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The Fernie Ledger 1906-09-26

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 ■# „7
ve^tWe Asse^
I. ■■
Vol. II, Number 8.
They were Called out by~^^cr of PresidentMitchell on Saturday last
Negotiations now in Progress
■* ° MJMMM*''~''it****ii*n*-iiirM-j«ia^^ i ,■ , '   (i
■ ■«m ■■■i»iwt »™—"—■'" "  rT-T-W—I——LJM--MUUUI ———^—^m^m^m^— -
Till'l   CROWS    NEST PASS   t'O.U.
TO   TIIK    WOKKMK.V   AT     COX!*,
I'Vrnie, 11. C, Sept. 02, \<)oG.
' A great many of you have this
<> iiiornin-c failed to report for work ut
ill,; Coal Civek Colliery, nnd we haw
no communication from anv one in-
dica'tiii'r iho reason why.
U may he that this action is t-ii.-
rn wilJi a view to carry quia threat,
made in the coiuniiiiiioalirn from th,..
Secretaiy of Gladstone l.oeal , Union, dated Sept. 7th, in which* li>
•says that it is ihu intention io cease
working with non-union men at C-i.il
Creek. Tha letter itself is conU'u.d:'
. in my answer, dutul iheAsth of VApt.-
iy°6.. ,   ,
September, S,   ;'jo6.
Secretary   Gladstone      I.ocal   1'iiioii
■•X'niU'-l Mine Workers of America, l"er
nie, n.   C.
DEAR  SIR,- *   .
I hasvc t« ackiiowhdjjc the receipt
of your letter of Sept. (.th, which
reached ine through the post about 7
o'clock on' tha! uveniiijr of yesterday,
the 7H1 insi., and which reads as fol-
;, "I am instructed to notily your
company . that we intend to cense
■ workioir wilh non-union mul ,at your
Crxil Creek' Mines and Kernie coke
ovi**-*., and- stand ready to suspend
operations wh.'ii called upon. 1 am,
•11 behalf of  the 'above Local,
Yours Truly,
_»i\t rnc ii 1 r-ir- c>_lc«	
ainl** llierfctc.ro . must he well aware
thai lhe question of discriir.inalliiji
against non-union uu*n was thoroughly discussed more thnn once, and
a very definite cciiclusioii arrivi-d at
with levari! to it.
I should I.,, atna ied if tlu conclusion <■[ Glndston-j l/ocal Union, referred to iu your letter, has come lo
afler a fair -.statement has H*eii made
to llum of what look place at the
various eoiift-ri lice's. In case such a
ilnlcui-ni has "not been made to
ilr.'in, I will, (--note extracts from the
written record of conferences, showing the altitude assumed by th,: National Hoard representative, Mr.
Jonas, and bv Mr. Sherman, upon
thai 'question, in your presence and
ac/;;iiics-;d  in  hy yourself.
Wlun tlie question of inssrliu-> '•■ in
the agreement a clause wh'eh' had
been iu tlu previous agreement', and
was in the Coleman agreciniiit, providing that licit lur party should disci iininale aga-'iist n either union or
urn-union iuin, I was-urged by Mr.
Jones not to insist upon lhat clause
going inlo tlu juw agreeinelit, because its absence' would help the officers of the Union to induce men lo
join  tlu  1'nion. -   '
I now. j-ptole what was'said,'as taken from llu written record, a copy
of which was handed ■■ Mr. Sherman
each duy of the conference, at his and
your  request:,
'Mr. Sherman; "With reference to
lhat clause, lUr. I.indsey, just- -what
do you interpret as discrimination?"
Air. I.in.lsey: "I would interpret
this as (liscrimiiMiion. Mr/Sh.-rmaii,
just'what-you said ihr. olh.-r day
yomself, that if 'a man declined ' to
join     your   t'nion,     you  would  sav.
.Mr. Slicnnan: "THAT IS SO.
So, as far as that is concerned, you
'are protected as you never were before in regard to a strike. It. is the
TI. "M. W. ol A. itself lfi-.il protects
you   I'h.re." '       '
Mr. .Toii.-s: "1 KNOW ONE THING
INTO THE UNION. 'Of course, if we
were absolutely organized, " there
would be no use of the discrimination clause ciilur way. We are working for complete 'organization right
nlcng, and we do not like to make,
la-"- -*>i the meantime that will en-
coioage  fellows to stay outside."' ■
It.r. Lindsey: "Are there, in the
Americin airreeiiicnis , any clauses
wilh   regaid  to   discrimination?
Mr. Jon.'s: "Noiu that* I know
of. We haic had cnly ciu- side of it,
tlu Company oblibing themselves uol
lo discriminate against tlu nun.
EITHER WAV.   I tli'iix vou' will ilni
■   Mr.   Slicnnan:    "NO  WE  CANNOT.
Mr. J ones: "Strikes have occurred
in the. South in violation of our
Mr. I.indsey: "1 know you would
not get the sympathy of tlu public
in such a strike'. VOU WOULD NOT
The a! ove i.s a distinel undertaking on l.dialf of . ihe United
Mine Workers of        America,
that Preseldeni Mitchell will
not allow a strike because tlure are
non-union nun in ih-.! nrlius; that tlu
local union cannot take, such a step
without tlu' coiit-.nl. of tlu Naticiuil
I'rcsidint of the Min: Workers, au-.l
thai they would have to conduct such,
a strike on--their own resources; that
they could not underlake a question
which would result. iu closing our
mines down, without * instructions
from an 1 tlu consent of your National President, and lhal you could not
get his consent. It is tlu direct,
stateiucnrt of Mr. Slurtnan that he
is free lo' cciifcss''that you are
bound to work, with non-union nun,
.md that you could not do anything!
in  th_- n.iti-r..  of  refusing  io do so.
Un receiving (hose solemn assurances, I agreed for th.; Company lo allow  the  discrimination dause    to    b*e'
Vou were oiu of th.* men chosen to
represent the United Mine Workers of
America when, on the iir A day 01
May,; A*. 1).* 1905, an agieeiiu.nt was
readied between our 111.11—-a:< repre-
-uile(l,l,y this Union—nnd llu Company, 'Vou were pros-.nl, according.
to'llu recoidj at every one of the
nictillgs, nl which licjiolinlions look'
place    leading  up  tn  this  agreeiiuul,
Mr.   Sherman:    "So  far     as  I  can
s:o, what  you "-*m- is that.we would
take-action lb such, an* extent   as to-
close  tlu miius     down;   Is not  thai
Mr, Liudsev: "I have no' th..
sligihtesti'ear that you will take thai,
it Work out lo llu best advantage."
M:\ Lindsey: "Ves, *btit I have
Mr. Sheniia.i:.s stmlj.mint here ollicial-
ly -'n writing, THAT HE, WOUIJ)
Mr.    Hi.-rmau:   "THAT    TS     OVR
Mr.   Lindsey:   "VOU  CANNOT    DO
lefl out of llu 'agreement,  and  I    did
- so  in   th.-  following.  langluiigL*,   which
_is_tal}tli_toJii—lha-rteijrd. '-a	
Mr. Lindsey: "Now, in defvnnee
to Mr Sherman, AND RELYING ON
HIS GOOD KAITII, mid as evidence
ol oiir wish to meet .You in every
wav wc coiisisluitly can, I AM PREPARED TO ADOPT MR. HONES'
"OUT."- '"   -
Vou now write me ih'.it, in vicla-
ti(ii of all iluse soU-ir.n undertakings,  you  propose    to cease   working
with non-union men al our'C.inl
Creek mines. Iu ihe face of this, will
yoii be kind iiioikIi to say to nie, of
what value is a contract with the
United Mine Workers of America, and
what respect are we lo pay lo lile
solemn assurances of its highest ollicials?
I would ask you lo iv-c<.!Kid.-r this
matter wilh your Local Union in llu
light of what has l.e-.n exiractul
from the record of tlu confennces, a
copy of which record was from dny
to day furnislud yon while (lie conference was going on, "which should
he 111 vour possession, aiul whiih I
lake it, you should have, brought, to
the atttnlion of, tlu min.-rs of- Coal
Creek, if you have not already done
.so.' If,you wili not let the members
of your union know these things,
will you let me meet llum and es-
explain llum?, I feel that the matter has (.n'y lo be explained fairly
to the nun to secure theii- apprecia-
lir.n of how much their honor and
that of llu Union i.s involved.
Under our contract, where a diller-
elici: arises between us, under Article
2 of our agreeliuii'., all cases where
llu United Mine Workers of Ameijiea
have not lieen fairly treated, are to
be referred to' a svries of tribunals,
ending with tlu President of our
Company and tlu President of llu
United Mine Workers of America, for
adjudication, and while such course
of negotiations is in progress and
until a llnul decision is reached, the
min.-rs, min.: laborers and all other
parties must c< niimu  to work.
This provision' of our agreement
was broken by the men on the oc-'
casion of ilu     coinideratioii of     the
-prices-ttrrlic-paftl-lor moving Alc~Ciii-
lies at Coal Creek, the ma iter being
sul sorbinUlly leferivd to myself and
your Mr. Sheiinaii for consideiation.
He m.-t me, with Mr. Peter Paterson,
your National lio.nd Member, and
■ijliiiitled that he knew he had been
wrong in allowing the strike to take
place 1.nlil'the matter' had been ccn-
si de red l.y, llie various tribunals nun-
liolled in Article *. of jthe agreement,
and I withhold for     th.* present    llie.
reason giveti by him for cotiseiilii.g
lo lhe course of coiiduci which he admit lid  wa-;  wioug.
I .-h.iil not pi.-rmii a repetition of
thut kind of conduct to go on llu:
same Icruis as I did last time. I
shall e.\pcc( our miiieis to live up to
their eontr.ict and the pledges giviii
for thcni, as religiously as we h;i\i:
lived up to those given on l.i half of
this Company.
I .should extremely regret to be obliged lo conclude, if,a dilh-riiit couise
of conduct results, thai il will.,h.: a
matter of serious consideration
whether' a contract made by the
United Mine Workers of America, and
whether the sacred - undertakings ol
its high ollicials are worth placing
ally  reliance  on. , *
1 enclose you a copy of a letter
sent by me on Seplcmbir '">th last, to
your Pre.sidinl, Mr. Sheiuu.n, in
answ'i- to a communication from him
which speaks for itself, and whicli, if
llu 111:11.rs of Coal Creek have not
had the opportunity of eon-ddci ing*, 1
Mlglg-est that V(>u would peih.ips think
it fair lint th.-y should hear it read
to   them.
Yours  Truly,
General  Manager.
.Since   lI1.1t conimunicalicn  wns Saiu
to you, printed     notices    have    been
I os ted at     tlu mines,  of    which the-
following is a copy:
"Acting under insliuclioiis of Pics-,
idem.Mile-lull, we ' hereby give all
non-union miners notice* that sevi n
days after' this (bite, we will cease to
work with non-union miners.
Sept. Milt.' Mjofi. V. M, W. of A."'
If President Milc.hcll_i'aiffi—ihosu—JUj—
slriictioiis, and authorized tluir publication, th n the. contract wilh the
Unit id Mine Workers of America is
not worth llu paper ,it is written on,'
for he his violated every pledge giv-
ili for him by his repres-elital ive lit
oiu1* conference and by his disttict il-
ficcrs, and Iu. lias failed to bimsilf
discuss this .matter with" our Pn-si,
.-lent before acting, as jirovideh nii-
di'i- tlu . agreement, and until lliiit
is done  tlu nun     must  continue    in.
.To,  The    Workmen    nt   Coal    Creel:
I am of ill.1, opinion that there
ih.mid be au iiitiwer givm to the circular sent oni by onr niamigt'i', Mr.
Lilldsey, not only lo put VOU to
umleistand the position us il is, but
lo disabuse the minds of any of ilu
jaiblii: of 1111 v wrong iiupivs>ion licit
ihlSji-iieiilnr lias, or may Ih.'ie, .jiveii
to  them,   lliiiee   ih»  following   iiiu*s:
I am not a nun.(in llu lirsl •..l.i-.v)
Unit, hiving dealings with indic'dii-
uls or corporations', and coming to
liliy iiiisiiiulersUiud'ng with th'in, v.'ill
liy to ill.1 press ond gvt pamphlets
out lo let the universe know my
'opinion, or try nnd force lliem 10
think*" 1 nm right ami the oilier
fellow is wr< tig. It is mv opinion tlmt if Mr, Lindsey ivisli-.'d lo
be fair to his Company -nt'l ,*,lso
tluir iinploytrs, there is a wav where"
by this trouble could Iw avoided,
vi/.,, curry ing out lhe ngrn-iiitnt to
itn very It'ller, and not lake advant
age of any lechuicalities wherelsy h-
may gain', or think he can gain, for
llio compnny '.he least iiilvaiitu*'/. never
thinking of tlu pressure that is put
i,i;-oii   llie ] oor  workuii-.u,
I mny say, that had ii not been
the desire oT our null to live up to
lhe ngriviiii'iii in an honorable way,
there would be trouble every' month
since this ngreeiiuiit came into force,
You nmy., link tli.' reason why? 1 will
tell yon, This agrei'iucii'. is broken
almost moiilly in one. mine or 1111-
o'.lier, but the place that T want to
I ring l.i'jniv ymi is here, in referuu-c
to lhe signing of the clieck-o!T. Il
was a common understanding that
eiii-li person th mid si.^-ii the ngni-
niiiil, l.i-cniise it would make il uioiii
I iml'it_' for (.very person to sign.
WI1.11 I ref.r lo the check-olT, I mean
II pnrt, or uu article of the agree-
miilil, so if oik* nrticli' of this agreement, fs broke'*, it Using like the 10
I'oliiiiiauilimtil.s, the whole is lirokiu,
Now, we have 11 book' that eain innii
hud to sign with tlu* whole agriT-
111.ill pasted in it and pnsleil by tins
....it.;.'  1.      i' 	
work. To stiikc without giving i>s
th-U opportunity is to violate the
If   Presideli!.   Miuhell  did  not    give
tlie  in,1 ructions  which   are  accredited
lo  him.   ili.n   lu.   bus  Iveen   misrepie-
s ttu-Ci.   ;.n.l   ili-ij.      this   is  so,   looks
i'lui'aMe.  Loin    the  fact- thai     last
■ wighl   ilu-  GbuKioiu     Miners'   Union
ras.d  ji   resolution, ihat   ihe  matter
-leiujj 'in   tlu  lends      of   the   District
Ollu-ers,    llu miners     „,  Cqal  Creek
,h:mld j.„ oul  uiuil ordered to retiun
I'y  them.       If  ihe  matter be  in    llu
hands of   ihe  District      Ollicers    they
h.ive lMt  only failed  ;o carry out the
pledges   and   undertakings   gi-.-.-n     i,y
ih.iii  during      the  negotiations,    but
tluy • have  deliberately   iiistrfuied  this
mm  to go out in violation    of    ;he
(■olemii undertakings th.n given.
Not only is ihis true, biit if. Uie
matter is iu ihe hands ol the District
Ollicers, than there has lieen, a vio'a-
liou of the lei 111s of the agreement
which obliges the men lo continue- a-.
work unlil such 'mallei* have been
refernd .to ih- difTotent tribunals, 'a-
eluding tlu ollicers of this Companv
and Proideiit, Mitchell, aiul we h:i\e
h.;d no opportunity of meeting tlu
District Ollicers on this question or
of'haying ilu matter referred to
President   Mil,c.iell.
This further  illustrates thai a contract  wiili   the   United  Mine   Worla-fs '
of   Aliurica   is   not   worth   the    paper   '
it  is .written rn.
'Ihis notice is sent you for the
purpose of presc-miiig the facts to
you. as they exist, and to give you
lhe op| orlunity of considering them
and ,go\-c ruin.,     yourselves  iiccording-
h;. ll _'._-_(■,.•, 1, . ^.: ......	
lli.il,-eveiy      woikmaii  who  does not   «
report for work 011  Mondty  moniiiig,
Sei.li-inlei-     -Mill,  K-o6,  will,    having
al.si n-.e-.l  himself  for  two  davs ' without iK-iniia.si.il,  l«-  liah'lu to lie   -li*-   -
cli.irgl.il,  and'will  for this  and  oilur   ,
leasitis   be  dischargi>d  Irom   the    i'.i-
r.loyin.nt ol  this  Companv.
Gm.-ral  Manager.
Company, aiul also furni-Jivd i-v them,
i-.ir.l il it wns not the common understanding'that cah man workiitgi ■ nil
Coal Creek rnd l'Vrnie coke ovens
,'h.uilil sign, why was this book fur-
ni,sli..(1 with the nirre.eiiuiit jinsted into it by the Coal Co.?
Throu'-li some shiillliiig, not only
wan th: 'iiguing of iliis book by evi-rv
peis./ii iivoiiled (for it was llu' idea
at the fii.st to have, an idle day so
that we could get every I oily to sign,'
but it tvns a thought from I lie work-
llliU's side that it could be 1I0IU
wi.h ml losing any time, r.nd I have
wished iiiiiiiy times sinee it WAS Ink-
in, cud this is what we get for Irving to fmther the interests of tlm
Company', but was refused by ■■niiii'
cf the lire bosses to sigh: th.il is,
Mime of llu mealiest of llieiu. Til.11
comes the machinists refus'ng lo
siuit, niul of course il wns never
pressed by us, lliilikilig it was better
lo lei tli.iu come ill tlinu to press
111 in, nnd lho iuul the Compnny Is
liow playing,' puts tlie cap on ihe
whole of il.
We have p'/olc'ilcd X'A the Compnny. ih.il' nun having sigii.d the
di ck-off, or agreement, oiu-e, had
signed for ih.* life ol sflif-e, but y.h.il
do we lind? Tlw. Company is letting
.It se "".ho sign.d w'it lul raw from the
agrei;iiiaiu, th.r.ihy lvreaking siime.
Yet we are inaile lo believe by this
lirculnr lhat it is the Company alone
lint h.is kepi the ngiviiiniii iutnci,
■ And in ri'.ereiui* to tlu McGiuiics,
it is plainly to l-.eseiu that il was a
liorcfne.d violntloii of llu agreement,
uud «mi' nun would not sir.nd sinh
liigh-liaiid.d rob'tcry, anil stopped
work, mid Iuiv in iliis case tlu una
Wii'iittd to show that (h-y would not
be played with, ns the Company or
its iiinii.igi'iiunt tluuiglii. Ami nguiii
Mr, Lindsey luvcr mciiiioii.,l the lad
iliil ilrs ngiviiii-.nl wns viohilul by
thi'in introiliiciiig the, pnyiiietu by
iluek sysiein, wh.n it was pul into
ilu ugiveiiu'iii "Thai all customs
iliil piviiiilid al Coal Cn-k min-s
'hoiihl be as ll ri'tofoie," iiiid vet we
4111 -1 lots of ih.iii-jcs of customs since
llml (lain.   And ngiiiii, nil 11 w   imn
whi stait to work at those mines
have to si* n an agrc;"iiniil now thai
they employ with the Crow's Nesi.
I'ios Coal Co at a certain .cage, uud
.live proinis-.d lli.it tji*y will rot
raise ih.ir wages ilitil ill.* lifleeiuli,
providing lhe lifl.-eiilli 1 iiincs nu -,\
Salunlay, o: th* lirst Saturday a!ler
the lifli'.n li. This is an introduction
i.t 11'W en tosiis, itti:l Ims l.cdi ]*io-
t.sl'.d nguiii.,1 by o.ir 1-ivsiduil, who
wns. proin.s.d ly ih.- iiiiinugeni.-iil
ihii ih y would not be furih-r us*.d,
v h.-ii th.-ie. were o.ily ,1| -.Ign itn.-i-s,
but it has le.ll sin.'e used, until iheie.
ore 1 *"-*.-} cud over sigiud, and llie
111 11 iiul sign are igu.ii'iii'.t ol \.bailie are signing, lvi-msc some liiive
I.cdi (niiestioiied 011 this iioint, uiul
ihey say lliey d it * 1 I now ,\h,il. ilu-y
.'.igii, lliinkiiig tliey wvie signing for
tluir lumps, ns is A, n.-'iu ai.-uy in
stances in lhe Old Country. I !uvu
my id.n ou this, llial it will be iim<1
rig,tin 1 any legist,ilioii that I'liiv Im:
brollglll l.elo'e llu 'louse 'lining (he
in-vt M-ssii II lig.il I " , ill* piiylinlll o|
wages   fortnightly     or  wivkIv.       Ol
course "this look-will l.e prixliu- -il a;;
sign ilures against such legislutio.i
Saw, ii; this nol a violation ,il Uu
agiviiiiaiii,-' I say il is, and '.luu i.u
agleelllilll is viobiteil by .ille --.-.My,
I lake it lli.il the oilier paity is at
lik'Vly to do as il 1 houses, and ill-
slopping 1,1 mu- iiuii to wink is uol
a viol,ii ion, as u\pl>iiu.*,d in his eii-
And this citcnlni>4i:. very iiii'.le'ul-
itig to lhe minds ol llu- public, by
Hying in pir.su.i/L- th.iu ili.it these.
anicLs iiiiii blteis weie nol put bill .iv our nun. I ni.i\wlriy ihnl h-ller.
llli', un" M'lVl'lK n-ccivid liom ill-
('i.tnpaliv ale never lend ul our linvi ■
iiigs, but every lotiiiuuniciilion thai
■ 1. received is read la-foi'u oiir un u
■mil ill1.roughly ilisiussil, ainl il Mi-
LinilM-y is as iiiiihliil in. this lo hi*.
Coinpi'iiv us the     ollin-is of our  I'n-
ii ll'. ale, I flt.ll"I lll'llk he Mill i-iillie
10 anv  trouble on  this moii*.
Tin ii,   again,      ihis   cin ul.ir   si,ill*.
'.Imi  th: I'oMUmiiv li.i*. had im 0pp.1i'
111111 ty lo uieii th- Dim 1 ni Oiliret", (,u
lis is null tie, i 11 .nise
'.his ijiusiinn.
on the 5th of this month, Presulmt
..fi'imuii uud National Hoard Mem-
lei- ,•■ h.i.ipe and 111 vs.If, li.td an ill-
t.-tview wiih Mr Lindsey inn! Mr,
Illinium oil the quest ion of null
withdrawing fi.un i'lie Union, und' the
vjik.siion was 10 be- iin-iwercd iu
wi iliii.; ami s.'iil to Mr. Slierin'.ili,
aiul I uni given lo understand it had
11.il Iv.n reilived by Prciihiit Slier-
man up till the 1 .lib, und I -lon't
ih'nk he has yel received it, but th*,-
ropy whicli wns s; 111 to ihis Local
Wiis giviii him lo read. Tlu.*s« ure
simple, plain finis
I don't wish in force the fore.goiiifj
ii| 011 th* pul lie mind, but only i.rik
lot' lair judgnii nt 011 0111 actions. If
we niv in bl.iuie fnr any wtotig, we
will K: nun iiioiigli lo Lear it, und
it I 'bilk  tin- n-.pi n«ibilily,
I nm vniiis, on I4I11II of (ilitdst 111c
l.iicil  l'u,ou 'Ml l, I"   M^. W. nl. A.,
TIloS.  HK'il'iS, S.'iieMry.
IM'i , , 1 1 1 * , , 1 1
I lierchy cnpiKO nml hire with Tun Chow's Ni;kt Pass Chai, Companv, I.imiti'H, as	
nl 11 daily wixfiti of $  siime to he* paid monthly, but mil In In. payabh* lo me* until the liftcenili of the iinuilli
follinvini; llml in whirl) 1 have *e,tiiii*il ilieni, ifs;iid lifii'ciitli he a S.iliirday, if not, 1(1011 lo he payable on the find Sutiii*
day after lhc siiiil Hflwcutli,
Dated llio ..day of ,,,, ,
** Witnctm.
■  >  > •   I'JLI ,  . .  .
isniANAi'oi is, Imi., Sept, ulll. iijoft,
P. II. .lllP.IIMAV,   Hl.AIKMOIIi;.
(iivo iioniiiiioiis one wcii* lo join or/;;iiii/iiiinii iiml puy iiitvh-oll, oilicrwise union nu.i klmulJ   tiffiue   lo  work
wilh Ilieni,
I   1   I   I   •  )    #   t   III   I   illllllMlMMK
*I.    -I.   *T     "      -■".       ■■   ~,m^^*m^*mmKJmlm^m.
I I t I t t I I   I   I   I   I   t   I   4 I I I I M I I
W'orliinir Niiinhei1	
The   Prcsid-p-nt's   StAtefrienl:
Tliu I'ltsiil.iil of the distiiel union
Me,l,!i, cm I his stiiuntiiil is tomA,
oiutcd hy the olliuis of the IikuI
union,     l.ut Mr.     I.indsey depart id
ll^MII   l.ll-   lUSllllll   III   U.IMllg   llllll   MJ.1I
llie coiitrnci *.jiuHe«I nt.ow, niul his
jRiiuitleil nun who Iuul iilttn.1v sign-
ul lo withdrnw from the ngiviimiit,
Klutiiig lli.it they h,id a pel fed right
to do so, while uiniiiiiiiiiiiig nt    ihe
siime lime  ilut   tin- oliii-eiK    ul    the llml  h ,d Mr,  I.iiutsey not cnuseit the
ii!,i< 11 ivi-ic, ,iiul ;iii   .-still. X-u-MiA    hy iu,tin-     to  It:  picinl   l.isi   S.iimil.iy
tlle   iiilltliiil. w u.Illlg   iheui   ilut   ii   ih.y  did     llol
Ik*    1ms    fic'llur    ll.itll  liaviii;! linil i, ouiu-  11 oil:  ihev woubl uli  U*    dis-
m, 11     1 iiinhei-   contrnci,  ;i   ii.py    ol iliiiiwul,      the  nun   would   lmve    .ill
which    will le.sun utove, in whiih i,nn     :\x  wttili 1-11 Mnmlnyi ninriiiii".
the 111.11 ure niiide to u^,ree lo d<> t*s- The  few nml llllioll   millers  wm-    iii'-
nclly   whit   the   lirst   ii)jri\imnt    wus ceptiiij;   lln»    niuisitioii      or   ipiiun*;
alTi.il/id   til piVVttlt. Wlllk.
It is (111 ill. 1   cbiiiiud  by the  iiiiimi
Copy   of   Ornernl   Manager's   Clause
the. following In a copy ol a
clam.? druuii up by Mi. KUiI.ey, ,»t
ilu- r«|iiciil ol the union, mul iu-ui-
id ul the md of the i.itm.il n^ivi-
lii.nl, unl ai.t-t whiih *muv lln >i»-
ntiiurc* ol 1I11 imn:
"Wc, llie iim1cr*ij>n.<l **inplii>*icn ol
your (oiupiiny,  li.*i«by i-.uli  Inr liim
«l!   cx^tiUit it-; tMU&Artz   mvntxiA
tifi.rii-1,   nml   luuhorires   ilu   Crow'N uv.r \inli sum or sinim in lhe svvri-
Vest   V.iftt Ci.Mi*,'.,ny,  l.iiniinl, n> A.- Xary ol ih* b...il union t.i \h   r»iii».J
iimi Innii his w.i>e*i*<. i-nth inntitli mhIi Jlin. Worlifs ..f Anuricu, (or .ind nn
.-.um, 111 .-.uiiis  lor dtl.4,, .iss.sMiiiuls, |.hill ol the- t'liiltd  Mine W.ii 1,1 is,J
luu-s t.n.l ittiii;iiii.ii Um as m.ty    t,d. Ain.-rim, in .ti-.-iinl.iniv with u    ur*
t\ tipi-iio*'.    i«» ih- iMiipnny in Tirit- id'-n ann-am-m     i-nli-ii-il into on ill*
iiV in>in linn- 10 liuu- liv lln-    l.iw '.','nl Anv i*i .ll.iv,  fmH, litwwn    lit,?
fully .nnliori/iit (illii-iTii nf tli-- 1'niiid i-..iup..ny .oil tlu- itun "
liitii \\«,iL.r.. ... Asiutfii, AKl lOj»i>*
(lllll!    llllill! t|||.    Ill ill, If,,    ||K.      C'lllll
Colilpullv   mul   the   pi ople  of   lile    cily
■•ini iia.noj 1,11,1 ,,re iii.iii 11,iiii 111-
1 iv 1. d mi iii.- . i.«i.''miji5|„'j (,J iu;,*X
iu ihe min.*., ih it l.iiiiiih ol imlii.s
liv 1,11),' ih iiml on., of ih> ilis-
irict, nre fui\- 10 fm-.. willi 11 sii,4,pii|.
iA n o| ini.riitiou,-,, iiiyiiij. 1,1 disn^iij-
 ■   ■    ■ -■ • -   i" -■'■;'- '.       ,.'., t       s-,,i
.\ ini. ml ten Ini/ o| the iwo t-jr-
uiliir litnr-.. uhiili iipp.iii tlsewh iv,
will i-i-\v:il ih- lilt 1 tlmi ih.- Hold!.-
Ii.ih urA.u tin IU ..ivr ih,- alboltld s,
*** W
n-ifiiid of rn-   rn  loth fturttt-H lo ih.1
1 Old lilt, in;,I. I illlltll lb- milt .fi. ||.|\,-
I i-i n iinrkil..'. if ill* ns\iir.-ni.-, s uhiili
full-   -,'ivili   li    Ilk-   TWO   Ji.llli.-s,   th.il
l.y -.iciiiii*.: llm ti^ril'iiuiii, iih it h.is
fiB.illy m'^iiuI,    no unfair ndvnnlaj>e
Wt.uld U' t.tl H ol the uIn.U.c ..I .1
(vitain  .It".-.- l.y ritli.-r ^arU'   'llml
lllll-: ,      Mli-.tli   Iliil   t.   II     II   ||;.-     (irr-
1 ions ;i*;ti*,ii!. nt    miili-i     whiih    th..-
t*(».|f   X'u: li     linlfts   li.id   lull   Willi, il,
.ml ulo.1i ..!<»> h-i-l imt .nb^.i.il i.v
ihtt Cult inn.. Cuiti-uny unl that s»t-
JOHN'  Mlli'llKI.I..
Thc    PosiHon    of      Affair-***    c»r»    Wrcfnincrl^*/    ISJI^I,**-
Ill-   i'\i*iiil',vi   ii.iiiin'ii,,    . ;    1'  .,        i-     •   , ■           1 '                    .               . ,        ,
...             .. .                              *'".   '■■"■"  1     oy.iiin  rn.   nii.i.iti -nun   i.j.ti.niou-t     iiiiiiu-di.iiily,    pro-
■'-         I ".Ml   met     iti    i..|lslll|.iii,.,»    „„|   ,l,.,i,i,i)        l.ooU,   ..ll.l   Mi       ll.it, li,|,..|      .,||   unpli.l,,-,   ■„,   ,.Uf,l   ihfll
wnii  rifMil.iu  Ml'iimui    on  UVdn s    .,.,..,,.,.   o, 1  |f...,  .|,,n .,!(,(,..,,   |, , ;,$ j.j.j,^.11
•I.v    in.ni.il.}..  mid .l,..i„, ,„    m,*..e   ,h, fui^., NVn,   ,..,.., C...1I V...    mil '||,!   .,U,v,-     |,i.,|>.,sii,.m     '„\* kt'li
111.. lollmviuj.    M.,t,nun,  -,„ th* j,,,!,    .,,,,,,.   ,i,„      ,!,,„.  sij.,,.,,,,,,.,     .■-.■■ l. ..,.1 .1 ,„ J,, ,„.,«.,,.,, „| ih, Ciow'-*
•'UU     ».ll." I         llllill           'li.lllll     I'll.       IIM. ;,,M       |",|...-    Ia|l,||     III,          ,|1||.    iu.       liuu
"Ninrly all  ih.*  wiiiLmeii i*mp1oy,.l   1.1.7,  ilu-  |„ii,.,|  ,,i   w|,„|,  (his a»iie ,.u- ..w.nliii-i  h\> nplv.
l.y   llie  Clou *s  \e>l   l'.iss  Co.lll'o    ,.|     m,fl!    ,-xpins,    lile    V.Olllll.ll    Wlll    K
Sherman   Says   Trouble   Could   Have   Been    Avoided
Wr    J" It  tm.t'A. ,l.iU 4  iii.i-.   U.   Ivi.A.,.    „|„    ii....'..',   ,    ,.s     ..l'u 1    111,11,,.., 111 ti --        rhi*    sin'M-   h,i^       not   i-Urtlihil     10
.■jiivMul Mr.  I.iiidx,v 1.. I1.1v,   Ii:-. of-   Imi,   d, it .   .iti, 1  iii.u   ii   thw   mui|.I.    Mi. ImI, ii.,r will it if th   troulilr lit-ra
btl.i.:.  .-Uii.   t.i  lb.      it. it uit.a.u    tm 11   m Kim in   1..ni  i.i-H iit;,ii,. y.,,    unnli).    r. 11  I..  ;.ini,.illv   will.it
lllll    III  V   ;|ti*   »H|mtu1   Hut   I,,    ,,,ik      Hi,Hid   ll..-.,    .ill  ill. .1
 r:- -■ ■■        ■ 1       11      1 11 1   1111   mmmmmm        ***********************
flii.vi-.-n, w.i*. mt.  wlii.lt |.i.ivid«it tlt.it itif it.,   l ,n;ii^ i.ui .,: tins p,iriunl.«i i|,m- ihi      mint d.iwn    Ik ni.i itut
ft, iI Ilrr   |ulU-       .lu «>M     •li..ri>ni»'>. -!.,*!<      |-i      1 %, 1,11   ■,',J,:i .i    <...mi^     nhi-. 3ll'"
np.linM       tilll r     tl..11 union   or   mi mi ..•ii*»i„»,   M     I'f     Sfi  r»n iff     ,ilt.I      Vi- t/r       f.'fl f.   1       "f   fi.lt r       Tl.if      tfli!
llttli, .ovl M..I-. Utl      <ntt >.i   ih,     u m J,,n!s i, -. .oirt.t  l<« tt .alt, hi. *.i  l.,»r  lint   n.«i will latu* tll4t
nj'.ri-. 111 ni       .Vi.n.ij'tT I.iiid*...v ipiutu      Mi    sh tiu.i!i-      So i.u     ,ts I    . m ,t,ii,,ti  -
.* p.ttt o   ih.   v.rlstiiin f.jH.u t.i  lb, «»  ,  uho   ^..J t.it 1. ilur  «,* w,,ul,i \.,«, u    tki»,\A .t(.|i-«r thil    «h-tt
.out * i» .ti.i.t..  whiih o*. ut ml  »t.-'.»!.l- t-»lt ,4itti>!t to tut!, an v\t«nt   ai to iC«,t.iiBu.il t>s rJaii'hmcll ) -Ur .jM. V'l-Hl-1 Jll**Ht,-J"l*.*MB UW*m
the  Kernie ledger, f-ernjK. s.c September ?6, i9o6_
THE     FERNIE     LEDGER |cxact 'acts' -were'that Jane's, mamma
'went   to "Miunetonka  on'-'tlie-ehu-cliu,
..-.Issued every. Wednesday froin the office ot publication, Todd B/ock,
Yictoiia Ave., Fernie, British Columbia.    ,
D.  V. MOTT'
-.pleiuliil new
lhe   Winter  Diili'ina,   is   a  most
Mr. Wm. Edmund," of Orondo,
.Washington, who passed iltrouj-fli
town last week, and lefl with tlie
licdger a line sample of that most
variety of winter apple,
successful grower,, of all kinds of fruit,
though. lie confines his ell'orts more
particularly to the growing and improving of the belter varieties of
winter apples.
Mr. Edmund considers the Winter
Banana to be the best apple of all
winter varieties now being produced
nnd placed on the market, He has a
lurjje number of these trees in bearing now on his Orondo fruit farm,
and is this year taking from 35 to .10
boxes of the finest, kind ot apples
from each tree, and has thsin contracted- for al §3.1x1 per box*.
Think ol Si20 Irom a single tree in
the shape ol revenue, besides the joy
* lliere must be in propagating, growing, training and watching, tliose big
flushing beautiei grow' and grow to
perfection.    kS „
Mr. Edmund says he will hereafter
(■online his efforts to the-., improvement nnd production of about four
varieties of winter apples, the Winter
•BMi.-.na, Wine Sap, Spit/cnlxjrg, and
one or two others whicli he finds to
),«: the most profitable for this western country.
He. captured the^ hron/£ medal for
his display of apples at the. Kt. Louis
Exposition, only two other displays
in that vast array of apples from all
over the continent surpassing- his in
llu opinion ol the awarding comniiilce.
Th; Ledger siiccccd&l in interesting
Mr. Edmund to such an extent in the
possibilities of lhe ' Kootenav Valley
to tha west of Kernie for the growing of fruit, that he promised, to
stop afi on his leturn trip from Alberta and speii.I a few days in looking into the subject personally. -He
saw at once the advantages of mar-J
kets a fruit growei so near the
Crow's Nest Pass towns would have
>-»"—11 l..-1-u—"in—much—fur ih-an^juESiXa
was well, lml there I a few of the Tom Williams1 of **•
nie have .found shelter from storms ot
winter    and  storms  of    vice  and  sin.
and Jane, aged 6, "came with her
doll, age a, and put up with us, bed
and board.
alane had the big room all to herself and thu doll, with the bloom of
youth tn her damnified cheek, slept 011
the window seat. Ilia gas was lefl
tuni-.il c.n a mere bead* of light in
order lo frightiu away th? b-oowig-
glers and the microetraileads - that
j-ometimes ifo'me and pull faces and
frighten little girls wli.n they are in
strange  housis.
In the night a stirring and an outcry  wa's-heaid  in  aluue's  room,    and
I went  in.   eVll
was  this  gentle  reipiesl-
"I ihink I would     like a glass    of
water." o  .
So   ''father"   sailed   gallantly   down
the cold, hard stairs' under bare poles
au-.l then, wuh-every wiil set,  ueally-
avoidad  the  reef of  tacks and rounded  rockingchair  point    safely.      alane
look    the  water     thankfully,   and  il
was  uliortly  in  ilia  po.-iitiou  the  canary  held  towards  the   kittle.       Their
.she said sleepily,  "I  ih'nk thai  will
le  'bout  all,"   aud  was asleep  be-fore
1  could get the glass on the table.  I
lucked  the,  white   clothes  about,,  the
little white lorm   and   retired.     Tire
ineid.ut   was    worth  about  a   thous-
und dollars.
Of ull you old scoundrels that have
little girls (jnartircd pcrtu.ini.nlly' at
your houses, half of you don't know
what you  have got.
in or near Fernie?
Do all the little boys and g.iils who
live—no, who ' exist—inv this busy
community, where enough money is
earn.d every mouth to keep everybody, boys, gills, old mt.ii and old
women in perfect comfort, get all
lhat is coming to them?
Ah, we fear not!'
It is lo be feared that, as J. A. R-
savs, God's will is not dene on earth
and that His Heavenly kingdom ..is
not quite as- near Kernie as it should
be. If it was *a little nearer our
city council might have been able to
have answered that call from the
children's  home  in   Vancouver,   where
Coal-Coal land.- nifty be purchasod at $10
tier acre for i-oft conl und m feir iiiithruclte.
Not1noretl1.11. Sao acres cun bo acquired by
one iiuli\idual Or company, Royalty at tlie
mtu uf ten cents per ton oi --',000 pound-' shall
be collected on. the gross output.  *
Quartz—A lree riihier's certificate is granted
upon piivriicnt in advanco of to per annum for
an iiidivitliuil, and from iM to *100 iter annum-
for a company aee-ordiisB to capital.
A fiee miner, havingdiscoveieit mineral in
placo, may locate a claim 1,S00 X 1,500 feot. *
The fee for recording a claim is $5.
At least ■jlOOmusi be expended on the claim
each year or i>aid to the mining recordor in
lieu thereof. When ijfi'X) has ueeu uxpendod or
paid, the locator may, upon having a survey
made, and upon complying with - other requirements, purchase the land at tl an acre,
The patent provides for the-payment of a
"royalty of ii per cent on the sales,    '
I'i.ac-ki-,mining claims generally aro 100 feet
.Eckstein & Graij
Barribters-at-Law,    Solicitous, Etc.
Rooms 1 & 3, Henderson block', Fernie, B. C.
F. C. Latoe
Crow's    Xest     Trading    Co.    block,
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :   :
Retail    Meat   Merchants
...          .     „,,„„"  'iir'   -;   (-(.His    or"   a   square; entry fee <5 renewable yearly, -
with  a donation    ot    ,-j  cents   01 1      ,	
dollar,  instead of th-j hard rock-.they
proflercd in  lieu of bread.
Wt,  .T,  A.  li., we     feel    like you,'
that  we  would like  to do some voting on this issuo  for awhile.
We  ili'iik  lhat ior poor Tom it would
1c well,
Hut  for  tiie   big   fellow  it  might   . be
heart' is  lhe steady
A free miner may obtain two leases to
dredge for gold of live miles each for a term of
twenty year's, lenewablo at the discretion of
he Mounter of the Interior.
Tho lossce shall have a dredgo in operation'
within one season from the date of the lease
for each live miles. Rental tlo nor annum for
each milo of river leased. Royalty ut tlio
rate of -)'. per cent collected on thc output after it exceeds tlO/XW.
W. W.   COREY, .
Deputy Minister of the Interior..
2*1. B%—Ui-fciiUicJ-iuzciI lVCblica-tion ol
this advertisement will not be paid
lor. ,' ,
 * ■ r
me, J*, y.
W. R.Ross.K.C.
J. S. T. Al.KXAlir.EI.
Ross & Alexander
FERNIE, 11. C.
Ofllce In L, T. W
.Blook,.Victoria AYuniie;
J. Barber-; l.d.s., d.d.s.,
We clip the above from the column
edited by somebody who .subscribes
himself J. A. li., in the Minneapolis'
We owe to this same .T. ,A. 11. a
good debt due him from us for the
many, healthy little laughs he has
caused to ripple from our. lips as we
scan that column of wil, pathos and
V'OTiCE ii heroliy given that sixty days from
ti    date I inteinl to apply to the lion. Chief
in       tdvtucc    without   Oonimissinnoi of Lands iiml Works.for iier-
111 ' I mission to purcluue the following doscriliod
land. Coniini'iicing ut the Soutli Easl corner
of lot ii-Ji thenco Ktir.t SO chains South 20
cliains \te.-.t an chains and thonce north 'iO
chuins to point of commencement.
AugUht20th mew -13
How dear to mv
' safl.striber,
Who     pay s
ti      skipping  a.year;
Who lays down his dollar, and oilers
it   gliuljy, '
And  casts   'round  thc  olTice  a halo
of cheer,
Who n-ivcr"says:   "Stop  it,  I   c-viinol
affoid   it!"
Or,  "Getting more papers each day
than   I   read;"
l'.ul    always      says.'    "Send    it,   th-j
whole outfit  likes illn    fact,    we  regard    it a business
L T. \V    Block,   opposite the Bank
Oilico hours—8 a.m. to 8 p.m.,
ffevnie, 3B. Q.   j
Davey & Laderoute'
-  Choicest' cuts'ol fresh meats always
eii hand.
Hams, bacon, and lard as well. .
All kinds ol fresh Ciix CO  season.
Prompt  delivery.
Give us a call. I '.
TEL. 18. :
W. J. Wriglesworth, D, D. S,
01T1C1* llOUIIS.- f.'KHo 12 ll. Ul, Ho 5 p.m
0.30 tOS.V.m.
Oilico ill Alex. L ok's liiouli
ovor Slinn's llnltory.    ,
FERNIE,        -        -        -     -       B. 0
and if he  finds ihut  soil  and climate-
are favorable to the production Of
fruits, ha will surely go into tlie bus-
itia'ss with* energy,-capital and thc
skill which comes from ten years of
practical   experience.
The Ledger has no doubts about
the possibilities of ...such au undertaking, r.nd will do.all it can to get
.such a man as Mr. Kdinund to undertake lo had the way. to an industry that moans cheaper fruit,.better Iruit, and the advantages ol a
growing, rural population located
within daily .touch ol Kernie. Tlu'
importance ol population' in th.-
Kootenay Valley to the residents ol
nil the l'ass towns can not Iw over-
istiinaU'd, oilhiT from thai viewpoint
of llm settler in that valley, or from
thut of the btisitics.N man nnd cili/ieii
nl our own city.
The growing of nil kiods ol fruits
is oiu ol Uie most profitable occupations that can be engaged iu, as well
Us <,Uu ol the most interesting mid
I'leviiut', Lniids suitable lor fruit
tub in j- can be had in the Kootenay
Vnlley at prices from ?**.oo to Jio
lior acre, figures which, ns Mr, IW-
liiund remarked, are ridiculously
low, wh.'ii i-uiupnied to tlw prices
prevniling in the older csuSiHiJu.d
[mil districts,
He instanced onj case luar kit.
hoinii in Washington wlure a well
ui|uippcd Iruil Iiiiiii of tin acres sold
ti few dny.'i ugo for $2,000 per acre,
rniiiiprovcd land suitable for fruil
-growing cnu no', be pioeiucd iu thai
part ol the country (or.less than Sioo
\'m't iie-iv, Only a few yuars ago '-co-
pie wi-ii) liesiliiliug us lo wlieth.-r il
would pity to grow fruit over tliero,
uud now Ouisi! who stood ou tlh-
lunk leurliig lo tuki! ih.- plunge, un-
)i;iying the ciuiriigvoiis lellows who
look the jump, princely juices lor
whnt tluy could liuve hud lor •'.soli)'
ia lint lcginiiiiig,
Mr, lWiuuiiil liuu niiius'ifd 11 Iiiu*
.iltli' (utiiiui us tlu' icw.ud nl hi*
li-linr and iiers'.'Vtruiice, mul is willing
in lnt th.< lillow who wuuls cvelv-
tliin** detiioii-tUitti-d nud proved ie-
lul'i1 he tlivexlh, lake his (il.ut', and
try it iigMin, ftinl thut ii whv lnt ha*>
joiini-.yid over this way wiih widv-
opt'ii eyes, lonkiiig for 11 iu-w locution
in which     10 itpcin. his Wtt-.hin-^Uin
•Ylii'M' nri> the kind ol turn who
ouihl up a tii-w counirv, and 11 llu-
Ledger vnli Mimed in induciii)* this
m.'rge-tic ntid prailii.il liuit giuviai
to o(Kii up tlu; way in iln- KoiiUnay
'V-ill.-v it will have •.uti.iii-ili'.hut lb..-
(>,ii'Uli-vt possihitt jjiioil Ini* this ivlioh1
We invite our renders to an ins'tvi-
, tion of Oh samplcii o( fruit in our
windows, nnd will usmm in nil pos-
vililo way* in getting information n-
ynrdin-j liitids (tntli puns (ut unvotw
\-Jto is Mitllcii-nlly tntin-^tial in take
Ui,. irotiliU' 01 looking lnm tlu- *>ul>-
Yes, all old or young scoundrels
who have such little girls as .lane
tucked away under thoir -duller don't
know what .sweetness they possess, or
what to do with it il they do, know
ih^y have it. 0
The Ledger hasn't got such a treasure about its house; that i.s, not so
young and so h.-lpless, and consequently so imperious a treasure, but
it hasn't forgotten' the time when it
did have siuh treasures, and it also
teinembers that it. too, did not appreciate the blessings of such possessions. It wondeis if it is possible
that anvoii:-, could.
But it has often had th*: same kind
of pleasure ns desciilved by J. A.
"117, since, its BWit~kids~have—grown
""l of Iiize  pants and  short  dresses,
How  welcome   is   h?   when  he    steps
"_   in   111;:  sanctum,
How   lu   makes     our heart throb,*,
how Ii;  make:,  our eye dance!
We   outwnidly      thank   him—we     in-,
wardly   bless  him—-
The  steady  subscriber  who pays  in
" —American Printer.
Ves, we  love  and adore him!
.Wh-.n  dead we  deplore him,
Ikcause lie can't pay in  advance any
Wa live too n^ar hades to loaf.with
such  laddies. .
Wli.n  they  silently      steal  from    our
penniless  shore.
rpiIIRTY iluys after tlutc, wc, tlio umlorniKn-
*- cil, inteii'tl to apply to the Assistant Com-
mitsioncr and Chief Commissioner of .Intuits
nml AVorksof tliel'roviii'i-o of BritishCnluuikiu
for a license lo prospect for Coul mid -Petroleum on tlie followim? described lands, In
Lot .1**.'.).'), South Kust Kootciuiy, and more
fully described about three miles south of tho
Klutlicad River, Ijcin*? the Initial post of
Robert HeiidiriK'selaiin, south und-adjacent
of ilutlic li. Smith, heiiiK tlio re-ioeation of
Chai-los Au4>!ill's cluim, one of tlio oriifiiilll
claims of tho Hackett group, tlicnco south K)
chuins thence wost SO cliuins. thciiCB north 8()
.*lininsv thence enst 8!) ch.iins tothe place of
lirciunini;, cor.tainiiig (ill) acres, ilutetl August
Office:   L.T.W. Block
Fernie British Columbia
lttiitKin* RuAiiiNC, Locator.
AM.'111-W JiAl'KHTT,' Atjcllt,
..nd discarded rocking horse***. -. and
dolls for ilia toys oi grown-up kids.
It especially rcnumlxirs one little
blue-eyed maiden of al/nit 7 summers who has made its, home a
bower id .lowers 'And sunshine
filled with the glad, silvery notes ol
.1 voice that was the mingling of in-
mnce anh childish joy.
This liltle girl has left Kernie and
lives hundreds ol miles away, but
'he sweet, toiilidiiig iuii..c*.iu*e which
'ookod out at us through those great
blue eyes, and th- rippling music ot
that child's voice, was left within
our home whore we can hear nnd see
lliein in our memories every time we
think of the fair-haired little visitor
who used lo come nnd make us
happy with her sunshine and cr.n-
The Initiul l'ost of Charles Wnlile, Conl nnd
^Petroleum-cluim,'".lie-locution .of Annie S
I'mllier's cluim. Coinmonciiie nt tlio south
west cornor post, south und iiil'iirent, to
Miirinn I'uwoll's claim which is u sutveyed
claim in the HucUett (ii'oup, und nlsd'atljilcent.
to tlio north east euncr of ltobcrt KeiuliiiK's
cluim. Thence 8() chnlns north .thence (Hi chuins
enst, thence SO chuins nouth, thence SO chains
west to place of bcginnlni;, containing (Mo*
acres, dnti-l August Utli, ISKill.
Cii.iiii.iiS Walpk, Locator.
A. HACliKIT, AKCllt..
Sept. r,th, 100c.
The Inili»l l'ost of Tliomtis Whelan's Coal
und Petroleum ehuin. Itclocntlon of 1). K.
Melloiuild's claims, CommenchiB at the
north west, corner) ost south and lul'ncciit to
Charles Waldo's - cluim. Thenee 8!) chiiins'
south, thenee fn chuins enst, thenee 80 cliains
north, thenco SO cliuins west to- plnce of
ricriurren Bros.
Sand, Lime &W ood
Office in rear of How Foon Block. Fernie, B.C
KING'S   .
—-        »      ——
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
Crow's Nest
Electric Supply Store
All  kinds  of   Electrical
Goods kept in stock.
All  work
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
Com m one in K 11 u 1, ,„,„. _	
cast comer, thenco 81) cliuins soutli tn S. V,
01 ■■   '
80      a.	
tlio whole containiiiB i!4;i uercs
N.'K Oliver, bocntor
S. li. Oliver, Audit
Sent, Mli.lflOCi
USD   COrill-l,  um,,, u   „j  a -
'liver's apiilicnlion to iiureluise: llienco 8u
hains west j theiu-.cfi) chuins north ; thence
) cliuins 111st  to point of comnieuceiiient,
SIXTY,days after tbite I intend to iijiply to
the .llonorublo Chief ComniU^ioni!i nl
bimilsand Works, Victoria, in lnu'clutso th*
following iloscrihed land:
CoiiiineiiciiiB ut a post niuilieil K E Oond-
wvn'.s liiiith ttest corner iidjoinini N. K,
Olivor'n iipnlleution tniuireliiino; thence w
chiiins Kuuili; thenco Hi cliuins ciu-t; thence
80 eluiins noith; thence hi chaius west tn the
point of commencement, Hip whole conliiinini,
;8th; llKXi.
Thomas Wiiklan, Locator.
A. Hackkti-, Agent,,
A. McCartney
p. 0. nox 266    , . =
Pernio, B. C.
Sept, .Ith, V.KK1
13, fb Oooilwyn, Locator
ii K, Oliver, AKeiit
SIXTY iliiyHitlttirditto I Intend lo npply to
the  lliiiioialilo  Oil It, f  I'oiiimishton.ir of
bunds und Works, Victoriu, to purchase the
followiiiK deiicrllieiJ land:
(loiiiiiii'iicliiu*   at. n post, markod (1   ■!.' 17s
Thc !,uK-.1ii*i.: «aiu« uuA >,it>i>i*A -it
imr ■«<»»»« Um ifct-A, ut.t.uuni.iui'-'l bj
In coiiUusl to this slory lliere is
Tom Williniiis, who has jusl liei-u
luikin to the Cotijy Island hospital,
Tom iii uboiil <) oi- ten yours old and
litis been ninliinj' n pivcnriotis live-
I'iIkk.mI uboiil the beueli nil Hiiniiner.
lie iold Dr. Albers ihut his niollier
died nl.oul two yeius uj-jo. His fittli-
er tuiiriied 11 slimt lime (ifter tlmt,
but dieil sikiii nftur his iuiirriii}*e, His
stepiuollier lost little lime iu reinnr-
ryin-,', The boy was nick iliis spring,
uiul, lie suys, was iold to "j;it out
■ill'  luislle fer yerself,"
lie did, He wi-ul lo Con.-y Islftinl,
■mil, until lliri't! or lour days nj-o,
mi!liiij;i<l to keep body uud soul to-
uetlur by niiiiiin1,' errnnds mound
Dreniiilnii/I, A eoupli! ol weeks »|>i)
lie borrowed fio einis (rom (.tl.! of tlie
Drinuilniid etiiiiioyees 1o |*el some-
lliln*,' lo eat, A lew iltiys nj-o lie
wns lucky I'lion^li lo (-ct nlioul 5,1 to*
■•etlii'r, The lirsl lliiiiK tlmt lit* did
wns to reluili lhc borrowiil do ci-ius,
und liicn lu- l,oii(*1il n ili'iin shirt nnd
.1 uillnr, Tin. i-i'iiiHinin-,' 10 an Is h"
H.illllllili'l'. d   nil   luini
Th.il lie wus nimble for tell d.iys
:o (-niii 11 niii, bin It.* mi Hi-1 id in sil-
iiif,  ictiiMiii-,      iii lu-    i-xjirn-yd  U
At iiij-.li*. lie cnuvltd in under iln-
I oild w.ilk nl Drentiiliilid. Miss
Iit-iiu Tiiiiy, wlici i*-- pluyiiy in omul llie iluiw.s iln.'n>, lii'iird 1I1.1 boy
"ri'iiniii^,   She (ouiul liim lyiivj;,   too
mhik  in nu,       ',#.;.V„     I  '."',;•
Sii.. ...JJ.'l J*n Mit'lilVin, win*., wilh
.1 liniid. tmdi .iim to 1I1.1 ii'sin-st nu-
'.sniir. ii', uh r.- ilut boy w.is lo 1 wink
to i(U, swultuwiiij; only 11 (,'lnss 01
wine willi diUkiilly He was lli-.n
, »    *      - •  1
(wul's will is n,ii Ann: m\ xirid,
.ti/1 His V.iuj-ilnni li.is nut tntnc
whin- little ilnlilrtii work in soiitli-
I'lit (adoric-! or wander al««tul tlu*
.^lrt■.•t^ wiih n.i on.- to turn to. T
umibl like to vote 011 this hm\e
A. A, U. Kin* iu Aholli.i piiliiii*
«>f vittin" Ud*. tavwr, wliitli liTinn*s
li'ititc to u-t in a pniiilullv ii-.ih-.tH
w.ty xb.' itlli.-i *idi i>( tit.1 |iiitur»* .md
iu- me .<. 1 lo iiiwlrjin* tutu1 niitiv
nifi'r li'Hi   fi'iys    fCii-r»- .-ir,    in    litis
lb.   w,,,rlil
l,ll,lilll|.,l.llllU      i...   ,.    ,...«.     ........
north vtu„t corner iidlolnlnfr K K tlondwyn'i,
nppliciitioii tn,imrcliiiMOs 11,onco K11 t*liiilnn
south j tlxuico flOi'lutliiH oust; thencuBi)cliuins
nurtli; thence 81! cliuins wost to the point ol
commencement, tho  wliolu  contiiiuiiii; ill)
Sept Slli, X'MX
(1 .I*, btiiell, Locator
S.K. Oliver, Auent
SIXTY iluys lifter itulo I intend lo apply lo
the Honorable Chief I'oinmliikloiier of
Laiultian'! Wuilis, Victnrln, to piiruluisd the
(oIIuwiiik iloKcrilicil huul;'
CoinuiencliiK ut 11 ii«»t marlied W, I'. IPs
soutli west din ner iiilJnluiiiK N, K. Oliver's
application lopim-liuu*; thence B.U'fui Ins north
thoiK-'-i HiielinliiKcast, thenco suchulun south;
tllOlllill HI) clinllU Wllnl li)   the point or l-OII).
meiicenuini, tlm wlii'liii'(iiitiiliiln«('i|)iu'ie..;
W,|<' llnll, bm-iitiir
H, IC Oliver, AK«nt.
Sept, Mb, 1 Wirt
SIXTY dnyn nflor "(Into I Inteinl to apply to
tliu lluiiniiililo Chlur Coniiiilsniniiiir ui
LuiiiIh and Warlis Vietoiiu, to purcluu,e thn
followhm ilcHcrlbeil lamlH 1
CuiiiiiicuelnK nt a pust imirkoil It, S ]*M-
witr'l'ii sunlit went corner iiiljnliilim N, K, Ol-
Ivtir'gut plti-atliin In puii-liiiNP! lliciii'iiHOcliiilnii
llorlllt IhtlllCII WI I'llllillR  Cltblt llielll'O HDcllllllIn
••intlii IIidiii'ii Hu eluilim wui.t lo tliu point of
i:oiniiiciii'eiiiiint,lbewlitil(M'iiiituliilii|( Hid ai-ii'r,
II   S. Kllwiiril*, l.iti'iitor
H, K, Oliver, Auent
A.|it. Mil, 11WI	
SIXTY iliiya ii(leribtt(> I iuli'iul toupplyln
. tliu lliiiiuriililii I'hlef ('iiiiiiiiIhi.1iiiiiii' of
Liiiuliiuml Wiiilc. Vletnilii,iu iitii'i-liiisu tliu
followliiKiliiHCiibi'i) liilidnj
roiiiiiiuiit'liiK ut 11 |ii)h| iiiiirluiil I'.iiicitt Poll,
itrit'ti •1111II1111 nl I'liriiiTiiilJiiliiliiH N.I-'.. Olltur'n
itp|i|li'itilnii lu puri'luuin llii'iin- H<i I'liitlim
nurtli! Iiiiiii*,! wi I'luihit ucht; lliei.ni hi
<.|iiiIii« n'lilhi tliuiiiii hi rliulim I'liDi in llm
llllill I 111 .'OIIIIM'lll'|.||IWit|l|..' tl llllll-I'lllii 11 hi lll|(
• llllltl'I'IK.
ICiin*.I Pnlliinl, l.iii'iilnr
H, IC. (lllvcr. Ailiiit
St i,t. Mh, l-.txl -l.'i
Sept. 5tli, 1000,
Initial Tost of Coal uiul l'etroleum Claim
beiiiK tho houth cant co ner post'of lb'J.
Johnson'i* clniin, s,outh and adjacent, of llobt.
KeadiiiB'!. claim, and being re-location of T.
Waldo Murphy's cluim. Thenco 80 cliains
north, tlience nil chujus west, thenco SOchuiiu.
i-outli, thenco eiut H'l chaln.s to (j)p plnco of
LorI' niiii?, contiiiniiiB U40 ncics, dated Aiiuust
II. J. Johnson, Locnlor.
A, JIackkvi-, Aeont,
• Initial l'o.stof Coal and Petroleum Claim
coiiinionciiii? nt a post, planted on tho bonlli
woot corner, Leini; the Initial post of .lassie 11
Johnson mul a riMacutiqiiof Oitliieron bewi.V
claim, Thenco norlli Ku chiilnt.', thenco oast 80
chains, thencu south 80 chnlns, thonco wust 8j
cluiir.s to thu jilaco. of liceiimiiiK contiiiniiiK
ill.) acres, (luted AuRiitit 7(h, liitii.        ,
Jcssii! H. JniiNHON, bocntor,
'A, llAl-KIXI', AfCllt,
Si pt. Mil, 1000,
Initial l'ost of Uoul und 1'etrnleum Claim,
coimiioiiciiui ut, tho nnrtlt nest cornel* of V.
M. I'oIIucK'h cluim, soulh ami ud'ucoiit ol
.Icsrtlc'11. .lohiisun's claim; and heiiiK ru-looa-
tion nf Alhurt Heck's claim, Thenco noutli Hi
chuiiiB, thcuica cast ho chains, thuneo norlli Cn
chains, thonco west ho chuins to thu place of
hcKliiuiiu,-, contalnim,- till) ncrcs, dntuil AuiiuhI
,th, I'.Ki'l,
V, U. I'iiI.i.oijk, bocntor
F,(l A. llAi'iii-.ir, Aui'iit
h'ept .llli, HKM
Initial l'ost of Coal und I'eti'oloum Claim,
coiuiiu'iiciiiir at Hie 11111th east, cui'iiiir uf .1.11,
I'nllocU's claim, south and mljueuut to II. ,1,
.IoIiiimiii'h claim. IjuIiik iliu relocation uf lid-
tt unl Urulili's claim. Tlicnco smith HJ chains,
thence west wtuliiiiiui,tlience north hi cliuins,
tliiiiieo oust. H,i chains lo thcplai'uiil IickIi ■Inn,
coiiialiil)i|{ Ulu ncros, tinted AuKiist7th,li>uii, ~
hf.ll. 1'()-.i,oi*k, Locate.!-
A, JlAl'llKii, AKDIlt.
ricitt. Mh,
Initial Post of (Jou! uml Pulrnleuni Claim,
commencing at the Miuth east cornor nf Joint
It, Itiihs' iiud Millth uud adjacent to ,1, It. I'ol-
Inuk's clitlti), nud ro-lovutluii of H11111u.1l K,
(Jrceu'si'liiiin, Tlium-ii m.rth so chains, thoiicc
Contractors' and Builders
.Plans, Specifications and Esti-.
mates furnished on application,
ricftly- ol  GOOD  DRY   LUMBER ON HAND.
R. A. KERR, .,
Architect     and Superintendent
OlTice at Resilience.
BAKER ST.,     •     -     KKRNIE, B.C
WINE   CO., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers and.Direct Itnpoit-
ters of ■
OLD TOM    .
Sole Agents in Canada for
tyjiulsor     Tonic,      Jag     Destroyer.
Large sto.-U (il  Hoine (.row-n Vrtiil
and  Oritniiit-ntal  Tiees.    ...
neiuli|iiartei-i     ror     Pflclfic    Const
Grown   Garden,    Kield     nml  Vlower
Seeds in season.
Greenhouse  Plants,  Cut I'lowers,
Cnlulojriiu   1'iee,
M.  .T..1IWXUY,
3010 Westinilisu'V Road,
Vancouver, V. C
Philip Carosella
General Merchant
and Dealer in Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
B'EnSlTIB],  Si.  o.
dayii uftcr ilutii I Intoii'l tn apply to
Ilonnriililo Chlur OiiduiiIhsIoiici* pf
ml Works, Vletnrlii, to iniruliuuu till)
lie     ,
l.ltlltln Mill ..".■-,.,-■ ■ ,
rnllowliiKilviurlluiil Imi"
(I'Ali: N'lVl Ii r. Hint nn iliiyn iiltir •Into 1
JL iuli'iul in upiily tnllii' Cliifl (,'iiiiiiii1»i,Iui;i*I*
uf I.iiluU mul Wink-, lur 11 .|k*i Ial lli'i-iihi* tn
i'UI nml i'iirry uu uy Iuul i-i Iiiiii tliu lulliiwlii|4*
i|«»i|:)l imI liiiiilsf
riiliiliii'liciiiK it| 11 pint iilu'iiluil iti nut Iwo
luu >tcut nl l.lk Hit ui* mul ul.mil lliri'i' inili
UlllllllllllllilllH nv ,. |i;."a. ,	
sou'n Noutli-wimti*(ini|i|*iiilJi)l|i||m^iliu ll,0|il-
HuIiI'h Iiiiul; tlieui'u «ueluilimnnilli,' lhuu<'|i hi
cliiilnH mint; tliuniiii Ku t'huliiH kiiiUu; thoiieu kl
eluiliiK h'iinI to tliu point, nf (Miiiiiiiiiiieuinonl,
tliu whului'outiiliiliiK <ilii iii'iim
Biipt, Alh HXXI liiirntur,
w-Mi hiiiliiilim', liiouco hOutiiHUoluiliiK/ilieui'o I Mnnminuiiuh7ii\itlM)i)itVniirkiii1il.ll|l^^^
uiihtKii-liiiliintii the pliii-eoriioKlnniiiK, uun-   M7,ii .oiith.wunti- ini'|i|-iidl|)ln||i|*^inn II,Old
tulliiliK muueiM. iliitud Aumut 7th, IIMI, I S?.V.ifJ* 1"..". •!.?.»M!ft 1«'Iiiiiiim tioillir Ihu 11 ci• H>
.IniiN It, K11HH, Locator
A. TlAl'ICti'lT, AKDIlt
Supt, Mil, 11WI.
Initiul 1'iiitt of t'mil nud Pel rol um 11 Claim,
ruiiiiuiiiii'iiiK ill 11 |in»t nu tlio mjiiiIi M'ont corner (if 11, li. Uliiidoittuio'M claim, moiiIIi und
iiiljiii'iint lu V.M, J'olliich'ii (-litltii, uml 11 ru-
Uu ut Um uf Thulium .•'imt.ir'it nlnlni, TIkiiiim,
north KDeluiliiH, tlimit 11 mut Wicliainn, thuiico
klilltll NlellllllU, tllimeu Wii»t MD I'lllllul tu lllll
plmiu of IiukIiiiiIiik, i^iitiiiiilnit iilii ucrtif,ilul(iil
11, li. IH.ai.'khiiiki:, l.aciilnr.
A. llAt'KITI, Aitulit
Sept. Mil, 1IKK1
Initial I'tiiit nf I'niil mul rotrnlouin Claim,
cnlllllllillcllIK ill 11 |innt li|i|ii|( thu lllirlll Ullitl
t'lirnrr piml nf WA. Hn-.i' i'liilm, miiitll mul
ililjai'dlil of ilulili II, Ilnin' ru-lni'iilinn n( (lllu
I,, II11IV1, I'liiiin, Tliciiiu kiititli hi iliiiluH,
llieiieii ttu»( ffiulitt(iih, (liolicii nurtli w;cliiilnn,
llmiil-iii'iiiil Hu I'lialiu In plut'ii nf lii.ulnnlliH,
ciiiiliiliiliiK ill) iicrcH, dated A nt uut 7lli, IImjiI.
W. A. IIiihh, l.iii'ittor
A.IIai-kki'i', Aumit
h'i'lit.Mli, limn -!i
ItFl'ATTtUiNJy.l-l   fiUMl-i   INDUS'l'JtY 'la
Crow's    Nest   Spoolal
Minor's Favorite Cigars
'|MIIin-Vila>*tufli'rdiitc 1 intend tn apply
*- tuiItv Cltlvl Oiniiiil«»lntior nf I,uiul 1 and
Winln. Vlclnrlit.ll.C., loru mkcIiiI Hi'iuimi to
1111  ,   ,
•tl'llll   I.r   UlllfUl-l.   IllrlHI.    Vftl.t    HI   lllll  111,
llii-licti linnllH^tliiiliK, Iiii pin flint  -"lrluilli-1,    	
iii 1, iiii vi ill.ill u iii i,|.ii-ii iif riiti'iiii'iii'i' I i.ii( 111111 (ijirn* nwnv tliillmr friiin thu fiillnvt
llltllt, I HiK  ilewilliiil Iiiiul*:*;
V,  A   V,i| ll'.lli.lT       \    Ciiiiiiiiniii'litti ut upiHt lililllli'd M tlm N   W
Mnl.Kilill.V,!), 0. t-Kl I. Ulll, 1>U, ~ll li'iin.ui'iil l.ut ■!.'«-, I liiluc illltliliiK Kt'ilii'.liltllln
lli.-iiic lmrlli '1'n-liiiiin   llniii'ii \V. Hu tilntlini
mMJuiiMimm* •
iW rtiiiit of liatniints*. an-I v«.ti lelt |-«v-ili-hvri«^'i«>K    "Rt  **■
•Aim nn   miIUvimji ill     Ml'ine U-*    »"'
nil  llie  Iiiiii* iih      Ilii»ii-;1i  Xbitv was
n3-ti.lv is lb* psttnr cl(**wt  anil flft«-
trt |>ut up anvil"*.-
TJii* -nn* lit* **y i( yftxwt *!*<■*
Ihi* lilt!r Totr. UtlMilw*-   **    V«Ji*y
Are xb.tt .my liltU T<j«» WillUwi**'
1'AKK S'OTU'IC thai (liilny-i w/li r lialo 1 In-
.    ,,„.J,>1"»4»., •,..;(    Ml    ii".    >   ">'..'   '•'•'.   ..•;.   •'   ' ' S
.if l.i.inli«inl HhiIk for intliiU-li'ii  Iti  11.1-
r'mif Hi* IiiII«wIiibiI««c»i1'«h1 Imnl In ntmth
t'iiliiii.«'tii-li'« it' (i-1'i.-.t pl-iiit.ilnn lm WtM
Itiuktif I'lkllhvr, ulmiit itino inili.it ludutv
liim. \Vi'l««rl'n jiri'/;iii|itluii, uml iniirld'l
T.ioinim I'liilid" Si-ifliSWil l.(-rii<-r, ll.eiK-c
H .mh iiji'IiiiIik. Ilii'iun M»tlHiliii,ii*j. Ilirii.cu
X ulll n Imnl W ilmili* In tliC I'll nk of Klk Ilh tit
i'letim nti.nt mi'l I Hiik In tlio lila. 11 (,( rum-
1111,1 iciini'iii, 1 mituliiliiti il) Jtit*. 11,1,11- i.r li *-,
Ji.pt   X»t,XJA. flliiMA-. lK.tll.tr,
(lUKl.XuI'UJ'. that '.) <t.i\.Aui il itu I Iu-
X. imnl in uppl.-.iitin (III.f Ciiiniiii« Iuinr
if I.bmU iii'l \V.»fk»i ft-r |*t rinltil.m til pur*
,l,*rf tl* ffilltmilir ifu.riite-1 Innii lit Kmith
i*.l Kh-jKiiij.-
Cim-inni-lrn' *f * prt.f pl«r,»i"l mi tli* wi**f
l.*nk at Rk llluftiiDiu (uu milt-1 imtrit of j
tliu. \Vtriiit-rr« pftteiiiiitl'in, mul rnnrl'-l
lf.l«i<Vit*Mni"!*i*i<(ili Wit *1 (wm,d «u* HiMr^h
II 'hiin•.Unit, r !.«■>( IIeh*In., Ihrr.fr Nmrlli
iiliuuC ■" cliiifni lo fliu f.iinli 11' Mlt Wlvi'i.
1U«ih« aTuiiif •■!( Inittf (•> Ifii* ptfu-i* ijrnin-
m*n**»'«iil tii»t|**.nf»ii-liiB l'»»s<*n»iiii>ri" tr
IMU'.I Auuu>t 'Ur. l^'l ...mi(i.ili.ifi
tliciicn N, In cliiiln*. Iliciicu  went  4.'i (iliitiu*1,
<I»-iir-#S ttrliiilu*. tii |hiiiit of roiumt'tti'i'iii<.|il
11. Jli I.vxm
ClUliKitttli, U'tli. Ht-pt VmI -11
SIXTY iliiyn lifter tlutu I lutuiiil In upply In
thu lloi'iiiuriilil'i Clilid t'oiiiiiilitMliiutir   of
LiiinU nml Work*, Vlulmlii, lii imruliiiiiu tlio
folliiwluuilomirlliml Illlltll       „,     .
L'Dinniiiiuiiiiif nt 11 punt iiiiirliuilrt.K, OIIviVh
»outli-iiiuti'oriiiiriiil|iiinln«,luini ll.tildllulil'*
lllllill llllllll'l! HI) I'llllillH lllirl ll| tlll'lll'U HI I I'lllllllH
woi.1; lliuni'd Hu I'luiliiK miiuli; Ihi'iicu HicIiiiIiih
KHHt tl) (llll pllllll Ilf I'lllllllllllll'lllllllllt, tliu wliolu
Bupt.'Mh V.'M      |((|''ittori
IXTV tlit>Huf1i--r (lulu I liiti'lul Ui iiluilytfi
llin lliinimriililii I'liluf l!iili)liii»i(oiii.r nf
I,iiiiitii iuul Wiirlin, Vli'lnrlu, In iiiiiuliiihii Iliu
follliWllill tlimiiillicil lllllill ill V.lll Hivi'l- MillnV
(.'iillllllclliilllW lit II piirtt lillllllliil ilnlill II,
1'rnt I'm Iinrtlltiiliit I'liriKU', lld|ullllllK .Inlill II,
Old'trM'* Itkiuli Uimii'i. Kicliallw kiilllli Ilii'llcn
MilI'lmliu wunt; Ihiiiii'ii* 11'liulliiiunrlli; f liuliiu
Hi ctiitlitfi t-itot tn llm point iifi'iiiitiiniiii-iiiiiiuit
thu whulu uiiiititluluK ill) iicii't,
John 1). I'ralt. Locator.
Kept, Mil UN ll H. M, Oliver, Alii lit
SIXTY dii-.il nfler iliilu T .litem! f 1 > npply to
thu llnniiiiriililii Chief l!iiminU»liiiii*r (if
I.iiu.Uuud Wni'lu, Victnrln, In |iui'i<Iiiinii llio
followInK tliix-rllii-il lulidn In Klk lliv-ur vullc.t 1
I'litiinniiii'liiiriil 11 pimt imirki'i! .lolui 11,01.1-
litiM • litii(ii-«i>i • okiii i.. J. ,\. ,*•'. !' ..-.',!'
litml, tlidtii'ii fiii'liiitiin mintli| Ihuiicu HOi'liulnii
filt>t)tli|)|irii Alt .'i i.u > 1. ...i)i; ill >.-■.' "' i'Iiiiii-
W1-.1 In tlm iinlnt. nf ,iniuini)|i.>i<iilailit, llin
wlnileeuntitliiluu Mo ui ru*.
H K.tJHvur, AkciiI.
Kciit,.',tli, IW^l —It
Westminster and Return
(Ip 1.11 lu Sept, OS t« rt.'l   3
1)AII,Y    TIlHOrCill  KI..'.l'.l'1'.Hr.,
Km- lull  luil'llt'iiliits 11.111  l.eitli rea*
in'.ntiuiis,  upply to loenl aj-i'iits   or
Stuj*)$'z .l.isiiiKftt tnits irtlil, tic,
3 New Westminster, B.C.
f^fffff-tliM With T-^r^fft University
KIIHCKIVUS t>oifi l-ulici nnd U-.-iil.Vim.rf m Rc»iJe«l of «■ >*•}'
|"r*l StuJvnt*. Hn* « couipl-jte t'iimmcrclnl or Huilncii Cuwrw.
MV IVt-pire* sliitlviiN lo wux rcatlier'u C«rtll.i*fiU» ol nil \\tixA«*. In
iiftiliiiiioii wiifl Tortinio Unii-rrtiti*— k'i\«* lhc four sent,' count (or (he
H. A. tl»-(*;rt-f. ntxA thc lif»i ye»r of lite i'twotilu SlUik>{ ni' Science, li-w "
sjviai.il ••rr^pector** Cour»«" for Mlnen wlio work in 11. C, limlniclioii
•,'lviii in Art, Mti-.li*, I'hyMi'iil rullurc nnJ Klocution. For Cnl-snuur <\f,
nAArCkk "C'.'luinbi'in Collcjje."   Term epents S»?pi,  i;ih,  1906,
Iii only onti of (i hunJrcd itlfr.iiTiit
Nlinpoii u:i I Hl/,111 niir Hi hu* 11 tn mod
nut In, Thu liorfout riutll'-* of llu)
Iliiiruu 1 tho -.kill with wlilu't thoy
aro iu id j, (iiiiillllui tliom 11. tlio
Shilling Six-Penny Plpu
in Uic World
llltV Wll.l, Mil iiuit.-.,
tiiv.y wu.t.TTnTrn.vcK,
Cvrry Pl.ic Guaranteed.
Juit roniomljor nml mk 'or
"Sliidd Brand" Pte
]''or Hate ut the
Club   Cisar1   Store
•W. A.  INC.UAM, Prop,
I'koiw 91.       -      -       l''«riilo, 11, C.
I),  V.  A., Nulsoii,
1«. .7, CnVU'., A. «. 1», A.,
Viiiuoiivi'i', ll.C.
00  VBARS'*-'
Tlip cni'ijroc-Von* ol J-'i-rnic will
\i\eati tnlfl u.'itlcc tlmi'A'Uvr A 1>I II
lid, l<M the Carptntcri und Join-
-im of IViiiie l.outl 1320 will do
rnariil (our doll.u* (4,00) (or cluht («)
hour*' work.
U. n. eif C. A J. U. \.W, I'ernie.
Mf»»!il* I.iftiiiUBl  for    s.ili* rvi-rv-
' TnADc M»nnB
'f^T/VIVN*   copynmHTi Ac.
lllljlllll} Hsli.ll.lt l» »killil it.iJil »r.l)lrty.,'l is.lt
niunUlT iMPdrl 11111 our opinMm two w lml lior nn
iiifui.tlnii p I'HiiKii.ir i»}iwl''i|*fc.i',iii'i'uiiii'»-
Scientific .Hntdrican.
A hn!i(1«om(il*- llltmlritlitil wenk */.  hnruMl «|^
ciiUtlon of «hr irieiitldo l<Mirii«l.  1'ortm, M •
iin fourir.otillii.tu Boldbr-ul ponnlMlm.
IJNN & Coi««"^*NBW m
omen, iti V Bt, WwMnnlon, li.D
Fruits and
Summer Drinks
Here you'll find tverythlng; (be
unuutt liflnuU in riuc cornlitlou.
com.    in axd    sun.
J. H* McEwlntf
i /
Supplement to the Fernie Ledger
VOL.   I;
No.  1
—«.-■ ■ .1*- V-WJ:ti'»Br'VVs'-
.    .    **
Who  was There and   What was  Done at the Con=
vention==Next Heetingf at Cranbrook.
The convention of cilitors held   at
.Medicine Hat lasl Friday the 2ist iiist.,
was well attended and  was a decided
success in so far as   the   business   for
which-il was called together was con-
' - *
cerncd. 0
There were over twenty   papers   re-
•   presented and u lively interest manifest
ed in the welfare of ilie'Viewsp.'iper business generally.
There were   present >• the  following
, gentlemen:— John A. Cnrsweli, The
News, Red Deer; A. F. .Smilh, Golden
Star; Geo.' V. McDormot, Calgary
Trade Gazelle; \V. AIe.*.aiuler, I3ai*l'f
correspondent Calgary I lerald; A. J. N.
Terrill, Medicine Hat News; J.. J. Ha-
gell, Lethbridge News; F. K. Simpson, "Cranbrook Herald; V. J. Mc-
Keown, Calgary Herald;   R.   C.    EJ-
' wards, Calgary live Opener;, D. V.
Mott; Fernie Ledger; S- R. Hodgson,
Olioloks Review; W. F, Cooke, Calgary Albertan; ll J. 'Fre.im, Innisfail
Province; W. A. iluclunim, Lethbridge
Herald; F. G. Foster, Medicine Hal
News; llerville Thomas, CamrosC Mail
• and Overland Mail, Daysla'nd; I). H.
Ello.i„Card!iton Star; W.* J. Hunler,'
Fort Saskatchewan Reporter; I'- ' H.
Schooiey, Lucombc Advertiser; K. XV.
Harris, Medicine Hal Times.
Many things relating to the business
management of newspapers and, to job
work and advertising   were   discussed
.   and a.committee was appointed to crys-
talize and place in proper form a report
embracing the recommendations of the
association as brought out by these dis-
,   cussitMis and lo lay their  report  before
the members of the association for ratification-       '-
The subject of the inefficiency or the
 ili:ii'Urrd^l^A^>'nv "1:,cos '" lhc wcst
pcoph should laugh out loud  or cat
or drink .something that tastes good..
Not a man in tJu crowd dared open
hi.-; head io make1 a pun or ..rcalo a
little fun, hut, this hilijus ijiillcr
would butt in with a double butt,
lhat ■ would make the ribs .il liu
whole crowd  .sore.
Tlw p-a-oplti of Cardstcn hive the
sympathy of tha pr<..ss.;-/>i, ilu '.hole
country as they grope, about i:i ,. a
perpetual Sunday air diffused ny that
pious young cdito*-.
lit eoimiiiltul tli.' unpardonable in-
rivility of calling "Mr. Iliuiler, *<i( llie
.•SasjUtilcIuvuii Reporter * (may this
Sass never catch a one ol him") 31 man
of sin nil stature,- a Laplander! simply localise' '.Air. I Tun ter liart^thc
misfortune'to fall into the lap of a
ln4ly' wlio'v.'.-Vn't fond of UiiaL h.ind of
Hunters,'and made a row about it.
• There was ...Jot of wit bottled up
in   the.  minds   n[  some  of   the.su  c-.iit-
'Ih.^re was only one man' in the
Lunch that could make that machine
icgisler a quarter"past three by sii-,
ling down upon ,it, but we "nameno
'ill.* editors were supplied with . a
special ear hy      lhe powers ihut    1-t*
big editor arriving''at  a  sitting
positicn rn  ih-,  weij-ir scale.
Cardston   Star   starts   for
Hat   with  his 'hat "on.
was also brought before the meetm*.
and a good deal of discussion was in
dulged in along these lines.. A coin:
mi„ec was appointed to draft resolutions to be presented to thc department
at OTTAWA, but the commilluo d\A
not arrive at 11 definite conclusion he-
fore adjournment and the .natter will
probably be up for furilier discussion al
the nest annual meeting.
F. E. Simpson of the Cranbrook*
Herald, first vice-president of the association, in the absence of the president, occupied the chair and when thc
election of officers for lhe ensuing year
took place, he was unanimously elected
president, us acknowledgment *f ■■■•*•
energetic and successful endeavor lo
nmke-tlio convention the success it
turned oiil-to, be,
P II. lillon of Cardston, lv. G. hor-
\\er of Medicine Hal and W. J. Hunler of Fori Saskatchewan were unanimously elected first, second and third
F, J. McKi-own ofCidgnry waselci-l-
ed in the same unanimous way to xhe
position, of secretary-ti'ousui'cr^ Cup
111,11 Tlio-nas 01 Ciimrow, R. G. KU
uitrds of Calgary and Dunoiin' Mar-
bhull of Bdmonlon were made lhc ex..
ecutive ccuvu'lilU'-'*
lvditor Slinpwn of Cranbrook I'atm*
nrnied with an invitation from lhe niy
council, lhe hoard of trade nnd ..very
body else in Cninhroolt, asking lho as-
wliitifln to hold iis nest  anuu.il  ron-
M-mion In lhat niy «>"«>  ^   >whMn;n
wiimin-epled with n hi'aitv gool-will.
The eseimlivc- .■omiiulU'i* will <'"•
ilfiivor lo arrange 1111 exair-tioii Ir.mi
CiilKnry 10 Cmiihrocilc nn.l from «'",«n"e
over Ihal most beniililul si-i'iih: .onto,
the Kwoioimy and Airowh-'ii.l lakes and
over lhe.iiiitln llm' l'ii.:U lo Calgary.
No lini'i irlp iwiiKl 1>» iirrani-iwl -"'.v"
where ou llw conlliu'nl, uiul every x'A-
Hor who has » wlf'- tA\mx\A bring l**r
nlong on that mrasioH i« ^\vr ,l"11
>he niiij* n-»l»l liim '«■ w*'l"»: (I,I%"*
The run vention il"sc«l with :i mn»l«i'r
In the evening, lenderwl Hn- visiting
editors by.Hie board of li'.ul.' and nliiw-J
of lhe cily.   This was 11 very c-njoyal-ile
nlT^lr nnd liuU-J •'■ '* I*1-*1 IuH"'* Uwi]
miislcnlliilenl, which wiih es-'elloiit,
wtm m-ilsled muteriiillv by Xhe singing
ofn1iVi"«l,yMr- K1,on of t::n'(,hl,,n'
cnililedMlf IcmiMonly put » ^M'^
on tin? plate." whicli had 11 mo-,1 sooth.
Imriind nulellng ellect upon lho mi-li-
"' il « *» .      1 ,*....*    s
<*»V>fcC<      n.-***"-***- ■*> »»w	
cent fun ns Is generally ImlulgeJ in nl
mich uailurinRS, und if uny gathering
of men tire excusable for a  link' "un-
bending." M •«,I,*?r»5t ",'*'r,lt ,n? ',l,il1
"bending," ll is tW hard working
H«M-.p<ipir mini, A»U x\-.i I.vJgi.r f*.*
greli tluiUliis Miper-fiolemii young
litftil from C*ir*d»lon, ^Imitlil ileem it
ncre«Jiry to hold Aowtx the Ihroitle
v-ilvc upc.11 the jul>il.»nl *rnr.xs*f a Un
of f«lU»*"» win- h}">l iyln l,'ince to
Ihfow dull tare lo tlu* dog** I*"*" a tew
liiturv, I'lor*' thnn «'"'"<*" \<'-"'.
Thli y«,inJl '"■,'' *"' ,'r',,',* mcini
We'll, (IR ll'' -,''-*'s i*'"*'1 ,n **-*>l»bri-«id-
ortd cloth **. ami .1 CHii-tv >«'rt hat,
iolinz out piety
01s which is liable to fi/./le out and
waste its sweatuess on lliu desert.- air
Lecaie-e of tU^ si-puK'lural tendency of
the Star* funeral director.  -
Th- I.eihl;ri(l»c News, The Okotoks
Keview,_! li.i" Iiiiitsf aiL_gro*d»c.Q..^lui.
Kcd Xews' Dc.-*i-, wliicli^ isn't read,
all , lii:  Tl'.'1-iilds,      Captain  Tlinmas'
over sink things on the C. 1'. li.aaiiil
iii.tivcil a most pleasant davliohl
trip from the Hat to Calj-jtiry on Sat-
Tlisy. went' flitting past green pns:
lures, ami- soine ()f th.,111 lied down
hy sti'l! waiers. ' Th-jre were more
th.-.ji a thousand" cattle on a hill, tlu
top- of'uliich reaelr.id from th*j Hat
almost to that booze fouodry del
.-■eriliMl by Ud wards' as the Icadiiijj
iiidiistr)- eif Calgary. They caught
sight ol (litck-s in ilu very act of
'rriV'iiintj, and saw innumerable tigh-
■iiiekliu.;,"!  iliick.'lig   in   the' wakis.
At Calgary they were greeted by
lhe cilitois of all tha papers, anil'
were whisked away in aulomobilieal
style, stirriiig up th.. dust until it
too:, e \\lm!0 edition of- Ivye Opeiu-rs
lo  restore  thr-ii-  sight.
This was-  (iccciiiiilish.'d" at   the  beer
ractoryovcr th.-.* ICll.ow, ith.n it_waL
elhows' worked 1
niailliihioiis papers, the Xllwrtiiii, all
ilu illedieiiie Hat ■ mixers, and Mr.
Hunter's l'*ort Sa-sk'aitcJi?waii Ke-
porter ' Mill be brimlul of condensed
wit for the next month.
What iiibout Hob Kdwards, of 'iln
Y.ye Opener?
Xo'alii'nj*, if you please..
The Ledger cauglit <i glimpse of last
week's issue, and it. -don't want to he
described or pietuted as a l.ob-taileil
r»ytliin*T |,y the Hob that bobbed up
liuit liuie piece of artistic portraiture. I'ob was tli.!i*e all right,., aiul
was ns genial and as companionable
as any man in that crowd of geniality, hut the Ledger Kid, in the drawing of stalls nt the Ass in, the barn
Hotel, ,'gnl the b;d that wns most
evidently iiiUudeil for 'the I'.yc Open-
That particular bed was mnde on
th.. coii.-nvo plan of architecture, with
a concave basin in llie middle and a
gently undulating chain or ridge ol
hills .running around the outer edges
This, in a man ir.'cding nn I'.ye
0|.iii-T in the liioining, was 11 very
c< iiveiiiuil uiTiing'.inilil. He, eouldu't
roll out of bed if Iw should try,
Mr. lCdwai'd.-i went hoine when lie
found li' couldn't have thnt bod,
and the Lcdg.-r went lo bed with the
ci iiifoi'lnhh' feeling ihut nothing less
oin«rve7!~liai, -tlT~ tli
in unison. Tho automobiles
as mobiln aud quiet when the" brewery was i\aih.*d as so many city
ald.niicn iilun th?y get up against a
hard proposition like taking care of
a  liy'o governor-gineral.
Th.' loss driver explained that this
passive ",siibiniss:oi! lo inactivity on
lho- pa:!, ol ih.. '. oirjitoiioibiles was
Ih-; result of habit, v.-hicli had keen
acj--'uiic(l by tlu fre;^i.*iiey of tli-.ir
visits to the factory during the slay
of th..* Miiimfaclurc's'AysoeiatioTii.
The Saintly Saint from Saiiilville,
linppuivd to lc. in , the same oiighto-
giipliast nineliin.! with th.t Ledgj.r, and
they had tlu fun of going, at the rate
llie rhiiiil starts hoine wiih 11 N'ight
Cap 011,
than 11 Sail l-'raiuisco shiiU, in the
• Ii.ipi' of fiirri'. or 11n* I i'llllll nl in"1! "f
nil AsHiiilniinliiiiu breiiUfust of «as-
li.-iil.d |ii/liil(i-s mul hot i-uUc.i fdiihl
pir.-.iinde liim mu ovir tlmt range,, of
Iiii!-..   Uni (.ilwts aiul h"i poiatoes?
Well, yes! There is no place this
side of Hi'ilci wh.-iv fuel in as clienp
as at ill.* J Jn I, and im plau- in lhc
uitivirii.1 1'iiiiM (Hf-h up siuh lml sliift
ns vou can get down them.
livery dinky little editor lu X.v
Iiul lc!i, wlitii he paid liis bill, tlmt
U* nviiil tlie win de show, gns wotVn
nil!  .i'.l, . ul  .itttd  .iiiiinlinglv.
Thr.* was a iilifcli-in-tli1-1-*!"! weigh-
tii-« ut.itItn.- in lit.,1 Utriii'iin <»s th.il
lm*. 11, mi'l i.u* «d th.1 iditors. huviiig
atliitd al .1 silling pnt.itiiili ..« "ie
pl.tifiniii nf tlie uiiuliiiu, ami idivi'v*
iiig that llu Innd li.ul swung .inuuul
lO ,;J,i il.tllidly jU!ll|Ki| up, alld,
fU..e.UU,' lu l.tlh.l .1 Iiiii*ky void*,
"Ims   it'* ti «P'-ut«*r    past ihr.«•,'*
llllill-   .1   b'llll   It'll    ful*   ill,1   'tlilltt   Win!
il'««|.|ririil  l«t<    '««   »r».^»t a««bII#;*
and pitkl.s,   1.-st  u*> in.* stcpi.
Ifis   nsreiidin-g      expression   when   lie
discovered lie  weiglud  ,1,15  a.  in.
■•   ' M. .... mm.    — _.
of 44-(i miles 1111 luuir over 1 hose inidii-
liiling--lli,!it's llu prupur word, isn't
it?-lulls soiulniisi nf llu cilv, It
wus a game of now vou see it and
nnw you don'C as we toiu-h.-d the
lii-a.li places i.iiiI suihd iloitii inlo lhe
low 1.lies, Il wns lino! Tlmt lellow
,«.Ii(iiild ciKi! his ,ta iKirsi' Hying ma*
li'iu down ilie.river a piece nit.I 11s-
-.isi. s'liiu nl llio,-..* iiii'diciii.' mixers to
■jet 11 (-nil hi. 'I hey might come to
life nfler a  111,1100 niile run,
Those Calguiy felloivs liit'd' to
iiinke lift so pl.'iisiiiit that we wuuld
stay wilii lli.iii din'iig tlie laluilcu
of il, lml we had to bid fntvwcll to
ll('4-tlll„' ph'iisllle.s uud inilil* huiiie to
milk die cows, furnish     copy to the
 ipi'S.t.ir illi'l  l.ttp   ilu- d.iil   imm
joiuiiig  In  the strike,
Dear old Miicleitd never limited bit*
ler, flur iniin nrriveil nl inidniglit.
nml u-i. 1'iniie away lefore il w.i-t
leiy light or onr eyes fairly opm.
Th.' LclIt'llidge Iliruld and Uu
i   iti
,*. ».s     Hllll     V.lM        III        I lib
cut Id 1 ni.i. .*i • .iji-i■,., , u,.;J. (,\..
Snliilly Sniiii huh (,ii to I1I.1 In.im*
tii h ml niii' paint, uin-iiug -Th.t-A
a g(io(l time (inning l.-<iys, wait u
little  longif."
4.1        - -»
(Colli'lined   I'i frill   I'.lgi!   I.)
sum kept out of     his wages, to    pay
union  nieliibership .dues.
In "pursuance of this part of the
agreement the company at first supplied contracts for the men to sig»,
aiid instead of laying oil a day to
have this done, the union un.11 depended upon " the good faith of the
company to see to it that each man
s-ignwl. It*- appears thai.-- sonic men
refused to sign, and -the matter was
.not pressed lo a finality by, citker
side, 'the union min, as explain.d by
Secretary Higgs, not pusiiing the
matter,- prefering to trusting to the
worknu.11 doing so voluntarily. Why
lhe company did uot in-iist do:-s' not
Il also appears from the two cir-
ciilar'letters thai if, as the Miniuiger
states, tlu ollicers of the union have
iiol"ul*epi faith, lhe ollicials have also
failed lo insist upon tlu men signing
-ilii cha-ck-off, and haw* gone so far-as
to have nun sign cohlriKts not in
actordancc' with the spirit of the
agreement, and to' have continued
this practice after haviog promised
not to do so.
Tlie conclusion to K» arrived at
from-.a" comparison of these two letters,, is that lliere. was a tacit 1111-
(laTSland.'Uif not i-ncliuU-d in llu agree-
iir.iit arrived at that all ilu' men in
ih) min.s were lo sign, and that as
a consideration for the promise ol
tlu union men not to withdraw from
the mines, thus slopping work, 1I1.'
company were, to1 do what tluy could
lo induce llu non-union ni'-ii to sign
the cluck-off agreement, which practically made  union  nun  of llum.
Tluia! is no doubt at all llial if
lho company so desired all tlu men
working would have signed these
agricmuils - or quit work, and . that
such action would have resulted in
accomplishing what tha union desir-
ul (.lid openly slated was the object
aimed at.
Il is to be assimied-'that President
Will lull had all' these facts before
him before he advised the men of
Gladstone Union to quit work, and
lhe statement that a contract signed
by such .'a. man as Mr. "Mitch-jll has
proved himself to be, is. not worth
ih* paper it is written tipcu, can be^
li7!U-oreF~for. revision!     ""     ~     '•
N'ow, il will seem from a comparison of these two circular letters,
inch inkdi at its face value, that so
far as lhe understanding of certain
mailers arrived ,il imd nol included
iu the.'contract, both parlies have
either niisiiudjisioc-.d ilu application
rnd 'bearing upon Ih* contract of
those verjl.lil statements and promises,
or, understanding llum, deliberately refusal to stand by ..th'.mi. Tli.it
being llu ease, there is 110 verbal
(igivemeiit to deal with,' and the
wri Hi n contract sign.d, sealed and
delivered, is nil I lure is lo be guided
IO*.-        . "
Now   that  contract  does  not    pre-
vi 111 lhe ni'-ii Iro'" doing just what
Ihey have done, and il is dillicult to
iii(l.*rstaud why tluy .-liould n"t do
so under  the circumstances.
Divested of all verbal .garniture, the
whole mutter is summed up in the
1 a., fad that the union nun iu the
C01J Creel* mines are (leiiiaiidinlg that
'llu. iK-U-uiiicli men shall pay their
share of llu expenses ol keeping up
tlie union, because lhe noii-unioa uieii
receive llu same btiuiits (*•! union <>i"
gnni/iilioii ns do llu union men, who
pay nil lhe expenses (il keeping up
iheir light for llieir rights.
Tin: ii'iii-uiiioii man sets up the
clniin iigu-nsl thi-s neguineiil th.it lu
hns llu ri).fit to work wli.n nnd when,
h.> inn, and nt wliiilever wages he
mny picas.! to work I'or or he h'hlo to
get, Theoretically this is i-nrreil,
but in pnictii-e tiu iiuHiiiion man
hns ulwuys mul is now l..;iielitting by
the results brought about by urguii**
i/ed Ial or, loth as to conditions and
ns lo wug--S| aud l'14' union man
eliiiiiis thai, ns lie uijoys Hi.'sn improved ci millions ih' .''iiiiii! as dn-.-.s
ihe union innii, th-' iii.ii-miiiit man is
iiKiriilly.liOiiml tn iiiiitrll.ia-.1 his slmie
tnw.ii-iis ihi e\pili.*,! of siuh (ir('iiu
i/n lii ni.
Thi'in is on leiiium of this itgret-
able stopping of work th.it *h"nld be
lonu in mini by mii-ml.* puiph- v.hev
tt Dsldtlillg '.lu iiitl'iilinn, Ulul'i* lili.il-
lv uill.ludiii,; as to vth-ie xbt-1,1.11111-
r'tsls, mil that i** ilu fad 1h.1t h.ul
the muiiiigiiii ni Mi'd to 'he nonunion nun, less llum if" in nuiul'.-r.
ynu lliiil hitler sign tlion.- ngn (lllilHS
nml Inie tn niul tin-in with as linn
n hand us 'h.-v are now ileulm,; with
_t ; ;;,  ;'..     ,.,.. 1   ■!..-   . .."
h i\t   h ij'.j- 11 A   would  h)"'   1 -,-«   (h-
Htoppin,:' Iruiii work of !.■'-• ih.m w>"
pose the general application of tlu
uuiou system to labor i.s ihe alleged
fact that llu laboring classes are
ignorant, and ihut ignorance is taken advantage of by dislir.nest demur
gogues, etc., etc,', but that argument, if true, applies ,onlv 10 ci millions, and not to tlu* principle involved. - , ,
It has been true Ao a much greater
extent in the past than at present,
and the improvement has been
brought .thorn moie by ihe tducation
djrival from tin.. ex|x-ritn.-e of 'belonging 10 unions, and the looking
after llu interests of Uu members,
collectively, IhroUgh th.> iiiacliiii.-ry
of orgaiii/atioit-!, th,i.n it ,-oii!d have
l.cvn done  iu am- otJt.-r way.
cAs lo honesty '-lltl integrity, it
will be time for llu corporations to
begin looking for lltos-*. particular
ci.mmodiliis in', the labor orgaiii/a-
lions after ihey have thoroughly
ilenionsiraled to ilie world.that they
have a monopoly of tho.su things' as
well as of capital. Kecelii exposures
nnd investigation.-,- nrove beyond dispute that llu capital side ol these
controversies have :lU tluy can doves, more than the,*-' have been doing,
to keep their sibe of the camp clear
of di-hoiu.sl ollicers, directors and
iii;-.».igejs, and the public will not
take iiiuth slock ill charges coming
from either side.
. 'Uu great majority of the workmen arc hoiusl, i-,l»d only want a
.^iiare deal, i.lld to that they are entitled, and if they conduet their contest fairly and hi.iior.ihly,.> ihey will
win their battle [pr unionism.
To the ailookier, who is disinterested directly on either side, it looks
like an unfair discrimination ou the
part of a company to acceed to the.
wishes of one man as against the ex-
pressod wishes of nine men, especially as it appears thut it was that one
point 'or which the men had .contended, and tlu coU'l'niiy had, -by inserting that clause whereby l'u men
agreed to pay their dues .mil assess-
m.n.s, had  also agrv«d to" the same'
.  JAKl-'RAY.
Mr. 0.  0.  .few-ell ..has' gone to-  the
.  *  . • ■ -) —-  ————
Rev. Rochester in the City-«-Good Audiences jit all
the Meetings=-A Fluent Speaker.
itEiiMii.;::.:. ■	
tlu niiili.iger wan uiikIhiis ivl.mil was
•I1.1i the 1111I1 n vliotild not take mu Ii
iictiui, us ih.* omishii.n il th.-
l.uistr r.'liiiing in iliMiimili.ili<.ti
would nii|i(tutr ih.fu to take tn stub
.in ivluu .i*. to il(j>.c (lonu ill.'
It is ei|(i!illy thur from a cin-lul
1. •t'liti,*; «.f Sit ret nry ll.g;'-»' U|ily to
tli- tn.iti igir * .irciilnr, tli.it iht-n- is
tin nrtit.!i- in   tli-1 ntmal    agmiutrit
tlhiill   l(*-|ll'li-il  I'lllii    pi-l'iill   lo     Mgll
list- •h-oitiifl, I.)      wd;.b ,.i.b   iii.<n
*i rl-in-j a»rt<J to     allow a itrlAiti
nnu,  wh-rcas now tliiiv nre 710. or
Km min out, mvl fijv.ra(ioit> liavr ull
be. 11 st(iii|n-d. Tlie, slopping "f I'.y
 11  ,   1   1. ,v.   ..rt , ■ .1  1" I
pul of ilu min ** Xn any wry git-ni
extent for any Migili "l time, uud
1 lure would hiitt- Uiii no ilnniM
d vwii    of th- min** ml oviii..
II M.VH1S in !*• u fight ng.iiii-.i th-'
principle of i-nioni'iii upon the oiu
.sidf,  .'U«l  i-l   'I   •■»  I''-   _■'■•■■r-
Tlu printil'h- (|f imloaisin Ins U-tU
l-i'Ww.A ,1 .1 vu<.t-<-itv. In l.t'i. I>
i, ihe priiluit <f tli-* prinii|df <»!
i.liidiiiMii .i1- -ipl'li.'l Xu k.t\>h.A .ifid
vti;-ji«ir.uiin- ol capilul pl.u" ih 111
.clit"! iu a" iucoiii-iiiiriil anl in'.-
ftii.ilile pii.itii'ii wh-n div (ippi'-H-
lit. applit.ii'"" of th.* piiiuip't up"ii
uhidi ilii'.v ""' f"«nil. il, 1<-ing ul»-
plinl 10 l'»ih *.i4.» «il llu* l.»U»i-i.i|(-
llfll   (iitllr.l
The gt.-'ti riliaiin; ol 1 lu 1 t- vili.iop*
■prair.e "vTtli ~vit--W to purcliasing
horses, which''lie will tiSC ,[n the logging   comp   ol' his  company.
'In;     inspector     of, schools-paid a
visit to the school ,h-re last 'I'tiesd iy.
Sir.   "Mansfield,      iiuiiiiiger    for    the
Norlli Star'Lumber co., was in lo.vn
11,1  1-iuin.s?  Wednesday,. ...
Mr'. -T. M. Woods .passed through
nfler visiting al ilu Xorth j-'.tar niiii.
.Mr. .11. 1). Caru*r has temporarily
taken charge of' tlu store at ihe
Hast Kootenay mill-
Mr. Sainl.el Childs is now makigg
regular trips to town, disposing of
his' gai-d.ii produce, Nn.11 is a liisi-
ratt gard.n.r, and -.lioiild cmipeie
for lhe prize offered hy die Ledger.
'Mrs, Gilpin and Mrs, Leu is were
nut soliciting subscriptioni in 1 id of
the I'risbyteiinn ll()i"e Mission lund.
'Ihey speak higihly nf the i-oiiri.ious
treatment uccoideil I hem in the various cmnps visited, nnd ure delighted
wilh llu liberality of the People
wh. 11 r-.-spi nding to ll'-Jir solicilatiDii.
A MilKlniitiul sum lias lx-e*u raised,
nnd givui in ih,irge of Mr- ^It'*
Coiniell,   the  paslor,
The .l.tw.-llLiiiiibi*r Co. expects the
nrriviil of tluir iuw Planer daily, uud
Mr, Win. Henley is ii'»\v hard at woil
prepni'ilig fur lhe I'l-cplioii "f thr
mm hill.', of whiih il i'* e.speited he
will   tuke iliarge,
Tlu camp n.ur the mill is rapidly
attain'iig ihu jiroj oi'tions of a go'"d-
si/ed village, OniU' n liiiinl-'fi*' "f
coiilfoitable iiii 'iu have LecH '.uill,
ntid ground is lu iug i-li'iiiiil prepiira-
lory to the erection of st-wral eoin-
imd'oiis dwellings, \'h'ih will lie 01-
uipitd by llu- llllilli.'l iiuployees ol
the, cmiipiiiiy.
Mr, Iliiiry renisnii has reuntly «■■«■
tiibli.-ill d n lie uii'ip li'ar .liillray
with Mr. .luck t.'nim"'" hi ih.ir'*c,
wlu'iv lu will lake oat lie" L"' l''>- l'-
1'. II. Mr. lViirson in u veicrnn iM
ih.* lie business niul has ciivblish-d
a iipulniloii fur **iv mnkiiig "i a
litsl-clnss   urlicli.,
A    >l.*l ll;J    lllilll   ll.llll*'I   CillUi-l'"!'.      a
tcainsl-r In ill.1 diiploy ol lhe .U-Wi-ll
l,uuil»r Co., I1.11I ill- nii.*f'i|i!.iu oi
h,ivill,4 his hg cui-*;.*. N-tWe.ll Xwit
lo*,-.*,, uhhli will ivsiilt in nis U-ing
hiid up for smut time. ,Ml1i«'iigh
there is 110 appiiuii' fraiiuie, th.
limb it K-idly sWoll,*U, ui.vl In- will '*.*
forced lo 11 sort tn ll'-' use of «rni«Ii-
k.   .*i,     •;•....     Int..    (It-    "-.ii. •
'Hi       N..11I1 "y-i.n     lr-'-'  '■   r
uoil.ing Ini't-r  w.is (l'ljiiu,iit,d by ihe
•nrriviil of thiitv-livv   nun i-U Saiur
ilty,   lliey will 1t> 1inptoy.1l    in   ih--
iwo'od". uiul on the   spur tlu companv
1 .... . . , •
Iiev. .1. liochestcr, M.A., represen- way of c
laiivc of the Lord's Day Alliance,
•spent Sunday last in Kernie, and '*\ive
'.iddressi'S in the Methodist, ltaptist,
mid l'rtshyierian churches, as well as
at a mass meeting' called in the (hid
IVUow's   Hall   in   the  aftenioMi.
The (tddiess in lhe afternoon was
intended to cover .the ground of llu
recent act passed at Ottawa. It was
an inleleSt-ng and able deliverance,
■brighten.il up by occasional sullies of
liiimor. hi (act, " ib,- n-v. gentleman
put lhe audience in good htmim- "al
Uie beginning wilh a sptaim aiucdole
or two, and effectually dispfxed oi
Uie idea that auyihliig in the shape
of an exaggerated piililanilui was"
conleniplaileil. ' It was Said ih.-
Scotch keep ihe Sahln^h, and everv-
lliiiig else they can lav their hands
on Jlnt keeping the . Sabbalh was
not so conspicuous today. What
was wauled was a rational observance of the Lord's day.. Whatever
perversions then: may luive U-111,
thus-, did not abrogate" ihe day. The
SulJhalli was made for man—not for
lil.icl'in/.ic and Maun or any "one class
of in:*—as someone easl po-'nled out,
but for man. The- whole work of the
lord's Day Alliance was to si-cure to
each ma 11 his just rights to a day of
rest. A higher patriotism was needed to go along with the material re-
souiccs of a couatry. It is the men
uho have stood for right in the east
that- we lienor today. Ideas r.nd scli-
tiuictits are tremendous inlluciiecs in
shaping a nation. The whole ipies-
lion wasi a national one, affecting.,Uu-;
ciuiiinoii welfare'.
Another thing disposed of was lhe
idea that this act had be. 11 engineered ,by the .clergy. As a matter of
fact, the main clauses had 'lieen taken from regulations made.by lhe bus-
-iuess—manag-en..- nl—of—mil mail inter'-
ests rrli the oll'.cr side, for lhe better
working of tluir ronds without aciit.n
of th.: clergy at all.- It was ihis im-
1'oruiiit fiict, showing not only the
desirability,   but  the   workaliilitv
onipelling people to go to
clim-Ji. This was 'quite outside legislation, and ii was a matter for
the individual as to how he -should
.spend his lime. Mhat was proper in
lb.* way of educating the people, mor-'
ajly and religiously, was t-uile out
of the ijiie.slioti for legislation. Only'
this was carefully provided for; there
was to ,1.0 no sport for reward, in any
shape. This was the g*ra*feT"principle
1 mining through tlu art—it ruled out
ilu iiLa ul doing things for gain on
iIu''Lo:d's day, except in matters of
'llu speaker outlined  some 'of    the
provisions  iu  this regard. 'N'o'freight
trains     could lju'made up and    sent,
out,    Yard  crews  were free  from  six ■
11  the  morning  till     tight at night.-
Railroad   construction   was   disallowed.   No Sunday papers,      which   had
proved   i«j  l.e  a   vulgarizing  importation from  ihe'U. \S.,  wifn* llieir hor-
rible   .yellow  and  red.       Many  other
features   were   referred, to.   Necessary
work,  sueh as,keeping tho fires going
11 smelters, or the sale ofi'/ilrugs, and
such   like,  weie  carelully  safeguarded.
One great  thing in the way of simplification  was  secured.   Wc  (lave one
day  recogni/itl, clear  through,  lhe Dominion,   not   two  days.    A   dead    s»t
was made by   ■ the Jews and  Adve-n-
ttsts,  representing U-tween them only
one half of     one i>cr cent.      Hut    it
would  have  lieen  outrageous *to saddle the otlur, 99 per cent,  with disabilities  on  their account.   This    was
a Christian  country,      not  .1  Jewish
one, aiid we,were some times in dac*
gerivil  forgetting it. .
As lo the individual. Christian (attitude, the lecturer pomted out that
general legislation did not measur.*
the cxtcJii- of their obligations. Law
is ...u thing, Christian s-entinnnt is
iiHoih-ei*.       Chrisiian  sentiment    j*ces
■fn r"i5c\Tnni~i h~ierterr—onirenrrwi
Objectif.ns had Itcell made to the
iiew act  iu  opposite  directions.  Some
aid il wiis too good—interfering,
with  ihe  liberties of the  people.  Oth-
rs said  it was no good—you    could
..... a-. .. .   . j    , ,,..--.... . ,, „
ill... liiovisio!!',, that,  induced  the sen- .drive a coaeh and four right through..
lie to pass the  act. Keillu-r  of      tlii-se'views    were  ri;;llt.
Different nations were, waking up to   The  speaker   1 hought      it   was    some
llu need of a better observance of th.*
Lord's day. Kor instiiiiee, 1'raiitV
had recently passed legislation, null
this was verv reinnrku'blv. Scn'-biud
and Miigland were waking up, seeing
the call lm* something to be done to
put a stop to the increasing Sunday
trading, which'entailed lhe employment of thousands of men. And we
must exercise the utmost care in empire building 011 this side. The ii(L
had the* [nil endorsement of ilu
i-reinicr, Sir Wilfrid Laurier. Ile
cnnie lack Irom a visit to I'lmuv
sick at lieait wilh whnt be saw, hut
under the new legislation in Vrainv
the j'uris shopl-ei-pcts had nl onee
yhown iluir ni)|)i'ee.intioii by closing
llieir litores, SI ere keepern, as well
us others, wuiiud a  day "f r<'sl*
Auoth.-r   idea   dispatched   was   that
llu new act hid nnv purpose in    th •
good. We had nu act, and ;h.it wns
somelliliig, and nn act. which applied
fiom  ocean  lo ocean.
Several .questions were asked nt thc
close. One had reference ' to the powers of. the Province. Answer—The
I'rovinets have no powers of direct
legislation except 111 accordance with
ilu II. N, A. Act. Sunday legislation came under ilu I'Vderal govi-rn-
111'nt. Another quest inn had reference
to ilu* prohibiting of sport. Answer—.
Any individual is free to spend lhe
day as he pleases, but professional
sport is 1 ulcd out iu every form. Of
course iii one eiiu do anything which
uill l.e an annoyance.
Amen,.: the (iiidiijiice, which filled
the hall, weie the Uevs. Kciuplon,
■Wilkinson and (.na.it. The .s-iuaker
was iiitroducid by llev, Hall. Mrs.
llroley  pri-sid.d  111   the piano.
Judge Wilson held 11 session of the
county   court   Tiiewlav.
lie sui'i- tn Hike a look al llu link
of your Night Cup before going lo
 ,, ,, .    ,      ..      ,   •     1     iof  ihiilll'od iili-v  writ
S\il  MeKtll.ir,  „f  ,!,,  I,.,   bug,..,      ^     ] ^.^   u] ^
did  iiobli!  si'ivice  iU   Hie   hu-  111    in.-
Park   lasl   week )
■<■        ■  -1 ■ IJ I  !   I ■.'   J
Don't forget the double widiling Ht
Slot-.*.'."*, Hall tonight, when n double
ciiiiple of liners will 4ouble up lor
life, ni-.tl Le sure to In: there, wishing tint ilu doublets will not reap
"iloiill'e, doi/ljlr, u'nnl.le, ll'(iul|e,"
is a c.-itain poet, dear to (lie heiiris
DnU Kclley wai sullnlilv lew.ud-
id lv U W. Wm >d I'M hi- eiiu it in
wmk nl  ih,* I'.n-li lire la*.i  Thui'-day
Tlu Lidgi-r i-, mi.1 dav hi''- .lii"1
week, owing lit picv. ol in-u's mid
i-'ili'n  i'"b vuih.
II. Cntlell i* mil nl lhe liu-'pilnl.
llllll Ulll '<»'ill le llblf In Lile hi*
1,Id   j.l.n-,.   nil   1 ll.-   line.*.
Ur, Cornwall Ciilwnglii .urivnl in
ih- lily  l.ixt  Midu.',"l iv mi'l  i** unli
111-.,   1*111*4.111   mid   lliilitull
L. \V. Ati.iu iiii his itieiviil the ap-
I ii'iiiuiiiii of lui-it'.' in pi'I'" > '"
Hike iln- pliKi- nl A. C Lipltai'll,
uho has trM-'li <l-
'llu niilpiii nl eoal ru tin1 mnws
ni th.i Wtefi illdlll): I'lnl.iv, th--*isl,
W.i!, a-. IhIi'um*-: C0.1l I'l.'fl.-, i-'.'-Vl-
',(•11%, Miili 1, (i,i,ti<. tij|i.i, 'it'l.i!, i-(,
S*'>'i     inns,
, "A   * *"*■'  7 ""■>   *
(iiiiii the mill. Thu, hike will vn.*
us mt (Kliuiralilc dun'Pmg ground for
logs, niul at ih." pi-Vi.' whole the spur
inm-li-M it ;» jack |jrMrr Will Ic l.nilt
mvl c,iil|ipiil willi d" (li'lh*c '•'a''',
imikit' llu t«.adi||.» iX loi-s on cars
,111 lA.ii-iiii-ly    simpk in.iUi-r.      The
lnul.il r .it ^ uill 1 ■- ilrawil In lie mill
bv ,1  li; hi  1" ' miili*1 ■
I.asi "Hun-dav ewriiig a lift 111 tin
I'.tik IrimiJi. ••«I ih* tin- hrija'.'di* tu
•|.ii.k i.'A t Th* dr.* ■»•*<. f,tt.»V.k -:<-■
(illMii.lid it till tin- "i'i of ill* t"'.il
Cu-.l  hrigMtle.     S.-t»»**   il.iiii.-g."    m-1*
llillc 10 IMS ill til,' iMlk, llnWtui,
uhith ii iixr.Wi.Ue, .is it |..ins it
raggul >•]>]**>> ;ir.tn*i- flux \A..i*.mg iti
ilu f>t.
D.iiluii, iliittiii!** of  Ih.   C.  N.  V. C,
Co.,   iii-nilllpiillltil       bv    Mis-    Dilllill,
hav - 1^-tii \ isiiing M.iii.igef Lind vs
iluriti.; ih-  I'.i-t  w.ik
M.nuJS.r Hull. •>( ilu Hank ill Ci .iiiih   |,r.      111  I    111'-   l.tlllih al    UiVllllil
I.t.st 1 Iiiii>il.iv Mc Hull md • hiid
till will1 .i.ciiiiip.iliuil I.v '.I'*-- Hi*k
t-y,   a '.Mi!  ol  Mis    Holt,  wim will
n lu.iiu  ,t  -h il   um ■  mi l'« '!■.'*
llu-   lull !:iv.i! bv    ih.*  Milhr    or-
.li <MA   bi .:   Vi.*! i*.   '1 :;h'.   ri..--   ,1   A
ti"1iifiitli-   p1. ,    «(>        ifT"'      fii       ni
th-sir.i I'-. * Mi-hnil -.pKnliil music,
uiul  id,   i.iij.i   tiuud  \\iTr  iiui-i    ap
pi u.iliti*    nt    ih     in. ln.lt-    niul   th-
il.liNIV    d»!lllt«. -.llttl      '.11    l.lli-h
111 ni .
Tlu Ladiis* Aid or the McthodUt
Chmi'li uill hold their usual mniiib-
ly (en ni 1I1- home ol Mrs, I'll A.
Willt-i 011 Tiu-.-diiy, Mel. vml, Ironi
.*i.;in nuiil six n'ilink Also iu th.:
.iiiiiii*;, ci.mitiiti.'.iig nl i-i^ltl, cuiiies
„nd ii'liisliiiii'iiis uill h* piovidiil,
iiud n gi-oil linn- uill In- i-iijuyi'il Lv
nil. He sine In le pus, III niul bring
wuii lii *iulv
I'lisldi'iit (   Sli.iiiiiiii      went   up to
Ull llll    V, slrhl.iv    lU'iillll'Sll.iVI      l-VCll-
11,1, iiinl iiiiiiiinl this minimi-. He
iipuils 1I1.11 a mass nutting ol th.*
millets u.i*. held last night, ut uliith
,1  ii .-.•ilni um  pass, d  iiii.tiiititinislv,    In
tlllitll   llllll    Intitl   ill'lotsi'S   ill,'   Ililllill
tali 11 ul l-'t'iuie, uml Mit lul till)
st.lllil by r'llllii- tn lilt' elli'lt (ll go-
ill,'   unl   il   iicii'ssjiiy.
Mi,uie ilnuign whiih siiiiitk verv
miiili nl the llmtliuT stiiith luve
<* " »," i'.i ou -u 1 mite ttiiiil*. In ie
-ud at Spokane hiit-ly. 'lhe Leilgirr
v, ill lif.v li, t.ikv (l tj,i\ oil sniiii: u(
th.m linns .md lake s bmk over llw
itioiil. in ilni polite iniin mill.
Iii.u*  ,m* ilnugs  ih.it  ,11c   whnlesiiiiiti
and th ii;"i that art* vi!-,
'finkid uii,iv   'niKl      tin-  leaves    ol
lll.ll   politi-   lite.
Last   Smi'l.iy   as  the   I^lcer    wa-*
wiiiliiig  iis way  low.inls tlie      lull
tiltr-  ih*   I.oiil'i   11,is   Alt'-.tii.t   ims t -
M; Mas to le h.br, he mn  .1 giiunrr
Ul'fl    it    J-,!!!!,    V.ll',1   llt'I   hlull*.   S-ltltk    til
liis hit ,iinl liiiiN wtre in lhe pntk*
fts i.f his 1,1,.tis..    Ihr  I/dj'ir plia.l-
lul (or gati'ii*. lml it nuihlu't get th.1
.tatii', nu, n.it .1 single (f,it.i.'red
jjrmisf Hr Mit m.n {A.iiipg <. fit lcl
•H'tl h -ud ^mt- li.'l'l'.li^ u* llw lUivk-
,1 ,ie he u itnln) In* wraiy wny lo
ih,* h.iil 'Ih r.- iitt.- hov** oul-phiv-
tli/ tu ih- 1 T.nitb!.-:;, xal U.UU-.1 <l»l-»
IV.f.       I.it 11/    l.ltilbliS,        but   fio   f)P«
.ciiii.il  to 1* pl.ttin*; ut  luucbdll. \
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Krnnk  Williams,  Korl Steel.
W,  .1.  Ccniur,   Crnulirool..
W.   ,1.   IIiuiiiHuii,  Mich/l.     .
Dan   Stewart,   Winnipeg.
C.  Ot-kcr,  llosuter,
Frank  Church,   Kiko.
W, Murray, G. II , Kciupshull, .1,
lln/nl wood, fi. Johnson, P. C. Hiui-
sou',   .TnlTr.iy.
I).  Alton,  Coal  Creek.
.Airs, Ilariiuiii, Pulle ITariiiini, II.
lintliini-i,   Ponokn.
II, Y, Parker,   CnuiJironk.
W, J, Tiinlick,  Cily.
A, II.  Maedoimld, Co.il Civek.
Mrs.  Davis, Krank.
]■'. A,  Hill, Seattle..
.1, T lioin-is, Miss A. Crystal, Cniii*
li,  15,  Sent I,  Moyie.
1),  M,   McTiivinli,   Calory.
Geo,   Malliiiws,   Ashlalld.
W.  M,   lJoclii'SltT,  Winnipe''.
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,\. ,1, liit-iili-n ami wife, Ciilji.iiiy
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S,   McKunvii,   K.ilis|iel.
.1,   II.  Sinilli,  Spokane,
1', II. lluriiliniii, Graiul Forks,
K. S.  lll.ili, |-ipokii)i.'.
C,  A.  Dow,  Kiko,
.1,   I),   Wilson,   .Mapic  Cu-i-k.
,ljis,    ClUlieliill,    Kiko.
Mi:..  ,M, H. T)kr, l.oiiiMilU-, Ky.
I",   ,\.   Ilniiii r,  S  l-Imhi.
liifo. YatXiiH, Spiivifi**.', '
A,   .1.   lll.lii,   Oak-dale.
,1,   ,1.   Hint's,   V.ituvi'iver.
IC   0.  (.'lliiiiil,  Cul**-iiry,
Mis,   l„  (i.   Ilrailt-ii,  Wuitalmr**;.
Miss       ,\l|.li.i    imilii i     ..■'-■*   •••>•"'"
• i'llllll,     Hl„L     liitii-
Mr*. 1).  V. Wm.*! niul m»ii,   Waits-
I',  ljdliliiii-.,   Kiinlnll.
.1.  Auslin, I'.II'O.
Hurry  Mm (on,  Coleinan.
A, P.. Williams, I.tllft.-
U. S. Kl.cilc, C. A. Conlin, A, I',
Noel,   \\llltcli'.l|.
.Mid,    K«l*A,il(ls,   lliisim-v.
A    l'liiiii.im,   Klkiiiouth.
V,'   .M.\,iiiil*r, Cii.il Cnek,
K   Iloiii', Ciiiiilirinik,
M. Aii-l.-iMiii, Kimlicilcy.
A. Cumpkll. M. Ciiiuptiell, I).
Kr.nl,  I)   MorrU, Ciul Creek
V.    Killll.ilc,   lvNlii:   I.llllllill   Co
.X.  Auw.'-y,  .Mullein.-  Hat.
on the
,T. Piuti's,  Nelson.
W. A. Mack and wife, Jli.s.s • Webster, Delia Ward, Happy llooliptn
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l.i Parker,  Wliiti-lisli.
A, Kill;'',  II,   Irish,  Midiel.
Y. Davidson,   Vancouver,
vkgktai-ii.k DISPLAY.
John Mcl.iuliliin, of West Kernie,
has ad(U*(l'liis collection of ■vc'-'-liiji'-k's,
lo lhat of .1, W,'Nunu, now on display iu lho I,c<lj{ur window. Clerk
Xuim will link1 to try nffaiii, or we
fear the judges will .not (illlow liim,
llml.year's subscription to lln; . I,cd-
Mv, Mclduhlan's illspl:iy is cer-
laiiilv a Iiiu on.', unl is ttli occulnr
(I.-iiK-Ustraliou nf what can k: don,!
in ihu place, wu used to ihi-nk 0. N.
ilaiiv.s was rrn/.y for lukiiij,- \\\) as a
lloincs'.iud, ami which i.s now West
Kernie. Mr, Mel.uchlaii lives across
I liu G, X, track ii-ar llu- fool of llie
KINK  Kit IMT  i-'AMJ-l.KS.
Mr, C.niiev, of Kaslo, ha*, eint.il*
lished ill.* l,ed)'i,r ollice window with
a rare anil riidiiiut ii/ldiliou to Ih.'
fruit display, all of whiih was k-ii-
iriliiili-il hy 1 i-iiil growers ol lh.it
('ity  twixl  the  hills mid  the waters,
Mr. ,1, Spi-ri-H cfiHii'iliuics specl-
niiiis of l-'limish lleiiiity uml P-nnhit
peas, Ili'llllnwiT, Wciillhy until tml'lii.
I'liss.'l  iipiiks,
Mr (J. PaliiHT Min samples of
t.'iiJ'.nda   lti-d   mul  Xurtji.-in  Spys, ■
Mr. .1. All ii display, llie n'lil'arlii
.it'll  ihu  Pi Icr,
Mr ,1,., Kiddle, sent Gi.ivciislei.ii.,,
aiid Mr, Wm. White, has laid some
■iWW plums iu  Hie window,
Two fiiij clmitcrs of crnli apples arc
also ou     view,   wliiili    jjivw in Mr.
'I'll/ I,cilii,*v l^ .iidi^id.il to nil tli"**..
f.nr.MuiH for lli-ir. fin* samples, and
wi lies XO iii'l.liowl.dj'i! its '({ratilude
lo Mr„Cnriii!y P.ir Iiiu liimliiei-H,
TnVe a look at ij.ur idispluy windo-iV
• ml   i.ii'i.   (Ii-il    liirl.-ili.f   il.irc   I-,   ,i,,.,>
(ri'i|. j\ stiiiiuliis tinu wjll keep the
(I.sii,* I'livi. mid  Kiiiwill);.
Mrs. J, U. Knylu." ul I'ldiiKiiilnu.
who' Imo leiii visitiii;; friends in the
city ^lui'l'y th/ pasl  wu-k, leaves to* j
lli'.llt        llll        lllllill*.        ,Sll.'       Will        StOp (It     j
Stiivclv,  Xnntiiii  mid lliiii llivcr U- ,
Sl.iv.-lvi        S'fiiiiKit ,ml       1li;:li
l.iver l.i-fore f-o-'iij; to I'.din Mt nil.
Hi. Ilinlc, M, I,. A., Is .iCMvaiy
o( tlu: loyal -"lain inuimi-i-iioti, ant
i* now ul Ouvii S'liniil wilh ih'roiu-
inii^'nii, looking inlo llu- (acilitics
fm   Iiiiullip,; j; l.i in al  thai  port.
that is left
at your
You "know wlio
your friends are
MOI'l'.   1.CICAI.S.
Take a Xiirlil Cap with Mr.*.
Wilb.s   ii,xt   Tuesday   cvciiiuu,
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11 you Wiilil a j;oiid Xi|*lll Cap,
s.iid us }■ di ii I tiling to put in it.
Mrs, Ciiimiii and children n-luriiwl
I ri .in h/r proloii'-i.il visit io iliuiniist
last Im ni.i),
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for a sllorl trip to Nelson on 1e-,nl
Tlu iniii-i's ol Glailstoii.' t'lii-m un-
holdiii,,' ;i mass iiiJIiinj; in their I.ill
ns we j*,o   to press,
Hi'Iii-j \our items of news to ill*-*
I.-flijei1    ll vou  wnlit  llielii   lo lipped'
ill i;ih.4 ill.ipe     iiud l.e  lead  liy .the
All the luincis, willi the jirolaldc
iXupiiiiii ul lout or live, li.ive si1*!! A
ih* ihiik-nif ii.;iu*iin-iit, uiul nil nn*
H-iwlv Iiiiii In wink when ilf-tr ,sij;*
li.ituiis aie mii|it««l as liiitdinj: liy
ih* Hiinp.ifiy,
.lu'iljji!  Wilson,  Mr,   J-.   V,   Hodwell,
K,  C,  mul   I,   p.  Heksiein, tool;    a
Cili 1-iu^.i' rid,.,  aliiMU   ih.*  cily   yei.tcr.
An ad. in tit.* l.id.jer will iiiin(;
Ui'ri,-s of i-asli in ynur l.ed^er. Take
il S'ijihl Cup, s.irlv o.-i-i* it i,i*l
1 fil;   ill  ii.nr copy,
JlAKTI.lvTT IIOl'SI-;, lo'riiu-rlv th.*
Clark, thu Ivst i*i a d.iv hotel in
Xelsuii. (Iuiv wliil.. h.-lp iiuploynl.
G.  W.   IIAKTU'.TT,   Proprietor.
•Oi. lm *uit: nt, tills num., jini-ii 25
cfiitn enrh—"ItfioiiiN to I,ut, Anplv
Williln," •'Kiiiiiislied Itooius to
T*t, Apply Williln."
I-'OIl SAI,K-*flnu W.uihlii-*ii/n Haiiil
Press, 7 nil, li il if i; one liynlnu J/il,-
Icr, 7x11. Piiiilt thise -jiic-c.i'3 nre.
in lair (ou-I'mAii, iw.A, uic ntTm-il
for sale (heap mi, iii-coum of Jmv*
in^; in.t,iliul ).ii/;ii pr..-.s.'h In llit-ii*
stoail Write for price; uml l..riii«
Ui ii
TIIK   l'lvPMI'.   MvlH'.liW,
iMIIlie,   H.  C.
j*»5 •
'By G. G,„M.
Some, years ago' I was manager oi
a gi.ri;ral store in a lumber, villa.;c
cn-the banks of tlu Ottawa liver.
Shortly alter takinj charge I noticed that largs quantities' of liaiv
oils, castor oil, glycerine, etc., were
. required to supply, the demand, and
knowing, tli; large profit oh tlusc
goods, I determined to buy llum in
bulk and bottle them, putting on our
own labels, and besides retaining, the
profit in tht concern, help largely tj
, advertise the business,-,
Tliis I accordingly iiid,r but see the
One moruinjr I was sitting in mv
ollice, when in walked a gentleman
with a look of mUiisa curiosity depicted ou his countenance. Iu a voice
l-'liivering with pent-up excitement he
, askid me' il I was the manager of
tbe store. . Ou receiving an allinna-
•live reply, he produced a copy of an
Ottawa paper, and staling h.. w.-s a
reporter s.ni 'down lo inws'.igxite, he
asked nie if 1 had any 'objection to
.■•how liim through my oil works.
I looked at the man ami, IhotiVhi
of all l'u stories I'.mil r.nd ol crazy
people, but none ot them appeared to
tally wilh this.
"My oil works,!' I exclaimed,
"wh.it  do  you   mean?"
"Oh! ' the secret's out," .said li.*,
"wc know you have made au ■ important discovery. It's the talk of
the whole city."
Pu/./.lad and ama-.-d, T could not
iMKia-rstanri what lw was driving at.
I asked him to explain himself, wh n
he handed me a paper with the' following notice marked:
Castor  Oil" Krom Sawdust—A   Wonderful and Valuable Disco .'ery. *
"Our readers have all heard of the
, Utopian scheme of extracting "sun-
bcauis from cueuiirliers," but something for more wr.nderful and'ot
gitriter interest to this city is the
discovery we have loainch of, onh
this moining, of extracting :aslor
o 1 from sawdust.
'"' One of our reporters, in makitij- the
rot lids of the market this moriiing,
noticed an itin.ranl. vui'lor of iio-mIUs
f.ewing. inachln.-; oil, etc.,' holding
forth on a corner, extolling th.* merits of liis wares. Curiosity, promoted
hint to stop, and approaching tli;
man, hi picked tip a bottle ol cislov
cil, and was ratlL.r surprizul to find
it learinj th; nam; o[ a well-k.unvn
lumber lirm down '..lie Ottawa. It
struck 'him as  rathjr odd,  that froin
ing run off, and as the weather was
cold, ths clerk had set the can inside
a box that was" being built around
a hot water pip-*- This pipe 'crosses
fran tlu- main building, anil in older
lo protect it from fro.,., saw dust (wa:;
bl-ing. paclaod' around the pipe in..id_*
the  box.
This is where thc pedlar saw th;
sawdust going in.
At tli-; other tnd sat tha sjuarc
can, with a faucet soid.-rul in, and
just nicely fitting inside the wooiLn1
This is where he saw the oil come
Wc rather think ,it lias been a hoax
Jail  around.
First the pedlar, th n our reporter,
and" lastly' the pub-lie, particularly
tliose interested in" or dependent on
the lumber industry. Tlu great interest manifest-.d in th.^ supposed discovery.-by the proi-.iini.nt luinl-ernun
of this city, is a balm to us :it this
our  hour of  humiliation.
We  must admit  that our    con temporary of the blanket press has    the
laugh on us this time,"
._:—:—o .
a sma'l village, end front a prominent lumber concern, sti.h a thing as
cantor oil should find its way into
(be hands of a pedlar. Questioning
tlu mnn, the following was ga'.h-red:
T.ho.i.iitinag.r of thai storv- (run in
cpni>;ction with ,,tlu inills at llu
place) has discovered n mocess l.y
which '• i'ii article is obtained from
pine sawdust, that upon ami/sis
can"v>t be distinguished from castor
oil*. Ii was no h.ars.ty.' lie claims'lo
have sen the sawdust .Utter a box or
reservoir, and the oil run out llu
p |jer e'ld. From cH'l'uir.y at the gov-
i riiuunt ollices we learn that ip ap-
a plication for n patent has yet bent
Hindi!, This is strange, for we thin'c
the fortuu.tte discoverer should ml
hesitate to at dice secure himself,.,
nnd we cau assure him there is far
more money in selling the a right to
maii'.ifaettiro wlurevcr a sawmill can
l.o found, than in attempting to product*, it on such a limited scale as wu
iimiy'iu hu ,is doing. What a . grand
sol ii lion of ilia sawdust nuisance - ao
|( tuirly coiiipla-'iiud of in this city!
What a revolution in* t*h * oil trade! To
cur mind, lhe a-ntury has produced
nothing iippi(*!ii-h''ii'g. this discovery
in usefulness, nnd the man who now
h.i.s a pile of H.twilusl inny veritably
lo ntx'A to possess a gold mine,
We are     s.-nding om of     our stafl
down to Interview the  nimpifacliiiei-,
'    n'ul   will publish " results   in tomorrow's issue,"
■ Jcutiliil'i; it over, mul still Hon-
jtlimwd, I handed the paper to one
ol my (isslstanm and asked him to
read it, mid nn I m\v hint smile dur-
in*j tlw puriin-il of tlm item, mnde up
my miiul hu knew' .soiiietliittj; of ihu
hoax that hiwl tmdoiOl.leilly Umn
pluy.4 on soiiicoiui.
"Well I'm Mowed," liu ln«|{hiiigly
exclaimed, "who'd a thought It?"
"Wli.n I KltilTcd t|t.»t pc*<lliir thu other
diiy',' I did not think nil Ui'.h  woulij
roino o| l^.'i
"Yoii   sec," wild    he,   conlimiiiii*,,
"ilio iK-dlur wnf. noscing iiriminl   the
place uml  lin-illy liiml.d in tlw   cellar where Hilly win. 1.«nH.i»w   ciMor
oil.   U was it cold iiioinitig, nml   us
tlw oil did not run freely, Hilly  Imd
fut tlw '..-nine oil wm i" Hw '■"'■   "f
tlw box llml tho .ml witter pipe runs
in.  Tlwy    hud junt lugiiu     to P'".''5
, HiiMduiit nroimil tlu pipe in_ lite lios) tlu  hc.iveiP
to keep it (rom ihk/im*,!*    '»«• I**-•»''■«■ |its   pcui-iui
U'K»n |mni|iiiijs |iu, *•" 1 l"**l hY u'1'
mud,* llw oil'ii--.il Uu*«v. «'"1 hU,Wirt
him wit re Tit W"'* wuh sl.ill.u*: juw-
<lu,.t In, mid '.lul mi llu 1"«« wlfcli.rt
it    kept it semi    liow thu fill   wits
liiarti',  i.w tiiiii*tnft.-»>   sr.»»  A»J-*'-»    ■•'■'
no no emu could    mc liow it woikid.
Billy sat llurc    riiiin'ii',' ofl tho   oil
thrcin-L-Ii tlu fiiwcet, nml llw   l>i*»Unr,
(.ji.n-nioiilli-.fi, Ulii'Wd all I said. H •
rr.ro Iw left I trnded a do/ui. ol castor oft     for whim     s(*wliij; madinr:
T|u following npi'»f»r< '\ in  •!>•• n"*1
|»Mle uf (lio VWV
"1,vi*X. uviiiin-f: o»r reporter return
<d lrf.li! d«un ilr rlv'(.-r. wh.-r.1 In hnl
Uitt to invent Until ihis wotfUrful
diMovt-ry. Il was nothing nmre th tu
a* practical jot..! phivul fn tin- ]nA-
Ur, The firm, It ofu^ars, buy* ih.-
oil in bulk niul loliUs 't- The .jmI-
l«r arrived tlieii* wkn a can wu* lf-
Mis. John Cuddy, Killaloj Hta-
lion, Villi,, says:—"My ilmby was so
njiirly dead lli.ii I had to jilace my
ear elose lo his breast lo know that
h:. was breathing. He was in " this
condition wh-.n I first gave hint
l.aby's Own Tablets, and I' hardly
dared hope that tliey would save
him. ,, But' they hilped liim almosi
at ence, and coon made him a well
ihild. lie is now' two years old and
weighs forty-live . pounds, and has
njvtr known a sick day since I first
gave'him the Tablets." Ilaliy's Own
Tablets cure constipation, indigestion, , dinrihoca, IcMlt'ng. troubles,
break up colds, -.expel worms and
give little ones natural, -healthy
sleep. And Ilia, mother has a guai-
aniee tint this medicine contains no
opiate * or poisonous soothing stuff.
Sold by all medicine dealers or s.ni
by. m.r'l at . -J-jjc. a lox by writing
Tlu Dr. Williams' lUtd'cine' Co.,
llrockvillc; Ont. '
The missionary held up a l:*:auliful
piece  of  Chin.se  writing,
"It is-a Cliin.se medical pros-.rip-
tidt," he said. "A friend of mine,
Dr Ting Clio, prescriuTirTt to a,
woman who had swallowul an overdose of opium.    I'll  read it  lo  vou."
The    prescription,   transl.tted,     fol-
1 pair of salted, lizards, 2 mal.! nn-.l
-2_f.cmalc, ■•        	
i   o/.  ginseng-root.
6 dried grasshoppers, J male an 1 3
I  oz.   sweet potato stalk.
i  o/.  walnuts.
1 oz. vallli-snake, tail.
0 oz.  black dates,
Ji oz.' lIih" bark.
'.' o-. (bvil-fish claw.
% o/„ hartshorn.
'/yo/.. birds'' claws,
){ oz.  dried ginger.
'/, oz. old collin nails.
To these ingredients, which it ,'ntild
take a day to nss.-ml)le, two ipiarts
of water were to Iw, added, .ind' the
whole was to be boilid down lo one-
half the ([tiiinlily,.' The patiuil was
to drink a small cupful every hnll
Quebec Man teils how the Great Con*
sumptive Preventative was
an all-round Benefit
" My wife took La Grippe when she waa
in Ottawa,"says R. N. Dafoe of Northfield
Farm, Que., in an interview. "'She got a
bottle of Psychine and alter using it for a
few days she was quite well. I took a cold
and am using it and am getting all right*.
I think Psychine is one of the best tonics
on the market to-day."..
There you have the whole matter in a
nutshell. La Grippe and colds are among
lhc forerunners of consumption.   '
This man had one, his wife had the other.
Psychine not only cured both but it built
(hem up so that their bodies are strong
enough to resist disease. All ..seeds of
consumption are killed by
(Pronounced Si-kecn)
50c. Per Bottle
Larger slice St and 82—all druggists.
OR. T. A. SLOCUM, Limited. Toronto,
of money the most successful men iu
the country? Why are the largest
and most successful firms in any and
every city nud town, h.-avy advertisers?. Why are lhe heaviest advertisers in any and every city the best
known and nio". :uccessful meiv
Roberts, visited     Wardner    Stiit-
duy. '      "
■   K.  .Tohiislon wat up to I'ernie this
week bcltvcin trains. o
Dan O'Neal, of Klkmoulh, is visiting  friends in Kiko.
Frank JUihleer and family  left Friday for   ->i*okaiij,  Wash.
, .lo.:  Siej'.hjns  was  an  Elko  visitor-
fr.-.m  Slorrissey .this ■ wee1.*..
Wm. Ilamntill will winter at lied
Canyon Creek, north of Roosville
'Win. Tracey closed up his tie camp
and niovul his outfit itr.o l'.lko Sal-
urdav.  ,
Alex. Walson. J. P.'oaitd linatieier,
was shaking hands with l'.lko friends
Sv.nd.iy. "
C. Klingeii.m-th, of tlu* Elk Hotel,
spent several days in Feme llus
■week. ■    ■ —
Acrrst llu village.schaolro*in l'«*or   ,
The chekered shadows lilt,
While on   the bench's,    stained    end
Apresid.ni is in tlrj rear
Wouh  freeliles cil his nose;
Ik'sidu "hiin sits n pintle chief
Who wiggles nil his tojs,
'Ihu (.cu rnls  ure  scattered  thick,
An cdmiral is n.-ar,
A cowboy uud n I'lUiia'd.,iudgc
Each lli-.ir* an iit^n-Ji'i-.
Th.il coiii:h aciiily-h.iid.d clnp-
Ootl bless the. little lnd-
]1 in high  iiinbitloii  i.s but  ill's:
lie',', "gnu lo Ic lll-'c dad"   '
Oh, dud, tiie Job,thus nuts (.« /oh,
And failure would ho snd;
Din't let tlu great innii I <.'«! the chap
Hit's "go'ii lo l*i Uk« dud,"
—New York h'ni.
Cireiiiwnod  I.idgc,
Wu would i'iiili:.|' edit n paper in
n cupper cnmp, even If ll do.'S lake
two day.*, in go liu- miles by mail,
limn     le  (.(lu-i'llor-l.i-ii.'nil    of    th-
occasion. At midn'ght deli.-ious re-
fi'eslim.u'.s were s:r.'cd to llu large
cc.mi'a-iiy of. giiLSis. Jlrs. Kiinjsn-
.-liiilh rnd Mrs. SlaelMt. i; wer.: assisted l.y Mrs ,. G. Parker, Ro.:t>y,
Thorp,' l.urney, Sluridan, Todh.u.ei-.
llu immutable CVeorge Parker having
ehargj of llu enft.-i i.ud cocoa. Tlio
music was fnritislud bv Elko's str'nj
band, and was assisted by Mr. Oto.
G. Moir, of Winnipeg, ont) tlu -tinno.
At tlte close of (he d.mre tlu- floor
manager was iiri-HLiitcd bv Mis. K.
with  two feathers.   Evervl.odv* had a
delightful time. Elko's 400 all contributed to make the affair a pleasant success.'
To "lx*. thoroughly iip-to-dilc in
your cooking you .houM se.* ilu Morris Cookery Rook, containing hundreds of tlu latest recipes Sent post
fro.- to any address on receipt of 25c
0      Morris,   M-iu.
engthy Argument
Thi* Feniiai bnl|f.--r ii .i.Ull.i.eil
wit'1 tlin Ci:ii;iii-.v Union nml is
llio only l*i-Iiit Simp leuvcen
i"ii!i:nry nml Nelson Unit cun
place tliu Union l.uliol on your
joli.   ' ■>
about good printing'
is necessary; a good
business man knows
that a neat, tasty job
of Printing attracts
attention & inspires
confidence.,, That's
the kind wc execute
Have You Tried Us?
Hotel, Fernie
T. Whelan.,   BVEanager
A pleasant homo
for tho traveller.
lf.ooi.is    reserved
by wire.
Every Attention
Agents* for
Tho Calgary Marble mid Granite Works
Tho Kooteimy Marble,Works, "Nelson.
Sainj)lose:ui be seen at the ofiice.
Office Phone 4 1        Residence 76
Parlors in Lundy's Block
er Co.?
i]VC_A_3SrTrF^^CTTJRElES   y
Oimension^ Fi@®raiy,, Siding^,
FiEiisSiisig LiimSfier1 and,
All our stock is last years cut and well seasoned.
<*<«>«>♦ ♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*•$♦♦«♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
men -HaDDiness i
Ii.-nv.ii,     The   J*i.*C*i. Ims nil
nl |ii-(i|ilc nniH'n'j 11.ut   liim
sliii-iu--  III   li 1111 us  If lie    linil
flu- world ur limij; tli.- sum    in
while   our I'XisUnee    is
..I .-■i.liji'-.i!, jii.i i-v-,11 il\4.hiv\i-il liv
.liu sli.-rllT, lints:* liiinds nr tit • nill-
inj; ol ddlliiiK down our cellnr door.
Il is niii-Ii 11 jilensnri! to life llu* Him**
iile lile ol 1111 editor ind \mA,i\Hy die
■„'.-.. ; .,.- ..-• .;.-.- •' ■ ■■ "'■ ''"'
lii^r tn iuul* ii till;; itroinul and lisUit
iilliiost eVtiy day lo Nome uinK*Vcl«i|»-
id H.-iiinstliiMU's lilow lit*- n/nim lull
nf iiuiideii'd 1lo.11li1.11 in n Irniilie
edoit 10 voice tlu loyal s.i*tiiii'iil of
tlie (oiniinaiity. Il intii.t 1* awftil lo
lmve to list*.ti l(i ,so miuli inn-Hud
(.Miiiit- nl ivuv intiii, (in-1 in ilii**
jinilitii'M our ('.•<"' li:is our dev]».'*.l
Hyiii|)i-.lliy> liiuli.r limit sland It we
wuti.tl 1*0 to j'lili or 1'vtnii-.
If -A-1-.rll-.'M/ di»?'ii't |»ay, uliviln
Mi.* 1 ii*..'ii si in n ol ilii-* (vwiiiirv s|>vti'l
Iitiii.li.d. i.i iiitli;oli'. o.' dollar,-. evtr>*
vein in i.ihertiv'n;;?! IVliy art' ill--
lllell  ulio  -l^lld   lll.u  ill.iliuoils Mini!*
Mitvi'd's  I.ininnttt    cures  IVindnill
JMi.ss Naiu-y Howling Cniti?, curio
»alll;rer for the Roosville Cash Store,
was an I'iU'o visitor litis week.
C. 1). MoNnl), of Uie Baker ' Lmu-
l.cr Co., I.t'oiighi in from tlu prniri'.'s
a eat- lo*iil of lia-avy .draft horses.
Hilly aicliwan anil Frank Church,
two of" I'ilko's truck .'.hols, left ior
.he south fork on :t ibig (jitntu li'.'.ni.
,I(.lt,i Itloil slant several days on
IClk riwr n-'ilr the i;ijj- l.ooni operat-
.'iijr plant, try iug to catch a cold last
woiU. -"   "'
IMessri". 15ontt-.ll ami l'.dwards cit-
icrliiined a large party of tluir Kiln*
friLitils to a hasket picnic at Uock
('reck .Sunday.
C, Kr'n^uisinitli, wilh tha assinl-
iince of ten iiu.it and two Hindoos,,is
rc|".i'iii*iii'{ llu csplanada l-.ctween thu
IClk Hotel and'tlu C 1». U, depot,
He's a dirty, mean man, that
would steal b'.n linitlur-in-law's set of
falsa tenth lo keup her from caling
tog tndi'h while visiting lur daught-
ur.      '
• Master Graham 1-firkir left lvlko
■Sunday evuiiiig for Chicago. He is
only io years old, and thinks nolhill/g*
of n two thoiisal'd mile trip all liy
his li ii'a'Siiinu.
I.ouio Laclmiue, l'.U-.o"s celel-jriited
toiisorinl artist,, who gives haircuts
of all kinds, from a woolly will.* io
a rutg-roiiud-a-rosey, is sufluring
with n liiinu. hitck.
1). MeNish, siipcrititciidvnl ol nnidi
etc, was in' tlu district this week
looking over tlu had places and pulling sunn! into firsl-class sli.ipe l.e*
fore winter seis in,
On ni'i-oiiiii of thv Nfiircity of nun
and the Ug crops, itroiiitd lloosville,
sovei'iil of iliu hig rniulurs liavu in-
vested i» (otii'-wlieiilid,, helf-aclill.*
aiiloiiiohile   potnU)  digg-e'i'H,
'J'llurt was no less than .scull IH'W
limviii-n V'lipleH hoii.-yiiioi.niiig nt
Mlko Ihis lasl week, and neweonieis
niriviii.,'    tl illy.     Mil"*   "^r*   ll,-:
gnuU-Nt ittlrarllon for tliis hnuicli ol
litisines-i in lliliish Coltuiililii.
A Ini-jji.' l>nrty of inlii-'is iH'rivul in
).;iko Siiuiiday, null     earrying    iwo
gnus,   n li-liing rod     Mid pinks   on
llieir*.I:iick> ilt.il iniide lhe li'.nnp on '■>
citiiiel look like n clolh.-s lin.1.   Tluy
■muri-li.-d iliioiigh lhe lawn lour (Uep,
nnd Ii'-ikH !">'     I'mwvilli'i tin*'   lllK
gtinie .liuuiin/ iiiiMiliy.
i|i„. ,,(,. (•,.,   Mmlnfi.t nrrived  In T.IVo
Mniurilnv ttiidil, i-lid wlll li! eiiiplo.'-
id l,y the Nortii Star !(iiiiil*r *.i>.
ut .liillray. They nre n fin* lot oi
men. Several of thein were weiH.n*,*
llrliihli iiriny ntulals, nml proved a
irtv'it *ittr:ie ton to ill* ttliiltv turn-
i'lU Unit are visiiin/ l-illo in i-r.inh
oi li.altli nnd li.tppiu.*--*.
An ndnir llml provnl cxceidin/ly
plenijiint in every t\Ai\i\ wns. llie
daltee giteli hy Mvs. Kling.iisiuitli nt
tlu Klk Ilutel, Kiko, in lienor ol Mrs.
,S'li| llllill  A    Mlie'CiltMi ,   oi   l^tlliitidi'v.
'flu dhiin-f loniit wits prettily d.-ioi-
i\X-A tn wlute, with n can.ipy m t ri-pe
jntprr, and on nil «i*lri were ijujhi-
titi.-s oi l.l(*»**-.tnrng wliiti- tea in*-*-*
ami lorga-t-ine-in-t.. fiuin Unosville.
Tlu- Ilowers, (sptiiiilly tlu forgvl-in.-
iint*, Wiix- l.-mmiifnlly «hf.iila>»d. Tlie
|iro^rnr.int.- w*i*. *i:i*«iei»iUv «ir«n:-.-
id, lie-in,,' on tli* Ircnt (».*»-.-** ali-.tn*
lifut view ni Kllni'i -;ri-.i( w.ili r Kill1*
unl it't<- {.W'.tiuA Xn iU ity.'.X'A
}«i:«*st-* «•» -.iHHiuir^ uf tie    |ili,t*..ini
■•;    V   Gioes
The Best oft Satisfection
in Watch Sc Jetoelery Repairing
Paid-up Capita!, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
B. E. WALKER, General Manager
TORONTO "     o    '
ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gcn'l Manajer*,
BANim-JC   BY  P.miL
Business may he tvajisactcd by mail with any branch'
of the Bank.   Accounts uiay be opened, and deposits
made or withdrawn by mail.  Evet-y attention ia paid
to out-of-town accounts.
Fernio  lirnncli Ci. S. .Holt,   Mtiiuif-ror
Make your Avifc happy by buying a Steel Range of J.-D. Quail
or money  refunded
*« ♦♦*•>♦•>♦<>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦•# <
mu?>,  *%^^^j^^i^^^t>.«^»^%VV%t^«'V%^%-WV%^
XT*ISrr>El'B  'N'lnW   IM'-^l-T.A.G-'EI.M.BlISrT
am os Oavorn,
Well furiiislicd rooms. 'I'lie tnlile. is supplied with (lie bent
tlio market alTords, Tliu lift r'is smiplicd *wit!i the best winct,
liquors nnd cigars, !
<w/V*>%A^%>w/<t\%WlWmmA. %**>% 9%%^t%/m^M^'mV%^%/%
and   Home   Life
r P. BURNS & CO.
Cnn lm ciijityid  bv tuk in*;     your     meals    at
The Royal  Restaurant
III c(Hijiiii(-ti(iii wilh (Iiii I.nynl   Ilnti-I
dty  for jp,*;   nuts.  A   U *,v nu.iv  tinv
. Is   rt*!ipi:ctlu|ly   fiiiliclti-d.
Tliu  liest      nicul
r  luiiinK-i-K di'sirod.
served  iti ! tha
Vour  pulroiiUKO
lluvo ono of their inrgnst HtoroH in Fornio.
Lamb, Veal, Fi'pbIi and Smoked Fish.
Fresh Fish constantly arriving
r%r^%r%'*V*m '*y*S*/<*.<Vwr %r*VtS*±U%M^wJmr<*W%%
Wholesale & Retail
,.,, „r.,, .   firinnn   ntfirnn     ijnijriii  n»r»-»» r\«H v
EGGS   and  BU1TBK
Phone Ko. H Fernie, B. C.
rjT*'   ■iiM»W fm M\ JW1I m t*1*m msrWmmWwWmmmMammm: mmwimbmmhmmmwim-w
^^.^.^.■tw^S^^'m'^w'.'m'^^.    ^W^-iy^^J^^^^^
J V** I '** '' ^~ V'* " ^ *   ,A   **   "*   ■* *   **   hl*   **"   *w       **   L *   lt ' w ' "*   * *"   *'*'   *w   fc *
MRS. M* HOELZEL, Proprietress
Kootenay Ogar Co.
~ Ncliion, B. C*
Smoke Roya! Scat Cigars.
L Atkinson,      -     • .   -     -     Fernie, B. C
I Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd f
—    w
I'RRNin, B.C.
VtVivsvcrB of Kxtra Fine
LnRC-r Rccr niul AoratcO-
Wntcrs. llottlcd (ioodH
a Specialty.
Subscribe   for  The  I;ernie Ledger
*»   U> ■ ■    "~~
New Westminster, B, C.
Oct. 9itd fo Oct. <*fth Enc.ussvo
Wil! Se!! Rooki! Trip first Class Tickets
Fertile iu Wow We^tnln¥.iev$ 23.6B
Dates of Sal« b?l 2f(d to Od. 2rA lidisivc Um limit (kt. 11161
Fo.' dil.iiVil i'lfniiiinlii'i.. r.'ilt'*, c'r . mil nn or ailreM
ii. i.. r.i..\n;>T«»M'. ivm.-, it. r. mum-
3. C.
Fred Stork    is
militia captain.
now a  fiill-ll'al.'ul
' Otto Houiih,  of Kiko, was in lown
last  Saturday.
Fred    Stork  and  family      returned
from  Ontario  last  week.
1\   Yibert,  inspector of  tin..    Vnion
Rank,'   i.s  in   the   city,  today.
15.  V.  Hodwell,  th.-* eminent  K.
of Victoria, is in  tlu citv today.
11. S. Blair, <*-enei*al ajtenL. of ths
Great Northern, was" in iowu "Mon-
W.  A.  Macdonald,;K.   C.,' of    Xol-
son. was in the city Tuesday on lcg-
: al business.
Two  new  grain      elevators  .iiul    a
grist   mill are  in  course  of
ar  Macleod. «
.T, I?. Proctor, travelling passenger
uj-uit of tlu C.*l>. Ii., Calvary, is in
thi city today.'
T.  I.ol.-oll, (>•■  l'inclier Creek, passed
through the city ,11 His way 1.. Cranbrook   last   Sunday.
', u
George Price was jjivi.11 six mouths
in jail yesti;rd-iy for 'olitaiuinir nionev
undor  false *,|>rele.iM"is.
if you want first-clciss service
in the Drug Line.
H. P.'McLEAN      '..
"Thc Palace Drug Store."
I Bank  of   Hamilton 1
. Reserve
Total Assets
$2,500,000    .
Over $30,000,000
i Savings
I Department E
One Dollar is sufficient lo open an account. In- \
tereBt paid semi annunlly. at current rates. Tho X
best facilities aro offered to out of town depositors %
^"•'•eiit accounts of manufacturers and merch* %.
solicited. <js
In Knox Church, Kcinie, on Sept.
2;nd, 190(1, by liev. \V. T. Hamilton,
of iUichc-1-, assisted by'liev. H.^ li.
Grant, Adiiana Grovciunburgh, ' of
Rotterdam, Holland; to Ilemlrick
Codec, of Uiiy'iios I;ake, li. C. Also
erection Hunilriko Sophia W'liillielniina Vink,
o" Afnsleidani, Ilollan.l,' to Tynier
W-rhoof, of Mawiu's l.akc' H.  C.
liev, "Mr. liochester met tlu clergy
of the cily on .Monday moming in
th,. Anglican clmuh rectory, with a
view to lorin'u^ a local branch of
the Lord's Day Alliance. There were
present leather Tavernier, lievs.
C.ii.m, Wilkinson and Hall. liev.
Wilkinson, was appointed secretary-
treasurer, and liev. Grain president
pro  tern,    The    Lord's  Day  Advocate
J'. II. IJurnliatn, district .freight
ami passenger a jr.nl, of the Great
Xorllurii,   is   in   th..   city.      e
\V. ' IM. Walker, representing IMc-
r)erm'.d and IMcIlardy, of Nelson, was-
a* Kernie  visitor  last   Thursday.
I,. I,. Knight, the popular road
1 night, of Winnipeg, w:'is doing business   in   Kernie   late   last   week.
IMrs.  A.  V.  Walker     is progressing
: rapidly,  and   will   bt  able to    return
from I,c(l'lbridge a'boul   .. llie /{th      oi
n.xt month.   .
' Ii. -\I. Todd, late of tlio l.auk of
HamiNon local stall, i.s now accountant in tlu ollice of the Calgary Cattle  Company.
A Nigilit Cap.H     a good thing    to
take,   bid'ori.   going   to   bed.    Vou   will
always giel up in  the nioruing   u-iili-
'out  a  sore  head.
Take the Ledger Night Cap, pav
for it, read it, thin go to bed, ami
you will get "up in the morning
without  a  swelled   head.
Rd. Home, aii old time Kernieite,
Gild now accountant for the F,a.st
Kootenay Lumber * Company, spent
Siind.sy  in  the city  with  old friend':.
"M.    A.   Kasln..!-.     Tr.     Willitigliam.
Wm! Scott, John Pedepal, John Nun
ter and (•■.'■•oral* others,  left Saturday
night for Spokano      to have r.    fair
time of it,
A. W. "McLaughlin, ill.* ctlell'rated
hnrw man of High liiver, passed
through town last Friday with his
string of turf poiitidcra hound for the
Spokane  fair.
V. IV Lynch, secretary    of ilu*  Klk
Llimber Company,  came   iu  Irom  St.
.l\ml last Thursday, and left on Sal-
tiulay  for Winnipeg.
\V. C. Aryan, of    the 1.'., ':i. W. M
I'.,  of Macleod,  accompanied    by  his
Wife,  stopped   over   h.-.*ie    from'  lust
Friday,  nnii  left on  Saturday    night
for Spokaiu,  lo taki.  in  the fair.
'I he municipality of Macleod has
joined tliu ranks of the. dirt nu-r-
(.li-iuis, nnd Inns sold i.vi lols since
, the railroad has been laid into the
town. Th.'se lots are selling ut ?•-.■•
to Sioo, im easy  lenns.
. .Tunics Cronin, lale iiiaiiii;>*r of lip
St. I'.iij-ellc iniiiP, passed tlirnugh
town hist Sunday cn his wav innii
Cowley to Movie, Mr. Cronin is <>tr.'
(if llu good fellows of the west
whom it would lx h.inl  to upaiv,
J, S. Cliilc, iiispirlor of cum runs
for this province, was In 'In* n'-.v
last Friday. It is not l.nowi i'.-li..ili
cr Uc.Ji.id Mr. Kc.iy on lhe impel
for Inking lhe Ilut bnttoiiied b:ir,i*
Mnry Ann o\cr the „lin, ami di-.po.*.
ing of her or not,
Mr. WiU sou, agent for tie new
IflU'llsiti* piopelly ut Timber slalioii
lias i-oiicliidcd a sale ol nil tin* n<-
maiHim, lo's io mi American syndi-
uiti!, mil ill* sale of liits will um-
tiliue Uiuler the diii-ilioii nf Calvin
llllll Ilillliclil. Tlle new iiwll.'i.i are,
Mi it\ im said, goiiijj to build a large
giil.Tid store ns soon us possiblu..
.whiih is an extension of the C.  ,t l**).
tracks  inio  tlu new  station.
'lhe freight wailed for the passing
of ilu passenger train on llu. inr.in
lln;, and then pulling out it Mi-.ist
have lwcn running loo fust to
permit the brakeiiian jumping oil aad
th;owing the switch in time to beep
the inline, wilh its big tra-.ii behind it, irom walking oil iho end cl
llu  open switch.     a  -
Tlu mg.'iu, number 14(15, anl saveii
cars loaded with coal went off the
rails' and  were  badly smashed up.
Th.*" mgiiu went over ou its side
and caught  the engineer  in  its    fall.
liolh his let were eaugh1, ur.-.l.-r ill.*
rear md of llu boiler, and he was
slowly   scalded  lo  death   by   ilk
A  General   Banking   Husiness   Transacted <f
4 ,    J. W.  LAWRY,   AGENT   FERNIE   BRANCH §
is sent  monthly  ti>   all  members    of   sLeani' and  wiiter .escaping  from
th-!  Alliance, .. ,      burst  pipe, of   die   injector.
A woddibg look place in, tlu Methodist iliiueli ou Sunday afternoon at
h'.iilf-])|.uil (.11.;, .b'eUvtx'u Ki'iiiiicii-i 'Henry
Slllcjrt' j^kI .Miss 'l,uey IIi^.'s.; i\iis:j
Mimkwii/ acted as bridesmaid, and
David Chilton was lest man. The
knot was iiul by liev. Mr. Ilbll. A
liimiiher of guests, relat'Ves and
friends sat down to a wedding sup-
ix-r* at the house-of llio brule's parents. Mis. Munkwit/., IMr. and Mrs.
Drice, Mr. and IMrs. Chilton, Mrs.
Davis' Mrs. Miller, liev. Mr. Hall
and several  others were present.
,A wedding look place last night at
Coal Creok at tlu residence "ol Mr.
Tipper. Tho con trading parlies were
William Wallaic Lawruico and Miss
Alice Tipper, who was given away
by hor fatlur. iho bride was very
prettily dressed, and was supported
by Miss Delia Thompson, Alexander
Lawrence acting as groomsman.
Among those present were IMr. and
I\lrs. Cooper, Mr.' and Mrs. Carter.
The happy couple leave by the Ct. N.
train* iciiighl for Seattle. The ceremony was performed bv tlu liev. AV.
L, Hall.     ' @
Additional     Locals- ou     Supplement.
City Clerk J. W. Nunn was 'llu
first man lo respond lo the Ledger's
oiler for ihu best display of Kernie'
grown vegetables. lie has given us
for display iu our window samples of
parsnips, carrots, po'.atoos, turnips
and cal.lj.ige, Tliesii vc-foliVbles are
the result of len week's growth, and
are a most creditable showing for
that slum g-i-(|witif, season. Who
will he thu next? Conn*, on with the
displays* and ...how what ■, 01 have
done, lieiiii'inl.er, tin... best displiiv
gels llu Ledger for a year, with llu
Night Cop thrown iu
.lohn llirckiiiiidgi', 01 ih,* cunt 1 iiit-
illg liuu ol lliiiki'iitnlg.. aiul Linil,
pnssiil lliroiigh iowu Monday oil his
Wny In Culgaty. Me liai Ui-u iloun
(/it tlie Iiiu ol ih.* Spiikiiiii* lliiiiil,il-
ioilnl Mipi'i-iir.ciidiliji ih* •liipniitiL nl
tluir large iiiilwiiy mil lit m' C.il-
jjniy, all     iiiiii  ci ii 1 r;ms with    1 It.*
OjAM-.tl'iV      Jl,i4.((4,la.l4,,,.u'     ji.ivill^ i
Miss Ctoff, who was in <*ur city last
fall di.iiioirslrating the utilities and
the piilata-al-.ilities of the Mel.areb
goods in the shape of jellies, etc,etc.,
i.s lo be mmi again ul the Triles-
Wood stores, where she is demon-
Mi'iiliiig th.- ease with which j-c-od
things to cut can U* tiiiii.-d out of
little  bottles and moulds of dilTi'ri'iil
She is introducing McLaren's new
baking pnivd-r, and slu does llirst
tlungs iu siii-li a ih.inning way, allowing one lo sample, ill; 'good
tilings, that our reporter may I.u
found hot'criug nroiKid thai, dainly
little  table  most of ill.*  time,
Miss ('mil will il.c in .llu big ,.,'nicery
■1 .pari un 11 diii-iii-f llu- ivinaitili'i- oi
th.- week, ivndy to d.-UKilistl'iile 111;
igniiiln ss ol lii'i*'gomls lo iuiv i-iiil nil
ronurs, Our reporter had a sample
ol ji.llv wi'.h Spiiiiisli creiiiii 011 il
that mad* him feel like a llidnlilo
iiiul.'i- a sombrero, mul lie went nwny
wiih h:s 111 irl niiide up lo j,vl n
Spi u'sli cow wiiriaiil.il to ;iivr tli.il
kind nl creiim   willioiit  milking,
I'.v.iy lady in town uli,| ,* mi's lier
Iniliby tn lr soft on li.T sliould m*i*
1 host* giv^ls mul Ktitti Ironi Miss
('uill juM  how il   is di 11..
I'.MLW.W Wl.ia'K,
lhc iiig'iU'.r's name was Karrell,
nd lu had been on tho Medicine Hat
Macleod run only a short time.
• lie ■ was, about 35 years old, and
leaves a widow and two children lo
mourn his loss. Tbey live in Mi 11110-
.Tlu train was in 1 barge of Conductor Harvey, who, with llu other
memliers of the crew, escaped uninjured. •
The wreck occurred between 12 and
1 o 'clock Monday-irghl, and a track
had to l.e built around the wrccka'ge
beforo   trallic  could   be   resumed.    '
•Tlu west bound passenger due here
at 7.-*vS Tuesday morning, did not
arrive until 17 o'clock, as tlu track
was not in condition for it to leave
Mad..*od   until   nearly   15      o-clock'.
Tlu ni.ils of iim. track where lhe ac-
cid.nl happened were badly twisted
and broken, and iho seven ears so
Iftdly smashed up as to indicate, thai
the train was going al ijiuile a rapid speed.
'- An 'inquest was held before a coroner yesterday lo i 11:] 11 iro in'.o the
cause of the accident, bui the" result
has not  hem announced.   .,
 Carterhall,  Nlld.  -
THIRTY days alter date we intend
to apply to llu Assistant 'Commis-
sion.-r and Deputy Commission :r of
Lands and Works, of llu Province of
llriiish Columbia, for 11 iioeilie - lo
prospect for coal and peir jlouui on
1<1)\, 459>*Si South l'.asl .•Coolei.ay,
coinuK.ncing ;li ,. ))osi ;.|,UU:d mi the
south east conur, being iho inuAl
jiost of J. L. McGuire. and about
two miles south of tho Klathead river, and east and adjacent to Charlcf
Waldo's claim, and south a'.jv.l ndjac-
ctu, to C. W. MeDoiinan's claims,
•--.hicli, are four surveyed claims thai
lml McDornian aholds. So chains north
tho r,""n ,Hu. inili*il post, west So chain;,
south So iln.ns, er.si. Si- chains to tlu
place of Ki-gi.-iiiiiu^-. <-oni'..'iiij..i- (,40
J.   L.   McGUIliK,   Locator,
---A.   HACKKTT,   Agent.
Dated   Aug.  271I1.   K06. '
under this heading inslerted at the
. rate of one cent a word each insertion.
thresh: J<7iitil
Just arrived.   Peaches, Pears,
Plums, fine eating and cooking
u/9 Jf* S^lundell
Auolh'i-  whi'I;  (ici'iii'tiili Insl     Mtn
1l.1v  nigln,  ihis  lime nl   Miii'l n'l.
A fii'ii'lit whiiJi Iiml leiii ni.i.li* up
in llu yiiiils .it ih- old s.l.11 ^ni v.1.1.
Iiullin11. out, insl hound, uud ran nil
llie    mil     nl   thr   tails    ol   nu   (.pen
(Mil   j J.*,*, iti *'*|   ,ll
line  uiili
Dear Sirs,—While- ' in the country
lasl sunimer I was badly hi'.ten by
mosi'-uiloos, so badly lhat I thought
I would be disfigured for a couple of
weeks, I was advised lo try your
Liniment to allay tlu irritation, and
Minard's Liniiiieul Co., Limited,
did so. - The effect was,more than I
expected, a few applications completely curing tlu irritation, and pre-
\*( 11 ting the bites from becoming sore.
good article 10 keep oil the motfq'iiit-
Vou rs Truly,
W.  A.' V. li.
Armstrong Advance.
Tlu .following is llu scludule of
prices proposed to be. charged for
electric light by tho Armstrong- Light
and Power,, Co. This sch?dule was
submitted Tuesday 'night and nppiov-
ed of hy Ili.il body, subject to all ;r-
nlioiis should il not correspond with
rules cliarged  iu  Vancouver:
Kbit  Rales    Per  Month-llascd    on
in  Ci'iijlli!   Po.wer   Lighls.
Hotels  mul  Slons—
l'irst  ten   lights,  Ciuli	
Second    ten,   ciicli	
Over an, ench ,	
l'irst   tin  lights,  ench	
Sa-ond Un, ciicli	
Cliui'i'lnw and   Malls—
l'irst six lights, enrli,,.,,. ,
Siioiul sis, raih	
Over l.S, each  ,',	
Privnle  llous. s—
l'irsl  lliive lights, each	
All over ihiee, null ,..,,
S-Clillillr   power,   null        I.*i
Ci 11 iiiiiieis liiuy put iu 'h'.-ii own
liietii's, in wli'.li ens.* in,, \i\r\ w''\\
Per  UillownU   Ilnin1.
l'irst  511  killow.itss lie,
Sci-oiid ,so liillow-.iis „,,  ,.,1 i'
Tgird  -vi killownii iri*
by  ih.  mill ol ev.-ry uioiiiii,   nti I '•<
I'-l.-illl.-lll   in   nil   cas.*.*.   lo   bo   nind
pel' ull!,  to l.e mlil.il  il   tint ,,ai 1  li)
thai   date.
Atmsttniig !.*. inn hold ,is high up
'11 this v, 1 nld ,1:, 1.-, Kciiiii',, iii iiioi-j
MU..S ill.in oiu. We wi.tid.'i* il the
I uruii'l.-is D*,.i* ih, r.- ,*i\ ,\» iudilUr*
■ll.   as in'uli lli-r in,* lills his idas*.
■ ■   75
Coininelicilig at a post planted on'
lliu ^oniJuvtsl cornor oi Peter Hag-
g'arL's claim, tlunce nortii f'd-i-h.iiu.i.
east So chains, south So chains, th.urc
west So ih.u'iu to the place of '>•>-.
ginning, coniainiiig fvjo ucr,;-i, aud
east, and adjacent to J. I.. iM'.-iViu.:'
' i'ETKli HAGGAliT. Locator.
- '      A    HACKKTT,  Agent.
Dated   Aug. "27111,   1906.
.VANTKD--Carpenters lo work on the
now C. P. Ii. statii.il.—Apply on
llu job,  lo Digby &  -iValdie.
WANTED-A nurse girl.—Apply "Manager Canadian Dank of Commerce,
Kernie, IJ.  C.   ' .
KO'i SALE-A gobil Williaih's piano.
Apply 1).. McLennan*
l'Olt SALIC-20 lots in West Kernie;
easy terms....Apply W. To Healey,
West I'ernie.
Coinimiie'iig at a post planted bn
lhc. north east corner of Simon
Dragui's claim, beiny tlu initial post
of Simon Dragcn's claim, south and
aibacuil to J. I,'. McC.uire's claim,
lli-.ue-.*, south So chains, lluiue west
So ihains, th.nce north 80 chains,
ih.ncu oast So ihniii; to place of beginning,   Lonlaiiiiiig;  640   acres.
SIMON  DliAGON,  Locator.
A.  HACKKTT,  Agent,
Dated  Aug.  271I1,   jyofi."
Couimeiiring at a post planted 011
the  norlli   west  corn---,   being   thi  in-
.il.l'll lv\..i r,i It T i* .i,.:....i. ,1-1,   —
- a.a.-. |J.r..a, aj. , /; ,,". J. *jll:n;i-.> IKlllUT
tlunce south So chains, thence east
c'o elmins, tli.iue noitli-So chains,
th.ii'-.', west ,So ehains to place of
beginning, containing 640 acres, and
south mid adjacent to Peter Hag-
gart's claim, and east and adjacent
to   .Simon   Dragon's   claim.
' E. J." PELTlKli,' Locator.
, A. HACKKTT, Ag.iil,
Dated   Aug.  27th,   iyod.
..(1   os,
«iih «h:s!a-v ur wain- us tlu l-'iinie
liu* pun null ul liu* ui'i, j -lii|Aili,|iigi,sls' smli to Ic wli.n
In* n,*w iiiiiiu Iiiu  '.lii.k,   ih-.iliiig out  the ill inks.
A Mass Meeting of Miners and Mino Laborers and
Coke Oven'Mon. will lie held in the Tnion Hall at 4>.[\()
o'clock I*. XL, on Thursday the 27th. September 11)00.
All Members of the above are requested to attend.
THOS. BIGGS, Secretary.
Commencing at a post planted on
tlu south east corner, being tin, initial post" of W. D, Hill's claim,
thence norlli So ch.iins, ilnnee west
So chains, tluiue south So cliains,
tli.ucei cast. So chains to tli;. place of
l.egi'iuiing, containing fyo acre*-,
soi-lli ami adjii'.er.i to Simon Drag-,
em's claim,
Wi' 1).  HILL,   Locator.
A,    HACKKTT,   Agi'iil.
Dated  Aug,  57th,   190-i.
Comuu'iK-iUg at a i>osi planled on
tlio i-oiitli wini co-.-u-.-r, lx.-iug the in-
il ial posl of ]>, Hoover's claim,
ill ike north ¥0 ilia'us, llu.iice east
So cliains, tlia'tiey soii.h So rliiiiii-i.
tlience west 1 So chuins to the place or
Ik ginning, c-oiilaining d/\o acres, cast
and adjnciiii, to W, I). Hill's claim,
D. HOOVE.!, Locator,
A. HACKKTT, Agent.
Datul  Aug,  27th,  U'dii.
* ■. .  —    .,.■■■
Coinnieiiciivg al n jxisr plniiUd on
llu nonli west corner, being llu initial posl of Paul Ciiiston's clniin,
1I1.nee south fo iliaiiu, th.iue east
■■'(i ihains, tlunce nonli Ko chains,
ill it.'i* W4*"l So chain.; lo place of lie-
g.'nn'iig, (Oiiliiiiiing bpi ucres, and
soiilh .unl -I'lj.-ict'iil 10 II. I,. Hlnck-
.siuii.'-s cbiiiii, nml vast and adjacent
lo W, A, lioss' claim,
I'.W-I.   ('.ASTON',  Lo'.'iilor,
A. HACKKTT, Aj-i-nt.
Diiluil Aug,  2Stli,   iijofi. —i-i
-T——   'I      I        1     II     II        " II  _ J
I'm- llie iiliove evuil, the Citiiiidiini
Piicilic. li.iilway nix i-noling very
low lound ttip e.uiii'sioii lilies, same
Icing on .sal.' Sipi. astli to Oct. 2nd,
good lor U'liiiu passage till Ucl.iilli,
Kale fl'ulll Pelllie is $3y.t>},. Dally
ilirougli slupii-, aie being o)«-i.itnl
Irom A1 row lii'iid I'm1 Ivcrtli ri'V-rva*
linns 011 v'l.iluiubi.i river kIciuiui-m or
iliepir, ii|.]dv lo local agents or
wi ile
.1. S. CAllYKK,
JL V. A., NcImoii, 11. C.
A Ii'H. I 1l1.1t tarnishes i|*(tiv't, 10111-
uiinliijiis auu;iiiiiii'ibitioii for its p.i-
1 ions is a siuircc of pli'iisiitc to the
ii.tvclliii,* public. Siuh a i.n.* is tlu*
King Edv.nnl Hotel, ol l'Vinie, cor-
n.-r uppiiiiie 1 ost  iillicc.
VOU SALE—A block of 2,coo actes of
land, loc.led on railway, will"' go
5,oco ' "ei. ol good 'limber per ccie;
good agr.cultural land when timber has, been removed. This will be
sold very cheap. Kor further particulars, apply,' iMOTT, SOX & CO..
KU Oiiur
MAC'LI*:r,r,A\.-Tli.*    ini-im     .on    «.l
Mr.  iiti't \Xri   II   SI.  Macl.aim.in, m
Fri nie,   S*|it.     1 J,     iyo.i, ,i«i-,!   3
ni. mhs iiml iy d.i>n.
LOST—Large Silver Heart, willi
monogram S: K li. I'lease return
to Aliss lieading --7
LOST—On Saturday night, between
town and Klk mill, a. hand-lag
containing pocketbook with sum of
nioiVay. Kindii- kindly return to Ledger Ollice or Mrs.* Whales, West
FOUND—A walih. Owiiir ca.n hiave
il by paying for .this ad.—W. li.
McDougail. _-
Roosville & Elko
There ' is nothing from a halchel
to split th,; kindling wood to the
complete outfit for an ixploring
expedition whicli we do not supply  at  a   reasonable  price.
Hardware, Harness & Saddles
Miners, Prospectors Supplies
Drygoods, Oroceries, Kami Iui-
ph-ini'iils and Miiehinerv froin
Steiu-M'iiiding Mouse Traps to
Cycloii.! Stachiis, Indian Curios,
Souveiiiis ol' lioosville and Kiko,.
liaw Kiii\s and Fresh Produce from
Tobacco Plains
shipped (.n    order from   Kiko to
any part cast or west,
Si nd  ord.'!*-   to Kiko,
Dij.'. (.nine Hunters outfitted
with supplies, Pack IIorsi>s and
Men, keep your feet cool and comfortable in a pair bf our Oxfords,
they feel just right on thc foot and
we know they will look good to you
if you step in and let us show you,
Tan, White, Black and Patent at
Reasonable prices.
Vacation Necessities
We are offering you an exlra quality Suit
Case made of Kestol, 24 in. long aiul has two
"straps and good brass trimmings \x\u\ lock, solid
leather corners, secured.with copper rivets.
A Trunk made over a strong \v coil en frame
with iron bottom covered wilh 5 oz. canvas, well
painted .and fitted ^yith two heavy straps and
iron trimmings stitched leather handles at
Special Prices
-Home Bank of Canada!
The man' willi Hie Snvitif-s
llank Iialiit is tha one who
never i*els lnid oft; lie's'the
one who can ^et nloiijr without you, lml you cnnnol jret
alonj;- without, him. The Savings Dank habit means sound
sleep, *;ood digestion cool
jiidj-iiienl and inniily inde.r
pcndeiice. The most healthful
tliiiijj I know ol is a Savings
li'aiik-hook. There arc uo mi-
ciobes in it lo steal nwny
your peace of 111in.1l, It is a
};iiiii-(iiili!C ol good lmliiiv-
DO it now I
Vfa would liko to havo your nanm •
on our list of (lcpoRlinrs. No ninttci-
wluMlicr yonr start isnucdnllai-ornnc,
hundred- wo will pay ynu inicicsi nt
curriMit r.'ilj'fi—coiiipdiiiidcd livtcn'n
Current Accounts Invited
Open Saturday Evehiigs 7 to 9
J. G.   MARSHALL,  Mei\,
Pcrnlc    Branch
Wc \v.W2 SHOKS   to.
please lhe whole Fain-'
Shoes i'or ladies & gents. *
A Car of Cook Stoves and
Just Arrived
OUR Slock  in these lines is
now complete and the prices
Wi 11   Q111-nrif p  * Y. 11    ('0MK IN ANll SKI! U.S
**l*l   rJi.ls\)l i,jl^   ;UUi,      MtOVV VOl'K HliATKIt
WlllMaSTHK & CO.
'       '.I _
Don4 Forget
The Grand Millinery Opening
all this week at Mrs. Todd's


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