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The Fernie Ledger 1906-12-29

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V     I
Vol II NiiMUEii ?.o
In the Name of Justice I
il. Si'. CUST oMIOFFtei At
7 7TIi».i;mati5*A^
1117 Grea_7l'\iii,-7'will Aie ;pleusOifo wilii
:tlie; reporti; of, the - federal ;;;i-,uid: jil:y,
presented7 y-stcrday 7'nflernpGiiA^7ri-#'
eiia,Afmd3 which,failed to. (iiul nin
dieiineiil, against  Mr.  1!
ing  hiiiiAiniia-wil.; of rilie   sensational
'charges'-inside-' nga'inst' liiiii™l:i't.',t "'. July
.in which he.W'iischnrged 'wii.ii"  hei'itj';
y :A |uirly. t.u     Ills* 7siiniggliug7of Chinamen over,;-'iln_ lino iif Iii:. capacity 7 an
;   nistoiiis ollicci' of  tlie",sl!iiilii(! 7State:i./
.     Krom the first  ihe friends -of    .if.
■  'AA -rr\- SA -.7-,..--.,;  '7-7'.: ,- .-..A": » .. «■"
vlldovir :were .positive0 tliat,;tliAcli*-ir;'i-7
"'• wcre°fi*ilse,' tlie.^haraeter; ofA.iiAnoov-
7 in the, r.a.stAivwi Ahe ■cluimekro.'-tlie
.evidence ag:i ins1   liii'ii  hoim-A ;;nc!i .'7 alio "liiukiAlhe charge' a AiinsL doubtful
iWVY'iy ;;'*:-^*';f|;,';'7;:i:iA-f
7 TI12! fact- tlmtMrAlIopver*7;liHt5 never
.■told.: his 'owl. siiji-yriii;" defence,', in Ji-
7 tales tlie woHl., of .tlie^liaiAefein lhe
....eye's of" the ''federal- jury-- ":I TiA wiis? nil's-.
\ 7  -<; '   ■   *"-*7 .'.:ri:-.■'■-■'■*■■■■■ ^ , .'7'77'^7- :■
pended fj;o:n UiiAservice la!-t-".1 ti 1 y- ii];■-'*
on   the. /iiiii/1 (if 7 the  charges;; Awhieli;
7 have: just ■ be^ufpiind-? -\voH!ile>;s7 iuid
.Hvill--.- 'lirohsihlv. be'rein'slaled 'us*'.- soon;
as7the iiece*<sai'/ rsleps CaiiAicitaboh,
7. .Dave7llopvcr lias 'beeit Joii;j;|:iir ;,t!;c
public: service,Aiublins';:a splendid;ret1'
[or A ;°ns: :v7 public olueial. , - -.[.lie yidr
sherilT'iii; Nortii/l)al-()ta7fiiAt-.yf}:t3i-:ns
bcforVA^oniiilAtoMontana, in TiSSy.
•HeAVsis chief c:'; pofict* of I'lyrtlij-ipell" foi!-
five; years ..an.! ■'Uiider-sherilt: of .'Jl'lal^
head., county  foiir. yeyrs.7;;MrAiro<>vC!-
p-'   :.'*:. 7' 'V'"' :' A-'      7'"■ **.■'-■.'-*"    ■ 7::   .'■ '-* '■"-'.
• ury^^iya i, ,/a ii-l '''i!iW<*,*M'.- was: -appoint.;!'
deputy:,cfilleet'oi-: of* etistgmA of;*(£real:
'-•Kalis,'* with ; lieailqdarlers 7at7 CVatewav..
-■---■■.■/-■■-:-;;'-f-:'j--i_'-r--'--f:',\-.-^-: v'-; ■■;;;■ ;-.-/-/ . .;„,-.'..
IMr7AHoqver hniA sumjiMuil*
iwo::*c'vil;.sen'ic..Vcxaniiiiatioiis,: 7a*.d
;*pn, iinports;;:. wining, -to ^tliis^ountry.;
'*• overdo Chinaman- who' \vcre7attc1npL-
ing  to get. .ijifb;7tliis:couiitry,AGj-ca1
;"l-\ills-l)aily iJ.'Qii-ler. Aa;7.. 7 'A''-.■-":■-.'■ 7 ;-''
Wlio tin: may be may 'lot be
known .(lis*, now, but people who play
with lire become boltler . and holder,
until finally they set lire to. their own
magazines i.i' powder and 'do the pub-
lie a- service by blowing, thems :i res
up.   It may be so iti ihis case.
The Ledger hopes to see Mr. .Il.-inv-
er back in hi; old position', and that
he may ■ be able to discover from
whence ihe ambush shot came.      -   *
Tiu verdict o' the jury which sat
upon lhe Hrian care brings the charge
direct aguinsl the police of Calgary.
The verdict of these men, and a bel-
ler jury could not be found, - was that
there was absolutely no loundatiou
I 10 tlie charge, 'and tliey felt , called
upon lo .lo theii utmost to place the
;.cci;s,-il man right before the public.
It was the police of Calgary that
mconr.iged the case against him,
brought 'iy a half-witte'd young woman, whoh.id silicady become n'olor-
i..i;s, mul' a;;iiiiisl whom the police
lia.il receive;!  a  charge of  th.fl.
■Much dissatislaction has been expressed against the polite, - and not
;i word that has not been justified.
There is lilt'c or no doubt but that
instead, of th: pul ice investigating all
the facts, as they should have done,
thev listeii.'d to this depraved woman
e:!coina-.;e;l ■ h ; in her slanders,' made
il e.isy for lu : to blacken the cluir-
acter of a n.os!. respectable Calgary
citi/en, "and thei gave as wide prb-
lieily as- ]iof.sible.       , '
Afler Ague-.-, ."Marshall reached the
police with he.:,, infamous slander and
before Uic arrest of Mr. llryan, a
pr .miiicul citizen went to the. police
station and. asked that the police investigate the character and career of
this woman before taking action, lie
was insulted an:! ordered out of the
police station for his pains. When the
.arriKt was made every effort was taken by the police to make it einbaras-
.dug for tho luedscd. The timu seems
lo have hcci selccleli and everything
d..ne lo mak-o it as bad as'possible.
Aral all upon the story of a woman
whom a jury and the learned judgi
v.-ould not hilieve. on-oath, and whose
erratic career the police were well
aw.iro of.
The counsel for the accused in  this
TOSC^qntfc—proiiUIly-flrow- lire
Price $2 a year in Advance
Green's Resignation
■m w[*im_w__i
February 2nd the Date=~as a Result of
Green's Resignation Government is
Forced to go to Country.
S. Krwin came up from Tabor for
Mr. J. Ilrigreve, of Medicine Hat,
is   in   the  ci ty*
MMr. Jlclnnes, of JClkinoiith. was iu
the city yesterday.
A severe sue wstorm was rag?ing on
the  prairie yesterday.
Miss Hargrevc, ol Medicine Hat, is
viciting Airs.  Whimster.
By-Law  No.  41   up For
Over-draft  at   Bank   lor   Year
1905 is Ordered Paid.
rrocecdings ol the meeting    of    ihe
Mr.   Slinn,   father,   of S. *,S.   Slinu,eily council  held Thursday night.
At last Uu U'dger believes there is   the  searchligh.  of  investigation,   and
The nl.-ove will be good news li.
many pe.iple in this lut-alily who
know Mr,   Hoover.
The disease wliicli seems lo impel
those who am nUneked .by il, lo set-
tin;,' traps am promiilgalinir false
charges ag:iiu.*.t innocent people, seems
to be growing in this western country into a chronic singe.
The Heksti'iii case is .slill fresh in
the memory of (he public, and now
comes this eoiiiplete exoneration of ;v
public olliciiil who had been arieslcil
upon the iriiiiipi'd-iip evidence of n
colored man ami a. Chinaman, and
which was so wiii'llilcs.'- iis, to -il-viali*
the iiei'i'.ssily o' calling a witiK-:;.*; in
ilefuiiee of Mr. Ilnowr.
In lhe Hi'I sl.ln case hundreds of
dollars of provincial' money were
thrown uway upon llie evidence of a
liii-lumi guiiihler and die. keeper ol a
disreputable house in an .'Toil In
cmiviiM 1111 lirtmihl. cili/iti of what
tlu-ce witnesses I'Diifeiisi'il to be llmir
mvn i'1'iiiii*, 111.1! iiii ulLunpl whi'L-vci-
wns 111 ide I 1 punish l liein or iiuyniu-
iis- iiinUniiibl/ ii.niiict*.-d with ilieni.
.Vow rmii>n Iliis unsavory Hoover
piisci'lllloil, biiM*il upon i\'ii!i-;,u- of a
rliiii'iu'li'i' iiiu! I'lviliii e on a level will-
lluit nf III-' 1 niMTiitiiiii wit lie,';'.es m*
llu- lirsl  1 nil,
"Thi'ii' in liiiiiicthiiig rol ten in Din-
nniik," ,1 ml ■! few iiinic probings will
nv.itv 11 sine]! sn lotul iiinl *.iTlniu ns
In lind t.i  lhc ili'n'iivcrv nf tin' pul*
lllllllg     I'liri'llSI        I'll.Ill      Whl-IIVIT     il
When It ili'Vi'hip'i Unit 11 corpiu-.i-
lion villi client ii gnVei'iitiii'iit out nf
1 liom,,itnls n{ iliillnrs of 1 iisi.'iii1* iuii*.
lill.l llll' pel J itliiturs of tin* di li',el*
niclv pi,iimi'.1 rub! ny, wli'-n cmj'.lit
riiMl.illili'il, i,|-i j; 1 ■ t moI lie- l*\ p.n-
ill^J II pnlliru ill tlle ill-jfiillvll booty
1 tick   to   llu-ir iiip.Uii!-., and   mi    Uu*
fillll'l"   tlll'lil   illlli'l'Clll    Uiolile     rati     ln»
lii'lil up for iiunilhs, ileprivcl ni iheir
I'osilioim un I 111 lasl set free upon
ill' iiiisii|)|..irli'tl and iliscri'ditcd evl-
ili'lit-.' nf pai.l spies, il is turn* Ihut
Miuti'l oily, sniiiFivliri'i*, sluii'.lil Wiikc
nn *iiuJ iln :i llilii* li'i.lii'n 'I* !"vi.r
f.aiiiif willi ii view to lu'ii'liiui iii:*
jiiT|K'ir.il<ir,s of llu-M' iiiliiiiiuits tili.it-
lioiis leliiiul Ruiiii solid barf, wlun*
Illl'V Would l>* i"i1tipillcil to ilisi-t, fot-
n time al UmM, froin tlu- d iiiuiiiii
nnd nll-r'itM-.iiiiiii; ih*ir.* in ul.*il.
mail or iIiiimiijji' the ih.-rnitir nl a:i'-
i.ne wlio ivfii. 1.- In (11 tin1'- i 1.1.!>•■••
IVhat llu- uioiiii* was .uhii li .j-ni." *>1
tin* man U'ttli.u tn •*.«•«.r as lu* <li.\
j'liil I" liin* a Cliimini.'iii lo li**.-* liim,
it is liaiil in s.iy. lint it i*i n«ii *<•
i.ijTicnit I • ..tllti' .It Uie i. r:ii-;.: . i
that lie w.i'   imt tf'.v.  >i'.'"*,.iu.il'U • f t!,.
Si 111 111c
ti'.ui of ih-jae present lo the difference
,i       -
letwcen llu trcatinent of his client
at .th it tinu ami the treatment oi
^■.-iminals who infested tlie city. The
lonliv.st ir "liirinij. *
" The, conduct of Ihifpolice maistrate
in tliis case proves llie truth of the
,'-.t..Uiiieul fre^netilly made by tliose
-..-hi know- hew matters arc, that he
7s absolutely under, the 'thumb of the
chief of poluo, The more one knows
of tl.e inside ol lhe case, the more
one becomes convinced of that foil,
Police are supposed to protect, The
pintei'tiou ih it the public lias received froin i.lu* Calgary police was shown
in llu recent j;aiiibliii^ episode, "Police am supposed to protect,' but when
insle.id of pn tection they not only
do n.il protect, but ou the contrary
join forces wiih the depraved in an
attempt to iuin ihe best and uiost
hoiiar.ible of our citizens, the time
li is arrived for action,—Calvary Albertan,
, cj	
to be an election before anotuer
sion of  th-*: I-'ciise.
Circumstances which the Oovi-ui-
mcut was unable to control have, at
tlie last un.ii.ent, forced Mr. Moivide
to dissolve the House and set -* the
dates for nominations and clPcti.i.H.
Thc 'disagreement, or whatsver it
was which resulted iu the resign itl-in'
made it impossible lo hold airj. i.m*
sessioii, so tin elections are pro..l ifii-
ed to take place ou the 2nd of JViv-
ruary^-gromid-hog day, and Juit it
will prove a ground-hog case ... r,
good many aspiring politicians i*. a
eel fa inly.
The Government has had a rough
time of it from the beginning, and i'ii
seems the most turbulent waters were
reached whei Mr. Green laid down
his commissio'.. as eommiscioner eif
binds and works.
Uefore lea\ iiiij this commissioner of,
lands and' wi.iks, the Ledger wishes
to call' attentiot to tins fact that it
lnrs been thiough this department
that thc grcclPst .losses*, to the province have be. l sustained. The department . whicl. controls the public
domain of such a province as Hritish
Columbia,' and has coupled with that
control the control of the greatest
spending department, has too much
entirely of the patronage of the government in    it., hands,   as    compared
when lliey ar; inacstigated, this province and t : people of South Kast
Kootenay especially will at least
know who is lc blame for the rob-
bery wliicli ha, resulted in placing
this property in t.la hands .\f corporations wjio •. not hesitate to use
that power to slill' further outrage
justice and control the liberties of
the people whose properly tl.cy
wroligfully ,]>( ssess, by keeping in existence closed towns and coercing Unpeople of th-- few open towns now in
existence. * =    *
A great opportunity awaited the
Liberal part-.-, of "this province to
show its title to the name, Liberal,
but such hall'iig, hesitating timid ly
has been displayed by the leaders -of
that parly a.- lo render ii almost
impossible at this, eleventh hour to
take a lirui stai,.l and come out boldly for what i-* the rights of the people of this province, as against the
ever-present a:'<l cver-persistenl inroads rf corporation greed and arrogance. At picsent it looks as though
the next IIousk will l;c  in  the    same
condition as war. thc one just dissolv-
i     *'
ed, and will n. controlled by an element entirely independent of both
parties. : '
This independent element will grow
in numbers and expand in its views
until it will force one or the other
paciks to bita'r. away from cheap,
political      nu.uutea'nbanks  and    come
.fust In .show people how il is that
.he reputation of our town gets rcti-
I mi/ell, we miuli! the following from
i  receiii  Spokane. Sunday World:
Tom Win-la,-, hadn't been in Spokaiu-
in iniin' tiiiie. lieen up *iii' l'Vrnk', II.
C, for most a i-cului-y, nnd nutn. ally
!i ■ wim swiu' llu' .sight!- when he blew
in lown li'-*.!. week. It 'didii'.t take
'ii.ii.ii-s Imi,, l i iiig ti]i somtiof his
friend -. lie j, cn lul .luck O'lfrien
*..*.iidiu.* iu the viit.nr.ee to the c ty
lull, i,ud .lad* steered his rural friend
"p iigiiiiiHl a swell lunch.
Wlun tlie Iiiih Points eaiiic on niul
ih'-' host dotted a pieru of ice will'
Ti-liasi'n, wlu.ii'by one gels tlio real
!l.iv,i. or iIn* sniii'e, Toin iiskt'il:
'Willi's  lhe  red dn]ie--ki'li'|uip?,'
.fni'k iioihleil, whi'ieiipoii Tlionins
,'nl: id himself, fipii'ssing the oplil
.< u lh.it li iniist lie ii pretty high-
piic.-l bi.iii'l tc le pul tip ill so mil-ill
a pai'liiipo, but making .ibenil use nl
■',  ii vifll-cli: i
A.*, the lii';.I ny-.lit'--!iow rosy rt'd-
:. i j"> i f ih.' fnii., thi' mnn from Ter
nu- di,,i',i'.i*i,il that he had uiii*!i- i
mis'ali!.   He w.'tr gam.'—but llie   Tn
' 1 ... . *. M- ,-   .il.i.nl    -i   b'ltf
.-!-,,,(,,     v.-'H'.l, WllI'l'.UI      Wl'llkl'lllll-
iiliu-ki'il the ruMiot liivnlve froin bW
amiiili wit!i Ihi'tmli nml linger, nml
tlnew it n't the llnor. Ile wns so lml
in- (.nml id in the foliar,
...      .    t •  1    .... i
The r--"it has liitii rircul.-iti'.l in
l-'r.'d. ihii ;k nin* ro'.iilt of ihi* receiii
Mi.l.e iit   l''irii.i   niul  tlio iiiannir   m
< ••,'■ m.n!.    fJi-.frftt      Vn-M.-nt
>'n■-.um, ol  Hi.* ViiitnJ Miiu*   W'nik
v. tl Aunrii-.i bui 1'ien thn-atttu-il
"\li'i vii Io-iiit, find that when nt liimie
l'r: hunt Sherman is im-l.T cnnstnnt
,hs. |ii..tt-aiiii at><! his Jioiiu* is un-
,!*. -.'..n.i l.. \ is-., ul tlw lisAil t.i tlw
miittv' nt loi frmii t-«imin<»  in harm
with tlte oth*;*^departments,    and    it, ""t boldly fo:. Uic "'i-ijr-lils of the coin-
would'seem,  from  the-experiences    of   '"<*» people.
the last twelve years that thc jirov
incc has bc.'i cursed by having iu
that particular department men who
have not hud the ability to rise to
the level of ever succesrftil politicians
of the city wan'' class,
The commissioner ' of lands and
works' should 'have nothing else excepting, perl-nps, the agricultural department to look after, and the public works should be made an independent departiiient.   This can he    don-.'
The government has, by its refusal
to net along sucli lines, weakened itself with th; people, and the Liberal
party has failct. to rise to the occasion, and the on-\ cure is to increase
and strengthen the independent element in politics.
A statesman can see ahead and
grasp the op] rrtunilies which arise.
A politician temporises and dodges
any vital stibjicl, and waits till public opinion  forces him  to act.'    The
be placed iu ucuiiiialioii by the Liberals of ih s district can hope" for
election who is afraid iti openly assert his position on  this subject.   '
The following dispatch was- sent out
from Kosjh-.ii'.l y?steiday by .J. A.
Macdonald, and is the only definite
infotmillion so far at hand iu relation to Gov. Mclnnes taking part jn
the pending dictions:
Rossland, Dec nd.—W. W. 11. Mclnnes will come back into provincial
politics at my rei'iiest. It is my desire to have the strongest contingent
of Liberals possible iu the field. 1
.believe his return will be to,.the advantage of llie piovince as well as to
thc  Liberal   parly. , ,,   '
There must have been some suong
inducement to'convince \V. W. IX. Mclnnes that.it wa:: best that he should
abl.udon th". governorship of the Yukon ta take pail in a very .uncertain
campaign ui-.dc: a leader whom he had
left in this province, lo become the
governor of the far north.
If. W. W. IJ. Melunes should take
hold of this fight, standing for the
principles for which he surrendered a
seat in Uie Dominion house a few years
TvpyrTmcl-figimicrc 1 n "TlTe
without addui,   to thc present   num- | eleuunt of statesmanship in our   leg-
ber of niinisters,  and would average ! islatiire is so small, compared to the
ii]) the work and responsibilities ot
the different departments in n much
better proport..i thnn now exists.
Th.** I'm.iiiiu of Hritish Columbia
has lost, tlnotigl. incompetent or dishonest .it'lministmlioii of the lands of
the country, moro than enough to
keep the gov en.ment going, uiul il is
high time llui*. n. radical change was
brought nliont in the manner of nil*
ministering the chief asset of the
. The editor o! this paper hns been n
delegate -diirin;; the last1 two years to
two (liitutnl conven'-oiid of llie ns*
socialed lioari1' of trade of Southern
llriiish Columbia, a noii-pnrll/aii organization, nt which meeting!, lesolu-
linii't have been passed asking the
1'iovini'i.il (.(veniiiii'iit to investigate
tli> grant whereby the vast heritage
in South Kits': Kiioti'iiiiy now owned
by lhe C, J» H. ami Crow's Nest
l'nss Conl Co passed from the people
ol tho provlmo into tlio hands of
those owners,
These rest.lul ionr Imvo boon pigeonholed nt Vietoiiu, but ili'spilc nil efforts to smother these Iriiiisartli in,
lliey nre ilestineil tn bn lii'inight uiuler
element of cIk.-i,-. polities, *as to make
Jl necessary to use a telescope when
looking for il
It would bi- a cnln.niity tn allow
the affairs o! the province in pass entirely into Uu hands of the present,
government without lirst forcing- it
into the open on the most vital issue of the day.
Will the r.inl-. nnd file of the Conservative part-i let this opportunity
slip ns hav..1 the Liberals, uiul thus
allow the oppi nullity or placing their,
pnrly on u solifl rock to slip from
them at the bidding of the same in-
llui-iice which seems to be so powerful in the ciini| of the leaders, so
cilleil, cf the J.lko.iil pnrly.
As In mu- own constituency, it is
(|iiestioiiuble whether the .irosoni
m.iiil-or, or any oilier iiiiiii tlu Conservatives might iininiunlo in his
plnoo, o mid be brought tn publicly
declare for un iiivcstlgntinii of the
onuses which have led In lhe iiiniii-
liiiniice or cli.ieil towns in a country
which hns hen hniided over In n corporation, or l.i take any othor dilin-
lilto stand as tn the .rights nf llu-
roiiimon pen]de, and tin mail who may
us he did iit Ottawa against the infamous deals bv which this province'
has been robbed of its heritage, lie
might, with hi:; ' great personality,
brill,..- back harmony lo the,ranks of
his party'and cotisisU-ncy u'fits policy, both needed elements just now
iu  that organization.
Hut if the campaign is to be one of
shulll'.* aud of condoning wrongs that
have bcjii committed by coalescing
with the perpetrators of those
wrnnj-s, the.i Mr. Mclnnes i.s only
riding to a fall which will be all the
harder l-> bear.' because of the sacrifices he must have made to put him-
si'lf lac'.; into \ rovincial polities at
this time.
It is not necessary to waste time
speculating upn,* Un* cause which led
to the l-osigm.linir of !•!, Y, Green
from the cabinet. The greatest speculative problem connected wieh Mr.
Green is as to how il could come
about that he ever got Into the position—not how  he got mil of it,*
The govei'iimiiii is in a much bolter
posit'on with u-i bim, und the Con
s-.rvative parly should uol be wealing
ni-inning over hii, disapii-.irance Iron;
the binds and  works departiiient.
It is o.irly In lull: with any degree
of crLiinty as to the ivsiill, ai
many ni'inii.i-.tions ure yet lo be
J.ocilly, tin* ciliuitliiii is in a most
e'.uotii' st.it", ■! ul, ns in usual in such
eis.'s, tlioi'i' ar-.1 ii'iinv ipt.ick iliioiori*
ready with liii'ii ,-.d-.in' as to what
is 1 es' tn i'i>. In the'r niiMcty to
gain pnrty ndv.uit.iLy nr persniuil
ends, they ni".' !.p.*ii.'iini; their lime it:
spci'lllalill,'' ll|i.:i the slr.-ii;.;l!i nf thi*
in,Hi nr lhat ip.r.i :,■; a candidate, uud
ul siilntely igi; .ring lhe real issues at
i'lillio of ill Illn' I /c.ilnvs nre on
drivniin-', will, mi ell-cnii'.inning on'
di'ivol, t'i iv.ub lllivlliing like vital
''■Mic'i.   "W'lm   will   the harvest   be?"
II ii ■,lal."ii,*ia made to the Vr.\,\\
I'nper by .mo intimately i-ln.ii' i-> Mr.
Sherman is a true rollex of the facts
u s.Hilling condition e.xistr at l'Vinie. Aci'.ii-ding tn that slaU-itienl,
sni n nfler Mr. Slioriiiuii's return lo
l'\rnie after llie H.-ttK-uuiit nl the
strike, report reached Imn Unit    tev-
Otie an iib- ot whiih Mr. Shcimaii
ci itipl.iiiis ii]i] o,ired Thursdiiv as u
ipi'iial di.sp,ilili Irom I'Viuie, in which
it is s.iid liu- disliiit lm.iid nt its ie-
o* it liic.'iiu,-; at l.ilhbridge had inti'l
Id ili'i'libiv Shii'iiiaii:s rc*ehctioii tn
the i'i i'ii-1 *. prosiiliiiov void bi't.iiise
nl  irie^lilarilus  ill lln- elullnll,   I'lis-
litiii partli'N h.i'i designs, mi 1 that he   jdent Slii'i'iii.ni. when in  Frank    last
.night oxpot't pciMHi.il violcm e. Mr.
Slieriitan i.s sni I to Imvo npplic.1 to
lhe |;riviiii-iiil nol in* fnr iimteciinn,
uml after nu investigatiau of tho al-
It-gtd tlircits by an ullitvr «if tli.it organization, tlie prolit'tinii asked fnr
was granted. Il was stntid fuithcr
thal on one occa.sioii u iiiiinhor of Mi,
She:man's friind.'. rt-iiiniiu'il nl liis
house ovir night, all annul with
W'iitcliisti'ir,   c\|N'i-tiiif   tnnilili'.
l'lciilint .Shu   nti, it is slated, has
in-stitute.l     sui'. aj-ainit the    Nelson
D.tily Vow-i foir $tn.nim daningc^    fnr
Islnndrr,  in <*i.iis<*f|iifiiir nf tin* metli-
Knd.iy, statvi that  tin- al1i','.iiiniis ni
llio iirtlvli- wa.- wholly l.ilsi*.- I'l-.nik
Kit franku.*s, that's fr.iuk,
Ami hi  llin'-*ne.*. lint's l.l.itik,
Num* o..ii l.i-.it llml  p.ipi-r .it   I'i .ml..
Ynt iimi-s  llial  ;*; bum,
Which w'.itild Icp its all dumb,
Citu' u. a I i,*  h 11,iv.   Ilit'iiiin
—•-*- -   o	
Tlid L?<Isrer oxtomls lo nil, n
most lionrty New Yr*nr*H Cr.'pt-
Intrniuln uj-.li (Imt o:tcIi mu-
ikK (iuji.iii.-i1 1i>.- ilu* N*tu.K iii i»p|wising
SUim„w MuJ iU* ...mmsiittrntni   „l! w"nZ  yrnr  mnj'   b»   fifippfor
i lie urilo.
tlinu tlm \txt.t..
Mr, 0, N, IJi-s in* of l'liuie's nld
rs! i-iti.'cii',, who has had iwi-lvi
ve.ir':. i-vpiii'iii-.' as abb iiiiaii In tin
I ig, hustling Cilv if Winnipeg, lm'..
nt lip.- ri"(iii',t ol iiiiuh roiis fiii'iid*,,
eniisinl'il Iii In,,no a cr, lid,ile fm
uiawir of Koriiii- :i1 Ibc uvl citv cl.*i
ti'.ll, ami .ii'tlr>ii/c... lln* I.i.l^u ti-
maii' ihis ,iiii..i*,|iii , ti'ii't t.i ib.* \,nb
Mr. I'i.1.*. i, u ]uii|'i-,s'.ivo man, and
will iii.iko a sin ng clivals, nnw tlmt
h" h.is um,iilid in intn  ihe light,
Hi' Will,  II. M   Ul-.*.,  plan*  1 efuti'nut
ii-.d. i .   ti i t;iti im-al  as tn his lines
..,.1.1      ....    ll. llli        ail,ill*.   V>hl, U   will
ci. ie l«*.r'i* i in- in \i n-.ii's vi ■until,
i ul millmr lb,- , .iii*,- (,| a.tiuii lit
jr.-HS-.s tn {..Hi..*, || i*ii.4.in Uy tin
• iiit.'T- I i . :,. in ih' J-i.iioMlilc all.l
It ., ..-..-..i \,   |~,-,i|.-,l   lit  -ninth   hr    ti:
lefl for Ottawi Tuesday  night.
A. W. Frost, of Ktirckn, Montana,
was a Fernie visitor Wednesday.
li. W. Wooi* left for Montreal Wednesday night on ii 'business trip,
,1. .A. IJroley sind family flitted
away  to  lho east   Monday, night.
Mr, Thonif.s Crahan, of Michel,
lefl for Monti cal  Wednesday evening..
Superintendent JCricksoii, of the, C.
V.  li.,  wenl cast yesterday morning.
Mrs. Harry Oldlauds leaves the first
of the year for a visit to eastern eii-
Mr. Drake, ol Medicine Hat, came
up and spent Chiietmas with C. C.
Neil McKellar and Md. Wildnian
were home i I'ernie for the Christl
mas holiday.
M. A.- Kastner spent ' Christinas
with his sisle, Mrs. .1. II. Pricker,
0. I,. Jloyiilon i.s back at his post,
having arrived yesterday moniiii,;
fro     the coast.
Miss Dalhy, late 'of the- public
school start of this city, left foi
Grand  Forks Sunday 'morning.
.1. J. Arn-sirong, brother' of Fred
Armstrong, of the Klk I-uuiber Co.,
left  for   Ottawa  Thursday  night.
Miss liains.iy. of tlie public school
staff, spent Christmas wilh her sister,  Mrs.  Mul.'aiidninc,  at Creston.
The C. V. I! station stall expect to
move into llieir handsome new quarters in the nc.v station next week..
Miss Florence Mclntyre^ of Cole
man, arrived iu the'city this morning, and i.s the guest of. Airs. W. II,
Win   stcr.
Charley Shephard arrived, in town
Jliiiiday—morn inj:—from—this-coastT-Hir
familiar bice'makes things'look mon
like old' li   es.
W. J. Hlundcll received a cur of tho e
icautiful Ashcrol'l poratocs ycslenlay.
Be (|uicl. if you want'to nialvc , o ti
from potatoes.
Mr. 0. I,, lioyiilon leaves tonight
for Portland, Oregon, to spend New
Year's Day wilh hie cuililmi, who
.iv,: attending school in thai city.
A miller namei1, John Muggnll, who
war about 30 years old, and single,
was' killed instantly Thursday afternoon by ii'l:,II of rock in. Xn. .-mine
al Coal Creek.
The lirst gaiiii. of lhc Stanley Cup
series was played in Montreal Thursday night between the Wanderers, ol
Montreal, am' the New Ohisgow. N.
S., team. Score—Afoul real' N, New
Cihis'gow 3.
William II. Haldry nnd May l.onise
Ferguson wi."i. ■iiiiirried Thursday lift-
1110 11 ,-ii 3 1,Mock nl Ibc liniiie o
the bride'r molhor, liev. II. li. C.rar.t
illicilltill^. 'llu: happy couple will
make their lutiire home at Tabor,
The I,od;;i*r wislus tin-in a life lull ol
The Motluulisi Church people mt
ii'i'rariii',*' 1111 innoviilloii hy way ol 1
uiiH|iiiil :it which lievei-oiul Jiiinot
Turner, the pioneer Missionary of lb
Xooienny, Klondike , iuul (■'uniboi
rountrlcK will he tlio ''iiost nf honrr.
I'repiirntions will Ins iiiiido fur 300 m
nore -,'iiesis, Tinu:mul I'urllici' |iariii**
ilnrs will lit* mmlc public uoM ivoolc
T,  II,  W'lit- Ini;  1 rt unit tl Tnosikiv ev-
•ning from a Imsiiiess wip to    Van-
•Miiver,  whole h" wus badly taken  111
y  si,mc  dog   fancier,   who  has    sin ■ ,
■.'ceded   ill  getting   nil   nn   Tnlll   il     veil
iiiisill spi-oiinoii nf bark, legs und mil.
iihicli lucks 11 )',n-;ii deal ol being a*
dg ns a  whale.
I.ook out Kids! Tom Wli'-laii i*
pi'cp.llill,! I 1 |.l.u 11 MU',11, nil loll 'll
llial dog t'liii lie Ii.is btiillgllt a
Wl-'l-Iontell   lillii-t    Up   ili.llt   lln*   in.l'.l
whiih is ill nil    \ by .' b\   0 ilklu", 111
'i/i>,  lllld   is  gnillj.   In rlilil   Iiiiii   ill lb,
iln*;  iillil  sled  iiiiiT     Thi'ie  I'tll  br iii
impe Ini   any     nilier kid  whin    'l'nii<
•jets 1.11  a  slid  behind  i.lntl elephant
- -        n
r.nvKi'NMi'.v'i    iinrsi-; lit usp.u
D.iwsnii, Dei- oii, The ii'siiltiiio oi
llll' giiMHIi'l n| llu* lul,nil at tl.tw*
, .-.-, A;.'., *.M..rtn ,1. y,i<\. 1 imn 111
h'-iiic, was liliiind yisli 1.I.1 v. Tin
b>**-., iii.liiilin;; jf_i.■_• ltit11 i, fit*',!- .
llllill pilsnil.il pinpilly beb,lining to
('■mi' um .Mi Iiiihs was nl*-" binmd
llu* lilllldlllg iv. 1. i-H-i-ti-.l by .Iliil In
liitigi'.l ti tlo' Caiuiiliaii gnvniitiutu
It is pinb.ikly ib'.uii'd nl (llt.iwa    li
W.is   lln*   lillisl   li'sjilimi*   this  side     n!
I'.iiiu nvir, iiiu'. was the mvih'of ni.iiiy
I.im'-.Ii   Klondike  fumtimis,   The    hn
sl.ill, < I ,11 lol.* I lion* tlion, .111,1 I'
silpjit". 1 to havi nngiii.ilid lium .11
cHpCiisii.ii ic il-, iinu.iu-. I'i,111111 ite
'.y tli.u* w.i-.     im wind, or it might
1mm* .Utpi ill' mnlllilisl polli-.- li.u
rails am! gaiiis .it iuljoiiniig, Tlu
liiii'jiraluii* u.is i.uli- at nu.. l.ui
tin* lm imn wrrr ini-.isi.l in ic. nit 1"
the fitsl ban Iiiiiits. Onlv ti.tt.lili;
w.ills ainl ^ut I ed llm.is ale hfl.
l'.cscnt, Mayor lJh'i-sdt-11 and Aldermen  licck,  Mclntyre and  guail.
The minute, of the last regular
meeting were read and adopted.
A letter from G. G. S. I.imlscy relating to the street crossings on thu
Crow's Nest Southern Railway in Unci ty was rout and ordered filed.
A motion l.y'Alderman Heck, see- '
onded by Alderman Mclutyre, was "
passed, instrcctiiig the City C.erk to
notify George Cody to remove the
house now 00 Victoria avenue , at
unco from tho street, and calling hir
attention to the fuel'that he hiid not
complied with the. City Ordinante
regulating such operation by neglecting 10 first obtain the consent of the
city to do so.
On motion of Quail anil Mclntyre,
by-law 41 war introduced and read a
lir.st  time.
The council went into'committee of
the whole, wim Alderman Heck in thu
chair, to consider by-luw .ji clause by
On rising the committee reported
progress, an'. recommended the second reading n'.  the by-law.
On motion of Aldermen Heck iuul
Mclntyre, that to expedite; the - passage of the by-law, it be read'a second  time.   '* -'
On  motion   of  Quail  aud   Mclntyre
by-law 41  passed     its third  re ading
iind, will l.e reconsidered at thc   nest*
meeting of ilu council. 6
On motion <■'' Heck and t Mclntyre,
llie sum of .[,558.20/ which had been
taken from the' general fund for fire
equipment, repairing and improving
the fir. ha,l during 1906, was ordered
to be replaced from' proceeds of sale
of fire debentures.'
On motion of Quail and Heck, the
balance of the* 1905 overdraft   at llu:
-Bank nf"*C5mlrTerce'l    amounting    to "~
S52.55 was ordered paid.
', The report of acting fire cliief Haldry for the months of November and
December wer.* r#ad, and on motion
of Mclntyre and Heck, tin*'report was ■
adopted and--.tlit' amounts due thu
members, as therein statwl, ordered
paid.' The  Council  thoi\ adjourned,
\V.  J. Phillips,  the newly appointed '
fire chief,  nrriviil  iu the city  Thursday night,  au.l  is familiari/.iug   himself with his new  .surroundings,
Air. 1'hillipr i.s a man of much experience in his line, and like all veteran lire lighters, is Jul! of enthusiasm and  ready to fight*
His Nelson friends and associates
on the force paid him 11 high compliment 011 the eve. of liis departure by
pres. 11 ting him with a handsome
travelling baf nnd the following mill toss:
"Chief W. J I'hillips-We, oflic.rs
and members of Uie Nelson lin: department, take this opportunity to
congratulate you oil your nppnini-
meut to the position of chief of the
l'Vinie lire department. In the lire
hall we have associated with ymi,
by day ami by night; in lire and'
smoke we have worked together amid
dangers that test the b'ritvest of
men; wo hav.* boon ns hrothers in one
f.iiuilv, striving to prut cot lives and
a lii'i'iimii, uml thero we fmind vou
always in the lend. It iu-|iler--il little
whatever position you occupied, voiir
dnty was done foailissly and well-
Wlun you go fiom among ns du mil
Inrget that wc are still brothels. We
10,1 rot c\u-.:iliiigl\ t.i l<".c yon from
nin innks, bui "man pinfiiM-n." lu
vour new sphoro we wish vnu ivoiy
illness uiul Oust ynur New Vo.tr ill
nii.ithoi city limy bo llie I1.11 lunger nt
many h.tppv ycui 1 to ci-.u- We ask
vou t.i mcup', this 'iit.ill si'iiiiiiir
Irniu niio uml all in this d.-puiiiiictil.
iSgd 1 Tlii.iiiiis A l).*i'-,y, A .Mis,
Uny Sharp, W |lippi-i'.« 11, I-' IU I,
W. lv D.ivisnii, V. .Miiiphv, W. A.
Gii-ig, Iv Ctiii-ulJ,  II-  Mi'ib
N'c|.;nll,  11   I .,  Ill-o.   31.,   lv">•
The l.odgo- extends to the now
cliiif u^luMitv woioiiio in J'ernie, nnd
iiu|.is In- iim;   iiiM'i  have lo lij'Jil    11
The iiistalatinii ol the newly i-h-.t-
id nllii'iis nf I*' k JCiv. r Tii.l.-.* Ni. it
A. Y. .St A. .V. took plan- Tliun.l.iy
i-M-iiing. 'Ili>: following oilut-rs Inr
tlio viistiin-j year wote inst.ttle.1 by
Night Worshipful llrolher \V. It. lios*,:
IC, I.   Wrinleswiirtli, \V. M.
T.  JI.  Wliili, S-  W.
Dmigl.is C1.ls.1i;,  .1,  W.
V   W    Ili.diM    So. f.-l.-uy
1    II.   M.uslull,  T/cisnui.
I.obt.   IJiillui.  S    D
A. II. Trilo., .1   l>
A. I.  Fislii-i, S. S,
1!   C.tt.l.  J   S-
I*:   A    Kun met,   _\Ut.
.lame-. FalfKcr,   Uiinlor  of t^tte-
Issued every- Thursday.-Jrcm the office of publication, 'J odd , Block,
Victoria Ave., Feruie, British Columbia. .        '   *
D.  V.  MOTT ...     , Editor
G.  G. MEIKLE        - Manager
A  feature oi  the issue  that should
be emphasized and explained  .is ' the
liigh    price  I ho  power    company    is
charjinr the street railway and electric light companies in Toronto.'  The
men in cotitri.'. cf the street railway
and the pow-'r company   are   largely
identical,   Tins'  bargain  with    themselves for th-' sale of power from one
company  to  another. What  ihey  lose
iu the street railway company l>y excessive rates ihey gain in the   power '
company.      The  stock of the    street
railway company, i.s more widely diffused in the hands uf the public than
that of the power company.   The   result is that the public have a   larger
share of lhe losing side of the     bargain than of the gaining side, and it
pays the men holding a controlling interest in both companies lo sell power from one to the other at excessive,
rates.   The feature of greatest  public
moment is the attempt to make these
"excessive    rates      the basis of    rates
charged the general public.   This must
, lie  emphatically   opposed.   In    taking
this stand there is uo hostililv to the
legitimate   enterprise   nor   the   legili-,
mate profits oi those who have taker
part    in the development of Niagara
power.     They    arc     entitled  to    all
,-  credit for their achievements   and to
good returns o*i     their    investments.
But appreciation of their   work must
not lead to     tame submission to' an
incubus thai would deprive Southern'
Ontario  of  tlu.  benefits  that    sliould
be conferred. b\   an inexhaustible supply of white coal hi the Niagara cataract.   It remains for the people    lo
rally to the support of their material
interests.— Toionto Globe of 2isl.
MONEY can buy advertisinp- spscc, but it can't buy a
quarter century's Buccosaful record of wonderful and
almost miraculous cures o| tho . most difficult and
intricate case, of throat, lung and 'stomach troubles. Such ia
-•sychino's record. Thousand- of cases given up by leading
doctors an hopeless and incurable havo been auickly and pcr-
*niani:titly cured by Psychine,, It is an infallible remedy for
cuiif-liF, colds, broiichitJp, pneumonia, consumption, indigestion,
, loss of appetite und all wlisting diec_.es.
" My ron hnd a terrible coiikJi unrt
was viuitisl to 11 --.lia-ow. Uu^ihn
odd he could noi live. ■ ltd usi-il I's;,**
cliiiiu, it uurvtlliim."—Mi-k. J. Itaii.-
vr," llroukvillc,
" Afler Initial; $5.C0 worth of Fsy-
I'hta.iny lungs urn well uml lite I.s
I ng»tn worth livliiR."—Mrs. 1. IUch-
tiiils, Marriotts Cove, N.S.
I    "My luu. sure now RoiunJ us a bell
I tiftvr using I'syehine."—Ii. Hobblim,
Hri(li:etnii_, Out.
,    "l's.vi'hiiioxiive'I my life,"—AAVal-
I den, 1 CoiuwulJ St., Toronto.
Psychine Never Fails >   Psychine has no Substitute
AT ALL DEALERS, 50c und $1.00 A BOTTLE
DR. T. A. SLOCUM, Limited, 179 Kins St. W., Toronto
This from thu Toronto Globe of the
2ist  instant   completely   verifies     the
position of th: I.edjjer as,regards the
double director route of robbery.	
are in duty ■•bound '-to protect. "Would
the'Globe' exr.laiii -to, 'its large circle,
bf -readers wlitA reason" if: any, there
exists lor making 'robbers: . of* people*'
by, 'law?" i'i'y y a y ■  y aa*\/;a y
'. 'There is !iq ..heed"'.of7ar directory of
that power coii/pahy 'being" a flirecto:"
of- the 'street,, railway, company. Tliere
must be Jots of":stockholders in e-icb
c*oni]jaiiy' .who it; illicit hokl, stO;:k in
the -Other,, anil 7:' there,: is^iipt, ■■■ ;X'..en
there, .sliould 7be: sonic,, and not a single;,: director 7'on.... one", of those yi boards', I
sliould be allowed: to sit on Xhc 'other
or hold stocb  in it. ,7    '.'   7 .,*
If tlie law, "iiadc7siicli, a Ahing impossible instead of" holding 7,'oiit «"thc
opportuni ty, to., rob . by:'.th is v wcl 1 worn
aiid'..bciiteii path-; a. 7vcry;°large proportion of the .modern"'.'"methods, of
.getting" rich at.: the expense of ..other ,•!
of the' landWcniltl not "be! responsible
- .... ■;.. ,      ■    ■.,,.  ....      . ..   ...  .- ,.,-;o"      ■  .■.<''■....:."
for 7 the'iJafgest1*.'. portion of 7 the A rob-
Roosville I Elko
Here is one more practical demonstration of the completeness of ' the
machinery of the law for the purpose
of rsing „<K'n r people's money lo
enrich directors a iitl their favorites.
As the Globe states, the men in
contiol of th--- street railway and the
] ower company are identical, and
they are found making a bargain With
themselves, whereby llie company iu
which they, individually arc more
deeply and diiectly interested, is to
have a high price for power to be
supplied to tlit other company , in
which the stock, as the Globe blandly puts it, is more generally diffused.
What becomes of the honesty ' of
siuh inch, wh'** are elected to direct
this more diicrsified stock to the
best advniitage of those stockholders?
The law ninkcs this kind of tliiiifj-
possible, but it is no better, hay,
lunch worse, than the old-fashioned
highway robbery.
'flic divcrsifiel stockholders ' money
is used for the* purpose of robbing its
owner for the advantage of the man
who pretends to direct its use lo the
best udvniitage of that owner, and,
as the Ledger has stated before, llu,'
double direct in/ nuncliiiiery of ihe law-
is responsible for tlie whole scheme
of ' frenzied liiinncu."
Will the Globe explain how it is
necessary ilia' any such legal robbing
•innclilni* should be allowed  to exist?
Is there anv necessity whatever for
li.ivitig llu* saiiH' set of directors siting on the boiiids of those two companies?
None wlialevei, if the possibility nf
(lireetiiig the profits of one set nf
stockholders inc. the pockets of nn-
.fillier set of owners is removed,
Here wc have n great newspaper
1 Inlnly poiniin-.' om. ilmt ihe director.*, ill otic coiupiiiiy lmve directed the
affairs of tliu company so as lo hen-
ilit the sloi Un,liltl s iu nu int ii el \' independent I'liupiiiiy, sn far as tin-
stupid law i> ciiiiceineil in stu-li n wuv
HI-,   to   belli lit   llniii' I Ivi'-   nt'   tin*      I'V-
| ruse if  tli*»- - wlio'.i*  Interests    'hey
7tliat goes.■;;■.„oil; in"the'''.wprld.7tci.-7
C (K-T.hcj'7 ^instance -"Apoin ted. : on A.by..tliQA|
Globe is* only' .one of, hundreds which .-j
go, on" alt ,\ tliu; -Liinc• by».'use7:of^tliis^"
same' iiiacfiiiicry.' '7; A;'7 A7"Yy A 77 -j
:7Why7d(ni,'t" tlie GUibc-and'other pap-„;j
ers"'iiike this .matter -lip'* and. by'"'fori
There is nothing from a hatchet
to split the kindling wood"to the
complete outfit Tor an exploring
expedition which we do not supply  at  a  reasonable  price.
Hardware, Harness I Saddles
Miners, Prospectors Supplies
Drygoods,   Gioecries,  Fann  Implements     and    Machinery    from
-_&ta_l__-i nil j 11.-■*  M o ii -'•'■'      Traps    to
t      Hist. Rio. .8 .     $
4> . ■■     ♦
4 Headquarters      Blair:ncre, Alta. <Sc
♦ F, H. Sherman, Pres.   .   Feruie ^
4> J. A. McDcaald, Sec.   Blairmore ♦
♦ f
+   Gladstone I.ocal Union N0.2314   ♦
4}   Thos. liiggs,  Sec., Fernie,-IJ. C.   <>
♦ ■   ■ ♦
4> *>
4/ Michel Local  Union No.  2334-   -$
4/ A.    W.    H.     Mcl.eod,      Sec,   O
^ *   ,           Michel,   B.   C.            "     ♦
4/ "•*>
•*»,•'* *
4/   Coleman I.ocal Union Xo. 2633 ♦
*y   Chas.  Urooks,   Sec.,   Coleman, <$•
^ Alta. " ♦
♦ *
♦ ♦
4/ Frank Local Union Xo. 1263 ♦
4)   David Ktenc, Sec, Frank, Alta.   *>
*> " ♦
<>♦♦♦♦♦•»♦♦♦*»>**•♦ ^<,**,<t,**,<><*>
♦ 1
$   Liile   i.ocal   Union   Xo.   1233.  ♦
4> Dan   McXeil, Sec, Lille,   Alta.   ♦
O , ♦
♦ ♦
Q Ikllevuc Local Union Xo. 43' ♦
4> John Clark, vSec., ISellcvuc, ♦
<v ,       Alta. O
♦ , O
♦■' ' '    t
4>   Hillcrest Local Union K0.105S   <$•
k*t   Jas.  Turnbull,  Sec,  Hillcrest,   <?*•
4}    * Alta. °       ♦
4, ' ^
4} Lundbreck'   Local   Union   Xo. <$>
^ 2275.  A. 1*1. Bryan,  Sec, Lund- <f>
♦ brcc.k, Alia. ♦
♦ A ' ♦
♦ ♦'
4/  Lethbridge Local Union No. 574   *fc
*)  S.  A.  15.  CraUb,    Sec,   Lcth-O
> bridge, Alta. *6-
♦ *
Ti. P. j:cksi*EtN'
1'. J. SiyEBS-GEA*-
Eckstein & Gray.
Bakkistj:i--s at-Law,    ^ouCrroi.s,   Etc.
Uooaii. 1 & ••- lieiii'..*:---oii liloelc. Filmic, 13. C.
F   C.  Lawe,      Alex.  I.' Fisher,  ILA.
: Latoe oc Fisher  ,
.Crow's    Nest    Trading    Co.*   Block,
' Fernie, B. C.
W. Jl. lloss, Ji. C. J. S. T. Au:xAM*En
Ross & ^Alexander
FEltNIE. B. 0.'
Office ln Ij. T. W. Block, Victoria Avenue.
ffernie, 3S. Q.
J. Barfeer? L*D-S>' l)-Dys-
L T. W    Block,   opposite the  Bank
Oilico hours—8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
W, J. Wriglesworth, D. D. S.
OKi'iCE Ilouilf!-        S ".'"*t° 12 a. in. 110 S p. m
r„:io tea •>.">.
Office in Alox. *l nil's moult
over Slum'sBiiliery.
."ERNIE,        -        -      ' -     •-        IX. 0
:1 -     .'
Davey & Laderoutk
lo please careful hou.seke.*.*pers is to
give hcn.st weight. Oh, we don't
say that all hutchers dnu]t do this
but wa c.aunot_ liilp ocea&sioiially
overhearing our lady friends when
they get  to  telling  tluir experiences.
to please i.s to supply only the best
meat. If you trade with us you will
learn jusu what we mean by these
two '' 'ways''. QUA LITY and QUANTITY wiil be a lilllc more than you
Calgary Cattle Co
Office:   L.T.W. Block
Fernie British Columbia
Cyclons Slackers, Indian CuriosV
Souvenirs of Roosville and Fdko,
Raw Furs aud Fresh l'roduce from
..Tobacco Plain
[ shipped on     order from   Elko to
8 any pa.'l east or west.
Semi  orders  to  Elko.
Hiy Game Ili.nters oulfitlcd
with supplies, 1'ack Horses ami
M. Kerr ■& Go.
Contractors';'sn3 Bifcs
Plans, SpQcifications and Estimates  furnished  011 application.
PleKiy   of   GOOD   DRY   LU1M-
' '      BER ON HAND.
■     R. A. KERR.
Architect      and Superintendent
Ollice  at Residence..
BAKER  ST..     -     -     FERNIE. B.C
— _»_. —*•■
Is n pleasant home
for the traveler.
Supply Store
1! .    .*
All" kinds   of   Electrical
Goods kept in slack. ■ ..
A.2   wori-.' -
John Turner;
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
in*^ the rciiiovai eif the; cause do. away
witlr'.Uic'-'-encctf,':" Y'py.y ■■■' H'.:'■'■'- - '.."''"■:
" No tinkering at penalties' will, elTeet
a. cure, so' Ion;*; as" the colossal oppor-■■'
tiiii'it'y■■''■' of  Iruiisleriiig, oilier ])co])le',s ■'
iiiiC'iiiey to ciiicscll by the double direct- ,
iug.route remains a part of ..the.   ma-.'
chin;ry of, the,law.   A ,7"': ;; yr'"i:'i
4j,TlieA-pportuniliei-- of becoming mil
lioniiires aiuV iiillionaries arc. so it'iaiiy
andAso  easy  c.f.attiiiuiiieiit' by    ihis
directorate  rciiite,!'that  no'petinHicKA,     .. ",;...;.
[or.gettiiig.. rich",',  at the expense,  ot 7 77,.-      '-A'.-'.        ',,.',,       ;;
.ueopl'e,, who'ie nioiiey the directoi. has, ^Va^-^^^^
to handle will deter the average liiod-j (^ ^^     -'-'- _ ___._!__."___.■____._.■. '■"
,:ni direelor, from: iinproving his, op-ul
•lorttiiiities., .Take  away7 tliesc,   legal.',. JJ y^^^,^,SU__n__=_ *\-*sca-9
'opportiiiiities  ami  the greatest „pnrt'
iif the tnMc,hns beeii:accomplished.
I wr.s cure I ol l.li.niiKitic Gout by
Halifax, ANDHKW   KING,
I w.is cured of Anile llroiicliitis liy
I,T,-CO|.. C. CHlvWE READ,
I  was cun'!  of Acute  Ulieiiiniilisin
Mnrkliniii, (lul      C. S. HILLING,
J Is now ready tc play for ull iliinci.3
< in llio cily unci outside—from 3 lo
* 7 pieces,   liooil music whicli will
.satisfy everybody.    We play nil
up-to-Jiili! music.
Orclioslnt mint be engaged one
wceU in ndviince.
Fur further purliciilitrs write, or
?L*;ill nl Thus. Miiz-.iinobile's Shoo
Milking   Shop between Waldorf .
flMloli'l und Test Ollici-, 4
Tabor I.ocal   Union ' Xo.   102   ^
John Bishop, Sec, Tabor, <£
Alta. *»
4>4/4, +$4,4>4;4;4/*}4s4/OQ4r'$4*+Q®
4. O
4/ Tabor Local Union No. 1959 ♦
<**> Alfred l'robcrtl Sec, Tabor, <•>
^        . "    '     "  Alta. '    *$!
o ;
______*. _,,.,._, T_«_«1._T.T..ipn__>*;r>._l_;R7 «>_
<*- II. Asson, Sec, Canmore, Alta. •*>
♦ .* . ♦
♦ i
Q Bankhead Local Union No. 29 <*•
^ John Higgins, Sec, Bankhead <•»
a, Mta *^
,  Large, stock' of Home' Grown Fruit
•-anti   Ornamental   Trees.
Ileatlcjiiarlers for Pacific Coast
■Grown ■ Garden, Field and Flower
'iSccds in season.
Greenhouse  Plants,   Cut Flowers.
Catalogue   Free.
M.  J.  llENU-Y,
3010 ^'estmiiister Road,
', Vancouver,  H.  C.
@0._  Ltd.
J-i ,'I-r.l..     - A.IVlMIMAN
Oontf!i,ctiiri nnd Uaililer.-i  '."
Storm Doors and Windows
Sliop:-.C'm-nor Iliiwinnil j\ ve nml MeEvcy St.
I'  0. Uox .W, Fornie. J3  C!
City of Fernie
* . ■   *
•J., ANGT.ICAN-Christ" Church- •!«
•J«' Rev. 11. Skelding Wilkinson; »J«
<\. pastor—Services, it a. 111. '•{•
tj« and 7.30 p. 111. Sunday •_•
»|« School and llible class at »J«
.3°  1>.   in.   Kvcniug  prayer   •!• J
Wholesale Dealers and Direct Import-
tcrs of
:.     OLD TOM
7,    poaiMEK-Y'
BUlilMEISTElt    '
Sole Agents in Canaoa for
Windsor     Tonic,      Jag     Destroyer,
S'./'llea-tlJciwh *
n ■ 9.-1J p m*--Jjv.'
B-.'l.'.'i.'iti'-m  7'7
S  CiA'i. a m *.'
3 ..T.npp in'A s-r'
■'ItoxfAnl <'
7 s-.ii.tttio'-:
Ari*7s ".in in.
...■■■''.y^ti.l^rt m,
',;'-; ]lV3J,'li,m'
■". Lv !1 l.i 11 111
ilEicaT. .„".saa i
".r*Mw.ywy".. **
ou Wednesday ul 8 o'clock.
Holy Communion ist and 3rd
Sundays at 11 a. 111., and
2nd Sunday at >■ a. 111.
.}. 1
*1*> !*>I4*l*tl4*I4kl4#t*#l4*I4*l**l*>'l*kl< *!**i4*J4*!**I**t* *•** J*
.j.  UAl'TrST-Rev.    "II."   Locke
|.'BllMli'.ll ll..,_.
Wholesale Groceries, Flour, Feed and Camp Supplies
j*«u_u»M-ft^ . /-v^tvr-w-,^
ThA A. .1
***%        t*** ****   t*m*mW **      **^ "Im* '•«*•
A. J. Burton, M{\v,
Burton B^w €0
Muniif.ictiirer of nil   Solid
uiul   liKcrti-d Touili   .Sau*,.
We r.irry in slorlt mul can
Mipply at short notice
KMI.RV wm-:iii.s
Send Us Your Orders!
VaiWkruVkiVf Hi* C.
■ (• ^m^Wlt.
••'",  '^'*«n?_i'.','.'_rf
'Jr*t      jmt
A     "A|&_. "f J '."?
tf- f-,-.-',,.fit
•*.?., Z'.'.MB
{•>; ■-■'i-W
fil">h - tLSris '''.    ':;-.. >
'     .**-;• --,.-'    ^\  ,'s  ".:{'"-'
A'!''V*i**Y'.r ■'•■-, ■
ft »'"t,..i •■■ jmy  ',\', ,'    . ■  '
wA-^l * ....
.* .*., w_i6_rfL*''' .*!*'.
I'i'*,*' NztmsLi' t'-
Wood Split. Pulleys
(that will not slip)
Aii filing Room
Supplies nt Right
Prompt Delivery and
Satisfaction Guaranteed \
Kemploii, ll.A,, U.T'li,, pastor. Services at Ji n. in. und
7.30 p. 111. Sunday school
and llllile class at 5,30 p.m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday al 8 ji, 111.
•j»j«j<tj««j««j«jttj«»j»j«tj«j«»j««jttj«tji«j*i»j»j«j«»jj j»
.J.  CATIIOIjIC-Clutuli
Holy Fimiily—I'nther .T. M.
Tnivcrnier, O.M.I. Low
Hums, K,3<i a, in,; liitii iruiss,
10,30 n. m. Sundiiy -si'lionl,
2 ji. in.  Mvi'Miii),' service, 7,30
Philip Carosella
General Merchant
, and Dealer in Wines,
Liquors and Cigars,
Leaviiif-f  Fcriiio'* 9..15 p. in.  you
arrive al 10.55 p. 111. in   „
,    ' [     VANCOUVER,   ■
'i.'\rnvc._ jit: :ii"o~'- p.-""ii «.* '}i
For ilotniteii" ■iiiibi-niiitinn'', tort li "rcacr-
vniioiis, oto.,''imll 011 ni*.ftiWrbss ■■- ,t. .':'...-
,7?}   7' ]l. li, lJllAliKSTOXK,.:  7
arEnaKriE, 33.. a.
*jt»j«»j«j»»j«»j»j»jt»jt»j«ij«tj»tj»j«j»j»»j«»jttj« j«»'t»j,
MKjTIIODIST-licv. W. I.ush-
ley Hull, 11,A., H.!)., piii-lor.
KerviccH ut it u. tn. 1111117,30
p, m. Ulltlo cl.i.'s 3-3" p. in-:
combined llihlu class and
teachers' nifetliijj, 3.K1 p.111,
CIiirs mcflinn, 10,15 11. 111.
Youn-; I'l-ople's inectiii|(,.
Monday ul K p. 111. IMuyei'
incetiiiU M'ciliit'sdny nl Hji.111.
jvawiNG hkguijAtionh.
Cruvl,—Coiijl Imnln mny bn iiwrchason nt, t,v)
•i)»i' n«i-o fur r'ttt conl (unl MO for itntlirnrslto.
Not iiionithnn lliti nerim cun lio mvinireit by
ono ImJiviil'inil nr cumjitiiiv, Ilnyalty at tho
ruin of ton (Miit* nor (nn nl s.'.oyo poiuul'i oil nil
Uo c.illcnud on iliu (-)DhHimtiiut.
Q«nr*fr-A fr*fi minnr'H coi'Wficitte Is RrMit-cili
Jipnii rmymiis t. in advance of (ft Mi' luiimm loi*
an iinUvii-lnnl, hihI liom tw to WOO ror unimm
lor a coiiiiMi-y mioonllim lo capital.
A free minor, hitvln-j rilnnovovo'l lnlnnral In
liliicciiiiiy Uciu.e luiiiiim i,r,*xi x i,r.u:i lout,
The f«o 1 ir r.cor(lln« 11 ulaim lit (d.
At loiiiil tlOflimmtbo iixfuiv.dod on tlio oliUm,
(iAC.Ii yonr ti- putil to Din inliitn/,' ruconlur lii
llmi tlicro* *', Wlien OMK) hu« ii««iii (.xporidwl or
pul't, tlio idoutov iiiny, ujiuu Imvini* 11 iimvuy
riindn, mi4 upoii I'uinplyliitf tvitlt otniir ru-
qiilfam«iv,»,piiicliiiiiu tlio Imnl nt .11111 ncro,
Tlm pat(nitiirovl(li*n tm* tlio vnyimmt. of n
riiytitj' of .14i.i«t cent on tliu union,
Pi.ACiiKininnm ninium i.'iiiiriiMlly 1110 HKifeet
t.rjHM'01 miiry ion .,'1 rciiiiivnliloyeiti-ly,
A'frail iriliWT mny olitnlu two Ipiiiipa tn
ilrc'li;.' Inr «olit (ifilM.* ini ,1'miii'Ii liu* ti ti'iin ni
1,«uu^y yeiiii*, iiiiiiiiiiilili-i nf. thu illhi'iotton of
J10 Mtuii.ti*r nl ilii* liiti'i'idi*.
Tlii- lo'iNiH' riiall lm\oiu!ri-iluii In 0|Kirlill(iii
Vithln uno mciHiin Ii-oiii iliu ilnin uf llm loitmi
141* 1*1'h Iiiu mll.M. liuiuul tInrcriinnmii for
.infill miiu of river leiii.i'.l. Iloyiilty ut. thu
T»t« (»f i*, 'mr .■'(-nt' ciillcetiil nn iliniMit|itit. nl*
tar it o.ti'OL'itn.,.lii^m.
Vi. \V.  COllHV,
DcikiIv Minister of tint Iuterior,
N.   11 r-UJtt-'itlirjj'l/eif   jVV)lli"a,*tlmi   ol
tbifi iii|\-et'tiKenieiil will not hu pu 1(1
MffHiyi****wmttmnwttmt-f t^'m'****mw*m***,**m'w**r**tt%itm*wnmfsw*m
'"    SECRET ORDERS    %
iiii- J'A'l-KOiSli'.iJ''   Jltafj'J   JMDUSTJtVtMt
■CT3**TI03Sr   T-j^BEIIj
Crow's    Most   Spectal
Miner's Favortto Cigars
•»j   . \ '.mar.'
— 4 Th)
i,.\ wfvr*'r.'!.\■ V.- \    -'(/A
. m
'{• ... %'
•J* V*»V.«V.VT1',1UA>T - Knur' *^*
A. clmrcli-lU'v. II. U. Ornnl, -l*
ll.A., jmslor. Services at 11
n.m, and 7.30 ji.in. Sunday
cchool ami llihli* claHH at
.-.I-i  d>.   *>..    iA,,.,.'.     !•>*.- -■''',',
Wcdnvsdiiy nt S ji. 111.
. ■»•
•!• I.aidlitw. Simduv—Kiiei! drill
*I«     ; a. tu,   Unliiiin. rtu-cliii-r 11
«W^4't t**<?''t^*j**-f,!'-t'*r-r 5 i'-v-H-i*
<j) ULK'HIVKR  r.OlK'.lv NO,  35
<{> A   Y. h A. M.
i •_.  ,* i".     '*.'.' r." t Vt-i
<Ji duv   I11   I'tirU  month    Vlnlilnj'
<$,. liri'tliern  cordially  invltcil,
«f. .1, S. VOMJMK.'Scc,  Kernie,
Avl *■ ;; tfj^
r .
>; ■* ;; V
\* imi.- uni'. "f 11 liu-t'r.il il!'!'i"iil
• -...', - .,1.1 kl'.; i,,i,* H !ir 1 l.irii'il
y, 'ii     V iii 'lm-.V:*. -ii li y ti" l'„*i
ii *i t.'i.n; iim -i.i 1 ivii'i mIi!im Ui'iy
.in. 1.1 j.!.., .jiiV.'u'k-. tu 'nl in t'...*
•.!i:i:::i:i r,'x-Pcrnv ri,Ti
i.i lis.. NVoriJ
"t'lttiv wim. so- in"::.',
'       riv;*' wii.i, sorfiMi.*!'.
I 1. .1 A - .     '. t.!,
M Si. Lawrence Sailings
■Kiupress of Uritain Nov. 16th.
I.ilhe Mi liiloha,   Nov.  2,1th
St. Jtilm—Liverpool direct,
l.inpiwss of Ireland, Uec, isl
I,alce Cliaiiiplain, Dec. Sth
ICinpiVHS of llritiilii Dec. 15tli
and wecMy ihcrenller
rlnloini,    ?so   and   upwards;
.second,     $.\o     and    iip\vaid,s;
Mte'r.ij't'i J.jfi.,1",!! and iipwurds,
iiccor-liiij;  to  steamer.
n. in- "Krce and Knsv,"
3,30 jj, rn. Kuiidiiy Ntluwl, 3
to 3. Salvation mtctin-*, 8
l». m. I'.M.U. micting on
Motyiay nt 7.30 p. m. Sal-
nation wwtiB-j W*.lB*t«i'iy
nt ft p tn. HoMUrV mitt-*
inj», Ktiday. Tc»limnny
mttUtig Hottutday at 8 p. m.
*4-J-HI-W-HH-W'4-:-H*!-*^ \-H
.^,■4*rt .4- f'ii-*■■ -J'•$>-?*Wr'A'4 y.i i'i*A "f '♦ •!*/*>
<J>  .*>
-j, i;'r. v::i'.:;y.: i.^vrv vn  „- ,.,
(?)              i. o. 0. i\ *t>
<y   Meet, every *lVt'dne-.diiy eveiiin-; *•»
?>   nt 8 ji. m., in 1. 0, 0, V. Hull '♦}',
<$   V. C. J.AWI'., lU-c.-l-.ee., Vcrnie <j.
<i> <!'
<^4s(i,^,i ip,. /;4';v«4/^*v^;.^jv./jv5vjvj.
*i>  ♦
.:■       t.'/'M'ViK J,fii)r.i': no ,it -'>
f*>  WUiU In I. (J. fj, Y. Hull every t\\
<ii  Tliiirhility evening at H n'lloilt. <»>
6.  Vinitinj-; lirrtltt-rn lire innlially *^>
.j.  invjl.d,
£. J. «;. vorii'.-irr*:. r <*
4'   I". V. lllCAlUSlU, K. K. & S. 4
4', .-*>
/fi -iAA-'r-r-f-'t lA^iiA-.i^'A'fi*}*^*}
-.   V*)'.l> l'^ t-iVA 'A i iii .'., .    «
J*;.1 i"inii',ricraii.l.v*H ur V
nCXmt,!    p..       'It   pVor     '.
Tor Kale at tlie
Club    Cigar   Sfcore
W. A. INGRAM, l'rop,
ffcottc 9J.       -       •       Tcrnio, 11. C.
Del.tllctl iiiloi'inattnii, {-lalooii
jilans, herlli ivt.t-rviitioiii., sitil-
111'; .isls, etc., 011 iipplii'iitlmi
lo Incal ii^i'iitN,
11. IllvAIJlNll,   A|!t-nt l''eiiiie,
J, S,  CAin-KU,
1).   I1!   A.,  NcImiii
&'K, J. COVI.l., A. tt. 1'. A.,
ll Vancouver, ll.C.
6 Bw_4aa!^jBaiy^^ .
00   YEAnB*1*-
Ylie contracVors at Fernie -will
p!.»Kc UvU uolicc tlul After April
mt, 1906 llm Cai-ptiitcrs una Join*
t-iH nf l'Vinie I.onil UJo will ile
mandfour.lollai-» (^.oo) lor t^ht (8)
liours' work. _ .
j rmMni'.,
& I' V. Tt, of C * .T. TT. i«o, Fertile.
.. Z8I0NB
.. • rnicHTB Ac.
/,„, „ ... .;til, .-.I-..'.liMieiftl'mniiiy
Unl'-UIr nti-orlmii imr i.i.un.m fry*) whi'tlicr 1111
ATiTni,n iti'iiilli a *.
nl'-Ulir ini-orliiiii mi, •	
i»oi|«1on |*Mo1"i1.l>*ji'iU-'.i'..*»,.C*'ine;u
li.,f.»»ir:i.!h'i.iiii.liiMtliil, II^Nf-OOXiilirMriiU;
uml irfn. nimwt p-.;t*>-tt-y i>.. ■•> ...,i..k luiuw 1.
i'mi'inn UUi'ii il.r.nii.'ii Miii-.i ,',. ir_.trci.ivd
tftt (al rifitkt, * li lioot olnvree, 1 > Uin
sciciiw Mivmm.
A tin.'ntir.cusfTiif*i.ifml<**1 i«h.i,  T -ite**t ttu
riiliiilim of nay (rlrnlCii !.-inrii«l,   'i.-inn,IJ •
Pi* nr irtoi.i.u,KU t'oltt I.) 1 it t„.4«iii1f.»lori,
flf»nril < it lr», i.s. v' iU, \i t.t > ~j.-,. *.., Ij. C
MliunVi LlBinunt Cur.. IUs1.ii.per.    " Mi««.r.l-|. 1.lniin,i,l Cms l>i,t.*mpi*v. I*
B •
FACTORY      ,
A g.ntlemaii named F. H. "' Malcolm is promoting' a canning, company uiuler tlw name of Malcolm's
Western Canu-eries, i.hnited. The enterprise is a highly commendable one,
but the rraii-oLer ■ has no sense of
■humor, lie recently advised that the
sharel.olders' shares would be divided
' into ten share1: so as io hide, thc
enormous dividends the sjuwjklioldfcrs
would make. Strange it is, passing
strange, that Mr. Malcolm allows the
public a look in on the purchase of
the shares if they arc so good. He
must have a large, generous' heart,
so large indeed that' il anight' he
worth nuking up ,*into "canned
For ourselves, wc are not buying
any of Mr. Malcolm's stock; it is
too rich for out blood. Just imagine
getting up some morning, and finding
that during the night our ten shares
had become a hundred, all -worth par'
or more. Onr heart is weak and we
might collapse over such a aniraculuiis
multiplication o! stock, hut to anyone who has a heart strong beyond
the reach, of the shock of i.tidtlen
wenlth, wewt ul • strongly advise buying a limited, a very limited, quantity of the, stock -Malcolm. Only a
little is necessary, 'because, you see, ii
is going to have pups, nine little
pups that wii'. all grow up some day
into full-grown stock, Just think of
it, gciiikiiicn, and step right up and
buy your stock in lime to gel Uic
pups.* Morden Chronicle.
And those pup.   will have imps,
And .still more pups will .^coming.
With the proceeds     of pups he could
have full  cups,
lAii)la head   that    '.would   always! be
be humming.
 0 ,.     •»
A SIGN-.      ■
Au Irishman was walking along a
road alongside a links when he was
suddenly struck, bclwccn th- shoulders
with a golf ball. The force of the
blow knocked him down, anil when, he
got up he obseivcd a golfer running
toward him'.
"Arc you hurt?'' queried the player.
"Why didn't you gel out of the
"And why should I get out of the
way?" asked 'Pal. "I didn't know
there were "anv assassins around'here.
"But I called -'fore,'' said thc jilayer, "and when 1 say 'fore' that is a
sign for you tn get out of the way.'',
- "Oh, ii is, is it?" said Pal. "Well,
■thin, whin I say. 'foive' it's a sign
that you are going to get hit* on the
,,^.A   i*ii.v.;,.. ■ "   JiiiTi'	
I.et, us bravely keep on toiling.
Hoping for a future bright,
When the wal*r needs no boiling .
And electric light is light.
. o	
A race of men who had never before seen a while man have been discovered ia t!i''. Arctic region. Tliey
will live lo regret the incident1,
John .Tone, was infuriated, but the
editor shut liim up in lWl> seconds,
"Is tliis the newspaper ollice?" inquired   John   Jones,
"It is," responded the man at llie
"Didn't lii!,' paper say I was a
"It did not,'-'
"Didn't it say I was a scoundrel?"
"It did not."
■ "Well, sonic paper said it."
"Possibly it was our contemporary
down lhe street," suggested the editor , as he jinked up n paper-weighl.
"This jmper never prints stale news."
how;s THIS?'
We oSer, One Hund_ed..("Dplla-s - Reward for a:iy case of Catarrh    that
cannot   be, cured by ..Hall's Catarrh
Cure.      ,   '       .-■'■.•■-
F. J.  CHn|NTivY,"& CO.'/Toledo, 0.
.M'e, the undersigned, have known Y.
•J. Clicneyi'or (be last 15 years, aud
believe him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions and financially
able (l. to carry gut any oJiligatious
made by his firm.
Walding,   Kinnan  &  Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists,  Toledo,  *.').
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken :ni_.-.
nally, acting .'.ir.ctly upon lho Uoo.l
and mucuotts surfaces of the system.
Testimonials i-.nl free. Price 75 cents
per bottle.   Sold by  all druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Maritime Provinces,  Ontario,  Quebec,
The Old'"Country,
The Canadian Pacific Railway announce a series of low. round' trip
rates, first-class, three (3) months
limit, from kooteimys'to all points
iu Ontario, Quebec, Maritime Provinces and xhe.Old Country,
Rale from Feruie tn Toronto, Montreal, Windsor and''**'iiYteVniediale
points is $62.25;. Halifax or Hi. John,
in 'connection with ocean passages,
Tickets Mill be sold daily November 24th. to December 31st.  -.
Corresponding rates will be quoted
lo all Eastern Canadian points from
all Kootenay stations.
Tlifs is an unusual opportunity to
/visit Eastern Canada or the Old
Country at Christmas at a low rate.'
Detailed    information,   sailing  lists
for    ocean   steamers,      first-class   or
tourist sleeper reservations on application to local agents, or write
D. P. A.,'Nelson, B. C
In thc matt ij of the Act respecting
certain works in and over certain navigable' water«, being Chapter 22, R.
S. C,  18S6.
NOTICE is., hereby given that one
month after date an application will
be made to , the Governor-iii-Councir
by ,Hales Iliiigslon Ross and Joseph
Whitehead Ros... carrying on business
at Eik-moutli', m thc Province of British Columbia, under the firm name of
.     , • it i    ■
Ross Bros,  and Company, under    the
provisions.ol. tin above Act, for permission to construct ,'dams, booms
and. other ■impiovements for logging
ay River in Soulh East Kootenay,
British Columbia.
The plans of Uitv-works-y>rpposc-d tn
be- constructed and a description 'of
the site llictco! have been deposited,
with the Registrar of Laud Titles at
Nelson, B.'C, and with' the Minister
of Public Works at. Ottawa, Ontario..
W. F.' GT1RD,
, Solicitor for the Applicants.^
Dated at'Cranbrook, BAC, this
2ist day of December, A. IJ. Tjofi.
There has reached the editor's tabk*
a charming little "souvenir of Van-,
couver," in poetry, by Annie C. Dal-
ton. It cor.lains twelve sweet 1 (.cms
descriptions of the author's emotions
upon',vicwing points of local interest,
around whicli are woven bright ideas.
There are scm: excellent pieces in
thc souvenir. In what may be called
an invocation to the wild roses in
Stanley Park, the author gives expression to these glorious words in
the last verse:
Not in an   English   meadow,
Nor yet i'i  English lane',
0 swc*t wild rose, thy glories
Now   du mi my  heart again.
Pink Jlake ol waxen fragrance,
Thou art both gaj- and wise,
•For thou, a   child of Eden,
Hast found a   Paradise.
Vancouver World.
It is all vcr.' good of thc sage who
sits amid the litter of exchanges and
oilier rubbish in the editorial sanctum of the World to go into extacies
o\er "'an invocation to' wild roses
and talk about viewpoints of local
interest, but here is the Kid .lolling
out doggerel by the galley with
viewpoints so sharp that you can't
sit down on them, with, or without
impunity, an 1 never a word of encouragement comes to him from the
aiilh.u-  of thc "Mystic  Spring."
If lie had made it read:, "There has
reached the editor's table a charming
little souvenii of , Vancouver,
Annie, C. Dal ton, we could understand him, f..r' she must be charming
(* ,       ^
or she couldn't  write such  a  verse as
thc one quoted
The  Kid   is discouraged,     and    has
.   mnde up -his,-mind
To, write nothing -but jirose or    wear
bloonu'i-s  and  hose.
Man is son. cwluit like a sausage,
Very smooth  upon the skin;
But you' can  never tell  exactly,
How sniuch Hog there is within.
,     —Our Elko Bard.
But what 11101c   is   in   the  skin   than
Tucked awn;-  as  sausage -meat -
Is almost sun; to be just plain dog
0 Mixed with hog so nice and neat.
 o '—
To relieve a cough or break up a
cold in twenly-four hour's, the fallowing simple formula, the ingredients of which,can be obtained of any
good prescription druggist at small"
cost, is till --that will be required:
_VJir ir in_Qil_of. Pinc_( Pure. ,___onc_lial_f_
For Sale!
A   No.    1   Upland   Prairie
Hay for sale  at $7.50   per
ton, F. 0. 13. Caylay, Alta.
Chas. H. Howakd,
Caylay, Alta.
ounce; Glycerine, two ounces; Good
Whisky, a half'jiinl.- Shake well aud
take in-teaspoonful doses every four
hours. The desired results can not be
obtained unless the ingredients are
pure. It. is therefore better to purchase the ingredients separately and
prepare the mixture yourself. Virgin
Oil of Pine (Pure) should be purchased iu the original half-ounce vials,
which druggists buy for dispensing.
Each vial is securely scaled in a
round wooden case which protects the
oil from exposure to light. Around
the wooden case is an engraved wrapper with the nam**---"Virgin Oil of
Pine (Pure)"—plainly printed thereon. There are many imitations and
elieaj) productions of Pine, but- these
only create nausea, and never effect
the desired results. —s6
Pardonable at this Season, but the Results
are Unpleasant
Eating more than is necesssary is like
choking a fire by putting on too much
fuel. The food is not only undigested and
useless, but a menace to health. Depression, drowsiness, headache, nausea, flatu-*
I. nee,, and indigestion, are some of the
consequences. A Bilean after dinner isthe
best help to the overburdened stomach.
All sufferers from dyspepsia find Bileans
indispensable. They enable you to eat
what you like, when you like, and how
yoii like. Unequalled asa family medicine.
Lady who had Dyspepsia for a Year.
<1* <1* _.»> k.1* kl* \1* k,1* \1l <l* kit \1* -vf.  kit 1 kjt \1a <1* kit
*i» 'J> *l> *»*► *V* *A*» *lV *»v ^v •,> «*iv rt> <4v f V_» ^iVVlvVIv
k,r .    „.-.
.'.-. '.'    **••-. '
;.*} 'tt
Watch it Increase.
Mr?. Charles Moriott-, Uo Cornwall Street, Toronto, Ont., h.ij-s : " I was a
"' suil'iit'cr from acute dyspepsia for 12 months before usiiiy Uilvnim. Puini in
the eliest and in the icgion of thu huitrt, nud ti soiftuliim of .fulness in tliu
aUiiiiucli, usually after monl-*,'wcro soinu uf the symptom.-. Such sudden niul
Bi'.VL'i-o attack* of puin in thu region of tlio heart mudu 1110 think I had lieuit
di-uiiso, but niy doctor said theru wim nothing wrong with tlmt orgiiu.nnil
thn whole trouble lay iir tho food no-..digoHling properly, 1 tried doctor's
inuilieintii) and various remedies advised liy friends mid by druggists, hut
nothing seemed ulilo to ctiiu uio of tho.*-o tumble pains and tlio distress after
food until I began using _til__ii_. A very few gavo mu such relief that I kept
on using until 1 lind no moro troublu wilh my hoart or stoiniuli. 1 was recommended to try Ui'loan-* by patties who h.ul used tliein its a family medicine for
ti long timo, und now I would ktronyly loeonimend them to tiny snllerer from
indigestion or allied symptoms. There is nothing to equal liileaiis ns nn
till-iouud ntedieino for young and old. " ,.
UtloanB are alto^ct'ior dilferont anil su wrier to thc ordinary; stnmao.li 'and ltvor
mo Ui-lncn. They aro pnrolj- vi'KOta'.l.. In coiiiiiimIHiiii nnd, aro a cortni.i ouro for head-
.mho, u.vii'cn. nndnllthPotrect-'ollliHlltfo-itln.i. Tlieyiiltoonroeoiifitjpatlon. pilu*,fi-im.lu
allinenU and ii rotfiilaill leu. nniemla, rhfiiiui'Nm, ilobllilv, Mood impurlilc--, ii'id i.ii
nllincnlH mul iJirionlori-nrl°lni; from defi'dl.-. lilli* flow nml ns~imi alien. Of ii 1 dri'K-'
RlmHiit,60e. ahox, or lio-tfroe from t o Ullcu i Co., Toronto, forprlot*.   Olr.xrH <or"-_ cO.
All  you   have  to
Xj> do  with, a  Savings   Account  is  to  start  it  and
•ijv keep  it • going—then v watch   it   grow.    Doesn't
t£ take Jong  fgr it ,to .count  up  to  a  considerable
«_£ amount—then yon  see  the   advantage—ithe  wis-
^ dom  of saving.
i 1$ Opens an Account with The Home Bank of Canada
*£ — : .  '
*;:$ J. M.   MARSHALL,  Mgr.,           Fernie^Branch
ik -rft
*i> **v <tv *ty <iv •»* <iV ^v <4v <i*v «*i> ri,\ ^iv (f <tv *4?ViV<
^A** ^i** 1i> *&
k.1t kl* k.1* A__J_» _Ji
03mesisioBi? Fi*9oneigF Siding,
.   FimishiiBg Ls.§^&e5* and
All our stock is last years cut and well seasoned.
W. R. McDougall
The Shoemaker
! Hotel, Fernie
Every Attention
4 -J♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦<*<*<> *>wWi><tow**/*/M+*>tw&Q4QQ
O l'l        —rn     MM  : „_„      «>
A pleasant home
for tho traveller.
Kooms    reserved
by -tvire.0.
. .   .,        *
Have sold out our stock of Christmas Poultry and
Meats, consequently,  shall have a fresh
.for New Year.    It   will be   first  class,   Dominion
quality,  that of course means
*mJ*mn*mmX*%~m* mmm**\****m*-Ji  P^mi*7   hmJUm*
MEAT   CO. Ltd.
,r>0 Good Wootls-
1.1011 wanted by
Tho Elk Lumber
Co. Apply at the
Office or at llosmer.
The Elk Lumber Co., Ltd.
Fernie, B. C.
Fernio'•' Itr-hiicli jafl
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
D. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen/1 Manaffe*
$5 and under -    '3 cents
Over $5 and not exceeding $10     6 cents
.-:.' "    $IQ-    •" -   ^ ■»:__.-       £*0     _10_cents '.	
"    $30       " .    , .  " $50   15 cents
Theso Orders arc Payable at Par at any office in Canada of a Chattered Bank
(Yukon'excepted), and at thc principal banking points in the United States.
NUGoruuu! at a'hxed rate at
They form an excellent method of remitting small _um3 of money with safety
and at small cost.
G. S.   Holt,   Manager
XJ-IsroER   -STE'W  J^_A.N^a-_3'J!*/_E,_SrT
Well furnished rooms. Tli*. table is supplied .with the liest
the market nlTonls. The'Imr i.s suupltcd with tho best wines,
liquors mul cij;nrsi I     >•
Make yonr wife happy by buying a Steel Range of J. D. Quail
or money refunded
The Best of- Satisfection
in Watch & Jetoeleri. Repairing
„,.,, i..    .,    ,,   iT»*-«-.--...i i An ii.'i' ""'''IJiT,
H m*k   S "a *^X "^
Ihnstmas lioocls!
Nol Ico is lmriihy given Iliul (Vi'lay-.
lieI- (lute, 1 jnleiiil lo npply to Iliu
Ida. Chief CciiiiiiiHsioncr ol LiiimIs.
and Winks, lor a ^laiiil lii uiim: to cut
imi t-airy nwny Uiulx.!- finin the foi-,
lowing d.'sei'ihiit IiiikIh mliiiitid on
Iliu Koolon-iy llivcr, Nnrlli ICusI
KuuUitiiy Distrlit.
No. J .--Ciiiiiiiiuiieiu-j ut it post
pliint-v'l i.u tliu dust sld.: of tliu Koot-
m.iy river, iiIjoiu two iiii,*--,. nuilli
»,*/' i.i. uuiiii.iii LsiuuAm) iti l.iA Ai'/'
ill.tliu lio dii'iDi Jioillt, tlii-liu- Ho
ilu ins w.s!, thoiuc Hn < Ilium .until,
tli.me >So iluiiis eiuit, to place ut
\.i,  ii. I-i. 1'A)vi«(VmN.
Ocj.oUir 4tb,, i<joft.  ,
Cl, II, ('..
OeloLur *Hh,  lyoiV
for the Young  Folk
For   the   Old   Folks
The Palace Drug Store
M. P. McLean, Mgr.
No. . .•-Contiiieiieii'}; nt a post
1'liiiiW.il ut th.i southwest roinur </'
Limit No. I, lluiice Ko iliams houth,
l)i,-IIK* Hn illnihs ue'st, 'Jul'.iu Kn
iliiiiin nonli, th.-neu Ho ihuiu- east,
III   [lllll'l1   nf   lOIIIIIHlli'i'lllrnt.
0   II. 0. IHiUI.TON.
fJctolicr 4tli,  J'Jirf'i.
Nu.  i\.—L'oiiiiiieni'ili:*      ut      ii   [insl
•iliiiitul ul thi: nuilli ensl ciiiii.-r   ol
I,iin;t No, it,   tli. iiiu Ko < ltains run tli,
iliiiiii'e .'" ill tins rust, tliu '« Hn t Ilnin**
tn hi ill, iliiin-c Ho ili.iin' west, to 1-lm'u
ot1 eciiuik'tu-i'iiiail,
(',   ""   (*   V''"l'l 'l'-'"
(V'lnli*v   Ml>.   i','ii',
No. s.--t,<iiiiiiuiiii,;n.{ ut a post
jilniiti'il ut tin* iinvlh wc.t i*otii*r nl
I.lmil No, .', ih.niu Xh ilnim noilli,
i  „     .      i   *.     ,     i.i,..     i*   , i.,;.. -
*>a ....   -, -.,.....    i-     ,   - * >* ■-  - •-
Mi'illl,  (.llwIKV Hi ill.iill*. e.l'.l,  to|il.n«
Ol   I'lllllllll'IICI III III.
11, JI. (V. HOUSTON*.
(klol,.r .ilh,  I'jii'i.
nnrlli wist eoriiur of Idmit No, C,
th-iii-i! .*<ii chiins nnrlli, tlu-uci: *'-c
ilmins wi*st, llidK't: Ko ilmiii'. sun I Ii,
tlii'lU'i- Sn ili.i.i'i ensl, to |iliii-i* o'
('.. II, ('.. lUlUl-TON.
(kloler  lllll,   I'jnli.
lr t     n     |io>.t
I'HSl    ,|t      tl"-'
No. a.-ComiHiBvitilj') at iv jiosl
jii-int-ril cm: tutU* north ol Limit No.
.. ih.nc-<! Hn ikiint koiilb. tlu-nce Ho
«li.iin.s went, tlu-iuc 8o tluiivi nurtli,
tk »vu fn il;i Bi     i1 nst, to iiliiru    of
No. .i.-Cumin*. li.'lliK nt n post
lil.iiiltd at 'li-: not lit wist mi lur ol
J.lmit Nn. 5, lli.'iui! Ko ih,i,ins north,
llu n.i; Ho ih,tins wist, ih.-iui. I'i"
ill iills mjiiIIi,  thi'iire i'n ihiin**   eii!.t,
t(l   [llilCl!   (it   lIlllllllUlU im lit,
«. H. C. HOUI.TON.
IJclolcr Jlli,  i'H/i.
No,   K.-t'ollllllill.'ill;
p!tinUil  i iu* liill inili;
n i'ii ■,'• * ' i■••!' v , j, l.iiii1' "■'(< -;,
ill ui-p fn iluln-, noitli, ilni'i." -*'*••'
iIt-,iIns wcsl, ili'ii.'c Hn ilnini smith,
till mn Ho ill,litis I'iisl, In plain n(
i-i iiiiiii -nc. mini.
(",, V„ li. IKJlll.TON.
n i  i ,-,   uj.    ....I
No. '),- I'liiiinii liein,; ul ti /mil
plnn'.iil mu*. li ill mil*, ciii,I < ol tin
Itiiiih west coin.T ol I,imll No. J*J,
(jl.tlri: .Si i ill.iill*) IU ir ill, tll.lli'i* Si i
I IlllltS   Wi'St,   lll.tl.-l*   Jill   lll.lillS   Mill til,
ill.in*.' .-'ii iliaiic. iii-.l, lo plii'o ol
I'l.iiiiii.-r.ciiv nt,
G. II. (V liori.Tos,
OctoUr ilh,  I'M.
I Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd
Hrewors of Extra Fino
Lajifer Beer and Aeratett
Waters.  J.ottlccl Goods
a Specialty.
ilmins  north  to place  of  coiiimi-iue-
G, II, G. Iinui/I'IJN.
No. li.—Co:iiiitrii(.'ili|; nt a post
pliiiitod ul tlm nm t It wi*k,i muter ol
J,imit No, to, ih-.'iiu* Sn ili.tius wet,
ih ii.'*.* Sn ihains miiuli, Uiiiui: -iii
iIiiiiii*; rust,  tliuii'i; Ko iliaiuti    li()uli,
'.()   ]i!,'.lt-   III   U.IIIUH'lUCUIl'llt.
G. II, C. linn/t'ON
DcloU'i-   |-|||,   I'jnli,
No,    l-l.—t'iilllllirlli'illj-     lit      ll     pnsl
pl.'iiitiil nt tlm not ill west   coiiii'i ill
l.iltli*.   N||.   I<>,  tluflci Hn ililillls    Wf-A.
1   ..       ll       1    '. ,.    .1.     ll, ,. «'
. .* II* t     .' '    . II., ...        1. " . *l,     •.»  '•
1li!n     isi-l     til lii-.-   Mn   ill i'ii-     '..I'll
to  plili'i;  of   riiinnii He Unlil -
(",. II, (',. lKllJI.TON'*
Octfi1.iT f,\h,   t'l'i'i,
No. "*—CoiiiitK-nilnj;
pliiiitcil     i.nc half   mill'
nt   n     post
in*,t  nf    lii'.*
phniid (tie milt:
nt a jmisI
west o| th. n.iitli
wi-iit rotn.r of Limit No, <), tlunu***:o
ilriins enst, tlitifu lio ch*\ins soulh,
ih ni«    50 tlmins wi-sl,   ihi-nci*    Hi>
Vr.     11      Cuiiiiiii ii. ill-.      -it      :i      ini
plllJItll   ill   ill.*   Ilnllll   Wist   liil 11:1     nl
Miilil No. hi, ilnim: Ko tluins iiiiitli.
tIt.ri i! so ilmitvi c-ist. tli.int: hn
ilmins Miutli, tluitu! 80 rlmiiis wukt,
tl)   JllilU!    (ll    I'Olllllll'llll-llK'ltt.
G. II. G, IKtn.TON,
IkXiAier /,th,   Hjnfi,
No. I.J.—Cfiinnu ncinj; ;ti 11 pf-i
jilutili-tl at (he soutli wuist ioin,T of
l.iinit No. 10, 1I1. ni*.; Sn tluins
•imnli, tlutifi* HU «h.iin« i-ast. ih-.n.i*
fn ilii-iin. . norlli. thini« Ho iluiiu
wc;.t, to jilaic ot cnintti--.nc.ini.nt.
O. 11. 0* ltm'l.TON.
n-'tolicr 1th',  x^/i.
eiitji't-; Ti''.Ni)i':ii and swkkt.
Oiir iliup.i will     ti.kU* tli*- pulatu    ol
Ui.- -pintle ni ui*H 11s ni iuiy oiiu wliu
li'l.S    ill   il..
Tiil.i-ii fnnii thi* best iitoi'k olitnln-
nliln, iiii'il i.iii-luliy ml uiul Uitiiiuviil,
ih.<v 11.1111 il I,nl to pk'iisi! you,
iiu* 111 1*'. 11 ■ nil iliiiiii* .iiul i>n»
pii'.i*. uli* un !ii-,-lr.T ill.ill you <ii*iy
i'.iy fii linvi j.jiwl.; iiiiirkiitin-; i;'mh
\ih re.
P. Eurns & Co., Fornte
liy tho \vi»t*U or inontli«
Mrs. Clark ^L.
Miimnl h   l.iiiniuiii   Cure* t.urgtt   in,
ty \V£">t-■* - V-*.** 'i
.■"■irs. ,'i
/6 ¥ i*^
■.%-HE''.VERNI'^ DECEMBER 29 1906
*■ -7"-''.'-   *-.--   .   .     • -■"   .-,;-,
', »: Ths*. Chiistmas .celebratfc-hs -'and fes-
-?• tivities;f'"arraDgedA.by 'tlie, Various
churches were all \yell attended.   •
*.     The -rnidnight celebration of  . High
.*■ '-Mas's'at the' Church"'cl the Holy. Fam-
*ily* .brought-out, a crowd .that' filled
the chuieli t. its capacity, and    the
>   btautif-illy  solemn 'sen-ice was   most
interesting. - A ".        ,.    "*..,•
The Baptist Christinas . tree entertainment .wa' vry successful, and
aljqut Sico wa. raised.for. a special
fund. '
. The Methodist, church was full to
overflowing Christmas rdght with a
happy throng of children,' old and
- young: ' '     .-•
The net result of the cantata given
•by the Presl yterian Sunday school
children last -week amounted to fcS,
wliicli sum \va« forwarded to the Vancouver Childrens' Home in time lor
The celebration, of Holy Comm'itiion
at Christ churcl. was well attended,
and the ceremony, always a most interesting au.l inspiring one, was.ren-
■ ilered doubly so by the decorations
and special music so well' rendered.
The Salvation Army songsters start
cd out near midnight on Christmas
Eve and mad' the rounds of the
town singing their beautiful Christmas corals -,* almost every homo.
The singing oi this band of nightingales was thoroughly appreciated by
all who heard it. On Christmas Day
the Salvation Army band again made
lhe rounds oii the city serenading everybody   as   tliey   went*
The I.cdgor Kin almost wishes that
every night 'might be Christmas Eve,
and every da;* a Christmas, so he
could go to sleep each night lulled to
slumber hy sweet singing, to be
awakened in tli*; morning by martial
sounding  musii*
The   hotels  a,l      had  fine    spreads,
which were enjoy cil by many guests.
May   everybody  have  many   returns
cf the happy day.
—. 0	
'     Toronto,.   Dec-26.—V.    1).    Scott,
superintendent' of  immigration,   interviewed   today,   estimates  total   immigration  10': calendar year  just closed
at 225,000, an increase of 45 per cent,
over thc figures of last year.      These j
immigranLs-lif.ii  come in equal    proportions .  from     .the    United  States,
Great    Britain     and     the   Continent.
"    Scolt  expects    that'   next year 6,000
farm  laborers  will   come  to   Ontario.
Immigration     will   be   larger    next
*  year but even al the rate of a quart-
 er-of-a—million-per— annum—Use-native-
Canadian  wiil  soon be in a in nority
in   the. western  provinces.
DEAR MR. CI.AUS:   I want a lot ol
things  lhf>   Christmas  time,
For .I've been such n dandy kid,   my
life has been sublime.
Yep,'     I've been     called    for   many
months,      "The   I.i'ttle  Saint" ;
that's Hal,   „
My halo bothers 111c so -much I ean't
put 011 niy lint.
I've been a-litl'e treasure to my eou-
■    sins au i, my aunts, A
And so, dear Santa,  don't object, II
I hang up my pants,
I want     a    two-cent     railway   fare
through all  this' favored land,
I  want     Niagara power  cheap.'   Oh,
wouldn't it be grand I
I  long   for   public    ownership,    free
telephones and such,
And lots of other things ■Ix.'sides;* say,
I ain't asking much,
Hut most of ull, dear Sanlii  Clans—
iv need tlmt is diurnal,
Is more subscribers by the   year   for
my Great  Family  .Journal.
I hope my wants-a re all made plain.
Yours Trulv,.
Everybody's good to tne—
.lust, now;
.TiiRt ns good in. they' can be—
.lust now,
Wife is getilli'i  kind and sweet,
Gels just wim'. 1 wont to eat,
Miiinii'.fs  thing,*. 1  won't repeat-
Jits', now,
It is (.lliiiully uiinoiiiiccd tlmt train
service will let established on tin*
iipokaiiu Tuti.-iiiMtlfiii.il Hail way on
Surdity,   Ui'fiinlii'i'i ."'■■   On   *h"t 'hi**'
II loi'.il passenger will be put oil he*
l Weill Sp.ikint.' ami East poll, tlie latter the uortlu-ni terminal of the line
ut. the.'inlviiiiilioiiiil   line,   lAtj 'Ensl-
"pnrl passciigi-rs will ti'iinsler to tne
l\ l>, il, train, which will nm in enn-
lii'i-tloh. The ilepfits un! only 15" led
tllsli.iue from each oilier, being count-, led by pluUoiiii.
As Nl-iliiJ ..1.*.. mi-11 Xhv (Min uill
leive Spokiine at about (1 11. in., «r-
ri.itig ol Homier*' Ferry about i«.,v>
n, in. Returning, the train will «r-
ilve nt Jlonni'is' Ferry nt about 9.30
|i. in,,  imiviiig nt HjioVnne 111   about
(■,.,10 |>. in*
Agent I,«cillit, nf nonner'H Ferry,
iiilorins iih tli.11 tin-' time card Is not
yet out, nml exact time cannot lie
.* *-.
Don't   fprget   bur"'; Celebrated -'Griffin. Brand
Sugar Cured  Hams arid  Breakfast Bacon arrives
Weekly.    Try some and be convinced  that it  is the
Best on the market..
1 ny wish
and Keep Debt
in the Background.
wi 11          mm 1 *,
.*..   ,
"■4 **      -■ ■ ■    ■
Coajs and Skirts
New and up-to-date.
Underwear and Hosiery
The nwde-to wear kind.
Underwear and Sweaters
The Best that is,
MENS'  ■.".
Overcoats and Reefers
The sort that fits.
UALITY first, last and all the time, 0is our motto.   You will
make no: mistake in allowing us to cater to your wants for you
will receive the highest quality of goods at prices that,, cannot be duplicated .elsewhere.
mSmsr*wT*si.\-jmnimi*s**t im
Have you bought your winter POTATOES?   If you have not yet done so, better
order some of our Ashcroft stock before the advance.       :       $1.50 per 100 lbs.
-luu.ML'MKji am
WE have now in stock, New Quaker Brand Canned'Fruits, all
put up in heavy syrup
per tin
Just received, New Season Maple
•LeafejCeylon Tea. quality better
than ever, Our jprice 30 cents
per pound, worth considerabl y
Two Grocery Specials
For. Saturday'-Only.
The Best made.
Ncw Year's Dinner
From 4 to 8  - »  Price 35c.
Cairns' Scotch Marmalade put up in 7 lb. Tins
Lowney's Cocoa, regular  30c size,  Special
as usual, both extra good value
,    85c each
20c tin
at   Any   Price
Government  Creamery Butter,  Price„ 30c per lb.
a__j_nifcn_____- _*, _____ t _■____ «iui
In   this  department the. hurry   and   rush   of the  holiday   season   being,,about  Over,   we turn  our   attention
'*■"'. * ■
to  thc   more staple, lines and offer such values as cannot fail to make this department attractive to you.
At the Northern Restaurant
KiaiSIIKS.   ■
Queen  Olive*).   Sweet  Mixed    Pickles.
Chow Clii w.   Celery.   J.cttuce,
Xew -York Com is ami Cream,   Cream
of Oyster.   Clam  Chowder.
linked    White    Kish.   Fried    {Smelts.
Hoiled Salmon,  a la Minic Hotel
Lobster     Salmi.   Iicltuco    Salad.
Sl.rimp Salad,
Suj,rar    Cured  llum,    a   la Haricots
Vorts,   Hoilcfi   Uccf,    Horse  Knd-
icli  Sane*,
Tcmlerln.n of -,V en I, a la ClmnipiRwon'
CictltjrdCN Hotter.     l*Iscullo|ie(l Oysters,   a   In   Chantelly  llaslu-t,
k,    a la Kc(*o. 'Hnv/i'd .Mallard
IJnck,   a    In   Mci-ein(fo.
ViiniJU  Sprimjr    Turkey,  Cflcry  IJri's-
sinjj,  C.ni.wliaii  Style,     nomestir
(iiiiisv,  Uii.shrooin  I)i'ussiii|j,  n
la    Apple.    Yohiiu    linked
Cliii-keii, Hum Dressiuu
New   York    Knniily
hJlyli-   S-K-iitli-rloSii
n;    lleef  an
y, .Tiwi.
Kwcjt    I'litiitni'S.      linked    rutiitoen,
Chip  l-otalm-s       Vxxwe    l'nt.iloes
nml     Cii'iiin.     l*i flu 1*     I'l'ii*..
Siij-nr Ci-in.   Sniiii,' IWmiis.
Cnll TniimliK'S.
New Kiipluiiil I'liini  riiilditi", lli'iunly
Sniii'i'.   Sno.'   riuliHiiKi     Oiiliiriii
(lieen    Apple 1'le.     Cvmhi    Tie, Hoi
Mine*) Vie.  I.c-iiion I'le. Hnspberry
Tart Vie.
\pple    .lell.    Slrawbenv Jell.
Aluioud Jell.
Angel J'notl Cuke.   New Year's Cake,
Mnrlflo   kinVv      Clioi-olale   Cake.
Coi'pniiiit     Cnkr,      . Oermnit
Jcllif Uoll.   .
under this headinj* instcrtctl at tlm-
rate of one cent a word each insertion.
WANTED—A good girl  for housekeeping.—Apply to Mrs. J. Ii. I.awry,
BACIIEI.OUS' quarters, two rooms;
steam heat alld bath-CROW'S
En"glrsh~Do"metsi"n Cream and White 14_ and l(>
Ceylon and Military Flannel 35c and 40c.
Grey Flannels 25C, 30c and 35c a yard.
Paarl-w   4n    \M(AdV        For perfection in quality, fit and finish thc Miiadi Skirt and   Royal  Waist  a
Winter. Blouses in Cashmere's, Lustres and Flannels $1.00 to $4.25
; •■ Winter Skirls in Meltons, Venetians and Tweeds $2.50 to $3.50
re   un-
Hosiery Special for Saturday Only.
Ladies and Children's Ribbed Cashmere Hose
Regular 35 cents; Special ,25c
FUKNIHHEI. room to re.it -for gentleman furnace, electric light 'and
bath. Kor particulars apply to Ledger Olliee.
,F0R SALE-A jyood William's piutio.
Apply 1). Mel«etiiitiu,
Q-"Bn5*r'.T,s   "Fxri-nsriSHiiisrGi-s
e"0R' SAT/K-.o Jots in Went Feruie;
easy term*. ..Apply W, T. Ilealey,
West Fejjuiu.
I'OR SALE—A siiiiji; a six roomed
house, well built, with hot and cold
wilier Imtli, niiii up-to-date electric
light lis lures; situated close iu to
busiiiwe purl of eity; must be sold
soon. I'm* pnrlictiliirs enquire ol
Moll, Sou -Sc Co,
MOTT «0N -S* CO, liave iiistriictioiw
to look out for two or three lliiiiil-
nd acres of good land suitable for
fiuil growing in t-lie Kooteiiuy Valley, This Innd must bu so siltuted
ns to allow of irrigation, either tit*
gravity or by a well-ui-uippc'l pumping plant with nti aliiiiid.nt supply of wilier. Improved riiiiiW.-s nre
wllhliiir the scope, of tlle iiistiactions,
I.ocnllty, quality of soil and access
to water come before price In (lie
cimslili'iiitlun of th-i piirclinsi-r, who
Is a prnctlciil fruit grown-, and
knows what lie wants. .Scud us
your ilftHirlpUons, locutions nnd
. . —rr—" ;>
•     ■'■■■;■'   1»*R081'RHITY'
He Uiul a tliouxaml ilollnrn,
llin heart w>»H Miglit nml frc*,
llu, went to1'lJuyi noino CI-.riRlti.au Riftn
A turk«y»w' a..tree,
liut-wlten-.thf turkty had been bnught,
•||i» wns fl'<i'onr lifreit,
" tfiu'inrtut"uitJutpiiy"itiaii.'' lie Iiml.
1       .."'■■      '_ "*-■■_.. ... * _'
ilut mivi'ii ili'Uuts led.
BABTI.KTT    IIOUHK, formerly    tli.
Cl-ik,  ilus  \kiiI  >i   a ilny lioit*,, in
Nl-llll.ll.      Oil)}-     »liil;;    "(J'/    |-i|||*l<>}e<l.
G.  W,  IIARTMCTT,  ]>ro|irletur.
Hdti Hfiiis^   Vanil.a Ice Cream. Mixed
Cnmly.    'Awuirti-il ' N'iilH.  N'uvnl
<>rnnge.*>   l,oy*r UaUhis.  Ap*
: r*    pies,   (Hniianos,   , Orapra.,,,
"^"* r»iiprrlitl CIinw.-■ '     ;J*!
Orcen Tea. 'Illoclt' Tm. 7Cocn<\.|SCnf-
1 fee,   -"Milk*.   1,-ttn-hnaiU.   '■ ,i.
Mlmril'i T.Uilmeut Curw Dlstetiipor.
A hotul that fiunlslifs quiet, 1*0111-
tnfwlifius aceoiumridiilioii for Its patrons is a siniiie nl pleiiMiirc to "tlie
travelliiijj public. Such a one ts th.»
Ivliijf ]'.*ivard IToti'l, of Ferule, cor*
ner opposite post ofiice,
KO'l'ICl'i i» hereby given that application will lie itjude tothe legislative
lUiembly of, the I'rovinco of llriiish
Columbia at it* nextvursslnn for an
act to iucorjiorale a company wilh
ppw«r to fotjutrneti '.;«lj)}p; '•'"walmoln
and iipera-io'ti; Ifho" or jW». ot railway
New Seasons Cloth and Designs
SUITS:- $6.50 to $25
PANTS:- $1.40 to $6.50
88nnppM/p.**.r ^rc y°u p,,cParct* ^°r ^ic co'1*snap? .^'.v°n
UI lUUl VVUul 1      nrc n0f( we WouKl be pleased lo supply you
with heavier Uiulcrvfenr.
I'lct'iro I.iiu'd $1.25 per s'uil. Wool l-'leeci! Lined $1,75 per «ni      „
Pt'iiniim's Heavy Ribbed Wool 8j.ho & $_,,*;o n suit    Natural Wool $j 51111 cuit
Extra Vine Nulural Wool $3.50 .»suit
WORKlNli SIIIKTS,   0;ir ran;'*-' i« very ironipU'le.    Twa-ils, .Miliiiiry Flannel, I.ltic nml CJroy Flannel, Sfrges'
K»nf;ii*K in I'rlro from Sii lo $.?,
1 *,-!». 11 «****"■ ti,*,vi^is>ismmim,**t.i. ill nnnMM*"—*— -f^rf-*—-fmfiMi
Th-e Crow's N<est Tradiner Co.  Limited
oi Mlaudai'd or other |*niiRe, with any
kind of motive power, for Xhv enxxvvy
line ui piiHstiij-cni and lri'i|{lu innii
a point on Xhv mmlh fork nf Mie'.u-l
Creek, nt or near th'e point known iih
"Tho I,oop" nil the Ci'dW'h Nest
branch of the wcMern Division ni tin-
Ciiiiadiiiii I'acilic Wiillwny, i» the
l'rovincc ol Hriljsh Col«nil>i.i. tlu-iui-
running in a Koutheiiy direction up
snid creek to the mouth ol the
east fork of unlil creek, thence
up said cait lofk ol isnid south fork,
in att iastcrly, aud wullicrn direction
tn! the summit between' *al<l creek ami
* * ' tributary ol the Flalheml Hlvcr,
lli'ence In a .outlicrly ilircction ilown
naWlrlliiitary to llie FlalLcm!' V Imr,
tlii'iM' sniithi'ily 11I1111-; M.iid I'liilheiul
l.lver In n point on the liili-'riiiilloiml
JViiiiiuiiiy 'm-iiviTii iln* VfiiMiuvi ni
llriiish Columbin. and thci United
StaU.s nf Aiiu-riea, a distaiu'n of
ill-nut lifty mill's, moiv or Ii'mii.
And wilh power to eons true I, operate and maintain ull necessary bridu-'Mi
n ad*, w.iys uml fitric*., ainl with jniw-
t-r to build,equip, operate and maintain
tclc|;rii| li and teU'|.ln>iie linen in con-
nuetioii with the suid railway and
bram-lii*, and to transmit >ncM»aj;e»
for comiuereiiil purposes, niul to
charge toll** therefor, and to Rem-rato
electrkilv for, ■• the mipply ol. light,
Wat ami iioutr; anil Willi power4.'Jo,
«x|itv>pr!nte". Inrntu' for thfi pnrpnxM of
'•    -      . '• -        *-       t-   r-. -,-    ■".'* ,'
lhe Company, aud to ncipi5ic IuihIh,
money, lioliiiscs, piivlle|;es |nr other
mils Innii any jfnvMimii'iil, ,iniinu-ij>.-il
corporation, or oilier jx-rwnti nr boil-
ies, and tn levy and collect .tolls from
nil pemoiiN ii.siii^, and oil all freight
IuihnIiik over any of suelv romilM, railways aiul ferries* built by tlw Compnny; and with pawi-r tm connect wiih
niul make trallic or other •arrangement'*
with railways, Nlenmhotitx or other
cfiinpanlcfi; ami to exercise- such powers as arc crantt'l hy l»nrt« IV. and
V. ol the "Water Claim* Consolidation'Act'*; ami for all other necen-
sury nr incidental ricliU-i, powers ami
privnejfe* .in that*hchaU . .
'DATim llie ! thirtieth day of   NV
vi-mber, jyuj,
110DWICM, A\*l> i.awsov,
~33    »So1icltor.N fnr lln* Appiii-.uit-.,
Toke notice that 30 dnys after date
T intend to apply to the Chief ..om-
mi.s.sloiicr for authority tn make a
waj;oii road from a point about iIt.-c
mill's south of Mfinissey, where -*
rreek i-mplvs into the Mlk river - ••
the west side, llicii.e fnlli.iwiii^
same creek fnr about two miles in a
s-nuUfU'esteriy ilintliou to my t**.»-
ber limit. Alxo for a mill siu- ut :'. t
mouth of the k»iu« cr**<:U ;h!<iv.-* -tlsr
west side cf the KIV rin-r.
Morrissey, II. C, Dec. n.t, t-M/i -u
•■ ■■**■    ■ift.,*;,t-,'f*'^»»r<i'*iw,a ■ -"V ■■*■ ***


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