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The Fernie Ledger 1906-06-27

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 tf'-^l-'f-'D".  .
'^iVsyww.i.*.-- • -• • >
4 f:->7'A;:
■',>". "H -
'-.    -ft '-* '
j?» Kt;v'*- ,--'
Vol.. IV Number!^.;
~   i a ■
;e /s
FERNIff, B. C, WEDNESDAY<|JUN£ 27, 1906
Itft-m*. Carefully   Selected  from   exchanges and Furnlshstt by
r Special1 Correspondents   '-'•'*-■ Ao.
"•«., -;..^..::-c
■>*.■ *-
Conl Creek now support's a-. Iiarl-cr
^■"f^^jYy■'.:,:, :i:V
His honor, Judge, Wilson, is holding
■ court tony.'''      A *'"A'-"':''■" A'-';' '
'V  "| -.'A   -    -   ^     1   -'.,., '      ',   ;
Dr. ""DoMiell returned from' the, toast
yesterday) ?'■*,-   '-•.'■ < -  '' A "
<   Arthur-iClaxton came  in-from  the
east on j£riilay. '.    • ' *,'   '' '■
The Hemic Bank ol Canada expect,
to opefl up early next week.
Mrs, .f\ R. Poilock will not receive
during the 'summer months,
•Mark Varty left for the coast Saturday., eyeninf via the, G, N.   *      ■
M, Mcljines the lnmhcrman of-Elkmouth was ii) the city yesterday.-   .
Keuuctb. Corsan *- r'ctiirned, from
schopl at- Calgary .this.morning. '.
K , , * c    .,      -' '■•.
' -* 1
Whimster ,& Co. are preparing. '- to
open' out! their stock'of hardware cn
July  1 |1 '"" 7
Ht*. -HA*R..lIuntiiw(tirti, will' not
**fCfive faM the  fourth  Friday " in
, Wlptcriibtr. -
•■ H: *)?*■ Macd6neli',7'genc-rai':freight
agc-nt of. the C.P-R,. Nelson, i.s in
tha* cityVrtoday.'.-.."*"-:l: '. ':,-    ..
' A new.butcher,shop has bem oron-
cd at  Micnel  under  the management
of C. aflcEown.-i "■**■: .->   '„•*,*'    -*;
-'-*    ;-     \ i* . i ; *?   *' 7 -   - •   '
-H. BAAlexaniW, of "Sandon," a" cousin pi J.! S; T. Aiexander, was in ihe
city   vesterdav. -A   -       . .'".
! ~y  ''I;.-;.,- ;• .    . ',-i**.* ; • :
,ARev.A'-jB.    li- -Kempton  and  "Rev.
Goodfield of Cranbrook exchanged pul
'pits-Sunday  last."-,-- " '
The LadiesV.Benevolent society wilt
pive abaU-in "the opera house tomorrow night/'for the purpose of.'
replenishing^', rather depleted treasury; Tickets,'., 59!cents.'       A   -    .'A
"""*'    '    ' '■   '■*'■  '      *' '     "'       '   * '     T--.V
'",        NEW MINE FAN. *        ' 'A
Pkics $2 AYEAs..wr Advance
■ u
The coal company j$ putting in a
ntw fnn_for'."/No.-|9 mine at, -Coal
Cncek. The new fan is, calculated-' (to.
supply the mine* with' 2511,000 ciihic
feet of air per minute.",    -
C. D.-iMcNah*, mana'ger- of the' Ba-'
set Jl.umher .'Go., >Elkmo\itH; was a
Fernie visitor yesterday.
ThOs. !W. Corsan-wholtas been **tt-
ttudiug ...St. .Andrew's/, "coHegCv * '.'.Ox.
ronto, is expected home'in'tlu morii-
ini*   * ■'.- ■
„ Moyie is making preparations , for,
a,big ceiiAratioii on* July.2. Special
trains, will tie run from Cranbroook"
and'Ryan.  ,
Ur. C. A.-filler/late'ol Calgary,,
has located, in'the city and intends
to organize an orchestra ol the hi*'.
talent 'available.
i 1 ,
Don't forg«t thc dance iit the op-,
era housa* tomorrow '"evening  In. uiil
of.the    Ladies'    Benevolent so'.-uilv
Tickets, 50 ceutN,
1). J.'Kline: of Moyie, lios Ix-cu in
the city for several days. Mr, Elmui
is on tl)e Kagles' celebration .committee und will be hWi* lor tlio 3rd find
4th. ''*" >•  ''"' '
In th« report of.the election of of:
ficcrs of the I^'O. .0, V. grand lndg-
appearing in the Ledger ; lust weol
tb« name of- Thos, Biggs iip-ve-ircl ti.
place of Thos, Beck,
Ur».:A.'.C. J,.pliartU,.aml Mnry.'lclt'
Saturday evening for a two mouths'
visit with her mother ot Gitclplt, Out
Mt, LiphanU will also 'go east     in
tiliout three .weeks,
J, W. Kully, of Hiin-wiH, ,11,' C„
passed through the 'city Monday 011
hiH way to iMnther creek," Mr.-Knllv
is interested in Nome nil' Inttils wost
cf lMnchvr Creek, and is very enthusiastic fliotit the oil prospcctK in lli-iv
district. Mr, Kelly and nssoclule-t ntc
putting in a Hinder!! drilling ,|iliun
which they *.xiirct tn have in npern-
tion in a- sbort time.
"I thank" you with alf'iiiy ^ heart tor
what Ha,by'.s Own- Tablets haVe done
for, my--little-girl,", iay's -MrsA-An-
toin Charette, jr., - of St. :Bonif.uBl
Que. "When I U*gan giving' her ""* \l.K
tablets she seemed;to be* pining away
but after1 using ie;ss" tlxaj a  1)ox" sht.
is no\y a_fine,■/at healthy "little oiie
•ind I write you this.as an aekno\yl-
-dgment of a "'mother' who' wil. never
forget what'- Baby's "Own Tablets
have'done for her child:" Letters iik"j
his must bring" hope * arid comfort 'to
.ill mothers, who have feeble or sick
Chicago  Surgeons   Hope  to Accomplish Wonderful
y "       Restilts by Changing;Heart's Action
•i Chicago, III., June 25.—As a result of' experiments which have been
conducted for- nearly a year by 1)»\
A.-txandtr Carrol and Dr. C. C. Guth-,
ric in the Hull physiological fat-oratory at the University of Chicago,
discoveries have been made that promise great things in surgery.   **
-While'all the experiments \havt Ik*.:*!
performed on dogs, thc object was to
ascertain methods . of surgery that
could.be used on human - beings'- to'
transform veins into arteries an-l
will tcansplant organs, .and even lo
substitute, the. .arteries and veins of
an .animal for. the deceased arteries
and veins of a. man. Among thc discoveries' by tht surgeons are.     these:
The; transformation of -veins' on ar-
tcries'-produces from a, fundamental
point7of view thc transformation of
veinsunto arteries. Transplanted veins
adapt*themselyes to the new functions
imposed'. •      '
■ it       .:-..
the  circulation  through   the ^arteries;
is apparently as active as on ' -, the
day of operation. '*.»■,
The exiK-rimenters hope hy the trans
plantation of a vein on another-*;v6ln'
le produce a deviation ol.thfc olood
from one part* of the ..venous-system
to another.  The  significance of^such
deviation is that healthy blood'could
l.e  introduced into areas where {_; the
.blood had liecoiiie'stagnant'or. ''fciiFii-'
heahhy. They hope by this .deviation
to cure discuses eif* the liver, kidneys
and even of, thc  braiu.  Softening, ol
the brain is now incut-able, 'butJ/Drs'
Cavrell and GHthiie e^iwct to sue the
•    ' • ' 1      *"? **.-*   t
time when by sending re-d blOpd.surg-
jng   through, the., br^in' they.,   ..will
le able to revivify the.'brain cells and
fejiiore patients  to a normal' mental'
condition. ' .   ',• A. >'*'.  * 1  -*■*•
If  the  discoveries are * carried 1-   to
their logical conclusion, various .afiecV
tions of the heart now considered 1 in-;
eurable,  will be quickly • remedied.  II.
it will 'l/e transplanted. If one's .kia-
ncy or liver is not hitched to , i the
proper kind of machinery, his veins
and arteries will be dissected , and
grafted  together in  odd ways     that'",;rook'thin week"
flany inter-fttstiiig Items About People-A -Week's
Round-Up of Loipal Happenings
From the Herald,—
Harry   Oldland,, of  Fernie,   was  in
Cranbrook, Friday last.  ,
' John' Telfer and daughter,  of Fernie,. spent Sunday in Cranbrook.
F. Bryant and' T. W, Phillips, of
Fernie, were Sunday visitors in Craa
■Mr. arid Mrs. W. W. Tuttle of Fer
uic* spent a couple of days in Cian
Western Fuel Company Close One of
Nanaimo Mines.
a box..
';Na*ftaiinok"B.'C, June 26.—Siipcrin--
Was Notified that Sewer Bojida are "Queer"
The city''council held a' special li'ieet "turc a"'*', on' account of-by-law riot pro-
(ng Wednesday < night last * for, the'pur
imse* of >-:c'5t1si"def^*'thcr-estimafe^^
■'*'..'      ,0..fS,   .",-..    -J      i"-\}.J.'        '
*L,hc current year, but the-job proved
too big fori oiie night, and at the re-
/l.uest of.the ■ committee - an -adjournment, w«.s-taken lill the next regular
meeting..       '  ..   -   ' 7   • 'A
The niayor and Aids. Tuttle, Quail
arid Mclntyre .were present,     *•"     ; *
The clerk  reaii; the; following  tele;
grain. from John Nuy--cnr'i""C6,,'the-
successful tenderer for tlit* ser/wc' -le1
bettttires, .- declining   "to ' accept,  the
liolids.' ;;'  " '„   ■'    1; r '.i '*
■  , ,' Cliictigo,  June   19    *
A- W. Biensdell, Mayor of Feinie-■'
Telvjgram ■ received,   Attorney   „ An,
dines to approve the issue of deben*
mulgated by,, publication " in- British
Columbia 'Galett*, .Writiijgi{f»ill'y.
-The city .solicitor, , explained, that,
under the revised statutes the by-laws
were riot* required to he advertised in
the provincial gazette, the option being given of registering sltem with the
county court registrar. This had been
done'. Telegram was filed.
*' The council wont into committee ol
"•the -wholu to consider. thc estimates
with Aid. Tuttle lu the chair. There
was; too much, to. do ' iu' one evening and the committee rose arid ashed leave to sit .again, at thc noxt
regular meeting. Leavt was ' granted
and tlie 'council adjourned,
. "h-tv
1 ■- "■ - .
Korrl* It .Row*'** circtm t-hnrwed lien-
yesterday afternoon ami evening to
large crowds, Tiny, put up n ' ;(o-».|
clean bill ot fart, and everyone seem
ed pint iiid. Several new acts and no*"-
tlthi .were Intrnduc-Nl, and a lot ol
the oldMlme lavoriten wire cut out
It li M cldlmed, a strictly modern,
up tu date circus and worthy of tin*
patroMfe ol the .public.
- The    chaiiipionsliip   of. 'the, ,C*"6w'[iJ
Srest I'nss Kootliitll lengitte will likely be mttleri nt Cool -preek on Bat
unlay '" next    when ..the  "  Fran'*
tofim will' meet  the Creek  players.
These two teams are now .'tied'' for
first pluci., with the ot|tcr      'teams
hopelessly in the rear, so first     un.|
second place lies lictwettt titvst- two
a^Vrt-'gntlons," nud  Walunlay's  gatnu
will likely iell "whicli Icdiii'.ig «*;'  to
carry away'   tlte  \ Ycxvt Steele Brew-
Ing Company trophy,        ..,., ,;
Coal Creek defeated Coleinan last
Hatui-day lit 1 Coul Creek by a score
of 4 to 1,
Lovers iit the Untie k1"'"' will have
a t-liiiiU'u'lii enjoy tlielr favorite spoil
next Wednesday evening whin n
niHI for U decision will be pulled oil
between Walter Oldham and ' Ned
.Adami-*. Oldham is well known In
local sporting ' clrcli-s, 'while Adams
to a draw with Oldlmtu 'a week ot
nppmrcil her In a U*ti round go
two ago, Wtilriesday ulglit'n mil!
fs Nclieduled ' for at) rounds for a $v<>o
sldu liet, The rcfurcc, will lw iwle.-ted
at ttiv rttigtililc.       . > '
The'1 new,arteries   transmit'      -the,
y children;iBabv's owu Tabiets"^ili^.'W00*--',indefinitely.  After, ten  months cne's heart is riot in-the .right' place'. | cased gland
•nre  all minor  ailments  and  can be   J       ~ " '     '
,Hvtn just.os "safely. *to:"a.:new.*;'i.ioni'
laihy as to a grown child. If-you can
not get these.- tablets' from *your' deal
jr,   write the   Dr,   Williams  Medicine
Co.rifjrockville,' -and get them 1 at  c.fc
will give new, healthy life to the dis
'eased  organ.     A  .."* '   ,     ;■•---
More Wonderful, still, Bis. Carroll
and Gulhiie, it i.s declared, have actually succeeded .in reversing the circulation of- the blood. The results
which ,ihey expect to- obtain from
llie level-sal- .of . the blood currents
have long been1 sought by the medical
world.;, Reversal of the. circulation * in.
a kit an', it is said, will-cure gangrene,
which Jhas been the chief- obstacle co<i
fronting physicians in' the healing of
internal wounds.. When ulceration ,oV
the lining has set in a reversal of the
circulation .will .soon .restore the. tissues tb a healthy condition' bv an in-
* * . ■-",--
e.ro'ase* in the 'flow, of .the, blood.    , "
Tliesaine  result, .its.is.:thought,  can
be  obtained  iu "the  case- of any dis-
teiulent Stockett has'a'nnoiirieed'tliat"
,    . ,."■'. *-<*,*',. ,*• -
the Breehcn mine woujd lie closjed on
July- 1. 'indefinitely., This action ,,' is
taken owing to the "great falling oil
in the deiiiaiid for ' coal jn''San);Fran*
cisco since  the earthquake  arid'. Ure.
The closing,, of'this mine "will*.throw-
abpur   600 men   out  of "'employment,
but -probably one third of Tthcse. riien
will ibe taken on at-No. J, -and Athe.,
campamy 4 anticipates  steady ' ."Jwork
for   this mine during the sui-nirier>.-Tho.
Ladystriith. shipments'  Mr.  Stockett
states, will" he '.continued. t •:-
  *- r; ~ :—rrzrrt
Most*4-ci,f".tiie' inen let, oiit at -Brech-"
in*4-will, leave for 'East Koot'inay and'
Alberta mining camps, or seek' work
.temporarily, on * railway construction
in.the province for 'which there is a
demand. '     * ' ,'*...
■i -ir   •    [ , "J
R. J. Black.came up from Fernie
Monday to referee the lacrosst mau-h
having beco appointed to that position by Tres. Lang, oi the Crow's
Nest league.  .....
T. Martin, the popular C-P. R-
divisional. engineer, with headquarters at Calgurv; spent a few days in
Cranbrook - last'week. *   ■   ,
Jas; Ryan and Vie. Rollins,' lelt
today for a*trip to the coast.- Thev
will'visit Seattle and.watch the ponies go,.*arid,also go.to. Victoria and
Vancouver.   • ,
..Mayor Rogers, received a telegram
today from the gfvernmejit to the ti-
fect that .the" plans tot thc basement
and - first, ,story of ,the new public
building had been prepared and' IW-
'wa'rded,' and the rest of the ' pUui-*
Would be rushed forward as 'rapid!;,-
as  possible.
From the Prospector—
* A special train will be run on
Tuesday, July 3, from" C*onbrook',
aud'the hose team and lacrosse boys
and many others will attend "the ccl-
'   -  * ■     - -     - "     ,    -      *i~--
Miners' Union Election
Close Vote for Most Offices-President Dick-
en Re-elected7
Monday next the" celebration"'utrdf;f:.J''r'*  j '
' -' * *■ !*.   •■     h *      "      -*-..', ^ *!*<: si* ^.»* J**"jl *V •v  .A'-.   *
the. auspices of the Miners' liniori wijAj
ojien the gala week of fun aijid '!'
ttvities. , ' The .-usual^m-j-^.q
sports-will' fill jthe dnyH,arid ;the-. ball
iu the opera. house in the, evening;
with supper at the Central will-wind,
up what promise's'''to he the ljcstvdays'-
progranune yet laid'(befort the.public
by the union, Large crowds 'are
lodSied lo;r b«H. ample prpiyisii*! has
Iveen made for a good "all-round time.
.ATli**)) electi/in...,of .'officers "fS-\vGla'd-„- ",For "secretary -trealsurer—.,
^ -s »1 ... • 7 ■.  ■ V      / "■" «'   « -\r.w,r« .7      ..."
Mine Workers bf "America, was    held
on ..Friday last,  and resulted  as  foi*
Iflws:',; _ ;-v ^ _
'*l For'(President.— "'
The Feruie schools were closed one
week earlier than those nearer tlio
coast to penult tlit. teachers timo to
reach' Victoria in time for the opening .of the, teachers' couvetitlon, to
\h held'next week In -Victoria. All
of the Fertile teachers have left for
the coast where they wlll spend th*
holidays after thc close of thc convention. . -
New Westminster,.B. ,C.,. June 't\-
Today's* session' of,'the provincial"\V.
C, T. IT. convention was largely tak-,
tn up with the reception, of reports,,
and election of officers.. The following.--
wtrc chosen for the positions named,
all but the president by acclamation!-
President, Mrs, T. F! Watson, Vnu-
Correnponding Secretary, Mrs.     M.
A, Cunninghum, New. Westminster,
Reteording secre'tnrv, Mrs, Gordon
Grant, Victoria,. •
Treasurer, Mrs. F, Andrews, Vancouver,
Reports were presented by, commit'
tees on 'press,' mifcrtneuteil wim«, literature, evn(u[.-;e.listir work, mission-,
ary work, juvenile^, inothers'    tncot-'
W.  II.-Dicken
W. H.1 Evans ,
Major! ty-
W.. 11, Moore
• *   ',     - "f. r 4.. '■ ■ ■
Majfirity,   ..
' 'For vice-president—
-.1.  Howbrook   '.''.'.	
W. Lancaster  , '.'.
I ' ir"  \i '> /  '*-. ■':■   't
.' Majority...  ,	
■  For iccording secretary—
I). Patton, by acclamation,
" i'aV.
fcbration at.Fernie on. thi* date.
jt is announced that'the C. P. li.
will soon commence the constriicuo-.i
of a branch railway from somewhere-
near Kiko down the Elk river to
Elkmouth to enable mill owners in
that v'ciaity to ship l,„nber to .\1-
berta aijd other eastern- points'.
,; Thursday was payday .at Cranbrooi-
The to al amount paid along Ute
Croiyluc from Duninor* to Kooteiuv
Landing .in wages was. fea'.ooo. Of
this am juit there, was -*)aid :to t-m-
ployees krCranfcrook was >37 .Tpoo. A
careful estimate 'of the gross ,wag;es
paid by the milling interests in Cr.iu-
urook arid vicinity places it at "Mo,- *
1100 per iiK'nth. From the abov«« l,s-
ureB it wiH ne seen that Cranhrock
has a pay roll of about $57,000 ^er
moath. '
••Voni the Times—   ■
Jas. Uouglas, president of tlw
Frank Miners' union expects to Uavc
.ri a few days and locate 011 tlu.
Work^pn the Pass,-Turf associatioa
..ace track'is progressing favorably,
mA it ,'will be ready for use in a
hort time,. This- track is for \\u
a: lie fit pf-the. whole pass and should
.« encouraged'"and-patronized by nil
he Pass towns.
On June 12, in St. John's church,
tjlds, the Rev. W. Vf McMillan, iu-
al dean, -" performed the ceremony
hat united for life Rev. U. A.Rob-
nson, bf Coleman, to Miss Harlow.
•Ir. and Mrs. Robinson have'."' been
ipeading a few days 'at the St. Paul
.lission cn "the Wood resefve and
.'ill be; at home injColeinan.to their-
riends'about Jiily'4. 'file newly ttiiv
led'^ouple will reside iu Coleman,'
,-here they, have secured patt of thi-
- .'anieron__ldoclu_for_7a_res i dence,	
ings"",-! railway employees nnd scicnti'lr-
tempernnce instruction in the schools'
All showed steady progress had been'
made in the work of the .union .luring the venr;
Ten new branches    were  instilu-ed
Wc have; often heard of the rcmatl
able sagacity and intelligence, showi
by dogs of- various...breeds** butvw« di
not retiietiibcr of ever hearing of 1.
dog which has ever performed sucl.
a wonderful feat as a collie       do
during   the  year  nnd   foiir  old   oti.:<i   owned by Wilt*.  Davey, who reccntl*-
wcw reorganized.'A .gain'of'" 50R*    in'"arrived here   with a car  of  settlers
total uieiiiliirship wns report.d.
Escapes From Settlers Car in Manitoba and Returns to Ontario
The'Progress, n new paper at Blad-
worth, Snsk,, relates n remarkable
feat of on Ontario dog ns follows'
«WW!K»iWMKt|»i>-i nr.
Public School Promotions
Notstfl'be outttoiic by lier * inr.r.*
pretentious neighbors, Mlclul U Im.v*
*Vt x\ ttttMrttintx 'ond from the exteu-
tivt -profrAiume "ptilill-Jted eluwhrre,
th-ry #w certainly putting tip a good
<nB#. Burelv nn oti* ran luck for uport
cn l|wmUy twit, with Moyie, Pc-tii'**
•ai Wlckrl til dolnf their l»st and
therr/Uiroomrnoucfc and people tit-
ougkibw in tht ?•»•'towns to futr.
(ntef^kitlMMttil »*««*»* to tW« hl*j*li
1/ Utuifabf"» «»<! «mM<-M.i<. r^"* io
eater to an amuwment loving public.
The, coal cutput for the 'week mul.
ing Friday, ..fine a3,..wns ns follows".
Mini— ' »'«..,*.*-
Coal Creek ...ii  t3,'.H8
Michel     »  " 1 •'>'»'
Total '. 3°.H<V-1
The local schools closed last V'rl*
day (or the Hiitiuiter vacation, when
the following proinotioiii* were given
Ulvfaiion I.-
. Fourth Junior to Fourth Seiilor-
NoriiiA lloyntoii, Charley Clapp, Percy Clark, John Millniiulil,! Helen
Muirhead, Michucl Roliiehaud, Aaron
Walde, Laura White.
Division IL-
To l'irut bivUion-Peler Carosella,
G.lCotly, Charles Cole, ha^lla Dlvh,
en, Edward Ottthle, Clay toil Dubois,
ITn"h«rt Fnrvn«'( TTflWUflH ,Tn«'»1t( Mm
ry Kfo«ry,'R«\v KirVpat'rlek, Arthur*
Knynston, Sara Lancaster, Gladys
McFaty-tibur, Arthur Muirhead, Annie Hheiiiian, Laura Teller.
To Ht-nlor Thlrd-Awy Blfrgs   Wil.
>i^;,i {liww, ./.uu*..*! Uh.44.vJ, , Ci*u;i4i
Doltl, Uenry Folic tt, Menlo Glddln^-
Iteta Todd,. Elsie, Woodhouse, '
II. L. WHheltn, ol the Co.nst Mjr-
nrlne, Keatlh't Is In'thieVify* f«V V«
purpose ot writing It up lor thi *il-
liyjiiof his IntereHthijf pttlillcallim.
He "paid a friendly call on the ledger
this laft«rnoon,,nnd »eemed, ptsiAy
ImpnwA with the prolioWe pro^re*-
slve future ol Fernie. He U acconipan
led hy Mrs. WUhclm.
Taylor,  Ernest-Btoite,  Hurry How*
brook.   Condittoiial—Hubert lilillcr,
Front, Junior Sttotul Render to Sen
lor Hecond Reader—Jas, Asliinoiv,
Evelyn Uiggs, Marion Corsitti, Tlnuvs
hu Carosella, Tolly Co.stun/ii, Jiiiinie
Cody, Garnet Dudley, Anilu'wliigniiit
Htepheti Kost, Lyhlii JUunkwlt/, Alurv
MIkcIhio, Geo. McLeod, Mnrgaal Put
tcrson, Jane Patterson, Allritin Huml
atclinck, Ernest Wilson,,l'lorcncuUtn
ham, 'Julia Htrcetcr, Margaivl Miller, Arthur Stone, Andrew Marshall,
Louis llcull, Alice Duthie. Condition"
aV P<*»l;>*rt MVIut-nn, Ifiinh MpI.-iMi'. I ri{.>frlnn- VT ■ -
Hn, 'John  McLaelilln,  'Mitnile  Hu/i>l-| '     Fnnu    Second
Sdsy Miscisco, .Tames White, Heuri'tit
Ct-ji|ipcni'.li, Afnx McDiiiigull, l'.lliv-l
I.unlruN.      ' '
Division V.~- '
Infjiiit Class to* First Piiiiii'r.-Cien
Letilicr, Ili.liiii'l Diiii1ii|i, Ivvu Iiigiitm
Alice IJiiull. C.rnco Miller, Edgar Dud
•ley, Cllltord Htockwell.
Division 1V.<-
Vronv-i'lntl Render tn Second Rr.*,'-!
' '-     »*    ,' 11  /*' T   •■• -.
1> ,. I    .', ■
»,M.   .»4..,t
Jaint-i Grates, Jotne*. Patteriion, t'd-
on   Reldi,  Noriiwn McIU-.m,  Minr.ty
To Junior Third-S't.llo Ti-hh, Flor McUod, Dominic (Axrnl, Henry Min.
.1160 Davis, Hertlc Pulljanics,     Eii" ton, George Uejfgnts, How Ftion, Flop
incline it foil ry, Annio Jones,    Annie
I'utiru, Oliver Rutli*n, Lawrence Will
man. On trial, Albert Sherman..
Divihlou UI.-
Form Junior Second n tn Junior
-Hecond A.-Edlth Titty, Clara Fo!*
lett, Tony Catosella,, Allen McLeod,
Walter ililU.iiLaura Matlieati, Anl-
and VanlerUrglie, Ham McKane, Au*
nio Uchtnald, Eva Qfvitra,     Alfred
ence ' McDougall, Angus McDougall,'
Marjorie llrok-y, Percy Heal, M-iliel
Fiom Second I'lititci to First llnnA
er.-«osie Carosrllu, Willie Clowers,
AHxrt Dicken, Minnie Follett,, fliy
Gould, Jennie Ouidn, Edgar Hanw.f
Kdilh Ilr.tn, Murk Howbrook,' M>
ward Hewlett, Thos. Knla, ..William
Knyaston,' ttam< Mij-ra-iro, Uo»y Millij
Amy Wil.li'i, CheMi'i- Mills, Dorothy
Tipper, (Ve'tiit Mikiilson, Diiitiis Anh*
mon., Margittit Mi-Doiiiild, Nc-'iiiit'.-J
Uiiltiin, George Kollelt, Polly Kost,
Mary CuriiM-n/ny,, Arthur Rli-ht-s, Mti-
ry Wullace, CIiuiIch King, Mudgu
Taylor, Anthill llcawr, Gen. Meikly,
Lilly -Wilson
Primer    to Vlrv.t
Reader.- Heilirrt Letcher, Evn   Mm*,
Joe,1 Critppiilk, Mike l'ioln, Mary Min
Ion,  Stuart   CnrNiili,   Aihille  Cortk-r,
.Mury Softer, Josephine Gnskn, /itcy
\, n .     ii    '»      "   'i    1 -t     * 11   , > 11   I
..«....,., ,*... ■    --Irt.    .,,.»....4.... A-,    .l.tAl.    ».*_
II.1111, Clarctici- S'ltks, Sylvester Vim*
jltiseii, Lydiii Underwood, Opal Let 1 Iter. Mike Kost, Phyllis Hughes, Gertrude Heaver. '
From First Priiiurito Second Pri-
iner-Alfred Sfiiiik<*i.t/, Rus-x-H Dudley, David Miller, Willie Dudley, D*.
■Ad MilUr, Vkloiiu Kfouiy, Li«./ia
Reed, bailie Clapp, Olgo Follett, Hu
iwti Ilroley,, Mary Dragon, Mar</
|U-a|, Friil Haiidley, Hugh Gre^on,
Fraitk Harper, Arthur - Wnodliouw,
Melvin Dohl, Walter Hughes, Alfred
llradhh •
effects from   Meaford, Ont, Wheu th
car of effects was rolling ulong ovi
the C,  P, R,    some   six hours' mi."
from Winnipeg, the dog jumped   .. oii
of the car, rolled over a few time
faster than* the wheels of the     car*
were turning, shook the dust from It'
sgaggy back and started down     th
track towards the homo from whl.-l
he had so recently U-en taken     am'
which hu loved so wcl), Nothing mon
whs henrd oT th-! vetitiirs'oinc caiiin
until last wick when Ur. Davey rt
reived n letter from Meaford stntln-
that the dog htid arrived home in,at
exhiitihted condition, Tht letter     di*
not slutu the dny ol the month   01
which the dog -got back, but Mr, Du
vuy has written t,o find out, "From
Winnipeg to Meaford the distance i>
1 too1 miles, nud when it is taken iiit*
consideration that the dog   In  ordei
to rout It his old home had to travel
over a line ol railway which crow
several rivers ami iitiitimeialili- rreek*
nuts through tunnels, over a    blrul
and through a mount unions country
the fe.it M-riii.1 so letiiurkulitw     thai
it tuxes otiu's ('"fedtilitv to believe in
it* qutliHitlcity,
'ron\ the Times— - >,.  .,-•"'
i The,^ postal authorities at Ottawa
bav« at last complied .with"; th* wisliia
.11 the ix.oplc"or a.-mommg service, '
ind.qi. Monday last the first mail
eft Calgary at' H. i5 n. m., on the
norning train.;This change has lieen
n'ade'at the .'request of various town,**
(.long the .southern, branch ; of tlw C.
i E. and.will result-iu muih i;oi,d
to business .meu.-Owng to this'i-hangi.
■nail will Ce received1 18 hours' carli-
r than  formerly. •...
Crniibrook Herald—
"Ctimrude" Hawthornthwaiti* Ir,
coiiilug to tha iulerior. Mr. Haw*
thrMiithwoite is the gentleman wtv
said that labor unions were a lar.-v
«\»A v.u.i.1. tink «i ii*H*ir.   iii,   ii*w-
,etli,bridjjc .. Herald;^-
Fred W. Eckstroiii, of Butte,  Mon*
1,        1
ana, wus  the guest 'of his brotlter,
*,  J,  Eckstrom, for a couple       ol
days last week. -   '
Mrs, W. C, Liphardt reachwl, . own
rom Toronto on: Sunday, Mr. Lip-
lardt has taken a residence on Couti
street. -
Tbe eugagemcitt of Miss Bertie ()'•
Nai), daughter oi. Major O'Keil, 'of
I'oiut Edward, to R. A. Wright, of
f.ethhridgc, is announced, The ' marriage will take place June 97.
,,.Malcolm Mackenzie, M. P.P., ' and
I', Dickenson, Mucleod, were in town
on kiaturduy ou thejr way from Giv.it,
/alls, Montana, ulietv they had been
tiling Vvidmce'ift 11 perjury caw.
After an alneiire nl. eleven vear.i
torn the east H. A, Wright lilt by
thv south train Tuesiluy inorniiig. Mr,
Wright expects, to be jtjway two or
three months and,' while 'in Tomtitn
md New York will do nil the Ch-lm-
mas buying for 'Wright Hro.'s five
Htoies. Before reluniiu^.hv will villi
his old home, Clu-hley, It U rrpotted
that Al will uut ti-tiini ulmiu from
Sarnia on his western jnunu-y. '
1        1
From the Frank Paper—
Jas. Douglas, president of thu Mju-
■•i-*- uuiou, huN resig|iieil and Mill
leave camp to take up wotk ou thr
V t •"•.t.lKi-ait'h r-| l,m<d».r,.l,t (v
'pi'Ctti to shorilv opi-n atrnthi-r miiie ut
ihut place on the coal propel ty owned by him adjoining tlie lluckiuriil^j
and Lund property. Luut week th-* C
P, R. had engineers on the ground
ijkjum i.uv ?miU-,*,*'.*■■ *" **<>».ii'.i«
date the busine*-.--", and Mr. Galhrattil
states .that he rnperts to hav«"'   l!.«
min* in- operation' very soon..     The
......  .'  '   *.I*.  .*ti'     .
thomthwaite (or the past three years
has been the main support ol     the
loiiM-rvativ,'   purty,    ami without u'
doubt his mission to the interior is /ground.-will  In  worked .lV 0  slopu
to encourage the placing ol socialist I -.un* jutt north of the llreckrnri.lt-u
iuiii|idat«» U.doulUal diitrtit>. v •    ' audLuoit   wink-*,    and Mr.       Cai-
the gcDtlemaii visited Cranbrook a
(rw years ago hr got up against tin-
real thing, (or In this district he
found that be had to contend **i>h
the most Intelligent rims nf laboring
tuitt it had la-en hit misfortune to
meet and in {antcqttcnct he-had a
hard time 'of it
hraith *tat«i- that he will put iu a
gasoline hoist with a caput it y oi •'""
tona a day. An* tlie mine i* alr.*.*idy
tUvtloprd and ready to U-gin * p»o-
during, bavin-" l*«*n worked in h
una 11 way for tome Srars, Mr.Cat-
traith especta to put foal on tht mar
kct at an early day- :   -i-i-ft     ._   , . ... ^i .-...   *• *■_ s-^ ^
„*-, V-
TH£ tERNlE LEDGtiR,. FERNIE, B. C.   JUNE 27, 1906
>V?*i '
All records forllafgctftrees*_cu{'''hr
British Columbia'forests 3vcre}cbroken
by the' felln-g^ct.-!!--", giii'nt^Dougla-s
fir at Rock Bay,.north ol Vancouver1
I last' week. TKe-t'ree'r when trimmed *tp-
lumbor. size', ■■Wehsiirc'V 9-.'• feet J. Ions,
and =its diameter.was n feet. 6^ inches
at,lhe mitt^ni*. "iis .diameter,"at the
top was    4 feet;. .10 inches. Jl'he- trc-.-
I. o.
'"*£,"i.~.,*../»,:f.        j
MiKt|jn-.*lA O.JE.
y     Tuesday in "cY<
Hall otviHthe    last
ery month:-
* W .'AT..' J .* *MOR*RISSON," Fin- Sec
^contains iS.sooJfci-t of Jiimbcr. si
London Health Official Reveals Hoi^^
.     - ;^a   Bad as Chicago .-...,„
'Dealers  seen>
London', -J "in-  23.-._-l*;iigli>h.  , >'•>)=<-*
m.-ller.s   and   packers   "have   not"  . beea
slow to  make capital out of the Am-
t-rican- meat'agiiations.aud the.ie .is K
conciliated  elfort  on. their  pail .19
close    American -meat     and   canned
goods out  ol* the. Urilish .man-el. It.
is, however'a.case or,people in gl.a.w
houses throwing, stones, lor accpvdiii-.
to an ollicial statement made, 10 tl«
writei  bv-Dr. K' Cooper,   late „ «.lmi»
man of 'the-London-county   council,
-and   one  of ' the-" foremost   autlu.iiti^
foods  in .Eiijjlaiul.-l.ngli-.il buivlt
and packers., are decidedly not s.
|1.1poMtioii to. gird at Americans.       '•
"The    furious ,-outcry    in •l-'"*;1*"'1,
against   American   canned   goods
everv description oi Aitu-.riciin
in particular is, in my opinion
liberatcly   made   uu   agitation,'
Dr.  Cooper yesterdjiy
r.n have combined in denouncing  American goods wilhmit'waiting for \*r: ■
ideation from the United Slates.  Even*   wild   statement   is   circulated   as
absolute    truth,    even   to   the extern
that    American    packing    houses, arc
guilty  of-making  cannibal*--of   '  tlu
public. While 1 do not defend ■Aii-ar, .
ican  packers who have  lwett      guilt**
of.the ihings which  President Roosevelt   says, they   have   done, .at   .  the
sninc  lime  1  wish,.to, warn .American
houses  of  repute  that   the  scare      ir*
England  is a"'trade.agitation.
"English butchers.and packers. have
nothing  to be- proud,.of in .their'-o\vn
methods,-which,- in my opinip.n,-.*is'iui
ollicial oi. nian.y" years' oxpeviehoe'...<,>■
•*. this, particular* .subject,--arc  about  as
bad' as   had j.'cjin.jbc-..'  .*'., ,,/,... .:
' '.'I. am!sure AhaA'thc. s'latcmcntAvill
come as  a .matter, of surprise when 1
aver-that in England there is -  practically  no'-inspection of nieiit at all.
For many.ij-cars we havc-.l/cen trying
'  to' get  a   bill  introduced  into parlia-
I.bndou's  principal   meat -supply   centre.   Everyone - who    knows anything
about, the subject .at. all will conlinn
my siatenieiit-ihat inspection of ms.it
yrars  there* has'existed' a- portion-'of
tiie marvel known as "Rofton- 'Ro***;-.'
•..t..lhis'place  is a mere farce,     "i'or
;jars thc-r? has existed "a*-port.io'b oi 1
..iiw.ru meal  iu  the 'lillhiest--condiU'i
.-specially disguised-by cltemicai tiea'l
.-.lent—is' sold.   This  state   of   afiairs'
.-tcviiils. owing  to   the   fact   that,  the"
o-ealled inspector' fbr,"tho*':cit>^of l,on
,!:-n  proper has no-jurisdielibti'-' oYer-
.hat particular, section of. the "inaikei
1 hich  lies just out-side his -'bounll-irv
. his  meal  is as  bad.and   unfit •   tor
.o.od-as! il is possible-for'food''to-lie-
—nothing   disposed of in A'meriea l.y
hei beef, trust could-be worse.   ''■'.•
.   "I am  souy lo have to *'admit 'il;
■ut   there  is  no-one'more' dishonest'
hun the Hritish tradesman'.' There .is
:i   I'iondon'  a   tremendous'-nmounty of
.rilicryjand corruption''in-the mall'o"*.
I*. food' supply;' and' there   seems   to
.-ti ..a .prevailing'-' system   tliat "'    one
.ludcsniaii'-'must'lct another do.as he
.leases "on 'the distinct1 understanding
.hat. Ualy wilj give and- lake—'you let
ue alone," and I will 'do- file -.same' for
■""■"Id by; lhc,  hundreds;  rotten meat
1 lemicaliy. treated  is   tinned, by   ibe
•c*ii and .'sold as perfect,- iuul tho -U--
"'osi   lilthiuess. prevails   in   handling
-•-""iSJ^i ,*'• \
BX'BRftT-c^-AT-'CAwiy  "rbucifbnj  Etcv;
ltooms 1 & 3, lleuduraon iilo'ek, Fi-riii*-, "0- C.
ied  of[ disease'in  the  country,
et   liceh  shipped   up  to-Londoh
ou,—is   llieir   policy.       -;-"'   •"
* "I know of cases where cattle have
old as} 'fresh killed.' There arc hun-.
Ireds pflons of rotten meat sold in
'.ondonj. every A'car. This-refers-to the
anncd Igoods  as well  as   the*   ' othe."
ind. The condition of--private slaiigh-
. -ir houses.- is" never,.,, looked into,  and
uUliers can .do pretty much as they
{Diseased* cattle.:are killed'and'
Vti.s,.meat. -       '  * .      ' !- '■*■ & \t
'"■.-'Aiioilier0source  of   diseased   meat
"•*"-.   the ■ rabbits  which   arc  sent    to
London from  Oste'ud by, the ton.      I
•Jivcwcn-   cases    'of  inbbits  reeking
'^illi' ptomaine   poison   sold   for ,. 75
^■Hls  per crate,  which  is' practically
giving'- ilieni  away, .because they  are.
bo loul to be ealeii by any but the
l-oorcs't""of  the    poor.    1 know some
dealers    who sell this foul meat reg-
"Uarly   treating ■ it  with  perma'ngafe
yA .potash to diss'iiisc thc condition of
-"■he; meat. * .7
'" Huiulrcdit of tons of  horseflesh are
^old in, London; being canned     under
Uie disguise of 'tongue, beef and oil.
-Jr..meals;  I  have - not  the  slightest
^loii'bt that every year tons aud tons*
of  diseased,   filthy,   unsanitary 'meat-
ure sold to the' liritish .public by 'her
home packers.-AU this stuff being, attractively    branded*'■ as     ■•'Absolutely,
ire'sh.'   Vou  can  look, at  these': cans
.md. see the tops :pufled*out froin the
gasses of decomposition. '■'•       •■   ■
....'(Altogether,  I  think Mt  is   'about
time  that  ' this    outcry  in. England
against    American    goods should  be
-shown to * conic-largely from interested  home   dialers   who   arev dishonest
enough  to  take  quick  advantage    of
the.      psychological        moment,    to
smash the. legitimate American trade
.While  American..packers  may  be.cct-
.tainly guilty enough, they* are not a
\vhit worse  than the  English dealers
>■ ,     ■   , °
who are criticising them'so'' ' furious
Jy,V.-'r. .-, ':   ; '     .
WINE   CO., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers and Direct Import-
- .- ters of	
1 \ t . IRISH- .AVlh'SKEy,      ....,   ,;
: LON'DON DRY  "S '*   '     ?'r " '*'
;'       OLD TOM •' i . 7 ,.rv.,^. ^.
*  t   ','A*ND"'il0LL'A"kD'0i*NV-,'A'tAA"
F, C. Latoe
Post Oniee lllcck. Pernie.-' 11. C.
In   Fernie, ts a.siIeasEnt ?totnefoi' all who travel. ;,
\)   ^ '^^ "ROOMS-RESERVED'BV-WIIIE.A.  '    f-?An*1:
T. WHELAN/Manager.
W. H. HoBff.K. Gi'•-; i.ri.-*J.'S;T. ALksUiriui
-..Wtjssi &■* Alexander
,..,    _',"•* KERNIR. II. C.
T. W. Block, .Victorl»,:Avenue.
In It.
Sole' Agents in• Canadti for
Windsor     Tonic,      Jaj*     Destroyer.
J. .Bap-fee^
L.D.'S.,1  DiD.S.
.-'-.DENTIST ' '•''-
\    .;     *•        •      <    -      ■»      A  ''    .     "<
•   »»**«B*«y-><«B««>5i.<«>>>>>»>>i
\V    Block,   opposi'te  the   Batili
.OHiee hourii—H a.m. to 8 p.m.',,   A' -
VV, J, WViRlosworth,." D/D:'.S;
- ,-, .A..   ;  r>3±-3sr,a?isT ....   .-■,
On-icu hoiins:-'  '   f ."■to IS n. in." 1 to a p. m
■•   C.33 to a p.m.   ;-
ptlicoinl Alex. 1,-ik'iiBioe".   ,
*  . * qverSlinn's.liiikory. ,. ...
FERNIE,  "   - -    '*'— " 7 t.    *~    ' ■ B"3
Ci) mp-ldirit at Chelmsford
-    rl.,.'.:.,!...1,.,.     ,       .,,.7
*     PROVINCIAL AND     .
'    "LAND SURVEYOR     .
-■ 'Oflico.:   L.T.\V. Block'
Pph^ie-A British Columbia.'
E. W. W1HD0W80N
•". -    -. (I.*tc assnycr Nelson Smelter) ,
Gol'.i.Silver ovUttA ^clil)i:...\li..iXM'i
l<otii»r..'....*l..r'l       GoUt-Silvcr..... *} jo
cimi'ec* for utlicr motuls on aWilicatwn
Change of Business
Having' leased the Fernie Livery
arid Dray business of Wm, Ilana-
ley, I ani prepared to do all
kinds of DrayingA and Livery
-■  work."'. .'"'"• .-Y t
Agent   foi- Fernio Coul, Summit Limo and Distributing- ,
, Atjoht of tho"Cnniidinh Cil Co.
GivcmcacaiiF^d Handley
' v. p.Dni'wcr ni;ii,Vi; ,:     ._.. •J*)'™'*, ;**£'.
ment'compelling   mc(i.t..jn*-pcjpt,nrs   .0
lie   men'.of  spcrial -ciliication^skilloil
in  chtmical, rescartli,   stii'ilyinj;  pa-.li-
olojiy.aiid lj-actcriolr-Ky^Jnil^all-.l.'!!:;-?^
'' .cflort.s '^lavcA'-jc.nj.liitile........;...-,.:•;.. 5-7 .
'..'To ctjiiuvdtnyn to- details-  * ^ tjiav
v   UK-iiUonXluV- .1 ■<i»'%.j'),f-*-11iy .<^v*.1^^-">
■-•■ . snnal kn^w-l'iidire\Iiiiii'iliL-ils'' of cascs/ol*
-    inffiik-rv. with-.^lirat in ,an^in,s'n)i,itarv
;.. -condition..".Take , Siuitlifiplil^m-^kftA
Clwhusford,  EiiKlandj. .Tunc *"3.-At4,t0rious, he declared, that less alien-
1 meet,injr 01  the district: council "ita, Hion- WM  pai(lt0 [ood i„SpCCtion  in
lav.Dr. Thresh, medical officer"of .he
'Tei-iit'ji hoard."fiipor.liii'j?;' on llie cann'iii\
:)iiil"iiic-ilti<-"nsi and '"said- I.ritons, ...,...^..
■■•..vi. -,.w.-i-   -    -.. -.    - /,--*''. ^'--   .-   - — .. -t--..-t,'
ucstioti,, 'deprecated- ^aUTrmi A
'   $M'X
thc,.lK.ani from their own ey*!-*,
etori* nttcinplinjj lo remove lliu-.-ranl^
i-oni (.heir, l.i'roilitr's. eyes.-,It!. waAnnc
Great Britain than jn any civilized
eounlry. No dowlit,. sonie Jood was
prepared under, disgiistin*.; conditions,
lnit thfc",. food*! ino'st... implia*.ledVi,)j<tl,
not come to England, and the danger arising from imported products.
' had hten much exaggerated.
Guggenheim's Gradually Securing: Controls
To be Extensively Exploited---•
While at.ilii* coast, Mr. Ili^.so'.ico^,
pleteilj the .snk of - two, otlu r ■ ,lar^c
Asltcnift, 15, C, June aj.-Li-Ht' WeA ,
iii'sdny   there, left" Ashcroft   for'bullion, liy special stage A. Hi llolisoit, ' propui'ties. .Otic is,.litita'lcd on Spiy,.
ltiiiiiager  of   .lho''Cnrihoo OoliHii-lils [ ish ci-fek,  a  Iribulary  of.the  Noitj,
Co., his engineer,  17 V.  Warner,  G. ll**ork tif the Que-inel River. The ollt^,.
0,   1'o.ss, .of  l'oss -.S* IMiu-doniiell,  -.In.'
Nicola railway t-oittiactors, and     S
(li-otiski, their engineer.
' Koss .Hr M.'iriloiK'll  have under  cr,n:
sidernlioii   thu, closing   of  11  cotilfiiel
u-l I It Mr, llolison  to build the     ne'V-
canals for the Httllioii miiic and Mr.
Eoss'   trip   is   lo   faiiiiliari/e  liiiiisell
villi local cotillions. While ,"notliln >
il>..|liilti-  is i:iimvn  the iiiipii!S«iuii  pt.*
vails   that.    ,l"'oss   .St   MrDonitld. will
shortly  titovc   tluir   oiilfit   ol    nu-n
liDi-si-s and tools to llullion, -
\\liich! includes the .Maud properly *s
sllim'ted on • I'louriuilu ■ cruik on t|l(J
north.side ol Qnesiii-I .river, The i>r.-,p
erties'hiivc  passed' lo Colin .   Jliiy^
ol t'
Iliiiuiiiond, geitei'til' mtvnajjtr
.Otigi'ijhuiin  Explonititrtt  Oo.
The) u(|ui|)iiient of thenu , pt*opevtios
will cost nlioitt n iiillliAn-'iiiul a Ht\.\f
tlollitr's, for the construction of. so\i,u
So mle.s of canals l6ifeet wldt n\l(-
fi le.it deep,  trtgelher :wi*lh  Inrge I,
lilatits fit Ktei'l
pipe  niul * dj.
..j —
-ants, and coiislruclipii work will be
l-iitjuu early next year.
Mr. Iloiison's first work in 'Cayi-
f-oo, on the Horsefly fiver' nnd "at
llullion was thc lirst practical illustration of what big mining -mterpris-
es mean to, the surrounding country,
tliat Cariboo has had, The further de
veiopmenl of' the district he is now
Iw-niiinin-j, is in every particular much
greater and i.s the. beginning ol nn
era.ot prosperity that will I* ft-H.
from Ashcroft i to Ilnrkcrvillc,
. W. C. Kry estitnates, Hint,he had
piped bfl a. hundred tlio.ii.aud yards
of.'grnvcl trout the opening, of      tho
season to June id on the Mitclto Oro
hydrtutllc nnd Stout/-] gulch. II    llio
ground averages ns good, this .season
ns in  I'joj, 40 cents per yard,     he
has S.io.ood in his flume nt thnt tlm...
At thai dale lit, still hud water in-
onghfor otic giant.
%- the -Fehiiefistic Millinery Emporium, Victoria Avenue|
T ',   « *
Newest Fancies Now on Show in
1   - i       t, -
;;,-Ladies'. Lawn  and  Linen  Shirt   Waists.
* Ladies'5 and- Children's Underwear      ... ,'■"
Ladies' Silk Gloves.
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Davry & Laderouti*.
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
Mrs. Waggett
«|».'. , «$•
1    .     ,■    )
War on Insurance Co'ys
Suii^l-'tancisco, .lime 'J.|.--I)i-|miIiv
Attoiiu-y tiitittiil fiLiitge a .Siitilc-
. hint r.iiiic lii Sim l'r.uniM-ii t«>duy; to
li.llllllillie the Mitlc'rt light agaiiin
ilii: lm; iiiMit.uuv \niin.riiH that have
not lived up iw the law, l-'nr .Knipi-
lintiis he wus in ciiiiMiUiilioii with
liisiiiiini'b Coiniiiiss,iiiu'r Mytoii W.
Wuli, '
"Ki-niii now on it will be iniiide tlle
{•s|K-i-i(ii Iiiisiites-* ol the utK'i'iKy-gcii-
iriil'H ollict-.j' mini Mi-, •Sinrteviiii'.,
'•to priMeiule e\eiy  ita-.oit d>   w'it*.ii
ler lnsiTh, tli'vi iiieihiinii'K nnd relnu.
ci» win 1 have Ijecoitiu coiifttsvil in ll^,..
vfii/rts to nivlve just trcntnwiit (i\,„,
the ifisurniiie loinpiiiiicH, lo li'i-1 i),ul
lmve an "llli-e whii'h  is ligln^
side ol the case.
Cniiiiiiissidiier Woll mid Mr. Siiivli;.
viint'hiive tli-i'ided to co-opernte vvm,
ileuhiilits'   exi-liituge   arid   \xri\\^v
is 1111 la mi! \i*lili'lf Is tn'lie fnVm.
ulcr the niis|ilres of the vurl„|,',,
id u
ImhIk.s   ul   Uic  ill'.
tltrotiglt the rocky mountains nl     a
point some distance norlli of the pass
cut route through Kicking Horse paw*
nnd thai the work on the line   will
lx;  coiitliieiii'ed   without  delay.
- It,   I.s    tindersIo-hI    in local clrclu.-i
thai  the  new route  will  Iw  thtottgli
the Yellow head puss, which is about
lii* A'*0 ""ihi.  north    ol   Kicking   Horse
! Hiid is said hy eiiglticers to lie,by lur
the best rnilwiiy route through    lite
mountains.  It in stilted that the C,
V, U. Iuin iilreiidy liecurvt'i 11 right ol
wny through Yt-llowhiiid, nnd litis tn-
gitieeis oti  the  field milking  preliminary   .survey-.. ..,
j; Fort Steele Brewery C04 litd': \ [
FERNIE, D.C.        ••
Brewers of Extra Fino
' Laffoi* Bcor nnd Aoratcil'
-Waters.  Uottlcd Goods
a Specialty.
Nelson, B. C.
Smoke Royal Seal Cigars.
L Atkinson,      -     ■     ••     -     Fernie, B. C
' turi.ll   p.lUIUIlt    ill    VU*.»..S    Illll-IV   .1   y\ih,
the state call cotisvrvi- the nulii* ol   pusii ion ijn ttliowit to.evade proper ,„•
t|ie   itisiireil  who  lost  their pmp«Jt> j jnMi unl ol fife l«»*c».  ,
in tlte Ki'i-nl lire, We wniil  the Mtial- [    ' <
11. S.  I'ovu'r Company is Hxin-nditi;,'
-Hiill a Million.
Ciiiiitd l-'i.tks, 11. C. Jw-.iv :.>. Th;
Went KiHUciiuy Vivsex tt I.i«hl ■•"•
in <.kj«tU-iiciiij! ililliiiiliy in k-*wiiIw.
strmi-maNoni* to wurk on the miI>.M.i*
in ui*. at (lirfinl l'ink-,.«nd (*r«-<n-*..-i4
ami ullhouj-h they «re pajinj- f*. ".x-r
.lay tluy on- short liumltd. . . tlii-t
roinpmiv l* roniHrtutiii'i u m'«VI pole
line (rum Uo'^laml lo I-ogi'-Jury V.M»t
Millie 8" 1 tiw'ei- The \ntwet h e«ttuA
on liim wir«* calilcH ainmt lialf an
in.h thliK tin- roiii-I.ii.c-J raparity 1*.
iit<- jfm.ooo volts, or lliri-e times {]K
i-ttim-i-ity of tlie Cascade 1'owc** ^
l.i({lit lonipniiy. .Vniler die Vj-hcih
charter the .VVcsl Kootenay rninyony
ran only «o as inr went mt '^"hilnry
I'M*, hut il i:xpi;its lo «i*i mn* %l
(urtlier extension nt llie next iw%|0l.
.,( the UnWatute. Tin's lint, will
mnn- than hall xi million,
C. |'..h..UUL iivim. NKW Msk.
It IVill t* ,v-»/MiU-» NoMli ol Y|a|n
i  .- l.tuc.       X, .'
! Mimlrr-il, .timr -J1.-H 'W Wpt,,,',,^'
lire ..thai the Canadian l-nelli*. ^
lirijiatinj.    to ' lmlM    •notlwr    ym
NOT pvil-TY 01'»SM'.OM.CT.
iTitsllie Morrison Deiiiles A);itltist Ht.
ICu-jcne on Appeal.
Niimtiiivir, .lime 33.—'ihe fli-feiiM>.
was iK-ting within Ills tlnticM and in
Hie 'cotimc ol his cmijloytiniiit,' nml
w.ih not j*tilU> of itc-glcct.'*
, Upon this finding Mr. .luittlce Mor*
risbn today reii-rsed that ol the nt-
,-l.iliator ut Nelson in'.!. V. Arm*
urnn->'-i Milt ns. adniinI»troti>r ol tlw
eiute ol V. W. Smith, aRalntt t>>«
Bt. KiiKenc ContM.tii1(itci! Mining Co,,
/or. drtiiiajts (or tlie latter"*, <*lt«tli.
kllli-d hy .the fullinj: ol » i)iunt)ty «•'
ote. The company will now have to
,jiay llw amount of rfamajgej- the nr*
liltraior uliall a*v.i* or I ale to tlte
ililj-liwiiy of apical. MclMtllllpn, Tlllln
A T.anr««ti, acted lor the plaintifl nnd
niiccmfnt appellant.
l Make your wife happy by buy- i;  •
i; ing a Steel Range of J. D. Quail ji
or money refunded
! J»»»+»+»»»*»+'W4++*»*++»»+++»»-»->->••»»#••♦♦♦<
'. . K.-.--V Wtnar/t'* t.t»tnu«l tn tK» U*h.« .'.r •&&,$£
I      j, f i***)   1 *   1
AH Russia is On the Verge of
"*• -    mmyt' m,'< ,**/ EST^
■ *.*■
Troops are Disaffected and Mutinous—Douma Maybe  Dismissed
c Coup d'Etat Feared   ;
Odessa,* June•22.—General Kiuill.ai.-.
has'received word ,from 11 of^'.tlui
best, garrisons in 'Kussiu. lo the elici-l
th'.iU--the troops' art mutinous and
lia^is. refu.sed-.io act. as police in'ijiiiiT.
ing.-street disturbances., The' identity
of these garrisons is lx'iiijj concealed
but" all- the facts have l/een telegraph
ed to the 'minister of war at M.
Petersburg. It can be stated on the
uulliority " of"' a government ollicial
and general olliecr of ' -.lie stall that'
the reason why tlw gnveriiiiienl has
not carried out its plan to mobilize
700,000 Cossacks is the ,fear of civil
Avar. However these wild troops have
lii en sent to nil places where , I rouble
■ is IVaiyd and will be utilized in deal
. in;- with" any uprisings that may take
place.- - ■
The news from Cron'stndt continues
ilij-'qiuu-liiig. The"troops r.enl to llie
island'are camping outside ,lhe city.
. The Twentieth Century (I'orinerly the
liuss) says the situat'im is so dangerous that the breech ■ blocks Jiave
ht-ai, removed from the guns of •- tiie
ships  in the  harbor.
„ Ht, Petersburg,- June 22.—-Xo .iis-
ordefs at ltialyslock have' been re
ported today. The city council of Ki-
nlystoek have 'dvmaiidei'i the 'abrogation of  martial  law.'
Seven St. l'ciersl-urg papers ' be-
, sides the Ciilos" were confiscated, two
for their vigorous comment on the
attitude of llie authorities al ltinly-
stock and others for long descriptive
stories <if outrages froin tli? 1 r cot res
MnBtfeJa. ' ,,I.'*'V-J -~r
A curious storv is related nUMin:<k
wl.cn* Cioveriioi; Kurloff, who.... trial
'■'•- !nciling tlio- November excesses
.was itiged by Delegate Arankantseil
in the. lower-.'house of parlinip.cn--,
was today thanked by a delegation
of -Jews' for measures  instituted    by
hiin  to" prevent an outbreak. •:
„,   *.■.;'.;■-: ■..      - ' •    a
O ,  "
,  St. Pelersburg,'   June   '19.—Though
tumor is busy  with  the  success     of
the.- rc-aclionarics   at   Peterhof,   rcai-.
"sWvng^fiTloririation- ir"T^"1^iv,'rccT;ive.l~
from 'Jllic"., palace- t'oiiight that Km per:
or Nicholas has decided to <ieiul a sen
atorial commission to the Baltic pro
cinces to investigate complaints * of
the activity of the military authorities and to learn whether they are
justified.,in claiming that-executions
and martial law can not be aliandon-
id.   . "'*-_.'
, "Metropolitan Antonius, enterlaiiiin.51
members of the lower, house toii'ig'til,
assured them ithal the government did
not intend to recess parliament iu t-p
position to the will of the majority,
St. Petersburg, June 20.—In spile
of thc government's left handed denial thnt,. il intends to order a p-.ir-
liatiu nlaiy recess, the lU-ch today ex-f
pussed -the fear that a coup d'etat
is imminent and appealed to - 'the
people ot the country , to.* make
their voice heard in favor of the -lis
missal of the minis!iy took part in
Lhe (-..-sslon's of the Tripoli star chaiii
ber pKiceedings at Peterhaf, which, il'
is liinli-rslood, has absolutely dec-id--. 1
li.'it  pitiliiiiuent  must  be  g<*t  rid' of
.ind is onlv hesitating in  regard'  lo
!l.e method. i
' • Three ways are proposed:
' First, to order a recess for thvee
liinnihs; second, to dissolve parliament and order new elections based
011 universal suilrncii in the hope .that
the temper of parliament thus elected
will- be different from that of Mu*
present body; third, lo declare the
council of the empire, or upper bouse
Ilit?" representative body until a new
pnrliatiK-nl   is  elected.  ., ,   '
'lln-ie are two features of the sii-
nat.ou wlneh make ihe court eatu.ir-
llla pans..--tlii'iially necessity lor
ii.ore iiiiiiioy ami.ll^ydismay over llie
growing dtsallecliDK^|fti*.lIie uiiny,
St. l-etersbnig, Junt- 24.—Private
advices icceiviil here from Karkhtiil
I'lre-dict that the entire south of litis
sin-will be iu a slate of revolution
within'- ii month..
' A/ovsky, Russia, June 23.— The
troops here lu.lay openly applatuled
it ivviiliiliiiiinry pioeession, of oonu
miners" anil woikineii. '
''rustlih,-' and "mavericks" ' will
soon be forgotten terms of a forgotten past. ' '
•The star'1 of' empire has taken'* its
\vay in* the direction indicated by the
poet, and "cities and farms and villages ure affecting the one last giaiul
roundup- .". * ' "-'•'. >' '
; livery, train from the soutli '"aiid
east is bunging in its.fullest capacity of new settlers, and where a le-w
j short years ago could lie heard the
wild cries of the cowihoy can be heard
the nasal twang of the ,yankee, '£«je.
burr of the northerner, mingled *.vi»li
the jargon of Southern European dialects. Where before the., cattle grazed, in peace,* warmed by the chinook,'
thousands- of acres of wheal fiellis
now lie,, driving the rancher before
St. PeletMiurg, June iy.--iVI. Vin.i-
ver today received the following dispatch from 51, -.lacobson, a member
of the commission, sent to Uialystuck
by th.* lower house of parliament to
inve'stigatellie Jewish massacres there
''Order was 1'restored yesterday.' S'-v
inty-ei'ght Jews and six Christians
have been luninl. The majority of the
dead were killed with bayonets or
ride, bullets. Tin* total of the dead
has not yet been established.'-
* *'*A Cossack yesterday killed a passing   Jew.
"The cily council has decided unanimously thai the massacre "-was 1101
the result of nice hatred, flint 'was.
due- to provocation, and that the.
troops and'police'participated in the-
outrages. The report that the Jews
and revolutionists attacked the .inhabitants is false."
Carbuncle '. on Hoy's. lyye Contains
Victoria, B.-C, June 23.—A .seemingly well-authenticated account of a
stranjge biith is reported-by the
To-kio Aslii. A hoy born to a ' woman
ofVamato province had a carbuncle
on the left eyelid, which grew rapidly, becoming • larger than a man's
list. The child Was ,removed to Osaka
hospital; thc car'lmncle cut, and it
was, found to contain to the surprise
of everyone a diminutive boy, with
ti complete set of limbs and fingers.
The elder-boy sulTered little .from the
operation.-It ,°s "not'known wheth-ir
the  other child  lived.
Passing of the Cowboy
Calgary, June 19.—On the wide,
level - roaches of the ' rolling! prairie,
that lie. within the shadow of the Al
l-.crtan foothills—the last of the. once
wild and wooly' west—the -final ' act;
in the drama of civilization on . this,
continent, is being played, 1, and 'lhc
last of, the Canadian . cowboys, "the
is being, backed up against  tlie west
ern sky, with lhc'Rockies atid the Pacific  behind him.      ,,   -
No more .do great herds ,of thousands of branded cattle roam iho
riiii'gcs; no ninre" do life, echoes of
pounding hoofs'rumble in the' ravin.-"*.
io mingle with the rich curses >;1
'.'Curley-'j and'""Shorty,'- 'or ""S.-ot-
"Ciiichin,"   .and ."ctitlin'   but"   and
Saloons Will  Reopen in Riiincd  City
;.   .:•   July.S.. ■     :.     .
San. Francisco, Juno,,24.— The board
of supervisers today passed an ordinance, fixing saloon .licenses at. $500
.per-annum,-Saloons will'lie permitted
to resume- business on July 5, .and
for' the first 30 days will remain open
from 6 a. m., to 8 p. ni. After lhat
time if: the . commissioners decide,
the . saloons may remain- open all
night. -   '        t    ,
Four Provinces Now involved—Koreans are Armed with Obsolete
Weapons and Loss is Heavy
Victoria, B. C, June 19.—The Empress of China which arrived today
from Yokahama brought further advices of the revolution in Korea which
was spreading. The insurgents lost
heavily at Hoiv'gju. ■ When lhe ...»p-
(iiuse blew up the city gates protract
vii street fighting took place, but lhe
Koreans were" helpless aguinst ' the
inod.'in Weapons of the- Japane.-i--.
Two Japanese were killed anil two
wounded', • and S5 insurgents kille-h,
nnd   175 wounded.
A number ot wealthy and iiulu.m'
tial native Koreans were among the' prisoners who were to be
dealt with according to military law
The rebels numbered over 1000 under
Ming Chyongsik, before reported kili-
e;d, but it transpired that he escaped
to Tokusan, where the rebels wer« in
.strength. !,
Some tragic occurrences took- plact
at Hong j u. A' Japauvpe. polieeiiuu
and some gendarmes .taken by the
rebels were executed upon the eity
wall in sight of' the Japanese who
were investing the place. Sergeant
llijitaka, who was wounded iiiirMi;;
the assault, committed suicidt because of his chagrin at not being
able to take part in the entry ot the'
[ eity after the gates were blown up,
.*' Major Tunaka*, in charge of '.ho
JapanVse force, reported cyptiiiing
352 rillcs, as-many gun barrrls, several hundred spears, ' lances - aud
swords, a quantity of gunpowder and
rice. Tlie aims were obsolete aud ihe
ammunition, of.-little value.
Thc rebellion has spread to . four
piowHces, being, most serious' in
Kcuigwaudo, Kaiigue-ung, Uljin un*.
Vf.uudann,  which.;Were  looted.
At* I'ljin the .government offices,
were' burned and al Vongdaun four
nJieials and the magistrate'*-! wiiv
wire 'carried awav-, th« -local treas*
nry looted of several thousand" yen
and a quantity oi '.arms taken from
thi/ .military barracks. In "IKongwan-
do the . rebels arc-posting proclamations that they will kill all Korean-!
who hav« cut their top*knots or wtar
tluir hair in foreign style. Unrest is
j-enrral throughout Korea aud fugitives arc flocking to defensible centres. '
the second story »f the Alberta hotel
The   department   extinguished in.*
Haim's within ten minutes, but the'
damage will' exceed- $1000. The '.101 el
was lieing refitted by S. .Xelson,* who
recently boirght it for Ssoeio. i
Striking Sailors Attacli, Japanese Sea
man.       1 "
Seattle, June 23.—An incipient riot
.between policemen, and striking sailors wasjipielled with dillicully at 2,0
o-clock tonight. Two sailors, joined
afterwards by a third, assaulted a
Japanese employee of the pity of I'ii-
ebla, and his cries brought the police, who arrested and jailed thc as-
gallants, despite a Ix-lligeranl crowd
of  several   hundred. ' *    . .
—. vimiiii— i"ones—ii—v;r,—,1 line-tit—.w-
7.30,, thisc evening  fire ,broke out    in
Said  to  lie  Urging. General    Trepoli
to , Take  'Job.       -     -
London, June ■22.—The Triiljiine's cor
respondent at St. Petersburg assert:,
.lhat Empe-ror Nicholas is urging Gen
Wal Trekofl to organize a cabinet
j and that the empt-ror has summoned
M. Bobiedonstefl, former priKiirator
of the holy synod, to an audience at.
Peterhof tonight. -
Acted  as  a - Cushion  in  Cave-in  in  a
Butte Mine.
; Butte, Mont., June ao.—Dennis liar
rington had- his life crushed out in a
fall of ground- in the Mountain mine*,
this afternoon.- and J. J. McMahon
was seriously 'injured. McMahon's" <s'-'
cape from death is .perhaps one of l he-
most novel in the history of thf
Bnttc camp. When' the cavern occurred McMahon -was directly in--' lhA
path of the falling ground and was
hurled to thc ground in front r'of his*
partner, who' an instant later v.a.----
ttirown upon the prostrate- form q\
McMaSion.- 'ITarrinj^oii's Uody acted
"rfs—n— "cushion- for~McMaiiftn~ protect"
ing-him from-fiirther falls of ground
and saving his life, McMahon savs he
was conscious throughout and that
hi was. awaro whew Harrington died, as lhe latter's hands clutcne.
him. .convulsiveiv until the end.
London, <"lune ;, 25-.—Lieutenant "Tu-
lich, who accompanied thc royal society's, coimuiission to I'gaiula ta
investj,hat«4 the -'.slvepiirg sickness,"
which disease he contracted while dis-
st-ctiug a rat which,had been inoculated, died today in London of llie
sickness., '.
If you, your frends or. relatives suiTer with
Fits, Epilepsy, St. Vitn-j* Dance, or Falling
Sickness,' write for * tiial bottle %r.i valuable
treatise on such disease*, tit Till Leibio Co.,
179 Kin*; Street, W„ Toronto, Canada. All
druggiats sell or can obtain Lt you j
! t ♦♦♦♦♦■^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»0»»»*fr-»»,»»W +4*Xr*>*lr*l*4>*^'i+t>*1r*>^
o ♦
■"► t
1> o
It ^
Celebration,   Fernie,   B. C,
D. M. W. of A.
When the Annual List of Sports will take place
Morse   Races,
Foot   Races,
Obstacle   Races
Three Legged   Race
Football   Matches,
Football   Dribbling,
Races for Boys and Girls
Races for Men & Women
/' i' %J.
D**n.*nr«**<i*^fnr^ i\\n\    ***^t%\tn&+t*f\m\%   ir*f\   +Vi,o     Cx*.*r**HA+^i^*r
t     1 Vj^l UllAll-iyU     \SJLJL      M|J»|>AA-WI^VJi-%^AJI      W\J>      V11V       iv'VVl VVU1J
THGS.   BIQQS,    Secretary,    Fernie
If WLm Jm. J[ }
www,      t
m ; j^-'T
''■*;-    ..-
•^   i   ""
Issued .everysWednesday from vthe o'fieepf  ^tiblication,   Todd  Block,   Vie-
,a   toria'Avehue, I-'eniie, .llritish Cq lumliia. - *-",A«.\. .!. -- •■'vV-
D. V. MOTT   * -
G.  G, ,•^^RIKt,■fi
» - Manager'
Whispering Galleries
The   tu   (puttie,   or   you're." another," arg-'uiiititt-ci-'VPe* Ih-Ucvc *it has been
remarked,   is":not' coiielusivo, 'o!js**rves-the-•Victoria-'Times.   No*,   can     we
"be  considered   as  allemplin^.-a  jusli iicu-tioir'of -the-.wagging    tongues    o(
'mischievous*! gossips,, politvcivl- or,-so- eial-,' by-'lhat <--\vhi'cli we 'propose to-
say. It has been, contended-.and-, with considerable- ;dn;at, niostly of Ih**
hent, or "simulated variety,:-llmt> ■«£ reat-wrftng- huV. been- done the local
government- by certain, re-fereucn.*'' to. the ^eoirtK-W-iou-' of a ■ band of • hd-
veiuurers with the lauds and. wt-f-ks.. depaVtiueitt. Wii-believe-we'are well
within llie confines ol truth--in-s'ayi ng the utiieial opinion is that, in-the
light of t hnl which is obvious.. r<! -il 1.-veiny.,have eyes to see, the opposi-
tiOnpress in Its comments up™ ihcKuieM'island deal,, and-other -iinllei.s
of a kindred'nature, liiis.li-iiiti.il .ill ..tlic--'imi'tius> concerned'-with'1 a.-gieAl
deal ol consideration. The- revi'iatio n*. which-: rcrjltvd ffroiH-the-KalOn''isj
land   invtsli-JiVtion  discussed   a  iviuli lioirof1 uftairs which tpould haven licvl*
'impcissililc'-iu anv either portion t.i >the Briti>h empiru; diiul,.whi«h.*.iii i'ril-
ish Columbia: under •..nori'-al coBduions-^hiusl- had: resulted vi n the down*
a fall'of the government .ciniceriieiliuial j».,tlu>i pbi'iMaiiuiti baiiishinent >>ftom-
public lite of those iutimali-ly {oiu*crm.d in. the.-' malodorous- Ir.CiisiietU.H.'
There tire mativ conservatives in Victoria who share--the'opinion of- iib-
eials on this subject, and who ,yi|l refuse to vole for the candidates put
up by the "Mcllride government,, in the nmiu-.. of the party at "the pend'n;.'
e eclioiisAieeause they believe I hi   sen minions, goings-on   referred .to   should
.not be  toleraUd,' and if. lhe\   are. tolerated  wjll  result  in  disgrace  to  the
province aud.peiiuaiieul  Iiarni  lo ,',he  party.
We are lurlher told in top-lull/, higli-■•sounding phrases, culled it, oni
an easily discoverable source, so-'i-.i-tii'-ing -about the black-heartedness of
the people who give etirieney lo '.he gossip, of the street corners andoio-
claim abroad the poisotioi'is' inoirt'hings ol" scandal." All of which is" very
impressive and exceedingly' edifying""proceeding from* a source in which
tlifere is no thought of 'evil-and 'from \Vheiia. nothing that'dellleth proceeds. "Hnl at the same lime'it fs '-''fact lhat public sentiment demand«
that ministers of the crown lire a* ,-<csuspicion.
Only a lew days ago a leadii:;.; newspaper of the.,Dominion, claiming
to Ia;-independent but'invariably vi-i-ortiug the, conservative- party, ,1a-
un-iilcd the lact thai',lion. Clillo.M .Silton had been forced to retire from
public * life; ll ,exprcssed*~-.iis-eon.-iet io»- that the late minister of the
interior-was one ol] the- ablest'iinJi in tne service of, his. country( pointed
"oiit- the'] splendid "work lie- had '.lone for Canada, in .initiating ihe. intiiii-
gratioii. policy thai' "is-'rapidly ,li. ing the west with .pee>pde,-u policy' which
liasjresulted iii "the-grcai".."progres's and .prosperity-of. the .-country. The Toronto News tlieiisaid of Mr. Kifi.'.i that iu view, of--his .great public .services it was a pity he had been lorccd- to rulire-, iliul il the whisperings
, of the' gallery, were wronging li'in ,hc- was a terribly injured- man. This is
. in - reference. to his private .conduct. Thus "it; is evident that, the outgoings'and  incomings-of' those who">ervc  the    people .are  closely  observed,
-   niul    flirtliennorn    lliiii    niililir    nm:ilf..n. lias   sni. n. .Kt'mwUii-.l   nf   in-iv:il'.     i-rin-
■ duct that .inns',.Inj lived-'iip'-.td-by-ili ose who are in the limelight. Should
. the   .standard - of  private   conduct ■ .set .for. liberals' at .'Ottawa be .maintained, at. a higher .altitude than  the standard'for  coh&efva.l'ives  in  Victoria?
-   -./,,,  . .. J**.   ....    .,     , - ,-   ... , ; i.   ,.'.    ■-,      - - '    ...,'     ,-   ..   .>'..  , -   -
,1--Shall .'the Jljeiisure .iiieled'emi. in'lhe east',by'^conservative newspapers "be
■';. dill'erenl from the "measure-meted out b{ the .wests.by Ji.bteral Ji^v^ni.l'er.s.'-
, - ,we' do,, not .say .that the liv.es of t-.U., the nviHistcr^.inT'Uio'Vl-rriliffli,C«lnnih'j<i.
7-govcriiiiietit have not liecn cireumipo'ct, ^"jit it is evident -.that .the mini.?-
; -'tors havcl'ljccu'very tiiifbrtiiiiatci.'./Uie. criviroiiiiieiitJlhejAliaTC' createtlAan''!
*  that- the 'g"".cries liaveVbeeri';, wlii**'*-*.*ing in consc'tiifeVcc..'   °       ,r: '-'.".', A
■ ' * ■■..** "-v :- •  -■*■■-■**•,' -AA' A'-,-' ■ ''.'vA- "'
\ .Nor has the voice, of  the-slanderer been    content .'r-tvllli attacks iipoii;
,*" ,thc private .cliaracter of the - late" iiii liistcr of tli67"ilitcri,or;A Conscrvati.-e",
;' newspapers have eoiiiiiieiit-.il -freely upn the., alleged facC'iriat' ^nJ"Sj.floii;
-.'entered pttlilic life a-poor iii-in'ati-,1-ihut in a^.'fcw.'. yc'ai-s'MTc '-was ie-nip-lcil/io'
.- "retiw a rich' one,, They- waiil'to lotow wliere"1 litis "liiohey came'Tmiii',
j; .There is not 'a newspai"*er upholding the, conservative caujiq in, llriiish Col
;•*" .umhiti at the present-1 day and complaining bitleriy nhijiit, thp scawlal. and
''.gossip 'nssociulMl wi|li the name- of.members ol the M.e]'riili> goveriiiy.Jltl
j'A.ilint.lias not given ciirreitey to Uu i»mim-ndoe,s and ins.iinitlicn.s .respctiin-j*
;?iltlio';.nlli*gcil "grafting" ouenitions i.( Mr. Silton. There is not "it nuwspv
' " perpu/blished-in the tory, interest-• thnt has not given currency to the
*   .lilnckguardly charges of JMr.  Kosier,  and    other    lending  itiemlwrs ol   the
1 .'tory;party icspecting the- admini-ilnt lion of' several departmeuts in the*
A fcdefnl gnyctnniciiti- nor is 'there n tory new.spuper thnt has given line
-', icports of tit> evidence reftttiiig u'u.i pletely all thc charges thiit have heun
,-.:   laid,. Instead ^hey indulge in liyp.-'.-ri ticnl coinplaiiils about" the  iiientniesi
' .nud  peltincs-.-,o[  ■a-iiiidaliiioiigcrin;,'. .,,,..,,....
•,.      , And the  Kaien islanders tire in power  and. delimit,   while  Mr, 'Siftou
A'.has, paid Jth,*; penalty of being « \tr* tfrw 'Of  "wtiisperrn--' 'gnllcrii'S,"
a-law ;smt..agai«Mst;.ybu -is-ne-good.'-',_.!; '■_ j ^ ^J^^J /'; j $ Ai
y    "We think-it'-is our duty to, hilly 'advise yon  in  time, however,  as
we would ieel very sorry to have you lose'the pioperty    lhat    you  have.
worked so hard. for. ' ,     "*A-   ~  "*"'       -i "
..-■'J      ■■--*-.;*      , v
.'."Wc.hopc to hear from you at once with regard-to -whether you can
attend as witness oniyoiir', own Jjeiuilf at the. trial. '
"Ytm remember that  the  day or trial  is  for (-Tuesday,  the . first  day
of March'ocxt. Yours truly,   . ,   , .     _■ . •       v    •"
l'l        ' .  ''-   '"■'"   "TAYOR   et  'O'SHEA.   ",
A^iuo'itgagc.for %ex) which the union held.on Uni .Rossland World was
given to Mr. Taylor as payment on account of his costs, which at that
nine exceeded $3,oex*. The company got trial judgment at Victoria^ and
lm-vcd to compel Mr. Taylor to al- low them to seize the mortgagvi On
* that motion a 'copy of • the letter written to Alexander Conslaiit'-ine
was tiled. Taylor won his case before Mr. Justice Irving at -ftossland, hut'
lost on appeal. It was when the .inpeal was heard that the,chief justice
maele  his   criticisms. '  .'   '
and lhe.employer us 'thereby released' from liability, for the acts .of incompetency 'resulting in personaJ   injuries' to other employees.        -   -
Speaking ol^hi.i s<.*,"« nsionlilr. Taylor said: ., ,,
J'-1 leave it to the public t-J julg'eoi thu matter. I stated my case to
the lynchers upon oalh, and 'conl'id -.illy expected a favorable rusull,' and
a full vindication eif my conduct; 'rging lhat I believed that, had 1 lieeii
present in com I whe-ii the'mallet was tried on appial, I could have ' explained to the chiel justice the fuels now given here und could have
shown him that the letter was simply a matter of tactics to prcsr.rve
ap en! proceedings iu a faction liedti where every advantage*' had Iwon
-sought .by both, sides; nnd was written with no other end iu view, .which
thc preserving unencumbered of the *v aluable union hall property fully,
bears  out';   and   thus   I  could,   I   believe,  have  avoided  the  criticism,
,!'I also explained lo the benchers lhat the Centre Star company have
sjnee returned, to me the. Rossland World printing plant and have* paid
.(Vll-;the*ir .own costs of the aliove'motion-and appeal-',' \
t      \
Campaign Issues in Kansas
, The following press despatch show s that poor bleeding Kansas is keeping well to the fore even ,if Mary HI len Lease .has retired in inocuous desuetude aiid Sockless Jerry Simpson and' the Irridescent Ingalls' have long
since"passeel. to their rewawls and tliat the Farmers' A.liancc is but. a-ment
ory along with' Petier's  (lowing alfalfas.       * "
ers of Fernie Local 1220 will . demand four dollars'(4.06) for height (8),
hours' work."' ,**    \,        «    ;
. W.'A". C0NNELL7
U. B. of C. &n J. JtJ. 1220, Fernie.
.Topeka,   Kan. t,.J line  25.—The   length  of  a shirt   is  to  be
; Kansas eamj-*»sig»'*""-this year. A  1 arm paper  is  leading  a
be an issue in,
the Kansas eamj-*»Sig»'*""-this year. A I arm paper is leading a moveent to
reorganize the' -farmers into unions.. The argument .advanced is that if
every shirt was made one inch longer the added cloth would consume llie
entire  surplus  of .cotle-n. " "'
Farmers arc urged to organize 'and stand' for this demand., Chairmen"
of   the  democratic  and'republican   state   committees   declare   that   if   this',
remedy  was  reversed  lo  equalize  matters  in case of an extreme shortage
in  the  cotton  cfop- it  might "become very embarrassing.
u Weal Pie am Werry Nice"
British Race Suicide
The invasion of Packington by ,ihe authorities in the interest of whole
some food and cleanliness, is likeK to have far-reaching results. If the
meat trust has liecn ..brought "to ii.i knees, the small manufacturer,' is
hardjly likely to escape. We may expect a rage for inspection and reform
in every city and town'in the'wid,. republic of the United States to 'ol
low in the wake of the Chicago disclosures, and an .elimination of ' the
filthy establishments which have l.ec-n, nourished iby feeding the local communities on decomposing scraps iu which the pfoisonis concealed by liig'i
seasoning. In fact the crusade has begun, and the news despatches tell
of what may lie expected to be brought to light in many places "The
authorities of Newark, X.J., paid an-unexpected visit to a bologna .*iAu-(
sage-factory in that city, aml'lltcy claim to have found the utensils, ma*,-
cliiiiery and the room,in general reeking with filth* and vermin. Four l.as-
kcls of meat, said to-diave the up-pearancc of scraps- picked up' from'
thc floors of butchcrshops, dirt and sawdust lieing present in abundance,
were seized by the inspector, together witfc, other scraps of meat whielt
were said lo lie decaying in the sausage mndiiucs. This is not an 'cngag-
ingpicttire, and yet its accuracy will liar«Ily lie diVubled after the revelations made iii regard to the methods of the big establishments. Like tanned beei, the sausage is viewed"by a considerable, portion of -the community with a want-of confidence, whii*t must be. "distressing -to 'those en-\
gaged in its manufacture. This ditrrnst has long existed. It" nourished
when canned beef and PackingUm were, hoik' things of the future, and it
is  said to  affect  not  only  all'class.-; bf i* human'   society,'•. "hut   even       the
London, June -JtS.—'I l.o abnormal infantile mortality in l-ji-",taiid has
led tij, the mid.moiling "ol a ti.i.ionil confeieiiee whicli met in London today .under the p-esidency of lion John Hums, pres. .enl of life local government boaul. , ' , ' ■     ,
"In the days when thcic were no canned meal.*- nnd children were led"
naturally," said Mr. I.ttrns, -'there was no such sacriv.'c of child life.".
He believed he would ht well within the ^uark ' iu saying that 100,000
lives arc sacrificed yearly through neglect, carelessness and ignorance.
Drinking among women, Air, Hums urlhcr declared, is; one of the most
serious .tragedies whicli confronts Great Britain. "This is daily increasing
•the ijjprlalit'y of infants under five years of age, and-constitutes a national   reproach,   demanding   limitation,  he  declared.
Grand Forks Hot Air
Suspension of S. S. Taylor
i   >
■ ,, Uy resolution ,ol tlte buiteltcrs oi ih u |„w society, nt Victoriu, of Tltnr:,*
• day, ,1uiii-.;,.iiii the coiiipluiut ol*'lo |,„ Klljott, „ hciiclter, S. ■ S, Tnylor,
.,   bnrristi-r  and  -.olicitor,   wuh  m>\> .nd td Ua'30 days from |irncllNj|iig its   ;,
■ solicitor     Mr,   Hllioll  brought  l..*:<.r {. the'.society the   criticisii.iH;miide, by
ll..c S-'icU'iMh-i" in the appeal lic.-.l  eighUcii   tiioiitli'*. iij-i/* |j|i(>Wi|i   its   the
■ cij.se- ol'tlte Centre Slur Mining Co., vs. the Uosslmnl Miners' union nnd
others, respiii'ting a certain hitler \vr ittcn hy Mr 'Tnylor to one of h's
i-lii'l^-ijiTliu Centre Slur suit wm ..lie of a nuniliur which nroso out ol tlte
llossliiliil strike, The t'liiiipmiy sii..l tlie Miners''iinioit, Kiv'rrhriil'.llui hjih
pnthj/mg( niiioiis, uml abnut twiiiiy iiiiiuiM for nn Injtinrlioii, wlilclt Mr.
T.iylor^^iiiiid)i<l.s, Imd it been olit,,r:i,; il, wuuld lmve* niuaiit pnictlcnlly the
di'Htrn^iyn ol tliose unions. The ..-in puny nlso "stictl for dmiingt-ii, .Tutl;{o
l-'orliti-yii'titlvl mi outer,m the ilui-.-'-llniil'. to have the trial Hike pliu-n-m
N'mIhoii. 'Hie cmiipiiiiy uppe.iledMo Uie lull court, which lesiilti-il Iji mi or.V-r.
Udiig iiiuilc fueling tlji. tiiuI to Ik: lt,|<| »t Victoriu. Mr, Taylor ".p'-'''^-"
Ing lo tin- S'i-Imui Ni.jvh ol wlmt''nilowed, hiivk lie uxplaiiiul |ii llie- mm-?
tilivtt olliier,< ol ilk- tinlonis tlmt llic'c**.iiipniiv would try tn liiinitSHi lill-?i,i
ns much us powii'l.l,. l,y exectitiiui priiiceiliiigN, |h.-iitlliig Uic IhmiiIii^. ,if iht
iipp-iiil, iu older to dlM-oniiigi: npiv-il, dl'Mienrtciiiiig tlm, nu-n. Wnnic ul
llieHo iinlividitul deb-ihI-iiiIs httd h'.n.v.n ^jriclMv.sl tliein Sjm.or fttoo imrh,
lml.iip«i.-m\Ii' Minild .iiiilv' n':iill/i< !«150111- Satin, 011 .'iccount 0/ lhc ilrj»ri!:,'i
cd real estiiti- market in Uosslniid. If a sale wns mii.le.frir thiii low tint*
'-.'.'.il :itu, t.:. ;''■>'., '■■■','- r.\. .1 "'".'■..: „-. ..^;. t.»i....-». i* 1, i/l.i^ lii*, .,i,i>;iinl is^'t'in.] ^
1 upon the 'itili- wcild !>■• "v.'turu.d nnd \\w liiilunn- would l\- ')osl; w '..i}>.
piinling nppciil wimld tiieuii the mniliig n'lil of ilii-* 4-inlliv-e of- ||k-m iiicd,
Utt advised the mil.in ll. keep their 1111I011 hull, valued at from f/uton to
"SXivy), free l»r the loiiipiniy to si-i/e and  sell, niul wrctiftar to^itVYIf**«»T  the
; owners nf  the siniill Inmsuliold pro|i,i'rtii-A ns lollbw*:
Felinmry t, 'l<H,
"Hi' Ceijlrv Stm- vs. ItoMiluutl Miners' union mid otliers. '.    .   ,
VDcttr Sir; You nrc il-lli-iulutil in 1 I1I1 nctiim willi iiinuy, oIIicih, tin]
notice ol trial has leen givm hy the plniutllls for the court nt Vlctori.i,
cui Uic liit*t ol Mni'ili, to which it would Ir; well that you go to 'j»|\e
cvlileniv if possible, und wc sb'-nM Hk,. tn know nf nitre whrtlwr yon wi'
In* ohle.to l,n. , ■    -:   ..*
' "Wc iritd our Im-sI to lone a Iti nl   at   NelM.n  or   Host-lnnd   nnd   oii
■-,::tnltH-il nn order for triul at NeUoti, ),»( tlicioitft.o'f'npjH-nl lipsct     "till*
. onlcr mul wc arc now Ifirutl.topt to   Victoria, (or trial, ,1'lalntjfl*   mr*
, claiming against all il«feniliiul» ^.i.ooo damage**, :, ■ .
f      ','■■     y\,\      -j-ji{ '
"While «.- Iu.|k. 111 4in the sxixoni iliil,,  w|th   llw jury,-o-jJ'-jVirtorlS,
wlierr muIi -.trmig iin-iinlic« h»n prevailed n-jiiW thi*"-WeM-»rtj;Kfderttlo-t'
of Miner-i, we I«-I tluil n verdict might I*   (jivcn ngalnnt voik tlicrlfpre
,.   it in very weesmry it yiiti.liaw nny properly In your' ttaii-ie? IVwtifilt.e ill**'
; jimition of it at r,nik*,'lt Is vrry d.ingenmx to convey .to your wife, l<
," tsMHjtbe'.l^fi }*'; ty}t «<'VolawtA-jy «;^««f»',?i» 'i^.vV.^ili^f'V-^
«/ ■
brutes who are made companions of by nieiiAVVclhayc all lieafd of the'.sagacious canine who refused ■ a supper of sausage on the plea'that It was--
loo much" like dog cal dbg.'A.nd'who, will forget the hints "thrown out re-'
garding. this .comestible by' Samitel ..AVellcr in 'PickNyickAl*ap'er,'A.A"■ V'^.t.
. J'l lodged in the -same house wiih a pieman,„,oiice -."-.ir," Sain ,'AVcller
went on; "What •■»-numher o' eats you keep, Mr'.'.'Brooks,'-says'I,..-.when
I got intimate with him. 'Ah,' says. he. 'I ;de>—a . gooel many," says he.
;'Yoii 'must l-,c fond o' cats,' says I. 'OtIicr7people;l)cV--says hc.'a.^wiiik'.Ui'
at'mu; 'they ain't in season till »vmter7\..wigf.','-*'s^
says I. 'N'o,' says he, 'fruits is in, catsjs.rjut;' ''Wli^lwhalldo-ypii mcaii^.
I says I, 'Mean?' says he, 'that T'I! never li'el a* party--'to thc'-coniWimlicrti
of.the butchers lo keep up tlu* prices of inc,il,:says .he.,'Mr; Wcllcr,'. says
I lie, se^ice/in' my hand hard and visp^rin1 -iii' niy -ear,' 'elonlt incntioti!t,liis'
-again, but it's the scnsonln' as does it, -Tliej''re all niade 'o' them noble
animals,' savs he, a-pointin' to a vory nfce. little tal-j-iy kitten, "and T
seasons cm foiJ iK-efsteaU, vcnT or, l,id nev, '001(1111' to the demand; and
more than that,1'says he, 'I can lr.akb n Meal a ,-W-f,steal., or n beefsteak
a kidney, :or any one nn 'em a intttt'on, at' n minute's .'notice, just hs tliit
market   changes, nnd appetites vnrv.,' -' -7 ' »_'.■■>.■
 J' -     J   1
Result in Nova Scotia
ti:.-...y .,.;;.   ;,..„. -v ■••.'■ .
..Premier Murray has ngaini Vmried Nova- „Seoiin by 'an overwhelming
majority, .t.V'.scnts out of -i.R..,l/t is true thnt the conservatives iniitle a
slightly, better showing on this occasion, eliding five metiihers ill pine..
of two, says the Nelson News, 'ml Hint the province is thoroughly "ixb-
ernl is shown by, the favt iUnt.ri llbernl was elected in'every county, lu
Kiltg's county, where tin.- ty.'o goverii jnciit cnnldiduies, were defentc-<l, one
ol them nminister without'portfolio, ulVi f)f ^iu. successful candidates ''is
nn  independent  libcnil niul  will  support thr. .administration.
Premier Murray has hcl'd ollice slice the reUireiiient from jirovlncial pol
itics of Mr. I'Mcliliti*)- ten yiints ago, nnd his .oppoiienls in tho legislature
have never ntiiuTiurcd more thnn r.h. r,
Alter tun y«,ms mf ollice it is 110 11 Iglt't .Icsliihoiiy to'-llit, general excellence of Hlitnit WrtiiiiiiHlrulive pi iai * iplei* thnt Premier Mttrray'H govont*
ment .sliouWl lv, stusliuiied liy so    .Incisive n vote.
Niivn, Sunt in Ims ulwuys Ikcii t-'.jongly Hlict;nl. Once only, uiucc con-
fcilernti>i.i|. have the X-oiisurvntives li 1 id ollice, I11I187K, when tlit ■ local lib-
i-ritl KWcriiUKiit went' miller In 'thV tidal wavu'of toryism< that swept the
MnvUiit-lb governiiiciil  from' ollice, *      ^ ',       " '■ t%\
'DIHh govenimeiii hclil ollice I'or niie term nml wns ttottilile, or i« now
WiUioritMe for the fmt ildu tnwni^!, the cud uf. the tisrin 11 Mr. Tlii»nt|Mon
tlleit iilniOHl ttiikiiown to public lile, kcnttie premier, 'I'liis Mr,'riitiiup.s.iii
llililr. on liL'i'ame Sir 'John Tlioinpsoiiiiii'ciitier of Canada.
In* lhc i.j yen rs 'that have idnps.tld since tltctli'jft-tit ol this cotiHurvatlvo
(♦iiVcrnniL-iit the lilSt-rnls have Itnlil mtlillHpiiliMl nwiij- In Nova Scotia. I'or
mmiy yuin-H I'litiivit'c HIlitlHli-r Klnllllii gi wns the li-mdcr ol the goVcrnm/MiT,
Wlii-u lie retired lii iH')ft lo Join Wr Wllfiiil l.tiiirltt-'s cnbliiyt, lie was kiic-
.tccdu'il by Pivmivr Muititv nud lu his hitiiil-*, the fnrtiuics of the liberal
party do not scent to have Httftcrud, '        ,' |
Il wus 'gu'iii-riilly ex|H.-ctci5 tlmt l-rcmlei- Mtifray would lie* ' sustalik-.l,
lntt iu view of the |K-rferviil tissertliiim of a twctloM of tho i-.onservativu
prcKM tlmt lil-crnllNiii in tlie enst wiih- iindergoltig nt rapid proevn-i of ill*'
intei-riilitm, it wus utiiicipiilcd that tliu i/coiiKervuiii.-t*i .might posNihly
hltow siiiiie signUU-iiiJi gnins. This Is mil tlte cone, .however, Whilst tln-y,
iippcnr to lmve hc-tiirc-il five hctit.s wlifm 'before tliey .held lml two, lliey
lulled in vnrry ti slirgfer cotinty,, mil the capital, Halifax, return-*.! x]\rce
litu-riik-  lm  »ii-ilfir*til«"i  of  wor twelve   hnitdrnl
, A  Grand  Forks 'despatch   says:    oan* *»
A Hying machine or air molar is  the latest novelty for.Grand Forks
Andrew Thompson,   a machinist at  Cascade,  who  is  the  inventor,   is  nojv
building  liis  airShip  aud  expects  10  have it 'completed within a'few* ela.ys
time.   In -cfyiiivefrsa^iJon   Mr.   Th-omps on said:
* "My air motor, will be worked by a small gasoline engine." An airship large • enough for one man will 'be' six feet'high, eight feet long and
four feet wide, and will weigh'aboat two hundred pounds. One this size
will carry at least fioop omuls. It will have two wheels, which will, le
lie propelled by the engine. The" top of the motor will be covered wilh
strong canvas' which can be arranged to serve the purpose of wings and
lower the  ship  gradually  should^any thing go wrong  with, the  machine. 1
expect to travel at least len miles an hour with ease and will go ov.-r
'a'mile high. I Will make my first as cent, at Grand Forks in mhotit two
weeks' time. I have been working on the invention ■ for the past eight
years, and have now made application to have it p-'lcnled in] several
countries." ' ' * <-*
Coal.—Conl biuU nmy bo purchased at 110
ner noru for foffc eoul uud liO for anthraclU.
Not moretliuu ''-'(J uo v.i utoi b* acquire! by, .
0110 imUviilmi. ur couiimnv, Ko.valt.T at tb*
rate ol leu co.'tn ner ton of X,00U pouud-i lhat!
lio collected on the cross output. ,   ■
Quartz—A free minor's certific-at* is grftati*
upon piivmont in uilvanco of .fl per annum f«r
nu indKi.lnal, ami from ».1il to SKW por annum
for it cbinpnuy hccouUhk to capital.
A fiee minor. lmviiiBiliscoveied mineral in
place,nmy locitto a claim ),!,W x l/KW fo»t.
, Tlie-fi'C foriL-coriliiia 11 claim istS.
At leiibt. *iiu<) must lio oxpomloJ ou tlit claim
eucli year or paid to tht. mining recorder In
lieu t'h.'re-'or. Wlie'ii iS'»i 1ms titmi expended ■»»
jmi.l, tlio locator nmy. upon liuvinv a aurvey
m.idu, ainl upon coinplyine with vtlier r«*
(luiieiiH*ut3,iiiirelia:o the land41 tl au acre.
. Tho patent lii'i.v .leu for the payment of a ,
royally of-!' per e-e-nt or. thu sales.
i'l.A.'Kl! miuii.K claims e«uerull,v are 100 fret
Ml 1111 re; entry lt-e {'ft ruiiuwuljloyearly, '
A lio.. 1..liiei- may ol.tain two leasee te
diPilKi-fiii'Kn.il iirilvenilli-M'i.clilora term of
t.v.oiity,\i-.ii-.ii lonuwiil.lo ut the dinuretlon uf
hu Ali'iiinti'i* uf the* li.terior,
Tlio Iosm'o khnll irnvuailr«dKi-In operation
vvitliin in.o M-iiHini fiiiiit tlie iliilu or the lease
I'm* c!ii*"i lhe .uili.-*. Itcnlal UOU-r auiiuut for
•.uieii lnile'of river li'itiicl. llojulty at tbe
mti* of ii. pi'i ci'.ut i-ulluflcit 011 the output af*
till- il uKfii, d»t 1(1,1X11),
W.  W.  C01U5Y,
, Deputy "Minister of the Interior.
N.   J!.—I'li.i-iitltc'ii/'ed   *V$*l'a*<,tiQ*i   ot
this ndvcrliscmcnt. will not be paid
D ARTI.KTV HOUSE,  formerly  tha
Clark,  the best $1 „a day hot«l
ih Nelson. Oulv white help tn 1 lored
G.  W.  11ART1.KTT.  Proprieior.
• :—__-^—. __.4
l,ist Your Property With  ■
I-'liKi) BASS.
AGEXCX," ■ y      °
Property lor Rale, Rent or Exchange
Ivints   Collected. 'Employment? Furnished,
.   Mr.   Thompson  is  an   old  lcsident, in thc Boundary, and had a blacksmith  shop in  Grand Folks a  iiui'ibcr rof, years "ago. .   g
■A r' ■   . NOTICE.   ■-
Notice, is , hereby given that 60
days a,flci*_ date I intend to,apply to
tlie :'chief "commissioner- of lands and
works' to purchase^ the following de-
scriixxl land near Elko, in the district
ol East. Kootenay, B7.C.' '
, Cdninicnciug. at a post planted at
the Northeast;corner of* lot No. 7316,
.thence nortii 40. chains,, thence west1
do chains, theuce south 40 chains,
Iheuce cast, along north line of lot
No, 7316 60 chains lo place of'commencement.        ''   *
Dated al Elko,'.11, C, May 30; igofi
~« «»•;
C, ]'. li, Rummer       Excursions    ro
The, East.
, Wimiipu",', Port Arthur, Duluth, at
Paul, Minneapolis, $52.30, Omaha,
1*50,80, Kansas City #56.25, - Rl.
Louis $6'o,oo, Chicago, ,*"()(-,00 ou sale
June Ai 6, 7, *3, 25, -July 2, 3, August 7, 8, 9, Sept. 8, lo.'H On same
dales.through excursion (ares.will be
.quoted to all points lit Ontario, Quebec, Maritime provinces, New York,
and New England, Tickets arc first-
class, hear 90 days limit for return,
and are subject to usual variations
of unite; are also good iu one or
both directions via the Great Lakes
Detinlh-ydliiCorniAhloti oti '^p^lictitltUtu.
,T. S, Curler, 1). l';"A.,
-i Nelson, II. C.
/tf      i   /
,f   \
\   •>.
I 1
Interesting: Decision
—i—   "'*■■''   \ *.'   "
Thu I'enll niul Zinc Xuws, ol .Joplin, Mo.., in, iu K«i»t Imriiu li-tt" tlio
Jiistlcii NicfiolH, ol tliu Mipreiiiii court 'of Kt'tttnAy, jccently .mrf-lcil
down a diii).ioii wllicli setioxxtAy. J.! feet.* unployer-i Hi ttmwtti')* wlicrc otfly
union,.nun tun ciitpltiycil, TJia decision mi^s that il «* : dnipjoyfc ^of ,i»
.cloveil uliop Mtntflitw pcrnottal'lniilrle* thnlugh the Befsll^nrt't of InaHillt*/
ol A fellow ciuplnm- he canrint tecovcr ilu mnffi*K Iroi»rhr« emrtbxyet. Vn-
tier .Uie common lanv, u ivortnirtii" **» injur:.d could. reemvr II It - ««i'->
sliowii Hint tin- ctiiployet" Iuul full.-d to |jri»vt«le efjuiptttiiV 'fellow, •«■"-'
vanls or a liiiiiilit-r Niiilicicnt for tin* \stAs nnilrrtaien, lntt Hliln irVeU-lon
holds that iii-ita (lie f|„M,| i,lio|> .rule ilw/iiiiionnHavi! lo-ki-n It tipoi.' ■!»«'»
t*;i\,tt ot •k-trniiinln>r wlt« *»t\l ami; w|,(l Khali not 1« Attmti tomlpitttnt
I'loviiico of llriiish Columbin
Nt). 346.
This Is to ceitlty that the "Dominion Meat uud L'utllo l'uuehliie; Coin-
puny, Limited," In iititliorl/ed and
licc1iM.1l to cat.ry on hitshiesN within
Ihu province of Hritish Columbia, nud
to carry out or effect ull or any ol
lhc object*, ol lite company" to which
tint .{•|-i-'liit.ivu ntilhorlty of the leg-
isliilnro ol Brill"..! Coluinliin extends.
Tin- lienil nlllcc of llm ponipniiv Is
fittuate at Cnlgury, in tho province
ol  Albeit*.
Tlio aiiiouiil of the capital ol the
company is one hundred uud ninety
tlioiipnitd dollars, divided  into nine
dollars. each.'.'
The head ollice of, the company iu
this province is*- situate at Fernie,
aiii."lle.iry William Herchmer, barrister at law, whose address is Vcrnie,
is the attorney loi. the company.
Given under.my hand and seal of of
(ice at Victoria,* Province of British
Columbia; this 15th day of May, one
thousand, nine hundred and six.
'     Ht.'S.)   ■ '   ,,     7"
*,   ,   •   4 ■     ,S.,y. AVOOTTEN,
Registrar of Joint Stock.Companies.
The Finest Porter
Thc only Good Beer
in Fernie.
the product ofthe
The objects for0wliich the company
has been established uiul licensed arc::
1. To act generally ns producers
of uud dealers in meat, dead uud alive
and provisions, 'including, but without limiting the generally of the fore-
Ifjing' words:,'
,(a.)   lcauc'tiu£,
jTi.)   Exporting nud importing of
dead aud live meat and provisions.
(c.)   Retailing meat  ami  provisions,   *
(d.)   Condiietotig aii abattoir uod
cold  storage   business.
ii 3.   To carry-on tliu business of gen
i-nil traders in and muuttfucliirers of
till kinds of meals "uud provisions.
0, To develop, water peiwers and
to tt'tiip, maintain and o]>enUe iiow-
»r plants, and produce electrical or
other cM-iKr-iy tlicrcfrom bo far ns may
neeessary, convenient, -or ad.vabUi'j--
rotts in connection with its oilier operations.
Take notice Uiul within sixty days
I Intend to apply lo the chief commissioner of lauds nnd works for a
special license to cut and curry nwny
timber,from the following lands situated in sotilliciist Kooteimy district-
Commencing nl a post marked John
DocksUider's southeast corner, nliottl
one mile west of the mouth of Tim*
iiul creek where it empties Into the
Elk river, tlience north 80 chnlns,
llieiire west Ro chains, tlunce south
80 chiiins, Ihcitcu rust 80 chiiins lo
place ol continentrim-iil.
Located May i<j(li,  I'jnfi,
,   AVinl.
Lethbridge Brewery
.   ! Sold onlv at
The King's Hotel.
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   ;.  :
Retail    Meat'  Merchants
. -    *■.■*?•''
atf>^iei*^**t \   ■
Choicest cuts of fresh meals alwavi
..I! I'ltitd.   .„ ■,    A ;
limits, bacon, and lard as well.
All kinds of fresh fio}. on 'teaion, .
Prompt delivery.
Give us a call, I
'niii. 18, . '
Crow's Nest
Electric Supply Store
All kinds of  Electrical
Goods kept in stock;;
All work
John Tuunhk,
Miami xo aist'ii.AC.'Qiiii.
Tlie contractors ol Vcrnlu       will
pica ne talte notice that Alter   April
teen  Iniiidrcil  shares ol 0110 hundred    mt,  1906 tin Carpenters and  Join*
L A.
Now  Open  f-i*t>r  CfiKasucmcnts  at      •
•:   Dances,   Parties,   ttc.,   In   Fernie   •
i!—: Or  Outside  Towns====
?   Prom   3   to  8 "Pieces   furnished
■ ■<   .          - -
■I    IHI 11 '   ".  ■-''- irgg=M.*-L!_-!.-:.. -    ."■ i~~*—»..,.».»-
l%Atittrm*mmt    C. A* MILLER*     Royal   Hotel,   remits   '.
MiannVii l.i-iiiiu-m u«J liylliyslt*
Auk for Minard's ami tola
i Rend carefully all the J
J —Advertisements in J
5 this issue, and Pat.
i ronize our Adverts*
f ers.   —  —   -*•  — "•
........... ..r-?-^i~.*-~i=:j=K=BrsaBi
Tnsoe Mam*
^     DKtlONt
s   CorrtiiOMTs 4&
Anrmit tunAlng * Onti-h end if iinHMinn nit
<-ilalilr wruln tint onuiinn tt4* wwuskt is
-nnt fm*. XlHXvrt agency tor ttuStT	
I'MViu XmXt*s ifirouiiti Munnj
wi.t Inns. IliHtun aaency tor »mibtiM MMou.
I'eteiiu Uken ihrouliti Munn k"vSTiwU
Wgtiwtkt, * tltuiul tlimj, U t£b
Scientific JKifliricin.
A ti«iid»orn»lf niil«tni!«'t wmk
mIuimi or *•■/ ^«l,,,8jj>hart
(J Witt****),
hVttmf'WmtSmtt**. JN
Famous Band of Outlaws Who Raided Canada and States Dispersed
■■'■■     " -- : ■'- '-—~        "• • ':■.:.:* L!J"
' *%**m\**%**%*\\**\\*m**1r\,*%**%*m%k,*,„
t**\\**mS**X**^%*W*kt*k9***)~*~i.^,S),,^.&.S^.Sl^».Si,,t,,9^^«f^f.X.   ,
2 For Eagles' Carnival, at Fernie, B. C on;
j July 3 and 4
Lethbridge,, June''.26—The fii-
mou's ''Jack" Sully -" .band '6l out-
.la'ws; whichvoperated all through Saskatchewan, Alberta,-llu: Dakotas aud
Montana, has at last been, brokeii up
according to reports sent to the Western -stock association, eight ol ' llio
bandits ^receiving,  long- peiiitc'nti'ary
. sentences at the last lei in ot the, federal court at Dead wood, S. D... The
band was originally founded and
h.aded by .lack .Sully, a Canadian
■from iKJ,:ir llni.iiilu.-u,, Out. .Sully,':*}
true name was said to bo Arthur McDonald, and he-'was a cillk-ge graduate and a man of education.- However lie caine .west aiid got mixed up
in a nii-.nbcr" of cattle deals,' finally
marrying a squaw, became one ^of Uu-
ltiost^expert cattic.srustlers*in- tlie
west. He himself „ was. killed two
years ,ago while* heading afraid oj
treoiistii'r' proportions—wliat' was to
have" been' his last.'raid.- *,' ,: ' c,- 'j
I,ate   in  the ivo's, young .'McDonald
. left his- home ' near Hamilton and
came .to the west, intent, upon entering-the free life of the plains. II.':
soon; became an expert rider and
shot "ami was.' a' general favorite
among the cowboys on both sides ol
the] line, , Endowed with a splendid
physique and, well trained in 'college
athletics,'he was soon a leader with
a lot of reckless young men-of thi'
lrontier". , Unfortunately he did not
have the force of character to with
stand tlte temptations, of that , lift.
and,soon fell a victim to his taste
lor 'whiskey.- Kail ing still lower in lln
f.ocial .. scale' he 'married , a" Siou.\
squaw,, and changing his name .to
Sully started on a-'criminal career
which-/ was-.unmr.allelcd in the' historv -
of thc;;counlry ;for the',length of tiin."
he'was aide-lo'carry-oh his 'operations.   '  ,
.  He gathered about hint a large 1 (am1
and _made,.a regular business of run;
Tiiinir^off^o'rseSi.hiidJehttlcJ.iii^ Iar *-".--
nun-bbers*;   taking - them ' a long way
•ifronu home,' oil both sides , of the
horder, changing the brands atid sell-.
ing them to Shippers, tlius realizing
hcavi.lyCaiuK at*'small chance, of <le-;-
lection. He was assisted in this work
hy'the-fedeial laws which had no
jurisdiction /over Indians who commit
ted;crimes while of! their reservation
And Sully-was 'Mnnrl"-enough  never,
lo steal a horse or cow" on the Sioux
Whenever one of his numerous small
hands was pursued, it made a bee
line for one of the reservations in
the stales and its members "scattered
among the Indians, thus preventing
Kor years he carried on these-raids
successfully, running off and selling
each year hundreds of head of Inith
cattle and horses and living a hilarious life, and a wild and intrepid one
and,evading the law. '
Iliil' several years ago Sully's band
1 an into a band of cow-boys," who put
tip a good stiiT ''jilii nlui [x number ,,[
hull breeds were killed. Evidence was
so strong against Sully himself that
th« hader bolted the country and
returned to Canada,.intending to remain there lho rest of his life.
Itut'liis love of adventure look him
'-ack and after two year's absence' he
.uiddenly returned lo the reservation
surrounding himself witli niemlier.s'of
his old band and started out on a,big
raid intending. lo make a fortune
thereby and go to. Mexico to live.
, The raid was well planned but of-
"iccrs and Indian police 'were waiting
or liim and Sully rode into the trap
they had set lor him, He tried "10
dioot his way out and did wound two
or three of the possee, but a Indict
.'roil! a rille in the hands ol aUniled
itates Marshal brought' him down to
death, •  1
Then ihe Sully gang was hunted
.lowu, man by man. Several were kill
.;d, -"'others left the country, and yet
others were sent to 'prison. The last
light .were tried at the May term-of
•-oiirl in Dcadwood and were all sent'
to the penitentiary for long terms
of,„years. Two'iiiein'bcrs "of the gang,
Frank' Waugh and "Robert- Hunts,
• rokc jail and are somewhere in West
•ni Canada. **
Eagles  Carnival:
prominent  speakei s'
The   following, is  the. official   piogramme  ior   ilu
T-.RSn.VV.  .iur,v 5 A' .   '
Grand parade \to recication grounds;   addresses  by
10.00 a. 111. ' ■
Kool   races   and  smaller   sports- 1.00 p. in.
llaseball,   Kernie   vs.   l.etlihridge— *".30. p,   111.        '
Koolbalt  match,   Coal   Creek  \s,  Coleman—li.30 p.  m.
Grand  ball at* opera  house  , :itul    coronation of queen of carnival, wim
will   lead  the  grand- ninrch-y ..o p.  m.
JUIA'   4.        „
,-St. John/is,; N'lld., June-",-—Despatches froin .Labrador, state thai
live persons were killed and eaten by
savage' dogs' off' thai coast during the
past ..winter,;,,These dogsr-,wIi:chihayc
Ix-eii largely interbred with wolves,
have frequently killed people .heretofore,' One, of the'victims tills winter
was'a mnn 'aged' 35 'and  the others
1. I.og   rolling   contest—10.00  a.   :.i.' -
2. I.og loading contest—11   a.  in. ' •
3-   I.og  sawing  contest—11.30   a.   i'i.                           '
These contests take, place .il-.ih*-  Klk   Kivcr  Lumber  Co,  mill  pond
4. Horse races and finals of  iniiioi- sports—1.00 p. ni. ,
5. Lacrosse  match,   Kranv   vs.   Ci an brook—2.30  p.   in.
6... Tug-of-war—3.30  p.   in. A. . '
7.   Hose contest, Cranbrook,' Moyie,  Kernie.
The following are the committees who   will   have   charge   of   the   "bi-;
doin's."  • . ' . ,
*     .   CKI.KHUATION'    COMMITl'E.E.
W. W
I„ 1».
T." II.
■Tuttle,  Chairman.
D.   .1.-
C.   W.
Tuttle, chairman.
^.Hon.   W.   R.   Ross,  .Chairman,
f Ir".  W.  Tuttle. «
I T(.  P,° Eckstein.
C.  W.   Davev.
C.  W.   Davey.
Ernest   Tuttle.
R.* W.  Moore,
T.  H.  Whelan.
I.. Atkinson. •
-. HI.'" Kastuer. '
now eat her meals with zest and oci-
or has  returned  to her cheeks, --an.-l
.she feels : better and stronger in,every.,
Dr. Williams Pink Pill curt blooil-
lessnijss just as food cures hunger.
That*1 is 'how they cured Miss Caldwell   and- it  is just  by making .rich,
n.d   blood  that  thev cure such  com-
* * -    ,      . 4 *
mon ailments as indigestion, rheum;--'
lisiu,    headaches,    backaches, •ki.lne\-
trouble, neuralgia and the special* a',-
ments that make miserable the  lives
the lives of so '-'nianv    women     an.l
young  girls. *' Sold    by   all   medioiie
dealers or by mail at 50,cents a hu\,
or six boxes for Sa.50 from  the  Ur,
Williams     "Medicine     Co.,   llrockvill.-,
' :    &
Walter Harwood, Chairman.
tt. C.  Hammond'. ' „
.4 , "   '   COMMITTEE
tt. W,   Wood, Kernie, Chairman.
E Dobcrer, Cran<lbrookf
K.  Collins, Krank. '   ■
Thos Todd.   ,
ok' JUDGES. ;
E.   L.  llovnton,
Grant  Downing,
W-.  W.  Tuttle,/Chairman
Geo.   O'Drien.
'  *-    * W.  W.   Courleney.
-=-  --Ei nosl--Tuttle.
^ 0000 00000000 H000 00000009
* Ara You Reading
Claim ?
If not, you nro missing-* some. %
i>f tlte choices', literature, cl
the century. t ' f   V
Sen 1 « dollar to R.
BUY, Kelson, IJ, 0.
T.LOW* §
nntt get g
it regularly for « year and «
rise out ol the rut.      tf   {>
iH|H«,4H«.>|,4*«..|..|.4..l"l*>l"t..|Mf. *0..9..«..«..C..«..«..«..*,.«..«,.«cS..«,.c..g„c,
were an. elderly man,-his'wife, daiiglt*
ler and  grandchild.
Xecd Rich, Red Dlood|to Stand Worry and Strain of llusi-
iicss Hours.'
llusiiicss.     overtaxes       a. woman'**,:
strength.    Weak,    laiijfuishiiij--  . j^irls
fade    under'    the    strain.   They   risk
health  rather 'than*! lose employment
and the loss of" health means * llie
loss of beauty.- Thousands of earliest
j" tellige^y.ouiit.r.j_\v(iiiiPitl.w|lc;_e;t .-.,_„.
livelihood  away from  home in
ISuccessor to J. C. Hutchison.]
Is prepared to deliver Milk,
Cream,    Buttermilk*,     Fresh
Laid Eggs,.and Dairy Buitcr
every day.
Entire Satisfaction Guaranteed
Agents for ' " ""'.''-*
Tlio Culgnry. "Marble and Granite Works
Tha Kocteimy Marble \Arorks, Nelson.
Sam-plcs can lie seen at the    < f 7 .'
Office Phone 41      .Residence 76
<" IPas-'koH's in Lmndy^s Block
Tlie Elk Lumber Co.,
llimeiisieai., Flooring, Siding,
Finislii^g Lymber and
All our stock is last years cut and well seasoned.
••ctut..*..*..•>,(..•,.>•.,•,,»„».,«...»,.*„«.,*.. t,i»i,*,i*„»,,»„t,,*,,*.i*..*.,*.'t^»..t„t„*„t„t„*,,,,,t, i«..*.i«..t»«*.t..«*«..i»ai.t..«»i.«..tM««(M«»«..«»*.^-
1 1
at Fernie
!•? >;.
■ ' ' I ll
Fernio Miners'Union Promises its Friends a Hi-yuTime Next
Monday on Hecroation Grounds
* - * '1 *    . .
t*..•..•'.«.••..•.••»•>••.••..•.•*<>(..»..*»(..*.,*,^,^..».X. . , I
; T 1. C     1    ;   «    1    *     '
Tiie Kuijilcs nre not jroiiij; to h.ivn oil the celelirntiii-r to themselves next wt-elc, us the Miners' union .vill
observe Dominion Day in tho |r.ioil old wny, ami will spend the day on the, recreation ground where a good
prognuiiint' of,sports wil, he run nlf, followed liy u jrrnud hall in the evening. The full pro|*Tiiiiiiiie np|K'nrs lie-
low, 1 '■
'"■ ■ .       -.-    *     '■*''        ■      ,* • ■  .
IJvetit I.—Horse race, (open)1 from hospital corner lo Nupatiee hotel, r'lrsl prize ■''10,00; second jiriao J5.00.
After this event the iiilner.s will fall iii procession to the l-cercntlon groiriuls.,—liy order of Uitlon Coin-
inlttee. ' •■,■«,.- ■        _
ISvmt a.—Kool'liall contost, open to nil tennis from I(olliliridnt to Crnnlirook; 11 in   each tcnni,    I'lrsl prize
, J100.00;, second ?5''.oo; provided l.nx'ii or mote  teams enter. Tennis must send  applications on or before
•Tiiiin 30, 1906, nccouipnnied with nttuies of nil plnyeiH for each ti'ftih. No entrance fee;  twenty iiiliiiiles
each wuy, Kick-oil tit 11 ,*, in,    Only onu   teiiiu can enter lioui nny mo  jilujte.
Rvclit 3.-100 yards dash-(opeii lo ull comers), lirsl pri/e Jko.ixi; secmid jirl/u ?io,oo, provided llircu or more
coiitcNlaitts enter. Ivulriiiice fee, fl.oo, 1
Kyctit 4.—loo ynrds dusli (coiifiiied to niiucrs 11 nil niiiiu In'horcrs); l<*irsl prize ?ifi.oo, r,econd '$7,$o, provided
tltrte or ntoie enter.     Kntriiiico fee, 50. cctitn.
FA'elil 5.—Ono milu nice, open to miners and mints laborers of District No. 18; first prize fjfi.oo; second prl/e
$10,00, provided there un. llitvc iittries.     Mntiancc fee, 50 cents. '
Kvcnt fi.—Footliii.il drihliliuj; contest, lirsl prize Sj-.oo, st'cond prize j!?,jo, provided tlicre nre tliri-u or moro
entries,     l-'nlraiice fee, jo cents I
Kvcnt 7-'—Huckrnco, (iiinnteut-)ucncli contoslnnt to fiirnlHli liln own snek, a fct-t ft Incites wide, nnd to reach
to ultouldcrsj lirst prize %.on; second prize $,-,00, Knlranco fee, 55 ceitls. "  '
Kvunt H.^llhiditclo race, inn yanls, first prizt j>,>,oti; second prize Jij.oi, provided there nre tlirie or itioie en-
trie*.   " ,l 1
Hvont 9.—Mnrrit'il woineit'H raw, 50 yards; lirst prlzo, value, 5io.oo; second jiri/t, value, Jtj.oo.
Kvcnt 10.—Yomift women's nice (not married); lirst prize 5-yoo; hccoii.I prize, I3.00.
Kvcnt 11.-(.Iris' rnce, iiki ynnls (nj-e 15 years nml under) first jirizu J3.n0; necoml |i,oo. •
Kvi-nt-   la.-ttirlH1 ran., **, ynrdH fnjfi'-io yi<nrs mid tiiidcr)  first prize, J*.,no; second prize, Jl.oo.
Kvent 13,-OlrlH* rnce, jo ynrds (ii(,'« fiyrnrs nnd inidt-r); fitHt piizn 5i.no; necoiul prize 50 ten la.
live-it 14.—l**nt liien'n rnce, 75 yar^H, fin-1 prize 53.00; second prlzo 5a.no, l
r>ti.l 15.   llv>..' i«**, I'm )4.il.i .'....vii, (ufju i<. jc.ii.-. ami iiiuju) nrM prize >,s,<ki;  st-conil prizo M.ooj
'  prlvi* fi.nn; jirrivlrtnl five or n.-..*c 'uiU-j-, '     ,
Kvcnt .i6.-]loy,N" rate, 100 yards (nj;u 14 years mid iiuiler); first prize #3,00; Hecond prize 5r.so.
Ky«nt i7.-Iloys' r«c«, 73 yard-., (ng<* 10 yt.ft,». Mu\ ,ii„|cr) first \u'ue 5i,5«; isecoiul prize, 5l,no.
Kvcnt lS.-noys' race, jn yards (aji«fi years and under); first prize 5i.m; second prizn 75 cents,
Kvcnt KJ.—Old men's nice, 75 yards,  fnj.ro 50 venrs nnd ovrr*i lirst \nitt' J^.oo; sepoml prlzo %i on
Hwiit -.o.-Mnnniii-; lon/j jump (for tiiiiicrs mid mine InJioivrs); first prize, 510.00. Knlrunc-? fu<, 50 coiitn.
Kvcnt at.—Uunnfiij-; loii{j jump (ofs'ii to nil coiiiernj; first prize $10.00.   Kntrnncc  fee, 50 cpiuh.
Kvent  M.-SthntHn;**- jump  ffor |iilucis); 1'rlze, 5fl.no. K11 trance fee, 2fl Crnls. ' •
Kv*nt 9.1.—Hop, step ami Jump, (for uilneis); prize 5fl.no. Kntranru f«*. 95 tents. ♦
fWttxt 74.—High jump, npen lo ,ill coiners; prize 5fl.no, Knlrnnce lee, Jfl cents.
Kvent Ofl.-Thrcr-IcifKcd race,  too 'yardnj open to all comers; prize 5fi.r>n, .Knlr-im-i*- hv, fln cent*.        '
Kvent -jfi.-Tti-*: of war, for tennis of eleven nun, ronfincil to 'initio workers of Dintrict No. i«. l>rlzi* 5ssr.fi
Kutranrn fee, 5fl.no for cnrti te!»tii. 1 "'"
tin? Jtnl-ie's derision Mini! lit final in all disputes.
Application* and cntrlM to be fn-iTlo the .irrrelnry, Tliomns .%-rx, IVrnli, n. C, on or More J
Hcfrci'IinutitK and drinks at rrinnualile \ttire* on th« proiiinls; aUc, |fiimos on>! round ahouli.
Kntrnncc to (.rounds—i.ndleii fri**-: (iciilliiiicn 95 rent* rnrli; lrfiy« umlcr to trie.
ttftilro.nl WnlM nro n* fnllnwnt—Vnn> i»»»l on,*- thlt,} from till pol'iM; ^rwl from  .fun.*  .VUli (o July  41I1, tuthi
tit in!
June 30.
,•*"*  ,*t  !*-*■•***,+ ,$,.+4
-*i'S and business eslablishmenis
are silent, siin'erinu-. victims of ovu--
tnxed licrvert' and' , deficiency of
.streu>-tli because their blood supply
is not .equal to llii|'',slrain iil;iced \tp
011 them. Krajjile, breathless and nervous, they work ajjainst time willi
in-vet* n rest when headaches and biuk
aches make every hoiir like ' a day
I/itllc wonder their .cheeks lose iIil*
tint, of licnlth and grow;'-pale iin-1
thin. ..Their eyes nie dtill, slirunkc-it,*
and weary; their lieanly slowly ' bui
surely fades', lltisiness 'jjirls and 'women look older than their years because they tieed the frequent help of
h true blooil-makiiijj-, streiijj.tlieiiin-;
medicine to carry them tlirmijjli ihe
day. Dr, Williams Pink Pills .are'actual food* to the starved nerves .mil
tired brains- of the business women
they actiiallly snake the rich .-oil
blood that imparls the bloom ,„ t.|
youth, and jjlow of liimillli to wo-
im-its' cheeks. They brinjr .brij-lit eyes
hi",'li spirits and make the day's ilu*
lies li(rhler. Wwelke months njto Miss
Mary Caldwell, who lives al 40 Jlay*
tmrd street, Halifax, N, ll., was rim
down. The least-exertion would iir,.'
lu-r out, Her appetite was fickle, ntiil
ffwpieiit Iiendachis added to her distress, The doctor treated 'her lor
iitineiiiin, but 'without npvntvnt :o*
suits, A relative advised her to um
Dr. Williams Pink Pills, nnd afli-r
usiii-. but six boxes she feels like an
alto'.etliei- different  person.   She  run
M. Kerr & Co.
"*"*  »   »   '   *• '»-*"•»»'«—">'»'«-»-|..».**  *   t   * ».f..»..»^.<4 f
FOlvniAl.l. COODR
I.AcKt)b.Sii liUODK
Fire Works
Souvenir Canes
Plans, Specifications and-Estimates  furnished on -application,
Pler.iy   of _GOOD, DRY   LUM-
Architect   * and Superintendent
OITice at Residence,    „
BAKUR U%\   A'; r; .i-krnir.d.c
; Gioes
The Best of Satisfection
in Watch & Jetcelery Repairing
A Head Office :   Eilai'i-.itto-n, Canada.
Capital ±: $2,415,000„      meaevve * $2,415,000
Goini mi:cts * $29,000,000
J^^o^r^"\y^^l7".GT^lSo^T~I~^cs iti c n i";     ~
J. TuKNiiui-L, Vicc-Prcsitlei'u and.General Manager,
74 Branches llaroughcut CanaiSa
Money Ordris at il   Piafls it: i cd. |-a\:il-.ie ir. Cnnniln or'nbrcad*.'
Forclyn drafts ctslieJ.   'Spec',:.! .-I'dv.-mlaj-jeS in'Savings Department.
Open in thc evenins** of U.o Coal Co's pay-day from 7 till 9
General Merchant' >'
and Dealer in Wines,
Liquors and Cigars,
B..   C,
NurHorloH, GrooiilioiiNcrv- &  Socil
Ileadtiuarters lor I'ACIKIC .COAST
GROWN Guillen, l-'icld and T'lmver
Seeds. Ni'w crop now in slock ready
for ilhilriliutioii; ask your inerclntiit
for (hem iu scaled packets, If he
does not Imiull*. tlit-tn we will piirpav
to your nenrest posl ollii-u ,so ^ccii'l
puckits, our selection of (rood vuriu*
tics, fur fi,  to intriidiii-c llu'tu,
r.ijrui* slock ol 1I0MK (il'OWN
I'liilt und Ornamental lives now 11111-
tiiied for IIil spriii(r trade,
No expriiKc, loss or di-lnv for uni*
Ration or inspection,
I,«t nn- liilce your list befoie pint-
xxx-t your onhr, GieeitlioiiMs, l'lnnls
l'Virnl Work, lice Hii|i|i|li's, I'mll
l,nclin»fs, I'l-rtlli/as, V.Xr. Ciilnlnijuu
3010 WcHtinlii.tir Avr.,
Vttiicoiii'er, 11, C,
ricHurren Bros.
I>n A •»/*»  Nir-it'1
*^i*%r% t IVUL-I1^
Sand, Umc & Wood
Ollli'i. In ruironiDwl'-nim Tllm-k. l-VrinV, ll.tt
Well furnished rooms. The l.ilile i.i supplied with the host
the market alTords, The l.n r i.s supplied with, the beit winoi,
liquors and c-ljjnrs. i ■
For Up-to-dnto Clotliin-iv and
(jlont'H .FiirniNliiii'U'Hi- Drop in
and lie filled up.
j Don't forget the place L. T. W, Block j
»■     li,. ■■
■MMHHll *****
and   Clio me   blfe
Onn In* riijoyi-d  hv Ink i|i(!     v«»r     iih-mIi>i'   at
The Roy a!  Restaurant:
In roiiliiitction with tlm l"i*\nl ll..tr|
city for '.'.s .rin-,. ,\ u<w iiioii- ii/ii
in   vcKpcctliillv   M.li, iiid.
Al.l. WIIITIi 11 KM
The  List     mi-ill        served in ' th*
ir tiiiiiidi'i<i  ilcslivil,  Yonr |i,itionai*c
(VIWS. M. HOfcifLZEL, Proprl«rrc>»t«
'"—  X '■ LJ. - ■  'Ut. Ifc 411 IU
!«• I'ATItliNI/K-llOMK   INIH'Si'llY -.*.*■ I
Crow's  Noftft   Spoolnl
•     AMI  	
Minor's Fnvorltn Clfgni**
Las 1
Kivji llinaril's I.Iiiiitirttt in tlw Iioith
Second-Hand Store
O/.-'ni-il iiji rw\t to Uetim Hotel
KlAI) HANI) 00(11 )M
Tor   Cnah
h, M. IL, TUMRY.
"'   The Northwestern Line
V.IV   lnw    TiiIi-n,   t'liUUil   till.    IiiM* l,|4.'..   will   1„    in   tflit't    tn  r.lNl*
.111 tiiniil., ...1 th, j..l|i.wi.|i,. ,|.«i,s- ,||,|V „., ,,..,< Si .\tij>i|..t,7, $, mid
>>, iiiiil }i.-pii-tiil,ii », i) nn.l •■■ h y«.ii iniiTi-iii'pf.ifi- a trip rust it
will jmv yiuit  tn vint.'  nn- lor  full  patuiiil.-y-;,
Wi   .il... nlln  i,i« lm',   ton nd tup t.it.i 11.ni1 l'liii.i);ii .md i,th<r
..,..l(r>) J...H-.I . to .ill |.,j.-.. i.,.,!   -rt,.,M*|     j.oim ,,     Ij      .in*,      i,|   ,,,,ti
(N.llil-i   .if,-   1,.iimi;..   mi!    fn     •.-.    i,,*,,   Ulifi-jlH.   t fi- ■'.*   li.illli-.
A |i<i*ti.il t*aill wu inf.nm.itti.ii  wiil In 1 nj. ".. (|iii,k  u-jily, '
U.K. ((U.l.lS'H, cicn'l Airent
«l."i **,|»nij:iiP Avi-,, HpoltHiie f- : :.
South i^friqa Pears a General Uprising of Her BlaekATribes
Zulus and Batsutos are Closely Allied and May Combine to Take
the Field—Drastic Measures Necessary.
In these days, when piiiiiious reports of the recrudescence, of unlive
eisinjj.s in South Africa are lieing':c
ceived an ex|H;rt view of* lhe situation,, written with all the weight ot
local colorinif will he received wi','-:
considerable .interest at the 'same
time- heiiijf highly educational.
. The followiiijjr article, aiipearinjf iii
llie New, York, Post, is from the p..n
of Capt. Arthur II. Hlekslav, a veteran of the Transvaal.
The   Zu4u   is   ever   hoping   for a
chance lo throw ..(I the yoke, lie is
dreaming, of realising the,, great" l.hii
ka's prophecy; "A great war wiil
come and the spirits of your \v;i ••'■•'■>:•
ancestors shall arise from lhe -iii>.'<
and led liy those great chiefs "Mo/el-
kal/ic, l)ilv>'uu, llisa, /andili and Ma
sesli, they .shall aid their descendant.*
to drive, the white man  into Uic- se.i
This is the dream ol the /.niii *.«■
collie when his native and tnli.il customs and liiUiils shall he restored.
The vast veldt, he helieves, will ag.u.
nkound in game, now driven aw.ty
liy thc. guns of the white man, an:'
the li-il:cs will ellecl a re-cstahlisii
unlit ol a'native ocean and from the
-7.a111l.-csi lo the cape. "Many Ho-ji <.
fear that a volcanoe of lvhellion mav
hurst heiieath the settlers nt any mo
ment, and South Africans are unile.l
in-the opinion that it will require, a
most careful handling of the si tua
tioh'hv the Hritish and colonial '''ov
or   in   railway   construction,   and   at < of .the great Hasttto nation, has linn;;
*tk£e centres of employment, and aii-r | nil prejudices aside and i.s  in frier.J.lv
neiited hy lhe comparative ease with'
which travelling can > m*,w lx* u*--
complished. This spirit .of-conciliation aifl >coiis|»lrdn.t|tOii has liceii fostered hy the missionaries who h.iv>:
estu'lilished   hranches  all   over the
count iv.   Some 'missionaries have
done   itieflihle   mischief   in   proiiiotin-;
the' doctrine-of   "Africa  for   the  Africans." ■       . '
"I'lnesr has' been  increased'hy   tlie
pathetically  futile efforts of the t.i-r-
iii.ui governincnt to put down llie.ll-,--
rero   rchellion   in   (icrnian   southwest
Africa. ' There - for    two  and  a  h.ili
years a small  and  insignificant In!*
of  Iloteiitotts    and    llereros',  poorly
armed,  ajiul   loo|ed  upon   with    con
tempt,, hy..-, the   Hasttta   trihes,     htivi
successfully* (idled   the   kaiser's   mailed   list,   aiid, louglit  an. astonishingly
successful campaign in which  reverses
to  the  German  troops have „occiirre:I
with   monotonous  regularity.   ., Alt'.-.-
the   expeiidiluie   of   Si*io,(x«i.,ooo   and
the sacrifice  ol  71x10 lives,  and      the
.onstant  at rival   ot   reinforcement'-to
j tlie   field,   and   the' end  is  yet  as far,
j from  sight  as  it  was  two  yearsago.
I Tlu  Herero,   lighting  with  a chivalry
I totally unexpected,, i.s far from liein;;
; discouraged,  and quite recently      the
iihii-r,   "Marengo,   rscnt   a   message   to
I "the mighty general of the emperor"
■ in   reply   to  a   demand''to   surrender,
erniiK-nls  if  a   catastrophe is  to      he-   <(lvillR *Ulat 'ih(, wn]. ha(, jllst ,,,,„„,,_
communion with his brother - chief,
Dini/.uhi, son -of Cetewayo. Diu/.wlu
was .banished hy the British lo St.
Helena," where he was treated as :i
potentate, iillowcd seveial wives, ' a
large retinue and a personal Allowance of ■"••''(XX) per annum. Under the
shadow of the Great Napoleon's grMw1
he  hatched   fresh  schemes  for the
overthrow of the white iaee,;iii Africa. Subsequently, by the ellorts ' ol
mistaken, philanthropists- the government was induced ^o release him and
lie re tin nud to Xululand hy way ol
Kngland, where lie was pelted an:",
treated .as an African prince.
IDIN/.UIvU  GOT 15USV- ,     ,   .-
I)in/,iiju nad uot long returned. ' ami
been reinstated when lie got hi;*;y
and made t-hwt work of some recalcitrant pctlv chiefs aiid others      who
petty chiefs', he is* by no means unwilling to measure swords' with tlie
whites, and with the assistance of
the* warlike llatsulo*-, lo bring lo
pass the prophecy of -the' great' Cha-
South Africa, although.a white col-
only, is really a black peopled country, with a comparatively small num
ber of, whites living in isolated settlements, .or dispersed more sparxeiy
in the midst of a huge black population that extends over a very ,, large
area'. If such a population should
lonn a combination ag.aiust ' the
whiles, obviously llie '"danger of. tlte
'.otal annihilation of the latter i.s pos
sible.   *      A
The total number cl" available
.\hite lighting men in South Alftc.i.
is 118,500, while the natives can sum
111011   650,000   warriors.
Dislurlninces have alreadv comiucie-
vd. In Kebruaiy the IMcvli tribe, located on a large reservation near
IJieliniond, Natal, 'rebelled at the imposition or the hut tax, and reltised
.0 pay it, killing an inspector and
"everal troopets of the local moti'nt.-.l
noliee, who had been sent out to c'i-
liwl  uttci:i|itwl  during  his  al.sencn   tn |'forcc order.  Twelve of tl.e ringleaders
■i.u'oriiiine   his  authority,   and -   Uke | ,".,ri; captured, brought  i„ trial
liberties  not   in  conlorniity  with   his | sentenced  to  death on-,a charge
ideas.   lie had been-chafing all along | -.•„„  treason, and" iiiiirde"r.' Thev
and   is  spoiling  for  a row.   His  —:   '
i:u" 1 executed   at      l-elerm,irilsburg,
litions and pretensions arc fanned  by 'capital, on* April  2.'
the    coiinsellingso  of '" the     educiled
youngchiefs  from      the    colleges  ol •
T.ovedale and,. Zonneirbloom.- aiid.tng-
d by,the more tiirl'mlcnl indunas, or
, Hitherto, the greatest safeguard has ] tlieinliurt
been ,llie   inate   and   iiii])lacit,ble.   jeal-       If  the  Hotenlot
oiisy- of the various tribes, which lias
rendered 'anj- serious combination ir.i
probable. This has tended to facilitate the handling of |the whole question, the, two. great tribal section-;,
the Hasutp'aiid the Zulu, hating each |
and that he had better .take the German troops home if he did  not wish
Mackel" can ' do
this, what is not possible for the lion warriors of the mijrhly' trilies ol
Amaswa/a, to" say nothing 'of the
score' of smaller hut ccfiially warlike,
tribes? So thinks the Kaffir., and ,the
unrest . grows   in  proportion   and   in-
It was then fondly' hoped "that any
attempt at rebellion had been nippe.l
in  the bud,  but  the  regrettable  iuci-
Prince Arthur's Queer
Mistake in Japan
other with*, the. cordiality of'lhc Sein-   tensity
ijiolc.   and 'the   Apache.   Hut   recently   TIIK SON OF CKTKWAYO—
there has been signs of a  reapproach
inent Miceweeti   these,   as   well   as   th>!
- r.etsea', the wily Itatsu'lo chief,'who
hjij^_a_i_few_moiit_hs_ aircL-S_uc_cc_edc(.l   bv
minor   Irilics,   in   no   small   way  due    iinaniii'iotis voice ofthe tribes, the de.,
to contact while working at the mine   ceased I.'erolhodo as paramount head'
London, June 04.— l'ri-.ice Arthur,
the handsomest member of the royal
family has returned "full of anecdotes
from his mission* to Japan,.where he
went to invest thc Mikado with' the
order of the Garter. King Kdvard
has had several long talks with the
young'man. aud laughs very heartily
over Prince Arthur's description ol
one  .Japanese custom.
At one of the big dinners lie allend
ed   in  'Japan,   the   courses   ran --iiito
two  figures,   and  as   the' guests  were
leaving, ' each   found   n   small   parcel
awaiting- him   in   the   outer   ..rooms
Prince Arthur took his parcel himsi-'i
instead   of   handing  it   over   to   phis
c:quen-y,   thinking   it   was -'a   special
On reaching home he opened it io
find that it-, contained tlte food, very
much mussed up, .that* he'"had not
been  able to eat at dinner.-*
Prince Arthur was surprised to lind
thai the king was- well nciquainied
..wjAb ..this hranch_of_J.aii*iii---se_e-li---
dent was .but:"tlie;, outcome.-of • a
drunken - brawl at" an annual i> beer
drink, and that the severe' measures
then taken would inrimidale any olh
er-malcontents,. Uul • further disturbances have occurred and other ehiel-
tainsAireon the. warpath: The reservation ol Grcytown, Natal, has been
im.aded hy -* t'lio llvpose'd HamL'aata,
wilh numerous ■ foi,owing1, and lhe
spirit ol thc natives was clearly
shown by his remark on the kidnap
ping of his uncle, J-lagawa'bala, an-
otheT chief who was suspected of being a friend and supporter of the government: -"Where are your small
white nun now? We swear hy Cetewayo, not by your king;'."
' So "ftir these disturbances have been
confined to-.the petty chiefs; .hut it is
improbable that these would take the
initiative, risking their .lives -,-.u.l
property by committing high, treason
unless they had been assured ,<>!' the
assistance and protection of a* man
higher'up. It has ever.lie* 11 the policy ' of the'great Zulu chiefs to lie
low and through their subordinate.'-
foment mischief; repudiating all .responsibility uml knowledge, 'of ii "in:
til some great crisis precipitates a
crash and makes all'-1 further disguise impossible. ' , Ao    -.
The history of the native risings
has all beeii the same—bloodthirsty
massacres .of while men, women "<'0}A
children at the commencement, lUiid
relentless -butchery 'of the blacks at
the interval'being one long story of
a terrible struggle with untold bard-'
shii>s and  misery. ;
- The hatidwriling'tis on the-wall, and
iu spite of the disclaimers of 'the
llriiish,, press, it is written so large
that.-lic who runs may i-ead. It spells
'disaster ujiiless the Itrilisli Government w'ill adopt the drastic measure.*;
mcessary ' to avert what may be one
of the greatest rebellious in its history. Will, the government act? That
is the wuestir.n beiiiir asked bv 111a.11 *r
au anxious and pale faced,mother
South Africa  at this moment.
jured in the .wrecking of a Southern
Pacific freight ."train late last night,
17 miles west of "here. The remains
of, Geo. .1). White,. a tramp, have
been taken from the wreck and Uie-
.bodies* 'of 'three ' others are ' still pin-1
ned beneath the wrecked cars.
' . Ud. Martin of Virginia City, aod
Jb'n M.' "Martin, of l.os Angeles: were
both badly linil, and were brought
to" the hospital here  today.
northern end of the'city. Tlie • other
two occupants of the boat .were pick-"
ed up in, an unconscious" condition.
,'S'ixty  Rebels  Killed in an Kncontiler
with  Troops.
Mapuliuulo, Natal, June 25.—Rebels
-Jjesterdav attacked a convov of five
wagons, but the convoy escaped although- pursued for two miles.
'. A fo:cc of fio men which was sent
'out to protect the wagons,. encountered 500 rciK-ls who were arranging
an ambush. ■ *
wu engagement ensued lasting'' an
hour aiid a half, during which the
rebels thrice ditcniiinedly charged the
Natal  force.   "
■  The  rebels   ultimately   fled,   leaving
""io of  their number dead. '-
.Conservatives' Klecl Four out ol Fui-
•   ■ '   tv-two Members.
V Halifax, Nora Scotia, June 21.--
*Tlie lil.cral government of which 1're
111 icr "Murray is the, head, was success
lul by a gre.il majority, in the elections for the general assembly held
throughout Nova Scotia' today. The
liberals elected 3S members and the
conservatives' four. The sensational
feature of the contest was thc defc.-it
Ilcllii'^ham, Wash., June 22.—De-
'spatches received- herefrom ■ Sedro*
"Wooley, Wichersham and Lookout,
tell "of sharp earthquake shocks lelt
there tonight at -11-.30 o'clock.- Thc
people were awakened from, sleep by .
the trembling of the earth,, but' no
damage was done. Thc supposition is
that the vibrations were due. lo ' a ,■
landslide   in   the .Ml.   Maker  district.
• Ottawa, Ont., June .23.*>-Thc Com'.
111011s' private hill comniiilce repott-
d today-the Aileu Mary Mackintosh
divorce bill which was referred back
vesterdav,- by a majority of 7 to 3.
The bill provides for a divorce for her
'"rom C. St.I;. "Mackintosh, son of e\-
Gov.   Mackintosh.      , \
'       7>      '        __ 3     -
A.E. Mumford tells how Psychine
i cured him after the Doctors
gave him up
' o
'' It Ss twelve years since Psychine cured
mo of galloping1 consumption.'.'.. Tho .
speaker was Mr. A. E. Mumford, six leet
tall, and looking just what he ia a' husky
heklthy farmer. He works his own farm
near Magnctawan, Ont.
I' I caught my cold working as a fireman
onj the C.P.R.", he continued.   "I  had
Caughlj in Wreck on Southern  Pacific
- i<
Railway. .   .
Reno,   Nev.;     June    24.—Vour  ,'nen
Were* killed and  two others badly in-
night sweats, chills and fever and frequent*
ly coughed up pieces of my lungs. I was..
sinking fast and the doctors said there
was no hope for me. Two months tredt-
l ment of Psychine put me right oh my feet
of  II.  II.  Wickwire and  George  Pat:   anil I have had no return of lung trouble
terson,   mcmlvers  of  the . Mtirrav  cab. 1 BIIic.c*,,     «',,...
'     '    . " "  * "umford  had started to take
*llel-  — '• Psychine when he first caught cold he'.
would have saved himself a lot of-anxiety
and suffering. Psychine cures all lung
troubles by killing the germs—the roots of
the, disease. -.'-,..     „.
l'oolkiller Makes Short" Work of IVn-
sylvania Party. '
Philadcli.hia, June 22.-rThe careless
ness fit one man in-=Klcppiiijr-*-on---the:
side of a launch in which there was
a paily of six and tipping it until
itcapsi/cd   resulted   iii_lhc_drow.ntii:*_
of 0 four   men   late,   this   afternoon   in
the   Delaware "• river  off   the   cxlivmo
targer mixes SI and 82-all drurt*l»t*','
DR. T. A. SLOCUM, Limited, Toronto,'
The New Town-, ®4 miBes sciiefSi of Calgary
To be the Big Towbi   of  Southern Alberta
Chance for Everyone
^*p0 give everybody a chance to share in thc benc-
i-     fits of thi! big advance that will take place in the
property of this Inwn, the tollowtng easy terms of payment have been lulopted :
25 per cent down balance in 3 equal
payments of 25 |--ir cent., settled by note, each note payable every three rionths thereafter. To purchasers who
will place huiltlin -;.s on the property purchased, equal to
three limes thc v vine ofthe lot upon which the building
is erected, on or before the 15th July next, a bonus of
50 per cent, wil be allowed to such purchaser, and to
those constructii £ and completing buildings as above
upon any lot 01 or before thc ist of October, 1906,
25 per cent, discc unt will be allowed on thc price of thc
lots  built, upon*.
Hy a Trust Co -poration becoming the custodians of
the monev it a usures purchasers that,the works will
be built.
The lots aro arranged into several classes, ranging from $;*() upwards, and as
the town is admirably laid out there aro a large number of good business lots
and semi-business lots. This town must ultimately become a health resort, seeing
it is located in tho contrQ of tho charming Chinook bolt, whoro thoro is practically
no winter and whoro baso ball and lawn tennis is played all winter.
will be given to laborers, quarry men, stone masons,
bricklayers, carpenters, painters, steam litters, electricians  and whero workmen are required, a preference
will bo given to purchasers, and money loaned to assist in building.   With theso vast
works undor construction theso lands aro likoly to bo selling at ilvo times tho start-
lug price !n twelve -months.   People wfoldngr to ooeurc a howe in th!« lino elirn-nto
.hid avail titentHOfves of this opportunity to get hum a big ib-mi boom.
I,arge Elevators are to be built In time for this season's crops. A large Packing Mouse wil! be built this summe
For   full  particulars, apply to
MOTT,   SON   &   CO.
1 ■
*m **r   ">& k*r* ~^ fcV"--Mf tut—~~*st m*."*m ter"
,^-»- r^-^m ^*, F"^-^^^^ ^^w>^*i r^S««^i ^^^r^i rmi*
,„=f?:**ir»»»i"tTt*'.''/t*,«- T-tntrnMrif-1« th* *»««i
$m*#-.. m* .ftHWMi. mtmm^nml,
m : 'AaAAa1" AA ' A*A-A"
.-.-I* --j-.n^H i-i'^iS-t-}
\M***\\**mW jb
»«*»»».*'-**.+.m+»'-H»+^+*^+4^»»m»^+o ♦♦
EH Ayi~:. .'j*-V* A  ■■--,' .-'^""-w'-"-*'-^
' > A -*]' -,
t, i-.^-i'-.-y
*  ,', i&j~. AA
Krom the Leader.
Hon i\IcKa->, district-siUK-riiUL'mk-iu
of roads trails and bridges, has a
tom*, of eight liu-n doing -ivork on lhe
roads and streets in and near .Movie
Tlie work-was -.urgi-iitly nel.ded. ".Villi
thc streets repaired and cleaned the
town will present a tidy appearance
on Dominion day. 7
A union of the Industrial.'Workers
of the J \Vorld 'will he'organized * :n
"Movie on.*Sunday afternoon, by W.--A
I^cUham,"'organiyor, and men .will lm
heie from all the camps l>ctween Moy
• ie and',Creston to join. No.'-doubt
a !rood''-stron<>; union will be ' organi'.-.-
ed.       '*',-,' *' .
W.  A., l't-lihaiii, president or    ' '.he
"Movie "Miners'  union arrived* Tuesday
* from Denver, where he was attending
tlio convention ol the Western Feder
ation of "Miners. The. session lasted i:
•lavs and the greater part ol" the lii'ii
wastak'en u» with routine work, Vice
I'resident Williams presided, in I hi
absence of President Mover, and Yin
cent St. .lohn was vice.president. .'.
A", linker of Slocan was relording ,s. ■
reiary... Mover   and   Haywood      wer-
■ reelected. Kinosl "Mills 'of Greenwood,
was relccted'on the district board 'o
llriiish ■ Columbia. The W. !•'. of iii
have come out in favor of the ope-
nieeling aud hereafter it will l.e o|>
tioiia! 'with   all   unions   lo tlii>.)\
•ihcir dpors; open  so  that   the  publi.,
may see and   heat' what is going <•«■
This "will   have  a  tendency   to, dispe ■
.' 'Uic."inner circle"   theorv.
, "Miss Dooly, Feinie,  696.
Miss Small, Cranbrook, not heard
from. '-. ,
"Miss O'Brien, Coal Creek, not heard
from, •'
"Miss  Boyd,* Frank,  350.
Coleman alone gives Miss Boyd
this vote, with Frank, and Blairmore
to hear:from, which will largely increase it.
, . It is up to Femic to get to work
and boost, for-"Miss 'Dooly if the
purse and ring are to.remain here. ",,
With good weather, July "3 and 4
will, lie red letter days in the annals
..if Fernie Eagles.        ,   . .  ■.
Ilolden at Fernie,
IN  TIIK,MATTER of  %-  Estate ol
"Henri    Joulia," deceased,
under this heading insterted at the-
rate of one cent.a word each insertion.
Fernie,'' good    two-story', house  on
' the -.property.—A'pply MOTT, -SON
& CO.
GOOD HOUSE CENTRALLY Unrated, for rent.'—Apply MOTT, SON
&  CO.
lot located in centre of city for sale
at a bargain price—Apply     MOTT,
SON & CO.'
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
B. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. GenT Manager
Win. Xoers lost his life by.fnllin-
down the main 'incline shaft oi ihi
Brooklyn   mine;   Phoenix,   vi-sterd.iy.
' An investigation is being ' mad
of ihe.'i-anued.mcat industry ol th
Dominion, by. the department of :i»
,T.   li.' Ilawtliointliwaite,   Al.  1'.   ■■
for  Nanaimo,   leader of   the  sociali*
parly iu   this province, will lie in IV
nie to speak yii Tuesday next.
SUI.KI f\\\A\    *)U..UIll.l*'AOil    T1AMJ110    -"IJ.
down a bill next week and hurry it:
passage cutting oil the pensions to ex-
cabinet   minister*.
Fifteen houses and 'cottages' n:
Cody 'avenue*-. Sandon, were hurtk--.il
yesterday. .Only a favorable wind sri\
ed llic";\'owii"'l'iom the same kind ol, ;•
-conflagration' jas that of i9°°. '"'
losswas about ■'"'12,000 with very little ^j licit,rj.1 lirQ,  ■ '   "
East Kootenay Indians -Have Beci
'-. Warned by Authorities,
Vancouver," June 2.*".;—liuliau.s ii
Kast Kootenay are«having a lian
lime getting a living now "lli.it 111.
provincial government refuses lo per
init them W. break the game laws ii
respect, to killing deer. Uev, A. I.
Green, inspector of Indian school,*
returned from East Kootenay las-
night and today staled that just Ik*
iore he reached Craiihrook ollicials o
the provincial government had inter
viewed the Indians and informed then
that they must' stop breaking tin
game  laws. '
On their" part llie' Indians ilecl.in
lhat they should be- exempt Irom il»
, laws for the rensoii tlmt''' there. an
nn fish for llii-m to live on, and un
less theytake deer they cnnnol Ii villi the event of the laws being onion;
ed(against them tlie Indians may petition the federal government l<
niiilic some provision for them in tin
•  wny of rut ions.,.*    ,
All persons having any claims of di-
uands against the estate of Uenr,
foulia, late of Fernie, IL, C, i1.*--
cas-jd, are hereby required to i:!e
vith llm, undersigned the names'* and
■ nd addresses, and full particular",
•f their claims duly vended, on or
elore  the  1st day  of August, icj.>r,' '■
if ter said date the administratrix
will proceed to distribute the said is-
att: ainoi-igst lhe.parties hereto, hav-
ng regjnrd only of the claims of «vnic;>
lie. shall then have had notice," ami
4je will not be liable, for the -pro-'
eeds ulHhe estate, or any part there-.
>f so distributed to any pel son
.vhose claim,she had not had notice
it the time of distribution thereof.
Dated   this   26th  'day   of   .Tune,   A.
1). 1906.     .
'* Henderson  Block,  Fernie,   IL   C,
Solicitors for Administratrix.
I'OR  SALE--10.O.X-   shares " Sullivan
stock   at 3*i'c—Mott,, Son & Co.
hundred and twenty acres in the
Kootenay valley, 40 acres under cultivation; 140 acres can be irrigated
at small expense. There are good
buildings on the , piopcriy, also
three miles ol fencing. There is
about two million feet of first-class
timber on the land. This is a snap
lor anyone wishing to get a good
ranch. For paiticulars apply to
Mott, Sob & Co., *     ■
. Business may be transacted by mail with any branch
of the Bank.. Accounts may. be opened, and deposits
matle or "withdrawn by mail. Every attention is paid
to out-of-town accounts.
Femlo   Branch A G. S.   Holt, -Manager'
We  have  them  arriving  twice
a   week  from  the   province.   If
you want Fresh Eggs buy from ■
us and be nappy.'
Pay Cash, get value for your money
•as;    !»
5 §
W. J. Blundell
The People's Grocer,   Pj 0. Block, Feral*
iio'jV*;l arrivals,
II. II. Uuss, Ii Ik mouth
IL ii. Parlon, Nanton.
A.  K.  Wright,  Frank. '-
0.  IS.  Tisdale.  Calgary..
Wm,  iUosgrove,  Athena,  Ore.
Fred  Foresch, -'Wardner.
.1.  M.   Hill,  Vancouver.
"Miss  Foley,   Vancouver.
I». "Martell & Wife, A|l>erclecn.
X). "M. Doti^all, .Hoston.  -■
1).  McTavish,   Calgary.
A.   Ilordeatix,   K.ilispell.
IS.  JM.  Adams,   Winnipeg.
J."HI.  Powers,  Harrington.
1<"UR BALK—The., property known a*
the Tremont boarding hou*-. Vic-
toiia avenue, Kernie. Good two
story house,  11   bed .rooms      up-
' stairs, 5 Rood rooms down
stairs; plastered: there is alsp a
good shed and stable on tti« property. Will be sold very cheap
,' for cash. This is a sinip lor any
* que wishing to, -tiiaJ-e al .(ilood investment. For full partirulars,
etc,  apply Molt,  Son A. Co.,
of 378.acres, situated in ont of the
most favorable spots for fruit growing, gardening, stock raising ant!
poultry   growing   in   the   Kootenay
' country. This, ranch is' all fenced
contains 61 .acres of first-class bottom land, *"5, acres of which is in
a good state of .' cultivation,, 7
acres of good bench land suitable
for fruit growing aiid gardening, an«5
In fine state or cultivation. Titers
is a good log house of four rooms,-
with' shingle roof, stabling for 8
horses '"and 9 'head of cattle, two
) good henhouses and a good root
house. This valuab.e property can Iw
had for S5670.00 cash, il taken soon,
anfl is'the best bargain Ior' ,anv-
on« desiring to go into ranching
that can be found in East Kootenay
Kor further particulars apply . to
Molt, Son ,8c Co, Fernie, B.' C*
Have one of theii largest stores in Pernio.
Lamb, Veal, Fresh and Smoked Fish.
0 ^ .-  * --■'■ .    *v
Fresh Fish constantly arriving■". !j
Head   Office
Calgary,   Alta.
(.RANI. LOIK'.K A, F.'\*i A, III.
Victorin, .Tune 5/|.—Tlir 'gruiul loil/{i-
A. F, ii A. M., "in session hew elocl
kii     .iim.\  8nin**-i[*> aip ,ioj k.pdjup p
follows:      ' j, '
Onmiil     iMjislei-.T.     U.   Si-holielil
Di'piityriniiid  "Alnstor.—V. 'Ilnvl-aer
Hi-liioi- ('ii-iiii(l:,.Waidi.-u-W.  K.  II,ni-
ton, Victurin,    •
Junior (Iniinl Wiirili>n--II. N,   I'ii-h
Ludiiur, ' (
(irnml Cliiipliiin-n. .1. F. Clinlon
-Cniiid   Tivntiiiiir-II.   JI.   Wiils'in,
Y.iih'iiiivtr. .'
l.rnml S.H-nlni'v-II. Ilri'tt, Viclorl
(irni|il  Tyl.-r-A.  (1i}llmnl,  Vntichu*
v..r. •      . ,
1   WilN   Clll'l'-l   ill   lll'lllultillK   |ll|ll   il^tlj.
inn, by *lliiinnl'N Liniiiiciil, '
Lot   *.,   I».  H, I, '
I  was ciiivil-ol   n  M-veie nil nek nl
ilifiinintistn   liy Aliiinril's Liiilini'iit,
I   wns nired of a suViTi'ly Kprniiifd
I.**.' I.v Miiiniil's Iiiiiiiiu-iit.
Tf-yt!l'\   XV    VVIUCTIT
KviTytliln*.' points   In a Mg  Niirci'.tt
'J'lii!;iiirf»j-riiinnii! wliiili appears on
diiotlici' Jinjjc will Ik- 'u";" fiirrifil out
mul in itililitioii «o the I.iij-Ii-h'.paratle
Uic '<ily coiiiii-il, coal toinpiiiiy -ilii.
cluls nnd the Slincrs' iniioti u'lll nil-
so   tiili- p«rt In   tlie. proci'sslon.
RtprfM-nliilivi.'.'. hoiii 2,s to ' jo
liioKt*. will lie pivsiin,
Tin' vntln-j* (oi* tins Cnrnlvnl Qiieew
jtin-n imrrlly on und tip tn'j-ninjf t»
pre** tin* 'count -tlnn-l--. s% followi;  ..
,    ' ■    ''    '■ 1 ■'
jB|ii. -i^immmin Mtmmrrt'm mnhhmH' <.«• »n*»*H»*
Mrs.  G.  F.  Hicks,  Newport.
C.'E. Finch, Kiinberlcy,-
Henry  Frey,  Sprague. ' »
Miss. ,T.,l)cvens, Spokane.        ;,
1'.- "McConnell, ,Baynes'  Lake.
E. F. Robert*,  Stealer.
J ..Brady, Spokane.
II,  Meredith  &  wife, Seattle.    .
1),  A,  McLean, • Spokane.
C, A. Dow, Elko. '
F. C. .Winkler, Nelson, ,    *
.has.  Gilbert, St. 1'aul. '
D, II, Wilson, Wnrdner,
.1.  Woods &  wife, Seattle, '■     "•
II. L. Wiliiulm .-t.Wife, Seattle.
(», M. Newman, Spokane,
E, E. Lutns, Davenport.
G. W, 'Wilkes & wife, do. ' ' |
C, W. King,  Spokane,
II.  C,  McDole, do, '
A, Bt-achain, Calgary.
,1). Ucficltiini,  Clairesliolni, ,
W.   A,  Grave,  Spokane.
A,  ,1,  Kollmcr.  Detroit,
F, J,  Ilrniideis, Spokane.
.1,  Koruinnn, •Cintihrnok, '
.1. Carrnclier,  Snnd Creek.
.1. \\. Woolsey, Aitilrlc.
G, Woolsey, do.
II, G. Smith, iSpoknitu, ' ,
Hurry Miirdock & wife, BulTalo,
.1. Tf lingers, Morriss-'V.
Mrs, Hunting,  Leavings,* '
Clins. Micltii'el, Nniiton,
F. \V. Gi-imni, do.
Thos Hope, Elkiiionlli. ;
J. Caldwell, do,
A, b). Jones, Spoviim*, IJ,
A,  K.  Si'lianibrown, Spokane.
Elliie Nelson, do, '      ■
G. W. Riiinsey, Spniwnofl.    ■
Geo,  Sanderson,  do.
' ' ]„ M, Fieeiiiaii, do,
L,  M, '.'minion, do,
Geo, Wliiti'licml, dn ■    '
11. Umlerwood, Wclnskinwln,
I), J. AK-Kcu, F.lko,
Wm! Slntie, Sparwood,
Wm, Wuss-.ll, tlo,
W, V„ .K.iwull, Kiilispell,
Air-.  Gen.   Copeliiml. '
U.   Wul-.li, do,
J. Deiiglily, Willie Fisli.
M,  l)iii("Wull,  Conl Civek,
Y,  Ciiviu,  Crilnlirook.
N.  K. Ilmliiv, Llllo.
AI.  ItoherlNon, Michel.
A.  A.   Kanlkcncr, Eitili-rliy.
C, II, Henry, NoiiIh Ik Unwe.
Geo, Miitipin, Conl Cnrk,
.T.  Keinpton, do.
.>*     Clinlllllll     do
J, M, O'Domiell.
IC, I lol ne, C in 11 brook.
K. Fit/gerolii f* \v\le, Wnnlm-r.
Mix. II. I'ti I rot one, Liliby, Monl.
AlisN KnirHloiie, do,
,T, V, l'lclsi'liiiinn, Vnncoiivor.   »
V. Iliick.H. *c wife, llayiif*'' Luke.
C, A. Null, St, Paul,
Alt's, (iiiml Downing, Jnilrwy.
I'. OtUoxlvr, tin,
Win, Dln-idalc, do.
W, Cottlngtrlni, Tlnynen' UVe. '
V„ TlnktT, An,
A, Coilirnni', Jadrny.
At Stcijlij-im ft wife, Mnrrlniey.
.Tns.   Liti'lsey,  Wliltrfihh.
Cien, Taylor, Wardntt'.
WANTED-Situation as help in private    family    by Englishwoman.
B.   C".
WANTED—Lady' cashier;  one able t9
assist with ollice work. Apply by'
letter.—The  Crow's. Xcst Trad in u
"  Co.  'Ltd.
The Dominion Meat .,
'".; &:,;Cattlc:  Cty' 'iiii;■,*■:.
1 Wholesale & Retail Meat Merchants
Y. _ ■..    Fernie, B. G.
Hams,   Bacon,. Lard. Fish and Gemc.In Season.
Victoria   Ave.
'Phone   No.   4
POSITION WANTICD-—as head cook
in hotel or restaurant by cxper-
iunccd manager;" or would rent
hotel dining rooiu, restaurant ,or
large ' hoarding house, Address M.
C, Y,, LedgLr ollice. '   ••
Head Down *   ,,
i).m p ra Lv. '' ,yernle
U.'iH a m *     .' ' "texfoi'd
«.« a in SPOKAI*-]*
7.30 i> m Arr     - Seattle
FOUND—A   Indy's   kid 'glove;, owner
can have snnu   by paying for this
, adv,-  •
FOUND—A  gentleman's, watch     and
' chain, near the railway track be-
twceirtlie city and Oldtnwn. Owner can have same by paying Ior
this nd. Apply this olIicc, '
l)K01-l»lTl), at the C. V. Hi station,
a pair of eye-glasses, Reward for
return  lo UlcnsdeH's drug store,
Mlo'ttdVp ,
Arr. 8 5) a' m "
■' , 0.30 p m
'Lv 9 inn m'-
Duily except Sunday
Leavlnf*;  Fernie 9.45 p. nt.   vou
■';'A'"'*"VANC6UVER'*': .' t_' e
-'■-,*        NIGHT i
Arrive at   10 p. m. in
A •■".'"sf." PAUL
For detailed Inibi'rmition.l't-rt.i rosor-
v.ithms, etc., pull on or iiddresB
II, li, 1H-ACKSTOM-,
have :got into the
■way of looking in the
papers for informal
tion concerning* the
goods othey_need^; The
furnish the informa-
ation needn't expect
to get a f iill share -of
the trade, and has no
one; but himself to
blame.   Q
The Ledger it" the pit por
m.ost peoplo hero read.
It is our Pleasure
Owiug to-the warm weather of-the past few days, and it's
likely-to continue during-, the summer months, our store has been
visited by'many summer shoppers.  For several  days 'we        nave
exceptionally  fine  line  of  all kinds "of  lightweight  goods  for  ladies anh children,' including' r eady-iiia-.e suits in linens, lawn,' or-
■   gaudy,:and zephyr ginghams; shirt waists,  skirts,* hosiery^ para-
' sols, together w'th a full line   of   summer   materials.   .We   Invite
you to call and * be. • convinced  that   we  have   the   most   complete
stock this, side of thc lakes. .      .
P.   ,S.— New   arrivals  of .bio uses pand hosiery.   *'
■Y '• • V . * ' " " '
Uiiiniiiocks at cost nt the l'aluce
Drug Store, '
Miller's orcliu.stm 10J live pieces furnished the -music nud was ever lietlc.i-
iliuu-c music heard tind enjoyed than
that "tajliii-li luil! been arranged by Mr,
Miller.-Calgniy Ilotald,. ' '
Sporting goods of all kinds nt the
I'lilui'i! ding store. '
Hy consulting M, Mui-kleiibcrg, „l,
A, I), S,, the cniliieiit eye-sight ,ipe>
ciiillsl of Calgary, yoii get the very
|icst Kcrvli't'H nnd nl uiodcmte charts
An a proof nl what lie chiiins he offers fifty (Ifilliirs 10 niiy.pun-rill whou'
eves nre defective" if lie fulls to
nilopl llm proper lenses uvt-n .ifiur
olheis lmve given it,up ns liopulunii.
,.Vjl;iln nl Hluasdi'H'H (Iriig^tore, AIoli*
.lay, Tui'sdny and WudncNilny, July 3
.1, aiid .|.
Flag"", liieworks, souvenir -.'anl-t
»t llie 1'ulace drug sloic.
A hotel that fuiulslies tpilct commodious nccoiuiiioilMtloiis for Its pa»
iroiu is 11 source of pleasure to tin
triivolllii.r pnhllr    Kui>h   (i  n\\it  l>i    Ckx
King PMwiml \v\te\- of   Fornlo, 'corner opposite post ollice.
I'- 'J'"-..."."-''!»'.l   "  !       ...J,
 i..." Hum
Three luimlrcil tlmei better limn Micky paper.
Bold liy all Priiui-UtH nml Oenornl Storof
nnd ly mull.        .,
M lull id's
I.inliiU'iit .. Ttiuiiliei'iunn'H
-ito please You.
Tlie appreciation of
those who have , visited
our showroom and visited our ..millinery and
fancy goods display is a
flattering proof to us that
our styles are exclusive,
tasteful and moderately
Only a few of (hose lovely Black
Nui-m left
Uxpectcd   to arrive   this
week, a large, shipment
of beautiful shirt  waist?,
and shirt waist suits.
mire xnnn
That's why we have the most artistic lino of ■' wall pnpers ever
shown in l.'ernie. Dainty ilornl effects for licdrooius, stripes lor
halls, tapestries nnd hernldic patterns lor lilirnrics nnd dining
rooms] French elTccls for purlors;
fn fncL we lmve everything the
Q smosl exacting taste can demand.
Wall Papers
Tirssmi thing&
-■*' T,   rHAVE taken  over the business*. tormerlyA; cori-
.', 1    ducted  by  Shepperd Si, Elliott and wish to inform
^ the  public that-I am in-a position to - do .-<ajl-kinds of!
"*" Tinsmithing and" Plumbing in.a prompt and efficient
manner.    Remember,the placp. - .>'■•'-.
One door north ef King Edward Hotel.  ,pho"c*
dominion    DAyi;
'—=—» At M"ki|tcl.~i-«i—*.
< * i
for Monday, July 2nd, by the
Miners'    Celebration     Coifi-i
tint*     tilt*
llllll       MUM       IMI
•H.oo and pig
|Hu**co»»ortoH>im K«t>l
Bhort Orders served at all
hour*, day or nlsht.
Two iluom konth of li.i Klk Ulror Oluli
Fernie,     :-:     B. C.
Try us with
Your Next Order
for Job Work
Canadian >>
- -PACIFlg Ky.
90 Day Round Trip
ThroiiRli Kxcuriiinn raieii
N'iiSV t.N'uLAN'U,
on nppliritilon,
OiilcH or Sale,
JUNK 4, ft, 7, »3l 18
JUUV   m,  J,
t AUGUST 7, 8, i),
TicUclH subject 10 u-iiml vnrinllon-i oi
route niul Inrluclt- mciiln niul berths on
fan. Tae, .Slrainem on Gretxt I.nkei,
l-'ull 1'arilcnlttrn ^rom
O. V. A., NalMMi.
,    tt. 1.1.AD1NG, Agt., *
„    F«»U,  B^ C,
IIMI*        MIDI        DIlKll
lllll  Ml       11 • M I       llllll       111111       11 M
llllll       llllll       HUM       (ll •>
i,   75 ytinl Iioj-n' nice,-tiudur xis yours	
1.   75 ynrds jjirlw' rnce, under is yi-nru	
... '        0
,*-, K,xi ynrds race,, open   .'-.,	
<-). 75 ynn>K ninrried woiiuois'  ruco	
5, l,n/,y stick coiiU'St	
fi, Cfttchinj; (rronscd *"l|j .,,...
7. ..'ontlmll  conti'sl, opi'ii, tlini' ti.ninr.   to   oiiUt,   two |.
from (iitl-ili!*- points   , ; \'.,.,.
H> 95 yai'ilM jKilnlo nu'c 	
9, 1'i.iiy riu't-i '/, mill!  , ,,  ,, ,  ,,,
10, <i*|(i ynrds ma*, open tn inino uorlicni '  	
75 yard,, -"arc    for yoiin-*- la.'lus...
Italian liowllni* K'linc	
N'lnn ptiiN.. •	
75 yards pld nulls' race, 50 ye,xrtx or ovt-r 	
Hi-'li jump 1    .-  '	
Uiib iiilK* ruci*, open to mim- worki-rn	
17. il.iy pinion Miuiilni)1 iiuitvii, i>|h it in mint- ,u<ii.ti?.|
unl Ions tlion tliri'i- to Diiliii-     '	
tH.   75 ynrdu olihtnclc nice 	
i().   7.*. yiuds Iioj-h' nice, n yi-ius mid tnulcr 	
90,-75 yards girls: race, ia yi'ar.*" ii:kk)'» oot    	
ai,  ltnnnitijj lonj; jump 	
oo.   ion ynrds nark nice   '  ....
a.-*,   ttrnml linll In i'Vi-iiIhr, prl/u for 1h-kI lady nnd gont
walw.i.n. in... ..1 ...... ....1.»>»...i.» ...I*. »..«.* in.., .i..
All I'Vi-ntR will lx: rarrUd out nrrnrdin-*; to programm--.	
Reduced Rates on C.P.R.
Por particular*! addtrenn
A. Wo H. McLeod,
Michel, B.C.
00, (wi
io, mi
■• •■•. jjpun *ji
ft.tmt       . \\XiO'
,'",«■*•» k*,vittiiviik+jsvi&il\.i„&k  f-
~»i>li> anhM«*4ijtH4.«
.!••#*»' ' ^ ,l#4Hkti*tf*lm,s$'' *>■.■«- n^^umf


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