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Pvoy: u«*'ltt*v
Vol II, Number 13.
ISH^El?-' c-> Wednesday; November 777^6
Price $2   a year in Advance
Geo. Clode Passes Away
Rather  Suddenly
The people of the city were greatly
shocked hist .Sunday afternoon   when
, it' was announced between  two    and
three o'clock that George   Clode was
Mr. Clode had been about the hotel
ns usual,' . ml n"o one supposed that
anything .1 u, serious nature was
troubling him,.'
On Sunday morning;1 Nov. 4th, Mr.
Clode, had intended to have had a
cyslie tumor re oved from the back
of Ins leg behind tlie knee joint,
which had been causing him a great
deal af nnin for, the,, lasl three
months. At eleven n'cl-ock Dis. Uon-
ueil and Corsaii arrived al the hotel
lo perform the opei-utiou with Miss
'Knisley and Mrs. Clodei who i.s a
graduate nurse, also assisting.
The chloroform was given at 11 a.
in.. Mr. Clode took it apparently
very well. His pulse was strong and
normal in every wny. His wife was
holding his handsl After, about 6 or
7 minutes of administration of the
cholorforni he muttered some indistinct sentences and partly raised his
head up ■ nd ■. dropped back lifeless.
All the slaTiclard heart stimulants,
which were in readiness at the ...ie,
as is customary, in giving anaesthesia
were administered without avail. Artificial respcratiou was contiuued for
over three hours without the least
flicker of iife, aud the doctors had to
reluctantly admit that the grim reaper was too many for them.
Mr. Clode was- 46 years old, a native of Ontario, his former home being at Klora, where his mother now
resides, and who has with her a
young son cf Mr. Clode by a former
wife. Mr. ;.iid Mrs. Clode were married some seven ycaps ago, and have
resided in Fernie ever since. • Mr.
Clode was lor a long time connected
with the -'.'rites-Wood Coinpany, and
since his ."-aving the linn he had been
for a short lime a partner in the,firm
of Ciode and Jchnson, but retiring
from the firm several months ago, he
became manager of the Hotel Fernie.»,
He was a cimrter. member of the Fcr-
laundry outfit in the back seats, and
everybody went home madder than 'a
-wet hen.
We arc requested by special wire to
send the report of the dog fight that
took place Sunday, the flight of Doll
Tracey, John Mott's, coal purchase,
the debating club's first"meeting, "the
mountain climb by liobt. Duthie,
Frank Hoelgel s troubles witli<a Calgary survey party on Tobacco Plains,
the events that led up to the "betrothal of Miss. Qucenic Ouackembobs and
Sunset Harry, the amount of bad
whiskey and plug hats that' arc sold
iu Elko every ' week, the number of
geese we saw twisting their necks in
Sheridan's cornfield across the river,
the brand of cigars thc ranchers on
Tobacco Plains uses to pull slumps
with, Why McRwan used pain killer
when- sealing' wax would have done,
why Frying Pan .Tack can't handle at
skunk without raising stink, why
Jimmy McPhail, cliief engineer of, the
Elko North Star line looks as innocent as a rag doll when a ballet
troupe comes to town, why Dan linker .opened np a sailrkraul factory
without getting permission from tho
board of trade, why gravel and slide
rock is causing so much trouble in
Kiko. ..what Olio Van Hough intends
putting in his sausages at Okotoks,
why Charlie K. failed to pan ' gold
from country rock, where Johnny lie',
hind the Deuce wil, get-his'next-grub
stake, what the sky pilots will Ao
now, the only church in town having
moved up on south fork, why Frank
Ingram allowed Ladv-Go-Lighlly step
011 his foot,'why Geo'. McKoe can't
take a rest when' he'eomes, to town,
why -Jiese people that talks so much
about God's country why they don't
go back lo God's country and stop
in God's - country, for God alone
knows their room is mighty, good
company iu this,Canadian paradise.
nie'Lodgc .-Co. 31", Knights otTytliias"
and the 'fuiiii'ai arraiigeinents'werc all
looked after by that order.
The body was followed from thc
hotel. lo Christ Church by a . large
concourse if friends and *a fiill turnout of the Knight.'- lasl Monday evening at live o'clock. The-church was
'filled with friends of tlie deceased," I
who was so long and so well known j
in the community.
/ The solemn seivices of the Church
of England were conducted hy Rev.
.7. Skidding Wilkinson,, after which
the body was borne to lhc station
anil Mrs. Clode began her,long, sorrowful journey to Klora, Out,, where
the remains will be laid, to rest in}
the family cemetery.
In her ericf so .sr.ddenlv brought
upon her, Mrs, Clode has the sympathy nf au entire community.
Thij seivices in the cliurch were
more than usually impressive, tlie dim
lights Irom 'ho chandeliers al the
time, between the full light ot day
and the darkness of night, the subdued tones of the choir and the very
impressive address nt the minister all
milling lo thc snl'.'tiniity nf feeling
caused hy the suddenness nl Mr,
.Clinic's death,  "
The pall bearers were W. 11. Ross,
M, V. P., Fred Stork, Chas. Richards, 11. W. Wood, 0. II, Itnulloti and
J. I„ Gales.
The jury in the big lumber damage
suits brought in a (verdict after many,
hours 1'of deliberation in .the form of
questions answered. Chief Justice
Hunter -cut the jury back once before their iinal judgment was received. Their answer to one of the questions not being satisfactory.
The questions and thc jury's answers to them were as follows:
possession as "owners of , the timber
claimed for respectively when the
damage sued for occurred?   Yes.
.2. Was the railway company then
owner of *■ the cight-of-wa^ in question, and was. Stewart in possession
by the authority of the compa-iv?
Yes. ]'
3* ^£i'e. Quaifte and his men engaged in clegring the right-of-way at such
time uiuler the authority of*-thc railway company and Stewart?   Yes.
t\. Were .hey using fire i;ii-:-.a.--i'.
purpose .villi thc knowledge nnd assent of i)oth 'defendants or cither?
Yes, both,
5. At .vliat place or places did the
fire rir fires Unit did the damage originate, On the righv-of-way at or
near station 9.0.
fi. In  what way did such    fire
fires originate?   We do not know.
Was tliu damage    coinglained
Dr, llouucll, nf Fernie, was an Kiko
vlsitnr this week,
No, by dm ulei'iinl, nothing lml mil
nml goes iu Kiko this winter.
George Warwick requests us mil tn
mention his name iu lhe paper.
Ross llros,, nf Kll'iuniilh, spent 11
few hours 111 town Monday.
Unwind McGuire was in town wilh
n big    loud of pineapples   nud   ruta
Hiiow(luki) Sunt came down from the
Miliiiuil uiul spent sevcrul hunt's in
trnvn tliln wcok,
Harm:*,' Altilherit wrote us fnr nu nir
ninltresji nr a lnajr-haired partner; wu
arc mulling him both.
Cliff Kdwards will he al home tn
his friends when he gel*, over ihu cold
he gnt hunting big gume.
There is o.so dogs lu Kiko, ns follows; '2 \u\ leiiieis,   1  uiiiyMiiuKe,   1
I.U-i.tiJ   pifh,    I   iliill   .Hi,}   li'iiiililil    -,,.,''-
iir, nml UM jusl i.iiiiiiiuii dogs,
Tom Huberts, got  the contract   Mr
supplying the    C. 1'. U. engines   between Vancouver uml Winnipeg   with
.    ,,     »..    ,,  . 	
^(^I..* Ul.Mll.V 1t«'.Vl'l.,l,'l, -l.>\,,,.,        h.,fe..»
Mrs, Curly Cucumber will receive nt
ij.Vi Cauliflower Avenue Inr the first
time since her return (mm Roosville,
when* the hi;,' nil apples grow, nu
Thnrsdnv n(l?inonii Irniu 4-,V» In 6,,v*.
The li'liowiii*.. diuiu-iiu.N visited
KHn tliiu week: McPhail. Mc.J.i-t,
..axon, Millar, Mnr-.hnll, Villi", Hill
Pattle.ue, Slim-string Mack, Overall
Wain, J-_g9 , Clothe*. Line Jimmy, nml
Thc imi|K*ran.F lecture (jiven In ths
opera hnusc liv Si-dawulcr Sally wn*
A financial sums-*.. While Unci presided nl lln* plan". ■Mi'*** dinger IW-cr
wing a M.l.i fiom the "Sight Cap"
that brought     li.il**. I" tl-t    Chiui-M*
wholly or partly caused, by such (ire
or Cuts escaping from the righl-of-
way, and if only partly, specify to
what extent?   Wholly,,
.S. Did Uic lire escape from the
right-of-way by reason of any person's
negligence; if so, whose, aud what
was the negligence?   So.
<). (a) Did   the wiun rise   suddenly
and was il the cause 'nl'    the spreading nf the fire from the rlghl-of-wny?
jit did nnt rise .suddenly',
(li) Whether sudden or not, wns it
such ns could not reasonably have
been anticipated?   It could have reus-'
io. Assuming the ilefeiidants are
nimbly been anticipated. ,
liable, what iliitiiago dn ynu allow In?
fn) The Fernie I,uni1ier Cniupnny?
$35,35". *
(h) Tho Klk Lumber Coinpiiuv?
)e) Tlio MU; T.titnlicr Cn, as reprc*
seining the liiMirnncu cntiipuny? $5,
11. Did or did not such lire nr iirOs
origiiiati' from lires sd hy Qiiuille oillis men in clearing right-of-way? We
iln lint find funis the evidence Llml
Ihe firo originated fr.nm tliu lires i-el
■mt by (}mii(fe,
Tlie I'tii'Minii ni responsibility was
taiscil at the beginning nf the tiiil,
when coiiusi'l fnr defendants mnv."l In
noil-still,' uut the iimtinn was i..'if*
ruled by lhe Chief .lu.sllcu and lie
trial proceeded villi.
At'cnnling tn the answers  returned
iij   (ill.-    .11),   'I   .i.illiiigv   W.irl   UU'       I'.l"
' IniiitJiT',,   llu*    jljini.'Ul   ||.,*|-J')   ),. '   V ;
uie I.iiinl.i*. Co., $3,-i,,t5"; Klk Lumber
Co., 55.M41. and the saline cnnipany n*
rcpii'sentlng '■■■ linn-runco coinpany,
$5i«k»i nr a tolnl damage nf S,Vi,iqt,
il ,
Negotiations   in   Progress for Over a Week«Union
Representatives  Make  Concessions  but are
Turned Down=»Miners Prepare for a
The negotiations' which have been iu
progress -le.twecn' the Coal Company
management ami the national board
members of the 'United Mine. Workers
of America during the past week came
to an cud yesterday  afternoon.
A great ileal of preliminary conversation was indulged in leading up to
the final submitlim_ of propositions
looking to. a •.settlement. A great
mass of minutes of the discussion had
accumulated. , the-- nature of .which
need not be dealt with here, as it'
pertains mostly to. matters that have
already- been published and discussed
at lcnjrth.' After, six or seven daysof
this kind'of .work, Mr. i*,urke finally
submitted to Mr. Lindsey a proposition, the substance of which is as fol-
1 ° '
1'first, the Company to pay to the
U, MAW. of*A, monies now held by
Uic Company, and paid to it as dues
and fees of the union by' the men.
The strike to be declared off at
The Company to withdraw the lockout at Coal Creek and thc men to de-'
clare the strike of! at that'place, and
the mines, to be operated at once
with all ■.he men that have signed
the check-off agreement, as we understand it, and we submit to arbitration the interpretation of the checkoff clause for the life of thc agreement,' thc board of arbitration to
consist of five; members, two. to be
".elected by -.he Company, two by the
men, and they-to choose the .fifth
The men to go to work at once
without discrimination, and the- • decision of the board of-arbitration   to
the true condition of affairs,/ and   if   shop.   Did'you intend to embody    in
........ re       . ' . I
be final and binding on all parties.
Mr, Lindsey rejected this proposition and as a substiturc offered ani
other,'- the substance of which is as
• Thc men to say they had promised
that'the issue of the closed shop should
not he raised; that thcy'promised that
union men would not refuse to work
with non-union men; that President
Mitchell would never permit a strike
for that purpose, and that the raising ol' the issue of the closed shop
has been a mistake, Mr, Miicacll not
having been properly advised   as ■ to
reasonable efiort is made to put
things back in the position they were
iu before the telegram of the 11 th of
September, -so that there would , be
no advantage taken by the United
Mine Workers of what has lieen accomplished by ihe strike in the direction of bringing about the closed
shop,- and some reasonable suggestion
of reparation i.s made, then I would
feel disposed to meet your proposal
to pay. you-the money collected ,for
the check-off which is in our hands.
We would, f.el disposed to pay- you
that money, you sending the men
back at Michel. We would feel disposed to relieve the position at Coal
Crock by allowing the men to go back,
lo work who struck. Upon the question of whether or- iiot an order in
writing for deduction of dues given
under paragraph 5 of the agreement
lasts during the:life-of, the agreement
or not, to be submitted • to any
judge in chief justice of the supreme
colirt of llriiish Columbia for his
opinion without argument.
After some conversation regarding
the arbitration of the check-off and
as to its length of life, which developed the fact that Mr.0-Lindsey wished to confine the scope of the arbi-
iration to strictly technical and legal
Mr. ,.Burke submitted as a iinal
proposition the following, which will
be seen to be one on the' broadest
possible lines, and io meet" the contention of ihe management that - the
union had gained advantages by the
strike to get men to sign the checkoff clause:      * .'   '
We will allow all signatures ■ to be
Taiic ? i ic<lr*~"rird~tirarict~eirclr'lnairwho-
desircs sign again.• " ;
Then we will submit to arbitration
the check-off clause for' an interpretation to thc Piemieribf Hritish Columbia or anyone-, wliom he .may appoint, provided, that 110, miner, mine
'operator or judge1 or .chief justice, be
appoiutwl, - 'and we' .\Vilf go A.o work
pending a dedision;' all parlies to be
bound by llial- decision, whatever it
may. be.
Mr.     Lindsey     Answered—In *   this
sin lenient you have just made,    you
J dcii',1 touch the 'question of the closed
what you have just said any part ol
my proposal? o
Mr. Burke, replying, said—Mr.
Lindsey, pard*m me, I have said we
will cancel everybody.
Mr. I.indsey would not consent to
such a proposition, and negotiation-.'
have come to a standstill,
11 Mr. Burke will remain for some
time longer in the city, but Mr.
Sharjiwill leave tomorrow or next
It is a matter of profound regret
that the week of consultation should
result' so unsatisfactorily, ' .,
No comment i.s called for regarding
thc proposals of thc two parties,
Those proposals themselves are a sufficient comment upon the actions of
the parties to the controversy.
One side manifests a desire to have
the matter arbitrated by perfectly
impartial boards, with the broadest
possible scope as to the limits to
which it is to be confined; the other
side insists upon confining, ..the investigation to a strict,y legal construction of a certain clause taken bv itself, o
Before* doing this, however, it is insisted that certain portions of conversations . anil negotiations leading
up to the adoption of the agreement
shall be admitted as, deciding, the
legal point sought to be set up; that
i.s to say, thc men are to admit certain things which are not legally a'
part of the agreement,' in order to
secure a strictly legal judgment
of that- check-off clause:
To put i.t briefly, wc' have a lawyer
insisting that things not contained in
confine a judgment upon., an interpretation' of a paragraph of the agreement to strictly legal .lines, while the
other side to the dispute are willing
to have the investigation take the
widest possible'scopc.
The miners will hold a mass meeting in Stork's Hall tomorrow afternoon, for tlie purpose of discussing
the situation.
While negotiations were pending, the
Coal Company on Monday issued S2,
ejectment writs ou miners occupying
company houses at ,Coal Creek.
Fresh Bulk Oysters at 1'. Burns &
Co. •   " "   '
John Brown was hown from llos-
tiioi- on Monday.
A. Mul/. returned yesterday from a
Hying tnp^lo Calgary.
Miss Mcfiuyrc, of Coleinan, was in
the city ,'isiting Miss Whimster on
Court Stenographer Oeorge Blnylc.
was iu the city Saturday and took
down tlie evidence iu the case against
Mrs. Keiiipl.011, mother of Rev, Mr',
Keiupton, is visiting her sou here in
Vcrnie, Mrs, Kemptnii's hnine is ill
Mi'toii, X, S.
The Dominion House has been called lo meet nu llie -2111I Inst. Il is
expected -Juit the tariff commission
report \ylll be laid before the House
and ueleil Vpni! during Ihe session.
.Inlin Turner completed the wiring
nf the new Kink Block at Criiiilirnnk
last week, This week he is engaged
ut Kiko .viriiij; the North Stfir Lumber Cnnipany plant at Unit place. It,
Si'hrniii is nsiiistiug Mr. Turner nl
Kiko.    ' „
Mr. Burke, the International Hoard
Member of the U, M. W. of A., who
has been in the city for the past ten
days i.s a very congenial gentleman
who has had considerable experience
iu the settlement ol labor/ disputes
throughout lhe Western States and
British Cnlumbia. Mr.-Burk. will address llie miners tomorrow alternoon
at 2.30 in Stork's Hall upon the present trouble.
The Lejlger regrets very much that
it has to go to press this week without its Night Cup on. So much in
the shape nf strike news and elections
ciimciu at the last moment that the
usiiiil .snppl'iueiil hud to stand over
This is doubly regietlnble tn the Ledger owing to tlie fact that this week's
issue is larger by -.no. than has ever
been ■•tm' before, and the whole extra
edition hns I.ecu ordered by new readers.
A well attended meeting- in the Interest of lho \\. C, T, U, was held
in thu I 0, 0. V, hull Sunday night
after the . close nf seivices ill the
churches, Mrs, Hull nddressed the
ine.'ting iu 11 very Interesting little
talk regarding the nlm of the society
and what it had done in the past.
More meetings will be held, and the
interest which ;s growing, rapidly will
result in the foiination of a. branch
society in Fernie
All kinds of,Smoked nud Kippered
fish at- P. Burns &. Co. ,
Dr. J. (V. C. Sniiipbell, Into of Montreal, is iu the city with Dr. IIig-,
gins. Dr. Campbell lias been in the
west before, having been located ul
Nelson for 11 year ami a half. He- is
on his wny to Vancouver, where he
expects to take up the practice of his
■T. A. McDonald, secretary of, ■District IH, urMT"wnif"A~*is"iii'*town!
Mr. McDonnld ii un old Kerniu boy,
who now Resides nt Blairmore.
Dan C, Kelly was up In-fore 'Judge
Wilson Yesterday upon a churge of
forging .John Tumor's- nam'c tn a
check, mul wo*, dismissed. Immediately after lie was re*arri"itcd upnu
llui charge cl uttering a fadsc document, knowing thc same to. have been
forged, and is now in jnil .-wailing 11
secniul trial,    „
which nrigiinucil nu the righl-nl-Wiiv
ut or near station <-.n, nud (or which
110 ono was responsible, or tn blame.
The ilefi'iiilnnts were aware that lire
wus hcing used, ami lhe men were
under the authority of the- railway
iniu|iaiiy and Contract..i" Suwuil.
Tlun- is toll, cnmfi.it in lhc vcrdia
(or llu* companies vilm Insl mi heavily
nml tin* lismiii tn he lrarmd seems
Xu Jit.th.it «h«i i.lJ-i-r people mi mil
lire and let it get away and do in-
ii.KCiit piof.1t- damage, tlkit the iu-
niMCiit fellow tuiisl pay (nr Iiii .'•)•
New York State Centre of Interest-Hearst Defeated
by Small Majority-Many Surprises Sprung
Try V. Hum* &  Co. fnr Maik.ivl,
CmIiisK l.rul*. ami Mining.
(Special tn 'i'lie Ledger.)
uniiiipi-g,     .Nnv.    mil,    tyn'i
\liir,,     ll.v-    .Mil.tliMt (i.>li|;     t. jl IV • 1
poilu! Hughes iliiiiiis his elation hy
plur.ilily <i( OJ.'im, but Mute* lhat
the -.-.hole I'lunt'criilic. Stale ticket
wilh the ixceptioti ol Mr. Hearst bus
i.\.». i.it'ii-.i.
1 In New \nrk, T,n3t*i clecltnii districts, mil nf ,1,111,1 iu N'ew York
State, outside nf New York city, give
In   11,-iinklyii, a^n   tliilinti district,*,
Hugh.i*. .7'.'!'',7.  nwir.il 1.1'',751*
mil    nf    <i,nir,    Hughr-i   tin*    11,3ri (
lU-.irsl 51,,I.U.
Ill j't'Clll-t Xi iv Vnrk, *sn ilistllrln
nut il MV. K'xve lJf.'11-.l J11,.ri7.S,
IIucliis tin,].). Hearst's majnrity,
N'ew York, f>.\* p, m.—Tlie S'ew
\nrfc Times, whicli viipportcd Huglut,
11.thus indication!, arc that Hin'lu-s is
elated liy nttniil \n,nm pliiuilily. Inil
lli.il Di-tiiii.Tiiti huvi* pmifliTv I'lecli'd
the tihole nf the niii.iiuii'£ state
,      (Suici.il in The Ferine Ledger,)      ,candidates w.re elected hv tin* nsinillv
New "inik, Nnv, 7, ,i a. 111,—Ac-
uiiu'iiig 1.1 in.: iiiUfit teltitiis up iu
tliis limn, Chillies S. .Hughes, Uepub-
Ik.iii <.iii'liit.iU* f.ir gnvenu.r <.( Xtw
York, has iiccii elected by 11 .plurality
nl .sn.nin nr more.   Outside nf (iri-al-
uicts slill tn hear Irom, Mr. Hughes
bus a plural Uy nf nhnut 124,(kki, Iu
Ctcatir New York, with Mt districts
large limjiir itli-n.
limnighrmi iht Kuslerii and Western Statvs, those States ihut wem iu
line twy yejts ago on cither side, ie-
iliiiiii J1 rii.ti.-'illy the Slime, The Ice-
publican iiin'oritY iu the pieseiii cm-
11  .'m.,   ...it.,  ..nu nm livi.'.ii.ii    uiv|j.rc*i.*f    will   be  coiisiilctably    irdiirnl,
hut it in inn curly tn be able to   tell
to what extent.
In   Xew Vnrk the result M-eins   to
still to hear fiom, Willjnui1 11. Hearst'j)C ,,     Coiii|ik-lu     Dinmcriith' victory
with thc hXciplfnit nf Mr. 1(?arst fnr
(rnvemnr. That a man having the
cninhTiii-il cnr-H.-tutt* wealth nl thut
gtrut State unaiigci! itg.iiti.-.l him,
and with mou* moiuy put into the
fight than las been the cin-e lu a
Stnti* ",-impnigii Inr yfnr*., ' il is 11
tfuliiler tlmt lie wim not ilrduti'd liy
a v-rrv -nnili largrr rnnjoiiiy tl..in it
.-nffni hr tn* ftgalnsft Mm.
The late-it return*! imm tn indii.itt*
that ltii*"lie'*> plurality will W l.i"
twr«.n 3i>,*j» mul 3o,rxin, whiih is n
Mii.ilt iii.irgin in u> Urge u vntr,
the Deiiincr.itic ami Independent
I.ciirui' nomine>, lin-i a plurality nf
7,<*,uu. Air. Hi nnt carried nil the
\'<w Vorl; City b.ir<nij'h« Mr. Hugh*"!
1. st iii.iily .ill the principal .ilii-* in
lhe State. The rural districts, lmw-
ever, have s.ivid dim from defeat.
Washington, I). C, Xov. 7.-Kire-
limit iron* luld yevu-rday in (rtrtv*
iwo State**, and generally ip**iln'-i|»,
there wire itn gtcit Miipri.iv.*i or landslide fe.ituit-i in nny i.r tfieni.
Tlifiiiighoiii tin* Southern St.itei, Uie
l).ii,iHr.iii.   M.ii«*     flint i-i.ngri-siiniul
Interesting Convention is
Held at Vancouver
Probably llie most important cc. i:t
of the week in labor circles was ihe
capture by the Socialists of the convention held r.t Vancouver to form ai.
independent labor party. "fiver since
the meeting of the Uominiou. Trades
and Labor Congress at Victoria, llrit-
isn "Columbia Socialists * have been
preparing for the occasion! They were
determined that the Socialist parly
should uot 1« lost sight of in the
proposed independent labor party, and
threats were -i?jde that when the
convention to be cal,cd by the provincial executive of congress ,was held,
tho Socialists would be in control of
the situation. They have made good
their 'threats, The straight -labor
men walked ...ut of tlie convention, refusing to endorse tiie programme and
methods' of the Socialists. What future steps will be taken, if any, to nr-,
gani/.e an independent labor parly in
llriiish Columbia is not yet known.
One thing, however, is certain. Ihe
union men of Hritish Columbia or any
other part of Canada have nothing 10
gain and much to lose by allying
themselves with that bond of class
conscious, '.-revolutionary ' Spcj-J-sis
known as.the.Socialist party .of Cii 11-
ada, a party whicli by its' extreme
metholis has earned the contetlipt;' of
thc thinking union men of thc ■■ country.
There has been much discussion of
late in the labor press regarding the
different brands of Socialism, prompted largely by remarks made by J.
Ramsay McDonald, the British Labor
member of parliament, who recently
visited Canada.' Mr. Macdonald, who
in Great Britain is recognized as an
advanced Socialist, strongly condemn-,-
cd the methods of the Canadian and
American Socialist organizatians. In
a letter to Keir Hardie"s paper, the
Labor Leader, he says.
"Out here there is the nucleus of a
fine labor parly.' Hut the Socialists
do not .'.ecni lo understand the position.   They arc grinding away at their
cold. aKgiiess_ve,__acade_ni i cJonn nl a,
about 'class war,' 'economic determinism,' 'a class conscious "prolclari 1!,'
and everyone who" does not agree v,ith
them is a fakir or a scoundrel ol sonu*
degree or other, Many members of
the Socialist parly fully appreciate
the folly ot all this, und would be-
only too glad to respond lo a more
intelligent lead, but at the moment
nobody seems tribe, aide to'stand out
against the existing dominating fad
lion. A,split and thc formation of a
Canadian independent labor parly on
the British model would be tlie salvation of Socialism in this country.
"The barrenness of the present Socialist propaganda i.s particularly noticeable in Hritish Columbia, where its
success appears to be the most niarkod,   This proviuco i.s ripe for Socialism and labor.   Miners compose    the
bulk of its electors,   Its lauds    have
been   pilfered    by  carrupt legislators,
and its resources arc in thu hands nl
one or two, monopolists.   This is   the
lirst Canadian province, to develop lhe
economic and     political .state    lr.un
whicli a labor nud Socialist mnvciii<*ii(
like ours grow'up.   Wilnin  len year,*,
the legislature here could be dominat
ed by our penple.   Hut unless there is
a change, only a wild, seething slriii*
will be kepi up.   The Sncinlists   will
cnutiniii* to play  into ?he   hands    cil
the reactionaries, and the magnificent
opportunities of Hritish Columbia will
never he .ici/eil upon.
,   "Last night   nt 11 crowded    public
meeting I explained our Hritish move
miiil, much In ihe disgust ni some nl
our comrndes, some nl whom objected
llml I had made nn provision for bay
niiils, and ntliei.s that   my ecuiioiiii*,
basis' was nil wrung.   I have met a
I considerable utllllhei- of niir nld  I.L.I1,
fiieiids whn have wandered westwards,
and they feel like lish mil of   wntci
in this eiiii.iiis i-nniping. prnpaguiidii."
Mr. MacDniiiild is 11 keen observer,
With   pl'iiclle.'il      political    cxiierii-llic.
llllll  he  furesiC'i  that,  lin  pniiy    ll-.il1..
such mcilmds     as lhe Socialists    A
Hritish Columbia inu have any    p.>
tiiatiiiit' mii-ccsi.
At lhe "t"il pt'.viiifiul fleet inns in
llriiish Columbia it is verv pmbiiliii-
tll.lt ill enlistillliiliii". whne SmuiliM
cindidalis have a ehniict. nl miiccv:,
llu* LIU rata nud Consetv.Uivi*. will
iiuiti' upon one m.ni and i-U-et him,
hi  N'aiiaim.i,   a it ii   Mi,   Hnwihoiiilli
Will In Will l-ll'itl'll tit ill.* In*.t |.i-oviii.
i'llll 1 lection, il W,l;i frei-lv slnted bv
leading Liberals ami CniiM-iv.iliei-,
tljal they would never make the nuv
take again ol dunling iln-ii I"'*-
iiud allowing tin1 Smialisi 1.1 ttiu-
lii Purler U'i.I'iiius' i.iiistitiiiiiiv the
.silimtiu-i is jii'.n iii-ally the-..imr. Ami
with tin* possible except inn of l*Vriiie,
where else nave the Soiiiili'.l* 11 li-thl-
iiig chance?
With an iiiih pendent l.ibm party lid
by    moderate     and prognssive nun,
thing*.*     v.'.uM  V.'.ll.      ' ut   .lilT-i.-uMy
tlure an* many iniislilucnik*, 111 Uintah   C.llllill.i'.l   Willie   .1   l.lh'U    li"1"      "'
modcr.it>- vii w.s iiugfTt In iU. t.tl if
111. wi.rliiigiiii-n would unite, and llu-y
will miili' nftir the S.'ii.ilist parly
encounters a crushing dclr.it al lhc
polls ami gits ii*l <-f M'.im- ol sis
fr.n^/'d JiMihTt
Tin* in.li|>'ii'!'iit l.ilx.i  tn..Milieut in
Wllltl'IiCg i'i .list. lAp.i iiiu illg nppi,>.i
Imn Irniu vine <>f these "ilas* mil'
'lions''  jrople, l.ut tluir *triiigtli  i*,
not so great as to menace the labor
There are many Socialists who do
uot believe m the methods of Haw-
thonith-vaite and Lis colleagues, and
who are strongly in favor of the formation of an independent lalior partv*
on the lines which have proved so sue-,
cessfiil in the Mother Country.
Mr. MacDonald in a letter to tho
London Chronicle recently, made soma
remarks about national and internal*
ionarunionism which have beci splui-
did material, after twisting them jp
a little, for the patriots who wo.!,.
save us from the American 'Federation. Mr. McaDonalil evidently docs
not regret that tlm'workmen of Canada'
mainly belong to ■ the international
labor organizations, he plainly sec*
that inlcniatianal unionism is necessary, al the present time at least.
Mr.-MncDonalil .sa}-*:
"The long days and nights iu the
train crossing Canada, thc vast
stretches of f„rcsl and wheat field
which one has" to g0 through,  explain
10 us this lack of labor commerce. ,
Nature has hitherto defied the creation of a Canadian labor movement:
ou lines parallel with the political
and economic interests of the Dominion. * This long, narrow, strip oi industry, stretching from Sydney 011
the Atlantic to Victoria on the Pacific, broken by hundreds of miles of
forest and faun at a stretch, cannot:
cohere. Willy-nilly, Canadian labor.
cannot stretch its arms cast and west,
only; it' is doomed to Traterhize -with
the south as well. To the manufacturer, Canada'is an industrial entity;
to the workmen it is nol.
"It is a grim comment, however, 011
what passes as imperialist sentiment
that in the province where 'imperialism is said to be at its lowest ebb,
Quebec, the trades union movement-,
is organized nationally, and suspicion
of the United Slates'.finds-expression
in independent Canadian labor organizations, ' whilst in these provinces
supposed to be most Hritis^n, organur
cd labor pays fees to United States
"Tin's cannot be helped at present,
hut it brings a dualism into the lifo
of the Canadian trades uuionis-t as
worker ' and citi/.cn, which will undoubtedly hamper-him in creating a,
labor party for the Dominion.
Many Canadian unionists, as iiiuat-
sec our workmen * belonging to national rather than international organizations, which i'roin the nature of
things, must be largely controlled by
'.mcricans. Hut the fact remains
that so far national unions* are fail
ures. They are. largely used as tools
by parly politicians, find the Canadian-Manufacturers' Association i.s also supposed ii. hiii'c much inlluenc'e
with their leaders. Mr, MaeDoiiald's
comment upon the situation iu (Jue-
bec is founded 011 suppositions' imt ■
entirely correct. International unionism is gaining largely throughout
Quebec, and at present nearly all the .
skilied tradesmen, and especially
those of Hritish descent, .belong to international  unions.
Capital j.hnws uo boundary, neither
.hould labor., When strike breakers
are wanted Canadian and American
mipltrycrs call oil the same nj'cucics,
having hcidquaiters in the United
States, hut whose operations aie iu-
lernatininiL Thc workingmen, of Can-'
nda must unite with their brelhreii
in the United States tor self piToicc.-
t ion.
Harlow Cumberland, oi Toronto,
•who visited Uie great, wesi rea-nily,
had a brilliant thought abnut tin*
coal strikes in Southern A Iberia and
Hritish Columbia, aud when he relumed easl told a newspaper until "all
about it. lie discovered ih.it the
striking miners wen; members uf Ununited ' Mine Workers of America,
with hciidi'iiatui.s in. the United
States, CiHiSt'i-Uiiillv, the tiniihlu
here was Matted to help out the American   10.1l   npiruluis.   .Mr,   Ci.iiilii-i-
I,Hill's    discively   Would   lilllllsl      J.dill
Mitchell ti lie ever hears m' it. Tha
idea nl the United Mine W'.nkvis of
Aiiu-iii-.i paying mil'their goud motley
in bebelits for Uu- puipnsi. nl itcatiiii1'
11 market Inr Aiiieiieaii ma I n|.enit-
nrs i) tlle Most , sui:.i*le*.s suggestion
111.11I1' yet by nny of lhe 'p ill lots'
who would like lo mc Canadian
workmen iieli.tigiug to sin.ill and weak
n.iiii'ii.il i.tj'iiiii/.ttii'n:. whiih miild hi
leadily  unshed  by  a loinbiiuilioii of
<il!|il>>V<is   nll.l   i.'i|'itiil
If Mr. Ciiiiiliiilniid kinw nuyihiiig
al.i.ul 11 .uli:> uniiiiiiiilil, In: W'.ul.l in.-
agnize lhe fail U1.1t iu iii.iily civry
case il is the i..t-.il iiuiiiu tlnl wis.un
to lake t'Uicmc uii-iisincs, and it in
the inlilillUnll..l e\..i|li\e alld ol-
..iinl/iT'* Unit Hies 1" leslinili il.
Seiinliir Lmiglieiil's (anions bill
iwhtili was never inti-mli-il to p.is.i)
was prompt cd because nl tlie saints
iiii.ui.iiicpiioii, th.il Aiuiiii.iii laliviV
iigilatiiis were icspuii-.il.lc Ini tii.tli/,
•.uil.is in Camilla-
'Jhe 1 wiiilive 1«.aids ..I i .t oi the
iiltiiiiiilinll.il iiiilnti'i ate roiiip.ii.ed ot
lnrl he.idiil uiul liii'deliite mill, who
believe in strikes only as a Inil lis-
m.il, ami wh.) iln not wj.sh t.i tbnnv
iiwb\ the miey ol their 111111.11*. in
f....li'h ■-tin*,'-!.-. Willi unl l'-il
and 11.4tit1t1.1l unions, g.ivi-tnc.l I.tigt-ly
b> iinii-iiicuui! ull;'.' 1 ■, tin- ii",-i.-
niul .si1u.1lli.1i would he '*I'»M tk*i"
il is tu.w, and the individual im-ni*
Inrs, wiihniit the linn j.'uiding hand
nl and pride iu     his well rst.ililislutl
I.Ig.iIli/.lliiOl,    IM.uld    t«"    Illl-TC       li.llll*
f.l    l|I^IM|f. 1    f'f    Vl'.ll III''   "Ill II   III' f'lllllll
lll.ll   he and      liis  fellow*  Weie Ulltj;
HMIjoWllct,    il*. '      illl-V    Wullllt   l'l'       til
most  c.i'i'i  In   the turn-. <>(   i.ipilul
ism. 0
- VAXCB.  '
(.   4
Issued every Wednesday from the office ■ of    publication,     Todd   liVoek,
Victoria Ave.,  Kernie,  British  Col-
D.-V.  MOTT -        -        Editor
G. G. MEIKLE        - Manager
"Under  lhe  above he-ad the  Toronto
Globe says:
Politics is every .man's business.
Tie privileges ot citizenship carry
with lh.-m lhe duties ot politics. Xo,
man should enjoy th. advantages of
gowl government who is Hot willing
to exercise- lln art ot government.
Politics is llie science and the art ot
the government of one's cily or
country. -It is llu husin-ss ot every
citi/cn. to make his contribution lo
lhe solution of .lie problems whiih
are raised iu llio nrgaHualion and
management of thi. community iu
which he lives. Tkat obligation is
imperative • under a democracy. Government by tlie people presupposes
■Mit-elligeWt itttmst and public-spirited
■AswAww W Vegards the affairs nl
. met-tr-Me-l*!. -oh' \he part of lhc po-
'*-|_ik'"^^■•'X^.'rigSit to share   in the
■^c*-k» • ;*>$' -iri>i>n-»e_*tattves to iniin-..
XJ^^.cn^Ki^ ioc patltamc»t   tomes
liens who     n-^ycr go to sleep   \vh?n
iheir '• interests" are uai stake.
If the Globe would exert itself a
l'.ttle more ill -an effort to get io th-*
cause of all this corruption in elev-
tirns, r.nd come hoUlly out in a campaign against the cciitinuation ot a
sysl.iu which fosters and encourages
doiibl.* d.aling. in du double directorate plan and corruption iu elections
in the political arena, it would be
aiding in a- practical way' lhe movement for better business and political conditions.
*•#*-'-**r i**-*^?**! afc,-.***1*** •*••*•* •' p***"**-iC?
^'^^^.SsS^mmimVaXtV^ lb%s.slSr.
s^^ip^i^.ya^y , y
m^ljitpSmV*&eAfi E_»itl_i'tB»e^.o-..--te*-
fipp). tptj "* titt- commuait^ ottty- a
smalt percentage of '-he electQr!4_ ap-
preciate the business obligation ol
the , electoral franchise. Tliey insist
ca having, the right to vote, but lliey
neglect lo exercise that right as ■ a
duty, tii tksir.city or community, ^ot
a f'^w men of intelligence aiul commercial prominence iliink tliey 'have
discharged their political duly when
tliey consent to he driven lo the
polling booth in a cab provided at
the expense 0f some men or party
with a selfish-or political end to be
The* result of  this indiiTcrcn*-c    and
negligence "on   the part "ol  intelligent
and  honorable citi/.eiis  is    that  their
contribution is* |iiot made to tlie solutions of the problems ot politics,
"' while dangerous advantage and undue power is put in the way of, the
enrrupt and self-seeking elements. To
ikose who study the civic .situation or
the situation in'ihi* larger field oi
politics th-,* marvel is not that there
i.s incapacity - and corruption, but
rather lhat tilings are, as decent and
as, elTicii.nl as ih.y really are. The
business ul iraili* or industry or any
nihil*' serious occupation of men
would ,be utterly wiecked we're it lo
■be given no more inCyllig'jit aiul interested coifsideratioii than the average cili'/m 'gives to the business oij
politics. Let those good' people who
hold up their hands .in horror al lite
London election scandal, or who be-
■ moan llie iticninpreheiisiUli: unlitness
of the Toronto Hound nf .Control
only face the "-|iueslion as to the qpuil-
iiy of hrhin-prnvcr and the amount
oi time ihey ili.inselves ever devoted
lu the business nl politics, and they
may find that the men whom they
lontleiiin nie nt least active in thoir
cit.i«Jis!ili]», und n0t pailnsltes aud
larnaeles' that dn uoihiug but enjoy
llie result*! of j-overiiineul. mid pose,
ns critics of those who govern, In
Canada politics is the husittcss oi
every .'iti/iii. and the man who
shirks his duly is a dummy director
whose conduct needs invest Igalioli
uiul expnsutc.
TH. (ilohe gives iih a very good lecture c.n ih« duties nl cili/cii*liip
which •ihoiiUl be retwl ami re-reud by
everyctt'j tntltlcd hr the law to llm
Tli.Te is too little interest taken
in tit. afluitK of the municipality u"
nf tlta rountty by vii. average citi/cn
A great d.'al of th. ititetvsL that is
manifested in mon* ol a parli/iin nature, due to parti'/un /.cal than tn a
real, live niul intelligent iuteii'st In
ulIuirN as tliey rillccl the whole country,
I'nrti/.fin /eol Is the chief i-imi*
pi.n.'iit ni lhe stock in trade nt the
pnlltlc.il grafter, He works upon the
parly lojuliy nl his dupes iu a way
to il.'leul llu nims ni real Inynlt)',
which aims ItigU.-r than party.
The     London    anil    Sask.tlih'Wnii
KcainliilN    nre     thu result m  iiiiuim*
party /cal, not ol n-.ti iI.mu-. to :*..
ter th- condition nf tli,. country.
A inunlry cnnnol U- lettered by
Miib iiu'IIkhIs ns were nind.! use of ill
those cnnte.it'i. ICvery time smli a
vic.ory is von vii.: mni,u w«k o. .!..
cniinlry is lowered nud ill-, li.'xt nt*
tempi is 11 ind.' iiinri' nf a certainly,
until elections h.cniii(. n fane nml
tho people woke up to it sclise ol
their duty nml iln snnu- reforming.
Th; (ilrilie iinikis th,. mimiike however, nl catling, Uie people who dn Uot
vote (lummy dirormr*-.
Tlie dummy dircctnis in pnliiiis and
gnveinin'.nt arc X)u men whn Itavn
,leen ilekgated to direct nllnirs tn
thi legislature and wim then l.nl in
JH-Tfnrm tlle diltiei relegated tn th.iii
hy th-> fw*npjf wim are I lie slmkliolil-
i-r.s, nr who dn ill.- directing in 11 way
t() il.'feat Uie mil nhjei't nf (heir nf*
lifial i-xisichiv, i.e., the prnticlinii n(
the peopli* (igninst tlu: designs ot
ilntibli' directors   ol private empm*.-
Vnd.r th-     Iliad of  "Saskatchewan
Elcelion   i'roiests" the Toronto   NcA>.
j has  ihu  following  summary    of    the
Supreme Court decision iu th: case of
S^rachau vs." LamoiiL
Al  ih.  iirst election for the newly
ccn.->lituU-d      Saskatchewan   Legislature,    Mr.   J.  11.  LamnUl,     Attorney
General1,  was  rctuined for Prince Al-
1/ert Cily.      Within a month a puti-
lion   against  th_* minister .was    lilwl
hy Mr.    A.  A.  Slraduui.   .  The case
was heard by     Mi.  Justice'   Pender-
gast, and he accepted th;   contention
of  Mr.      Laim.nt's cuimst-l  lhat    th":
Controverted   Klections   Ordinance   of
the former Territorial House was not
in force, and therefore,  lhat the    petition   must  fail.'Naturally'such    a
decision      was  appealed  to  th*;    full
court,  and  the result ot th.   appeal
was made known   only   a few   days
ago.   Tk.!   judgnunl  ol   Mr.    Pcnder-
gast is continued, three of th. judges
supporting  him.   The other  two    recorded ^dissenting opinions.  Thc whole
discussion centred  about the wording
wt sections j 4 mul Hi in the Saskatchewan Act '   passed by- the    Federal
fHaiu*.    in  1905.      Scc'liou    14  said:
;.*tl»m tbe  said Legislature  (Saskat-
lUliiWaii      Legislature)   otherwise     de-
gtenniii.s,  all  th.*. provisions  , of    the
taw wilh regard     to the constitution
of  th.  Legislative Assembly    of    the
N'orlhwest  Territories   and  ill.    election of members thereof shall  apply,
ih. necessary changes being made, to
the Legislative Assembly of the said
Province      (Saskatchewan**    and-   the
election   of   members ■ ttKrc0f "respectively."       .
There were three ordinances of the
tsorthwest 'fcrriiories relating to the
former  Assembly.
Chapter 2.—An or'd'nsiice respecting
the Legislative Assembly of the Territories:      „ " .,
Chapter 3.—.\n, ordinance r.spoclinjf,
Chapter 4.—An ordinance resliecliug
controverted  elections.   4 .      ,
TI12 CliuTl~Tl usTic^lE;rdnliar"tlic"fir**r
part of" section 14 of thb Saskatchewan Act,   relating  to  th.   "coitstitu-
wrcngful. ids,"'whiis thj-'Repullicans
can do n;> right, would "be. deservedly
lauj-hcd at,   "While a. majority of the
people believe that a Republican,   administration  js   - mere -conducive    to
ill* natitnnl     welfare aud prosperity
than a I)em(.cratic one, they are not-
su  blind  th;  frailties      of    mankind
ss  10  believe, that  mistakes  can not
l.e  mail,  or  that  individual  Republicans van not be  guilty of- most    reprehensible  conduct.
..  In  Canada, however,  party  loyalty
saems lo be less unbending.  Recent lv
.'n that country tlure have .Ixscn some
s.nsational   exposures   in ' the    courts
ot  bribery  and corruption  ill    public I
life,   it  so happening! that  prominent I
im-mlirs of the Liberal party are the
chief offenders.   A cicPgyniaii the oth ^
cr day  preached  a  .sermon  in " which
he asked the newspapers not to make*
"party  capital"   0m.  of   the    briliery
J revelations  on   the  ground   that,  the
evils deplored are   "common  to  loth
parties."   Whereupon   the    Mail    and
Knipirc,-    the  leading     organ of the
Conservatives,  says:
•■This gentleman can speak for his
own parly, and not for the Conservatives. 'The evils may Ih; common
in l»'.s party, but tliey are-not, common elsewhere. When this gentleman
deprecates the making of party capital out of tlle evils, what h-e means
is that these -mailers should not be
discussed oih.rwise than in a manner
lhat is not h(;.slil_ to the rogues.
This i.s had advice,"
It is lo be understood from this
lhat there arc 110 rogues among* the
Ccuserva.ives. If this be true, there
can not but 'be universal astoiiislr-
meiit that the Canadian public does
n0t recognize • a parly o( so great
purity by putting it iu power and
keeping it there. People, however,
who have studied politics in any
country will hesitate to believe that
there is one party in Canada in
which no evil exists.
True it i.s that in the last few-
years there have lieen - some most
startling revelations as to graft and
lir*3l)iry by leading Liberals prominent members of the dominant•• party
in the Dominion. I'se- has ibteu mail--
of opportunities presented ,'by ollicial
life which would put to shame many
professional politicians and grafters
in tlt'.s country. -Jtut to ,be told that
uo Conservative would lx: guilty ot
such conduct creates a Miiile of 'in-
crctiulily.—Spokesman Kevicw.
A. E. Mumford tells how Psychin?
cored Kim after the Doctors
gave .him up
" It It twelve years sines'Psychine curod
me of galloping consumption." Tho
speaker was Mr.' A. E. Mumford, sis feet
tall, and looking just what be is a husky
healthy farmer. He works his own farm
near M&gnctawan, Ont.
I caught my cold working as a fireman
on the-CP.R." he continued. "I had
night sweats, chills arid fever and frequently .coughed up pieces of my lungs. I was
sinking fast and- the doctors said thero
was no hope for me. Two months treat,
ment of Psychine put me' right on my feet
and I have had no return of lung trouble
If M.. Mumford had started to take
Psychine when he first caught cold he
would have saved himself a lot' of anxiety
and suffering.' Psychine cures all lung-
troubles by killing the germs—the roots of
tbe disease. ©
Eckstein Sc Gray
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FEUNIK,        -        -        -
lion" of the Territorial l,c»-.islaturc
referred only lo cliaptcr 2, ..aliove-
mentiou.d. The sec(1iul part of tbe
section, ri*»arilinjr lhe election of
members, li. hvlil to be applicable
only to Chapte-r 3, Chapter 4'conld
not l>e continued in force liy section
i/( of 'th. Siiskatchcwau Act, because
it referred not to the "e'-lectiou" bill
.0 l.li-.: -'unsi'aliiij-" ot iiiciiilxsrs. Sec-
.ioii id of llu same Act contitiucil in
force the body ol Hciieral law of thu
rerriloiies until altered by the new
Legislature. It was argued by th-:
.lelilioiur and ai'pcllntit that this
was- siilliciviit warrant to consider
the Controverted Klections Act as
still in force, Hut tlu Chiel Justice
',,-lieveil if that were so tlure was no
rcn.si.il 10 iiiact section 1,' dealing exclusively with legislative matters,
i'or th.-se reasons he h.dil that there
.vns no law in existence to deal with
ccii'.roverteel elections in the Prov-
mv of Sask'ntcluwan, a ml he jiiK'.'fi.'-d
his judicial huir .splilliiij-Jiy n-refcr-
.•iicc to tlu folhiwitti; ivtnarks of ilia
Lord Chancellor in Hrophy vs. lhe
Atloniey-Cicii-irnl of Miitiitoba, 'yo**-
"The fiinctinii of a tribunal is limit-
id to coustnicinjr the words employ-
.-d; it-is nnt juslilicd in tot-cing into
Lliein a meatiiiijf which they cannot
reasonably bear. Its duty is lo interpret, not lo I'tinct," This view
was taken hy i\Ir. Justice Harvey and
Mr. Justice Siftoii.
Hut Mr, Justice Wciinnrc disseiiti'd,
'.vprcssinj* it us his hclicf that the
ilirnso "all the provisions of tlu law
villi repaid to tlle election of iiicin-
•crs" incliiil'd the Cnntrovi'itcd
tCli'CliiniN Act, for its purpose was
.ii test the validity, of' elections to
he r.'i'-iTslaiure. In this eminmlly
■cmiiiif:ti-Ht*list* vli-w f(f IIht case hu
,vas nloiic, fur i\lr. JnstiiT. Scott,
,ili.i was nlmi a dlssiuti'i- relied nu n
,ro,id.*r cciiitinclliiii of ih.' word
"ciiiisliiiiiinii." Ah a result of lhc
mn.niity .ihi-iKioii, sixtii.-ii I'lcctinJJ
iiiiiti'.sts miisl he drnppi'il, iu .spite ol
the known hict ilut in sonic oi iln-sv
coiisiiiiii'licii'-i lluii' was 11 vi'ittnl'lc
-.iriiivnl  cf iniiiiptiiiii,
Nn niir, cxii'pl  tilli*t! n( the   judge*
a Vi. 1 sni  ..ii  that ins., will    pi'i'tcutl
hnl   ill.:   I.niuillicm      l'lil'liiinii'lll    ill-
it liil.il 10 linvi: tiu imtitcr in    -.uli
,1  sll.ip,:  ill.il  ,t  man  v.nii.l  .st.lJl     Lul
lot   l;oxt'.s  ivilll  Login. 1,allots njnl ett*
i-;i|h-   lhe   plilli'-llttl'.'Ut   lu ik'KCrvrd   .01
,*iuli   (t'.iiiiliihtif   111 (ion,   niul   it   1nu.1l
li.ivi! taken 11 grcii'l ileal ol pond"i'iug
in in in.- .i\ Mail ,1 I.,,),. AA,.. .... >'1J
ihnl court,
IlnWiViT, theiv is still lelt a cnml
ni higher ic.-mit,  thai oi ihu pi*opl«,
ud  ill.- pcnpli! o| Sn-skiililn'wini mu
Le relied  .ipnii to revc'i'sc that decis*
imi nt  th.- vi-rv lirst iipp,,ri'iuitv
.Mi-air,vhil*.' .here ntv people ).',ilin*{
in ih" Sii'-Wiiili-Willi I,i'gl*.liiluri' who
ha\t* 110 1111 tie- light to sii tli.rt- than
has Mr, Ui.ss to sit Inr I'i'inli' or
.-.Ir.llvm.iii lot1 l.iiiidnii. „
Th * man or n.wspitper in thi** conn-
uy nil,, woulil nsst-rl thai tlie Wi*-
pul licnii party is ultn;i«'llli'i- tigltl
•ilni ilV Uiiiiiiiratic i.nly wrong, or
tint  the IhiuiKrals nr.   iucapuble ol
The Kpokcsiuan should look up the
I.  0. V.  Trust Co.  and ijreat    West
Land Company.' It would be able tc
make certainty'of      an    uncertainty,
and'change that smile of  incredulity
tlu Mail and * Empire. The party
spirit is much more alive in Canada
than over the border, and the consequence is more l-ott'euu.ss is develop-
'n.r in elections.
 O -"
Savud Just in Time by Dr. Williams'
Pink Pill's.
"Before my daughter Lena began
taking l)r. Williams' Pink Pills she
looked more like a corpse than a
live girl," says IMrs, Geo- A, iAlylcs,
of South Woodslee, Out. "Her Wood
seemed" as thouj-.li it had all tinned
to water. Th.n slu .Iwgaii lo have
bad spells wilh her heart. At the
least excitement lur heart would
licnt so rapidly as to almost smother
lur. Site grew" very thin, had no
appetite, and what little food* she
did cat did not seuiu .to nourish her.
She was treated by nnc of the best
doctors in this part of the country,
yet she wns daily growing worse and
lur lt.iart got n() bad that we were
afraid that she would die. She slept
but .very little, and would fren-ucnt-
ly awake' with ,11 start and .sometimes
would jump 1'ig.lil "up oil 'bed. These
starts would alwnys bring, on a bad
spell nnd leave lier weak and exhausted, We hud almost given up
till hope of her ever being well again,
wh.n wc decided to try Dr. Williams'
I'liik I'ills, Alter taking ft couple of
Luxes she began to sleep butter at
nights, and color begnii tn return to
li.i' lips, l'roni that nu she kept
tight on gaining, and niter Inking
,*lght .boxes nf the 7 pills slu was
again in gnod health. She is now
Iifli'iii years of age, the pii-ture of
h.tilth," and since hegiiuiing- tlu Tills
has gained about forty pounds in
weight. Only -tlit-st* who saw hgr
\\liL-ij ill' 'Clin nppwiiiU' tli. imii'V.l-
!i>iis ihnugu Dr, Willli'ins' rink I'ills
have brought about in li.i' riiiidilliili.
I bi'lli'Vi' 1 lint linil it mil been Ini' lhe
I'ills she would lm In lu-r grnva today, nnd it is' willi (idlings nl great
gratitude ihal I write ynu in the
hope,that it mny bnulit some otlur
And Di'. Wlllinins' l'ink I'ills can
iln jusl iih iiiiuh (or every weak, ail-
'ii' p-il'.-fnr.-il I'oiin.r u-ouiiiii who is
slipping fmiii iiiiiicmia into n di<ai1ly,
ilcliii.-. Dr. Williams' l'ink Tills actually ii'akti ww iblnoil. In thnt way
they sUil.e htiuight nt llu rnnt ol
all coiiiinnii iliseasi'.s like (iniiL-iiiia,
h nibich.'s nnd X arkai-hes, heart pal-
|iitaliiii, iii.lig^-tinit, Itviii'iilgia and
irrrguliiriti.s of girls mul wonidi.
Sold by nil dciilers in inedieili.' or by
nniil iit'.Sn ivnis n box of six boxes
for fa.so fnnii Tlw Dr, Williams'
Mcd'ciiu Co., Ilrnckvillc, Unl,
Coal.—Coal lands rnny lio purBliasod at $10
per ncre for soft coat niul *20 for iintJiriicite.
Not moro tlinn 3l!0 uoics e*:in lm aoquiie.l by
out. imiividnnl or conipuuv. Royally at tlie
rat-o of ten cents pur ton ot 2,l«u pounds tliall
be collected on the gross output.
Quartz—A free mincr'b certificate is Rrautcd
upon payment in advance or SS poi- annum for
an individual, and from iSu to "-lOO per annum
for a compnny according to capital.
, A free minor, luivinK discovered mineral in
place,may lacatu aoliiim ),"'M x l,r.ot) feet.
. The fee for recording 11 claim i„ $*>.
At least Sioo mut be expended on the claim
each year or ]inid to tlie iiiininc recorder in
lieu tJiereol. Wlion tfrtKi 1ms ueeu exi.ondo.1 or
paid, tlio locator may, upon having 11 survey
made, and upon coinplyiiiR with otlicr requirements, purchase tiie land at $1 1111 acre.
The patent provides for the payment of a
royalty of 'i\ per cent on tlie sales.
'• Pi.ackh mining claims generally are 100 feet
square; untr.v ice if. renewable yearly,
. A free minor mav ohtain two lenses to
dredge lor gold of live miles encli lorn term of
twenty years, renewable nt,the discretion of
he Minister of the Interior.
Tho lesse'e slinli liave 11 dredge in operation
within ono season from the ditto of tlie lease
for each five miles. -Rental sit) nor annum for
eacli mile of river leased. Jtoyalty at. tho
rate of iii per cent collected on the output after it exceeds 410,000.
.     ' .W,  \\\. COREY,
Deputy Minister of the. Interior.   •
N.   B.,—-Ui-fc|ithclj.i7ee.   •Vi^blica,tio*a   ol
this advertisement will not -be paid
- Office: L.T.W. Block
pKRNIK —British Columbia
Jfevnie, 3B. C.
Davey & Laderoute
lo please careful housekeepers is to
give honest weight. Oh-, wc don't
say lh.it all butchers don't do this-
but we cannot h.-lp occassioJially ,
overhearing our lady friends when,
tliey get- to lellin-r *_Ueir experiences.
to please is to supply only - the best
liiaat. If you fraile v. ith us you will
learn just what we mean by these
two "ways". QUALITY cpjul QUANTITY will be a little niore than you
Calgary Cattle Co.
A. McCartney
p. o. nox 260
Fernie, B. O.
M. Kerr & Co,
Contractor, and Builders
...     Plans, Specifications and Estimates 'furnished ou application.
Plenty   of   GOOD,,DRY   LUM-
^ s*,	
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
Crow's Nest
'Electric Supply Store
All   kinds   of   Electrical
Goods kept in stock.   "'
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
■ tor.
STXTV ilu.vs niter iliitcs l intend to ii.ply to
tlio ituniiriililo Ohiuf Commissioiu.r of
LiiiiiI» mul Woi'ltH, Vlntoriii, to purcliuse tlio.
followliiK .IcKi'-i'iJ.e.l liinci:
Coifimi.'iiciiiK lit 11 post niurlce.l .1 .lt.JWmr.iul-
sou's Koutli-wcst cornor n<l]oiniiii;.loiin H.OM-
(lol.l's Jiunl; tlience Kil clmiiiK north; tlience 81)
cliains ensl; thence SO'clui'im s.mtli: tlienco Ml
elmiiiK wi'4.1 to-tlic point, of coniniencciiiunt,
the whole cout!iiiiiii|,'iilOn.:ios.
Sept, .Ilh mon Locator. ,
b"e!.""on"hand: ;    ^^
11. A. KRRR.
Architect     and Superintendent *
Office at Residence,
BAKER ST.,     -     - '  FERNIE. B.C
SIXTY ilnyn ulror ilnti* 1 intend (0 n)i].;y 1o
the Jioi.oumblu Cliief _oiniiii*.si<>ii.i' ol
Lnn.U nnd Works. Victoriu, to imi'dms-o tlio
followlni; (lewt'iihod hi ml:
Commeneiiih'iit a post marked S.E, Ollvor'n
Moutli-eiibt cornor itd'oiniiiK .1 ol.n JI. Oldiluld's
Iiiiul: lliuncc 80 c.liiiliin north; Micnc.u Ku ehnins
west; tlience SiloliiitiiriKoiith; tliouco XO cjiniu*.
<>HBt to tlie point of eoniineiicumeiit, lhe whoh)
Bupt.'/ith 10011    " J.ocutor,
SIXTV days ftfti-r ilutc 1 intend to upply tn
thu Jlouourulilii Chief Uoinniis*ii')iiur of
I,unils and Workn, Victoriu, to iim-oluiMi the
lollowIiiK ilusorihed Innd: iu Klk Itlvcl' vulloy
JSCoinmeiKJlnir ut 11 post inurkoit John Ji,
Pi-ftl.t'niiortli-i.ant.corner, iid'o|uliiK Jolm 11,
OIiHIhIiI'h Imnl; thuneo Mil chuiiiH south thence
SOcliniu-iVi'UMt; tinmen KDc.luiiiiH north; thenei*
snoliiiiimeiuit to tlio point, of cninniowumcint
tlio whole eoiitnliiliiRiUiiiii'ius.
John IJ, I'rntfc, Ijoontor,
Sept. Stli 1110(1 !-*. V„ Oliver, A|*eut
SIXTY dni'H iiftordiitel intend to upply to
tlie Ilnuoiirnlilii Chief Couunl^Hloncr of
LniuU and Workd, Vlaturin, to pnrcluiKO thn
follnwinu dOHiil'ihi.d lulldl Ill.Klk lllvur viillnyi
CiiininoueiiiR Rt n pont ninr*kod John 11. Old-
flol.l'n iiortli.woHt corner to J. X, Mel'onuld'ii
innd, tliunoe Mi chnlnH noutli; thonco KUuliuim
uimt; thonco Hi) chuiiiH north: thnnmi ho cliiiinn
wi.hr, to tho point, of coiinnonceni.nt, the
whole conl Hlnlim mu iici-cn.
John H. OliKlohlJ.oiiiiJor.
8. J*!. Oliver, Au-nt;
Supt, Wh. mon -—it'
TIIIU'I'Y day-) nfler date I intciiil
lo upply u> llie Chid' Coiiitni.ssioiicr
of I/uuIh and Works, Victoria, 51. C,
(or 11. ui'i-rial liceiis. to cut ami carry
iiwiiy tiuilier from thu fullowiuu ilu-
scrilied lands:
Coinineiiciiif; nt n post planted al
the N. W, corner of l,ot .isS, tli-,*iu'i'
rntinini' V, ia**- chains, \\wnw novili .t.s
chains, tlii-ncu W Nn chaiiis, th.uci! N
10 chaiiiH, ili.'iicu W i\s chnlns, tlii'iuv
S f\s ihiiiiis lo point of i'iiiiiuii-iicc-
ICIknioiilK,   J-ttli Sept.   I'Ji'f'. 15
-ua.-J 1 ■ ' 1 ' " '      ""■■"—'
Mr. A. C, DoiUU'llv, thn Ciiiiailian
ii.tiiiiii'icial aj.a-iii. in Mex-ii'o, wriiin-j
lo llu ci'iimit-rc.* lU'jiiiriiiii'iit says
ih.-ri* is in* rinsi.n v«.Iiy l'',i-*U*in Can-
iid.i -h.>nlil n..1 in like (i liid [nr tho
l'minc 1'o.im tniile lo Mexico lu innii.
ufiiciuii.il irliilcs, while lliiti.-h tin-
liiiiilna hhniilit \m well tilihi lu 44*.u.l
fish and luiiil,i-r in Unstctn ami Cm-
<rul Mexico ami tli** West Jinlii'N, Imlh
rxpt.titii-iixly .tint nt 11 lou* Iri'i'>lit
Tcllili'l-H will he ici'i-lvc'l hv the
l-'ni'l HU'i-le lli'.wiiin Co., I.imiti'il, up
to tliu 1S1I1 dny of Deci'inhcr, I'jnfi,
for nil nninJi.'N 01 wink ici|uii*.*il 11:
ih.* ciccii'iiH nl all iipiini.iU: I'm-
proof llivw.'vy, wilh 11 capacity ol
nhnut i\n,,,o'-i l.iirn-ls per year, hitlM-
in^;. to iKi'cniiipnKiil nl luick ami lr«'H.
with .•.■lllitll fnilililiillnli ainl id one
'Ih ■ low'st or any lender not n.»i'.i*
Mirily iii-rcpli-il. iMiins nnd Mp-.u-ilica-
tinns can lc t,i-.ii im applicatiiiii nl
the Coinpuiiy's iiHiic. All Iciidi'is
must he rtci'oiiipaiiii'il hy a iiiniki-il
illw.llli: for S p..'.' villi. <>f I'*-' sllll'iiilll
of llu hill.
Dnti-il ui l'Vinie lliitl.-h Culiunhi.i,
this *_»7lli dav n( OrloUT, I'jod.
*.****** *t iiMmrnm * ■-■.— ■■»-■—■—■
IlAWTIiKTY HtMJSK, fomu-rly th.?
Chirk, iln* U'sX Si a iliy bnXiA In
Ki-l-nm. Onlv white lull* cinployiil.
O. W,  1IAUTI.KTT,  rrojirh'tiiT.
Itnr^e stock of Home Growa Fruit
and   Ornaiueutal   Trees.
Ileailiiuarterji     for     Taciiic    Coast
Grown   Garden, '' Field     and  Flower
Seeds in,season.
Greenhouse Plants, Cut Flowers.
Catalogue  Fice.
3010 Westminster Road,
•     Vancouver,  11, C,
WINE   CO., Ltd.
"Wholesale Dealers and Direct Tmport-
ters of
LOXDOX DRY     ° 'if
OLD TOM   " V!
*.    A1.E AKD STOUT,        ';\
Sole Agents in Canada for
Windsor     Tonic,      Tap     Destroyer
1 1 1-1' ■"rjaLmsesmmjL-u ■'. 1 ..sag
SIXTY ihi,v»nflurilnin 1 intend'to upjily to
thu Jli.noruhlii (Jlilctf Coinniliinlonur ot
I.iiii.Is und WnrltN, Vlotorin, tn niiroliiiKO tho
I'allowiiiK doHiirlhcd laud lu Jilk ii Ivor Vnllov.
(l.iniiiiouoij.e nt 11 iiiiHtiiiiirkodN.JC. O'h mirth
mist, conier, thuni.'ii Hii (iluiilis Houtli to H, JC,
Oliver's application to pnrclumo 1 tl11.neu.H11
uliiiins west; thuiic.eHi) chuins north ; thmice
Hu uliuiiis oust tn point, of eoniiniincoiuent,
thu wliolueiintnliilnH ivkiiii'iom,
N. K. Oliver, J.oeutor
S, ]<-. Oliver, AkoiiI
Supt, .'.th, ItlM
Philip Carosella
General Merchant
and Dealer in Wines,
Liquors and Cigars,
-S-DSJ-R-STI-U,  B..   CL
SIXTV iIh.vm after (Intel Intend to apply to
llie Jf'inoriihli! I'lilc.f lloiTimlHNlonor ol
hiiuilHiind WorliH, Victoriu, tn |iill'uliii-.u till;
follnwIiiK'iluHcrlluid imnli
Comm.iiinliiK ut 11 pout inui'lied K. li, Onad*
wvii'h iinitli mirti. iinrniir iidjolnlin N. K.
Olivur'n iippllciilinu top11reh1n.11; tlieiico Ml
uhiiliiN Niiiilli; thaiico N'l clmiiifi hukI; thence
WIcIiiiIiin noith; tliiinciiHu cluilim wimttn tho
priint ol' eoininniiciniiuiit, t lm wholu coiittiinln_
K, K, Ooodwyn, I.oontoi* .
S IC, Oliver, Aiioiit
Sept, Mil, Il-Oft
SIXTV iluyn uftur .lute I intend to npply lo
thu llniiiiruhlu Chief t'oinniUiiliiiiiii* of
[.iiiidh und Worlm, Victoriu, to purcliHiiu lho
fiilliiwiiiu'iliiiiiu'lhuu hindi
r.iliiiiicmilliK  ut, n limit uiiii'IiiiiI (1, ,1,  IV»
norlli iiiiul in ..mi'iiilhiinliiK IC K (Jiiiiilwyii'i.
llppliciltlllll    1.1   plII'I'flllHIl 1   11,.1111*1)  Hi) uliillliu
H.niili; tlmnce kiicIimIiim'iihI: ilimicoSOchuliiH
liurlh: thiini'ii wi i'liiiiim wok! Io tlm point of
c.iiiiiiiioni'uiiiuut, llui whole lumtulnliiu lllu
.(I,.I. l.o veil, Locnlor
H, ICOIivur, Aiiunt,
Hu|il, Mli, llion
UIX'J'V iIii,iii ultur ilnle I inlnuil tu iipplv In
fiJ the ll'.iiiirnlili. Chief l!ninuiln>.|iiiitr of
I.iiiiiInmul Wnilii, Vii.tnrlii, tu puroliiimi tliu
fi.lluwillll .lt*:..'l*ll't<d lillldl
l!iiuiiiiiniclii|( ut. h poKt iiiiirkinl W  V, Jl'»
hoiiiIi   wunt vomer u.ljuliiliitf M, 1*1  Ollv.*r'«
iiplil lent ion In liiii'i'liuhii.-tlii'iic.ihiii'liiilim north
thciicrsncliniuiiiiiiNt, tluiucriHiiiiliiiluH Himthi
llieiimi Hi 1 uhiiliiN wunt in tlm point of cniii.
iiiuucctiiciit:. Iliu wliolu contiilnlnir illn uorii>.|
W, K. llull.Ui'nlnt
H, III CMfviTi AmuiiI.
SJSTV .tj.Vk. ivftf iX,t»X Intnn.l tn npfilv In
llin li'iiiiui 11 hie l.'lil.if (JtJimitIhmIi.iii.r ol
J.,*....if nml IV 1.1 In. Vli'l.itln, In VMri'hiinc the
riillowiiiK dii«i*ilhi.il lniitln 1
i.'.iiiiiiiiiiioini( nt. 11 p.cil uiiirKoil II. S I'M-
waul'1* nuiilli went corner luljiiliiluiiN, K. ill*
ht.r'fi up|ilicntl«i.l(. i.ihcI.umi; IhniivwWIiulin
ll.llllll llll'IICI. Nil clllllllll  fllNt) llll.lll'll MiioluiliM
n'liilli; ihi'iii'iiHii eliuliu wiml. In tlio point of
I'lilllliieliceliiuul ,t ho wliolu cniltlllnlnu lllllncrim
II. H. K.Imnr.lH, l.iicut.ii*
h, V,, lllilnl, AkciiV
SI X'I'V iIh.Vb uflordiito I Intend In apply In
tlm Jloii'irnlilu Chief li.iuin.l<iNliiui.r nf
l.lilidit uiul Wnvtim. Vlelorlu, to piirclmnu Ihu
fi.lli.wliiir.lii<iei-ll<iil IiiihIh;
tViinirieiii'liiiT ul 11 piihl iiiiirliml JCrnimt Poll-
ui'.r-. hoiiih i'linl I'liiiicriidJiiiiihiu N.I-;,Oliver'11
ii|i|.licittiou tn ptircliiiniil tlinlii'ii Ki chnlna
ti'.rili: tli.'i.c^ )«i cIiiiIih vfiiKt; tliiincn W»
.>hiitlin I'.'ilth; llieiieii Hn chuiiiH emt In the
|.(.iiit nf i'..lliliiiiucetili<nt,lliuwli<ilbi'iilltlillllllir
l'.rne»t, Pi.llur.t, l.uniili.r
K li. Oliver, Annul
iN-lit.Mli.V.Hxl .IS
by lUc week or mouth,
Mrs. Clark
l'olliit Ave.
Mre Hall
tm: j'ATJtuAJZj'- liujifli; iJ-uuri'J'Jty tut,
■CJ-STIOJT , L^333_l__i
Crow's    Nest   Special
Miner's Favorite Clflars
Best   '
Shillinc Six-Penny Pipe
in Uic World
TlU'V W'llT. VHT I'upw.
Cvcry I'Oe 0..fjntc.il.
JiihI rulnuiiihur nii>l iu.1. for
"Shiplcl Brand" Pines
For Bale at the
CJub   Clear   Store
-W. A. INC.UAM, Prop,
Phone 91,      *      -      l'utnlo, II. 0.
The contrncVor-i of Turnlo will
plciiNO talie notice tliat Alter April
lit, 19<»6 th's Curpiiiteni und Join*
cm of l-*«riile l.ocul 1330 will ile*.
tiuntl four tlollnrn (4.00) for eight (8)
hoiiM' work.
,.   ' W, A. COMMF.Ui,
U. B. of C. & J. V. t«o, Vttniti.
Ml».ird'i I.lnlnutt for
tkerc. ^
huIc every-
Atlantic Steamships
Royal1 fVlaii
Service .**
l-'roni  iMontrc.-il  niul Onchcc to I,ivcr-
I'lmpi-i'S.*.- ol  Hritniii, Del,   n.'lh.
I.ahc Chniiiplniu, Del, 27th.
Kinpri'ss ol  Irclnml, Nov, anil.
Idiku l-'ric, Nov. mill.
Kjrsi cnl,in %i, ainl upwnnls; ne*,.
entiling to ,stuiiiiiL*i*; ill,, cluss uli'iiiu-
urs (inti'i-iuciliiili! S.|_.,*i<i; suennd ciih-
in, fl*** ,-iikI liiiwanl*--, tliinl chins,
S*Jf..5(i uml SsS.75. Apply ut <incu for
(iiu- illiistrati'il !io(i],li*l di'Hcriptivc nl
imr siipcrinr Third Cluss nccoiiiin.'i-
I,nhe T-Jiiliiiriin,  Oi't.   17th,
Third elnss only, Safi.,sii,
Itliiiitriis.', OlI. 'J.|ih,
Cnn-yin-; ,Si*i*nuil cluss only, ? 1*3.
"Overseas Mail''
96   liours
to Quebec
Oct, i<;lti and Nov, uih.
li'iir ilctiiilcil iiifiiiin.itioii mul h**".!i
M-Hi'i'viilInii.t fur iniin oi' 1'nntn nt'i'ly
In Uicnl u(;int, in- wiilc
,T    M    (*A1»T)T,1J,
1).  V. A,, Nelson,
K, .7. CDYM';, A. O. 1'. A.,
Viincouvor, ll.C,
 ....      1        .■■.■,..,.
, it      1        ,     ,       1 ri I     1        T     '
J. Imnl tu ui'iilv tn lln. Ohli'f (Jiiiiiiiilmioner
nr I.iii-.Ih uud W'lirlii foi' i'1'iiiilH..l..n Io pur-
i'liiiM*tlic(.illiiwliiir.li*>i'illi.'d Iiiml hi Bouth
Kiint Kiintnniiyi— .   .    .   ,      ..     .„ ..
lloininciii'liiir n» 11 li"*' lilnn.i'il mi .Jim ,>\oH
luiiikiif Mill lllvur, nliniit llih-n iiillim hn ow
I'Iiiih Wcliiert'-i A'ri'-i'iiii.I Iim. nml nmrkinl
'I'luiniiiM ("f 11 hun Sfirtli Wi-i.t CiiniHr, tlmnco
South liicliiiliiH.tliiiiico Kiiit liiriiilnj.lhii-ii'ii
N.irlli iiln.iit W cIiiiIih. to tlio I'Hiili of Klk lllvur
theiicr. nli.i.K nii.lli.u.k I" th.-|.l.i(>- ul 1 um*
iiii.iicomnur. ciinliiliilnMT Kl'i iii«'i mom or lo«,
Hi I ., lit, IDl-l. TlldllAM UllAIIA*-
rrAKr.MOTlCl*'. ilmt <m ''jy*«[!*r Ant a I In-
A. teiiil to npi.tv In tln> • lil"f (.(.innilikloiiur
nf 1.1111114 iiiiii Work* for 11.1r111lFi.lon to pur-
i*hiV»i.,'Vfiii,"f»ll«**l>.ititi,»',il|'i",t I'i'"' In Hnnlli
IC11M Krtifnnny:- .   ,    .   ,      .. .
Cutiiiiii'lictiii' tit 11 p-*"*! pli'ii'""!,')'! t.■• w«.".l
l.anli of J'.k Jtlvnr-ilK.iit ii-ii nill.'« norlli of
<''.«n \V.ie<>rt'» |ir.....iiii'M.iii, nn.l iiintkfc.1
.IcIuiVr-ilinii Norlli \Vi'*t i;..nii*r.tjiriif«Soiiili
tl cjinlii.. fh.'ii'".' J""*--* loclmliii. ll...ri<*«.N..rlli
Bl.out fl.-.'rliiilt" to lho I'tiiik '.I Kill .Uv*i,
llinuro ii|(iii_»fll.t l.»ilk Jo llm plnco nrcotil*
iiiciiceiii.Mit mul .-iiiiinliiliw l»'Hi'-ri*« morn nr
i'mimI Aitirn*.! "l«t. XV' John «!rHtiiij THE FERJJIE 'LEDGER, FERNIE, B.C. NOVEMBER, 7 1306
•An,article appeared in the AVinnipcigi
Free Press of tho 1st ins':., which is
dated at Chicago Oct. 31st, and purports to he an'1 interview. .Iwtwcen, a
press representative and Messrs. Uoli-
-rtsott aud K.iiaslan relating to tlieir
great coal properties in Soutliern Al-
fcrla. Th_ following, is' the report
referred to:
Chicago,   Oct.   31.—Three    per  '"-nl.
of all the coal  lands in ill.    United
States and Canada aro owned in,-.IUin-;
iu-apolis and St.'Paul, as*, tlw   result
uf negotiations which  have just been
fully   coiuunuiial'.-d  h-rc.      The    two
men who are in control of th- gigantic movement in     llw Canadian hitu-
. nionious coal are V. K. Ktnasloii, of
' Minneapolis,  and 0.  A. llohertson, of
■; St.  l'aul.   -They  are  her,-,   with" Cliief
Manager  Charl.toii   Dixon,   and    contracts   arc   being   awarded   and   deals
-, for   thi    electrical    machinery closed
which involve an immediate expenditure of .2,000,000.
•- The name of ill. company is the
Canada West Coal and Coke Co. It
owns loo .'-{|unr<: miles ot coal lands
in Soutli-rn Alberta already, all
south and west of Lcthbridge. Part
of the property was in a crude state
of development when the Twin City
men took hold of it, lint now tlu
deal has been finished and real de-
' velopmciiL will commence in earnest.
Tk. product will be, in fact is .being
shipped at present as far. east as Winnipeg anil into Montana, Washington
and other western states.
Tt is tlw aim of the owners to
eventually secure ibptter railroad
rates thalAvill enable l3i.?i|*. to ship
into Minnesota.
Mr.   Ken.istoii,   was      accompanied
here by S. A. Harris     and    another
banker  of  Minneapolis,    but he  says
that they have uo interest in the new
coinpany.   "There   are   several    Minneapolis people  win* have  minor    in-
t-. rests,  but  I do not know    if   they
would care to have their names mcti-
tio'_-.d,"   he    stilled.    "Wo    have  lteen
working on      this  thing- (juicily    for
about  three   months,    and    are    not
i.nxious for  ally publicity now.     We
1 now what we have, got,  and wc arc
satisfied.     We  have 'coal   enough    in
sight      t0   iasl     lhe    world   a    ■,"'■0.1
many years, probably a half century
or  longer.    It  is  a  high  grail,    product  and  ihe demand for  it for    domestic purposes is so groat-   that we
can   readily1 dispose  of   all   that    wc
can min.;. QWe will ship all over   llie
th.;     Hocking,  Valley      product.   One
''gnat   feature   of   our plamt   will  he
fin* coke  ovens,      and we expect    to--
sell our coke even     as far away    as
Snlt'-I.nke  City.   We   have  over three
jier cent, (if all the coal lands in thc
United States and  Canada..,
"Mr.  Robertson  i.s  president and between us wo own  n.ii.rly  th.    whole
tiling.',      .'"or    our    Canadian   trade.,.
Winnipeg     will * lie made  the    lu-n.il-
<liin.rt.rs, and it may 1« found advisable" lo ..ell all of our product   from
tfc-ri; both ill Canada and tli.; United
States.   Mr.  1).   lv  Adams, of    Winnipeg,  is the general sales    manager
for. the   ' territory  between  Winnipeg
and the Pacific Coast.
' There  are  several   inaccuracies  and
u very few facts in the above.
in thi lirsl. .place these coal hinds
•)•■* not soutB and west ot I,clli-
hr'.dgc, but north and west.
It i.s icpiiti- doubtful 'wli.th.r Sa.iinn,-
ooo will l:c immediately expended or
not, and thare is quite a discrepancy
letwccii io is'i'iiare miles of coal hiiuls
nt Tabor uiul 55 si-iiur. miles in lhc
livings ton-, tract and th. ion sipnirc
miles ns' reported hy the Chicago
press message.
Tlu account of this big coal Wenl
ns piiblislu-d iu llli! Ledger in tlw only
autli.'iitic report yet. made public, "
Since its nppcuriincc, a few papers
have published extracts from it, hut
nothing, new has Isccn as yd added
tn ih.il lvporl.
In conversation with W. 0. llo-.li-
toli, Ur.'. pioneer mover iu tint (_1v.1l
ileal, n l.pdgci' rcpicsi-ntaiivi! has
lenrii?-l .ouw iiildillmiiil Items 01 In-
ti'i'cHt. to ihe juiblie,
Th'.-ru mv nix or sovi-n loculllics oil
thnt 55 mill- "ml lii-ld nl which tlw
ilutiVi'li'. tlppl'ii systuui ot wivkiiH*;
liiii'li ns libit in nsn nt Coal Oi-ecli,
cnll be iiiml'.! use of lo gi'cnt ndviMil*
ngc. Tlii'se tipple hIkIu.h hii'iili'il
ll.itchi'H   nr   (jiil'clii'H   wild   gri'iitly
and teething troubles. There's a
smile in' r.very. dose, and the mother
has a solemn guarantee that this
mediciuj eonta'n*. no opiate or harmful drug. Mrs. James J ewers, Beaver -Harli-or, X. S., says: "I. have
given my hahy Baby's Own Tab-k-ls
as occasion required since slu was a.
day old.- lli.y have always helpcc
h-.-r, and now -ai a year aiid a' hall,
old she is a fine healthy child. J
think every mother should always
keep these Tablets on hand." You
can get ?3aby's Own' Tablets from
ally medicine dealer or by mail at
25 cents a box, ,by writing 'Ih. •* Dr.
Williams' Mwlicin** Co., Hrockville,
A Paris dispatch of the 31st October, states lhat Prime Minister
Clem-jucv-au had .decided to make the
purchase bf tlw Western Railroad a
part 'of his policy, and also, that
Minister of Public Works lJarthon's
project of revision of the mining laws4
will have for its basis tha taking-
over of all minis by the government,
and that the, miners are to be allow-,
cd to participate in the profits of opera .'■».
The coal mining districts of Prance
may 1« bulked in two main divisions,
that in the northeast, known as the
VaU-n'ceiines district, embracing the.
western extension of the great Belgian coal iiuids, and the southern district known as the, St. Hlicnne:
Tliiere ar. other smaller fields, but
iic.113 of them of very great extent.
The coal i.s lignite and anthracite.
' About 30,000,000 tons are taken
out* annually, which docs not supply
the home consumption, large quantities being imported from Kug.ln.iiil
and Belgium.
A great' deal of llw fuel used , for
domestic purposes in Franco today is
wood. !
Krom this it will bo seen that the
taking over by tlle government ., of
lhe c0al mines is no small undertaking, and means the beginning of a
great ihange  iu that  business.-
The coal barons of Pennsylvania
have of late become so rapacious and
overbearing, in • their methods that
ihey have raised against themselves
the cry of government ownership- o'*-
control. Bv their own actions tliey
are*, likely to kill tlieir goose. ' One
of the elements entering into the
-.resent political agitation in the
t'nitad States .is this very ■question.
ern Railroad by the Kreiuh. government,' that is only thc carrying out-
of a fixed policy of that government.
Part of the railroads of Prance
are already government property,
and all private-owned . roads ate
l.ccomu the property of the slate,
some time. There are, or were,
1900, 2q, 125 miles*
Kratice, i,S;o miles
owned and -operated
iu-coiding to stipulations in their
■.barters, all,roads are finally -to become public property at'the will of
lhe Slate.
A fewoinon.hs ago a 'great deal
was being said .it: the press about W.
J. Bryan's declaration in favor of tins
government of llw, United Stales
owning all tlie'ron'iTs fii libit country,
and.some little newspapers were milking sport of such a proposition, .W'.-
e.iuse of, llw tremendous task of
financing the seheine, ibul Uncle Sam
could take care' of lhat little mutter
iiud' by squeezing the water, out of
lhe -stocks place tliose roads upon a
l.nsis.of profit to the goveiniiiiMil, at
much, heller rates than nre now being"
The govi'innuut ownership o( all
public utilities is on-* of llw certain-
lies of tlw future. How soon tlw
.-hinge ' will Ini' brought' about depends more upon the ' greed nt tlw
•mseiit owners than upi.ii nny otli'i"
jlviiulit entering into Iliis' rniilcst.'
The coal.bnron:; ot the ensl ure just
iiow doing more to living uboul such
11 ilinligc tiiim nre nil tlw ndvocitlcs
of. tlw new svrIlih. '
Tlie  people of     tha 'dty  of    New
York mv \n\yix\\> millions
tncli yonr m<'.'o thnn thoy
ilu-iv fuel, mid ihey mv H^'ly In rise
iiji against tli.' iobhciy and wipe
out of exlt-telicc,
Xolice is .hereby given that 60 days
Her date, I intend to apply to the
IIi.ii: Chief Commissioner of I,an<ls>
aiul Works for a special license to cut
and carry away timbor from- the following* described lands situated on"
the Kootenay River.-Norlli-East
Kootenay  District.
Xo. I .—-Commencing at a post
plana--!*cil the,,cast side of the. Kootenay river, about two .miles north
of the northern boundary of I,ot 4596
thence tio chaini north, thciicc So
chains west, thence So chains south,
thence So chains east,' to place of
.   ,G. II. C-. BOUI/-ON..
October 4U1',  1906.    *    -
Lowers of Good Tea
No. 2.-—Commencing at a post
planted -at the southwest corner 0f'
t.iniit So. 1, thelice 80 chs.ins south,
thence 80 ihains west, -.lu-'.-.ce So
chaius north, thence 80'chair., east,
to place of .coinmciiccuikUt.
October 4th, ,i'*o(i.
No. 3.—Coiniiunciii'jj at a post
planted-oUie. mile nortii of r.imit No.
a. thence 80 chains south, thence So
chains west, theuce So chains norlli,
'.h.nce 80 ch'u'ns east, lo place . of
G.' II. ,G. BOUI/.ON.
October  41I1,   1906.
—• * r
No. 4.—Commencing. at' a post
planted at the north east corner of
Limit No. 3, tlu-nce 80 chains north,,-,
thence 80 chains' cast, tlwncc So chains,
south, tlience 80 chains west, to place
of' couinidiccmeuti
.      G. II. G. IIOUI/1'OM.
Octolicr  4th,   1.0C.  '
, No. 5.—Commencing at a. post
planted at the north west corner.' of
Limit No. 4, tlience So chains north,
ih.nce 80 chains west, tlience So ehains
south, theuce So chains east, to place
of commencement.1 ''
-G. II. G. ROUI/i'ON. '
■  October   4lh,   1906.
-No. 6.—Commencing at a. post-
plant*.d at the^ north west corner of
Limit No. 5, thence 80 chains north,
thelice So chains west, tlience 80
cliains south, thence 80 chains cast,
to place  of commencement.
•   • G. II. G. ROTJI/.OX.
October  ilh,   1906.   .
No. 7.—Commencing at a post
planted - one-half mile cast of the
north west corner of Limit No. d,
thence .So chains north, tlience So
"chains ivc-st^—tlii]icc™8o—chains-soutliT
thence So chains east, to place of
October  4tli,   190(1.
of- railroads in
of which    were
by tha stale, and
Because of its Delicious Flavor.
♦  — , 1 L___ •
Hotel,. Fernie
T. WheSah,   Manager
A pleasant homo
for tlio traveller.
Rooms    reserved
toy wiro. ,
Evroy Attention
♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦-» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•(^♦^♦♦♦♦♦^
Agents for
Tino Calcify Murble and Grnnit Works
The Koctenay Marble Works, Nelson.
Samples can be seen nt the ollice.
Office Phone,41       Residence 76
ParHors it. Lund^s Block)
k Lumiier Oo^
■     L5^ST£D. ■   •     K i
Hiineeisi-on-9 Fio^rssig^ Siding^
Fii^Bshisig LusnSsei* and
All,our stock is last years cut and well seasoned.
i Make your wife happy by buy- j
ing a Steel Range of J. D. Quail J
Xo. 8.—Coiiiuicucitijj at a post
■lluiUc-il otic-half mile ■ cast of the
north wcsl cornel- .j, I.iiiiit Xo. 7,
thence .*.« cliuins north, theiicu 80
chains west, thelice 80 cluains south,
llien'cc 80 chaius cast, to place of
c. 11. o. ijoin/rox.
. Octoher  ^th,   I9'"6.
llm vnlili* nfTliii iM'iilK'i'ly. At i'ii i'ii
*(rtl-J nf tli-'Mi ii|H*iiili)P' -ilonhle. U-'pli'.*
ciill he cstii'hlislli'il, xo lis to
Ironi 50 feet In ,!,'"«• d-'i'l »t l'l(!
c(,i»! miiiiiN nlmvp  the  ii|>i>li"
of   dollars
■■.himlil lm'
Xn. 9.—Coiunulieing at a jiost
pluliled one-half mile cast of the
north west coiner of Limit Xo, 8,
ih.-iicu 80 ihains north, tluiic« 80
ihains west, thence 80 c.liniins south,
Iheuce So chains cast, to. place of
Oclolxr  .-llli,   igof-i.
or  money  refunded
♦4 ♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^ 1
So. io,—Coiiiiuencin^ nl a p«sl
])laiii«.'d eii;' mile west of tin* norlli
west cornel' of I,iiuil Xo, 9, llu-iicc. 80
chains cast, thenc* 80 chnlns south,
ih nee ,-*(* chains west, thence 80
chains nnrlli to placjj of coiiiiiunce-
G. IT. G. llOUI/l'OX.
Octoher /llli,   iyofi.
t the
niul th.(i*i'. levels call he villi ciU'li wny
to illslniiccs ruinsliin fiom i»"« (0 five
or six. niilcHi tliim ciuihlititf opi'i'iiliji'H
to move coal lo Ui* iiml"
irninwiivn li-mlliiir lo tlw tip-
pies I iv P.nivily. This will pci--
init nl miiiiiijf ihe coil I ut 11 vcty low
cost, anil couscii'iieHtly adds vevy nin-
tciinlly to the Vialiie of tlu 'iropvHy.
.Seven ol   these   opetiinj-s, each   pel'
Xotice  in kivliy   lllw-n     t\xn\
•pcvi'ii   <u      \nvni;     u|*i*iM»»t"i   *•»»■!     !■■ ■ . i    *   ii„
miltluir ol th, IiiiiiIiiko of 2'; niilesnl |p:irlin'.'sliip hiJetofovu M.liHmlin«
Wu  lmlicvc
is tliu W'Hti—
MhUiIun 1'i.luy. Oil City, (UU.
,li,s.*ph Sunn'. Nnrw.'iyi  Me*
Cli:ii-h's  Whootin,' Miili'i'iive,  N.  S.
Ucv.  It. 0.  AiiiislK'Ul-t.     Miilltniw.
N   H.
I'h'iTii   Mindiy,   Hi'iir.,  l'oUi-niouili,
N, H.
No, 11.—Couinieiieiii)* al a r»sl
plniitwl nt the north west corner of
l(imit No. io, thence 80 ihains west,
ill.nee Su chains south, tlunce 80
iliiiiii:' cast, 1 Ik*lice 80 .li.uiiis u.ii'.h,
lo place of Cf.'iiiim'iicciiieut,
0. it. g. lion/rox.
Octoher -lib,  i'J<rfi,
N'o, i..-C,|iiiiiii-nciiij{ nl n post
liliiiiteil -nl tlio nnrlli west corner uf
IJnilt No. I", llteiiei! 8n cliains west,
tltmee .80 chains north, tlience 811
ili.iiiii cast, ill* lie. 8n chuins .s„iiih,
10 plnce of coitiiiii'iiiviiHiii.
G, II. G, IKin.TdN.
Ocliilii-t* -till,   J*)«•''■
I Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd-
^> ^ : ,
t Brewers of Extra Fine
? Lager Beer and Aerated              <v
I Waters. Bottled Goods              |
T a Specialty.                        j|
WiiRsiui, Sh.'H'u'I'I. N, 11.
cinil nil emit side, ririij;iTii*i i»- ^ii1'^"
itu-m nn nvci*nj.;ii nf 211 feet utul n
liclj-lil nf ?"" fuel, will Ue-'p 1*1 mill-
iiiU coiupaiiy hiisy for n lmij; titne he-
fnrc it will liavo to rcunrl ln Ml>*
hlml nl power t«. lilt tout.
llAItY'S 1'lllKNI).
Happiness. Is n slj-n nf I1M1J1I1 In
I x\A:>-. Xinrly nil th.iir trr.uj-ilc'i vanish wh.11 they .liucst looil well nud
mv fn* Irom tcetliin;: pn'«"*- iW<y't.
Own Tnlilct** hiin^ luppin-**-* tolial.-
ic« tiy fining K'.om.i'.ti l-,0uhlc:i,
cnitl|intion,  ffvcrWiiu-Rs,  lUnrrliofn,
No,    1.1.-- CnlllllU'llclllj,'     ut     (I     I"'***
plniiU-il ut the mnrili west rni'iu'i' ul
I.iinlt No, in, tlkiuv Ho ilinius iioith,
tluM.v Ho chiiins cast, ili-iu**- 8n
ihiiiiis Miiilh,  tlii'iuv 80 chains west,
tO   ]lllll'l!   Of   COllllllllK'Cllll'JU.
,  G. II. tt. non.ToN.
(V-l.'i-r   '.th,   uv-fi
Luiuhcr Cn's northeast cniiitr post,"
lli.-iici) riiiii'.iii|r .south 811 chains, thelice
west    80   chains,     thence   nortii 80
chains, theuce c-nsl So chains to   the
po'lit of couiinrliceniellt,
J.   li,   nOVNTON,
UiitKl at l'Vrnle, It, C, this a.irrt day
of Oclolicr,  lynfi, •!**!
Tiilii! notice thut 30 days nfler date
We inkJul to apply to the Chief Com-
tiiissiiiH^r of I,mills uml Works fnr a
special liiviisii lo ml uml carry nwny
tiuil.cr froin th.i fnllnwiiijf descrili.il
Ciiuiiueiiciii'r ui a posi plnnted ul
the Jini'thwesL coiner of lot :t(i.l, in
I'liiul k'oiiliJiiiy, thelic** wesi Kni-liuiiiK
ik-iie*. eolith 80 cUnliM, ih.'iici! cast 80
ih.iiiis, thi'iii'i'^oith 811 thiiiiis, a I. ni)-,
iliu west lioiiiidnry of lot 3f>3 to placu
111'   intllllllfll'rlllllll,
JOHN Jil'IGAN .*i 1'. A, Mi'DKl'MOT'l'
llysinur, II. C, Oct,  I9th, I9I-C).
'.hence X. i\o chains lo place of com-
iiuiicciiiuit, i-oiitniiiiii|; 321) acres niore,
or less.
M. MdNNKr?,
Dated    nt lClkinnutli, It,  C, Septem,-:
her 27111, J906,
The Best of Satisfection
in^Watch S: Jeicelery Repairing
■of ■ commerce ,.
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000 \
B. E. WALKER, GcneialiManager
ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gcn'l Manager
 __$_5_and_iiiidcr     3 cents
Over" $5 and not .xcciding SlO...... " 6 cents
"    $10       " " $30   10 cents
"    $30       " "   ■       $50    15 cents
These Orders are Payable at Par al a iy office in Canada of a Chattered Bank
(Yukon excepted), and al llie principal lankinjj points ill the United. States.
NixoiiAiii.'u a: a n.\r.i) raiii at (>
They form an excellent t method of remitting small sums of money witb safety
and at mnalt cost.
Fernio  Itrancli
G. S.   Holt,   Manure.
•**%^%^^"%^v* s*r*+*\'<w*v%,%<%wv%% **-t^%^b**%% 'wvy
TJ-JST-D-aJ-R   JSTE^V   ,.**A'A.NA.G-E13!*vI__)_*srT
^ '      ^ {Proprietor
amas Ootforn, - - -
Well furnished rooms. Th.* tulilc is supplied willi the best'
the itiiirltct uffordH. The bar u supplied with the best wines,
liquors and cijrnrs, !
%l%**/*r%%r\l%S*)AlMXYmV%     ^%%*j?'^%^^%^**4^1^'%r-V%'
and   Heme   Life
Cmi be enjoycil bv Ini
The RoyaB
injj     your    men is
In conjunction willi thu Knynl Hotel.    Tlie  U-st
city for is  cciit"i. A tew morn icl'iiI nr, liounlcrs
Is   rcspeelliilly   uolit-iti-.d.
AU, WIIITIC 1IKI, '»     UMl'IrflVKI)
scivi-d   in ! th«
Your |mli'oiiai*it
MRS. M. HOEUEL, Proprietress
Miniid'n  I.lniirnnt  Cur.s  Ci-IiIh, etc.
IWlII    >IN,    Hi.*.    '.^.4
irncioiH, ill llie Town nf llosmer,
hns this dny beeii disMilvcil by in«*
tunl colisiiii. All riVblH ow:il|! tu the
wiid piirUnr.-lii-i nr« to be paid to J.
I*. Hcj,Mitt ul th-.: Town nf llnsiiii-r
ufnr-s-aid, nnd nil 'rhilius iiirninst thu
said pulllieiihip nm tn h- "lu-iwiil.d
10 the '."Id ■'. '•* Ui'ir.iM, be MInilil
til- s.iiu.' .lill he fipllli-'il.
ll.it.-il  al   1'YiliIi*,  11.   C,  this  iiml
11 iv  nl Oelol.cr,   Vtf:
j. ii. men.
J. P. lHWAS.
A1.KX. E- l'ISIlEU,
(Ad to Sij-uiitutv ot A. II. llliti,)
Nf>. i.|.—CniuiiU'iJcIiij; nt n P<»<1
plhlitul nl iliu H'liuli west i-otner ol
Limit So, in, thence Hn chains
soutli, tld.iire Ko chains cost, tltvucc
Vn ihiiiM not-ill. tll.-lliv Hn' iliailii
West,  to  place ol  I'lilllllHliCiinellt.
O. II. O. ItM'I.TON.
October  .1tll,   Jijnii.
rmft 19********* *mm***jm^***wif*w^mi0^j*'-m*m*
Nolici Is liciuliy jjlvin that yi days
nft.-r -lute we iliteiul to npplv to the.
Hh-m-ruble Chief Coininissioiier ol
(Ij.iiiiI*- and Workr for n special license
to iu'. and cam uwav tlinUr lr«»m
ill.- ff.H.i-Aiiij- il.scrilK-il lanili in E;\st
K^.t'.iiiy illmrirt.
I'l.iiiii'ii'iii'iii-if 111 ii post pliititc.1 on
tli* w.-sl lin." iii' lnt JS'A'mi'l "bout
11; iiiih-i Hurt li of llie sniitliivest (or-
».r ol     said lnt  iKiiS, intiikcd "Elk
T111'« notice tint  ,ln dnys after d.iti-
we hit cud tn npply to the ChietCoui-
r   *,     .   . .,,,-.       r
-'I'lcI,.!  lu. h ,'   li. in!   anil  carry away
tliiibvi'  Ilnin   th.' (nlluwiiij;   descriU-'l
t!..limn iii-liiji nt u |iost  ]ilnliliil    ul
ihu      southwest   lOiii'r     ot  lot   .V..1,
, 1   *.,     .1 1.
Ko     ihalM',  th.ii.v.     iasl !h» ilmins,
iheiir.; south     'I:' ihains to place    ol
IIl)!illl.'l',   II.   C,  Ocl.   I'Jtll,   I'M-
(lur ilu.-is will licUh* ill.' pal.it.- "!
th; epiiiiii! iis well as iif any ..ji.* wh.»
Hies  tllvlll.
Tnhcn from the lirsl Ktori*, oblaiu-
iihh', nnd i.uvfiilly cut uud iriiinin-l.
th.-y I'liiiiioi. fail lo ph-nsi* ynu.
Our nicies utv nil ili.iiu*, niul tli*
pi ins   at.* tin iii);(iei    iii.iii vnu *ii .*.
j...*)      /..'   J,.11, i  ^i'.*).       .'il.l|J.. i.i/,,   *'
P. Burns & Co*f Forn.o
00   YEAH8,M
V"» *.,      ,*•-    *	
Tliu l'i>rii[.'|li.-ili/.-r I*, in
1. ith tl... f'nliriii-v I'l.li'ii *
-In. /.niy  Prim  Mi..|. t-
'.:....*j      '  *.-'   .   -"■
■(lliii'i' 1 ho rnti.ii Ii'iIt!   »»
TAKE not i.e tlun ,v> d.ivs niter
d-ile I {nu-n I in apply to th." Cliii-I
Coiuniissioner of I.niuU nud Wnrlw,
Vitloiin, Jl. C,, fai n .special ^Uciim*
to oil mul miry iwny timUr Irom
ll- fnllowini; d scriltd lands:
Ooimiii'in-iiiK tit it post planted nl
tk.; N". W. oilier of J. Mclnnes' llyi-
it, tli. lire rnnn:ii;r W. 80 tliains, tlniifo
S. 40 ifciius,     tluii.i- E. IU.   ihains,
TtxAti Minn*
COf miOHTI. \C.
*n»f.»i* «».niltii| * tttilrXt **« * wrtiiKimi ui»r
Muklf kiotruiu tint cipii.tnn f»*» whMl.nr tn
lhc fernie Ledger
Ilii    M
about Rootl print mil;
is necessary; a {joinl
business man knows
thai a neat, tasty job
of  IVitilitT"' t'.ttrttc'l'"
.UicOtivMi   v^*v j'J.'.j^J'i-'S
coniitlence. That's
llu* Uiinl wo execute
ildve You Weil lis ?
/    -,.
qntiikll uotruii
I in union 11 " *
•cut fro*. II .
I'aUi.t* Ulnn ,.      .
ntlUHnatltt, *n)"'itititi
on I'kivi.tt
yti muiin k on, neoir*
Sci.tilillt Hiticric.111.
A h«ii.f«/tm»lf llh«M*»f*l ***ti)f,
mUiloit of inr
1<n»Mf iff.
KumtlHo Vmniil, 1 run,, tt»
Ui, IL M.4U tjrfitt»**a**Xmt*.
SmXrii If iu* Wm Juiwo. J,
Don't Have Any More Spoiled Dinners!
'PHI', next lime ynu are iu need ot a j^oov! ro.i'.t or a
I prime young turkey or sj ring chicken, ring up phone
4. Vou can be sure of gelling a roast lhat is juicy and
tender, or,,fowl thai, is young ; tut well dressed. Vour dinners will always be a success if you gel iln* lu*st aud the
place to get tlte best tr;
llie Dominion Heal Co, limited.   Fernie Branch.
■. *"**"■■ '■ h,
■^Y^YW^tyY: .', 7;",'
jf me Mvt printing does not
having kit thelatest down*to*
Mats and dinguses fdt -doing tl
alone consist in
wrinkles, ding
.4  $ '■*>
Ulcere is a knowledge of knowing•"/jow to me tfye same, tfjat
is essential to good work, and a technical training not acquired
outside Union offices fits tt)e compositor for turning out t^e
fjigfjust standard, 7' &    & , "4?    5.
4#    '     +
Mot onlp a knowledge of the use of tppe, but tbe qnalitp of stock is also one
of tbe strong points of XCbe Zedger, and with tbe finest assortment and largest vavU
etp of inks to be found in tbe province, onv avtists never fail to "make good." s& ♦
■   •,'''■ '
Tilemember these tbings when pou want something "real nice" and let us J)a ve
pour order. We print everptbing, and when we sap "print" we don't mean anp old
ibing, thrown together and smeared with ink.     (i     ^     M     '&     Sft     $     &
Bverp job turned out is a sample of tfine Brt printing, and if we are not
doing pour work, take a look at the stationerp used bp pour neighbor.  We did bis.
Just ask hiui bow be is suited bp
'tne fernie %edgm fernie, M* G.
There, was ni.otltev cluiptcr    ol    the
Kckslcin case rcoled ofT ut the police
court Inst Hati'.idny.   Mr, W. A. Macdonald, K,' '" , ot Nelson, appeared on,
h-liall nf Mr. lii-kslei'n-, and the   evidence ot Mr. Ikj'-.'s and Winnie   Simy-'
son was  l-.ki-n.   Alter hoariug    tlw -t.
two witnesses, Mr. Mucdonnlil ruqii' _,s-..
ed,' on lu'hiilf ol the accusvil, tli' l(_ -,t
he hound over to u li'*j*;lii*v "W' *■_   tor
filial trial.
The Manist. ft.'c ,u_ ao't commit
him, hut boi''ml uim over. 011 «,is 0Wn
,',',lcr','i. is a sliiilil 'liftor ence bi-Uvccn
bin'V.iii)! 11 .win om °" lli's own* m''
' ouiiiwincc tit his own 'iTqiii'sl, nml n
commitment for U'in'l, whicli some
over '/.colons reporter- seems to lmve
overlooked In mokl'ij; his report to
thu press.
Thu U'dBi-r hao not ns yet published nny ot xt;ti ev'idencc in this ense,
but expect*' to .do so when lii-lli
sides have hem cxmniniMl nnd n v*"-
diet reiidi.t'd.
W. R. iV.cDougall
The Shoemaker'
under this li.udinjj* itistettcd ut thu
rate of one ceut a word each insertion.
I(elh1»rid|<p,   Altn.,  Oct. 3.1.   i«Jo6;
Whereas it has roxxxe lo our no*'1'
llml ii'iiiiiii funis,' school luini'ds uu
church  triiMees lmve   purehiisi'd   coi'l
from  thi.- A. M. »  I* (-'"*. "l    w1"*'"
uiines u si like was dei'lnre.l on March
Klh last in siipl.'i'i'i "' livi"!! w,'«v';
and hetti'i* conditions of employment
uud -.-.lu-rcns nil1 tonl mined ul tli«s"
inlni's in i.ein:,' iirudiii-ed l.y wiliilr Inh-
or Willi  Hie  pill pose nf  dl'Ii'lltlllir    «'»'<■
(leKiris    for full    phiy und n s'l"'11*'
deal,, und     ttlnriM!, our proposals ol
, i-oni'ilintinii     nml    iiihitrntioii    btxve,
been ni.-l hv lint n-ftisiils on the pint
id tlm I'oinp.iuy,  ihi'i'i'lorr, be it    i'-
SolVl'd,      tll*t  we,    the     llli'llillil'*     ol
Tn.'*-I  I'nlon So. ST-1. I'- *•'• W. ol A.,
rcntii'Hi "II pi'i'i-oits, linns ntid iismui-
ntiolis      to  lellise      In  pUUli.iM' »■•'..!,
"liniiic-lv '.liilt *"»1." "•'"*■■■ »"'* *'IUl"
nl ior sale l.y il"' l""(i,s '.il««vi*im*'i*
lioitcd.   He il luilhi-r   1 cmdveil,    Uml
copies nl 'h'u, pii-iiinlile mid resolution
hi- f-ii'cii tin' I'M-*'- nnu iii-*iiiiiiii'" '•
lhe pul .lie-
SiKiiid "iv tin* followinn lomiiiitti-..
, .11)11 S' THKNHK'...
.KI'iN  ItliUTA.
.Tf'HV l-M'SKV
KtJli MAliI-V-A uootl Willli'iu'ii piano.
Apply 11. McLcniinii.
I'OR SAIvK-ao lots is Wtst Vuroie-
i'»sy ttniis.,..Apply W. T, ITiuiley,
West l'Njritiu.
I-'0UNI)-A siniill pnssliooU. tJwni'i-
c.iit huvu tin luu on application to
lhe Ledger und pnyin^ for this ml.
I-'OK SAI.K--A -Hintp; a six roomed
house, well htiilt, wilh hoi nml cold
water hath, nud up'to-ilati* eleilrii'
li|;ht lixttires; slltnited closi! iu to
biisiliese pint of city; must he sold
soon. For piirllcului's eti<|iiiiu of
Moll, .-ion Hi Co.
Roosville & lo
Tlieri! is notliitij! from tx liiitcliet
to split the kilidlin*! wood to the
complete outfit lor nn i.xplorini;
expedition which wi*. do not supply nt  ii  ri'tisomihli-  price,
reakfas. Bam and Hams
Don't   forget   our   Celebrated   Griflill   Brand
Sugar Cured  Hams and  Breakfast  Bacon  arrives
weekly.   Try some and be convinced  that it  is the
Best on tlio market.^^^>
Pay Cash and Keep Debt in Uie Background.
Bank   of   Haet-ilton
Toinl Assets
Over $30,000,000
I Savings
| Department
Onn Dollni- In milllclmit toopun nn lu'coiint, In* X
ttirnBt. juthl Hiiiuhniimiiilly at cm-rmit vntim. Thn ii
liest fncllitlOH nro offorodto nnt ol town (IcpiiidlorH .%>
Cm runt tu'comilH ol infiiuifdcluniiH mul iii.itIi* <♦>
nuth solicited,
--A.S I JMi—V-ltl (ll'lllel fi   10   SU'I*.   Ollllli!
;*.»    C,  ]',  11. .•.luin.ti.   Af-'i-'ly    '■»
Ilk* job, to Migby Hi Wuldle.
|f*.IIII. wiinls
;    lor    !ij..ltt
sit nnt Ion  ns nurse    or
housework.—Apply    ut
A hotel thnt liii-nislu". 'iiii't, mxxx-
modioli*! BiioniiiuulilUou lor il** ]\\-
Unn* is ii '.mine "I jdev-ur.- Xn U*
trawNii'; puhlf-* Sm*Ii *» "«■* i" ■•••
King l^dvard Hotel, ol I'ltnlt, cof
«,*r oppositt post office.
Mi-uril'*  l.innmiit  Cures  Ilipluh.-ii.i.
MOTT ,SOS' St CO, have instruction;*
In look out for two or three Iitiiul-
inl um-s ot --nod Innd MiiUibli* Ior
liuit jtrowlnjj in llfc Kooliiniv Vnlley. This land must he so siluiilnl
us lo ullow of irriH'Uioii, eiiher !iv
j;r.ivitv or hv n wi'H-i'niiipiu-d pump-
inj; pl.iiit with mi nliiindiiiil mii>-
jily of wati-r. Iinprovid rumh-'s ui*;
within'' (lit sioi;* of lhe iiistnutii-ns.
Locality, quality of soil nnd ihh-sh
lo wati;r rniim lrlor« pr.«: iu the
iiiiisiilLraiioJi of th,; pitrihnsir, who
U a priittltnl fruit j-roiwr, und
1,ii.»h-s «lmt* In- wnnts. .Sttul us
your dcsiriptlwii, loc.ilioiis und
Hardware, Harness & Saddles
Miners, Prospectors Supplies :
UiT'-oiids, C'.ioi'iiiion, l''nrin Ini-
ph*iiii*iils und Miicliiiuiy Irom
Hti-ni Windinj; Mousu Trups to
Cjvlolu Stiii'Iu.is, Iiulinn Curios,
Unii.'.-uu- * nf IJnoi'vi'lln nud Kiko,
Kiiw Kin's uud Kii-sh Vrodiu'c from
Tobacco Plains
A riuiiornl   HiinkltiK'  TIiinIiji-hh  TraiiHitctiMl
.). K.  IiAWUY*   AHNNT   I'lOHNIIO   11KAN0II
<V u,  iv.   m\ivi\ii,   jwni.li    rivii.Mi-j   i>iv<i.wii
hhlppud on
Stud  orders
ordiir from
. o:- uv-i.
ICIko to
Bit   C.fiiuc
with stippllrs,
lo  1'Viko,
Hunters   outfitted
l'nck  Hoist's    nud
f^Home Barsk of Canada
1*011 SAI.lv -Oni: WnVriGnifWm lraud
J'rcss, 7 rol. folio; one (lordoii Job*
l.er, :xU. lloth th.-Mi presvi «i*
iu Inir condition, mtA *re. oiTomi
for iuiIr iliinp mi iKitiuiit of having inst'tHei! largiif presws m their
.-.trad. Write for pricrs nnd tenw
Fcroitf. 11. C.
YtltfYAlT    IinillAUl)   SAYK:
"Thn   mnn with thc  finvhifis
Iliink hahit   is 1,1m    *'ou« who
., i       i.ii       n*     i.  >     ,i,
M..,.»     ft\ ...       ......       vy..,     ,...  .-     .....
nm* who cr.n ijet silonj; wttli-
oul you, hut you ennnnt jjul
ulfiiij; without him. JI'liu Savings Ihtnk liiihiL mi'niis sound
Hluep, '{oi nl illgciitif'H I'ool
:,,iii....,.ni      -iiul    ni'iiih*   inilc-
pcjidi'iitc. Tliu most Iwulilii'iil
tliin-* I know of is » Siivinjjs
l-unk-hool.. There nrc no nil-
t-iol.'im in it to i.U*al nwny
yoiir pimco of niinrl. It Is n
Riinraiitcis of good h.lmv-
Vi'u liMiilJ liku l-i   hum   yuui   Imiuu
im r.itv lli-f of ilrjipiilii.j-ji. :?_, lauiwr
wlusllior your HlnrtlHoniuloIlnror onn
hutitlrcd—wis will p/iy you Interest ot
curi'i'iit nitPH—I'otiipoiiiiilnil ttvlco n
Current Accounts Invited
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9
J. 11.  MARSHALL, M_.r.,
Pernio    Branch
if you stop in and lot ns show you,
Tan, White, Black sunt Patent sit
Koasonablo prices.
Vacation Necessities
Wc arc offering yon nn extra quality Suit
Case made of Kcstol, 24 in, long aiul lias two
straps and yood brass trimmings and lock, solid
leather.comers, secured with copper rivets.
A Trunk made over a strong wooden frame
with iron bottom covered with 5 oz. canvas well
painted and fitted with two heavy straps and
iron trimmings stitched leather handles at
Special Prices
C. V. U. WISI'VAl SI-.tf.VlCK.
On nnd niter tin.- xt>( nl l)..u*iiil*ir,
l'>Ui, i.\ I'. U. royal im-il Kittpr-'s
-.(('-inter-, and Lake stinuur* will sail
fn.tn West Hi. .lohn to _,ivur*iool in-
htu.nl ..f Moiitrcii1 iiml QiitUw us pn:-
Mtuarir-* l.iniiitrnt Cure** IJisttinpi-r.
vioiisly, the wintir service then tak*
iii)! ilhci, At th.- viiiic time it Jim
li-.i* dccid.i'l tlt-.it ttic l.it-1* stcniucr*
will not mrry cattle ia Xbe winter
from West St. .T«Jin to MvtrpiKjl.
Min ud's
.tuiiiuiit    Ciuvs C.ir-^'l  in
Accordions, Bnnjoa, Ouitiirw, Piccolos,
Mandolins, Autoharps, Flutes, Jews'
Harps, Mouth Organs, Violins, Whistles
and all accessories for above instruments. Thc&o are all new Koods just
opened. For variety, quality and value they cannot he excelled in the
The Palace Drug Store
H. Is. McLean, Mffr.


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