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"vmv.   I.ilirarv
Vol II, Number 9.
riany Interesting Items  About People—A   Week's
Round-Up of Local Happenings
aTolm    Mcintosh,  late     of     Grand
Fo.ks, was in tows yesterday.
Kotii, to Mr. and Mrs.  J.-H.    McMullen, last tridtiy, Sept. c8th, a son
A. W. Hi McLeod, secretary of thu
.Michel iinicn,''was in the citv v'c'sU-r-
Mis.  >T.
thc    2nd
Ii.  Lawry will l:c at home
and     3rd Friday   of each
' W. K. lioss, M. P. P., K. C, is in
Nelson iu connection with the big
lire suits.
Mrs, .T. W. Xunn and Dallon left on
Friday's train for Vancouver cn a
couple  of week's  visit   to' friends.
.lohn    Laurcnson,     of Michel,  was
down yesterday attending* (l Conference
of the -ollicers of tha' district and    of
* Gladstone  union,
•li. P. Eckstein is ■ away at Xclson
on legal business connected with the
big damage suit against the Great
Northern  railroad, ■ t   •
Mr. .Hrown," the new teacher at Coal
Creek, i.s still teaching * the young
iQsa how to shoot up at the mines,
as the children have no* as yet decides to .strilte.
. Mrs. Grant artll.childreiii arrived in
'town Monday from Pincher Creek; As
soon as the addition to thc manse is
finished, Rev. Mr. Grant and' his
family will b'a comfortably settled
down in our city.
"J. S. Carter, district passenger
ag-en.t, Xclson,-' and Mr. ■> Proctor,
travelling passenger syrciit of.the C.
P. 11., were.iu town-Wednesday, and
went on to Spokane to havo a. peep at'
the big, fair and -do a little recreating;
on llieir own account.
.Mr.-James M. Phillips, accompanied
.by. Mrs. Phillips, arc stopping a dav j
or,two at' the Fernie. M». Phillips
home is in tlw smoky city of Pittsburg, Pa., and each year he takes a
trip to the  ■ Rockies.   Hc_is_a_*gr(,a*L'
Tom'Keith,'of Coal Creek, was in
iowu tho other day..
The company have taken the pumps
out of number three "mine at Coal
Dave ration, secretary of the foot-
lull team at Coal Lreek, was .in
town Monday.
Miss McFailane returned . Monday
from her holiday trip, and has lakoii
up lur duties at the hospital:
W. II. Evans, of Coal Creek, Was
in town yesterday. He reports ev.iv
thin.; i-iiict  up at th.*' mines.
Arthur IVerridge has returned from
his trip lo Si. Paul and Minneapolis
looking well  after his recreation.
Jack O'Hrien and Harry U.iVor in vc
shaken the coal dust of Coal -.ink
from  their feet and 'gone  to  .'.'aL'ic.
Miss Walker, v,ho has- l>e«i nursing
at the hospital for lhe'past three
months, lelt yesterday for the Coast.
Miss Jennie Palmer,*of Coal Creek,
is still visiting with friends in Idaho,
but is expected home in, a week or
two*.     '
Mr. and Mrs. 11. \V. Wood, accompanied by piaster Jack, have gone lo
Cranbrook and M'asau for a few days
rest and recreation.
Mr. Logic, accountant of lii* Trilcs-
Wocd store, and .treasurer of lhe •*.
C. L.- A. A. .it Coal Creek, '<-. cwny
ou a two week's vacation.
Secretary Biggs, of Gladstone local
posted notices yesterday notifying
union men, excepting boiler firemen
and power house engineers, to keep
away from the mines.
,4 *0
President Sherman slated to tbe
Ledger a few days ago that lie expects a visit from President Mile-hull,
Vice-President Lewis, or Sec-Treas.'
Wilson, of'the'U. AI. W. of A. io a
.•short time.
. Bom, at Feinie, on Oct. 2, to the
•vile of Jas. Godber,  a  son.
Horn, .at Fernie, on Sept. 24, tothe
wife of Wm. Henderson, a daughter.
Kev. Wilkinson, of ..Christ Cliurch,
held service at Miihel on Tuesday
Mr. A. W.'llayden, representing the
Canada Paper Co., of Montreal, is in
the city.
A. McDougall is down at Kelson attending .11^ big suits in the capue.lv
of plaintifl.
•1. <•'.. v.um..i.ngs, I) L.S., is in Nelson -.his week Doing Land .Surveying
u the. big lire cases.-
W. F. Gurd, the .busy lawyer, of
Cranljrook, lound time to spend a few
hours in Fernie last Friday.
Win. McKay has taken the pl'-ace of
the bartender who w.nt.awav ' and
forgot 10 come back to the" • ,Coal
Creek Club.
Win. Hughes has taken the place'of
Price $2   a 'year in Advance
many struggles for the rights of the
members of tha great organization,
and in many, cases he has emerged
from the con.lict wilh honors bright
and commanding tiu respect and admiration of his opponents.
He lias won the respect of all good
American'' citizens from Theodore
Roosevelt lo.the most'humble toiler
in ill. lowliest walks of life. Spring-,
ing'Irom the ranks of the toilers, ,- he
has carried with hiin in his advancement lo stations of high honor and
trust the memories of the trials and
tribulations oi' tlu poor, and the
brightest jewel in that crown of public approval which ■ he has won i.s
this—that he, like Lincoln, seems to
love more constantly as ho rises higher in his course of usefulness, the men
and womiii of toil whose battle he is
directing and whose trust he holds
Xo on.* will ever know what    pres
To. thc. winners and all other' readers, we modestly say, read your ledger carefully every week, kick hard
about what don't suit, you, pat us on
the lack, if its ever so littic a pal,
for what wc say that does suit you,
and give us all the aid you can lo
make our paper 'better;, each week
than it was the week .before.
Pull lho Night Cap down over your
eyes and ears when you go to bed,
ami gel as much fun out of reading it
as does th_* Kid in writing it for you.
Don't worry if     the Cap p.n:hes a
sometimes;  that's  liable to hap- ' sentatives of  the  L'niu-tl  M
l*cn to anyone.   It's a queer kind    of
fellow   who don't sometimes    feel   a
little swelling of the head,    and    '.he
Night Cap is intended to reduce    the
The Company and Hen in Confer*
ence==Company Opposed to
Closed Shop Principle.
'  General  Manager Lindsey yesterday
cc.nsented     lo meet the ollicial  repre-
A.  H.  Alexander     at the Coal  Ci\-ck jsure may have been In ought' to   Ix-ar
nimrod, nud delights in' the chase for
big game. "
,C. P. Hill, general manager,of the
' Hillcrest Coal . aiul Coke Company,
accompanied by Mr. W. P. Davis, a.
heavy stockholder ■ in the company,
arrive*!.in, town yesterday. The Hillcrest mine is closed on account,"- of
diflicnlties arising between tlie man-
ug^ment aad the men.
John Hrown, of llosmer, was in the
city yesterday, an.-.! reports every thing.
proga'ssin1/ favorably iu his camp.
'liv. i.fuvu told the Ledger of, a trip
he hnd taken through the Coleman
mim; some time ago, .and he is nn
admirer of that property and the
intelligent manner' in which it has
■been (Vpctu-'d np.
A. T. -Gaston ciiiiie lii from tho
enst yesterday, and will h. in lawn n
day or two looking up business and
visiting: old friiuds, A. 1),. .Kibuld
was iu town over .Sunday, n«id A, J.
' .Mott left _ on Sutuulay for RpoUniic.
'JJi.-.s.' tliric Arthurs used to he all
toflctlivr in th.> Elk I.uiiilwr Co, ollice, end were called the tripple A.'s,
Th.y have just missed by a d.iy or
two being together in a kind of a
tripple r.'-iinicii.
II. IL Alexander, n cousin of J. S.
T, AL'MiivltT, of our city, and u ivs-
i'l nt of Calgary, pnssid tJivough town
ycstciday on his wny froin Calgary
if) Spot-in.*, Mr. Alexander is one of
the (anions polo plnyers hflciigimg to
tlu High River polo tcviii, which won
such Known lust year, nud was defeated nt Moiiliciil a lew weeks „ago
Li-cans'* of tlndr ponies failing, owing;
to climatic change. Mr, Alcxniider is
un old-liine Albert nu, und is si ill
li*-n\lly interested iu Cnlgary real estate nnd oilier property,
A iuw linn Ims opmed up for I.ii.'*-
itx.ax in West Fernie, Davies nnd
Mimkwit/. huvu lensid the well cqui1.-
pi-il machine shops o[ thu Mlk I,iiiu-
l.cr company iii'iir their big mill, und
nre prepared to dn all kin Is of ru-
pnirit-..; atwl iiinchiiu work. The new
linn will lie nble to do nil kinds nl
brnsH ii nd iron work for saw mills,
iniius, builders, coHtrn-elois, etc,
etc. Tliis is,llu kind ol pluck tlu Ledger likes to see, mid we will wnich
willi liitctcNt the growth of tluir biin-
iiia'.ss, lor it is sine so grow, uud
»i(.ita*. (lii: . uja .ii. (Ilk Aiiwca.x Wi'U
In due to flit, bkif, i\i\A I'literpiisc*
Mr. I*. I'attciMiii, an old retiiiciie,
und now iiiivinulioli.il l.<wid mcmlier
for this district of tlu IT. M. W. uf
A,, r-.'tnnicd Monday Irom an cMind*
fil tiip cost. Dtirltij,*- hit abstne Mr.
1-nttirsnn nltuulcd a meeting of llu
lu (ml, mid vlfiitid N|n'n Kent in.
Wlilc fii the old provlnee, Mr. )'nl-
UTmhi atlillik'd llu mectil'.;,' ol tlw
ii)uut,it ^onvi-iviii.n of llu Nina Scot-
la . Provfucial Workiiifii'.i Ass'icia-
tiiili, nnd rtlln-AHid*! .'-mi1 Inietn In-
ml locictisit or brain lu*' oi tinu nrd-
tr. Sfr. Pkiiu-twrn's mI-;-.i(iii wan to
plan- l.efiii'tt thin wicU'ty the propo-
Mtiou in -.(lliute with lit.* Vnili'd
Min/ Workii*. of Anurica. Tli; matter wiii t.i'*tiit up uu.l disiUhMil in \h;
bruncl* n.Kittic*, anl th.-n left in tli.-
hands ol tin.1 g.fii-riil ("iiventioit foi
(iiul d.-tpMiitott Mil y**t.
—Mft-133-IV-IJavis^-K-r--G^-of—Vancouver, accompanied ' by '"Mrs. ' Davis,
was" in the city a .day or two last
w»ek. Mr. Davis is engaged in'the
big fire damage suits, now being tried
fn  thc supreme court at Nelson.  '
There are, about 400 tons'of coal
available for.the power plant al Coal
Creek. If'will take about '40"' tons a
day to keep the light plant going, so
that if no more coal is lo l>e had,
the ..light plant can uot run for more
than ten 'days.
Last Saturday District President
Sherman sent a notice to the Michel
Union to quit work, pending a settlement licit*, and Ah-.' Mich.'.'l men
Saturday voted unanimously to go
out, and ' in coiiswpiciue work was
suspend;!! there on Monday,
II, J. 'Johnson and wife, accompanied by Oordon Johnson, left for
Vancouver last SatnwV.ty. Gordon
joins his 'brother Fred in thr Collegiate School, nii'l Mr, and Mrs,
Jdiiison are taking a vest from the
cares and turmoils of city life, and
rusticating, in tha Const  villages,
l'Vinie is very quiet, and ewivybody
is taking tli-.* siiuntion philosophically, and hoping Hint th;> stril**,* will
not last long. ■ So far ns llm public
i*,iv e-.neeiU'.'d, a spirit of io.-.*ral'.oii
and nioile.nilicn prevails on loili
sides of the ir.iiti-overny, nnd it is
■hoped thnt this coiiiiiund-ibli' s'.nlc ol
nlTnirs will continue to Uu md oi the.
Siipesintend.-ii., Mrickson, District
Kiigiiiuer Hrooks, iilr. Parker, r.'sid.'iit
nigiiieei' and briAffi and building m-
.giiie,.r Martin, or ill.' C. V. U., arrived in town yesterday, cvciiiinr from
Crow's Nest on motor curs, (incl wm I
wnst ihi*- uuirnlii-r. Siipcrinti'iid.nl
Mrrickson repoilH the work being done
nt Crow's Next ns progressing fuvoi'-
iihly, and the whole line hns been
wonderfully improved since lust
year's trip.
Hymn !•'. WiiUu', gin*rnl manager of
the •rr.-'.il Canadian Huul: of C11111-
1111 ice, wns in the city Inst Friday mi
his iiimiial loin- of inspi-clioii. Mr.
Walker wns nccoinpniiicd by niMiih-rs
of his family    qiid otlii*rs, nnd was
trnvelliii,-* in tx special train,  Mr. Walk-
*    A     ., *    1      '     .       i*   . 1
..      .*     ,aa,lj,",..'l    ....      4.,,,     ,/,      ,1.,      -^t\,.s
l'u 'liciiM-'i ill llli*. i-ounlvy, aiivl i; aii
niiliiuliisiic friiii'l of ih,' gnat w.-sU'i'ti
ctiil of il, Hillish Ciiluiiiliiii lui'i a
warm friend In thciiinimgcr, and he
U'iinm's nothing unnoticed in Um prov-
!,.     v.        .  ,,,.it.
"    -   '    ft*'-.-* —
Mr. Ciurlis Tuttle nud family will
leave I'uinic for Se.'|ttle early n.->xt
week, Mr. Tnitli1 is in Nclsim ns a
wltti'.'sr. in ilu- fire diiiiing.* suit, nud
ns Knelt iin It.- n turns,_tlu family will
Hike tlu-ir departure. I.nriii.t{ iheir
rcsidcmcc in l-'einie, Mr, Tmil1 and
'Ininily Iuiv,* madi* many w.mu fii.v.d**.
wlio will Im.* sorry lo-sce tliciii go
away, Mi. Tunic will )«• ci^.ig.il in
the lumber industry al Seattle, nr,-*!
while nil arc Mnry In loo«t< •-ttrlt i'imhI
cili/(ii« anl tui'.hl.or.s, ili.*v aiv equally glnd in know that lh..y are going
Vilirrc prospcrily ownits tli/111. Th •
Lcdg.-r wislh-s ill. in ull Mimv, in
ilit-.r iuw hoine.
Club,  and  will  look  after  the    co.u-
lort of th.* boys.
Most of the members of the famous
Coal Creek football team have left
Coal Creek, and arc scattered from
Alaska to Australia.
Mrs. Frank Lander and two children have left over the G. N. to visit
her mother ;lt Denver, Colorado, during' the' winter.
Sandy Alexander, laic manager of
the C. C. ]*.. A. A. Club, al" Coal
Creek, has lefl for an extended visit
to Springfield;   111.
Mr. Vandecar, proprietor of the
Koyal Hotel, Cranbrook, was in the
city Last Friday on his way lo the
Spokane lair. Mr. Vandecar looks
like the embodiment of good times.
Mill Kastner returned from Spokaii(.*
yesterday morning looking well, and
reports having had a fine time among
the apples and the pears, and' the
peaches at the fair.'
liev. Mr. Hamilton,, who deals out
religious' medicine according to the
Presbyterian prescription at Michel,
oh, well, is in town helping to settle
the Grant beehive down to comfortable  order.
A band of our first families, of tlu
IC00te11.1v variety, passed .hrough
town today 0:1. their way back if-
then- native tepee, grounds ,to, the
west. The Miniiohahas in the bond
looked., like a good sousing in some
laughing, water might  improve   .their
diisl'3* beauty,
• licy. Dr. P.ryce, professor of English in Manitoba College, Winnipeg,
was in the city a few days' during the
first of the week. He is travelling in
the interest of Manitoba College. The
•: •*. I)r.-is'iine^ol ih.* l.-si l:un\\u, ,.*,si
well as .oldest' pioneers of .hui.'.j'ia,
having' come, to Winnipeg before it
was much of a Peg, in 187r. Although
getting up in* his age record, h> is still
as active and bright as a i.-mn of i\o.
.Mr. and Mrs, Tom Whelan left over
tlu Northern'for Spokaiu lest niglu.
beat 011 having a «0od lime at this
fair, Tom arranged to have the-Ledger follow him, so that he could
have p Night Ca]) that fits him while
■lu is goiu. Thoy, expect lo visit the
Coast before returning.
Pat Whelan arrived in town yesterday, nccoinpniiicd by .liis br,idj, nnd
is settling down to the usual rounds
nl the Napanee. The Ledger wishes
the happy-, couple long lives, long
pur-'a'S, and no n.*'cd nf do-'Uu-s or
Now it's up lo Ccn to i;'..t a move oil,
To kw if lu can't iinpr.ivc ..n
His Htfgcr broiliev Tom
Or his smaller hrollur Pat,
llm  no, h.* v.,n't do th.il!
Mr. urd Mrs. Proctor 1111 ilii'.dicii
airiud iu town lasl Saturday, nil
niter a brie' slay o.' a day or two,
w.nt (i.i, west 10:111.1 M(in'..iy. Tli.y
will lio,) a few days in Nclw 11, mIi-iv
Mr. Proctor u*ill be ltrcsin'. 111 th.- l.ig
trial wiih ih; (!. N, over '-li.* fir.-
U.s.-.s of iwo wiil:'. iij-.o. Mr. Pro.'ioi-
iiiul family will Hike up iluir p.i'-
iiinii 11.  I'.'sid.-iu.'  in   Viin.'oiiver.
The I'.pworth League Iir.'.'lin;, ut
(he Melho'.li.'it chiii'Ji Mniiduy u'ghl
was well attend.d mid miuli injuycd.
liev. Mr. Ciiiiiit, ol Knox chiii'ch, was
present nud delivered n Vi-ry iiili'i'cM-
ilig nddivss, lie talked of the very
liai'inoiiious rein tinu.-) exist in,- nmoiig
llu local I'lmnli.-s, mi'l expressed llu
lio,:c thnt lie might live to sic the
coiiamiuiioii of tlu church iiiiio'.i
iiiovi'iiieiil. A very iiili-icsting pro-
giiiiiiiiie -was piv.Siiil'.id, und Utv, Mr,
Hall spoke feelingly of his gratitude
nt having a luoih-r niiiiisU-r lake
pari in ilu league meeting. Such
gnlluriilgs should le reciprocal, and
no doubt will prove a factor in   tlu
llilii It   IIIOVclll.Ill,
.'.rin mi.ll.d umli* limiie wu:. bin inn,',
.Ml    ii    14,   ,-l.lill,
lliil Ivinic liddlis while th- own-, niv
A, ad.
Oh, fiddle stills! .
PKU-SlHi',;*.'.       .lulls      Ml'li lli',1,1,
J'.vrryl oily will l.e glad lo cxtiiil
lo John Miuli.'ll a hearty wclsoiin. 1,1
I'Vl'iiu, il lie should U* able, ns I1,1 di-
hiiH, lo pay till.-, valley a . isii.
A giuvl wav In si/<* up a ni.-in i>. bv
ih.- w.niiiili nf ill.* amnion and .id-
lienn m of his (iiiml.*,, uml no man in
■■ny w.iy (i.iiii.iiid wild pul|n- lib1 to-
d.iy tin l.tv cluim t«i warmer Iri.nd-
ship or more (omiiint iidh.-iiniv n!
11mi.- friends than cm Jolm Miiili.ll,
president ol ih.* I'lilttil Miiu Wmlcrs
nf Aiiierlm. lie Ins Ini ti pilled
n^iin.I tlie. abl.st in,! moot t*i«-r»*
mu-d oi  (.(irporuttiin l.uvyns  in    In.-.
upon J (Jin Mitchell by masters of the
art of corruption.. 'Ik* -seems to be a
man of siiuiee in so Iar as his own
trials .and temptations ar.; co!iccrn.:d,
keeping the great trust he carries'constantly 111 view, and thinking nothing
of J0..11 Mitchell's vJlfare.
. Te lamented Lincoln's hold upon
the* people was due to '.his same unselfish marlydrom ol action and feeling," and il is this utter lack of self-
seeking that has made of Mr. Mitchell the leader of. the workmen of
America today, and which will keep
liim in that position so long as he
manifests such a spirit.
To nieel personally the man whom
presidents, governors and, all classes
of good citizens delight to honor,
will he, a source of great pleasure to
the people of, this valley, and the
Ledger hopes, with all well wishers
or the district and province, lhat Mr.
Mitchell will be-able lo spend a few
days in our midst, and that, wilh his
good judgment and tact, that he may
be able to smooth "away tlu dillicnl-
ties which '. have so unfortunately
arisen, between the two parties lo the
agreement which has, until tho 23rd
of next Mny to run.
, lie has the hill confidence of the
men of his order, and his standing in
t!i.> country among all classes is of
such a character as to compel llu respect of tlu other parly lo the local
■s11 aggie. and a .sneedy__.sa.Ulcn.cni_
woii!(!=be -'.iidst---liopeTul!v looked. for
ns tlu result of a visit from him.
Nelson News.
Fernie, Oct. ..—The mines a: Coal
Crc.'k and Miihel were shut down
tijiht today, the falis Ixdlig stopped
and tlu • pumps drawn out- of the
mines, Coal has been purchased from
outside sources to keep the electric
light plant of Fernie in operation for
some lime to come yel.
Manager G. G. S. Liadscy has left
Feinie with Mis. Lindsey for a prolonged visit lo Southern California.
Before going he caused to be circulated amongst th.* men tlu following
copies of correspondence that had
passed between him and Mr. Sherman."
Mr. Lindsey "caused to be circulated" all right, but hasn't lefl Fernie yet. The Daily * Xews" should
change to a wecklv.
me  Work-
G. G. S- Lindsa'y,Ksq., Giiural Manager, C. X. P. Coal Co.
Dear .Sir,—In lcply lo your last letter, dated Sept. _6, I wish to point
oil I that you should be the last person to speak of a breach of contract.
Vour company deliberately broke all
solemn assurances, pledges and ' contracts wlu'ii you' refused to pay the
schedule of wages to tlu blacksmiths
a ml'miners of Coal Creek in June.and
July, 1905,' and only did so after * a
three days' strike of your employees
in August,-. i<*05.        ' ''   ,-
ers of America, and this morning at
ten o'clock, President Sherman, Xal-
ional Hoard Members Sharp and Patterson, Secretary,Macleod, Lauruisou
and Jones,, of Mich.-l, and President
Dicken, Scciclary Higgs and 1). Pat-
on and W. II. Moore, representing llu
Mill*.. Workers, held iheir first confer-'
ence with'Mr. Lindsey in his ollice.
This* lirst meeting lasted till half'-pasl
twelve,' wlun an adjournni.nt to three
o'elo.-k  was  taken.
Al ihis afternorn's conference of
the ollicials of the United Mine Workers and* General Manager I.indsey, tin*
union men submitted the following
proposition as their views of. settlement, but Mr. Lindsev, has. refused lo
accept a settlement on such a basis,
and negotia'.icns are once nioro at. an
, The miner's  proposition:
1     Fernie, P.  C,  Oct. 4,   1906..
|G. G. .S. Lindsey, Esq.;-
j    GiU.Mgr. C. X. P. Coal Co..
" '    Fernie 11. "C, ,.
Dear Sir,—
Wi;'' beg to submit the following:
Provided you  are willing on.behalf
of your ■ company  to accept tlu    attached  order as  legal,  and  will'   deduct  the moneys as requested during
the life  of    the agreement,  to March
3ifit,  190;.
And   provided    that   all   employees
are given  their old places back
e\nd also     withdraw the agreement
ic payment of wages.
We will resume operations just    as
soon as wc hive the orders signed by
your late employees.      "   „
Respectfully  submitted  on   behalf of
the  U.  M.  W.  ot A.
Pres.  Dist.  I.S.
ThVis the agreement Referred to iu
the above:
Fernie, B.  C. 100
To Th: Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co
j Hy the agreement entered into lv-
twecii yon and the .United Mine Workers ol America, on \,he 03rd day of
May, 1905, I. authorize and empower
you to deduct and pay to tluir* legal
ivpri... ntative from my earnings fiom
mouth to mouth during ihe life of
sa'd- agreement,' initiation fees, dues
and sucli other assessments--flint may
Ik designated by the Financial Secre-'
tary of Local Union Xo. -331.1, U. M.
W. "of A.
-==r Signed
Check Xo.
This  is  the agreement  Mr,   Lindsey
lias been having the men sign:
Working. Xumlxer	
, No.,..	
I hereby engage and hire wilh The
Crow's      Nest  Pass    Coal  Company,
Limited,      as ,    at  a daily
wage    ol    ?	
, same to be paid
monthly, but not to be payable to
me. until the fifteenth of the montli
following that in which I have earned llicm, if said fifteenth lie a Saturday ,if not, then to Ic payable on the
lirst Saturday after the said fiFtecnth.
Dated      the.! day     ol 190
Witness '   ,
1 Workin-r   Number	
Sloppy Weather is dead. It has
l.ern raining the last day or two at a
pcelty rapid rate, but Sloppy Weather is dead. lie had no feathers on
nnd wore iiDlhin;" in tlu shape of
clo.hiiig. excepting (l dejected air and
a pin feather' or two about the lips
of kis wings and on his head.
Sloppy, Weather has a depressing
efieel ou most people, and Sloppy
went about loo'.sing as though he was
llu depi'issor of evcryV-t.ly, and had a
painfully guilty conscience.
Hul Sloppy Weather can't last , always, and I''eriiie's Sloppy Weather
ecinmilUd .suicide by filling himself
too full of wheal. There was a break
in llm weather in the region of the
Crop, and his owners, having a pecuniary, us well ns a liiiiti!iiu feeling
about Sloppy Weather, undertook lo
sew up thc bank in Sloppy weather,
and thus pmh.iig his life, but Sloppy
slopped i.'vcr, nt-.d has passed away.
Tlu fnn.-rnl 10 il; place down llow-
i, 111 Aviiiii.'.   Xo cards,
Mho V.'on   Uie   l'ri.'i'!', niirl a Wc/.d of
Ion o'.r.ilon   lo  Otlu.s.
In !-:s|-o!s.. to -,he l.ideer's call for
display.! o" vci'.iahl.'s fo; tin Ledger
window, live displays |i:i\v !,,';u plnc-
cd (.11 exhibition, nil line samples of
llllll c,i;i le (lull;* lllu iu the wny of
Cilv Clcrl. N 1111:1 wns the first to
niiii" unwind with a display, nir.l although he Ii.is n line colleetii 11 ol vig-
ctnhh's, the product of his own gar-
il. 11 grown Irom tli- pluming in ini
weeks, he I'.nds himself iu the position
o.' ill.' fellow who tells llu lil'sl li-.ll
story, All tli■ (iUit.i have hnd llu
iiiUiiiil.'ig..- ol liim l.y being nble to
iuiv;* 11 squint ut  his vegetables,    le;
ii.l1,*  plie'114  ill il" <„\||  ill  the WllliiW.
Mr. J Uc!„i Iii.u, ,,f Wcl I'Ytiiic,
wim.' next witn Irs liu colled ii.n,
Mid lb 11 Mis. Dueli's, with lur snin-
pi .x gtnwn ,'n rdg.'dilTi' giiid 11.
Mrs, .lol.u Mlnli-s, ol UVm l'Vinie,
tin 11 c nu wi.Ii     h r widow's mite,
.,1,71, 1 -1, ... ... .,11, ,11   t.j..,i.',i
ot --.il Mr Wlul • j lml .1 ih . ,*1.
did the iiil!i',..l 11., : 111 li,.*, iimi.1 ' Ii r
own Iiiiii sin/. IIft- display n' llu
li ults *il lur toil Mil of sin .Iiiu • 'nu 1
inin,   (ifl*   goul,   Wi-M  l'\nii.> "soil,
„...:: ..*...'   -.. .:... *...':.,...u .,*
Ic s.ci! nt .111/ fair,
'llu I.cdgi'i* gladly plncis Mrs,
Mhahs 11.111111 in its MiliM-ripi'im l.sl
for (iu via", n*i llu wiiili *• o, the i
lirst pii/c. Mr. John Mt'l.ii.lilcii liuv-
ii' ilu 11 vi text displnv, (*<"x- llu
l.cd.v,*i- loi x % un 11 In, wiih llu Si"!!!
Cap th'i.wn in, an I ilu Uii'd j>il'i.
go,.., 10 IM', Mr, Il.ill,
'i'ii. I.c'Iht wish d \u imlilii.lv cv-
pivs. lis ili.iuk!! to -Iiii'.*: wli'i have
l.ill.d, and llil.-.ts tti.it luxt \ear lliey
will Xt'l i*t*'«
'Mi* l.nli'i'i ii-i-)i ill if itx- fi-if nf-
liiii|,l to .nnii''- n xjiiri: ol iriitilly
liviilry ..nl o' uteiaMt in th x line,
III', pin.-, a 1111i11.il1 Iv *.iie.»*,xliillv iti
ull J al in-.
M'e had your solemn pledge and as-
.x-iircnce that all old customs pertaining to your employees should remain
during the lile of llu agreement.'
Against our emphatic "protest you
(hanged the method of payment of
wajjes to your employees, and also iu-i
trodueed an agreement foreign entirely to the one we signed and agreed
to'work under, and compelled .sill men
lo sign who desired' employment by
your company. M'hile professing
friendship for the union, you have deliberately, upheld those who desired
to bring disruption in our ranks,
Xow, whvn we have given you the opportunity ol choosing, between us, you
issue pamphlets charging us with a
breach of faith,' which we deny.
M'e understand lh.it you hnve locked out your men, and desire to punish them; the issue I.s clear,
Vou claim an indemnity from our
pio'ile'; you will get iir.nj,
Do you desire a resumption of operations nt Conl Creek? If so, let
bygi.iij.x be bygon s.   If not, say so,
Awa'tiiig n prompt reply, Yours
(Sgd.) V. II, Sluniiiin, President District Xo. i.'l, U, M, W. of A.
l'Vinie, 35,  C,  Kept,  5.(i,   If'Of,.
.■"rank If. Mieimrdi, Ec.ji., PresiiLiii
DistriU No, IS,. U. M. W. of A,
IVin* S'r,-I h.'c your letter oi
Sept, *!,S, Pefore hiisweriii;' your
.(jiiestii ir, 1 must refute lh-e stnle-
imiils ii'.nde l.y yo,t In the early part
ol your le:ter.
'llu (plestii 11 of 1I1. r*'1c o.' wages lo
l.e paid lilii('l'-.tuiUi.' was 11 minor Issue ultimately settled under' Arliclc
'.', llieie being only n lew dollars in-
volvoil. This cum*.' up nt the same
liuu ns lie McOitity (piestioii, You
yourself told nie llieir striking ou this
point was wrong without lirst dis-
I os'ng of tli) mutter mulcr Article -3
ol the ngiei'iiii'iit, mid Unit ymi weie
fmed to will them oul, picfenitig,
us I snd in another letter, to net
iign iiiri your proper jinlj-iiiciu iu
doing .»(),
'Iliu piiyiiiilil of ilii.' nnu by clic.-iic.
in taiid of nirriiuy involves thin
iiinouiii ol cxirii effort 011 the pint ol
ihe nun, lliey imc liniided n ili.*i|iii' ul
ni:'.' wicl.ct uml two (wt nwny gel
■lu'r ii'i.iuy ul aiiotlu.r,
The new a-)ret nn it 1 which we hnve
,i,xl«(l tlu nun to Mjiu as to tlu dav
I I. llllill tdlT ur** Hi l.e p.lld, does
lio'.llll,; llllile llllll! rf.ri't IUW (III-
j.!o_iivx ot,;tjii-* (iiuji.iir -iith noiii.-
0 11 di.,l-ilil1 us to tlie d iy 11: |-av-
uiili:, uli ich has m; i.itbd iu ih'x
lump x 11 i> 11 Ii.is Iciii in iMsli n.c.
I fiily mention th.-vc nuitt«r*. in
dise this coirispoliiU-iiii' •li.mlil have
lo le lefericd to in the future.
Ymi i.tnl-* that we liuvc now Inckul
out our men und d.:xire to punish
ifi.-m Wit hive ni d'iu* to puiiiiti
our nun. II thy li.nl l.v«-n told ol
h ui-leiUl»iii.J.* ^ii.ii b\ wm nit I
Mr, llii'gs and Nuti-ninl linflrd Mem-
|<r .hn.*! at our conlm in e tint t.i.r,*
would I c no discrini'nitfi n n;.'.i:ll.i
n n union u*cu. ihe ur ri at Conl Cn-cV*
I1011M   J1-t«r   1(.(W   rcx|irindid   In     the
Llll    'll   ;.!>   'Hit    (ill   i.llil.1.     l.ltll-1       i!v.ui
work with m n union men. Arc vou
undv 10 xhv now ilut it w.ix .-igrcul
ut our iiiuft r, ncc lh.it thcr.- vlmiili! 1,*
10 dixt'rimin.ition   ,i*.',i'ii--l nmi unii.n
men? If so, that will go a. long distance towards clearing the ground for
a favorable, consideration of any request preferred on behalf- of llu men
to go back to work. Yours truly,
.  Sept. -jaS'th,   1906.
'Following is     tiu notice to'    leave,
their houses, the property of tlu coal !
company, which was     served on "the
miners at Coal, Creek* "'    -
Yon ;,re hereby given-notice hv the
Crow's Xesi l'ass Coal Co., Limited,
•0 (juit and deliver up to them    p.)s
generation.    I don't say when it ' will
happen, bir. happen it must.
"Ilut I sympathise with   this   provide.    It  has ' an   empire   to    develop,
_nnt3=i_ !uis=a=ir-iH"e=of=*}eop!e==u!!on=its=
southern border to do it. It reminds
nie* of a fn.Mi-.cr with a thousand'acre
farm who is living comforiablv 'oil
no acres cleared.1 Wlun asked why.
he does uot clear the rest, he simply
says that he cannot afford it. Xow,
(ie.  lhe other hand,  can this province
session of the premises now held    hy)lK. nskr.r u, a,ltln, Ul(. ,„,„,, it is „n,
you as their tuiant,  situate at    Coal j
Creek,  in  the district of  M'csi.  Koot-
1 nay, in llu Province of Hritish    Columbia, am! known as house    number
   with  thc     .ground appurtcnineiit
thereto, on     the first day of Xoveiu-
Iwr next,
James Melvvoy,  Lnnd^ Cninmissioiier.
Dated al Kernie, this 391I1   dny   of
Sept, A,D.,  iyo6.
developing 10 Uu. north to be turned
ili'.o'a territory iiud thus aduiinisler-
ed. It was with this land lhat tin*
province entered Ci.iu\-(lerati<.ii. I'.ut
llieie iire two railways coming across
llial noil liein half, You will have
cross railways up and down your
valleys. The. ipicstion is oik' ol
llii.inc.c. And here I might make u
suggestion to you newspaper men.
Why .don't you make the cost thoroughly coiH'iT>..-iiit with the siluntiiiii?
Tliey know little 'or nothing about
lln'.x province. They think it. prosperous uml it is prosperous nfler the
ir.nniur of th.* fanner I jusl told you
about, Kdiu'itt.! tlu inst, cs|.eci,illv
t'.iiiariii. It ,i-.st-. IM-ilisli Co'ii.-ubia
iu.iti a-ui'iiliiv irr.iv ih.ii ,'imv 11 li r
pun l'-.e, i-'."v |,-t n,, f 1, „:1 1 .11; I New
Hu 11 :w.A,  . u I :;i UM-..-,,", Iv 1, o •■ .li ii
ll :.- lv.1 in il ■-.. iiip  >li    1. nun \.   1,
i.x  l.'Ol   ii   .§il., 1 :i.l!   n    ,\   i,n.i;|    1 r il; .*
1 1-   tivu  111 1 I-  ,1       1, •.'   r,vi ••,,   • v. ]     ,||
imm r nr. 1 ill* h.n.l :-. . ir.  10 i'.n   ilu
r.M     'llu  liwui to 1 i x' ,-,1 11 d    h ie
nv, 1 e mi*.Inv 1 r.d,•..-!, Uu \,ic m.l.,
havo to !..- hcv.li liom the \\m. lita.ll
yiik', 'Iii.u wh II ,\h' iiillleii nee ol
piuviiie.s mines nil r.iiii.xli Ciilumbin
would have itx ens.- 1,-loiv th.- publii.
'llieie js ih,* i'iii'stio.1 ol Inn Is lulieii
n\cr by the Doitiiiiinii Cioveinnii ul,
(lure is abo Uu (jiu-Nt><-M ol- the
li.xlictiix being ink,n nVer by Ui.- Ho-
million Ciiivi.innu 111. Sunlv theie ix
,1 i-uid |iid i|ii.i ti, !■.■ h 11 <mt ui
ilicse. Iti t-.or ti-niix uic ol lourxc
|iiliti(,*ll ipictinli :. and I diin'l vcilil
In lie (pioied nil polilicx, [01 I ,1111
illly piiililutg 1,111 the hll,1ll1i.1l pi.x-
Mlillllll'S, lllll tlle day will come Inr
Itrilisli Columbia,• xooiur m- Inti-r, m-
uiid'ti^' to lhe 11111I111.1 in whiih vou
(HOple get altel tlle IsxIU-x ul stake.''
'I _-.„...
,\   vVVUTVTinv
lnietnniioti.il   lloiird   Mnnli.-r j-li,iii-
|l.l*i  CilU.d   the  ,|II| llllnll  ol   imi   !,*(.. ■-
to n st.itciiniit 111 yi-'.leid.iy'-i   >.,-',-, .u
NiWX.    uhiili   l ill*.   ;ix InlliiV x
"So I,ii ,i*. i\, l.iii.w, it i> in'1 oil
Moil that l'u *i«l. ill Miuli-.l It. s
•iii.xi.xtcd in [umli/ upon ally .Vneit-
.(.'■in iolliv.iv loinp.iliy the Ui »-i he
liow, appiiii'iulv, .lixisix lint -,lu l.i-
li.idiun iidlivry ((•inp;iiiy iiiiul iij-ne.
tu 11 lm a* 1I1 v din o; 11 iu- 1 11 ;i
min-x "
lUion |... M.-.lkir in ih V. l-.m N". w- \ Mr Slurp m.ile'i the ''-"-k i;-
N'uw," (1 in-ludnl Mr  M'.ilk. 1, 'um jMutcimnt,  ulnih  i*. .1 r.f'i-,-"...11    if
II. M, Onler, general malinger n,"
ih.t luleiiiiitioiinl Coal and Coke Co.,
al Colemnn, pas.ud through iln* u'ty
Vestei'dny on hi;, way to Spo'vine,
Mr. Ciiilei nlnted to n I,eil»er rcj1-
rcsviiialivc that, tlu liouliug ol :,
portion .o,1 lhe Coleiiuiii min-* li..d no.
nilei'fei'ed willi "lu loiilinuiiu'i iip.-r:.-
lion oi lal.iii;; ""l I'"1', (.ml lh:>i 11'.'.
ilu mil! nli.i hiid hciii dt'owin d oul
of ih.*. level whi 11 the waler bii*,le in
were, put in oilier levels, und i.-eiy
innii is :it work ns buxy ;;.i cv.r, , 1..,
nil llu C1..1I thai they can gel .n:
lor ii, I.e.ii,; taken out. l-'iom ),:,"
tons npwaid is 111 in.(1 eveiy d.r--.
'Jlle waler in Ui*.* little week whilt
had not into ilu- one Kvil throu'-li 11
cavi'-in, Ims bi-Lii divi-itcd 10 iiiuiUi-r
ciiUi.se, .md lb.' level is being pumped
cut, and Ui.il level will I,* ready lii!
opeiiilion ng.iiii us smui ns the watci,
has Ikmi removed.
The development work in Uie miiu<
ut Coliiiii.ii! has U-.-ii putdii-il syxtiiu-
iilienlly, mi'l ^0,1100 tons could I .*
tiikcii 0111 iiiih un nth (or Ui.* iii-M
,thne years without further dcvclnp-
ing or puxli.i.g iu levels hi 1 tun ni;',
lip the slopes.
''lhe liiti-tiulioiinl Co. liuvc 1 ne o!
the finest iO,il**|itiipi*llii*s ill Ulix mini-
liy, and the plant niul Un* il.-vclop-
liiiiit work >lniw Iiiu ili-ii^ht iiii*l
uirc upon the purl of the manage-
Mi, tinier states llml the eloxiiig 01
other lllillex will ll-il ulled Colcllliill
.xo    f.ll     .1-.    Mlljllli     lx    11 illn III .1,       ll.X
they aii: finding iiiiiikcl lor nil th y
(•..li linn out  alii w.ii.
Th.- little ton 11 of Colfltl.itl i*. Il.-.il
iiiiii rli'iill ;ix a lirw dnll.11, and the
pioplc up ihi-ie are iiig.igul in milking Iiew dolliil.x to add to tho.e th.y
already li.iic.
ll. V.   ',\,\;,i.i*;u s I'Wiii'iiiMN
jhii-ili-   11111*1   not   tliitik  1  ,1:11  dn*.un
ing  or  lint   1  am proplirxyiii;;       S'n
*lllll   llllll^      TllTC   lile  nil.Ull   fllitiilx
uliu.li exist li re.   Mb,n again.t  th.ui
10III1".    ill*    |ilt-sxiiii*  o|   a   lon.fno.mio
people in ill.* 1'riitid St;it»x ,1111 I'nn-
imI.i, impiiigiii; upon tli'lx fur wixt,
.ill tli;. muxi ii.iii,* It iiinxi ini.illi-
l.ly !i.ip|»B      It in,iv* not Xr-   in   my
llie ,-.1-i.\.   -.tuiin.ni
(lino, Indian 1 llliliuix, loivu, Midi-
ig.ui. MuM.iin, Kiiii-ii.x, Aik,.u..is,
Inili.m T.-ti.-uirv. Tcx.i*. anl nil
n/rc-iii'-ni'*     hi Mi m im mid Wvim-
11/ reto/nici- ih.* ilovd slinp pnmtpl.*
,iiil hi nt ugia'in. nu;,  xiuiud l,y" Lolli
l.|«-T,i!ll[ .   ltil,\  (UT.. U   -•!.'   ill   fi.IVv   111
nil  tlsi.-v  Siai.v THEFERNIE LEDGER, FERNIE, B. C.   OCTOBER*;} 1906''
■TWO   DOLLARS   A   YEAR     IX , AD-
Issued every M'ednesday from the office of publication, Todd Block,
.Victoria Ave., Fernie, British Columbia.     ' ' „
D.  V.   MOTT  ,
The Ledger from time to time during <".h_ last year has commented upon what il has termed the one great
evil of the new century, carried over
from the Inst, and which seems to lie
uearing. that stagn.. in its course which
indicates the beginning of its end-
corporation  greed.
'Ihis is the disease which is- gnawing at the vitals of corporate wealth,
and unless the gluttonous greed* of
ollicers, directors and managers can
in some way be clwckcd, the disease
will destroy the whole  system.
Every week new instances of directors diverting the. moneys belonging lo
companies, or which they* have control, inlo their own pockets, or into
the treasury of other companies, of
which they are also directors and
holders of much larger interests,,
thereby increasing their propoiticii-
iite profits by robbing 1'cter to pay
Paul, being sure, tliat both 1'eter and
'Paul do the suffering to the-personal
profit of lhe dishonest director.
One ofthe. latest   of      these exposures i.s that .brought to light through
the probing of the afiairs of the I. 0.
■ Y.  insurance,   the" Union  Trust   Company,  and  the  Great West  L-aiul   Co,
An ex-cabinet minister aud some
numbers of parliament ate the ones
this' time .ly get caught.
While "Mr. Lindsey is keeping a circular factory running extra time
printing startling, stunning, questions
as to lhe value of a contract with
lhe United Mine Workers of America,
these organized roklicr.s are keeping
steadily at it, until common people
are' beginning to wonder vlul Iter
there is ' such a thing as an
hr.n.-fttly conducted corporation of
any kind with which John Mitchell
or anybody' else could make a contract with any degree of certainty
that i%i would be adhered to in spirit
as well  as in  letter.
As the Ledger has slated before, il
believes there is only one remedy for
this evil—lhc removing of lhe cause.
'. Tlu cause i.s so apparent from the
all too frequent examples brought lo
liJ*hi._lrom    time, to  lime,  and    from
which it is fully and clearly dem-
, i/iist rated that .multiplicity of
directorship is iit the bottom of all
the evil, that time is wasted in its
, discussion..- Experience and ,. investigation has proven that irom this same
cause nearly all the commercial coemption of llie age has sprung.
The vast sums of money stolen
from rightful .owners and translerred
to the pockets of corporation robbers would, if it were^iossible tn arrive at an accurate estimate, make a
total that would stagger the human
mi ml lo conteiuplnle. All the petty
little train robberies and hold-ups at
the points of pistols from Jack
Cade's time to tlu present, would
sink inlo insignificance when coin-
pared lo the fruits of the corporation
directorate way oi1 doing the job.
Tlu si/e of the stealing's would put
llie Jack Cades to -.Iiiiihu, but .lack
has me redeeming thing id his '.ud-
it—he den'i protend to you that he is
u parugon of honesty io whom y'iiu
uie asked io entrust your cash for
safe keeping, lie has the courngt: l.o
take il by lonv instead of  by lying.
Tlu only real remedy Ior this doubling up of directors is to limit n mnn
to oiie direct orate, or one ollice, II
n mnn could not In* n director in
more ih.111 oni' company, then he.
could not cheat himself iu one com*
pntiy for the beiiclit of himself in an*
other company,
That looks .simple, and i'm us simple
ns it looks. Xo compnny ol any
iiiugiiitudo but whnt has more slock-
holders Ihiiti directors nivd ollicers
and a l.d.ii(1 of dim.11ns who uu-not
diicetois iu ally other company could
be  found,
ll not, tlu n the company should not
exist. Xo ollur remedy will ever
into  llio. discnsi!,
The,opportunity to rob is so great
under ilu presiiii system, thai the
wonder is that nioic ol it has not.
Uin done, rather than tlmt less
tInitilil h.ivc leeli niioiiipli.xhed iu llu
hi'iip'i-g up of iiiti-itiii'.fl   millions    by.
tlle   dilrilotaU:   li/lltc.
II   llu  liulli were kilowu,  liuie   ale I
liuudiids  n\  iiiiiipiiuies foi nnd    with
no oilier objiet  Uinti to make it  pos-,
mblti lo lob nihil- innipniiics or    iu
Go into nny of t.11-* financial centres-
i.i   l l.i    liiinilli 111,   .mo Jt    Mill Or   lllllill!
Iiul    .'ill,    ' I    JJ,.4'.'i    , !.,    Ji, !;,*,,!... ,
ol llli* l.irp: (iii'iiii.ilitiiK ,nv lln-.x.illii.
Tin* din elm s of oiu Kiinpnity will
irop up in do/iiis of oili.ix, aii'l tli.x..
iiinili.I-, ito bllxin.v. \ut)i in nixeivr.
in (i way thui would niui..- u
flicll '-nnii- iiiiiii iixh.-nii.vl of liiniM'lI.
■'I'llis diioi toi,ite Itiisitii-vi li.v; got to
Ih.- ,i Mn tin.,
On.- fellow who    has h.ul  a lot <if
i t|/t liii'm- ,i. a  iliiKtor,  uiul.-iloiiV.  n
llttli*   while ago   1(1  lil.iko   Uso     ni    the"
iloiiliiitig-iip ililei tor  biixiiii-vi In i)u*:it
I "licit-. Mam   out   of  MHiu  ilKtoill*; dues
l.y dividing liiiii*«f( up iuin nnni,ui
p.lUitx, .>lli' iiii ill.* Call.i'ii,nt siil,* iilid
oiu i.u tin- Ann iii mi .-.idr ol ilu liu.*.
He org,.riunl w intii'i.ihv imr in
t iii.li* t-iiin ., p.v.uin-, «tiii>>.Min;> «•!
liim-t-lf iiii'l iwti ollii-rx, and ...min;;
li.u k   oil     tills       .uli*,   1"j>.w     .lllpjiltig
ItrnA* fibin tn,, u/ji.pany t.n  lb.   *, >L
to his three-man company,* on the
other side. Of -"course, he naturally
felt.like helping himself• on th; other
side as much as possible, and so sold,
himself goods at a. very low price, so
that the. duty would be very light.
It is not known whether he intended
to, or did, cheat his stockholders on
ihis side, or whether he whacked up
the profits, but sonielio-.*,* or other
.Uncle Sam's servants got onto . the
job  and  spoiled   tlie  game.
Th's* is onlv an extension of. the
double director, double manager business to both sides of tlu line in order to make smuggling easy, but straddling the International Boundary
line made a • little too much of a
spread, and matters had to be fixed
up.    '     ,
Xow, it is likely that if one was to
run across that-, fellow he would find
a great defender of organized capital
,nd  a  hater of organized , lalior.
He would likely be found preaching
about Uic unieliability of such fellows as have lo work for a living. .
Ile would defend thc double director business, and prate about the im-
practability  ot  labor  unions."
He would even talk about honesty
as exemplified bv himself and his associates, and of the dishonesty of,
other people.
It i.s such people as this mat are
bringing socialists and anarchists into the  world .every  day.
Labor unions are the product of the
linsenipuloiisiiess of such fellows,
brought into existence by selfish, .dishonest, methods reduced to a science
by  long  practice  and  training.
Legally trained minds are pitied
against plain, ordinary people for the
purpose of robbing them according lo
law, as dishonest directors rob their
stockholders and others by machinery
set up and put in motion by the law.
If there .was no law allowing cue
man to he a director or manager of
more than one company, there would
have been no life insurance swindling*;
no Kamloops lumber dealing, by which
I. 0. l'\ and "Union Trust companies
have  been  robbed.
A great bank could uol secure control o-. thc funds of trust companies,
or vice-versa.. Beef trusts, railroad
combinations to control rates, and
ill the thousand and one ways of
robbing by tha director method would
be .shut off.
How many" of these directors do
any directing aside from the direcl:ng
of.the funds of one company into the
hands ot another?
In almost every investigation that
has taken place since this inconvenient and impertinent habit, as ,Mr.
Koster might term it, has manifested
honesty crops' up, is generally in
boards of directors or their agents,
and ' in dishonest ollicers ol the
unions, but tci say that all tlu members' of a union or the stockholders
ot a company, are dishonest and unreliable- because directors or ollicers
may. in some cases be seH-seeking and
double dealing, .is far from the. truth.
Public sentiment is being rapidly
aroused to the danger that lies lurking in 'he double director devilish-
ness, and tlu remedy will some day"
be applied.
.       —o -
 O '—•
And now comes the'statement, that
there will be uo election before another session of the. Provincial House.
Of course not; thai would be sure to
cut off a few more mouth's salary
than waiting lo take chances in the
house, with due 'chance in a thousand, lhat ihe government may sl.lv
through once move without being
caught. The Ledger will lyelieve in an
election when it sees the writs.
1). V. Molt, of tlu I'ernie Ledger,
kept, telling the hoys that he was a
baby iu the business, and .therefore he
did not care to say much on. Uu various matters brought up. - But nevertheless he did, and lu made what lu
said   count. That   priest-like_   face
aud angelic smile wns looked upon
with fear and trembling by some of
the younger members, but they got
over it in time.—Crnnlirook Herald.
Xow wouldn't that drive the priesthood io drink?
Coal.—Coul lands may be in.i-haseit at 410
per Here lor soft eoal and i-'O lor untniu-itu
Not moro than alii) acres cun. tie ncq-.iiieil by
one iudividUHl or coinpiiiiv. Hoyultj nt the
into of ten vent-per ton ol' -'.(Xio pound*., shall
lie collected on tin, gross output..
.Quartz—A tree miner'!, certifictito is Krniitetl
upon payment1:.! advance or ii pur Milium for
an individual, ami from ?*iiu to ^100 per milium
for a company iiceordin„ to capital.
A fiee miiier, liiiviiiu discovered mineral in
placo,may locate a claim l,r.UU x I/hIU l.ut.
Tlie lee for recording a claim is J5.
At least i"100 must lu; expended on the claim
ciicli year or paid to the mining recorder in
lieu thereof. When .-jfiUO lain lieen expended or
paid, the locator may, upon having u burvoy
made, Hint upon complying* with other requirements, purchase the landut¥l iiu acre.
The patent provides for the payment of ft
royalty ol-!' per cent on the tales.
l'l.A-Kia milling claims generally ure"100 ifcet
square; entry fee ia renewable yearly,
A free miner- may obtain two leases lo
iliedue for fold of live mileseiieh lorn. term, of
twenty years, lenewuble at iliu discretion, of
he Minister of lhc Interior.
The lessee shall liavoadiedRe in operation
within one season Irom the date of lhe Uiim*
for each live miles, llcn-.il *lu per annum lor
each mile of liver leased, ltuvnltvat tho'
rate of -i. per cent collceled on tne output, alter it exceeds $10,(101).
W.  W.   COlllJY,
Deputy Minister of the. Interior.
N.   D..—■UiayithotLMze.!   jy.(i)lic*a*tio.n, 'ol
this advertisement will not be -paid
Eckstein & Gray
-^rr'sters-at-Law,    Solicitoks,   Etc.
Rooms 1& 8, Henderson block, Fernie, B.C.
F, G. Latue
Crow's " Xest     Trading    Co.     T.lock,
,. Feinie, B. C.
l'leiniet* iUellride has made, a formal denial of the report that h.: has
asked the l.ieiit'eminl-Ciovernor to
dissolve the l'lovincial Lejiislalurii*
and order a plural election in December. If' any one is si'blc to speak
authoritatively on this matter, it i.s
"Mr. JMeBriile himself.—Daily Caii.-v.l-
Correct! Mr. McBride . can speak
with authority as' to whether lie h.is
asked the Governor to dissolve the
House or not. That is nol what
troubles the Hon. Dick. "What he has
been troubling about lor a Ion;; time-
is, whether the Governor would jrriinl
his request if presented, and if 'he
did grant it, whether it would l>c of
anv  use to him.
TVTltTiCk is hereby Riven thut, sixty dnvs from
■(■' diiU'l intend to apply to llm Hon. t'hief
Commissioner of Lands niui Works■ fnr permission to purchase the following described
land. Commencing nt the Houth Kim corner
ol let sol thence Kast lM chains Soulh l'O
chains wist su cliains and tlience north* ai
chuins to point of commencement.
.-ugiiht Both ldOil
Dave I'.lton, of the Cardstou .Star,
one of the brightest (piill drivers in
the Province of Alberta, was here
with' both feet, and tli.-y were not
small either. , Dave is a Rood newspaper man, but after lw-ariu1*; Him
sing coon songs, and keep, up ."i How
fjf_-lyjl-^fo;-—hours—*>!-t'A imr.__wii_\i*oii^.
directors didn't know, don"t you
know, just what was going on. As
in the case ol Mr. 1'ostcr, there were
only himself and two others looking
after the bdsincss of the Great West
I/.ind Company.
Now, if Mr. Foster and those, other
M. l'.'s could be directors in only one
companv, tluy would not be in the
very unenviable pos-itian in which
they now find themselves.
If there were separate directors and
managers Tor tlie Crow's Xest Bass
Coal Company, the Crow's Nest Bass
Klectrie Ughl and Bower Company,
and all tlie other companies with
which the management" of the i*iines
is mixed up, there would be far less
probability of friction and strikes
-l.liiiii now exists,
There are a lot of editorials being
written these dnys with the evident
intention of weakening the inlluenee
of Mr, W. A. Bryan, l-ecause he has
declared himself in favor of government ownership of railroads, hut lhat
guitlciiiiin hit the nail wi'imroly on
lhe head when he said that the railroad companies hnd themselves been
demonstrating by their actions tlmt
it twus a vase of owning ilia roads or
being owiiaid by them, And tliis*
statement vulii. be made large enough
to   include  other   largo  corporation)*
Labor unions may be composed ol
igHorunl men, who nri* easily .wi, us
is staled by some people, uiul souiu
of their leaders limy he dishoiK'St,
self-seeking demagogues, but it would
I.u ii-\|ig iqiitiiicl for n mnn to under-
lake to prove lluit 'tliu unions have
been able to vjnnke u grenter showing
nloug those lines than have these fellows of  '.hu (loiibhi-direi-ling unions.
Corporal ions hnve no souls, suy
some people, but it Isegili'' t<> b>nh
like sonic rorpurutioim huvu more
souls uiul meaner ones tlinu ihey vim
kicp hid Irom view,
A corporation is not llu: same ns mi
Imlividiii'l, ns is .U-i'liirc.l by those
who ure lull of k*|-iil hire, Imcause il
is (oinposed of n iiiituUir of iiulivid-
mils, and lhe composition has liccu
liiiuiglit iiboiit by lhe operation ol
hniiiiiii-inado lnw, not by tlu act of
God. 'i li.ru nrc as many souls in ii
corporation as llure ure individual
ineinliers, anil the sftul ol a lorporu-
iti-ii n« -, ivluili- Is lust ns lioiiesi or
ilWiotu-Hl ns ure tlw Minis that «o Xn
-iinlie the whole, nnd tlm iivernge ol
some of lli'-s loiporutioii sniils must
In: rather low.
The I,t(lgvr does not wish to lie
mkiiii.Vrs.i.i'il as tliinkim'. tlmi all
<,tockliolili-i.., uud iliii'itoiK of torpor-
iitioiis nrc <li*.li(.neM.   Far Irom it.
The ordinary .-.locklioliler ill a lnrge.
i hi porn tion lives In nn Kgyptimi
Bloom of ijjuor.inci! as tn, what is )«•
ing ili.n* with his i-npital, iin-l relic*)
(ilmosi iiuiuly upon iln* rntituile
and honor ol his directors nml nf-
,iv-.*rs. II.- h.iKllv ever sees one ot
ilnni or tuke-. nny nctivc pnrt in
•Mi, ir mIk'.ioii, .unl if ij;noninfc i-* in
mill n (;i**i* bliss, ilicit ihu oi'linary
Mokhnlder must  Ik* happy.
But th-**1 -Kople arc holiest ns u
lute, jii.i lln* '.nmc ns nrc tin* tnt-in-
Ims <i| labor uiiion-i lion.-»;l niul
•> jil.ile.
Kli.t i*. not the l»unWc   -ftfciie Ah-
del' what he would have done if lu
ha<l taken up legitimate, minstrelsy
instead of running a newspaper in Alberta and working fourteen hours * a
day, while he walchy.l the town grow.
—Cranbrook   Herald.
This- don't ' liarmoiiiwi with the
write-up given of Dave in th-.- Xi.ghl
Cap lasl week', but the Night Cap is
not responsible for ilu .statements of
tlu Herald. Neither is the'Night Cap
accountable for the inability of tha
Herald man to distinguish between
a hviiin nnd a coon song.
SIXTY daysii.tenlufo 1 Intend In apply to
Mm Iliiiioriiliii! Chin!' ('iiiiiniiriMiiiiicr of
IiIihiIh und Works, Victoria, lo puirliiiso Mil'
followlnii dunerlheil huul in Klk lllvur Vnlley.
Communcim" at a post iiiiirknil N.K, 0's liiirth
Clint oorncr, tlmiKMi Sn (iliniliri noulli to S. h,
OlIror'H nppllent ion to puieluiwi: thi'iiou Su
eliiiliiHWi'nt; tlii'iituiHii (huliiK norlli; Mieucn
8(1 <:liliinn I'lint. (o point, of (.(iiiiini'iu'cinciit,
tlio wliolu coiitnlililiK mn nenm.
•>      . N, Xi Oliver, Iioculor
S, ]•!. ("llvur, Acuiit
Sept.. Mh, lnmi
SIXTY daysiifliivdale I IiiKmltii apply to
tliu Jloiuiriililii Chiiif CoiuniUsliinei' nl
biiiulMami Works, Vlctoi'la, In piuviiiiso Hie
foiii)ivliiKiliisi'rlhi)il Imnl: ,, ,
Coiiniiiiiii'.iiiK ut ii post miii'lKiil 1'.. I', f'""'j-
wyn's nnrlli west eornnr inljoinllii; N. I'..
Oliver'ii nppliciitioii to piiu-liiihn: tinmen h,i
chains Hiiutli; Minncd s:i eliiilii" (m-*ti ilmncn
HOulmliiH miitli; UkiiicuHii cliiilns west In tlm
point of (ioininuiii'uiiiciit, tlm wliiilo conl ii iiiIiik
K. K. (looilwyn.l.ccd'dr
.4. li. Oliviir, .lltelit.   .
Supt. fit li, IliOl
SIXTY ilnyn uftur diito I liitoinl In npply lo
tliu llnlliiriihli) Cliliif l'oiuniiM*loiii>r of
Iiiiinlkuiul WorliH, Vietoiiu, lo piircluiKv tlm
follnwIiiKilcKcrJIiiil hind:
Cnlllliiciiiiliur nt (i pou! inoi'lii'd (I, .1. li'i
norlli Mi'nt <*oiiii'iiidloiiilii|{ K K- (limilwyn'i.
iipplli'iitlon to piiii'liiiKo: tl.i'ueo Nn clmiiiN
hiiiiMi ; tliiineii Ni|.huini.i'iiht; Uiiiiii'iiNiiiliiiiiiM
iiiirtli; llitni'u i*1i-Iiii1iis wcit to tin; pnint nf
iKiiiiniDiici'inont, thu wliolu ciiiiinliilim iiiu
iiaruN, '
(1. ,f, biivnll, biiciiliir
S, IC, (ilivoi-, ..Hunt,
Hept, Mil, hum
SIXTY iIu.vk iiiiiii-ilalui Intciiil In npply In
thu   ll'inorillili'   ('Illi'l   ('nliilnlh>.iiiii«i'  nl'
buililHllllll WorllN,  Viiitoi'in, to lilll'rliiiMi tin;
f0llllW|l)|,'l|l'hl*l*|lllH|  llllill I
(loniiiiiillnlUK ut. ii I ii it* t miU'liiil W,  K, H'n
Miutli   went iiiii'iiiii- mljiiliiliiK S. M. Ollvci'h
npjil li'iil ion tn piireluiiii*,' t limn ii su elm lip. lin rl h
tluilli'H Nl elm Inn mint, till lici* Mli'liuliis solllli;
tlililicu hi I'lmlllK weal  to  Ihu liollil   Ilf ('lllll'
IllVlieeiilulIt, Ihu -vlinliM'OiifiiliiliiidW Iiiciii.,;
\V. I*' Mull, i.ii.'iilni'
!*i, IC Olivi'l,Aiti'llt.
Kept, ftlli, l'.KHl
SlXTVil.iyi.iiller ilntcl Iuli'iul In upply tu
tlm lliiiiiiiiilili* t'liliil (-iiiiiiiilKi.|niicr nl
bHIldn mul Wnrlis Vletnilii, to pllrcliiiMi llin
lolliiwlnu ildi'iil cd IuihIh:
Uwinnii'liidlii! ul (i li'i"! nm Hied II, S I'M.
ward'* miuli wi'.l c.iriiri' inljnliiii.,; N, M.ill.
ivor'n mipllcutloli tn piiri'liifi*; I luu in mh hn I ns
linrllii thi'iii'ii so i'IimIi.* cnr.|i llii'iicii Niclinlm
lUlilbl Mmiii'ii no I'liiiiim wu»t to thu iinlnt: of
.:oiillil(''l'.'Clllul)t,tli(.' uhiili.ciiiitiiliilii|ri;.ii.icri>ii
II. S, Kil«-iinl«, biii'iitiir
li, K, Oliioi*, Auiiiil
Kepi, fil ll.lniiu
UIXTY iIiivk uftur diitii I liilniid to.l|iii|y In
i^   .it  j;  * ;t   I*;.; ' t* ;   ;
build»mul W'nrkh, Vlclmla,tu puieiiioo Mm
Ji.il-.il Sia* ilc-i iii.i il Iiiu.!.,'
(ViiniiiclU'liiK ul n po.l nmrliitil Kiiii-t Poll.
Mril" millMi I'liht iiiriiiiriiiljiiiiiiui; S,t'„ Ojm i\
iip|illiiitl(ii. In iiiiruliiiMti lliciicu k'I clinliiK
lliiiiil,' lIlilii'O Nl ctiniti. -Mont; Ibiini* *-l
ilmliiu iiiiiMi; thclii'i. mi i'liiiiim ('imt In tin.
point of Ooliilnt In I'lnnliUIn* wlmlu cnliliilliitiu
mn Huron.
frill..I    !'.,ltll|.,l   1 iii..,li,r
,*i. K. ulivi'i', AhciiI
Sept. Mb, IKK* -I'i
riililRTY days after duto, wa, the uiulen,ijrn.
■m- ed, intend to apply to the .^ssiKtani Com-
niKMOiierniid Chiof Coiiiinihsioner ol liinuts
and Works of the l'roviuctiol UritihhOoluiiiliia
for a lieuiibo to prospect for Coal ami i'etiol-
ouiii on ihu followiiij* deserihed hinds, in
but 4"i!l,'J, Simfli Ku»t Kooteimy, and moro
fully described ahoiit. tliru* miles soulh of tlio
Flathead Jtiver, licini;-tlio Initial po.-,t of
ISoliurtHcuiliiiK'schiini, south and inljiu-uiif
of Jluttlu'li. Smith, hoini; tho lc-loi-ation of
Cliui-lds Austin's claim, one of the oriRiiuil
claims of the llaeki'tt, (-roup, thonco south SO
chains thenee wost Mcliains, thence north Sii
chains, thuncu cast K:l chains to the placu ol
hCKiuuiiii;,eoiitiiiiiiii|,'i;ijiieio9, dated Auu'U:,t
iith ,l!)l (J.   ■
Itor.uiii'ItiMDixd, Locator.
Sept. ."ilh. *!ii;i!
Tlio Initial l'ost of Charles Waldo, Conl and
Petroleum cluim, 1'u-loca.tion of Annie S.
1'inftier's claim, Commeiieiiitf at the soulh
west corner po-d, south and iidjucuiit to
.Marion Powell's claim which is a surveved
ehiim in ihe lliickett Ki-oup, uud also ad'neon t,
lo the north oust, ccrnor of lloliert. UcudiiiK's
clniin. Tnoiico SU chains north,thence Mil elm ins
east, thence Sa chains south, thence 80 chains
west to place o! ticuimilnj,', contaiiiiiijr (lie
acres, daieil August Uth, lluiii,
CilAiii.Ks Wai.i-.k, Locator. '
A. iUci:i:-iT, Akuiit,:
-jcpt. iith. lnoti.
W. K. ltOSS, K. 0. J. S. T. ALEXANDER
Ross & Alexander
KEKNIE, 13. C.
Ollice Jn I,. T. W, Block, Victoria Avenue
J. Barber*, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L T. \V    RIock,   opposite  the   Bank
Ofllce liours—ti a.m.. to 8 p.m.
W, J. Wriglesworth, ,D. D.'S.
. r>__:_*>rTisT  ,
OrricK ltouiisi-       8 'into IL' a. in. l to.6 p. in
G.30 ton \..m.
Oilico in Alex, h.el.'s Uioek
over Slum's JMleery.
yiCUNlK,        -        -        _     _        jj. o
Office :   L.T.W. Block
Fi-knie British Coluinliiii
J'ho Inil i-al Post of Thonins Whelnn's Conl
and J'etroitiiin claim, itc-location of 1). K,
McDonald's claims. < Coniiiieiicini** at the
norlli wost. coiner post south and adjacent lo
Charles Wahle's clniin. Tlience su chains
south, thence S!l chains east, thuneo SU chains
north, thence HO chains west to place of
lii'KiiiniiiK, contaiuiiiK mil ncrcs, dated AiiKUst
SStll.l'.KJI*. ■     -.*
° A.   llACKKTl', Aseiit.
Sept. ,1th, llii.il.
Inil ini Post, of Coul und Petroleum Claim
lieiiiff tlio soulli east, co-ner post of 11. .1,
Johnson'n claim, south and adjacent of Unlit.
lieadiiiK's claim, and' heini; le-location of. T.
Waldo Aiiiiphy's claim. Thenco M( cliains
north, thenco so chuins west, Ihonco SO chains
south, thonco eiut. so chains lo the pliieu of
licKiniiiii'f, eontainiiiK nto acres, dated Anuust'
llli. T.-IH-,
U. J. .Toiinron, Locnlor,
,     , A. JlAl'HK'IT, ARUllt.
Initial Post, of Coal ami Petroleum Claim
communcim; nf n post phniled ou lhe soutli
wont.coinor, hoiiif; tho Initial post.of .lo.asio 11.
.Johnson and a ic-locatiou ol Canioron l.ewi-,'
chum, Thenco north so chains, Mieueii cast. s:i
chains, thenco south So chains, thonce wiimI. Ku
cliuins lo thu plnco. of liL'KiimliiK eontiiiiiliii;
iiiu acres, dated Annual 'ith, Iliul.
JuSHii: 11. .JrniNKdN, J.ocitoi*.
A, llAciiKTT, Ai;ent.
Inil ml l'ost, of Coul ami J'oli'oloum Clnlm,
.('oiniiioiiciiK; ul the noilh ivunt. coinoi* of V.
Al. Pnllocli's claim, hoiiih uml adjiii'iint of
.leShiu JI. .lohiiKOii'N I'limn; mid huiiiK ro-louu-
tion ol Allmrt, Iliick'n iilaini, Tlieiicn south Si
ii iiiihh, iliuin-o enst. so chains, thence nonli ho
clianis, thtiiiciMvihl.su chiiins to tho plnco oi
hi'Kinnini;, coiitiilnluir iiiu ncri's, dated Aiii'iist
Tth, lliud. '■'
V, M, I'ni.Micu, I.oeiitoi-
l.    .   r,,     „    ,    MffA. llACKK-l'T, AKOIll
Si'pt Alh, K/Oil
liiil iiii lMht of Cimluiiil J'ulroloiiin Claim,
eiii'11-l.'iioin-r at I lie north oust, uiiiikii* of J, J{,
Pollock',, claim, nnu Hi and adjacent, to II, ,).
.liiliiihoii's clulni.heiiiKilio |-ii.|( tlou nf Kil-
jmii-iI IIi-uIiIi'h chilni. 'j'liniicii nouth so nlialiiH,
Illt'licu M-t:r.t Kl) (iliitlns, tliulifu mirth Ml cliulmi,
tliciiciM'iibl wi chain., to tho place of lirKlimliiL,,
rniiliiiiilni" nm ai'ioi., dated Aim-list 7tli,l!«,il, ■_;
fll, It, PiiM.iil.'K, l.iicntoi*
,.    .   ... '   A, 11.■.(■■(■•■IT, AKUIIt
lull Ini l.'fiht. of Oonl und Potnilonm Claim,
(•(iiniiioiii'iii-r nl Mm hiiiilli ohm. ciiinoi* nf .luliu
11, loss' imd hoiiih nnd iiilJ,ieiiiilto,l, H, Pol.
looks clnlm, imd re-locution of Saiiimd K,
Uri'Mi'h i'liilm, Tliimi'ii ni'iih hu chuiiiH, thenee
wiistHicliiijiih, llKiiii-iihoiilliKlii'liiiiiiK, thence
misl.Hn chiiiiinto Mm piiicmif lii'iiiiiuiiii,'. eon.
Iiiinliii{il|iiiiei'i's, iliitod Aimilst Jtli, liii,ii.
John 11, I'iiki*. ..ur-iior
Sep.. Ml,,,HO,.. A.IlAfKli.i-.A-wnt
Iniliiil Poht, of Coul nnd J'litroluiun Cluim,
('oiiiiiiiiiicIii*, ut it post mi Mm couth went, cor*
mil* of I, |, Hjaukhtoiiii'i* claim, south and
ail,liw*(.iit to V,.M. Pollock's cluliii, and a ro-
locution of TliniiiiiH KiKlur'n claim, Tlicneu
linil I Wellllllis, tlliilicin;iiht, NH'hlllliH, tlllincii
siniMi iiiic.huins, llinn,.it wiiht, hii clialiin lo Um
iiliiiiiuir liL'Bliiiiinif, vuiiliiiiiliiKiUiiui'rut,iliiiuil
AiiKUst ith, linn;,
Hcriurren Bros.
Sand, Lame &W ood
Ollice in rear of Jlow J.'oon Dloclc. Fernie; B.C
The Calgary
Pattle Co.   :   :
Retail    Meat    Merchants
ffevnie, ffi.Q.
Davey & Laderoute
■§•   .      *|»
Choicest cuts of fresh, meats always
in hand.
Hams,, bacon, and lard as well.
All kinds of fresh fi.-..-; or.   season.   .
Prompt  delivery.'
Give ns' a call. | ■
TEL. 18. "   .
_j i_
A. McCartney
teacher of violin
and1 piano tuner
p. o. hox 2G0
Feinie, B. C.
Contractors'and Builders
0 Plans; Specifications and Estimates furnished-on application.
Pler.iy . ol   0,001)   DRY   LUMBER ON HANI).
Architect     nnd Superintendent
, OlTice at Residence,
BAKER S4\,     -     .     EERNTE, B.C
Kupl,'ilii, itn 11;
II. Ii, Ili.AcKsniNi:, Lociitof"
A. ll.\('Kl;ii, Aiiuiil
Initial I'lihlnf Coul ami l'utruli'iim Clnlm,
cimiiiii'iioliiu ni1 ii|in»( hell,,, thu ninth |.|i„t
nii-iiiii'pn.it i.f W.A, UiW .'luini,himili mul
llil'll.'lllll llfilohll H. ItllHH-   lu-llll'llllllll nl   (llio
ti.   llml*!  i'IiiIiii,  Tlimicii   miiiIIi  -.MliiiliiH,
ll'lli'l, Wiml Ml 1'lmln,,, Iliviicu lllll r ll KlKlllliiliN,
lli|.|i(.|i('ii..| Hi chaliih I., |,|,||.„ „f haulniilnu,
I'lHitiiiillliK illii nens, ilutml AllHUH7lh, limil, J
\V. A. lliihN, |,(iii||tnr
A. IU.'m:ii, Ag.'i.t
Hciit.Mli, llnHi „i,
riMlvl*: XllTICK. llml iiii dn.vi. niter dull. I
•»• luiciid 10 iiiihl)'1,,the (:hi..r (:oiniii|»Hl0iiiir
Of   Lllll'U   llllll    WlllU   III/* II   Npi'l'llll lll'I'IIHIltll
cnl. nml cany iiii-uy (uiil.i-r iron thu follow Ini*
.IllMTlI'l'il l.tlliK,. B
I'lilllllldli'llllf nt  11   (liv,!   iiliititml  iilmii* l.no
Ln... »i**i i-i eii. liner iiiiii iiiii.111 tlirt'it tnfftiM
1.OHU1 iir«Mliril,»l.v, llli.lli'i' Vimt W! I'linln.1
(.'.. .1.1 i,.ii,i, MU',,,,,.,,,, u,riii.|i cunt. HnchiiiiiMi
tliciii'dNi.mli H'l (liitliir* tn ]ila.u uf roiniJU'iitx-'
Mi'lllllM.V.JI C.MIIT, li'iil, ItKHl. _n
tKtmrrmvMm'mniitiurimii -t.wm'itm
Liir-,'0 stock of Nome Grown Emit
nnd   Oriinnii'iilnl   Trees.
lleaihjiiarlers     for     Pijeifie    Uoast
Grown   Garden,    Kield     anil  Flower
Sei'.ds in season,
Greenlioiise  l'lhnts,  Cut  Flowers.
Cntnl(>niii!  1''iee,
M,   ,T.  IIES'RY,
3010 Wesliniiistcr Rond,
Vancouver,  11,   0.
SIXTY iliiyn iiflur ilnin I Intonil In apply tn
Mm llon.ii'iihlo iiiiiii.' Ciiiiiiiilrihliiiu'i* nf
I.iimls mill W'ot'Uri, Victnrln, In jiui-iUiuho tlio
following .leu..I'IIiimI huul;
Cnniimnii'lin- at 11 punt, iniirlioil .l.Il.lCilinunil-
hoii'h Miutli-wiml.('iiriiiiriiillolniiiu.lolin ll.dlil*
lli'ld'H Imnl; thcni'it wicIiiiIiih north; tlioiicn sn
chains cui) (Iiiiiich S'l el.iiiiiHhuiiMi; Mnnici' si.
ulllllllH W.'hl to   Mill plllllt.  Ol'   ('llllllUOIK'llllllllll,
tlio wliolu contiilnliiu illn iii>i*im
Sopt, MU limn Locator,
— ♦ . ,
Is a pleasant home •
for the traveler.   .
Crow's Nest
Electric Supply Store
All   kinds   of   Electrical
Goods kept in .stock.    ,
AH.* work
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
WINE   CO.,  Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers and Direct Import
o ters of>
. SCOTCH AND „   .;    ■
*     OLD TOM
■ '  1
Sole Agents in Canada for
Windsor     Tonic,      Ja*-*-     Destroyer,
Philip Carosella
Genoral Merchant
and Dealer in Wines,
Liquors and Cigars, *
_r_in=i3sri_33, b,. a.
SIXTY iliij'i. utter iliito I Inteinl lo n|ip!y In
Mm lliiii.iilt'iihlii I III lul' I'liiniiiUhlniU'r nt'
Liiii.U nml Wni'liH, Vli'lmlu, tn piircliumi tlm
fnllowliiir iliiMirllmil I11111I1
(.'iiiiiiiiiiih'Iiik nl* i\ |io»n.inrli.nl S.R, Oliver*1)!
mini li-i'iul cornel' nilJiiIiiIiikJijIiii 11. <> 1111U* 111'^
l.iliill Mmiii'ii mi i'liiiiim nuilli! Mii'lii'd KhhIiiiIiih.
wimti Ihoiil'ii H.l ell.lIlMhiililh; tliunco Xll elllllllK
uiihI lutliil point of Colin.umi'cint'iit* (hu wlmlu
conlaliilnK Uliiiicri'ii,
Sn|it,lfilli imnl Ii.iciitor,
iT.\/; l'ATUd.SJZl*.   JIOM'K   liNULlbTJlV '('.i»
•CTN'ionsr  __,..a3_IlL,
Crow's    Most   Special
Miner's Favorite Cigars
UIXTY 1I11.VM uftur ilnin I ililuml lo npply In
1*3 Mm lln'iKiiiialilii ('litcC OiiiiiiiiIhiiIoiiiiI' nl'
I.iiiiiIh 11111I Woii-H, Vlrtnrlii. t.i iiiiinliiiiiii tlu.
dilliiivli.Kiliih.'illii'il Imnl: In Kill 1 liver vulluv
I'niiili.nlicliiw nt, 11 pu^t i.iiiilioit John 11.
I'r.iH'i. lioith'i'iNt i-iil'linr, inlJnlnliiK .1 oh 11 II,
Oliltli'lil'ii Imnl; Miini.'ii Kiilmiiii. mnitli Mii'linu
hiii'IhiIiih-ai^I; Miniicii hiicIiiiIiim iiiiitli; 11.unci'
ft"I'lniiiiiicunt, in tliu point nl coiiiiii.iiii'iiiiiinit
Mm uhohi ci ntiilnliiH Hl.iih*i(i».
iloliii li, I'r.iH, Jiiinilor,
Sept. Mh UiihI H. K, Oliver, Aiti'llt
OIXTY il.iy* iirii-riliilii I intciiil to upply to
»75 Mm lliiiioni'iililn Clili'f ('iiiniill~«lni.or nf
liiiinU mul Wiii'Iih, Vli'inrliii in -iiucliiiHi Mm
r.illnwIiiK il iiiiiii liunl.i In Kill Ulv.ii* vullcyi
('iiiiiiiii'iiciiiil nt. 11 pii.t. iniirKcil .Iniin 11.01.1'
.IoIiI'm niii-l1i>\vi<iit. 1'oriiL-r tn .1. A, Mi<|).miiiI.|'h
1      '     , '■!..'..       ..'!,'' '..'..
.iiiHtj'tliniii'iiMli'liiiliiN norlli; iliciicn K>i chimin
H,a]       III     til,'      Jl'llllt        111       I   I.J.JIUJ1C,  UU   111,       J'j<-
wlinlecniiliilliltiH mn iiitoh,
.Inlinll.Ol.llliil.l. I.miiitor.
H.V.. Oliver, A«i'iit.
Kept. Mil, imm —II
l«"nr llie nliove cv.nl, the Cini.i.liati
PaciJic Uiiilwny nil. iinoiin^ very
low roniul tli)! ext.'.rsii.n r;iti", •.iimc
l/iiii'" 011 mI.* Si-jit, *"*<il( to (Xt\, :nA
^oihI Ior rciitm iinnMi^e till ou.iivli.
It.ixi- frmii IVinie i*. fiydy l>.nly
tliroujjh sl<c(icr.', nrc ttinj,' ojii'-r.iti d
Horn Airuu-lii'iid. I'or U'ltli r.-vrv.i-
tions 011 I'oiiiinl.i.i riv.-r .*.ti ittm r» or
■..(■■"•■ir, ni.j'ly 10 lnrnl fljvnf. or
1. !v CAMTKM.
.). 1"   A , NM**.n, 1!   C.
/*•'*. <"•
New Westminster, B.C.
Atfilialci) will Toronto University
f^J'jtl.Cr.lV'IvS   boll. Indies   nnd (u'iiiK'iih*ii im Ucsitlent or n* Day
"llllillC-i-)     CollDil'.
>( all grades.    Iu
.    „....._ .      1' roiirsi< fur lln*
II. A. (!ij,'rvc, mid U10 lir»l yvar of lliv IWotiln SlIkmI of Scicnrv. lltv* xt
*\\k.'i.A "I'l.^iai'.ur'K Cu\n>.c" lor Miiiei* wlio w.>,l» in li, C. liwtrnialioil
f-ivcii in Ar(, Music, J'liyMinl nilnirt* and Kloriilloti. I'm C-ilcnilar Itc,
iidilri-s*, "t'liluiiibiaii  l\>lli*-ye."   Ti-rm  npeiii  Sep..   171)1,   ig.ifi.
lt\i   •v•llU't,'',,*•    ""*■ n complcli*   Coiiiiiifiviiit   or llu
...   ,'^•*T'lr'•'', "••tul'tnis 10 k*uii JVaclu-r's Ccrliticacet ol
alTilinlioii  with Toronto  Univcrsiiy—uivcs I lie four u*.ir_'
id nt 11 liundrril illfC'rcnt
Mlmjiouiml nl/.oionr llrlai-U tiirncil
out In. Tho in-rfoot«iui»Hty of llfi
JlrUriiml tlio 1.1(111 wltli iililah tlioy
nro nia.lo, (nmllllo. them nu tliu
Shillii.t; Six-Penny Pipe
S|       in lhc World
•riti'v win, vot ticnv,
H.vcry i'lpe Uuariintctil.
Junt rumoiiilicr nml nulc for
"Shield Brand" Pinos
I'or Kale at Uie
Club   Cigar   Store
'W. A. INCJUAM, l'rop,
VYmxa 91.       -       -       Fertile, H. ^.
Westminster" and Return
On Milii Hi'-il. .K to O.'t. i
IUIIiV   TIIUOl'cVlI  Sl.l'.r-.ri'.l.!H.
Kor lull inii-tii-iiliirs and hi-rtli rcs-
iTi'.nlions, npply lo loenl ;i'i';<-nts or
J, S,  CAUTI'...,
, I).   I'.   A.,   Xclson.
V,. .T. COYM-:, A. Ci. 1'. A.,
Vaiiioiivc-r,  ll.C.
'I-IAKKNO'I'KM. (lull in ilnyn iiftm* •Into 1 In.
JL tiunl In niijily In (ln< I lilnl' ('iiniiiih.i<i<inii|.
Ill' J,11 llllll llilii U'ill'loi fill1 |.n(III(kxIiiI) In Im|..
(•IlilKii t Iiii tnlli.wInn ili".i'l*lhi.*il lunil Iii Snlltll
Km ml Kinitiniiiyi-'
(tniiiiiiniicliiir ut. 11 iuul iiliiiitiiilmi ilni Wi'-it
I.1111I, nf KU, lllvi'i, iil.iul thnn inilu4 l„.|mv
lliiiiil. Wi'lici'i!'* |ii'ii.i4iiiiil|iin, niul liiiu'lii"!
Tliimiiiii (Iriilnin Nuilli Weill tliinn r, llinni'i.
Hlllllll ll'l.'hlllllS,  llll'lH'l!   I'.'Hl    |H I'llJl Jllal.  Hll'I.C!
.Viirlli iiluiiil /*>.! <-11 mi 11 h tn thv I'linli nt Kll; Itiv«*r
thi'iii'ii nl.mu* n.hl Imnl. in tin. |ihii<ii nf i'iiiii.
iiii.|ii'i.ini'ii(. i'iiiitiiliili,|! 'Jluu'i.*,innri' nr |ini,
Hi'|it ,1x1, llNH. TlliillAH Cii.'.iian
a-ui,.:NiY''.<'i'* Unit c... .i.i,\„*iin»r iiuti. i in.
X imnl In npjily t.i the Chief t.'(il.iiiihi,|..iii'r
nf (iiimli Mini Wiirhi lm* iiiiriiiinHiiii tu ihii*.
I'llini'  Mm filllilU'lll;; iln:ii'|.|lii.(I huul  In  Hnill 1
Kimt Kmili.nii.v;-
Cnlllllii'llrlliK lit ll |iu»t lillilitnl llll till. Wl'nt
I,.nil-   ,.f  |." 1*   IMa.i... .,1.. ul 1. ..   ..II,.   ...    11       r
Chun, Wiiiifurl'n |iiii*uiii|iiiiiii, nml iiiiirKml
■liiliiiCnili.iiiViirlli Wi' < Curlier, IhiMii'i ''until
411 i'liiiiim, tlii'iiiu Kimt. iu rim iln., llinncti NuiHi
nliulit li'i chuliin tu lln. luiiili ul I'll, Hhni,
thi'iico lllniiM HUM liiuill tn thn liln.'1. iifi'inn-
i.iiM.n.(H. iitt'tvnm (Inlt-s t'-iju-i. . umiv .it
lliituil All<-lli>llili.ti l'.ii»i
.1 (lllll (^lllllill
Ktftl'll tX'a   T lllllill lit
Thr. fon!riii'*«-ir*i of Kernie , will
jiltiiM i.'ilaC notiie thnt Alter Ajuil
mi, ly<-6 the C»rptnter» nnd Join*
1-. (. ■•'oiitc I.oul I930 will demand four dolI.it» (4.00) (or eight (K)
liourh' work,
U. H. of C. A J. U. I3JO, Kernie.
Mii.nili l.ininnnl  lm    -v.il.- rvir>
60   VHARO*"
TnAoe Mai-iks
_. Cop(rmoMTt Ac.
• Aitrrni* xxnllnir 11 •kcitrti nnd d Mcrlpdnii m»»
nulrnir »«-rtmTt hut oi-iiiiiKi ft** *hinin.t *n
i/iT««rilfi(i i» xy>t>*t>iryy'i<imws,i*.mmmiii%.
llon»»lri(*tlr«'n-*li1«nlfiil. IMNtlloOitnill'iiloiitt
•«mt fruit. oM.nt Rimni'f fura».«irlr«p«t«nti,
I'KfuriK Ulccri ififimeh Stum ft VoTn&trti
SciCllliflC HmtYM
A ttuitttmmtf IIKkImuM *J-re**lrt#. l.irD.«t nr.
rtiUunn nf WT «-l*rilia<J J"iin a.. <rrriri>, i.i«
it-Mt fiKir n»«iUi», IU HuMliyiil unwuiifniofB,
RtkntbUtSe*. da_. I**-***-.VfkltiUiuioti,li.u " *wtm**m
Supplement to the Fernie Ledger
By The Ledger B<_d
Some days ago the Spokane papers
priscn-.'i- was b:o-.i^!it  in
placed'in,   'ih. pri.Mjiv.T's   dock.
I.I-.-.1 witness,  ilu  oldest of  tlu
were lull of.tlu sickeningdetails ,of a
. filthy-case of wrong doingi by    some
devlish   null'ami nikliili.nl  daughters i girls, who:«r a^"was "al „,,i.  ifi vears
of-two negligent moilurs.   With  -i-.u- ' "
, cnlLd lor brutality tlu papers    gave
tlu   names    of ilia     girls and-  their
lnolhers,  and  thereby  causad  burning
•hanio -to'iditiir into'and destroy   tlu
peace of more thnn' cili home.
Last week the two girls in .the.case
arrived in I'L-inlc in company wilh
W'.iHiie Sinip:i[.n, who, it a'pears, paid*
these girls* lures from Spokaiu to
this city, 'end came nlcii'j with them.
Whatever mny h.ive lieen ilu ih.unel-
ir of these'two girls, it is evid.li.
that tluy are young, au.l that wh-.n
they found themselves in the house
presid.d over by Winnie Simpson,
tiny repuilcd of Ui.-ir rash action,
and coming up town sought lhe police station and asked that a telegram l.o .suit to a friaii-.l in Spokaiu
asking him to send tluni money ' to
pay th.ii- expenses back to their
■As explained by one of tlu girls in
giving lur evidence, Jjiey d.d this iu
older to keep from tluir .families tlu
knowledge ^of wh.it h.ul happened to
Ii'AStcod of wiring for the money lo
send them home as tliey- had been requested '' tlu police reported tlu stale
of affairs to higher anthorilv and an
in'o. million was laid again it Winnio
Simpson;* charging her with tho of-
.crice-of'-procuring, anil slu was -arrested and placed'in. durance vile.
-Winnie 'winked and" . blinded, niyl
finally awoke to tlie fact that slu
needed bailing out and ,'ifter begging
around town awhile, she found some.;-*
lody willing, to do tlu bailing out on
condition ih.it she depasit with him
for safe keeping a smail l.iila of diamonds, etc., f.n.l she .got licrselj-Mailwl.
Meantime the girls, who were being
detain.*!    as  witnesses,    were   restive
awl pined for the Spokane atmosphere
1 with'a pinng.'lliat grew and grew until it'became overpowering, and'while
th: police were vigilantly guarding
the G. X. station lest' it pick ■ itself
np and (lit over the border with the
two girls inside, the.girls took a walk
rnd forgot -to come back. The. next
hard of them thoy. were clean oul-
sule of the Daniinion and in tlu bosoms of their fnmilies, where, the Lodger Kid with his Night Cap on can't
see for the lifo of him why they were
not permitted to remain, lint kids
with Night Caps on can't see much
r.ny wny.
A policeman was despatched with
hurry up orders to bring the runaways
back, (in,l after some combination
piny with Spokane ollicials the girls
nud one mother (the girls were not
sisters) cnnie back to sample the
'■imliAy of Culiiuliii-h*, justice, Tliey
arrived in town last Kriday morning
• nnd fl. I.cdger represmliitive, learning
tli.*y were iu town, umt.rtonk to sei1'
llic'iuolhur, hut his way was hedgvil
alioul with nil kinds of legal thorns
cud brumbies,' niul lu found that he
would ,,;<! .subject to all kinds of legal
terrors if ho persisted in his effort to
■ci*. a -person not iharged wilh nny offend; or   detained even   us a witness,
Calling nt the boarding house where
tho women were stopping, nnd asking
the landlord to he allowed to s*.*e the
mother of tlu girls, Mr. Landlord
put 011 a very serious nir and didn't
I now, you know, whetlur lu could
nllo.v such a lil.trly, don't you know,
without liis'*. coiiKiilliiij;. the policeman. So the poli.'i'iiiuu, wh.i stittid
lie hnd these lleetiiig birds mulct- tlu
i.Iiiid.iw ol liis ollicial w'ug, (.nine in
to si/o up the repoiler. lie. must
bwve dLscoM-rid dyiiaiui'.i' to d/slmy
or ii d'aiiiond lo il:llglit th: cy.-H of th.'
lady KOliuwlla'ie nloiilllie hnlidsom..
perhoiuigi! of our long-lcggid sci'iliv
for Ihi would have in me of this iiiti-r-
litiW      lillN.U.'SK,        'Ili.l     Sl'l'ibl'      ItWOIV
mildly, hut emphatically, tind wiilil-
id lo Know if tin* woman via:, a |itis
ohtT or a (U'lii'n.'d wiliii*;*:., or any
o h.'r.kind vi il.iii,;ei'oiis ciaubinilii.n
of lady and legality, hut it wouldn't
f.o, mid lie wan iiudinlly iuvitul tn
-•'.• liigh'i- niiili,-.rily, and hi' look 111-
II her Htep up ou this legal liidl.-r,
,i*iii     1 '      1  . .      1
l.l.i. II    li.i.l Llll.    |'l,i.Ill    41.11..1.11        1.1.
W 11'lllW      III    ill.'    .1 lilt, t   ll •   Ul-ll   ll      t.i
Ilnvln,' scrurnl n good foothold on
Ih- ii.-xt mnml up, Ii'1 repeat.d hii n-
(|Ui*Kt to ]« pi'iuiltli'd to m*|. lit-lady
. r 1,. ,    < iii* ,.. 1
- ',       l.t V     'y. .   ,1. ,      1,   a..       ... a„ ,      a,, ,.    a      . ,a- 'fp- a.... .
(iid.ttire that lu.'d Imvo to £0 still
This last (step liroii'Iu Inn to llu
foot uL thi* throne, as it were, nnd
llm representative of the Cruwu, that
In, tlii! Croun Ciiiin.'tl, nin was lirnirr
in the K-lii-f lhat th.* it'w.*.|iiipi r m*,m
-.llnlibt II..t •ii'i* ill.* iiliofli ll'lll ' Mii'il*
i.m than was nny of th.* oihi*,. IK*
wiih also told that .li* trial iii.u v. a;
to l« .-..'Id thai i-vtM.'li/ won..) Ic le
hiid iliscl '.'oiti, *,nd w.m .kv.iy
witU a pliwiiiy -iir, I ut n «!,«■ r-,',i.sn-
lioo lo Ic ill.-re, mi.) Ji,* m-.i*.-
Upon ih' njHllillg (1( thj uii'.it llu
It arm-1 (ml,**' »(l. u.teil l.y the
Crown to pwIimK: ihe puldic-, tm id,.
<oun ovi*rniI«il ifc* rf.pii-M,
was Lio-.i^ht in and swoin*.'
The Crown ixainiii.il Uu "j,;.-^ au,*
clicilwl tlu slatemiui that'Ah.- ,ll;ul
!'Vst 1"-1- l1'- prise nir-in a bar-room
"•« Spokaiu in " u... evining
ai out ,S o'clock. 'Jhink of ilut! An
i«-yea:--oI.l girl „uuts ,1 s'trang.
w01111.11 in .s-.idi a " place, .111.-I tlu
str<-.n%.e woman treats her did her
'•oinpai,:, n, a girl of some sixteen
summers, to b:-i-r. Th-.n oilier glasses uf l.eer are drunk, and 'th..n tiu
gii'is are loo drunk to 1« able to tell
just wlut happen.il fi-fin Uui " iinu.
i-iit-1 ihey awoke and fin. ilumiselves
iu a comi.ariniaiii. „r a ..jiocper at liex-
to:i.l next morni-ng.
Acco;ding4 ln u,. ev;ti._nAc giv^n ])y
l»'h girls, tluy cam, „,', to Fernie
with Winnie Smpson ;1ml w..'iit to lur
house. Afler sleeping n„ h.-inr Oi"two
ihey lake liineh .and ih.n.go up town,
.'ck th: police, station and ask the
lolicc 10 wis 0 ,, ih_.ii-'fri,m's -n Spokane for menjy 10 Sct l:ut-k home,
having refused (o remain in tlu Simp-
sen house after leainnr its character.
Th.ii Mr. Moliert Duthie was'sworn,
and told .11 he.ving j,o:iu |.;lck t() llu,
house with the girls to get fonie
cloihiug Um Ji:1;l i-een left ,j,,ar0) :-.nd
of (lu arrest of tlu Simpson womaii,
llu nature of the hoiiK. 'lu kept, etc.
Th.: Cio-.vn rested, 'lhe deftncu offered no evi'.l..uce, Imt Mr. I'oss, K.
C.across-examiiud both tlu girls nnd
re?tal his case upon the statement
tint llu court had no jiiris'dicfon,
cit n « several cases bjariiig „,,,-„ tlie
case at ,bav.
The k'nni..d ji-,:lge took a few nVn-
utcs to look' over the authorities cited, and agreL-d-with tlu eounu-l for
the (Wince, t.liaL his jurisdici ion ceased at llu Ilocndary lin;*, :*.ml told
the prisniur' that slu could go, and
she did.'
■__^._i_u ll____fi_oiuJi____f re oil om 	
With, ilu aid of Lawyer Koss,.
And- blind justice is still Uinking'
-' O'er llu greatness of lur loss]
The C:own- seemed to have got lost
\Miy couldn't Uu city, have a few
o.tc those . bright-burn-tig * gasoline
lamps in liu sir._els? Tluy coui'l pay
for them on the inst allium plan, and
lhe police could climb the poles so
.smooth and slim each moiiiiu--' and
thus l.e able  to douse  tlu glim.
If th: streets had lx-en lighted with
siuh l:<Jits, thr.se two,girls uiiild not
ha\e got away in a, coach s.n.l two,
a.-.d tlu provinrc would have leen
saved the expense of that second .trip
to Spok; n.-.
'ilua th: city could '.have' explain.d
to ilu Hon. Ki.haid how his show
ad been saved' lhat expense by tlu
Keinie city light, and h: woiild have
dived down into that proviu:ial cash
l.ox and lian I.ii us out a glittering
gold brick of a promise of what lu
intended to do for us in thi sweet
hy and by..   ,"
'ih n  we could have sung:-
' Hy' bee l.e  b\-o,
Hy  bee l.e iiy-b;
Jly  bee  be- by-'o,
Good  by  my .inclley '
Good by! '-      . ■    *
Down at London tluy arc stirring
up thing} al-out.tlu l'lye-eleition at'
which ,Mr. Ilymaii \vas re-eleclbd after
havinr i.«n api'ointul .Minister ol'*
rublie Works. Tlu -wicked Tories are
tiyin; 10 piovc that t.he*ITcn." M:n-
• sler has been havinj rnlawful
ffymiiiisal coaiiect-'oa with a jade called corrnptir.il, and want him' kicked
out of his political, fofl j._d.
two or th.\e\".*ars. ICverv 11 i• ■ lit., rain
ol' si li.liin.', hot cr cold, llu little
band has madj its parE.de. Kor- a
I1.11-; tinu not piora than two or three
were to be s.tn in tlu n.ni*.s, .but hist
Sunday night ihi Ledger reporter
noticed "that there 'were Jiirty soldiers in lin:, and this increase seems
to keep going right a'oiig. Tlure is
no way ■ hy whi.li- the good aecoin
plished liy tlusa,* l.eioie so'dicrs' can
Ic measured or estimated, but ii they
w.re lakaU out of Keinie, arc! no morii
parades were to lie seen, what would
lc ths result? I.et us not think of il.
'jh: l.ed.ier dolls its cap and hows
its' head lo the Army, nnd join.-'wilh
everybody elsj hi wishing tlu luwly-
niarriid so'dier;; a len,-; end h.ippy
life, five ol d.'iiustie battles and full
of litlusc mi: pratlk.*..
Afler Sunday, th: 30th inst., and
Ior so iong as th: s-trikc continues at
Coal Creek, we will hot be i'lie' to
supply light to Kc:li:e.
cumv'S  nkst' pass ivi.icctuk*
I.IC.'JIT AXI)  rOWIvR  CO.,   i/!'i)
Very  Good:
Tn   Klectrie   Light  Sul scrii.eis.
'ill:     uudeisigu.-'l      Coui; any     will
Ar.d ' o.er in tli it s.-.n.tiinaiioii:,
Sumlay schcol town of Toronto, Juv
are broiling Foster. 1'owell ,an-.l*-Mc-
Cormick on  rridiicn.-s.'
:u a kind of f-'h.'i-Wood forest of legal
Iti-amlilos nnd llio:ny thickets, anl
wh'.iv il emerged (rom tlu 'thicket,
found Usull over in Teddie Koosuvelt's
tiinl.di1 lull, while Winiiii! (li'iiu'cd oul
(.11 llu other sid: of tlm ihiiket li kill merry wiiu of Wind.,or after 11 jolly
nijhl wilh Mini'.' mod. 111 Fiilslnff.
'Mi.' Lcdgir Kid id'.ililu't lulp wi.n.l-
iriiig, nfler seu'ii,' tlu irtiiup card
Mr, W. it, Unss had b.-i-n holdin.; up
his sluevc nil llu tinu; us lo ili.tt
jurisdiction busiit.'ss that wouldn't
iciuh from Kiiinlu 10 Spokun.'. why
in ilii'twler he look up 1.0 much tlnie
ci-iiss-exiiiiiiiiing iniic,' gir'.s, imli'ss he
had i'i'c'iivi>.| a lip liom llum that
tluy lilad that hind ol ih u,{,
'ih.1 Kid ui ildn'l nx lot* lit! life ol
him why ill; gnl* \uie li-nt in tint
wiiii.sii 1 nv nl nil .il.'i- ih.'ii' ixniii-
ina'.ioii  l-y ih.. Crown.
Hut lli'le in:* lol'i ol tll'llg-i til it
kids 1 mi'l M'.- .'1: ii, und In* giivn il
We h*.1 to 'o,,k a: lint sixl.cii
yen-.ilii gin ir.     '.li- Mood ill r.-     n
(',.■      -.'.,'. l'l  S .        r'll .    (,i    K;    |'/| ,    |',,l,,!
(hip, ih.* .In.!,.;■',     th,- i.ntiv   u(   ih
j ry'iu,; v;.*.*;. o'      tli*  >-.j i',*l;ilo*-.,    ill*
law.e:!i     I'ly'ii,, hr   wilh  i(u.'sii(.ii
whiih l.cpt  ih • Mush nf sh line dan *
Tl !   II) ii.l   I li'W ,   1 n  i'i>   .ill .   11 'i 1*1     lii*."
tli<     mo'iIi 11 r,     him r.n-;,   v.-ri'h'ii
ll.uiii-K  nf   p.idil'in   f. '."In . upoli ul'
lint  is dear ov of vii'.ii,* lo    woman
ho d   11   hi*, v.tii*.l. Win unl  a pi nv
out c ;jci nn' tn ile  Kid,    nnd    It
ill ui; III :b :! ii ! hit I- ■ ll ll'.l -1* I'-'-
gin d pd*.1, «v.n as itiiiih ns Ih' law-
vii '■ 1 u'na 'it I'i i11'- li Cn'' fil.'a a'
low il. in in!*, r; tn (o'l.-il, |o; do-
ir.„' 'inli v.mIi. ,'nl v.lnt a'■••at ih i(
tni.th-r jiivt lrhiii'1 tint door In xb-
m\X  ri om*
*'h ii 11.-.!);• ;<]:] \. ;a, . ti*v a .'i '■
;, ..i' a„. 1 a ""', au iiu ,, ti ■ »l ",,
la'v,    ii'itng itj-.on     tlm    ir....li.r'-
V.IM in.
Coat nu. il on I'.at! l'l.ip ol Night Cap
Tlu man with th.* muck rake must
he a rake himself. . Th.; result of'his
work seems 10 be ilut f iu partv 111a-
ihiiu is as bad as'th.- o'.lur, if not
'J he game w.iriUn.i liave-had cnnih-'
cr experience in stopping th: ship-
in. lit of :'-n elk h.-ad out of h i 1 ,-.:v-
kein wiih. a bridge gnn.r np the river,
took h's gi n upon his shoulder mid
a-huiiting v.vnt. Tie ran acro;s\\lui
lie tliouj lr. was a line large, da-er, and
hy accideiiL hn hit the animal ami
killed it. .He took o.T its head a nil
■hi-oni-h'. it to townj and arranged to
.'hip it lo Vol non lo be mounted.
It is ciid.nl that he was ignorani
of tlu law. [-inhibiting tlu killing of
elk, and also that it was an elk instead of a deer, for h: m.-.de 1:0"• effort to coiu-enl his action!, and con-
suiincntly had to buy S50 worth oi
legal knowledge at tlu counter wluru
tluy .d.nl out such things,
Last .Monday ;he Coal Company ord:i-ed the .*ho:s taken (ill all
Uu hirs.'s nt tlu Coal Creek miius,
In ens*: the h.-irses catih the strike
fever, it is thought that a'strike from
si hare Tool will .uoi, hart so miuli
us oiu from a foot  wiih   iron liiiucl;-,
ll"S   (11.
We nre 2,(,co simple     niin.rs, said a
Ind with  pinkey  (inger.--.
Now nin .'teen hundred nnd niiiLy-uiiu
arc gone,     j,nd th? simple ' Ind
with iln'iily  ling.'is is llu   rnly
on 1 lhat "lingers.
 o- ■
Usl Thui-sdny nigh1, the doub-Ii:
wedding cnine oil nt Stork's Hull ns
miis ainuigi-i^ and tlu leiviiiony mis
wiln.'SSa'd ly n large houseful of very
inu-rii.st.fi specialors. llrigndicr
.Siii.-etoii, oliiiainlcil, .nml it was evident, from his oiisv manner nml |,vt.
feel control of ewrylliiiig that h'lias
had e.vperiiiu-e,
Tli: lirst couple to plight tluir
vows was Mr, .To;ie|h Owen und Miss
Amy Wiii/rhoiiM', unl ili.-y v.viv sup.
poi'le'l by Mr. Arthur Iliiiiisou mil
aif-is I,i//iij l.'ouald, I'jtpin'ii ]lns.
■iiigiluviilgih.i i.nd Miss Chrisiin.i
Cuinplcll, who were siijijio:ti*d hy
Mr, William l.nng nivl Alins Maiguivl
Canipliell, iuin.' n.'xl.'    •
'I In- Sul*..ttii.ii A.'iiy li.iii.l w.i'.   i.;i
■ li: slug', mil lilLd th- iiit.iv.ils
wilh ) o d inr.sic,
A  .stiikili/ fi'iiinrc     nolid    of    ih*'
iiiiili-ii e was     tlu  tiitiiili-r mil    th.-
n.'iiln a*, oi 1I1'Mnn nri";. m wiih tli-ir
p:r 11 s in wim. s. ih- in it cm n,* c.i-
a ll.llllV  .
Nrm!. :•    i ii'iAil ,.i...,   rt.:'.. J i
'llll,* ihildii.-i Iniin ih* si'i- 1I1.1I jusi
1.Hi lulil!. about to .Iii'iir,. 11 in ih-ii
I ui; wc*'i> tn h* .•,.•• a s alter d
ll 011; Ii ,||* nuiliiti.-i' nn.l glid n,; u;i
. i. ', n-.'i,.. ,1., .. -A .
Ill  iilun Iiohimiiil h> iih* (hilli, n   :'n-
■ ('..nnl.il ns \i-iy iiiiiih out of p!.uiul wiil.Iiii,;s or u'li-r (itli.-r, inrtliii
lintf. r, hat ill,* Sah.11.'mi Auiiy
lioph* have  imt   ns  \vl   ad.'.,ii.i-d    In
llllll    St If',,   fil   ..  HI   ll   MM'   lr     '.M'l V   i-lt
oil iiii I 11^" iii ilf sum m hiin.aii e\-
'".t ii--, .-,iif| |..,.|,,iin' aft! 1 (li * wh-
ari* tht- lil.utid Iuul-. 01 s 11 1:111
•Iimi', Jii*.|   us thiiiigh  it  vi.*..    ii,b'.
lo   ll I   (I)
Mav (imi lilisi ih,* SiiU'.ilioii Ara.v
.-virywli t,, .mil 1 rpi i i.i'.U b )-- 1 ■■
Sd niore r.Hiliug tllustrntion of «li-
Ml-lll.'   l'l    pv', I.  N.lilltU-   lUll'.il    li*   lllllill
llum his Ir.n ■■ Ii. «n I.v tint lml.1
diii^i' li. r*-_ «ii l-Vrtii.* ilui.n^- tli.*   I.i«.t
make an effort  to continue to
electric  light for senile  lime.
In cas.v it i.s found impraeticanle to
(Oiit.in;e th.- sen ice, furtlior. .-oiicu
to tint  ilTecl   w.ll  be given.
Tin-; cmo'.vs  xicst vass. va.v.c-
TRIC   LIGHT  ANO   l'DWl-Ul   iOM-
l'AN'Y,' I//.MITI';i).
'ihis  i.s  better!
in  Ne^Aj
^YY>kM   W
±.t-'* ,
'I'.oiy" Momv':-. decani   of fiilnre bliss
V. ■ il
i*.*. A     ...	
I ..1^        ■=-~-
.iKV*t<-'       ■-"-*-—*^*
Mcry Don;-,!a-., a i-i-yiar o'd neyio
girl employid as a liui'se al 111: home
of Caplnin IC, ().i\er Mali, n, of
flush r, l'a., was arrested this week
charged with siic-kin.- pirn in .**-
inonihi-ol'd Jeauuetle Mrihoii, whose
fretful illness pu/'..kd the uitanding
j-hysicinn. „
Making an csniuinitiou, Iu look
from tlu: outside ni llu ihi Id fourteen small pins and a safety pin.
Mary coiiii'ss.-d to th; •doctor and
Mrs. Malum that .*Iu used tha baby
as a piiahusion.
Of cours.1, it is very handy, when
you wish lo dispose v. an uuiieees-
snry pin and dn not wifh lo 1 otlur
to get up and run over lo ill: bureau,
to stick it into the 1-aliy, bu'. this
will liirdly esi'iiie ilu u.-t in llu eyes
of tlu moili.'i*, v.lio is usually absurdly  prejudiced  in favor ol  tlu  iiiiniit.
This story, .■•■happily true, lor ih.-
baby's Iim is now in danger, is nu!y
i'(|iial.'d by lhat ol llu l/rulul latlur
who, on ii'liriiig in cold w.-atlur, used
lo take tlu naked' l.sul.y and run his
Hllll! Ind- up 1 Ull d iwn Ilk' cold
ihe.ts to l.*i!:i* 11i * ihill oIT llu led be-
fire g.U'ii;* in liinisi'll. Now, what
do you Ihiuk <ir llial, iiiiiiuuia?
Iii ii cliiiialii like Oiis Ih.-re might
be some i*si-us*.i for ill.: ail, but lhe
c ise is said in-tuallv lo have oi-iiir*
id in Knili'.iky! 'Ili.-rc v.mild simii to
le iibniliilely no rMii'.:- al all lor it
in a iliii',iit'* like lhat of Kiii'.ueky-
ililess |li>. luaisi* \v;t-( nil- ol xhw...-
imi'li' slv ,i 1 n .tiui'iid nll.iirs 'iHiii
omul in lln: .'.ninh
I oiiui 1iHi1.i1 in-il this .iit.'kd i'i* to
oil.* nl ih "■.: |no;'.|.- wim Mi-ivv to liirl
'Old   'II IV. Villi ll.r,   lo  !,.;■  l.iWillH tin-
1i.*st i.i,'li-.   Jin 1 miii i'h-'•  th'i 'L   Ui ;*
at ' least cheerful to '".n-l a v.ian
tboui.h-.fiil .ln-u^n. to attempt to utilize .*4'Oiue of llu snperiluoa.s heat g*. 11-
eratwl by our yoiiih innead of. having it dissipated to- llu manifest 'cd'.
vantage of uo (.tu. 'ihis 1 rrsiL-r view
of llu affair is certainly worth, ei.n-
Well, anyhow, no matter', what his
troubles -and triumphs,, tlu baby . is
all right, and in testimony of our
love, for him, night work mil all, we
lay this little tribute, th's wreath of
night   ljloom.'nr  ccreus,   upon his crib.
■   AaAtAZKMlCNT." .
"I was amazed to Tiiul the fv.-.l m-
duslry at Nelson had iliu lied sucli
proportions. I-visited several ,fruii
rr.nclu's aud could hardly believe lint
so many apple... 1011UI harg c 11 the
trees as I saw there," raid 1). VV.
Ho'e, M. 1'.,- .who rtt in 11 d from a
westerly trip r!n Tucday night. Mr':
Hole, in coniieeticn with his laisiaess,
visited Uegiiia, Calgary, " Revelstoke
--.nd Xclson.
"Nelson has always leen looked up-
oa as a mining town, and its progress'is supposed to (kpcnl on the'
progress cl the-mih'n * work. 'lodayi
'.his condition ol'affairs is, to a great
extent, changed. The peopie have
discovered thai, tlu land adjuee-it to
llu city :s most itdmirahly adapted
o lhe gow-h'of sill kinds if Inil.
Apples, piars and cherries I saw, ci.,;
.small' fruits are grown iu abtin'l tn.re.
'Ilu fruit industry will give stability to tlu i.ily. I anticipate lhat 'in
tim: tlu inlire district from' Vcvil-
stoi.e to Koaitenny Landing wi'l 1 e
ono va I fruit giirden. I look * trip
up tlu Kootenay lakes with a Mend,
and had an opporlunity to see things
icr myself."
"In all the towns I visited on.- o.r
ih: lemarA-ible lliin\w noted was the
vxlrno:diii.ary advaiica in the price ol
farm lands and city property. .In
N*e!so:i the. finit lands have jumped
fiom ?s lo JiO'.i per acre, and tlu
city piopcrty has also mr.cle a' risu.
Hegini pro;:erty has made ;i groat
advahic s:n;e lasl year. Iu Calgary
piiccs are going up fast," continued
Mr. li.-ih:.-Wii:nip*:g i.*,CJ Pu-ss-ilul-
Jf Mr. Pole could take a*, look at
Innyut'fTTHTlt: 1 ,eilgI?r^Tnoft-7~wiTTc]i!
i:;s be: 11 glow 11 at Kasio, Ji::., would
A- abb' 10 extend tlu fruit growing
prssihi'liti.s 01 ilu eastern jiiirt of
I'riti h Columbia far b-iyoiid - th:
imls lyiu j iKra.-cir. to tlu liu; Citv
nf Nelson.
'lhe ledger has been at. this subject
le.'oie, an 1 is going to keep at it
in il llu ](o,)l_' who a:e looking for
plaus to grow goo:] fruit n.-ar tlu
lest market iu the Dominion will not
vide past llu wild lands in llu Koot-
*.nay Valley extindiug from p'ort
Steele to 1 lie In Lei national Iloundarv
at Ciitiway . and Koosville, in' a
Idindrusli lo places further west, nud
further from' ihe mnrkct, just for tlu
privileg-j oT paying $100 or more per
acre for land, upon which lo grow
fruit, wlr.11 lands jiist as suitable can
Ie had for oue-Uiilh-of the. money,
'Ilia Koot1.nay Valley allitude is from
*V-»'i l" .V-'in i'let in lhat part lying
a*, stated iiliove, and fruit enn l*.c'
stuci^sftilly g-o-.vu ih.'iv, ns has al*
lend/ le.n diiuoiistiatid,
'Ih re are 11 iiuermis slr.l(lic( ol"
laud, tlu soil ol.wliiih ia .of jusl the
projicr (oiu] osiiiou for the production of fruit,
In ,'om.' pliues tlrs enn he done
-.\ilh.iiil iiiigulioii, .'ind iu otlieis
wilt .r i. itv.illiil.h- for 1h.1l  piiipni.e.
The 1,1(1,^ r will dn nil in its power
lo iroii'o'.e iiii inti'iT.'il iu these pos*
sibiliti.'i, anl h.ipi-s to lc receiving
upplis in     (■'.iluingi' Ior subscri|iii(iiis
in n lew H'U'i.
- -<>• —
I'Mil or     r,'".-,  of      Ih*   ^ri-ion* oiti -i'i-,
speuking ol a (Ir.-nl Nortluin conductor who is lo i.ino-.i' from Will-
liiilla, N, I)., iL'livi'i", ih.-si- I'lilojfiMic
"He was always fi nlli'iiinn'v and
ohligin,', 10 far ns ihe rules ol th.-
.(.mpi.iiy allowid."
ICw'ii ihis is 111 ut li Iiiu ymi lake
a cdiliiclor who iibidi-,-, canliilly by
"li" inks' nnd ih 11 add. a n.r.iin* nn
liitld'nl bv Million wilh llu (r.ivil-
lill,! public, nii-l von IriVf a iniilv ol
whom ymi ii',l; ji (|iu».tin:i ol yo'.ii
|i.*ril-Ui snv uoih 11;' ol ih* f.iiloiti
hope, of Hying in koifu'.v **.'» '*i him.
Not ,-i] th.- i):ai;ufacluring indus-
iTie-.ran; located in C.ilgarb. .-The
Night Cap woke up oiu 1110:11114 a
few days 'ago, .alter,,taking an Kve
Dinner from that city of cheirful
liars, and though it might he w.,u lf)
get liadv for thr;s: ii-.anul'nctiirin;'
fellows in case th-y .vlmnld U- wise
enough to conic back east over th.-.
biles', routrj in tlw toimlry. So the
•^"iglu  Cup captured llu   sh.dows    of
Mi.aniline, those three goo.l-loo'Ar.»
pictures make nice spots 011 tlu Nijlu
C.   C.   JiAIJiAXTVNIC,   Montreal,
I'asl l'rcsidciit, C. IM." A.
three of tlu oilicia's of that orgaiii-
/aticn, bait has since learned that
ihey have, taken chances al gettin*;
stuck in a mow bank ap ICilmniicn
way, r.nd have given Kernie tiu dirty
shake. ,.
Perhaps it     is lest that way    this
lime,-' for hv next Year Fer'nie's -irrc.it-
est fn:l only Mat/, will have n l.-oo/e
factory .to ;-how thow fa-Hows that
will l-,i; loo Mul/.. for them :o pass hv.
Th.il cro."il of makers or th'ngs
passed through l'Vinie and made tlu
Ledger Kid cliin'j tlu greasal pole
."•nd ride. th.,. gent- till it h„_k_!l hinv
of! a few years ago.
Come this" way next time, boys, an*!
we will show you a water factory, a
coke mill, nnd suMf a mixed' lot ol
iiiiM'is or, you hc.ve never se*n l:t.*
.1.   Y.  M.   STKWAl.T,  Toronto,
General Secrcta.y, C. M. A.
1IA14KY    COCKSIIUTT,     llri.ntford,
President C,  M. A.
The unseeiiily s(|iial>bli' over llu
wet test contest nt Cranbrook between the Crnnhroiili u-nni nud th...
Moyie.team  still  goes i.n.
The Crnnhrook Prospector, in its
Insl week's issue, wus at il again
trying to make oul a case for llu
onie luini based on technicalilies,
C. A. Foole's leller is i|isotcil ns
Siyi'11,4 that clause ') ni the rules uti-
d'.,*r will h llu race was run rends-
'Madges iiud liiiu'-ki'i'pc-rs to le np-
poinlcd by c,sii])i-tiiig tennis. ' Claibe
(i,  "llml  judges decision be littal."
All lliese things paitake of the limine of hairsplitting, Noi-ody disputes the ihne as taken l.y llu judg-.s
ns having Ik-cii *•■/, 5(1'^ and 2d 1-5.
nnd noK-uly but th.- judge can explain how  lln*y uriivid nl  n  tie    de
cision  ironi those lig-atcs.
To nil ordinary !avni:in it looks 11 s
though, ■ th .- average time was ..(> *"-,*i,
hut if Cr.iubro .!; in lists mi ludding
ih'.: money and cup . 11 a deu'sion th.il
si;ems not l'u Ic bin 11 mu l-y 1 hi.* record mnde by llu lllic*. Wilt dies, lll.ll
:he game i:, 'settled, ;*,n 1 ili-rc s no
way out bui llu. very un-iicn-cii'.. one.
of  disngivilii, ill   in   pi'ipeltiily.
ICx-Miuisk'r I'oster wmi'. to Kamloop'i
to   get   .1   fiile-al.   of   trees,
V.'hill he iclllliud, he liilllld lhe tivi-s
hiim-ed, and he had starird a
"Minister Uyiiian unl a spv iiu-ti
Who w.iiuul  in  kii.uk I1.111 mil.
So they're having a fuss, nnd tais'tig
11  muss,
Trying tn put  Ity nin 11 to mul.
Pope's Jauunry and May Reversed-It is now J. A.
R.'s Hay and December.
^.^Y.frii <> <:'\ "•■ ■  • -u
< loi il. n  Villain   Nni'ltu,
*".t,  nnii*,1!  Mim.1  pi (iiiiiii 1
igv  J.1 or
*    at th*
I'tiiver'ailv  ui  Chiiiii'o     ihii.iigh his
u.niiii.on   uuli  tlu  .M|h.  li.li.i l'l,,
ll.llilll|l\ ,    in   ullllll   lie   V, .is   ;.    I   ,1.1  II •
i:i,iiiIi-i || ■ w;i*, ,i,mi a \\i in n nt
in mlil o! ill Tllie 1 11 ,ii i. C!i-i.
Ill: lli-'hni n hun.ir mh nlv ll< In,.!,
I",!l n '""*,'. il;.i.i..ii..s, ,.111 v,,i .
inti 1.1 lul in. 1 iiiirisiiy \". \i C A
v.in.;, i.i* Wiii. ni .1 il I'j.lv .a .us'. .',
in I ol,.ii-,.
lliiiiil'   i..'u
ill   ill •   Kit <ii.
(Ml   lll'.i I'l'-.t, d   111   ill *   I'owi t'    ' ni  II ■
n ;   up   ii!o:i«      ih    1 aihv.av   tlmm* li
'•his v„! ■ .,1 ic n , |i,i 1I1 itt\ ■;<.,■ \,.,i|.i
Al bii-.t   jit* n,,d bin mi latih   tliat
l-H,{111 1 i   tun •, nml ni'.i-.l   ha'..' 11 ,1 .
1 •   ''n ■ .-'      ..'•  ih -' ■■  \   .1      \\ *i,.i.
Illall     II
h< dill
1,1    lllll'l
lull.' and tii-'I in ..-..p ;i, but
Ho!    Ilu'.'i-:'   '|l'ile   '4(11111   I'llnii1'!!
. 11 mi'ii
ilri'iu s'i rn'v r.-i, vd 11; tl, • Wi d-
dii'g li.:. ! e it !aa it ,1 u .1 I.*. ih i.ti-
i',i i*-il v .iiiih -, :ii,-*., v,li , h 11 • n.ijdit
to csuin: publii itv i\-,r >, n.e ih-
s'i.m'i -. un .d l v th - i" • --. - 11 -..ini n
to-, ni Piil. s- or V. ui !'n . 111 .1 h r
Ii'.kii. t*. mi   ih -   ainii 11   ...   1.11*    . ul
I,vi.11! was ]itiu*pii,
il   1,. i*.1 nt        1,1    1.
u.ii lm '
1 mi  II e
.;■!  m ii: liif.s   '.li v \\ ,,
lii'\,i 1   gum *,  ,iii,1   nist
ml   I '(ilium!, he lm cut   th
A    .ill.I ;h.'  Alpha D li.i I h-
"ii; Inv  Ilmkv Dmkv Si
"i:,'i in  a
wa-   palp,
■1 ,|   i:,,   ih
n <-.< |i|'.;i
• !•   ,ur. , l-1 .ill r w.is 1.11 nr
y .ai'.    nt'li 1     than  ('lOidiili,
ii *   1   j h .-.il hi.H       "Ih
.,'-      ill   '      llfllK  I 4,      ||.||1      || .Ut    th   ll
!. s   1 i' .'.na.iti'h , d -mit ilii'
i.     h I   ll  I   ill   ..It   tlle   -. iti"t,
.  '.Ml 1 ril'llltul     ' 111     1  111*.,
*)*h d,   "I   am   thv  aiiij   I-
nir. llr.li 1    1 ,u illv"
tll.ill'l.ig',       Cui   in
paJWI'^     I.HItl'l    it    nil
I llllill   of     I'll lllli ■•
In ill!  page,  1 !;; ll *ad,
l'b:i .pin
an I ' 1 a*, d a
mid  pul   a   ll.ie,
ii-i ill • ..in: \     „
,      .    11 . ,
. 1,
:.«■!   it    ■■     .'I   . ••  '      '■.' ,•'■•'-      	
ill ill ■ pii'.i (ia II '' . 11 1 i'*': n'I 11 IT-
all ii'ijhl now,,iiii u.- :11,1V ptai. iiul
Iv tlllsl thai it v.-.ll 11* i- ;il i!lv n'7
ii*.h-. m.li II Cni.'i.ll r. 17, lull <i lilt'
,, , -,     1 •.   ,. >   ,
I'll  11    llll!'     I'|n 1 I!   .',
I ,-uti.il tn h ■ l'ii.\.1 .,
(.'. th an* tinil I 11 •   li 1
'111-   l'l 'c-l    ill'l.l.l 1. '.r
do 1 ihii v.-.u, »j A i'
I:,,'! *.ii ih ,, *'.. , i
1.      111 iv ti  .1.     M   .'.
Hi' .     "     '111 •    '.i  t   ,
11    li .11 ■ •!
.   (.•   ,,11 Hi
ill ' '"ill 1) .1; 'I-  .'   '
.'l,,i||.    1 ', hii   1, !l
t 111 ■  th     1.ui';,
lit!.I    . I' '",', * l.i'.'n    Ti *■
l.i,  111 11 it '.111.   ii'«.  11
illt.i   li'.      .-h.il   v,:th
ill 111
Iii If ■■■!..(• -1,
,1 ii-
.! .11
ih .
th -
1 il  h'Mi  a--    .1
nil   a   dale   ini
Itiif. ,    v tii.Ii,
ilr.itnl      tn   1 1'
11   l.U
!i 1 -  i.u
. 'i-,1
.ml  lb
in Willi .1 SiVt.iii     l'u in th.. *,1 11,11
•>-   Wer.- wul     I'.ij'.i   lml    i'i.ni mn, >l un r,.u*k t,.*p nt  S'i;.h.  Cap THE BACK LAP OF THE N_6.HT.CAP
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That mo'.h.r's, arms were the- shield
whicli protected thai ■haW [rom danger, ofi, so short a lime ;igc>!
Those lips wliicli now parch and
blisler as thos-: words of evidence are
wrung from Ik-Iwi'i-h th:iu, were like
two cupids bows, and j-o soft and so
sweet, when i-lu was n jjrattliiijj. halve,
oh, such a -diorl time ago!
Wa.-ui.ii, tlu dciii'jsl, sweetest thing
on  earth to man".
How much- yiv.t love" and live;
What would become or cruel man,
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-•'are of llu girls aiid mother to
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Their'   expenses    	
25.00   Kxpeiift; ol sending the two girls
lack   as  lliey  luil   requested...$17.50
52.50   Ualanc- to charge to piofit and
22.50      loss   107.5s
Total ' $125.00      Total...-
He went lo    * figuring on his slate,
and got as  badly  muddled.up  trying11
to find out whut good' hiA been    accomplished  hy  llu  expenditure  of,  s-o
much money,  and  had  to  give    that
up as a harder nut to crack than, the
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Si-unlfir I,u .'oIluUi* Isn't iiiiiii-;
iiiivlluii*; nt nil in his *,pi*.**.h.'s in
New .I.*r.',.y, Willi lln* :,i*iinliniiil
imilti*i.y I'iiii'fiilly jiii. nwny ill ninth*
lull,-, and lii-d with a .'.nnii'; ,*.liiiij(,
he i,s |niliilinji out in Uu. jin.ivsi.il
.Ww .loirt'y |i.o|i|" (lul ill,; :.. n.Unr.-.,
Dr\it ll f und Kiiili, "inv I'l-iim-inu1.
1I11 mil.'limn tlit. 1 oiintry [ur ilu.-ir mip-
pnri nf (iii-|iiii-iitii ns." ||t. iiiiii iidds
•.Ij'iiilir.'ililly llml iim "rrpirMiii.iiivi'
JlilM nl Ilii' |riivrilllll. Ill- ill Wil - It i'llj«
Inn Ann; iiul it'tiii'si'iit iln* pi!tpli*,
•j-j.    , i.;_ (.,   #iiii 1        _ i j   1 ; (i   1. 1
\lt'l III 11 in niiii " li 1 :i!v v. ;i|i ' lit-i
x\\'e nf Uu; jiroi'l-, mil. nf mr.-nrn-
1I11111 "
IViiji..'    wim   "li.ivi1   l-'i-n   Wiililuli;,
Mussrs,   Dryilru nnd   Komi  siiu-i*    th.'
.,,..i.t ..,.,:■ ,.1111.:,,
" ' ,.--"   1 -    '    " t,    - ' 1,
liio in tlii.ir ■■ftirrd soil, stale Unit a
-*Hiiill il'iml ol '.miilil Ids Ikcii mi:,'
itij! (iuin iiiih sriialiir iln. tn hrat
i.ii'Iit ••■■ 'iMnr. 1.iiinor has it 1I1.1I
llii-y li.ivm lii'ii I'rllin.; t.li.ii- lu-.ul*. In*
i;«*llii'r willi Klkltii nnd FurnlaT niul
ij'Jii-r urll*l nunu in|iu*.ini.ili\r»i pul
tin- nld *,iIiiml, mul ni.* nin.ul 1 railv
fi'f tin' l.i;;),'i !.l lia/lnj; in tli* liii.tiny
(A tin- Mn.iti* 'Hiin i*t iil.init wh.11
llu Wi*i(nti>in 111.111 wnnlil  lilr.
Olii'n tlmru was a' hi-; Imv i-ni i\d
ftv<>liiti.-iii in niii ciill.';''* IL' ]iidU*"ii
«l*lavod .r* in • ii|m,i.i-' ill* privil**i*.:i
<-* tllr ill*.lillltii>ll Inr si'Vi-i.il \i,li:i
liy   (.xvuvsivi: iiirmiii",     niul li,-    li.nl
wliiskiiiii. ' He hnd nlsn lniiji.il s.liool
I'll     III.-.   S.'IIS.lril*.!,,      \\lli!|-u    ill,:   ]lll|li|s
iimiI tn lisli, and were very strong
uiul nn Ity*. Tluy li.'ld il n rclijjlmis
duly lo throw th. iciuIut mil timv
tho'ttjj lln.- wiulur, Tlm window wns
pirlrl'lill. 'lllu nnw I'nlli'ir,. nimi h-i'l
lii-kcd this fiowd mid hri-kcn iim hi<iid
n| C,uiii.;<.' IViiiins with i\ poker. So,
•.ill-II lln- MiphninnlVN tnlil llilii tn
"mt nil 1 hum whiskers,:' hn (old
(ll III In |in nn Mii-Miil ihnllj'hf wc
\'ill llul slnle exmlly wh.-rc lu Inld
ill in in j.i,'i, I m It wiii mil 11 ■iln*.'*.*
iimiiiIIv ih isen lor .'-tiiiiiiier ivslil.n e,
'liii-y ieiii..,*il in tnkn his wlvir.,   and
S.iy, il ynu never snw net inn Uifrire
Mill saw 11 ih.ie! His whiskeis seem-
nl tn iiiiIihi'i. 11 cveiywh.'iv, nnd he
iiiteil like lii'liteni or twriitv stmil
.s'ivI spiiii^H wniiti'l up tij-lit nnd h-l
I'f 1 at  nine,
N'nl n'l th' liij* fivsliiiu'ti with
whiskers huvi: liis ivroil, Inn it is
well tn Ifitil; th mii (iVcr Vefiire jillll|i-
ill};   them.     ''iiiivrtiiii'-:-i      tli_y  dint
' are.
Th* Di'Mli'ii-Knrakur-Klkini rrmvil ii
inn lilaly tu try to trim onr Wisiuii'
.sin Iriiitd'*. whiskers ns nprnly nn
1 his, Tli.y air nl ih-' k.ml nl states*
nun (hit prefer th.* sluii^slin'. nn*l ih.i
».;liil';i*.; In aliv i-Viii., fU * noKt «'i-,-
•>in|| nl lln* si ll.ili* nll;;lit In In* inter"
•siill); - A, ,1, I'., ju :.[iniK',lpulis
Fernie, B. C,  Sept.  29TH,  1906
We the imdersigncJ Executive Commlltec, ncling; under the instructions of the 22nd .innu'il convention of the
Trades and Labor Congress of Canada held at Victoria, B. C, on Sept. 17. 18, 19,*20 and 21st, 1906, hereby issue a
call for a convention to be held on Monday, Ool. 29II1, 1906, at the Labor Hall, Vancouver, B. C.
All Trade Unions and Trades Councils are requested to send one delegate each. In remote districts
Unions  are requested  to  combine and send al- leasl one..delegate  to represent the riding.
Objects: To organize and consolidate the Labor vole at the coming cleclions in the interests of the
working class and lo draw up such' platform as shall best conserve the interests of the "working; class ol
British Columbia.
Appended is lhc Draper Resolution as passed by the Victoria Convention, together, wilh thc platform
of principles as recommended   by  the  convention.
_. ■       (.SIGNEI-.)
G, F. Gray, Vice-Pros., Victoria.
• A. Ci. I'I'.i.i.y, Vancouver.
, .      ■* ' A. II. Dutton, Vancouver. -
H7'STri^M^Ala7TS^,ly7*I'''ernie.      ',
Is the
Resolution No. So.—By clelciralc P. M. Draper,
Ottawa, Typographical union No. 10*:—Whereas the organized workers of Canada have for years through this
congress, been endeavoring by legislative action to
secure the amelioration of their conditions and Ui'promote
the passage ol laws concerning the welfare of lhe workers
in the mines, the forests, the factories, in fact, in aii
walks ol life.
And, whereas, il has been made manifestly plain lhat
effective legislation in this regard and sympathic and eo-Ki
ergetic enforcement of the laws can best be obtained by
the presence in parliament find in lhe local legislature of
representatives elected by labor for thc direct interests of
And, whereas, this congress has been and must continue to he, the legislative mouthpiece o( organized
labor in Canada, irrespective niul independent of anybody
engaged in the ulfort to send represenlalives of lhe people
to parliament and lhe legislatures ol ibis counlry,
And, whereas, the platform and principles of this congress contain, the epitome of lhe best thought and elTort
of organized Inbor during the period of iis existence and
struggles in Camilla.    Therefore be il resolved :
1. Tliat this cnnjjress endorse the idea of sending representatives of labor lo parliament and to the local legislatures for Ihe direct purpose of conserving the  interests "
of the working peoplo of this country.
.*.. Thai such nciion as mav ho necessary to attain
this object shall he independent of this congress,
3. Thai lhe platform of principles of tiiis.congress he '
recommended ns llie platform to be adopted by those engaged in this independent effort.
.*. Thai immediately upon tho adjournment of tliis
convention tlie provincial executives of the congress lake
the preliminary steps lo summon a convention of the
trade unionists nf their respective provinces, and thoso
in sympathy wilh organized labor, fur lhe purpose of
forming the necessary association to carry on thereafler
the work of electing labor men.
5. That upon such conventions being sinnmnne'l anil
convened lhe functions ol" the provincial executives in
this regard shall cease.
1. Free, compulsory education.
2, Legal work day of eight hours and si:, days a
3. Government inspection of all iiiclnstrius.
4. The abolition ofthe contract system on all public
5. A minimum living wage, based on local conditions.
Ci.  Public ownership   of all     franchises,   such    as
railways, telegraphs, waterworks, lighting, etc.
7. Tax reform, by lessening taxation on industry
and increasing it on land values.
8. Abolition of Dominion  senate.
9. Exclusion  of Chinese.
io. The union label lo be placed on all manufactured
goods .where practicable and ou all government and
municipal supplies.
, 11. Abolition of child labor by „ children under 14
years old, and of female labor in all branches of industrial
life, such as mines, workshops, faclories,- etc.
12. Abolition of ■- properly qualilicalion for all
public olliccs.
13. Voluntary arbitrations of labor disputes.
14. Proportional representation with grouped con*-
slituloneies and abolition of municipal wards.
15. Direct legislation through the initiative and
16- Prohibition of prison labor in competition with
free labor.
Anoi'Ti'i** I'Hom Qiikhiic Platform
1, Slate insurance for old ngu and sickness.
a. Prohibition of prison  labor in competition with
free labor.
3. Suppressing of all private banks and founding of
a  national  bank.
4. Complete liherly of lho press in   public affairs,
5. Election of judges by the people.
6. Suppression of usury interest.
7. Creation of a labor minister.
S, Abolition of the Dominion senale,
(), Suppression of linrbnr commission.
10, Regulation of immigration.
11. Tlmt the general elections ho. nl regular date
every four vears, without regard lo general elections
taking place between Ihese four years.
1., All public land to he declared inalienable and reservation of all grants of I.mil to uirpofations or individuals not in accordance with lnw regulations.
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Good-Nigh t«
I wund.'i- ii' TMoi'irnii  llu1 Pii'iite,
Wlii'ii pli.nd.'i- hnd nlutlt*il his li.*nrl,
(..iw part nl ih- junk (nun tli. ships
ll < hail sunk
Tn hidp Mini'.' Muiii'inn nf Art;
II li,- nave up Ih 1    inie of ".'iill.-.-liia'
nf loll"
And U.-nuii- a CulL-Unr nf Ari?
I  wiiadi-r  II' liia-n^liis  ill.-  llulih.-r,
Wli.n lu-'d  iniiii'ihil  dm. 11    uaiii.ir.
I i Ut* '-i'iins,
1'i'liriil with liis shaiv wli-ii li.'M ln,.t
nil hh, hair,
«.i| I   ■ l-iH.'il    ,   ilii'i-l-i li.wil   i*|.|'*. •
If h> uitn.'d hi'-. pn*it  iiiuh't* r.nd w.A
I1111r hi", plunder
In  11,1111 ii;; a  Siiim1.iv iii-li'inl  cIiish?
I  wnud.-r if 1! 1 ijii'i- Ih.i  Kuvi-r,
\,li"ii  inillAii.  in  liKilji'i   It.'  niaili',
Hiiill    11 lm11 ri.im   -'.I'iihi     un   lii.- ji'lly
Tn In tl ir '.iuu'cii niul "frii1 trndi'"|
If  lv  fniiuih.'l  11  I'ldiifM*  ul    nuuinil
Ulinw li'ilgi!
Wh re     I'iiii'.i'.'i ciiulil  study    tli.dr
tv.i V?
I  Wi lid 'l,   I \\; nd t,   T wnndiT,
ll I'iiai.s u.'H  tvii' ih.* .s.niir,
V.v.t   irv'iii     tn   hill   a  iv**|.i'.-tiilil..'
II iiul
Tn ile jnmr.y o'.il l.uui.n.vi' r.uih-,
infenvd thai In1 had l.i-oii lirst i*n))-
luird hy Mini.' nf th.' ll inly l-iiij'li.h
nl" l''ii'iii'h pirnli's who wi'iv lli.n dis-
|llltlll;*l     Iii.i   I'liss'lliri'   nl   S|i|llll.-ll     |-nl-
.At lir.-it ,si;ihl, it wnnlil weiu lhat
If 11 Inrl'il-i,- i-iiuhl live .inn yi'ii:s 11
ilnin nii|ilil In, lml a lii lii* 1-111 .idi'iii-
ll< II Wi'l III illli" (hnw ill.' nlivinllfl
(lisaiK.iiilnj'is In ih> wm'.il nl a lile
a-;    I'.sli'iul.'d  n.i  llils^,    l-liipinuu niir
I i'iseriili'1 frimd Ki.ilifidh'r had ,*>„to
vi'iin* 111MH1 ill H'o Vi'fnrii li .' lml'
iiiini-li'd lull' hi-i 11'lin, mili'iw ih.i
linvt'- w.mc ih 'iijird, |i 1 won hi have
nhnut ull th.> prnpei'ty llmv wa.'i.
Dim ill ivipi-s ih^' shut' anl stints you
nil nil iivit ii;;-i*i'ii nn r.iiiilli.-r I'm-.'.j
I'Dlilim in Ci lijrri'.'.*!ii',ini MvC'.i'iii-y'H
ilistrirl ha'i i-aiis.d n rift in ilu* lute.
'I'll-  I,u'.i!  Cr-ntal   Tim ii  wiy-i:
"Tli.- lluiti-iiiiii Cnin.'t I.ami w.ut
In plrri'H wlii.'i''in tint vi!hi|>,< last
'Ihurwl.iv t'H'iiin' S*vi*ni| n,' Mi-
ni'ainl.ers wimlid in play Inr n Me-
(*l ar\- rally .t.'iiinl.iv "i'dit, .ind .('('inl,
oiu* h.ilf siiid "lln.' Al.nui ,ilt.: innii'.
miilil".-!' ivfuv.d in   o in Ma 11 kit in* fnr
II Oiiit'is.'i! -Mlh-a-i j; Thin■iitl.tv ni»lit.
In'.-aiisi' th.v w.n*   11  fiivnr   nf • Mc-
<)r is it ",.<-.i-i-r <.f our I'l'.'u'v \.:\wm      l'l.,-ity.   Tli '•• X\so (,ui,i,n, ivanunl
Til 11     j liihlllhrn|ii'ils      1 liter       l.i>   „p  _lM,| [,',iy( d ,jiti!     ..-...t  jyi n-r 1I1 .fr
J.illlH'?                                                     ,IMVII  w.iy."
WnllrtC'.* Irwin,  iu I.ifv. xmv liuMi't tint l.-.ii   th*  laud.
'*%** ■wwd^^awi^
L. P. Eckstein in an Interview with
the Nelson News.
Iv. P. Eckstein, of Fernie, general
counsel for'"5 tlu- .United -IHiiia Workers
of America, is iii, the citv lo attend
the assizes. ° Discussing the strike-situation at Fernie, he yesterday gave
tha following statement of Uie •. iiio..-.s
siidj of tlu case:,
"The strike i.s a culmination of
ni.a.iy grievances which ,the n miners
claim to have, hut more particularly
and. directly responsible for the- situation is tlu employment of nou-unicii
men. The munlier of non-union miners and miiu lalxirers lias been steadily increasing, while secessions Irom
-.- llu ranks of tlu union had liCa-.-iiiu
somewhat numerous,. It •'.•; iUii:i*.-.l
by- the miiur.s that the %omn:uiy is
largely responsible for this situ il'v-ii.
In order to appreciate the laets, il. ;,i
necessary to i-.nilerstiiii'.l lhe i:;o'iimi;_;*
of what is locallv known as the
check-oh* system. ' Under the agrce-
niint of May *-.*<, 190."", it is -.ro.'.i\..d
l-.y Article 5 as follows:
'- "Tlu company will give to the
United Mine Workers of America full
recognition nn.l concede the check-oil'
system; lhat is to say, upon tlu individual request in writing of any of
■ tliu company's employees, tlu com-,
puny .shall djduet such monies from
iheir wages each month as" is designated, for dues, assessments', fines
and.initiation fees. In other words,'
the company will"' retain from, tlu
wages due employees, any sum they
may-have given "orders upon 'tlfe'eom-
paiiy for,, in "writing, payable lo sucli:
ollicers of the United Mine' Workers oE
America as may l.e designated in such
ii *
ord.-rs." A
"For ih* purpose of effectuating the
intent of this article, the whole agreement was annexed to a blank or minute Look, in whicli was written a
memorandum in the-following words:
■ " 'Wc, the liiidersijiiud employees of
your company, heiv.bv each for Miim-
.'e!f executes tlu foregoing annexed
contract and authorizes the Crow's
NTe,sl Pass Coal Company, Limited,
to deduct from his wagos each month
such sum or sums for dues, assessments, finos and initiation fees' as
may l:c..designated to the company
in writing from tinu'to-tiiiie by 'llu
lawfully ' authorised oiliccrs of ,thc
Unitul Mill.* Workers of .America, and
"On.tlu 5H1 pf ilu present month,
international hoard member Joseph
Sharp, and President" Sherman, of District Xo. rS, met Mr. Lindsey and
warned him that trouble would result if, he sanctioned the course that-
was seemingly being upheld by his
company in allowing men to with-'
draw from the understood obligation
which they were under hv having
signed the memorandum above quot-
■'    Mr. Lindsey,.so it is said by ths
■T"t'n-p"ny7o^f-siiitlPsuIii or sums-to Uie
secretary of tlu local union of the
United Mine Workers of America for
K«d on behalf of tlu United .Mine'
Workers of America, in accordance
with a certain agreement entered into on the 23rd day of May, 1905, between the company and the liicnA „
"Almost ' every man employed in
and about the mines signed the book
referred to, and up to a recent period
th.- company, made the deductions
authorized to be done iu that way,
It seems that word was passed among
the nan" who had thus signed llu
' Look lliutnucli of llum as wished to
do so, might revoke the authority
thereby given-by him, and it is charg-,
t-d that tlu company, to enable the
nu-n thus to cancel what tluy* had
iii.-ne, "provided • another hook or document, for-,, that purpose. Quite a
number of men, l-donging to the union
availed themselves of what, it is
said, they were, advised by tlu company tluy might do, to cnncel the
right of the union to collect the,
inonlhly dues', ■ In this way * union
men practically censed to he such,
Mid, of course, .became non-union employees, The. free employment of
110.1-ii.ilnii meii and llu enenurage-
iiii'iit which it, i.s said thc cnnipany
Juld, out to 1u1ic-.11 men in leuye tlu
union, made it possible that nonunion men would outnumber ihe m--
gniilwd force, or, .in other words, ,thu
union would luivu to go out of ex-'
"Il is fair to the cnnipany to say
tliut.lt denies very emphatically that
it Itnd ' anything to dn with men
withdrawing from the union, hut still
it is .hurd to make uuiou nun Jdievo.
flint it in entirely innocent in tlu
minors' representatives,i said that lu
would appeal \*ito President Mitchell.
The delegates .agreed that lu might
do this. Failing a settlement of thi.s
trouble, and after giving one week's
notice that they would not work
wilh non-union men, llu union
walked out.
"Besides this grievance, tlu miners
claim that they have several others.
They charge ilu company wilh acting
mala fide "in respect to the agreement
which' was entered into on the 23rd
of .May, 1905. Article 2 of that ii-gree-
nrciil provides the procedure whereby in any case whore it may appear
that, a member of the United Mino
Workers of America has not been
fairly treated, his grievabee .may be
"There has been, so it is claimed by
the miners, no chance given to a man
claiming to lx* aggrieved to have his
casa hoard under ilu terms of this
article, but he Jias been {.rail without
any compunction ou the part of tlu
company. It is claimed by llu company, that this article is as well applicable to the guural body . of ' men
or to an individual, and that any
grievance arising on their part as an
«g>grig*ation., should not come under
such article, but tlu language seems
clear that it has no application to a
general grievance, but is coiifiiiod to
isolated and individual cases; e.g.,
that where the company "pays men off
as it did some, time -ago at less than
scludule wages, it could invoke *=tlu
procedure of Article  2. °
Another grievance which ilu'miners have is the. attempted circumvention by the company of ii judicial decision in favor of the working men.
Wh.re. .1.-111111*. working by the day was
■disehargfd—or-quit— ilu-c7i"ni"p"atTy rW
fused to pay him his regular wages
until the regular pay day of tho company. In this way a man might have
to loaf around for a month or more
for his wages. Tho miners took ono
of those cases' into court and won.
Tlu company then had printed forms
of agreement which it required all
men* iiileriug its employ to si}>,n,
binding, llum hy individual contract
lo abi'de tlu arbitrary rule of the
company not to pay before its pay
day. This agreement, was drawn up
and enforced without any .reference to
representative Ial or. It was because
of tlu troubli*- whicli 111.11 had in collecting their wages wh.11 tluy' quit
or were discharged that tho agitation
iu'Hritish Columbia-for a fortnightly
pay day arose, tlu miners ot Fernie
initiating what was done in that respect.
Tho minors also object lo lii;' innovation r.f paying them hy • heque
inst'iid ol coin, Home protest vas
mnde. against this innovaliin, which
took place about ..three 1i1c.1r.hs aj'o,
bui,it was not siiflicieiilly i'lipo-tant
a matter to raise any substantial
trouble about.
"At the present tinu, iustend oi
paying tlu men iu coin, ilu proi-fil-
iir. adopted is to have tlu iv-H'-al
force of Uu Cunadiuu Hank of Commerce go to tha mines nt Miclul and
Coal Creek, respectively, nnd ca>sh tlu
ch-qius, Al'.-iu wicket tho paymaster of the company distributes the
iliei/iu.s, At .niioilur wicket tho pining teller of the hank puyii llicm,
This innovation le.pilies a draft to
be made every inoii'.h upon thu clerical force at Cninbrook, It is also
claimed liy the nu-u that the wage
schedule lias not been ndlui'ed lo."
But the Great Consumptive Preventative brought Health and Happiness to his Home :
« Our doctor said there was no cure for
tny wife as both her lungs were affected,"
»ays Mr. L. H. Walter, of Pearl Street,
Brockville, Ont. "It was a sad disappointment to us both, just starting out in-
life, only married a short time. But before
she had finished the first bottle of Psychine
the pain in her lungs quickly went' away,
and after taking six bottles Mrs. Walter
was a new creature and perfectly well
That is just one of the many families
inlo which Psychine has brought hops,
health and happiness. It is a living prool
that Psychine cures Consumption. But
don't wait for Consumption., Cure your
LaGrippc, your Cough, your Bronchitis,
pour Catarrh, or your Pneumonia with tbe
remedy that never fails—
a conference with tlu president of the
load whon he was in ihis eity.—Calgary  Albertan."
The city has hot. Homed Eart Grey,
nor lx.nl the knee lo Sir Thomas
Shaiighnessy, is f-on.1, and—hut we'll
leave the' balance to the Y.yc Opener
to explain..
BARTI.1.TT IIOUSI*., formerly ' ihe
Clark, ilu b.sl Si a day hotel in
Kelson. Only while help employed.
0.   W.'BA11T1.I-.TT,   Proprietor.
The Macleod Advance has joinod tlu"']
Carnsgie-Koosvelt    spelling .'.,   binders,
[aud spells n Reck,  instead,of.   using
lhat  extra  w.
To be thoroughly up-to-date in
your cooking you .should see tlu Morris Cookery Hook, containing hundreds of tha latest rcci.es. Sent post
free to any address on receipt of *-,sc.
1IICI-AI.1) prilMSlII-.G CO.,,
"Morris,  "Man.-
(Pronounced Si-kecn)
50c. Per Bottle
larger also* $1 ond $2—all druggist*
OR. T. A. SLOCUM. Limited, Toront*
■*> . -
engthy Argument
- The l''eriiioi"U'(l_<ir is nllilliitiiil
wit'i (lin CalKiiry Union uml is
tho oiilj* Print Shop lintwcan
Ciilsiuy mul Nol«nn tlmt cun
.luce tlie Union l.uli.l on your
faithful directorship? Not iiitirely;
hnl certainly something might be done
in that directic.11.' In the absence of
other suggestions, ilu following rec-
coinmenda'tioits arc made, for criticism is of little avail that does not
propose something belter than . that
complained of. (i)I,imit the nuni-
Ixr of' directors. (2) Increase their
responsibility, .individual and collective,' liuaiKital 'and legal. ,(3)
Provide for. a'deijuate salaries for
directors, so as lo pay lor thc increased responsibility, and reii'iove
temptation for criminal profits. (.4)
Al-.olisJi executive and finance committees, so that even- " important
(pics-lion would be passed upon by
every director: (5) Make directors
criminally, as well as financially,
liable for every form .of wrongful use
of other people's' uu nsy. ,((,) 1-rohib
it directors from acting in' dual capacities, from selling to the companies thev serve, and from serving
'•i>   competing   corporations.'-'
Miiiard's   I.-ninunt  Co.,   Limited,
The Fernie lefar
about good printing-
is necessary; a good
business man knows
that a neat, tasty job
of Printing" attracts
attention & inspires
confidence. That's
the kind wc ..execute
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let) and Grmnito Works
bio Works, Xclson.
*en at the office.
41     " Residence 76
Par.ors in SLunsty's Block
♦ _,__  ' '   ♦
Hotel, Fernie
T. WBieSa.n.-j   ilanatger
A pleasant he-mo
for tho traveller.
Rooms    rcscrred
by wire.
Every Attention
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Dr,  Wlllaiiiis'   l'ink  l'ills  Actually Mahe,
'I'lioii.sniids of wniiiiti suffer front
licaHtu'lkfi, hackiul*,.*.*!, ili//,iliess, lull-
jjnor uml nervoiiMi-NM, l'cw ivnll/c
that Ihoir uilwry all 1*011101 from lho
lad statu of thvir Ulmul. They take
one Ihin-r for th.-lr lieiid, \\\\A an-
otln-r fur llieir stoinaih, a ihinl lor
tlnii iiciM.-.. ..ml y«-i nil tin- Minle
Ji i*. .si)i)/.'lr tU.ii lAnt.A ih.a o, (A
1-mi.v of all their tinuhli.'. Dr. Wil-
llams1 l'ink I'illtt cures all (hew and
i-l Jur hlooil troiihh-s hccauM* thi-y
■u*iunity   mnke new,   rlrli, ivd blond.
It'lN,     ,1,   ii,   ..liAl-iivill,    *,->*.,    Iliuin.l*.,
flnt., miys: "Dr. Williams" l'ink
l*i11 w liiivci ilrnu' mc a world nf (rood,
Kor ahoiil ci^htiMi iiiuiitli*- I was u
lonstnHt Rilfferer. I wa-, icirilily run
down and llu least cxVrtinii hit nm
fil(r;r,d oik, I .slept h.-nlly ut uf.jlit
uiul thi.s furl lur wenkm.-d nu*, and I
Cn,illy had to k'iv up hmi*..* I.u pin >
(11,1 frit Jwi/iid.lljr us I wan ipiili- mt -
niiii' to dn ally limiscwnrk. 1 took
iliM-liirN1 ini-ilic-ilU' hut il wan of little
or no U.in-fit. Oiu- day n ii.-i-jlilior
tr-h. m. turn- 111111I1 I*.** ■"'• tb.- Ii.ul ilt-
rlvwl from Dr lVflliam-**' I'inf. l'it|;.
uUil ndvis.il me to   try tln-in
for ilu hettiir, Then I (iol four hoxes
iiinri.', uiul I ii-fori! they were ull nom
my lioullli wuii fully rcNtorcd, Tn we.
uie now one would uol think I hud
ever ken nick fnr u duy, uiul I can
honestly nny 1 owe. my 1'cir.wcil
health to Dr," V/illitrlilN' l'ink I'ills,"
Dr, Williams' I'.tik I'ills mv lit.*
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n,*Ns i.ud liat'ljmlirs anil M'death.<s of
i riiU'inin; all the distress ol indigestion; all ihe pain-, ami avhes of
rhuiiiiiallsm, sciatica and iieiira'cin,
and tlu Meakiiess und ill health thut
(iiiiiiUN ana' ifi.>iuri/.iiue ni ri'i'iiiuiilv
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The |)r. Willlanis' .Medicin*.' Co.,
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N'elsoii Daily News.
'llu Wall Street .Inurnal, coiniin-iil-
ii'^ np* ti ih. aivii-.naly ni diinini*.
who do lint direct, a ci'tvlil:nti of nf-
I'.lil..  In   111)  llli <ills lill.'iilliiuiill  tu  Call
nd.i, riniark:.: "It we nre tn nin'iniu-
to do liiisiiirss liy im an > of turpira-
ttoiis, il h<- nup.rativilv iiv-»ess.iry
(lint tli.Ti- stiiill I*.' lion.'Ht nivl 'iiiih-
Jul illli«(o|s.       '{he   WeaLesl  link   of
ill,    V".ll..U   h.'llll'.lllV    l.>,»Ulll   IN   (-UllllH-
I Miitfwlure it slinuhl U- ih,. slniii'iti,
uud K.»l thi-.-e li.x.-s, mul l.y tic* tlm. mini. Jr. iln- Io.nl ol divnnis " K
I had iiw.l th.-m I cr.nl.1 f«*l n clmnje   ih,,,. ;n> U4>, Ui ,,r<lvil,, ,,. J|W ,<w
Toronto, Sept, 2(1.—That' the Union
Trust Company was swindled out of
?-i5,.'Oo in connection with th-*
Shields-Ryan timher ]irri])i*rty at
Kauiloops, 11. C, and that thv parties who ])i'olitod hy it will he prosecuted was the revelation which V,\-
liott C, Stevenson,
lor Vii the I, 0. V.,
insurance commission  today,
{■ihoplcy produced cheipies for S-10,-
nno paid to Geor-rv Kowler, id, V.
Kowler, M. ]',, aud iMcCoriiiicl-,-SI,
I'm had   stock iu   this Kaiulaop-i Cn,
OllaWn, Sept, 'if-,.—Tlu disclosuivr,
huforu llu insurance, commission iu
couiuclion   with   laud   deals, alU'*jed-
* ' r4
ly in the iiilerests of tlu Koiesters'
order are all the tnlkTiero.
Transactions eii",riiin.,Rld hy Cicorfrc
]'), Foster, Kowler and Urn-jry, Id,
I'.'h,'rend like a romance and tluse
niiMiilwrs will certainly he called on
lo make oxplunal.ions at tlu ui-xl
.session of parliameiit,
Tlu exposure which Uuiunii Knss,
M, 1',, made, in connection with tli.*
nial'.cii' last session, merely skinniu'd
tho -.iirfnw! of some of tlu most extraordinary land deals that have ever
hceii perpelruU-il ill the Doiniuion of
Canada, Tlu lands of ilu [''nivst.!'.*.'
orfraui«ition appear to have Ken
utijized for purely personal ends, ami
from uvidcii.-e so lur u.dducid, it
would appear that very lnrj;e sinus
uf iiwiiuy lound llieir wuy into tlu
pnckels ni certain nnu without uny
Hiiid pro i|iio,
WJn.'ii!    thu   NftV'iijji! used     lo wnli'.cr
lonkliiK for a i-rop ol hair,
Now iliu larnii-r take.-, his porker   to
the !i.'ui'.'*U  county fair;
.\iul  the, coin is daily urnwiu-- wluiu
tlle  grassy  wigwam   stnod;
Wh'crc lu-  l.iiriicil  ill.* v. ailing laplive,
11.:W llli' pnlllirv •'i-1'ilti'll foi- fo<vl
"Tlie cilv that Honied Knrl ('.rev
I).mis III.' klii-c lo the C, IV IJ.iii.i*;-
mil" '* Iu ihi* in'iiiiiii.' "■ '•• <x, n
■itina I.eailei refer*, to tlu* visit of Sir
'llioiiiiis SlMii|>li;u-ssy. Jhnh Mali-
ments nr« iiuttue, Calvary did not
Hunt Kail Grey. Cnl*'arv did imt
lilnl tli'liiv tn Sir 'lliiuiias Slian.li-
II.SSV, Willi llu i-Xieptim n' lll.Si:
two  IlllMllki"',   llu   .stnlelii.llt   is   (uill,
paratively iiiu.
Th.' Citv nl Cnly'nry h im in.nl.* i-m iv
(iilmvnr to h.ivc Knrl Gie,*. vi"U
liis uty, and tis.- »u\Italian umili]
linn* lieiii inci-pli-il hut lor tlw l;ut
thai he was Mininioiu'd tu Ottaua
un lier   ill.in   he  eXHcted.
'ill* I'iiv "t Cnk'.in   did   not  low
"    'i "
ill.* kiive to Sir Tli'Hiiiii Sh.iii''liii.-s-.v,
llnnt»li we iiui'it ci-nfi-vi that tlw
l.tisiiii-.s   111-11   nf   Ci.jj.iry ilu!   Ii.iw-
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Business may be transacted by mail with any branch
of the Bank.   Accourris may be opened, and deposits
made or v/ithdrawn "by mail.  Every attention is paid
to out-of-town accounts, „.
Vcrnlo  l.nnieli Cl. S.   Holt,   Mniiasror
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M.n. VA.M's >T"Nr. IVmlf, n. ('.
mwsim \a
J -
Serious  Situation   Facing   ill.   People
ct   Calgary   this   Winter.
Calgary All.ertan. '   A -
What promises to become a very
serious situation in the City of Calgary lias jusl Legi'ii to make itself
evident here, and that is the scarcity
of coal. In brief, there is every reason 10 believe that before many days
elap.« the city will Ik in tin* llinws
of a coal famine. At lhe present
time 'it is impossible to walk into
nn oilice wh.ro soft coal is sold and   vlKQ^ ROOSVHJ.IJ AND TOBACCO
if you want first-class service
in the Drug Line.
"THe Palace Drug Store."
Bank  of   Hamilton
outer any quantity of the fuel and
get the assurance from lhc seller .as
to exactly when he will -l;c alio to
deliver it.    ,>-
Knowing this to be the condition
at iho present time, what then will
"he the situation of affairs when the
first cold wave strikes here. Gait
coal has predominated in this city
so far as tho amount used is con-
.ix;rii*:d, Imt those miius, owing to a
strike lhat has l:ec-u in progress for
.'.oinc mouths past, aro unable to
turn out anything near equal tlu demand made on thoin at present.
Ycsioi-day afternoon a reporter
railed on Mr. Peel, agent for llw
Gait coal.
Mr. Peel said- "Well, it is just
this way. Our compnny has told us
to go ahead and lake all tlit orders
wc could get lor winter coal, and
lliey woiild see that we got  ills coal
10 fill them with. At the present
time coal, i.s very scarce with us, as
we could easily   use about three cars
11 day, while we are only able to get
uboul one car in three days. Orders
nre stacking up in our book's at a
lapid rate, but we aie making no
u.s.siiniuces when wc will iill" Ilium.
That is the condition of afiairs wilh
us. Our (inn tell us thai we will
get- tlu coal, but we ourselves arc
making no assurances when that time
will be."
Krom this interview then Uic *, nh-
lic can form its own opinion *.'s to
what the supply of -Gall coal liert
will lie for the winter. When their
niiius are running   in full    ihoy   un-
„ ploy about 5110 men, lml owing to
the strike trial is i;n tlieru U *-'•-*-
ent,  and  which has been  miming for
• some time past, there are not now
more than 100 working, and those
non-union, a class that can seldom
■be depended' upon.
Tlu. other mining company that lias
helped to supply this cily with soit
coal is tli*. Canada West Coal and
Coke Co., the successors   to ilia Tab-
or Coal Co. R. C. Thomas, the 'jo
cal agent for the company, war. iu
u-rviewed, and his observation of
th.' situation-is a very gloomy on... lie
said in part: .
"I made .a visit several days ago
to the mines which I represent in an
iiulaUvce lo discover why I could
not gel the coal that I needed for
my trade, and discovered several
reasons for it, One of ilieni is lhat
our mini's are located a short distance below the (.alt mines und iheir
output su the present time is ;.o
small that tlu vicinity iu which tliey
are located is drawing on our output lo such au extent that it is taking, a large proportion oi our product
lo supply llie immediate: vicinity in
which tliu mines are loeateil,
■■Another reason is that while the
freight rates are somewhat iluaper
for our company lo send their coal
westward, still *Jiy doing so lliey
have inn into opposition from , western mines, and by shipping what ex-
ions mill tluy have to Moo.-ej.iw,
R.'g.iti'i nnd other points east, they
'do nol run into opposition, and ie-
relvii do cents a ton mori* for Jt at
the iin'iie', than they do by .duppiug
lure. This renson, then, lo n l.irgu
extent offsets ill.- cheaper freight rati:
I'or western shipments, and makes llu:
eiistcrn market n more lavornble oiu:
for the shipper.
"Iii conclusion, I will say that. I
li.ivc 11 slunliiigi order for live cars
of ronl n week, iuul I lie very lest
lhat I nm possibly get is one. As
fur us I myself um coiiceiiud, I saw
this condition of a If 11 ini coming snmi*
linn* back, uml luid in lor my own
um' a |.,oijil!y supply of  wood."
I*t the ii-iidiir then .draw his i-wii
iiifciilLi* win 11 11 loin I . meivliiiiil
Moil'.1, up an wood  lor lt.it. o'vti u*,c,
Tlu next iiiiiii inlet viewed wus C
S l.otl, wim limidli-K l-.iiiikli.-ml iimI.
Tin: out put of this i-ompauv lit Imnl
rriul. und llu- interview with Mr.
I.oil wii-i :.iiit);hl niiirly, lm tin: pulpy*! nf ilisiov.iiu,*, il the won.t
1.iiiu to th.* wtit.iX, it iiul,; iitiglu le
nu ul.und,uu supply <>( hard io;il,
Mr, I,ell 1 wliaii nskid thin .pi,"»i(->ii,
icpli.tJ: "Well, ai tin* pri'S-til liim*
We uie lillillg nil the ol'li'ii. -.li.u we
git, Inn I hell I cumin', .iropli -iy
wli.it ill.: fiiltire Ii.is in sXiiu: for    ns,
Hllll  mi  11 l.t liy   H',11   Milk',!,-*  nil   Ul   Ulo
{,,*, j,1,) ...v..   ii i*.   \,.iA   in '-ill ,''-i
ulni.- t 1ms ii.-M on. will ht.ut  ,it."
Tlii*'.    th. n,   rotti.lii.lwl    ilu    1'ith-r-
viewt, wIiiih r.rliiinly. plan* the **ilu-
nt Ion in ti lind light.      I,u-*l    *.vitii.*r
.1,1    «.,Vu,4..i,   11,1   \\t,\i   \ni    lu.    'ill    'I'ill
Ijitwiiil ,1i»i 1 niiii '.(on, lull*, a day.
Tli.: Hand min.1, il is mulctstooil on
fm A uiitlioiily, i/.in only put out
l,</*i ion-, a day. uln 11 niiitiiiig lull
liln.*.!, hut out nf this Mou-i'i.i.v,
Hi'l'ln.-i mul Iii.iim- niii r t(mn* 1..1M
that nre laiinb* the -ami: -utilitinn
.if nfl.if'r*; in lii- imi ifn iii'in ,i ,
C.tlg.ily j.-., uill lulc tn ili.iw oil lhat
Siiniininj; llie wlioli* inainr nf, il
look* vi-ry .iniirli n« lliongli ilnrr.: uill
It- n«siil«i.ili.e H-ix-tl I.Mitit :n ".i-
iify  tin"-,  w..iif■ r-
If ■ the weather remains as it is,
ilure'll be no change.
Win. I.abb's of Elkmouth, was an
Elko visitor this week.
Contractor McKay, of Elko, was
visiting ltoosvillc this week.
Haiice Viekory was visiting Cranbrook and Pernie this week.
VreA Powinan, of' Jaffray, came in
from ilia  Plathead this week.
Aylmer lUcKec, of Kiko, is visiting
down at  Hoosville this week.
Harney jMullluiti, of.the .-.'orth Star
T.n 111 bcr Co,, is registered al the Elk
Young's celebrated company of
bridge builders, are located at Elko
for a while.
Speiicc I.jons shot a linj black-tail
doer, and mountain lion on Lodge
Pole creek "Monday.
■ Fred Zeller left for Edmonton .to
complete the contract for several
million feet of piling.
An Eiknioutli young lady gave a
lea for a"girl friend the other day
and forgot to invite her.
'lhe bridge crew that' shot the elk
near Pernie last week, is .studying up
tlu game laws on Xo. 2 siding, Elko.
Tlu Koosville Cash Store is pulling up a three-story building .in
Elko, with
Miss May Nicholson, of Moyie, passed through Kiko cn lur way to Elkmouth. She will lake charge of the
now school at that point.
Prank Church, who is head packer
for tlu McEwan exploring expedition
on the soutli fork of Elk river, was
in town Tuesday with his' pack train.
Hernial. Prey, the well-known or-
(.luwlist and pumpkin wrangler, was
visitiii"- the cily of Elko Friday on
bis return from Kernie and Koosville.
Otto Van Hough was piloting a
party of Okotoks millionaires around
Ecosville and Tobacco Plains this
week. They were well pleased with
llu whole district, and made i_ large
•pufcIrasc~"oi-f rar~I amis-
be permanently disfigured. The, verdict was reserved until Wednesday
morning, when upon* tlie court re-as-
semibling, sentence was passed upon
thc .accused. Mr. Hill, commenting
upon th. cowardice displayed in the
manner adopted liy Morrison in his
attack upon .Scott, pointed out the
seriousiuss of tlu assault comniiilod,
and called .upon Mr.' Trevor to pass
tlie sentence. Accused was (iiud,' S50
and costs and three months in jail,
tlie three months sentence being suspended, pending his good lvohavior,
Scott i.s making satisfactory pi ogress
towards recovery from  his  wound.
Total Assets
Over $30,000,000
f =========-  .     = I
§ S/H/ 11CTQ 0nc Dollar ia s"niciet)t to open' an account,   In- T
|> UUVIIICO tereBt paid semi-annually at current rates.   The %
X r\             1 best facilities are offered to. out of town deposiiors .fc
% I mn._rr.nOnT Current amounts of manufacturers and mercli- 4>
I UUUdi UIIUIll ams solicited.                            *J '                    <|
& A  General  Banking*   Business   Transacted <f
Albert Ooodcll, manager of the
Northport, Wash.,, smelter,' wh-.n seen
at the Spokane last.night, said:- 'We
were all ready to start up ons furnace on October 15, a second oiu on
November I, and a third as'soon as
the present contract for the I.c'Roi
ore at tlu Trail .smeller was out, but
now I can not tell when we will blow
in; it all depends on the settlement
of the coal strike at I'ernie. 15.  C.
"I had a wire from I'ernie today
stating the strike would be settled in
three or four weeks, but that is in-
large warehouse in the j definite. It may be a longi lime yet,
and if il continues the Trail and all
the boundary smelters will have to
We have six furnaces at Northport,
and can treat 1,200 tons of tlu l.e
Roi ore a. day. We would have run"
two furnaces at least after November
1, and given employment to 120 men,'
THIRTY days alter date we intend
to apply lo tlu Assistant Commissioner and'Deputy Conimuisioiur of
Lands and Works, of the Province of
Hritish Columbia, for a -iieame to
prospect-for coal and petrjt!>uin 011
liol 4593, Soutli. East Kootenay,
commencing ai a post ;.laiit:(l on the
soiiUi east corner, being the initial
post of .T. L, McCiiiire. and about
two miles south of the I'lallicwl river, and cast ami adjacent to Charlen
Waldo's claim, aud south a'.jicl adjacent to ,C: W, McDorman'aS claims,
which, are four surveved claims llial
McDormun holds. So chains nortii
from tin:, initiul post, west So chains,
south So chains, east So chains to tlu
place of lxgiiiutiittg. co-iiiJiuing 640
acres,-   Dated Aug. -.7,  :*i:i'i.
J.   L.   McGUIRE,   Locator.
I A.  HACKETT, Agent.
Dated Sept." 20, 1906.
under this heading insterted at the
rate of one cent a word each inscr-
.  tion.
WANTRD—Carpenters lo work on the
new C P. li. station.—Apply on
the job, lo Digby & Waldie. '
wTresh jiruitf
Just arrived.   Peaches, Peairs,
Plums, fine eating and cooking
friAt jars
alp sizes
mW. f. S^fandell
WANTED—A nurse girl.—Apply Manager Canadian Hank of Commerce.
I'ernie, 15.  C.
■I'OR SALE-A good William's piano.
Apply l)v Mclennan.
SALE—20 lots in Wesl Pernie;
easy terms....Apply W. T. Hcaley,
West  Pernie.
Commencing at a post planted on
the (southwest corner oi Peter Hag-
gart's claim, thence north So chains,
cast So chains, south So chains, theuce,
west .So chains to the place of ,!»-
ginning, containing .,640 ncre-v anil
east and adjacent, to *T.   L.  M^Oune
Dated1 Aug.  271I1,   1906.
A, JIACKETT,  Agent.
Dated Sept.  .6, ,1906.
KOR SALE—One W4_h_ns«rto.i iriind
Press, 7 col. folio; one (.prdom Jobber, /Xir. Doth these presses, arc
in fair condition, and are offered
for sale .heap 011 account of having installed larger presses in their
stead. Write for prices and- terms
I'ernie. 11. C.
•& Shoes
Tommy Youatt drove out a large
parly of .missionaries'lo Paynes Lake
Sunday evening. They had, been holding revival services in Elko while tlu
advance agents of" Tlu Two by Pour
Comedy Company was billing tlw
The Lester Display Co. is billed to
show in Elko Tuesday night, also a
.big. dance at the Columbia Hotel, At
nocn Uill Tracy,, of New York, will
do tlie broncho act on Saycr's taffy
colored cayv.se. Thc saw mill will -be
closed down between 12 and I to give
the hoys a chance to see the fun,
Mr. Martin, travelling for l'nir-
hanks Manufacturing Co., was in
town Monday.
Mes-irs. Jewell'anil Pearson returned on 'Friday from lhc prairie with fi
carload of line horses,
Mr. Arlmckle, a young man with an
interesting history, 1ms recently left
JalTray, en route for Australia,
(Special to the Ledger.)
Phoenix, P». C, Oct. 3.—I'ernie ledger, I'ernie—Granby mines working
as usual. Two smelter finiiaccs Ijlowii
out, leaving, six in operation. A partial coke supply is being obtained
fiom      thc    West  Canadian   collieries
mine of-JJlairmore -There—is—no-.ap-
preciablc reduction • of the mining
forces as ..yet, owing to new construction and development.
About 1,500 men are idle ns a con-
M-'ipience, oi the strike here and at
Commencing at a post planted on
the nortii east corner of 'Simon
Dragon's claim, beiii"; tlu initial post
of Simon Dragcii's claim, south and
'adjacent to J. 1,. McGuire's claim.
Iluiicf. south .So chains, thenee west
So chains, ih.nee north So cliains.
tin-lieu east So chains to place of beginning,' containing 640 acres, l'mcl
A..HACKETT,  Agent.
Dated Sept'. ..;, 1906.
Commencing at     a post planted on
the north west  corner,  being the in-
ilia! post of IS. J0 Peltier's claim,
tlience south So chains, thence east
80 chains, ■ tlience north So chains,
theuce west So chains to place of
b.g.iatming, containing (140 acres, and
south and adjacent to Peter1 Ilag-
gart's claim, and east and adjacent
10 Simon, Dragf.n's claim. Dali-l
Aug,. 27,  T9of-.
, 15.  J.  PELTIER, Locator.
A. HACKETT, Agent.
Dated Sept. .fi, i9ofi.
Noxt Sunday a Hower service will
be held in tin: Methodist-church. Rev.
Thos, Sowerbv.tts, pastor,, will lie th.!
J, (Attwood, tlte C. P. M. agent at
Moyie, along with his wife ami rnin-
ily, niv, ill Winnipeg, for two week's
hnli/,lav niul rest.
The "Mi'tho-l'iNt ladies are bun I o\\
giving- till tlm I'oml'oils uMioiiu- to
their present and bixme. puMors, having vjti-.l ii.mpleted verv iinpovliini cN-
tei1si1.1i}. ami nnovations to tlw rociim
at pivM-ltt occupied by the HeV. T,
Two large statues were installed iu
ilu* Calliolii- i-htiK.li I'lNt vii'i-W, ami
weie IhVhm-iI «l «li--a service on Him-
ilnv eveniilg, l-'titlu-rs Chioiiel and
Travelliii-r, of Ci'.inlnr.iok and Pernie,
lieing tlw. iiHii-liitiiij{. priests, 'I'll-.*
h'.ntiu-s, mi: nl tlm siti-re'l liu-url "I
Jesus .md tin- oilier'of Si. Peler, are
ill.* \wnk ol- Mi. Ciitl'i, i<t Moiittt.il,
mul an- .lii-^-ilt to tli'' »Imi«-l« ol Ml.-*.
.las, Orr.if.il nml llie Imlii-H ol tlw Altar So.iity.
I.nt.t 'l'u.*-*'liiv, belote llie Iin-.il •' •
1','s, Mi'.sis is. A. IIIU mul Trevor,
.lohn Motti.M.n, was iluirj;i-il willi
aitiiin.il   .i.-.,>.iiilt   on     in- n-iMiii ««
(lot.ell  .S'miU*    •'••l'l  li"-'*  ••'- ■"■''•T'"-*
id at tlw St. Eugviw iniiw as «.u-1-1111-
«.!*•..   h api"K.»rs from  xbe ivid-inv nl
witivesses,     that Mnirisim uml Srntt
uhil.st at worl' in oiw cf the li-vi-ls "|
l1la!*Sl.   IvllgiDi*  mill-',  1.H.line  AV>»..'•'*"•
in a iiita.rrtl re tlicir respeaivi* eiii-
pltiyiiu-iil. I'<»l words pnssid, niul
liuu MorrlMiii ihairngiil Siott lo
iiglit. Al 11 p. ni'. win'" K'i"injr »T
llu* ili.ilt fm siipp.-r, MorriMHi laid in
v.i.it ("I .-.1 oil, nn.l -is Si'iH |iassiil
liim, rii-h.il out in llw A-Mm nnd
>uiuL li.u. .1 -cveu Ii'iiv on ib' fur.*
Tlw Mip-N-utinii i** tli.il Moin«.'iii as-
>,ii'tUt\ liis v it-lint willi .1 |iwu' of rneb
or soiiii* ollii-r Iiiiul Mtbstnnci-, tlw
wound InllifiMl le.'i'lmjt xbf .liiMici-*
in i)it-u Mi[-v«'**i'''-n I'la'-.-ii'lii^ '*'***•
Vn.ui.   tt,!.. iitofi-iMi- tin' H'-riir M'i"
MiiMid'i. Liiiiunut Cure!. Hutu-', KU
■ The Lynch people have already organized a company which, it is' reported, has taken over the properly
of the Northwest Coal & Coke Company at ,the Gap, where the Livingstone cuts the dime rang,., giving a-
shares of the new stock which is of a.
par value ol $1 for <.1W slmro of the
Northwest Company's stock, par
Sioo, The Northwest Company had
a charter for a railroad, which it is
said lias also lieen taken over by the
new concern. Ilut whether or not the
new company utilizes the old i-harler,
it is reported to be the intention lo
build a railrond from 11 point somewhere in tlw vicinity of Cowley, up
thu north lork to Calgary, The route
is feasible and would open up a very
line country."
The above is Irom tlw Krnnk Paper
of tlw 27th September, The ledger
known iiotlTuig of llw relalioul existing, between t'he Clergs mul Northwest Coul and Coke Company, biit is
in a position, to ^state that /lliere has
brs.ll no nrniiig<-nieiil or business or
agreement of any kind entered into
.between Si. Paul people uni! the North
west Coal nud Coke Compnny, so
llml tliu report thut llw Lyiult people Iuul ari'iHigeil lo take, over llw
properly of that company, or ntiy
kind ul 11 valuation, is erioiwotis.
NVitltT has Mr. Lytuli lei-i-ntly visited llw locnllly ol tlie property lield
by Ills piople, liis last visit lo tlie
locality was lust spring,
Commencing at a post planted 011
ilia south east "corner, lieing tli', initial post" of W. I). Hill's claim,
tlience nortii So chains,. tlience west
80 cliains, thence south .80 chain*.,
thence east 80 chains to tlte place of
Ixjgtinniiig, containing fii\o ncrw,
south' nnd niljiwent to Simon Dragon's claim.   Dated Aug, 2;, J9'*(i.
W.  D. HILL,   Locator.
A. HACKETT, Agent,
Dated Sept, afi, 190,1.
MOTT SON & CO. have instructions
to look out for two or three hundred acres of good laud suitable for.
fruit growing in tli; Kootenay Valley. This land must be so situated
as-to allow of irrigation, either by
gravity or by a well-equipped pumping plant with' r.11 abundant supply of water. Improved r-unch.s are
wilhiiig the scope of the in-.'tniet'ion.s.
Locality, quality of soil and' access
to water come before price in the
consideration-of tlw purchaser, who
is a practical fruit grower, and
knows what he wants. Send ns
yonr descriptions, locations and
"prices, '
LOST—Large Silver ITeajt, with
monogram S.E. 11. Please return
to Miss Reading --"/
LOST—On Saturday night, between
I own and Elk mill, a, hand--|-iag
containing pockctbook with sum of
money. 'Kinder kindly return to Ledger Ollice or | Mrs. ■ Whales, West
KOPND-A watch'. Owiwr can Wave
it by paying for this ml.—W. It.
McDougal'l. -7
...». ■—I •<■
•—«-- •—0———-
llostim, Muss., <>*;l. a.-—Tliu tiviis*
nry tepott 01 the liiiinby Oonsolidnt-
id Ciiinpiiii^ lor llw ye.ns 1 liilml iIiiiki
,Vi wns issued IimI.iv, uiul Is as fo,-
Poniiil.s lilt.' »upper ptiwliicid, li),-
V.W|«M,1; to\A ul mi'i'iiH*' I'lii'e <»f l7•/,,
ClIiI'i. Kill* siller, :U'',1I7 oilllres;
M-UI ill aveliige |iiiiv of M*'*-*- *'•■»*■«•
I'llie gold, 50,11^0 ounces; sunt ni av-
it.ii;-- pu.w ui iiu. '.'iit'i. uv-i('i-s
J.*,75l.ojN.'i'J; operating iaPiIIm-s, elv.,
tf*Ji*'.7i**',l'. toti'mtt wv. j.ur»lii-.*«l,
J'..V»,37''| loliil, S3.-J7--1I'' ,,"ll*i ^,;,**
per loll, iiiilii'liiig iill exptliM's, wns
,|.'.'ih; I'lie iti'l cosl in i'i-pp. 1 pi' *""i
iiud, niter didiicling g«il«l ami **il]i'i'
\nliivs, was 58,,-ys. The stitpluii car-
riul over ironi the previous year was
5l,551,8;-,. N't-i prolits for xbe year
wen* Si,«*!,t,i'i7; It** exploratiim ex-
1*iih.-.», fM.;;..^ .'«'l hfvid.ii.N, ^l".-
a*i.   The n.i  surplus was 5J,,S17i7.^s*
— o -   - - ■
Mr. Wind, <>( ih.- Kivi* Press   slflff,
Mt lm lit. 0<j.ist lia C. V. M. Tms-
dny inortiing.
.J0.111 (V-iKin, ol IjuMitiAgr, -n*.V. in
Commencing nt .1 post jilnnted on
the south wist cortier, l*iiig tlie iu-
ititi 1 post of V. Hoover's claim,
Uiitfice north 80 cliains, thenee enst
Ko clihins, tlience south 80 elmin-),
theuce west 80 chains to the place of
lx.giuni.1-5, containing f,/\o acres, east
and acljuc.iil to W, 1). Hill's claim,
Dati'I Aug, 2"th, lyon.
]),  HOOVlUt,  Locatqr,
A, HACKETT, Agent,
Dated Sept. 3d, lyoft.
Comiiu'iicing at a post planted ou
tin* noii.li west coriier, lieing tlw inil ial post of Paul Gaston's cluim,
tlience south 80 duu'im, th.-nce easi
80 ihains, thence north 80 cliuins,
tli-.-nce west 80 thuiii.s to place ol lie-,
ginning., .oulni.iiug fi.\o acres, nnd
south ami adjacent to TI. !.. Uliu-k-
tilone's claim, and east uml ndjiu-eiil
to \V. A. Ross' clniin, Dntul Aug,
28, pjofi,
VAVt,   GASTON, I.wnlor.
A. HACKETT, Agi-ni.
nali'dHi'pt. af«, iwfi,
in-- niy .1 f'.v. 1
I.ij 1. I,i--t W4.I;
Millard's |,ihiiuiiit Ueluvin Niunly-iai Miuatd'. Litiinuiu Citrv-i* llituis, Y.te.
{.In'ilston. nnloir of Uniti'i! Miiw
Workers of 'Anietica met yesterday
nVi-'liicsiluy) nf lm iim hi In. tlwir linil
in llw Todd lllock, nnd ma'le    (heir
tiSltttlli,iSlillt,1     All     ,.4l«..*",|4t..'.     S.I     iKi     1. Ilii]   Ml   fnr   nlnii'i-s   i'f   ill.'  .ilt'-lriil,   ;iliil
for Intel national ollicers for tlu- u.xl
ytnr.   Tlw result Is as follow.1*.
National   I-resiil.-lU,   .Tohn   Mlliltell,
National Vice-PreHiilont, T,**ft Open,
,. ,.      1 ,.     .,. ...   ».   .,■•(
...k,...-....^,.,-.   ^\,.i. .- s H.SS 4. ,     Si ,    s.*     wi.'O*.
Amliiors and Cr.1hnti.1l Conuii'.U !i',
W. II. Moore, W, U. Ptvsm, Tom
'JVIIpm, Y. H. Williams, Hurry
IVlpjfnti'S lr* Amcrirnii I'Y.tli-nitioii
Left Op. 11.
Pnsid, lit,   V.   It    Sll.'f mnn
Via- 1';.-.sidi m, '[tun nig/fv.
Kill. Sir., W. Mcl-Vg.-iii- '■>
National Ho.ird Mt-iiilK-r, W. M.
AwlitATA, ,?Aft, ljtnrsmUt, Ifjirry
Distria llo.uil Mi-iiiUr, W, II.
Moore. ,
Roosville & Elko
l\len, keep your f£et cool and comfortable in a psif-l* of oiu* Oxfords,
they feel j us trigh^ on the foot and
Ve know they will look-good, to you
if you step in an(t let us show you,
Afan, White, Bl»cfe {lnd Pateiit at
^leasiohable priced*
Vacation Necessities
We are offeririg- you nn extra quality Suit
Case made of Kestol, ^4 in. Jong* and has '.two
straps and g"ood brass tn minings and lock, solid
leather corners, secured' with Copper rivets.
'A Trunk  made   over "A strong wooden   frame
„ \vith  iron bottom, covert with 5 bz. canvas v/ell
painted   and   fitted witJ1   two heavy straps  and
iron trimmings stitched father handles at
Special Prices
foiliW?    1IUJJ1.ARI1   VSAYS
'flic   'nan  with  the Savings
*r*fi-iik Irnijil    is tho     one who
j^V.r i-i-t.i lnid olT; lw'.s tin*. '
Onii ,\vlm nm ^,ct aloiijr with-
(-■'it. you, .but you- cannot set
jt'^iij,' ivitl'iiut liim. Tlm Snv-
)'■(':s IjiUik Imbit niciiiis sotiiul
I " ti\'.\it j^i-ii'il digestion cool
j"'.j{iii-"U ' and .manly inile-
j'°lul.iia\ Tin* most liedlthful.
i'Miiir 1 know of is a Savings
.-'■Ink-boo',. Tiiuro nre no mi-
(vxihen in it to stual away
/'■iir jioacfi o[ miiiiil. It is a
KUaritiilcc  of     good liiiliav-
_     *f,,|r-'
<Hn< ■><mio aiinm ^'^'^"^'"ffiinnv-if iriitf*riinfW*JrriB
\Vt, Would lil'i* to luivu your iiaino
tin om- list of ilnposilui'H; No matter
\vl)olh-*r your etni-l isotin ilnllni'or nnu
lniiulrfid—wi' 'M-ill.pay you interest nt
■.iiiTi'iit rjitoij—coiiipoiuidoil Ittico a
Current Accounts Invited
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9
J. Ci.  MARSHALL, Mgr.,
ferule    Branch
TIutc is notliiiifj from a hati-lti-t
to split tlu* kimlliiiji wnml to the
complutii nnllit for un txplorinj;
cxpi'rtilicm which wu do tint sii|i-
]ily tit a r-a'nsniinlilif pri.'i*,   '
Hardware, Harness & Saddles
Miners, Prospectors Supplies
Dryj-oods, (Vroccrics, I'lirni Itti-
lili'iiii'iits -iiml !,liK-liiii.*ry from
Stciii-Windin;' iMonsi! Tinps to
Cyi'limo Starke in, Iiidinn, Curios,
Souvenirs of Koosvillu und Kll'i),
Itnw Kins uud I'Vcsli rrodtici' from
Tobacco Plains
shlpp-d cm    ordor from   Hll.ii to
uny pn.'t i'a*.l or went.
Siiul  nnliTH   tn Hlko,
Ilili tinnin ITiinlcrs ontlitli-il
with .supplies, I'iii-I* Ilorsi'ii und
Wc havcSH 0I:S (o
please the whole Family.
Slices for ladies & gent*-'.
W. R. HdMHJGAli.
+***£^*** ■■ ^"m** ■"*?■.' T**~***m***    r   M .11   im     ■■
TAKK nolici! lluit ,^o days nfler
ilnlu I itiliiid Ut apply lo |1k>   Chid
■tirtn-iiiifiMlJiiil i'i .,.il»i.,*. .unl 'i'i nl i,.**,
Victoria, II. C, Tnr n s|H'Ciiil lirviisi*
to cut nnd 'firry nwny tiiitltr from
tli* fullowiiij;, ihsc-rilid lund.s:
Commi'iiiiu^ ul u po-.t planted nt
ill.' S*. \V. {-Miliar ol J. Miliiiufi' llmir , lli'iti'i* ruiiiiiii^ IV .SVi ch lilt'.-, (Iii*iii*i>
S. 40 lll.lills, tllillil' Y„ Hn cllllilli,
■Im! i* N'. (ii ih.lilt, to pl.t-."'.' nf rniii-
iiM'iiiviiniit, riiliiuiliiii'' ,tJ<i aiiv** moiv
or li*.s.
M.  MrlVNKS,
li.'itnl    .-it H.1>iiii-ii.!i, V.   C, S."|'ltnv
Ur i-th, t'l'ii''.
Jliiiud':, I.inim'.ii'. tt.Iu-vt-H Wur.ili'ii.i.
P'V tho iVook or montli,
Mrs. Cla-T^
imiil. AUWIVA1.H.
WAl.DOUK.       *
U, *V C. -Iliiiiuimii'l, U. II. IK'l'v-,''/
City; YnA l), I,ni*di\ WnrdiH'i", V-
Miiii'M, Motitrvnl; .1. II. (.rcuii, Ktiy-'
nnu''' Cliti'li's MumnIiikuI, Kiiit-ll',./
l.tiiiif'- Mm* Vf'Uitj,, Cniiilii-i.ok; W,J,
Hc!,|»,!«i It, M.i'itri'-il; W. .I, Titiilii4|w
CilyJ Jniin-i-, Kvrr, Coul Crwk; Thi^'
a. fl. .    .- . .'      .     ,. 1        TT*       ,»      *>    .
i».iti    '•.ill.   t.ii."   ^»»»'-i    " •   w-   "i,»>lll/
Mu*, WiiirflijH, A Vuili-r'hii, M.,, -
lind; Win. 1,:ii-siti, IIiMiiiltoti; It. C-
Thiili Calliui'iiy: K. U- J. Voix^-,
S|*(ir*w<vwl; Win- K'rny, City; A. Hi,"*
I'...i*v'rt'l.     City;   Jowph  Itiirdswort))
. ,!-*   ? /I' ...   I 11 I' I l\
  -i"|     "•'•    ••■'■'i    ■■       1--' *!-,*'-•*■■.*-1    *-'*v
(jiH; *1, A. McMiillm, City, .Tniiu-i*
'HidllMison, L'ftv; liev. Mr, Uiki;, H'
II. J^-iss, :,    ....,
I,uu*'*\i*iil lV.niiin«f»j II, II. 1.0H-./
Klkn"i»illi; ^lr»- II, A, f'.runt. riii*.-;..
Cr,vC; H- Hndlf n.iJil, Cnlfiimn; I). A'
Kill/* Si-'ilil*-; .Mi.s. A. W. K«-l|y,
Dim '•■i's- II. ('.: 0, V,. Sim-V-i-*'.?,
Mi.s-, ^, {',- Kiiii'1-.r*'f,ii, ^I"»k»i«i-; t*-.'«-
llc\v--v, Sfl» .iuie, Cnl.; C. W. Hif/
v.y, ^iwikiiiia-,, W. Y. Tulli-y, ^l*ok:m<.;
•T. w- t»,ol>, Ht. ,ri*lin.«, N. It.; .1. S/
I'au-i'^xi, l.\.i»l»r»/»k' J, V- HXn\rb
S,iti J*V,mrisrrt: \V A. TimliV, li. p,,
M. fMil, City; V„ A. IhAXtAi V. M^/
I.vntii Mc'titti.'- Hut*     C G. Vatmex,
Win. Tlini'li, Ki'imi'ft, Out-; I.. Suvinn,
liiiclii'l; N. K. lli'ooli!!, Cnlji'iiry;. II, T.
I'nrkor, ("ruiilitonk; ,j; I.yiu-li, lios-
mi'l*; .Tiuni's I.. I'nUi'i'Hiiu, Woiiiiti'lii'Dj
T. Ci, ri'lcsily,* Tltiiuiiis Davis, John
M. WjiHci's, Chii'it-io,
v\. j', \Vulli-T, I.r. Wii|*n1i'M\voriIi,
Cily; H. Uiiiiislui-v, ChinK-s lii'iiiuli.,
,1ns, .in.kM-ii, TltiiH, Ciivi-u Cnm-
•inidki It. V Irt>lt, A, Kin-;, Mi.lt.-1
.1, A. Mi'Dniiiild, llluirtniiiv; I,, IJ.
I'ornini, Wltlti-lii-h: Mrs. M. I'. Mi"
I,i*iiii, City; 'liiuius Hull's, Criit-.lii'uik;
Miss Jl"<"livi V. K'lU'.-dy, City; S,
Illui-li.s, WumI I'Viiili-.; -I. MrVii-kor,
Snpiiii'i', Out.;     A. \\'.  II. Miul.id,
JIMJI    |,ilHllH."i'i    ».   .M'"-*i   .••••»•■••
KlXlV KlWAim.
Jiiiiu'H l)nii*il.ii»i ''inil*; W. A. Mh'
jit, Miiiiiiri-j 1). •'. Johiii-on, Cniii*''
lironk- A. Criilt-niuiu, Nulsoti: It.
HUa% JliiplJ Civi-l; ll. 0. Aimd«ui'
nld^JSriitUi*; C. 1'iviiili, lllitirniiiiv,; .1.
Lawrinii.ti, MiiJi.'l.
Tli.> /,i>i1«i-i' i« "Hi ilny lu*v    iiK11'"
litis Vviik, hnl     ill*1 i|ii;iiUily ol
ll.'M-H  UlllVrS   UP   ('"   III.1   »'iii
Mr",. W. II,     Wliiiii.-.li-r   i--   vi-=tf ii;
fiiiinK in Ci'liiiii'i" iMm  writ.
A lioi'I iii'l* (mtiislirs ipiifl, mni*
iiiuliiiits  lU-tninnii'l'l.-JC.on   for   it> !*►.*-
IfW*  j*. ;*i  ■sri'ltii.' "I -|!r'»«*lir.r     Xn   Xl\.-
tr.iri'llid/ piilili.*. Siirli ii eii- i*. ill-
Kiiij* iMmuil Ilnti-I, of l-Viiiiv, nir-
hor iipjiosit* l'ost (lfl-c-c.


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