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The Fernie Ledger Nov 14, 1906

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 -y .'-"'-,  .;, A;:A   ■..^-"^...■f^iy^^i^V --    7"A-*
•fa      ^ ^*V
'    Jir-*"'"*l-i* ■i---!SS
.-Jl J F
M^-f ^ri;
Vol II; -Numbers i4:>:5 -'..--.'.;
_. ' W .* Ri. Ross, ' JI. • I-v'.P., 'returned
Monday * from ,i';„.business -,.trip* to
.Winnipeg.    A'     ^AA-,i.  ...
\'""-' A.-    I,iiidsey, -. , superintendent      of,
*■ ---bridges;and buildings .on" tlie Or N.,
'.   was* ill" the city- Friday:"- --,' ,' j'
George H, Scott, of Tobacco Plains
has been in the city'several'days   oii.
-_',   business..        'V..■ .       -"' ,   *'        ' '   *
T.-Bcggsrof the-.Hole! Waldorf .'returned* on today's Great'Northern express, from a visit, to Southern Idaho'.
-II. ,G. 'f„ockharl, of llic.Trites-Wood*
Co.; ,l"cft( for Macleod last eveni.ij 0ii
' A, McDougall, of the Fernie lumber v Co., ' is * in Macleod on. company
business.'  ,'"_'-.
Mrs. Win. Keay will receive tomoi-
. * row- afternoon  and  thereafter on each
third Thursday. . ."    A      ».*■-.
Owing to, the   ' continued .rain    tho
work on* the'new warehouse "of    the
,A. Crow's  -Vest  Trading. Company  pro-
* gresses - slowly." '      ->-.-.
. In the Great Northern time card in
another column the timc> of departure from S?attle"is' given 'as 9.15.
This  time has been changed i-to. 9.30.
* *-*'        ' -.'■'.''"'•
*,    Jos Gorman",-of Sah, Francisco, and
„ .Tini;,Bui-rows, of Coleman, will fight
* a„twenty round.'bout at Blairmore on
-.■'the  _Sth  inst..'      '' ,   " '
_ D. A.' ivolly, of sSeatllc,-is' "in : thc
city, today.- Mr.'  Kelly:is; intetcsted
■v in; the oil wells "west of. Piiiclic. Creek-
and* reports 'everything going jilong
7-very'- satisfactory. -    '-':,-','
Dr.,;IIiggins' left, for the Coast last
, Ftidavj and will return' in a few days
,„w;th Mrs. Iliggins and Master "Paul,
J who'have hecn visiting for sonic time
* iit Coast cities.  .   • *'    .       -' "
• A. WAIL Macleod,'secretary of ,the
-Michel Miners' Union, is in town to-"
?   day,  and reports that Michel  ■ union
' has refused" to   go back  lo work 1111-
. der.'lhc'.fjetlleihent .arrived" at    Monthly night.-.   •     A*   "        -'   /' '■
' ;- |A. J. Burton, .manager of'the'A. J.
Burton Saw-Works, of Vancouver;'was'
'   in*-.lie-_cily several  days .during; .the
past-'    wcoM • ii.   il...- interests—of-his*
A. .a:^E-RNIE» B.C., WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER   i4> 1906
4 <■      .,' „x JAFFRA*y.v ■ J-
Mr. Richard Quaiice aiid.1 family have
ltioved "Ironi Jaffray to take up their
abode near thc mill, in which "Mr..
Qiiance has an intcrestl .* A' \
.. The' friends of Mr. Geo. Charter were
' pleased to welcome--liim back 7-from
Cranbrook'," this being his first visit
since* the occurrence of the .accident
that, deprived him'of*a;finger. *; "'**.
- Mr: Charles.' Archamb'eault,'-, Intsji
foreman for the Jewell Lumber Co.','
has bean joined by 'I his wife " and
daughter, who until recently havs.resided iir,''Nelson.' ■ . ,* . *-■*.•,;   -,,
Vi'lic bad weather' of ' the last few
days has proved a serious drawback
to lumbering.operations, nearly al-
the camps having been' forced.to;
cease work temporarily. -
" The Jewell I,umber Co.' have shut
down for a few .days,' lack of logs
being the cause of the temporary cessation from sawing. The planer is
still running, and it is thought will
continue 'to do so throughout ,the
winter.      ' „ ,    ,
Price $2 . a year. in. Advance
Satisfactory Arrangements Mght?I_aye'B.en vA-riived
,-. at-Too Uxicb Excitement at Critical Moment
; .v;^",7.^ catlls.for>Censure.    ^ "';■
  -    1      , -I
Maritime Provinces,  Ontario,' Quebec,
-      The -'Old  Country.
The Canadian Pacific Railway, - announce a scries -of low round trip
rates, .first-class, ; three (3) months
limit, from Koptenays", to all points
in Ontario, Quebec", Maritime Provinces and  the' Old Country.
Rate froin Fernie to Toronto, Montreal, Windsor and intermediate
points is, $62.25'} Halifax or St. '.T'olm,,
in - connection-'with ocean passages,
'$73.25* ' V . A "
_:Tickets will"be sold daily November-24 Hi to December.,3ist'. .     **'
Corresponding' rates will * be -quoted
to-all Eastern * Canadian points from
all-. Kootenay stations'.
-"This is an .unusual opportunity to
visit " Eastern ;t Canada- or "the .Old
Country at .Christinas at a low rate.
-Detailed . information', .-sailing-lists
for -, ocean steamers, first-class'or
tourist sleeper ' reservations on "application to local agents,' or write
A,*-     ■-       A. S. .CARTER. } -*,-. ,
0    D. P. A., Nelson,, B.' C.
,   firm.     -Mr.  Burton reports   -business
7 in'his  line lo'M-e'" exceptionally' good
in' this district., "*,..'
""'The.City Council met last   Tliitrs-
'.day night,-but lio business-> of," great
importance was transacted; only luut-
*    tors, of a routine jiatnre *\vcre^beforq"
"the council.'""'TiTc^Mnyor' anil" Alder-
*• men Qiiail, Tuttle nnd'Mclntyre were'
; 'II. S.-ilolcroft, IIJ-.S. and M.E-i
■ nn old friend of R, W. Coulthardt,
has beciK.spending a" fesv days in , the
city. -Mr: Ilolcrbft has been engaged
siirvcying government lands in Alberta and Saskatchewan for the past
three years, ' nnd is now taking a.
well-earned holiday trip'through ll.C,
,    vllcv.  II,   Lashlcy     Hall     and  Dr.
White, ot the .Methodist church, went
'  to llosmer this •.morning to .look over
the* new townsite with a view, lo
„ purchasing  lots for  the purpose    of
building a church nnd parsonage   at
thnt place when     conditions   justify'
such a step,        *,  *■
."Mrs. Wilkinson, ■ wife of liev. J.
Skidding Wilkinson, rector of Christ,
cliurch, arrived in town yesterday
'morning front Kingston, Ontario,
where she hns for some time, been visiting friends und relnllves before coming hero to join lier husband in their
new home.
The colored inn 11, ■ Wallace, who
wears finch good clothes and who hns
been tinder 111 rent for several dnys
" charged with ntiHiitilting .TIioiiiuh
1'ugli, hittlii)-; him on the head with
a rock, wus found guilty uud fined
?35 or its I'l'tilvnlciil in jail this
morning hy Magliilrato McMullen,
T.nst week, while    thene('oHaHoiiH
wore    pending betwe-'ii  the coni'iniiy
and the    miners- writH of ejectment-*!
'■ were ncrvcil on hoiiiu forty fivmilluHiU
1 Coal  Creek,   Mr,   HeliHlelu  went    up
to Crnnhrooli nml Kttcceedcd iu qiianli'
inj' thi'HU pi-ocei'(llii|{N, which entailed
a loss of between tliieu and (our Iiiiii-
tired    dollars     upon     thu compnny
, through  i.ouit'oiie'H linstu or   incapacity.
Mr. and Mrs. Thos, Wlielnii ro»
turned from a prolonged visit to re!-
utlvcN und frletiilH in WiihIiIiikIoii nml
Idfilio last wouli. .ToHcph V, Whelan,
n brother of nnv Tom,* wim n ciin.ll*
duto lu thu recenl election (or audit**
or and recorder of HIiohIioiio County,
1 Iilalio, Imt l;oIii|{ on tho Democratic
.ticket,, liu failed ol election, Mr,
Wliolim rcnorlH luivinn luirt itn enjoy-
nblo trip, iilid hu nud Mrs. Whulnii
look (in thoiigli Yniikoo air nj;recti
with them,
A few friends jittt up. a job ou Minn
lloss Monday night. A largo number
or fikuds were let Into tliu secret.
nud gathered nt the resldcnco of Mm,
I). V, Molt. While this wns Kohi-*;
1111, nnolher friend wns cngnj-tcd In the
lmriiilfss jinsUnio of telling MIs»
UnRH Homo whlto" lies, which Induced
Iter to cnll at the plnco ol Ratlicrlug,
when tilie wns ushered into tho presT
nice of thoHo ili'»lji;nlii|» IrlciulH, lo bo
ovcrwlicliueil willi congratulation!!
U|iuti the Oceanian ^Thfr birthday nu-
iioversury, It wns n complete ' surprise, und 11 moiil eiijoy.ililc, evenltig
wns wlilltd away in curds nml Raines.
'In.his post-election.address,',"the de-"
feated    candidate    for  .Governor'   of
New York,  William Randolph liearst,
makes" this  declaration: '._   .',",*
, I am enlisted] in''this figlit' against
the' coiilrol,of/'„ government' * liy .. the
'trusts and corrupt corporations,  and
1 will fight it' out' to -the cud.   Iiul I
will s?rve iii theiead oi-inthc ranks,
just  exactly aa the pebple desire, anil(
as earnestly and loyally in one place
ns in*the olher.   The people havc.de-,
cided to retain the Republican party
in power.   I will' make my -fight , in.
the ranks,  therefore, • iiiid(.' ns' a' pi'iv-'
die citizen do my best lo'pronio'l. the'
interests of my fellow citizens.
Had Mr. liearst acted upon-.- thai
principle from thc beginning ot his
public career, ho -would doubtless now
he the governor-elect of, New. York,
and the cause he fins ably led in that
State, would be at this moment hailed ns a triumphant instead of a defeated cause.
Mr. Hearst's * fatal weakness was
not what it is described by his 011-
cinjcs ,to hnve been, It wns not his
"yellow" newspapers;, if "yellow"
menus rottenness ' in public nffairs,
the Hearst papers aro the least "yellow" anion'-; the great newspapers of
New York, Chicago and Snn Francisco, It wns not the personal dissinh-1
lions nud deliiKiiicueics of his cnrIIuill fc; they now belong to a past.which
is buried beneath n wholesome family
ilfe, and only ghouls would dig them
up, The fntal weakness iu Mr.
Hearst's rnitipuigii wns his inability
to rally llio whole-hearted support of
the men who profoundly bellevo iu
iho progressive caiiso into tlm lcadur-
diip of which ho hnd spruiti*;. Home
.if them refused altogether lo Mip-
porl him,' while most of Hionu who
did support him fell into lino wilh
much ('ue-ulotilug and ninny iiiIn*;Iv-
Iiikh. And the reason tlmt lho former dropped cut of liuu uml tho hitler
wero not whole henrtedly in llm,',
wns because thoy nil felt, nud justly
felt, tlmt Mr. Hearst wns not work-
in-; for a rniiHO, hnl wns iimltlii-r, n
cuiiHO work for him,—Public
To relievo a cough or break up   11
cold  in twenty-four liotim,  the.    f.'l-
lowing, simple formula,  the lii'-rall-
outs ol wlileh euu ho obtained of nfly
go.ul prescription diUKgisi nt   Mu.tll
cost,   is    nil thnt   will bo rc(|tilrcd:
Virgin Oil ol     Vine (Pure), one-half
ounce; Glycerine.,   two ounces; Good
Whlslty, a Jiiilf pint-.  KI111I.0 well nnd
t.ike m icuhpi-oiiini udm-i* vveiy   tn'n
hours.   Tlio desired results cmi uol be
obtained unless tho    ittut'edieuts   impure.   It in therefore better to   purchase tlio Ingredients sepnrnlely   nud
prcpitro tho inlxliiiu yourself.  Virgin
Oil of Pino (I'tiro) should bo purchased iu  tho original half-ounce    vlnlN,
which driij,'jrlst*s Imv     lor dispensing.
Kncli     vlnl is securely   ncnled Iii   a
round wooden enso which protects the
oil Innii exposure lo light,    An-uni]
Uic wooden cuho Ih nn enpraveil wnipper with tho mime—"Virgin Oil    ol
l-lnc (I'lirc)"—plainly priutoil thereon. There nrc tunny linltntlntm nnd
cheap piYiilut-llons of I'hnti, but theso
only even to itiiuhcu, and never,  effect
the di wired rtMillK. ~36
Night, before last, the few , people
'that.were • still'on*the, street were
agreeably surprised to hear .that a
settlement of thc strike' trouble- ,bc-
iwech. the.',company and thc union
hiid been arranged between Mr; Lindsey and Mr.-.Burke. The latter gentleman had been away at Michel and
Col-man ;,ince lasl Thursday, and had
relumed to* town .'011 "Monday's westbound local. Mr.'lYcwis Stockett also arrived,on' the same train, .and it
is said'iiiat it was through his"'iiicd-'
ialion that the incetiiig of Mr. lliirke
and Mr.  Wndsey'Vas arranged.
Mr. Unrke had gained,, by his ipiiet"
'liraiinc'r' and adroit: ■ handling' of''' th'e
union's case, the, confidence of' thc
ollicers and men of the union to a
marked degree, - and his speech, in thc
opera' house' last, week "was one of thc
most masterful ellorts ' ever listened
to by a Feniie] audience, and gained
for, hiin the "respect of the people at
ljirSc-       ,,      • -,.*'.      .'
But most unfortunately for everybody, ^Mr.. Burke seems to have lost in
one .evening all the prestige he ".had
.gained,, for, his. order andwits cause in
the minds of tlie'workmen 'and "the
public. ■' '„-',"      **-..,
By a referjnce"lo.tlic outline ofthe
agreement ai rived at' Monday night.,
it will"be seen that Mr. Burke had
gained nearly everything he had beeii
contending for excepting that he consented to cancel thc signatures of all
thc men who had signed the check-off
clause since lhc'iitli,6f -Scpteinber.
'Mr. Ivindsey,-agreed- to'amend tlie
check-off Lla-isc so that' there' could
ie no mislakc'as to its incaning that
.1 signature to it meant, that A the
signer-was'bound by it to'the end of
tli. agreemont.of May, 1905. He also
agrecil;to drop, "his demand for indemnity for 'damage,- and to pay over,
to the union"''tIi___.ducs_J)elongiug___to.
it,, and.had ,' it not' been that ,Mr.
J?urkc'-,liad''consented *' to" the, .contention of Mr. "Liiiiiscy that' those," now
famous,,.promises were true, without
Also staling that Mr, I/indsey' had also - made'' promises anil statements
which -qualified those'promises,, and
lhat .in-.lrawJ!:g-*-»i-ii:' that original
check-off olaiise Iic'liad failed to make
•rood his promises and i-ccuihiiiciida--
tinus, there would have been ■ no
trouble about the men going back to
■ Mr.  Burke,  most unfortunately for
.doing this'without*  •-.firstA.onsiilling
his, associate National Board Member
Patterson, 'and-in *Hh<*» absence .of. the
district president     aiid local officer's."
ft would'.seem that under the circimi-
stanccs he .'.should have'; consulted his
associates and the officers who  were
so deeply concerned,     before makiiig,
such udniisiions, n- without also citing
the facts for which he hail contended
both before'Mr.'Lindsey and'--before
the. public. -As ,hcciclearly .'showed  in
his. speech last, week,,it-is very easy,
to liiakc statements-and" then,, leave
outJ portions of those statements  * in
such,a way as' to' completely change,
lhe real meaning*of.thpse statements'."
The fact that' Mr. I/indse'y drew,, up
that','original   check-off., clause' by ■-* request of the men", in'^uch a way supposedly as ,tp make each."man    who
signed responsible .'with thc. union 7of:
(icers wlio signed,  and' which he' has
since; cconUnded did   --not 'do' so', ,is
strongly.'confirmed by;-his now.'"-consenting''to the addition of.only a few
words which   ' do make    that    same
clause binding ' as  was requested   ;by
the incn'in' the first place.' '    ,*"'*. ' 4
1It was ptobleniatical as to whether
the men"' and local officials "would'ac-1
cept the' settlement with 'such qualifi--
cations  , as Mr.  Biirkc had -accepted
without  reference ,   to anybody,    but
whatever   .of  probability   there    was
about an acceptance oj, the situation,,
was most effectually'* removed by the
senseless and. wanton maimer in which
these things were flaunted in*the faces
of-the men Tuesday morning by tliat
flamboyant ' '"midnight extra' perpetuated upon    the1 public    by an organ,
that'seems  to  work*.'nights for    the-
purpose  of  defeating-any proposition
which  might )ead' to 'the, resumption'
of work, and the "benefit of   the   public.^        ' .     ,        '' '      " *A;
Gen.   Manager, ** \ Lindsey's  position
completely'vindicated; Burke urged by*(
popular opinion;- '.'She.rman turned-
down, were all expressions .most, admirably suited to the .time and, .occasion for lhc preventing of "peace
and prosperity" anywhere,, much less'
at this particular 'tiiiie, in the -Klk
VallcyA.It is to be" hoped,*': in view "of
tlie'disastrous rc'sult'of the'first - ef:*
fort'of thc organ down street to get
ahead of the Ledger, , that hereafter
it will do its work while awake. ■ '*
* People '-vho cannot get out au ini-
parlial paper iti daylight' can be"*'re*
Jiis order,  couiniittcd   the mistake of ;lied, upon ro make blunders', wheu they
try it at night. -    l.    ! '
It- was very doubtful whether the
district and ' local' officers would have
accepted the humiliation which ' had
been heaped upon, thcin by that proposed settlement,-though ior the sake
of peace an'dr the welfare of the men,
they might have been prevailed, upon
to.-,do. so at so great a sacrifice to
themselves had,it not been for the
senseless ilauiitiiig of those t insulting
headlines, before the public. When
the men saw that extra yesterday
morning, there was an end of every
possibility of their going back lo,
work even .though the,local officials
had been v/illing to do so.
'   ' °   , . .     rj> 1,
.- In consequence of;> Mr. Burkc"*s lack
of a little judicious diplomacy at tin'
critical moment, iii not first consulting his associate board member 61
the district or .local officials before
making such a settlement, and the
senseless senility of screaming sensationalism as displayed by, that first,
effort at cctras, tliat extra's statement that the strike was oft arid
peace re'stpred * is'. a most unfortunate
falsehood. - "'
■' Yesterday afternoon Stork's Hall
was .again crowded to the doors with
miners, who in a,closed meeting most
emphatically turned down anyHhing
and everything which looked like an'
endorsement of Stir. Burke's proposed
settlement, and. District President
Sherman and International' Board
Member ■ Patterson . were delegated 'to
proceed at once with' Mr. Burke to
Minneapolis to meet President Mitchell, and lay the whole case -before'
him personally. It is to, be hoped'
that, President « Mitchell will return'
here with these delegates and use his
"best endeavors to bring about a real
peace,.based upon justice and -which
will,last, not , only, till the 31st of
next March, but continuously.
~ TluTTLfTdpr,, wishes-to^congratulate"
the miners who are displaying siich
patience and peace „loving characters
in their robcr actions, and regard for
law. under circumstances that arc so
trying.' ,., ' ' ;     .   ,
To .desist from work while this dispute is going, on, .and to be. peaceful
and manly,, under all circunisidnec's',r,
.will go a long way iu establishing iii
the minds ofthe public that they arc
honest* and sincere in their desire'to
do right. ',.
Be fair, "rip true, and you will, in
the end, win, peace with honor, '
■••'''" ■ •* * ";> •■"* *'
• j.Tlic following.,letter was handed in
to thi'n'ollice too kite to'appear" in
the' regular * i'ssiu*, of. Wednesday.
This paper is not responsible for the
opinions of cotiesppndcnts.     -.   , ,
,' .'ernic, II. C, Nov. fi, tooi*..
To the ICdilor Pernio Ledger:
vVIter a careful study or Uic consequences of what is following the decision of *ho investigation committee
und tho resolution handed,in by them,
t am not nirpriscd at their decision
when Icoiistder tho open declarations
mnde by Home of theso *neii ii|?ainst
nie, nud I iiolievc 1hat the majority of
lhat assembly hnd decided upon whnt
they Intended to do with uie; also
when I consider the helper they hnd In
llm National Board Member,' Patter-
Hiin, whom I defeated In nomination
for tho position ho now holds, „ 1
might hnvo expected what I hnvo received from my unfair nnd avowed
enemies, heennso I nut convinced Unit
no fair-minded body of men could
luivu arrived at tho conclusion they
did mid puss 11 vole of confidence In n
ituili who Imd slutcd openly iu thoir
lieiirliiK thai lm could not trust the
local ollicers, nud not even IiIh district board, and had no coiifideneo lu
nny coiinnlUeos. Hut wu, iih poor,
innocent, unlearned nud ignorant
miners, have to have full confidence in
him nud placu our existence nnd interests iu Iiiiiii und ,bo nt hln bidding
whether hois right or wronj., poor
slaves that w« ure, and as justicu to
tho loenl 'union aud > uiynclf, thoy
ought to havo given to the meeting
lhe wilolu if th-.- eviileiuc uUu an.)
tho minority vote anil the reason for
this verdict. Hut no, they make an
iiiKlunlifietl statement about mc violating llio principles of the U, M, W.
ill   A,,   V>!»iv.h   I   uvi*j    vi.v.111   U>   v.*»v""""
and to ]iroilnco the evidence that
caused ilium to como to such nn uu-
just conclusion; unjust because nothing en 11 bo proved ngnimit tuc but
Hint I hnvo. *old tlio truth to tho public 11111I In my follow workmen,. who
did uot know, As yon>havo .seemed
to bu so iittercRlcd In fair play and
statin;,' thnt I had stiflcied humiliation, let 1110 say thai I am neither
IninilHitleil nor disheartened, but persecuted by those- wlio uro upholding
deceit und deception, ami II you were
in stato all that you know yon Mfouhl
H*iy no- 'No, but you preler to po
with tho r.-owil; a dead fmli can go
with tho Hlivinii, lml ft lilies u 11 vo
one to j«o nfiniiifil it.
f Let mc say here," that-.in justice "lo
myself,, and in the name-of' right, and
jo o-oi-.-A oi'V fiun puuiti*)** 1 'inn-il
made public, aiid thiil it be publish-'
ed, ■ I am particularly, anxious to see
the minority report in print, Tho majority report was published, why riot
the' minority. 'The pecularity of- the
report published is that no names are,
signed to it. I would like to ask
why I mu accused of violating the.
principles of the V, M. W. ol A.? I
want the committee who published
that report to go a little further by
taking the public into their confidence
by telling Hietn what principles I violated? Was It a real principle or an
imaginary one, ,
I confess, I nm extremely   curious
about this point. '   ,      '
(Signed) ' W. M. IHCK1JN.
, 1  i, il»Q ■ t. . — wi
A drtignisl can obtain un, imitation
of MIN'AIMJ'S MNIMI'INT Irom a Toronto hoiiso at a very low price, and
havo it I nihil ed his own product,
This grcisy imitation Is tho poorest
011c wo hnvo yet seen of lho many
llml every Tom, Dick nnd Horry has
tried  lo Intrlduro.
Ask fur MI.N.UllVfl mid you will
RO*-' It..       '
r.O.S'j'-lliiii.'h of keys with chain at-
tailii-il, 1'indei please .'ultirn to
Ledger Oflico.
If,   IT,  I.oss,  of Klkiuotith,, is
town today.
WIiwj inwdi„i,-, hitoiiif <.-.lhii.,'u.'.lh-
over a iiie.liel.ii! for lltjloonrs, it Is
stiff) to say thnt il has high merit,
livery nintliei* who Iiiin used Itaby-s
Own TnbU'ts iipf.iks strongly In praise
'it       .,        ,.!,'. ,     .        ,   . I     ,     ,       ,. I     ,
...    W.kSkU,      .....    ,....■.•   V^W*.^     V.W..V.     i,h^.«..^l>
how much j,ood ihey have* done Iter
children. Mrs. Alfred Mnrtotisc, St.
Chnrlis, Quo., s.-iysc. "I Htmngly advise every mother to keep Baby's Own
Tablets in the hoitiie always, I have
used llifm for tattling troubles, colic
nnd oilier ilis ot children, nml found
them the most natlsfnetory medicine
I ever tried." These Tabltls nrc
gu-irnntccd to roulaln no poisui.uiH
opinio nnd nn linrmlul drug. They
nro eiiiuilly g'Miil for tho new-born
baho or tho well grown child, and nro
a sure euro for nil tlu-ir minor ailments, Hold by till tut-dicine ilealets
or by mnil a< i& c<tils"ii lo* by
wriliiiii; Tin* Dr. WllliainN' Mediclno
Co.,  Brock .'He, Oni.
Smile aud the world smiles with you,
'-"Knock" iiml you go alone;•
Vot the cheerful - grin will let you iii
Where the knocker's never known,
* • *-
* - ,.
Geo, Millett. was at Cranbrook this
Dug. McKec was in town from the
prairies. , ,,
Mr. and Mrs. Koss, ol Hlkuiouth,
wero Kiko visitors this week,
V. Dawson, of Winnipeg, was in
town several hours thin week,
Peace hath her victories, no less renowned than wnr.—Dill Baltlcaxo.    *
Tho Vlllngc Blacksmith played tho
anvil chorus to a crowded house Sunday. .'
Charlie Waldy came up from Vcrnie to complete lho contract 011 f.he,
school house.   *        ->
Clmrlio "IC" found "It" between
the Big 0. track ami llie Elk Hotel
Saturday night, ■
1\ W, Godfrey, of Cnlgnry, was in
town Saturday selling pen nuts and
'dried plums (or ClirlHtiuns.
McKwnu, tako iu them Ocrinnn
stockings with the tansels nu, there's
a moth (lying down tlio street,
W, A, VroNt, llio Kurekn real w-
tatfl man, nnd several fnmnclcrs from
Town,' nro tusllcatliig around ICIko,
l'red Stork, ol JNtrnlo, was In town
for a few hours shaking hands with
somo of llio old timers around the
Will Tompkins, tho well-known
homo buyer, of Okotoksi wiis down
to Kiko for another carload of, polo
MIhh Ji,>.iiin..ii, ol Michel, Was down
cclobntliiig King lid ward's birilulay
with her t.ii.tcr, wliu is u.uliing
school hero,
Supt. f.inUey, ol the Great North-
rru bridge ond building department,
was In town tiylnjr to rnflle a short-
illllU   hllll,
Tlio llakcr snurVrawt factory Is nu*
ning nlghtH to fill tlie orders, Tho
Baker brand will be known all over
the Kootenay a next (all.
There will bo a plain dress rehearsal -in the Hoffman House parlors
Monday .veiling ol the Christin m
tree comedy company and plnnLiro
N, C. McKlintry, of Marysville, it*
suburb of Cranbrook, brought in 11
cnrlond of horses front Perth, six
days below Winnipeg, via the C.I'.i
U., and iiild the bunch to Koss Bro».,
of Klktnnnlh. •
1?. It, '.Cowers, win** had charge ol
tho grub wagon with the Whitcomli
hone round-dp, brought up   t-tvtra!
bunches ' of Ulko scenery and birch-
bark souvenirs.- -A   ■«•
Miss IvOVelygirl was in town «i-itH
needle arid thread offering to sew . u
bachelor buttons at toe. per dozen.
'Section Foreman Tom McCormack
is back from-Spokane. •   *
' Stanley Todhunter will :ride '.his
fall for the Blue' Star Horse * "Rai;ii"
Company, '/obacco* Plains. This ne.vs
makes "the other star broncho twisters around Elko sizzle with envy.''    "
Tarantula, Jake, of the Big • Slide
and Copper Kettle Mining Camp near
Roosville, will preach in Elko next
Sunday on the advantages tliis country- "oilers lo men who are anxious to
work for their living.
- Maccaroni' Mike'' .came into town
from Toba:.*o , Plains looking as il
held bcin ln\ into a threshing'• machine and just came over the straw
carrier taking orders for fresh eggs
and door knobs. .    -
'D., MeNish, -the superintendent ol
roads and bridges, and assistants,
are putting the automobile track in
shape for winter between R.oosville
and Elko; elso tlie toboggan slides
around the Elk river grade.
"'" A. Harby, of Sheridan, and Hnrby*
bought out Mr. vSlicridan's interest in
the Elko livery and'feed stables.,Mr.
Harby will cater'to everything ic-
nuiring first-class , horses .and rigs and
we wish-him every-success.
Mrs. M. Mclniics, of Elkmbuth, was
in Elko on her . return from Cranbrook, where' she had been royally en-
tc-rtaineil by'Iter many friends. Mrs.
Mclnnes is an old-timer in Southeast
Kootenay, r.nd a more popular lady
it would be hard to find.
.Mr.;and Mrs.''Charles Whitcomb, of
Innisfail, ' and a bunch of* wild and
woolly cowboys,     captained by Billy
1. Thomas Burke,' acting ;for,-,Presi-.    t}
dent Mitchell; and sent to -Fernie by, ---
hiin ' to I settle* "iliii st.ik.ji* 'find ^kha't
thc Crow's Nest Pass *Coal Company.'
were promised, by tlie ^Conference Com- "-*'
niitteuAwhicli framed and'signed the >'■"
agreement of May 23_d,,:_905'' '■'   - ■   ij * .
(a) That* tliere 'sliould be n'o    re-,-*V-
fusal to work with "non-union-inch.- '• *-■'
(b) That the issue of thei 'closed•'" '
shop'would not be raised. '"''"'';'   " '
- (c) That Piesideut Mitchell would'',"
not permit a strike for. any'such'pur- '',
poses. * *  *-,        ."'A
(d) That     it was .relying oiu the',. *
faith of *.hese*promises that the''dis':"'
crimination clause     in the'  previous'"
agrcemetit     was omitted    .from-,, the   "
agreement of  ihc" 23rd! of, May,'_9o$, ,. ■
I further say that President, Mitch-.T"
ell,, hud* he been advised of jtli'e aJore-"'j
said promises, would not. have] order^.'. ;
ed a strike nor sent his teU^rain dat-.V
ed Sept. nth,  1906. ,  ,.A^     ,""
. It is  therefpre agreed* between ,my-."„*.
self and Mr. iindsey,"acting for    the'"'. "
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company;,
1. That there, shall be no discrimin-.
ation by  ,  union, men  against.   non-!''"'
union men or refusa.1  to  work .,(witli   '!
llicm.      ***;     ,,' ,,    ,_    ,    ','        '*"
2. That,all     men .who   , joined 1 the
United Mine Workers' of America since
September  nth,  1906,  and signed  ta ', .
deduct dues     under -Article 5 on .grafter  that   date,   are   released  ,froir*.-
ihe said organization aiid, their   gig-    ,-
natures to such orders shall be   and    "•
are, cancelled,, and  they may    rejoin
and resign at their option.
Gurd, arrived in Elko with 350'liors-i   3. That the"monies collected for the
cs. Mrs: Whitcoiiib is a typical cow
girl,, with long boots, spurs, buckskin suit,' blacksuake quirt, riding a
horse that could turn on a ten cent
piece.' She is stated-to be one of the
most daring equestrienne uorth of
Calgary.;; The whole bunch were a
fine lot,of people, and made lots of
friends during their - short stay ■ in
Elko.   '
1 'Cliff Edwards, one of the most popular young men in the'district, left
on the. south bound train,.Saturday
night for'the Pine'.Tree logging camp
ahd sawdust factories. .* Cliff will be
aiul energy, to* win succces. He would
sell" the' shirt off his back-to -help * n
comrade in distress. Wc wish - .iiiii
every kind of success, and when*} he
gets married „■ next spring lhat Ins
children will have rich parents.
;Thc Whitcomb bunch of cowboys
loaded -up a special train of j horses*
Monday evening and were entertained
16 a swell banquet at thc Hoffman
House by Mr. and Mrs, John Molt.
Thc guests of honor were Mr. Chas,
Whitcomb, owner, of * the brand; IJM'.y
Gurd, captain of the riders^ Colorado
Sol. Plunkctt, Bitter Creek I$d„
Milk. River Otis, Texas Ben, and
Dandy Tom, and a finer bunch ol
lioys il would be hard to find, Time
and space: pi events tho, interesting
details of .■his affair being fully published in this issue, The song by
Billy Gurd, entitled "You're tho
Tnmcst Thing That Ever Happened,"
and Moody , nnd Sankey's beautiful
hymn by K, B, - Nowers, entitled
"Everybody Works hut Father," s-rr
look'■ the sour dough bannock, .he
Wliitcouib.H can depend on a royal
welcome whenever they conic lo l$!'*o
jvith' lio country rock in it. They
made fast friends while some people
would he getting acquainted.
1 . IIOTftliS.
NAPANrW-J. S. I.i-nrcnsou, II.
McGorlcy, Michel; D. McDermid, Morrissoy; Harold Nelson, Cliflord I,nne
Bruce, Win. Yale, O, A. Dayton,' Dorothy Thomas/ Mario Goodrtuu, Pearl
lice son, Geo, Wood, Victor '.ravers,,
Harold Kelson Co.; .1. K,,. Stephens,
Morrissey; T, II, Wlielnn and wife,
Wallace, Idaho; Jas, Hates, Crnnlirook; V. B. Hawthorne, Nelson, V.
A, Whitney, Agent N, Y, Minstrels.
KINO KIWAUn-J. W. Mackintosh
Crmibrook; M, It, Davis and fiiinily,
Alrilrie; An./,, Bindley, Serniiton; 1.
Hltchle, Tom Fnrrell, Toroulo; ,1.1','
Itegan, Ilosiner; G, Brown, Hniold
Kelson Co.; A, T, l'renlicc, Vnlpnr*
iso; It, A.Mohney, Three It i very, W.
1'aU-r.son, Harold Nelson Co,; A.
Campbell, Sparwood; V, Sula, Frank;
J, W, Gardner, Cowley; Geo. It tun*
sny, .las. .lolicnoii, ,1ns. Anderson,
Spnrwnnil- M, Havens nnd wife, Eureka;, W. J. Nixon, Sparwood; Fred
r..u;ii..u, I.I:.iU.!iy, A. Ci;;,;'-d'.,
Wnrdrop-, ,T. 11 Miniimi, .1 It. Mil*
elti'll, Stratheonn; Kd, .Tneobson,
l'rliijilo Co,; 0, R, Scconi, New York,
"WAIJIOWI*-'"- Mnrlc    McNaughlon,
r;     1    .. it     »?     t.     ,        Til.     ...I
, lyMl*...,., It.        *«..        I-.'.,1 >, V ., *«..-< -. ... 1
Arthur Harby, C. A. Dow, Klko; A.
G. Wiluiol, Ciuiibronk; J, A. Mclntyre, Adams, Die,; G, G. S. I.indsey,
Ftriiic; H. 0. Parker, C. It. Ward,
Cranbrook; J. Gould, N. Y.; 11. II.
Boliart, Wardner; J. I,, llnyley, New-
port; W. II. Baker, l'.lko; G: G. Jewell, JalTray; A- A. Wilson, Pueblo,
Col.; J. Lynch, Homnrr; C. V. Gorman Havre; Y. It, Mon In, Cranbrook; V. H. lluinhani, C.iand Fork;.;
W. C. WilkM, S|M>kanr; C. A. Itar-
viy, Xlctorio; W. J. Hen/cll, Cal-
gsty, A. C. Wyalande, Spokane; 11.
l,nncrnn«, Crow's Nrnt; AmWrw \mb\*
law, S|Kikaiie; J. C. Ktllar, A. ft.
Thoiiias, Almlra; il. V, Goiey, Waldo; W. J. Smith, G»t«w*y,
Union-by'.the .Company for dues;. in
October from the September . pay-roll
shall be paid oyer.to .the Union,.  '
'4.,That   inasmuch,,.as    the   present,"
check-off order does/not last for the
life of the agreement,  a. new    checkoff, order is, to be prepared ,and,,sub-,
milted for it which will last for the ,
life of the agreement, and,this, when
signed, the Company will accept.
5- All men to.go back toNvork.  , \
,    (Signed)   . G^G. S.JJNDSEYi   ;
:  - -     " -THOMAS  BURKE.. '
Dated Fernie, November 12th,  1906.
Witness: R. V/. Coulthard. .-.-. !-0
'.iii -J
Dr. .Williams' Pink Pills Cure Obslitv*--'
ate Indigesiion After. Other. Med- "
:     iciucs Faii.
• "When I was first troubled,willi,'in-,'
digestion I did not bother with, it; i' ,
thought it wouUbpass away naturally.1 \
But instead of doing so it developed
into 0, painful chronic ntlcction, whicl.
in spite of all I did grew worse^ and.
worse until 1 had abandoned„alUiopcs .
ol ever getting rePef."   These vyor'd,s°.
of, Mrs.  I has.  McKay,  of  Norwood,
N.S., should serve as a .warning   to ;
all who, suffer  .distress after meals, '
with palpitation, drowsiness and,loss'
of appetite—early  warning  of    moro
serloiiB trouble to follow.
; "I .used to rise in,, theiiiorniug,"
»aid Mrs. McKay,  "feeling' no better
for   a night's rest.      I rapidly lost
tlcsh, aiul niter even the uiost frugal ''
meal I nlw.iys sullercd severe pains iu
my stomach.   I cut my meals   down'
to a iew uiotithfuls,   but even , illicit
every morsel    of food caused agony..
Iny digestion wns     so weak.     Some ,
Hays I could,    scarcely drag    niyselt
about the I1011. e, and I was never free
from sharp picicing pains in the, back
jiiul chest,   I grew so had tliat I,had,'
;io limit my diet to milk : aud   soda
water,  and  even  this  caused    severe
ufleriiig.      In  vniit I sought, rclief-y
ill medicines I look seemed   useless.,
Itut in thu darkest hour of my   suf-'
■ ering  help  come.   I   came across . a
jure that wus quite  similar to    my
own cane, v iou-jlit by the me of  Dr.
Williams'  J'luk  Tills.   1  thought    if
mother     ix'rsoit had been cured   by
.lust* pills ot Hiiih siillering* 111 I was
'Xpcriinciiig, Miiely tliere    wus hope
i'or mo, ..nd I at once sent   to   the
liuggiiit (or a supply of tlivsu pills.
I'lie   fust     iiidirutliiii that tlir' pills
,vere     luinliig     1110     wus tho    di*-
ippcnrnnce of        the       fc.iing
if oppressioii, Thru I brgun in <••<■
■olid food with but little fei-lilig ol
'.Istnss. I 1'111 cou'tiiiuid \.ii\.<n I'.e =*
lills wilh an in pi'tivrtnrnl every day,
llilii I *ould digest ull kind1' ol food
without the lenst trouble or iliHtres-i,
I am in ipliudid health today, and ,
ill the -;re,lit is due to Dr. Willininn'
Pink I-IIU."
Dr. Williams' Pink .Hilts go tight to
(he root ilf lndi*-i-htioii and other
tHuili1i>« bv mckin.' rlrh n*d blond,
which tones niul strent'lliriis every
orgnn ol the bf-dv. Thnt is why lh«y
cure oiia.niin, with oil its heiiilnehes,
mil backaches and fcidi.iilus, 1 he uni a-
iImii and iieurulgia and the special
iitlments ol v'rowtng girls and women
of nil ogrs. Sold by all tncduini
dealers or by mail at 50 cents it bnx
or six l-oxes for .a.so, by writing
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockvilte, Out.
I'oiirth Vice-l'ttsiilent W. I'. Ken*
n«*y, of the (heal Northern; S. O.
Verve*, As«t»tant General PaHH.rit*_r
Agent, of Srnttle; W. C. WlVit*^
Gtmral Travelling Punuiigrr Agrht,,
SpUhr; V. II. llimiliuiti, DUliiit
Freight and Pus'-eiigtr Agent, Grand
Porkt, and II- M. Adam*, AniiaUnt
Yrnllic tnnti^sw, (A HtnlUe, ««tnt« iu
tn the cily over the Great Northern
fn a iptrliil mr l<iit Saturday and
1 p<t*,t the &*y in th* city*
-__   -'
,9" ■
."■' ,.Vlf^*'ii-*t'*-Jl!«"  '   !-'"''   •    "" "y- -">^"-SS^.\%r s   -' v.-,-1*'
 ~-*---.c.9'-'- -»■>*".- J-*.-^-.^.*—-.-^.v—
*   '..'- j '    •,•'■"-'-. ,V*. ... --•-,.-        '   •• *- ..-;.*.7>7'^     .       *   -" - •■  -     "-       -, **'-."-■."*  .  -3°-.j'v^'k,. ,-.-■-*.-.. -        --
-*    ' *,  - *-   ;,--". ■-.*-, "    ' 4        '■,'4i:*'- '.       \    ,-,-.-     , \ -,-      ■'..,'■    : 4*-    .  .--" -~  •cr.-s1-.-,*— ->o '   -.,
'•"- H
~";:7'-*-tj:.vanCB. ~ A" * - -,--; * --. -
-."?'■" "■       •    r*.
Issued" eve*ry" Wednesday -.from- the o'f-
\  fice~6I ^publication j. 7. Tpdd , Block,
"Visions Ave., fernie, British Columbia,    t '.iJKs^'-fy.iUits  '",;i
"D.  V.  MOTT * _ "  - -   •*-,'       Editor
G. ~G.'-*~M6IKI«E-**   •*- Manager
«.. —    mil  ■ ii    jmi.  iii.i   ■■    , .—«■ —    -■     - ■-   mum (-M
A. large' and enthusiastic meeting,of
the :jtijner,s,- intcispcrced with a number -of nthe business men of the town,
. and.a- few. ladiis, filled .Stork's Hall
- 'il      - v.* *       -
.to the doors, and the, temper, of   that
4      --4        -iy -?i
cf British Columbia, or to'any*vman
he may -.elect,--only* stipulating Hhat
no miner   ■it': mine"''operator "or judge
cr ^cliief justice Jje. appointed.-    '
This" Mr.«I.indsey -refused to accept,
and most"" unfortunately for all parties the negotiations * so-fa'r«have"f ailed'to bring, about a'resumption of
work and industrial peace in the com-,
nihility.     • * ■ '•  ,»      ,,-■•'        .    ".*
Mr. Ijindisey. says .that certain prom-;
-ises had aeen '7 made to him by qur*
lep'rescntalivc - that- in - case-certain
things' were loft out,of -the. agreement
that the United-Mine.,Workers* would
'not'.-'refuse to'work -with; non-union
men, and •* that President Mitchell
would not call a strike for thc purpose of.enforcing the closed.shop. -,
-., Arid he turthcr says that Mr. Shcr-
man'and  Mr., Biggs  have   • admitted
j>reat crowd was unmistakable.
The meeting was called'to order at'these    -things    lobe true.   He    has
2.20 by Chairman"Moore, president of
the "local union,' and  there were1  on
the platform    ' International    ' Board
Members Burke, Sharp and PaAterson,
and-.-Secretary Biggs. .. ,.",
Chairman Moore spent no time, addressing ihe meeting, but went direct;
ly to the business for which it 'had
, .     a. , . ...
been called by introducing Mr. Thos.
Burke, ot Springfield, Illinois, who
has been the 'Dean** of »the- delegation
which > has - been endeavoring' to bring
about a satisfactory''; settlement of
thc dispute between thc management
and the United Mine-Workers to . set-
the 'mines' going" again as soon as
possible. •/'- ': "' '*! -< *  '   *- *'    ■
-  Mr. Burke was     greeted- by hearty
applause; by' the large audience    arid
'had-not besn on his feet'ten minutes
before ■ he -had the respect and confi-.
dence of his hearers iu a most re-'
inarkabic degree.' • He said in part:
, "Mr. Chairman Ladies and Gentle-,
men;-  •      -.   •-'-
' Always -hen meetings of this character are e.illed,'it is evidence that
there is something wrong, and I can
assure you ihat it is one of my   un-
, pleasant "lutics to have to* be a party
.to such meetings.   But-someone must
acf'at such times.        "-'   '■'•'
' ,,,-Jri May,   1903,  there was an agrec-
, tnent entered into between the Crow's
' Nest Pass - Coal-Company!" limited,
and the*1 Uni ted Mine-Workers of,Am-
-erica, which ought to have remained
in force until March 31st, 1907, .but
in September last, some misunderstanding --rose as" to the meaning of
- Article '5,' known     as the   " check-off
* clause,   which ' misunderstanding caus;
,   td the mines to be shut down.   '
I,  with my: colleague, Mr.    Sharp,
have been "engaged for six or    seven
days in     nti endeavor     to-so adjust
these misunderstandings as to   allow
A_ of_the_wor_k_JjcinpAtesi____-L__Jn_t   so
shown-,ine what purports,to be a verbatim" report -of these conversations
to* substantiate his statements, and
he. says every word is correct, and
lhat-our delegates say he is correct,
but, gentl.men," our delegates don't
say that Mr. I.indsey's report is correct. They say there-were qualifications to those stnteincnts which ,do
not appear in,that .verbatim report
made out '. y Mr. I.indscy's own employee!
Tkat there were qualifications to
those statements which do not appear
iu that report, they further state
lhat no,one "got nny .statement of the
proceedings.-,of the conference which
led up to Alie adoption of thc agreement as it stands after the first .three
day's sessions. It is easy to omit statements which qualify a promise and
thus'change thc •meaning of the whole
proceedings. ..This the miners say has
been done, and whether or not this is
true they are-,willing to leave .to the
decision of a. fair-and impartial-board
of arbitration, go to work and abide
the result. Or,., we are willing to
leave the decision' in thc hands- of thc
premier of thc province, or to . any
one'he may select.-, '
.We'may be wiong,* but ,we will not
admit we ere wrong1.before wc" are
proven,to be so. ...
I am willinc to submit to any fair
arbitration the,, whole' matter and
will make auy concession consistent
with honor. I don't like strikes and
strife and war, but I will not - lay
down my manhood , and submit , to
dishonorable coi.ditions. 1
' jl am sorry, Mr. Chairman, to learn
of the actions of some of our members since this trouble commenced.
' {Gentlemen, if you were engaged in
a, conflict with another country, nol
one of you here today would refuse to
defend her if you were, called on    to
* --*. _-    **        -*     ■        ■    s*.
his' hearers, that'-he^. \vas> fully"competent;-, to ..look after' \tliose interests
without*.es'orting -ta' riietho ds**'n"eneatli
the dignity of even college-bred   gen-
tlemen-. - -f"  """ * .-A"     -
Mr. Sharpe' thent spokeMfor I a. '-very*
few moments," as*- follow.;:.,, i.... „ r.A.'C
Mr.  Cliair-nan,  Ladies.and Genlle-
• «■**  *-.     . r- ~ • rt-v-'^v "*■--»•-%•""'**.>'''
men:>; !,; ., .,.g* .^ | -;r '* £-/*.,
MyicolUvguc^lias,gene into the .details of'the' conferences - ""held during
the past week "with the Company, aisJ
has expla*ned the-propositions   made
to then..   There are two things,, how-
- * -1     --*    -    * ■   , " -.
ever"- to? which S I,.wisliita*"<ca],U y6urt
attention. -      * - *- *
First, on 'he'29th of September ran.
r-.tt.f .     I t
order. was . signed by tlie District'Tres-'
ident, calling off all the men at Coal
Creek, except firemen, pumpers,*'. ;fah!
men and engineers.. On the very same
day an order was issued by the Company to the .eficct that tlie pumps be
brought up thc slope 500 feet, ' and
that the fans be stopped, thus allowing the mines' to fill" with' water.
Does that look like tlie company
wanted an early settlement of"' the
trouble, or that wc wanted to'destroy
property? ", ' -     'i -
*.*■   , „        H!   - -     '     "■•'A -'-'""-' 1     -'      ' - ■   "      --'--'..A-
Blundell"moved-that,a votioY thankH. must 'he accompaniedr^by  a .1
be Rendered Mr.ffpu'rke   by-the* audi'-'* chettJue for 5 per cent, ^of ,the s
tnce. The!?taotiori- was seconded'-..and
unanimously; cairied, and' the meeting
which" was""goo'd'. humored "and"'eh thus-'
iastje.- was? adjciinicil.,', .'.""'.' »' ---'\
*r Mr,..Burke has ..done,a great ..deal" to
.bring" about a" correct understanding
of tlic.silu.iliori, "and to~"brjrig'   home
^i  , Vs.** > -, -   * , -   °   ,_     i
tjj the mind,, of.the public the* fact
'that llife* miner's tire^willing to'suliniit
their caee" to 'any fair tribunal',,-upon
the broadest.'liues, and submitito,its
decision's.       .     ■**    .  .    '* *    , '   .-■£■**
-. * .   -     1*   -**. * ■ -
J *"A'hrice' drme^P'is'*-. lie £ whose    cause'
is just."- • A ,'     '•,:,-.'■""
.far, I am very sorry to say,*we'have
failed to do so. ,"
" We are anxious to * get the ' mines-
working again for'-many reasons.
' First, because we know that thc
continuation of the' strike or lock-out
or' whatever \ou* may please to'call
it, means f.iv.i rial loss to the business'people'of I'ernie];.   '"•" 7
Second, because it means stagnation
- und loss' to 1 llier industries depending
upon the -'.--.duct of the labor engaged
in these mines,, and because of the
loss to the stockholders wltos have
placed their money in the shares'- ol
this great company, and lastly, because it means loss and privation to
our own '-icople.' '.,•*■
Well, after these days of .sincere desire to arrive ar.' some evolution of
this ilifiiculty, nnd after having made
oilers'to Submit our case to an imparting board of arbitration, to be
acted upon in the broadest possible,
way, wc' find ourselves just where wc
Gentlemen, I unfortunately am not
the possessor ot a college education,
but I have thirty year's experience ns
a miner, .ind am possessed ol a practical miner's education, nnd I don't
need to bo told what are the rights
ol a miner.
Alter several days of conversation,
we made Mri I.indsey this proposition
'•You pay over to the union the monies you have collected for the, checkoff, nnd which belongs to lite union
nnd we will put the men back to
work and lmve Hit interpretation of
the check-oil clause to a .board oi lair
arbitration, two to be chosen by you,
two by us, .Mid they four to choose
i> fifth titan,"
Mr. I.indsey objected to this, nnd
ob "a substitute for il mad* this most
remarkable nfler.
, "H you will admit tlmt you were
wrong in raining the closed simp Issue, atid that ynu did wrong iu railing out the imn, niul that Mr, Mitchell would never have done no had he
been properly Informed, nud II you
will umlert ike to put tiling hack m
tlej wett 1,1'Ioro the telegram wns
vent, ro thnt whatever advantage has
been guiurd (or lhe closed shop since
that time may be counteracted, nnd
endeavor to make repnrntlon In the
Uluipe »| indemnity toi diiiuiiRC mis*
tallied by the company, I would feel
disposed (remember, he didn't nay he
WOUld  IIU  UU,   iiul   UMl   lie   vtouiii ii*..
«.j-.f.\«t-.}}. i't W lo Dji uji5i.1I -non
Us cillttt'-d for il btitl belonging to
ll, and he would feel disposed to let
the men gn hack to work, nnd he
would (eel dihposcd to Ut tlte ques*
t^t* *..» »i!k»iw.sw i ur;tt..*; .-;.—''"' '"
itop dues I'om wages, in accordance
with Article 5 of this agreement is legally binding (or the life of the agreement or not tn it supreme judge o*-
the Chief Jutllce ot BrltiMi Columbia
for 4 legal opinion without argument.
That is iu »ay, we wire to at-know-
Ii-ilft ■»» wm -wrong in everything,
atid then inhmiit to « Judgment ret**
dered upon such ailml»»lon*.
A* a last *\y{**,, we Milnnittcd an-
nther proportion nl this n-tlure'.
"?o ae.-ld thc open or ctoM-d sluip
iuiit, wa *ill allow every man «ho
titfiti that tgretweat, t*» tsnt*A UU
»lfnnt«re, u*A then, atter tho-u- wtto
wi»h to ruij-,n had done no, we wlll
fo to vntb *tmA v*\mit (h* ,<|»R»tio«
<A the che:k-t>8 «l_ai* lo the Vrrmitr
•lo so. If. j outdid" you are nol good"
;ili/.cus, and it would make little dif-,
ference to your people whether' people
spid you w-'re right or wrong..
'•Not one of you would desert your
mnks and step on the side of- the
enemy. T.any one. did so, what
would he he opinion oi such a man
or any number of such men?
I Gentlemen, do not forget that while
there may be diflcrcnccs of. opinion in
.iur own '.inks as to the' right and
thc wrong r>f llris question, that we
Ire not alone iu such. troubles. The
stockholders-' of thc Coal Company.
iiavc also their troubles nud disccn-
•jions. They,4, too, have troubles-of
their own.*.    ' * , ■
j Gentlemen, the enemy will use you
js long ns >ou arc useful to them,
!)Ut the time ' will come when you
have outlived your usefulness and you
kill be cast usidei aud the linger ol
icorn * will be pointed at you from
Ivory hiind, and those who have used
t/ou.for their own purposes will say—
\ hum not true to himself, not Initio his fellow man, can not be true
lo us.
Ginllenicn,   strikes arc bad things,
.tot alone vo the miner and his  fnm-
ly, but to nil, to every business man
ihut comes within       its jurisdiction.
', There    never was    a strike which
fasted nny length ol time but   that
uuny good men made sacrificed, min
rs    and busiucHS    men, and if this
arike continues., gentlemen, it won't
'!>e any exception to thc rule oi strikes
JGeiitleiuen,    Mr,   Sharpe,   my     col
'league, ind I nre here and are    willing     to do anything liotKU-able, to
'bring about n peaceful settlement ol
(ihe existing trouble thai business may
j.-e nstored to the condition prevail
1 ut; before   he trouble hejian,
i  It  wu. my  earnest hope when  on
,uiy way ',0 I'crnio    from the   east,
hat I would he ,ublc to effect a  set-
luiiint nntisfiietory to ull, but I did
ml think I would be met liy a   pro-
loniliiiii   'Imt   i| I ugreed   to   every
-oiiUnlloii i.i Mr   Mmlt-cy,   thai   hi
A'us rfghl nnd thin siilnnll lho skcl*
■ton of whal wns lell of the conlm-
vrsy to .trhitMlion,  Gmtknun, just
hi'nk ol -iiuh a proposition   coining
rom u giii'.l.iiuiii such ns  Mr.   l.iiut*
I wait not nworo thnt 11 freshman
iiiih ns T .nu should bo looked upon
is so insignificant as to acknowledge
'....'.     ,.. . u v:. '.„ ..:. 1     ••!'-'■". •>*■'•'
Gi'iitUmeii, In closing, I wish tf
-nil your nttetilioii to the (act that
v'ou are .'ill/ens ol Vcrnie and ol
Hrltl-.lt Columbia, nnd I ulncerely
l.i.jip il.tt iliiitiuT i\it> trnublc von
lou't forget that there is no govern*
ntnl, that witl allow the law to bt
•roVeii und Muiid idly by, Nor wit',
'.he iiigaiil/Hion of which you on
tni tubers tolerate Ior one moment any
Mich actions, (or peace and justice it
^hiit •*? li-slr. ainl i*xj*»tl lu Ia Wv
orably dealt nut to us.
Mr, Burke held thi* ili>*<* ulUuUi.r
ol his audience from Mart to finish,
and wa« fn^ofnttv appUmlMl most*
Thoucli not nn e<Incat«I man, an
that (enn is generally iuc«l, he al
i.iw* |.tus.k.il kiuvwtU Uv lnt i. man nf
great mintat alillty, a thorough gen
th mini J.y nature, and thoronghly
alive to •bf great Inteffit entraMe*'
tn hi* care,    aad he (ally ...nviiwed
- Docs It not look more as'
there might be a..stock' jctbbing ' pro;
position somewhere?        ,''''
We have i.lways, as a trades union,
stood for the protection''of property,
and opposed 16 the' destruction of it."
Secondly, while' wc were in conference with Manager I.indsey'in his "office honestly endeavoring to ' adjust'
these difier-nces, 'putting '' aside " all'-
personal feeling," and making - every
reasonable effort to ' get ' together',
there were otders going'out of that
•ame.oflicc and through 'the courts issuing ejectment' notices' to'* our people at" Coal Creek.    .'
In all our deulings'-witlr coal" companies, * I licver' Isnew -of 'such treachery.   '       '   ,'''     ' ' '   '
We are willing, at any 'reasonable
cost, to avoid strikes. " We are ' ti
peaceful organization.'' Our principles'*
are "for conciliation and "''arbitration'.
But. while wc are lovers "of peace, we
know Iidw to "conduct war, aiid it
looks too much like war now:  A'1'
Let me "say, with my friend' Burke."
continue to' conduct yourselves' in the
future as vou ifav'c "done iii the-past
six or seven weeks,-'and you will merit the respect of this community^ '*'
"I have been told-by "one* in" authority, that il.erc has' been less police
court work since thc strike • has been
on than at liny other time in the his--'
tory of Fernie. This speaks well-for"
the strikers.   '■-''> -      *,..-.,,-.
.;District President'Slicnnan "then addressed'the meeting briefly. HeAsaid
in part: '   "' '     ,    "A \,  "" 7
men:   ' ''       •■-*•' '."A'
After the addi'c'ssesJof bur two National Board , Members from' abroad,
there is not much left for'taic to talk
about. However, I wish to say that
any man .11 my'position'will-'receive
abuse,' especially if'-he undertakes to
do his duly, and that' I shall; do to
the best'. f 'my ability.   *'      '   '    .
People outside ol oiir organization
seem to have got thc idea into^thcir
heads that I, in niy position, can call*
a strike lontrnry" to the will of the
union, Such is not the case, I'am
powerless to do siicli a thing,''aii'd before it can, be' done,; a vote 'to'tlmt
eflcct has to, be taken. .Sp.long^asl
am delegated to "do certain work*and
to fill certain positions, I shall do
that work aiid hold those positions,
But whenever the union voles to ask
nie to quit you will fliid menu active
Now, ns tb those promises and
statements' which Mr'. I.indsey talks
about, I wish lb repent that those
promises, whnlevcr they were, were
given upon cert nin conditions, and wo
as uneducated miners trusted to Mr,
Lindsey's I mor to draw up that
check-oil clause so as lo bring, about
the object tor which wc had openly
contended, nnd wc got left;*,
If Mr, I.indsey is afraid to submit
the matter lo au impartial board ,of
arbitration, it looks ns though ho
had a weak cause to present.
It is gciurally conceded that when
a dispute nrl'its between two parlies,
the one with the weaker case is
avers, to arbitialiou,
After Mr, Sherman's speech, which
was applauded, Mr. Thos. llcggs wnti
called upon, and made a few rem arks
to the members, wishing them not to
believe every rumor' they heard upon
the street cr nil lliey read in the
There wan a l'rco Press i.i town and
some things published iu Hint paper
were true a'ld some tilings wcro uol
There In a I.ulgcr lu town, and it
kOinctinu-s «oid things thnt nrc not
There Is duo a Dully Xews publish-
.i\ nl Ni Iniiii which published stuff
lent to ll uy Crow's Nesl employees
.vlilcli wns untrue nnd unfair. He
wns willing 1.11 support one paper but
did not cure to mime il, but   would
-"... \\.nl 'I ..".« «n,t |1,n tt\.t,f, Vrm*«!
or lhe Bally N.w*
This little sally made the l>dgcr
Kid, who vhm sitting well to the
(rout, feel like pulling his Night Cap
clone down f»ver his eyes to hide hts
Mr. Digg.'i wimcd his fi lends in the
mion ugaii-wt the alluring light ol a
'Will O'The .WNp,-- which wns   mire
to lend 'hem inlo the tnlr«-| of   the
•dough ol despond.
After a nil by the chairman (or
■luatiu-u to U a„k«d the n-eatt^mcn
uho hnd addrttued tlw meeting, and
two in Uticij uie 11 IuJ uAui nucsttuus
is to how many union men had tteco
at itotV before and sine* the »trik.,
-rod whlrh v*rre ntiswired by Hetrrlary
"HggKf Mr. Pftttfinwi toss and rt-
murifil llat *ji mUms of ilist wA^rt.
honT.f hi* nt*>in-i*n'if fit fin* rlottA
mtttiags ol \be order, th« chairman
iiUMiiinttd tlm the meeting would h«
•leclartd wljriorred.
tktoti tins wa. <fo««, however, Mr.
.*.,.,.„•.  1 ' " My wife took La Grippe when she waa
tliougJt lJn oftawa/'saya R. N. Dafoe ofNorthfield
.>- of tk GRIPPE
QueBec Man tells how the Great Con-
'. sumptive Preventative was .
'     an alt-round Benefit
. marked'
Datod'at Feinie',', Briti.*-_i Columbia,
this'. 27th day of October,; 1906.- * . '
..'[A""';* '.i   - AT.BERT MUTZ,
.'.'..yi.-i;-,.'       ..  y. [^y.iyPiesiAent.  '*
-V"   " ,: C:. JOHN B " SMIIHV.
'*'    *" V'-;A       '       •.V''Sec:'-lvreas.A
■    '-".'*■. -*, - *v>  •,*•' -n-:.'
- Eckstein & Gray::
-■"*     -   ,"    , -r; "5- ■ < ■.**.,  _     4'
Koomg 1!_ 3, Her.dersor. block'. Femlo, B- C.
Fi.jC.;.LatD_0 \
1 Block,-
Farm, Que., in an Interview. " Sho got a
bottlo of Psychine and after using* it for a
few days she was quite well. I took a cold
nnd am using it and am getting all right.
I think Psychine is one of the best tonics
on thc market to-day." £1  - A     .
.' There you have tho whole matter in a
nutshell. La Grippe and colds arc among
the forerunners oi consumption.
This man had one, his wife had tho other.
Psychine not only cured both but it built.
ttiem up so-lhat their bodies are strong
enough tb resist disease. All seeds of
consumption arc killed by '
(Proomwacd Si-V.Mii)
50c. Per Bottle
Lftrf or alias Si anti 42—all drucrglota,'
IR. T, A. SLOCUM, Limited. Toronto.
..ft*;: .*;"fj»
,  y'Yiy"&tiei:\Y-
4 Nest    Traditg   Co',
' Fernie, .B.. C.
W.ll. ROSS, K.O.    '       .   J. 8.' T. ALRXAOTTJt
'    Ross & Alexander, ;
• *■       1. *
1  1  .      '        •■ t     '
onjce^ln L. T. W. Illook, Vlc'torls Avenue.'
ji.BarlbeiYL'.D.s., d.d.sm
W    Block,   opposite the  Bank
Ofllce liours—8 A.m. to 8 p.m.
VV.'J. .Wriglesworth,.?.'D,'S.
'     ,       -   ID3_!3**TTIST,
Offick Houhei-      s -Joto 12 si. mi 1 to* S p. rn
'■ c.so to. v.m. '- -.-*
'    Offino in Alex.lt. ok'sllionk  -.
■'•''.', i>« "'   -     *' "*
-.   ■   '    "11     A     - -"      ■'■.   .
»      CAU/AND SEE '
Davey i8c Laderoute^
' '.-"   ''   A*;,G00I) WAY. "'-A-.-'" '..-■ * .*, '
to'please-careful "*'housekeepers is to-s     •
give ."hon.st . wolghi;   Oh,   -we don't" :'
say .tint,,.; all-iiu'U'hcrs   tloii't do, tliis-','.,"" '.
but * wo* cannot    lv_lp- 'occassionaJly'**,-
ovcrh'.arlntr' - our lady   ■' friends'.when." ,'
tliey get to' telling- their experiences".'" ,' ,v
y    '} ANOTHER* GOOD   WAY f .-'" °     \
to please is,to 'supply .only'.- the'-test .*  .
moat.  -If you'-trade" with us'.you-Avill.''^
learn "just   what we nicau:, bv tlicsc   • .~!
two-'Avays".   QUALITY and-"QUAN- -
TlTY'will lie a-Htllc more than you
expec't.     .     -7"   - o -        , ,      _*
Calgary/Cattle C 6
—— i
over Slinn'g Uftltory.
\    . r   MtNIN&KKGUIiATIONS.
' Coal.—Coal land, rnuy l.o purchnson ftt flO
par ncu-o for 10ft conl uud iti for iiiitliruoite.
Not nit.ro than 320 ncres can Uo aoquircl hy
one individiuit or conip.inv, Royalty ,at tlie
Tiibo of .cn ccnls jier ton of 2,00. pound*! clmll
bo collect.d on thu gross output. -
■ Quart*—Afreo niinet'B ocrMfleatu Ib granted
upon payment in advance of M per annum for
aii iiiui-vidual, and from £50 to blOO ix*r annum
tor a company according to capital.       ,[*
'A freo minor, liaving dincovcvcd mineral in
place,limy Ucato n cluim 1,500 x 1,5C|) feet.
Tho feo for recording a cluim in J6.,
•- At least }100 mutt bo oxpeiuledou tlio claim
edcli.votirsr pai'l to the mining recorder iu
-j_u.-thcJCQf.^_\Vhon ■!i"0 liagjiecn expended or
paid, tlio locator muy, upon lir.ving a sui-vey
mnde, Mini upon complying ivitli otlior .ta-
quirymoiits,purchu!» tbo land at 41 an -acre.
llie patent "provides for tbo pn^-mont of a
royalty of IJ per cent ou the salon.
' <Pi.acermining claims gonetally uro 100 feet
square; entry foe t.1 renown, lo yearly,
A freo miner may obtain two leases to
dredge for gold of Ilvo niilcucncb Jora term of
twenty vufti., renewable at tlio dlb.rutlon of
bo Minister of tl.e Interior, > .
: iTlie lessee .liollbaveadrcdgoin operation
wltliin ono season from tlie duto of the leaso
for each Ave mllon, Rental iV) par annum for
each, mile of,river leased. Iloyiilty at tha
intu of ■!'• per cent collected ou the output aftor it o.u-o.d.) yl(),000.
.* W. W. CORBY,
.   Deputy Minister of the,.Interior.
N,  B.4*—Urttiithi^tiieit jJn^ilidatlioin, oi
thin advertisement will not he. liaid
SIXTY ilayn aftor date I tntanil (o apply to
. llio Hoimrahlo Chief OommiHiitonoi.* of
I.11111I11 nml worliH, Victoria,to purolinso the
ful lowing d.Morlliod land:
; Coinmonniiig at i\ postmnThoil J,n.l!.Voinn<.
lleld's 'iuul! tlii'ii.'u BO -liiiinii north: thenno 8'J
eii ul HH eiut; Hieiico m vluiins south; thenoe 80
rluiint worn to, tho lwint of commoncomont,
the whol- eontninluK (H'J nures.
„ ._    , J.R.EDMUNPSON,
8«pt. Mh 1000 fiiiciitor.'
SIXTY days utter d«t» Iintnnd lo apply to
„ .tha Honour*!*)!- Chief Oonimlimloiior of
Land* an_ Worlm.Ytotortii, to piuchftHO tho
followliieduhuillicit Inndi
I'oimmQ-n.'liiir nt RiiostmarltodH.K. Oliver'»
liiiidi tlxnco HO chnlns uortli; tlience Do olniim
vrtiti thenee no olmlns south; tlienre no clminu
emt lo tlit jMiliit of conimuiKomont, tho *a liolo
containing lUOnoroii,
Btpt.'Mh lIKXi
SlXTYdayHRftor dafa I Inteinl to apply to
tlm Honourable  Chief Commi.nlonor of
J.Kndi nnii Worloi, Vlotorla. to iiuroliuno thu
Rfollowing iloiiorlliud laiuh luRIk Rivnr vnlloy
Comiiibneing nt a pout, marked John ll.
rfttt'i north-oatt oornor, •utJolnliiK .John Jl.
OlilfJolil'* IhiiiIi thonce hKliiilimnoutli theucs
mc haliiuwoit; tlunce W elm iim nortii; thonce
do olialiu cut to tlie point of eomnmnoomont
thu ivJioleuontftlnliiiiMniuitOh.
Kept, Mh WO-
Johu I). I'rntt, Locator.
ti. ii, Oliver, Aijeiit
(SIXTY itayi atlcrilatiil iiitemlto npply lo
p tho JlniipuiAhla Oil lnt Uoituriln'.ioiior of
Jiaiiit.aiut Works,Vliitmliitlu purelmsii tha
foll-iwiiiB d**>ortlietl lumU iu Kill JIWnr valli-y;
.('(iiiunaiii.tna *t n iiimt iimrl.nd Jolm 11^ 111,1.
field's norlli-woitcoriiir tu J, Jt.MuDoniilil'a
laud, itieiii'el'Ueliiiliui-.oiilIu thuneoKliiliultii
•Krt;tlieiii*»HiM'liiilii«iio--tliitlinncu to <\hniiis
wsst. to (ha iinlnt or ciimiiiniiceinanii, (ha
wluilouuiitalmnii iho iicrts.
John H.OMItelil, Locator,
Hwpl.Mli.lWiO —it
THIim* dav* ofter date I i.tciul
to aj)|>l,v to thc Clti.( C«mni<M«lnnar
ol I.mida nud Works, VU'torla, It. C,
for a upt-clnl license to cut mul enrry
nw«y tliulicf from thu following de-
Kcrl1x>d Intnl.. :
Coiniticiicinif nt n pout plnnted nt
the N, \V. corner ot I,ot 358,   thence
.    •,      rt   ,.       ,    . i, ,
, ......mn   .,   , .j,   m^x.j,   b,.».,,.    ,.   .'.",'_
rlKitni. ihetirp' \\' Ho ilmlm, ttn-iirt. \*
10 chains, tlunce W ^5 ih-tini, theuce
H 45 (hains to point ol cointmncc.
TM!....,,..y     ,,n,   n^nt     .rtr.fi in
w -       S '
T10d.ru u',11 lie recclvc.l by Uio
Port Steele Jlr.winjr Co., Uiniteil, up
In th« Ifllh day of lX'f.iiit_:r, lOofi,
tor nil nran.-li-n of work m-nlr-il tit-
tlii^recih* r.f <m ujvto-datc Fire-1
proof Ilrew.ry, with a cnparlty of
alxwt 30,.**. l«rnl* J»er ytst, fitiild-
ittft to 1* {..mp,jn,*d ,,{ uuk and iron,
wtlh NM'it fotmdttlAii 4«4 Hon; J
Tk tow.xt or any ttmUr Hot Ui'ei"
Mttlly accrpUiI. riaiw nnd *p.clfirn-
tir_t*t can l# M*fi nn nppUc*tir« at
Xb*   Ctt»p*»j'_   offiu.    All   uttAti*
FERNIE,        -"
' A r      DOMINION '     ;
Office*:   L.T.W. Block      *
Fernie-; British Columbia
A. McCartney
p. 0. nox 260 -   '        ';'»-.
", Fornic, B. O.
FERNIE     :-
Is a pleasant home %
~ for the, traveler.
M. Ket-r &Co.
Contractors and Builders
,   Plans,"Specifications and Estimates furnished on application.
f.3      Plenty  ot  GOOD  DRY -LTJM-
'    *" -* T . T  *
'•I    BER ON HAND.   * , *
?•'       .',   /a. A. KERR, ,'
,,   Architect     and Superintendent   .,
Ofllce at Residence,
WlKBR ST..     -    -    FERNIE, B.C
I^rge slock of Home Grow* Fruit
hnd  Ornamental Trees. '
Ilcndqunrtcrs     Ior     Pacific   Const
Grown   Garden,   Field     nud Flower
Siiods in season,n
Greenhouse lMaiUo, Cut Flowers.   '
Calnloguc Free,
*    M. iT. HENRT,
3010 Westminster Rond,
.Vancouver, Tl. C,
SIXTY lUystittordjitni Intnn-l to Apl'ly to
tho •llonomhlo Ohlof Commlimioiior of
Lrinitiianit Worlw, Vlotorla. to nmnhnjo tho
followiiiR il«>rrili..l lon.l In Klk Hlvor Vulloy.
Oomnuinolim at a pout nuirliuil N.K. O'n north
cunt ootnur, tlum«o N) ehttin* south to H, K,
OIlrtir'H appllimtlnn to iitiri'liami 1 thonoo Hit
.'linttiM\v«kt-,tliouuuHi) ofiutnn nortii 1 thuneo
Hu ohaliiH onut. tn point of oonnnunconumt,
tlio wholo .'ont-iluliiK mn iicron.
N. JO Ollvo*., Locntor
_   »     .   . * ».K. Olivur, A«cuit , •
Bopt, Mil JOfltl
0 Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
.4-    '" _ .'.—-
WINE   GO., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers an'J Direct ImporC
['-.     ,   ters of    , v ,. 1, • ,   "
Crow's Nest;
Eteic Supply Store
AM  kinds   of. Electrical.
Goods;kept in stock.
All "work;.-
John Turner;
,   scotch and
'"[ irish .whiskey;,'
london dry >
"   - -OLD'TOM "... .
' . TOMMERY   *     '' -     * y
1 *  champagne'
„   , schijtz beer,
•.,-'" ale'"and stout,
' a burmeister   -. '"
, white and red fort
,    and white rock,, '
Sole Agents in Canada for
Win'dm)-     Tonic,      Jag    Destroyer.
General Merchant
and Dealer in Wines,
, Liquors and ^Cigars,
E*E3"RXTI_31, 33,-  O.
ttr i'A'J'JtOAI/J*'  JlciMH JNJil'M'llV ■iU
'   "CT3STI03Sr   3_.A_3_313_i
Crow's    Host   Spoo.al
Minor's FavorMo Cigars
SIXTY daymirtiirilHteJ liiUii.tlo nmily tn
. tho llonoralit. lihl*f Oninmlm imor^ol
I.ku.Iint.il Workii, "Vlotnitu,ln -nirehaio tht
followlUir.UiMirlhe.l lunil 1 . _ .. „    .
iJomn-tinMni* ntaiumt TunrVo.t R IC. Jloim.
wyn'iHioitli «oit uornnr n.l|iilnln. N. K.
OUv«r*n aptilleatlfln tn|iutolirno| thtnco tu
nhriliiii Mtuh 1 llumnfl m i)li»lim oimti t)i«nnu
Minlutlniiiioitlii thorns Hu I'linlni want to jliu
Hfipt, Rtlj, 10M
' K. 1., floodwyn, l.ojttor
H K. Oliver, Aijuiit
SIXI.'V d«iyi«i(loril*it«lliiti.ii.l to ppjily tn
1b«  Jl.uior.ilil* CliUf CommiMloiicr of
{.ninliiinil Wo.ln, Vlrtorln, to imrtiliau the
iallo<»io«rih.Mirl]ioulan'lt        ......
<Jommi>imtn. nt a unit m.rknl (1. A, tin
north ~i«it tiovatr lulluinfliv K K. 0oi)4wyn'»
upplloiitloii tu imri'hiuiM tl.fiiio wi ehaiiii
xoutti 1 Mienro m elmln* *mt 1 tlinnen hlilulm
nurtli 1 tlitne* W olialiu vrtmtto lh» point of
oomiimimmimt, tho wliol# contnlnlnf Aio
(}..T. l^.vi.11, Locator
H. U. Oliver, A.tnt
Hupl, Ktli, JDM
0XXTV iIrti nfUr -rtntal Int.tMto »pnly to
**'   U*  lliiuulmti.n    k...'tsi   i..,..,.,.'.*■'.-,.■,   .',
I,»u.t.nnil VVoiki, Vlutorl*, lo purelitmn Ilia
tiri'mmtiiKtiiir nt * jwirt m-irkmt w V, W*
wmih wni torntr mljolnltia W, K Olivtt'*
*\tp\t*ittIon topnrohii wi lli«nc» Hi)rlmlnt nurtli
tl.eil(*«MHlitlli|(>IUt,  ItiMlMtUctmlllii MAllh:
thenoe fbi elmtm wo»t to Ihe point of mm
tnnnoemont, th* who',* rontntntntf M0 un«
8»i>t, !4h,lW
1 _onl*lnfni-
V nt1«*j.r «9(>nt
SHCTV.Uynnflur At Ul Inltml to npply to
(li* Jj.iiiortthln OJilif C.immli»lmi(.r of
t,_ti.U unit Work* viotorlt, to |iureti*M the
fnltowinf <t*will«il lMi.tii 1
Utmnxneluv »t n |««t m»rko.t 1], f4,K>|.
vri.nJ'1 MJUtli w«t»t rornrr mliolnlnff it. K. 01*
l»»r'i»M.lleritloii|o r.ureliAMitlMnr«U«itiwiif
north; friitnrrt M fliii?n» n>,ttt)irTit*mti'ntn*
liuthj Ihtnte l*j itmt*i» wmi In lhc lotnt of
It. Vl. Knwunll, I«e«tor
h, K,Utiv»i»,A_«ut
SIXTY A*v* «.fl*f •»*.»* 1 lnU-»4 lo»t1'l» l»
ili» iiof»n»«t>l« CtiW Vtima.\*iiXmit>t tit
U-vtiimt W.irki, Viut.irtn.to pnwN«« ttin
toHowUf >t*Mtftl«a Iwuitt    .   ._      . _'
(JAMmnuelnr *( * Vttut mtiKt.1 frnttt Pull-
_r4* tiiutii w-rt ebrtHittd)iAi,imx.K,*.)*X+ir'*
•ppitcstliH, 10 imrt-hiK*; ttHHf* *» «»«»»
•MrttU.) im*im* nu liUiktiui wu»t; th<mi_i.*»
«h«in* tf^tkt. XUst* HiMn* tut X6 th*
M>l»t *r #e«itti***i*M»*«t.Ui« wImw t**t*t*l*g
tAHmt;!**, *_	
Krimit rottint.l^wmKir
H.K- OltW,
0yAUT,-|    te
t,',aga-HJa*iBa7XT.r^,li".ii „■ rirzsssssr.
I* only one of n hun.red ctlirur-n.t
uliflpei nml lUoiour llil.u'li turnoil
out lu. 'I'lui pnrfoct on illly of lho
llrlitr nml ths (kill with whloh thoy
•ro tu-ulo, ijualllliM them n* lho
Shilling Six-Pcnny Pipe
in (lie World
■fttn". wh.t, kot nuntV.
{.runt lit* C4*UmHiu-kX,
Jnit remember nml wit ter
"Shield Brand" Pipes
For Sale al (lie
Club   Cigar   Store
■W. A. INGRAM, Prop,
I-fcone 9».       -      -      Pernio, B. C.
RoyaS EVaail
Tin- ton»rtic*orii of Fernl* will
jilttise HV* notlc* tlmt Alter Apnt
HI, 19<4 the Carpenter* and Join*
tx* ot Yeraie I.r**l l.M will de*.
mafifl four doHnm (4.00) for eight (ft)
hour*' .work,
U. ». d( C. t* J. V. MM, rurnfc.
MltaH'f lAnUnttH for   Mle every
«Wrc.       *_ ,[
last St Lawrence Sailings
Em press of llrilnin Nov, 16th,
I.ul.c ItlMiitohu, Xov. 04th
Winter Sailings
St,    John—Liverpool   direct.
Empress or   Irelniul,  Dec,   ist
. I.uhu Cliitiiiplniii,  Doc. Rth
Eiuprofi'i  of ltrllnin lice.   15th
nud weekly thureiilter    ' „
Snlooii,   fyi   und   tipvvnnln;
MiTiitiil,    f.\o    mid   upwiii'ilH;
Sle-iM-,'!', 15.(1,511 mul upwni'dfl,
nrc<ir'llii|; to Ntvaiuer.
Di'liiilcd tiitiirniiitlou, Hnltioii
jiliiiis, lierili ivs-rviitiuiiK, snll-
liif; .irilH, etc., on nppliratlott
to loenl ngi'iitH.
11. ..NAIJINO,   A|-iiil I't'inle.
11. 1'. A., NcUoo
y   nr\yn*t ^   r.   t»   a
Vnnrnuver. ll.C.'
ISAhHhMV il-'iii.iian...(.*.» .Viiti «!,«,« k ku*
. tni*t I<> iipi.lv to thfl Clildf CnmuilMioiinr
of I^iikN nn.l IVfirkf. (ur i«»hilt>(.in to |.lir*
rtift»i* ll... (i.llinvlnu ili.*niili«it Inml In Mouth
Kimt Ji.Hilr.nn. 1 •-
(l..iriiTi..ni*lr.iin'.ni-.»t plnnted on thn* Went
l.miki.f Klk lllvur, nlmut Hired idIIm htlow
I'lii-tw U'elaert'i, pro-ciiiiillftn, nn.J niifkml
Tlii.nwu (Vulinii Nnrlli \vi»il Oi.rni«r, llmnco
H»nihi>irJmfn«.tU<in^-KAitlorhnIni, tliunc*
Snuh rtt>..iil M rl.nln-i tn the X.itnk bf Elk Ulv«r
tlii-iii'p iih.iiH (iii.i l.nnlt l.i Iim pl».ft i.t ri.in*
m«*iif«.mi.ul, .'rtiilnliitiig si? cere 1 moro nr lei*.
H.*|,t ut.Vmn. Timiun Ci«»n»*
TAHKNiJTJCl! tlmt m <Jnv« nfti-r <Uf». 1 tn*
li*n.l to «pi.tv lo tf>« t*hl*r «'«mmt«.|m.*r
<--f f^tr.iU nml w«.rk« fur MrmlMton ts ptir*
f Imsti 1Jii> (</*].-,« If.* j!'"j-jJW! SftJilJ in H«*lh
Ya*1 Konlnnil-j-.— ...
(UiuiKucnrlnit lit a Vint p(«uf».l »n lh# w*«t
l>nnk ■<( V.k Hlvor filMii.t ton iti Mm north of
num. SViiritfn *****\*ttim, **.t *»**1tmA
.1 ctin CrmXim n North Wol Vortiti, %X,*st* Hft_l h
lnluU.».tti«ii'« Dm' ncMln-i. thi'iti'it Jfrtrfh
»l*Ht 1'. «J._Jm «» Ni* »**nk of Wlr Hl*#i,
Itanr* «lnn««Al*t l.»nk lo lh« fl*t* «(«•»•
111 iif-.iVMiit inntcoiiUtiiinB Mn»«*ifnoni nr
IHU.I AHVH«I 3U*. 1DM Js-** Ct*h*m
' * -f'T^'T-s
-■:y;>.-'*;t;'i:"~-^*H^--.^ —~-.-^*
■■-'riS;^W?i^iP:j*Wv--~',-'.'"*',?t'' *"  A""7*"";;.'""'F~'"'""\
.-!'. 4. ^wifJ^A:^**^*
-'...    ,.'-, ..-sis',  Gv,E4_
.4    ~ , ,   .r-, A...^-^*.
. - -- .*-*.-->r,.~v?
-r-'yr c.71^..
TIT    1     '    —" ^^-J*1*"* , . -, ^r=t j*M* .       . ?__       -i1   <■.*■«..*     *■
.Make   ready;- for   festivities',.- wash"
. on ."tjradaj^pft^^^UU^^gjI. .you^llags .aiid .prepare,-for ^al^oc-.
-      ..V..***.   '_--S..^.,l..4..?,   t-ij -J.-4I'    S.--S - "«-  •"  "(-'->-
Tlw" elections in tlie* TJnitc"d~S*Enles"
li • T< -
with the exception of the* stupenduous.
" contest-in tlie State bf New York, _ ho
more than < the usual     interest was
.      -       JO     * • w   *■!;-
niaiiifeslcd.M The' Democrats have won
several {lnenii-ers in the next congress.
Among, thejie aie two" candidates, put
up'by,,* the"fr. United Mine -"Workers-  of
.America in^tlie State of Pennsylvania
whqVere endorsed by1-the'Democrats.
- Ouelbtvthe'se successful'men is ,', Vice-
President Wilson',"'of. the Mine-Work-|
ers,i.tihd naturally, at such a' time as
•'.the'jircpent,? the'miners of pernio aye
expressing great satisfaction over Sir.
Wilson's' f.uccess*.
Mr. Hughes was" elected governor ol
NeVYork ,iifler one of the most.. re-
mariiahle campaigns'ever carried oh
in tlio 'great* Stute, biit his" plurality
of 56,-00 is'signilicaht from its small-"
•nessiii-so-great' a „vote, and also -as
compared to - the plurality of 80,000
two years ego for Gov. Higgins.
ThiKvyhole of the "power of the trust
interest and. of the corporations were
thrown- into the fight, and it is proh;
/.hie that inorc money was spent by
theiii than,' Jus ever been spent in a
stato 1 campaign before. Added to
this'-was .the full force of the personal .inlluciice . of ■'President Roosevelt
' Agtiinst nil this martialing of inlluciice wai?*-pitted a candidate personally,'" ('unpopular, with, thc combined
press of the State-.oulside of his own
papers", against ■ liW;- but; with -' this
va."it'"ilisady<intage..the "people of New
York •have**shown that they'are not
satisfied  with -the  present' condition''
:''of (tilings.   ; ^     - -     ''Ji-'/ jf ;.'
Cot (-oration* corruption;' .whichJ in-'
jeeis i'tselfj-nto the,machinery of both
great parties, has had" n blow dealt
at-it's,influence' which fjwill bear fruit'
for'! Hip, "good of" tlie. people'in ''the*,
greiit^contest that "will be waged at
the next j-rcsulcnlial election. - .
Governor! elect Huglids'iiilly apprcc-*
i,.fe;th'is.'f.xct, asUvill^bc -Rcpn by the
. following, .v.ateiiieiit 'made by' liim ..the
, day*;iifler'*',elcctiqn. '-■    ■  ' -'
'. It'-'is a victory for,, sobriety ' ^and
for. decency 111 this, administration {oi
. government. Put""'"the ..people will.iiot.
tolerate   iiidiflerence   to    the   public
' wroiij-s. '.They desire neither exaggeration! or -iullaniin£-ory. appeal on the
'oue-jiand.'.iior moral-xtr" political abus-"1
es, oii. the; .other - hand'.   The election "is
' a rehiikc !to demagogical methods and
it.'is'also impressive in its demands
for. responsible leadership. I shall
address myself lo the task of' squaring'^ il'ic," administration of government
. witjiuie'.-jlcrest pt Uie people,  con-
' fidcSt;that I liiay.rely'jupoiutiie |up:.,
port' of all   good citizens, no\j only
'those, who   voted  for mc,, but those
"01    "   '
casion, for James J. Hill' tlie ."-great
railway magnate,- will soon' have , a
transcontinental line running" tli rough*
Raymond.' '■ 'A   ■'.    „
' At present* the. energies -'of' the'Nor-
the . Pacific collossus are bent upon
getting into Vancouver. .That* .task
accomplished, the next move 'is to
connect Cardntoa and Fernie. the next
to spring eastward from Medicine Hat
to Winnipeg. The new route will lie
so arranged as to furnish an immense
trallic"for Ikis-hoop that will help tn
span the earth.' *■*
* With this new outlet to the grt*. I,
world around us, freight ..rates to
Winnipeg' will be but littlc=-"-,if< 'ani/,
heavier than , theyv now afe^lictwcen.
Raymond' and _Lcthbridge..^J£ J& ,'g
-The road l*.a. already made arrangements to secure hundreds of-acres of
coal lauds between here and 'Medicine
Hat. The equipment of* the road being owned by Mr. Iliil wiil be, us all
his equipment is, first class, and the*,
service will be ulireast. "of.thefsitua-
tion's requirements, .jf-,""' J*-"1. * * '■[ .r ^-5"
What has becu ifccoinpiishcd"along
the Hue of the Northern Pacific and
more will be accomplished ' along the
now line, because this country has
such a start as that country did not
have when Mr. Hill .nviided a wilderness that'now' is of,untold value to
the nation.   With>Hip eye of financial
v -•*■-.,,-*** At
prqpltcsy 'Jiis-'-f.aiKv.iy pioneer £ sees
the 'immcasurab'-e'futurc of*'-tliis-'great
west, and*is laying his,,lincs for the
millions, that increase nud.prosperity
will .brfecd. ',,J.;- A.'* '-;"-'.
Mr?. Hill's--road , >-is- already here,
transcontinental connection's will soon
be niade, so lets, loosen up oiir joints
and makci readyj,fo?; ..out best ijow
tow when1. ,'-the xitai_i ^ himself 4coin'js
among ns.—Raymond Chronicle.  ,   '
who^iiiytiic Tj"*TlTH-'rt:y~0"IT^aB"s?rr
tdfcini ,ai.u.es, votcd^for'iiiy QPPOH.,
Wt.To.vthe work,of "ensuring", toHhe
ejtWl offiny power,,the just admini*W-
trallmi .'of the gove'i-snicut- -;of"-tliis
Stato, I'i-hall devote myself, unrescr-
vcdly,"   --■      ■„  -*,   ■ .* j. f p*j       >,,
'"A 'may, iely,"'he says,- upon^-thc
support'bf all' good, citizens,' not only
those   who voted for .me, but,   also
thoso who in thi-"'intensity jof desire
tocml abuses, voted for ■ my   opponent..'   "'.      , '-. ,• ;'r.\\ ;   ...',-
•"'i'iic' intensity loU tlie I desire to,end
abusis" is ".he explanation of.the situation in.a nutshelf,; and Mr. Hughes
■jviU'clo-'well not to",forget it.'- .-' ,'   ,'.
Tilts abuses nre so glaring nud of so
lonjj Rtiiniling, that.that. Intensity of-
desire   will' grow and ,-grdw' until it
sweeps everything before" it.
.-Mr. Ilearst'n defeat,, puts him    out
of [he race for the Democratic nomination for president two years hence,
anomalies'it almost a certainty that
"W.il. Il'ryiin will lie the next stand-
aril .hearer uf that party.*?'" A'' ■> y ff
.' Unless great    ehnugesrirc lu „store
for Ihe'near future, Nr.  llryati    will
carry lho' jjrciit State of' New . York
which will assure ,his being elected to
succeed Mr. Hoosevelt.
'.i'l'lie     fight last' Tuesday, while   iv
heavy blow at thc trusts and corporations, ^-oh In reality a victory   foi
tliii j-rcatprcsirYhl.    ,
. TJicoilorc Roosevelt will not   bo   a
camlidnlo     lor' re-clictioir,    and   the
, machine end of the HepubUcan party
will name the Republican    catulidato,
wlw will tend that pnrly to   certain'
ilclc-it ogaliwl W. A1 «rynn.
I'lie New York and Ohio elections
pill' both Tail and Hoot out oi the
nniiiliiKi (■«•! howic'rucI- iiiiiii as,I'or'
altir, of -lliio, will bo mailer the can-
illitlitu, which means dcleat.
'I'lie title against corporation gralt,
liciih In polltlCN and In btiKlitcHK, has
Ml' Hieudily In the right direction,
rtnil tlm i'llll. though temporarily de-
Inytd, Ik sure to come to tho machinery of U10 Iuw which bttH been used to
pill) up willi culoitHiil forUmeH In the
IiiiihIh of people who never,; earned It,
nml who use every dollar ol tbdr un-
jtihl gains 10 pupetunto that system.
We of Cnti.ula have beforo um uh 11
priipln the grnndcHt iipporlunitjr. ever
piked .V'llhlit thu grnsp ol nny peoplo to innlio of ourselves tho leaders
(,| iho'world In this great movement
i' .' ..    ,1     ....t,.l.lvM'.>
i.l(J..II   uj    ...•„•»-*■*«.
'' t'.ivrtl mWlolw of ponpl*, with *
giont rminM'y to Improve and ■ build
up, niul with' the expcrjciiccii of others
by which to Riiide our polHUiil
steps, no lnlhtnVeii need be mailc lln-
im* tt.«> -'rvftX nt pTlrrtn*! wealth has
Hilllid down upon us, wo can lay *!»"
fo-md.-Ulons , ol our political niul
fliiitiifittl lyslcms   upon sure   fouudn-
Just now coijotatlon prewl Iscroi*-
(iltijC  iW|* '■*• Ml    ,,mn>'  V^?™ a* tn
j*.ri>ve foiuliwluly tb.U *«e arc   nu-n
iKril   twrlo-wly with     the nam*   evil
-uliich has foine ni»'t> *b* \teu\Ae   of
tht ITnllwl State*,   l^'ty Hue* will
kite to I* Jnvmlci! as they were   in
Mew York Hie    other day, nml   the
Strength of    the romnion pwiple   as
mainst coroninol *   etirttoraYe ,-%**1-l*
'-.ill. ItAin-.U-t U U^t«;.'f.     « f,.,     ..
ihtts m«ir ^te^fcw, »5 & h??
long lhc fij-lit mnv last, but   Uiere U
to r«M»   o doubt the tinal r»«U.
The following, press 'dqspntch ap-
ears ii»A the Albertan, the. Winnipeg
Free Prc'Ss and other papers,-; and-is a
sample of ibc'stufi *th'at;is being dealt'*
out to. the public as news by' some
body" in Fernie: .; -     -A
* Fernie, ...Toy. ;,7.r-The- conference bc-
Wpcn lhe}Crow's*N'-st;Pass-Coal Co.
ami 'thc"\ifli"cials' of" the "United ,Miiie
Workers    ended  today iu a disagree-.
ment.-  - .*3- -■*. ;.". ,. A A
I Mr.; Burkci O'wlio'-£amc'1_roni Kead-
qiiarters'j sdiiil'-- by AToh*v"Mitchcl,-;jfor'
thc men, would not consent -to thc
promise of an' open shop nor ■ release
.ihe company ,from thc closed'.'shop,
■condition*] .brought . aboutl by,'...TJ'hti
Mitch'eH's     telegram , oi'   Scpt.i   ii:
sir>:..._■..„.. _r.-|: ^...^.-."l-, r---■* --*.-...'     , __
vt.\ e--iiijii~iizisiii~...uu—— ,uiii,---w,_ei-—LU;
join, 'tlie'orgaiiiz'ationlandijiaj' "check-^
off, otherwise they should refuse to^
work with llicm',", and resulting '. hi
thel sirikc. [ ' * \ ,  J . .        '/  J .; | ',*,
As .this is what the'men struck for
and^what the coinpany will not crin-„
cede,therefore^ ? no ' ".further pj-o'gresrf
could bo made. ,
KCen disaupointincnt is felt by all.
/•!U.".r.-*j;.i4.! yy,1"
Mr? Burke ' offered lo allow every
man who h.\s signed thc chcclc'-oll aiid
agreeiH'cnt? |tq .withdraw his 'signature.
and theii allow those who were willing to do',0, Kigii-.nga.il, and _tttc-j
parties wlio- are;so iudnsttiou'slyj {cir**
diluting the report as above are fully
.iware that Mr. Burke hud mnde that
hroud prop.-islllon,* tiiiis *|'^n)tj; away/
.villi the open or closed shop issue,
.md allowing each man to net for.
-• *..     .--*-..."*"'-., 4 . *■-'. j. - *--4'  ..
;-, *-.**   ., 1.: a*,      ■— -4«*      ,.:«,; ss*,'«.     ,"m.: ■•
...Notice is hereby, given that 60 davs-
Iter date, I intend to   apply.rvtos the
Hen.   Cliief--Commissioner  ofA''I/auds.
and. Works for a special lice-.i'sq-tojput
aud carry away timber froin'Cthe, foi-,
.lowing described   lands  situa'Ud*? o:i
the •   Kootenay     River. Nortii .Kast
Kootenay  District.      -   .y---.:Yr   •   /
' ^Qc-1---?-.-->*T*^lnl.ncH.ciag.^>J,at,^i",*post
plant£«tion,-*4hi-.'4aas't si<le ot tlfc Koolf
enay. riVer.^'i about two-miles- north
■of 'flie^nbriliarn :'bounil;.ry*ot Iyot'.-isyfi
tbunci?-  '80 chain? north,  thence.'   So
chaius -west, thence 80"chainsT.south,
thb-ace ,So chains     east," to place'   of;
commencement.        .  - \ ■.'.
y:      ■'.'■ g. ni g. uoui/roN. •
a BjeUicn? manor a.food Sjpecia..st
in An.cstca but wl.fi say that
Ww  '_.   ll
■. OcUiber 74th*;*-' 19067:-
N6..^-*-CSpnuucnfing. ''at a 5.post
piantcd at the southwest corner _..'
I.imit No', i, tlience So cho.iiis south;*
tliaice So "chains >yest, '.her.ee' So
diiuins north, theuce 80 chain. cast,
t0 place of commencement.
,f*\..v--"-^;:*.-G.fH, G.^KJJLTOM. '''
'.Ocioljer *4th',' iqcifi;'    ;'*_
Xo. 3*.—Commencing"" nt- a ] post
plaaitcd omi mile north of I<iniit Ko.
thence 80''chains south, thonce So
oliiuas wes't, thence 80 chains iiorlh,
tli.nce.So clut'ns east, to place of
ccimiieiu-cmcnt. , ;
October *4th,  1906. *.   _ '•   ' '.,*
M"o. 4,—Co'mm'encing. at • a"post*
planted at the north east'corner-' of
Limit,No.v3j thence So chains north-.
U_ai)cc-So chains cast, thence 80 elLaii'a
southy theiicc 80. chains -west,--to "place
ot, couuneuccniciiL.       , ■-. - 6,
./(. ; '   ;-G. II. G, UOUI.TON..*
Octoljer /)th, I1906. *•"!    ".„
No.  5.—Commencing     at    a .V post
lila*aUxl atj Uie^'nortli west' corner .-.of.
;T<imitvNb.'4/ tlunce So, chains north',
lh.nc_ So* chains-west, thence So cliains
south," thence,80 chains east,' to place
of cbnnuenoemi.nl.,, • -.    '*„
'•>     - ■.      i- G. II. G. BOUI/1'ON.
*- *.   r. _    _
October 4th,   1906.    . ''.':.'■
-Noi 6.—Commencing at a.'-.' post
planted" at, ths inorlh west corner ".'br
_,iiii'it jNp. 5, thence 80-elfins norlli,
thence7- , So chains west, Ui.ncc 80
chains south, thence' So cha.ins.'.'cast,
to place of* cbmiiieiicciiient.    ' '-•*■     *
J:;,   ''  .'i-^   fGV*JH.'G.;BOUlA'bN.
s!   I       -K   * .* ■*,-'      111   *-•*   .' " -'      "* ',
-'.Oct6bcr/4lli",* 1906;--'.- A
No. 7.—Coinmcncing - at a-C.post
piantcd !■' bnc:half ■ mile east of the
north'west cbruei* of Limit. No. , f>,
'thence, So  ch'-iins     north,' thence/ -^o
chains; west, tlience'80 chains;south,"
thence' 80 chains* east, tb place -ot
coiniucncement!.       - *•:   - ,
y,.f-' i'i ) ;;G'. II. G. BOULTON. .7
Ocioljer 4tii,-'i9ofi.  "        ' * -*•
:;,;   0EYLON.-:XEAS. -.V >■ ■■;
Sold Only in licadiPackbts.' .      ' ■    ,   .
 '     '    ' "" '•   ' ■       '■ - *-    -^
Hotel, Fernie
Inn,   Manager
A pleasant home
for tho traveller.
* Rooms'   roKorved
by" wire.,'
Evroy Attention
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*> ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦"*♦♦♦♦♦•$
Agents for      .- :
Tiio Oalff-iry Marble and Granit Worksi;,'* "
T .*'.'*' ..--ii'l".}
Tlie Koctenay Marble Works, Nelson.
Samples caii bo so'tn at tbe olTice. 7-'. 1   .;.£
. . ■;.  ,. Ofitick Phone 41       Residence 76
- -':''■-- -PsrKor's 'lira Lundy's BBock^i-^^s-as.!^
J -\ "
Tlie Elk1 Lumiiep €0-4
*   -  '■ ; •        - 1   •        ■       •        ..-"..: a*"   ,-•»; rnliz
L.EV.ITEB.     ...,.-*, - A^f;w
*: ■ „ " * . ■ .   .-   ^.i **.    H    ' >     <<■
Mm,ensmm9 Floo^i^g^ Siding^,
^   4
All'our-stock is last.years cut and well seasoned.. .
 '•         '■   '■   *        - •-'      --b-'U-   ,-W-4.-,'---.4.--.V.---  tt!*"       ^i-t-K
' .I
■■ s
Th^Best-of SatisfectW
! f--.-S
'-.-.- If
- Y'.vii^
i^-.Watch S: JctDelery Repairing
Make your wife happy by.limy
ing a Steel Range of J. D. Quail ;J
"Hoy 8,,—Commencing
at :i'- post
plffl-lcd'""oiie-half., mi!. • east'pi the
north"' Avcst.corner ci^'LiiuiC .No.'-'7,.
llienc'eA.*fip chains north, tlunce So
chaitis west'; tlience So chains'-south,
iheuce Ko chains cast, to i*>1,ju'c of
cbinVnciieeiiifnt,j '.
*'" '     '■'■*', G. IT. G, 11011LTON,'"'
Octoher /|tli,   J9'">. '--     ;•
,, ,      :,.,,,,, IN* FERNIE
On Tucail.iy a iloputotion of the
liilht workmen nt the New IlucUuall
Jolliery, Vrailcil iupou the • iniuiiigcr,
Mr. S. Wtitsot^ ns to nou-tmlrm' men'.
Tho mannger "stated. tlmt he,, hn'it
Iuul' n nica'tin'i; with the 'noii'-miliiir
portion of his cnipioyccs, niul iiilonu-
■*il llicm lhat" iic w'otiltl not -havo his
workmen dlsturhcil hy the noii-tiiilon
■lemciil, .nml-mil fss they* • joined •_ the
issociiUioti witlilit a' month lie would
take off them t,Iic ^o per cent., pnld
,uul; Hccuivd by'the iiHRoeiiitioii.A !
rite whole of- the men are requested
' -No. *)'.—■ Ohiiiiiu-neiii)f at t (i4.,' post
-llnnli'tl one-half milo * enst1'of the
iiorlh-we.^l; corner "of I,iiuit No. .8,
'hvii.e* So* .hiiiiis north, thenee So
.hains west, llu'ii-'i' 8o chiiiii* south,
'ilu;jii'e J!o chiiiiis ' cast, to place of*
boiimiciic'eii'tent! ,;
■  G. II. ft. HOUI/fON.
Oclokr 4 Hi i  i!)0(>* • •    ■     '-"
4^-; i .. ' ■ ■'■ ' ■"
-■(•No., io.—Cotiinieiicin-j nt ft post'
jikiiited one mile, west of tbi north
West conier of, I. mil No. (J, tlience fio,
cli'iiiiis oast,-thenee 8o chiiins south,
llKtice f)0 elmiiis west, iheuce ' 8o
chains north;, lo place of commencement.   ' y.
G, II, G. iioui/roN.
■ Octoher r<u!ii xoo(->.
or.: maney; :,r<efusided.
Fort Steele Brewery to.; Ltd *
'pj -
i N(); *i*i.—CointiieucIjifT    at    a   post;
i'llnntwl at'tho north'went corner'Id!
I,|iuit No, io, theme Ho chains west,
tlunce '8o' cliuins     south,  thence   8o
....   -, .    •      ■     (.linlnu cast, tkneo 8o chains' "orilt,
to jolit the assoclutlon; hy.tliOjjiiimlh ho place ? iit comincnccmciit.
" ' """  J" g. ii. o. noui/roN. .
Oclolicr f\i*\  Kjofi.
Brewers of Extra Fine
LaRer Beer and Aerated
Waters. Bottled Goods
a Specialty.
of November, uml In citse lliey do
tot coinplv the cheek wei|{liimin.liivyo
to Iiiforni tho,,limnnjfcr.' '    ']'*'
Here, while ptoknslii)*: to • bo' Ir|ciwl-
•y to the niiioti, Mr. I.ii't'dHey'Ih'trying to nld die loriunlloii of on   op-
■lONltlotl    nloii. ,
Notice Is' licrcb) given - thnt f ,,tHo
mrliiursltlii kiicloforu siiIihIhIIji'-; 1»*
iwcin nn, Uw iiuilerriiuiud, iih coin
•ructoni, in the Town ol Jfiiiiiner,
hnii this dny l-wii dlmiolvcd by nnt-
.mil coiiHiiu. AH debt'i ow'ii(j t() the
oiid |>*irtii*.i-*.lil|) ni» to lm pnld lo .1.
i\ Uejimi ut llu Town of Hostiicr
nforeiktid, nnd nil chiiins iiKtiiiist the
wiid piirinet**hip nra lo iw |nt-.ii-nuu
u> llu h.u,i,I ... i'.Jik^.ui, .'ij i;\-i,ii
.lu* H.uiK' will he nettled.
I>.ijt-d at  Ptruif, It.  C,  tht* 52nd
d.iy of Octoher, iqoo,
J. 11. 1MC1T,
Ji, V, n'rAi.-iN.
AMIX, I..' IflHTIKU.    ■   •    ■    -
(An to fHuimtiir,} of J, II. Wiilu)
No, i3.—CfjiiiHii'iicltJB nt n post
pjniited ill*tlw north west, corner «.
Minil No. io, th.'iice 8o (.miili! west,
tlunce 8o ih.tiiis north, lliam'c «o
ilii'iiH mst, tli nee *>'» clminu So'ii'ii
to pluce of coiiiiiienceuunt.
Octolor .{th,  lyufi,
No. iJ*--Omiinuiiiiii^ nl n post
lilniiMl ul the norlli wi'Hl airiicr nl
Mmlt No. Jo, tin live fio ijt.ilns norlli,
lln«?e Ho cliains cast, lluire Hn
(Imllis f.otith, tlr.'tiiT Ho chiiins went,
tn pl-iro of coiiiiiii-nci'iiiiiil.
O. 11. «. IIOUI.TON.
No. i-t.—t'omiiK'ni'iiijt nl a post
-.Innt'.d at llu nouth west coui'-r of
Mmit No. io, tlum-L' Ko (imin*.
wmlh. tli-iici! 8o chains mst, tlt'iice
fn ,i.,;«.. ...irtli tVi*nri* Ro ihiins
west, lo D-lne.  ol coiiiiiuiuvmiiit.
(',, 11. 0. HOUl/l'ON.
(V(ol*r 4lh.  x<jt6.
Miinlier Co's north.-nst corner post,"
thu'iicc riinniii); south 8o chuins, thelice
west fio chuins, thi'iico ■north 8<>
chuins, thelice enst 8o cliniits to the
I'o-nt of coiuiiunceineiit.
J. Ii, 110YNT0N,
. Agent..
Il.-iU'/l at I'en'ile, 11. C, this s.'tid dny
of October, igofi. •)"
'.lichee N, i\o chuins to plnco of cout-
ncncfiiirnt, coiitaiuiiii'; 320 acres more
or less. -*•
locator. •
Dated    nt Klkmotttli, n. C, September 37lll,"l*J('.,
by tlie UHuk or moiillii
Mrs. ClaTr'SiH;,.
1 I <(.  £ r,       tb *      ",    , , (      t
-        I   ITI "I   I""      " I     "** " -Y-m ___-r_... r|    |   L||UJ _—r±1| ,.^ 1. j
KAPTf.KTT    trnirSJ?,   tnrmerly    III.*
" dUxti, (b* l*»t *« shitty fcotel vn
"'Nelltritt/Otily wltW tielp fettivfoyeit.
G. W. BARTkHtr, Proprietor.
Ki»llc« i8-lieirul»y jjlvtit thnt 30 d.iyu
rtflcfd,.!.' uv Int.ml to npplv to the
II(»i»mtl.' Chiel Co'iimlssfotifr ol
dttiiHlj* nnd Wortsn for 41 upcriat llft*nw
tn tu'. «nd c.nr> nwny timber from
tk.* f-.tlu-Ain^ d..*w-rlticd land* in Kast
KooUtuy dittrict.   _ ^  )t
(\4nmi*n.'Inj<- nt n \wt( jdanted' on
Oi* w.nt ljiw o< lot >8<>3, nhj (limit
t*; inlltfii niittfi of Ihu soHifm-cut ,!<or-
ner of    ».»Id lot 1.S98. inaiktd "Rlk
Tntu notice thul 30 days after date
we (JiUiul lo apply to lho Cliief C0111-
tuisnfo»jr ot J.iiiiils ntid Works for 11
■ipcciiil 1 in ii.se to cut nml entry a wny
tlml.er from Ihu followin;; duserilieil
Ci)iiiiiii:iuln« at a post plmiUd nl
tli.i iLirlliwist corner of lol 36.., iu
Kimt Kootuiay, thuiiru west 80 rhaliin
ih.nc.i houth Ko chiiins, thi'iii'ii ctiHtKo
Jiiin,, ih.iKv^ionli Hu th.iiii'i, iiloiij;.
xbi w.'sl botiiidnry of lot 3C13 lo plnco
of ,.01111111 He iiv ni.
JOHN Ul'Xl.iN ft 1'. A.McUKUMOTT
UoHiiiui'. II, C, Oct, i.llt, l«Jor>,
'.'ulu- notice (Iitl 30 d.iyn nfler dnfn
tvii iiititul to upply lo tha Chief-Com-
llll.*i**.iin I ... i,.ii«*.i,' .iim a nt 1,:, liii ..
t,,is.s.i.il Viksti... tu iiii .j.';d t'.u'y •'*•■'■>>'
tinil)Li liom tli.' following iK'M-rilK'd
Cuiiniieiiciin; nl ft post jilnntid nt
the     iioiilhwesl   loirtir     Ot lot  3d,-*,,
Jlo ilinia 1, th-ii-'.! cist foi chains,
ihuiieu Miulli «'*» ilmim! lo plnco of
i-iiiiiin* luvimiil.
..o»iii.-r, II. C, Oct. J9ih, woo.
ii Y-iOF: C(mMER<m^Y
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
',;- "       . HEAD OFFICE,  TORONTO.. .
BV E. \VALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD,. Asst. Gen'l Manage.
"•T   '      r;—■ <j>5"and-under*;....; '...,."...'.',,.    3"'c"ents       ' '' ~' ■''
'<*"     *- *'  Over $5 and not"exceeding $10......    6 cents -> - **
"   $10      .-.' ".     '  $30  10 cents 0     "\
"   $30      ", " $50......  IS cents „ %
These Orders are Payable ut Par .-it any olTice in Canada of a Chattered Bank '?
(Yukon excepted), and at the principal banking points in thc United States. .   ^
They form an excellent method of remitting .mall sums" of "money wilh"*"i«l«tjr''"
< .   '   "   "'"    0        ' and at small cost.- ■   '    -*       . :'tr,~1'* '
,,"Q:. S.   Holtj   Managdrl
Fornio Unmcli
tytmr '^%^«^^'l*^««%%%^v^%%vm^%%%%i^%4
Tjr_srx>__iiri _**T_33'W _\xc^N_^C3-_2i3vni_iasra?
nrnos vovorn,
y_ ' . -t
irropriotor .'
< Well  furnished rooms,  Thc  tabic is supplied  with thc liest     j)
the market affords. The hn r i.s supplied with   the   best- wlucs,    #
Ihpiors nnd ci>-iirn.         |        , '• *      ?
<fWQsMI^%r**%rklr*i^ <%r)
and   lior.Tic   Life
mcnls    at
Cnn he enjoyed hy tnl; intf
The RoyaB   ERes8:aiirant
In cotijiinetion with tho 'Rnynl Hotel. Thc lirst iiic-l served In ! tha
city for 95 cents. A lew uioiis reuiil ur liuardcm ilo«ficd, Yonr patronai*o'
is  tcspcelliilly  .sollillcd.
MRS. Ml. BiOELZIcL, Proprietress
Our ihop.s will tickle tlu p.t!.iU; of
tlu epiiiiie us Well tin iA nny on*, who
irieii thttn.
Tulicii from the best Mock oMnlii-
iihli','uiul 1.11'elull)' cui (nul ItiiuiiU'tl,
th.y ciiliilot full to pleiiiw you.
Our iiL-ali* nro,  nil (-hoi.'-.', uml Ui>-
pines   nre no IngJur   tlinu you 'ti iy.
I'.iy   n.i i'.iw^i „tMli   >"i*.u)-A'.i,', >A.
P. Burns & Co., Fornio
60  YEARS''--'
No Lengthy Argument
Tint I'iiri)li:|t'i'ilifi»r Wil lllllill..1
.villi llm f*..Icf.TV* I'nl.iii in .1  Ih
tliu  (illly   IVii.l  W.u'i  I nt :u .'II j*
'..'„..« I   .*>.-'   ,'.'.'    .'   .'■..'   *«. - i
.Illi'l* llm I'iiI.iii t,Hl."l   imi y.itir f
uli. j
about good printing
is necessary; n jjood'
business man knows
tbat a neat, tasty job
4   t i.lt'Xf.
■ ..il...l-tJ
TATCR tint in* thnt *\o diufi ntti-r
diitd 1 in'.dil io apply lu the Chi.f
Coiiiiiiissloiier of I\n»id*i nnd Work*,
Vktorin, H. C, fai n *jHil(il Hfcu-wo
to (iit imA cairy nwity timler from
(t** frttlowing il«,**Jcrll*d lunda:
Coiniiwprliijf ni n poit jilnntcd at
ths X. W. toin^r ol A. McTnn^' limit, tltinee riinnlttjfW. «o rfisin-t, thenr«
K. 40 tfciln*,     tlwme K. R«   cluim,
TnwK Marks
CoftniOHTB Ac.
lhe fernie lefer
.tttClllUlll   O. IILSI-KC-,
confidence.     That's
the kind we execute
iiave Vou Tried iis ?
Mill If**. (IMMI *t*'"T,Wr***iyi*.irum*'im.'
rlunu Uk*n IRfonuh Man* *lb.r«<^ft
ttnltU totXe*. sXtXuM *bm*, rt IM
Scicniilic jfttttrlcatt,
A t\Mtt*nm*tt nt*****)** ***.',
rSUtltnst "
kf BUWi_li_»ilt_Cl
Don't Have Any More Spoiled Dinners!
API IIC next lime ymi ;ux iu need o( ;t jfuod toast or a.
1 prime young turkey or spring chicken, ring up phone
*.i. You can 1>e sure of getting a roast tbat is juicy and
tender, or fowl that is young and well dressed. Your, dinners will always be a succcps if you got tbe best and, tbe
place to get the best fs
Ihe Dominion Meal Co., limited,   fernie Bran li
-Ufl-ll-l-a 1 -~   -? - ^
- ',<-• *-'
-"*VX -v'." —
iBank   of
,. ,. Reserve
Total Assists
Gvibs* $30,008,000
7, -■ Ono Dollar is sufficient'to open an account.   In-
turetit paid semi annually at current rates.   The
beet facilities are offered to oitt of town depofiiioi'9
-.fimPn*}-*  Current accounts of manufacturers and morch- <§>
ants solicited.
A General  Hanking-' Uu'siiicss  Trnnaaetetl
"Accordions, Banjos, Guitars, Piccolos,,
Mandolins, Aiitoharps,. Flutes, Jews'
Harps,-Mouth Organs, Violins, Whistles
aiid all accessories for above instruments. These are all now goods just
opened. For variety, quality and value they cannot bo excelled in the
Kootenays. »     -■■
1 *. n
The Palace Drug Store
0  H.f. McLean, Mgr.
aeon p pains
Don't forget.-'our 'Celebrated]-'Griffin Brand
Sugar'"Cured"' Hams-arid tt Breakfast Bacon arrives
weekly. 1 Try some* arid be convinced' that it  is the
Best on the market.^^^ •    r\ ' a
Pay Cash and Keep D^ibt in th^ Background. ,
j. BitindeiL
IADIES   ': yYi'
MtLmmmmm%*' ,
Coats and Skirts
New and up-to-date.
W. R. McDougall
The Shoemakcfr
The A. J. -Burton Saw Go.
A. J.BVRTON, Manager.
Manufiicturcrs of all Solid
and Inserted Toolli SAWS
,''     We carry in slock, and can supply at short notice
HOE.Bits and Shanks Swages Brazing Flux **
OLDHAM Band Siiws 'Simpers' High Grade Silver Solder
Emery Wheels , ^ Lace Loather   Babbit Metals
. *. Wood Split Pulleys that will not slip,
"        :     " arTU-all   Filiiig1  I-Tjoln  Sui5plies,   at     ™
.. .   - .    „    ,.   Right  Trices.
- <-«,  -   \ 1 1. j -
Send us vour orders.       «
Prompt  Delivery.'
■• -   . We guarantee satisfaction
wsmm^fm%\mmm^mmmm*mamm^mm*ma»sm *rm*\nnjm )ms~s*m*****m\**mamwm
* under- Ibis heading instertcd ut'tlio
' *rate ot one ecu. a. word each ins.r-
"   ;,ti0D.
GIULiCwants    situation as nurse    or
' ..for    ligkt     housework.—Apply    at
*.ledger Ollice, 4              ,           —14
.'        ' 	
WANTKD-Girl   to    do  I1011sew.uk.-
A Apply  to " Mrs.  Eckstein,  Howland
i • Avenue,
,\VANTKI)-An     experienced    , general
' ■'servant.'-Apply mornings, Mrs.    II.
, W, Wood. -M
' ron SALK
•FOU "SALE-A good William's piano.
I Apply 1). Mclennan,
' : ..
FOU. .SAI/E--20 lots ift West I'ernie j
' easy tiriiii,.,.Apply W, T. ITcnley,
< West Kcruiu.
**W ' ■"" »——■ " "■ •** ■■!■—■■■ ■■■ ■■*■»■■ ■    " »
FOUKD-A small pnssliook. Owner
-can have unine on application to
tlio Ledger nnd paying for this ml.
FOR SALK-yA .snn)-*; a six roomed
Jiouse, well built, with hot nnd cold
water bath, tind tip-to-duto electric
light fixtures; situated close in to
busincse part of city; must he sold
' ■ noon, For particulars enquire of
Mott, Son & Co.
t**   I '*  '     ******* **m.**u**m*-m ■—iii_.ii._i   1   1   -..■■■■mi  ■ ■■■—*P
FOU SALE—io acres two miles from
Calgary, tultnble (nr chicken or hog
'ranch; Jiover failing stream on property;  fenced;' house and  ii.irn;   . < u
per acre; easy terms.—Applv to
1).  U.  MACLEAN,
It cnl   Estate  llroker.
'Alexander llli.ck, Calgary, Alta.
Roosville I Elko
There is nothing from a hatchet
to split the,-kindling wood to the
complete outfit for nn, uxploring
expedition which wc do not supply at a reasonable price.
Hardware, Harness & Saddles
Miners, Prospectors Supplies
Drygooils, Groceries, Farm Implements and Machinery from
Stein-Winding Mouse Traps to
Cyclone Slackcni, Indian Curios,
Souvenirs of Roosville nnd Elko,
Raw Furs nml Fresh Produce from
lobacco Plains
shipped on    order from   Elko to
any pa.-L east or west,
Siud order.-,  to Elko,
Hiy. Game ITt.nters outfitted
with supplies, Pack Horses and
now in its second
increase m
This papeh along. ;with the
ger~Mght-Gap^far— out-
i.. .iju-S'-.-j,1,;; nl."ii!.-'li.BB_i*-'.jij_t_i.._.nj
KOR MALE-Oiw Wtuhintfloii Hand
Press, 7 col. folio; one Gordon Jobber, 7x11, Doth ikcsc \trttmet at*
in fair londittoii, uud uio orturci
for sul. -.heap ou account ot having; installed larger presses iu their
-.tend, toiile 101 pin.- and intuitu
Fernfe. 11. C.
MOTTi-SOV fir CO, have instructions
.7  ■'- 1       ,  1 .  ..       .  ii... . 1......1
4U .V***-       >.«.        .V, -.      fj        l_. IB.       '.* f
red acres of good land Miitable for
fruit growing in tlie Koottnay Valley. This land must k* m situated
Ai tn Allow nf irrigation, either In
gravity or by a well-e.piip|tcd pumping plant with nn ahuiwhtnt Mip-
ply ol water. Iiiipiov-:.) ijtiuli.s arc
wilfcin*' the scope ol th.* tn-.ttiulinni.
Locality, qiiallty of ..oil nnd an.-si
to wat«r come before price In the
CMiiiikraiion of Xbi pnuhavt, ub..
is a practical fruit grower, nod
know. »hat' be want*. Wend us
your demiptiolt, locations and
UR Values still lead. , We can supply your wants with thc best quality
of goods at prices that cannot  be
equalled elsewhere,
We respectfully solicit your business.
Examine our new stock of Winter
Dry Goods, Boots & Shoes, Gent's Furnishings
Staple and Fancy Groceries
The Crow's Nest Trading Co.,
— TO —
'lukcls mi will* daily, NOV. 54 1 tt
I)KC. "it, inclusive, j»ood lo return
williln three iiii.inlis,
Vim nt i-rj'iiipiiiriit,   lni'liidiii(j  i-tnnd-
,nd  First-Cbiss SJe;*piiijr nud Tourist
Cars on nil through truins,
Apply In iifari'M C, 1». Hy. ngetit for
fnJI   infi.niiilli.Hi.
8j_j?ji;.si"jJiaug..!i,'ii.'"j ». *
<:^inoKiae _o»cm»-4 oi A^aneicici
A hnl el that furnishr-i (pi let. frim*
i'i.*!i<.*<* ititnmintiibnAtm lor it*, jxt-
troni is a source ol pleasure to the
travelling public. -Kti.lt a one i* the
King lMnard Hotel, of Fernie, cor-
Ht rippo-iti lost office.
'rite.   ma„  witli  tli« Sivinj-i
Ilutili luibil   in the    one wlio
■ever 'gels    laid   off; n«'n tlie
<<>'.(.   ■ti'tiil   *>a'f.   j,v.H.   *.',M„%   MiWtt-
out you, hut you cannot got
along without liim. The .Snv-
ia-^H If.iiik linliit riientiN sound
sleep, good digestion cool
jtiilt>ini'ttt ami manly imi.*-
fvadnice. The most licallliful
tiling I ,*nw of in * BavingA
lAinliOiOoV. Thi-r. ntr. nn tnl-
nol'i*. in it to itttil awny
your j>eacc of tniwl. It in tt
jjiiaranu*. of (l gaenl |»Jiav
Wo wotflil lllco to hnvo your iinmn
on uot ii»i 01 lir-pcjftumii. *mi iufciiiii
wliotlior your start luonn iloUaroronn
liumlroil—wo villi pay you JnlPrenl nt
ciirnuit rntrg-compounded tivlco *
Curat Accounts Invited
lines / to 9
J. H. MARSHALL* Mffr.,
remits   Branch
Mimird'a I.lniimnt  Cure* nfp'/ttlurb.  Minnrd'* lJalmem Cure* Plstemptr.
sttips; any other newspapef
aiorig.ithe line of tlje! Crowds
Nest Pass in circulation, and
the benefits to the advertiser
are greater than can be ob
tained through any other
**. * '
The Subscription List
has grown steadily upward and thc
street sales have increased in. a remarkable manner until now we can
fairly claim the top-notch in circulation and plainly state tha,t we have
left all would-be competitors so far
behind that nothing is visible of them
but a cloud of dust.
Since the Strike
the increase has been most marked.
vSEPTEMBER 26     2,000
i iYr: Yi^^iy^^YYii
a coffiin


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