviil up in ti*«.t.iui*iitil-* N th:*. th-
nii'.'iiiiiig t.1 |:iiii«-h..l.s tint nre lii'.ii-l
of \\in..llalid 1'.iiii'l
.1    ...
in ,'Vi-iv iiii-ii-
iiiiuh >nml-; jfirl,* h.iv*' U-in s«i'l \°
pariiiipaiiii* Appoint a bml A,t) •**
llu pul lie mIi.k.U, .unl lu.-mnigi-i>«r
ti.ilin.ili'its to giv*' talks i.n bird
lift., mul its v.iliui to the 1 uimli.' '■'
.iirv w.n" It uill lc n U11 ti*in'
11 w il.-pai' are.   -l.oiuliU  l'u*'   l,,4,'i-
Vi--'., ih v should l.i all nn .''I'* ''l%''
a  liid d.iv down 111  I.oliil.i'l-
Ih.-v Oii.ul.y Iiiiuh ih.* *w- <-t i*'1"''
biriU .iliil {..iv. Mintgiai l-»*» l"a"
K-.tiB^ l,'ii//,ii'U, i.i-.ia* "«l if.tU-.''
f.rt h-r, .f 'i-.il-, ng. r Vr -Cdliits mux
Mr. l^-wii should U- m'.riKUtl will*
th- job •>(  liwknie.   .iftt-t   llw"«- I'ii'l*
If th.fs,* jmipl" d.»»n \bn w.iv
tn,iU .1 pr.'t.r ir*  ut      »l»>i**tf  $l«**»"
Willie H. Aiinslioiig, ••' dmhatton,
(),, ehipid with Saritli M_r-.li.ill   mi'l
1 in lit   10 lKnv.,1     l-'allu'i   diilu't    liku
-th- iil-.i,    but  h.* s.ii'l n-.lliiwrt'   hU-*
.iw.ntiil the ii.itiitiil uiiirw oJ- »vf*l».
tr-ll"       ,„ |    1.1,1      1. i>.ii.<    C*'i» tnl      OH
>.*iil. -.i Vi bunt dais.* al « Denver
h.iii'l, .nn! h iv iu-.; I'lhausteil »*i-'>r
lur.d, nn R.iMil.'n.* for llu- itul«Ik«.'>'•
1110..11, llu I'iiHid tail propusitinrii Ihk
g.m to loi'k ytt.A. S<» ArniNlroig
' 1    ,   , 1   i ....   .1. ,1  1... tt-.ii willitH'
in (orgivt- ..nd l-ig-'t. ttU'l i'^1*- (or
iimn-y lii git  l'*"11'   "n    Father'** if
in     the nature ol ii ' nul-
ply  w.is
,iw,il,iii 11;    ll   rt'i'b
•'K.intd t-ilf m.nU't  cotn.-rM; will
I ml vim a i«>li it vim nin*.' hi»m«"
'Ih- Ut tint     li.'i William .iii»it
tmil u.,s .1 -.i.r.* *h...k lo the A'H-
,.,l..   M.iin- biiJ-, *«>»-I   .«'« '^'"kMt
otnui William ii» a i;oo*I «l'»l   <•*   •
li in i.n «-
JUt ihr. an- a itninUr t»f ways oi
..i.n» Mi'tr t.llnw nun. trttit-4 hii
m.n*,* nn I liiliiJI wiiluwl work,
willi.'* i>.i|M may -*ti«»*' W-llh* sotnd
ut thev*. .ind as    li.' is n.un-rt boy
.,H.t   ,ipl.   ll"   »!U>        >«»   AkXt I.'|r>   ii*w
m uijllv in a* MiiptUmx* wiy.* aThebAck: LAP-dStfHE  NIGHTCAP
U-»       i i mm
• <$*<$'*3-$"^<'»<-»3>^
,/  ___«—m,___■■ *w^_____>__________r^____________«'--________________-__-''«________M_eva     v n'.v^v v-v v v *v* *\^ ^ v  ^ v* v* *v x' ••■.•'* "■■   ' .^    ». •»  ™   »*-;-:   - -   -
  ___________ ji.. ^__-_■,JMM_BM,^f^y<ti_r__H_H_ni ^^S^^HB|^^H^^^^^B^^HI^-^-H^H^_HH^r_HH^_I^Hi^3>V     /_, o
la-Home Bank of Canada j |   Batik   ©f    tlaffllilt
I —.^— -' .—. ■ *        ; ■ ; 7      <$> - - .*..-.-
"The    man  with  the  Savings.
Bank'habit    is the  -one who
never, gets    laid'  off;  he's the
one whovpn  get  along  without you,  but  you-..cannot  get
along without him.   The  Savings  Bauk habit  means  sound
sleep,    good      digestion    coot
I   judgment.      and     manly   inde-
|fpendence.   The.'uiost  healthful
thing I know of is a .Savings
•bank-book.   There   are  no  microbes    in  it      lo  steal away
yonr  peace  of    mind.   It  is  a
'"    guarantee  of      g«od  behav-
I j ">"r- ' *       *    i
.We .would like to .have, your name.,
on.tun* list ju-drpobUc-i-.   _Co matter*
whethei; ypttr startisonn dollaror one
hundred—wc will pay you interest Rt
current rate6—compounded twice a
Cur rent Accounts.-, Invited.■;
Open Saturday fvenings 7 to 9 ?
J. H;   MARSHALILi  Mfcr.,
Fernie-   Branch-
■■ Reserve
Totat Assets
Over $30,000,000
= <s
I Savings
I Department £
One Dollar is suflicient to open an .account. ■ I
terost paid semiannually at'current rates.   The X'
best facilities arc offered to out of town depositors --.§>
Current accounts of manufacturers  anil .nvorch- <$>
uus solicited. <$>
' A .Geiioral" Banking-   Business   Transacted-
<&&$><&M«&$<$xfr&$>®$ $-^<$>^-<H>-*^-
undeiir-ilhwi.-hcadiii^ instcrted at the
ratei ot one. cent a word each insertion.
FOR. SAM.'—A good- William's piano.
Apply D. McLennan.
FOR SAI.K-20 lols iB.We-st Fernie;
easy terms...;Apjily W. T. Ilealey,
West.fFernie-,. ■
WANTED    "'
WANTED--Carpenters to work on the.
new   0. 1'.  Yi. .station..—Apply    ou
the job, to Dijjby & Waldie.    ,
GIRJ. wants situation.* as nurse or
for !i»hl housework'.—Apply' al
Ledger Olliee.. —14 '
mi.. ■ ■—...       ■■—..   _,       ...,.—   ■ 1       ■ ■--»
MOTT- SOX & CO. have instructions
to look out for two or three hundred, acies of good land suitable for
fruit growing in Alio Kootenay Valley. This land must be so situated
as lo allow of irrigation,* either by
gravity or by a well-equipped pumping plant with'-an ° Abundant siip-
plv of water. Improved ranches arc
wilhin-r the scope of the instructions.
Locality, quality of soil and access
to water come before price in- the
censideratioti of- the purchaser, who,
is a practical fruit grower, and:
knows what he want.-;. Send • us
your "descriptions, locations and,
XIF1  1TOTJ  "VsT^-HSTT  -A.
Roosville. i Elko
There is nothing from a hatchet
to split the kindling wood lo the
complete outfit for an exploring
expedition which we do not supply  at   a   reasonable  price.
Hardware, Harness & Saddles
Miners/ Prospectors Supplies
- Dry-goods,- Groceries, Farm Implements      and    Machinery ■ from
•Stem-Winding. Mouse      Traps    to
• Cyclone Stack is, Indian Curios,
Souvenirs  of  Roosville  and Kiko,
.Raw Furs and Fresh Produce from
Tobacco Plains
shipped on order from-. Elko . to
any pa.-t east or west,
Send   orders   to * Elko.,
Big; Game Hunters outfitted
with" supplies, Pack Horses aud
On r.*d afler the 1st of Decemlier,,
"."-"Tofi-j \zi T*= R-; roy a initial 1—-^.Mupress-
stunners and Lake steamers will sail
from West St, John to Liverpool 'in-
stead 'of Monirca' and Quel-ec as previously, the winter service then taking etla'Ct. At the same tinu*. it has
le*.decided that the lake slcaniers
will not carry cattle in the winter
irom .West St. .lohn to Liverpool,
(Uy Hen H. Lindsey.) 4
It. sea'ins ;'o nie ilia I the average
piireiit either forgets 01 overlooK.i the
fnct that thu.American boy has some
inalienable rights, righls lo do certain  things which have bom especial-
FOR   SALE—One   Wdfchiii-ptoii   Hand
Press, 7 col. folio;, one Gordon Job-
"^"T^lTAK^lOKtsi^rpressea Rein fair condition, . and are, offered
for sale iheap on account of -having installed' larger presses in their
stead.   Write for prices and- ternii
Fernie.. B. C.
a 1 la
smprist to the i S
on  aGCOHnt of its
[Oirriccrin 4 sizes.] •   —
You .ire making a mistake if you have not asked our
prices-on HEATERS.- no: matter, what style you may require.    Take a look.
house paint. I don.t ihink a boy
,hou'..d be put in jail lor these lhin»s.
Of course he may be punished lor
ilium, but llure would le uo fuu-wilh-
0111 some d.ingcr Hut lu should not
In* cinsid.'ied a hopeless criminal, for
lng.gingi pe.s,(iuii) the hr>us.; I'or cat-
-.ng with his lingers; for asking fool
Iy claimed by boys in all ages; and '^.iiostioJis*, lor sun 111 ing, .whistling,
uinoiijj'J.thi.'iii is the pursuit of llu hap-   takiit.r the, clock to pieces, coining \n
with  muddy     bunts,  losing  buttons
loud  talking,  making   iaecs,    tensing
tlu  cal,   bieukiitg   windows,   walking
Illness  whiih.    comes   from   enduring
and   risking   dangers.   I   bulieve   they
wire once partially summed up by a
writer .to he these: falling out of bed; | over tk-   garden,     going swimming,
fnlliiij dowiisiuirs;  slifieiiiitg  tlu legs   wiping his hoots with th.- towel, cui-
Icl witn. 11 high -chair and the dinner-   ting  wir« with  lhe  scissors,   sianng
table and falling backward    with    11 I his little sister, sliding down the lwin-
dull,   sickening   liuid;   going   lo  .sleep . isters, going downstairs four steps tit
in • ilu baihiuli without turning   the],, time, hammering boards, smashing,-
water oil;    imagining   the    window* j his sister's doll, netting, on the tool
ledg-c.of th.1 third storey Iront a rivet' j of thj     burn,    uud,   of course,, alt'ui.
bunk and  lishing with a pinlnjok    in 1 these,  playing football  and  basubMK
.the-.street below; imagining himself n 'yelling uiul hnwliiig, and making   t.li
irupe/i! perloiiuer nud jumping,   irom ] dw. luss ho 4*1111 on proper occasions,
ihu bum loft to llm clothesline;   im-JTk;sc nre the, inalienable   and   OoJ-
iiuining hiinself a i-ouiut  and sliding * given rights of nn American boy, uml.
down the baiiislci  wilhout    loathing   [ am wilh hiin to iljfi-ml him in these
Wh.it, il .ii't'ins lo me, we should
look for uiost carefully in n hoy, n.
not th..**.' in ul 1 !> ol iboyliooil, but hi.*-
larger i|iinlilie,s whiih may be dev.l*
np.d, tlu vital .|iialitieH, tlu ■i-unliu.e.'
thut go in mnki! whiilesoniii boy*
hoi.d; nn iiiiliiiling respect Ior his
.lders, whiih nuiin-i uUdiniiv, truih*
fiiiH.Ns, kimliiiss, mul tl»i' miri'sl
though s towatil every girl he plays
wilh or iii.u-is.
'Ik*   l,U.«i-:ili 01   th*  piiivlin-ial  rid
in.; i-f t.1.ith 11 will uiul nl  lit.- Lib
it.iI   Club,  Cul|:arv,  1 n   Suvi'inlirr  <J
lor tk* piiipi.M* nl  s.lii'tiiig a   I'ntiili*
dat.-. tor ih.- ilviiii.it ior llu* va.ancy
11111 .id in ill.- riding be" I lie i-h'Viilioii
of l\  A. Stu.it 1  in  llie bench,
Mn haivil-i-, li-iirning to tide a bucking
bronco; learning la .swim in wntisi
thiit is wver his head; learning It.
skulu mi liuu ici", learning to pln\
lootbiill with boys twice his size;
burning lu bu u liamatt by climbing
Wali'MipotilK; leiirtiiiig In be it sttiloi
by tiillooiug his aims and legs with
ii»mi|—■■■ ■■..n—■■ —■■->-■ ■■■■wwww)
- i
But tht Grett Consumptive Prever>
Utivetrou^ht Health md Happiness to his Home
"Our doeto." tald th<r« wt* no cunt tat
my rnii* •» both her lungi were •act-fed,"
fcrockvlUe, Ont.    'Mt wit a nad diian<
jtartii»K out m
,©»!> awrried a ihort time.   Uut befoia
KU-Mnmouabotli, ju»t itartu>K out m
,o»lr aiarried a ihort time.   Uut hefoia
«ha had Unit hid tha fint bottle of Piychlna
Mie pata in bar lunjri quickly went awiy,
aad aftar taking na bottlei Mrs. Walter
waa sjtstt cresluro and perfectly wcl
Tkalli jtut ont .of tha many fwplllia
lata which Ply-bin* hit bro-njht bopt,
health and tappiMit, It I» a living proof
thai Piyehlna curet Con.umpllon. But
***.'( wait fer Comumptlon. Curt your
taOrlppe, your Cough, your Bronoliitii,
four C-iiartb, or four 1'ncumoi.ia with titt
Hmsdy. tlialiwver f__a—
{ttSmmWrntmi Si-tlt-)
50c. Per Bottle
mmXtm** *(**» «t m*4 ••—eUl mX*ug*\**m
tfit.  11...-.'■. thai, ih.il ni-'!.1 .... J.'il
li.iat <l<l.-.il 111 !'u..1*.i, bioiighl aboii',
I v h trbn^ .1 iii-iii>ii niiii*,' imtiiimlt.*.*
uiitsid.* ill- ilisliiit, ,n whiih a gov-
i'-niii ni   S'.'leii.d  i.i-mliil.ili'  wns    put
II j 1 im lit.- u.ti',1.'.... .1. , . 1...1 1.1 \\.i.,'t
ini'iii.irv, tli.it ihi.s,* Catgury I,ibi.-ral*i
would nt lm-I itioi. ill.* club down
ih* line a l"« iiiila4.. II the nil po.v*
i-iful giiM-iniiiint iniluiii-v in Oin-bi-c
l,i!id-.il til- in ill of its ib'ii.i' (iittside
pii-Iintit m. u fi r 'li.i'M ,i uli lul it.-
f..r (11* I. lin win* 1*. ticiiiinand at
Cil>iii-.   Imd"
Ili-r.* is a ili.iiiie     b.r lUnn. 11    in
iii.iki- .1 •bfi.w.B*-
A  hot''l  tb.tl tuini'lit"* i|iiirt, mm*
mtaWtius ntHWrryttA-tA'io'ai I'»** it* **>*»•
rron- i-i ii'io'Tiv nf p.<-;i<t'ir* lr> Ihi*
trairllin^ public. Su. h * •** i*» lb.-
Kinjj I'MvutiI IWilrl, «i( IVtiiie, cor*
■ r i.pi*t*«itt poM ollice.
'lb: Ledger settled .down io an easy
thair .. Uie oihsr night, pulled iis
Mght Cap close down over its head,
put. its feel up to the lire, nnd taking,
up nil exclt'inge in search oi news, it
ran across this heading 'on the edil-
J.limi-AI. 1IIST0UY.
'the Ledger sat boll upright ul once
and became deeply     interested.   . Us
Xi-,111 Cup sloiii'h.'il down on lhe l«u'h
of. its     had,  iin-.l   il liegali to read
wilh a relish.
And this is whnt it rend:
"It is but reusi-nab,!.     lo   assume
ihnl in  llriiish Columbia'  tlure Mire
iliiiuy  people endowed  wilh  lhe  privileges ol   the  Iriuichisu  who are uiinc-
,-iiuiiircd    wilh the  political    history
whiih  diuiiiigiiished  bolwceit thu Lih-
«riils  nnd   ih. Conservatives   m   reln-
tlon ol these two puriius- lo thu province.   Wc piopo.se,   lliereloie, to   give
uu siui-inlly ns possible,  a lesiuni'. ol
th. ntlitude of     llu two, whiih   we
shnll show    has     bo-ii   1-iun.ii.lwnil.v
tuaintiiiii.d since Ci.ufcdui'iitinii.
'•lu iSii;, wlu-u Hnlish Columbin en-
Ur.il Ci.nledirntiuii, il was tiutl.ir llu
ililliieuei! <>l' a distinct plulgu thai a
tt'iiisi-iiiiliii uiul line i.i uiilWiiy
should le lonsti'iicti.d willi.it a reus*
ihllble time, set forth ill til' I'ulel-
11I ngleeliieiil which lei'eived the Wine-
tion ol th.- Imperial parliament and
II-t L.ite .Muj.-sty llii.-ui Viit.niii."
A joiiiu.ilivl s.ts himself up as .1
i-oliipelilit peisiiji 10 write lhe history 1.1 ih.' u'.ipt.siw party, uiul ai
th- v"i*v i'ii nil nink.it siii-Ii a blnnilji'
ns lb.it!
A mnn ii.uind .1. Cnslell llopkin.-.,
,',.iys lli-iti'It Ctilimibiii uileud C1.1t-
lni'.'i.iliuii  .Liliu.tiy -.'"lb. li**'-*
'Ih.* iililiir ol a daily paper, lull ol
iim ntid \iiiu.*. nnd Unii'iv,. nl ;i
11 Ii.ii' li .11 lo piow h nv iiin.uunite
.Hid nib r..*!■..■ iiio>in*H.t''it xb- otlur
fellows are, uinUs a inislake of livu
y.-iir*. n-s lo llu- d.ih* hi;, own pn.viii.'c
uitirnl th- l.nnily «»l pinvinus which
in.ike up tin* Di.tn.nion!
'Ill* Lidgii ini'M l*' |'MUm<\ '.01
thriiw'.nf d..wn the .,tvr diligilit daily
,in.1 i.;«-.in.* t« i.tl-- .'.«»*' '»"*v ••'•*-'
tone illusi.rn. fnun th.n m-iiil-.
H <i.ii.1im1..1 tln» u <"'1*'* l'"1, ""
Nlghl Cap   'towl- nvcr  il" b .ol    .in<*
N0T1C1C     01."     DISSOLUTION*
.     l'Al.TNKliSnU'.
Notice is hereby given ' that
Hartiiership hjietofore subsisiiitg
LWL>in us, the undersigned, as
tractors, in the' Town of H'osnier,
has this dny been dissolved by mutual consent.' All debts ow-lig to the
said partnership aril to be paid to J.
l>, Uugim ai the Town of Ifosnu-r
nf.iiVHiiid, mi'l nl! claims against llu
said pai-liti'i.>'hip are to be *pr;*siiilid
'.0 ,the .said ,1, 1\ Kegaii, be wlnuii
iln same will be setllvll,
Dated  nl   l'Vinie,   It,   C,   litis   22ml
d.iy of October,  1.06.
j, 11. men,
.1. V. Kl-X'.AN.
(As to Signature of .1, II, llicli.)
1'. .10IINST0N*. -iti
Notice is hereby given thut ,10 days
nfler dale we intend, to npply to the
Ili-noi'tible Chief Commissioner of*
|I,.inds and Work:- lor 11 special lii-tns.
la mi and ram away timber fi'otu
th.* liiHoiv.it,,- 1l.s1ribe.1l bind,-, iu Mast
Koolmny  district,
Ci-.iiiiii'.'iicliig al 11 post pliiiilul 011
the west Iiiu ol lol, i.N-'H, mid nliiMit
i,1. miliN iioith of th.' soiiihwi'M writ .-I* of said lot iSyH, mtirked "K,lk
Liiniber Co's 1101th u.t i-onn-r post,"
th.*iii-e. niimiiig smith Su i-hniiis, th.-tice
we't .*4'i ill.iill.;, ilumv It.ulll X".
ilinitl'",   thelliv  ensl   Ho  iliailM   lo    llu
-oini ol li.niminivmciii, ..
A.   ll.   HOYNTON,
Dntid at I-Vriiic, Jl. C, this ..nil day
ml*       it*  H If I,it.. I i \^if\f*,>, '(■
dnani .11 $tnt,\ hioUity ;.s 1It.1i. mvl
it w.ai to *.h- »• .»fl»l ili-'-Jin A that 11
w.is uAilm!.: r\i-|iij**,rti*t, roinpar.it
u if li ib.* f.-lhiw who iviitis bittury
.im th.it t*ili.»iij-«.
TAKIv not ice llml 30 days 11 (ut
date I illicit I tn apply to the Chief
<*iiiniiiis*,iii!ii>r ol Lands niul Works.
Viuon'u, It. C, far a .special liu-nse
to «tit wA mrry nwny timl*r froiii
ihe following descrikd lands:
Coniiiiijuiiig nl n post pluiitul nt
th-. N, W, corner of .'. McIuii.-b' limit, ih.itit.- niniblig \V, Hn ihaim, theliiu
S. *J" ihiiu-,, thi-tni' J'., >." ihiiuis,
,luinv N. 411 ih.iins to \il.icu of com-
hen.', in.nt, <(iitnitr.il;*: ^?o iit-iv* iiioic
or less.
Jtr. MrlNSKS,
Dated    at  Klktiioiiili, It. C.» S-ptuii*
l*r 97th, iw6.
Mt nil'*. I.itt;iii< nl IltiieVis Niiirolji.i.
Tliis paper, along - with the
strips any other newspaper
along the line of the Crow's
- Nest Fassiinicireulation, and
the benefits to the advertiser
are greater than can be obtained through; any other
The Subscription List
has grown.steadily upward and the
street sales,Have increased1 in a remarkable manner until now wc can
fairly claim.the tpB>notch in circulation and: plainly state that, wc have
left all woultlfbo competitors so far
behind that nothing-is visible of them
but a cloud of dust.
Since the Strike
the increase has been most marked.
Five*weeks ago wc turned out —including specials 2»0( )U
Four weeks ago we issued regular    l.oUU
Three weeks ago wc ran ofl"    1|CVK>
Two woekn ago -we added 25 more, making    !»?}/ ii
Last week another 20 copies made it    1,0 JU
This •wcj-'k sees thc regular issue up to    *. #UUU
Keep a ■'*'**"**■-'
HinJiJ'v Liititiumi cuti;*i uAA, etc.
WIU,   MY.   IlYItfAX   RESIGN'?
Rev. W. J. Clark.-pastor' oi . tin-
First Presbyterian Church, T,oiuloii,
Ontario, is'-'oni of tli2 best men in
the world, ami wli-n ive find liim con-
straiii'il to maU* a statcnu-nt from
lhe pulpit, rcganliiijr the corruptioii
revealed by the investigation into
the London by-election, we may 1*.
snre that he answer*' only llie call.ol
duty. And it is his'duty It) speak
out at this time, even as it 'is the
duty of all1 public-spirited citizens
wlun thu fh-jinufnl debauchery of a
constituency is exposed, to say - thu
word that will lead the .public to the
iij>Iilfiil lin. of thought and action.
Our complain., i.s not that Mr.
Clark Ins spoken, bnt that hi has
spoken lo so little purpose. Only-thu'
...sublimely iimocinii sees: in tlie bril:e-
. receiver and lhe hribu-jj.iver th. real
offwiders. tt is''l'ln'i-I\!,!i:n-lli't,.pier-Up
who i.s resjioiisilile for corruption in
It is reasonable to assume Unit had
Hon. C. S. Ilyinnn made it lii.s .business to sec that thu election was conducted properly, no voters would have
1 .ixm l>(.ii*-hl Ih* l.il-cral huelers. Did
.Mr. Ilyinnn know -'wlint was ^r.iiijj
(11? Was he wilfully blind? Did Mr.
Hymail prr.ra .by purchased votes?
Would he have .sitll.rcil had he lost
thu election? Was it imperative lluit
the Liberal "parly should win? Thuse*
r_.iuslii-.ii.;, fairly met, will help1 Mr.
Clark to a clearer view ot thu. matter. * .
.And,   l'uvili.v,    we ,arc  prepared   to
■ assume with him U1.1t lieu.. C. S.
Mymait i.s as pure as a n.*\y-born
lial>e. Still holding tins assumption,
is it too much to expect Mr. llyinan,
now that lie knows his election was
)iou»lit, to stale, publicly, his disapproval of the luetics employed, lo
leH^u and seek il-eU'Clion in a crin-'
ti'Kt  that     will I.u devoid or corrup-
- tion. And Mr. llynnni "will do this,
if Mr. Clark's- Iwlief is- right, thai lie.
is not 'i'he-Maii-Ilij-hur-Up.
We honor our preachers, for lliey
are worthy men. We have learned to
icspect thuir juil^ineii-t, and are prepared 1*0 follow their lead, .but we
expect their prolioiiiiceiiK-nts 011 corruption in elections' to approximate
lo an aduquate grasp at the causes
and to be fearless in naming tliu'onen
on whose h.ads the blame rests. To
li'iine Jerry Collins and Tom Lewis,
und    to  neglect      lo  name  The-Man-
sin-.llin.*, iudustrv of ths Boundary is
Coppur was never so high as it is
now, and with the coal minus ' tied
up, th- smelting industry of tli*u
Boundary will  lx crippled.
Resolved;' That Greenwood Miners'
Union pledge thuir moral support;
you hive nothing lo lose' but vour
chains, and , a ' world to jjain. lie it
Resolved, That a copy of thuse resolutions l.e s.ni 10 Greenwood ]<.dge,
Gladstone Minurs' Union, and Fernie
Ledger, and spread" on U12 minutes ol
this uiiu.n.
ii. a. 'mathiics-Ox,
"Hi^lKTr^tTp-is to TespcclApersons and"
to d.part froin the path blazed out
by the great exemplar.
. Canada needs her preachers to
speak out, but thuy should speak to
the point with courage worthy of the
cloth.—Toronto World.
Tliu uieii who paid out tliose. ten
dollar bills on that uvtnlfiil day in
London did uol furnish the cash.
Thoy expliciledly slaty that lliey were.
pai.il. to act as cashiers. Wlieie did it
come fmni?
II Mr, llyiu.iii is so guileless ii
youth as not to know iiiiylliiiig
nliout what went'on at ihnl election,
he .is .mi rely too iiui.*oplii.si'iited to
train in the Ottawa class, aud should
l.« giiviu a few lw.-H)ii.s'' in the art o(
politics by thu gutter route.
As th"! World .puts it, if Mr, Ily-
111x1.11 is ns i'liiineeiil ns a new-born
bale, hi will .immediately resign mid
feck a re-o-lei'lioti while th'ow electiiiu
crooks nre, where tliey ciiuuot tnkn
par.l, and hu will nlso see to it that
11 n.-w crop of crooks in not imporlo'1
for tho n-.'xt battle.
There i.s no course.of raisoiiing by
which Air. llyniiin cun Iw considered
. tha hoit.-slly elected member (or T,i n*
ilon, and his holding his scat, under
Mich clrciiiiislniu'i'S, innkcH him ft
parly to llm' frnv.d.
Th.'. Ucv, Air, Clinic should, us llm
World points out, loul* ror the simrec.
from which nil thnt I'orniplii n llow-
i'd, uiul in iloing so hu will lmve in
.   Iuul, hij-lur. , .
Thai there is only n siiinll pet'ceitl-
ngi*. of th.- people of I.iiiiiloii who nrc
piirihnsiii'lili! is admitted by sill, lml
ih.il will not'1-.e iicivplid its 11 mif-
lii-litit ivnsoii for iiiniiii)! thi' thunders of tin- pulpit nt thnt small '•■■r-
i-uitii-jii. (i '
Kvi'ii that little peiii-nlngi' would
Unl exist wciv il lint Ini' I""' I'11''
lint rich men who wi-ni- pin--, h.ii.s
t.nd fnii'li runts willingly supply Ihe
nnii whiih Millici'S tn tiny that little
pi'ici-ntngv. Mny tli." I.onl h Ip JU."
IMV..111I Mr. Chirk uml nil other
iiiiiilsi/*i-s to conl limit their wiiri'li till
the fount' nf Jhi-'- MivhIH »>f cmiiip-
llnii is feinted i.ui mul i'i' '■'•'>' of-
fcinl-rs mv phifr.il uiim-.} will' »'Vl
Mim 11 priri*nln(?f nnd h-.'hl, up to 'h.'
yn/e of  nn oiiirngiil piuph'.
vvy.rvt .rnov xxv svmp.vthv.
Xew York, Oct. 23.—'flu inleinat-
icnal policy holders' committee today obtained' ait order from Justice
lib-Dili  requiring  the  Xew  York  Life
Insurance • Company and its directors
to thaw causu on four counts why un
injunction, should not l:c granted restraining the dufendauts from carry-
in j- on their campaign for thu election of the "administration' ticket"
ut llu expense of policy holders.
Tlu action was instituted by Stephen Farrcliy," geiural matui.ger of
Uie American ' Xews Company. He.
made tlu complaint in his own lie-
half and on. behalf of all other policy
holders of the coinpany lo restrain
waste and diversion of the company:*
funds, and to' compel the' dircclors-tii
account for tlu large sum's already
spent in carrying on their campaign.
The action .is ihu result''of the com-'
pany's alleged plan of campaign, .by
which "lu mutilated ollicial ballots
are alleged to have lie.ii sunt out
.through the company's agents with
Uu mines of Uu candidates oil the
inlui-1iatic11.1l comiuittee ticket struck
ull. and all ballots containing thu
number of an existing policy. It is
furl lur claim*.<1 th.il every efieri h.is
been mad.- by personal solicitation o(
the companies agents and by circular
Utters fiom various ollicials" ol' more
or less p'romiii.nce to induce the policy Insiders to vote tlu judiiiin.'.strali«Jii
ticket. Mr. Farrelly is a candidate
for trustee on tlu international committee ticket of the Xew York Life
Insurance Company.
*. .*) c
Air. it. R. MacDouald, AI. P., writes
to thu editor of tlu Labor Leader as
follows: *
■j'lt is too soon yet to write or final
Impressions, but niy stay in Canada
lias leui a-long series of interviews
and inr.iirie.**, and I must ' try and
digest thuse on niy way across thu
I'acilic. Uut one thing is quite clear
io nie—-I am more thankful., than ever
Out the spirit and method of the I.
L. 1'- dominates British Socialism.
Out lure llure is the nucleus of a line
labor parly. Our victories in the
Old Country have been a grciit spur
to. thettrade unionists .here, and men
v.lio hive leen hitherto Liberal and
Conservative, arc preparing to throw
in tluir lot with an indcpeiidciil'.'p'irty
of labor." "But the Socialists do not
undurstaiid llie position. They are
grinding   awav  at  lluir cold
In Millions of Teapots Daily
Have You Tried
Lesul Packets Only.
LACK   OF  KXl'.IlOY     '
A   Common Trouble Among Growing
'•llovs—A   Xew   Hlooil   Supply   i.s
Net-dell—Dr.   w'illii-^iis'   l'ink
Fills  Actually  Make    Xew
Blond.      " '    '..      ■    ;'
nl   ill.*  V'ik*
Orw-BWiiod, 11, V., lift. ?3ivl. lyirfi-
To llio lilads'.oii• Miner*' I'niiKi.   V.
111. W. ol A., of Fcrnii', 11* V..
,M   .,  n-i'liVir 11 llll..' ot r.iw-llW'Mld
Miu-in' I'liiuii Xn. 3.\ W. V. M., .'1.'
ffilhiwln-- r.-Milutiiii w.n» uimuIuhiu;
lv mlnpliil:
Whirco-. (UiwKntu Miiuts' fiiinii <i.
1'Vritl.', 11. C, nr- hiH-ini; a \A'.(»t
fi^lii  ngnimt  cn-uivriilivii
Uh-:r.-a.s tlu su lions
nivn.*rs' Asiorintinu t1iiiiiiy.hont the
Ai1ieilr.1i' tr.ntiti.nt mv w-tl knowii
1o Xb: tiiPinl.i'f'i of lire Uivoud Miii.:rn'
Wc, n» Mh»w wrt-fki-rn, fw"y '«• *!*■
»i/.; tb* -Uv» .iuic?h' whiih if in.*'
iiMjrd tlirmifli'-iil llu I'niud SttUvs
r.n.1 Con.ula, ilmr.-J.*rc we Vnow   th^
tiU.itaU-.il    '»■***     ,vin  v,,,!i,,c  nnv
wsritimnl' lu limit- r itwtr d.istnidl;'
,»uriHviit«; b«l \',o ah J-l. 1''«^*'-". »l*
Tlure  are  Uioiisands of young men
just  approaching 'nianhooil  Mho have
no uui'gy, who tire out at llu'lensl
exertion,   and who leel by    the time
tluy have done     their day's work ns
though  tlu day wits a wed;  long.   In
si-iii- of those cases there, is a furtluv
sign   of warning iir tlu   pimples aiul
.lisligurin." eruptions'wliicli ibrenh out
on  llu  face,   Tlr.'su am  certain  signs
that. UK' lilond is     out ot order, aud
unk'ss il is proinplly iMirii-hed, n coin-
plclo btMikdo'wn, or perhaps consumption   innv  I.u    tha  rusult. "All   these
yoing ani-ii should Inko !''•• M'illiiviiis'
lMnVYills.   Thusu pills iH-tually liin-Uu
rich,     red 1,looil,   cleiir the   skin   of
pimples    nnd eruptions,     mid , hring
health, sinn:,*Ui nnd i-nurgy.   I lure is
a bit ot  proof,   Adoli'ii*.- llnllivnd,  or
St, JiTiinie, Que, is a young num   of
iy years, who says'.   "For more th.au
n year I sulTered from  -fiixxind wt-nk-
jiess,  nnd I gnulihiHy H'^w so weak
that I was   forcid to     iibiiiwloii ,my
worh ns I'l'.'i'h.   Jly appetite f'lilwl iiii-*
I   hnd   oi-easioliiil  violent'   lu'iidiu-hiis,
and rhegnti to sulTer from iudij'i'tioii.
1 was failing so rapidly Ihnl I W'lP'n
lo fi-nr that coii.-niiiiliuon'was fnsti-ii-
in-' ilseir upon un-'.   Our family ■•o*'*-
lov   tivnli-d nii-'i     hnl I did not It'""
uii.d.-i"his i-ai-e .   1 wn» in ft very dis*
lounigid     stnte wlunii^ frieml fiom
M.iinmtreniin- l» si*i- nu*.' Ih' slroii.,|-
lv ndvlsi-.l tiiu     to try Or, Williams'
l'ink I'ills.   I    did so niul   in.siil.' ul
linvi* wi'i'l-Hl bi-'tnn lo fir I Ih'IUt. <">'
nppMite     l,«nuii   to   impiovv   und I
s.'iiii'Ml lo haw n fi'fliitV,. o( in-vv n'lir-
h^..   I i'.,nliiiui*(l ili.« |»IIIn WUH 1 ]xnt\
<nk*ii tin boxes nnd I uni iiuw Hi|ny-
i,ig ih,   l,st nf    li.'iiH'i I l'v" hw-'
;\ly i-iiiv MH'|»rlsi-il ninny of my Iih■■<■■*•
who W-yiiii lo ivgiii'I nu' n« tin"i"l'h-
nn.l 1 siriiligly     imIvIm-   i.tli.i y»r.f
nun uho mv wi-iil. io follow my *"*
mnpl,.,    „iul give   Dr. Wlllinni*!   l'ink
I'ills n (nir xd;A,
'll,,,-,. •.( nn iii\-.l--i'y uliot'i th1*
iur.-s Ilr. Williums" Pink I'ills liinlif.
Tli-*si' pills iH-umlly iiiiik rlrh, ivd
Miiinl, Mhiih liim-i's uiul Mnii^iii*"*-
i-vi-rv ot«.iu and vui\ » i»«- '" l)a'
UAi: Tlut is why 'Ii.-m* I''"**1 ,1"*'
airvoiui.i.m .lilmiMs UU' mi;ti*i»l.i
ili.-iitiiii-ihin,    iuil^'stion,    ii**uial;-,iu
. iSJtres-
sive acad.'inlc formulae about "class
war," "economic determinism,'! "n
'tlass conscious proletariat," and
everyciu who does not aj-rce'wilh
ilium is a fakir or a scoundrel of
some Ae»ese or other. Jinny , ineiii-
l.ers of tlu Socialist parly fully ap-
pieciali* Xh: folly of all this, and
would I e.only too jrliw^lo respond to
a more iiilellijrent lead, but at the
moment nobody seems lo he able to
slamd out' against the, exislingi domi'.u
iitin^ factii.li. A split anil llu" formation of a Canadian Independent
labor party on thu llriiish model
would l.e Uu salvati.n of Socialism
iti this country.
"This   barrenness  of      thu   -present
Socialist   propaganda   is   particularly
noticeable'in Hritish Columbia, where
jits  success  appears  to  he  the   ,most
marked   (now   writing oil   the   14th).
This   province   is   ripe   for   Socialism
ai-d   labor.   Miners   compose   tlu bulk
of  its electors.    Its  lands Lave,    b.en
pilfered   by   corrupt   le»'isla.tors,   and
its resources are in  du hands of oiu
or two monopolists.   This i.s the first
Canadian province to develop the economic and political state  from which
a  labor  and  Socialist  movement like
ours grows up.   Within ten years   the
legislature     lierc. could'be dominated
liy our people.     "Itut.unless tlure is a
iir.*n,*u,  r.nly a wild,     s.elhinji strife
will lc kept up.   Tlu Socialists    will
conl iiuie to play into the haudsiof Hie
.reactionaries, "and  the .ma-j-iiificent opportunities or •I'l-itiKh Columbia ■ will
never le sei/id upon.
—"iTiist—ii'Trlil— '(i~-a-ci-owded-public
hireling,      I   explainud      our- Hritish
moviiinciiit,   much   to   the   disgust   ot
some of our comrades, some of whom
olijeeUd  thiil \   l.made  no'provision
for bayonets, * and   olhui'S    that    *-.:*.y
evon.nuiij    basis  was    all  wrong.      I
have   met' a   coiisi.derable.  nuiul-er'   of
our  olil  L.  L-   i'.   friends  who . have
wnndi'i-ed   westward,   and    they    kel
like lish oul of waler-'in .this curious
rampiii,-;    propaganda.       Next   week,
however,   Xh;  Dominion  Trade  Union
Congress  meets lure,  and  thu    local
Trad*s and 1,-i.hoi- Council, under the
'n-'piralion of  "11 num  from Xew/ea-
land"   is    makin-j   various  proposals*
for tlu i'Sltililishni'.'iU of an iiidepend-
■.iit    labor    luoveineiif    iu    politics.
Tnuiu, unionism lure has lwi'ii lirwl by
the  successes  of  our  work  at  home,
and n.'xt week may tharuforii mark a
d.'ptiilui'i' in Cansulinii labor politics.
"Itut writing is wearisome; 1 wish
we could have a talk,   1'oor, ruckles*
Cumuli,    liko  a jubilee plunger,    in
wasting its inngiiilici-nl i-i*soiin'es    i»
grmul  prodigal  style.     II   li »«a»'i'M-
ing    at    tlu iloiilik-ijuirk lo bu tlw
slave of a company or two nml n l*t»-
son or two,   Tlu spt'i'lncle   is roally
tragic,  and the happy-go-lm-ky    way
in which so-enlh'd* nble liiiiiistern und
niiiiiHlerii'S     show thoi*- ineoniiniteiii-'i
to looil' hcyond tluir noses mid i*oii*
!*'crvij dn iwtunil wealth and fncilii-
|.h of this coiiulry which Vi-ovliWiie.
Iias l-li'ss.-il    so liouiitifiilly, ir   mom
tragic still.   Wait till my n.-xl. >>'• A*
C. in.i-liit,'.-      'l'l''-1   '-vi-nii'l"   wi'1   1"'
i.piitt  in disi'iissilig how to buy   (Mid
sell IJ<-.iiiiiii.>ti.> with     nil the.   I'-'ophi
Hotel, Fernie
T. Whelan,   Manager
A pleasant homo
for tho travel ler.
«    '■       ~—. 1 f
Kooni.-i    josorvoil
by wire.
Kvrey Attention
i^Smllbm&?^?J£il£.   m
Agents for
Tiio Ciliary Marble   and Gisuiit Works
Tlie Kocteuny Slurblo Works, Nelson.
Samples can be seen at the .office.
Offick Phone 41     "'Residence 76
Parbors in Lundiy's Block
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TBi© ESk Lumlier Co.^
Oi°meBisioiB? Fioosriny^ Siding^
¥lms¥m§ Lajmlierandi     .
''   WY:mM'm§s*
All our stock is last years cut and'well seasoned. -
Make yonr wife happy by buy
Thc Best oft Satisfaction
in Watch & Jetoelery Repairing
.'"  ;OF COMMERCE. ,
Paid-up Capital. $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
D. E. WALKER,.Cenci-iil Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manag-er
-"              '      '                           ISSUED AT THE FOLLOWING RATES:
  S5 and under ■ .'    3 cents 	
or money refunded
• Over $5 and not exceeding- $10     C cents
"    $10       " " $30    10 cents      "'
"    $30'      " . " .$50    JS cents
Those Orders .irn Vayablc tit Par at r.ny olTice in ftuiitil;. of a Chattered Dank.
(Yukon'cxucptixl), and at the principal banking; points in the United States.
N--0'1IAU1.H l.t A 1I\L1) liA-J li AT
They forii. an escellent method of remitting small sums of money with sststf.
and at .mall cost.,   *■ . ,
O. !_.   Holt,   Manusrer  ,.
Fornlo Urn noli
C4 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^
Wholesale Ik Retail
Phone No. 4 Fernie,, 13. C.
Mln'iiil'i- Liiiiuunl Co., I,iimtu1,
ll.-nr Sirs,- I nm -v-'imi'ii-'inl   ymir
M.IS'AUD'S  I.IXIMI'IST I"i' rln-iuiuil-
inin mul s|ii'iiin.'i, iih 1 li"v'' l|S»'-' " fnr>
I nth willi i'M'.-IIriu tf-Mill.'i.
Yniii'H Truly,
St.  .11,lm.
I Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd |
*                                       FERNin, B.C. f
'Rvewevt, or Extra Fino J|
Lnger Beer and Aerated
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a'Specialty. ;|
Os*,    '%rkt^%iWb'mW*ybr*^%r«l%%^
TJ'IsriD.-EJI?.  nST33W  A1.'.A.Kr^.a-3i-3Vi:H13SrT
amos tScvorn,' .    - -
{Proprietor ((
Well fiiriilslicil rooms. Tlm tulilc Is .supplied with the liest
the nnukiit aflnrils. The lm r is sunplicil wilh the bent wines,
lii-iuir.i anil cicur.s. •        !
<<\l^^/Sk»\^/mr^%/%/m^%imt>r\  %^%,9^%/%^%^'%/mmmt^S\%/*m
and   Home   Life
f,<    It    -tr    ,1    *t    1.    *    *l
Cmi lie cnjnyuil by tn'.* iii't     your     nuiiils    at
The RoyaB  Restaurant
In cimjiim-lir.il wilh the 'lt'iynl Il.it.'l. The lirst ini'i'1 '•'irveil lii I th«
city Tor **5 cciilr.. A lew nime ivuu: nr linunU'is ilesfieil. Your putronni**.
is   rcstierllully   Milii-ilnl,
AI.I, Wil ITH I IHI. I'     I'MI'I.OYi;!).
MRS. IVI. HOELifEL, Proprietress
Si.  Vitus il.uiiv, li iufl.it.ii-*:* niul I
. lh*K,        I'llll    llll'    S'1'-1'1'    i"!'1"^''11'      ,"
tw.iii.-n fiml j-rmvinn t,,i,'ls- v,m '''!**
R*t th'se pills Iniin uuy «l4-«lt'i' i"
iiuilU'in-, nr fv.Mii ih.- I)''* WIllinniH-
Mtiliiin.' Cn., lttiii-hvilli-, tmU »•- S»
uitts a \.o\, nl" i*ix Uixes (ul* •"•"..V.
A ttlilnw in ii Mass-.icliitsi-tti
. n * n
II.*   l-.'-i't!'
liiiti-.li   ill
vt.T*   I'i**".     i».»i»i**l i»t
ilnui !n iU- little wtuHtiy
v,li:.It  *ll>'   I»l-1      I--*"   iUillstnlllwl     to
v.i.r-liip-   Th- i.ivuu.in* wiii priKV.'il*
li .ill MiK'iiiii'v until the miuli il iln* pi.iiu--   "Who   ji'nvi
m<_ wi'.l
isttr rmil
1 tits v;i-linn X» \b't »k.iU Xt. U Uu
m!(«.?" Ainl i' v"'*'' owity lmi-U in Hi.i
r.ii^i-i'j-uiii'H r.-|«li..l. "1 e'li-rnlly
\\.riiii|H-j', "■ *• •*,"*i- -'-A- *'.»•■".
pi,-,„!..-a ..; th.- V«ii" Ui'" I.*""'"'
i-ijjiip.itiy, NiIm.ii, u'.ik ini.-ivii-wi'il
l:i<t Ill^Ilt. :i« th- KllHilre llntl'l. nm-
r.'iniiy ill.- I'llefl nf lhe i-'uil initi-i'"'
-4lri.;e nl VVruie upnit tli.- Uritislt Cnl*
lllDlljli.U   111 IIIM 1 li.->.      li.. *■"••
iitiu,*s it will s.itiiusly iiijuii' tin-
till.ile ol th.* Kmilin.iy, wheiv lhe
Muellers will li.ive id clus.' ilnwil.
The unl is iilri-mly in hij'.hl. The
l-Vmi.* niul Tuloi strikes will nuise »
■ h i-l,-."/' nf in.il in III* N'nrtJiwvsl n-ivl
Hritish Criliiiiitiin.
Til. vi'iitur .vplji.in.il th'.il ill.* '.lml -
till*,' iliiW'n nl ll*.-' Muellers wwiil<l W
(iillnwiil bv tli.; clnnitij,' ol th' iiu-tul*
Ilf*. runs niin-.-s yielilmj,' |in« nies niul
ill.. iiiilii'.irii-s wnnlil sutler miiirililij;*
ly. Wh.ll lie Ut Xb- Mt'I.tn .Mil
llu.ii' . tiiplnj'.'rs- s.-.-iti .1 n<-i n-.irvr
w in ill;,' t<» leiiiii, **lii«li Mill tv-j-n-l-
tiilile, fii i»nilnilily l.y Xbi; time t-otiu-
ni th.* Mil. lien h.i.l Mt.plHil wmlin.;;.
IIAIIY'S  (<()t)l)   DA VS."
Oil.* of Imiliy's j-nrwl ilnys nu'iint th.il
ynur ihild in lliiivin*; mul well.
Unity's <I\mi Tiihlets liriiiuii nil kihmI
d.i\n iuin ynur chihl's Iih1, Inr they
niiil;u littl*.i .Irs well, mul lie?p ili.'iu
will. Mrs, ,1ns. I'Viliiml, Si. Tile,
ties Ciiiis, tine., K'iy-i-""Siiiiv y.iv'my,
mv Iillle mi "llnliy's 'Jun Tnj*t.'ls she
Jl.is lei 11 ill splni'liil ll.'.lllll, is I'li'-A-
ilie pluiiip.-r eviiy il.iy uiul h.is l.v.ni-
I    A '*       'I I. '!'  ,' t    <■
.....I       ... .,. ...... * '*
uni*    illli;*i" \l> II     .nti.-,    ei It-tipitintl
simple fevi-l-,,    t-.-tJiin,*    ti.iiibli'Siinl
nil ih* miiinl  iiiliiuiils uf lit ll- i.ius,
'|ll,.y iln ll.lt lOlltllill nil.' P.llllllc nl'
ill-   poisnlintls    uphill's     I'lilliul   ill   ull
. 1*    ■ I     ...       I      V.,,ili.l
■" r,       	
prepiiratinns. 'Ih- T.il.l.ls fnii 1«
(livi-u     villi uli'.'iliit-:   s.idty in   Or
|,;ll,e      jllsl   Imill,      lis  well  lis   lu  til-
ihil.l of ii.K'niHvil yeiirs. Snhl l.y nil
iiii-ilit'iiie il-ul.-is nr s.111 by lunil ut
.., nnu. ,*i Iuiv l.e seriliii)! The Hi'.
WiIIuiiis' Mi■!» in-' *-'*•*. l'ln.Uii'e
NcImoii, B. C.
Smoke RoyaJ Seal Cigars.
L Atkinson,      - Fernie, B. C
Cmt.n. limns iCnn.ul.i) in Aiipnsl
wen* Sn,7J*.s,«r- '••'• SipteiuUi thy
nre Jl-}.3K71',J'. :x Airx-i-nw nl ?i,.tl7.-
sy.. 'fit- nli-i t.in.itimi*. nr.- in...ii-
siil.'iul.k, I.i.fili*. m ■lireftnr* nrr
Si.V-ii7"l». :*'> •i!'ili'l'*l  ■"■li:."'''' in  A"',','
Hit ii   UiSSKti
is stiii* to I ii n sin-cess if we supple
wm with tlu: tiunl. Nn ni.itti-i- tvhnt
w.iii ilii.iu* iiciy \i\ ynu iii.* i.iiii.' ni
y.iltiii^ jusl iiiiiii vnu u.iiil il' ymi
wiiii* to >s. It ymi fliniiM il.-i-Iil' mi
n Kiit l.isisl, ti 1 ,<•)', nl l.iuuli, ;i
io.inI nf snti.ry V.sil, nr n It mli-i ..iile-'
lii'inii.i Chlikili, let ni s.-ive ynu,
Oui pti..**. -.ti'i'i |il(l4.!,
P. Burns Sl Co., Fcrnlc
No Lengthy Argument
Ni'iTil]. lili.rel.v »i»fit flint «It(v*.Inv* from
.!»'• I liil«n.l t.i^lHily rn tin* Hi,!), ciikf
(,'illritnl..lii|itl nf bnn.ta nn.l Wnrlia fur iH.r-
nlitioo in |-«rf>.»* )l.» ftiltawltj* >U»>ril*-l
l*r.<t. t'omniH.i III* nt Ihr houlli Kn*>t rorlicr
nf In! ».r lh.in.-4 r'**t •*» I'h.ifn-. K.iurl, ,*>i
ifmtiK m-n m rlintn. nn.t tlum.'.. uortb ',t->
rli»lii»lu i«itnl of (i.uiii.<uifni#nt.
Aiiyuet ititlt liW -|l
Tin* J'.-rn/iil,. ilrfer I. iililiiil.-l
v> itli tin, CiiIi;iiis I i.em mi'l i'
■In. ..lily I'linl Mn.|i l.-iimii
■-I *..rv .....I n. i 'I. "■ >• ' •;>
III.*.' III.' IJIIK.I. I.'.i.'-I    i ..   ..'*l'l
6 about t>ooil printing
is iK'fossary; :i fjood
business man knows
thai a neat, tasty job
of l'riiitiiiK attracts
attention & inspires
confidence. That's
the kind wc execute
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bia by Invest!
ritish Co
J3uy a Few Lx)ts and lay the Foundation of a
Fortune. ° Purchasers of Hosmer Lots arc not
Speculating but making a
Prices   now range   from $110.00   up.
1. 5 per cent, off for full payment in cash
2. 1-3 down, 1-3 in G months, bal. in 12 months
3. 20 per cent, down and the balance in equal
monthly instalments, covering a period of
Ten Months
A>". Interest on unpaid purchase money and overdue interest will be charged at the rate of
8 per cent, per annum.
br-rnsfncoco mmK
■ •BBHmBaa-a'^^
EITBttmtRffilffiiZ'JiT&CfX B___g_a_KKi
Islr. Thos.   Citihau was a iv.cni. v,is
itor nt Ji.ilfiiy. , !
Mr,   0,   Ci.   Jewell   went   tn * Crnu- ■
lirnnk on  husiiiess 'Monday, j
Messrs,   Pearson   anil   Jewell    have '
rpiile   ii  uiintlx-r of men cii;.;a),'ed    in I
ihritij-inji dntvn  tlio  lu.st  drive nl  ties    ,
nn   Lessee   Sninl   creek.   Thev   expect, ;
il  tventhe-r conditions cniiliuiii!  favor- j
iil.li!,   niul   lhe  supply  nf  empty    cars
dues not inil, to     finish Iwnlinjr-   iu
iiuntJier eij'liL days.
Mrs, Kicliiird Ouaiiee had the misfortune, in severely spruin Iter ankle
i.n her way home from Sunday
school, As Mrs, (liiance is mt imiir-
in» worker mid takes a lively interest   in  all   pertiiiniii','  in  cliiii'ih    mid
W. R. IV_cDougalll -.
'' Tin-* Shoemaker1
Tin. miuiiiil   nieetinjr  of th.    Kuril iu-
I.ii ui .il      Association      wus  held    nv
*"      I" li     *"     "   I
Sunday sihor.l,     she will he jrrenlly    Stork's  Hull  M.otulay nielli,  mul 'his
missed  by,tlie  little ones  who ^alh.-r    lollowiilj;  ollicers weie elected  fnr 1 liy*
etich  Suinlity tn listen  to her    'tench- I ,-tpiiiin.r- vi*nr:
in„,      May  she  spevdily   n-R.iin    he. f    ^ ]ly^^ .,. A, Maclom.ld.
I'resid.iil, C.  1'.  11 i}-.-.*'. lis.
First Vice-I'risiileiil, 0. X.  Moss,
(inil-.:  mi     iiijoyulilc  uvi-nin--    was j    Second  Vicel'ivsid.-nt,  .1.  l„ Hates,
spent  ul  tli* hi nie of Mr,   nud   Mrs. ',     Sec-'l'ivcs ,  l,%. .1.  Watson.
Henry   I'cuisnii  last  Kriduy,    diincine. i     pixuciuivi*  OiniiiiiiLli!1*.*—!■'.   C.   I.uwe,
lu-in/  iiidiilKid  in,     uii-1  an cu.-lleiil. '].*r,,| .Su,,-]-, j.  I Imm*)-, 0.   lTichards,
usual activity is the sincere wish   i
the intire i-mim.unity.
..ipuctor of iniiies, report,1" that n
Frank Smith, chiel ji-overnineiil in-
spile of ..the lnhnr troubles in some
nf the Alherfii times, the outpiii this
year will he in excess of 1,95(1,0011
tons. I.ast year the output was i,-
1.1111,11110.   The  towns iilui.r  lit.* Crow's
Nesl,  pnrtieiiluily  Coleman,  are pro-
dltciuj; Vet')  well.
Tiik.i notice thai 311 days alter date
we. int.ml 10 apply to tlu Chiel Cnin-
iiiissiim-u- ni' I«nlitis alld Works for 11
special li.i use in nu mid curry nwny
liiu'.u- from th,- loliowiiij,; descrilicil
1 f 1 H«l"* *
CiilU'.llelliillt; til il post, pllllllrd III
til,- Jl;il lliwesl. inillet' ol lol ,V'3, ill
Ki.sl Knoluiiiy, ili.-ncti west So chains
ill Hi"   '...llth   ''tt illailH,   tll.llce  i-.l'-t -So
ili.iin*, th.nei'^ortli So ih litis, iiloiijr
ihe w.*M liniiiidiiry nl lot Al In |ilucu
n:' iniunu'lii'i'liiiiii.
Mr    ('i-in',i*   C.-nt.-i   was   tin-   vinim,, i l-'mi  Sii-.le Ilr. wiiij. Co., Limited, ,'.i|i   .jon^* "jp*(-.,\v .,*, .._  \   "i|eI)Kl,-,M()Tt'
h.ippili.d ;H  ill: Jewell  l.uiulier Co.'s j 1.. ih*  1S1.I1     day ..[  II-ci'iul.er,  Wi, ,       Mu**im*i', II. C, (lcl,   I'ylh,   I'l'ifi.
mill 1.11  I'ndiy.   Mr. C.ntrr hns l.eeii 1 |„|-  all  tniiii.li ->. in  tvmk  ii'ipiiivil  i.e.    „.__. _ —
1          1   I        ,|            ,.,.     ,,       ',■    ,1.               1,1,         .   . 1 :   11        . f      „    .min il'iti'    Vii-.' • I                             '.'Mli'l'l'    v'p'I'K'l"
■ "*.'■".-     *    * , ■   • , ■ _ . j   1    -    -
iniitv   ..(  ■ ,i\<-v.-'' t<>'.-    ..iU"  I'm.'    '.mil :.,ii.n(     I'.v.'H' rv,    tilth   '.1   .apiicili'   it.
it   was  tthih-   -jnlii;-   nl'mt   his  dull.-*-
ill;, to u* uiini'ii.scd ni l.t ich and irnn,,
willi   1.111.in    K-uiiiliilinn   mi'l   moiu
repast lieing seivrd, priivi-d Mr*.,
I'unsi.n in lie 1101 niilv nn niui.i'lile
hnsless, hilt otli: who uillhl see to th.*
iniiil'nrl ol her quests as well. Oni l a-
11 iniuilier ol quests lii.ik iidvaiila*;i*
ol Mis, I'i-.iimiu's Imspitaliiv, and:
1 it- mid all vi.ti.'! a caid "I ih.iuks
In ill* ll.*>t Illi'l hostess lor 11 lilnl* *i
i ui'lily i-iiji.yal.le ev. um^'. j
A   i-e»i-eiuilili!   iiiciditu,    ol    tthiili- j    T.nd.r.-i
W.   W.   Thompson,   W,   Cmnptiell, U
Ci-.iilth.iivli,   Y„   Kiiiutiier,   Lnclilmri, '
.1.    l'lKlliicl.iiicil.,  J,  Aielln,    J.    Mc-
l.enn,   I-'     MiDoltald,    Steve  Wiill.u'i-
iniil  li. Kerr.
V. II     lie    received   I.V   the
tll:il   til;  iil-lidiir.  neillllid  whiih  insl
him  lit'  loss oi  1 lie  ind'V  lnijjer    nl
his left hand.   He linre th.*.   pain . ad. | triiiiitiJi.js.
. I.     I     ... 1 1.1   .       > I... ■     11    11   .V     '      ',1      1   ..
....   I    .1
,1    1-    !,.   I     11 .' ,'
, ,   1 I iU-*.     I.U'   '
lout   in.. 00  liii.-l'.-ls  tier  venr,   liiiil'r* , ,     .     ,,     ,.,    , ,.  .,
■   ' '      • \v- niii ml in apply in th.- Unci ti.iii-
n'linir. iimi  ni      his  |.-llow  isoil.uivii, j -..,1 j j v   aicpt.-d.   I'lmis   and   spicilica-
willi wh.,111 In* was a imivi-rs.il l.ivni- ;
ile,     und ih.-v.. \tnid     ic him ih-ir
ile.'pi'M   stuipalht       in   his  ntlli. Un-f,
\iilh liest  tiislt.-s fm   a  sp..dv i.-mv
Vi.'.).. I'.iiiu*,, ol Tiail, uli.. n-f.r.- 1
s,llllll Ulilisli Cnlllliilii.l at 111. .11
pn-lili: lii-l«.- i.f til.: KliijllH*. ol IMh-
iii-. Iu*l«l i.t New Orhaiis, ins i*l.<t..l
• iipr.iiii.- iit.isi.-i-ai-arms. He i> th-'
)ii*,l iii.in 'i. in liv j.i-nvin..* t.« ■•-
..■■I-.   ,11 ..//..-■ in id* <-iipr.**iT I.'.!;'► ,
Try  V    llmiis \*   l'u.   for .Macl.i-f.'l,
Cixllisli Inil.*. .iiul 11.11 inj;.
lit.11. ..ill l.e *>• 11 < II appliiatinn ut
ih.- I'niupuliy's .illu-a. AH tilld-l-.
mu t he iin.iiiipiiiiieil .Uy -.1 marked
1 he.,iir Inr 5 pir uill. 11! ill- 1111101111'
1 *f ih* hid.
I'.il'il  at   l-'.iuii*.  lliilidl  C..I11111I11.1,
Ills   -';1J|   ll.'IV   lit   Illl.ll*.*!-,    IHll'i.
Al.lll'in'  Mil'TZ,
.KlIIX ll. SMI 'HI.
in**. '1,11 r .«( J,'lid-, .did Unit's fur :i
».-iici,il Iii.u..,' in uu aiid i.myuw.iy
llinhii limn ih- inllii'.tiu;! descrihed
Ol.llllll. 11.111;'. 11! .1. po.d plalltcil ut
•li,' huiiilnti-'.i niin.:r nf lo. ."-(."i,
lli-iii"' tv-'.i So ih.iius, lli'ine imnli
U> 1 li.i:u*, thn..* im:.'. •'!*> ih,tills,
Mieii.'-i ..outli >'..• .hains to pliKe nl
i*. mm, n. ic lit,
Hi«.li.. 1,   ii.  C,  UU.   I'Jlll,   I'.i)''*.
Don't forget our Celebrated Griffin Brand
Sugar Cured Hams and, Breakfast Bacon arrives
weekly.    Try some and be convinced  that it  is thc
Best on tlio markot._-_3xi^
Pay Cash and Keep Debt in Ibe Background.
Lot     iJ5'-3,  South     Must   Xooti't.uy, higinMitij;,   cniilniiiiiifj fuju  uercs,  uud
.simill mid iidjiH'etil ln Veter lln|r-
I'tirt's cliiiui, nml ensl nnd ndjiiceiit
in    Si.iiinn    Iir.'-ni n's ■ iluini,      Uiiled
All]!,  2",   hjllfl.
IC.  J. VKI.TIKII,  Tiocutor,
A. IIACKICTT, Ajjiait.
Dnlfitl Sept. .(.,  lynf). 1
cotniuciieiii|j* ut u post i,lniiv;d on it
soutli ensl coiner, lieiti}.; the initiul
jinsl ni ,1. It. MeOuire, iitiil (ilmitl
two miles south of the Kin I head river, hnd enst mul ndjiiceiit to CliurleR
Waldo's claim, und soulh iv.'id iidjuc-
iDl tn C, W. McDni'iiiitu'.s claims,
which, lire [oiir Niirvevwl clalius thai
McDnrman holds. Sn ih.iius tnni.li
Iruiii the,, initiul post, west Ko chuins,
south Mn chuins, enst Se chains to the
pi 11 fu of lik^iiiuiitiij, eo-iCii/iuiu;' li.'n
acres.   Dnled Auj;. *■;,  l'':i'>*
.1,   I,   McC'.IMUK,   Locator.
A.  IIACICUTT, Ajjeiil.
Hiitcd Si|>t, it', lyuCi.
Couiiiienciiijr at u post planted 011
tho .soutliwist iniiu-v ni 1'itu Ilaj;-
part's claim, tin ncc umtii Vn ih.iiin,
east So 1 hains, south So chain., ilunc*.
west Sn rh,litis In Ihe place ol I •>-
jliuuili);, 1 nir. a in iile, (.-In a.-vi, ainl
ciHt. and ndjiiceiit   In .1.   I..  M.-'Vii.e
Iliitwl  Ant**.  *37th,   I'jofi,
I'l'.lr.K   i|,ilii..i.i 1,   I,'.1,111.1.
A.   JJACKJ'TJ',   A„ nl
Dated Sept.  Ji.,  1 «>f>/».
tlAWTl.KTT HIII'SH, Innmrlv the
Cl.nk, ih.- U-.t Si 11 dav 1in»"I m
N". I'.i.n llnlv itliil.' Iii'l(i I'lnplinyrd.
X'..  VV.   Ji.\U'n(KT'i',   ]>i«i|iiii-liil*
TIIIUTV .l.its uli-r iln.' mv inlcinl
in apply 1" ill- Assjslaiil I «.iuinis-
sion.T anl ll.-puty Cntiiuii»".',oii*r nl
r.atuli and tVoih.i, t.' tli.' l'rnvinr** nf
lliil-sh    I'nliiiiil.i.i,   fnr  n  li.'.-ni.*    to
plllipvCl   tl.l'   Il.ill   ;il|.|   pel » il •U'.ll     OM
t'niiiinmcini; at   a post  pluliled   oil
tko    nortii     east  corner     nf  Siinoit
t. .        ,.'       1   :         1    -..      .1,     -..:.:, 1 ,      .
*' ■ *V "  * ' r     '■     '
o! Siuinn Drajim's claiiii, sniiih mul
ailjacml tn ,1. I.." Mct>niie's ilnim.
tlience. south ■*'« chains, th.ii.e west
J-.0 ihains, lli.'iii'-.' nonli i'-» ili.-ins.
iheliit. cast -Sn ihailis to pine,- of le-
1,'inriiii*;. contriMi'n-; t,]n inr.-i. I'nn.l:
AiijjUHl JJth,  i'ii>;>
SIMOV  niJAt'.MV.  I.iuatiir.
A.  JIACKlC'l'T,  Ajjmt,
Dnteil Si|U   *"'-, uinfi.
Commeiiciiii; ui 11 post planl'ed na
the soulh east, enrner, heiti'.; iJi. initial post* nf W. IJ. Hill's .nlaiiit,
tlience noil It .**'o chiiins, ihiiice west
Hn chiiins, iheiice sniilh So clitiini;,
'.It.lice citsi He chains in lite pljii'n nl
1i!^'linin;,', ciintiiiiiiii-- (..pi iu-i'i»s,
sniiih ami inliii'.'et'.i in Siimiii Di'ii-;-
(H's i'lnim,   D.iieil Aii|f. 9", liinfi*.
V.'.  1),   IIIU,,    lanMitnr.
A.    lIACItl'lTT,   Ay.i-ut.
Dated Sept. ?'.,  njo'i.
Cnllilit.-n ill/ ;it a ;i"'*t liliillt.-d nil
lite nnrlli tu*.| mill**'. U in;: tli.* initio'   IIOSl    111   I*!.    .1.    P'.IlilT'.S     lllllill.
tli.ncc ••until .Vo ili.iin:., tin 11'*«* inst
fo (Inins, ili-iue nnrlli !**■> ihains,
III-lie,:  Wist      Ho i.Ii.iiih  til  phue    nt
CoiuuieiiciU'i nt ,1 |insl |ilanted on
the Miuth tvisl uv.-iu-r, U'iu.r tlu* in<
iliul    pnsl    nt   P.   Hnov.r's     elilii.i,
III   ll"|i    llnvMi    S'O    llllill'       tit. (I.n      i*.|.-T
So ichaiiis. ih.'iici. south So ilia'.ns,
thence west. So chains tn the place nf
l,i>jiniiiuj', cniilainin^ (>.pi acres, eetsi
nud adjacent, m W,-' 1),  Hill's claim,
Dated' Aii^,  271)1,  l'jin'i.
11    lTUtlVJ'T*     X i.e:it'.*r
A.  lIACKI<:'l"t', A(;.itl,
Dated Sept. Cf,  tunfi,
^ .»«— -,.,..,,,^.^.M.W   ,11 ..,f
CnlllliMli,'|-i; Ut n po-,| planted nil
tli.' lmrtli tv.-.'.t i nt ner, Ir-iinj,' the tn-
ilial    jmit   nl    l'aul (Vaistnn's claim,
111. Ill" •    Mltllll    *-0    llljlllls,    tll.lll'C       I'ilS'i
fn ih.iitis, tli.ttii* linltll No chain-',,
ill tl..: we'-t Ko ill.till*, In place ot lie-
;;inniti*^, nun a in ir,'^ /.,}« acres, and
south aad ..'Jj.inni in II. I,, lll.ul.-
ston*'*; claim, .ind east and adj.u-*.-ut
'i> VV. A Kii'i-i' claim, Dated An-;.
'.'!!,  Vint,.
PATH,   C.ASTOV,  :.(Katnr.
A. llAOKKTT, Ap*»f.
Daleil K.'pt, ".'ii,  innfi.
& Shoe
mMttt.mmrUmmli'mSMmi *l.'Un»H._iMk*lI_l'*«_l_U_U tmmm
Men, koop your foot cool niul com-
fortablo in a pair of onr Oxfortta,
thoy fcolJust rij-rlit on tho Coot anil
we know thoy ^vill look jyoo.1 to you
it' you stop iu ami lot m« show you,
Tan, White, Black aiul Patent at
Beasonahle prices.
Vacation Necessities
Wc are ofleriiitf you an extra i|ti.tlily Suit
Case made of Kestol, 24 in. lonjij- ;ind lias two
si raps and good brass trimmin^.s and lock', solid
leather corners, secured wilh copper rivcls.
A Trunk made over a strong wooden frame
with iron bottom covered with 5 oz. canvas well
painted and fitted with two heavy straps and
iron trimmings stitched k-alhor handles al
Special Prices
AccordSons,  IJawJos, Onit.?!'*',  Pfeoo.os, g
Mandolins,  Autoharps,  Flutes,   Jews'
Harps, Mouth Organs, Violins, Whistles
and all accessories Tor above   instruments.   Thoso are all now tfoods just
opened.   Por variety, quality and val- g
ne  they  cannot  be   excelled  in  tlio
The Palace Drug Store
H. r* McB-eafB, Mgftr.


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