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The Fernie Ledger 1906-10-10

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 y^lS^   ^^\hY\
Prow   I.ibrarv
Vol II, Number io.
Price $2   a year in Advance
Did Not Withhold   Any
. Information.
Nelson . Daily News.   .
Fernie, Oct. 8,—F. H. Slurman,
district president, V. M. W. of A.,
makes llu* following-, statement in reference to" alleged withholding hy him
of important information from ' Nat-
'-* iin.il Pres.iil-.ill Mitclull and tha-Coal
" 'Creek miners:
' I desire ,to flatly contradict the
ass?rtion ■ that' I withheld important
..nswere-.l no,' localise I had hover re-
or President Mitclull.' At llu con-
ferenre \\hidi took, place on Octolwr
4th, Mr. I.indsey read what purport-
t*d to^ I e minutes of a conversation
wliieli took place during llu lugolia-
ttons leadinj; np to tlu'.agreement. I
was asked .if I had sent tliose min
utes to President Mitchell and given
th in to the Coal Creek miners.        1
■ information from Coal Creek jniiurs
eeived the iniiiutes referred to, nor
had nny of the conference committee.
,We only received the first three days'
minutes. Wh.-n we asked for others
they were never ready. None of' th.:
records referred to are- verbatim; the
stenographer was unable to keep up*
xyith th; conversation, -and it is well
known now that I.indsev revised them
S ' .
to suit himself.* _ desire to point out
that Coal .Creek ■miners' did not strike
because  non-union  men were  employed yt tlu mines.   Our members   luivu
continued     to work  with   non-union
mm al Coal-Creek right _ along, • preferring to exercise persuasion ' rather
than   - force, but when Manager I<iud-
sev allowed a new clause to be written  in our agreement  " and, check-off
book and,.men were allowed to withdraw* from the agreement awl checkoff,   and  wlun  twenty-eight  men  had
don;    so, '    we   protested    vigorously
Ijndsjy finally took the position that
the  men  who  withdrew  their  signal-
, tares were  legally right in so doing,
' iiml his, company proposed to protect
llum.   The  Coal, Creek'men gave him
th. op| orlunity    ro   work   non-union
nun,  but tlu tu.ii;ui>icn men speedily
l,ecame union  nu-n,  and tlu   attempt
to  start  the  miius  failed.      J.indssy
—iook~t h~ lTJKi tiTTn—i hatr-si l- h is   cm"
.-'p'loyee.s could  withdraw, their    ■signatures from tlu contract, but when    1
nfieral to do so.-lu Hun said:   "No,
'  I  will  hold  tlu  orgiini/.atioii  responsible for.this contract because I had
Miiii.it it «*n. behalf of the IT. 1.1. W, of
' ,.\/'.   At  llu final conclusion    of    tlu
negotiations,   when   tlu   contract' was
nbout   to  l,en signed,  we  slated  that
we desired    to make every individual
workman     responsible  .by obtaining
liis signature  lo .the  a-grcjemcni    and
duck-off.   Mr.  I.indsey quite    agreed,
nnd, ns a lawyer, • mubrtook to draw
up a clause thnt would bind tlie men
during the life of tlu n'gfeemi'iit. How
do your readers inU'rpret t1u*so words,
which are I.imlsey's own:   "Wc,    ilia
unid.-rsigi.ed employees of your   com-*
pany,  ench  ior himself  executes'    the
foregoing, nnuoxwl  cr.ntiact,"   Would
not    nny ordinary     workiiitui understands this io menu thai he endorsed
,tlw contract     which  eomni-iK'od    on
Jiiiw 1st, IW,   (i»<l   term inn ind    on
March    rust,    1907.   ; W«*    certainly
thought  so,   nnd  nam  contomplnled
ihut nny man would 'lie allowed    to
withdraw while ho continued to work
for th; Crow's Nest* Puss Coul Company.   Uml Manager Lindsey   agreed
Inst month that tha men   wlio   had
signwl would nol lm allowed lo withdraw until March a.hi, Wi." they
continued *lo work for his compnny,,
niir im-tul'crs (it Coal Creek mid Michel would still have continued \o work
willi non-union nun mull March'.vst,
,tjn7.   No, tlu faet In Manager Und-
si'.y 1 nought U. saw nn opportunity
to weaken our union nml get <''"' 1)M>"
plu at Ills mercy luxt spring, nnd so
Ins nble to reduce, our wages nnd   itit-
poss more oturotis ci.iidil.oit-i of cm-
jiloviiuiit upon onr pcopli*.
"Tills is a li«lu -r*>*'m* "I*"1' us an"'
in a.U-protccHoi-* we 11 ru forci-d to accept the tilliuUloii ns siuh.
"Wore we Ruling with n milling rn-
gliui-r as gi-Jurnl malinger iii'iti'tul of
11 lawyer, tin trouble would lmve ru-
sit1ic<r iu .llm Crow's Nest Puss.
"I iippri'i'ialo vnry inm-Ii tlie kind
H.ntliiHHiH expressed townuls mu In
vour ixlituriiils, and kg t«» w»y '•■•ll
imr peoplu will diH-lifligo men when
vour |«i.er n'-pluwl-i mv, ln-'ciuisc
wlun tlmt Ituppeiis, I slinli liu, false
tu th< class to wlili'lt I UUmg."
thousands of dollars and lots.of hard
feelings. , ,      „     .   ."■.,
The inin.irs could-, he .earning their
wages, the company could be earning
tk.ir profits, the trades people could
be going; cn.with tluir .business, and
tlu smelters, the mines and thc rail-
toads would not be" disturbed while
tho differences of employer and employee could be worked out before- a
board ol arbitration, * the cost Of
which would lx a mere trille compared to <h_ loss that is entailed by tlw
necessity of .a strike. The effect of
the -present strike is, so widespread
tkat a lively interest in tlu arbitration slibject will be aroused,, and that
will cause action to he.taken lo'-
bring uboul legislation lo this   most
desirable end.
 o       —     - '■
,     '   FATAT, ACCIDlvN'T.
The Present Trouble Brewing for some ' tiiherrMiners
Forced to Strike—Unfair Treatment
nisleading Statements sent Broadcast Exonerating the Company and
Laying the Blame on the U. IT. W. of A.—The Agreement
Clause is Shown up in its True Light.
Tlw Mcsna of Silt-cr-M-it TJut
Will Mkely be Resorted to in
tiie end-Compulsory Arbitration should be Bnactcd.
Th.t Rcttleiiu-.it thnt is lo I* nrrtv'
nl ut .n'twei-n llie Coal Compiiiiy mid
;h.* Mltt.T»* I'lilnn wiil, in nil probability, U> lho rt'*.ult ul i-i'iita kind ni
\Vliv xhould il not W xx\a.Ae ' turn-
ptiUory nr'i.ilralion Uf<»rc any dain-
aj;--*,li>'wnK-5-faiiu-r'<, wnp.-pa)t*r« or
...directly interextud \*n>\A* xm.rally
h;«H  ,H*«n MiHtrnneii.'
U rompnlsory nrl.itrotlon 1..1.1   tlu*
I,ast l'"riday a fatal shooting accident occurred  n-.-ar  JMiclul.
Your miners had slarlud out for a
hunt up the (]i;ik ri%;cr, and wlun
about-, a mile above the'river bridge
which spans ths 151k above'.'llu mouth
of "Michel creek, the men started to
cross the stream on a raft. Three of
ilu nun, .1. Giigcr, Wm. Druiio and
Verclit j*ot on the raft safely, but the
fourth man, J. Jareno, a Hungarian,
while atlcniplirig to jjel on with tlu
two guns which he was carrying-,
slipped, and falling forwaul an the
raft, oiu of tlu guns, a shotgun, was
discharged, !7u charge of sihoTpassing.
'upward along his abdomen and 'breast
biti'tiliig' the flesh and skin in its
course and passing into his lu.ixl from
beiii.alh the-eliin,-passing up through
his brain, causing, instant death. Cor-
on.-r llleasdell was .telegraphed for,
luil found il unnecessary to hold an
iii'ipi'est..       , ■ ■•' ■
Mr. 'Jareiio was a/bout 25 years , of:
age, and leaves a young widow and'
two small children....
V. II. iAii.-h was . in tlu city Kun-.
.day. ^ —^-	
.lames Tila'dison was in town from
Jlicliel; Ire also loft for tlu Coast. '
. -WissAliuni-! Pa'iner arrivul home
last week looking letter for h.-r trip.
' Win, McKay wiis elected .to the 'position of barieudei of C. ,C. I.. A. A.
by acclamation.
Mr. V. C. I.owo and Mr. • .'atniore
are, away on a still hunt up the Elk
for big game.,
Paydays arc getting popular at
Coal Creek. Kv.ry day will bo payday bye-and-bye.
Mr, Geo. O'llrieii nnd Mr. Win. Alexander were in town yesterday enjoying thoir holiday*,.
,*Mr. W. II, Moore left last l-'ridny
for N'elson, H, C, to represent' the
Socialist party of Fernief
0, A, Robertson, presidinl, uud V.
11, .,ylK'l», .secretary, of the bilk T.11111-
ber Coiupiiuy, are in th.> eity today,
iiri-«.„\V. W. Hrown, son and dnu'gilit-
er, arrivud Insl Friday in 1'Vrtiie, and
W. W. is eating a sis-nu-ro meal once
Win, McKngnn, t.eorgu Pounder and
David .lohn, nil of Coal Creek, left
over llio tirinI N'orthern for Seattle
imd,Const cities. We tdinll miss ih.111
Mr, Mtiitley, long coinuclid with
tliv: ui.-imc!ing ik-purtitiiut of tlu
Conl Company, lenvcs I'Vriiiii !n 11
few days to nside ]K*i'inniieiilly in Se-
«UU*. Mr. nml Mm. Mnnley l.-nw
many frlinds in our cily who will
wiih llum well iu iluir/imw .mint*.
Mr,s Ifiiitglilon hua l*Mi.viKitiiy old
liliiitls" nud iiivptiillUiiiices in low 11
diiriiitf tlu wei'k,' Site Ik on lier vuy
Imek from ,1 H'i|» to the rust to join
lur liiisliiHiI nt Sew Westminster,
wliwiM lu Iuin Ik-i-ii siiuo lenvin« tlu
piiNloriitf of Christ rltiin-li li.-ri; in
Word has just been roivivid lure of
tlu death ul .Iiiih. Iliiilinitaii at (irwn-
wood, II, C, IiinI l'-fiday. 1'iirliiiilnrs
uro iiiil to Imn*!, 1'lily in Niiy llml It'.*
witn killeil i» tin- Niiii'lli-r nl tlmt
pincc.   Mr, Ituiliiiiiaii hud Iktii in tlu
•U.H   l»il   w.ll   -•' ,««••»>,   I'li.nnii     Iniiii
Piiillilll,  (".nt       Hi'  mid bb, 1 n.l.ur
Dan left l'l-ritli! about two weeks ago.
V. lv. Ktnniisi* 11, a milliiiuait'! itiitii-
uliii'tiirer, of Minneapolis, niul who
in* luavilv inti-ri-sieil in tlu Klk U'»»-
IrfT Co,, 1 lm TiiInii* iiiiii.s, nud th.il.w iic.|iiisiti(iii of «»al luiuli «» ll'1'
Kiiigsloii .river, Is in th'' city with
Mr. 0. A. WiilwrlMiii nxxA V. II.
l.ytuli. Tin* otli.-i- geiilletn-'ii nro
pnsiil.lit iinTl Hi-cieUiry of tliew <<»i»*
I.nst Vriilny nfti-nu-ou Ilr. rtotm-ll
re.-eiivil 11 leli'uriiin containing ihe
mul n-WH tint lii* llitK' ili»«ul«t*-*r
Conitaniv. ni>w with h-r nirillur in
S«. Hti*|il»-'ni, N- IV, wm nuili-rin**
from n -lui*>,,.^**i*'* alUwik of dipliiliorin
nnd he tit nw.- Mnrud miist «.n llw
cnitlotinil 0, V. rl e^iin-sfl. KvoTy-
bn.lv in nn-ioiulv wnitiflff for    tirWM
Tlu-re iias bent so much misleading
ciienlar work .done and so much that
is'misleading has besn set u!lc->t
tlirough tha press regarding ilia* cu-s-'
es wli-ich have led up to the »u-pi'iision
of work by the miueis of tins i!is
trict, that tlu I.edger finds ih.it m.inv
people, even in Feinie, have iie.-n 'cd
to believe that thing.s are ;-,: Mi*.* ;.,r-
tract lietween the Coal Co npany and'
the miners that are not 11'iere, ; r...l
from such iiiisunderstanding '.\-:r*'g
conclusions  have  been  arrived- ai .
Tlu Ledger deems it iue. i;.i:v lo
reproduce seine of the circul.ir s'.i'le-
ineiits of both side-s to 'he -*'ir.'c.-
versy, in oider that a char' r.nder-
.slaiuliug of the situation uny h*_ ob*
taineil.   , .    .
Friction between tlu miners anl the
management "as to tlu terms 01 lho
contract under whiih tlu mines t;i\c
leen operated since May, 1905, . l:..s
from time to time arisen. AL *.ui*
time the miners ipiit work for l>»o
days, protesting that wages asa!;i":*ii
upon were not paid certain in-yi.,. lit
company hud nol heeded the ivpust
that the schedule should be r.ibntd
lo, and-work stopped until the inan-
agein_.tit. complied, with llu i'i*u:it
thai* the ; agreenieiit be adlured to,
and work was resumed.   0
Tlu trouble over tlu McGinty moving was also arranged to llu. satisfaction of tlu nun after strong protests had been madj.'
I/as I -spring  tlu    miners  discovered
Give tlu pu!)lie all tlu* reports u ol
ihose cnnversatioiis, Mr'. I.indsey, 01
ni.ne, if you want tluin to' have an
i.nprejiulired vil*w 01  tluo whide  mVit-
ter.  '
1 , •
Hvery conlraet or agreement, when
itylucid . to writing, is tlu embodi-
lii-ui of tlu conclusions arrived al
Irom conversations or written communications, and iioliodv knows better than Mr. I.indsey that, to 1;. of
'.-.ny value as hearing,upon a contract
.arrived at, ail of those conversations
or communications must be cc.nswler-
ed, and if there'is a conflict, or even
an ambiguity arising ' front these
preliminaries, tlu contract itself will
lie held as embodying tlu real meaning of tlu parties.
Uy not producing all that took
place before an agreement has been
arrived nl, nun may, have prejudiced
theii- own cases, and courts have held
th.it tlu contract or agreement sliould
stand on its own fooling as the result of all preliminaries leading up
to' its adoption. ,
Lawyers and courts have said times
innumerable that wh-.n there are mis-
und.rslandiiigs as to what" took place
before a contract' has .been signed, thc
ci ntrael itself must l-.e taken as the
proper  iulcrprolalir.11.   *.
Mr. J.ind.sey Ins not strengtlun.-d
his cas. liy resorting to such tactics
in ord.'r' to muddle people as to what
is. in thai contract.
Publish all tlu conversations, or
non? of tlunil Hy so do!og, Mr.
Lindsey will  l.e entitled .to credit  for
Iiw of ll.e laud, thin trmil-..*   would  U   how   „lu   In U-*,,lin«   a,<,,,»t*   a,,<-
luvt Utn avoidt-*!, «viuf all pwtitt hoping ihu sb- may ix*f.*v..r...
That thi* inanagemiliL were allowing
inch wlio' bad sigiud tlu* contract to
have .'tlu union dues deducted from
their wages,'were allowing these men
to draw tluir pay without dsmanding
tlicse dues,* and' from this springs the
present..iroulilc.   ,.. .    „   .. .".- ....
The iigreeineJit between the Coal
Company and lhe United Miiu Workers iof America, signed on behalf of
tlu Company by Cl, (■. S. Lindsey,
gciural manager, and U. (V. Drinniin,
general suiierintcndciit, and on behalf
of tlu V. M. W. of A, by F- II. Sherman 1 president, and Peter Patterson,
J, Severn, .lohn S, T.awrciison and
Thomas Piggs, do.*s not contain any
clause or part of n clause prohibilitig
the discriminating against mm-uniou
Tlte Ledger'linds Unit lots of people
have arrived at the coiu.lti.sion that
such a clause doss exist in that contract, nud have, from that erroneous
eoitclusic.Ji, arrived nt through thu
con.tisi'.ui caused by llu circular Hood,
concluded that the,men, by (kr.iund-
iltg, Unit tlu clause iui-erted iiumedi-
alnly niter thc conlraet in the agreo-
tueiit sliould be udlured lo by
the Coiupnir-,' and tlu ineti who signed il till tliu end of tlu contract, had
violated some  term , iti  tlu coiurnct
This is entirely erroiuons, The
cheek-oli (.■I1111.su is embodied iu the
contract, and there 's nothing else
in it to I'l-uili'l. willi Ihnl cliiiiHi*.
Tlu miiurs Insist tipi-ii ihe discriin-
iii.tling *.liiti,-4e thai U:iil been in llie
forin.'i* iigicL'tiMit, and whli-li is still
'n ,lhu Cole.,.an iigiveiiiinl, Iw.'iiig left
out of' llu mw agreement, and it wns
left out.
Mr. J.iltil.sey'.s sp-.-1'ttu-uliir stiitetiuut
in li/'s lir.st ciii-ulnr leltur, lluit the
I'liid.i Iuul violated 11 soleiiiit utider-
tnkin,f with ih.' Compnny is not ll\.ised
oil what is. ill the coll tract, siyii,'d,sealed and delivered, but upon lh*> partially reportiid sliiU>uii.'iil-i ina'lc lu
lotiversiitii'ii 1 whiih Kd up to the
iij-ri'ciiu-iil, .Vow, let us tnku a look
at that verbatim report as set furl li
in his linnlnr, aii-1 wltilit do'ng sn,
bear in miilil lhat llu repot 1 is 'tin-
work of hi.* own clerks nr i.tuingr.ipli-
i'1's, mul iilsn th.il lie li.in imi laviiii-d
.this public willi nil or any 1 (insider-
able    purl   ol     it,     He (pmtes por*
I'm;    iif   'i    i'ril|i*i.|.*n( Imi   Ii   1*1   1 . I »•     '\
liims-.'lf, Hli.-viiiim. -Ii'ii.'i, Pniicrsi.u
mid others, nud iheti boldly nss.-rls
'tlmt (Inir iiilioii i-i.iutitiili's a vinlu-
timi of 11 solciuii uiidi-rtiikiiig, when
not 11 liiu-of what lu has ipioled is
i*iii1*i«lii*il in th- nil'inn iiin1.*r|.|i,-iii'f
ill llu iigiviiiiilil as (in illy sij.'ii.-il by
nil pnrtit-i.
'litis culling of n Miinll pnrt of n
upiirli'il «onvvrsi|ti(iii n snUiim obligation, has UmI niiiliy |n*opIe In le*
lii'M- iliul the I'nit.-il Min.* Winkers
01 Aiiu-l'H.i. h.ivi- vinliiUd 11 uiKiai'-.
Doti Mr. I.tiiiHcv i*x|Mi-t ihe publii
to u-IU-vv thut llu uiin-r*. have btnl
111 a (iiitlruri wInn li.- ipio'ii-.i, a small
poitii.u ol ii, lonj; -vrii-N nl ti,rn,,r.>.,j-
tioiis mImiIi Ud up to tlu Iiiml adnp
liim of tli.- ngiiiiiuni ns it now
t-tiiluls. nnd whiih do.'* not cniitnin 11
•iln^le lin.- or wmd nt thnt imguunt
'(A 11 «-(tiivi*rsnUi»t> *..lif.1i In* i|iii»trs in
ii  pjioliiliiiicil di"liljy cidhilinii   nf
TrfTf^iIa-iy, -ind-riie~;Teoplc~viriTl know
more al.-jut jusl what did lake ]ilace
during., thoSa! day?, of discussion which'
culnilnit'vil.iu tlu signing of an agree-
ni'.ni. which allows the Union nun to
discriminate* against lull-union' men,
slid MlTclf also contains a clause
which reriuires the-..Coinpany'lo keep
out union due:- from the wages of all
uieii who.sigiud thai agreement.
It is a (lilUcult thing to tell half*
the' truth iu such a mutuur that a'
duo, at least, to llu other half cannot' l.e foiin:!.
Tlu conversation, or portion of
conversation, cited by Mr. Lindsey in
his first circular when taken by itself,
shows tliat.Slii'i-inan and .Indusi agreed
tint tluy would not lake advantage
01 llu absence of tlu non-discrimination clause !,o call out th.* 1111*11 011
strike on account, of the presence of
non-union nun, but the presence of
the check-oil I'latiw presupposes that
Mr. Lindsay, in consideration of that
promise on "-lie pni'i of (bnne men,
piiwnised to s.'C that that check-oil
clausi!  wns  enforced,
That is tlu claim of tlu uuiou men,
i.iul" pnitii.ns of llu conversation,
even llml which Mr. Lindsey reports,
indiciitos  tlmt thai subject had   been
sum, or sinus, for dues, assessments,
fin.'S and initiation fees as may " be
designated to llu company in writing from time to time by lho law-
iul au.liori/ed ollicers of llu United
Miiu' Workers of America, and to pay
over such .sum or .sums to tha* secretary of the local union of the United
Minj Workers of America, for and on
behalf of the United -Mine Workers of
America, in accordance with a certain „ agreement entered into on the
'-'old day oi May. 1905, lictween lhe'
company and th: men."
, Then, too, it will be observed, that
the Companv is directed by these
signurs bt the contract to deduct such
sums from time to time as mav be
designated lo tlu Company iiu writing from time to time, not by those
signing, that contract, but by the lawful authorized officers, of the United
Mino Workers bf America, and to pay'
such sum or sums to tlu secretary of
Ih*: local, union of the United .Mine
Workers of America, for and on be-
lulf of the United Mine Workers of
America iu accordance with a certain
agreement entered into on the 23rd
day ^f May, 1905, between the Company and the nun.
Mark, now, letwecn thi Company
and tlu nun,'not, between tlu Company i.n.l th. United Mine Workers of
America.  .
This clauso removes every   possible
doubt as lo what tlu,meaning of tlu
i, "
signatures of  tlu  men   to   thai    contract really i.s.
Mr.- I.indsey drew lhat clause,   and
Mr. Lindsey as lo just what should
go into tlu real contract and what
.■■hoi'ild not, we find ourselves 1 ack to
tlu real contract once more, wuh all
the garbage about what went V.-fore
strickeh out.
For the benefit ol everybody concerned, tlu " ledger here reproduces
Article 2 of that contract as adopted by all parties by tluir signatures:
ip for discuss'on, and the presence ol
llu clausi: in tlu contract, and after
the coiiii'ticl or agreement in the hook
supplied lo the men by the Cninpnuy,
I ears out liu supposition.
Will Mr.  LindsL*;/ kindly give us tlte
fltll   K'POU  Hf   lIloM!   COIIVlTMItlOllh?
Let thv p'lbli*. know vsh.lher theso
soli-inn und.'i-tiikiiigs mcnlioiud hv
Mr. l.iuds.v were all tin* solemn
proiiiisj.s indulged in during those
meetings, aiid il not, wlmt the olh*
U\s were. Oth.rwisc tlu. public, wli.n
tluy vi'itli/u that thos.* solemn umur-
tul-ings were not put in llu iigne-
titeiil, aiul tU.it exai-lly tin- rcvers*- of
those hiI.iiiii uitdcriukiiigs N in tlm
llgleitllilU, and lll.ll ll"S llgleeillcllt
alter'iill Is'llu only legally binding
Milemti uiidcrl.-ikin.*:, will .rim-liid."
tint a contract sigu.d by tl.it* United
'.Mill.' Wni-kc.s of America is worlli as
miuli im are Ml. 1,iiul.'•.•>■'.. stiileiiiiUls
nl out il.
That Mime report of llie fr.igin.lit
ol wh,i!. look l'ltivi) during tli n*go-
tuition 1, iliiiivs tli.it llu nnu wi-u-
iinxinus tn hue nil ilu iiiin.-r** iu tlu
fn!, i' *nil i'ii' <h'V vi'i-aini'/i' ill"
furl thai ii'V-u.isioti would fe bettir
iiiiii 10 r-iitiu, l-.nl lluit tli.-v d'd uol
wi.m to li-Kisli't*' iti smli 'I xvtxy us
to I'liniiiiiige null to slay mil*
Kvervthilig indiint.s llial vh.it Mr.
Itii'i"- ,X'iX-< !n bis iitiiilar letter i*.
inrricl, ini il"l 't "•*•'*>•' uu'lcrslood
tlmt nil llu- "i'i' wu- X't s'S" th-
ronlrnct to nmke. it iuok* binding.
Ill*r-*     Cllllis    Up Si'llli'     moiv      lig.il
ijulllilHi;. 'Hu sni stnli.*e ol ih1 ilni k-
ofl <,!aii;..* i> etui oii-il in llie .iju»
lllillt itself. Illi'l t,|'-' ll*»l»'- 's 1 i"-'"*'
id as fnl1o*.*> .md luistnl in lit-1 look
fmni-lud by tlu* Ci-mpmiy lo: tlw
iii-.il to m-.ii. i"» ^r-  l-'Kl!*** c-H'li-in.-d.
to   lll.lke   tlle   11.llll.Ht       llilii,*  bifi'lillg
upon iitl pal tn-s
' We. ih* iiiilirsign.il iiiijilovii'v of
vour (onip.itiv. h-it-liv kuIi l(»r !>""■
.,11 iv.iut.s tli- Inngnin^ .niKvut
(intr.-irt, nn*l :iii.li'»ri/i-s tit,* Crow's
Nest P.i,, CuiiM'.iiiy, l.imilid, t»> ilv
duel liom In*, vtiiges cailt uu,n*li siuh
evi<lciitly_lia builded much better than
now suits his' purpose.
It is lairly cleai that 'tlu men in
signiuj wcro sign'n.g a contract, for
tluy expres.aly stale that "we the
undersign.d' einp'oyees of your company, hereby each for himself executes
■'ihe forogo.ng j,niuscd coiitra/t, etc'.,-.
etc. Mark, they say contract, not an,
order lasting V.nly a month, but'the
foregoing contract, which contains
the ilicck-oll clause, as a part of ji
To make this part af the matter
more cleai, it is only noce'ssiiry' to
cil. tlu Colriuan contract as nn illustration. That contains the clause
prohibiting tlu discrimination by
tit liar paity against union o- 11011-
iiniott men, whicli tlu* Feinie contract
(loos not, It also contains tlu check-
off clause, exactly as does the Fernie
cc ntract, and that clause is treated
ly tlu company, iuul the men'as binding, nli-.l 11 part of tlu contract, hence
I lure is no trouble at Coleman, even
though the contract itself prohibits
discrimination, wliil*. ilia Feinie contract does nol.
lU'ineinliei, th.it llu Coleinan .iitati-'
n'geiiunt deals with the same district
ollicers as .does the Feinie manage-
mint, iiiiiU-r a conlraet more '.stringent by iar against discrimination than
the Fernie contract, and get,*, along
without trouble or stoppage of work.
"Wlmt is llu matter with Fernie?
'I'll! Ledger believes that n careful
rending of t!u above review of the
situation, ,*o far as llu* disciiiniiia-
liott cliuis.', the allegi.'d breaking of
mileum iiii'1-riiikiiigs, und th,* scope
of tliu power deh'giiited by the men
uli. 11 ih.y sij.'ii.'d tli.- cotitrii'-l, wlr.'ti
lakiii iu ilM-lf nnd i-ompaii'd .villi"ilia
practice under tin* sumc contract fn 11
ii.'iglnl oriiig     mill.',    will ciiiil-le  iliu
Article 2.—It -shall lie understood
nnd*agreed that in any, case vlure it
may appear that a member of the
United Mine Workers of America ha.s
not been fairly treated, tlu company*
will, through its ollicials, meet a pit
coiniiyltcc, appointed by the United
Miiu Workers of America, but before
any" of the men shall .submit n grievance to thc pit committee, .*c shall
eiid.ayor by personal application to
the pit boss, to settle : the -.nailer,
nnd no pit committeeman *-,h:i'! go
around the mine for any put pose
whatever, unless called upon lo do
■o by the proper ollicials of *Jv.- United Mine Workers 'of America.
"It is understood , that tlie pit commit leo is to meet the pit bo*.« or,
aiiiu manager, and endeavor to settle' tlu trouble, but in case of their
disagreement it shall lie referred to
llie superintendent, of the company,
and tlu president of tlte local union,
or such persons as ,he may designate
'to accompany, or represent liim; .liould
they fail to agree, it shall in. rei.-.rreil
to llu general manager of the "com-
piiiiv and tha district president of the
Mr. Sherman, Mr. Biggs and Mr.
Sharp all .state that on,the 5U1 of
September lasl they called oir Mr.
Lindsay in accordance- with tlu* above
arrangement,. and asked to have tha
cluck-off dilliculty discussed and settled, but that -Air. Lindsey reinsed to
discuss that subject with a view to
any kind of a settlement, claiming'
lhat the matter was not- open, and
refusing .,to take it up in any wav,
thus, blocking tlie machinery set. up
for that purpose in t the "contract, aiid
now he claims it was the other fellows that refused to take tlte. matter
higher if necessary.
■How could the mine workers go on
with negotiations when the management' refused to act?
Had they went to tlu president of
llu company at Toronto, it is fair to
presume,' and altogether prol/.ibk*.
lli.it they would have ln-in referred
back to' the manager, with tlu slate-
1111 nt that ihe manager had told tiu
president just what . he had already
told tho national board member and
President Slicnnan, that there was
nothing coming within llu scope of
In othor-words, Mr. Lindsey refuses
lo acknowledge that tho men in signing tlie "foregoing contract" became,
parties to that contract, and .thi iniat-.
ter thus be brought within lite scope
of the arbitration proceedings, and
refused to go further.
How different the interpretation of
tho same thing ar Coleman, and how
different the action o>f the parties, anil'
how much better for tlu* company, the.
intn and llu tremendous industries
depending upon the action of these'
* There has U*i*n a lot of letter writing and circular statenunts in.lnlged
in,- but the above review covers this
.vital points at present under dispute,
and so far as tlu public in general
and tlu great smelling, mining and
railroad industries are concerned, it
will be dillicuk to convince them that
bl.'inu for lli"o'*prescn'l stale of affairs
rests with ollicers and men who get
along under a similar contract wi.th
other coal companies in the immediate  vicinity.     .'.".:
United Mine: Workers of AinerAa for
adjustment; should tliey fail 10 ugrve
it'.-hall be referred to cither" the pres-
id:.'!', of tlu company, or the ,'-.''ieval
manager of the company, '.ml M ih.
president, or n national board . member ot the United Mine Workers of
\inerica. "Meantime in all cases, tlu
miiurs, mino laborers, and other pa-.-
tios involved must continue lo work,
petuling an investigation hud adjustment, Vnil until a final d.'cision is
reiuh.*,d in tli? manner above set
forth; provided always thai in Uu
event of neglect or failure to reach a
unanimous decision within one month
nfler ilu,reference to the president of
the United Mine Workers of America,
01 national board member, the men
shall' be at liberty m suspend or
cease work, if tluy so wish.
In addition to tlu examinations allowed by the Coal Mines licgiilations
Act, the pit committee, nliovi* relerred
to shall have ncccss' to the mines
Irom time lo lime to uml*" exaiiiina-
liciis for the purpose of investigating
any dispuie that may occur between
tlu. ollicials of tlu-company ami tlu
men employed in the mine.
Mr. Lindsay says, and a great many
people seem to believe, that tlle local
ollicers broke Iheir contract when
they called the nu-n out without lirst
resorting to the method of pmcidure
as ihliiud in Article 3.
'J'lu lir.st clause of thai article clearly ilefinci how any member of the
United Mine Workers of America who
hits tint been lllillv lie.rtted, tho uilll-
puliy will, through Its nllirlnls, meet
u pit loiiniiillie nppuiiili-il hy llu
,rnili!il Miiu Workers ol America, but
It-fore any of llu men .-luill Mtlunlt u
grli'viiitie to thi; l»il coniniittei1, hu
shall i-ndcnior by pursi-iuil itpplini-
tioil lo the pit Loss to settle tlu
mutter,   uud    nn   lilt rniniiiiUemiiiii
public to see through the whole shuf
He mid pliini tlu blame where it right-1,shall    go mount!     lln mine lor any
fully belongs.
Th.* in; Unguium li.ive allowed null
10 cui'el llieir contrail wilh llu
I'liiou and llu Cnnipany mi the pre-
ti-vt dial (It'.'v did unl sign n i-oiiti'iii-t
I ut   merely un owl.-r lo stop wages,
11 Ins lc. 11 cliurly shown above thai
the ih'ik-ofl clause is ti part of tlu
u ii i.i't, nu I th- mni sluteil wlin
ih y s'j.ii il, tliat il wus a n iiiiiii t
11».y wi-tc '•ij-iiiiig.
Km*i li ■!• ll. m lliie U i '■' 1 'ii ■■ ■'
ti * lo law ind luii'/e to •*ij'u *.iu urd-
ir di wii|;es fo'- an indefinite tinu*,
iitl if ill! ihikoll clans.1 is merely
111 oiilsr to -.lop 11 portion nl wngi-H,
il is nil n lawful oril.r, In.niM' il iv
in.-tinUi' 'i^ in llnii' li'iiil tin* .uli'
1 mil as 10 lime being llu limit ul
ih* life ol lit- 1nl1t1.111 of wliicli it i**
clearly .1  purl, mil  i»  tlmt in*..*    it
Ic-CUII.".   IllUllll.
Th-1 Wilson deilfiioli. uhiili i It .-Iii
-o i11v.1lnl.1te lit.* tlieik-ull ...iii-.', wii*
il.-liicr.d on tlu tJ.sili or ."-tli.01.lust
.lun.-, iiud th.* records t-Imw ll'.it .M.ui-.
ii;«r Linls.v allowed null to withdraw   fn an   ilu*   agreement   in    tlu
1,11.11 li nf May, Ml lll.il ill* pletiXl
that li.- would be disrvgiirding thai
iliii»ioii don't look verv plausible*
ILiviMf thariil up ilii* inge* ut-
iiin'"* luu- uliidi the shiwi-r t.i iir-
iiilnrs cr.-nti-il, nnd shown pntty
iU.ir.y thai tho sUtetiunt il-.n tlir
men who were tn comorMii m   with
put pose whatever, unless cnlled upon
to dn so by tin- proper olliiinl of tlu
1'iiiii.d Mini. Workers of Anurici-
In ih.: Kcroii'J iliiii'w It is |UoVidid
tint in ciiso ol .1 ili-iftgr-.-uii nt !■•-
tw<:ti th.' pit rnniiiiHli'i1 nnd tin* pit
Loss or mine malinger, thnt tlu* mailer shall Ik ri'li-rri'd lo (lie supi-rin-
tiiid.'iit of the ronipnny mul iln- j'ri'i-
idiin of tin.' lunil union, or siuh person or persons    ns he tuny designate.
Presidmt Sherman ..states' lo the
trict ollicers of the U.M. W. of A.
are busy investigating what appears
to lie a conspiracy on the part of llu
coal operators in British Columbia
and Alberta against lhe U. M; W. of
A. The scheme of the operators appears, to bo lo attack tu. cluck-off
system and to" create ' disfi-nsirMis
among the workmen with a view ■ of
weakening the unions before next
spring, tlu period al which all contracts expire,
Should any further ntlempl lie made
to carry this scheme into effect, the
II. M. W. of A. will retaliate by
calling all their men out on strike in
District N'o, iSj and in thnt event tie.
up nil the coal trade of tlu; Northwest.
It is hoped, however, that it will
not liecoiiio necessary to ..ike thcs.1.
extreme measures. Self-prescrviitiou
is the first law of nature, and the
unions will take such action us is
ileciued advisable to combat this eon-
spit nry,
nines Resume Work on
Monday-Union Tien all
the way—To Increase
Output to 1,500 Tons
per Day.
Th.' miners a n.i min. UiIhuvis cin-
ploywl nt llilleivst win- locked out
and iniid oil by tlu coinpany oil Sept
Mih, the g.n,'ial iiiitnager stating
li,* pr(.poM*il to opcrnt. willi luiii-uin'iin,
111.11. However, li.- failul to obtain
itnti uud lniullv iniiii- In the imulu--
1011 thnt tintnn milters wi-te the luM
On S.iluid.iy last District I'lcsidiitl
I', II. Sh-iiiuiii, i.*giUu.r wiih 1I1
liic.il rniiiitiitUc, mil Mr. I'.i.ilu, M
V., and Mr. C. V, Uill, Iwo nf th<-
dim lor*, ol tit.1 llilKiist Coal .ml
Coke Co. at llilii ivst, niul 111 tci ri in*
sidcrablt: discussion an i.miiabli*    ar*
'o  a-'n -. it   'hall le  ri fi-rv <\    Xn    tu
g, n.-r.i! manager nl tin- company nnd
llu dMrU'1    piesldetit of llie    Unitivl
Mine Workers of  Amrrlrii  lor .-ulin*-t**
Hum;  should lli-v   fail lo 11 glee',    il
:,.,!. '.   , : ..  ! ,.:•!: .   • - ;?    ;-■   -:
d.nl 01 tlu foiiipiiny or tli.'   gviur.il
UiniLiger of llu* iiiliipnliy, and   In llie
pr.-sid.tit or a n.iiio'ial NmpI nnniln-r
o| tin- I'nilid Mini* Workers of America.   M-oiiiiiiiin* in all *'.ivs llu min
(■in. tn in > laborer-* nnd oilier    pailirs
mvojvtil    must    toritiiiik'    ai    n-ul-
pnwliiii;   .iii   iiii-rstigiilinii   .'iikI   .idiiisl*
llllill,       ,'lUil   llllill   il     fill"!    d.« iMi'll   is
reiiilu-il   in   th,-   iiiiinn.r    *»»•<>*'»•   Mt
foi III."
Ii uill In* *,in bv a ctr.ful n.iding
. ( ih'« dam*** Xh*t H .« prov-1.-.1 llui
th* nifilter in dispute i* Xn 1<* refrr-
r*d In tlie prifidtnt ol llu tmii|uny
or the gciwr.it inuiMger on llie one
sidi*. and ill.* ph*iiU*»it nt s H4tii*al
lo.tnl ineiiiKr «.n llw oth-r,
tin*  nun  ti-Iutui d   in  "ji-iV  i'ii    Mi-ii
day,   Aloui 75 nun will !*■ niiployid
upi 11 drvcloptiiiiit  woik'this    wititi-r,
aiwl    lli.-y will nil be strictly    iinimi
nun.   The toiiip.iiiy is placing u town-
• '           '   •        '   .        .  ' A
 »• ■ - ■      *i,
lots to llieir cinplovivs upon easy
terms. A building vompaity is ln-.ii;*
oigalii'ed, with tlu* inttiiiiwi of build
ing 50 llltn.T.S lOtlilgeS. to l*i sold In
the Will lllli II llpoll the lllsl.lluu lit
plan A large i-iiniiiitv ol nw mi.i-
illili.-ly lias U«ll nidelid, all-1 ll is llu
inliiilion nl ih* loinp.iiiv !•• i)i-V'!"|>
llie  pll'l'eltl       lo  plmbUe   I..*"1"     t(',l"*
*H-r day. llil'Jcr*m »«mI i* ■••'.- "f tliu
U'st stctiit io,ils hi AIK11.1, .md i*.
Usui «*»tlii*>ii«l> nit xbi ii.iss.nj;s 1 uu
«itw* tst llie C   1-   U
—   -.-—1>————
M1.rsf1.1ll,   llw   Con**r*.tttive    4-.1n.l1-
cluii- in ICi-ii I'.lgin. wa*. etecti.l   bv
7? iii.iiorit.v-10 tlv* liyc-vU-ilw*   l4»*>t
'Jliiir»d*y. t-gj*  _?_-ERNJE LEDGER, PERNIE, B.C.   OCTOBER io, igo6
Issued every Wednesday from the office of publication, Todd Block,
Victoria Ave., Kernie, British Columbia.        '*  -
1).  V.   MOTT
Yellow;  journalism    has    its  faults,
bui  would yellow journalism  fail   iu
its dulv as Canadian journalism ih.s.
.column,  not  excepted,   has  (ailed    in
its duty in  llu presence of such    .m-
-, -
palling facts as those: brought out, before the Royal Insurance Com n:s-
Yellow journalism would .-.imp.y
make Tonxto too hot for every illustrious representative of higher citizenship who failed to show to advantage in,-tlu limelight of searching
Canadian journalism considers po
Mlion, private feelings and a whole
lot of other circumstances that are
irr. levant side issues if trustees fail
in their duty and ought to be pillor-
td' as public wrongdoers.
Yellow journalism broadens and
deepens the line between right and
wrong, and makes the greatest men
in  the  land  afraid  to  cross that line.
Canadian journalism blurs the line
between right and wrong; it enables'
directors to cross that line, . to be
Weak and incompetent in their relationship io a solemn trust, and still
escape the odium thai would attach
to their transaction-! even in tlu* de-
g.iurate cities ol   the \l'iiilid States.
Yellow journalism has many faults,
but as the shield and buckler of
wrong-doing iu high places, Caitad-
isn journalism is distinctly its superior.
The above, from the Toronto Evening Telegram, has tlie right ring.
What a scathing,, condemnation' of
lhe Cnnadian press morality and independence i.s this .scnl<cncc:
"Canadian journalism blurs the line
lx'twcm right and wrong; it enables
directors to cross that line (the lin-
.betwocn right and wrong), to he weak
and incompetent in their relationship
to --oleum trust and still escape the
cdiuiu that would l attach to their
transactions even in the degenerate
cities of the  United  States."
"Even     in   the   United- States"     is
 Wonder which    are  the     degenerate
selves .h'duld be the- first to see that
it is unsiiited to the times. A' certain divinity sliould hedge a judge slit idotli a king," and, respect for the
jciich i.s nol fos.ertd wlun judges descend to th.- .witness box and pro-.
iiounc2 what, is virtually a judgment
-upon ',their own acts. This'unfortunate.incident in an investigation, fruitful in-iiuuxpected lessons, will.not lie'
altog-tlur regrettable' if it results in
placing the judiciary of'Ontario .beyond,tlu reach of cavil and the touch
of reproach. ■,
llu shareholders and of the people at.
large. "•     *
If llu-directorate of every incorporated company was composed ot men
ciuin.lv disl-nct front tlu diicctoruie
of any other company, tlun il could
be said that . each was ■ a "separate
companv lrotn every"'otlur, and the
possibility to do such . robb.'hg .as is'
nowigoing -.on would be minced ,a
hundred fold.'        J"'
' Why-tinker at make-believe reforms
which will all fall lief oro. ilu power
lhat a iuw men can' combine, wlun by
adopt'ng tlu principle >of one man One
directorate, (tlie* source -of all the
trouble is reached?     ^ ■
cities—those where the journal ism
called yellow makes it dishonorable
to be found flocking in "herds of dis-
hriust directors, or those, in which
directors guilty of such deeds as are
being brought■ home lo a few of them,
can- walk about with heads in tlu
air and llauiuiag - the-*", evidences of
ihejr dishonesty viii tlu faces of the
Tlu iu.urniifc and .director plague
is as bad, if not worse, in the Do-
, minion than it has been found to Ik.*
i.n tlu other side, but how many Candida papers nre making, any fuss
nlvout it.  ■
There are a few papers like tlu Evening Telegram nnd Toronto World
and t!u Winnipeg Tribune that are
making a fight for what is right, but
tliey h.ive been having a hard struggle for it.
A really independent press, such as
has 1/Mii doing such grand work in
ilenriitg ilu atmosphere and widiniiig
llu . line between right, and wrong,
making the greatest men in the laud
afraid to cross that lin., is oiily beginning to exist in tliis country. Bui
it will grow und spread until the in-
di'Peiidiiit press will I.: the onlv press
llial. will have uny iiilliu-nce with it
nailing mid thinking public,
Toroitio World.
While there will liu no disposition
io ,i|iic*sliiiii tlu good litilh ol Sir John
lioyil in becoming a .director   of   the
Union Ti list C mil the (iiviil Wesl
I,iiud Co., the position in whiih lie is
now pbiiid camml be held io Ik- nihil wise tlun iiu.oii.Msli nt with the dig-
nily uiul prestige of the provincial
It'll li. Judges, like oilier cili/.ens
■.oiMssiiig il lmliitiiili; siiperlluity, are
<|iiiti* i nlil led In place their iuvesl-
"iiciiis wit-re nml how they will. Iliit
th-re me obviiiiis ohja-rtioii't to tluir
uivdtrliikiiig ie:*p<-usil*i!iiy fm the
innii,igeiinnt nf tlu i-ompatiii'-i with
wliiili lhy ure .MuvtUxl. The
Mrtftglli aid leU'nti ol lliciu' olijoi*.
lions are again patently exemplified
ill thn pending piiuvi.ililij-s Udote lhe
Jriv.iinnuT uiiiiiiii'.sloti.
As n mere giM-'i'nl propo-iilloii, di-
niloiM who, litlui  [nnii piessiiic   of
...IU.      1|„IJ,.>     ll.      1.111,
tl    11...-..JI. .*».
y.rlitii-', liinui.t ji.*r*.uilly ilii.it and
iiim.l pi'iforci! place uuliiuitid It'Ust
iu tlu ability nml Iniefrliv of their
i rHii.iiil.er,-, nceipt a ilatigi*riitis meas-
nre of ti'spi.iisibllily..    Tluir motives
irust pnrdi,tiiibli' us n 'kT.soii.il mailer, but tluy nn- not do'ng justice,
I'illier tn ilii'iit'iilvis, to sliuriholders
nr lo (li.* public Ignorance of (he
I,iw iwiiiva,. iiii it)', h'lwi-v.r iiinoniil
ll liinv I--'I Igiiorimri' of tunllcrs
wl.i.li lit ought io hinw iniiii'it i-x*
i us" n innii of hi'ili'pl.ii'e uliu'-i* naiiii*
i.tnl pii!siiiie gii'i--' ivi-iglii nnd repu-
liition to flu lionrd wilh whiih lie is
Sir Ji.liii Uo'd is the vii tint of th.*
'itfliiri.iti* si •.(nn lob rati d in Onlar-
Ir. ulii.li fii-rmil" Ih.* judiei.-irv lo
UiiVel leyoiid (Iu* propi r duti.s of
llieir oflici!. Tli.tt f.ysVi ut oi%til to
fjtinl no longer, niul tdu jiulgt-t" th.in-
Toronto Evening Telegram.
Tlu private citizen who" lend.=, to a
directorate th.- name he has earned'
for himself owes it to his 'own honor
to keep track of the business that is
carried, on .under the shelter of that
llu.privatt; citi/.n who goes    on a.
directorate • i.s   encouraging   investors,
perhaps helpless women,  to say:
"Ah, tluie's the name of Solid
Rocks, Esq. II.'.s a good business
mull. There won't anything go on
that lu wou'l know all about, and
I'll put my money in that coinpany.':
Wli.n the company funs inlo lhe
storm Solid Rocks, Hs-.-'., enters the
witiuss box mid more or less ' cheerfully acknowledges lhat lu had not
llie faintest notion what was going
What are directors for but lo know
what is going on?
, What business have directors to assume responsibilities and tlun take
these responsibilities so lightly- that
lliey can-be easily and completely deceived  by  their associates.
Men should respect the names, tluy
have eauud for themselves by eternal vigilance in the. direction of every
company lhat carries on business
under'tiu ^shelter of tlusc names.'    '•
Judges and other dignitaries wear
names that they have in part earned
lor tluinseh-os^ and that are in part
llu gift of their country. Such dignitaries should keep their names oul
ol directorships that may cairy, fees,
but assuredly have not, carried any
adequate s.n.se of responsibility to
the recipients of these fees.
From even- direction conies the unmistakable evidence that the press is
waking up to the fact that the directorate disease i.s as .bad in Canada as
it-, is hn Lhe oilur side of the line,and
that if tlu disease is' to be siopp.d
llu press will have to go at it sis rid
tlu press in'the United States. The
Telegram's scolding, of men for allow-
:'n_ iheir names to_bc_nsed_a„_dircct__
ors of companies which' thev do not
direct is very good, but that won't'
reach  tlu  root of llu evil,
Lots of ih j sec fel lows, who 'plead in-
n'oiuciise wluii a company or its officers ari! caught are not innocent at
all, but take that' route out of the
mire. One man, one dire'etorat'e, is
the cure. As long as one man is allowed to hold a nun.Pf.rof such places
.he lobbing and rascality will go on..'
If n lot of lawyers were given a
contract lo frame a system of laws
by which one company or .directorate
could use the capital and iho opportunities of thai company for the purpose niul inrichiiieiils of another,
thereby taking from the shareholders
of i tu orguni/ntion that which belongs to tlum and turning it over to
another, they'could not improve,upon
-.he methods used by these captains of
finance niulur the system now in use,
uud which i.s .supposed to have been
eioked for the pnrporc of protecting
property rights
A iiiun.igi'i- ol a coinpany deeds n
tract of land to himself us manager
of* aiioth.r company, and then deeds
:t again to another of which ha may
be manager oi director or stockhold-,
ur, ond the power is witlil'n his reach
to mnke. money oul of each transfer
at llu- exp,ti.se of stockholders whose
inletests he is being paid a salary to
pro-loci. No use talking about honor
and lioii.-sty. Everyday briitgH lo
I'ght dishonor and dishonesty to such
nn nlnniiing extent th.it everybody is
hci-omiitg aluiiiied at th.' vastiuss ol
the robbing that go.*s on under the
cloak ol th.* double director nicllii-d,-
Tuke-nwiiy   lite  possibility  of dottlil*
'"«• .        ..i.
In hundreds of instances three or
four loiiipnnies a ru organized (or tlu
ostiiisililc piu'ose of .carrying on ilif-
li-i'iiit brunches of a large business,
but ill*!'.* fs no inoi'c call for such
nn-r.il/. iu, nls than that oiu man
->In mid hold more thnn one director-
ute, Hut the possibility to rob in
iT.iitetl, lllll ih/ possibility is UMili!
use of.   Why should it exist?
The mil pointed out by lhe Tele-
gram is (lily a pari of llu gutiie.
Mm ol high standing allow the use nl.
tli ir iiiiiiu'N, as pointed out,   for   Ihu
purpose ol inducing people to buy llu
V     . r  ii •       ,i    ,
I a  -     ,--        a    -.,,1,,,.,   . ,,     ,..a^      ,..s   .-* •. | * '
pri'-.i-d to dUeit, l.,ul licit \.; only th.-
I.rst step in llu nil'llie. This teal
directing is h-ft in llie hands of two
nr tliru* fellows who are  ninth more
Ir.'iivily inlrr.slwl in other lotnpniiicH
. i   „i,:,i,  di ,.  ....    -;.., ki. ,. ,   t;. I ,.__..
ageis, mil llu dirictiii^ of ih. cash,
profits unl otlur advantages ol the
in* io tlie other is done in a way
that is of greatest advantage to
tli 'ie artivc directors.
loi!.- up ilu n'slorv of ilusr ih-ngs
i.tnl you will Iiud that the d ini ting
nl ih* fllinir.,, «<> far n*i investing,
lie, aie*. (oiii'iMied, ol a large por-
tinn of the gnat imiip.iiiies of th.*
uiunirv is toiirirui-d, is in the lianhs
of half u IiiiiiiIri! nun, who have it
in ili.ir j^»»\Vf to so .liim lh(in ns
tn rnmp.fl.'Jy etititrol th' fniifin'-si of
ih.* tut.nlry, nn.l, if they wish, fin*
tii.I it lo tluir own iudiviiln.il ml.
iamag,-,  .is upain-.t the ittlcrtsts   ol
Toronto World.
• -Tlie people *of_ Canada ,-these. . day"i
are getting *a closer view of" tiu ' political,, situation in. this country
ihrough the liutliuin of the insurance
investigation and the prosecutions m
the police court, over the late, federal
election' in Loudon. Tlu disvussir.n
iver the power policy-or the Whitney
govciumciii has also made tlu peo-
ple think. The whole impression er_-
nUd in llu mind of tlu people is one
ol roitciuuuss and stench. Were the
probe lo {,o in deeper, tlu smell
would be more sickening.
.hi truth is lhat tlu brilrcry ami
vote-buying exposed in London has
been wiiuspicad. Kiflv thousand, a
hundred thousand dollars, have, been
put in a single election, (.ovcrmiic.l't.i.
hftve literally hundreds of thousands
these days to use to corrupt tlu electorate. Where doss it come from?-
Ihey even have to spend thousands to'
warm up their own supporters*. ' We
have no faith in those partisans, especially newspaper partisans, who
say that neither Mr. Fielding nor
Mr. (Hyiilall knew what was going rn
in llieir constituencies. They l new
all about the deals which got for
their party the siiuws of wai, and
they knew what was being done in
ihcir elections. THE MAN WHO
VIEW.' Mr. iryman'.s part in
tlie government i.s to , take tlu
place of the late James Sutherland,
und to carry elections.1' Bribery, cor-
nrplje-.n, vote-stealing., trick I allot
boxes, have all 'been brought koine
to the Liberals.
Aud as for lit. Celt■urvaliv.is, .-.hat
has l&eu unfolded in the country? 'IVal
men who were elected-to repre'-u.it '.he
people were ready,, anxious, bent cn.
using tluir positions as members' who
tips and land from railway pr mot-
cms so as.to make money for themselves.' The l'efurgcys and the 1'owl-
cr.s and tluir other associates got llu
tips tluy got only because they would
be expected.lo give back votes in return, Aud if you scan the division
lists,    if  vou scan     most of all the
' a
committee records, you will see how
the men who sought tips from railway promoters paid the debt, THE
were gifts of land, moiuy or credit
out of the .treasury of the nation, and
later on unfair legislation nnd legislation antagonistic to public rights
was also passed. Public money, public concessions, that have passed to
promoters and corporations, are invariably used lo secure, legislation
later on lhat is unjust to" the people.
How can any public man, least of
all a member or parliament, Iw the
guardian of llu public rights as
against the aggressions of corporations when llial mail is seeking .to
make himself ticli ou tips I'rtiin these
, It is inure than unfortunate for Ur.
Bottl.'ii that tlu mi'ii who went with
liim to the west to preach pulilirnl
regeneration were really on n Innd
.speculation Jaunt
And, lastly, we hnvejlie confession
of tliu lilobe thill while it professes
to be tlu friend of public ownership
it prints for pay. nud without onr-
li'.nrks, columns and columns of .tl.iiIT
ngniitst public distribution of power,
written by writers iu the pay of the
electric ring, And tlu Mail, pretending lo support Whitney's policy, also
Mills its columns for pay lo lhe elec*
trie ring lo discredit that siime power
The Wm hi, The (.lobe, '111* News,
Thu Telegram,' all striking iiini't' or
less vigorously, and at the same
time, ought to stiirl- things going
down cast. The World is most outspoken of nil, nud is coiisi'^tieiilly doing lit. iuo.it gooli, No use ■ talking
nice things to tliu fellows Ihey are
Tlu Wm Id asks- "Where does the
•noiioy i-onii! from wilh wliicli. thost
bulldou voter:; and otlurs like them
..... i.\i..^i...
'J.'j.ili',. e.i.-rj-.1       T!..,  |*_W|iJ. ii, .-Ml,mil
(oii ought to lx.- well able to till
uhre. 'Oiiii* of it noiiu"! from
'lluit city, lite liiniie of a cabin t
minister, h.-i.H', leen held up for Sum,-
»n». liy .ii.- tiTaiui nun* I'ariii.1 crowd,
Mid ilut is only a drop in llu bucket, us compared to what is going nn
nil over (he country.
Tlu money to buy voles at the polls
is fimtislicd by people who hi inlii by
file intci- Who cl'*- do ym think
would put it up? 'Ih.' fellows who
l.in.'iit by the iolcs git ilu-li tt.niuy
back by all kind** of graft, including
Miih opm lu-iil tips ns llu- Edmonton
Tlu* Edmonton peoph* tlmiighl  tluy
llj.1   1(1  Mll.tll.t       to   llu  (bill   or     lose
ih- dwi-itiiu.il mul v-aiikshup .i.U.uu-
nges that  rinlly U-Umg lo tlicni-
In tin* Li ill ib in casi* ihe voii-r, in-
*i»teil upoi. cash down for his. vole,
and when a rake-off was attempted,
he kicked' until the cashier explained
that the Ji.oo was kept oul to pay
his clues as a member of the Liberal
lhat ought to kill that Liberal Association. There is a western way of
getting votes that lx_als thii London
style out of sight.
It don't take any money at all-
just a transfer of a little dirt. The
fellow who gets the dirt don't have
lo look' after assessments, .taxes,,reiitsj
or transfers ato otlur people. It is
all done for him by the fellow who
don't own it. All lie has to do js.to
swear that he i.s tlu registered owiur
and lie gets liis vote in the -box, and
thc other .feilow looks after the rest.
What is llu difference between ,the
London, man and tlu western fool?
.Tust this. 'the London man gets
the . lo.oo, less the Si.oo rake-off • and
is sure of his cash, .while tlu otlur
fellow  gets  dirt  without  dollars.
He gets dirt in more ways than one,
and before the game is over he will
have a whole lot of dirt that won't
Iw of any market value to him.'
Th.* dirt merchant with whom he
(K-ali won't have any more us*j for
ltim or his particular kind of dirt.
Were we all born vesterdav?
MINING hkgul'ations.
Coal.—Coal hinds may t>L> purchased ut HO
Pur nero for soft conl h».1 tito for iiiitlirn.'l'e.
.Nut moro Hum llio narvs cun lio nc.iiuiruil tiy
one imtiviiti'iil ur coniiiaiiy, Rovultv nt tlio
rate often c.nts per ton ot 2,0(X) pound* shnll
ue colliKsted on thu gross output.
Quart: —A free miner's certificate U RmittGil
U|>oii piiyinci t in iidvmice of *5 per ionium for
an liidividiinl, nnd from iM to aiuopcr annum
for a compnny according to capital. •
A free miner, having discovered mineral in
place, mny Rente a claim 1,;V*_ x l,.riOO feut.
The fee for recording a claim is i,S.
.\t least $100 must bo expended on the claim
eiU'hyearor paid to the mining recorder in
lien tiirreor, Whon *iuu has neon expended or
paid, the locator may, upon .uiviug » survey
made, and upon complying with other ro-
HUirements, purchase the land at *1 an aero.
The patent provides for tho payment of a,
royalty of .(per cent on thesales.
I'LA-Kn mining chiims'goncrully nro 100 feet
square; antr.v feo i:i renewable yearly,
A free miner mny obtain two lenses to
dredge for gold of live miles ench for a lorn, of
twenty years, renewable at the discretion of
he Minister of the Interior.
The lessee shall have a dredge in operation
within one season from the date of the lease
for each live miles. Bontal ¥10 pur annum for
each mile of river leused. Itoyulty Ht tho
rate of SI per cent collected on the output, after it exceeds JlO.OOu.
W.  W.   COREY,   '
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N..   B.,—Uitayithcfc»izecf , jfci(T.lic-_,_io;n   ol
this advertisement will not be paid
. lor.. -    '„   .
NOTICE is liereliy given tlmt sixty days from
(Intel intend to applv to the Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described
land. Commencing at the South Kast corner
of lot 807 tlience Ea>-t iM chains bouth L'O
cliains west -JO cliains and thence north lm
chninsjtcijiuint of commencement, °   ■
fj-~—""*'*-    ~ JAMKl^-Ci-* " "C	
August -Oth ll-Oii —18
SIXTY days after duto I intend to apply to
the Honorable Cliief Commissioner of
Lands and Works, Victoria, to purchase tlio
following described land in IClk Klver Vnllov.
Commencing at a post marked N.K.O's north
east corner, thenco SO chains south to S. .•*.
Oliver's application to purchase: Mienco 8n
chains west; tlienceSi ehains north; lliinioc
Hii chains cast to point of commencement,
the whole containing I'-tu ncros.
Sept, Mb, llioc,
X. 10 Oliver, bocntor
,S. K. Oliver, Agent
S1\P\ days after date I intend to apply to
the Jl'iiinmhlo Chief Cninmissioinir of
bands and Works, Victoria, to purchase the
following described lanil:
Commencing at ii post innrkoil K. U (lood-
wvn's nortii we-it coram* iidjolninu N, ].;,
Olivor's application to |iiir.dii.su- thonco 80
cliiiins Kimili,' thenco so chiiiiiH oust; llmnon
«l cliuins hot»li; thence 80 chains wustto tho
point of ('oninioiicimiont, tlio wholo ciiiitaliiiug
K, 10. (looilw.vn, booitor
S K, (>hvur, Agent
Moiit. fitli, lOOfl
SIXTY ilHymi.toriliitu 1 Inteinl to npply to
tliu Jloiinriililo Chief Commissioner of
blinds iiml Works, Victoria, to purchase tl,e
lollowit'K ilesei'lbiiil land i
t'oinniciiclng nt a post, murk-id fl. J, I/h
north nest I'lirnuriiilliiiiiliig 10 K UooiIwvu'h
iipiillciit. on In luui'liiisii! tl.mico do cIh'Uiih
south j tliiincti Slli'hiiliis'eiist; IhuncutUliiliiiiiiH
iioith i tlience 80 cliniim'wiistio tlio point nt
coniniiinceiiioiit, the whole coiitiilninir iiiu
fl, .1, l.oviill, bocntor
u   l tn  .,,«■      '   •**•• 1'-l-livur, Ammt
Sept..'ith, 10011
tJIXT. days nftni* dalu I intiiinl to apply to
P tlm llonoriihlo Chief Coiniiilssliiuu- ol
J.-iiikIhrind \V oiks, yiiitiii'ln, to jiiircliiiKu tho
lollO^illg llllhCI'lllUll llllill |
Cdiiiuiuiii'lug at a po.l miirki'd W- J', ll'e
Nouth wost Nornni* iiiljoliilng N, 10, Olive.1*
nppliciitioii t(Minri'liiisu!tliiiiii*iiNicliiiinH mirth
tlioiit'i! Ho chains tiitHt, tliinicoSu chains soutli;
tlinlii'ii Ml cIiiiIiih west to ihu point of cum.
iiii'iii'i'iiiuiit, llio wlitln I'oiitiilniiig il 10 im run:
W. I'' HnllJ.-ieiitor
_,    .  . , rX, \i Oliver, Aiteut,
Hept, Wh, limn
SIXTY iluyii ai'tor duto I Intend to npply to
tliu lliiiioiiihlo Ciller ('iniimlsRiiiiio'r ol
bainlK and Works Vlc-torlii, to imreluibu the
following iIcki'HIkiiI iiiiiilm
Cwlilliiniiiiiiig lit ii iimt iniirlcml II, H K,|.
wunl's soutli wunt I'lii'iii'i' iiilJiiluliiK N, K, 0|.
norlli; tlun 8o clmln. mist; tlnnii'ii hoiiIiuIiih
K'uillij tliuiiriiHo olinins west In tlio point of
I'oilliiii'lli.'iilllclit,* lie wlioliii'oiitaliitiig nm acrim
II, H, Kilwitnli, I.iicator
0   , ,  Hi K. Oliver, Agent
Hlipf.'itll, JtKKl
I\T. dnys iifliiiiliitu I Intend tu npply to
(lio lliiiinriiblu Cliief Coiniiilssliiuur of
J.iinilH uiul Wni'kK. yicioilii, to |iuri*liiiK« tlio
iiilliiwliiiriliiiitillinit in ii ■! m f,
(.'niiiiiiiiiielng nl ii post inai'Iuiili'ViuiNl Poll.
iiril'ShiiiitliciiHt i'iirniiriiilJiiiiiliiHN'1'!.(Mlvur's
iipplli'itllon   In  luiriiluikui llinni'ii n,i clinlm.
lllllill!   tlllilli'il   HII  I'liiilns    west |  llieiieii   hit
i'liiiiim  iioulhi llimii'M s:i ulmiim cimt to tliu
pnllll III l'OIIIIIIII||i'|.|||lllll,tllll IvIllllllKlllltllllllllg
nin ncros,
KruiiMt 1-nlliir.l, l.iiciilni*
S. K, (lllvur, Agent
H.-llt./illl, HHNl ,, .],!-
fVAKY. NOTICK, tlmt ,*lo ,\ny* ,,n.r ilatn 1
*. Iiilmiil loiii-iiljMolliijClili'fCoriiiiilsKiiiiiiir
of I.iiihIh iuul Wurlis Inr a Npnnliil llcetisulo
I'tit, nml curry nwny I liulmr flux tlm fullowlnu-
ili'M'rlbid liindsj
Ciiilinii'licllig nt a |Mist  phinldil uboul. Iwo
niiii... u'l.m ,,f |,'l|r 111..,,,. i,,,,| ul,, y| (!,,.(., ,,. l|, ,
•iilllli iif MoitInmiv, Itii'iicii went HU nimbi*,
l!ii.|u*i* lmi'ili 8» clniin-., Ibi'iii'i' cn nl   Hicluiln.,
tlinlii'ii soulb ho cIiiiIiih In plneu of cuiiiniiiiicii*
r. A. ll(-I'i:iiiiu.r
HoilBIHfl.V, II <". M'.IT, Xttll, I'.Kii, -JI
J.i'. sykrsgray
Eckstein & Gray
Bakristbrs-at-Law,    Solicitous,  Etc.
Rooms 1 _.- 3, Henderson block, Fernie, B.C.
F. C.'Latbe
Crow's    Nest    Tr'adiMg    Co.    Block,
Feinie,. 11. C.
\V. It. Ross, K. C. j. s. T. Alksantur
Ross & Alexander
FERNIE*, li. C.
Olliee in J.."T. \Y. Ulock, Victoria Avenue.
J> Barber^ l.d.s., d.d.s.,
•§• - ^,
L T. W    dock,   opposite  the   Bank
Ollice hours—8 u.m, to 8 p.m.
W. J. Wriglesworth, D. D. S,
Ori-ici- ltouiiE,.       e 'Kito IL' a, in. l to 5 p. ni
(5.3(1 ton p.m.
Ofiice in Alex. _. ck'a Uioclc
over Slum1, linker v.
OlTiL-e:   L.T.W. Block
Fernie British Columbia
A. McCartney
P. O. BOX 2f)0
Fornie, B. C.
M. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
Plans, Specifications and Esli-
-  mates furnished on application.
l'lealy   of  GOOD   DRY  LUMBER ON HAND.'.
Architect     and Superintendent
* Office at Residence,
BAKER ST.,     -     -     FERNTE, B.C
I.arj{e stock of Iloinc Grown Fruit
and   Ornamental   Trees.
Ueadijiiarters,    for    .Pacific    Coast
Grown   Garden,    Field-    and  Flower
Seeds in season.
Greenhou.se  Plants,  Cut Flowers.
Catalogue  Free,
M...T,  HENRY,
3010 Wi'S.tuiiiistcr Road,
Vancouver,. 11,  C.
_■  niiii»-.,«riiuiiii _m-—-.jm.i ,,^
SJlXTYiliiyHiirtoriliifiiiiiitenil to mmiy to
J-» tliu II0imriililn CliU'f 1'omnilnHloiii'r nf
liiiiulH niul WnrlfM, Victoria, to iiiircliasu tliu
fiilliiwIiiiriliiKdrlliiiil laiiili
CoiiiniiiiKiiim at a post murkoil J.H.Kilnmnil.
iloli'H luini; tlii'iipu Ml I'lmliiH niirl li; tliniicn Ho
I'llll DM (lllhij tllUllCllhll I'lllllllH Klllltll,' tlllllICO Nil
U llllllH WHHl til   lllll  lllltllt  Of   I'linilllulK'ulllunt,
tlio wliolu contiiinltiii (tloni'i'OH
a,   . ,., „   , .I'lLKDMUNllSON,
Sti|it. Mil IIKKI Locator,
S':NrV.'.l,'.VHIlft.",''l|ilo Mlitonil lo aniily to
Jy Iliu llminiirnlilo Clilof C(iiimii«Hioiiiii* or
J'ljiiils niul Woi'Iih, Vli'tiu'iii, to imrnlmHii tliu
I'llliiwIiiiriliiMirllioil liimli   ■
loniiiiiinciii*' nt 11 tumr iiiiiiltoil fi.K. Oliver1*!
[•mi li*iiiiHt('oi*nni;iiilJoliiiim,Joliii ll.dliltlotil'H
Iiiiiii I linni'o ko cIiiiIiih north; tlioiicoHUcliiiiim
wetit; llimu'o KikiIiiiIuh kouiIii lliuni*o NiIi'IiiiIiih
oiwnolliii iioint iircoiiimoiii'Oiiioul, llio wholo
contnliiliid ilioncriiH,
Sopt.llStlt moil        „ Idientor,
C|l\r\ ilavHiiftiii'duto 1 Intoiiil to iipnlytn
J^  tlm Ildiinninlilii  (,'liluf CoiiiiiiIhhIouui'  of
1/lllllH Hllll WoiltH.Vil'tllllll,   to   lllll'I'llllKlllllll
ffiillow|iiinliiM.|'iii|.|| Imnl; In Klk llivi-r vnlluy
Ji.oniniiiiiiili)« ut a post niiii'kiiii .I0I111 If,
'i-iJJt'Hnoi-th.iJiipitiioriiui', niljoliilnur John 11,
OlilllolirK luini; tliuni'ii Hui'liiiliirtuniitli thimeu
huh inliiHWiiNii lliiinciiWiI'liniiiH nortii; tliiinco
HOiiliiiiu»iiiiii,t. to iliu point ori'iinimoiiciiinont
Hill Wllulll (!Ulltllill|ll*( 1110 lll'IIM,
.   .  „, , 'lohn l),"l'i*ntl„ Local or.
Hoiil.MliltKil H, U.OIIvor.AHiuit
l T iluyn afli'i'iliitn I intonilto upply in
tliu lltiiiiiiirnliln Chlur (!iiiiiinlio<lii|iiir of
I.iiiiiIn ami Wurk*, Vlnlnrlu, In puri'liiiNii thu
rnllnwlinr dcMiilliml Inmu lu IClk lllvur vnlluvi
(lllllllll'lllllllKIlt II pOHt llllllllllll  ,luini 11,01.1.
.IuIi.'n nniili.wimi iiornur tn .1, A, MkUiiiiiiIiI'h
llllul, UlclH-iiNi I'hlllln, Himlli; thiilii'uHili'lialiiii
MIHl I tlllllll'U HII'llllillH lllll'tlll tlll'IM'll K. I iiIiiiiiin
wenl to thn in,lnt nf I'liiiiiiiiiiicniiiiint, iln>
wliiildeniitiiliiliiu ilio iim'iih,
.Iniiii H.OI1III11I1I, I.iimitor,
H, K, Cllvnr, Aucnt,
Si'pt Mh, llum »~l.|
hv -Hid woplr nr montli,
Mrs. Clark V^L
f New Westminster, B.C.
Affiliated with Toronto University
itiKCKIVKS   boili I.iulio.   nnd (ioiiiK>iiHin its Resilient or txtx Dny
*r_   ui...i_..i_     Ifjii. « cniiinlele   riiiuiiiurcinl   or Httsincii-.   Courne.
yfCfi   SluJeni* - .. - ,..,..„   —.-..
*|"V Prop.'irc*. slinlontH to uniu IVnclier'H CcrlificafCM ol nil I'twlti*. In
nrtilinilrin wilh Toronio University—nivcH ilia fnur \fiiri.* rtmrHU for llio
H. A. ili^rt-e, nnd lhc ..rut )'c;ir oflfic. Ti>rni)Ui SlI.-ou! oi Sciuiicu. Ud*. «
spccl.'il "Vmsrierlnr's Cntir<,e" fnr Minors who wurk it) U. C. Instruction
(-Iveii in Art, Mtii.ii-', riiyciciil itilluri) nnd Kl win ion. For Calendar He,
.uldn'-.s -'Ciiluinblnii Colli'';c,"   Term openw Sept.  171I1,  11106.
ffevnie, 38, ■<?.
Davey & Laderoute
c|i       ig»
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :   :
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uro iii'iilo, qii'hilllij.i ilium iu tho
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in Uic World
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ICllipiVSN   111   Iivlilllll,   Snv.   211(1,
l.iilio Uric, }iov.  mill.
Kirst rnl.iii %$ and iip-vnnls ;u-
«»rillii.r to Mi-.n,,,,'.,*; ,ii, olnss ,,,,,„„.
('fs (iiitoriimliato S,|.JlS0. „,.„,„,, ,,,,,.
'". >-I.S mid ii|",\vnnl,':; thinl cluss,
>=fi.5«i u.-,.l J!.8.7s Apply „t ,„uv f,„*
fur lllii.'itniiotl lioolilot, .doKoriptivo of
our superior Tl.-„1 Class accomiitu-
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96   Hours
to  Quebec
0d. i.stli aiid Nov, niii.
I'or iiul a ilod, 'iifoiiiinlii.ii ainl lm- !i
rosjiviilioiis fnr train or l.onis nii'ly
In lot-nl njriiii, or writii
1*    V    \ ,   Vil-cn
V„ .1. COVr.K, A. rt.M».  A.,
VnncoiiviT, ll.C.
Tlie. contrnc-i--.nl of Fertile -will
plcux taka notice that Alter April
Ht, I'M tht Carptnten ond Join-
:rH of I'tinlc I.ocul i)30 will de*
mam! four doll-mi (f oo) for el-*ht (8)
Iiuurn' wurk,
U. B, ot C> 3. U. VJ30, Kernie.
MIliiiI'. T.lDtini'Bt for    iwli! ev-ry*
•IIAKWNOTIOK lliiit iuiliiys n-|,.r (|„|<( f |„.
*. tmiil In imnli' in tl. „ i»i.|,f.|i ...   ' i
nl lm ml. iiiiii Wni-loi lm* iii.|*iiiJ»»|i',,,V"jii' ii'iiV-
KnTw,",^ ,,,l,,, '" U"ull,,
imhb'VV-.'.'-'il'i. i'"*,l I".'"1 ,,,nVt,!l1 •"•, •■"' WeMI.
J ii lini Klk II jur, iiIioiii. iliri'ii mll.-n \,„u>w
(.inn, MI'lifnr.-'tf iirn-iiniiil nn,'iiml imirki>il
TIkiiiihh ('niliiiii Niirih-Aw horiior, il'i'i..*!,
Him i lUoliiiliM. lliLiii'ii Kii»l 4iKi|iiilim. Hiiiiii'u
.Nnrlli iilmiit Mcliiilim tn thn Imnli of Klk Itlv-.r
llii'iii'ii iiliiiii* xni.l lunik In tlio iiinro «f (,(,ni.
nilllll'flllllllll, l'llll|)l|ll||||( *J||| Hi'llH lui.tc I.f I..*.
H«'|il • !>.». H""). TIIHU4H t-iiVlUN
TAKKNOTK'K Hull iln .Invdnf/cr ,1m*,. f ln-
li'itit in miiilv lii llio ».|,|..f l,V,iniii(.,|„ii,.r
rifLniuN niul U<irk« lur l.nrnidi.l.iii i„ |„lr.
rliutP llm fmlli-wiiiif iIimtIIic'.' Imnl liiHi.iilli
K««| Kyntin.iv.-
Cnniiiiiiiciiii' /il n iiiifl |ilfititi'.| ,4 t||„ W)„t
liiiliK nf Kk lllii'ral.i.iiMi'ii mil,., i„,riii ,-t
*Y'*,'*,\. WitlBi'tl'i' |ir«-«iiiiiiltiiii, niul inHrlii.l
'Inlnit'riiliiili Nnrlli \W«t I »iiii*r,lli£iiii,s,.iilli
• 11 Ij,iIiik, Iiiiiii w Kiitt I'ii-Iiiiiii«, ilUiii-ii .Soiili
nlmiit S'. I'liiilnx to tlm Imnli nf Kll< (Hi,.,,
llllllll'lt   llllilia »-»i.l   I'tHtk III UlB   |,|N|.ft   «,| «'„|||'.
iii^ni-cini'iit hikI rmiiiiJiiliiK l<«< win* inoi« „r
H.itii.l A11 uli ft I '.tint, V,mI j„)iu (',„■„,„
Kinu-iil's I.inintcni cures coM, clc,
fca* titf/t f _"-*J( _
__BU Supplement tothe Fernie Ledger
"VOL.   i.
KE1_XII<;, 15.  C,    OCTOBER 10,1906.
' No. 3.
If, deifx reader, vou have   not   yet
taken a'stroll aloii<; Kiverbank Aveii-
lie durini ihe     last week, do so    at
cn:e.   Vou will  tlun lie  able'to    see
on* of.the finest. pictures ever painted on a natural canvas.
'   Tn.* bright shades of-yellow rr.itg.ing
in tint  from.the faintest .change  from
tha original* green ot  the  leaves    lo
■ tli.» lull, ripe yellow of, llu: leaf   just
before it. lets go its lingering, loving
hold up-on the pari-nL stem to mingle ,
."with those that have gciu before are'
all .'there. -    4,
.,'lii u in. llu midst of this tumultii-
011s mingling of tlu yellows you will
see' baul.s of the il.irk grei 11 of tlie
.sptuce. On closer inspoclioii you will
discover th. delicate fealh'-'ry yellow
of ill.; dying tainarni- foliage.
Looking down front llu river Lank,
11 grand picture of Huso yellow and
da*i*p groins is to liu seen, with th."
touch of human vandalism ■UVougJit to
mind by llu big huriier smoke-stacks
an 1 mill of th:: Klk. Lumber C0111-
pi.iiv, whiih -ad.ls variety to tli* seino
r.nd ' reminds on.' th.it though the
haves are dying, not all is death.
. tn.' .gazes u 1*011 in ilint great natural
picture. ...     •    -
With all ihis rioting in gorgeous
colors c'loso ai luUitl, and tlit ."f.izand
inline with ill. saini- coloring' soften-
id by distance, arranged as a 'background, no finer picture could lie
lound anywhere.
Tlu Ledger Kid thought as.lu stood
gazing upon that glorious sight, that
lu would,, like to ,iirii\v llu scene up-'
cn his slate with colored pencils and
Iran-for it to the Night. Cap, but
Xbc.e are th'ii's that even tlu Ledger
Kid dare not attempt, and tliat is
rnj of llum.
Ilut the picture i.s there,'the free
gift of* tin,.most "merciful Maker of
all that is beautiful iu this wochk
Xo company can seeme control of it
rnd turn-it to vile'commercial use or
monopolize it. Xo, not 'even in Kernie, where-monopoly is in-the water,
,   ilu smoke, the light, ami in the	
Hello; no preaching!
If you haw. a' friend visiting- the
citv lc sure he gels 11 glimpse, of that
picture,,before it fiwles to return no
more till another year', .shall have
brought another crop of foliagxi ■■ for
cn that clause by tlu Coleman man-
agem.ni and th. men working under
it is the only true cue, and the' one
thai was beyond doubt intended-
Will llu Xews, while it has' its-"endeavor"  (it ou, and before the   fever
dies down loo much, "endeavor"    t\>
. ' t
explain to "fair-iniiiiU'd people"   why
is th.it ilu same clauses used iii^A
afraid that your visitor will, not like
tlu picture, or that lie can duplicate it
tnywh'-rc .else. There is" oiily. oiie such
picture, and we have it for a little
while each-year. Enjoy it and share
it' willi your friends,   ■ ".;'.,
The melon colic  days .(ire here,
Wlin stomachs ach*-" and  swell;
When all tin kids H'in to fear
'lhat ut night; tluy won't feel well.
The Ledger reproduces on another
page the staleiniiU of District President Sherman, which appeared in yesterday's Nelson Xews.
A cnre'til rending ol Uie Ledger's
review of the sitimlinii will ■ show
th.it'Mr. Slu*.miili liti jtislilied in His
As lu'alleges, the so-cnllelt verbut-
im icport, fragiiioiits of which have
' Iv-eli' publish.d, was n report mnde by
'Air. Lindsey's orders liy his own steii-
< grit] hers, nnd rcvisul by tlmt gi-n-
tlciuiui iiiinsi.lt, and il he expects people to inkc 11 few fiiiitenci's quoted
from that report ns kin-,' suilicient
to iiiaibli* people to form nn ticeiirale
jttdgiiuiU of nil Uiul lo»k l>lnf**i ,1'*>
.will lind that lie will lie discredited,
excepti'i*.; l»y si'f'i IH-opU* ns nre prejudiced In llie mailer,
Tlu Nel'tm News, In coitiineiiliiig on
Mr. Slurmn.rs slnti'iiiciil, says that
•'tli> iiiiire fully tlu dirts of the ens.
nre illsciihseil, etc., He,
\\luro do.-s tlie News gel '^
"fnctH?" Krom nit oHicc eiuliloyee
of llie Crow'.. N'esl l'nss Conl   Cnin*
I in 11 v.
It' iil'iii says it Imn endeavored to
puUitdi nil 'thn fuels, C.r-'iil .Uhuvi 111 Wli.it tx cne-sl'li'd, iiiislendiiig
•iiom. of sl'ilT we would lmve luut Nerval up to us If llu New!* .iimi nol "«.-
H.avof.d" lrtil Iiml |MHl »■•■"» smli"
imiitH lluit were eoi*fil up hy "lie
hide to this i-oliti'oWi'H.v uud sol Uum
liolore llu iMinplo wlllimil .W-H 1,m*
"wulettvorin*-,'' wU.it 11 ,l**i**Vu wo",',
lc lul
Tli ..uk Cod  mi''   llu *vU(m  Nuws
for its- '•I'liiU-nvnrlii'-" (■uiillficntioii'-'!
con ract between the men and file
management of a company in tli3
sams locality;' end which is. operated
.m..der the snpei visit n of the same district officers' as is this 611.3 here in
1'vinie, is interpreted as a- part of a
contract, and thai a . nir.11 ,<g,n,s
it as a ci.'iitraet, and the work 'goes
rn with.Mtt a- hitch or a stoppage,,
wliile^lli.' same wording,' same signing, the saiir- sujiervisit 11 by therSamo
ollicers loads to cessation or opera*
lions, not only in the mines and
'iViiis here, but if continued, lo llie
floMiy "of other mines and smellers,
and to lhe loss of railroad trallic?
This.is- the i/losliui that hard-licad-
_d smeller nu-n and iniiis managers
will.be justly asking of .Mr. Lindsey,
and they wiil not be satisfied with
the wonderful "endeavor" put forth
by the 'News.
' TU.it check-oil clause as it occurs in
the. body of the agreement and repeated in a much more definite way   be-*
fore the men' signed  the contract, as
tliey .expressly  term   it,  is sufficient
lo satisfy * any  "fair-minded"  man,
and wh 11 it  i.s >Jiown  that the    cor-'
r^ct interpietation of  it,  as exemplified by actual experience at Colemnn,
causes r.o shut   down or strike,   and
inaiiv "fair minded" or foul, lias not
a  1 g  to staiid  on  in  opposllian    to
lh.it   interpretation.
■'r.)(.a't forget that wh-.11 Mr. Lindsey
rcfiisl"'! to consider a part "of a   contract'drawn'by himself, as a part of
that contract,  that he   is the gcnllc-
111..U about wlionr it might b-e asked,
"Of*what value is a contract  signed
l-y this man."   ■'
Sol. 11111 i-ndeiiai-iiigs, be hajitf-d!   ■
'Ill's same gentleman* has signed obligations     iir the. shape of deeds    to
property here  in Kcinic and goes   c.n
paying  the  taxes,'collecting  the  r.n.
and ""sell'n-*- the property to oilier people,'and  flippantly  asking- frotii ., the
public plalfoini,  "Do you think I'was
dont  yesterday?"
Well,   judging' from   the   I:eaui.ifully_
liTitddie-Tl rcrco: d~I"iias~'ma"de^wiTir
th,it (hock-off business, we would .be
induced' to' answer, "Xo, you were
born today,
To the Xews we would say, "If at
first yoi di.-n't. succeed in ynur "cn-
d.avor|rtry, itry, again.
l.a-t night's Nelson'-Xews has. a
report ol Superintendent. nrinnan's
reply 10 President Sliieriiiaii's state-
iiuiit the clay before', and thus this
war of words goes lii. Mr. l.rinnnn's
statimint winds up as follows:
"Mr. Sh.niiitn is now making frantic efforts to find some plausible
ria'':oit     lur calling his men out   on
'liis llosmer Townsite Companv', as
will be seaii bv our advertisin.r "col-
limns, are placing lots iu the 'now
townsite" 011 the market. llosmer is1
situated eight miles' up tlu- railroad*
from Keinie, and thev, is alreadv ii
jiost office arranged for, and a station agent and tel-.graph oporato:-has
been station.d there within the last
week to accommodate the demands o5
the public. **"
lhe Pacific Coal and Coke Coni-
p-nny, a subsidiary of the C. I', li.
Co., have 100 men at work at that
place developing their largo coal deposits, au.l next summer will see another big coal 111'ne* in active operation just across the uiilroad from
the new town  of llosmer.
Skend  and      Johnson,   of   Calgary,
a stunning pi oik in the electric light
CH...1  lhe hello business.
Anyway,  Kernie     people will    now
understand   why      their    pockctl-.ooks
look" and feci like they had had their
bottomsciamiii'-d  out  of  them-   after
.lohnnv  Williams has made his rcgu-
n ■ .
Iar monthly butt  at  them,,
The   Led ,er  Kid's  pocket looks like
"to cents alter one of those butts.
Soinel ody ' has Icon report ng the
pro:eidin.^s of- a trial in the police
court whiih has piogressul only so
far as the examination ol two wit-
n:ss,s nnd h.is I.e. 11 tiiljr.uin^d. This
is all rij.ht, and if lire reporter
hadn't l.o 11 so forgetful about some
have pure-lias;d tlie Alec, lllack    tini- !0f iiu.  .viil-nce brought out,  and    so
ber limits and mill, situated nr th
river 11.ar dr.- new town, and will
.lnpiovo and oporato the mill to its
full capacity, and the Pacific Coal
Company are putting in a saw mill
of llieir own. . 'lhe now town will
start tiff with the best of backing
and is sure to grow to goodly proportion,,  and  in due course of   time
IJ ' , 1
have aldermen to spank and mayors
to pass on into oblivion becauso they
don't do what everybody wants them
to.' .1     °
The townsite company ecu "lists of
,T. Ii. Lawry, president; .los. Jean,
vice-president; J. l.arbcr, treasurer;
J. {■>. 'Volume, secretary; and directors..T. A. Hroley," Y. White and P.
li.  Li-ndic.
A. II. Cree, the original purchaser
of ihe .groun-1 from lho' C. X. V. V.. L,
& V. Co., is the sole agent'for the
sale of lots, which begins next Men-
day. As announced in the advertisement on the lack-page of 'h; Ledger, the prices range from Sioo, to
53-0, and business lots are 30x100
feet, while residence lots are"5°xioo
Let. The mtfn busin ss street-is 70
feet wide, and all others are do feet
in width..- ■
There is a hotel already built, and
in .operation, and several houses will
soon be up.
Take the advise, of    the iv.lvciUsers
and -get" in   quick, il you   want a  lot
at bottom figures.
now- is, this n'o.w lown'dte, in a tent
ntid amuse, himself playing tricks ou
a bluejav that h.wl got in_ the habit
of calling on him jusl about meal
time. That bliiejay finally ad-nired
sufficient eoiilid nee in the Kid to
take'' eViiliibs of bread out of his
hands aii'd'.s'ay "thank you" wilh his
tail'. One day the Kid placed a small
mirror against a little stump where
Mr, Jay could take a look at himself as 'reflected from the glass, and
waited development. \\h;",i tlie jay
saw himself ns others saw him Jie
was at once all ru Iliul up nud ready
for fighl. After a few sidesteps back
and forth in Ironi of the glass, evi-
denllviiilttubd ns a bluff', he hopped
ct.ck-.siire ot the nature of some of
the othor, he uiigiht have crept into
the confidence of some people as an
impartial follow burning uo with a
d.siro to clean the mud off' the gar-
men's of moih.T truth after .she had
made a trip through the police court
'i'iis Ledger Kid will he sent down
to that court some of theso days, and
if he can't, bring back a better and
morn re'V'-lable' report he will be
s'p; n'-.ed and put in the garret with
the cats over night.
Some people 'never know when a
jjun i.s loaded, and persist in blowing
in the mir/./lc till lhe th'iig g*oos off
at half-cock and spoils a handsome
face or mixes up a fellow's brain*:
with rood dirt.
lie digged a pit
lie digged it deep,
lie  digged  it" for anolhir-
Hiit for his sin
lie did fall in
'ilu pit he digged for 'tolher.
Short  meter—all "sing.
'Ilia Kernie correspond.nt of* the
Xebon Xews wired that paper, oiie or
'.hose fair-minded .statements as 'to
the interview between- the m'n-rs
i.nion officials and Mr.  Lindsey.
The Xews " h:aded the telegraphic
re-port wilh a scare neading readin;;
thus: "Looks " like treachery; Sherman admits having withheld important informal itn, etc., etc."
'Ih'n" lhe communication goes on
wi h a reiteration of a part of one
side of lhe conversation wliiili took
place before lhe contract was arrived
nt,"1 and says Hi.-nnan admits not
having toid Air. Mitchell or the nun
that lie aud J olios hid made'pronrisos
that ■ then: would 1-c no iliscriiiiina-
tii n hetwein union ; m.l nc.ii-uiiioii
111.11 during the life of the contract.
Will the Xi-lson '.'Xews cease lhat
herculean effort at fairness long
enough to li Ip lhe Ledger drag out
of Mr. Lindsey tlie. whole of the report of these • conversations which
took place be'ore that contract, was
M^nod, so that other people besides
the Xews, can arrive at an unbiased
judgment ol what took place?
II the Xews would refuse to take a
Quibbled, I'lio.'.sid.d report of conversations which aro said to have taken
place, until the ,/wdiolc is produced
meantime, taking llie cr.ntract as it
stands os being the embodiment of
the essence of what led up ,lo it. as
anv court would do,- it might lay
claim to the possession of a fair mind
in this instance,
Such scare heads and such one-sided
reports 'end only to wrong impressions, and to .•■ hi Ring blame from
where it rightfully belongs, to the
shoulders  of   innocent  men.
— o	
It isn't  the Pope of liomc iu    thc
cast, but the roam of Pope    in    the
causes seine uM. P.'s to sit*
guessing wh'ii     next    the
lij-Jtiniiig will'strike among the trees.
w.st that
up nights
If lho outside newspapers want to
have impartial report!;-, of what goes
on relat-in'-f to ihe strike here,    thev ,
had taitj^tsLjeaius^n^^
It is about time now for iho special correspondent-of the'Xclson Xews
to announce that-another car .came
n.ar bucking oil the end of1 .the coal
chute track, or that Mr. Lindsey got
strike, but he can' rest assured   that I right over the' top of both glass   and
of' jugigling on his pnrt [stump.   No other bird theii'! He
no 'amoiiuf
wifl disguise the  fact  that
broken fnith with this company nnd
forced hundreds of men to walk llu
streets in idleness,"
After the display of juggling by
the cire'iilur route, which h.is been
indulged iu by MnU.iger Liudyey, the
lawyer with' a "legally iniined
inilid" to make n muddle that people'with untrained minds cannot sec
through, this is refreshing-
Wo have the spectacle, whicli would
be (utilising if it were not so near disastrous results, of 11 lawyer trying to j Truly, tli: world "'do iiinye,':
make it .lppciir th.il it is nil right to |tlu snn does or not-
have people sign n cotitrncf- with hiin
walked slowly back to the fion.t nf
the glass, ti ok another look, tli .11
Hew up on to Uie bra-nch' of, a tree
near by and g.wc the wholo thing. Uie
yaw, ynw*. He i-nine Lack, after, hut
paid nol llu slightest attention to
lhe bird in 1I12 glass*   Tie s«*-'ii'd   U12
And now, that same Kid, after tlio
lapse of only five years, Is writing
about the new town of llosmer mil
ilu new industries which have sprung
up where    hi' jokwl   with   ili-'_  j«>'-
Will llie' N'ewit give H|iueii l» tlu
l.ci^er'iirtiile, so llml people cull see
1 oih Hides ol tliis ruwf If *1>« K"*, ■
a paper 01 f»pi-riiii«.yii.Ml ukh< t'»-
/.u:» ...*. iw. *»'-■ J.^V'- ««*i "J'.",J*'V<;!.
tin-in (li tli.tr race value, il would, il
i.nprcjudicod, Utn forced to the xame
rimi'ltiHloii. Had it Intu-n llw trouble
tn find out that Mr, Mndwy'ij '(piotn-
Witti, 'lldlll       it  H'W^^rt-i-ii'""  AlA     t\-,.s
(OH.(titiitu 11 contract, nnd tl»al tliose
lr,i'giiiilits of coiiversnllon are hut nn
infinitcMiinnl l>«it «'• «',l(,t ,,,<* ln l,,°
ngre.iiieiil, it miu'il I* '» « l»c»siti«>n
to l.e believed us lm|mrtinl.
Hnd the N««'-i   fiikcn  ll" cli *ck-nn
riant- u* l« ow"r» {n ■-■•* hnAi' "f -hc
ngrcouieiil, and the mm" ''""w "*'
mlai-iMl hy Mr. lMsey bimsiit nt
the •.W'.ie'-t o( Hie uiilmi, nnd which
is ntinrlMM to ihnl ngrceimnt and
n'rJtx.A hy the nun n» « l»n» "I « c«>"'
irutt, it would lx-' ■?""••' *° tr"lie to
th* Haw. concMsfon .h-ir or.liniry
IH-oiiteuIioikn't preltivlto xo nmtli
of iln "ciidiiivoi" spirit, unl
iKit h, xh.\X tlio mumrciaiitii-iilai-.il
which lliey verbtilly agree not to
lie spends dnys arriving nl a nit-
I'ltisifti with ilt.-se un'.ruiiiodnini ns
lo wh.it ..lull go In Ui'e'cniilrncl, witlu
a side iiiid«i'stiiliii:iy all tlle time Unit
llu lOiilmct Is not lo lv followed
Xow, iili't tli.it Ilia evidence of, u
Virilliniu  mind legally iruin.d.'
How llu snnie lawyer would mill
1,ml tare before a.,jury if lie were itct-
hijr for a 1lie.1t ' wim Imd a writu-n
loiilrnel wliicli lu wish.d iiiJiiri.-d
md llu oilier party Ind sel up' tlie
pica th.it it had Lei" verlvnlly ngrood
.li il llu wrilt-.n eoiiiruct was nol xo
be adhered to, or thai iiilvuntaKo was
mil to be taken of a clati.ve Loin,,' lefl
out wliicli had been iiiclud.d in a
former coiiintcl.
Who is tlu luugh mi, nny way?
A' la\v>er is complaining that llu ,
other pnrly to n eoiiiruct with him.
mill which in i'oiii|ii)Mil »f layimii, |
arc iii.M.tiiii'' on loiiiiwiiig *>ii.' t.t.n-
It.tii it).... tb.) h,ul i,>wii)i>m-A ii.d
lo tuke advalitiige of H. W1»J*' ''^"'l
llu lawyer, wli.i is -ni|.»o(Ml t» know
nil aUiut .-.uclt lU.»«H, }»4Vu ill*' "K1"'"-'"
m 11 embody nl) tlmt w«k ll.-cessnry
\u ]nouci mh hhwi-*. nnviv-iift, o xn
diilii't want til-Ill to (llHcriiniinte
nguliiM iK.ii-ii'iinll llli"?
lie Icin shown him-d-lf it Very l»(>of
Inwyc iu ullowiuj* tiiirh a cofttrwt lo
,.0 inlo force liy Hi|*it*'n.jr; It <m\ >*bub
,,' hi-, rniiipiiiiy unlew!, ^?r« In more
to iltlH story ilnin \\} yiuWIc nm
.iw.trc of.
'lhe prvH.iu-i' of llu cUc^i'ft *'hiuse
in Ih* lody of lV.it ftjt»<i;l»i*f1.t. „ a»d
fi.s (iiliirgiiunl nx ml),*.^ ny'tlii* ■"<'»
wli.n th.y sli»'*' 'lint tbi-y sign ih-*
•'U>ri-\,o'tig -i^n-i»iii»iti" tolls lhe nth-
Vl-  ',ii|:  nf  tlle  l.'.OI'V,  .U'.il  tb.it    Willi
lawyer's reliwal to treat tlm* *»l*,«,i-
tures in ih.' comma ns hiiidiiig, pnt**
th* ilmfl'in/ jiKt ulioie it Ub tt/,*..
it 11 man buys a house and a lot
ili/.l swenrs he i'i the registered mtn-
cr, mid the imill who sells il to him
si ill collects the mil and pays the
tux di il, of what use i.-JUie prop-
uly to lhe mail win swears that he
is the ownei?
A whole lol. Ho Pfin vote its h
told mil won't have to worry
taxes, reiliK'Uoti.*- of NM f)l' Uie
voyixxj d.niiili'ls of 11 nipnelous lm-
diit who iliunoi'*. for iuw wallpaper,
iuw palm or a now hole for n stove-
pi|k', 'lie can go lo bid nl night anl
it'»t worry iilonl litsiiriuu-e polioio*.
riiiiii'ii;,' mil or lire running lu l"
loiisiime whal he diii'l cure u
for, (ixeepl when a water by-law
up for rniisiili'i'iitioii     and voles
Nice elllA'ii to have (he pnwor   lo
J,.l|/ .'-'I'lis     ii.h.i fvlJ.'u   i" "'!-   ''•■*-
'11 i^h' or-, ihii'-
revolting who is not connected directly with cither side of the dispute.
I'or' a newspaper to-take its reports
firm a paid ollicial ,of the Coal Company and label' thorn impartial statii-
niiius, is to do as the Tore. 11 to Globe
has Leen caught doing, lndeling out
colored reports ol' ono side of a con-
trovursy in its news columns, while
trying to create th: 'impression
through, its editorial department that
it is (.ndeavor'ng to play fair.
Tha Xews has only "one fair course
to lake. Iu the'absence of a full report of what led up-to the ccntract,
tin contract itself nnis'. be taken as
binding, and if the Xews would lake,
those oiiciilar statements, compare
them wilh the ci.ntract aud with llu
'iit.rprelnlirit of the same kind of a
contract in force nt a neighboring
mine, and compare the present con-
dit'.ous at' the two, places, ronictiiber-
ing tint the same union ollicin'ls are
dealt with in l.oih instances under
tlu same, c-nlrnpt, it might be able
to arrive at alt impartial conclusion
nnd take Mr, Sherman's name out of
th'i'so scare head linos and insert that
of same other follow.
The Ledge! is not lhe elmmpioii of
anv indiviija'-l in this contest, It
hji dif.ijn.il wiih Mr, .Sluriiiiiii in
iiniiiv things daring the pnst year,
especially on political matters, bu*
bteait.se it has not been nble to agree
with him In su.h things is no reason
tint it should now join a tirade
iiginitisi liim when thi welfare «f "
wlv'e provin.-o is adeeled , hy Midi
iiclini, and (also Impressions are al-
low.'d to lv fixid i" the,minds of llm
piople its to who is to blame for tlu
1 rouble,
Xews man was
' a fiioo/e.
If a man buys a lot and swears he
is the registered owner, and the man
who sold h'm llu lot pays, the tax on
il and sells it to somebody else, who
does i1. 1I1.11 belong to, "and where
did tint iegi.sU.T_d owner get off at?;
Masy as rolling off a log, lie got
off at the polling booth,,
Kveryhody sliould road willi care
and ponder over tlu article devoted
to a review of the causes whiih led
up to the stopping of work here and
in. Michel. D.-n'i make up you*- mind
Hint tkere is only rue side to this
'question, as some people seem to bn-
ilieve. A careful reading of.the ar-
Itiele referred lo will clear a great
'innliy false impressions flM.Ued by
th it circular warfare.
It's awfully easy tn lwcoiiie a member of tlu  Liberal  Assoeinlioii   down
in London.   All ynu have to do is tn
prove    that ,.  you  disapprove of  the
.'ostcr-ropo-1'owcll niai'.hod of rolling
trust funds 1111 Insurance companies.
See Collin-, got your Sm, nay Si foi"
InieiiiUu'ship duos,  nnd (here you nre,
No i.iicstinii.-i asked, i.iiless some prying sen of .1 Tory goes poking   his
nose   ii'.our.d     trying to find a Grit
who is iih mean ns that .'osier gang
so iih lo i.nl'iU.e up   hugs; thu-. there
is trouble.
liy tlu way, now, what . lire the
(■luiiifii'atli'ii*. required for menibeiship
iu -jImt i.ni'x.-'tisivi', opoii-pockolod,
l,(,nd.1i  Liberal  Assoii.ilioii  anyway?
Could 11 mi'inker of the l'Vinie poker
••lull hope for fiivoiablo neeinn on his
application  for  iiioiiiheiship, or would
M_.-s.ntiiiii.-  tlun-  is   no trouble    nl   h. he high-lulled out of Uie game
That malt Coll'm would have made
l.o.klclor feel  rockier than  lhe l.ock-
ies if It.' had litiii'd his allentioii   lo
country   111 11 ii*..i|Uenee   is 'liitii iiiNtcnd ol low limnire,' If   Col-
wiih losses which    mny I linn li.td niined high, ho  .votild   have
li.-nd A    i-fl Mingy and   his timlH-r
nnd  mnde ciiplnins of*   fiiiiiiice
n r*1
Mr. Lindsey staled in Unit fiimou- |
ayih nl May e1iiiliuii.ii ol wind*, ami
wiiKl, that tin- waler business didn't
pay very much,, il nnv piolil.
Lnml Cuminissloitor Mcl'.voy slated
li'.orv llu l.oind of i*.|imli/ali(iii nt
Vniuouvir tint the coal nud cok.* part
if ih: l,U'.t'll.*.'i.» p.iid (111) il little i.m-I'
3 \wr I'lltt. of tlu 10 per nlil, ilivl-
drfUl  p.»id  \ciil'.>   by  tlle  Colli     Coilt-
pniiy. We'll mil it y, per cent, lo U*
sure, 'lint l.aivd ",\'t \*.r mil- in 1*'
iw'w.l hy a process which Mr. Mc-
Hvoy or his nltom.-y, Mr. lli-dwoll,
rnll««l lhe iniiiifu'.itii ll of ill-* siil.sid-
inrv <iiiiip.niiv». X"*, 11 ivi k.\\\. <■!
5.t.S*»i''nA' »** S*f^*i.5<io. nml as Mr.
f.imls.iv -.ai-*, iii'l'" 1'••i'i 111111I1 nn in-v
in iii.- *,*'.<) U-iiia"-. ilnr.  nm-il  I.-
Col,man, wine tlu same contract is
\e\if i.dll.ied lo us is b-'ilvg    l'i-olu'»
nl  l'Vrnlo     and Midiel hy somebody,
unl   ihe   country   in
face to fn***-
11:11 '11 o million*.
T1.AI)KS    ANI)   1,AIM)K   COI'N'CIL. ;
Wcdn sd.iy night, in Minors' t'liioti
Mall, a iti.o'.ing was h.-ld by Urgaii-
i.'ti- W. T, Tmli'i', of Wliiirp.',',
whiih was largely atKinKd.
'litis, llig1.-. i.ivtt.ii.d Uie diitr, mi'l
.,„   i,i,l.   -id.lt    '"'i   n'-i'l-"-   »"'' "■*'•■
wits d li.vt.d bv Mr, Tinlu-r, u!t-r
which H w.'s dec ded to nr\uit\ ie n
Tl uiles i.iul La! or Council '.nr I'.T
l'rovisi'iinl deh-giil.s wore upioii.-
1   f,„',i    h'   m'ti'     unrVi-rs    lu-wi-ri
fray," Cliff Edwards* feels like four
dogs on a slag dump and no handcar in sight.
Kd. Dilse, the -bonanza rancher from
Sand Creek and .Tawljone Coulee ami
h's fighting - dog; Roddy, were Kiko
visitors  this  week.
Tlw Lester Display Companv played
to a'crowded house in 'Kiko, and '90
per cent, said they would go again
and pay their little 4 bits lo see lhe
same'.»how again. Ilut then little
things pleases  little minds,
Ilance Vickery,' for lhe last ten
years a well known tie and lumber
ccnltactor, of Kiko, departed from
his old stamping grounds, while lhe
ooitkoo clock was .sounding 22.^0 at f
cents per loot, and loft for the Const
to enjoy  a  well-earned  rest.
Old I'aiiucr Cotntossal was in Kiko
with a big load ui citron and n.ptash.
He iinlc.ad.cl' at the Roosville Cash
Store and refused to stay in town
over night, saying it might bo cloudy
today, but tomorrow il might b-e so
dog-gon • foggy vou couldn't see your
hand  behind your  back.
.1. C. Carruthers, of Victoria, drop-
peld into Kiko Saturday niglu like a
feather front a flying goose and went
alter orders lor working nun's furnishings like a swamp nigger chasing
a coon. He left Kiko Monday for a
brief visit to the sawdust factories
on tne 1 anks' of the Kootenay.
Frank Church, the head packer for
the McKwaii exploring expedition,
was in town .Sunday, and stated lhat
a mulligan prepared by Spence Lyons was a gastroiiiouic dream that
lulls one into a stale of blissful complacency and loaves lhe mind at rest,
the heart easy, and the .stomach ci.n-
Allien Mut/., manager of Uu Fori
Steele brewing Co., was around sell-
iiiL> soda wator fuzes to the shy locks
of this saintly city. Herb Kullerton,
who was in town at the same- time
selling carpet tacks, talked him to
the hind scat of"' the Klk livery rig,
and started • out to Jaflray. They
arc. sure a haul pair to l*at.
A'brand now'felt hat was^excban.g-
\A at cue of" our hotels ' the other
iiig.il, and to date has 'not lieen return.'... If" the present .owner " sliould
devout wish that" tho lightning from
above may strike through the hat'
.11 o his miserable skull and conviii.e
liim he is a low-dowrli thief and a
dis'Tace to an honest hat.
Tire atmosphere that- permeated the
Hui 11 oy dance was o( the genuine old
Scotch • hospitality, which is* rarely
seen., 111.so dais, Kveryhody said that
ihev 111 joyed the dance more than any
they h.tye atteiiiLd for a long lime.
Th: lumber jacks arc starting to
roll into Kiko and going south to
the mills, The logging nimps will
new! about four thousand, men this,,
".'Ire Columbin Hotel dance was a
grand success and well attended. .The
fair sex was there cn masse. Of the
..no hiindrid and twenty-live lhat sat tju, c--_v
down' for supper, 75 per cent, were
ladies, mid the gUils were in great
demand, and the tired looks tluy'
dr.ig.--od around would bring tears to
a Chinese god, aud drive a respect-
able willinin goat into nervous pins-
1 ration. Mr, aud Mrs, lliinuy, who
gave the dniu'e, nre royal entertain-
c'rs. ..II, L. Stcpli.ns, of Calgary,
was M. C, and proved himself a past
master at tho business.
Ardiie McVitlie and l'reil llowmiiii
left for llu Vlallund coal Holds, imd
will le g(.iu until they retimi.
I), .1, Kliiior was in Kiko trying; to
induce the g'.iunil public to reduce
David I latum to ashes. The language
Iw uses while taking orders seems to
How from hun like lhe Klk river (ill
liighwalei) from  its eloitial source.
Scveial gintloiuvii with shoestring
|,:.n** aecodiits, tin stop watches nnd
(liuilis like a'ship's cubic iicinss iholi
ves h, passed through l'.lko oil iheir
way to Spokano. May ('mil
lit.'lTV (ll Spnkulie,
lhe people of Kernie and the minors
who are idle arc: taking the situation
with philoso] hlcabiiuioiness. The idle
minors are demonstrating iheir ability to endure a most unpleasant eon- ■
dition wilh the, fortitude which is
born of a* desire to.be a-good ciii/.eii,
whatever mav have to be 'endured.
That many dillering^opinii.n* are
eiitortaiu-d even among the, i.nion
m.n can not but be expected, but
t lings are every day. demonstrating, to
oulsid rs a devotion to the principle
of unionism which is now undergoing
a severe'trial, which is surprising to
th.se who may have Ucn entertaining
hopes lll.ll the-union-would go in
pices upon the rocks of discord.
, lli-y evidently >.ee that th.ilr hope
ol success lies in their presenting a
iinit'.d front lo their adversary, and
so far they' have shown thoir ability
liw-.AJ -o, and to_respeci tho laws of
the land.
'Uu streets are very quiet, no disorders of ally kind arising, and very
litlie discussion of the situation1 is
being indulged  in on tho streets.
'Ihe Ledger hopos that those conditions will ■ continue until the idle
days aro over, and the men arc Ixirk
to work Vain'ng .• the dollars froiii
which the merchants ami oilier business men -r:f tlw town obtain their
'Ihe Ledger believes that a few days,
or, at farthest, weeks, will see the,
end, which will lw a good on.;, and iu
the meantime let everybody look,
hope and talk for the best.
■ "Wait till" the- clouds roll by,
'Ihi 'ball "j*ivcii by the Knglish
iliurch people ' last ■ Friday night iu
Stork's "Hall was*a very pleasant affair, well "attended, and a financial
Three' little bo\s, all in one cot,
One is handi-onie, Uie others are not.
All want to boycott Ledger Kid Mott
One is a tinner,   '
One is not;     ' ■> ,
'lhe other's a sinner,
And thoy all, hate Mott.
One has gone away
Hut tlu others both slay,
To s.-e what  will  happen
On some other dav,
,  _ 1
One got mad,
Wasn't  that sad!
Wh 11 his boycott,
Was worked liv the lot.
W. TX. Ferric, of Vancouver,  is    iu
A, a.  Wilinol, ol Cnmbrook,
iu  101111  Monday,
(•ol  mil
il the  brigadier.
nf i he way
As n 111 n sows so hum lu reap.
A h.ilr on Ui* head is worth two on
ih. |.ii*.i
i   Mr«   K    I.    ITothro-ili   w,i«  vi-it'if
Cm If ii ok  this week,
I   1'ot ■ I'rili'-lc i.iiiie inlo Kiko Saiur-
ilnv ni,lil  lr. 111  th.* jllllgb"..
'   M, lliilliiips, fiiiitliiiid s imnli, was
I    „   VII ,,   i*bilf,r   •< ilinil'M'
Mis. James Kitkpntiiek miiu' in on
ihe Notihoin ihis morning fiom »
visit ut  the Coast,
The nnnual nii-elitig "' »■'■• ,,v",iv
I,i.rrul As'iiiei.illoii will take plmv
on lhe '."llli of Oilolxir.
lost Master Johnsf.11 and Mrs
Jnlinson nri iv i'ii today liom Ihcir vn-
i-iitioii nip to Uu Coast,
Vr.A Waters cirmo hoine on Sunday
,-nd w.nt l.(iek'\o Nelson Tuesday.
Mrs, W. 11. Koss solved ten to n few
lady  fri'-nds  yesterday  afternoon.
Our popular jailer, 'Mr. James
Johnson, went to Spokane Monday
W. T. Ilealy t i^r>k a run up from
Jullrny the oilier day nnd relumed
,K, A. MliUjSwiilil, Uie fuel (vj»i'iit (>f
lho ('.nnt N'oriliom M nil way, is back
iu tho city again.
'llu four path tils iu the hospital
are ull progressing favorably, and it
is hoped no more cu**«'s will develop-
All lho mills are going al full speed
ith nd, ntid still the orders nil lho
lists kt-ep gelling turUur und luiihoi
ith. ad.
The big trials over ilu tl.imnx«-s hy
liie a iv -still 011 in N*'1m.ii. and nunv
wiin *ss,'s aio nwny from l'Vinie m
alt. nd.iiiii'.
I.rl.t;  '
was '11
,111 '.'I
ih- ciiv
Nlipi'lillll ll'lt HI
ibl'ii .i'       . n   lb     •"■
.vn„il*rs, ,.ga. ...abet'S .111.I print-J Tom l-li.h.i wa, down ft...,, l-c
ei's 'III.--- i«''''t K'lill'.hf" i-lvi.l "I- I'o-* inhillng ill.- pmv air nl heaiVn.
ic.'rs applv fur .. 1I1.1U.T. .nt I wh .. | Mr,. (1U-. V,.n lliiii leiuim-d I.(.r
i( 'liniv s, th.ii' p..-' (il IV will be 1. ib rt .Ut to tl.e pia.ries this wv.-k
!u,„, tl. Il 1 ..1 ;...:*" *,h* MiKeo lo,*. iv,n- ,., l'.lko ion
                      Alluriit viHilinu lli-tr iimth.-r aro sis
"'out Ih li.; .d !|l,f''
C, l'lilljiiimc. ai.d liriiiilv leave lor
ill. C. a si 'ii Tu.sd.iv 11 *xl.
Mrs. (V <"•■ S. I,tnds*y hfl ovvr llie
s.'.iih r.i  fm   Spokiin- Inst  ni'.Iii.
C. C, Wright, xb- Ji'Wi-lUr, wml tu
I^lhUflt*' }.«ird,»y „oA r.-t«m •! >'<**■*
Mr*,  A. V. Walker     rilnrr.c'l    Ias<
'Jh- Milviv loy.i wore in l'.lko fiom
Albirla viniiing lli.-ir iimllier ard sls-
tir Stilidty.
Miss tlr.ii-*: MiOuire, of Kmi-as
City, Mis»,oun, is nmh'n^ mIhuiI
down .it Hoosvill..
Will n^li.iiu, ih* Slnrtilioin dairy
man, ol I'Vrnii*, was visiting Ted
|)r.wi-ri at M<Misvill.- U«i uut
Hi* r.,M-nn*»il uhist iiul. will tint
ofllc.r* Wcdn-Mliy mjht Ior 1I1-   fall
.Mr, Lindsey is icporicd to
MInn-.ijh.U*.,in fi.-nKmn-t witl" •'■ ■'■
Hill. This is lattur 11 naindaboul
w.iy to tr.iivl lo Los Annch's.
J. C.itlvr, ol the C. I'. U. passing*
er servuo, w.is iii iho cily ycsiiidny.
Ho h.id jn,l paid a visit to llu* viiiily
lily or Ciil;;ar>, and was still llillat-
cd wlun lu.iiirivnl lire.
4i ,         ... trrtii,   While   Rock   and   Hull  Duili.iiii
wi'ib fi-i'in leililtlil/e iitiiih iiiipiovnl .will lu'.U U- 011 Iwnd.
n |, ,|.|, I   Stn^ Uuny .Miiili-tn I*it i>.r   Lti
TmU ,,i„l Wli;«!..s«.oiUi, win/ luile
■Ih* roiitr.nl lor the stone and luiik
,w.,tl. ior .ho Crows N.-m 'fiiidiiij!
Comp.iiiv bm warilwuis.* have l«'|,ruii
thir work, anl uill jm-h tlu* build-
iliis; rapidly 1*1 completion,
Mi*s VArui I(***(>' h^ trtki** * i«>-
"frififl ns nij'hf "|» r.ifor     m ih' <*■"
tr.il t •lei It «iu* ollne, n position   r»ii-
d i.d  \a.anl   by   llw  Ti*si*ii.,.Uim    nl
Wivs F   KmII|.«iii<"», who i« IcaviUj* for
lhe Co.ist.
The Nielli  Cup hns lo J'ivi1 s|uie Xn
M.ni* ol  the li-.ivv  kukili*; ol  th-1 "1
in.r ol ilu I.i'1^1 litis w.-ck, and Uie
Ki,l lian to take a baik msiI-
.Dm llitnler, who used lo 1>e al lho
\Viililm f , is now to 1»; **'•" ,n ,,,J
Until l\riiii', wli.ie he is Ji mk iiiu nil*
,    ,\,       r   „,(.  .-.    ,  (    lb       -X   >'*''   "*    •••   'I' '«
Mr.    Iiiuruin,    ol    f*h.*.*p .Mouni.iui
1..11.I1, w.is in tin- viiy *.<-•.<»•■•<}• »'•*
suyx lie has cue-umbel   un >    at
|pl.'uv ilut  still     *l"»w no si**us
I lost.
lho     strike    is   seltlod,
Niirllwm     ftei|.hl   tin hi will
have    l'Vinie     on  Mniduys Wnln.s
d.ivs, mi'l  Thuisd.iy.,  uud  S.ituid.iys
nt <i ,-i. m.
J. W, M1l.mia.1lin, of II'l'li Nivvr,
p,ivs»d lhmti-'h lown vi-sli-t'liv «m
Ins way liomc imnl Uu Spokum f.iir,
wli.n- lu- lus h.ul r.nc h<>!•«'. The
|,„ls.-, wen- sll.plt.il -.ia X." V H ull
llio  letuili  Hip.
flitrv  iiiimry  bniiioii   l-.ti,
Still » tan t w..rk imih, i.nictn nu«.
Wit.-, bri.t, Incki.ty do.k,
Illn* fo >*w* hc-.itls \)u Hock
it^iiorrie Bairck.of Canada!
iar>.<"'RT   urur.Aiii) hays-
The .. inali with tl-.e Savings
Hank habit ... llu. ono who
luver gets laid olf; bo's iiiu
ono who can get. along wi'.h-
out yon, but vou cannot get
along- with.nil him. The .Savings ILuik habit moans sound
sleep. ' goi'd digestion oool
jiid<>m.ni and manly indo-
pi'iuL-nce. The most healthful
thing 1 lnow ol is a Savings
b'.iuk-book. There are no ini-
eiobes in it . to steal away
yo;v ]>eace ol mind. It is a
guarantee of . good behaviour. . ,, _
V.V would like to have your name
on pur lift of depositors. No matter
wli.-thei;.yoiii- start is one dollar or ono
lmnilred-we will pay you interest at
current rates—eoiiipoiuuled .twice a
Current Accounts Invited
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9
J. G.   IVIARSMALL,  Mgr.,
Fernie    Branch
I Bank  of   Hamilton 1
Total Assets
Over $30,000,000
I Savings
I Department
under this liea.liiijr'.iiisl-i-tc.l at the
rale of one com a word each insertion.
*» *--fc-*** +^*+r**!im*sr*mmmJ*mmtsm umtji   t_-
m — ___ iia_____Mjj,.L_aM.
We  have the  Buyers
*■*   i      ,
who have the Cash to pur:
chase and improve them.
Bring in  your   descriptions to
<i_>r*__i__r*— inrnrvi - mir*7""""*" *t- - —- *•—-jtti ■
Winyri-ii.I Keiii]ili.U, of tho Ii.ti'lisl
ihtirih, last wool; uiiiled in tlio holy
1 oiuU oi matriiiK ny, "Marl in l.aiiiity
.anl liH'oA-iro, Alaitici'ti, anl ih-'
ha])py couple have set11.d down n.'ar
**■ tho Circa I N'oithrin station, to l.e-
eoino jioriii.-.n.-n'. oili/i'ii.i of our city.
.May lhoy live Ion.* mul In* hippy.
'flii' ..ulj-w will ii.-xt wool; iiive' its
readois au account nl i.u. nl tli*Uu*i-
cst inilns'.riiil nndcrlakiiiKs thai lias
L-Ncii lx*. n siaiti.il in tli.* Wi'.al, anil
wh'iih will, when I'm illy starlod, j-iw
iiuplciyniiiit in Utiiiu-iiiid-. iif milt aud
itifiiire lho liuibliiiu, of a rniliood,
olid town, will sptiiij; up alnii*^ th.-
lin.* of litis ruiiii, HiviiiJJ* occiipalions
mul employment lo otli.-t tlimis.iiuls
of men.
I,link   dill   Ini   llm   111 Xt   l,lil|*il!
Il will, b.'sid", "ivino, ih- nbovi
iirioiibl, 11> lull ol li.*us of Imnl in-
tuv.'st, and will bcop poiiiidiii^' mini
nl ilio diiulili! ilii-'.'oluiiiio deviltry,
iinw ihal il is 'IciU'i iviii'nioid in litis
warfnr.'   by   ih *  i*;isi**rn  *iri-*--*-
Ho suii* «* iiii Iuin1 ilii* l,*.*d)i,<i' anl
li ad it. S«.' ihai ynur Iriiiih road
it, uml don't lorjii t tn p.H us mi tin
buck jii.il to lol im know thai ynti
iiliprcciiilioiti   ■•Hiin-,   to  tu.iko   tliittp
II    lilll"   lil'lllT,
•—• o  —-
,   A   holi'l   thai   I ii i ni *.lu --  .; 111. I,   iuul'
IIWnllllll'.       il. I lllllill.|'.|,«t  i.'ll        l'.| |l*.   p,l
11(111*   |S   a   ',..'l|li>   nl    |llt-,l<.ll|i*      tn     llll'
11 ,l\ I'll III,; pulilii , ,Siu|| ,i uu.. i>, ill*
Kinj; Kdv.'iiiil Until, nl I'niiii*, .iu-
n.r nppiiajtw |iu*.t   nihil*
V  A. Hill, Si.ittl*-.
I",  ti.  Aii^uoo'l,   Mi-*.   Aii.'.\..<mil, A.
\\.     IVtllM.tl,     K.lllSp.J.
Uol l    llinw nl. ■     \b in ti i!
fl   .1.   I'iiiini,   llm i>'
T   tthvi , V..H ..io. i (
Ons.   A.   AMI. H.iUI,   Vnil-ii
'Ihoi. tt.iU'ui. .1. Sinilli, Co.il
Chi*., Mini".-!-., A M Kill i. II I.i-1,
IM viand
It. Htiht.tori, t'-,i!'r',irv.
t; r,. Ni * , S..MI*
Y- A. H.'i.ii-riM, S|iol„in-.
l*«pi-    .Old    ill-.      Ill;;,'   ,    r.il; .<!*.
Mr       • fit    He-    If      II    l*'-'-i* '■"   i
I.udIm !
... C,  SMmmv,  .\ j ii t«« '
A. Ci. W'iliuot,  Cranbrook.
D.  Hrockiiiridj-n',   W'ardnor.
II,  II.  Ross,  Hlkiiioiith
M. S.'Tyl-.r,  KcuLiicky.
.Inlues  Il.'.ulau,  Cranbrook.
it Irs.  Hon tlie,  Klkinouth.
J.   W.   Alel.aujihliii,   ]Ii»h  l.iver.
lloor»i*  A.   Alallook,   Call'ax.
Will  I„  Ili-iiderson,  Calfax,
Chas, ,\lel)i mid, J. Hales, Ivlko,  •
'Hi: s. Cm-kill, A. Chas. Doe, '.liihol.
.1.   Y. ArmslroiiK,' C.rnti'-rook.
Wm. AI.Mtiidor,  Coal  Crook,
.las.   Diiu^all,   Illairiiioro,
]',   1,.   Knnum,  W hilofish.
A nd v I.vko,  Nelson.
r ' *
Sirs,   l.iilliii.ion, Hpokan.i.
1),   Mi-IVrinnlt,   Morrissey.
A.      (i.   Did,in on,    James    Hates,
i'liii' ruil*.
Ii.   11.  Kish.-r,  Colburii,  Idnlio,
If.  Dtinlic,   Hillings',  nloiilniui.
W. A, XiMiii, City.
Jos.   tliirly,   Kcninore,   N,  1),
J.   l-'nwcett, Coal Creek.
.1. ..il-soi.,  (.mil Civ. I*.
W.   ll,  Violli-r,  WiiinipcK.
C.   1 •.111> r.-€(ii,  Hpoknii.',
A.   Kilile,  Midway.
1>. Ci, I'.nikiii, .Midway,
I'I. A, Will.*, nml wile, Mediein* Hnl.
II.   (inli'ln.   Piiicli.T,
W.  ll.  Ciiiiiplu II, Cliiiilnook,
.1.   1'.  ..I'K.ni, W.  V„  SU'Viiis,  IIoi-
iii r, "
Hiiltiiuore, Md.,  Nov,  n,  mio,*1,
M Iiud'-, I,iniin. m Co,, l.iltiiliil.
Hits, I mini* ncros*! a biitlli' of
.Mmi .MINAI.DS MM.MI-JN'I' iu ihii lids ol i ii- o| ilu: .,| nib ills at tho
'■|n*ni-.:l,, nt M.iiaI..hI, .ill.I li. K'-li,;
I' l.'lll ii.*. to l.t ill.' ll*-.: il fnr .1 Very
Iiul '.pi.iill, Mbull I c.'.tnill d 111 1 l.i ll
■ .nt r.ici-N, niul lo miv llial it
b !p> '1 nu wmild li* put I ill}; It Ve iy
iti'l Ih1, and 1 ill ivloiv n ,1. il vou
would  Ul  in,* biinw oi olio, aoiii    ii};.
""    .*« .1     ,,    ....   a     I     (ll    l.,M< llli<.|<        Ml
■'■■ '1  1  i.i '*■   '•' I . -"      '...  .,.' ,j.   ■'!■„•;:,.
n ' \ '.i  .li a li.iii ,,  1  ii in,tin,
V'o'ii*.  Trulv,
W   f   M.CI'MAN,
I t St.  I'linl St11- 1.
'4  ,. ,.              .   i  i'   '.I . ,,, *!      l_l»,
I'.  S—Kiuilv niiswir .il  iiimv.
roi.  SALK
i i
YOU SAl.K-A jiood Wiliiam's piano.
A])ply   1).   iMel.elilliiu. 0
KOR SALl«;.-20 lobs in West l'Vinie;
easy terms.... Apply ■ \V. T. Ilca'.ev,
West   Keilliu.
WANTl-,l)--Cai|*onters to work on the
now C. V. K. statii.n.—Applv on
tlu job,  to l)i.;by oi; Waldio.
Roosville & Elko
Ono Dollar ia .**ullicioi't to open an account.   Tn- %
terest paid semi atuiiinlly at current rates.   The %
best facilities are offei ed to mu of town depositors '/&>
Liirront neeounts of lnanufaciurcr. and mt'icli- *
aula solicited. |>
A  Genenil  Bankhig:   iiiisinoss   Trniisn<.*tecl %
TW YOTJ -V^^.nSTT  j*±
MOTT SON & CO. have iusuuetioiis
to look out lor two.or threo liuml-
rcd acres of j>ood land suitable for
fruit ■;rowing in' lho Kootniav Va.l-
lcy.    This  land must  be so silnalod
" as lo allow of irriji.atinii, uitlu-r l-,y'
gravity or by a well-eipiipjiod puinp-
ing plan, with an abun/.lant sup-
])ly of Wilier. IinprnVL-il l-.o.n-.li.-s aro
wi'.hinr^ih; scope of ihe iii-_.„c_ii ns.
Locality,■"quality of soil i-.n-.l access
to water come before price in the
ci lisidoralioi*. of tho pnrchasor, who
is a practical fiuit »rower, and
1 nows  what'   ho  w.aiits.       Send    us
. your description*-, locations au.l
LOST—I.arg-.*    Silver     Heart,      with
1*.    11.   l'lea;.o  return
to Miss   .Joadinji-" --7
LOST—On   Saluiday   nijdil,     betwoou
town    and    Y.
1 Thoiv   is  iiolhin<j  from a hatchet
j to split tlte  kindVinir wood to the
i complete'outfit   for    an  cxploriiig'
J expedition  which   wo  do  not' sup-
| ]ily  at   a   n-asonablo  price,
[ Hardware, Harness X Saddles
lliners, Prospectors Supplies
I.rynood.,, Cliooeries, Farm I111-
pleiiiouls and JMaehincry from
SU'!ii-\Viniliii.r llonsu Traps to
Cyob-ii. Stacktis, Indian' Curios,
Souvenirs of l.oosvillc* and Kiko,
Haw Kurs and .Kresli Produce from
Tobacco Plains
shipped ci     order from    TSlko to
any pari, east or west.
Send   orders   to   Kiko.   *
lii1.': Game ' Hunters* outfitted
with supplies, Tack Horses , and
containing poeketboo!* with sum of
money._ Kinder kindly return to Led-..-
jror Ollica  or    Mrs.      Whales,    West--
Mr. O'Xeil, division snperm'.-i:di.iit
or the Groat Xorlhoin,. ^l■a,s in t'b.o
city  last  Satin day.
KOU   SALlv-Ono   Wa.ihiut.t011   Hand
.Pi-ess, 7 col.  folio; ono. Cordon Jobber,   7x11.   Roth   those  presses    ar«
' iu   fair  condition,      ami'are  offered
—1 or—wi ie-r 1 ir*n]r-~ou—aeeniiu t  of    h"a\'*r"
iny;  in.atallod   larger .presses  in their
stoad.   Write  for prices  and    terms
' to1 ' "   A,
'   TffK   KKI'LVIK   T.TC1.GF.R,
Kernie. 11. C.
cm "W"Jk.EEi3:oxjSE]
.*.;.   [Carried in 4 sizes.]
You arc making a mistake if you have not asked our
prices on HEATERS, no matter .what style you may require.    Take ;a look.
"W"B:i:]VtfSTEIR &  CO.
fPIIIHTV .l.iv-«li,r,l»u, w»,t|1(.ui..lir.li.ii.
* 1. I. ii.iii, I f.. n|.|.lr fn Hii> \k.t.tinttf„ui
ii.l •i..|.i r ut'.l flii.r I'mi,tn 1--ii'in-r nl I.un.I.
'i 11.1 Wi-rl .nliln* rftivliu-i. nf llflli.ii C'.IukiIjIh
f..r 11 li. i.ii«. In i>i'.i.|u.ri fur I'linl nml I'i-trill-
i.iiii  mi    tin*   l..ll>mini>   .li-nrll.r'.l  Imnli.,   11,
J,.ii Iii.i .h.,1,111 (Col li....liu*.i. mil iimi?
(11II1-.I..-J rlli.l ;il...nl tlil*i« fiilli**! Miiilli mt tlw
Pl.il.. *.! Iliuf. Uinr li.i- Initiul |»«t ol
i.,.1.1 Hli/i.In >r'«. luu...-.-uili *»i.| m1)*i-tiil
-■! II.tu iv I, •'miili. Ivlnu tin* 11. Iiioiiii.iu t.(
1 I.biU . A n.Oii'r • Uiln, i.u* nl tlm <>rininini
• illlln. 1.1 III* llll. Llll I'M.Il|.. Il.lli. w-u,lllll M>
-'hnih-11,, |,.|. Ill ■» S.CM.Il... Ilnin > l\i,llll 1,
1 Imm . tl.tln t) ni.i« 11 luil.* tu llm t-lkisU
lii'SiiiniiiR, (>nnliiliiiiiui:i)iii'r("i, il.ileil .\iii*u;i
.-.th, iuin.   , '
liminii'i- ilr.AiiiMj, [,oi*iihn*,
A.Miiii'.w llAi'iu:i'i-, Akoiit.
Si-iit. fith. iiKin    '   _ _   __
'I'liu liiititil I'dsi or Clmrle-. Wall!.*,('.ml nml
l'ctriilciiin t-Iniiti*. Itii-li.i-iiliiiii i>f Aimin S
I'rnllior's cbiiiii, (*i.iniiii'iii*iii|, nt the miiiIIi
wphl I'nrnur iiimt, i.u 11II1 111..I iiiljiii'iinl In
Mill-kin I'liwiill's i'lnim wliicli Is a >.uvvcyoil
r-Ini 111 In tlm Ibii'la'tt i;i'ini]i, anil ubo nilJiii'Miit
In llin lK.rlli pimt en nn* ul llnl.erl |{iiin1iiii['s
(4 III lm. Tlii'iiei'I'.l elm Ins nni'tli,tin.lice hill* lm ios
uiut, tlioiii'ii si 1* lm ins mh', Hi, llii'iii-ci Hi i-lmins
wi'ht  In plin'o  ul  l.ri;iiiiiiiu:, cinitiiliiiiiK tiio
111*1(1.-1,  llllltlll   Al'.la'llsl   ^lll,   U'l'li,
I'llAIII.UH W'All'l-, lilicatlll',
A,   lUl'llllTI', Ala'I'llt.
Tlm Iiiilivl I'ust uf Tliniiiii*. Wlinliin'ri dual
ami I'cti'uli'iiiii i'lnim, Itn-lni'iilliiii nl' ii, K
MiiDoiiiilil's I'liiiins, Coinoii'ur-lii^ ut llm
iiiiitliwdst. ciiini'i'|.iiht si.utli an.I 111l.iar1.nl in
Cliui'ltts WiiIiIli'i* I'litlm, 'I lii'iieii tin cliains
finith, tlii.noi' Hi I'huliiMeni.t, tlu-iii'ii su rliulii»
nuilli,  llioni'ii  Ha chains  M'.'hl,  in  iilacu   nl
llflL'illlllllf,, I'lllltlllllilll, IIM IH'll".,lllllU.|  Allla'll',1
SHlli, liHjil,
Tiiumak VViii:i.an, lificiitni*,
A.   llArKI.'I'l', Alli'llt,
Stlit, Mil, IIichI.
IiiitliiM'iixl. nf ('mil nml  I'ol ruiiii,in 0111 in.
I IlillK   lllll   Mil,111   I'll hi    I'll" HIT   |ll|4,l    nl'  11,   ,1,
.loliiiMin's claim, wim I li nml niljiii*i.ii1, nl' Unlit.
Itiiiiillnu'H i'lnim, iiii.l Iniin,' u.-li'ca!iim nl' T.
Wnliln Miii|ili,v'ii claim. Tlii-ncn "n chillis,
norlli, tlicni'v Hn (.liuiim west, lliincc K.) olmiiis
hiillth, tlinlii'ii i*ii»1 H'H'liiiliit. In Iim placu ni
lii'llli llilii*, emit 11 In Inn 1) I'i nn i'4i, iln lml AnoiiHt
>lli, IIMI,
II. J, .liillNWiN', 1.ocatm*.   .
A, llAi'KUir, Ahi'IiI.
Kc|it, Mil, IIKHI,
Initiul I'linl nf t.'iuil nml I'l'linliiiii.i (ilium
cmninnnciliK at n |iii..l |ilnnlci| nil tin) Miltlll
u-iHt, i'iiriii'11, IicIiiu tlm lull lul 11 '-.I ..I'.)t• -. 1-i.j ||
.Inliilhim nml 11 rclni'ii'inn nl ('aiiicimi l.cv I,'
iiluiiil,  Tlit'iico nuilli Hi riniin).', tli,-ncc ciihI ki
I'llllIlH.llll'll.'l. Hllll 111 HI rim In...   Illi'l',.'.. U'l.hl   Kl
nliniiiH tiillin iilacu nl' licHlinilim cnitaliiliiK
i!ln iicic'ii, ilntitl AiiKiii.1 Tth, llml,
.ll.hnn; II, .IniiNhi..-', I.i.catiir,
A, II AIM. I I, A Iii'l 11,
Suit, iMh, ll Hi,
Initiul 1'ni.l nl (Innl mul I'l'ii-iili'iiin CI11I111.
ciiiiiiin.iiclni; al I In* nuilli mc-.! cm ncr nl V.
M. I'nllncli'H claim, hiiulli ulni niljm i'ii! nt
.IcHilc II, .luini..hi'm I'liilini mul \i-lt,it ic-lnca-
linn nl Allien llccli'i. 11 ilni, Tlience ^mitli hi
('llllill*, I Iii'l.c:i caul HII c'litlnt, t ill-lit n nuilli hi I
I'llltllln. tlll'llll. Mlhl KI   I'llll lll>> Ill till'   lllllill   111
ht't-ltlliilitf, cnlitalliil.l,' ill I lU'ii'i, ilnle I Aliilllnt
llll, llllll,
V. M.' I'ni.l.i rn. I.nciiliii-
I,*!,' A, IIai'm.i r, A ••■•nl
!*'c|it  .llll, 1:kh1
ll,llllll I'.i.I i.r I'iiiiI nn.l I'i'i ili-ntit Cli.lni.
i'lllii 1111 In iiim at lln' nuilli .r. at cm ncr i.i .1, II.
1'iillnck's clniin,-nnlli nml iiillm cut In II. ,1,
.luini.ni,',. iliiiiii. In ll i> llm i'i-.'iii'iiII. 11 nl I'M*
• til'l litnl'li'-. 11 ihu. Tin :,i. - 'ii*i. " 1 li.iii, ,
tlivlii'ii Vet Hn 0I1111 lie,'. linii i*i> niiitli mi 1-Ini In.,,
till IIITI'ltht K'H'ill.llli, llllill- |,III 1.1 lit t.i 1,11 ni ik ,
I'lilltilllilliM til 1 iii'ln.-., .iiiiul A Millet ;tli, linn. *,
fil, It.  I'nl Ml K, I,.11 lilnl'
,1.   II Ml.I I I.   A; "hi
Kt'iil. .Mli.V.i'ii
Initial 1'ict nl ('mil nml I', ln.lcr.iii t'li.im,
i'i.iiiiiii i.i-ii g ,tl III*. «iii,tli 1 1-1 1.. 11.1 r • I .1..lin
It, Ul.»»' lll.ll Milt ll llll.l 1, ttj.it • nl in,I, |(,  I'uj.
tni.'i'.   i-li"itn     im I    r,   1.1'Mil   .1  ..I   -■'.. i,. 1 cl I.II f. I n'r. I'lllllll,   I iuin 1' 11, I th 111 iiiiiii;.., llie 1111*
v t.,i >*i i-tnilu-  llti'i.ii*   i.'.ili " • 1 I "ii,.   tli,1,.1
l'll>l hi iliiiiii. hi tin1 |.Inc. ..I ii liilil'llitf. fiiii-
tii I lillnl l'l 111 ill *, .lit 11I AII.,'II.I '.1I1, I'i. 1:,
.li UN II, Hun", l.l'i'lliill'
A. li it  I.I 1 1, Anl 1.1
.-'i'i'i. Mh   l!l«l
lllillnl l'u.I »f I'niil iiml I' li.iii.in I'IiiImi,
,   ..... 1 < , l. 1. 1.1 .. , 1   > . ,   H 1.1    ■■     1    . .   *
J jmr "I II. ]., J'lin li .Iuin'.. ' li..in, ."inli ni.il .
ml'.ii'i'iit in V. tl, I'iiIIhi li'-. 11.un., tn,.I 11 ic-i
|.mc«<1..|i i.f Tli..;..n, I',- I.r'   ilium.   Tint.,
lllllill HI I'llll ill', I III'III C III ,<   Vli||,l||i»,   1 l.i li,-,. j
•miili Hiiclnlllii, He lc ■■ «..-f hi I'll,iliu In ll... j
lilllit' t.( li'i((lilifiii' r l.ll.u.liu! HI > I" |i->.>lii(r'l I
Alien*! ilii. I'"'!.
II. I,, l'l.O I.M.'M.I iiiid.r
A. tl i* 1.111, A.:i nt
S|.f. '.Hi  Mil '
Initial I'i-.I nl I'i.i.I niul I'.l 1,i'i im I'lnim, j
.*.iii.i,i..i. ii.,« ..» i> I ...f 1.1 I.,-   f 1,.   1 ■ r'l.  . . 1 ■
.'t.,,m , ,...1 t.1   \V   A.   It-.l   . io.il. 11.   lit- I I
i..IJi.'1-i.i i.i .Mm II. lti»V n ii-- ..inn «.» iiii.''
I..   Hurt'*  iiillm   Tin.ic.-   t.i. Hi   *'1 il alii*, j
lli.i,, ,■  .. ,1 HI, l,..il,», II,. tu-.. t,a t'i. k... I, ,|,)|. , ]
lU.li,. . ii-l *-. ili-,(n» (., |.ln, „ 1,1 11 oiin.li.ir, j
1 i.filaiim,,. i.i > .,. I.'-. .1 1I11I   Ai.Ll'if ,11    I >, il.
V,'. A. J.'"-", I,"'  It...      J
1  11 "t 1,1 ill   A I" ..1        J
Js*|.t.*.tli. I>.; -*.        j
on the inside, looking out ?
O you take and read
the Ledger? If not,
why not?
Ivvcry man, woman and child in
East Kootenay, should be a constant reader of the Fernie Ledger.
It is not controlled by any corporation or company, nor does it
shield thc evil deeds of any political party. It has a good word for
everything that is good and a vigorous kick for what is bad in the
public life of lhc counlry. It Ivies to place before its readers, in a
pk-'isiiitf way, tlio local news and is anxious to receive any and all
items of interest to its rcrtiers.
il you wish 10 assist it iu iis efforts to build up the material interests and tlie moral standing of thc community.
As the old koiij»- says:-
"In nil your it.in---i. lions Iof litis lie your pliin—
.■'or ilu* wvir.in* nf mil. r-* tlo as well ns you cun,
Pt> your tlult, Imv iiu'ivy, iinllo all togcllior
.■\iii. ji'iiniey f|i/,nii.|i 1U',> liL-o lifr.ls nf'i feather.*'
Ai-i> vou on the outside, looklngf In ?
Hi J.
•**   :' if
/ .1.
.   1 .
Notes and Comments.
Mott; of the Fernie Ledger wanted
tha boys to send their- post ollice
grievances to Washington- Good boy,
3Jott,-biit we'll try Brolher Mulock
first .—Cards ton  Star.
Thc Ledger man got over tlu ihu,
but hi would like to know wln-re lvl-
tcn got that Mule-lock an the pr.s.nt
TorcJito Telegram.
Hon: ,T. P. Whitney can congratulate himself.' He. has smoked out the
Gloho. Thi organ >is weak in its attempt to reconcile' an alleged enthusiasm; for public ownership with a willingness to. assist monopoly in tlio
deception of the public. A newspaper's'advertising columns are tils'plat-
forms upon which private interests
can buy th* tight to talk for its own
profit. The news and. editorial columns nre pulpits djdicat.d to tlu
public service. .1 W1l.ii the Globe -allows roucealed monopoly to deceive
ih,.* public from one of tli.'.s.* pulpits,
it i.s iloiiyn wrong th.it every newspaper woulil not do—a wrong lhat no
newspaper should do.
I'nless it is the property of the
monopolist. Tlun its s.lf-pres.rva-
tion which moves tlia editorial and
n.ws columns to action, *
We arc running riot in a season of
abounding material prosperity, • and
it is the duty of pulpit and press and
platform to deal mercilessly with thc
.situation, and to exhibit tlie ■ details
of all these recent, political and commercial misdoings in order to lead,
nnd, if necessary, to shock the country back into sanity, decency and the
svtt,s. of responsibility.—Toronto
This is good and to tlie point, Tlie
Ledger hastens ,10 assure His Xews
that it has been, and will keep on
An^Xiir its >hare of . detailing and
.•hocking. It also wants to assure the
Xews that while there is a death-like
silence reigning now in the sanctums
of most of the Ledger's contuiiipor-
ari.s regarding details of the rascality that is going on down in Ontario, or much nearer home for that
■matter," that this silence will be
broken just as soon as these fellow.s
find out which is 'rigiht and whicli is
wrong. There arc lots of newspapers
that arc dreadfully afraid of wrong,
mul (io li.se the opportunity"of gain-,
ing a reputation for .being, up to date
and vigorous in their defense of what
"is-'rifchrr ~~*
A feature of the past week in London, Out., has been the sinndiiloii.*.
disclosures as 'to how" JI011. Chas.
llyman* purchased' 104 votes but of a
^ poll of 301 .—Cranbrook Prospector.
, And a feature of the Prospector' is
its -venting .inability to discover that
tho J_pn. Chas. Myiti.an used the same
-methods in buying, mi election thnt
the cx-IIon. CV, IC. Foster and Co.
used in buying timber; that is to say,
with oilier people's money dislum'.>'.-
ly obtained, Th.re i.s a political,dis-
tnso which seems to act in some pi 0-
' pie in'lh;« snniu wuy as color i.l.i-il-
hbhs does with some people. The
newspaper that can't see the ,so,ui/„iU
ons reports from the insurance in-
Vistigatiiig commit lei* wliii'h has been
sitting in thu same city where thu
investigation of the stinking roUoii-
licss of tlu Lcwlon bye-election is being lulil, is In 11 very weak position
from which tu assail any oilier ]inpcr.
It is too slow and ignorant to be
0" us.'in the way of (■iilig.il-ii.iijj- the
piiblic, or In so prejudiced that its
..marks nn tilings political nn- utterly without weight. Look into the
dispiiK lios a Mild moro carefully, Mr,
C.nuv, nnd let us know your opinion
uf ih) Hen, George and his M, V,
mine c.n a closed basis, but that if a
man comes there and wants to work
lie may do so if he is competent,
whether he be a member of the union
or not.
The elftct of the strike is bad, very
.bad. lx. is demoralizing to business
in Fernie, and is already having an
effect along tlie line Ironi Fernie west
to the smelter and mining towns of
the I'oundary country which are supplied with Feinie coal and coke.
It i.s too bad that the matter cannot, be settled. It is a great -Iiard-
*.h'p 011 the men and a hardship on
the town and' the coal , company.
Th.re i.s a growing feeling, that the
men li.ivc been, led od on the wrong
track *ii some of the questions at
Ktake by Mr. Sherman, and it i.s said
lint.this feeling is causing'some bil-
tein.ss among the men.—Cran'.irook
'Yes, il. is too,bad,, too bad! But
let us not loosa hope. It might he
worse. f.]ierni;*n might have misled
ih'L'in in everything at stake.
*.o   -I 0	
Who would ever Cot-ten to tlie. fact
that the sedate editor of the V*an-
i-ouvcr .Vows-Advertiser has turned
•Inst glint your eyes along these
lines and then take a smile:
The inteivieiv which wc print elsewhere wiih Mr. , Hays, the president
of tliis Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
■Company, will" be read with interest,
as showing thnt the company is pushing, cn steadily with the preliminary
work in connection with "the Pacific
terminus- of its line. Its contract
with the Provincial Government for
lhe purchase of the townsite req*tiired
that work should be continuously
prosecuted, and from Mr. Hays'
stalcni.iit there appears to be no reason to doubt that the company will
live up to the  terms  of  agreement."
Why, work has Iwon "continuously
prosecuted up .around Kaine Island
and Lima harbor 'ever since the first
exploitation expedition was sent out.
,. Ilut th*e new recruit to humor don't
stop at one jokelct.
Take a laugh at this-....
"Meanwhile the citizens of Vancouver wiil watch with interest the
■progress of the new northern town,
Pr.'nce -.upert, as. that will implv
the extension of n't. zone of settle-
mint lo the northward to the .great
rcn-fii ol tju-coastwise trade bt Vancouver.'1 '- .. *'
1        _____   '
'lhe mpst'-'-liiiiiiorotis :of all humorists is tlu,fellow;who has the dis-,
case-and don't know what's the inat-^
TeT-wT£irinin. ~       ' '
Some ingenious fell ow who -sceiiis
to be'worried about the high |.-.i-\.
of labor, has been sending out .-.v.i-
lar letters to the press,tasking ..,,,_
they be published as coming :.-<.::i
some interested enquirer, ml addressed to the paper publishing it .The
writer oilers $50 in prizes to those
wriliiig„tli_ best letter upai the Chinese ch.ap. lul-nr subject. This circuhir
goes on to narrate the; dilliculties of
the labor, situaiion, an 1 * advocates
the abolishni.nt of' the S500 h-ead tax.
That such a fellow would advocate
the admission of cheap Chinese lalior i.s not at all surprising, wli.n the
fact that he wants the ledger to give
up over a column oft its space to h.lp
him alciig in his scheme of cheapness,
is-. considered1
Xow, Mr. A. B. C, if you arc anxious to have that cheap labor scheme
pushed alciig, and will pay standard
prices for the space you orctipy for
th* purpose of advertising, cheapness,
seiidjalcng the pr.ii'c and llu Ledger
will furnish' the space, but it will reserve its editorial columns and tlu
Night Cap to say wll.il it thinks of
a fellow who shows himself to be
iheaper thin  the'h.atlu'ii  Chiiue.
Troughtoii     Hall,    llnmghtou-in-Fuss
Lt.li-;,  Iingla-iid.
July 15th,   I*,, 5-.
My Dear Frknd.
It seems age-s since I got your letter, sayinr you had goiie.out loreign.
I sincerely hope >*or. .;«■]> very wer.; I
am A1. I have lo-l or other.*Ue
mislade your letter, but 1 ii.ive a If. lit
idia of ynur rddress. I have 1:0 news
to tell you, r.nd-' I wil! write ii-oiv. to
you next time, wh.11 you mi,"fit li-ll
nie   a    bit about   Canada, ih a great
friend of' min.'  I think is com inj;    in
the spring.   I remain  in all .siueerit.-
ever your fti.nd.   ■
Send liim the Ledger, Hob.
To te thoroughly up-to-date in
your cooking you should see the Morris Cookery Hook, containing hundreds of the la-Test recipes Sent post
free to any address on receipt of 25c. ,
Morris,'. Mau
At the Author's .Club in New Yosk
Richard Le Gallieniie, the Kitglish
pect,  said one day of poetry:
"The poet was once, tlte mouthpiece
of the iiaTion. Honors and wealth
were showered on him. To l.e a poet
was to lx; a king.
"Uut now the poet is nothing, lie
cannot earn a living. I doubt if' an
industrious poet, working, eight hours
a .day, could make one-half as much
as. an industrious bricklayer. Were it
not for advertisement poetry "
Mr.   l.e Gallieniie smiled.
"The other day," he said, "meeting
a poet, I asked, in a low voice:
'; 'Well, how is poetry now?'
" 'Dull. .Very dull,' tlie poet answered gloomily. 'Hreakfast food verse
is only bringing a quarter a line.
Patent medicine 'ads' have fallen to
20 cents. Fall clothing poetry has
been wabbly for a week,-and canned
meat verse dropped- seven points yesterday in as many minutes.' "
■ fl..       i. ■■ «
"Old Man" Simpsciii tells nsi "Oil:
cf xbi reason** Unit Pal Hums, tlu
1111 at kiii'j 01 Caiudu, is so popular
Is lcraii.se o( hi* (lotuo.nitlc spirit.
In Ctlnniy hi h.is llu finest t-.siili.m-e
in WcNtem Ciiiinda, where lu ciilei--
luln*. in u most lavish maiiiur. And
yd tho other night he*mile from Cnl-
j-ory to Muek'od in tlu iniinlgniiit
cur with.some frifiids tn |-<- uni'lali...
That is (lu way Mums is untile, uiul
ll Is 11 pity that there are not more
like liim. ikHiuy will nover luut liim.
lint, un a mutter of fact, h.'itps of im
lh.it money would tuver hurl, ride iu
these immigrant curs every lime we
inaVo a trip from Culj-ary to ' Mm--
Icod. Why, thi! oth.-r night llirce hucIi
distiiigtii-.h:(l joiiniiillstN as Mott, ol
the Fi'inlt! Lidgor, Ilagi'll, ol tlu tha
Xriv'i, mvl David llenrst l'Jlon, hud
to sit in ■■■..it finals, nml with China-
11111 alt ai-.ottt (limit, 011 a trip   front
I*    I ,*HT,1       1       Tt      ,' 1.    .        rf
\.s.\,ut1    *.l   .*ilk.ii..'-i-     1.    il.i.li 1.   .ilivv.
\\\'W dignity, tlun^di llti-y did Milli-r
physical toiiiuiit. Pat llniiis is like
the rest ol seiisihlo juople—lu makes
the liest of wlmt tlm L\ P. U. pro-
videN.—IiCthlirldgu Herald.
A, ,T. K.-, in M-nn'tapolis Journal.
; William T. Stead is like llcrnnrd
Shaw, When he thinks he is right he
does not hesitate to speak out. The
Loitdcu music halls have long hud a
reputation for "amusement.■■' Someone who did not like their taste iu
music*, literature, art or morals induced Mr. Stead to visit and report
(11 them So, for the lirst time iu
his life he interwl a music hall,   '
"My lirst . impression," said Mr,
Stead, "was one of intolerable boredom. For throe and a-linlf solid
liours I sat, patiently listening to
tlu most insufferable banality and
imlx-cility that ever fell upon human
"My second impression, was one ol
wrathful indignation, It seemed Intolerable that iu Anno Domini x'oob
tlu heirs of thousands of years of civ-'
ili/.ntiou and the product of thirty-
live years of the education-era shod Id
iclish this inane drivel, It was not,
the immorality lhat amused in-* so
iiiiuh as tlie imliecilltyt I did not
feci thnt lliey were vicious ■■<> • much
nfi - nakedly   stupid.did* i*.ii.i>li'.inicd."
'I lure is 11 eei'taiicS/iii-ie'ty of viiiul-
I'vlllo Mid of ch.-ap wit play in A111-
I't-lca ihut (onespoiids somewhat to
the work of the Loudon music lui.ls.
The only woul hy- which it con lu
tlascrll-td is ' terrible," If ihis is
really "Anitisemciu," th n give us
j.ro.ounl sorrow. It is iiioit enjoyable.
WIlii thy took Miiilyard Kipliiij*
"lo sue lit.'." in .--.iiii I'raiifiM-o, he
remarked, "if litis is life, give uu
dentil." This Is the way many 'l-eo-
j.Ut feel UiwfirtlH the iiiuslc hall varl-
i'ty i-nti'i-laiiiiiii'iil. If this Is inter-
loiiinii-iU, |ive u» lioi'iHlom.
Spriiighill Tribune.
If any citizen should, happen .to
notice that Colonel Letcher has 11
little straighter back th.in usual, or
that MjJjor Potter has a more rcr.dy
flow of gab, or that .Captain Murray,
lias a'little, deeper si'nilc than  usual,
No Lengthy Arpment
Tlm l<'ernic|b(il_<!r i.iulliliiite.l
with tlm Ciilirnry Union uiul is
llio only Print Shop Ie'ween
riilitiiry ami Xelson that cun
l>liu-e tlio Union I.nbi-1 un your
Ihe Fernie ledger
about good printing
is necessary;.a good
business man knows
that a neat, tasty job
of Printing attracts
attention & inspires
confidence. That's
the kind we execute
Have You Tried Us ?
Hotel, Fernie
T. Whefian,   Manager
A pleasant homo
for tlio traveller.
Rooms    reserved
by wire.
Every Attention
Agents for
Tho Calgary Marble aiul Granite Works
The Kootenay Marble Works, Nelson.
S.i 111 nl .sea 11 be seen nt the office.
Office Phone 41       Residence 76
Parlors in Lundy's Block
The Elk Lumber Go.,
Dimension^ Flooring^ Siding^
Finishing Lumber and
All our slock is last years cut and well seasoned.
♦«-♦♦♦$*♦♦♦-»*♦♦<►♦♦♦-*♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
A visit lo Slofk'« Hull liming Hit-
jifl-ff 1111111 lu-c (if fiivo ol Xhe very liljili-
ilns.t vaiiilcvilli! |ila\'.i Hint nro Ironi
linn, lo Unit! (livin wilh Miih iitlislii'
liiKtu, would convtni'i! siu-h iiiivioi'H its
Mi, Sti-iul uml Ihut Ki|iliUj* fclltiw
lluil tliey li.nl mlssi-il lli.t Iii|/, I'lul »t
Willi lift! nml (I'.-nth i» iha-ir |in*niiil)-
1.(1 niiiililiii|a'N nvcr tlu Mirfni'o nl tills
iiiitiiiliiHi: siiha-a*.
Il in l.-ccniiilii)- i!vi<....il (hat lifu in-
Minnicc in tin**1 t-oiimry must lie
IiliIruiI iiuiiiiiiI ('>' the hiitiiuts-. 'io-*.-
Killlti lllW*- ilj-illlltt uilv.uiuivis wim
M-ck to umlftil roi»|<.iiiii s iti*.tl M.fit-l-
Iun lliiil tliey may -.••■■■■iiliiU- with
pollfjhii'iLr'K nioiU'V.- Toronto VAo'.e.
perhaps     lhc      cxpl.'iniuinn   may
found  in  thine iiol.es.
l'irsl, Ih.n Colciul l.cUhjr Ins "...ii.
pioniolid to ilu rniik of -l.ij;-Klier:
This is an h-.;:ipt*, n.ol rnly loinlly
mi.-xpcclcd hy him, but t.iu which \\\:
hcliavc was navcr hofon. contorfed on
0 uiiiur iu' Canada. ' It ccriainly
,'lionld l,c a mallet' ,of pridu to ovitv
citi/tiv of Kprini-iliill that mi. ol ih.-ir
iiiiiul.«r- lias 1h:.ii chosen for such a
position of aiU'iinceiii.'tiL, wliich !Srin 4s
li: 111 sido to side wilh (,soiiv. of lho
Iwsl o Hi curs in Canada, We. t*cJiij»rat-
ulalc our lute Coloii.-l 011 his honor,
fc.'liiijf ut tlu satiK' lime that ly;
will liritifr Uu same iuti-lliAdiM' and
ibvolicn, io his new duties as always
iliiiracieri/Bil him iu the old. Ik will
now have coiuiiiiiiid of llu i;th Uri-
Major Xoitui' will he the olhcer to
rtssiiino the lute Coloii.l's mantle, lie
will have lhe honor of len'diiii*; ilia
i)3iid into cnmp this venr, and tho Appointment will Ik Rood fo? six years,
The Mnjor hns always l-ctt /.".ilotis
ill his djNo.ion to military work, iin.l
lliere will l.e: 110 cill/.n-of Spriiijthill
hnl wJuil will he j**.1;kI to cnll hint
Colonel, We ci.ni*Tiiliilnt.' h'ni, too,
Capi. llurrny Ul.tiinif they cnll
him) will now hi' Major. 'Hi* is- nn
.illlcir who ui'.il.Tsl-iinU h's woik will,
anil wu mv sure ilmt still funlt-'i' ml-
vtinctiiKiu is in store foi' hint in tlu
future, Whik' coiijjm'*.ulnliJi.,' him, wv
hope hu will forjiiv. us if in our report ol town find school mectiiij-s we
•lill refer 10 him l.y his o'.il familiar
Of Adjutant l-'ilniuore, who now 1 e-
ioiiics Cuplaiii, we urn not nl-le frmu
persoiuil tic(|tiuilitiiiiee to snv iiiuih.
Auolh'ei- iillit'ur tells us he is very clever, nnd will k'conu- nny posiiim h.'
Is culled ii|ioii to lill. The militia
nullKirilies must also have thought
ihis, uud wi).i-oii--nitiiliiii' lii 111 on his
Cnmp open-. HuiU. M* h'i''>iii
Spiili«liill tln-ic will U* tlitte ci.iiip.tii-
les, or iihoill llu,Millie niliilU-l'ns Insl
w-iir, Tlie 1-oy. linvi* Inn luklinc
jil-eill illleivsl ill their diillill); of lute,
mill uut Mire lo m-iniil llieinseKe*,
Well, riilk-I- Mich (.'llpllliU: olliivis, we
-.iiii'iTi'ly wish ilieni tlu l.vst ot    i.ue-
Cl'.HS,    .,.
The Best of Satisfaction
1 , \i
in Watch & Jetoelerg Repairing
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
rt ■■ , ', -■ -***
B. E. WALKER, General Manager '     ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gcn'l Manager
Make your wife happy by buying a Steel Range of J. D. Quail
"i-M^iiMiiii it_iirTiMiiBiMiB«iMMiiiiiriiil_iiin-i_i_Bii mmmtr-     r**- ■"■■"■■ ■"-■-*' -—**—™-~ - _i_________>________
Satisfaction j
or  money refunded
Business may be transected by mail with any branch
ofthe Bank. Accounts may be opened, and deposits
made or withdrawn by mail. Every attention is paid
to out-of-town accounts.
Fernio  lirmicli G. S.   Holt,   Mim-iRcr
-vm%%u%m%%i%%u^%%4% %%^%^^* *v»
Central wlioielS
XJ_Srr)_II*R  IsTIS'W  _Vl'.A.Nj<va-E3^E3.*TT
Well  (iirnishcd  rooms.  The  Inblc  is siinplicil  willi  the best
tlie market alTortls, The lm r is siiDplied with" the   best wineH,    if
liquors and cijinrs.      . i ▼
(\r*l%W*±l*ir*^%r%tor*}/*^ %rf
and   Home   RJfe
Hnvo onn ot Uieii InrgOHl, i-toroB In Fernio.,
Lanil), Vcnl, I-VchIi nnd .Smoked Fi'hIi.
Fresh Fish constantly arriving
f%l%r*^r%m^%l%r*^%r%r%r%, 4«f^l1k%V%-Ml^«%«-i%-Vi%%%t
Cau ,,1-n riijc-'.'il   In'  ink inir      vuui      minis    nt
The RoyalJ ReEftaoraB..
Vfd, xIum were CltiiMiiu-ii in (\xe
car, nml Klltm fouiul imt by i-ii.piiry
lhat ill.-*/ wcro Irmn Clftj;«ry niul
lioiiml fur l.cbrl(i«- We henr U-li-
iljt".' Iici'il Jl.-op silo wurilur, so we \\o
ilnwii ihcri; mnko 'cm clenn.
thero is Utile n;w in lhc. IVrnic
t-lrilt*, except tliat nil of lit.* mimr*.
nt MicJi.l huvo pnw out in sympaUiy
^i-lh the miners nl *-'***' Cr«-i.-k. Thorc
is at this tint* no Ifipo oi inuiiciliatc
trttlitii^n.. Tlu* niin.'Hi iL-iiuiikI ih it
no i-Ba.' i.h.ill work nl llw mines nn-
Ins tht-y Iw nicmlK.-rs of tlu tmi.-ti'
whlli' (he rmii-iiitiy tnkrs xbi slnml
ih-tt thry luvd no oli^timw io tlw
union. Imt ilut they will not run the
How intuit iissiHlniKV has th. Olol.c
lint lo this bciniiiiiU uv-.tU-nt iihivi--
mu-iil? What's the mutter with the
(Uol*! tiiklii}- a t*i*od thoiny cii(l-,'«.*l
rrom tome liyljfo nml1(u'lpin« to Uut
a iittv- or  "tii« piiiini.-f "nt of 'h.'
kets of somt! of     torn' insiirtmce
>ll.llU    l.i.lt      IlittC   l/All   Ani\li
dnxxlle ilir.cmrato nil? N'uthin^
It mi lli.m a ston* wnll will <lo tli-'w
f.-llous   nny     nooil;    lli.*y Imijjli    n<
lunljji n.
n i.-.  ■ o	
A maa imnii'tl Olull lias U'cti tlis*
ciA-i-reil In ChfriiRo. llV should 1.. in
lit.* l'ro'imv oi Onliiiio now. limb
l-jriit*. lonld ii«* him.
'", \V!*" I'.A'.'-V1!' I.IX-'Y
TllfVi'    11 Vi'        llloW-lMI'ls   n(      lliotlft*' J
thiinijihoiii Unn-idii  who linvi- 110 hi-s-'
itntioii     ill    Miyiu-,' ilmt    th.'    yntnl
Itcnllh ni>iy(d by tli.-ir litth- oii.-s is
entirely ihio   to   the (iiillfiniis nt*-:   "I
li    i ... ' ^i,, ;;    'j' ,*l 1..I >m1    ill.'"1.-    'iiv
many liiotli.rs who <|o not    lu-siiuii1
lo siiy thn     «it I'liiii'-il pt*■•"■■*   'I'*"
Tnblc'ts h-.tii' siiwd a luby I if--*    Mrs.
Win.   lM-rllii,    St,   (nii-vii-vi-,   One.,
Miys;   "I li-il .sim* th.it llaby'f.   t'wii
TiOU'ts saved inv    labv's lilt--   Wh-n,
1 liist   U-^iiii i\\vixxfi tiKiii to  I'"" 'i-'
ua*. mi liitilU'  vriiistipatcd    that    til-
li<iui-ls   ioiibl   imt  lv iiiovnl by    tn
iei-lim,    and    he    Milliti-d    ti-iril.li-
After thi- itii>( day 1 s.iw   a   maikid
ihann-', aiul i" ,b.*s tli.m   a w*ik lb'
•<ml I.* ua** •■nlin ly rcmoViil. and In-
lm<i «imv «-n?oviil ihr lust of liuilili-'"
Vou   ian   j-ii   llaliy'* Own   TabUls
(nun   yi.iir dniRjiisI or by mail nt *?.•»
uni*.  a  lov  from   th.*  l>r.  William'.'
MiiliL.ni! Co., UrotkiTlIi', Oni.
Wholcsulc & Retail
KiiliS   und   lilJTTKK
Phono No. *'. FcrniP, 13. C.
In foniiinction with the Unvnl Hoii'I.   Tlie Unx     im'ul
tity for  ?,**   1'i.ntH. A f.w inure ul"1! nr  buiiriU*i"> i,i*.ltol,
is   respect I it liv   solicited.
,AU. WUITR UY.l.V     K.MI'l.OVI-.l),
IttTl'f.l   !n     tho
Vmir   t.nt;i.ii ii*i'
MRS. M. HOELZEL, Proprietress
Kootenay Ggar Co.
Nclwon, II. C.
Smoke Roy a! Seal CiRars.
L Atkinson,      .      -     . Fernie, B. C
I Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd %
4t FHRNin, H.C. &
lirewers of Kxtm Fino
Ln^or Rccr and Aorntctl
Waters, liottlcd Goods
a Specialty.
iilMBMI •** i-M-iii-l TOBJirii      f*
New Westminster
Oot. 2ndto0ot. 6tt
Will Sell Round Trip firs
Fornlo to How Wostmlnsio
Dale*; of Sale. 5(pl„ 28lfi to 0(1. .nd. !ndu<
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Foi*i|i»r,iHii| f»t 1*01
II,,.. Ill
J <*>*^#*M'<*♦♦*<!>♦♦♦«•'» *<•>
♦«♦*♦•♦♦•»♦♦♦♦♦♦<>♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦ r
*♦♦#<.♦♦♦♦<*♦♦♦>♦<.♦<>♦♦♦♦ 4
^♦^♦♦^♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«^^ ♦
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% +*w*>ww<t*i>i>*w4>w**w<>wwww\
♦•>♦♦♦♦♦♦•»♦->♦♦♦♦•*♦<--♦<►<>♦♦ I
J **-*>-»-*^<»*#**4*«*«*++«+J
♦ ♦♦♦♦<>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦^♦^♦♦411
Thc new town of HOSMER is situated in the Elk Valley between   Fernie and Michel.   The same
'J. :      ' . * 1 . O .
extensive Coal measures that have built up   these prosperous towns   and,made   •'Crow's, Nest   Coal'A
so justly .famous, are adjacent to this townsite and   arc   being*  developed by the Pacific Coal Co., Ltd.
on a very large scale.   HOSMER is also' rapidly becoming a Lumber centre.
Get   in
on   Earth!
are   Cheap.
These Prices will only be for a few weeks.
APPLV   to
CREE   &   MOFFATT,   Burns9   Block,   Fernie
.TIIII.TV days niter dnle we iuli'iul
" '*>   apply   Id   ill-   Assistant   G.iuiuis-
.Wliili-  ill.' Toronto pnp.rs nre tci-m-   niotwr nirl  Di-pnty   Coiniuist-ioii.T    of
inj;  willi  tlu*  n,.\vn nl   i-iittcii  rolilicrv !l..'iiii"ls iiimI  Winks, of  ilij Province ol
mul  lirilii'i','  f.nii|.r  on     nil  nvcr    tin- ! lll'ili-'-'1 ' t'.iliiiiil.i.i,   for  n   ii.vii.e    lo
--niiiMi'-', niul nr,.,'    in  ll,,ir ,-ii,..rli,i Y^   ,,,r  """, "ml'  I""->l'"»»    '<"
, '•"I        'Iji'Mi .Soillll.       I'.iihl    !mi()!.i:IiIIV,
f'.illllll.l'i   srill'llln.   moiv   or   Ti"SS   i*i"V.T-   I     . ■ . ..1
"' ""   "'-u*'     ■■'(,iiiiiii'.-iieiii|.  ni  a post 1.1,111.-il mi il'e
ly  lliesi- rii--.i-iil,M, ,.V(:„  tIv.- old    (ilcilm l.-joinli   t-iist   i'cii-ii'.t,   lieiiij-,   lhe    initAil
Willi ill.r   up   Mlllici.lHIy   i„'nii|dly .sliiti" :i'".'il.   'if   .1.    I-,    ilt'C.llil-i!.   illl'.l      llho'll
lli.il.   llu; i-iiiuili-y  niiisl   st.'irl   n li.uJjic, j1v'"  ,"i'1'1' ii",1|l|  '"'  ll'*!  i-'latlieiid  riv-
,'1'   I."',:1'!     l.e,-p.,   lijiln   ,.,11   poiiiMliu^ ,"*'   "'"'  ''--1   '""•   .nlj.tullL   lu  <.'lliiil.r
iiWiiv ul    |||. ivul  i-nn.s,. ot     ••]■  nu, iu'.,|ilo's i-liiim,  mul miiiiIi n*,*i*|  niljiu*-
iiiiii|,li4--il(,ii|.l,.   iliivct,,|-,-it(.,s. A"1"   ■"     *•'■   W.  Mi-Doniiuir.s    i-laims.
Iti'il.iHl    ul  civilly mil   iiji.-iinM   yi.*I- 1 A'1'c'1' IVI'1'  I"1"' Mii'veved ilaiiu.s    llml
lnw jiiiniiiilisiii us lii'iviolnn.,  ih,. To- j-^'Diinnaii    Imlds.   ,Sn    ili.iius    uorlli
nuilli Ti'li**:i-,nii |iii;, ih,. .,„■• ,„|U,,|-Uiy li'"»n  lit.-, iliili-tl puiil, w-.'it  Ko ili.iiu,,.
nn lit * lii-iid when ii say,*, il*.. ydlow
iiiiiiliil.'i linvi' don,. mnn. iowiiiils4
niiil.iiijr ili.'.liiiiiusiy ilihlinii(iiii.lili- (Iuin
ill.- piipi-is llml' h,i\*i* Ihuii nirrlnlly
I'.ll.tlilill.. lUiwili: fi-i'lllij-s anil liinuj.
lin;1, wuh ini.* ih,- 101 iviims-, wlii.li
'•''■'■'  '""'  ""*•*.*  I"i".d  lo .i-ln.it   i*".isl:i
lo  uu   ,|   llllllllll*.   1 si, in,
smith ,-*'(. iluiius, until. He iliiiins (o llu
pliiii* nl .U^j-iiiiiniii-;, ni'ii'.i-iuiii-s l'l"
ini-■."..■   Dill, d Aii};. '),,  i"Ti,
.1.   1/,   Sli'l'.I'lUK,   l.o.aliir.
A.   HACKKTT,  A.1..111.
DjiIi d Si'pl.  .if.,  ii'oii,
•.'iillllllilk'Ulj;   ill   11   pint   plitlllul    (ill
Tli- T,-l,*;!i,,nM,',.','|..""1.|,11i1,. Ihl.   ,, !j'lu* ••*'J:ill'«'*'*i   •■"riici-  ol   IVI it    lln*.-
ias lail.-il in ii., i|mt    ,, tli ■ inil.li.' i.v I'''"'1'" ,'1'""1'   -1""1'''  "i1"'1'' >'" ili'iii*?..
li.llllW.II,.   in 1 i|i,.„.|v lln-, |mi.|| pnlji'v,
uii'l nnw Wi' mny Iuul; lm1 sunn' haul
kliiirU Ilnin lli.il |i:i|n*i' lo i-v,.|i up
loi   Hs 11 •(■Ini  of diiiv,
TAKI1; luiliu! llial.     **n diivs    dlli'f
iiiiii*  I  iiiii-n 1 10 npplv lo  ih,.    rii'.i
•''lllllill.'.* ililli'l       Ilf    lolllil.-,    un,]    \Voil,s,
Vii lo.i.i,  11,  C,  fm- 11 lipi'i'iiil  lic'ii)..
''•* **■'" ili.iiir., .• ih So 1 Iuin;, Uu lieu
wi'.il  r'.n iJi.iin.s, iu     i||V  mI.iuj i,|     I...
.'I'litlillK,      11 ill'it 1 ll ill.;   li in  mii'S,     iuul
■i-asi mul jiiipiaui ii, ,1, j,, ;\|;r(|i,,.
Il.tla-l!       .'ill!,'.       ."/ill,        IIJO'l,
t'KTI'.l-   ||-\r,l'.\|.T.   ln.-Hni'
A,  IIAfKKTT.  A.i«-n(
I).ilni  ,Sr|i|.   .11,,   |i,i,ii.
Ciiiniii.aiAii., ,11   ,1 |i,.:,t  jilanii-ii   uu
ihu    nuilli     i'ii'.l  uu nn-     o[ Simon
lo 'til  iLi.il uiiu* nwiiv  tiinl.i*!     liom (I'"'.!--' ii'.'. i'l.iini,  l-'iii*; ih.* initial jiost
Ilk     IllllllUlll.i   lli*M-|||.i(|   huul-,,
t'dllllllillilllj;  ul   ;i   po.t   jilinilivl     ;il
111' \. \V, cmii'i- o| ... MtTiiiks'  Iim
■ t, lli-iir,* iiiiiniiii; \\", ,'■;,; ih.urf*,, ihiiu'i)
S. ,pi ilrn'ii'.,     thi im- lv  Mi,   i-hiiiu*.,
.It,-it',* V, .ju ihiiiu, I,, plu,. i,f ,.,,i*|.
n'   hlliioil    ill.l},(ll ,'    il'iiui,   miiiIIi   ii||,|
iiiljiiciiil to .1. I MiCtiiiv'u itntiii.
Ill'tu*.* 'iiiilh .Vn ill.iill'-., Iliiiiii- wot
••'*' «ll 'lit'., ill Hi" ll-illll Ho iliiiiii',,
ih'-llrn , iisl .So ill.iill ; In jilaiv ,,1 |,i*.
jtiimiii,',   iu.'iiiiiiiiii|r dpi inr,',,   I*.,,,,|
llii'iice soulh So .hains, llii'iu,*.' i.-usl
Co chains, tln-ii.'*' noith So ihains,
Ilu'ticis'wiist .So ihains lo piiu-i! ol
ln-Xi-iiiiiiig, I'liiiiiiiiiinjf fi.-](i iii'ivfi,' and
soulh and mljiinm (n IV-lvr llan-
jfiirl's claim, and vast and niljiuviit
l<) Sin o.- Hr.'.-i; H'.*-. 1 i.iiiii. Diiii',1
All};, "iii \otifi.
K.  .1.   I'l'.I/I'll'.U,   r.nnilor,
A. IlAq*.rlvTT„A|.*..iil.
lliiloil Si'pt, -jo,   1 • it 1...     -;
1,. Iiiu III. Ill ,   11 .ill, till, I,..    ,, -n    ,|i |,-s  in,,!,-  j .'.II--IIM     !'#ll|,(    \'fl*..
or ii".'i.
K.'MON"   DHACflS',  I.iiiiitiir,
,\l.   Mi-lSNKS,        1 A.   HAt-'Kl'/i'T,  Ayynx.
'   f,i.iiilnr.     j    ".il"l Si pt. ;!(.,  l"».'.,
(«'I    ai   KRimmili, 1!,  t*, Sept.in-j  *•-	
t'x ?;th,  imi/., I    ■'clniiniiiiii,^ at     a post phititiil mi
.—    .tin* nuilli  \rif.i   (i.iti'f,  Ixiiijf  thi'  in-   .*■ -.-  _   .. ___,..
.IJiua.iJ ,s  l.iiuiiiuit  Cuii'w Iiiiiii**,  isi.. j.na'  li"-.l   'i'   I'.    A,   I'-llivr''.    W.iiin,   Mil mi'.   I..ti'in ir. Id In vl-h .Swiii:il;'iii.
Coiiiiiii'iii'iiiji al n post' planted on
lll.i ."iilllh eii',! i-nrili'V, In-ill.; ||).; In-
iliul pnsl'" ot V, |). Hill'!; ..i,,-,,,,
tin llu*   lioilh  Ho  ihiiilii,   lit; II.*,'    west
S(l   lllllill',,        lIll'll'.V     Mllilll    So   ihiiin,'-.,
ill.ilii; en:,I }!i* ih.iins jo ll'.,' pliu-i" ot
1*1','""''U' loiHaiiiill,,;' 6|o iu.*n*i',
-ioitih mul inlju'ri'i io Sliiinii |.i-i'.|;-
i «'h i'lnim,    D.il.'d An.., *.>;*,  |iM,i,.
V,   1),   1111,1,,    l.niiuor.
A 11M-.KI',TT, \y-.\i\.
1 I.I led  Sepl.  Jli,   l',ii(>,
t'ollllli,*ll,,n;.i ill 11 |>,i.| piuill.'.il 011
III'.'   MI'llll    Wl'.l    lll.Hil-,    |,i-ill;i    the   In*
itiill j II   '.I ll!      P,      Ijllll.ll'N t'l.lill,,
III II.e luu Ih ."11 ih i'ii-,, iln nu* .iiiM
"•• ihains. tlt/il.*.' suit h So ilinlls,
llli'lli'i' west Hn ihiiiu.. I,, di,. pi;,,',. (,r
l( ijillllill.',, ion!,liuiiiji .,11, .in-,-',, viu.i
ii Ml iiiljui'-ii' in W I). Mill'.,- i'lnim.
Il.iliil Aii};. -.rlli,  1'iin'i.
11.   iiw.'i r,i>,   i.iiiiilol,
A-   3 IA I'K ■;■■"'■,   A,;. HI.
l),Hi.d Si*pl.  .*(.,  i'i,!,,
Ooiiiiu, iu 11 _, at a pul pluiili'd 011
tlu* 11 ulll \i..*,l 1 ni ner, j .ill,; Hi,* III
"I'll po-.l in 1'iitit t i.i-.;ini n 11.11111,
lll.'liiv Miuili Cn ihains, tli'.iiie eiisl'
."•'o ihaiii.-i, III iti'' itnrih ,Vo (li.iin*,
ill lieu wt-yi So ilmiiii to plmv m ]*-■
.".iliiiiii};, Kiiiliiiniii'.: (1 pi ,„i', 1, nnd
M'lllll   iliul   il'lj.ici III   Ui   H.   I,,    lllai-l,-
'Kill''',   tllilll,    ,,ll*l    , ,| ,(    ,-ud    .((Ij.iiil'.l
•o \V,   A.   I!,,*(S' iliiim,   I'.ihil    Att}f,
**■':, ri'....
I'Anj,   CAS'litS",  l.iKiiiiir.
a. ii.\t'i;p;n', a}.,.nt.
D.lllil  Sepl,   *.'(.,   l',r/,,
J?resA *rrud.r
Just arrived.   Peaches, Pears,
Plums, fine eating and cooking
/\ nnlO-^i •'•'•T V0UU SUPPLY l-'OK   PRKSKRVIWl
.\\)\)\K v>. WHIM. '1HK l'l-Jl'IT IS AT IT'S HliST.
m W. f. SSlundell
•U.'l _^aim«
' Wc havcSHOICS  lo
plodse the whole Fam-
fwrcusmoN solh
Shoes for ladies & gfontfJ.
ji,"; m
. s.snrvm
■ mi  ..—._.^h.„aiaMa<Mi,
&l Shoes
J hone /%
if you  want first-class service
in the Drug Line.
H. h\ McIJiAN
"The Palace Drug Slorc.M
Mon, koop your foot cool .uul com-
fortnblo in a pair of our OxCoim.h,
thoy fool Just rltfit on tlio foot and
wo know thoy will look good to you
if you stop in and lot us show you,
Ian, White, lilack and Patout at
Koasonahlp prices.
Vacation Necessities
Wc are o/Tcriu^ you an extra quality Suit
Case made of Kesiol, 24 in. Ioiir: and has two
■straps and good brass l.i mining" and lock, solid
leather corners, secured with copper rivets.
A Trunk made over .1 strong wooden frame
wilh iron hottoni covered with 5 oz. canvas well
painted and fitted with two heavy straps and
iron trimmings stitched leather handles at
Special Prices
rrr*i lir-riiWMiHBHn
C a Ledger Njight=Cap
■** *"*«**■*-ggl*1.11.. '."■


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