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 ,T„*-" „-,?"-*.
f '.' -1.
d 'V
li 'A--A-7,
*■£  '   ^---'V^'
Vi- wfcii-V* tv'v  v*.i- ■*
*,$-) V. <  l \
:■•■'■     " v^'-'
*. ** .ii*;* -
VbL. ;I^Number';46. 7
- 1 "A
" «  i ".
flany Interesting Items  About People—A  .Week's
7 C'a' ;;;AR9un^^"of - Local Happenings ' '; ;■ - A  a
.Constable Dow,  of ElkoA  was" in
**».-.>*. -.    ,* ■-,.-   o .    «     .• ■
tne city; yesterday.**" 7   „•   ,.*,.*   A    s
J. M, Roberts, of-Cranbrook,,• was
in'- town Saturday.    . v'. 7- ■     -''■ '
.i&%Si&3^'C*3$i;V'-lZ'i;.   'A *■'.": ;'■' "■;' ".*..
- A. Btck, ol 'Coleman js spcnifiiig' a
tew days .in-the city, A     ''
Alrs.p^j-Moore'is' visiting 'MrVanii
\Trs.! Di McI.tiinanrNutiaiiiio.    -.'     A
Con; Whcliin is visiting his mother
and brother.at. Wallace,  Idaho."
'.,-  "iy'-'t-7,,; ' ' -, V ,;  . -        V     .
'.   Tiie Fcriiiie hose,team".will compete
in tlio.hoi* reel race on:July "X.     •*
"-. \ ■.-.=•*;/ •,= •■-,'.„. ,.    ,   -,
J. H. O'tfcil, superintendent.of the
Greut Xorihern, wus in the"' :'•• cTty.
Friday. .'""'■'
. •  l ** i i'
Mrs., P. J. Watson will'not receive
ojgain,until the third Monday in "'September.     '•      ■    ( !• "• . '.      .
Born—At    Pernie,   Saturday,  June'
.6, to Mr.1 and Mrs. Fred   .;Stork,,a'
■daughter..   A Y.!    A*"-.A.   .A'A
R. I«. T. Galibrailh'. government Indian agent at Fort Steele,.was here
-last, night.,,'     '-, A,    '* -,'".VA
•_ C. I). .McNa-Ji, manager of the-Baker.
Liittiher. Co.'at Elk-nouUi. Is a Fernie visitor^today., -y, ■• ■ •'.*. .""< *
A. is - .V " '• • 7;* r -. .*■ .-. ;-.. -," * c "^ t,'"1 /
"Mrs.,.Dr. Bonnell left for Missoula
Monday .evening for a. two week's vis-'
iti wiih ;her*.l-.rotlier.      ' » A;
,,-■;.' •-.. .'.-_.,.-• _ - i--.- -.   -f ■*,,,,
G Macdonald, representing'thc A,-
MiudoimldV Co., - of ■ Winnipeg,- -spent
y*sie.diiv in. town. - ••   -'    ,
R.'.-Joycc,-* accountant.for tlie Standard 'Lumber* Vo.. Fort'Steele June-
ticn, is ih tht" city..*
Mr.- and Mrs. ^V.'W;-Tuttle'retiirn-1
ed, last evening,from a short ^i>jit\to
Ciaiihrook and Movie. ' -A'  '"''A
.'*,.*!    ,   .,...7 a'-^A-wA'AAa
^Messrs?-Pearson- & Jewell.Vthc'-'.well-
A -iquiet wedding took- place on Mon
day evening at the Baptist parsonagci
wheii U. I,. Mauley, Vof the engineering staff of' jthe C." .X.P.C7 Co., was
united*^iii 'marriage* to Miss K, A-
Wilsoir; sisterof, Mrs. J-R. McRwinft
The; ceremony was performed'by Rev.
II. -I.ockt>, Kempton. After partaking
of 'refreshments the Imppy. couple left
on,the G, X. train for Seattle and
other, western cities, which they will
visit licfnre returning to take up
their residence in Fernie. The U-dger
extends .congratulations.    ' '
,      ,     ,.       FOOTBALL.
The ".Michel .'football team played
Fernie' here Saturday last, winning
'out 'by the oiic-sidtd score of 7 to 0.
.- 'Frank' Football team plays Coal
Creek at Coal Creel cm Saturday
.veiling  next. • '
, Coleinan pjayed at' Frank last Sat-
irday but the Ledger has- been 'unable
o --get  the score.
Brightest Are With Xorri's & Rowe's
' Big Show.
Xorris & Rowe made a promise, last'
season  that if 'they had a successful"
tour^they would .give lis' an all new
show and engage the highest salaried'
artists   obtainable.   Well,' they   seem
to'have kept their promise.if names
count for   anything. ' The '" brightest
lights of the circus - arena  are widen
engagement to .then/as witness   the.'
following; The'throe Merkle     Sisters:
oil the Hying trapeze; Frank and Dolly Miller iu a lieantifkl four     horse
carrying act;  the  Marettn  troupe of
horsewomen  and  aerialists;  Ed.   Ho-
cuin, the clever principal'rider;'    the.
Price $2 avear in^Aovanc-s
lo'iSttgimdto Japanese .troupe of isien
and women aerial acrobats, the first
ajnd only troupe of Jajiflnese ta do ai<
aerial hunVbtr; the six flying,'Sterlings;, daring mid air peefonners, The
four'Casting Leslys, iu.a sensatioiial
mid-air act; Ilngh ,Carrys,''^bliott
Banks and Miiss Edith Howland,. In
one of the prettiest nuniH>er.s ever seen
under a circus canopy, that of a giant revolving ladder', lighted afiul
operated by electricity; the Misses,
Cosgrove, Pr^ngle Keating arid\lrf*-
londe, four graceful young 'womeni on
atrial bars; the seven wonderful'1 St.
Angmon family of acrobats, the act
over "which England ruved when k
was first presented at the London*
hippodrome; the five sisters Rcxos, dar
ing gymnasts; four juggling Devinos;
the aerial Mageni troupe whose" double trapeze acts made1 it the. most
sought for among all circus owners.
It took a lot of patient hard work
lo secure these artists for European
actors can si-cure all the cugbj^inenls
they can accept at home without trav,.
filing clear across the. continent. Jllow
ever;* when* Xorris & Rowe were assured they were lo have a; highly pro
fitabli*. season,* they c-tiictly despatch-'
ed Chas. Sasse,' one of their Xew
York agents, lo Europe and gave him
'earte-h'laiiehe as lo expense. That
Mr.- Sasse succeeded-is shown hy, the
superb programme which will , lie
shown here when the, Xorris &->Rowe
circus will exhibit'nt'Fern ,c Tuesday,
June. 26. -  '
Items   Carefully   Selected  fram   Exchangw apd Furnished by
'      ^      ' • ■'- .  -      -A      ■ , .7    I.     . ..*.*{. ,*l
Special Correspondent*i *' "'
End of Ottawa Session
f •• -      ' 1 ■«
for Next Week
"known contractors,."were  in~t?[e .'city
a few days .'last. ;\vcck:>!-- :i-r $j?'"'■'■: *-
n   '  •" ■ -,*     * ,-- ■'      "A. -0.?
D.  Malc'om",' representing -the.,,pi?tnt
West Permanent,Loan-& Savings*Co,
of Winuiiieg,,is; .in, the;flity.';,„,^r- ;.;
„ y.'.Xjiaip^h^^erpt- thcy.Can-j
, adian Bank 'of''Commerce; Craiiilirook,-
wus ti Fernie visitor Thursday. "' .'
'D.*' !Ioovcr-;'Vi(iepiity'-collcctpr„ of V.
Sr customs at Cia.tcv.-ay, Mont,,!!\yas
taking in,"the sights of 'Pernie ' on
Thursdav., '    ,
\'     *  «fl - 1  *, * !■'
' ■' *"'■*■■    "V*    ^ •     i Hlo       1*1
'The license, coniuiisnionc-cs'' refused*
the opplicniioir-of Siiuon-Dragon for
(..".lienor license for, the hotel Koote-.
nay, Jaffray.   '  '
Anyone,having, rooms to let during
the Ea|fles- carnival July, 3rd njifl
4th, ,will kindly list thpiii with W,
B, Harwood,, Pollock Wine, Co.
,'J. F. E-iliott "retiiriK-ii S.itiinluy
from an extended tour of the Bhiin-
diuy country. Mr,' Elliott reports pros
perouR tltncs In, the western country,
Dr. Bomicll ami ,W. H.. Whimster
left Monday evening for Victoria via,
the (.rent., Xorthcrn to attend the
Masonic grand lodge which meets In
Victoria today.",      !   ■ , .       A
'Rev, Mr. RtackhoiiRi), siipcrinteiidetit
of iiiIhsIoiis, occupied, the pulpit o1
the Baptist cliurch lost Sunday evening. His talk'won full of iiiU'iist (iiul
tliose in attendance fully appreciated
bis iliscoumc. •
1 *        '
Mrit,' A,,J. Buckley ami two iltlld-
r»n left for Pnrklilll, Oiit., Mimduy
evening nn an exli'iuled visit tn hei
pntviitN. .Tliey liift oil the' Orcal'
Xortliem, going liy wuy of Chicago
and Ht. Paul.
„.C, 0. Binnett, of tlio Cnnndinn
Hunk ol CoiiinnTCi', Crutilirook, orrlv*.
til yi'Nterdny ami will tnkt> the po»-
It Inn nf, teller nl tliu local liraiich nl
the Iwltik, Mr. V, (V, White tiikltig tlio
lucoiiiituiit's desk dining the iilisfiuv
nl W. V. White. '
John: Wal-Mi aged'77 yearn, a native nf }»arry Sound, died at his Imme
ut WeNt Fcntlo Intit WcdtiONdiiy,' tliu
funeiftl taking pluct Friday, Rev, Mr.
iiuli,    OHliUllUg.    i/vM^Mti. |Mil    in-vil
ill lux u tot Uil^il or su with .sUhh-
Oili trouble, ,'aml .otvln-; lo >l» 'nd-
vancedagr, Ills demliie wt* not uivex-
peeled. He leaven a widow. Mrs.
Clark, of tills city, In a tieice ol lhc
Inte Mr. Wnlw.
Btv. 11. Goodfield, who wiil occupy
the pulpit ol the Hn|itlst church nu
Sundav morning and evening will
tiro deliver liiif famous lecture entitled "John Bull", on Monday evening
•Tunc.3j.-ln the lloftlst d|iir**fi. Mr.
Coodfu-lil i« (ull of Weluli firt, and
ht* the national ability which ii peculiar to the Inhabitant* of Unit little principality. The Mtioll mltnlwlnn
fee nf 25 cenu will be ehoiged. Tick
tt» may 1* ....U.U-..1 (mm J. U. iU*
Coal Creek, Coleinan" and . Mich'l
ire well up in the race for thc cup,
.iiul it looks al this distance., like a
, Kick and neck finish between these
•.luce itains. Fernie teaiii is^tailender
•iu far but holies- to niakc- a bettci
diowing before the close'of the, sea-
•on.      ;    4       A      ..'.,-
• The, Fci nie junior football club wili
.lay -the- mine' boys Saturday'evening.'
m^'tlic recreaiion grounds.   '".    '.
, Ottawa,. "June 17.—The government
and the opposition members alike
make no secret of" their desire lo
bring;the session to: a close by the'
end of the present month, and now
lliare. is'little doubt, that this will
he done. To do so may involve the
postponement until next session of
some of the government's 'proposed
legislation, bht il necessary, this, will
Iw done.' „".; ' ■■ "A'-'-' "''"'7
Aside  I10111  the balance  of  the es
timates, the important,items on thc
government-programme are the Lord's
Day Act, and Amendment of' Ministerial Act of last session. Tlie current
impression' is that these will be
sat through. Ilut Uie revision.oi Lhc
Dominion Eletiion's Act and the law
to' regulate the'-'operation' of moneylenders may l>e both left over till the
next meeting of. parliament. The former law will nol be ueeded until,the
next federal election. The moncykiid'
ers' bill was,,scut 'to.one of llie.com-;"
mittecs ofthe house for the hearing
ofevideiice, but on account of amount
of other business, ou .hand it has not.
been reachciL n
The inti-iiii-v into the 'manufacture
nnd sale bff deleterious and iraudii-,
lent medicines also may bear fruit
next year. Other measures to lie abandoned   are, relatively  unimportant.
I. 0: 0. F. .ENCAMPMENT.
Grand "Lodge  Ollicers   Elected
...  .    Victoria. '>''-  '■ ; ;
Victoria,- June 15.—Mayor Morley
'welcomed the delegates lo the grand
Encampment -1. 6. b.'F., this nioriK
ing, and tendered them the freedom
of the city and congratulated the order upon tht excellent-progress it
has' made" during the" past year'.
■ 'At-.'.C6alA.Crcck    on Monday nijjiit
.i,slf.tiu* ten- round boxing"'- contest
lictweeiAKid Foley, and Hilly Darr
was' won cqsily. by Foley in the, sec-"
md, round, y ,.., .*   , ...     -
. ~%l,.l
•In'; ,'.vthc' ten;';'"round" igo^- ,7nt
house      Tuesday    night between
;'*VaIJ.er Oldhniii aiid Ed Ilurrows, the
efercti called it a draw according to
.he  rules under, which the principals
net. The firisl round, was'rather fast.
.lurrows  scoring  a   knockdown A-Old-;
liiiin was cautious but always ready'
■o-'inix it. up. Tlit probability is/thaV
liese  two will meet  again  oil" July
(th. here.      .-,       7   .   ,
LACROSSE.'   ' :
Lcthbridge Jaci'osse team 'suffered 11
iilhcr sad .defeat al Cronlirook     on
Monday,,being defeated by n.scort of
** lo 1.. Cranbrook has got together
1 fast Icnin and arc deserving       of.
ncoiiragciiH'tit.. ■";•. •
Why ciituiot Fernie support n team
eprcscntliig Ciinnda:s nallonul game?
fri'l-fl make,.on oflort in that.direction
year ,were: ..   ■ A ..   ;''  .
Grand Patriarch—A. Henderson, Vic
toi-ia.        .'..*..'■-    -
*• Grand, High.Priest—W. jThorpc, Na
n.iimo. 7   " *.    '    ,   ' A    .
'Grand Senior Warden—n, "-Fiilloii",
Lady sni ilhv , .„,,...» ,;.A„; , .*fl.,''
, Grand Rcrilie-T^T." S. Neclands, "sVancouver. ' r
- Grand Treasurer—R. Cummins, Ross**
Grand Junior-""Warden—J. Smith,
Gland Rcpresciitativt—A. Short,
Victoria. ' „.   '     -
1 Victoria; June id:—The I.. 0. 0 F-
grand liMlge closed its sessions', tonight with tht installation of,r- the
ollicers for the. next year, followed %
"ir'-banqiietA-1"""     ■ : ' "' ' * y—^
', The ' ollicers were'/ihslalll'd as.* follows:    , -' *  J-
Grand *> Masler'-F.   ' E.    Simpson,
Cranbrook.    "   "'    - *    .. 1
, Deputy, Grand Master—T. Embleton
Rossland. *-
[..Grand'"' Warden--H.   'Fulton, .-Lndy-:
smith'.''-'  ''"'.'■'      '      '.■-''
'Grand Secretary—Fred Davey, Victoria,
-Grand Treasurer—Wallace Law, Van,
couver.       " '   ■
Grand   Representative—DI   G.   Mackenzie,  New Westminster.
• The  appointive  ollicers  are  as  follows' ' A
Grand Marshal-S.   C.'Smith, Arer-
iiou.   ,
t CJraiid  Coniliicloi-—T.   Dixon,  Nanai
ino.'     '.'*'•'     " *
Grand    Guardian—G.      11,   Taylor,
■Gijjeji.wood .!!£_         ■   '    '■
Grnijd  'Hcrald-R.   II!   Turner,  Ag-
asiz. " .,   .
Grand Chaplain—Rev." IC.,- G. Miiller
Victoria. -,   f,     ,.   ..*,'..
-; II.       IIiggiiiJiotham,,was appointed
IJ.  I).- 0. M. for Craiibrobk, district,
C,  A'.' Foote, for Moyfo^;* and Tiios.-
Higgs for Fernie district. *
The grand lodge will meet in Nanai-,
mo next year, ■ ' - '
i* * • * * .
Hour Law
,. Rossland, June 17.-A11 important
supreme court decision Las hcen'litiiul
id down by Mr, .lustice Duff at Victoria, wherein his lordship upholds
the eight hour law and the iuUrpict
atiou placed upon it some snonllis
ago by police magistrate W. J.Nel-
The City Council
' ' x-i...- -__ —-*********. f
,' ' '
rransacts Considerable Buslnes-s—Bal*
dry Appointed Tire Chief
The illy council int-t iu regular pes-,
don,1,Thursday .night last.■ Mu'yor
lllenMlclt, and Aids. Tuttle, Mcliityre
'.mil' Quail were present.  ... ■'.
The cluk rcitd the minuted nf the
pruvioim regular inecting mul the
siH'diil meeting of June R, willed nn
iiiniliin weiv approved,
Tlie fonw-ll wns inloniu'd tlmt the
jiiuIUt ofstRTt croHKiugH over the
(.rent N'orlhcrii railway lo Penile An
ilex, will lie .'im-tiihTi'd by.Ihu Mi|K.-r<.
ilititiili-lit this weekf the mnlter hav*
Injt.lR'iii plated ln.-fore him by Agent
Dliicksloiic. Thin gfiillcinau HUggeslcd
a, U'ltipoiury crossing nn ThniiiRon
slicct until the 'penmincnt cronslngs
roiild bit di'leiinini'd Mr, Plnikslone'i.
letter wim'filed,
Hiipcrintcndi'iit Depew, ol the Antcr
compnny wrolc tho 'council'in rjganl
to the .water ngrreiiicnt fnr the fire
hall, also slating Unit privilege clniin
,..1 i,v ti." Mei-t/ l« 'il« h'ttir of May
jfUh hadlir.cn cftiicellctl by the Mi|*r-
inti-ndiiiliK Utter of April 14. I.al.1
over UU next siittotlng. \
The clerk wan Instructed lo cnlleel
tlelin»|ii'>iil tnxi'8 for 1905 nt once, If
Meres-uiry enforcing the collecllnii l»y
distraint,'This action wm decided 011
on .receipt of r, iMtcr from ihf Canadian Dank of Coiiiiiiercc, whicli had
bein pr^nilmd thew* In-n-n on llieir
old ncconnl tm soon n^ rollccteil.
A letter from division fien'Tqiifirtm
of th* Salvation Aruiy, Vancotivir,
(tt.kiug   (l>k   Mill   [<»l   tln-il   VV.S4.Ut   liouu.
wa* rent! nnd fileA. The letter con*
tallied the information that lust year
f>oo fallen women had' been rescued,
including two from Fernie
'i'lie Waler Light A. l'owcr Co., hati
decided lo appeal to iliu county
court from the decision of the mtinicl
pal court of revision fixing the asseA'i
incut on thu water light, and tele*
phonu systeiiiH, nud served notice on
the city to this clTi-cl. This nolii-u
of appeal was refurreil lo the cily «'».
licitor. '
.1, I.uvn'KKi-ur fei'ls ngrii-veil tlwi-t
(lie court of revision did not reduce
(lie UKsesMiieiit ou lots 1 to <* Iti
block 13, and ■ will, imk .the: cotiMy
court judge to niiikc the disirt-d i||-
duel inn, Snllcitnr T.nwii will ' look
nfler the city'H end of the matter.
- Chairman Tultle of Um HtrcelH coin
niitlc*- n-poiti-d that the grading on
Victoria avenue had mi far cunt but,
t-do, while if it hnd been dona       by
rnulrnrl   irniibl li'ii'i-  rn>.l   llircc   ttini-u
an much. lUporlt accepted.
The report ol 'the file department
for April and May was icci-ived front
Aftslstant Fire Chief Ilaldry, and 01-
dt'rul filed,
Aid, Tuttle tendered ' lifs reslgim*
Um. an head 0/ the fire, department,
nnii «iiggf-sleil thni Mr. tlnldry K*
nude thief. The migiinllon was ac*
wplrd und the Miggcktlnn adopU-d.
Mr, llnldry In now chief nml will
appoint his own af-MMnnt,'"
Aid. Quail will introduce a t»te hy-
tuw. Hi XiiK xwxt mi.->t{ug, '
Council adjourned.
son at l.ossluml, when his worship
fined the Canadian Consolidated "Min-
ing & .Smelting coiii'iutiy for employing nu ongliuccr ut the Wur l-.ugle
for mote than eight hours iu the 34,
' The matter was originally brought
up liy Mines Inspector McGregor, and
three informations against Uosslaml
Mining Companies were laid for infractions of tlie eight hour law, Tlie
companies admitted the hiring of men
for is hour shifts and the defense
raised was wholly U'clmlcoJ, Police-
magistrate N'elson got over thc technical obJeclioiiK, and while adiiiitllug
Unit .some oP the provisions of the
eight huul' law were rather indefinite
nnd uncertain, held that the general
inli'iillim of the act wns sullicienily
clear and fined     the    cmiipanli's tlie
—■         1 in.  1   , mm   , „ ,, ,
HOOSTIN'O fhknii-;.
Manager orCoal Couipnny TuJk-t.ln
? ' " -
Vlrtorln  Krpnr(i.T.
Vlclorla; June 15.-I.; «. S. Lind*
wy, K, C, tiiniiagiug director nf tlie
Crow'H Kcsl 1'uhn Coul Co,, nl-Fertile,,
niul )\Uh,' Lindsey,' ure' iu, Vii-ti'nlnV
Mr. Lindsey is now resitting in Fernio, where he In Inking imiiudiiiti-
miiirol, nf the nperntionn nf the rom-
pttny, The inincH, ho 'snyu; nro now
producing 4000 tons of cool (icr day
iii.i. i.> .mi. .ii a iuigc iiummiiw lit
tliL- Inrri/i'-iil ii.'.jj.vjjiii^iJ/,.'. ul um] )ty
lhc railway-, and the various Iniliis*
trlenAKo Utter ttntUallon nf pro*"-
|ii-i'lly lx afforded, Mr. Llndsty I It inks
that (Imt which Is .shouii by tin- in-
tn-iiM'd ci.iisuiNpliiiii ol nml by tin*
iftilways, It iiidicalfN Imreasid trade
In 'the country in nil depnrlinents,
Tlw *|U«i1ity of thc Crow'** Nest coal
iv Ktich a* to insiirt n market wherever It may Iw reached, •
minimum fine, of Ja.s. nnd costs,  ns
ihe'' applications  were   the  lirsl on.-s
ever  mnde since  the   passage nf  tin
law seven   years ago. .
> Tlie companies appealed from     tl-
police magistrate's decision  ,111 <   '
.lustice Dull hen nl'the nppe.il ui 	
Iiuul some lliiee mouths ago,   "
. Tlie  judgment  upholds  lhc  inngis-
rnle's iiilerprclntion of thc law,
Tlie learned judge brushes aside two
[.f tlie points  raised,  without   /*om-
lent, 'nud devotes his attention en-
. I rely  to  the  coiisideriillnii  of     the
lliiid.  It  Is nnt iced that while     the
. ((iiestlims  i-ni-ieil we iv  technical,  the
wolliiug out  ol the law lu some    of
Its most   Impnilimt feat urea were Involved,  nnd the JuMlco siistnius th
Leth,b'ridge    lleiald..-
K. U. Hyhuids has returned from
trip to Winnipeg. He was held up for
iwo days at "Maple Creek owing to
the washout at Walsh, While in Winnipeg he learned llml the work ou
the high level bridge nwns in lie commenced this full. The appropriation
had U'c-n pa.ssed by "lhe directors. The
iiridge will be built, 'almost straight
icross lhe liver from ihe A. U. & I.
loiindhoiisc. It will lie 3110 lect liij.h
md a mile long, Mr. Uylauds found
11 very favorable impression' of" ilu*
uturo of Lethbridge existing in the
minds of Winnipeg people, nud thc
prediction was frc'-uc-nily made that
Lethbridge would so'on have a 'population of  10,000.
From, the Herald.—
T. D. Cavan relumed from Calgary
-i-itiirday, his mother's health beinj-
inproved.    '
.las. Uyan, Harry Drew and V. A.
tiolltiis, will leave next week for Be-
ittle to take iu the races at that
Jno. Hnnbiiry, ol Rrandon, Mani-
,oba,; arrived in Cranbrook Monday,
in a tour of inspec\ifon of his lumber
md  mill   interests. '
J. Manning lefl Sunday last foi
Victoria where he will attend the annual session of the I. . 0. O.F'grand
lodge as the representative of Key
-itv lodge of Cranbrook. .
li. K. Deal tic returned from Revel-
■itoke Tuesday where he has liecn
issisting in taking stock of the drug
,*tore he was interested in 4 in that
■itv' and closing up the details of Uu
.ale of the same.
Alva   Hamilton,   of   WvclilTc,   while
— .A,.«*A|
of a' faithful wile and-living mother.
Th« funeral took placiAat Blairmom.
on Fridav, > ' ■•        " 1
"iuTTidilig~iiTThat town* last "wvel
vas thrown from his horse and received injuries of a somewhat seriou*
nature. While riding at full speed
■is' horse stepped into a gopher holi
•hrowing Mr. Hamilton to the. grnum'
-.villi great force, the horse falling. 01
liim. When picked up he was found
to''be injured severely-about lhc. leg
nnd thigh nnd received several bruise.*-
iiiid  scratches nhout  the  body.
I'Vom the Frank 1-npcr—
II, M. Di-ummoiid has been np-
pointed tn the new posiUon of nssist-
mil  engineer of the conl- company.
On Tuesday Inst the' Rev. R, A
Robinson, rural dean, wns united it
marriage 4 to Miss May V„ Harlow
daiightir nf 'the late Frederick .lone*
Harlow, of Sheffield.'The ccremnm
took place at Olds.
The Frank Paper hastens 'in eon
',-inluliili! Frank Tliompsmi, Frank'!
■lopulnr tnilor, A little bird whisper-
■d this 11101 ning news of his mar
-inge Tuesday, May happiness iitteni*
lhe couple.  Pnrticiilors next week.
With snrrnw the many friends wil'
learn nf the death nf N'iiui, belnved
wife nr John D, McLean, which sai-
lint not unexpected event nrenrrer*! or
Monday lasl. Deceased hnd been r
resident of" Prank and llliiirninre fm
sc-ine years, and wns highly respected. Tier illtiess wns nf .several month-.-
durntlnn, she being n patient In tin
Prniik hnspilnl. Deceased wan called
home while iu the fullness nf wn
manhood, Mug 14 years of age, A
liusbnnd nnd family mourn the Ins*
Big Power Plant
To be Constructed on St. Mary's River-
Moyie People Interested
Tlw PiTlile Junior  font h.iil lenot
lAuytA lVinie miiiIin a drawn game
J.»li|'iri!ay night, flcore nn* all.
Tfie Tnlcrnntfoniil Coal 'A Coke
Company, have 1*1 the contract fnr
Ui« - i<in>ti->iit.n» nl •>> AiblitiunAl
rot* bvent at Coleman, Ai's.   i': *-
'Nel-mn, June Kj,--Juiius Ilurwell,
nf irerman H Ilurwell, Vancouver, liy
dtiiiilie I'ligiiieei'H, hns been iu NVImiii
lifter aflei a visit m b'sisl Knnti-iiiie
*, <i »
III the iiileii'KlH of 1 lie St. Mntvis Klv
er Power Co., which hm. been (nrmod
by  Chim.   Mmkny, 'nf'Selsnn.
Mr. IbirweH's detiiihil report nu the
tcsults nf his cxnmluntinii will lint
lie  available  fnr Knme  time,  but  h.>
!-,*.*.   lnVi.i.,i\V4li  \i,M   11.   i-.   ',1'n.i .lii'.v    ii>
the prnsi-nitiim nf the sch'-uie,
The liim of Ileiiiinii Hi lluiuell had
clmi-gc of lhe rnnstriietlnu nf the
power plnnt al lake Cni'tilUum for
llie II. C. I'lhclrie Compiiuy,' which
tv,in riiti:.truiUd ul 11 'uwt n{
(l ,,v*»,onn, :'■'..
Mr, Mm Un) mtii yihtvidny mid ask*
cd an tn the rnmpuuy.'i* jilflns and
priK-jufti., imi id (luil hi' held a irrnrd
fm *j,«,,(Kin Imhis iti water ill the St.
Miiry'n river. They will develop iiulli*
rient power tn light all the* dllcS atiit;
nprrnlr the min«<* In the virinily. The
mnrleln  will   Inrlu.le  (he  (own      of
From  the* Echo.—
Thc  Canadian  Northwest Oil company is a new coucera just starting
to work in a ware* for pil'in this
neighborhood.   They     feava at'      the
slotion now one pi the latesV       improved  well boring  machines/    witii "
drills, piping siigi machinery 1& ,iUK.
»g to a depth of 3500 feet." Thn-; drills
•ire J2, ui, 8 and 6.inches iniiiauieter,
•md  ihey intend  starting,  wilh     tbe
'"ffiest and reducing Uto> hole is they '
'.o down.,,They al"so have a sawniai'
111 Uie way  from Seattle and intend :
.'iilling tluir own lumber as they rc-
<l'iire it. The. manager I). A.  "Kellv
iccoiiipa'iiled    by  7J*);; Blac'f/'rtarted-'
rom here last Tuesday witk,,a'.gaa<j
>f laborers to prepare the road     to
heir location which.-, i« abow* twenty
•tiles from here  up \he soHtk     fotk
»f the Old Han's river, aad a*s soon
■"• Ihty  arc through  thev  will     get
Uwirmnchinery up and,get to driUiag
The company is -backed by inauential
nouied men.and are prepared.to sink
my number of wells in' their effotts
to locate oil. ,
uoyiR. ^;
•Voin  the Leader—
The payroll for th«; month of May
vas a trifle smaller than usual, being
;'58.Sop instead of over th«' feo.ooo
•■ark. The falling off was due to ithu
rruh strike on the., mil last mout-h
•vhen some 60 men, quit work for
j ral days. •      ,
*r-Grcen»-tiodr~JuttE™^5^A77ad  accl.
.lent  occurred  Tuesday flight at    the■■'
jitrgUimore mjiw whereby ,Charles Pe .
;erson lost his  life.  Petessoa in gong to the help of  his partmerwai
aught by. some rock telling w kirn. ,
his happened at, (I.30 and. he died a*
.' o'clock this m»>rniag.       .      ,   '
; He.was a memlier     of, OreeUwooiJ
• liners' Union and of the OddWlow*. 1
;. Ic haves and widow aad two children. »
•»». s
J  •■» >•  I
KiiiiU-iley mul its iteigMioiiiig mines
Uu< city nf Crniibinnk, Foil Steele,
Movie, uud nil its mim*t,, jucltidiiig
lhc St. liugiiii!,
*   '    ■•" •   .X..I...I!,   ni   Mil-
'•UIITpvi*,-   ..,,,-   |!,,t„,t    l';„Jj;,)J))i   Jity
A. Mcllminld, nud ,T. 1). Kay, uutsU.,
meiliunic nl th,. Si. I'.ugiii.. mine, all
of Mnyie-j W. HiiiimvII, nf port Ifnin.
jimiid; uml Mrs. II. Ilnss und !,.
< .<
.i..«^,,  s„    s rtlmrti*,. , ,
It mny lie, Mr. Mnekuy my*, a fnrt
night before the exniiiiniug engineer's
report will Ir trn-lved. Iu the meantime the otgaii^atiiiti of the Inm*
pany will Im- jverfeitei! nml preparation., wiU |*. ,„,„•;.. flir (llfi^„r )iro.
rrrding*.. »
The Si, Mnry'.t liver is the only
Inrge "wnterrniirw in that part ol
F,iKt Kivdrniiy, and all linjif ni ihr
dcvcliipii'int nf rlirnp power on A
large Male iu-|>tn.i*. upnn the .miccett
nf this rntirprisi', n Mu*fe«i of which
Mr. Mnrlny and his aintKbtrs are
.llremlv rnnfnlenl.
abor Friction in Calgary has Been
! Adjusted. ,•
\ ColRim', Juue i.r-Deputy Minister
1 / Labor, IV. I,. Mackenzie King, who
been iu Calgary sine* Kuaday,
succeeded in settling'tw« strife*
Vlie KtmieiiusoBK and bricll(iv«r.i who
■. <>ve been omi fm- three weeki resmu'.
*«'  work  (his  mnriiing,  us ditl also ,
lie hother Workers tmplayvd by the
'-rent  West tBaddlery C#,
The hrli'klaym we're asflt\9 $5 centi
. «r hour but have comprnmisei with
he, builders' eadinuge fnr (*% cents.
''Ite stoncniusons «ho wrr« rereivlag
,H cents per hour-will mow g«t     f>0
ents. The builders' exchange also
yrw* to rceogni/9 tbe union. ' Thti
.iKrwnieni with the sndd.cry co-tupai-y,
•rovldes for Increases for ,thv ItmXimt.
.workers on cerluin classes .of work.
Sirnnj-i. Marriage lu . mJtn f/ranclwo'
, Knn Krniuisco, J,„iV ^.-j,,,*^ n„.
s'«n nu .Sahirday perfont;d ' ifa«
Arsx after Uie firi murrli^ termmy
n his lotiriinmn, W|,rll ht,united 111
•mtrlmnny J„|r Ke||,iw,.tt„ fourteen
.'*«« of uge, uud Uouarrtn Ivcilln
I'erlllo had ber 11 arrested nu a cturg*
of criminal assault on thv jiU ^(,(|
tn order tn save liiiii»,]{ f,«,u |lt0M.
iilinn thj 'narni^t wm orriU-'eil,
•'I"' Kill,  ul 1-ml..I    ',y hei   ».»rwut.i,
tpressid |*eif|.,t sallsf.,-||/,u at tht
ptospeit of uiariying Hrrillo, roili-
ilnit thut lie would uot jnruka her
«'»<e Uir shackles of the law hud Uiu
slipped from hiin.
Home delay wan otfaslnned in tl»
i-:>/.ik.i;..Ki, nla, uie grooiB vtvi
•uuiibb tr. jh.mIuh' lis yiti* ui ,4,
bidding ring, b„t JuJg, i|„gttl, CWM
gallantly In th« rewisr by putting up
the priiv of the little.gold Iwi.d. sxiA
niter a liiurby jeweler Jud filud lh«
ki»'K«"» ol lb« ynutJilnJ, htitlt, \U
rcrtmiwy was fteruteff.  :
Unntretl, Juiw iff^Tbai J, ttstk-
«t, an used ol having uiufikr»d VMM.
May Aliern, • little gitl tve yeaitol
age whmn h< enticed to follow hiro
on inettinje her na* her way home
fiom uhmA, mt% f0<n(| guiJiy 0j
'•xxx-Uaghtf* ly a jury ia tfw court
of th* King's M-efc iMt altersoov.
The IndeGnflefc"-* of tnertlesl tt it b
n.imy »t (0 I fat tiact c*ui« d d>*tk
saved  Huwlutt ftora the gallowt,
•* ^&a*sWZ!6#Atoim*k^.*s. * .'""    ■-.  /l
. /
A-?-* a- \&y -f
■Y 5 ,js¥»if i*.
*   ■y^*** *:
».ic.n.v 14... vv.'j*^,.*. ,>-
Fit For Human Fooft
"'Al '      VA        •*
MoMfe Cofe^^ Measure-Rules are Rigid.fPenalties are
; '..■•   -■■■■   Harsh" People Pay the, Freight.    , ,
"DowieSrc^imed'tlie witness stand to
day before Judge'Laiulis iu the suit
brought-'- to establish the ownership
of Zion City. The trial was opened
■by'tlie* reading" of'-'one-of Dr. ."powie'V
300 year, leaf.es -for lots in Zipn City
'Jjyone of.Ddwie's- attorneys. Dowic's
first testimony related to the diflicul-
ty experienced in. gelling lacemakers
from England into Uic United; Stales
He then rocountcd, in detail the course
pursued in gelling .->• other industries
for Zion Citv.
i*X   ,'i4i \-*i * 7 ■.'■'■ ;      ^ !■
\Va.shii.gtohr':'Junc*'iS.;fA incut  in*,
ejection l.'iiTwas 'coinpleted" l.y       tin
house committee An  agriculture    today^ and-will W u'resciiU'd u!"       Ut-.-
house,,tomoriow.' It is declared,      by
tilt 'cbinmittiethat. tlie" provision  -.yi.!
'insure tliat American jmeat.iiiKr'ineiit';
are Waltliful,' dean  and in every  re
"spect.wholesoniq'aiid lit for I nod
'"The    important' fuaUiii-s ol   .
"'legislation   tifc"lh.il* it   places      tlu*
cost "of   tlie  Jnspeclit.il   on .lhe      government ,and 'makes  an   annual  auto
m'atic, appropriation ol _ J ;v .00,000 to
"pay^ tlw"expenses. It requires a tigid-
'.post'"'* riibrleni    and anti. moiieni  inspection of "all' animals killed for food
' ' - .1.1 ' ' *4.      .        '
It "requires "a, goyernniL-nt label as 11
passport "for all "meat .and,meat, products which enter interstate , 'commerce, and ijn addition l.o'1 this label
a certificate, of pni.ity "to the carrioi.
and'tb'the'  suc'relary  of agricklluri
for "such"'  producis  ns  enter   forcigi
...... ,1. .. ,t.   *,     ... (
commerce. ,    ,       ,    •
' To' secure      this,  label, tlie' produc'
' niust'^ie.handled in accr.rdance    wit!
sanitary' regiijalions_ lo   be   prescril.
am.'"to* the    secretary of agricultui*.
,   1VI19   is' autliori/ciT' to  employ,   without regard, lolhe civil service law fo.
" the  first  year,   an  ade<*uati*  corps   o'-
inspectors to can-jvout the direction}
..Many, penalties ,_ai-c   provided      fo:
violations of  these provisions.   * Th.
common,carrier is subject to.a hcav\
penally...., i I   .he accepts* for '• trans-
.portatiot) any goods not'bearing  tlu
government..label, .the required '■ ccr
„ tificate. The packers, are subject  to :
. heavy, penally forvfalsc labelling • n-
to contents of packages. Trade name-
are  to  be  allowed  in '.some  cases,   ii
* \,.£—jHl. /.«,,*. L.i.'. r.1— i li.-. ....„,•,,! <i ....' *   1.1.
  S..V—lll.lMlillUU- Cl 111V,— .-,l.v>C-..ll-y ,        li.l =
in-'all cases' the contents ofthe 'pack'
.age.* must be stated:   ""''''•   -.
•Farmers and  'small   butchers   ' ai
exempted'from the .operations' ol   tin'
.regulations.' '- '    ••'■■'• ■
•A- minority-report'will bi* madVt
the house by some of tht dissenting
■    'Rlabc^ite ■ prox'isiop  is'made  for  •
-llioVotigh systom  of 'examination an
inspection  of  animals: to \he .sliuigh
terc-d.   This  exnmiuaUoii; i.s  to   bcgi>
before'lliey eiiltr"Uic slaughler lions-
All'nniinals found to show'symptom:
of 'disease 'are1' to be" slaughtered sep
nrntcly   [rom  all   other  entile      am!
.their carcasses subjected lo ,11 caielu'
exAt'tii'ilUlmii and inspect ion,  There i
'"■       r* *» •  t,-1 ,J
liV'tl^a-rigid' post mortem uxiiiuin
iffibii."nf Ml' animals' prepared        fo.
, hii'mtin 'cVliisiHupiioii' pt  uny  sluugh
lL,i-Ing7",.h|.U tnnnfug, '.-.nl 1 ing,' pu''k-
iilg, 'renilcrjiig     or similar uslnblish
metit Vrt any state or  territory    fm
franspoiUition* or, sale   in   inUiMiil.
or^foreign coiniiieia*. *'  .   .A
'. Those foui'id'fi't ior human Innd un
In' lie 'Inbuliid "Inspected mid passed'
n'n'iV'those fntiiid'uii'jVt 'for, human fon*'
hfe*io.be liiiieljeiji '"inspected and ceir
deinnedi'; *aii\l ,  nllurwinds destroyer
ni'ider tlit;' j'j-.rHounl superyisinn ,of ar
nNjieclor. iVIicii"'il^'-uiiic-il neiessury in
■JlWriors  tiin'y 'rehiVpect 'i-nri-iissu.s ,ti
fie.i-rfnlnt''whether 'ihev' firo  unlit
from disease and clearances are to be
refused vessels having aboard cattle
for export until the owner or shipper
has a eertiueulu from' lhe inspector
staling  ll">t the cuttle are sound.
jLilvcwis.- the seerclaiy is lo' have
iliade a 'careful inspection ol' xlw
i-iiscnsscs   of   cuttle'   the   meat of
which i.i is sailed panned or otherwise pi-i.pared loir export. Ko clearance is in l.e given vessels having on
board such products without an in-
sjKictorls certilicale that lhe. cattle
were sound uiul healthy at the tiiiie
of inspeclinii and ,that th.-ir meat is
sound and wholesome.
; The  inspectors;  in addilion„to llieir
work of cxaininalioti of thc animal.-,
are to make an inspection of tlu.
sanitary' conditions in all establishments where meat products are pre-
aWkAJ.S AKI)      Fl-vKAI.TIKS.   .
A]ipcal.s may bo had from the decision of- the inspector to the " ihici
inspector., and from his decision an
appeal shall lie. to the chief inspector
in charge in that loca,ily nnd -,iii turn
lo the chief to the bureau of .animal'
±0000000000000000 00000*0*
rulings of the lower officials.
' Any attempt to influence any employe 'of the United States in the .discharge, of his duty by giving him mon.
ey or anything of value shall' be pun
.isiicd.by a fine of not less than Ss'-o.0
or more-than. Si0,000,  and by      im-
prisonmenl of not less than one year
or-more lhan;tlir«e years,.and, .  the
employee accepting such gifts-   i.sliall,
upon   conviction,   be   summarily  disi)
, . i-i
, missed ,'Jf.roiii oll'iee - and '■ punishable. by *
•^re Yoii Reading
■ -
If not, you nro niissitig some
of llio choices'! literature ot
the century. - .    «■   V   l>
industry   in   Washington, 'aiid.' finally;, a •due *i)f„»jiot -,'less   \llian S5,boo,uor.
lo the circuit court, if ,any 'person',
foinpanv or corporation, claims to be
affected-^injuriously ,.by  any  of .-liu
more than Sio,ooo, and by imprisonment of not less thnn one year nor
more than'- tbrce';years'.^' *•..' V'»
... -1    •   ■     J1 :   ,r. ;-* *      a.  '■•
" ^,-- , ^ it -- -/ ,.j.       .1; ;-
Policy of "Hush'
Correspondent Xelljs of Awful Conditions Known Only
h  \       ' - •    to Residents      '-i -
nny* w.iy for food,  nnd they
I.e. desire.)i'ii. it' lui'it, fnr luod pin
poses, The exiimiuntinii uud iuspei
11 nn i.i |n lie, Imd belna- tht- eai..a,«
«•» or uny pail of them are nllowci
to enter 'meat fond products, Ti
ill) "tiu-li pindiKts, .uhieli, ultei- Iuiv
inj[. Iiecii issued .linm (iiiv'siith cstiil,
lislime'ntK are returned in tlm 1,111114
or to a iii|inliir. estiililihlmiciit wher.
MU-li Inspection is liiiiiiilniiieil, In
K|H-L-(»nii arc In-hnve iieeess nt all
All products which cniilitln dves
theinitalf.,- preservatives ni ingu-d-
leptd which lender llicm inilil lm lm
man'food, uie tn l« tngged "iiispt-vt*
eii and i-niidi'iimi'd,"'' ahd nre In be
rtmtiiiyeil, This pmvlslnii n-gnrdinj!
prffii-rviillves ismnt in apply lo meal
r,.- I    ,       -1.    ,      *   ,      l    1   r       '        '' ,
..t.i..   t',.i.i,..,      t.,.u„„,i   .in   skeins    si,
fordlgn rnuiiHh- •ibMi an- j.iiji:nn*l J|
or packed, nuiii-ditig to .spnllica'tinn.'-
nr■riiri'Clipn'M nl the foreign purchaser
when no subilnine Is used iu the pre
parotinn nr piuting in'cnnllUl with
tt* lat,* nt \hs\ iimi.i'U imnniy.
When meat or meal'fond prndiuls
inarkeil "incpefted nnd piissed" arc
plncerl or packed in nny rati, pot, can
van nr any receptacle nr covering,(thv>
per-ton or concern prepalng it is to
itUI'.i-uch rcttpliitlt- "ins-rt-unl mid
|m»M." Ko Mitli.incnt nr ntrni ff>nd
prndnct-i ire tn be sold nr nfl'.rrd Inr
i»l» 'under nny! IiiUc'nr dec-ptlvc
mune, hut (<4lii1dislM;d trade namr«
«r» permitted rm approval n| the
tecreUry ut n(*ricn|(nre. '
Kb*  wtrrtnry nf ngiiuiitnic  it  to
have made- a ■aireful jitsju'i-Unn' 'if nil
c»ttl» (nr-tipn'rt to foreign cniinVri.-ji
to  tv,.|taln    «.hether  tlu-v   nrc   frrr
\-aiicouve.r, Juno 13.—A correspondent of "a local paper'writing from
Sun l'rauoisco, says:" ,° '. '*
' 'i'lie hush policy adopted by the'authorities in San Francisco > is illustrated by the facL that while tbe
(leutli roll was placed at 300 'and 400
ihe   oflkkil   records   in the   erironor's
f c-j-artn.en t—uliow—that^-J Ojooo at e~
knowu to naui; hersished while -several
iliotisuini ' have: - doubtless- died' unknown. '-l'*,?.cli„day,"' says thc writer,,
■'the'death ji.sl grows larger as tl.e
ruins aie clcare*. away iuul each day
!SiUi Kraucisco  'wink.s the other eve,,
•is.il- reads llial four or five'or six
lives,., as-, the last nmy be, must'"lie
idded to the total." ■
1 lu one hotel alone 2,S<i were 'crushed to death; ■ in anntlicr-175, and so
nn. The bodies 'were wrapped , in
ducts  and   piled, upon  each  other  iu
trenches, in many cases unidentified
and unrecorded. "Keep it dark," is
the watchword, "keep it dark." ..
I The New York papers say tliat
50,000 former residents of San Francisco, have gone^to the American met
j-opolis to reside. The former confidence ib San'Francisco'has .been sbak
■611-011 t-of—them—Kflorl.s-iiro-mudc_lo.
rehabilitate the lately magnificent
centre aiid, many will rebuild; , but
'real (l-statc is unsalable, and no mortgages if foreclosed today would be
able to bring sufficient to .reimburse
lhc'mortgagee.'These conditions ore'
very soil' and arc evidence of lhc
widespread' fright, wliich afTcels ' 'all
Classes,-The calamity is so* awlul
and wide reaching thai the ' mind
[of man is fairly staggered in
its  contemplation,   Nothing  short  of
,  •■   ,     '<"
actual experience would convey *'an
idea of the depth of misery and suffering-,, the unfortunate-people have
passed and arc., passing, through, and
nothing short,of a,miracle*, will » restore the beautiful city to its former
Jnagiiificencc.    ,.   . •*
- The l'alace hotel at San Vraiicisco
sands of titled *and untitled globe
trotters who were guests of the ,big
caiiivansary during, the' last. 35 years
will be glad to hear, along with Ran
Francisco's1 400,000 people,, that' the
famous court of the hotel is lo.be
reproduced,, along ..with..its,1.spacious
corridors, its jinrivallcd grill and its
unicjtie, ailislic .and costly hotol office.   Thc new str.uclure is to       cost
$.1.95°.ofw'* and be "earllijquake and lircr
- *       ,..*->-   ..-,.i... < -* '" i.-.-j '«.... ■  -   ..
proof .111 every, respect- •     ■-.'.-. **
Stndadollnrto.R. T, LOW*
.'KRY, Nelson, ))'. 0., Iiml Ket,'.'|
, it regularly for a yoar and
rise out ol llie rut.      «?   1*-,
■ [Successor to J. C. Hutchison.]
Isprepared to deli vcr'M ilk-
Cream,- Buttermilk, .. Fresh
Laid Eg-gs, and Dairy Butter
every day., .-;     ,  <
Entire Satisfaction Guaranteed
Agrents for
■   "' Tho Ctvlsiu-yjMarble.aiid.Gnuiito.Worka.-,',
Tho Koctoiiny MurVle Works, Nelson.
„Siu.)l3}*c;iub3S))i     at tho ollice. ':
- Office Phone 41       Rksidence 76
-   -,. '". • .A ' , '
PartoB's in LuBidy7s BSock
M. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
*        Plans, Specifications and TSsti-
-■     .mates furnished on applicatipn.
:_'    Plenty   of  GOOD. DRY A.UM-
**' ■ BER ON HAND.
Architect     and Supcrinlcndcnl
*    Office at Residence,
BAKER-ST.,    .-     -     FERNIE; ll.C
k Lumber Oo^y
■  f::        ■ ■ limited. "-.
Hime^sbm, Fioorisig-f Siding^
' Fi^lshigig Lumiser arid ^
^il^I'Moufdings.^ •*«;.-"..'
■All out" sibct-fis" last' years cut and well seasoned. 'w.
f . '    _    •   ' - ..'.A.., a   :■,,,. 7,7   ;..
';';' -Gioes''-"."
<0     ' 1
I ' . * ' - I -,
i The Best of I Satisfaction
in Watch & Jeijoelery Repairing
a .Read Office s Hamilton, Canada.   ,w  ...    a
ttapiial y$2,415,QOo:.4. Kesevve * $2,m,<$00
'..-    -   ■■ THotal M$$etQ? $29,000,000"-.'■'■' "■ '"r  * *,
Marriage an inGident—
Man ail Appendage
VIembers of Business Womens' League Declare Man is Not
the Whole Thing
1 Chicago, ,linie 17.—Miirrinj'i! has be*
j-oiiu* a mere inciduiiL iu thu lilu ol
i\*oi<iiiii; iniin is but an iippiMidii).'.', 1111
Jidjiiin.1, 11 corulliiry of woiiiuu. lu
dioit, 1111111 i.s not iiiiiiily us iinport-
.iiit 11s lu-, 'with fuLuoiis si'lf-i'intcuit,
,iii.i-'iiii:.*-i liinisL'lf. So ,spi.<iliur,s at till!
ii-ssion of Lhc. N'alionnl lliisinoss Wo-
jiiuiis' Luiigiii: in Ihu I'uliuui' housu
|i:eliii-i.d—till   ihu sjiciikuis Imill)'   wi.f
llL'll. ?
i Iu iiii, in niiisii', iu litui'iiluiv, in
iii,ilii.,iiu'1 on tliu sinj,'-., us iiunic.'i, us
!oiiil ri:])«nti:is, uud in uiiiiicroiiN otli
•r vuiii'tloii.s, ]iioli-,ssioiis, tnulis or
; rafts, nnii niu hy no iiu-uns tin*
.vliolo thin-;;. Must Ntiit-t'ilii),' nf all,
•1 1111111 u-i a liiiiiluuid dovs not Hutu,
uuiii/i- lliuwliiilu liuivciM.', .A IiiihIhiiiiI
■Vltitual IJfc       "
Men- Indicted
is au incidutit, not a crcittlon,
.. "i"\Iairiiifjt.?n asked Miss I,eo Hard*
in, prusiduiit of thc association,"Why
luarringu is uo longer tsverytliinjj in
n woiiinii's life. It is **ctliu|,r relej;<tt-
t'd iu the mind of, women to its Irtilh
iu the proportioniUe iu the scale ol
things,nnd i.s hui-oiuiug an Incident,
*\Iiiiiiii|{0 Is hut uu incident iu tlu-
life of 11 mnn, why should il not hv
so iu tlm life of 11 woman? Women ol
totlny must luivu other interests -in
life husliks the lieuilli, und I tiiinli
il is 11 very good lhinj( for women
herself nud lor the tuition ns 11 whole
that we nro hei-oiiilnj; weatiud to noiiio
exli.nt from the lih'it Ihut iiiiitriii'iji-
is the nll-in-nll of n womini'ii cn-
S'ij-io t'liuri-id with Assiiult iu
nt Norfolk,  Vn. '
Niv,' Yolk, .Fiiiie id.-Di, Wiillci' U
'.illilli-, uud Wulii'it A. I'li.iilillsH, foi
in:il) slii'pii'1-.d.iils nl thi' M'lliuil
,ili>. Iii.'iiiriiin-i! ri»ii|iiiuy, weie indict"
.1 i>u vh.ilm';. iil.liii'u'Ty yi'Slei'd.iyilry
hi. *i>i'.'ii.l i>i:itnl iurv whiih Ims liei'li
uve-it'.^iiiiut! iusiiriiuie imilti'is iindei
In*, diteitioii nl tlie district utlniney
>)r. titllitti! was iilsn tiidii'tid on ,x
Inn I'i: ol pi-i'iuy. Mi". Ciiuniiiss wan
utiim,*.]' ol   iii.il'iii}.   I.ilsii   sluU'ineiits
>i   llie   iv.|>|'il., 1    1I1-M il tll-i.Ill      W llllll   I'1.
illllMlelliiiilini. 'I'll tie UU: livn iluliit-
lirtllr. ol iniiiiy i.^.iillst Ur, Cittutte,
Ilntli |)r. Ctilletti- and .Mr. l>i'.iuuiss
MirRiuli'ii-d ijii-msi-tvi-s, were un'iii|jii-
id 1...Ion. .fin.tiie Hiott, and were held
in hail (>.r 11 hintiti:| ou iln- lirsl .Mon
dny 111 Si-Jii.'iiilivr. I'otli pli-ndnt not
t•117111.7, luiil uii.s Jivvd nt $-11,000,
and llum n{ (',iiituii*\  .it **;,,<*k..
mu an uic.irr Horn juy.
'.V.h.liill^tf**], .Imiti: 17- A Tf.M'Vl'iftit
[ir»n-("ffjfTtv Inr nn ri^ht hnnr A.tv wnt
iiliopit-il I iy tin; lntirii.ittou.il I trot lier-
liiKwl nl UtfjUiiii-.i!.. Indav. 'I'Ik*
tlianirr will not Iktihiu- i-flrrtivr ulilil
tin- l-itl-r part of t$n-.
Noifolk, Vn,, .Time ifi.--'riut iiejjro,
Willimii Lie, I'lmr^ed with nsMaiiHIiij!
Mrs. Holh it ll.ulies, und her cousin,
Miss ViumesN 1'owi-ll, ol Kliiftston,
Aid., wus hi-oii)-lil mtli'ly Into Mnr-
iolk todav hy thu Mflitln, who u-nre
I Im lied to Hithtvillu hy order of
tins governor to prevent the pii-ioner
Iwinj,' lynrlicd.
I)e|iiity filierifl I.mikloid istiili'S ilm|,
he Iuin llm iii-urn's ronfeHslon, 7,ho
Miinluiidi'is who rros'i-d tin- hnrdrr
into Virginia, have rutin lie.! lo llieir
Dowie is
Disgusted and
Wishes to die
Cliica«ft, .Ini** l?.--Jo!in Alc«tiniler
llow.ti-, tin the witn?**. ntntiA In .fmff-fi*
J.iiiidi<' .-n«rt lirtay tr«.,ittl>Hii|'ly Wg.
—. ~ ,  j..
Ail  for  Alinatir*  ami  laic*        no
' vA- ;.■".■;■ \lKi .; \   . j        ;•   i'< "■>.
jjed for "doaih 'to relieve liim' ol" his
son"".>\v.s.riiul defeats. Ife declared also il heshouid.die'Jie would ,, poirto.
Ij'iicy.'lo -Varlli ;4'&rfii*'as-;Ulijnii *-.*' the
litstorer. Doww, ui, tjtje :toui su xof his
Tcalliiiony gavo the following rules
to guide n liiaii who is about tp die:
.yi\o tilings' in' order— even wliun you
go to di'j;        "'   *       '       '   '   •
"])('it'f iniike a splnsh and-mess,of
It. Goto your death conch und taltit-
'lyAiwait the end, •
The  occasion, for the discussion 'of
,'deatli enmc' when Howie, figliliuij for'
ownership' or Zion  City  and  the re-
'claiming oi possession, which "is now
in  the   hiiiids  of  Wilbur,  Cl.  Volivit,
r.vii.s tolling or his'first serious illness
'ih part of the ii'stimony on his pres*
[ nt competency to rule thu city which
iu built, Dowie mnde tin: iimn/.ing its
■ci-tiou Unit nfler lie was first striken
tic lay, down lo die, bill' awoke two
louts Intel- nllve. ,,"T wus newr so
Hs^ustcd ns whin I nwoko two
hours Inter nllve," he declin-cd., "nnd
I nm Hllll dlsgiipi»d,   "
* -          9      ,
A* E. Mumford tells how Psychine
1  cured him after the Doctors
give him up
——  ,
]- " It Ir tw-tlvo yinri'itnca Paychlna cured
ma of gallopini-f comumpllon." Tha
aiwaWwaiMr. A. B. Mumford, »!<>>■ tent
Ull, and lookliij*" juit what he It a huiky
besllhy hunct: 11 a nvtlt lii* 01m Una
near Mnifnelav/an, Ont.
" I cauulitftiycold worklnr »■ » flrantan
on (he C.P.R.' lie continued. "I had
night iwcaIi'i chilli, and fever and frequent-
ly coiijjln>d up plocen of my lungii.   i waa
Uinlj-lniv  ^9}   qni]   |l,,i   rXpcteri   «3?J Jl'J.-J
wa» no hopo for mo, Two -monlha treat*
ment of Psychine put ma right on my feet
and I have had no return of lumr trouble
L If M.-. Mumford Imd alarted to take
Ptychlne whan lie (lnt caught cold he
would have aaved hlmielf a lot of anxiety,
and luiTcrlnir. Pnyelilna ciir***j all lunir
(roubles by klllln**- the Rormi-the rooU of
thedlieaie. ,
. I/ist Your Property \yitli  -*,..' "
FRED'BASS.-     '*      ....
' ■*  AGENCY.
Property lor*,Sale, .Rent or Exchange
Rents ' Collected.   Employment    Fnr-
;     - nlshcd. '•;   . " '.'*
(f tmtontotm SUtsts)
50c. Per Bottle
lMt%**w ***** tt m*v* M-«Jt *t***nm*is.
II. T. A. ILOeUM. UmlUd, T»r«U.
Philip Carosella
General Merchant
and Dealer in Wines,
Liquors and Cigars. "■;.
irm'Rjsri'Ei, b,. o.
'' ' " Hon.'Wm.'Gibson, President. •- ;.,-   . ,  ■-'..'-AA-.-., i»«
:'"    J. Turn-bull; Vice-President and General',>M.inag'er..A*..
-. -.   - ;''      ' -i. -y. ■.- •     -*--,';,-        . ■ ,
1 74 Branches throuyhout Canada        -     -
Mi'i'i-y, OiJcis nnd  Hnifis iss.iifd. paynlile in Cnmidn'or*;ihron(1.' ''"   ,'   ••'
';    "   Foiclgn -.Irarts cashci-V. ■' Spcciyl-i-iJyfiiila^os iivS.'ivin^s Dc-ptiflnient.'* **'   -*
"4Qpe"'n in.lhc 'cvQ'hing>!of thc-^-oal-Gb's payUlfvy-from17 till 9
A .•        .   ."   J.-R, LAWRY ARont.Vl-.riN"l'E BIlAXCSl'
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^-^^^^^^^^^ VVfet, t*^MW*p
Niii'HcrloH.. Gi-oonhoiisct & 8ood
', . ii,   IIOIIHCH. ,, 7 '., j.'
Hcadqunrlcra for 1'AClFlC COAST
OUOWN Ourdctt, Fiultl nud l-'lower
Kinds. New crop' now' In stock rondy.
for iliitlriliiilioii; iisk.your nuM-chuut
fnr tlit-iii In scnlcd pucl-i-is, If lio
dots not huttdlt litem wu will prc|)ny
lo votu- nearest post olliru 50 5-coul
pncktlR/ottr suk-cllon nf (.nnd vniio.*
tics, for $1, to introduce them,
l.urjrc slock ol HOME OUOWN
I'rutt nnd Oinatiieiitnl trees unw matured for Hit Nprinj: Irnilu,
No expense, loss or tlelitv for um*
Rullon nr liisjii-t'lloii,
Let nm prlco your list hefntu plnr-
iiiir vour older. OiwiilKiuses, Pluuls.
Floral Work, Hue Supplies, Frull
I'nrkn'-es, Ferllll/trs, VAe. CnlnloRiiu
join Wcaliiiiiutcr Avi-.,.
Vniiconvcr, II. C,
ncHurren Bros.
r>D A •%/*%« ram 1
•-•- m mt   m m  lm m*sml  *
Sand, Lime & Wood
Olllrc In runri-if How Poon Illnak, Pornln, 11,11
Orow'*  Host   8peolal
Miner's Favorite Olnnrs
Secohd-Hand Store
Opfinfd up ntxt lo Icetnn UaM
Tor   Cntth
J/tH.lL THRttV,
amos oouorn,
Well furnished rooms. The tahle "is* supplied with'-the hest
the market affords. The ba r is sunplicrt
liquors nnd eicttrs. !
with   the   liest wines,
* *%^^^%^^*%^%%^%1|>%^1^^%>*^%%%^^^%%^^
»j«<* j*» -"X**!"*!**' "X-* »X**X"*X**X**X* *X* *X**I*" X* "I""!** "I****-J-* *I**l* • * **X* "I* "-*X***J** >X** *X*>*X*- ■ X**I**X**X"*" •("■"X^'X***' X* ** t*"* X ""X* *l**X**J**
The Serrii-Ready
I  I Ilf IH1.IIHI In ii iii  -    •	
For   -lJp-to«(lato<" Clothing,  and
Gont'M   Furnishings.    Drop   in    <
and bo fitted up.
j Don't forgot the place L;l;W. Block \
•and   Home   Life
Cun hr enjoyed hy (uk iu<-     your     uienl.i    ot
The Royal  Restaurant
In rniijitiu-llnti willi the. "Hovnl Hotel,! Tlm linil     meiil        Reived in ! tlui
city for ?-•*  i-eiils. A lew more ri-Riil nr Imnrders desired. Your prttionaKi*
f,    .'(»n«rtt''ill"    i-ii1tnKi.il ' ' ' ..',
AU, WIllYlUIKIil'     KMl'LOYBD.
MRS. IM. HOIzLZEL, Proprietress
iPhone 12
For Pine Stntioncry, Office Supplies, Ledgers
Day Books, Jourrmls, Cash Booltn, Letter Books
Typewriter Paper and all goods kept in stock in
a first class Hook and Stationery Store.
The Palace Drug Store
H. F. McLEAN, Manager
Agcuu Art Iliill I'liino.  llerj*.atld.ff.  Mquhl Vfuei-r,   WftWi'i Cumlici.
***** iftfiff^'^-^
srJ^'-^^ij*^**- >-.^^j'~:J^*A*t>\'' »•" ^ ^Y^Y}^"'  *• ".' t. ''''A •
Devffis Island
French Government Wants AmericanCrook who Makes Uet-Away
From Penal Settlement
London,    June    i6.—The.    prisoner  dead body, .supposed- to bt thatA, of   of his revolver.
s-jgtainst whom extradition proceeding.*'
arc being taken hy the French government' and who appeared at Hew
street   police   court , last   week is
watched ..day and night. If he is really thefanions Edward Guerriu, there
is no doubt that he is one of the
most dangerous criminals' alive. . So
far he has not admitted he is Human, although■ the . police are (juinj
confident of liis identity.
Giierrlnls 'life"story is" remarkable.
After serving several'sentences of •imprisonment,he was.convicted of blowing up with dynamite the strong
room of the American express company , in .Paris, and was sent ■ to
serve a life sentence to Devil's island1
tbe desolate and pestilent place near'
Cayenne where; Dreyfus was confined.
The story of his escape as told to
an old confederate reads, like '- the
adventures of a hero of a boy's ,bpok
of adventure.-Already, if we are to
believe his own story,-'. he' was planning to escape when*on the outward
voyage to Cayenne. His yrst move tt>
wards . regaining his- liberty was , to
get .on friendly* terms with -a warders'1
wife, a matter which ht complacent-
■ ly observes was not very difficult, the
fact being that he is a remarkably
handsome man. Through her he obtained money from friends in Chicago, wh'erisA'he had spent a good
many years of his life, arid presentr
lv Ue contrived by means of the
same, friendly agency to 1>e ordered'
.with two other prisoners, from his
cell near the.military headquarters to
a spot at the-extreme end of the island. Soon, after-arrival here        the
the prisoner, was found on the island and was identified by the author
ities as that of Guerrin.. The funeral
took place,' a wooden board -with
Guerrin's- namt on it 'was "put oyer
the grave and the name of Guerrin
was expunged from the records ' of
the  convict  settlement.
Ilut first of all he had to effect his
escape to the mainland, ia task of ex
ti-aoi-dinury" ;*i.-ril and dilliculty. The
Hi rec uieii had food, water aad supplies'- and money, while Guerriu had'
a revolvtr. With some rough tools,
which' they hud also brought''with
lliem, the confederates, workiyig nighti
and day, made a sort of boat by
scooping out the trunk of a fallen
tree,as well > as paddles.  "
When their dugout 'was ready they
eiiVlrarked oil*: night nnd "set out 'in
tlie direction of. Dutch Guiana. Dutch
Guiana was a long way off, but the
men did not dare laud at any place
'within. 200 miles of the. place of
captivity. They took it in turns,, to
do the' paddling and  to sleep..
Their Giiertvn noticed'that his two
coiiipp-nions would whisper toj^'tlner'i
when they thought he was asleep,
and he also noticed that they were
quite willing to paddle ' while *. he
rested. He kept his,cars open and
heard thorn planning to=inurder. him
and rob him of his money. Guerrin
lay still in the bottom of tlu* vessel
gripping his revolver, and when hifj
companions crept toward liim, with
knives'in tlu-ir hands he pointed the
muzzle.at them. The men were alarm
ed and were ready, to promise anything if he; would uot shoot: He
simply 'ordered  them  to go on  pad
three men escaped into a swamp, not   dlinpr while lie sat in the stern of the
For three,days and nights this con
tinjiJtU, if' the convicts own statement cau be credited, until at .last
they 'landed, half 'dead from fatigue
and loss of rest and sleep, Gne'rr.n
immediately left the two others, tak
ing with him all he could -lay his
hands on, and leaving them exhausted in the bottom of the boat. "
At length free, Guerrin started to
.tramping northward, but how long
the journey lasted he had no idea,
for in the course of- it he lost all
conntof time. He was captured by n
tribe of Indians but at the md o(
four days ' he"succeedcd in making his
escape.' Another day and night of
wandering follpwcd, ,and then he at
last found himself in. Parniaiibo,
Dutch Guiana, iu such a dreadful
state that'he describes vhimself as
having been a bag of Jicines, rotten,
with fever. There he managed, to -V-uli
sist fbr a^time and taking a ship at
Georgetown, to New York, arrived in
tlie latter city without a penny in
his pocket.; '  „    , ,
Afterwards in : Chicago -he talked
freely with,his old associates on tlie
subject of the extraordinary adven-
tires and he ridiculed tlte notion that
the French -government would ever at
tempt'to secure his extradition.
"When you're dead on their.books"
he said, "yon arc dead all over, and
they are too polite, to think of extraditing dead men." Recent developments have shown that' Giierrin was
mistaken, although it should prove
after all that that the English police
have been at fault'in identiviiij-- him
with the man in custody here. Douibl
less the mystery "of the man's identity, will speedily be cleared up with
the aid ol the French svsleinAot an-
United -Mineworkers of America closed
a two-weeks mefctiUg today. A per
capita .assessment of 50 cents '. per
week oh the working tUettiher.ship ot
the -organization fwasf ordered. It is
estimated that this will bring in a
revenue' of from $125,000 to 5150,000,
--fr— : ; ■ "	
WINE   CO., Ltd.
.Wholesale Dealers and Direct Importers of
.   -.     IRISH  WHISKEY,
I.   O.   F.   No.
Meet in I. 0.  F.  Hull on    the
Tuesday in  every month*.-
W. ,T. J. *M0RRlSS0N7FinSec
L. P. Eckstein
BaRRISTER-AT-LaW,       SoUClTOR'     El*C.
'looms 1 & 3, "Henderson block, Fernie, 13. C.
. F-G, Latuc
.'■' Post Olliee Block. Fernie. D. C.
far  from   the  seashore,   Meanwhile  a ] boat,  with his finger on the  trlgeers thropomctrical service.
Kias and Make Up
New York, June if*.—It hns becoine   bled from the other side that     she
known why thc Countess dc Castellans' did not coin* to America on the
Niagara, thc yacht of her brother,
Howard Gould, *• •'. ., .   -'
,  The Countess has concluded to for
give her husband and return to him
Such Is, the apparently authentic gos* j French law, TfAVnim Gould's
sip in society circles. II had bee ca
had. sailed ou the Nia'gnra. Her failure
to come gives color to the story that
a reconciliation has .been 'effected. Another, thing that strengthens the
story is the inanncr in which"; thc
divorce • suit lin*** dragged,  Under the
against^her husliaiid is as good ih it
i.s suvposed here to be, she can
force it through the courts much,
faster than it has .gone. The main
cause of the. reconciliation is said 1.0
he thc. countess' love for her child-
ran,-.aml her desire that1 they shall
have, all thc advantages of the title
for which she paid so much, and
"which ndvantages.vin a social wav .it
least, would "be partly nullified if the
father were divorced from the inothei
Part of tlie story of the roccneili.i-
lion is to the 'effect, that an entirely
ntw financial arrangement may be
made lietwccn the count and his wile,
and that his spending ability will Ia-
curtailed even more than it hns been,
Sole Agents in Canada for
Windsor     Tonic,      Jag     Destroyer.
'*    %    %Y
WK.-* I—M—■—<B—-—■■
ItATF.8S2.ia  PEIi  DAY,"
.. + .'MODERN, r      "■"
Thos. Pogue,   Jt    Jt   Proprietor
\V. Jl Hobs, K.C. J. S. T. Alexamth
Ross & Alexander
Odlee In J>. T. \V, llluck, Vk-torl* Avenue, *
J7 Barber, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
Bn   Fernie, is a pleasant home for all who travel.
T. WHELAN, Manager*.
L T. W    Block,   opposite the   Bank
0'tiee hours—8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
W'J. Wriglesworth, D..D.S.
D*fcj3srTisa? "•
Omen JlouitSi-       t i-.to Is* a. m. 1 to 5 p. tn
U.80 ton p.m.
. Offico in Alex. 1 ■J|;'s biock
over Slum's Uiikory.
-        -    ,-        ii. ,
%.. $€ ■'%■
fruils a-pd
Summer Drinks
ITc.-c you'll  find  everything the
season affords in line condition.
COMK       IN*" AND       SKIS.
J. R. McEwing
*mwSW*S9<t    1       I.™—.—*<—■» .■nP".TI.|!"»F"
Italian in the Toils for importing Young; Girls From Southern It-
aly--125 Women in His Establlshihents.
. Office : L.T.W. Block
Fhrnie British Columbia
* ^.ate ftsjiftycr Xt-lson Smulter)
OoU. Silver or Lend ench... M.OO
Copper ll..'>'       Uoli.-Mlver..... H.6J
Clmit-e- f«r ",llu<' metul* on nppliiiition
 B*AKF.R"5T~Nni30N I    "
P.O.Drawer lies J'Jiono AC.
Change of Business
Having* leased the Fernie Li very
and Dray business of Wm. Hand-
ley, 1 am prepared to do all
kinds of braying' and Livery
Agent   for Ferine Coal, Summit Lime and DJstributlugr
Atfent of the Canadiah Oil Co.
Give me a caH Frec| Handley
I.os AiijfHef., Cal,, June 17,—Oa/.*
lti|(. with nail ryi'N tliroi»-^li the ,hars of
t. ctll in tli* 1'iieblo juil, Rcglnn Rc-
bimzl, u Klip of a girl in her seven*
t*euth niiniiiur watched the move-
uieiitH- of a caged Ivenst oeross the
(tilde of cells. The ln-ast walks rcNt-
leHHly hack and forth like a tiger
ond liln. until is utriped-willi hid*
eoiiN inarkii nf nin.       <-
Viiicvut d« Iloiiin ami tlio girl were
arrtsti.il hy Deputy United Htuteii Mar
uliat AiUnifi UiNt Saturday Until were
taken front 0 dlsn-putalile Iiohno owned hy d« llntiU, and placed iu the
i-ouuty jail. Kr^ina will lie hcIiI Imck
lo her native country, and thc ' man
will he tried before     United Htates
Coiiiiuissinner Trimble.  If convicted
he niu.Ht serve teu years In the pen-
. l-'ollowing the ai rests . horrible dis*
clo.suii'N of the Irnllic in young Ital-'
iuu girls were made. ,
The dclnilN of Jli-j-iuu ,lh*bu/y,i-n life
nre peculiiirly pitiful and revolting,
J)e IIoiiIn liecatue IntercNtcd in her
in January, lyo-*** She wiih Ntlling or*
nngVN 011 the xlreetH of San Sekern,
in Apulin, Southern Italy.. He learned  that  she ■supported herself     nnd
her grandmother,  Taking ntlvnr.tag.*
oj the vIiIIiIh  igtiorantc   luted her lo
America with hint under promised of
Ktartiiig her into imlipetid.-itt business
ko that sho touldiifH rich and bring
her griindmotlier to IIiIh country.also
He Ilouiii hojii diKpelK-il her dreiiius
of liappini'NS     and ulTlticiicc uhen he
brought her to l'ueblo and .placed her
miller the tutelage ol a wouinn     in
the, tenderloin district. lie  Himl.i Ih
no Id to ik-rivr a largo liicoiiie    from
liousen of thin character, 'wlijvli con*
lain nearly n hundred young Italian
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
kfevnie, 3B. C   |
00909000000900000096 *
Davky k Ladrroutk
i. < •
'.AVING. been appointed agent  for thc 0.   B. ■•
C.    Corset   Co.,    Ltd.,    Toronto,   a   large 4.
consignment pf these choice products has* this day
arrived.    See  model in the  window.  Also my. large £
consignment of English Straw Hats arc nearly .sold ;;
out and cannot be replaced t.his season. Intending!!
purchasers must
Call Pzarly
to avoid disappoiniincnt.    Note the address
Mrs. Varty-Waggett;
Ciear Co.
Workmen's Pensions
and Shorter Hours
• •-■•■■H'^^'f'-fr"*'*!**
:; Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd *
> FHRNIE, ll.C.
( .	
I Brewers of Extra FIno
> Lngor Boor and Aoratcd
! Waters. Bottled do oils
1 a Specialty. 4
. ... tug.
<f-^>f>M.H"H'|"|**f*M 4"M"l"l' •H'-f^'f *? "*f*f*f •f "t**
Nelson, B. C.
Smoke Royal Seal, Cigars.
L Atkinson,      ....     fernie, B. C
French Government Adopts Radical Policy
»»Econoiiilo aiid Social Reforms Promised
I'ftf's, June 19.—Tlie caliinct'n -Iccl.-v
ration of jnilicy was read in tlie bow-
»t» aud lioime'iol deputieii today. It
elulioraWf numerous social and economic relorwi, Including on Income
tjBi, wnrkinfmfiM- prtinlom, and a
teluction In the hour* ol Mnn, and
Airlamrt* (hut tU f>iiYCrinrittit pro-
oosi\t to carry out with ..win****, Imt
without leprUalt, "tbe law prnvidln-;
for the arpartitlon of ehnrcli and ntnle
and to introduce » feneral amnnity
ffie«i«re covtriaf »trjl*e and religious
CoaccrniBf tfc« movemenl to lie un
dertaked at thc Hagno \tetee confi-r-
e*Kt to uti-K* the turn* 'of Ik*
power., the eVtlaratloU nt the t\h-
Inet txyt: "WAtt efti.tln-aH.jj iU 'toti*
fiiWnce in thctanny and navy, France
lm|.rn tlmt tlie natlom will drailunl-
ly rvorKuni/e the oihltration trl-
liiitial an a Imsl* of tht xot-ution ol 'n*
terntntioiml i^s*»)ijln» tinMI uni^-i-r-ial
oplitfnit jiermlt* llw ualtoiiM* to :lc-
creanc tbe weight 'of their milltBry
Cannot lie Deprived o}, it VMv\tl by
Suolution ol K'if)ul«i'*>». "
Wa»hl»j»ton, Jntm ift.-Tha inaJorHy
and minority reporl.i ol the coimiill*
t«c tm tttitiUft* *•* tttttlemt in tl*
ttist of Senator R«d tt. Smoot, of
miuu, \titi luiiuct liy iSi'UutuT,    lltir-
rowa, ilt-i;Utinj* that Smoot was not
tntitltd lo llin Mill, am) tin latter
liy Senator    Foraker,    taking     tliu
oiHWdite view. Si-nntor Hiill>*w( n>ini i«*
a incinlwr ol  thu coiuiiiiiUe, «uuU
that while In- concurred in llio vitwn
of the majority, lie waa ol the opinion that Kmoot could not lm deprived of llin Kc.il under the constitution
*t*tp% by * rewilution nf evptilifoii.
Senator Smoot waa prcucnt when the
wjv>rt*f   «'iTe  pri*v*riled,   f'nili-r      tliu
plan tiUjigs-.XsA by Hniii-y, a vote of
two-thirda would he nwmary ' for
vacating the neat of the UtirJi Mnn tor
Per Capita AnwuitWBl.of 50 CenU a
Week Levied.
fadia-aapolltt, June     lA.—The.     wi-
Will Sell 9fr Day^ Round Trip torsion Tickets
or.clotfier Eattorn Points on
Junt* 4, fi, 7, jj, aj,   Jfoly •* Ar j. Aunit*t ', ft, o*   .^T1* *• »° i
For dtUlled Information, ttlet, tie., mil on or t.lr*»*
II. U UI.AOKfiTONK, Fernlf, B. C.
Mako your wife happy by buy-
ing a Steel Kan^c of J. I). Quail
or money refunded
Vtah, wen* ynUrday prevMtd in the   tional emalive eoenn.llte* of
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦* ■H1B
Issued every 'Wednesday from the of-c |
lice bt    publication,    Todd • Block,-
Victoria . Aye,  Feruie,  British Columbia.
Is Reason
for "the Many Great Northern Extensions--America Will
Soon be a Food Importing Nation ; ;^
!air.  Where  petroleum .occurred,  said
Dr., Bell,-it, was invariably      .f0}1.11^
that loose pervious strata. (Hkte sand-;
O stone)   were  separated- by /relatively
I narrow thicknesses of'impervious str.i
I ta,such,as clay,  slate, etc.,     These
strata were folded into anticlines,and
syncl.nes.   From  tlw  anticlines     tl'.*-
petroleiiri. was • obtained-**' aud if thev
were dome shaped and the boring was
right on the apex, then a much more
regular and  richer' flow1 could  probably- l)c"7<;>btaii*ed; f7A.... '. 7:i7. -\ "*
The fact   'that--■ Dr.'Bell expressed
2.   To carry "on the business of gen.
eral;traders in and manufacturers of .;■
all kinds of meats ;aud provisions. \
:'o.'. To  deveiUipi ,wa-,tcf .pawersiand;,
to equip, maintain and operate pow- *
er  plants,  and  produce  electrical  or
other enerfc<y therefrom so far"as may,
necessary,  convenient,   or   ad,vabtaj*{-".
leous iu connection with its other op-
I el at ions. ...        •■  '    '    ■■	
.''''  ■       ".-..". j
sive   construction  of  political   fences,^ pul)i18:j:i.ti  m this citv, under dale of   ooo square miles of fertile agriciiltur-   many .. - ■      ■ , .
this greasing of dic/govcrnmental '"a-j JlJlu ^ „,,„„*.<■ a„ 'inleiesling state-   al  lands. The  development,  of    this   will have to import wheat from Can-■■ the  IHU system,  serving
vears before the United States ■ mountain
cliinery  and    tuning    up  of  old  caslYIlu.nl lo.,chiiig ;Mr. Hill's new .scheme
aside  organs   as  indicated   in   Nelson Y, rajlw,,y ij^iiiliiig iir Canada.
by the lesiiriection of the Tribune ini -jiaolAubjoct is lii-aled in a very gelithe garb and vestments of the Nelson | cra* w;iv ulu* at considerable < length
Canadian. It'makes one clww the cud 9 |)1(t ^j,,.' f0nc<wins .aro. the saiiient
of reflection, 'fiien the premier's mys-i ,loiuLs.-
lical,.warning to his faithful onesi ,u lin.si..a the, Great Northern sys-
lliat he will lie back anon,* stirs ourJ,cm iiai) lines Ironi Sratt'.e, north .to
imagination and we wonder with in- 1 Vniuouver,, I:l-iii Spokane to Nelson,
satiable curiosity what date in l'001'^ ji^sland, Grand "/-irks and Midway,
Richard's "ahnanack,., has.U'en set,^, j. ^ ^ fronrBoiiners' l-Vr.'v, .Idaho,
aside for his triumphal* return.''    But
■ there   is   something  doing,      ljecaii.se
» we luar vague rumor's of money lav-
fertile lands  mnnication,.with .the Canadian
road ncaring completion,
the       rich'
district., must  have  corn-
corn- ,
long:will    it    .be   licfore
Stales "    ceases        to    l.e
wheal   importing   nation?"
.north to Kus-koiiook,  and Doin ■Uex<
lord, Mont., north to Kernie, B.  C.
Under llie charter of the Vaucomer,
islily, spent at the various stations oI q victoria & Eastern, an east ami west   _
is a short dislamv south of Vancou-
>vcr, B. C. Tliis new line opens a rich
the pilgrimage and evui I'Yrn-.e *is *i <J>ij«u ovor 300 miles long is being )milt
few dollars richer by reason ot the I ,)om . j£ijway viy Kcromeos and
visitation. With the advent, of .sum-J p,-,lt:ct01, l0 Clov-crdalc, B. C, which
iner the unollicial forecaster is get-1
ting ru his work and on giving car
to the ..voice of this trouble brewer, I )a* aud j,lmlA.r district, and -.bile
wc find'that Billy Boss has sickened J ;t wi]. 1>rovc a vaiuai,ic feeder for
of his job:and will never again <<ark-6lll(; Great Northern, Mr.' Hill has
cn thc doors of parliament with his o,.,,.^],^ ti,0 conclusion that the rap-
portly shadow.' l)u the other -hand A, developiiioiit. of Western Canada
we find Irom other, sources that this Vw)., -„sljfy ulc COnsliuel'«in of ' an-
nontlcinun is not contented with the <j>oUli;r transcontinental line, and there
uuremiirierativc  honor  of   K.   C
section   ('luring   thci   past   few   years
lias   been  remarkable,   Hundreds '   of      The occupation of these
thousands* of farmers have Hocked to   mums an immense     grain traffic for * mercial centres
this new country from  the        United   the  railroads,   and  Mr.   Hill  has  de-
Slatcs, and the inllux continues. tcrmined to get  u s'laro of it.
Hill asks this question:'.'How   mountainous  regions  of  British  Cal-   liest  part    of ', the  transcontinental
the United   unibia are wondeVfuUv rich in     coal,   route, and when it is completed
Snail minerals and lumberAThe farmers oii most difficult step toward a through
now the prairies east of thc mountains 'line will have becen -taken
use 600,000,000 bushels of wheat an- need this coal .and* lumber, and there road from Kernie to Winning can be
nuaUv lor bread and seed, and the will be a large'-.trullie. in these'com-; built on.a four-tenths grade and with
vearl'y .consumption is: increasing at a modities when the line to. Winnipeg-. *-"rv<-'s not to exceed- three degrees
rapid pace. With our population grow,   is built. >    .     .     .    --->-**'-™cM*>>' win »°"- ■« difficivlt,_ an<
ing ateadilv,  home, consumption  will      The people of* western" Cajnadn want   K ••*" estimated that the. road'can be
,   o   .  built-at  a cost  of   from„, $20,000  to
== ■    - ■ ■ -■- $25,000 per' mile,, while the cost, ih- q
*mm\ Am. t'•   v*   a* ««r«H   W»       •#   -a   u    eluding   terminals,    will    not exceed
Great Northern Will Build It s»^p««
testimony to the lvalue of the ptoti-
irtieV now lieing,developed in Alberta
aiid British Columbia.
The  road now lieing  built  through
■I'ii;   the  mountains constitutes  the    costliest  part    of ', the  transcontinei
The '
v Minard's I/aiiment. is,'the only lin-
iiiient* asked for at niy.-store and .tho
only one wc.keep for sale.
All  thepeopie use  it.
Pleasant Bay, C. B. ' t
Aid. W, \\\, Tuttle. has resigned as
/lire chief and Assistant Cliief Baldly
lias l>cen appointed in his, phice.
'Prtcnd. ..'
' I4in*imcnt    lumberman's
,mt(J/.foi-c he has decided to build from Win
stniitial -in the shape ofta cabinet al'" Ys^'  Iniles.
The two arms extending to Nelson,
would appreciate.something rmore sub \ nipeg wesl tQ Ft,rniC) ^ distance
poiniment. Sir. Ross, apart .from his O
services'- on  the  Kaien island  invesli-
9and. Kuskonook can  be connected by
gation coinmitlcc which were "of very |thc coiisttuction of M miles of road.
doubtful   utility      to  his  party,   has oTht r|)ul-  of thc Vnnt011vcr winning
been  a  most   constant   not    to say j ,*„,. wi„ 1])t,„ ,)C [roJ11 Vancouver via
„ servile supporter of the McBride gov-VMj(hvVlv   t(> ' HarcnS(   Wash.,   tliivice
erriineiit. Consequently, ir Premier Mc <Avcf t]*lc nin,n 1|nc rf ^ QKal NoJ..,
Bride is.able to give full swing lo his ^^  {q Kcxfonl> Monl-)  n]'ul  Ulcncc
feelings, of gratitude he can not over--!   orth lQ-Pcrl,ic aml on l0 W.inniiKR.
look' the handsome bov from     - the ['   „„ .... ^  ..
.   . , ■ *      « I  ' Ibis is bv no means a direct route
co.il fields.  Wc therelore come  to the Qr ., , -• .    ,   .-  ..
,    .•:       ,-      ,,.    „ .,,      ,    1 from    I'ernie    to    the  coast,  but   it
conclusion   that   Mr.   Ross   will      be 1        ,, ,       , . ,, , ....
,.        .,..,•        ,.--.■ Vwould lx* almost  minossih-c  «o bir.ul
'lorcea bv iiucontrolablc circvinstani-es', . „     ..        .    , \-  . ,   J_1-
 ^—.; 1 —-—■ d-froiii—rernie—west— tliroiiEli~tlic_inoun*--
to   again   becoiau   the   standard   bear l,   ,       .      _       ,„,*-,'., .,
,      .".         „,      I tains   to   Grand   l-orks,  which   would
cr'for ln*s party  m  the district.   lheO, .
.  ,.  ••        • , , 1 I be ueccssarv  111 order to secure        a
socialist  and  lal»or parties  111   l<enue i ..     ,..,.     *.„,    *.. , '.     ,,
S direct line,   lhc instance bv the. loutc
setiii,   to  say,, the   least,   to   ne      at -,.    ,  .        „..    ,
,,    ' , ,      ,  y,outlined Irom  \\iiuiipcg lo Vancouver
logger heads and unless their dilhcul- |    .,, , .,     • -  ..     '   „   .»-.,----
,. ,..,i. , iw'11 he 1575 miles against  :^Sj miles
lies arc adjusted between  now     and r>      ■• *   ,   ,.        ,*  ,     ,,u
',,-.,,. *, ,     1 bv   the present  line  of  the  Canadian
the date-of election, there apueais lol,*   ,„    , „..-   , .*,    -•
.        ,-■•    1 ,-       ■,;,-.     r' iicilie  from  Winnipeg to \ancouver.
be a fair chance ot  seeing both a la-       ,,„   . -,,       ' .„,
, ,       . ,-. . ,., .   0   ^hat are   Mr.    Hill's   reasons for
lior diul socialist candidate   iioiiiiuat-    ,.,,... .
.    ,    A     A' 11      .* ....  c'.bnihbiig    tins    new  transcontinental
id. As for the hlx-nil cause 111 I<einic . ,. ,
., v . JJmc   when nlrcndv    thc   coiinlrv.     is
lliere    are   numerous   aspirants  wilh.O-   . , *■      ,--
,        ,.,,    ,.        ,   ,  .,  • I Ircing served bv the Canadian Pacific,
verv good (iiia'iilicatioiis, but it is an-r      ,    ,     „       ,".      „•     , . ,    ,
,..'**.,,,*       ,       .,     ,   ..,    . 1 nml the Ciinndiiiu Northern,  with the
licipnled that when  the battle , is oni , ,. . ,     '
,,   .... .,,    , , , otirnnd   1 nink Bacilli* under construct-
all  differences   will    have    lroen sunk ■
The extensions of the l'.-oat Norlh-
#  :  ,ern iiito  Canada arc'under construc-
' ,  •*'     .   A.   - tion from St, John,''X.'I)., to   Bran-
New York, Juiic iS.—James J. build it. That is, not true. It is, a don,, Man., 75 miles, from Xeehe, E.
Hill, president of the Great Northern Great Northern-enterprise. The line D^ t6 portagc l<a" Prairie, 79, miles,
railway, expressed indignation over,a will'be owned* by, the-Great Northern ^nA jroju Walhalla, N. I)!, to Morden,.
recent alleged intei-^ew iu which he '.whicli will prov*dca funds to "construct jian_- ,20 miles. The Brandon extcn-
was quoted  as saying  that he     and   it. A     '.' ' sion is being built tinder the charter
his friends  would  build  the  Vancou-      "There is" no* intention to issue any   of the Brandon, Saskatchewan & Hud
vcr-Wiiinipcg line with their pep-on.il   bonds, but there 'will  certainly be; a   son j^ay Railway,, and the'Portage la
means,  that the Great Northern had   stock issue. The public will not     be   prajrie  and  Morden  extensions     arc-
no interest in the road, and that the   asked to put up the'-money, so it is" being built under the charter of* theY'scrilx-d land near Rlko,'in ihe district
two lines were distinct enterprises:      not the pnblic's business how. the: no'-" Midland railway .of Manitoba,  which 9of East Kootenay,'B.  .C.
"It was stated," sai-d he, "that^Mr ccssary funds, will lie raised. But aiso has ji charter for-a'line **from A "Commencing at'a post planted at
Hill would b-ftild the Canadian line— the Great Northern will"provide them Winnipeg to the iutcrnntional line at I the Northeast corner bf ^lot. No. 73161
that Mr.  Hill  and his friends would   ,. ' ■ .        ' * Emerson.A ' -   « „v thence  north  40  chains;' thence  west'
-Take notice that'within sixty days
I-intend' to* apply; Xp"!tliei*chicl com-:'!,
missioncr of lands and  works for a
special-license, to cut and carry away
timber Irom  tlte following lands sit-. -
uated in southeast Kootenay district'.
Commencing'at a post marked John.
Dockstader's-southeast corner, about
one mile west of the mouth oI.'Tnn-i.'
ncl creek where it empties into thi*
Elk river, thence north 80 chains,
tlience west So chains, theuce south'
80 chains, thence east So chains to
place ol commencement.
Located May  19th,  1906.  ...
JOHN   1)0CK«TEA1*)ER,
-1 " * Locator,.
e    .    •    , 	
'' *'   ,   Per
' The contractors of Fernie ; will
please take-notice that After April
ist,-. 1906 the Carpenters and Join-
is of Kernie'I.ocal 1220 will demand four,dollars (4.&0) for eight (8)
"hours' work. -   -
U. B. of C. & J. U. 1220, Fernie.A
Notice  is  hereby   given   that       60
i*days after date I .intend" to apply to
jthe chief commissioner of  lands .and
.works to purchase the following  de-
■DARTLETT HOUSE., formerly the
V Clark, the best $1 a day hotel
in Nelson. Only .white, help cnjloyed
G. W.  BART1.ETT.  Proprietor.
Hill Gets Midway & Vernon
That the main  line from Winnipeg A 60* chains,    tlience   south., 40  cliains,
thence cost along north  line bf    lot
NoT'7*Ji6'6o cliains to" place of commencement.'' '
hated at Elko, JVC,"May 30, 1906
will run through Brandon and Port
age la Prairie is certain, but Vest-
fromUhc former point the route is
known.only,-to Mr.-Hill and liis lieu-,
' -    ... .-.. =•■- 'tenants.       7 ' ' "'
■• - ;' "" Extensive terminals have been pur-
, ■. . ° ■ ,      *• * . -
"St.   Paul,   June "16.—It  is  reported        Last wcck{-,.*t,ooo tons of steel'rails "chased at Winnipeg at a cost,'of over
here that Jas.  J.  Hill,  iircsitlent    of   were ordered for this line from Cape   $3,000,000, and,0tcrminals have..     also A-
chased'a controlling interest.in     the   will-be rushed through without delay   la Prairie. Work on these extensions^
Midway  &  Vernon. railwav cx"-i:cting   The line,; which is about 100 miles'in   is well advanced and will be complet- -'
to use this as a link  in his hew line   length,'was originally-projected .  by . cd by  early  fall. '-'  .
between  Kootenay  and  thc  coast.        New Yoik capitalists. ''  *
flay Go to HudsbtVs E&y
and  the  party  united  on  one  candidate who bv common consent will.hu
, ion.1
In Manitoba, Snskatcnewaii       and
The Ledger is in receipt ol u communication from Thomas E, "Kelly,
secrelury of Moyie Millers' union, W.
I'. M,, enclosing a certificate" showing,
ill., niciuhership of llie Western Fed-
criitioii of Millers,-with n ri«|iicst thai
it be published, loi* the purpose ■ of
correcting a sliileiiiuiit recently mnde
111 the I,i*dg.*r by u correspondent that
the .membership ol the federation had
dwiiidlud down tn about H.noo.. The
following l.i 1111 extinct from the secret iiry-tn-nsinvi's lust ainiiiiil report,
nnd its correctncs.s is certified to: "'
N'o, clmrlL-r.s issued to local iiu-_
ions April' 1, I'A'.S I" April >.
.   190/1  i'          .Vi
N'o. unions in W. V. 111. Apr, ,v. '-Ml
Mi'iulicrsliip .Mnnli 1, 191U .,,■,.. 19/153
Mcinbersliip Apr. 1,. mofi   40/135
,Scuttle  l'.-J.- '
Within  line tuoiilli  Ironi  the   ' .billot   his  rnpluic,   Hill   Miner,   liuiulil, 0
si'iilt'iiceil by a provinciiil  indgc,  wns <*>
in (the provinciiil penitent liny uf Xiw
Wi'stiiiiiistei-, II, C, siir'-ing n life rii*
li-liiv. If, (iiii'i! look King (oiiiilv nine*
vcnr.s  lo Mini ,1  ■iiiii'iliiri!*' lo i-m'u q
lion,  nud  the Mii-niu-lniHili  nnllioii
li the electric chi.r While, lh.< Miner^
i-nw mny not lm t'u* iu>>i in Cun.iil.j
i.t ii mints, llie il<t,iv.t ilriraitirli.lli'A
ol those ol A-'.n7v nte iliiIv l-'cll
in prmtiiY 'the.-. 'Ihr lunVniiieiKi'il '
ilifli-rHii-ii In 1I1*-* llriiish biAfr*. Aft
not play politics   li.e c-uilMM In nu
* O—O—O—O—O—0—O-O-rO—0,r-<9 -
tion and age. „
Dr. Holt is nn authority 'on the
•iiibject having worked out a theory
which changed (lie methods us.-.'i in
the pension bureau of ilctcriniiiing thi*
amoiiiif ,of n man's pension according
lo liis disnbilitv.
, Parties  are  now  in  the   field  west.
of   Winnipeg,   and   Mr,   Hill   asserts
that the line from that city to   tht
coast will be   ready for operation by'
the' lime the Grand Trunk is completed to Winnipeg. '    *;
■1 The people  of  Canada  are anxious
•  ,- ■            .             to secure Mr. Hill's road     and aie
Ottawa, June iS,—In the senate rail   railway   companies, ' wh.'rli   arc   both   making all kinds of overtures, bii.t the
way committee today a bill to incor-   chartered ,to run  to Hudson's     bay., president.of the Great Northern says:'
pornte the Pacific & .Kiislern line froin, on the ground that it is proposed lo   "Wc nsk.no favors. All wc want is,
Victoria   to  Churchill,   on* Hudson's   traverse the., route Ihey had been ,di'av-   fair treatment. We. will purchase our
■jlit of way and will' build       our
Snd  without  subsidies."
0-0-0 o-c—c—o—o-
A .special meeting of thev. Board oi
License Commissioners,-Fcrtiic License
l)i-.lrict,\,vyill lie heldb,i*'t the .^cburt,
house, Kernie, on Thursday, June
14, at the hour of 7.30 in the afternoon, to consider the following application for a liquor license.
Simon    Dragon—Hotel    Kootenay,.
Jaffray.    .''''•*'
'   J. il. McMUI.WN",
'     Chief License Inspector.
Coal.—Coal lands may be purchased at 110   -■
neraori for foft coal and 120 lor aiitliracttn,'
Not more tl.an S20 ncies can be acqubeii by      .M
one individiial or compnfiv,   "Royalty at th«     '   -•
rate of ten cents per ton or.»,000 pound* "lliaU;   ., :^
be collected on tliu gross output., '.'' ",
Quartz—A free miner's ceitlltcnte U granted
upon iNivment in advance or ♦*> per annum tor ■
an individual,.and from iSD to JlOOpei- annum .
for a company according to capital..  , ,..     ,;
A free miner, having discovered mineral ia
plac-e,nmy locate 11 claim 1,COO x*l,r>00feet.-   ,. *
Tlicfcefofrecordingaclaim is JR. .       -   .*
At leasi'iJ-lOOmnstlie expended on tlie claim -
eachyearor paid to the.mining recorder in
lieu t'hfreof, - When ,W0 lias oeen expended or
paid, the locator may. upon having a survey -
made, and upon complying with* other -requirements', purrhaie the laud At tl an acre.
_jTh« patent provides'for the .payment of »'"	
royalty of -"J per cent oh" the sales. *"*     —^      ^""'77~-7
Pi.ackr mining claims generally are 100 feet ,    ■-
uquiirc; entry fee |& renewable yearly,"-; '%   \'^ .-.-.
A:-freo niiner:JmAy'. obt'iiii1, two j1«asei lo'"!' /.'
drodg* for gold of live miles cneli for a term of'- •
tveiitv vears, rbnewnlilo at tlio discretion of
he Milliliter of lhe Interior, . 1      ■■   •
.' 'J'ho-'lessco shnll have udredge iw ,QU«r»tlon
within 0110 season from the date or^.tlie.lease -
Tor ench live mile>>.' Hcntiil *10 per aui'uiu for   .
each',mile of rlvor loused.. Royalty, at the
ruto of i. per cent collected on the output uf-  ■
tor it exceed*|10,WW- ,   '     A',
W. W.  COREY,. ..
" Deputv Minister of the Interior,
N.  D.,—Ui-iMfitlicjfci/ctl. ftitulieia'tion  61
this advertisement will not be paid
■   ,or< ■,    -      -   -..:-.   ■
ncknowled^'d -lo'lie   the   fittest   for, I A,,,,"rti' ,ic n,c Rrcnl «rai" pvoduciiif:   .Hay,  was  opposed   by  M.*i.*iieir/ic    &   lei'cd'.'lto build on. It was decided by   rl'jjl
'tlln    f)Sl;   ' V, fields of Western Cnnadn, n territory   Mann, and the Hudson Hay & Pacific"'a vote of ifi to "11 lo report'the bill,   rrfn
t *>•—O-^O-^O—O Or-O—O—O—O—O—O-
C, P. R.
Alberta Oilfields Largest in World.
* *.
Summer      Excursions,  to.
The East.
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :   :
Retail   Meat-Merchants
Vniuouver,  .Time 19,—l'ercv     Vili-f
was lined  $50  by  Ma'tjislrale Alcxnit
.'Icr for liis connection with thu bush
lire ul North Vancouver on  .tune T,
lie liiiviiij- assisted in stnrtin-* it. *
1 ,
J' 0—0—0—0—0—0—0—0-0—0—0--0
"IiiiCiuindii, a field     has  recently I)n.4 lkll pointed     oil I    thai '     the icsiit Alhertn yon'could* sec these, cS*
been discovered in Alberta, ou     tlu Alberta, field' was just  being  opened peeially iu the country near Athbas-
slopes, of the Rockies, which    is be- up. He-had lieen over it before ,Koiii(,' bnsca. Natural ii;a.N also escaped from
lieved will eventually become       tin* to New. Xenhind, lie said, and it ex* the ground, He mentioned that some
lurgcsii iu the world," So'spoke   Dr. teiihed over n great area of country foolish'persons hud lighted fires     In
Hell, director of the geological survey One'of thc , most     distinctive evi- diflerent places with bad results, He
when lutei-vieweil regarding; the origin deuces  of  petroleum,  said  I)r.  Hell, remembered seeing one plucc where a   class; hear 90 days, limit for return,
of petroleum, by a New Henlnnd pit- wns the existence of littjc       sheets fire had been lighted ivbout four years   a«d are  subject lo usual  variations'
per published in New Plymouth, near of oil. on the surface of pools of wa- ago nnd  the  Humes  still  continue.!,   jJilJ>lldt|%cftlJJnJ 5/$! Sreo? U-kS
where1 the oil discovery has been made ter. All along tiie lease of the Rock* shooting as high ns aix'i feet inlo lhe   Dclifillr^iiU'oniialioli 'on' Vl'<pll<MU>in.
-O—OO—O—O—O—O—O—O—O—O— 0™O—6—O—O-o—O—O—3—OO—0—O—o—O—O—O—O—O—O—O—O—O—O       , .T. S. Cnrler, I).,P. A.,
Nelson, II. C.
Winnipeg, Port Arthur,* Duluth, St
'aul, Minneapolis, ;'¥53,30, Omaha,
$50,80, -'Kan-ias City; $5<>.?5i ■ St.
!.ouis -jltoioo, Chicago, $64,00 on sate
June /|, 6, 7, -.3, 35, July. 3, 3, An«-
ust 7, 8, 9, Sept: H, Jo. On same
dates through (jxcuision (ares will bu
.quoted to all points in Ontario, Quebec, "Maritime provinces, New York;
aud New England,  Tickets arc first-
W. H. Moore Replies to Howbrook
In 110 iiise will the I,edger be responsible for slntcmtiils mnde or opiiiioiif*
expressed iu coi'lespoiideuie appearing in its coIiiiiiiin, '
■'.-•. , ' , $i       I,.   ,.
conclusions ns to whether ..Slicnnan is president or not when 0 majority
voted for his resignation, What   How brook* thinks' itiioul sociii.lsm or any-
  thing else will, neither Ho harm   nor good,' Hu once .thought nnd only    n
few weeks ago, that Karl Mnrx founded the Western,Federation of Miners
To tin! Editor of the Ferule Ledger,— ulun ns a iu.iUvr.o-f history Marx was iIchiI long In-fore it was founded.
Dear .Sii,-In reply lo Mr, .1. II.  IlowbWlok's   letter  of   llie  30th  c^1  Ui; oiu-e thought hu would vole for and good man let him call himself
Mny, iu lhe hedgi-r ol lluit ihite, 1 wish to stale thut my figures as to   wlmt Im might, lie. "once thought" It  a good  policy  to gel  a  working
ics have been i:r. "• »li'iii two v. nisT   (luvole ou  Kheniiiin-N icsigniitloii  were not collect, it  should hnve been'man in tinder nny uiiiiui nnd iitaiu'way and   turn   socialist* olteiwurds.
elliug llu- mnrd'.-.er ol M.iIhsI  I'.i-Jc y   instiuil ol jo lo ,13 a»king lor his insigimlloii llml     was thu vole given   Whenever a Hot-Uilisl is returned from Feinie he will 1* on 11 straight solo luhle 11 motion iniiile iisklng him to  reconsider his  resignation.    When   dnllst ticket nud the people    will th know wluil  they    un-  voliug      for.
I Iiud I uni in the wiottg I um ready to acknowledge it, Wu shnll see it In iiiuuslug.li) think of the "great'majority ol our unions having ' to
whciliei" the tiiithlul Ilow'luook will do likewise. IT howevei docs uot lx,w to the, iiiinoiity, lho Noiiullsls. It is ou par with that other literary
itll.tr the lact tlmt il justice hu.l ln'cii dealt out eveiiliiindci! that not ouiy gem, "thnt .the convention was called owing to the agitation ol ' the
Sin-muni but nil district oHiivrs would not now U*<holding their poMlions.  socialist pnrly, " nml thnt "overwhelming mnjorily" ,of 17 to   1 fi. 1,1 is
II was distinctly stilted (and imderst (lod liy the delegates) by President n p(ty lllntHho/grcnt-minority, does not ntlend, for they would have Iir*
Dicken thai ns we could mil agree v. ho was to have the lour voles, llml  c,| tfieiti out hug and baggage, .lon-g ngo.'Wilh" regard     to his assertion
"f >>1 .IS
ll.   ,      .111",.' I        I   •     \      1 '
4,4.1.i'i    llial   ulna i>   i>ji..->   itf   ,il>..i.).
.-    \llil'llr;lll   1uiV.'!.1T\'
»v   iii.ic   li»,  '.Vi.sUiil  l\.iik|.ii,i>ii| './.   ,.jiin.ih  umc  Jmd  .-,i,i*»i intl.iln.1,-.   but  t>w-
Ht-iciitlst Maintiiins llml Workingmen
S llDl.l      111.      libit-     11,1.it      H..IH.      SH^silSI,       I,||il     lS.il.lSi
7   iiiuiilid, uiul tluit when we voted i-ouii;i  wc -.honld lmve  three voli-t i-ni-h.   Sii^. in ..iiiiuliMn now Juiii only IX^Vid, j ^. jj js JuJm>, uuA ihMeti^e blui
9   'J'lu-ii- Wiii lio objeilion stilled alld w« uudecsiooil
.1.. r,i.,.
L-n i
llooton, Ji.ni: !f.,--llen.Tirtiiing    ilii
theory »f Dr   Oslei  regarding innii'i
value pt cord ing lo tils nge, De, Ernn*
inns  IIoll, ol Purl land, Mi*., nt  lho
hphtluilin/.lof'v ses-.l(iu fil 'llu* Amur*
nun Mi-dirnl Associuiiou, »u nn flab-
nr.it>-   p.ip'-r   fill   VIij ili.-il   M-oniiiiilr«
oiiilcliileil lh.it the iTolloinlr vnl ie ol
n    laWing   iiipii   deiiea'./i  nftrr liis. .
•?.<-th venr, nnd Mini On* vnlnr of IhcT
iirofeis-ilnniil mnn wnnci alter !iU 40th'?
yrnr. y
Dr, Holt ptiM-nted ait ct..I>otutv. I.v
bit* hhowing lh,it.n iiian'* vnlnc    In
nioni'v Van icluntly Ik* di-lcniilii'd by
tdlinj» into toti*.liVr»t!oTi }\U n-r,-upa.
n.r the gisig,iiii\inn m iiHI i'iiMkh-i o.tiiers to 10 iigitinsi, \ iiauunl xiw lorn,  weio iniiiiy Wills and tboiiKiinib. 01 |,ji^| )(ot represented. There
\otes ou iic.iiuul of receiving       tlic|||g||L>Hi nuiiilier of voles in the local  one camp, lintu-,*ilud.there is nearly, If not quite, thu Imlance of the fig*
union when l-iillotiug for the ollice, nnd Howbrook ought Io know |iy this  are In; gives jn llriiish Coltintbiii, It \n on  a  par- with  his 'other  state
ii -
il'iovliice ol llriiish Columbin
NO. 346,
This In to ccrtlly thut thu "Dominion Meat, ami Cuttle Ranching Com*
puny, Umiicil," is authorized iuul
HcciiM-d to cuxry ou liiiKliiess wilhiu
the* proviiicu of llriiish Coliliu|»lii, nnd
tu carry out or vflcct all or uny of
the object-, ol the companv to which
the legislative authority ol lho leg*
d, isluluro ol Hritish Columbia extends.
'i'lie lieuil ollitu of thu company is
siuiate at Calgary,. In thu province
of Albertu. ,,
The amount ol' the eitpllul ol tho
Company It on*.' hundred and ninety
thou-iuuil dollars, divided into nineteen hundred shares ol one hundred
Uuiluin ci-cli.
The .hind oll'icc ol Hie "company in
this province In', situate at Fernie,
and Henry William llerchintr, burris-
Ur ui law, wbow; mldrc'.s h Fernie,
is tlu, attorney for tliu company.
"    ' iimlseftl-of of
Choicest ctttn of fresh iiicatu alwayi
bit hand.
Ilami. bacon, itnd lard as well.
All kinds of fresh Cii. oc -canon.
Prompt delivery.
Givu us a' call. I' !
TEI.. 18. ■   "-    "■■'„■■
Crow's Nest'
Electric Supply Store
All kinds of  Electrical
-   Goods kept In stock.     /
All work
John Tuknkr,
H. Y. WOQ'I'TRN,.    ,.
kcgiitrar olJoitit {Stock Companies,
ood thul such was go'.ng to i„ produce nny .copy of their nuiga/ luu ns proof, 11 ho -will look up the
lm dniie, 11. nti tln-y iillegc,, a tlu resulted, why    did   not the chairman Kelson      Daily     iN'tws he will see- tV report  from   their vonv-*p«udiiil
give his i-asting vote? If any inlnewo,•„.,•*, doubt this, let them ask   nny at Denver dated, I lliink, Mny ofilli, of this yimr, giving< nut that lliere
ikligiitc present uiul sutiily himself. The vote should rend 17 lor calling were 175 delegates ut,thu convention, ri-prcM-trliirg $0,000  i»?n-r^W   there.  6   liiveii ij^jlermy Imml
u,  iu. cfi/1/1  ii.    1 •>"■•   *»   \ UlwUi,   ri«JVli.^,t   si*    ZltuUi,
* '" *     '" o Columhia, thin 15th day of RfayKbiie
thousand, nine hundred and t>lx.
.     . .      i'" »•)
time ihnl the position i\ num hobbi jn the loenl union avails him nothing inciils, Wil|i rcgnrd loiny new .titles, •lOrinl Socialist Leftd-jr*-* and "TTn-
in a tiinvcniion either district or nn lionjkl.   N'ellJwr Sherman  nor How- Jon smasher," il involves Nome     H'tlle personality lo Ik.—either, 1ml II
brook Imd us many votes ns I had nt our lasl antiiiiil convi-ntioii, I was ilmre Is iniy surer ,wny;,of smashing linions than pulling kicAni])etentmen,
willing lo leave ii to the 1 rudunli'.l lomiiiiliti- but tlu-y would not uucpl in pohiiinns oj it list and iguoilng'tlie (|cinnnd>T ol  thc 'rank and file ior
thut. According to their own sin Icm lent tluv have nie lo tliimk for still iwttcr luws and ndminlstroUon of tlie'Mine, coupled, with » bulldog per-
bring in ollue, iu il I Imd eiitisi-nted to Dicken  rnMiiig   lhc   extra      vole imcitv iu liimglug on In ollice at any cost, T dos't know it,, The lime has
it would have resulted Iii n majority in favor of the resignation of   nil passed f«>r lhc milk mid waler social-j,-.'of three or four yromagn;   tin
'hi- district oliiici-i, nnd il  I rcpri-<««.|itt*d over Um mcml-crs as lie »vcr» half mi-AMius this time. The comp.cte ftholitfnn W tho wage system with
who did Divkcii reprcseiil? It ii i-vidcm Slieriimii knew,  lor In wlthdrnw* its ui'..>iiip'iiiying wage slavery is the motto of the  sodaliTa**  of Fernie,
ing hU r.uigiialion he look (he si and  that a majority ol the locals fnnl The force* ol riipi(all«in nre pnvhit th* wav Tor lhe co-operative eommon-
iiiinvUrs. wen- nnt lu luvor ol his resignation, nnd ronscutictitlv he should wcnlth, Hull the'ilav.l.   Voiiis fnr the iwolutlo-i, ' **   **'
liul  resign, nnd alter flatly staling he would not continue  In "ofllce and '   1        V" w. II, MOOP.I!
g.:\ing copious rcnwiii llu-nifor. "Fair-minded penple" i-an draw their own . *  A
•D—0~O O~o~^>-o—<>-..<
, {^~Q~4>~0{y~.ty.
the .objects lor which the company,
Ita*. bev-n esta,blUhcd and licensed are:;
1. Tu act (n-ueuilly us. piodiueii.
ol und dealeri iu meat, dead and ulivn
ami i-iovlslons, iitcluding, but without liiiilling the geutialty of" the fore-
toint ttordij '
,)U.)  Kamltlnc,-
(Ti.j  UipoUlaK aud importin-*- of
dcad ami Iiv» meal aud yrov(utoui.
(c.)  keUilinir meat and' nrovii-
forty. 1
.   (il.)  Conducting an abattoir aod
«dd tint*** l^iliwu..
gfa^*^fr^fr*^fr>T^fr^T^|fl^^»ai mil*
\ Read carefully nil the t
■■- Advertlscmcr^s In J
this Issue, and Pat- J
i ronlze our Advert!*- ^
|Suec««or to 8«m K««*j
Short Ord«r« ■er-vedwt all
hjouni, day or night.
- T-Vo iluort nouth of tli* Klk Itlvur Olub
Pernie,     i-3     B.C,
MM oVi
immmrmimrmimrii.mmmum ii....^.^^^
iti •• Si---1 c-*2.V--iA .
.-■ -^M-XS*?*?*-i -1-'
,-h: -
-4.   Jf   '.--'
~" 77"«"74^7^
-- •'   -'" ■;.-/«
B .m. *^      A 1. ■    *•     '   .   r r .- ' . .-1    J* •!        , » " < \V *" , in . *. j < 1 ,    , — t <"••>-      -   rf -
: ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-^♦♦♦♦♦■»»»»»<^»»»»»»»»^»-»»^^».»^-» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<
1 •->;ti       ,...,■*■     >   „•-* .,* -      '-Vs-  *' • "*.-'*<' **;.".' *?„ ,      4
,>„•>*   t'.          ?-•"..''    *■". 7   -,7  % '* • ..<;•?*   - -.« .*s,v-     ,.-*-,
-..A.!,  '"'      ,*■   -i i----   ■'., 7 ~    ■"-.,.   'I**:..   ''* .■-•- '       :
, -**- -*■*•<•*   ----is',,-".- -i-,-,* s»*\ <".-'.. v» -  *",J    *>-    "*
fY-Y.y ,i''i'i'
7-13 v*>--,;■;■
»' .    »
'   .^A-A:A A-Aa 'l''*- AC' i	
?■' y.YmiYyfJ-yi Y* &&£&
*   -    '4^'YlfYYYYiTY^y''^
t> .. .      #7'.fA.iAAA>?>.7 '^ '-■ 7- >•• . *■ A-
i. ,,    .'    ■    *; <Kf Ui1f'f$-\ i*s'.\.   V   '       ...-1   .4-.',   -«'■"..
it, ,      f'i>'!4.4«-li..-'*..7''».   ', *!-,   "-    .'J,*       ■„  ..   I    *>..l.,3i>
.1.,. »• ^
■'7 A '
4'   .1*/
V). *
1 v
174        '->
'K"- ■
1   " 3? .I'''   .'.-,   *'    ^  4
i* i,-* -
Hi        1"     *   U
1 Hmt-M-sKW-awiw^^
. M, „„„"„, , ir.nl.. » 1.1 11 MM*""'**
1 -1   ,   *-■,     , f       ' ,', '  -
1    .'.A"'1 '**.   , ,     rt,-, ',*'!.
■ *n wMiww.iyiiri.
."'' '   ft, ,
l*,, fl     ■ >'
.4:,-'   *.*
Foot   Racef
!   .1",,
Horse   Races
-  ■• •    •
■w ' **mm*\***\\^*w
JUm*m*m **********•'
■ s.   m .mm'tlrm .ri. , im.
i-4    '   i
•V        -#^M#^*Woi-WaP**,B
 .  r**»*-»mi»*f"j^^
■♦♦♦♦■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦f ♦♦♦injji^iiiUi
* ***-
j/"\ - **fl 71
*5" i V- % THE b'E.RNIE LEDGER, FERNIE, B, C.   JUNE 20, 1906
+.,.+..»..»!.,..*,.t~*.^+*"*"*"*"*"»..*-.*-*"*"*-'*"*~*.i*>.*'.*.n*+   .»~«~«J.««»~»»«^«-.«.,»..«~«„»..»M«M»»«»tl,g,.»..t,.t|^
"Now, it's hiiiny.aiu'i it, tlit engines have little iwists and turns, in
Iheir behaviour the saiiu- as* luinian-
•U'injjs*," said, the fat engineer .to a.
New York Sun reporter. "There was
335 and  1 ""6. "*'-,'
"Thev were-', jiist as iitucli alike- as
two peas in a pod-.when' tliey ■'• first"
camo, Inuir tlie locomotive works, an'
were put in commission, I had the
i;,6 and Hill.'Sykes 'ran the 135. It;
wasn't lon-j before I K*jcan' to notice
a spirit of rivalry between them, ,,as
i't were,' just as if Ihey were a couple
of cooks after the jjlteudancc' of the
cop on  the  beat.
"An" they did llieir work line, too.
If Hill Sykes made a particularly fine
run,with llie i.*",-*", then I'd conu* alonjr
an' >jo hiin a little better with my
eii'-jine.      ',""..*,:      ',      '  ■ "!
"I not. to know the i,tfi just like a
book an' was onto lu*r every whim
and curve.One dav  lliere  came orders
lor Uill .Sykes' cnj-ine .to, go into the
shop for extensive repairs. It seemed
to atlect the 136 and she'd go over
the road as if she missed 'airiend,
lml alter a week or two"-she was
just as »ood as ever and dorn' great
work, " -
"One  day  the   135  came  out ol   the
repair   shops   resplendent "in   a     new
coat ol. paint  an'   looking  'me     and -.
dandy..   She'd 1k*cii completely *, over
hauled  an'   Hie  master .mechanic had;
determined to experiment  in the new*
style of straight stack  an'  extension
front  lxiiler \\hich  were  just  becoming , fasliioiiali.e  on   the  roads     them
days.   So  he  had  equipped   the     .135
with* the new makeup,  lo see how it
would ■ go.     She   cerll.iuly   did   h»ok
like" available  cash  when  she     came
down-the-pike her first trip -from- the
The   new   fa)i-gk-d   apparatus   seemed to put a haughty spirit inlo   her, ,
too, an' as she llirlcd past-'lier. sister
II1U136, she. shot the steam .'out of
her cylinder cocks as if to say,-"Well
I guess I got you backed off ' the
boards now, sure pop," I just'-mused"
. and1 said to myself, 'pride gocth lie- ■
lore a fall."
"I'd had experience riiough willii engines, lo know that tliey were a good'
deal like women an' the equipping of
the 136 with the up-to-date- finery,
would make niy .engii.e as sulky as a"
woman whose' neighhor has a princess '
dress an' she hasn't. An' it sure enough did raise old Xi.-l with the  13(1.
"She'd work till right when we first
,1       * -
.   started on *a Iriv  wiih  her,      but* if
we chanced,to meet and pass the 135
onihe wny,  it   was all  oil  with    my
old girl for the rci.t. of thai nin. Tho
engine ilespalchcr  came  hack   on  me
about the  l3(*i  ijoiii'  off  her feed  an"
not doing her usual good   work.
"Now,'  I says to  him',   'you  needn't jump all over me about it.  that'
engine,is just eating her flues      >oiit
, with-jealousy.  I;bok how''the  135  is"'
decked  out  in  a  straight'-front   anl
the  136  still wearin'  the - old 7   style'
diamond  stack basque.1   -  "■ q
, '"Iiul he just gave me the cold stare
and told mc.to beat it with my sentiment  and    'deliver  the" merchandise
»witli 136 or niebbe   I'd   like      to      go
back firing and complete guy primary    ■
education on a locomotive.      -*
"On   top  of    this,     foolish  rumors »
were 1>fiiug' circulated among, the men
* saying I was jealous an' was laying
down' on-nie job,-being sore  because
-.they would not fix up my, engine.
However'that 1'may be there wasn't
much improvement in lite cuttin' up
of thc-136;,, It- was getting so that
when the 135 would pass-the-136 the
my  engine  would  slide   and   slip  her
wheels an' the very steam in her pipes
would hiss.- -    .  *    "
"One slippery morning I was just
leaving the rotiiidhoti.se with my ,
sulky engine,,an' makijig for*the turn,
table, when I saw the swell appearing'
ing" 135 gliding oil the tabic .to come
into the ,,house. I reached for the
throttle to shut off my engine     and
.give llie-m the right .of way when
bango! kahusli! went something on
top of the'boiler and in an instant
»ny side of the cab was filled     with
- steam.'. ■
I was so startled by the sudden ex-
■ plosion,.-which, on investigation, prow
cd lo he caused hy the breakin' of
the waler glass on the injector, that
. 1 pulled the llirottlc the wrong
way and under a full head of steam*
like soine-.wild animal lcapin'-on  its
■■ prey, we jumped towards our spick
and   span   rival.   Smash! 'we      came
together headoh, an1 Whenf-the wreck-   -.
ers pulled the engines apart tlie'sty 1*-"
. tsh headpiece  of  the  135  was.       all '..
smashed to smithereens an'- the ,boil:
vc. head anj slack of my engine wefe
Also  knocked off. .•
i-When/both     engines   (amc'.out of-
- : thc shop they had each been equipped
ivjlh   the   straight   front   and   up   to
date * headpiece,   and1- there   was      no
' Ittrther trouble with, 136.  Some,, evil
minded persons declared that I broke
" -.he  water glass at .llie critical   moment  just on    ..purpose so-s  I could
'.ram the 135 without suspicion reMin'A
on me,, but the future'good  performance of the  136 after the" alterations
wore made only goes- lo hear out my
theory  that  in  the' heat  of her passion   against her livnl'thc '     watei
glass busted just  as a human, being
..in anger will  burst a  blood vessel.
"Now, don't it)"
' ■ r
MncientGure fov^mWktp
*-    l.owhm, May 31.—Some old
,lelics of llie past have just Jie
at   auction      here.   Otinintest
them  was  a  deviie known  as
"dii'iiikards'   drink."   It   is   n
wood' and in sluipe  resembles
inverted   flower  pot.   Through
small  circular aperture in  the
was; thrust the neck of the in
ed   inebriate.   The   weight   of
an'cfcnt   counterpart   of   the   s
Lortuie ja.-ket  fell   on  the victim's  shoulders
•,'n sold ,      mul was .suilicient to-make every bone
among ' in his 'lwdy ache. With his hands prac
the 1    ..   tteally pinned   to his  sides- and    the
-.ade   of -   ^ great   garment   reaching   almost      to
:\  huge '         the ground, the only motion allowed
the; him  was'a .slow shullle of' his weary
top I Del as he dragged his way   painfully
prison- along.  One can well believe that aiiy
this '     -   one who had   been  compelled  to don
raicht- the   "drunkard's   coat"   would         be
, uoisnpi'03   aip   01   oiuo-i   oi   *|(Ib /jn.\
that a high old time was .not worth
"   .having at   the  price... "Many  who  saw-
it at the atictioi» sale .expressed     the
opinion that its revival in these modern days would have a most salulary
eft'ect in.promoting, temperance.   .11c-
" fore  it was  put up  for  competition
.  a plucky man was induced to undergo iiiciircera'tion in it  and submit to
the    ordeal   of-'l.-oing   photoigrapbcd.,
It was knocked,down for S5..
An iron "foot-squeezer," sold ■ for
the same figure,. and a' persuasive in
sfituneiit in tlie shape of an iron |(*oot)
in which thc victim's „ naked footi
was" incased '.. while boiling oil was
poured iuloit, fetched only S3, and
the same price was paid for a' set
of ancient ' branding''"'irons.* An old
chair from the castle of Nuremberg,-
in which1 people were .secured for torture,'' brought S4-59- A fiendish, sub-'
stitttte for. a collar in, the form, of
an iron ring studded with sharp iron
spikes on the inside, fetched J\*i.*",-".
A   criminal_. oilvout   to   be   executed
said goodbye'to his prison  chaplain,
, and to the. wardens, "then shook hand's
with'the executioner,  but to  the reporters ht  simply  nodded,   saying,   I
will see you journalists later on.
. • Some  friend  of  the   family   sent  a
\, nol ice   to, tlie   Abilene,   Kansas,   Rc-
*'  Hector, saying that an 8-11)  boy  had
? been  horn  to  "Mrs. ,lllank.4'All'-   the
compositor icould make out of it,was
that  llie. 8th boy had been born     to
Mrs. V.lank, and thus it was printed.
And  the. Blanks, who had been .married hut  one  ve'ar have been raising'
I* „ I*,
Cain, about  it ever since. :
*.«.."l».>.. .."..*«..«*««.....A....*.........................*,.*..,
If.yon, your friends or relatives suffer with
Fits, Epilepsy, St." Vitus' Dance, or Falling
" Sickness, write for a tii.il bottle seA valuable
treatise on such diseases to The Lkidio Co., ,
179 Kin--; Street, W., Toronto, Canada.. All
druggists sell or can obtain Lr you
A musty old parchment upi 1 .which
is written in'Latin the death ; enlcjice
pronounced by Ponlius I'ila.e upon'
Jesus Christ, was recentl,y found iu
the Thieves' Market, Guadalajara,
"Mexico, by an attorney, of New'York
who paid ion dollars for tlu. ancient'
document. lie looks upon 'it as, a*
rare find. The writing on the p.-uch-
ineiiti when translated, reads as fol-
lows;     , ,
,. "I,* Pontius  Pilate,  line  in   Jerusalem,   regent   for  the   koman   Kir.pne,
judgt and. coiic'eiiin to death '   Jesus,.
known as the poor ya/areiic'— an'd_of_
of $e$m
'■ tne nation of Galilee, a seditious 'niati-
opposed to thc law and to our senate.
and the  great emperor Tiberius Caesar.  And I'determine, that his death'
shall   lie  on the cross,  fastened, with
nails,  as is tlie  custom-with enmfn-
als, -because there join and cougregtale   .
each day 'many men,  rich, and  poor,,,-
who have not desisted lo provoke tumult   throughout   .Tudca, iproclaiining
this  man  tlie Son  of  God  and  King
noted-city, of Jerusalem and its temple A".'1'! this sacred empire.  And be-
- cause he  has  refused  tribute  to Cue-
'sar,7and has had the boldness to enter with, palms of triumph  and  with
a.-great multitude,. into the cily     of '
Jerusalem and into the. sacred temple
of   Soloincu..   I,   llicrcforc,   command '
tlie first cenliinan, naiiied'Ouinto Cor"
nelio,   lo   remove   from   this   city   of
Jerusalem this offender, putting, upon
~— liim—Kiicli-ri-obcK~,is—shall—make hiin—
known to all, and the same cross np
on which he  is to be crucified      and ,
conducting hiin'-through the streets
between twOj robbers, who also have
been' condemned to death f|0r UieR.-j
and murders, and in tliis manner mak
ing.an example lhat,all people and
all- criminals shall- heed.. And I fur-
■Ihcr command , that the public crier
shall proclaim; his offences as here
expressed'and tliat after*'having trav-
the.'"port of Pagora, also known as
the Gate Anlonina,  to the mountain
of .Calvary, where „it is tlte custom
to!execute all wicked criminals. There
he shall lie crucified on,the same cross
lhat-he carried, and his body shall
be left hanging bei ween tliose of the
.two robbers. And above the cross in
thc three languages, Hebrew, Greek,
and Latin, shall be placed, this ' inscription: 'This is Jesus"; of Xa/aratli
-the—King-rat- thT'.TSws;"-so"lliat~air
•may understaiir," and .that he shall
be known, tb -".ill'  And  let no otic'of
•..••■t..*..*,.*..*.,*,.*,,.<„«,.»„»,•»..•„•..(„■„»,,«„.,, .>'..♦.,».,«„»<.«,.»:»•«••.#..«..»-»,.»..»..».,«..e..»'.»"»"^
whatever slate, rights or condition
under penalty ol" losing rights and"
life through rebellion lo the ' ltonian
empire", dare , lo. interfere with the-
execution of this sentence' with full
rigor, as .1 have commanded accord-_
ing to the-Roman and Hebrew laws.
523*", the 25th of March.:'
"Year ofthe creation of theiworld,
1 It is1 supposed that this relic found
its way'to Mexico long ago and that
it-wasj probably , brought, over by a
Spaniard in. the days of the conqnest
How il .found its way' into the Thieves
record of who sold it.   * 7   ■-
>••.•..•. •..•.ttt,t...)..««.t..««.|.*t..«..«.«#..*««««^..!]
i-J. ■ -,.-
■1V.-1 •-"•   .i.   ,
The New Town, 64 miles south of Calgary
To he the Big Town   of  Southern Alberta
Chai ce for Everyone
give c
fits of tl
property of this 1
ment have been
cry body a chance to share in thc bene-
i big advance that will,take place in the
own, the following easy terms of pay-
dopted :
25 per cer t down balance in 3 equal
or cent, i settled by note, each note pay-
nonths thereafter. To purchasers who
gs on thc property purchased, equal to
aluc ofthe lot upon which the building
before the 15th July next, a bonus of
I be allowed to such purchaser, and lo
■ig and completing buildings as above
•n or before thc ist of October, 1906,
ount will be allowed 011 thc price of the
payments of 25 j
able every three
will pfacc buildii
three times thc •
is erected, on or
$0 per cent, wi
those constructi
upon any lot <
25 per cent, disc
lots built   upon.
By a Tniht Curpor.ition becoming (lie -.u.s(oOian*s ol
the money it assures purchasers that the works will
be built.
lots aro arranged Into several classes, ranging from $80 upwards, and as
tho town is admirably laid out there aro a large number of good business lots
and semi-buslnoss lots. This town must ultimately become a health resort, seeing
it is located in the centre ofthe charming Chinook bolt, whero thoro is practically
no winter and where base ball and lawn tennis is played all winter.
*Sm*m*****WLwm*****m*W  I          j        MM II ,
will be given to laborers, quarry men, stone masons,
bricklayers, carpenters, painters, steam fitters, electricians and where workmen aro required, a preference
will l>c"ttiven to purchasers, and money loaned to assist in building. \Vith these vast
works under construction these lands aro likely to be soiling aii five times the starting price in twelve months. Peoplo wishing to secure a homo in this ilno cllinato
uoghld avail themselves of tills opportunity to got in on a big hjid boom.
, I
i " ■'
.Large Elevators are to lie Utiilt in time for this season's crops. A large Packing House will 15c built this sumnie r
For  full  particulars, apply to
SON   &   CO.
■ v.-
l*0^m*t*m€Zym4w*^jM*-Cr- -..-■---7i4V--.-p---^----.rfi£-4---rfa^^^
"    'W.
■ VA-^7.-*to'.:*-.,
■ y --*- !-,.■■.-■ -;-■:>-,■ v^--.--^T<'^-'7-.'-g'-7t-'Ja^Mi
■\. ,.. TH E b ERNIE ,LEpGER,/FERN IE, B. 'C.;JUNE ^o^-ic-otS
"**"■■>*,..■    '**
.»*^.^*»».*.......>.*.**C**«.**^*.*   \t"
**^ 1^1    ,S.^—        >   ^.-7-*' I --";
S..^..*^ »..*..»..;..(..(..»..»..,
'I     What /would Vou -who feed'an occa-,'on  their, journeys.  Teamsters   .-   and   house  they    insolently/ .demand food, wcl). worth  many  human  lives'when  *>
i. sional hobo from your back door step   prospectors, do not stop Co-bury the ■• and 'clothing,   and', they : get  it, 7t«bo.   thrown in. the balance. .   !
|| Knd wonder at, his  feet, worn      from ; tramp when his body is found which   If they dn, not thu haystack" is burned,      On the'"d'esert,' too,  there is aiioth- *
',,-. tramping over, a few miles of     well, is not often; the sun and the, storms, that. night, "or* even ;,the house is-setter kind of tramp, hy. no mcaiis, a crim ?j
>'|. Ia'dj-, roads,; his'clothes  grass-strewn ",ol"-the  boundless 'space - take 'care "of , onfire.   If the  family; depends, on'  ."a_''iilal,   and   yet   one "of- the "most- in- * j
','from sleeping in hay mows, think of   him when he dies, as,  indeed,';    they '..spying of water, as likely as iiot the*  teiesting       characters'"  of  the  whole
||.a tramp who-covcrs hundredt of miles)   did 'in   life. '  ■*•*'  '" ' '•'•*    r '■'.'*'    *   water hole will  be filled with stones   west—the  tramp  '  prospector. lie •
'*',f'.^/J*1earAyllo'-;c*'fct-'-l'"g.places arc from      Rut if the water hole .toward whicli . and earth;  frwjiiently springs'    along   makes, thc'/Vasicst living of any .man ]
**-25,t6'5o miles'apart-whose watering" ].c" tramps, does contain plenty of wa-A tlie . trail. ~.uc  so  trealedAvhcn    -the,,in  the worid,."not excepting  the pro-'^
,,-places aie equally  distant from each   ter. he  will  sometimes  camp near  it' tramp thinks that one of his enemies   tiioler.of wildcat mines."And the pro- |
|| other—in short, whose bed and beat,   for several  days. ' To these     springs, ■■ future'"' and      depend' '   on   the pres   motor ""lives by fleecing the credulous. '«
. ••■s?..;i,0., ,sl*,.ca,'i a.'"9 .the, vast'floors     of,, too,  .come     occasional    prospectors,   apart' "and very"'uncertain, raiichesAu-qTflic tramp prospector, is 'forever, dis- j
the.  desert. alone* save  for  their faitlirul  burros. . orice of waler in the tank for himself   covering  a  fal-iilouslyj rich -prospect. |
,, y- Yet _ there As  exactly  such.a  class,   "When  one   of   these   whose,, 'grubstake   antl'-l'iis stock.   ,-*-..':    .        •. Hack'from thelicart of tlw.desert he  i
11 m*ai; tramps, > yet as "different" fi oni th?.  was extra  large "disappears,'.his Ink-'A Ono incident of this kind may   ■ be   comes, laden with, samples supposed- {
.tramps of cities as* day is from night   ing off is usuallv charged to the  Pi- , lol'dto illustrate the devilish schemes,,: ly. froin, his new.-discovery,  but very \
tramps with  nothing  to  do  but  eat.    ntes.   More  often,   so   1  am   told, by'. these fellows concoct. A- now miiii.v'gis'i^ likely'picked! iip  from  the "dump     of 11
■.Ihey do not-have  to  l«g  food  come<;   old ,',escit  men, some tramp has fell-   was, sent to tlie borax plant-on   „ tlie j-s'oiiic *o-Uahlished-'initio.   Armed   with  '
,-to.them   through   fear.   They, do  not, cd ,hiin" with a stone,* and then  after   northern frim ol'-*l)eaih valley. lle'Avas -;tlwse it is very little trouble  to, en- I
■hake  to, search  out  sheltering  bani?;   on his burro, pushes on iiito tiie heart, n most excellent man for'the work JlivAisL the help of some'man with more ;1
l^t' nightfall;  a greasewood  bush      i.*,- 'rolibing'' his saddle  bags oi\ the  pacii   hand, but he, knew nothing of thi* pco   nionvy  than1 knowledge  of. the' doseri |
^Iheir couch.    ' - , ,, <,■   llu> desert,. It js days before   * the"   1'lc with whom hu was to deal,    and   to  "develop"   the mine,       *'     ' '       .!
•*"'   !' s,>,t" of *ts -n'1(, wastes, in spiliA dead  miner  is  discovered;''sometimes*   Hn- first tramp who came-along was    ■ His first demand i.s,  of course,     a't
,of   the   discomforts   and   tlm   positive,   the  days run into weeks,  and '   theii" roughly ordered to get.oiit and stay - Rrivlwlnke. This will consist of a bur- 1
,|.-dangers  to which oven  well  equipped   all   trace   of   the   murderer, has   been • out.' Now the' road" over  which'   the . ro:'or two if the man can be' talked ot
^'travellers..on the desert are subjected   covered  up  andAie  is somewhere.;far   borate from, tliis particular, plant was   out of them, a sack of  beans, bacon,' *
• -xays thc San Krancisco Chronicle, the   out  on  the winding .IrniOiyiiigYon'. hauled "to" the  refinery  wiis   long  and ' Hour, molasses. and cooking  utensils,'j
igieat sandy plain jN come  to have :l ,, the' food he committed an awfurcriint-■ dry,, aud    .the. company  had, placed   as ■'-well   as   other, small   things      ge'j
■spe-cies of tramp all  its, own, not ait' 'to...secure. .,  A" wooden planks "at necessary'internals   needs'in the work,"sis lie says,-he'is-1
iOiii-growth  from, civilized  places,, but ij :■  The   circuit1,   of   the.   desert'   tramps.- keeii-jug' tiieni  filled with  water     and   going   to"   undertake. "Thus  provided,: f
p l,origination of its own,-an inter- --who start'out. from Daggett frequent-, depending on-"them  fin- the   use'    of   llm   prospector   sets   out;   camps   at; t
-es ing as  well  as  novel  branch1 of a.Jy runs entirely around ■ Death Vallev    the  wagon   teams-and   llieir   drivers.., some   well   hidden  water  hole,      audi
-.Worthless  tribe- A.-     J \  *", '.-,   ':,.,' ■    '     -• "   '•    ' - - '      - - -     -    •    '       ....       -     ... . . .   'i
-./   ■ y""<- ,   .        .. ,   lirom  Daggett  " they
,1;*"R™.i Death valley, the, most barren-7 China  ranch or "to
;ancl  dangerous  of" all   dcs6rts 'knowo   the
-■to. civ/lized   man,      has      its', hoboes:.
i,.who wander up. and down  its dismal . to the old borax works, at the. "north ter be   imagined   than  described.   The, there  is  yet  more   work  to' lie  done:*
■length   through  all  seasons' save   the ,end  of  the. Valley.   From . there  it  is next   wagon   train   out,   two   bigvde-'. ere  the  best ore" is' reached,   and   if,'i
-Jeiy   loltost  part.of,.the:  sumnicr.      ; a short ami ^comparatively   safe   hike sort  wagons,, each  drawn .by  twenty ' passi'ble'■ talk him out of a fresh sup'-j
,, ic      Iicadcpiarters ,-oT.|allA _dcscrtior,"a«coup'ie-:ori,liiin(lred'miles into*onC\ Learns of  mules and, handled, by, two   ply of  food.  If the backer has '   not; |
;■*   rainps   are   liiAsome' sinall.-.;town\ow,i.0f the ini ning-'camps,  so  that-   their men,  coming  to  the first tank     amf been  warned  he  usually  puts  up., tho|!|
'tl'iL   wandS-0f U,vCri1'Cffi0" 0Vcr'wIl':^'':-tramp. all told'reaehes very often \t.o fmding  no   water,   pushed, on   to "the   ?25  or thereabouts uec6ssary. to out-!?
r*. '-/•"•w-!*-"-?-l-"-    -'8Kci*-„Jlas more than    thrcc^ and    sometimes    four  hundred' next;  bv the  tiiiie thev reached  that At  tin-, prospector,  \isions of coming f
-•^ share ol   them.  So has Johannes-   ,niics..   . '"'   ;"' : ~ ,   •    ■' (hc' ^ >;cl;o;^-ell i nigh, craved/with   weaHhJ.eld-.boforeJiis ;eager"eyes thc| !
iVcattcreir'-tti'""11 ^ U'° l'CSl °f lJlt''     0n .ilis journey., water,, holes are: far thirsraml  mrHl'GAdi^ged" ""' ibh(i   while fby-thjA.iiii^
'.;-,,     .  .'    • ■■ '       s     l''--   '        ■..'   c:   ■i.-'likely to pass that way iu the iicaiV weary  bodies,   until,  it  is  presjimc'dAde-rpr^gpes-againA.^
■\hl*se'f "t" T   ai'C   llot;,lU,nero,ts". scattered fund   the   network-of, trails' albhndoued thc     te^ni " and Widei*cd .jrccord ;w^ f
'^tioiMoTl    traVe.1?1S'  -VCl   '**  l*1*0!*01*-. oso inlerwoycn by the feet pf prospect- away and died., ,    >. \   - - ,.    .  A ^him-'naii^
'■ablv Ts   IVtTt      m ll',1C'V il,'C' P1(''X"   °rS  a"(i   blllI0S  that  illCy   ]KY"lc'a-'   The w.U'O'is.'^ i
'•'ihc'Aoast'—.'"     *       'V 1>™lhrC!1 *>f'   "x'crita1>Iu «>a/e,lo the man who 'does"  ter  all  dead,'\vere"found   two'wecks A Tlien/-^omewherc^in.c'lhcA interim^ •
Jlot-, keep a close watch on thciii from, alalcr,   but  not -"cvenA'10- skeletons, of j'-.twecn two .days, the tramp prospect- |
year to. . year.  -To make this circuit   the, two men'were'ever seen.        The'; or disappears,     and    that particula'iA
icy    go ,ou t  to "the   I''10   trafnpf.'aiigered.-vand -ri*vcn^e_fnl| .there spends his time.-until'his grub-,?
o  Westing '.Springs,   at liis" treatment, set out along this   stake gives, oiu, Then" providing him- i
.'o*   thence on across  low lava' hills* "into   road and'for,.one hundred miles emp-   self with'still better samples of ores f
l* .- -i •,' .*,..,*.• '■-     -,'        ■......-.. ■ , "
ci*.  the  Kurnace creek  country  and  down   tied every"'tank-.'The  result "can bet-   he returns,'reports to his .angel that, £
"nnd -l.o's Angelos.-
li Their .methods of operation arc. ifl-
'','logethtr dilTercnt from those of ' the
y.oast.ho.boes. -Leaving; Daggett, Ivait-
:J   .Js.„..sV.-,, .A.....,,...*   ■, ....   - . a.      -     niaiudcr of the year, as ■ has'been "said -he'was-cauirht;  T;lutvc seen--sonic • of-.-affair  is  wearing 'od he  is operating.'-.
nhave ,.cumk>red. during   the      months   ..i.,., ,.„„,„   i^r'      '. •     ,-' - **-«■•      '-■   -" ,'A      "A      ~  "' *-,"r'- '.' .^* . "     , - V   '      .   *   !>'-i
_ , , ^_2 : eneiiami)   loais   aroiin(l_\soiiic_bordtii-^_llip.in1_lnit-^wlialheii-tlic.\^.ca.ueihl_iilii.S^a'L^Qnic^Qlhc<^
\CiY*Y™Y    iY~*°*YY^^ " -A^A.A-yz]v '^A^f-^AAIA^ITJA      ;      * ;y '—   " 7 '"...       iA "
"~  October   thev".
ruquues at least' nine months of.the -desert keeps,-its secrets better tliaiA;7cai'iip kuows him no more until, nu-m- J
year—from; late September or Octo- the 'sea,, aiid' this was \ one-' of them; ;oiies of his dealings with this par tic"-. *
.icr  to-the first of May.  l>"or the',-re- ' Mciv followedAtlie'-. tramp! J. some 'say'.;,ulai- uiairhavc disappeared. "While tlie ||
-lllnilwlnr  r.(   llm   ,.«.«..     _-   l.'7_   ., '     • ."    i      .    *_.       ...   .   , ,       *,.  i.  • _       -        _r  "'  rr-:..    ■       ._' : ". *'rr   t        ■       •' s'.'ll   I
'l,fr)fT-grcat"cst--lieat!psoiiic~t"iiiic"nste—in   ira,.„   „,,, ,   ,    ,      - ■   ,  ,        ,.     .-   •,-.;i.      ,-;,-; ,-*: ,.-■.:■ j-..- .-,./,   --•-.**•.--•-. ,    - .->- i
■>a^iunirU".i»- -  '.<-> i--*"« v.'      a    .-A0"". ■V.licie he lias ,to, hehavc himself-  particular, tramp  or. not,  none      can ..i-v.^oi-s vcar after vcar,  until event- ?
,.isep tern ncr.0  or    carlv    fvinimr  iii,.» . . *. ■      • ..    -■     -      . .   _        *      - •      . .        '       - ■.:        ..... .; •   "*       -   •       ....■• .   . < i
'■„■■,   .-    '."'■   ,    ' '    ' ,,      ,      V '*. '1'°IU'**" nnA tclcgraiili! ■poles" iiiid' wifiiiur.'renieinbe'r:' Possibly  h'-pile  o"f 'nibnes dually, in some of "his wauderinra, the. I
st.i,ikc   out   alone   across   the   desert.   .„:„•   „,   *-..   „ • ,- , -- ,    - • ., /',   -■■  ,   .- f     -.,--       ,.   ,     -,      ;',:-      - "*     . ■   -■ h       <■ 1
r,,-' ,        ....        r .i- "  , r aie too   near at hand'for ** the ; could? tell-: if- .ll'eo.md .speak*, for-short ..tramp prospector-docs strike a good ?
Une    pcculiantv-   of.this class   ..-of..,,. ,•,.•„ .   .     . •, ,   .7 .','"-'•." ,  i'-y  .       ■ >      --...■ h - ■ ;
.,„ '„.*.    , .,"        .. ** toimiiittuig of crimes. ,- ;        .shrift as ,meted 'out; to the man who, mine and  can live honestly, or until I
tramps,, is..  tli;\t    thev   never,. ino\c ,-    Ti   ,-, a     i      i .'     ' . ""  '-'',,"" -*-'.-.v'      "-.■>    A" •,-'•   ''■'■■■   ■ -'-.,?
-■■'■■ ji.-i.s uie ionoly: ranches of.the de-'   nuddles with water on the desert, lio; Jic meets someone-who 'lakcs-rppnia- t
'.about  ■   iu   '-.companies.'. Indeed oi:-.>-.-,.,,., ;*,,,  ,      „-     ".'       ,        --.'. "   "-,'..-*,''• -.":.,.'-  -.*•   s   .•...•'*/-   ,:•"" —.-.-—.  -,:-—,-   :••;-;: •■
7i;A,.,, i„-i   -'•    >i         *           -* - '■   c   ■              sillier most from.this class "he tramp or 'millionaire, mint owner; . tion,-nut of himwitha   pun
^.desert hobo • is  the  sworn  enemy. oE •> ^r ..-._..-.,  ■.".,.'*''.-'    .,-'-".'     •     .,:'*•..'      .., .   ..''.    .:,   ..■'.*;■ *... . . *..,, ' . 7.7 _.*: . ...  .   . *-A r .
** •
-toil iii> ,. d ■ r r-    i*i .v    . i ii •       *nf wn»(1crcrs'."Co"iiiin'jr to-the     raiich   More  valuable  than" gold   if is,   and'-*1'    '"'A'..'" I '.*: ' 7, |7 \ iA> i'!<«v".'j'' .
't. all., the .vest of,-his„kuul.-i. or-, clothing;.-.        -.,'.'   ■ i*- ,■-■.:';*■        -; -.    >  . 7-      ' 7.    ■-;."' -.'•    -;'        :- ,;    *
' they, have- suclf thing's a*s "they '•''"caa■"*-_
be,      possibly      it   few earn  a  little
'money during their mouths, of "idle*.*1
ness" in' the town and spend that for
,-clothing-,-but as.a rule tlieyiare,garb?
(*d in more ililTcrciil' colors than was
,,*. Joseph, thougli of. more .subdued hue,
Oyer his hack the desert        tramp,
I, slliigs   n,'gii'nnvsnck, in which are a'
couple of tiii cans, a beer bottle or ' '   ' '*  '  ,,:   ''-.      ■""■' •*A.-.-''    .*;.   .;.•'     ..    ;•;'"..'..    '. .   ■ ,':'■  ''
, two of water, nnd such food as ho- * .,.„„ ,lefi{iny' that shapes men's eiiils^lVe/niiiV'snfoty'only'In'havn''* tli.'-'ir, "ience .had been too terrifying
|-can beg or steal,,.Thus equipped us- fif,meliiues takes strange hud devious jives suufl'ed * put instiuitly a fiiw [tliey-wouhV lie*coiitcntllo-. live 'iu
iinlly ..without a .weapon of any .sort pnl|| iK WOrking out the.fate'it hold months Inter-' in■■ the;, greatest iatus- the security-of the solid., earth, and
.lie invades n counlry which has lm- fni. 1110PlnjHi y0 luive gone iiinlunllieil trophe ()hiiiodeni.'tiiu*>sAl.' *.' . • seek some euiployiiient-tluit oftir.-il
ed more .men; to deaU. than any oth- ll|ro,|B,, ft ^1.ont\(1isnsti,, '{^ ... t],i • Aftl*;> iiVir' 'torrlfile" \ot'i»brIt-iit.-o ' In , 1pm deadly risks." " .-•■ ■•<■'' "-' '.A, :
"or ,0111ml niva-.m, the world outside of wt... of lhe Valencia' only to 'meet fnciivg the dealli which overtook-lU'ur'-" Three'*'niojiths'; Inter'ShicldR" - iimi
, Ri-cnt il-attledelds. ■ ^    ,(k,a]l  jn  ft  st.,. 'j,rculcr- cfttaStioplie.* ly all the .passengers iiml crew |of tho nOrislin' lay Aieiidrili   llio*. riiilir,:'    'i^f 'i
■Usunlly.lils first stop will be sniiio   inftkos U]0 ,nst fuw UU)1jl]ls o['    t)lc   fm(V st(Uni',.|, ViiluiK.in when she wcnlAvhal had been the reiiideure "part 'ct l
C5 miles out nt n di'sort nmeli'-or a
cuing about the  time in whicli
 , Williiiu'i Cios- and   could   only  slWnd   by   idly   and living. In thu same pail ;'ot the wreck
,       , „ ,, ,        ,y  lin. and I,. IAUniidcoek,  lhe       first sec  the'doomed uieii nnd women 'go ed cilv nud' liiivovneverV'Wii   hennl
,.:eacl.es lhe cactus   .elds, uml      tins  Uv„ ^l(wn .„„,.  t||0 ,ntlep ft    conl{) jl()Wn t(,   |Imt   lcn.,lllo (UmUl( mk,(l flf „,„,'_
IwIjih IiIiii n lnt im his way, nud Uu-ru  1|lnjle tllL>ir wny tro„, U|0 fii(]o"nr t]l0 w|lh llmui(fl,ilulSH nl tllB|r ni,„„8fiii|r.'    .Shield;- wns well known lii Vmipnii-
t,oro txviffi I'hiu'knwnlluliH, w li/nnls ol, fftfcl  ,,renkl|1R  s,pm„t.r niidmnunlgi'd' nculoiis escnpe mid' worn out by Hit* vcr nil.',* Vlcim-ln. IIo wns,on       the
'''IT in OI'i ^"l"" l'". f"K   '.' W. ...l     '■" padillo (heir frail life nift Uimu'gH !itniggh>H lliey lind gonl- Ihrmigii, nil l.sliiiii,ei"w!u-ii she wi-m down,      but
■'.•?.!   .",   ;.       , ,,     J '"  Uicsriiglng purr to tilts' shores' of Tm- of the men vowed Uiev would iniwr. mi  tlmt .(iccnsioii cscnpeil 'with     his
, * nntlwilh these he can live for    sonn* T .    ,     . * -, ... ' ,     ,,
A.,   ' ,, . .   ,, vet Tslnuil,  tliov ■ Iittlo  thought  Ihev go  to-sex  ngnln.  Tlu-ir  lust  osper-" life. •
".Hum on a small ncliml ration.  .i.i.,» ,i"i     ,   ' r ,s , '        '        -. - ■•' ' .    ■    • ,   . ,   , ■ '    ,
.„. . . .I..,. wcn  inaklnr; llieir rIvmuioub -fight for /       .   i
nnu-*. oiiv ui a iiihtii luiiiii in  u   livi,H of seyLM.n. nf uje- V[clill)s of tin* to pieces on the.rocks iifler two ilnys llie wnlerfroulot * Sinrl-'nuicisco, nud
tnry iinning camp, On the.wny bi  *-„,, KmnHsco carth(1uako seem but' a hopeless"'    lingering    almost'   within' it Is ■presiiiiuMl lliiii llniicoek and ids
tnivels as slowly as his fooil supply. 1,]n.vli1|„J..i„ nm, e(ltspn\\> of the fnlcs touch of those, who lind come to'save wife mufti like futerfor'ihey ,   were;
■will -let liim.   !■■« cnctiw fruit is rip-  -   w,K.n •nlomas'<silIl.ldSt Wu -   '
<J> u +
Whero night overtn!.,'.s him lm .sleep-''
nml by deni' experli-nro he       knows
which wnlui- hohs he can ilojieiiii on
yet fto contain tin- life giving lluid.
..Should one of these tanks (nil     hint
..ii.  lime* of  I'xcrpilonnl  drouth     lio
nuiHl push on (o tlie next one or ve,
trout to: tho Notlloiiicut wlionru In-
|'ennui..'If clllii'r of- llielio Is too '  fnr
fiihiin, to rnu-l, lu- dies   ns,ninny of     .Tniiu* M.   HIII'h dochmvtlon  tlmt co.npuny, and H,e nnu-unt «.l
tjhlN kind h..vf.-dlo,l in lho yoii.stliril.,l|lll.i. Wftli „„ {)lll.,ltinn ol|l.llM ,mrl M(|,k ,^;(C|; -^ jim,,
■} Imvo   koii..,  iiurnioil  for  l,y  iiimi or   <lf  ,l|l|1N.|f ,,r (lfiiS(,ciilU,s  t„ ]m,l)iv,,y >IaN   ,,    „.„ 	
l-t'BHt, for not ovi...,il,o dogs of.,  tliu  ,„!,,. MM!«rllli-h to 'coivr  lho «»t. of 1». Willi's .r„i,ios,A, .v.'.,';,.
.■.•soil will- lu-oon.pnny those tmi,.^  the rmlwuy li.u« wliul, I,v, In ImUiling .lol... IS. K.....-.lv 	
—...      •——-— ■ In Cnmulii, nud. tlmt the v«»t would I.oul Mount  Stephen ."„,*„
lie covered liy iliroot suliKCi'iplions to J.onl Sli'iitln-unn  '	
the itiiiipiiiiy's stock  by IiIiiim'H iiml Sniiiiit-1 Tlionio ,„'„.'	
his ussoi-iiites, drew,Wall sthvl's iit- K. Tiu'-k iV I'u,,	
U'lililnli   ti-!  Air,   Il(i|ri*H  fiillowlug, l,m-d I'UiphinsWm*-* •	
It in regiiiuYil  its ,n most uiiiinuhI "\Iii>-<i*iIh „f l.niisilowno ... ,
t-vi-iu in tl.e liuniK-ml world tlmt tliu Jlnnm I'olli!child 	
ii-ndtiufc" ol   ijihi inilos  nl   railway,     The  prowiil   vnlito  r.l  tin
l.l-.l>  VA1NT  DMl'DSITB.
cosUii>,Miicosnirily ii Rreiu "mny mil- Into which Nm-tlioin Hoiuriliis wns,
lions, hminAA lm r.ii.HKiil wiilioiii any cnnvciit-il in i-ipml, lo ulimil duiibUl
pulilic r.-fHiefUK lor siitiscri|itinii to its the par viilmi of N'riitln-rn fiociirilic"'
M-ciirilh-s, .,,. „i,.,,„  i„  iLu. i,*.i    .„' ii,,(        ,i„.
It  Imn long  Iwcu rvcogiiiicil,  liow-   <(,s|. yuliie «.|  tliiM- holdiuj;*. Is ilem-
rvtrr, that Mr.  Hill Ims it "fullowiiig   Mo their nominal viilm-. '
which not only Is jiosmsmsl of very     ]n ndditloo'to tln-so iininos,       the
Tin. roil ]iiiinl di-posils nl.iiul two
utiles lip lho Tulaiuciii rivor fi'on.
r.iiH-.:liii. nro piuviug of lonl vuliio
tti oili/oliN who have uoonsiou lo ilso
llml. culoi lu pnlnliiig tholr liiiihlh.g.s
or any uillile tln-y nmy wInIi to renew or jiioseivo. Tlio "paint bluffs*'
nx tliey nro culled, lmve. nu excellent
"''"""""   local Ion  nlnli-ji   the jiiiipiisod  rail win-
-t'n.i'rtiM  ",lu  'vl''''' wl" ,'n'"l"t-!  ,,,,!ir Vft'"'-"
U%h\ii mo- fl"ln  ft  h',il*l,',1l.' "-li'inlpoint,  us .Hi.-
' '"'  ' " imiiit, Civil oxido of iron) could     bo
sliuvulloil Into tlio curs, ,1, l)«nn--ji|irg
l..i<( ii'ivuily tiNi-il it for lloor |iiilnt('n-;
uud (h|>*.nks lii->lily nl its ifiinlilii'). fm
*,iim |'«il (lv<.ml |>iiI)m»», vuillo Ut. II
)l>.-TtMfi i.l.iUiiu) ;. .\l..-mh "'.,; Ms.ill,
11' -.viU.s.'utKinly. Imliuiis lung ngu
i.ts..«l it lur orinn.i Hlulinn nl' tht ir
Iiuriut I'ronml llguies '{ii.il Kliitimiy,
-llie UUla-ling *|iialilirJ. ui lhe p.iiul
■M-ilitf iiolHTu1.li;. ^11 Dint is i-orjiiin-.l
now In iiinililiu-ry lo |iro|K*ily grin.I
blul mix tlio lii'-reilU'titv,. tlio raw um
winui  um  nmy  is posmsihui iii   very      m lui.lilioi) lo tin-so unities,       Uic *:
grcftt wonltli, imt litis at the      satin*   Xorllu-rn Hecurltlis Co.  m.k-IIiaM,*«   l       . '* h?T0  '"   ■*'»»wJ««»*w  f«>r  *''"'
lime iniUiiiiiloir-. ronfidciicc In Mr. in,lml.d mnny prouiiiieiii minu-t. in
Hill's ftliillty nn it milrbnil iii.iiiajr#r. l-Tnt'l.im!. wlniv iirr. Hill hns n wry
Some imliwilloti of the iiiilivitlitsil siniig lollmvitig. Among the Iaij»t*
ii-c.-ili7i of Mr -Jlill''.ini-l 1il5'n<A«>,-liit'«<i |i..|.I,-t'. .if Vuillniu SmirltiV-. ..tli
is /omul  in  llie  list of slovUioMer-.   it Ui.ui tli«* .ili'«*..ilv iiimiu-iI -itu tlie   ,,l,«*««»1 <«<»«Mttrt In  tin-  day-, „i
•■iisy irirtisjiiirUitiou     irtrm-    i1rnwln;»
tiiatiiifnclure of foil"; pnlnl.. Vrituoton
ii. imlitil highly Invnttil with th.*
gronl v.itiety ul nniurnl rcsoiinvs In
that section, which numl j»lvi> rl>.u lo
in the Northern SentriM.-* company, iliilo ami liiKhcs of Coniiau^lit,    tin-
IlTl pruVCS   thc   /IjtVOr  l,nl»'is|i«1  nt  tin* tlmi* of tin* mine- mil,   of  WnlilcrRrnvi,  rnrl   Kolicttt.
*                                                 «f'H» of llml fompnny'n Vnpttnl from Prliue-i* .Victor .of  Ilnltenlolio     nml
aiulsK.UlStOthcllCtllth*'  S.H*..<'-".""'> •'>  it*- ,»f*ml <aiiiij.lt/* I,.iii(;,1,i,i... v...n a Imd aiumur tli,  U..1.I-
j.    .                            r*       1             /*            1       **^'tl,>   ''f   *>.-l.*>4,u*k'   Tlw!MS   Vdi'U-   !*».»|VH> l-li.   ..I    '-vlitkll,*-! II   S. < III il i,-S,   pi        V%:<I*J
XUlUCSS   Oi   thC   lOOCl    i,f thr- larger ttlHcLkoMcrK of     tlml lil.-wiw tin- iiiimfiinnrvi of lkih.
«•-♦■»• »»"»-*i
. •♦-# *♦*#-• ^*» ^*«.*4
Sir Ifn-ior I.-in^cvin ilieil nt o
t.tl.«k Mfmility mj;ln iror; n •;,vcrr
iitl.iil  of  liTonclio pnciminnifi,       '
*^*'**'">,*-«"»' * »"»'* +•*■*"* .«. » .»-«.»H|.^-»,^
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"" "-**"!.. w       .*(il;.
*.   "^ifjl-**' *    * " '
.v-    *j
Cincinnati, 0., -June 'iy—John *M.
Pattison, governor of Ohio,' died at
his home in Milford, a suburb-d this
city this afterooon. He had passed a
good niglit,"*' and there had Leen no
report of any-change'during thc day.
In the early afternoon the ,ne\vs from
liisl home \Vas cdnsideriVl favorable
and the later an"*ir»unccment of hi*
death came as a great shock to • the
governor's (lieBtU.
Uaton, 0., June ]8.--I,ieutenani-gpv,
ei nor Harris has been sworn in as
governor of the slate.
London, June 18.— As a result of
a petition, Thomas Charles liohartes
eldest son of Viscount Clillden, mem
her of' pailiHiiieitl for Cornwall, has
Ikuii unscattd -liy the election court
in consequence of illegal acts,*- The
eiilerlainmeiii ol voters at a garden
party was the principal itein' in the
J. W. Gardner,  Frank.."
I,. M. Hyde, Spokane.
A.  \V7   Tree and  wife.  Great -Falls
'Mrs.. S.  V.'.' Savanaugh, do.
Maud  Derosier,  Missoula.
J. J.  HurkcU, Sparwood. '
A. Gnslas, Phoenix,
li. McKenzie, Michel.,
John Kiishlon, Ao.
John Thointon, do.     '
XI.  "Matthew, do.
\Y.  Savage,  do.
A.  Derbyshire,  do.
K.   Humes,   do. <*j-
J.  V. Hariics,  do.
J.  Xlalhhewson, 'do.
Thos.   Oakley,   do.
A.   Foster,   do.   ■
J.  Uowsihoriie, Spokane.
A: I.. 1-utterson, do.
"A.  I),  McCarthy, do.
J. Jotgenson, Klkniouih,
■ ,C.   Jorgeitsoii,   do.
K. Wei ler, Tacoma.
C.  Hirst,   JalTray, .
. C.   A.   White,   Montevideo,
C.  11.  Clarke, Vancouver,
under this heading iusterted at"the
rate of one cent a word each insertion. . .
."Fernie,   good    two-story   house on
1   lhe   property .-Apply   MOTT, *0*M
& CO. ,7
■ %^SQVI^^^-'y
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.   Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
B. E. WALKER, General Manager , ALEX.;LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager
rated, for rent-Apply MOTT. SON
*.&  CO. , '' '■';  "■"*!-..
lot located in centre of city tor sale
at a bargain price—Apply     MOTT,
son & co. ': ,        '
Nelson,  June   iS.~*Mr.  Justice Morrison hns advised  the  local  re».istrai
tliiiil,*  he.  has   refused   lhe  appliciilion
for a new trial in lhe Aiiinmli.i ense,
tried al  the assi/es here, when Amandia  was  convicted  ol    manslaughter,
and sentenced to 2ti years in the penitentiary.  W.   li.   Koss  applied  for  a
new  triul  upon   the ground ol  misdi
n-ction of'the jury, chielly  that  there
was no evidence that the licensed acted   in SL-lf:dcfeiise.   The   application  i*
now refused.
All arrangeineols have been     coin-
|>leted  for the grand Dominion !   Day
celebration  at  Movie        on  Monday.
.Tulv **. Over 5Kuo has been subscribed
Jot'  donation  in  prizes.   The  program
will consist ol rock drilling contests,
log rolling,  tie making and chopping,
hose reel races, shooting matches,    a
tug of war and a full  programme ol
Caledonian sports.   The  sports '   wiU
conclude with a dance in the evening.
A..The   coiiuniUee  'ai**l. citizens    /are
determined lo make the day a success
and  to send  all the visitors       home
saving  "Never had a better, time."
■Glen ti—up—at-Blii« nt. .-
7   *    Down.
Nelson, June 18.—"Tlu- NliK-lrV-ll has
been only temporarily closed down,"
:said Director Harrington, of the Cau
•idinn Metals Company yesterday,
"We" wa til to make'a clean up and
hnve a fresh start, I think the work
will all be under'way again by the
lirst of the month. There is nothing
else to tell you. The men were paid
od  Saturday. " '
______ '"*
Inspector-General  Lord Ayliuer,  ne*
rotiipniik-tl by Col, Holmes, 1), C. 0
anil Major Eaton,  A,  I). C.,  inspected the' Kootenay  Rifles  last evening,
No, 1. company, dipt, McEvoy, ■! of-i
licei-H nnd 39 men. No,  2 company,
Cnpt. Stork, 2 ollicersand 37 men.
The two coinpunies under the     command   ol   Capt.   McEvoy   were'     put
llirough '   the      following uioyemeiils
bnttalion drill, company drill       and
battalion in attack, Lord Ayliuer ad
dressed    lhe    companies and conipli-
inenti-il tliem  very highly on     tlu-ir
physique,  nnd was very pleased     nl
the uppcnniuce ol the men.     lie hoped the time was nnt .fur distant |wheii
n regiineiil of as equnllv line looking
incn could be mustered out from Fernie, He ivmnrl-ed ut I lie number    of
nidi   wearing   im-dnls   for   service   in
other  pnrls of    lhe empire. 'At thr
rinse ol the pro-ceding,-, three rou-iiii-;
cheers were given lor Lord Ayliuer.
A,  Knstiur i.s In Krnnk,
\V,  l'nttnore, ol Crtinbrook is lu
( il V
('•oiirliiy,  of  t'liilt,  is  in        llu
li.   Hockley,   Vancouver.
I'.  Eu Miller,  Ne*-  1-ierce.
„   \\\   Fell, 'do. '    .
"•'.  .1.   Woods   "**  wife,   do.
1'.   C.   Malpas,   Cranbrook.
J.  .L.  Karrell, Milwaukee.,
W:   II.  Wheeler, Minneapolis.'
R.   li.  Ikldeii,* Spokane.
li.   J.   Davidson  &  sister.
Robert Wilson, Movie.
tleo.   Ward,  Vancouver. "'
Miss  J.  l'ligher,  Davenport. '
John Vida & wile, Spokane.
W. C. Deiuiet & wife, Spokane.
1*'. C.  Dell & wife,  Siindpoinl.   ,
J:   J.   Armstrong",   Cranbrook.  '
Vi.  G.  Jewell, Jaffray.
A.  M.  Andrews,  Cranbrook.
K. R. J. Forslcr, Sparwood.
Thos.'.llegg.s,   Winnipeg.
I).   J.  Haggcrty,  Drowning,
J. Smith,  Coal Creek. '
,.**>'.   W.   Renwick,   Toronto.
I).  V.   Carnes, Portland.
W. D.  Coombs, Eugene,, Ore.
G.  W.  Kerr, Frank. '
J.  Cameron,  Elkmouth."_
N.    Freiediiia'n,   Nelson.
G.   Macdonald,   Winnipeg.
C. A.  Dow, F.lko.
C.   Malcom   &   wife,   Harrison.
C. II. Durkhart  &  wife,  Waitsburg
D. V: Wood &-wife, do,
J.  Wpo:is,&   wife, do.
- 11.  II,"-Strington,   Harrison.
1)., Janus &. wife,  Dine Cily.
IIT^TT-WaTsotij-clcT °     T
IL,  .C.   Dine,   Clairesliolin.  '.
F.. II.'Smith, Coleinan. ' „* *
Xli.-s  Cecil   Woo-.l,. I.cdnc.
A. Osborne,,Xorris & Rowc's circus,
II. .Cunningham, do.
W. Dreiner, do,
.1.  CanL-ii,  Ho.
I'. Collins, do. *   <■
C. C. Garnett, do.
K,   Darker,  do. .
Geo   Wclliiiiiu,  do,
C.  Johnson, do,
J, George, do.
K.  S.  Crowell,  do,
A Osborne, jr.', do,
Ro.-s Tate, Ciaiibrook.
A.   A,   Shorts,   llluiniiorc.
!■'. 11, Hawthorne, N?lson. I
V. II. Hale Jt wile, Endei liy,
,C, A. Nittt, Si,  1-iuil.
Miss  Moore,') Miu-leod,
J,   FluiNi-iiiiinn,   ViiiiL-imvei-.  ■
G. Downing & wile, JalTray,
I,.  Renault,  Cuiiip McKiiincy,
1), McDeriiiutt,  Morrissey.,    ,
A. While U  Wire,  Coul Creek.
J,   Dates,   Crutibroov.
Walter l-'mscr, Jnfliay. '
Geo, Maiipln, Conl  Creek,
J1 C. Keinplon, do,
11. While nud wile, llosmer.
T. Cniiiiliill,, N'oerls i*v Rowe.
J.- HilliifigM, do.
II. Mnnslield, do. '
II.  Irving, do,
II, Dunikcr, do.
C. Htirrcll, do,
J,  Hyde, do,
J. Hiignull, (lo.
Mrs.., John Lee, Ctunbrook,
I). J, Klincr, Movie,
l-'OR  SAi',E--io,o-xi   shares    Sullivan
stock   at 3;,'c—Molt," Son & Co.
hundrcd and twenty acres in the
Kootenay valley, *V> acres under cultivation; 140 acres can be irrigated
at .small expense. There are good
buildings on the property, ,also
three miles ol fencing. There is
about two million feet ol first-class
timber ou the land. This is a snap
lor anyone wishing to get,a good
ranch. For particulars apply
Mott, Son & Co.,
Business may be transacted by mail with any branch
of the Bank. Accounts may be opened, and deposits
made or withdrawn by mail. Every attention ia paid
to out-of-town aooounts.
Fernio   Branch G. S.*** Holt, 'Mannffer
We :tiav€&"'tiieni ^ arriving twice
a  week  from  the  province. If ;
you want Fresh Eggs .buy■■ from
lis and be happy.
Pay Cash, get viaiue for your money
W. J.BIuiidcil
; The Peoplc'*s Grocer^ ,P. O. Block. Fernie
5       <■ ■■    -S
I'OK. SALl-.-The_ |)roperty knowa **
the Tremont boarilinj-; house Vic-
"loiia avenue, Fernie. Good two
story house, H bed rooms upstairs, 5 KO"*-1 looms Aoyl*
stairs; plastered: there is also a
Eocd shed and stable on the property. Will lie sold very cheap
- for cash. This is a-snifip Ior any.
one wishing to,;nake a :g{ood investment. Vor [nil partirulars,
etc,  apply Mott,  Son  & Co.,.,
Have one of their largest storeis in Fernie. '
Lamb, Veal, Fresh aud Smoked Fish. #
Frcsii Fish constantly, arriving'^ j
SmiXmi 1 IM'-ft flit
Goods for
EEEE Summer
ticad   Office
Calgary,   Alta.
of 378 acres, situate*, in one oi th«
most favorable spots for fruit growing,  gardening,  stock raisin*    an«
> poultry growing in the Kootenay
country. This ranch is all fenced
contains 61 acres of first-class l>otT
lorn land, 25 acres of which is iB
a good,,state of .' cultivation,, „ 7
acres of good bench land suitablt
for fruit growing and gardening, Mt!
in fine state of .cultivation. Titer*
is a good^log house of four rooms,
with shingle roof,* stabling for 8
horses'and-9 head of cattle, two
good henlioiises and a cood root
house. This valuab.e property can ba
had for $5670.00 cash, it ta*ke» soon,
and is the best bargain lor anyr
one desiring to go into ranching
that can ba found in East Kootenay
For, further particulars apply '"to
Molt, Son & Co, Fernie, B. C. ;
The Dominion Meat
-&:   Cattle ACon   Ltd.
*   Wholesale & Retail Meat Merchants
Fernie, B. C.
Hams,   Bacon,   Lard. Fl<jh and Game In Season.
Victoria   Ave.
'Phone   No.   4
vate    family    by Englishwoman;
No     washing.—Box  405.  Nelson',
b. c      '      ■;    ■ ;'
,, ANTED—Lady cashier;  one able to
u assist with ollice work. Apply'by
letter*—The  Crow's  Nest Trading
Co:,  IMI. 1
' t*
Itead Down ' ' Hc»^ };P
9.45 p,m Lv.      Veriile   - • Arr. 8.60 ft in
li.SSftm llexford (UOan.
K.'l*i am.     ''SPOKANK 9.S0p'm
7.30 p* m Arr       Seattle   '' Ly fl IS a m
■. * Dully except Sun.lii'y
"LeaviriR  Fernie.9.45 p. in.
'arrive at 10.55 P< •".-''•" .
1'OSITIOX WANTED as head cook
in hotel or restaurant 'by experienced manager; or would , rent
hotel dining room, restaurant-,.,or
large boarding house. Address M.
C, Y,, Ledger olTice,
KOI'XD—A lady's kid glove; owner
can hnve saint, by paying for this
ndv.   „
l-'OUND—A getttlemnn's watch nnd
chain, near tlte railway track between the cily nnd Oldtown. Owner can hnve siune by paying for
this nd, Apply this ollice,
M. Mecklenburg, M. A.., I). 0. S„
celi^brnleil oculist-optician, will again
bu al nitiiiHdeU'K drug store in Mon-
•.tay, June iH, nml will remain tlw
whole week, lie will be nl Michel hotel on Saturday nud Sunday, June
ifi ami 17, Now is your opportunity
to have yonr eyes attended to by a
reliable and experienced specialist,
A hotel thut liirnishes quiet commodious accommodation!, (or Us patrons is 11 .source of pleasure to, tin
travelling, public, Such a one is tlu
Klujf l-Jilvviuil IiaIcV ol Vernle, 'corner opposite post ollice.
■I'M". J''i—■"•WW'.!. ' ll'll"
Dr, Doran, btolhir ol Mrs, .1. V.
Iittwry died very siiiiili-ttly ut Lelimil
I1I11I1*), litsl  Snmltiv.
Ctipt. Travis, ol tit.- Siilvntioti nv-
my, Ims bnti irui^lirivil to Victoriu
uml  lelt  for his  mw  field  Moinloy
The Knights ui I'ytliiiis will mre*
nl lliii linil ;i1 ? o'clni'L- Hiniilnv iif-
tetitoou nud  will  iiiiinh  to the ceui*
i-trry nml ilui-onil.*
.'.ici'iisi.l lixitliers.
th.* ■ gravi-s
The   follnwiiig! miinis     have
,  1.-.,   1 . i-, 1      1     .
k......,..;s-.   .    A>    >,.l      . j.    ^.-.4.,.      '.
llu* ciiiiiivitl, Miss O'llrii-n, Coal
Creek; MI-.S Snow, Mis*. I)«vili-y, "trine; Mi»i Small, CruiiliKwik.
W. A. White, luu.unuiiit nt tht
t'nnn'Iinii Ibink ol Ciunmerir, li-nvi-*
lor Montreal tomorrow night on *
llircc wccl.-.' Ii'iliiliiy trip. Tln-r.* nrv
mine rwitfirs, but then Ik-. I^-.lgrr
will Inow more vbrn Mr. White returns. '
King I.dwiir<l.
W   A. Hi-i-il. riilisiiiV.
Mrs. it. It. Ittt.l, Cljn<.tr.n.
Mm. R   n«fri*im, do.
V....I irfntnt'. I inliitunl*  In  tho I.A.I..
1WSK IIM.!. fiOCMX"-'
Plrc Works
Souvenir Canes
Palace Drug Store
H. P. McLeatlt Mgr.
Ah There!
Tho Finest Porter
The only Good Itoor
In Fernie.
the product of the
Lethbridge Brewerj
Sold only nt
Tlie Kin^g Hotel.
have got iiito; the
way of lookiiig* in the
papers for informa-
goods they need. The
merchant who fails to
furnish the informa-
atioh needn't expect
to get a full Share of
the trade, and has no
one but himself to
,  Tlio Ledpcr is the paper
most peoplo here rend.
** Gwiag to the warm weather of the past .lew days, and it s
likely to continue during the  summer months," our store has been
visited "bv many summer sho ppers. Kor several days "we "have
'  exceptionally, fine Mine "of  all kinds  of  li-rliiwcijrlit Roods  Ior *la:
clicS anli chUdren, mcliiding ready-made-suits in-linens, lawn,  or-
■ gahdy, And zephyr Ringliams-,'shift waists,  skirts,  hosiery^ para-
■ sols," together w,lh-a full line   of   summer   materials,. We   invite
- you too calf and-be convinced  that "we   have   the   most .complete
stock this side of'.the lakes.- - "      -       .'       „    ■>     -'
I':   ,S?--New' arrivals   of   bio uses-  and hosiery. ,     ,'   .
The appreciation^ of
those who have visited
our showroom and visited our millinery and
fancy goods display is a
flattenii(jf proof to us that
our styles are exclusive, „
tasteful and moderately
Oily 1 few if Itat lively Black
Plumes Utt
Hxpectcd   to arrive   this
wcelc, n larjyc shipment
of beautiful shirt  waists,
and shirt waist suits.
Mrs. iwij'i
It is our Pleasure
to please You.
That's why we hnve .the most artistic line of wall pnper.s ever
nIiowii In I'ernie, Pointy flornl cf-
fects for bedrooms, stripes lor
linllH, tapestries nnd hemldic put-
terns for lihrni-iv-t nnd dininji
rooms; ■ l'rcnclt effects for piirlor.i;
In fact we lmve i-vorythlii-*- the
most exncliii|r tunic cun deiuatiil.
Willi Papers
■»:-•',-); ♦"■).":♦: ♦"'.  . ".. r>-T-i-^-->--*^-t-^~f
Tinsmithink & Plumbing
A ,        _ \      ~    r:      ^a
:. T HAVE taken over the business'"formerly*, con-
.1. ducted, by- Shepperd & Elliott and wish to inform
" tlie public that I am in a position to do all kinds of
'" Tin'smithing and Plumbing in a"prompt and eflicie
"'manner.    Remember the place.
" One door nortii of King Edward Hotel.
'Phone 1
'   Tuesday, lune 26th, 1906
C A.
Now Open for  Cnsaseme-nt* at
Dances,   Parties,   Etc.,   In   -fernie
===Or  Outaldc  Towns =
•F   From   3   to  8   Pieces   Furnished
Address t   C. A* MILLER.    Royal  Hotel*  rerntc
90 Day Round Trip
Tliroii^li nKrurs-im) r-ilcs
on nppllfulion, ".
DuIch of Snle,
JUNK 4, ft, 7, »it 2*
Jin.v t, ,i,
AUGUST 7, 8, 9,
skptrmw:r «em io
Ticket* Kul-.jet.-t lo ustiul vnrlnllon-i Oi
route nniJ IncluJo nicul*i nnd l-cnlm nn
Cun. Vac, Steamer* on Crest Ijtket.
Full r«rticiil«r» Prom
Rus-vian Oo-assofas
Alifi.tril* l,i-iutirnt vmti by Pltytlf-
& 100-Circus Champions and Celebrities ° 100
 ~ _^^_,XaJ»—-M»MllllMM«M^^»M^WMI>IM»WHi^«MW«MkWlt
88 famous Sauostvisno II  Arabian Tunriblerw
io^W^;^^ Mora   ** Mo^ MMh"» 0hwM
Q BonosUontil »a.\iilib»is-ts
20 Aslonlshlno Aorobnts
A OofH),feto JtnaneBo Olrouo
k      Suporb Csrhnd Untrofi
■   Sooroso(TrnlrodWiU»Boo8ls
f. '       , #    r* '      i» ••-        ' rma.. .., ^..01
i**Jt*ii.   it!  *~*i4 tUHUItttt   Smi**tfmm,,i*m
CiUnols, -Llumaa nud Bo» Iiidicus
Sduoatsd; Sssls. «nd Ssa Lions
Hlfzhesit ■Jumpln-K   Horaois
Thundering Romoti Chnvlot RctciO*
\xmtm ImpMlti Aikbiim &u,iit.M
Only Lstly Jnpnncst Artitii In Amirlei
tOO Shotlotul Pony Ballot
Ctiko lA/alklno: Horaeb!
Marvelous Picards rr
Awfiiit*. Oi.iiiii <iii>iii ••* k^Hti n.i»»
WZhui Lo Flour Troupo
It |«fitf \*4*, »f fi*.Mtm. twtM t* VUllU Vttt* if t
iitswt »#*.)**• | r*i«>*t*t
Pretty Edna Maretta
f<M*^t>l»l»Mlk. iMUluMm%m,*ttm, «UUItkU1l
mimn.lrl •».»..1 H«Ji.y »****% Wwni
[o Grand Street Parade?*


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