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The Fernie Ledger 1906-07-04

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 •iFull record of the
'•-    Proceedings.
'.   Tuesday, mor-ring's sun smiled upon
/.Venue   fiom a clear sky and the first
■duy, of the Kagles. cehhintion ■  was
/favored within typical day of Rocky
." mountain brightness. The heal   which
- 'was kit,.,to some extent on tho  pty-
.*'vioiis duy when the miners were eel-
elmiliiig," was. if nnythiiijf more     oppressive, • and    while it created, a demand   for    ices, lemonades and other
thirst quenchers,   it'- did  not  add    lo
. the comfort   of  the  many  people    or.
the streets and the recreation grounds
The business, houses   were   gay    with
decorations, banners were flung nereis.?
- the stieets    and inanv    of the private
houses  were elaborately   and   tasteful:
ly.' decorated - for the   occasion.'- Most
of these,    decorations    were  in  place
Monday in honor, of Dominion,    Day,,
and the  Miners'-  union, festivities,   so
that tiie   city   bias   b,i.|in  .wvariii^its
holiday clothes-all week and seems to
Ik>'ko well pleased with itself as "not
to  want to lay them  aside.
. The programme was set going by a
large  procession ; which  formed.      in
line in front of the Eagle's hall in the-
' .Todd   block  and-.paraded; the  streets
at eleven  o'clock.   ' ■
-A .''First inline was the band followed
'" by*scciii:n-jly  ail'the  full-fledged 13a-
" -'glc's ,and'sotnc of the ...nestlings in /mc-
featlicrs*,- that scream and soar a|*oiii
.  this part  of the" country.  They ." wore
. long linen dusters and had bright red
■^^farluTt^ottreir'ii'eads,  so   fr^coTitd"
'i ;-not; lie. to'.d*" whether -.t.li'cy, .all  belong-
.., cd  to;tlie  bald . eagle   family, or, not.
'They,, were a gv*,od looking  lot of fcS-
*: lows* and made, a  fine  appearance ' as
;  they .marched", r. through   the   streets.
; i Next .to the * Kagles came* in  fine large
fliiatilrawu by, two large, black horses
;'Tu this iiuntiiig   covered float seated in
a large chair and surrounded by her
maids pUhonor    rode, the handsome
(|iieen of* the carnival," Wls.s,P'Brieo.
of Coal  Creek.   She' was very  tastefully gowned.in spotless white, draped with'pearls. Thc Misses Tclfer  and
;'. Miss Corn Wilkes and Rosa Mills,  all
. r^n',wliit':,.\vcrc  the, ninUls iii. waiting
nndullogctlwr it was a lievy of beaii-*
ty,     Next in the procession came au
open wisgon in which were seated side
by side ".Tolm lliiii and -Uncle \ Sam.
i\ir,   Ohluti  drasscd    in  a rcgulati-fin
Join'Hull hunting suit certainly look
id the part and I"). V. Mott,      iong,
slender and honey, dressed in the well
known   1'iiclc Ram costume with his
diin  whiskers  was  a good  contrast
to  Mr,   Ohlau's comfortable  proportions,  suggestive   of   the  beef  eating
tendency   of   the   Britisher,  and    tlie
pair attracted  llieir share of  attention   Tliey were followed by a carriage in which wns seated Mr,  Lindsey
and oilier ollicials of  the  coal company, ami (titer Unit came llw mayor
uud city' council iu nn open carriage,
and after these came citizens, Including tha  liiiiiuin-rnliile  small  hoy  on
foot, Arter traversing tlu* main street,
tliu procession marched to the     r«-
creiU Ijj-roiui'ds, .. where it   disjliiiidi'd,
Here tin* carnival wns formally open
cil  by addresses  from  Mayor Hleas-
' dell and Messrs. KcVsti'ln, W, R..,iRosH'
M. 1». P.,i O.O. S. Llmlney       ami
Aldermen 'I'rlli's, Heck mid Tullle, All
.    aUlJu-urnim-iit  to two thirty o'clock
was taken at which time It was   ihi-
lioniii'i'il tlmt the match «ame of linno
Inill hi'l-A-ccii the l.ellilirldge and l'Vrnlo teams would be the nUrncllon.
Tuesday's Sports
At tlm appointed time Tuesday nl-
tiinoon llw gumuds wen* well filKil
willi prnpli- aimioiiH to see tho contest nn llm diuiiioiul lietwi-eii tin*
\.yn lull Ihwi* find <itit>r till* ii*miiiI
nmonnfof wnlUnj-* «««■ pn-pnrlity,
the gnnu' was started at ten minutes
to iimi) willi W. W. Tultle umpire,
n'|i.l the liiM-up of tlm two teams
ns loll own
Big Turnout, from
er Towns
predate so gent-riiiis an act. and am
warm in theii praises of the ISagles
This kindly, act upon ihe part of the
l'\ ().°1S netted the iH-al ssiim of S5*".
l.ut that was not the full measure oi
lhe benefit conveyed. Hy ilii:; ' public,
way,of aiding tho cause ol iharitv
they'have helped to keep alive a keen
public interest in this niosl nselul or-
Walters, -cf   ,
Kastner, If. ; -A.' .A ". .-*! *.'
Lethbridge went^ to - bat and' went
out in one two three order. Then Fet
nie did likewise, aod 'both teams held
the score down to o till the first half
of" the fourth inning when-.Honk,'.*---'
the visitors caine over' the plate making the first tally of the", game.' 'Tl.*'s
man. Houk steins, to have-.an assort,
ment of gaits in his make .up "■ and
their efforts  to  head' him  off, in  his
base stealing-    operations. Some
limes he walked on two feet,    some
times he ran' on all fours''or made"'a'
toboggan of his digestive '      organs,'
and slid over, tli-; ground like an eel.*
Mr. Iloiik was all right behind     the
l>al,": too,'"ami  didn't let  any    .balls-
go by him in. their., flight to the rear
Tn  the  last half  of  the  same  inning
Davic'sevened  the  score  and  it. stood
one one, in  favor of everybody.      It
stood  that  way  till  the. first'half *)i
the   sixth    wh'eii the Lethbridge savages broke loose and came iu over the
home   plate   in aj eruusohi   eat-iy-iiel,
keeping llw tally boys busy until the
score stood  six  to  one   in favor, of
the haymaking Indians. Things     got
warm;   the .umpire began  registering
kicks from everywhere  ami  the  tlwr-
monwlerugiisteied. yo', in ...'the sun,
This ivas good,  hay  weather  and''i
haymaker  front llw piairie. ,*.   began
telling the  crowd how  sorry he was
that lie wiis being .forced against hi'i*
will'to     take,   money tainted(    willi
coal dust back to1 Lethbridge, In tlw
Inst linil of the seventh inning Vow
ull   and  Walters got   over   the  liopia
plate making  the , score  card     show
six to three,  still in'favor <»r     tlw
savages; In the lasl half of the nest
the Ferule boys pounded the. ball all
over the field and came over       the
plate in one, two, three, four,    five
order, clioty'liig   the 'score   lo  eight-
six in favor of the home.hoys.     Tlu*
I'XciUiiH'iil was lively and much oratory  w.'.s  indulged  in  by  llw. roolf-r
rleiiiciit,   while thu,umpire was kept
busy in his efforts io keep tlw ytxxxne
)&r''AXfi,   The su-vajfs   f.'ih'd   l|n   s»l*in
lu tliu  lirsl half ol tlw lasl  inning,
and llie score by innings slooi'.us fid
lows;'                           ' *!
Kei'iwiek  was '' , set      back        six
yards. .     . '     .      *■    '•-..','.,     '
II was a very'pretty race. Renwick
-rapidly closed .up ; lhe gaji. lytween.
himsell' and the others., in the first
half o( the' distance but . 'while h-.>
was.doing this Cattell. and McConnell
weie-bii.-y mak-'ng another '.one . at
the front which was loo wide for tli"
Nelson man . to . close up licfore thr
tape was reached j>y: Cattell in - tlu*
McConnell   a  very  close- third.
The Ledger.* .wishes! lo- thanik ilu*
police' for "clearing lhc space'.belwcin
lhe grand slainV arid' the'-.'race eour.;e
for this event, as it made it possible
for everybody in the grand-" slau'l lo
git tli^J.r.st possil-flc view" of thr.
race "from the sCart to - finish", 'a view
which ,was impossible to those wh.i
were foolish- enough to line up along
thc opposite, side of the course when."
they could only catch a glimpse- of
llw  runners ,as  they passed  them,
Pony  Races
Immediately after, the noon intermission the pony'races were callc.i.
arid were run ou Victoria avenue .with
the finishing line at the'Xapaiiev* ho-
tijl. In   ,ilio    first     race   Soiitherlaud
won on his",   sorrel   .with Cliam'lXrlaiii.
.- ■ ■ : i ■•..*.-' : ' -. *: I,'.  ■
lhe ponv--
sccoiul on hi..-.*'.littlei-rban".i    "'
..majtiaim'... ,.v^^t^t uuuu.
'b.ovs     are two       fe
First  TniiiAg'-.
Second  inning
Third  inning  .
Foiiith  iiinini*
Filth   inning .,
Sixth inning .,
Seventh inning
l-.iglilli iiiuiug  °
Ninth inning  >
r    i.-
lt, I.I..H «^*|i>
nniley, *Pf|Pt.
Audi'isoti,  pitclier.
lloiih, Cntclwr.
flllllgOtl,   Ij).
Tlnilwy, -Jli.
Hurlicr, 'jli, '
I^'t'i  M.   H.
KnlllKV,  It.
.Moore, if.
CillUltMIU,  If.
Vnwi'JI,  pitcher.
Whelan, catcher.
Mlllrr, ih.
Davit*, *»!>. *
Jlttiulcrson,  *,b.
nnxh.tr, S. 8.
McKellar, il.
T..tnl«t  ft
The I.i'lliliridvre bovs nre a. good
lot, 'Ihcir battery, Anderson mid
Honk, is a utrong one, and tlw leant
ana whole showed U'tter trainim.
than the Pernio boys. Vowell pitilii'd
n  „ri/.A   .....no     ilinictin.  ofiii'iuKKi       nil
t r* -        » I*
throught the -game. Con Wlu-lan plav
id lwliiiiil tlw lint in Iuul luck, losing
a finger nail in the first Inning and
t'i'ltiiig n hard blow on llie leg Inter
in (lie game, '
The mii-n.ises left1 on Tnesdnv nluhl*-*
trnin for KnliMH.ll where tiny were
phy Wi-dnrsdnj'.
•Toot Racing
After tin- UU Rain« the um yard
foot race wa* pulled oil with fair
Mart*, *% follows.
UrnwIfV, nl Nelson.
TtlcConm-ll, ol Cronhrotilc.
MiDoual.l, of Wltlwl. ',,
CalU-ll, ol Ferule.
X-un», ol Kcinlc,
The  second'  day's  sports   under tl.e
auspices   of tlw   M.'Ugle.s   bo).;:i'n   wi'tli
llw   log     loading contest  on  .     tlu
grounds of the l<.lk.Lum'lxir compau;',
in West l'Vinie,  A large crowd of pen
pie followed the band over llw bridgv
to watch   the  contest  of  the        two
tennis of loaders, one from the i-nni'.
(if the   l''ern,it Lumber  Company    nnd
llw other from llw KM* compnny lugging   outfit A The, lust named      team
wero   tlw first to   hat   nnd loaded   f.n
logs,   .■eiil'ng   ijiOiS  fee I   in, as,'-'   minutes,   Tl i. other team did very     well
until a  lug    slewed  ou  them        nn.l
liimU'il iu the pmid, This seemed    to
dampen tlu-ir nidor   but  they \vorl*>.ii
manfully  until  nearly tlw  lop of the
loud' they let n log go Over. As lliey
hud  consumed  iwurly  the  whole '   o!
llw tinu*   the  oilier   txiys  had   talien
in bulling and slilllia.l ihtee or foui
logs ou tlu'  skills besides one  in llu
pond and one 'on tin* wrong side     of
Hi'.' loud, tliey gave ll up, leaving llie
151k Company team the victors     Tlw
iiiim-'S ol (he boys composing the win
iriig Irani were    I'red Lnuilon, Archie Johnson, Lew Jliller and one niau,
thelop hinder, whose mime wns   not
gii'i'ii, The 151k boys were:  Top i'l.iil-
er, (.. Campliell; John MeKiiy, Jus,
Wright, and Arthur Anii'lil.-
Tin* iiowd tinu went over to ' tlw
log 'piin.1 at tli.- big mill to wiliu'i's
tin- log toiling (ouli'Sl on tlw wnti'i".
M-ii(iii Koiilii/lii' and II. 1'o'J-iu>;on
liiouuttil the log lil'M lul the coiili.'il
was a i-hot'l one nud liobiitsott sui.il
jfot his ilnthi-K very wet and wns gnl
lanlly uni:.ted ashore by his suct'esv
ful rival. Two ollwrs tried to put
"DiiUhv'* ns Koulit/kii wus familiarly culled, oil the log but soon ehuii/-
cd their minds mid hunted for the Hit
lorn of the pond iimtiad. "iliiUhy"
sii'iiinl a little timid "when iiiotiuliu*'
till'      Xi.il    i'lllii.'        ■<-'.»      ,i" i jiri'lji-Jr
tiicky but ns.KOon as an alilngniiii.t
faced him his mica U'cuiiic < steady
hin head dear and his ipiick eye
follouid oii-ry motion ol lii-** ojipo-
unit wilh the watchfulness of a cat.
"tace for boys under in. years' was won
by Harry Pollock wilh* Street or .see-'
under M\ years of age. was contested
by a whole-troop of. young .rough rid
ers who .'came up ■ the., street like, , a
troop of cavalry charging an enemy.
Voting Wilson -came, in first with
Quigg  second. n ..
Once more every ■ body went to the
recrcntioii ground lo witness the lacrosse gillie. - between the visitrii-.'
teams', from' Cranbrook a,"!] l'*rjiu'k
During tlw intcr^iiissiotts of liiis'lgincui
the iiutting of- the shot' contest was
pulhd ofl', lletiivick, of Kelson ,wiu-
ning by pint ing the shot ,i\o feet J*
iiielw.'. as against Hurt Hlnck's record
of' >)o feet d iiichi's.  "' ■ ;.
The lacrosse match was a prettify
contested game though the weather
was so'hot as to take the spirit out
of th.< players on,both sides to some
extent.•'Craiibrool; made    the     first,
score in one' minute and nd.L'd     otw
I.,      ,
more lo this before I'linrler lime'wni
called, Krank seen red otw l.'1'.w h i.H
time, so llml the, score in tl- '' ■ I
half-stood a to i in favor ol i..'iaii-
■ Very shortly after llw game .slart-
I'd .Tnmie.soii, of th" Cranbroolis was
knocked out and ' play wns slopped
for a , few minutes until he was faii-
nd and pumped nml walcred hack into a playing condition, In tlw lasl
half the store wns iiwivusi'il to to lo
1 in favor of Cinnbrook. The I'm* up
was as lol lows
C'rnnbi'ook '        Posit Ion'1
Goal..   *
.1,  Miller
Point, '  .
I) . McLean 	
I'ovir  l'oinl.
WW.   MiillwHfiu '	
.   Ki I st Defense
.1,   Stllpl.H  	
Heroltd   Uefen'ii'.
(l.  I'llltt'Oll'l  ,,  ,„
Third Del.tiNi'
J, Ilfiit-i 	
IVu Hi.,
llie Aloyio 'buys are two fellov.
it would be h.nd tojl'.i-at. ::s . iattains, ami their I*nins as 'a result, a:,
models of   discipline   and   ;*liicioiicv-
l.ast \car th.-se two leainr. -.net " iiv
frjemlly contest a I in.* T,a!:or l")av, io:
eliralion .  in Cranbrook. when ti.'
;'Cran'l)rooki.'rs   made a ru-urd   r>f  -  ■ ■'"'
and a fraction scirotnls in i-m'-nii:;',, i
varf's   to the .livdrairt   .-'ud   tlu:.     .:
yards further .with lining tlw water -llyino|
-The Moyie'hoys wen
iiud last  .Miiinlav ,-it  II-
hose- and   hA
in   liiat   sho
• a clor'.C   sero!
.vie   tit
L 1
;' Cl '
, 111'
el*   .''
W. Mi Ihr
If. I'alloti
II. J.imiism
/ 4
'lliii .1 II.nin*
H.'.'Diiil  lloitu*
l   1!  ',-..
W    M-it ihew- '  '. .
Out side lli.ni,'
W.  I).lurk '. t	
Tit'ddii Uoltie
. '...iliiss
,. Hudson
. Dimm.'l
i, ,
. - i...f.Mll;<
" .Kaltoll"..
two teams afj.iiii lm.t in friendly' "-pi-
it but once '.nore the Cranbrook .«-)*.•
were, tlie 'vii-rttns. VesL-'ivay's
test was worth lii lvrnie all th,'
of the whole cainival if il ha*
life inlo ill? I'Viipe boys. \\\-.
<n see n Kernie "lea in in all ih,-:.:
.contests ik'-U' year. Th • city
the business people should r.-in
1 'iK'oiii'iigciiicitl to this i!'.i.;-t ]iracli.
s|iortiug contests, ap|iealin.j as
dni-H lo the best iu**iiiwts .ol tin
wlio spend llieir lime in ni.-kin;; tin-
selves pioficieiit in'tin* in t of- ;'.
lightiiii" whiih is much more niwih-.
uie necessity tli.m n past inn- spo-'
The roll of 111.' lJ!-i}'(ade<; lakiii'.- pe.
veslenlay  was  as  lolbiw:-.:
Craulij-i'..il«-J. I'- Kink, J. U. Mm •
tiering, Wm. Harris, \V. I'.uiton, Tin.
as I'lallon, K.'ltriCoiuwII, .1 :*iiu*: I-!,
ers, Jniiics Ilreeli.-n, Win ' \UA\iv
l'miik Dnviill, und "Wm. .Haywood •
spaieinaii, '
Moyii—J.;, 0, Kaiimi, 1).  A. 151m. '
J.' Walsh,  M.Kailan.l,  ,\,  J.   D.indii   ,
a'nd,   S.   Woimii/).,1!i.n   Cieoige   Trn'<-
er,   L,  Allen,  15.  A.   Hill,   nn.l     V
J. I'clloii,   llotli  teain.'i  were  prom',-,
ly ou hand al   llw  appoint.■<!  iim.' -.
wns ,1 iroiniiig   lo   in.-n   win.   nn   <'
pei-trd  to..Ill   ill    :i   li'.olintll ' .   ll'.l
nnd lit tli- time was |..,t   in     m-AA
it   slni't.  Criinbi'ool:   was  first to  I ".
up nl Hie  sliirtiug,point   f..'  lb- li.  '
run  agiiiii.'.l     iimi',      Tin-' .-.inri.   v .-
(iiaile ul   Hi- slivcl i-io-.-.lii,"  in  fi-
yf the l'Vinie  linl.l nn.l  tl..-  mn   \
,lo be  down   Hie   iiveliue   p r-l   ll).'   i
.It.nit    al   lhe ..Id  Kov.il  h-.t'-l  r-.ii'
whete thr Ims..   wa',   l>.   1»' i.'iii' ' t".
>>n thr  Mill and tlii'  w..i. i   wa-.  i" '
Hying ul the iiiilie <     'I'    ii- ii   i '*
between    the      Wnhlni!     ml   N'l-Hh ■'
hotehi'   Inli-ii'st  in lln     '..lii " '-      I'<
drawn  lingi'  cloud4  n   p n;.l.'     wl'
lined tlie  .'.(in I   on  1 ...li    :•'. i
lilhd   evirv   window I mn    aIi.ib
view   .-(  tlle 1 SI 11  ii'l.'.'   '.      I
race and everybody iiieliiding their,
pliieky antagonists, the Moyie boys,'
were forry for them.' The "Moyii. U-iWii'
th'.-n lin.'d up, and. pVe.i. iiled the same,
hoauiifiil si.,-lit of eiigvr, well train--
e*.i rae.ng-l'.m'chiius \vilh taut nerves'
and io-d..-d museles crouching like so
iii:iii\ tigers ready' to leap to theii
..rev.    ' ,       '        ' '"-
Ag.i.'n   tlw ' din-tor - fired   his   pistol
nl  :->|.-:iTn" :i      binir   .   stlL:Lli_of-ll-VJllf'-
.;niiis   a'n'd .legs'and   spinning        carl
w!-LV,l*-..-aud   Hying  dust   marked      the,
rnur.ic of  the      leiyu as  it Hew- down
? In*   stieet.   These > l-.Ovs   were  '   inure
i n '
m: tiiuiitc.-ainl made .llw iiuiaud ba.l
the water" Hying to ifieVonsleriialio:.'
of s'oine o|   lhe *Kjvetalors   on the;
WoUloi*! .b.'ilcbny, in 31. seconds. This
was no'l ,-i,';:g'ood tiii!>;' Jas this, team
li.i-- iii;,'Ic but it is prol-olili'-that (lit-.
■ |i.«.lriHi.-i- was a little greater than the!
ii> (nal Mica-iiiiV'l sjiiice over ' which*
'.ii.-v r.-,n   before.  '
Althiingh   the   Craiibrool:   boys   fell
li-n'y'    llieir   imrortunl.ile     mislni|i,
ili..y piovrd   tliemr.cives  heroic  sports'
men, I'or ih.-y  at once nniioiinccd lhat
.ill In in j. J» Ihiv had fairly Io-'il to th^ir;
worthy- 'eppoa. nts,    tliey wou'ldgive
ih,.  .',;ii>!'iator.>; an  exiiibil ion  run, iiud
n'glil" loyally   was   llli-! iiliiidituri'mrili
.-lu-nd   bv ilu.   largi!   crowd.      What
in.iy )]• called a renin! 11111 ,was niade
,!,*', tlie  l.iiya riivi-reil  tlu* long distaiii'i-
in ■."/    >i.'i..nd.s      flat. This  ended   Hie
;,r.in.iisL cVi nl ol Hi.- whole program
,md Keiuie  tal'.-s ..ll   its hat   l.i the;..'
in iii).-   (,p>.i I'.iiu 11   fri 111 th.1   west   and
will   nol  lAi-gei   the  good  example  i'!
clenii,  i'ii".iii:%.'  inspiring  spoil  ol      a
I.ii;.I  v,liiili Liul'i  lo put   lile.        int..
i-o.ii. .1.. wl.l.h   improve   11   ilaitgi-roii''
bill mo* t    11 i-essaiy   selviie,   To     the
liiptahi., ,111! nun  ol   llii-se two teaiu-i
tl|.„l,...lg. r  I'Ninid:;   ilslu-aily   thanks
|..i- .oii.'ii si> s  ..'iluiilid   its  ripi'i-'.i-nt
,ili\is  aill   lor  Hie gieat   service   ill,-■
li.n >■ 1, 'i.i -i   .1    I h"   public   I.v       til." i-
i7ii    ;■,ini,it!',. 11,, ol skill  and stu-iigtli
.irUl'INT.   '
.le '  I "• ni.' th ■ ho'.,, nil's1    (nine   ni
ill.     pmip.llii  u:!llr*ls   Weir   p.lllld   ml
The ball given by the Hagk-K oil
Tuesday, evening al which Miss 0'-
Hrien was most gracefully c?owned
by Mayor Rleasdell as queen of lb.:
cn-uip.il, was biu'i.'ily aHU-iHled and
all went nitrry as' a piarriage ' belt
uiuler the shadow ol the wings 01
tlw 'gviilant Kalgh-s. Air, Milk-r,, and
his assistants excelled llieniMdves
the vi'iiliility of ntysie iMinli-ri.il' upc-i
the, occasion, many saving it was the
best ever rendered al a ball iii l-Vi'-.
nie, which is saying a great deal.
Many people froin outside points', were;
in attendance and "all ui'oyi-d ' themselves.
On  Tuesday  evening  tin- l'Vinie and
Coal  Creek' football   teams Hied  coiir
elusions 011 the ncival iuii ground A
which resulted in an easy victory for
llie Coal Creeks, the score 'standing
3-0  in   Livor  of  the   Coal   Civek'hoys.''
Vislerday evening the Michel boys
faced the victorious Coal Cieekers
and altho they put up a fine game
they only succeeded in changing' - th.-
score to 2-0 in favor of the, .champions, the latter playing one man
short, *'
The Coal Creek boys are a stron,-;
conilviiiiilion iimi ,-i matili lM'tw.-«!t '
them and lhe Nelson team should
lie arranged, such a contest would be
,i drawing card and well worth looking at ' and it is hoped that il cm
l|r arranged to have these Iw.. gV-tod
teams mul More tin: end of tlw se.i-
Tlw   Kagles1   (-elebiMlion   cominittei.
onsisting of ,\v. W, Tultle,      .chairman,   and   L.   I',   luksliin,   T.  "   IT.
Whelan,' I).   J.   |>:iiii,.r,  and  C,        W.
Dnvey,  .-ire entilled  to a  gn-at    deal
iif credit for the most :iii*-ri-;.;.fiil inaii-
m-r in  whiih  they  arranged  for   and
Sallied out     the     two! dtiy's   s|v,tjt'':.
■il'liey were    geiwroiisly    nupporled   bv
mi'l(liaiilr.  and  business  men  of    tlw
town,  the coal company,  and  prof,-*--
'lioiial   in.-n.   They   incurred   a     larj'i*
"xpi'iidlluic  of  nioiiev   in   iidvcrlising
and in pri/e'i nud, tliiinlc. tn the general turnout  iiml support  nf lhe public,lhe  great   cariili-iil   was  a   deri.-lnl
SlU'l 1.>.,'..
A mt-'.snjji! from IVinrip.-il IVtllnn
-il.'ili.s that nil tlie l-Vniie pupils •.iii".-t"is
'ully passed tlie cnlmm-i' I'Siiiiiiiinlioij.
,-*i ii-i t.   In   the  it.mdiiig  .jiimii      Owiii(,r to llie crowded  I'oiulil'ums of
Hlleonv  linl.l  Hi,-  S,\ ..11.1
.•r iiul ol   ill.-  .mn*"  '•■ 'd
of (iliillliiliil   liuiimiiif.', 1.'
he '.| oil   .'.I'd   lo -ipl'l •'  :   '
.'u- !•
in   -.
. , 1, -
. ,1 H
'Ii hiau I:   l'ink   lip.I   111. ney,   coveriuj*
nine In I -i-levni iiwlwi und Dm I 'Ulu.k.
'.lllll        '.llO|lll.|
lu 1 lie 1 mining  jump IMiwiik   took
in .   i.i*!.. \, pimping ifi.|>.'i ti\ iiuhe'i
,.|. j    '.-'.      ],'      \|i l)l.|.,l'.l|   l .llll"'   >.ri-.'lld.
:u  .11.    lu.i.niig li.tp .'.l.p  .md     juiill1
i;,;i'.i. I. w.i. lii"i r.t -li /--'-l '■ iii'lu-'i
|.;,„ ' ',  .,',    .     ii 1 I   H', ill. lii'..
i'!'i/,|.; KM*. I IT
!'*!, ' ' ,   li ill   \.,f. (li.w.l.d   Hi      lhe
I    in   w lllli ■■■>   .1   |'i i".
I, M ...
I-l.    Wall.'I    HI.III.HU    a
11 ;P 11:,ni  ol   1'etiiie,  alld
Sawing Match
Afui ll.i fun iu tlw sv.iU-r twopaii*.
of sawviin tat klid a big cot ton won.!
■ngiAth .rnv.*iit wi**a and nfler lw<i
attkiii|.ts to get through tlw log th'
eoiitist was il.clainl a draw. The
tmnii-* •>( the Raujer*. were ns Jul*
l'irM Iram—.Tohn Caslil nnd I'.ric
Sc.ond tn-am—John Vin.ua ami
Voun-t; 1'olaaif. ' •
In tlw In*** of war t nnt est lho Klk
Luiubit Compnny team 'won, 'rontist
ing ii'g.iiii-il a ten 111 of i.iliu-rs and a
''iim of cily 1 ovr
firemen^ Races
The two (ire brig.idis, nnn Irom
Cl.iiibino'., lb, oil.ii tii'in Muyii- deserve ■•rent iicilii lor thi] pufilic -^itiriit
diipl.itid in loi.iing 'o f.o u» hnd
llie'i- aid lo the KiigUs of l-Vmli in
I It. tr nnii it*, ni to stimulate aa enlhu-
-tiusm tain iln- Mi* Sijivjcc gi-neratl.',
niAl 11 wa«i unlij'tiitt.*''.* ll-Vt tji. re
was imi .1 IVinie brig.iile ninty xn
unn-iiti- im- tin hoimr of tin- i-imti *l
Cii|iltiin Fin**, "I ih. Ct*»nl.r;>ok !.*i/
ftde,   and Captain I!. 0, Kamm, >l
111,1', .I'd    i:pi II    It   ; '     '   ■'
VV'.l..|.lllV   ill    ha'l    '."'' '    hi.,-   <• ■ i"-
III-   Iliggin-. ...t.-l  '.'   '' 'i1''-'  •"i,,
was a line '-ij.hl  to •> • Hi-- C1..11I '■
1 li\ N   S, . I|.).i    .      I-....        .......
rai-i ri,     whith       t'i v     v- "'
•■vi ry n.ii-tl- -.el,  .-vi iv  n iv.'
tingle  ;iw.iiiin]*    Hi'1 (,i i'k   "'
tul wh ih ,'..-iil   llu m   ..w.i\   li'
wind.  Th.   Mart wa*     o ',ui. 1:
.    .       , iti
.0.111 !.'. ..I.'.In'.     •'  '•       '    -.
.iiiglibi.d. thai   >i!in'.-»l   *'i   Hi''
hap tli.-  I">-*--  I", n '< ''   "'"•   '"' ''
his iniipliug   aiul a. Ih. *,-   i.ni     i1
tin- Mi. t   .>! a   l :i   ">  < ""'   '"   '*
In <,->• « i-i 1:11:1 In   lv  Hi ■ i«<bi ■ •
III  Ihr 1.lit    IV hnl    dial   tin!' ' '
tuixi 1!   in -ii«!.    a  v, iv   :•■    tn   '■
down on.>>( (In-  .'-iii.ut'   n- **-
In-, -i
! I'
,  ..:   Ch mail,
.    Uu    in;;,   light   was   :.l.niul .1
,  1   w.'y  pull.'d oil        !»■•
;        '.lul,',.',  "i  Kiill'i-    ''"'I  l»i'l
..I  C1.1l  Ci-.>k.  Tin 1 pn-limin-
I,*,- Ci.ll.ih.ni.  at"! .'1
nir lolmnns with rarnival news, 111111.I1
I.).'.'.I niul (jeiuriil inaltir has been
I'linvdoil out. Aniim'.st ilieni is any
iint'ue of Mr. Ilaw'tlinnifliwnilu's iiu-ei*
ill); in Miner'-. II,ill on Tiu'i.liiy cun*
'llw   llctliit   HUH.11   I'.M.W.   ul   A. -II
, niiii Illli4l    ill    I'.l,HI lliiilr,    uMi'lii, ll'lll. .Illlilniii'.U     III .ll IU li il ll'.    olliii I*. In
1 utiiiii.       the      |,i'Hihiii|.;c   tight,   ,1 .
"l > I. I . [. I t I ■. Wlll }.|».il lol llili.M, ,111 I
--li'Milllii ii Ulll' 111II (ill*. 'lhe ll". ulll-
I nil 111 lull ami .1 tolilplili I. imll
ol  file ptoii-eilni)",   will 11PIH nr   ni   the
IIC\t      U.Mll',
M • I !l
■ 1      1
,1 p. r
ll     '
The ball t;iviii I.v th.- miiiiti. it
Hie iIiim- ol Hull iviv MinVAliil -l.iv.
s(ioti  Mniiil.iv i-v,ui|.. 111 '.itt.ik'i,   hall,
;,-.,,,.,    ,,4     .  ,.,,  • ' '     ;    ; .
'■'*'■    i.'i.'ih  1 ,l""   ■---'' 'Ll rtuliii*.   tinu   .1111111.il   spnits      an.l
....   .ml il-.   ,.iii«i-.i..i.i'. in Hn*   WilH xl..|V itti. n.i. <1. Tlw Ust ot mu-a."
W.'IN piiiliil.il .III.I the Cvlltlul ' *..iw
ili.ii ih nireslitiii'iii,'; wii. 1.1 ih.-
|H'.I ipi.ilitv  and «>t iiinph- ipianiiiy.
1.1...  111 in   ; I 1 .a It nihil   wilh  Tut*
ll, ',-, 1. ..i,.., I'.ilbili.iii h.ul ih.illi-n,-
. d tin- w mn. 1 >.: thi'. .liglil bui a-, it
v.       ,|....| im d   ,1   >1r.i .*,-  hi*  Wlll Ii.ivi-  In
li iii   .1 go .it     >•>.'h
A   I'.i, ACK IT I.  ACT,
Ih-. nrt   fr
h'.'     111-     |lVl1l"l!(
■»tit   1» ing   •ih'-    I'i  s .'tli'   Hi-
I on    Y'ti-i 4.:-   t'l'fi'Min -i.-
. i*i
:;.iH.,nt        t'.iiu  Hi.
.       lll.t    .1     <..IV      (.Jf  l.itlll
,n •   Hn   g.il.   ti.' i|-l*.  »l
•    (.,..* 11.1,    im  ihe iln..
11'   it    |.iti;»   piiMI..Illtiti •-,
'., .',1  ill    I'.Mii'-,    '' lwi(f "
. • ,;    '.li. Jl, I     1,1 ,1     1 Vi IIIIH-
'     tl, *, till 11'     Mm 1. IV
..,  Hi.    "... U   lullv
Tlw titost'H N.-t Fooil.til .ii*.nia
lion In hi a itw-i'i.iiy in Ail m*'in <« »«'-
iMitti '-.toi.- yi^UnUy at whuli ai-
•wn^t-nM-fli"* fi-r ihr mni.-i t<-t th*
Fort Stub- Ur.-win^ «..m|..»i»y'"* h»«l
^1111   |>ii/..     Aiiru-.i   Ilh wa. ... t   ..
Ill,-  -Lile   I..f   llli-   lir:.l   |'.UU,   . llm
liiw.ui Kit m.- .in! >''il «''•''   "" ♦•'
lil.ilnl ,.l   Kiinii-, .md lhe .'.inn'      li'
%*■ mi l'». 1.1k .ind      Mi.lul  *n   l'l-mk
I Hi.* ,|.»l, *.  li>r im*  iiiininn"  in.it.hr"
•lp    *ilt lo uUiuwu.td lJUr, T-
;AAA Y&Yii
■.". ».-'
Packinghouse Armour Says ft is
Meats are Clean and no Diseased Animals Slaughter
;:ecWAgitation Commenced by Revolutionists •    -    '.
Reports of Investigators are  Maliciously False-Un-
.    told Damagc^Ponc -
* Mew* York, dune 30.—J. Ogdeu Ai--
jnour, lieaU lAoiie ol the largest ot
the Chicago jAKkiny; houses, accoili-
paiiicd by,tus wile and daiigllter, armed here today ou the Kronp.-iu/-
Wil helm. -
'Mr. , Annum- tonight iinide public
tho liillnwiii'g sliitemelil legsirding ilu:
recent   packing   house  exposures.
'•On   summing   up   what   has   been
said   about, the  packers and  what h-i**
U-en   done   to tin,   packing   industry,
one  naturally  iuViuire.-...   -What   lias ne
eoiiw ol our  boiisted Am-.Tii'iiii    , fair-
play?'   Oiie   ol   the   hti-jji-.il Aiiiericau
industries lias bei-n* iillackcd, and   i.l-
■ lacked without reason, iiii a way that
that   has   dk-tvditcd   Amerieaf. goorl;
of all   kinds abroad.  All  over l'lurope.
there  is open agii.ilii.u lor ii  bin-roll,
on Amerieiiii proilucls, *      ' ,
"The entile e.\po:l trade of tin.*-.
country has been b'sullv damaged. To
estimate tl'« total loss now won!.!
be merely guesswork, ll may run into the millions.*When American in-'
duslrics are slandered 'by persons who
pretend to speak as Americans, it i.s
to Ia: e'x|weli.*l that foreign coinpel-
■   iliors   will take   advantage   ol .it.
"Hut   tho  Amu-icau  meat   industry
•^caa not be destroyed by socialist unimproved   they will   be   better .toiao" -
Stump speeches on sensational'journal
• ism running amuk. It has existed for
fortv vears. Its products l'.ave made
llieir way   into  every   quarter   of    he
' earth 011-mcril. Tliey speak [or themselves.'They* arc as good today as
they were "jesterday. If they can he
Unions,*     political '     revoliitioiiisls.
row.   Slander   nia'y  retard   but can
.not stop g/>od merchandise from hiia-
iiijr a maikel. The public has. been ig-
moment'or maliciously informed 011
two of the most important jiha'scs ol
lhe whole cpicstion, namely, till- rh""-*-
ncter ..[ the meat inspection as. it ss
and-has been and ,the attitude of the
large packers toward tho proposed
"The inspect in;i now in' force in a1!
llw larger packing houses makes the
sale of (iiseas-.'d meat, from such house
impossible. The government, which is
, responsible Tor the inspection, lp.s
failed lo tell the facts allinul it.,
"The larger packers Udievc iu ,*ov-
crumeiit inspection.   Tliey   asked     for
it  in the  lirsl  pkue. They want     itj
.   contiiiiied and  improved  if  it   i-iuv be
"I believe -til of tlle large packers
are heaitily iii favor ol the sale
guards which the pending bill is 111-
teniled to accomplish, miniily, the,
thorough inspection'ol" all. animals
iK'fore slaughter; thorough inspection
ot ull animals after slaughter; thorough inspection ol al! tlle pi'ndiicls'
that go t.i iliu consumers oilier than-
in bulk. '
"I have seen it stated that seainlul
ons attacks upon Hie Americmi 'iiei'
iiiilusiry were jnecipitiited by lhe op
position of llie packers to lhe proposed legislation. That is not true nn,l
could not be true. My iiiloruialioii is
lllld the in.'"" spupei liles will bear llie
out, that the llorul nf slander was
well stalled before 11 suggestion of
legislation was heard. We never
heard of the si-uilleil lh-herldge ,n*i.,
eiidmciil bill until it wm. iiitnidiicul
Kivrylhiiig prm-blul ior in Hie proposed legislation unild have been nc-
('omplisluil without any ul tin- i,,<m-
nging Miisatioiialii.in We have had.
if the i-o-opeiMtiiin ni (he pin-ki-i". hud
been di'siiid nr had Ivi-u aceepli'il
win n  piollmd.
"As the lepnrt 4 i,! ih,. National ,\s
'.ixiatinii of MJaiiiiiiiitiinr,., whiih I
hav.* jii-.i ii-.ul j,.,ii>. jt i|„, .,u..., ,
of the riloniiii ..uni ii> hue |>. ui
lo kill Hn- .iHiMiv in ,t mul Hi,.)! 1,..
f(,nill   it,
"Tli.-re is <:oiiii i„iii.|.niinn in the
wav ii'.ers ol Hn- fliu.ii'n meiif■-. mill
pail iiul arly cmited meat*., ,u.* 11.1 v*
ii.-.imin,- in in.;; i,ii.i|i(\ ;n i|u* Mu*
■1 111..1' Ai, li.-„ .,,,,, , ,,., 1 ,,iin,.,.1,
nwiild Ii.mi- stanni in iU .iih all, r
llw '.iriU-pi.,!,. lVj| !,,, '* Cldi.-.;-..,
c.illlu-il li.i-.it was not at luilid, ,.|| 1
lhc health ih p.u inn ill s.m .. ili.il ii,t-
101I w.-is tin Jn ,ilih|,.,4,| id (|i,. , iv"-
historv. I-'itglii-li iiiitiy .illii. rs imd in-
'.pi*.ton ure niv'ii/ r.ii.iil.ir (-.-••■'iiitimi-
It   is    giant-,in;.   il„ii   ,!..\vl(i|imeiits
*. - ,
an* pioving the unfair character
thc N'cil-Reytiolds" nport!
1 am personally much gratified by
tA>- way (hose subsequent develop-
m.iils bear on Armour it Co, The
ct mmeiits of the Mohler-Slcddom com
n.iitce-of thc United Stales agricu!-
firal de]iarlincnl experts and the re-
|.-iis by the Chicago Iroard of health
show lhat our plant as a whole is
clean and sanitary. It ought to bo.,
Wc have always tried to keep it so".
We were doing it before, this agitation was dreamed of. I'or five 'years
or mora we   spent   an   average of
more than Sjoo.coo a year for new
buildings and improvements on *>nr
Chicago plant  alone.    n
Indiana is
After Them
Indianapolis, '.Iniic 29.—Dr. J. N.
Hurley, secretary, of.the state board
of health,'aiid.H.-IC. Barnard, chemist of the state j board of health,'-acting on the advice "of Dr, Henry T.
Davis, of Richmond, president of thc
state, board,'' and, „ Attorney General
Miller, today presented Judgi*: ■' l'rc-
mowl Alford of Marion county criin-
i11.1l court,' and. Prosecutor Charles K.
Hesiiiott, the result o[\j> .*"■■* analysises
of tucal Jniind on 'sale in Indiaiiapoll
is cily tWarkets as a basis for'prosecutions to he. instituted against the'
dealers whose' meats' wcr found to
contain preservative 'chemicals. The
state board,of health 'ollicials ' arc
confident that convictions can lie secured. .-' .'.- * , * A -
shaking   np   independents   Q\VQW'"Wf5
Meat is Bad
**-    ';?', '
- ...   .i*.
Kansas Cily, Mo., AvAy 2.—A ehem
ieal analysis, of hanibiirger steaH,
hnlogiia sausage, loose-, sausage, Polish sausa'ge," frankfurters, and we'nwr-
wursls bought in the open market
from three leading packing compan,
ies, has convinced. Dr. Ii. . .\\\ I.iiul-
her'g, prcsidi.nl of, and professor of
i'liein ist iy, iindv toxicology in the Kansas City Ilannanian ."Medical 'college
that these-'-products of.the' packing"
companies contain sulphites."'In cyoro,-
suinple of the products, of two" of
the houses, and,in two -out of.' .livii
ol thc other, samples,' injurious (|iian-,
lilies of sulphites'were found. , Or.-
Lindterg began-his invesli,g)ation of
thi* packing house, products long ' k—
'fore the beginning of the present agitation.    -     -,' , "-**•..*
1 ■ York Will - Prosecute' :'' • ■
44 * '      , , _ - ,_        , , . - ■    i> ..   ;  ■
'     '       -j        ' 4 ' ti -    '■„ „   -   ■'
Manufacturers and^Dealers
the gmABiAN bank
Paid-up Capital, $.0,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
B." E. WALKER, .General Mariagea^'A^ " ' "ALEX, UAlRDrAsst^Geo'lManag-ef
\"'~Xf'.$% BANKING   BY^ WiAlL ''   \ Y   \
Business ni'ay be transacted by mail with any branch
of tho "Bank.   Accounts may be opened, and deposits
made or withdrawn by mail.  Every'attention is paid
to out-of-town accounts. n \   ■      '.  . ,*•.,;   "    , y-.■ .
Fernio   IJnu.cli ; G. S;' Holt,   MahaR-er'
' fs '
Havo one oCthcii inrgest p.toros in Fernio.   '
,■-,.,...,,.,        .    -p '     - ■
.Lamb, Venl- FrcBh and Smoked.Fish.
Freslr Fish cdnStantly arriving
1 'Vfc-v&fe'* "msk «t^«ii^*)'mi««««%« -%^%^%^'%%
Mead  .Offjce
* t - .■- .*.
Calgary, „ Af ta.
"e\v York, .Tulj-
o weeks   it   is
I.—Within the lust
learned, aliont  ,Sn
ii::iiiufiiclui-ei'.<. of sansajjes have l.een
i iiiled before the board of health unci
v..rued that they will be prosecuted
lo'the full extent of the law if tliey
di. not at once comply with the pro-
Asioii.s of the sanitai-}* code and hi*
l.,*l their product with a descviptio.i
>>i   the  preservative   used.
investigations ,111'ade by inspectors
u..A analysis made by Uiejdepartinoi.t
• l-..:inisl>* have shown that all the sau-
^- «e i-.isiniifacturcrs use preservatives.
' iiile -it  i.s   not   claimed   that  '.these
;>: uses-vat ves   arc   deleterious, lho
1; niiii department will take ' no
iliances and.will insist that the I'ur-
h.iser slrall   '"know   just   what   he   is
'•••viiiff.    '"       „ .
 ij.c.,,.1. „.,...,...., ,„,.„., r„„i.,A* •..-_.,.:_
 1  ,11^11 ,-!Cl,l.-,ll wl-      I.I.1.1,1 ill*. ,l„Ll  ."» »*.-
Invc appeared -before the- board tjiy.***
a;;iccd to ..comply witli the law and
T lelievc tliey- mean   to  keep   '   their
woid,"  said  Dr.      Darlington, .ehaii-
maii. frt" the   health   board   yesterday.
"Hut   there aie a  jrood   many    smill
Manufacturers wc can't  reach at this,
time    and to   tlitsc   I   wish* to    i,qve
notice   that   I   will   prosecute      thoiu.
every tinu* 1  lind Ilium  breaking    (hu
law. Tho public has a  riejil to know
what it i.s. eating, and I shall do all
lean  to see  that it docs.
Dr. Darlington  was  asked  how    he'
co.ild get after the sausage, product
of- thc Chicago packers, since, apparently, his only recourse in' law was
in.der .the sanitary  code.
"In cases where I find sausages on
sale without a label showing the preservative, if any, used," said the
doctor "I shall get after the man
selling them. I think* I-shall' have
a clear case against any retailer ,sell
ing such   roods."
Chicago is After
The Independents
■■"■ . ■       r - .._        \    >    \ :
commissioner, \V. II. Whelan, following an-inspection of s-iualler plants
at the  "".Tilioil   slock  yards.
Others, nrc-found to be clean,'well
ventilated * aiid in a generally s.il-
isfactory  condition.
The plants criticised in the reports
in sonic .instances have already begun
the work- of ^improvement. In specif:..-
cases orders arc being * prcparc!d ie-
quiriii,,g*.,'alterations. Floors out of
repair, defective plumbing, clogged
guttPrs 'and alack,ol vclntilation arc
-the chief points in which the'inspector found  (he  buifding.s at. fault.'
Th&---Dominion Meat
' '"'Cb.9.
Wholesale & Retail Meat \icrcliants ...
, Fernie,, B. G., -
Bacon,- Lard. ,       ;    Fish and Game Jn Season.
Victoria* Ave.
,'Phone   No.   4
•' Chicago, .Tunc a*-.—Unsanitary coil- j tablishmciits, according to a report-
ditions linvc-' been found to exist iu.l made today liy the cliief sanitary in
seme of  the   independent  packing 'ev- I spcctor,P.   T„  Whelan,, to  thc   health
■ ■w .|.|..iii..iii.
Ohio Ice Men Go
To Jail for One Year
Vnd Pay $5000 Fine For Conspiring to Boost
Frozen Water
ityoa, ytmt fr't ti.lt or rtlailwiw tii*>i«it!t
Flu, I'ftilfptv, St. N-iliKj' tt.inff, rr VntVmg
tiKltne.i, wrdrf-f ftiri.lljriTtli. mv! vsluabl*
trcui.4 cn vi.th d*-«uri io Tub l.nmw Co.,
179 Kin- Stru.-t, \V,, ToKinin, CiiwiU. Al)
dnntlji.u k-11 or cun uluiul .r yi«
Toledo, Ohio, July 5.--In the couj*
ii.oii ]j'1(.(\s court' today Judg-e Kin-
..•iile imposed the iiiaxiimun wiUeiu-i!
ol S50011 line and one yeat" in. tlie
woi-kliinisu on live ice men j,r»ilty <".f
.-I Mspirncy  in restrniiit of  tnliU..
The men sentenced were Joseph 'A,
I'illcr, who was couvii-ted; ]{, A,
'.iliil, ll. C, Cli-iiniion, If. 1". Iti-ein-
rug nml l'eter A. \V,iitvrs, who plcnd-
.1 guilty, The judge .Miid tlm senlulice
night bo niitignled in the event the
iiiiii made reMituii.iM. Hearing upon
lotions     in    llm niiest of judgiiient
li not bi: Imd'for some lime, 'ivml
lie iei: iik-ii will Nlniul t'oniiiiitled un
'I tlie   lines  are  paid   nr  the     sen-
life nllierwist' dispnswl of,
Tlu> live mull, all of lliem 'jirniiiiii*
■it in IiikIiu'ss nnd socirtl circle.!,
'■•re liikeii loollie cnunly jitil tn
'.vnil the iniiliiiig nut n[ tli- m-cts*
,.ry papers tn iniiiinit Ilieni tn •.lio
'.oik  lioutie,  unless  iu  the ni].'(iiitiii',e.
they  meet   Judge  Kinkade's  re.qiiiiv-
nieiits nl restitution to the public.
Thu schedule of prices maintained
by llm ice men in 1905 wns from $3
in S.s 11 toil according in the amount
used weekly by tlie consumers. In tlio
spring of the present j-enr il ' wns
anttioiinceil tlmt owing to the slmi'l-
nge of tlu. Michigan ice crop prices
would liujiicreiiKi'tl inn per cent.
A few weeks latei; the N'cw, Hoe, un
afternoon pnper, sent an experienced
hi:'1111111 tliroiigli IMichignn and, oh*
milled uvidein-i: whicli showed conelii-
.•n'viyly thnt tin- liiirvcsl tliis vrnr lind
'-■ceil us large us Inst, and that Mm
ipinlitv of the product wns iniicli
Iw-tler becausi' then, was littli
in it.
The pii.Miiition was iiiiiiiedln
ken up liy l'losi'iiit'ir Wlrttlieiilieiuier
iiiidii- the Vnlwitinc nnt 1*1 rust law, n
stnte law, which pmviilcs 11 puiinlty
nf $$oot)  fin*■ und a  yeiii's  iiuprUnil*
r*- *-a *   mm     **    s*    **h\   **,    sm,» ss. 1 ***   %-*   m*    *P **f    ***    •*•    if    *W    •**    •**    '-*    ***    ***     •*>    v    **    •»    *»    *»    «*-
i> snow     1^
t;Iyt,3; Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd
\ Terrifying Experience ;■
rem.. Drawing lVitroff]yccrlno I.ui.s Away
limgi r,
• i
Mini:   ,";.—CI1.1.",
li.,. rin,  .1 -,,.
/.. >
niuri.wlv i'i ,i\i,;\
KtiiglilsiiiMii,   lml
I i'ii'     iliic,.!■  .if   .1   .,
u mil  ni ilii*. tliv, murnwiv i
'(•tug blnwii  in iitoiui  tnilny        niul
iiiiiiduils    nl hiri-icr*. were  ti'irmi/til
.\I1.11 his it-tun ran nil with a  wnjj.ui
loiiil.il   wild the deadly  lluid   behind
..  ..
ISc-.>.|i-ul  M.irml  out  to ni.ike     si
lint iiiiii '■.Inn al.niii four inllt-i nnrl'i
I In rt: Ms lior*A*«i lM.-1-nnir frigli(,u,*|
.it viiiic iiglilinj; dng* nml .slii(i-,l i'»
nil. 'flli'V wife MKiri l-eyntiil llie tnn
.r>if ,,f th? th iv.- r an A Iwdilctl (<*!• ,\
.l.t-p tinliuiiLiiit-iii nt the cml of -i
',.'.'t"ikv. l'r.\. ).iiii|H.l unit v»»i .nr
li:*. lift-,  mul lite liorMS swrrvi.il  ju-»t
II lin;.. .ni.i l.j,t Un- m-j,1. Tlu-v r-n
'.if Mini mi|»H ititoiigU a (lit,lily jiop
1.1 t...l   <HaI|U(,
T.iri'ml iittmu» *i«.B)j nitro*>ly*
«fint lUn-^rr \iy.nn on tbf leimi nnd
**'3j?».rt, llv.l for llit-ir livm inlo il*ii»
i.l>|., ;iii*l wim^K. Oiu (liit'iglilfiil 'ar-
t>< 1 irflliil m> hii f*rij:lil».r<t. ,1o«ti ,he
until  itnA «.m.i,l il^rn l.y  trl«*|.Tir>n<*
<>( tin- iippioaihin,.  1
it  di    , ...1 ,.'
-.■•'tlli.il  ll   liUHilvr.il     V,',i11;i(|.   'A*,jd..,    fl
i.tiniir tun iuin iln- vn.iil -mil stop*
|i:d llu* aiiiiiisl ixliiiusitd (eniii. A'.*-
I'll* Imd Hot tlu* liiiutest iiha lioii'flil-;
a hern   In- wiim until It   was  over.   XU
tint Win v.'iiiiiul nl liis ilni-i*-, r.
Turoiilo, Juiii- '.v».—Tin* prnviiiiinl
f*irctnry's ili-p.-iiiiuiiii is iiwniliiOr
the nMilt «,| 11 tnriinnr:s ',li«|iii*sl In
rll,: i-.ivf ,,f CTiiiil... -trvyn.t, <*Iltl. AWA
.11 Ch.iiliiiiH Suudiiv niglit. Tlie lii.itl
a.u 1i.1u.tl to tU,ilh. H,- utiiii* iinin
L'lutJiniii uittitshi,, „„,| wn;4 coini-iil*
ttrl In «fi*i Cli'iiiluni -j*,,*! «., a Jiiaailc
lie (iiuKiuuI ihi* iiittlinrilii.i wrrc i,f*
fer liim for soiim triuie In., did not
trmmiii, nml ufiisul ta tnkc r.vxl.
iK.utUhtmni fir tii..|»iciit(. n» nny Wn-I.
Afi.r lie h.ul turn In j.iji un Aiwa
llu- uiiilmiitii*. nniii'.il Uu* im|M-cior
«•* liK <i.i.<lition. lint |*lorr iinylfiin>»
nrrti.il |«- tl..m ilu riiaii w.-»» .I.-.-1.1.
mi'iitt (is tlie iiinximuui pennlty fov
conspiruiy in restrniiit, nf     trade.
Wlfeii  Joseph  Miller, the  first     i*v
mnn jigniiist ,'wlioui 11,verdict nf guil-
,,-ty was relui-nctl, had been tried,    all
;,the comjiniiii'S f«l   their prices nboui
;-2o per cent.
! Tonight nttorneys for the conviefod
lie barons who nrc now,in the county jftil, filed n motion for h niodili*
•ciitlon of tlie peulence, but the jiiil^o
j-will nol he«r drguinent on tills motion until nfler he has disposed ol
the cases mow before liim, which will
pu-bnlily not'!« for two weel-s.
simscRinF..Fou titk i.kdorr.
Fire Works
Souvenir Ciuics
LI NIC    OF,,
-—Palace Drug Store
H. P. McLcnn, Mffr.
Brewers of Extra Fine
Lager Beer and Aerated
Waters. Bottled Goods
a Specialty,
Refill liown-'-
OAli p m I.v.
' 12 i.'i n m
il .is a in    i
7 80 p m An-
Fotnio .;'.
'' * Itcail l'l>,
Aii-j8 i. 1« m .
i". I'la'm-
, p X) ]> m
I.v D lii .1. Ill
1 Daily c.4.-<-Gpt Mm.lity
^c;iyjjiKj.£cjj*ug_J9,4-i-''P<' m\
' arrive at 10.55 p. m. i"    ,   '    ^
.VANCOUVER   ,1 " ;.'
- To-moirirow
"V NIGHT ,'; "*',.;:,.
-1    ,.*   ,■•':.■
it   10"p. 111. in
ST.  PAUL  '
Kor .iL'tnlloil iiif.ii-i.i.itioit. l.m-lh iiLioi':
viiHoiis^te./citllpn ortuliiio-.i
* .   ■       .       -Jt, J„- ni..in:PT(M:.
have got into the
way-of looking" in the
papers for- - information- c pneeriiiiig* tho
good s^tli ej^need^—^h e=
merchant who fails to
furnish; the informa-
ation '.needn't - expect
to get a-full share of
the trade, and has no
oiie but himself to
Tho LcilgT.' Is the paper
inoHt pooplo here read.
mm mi0 ^|'T^"'^"--^l'J^^^^--l
■♦M--W ^^^*f-|o|SjHfkH 4W-1 >>W%W$»l«W+*
Will Sell 90 Day Round Trip Excursion Tickets
and othor Eastern Points on
Juno, 4, (,, j, »:\, 3$,   July j& j. Ai-ruii 7. K, 0.   Scpl. ». 10 |
Wit iloUlh-tl iiifAMiiAlkin, rsUt, ile, rail rm or tiArem
11. h. MMXWiNK, JVn.lf. II. V.
. *
The     appreciation     of
those who  have  visited
our showroom aiul visit-!
ed   our    millinery   a nil
fancy goods display is a i
flaltoiintf proof 10 us that !i
our styles are  exclusive,
lastefiil aiul   moderately
Only a few of tliose lovely Black
Plumes left
lixpecled   to arrive   this
weelt, a large .shipment
of beautiful shirt   waists,
and shirt waist suits.
RM-m^     Tiflfwf b
MX wvm
*M\mSJ*** **mWm*mlmmi*T**0\t**jm*^
nf ni"
(XuefomiortoSitm Kc)
Short Ordcro nerved nt nil
hour.., dny or nlRht.
Two "loom honlli et llit V.lk I'.lvir I'luli
Pc-r-filci''" t-r'^'B. C.
».»»■■      I.       1^.      ■!«■       -     ■'    '" ' —»*.
iY$r us with
Your Next Order
for Job Work
it fs our neasure
tp please You.
., Tliat-'N why we hnve the niosl ar-
, tislic lino  of     wull  piiprrs  over
shown in li'ernii', Ilninty Hoinl cf-
'feels for  lii'ilmonis, ' stripe's    for
hulls,' inpesli-ies uiul heriildic ]int-
leriis     for'   lilimries , nml ulliijij;
roonisi' French elleets for pnrltirs;
In fiiul   „we    hnvo ovorythi|i|r the
most   PXflClilljr   tnstl)   cun   lllMlUUUl,
Wall Papers
90 Day Round Trip
'  " $52.50    " '
Tliroii|*li Kxcurilon ruii's
'     il
on application,
Diilcti of Sale,
JUNIJ .,, 6, 7, 33, ,8
JULY 1, j,
AUGUST 7,, 8, 9,
Tichi'ls siilijo* I lo iiRiial vArlnltoni o,
nunc niul Include weiil* nml Ik-mIim on
Can. Pnc. .Stcn-iior*. on Grenl  Uiltet.
1'tiU V-tiiUiilskift Viom
J. S,  CMtrVitt, 6
O. V. A„ K«Uo».
Hi BHAinNO, Ar».,
F«inle,   0, C. *x
I.   O.   p.   No.  3172
Meet in.!. 0.  F.  Hall on    the . last
Tuesday in  every ' month.
■'i' ";.WAJ.-J. *U0RRISS0*\t, Fin Sec
T .-t.karxT.cr---.-  , —  r_   :-_t      -
Held Close Prisoner for Months by Her Captor^Escaped wit h Difficulty
-   • after Fearful Treatment .A
CY ',-1
Omaha,  June  26.—Huld   a   prisoiu-r
.   against  her will for moie than    mx
months alter lieiujj cliloi-olo'i-uieil ami
* kitlnappeit   fiom   her -piii-uul's      luiii'.:
Itlrs. "lloia 'West , has   just   sueceetletl,
" accu'rdiiig   to   hor slcny,   itj  escapiiii*
itoiu   her   captor,      William   JMelJvia-
uld.   The latter  followed  her   to  lhe
street, overlook her, beat her into in
Miisihilitv.-'aiul Marled  to curry    her
'l/ack   lo   his   rooms,,; when   a   crowd
gathered,   and   he  tl)"iippcil   her      and
rail. -
Clay West,* the luisilmnd of the wo.
man, is un actor and soon al'iei' tlieiij
ni**rrir)[>i.in .July   of   lrc.t   yea/r,'   he
' left to' fill ,a   theatrical  eiijrajJVniciit.
Shortly  after  that  "Mclloiiahl      ix*-
came a hoarder at the home of Airs.
parents and  became  infati.at-   g0 into lhe yar(1    . thc *louse ^-n-
etl willi ihe bride. On Janiiury
accurilii-g to V.Irs. West's story,, wluli-
she was pliiyinji tlu* organ in ihe
parlor ol hL*r home McDonald crept
in and placed a handkerchief saturated wilh chloroform to her nostr'ls
and she  lapsed into insensibility.
\Uien she regain, nl consciousness she
found herself in a house on tl»e out-
skirls of lieatrice, 40 mik's from' her
luyui'.: ,hold 'prisoner hy a wom.ui!
There IWcl'onulil frii^'uently. visited her
says Mrs. West ami sought to make
her promise s to go with hiin and
keeji V.r whereabouts from lier'1ms-
band and parents-, nnd she refused..
Since that time she has lwcn held a
prisoiu-r, not eveii  lteiiij-- allowed    to
she \vas held. Meantime her husband
had been sent for and' a- systematic
search instituted.'    . A
; Last-Saturday nijjht friends of Hie
ftirl'learned that she was held a pris
oner, at Ueatrice, McDonald also leu in,
ed' tliat the woman's husliand " was
on-his track and hurried to Omaha,
where he took rooms in a small:hotel and kept a close watch upon h.-r
She escaped from her prison anil hi-,
mediately started for the depot, in-
tcndinir to return to,her parents, McDonald missed her before she A ha*.,
been jfone a block. He overtook, her
near the station and 'sought to persuade-her to return with. him. to- the
!i!»a.-l^L^iu£*Il 0:! j*;
hole,. She refused and broke irom
liim/an:! ran. McDonald, says "the! -j;ill
caught up with her and dealt her .,lv
eral vicious.blows on-'.the head rcn-
derjiir hor unconscious. Then In*'
picked her ii]>,-]>laccil her on his' shoulder and ran back up town. A crowd
had gathered by,this time and tearing, that he would l.? captured, AU-
Donald dropped the woman and is-'
caped. - - • , -
"I feared the man," said' Mrs.
West, "and. I know he would hav..
killed nie had I told anyone my stoiy
He is desperate, and would stop al
nothing-. 7 feared to oat the. food
they pave me, because he often talk
ed of poisoning- me.:'
L. P. Eckstein
Barristkr-at-Law,     Solicitor,   Etc.
Koomg 1 & 3, Henderson block, Fermi), B. C.
F. G. Latoe
Post Ofiice Clock. Fernie. P.. C.
::     THE
In   Fernie, is a pleasant home fop all: wlio travel.
T« WHELAjV., Wawagor.
W. K. Rubs, K. C.      „     J. s. t. Am:xam u:
Ross & Alexander
-        KEHN'IE, B. C.
Olllecfn !.. T. \\\ llk.ok; Victoria Avemis.
J. Barbe^
T. \V    Block,   opposite the   Bank
Oiliue houm—8 ii.m. to 8 a in,
W, j. Wriglesworth, D, D. S,
Offici- Hour.*-,. ,    s <!.->0 12 a. mi 1 to 5 p, ni
C.30 to 8 |). in.
Office in Alex, *L Ik's Biock
Juvenile Reform Association and Settlement Workers Turn Down Rockefellers Offer of
Five Million Dollars
IrtriffiMS^.' ■
Dvnver, Colo'., June 29.—Before llie
or.y.nii./'iition'of ihcinteri^itioiial Juvenile Improvement', association at
Cliicajro a' lew; daysl ago, Judge I.i n.i-
M-y, ol Uie juvenile court, at Denver,
Xestor of. the  movement,  gave a
pledge that he would refuse "John  II.
- Rockefeller's gift  of- $5,000,000 10 finance the p.an'.
The offer of the oil magnate ' was
made to Judge I,iiulsey through his
secretary last January, Judge. I.iudsev
( having 'made a" trip lo Xew -York on
conditioirof thc Rockefeller jrift that
the movement  be  made  international
iu character. -. and, it * was Lindsey!:;
intention that this step should be
taken at the national, convention of
charities atn Philadelphia. The 41103-
l Ion, however, was tabled at Philadelphia.' „ . ■ .'" ■*
"At Judge Lindsey's earnest solid-
..talion, however, a lneetin'g of juven^
ile workers was later called by Judge
Back, of Chicago, lo convene at the
Hull house, Chicago. 'sfhe week be 10re
the date oC'this "meeting Judge--Lindsey, and .Jane. Addams of Hull house
*ITTC"t~~iri! lh'c~l>ieiini"al^Tricret"!*ng~of the"
I'Ydirated Volutins" Clubs at St-l'aal
and there Miss Addams .told   " .finis:...'
Lindsey that only oa condition that
*lfr.' Rockefellers oiler was turned
,down would it ,be possible for her-
selfi or other, leading workers"• along
the lines  of the proposed  association
to attend the meeting. Judge Lindsey
gave a pledge that the. a's.iolc-iation
would be formed with the lu?arly sup
port ol all juvenile-'workers', but with
no  tainted  mimev.-
Officer's Ruse Successful;,
American Criminal Lured Across Border:to
Answer Serious Char-ge
'Xiiia'gara,   June   30.—Alter   winning
the love aud confidence ol fair     and
'' ,fnt Jessie Lacey,  of BarberUm,  Ohio
.  I\Ios'cs   Boone  -lied from the Buckeye
..  slate t« Cuimilu.
There caine. Into the life of tlte
f<air Jessie souie iiio*nths 'nig-o' tin:
dashing Boone,.wlio was cliaii'Teur fur
one of the prominent families; of liar
lierlnn, 'Jessie was fond of niitonui.
•liilu-rides, and while speeding through.
Ilh! Inni'K and dells the wily IMoses
whisperctl sweet wordsIjf lovu and de
vnlion in llio, ears of „■ the trusting
dainsel, Miss Lacey listened to tin:
dulcet tones of Hoses and bf,iev-
ing hiin, tiusliid lit 111 beyoad itiscru-
lion, She plciulctl with Bnnne to
niiirry lier, Imt Moses hnd nn ' lovn
for the ninldeii, and one night, nfli'i-
lveln'iBl thnjiilViicd with arrest, h,.
dlsiippenii'il, ' ' .1
Chief of Police David Kergnsoii, d
Tlni,lieitoii, iiiiiiicdiiitely upon rei'iilv-
ing tlio wnrrniit for Bnone, Ntni'ti'd on
llie trail nud nfli'i* a long clwisi- loiiru
I'd from Chief o, Poliro l'nrnell nl
fil. CnllicrlticR,- Out., that he was in
tlio dnrileii City of Cnundii, Chief l\r
guson went to St, Kills, and after a
consultation de-vised a scheme to yet
Boone to come to the Uaited ' States
by'sending'him a telegram from' a'
supposed friend wlio wanted to , see
him  iu  this city,
The ruse was successful and when
Ilnoiio took the troley, Troiii St.Cath-
,'riiies to come here the Ohio, chid
siit in n back seat contentedly smok*
ing a cigar while Patrolinnii lluilu-
and the girl waited paliontly'nt the
bridgt! for Uiem. The car slowly crossed the bridge and leloppod as it near
ed the Tailed States side, ITchcr slop
ped ivlioard, walked np to Boone and
bafore Boone-renli/ed it he was, oil,
liis wny to the station, a prisoner.
Chief Ferguson talked with Ihi* pris
oner and advised him in return' tn
Barhei-lou and face the charge*, und
nfter a little persunslrm 110 decided lo.
■go buck with I liu chief and Miss Lacey   In answer the charge ul llnrlicr
Tlu re was no" love in Miss Lncuv'.-t
eyes when she looked a I Bnnuo ' nn.'
at tlie stnl Inn she pxpi-essed' liersell'
iih nppnfieil lo marrying him now thai
she knows liim In his true llglil.
Eour Egyptians Must Die
On Scaffold anil Others Serve Long Terms
over Hlinn's llultery.
, U. 0
;     :      "DOMINION  -
Office ; 7 L.T.W. Block
Fernie British ColurfiL.ia
Cairo, Kgvpt, June 30.—The trial
of the natives concerned 111 tlie attack June 13 on the party of five Brit
ish oiliccrs while the latter were pig
eon shooting at the villa'geT_ofM)eiu>
shawai, Bear Tallinn,'" killing,-oiie officer, Capt.' C. S. Ball of the Sixth
nraigVDbns aiid the serious maltreatf
ment of others, has "ended in four
natives 'being, sentenced, to death for
muni?!-, four to penal servitude 'for
life, three to fifteen y?ars penal servitude, six to :seven years, hud three
lo one. year and .five to 25 lashes, 31
being (ict-jtiiltcd. V'c 'executions and
(loggings   will   occur  at  Deinsliawnl.
All the men sentenced to death
will be haug-ed l/v turns on one gallows iii tlie presence of* the villagers.
Oeticvn, June 30,—One of the most
rcmnrkalile ballooning feats on record
will be attempted tliis year in the
passage of the Alps. Queen Mnrgher-
ita of Italy some time ago ofleted a
hiindsoiuc cup to the first■ mnn ,,who
crossed from Switzerland to. Italy lhy
lihllomi, '
;Several ntronnuts will nllempl the
feat'tliis slimmer. The passage of the
Alps 'by balloon hns been ntleinpto.l
ninny times More hut nlwnys , un*
successfully. The famous Swiss balloonist, Spellerlni nearly lost his lilu
In one of   his four attempts,
"Of the seven coiiipellllnrs lit tliln
year's races, one'will ascend from
Chnmnnix to cross llio Mont'tllnti,*
rnligo, while the nthei-.s will nsceiul
from various pnlnls in Rwityorlnivl.
Go To Europe for Railway Laborers
1 ■ ,
Construction Work in B/c. Hampered by Labor Short««e-Groat
Northorn Importing: Mon from Europe
Sold by nil Dhif-glsts aiiil General Stored
and by mull.
Ornml I'orl-H, 11, C, .lime afl—Woi'il
hns lwcn rca-lved litiii! from lleilley.
in (ho Sliiiilikniiii'i'ii district thai the
coliHlnulloiinf tlm V. V. St l<) nub
Hut    liiiu.,j;!i    lii.it   .M-il.i.i.    1,1        in.",,
/;n'.)t.v'i'lanh>l Im  want  nf lii"i(iii*p-
A Special agent has lu-ui sent to l.u-
ro|i« to get  men for the work.
Tllt-Ti! ik still iinf>Hit'r ami more set-
ions pnilihni I'onfrontlng the speeiU-
t'liiislriii'tioii nf railway wnrlc tlirou^tit
that dlstiict It is the coulllcl of ll,,.
V. V, ft I{, survey with the C, I',
li.   ....i*».,i. ,,,
i'stiii 'i.u-, ,,£„ ide Ciihulimi I't|.
t'l/ic niihvay run a survey line over
that' Action nml, thy new rontc of the
V. V. .St l'„ cnniliclH with Un- ohl C,
V. II. rnilivny Mirvt-y, As Hie C. |',
K. I.I-..I tho pl.niH (or n,|H (nJjjitmv
survey they lmyc prior rights. ' This
.survey viit<i«rlfiiii.|it miiv i-.-snli fn „
licup or llml particular M-clloii //
Uic hue unless the V, V, ft V„ se-
IcctH tiiiotlit-r- iliiliiniwliiit route, Tin-.
tlispiiU'd ioiiIu is in the vicinity nl
IL-li.. U.JI.MJJ-LU'1
A Mystery of the Sea Cleared. • Tip
riOA\0,\V O.WO.Wt*  (ll;'- aS'uwi1'  «l«H|il ucl tukiqi uv/uy  ("rum  tliu ' Miaul.
London,   July   3.—Tlit:   lii.Y'.lery  of        l-'„j- nv.uly   ihru:   weeks   they   lital
tin* illiJnpiienilaiicc of Cniit. Clmr..-*
S. IVbthoii, n London pilot, lno. I**e»
(irnrtil up by liis uiicxjiectcd arrival
nt Adtlaide, Houlh Australia, lu lhc
Italwi. ship Ceiiesta.
Capt. lVimrou lint! n reiiiiirli't/hlti tx*
pt-rieiuc Jilc left tho KnglMi DoivrtH
on Cliristmns dny,.liittndtn-*; to pilot
l|ic Gi-nestn nn fnr nn the 1,1/iiril^fVn
tin- following day 11 ten ilk gale -.nd-
dmly ttpinn*! tip compelling tlte  vo***
iihout at sea and never siglilcd land
until well dnun ' the l'ltiuh ropsi,
Then aiic'llur grenl gnle occurrei! fore
ing tin- (liiiot.i tn toiitinue tlte voy
agt! aroiiiul the liom without loiuh,
ing any convenient port for Capt.
runmoti lo land, :'
Xo opporlunlty oaum'ii «ilher for
llw cnpiaiii to hoard a, Uomw.i-.d
lumiul ship, so he wns cnrricil an unwilling passenger, n journey of 10,00/1
miles to Adelaide.
Ciipluln l'eiir-iou I* rclurnliig |,f,„u,
nt the f.x|H.»s<. of iho owner of* ilu
CU-instn. lie lia.l n Mlmilar cmh-mVu.o
■lili'veii yenr-i ago u-licn lie wns Invnl-
milnrily rarrivil henrly to the cqnn-
lor. Oii thut ocension, however, "'lie
wa? tr.m-i-y-m-,1 U, a lioiiiewar.l
lioiind v.vsel, ami rcutlied bin-Ion tale
ly, nfter hin triemh lin«rR|vch 'liim
up us lost.
Keep lllnarir.i Mnlnient in tin* hutifc.
ItATKfl tS.W  I'KIl  DAY
Thoi. Pogue,   *f    J   Proprlttor
*¥     *   Afc
-,  ' tl-.iteitiu.ayer Nelson Smeltc-r)
Oolil, Silver or Lead imcli «.l.no
Copper....'. n.i)       Oolii-Silver tl.W
(JliuriiOi lor other motuls on upplieution
_n. n,.ninM-iir-iii.-r. -^ , J'lioiiU'AGT-
Change of Business
Having leased the Fernie'Livery
and Dray business of Wm.ilana-
ley, 1 am prepared to do all
kinds of Dray ing- and Livery
•Agent, for Fernie.Coal, 8111 unit Lime nnd DIsTributln-
Aa-enfc of the Canudlnu Oil t}0. . «"»iiiu
Give me a caii Fred Hand Icy
J. *■ 7
f Tlte Fernie Wislic Millinen Tmporium. Victoria- Aveiiue I
A     A
W!WE   €0^ Ltd.
Wlioltxale Dealers mil! Direct Import-
ter» ol
wriiTi; and nun port-
1 ""
Holt A^tnl* in C»n»tln (or ,
Wlndior    Tonic,      J«g    Dcitroytr.
Jfevnte, SB. e.
Davev & Ladkkout,.
Henurren Bros.
Sand, Lime & Wood
Ollli-M Iii 11111 r i.f How I'nim lllniil., J.Vnili.,||,(j
Mrs.' VVaggett'j; '
Newest ancies Sfow on Show in
Ladies'' Lawn  ahc    Linen, Shirt   Waists.
Ladies'  and: Chile .en's Underwear.
Ladies' Silk Glove j
Ladies'  Lace Ties
Ladies'   Underskirt *.
Children's Sun  Be nnets
All the Latest I.tyles in  Millinery |
::   '
Mrs. Waggetl
Oi iar Co.
NcJooji, 13. c.
Smoke Roy* J. Seal*Cigars.
L Atkinson,      -     .     . ■   .     WeJ.C
Fruits and
Summer Drinks
H*.ri! you'll  find uvcryllilnjr tlm
m-ii.siiii niioi-fls in liim tiiiiilitioii,
COMH       IN AND       8K1^
J. R. Mctfwlng
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
Make your wife happy by |H1y.
■inK a Steel Ranffo of J. D.Ouail
or money refunded
The Fernics Ledger
, F«mie, Hritish Coli:mlii*a
si   Simila»
*    imt
Ih"   tiM.ii
the ccnfci
OD    D
i-nt jirovin
lhc  ItaBiiniiai nf
ada   1
its ll
te    as  a t
act 1
n oi   tin- 1,
Hla 11
h   its  cas
ed   il
lhe wilt
rs  a
n   slums  ii
hi:   v
waves   of
-:-,   u
the itoril
Us ii
i-it  door
pi,"  !
v  nnu am
uni o
,,m ill
are g
in !k>n
we  hnvo
st   !
l*h>n- its
o   an.   pc
y   o
or at au
v l
is needles
■   in
■t to
partita la
t eli-tHi-i-i*.
n a li.i
al   i
l6   lie-  In
in si-
p.-eiiliitE a-
ak*   ,._y..
this land
,0  iKiitnuf
illv Wessa
and in
«   ami
ms bmiijjl
alien Imil
hv   VI
"!   IB
»;■- S"Me o
<>  1*
-iiMed.   Hon
iraT !
Uil.m-  S"
ol  .
al   uc.tll!
■^ryW "-jit *-h<*  '■*'■■** "Jl""'
■s  ol  tin-  Allan
children and mil-
News of Neighboring Towns
of ihe
ii the
.ted   in   the quart?.  '..rfjfe
Id workings in the mine
The contract for the construction of of two feet. Twelve i
a business block ior the Fink "tier- oi two feet. Twelve
tensile Co. was let on Wednesday to employ.-d in the mine
Kerr tt Campbell of Fernie. The new ten days the compound will be .w s wo leet, two stories sligfatly   increased  to
in height, and will be the   most su';- 	
-stantial       and      modern   building   in NOYIE.
H'lUihensl'KooU-uay. The price fo liio —-'	
bnildinj: none      will    eSeecd Sso.coo, Krom   the  Leader—
i.nd including   the   lixtoits,   will   .-e|i- J. p. ]farrcU a
■rom the  Frank   Paper.— from   th"   Tinu
Doc Sawyer and Jas. B. Miller who-       The     aiiililioi
,erc accused stealing four homes   lie- cnfcG metis now
tinging to  Hugh Ca«tron,  of    Cce- ]n:in     |,y the
nan,  had their      trial  Imfore  Justiee Cuke  Couipativ
itutt  in the  Supreme  court at Mac- t|,der  wny and
lirittg erected
of  that place
.tod, 1
I lieiot
Much hilarity occurred at
wedding in town . Saturdpy
During the height ol tlie Ii-st
guest   walked down   to   lhc  ri
Ul    outlay
of  E
It  v
made .
lire-pro.,*   ,lwir clai
,   the  Sun
a .will instead, hen
e kc ovens will doiiilile tin* coki. m-.
injj capacity of Ihis company wim :
at present turniiijt nut arlioni imt:
bf cuke lier day and Hnd it n-atly H
'   kel for all- they   can  produce.
Monday cveiiinj. lhc lirst iiieuliiiji
Un Pass Turl nssncintiim was hi
al the olliee ol W. A. Hei-Jf^e, nf III.
ml the
'■--   good showing oKfcuar
m-tiiji n
* of  the   .Yoi
I  will  1.
In*   ,]
in the i.
Dougatl,  lilairum
Horn,  lln Thesd
.   p.   Westinar
mds   of  man
It is reported
if silver-lead oi
he Xorlh Star
idny   when       Re.-, w.   A. Brown   who   hnd   his         l,g       Keith  ".Y'limster,   who l.asj.ccn "in.
ted   in   lhc      h:ilv ],m|jcB a|„Jllt   a   month  ago   while at the hardware   business  here   for      thc
iy   Mr.   Philip   !'. w,,rj-   jn   [he  roine is   out  of         the past   three years,  formerly in the itn
Henrietta  SIcI.e;in jlospiiai a„\\ js ahte to be aronn.l r,a plov of Chamlicrs & Grady,  and  Int-
1 STrs.  I,.  Hcl^iin cr,,u.hes. terly  with  W.  F.   Grady,  has' rcsi»li-
C.  A. Foole, who was  operated cn til aiul goes l" Fernie: W. J. McGow-
il  a  new      slrifc* for appundiciliK last week,  is        i'OW an,  of Sydney,   Cape Breton,  will  Till
is  l*tn  made     on said lo  lie  all   out   nf danger 'and   is the vacant   position.
e. The.new strik, ral.idly recnveri-lg. '       ."    f-| -f^r  '          ,     * ITTH *
Mine Inspector
ed the various  1'
M. McKenzie, 3
.T. IC, Kenny
a'awl completwl
lhe   Ktiglish   cliui
w,^r;:;A'*:,''::.:;::«,i."».rr't'l.r^^i New Coal Camp Opened
Reliance, Alberta Field Being Rapidly De
.   The
nd i.
To    the growing   list   of   Canadian tested  at   the  Canadi
coal   mining   companies  must   now to smelter.   If   this   ina*
added  lhe  Reliance  Coal  Mining Co., In*  what  the compan;
located at the new town, Reliance, a lievc, fire clay of A I
ai-rrcs  the  pat
pk-  of Canada.
n   lhe  separation   nf     ihe »tuat republic to  Hie south  of ns point on  thc Crow's Xest railway i5
r ol  linth,  have disa|i|H..and sii rapidlv during the past   .!>- miles of I^lUliridgc.   operations   .verc
assnraiio:  m the  hopes   i."     tlu-     lnvers of   peace   in   imiii commenced here a year ago and sitaee-
:  i-liildren  of one   pareiit.-.^e   will,   in   the future,   l»e   f.jun.l tlien such deve.opnient   had been  done
ionv with each otfcijr   for the i-eac-.-lnl solution of all differ- there lhat today the        property has
great danger to perm am-iik .greatness      ca.sttng its    *:Iiad>i»- al   working   appliances       CoiLsiderini;
an Metal Coy
confidently n
aving lo    sine
[ Blaekstane.
y had  prior t
is  and. Ihey did me   no »Oi)d
liolllc    .
■   JioIiLs
to get the  bulk  of  lhc
from St. Louis.
The plant lieing operated b
ip- to date design. Nothing 1
warmed   on   Hajraels   and applfcsl   .
mv breast enred  ine  completely.
Rossway,   Dighy   Co.,   N.   S.
I    IK-Il     ■
.- the  .
■n  willsaf
>i>Ie ol Ui
reialisui -1
en broi.j-1.
add  imih.*
r«si:h-tit   K'Hisi-velt,   aided   l.y su
<■- '.ih ers   ihere, has Iffoiiglil  aim
il «r
of  tin.
uilrr wit
1   u
cause   th
r   pr
K     Nor
which d
for it
is len
I   is  :„i
sham   pr
-.     »
e  it,
Uen ii
in-rv   Ih
in   the
eh K,
goes n
il eii
1  T
il ti, f,
i lo ima
on this
if all
1   t
the   Reliance, lelt     undone      to make        e-'e>yihing    IS THE COPNTY-COURT OF   HAST
s   earnings   and   the   daily    output, jn   connection have  a   tendency to KOOTESAY,
e cmnpany   can   be regarded   on     a strengthen   the working capacity.  Be- Holden al  Fernie,
,it*wl      linajncial   l^sis.    A       strong c;.nt visitors ' lo  the  n-orks        speak    K  TnE  aiATTjrR  0f  t],c  Estate   of
oney backing and  a large; area " to in highest   terms of the working melli "  „Ht.nri     Jouija •-. deceased.
velop has placed thc Reliance it. a ods lieing pursued hv lhe Reliance   Co intestate '
ongh in its infancy, in  an enviable       If the elaims prove up as luvorai.ly ^^'^-^ ^y ela;,ns nf ,1J-
isition.   This   new   mdustrv   means as the company says tlicv will, it wiil ,r -..,....        .   «
- £._J   -. -       ■ mands  against     lhc   estate   of   H«nri
uch   lo   lhc   l'ass.   lhe   coal     being result m the addition ol another very j^        Fernie     R    C A--
rst        c'lis/s operating tlroughont   the   Pass,     a^id
domestic coal and steam product. largely   aiigiucit the  pay  rolls
as       Sot  only  has   tlie  company  opciu-.] output ol this section of the gro;
i an    "P a    valualile coal area     but      .■■**"■: west in no inconsiderate dejfree.
,ol-    Slso   uncovered a ,-argc     lot   o!   *hat       A townsite  has   recently been
comlijnalion's   ••!    is lie1*"***'1 to !ic r,re cla**' of an *13't''1- Vt>'c'1 and lots.are rapidly lieing lak-
of investigation.    tt'nt q"al'l->*-   **"•   A-  Auhin,  a pr<nii- en op,-many, already being hiuh  np-
incnt    .member  ' oE     the       compaiitf. on. The outlook for llie new t.
■link-sale   robber.-    '•rought      to  Frank the  other  day  a Reliance is very bright indeed
ou to    the indiA   satnp.e of this clay which is lieing n--.w —
nctaiklainforinaliui   on 'dpiilji*a
inc^ of British  Colnrobiii
XO.  346.
s   is  to   certify   that the   "
Meat and Cattle Ranching
thousand   dollars,   divided   iiito   niui
teen   hnnilred   shares   of   -jiie   hu 11 lire
dollar£ caeh-
The; head, ollice. ol  tha   company  i
mined by   lhe   Reliance  t
■   (hex,
■iu-d Stales were lulkd to sk*,, wiu, t]le B
10 the peoT-it- "1 Canada by those who prr
ot  the ("aiar.*.""'!   wurld   if   "present  conditions
ipk nl Canada should Icaru by the experience
corporation   1
;H1llli;»l i-H .111111111' M till M' 11 I M 'I-l'.M.
Huriah   ior  lhe  smoke  Jiom.the chimneys high,
Floating so gracefully under the sky.
-Tis the flag'-of tlle miners—those who toil,
AVhose work is far under the earth's turmoil:
Deep,   (!eep   in the   ground   where the lamp's dim ray
Is iheir moon by night an d iheir snn by day
>.ihl  1.
ikh  .
ad  i
*ery c
any of tl,e
i's.  and
li.n   is tho li,
whiih   brings
It   is s
iile to
sav  th
l   lhc   th
[.-.ninth aiiuiversa
v of Canada's 1
er.,tion hi
11 ore
nd  "tore JuVlillfl-
'   al"1
lhc   tnrti
•h    will    [„-  mon
gUM-rally   kept
: whose  life was  lately  atoned.
An  attempt  wus  making  his  brother to save,
But  was hurled  untimely  lo thc  mouldering grnvc.
Hurrah tor Ihu minors! infly God  them  guard,
As  Ihey bravely  work  "nc ot|, tln* rniky swanl
l^ing,  long ,,luy *'"- •'•"'■''e from Unwe diininey* c»rl
To the iiMisU-al  tones -it -he enj!.iie'<' skirl, '
I..mR may iUSio ere dispute s „rise
lletWecn honest .alair    "1"'  ciiU'tprise.
Kn skirling whistles and smi.U shall lie stgnn
01 iiriistH-rontt years _al
I  Creek mines.
4..H>.n-H'iinrn'H''i-»i-i-i- ■hm-uiiumwhW
with tlie unilerFtgned the names ar..
and addresses, and full particular
of their claims duly Verified, on o
lie tore the 11L day of August, i9<V,.
alter said date the admtnistratri
will proceed lo distribute the sat.! t*
' tate amongst.the.parlies hereto, hav
ing regard only of the claims of wnie!
she shall then have had notice, am
^he will not be liable ior the prr,
cecils ol llio estate, or any part there
she had  not  had noli,
at the lime of distribution  thereof.
Dated   this   2fith *day   ol   June,   J
.0. 1906.
Henderson  Block,   Pernie,  B.     C
Solicitors for Adininistratri-
iiiy hand and seal of of
ia, Province of British
s 13th day of May, one
: hundred and tis.
of aud dealers iu meat, dead and alive.
•nd provisions, including, hut without limiting the ueneralty ol tiie fore-
»-»H2   words:
,la.)    Ranching.
.(Ti.j Esporting and itiipoftiug of
dcail and live meat and provisions.'
.    (c)   Retailing   meat   and   provis-
davs. after
the chief  cumin
scribed land nea
hereby   givi
nl to apply
isioncr of lands t
so ths  following  de-
Elko, in Uie district
of East Kootenay, B.  .C.
Commencing at a post plained al
'llie Northeast corner of lol No. 7316,
thence nortii 411 rlmiiis, tlience west
do chains, thence south 40 chains,
thence cast along norlli line of' lot
No, 7316 fin chains to place  nf
County Court Judges
Have Added Powers B
c. p. R.
.nd prov
1   lhe   heels o
n lhe
s lhe
.-.   Ircadgold
»ni are wnrl
oi the KlondiU
s that
Imps, the  same (muple
buy  all   llie  dredging
miui-H and preposition* mi  ihe Vaci
la t*.»st from Iiicitco to the    i*.eclii
fkca*, and tn run other largr nunil
inty instit uli oni such as railways am
smelters, in connection there wi Ik.
Already  these  people control manj
if  not  al]  the  smelters  in  America
By   putting   logetliei   press   reports
ot v««9d.jj dates, it is shown how *x
The lieu Ion unt-e
al secretary have "reappointed" ih
i-jnly court   judges   who   were   smli
arily   deprived, divcsleil   and   olhet
ise 'relieved of supreme  court jnr.s-   '" ■" actions brmignt in his county,
stion ill ctrlain matters by        Uic   sha11 1h: aaa ^"Xiy is empowered and
amers    of  tht     new  rules,  cne  uf -.■™q»*n»I m■_*16 'all such Ihings     and
bom was the chief justice:
liner       E-ecu mi oils   to
The Euut.
WiiuiIpeB,   l'ort  Arllmr,  Dulutli, SI
l'atil,    UiHiieapolix,     $33,311, Omaha,
JSO.BO,   KatDiits  City  556.35,   .      St.
t*i\i\x Jdo.oo,  CliwftKU,  Jthfl-oo on *mh-
Jnne 4i d, 7, *3. Mi July a, 3, August 7, 8,  9,  Sept.  a,  10.  Ou     saitu
,,  (IdLes tlirutigli uxL'timftni lares will
einor has "taeit pleased lo maki," qiw(Ba ta ajVpoinW ill Oulario, Quc-
110 reference liing made, of 'cniirw, l»c, Unritlino provinctit, Kew Vork,
lo the renwsns. and  New 'Sni'laiid,   TfcltBl* are  first-
.  all  such hnsincs
ive is the idea oi tlie Guggenheim*
dreilgc  and   hydraulic   wort.       A
rt fruin Kacremciilo '-he last     of
.liinu^rv savs that .Iplm Ilnys Ham- VDoUi was *** ™m J"*1'™- tis,. a|.   sllc],  authority  and jnrisdic-
moud   was 'buying   big   dredge   prop- *»   various tnblious   in peiKlng cases lion in Iesvt.tt ^ ^ M„,e „ fcy v;r
jrtii:« near there ior Si,5«o,ooo.-Hani- in thcsu[.rei"L' court  county        cotirt ttlc of any Ktatntc or tusloui or by
itoiid is    wilh    lhe Gii}*genheiins."   A juilgi-S had.under the o!(l  rules j.tr.3- tile  rules of  practice  of.tba! liipiemv
epo't last Ocliiiier  »h»WK ,U'at. they dklion. When the new rules issued in court  are  now  exercised   by        any
■oiiglil  hvdranlic  (iniperlicH     in  tha Slay  the county  court  judges        Icll judge o[  Uie 'said  court  sitting     in
dd CarilHKi, British Ciilumlna fields, out ol theii* cliairs srarchin;; lor llieit1 chumltcrs,    save in   respect, to      the
or Si ..nm/,,*,. A short time ago the/ high  court power.     It  wasn't  there, following  mailers:  -
icijuii-ed Klondike placers at ihe ccit Whv   not?   "Inadvertantly  omlltotl," Then   follows  the  exceptions—mat.
.1 several millions, and now     comet was the frnntt confession of the Irani-tcjn relating  to criminal proceeding*
he rcportthnl the Ouggenheims    are nre of ihu *-;vised nilis. In the     liutt liftl*ari  corpus;  oppecls  and  applh-.i-
ntercstcd  in  the  railway  lo      span CJiucllc lhc  crrot   is  lormally     cor- tfons   fn the   nojtnre of  nppmla,   op-
Alnslin from near YalftcT, and     the)-reeled   liy  the   provincial   secretory'** posed applications (or admfnl.tifa tion
i:ra also nfter «ip]»r in Alaska. {fliiiiliar "Soticc is hereby givta," uie orders nnda tlo7*n oilier applications
,                     1 j He": i» tbe rule' Ihe Ifentchnnt-gov- petition!,, and proceedings familiarly
class; bear 90 days limit for return,
The judge  of tvery  county  court   and  uc  subject "to  usual  variations
ot route; are also good In one        or
both  directions via  the Great  Lakes
(d.)   Conducting z
•old  r
a. To carry on the .business of gen
-ral traders in and manufacturers ol
all  kinds  of meats and  provisii-ns.
n; To develop wirier powers and
10 tquip, maintain and operate power plants, and produce electrical or.
Other ciiiMfcy therefrom so .far as '"ay
necessary,   convenient,   or   aiU'al'lafe-
ko notice thnt Viit'im sixly days
tend to apply tn tlte chief coiu-
ioner of lauds uud works for a
speciul license li> cut and carry nivay
Umber IromMliu Ig|lou>ing luiiil.t =iL-
unled in *uutlniii.il KiKifriuiy iHsti'lt-t'
. Cum 11ie lie ing al a post marked Jolm
Socks toiler's tibiiUtcuHl corner, «limit
mile West of   the Illi»llt||  „| Tui,*
river, Unuicu north Ho tlmii.K
thence uc.it Su cliaius, thence s.mll
80 elm ilia,  UiiiiicEJ1- enal So chains    I,
The contractors of ■''oralis will
ile bsc in lie notice thai After April
ist,  1906  the  Carpcnlcrs  nnd  Join-
Nov/   Open" for   EriEagements "at
Dances,   Parties,   Etc.,   in   Fernie
= Or  Outside  Towns   ':' ~ ='=
mand four.dollars (4.00)' for eiglit' (*>
. ot C. ft J. IJ. 1220, Fernie.
W.   W.   COREY,
Depntv Minister of  the  Interior,
i.. J!,—Uiiaplhcfc-iTOi!   ^'dicwion   oi
this advertisement will not lie paid
D AKTHSTT HOUSE, formerly ths
' Clark, the best Si a day hotel
in  Neiscsi. Onlv white help c:i flexed
C,   IV.   11ART1.*ETT.   proprietor.
Iiist Ynt>r.)'rsp-:ty With
i-llED  BASS.
I'ropcrtv for Sale, Etiit'or Excfcsni-c
K.nts   Cullucteil. - Emploj-menl     Fur-
Ah There!
Tlio Finest Porter
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in Fernie.
llie product ofthe
Lethbridge Brewery
Sold only at
The Ki*g's Hotel.
The Calgary
Cattle Co.    :   :
Retail    Meat    Merchants
From   3   to   8   Pieces    Furnished
C. A. MILLER,      Royal   Hotel,   Ternlc    *|
minanJia  Liniment  Cures .DiplrtherJn  | sV'^si'a liniment Cure's CoIiIk, ets.
Hams; bacon, and lard as well.
All kinds of fresh Cii an najoB..
Prompt delivery.
Give us a call. 1
TEL. 18.
Crow's Nest
Electric Supply Store
All  kinds   of   Electrical
Goods kept in stock.
All work
John Turner, Prop.
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rontee our Advertls- j
inrnn..,nir ■ .^ P»»1I»HT.4.,'
1^,1,1. urnS,!.'..*, 0.1nA*^£?^EMi^^'
MiwlUraDBh lfuu,'.lA.nMln
8$&mmm®&'- A*. »-.;:.■* s-..^rc"
. '•*"*^*..»<+"*'.*.+.*»*"*~t.'*.'».*„:t.,,.,..
Fernie Miners'Union Gave its   Friends a Hi-yuTimc Monday
on Recreation Grounds
•> " -, .      - .       4      ,. *, j
»     ' - .....  A -      .■.*'* *       .--"--'-,
tV*"-VmV' **r**V'M9*a'Va<l'-9*a'''N<"*'0,**t**<9*B,9'Mift*>9^^ ^L. f-     ii^',   i ' C*i
The  Miners'  union  annual sp-irls held here on jibe recreation grouinls on   "Monday     proved a great   success1, i
although the weather was a little oppressive a large crowd was iu attend  ante   and,,   everybody sewned   hapt.\-
and glad  to he there. The long programme,, was followed closely and ...h.'.ost every .event advertised was 'pulled.'
oil   siicessfully.. The  speakers  of  th**    occasion-included W.ll. Ross,' M.,1'.  P., I.- 1*. Eckstein, Mr. .1. * H..Haw.,
thornlhwuite, M.  l>. P., and' others,   wko    were introduced by Mr. Frank Sherman,   district   president   of     .the
miners union. The I'ernie.•Wand rendered a fine'programme of music    and    ample- relrtsln .usts   were to.be   had
ut the.several booths on or near llw  grounds. Mr. Kckstein confined, liis lew  well arraujJed remarks  *.  to    tlie
1 heme of pntiiotism which seemed appropriate upon such an occasion...   Mr. Ross spoke,   of tlie importance of
lalor and made.a few remarks of a  scm.tjVpolil-ical nature/iwlroduc'ivgi a lew words of commendation of his fellow, member.*  of  the local house  iheii present.     Mr. Hawthonithwaite was not .in the 'best   ol" form for open air'
speaking owing t<i very strenuous and. constant  'woik upon tlie  plaltoini dur ng the last two weeks, but was
wjitial to the occasion ami shows great improvement  in hiscapacity as a public speaker since his first appcataine
upi.n a public platform in I'ernie a few years ago.     The Ledger, hopes t lie miners   ol lhe   district   will   cbnl.imjr
these annual sporting events    which    brings together the miners of the d. *Iire<nt camps "cver.v year   in   friend.-.-,
umtests   in sports   and   keeps   active  a  IraterniU   of fveling .
...The pony rnce had to be run t wu\.- owi-ife* to tlw fdett*; that' m.'.v tw„ of the four ponies got awav '.-it
lhe lirst start, 'lhe little .buckskin peny ^longing to the Indian ' whr. rode him was a pluckv little K'Uow
and crowded ..ueksl.ol, ridden by his owner, Geo. Chamberlain', neck. .<ml „Cek. to near lhe finish notwithstanding he carried ■•roportionate.y a, lime 1, heavier load. . The football mulch Qictwecn the Coal Creek and Pernio
teams, was --oni by the first named teat... They were-too well drilled nn d Glanced for the I'ernie bovs „h;
fought gallantly but were too'heavily outclassed by their opponents -.nd had to take a good -sound" boutin-
Iran their v.sitors. „ '•' ',,■'*
, Want of space foi'bids a'.noie extended notice of mam- other cv*n>-which were interesting owing to th'-'r
novelty and the closeness of the contests for supremacy.   ..',*. -
' The ii;V°  U»r^rte ^''^"'".•>!*M»te."atid,every W was contested , in   .the best of hum,,.   ,
llie  results of the contests  were  r.s  follows: ,
Event i -Horse race (open) from hospital corner to Napanee hotel. l'irst 'prize    5,0,00;     second    pme   fc.oo.
' mittde        "yC" "UUerS ftt1' ^ pr°CeSsion to the recreation grotftids.-By   order- of   Uiuoii   Com-
l'irst, Geo, Chamberlain; second    Buckskin.  .    * ... '*.,■'
EventA.-Foollball contest, open to all teams from Lethbridge to Cranbrook;  n  i„    each team     Pimt nr,™
100.00; second, $50,00; provided three or more, teams enter. Teams must'   end aPP cat io      on " b fo
Jiu-c 30,, 1906   accompanied with names, of all players for each tea„, No  eutri L;Twenty minte '
each way. kick-off at 11 a, m. * Only one   team can enter from, any one  plaice
Coal, Creek.   • , *
Event 3-—100 yards dash (open to all comers),  first prize Jao.oo;' second nrizAsm ™   w™ -J a ft. *
contestants enter.  Entrance fee,  Ji.oo. ■■■ pme *l0L0' Vro™** three^or more
First,   W.   Ueuwick,   Second,   II    Cattell. '"■''■
Event 4-100 yards dash (confined      to   miners and mine laborers); First prize  Si's 00   second '•«, ,0   »      a 1
three  or more enter.      Entrance fee, 5o cents.   *    . '"'' ,    '       °nd *7*5°'  provldcd
l'irst, M. A. Mitchell, second W.   rallitr.  '    «■     . '''        • , . '-
Evenfs.-Onc mile race, open to mitiers and mine laborers of District No.  i8-   first   nriye  S*,A™    "       a      ■
.   510.00, provided there art* three  entries.      Entrance fee, 5o cents. **     '   ^T*  VT"e
First, Walter Dick; second,*  Dcrricott. .'*>■■ ' A- i>      1
Event 6,-Football dribbling contest,  first prize $s.00   second nri?.. S^n'   „      A    A "   .
' entries.     Entrance fee, ,50 cents P       *° ' ^T0Vldcd , the*   «e. three  or' more   •
■   First,  W. Mcl'agan, second,  T.  Eann. ' -     ,   . v
Event j.-Sack race,  (amateur)7tacTrcontestant to furnish his own Vr-t-   n-t   .  c   ■   s.
to shoulders; first prize *,oo: second prize $4.oo   *t£ iT ^ ^       ^ "f * "^
' ■    Not  filled.    ,   '• '"-.-'',
Event^Otstade  race|;7oo yards; first prize 56.00;*^^^   provi(kd ^ ^^ „ ^
First,   Walte*   Dick,   stcond,  '   \\\  Mcl'agan!      l' ''       ' '
Event 9.—Married women's race,  50 ,1   -\irs   v   rT   Air,.v ■        '     j      •        - .       » .     '
^      First^lrs. S, Donald,  ^^^ ^tluef W seco"* «■  ^«, «»-.      '...,.
; WrTv^rT^ , ""  (^t"i^d);-fi"t prize fc:oo;9koud-V^/e|'f3.oo.    -■:'..- Y.r
Lust, Miss k.tt.e.John; second,   m£ K. Miciiinfcnl.*    -    * "      -   -'•    '  -    -      ■■■  '-  *     ,*' -•  .-..,--r. - *
^ ltFi!;TCK!r   Tt'  l°° ^f \KT C ,s yea" and "m'cr> first Pri'« '».oo; seccad fc.oo. •    Y \        *
l'irst,  I'.llw  John; second,  I.ucv-  Wilde. * . '•• '-■
RVinr,   "r0''18' ;aCCj75ynrdS (<1Re I0 yenrsand under)  first prize, fe.oo; second prize   Sioo^''
First    I'loience    Graham,   second,    Cicely Ulller- *,.*-,       °nn p«zt, >i.oo.
EVe'^Sr(v; nl T' 5° yardS, (T 6 yiarS n"d under)' first P"- *'-0°i s«°«d P"ze 50 cents     \
1'iiM, Nellie Murray; second, Annie Hudak ^
Event ,4.-Pat men's race, 75 yards, first prize ^.oo   sccond priz^3,00i       ' ,   ''-■
Not fillud. *   , -i   . '
EyY£iz Ms*:::: •TV""-'. ■*>;■•-;'-'-;*- *-* - »,• ^
■Fust,  Harry Pollock, second, .Mi kt* SoAinnii A, '*.*,'     ■        ■-        ,■.-".      ■    '
•™£*3m K-E&'sr- —> •« *- ^«—■*..- A
1 RvMyi^z,;n;tZrtixiy^ir')'nrM p"- •-—**».-- ::. ■
Kvt"^: ™.'S;s;„?sS: ^cSron4 ->■•** - *- —•■* »* *• '
E"i"r »:s,MB J"rap <opon i"""«—" c'« ■*•»— »i- *.. 5o......    *
^'V,uT,yzCitm''(,o""""r,,ip""«**«-■•-.«..•-* ' •'■ ■   '■■ i
""''VirsZ^ir:',,,'-:^.**"-°" —• ■*• •^•««— "■«*■•»»... ■"'..
First.   Co.ll   Cr.ir.Xi • . ■ , 1
.     Prospecting for Oil
Frank Paper Tells of Great Activity in District South
of Pincher Creek
Mine Managers'
.'Y-^:,yy .   .Examinations
Will be Held Next October—New Qualillca-
a       ,. tions Demanded
- A general 'meeting o[.-lhe ,bc>ard' .of
mine managers' examiners was ' helii
in Nanaimo last- Saturday evenlur, '
to prepare the papers for theMitxt «>. •
aminalious and fix the lale for ihi-iii
Those present, were:
Andrew   Biyden,  'chaiiinan.
Tully.  Boyce,   secretan
Tully  Boyce,   Vice-Chairman.   \    .'
T.   R.   Stockett.      ,     .,     ' jl
George WillifltnWj
A. Dick,
]', II.  Shepherd, secretary
.  I'ernie's two nieiuliers of the bo.i'.d,
Messrs. Drinnan and Johns, were not
I  !•  -rr.
until I reached a condilion when I
feared I was sinking into chronic invalidism. I was white as a sheet,
my blood having .apparently turnci.
to water. I had no appetite, smT.-.rci.
fiom .headache and ' di/.riness, llu.
least exertion would leave me breathless, and it appeared that I was j;o-
ing into a decline. I had seen Dr.
Williams' „ Pink Pills highly* recommended by the newspapers, and I ile-
forlunate day., for 4 me when I caun:
cided to try them II was a ' verv
to this decision, as the pills have not
only restored my health, but have
aetua.ly- made ino stronger than i:\ct
I was before. I. now have'a good ap
petite, a. good color, and iiew energy,''
and I am,satisfied that I pwe all this
I cheerfully recommend to other pale,
to Dr. 'Williams' Pink Pills.-which
feeble,' ailing children.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills jjuiekly
cured Miss 'Mannelt, simply * because,
they make new, rich, red blood, whieli
enables the system lo throw oft disease, and brings robust health aiui
cheerfulness to pale, anjaemic sufferers
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure blood-
lessiiess 1 just ascj surely.'as food. ;tiru.s
hunger, and the new blood which ilu
pills"make   braces the   nerves ant1
tones and strengthens every or»-a*i
and every part of tlie body." Thai it;
\\ liy— tiiesc-pills-strikcT-tricijlit-50 IIF
root of such   coiniiion   diseases as
headaches, kidney trouible, iiidigbstion
neuralgia, ^ rlieuina'tistii, St. , Vi'tut'
dance, paralysis, and the troubles'
from .which wonun and growing girls
suffer in si jt uce, It has lwcn .proved
in thousands, of cases' that Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cine after doctors
and other medicines have failed. Put
you must get the genuine pills with
the full name "Dr. William' Pink
Pills for Pale People," oii thu wrapper around each box. All mcdii-iiu
dealers sell those pills or you can gc.
them by mail at 50- cents a box, or
six boxes for $2.^,0, by addressing the
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville
Gut. j       .. '     ' *    ■ A*
present. '
It was decided to hold examination
for first, second and third class *ei-
tilicaU'S al N'-.i>i;iiino, I'ernie and Cum
belli nd i.u  October 23,  **.<  n::d ■ *•.-*'.
Aii ad.lilit 11'hl tpialilicajLion i-- uu\\-
rc/u)iired by llu noard from inli'iuiiu^
candidates, vi/..: A certificate fi-iiiu .1
duly'ipuilifii-d medical praeliiio::i.-r
cerlifyii-(g( that the can l*..'.,.-i' liiis'Tiii*-
en a course in aiii'.bulaiice wink, lilting him to render lirsl aid to th*. -.
injured in coal   mining  operations.
The examiners appointed to ctiiuliiet
the exam illations are K. Pritsl, l'. Jf.
Shepherd,   Chas.   C.riihain.
SUBSCUIBE   FOli   Till-;  ].l-:iHM>.|{.
0J0000000000SI.7000000 9*90
\ Are You Reae8iin(|
I Lowers
If not, yoa aro nii«sin^ some }•■
cf the choicest lii-cruturc
the century. "J*   V   l>
Stnda dollar to R. T. LOW- ^
KiiY. Nelson, B. C. and cct' »
it regularly for 11 year arid i;
rise out of'the rut.       f   V   . ■■;
[Successor to J. C. Ilulcl.ison'.J
■ Is prepared to deliver Milk.
Cream, Buttermilk, Frcsl
Laid Eggs;, and Dairy Biiitc
every claj*-"
Entire Satisfaction Guarantee*
Frank Paper,-*
.Vol only lis Alitor.ii ticli in conl,
Oni |iUu.mm im.*! iiI.mi Uiii (listq-..
K<ki' in niiuuieniliiV. iiuanlilii'ii.* N«,t
o\i-r forty inilem (rom I'niiik, as tlu*
tiuw llii-j,, much development in the
oil indiislry In Iriiif; rnrrii-il on,   unl
in 1hi» fiCnr   future    ibl*.. «.ni l.o...->	
one of idu iiiipniUiiil inilu*tlies «! Ihit
jmrt e.f tlte ronnlry. Dr. |WH,' t.l«w«
tor ol the Kiolojruul imrvey, in . it
rut-nt interview in rrportfi. nn saying
"Iu CiiDodu a iK-triiletiin field has u-
ct-ntly licen iliM-overnl in Atltt-rta «,n
Ik- Ali-pi*. of the KiK-Lii-n whiih it is
•K-lhvid wltl rtrnlimlK' T^f/>iiii» »Jt,»
Jari.i-jit in tlu. h-m.'!.••• One ul . Om
most dlslicct rviilrm-r« of petrol-um
»ai*l Dr. Itrll, ua* lln- exi<tleftrr '4
litttr t.tHtia tA oil on thc »tirfi«c« i4
pool* nf trsUt. AH *»5<A/f \bt *Ji»v
«r the Rt.el.fes fn Afhert.1 c«n k< ax-ii
ibns rmtffi^ipinj;*.
K  rmnpany ten
I'.t'tk in tho I-'luthcuil iliNtrlvt. TI„.
company in now tmlldin-..; a wiymi
rntttt irom Utl City, to their rum-.
Un in ilex   dihlniil    through      f'oiitji
IC«>Oti£iy   1'il-iH,
'1'lim road, when rniiipltitcd. will vn*
ulile ihi* rnintKtnv tn mV,- 'ill tr>>-.<
kiipplii-i. tliroiij-li. At premnl otw
*t-ll in will under way nml anotlu-r
rijf Im hjilttg iiiilnKnh-tl prqiarotory lo
l« (.in Kinking , Several tx\Krx*
trow tin.- laiiieil IVuiwylvaiilo fii-LU
art; in tlw field, ami srteaV in t-nihit*
mUklii! it-rm*. oi the {Mis.-.iliil'tii-x.
,T. !£. Welm-r, n J'linn'.yh'jinii'i <v-
l"trt in oil iti'itlm, Wslu in (-liiwiii^
Urn.* oi ike prniptcl*. H# miys ill*
*«rfare* inditationit *rp rxcrtilin^lv
prnmikln/t. ^bere prtroltnm occur!* he
*tatiti it I* bixmiiiXAy luvtiA tliat a
hwe, I'vrviiitiu -urata, likv; -uu-1-.U.m.
f*' wparateii   by    nlatively narrow
. . -     ^^ rwm. H»»„ IlV i*ihiit«m      ||>A 1 f ■ ,w*r
»tty organhr,*., the J tnuknowsi ot lnt|K>rvli>nn -.tra.*, mhIi
rtontkratl  ttriti«li Cotamlilji Coal   Sis* clay, ttalr., Hf *
l^trclcsm Company, ft at preKtat .ttt\    Vitt*i,lct the comjwny referred
.,....*a.|     ui*.
1' ti\ <Tr 11.1 :.. M^ j
Irict. M.,,1,;,,,.^. ;„w, u.i>H H|ljlJiutl,
at 1'Ji.tlur will Imi taken tliroiij-li mid
aMivt- \u,A imiia.Jmu.iy «iiiinKmt..l.
A.  II.  JHuck. ti not her oil FiitliUHiu.it,
U- -il.,,   .1. '.ti:..        ■       ,.     ,.      ...
 t.        '**■      H"«   »h.4*i,i*i   K1.J*
The |H-op,« of IMnclicr, toother with
cirtuin Fionk Kiritlumn uml others
in tin- roM, have Mull faith in Uu-
ontuiim- that conniileraiile capital has
nfriMily Irfti '•(tiJi'ierirx.'it for tlte \>w
pofi* of tU-vclopmcnt.
WII.I.   IXVK.-tT  JN   V\i"Oi '. I«
I,, M.^l'rocU).*, uni il rccemly i'-i-.'..'-."
cd in tlie hiuiii"-r iii.iiiiiin''.'.iiii.-. in-'iiis
try at Kcrniu, It. X' , ,• in ih.* "if;
Asked whnl ne |li.)ii(.-lii. tl V,i'i..-..,\-..i',
uhelher or not lie intended to !o,-,ii.i-
here, and what line of bii..iiit,.ss !i
would ciiK'iiJJt'  in,   Mr.  ]-rocti.i   •...,.'
"I think lho prospects ftir 1 lio
j-rowth and prospurity of Vancoiiver
nre very liri-j[lit iiuleed. To niy uiiiul
'jt 'steins thnt uol'liiii**; enn proviiu
this cily liecomiiij; the liesl town na
the Pacific const, Yes, I intend to
locate here and to t-tiKage in Imsiiu-ss
At present I cnnnol say what line-
I will take up. I mi-r-ht "stale as an
cviileiicu ol my fnltli in ,tlie city that
I am investing n little money iu real
eistalt! ...mi*. That will lie the i-xt.nt
ol my husliitss tiporatlou*i until '.Iiii
hill uht 11 I shall ciikii'-.i* in *.«>r.U'
roj-juliir line of business."
M. Vm-iy, "of Feiiiie, II. C.t i-*
Hpeudiii*' n few tb\y» in the city. Hiin staying at Hi,- Mi-lropolo.
"1'ernii- 1*. n.*ltin*i ab.iij,; well i-.uil
is j«o lij; lo lie oiu' of the liest towns
of the pioviiiie. Al a cost of nhpul
"faJ.S.'X" tin- Crow's Ntsl Pass Cn.il
Company will no..11 start tin- ton-
slnit'lloii of 11 stuck jiipo Kiit! from die
lolllt'rits  nl   Coal   Crick  to Fertile n
ill.sliillte 4,1     *,      IHIMX. tits-    .   l.l.nr,
Mf,'    '»■   IIM,I   J...    s.1*111(1   ^■«J,,.'-..V|-.S, A
twilj** iiiiii lint' will be "l.uilt whltli
Wiill <rtrry f*> pn-r r.-nt walrr mi'l '«'
|K*r mil slatk, It will also citn->- two
inch tmil.
M. Kerr & Co
Contractors and Bite
Plans, Specifications and Ksti
mates furnished  on  aiiiilieaiion
Plenlv  of .'OOOO   J)!iV I.UJI
llllVL OX HAM).
Ii. A. KVtUll,
Architect     and Superintendent
Ollice  nt  l.csideiice,   '
BAKBR. Wt.,     •
.   «"&
f.iicl Granito' Works
rti-u-hl-.* Woi-Us, Nelson.
!mj>I-js o:-.:i lie 'seen
. Orr:.*':"; Piionk 41
the cftico.
Rnsmi-.NCE 76
PartcrG m Lundy^s BEock
MmeYBkiiiY ¥mo^m§f Siding/
■ FSsiishiiBiq Lumbes1 and *
All our slock is hist ycjiir, cut :tnd well seasoned.
Gioes    -
Jest of Satisfaction-
in Watch & Jetoebry Repairing
[Ics*j GfEEce •:; Utmfilioii, Canada.
Capital * $2,415,000        ffiesevve f $2,415,000
•Sotai Assets » $29,000,000
t r i \ * _
~ tr 11..-: O^TT^lTVH IXI <-' Il T.
J. 'l'uKNr.i;i.i., Vicc-PrcsidciH and General Manager.
T4 BcausStiGs i£i*PGii8*s.boMt Canada
Mrni\ Oi\'ii.': ; i d   I.'inlis i.<-si<d, |*,'iMil*!e in Ciii-nt'a it abroad.
1'i.ieii.-;! ilra'.'ls c-,i.*.!il*J..     .Special advantages in Sii\i'ngs Deparlnient.
Open in lhc evening of lhe Coal Co's pay-day from 7 till 9.
»'   ■        '•■ d.'n. LAWBY Ak'uttt KRKNIE 1I11ASCH
l-'lillNII'.. It.f
Philip Carosella
Gonftral Merchant
and Dealer in Wines,
Liquors and Cigars,
ft^a.  ■iM^-43/^-**i'^^'a.n''^''^*>. ^'TV^'V%r%'%^^%^^^-%^x/*^-^»
"-   xTwr>a?.n7i -N'-nw *M:^N^<3-in*M:ii'isrT
amos Severn, '     - - {Proprietor
Well   fiiinislii'd   roniiis.   Tli.)   lat.li*  in  supplied  with   the  best
tin- niarliel alT.iids,  Tin* La r is siniplied     with   the    Le.st wines,'
li.piui'i ainl eiKars. ' ' p
> 4
■—■■■—■ I ,!■■■■■   I  ■■— »—■ IM.|IIK,I,.,.IWI,»I 11       ■   11        1   »IIIPWH    ■■MMHII1   Hull** mmummrmm*
I he km
■p-m-R-iivriin, 13.
asaxi mujijiinijuL'ji... .l«*>' ■     »
.VumorloH, OrocnliotiKpt.: S:  Si'i*i!
HtiadqiMrtcrii Inr l'ACHMC COAST
(iMOW.V ttiirdeii, 1'ield mid l'l..v...
SicdH. Sew crop nnw in sick u-ad..
(or (liNltiliiilioii; ns!; vmir nu I. Ii.nu
Inr tin-Ill iu sealed | iiii.it*,, II ]„.
Aotx not Iiiimllc llum ur will pnpiiv
t« vour iii-uickI post 1.llin* "11 *, iiiii
puckils, niir M'li-i'titiii i.| ;<iiin| vjm,-.
ties, lur 5i, tn iiitiii.l.iii- iln in.
I.arue slock i,| IKIMI-; f.l.DWN'
I'm it nnd Oi ti, ma niul tic*., imw in,i-
tuii'il Inr tin. spiiny ii„<li*.
.Nn i'X|>iiisc, luss in  drliiv It.r   nm
Kiltioil 111- llisjiel-lllill.
I.et nil- jin'tt. ymit   list  Irluii" -iim*
1.'^ .   "... .,.'*,.-        <,. 4  .   ,.,.,   ,.,..,    ^, I    ,,,,,.-,
"flnrnl Wurk, lli.e Si.tmH.'. I'mH
Vdfka^rs, l'Vrtili/cis, lite. CiiIiiIhimh*
M, J, Ill-SIfV,
3«i|n Wistiiiill.lii   Ave.,
Villi.-., iv.r, |1.  (.'
\.\)v    ljp«to-(Iijte!   Clothing   nnd
*Mim *
Drop    in
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l Don't forget the place L.T. W. Block j
I   **!** >••    Mill   ••    l»lt*lll,»l    *(    •■    •,.—    "■
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OGT.C3    t'ilotYic    Life
Onn   be   i*liin\,i1   li\-   l.i I. ) m;       yniii-      ItleiiU     nt'
Tiie Royall   Restaurant
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' t'ir   ','.   ".ii-     \   (1*.   tu.11.   ii ■...nl ci   l.i.inlii', disiiid.   Your  patitiii.ii:*:
HSpri III;!:.-     .(i!ii ih-,].
am. viiirn'. iii.;i, v    i-;mi'i.hvkm.
Ih.- C.ntilittr.n of TI*.imi*i.«iU of J'.il,.,
"Aluu.:.l  tu.^U*.»  U  llw  U),i w^y
tn iWmt.U   the cjwiditlou I w*%   in
IhU.iiI a yinr tifta," mvs Mfts Mamie
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lr» Ivalih h»d ttttt ftsAs.lly fifing, way
Ottawa, Jiim*" .in-—Al. tiwljiy'*. ws*
sin11 ol the ptil.ln* lui.iiuits umiiiiit'
tltv M-vt-nil htlets and tclegratiti
ueri! read frnm Lulil Mf raih. nn.t i*i
riltttiuv lo the N'uith, Atliinlic Tr.*>'.-
mu C'niivp.iitv luuti.ul.. Hi.. Iwi.Lli,'.
i-ndi-ovornl to male it ilear that l»
ujt. not 11 *yiiipjlh.' uiih llu '.in-
trucit. alil.ii.iipli he ti,n<*i.:iii'tl to it,
ami Wat iiiilv mtiuji fur the .'rpaa-
m.*nt. Ife Imd noihinf* to iln wiitS
f»rfi»n;H**>>» »l. Up makr*! no nhjwitow
to lhe Rovrrnnwot »ithIioI,liti*» ih.-
namc*i of tlm mt* nt hers ».( the ton'-
f*s*. 1'h".» tb.it *»-n»l be kits noil. «*,;
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Crow'i   Nost   Snccfn!    -n
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Second-Hand Store
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Tar   Cntttt j
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The Northwestern Line
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' "■     •       !■■     .  ■> ■ .-I.-.    ,iu|\    .',    iiud  _(,   ,\ii(;ilsl   ,", ."i.  .111 I
I   l'-t'!   I'.'.-.    '■      <   -"-I-l  ■* il    V.i'l  ihitllrtilii'.iti*    .1    tiiti   ,.l-.|    il
will  fi.,-,    1...1   ;,,  .. mi.    in,-   i,,|    j.,,1    j,.,niui,|,rfSl
tu  niMi .tii.t vriv i..w Hrtiiid trio ratr* from l'h»i-.ij»,. niul <>lti-i
,;'- '.   ■  '" ; '  -     1   ■'    ...'•.!.■:!!      J ..|li( ..       Jt        .mi       .ii    ..,;.
1,      . ' , .    , ,,
»>•-+    «,..*.     |.-,i    1,.,...    It,..i». :.
A |.,.*.i.,l ,,.:,l ...j  i:i!.in«.i«?..!i  ...,.'  i.nii-  n ,|i,it*,  tiptv. ■'
II, N.  <iH.I.l.\H, (um.'I  Atrriil
«ll."» Sjirasiio /*%«•., Spnkiuio
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.'" *?*!•£?
in a
In a small stone cell ever since -Ui<:-
Centenuial Kxhibilion at Philadelphia
there, has been locked tip in .lhe Massachusetts state prison ai Charleston
a life prisoner whose name is famil
iar to all Xew Kngland, perhaps to
a large portion ol the reading'*' public.
Since he has lieeii there' the "Tailed
Slates has gained ,V),ooo,(kxi ' iii poop
Jessie Harding l'onieroy is the onlv..prisoner in Massachusetts imdergo-
inir   conlinuous   soiitarv   confinement.
1      **- '
The   warm' and   cheering   sun   never
chines upon .him. -FoP, thirty years
his face lias never been seen lo brighten   with  a  smile.
• Against no prisoner — at least in
"Massachusetts—lias public indignation
l.ecn  so continuously  bitter.
It is against a fiendish newsVoy and
his crimes that the public memory
still nurtures intense hatred. Hut in
I'oinerov's cell  it  is neither  lov nor
lie ml:: liehind his grated door . sits
reading hour after hour a man arrived al his maturity, a penitent, sobered arid tempered with the pass-lug ol
th» years ,oi  an unusual life.
Surrounding liim, almost   '    witbin
a'hundred yards of his cell, is the tur
Cf' •• •
moil ol the eity s busiest indastr^ fa    PiendiSh      Cl'lllieS   He   HaS
lhe warehouses, railroads, shipping of .   » . , ,,-,■,
Grown Mature aii Solitude       „>    ."■-/
.ill kinds—that he .has not seen in
thirty years. All about him are the,
wonders of electrical •invcnti'T.n—elevated railroads, telephones, arc Rights
—but he knows of them onlv through
governor who spared his life—all have from the public is to official thinking' eiatioii even of.other prisoners.     He
been  dead   many  years.   New govern- a'professional  matter,  a   legal     for-   will be' fc.rtv-seven years old on next
ors, new' keepers, year jitter year be- maltty and a detail of prison routine   November 29.—He was not yet thirt-
coiniug responsible for his care, have exclusively the business of proper;,of-   een  years old when first taken    into
inhcr'ltd  from their predecessors tra- licials. '■                           ,                           custody. Upon his confession of mutil,
diiions regarding, him. It  is a     cus- HIS AWl'TI. HISTORY—                        ating and  torturing  boys of four to
l'onieroy   is   a  survival.   The judges   loin,  almost? a  secret  compact,  that . To explain "what he is today  it  is, six, years old,  he was sent lo ■'   the
who   tried   him,   the   attorney-general   a: fi,r as tho public is concerned, Pom necessary to rehearse'briefly-the back-   reform schoejlat Wcstilyoro. September
and district attorney who prosecuted   eroy died   thirty years  ago.  That In;, grounds of his  life.  Since September   ao','  1S72.  He "was pardoned and     re-
him,  the lawyer who defended     him,    lives   where   the   public   is   protected ■/, 1876, when he was "'seventeen years   leased from   this  school on February
Die jury  who convicted him, and  ill*   irom him,  and where he is protected old  he   has  been    denied      the  asso-   fi, 1874, Very soon after he killed and
pictures and* hearsay,as does tlit- { remote barbarian. Willi the very essence of the twentieth 'century all
about' 'hiin this man lives in the solitude of a mediaeval monk.-
•kaa   W £yi,% V= '   - -*5
"buried-* in • the..,£ellar  of  his   father's'
store, a little girl live years old.
On'ilia following. April.22,_the. black
est day- in his history, he was arrest
,ed ch&rged_ with .the atrocious" killing
of "a live-year* old boy: in', South Bos-
Aonr .In "September* he'-/was- convicted
and sentenced to be hanged, lie was
not yet'fifteen "year's old. The siiprciiici
court without    avail reviewed        his
defense  of  insanity.   On  "August   31,-
-1876, jp.fter the governor's council had
listened to a review of extenuating cir
cuinst-ances   i-n   his   hoh|tlf, ' Governor
Rice' commuted  the  sentence.'      The
document   under  which' Pomeroy '    is
held,  reads:
' "We do, by and with' the'advice
and consent of our council .grant hiin,
the said Jessie Harding Pomeroy, a
commutation *■ of lhc punishment
which he is liable to endure by the
aforesaid sentence to that of soiitarv
0 ^
■»■ =.-- '.»i----
.*': v?  V r?  M   rf? * *.! f:  ?,"■
'i'nprisGn-r.ent'at'7hard"' labor"*'in ~' tli**
state p'rison-during his natural life." -
"Solitary," that • one? word in the
decree differentiates Pomcroy's past
thirty years from.that''of other lifers';.
He has practiced penmanship'until
his handwriting is beautifully perfect
It looks, like spenceriah copperplate
'artfully' shaded,' ^firm^ regjulnr and
small lettered! - ,     ■
He has the call of Sooei books in.,
the prison library and ot about 500
from the, chaplain's private -jolleelion
For thirty years lie has read . from
them. Of late years he has outgrown
a fondness for fiction, and has "spent
most of his lime with, history ' and
ih the acquirement of forei^'n-. languages, lie has a reading knowledge
, of German. -French, Spanish and Ara-
Jiic. Of his proficiency he^n'one knows
but with his lexicons he translates
from foreign  books.
«..*~«^ ••.•..*•••>••*•..«"•.••..•»•«•.•«..•..« ..«»***~^
■••O—O—O— Os,*}—o-
the disturbances at Ilillgrove, South
Wajes, .have gained in severity as
the mine has 'deepened In  the neigh
boring  Sunlight, mine, these  troubles
nre  not  known  ns  the  workings are
--0—o—o—o—o—0—0—o —o—o
in a slate of a more yielding character. ;' ■
•     i .
r" Ir
Hanging Walls in, Michigan Mines Collapse Forcing Air
Out of Stopes With Great Violence
Calumet,    "Mich.,
 _ A:r,
blasts niDi e  numerous  and  of greater
•   iJiteiisity    lh>:,ii   fonuerlv, expi lien^ed
occurred   th's     week   in   the   AHanlie'
mine.   These  disturbances  have      been
noted al the Atlantic for two     years
but  they have become* more numerous
and   of  greater  force  in   the   l:=sl   few
weeks. Owing lo tin- hanging' v ,i!l,.,set-'
,.     iliu'j. to such an extent th"al th.*,* skips
could     not   be   operated,   all   mining
work   was  discontinued  some      three
,   weeks  ago,- and every  availali' •  man
put to work reli'iubeiing and -eopen-
'   ing the shafts.  Production was '   dis-
contiinie-d  ami  the mill  closed.'-.    The
...  disturbances     were   the   most   violent
lhat the Atlantic has expericne-d. The
force of llie-shocks  were felt  live and
six miles' from the."property.
Disturbances resulting. frori-   a ill-lasts form "■jf*, 'interesting subject, the
_L more so ljccaua.e_iLis_iinr_ij-vil-AwW---
O O—
stood.   Similar   oc.eunijiiccs' io 'those
O—O—O—o—O—O—O—O—O—O -C-
at the Atlantic underground "have
been recorded in thc Ilillgrove distrie
iSoulh' Wales, and in the Mysore mine
These air blasts are nol in reality
explosions. They are due to the bursting of rock under great pressure, and
the disturUance to the air, of the mine ,
produced by the. shock of disruption,
lu mines where the rock is under particular strain by* reason or big cavities created by sloping, causing large
masses of ground to exist under ■unbalanced-stress, the air blasts art-
more frequent It is a common prac
lice lo support the' hanging wall by
portions of lodes which are left stand
ing to do duty as pillars. When the
pressure from above becomes too grcat0
for these pi.llar.s to hold the ground,
they do not yield gently, but like a
cubical  block  under  a ' testing     '111a-
" plosive violence. '     ' **
As .1'. W, Sperr, professor of mining iu the Michigan college of mines
has pointed out, the bursting force
is due to external' and 'not internal
conditions. Wlieiulhc pressure ' has
become more than0 the pillar oi
lode rock can bear and the moment
of rupture has arrive:*, even the
scratch ol a pick will precipitate a
crash. In mines where the rock will
not stand and thc walls settle' slowly, ,so as to fill the excavations made
}ty sloping there are. no air blasts or
disturbances of that nature. When
large areas of roof, which arc left
hanging,, finally fall, they act like a
piston and force the air out of the
old stopes with all, the violence of a
gas- explosions. ''.
The explosions in the Atlantic'and
Onincy arc due to the same general
cause,   and   that  is  a  general  condi-
'■'Uock by 'mining.' It "Is" reported that
■Most    Canadians    are  aware   that
- we have in this dominion supplies of
coal to express the amount* of 'which
'" or language is inadequate. Knorinous,
tremendous—such words as these only
' feebly express the tonnage of lignite
lying, lieneath the thousands of sjcpiare
miles  in  the  western  provinces.   Un*
s limited 'js perhaps the liest word, for
the supply  is. certainly unlimited 'lor
many hundreds.of years. A hi,lion to
■ the ordinary- person is hardly      more
• than a figure of speech, but the tons
. of coal in Alberta alone are probably represented by hundreds of millions.,
. Though the ■ presence of this. coal
. ■ is well known hud-has been known
for some, time,'the. fact that.it i.s oh-
ly* lignite has *bccn sufficient to induce
most  people to believe   that   it  is  of
- - small economic .value..
An invention- has however, l>een pcr-
. .  fecte'd  which  has all   the  possibilities
.  ffll as hard Wesh anthracite. Tlie in
vention known    as -the .gas  producer,
, has lfccn put to very severe tests, and
has proved  that- coal  similar  to  our
western liguile.ican be  jniade to produce J>y its aid,..an amount of -^owov
equal to  that  produced   in   the   , or-   .
dinary way  by  the,, best  Welsh  coal.
Mr. Howling, of the. geological survey  recently read    Ixiforc  the'Alining
Institute a paper iii whicli he     gave
some remarkable figures.  Tliese si-.o.v
that  in  an ordinary  steam . plant the*
amount'of coal similar  to  that,    at
Medicine  Hat,   required  to  produce .
horse  per hour   is  6  lbs whereas',   in*
thc  gas  prodticer a  similar  result is
obtained from less than a^'lhs.     The
. test was made 011 what  is known as-*
wet"coal, but  if'the  coal  be  dry an'
equally   stratling  variation   is   sceii.
These  extraordinary. results   open   up
a .field 'whose' limits -are- practically-1'
iinbaunded. -      .,•>•.
Thc  geological survey   has  recogni/. ,
""TtWheTlTCineiidoiifrrpossilii li ties—aurt—
their reports  on the 'western '      :oal
s Lignite
areas will be  read wilh more. Allan'
, .Tht: French Marriage Reform I.eagtiij.
after numerous meetings 'and many
months'- deli'b'f-ratibns, has drafledJor '
..- presentation to . the chamber/'of deputies a bill, reforming the marriage,
laws; The reforms may lie said to
b.-gin and end in the divorce court.
Drunkenness and insincerity aie
thc proposed new • ground^, for divorce, but the most striking suggestion is that a divorce niav be. grant- ..
ed  for no apparent     reason provided
. 'Iiolh. parties formally request it and *
persist in the request for two years.
A provisional decree may then , lie
granted, but another'two' years miist.
elapse before tlie decree can lw-nrade
-O— O—O—O—O-O—O—O--O—O—O—C—C ©—O-rOr-O -O-
•jyp w\*^p'W%
in all its various branches
Bring  In  your   next  order.
The   Fernie   Ledger
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aMMHMW<Aii>tl*WW IH», *.'.. .»i'T fltnil tmi jf«l^>rtwMMiWMWiirilWliiiffi1H*rai^lni anrfttlil
JM •»•* ^-mmm   •*^m^* ■■T""   ^H~(f  |^*'"'^M|>kV^'1^^^ ^^^ • tm- *^. ^_,«    *«^^J ^^^m t   ^_^^ ^S*f* *   '"'■'^-trf ^^#^     '~*^S**W   t^*f*      '   W*^^S»  ^^u*> "     ""^^^   ^^^ ^^^ ^^^t,'     -*«^^^   *§Mmf'"™   "^**^tf ^^^*m  —*^^^
S3CS3® II.
-J« -. -J*.-,....,
1 1   ■ n^M -, • ■,
*** '.rf-*
&-.     T"- ♦■«.■»■■«■>». ».■».....» -»*^..»«»^».,t..»,.»,.»..»..».^*^..»..f.t.4,.»,.t,.»..»..>..«.*>n.,». »,ni »i tutu*). %  .......  %-'r-i%Mk.i^'i''*^mi'^'*'W,l*'''*'*f-i''*imliiil* ■*'<«;;.»"«"». .■'.  ti > »u»l t',t'.,tl i'"*  I
<■'    ,<-.■:*"*■■'   *v- -,-  ••■*"-  ■"'-*-      " '      ■ ---    ■* - '.-'"r-i    - >,'-t-iV {• !     ■    .      -      8? s3        *iSA-s.-f-;i     frigj    sa       i*  - *--v./   -$■$   j*4:- •   i'a
•*"     ^A*^..,^^.^'--VA       ,   -,- A      ", ..    7-   *.--,    ,^f     I     *     ' ■mm&Smk-^my    i^P^^PvJP g      .M-U^J^
"    '    ' "    "*       1 m     --        - A*;; , ."...'   ■y.-^r^iff^^:^'lr\S'.'^ii^iimiit. '■7**
>.<^»>t.^..*«*<»"^**. *»..»*.»..».i> ^»..».*>.<yn.,»,.».,».n..«,.».i».^. -i r'rfc' Ijt ri i > I n i a it mumn i m nnt *,i       fl5t%««*».
■£.-. --* -|**v a??-*, r;. ry; ■ ■
'   V *.   W,. w   ll—..'.*.;!.*
---4. 0*-.-'P "    tl'T   *'.
%K'^ S<Wr,*i* 1<
!*.-.■,-i •■*.. v „'■■>,%■-•--.'-•-(I   ,-.-.-•■*
ifeCS ' r*e*v-?ol;"j-
Enthusiastic lrish=Americaii Newspaper Man
and jon Iriih Affairs
on Ireland's Hero
-.,„{.' <[>; SITS"   IN COLLEGE GREEN*" A NEW IRELAND WIU; DE BORN THAT WII.^ A'A V   ''V;-vA ■ A-:'i-A'   _:   ».„'*,. -
Dublin,    Ireland,   June  19.'—Michael
■ Davitt's death evoked a wonderful
mieiiifestation of love' and affection
among-alhieliisses   of   people   in   Ire-
i land. Lady Al'.'-rdeeu, the wife of ihe
viceroy, Mr. llryce, "the chief secretary for Ireland and'Sir Anthony Mc
Doimell, the .real acting Irish executive,! were 'among those who mourne-d
for the dead chief and expressed their
highest appreciation of his, charact?r.
Alfiehael Davitt never abated one jot
or iota of his' principles. He ' was
marked and branded as-a felon by
the laws of'England, but his so-called felony was love for the land that
bore him, and that -heroic . love has
made- the name of| Michael Davitt lis
immortal  as the  stars.   In  December,
H103.   Michael  Davitt   wrote   to      Sir
, .1
'fhoniuf' Lipton asking him to use his
' g-ood ollices'with ,King Edward to i-e-
.*ure the release! of Col. Lynch, thu
Irish-Australian, who' fougM with the
Boers. 'As soon 'as the king fead
■Davitt's letter he bade-his ministers
n lease Lynch.
** 'It  seems   io me   that   Ireland   owes
.inure to Davitt than ,.to any man that
hvi'd,  always  excepting  O'Conncll!   I
-nin'   nol  unmindful of  the     semens'-
of Gaviii  Duffy,  nor of the genius  of
Davis,  nor of the'incomparable  Van- ,-
crship of Parnell, |.ut Davitt was     ,-.
more potent .factor  for  the  regeneration of  Ireland than any of  "■     these
and,  I  am  almost te'inpted   lo*     say
than all .combined.     He had nol./hu
exquisite.poetic'.gift of of Davis,-* nor
■ ic , force., of command that characterized Parnell, and yet history will
rank' him a' greater benefactor to
Ireland" and humanity than either'
Dully, Davis or Painell.     Davitt was
"- the.'soul, the life, the animating pnu
riplc of thy Parnell move-incut,     The
;sgeiiiiis ■ and overshadowing- figure     t.f-
Pnniell hid some eif the light    . that
belonged to, Davitt,  but  never  for a
, moment, did Painell himself fail'*   to
n 1 1*
realize that, himself, and the .movement he led owed more to Davitt
than to all others coii-jbined, ''he
two men were essentially different .
.Parnell was broiight up as an aristocrat and his whole training and education , were English rather thi.n Irish. ..Ilut Pm-null did not belong lo
the.Ireland that was the teacher.and
apostle of Europe before tlte Anglo-
Saxon  emerged  from  bnrbarisiji,   Ile,
deemed it a Waste of time to revert
to tliose golden days.-'In a sense he
never understood the inner life of Ireland for he. lacked the Irishman's imagination, and it was an English wo- "
man that blasted his 'career,
Put Davitt was, first and ^>efore all
a child,of thc people, lie was born
in n-Mayo cabin and'when only four "
years old—in the awful famine years
—with father, mother and sister, he
was driven, out of) that cabin, and
saw it  burned   to the'  grouiid. Ly   the
'tyrant    who  wanted.to  graze  cattle
on  thc Davitt homestead. '        '
■  Picture   Michael   Davitt's    mother, '
walking, the   streets ;6f- Manchester a   .
few  months   later pegging for   breai    .
and  work among strangers  with  her
two footsore, hungry-children by her
side, and you will  have some  ielea of
the  "via crucis"   through  which  Mi-
ehacl Davitt   reached'■'the   crown      oi
martyrdom. Picture him in the mills
and   factories of   Lancashire,   a. child
slave  toiling for  bread, for' the''   'old
, folks whom wrong iind outrage     had
made exiles from the Green Hills'   of '
Ireland! Overworked, underfed ant', ex-    "
hausted,- his right arm, was torn from r
the shoulder.   And,,thus' maimed,   Mi'.',
chad   Davitt   was equipped   in   youtli     '
to fight iheiliittle oir life among sfran"
gers in a strange land.     .,-      .   •-.
Picture him a few; years later, ''.rag* .:.•
get! before a court' and' tried for trea
son—for  attempting .to  free  Ireland;
Then  over seven years  in a dungeon
in association with 'the; vilest of Eng-.„
Jl^^UniiiiaJ_s.._tie<:aiisaihe_U>ved—the <-+
motherland.'     Dut thefscven years ol
torment   .ind   agony'did not degrade,,,.1
Michael Davitt,-and when  the    doors    '.
, of his prison ' opened   in   1S78,,        he'
came out a  martyr,, and   an   apostle,
and from the hillside.in Mayo, wliarc
slept  tne ashes of  his  sires, he   pro-
• mnlgatetb the. overthrow - of.' landlord-
ism and  the regeneration o,  Ireland.
' Dae ill's dreams arc| the basic prinei- ,    ■
pies of all thc  lajid legislation        ir
■ Irelnijd for '   the , last quarter of     a
'century,   English   prisons   nre      '  no
longer  the earthly  hells  tlu*y     were    ..-
in Davitt's ■   time'    for     the ,   one-
armed Irish ex-convict went into the. '
house, of co-nimbus and effected      reformations, h^English prisons, greater than   all   achieved' in   a thhusaiid ■■
years,     He was the'father of-       the
Irish land league,  and he  wiis also .
the father of the'EiVglish labor union
Butte Man Writes Scathingly of English Rule in Ireland-Condemns Many
Features of Administration-Only Hope
is an Irish Parliament, Which May
Soon -Come.
.  movement,       tlie     most portenlious
' English movement' of modern times
No pen or tongue can ever do justice to.the swcctnesAor loveliness'of
. I)avilt's personality.' He had the
courage of a lion and' he would glad
'ly have died'at the' stake' any' hour
of the'day or night that  the good of
' ■ Ireland cailed for the sacrifice.  P.u't in
private life,he was the" cheeriest, kind
est   and brightest  personality   I   have,
evcrki-own. 'Ills'_ he-art  went  oiit     in
sympathy 'with all'who  suffered,   li'it •
in particular  to the, poor  and   lowly,
Aof'cv'cfJ* race'arid creed and country.
His memory' is' a rich legacy of go'oc!
ness, heroism and licnevolencc ' . and
his achievement's a blessing. |to his
race* forever.
.','' Davitt's' life  is the'most   '-crushing,
indictment of English tnisgovci'iuiieiit
thai ■'it is possible  to  relate.      ' The,
• plunderVlhe'dcpopulation and'the mar
tyrdom of IrelandA-irc  all .typified  in •
.   Ddv'tt. '   It was Davitt's martyrdom'
' ftlish* masses--'to 'the' infamy of English •'rule   ih'■Ireland..'"   'I 'am   thov-'
" * ou'gihl,-^ convinced that', the plain,
simple--toilers havc'-'sel' their   minds
'  on" doing .justice in".Ireland and-mail•
-' ing'reparation'for centuries of wron1/
, In  other  word's, better   and  brighter
* days'art-in sthrc^fojr Ireland.     Thine -■•
■ will'be many a hard fought struggle
, before thc /Jnqral of.'sell1, gv->veriniienl is
reached, for privilege, and casfo die
hard, and. the fight in Ireland today
lies beetween privilege*and caste aud
■ thc Irish people: Graft in all its mo?t
'.odious' and' ugly forms is completely
enthroned  in  the- government of In-
. land. •
Ireland consists of two elements,
lhe bureaucrats and the people, 'flic
bureaucrats are nol merely office hold
ers, they arc grafters of the most it-
pellatit   kind. They utilize  every   ml.
ministralivc    department    for   ' their, ..
owiii personal gam    or ■ lhe   gain   ot
, their class.   The Irish judiciary,      ior
„instance, costs  live   times  more      for
the machinery   of   justice   than     ithe
judicial   machinery   of   the .great   Dominion  of  Canada.      A county coin-''1
judge in Clare or Kerry is paid ?io,-   ,
000 a year for 30 days of work     an.)
his   court   oib"ci,als    are paid   in   like
proportion.. The   land   courts   are  iill
packed by   the   bureaucrats   and   tbey
are engaged  in a   conspiracy  to  wise
rents and secure for their own     class '
inflated  prices    from the  government
and'from their tenants. "   ' '     "    -,
^ In other words, the. Land judges and
land commissioners, while servants of
"the "people and enjoying, wages   • pai."
-.by. the peop.e,^are ..engaged-.in a.yhugei"
■ conspiracy to   rob jthe P puiTiic" (rcas-A ' -
urv- ■-.■,■ ■      „
.1  find  a" board,-of fish,.coinin^sio.ii t [
- ers here tliat''is'- typical" of -the' huroaii* -.* '-
era Is.  The r.'vcrs and harbors        .uy)
■ grounds "of > Em-ope* if, „'0t in,'A the-   -'
world.   The „ Irish   fish, commissioners   .
get.the government to'prop'a^.iW sal-  "
mon and trout in all the lakes ,   nil.l_
. harbors   and   inlets   of   the''country.'
Then they exact S15 from any' and all
,* persons'- who_ fish for_ trout or salmon v
'-*1-he: irtr-noy so 'collected   is  paid  (>'iU
■to bailiffs to prevent, the poor people
from   fishing  in  Irish  rivers,  and  up   *,
011c but the owners of land on.either
side- of  the  river  is allowed   to  fish
in a single, river in  Ireland  In  other    ,
words, fish are propagated  in     Irish
•rivers at Uie expense of the  , public - •
treasury for the benefit of the gr.'ilr-
■ ers who govern the country.
Aliout $5,01:0,000 n year is devol.'.l
to Irishj'e'diication from, thc imp2ri.1l
treasury, It filters through ' various
education boards and the grafters or
bureaucrats get fully do'per cent, of
it and only 40 per cent, ol it reach.'-)
.the le-ac'liiTs/ilie averaj-i*' wuje of tin.
national teaeher<"is onlj ;j ceuls . u
day ami that fairly npresents tht
vu'liiniion pluced upon the teaching
profession ] by the bureaucrats who
rule the land.       ' ..
There is a lot of blatant humbug
talked in Ireland about an Irish university. It is not university education that is wanted in Ireland, hut
primary education. ■ I'or one who
needs 'universi'tv education a' thoits-,
and need primary education, and ihe
fellows'who shout loudest for aca^lh
olic university for Ireland are the
class of Catholics ■ who liVe to bask
iu the sunshine of and' stick the ; ub-
lic  purse through Dublin  custle.
The Irish  agricultural board      war*
undoulblrdly organized as1 a  boon  to
■■Ireland. The bureaucrats have captured it, They arc not in complete control yet, • but they soon will be Sir
Horace I'lunjeett has worked a? hard
as^a man could work to make lhe
'department   a • potent 'aid to  idiiea-
' cation,to commerce ami industry. It
hiis' done a great deal ol good in this
: direction,' but it raised too many illusions ahd it helped inadveriantiy
in inducing Irish tenants to pay horribly inflated rpices-to ,llit ■■ laud-
lords. Sir Horace PJunlirlt is hate-1
.by-4* Dublin ^castle for his deinocr.it.ic
views mid for his eflorts to keep
his department free'.froiii the  gratters
/'and hiiiii'J)iig*i tliat "settle' in every oth
er  Irish 'department.   He has   ' only
ultimately, driven from the office and
after him  the elcluge, ' -
•". Hut.• there are .bright spots.'in the*
Ireland, of today.. Irelaml teems will,
intellectual 'ability of   the first orde *
, r-and all over Ireland are schools nn*}
'colleges   built and, c.ipippt'il  by      thi
■-people-themselves thai lor educational facilities eiqiial any in Europe .*r
America'. These great schools and col
le'ges have, prospered anil grown and
won thc admiration of the world with
out'the h-nst 'aid orsiippnrt from
Dublin castle 'or of thc Hritish government, l'irst and before all oth<-r«i
in wonderful educational achievement
I must place the''Christian brothers.
They are the best equipped, thc most
accomplished, and the most up to
date teachers in Europe, Vnder the
wonderful c.liica'tio.iol%*-jy.stcm cyol'Ti
hv  the    "Brothers,"flic Wriest,  most
brilliant and most accomplished Irish
intellects of onr lime are being fashioned ' and molded. A great new
intellectual life is stirring. Ireland ■
rt aiining life are the schools of t . the
Thc Jesuits come next 'for effcieiu
and brilliant work, and thev are
closely followed by some communities
of the  I.oretto  and  Dominican  or.leis
" In   fact the   schools      are   cssenti.illy
nnd   typically   Irish—that   are      racy   <
"of the  soil—arc  'challenging- the     admiration of Europe, while "on .the coll?
er "hand the  state   aided   schools   and
colleges are  a      mockery,   a delusion
and a snare.
It is this which fills mc with hope
for Ireland, when the goddess of freedom once again smiles upon her- «
Then, again. I see a happy omen in
Janus llryce being Ireland's chief ruler for the present time. The chief aim
of Wh. llryce i.s to prepare Ireland
for home rule. When he came over lie
found the agricultural laborer badly
paid ,'nnd poorly housed. He saw lhat
thc lali'orer's one desire was to get to
Canada or Amerieia. Ireland'.**- prosperity depends on the* agriculrut.il ia-..
- er end  Mr.  Dryce has devised  a plsiis-I=
to root  him      to the  soil.      IIe  has'
got the   English  treasury  to  advance
$21,000,000-for the purpose.  His plan
.'is to build a cottage for every  Irisho
■laborer at a  cost of Sd.-jo, and     -ive
'hiiii"i.n  acre of ground, at a  cost  „f.
,S2oo. A neat'cottage and  a garden is   "'
'thus  secured   to every   Irish    '   '•'irm
—.la-borers For-lhi-r^ic—iimst-py—'3oT~
cwit«--weM.-itly  for  (iR years,   a*u.J.   Uieii
it i« his forever. I look u|von..tJiis as'   ,
Ja  gir^t and   l>enciicial   scheme,     ixir
jit will add to the conj.'ort and health,' '
';nf a Iiundrcd  thousand  of  ll".      verv
foorvst people'*in Ireland.
.   Of course it will  take 70.years "ii'.r,
• llie lrisn   farmers   and   laborers      to  -
own their own home  rind  tiieir gar-
,'(.t*ns and  farms—yet  70 -years  in   ■ a
inalirn's life is very s'«ort,  and     the
C it. is in siglit. 0
nom*:  rule  is  the  one  sole,   great,
pern a-rietit   ciirr*   tliat Ireland      s.'iiU
tfM-lny.''    ISne    is  becoming each   -'..v
./'innr,- ttioroiiglily fitted- lo govern her
self,, and  wlim   an   Irish  parliament
.sits in  College On en  n  new  Iralnn,.
!will  be  born   that   will astonish   the
world by its progress and prosperity,
.,-;,' T, A. O'FAKKI.LL,
Liberal Government-'will Give
London, .Tune 30,—Ireland's pros-
pt'Ctu of hoine rule hit .less leiiiote
since tlie lilvrul luiulslide at the last
jjeiienil t'lectioii. Discussing the pn.s-
peets of Irish hoine rule at the 1111-'
mini   emifereiici' of  lhc'■ Uni ted   Irish
Lcngiu here, T. V, O'Conner, M. 1',,
"Wc nre     mcctiiiR after, n 'Rfnorul •
elect ion, which I'think will lie bounl
to havi! decided the issue of1 Irish Uli
ertv.   There Is now In tlie house     ol
commons nn overwhelm in-", 'majority
favorable to the cause of Irish ind."
peiiilence, nud ilurinj; the gvnernl t-lec-
lioii I heenmc conscious of the diet
whicli was nn. a^nlewiliilo surprise lo
me:  I had been apprehensive that in
the minds nf ninny people who had
formerly been our friends the cause
of Irelnnil had gone back a little, .
"I wish now In say thn I I am ol
of tlie opinion that among the trasses
of the English and Scotch people the,
feeling in favor nf hoiu« nils is •.«•
haps  slroiiRpr    nx\A    mim tMlvtmwil
tliim ever.
"In the house of commons I wa*
prii'iiri'il.to Iiml n majority f-jvorahlo
in principle to onr cniiKf. ! was .int
pre*].ari>d iofwd tlie ardor nnd j-.cidi*
Hess with which the. luaise iA ;/)iii-
Jiiran reieivwi every |»rn|uisal jai in-
v<rr ot tho ninellorutioii ol tl-u? cuti*
irlitkui  of  Hie  Irish people.     '
,»..^..»..«.^l^«•..*>^»•M».>•>*■*.•.,»..#l•«*..••*■^•••^>*><••••^t,,#,,»,,»«».1»1,»„»,,»,.»,,»M»..».,o ^ "A "*"**"*!*"*"*'»*' L
t^tt.itn^tttKf,*"*,'*"*"*"*"*"*"*"*"*"*"*"*"*'  <».<»..*,<*..*<.*..*..*',»>,*,.*"*,+i'*''*i.*''*i>*i'*''*i'***li*''****i'*«*''*''*'*''*''*''m'^
Thousands of Men Seek Wives
•».»♦.>•«.,....» ^.....«................».». ...*.-»..♦ •-^-i-»-»-*-^-^«-^-»-^»-^^t"*,"-^^r*"*"^™*^^"^"*"' '* "^•^••"•■^■■^^-^"•"^"^■^-•fc»-«^^—«—»-^^«^
thousand*, of men look for when QW
HriiiiHelH, .Iiiiii- aii,-Two ihn.uuii'l
biiclii'b.ih iniin till pulls of l!''l';im'.i|
ninny Ilnin Kriiinu nml Nunu Jrom
Uuriiniiiy, Hwepl down on the vill.i|{>)
ol Hcaiissiiii's-ldilitiiig Unlay to iim' ,
brides, '
It wns the     opciiili|* of thv louith
yearly iiiinn'ngv  1111t.it  its e»inVlNhi.l
• hy the maids ol Ee'iiussiiies, nud (is
then- ure only W marriugeitibU- iiinul.i
• lii thi> ((iinitil little pine.., 1ln> su|»-
plv nl matrimonial pniliurM fell de-
plornl'ly short of the ikniutid. All
tlm same, the 'ptoceeiliuus were 11
great micccss,
Tins uieii liegini In Arrive curly    In
,1       ......!.    .    .     .   •>    (.     _   >,,(;.JL;,J   ;:.,,;;
lufore trninloiiiU nf them npiwareil.
There were nil sorts nud cnndiliom
of nun. One man of 73 hail iriivelli-d
all the wny Irom I,uxetnl«»rg to Iiud
a wife, to wliom In- proiulsiil n Aow-
cry th.il wr.ntd pl.i>.-» her l,..*ynn>l
want. There wire tro.lesmcti, cleiki,
liieeli.tniih, miiHi.*., UUtU'ih—iiLlv'i'.li
nn. lirntirli of trnde n|ijn-nn-il to lie
nnrtprrwntnl. ,
Cay banners ut wi-Uomc, triiimphal
arclu-s with motli»-s ol incouragemoiu
for proH|H'Cllvi' IiiihIiiiikIs, figures of
1 lipid und linirtN pleiii'd wiih ■ip'owi
wen.' lo he wen evi'iywht'ii'i hut the
local nutliolities hnd lint iicevpted the
young liiilles' |.ifi|iosnl .to iinmii tht'
miiiii Niivt'iN "1'lnce tU'H Kiuiii'iiillvfii'-
"l*liui' Coiijngnle," and "l'liu-e de l.i
Concorde." '
At noon the l.iulielors were (oriiief
ly Wt'ltoiiied nt the gates nf the vii*
luge hy the spinster committee, I,asi
venr.s presldenl nnd ».7>vi>rnl <jn<>iiil,i>ri
iif tin* tominiltee nre now mnrrli'd as
tlio result of the festivities twelve
uiniitliH ago, and others lmve l.e-*-**,
ilected in their places.
All iiiiirihtil lo lhe "Onnid Paln-'Ji'-
'•••..4    *.. #"V—   ""   »■>'•••><■■•■
The Hanils plityed n-iw.hl>i'», (l*il nup*
tiiil mnrclics and love (sours. At tin*
close nu adjournment to the town
hnll where the yntiti^Invlicn .tot-ilt iheir
places nt tall»l#s on which stood vnwi
of pfulf io*,-", w*fl.Ii *itfh innfffH'i in
''Unfit tin," "Uve.M "11-r Truwtiii;;**
and  "Hate Talltk."
A v.iraut chair was left Ix-siiU- each
j;lrl, ami al n urlvfin <ifna1 tli** 'men
with uiatrimr.-iial Intent made *
nisli to secure Renin, Then cnlTcr ami
n nwi't't cnVv wero tiervotl, followed liy
a bonbon liiHtiu-i of lic(*i*|ce, When
tills wuh 'over the liuly pii'M.hni
liimle 11 spi'i'lll nil the lilt ni jiU-usin^
itinn,' which was widely iipplniiilcl,
Dnniiiig in thu open nir t-mlcd the
dny's iestlvilles,
Htiuilri-ils ni titters, many oi tlnn.
very iimusiii(-, wtiv recciveil this year
from intending hiiHhiiuds, A inihv..v
olhclal in   1-nris   , anxiously iiupiiri 4
ivlHillinr In Ihu pvi»-iI of unl fiudlii'.
n flrl Xo liU tnnle, he could refin**
tn marry niul would lie allowed to
linvp t-tiietly '
Home bachelors from ("Silly, I'raniv,
explaliu-d tlmt they were yoimj', |»nni|
and were nnxlriiin to find .wives from
Kcniissines, wlmrc thc, girls nre knowii
lor their [-ond looks niul ^piiet, dome-'
tic habits. ,    ,
Two friends, a butcher and n liuir
i!r("i«er, n«l't'd to In> recoitiiiietiil><i.I lo
two nice girl* hy lho prr**iili*nt. titit
Ui IlliXl'lI  Up  tlleil   nllilUrik.lUi.IW  lh.il
it Mtincd thnt thc l.utehir shawl
his nnimaU u-ittc AjntlM-ptic tteatmi-nl
niul thc halrdres-tei Hlaughtired his
ciutoiiicr,-. huinoiuly.
The Girl Was His Hoodoo
New 'Ynrli, .Ttm** *t.i,--llii'iiiiiii' lm
Inst nil hii* money mi tin- rui-i-s >n"l
Iuul In puwu his swi'itheai'l's dia-
liinml ling, for three dolluis in 01*
iter to nit'i'l his iiiiiin-.liiili1 wants, Vn
gelie AIiiNtt-r Wii.-i luld iii.J1,1111 bail
ill the Ilnih-iii pnliiv mint, chnri* "I
with  siiiiling 11  iiiiK>
Master iliMtilfd liiiiisili as n par*
isiiin, 11 physical uiliiiriM, aiul'livlii;;
nt  lit]. Went  .iSlhs tlliet,      Idle  t'oiil*
lll'ltll .lit     " '1  '    V'.   '    I     f*i   ivllill.     'I     HT	
1        m
lv girl  nl  l'l,  nnd  Mit'-I.'r  (old      lit*
court of llie unlm-l.y numU-r Vespnn-
sllile for his losing his tiiont-y     uli.l
his arrest. '
Miss Conklln  says she  nii-l   Mustir
by    iy ikiniiii- m Viiiiiiii  p,m.  inn.-
iiiontliM 11 go, ami nn iiilimale fritii.1-
shlp  was   the  icsiilt,   Although   tli.'V
nut tiently ev.-ry day lh-<renfli-r, M.i<*
ter wrote lier inaiiy hllirs in which
In* cnlled her his denri-st Mveethearii
Afvi-rk   llgii .ihe  d.il.lU.l, M.tslit   ..lii'.,
tn her "Sweetheart, imnnnnw I >nn
giiing to the rnres and J want vn't
to wish mc good-luil.." In replv she
trrf-iV 'fill lur Si oo fli.11111.11d »in,«.
ami iiioluil It on Mriitir'i fing«-r It
was llie last time, she said, she saw
].*.iirnl Inconrt today,
"This girl is n hnoik.,", r.i»M Mailer. "She lives ill it llim'-v N»* '?■ l
went to lhe races uml luil cvt-rythiiid)
I hnd, und Iiml In pnu 11 the .-in;
lor 1\' to iiH'Ot my hiiiii**il-in»e wuiiH.
Tlu re's the pawn tickil. Shf can
Hike il nml I will Imvr a fii<nil .**■-
deem tin- riii-;,'1
After MiiMt-r liinuli'il tht nawit.
lii-Ut tn, the (-ill the HiUK.slrai* d.**
,1 ,nun..I him tin t low uiul inriill ihlel
mid held him (or I'tamluatinn nnlii
lo innriow, whin, If Xht rin**; hn«.
i'?eii n tinm-il tic willhe nllowcil  top,i>'
A Loi Aligilos p;ij»er It'll** tt »l«ry
of a parrot and the Bull Franci-u.i"»*
riirili(|iiflkt-.' Al the tlm* nl the »iig
irrinbliii- tin. purtot was tarried'over
to Ihikh-y hy IiIh nwntr niter a nur-
vuw 'ii\.i|i«-, ainl (nr uvital div*. hi
Mood first nn one ftvit nnd thru ua
lhe other, Mivinj* "Tliii i« m-ll! Tint-
in Ik-III"   ,i
Qufcec Nib tell! how the Great Cro*
1    suBiBtlverrcvtBUtivewu
m tf-nun-i Benefit
 *)m ?
••■liy wife took U flrlpp* wittx thi wu
„ inOttiw^'nyiR.N.*Oiifo«ofNorthftilJ
ttm, Qit:, In »n Interyh.w, «• Sbji Kot •
i Ik>U*U at Piychln* and sfXtr uilnf It for s
; Uwdsf* *»• w»i quit* w#ll. (.took ■ coUl
1 mm* (.« <!i>ln«» 1» *rtit *m *»tt\it« all rlfht.
. I liluk titychln* It on* of Kb* b**X tonici
. oolhoaMriittlo-kUy.''
, tmH* you bsv* thV whole.m**.lt«r In »
i nutthf-OL   U Orlop* aVid toldi art amonn
,     TUiuua h vl ont, bit wife had tha other,
* VttHmlusMl only curad both hut it built
j. .      ,  ,   ,1,1   ll   ,•..   <        I').-.,..    *l'Lif1f>*
rtammb to ratitt divatt. [All aaedti ol
—~""HfA\ia*r*y\\i*Aly \
tft******. mUt***)
50c. Per Bottle
I.iniment    IiUmUrman'*.
■Urgtr ***** *t t\Md wm-sxU devtgrs**.
M. T. A. UlliKvUnlteiJ. ltm\t.
*~* "♦"♦I Y
-.? ■
 ■ ■    ■ , , ^ := i: i—.     •-*
n-any''l^te*res4i(ftif items l&out\^p^«A'
Round-Up of I.ocal Happenings
Thelaelic's ol -the' Fernie'-'Benevolent* 2 p?A
>cie*v, gaVe*. a' .social dance in St«ptks, V SS
i^4h'i$t-s™'9r/,'^'''y" eveninj*,'.the-fpD-
^c^^fciMiyoI*"replenish   the   '--'Jnnds
1).   II.  Telford,  oi  Saskatoon, ia in-
tht city. '•   A     *•' A    '*"''  J '-. ;
4.   T.    Claxton.    leaves    for        th.:
•ast tonight.
'I,: 1.. Kni-jlil, of Winnipeg,  look in
'Monday's  spoils.
A.   !!■   TriteS-returned   fiom
coast  on. lUonihev.
Sirs.   Corsan  and   "Mrs.   Knisiey  left*
for   Vancouver ruuiidav.
.      ' CIIECKWICIGIBIEN,;   .    ,.
*   ?-. J.-*   r- -'   * -   -    >' *, ■ . ;**      **t' ^    *,:*' 41
'""Th'-* 'Keftjrc -M frets'' uii'ioi!» isie'ctedtlfc
foiif.wint,' e-hcckweij-luneu .for the coal
Cieek mines last week: .laeo'b Barker,
David l'aton, aiid W.  II.   Evans.
replenish' the '*-!tntMis
iof the. society anel to give their many
friends a pleasant social evening. The
party was in every way a success
and although the complete report
'of** the  committee  in .charge, has .hot
ir. - <v =" ■.*',-.-.
yjt,   bfcen-'maele,   it   is  known--   -that
quite a handsome, sum   was  realized
from the   sale   of   tickets.   Thc   ladiesv mayor  and  Aldermen  Beck,
wish to publicly thank the.,.peoplc;.for.; *Melr.tyrer.-anil Quail**-; '
I their  generous  support.'.   At \   i: Y
*Lii SfS m *® fcV.o^-'^^^*.'-"?* iSLg-iL
JShsi*v ^i-^Zs j:-r£'.l,s?- 1S4 .■<5*J>
$4   .:&.■}•
|h# itUm
down    Debentures»-Curfew
By-Law to be Enforced
Thc'cd^cH metiast'BThursday even-t' j This^fs'^td !.be met"*as rfollows
ing,'' th'e following being present: The -Ij1ccns6'sr,*'*et*c.*'" '-',* ^
Hrs.   S.'  Alexander   e.l*Co;il   Creek
is visiting at  tlie- coast.  ■
Sliss*'.Miill   is .visiting   Sirs.   it.
Bricker, at Blairmore.
.I.-A.  Arnold,   of  Cianiirook,  came
down foi   the   e.'lebratioii.
Judge Wilson  Decides that Workers by
. .-. Day must be paid on Quitting
Giant Downii
hotel 'to   K.   II.
,*,* lui.~, sold the .1 affray
W. A. Timliel:. <i\ Pincher Creek w.i.i
up, feu iile-  spnri:.  on   Sluii'tlay.'-
..    Fred    K'obinsoii      returned     Hnnd.iy
from  n   trip to  West   Koote-nny.    -    ■'
Sir. niul "Mis. Grant Downing, "f
.Taffa^ were  lure   for  Uie*   celebration
Sirs. Hamilton, ni Cranbrook-, is-
visiting    her sun, Wallace   Ilfitinillou.
There hasM/jeu a charivari.'in progress at Coal Creek for the: past
Sirs Chcnette. and Sliss Bookwaltei
nf1 "Uarvsviile ' are* visiting Sirs. • T.
K. AVhclan. • ;   •   ■ o ••*
Dr .Watt,       of  • "Korf Steele,
ene'of  the  pleasant callers on
t.e tiger  on   Tiie-sdav.
Ii. If. Cosgrnve, liiauager''
sjjcretaiy of the .Spokane fair,
• "•Felnie   visitor, fin   Slondav.
i Ik
■Tui'lge Wilson has just .handed;down;
a written opinion in Ilowson.vs. the-
Ciow's"Nest'Pass Coal Co., whii-h-"'is'
ol c<jlisi('iLi-a-)le imporlniiee botli'* to
ihe   laborer  and   to  the:  employer ■■ of
li.bor . , that"'when a, man, quits, or
i.s discharged ; he must be naitP'-at
that time if work'ng. liy. day's la-,
hor, nnd llial he lieetK.not wilit- until
the regular pay day to secure , what
is due   him.     , ,-        .'■...
Tho ..judgment follows: '
"This fs an action.-for wages. The
plninlifl was emplen'.e-d.-by ^the, tlefen/l-
suit by the mouth. ' Certain ■ changes
were made in the system .ol payment
of his v.-;i.gus 'and irom'July At is
•ihowu as a dsiily -wsige,; while oth *.r
workmen conlimiu on the pay tolls
on incntlilv   pav. 'AA "-•
The dufeudiints elaini "thai,-this-wus
only done lor * e-onveliieiie-e- in.,-bookkeeping, ,jjnd'lhai the plainliU, -wa's
still liiivd by the month, anel, therefore could recover.■-,no1t|hiiijj until, Ije
lullilled the. period' of one 111011(41. '
"Now t.s to .this .question,, i.i seuius
to liu: thai a change was.' ymade
iu .Inly, ;iud 1.I111I llowson becaine' a
day laborer., 1'Nrst the pay rolls show
[ia.  -daily hiring,   which   I   say - defeiul-
ants explain as  a  mailer' of  eouvu'i
ie.nce—second,   the.-defendant's  man.*,-:
ger   on   ex'a^uination     for   discovery
slates   thc company   owe   the   anion it
sued-for,  but it  is not due .until,pay,
■day.  There is  no suggestion  of    any
elefense ior monthly hiring. Third, the
"delen.se   itself.-   does     not iprocecd,on
that'ground   but   ou the   ground   of
the wages   not'lieing   due. until   pay
day! ' ..."
. "In  the face e>f these f-tcls I* must
lind ,011   that   peiiht  in .fay or "of      llie
plaintiff. *   ,*.
., "As uto the  defense  of  thc   ^wagiis.
not   being' due   until  pay   day, I     do
not    think that point  tenable ii*.  ;.lu*
face  of the plaintiffs evidence.  P.*iug
working (by the  day he  is entitled -,o
his pay when and as soon as be has.
cbmpleted   each !<lW,y's wojrk.' .and   r.o
eviclencc „ was   given 'in   contradiction
of the   plaintifl  on this  point.
,.  "I  can   not  see1   from thc  evidence
adduced that lhe defendants were put
lo any    "actionable"   damage     under
their  counterclaim.
''Judgment for plaintiff for' amount
of. claim and costs.
,      AP' E. Wilson AT.
The '.niin.ites'.''for; June  t.4 "'"andt,   20
were   read.and -atloptea.*
Nuveen & Co. wrote explaining why
tliey^'tin-ned   down   the.  sewer   tle-l^rn-
turcs.   They*' claimed that   the      best
lawyers of- Chicago' had  adv-'scd them
that.the by-law was illegal as it had
not been ^published in   the  B.  C.  Gazette.   They -also   gently   hinted   that
they would like  lo  sec  the color'  of
llit! city's Miieiliey     for   the   txpenUfa
they had." incurred.- '.The   letter     v.\vas
handed over  to   the   city  solicitor  to
answer.        5    . A . " *. ,u *'■•"
: * The \V." CJ-'T,- IJ.' iiical" branch -petitioned the council  to enforce the curfew- law and  a' .resolution  .was .pass
I   -  I     -     ■•   «     -      '    •**    < -   -    ■ '    5   1    ■      ■ !    ,     .
ed'instructing  the "police to have    it
promptly  enforced.
All taxes for .19051,will" have to be*
l>aid litfore August 1 ,or,legal ■ proceedings will  be taken.,      '
The lire chief was instructed -to, en-„
*        . -
force   thc   fire   by-law.
The city  clerk  was instructed     to
notify  all dbg  owners who had    not,
paid    their license that after August
1      proceedings    will    he   instituted
against  them.     » '   ,
*     A *'..,•■
Thc estimates     for the-' year   1906
were then considered ami finally passed. The following,are thc estimates
in the various departments:
Gov't  school  grant'
,* fr""*- is* - * ' ■:
.'5 "6,659,0b
,. ii,i8o.oS
ff-ffW^A- • -<v ■ p &*?£ mYi'^iy j*?. :j -A M> m^m    . y   '
&y^m& likyei Xttiein* Itrrivin-^ -vtwice" t
a   week  irom  tlie  province.   If   .'■
you want Fresh Eggs buy from   ;:
.AAA^^nd htxhappy.* .-., . ^ ._..,.",;,? tf .:■  :'
jr 11   1,3   iF £S "ft"*      j t *,L      "      '.. -       .I* '       ;.*■       1*     *,     ;*     >*?      Li    *—     r- ib* /
PayCash, gefvaTue""foryoiiFm
...,* S2i,45j.t'S
The bid.for the sidewalk dphentures
was accepted from the, Bank of Com-,
nerce; the figures not lieing made public.'!  .;-.,,"-.   -■"■*:..:    , .-.    .-_..-      ."i
N'cxt meeting, July 5.
*»   TELEPHONE   »
* <*t v
« e ict
W. J. Bluhdell
j-   ^ ** . * .*        •>
The PJopIe's Groctr,   P. 0. Block, Fernie
*   At a meeting-held on Tuesday mom
ing the-Fernie ■?■ City Ilantl was reor-
gaui/ed   with thc      lo'.lowiiiK ollicers:
I President, iHarry Beatham;  vice-prcsi
tieiit* "J. ' Chain.ersi      recording-secretary 'i T.   Bigg.s;      financial  secretary,
II.. Wheat; .treasurer," W., While.   The
hahil \starts out with   a. ine"....)er.shi'p,
of ten   and    expects    shortly   to ad.l
some 12, or more.     There are  about
22 instruments "belonging to*thc liand
and  some of these  pieces  are  in  the
h'andsjeiif .Ihpse .who are not members
A  polite  invitation  is extended-    to
those having    property    1-clonging to
the city band  to kindly  return     tin-
same to the secretary.   A' hearty wcli
come is'extended to all British player's to join," ■■•,-•'
Police department,.,.' ...
 •* 2,790.40
■Fire   department    '.
.'....'*   1,078.75
. '    ".330.00
Schools  ..■	
........'., 6,500.00
 :a 5,140.60'
Streets      ' :. '
.,..-.....   2,000.00
' !/.."..*.' 3"/>i5,?3
Minard's   I.iniment   Ct;ies   Distemper.
Notice is.hereby given that the
lunch, counter . run by Sam Kee has
been bought out by Chin Sam All
accounts due' the   late owner  are ,io
he paid to him  and  he paws  all  ac-
i-...    ,.      -1*, >      .        --       - ■    .....
counts'against him.
A     ' "\ 7      " "CHIN  SAM, "
Fernie,' B:' C,  July 3,  1906.      ...   ,
A very pleasant, parly'.of young
.•"--topic were: "entertained at Edged iii
fcy   Miss   JJavies   Hfeiiul.-iy, evening. -.
'iliss IIsi'Il, teach...!- nl Kiui.be!ley,■,
im ti .the- city i'or a lew.'days on -her
•way east*  10   spend her   vne-a.liou.  '    .
J.   U.    Piiole, left   Monday' evening'
on a   two   mouths'   holiday   trip      to
his oh! home*', neai   ,St.   .lohns,   N.   P.
•   ■ ■ c
'In the 1'jis,.-1,':i11 game' at Kalisp.d
on WediK'Stlay, I.tHli'liridgi* vs. Kali-
spel', K'aiispel won 0111, the score being 2-1.
oifie Banff Well Fixed
- - Starts with Reserve
Work—New Bills Very Artistic—Entire Old
Board Re-Elected  at   Toronto
' .Meeting '.   ."
E. V. Skinner, ' C. P . li. passenger
tigeiit, Ni w York,'passed through llie*
fcity "Mond'av evening''in his' privnte
Coi»ie,s of Ibis issue, wrapped road;-
lor lnailiiig tan In- had al llie Ledger ollice, Five ecu Is eatli or six lur
Iwo  bits.
l'ruil aiiil Cnrdfiii'. ,1..lmsi'.n'-" n;*ri\ ed
front'Toronto Moijiluy .jiiio'ruiJi*,' to
'ipeild   the   sumiiiiT   viienlioii willi
llitiv parents.
Col. Janies Masoii, Isaac Moody, W. lTarkyn Murray,-. J. Cooper JBason, R.
14. Mclntyre, Dr. Alex.McPhedran, C. j,*.; p. McWiUiams, Eugene'■O'Kecfe,
W. II • Pa-at.'^ l.ieM C..: S U' M:. Pellatt,. Alex. Robertson;. .1'. . *t'-.
Robertson,".Tames Scott,.U.B., Street)- Arnold .W.-.Thomas, Milton -, A
Thomas,".1. A.' Todd,' ami* John White..,. •; .',... ,*
The'Ordei of Business.    . '   -.o      .;,    j   ■'    .-*!'.
It. was moved by,; Wm. ..Cooke, seconded by M. *J. ■Haney,' C; E:,'that
.tlie_^presiden_t._M-r.__Engene   O'.Kecf...  sliouhi  taki*  the'elinir.
Cr,   (',,   lleiiiieisiiu   who  1ms   lii't'll   ill
I'm   cily   hmliiiig nfler liis   busiiiv:-,K,
'sl.'irled' I'f.r hi', home in Hnrnin, On1 ,
on   Tuesday  night.
A. 11. C.rnce, editor of lh.< • Cniii-
brook Prospeelor, tliu oldest ik-.is-
|)nper 1111111 ill 1'lnsl Kontciiny, \\,.'S
down  for-thi'  ivlebrntiou,
" Tin- ronlnu't   lor   liu-nl   delivery   ol
Crow's S'l-sl Pu'-s Coal Co.',', pii.diul11
has been  uwiiiilt'il  to  Alissi'i.  Si oil iS
Rii!*s  and this  lii in is    now pivp.ii\d
in lill all orders. ,    ■     . 1 A t*
  *   'J '      ■   v'
MlHS Celt ili.l I'UksU-Hl il* llnllli' Irolil
Spiih.Hie wln.re she- has ll.t'll utt.'lii.ill':
the Ani,h 111 v ul the lloh- Xaiii.-, ..n.i
will up. nd llm \,i.iU.ioii Willi )> •
pni-iiils, •
Mi it In , ,   ..u   niii .11111111   ul   -'*   leu'
'now may 'um   mii,|- I ulis'•■ I*... Cn'.1'
iliai'i'lioeii an.I ili.lnii  luluiiiiiip euii''
oil Ihous.iiiil.i   ol link  bins •; ilunn;:
the hot   wi.itlui   i\,iii,th,i    A   Ion/sjI
Ilabv'.., (IW11 T.iblii.i ii,.,(. but A 11 uiv,
,' 1 .'■*-.   <v,
nnd til.'ic   i;.  suiiuty    .111.If Mileiy  111
'Jus iniin. tm-.       l,;\i- an    1,111,imo). 1,
'-'.it'i'i t 0. ti.*   .-.ii. iniin .tun sun ssiii
kei p  it  uvi..   l',iv.,  llliin   I.,  ill*  eiltl'l
if iroiilili   milks  ,-nll!-,'   , iid ,.1   '.It
tuti,' and coul.nt lln 4 nulla Jiie buii).-
Alll  Vnil    llilt'i*    tlle    gu.il.ilit, mi  ol        11
^.oWIJIIIkHI    ,t|l,ljj.it    lJl.it   lh^>    Iia.il,
• cine 1 uut.tins    im'   'loiMinouii.i.pi.ii.'
'Mm. It. .Mi-iliu,;iIallf.ixMf::ta, ji.iV'.
,:«-•"lliib;,'-. Ottii Ti.hVl.-*- niii a tain
libit tin'dn tu,* ini • (0111,11 h uti',1 b.iu-
t*l tiniiiili-'i. {"'.nlil by ,ii!1 nuilieiiii
ileir.ei-i m by ui.iil ;n j,-, uiit.i .a bos
from the" Dr. \V,ilhams .M'-.linnV Co.,
ltrot kvilli-," tint ■ K,'. p »1 h»- TablAs
in   the  house, *. '      1
The Tot011 to daily papers seem .'to have given a good deal-of ait-.'i*
tioii to the prosperous a Hairs' of -'.li: ilome Bank' of "Canada. Tlni faet
that Lliis institution has already paid a dividend, and reported a ■ substantial reserve fund, alter only .five inonths. wort under its charter, is soiii*j-
thing unusual wilh new bunks', Probably the Toronto World correctly
sums up the matter, in the  followiiijj editorial paragraph.: '
.'■This annual meeting of the Home .Hank of     Canada    brings to notice"
features of, banking that rather,exyiwd   the general   anlicipatvnis   ol wh.il
a new iiistiluiiou   of this status,-pay ueeoiuplish  within a given  lime.   It'
i.s si.ireoly to be expected lliat.a new bank shnll] pay      a   dividend wilh'ii
live montlis of its active operations.  bti,t since  lhe Home Punk has'really
declui-etl u    dividend very much,.with in   the prohibited   time,   il might   be
explained  that the Hemic is npl'iin entirely new 'inslitution.     Just as the'
Toronto .Savings Hank'of TH57 carried   its reisourcts   in lio the Home   Sav-
. ings.   and I,oni'i Coinpaiiy of 1K7K, so the' Home   Hank of   Canada   begins
. JilcAwilh  lile expurieiic'e and Niippor.l 'of  the 28 years activities of '  ..the
^Ifoiu* -Savings.(.'.The'iloiiu!' IJmik has don-- well,- but it must l-e remember
'iii" lluit it  lias" not started  from  thiVcryt-beginiiiiig 11 ml - III refore       may
enjoy u decided    aelvunlage  over   the several banking    institutions      that
have recently   been   lnunelied with new tlmiters   and   a   clientele   yet   to   be
The lollowiiig/.ice'ount of tliu nicelijig of the sliuiulioUler.s of the Home
Hank of Canada is luk/jn froin tlie Toronto Globe of Thursday lasl. ll
will be.  noticed    the Globe'does not speak ol   the Home   Hank   of  Camilla
as nuiiig 11, new institution,    ,    ,  ','
.■  ,.i
'llie lust annual genera]  meeting of the shareholders of the Home Hank
ul Cumuli* was huh! nt the, head olliccs, H W'esl King struel.  Thu original
I ha. u*r ol the institution tliites from i'8s,i, whtn thu Toronto Savings'hunk
was laiiiiciied, In 1M7S the bank developed into the Home Savings "4 I.oan
C..iii].i.iiy, anil operations were ljugiin nn'der n form of charter which entirely iillcd ihe 111 mis ol thc time. Ofrucunl years indiistrinl netivitieH In
Ciiiiiiilii li.iM- m,uie .1 wider ptospeel for the scope of business banking,
mid so tin: Savings„■*< I.uiin company niter aK years' activity in most, of
tin.* dipntiuieiits ol liii-iiu'i* associated with blinking, took up thu original
'se.ipe, oi .iU  iliuiter  uguin  uiul  liee'iuiie'^he, IloiHu Hank of Caiuulu.
Tin'   'S'lifii-hiddei'M'■'SevM'V'y-.   "   "■   ' .<   'X    '^
', The Home Hiiuk ol Cumuli! is just six iiioiiths old  this picseiit iiioulh.
II H w itc cui inly ,1 new bunk with a new list of shareholders mid 11
11.-w cxci'iiiivi', It would not have to hu reported thut a dividend nt the
rule nl f. p. 1 unl, Imd been paid ini'I lie lirst 5 mouths oi the hank's opeia-
liiiiii., Hnl nsih. Ii-uiii the di\ideiid, lho gtiiernl KtiUeiiiciit Issued shows
•niiii' mi v I'niiseiviiliw ligiiies, The 1 it is-n ii'Herve fund tipiul tn otiu fniiir.
te'i iii' i-Ju* iiitiii' sii|i"ici'ibcd s'loeli, This is uu itnii oi security for the* slinrc*
l.-<ili.i.i• uhiih, lilic ilu iliviiliml, cui sciireely he priuliie'cd within nny short
I ii ili.l or . ilivi.i.piiieitl, iiud in iidditlon there is a profit nud loss ncuiuil
"I      i**."*'..,.".!--*-,.
V, lu.li* lhe |?i*|io.siliiis Ciiinu III.
, Tin 1I1 p...-.ilins ni the Hi,nie Dunk ol Camilla may lend with salisdic-
il<iii 1I1.J.1 the Mini ol in-nrly four million dollars of lhe pnl^i-.'-s uw]ni-y
\-huh   ilu, bank holds is pliictd so ns lo lie reu.iily convertible into eash,
t.i   r    1     0.,   ,,,1?.,1   lull-   „f   tb',.   „umi. -,'    Ih n  rich -......(.I   1 «r th.* '■,',•■.!'   "1 i'ii'
tli.tii" 11' i'i 'ihrei' iiiilH.iu, (our huiMre.d thoiiHiiud of thin sum It seetired bv
ii,llaii*r.il luittis mt stocks, Itoiuls «iiii ilehi'iitiires', and lhe nioin-y is lliere.
.,11 liiiiiiiitble to Uie bunk ut any lime it may In; <leiUiiiu'..d, . Of lhe n-
i'i.ii).. ii'.. .-'ii..,. -mt is in deU-iiiiiri'S, uml thr; balmite, nenr.y J;oo,ooo,
1. ,<iti.,il .rii-li      The curti'itl loans to busiiit-HS nun mul paper discouiited
.   .   . 1 - 1   ,'.-,,      11   :,,-.,..,.:     .. .,   .■
■  ....   ♦ -1* .'.»*,    ..     ■*     ...»*., ^    v..i,.^.rt,.*     ....    ...,.-»>.....>... si.1
l^i'XU'l U,
Il.is loilowtd the Tried Methods.
Ait ,niil\.-,is nf the Home Hank's gtiivrul statf-ment shows tlmt tin- in>tl
tiiimii It. - tul.ni its pJiue'solldly tnnoiig the thiirtend Ir.mks of Caiindii
e.ilhi'ii .mv  iim.ii   to tiiclluids  of  "high lin.iliie," Allhongh there hns Uill
.  1'• n .1   »..in*, Jt tf f I 11  lirfi,i,l.*r  siopi- of inlivilii's, the  ih-ivit inslitution
h i« .iiiiiil th    support nl lis old cliiiilele,     while  llie  n«w tliiiiter    litis
'' "'.'''   !l   ■  ".'.' p4i.i;.'"il*  ^..liii of i.ipn*.ii.*..     Tin.   itniis  is-iiiid  li1.   thi'
inn-1   iiltt.iitivi-  ami  the    linulatioii  is     rapidly      in-
A hotel thai !-Wilis*]'-*, ipnei com*
tiMxIioiis iiiioiiimo.l.ilioiis fm its p.i*
U011* is ft Minna oj plent.urc to thi:
liii'iellilbl i'utilie. i'Ukh .1 out. i* the.
King Kownrd hotel of I'ernie,, 'tor-
tier 1.pp..niir po'.l yllli'u.
I..in'. I.,ti 1 pi.iii 1
i re .isint'.,
A  I.'.pi. ..iiidiiivi   M.illng,--
Tin   inn ting w,is nihil to nriler «t   noon,   Ainniij- those   pu*s*-iil   were
ll  Iv. Hull. .1, II. H11H, J. ll.illui, Vt'iii.CtMikr,  Wiii.  Crocker.  I.ient.-Col.
1   D.iiiit-Kii,   Aillnir   U.   Ui-niMin,   lluinul h'H/gvrahl, Major V. A. Hleminjj
TI  i'i vim. Hon. J. .1. I'nv, K. C, Kdwanl  Calley,   K.  Ci.  Ooo,lrrh(im,
>—    >.',   T   fiici-n, j.imi'M Ciiuii, M. J. Ifiiney, C.  K. Whlmtr Hawkc, Jivuph
liiiiarilii  hiiiiui.iil •niii. l)iphth.-f,.i     Ilolrsmi, II. T. K,Hy, W. T, Ki-tnalun,  Wm.  l,avoic,  Vst'x*,  Out.;  I.ieiil.
It* was moved by Win. Crockett, s^ieiiideel by. IVi.fiiier Hawkc, that the -
gencral-inaiiaiger I.ieut. Col. Mason should act as 'secretary. The sec- ,
rotary 'then  read  the,.director's" report -as, follows:     , *A      " ..'",'*,
-■ "The directors beg to present their report-, showing the result "of the
business of the b-.nk, for -.the period, ending the*,^ist.ol' may, 1906,- and its
position on thai date;','   •-   7,   •*      ,,      '''   • ,l   :..-.,.; ■•
"In   accordance with and undcr.a "'{.hbrity «[ the. resolution duly passed .for thai purpose, the bank on the    31st ,-of    December,   1905,  and ", its -
rn-cr nnd assumed the liabilities of yhe 'Home Savings &  I.oan Company,•'
Limited,  consisting cntire,y of ekposjts   amoiinting -to   ?3,389,n7,s.a7, ■ ami-
received-, front that company .assets of, equal' value   hud  amount,   and   such-
as.the bank con d legally hold.and acquire. '   .
"The bank opened for business on the next.legal day, the 211.*} of January,. 1906, in its new premises, Nos. 8,and 10 West Kinjg street, and also
iu tlie two olliccs in which the company had been doing lihisiuess, vi/.., No
522 West Queen street and No, 7K Chu'rth street, all in Toronto. Since-,
then hruiiehc'j)'luivu been opened -up at-.the' .following , points—Alliston,
Wiilkemllc,'St. Thomas, Ilrownsvillu, , Shedtle-n and I,iiwreiiee Station,
all in Ontario, Arrni'),-,eiiii-iits lf'avu nl,so been made for the opening of n
branch al Kernie, H, C, and business will be begun .there shoitly. '     .    ..
"Thu.piolits for- the live months during which the bank has.been doing business huvu enabled your directors to, declare a dividend for U|jI
period at thu rale of 6 per cent per, unniiui, and add the sum of 59,839.80
t.o,1)1.]' profit.mid loss account-, which'- iic.w,.'ainoiiirts lo 830,503.5(1,." , ,
The President's?Ailiri-usH. i^ _'"'.,      .;*";; -.! "\, 'A       ^  :] H^Y'.' il i.
The. ■ president moved   tliu tulopli.ou of 'the  fe]iitrt,  wlikh' was seconded, '
,by the   vice-president,   Mr, Thomas Klyim. The president then spoke,ns follows: '
"Wu now muut at thc lirst annual gathering ol the .shareholders of the
bank to receive niul ntlopt the annul reptut of lhe directors and to elect
directors   for  thu   nnw  yenr.
"Von will suu by the statement now in your linti-lK, that thc bailk
lias been successful in its lirsl five months' business, the net profits . for
that period huing 10 per cent, on thc average capital paid , up' for the
same tuiiu, which was ahoiit {Sfxsi^oo, A dividend nt the rate of fi
per cent, pur milium has lieen declared, and paid, and lhe hnlnncc placed
to profit and loss nccouiir ■ *       ■     >        .       , , .
"Thu taking ovur of tin, business of tlie Home Savings & Coal com*
puny, J.lmitu.l, wns'carried out on Hip *mt of Deccmlicr, 1905, mn! in n
iiiumicr mn.st .satisfactory  to      both i-i.itjuitioiii*-,
"Tlie .preliminary expenses which must iiucfHsarily accompany the or-
gnni/iitioii of a new hank hnve bet n puid nil and - a siihstnutinl npiounl
phicci to the-credit oi profit mid loss account tn meet future development
"Thu stock has been well taken, Some $830,(100 ln-lng now siihscrilii'd1,''
mid 5730,000 paid thereon., The shares aie well distributed nmnng over
|on shareholders, The directors linvi. Ix-en very , fol'liinule fn linvltift
been able In sicure lor the lin'n'k's head offce so luindsoine and so cciitnil-
ly sltiiuled preinlsi's, The other cily nflices will lie in keepiiij-* with their
local inns.
"Hraiiclns have lieen (i|H'iieil at points considered suitable mid advantageous lor liiisi.ii'.HH, und llu* lininVi operations will Ik' extended whsnever
lliought ih-sirahln,
"It is satisfactory to note llie, Increase In the hank's deposits over
Hi*'iiiiioiint Inkiii ovel fioiii the Hoine Savings A Pmin Cn,, Md,, when
the (ai'l is considered tlmt the hiiKincKS has been pruclicutly conliited lo
thu cily of Toronto mid tn three hr allelic*-..
"The /enI  and ability displayed liy the ollicers nf the  funk have been
"■•.•ry   . ;et«. factory "
'TIAniks Teiiderid  the "Ryi'iutive,
Alter the adoption of the report wt wns mover, hy Mr. Tt. It Tlnll, sec-
niidid by Mr, M, A. Thomas, tliat (lie thanks nl ihe .shareholder.-, are
due mid are hereby tendered tn tin- president vicf.prcsidrnt nin| directors
for their cnreful  attention In llie inteii'sls nf the hank,
vi.» ht.*,*iu*.itb i.s   IIii.i, ,», J, i\>> ,  ?*•*-.,   ».'«.>*»*,ii   s.,>  iib.    .(rt.iits   Viim.l,
the  following motion wns  adopted: "Ihut the thanks of the shareholders
lie tendered tn thu general manager mul nher ollicers of the hank for the
efficient manner in which they have perlormed llieir respective duties. '
It was moved by I,ie*ut,-Col, John I. I.avhlson nnd stcouded by Sir
Henry M. Pollnlt, that thc poll 1* nnw opened for the election nf dircc-
I'lnr*, for tfi.- iiiiMiiug your, and th.it '"the name (..v clmmil wtu-iwvl-v fivv min-
nit's shnll liaVc elapsed without n vote having H-en Ittfidtre-il, nnd thnt
llvssis, \\. V, K1i11.1l1.11t ami V. A, rU'iiii-ig U* the sinilim-ers In tak.-
lhe 1 ole, and that thvV report thc result tn this meeting.
Tlie Old  Jln.ii.I  Me HlVi'tcd. ' ' "
The. btill.it resulted in [be rc-cu-cllnti of llu* old hoard, 'as ioltottl:
Hugtne O'Kiefe, Thomas Vlyiiu. Kdv"Bid Gnrak-rluiH. il. J. Haney. 0. K..
\V. l',irk\n Murray, l.init.-Col. .1. I. 11avid-tr.ii, and T.lent.'-Col.• .Tmues Ma
Al the tiii'ftiii'*- of the nc"' lnwnl held Immediately after the close of
the dbove, Mr. lvij;iiie O'Ketfe wasrc-t-lictcd president anil Mr. Thomas
Fhnn r« elected \ icc-presiilent ol the f**nk.
Goods for
Owing   lo„lln-   wann  weather of  thc past     few days,    and  it's.;.
. likely  to- continue  diirinj*; llie summer months, our store has been >
. visited-by'many'snniniur t-.li.i ppers., l'*or  several days  we        have-
exceptionally  fine   line, of   all kinds, of   lightweight   goods,-for  la*?
., dies anh children, includiii.; r eady-mnde suits in linens, .lawn,   or-.",-
-Randy,.^ndli/cphyr jrin»;liaius;  :;liir,t  waists,  skirls',. hosiery,  para-";
,  rsols-,  togellier \v,lh a full  Hue   f.f   s_iiiiiiner, materials.- W«   invite"
.   you  to call "and be" convinced   that   wc   have   thp   nipst , complete
.stock this'side ofthe lakes.        ,-..    .'   '    .,'*      ., ■ ■**
• P., ,S.—Xew   ai rivals   of   bloMit-es. , aiid .hosiery., -.    .
:?A.;To-.' :HAiVlitfOi>;
--:Tins*r-nlithi*r*iiE'& Plumbing
.      —:  .      —  " " : ; r-
..]"'■ HAVE t.i ken o\q\- the business formerly-' cori-
.,'1' ducted' by! Sheppcrd & Elliott and wish to inform
the'public that I am in a position io' do all kinds of
""■ Tinsmithin<»- and Plumbing in a*prompt and efficient
"""  manner, ..Kememboi-the place.' , ,     ''*-,
". One door north of King Edward Hotel.  !gbgggJ
under this headini; iniilurtud nl the
'Jratcof one cunt n-'word caeh iiiser.-
^■tibii,-ji.,j;; --1' jJO_j ;_
Vernic,   good    two-story   house   on
. the properly.-Apply A'<•''"'•, <'0N
& CO.
0001) HOPS*. -CKNTK.M.I.V 1.0-
inted, for luiit.-Apply MOTT, HON
&  CO.
lot lociileil iu cuiitit! of cilv for h.iU-
'at h linriruin pricu—Ajipl-y    MOTT,
l'QR vSAi.l'r-iOi'i'-n   »hnres    HiiUh
' "»toct   nt 3!.c-Mtill, !*5<-"> '^ C{
■, lunulrctl and' tweniy? lu-i-JH in s tlio
KrioU'liuy*valley, -l'n nerufuindpi-i-nl-
' tlvnlloii;' 140 nuet* cun bu irri'!iile*l
at Niniill uxpeiisu,     Tliuru \xre i\ooA
buildiiiKi. oiu. the     piopi.viy,  nlso
Uiri-c     iiiIIck    ni Ii'liilii-?.   llK'ie  in
' about two million fi-i-t "I ilrni-iluH«
timher nu thu linnl. 1'IiIh i» " '""IJ
lor niiyonuwi'thini* to (.et a i;t""l
rniich. I'or pnitlcnliUH <M'i;iy      l"
Mott, Son *** Cn^  	
ITOK BAWC-Tlic. proiicrly klinwii uh
thu Treliiout himrilm),' house Vic
lot in uvumie, Kernie. r.ood lw(i
Hloryhouhc, i», 1*'» ™),li:i ."''
Btulm, 3 R'W"- rmmHm ruv"
«tair.r, plaslerud: theru Tn tt\*» a
A," 1 'V.'d e.it.1 ''"■!''" "» 1h« l>rnp-
evty.WiH Iw Willi very, rhenp
lor ctiHli. 'Hns is* a Mijip, <•'( •■''•'»'
niie wlhhin-tf t|)'i>nl;« '< il!*''"'. '"*
vur-lim-nt. I'or lull pnrtInilnrs,
etc, ni>ply Molt, Son ft to*,	
I    __     ... I »      '   "   '"" '  mm—"**rnWrn*^-*
<*0"   •S'VTV    1   VJVI.lfAm.V, HANCH
' or*w8 ac>«». sltiiatcfl in 0110 ol the
mnit Ittvnrnble spots for fruit irmw-
\tx», ijanltnliiB, utewk niihliic '""'
poiillrv  urowlnjt   In'U«   Ivoolei.av
.Icnimlry, Thin rnncli- is nil  imxceA
cnulnitm fA txcm nf flrnl-clniw h'it-
lotn la»iil, W acrcn -r»f which Is in
tt  Rood  Mate of ! cuUlviUloti,.      7
ncn>» nf rocmI Ix-ucli Inml  suitnble
' for fruit Rro«-ln« nnd farili-nlm'. ■nt.
Ill Iiiir M«tc <A inJtivntlnn. There
I* i\ (jnoil Ior house of four rooms.
with  .sliinj-k  roof,  Mabllus:  for    fi
" linn-M ' nud 1 Innd nf rattle, two
rooi-I hi-nhmi-ir!" nml n, C"""! r'»0'
lioiiw. This vi.lnah,<Tf<»^«t,''CI,n,-<
finrl for Jt5fi7rt.no rnMi, II taVeit *oon,
0*1/1 In the he'll Imrjrnin Inr     nnv-
rirftlrln-f tt> Jjo Inln rnnclitnf
fun In* fniiiiil In Itntt .Coot'-nav
further rartlciilnrs applv     tn
Molt, Son A Co, TVrnii*. It. C.
WAXTKIJ—Situation as help in private family by KngliHliwoman.
No washing.—Ilox 405J N«lson,
IJ.  C. A - "•
POSI TI ().V,,',JVA NTIS'I)—: a's~head; cook
in hotel or rcslu'iiraiil by e.\per-
ieineeil iiiaiitij,rer; or would relit
hotel diniii},' room, restaurant ,or
Inrjfe lioariliiijr. house. Address M.
0, Y., I,ed<fir ofiice.
•"—-—.—■——****-*"  1     ...   .. ..I, ..».»
WANTUDt-A iniin lo tail ilonrinj{
niacliine at,l<,lko. Must ho cnpoblo
of nnidiii({, (Innrinjr, n\A\)\g nnd
tviliii'-; and tyiujr same, Also want
six jjnod men nl North Star I.iim
bcr Compniiy's mill ut Crniihrook
lo load luniU:t.' Adiiu-.s-i, Xorth1
Slai- r(uiiiber Co., Kiko, II. C.
F.OllND—A   liuly's  kid   .-love;  owner
' *tnn iiiivu snnu. by pnylii)* fnr thin
ndv, , ■ „
*~~-"———-~—- *- -  ..i.	
FOUND-A }{i-ntli>iiinn-H watch mid
ch.iln, near llie railway track between thu city niul Ohllowii.thin-
ii' mn, lmve Mime by paying for
Uilfijid. Apply this oniee.
IIUOPI'j")), ,,i tliu C, V. B. Nttttinn,
11 pair of eye-ulm-scN, Hewnrd lor
leljini  tn Illensilfll's  drug  m.ir.i.
Iliiiiimm-liN at enst nt the f»il*ir,.
I>h.j: Stnru. •
iWIIlei's nnhi'Strrt *jl Jive piews fur*
iiiMied llm mimic- nnd yyim ever Micr
il.inu. liiiisii: hi'iird and enjoyed. \li;m
ill it   Siellbll   I,.,*,!   1    „..   ;;-,.„,"   . ,1   <        -,,
Jlilh.r.-Ciiljjary Ilrrakl,
Spintii'ijr (thihIn nf all kinds at iln.
Piiliice ilnig, Hlnrc, *
liy totisiilliujr M. Mefklenlierg, M.
A. 1). S„ the eiiiiueiit eye-sl)-|A 1^'*
tinliM of Cnljftiry, ymi j>et llnr very
..est Miiii-es ami nt iiKHlerutr ctar^*.
.\<. a |,iv,„f of \ihnt he ulsiiiwm U, ».f.
f.i-,1 fitly dnllurM to anyjprlriu-tn whnu-
1 yes nte itffi-rtiw if l»c f.li|« t.i-
ndopi ihe proper h*nse<- even afttv
iilhets hfi\e jHv,n it np ns hnprh'*'-.
A„mi;i .i( 111. .is'LH's diu^ (Htore, July
i\, i.\ .1.11. j.i, t.uA mi Mi.Wk July
at  nnd  a. '
FI.ijjh, fin woiksi, souvtlsir cat At
nt thp I'lilarr Atsg stole.


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