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The Fernie Ledger 1906-08-08

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I A'WA ■'
)j -. Ck.--.'.      s '■■»>.'. --      i
* "  -*      1*       !-   ■       '• *■
i' \ •?'       tt '-* .    ' ' **    =-'
Vol. II, Number ,i.
.]    I'rov.   Librarv
,  ,flanyv Interesting Items  About People--A   Week's
-¥fl'^nt   £ourid--Up of Local Happenings t
^cj:i'''\vii-iW''went!,do'\vn-''to''Blairr ,    W. R*.'Ross;    M. P.    P.,    returned
'   more. Monday  night. -
Miss Jane Todhunter,' of lvlko,,\va.s
visiting  ir.  tin* city yesterday.
Chief' Constable McMulliii" was in
Cranbrook- 'llinr&day on' ollicial business. T T   * .,*    - *
c,; "/•' It.. A, 'Kanouse, ail,   old Kernieile,"
"hus  purchased  an  hotel property'    in
' v^Sp'okonc.**..-    ,.
iM^?*" JkI* I,iniu- f'f Corticelli sill: re-
7. 'SfuiWii, wasHnA the city, a few days'
^fl'ar.t' Meek. -./""."A    -,,,,■
UA,V..,Ci... 13ai;tiay,    manager   for    the
.Crow's NesV"Trading Company, is at
■ i'Halt-von^Hott Springs  this  week."
t. . N '&£b*   '.,- ...".' .
.'/*• S. S. Mdnnliuu has disposed of the
,t*   Coleman  Hotel* to' Chas.- Laderroule,'
tf'i i'oiiiiorly \p[ the-"Royal.Hotel of this
' 'city:-.    -..—••'**' ■>".,    .,7' '' *■'   .,-     '■   ■
~s '   John  "McDonald     went    down    to
; .-   .Paynes, Lnl'-.'-'sl, night, „wherc* |Hc has
accepted  -   vor.ilion  with .the,    Baker
.il.imilici- :Co; ■;,-,     * .    - ,,    t.
...j-1- j    '.,i  ' ' -. *   ' i -.
C.  G. Bciiiiill,, , who has lieen   .relieving i'\ G.' White, of the   Bank' of
Coiiiniero- siaff, left     for. Greenwood
this, morning,' where he will act as re-
"■    lieviiig 'oflicci. " .
An old fellow % townsman,- A. T.
Purday, •< passed 'through town last
week.   -He  is now a    drummer'man
'it* ]('
and;'drnmmiiig'*,all he can., The    Ledger w-tsh'cs liim"!success.
"Mr. G. Goodwin, recently a    niem-
K'-"-*ber'*o[i the  Koy'al Northwest";Mount-,
ed:  Folia*.'.tt,. IMhlwidgc.* has -' heeii.
-  *   appointed and Ms now acting as. spec-.
ial  coii.stablc  at  Coal Creek.,        >•
•i   ■"-* *,"  *■* \'     * f> *   -    '
-•   *.     -5 *.     V*      4    f ,-«.,- „
-    The .finance' committee  of  the Cran-
*  brook'A-LTid-libr- Day '-■ wl^bfatibn    arc
.   "raising  $1,500,   which   means   ti  good
q0'.'-ig  pri/c-list for, tliat day.   Our fire.
.   ' laddies sliould  keep  this  in. mind.,
A^y^Tiiav^i-Q!-t-ion^-oj'land ivlyiivg .'Jjg^_
;C.'.P. R.. track and , Yic-
-' twetu. ,tnc _ .. , .
tpri-PiVveinie,- adjoining "the original
townsite',' is. now being surveyed into lots'! by jr.i'Fjccliettc,faiul \vill be
made a part, ol the city..
•Vu    . .„A"-       V;'.-..' -
2 Mi-s.^J.-7|l.;7Brickei-, of Prank,.and
Miss .".Coliinscn?     «f Mitchell, Out.,
«..iiflv*V;U'i*ii,=.ir-,viisitiug.'firit'iids■_' in town
j.durin;* ,the.   • last: week.   Miss Collin-
'json* js a;teaihcr,',and has. been spending    her*  holidays with »  her friend,
■.Mrs. Bricker,- af Krankj,
''*'•• Jiwigo Wilson hah decided the    ap-'
'"'peal""of ihc:'C.X: P.' R. & P.    Co.
' against the* assessment of the   plant
.iVp-./.t.*i*,t i.-oiiipa\ny against the   appel-
",'., ants,., and. thus the city wins, and tin;
ratccan.Jiow bt-.,struck and the   e.\-
, terisloiifof- the rolls lx; complelud,
r*/*i'i-rwj***\y* [f'"u f^,i t ■   •  '   . -
^*^-3^0^C'«iiiiii|jig8i'.n.' I<. fi.i- fiiiislie-l
from Nelson  yesterda-y  evening.
. Charlie Bulger is at Ulko di iving
nails, into Uie new, school house.,
I). ,H. Ttllard, a prominent -real
estate man of Saskatoon,  is In    the
city. ,       ,  ,
'*' lid. Kiiinnicr, .T.* P.-. Ruduckie and
Mr, 1-law thorn i-aim; up from Rlko
last night..,- „ " *       .
J. 'ii. Barnes, of AVinnipeg, is hak*
in*g' lian.ls with .his .many Pernie
friends  tod.ty. • '
A. ,P. 1.L.W, of the geological' .survey   department, 4 has been a Pernie
visitor during* the past week, ■
A. P. Ruduckie, of the Home Bank,
was down at lilko yestcrd-ay k>okin}^
alter busi'icss for  the  new  bank.
Di^iy and Walde have the contract
for nvakiijy allc'ratlj'bns. and additions,
to the niaii."c .of Knox church. These
improvements will cost $1,2351-
Owiug. to ai« erro'r^ the price of
tickets on sale .ni thc Gu(it Noi-tli-ern
for lhe G. A. .11. reunion wcuMtaled
to  l.e  f3S.5o.   It  sliould .read*; $48.50.
ji ,1
\V. S. Hartley, one of the old-time
trappers  and  piospedors  of  thc  A'"-.
trict, .was in town last week   outfitting ior a prospecting trip  into    the
hills.. -" "
P.- G, Wliil, teller of thc Canadian
Bank of- Commerce, returned on San-
day evening's trak^front Grand'Porks
where.he has" been spending' liis' holi-.
days. !
' The ■ concrete foundation walls nl
the new C. P. R. station arc * completed, arid work on the super'struc^
tare will be, pushed rapidly „to'. completion:- '     .,     . ' *'    . : .,
Choriie Stevens, of the Fernie Cartage Co., is at. his post again.-..He
liad-riJii'ji''irow escape; and tliink-tj.'that
while a miss may.'he as good as a
mile, ■ he v.ould have lveen caiitent
with a few moii. feet of a miss than
was dealt" cut to liim by that horse.
p'fl^h-k"|eUVwOTH;6fi' s-'estaWishing thy
ll i|H-irMt|^ni<li!Sr :througii-out;;tlie" 'town
ff"^ Kltf*lWst;*Sfi{urday. liio'riiiiig,' aiul   as
*■'- . HoduAi's he iiiis " niade iii.i plntis   lie
*r *
will repott his" work tb   the council
ior'iliL'h- vHtlficatlon and adoption.
,..,'41 . . . .
Rev. W. I.. Hall, 11, A., 11. 1).,
4 .united in iii-vr.rio.g''* Chivvies M. Wilson
and Miss ' l,i//.ie Timlin, both of
'lliglrRivtr, Alia., last Thursday at
the Methodist iinrsdiii^gK'. The wed*
ill UK. wa-,' a. ■.■'iiul ime, and the hnppy
couplu nie spending a few days in the
city, ,
K. G. lln/ell reports the lime trnib
V'litiir.hojiiiiii-r, and he has nil he can
' iio to ku'p nhenil of his ciders. Tho
Hiiiiiiull I.liue ".Voi-iss htiH ten men
iinployed nl lhe |.|>«iries nil the time
and two kilns.are' kepl,g*»lng nt full
capacity, ond a third one is in course
of C'-iiHtriicti'-ii,
; } ■ 'l\t*.,'ytf$'A. Wilkes i-elurned' from
'■>, ! iiciV'ij'h'oi-t "'visit to her sister, Mis
5 Hell, wife ol Uoadniastei" Hell, of the
|;* Heil Deer ' division of the C. «i 1?,
!rt hruiieli of-the Cl', U. nl Ue»l Deer
''j " mi Thursd.iy inoriiiiig'. Mrs, Hell re*
■; tiitiud with Mrs, Wilkes, and will ro-
!t\„v-tijultt 0 lew wetlui'vislliiiK "hi friends-
ntid .iKiu.tiulniU'cN,
   The llfiiu   llniil., which hut*   liccu
Witt ii UK «'> h>»iK f»r the w>'« vhbh
hnd l.ti'11 Oidercd,    liiiully opened its
>'-• oUi<-« to tliu juihlic tfor hnhiuess last
WeiliieHil.iy,    and    the liu.nl sliiff    of
A   s that iiew.mhlitloii to thebiisiiu-ssof
. the .iftJ, x* now nt home n» mc p»"*»-
he in tiicii luimi)  t'tib^ ii'Mi-Ui.-.    in
(he    Htinkn-oii    lllock.     Tlio    hrfij*,
vuitedfrn  w*,!*. Had itol  arrlvA, bnt
,', tt-inpoiiir)- 111 raiigiiiuills were fiind,'
to lulilge     the ililliiulty, nud Vet-nlv
Hl4lW   lllO.    .Illi'l-   lltA-Jl'Mlt.)) *41iflV.','H.l...nw». n*
ojierution. .|
"Wanted, a good capable girl, good
took., Eniquire   of   Mrs, .Bonnell.
. The children arc hustlers, and have
sold over too tickets     for tomorrow
ni-jht's concert;
- "■*■ . , -■ ■> i
, The T»re .beys still keep it up, and
will be un the street again tonight
to* mako  their-'usual  praet'ec' .rulis. .
Don't lorget .the children's concert
,it Stork'.s Hall tomorrow night, thi
proceeds .cl which go,to the Ladies'
Bcmivolei.t Society.0
J'. R.'Pollock and family went- to
Spokanu '"Monday 7 night , over , thc
Northern, to be gone a few days' in
qu^st  of pleasant recreation.   -   -
14. C. Gt iliis. late of Col horn,
Out., has i-ccepted a position with
A. W. I'luii-iell, and expects to be «
periiiaiieiu   l-'eruieile in future.-'
J. U. Nixon, one of Macleod's old-
tiiiiers, leaves, that town in 11 few
days for J'ort- William, where he goes   nnd in their present form should wiii..
The gaiiie.. of. football played lr.st
Thursday -'evening between the ' Central and Royal Hotel comjiination of
kicking! talent and a toiiipi rounded,'up
from ' the' business** and 'professional
men, of the cit}' proved tp-Iks-one of
the most exciting, of. tlie.'season's
gjames. The game was'played for all
there was. iii it. froin start, to -finish,
when the score stood 1-1. The two
teams will likely try conclusions.once,
move,- both sides being confident [ of
success next time. ,      '"' "'-'   ...' ;  "
In the ioolball game on Saturday
tvening last,    Fehwc     lost to    Coal
** '        4! 1
Creek by a score of-2-0. The 'tcanis
arc very1 ivlnly matched,, and, with a
little . nioie practice together,- the
Pernie. boys should make a good
showing lor the Port Steele ; Brewing cup'. Coal Creek "having a- bye fn
the cup couipctionj' , enter the finals
to lakc"a rositiou with one of
; The output of eoal from the tiiines
af the C. Nr. P. C. Company for tlie
week' ciidiu-r ,PridayJ Aiig. 3', was^ as
follows: Coal Creclk, 12,9^2.11 Ions;
Michel, S,oij".o.i tons;" total, 2o'4,35-r5
tons. ,   ','
Mr., and Mrs. Davies gave another
of their pleasant,' entertainments *' at
I'.dgccliire last night, which was numerously atteiukd. Trippers of the
light fantastic arc'most' lavish in
iheir praise of the good time they
liad provided them ' by the popular
lio.st and hrstess of Rdgccliffe.
A. .). Buckley", ,of the Ledger staff,'
received, dc'.'niis by ,mail , the other
day.'-'of the- sudden dcatli of his mother. She, was ill but four days, and
died from the.effects of blood poisoning.' ' ' ■
As a result 'of tuat little "' veiled
threat" '-:n ' last .week's I.cdger -'.boiit
th's scarcity of fish- -on the editor's
breakfast table, Jour or five Sunday
.sinners socin to'have got busy, ■ * and
vie -arc hing „ lijoiintifiilly supplied
with brain food from'as many parts
oi'.the Klk. river as arc lieing visited
weekly by'these breakers' of'tlit-solemnity oP'Mie Salijiatli. '■ ■*'
An (tiiiU'-ilniict*. class was fornu'd on
Tliur-diiy, the i«A ot this niMitli, of
ililcli'ling tuiu'Jidalis for the comin-j
fXAintitAtvini for Wftnn/jrrs, overmen
«n4' lirclMAvt-f. ou (Htoiler next hy
nr*. ltoniii-1! nnii Corsnti, The at*
ItiwViiiitr -WBC i^tml. The (ollowinjj
arc th* tinmri. of the cAivliiUUii:
jvtcr H<.ir, Tom Smith, JfJm Mil-
•"Mr,, JmwJi White, Tom William*,,
.Tntm llorf4». Wm, II. Moor, Sam
Wi«h*r«U, J«.hn Whlteig, Thm. Ail-
lll*on. Jaco.i HtrtllKiTtl, <Vn. Holmw,
.Ti** Thotnpson, Tho*. WfM*, Jtstms
Stewart, .Tolm Johiw, Jolm TltRit*.
Con. WtutU...}, -A'jtUi Row.
Cn|it, A, G. Boulton, who has-.been
visiting his son, G. II. Boulton, scc-
relarv of the Pernie T(uml)cr Co.,- for
the past two months, left for Indian
Head Monday evening, where he will'
spend some ■ time with his son. G, .W.
Boulton, accountant, in the Union
Bank at thai place,
George Gaelic, an old-time mill IJby
well known iu the valley, had the
misfortune to havehjs arm broken
.between the shoulder aiid dhow nt
Pernie I.umber Company mill Thursday morning by a slab from the ed>g-
er, He was taken to the hospital
and Dr. Iliggins set the lirokeJi arm.
'Dr.,and Ji'rs. Iliggins, in charge of
Master i anl Iliggins, Mrs. Bricker,
Miss Collinsoii, Milt Kastner, Mr.
and Mrs, Waggia-ll, Mr. and Mrs,
I.uwe, a:coiii|)iinied by Mr. I.awc's
inolhir,' A.. J. and Miss Molt, nnd
other-.-of Fe-.nie, were taking in the
iK'iiuties of Rllio "soi'iiery last Sunday.,
Mr, ind Mrs. Arnold, of Calgary,
who ha\e been visiting Mr. ami Mrs.
P. ,1, Watson's during, tho week, lefl
for their home last night. Mrs, Arnold is u.ost plens-nnlly retiu-nijlK.r.-d
by all old-linie Pernlclti.s ns Miss
Iiiiw, one 0! the most popular nurses
ever connected with the Pernio hospital,
I,iiKt Wednesday evening, ns the lite
brigade boys were milking llieir run-,
on Victoria Avenue, John Kdwiinl,,,
a h>*sliiiHlui', handed them Sa.oo r.s
uu cvidiiiic mi his appreeiation of
their work. The pnictiee runs mv
ullnii'tliig Ihu nltentioii and favor*
able coiniiu'iil of ninny people, nnd
tliu boys fully npprcciute the i-iiteresl
litlitii '11 their work.
J, II. i-ofl, of Victoria; iti*comp,ui*
ted hy Airs. Pod, Is stopping nt the
t'eiuiu. .Mr. Poll luu. lml recently ie-
eoveii'd Iroiii 11 scwru illness, diir-
ing whit.li he passed thtough thu try
tng orduil ol 11 crltic.illy diiugeioiM
un glen I o|H*ration. Mr. 1-iiff is itink-
iug nnu of IiIn regnlat trips ill rou*
neitloii v. tth his exleusivu insurance
lfiishu.'0'i, ntid Mm. Port Is along,
ihatili-; U'tf plvasurt-K of the trip.
The rcret/tioit givtu lo the new n-c«
tor oi Chmt iliunn, Wev. U. r».
Wilkinson, at. I4dj*cili(le, was a largely dlteliil'-il and tiijojaWu- sfinit,
Steve MoiuihiiU, the gililal Gel*
man (10m Colemnu, is ou oiu slteets
loiloy trj'in/* to niii"kc lieniieiie-. i«'-
lievc Ilut Coleiiiaii Is almost its \*m\
If i-nihiMiaMii for oiw'b own town
would do it, Steve would innkt us
Ik-lieve Cohinaii lhc U-st place ou
The output of the;Crow's Nest Pa*s
Coal'Co.'s collieries-for July wns-uot
so. large as the preceding, month, owing' largely to the unusual hum'b'er
of  holidays.-':"■ ,,
The following are the figures:
•,'•"'"'    •    '' "Tons.
Coal Creek.,
Michel  .
The business 'nidi play lhe return
game with the Central and '. Royal
Hotel eomhiiiation Thursday. It' is
rumored that the busiiicsi* men liai-e
several dark horses'- for this game,
and will make the comUnnlion , go
some to win out.  .
A       BOXING. *
Kid Poky vs. Dan McCarthy. .,'
A match h.tsbjfen arranged lfbtween
lhc nbove pugilist*, for $100 asid*-
ar.d the gale receipts, Kid Poley
ngtroes 10 stop McCart'y in . u* .i-ou.tds
or. folic it 'the side l>et and g.-U; ic-
ccipt.s. Thc match to come i,lf 011
Aug. 2oth,.at .Stork's Hall, Pernie. =
, '  NI4W HOSE R14141..
Captain Nunu, of the fire brigade,
.informs the Ledger that the new racing cart ordered some time'ago. ha.-,,
been completed excepting thc wheels,
which had to* be ordered by express
from the luelory. . ',,
These wheels are expected iu'.a very
few days, so that the 'boys will,have
the light, new cart to practice \vitli
instead of'the heavy'service cart the/
have, beou, pulling .over the course in
their .practices.     . "   . • ■
^Tiie_i)rote_s.tl7of_' theJCran'Kvook    la'-
week. ■' ■ The building" is 28x45 iect',/
frame, .and work began- on it.' three
weeks ago*,* Tiie same firm.arc buildiug •the new school'building''at" Coal
Creek, which'-' is - ' of --the , same : si?e
and plan," and wiU lx completed next
week.- --'Ed.* Kuuiiner is, doing the
plastering on ' these buildings,, and
all the woikii-qii arc Fernie men. * ■
—: o—r-*^— y
. The , school iioaid , has re-engaged
Priiieipal ,1'edler lor the school year,
with the following corps of assistants: >'•]',
Division No, 2, Miss W. IL Moody,;
Division No, 3, Edith M. Dalby; Div-1
ision No. 4. ,T. M. juglis; Division
No. ,"*, Miss Mary G., Ramsay, and
Miss Christina Pitbaldo will be ; in
iharge ol  the sixth division. '
Miss Moody fias been a teacher '. in
our school befoie, and her return * to
the stall will Im> apprveintcd by the
patrons of the school., She takes the
place held by Miss Johnsicfi last year.
Since leaving Pernie Miss Moody has
been tenrhing iu the Nelson school,
where she has rendered entire satisfaction. ■■ . ' •-)
Miss Pitbaldo takes the place temporarily filled during the last lonu
by Miss  McLeod.
Thc i-iigjular date for the opcuin'g or
the . school year falls on.,Monday,
August 131I1, but it is probulile that
the . opening will be postponed one
week, to Monday  the 20th.
Harry Holton has liccu appointed
janitor, and the Ivoard are having) the
(giQimd in iiont of the school building improved, so that' water will not
accumulate in. the depressions, caus-
:ing inconvenience and discomfort ■- to
th.' pupils and teachers.
Irvine 'itinie, the icn-ycnr-old w>n
of Mr. VrxA Hmm*, of Nelson, was
drowiml ir. the UXw opjwi>.ii«* tlu> eity
laist WttlMMUy moininjt. Tin- l»»y
*■&% 8» Jjhihis^ with a life jinvrwr
,m, Vint it SM-ni* it *lii>p«*il «>IT, and
ft* Ua wutrr was deep, Iw droaiud.
tbe hody V.-IS in the waltr **m.».
TtiitinliM t*|ot« l*'!'!-*? twrntml. Mr.
snd Ur*. IfiuiM- h.*»v«* tlie «vmp«»thv
of thrfr ninny fth-mls in lhf*i sndili-n
' The miners of the United Mins.
Workeis of. Americn in this valley
are looking forward with pleasurajl-Jt
niilieipatijiu '^lo a visit from their
illustrious president nnd leader, Mr.
.lohn Mitchell, in the near future,.
Mr. MiUhell has shown' liimsel "to
be one of the most able and fnir-
iiiindLil men connected with the great
labor nnd industrial (-'•leslions on
either side, and has won thc c«ii(i-
d*.'iiou and respect of his followers, ns
well as the respect of those with
whom he has hnd to contend for the
rights of.the great body of men for
whom he is laboring.
*** ■
The lawn noeiul given by the . Indies- aid ol tlm Methodist church last
night (in tlm lawn at Dr, HoiincU'8
was a most i-ujoyn'b'le ulTair. The
huvu, with ',1s Lroad expanse of lawn
;*r.d shadv ttu-s, li|',hled wiih minv;r
ons Chini.'se l.tnlerns nml dotted heru
and there with flower Inlvles, candy
tnl)V»,. and'.titlOes where ice croam
and olliir.H.'resliuienls weie served,
all comllitied to make n most nltrac-
live pictuie, which, with the aid ol
lii'witihiug smiles of tliu ladles and
thu enjoyable music furuii-lii'il hy the
eity bitud, coaxed the iIIuu-h nud dollars out of the pockets ol tho large
The ImlU feel well repitld for the
toil mul tioiiblu, and the tieusuiy
box is liiiivier us a result.
This wns the firs! nppenralice ol
tlit newly oignni/td city haml in
pulilie, ntid they surprised the audi-
cine   with    the'   cxcclliiicy   of    their
l''ol lowing is a purl Ial 1st of tin*
uuuilicrs tcndcriil, «ti<l i» titxtb one
this ik-W Iiiml 01 oniy   n i.w   "«»v-v»» 1.
||,,1U,'U,    ,Sl',UH»VV..   II \lilA,)U)l    ,sX,')3.'
t. The   1rnopcr Hy A. .luU»
7.   Poivsl l*towors...Ily. t. Tiniswood
>    . V,-( >•<•       Vi-  V     t.V'tm.i
4. Kn<K-l;al,oul Hy l».   Southwell
5. Tine   liiiridship liy K. I.inUi
1.. I.oi..-'s Grt«:tliiR...lly T. II. Wiij-ht
7, -lln!   P,.,|    liovtr Hy .1. JuWi
H. Il,r Blight Smile ITuiitit-i
Me Still Hy. W. T-Wrighton
I.ii tie    .Ttit-k Ilnrncp.	
  Hy T. II, Wright
II.ro ol TialaigavHy. V. I.intor
I.lllle   Ilo-l'wp Hy" II. Rnuml
;;,   Sohli."*"* <•{ the Cro«	
 liy T. II. WriKhl
Tit* 'jili,-. wish lo cxprcM their
th.mk< lo th«. many (tfoplc *ho tnrti-
r,» ,,ni •> ii-aV«- in thfir tntefiiM.n*
iwnt iln* !st,«»«^.s it proved to 1*. sxul
to tin' iMiil finti for lln-ir most rn-
^viAC.k 1 Jilt fit il.
crosse team ag+ainst thc'I.et*h|liridge
team, arising ouf'of the g.nine'pl.ayed
at Lclh'biidge some weeks ago, wheti
the CraubTook• boys were so decided,
ly beaten *by the 'home ,-.team, has
Wen sustained by the executive of the
Ciow's Nest .Lacrosse League at a
meeting of that hotly at Prank last
Wednesday. ''*•"   . •.
The game is to be played ove.r
again, the .selection of the place bc-
ing,.kft lo President-A, V. Lang,''of'
Prank, whom it is believed will nnmc
Pernie at, the place at which the
game will be played, as it is supposed that, one of the conditions at-,
Inched to the winning of the I,e Vas-
sur cup is, that any tit. or draw shall
be played in Pernie, and it is presumable that Mr. Lang will not depart from thc regulations in that respect, ' thus niakingi t possible to
have another dispute over the disposition; of the much coveted cui),,
MAlilUKD AN *A..
Mr, .Tallies Voting; one of the lit si
fellows iii the' world, and now Dominion Express Agent nt Victoria,
passed through Pernio lasl • Sunday
morning en route to the ilower iijueeii
eity of his ihoice, accompanied by
a real qtimn of his own, whom he
"has induced to rule over his domestic domain tlironj«-)i,wcnl and, tlir'ouj-j-h
woe, wlitrc ere ho may go, during
the remainder of life's tattle.
Alay thu vtoist rtittle he mny hear
in this bnltle Iks the sweet cooing
piattlu of lathi's, uot. too tuitncrou*,
to nuike him not humorous in n long
linppy life with his fair chosfit wife.
Is th'i wish of the Ledgor.
SJiake-Killinjr  is   Not  a  Highly-Paid
, Vocation.
Clmc. '.VfJillc, of the cnntrncthiK linn
of Dighy nnd Wnldie, will have llm
new M-liool house nl Utko i-oiti|)li;ti;d
and ready for use hy the end of this
■ Geneva, Aug. 8.—The ' champion
Swiss scrpr.nl killer, M. Hussy,, of
Geneva, r.if.rly lost his life the other    da}*  while     he was  pursuing his
"trade"    'ii    the  banks, of the-  river
Rhone-.', iie1 was bitten in'the "arm-
by: a \enomous snake, Imt pranipily
bit out. the part* and hurried to jthe'
hospital, where he had the wound
drcs&ed. 7ile   is ' now  out .of   danger,
liu ssy~in 01'csn J5"**cen Istt**^il uy~l jy~Ki 11 ~
ing snakes, which arc paid for at the
rale, of fiur cents a head by. the Cantonal goeeiniucnt.
The threotcned ,strike of G;-neyesc
Mrpcnl-Killers, .who have formed a
trade union, wjll not take place as
at. first re-, oiled, as (he diitliottties
have decided not to reduce the grant
for each ,'i-.i,ke. ;,
Montreal, Aug. 3.—At last night'",
meeting of the Montreal Trades and
Labor Council, .T. C. ,]•.. Tanliff, ol
the Moulrea. Typographical Union,
defealed A.iphotise Verville.M, P., of
the Vliiiif.bors'' Union, for the position
of delegate to the coming. Victoria,
B, C7, convention of the -Trades nnd
Ln.li.or Congress ol Can,ada< The vote
stood; 'J unlil 19, Vcrville ry., -   -
Milwaukee, Aug, 4,—Archbishop
Mi'ssnicv, who has just retiiriu-d from
Hullalo, N. V., where he attended tlu
sessions of the American Pederatioii
of Catholic societies, says that ' the
church organi/atioii will nt once be-
gin n vigorous campaign ng'iin-t
Literary ("florin tending to dispuie
tin-, via ims of Soci.ililsts and denouncing them as false uud worse, will be
distributed legularly if the plan 1*
earned to completion. Arclijlilshop
Me-*.sii'i..' de-iiilies lo di.stu.ss the- plirt
iu iluiiil, bui admits thut the can"
paigli will U> one ol great extml.
II the Ledger is u little jerky this
week, the public can charge it up to
lhe lieiid who lii-iiilpulnli'H lhe keys
ill the Moitolitie downstairs, He has
l.ciii troMing ii|istnirs culling lor
copy nir.il wc had lo lliic-ilcji to
throw liim through the window.
/"    | '    0^'  —'—— ■—-     * *., ' ■ - ,\
Fernie Lumber Company to Supply a Million "Feet
Hill Running at Full Capacity.
- The Pcrn'.e Lum'bcr Co'mpatfV iirc
just completing a contisiicffoi-' i.ooo,,
000 feet of SxS and 3x4 inch cedar
planking [pr the Grand Trunk Pacific-
Railway west of Winnipeg. Thc demand for luj-'ibei is" so great and'so
insistent that, all the mills in . tlie,
country are kept-going al full capac-'
ity, and many of them would., run
double time if cars and men could-be
obtained  u> handle  the husiiiess. *'
Only tin ce years ago the product
of tTie 1*. C. mills could not be disposed of at prices l^low thc cost' o[,
production, owing to the fact that"
lhe Northwost Teyrilorie-s were flooded with l-auk'rtipt stocks of lumber
from the American, milk,, which" was
dumped anywhere that any kind of a
price could be obtained.   * •
That experience . of buying lumber
for liss than the cost of production
at the mills put false notions into
the heads oh the new settlers, and
.'low'that the tables''arc turned tlioy
are,singing song's of woe and charg*
ing the mill men with Ifcing bad .lc.o*.
pie bent upon rolJhjcry.
Hut noiu of these settlers will'lnkj
one penny loss- for his grain or'his
horses or cattle than the .market will
justify, and the mill,men    lieing'the
Pinding that ice as a cooler ifo,-
fresh meat does not meet'the! requirements of the trade here, 'the..
P. liiirns Oo. have discarded its 'use
and are- now; using the artificial wa/
of keeping theirv meats in cold"" si or'-'
age.       An     up-to-dhle      refrigirator
plant fs now iu'.-us.-, ancl.if vou wint
0    ,*,     .-       "    - 1    .
lo see an expansive siiijlt* slant, from'
the    coriiurs     of     Manager    Gusty **>.
monlli an<;  spread all  over his con 11-
lenance u'bti.l you rail have.no doo#>t
thai  it i.s not   a. . commercial  .laugh
my de to order and used wlu-ai a   c'.iish
lei- of lxief can bcsl-oppcd at,the-door
of. the'-iniiu shop .and; taken'directly
io - the chopping block or passed
.round, the /sharp,curve and switched
into -,the..-U'ljll .cold storage,, .room,
into which all meats not,disposed of
during,the day. aie. reluriied, or it
can .lie sent along on pis way- ,to tha
laifge eoldjooni over the,little, sing|a
: rail railroad, ,which curyes tor tins'
right through a:.dope; and .passes entirely around ,the,;large,.ro'oiii,. 18x30'
feet, and i.s •connected by a switch to
ilur-in turning rail at the door,. thus
forming a complete circuit .of the
room. Extending .across Ihis room
from, siele.. to side, are ten of these
tracks, ail*'connected by the same
switching.'device,..making,    with,   the
Fall of Rock Crushes Life Out of
Miner on Saturday.
*-ks ror-a ciioicc noastTor
a tender steak, just ask him 'howjlli-;*
new cording * apparatus works, and
you are sure ,io get tiie'giimiiic glad'
smile that springs1 from a lu.-a'rt ilia'.'
glows' wilh'' warmth wlicn Gusty
thilikii of lli'e coolness he now has on
tap -to order. How do'as it work?
".lust come along with nie^ and see,'1
said lhc manager "in response toj tlu
■above (.piestion by jthe Ledger/     i
Wc went into the engine room %aud
found a tin-horse power steam • en-"
.gilie al work driving an ammonia; re-
I'rigeriitor -plant. There were tauk.-j
and cylinders and pipes in this room.
The pipes rait-from the-.compressing
engine', across the room to ft cylinder
against, the inner wall, which was
covered over with sparkling while'
Irbsl, 'Just such cold, si'iirkliiij-/frost
as you would see ou such n 'cylinder
if il were exposed lo cold, frc.'/iog
nir iu '.he dead of winter. , I
A icfi iterator' plant just lakes Unheal out of the atmosphere ulieiu its
pipes are placed, leaving cold in its
place, and* the degree of coldness'depends upon the -quantity of lienl''c\-
tiacted from llie nir by the chemical
powers put iu operation by forcing
ammonia through the pipes. The tent-
peratnre con In* kept al any ileslred
(h'grei! ]i\,' tin- regulation'nl this s'oni-
ple 0-crnl.lon, nud for this reason
these reliigeiMting plniits tuv fnr su-
pi-rioi to tlie old style of sawing out
coldness iu bloi-ks niadi* by coldness
in the wiiKer, to l.v stoivil away in
sawdust to Ik- used iu summer.
Mr. .'■iim.' look iii* visiloi lo .thu*
Uick door of a long -lasv^-e leading
fiom the- li;>l oi the building to the
front imi ihi ol tin- building, w|u-ie
ciisl-oiiiers are seivcd. At this buck
door the i|iiaittis of beef and whole
care loses oi sheep and hogs are Ink*
Vn Irom th** wagons, which bring
them froin the lef-rigerator' cars', in
wliiili tiii'V have - U-cii ttdlis*
U'II'imI iniin the company'-*, liiigi*
sl.inghlei* Iioiim- at Cnlgniy, nnd
11.ni.In red lo * llieir destination in
the cold *.tnni,i'j,* runiii, while they tn
liiii'ili unlil librded «m the i'lin*i|iilig
bluits in tin' serving moiii.
(iviilunil i.iilw.iy. .ne u*>cd lor ihis
tiii»r..p<«;liitioii l>,i-.iurs-,s, Tin-si' ia.il-
roads eniuist ol a single mil of iiou
a'ioul\x*! iiiilu". hang luini the i»il-
ing 111 '.ii.li   a was  as not to   tnUr
Fly the fall of a lnrgi Uoek of conl
from llie luce of the mine nt Michel
lasl Suu.rilav iifteriiroil, Joe llague
w.is in.idiitiy killed, lie wus work-
in,. ;.,   -fi-.in  nt    ci-rniid t..x'c1 i.n>4t    in
tuin*! number K, The accident oeeiu-
ntl about .'..V l>* »'.• I'it* Ho.^s 1ho,<«.
Wakleiu mid put llngiic at wurk in
the ro'iiii ni 3 p. in., and upon returning to the room on his regular
roundt, found thu two lu-I*)irH hard
at work -.hovelling conl, and imi m-k-
ing llajnc, nuked lhc men where1 *w
win. Th.y told him in tluir broken
H1.Xli1-.ht "Miner he f,'*nv'i\ Toklnn
tLis lo n;(-»n that Hup** had hit «*t
work, be tt hi thc two help-.!* to
fcuit, bi.t 'Ley kept at il with :<inh a
dVun.*,n,-l m.tnn«r tb.it U*tklrni tun-
4-titdid \b*X. usatexAosft, **«» vt.11.1vp,
ami hut * hand At the »h.i\rtliii^,
and iliej* *oi.n rnriii* upon tin* 1 il**-
kt& tmm J tlbi «*loti9>**t< nut)
railroads . erossiiigf the room, upon*
which meat cm lie liiin'g','*... . ,
°. By thi.-. simple arrangement .of *•
these overheiaU rails, a quarter of
beef can be started from the-wagon
at the back door and !*> passed te^
■the door, of, the. front shop,- thence
\back and into the small,store room,
.out u'-j-na and on into the larvv ronui
over all the twelve cross*tn.ic**s. and.
back to its .starling place over, II13
wajgl-iii without having tOflis lifled|liy
hand. * A purl ol this little .railroad
near the outer'door is the luiani, ol *
scale, and as the- single-wheeled car
passes over, lhe beam with its load,
it is weighed,
The same thing is done if loads are
being passed oul to be sent away to
other shops. Knell little wheel, with
its hook, hns its weight limited upon it 111 large while ligiuvs, so, Unit
the net weight of the loud can 1«
accurately noieii.
All the Mock carried by this railroad system i.s dead stock, no water
about it, and there, are tin .rebates to
favored  sluppi-is.
Inside lhe large, storage room,
ilium:' the tail tracks, liye two-inch
iron pipe.! pass entirely around the
loom, through which the aiiimohia is
foH'ed by the engine in lhe: engine
room, Itci.calli these pipes metal
troughs puss, into which (lie water
from III.; I ri ist, which collects upon
tin* pipes 1,'iiu lhe atmosphere, puss*
is out of the rooui.
The tempiraluie of (his room is
kipi lM.tut.eii Hi and 3,*i ihgiccs, Tu
do this tin; tii-'iiii* is kepi going
night ami dav. This dmj,lc-shi(t "business makes it 11 little ex-tensive, bill
tin:' system winks so '-jietfyi'lly ih.tl
no thought oi 'linii-giiig tin; priuti.s
would  lie. eliteiliiilied.
There nre ho Hies upon (hat system, or upon lml kipt iu sui-h uui-
loimiy iold  temp-inline..
No ivoiid<-r .Ui. llu.ilv i*. pioiid ol
his new pl.'illt Hlnl weins smli 11 ihi'ii-
I'ul snub of satisfaction us he looks
iipnti the line 1 lean I'liiiHers ni ln-cl
linug.'lig iu l.i'i stoic loom, anil i'i
sure thill tiiough Ihey weie to Ii.hij;
|nr W'tek!-, they wuuld nnni- tint hi
line and Jtesh  e:. they mum  in
lln lhe moiiiing of tin* day oni ie-
polt.T lool,ed tlllinigll lhe building,
Mr. C.iisly btt.l jf.nl up1 al t n. 111. and
fete     Willi       the    lias»ai>i'   ul   t'liniVid | sililelillti lull d   Ui.'   tnilislelllllg     of     11
llo'-m jt is a lai-gv oni*, Is'inj*; some
lifUcii to lightittt feet from lloor   to
eelliiij;, and n I.trg'- Tt'oeh of coal had
biilgul out Irom     the fuce, catching '
Ihe jiiiii.-r H.au'iiRn,
Thc ioruik-i'it jury toiu|det<d it-,
work of '.I'.eMigftlion under tlu* dt-
in tinu of Coiouvr IlItiiMhile last
ni^/it, ,-.n,l rctuimd the fulhiwii^-j vi-r«
\\« h.f.e .ij-iiiil that At*: l.-t-ivtv
rnnn- t«» .»!» «l*ftili f» » \nxn\y mcl*
di lit ul n-.ai-iur. «ith no bUim- .it-
t ae lml  to amonc-
Tl»: «tM «<»»» wotliiif in No H
mint', room tl, lml vast U-vcI.
The .-.aM none Irtng worked by tin-
Cro*'* .i*\\ I'**t C<ul Cultt.uay,
Mitkl, vi. C*
lUmoc i-« alwiit .V* ytsti u\A, ami
l» ia sii|»|M.-il hi- halt', a bi mi ill- in
tW Ktll Canity,
ulu-eU nin tlii-rn with hook-*, swinging. In inutii Uu- wln.i-1*., imm viUuii
the meal  11 nvmij*.
TM-.-M- Imii -Aiiitis, wiih tin it It-nA-,
might be eiiiiul i.in-w In iiul .un*,
vi hull t.iuv Unit loads suiiiging If"
lli.llli Ibr-ill .'is Uli-V li'D lib-tig ttie
n.irrriiv ii.-ii rails, due nl Uift*- tails
eMends out Uiioitgli the Uul dour,
our wln-t'i Uie wajjottt, lo.nUd with
nu nl, si.tn-1, and, .0. a i|Vmttir <■(
U-cf or a j-nrkir is swung upon the
|.„,,k '.t i,.l. ■■( th ■ to't" all.'I-- -t
is  staitrd in  its  jrt.iln-.ul  jutmiry to
ttpillit .4.   .ili.l   ti>U..llli'>p'^'ill.
llns trfttk i% (iIajiiI H f.ti, .-*}■«• lhe
il.t* r.     HtiA i**Uii<l-   "Vtf lhc mag.m
stand along Ui.* p;is»..(^.- in thck dour
ol lhe fnmt sli'<i>, uh'.'c it iwrers   to
Ul,- K.t stllA ;. 101*1*. ub'ttfi 1.1. is'nlf
ui tl*. .-a- -i-i- . P-t-'Oi-i '■!' 'I'' Auur
iA » small T«>>ir, jmt 111 nut of th;
large '.hup. A sviit.h nun*, tu tlw
»ij-Iit  il»»'.*»;-l. thi** di».r, and .1 i'iui*
same kind   of people,, arc. doing    thi
same- thing." ,   ,        ,..,'',-   .   -  ;
As a result   of* . present conditions,
lhc   western mill men will make"    a
profit,' somahit.jf tliey'have'not   U-en
used to    for several, years. " Lumber,
will never again be tin* drug on " thj,
market which it has during Ui0   past   '
decade, ami it is a gjOod'thinfg; for thci
country as    a whole  that conditions
have  thus  changed.   Making  lumber,
or anything    else,.and  selling  it   at
less than cost price, docs, no good lo «
any coiiiitiy as a whole,. . If the new
selllers    on the prairies had to "sell    "
their grain    and'stock at less    that*
cost    of. production,  that'great    expanse of prairie would go broke, and
lhat   wou.d   be   the. greatest' possible
calamity v.hieh could hajipen to Can- ' ,
ada.    '
If* the mill men were compelled to
sell ilieir lumber for less than cost,
(hey, too, would'go ;-hrokc, which
would be a calamity to,' the country
as'well.-   ; ■   •'   - "
It looks-now as though cither one
ol these calamities are a loiig' way
oil, and thut piosp'cct puts vim', and
■vigor'-inttV the settler and the. -mill
men  alike,
iMlloiiil ol Uel liom the nliigiiaio:
eat to Ide 1 oid htm.iy.i t. im. I»>'
snn was up, so lh.it Imm tin* ioiir
the m,.-it '..ft Ul -Uwjfliiit l»ms.- at
falgaiy until ii was Muiiging liom
the honks ill his stole 11111111, not I
IU   I'OMld J,il  -it "it.
Willi the i"()iii|il>tinii ul this splendid tooling piiiiil, l*. Hums ,S< Co
lmve iln* n.ost i-iiiit|ih lely w|«ip|».-''
eslnblihliiiK-iit' (nr handling fitsh nn-ai
10 U> found t.u the Ctow line nl tail*
h.iv ,\l„hir r-tii lui-vi'i, ■.'•ii sheep,
ahd XS»t liogt* arr h.in.llul bv thi-i
lonip.Mi- vu;* iiMinlii .11 ihi" -"..Int.
und >i*t »i- .11*. tuAtA lot milt libit*
lions l«i il.u i,iissi(*ti*irv funds for thi"
(fitiursinn <d t4nnil»*ls. A iVlhiw
tnitli t.tki- Siiitlmii'-* .I«nJ»l»- 1U».W
nvA     sit  i%i«m, in a t.MP*t   *A   »*»*t
pl.ttir   UnA   ttrt-tt   *i» dr.ltll   X*U\t.'     •».*
«<>iihl l»- «. nviittid Ui4l i.it>lhinjc
nimiujl out of -ok It .1 r*-hop uin't
j.(«i«l tnouth to tat* 'i, * *,*"■
'''Sii   -** i
■C-H^^fA'-'* v>
,.*• .-.
/K-'-  '■'
■*■'   "
.     ..VANCE.*...   .
Issueei every Wednesday from Uii office, of    publication, - Todd  ltkick,-
;  Victor ia Ave.,  Fernie,  British Col**
[ -HiiMbia. .; :-   ,: '   §','■ ■*'
.   Editor
* Manager
Tlie people ol this city aiidn siir-,
louiulwig'" country were, told a , few
weeks ago that there are a,ooo simple ioal miners in. the Crow's Nest'
valley. 'Ihis .by a gentleman , who
claimed to be one of thc 2,000 simples, l^it leaving' him out' of th*;
eoifitt/ there still remains, according
toliis statement, 1,999 simple coal
miners in the valley.
There is more than ouc meaning l<,
be placed upon that word simple,
and judgi.ig from the kind of demagogic political clap-trap .that has
been doled out to llicsc 1,999 simple-
'eHows of L\te, it'will ,Uake no great
' flight' of the inia'giina'tion to arrive 1 ,
hi wliich meaning is really intended
by the use of that doi(blc-b'a'rrcled
Some people seem to have a distinct feeling or idea that these coal
miners, the men,who delve in the
1-owe's of thc earth to bring, forth
the latent force which, after liing
■brought to the light and subjected
to the* process of combustion. keeps
so much of the machinery of the
world in motion, are' people built
upon a different mental and moral
plan from their, fellows who (iarc 01:-
cupittd in other vocations of life.
Some people address them as
though' they were the only people .'n
the world who -are wholly honest,
uud are therefore the, prey of all the
• dishonest people. This class of individual tells these- supposedly ignorant, simple-minded; miners that the
only way they can hope to secure-all
• that hclotigs to them is to arnay
themselves unitedly against ' everybody else. And while these olljects
of the solicitude of their professed
friends are  being  told  these' things,
. other , people * arc lioldiii'g up -lily-'
' "white hands that never knew the
pivssurc of a pick handle, and claiming to be only one  of 2,000    simple
• miners' engaged in: digging coal and
making coke;' thus lending some color
to the statement'of the other fellow
that eveo-h'ody -except' he  who    digs
"with a"^iek"^'inoTrg~tiir^bIaTk~niia-"
Jnonds of tlie earth is really tinctured ■ with a* dissembling' dishonesty
which has evil 'designs upon them,
and would lead them astray.
The' simplicity is not all on lli«
side of the miner, no more than is
the hone-sty, or the want of honesty,
TMert may have been a, time when
ihc.-miner was an Ijgnorsgit and consequently prcjudicicd individual, but
it has long since disappeared. Tlit*
miner of today reads and thinks a
j,reat deal,for himself, and knows
. ranting, uiircasona'lilc sophisty 01
fulsome, transparent todyisin at
first sound, and estimates them at
their true value.
To make a long story sliort, Uic
present-day miner is very much like
the' present-dny nnyliody else. As ii
class of people they arc like! oilier
classes. Honest lovers of fair play
nnd justice, desiring fair treatment,
and willing to accord to eveiybody
else the same treatment, 'f ther: is
tiny difference in this rcRp.nl nl love
ttl f.Ui' play, it must bo accorded to
the people, be they miners or workers in other vocations, who, through
lives of loi I havt learned 'liy the
hardships of toil to do for and share
with other.! lho results of their doing'. The rich mnn puts pen to paper, thaws a check upon an account,
the size of wlii.h, compared to ths
*>i/t: of llx sum withdrawn, is ns n
mountain to n mole hill, nud directs
llie proceeds to life given to somii one
who has uo legal clniin upon him,
ii ml it is noist-il tlii'oi)|gh the pi ess a*.
n utlhlu txauiple ol thc tinsulfislincss
of ilia donor, who has taken good
care thai tho charity fins been of a
si/* that would iii„un way inconven*
..•nee him or nny one depending, upon him. Such things nrc common,
hut not nearly ho common ns is the
real net of charity dono l»yt!ho 111n.11
whose total capital in his day's
wages, which he willingly shares
wilh ltio.se who have lwcn moro iiii*
tori info tr Hi nn himself, nud the render of the paper never sees tluise ilee-il*.
heralded under glaring headlines
telling to tin. woihl the iiiiselfislmcsH
of lhe donor. The Ix'nuliltil poem o|
lhe ''Widow's Mile" is ri'-wnlcd over
niul over again tlie world over bv
thn toilur lor daily bread, ns he 01
she gives lo those deeiiie-d more
itevdv 'hall themselves thc hull, aye
lhe whole of their worldly wenlth,
1101 t(iiiiii. they .lie elllltieij 10 Ui'illl
for tho deed. This is real charity.
nnd no whip: cx«pt in the ir.tiiks ,.|
the I oiler in il to Is: found III Miih
■unity nud profusion.
And so wc say that if pri|>oinlcr-
Aiire of .h'ar.ty nml love of fair play
iti to Ik flicoided to any class of In*
divl.liinl, then the miner nnd the toller in n»y pursuit is entitled to thai
An np4K-nl based upon s»*ll-cvit,i-nt,
selfish motives, to thc modern workman in any luaiiili ol Intior. will t*
»nir, sooner or later, to remit in
the tipoMirt t.t those who rcvt.M fn
>uth ihiAp deception in outer to >*uin
the favor of Ihe ■"■.Ini*-.-? niinct'* for
irartly vtlfisu ends. Mttvcrs arc junt
ilu >umi «*• other urdiuuiy t*o*,.U,
u<l will net just the same iitnlcr llw:
same, circumstances. . It. may be that
they may' sometimes' dq.:'things which
may.  look to other   people one-sided
and unjust; it may be that they are
to a. certain extent one-sided and un-
iust,    but   I lit   1111 justness, does   not
spring from a desire to |ii|<* so.,
• Nations-sometimes-are-unjust, even
to cruelty, but the-great body-of the
people of a 'nation -are never;' intcn-
tionally unjust,  because there    is    a
sense     ol justice and    of    lair play
l-ounA up in ,the-human race    which
when ' properly  appealed    to' always
responds .in "the right way.
*. The simple miner, who i.s jusl now
the object 01  the solicitude cf a   few
anxious people,  will prove to.be   as
wisa iii his simplicity as is the .simple  simpleton   who  imagines    he    is
going,to woo him .to his b'osomwith
the, simplicity of his song.       -.,'
 o '
ThcT^dji'-.r has had .some pretty little bouquets thrown at it 1-jeeause c!
iis little write-up of the flower gai-
di-ns in I-V-rnie, .which appeared ir
last week's issue. ■*•
Of course the Ledger likes these
'ittle tokens ol appreciation,' but n
must, not forget, lhat it is liot en-
titled to more- -tli'an' a' very small
share of lhe credit so generously ita'-
slowed upon it. It could not write
deicrijitions of ilower beds- and lawns,
o{ climHiiiig vines and blushiivg roses
if there were none to dcscrill-.t.
To the patient, wfatchful' care, the
toil aiul tronlble of the lover's,' of"
(lowers, liV'longLs more credit than
belongs to the lounging writer who
saunters *-about enjoying these fine
'Ihiiigrs made possible by,others, and,;
transferring a small portion bf his
pleasure, lo paper that others migju
know that such things exist in Feruie to ,lij enjoyed by other loafers
with a,fondness for. the things ol
beauty, the Units1 of the toil of other liaKds than"his own.' ■   ' .
Wlio would not grow a little poetic after having lived for >six ycn:rs* in
our town, and who can still reincin-
iwr vividly the rocks, the slumps, .tho.
black, foi bidding looking trunks of
tire.charred , trees, and thc streets,
which, were notvslrcels,'and then lu-
j-.b"Ie to See so mla'.uiy flowcjry evidences of rclini.ng taste as can now Ik
, seen in ti/bnosL -ahty pairt of wfliatl-wari
so receiilly a wilderness.
The hcait of thc Ledger is ' maib
glad by these things, lijut the greater credit lielon'gis to tliose who have
made gjlad the waste places, and "to
the owners, as is meet, conies the
greater pleasure. ..
,\ ■■        • ' , '
Threo. hundred times bet*
*: ter than stickypaper.
Bold by aH-Druggist3 and General Storesj
-   , (.r      and by mail. '
. HAMiLfON, ONT.       .
weighty man"ol the parly. ' f -
"Sir. W. G. Miller, representative of
the'-* Sc'ripps-Mcliac and the Publisher's' Press Association, i.s" a fine looking fellow, who,,, if he would wear a
white hat'and'allow his"' whiskers - to
grow upWer'his shirt collar, might
be', taken for ' the ghost of Horace
Grecly when he gets to the warm climate of the lulure/aiid be shot full
of holes by sonic of dear old Horace's loving enemies, who have been
looking in the wrong place for him
ever since he died'. Mr, Miller would
look still better in one of the chairs
011 the lloor of the Senate than he
does lolling sthout llu. lojl^es of that
great room on" the lookout for news.
Jackson Elliott, of Uni* Associated
Press, occupies one of the most responsible positions in* American
'journalism, and was one of the most
affable me-n of the* party.
Mr.' McSwcen, ol" the' Philadelphia
Norlli American, is also a man with
an object iti journalism'' a friend of
President Roosevelt, and an enthusiastic supporter of railway rate regulation.      ! .   " ' ■
' D". II. MoAdam, of the .St.' Louis
"Republic, is artistically and poetically inclinedj'and." iu love* with his
work. ■ ' •    -: ■   "
■"■lrviuig C. Norwood, of Uic Wnshin'g}-
ton' Star, '■-- was perhaps one of the
most interesting, individuals of 'the
party* lo ' the Ledger. He writes a
humorous column for his paper under the name of L'ncle Jasper, which
is good reading, but what made the
heart of the Ledger warm lo him was
the-fact that-* he-writes columns of
poctiy which his, paper most inhumanly refuses to print. This must lie
hard on" Norwood, .but libw easy it
makes diving lo thc readers of the
.Star we .could ■ not say, not having
seen any of--the rhyming;*.' "Mr. 'Norwood- was one ol the young men of
'the-parly,'.and'one of the ..brightest.
May' his filar always shine brightly.
'.      '      -1 O ' '   :
Meet'in'I. 0.'rF.! Hall'on    the
-.    Tuesday in-"every month.,
,,"   W..J..J
M0RRISS0N-, Fin Sec
- Coal.—Coal lands may be. jmrclm.si.il at £10
per aero ior soft coul iuul Z20.for. untliruoito.
Not more than S20-'ao;es cim-W acquired j>X
ouciiiilividuiil or eomi)nny,„**».valty nt tlio
rnto often;contsper ton of 2,W0 iiouii«-j bhH.ll
lio collected on the" c;ro*S3 output." , i
Quartz—A fioe minor"!- cortiiicnto is granted
upon payment in advance of **,*> per annum for
au individual,' und from JSU to *l»r> per annum
for a company'according to capital, •
.' A free miner, having discovoiod mineral in
place, may locate a claim 1,SOO x J,.ri00 feet,
Tlie fee for recording a'claim is ?.*).    " '   ■
At least $100 must bo expended on.- the claim
each year or paid to the mining recordor in
lieu thereof. When (500 has been expended or
paid, tho locator may, upon .having a mu;vey
made, aud upon complying with other, requirements, purchase the land at $1 an acre. *
■ Xho patont provides1 for the payment" of a
royalty of 21 per cent oh the Bales.
1 Plackr mining claims generally are 100 feet
square; entry foe $5 renewable yearly,   , -
A free, minor may, obtain two leases to
dredge for'gold of iivo milesench lor a -term of
twenty years,* renewable at tho discretion of
ho Minister of the Interior,      *    ' „ • *
The lessca shall have i.'dredgo in operation
within ono season from thc dato of the lease
for caeli iivo miles, lluntal J10 per annum for
euch ■ milo of river lcasod. Itoyalty at tho
nitoof 31 percent collected on thc output after it exceids $10 ,<X>0. .4 .   „
w. w. cdiiRY;
,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N,'.   JJS—Ui>'*vith'(T|i'i-*'ei"f' jVi^iliej-iitKin   ot
this .advertisement will not* be. paid
for. , ■      -:
j_^ : ,
"~; L. PrBckatein  ;
Babristkr-at-La,w; .   SoLiciTon, - Etc.
liobms 1 Ik 3, Henderson block, "Pernie, IJ. C,
/•-■ ■ F. C; Latce
' Post Office Block, Fernie.* B. C.*--
W.'H,'U08R,K.O. ,    J. 5. T. ALKXANriiR
Ross ;& Alexander,
.    ,       FERNIE, a. 0.  "  ' ■-
■   Ofltee In b. T. W. Hlock, Victoria Avenue,
NOTICE   '.     y
„Takc notice that \\illiin sixty days
I intend to apply to the chief commissioner of ' lands and, worhs for a
special license to cut and carry away
timber from the following*.lriuils "situated in southeast Kootenay district'*
Commencing at a post marheel' John
Dockstadcr's southeast corner, aboul-
oue - mile west of the mouth of Tuii-
ncl creek where it empties into ' the
131k river, thence north 80 chain's,
thence west-'So ''chains,- tlicticc south
80 chains, thence cast So chains to
place  of  commencement. '   „,. ,
.'Located May 19U1,' 1906.  '■*      ,  ,
■: ■   . ~y • Locator.
Per '  A   '  *     ;
'.*•'* Afectit.
J. Barbery l.o.s.,
L" T. W    Block,
Oilico hours-
oppbsitc  the
■8 a.m. to 8 p.m',
Davev & Ladkr'outk*1
The Finest Porter
;^_^nd -j' yyy /J; .
The onlv. Good Beer
« ;,      (j&'   ,,. i^p, ,4..j. ■ y\-
in Feriiie.   x
.   the product of: tfie
'i---4   t
It $5
Sold onlv. at
The King's Hotel;
** "'      .* ' *    -, ' •* " ~   '       *i-     •*. ■.■ '. '
i's     ,       . 1 •<    *        ^ "'        .. *     -.
The! Calgary \
Cattle Co:   :   :
Retail    Meat   Merchants
' Tlie special car attached to the
eastl.ound C. P. R. express one week.
i'K° - yeMcrrtay, and which was
under the. supervision of George II.
Ham, ol Montreal, conla<n<id as
!/iainy a collection of men ,as was evct
brought.together in. one coach.   .
Tltese 'VVashin^lon corrcspondenl,*- of
the-leadinj- American papers arc men
who, throii-Ji the na!j.iirc'of theii: talli
iig, are Inoujfht-in constant contact
with the cream of the talent of n
I'rom llie president ot the great republic down to the seeker after thc
smallest crumb of patronage which
falls from the ollicial table, tlie
Washington press representative is
sought nfler, nud is thus 'brought in
loueh with "the greatest thinkers and
docis of Hung'-. .Such association
brings lo the surface and keeps Vecn-
ly nlive the best there is in mnn, nnd
these fellows who passed through our
town on the ninth thousand miles ol
their long holiday trip, were the
liveliest of live newspaper men,
Mr. Lindsay, of lhc Kansas City
Star, Hceincii to be the rhnperon of
the party, seeing Hint the younger
ileiigliu'-.*--. in thc Jiest did not flirt loo
Hippnntly wilh the young Scotch 1ns-
sc,«i in glasses, or kissed too frc-
i|iiently Uie glasses that were filled
with lhe rye,
Mr, Lindsay Is the man who mnde
it. too risky for the fellows who let
other people risk their cash in a
hchtnu! which was not nl nil risky
lo the holder ol the cards. The
Louisiana Lottery Company had lo
close up .shop in New Orleans on account of llio vi|g/>rons newspn-MT ll^'Jil
lie waged ngniliht it,
Mr. Splnin, ol the Pittsburg Post,
wins one ol th'u Mnviil, ".eil'-Jte lonkiiyj
men of lho parly, whose, sedately
stniil conduct Ih llm renult of inn early
Uiiliiini' in plely, and mum lw tnkew
more as force of habit llum of natural inclination. Mr. Splnin don't
think the United Stales Senale Is ol
nnv practical iim: Iii lhc legislative
nuiihliieiy of the great lepublie, and
wnnlM lo" iiboll--.il it, hut It is probable that (he eflorts of the heiintorit,
Irom his slule, will pre vent, lor n
taw years nl least, tliu atcompllsli-
nieiil ol his destructive designs.
llllll.. <V.ii,*ti nt tin- t'levelilllil
Pliilnil'iihr, Ih a plain denier of lho
right kind in the. giime ol politim,
niul dentl oul Mich an unlucky hntul
to the .'epieJj-Jictiii ui.uliiiie caul slunk
In tho last Ohio campaign that lie
Ims not pot o\«-r U11* imin vet, nn.l
ix airusing C0111I1 of U-ing a lii-.iilicii
Chinee who slat kid tb.- inrAa In *
wny ihnl war. ibibl like and l-lanil,
Pllvhfork Peine, of lhe Rnlelgh
KrwH, ** « rcnl Southern, who im eit-
ilcavoriitj* to put PttsiiU-nt Htviscvclt
right on Un. nnt- .•J,m**vi,.m ».t!i
ulnniiing ■.yuiplom** of color blind-
ne*i, Ti'*uillin*t; Irom » Uut nireles*
handling ol ^i*- pitchfork.
Inward C Twtty, ot lh# S'cw
Vork Kvcning 1'ohI, hlushiiigly itc-
nied lelalioui.Iilp to hU n.-imciAkr ot
llw I'lnim, tl-iiirtin*-' Iw h.i>i no claim
do kinxhip with th* ntrftt txbt, t.*u>*
the rial Claim.  Mr. 1/nrry wah   the Sl'ltSCHlIU
Minard's Liniment Co.,. Limited.,
' (.enlhmcii,—In June*, '98, I'had my
hand    and  wiist     b'ittcn  and badly
mangled  by'a vicious 'horscA I   suffered  greatly  for several  days,",and
the tooth cul.s refused to heal    until
your     ivjeiit' gave 111c   a bottle   of
MIXAllD'S   LIN'IMRN'T,  which I began   using.   The .effect   was  magical;
five liours"  thc pain "had ceased,; and
in two weeks'the wounds .bad    completely, healed-, and my hand uud arm
weie'as well as ever.
Yoitrs I nil v,
■   A. K." TU)Y,
Carriage Maker
SI. Anloinu, P. Q.
Ur. ILiwke look a drive up the river the other dny for the purpose of
capturing- a i-aTtle siiieke, lie found a
nine rnttle. one, and removing* the
poison sac brought il„in lo use In
experimenting. A doomed dog was
secured from the pound nnd after
two grains of the poison hnd heen
Injected, it lived just aa seconds. The
unreclaimed dogs in thu pound will
tnku   this   short cut"  to llie ' happy
hunting  grounds,—Medicine lint News
Ono day lhe pupils hn'd learned
Unit in a cerlnln region il rains continually for six mouths. The teacher
then put the '(.ucsliou: "What do tliey
uiiso here?" and from 11 little boy
cnine Uie answer promptly, "Vmibrel-
^-•»       ***** %
L E. Mumford tells how Psychine
cured hrm after the Doctors
im him up
-" It tl twelv* yean lined Pnyehine Cured
ma of gulloplnti consumption." Tho
•peakprwiu Mr. A* B, Mumford, nix leet
Ull. »nd looking junt whnt ho li ft huiky
healthy farmer. He work*, hit own hrm
near Magiietawan, Ont.
*' I cAua-ht my cold working* tt * tlremttt
on the C.P.R." hs continued, "I had
night aweati, chilli and fiivernnd,fre<iuent.
iy coughed up pieces ol my lung*..** I wan
ulnklny fnM nnd thr. ilcvrtorn snlil Uirrc.
wa* no hopo for rro. Two montlu troitt.
rnentof Piyohlnn put ma right on my feet
and I have had no return ot lung trc-ablo
If Ma Mumford had itarted to taka
Piyrhln* -when lin firtU camrht rnM tin
would havo saved hlmielf a lot of anxiety
and aufTering. hPiychlna curei all lung
troublei hy hilling tha germi—lhe roots or
tha dlieaae. ^
(fMMMiM-n) Iti-tiMn)
50c. Per Bottle
Utft slsss *t and •l-^tl alrugfUto.
IL T. A. 8L0COM, UtnlH hmi%
l*Ott   TIIK   I,RIK1KR.
W. J, Wriglesworth, D, D. S.
TUCHXTTSn?" '','
*   1 . .   '   ,     *.
Officii IIouiisi-       gioto'is a.m. lto 5p*.m
fi,30 to » p.m.   '
Oilico in Alex. "L oil's Uioclc
, over Slum's'llalcory.
—.   -        JJ. 0
Holdcn at Fernie,    . , ,
IN TIIE, "MATTER of the Estate'ol
"Henri    Joulia," ■        deceased,
,    Intestate. - •
All persons having nny'claims of di-
niands "against the 'estate of" Henri
Joulia', late of Fernie, B. C," de'r
ceased, are hereby' required to, 'file
with the undersigned the names ' and
and addresses, and full particulars
of 'tbeir claims duly verified, on or
after' said Alatc the administratrix-
will proceed to distribute the said estate amoivgst thc,parties hereto' having regjard only of the claims of wnieli
she shall then have had notice, nnd
she will not be liable for the - proceeds of the csCate, or any part'thereof sb distributed*, to' any person
whose claim she' had not had notice
at the time of distribution thereof,
Dated this afith 'day of' .Time, A,
D. 1906.
Henderson  Block,  Fernie, B.    C,
Solicitors for Administratrix'.
'    ,+  •  DOMINION'  '...-.
'    • LAND SURVEYOR .-.' t
. Ofllce*;.L.T.W. Block
Fernie British Columbia
ricriurre  Bros.;
Sand, Lime & Wood
! *     ' ' .* t      , '
Oiliec in roar of How Foo» Block. Ferric, I',C
Contractors' and Builders
1    -       ' ;.    1 . . .   ''       '
Plans, Specifications and Esti-
-   mates furnished o*n application.-
'Plctiiy   of  GOOD   DRY
\ 1 i"      ►
Notice, is hereby given thnt 60
days after dnlc I intend to apply to
the chief commissioner of lands hnd
*i * I    ■
worlcs to purehase the following described land nonr Elko, in tiie district
of East Kooteimy, 11.' ,C,
Commencing nt a post- planted at
tho Norlhenst corner of lot No, 7316,
thence north /\o chains, thence west-
do ■ chains, thence south 40 , chains,
.thenco enst along Jiorlh, line of lot
No, 7316 60 chains to place of commencement. . .
Dated nt Ellio, ,11, C, Mny 30, rpofi
LOUIS laciiancr!
ll Aim.l-.TT HOUSE,  formerly lho
Chirk,  tho licit $t a day hotel
In Nelson, Only white help employed
0. W. HAim.-RTT. Proprietor.'   '
Will  II
i* only on* of n hundred illiroront
hIiiwh nml ulrnionr Ilrlnrli liivnml
nut tn.   Tlio porfcol nuullly of Ilia
llrhi-x,i.l i.'.iiMllitiili iililii'.! iim)
urn mnile, (piidlflon Ilium ni thu
Shilling Sk-Pcnny Pipe
Jn l!;c World
Cvcry l'l*-* CiJirinltcil)
Jn*t romombor nml ink for
"Stiicld Brand" Pipes
Kor Knltt nl  tlle
Clgaf   Store
A.  IS'CiUAM,  I'mp,
f      n      l'emle, 11. C.
1 Architect     and Superintendent
,*" Office nt Residence, *   . "
BAKER W..     t     ■• '. I--ERNIE, I..C
Work, ilome industry, Cftlnlogiie
Kree,' '
44 ,1
Sccillimi.se and Orceiihouscs,
30m Westmiiislev Rd., Viiiit-onver ll.C
—— :; u
ST.  1'AI'i;
Kmisnii Oily, Sfl^as   St. I.oiiIr, SBfi.or*,
Cliieii(fo, Si'in.oo, '
On ■ Snle    Aiij,', 7-K-i),,    Sept.    K-io,
I'llinl Iiimil Oct, 31st.
Toronto     $72.65
On Siihi Sep!, R-o-lo,' I,iniit Nov, jollj
flilwaukee $58.20
On  Sole Aii-r. 7-R-d,   I.lmH  Oct. 'list
Miotw tjt.
'I'liionjih  rntnn nil ntnlinti'n,
Oiuiiiio, UiiuIh-c, New York,       *
New Eii|rln.id Miirilimo Provinces
' On   \nnlli*iiltnii
E. J.
I). 1'.  A., Nelson.
C0YM-., A. (i. I». A.,
-RATES   '2.M   I'EIl   ])AY„,
Mlnnrd's Unlmehl Cities DlMempt
The lOiilrnt-Kjrs of Ketnlc will
pleitw lnko notice that Alter April
lnt, 1906 iho Carpenter-* uml Join-
ein uf l*Vind' I.onil 1220 will de*
nmnrt four ihittxttx (4.00) for e.Rht (fl)
lionn" worlt.
w. A, rovvr?r,r;,
I 1'rc.sliknt, |
r* • V. II, of C. A J. V, tow, Pernie.
MODERN.    ' '   '."' .- !
*-                                                              1 -4
 titiiii !■[■■■! iiii iniiiiMM ■■**ni*w^mMwjmj_i_	
v '
Thos. Pogiic,   o#    o*   Proprietor'
Choicest cuts' of fresh-meats ftlway»
■in hand.'   ■■* A,   ■
Ilnms,' bncon, and lard as well:
All* kinds' of fresh fifib CO  teason.   .
.Prompt, delivery.;.'
'• Give us,"a call;'I;  .-■ -       '■    , \.
•TEI'.*i8.        ■■■-'-.    ........    ..'
Crow's7 Nest     a s
Electric Supply Store
All. kinds.; of: Electrical
''Goods*kept in stock■.'"*■*
'' ' "       -     'A'.'    '      * '••■'■ '''"'»'     1'        ■ ,
All  work
'Guaranteed. .
Ls a pleasant home
for the traveler.   '
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
WANE   CO., Ltd.
.Wholesale Dealers nnd Direct Import-
,tors ot. ■    1 ... 1
1 ** 1 . ' «■'
HaihlT/i IlEEIi,
AI(E AND STOUT, .' r     .,
Hole ARetitH In Cnitniln for
■ Wlmlnor    Tonic,,     Jn-j    Deslroyer;
■tumiiL.' Li_iflL"i««s.Mi..i Lijaj.^j«u»ass»»«saK.
Philip Carosella
Gonoral Morchant
and Doalor in Winns,
Liquors and Cigars,
T^raiaisriKi, 33.. io.
•CTN-ionsr T-iA.*raiD']Ll'
Ci'-O-fW'-a    UUaiL     SutiUIHl
AND 1	
Miner's Fnvorlto Glnnrs
Second-Hand Store
Opened iip nnxt to Ilcinn llolr*!'
noomiT AND SOU)
for   Cniih
I,. W. K VKttttY*
,•4 •«*• »*.»•'♦"♦'»«"•-«"•-•"•"«•■«•'«"«••«•••-«A»"*.»J
Winnnlifj I.tnlmrnt Cnhit 'bi|')hllieriit.
John Turnerj
§ Ai*e You Reading
J,C not.^5'prt nro* mlaslne" some
of tlie choicest;.literature-of
the century."'' •',- -f  f^r
I'   1 ■*' i ■:.'.      .. r*    ..
Send ni dollar to R. T. LOW*
BUY,. Nelson, B.,0. and set X
,jtreffulni'ly for,a y^ar'and S
^ .. rise oat ot tho rati ■     l,,$    5
llond Down • ,    • nciid Up
t)Afi p m I,v,     jforiilo *    Arr. 8.S0 a m
M.-./inm, lUxfnril      ,   8.10 »tu
n,« am    - 'BPOKANK -      6,00pra
UM p 111 Arr .    Buittlo - (I,v 6 IS * m
v Dolly except Sumlny.     ,
LenvliiR Fernio. 9.45 p. m, you
arrive nt 10,55,p, m. in
Arrive nt
10 p, m, in
2nd    Night
..'or iMiill.'it lnformiition, lierth r«ier<
vu<Iohm, utn„ niii on or adilrom
11, ll, 11   ti(KIT(K»,
t Great        |j
ri>; Phonic  QoIaII
Vj? vnuup UUIU . if
if 1 if
J        ICI'OUHY   IIIIOH.,        $$
* Noxt to Hank of Commofco -5$
W. Hltvw '■**» to »0 nor font. §[$
Vlf MoiVh KiirnlililnM, "" -^
$$ U<lia»' \Vb«t, ,§4
lionn A, Hliootr. i J
w . 1    W*< c***i G,ovc,» : ?' ■
WntulinH, Ilastor-),       1 &L
Jownlnry, Notlom 1;
,       mul BmnlltvarM *&*?
tverythiog at Sacrifice Prices H ||
Vxnw Tiii-kUU Tohiu-tioii, *% J
niul Olgnrottei &\
II Kfoury
Bros. I
j.\\ Come In nnd *ttr> Oooil^ «I
The Foutidei-    of  Cranbrook Dies **>in
„Cranl*fook Herald. .'*   ■
A. cable"- message was ;rec-jivei*l ■yes'-
tenia v* from ,I"",ng**land announcing J the
death of C-il. -Baker, .ifathcr of' -V.
Hyde* Baker, and the founder of tlw
town of jCraiilKook. '. Colonel Baker
died at iiiglewood, Parkstone,. Dor-
.setsiiire, Eugland, on 3istJiily. of
licar'tfailiin:, succeeding,, an. attack o|
' ^ncmiiom-i.Vfroin^^viiicli^r. .V.'Hyde
Baktir had reason to lielievc he had
almost-, .'^iiitc 'recovered. -.Tlu-*,•**$a:ule-
■ grani* . was'"'received ;'by:/ Mr.'' -Baker
wheh on his way down .town, to' at;
tciiiV the .meeting" of the^y^ council,
which at once adjourned as a* mark
,of respect .for .^t lie ^memory,,;of..„\ the,
late Colonel, and also as a trifling
mark'-$of ^-sympathy willi" Mr. .Baker
and his'family,->.  •-. .-'-    -'.A,'5 - A '■
. /The news of Mr. Baker's; death will
Ik,   received with   intense-sorrow by
'• o;il of 'tliefold-.timcrs of East Kootenay and Biilish; Columbia,    as   the
' licensed was , held in high esteem-by
irieiiii nniHoe alike,' Mr. Baker-caiiic
to JDiit'slA; Columbia . in the year
18811, aiul .finally, 'selected the* preseiit site o. Cran-Jirook as .his home,
pnuh'i.s-ing the land of R. L. T. Gal-
Jrt-'aith/ot I'orf Sfe'clc'.* In thi**. year
ifSSfi* Mr. Baker* was elected., to-the
proyiiiciUl house frijm, th'c.i^*'st>Koot-
. e''ay riding, his'district' at that,time:
wet ending from tlie Boundary line, to
Golden,,, and .\vas an' empire in "itself.'
lie "was reelected at each succee'dinlg;
election ...until, his voluntary, retirc-
\nient from public "life iii 1900, 'after'
thejdissolutioii'bt'' the, legislaturc-up-
011 the ilefcat of";the-Semlin"*administration..;}-, .- * •."
^Colonel''l.Jkor held office*' under
"Hon. J: -II. Turnerj•'entering'the'cal'-'
iliet of' the former as. minister ol td-
ucalinn . and iinmigj'iation, swlijse-
tyueiilly becoming provincial ,scere-'
taiy. '.On the formation of'lhe Turner Government" on March 4,s'iS95,,,Col-*
oiiel Bakei was'swdrn "in tis' minister'
" oi; mines, cdutfatuon Olid immigration, olliccs he held'unlil*the defeat
bf the ministry, in the general' elections of -1898,,
•■'As a   member, of   the'   government
£■. * - ...-.*
find as a loyal citizen,-'prompted   by
an intense desitc to' promote- the   de-
yelopmeni- '.ol   East.. Kooteiiay,  Mr.
Baker was, untiring, in iliis eflorts"  to
udvaneVi'' lhe best.', interests' "of * the
country gnd make-  the wonderful rc-
5,'onrces of this section kno\Vn to the
world,   'lo his efforts,'more"perhaps.
'■thatrto'any one man,-was   due" the"'
, lirimary movement Ahatj_iilti in ately_
iesulled.in ;the :b:iiilding,,o[7tlic,Crow.'s
Nest'  Pas!*. -Railway,  that has  done
' so much lor tlte upVuilding of the in-
, tericir of British' ColuinWa.
Col...Baker \was, a -typical .f English.
gciitleitia'ii? 'Possessing a 'kindness of
heart j an easy, ifotural ^raot of manner,' a quiet dignity, with a rare
mind, he impressed his personality on
all, and those who differed with him
iii polities , or upon any other question, always admired bis manly
<i'uali.lies- and' companionable' manner. Those who ,knew hiin in ■" this
province in early days will always
hold his name in pleasant memory.
' On receiving the news of the death
of his father, Mr. V. Hyde' Baker at
once left , for-Wasa to inform Mrs.
Baker of .the news, and until their
return to ' lowii nothing definite , can
1** ascertained as'' to'-their platis for
tht; future. '--'   . ■   ».  ' A
Kotprious. Swindler Said' to be    a I
*..--,; ■--.>•    "' i;ast'x'ocdtcil.
-   .'  .   '       ____
"Readers of'the Ledger will remember the meteoric career ot. Rev.    A,
J. Day," who posed    as tlte, advocate
ol    lhe   orphaned   Macedonians, and
whin succeeded in swindling the   g>iod,
people of .British Coluniliia, Alberta
aiid elsBwlicre out of>  a*1»ut f20,ooo.
lie offered for a consideration to place
children,-   whose   parents   bad   'l-p-i.
slain by iniidel   Turks, among Christian families',,    and' collected in    advance the cost of lyriitgi'Hg llicm froiii
Asia"to,this   ' country,'  where 'they
could'growlup among good influences.'"*   Rev. P.iy was   "a swindler, pure
ond simple, who put' on the garb . ol
the minister in order to. prey the 'if-l-..
ter among good.people.   *
-."■Chief pf Police Jarvis, of." Nelson,
is    in receipt of   a letter from    the-
Coast,  which stales  that Rev.   Day
lias been located;; that lie is now    iii
Persia, where lie has settled, married
and is living like a mijl{o(l> oil his 411-
gotii'ti gains."It is stated, lhat lie is,
safe .J from .. prosecution fot his    ol-
lencc,  .as   there   is' no   extradition
treaty between    Canada and  Persia.;
'und that   he cannot il>c taken   away
fronr his - native lamb' and Ivmiight
Hack here to answer, before the courts
for his, felonies.   It is said that    llin
only way in'which he can be punished'is-for ■■■llie Canadian Government
to fitruisli Muzaflcr-ed-Din;  the   shah'
of Persia, an account of his' misdeeds
and perhaps he migllil elect, to punish
him. -The shah of Persia is an nbso-
lule monarch',    and   might think    it
worth * while to    arrest and cut ■ off
Rev. Davis head for Iris misdeeds.in
Cr'itf-id.i',   and   confiso'aiu-   liis 'ygaiiis.
This,would,be profitable io the shah,
but'-woiild' be rather' disagreeable  to
Rev-. Da}'.* The*, shah" has the   power,
number,- is.will'lie exercise it.properly in    the case of , Row Day? • It- is
cerlaiu that such an outcome, of   the
case would not ,l.yj received with.tears
by; the many victims of .the oily Mr.
lBay, »■ ■    ' -" "
Report deals with Finances for the Quarter Ending
June 30th, 1906-Books O. K. ;    '5
, i'crliie, B. C, July.,**.'',  1906'.
"Mayor," and Aldermen' of the" City  .of
Fernie;, .
Gentlemen,—We beg to report, having exajnintd the books and vouchers
for' the) (|)tia'rler eniding June30th,
and find litem correct in every particular..   Yours  respectfully, '   -'.,
'    '   J. R. VOLUME,       ■ •  '
,  y-<      G. II. BOULTON**,
. Trial .b'ulaiice as at June 30, 1906—
'   " CR,"
Bank l>al.',nce, 1906,.. $3,3**o,22
Bank bal.uiee,  1905  3,:>28.6i
Trades' Licenses   ......' '537.5°
Dog. and   wound  taxes...'...".'..   , 149-30
Police court lines...'  1,806:0b
Liquor licenses  2,3^5.00
City of -Fefnie....*; '.   1,282,90
Keep   of jirisomrs..*...'  .',.       61.30
Trust account     ■ 31.93
Use   of cilv seal       2.00
, A     .A DR.
School b'onid	
Expense account..'.'...
Elections account	
Furniture' r.n'cl fixtures.,,	
Salaries ••
Fire department*. ,.„.'.■,	
Printing  and   advertising	
Streets niul'sidewalks; ..."....
Real estate ,	
Health Department ,
Rent of jail , '.	
Police court expenses,,,'	
Police salaries... '. ',.-	
Interest account , *
Fire equipment „■..,.	
File hall'building   ...
Fire hall furniture nml fix...
Nuisance ground	
Legal expenses	
Sewerage system.; *..'	
Lot 6, Block 2 ....
Lot 5. Block 2	
Lot 4, Block 4	
Lot 2, Block j.....	
Lot 13 and i.|, Block -17.,„...'..
-•' 176..V*)
.    77-aS
3 0.20
.    7.20
I _
Trades licenses  .' S   245-°°
Dogi and pound taxes...'... ...".,.     ■79.,5
Police court fines...:.      840*00
liquor licenses  2,365.00
Keep of prisoners...©  ■...   ' '3--55
Inlertst         5-57
1905 taxes    361.80
Canadian Pnuik of Coinincrcc.$lloj2.*^'*|
and   cxpcii-
Si dd-s Q" Stntcnicnt- of* receipts
 t'-z.'l'ij'y. ^   ,         T
.491.90 (lit-urcs    Ior ftiiarlcr ending .nine 30,
35.00 1906:      '              ',  '.            .     ,< .
Bank  of  Commerce,   1905 S  344-05
School Hoard  1,500.77
Expense .-       123.95^
Elections       30,00
Salaries  ...    450-<v0
Fire depaitmeiit       7s-00
Printing    ami    advertising...      58.00
Streets' and sidewalks.... ■      14.00
Health  depailmeiit    °        /5.on
Rem. of jail       45-oo
Police court expenses , 222,56
Police salaries  1,047,1)0
Waterworks       55-75
.Fiic equipment .".      694.92
.Legal expenses '      242.93
•' 'A 54,981.93
Western Hoine -Montlily.
Perliaps' it' is weslcrn partiality,
but to my way of thinking, Agnes
Dean Cameron, Of Victoria, was the
most striking woman at the convention. All tin. west is* familiar with
the story of how she incurred ' the
wraith of the school "(/oard'of Victoria*
lie-cause she,.made them appear ridiculous,-aiul how, in sheer spite, they
suspended her certificate as a teacher
foi three years., Before the convention was over, many, a woman, who
had come lb it rather prejudiced
aguinst her, sais, V'What mad folly
could possess a school ''board to- let a
woman like that go when the}''might
have -had her to loach llieir children?"" •" _".        ■ ,      ' '    ••     '*
Those who know her well*;in   that
.capacity., say—tliat slie_is_a_lenchef,
-born in thc purple, and J can well be-',
lieve it. In addition to ■ teaching,
however,. she has for years done
newspaper work, and every ■ practical
newspaper woman recogiii/ctl in her
at once .the clcftiichLs that gjo-lo> majkc
success, in that calling,    .
Apart' from her ability as a writer
and teacher, she . is (ill exceptionally
fine public speaker!* Her voice, full
and resonant, is uiuler perfect control, she lias a great command of the
choicest English,' epigram and appropriate anccdoie come without ak-
parent effort. ,. In responding . to
toasts to .the press, and to addressee
of welcome, she said the right word,
just enough, not-too much, _ and nothing omitted. It .was, howeker, 111
her addiess on Kipling at the .Saturday niglit meeting that, she .was at
her liest.- Ah! what a treat it was;
something to remember .in the slow
grinding of the'years,'for she . took
thai best of all views of Kipling—
the apostle of tlit dignity and grandeur of work. You felt instinctively
thai it was because she -was herself ,1
Cameron so stroii-Jly. .Tlie finest
touch of all was liu reference to his
stories , for children, lh?n her own
love- of the child was ' revealed.
Speaking ut this incident afterwards,
a friend said to nie:   "Do vou kno.v
the thin-**; lhat struck me most • was
lhat all the women on the platform'
thai evening were wives' and mothers,
with the single exception of Miss
Cn-mci-on,' aiid yet to me she sug^ist-
ed more of the' mother heart, in face,
voice and thought, than any other
speaker..",, I felt instantly that this
was - true. A man passing _ in the
crowd said to a friend "that is '*
grand, good woman; you feel it when
you look at her, you hear" it in her
voice. She is brainy, probably the
brainiest woman   here   tonight,   L|ut
above* all. she is good.
War, it any .wonder that wilB people who had only, beard her once
going wild ovci her, that thc members of the club, one and all, came
lo look upon her ap the type of all
that   is   best   in'women.     The-west
^jjV^.roQ^-L-pnijc,, to±^bc=1>roui-Lof^7AiT*iiei"=
Deans Cameron.,. I feel I am a, bet*
ler woman every time I take her by
thc hand and. look inlo, her eyes.
-A Kansas '-business man," in iho
wsurse of an address on advertising-.
Tecciitly, said:
"If I ventured' to advise the adver-
User the advice would lie largoly
"Doul's," and something like this:
"Don't expect too much. 'Advertising may stem lo work miracles " in
instances, but miracles are' exceptions and-not the rule.
"Don't lie.. Live up to your ' announcement*..
"Don't indulge in 'flapdoodle' and
don't 'slop over.'
"•'Don't 1^.4 stingV in your, appropriation. '
"Don't bo btusKfic, gruff, 'smart,'
nor exacliiig with the'solicitor. ., He
iii*ay,.b'e -fully as much bf agpiitletiian
as yours-.ll, and if luf is" nol j you
have a fine opportunity.to show, him
an example of a true 'gentleman's jrtj*-
haviour. . / '      " -.        .1
'.'Don't try to tell too much iii n
small space. Give your announcement daylight-- and'lfrtatliing' .room.
A stulled advertisement is liabk to
have a short  reach. *   .'
"Don't overlook the value of well-
madc, well-prinled, convincing illustrations.
"Don't publish yourself as 'cheap,'
doing a cheap-John business, by ,is-
jing 'cheap' itatioiicry.
1 "Don't fail, if not located at a
well-known point, always to announce \vour direction „and distance
jfroiu some well-known point, and the
raihoads that reach you.
"-.'Don't lorgel the value of* th'e short
and fiibiuliy reading notice.
"Don't forget that they cost lhe
publisher money.
"Don't den:and something for nothing, especially long-winded pulls of
yourself and. what you have. Pay
your 'way, and pleasantly. The
prompt payment is doulb'ly sancti.i-
ed. The haggler, tht skin'Hint, the
'knocker' am1, 'bluffer' may carry his
point at times, but'in-the long run
■he will loose out—in slaiiding , if not
in. money, „
"Don't, if the publisher makes    an
error,     of  commission      or  omission
. 1      .
(and    these  errors -  are common    io
most of 11s). liy to regulate him   by.
rudeness until other means have fail*.
cd.   He may know how to be   djuitc
as .rude as you, and l|i:siilcs, he has a
club.     'Then,    are  few    instances  >n
which a publisher is not glad torcc-
t'ily in good measure     any mistakes
for which his ollice is responsi'l/lc.
"Don't drop.out.     Keep something
tloing.   Change your, copy  ar.d    stay
Your attention* is called to"| thi* [
change in tfce advertisements in this"
issue ami aiso to the new ones. The
merchants of our town appreciate
your trade, and take .this meaiis oi;-'
telling yen of amy to'iaiV-'.iins they ma*.*
have to offer, and also to announce
the arrivfil of new goods which are.
placed at jour disposal and inspection. Bv closely watchinc tbe colli ■ r   . • -
umiis of llus paper, you will lean*" the, '
names ol our business men who   in- *
vitt you lo ileal, with tliemj and you-,'
can rest assured that they will treat *
you right,   A merchant who does hot
care   enough for     your, trade tb ask
you to visit his store ami who "docs
not'inform.-you of tlie niany l^irgiains
lie   may   have to     offer,    is hardly :
worth ymir patronage.--The  progres-  -
sivc mcrcli'apt will niwtyys let his cuv,..|
tomcrs know of   the arrival of   iicwA
goods at once, and "the way for   our. -
merchants to do this,is through tli*ȴ;
column*, of this paper, which ,gbes in- '
to nlmo-ilcverv. house in the district. *
Minard's Liniment cures cold, etc.
"Don't forget to award the other
fellow the spine 'f-''}'iiarc deal' you ask
for vomself."   '
, .The' fellow who stops his paper l>e-
Liiusu ho lxicomes odeiided * at" some
item thai does not suit his, fancy, always imagines he js gutting even with"
the publisher, but'he is never missed. ■
This only happens occasionally, ' for
there are only a few people iu auy
coinmiiiiily who .imagine a paper
should loiitain 'liolhiiqg ('.tut what they,
approve nl. *;
. 0— '
The   ailvei Using    merchant is    the
one    wim does the business in   'these
days ol push  and enterprise.     There-  •'
arc    more    newspaper  readers  today
than ever before in tho history of the.
world,   'lhc    newspaper  places ' your
business under the. eyes.of the buyer,
lie sees wltat he wa(nts, ajul, knowing,
where to find il, looks up the    wide- *
awake 'meriLants; who  asked  him  to
come and set him.   Success in    thesu
days of sharp competition calls    for
eternal vigilance;   You can't keep ■ a
hustler down* .-
» .    _: o	
GKUM   PROOF.      -
A doll.ii* bill may carry to its    receiver tlie \ilest infection.   It    is    a
sponjgc lhat, takes up fil ill and "disease
germs .-'Irom     every    hand -,through
which it   passes, and from cverybbdy
with wliDin  it comes in contact.   Wc
hope   oiir ciclincjMcnt subscribers,   are
not    holding back- their dollar    bills
fcr fear they may carry s<line cciii.',^'
jou's HiMn.se to .11s.   If .they are,    we
assure tliem we arc safe, having had
The , nnfiiip**,   wtioopfiig  eongirpWasl2"""
es, scarlet     fever,  smallpox,  a'nd , a.
variety ol   other diseases.   So  -blring
alonv.viiur dollar bills, and we   willr
give you  a     nice,  clean receipt    for •
I hem."
Book    Work
in all its various branches
Bring  in  your   next  order.
Th*>    Fornio    I 4>t.t*t>r
*m\ *m\      *m\    ^*t**r* m** '1^Sm00m*     t*t tt*)      H   M    ^■"'^^ **■»*•       '********    *0"M     "*m*M*g*      ^mSSSW*   ***)
B     B  BB B wBB B jg^
Circulars THE;FERNIE LEDGER,'■-FERNIE,-B. C. AUGOST.8,, 1906
Will Exhibit in Fernie on Friday,
August 10th«=Big Time.
' .'lhe coining visit of Burch and
Uiiss' World's. _ Greatest '.Shows l.i
this lily 011 Friday, Aug. loili, will
jir,o\c very interLStinJy to the .slmleiils
of psychic plienoiiicna, hypnotism, occultism, th-'jsophy,'and. to the -be:
lievers in rcinrarnatiou in general.
.With these --hows is an animal trainer by the name of Heir Kirehem, ii
"graduate of , Ntrburg College, Germany. Ilcrr Kircliem's nietliod of
training annuals is absolutely different Irom any other, heretofore employed, t The professor el'ajjns that] all
animals have souls; are capable of
thought, and when properly under-,
stood, thoir reasoning powers cannot
be disputed. It is needless to say
that .'the Professor is'an,enthusiastic
Iv-licvcr in theosophy. His method ot
training animals is to keep them
calm and to converse with them in -a
low,' conversational tone; to* treat
them kindly; to gain their confidence;,
and to always look them straight in
the eye. In Ihis way the Professor
has been able to sujlxluc the most ferocious lions and .tigers, and he has
trained -i ci'tncl to.a point r.! excellence ncvet Ixiforc attained. lie has
likcwisb been able to 'place a camel,
pony and a lar*!;^ dog/into a slate of
, hypnosis.'  In    one instance it. i.s    re
corded that he placed a snake    inlo J tents.
a cataleptic stale so perfectly that
lhe reptile icseiublcd n walking stick
in its slraigthliicss and thcrig-idityof
its body. The camel, dog and pony
•ire put through their wonderful feats
of intelligence by means of this power  al eveiv  perlormaiice.   The  scofler
and .unbeliever will find many things
in Ilcrr Kircliem's wonderful- experi-'
incuts that will require a lot of explaining. -All, of the 350 dogs, ponies, goats, camels, "pigs, zebus, ant
caters, Ivosindicus, llamas, ta'pairs
and other animals arc under the immediate charge of Ilerr Kirchcm
Such a thing as a whip is never used
with these new big shows. This will
l>e the first western tour of Messrs.''
Burch' and Reiss' Animal Shows, and
they 'will- no doubt create a sensa!
lioin.) In addition to the niultitiidion-'
or.s animal' acts, will lie shown'
tro'ups of aciialists, acro*b,ats, clowns;
gymnasts, bicyclists, jugiglers Oquilib-
erists, necromancers, and Gregory's
Royal Italian Banda Rossa, the
finest musical organization ever carried with a tented exhibition. A
grand flee street parade will lx; giv:
cn at ii o'clock on the morning of
the exhibition. Two performances
will be, given under large waterproof!
Lovers af nusicf of tlw*, highest cJhl-'
er of excelience should not miss llie
opportunity of .hearing the new Jennie    Liiid*   a<    Stork's    Hall Friday
_n i gli t?__Mi ns Ire l^_shows a nil pxi«L
fights are criiim'on, and can Im* seen
and heard ir Feruie at frec-ucnl in-,
U-rval**, but the opportunity of hcar-
ihigj such ar. artist as Miss Olivia
Balil is of.the rarest occurrence, and
the opportunity should not be allowed to puss by unimproved.
.Those who will IA; fortunate enough
to hear Mips Dahl'alld her able- ic-
cotiipanist' Miss Smith, .render .ths
pro'gfiiinmc 'arranged for presentation Kriilay night, will never regret
the price, and it would be too bad
to allow'such songsters lo sing to n
half-filled house.
•■The ■-Ledger again prints the programme in full as it will Up rendered,
nnd hns no. hesitation in assuring its.
readers that il will lie lhc finest musical lri.ai: ever olTered them, Don't
forgot    the date,  Friday,  Aug.  loth,
than are paid by private companies..
Isn't *t better for- the city to pav
high w.i/ges to woi-hmeu tlilan to pay
unoiuii.ous profits to^ corporfetibais klhal'j
pay'lower wages?' Considered " with
reference to thc expenditure per
lamp, tho ' cost jLo jthe ci I v_f or_i t a
C.  JL,   Gil'bons  Presents
"The new   Jenny Lind,1'*
Assisted (ijy
GINA SMITH.        ■
I. (a)   Thou Art My Heart". Collnn
,' (ib)|  Roses'W June,,,Edward German
(<•)   Irish Liillnpiv.Adelaidt; NuL'dhnm.
(d)   Migiion^.  Guy   (rilni-dclol*
'       OLIVIA DAHL.
a. On The Moimtnlii" Grelj--
3- (<•)   AIlnK  ' Chadwick
(hi   From    Monto   l'liioin*. Greig
(c)   (let    Forste.    Mode Greig'
(il)   Mt ' Nltin Cuttary
4- Cnnnvnl Orclff
fl. Folk-soujrjilii VoMiijni!   (group    of
God Snvc; Tin* Kin*?.
The l'uliiic, CIiIi-iiro.
Critii-M ol the iniiiiU-ipnT owinTsliip
inovnnciil will Iiml Mill fiinlier rood
for i-clli'clion in the ninth itiiiiiknl %.
port ol llie ilip.-iiliiunt ol elu-trlulv
♦'f il-   fn. ii fi' . ' • •
just been* b.Mt'A from 1bi*. rijirnl \\
iippeiiiA tli.if ill coiiKi-tjiinice ol own*
"ig uml {-punting a cily lig,1iiln<{
plant for the Inst iS ycnis, Cliungo
Im.s snvi.il J'.W.V.Vi.S in comparison
with ulmt it t.'f.ni.i I..,,.,_, i.,...; t
Iil'iii to pay ji it |lud procured ml
iti public lighting from privnte «i,--
pi.tiitioii*.. *,lii*. ihlimatc of savin.;
luiiUs lull iillotv'iiiiiu for interest on
llie plant, nnd Hie limn tlmt wotiH
li'tvc lievxi lucivcd liom private iiiii<.
piiim-H. The only mm n omits K
ilipnii.Ul(<n chargei*. Tlit rcpoit <*s
tuiit-,ti'-. tint thc com of ojxruling
iliu tuimi.ipal plant last ymr, wm
Jj*S*,M7 bim than the trity wo'ibi
hnve Iuul io pay « private corpora*
tlou. This is tsjH.iirtlly worthy ol
con*.'.*c',..ti..i. in view o( the (net lluu
oim' ol  the iritKtKinti «1 thr*   dcpnrt
own pliant during thc past ycar'.is"*re-,
ported ; to have been 552.63, whereas'
the amount , il paid to the private
company for lamps needed in excess
of its own during the same year was'
?io3.r '"■ '       *  .     '   .".';..", ©■*:'
 0 ~    .,'     ,    1
A millionaire "shovel* maker, as he
sat iu the smoking room of an Atlantic linei, said:
"I have bien over to Englanli try-.,
iiigi to sell shovels to* Hit Hritish Gov-';
eminent. I failed. I didn't sell a'
shovel. And a dead man name,!
Jones was,- the cause of my failure
Jones' was ?live during the battle oi-
Wateiloo, . Ik sat ou liorsclinck near
Welling/ton's lent. Wellington, seein'g
liim there in civilian's dress, snbl
'■* 'Who .-ire you?1
" '1 nm -i shovel salesman," said
Joiil's, 'and I came here from Urns-.
sols to see the buttle,"*
" '.Sow >oii arc hurt*,' said Welling-,
ton, 'arc yon willing to .i-jarry a 11101-
sujyu for mt- to one of my generals?
II will be ,1 dangerous crrnnd, but
just, now 1 luivc 110 one else to carry
" 'I'll cniry your mcssngi*1,' said
Joucs, 'nnd ns for danger, one part
ol this lUllh.field is no more dangerous I linn nnolliet- pnrt today,'
"So Wellington gave him the mcfi-
sugc nnd .Lvnes delivered il, Imt tailed to return,' Tlm Dnkn thought him
slain, hnl one day, eight or nine
years Inter, u num accosted the i)Uk0
iu London,
" 'Ho you ii'inliiilier mc.?." ho said,
" 'I do,' Mild Wellingitoii, .shaking
ihu nian'k lliiiiil warmly. 'Vou snved
two irginiilils of inliiu liy the delivery ol llml iui'.ssi"(g^, Why didn't you
rut 11 ill lo uic?'
"Jones said liis liotsu Iuul been
liillul III*,' n r.ininm bull ns liu was re-
luiuiii^, uml he liiiui.eK hnd l^en shot
in the side.
'•• 'Wisll,' inilil the Duke, 'whnl rail
I do for uni?'
" 'I um n portlier In Hint shov-
liciti.se 01 oiiih now,' said Joiiuh. 'The
linn mime Is Smith, Jenkins ,V Jones,
nud l',l like lo     gel    u   '".ovi-nniii-iit
"Ht got it," ihe mlHloittlre ended.
Fl'ntll   til'It   >}(iV   Ut   llll"   ill   111..   ,-Xtiit'-
els used in the. llriiish n.i'iiiv nnd nnw
h.tvc: been Niipplieil bv the house ol
Smith, Jidklns Si Jones, I wasttd
my time living to ii-iii|>vle. with that
lirm."—Chiuigo Chronicle,
•■Thcic's a FicihIi ballet dinner 1:1
Paris," siii.l 'J'etu ilu Venn, "wlio
innnnge*-i, on a salary of $A n wcc'k,'
to keep a brougham nud an nutoin*-.
"'J'liut « notliiiig," snid I/0(j|inn,
'H kiime h.iil a dn/i-n y/niny rnilroud
In.l'.'ht iltrkj* uho lmve iiifUMgcd, on
salaries ol $,*o a inoiiili, to ncnitiui-
Inte $(Vi,«"Oo or Sjitflm worth o( j**ilt-
nlfctd nal slotU."
i.mnimiDGE;. >
Ltth'biidge   Herald. ■ i
~ C. G. K. Nourse expects to lea/e
tonight for Medicine .Hat. Thos. Au-
'drews, .Sc'.rii-ntjarit'Aof the * .Macleod
branch ofi^thl- Bank of Commerce, is*
acting as nanager here during Mr.
Nourso sal; ence.
.1. \V. Kean was elected grand1 inner, guard ,i*i the.Grand Lodge of the
Knights of Pythias'" F.' J .AG. 'McAc-
iliiir is lhc new Grand Chancel*lbr. C.
F. P. Ccnybcare, K. C, assisted in
the* installation of the new ollicers.
'I*he next Ciand Lodge meeting will
be held a,  L'raiidon.
Jos. Obbrn, the Milk.River sliq.ip
rancher, had a record wool* clip this
season. He got 21,^58 pounds of wool
off 2,180 rt'sheep." This weight wis'
only 42 lis. short', of going te;i
pounds of wool tb the head. Tlu;
wool bu>er gave 17.35 per pound 'or
this wool', vhich is the highest prt'.c
ever paid in the Province of Alberta;
Mr. Oborn has a fbie lot of wethers,
which will dress.100-pounds.
F. Barnes, secretary of th.i Hoard
of Trade, las received the following
letter irom W. Whyte, sccoiid vie:--
prcsident oiAthe C. P. R,: "As you
can appreciate this- is a big problem
in bridge building, aud it will take
some time' t« study out what the difference will • Ik lxjtwecn a , coml-jiii'd
highwnj' nu J railway bridge and a
structure for railway purposes only.'
However, as soon as I can sulymit1
figures to your -Hoard, I will be
pleased.,to Ao so."
 0— ■ , •     ■  ,
■Cranbrook Herald,
"j. A. Broley and C. W. Smith,   of
Fernio, wort transacting Imisiuess in
Cranbrook , "Monday.
J., II.'McMillan was'up from   Fcr*.
*- •  -     • -.      < * .      . ,,
nie ,.yestci day on provincial business-
. G.. G. .Jewell, of Jaffray, was transacting business in Cranbrook Wed-,
nesday. '       ,    , • •',
T. ;,J. Wcllman arrived from' Van-
*.ouver Monday, and will spend soma'
lime in the. district fishin'g and visit:
iug , with his * sisters, Mrs. George
Hoe^arlii and Mrs. E. II. Small.
Tlio inimitable and- irrepressible,',
,'J.lios. Flaherty came up from Fcrnia
Tuesday for a few days visit with
Cranbrook  friends. „«'
slit- tried , to release herself,-another
gentleman went to;, her ., assistance,
and, before the lady.-knew what was
the matter, they were movingi her our
into the, aisle; .and, indeed,, carried
her into .the vcsti^ilt-'b'sfore she coul V
recover, sufl'ciently from her astonishment to find words for protest., Thi
finale, of course, was ludicrous in
the extreme .--Loudon Times.
Aloyie Leader.
, Tho concentrator7 men at tho St
Eugtiie arc asking for an eight I10U17
•jay. A 'petition is now being circus
lated among the mill'mcn, and it.is
said there" are no refusals. It will oe
a, unanimous . rchjuest. The company,
is given until August" loth io ponder
over it, and they ask for a reply on;
that date. Tht men arc askin'g for
an eight hour day at thc present'
stale of wages. -' !'
- In the .Cotur-d'Alcncs the: minors
and mill men. have.been workiiiigeight
hour shifts ' since the" first of,-tho!
'month, and 3,000 mVii "arc allecled by'1
the cliungo. The mine owners wore
prompted , u this action 'by "the
scarcity 01* men, and thoy made ajcut
in lho hours os an inducement s to
bring miners and mill hands from
other camps. As* a result men are
leaving in ^cod-sized ninivbcis from
Moyio ".nd lhc other camps in 11. „',
lor the sMvei-icad district- in Idaho.
The St. Iv.igone mill men feel that
thoir. miuiMl:' is, reasonable, f*,ml tluyj
do liol contemplate nny opposition
lo it.
— 0	
At an election meeting recently tli:
oaiulidnte vas somewhat troubled by
a man in thc audience, who at' ljenlm'..1!
became oftensiytly personally,' :
-,"Is it true that your mother
washes—"he began; but before le
could add-llie word "clothes," the
willy candidate cnlled out smartly,
.'•Of course sho docs;, why,don't yon?"
* This raised a'loud Iimgli nt lho
'diflliirbei'-s expense, but still im-
dniiiited, ho returned to the attack,
"Vou can't   deny,"*he said, "lint
your Inthtir.wns a rng and liiom.'iinn
I bought   some old clothes oil   himj
llilrty years ngo," |
"And I nee you're ntill, woiiiin^j
'hoiul" was the candidate's llghlnliijr-!
rotoil, "      ''
 0 •    ''      ,    1,
An iiilurthlinig report cniice.iili(o-| thi'i
tinI'ubilily 01 ciirdiiic muscle Iiiih 1 ■i.'e'i
presented by Piof. Loi let, of llu
Frv'iih .u'lti'ieiiiy, who Iiiih Ix'fii eon*
coriieil in iiivcHllgiitlonslii regnrd lo
thu conditio!" of the liearl nnd vii-
cera ol llm embalmed body of King
Ua*nvHex II,, who died 1258 before
Clnlm—3,if^| years iig*o. Tlioru wore
four vases which eoiitaliitd llie re*
lii.iills of Intel mil portions of .he
hotly. Time of -.Iiokc wore of eurliibi
iuileleiiiiiiml*' gninnliir KiilAitrtnces
mixed v.illi pulverized sodu, ami are
lespoitivelv loitj-idoled to Ik* tlm 'e*
maliM ol the sloiikuli, liver, and in-
tetttmes 01 thu ileiul king, llie lid ol
tlu; 1 loin th vase wns oinanieiitod with
a jaik^l, i.ml , whin opimil it \ia\
foiiml  to Kllllulll  tlie litiul,  llio    up
In  the gloaming, oils' evening,. ■Avere
.silling till late
A young man and a-maiden fair,.
Tarn sure tley were lovers, and some
.people say '      "     -    '
That they did nol use mort than.one
Let    that bi   as it may, tliey    were
happy and gay,   .
As they chatted away at their ease,
And they talked of the weather,   the
opera and love, .„
Each iindihg it easy to please.
ThougUi charming these several topics
. at last'"."'"'..
Came a pause in their thoughts' moid flew* v-      '
Such an eloquent silence,as trut loi-
eis have,
When their love is the sweetest, you
know.. °
"Do you ■  think    I'm   improving !n
courl.-diip?"  he  asked.
As his arm lound     the maiden    win
,'W'itii a sniilt and a blush slie demurely rcjiliecl:
"Well, I  think you arc holding .yoiu
" under this" heading instcrtcd at the
rate of .one cent a word each insertion.    .     *   -
WANTED-Girl   .for ' general    hoiifc-
:-work.—Apply j to'Mrs.  W. R. Ross.
' *r ofiice. 1
FOR SALE-A gxaod William's piano.'
Apply I).  McLennan..
 . ..(.
are for sale at this ollice, price 25
cents each—"Rooms'.to Let, Apply
"Within," "Furnished Rooms to
Let, Apply Within.'.'
I-L 'lin  >i
The professional esthete .wlio mak*-q
his litilc 550,000 a year by advisinj
oil kings, coal barons, soap magnates • and patent medicine millionaires as tc what sorl of tapestri--1
and wood'carvings', to put =inlo their'
drawing rocms and,,libraries, was en
tcrlainiii'gj one of his* clients al diniur
at the Belmont, , "-,  -
Tho feast ' had progressed uneventfully as far as coffee and cigars when,
thc decorator-architect asked his client if he wouldn't try "some of his
1876 Cognac". willi his code**. Tho
plutocrat evened that he would, and
the ambrosial lijqiior was unctions!,•
oourtd oul hy Augjuste, the lii'.gh pontiff-oi the Belmont cellars.
The millionaire took a sip, sma-t-
•d his lips appreciatively', if noisily,
and "re'ckor.td" that it was pretty
good  stuff—for . $18.76.
"I   iisuall/     pay. $2*4    a   tase foi],
'mine," he added.—New    York Globt ■
-N)w York, Aug. 4.—Charles W.-
Post, of -Battle Crock, Mich., president of the Citi/ens- Industrial Association*-.' loused by the appeal pi
the''Ainc'ricon -Fedcratiori'of Labor."
lor a ?2,000,000-cam^aifgiii fund to de-
Icat Speaker Cannon-and other con:
grcssmen foi re-election, issued a
.statement last, night in which he announced that his orgaivi/.ation would
•tike up lho challenge of Samuel
Gompcis ami ally itself on the side
oi men who have earned the animosity of the labor union vole, In his
statement he says:
"It is a menace to "the people nl
large'to allow any orgiaiii/ation''■'■ of
Inlwr or capital to dominate their
aA'airs, either political or otherwise.
When a combined movement i.s made
Ivy the lnjl-jor trust to secure such control, it must be met by citizens of all
classes lor self-protcelion."
_ 0—...,. ,.
The _ Democratic campaign in Missouri will bo opened 011 the. i\th of
September, by Win, J, Bryan, Mr,
Bryan is lo be received in Si, Louis
on tlio 3rd, and will open the campaign at KniisiiH City the folloivln*-;
nlgjl. From Kn'nsns City.ho wil! go
directly to his home in Lincoln,
Upton Sinclair, nutlior of "Tlio
Jiiii'-le,1' was noiniiinled on the, 3f.Ui
by the Socialist , party ns Ihelj^cftii-,
dick'tij for congress from tlio'<|l.i
Cimgiessioimi   Dihlrict-of   Now .ler-
Fruits and
Summer Drinks
Here you'll  find  everything  the
season affords in fine condition.
COME       IN AND     ' SEE.
J. R. McE-wing
The Preserving Season is new
on. Get our prices on Fruit
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Bring your Cash and ^et lvalue for youriiWoney.
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*** Vl
» 5§
%00000000000P%      *   The People's .Orbcvr^P,iO. Block, Fernie
. - ■ •   • ■'• -"Wiy-'-'
The best Silk-making
Countries of the world
contribute to the making
of my
Four-in-hand Neckties
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George F. Johnson
Fernie, B. C.
Tlio Cily nl niacWi'iirn, in Lcui-
cm-lilre, Engliiiiil, Iiiin o|H>neil n Tin-
klHh and Ki,:<Hinii li)*i(li, A hot nir or
sli-uni lituli cun Iff! Iuul for two eetilii,
(Did nil noi-i-ll'lti extnifi only romo lo
13 aniN.
On July j-j Lorfnu Cross illeil I'i
WorecMer, Muni.,, nt the njje ol t)/\
He wns tlio inventor of Uie Imnd-
hcrcw. utetidi, wliicli"l8 nomcil' nfler
liim, Despite liis; great njfe, lie wan
Ktlll iklively tnjjiigeil lu iiirtniifrtdiir*
Fire Works ■
Souvenir Canes
Men, keep your feset cool and com- ;
fortable in a pair of our Oxfords, :j
they feel just right on the foot and
we know they willi look good to you f
if you step in and let us show you,;
Tan, White, Black and Patent at >
Reasonable prices. j
:   Vacation Neeessities   .i
We are   offering   you   ari   extra .quality   Suit!
Case made of . Kestol, 24- in.' long and . has . two !
straps and good brass trimmings and lock, solid '
leather corners, secured with copper1 rivets;    '
V A Trunk   made   ov0er,a strong wooden   frame i
with iron bottom covered with 5 oz. canvas well-''i
painted   and   fitted with   two heavy straps and
iron trimmings stitched leather handles at     .',
Special Prices
TinsmU hen ^ & Piumbiiiig
-. T    HAVE taken  over the business  formerly   con- -i
*-   ,    c,l-,c1t?.d  b>' Shepperd & Elliott and wish to inform-,-
- ^.c.-W'.c Miat.-Um.in.a1position ;to ,do all .kinds of '
^    linsmithing and Plumbing .in' a prompt and efficient
manner. > Remember the place.
«" One door north of King Edward Hotel,  ^onci
Kootenay Opr Co.    '
j"IIMMWiMWB-*»MMai*WM^M^^^^M,.._M.J_____ ^1*^    (,	
' Nelson, B„C.
Smoke Royal Seal Cigars.
L Atkinson,      -     .     .     ■-.■    Fernie, B. C
Horn, lo Uic wife of Cliar.cs   Rtov*.
Hunt lx that fl imyt.    liiplur   wnps ,rm, inr.f S..lnnlrty, n non..
bO   Ml.lO   Hilt,    lllll 11V     M'llS   1.IL'   IISMtlv,
lll.ll  It  COIllll  MOt  lx*  NCVUITlI  witlioul
llit aH>!Ntnnrc ol a nnw,
'iaiii linUsK l.uc wiiinn ttixiy llliyii
I InUfiit to apj'Iy to tlw Chief   Com*
mlssioiivrn ol I.and* arid Woil.-". lorn
hpci'iiil 'iiansu lo tut and cany uw.iy
|H.',i,i;iiui! of ttlilth wus 1111 oval plate J HihIhT from tlit following lands, .siL-
"n.t\u-" vn V-iim*.."* kTiitM KooicTiiiy Iin-
tricti Coiimii'iiciitj; nt n post ni.uk*
ud Jolm I'.oilo.liJidt.rH, iioitlir<if.l ror*
inr, alioiit one mile went ol xhn
(noutli of Tunnel Creek, ivlicro it empties into tlio Klk ttiver, tlittux* sotiili
flf> ili.iin^, flirnct* writ Ho rli.ifns.
theuce imt tli Ko rlininN, tlunco cast Ko
(linlfi-.-, to j.lnrc of ro'nnieii'unrTi-',
howtkA .'tu/rii-sl iM, »<yo6.
Per      A. ll. nnCKSTKAURR,
S Ajt.i.:.
» *M>      ,  ,.  -  fr.
lier gently under (lie urins ami r»i*-d     Minard'n    I.iniment    Cures ('.iirRt-t
lier up, greatly tn lii't iiurprine;   ■ ARj-Jn'towH,
-Palace Drug Store
H. P. McLean, M«r.
A ynmg ttuty lind n rntfict- rtiilMir-
t(Oiling -.xpirivitcc in a IV-mlon cliun'i
last Siinil.iy, Sliv* rt<-Wdi*n«nlly I.f
lur JiiiMlktidiii-I fall. Hy repealed I .-
»too|»in-{ to n-9i.li ll furtively, \lic
iittractcd the attention of the jjfcntlt-
ittnii in llit pew W-ttiml, who tho'ifclit
she. van aUm %t> faint. With tlw
itent ol ninum,    llit'refon», lie    tnoXt ]m
****..,..,,,,,,,.    .,.',,,,  ,   ,,, .,.
Winiiljit'i; , Port Arthur, ,'it. Paul,
DnU-lh, Sinus City, $*,&' .v*; Kixha.ia
City, 5.VI.-J.1; Hi. Louis, ,V..ui; Clii-
I'lHiro, Jiio.iio. Oa sain Aof^iisl ;-*<•«>,
>ii*j.t. h-io. Viii.ii 'jjniit, Od, $1, Toronto, Sp.fts. On Mill* Si'pt. S-9-10.
I.lmlt, N'nv. .totli. MilwaukiY, J!.'-R.'!o.
On snlii  An-;. 7-S-0.   I.imlt,  Oil.  ,ti.
Throi^li  rntt» all  Mntioim Ontario, Qtitlic**, Sew York, Sew Kn-jl.ni.l.
M.uilinii, ViDvliui-h mi   appliia*ion.
■I. K. CAI'T.'H, K. J. Cr|VI,K,
1). P. A . A. H. IVA.,
.."■fiil-Kin. A'AnnMVvcr.
I Wc list below a few things you all need
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A lintel that furnistii*-. f|«let rom-
nMV.!lftii«*f«*J?iH7ir*1,*.Jtvryfi*, tor St-* V**
Irani f.« n xmtrre nf pUv-ntife* lo th<*
trrivcllln-i puMle. f.ueli rt one li tlie
King V.AwntA hotel ot Fernie, *-corner npp-isll,. \imt niTiee,.
We h.i<m niivrv...! mul >u»v,i lnt»f
«UKkf A TON* OK Pmiri'KAll In,
i-fen's, "ft'imktih uml ChihJrrn-.*
K»r>il.f, j
Ho* C*lf. Ua.! a».l Ct*i£tx% trtan
$lor>   ta   $yon; Mliu-r.*' 1»'t Shn»ii;
from ft.W.to l^.oii. J
W. R, McDougall
ffiffijk^MSi  .".
An Expert's Views on the Present Situation-Written
with  all the Weight of Local  Coloring.
0    g^jthtae  Says    when omu
port? of  the   rccrudisccnce
elMiigs  in  South  Africa  are being -e
ceivcd   an  expert   view   of tlie-
tion    written .with all llie weight  of
local coloring will be received     with
considerable     interest    at   the   sjinc
time being highly educational.
■The following  article   appearing  in
the 'New1 York Post, is from the pen
ol Capt. Arthur H,; Blefctlay, a vet
eran of the Transvaal,
The "Zulu   Is  ever   hoping   for a
chance lo throw, off the vofce. He s
»*drenraiSgt of realising lhc great din*
"8b b : prophecy; 7 *;"A 'great war will
come ntid the spirits of your warrior
ancestors Eli all arise from the mi i*
and. led by those great chiefs Mo/el
Itstzie, Dibgna, Hisa, Zand iti ond "Ma I
sesh, thev.jslinll aid their.descendants
to drive the white man into thc sea
This is lhe. dream, of the Zulu to
romc when his native ami-tribal ciif
lonis aiid htfbits shall be.restored |
The vast veldt, he believes, will again
abound in game, now driven 'awaj
by. the guns of the white man im
the. tribe* Svill effect a. re-estobli-. i
mSnt.df-.a.:native,ocean anil from thi
Zambesi to the cape. Many "flou
,fear that n volcanoc of reliellion ma
burst beneath tht settlers at any mo
mint, and South Africans arc unit-* 1
in the.opinion lhat it will reqiiiri. a
most .careful handling'. of tlie sitna
tion by the British dud colonial j;ov
if  t
ipht is
Hitherto .the. greatest safeguard lu-s
tlen the inate 'and implacajble jealousy of the various tribes, whicli has
rindered anv serious combination nn
probable. This lias tended to facili
tale the handling of _llic whole question,   the   two   great   tribal   section:
"the Basuto.and the Zulu, hating; taeh
other with the cordiality of the Sein
ihOle   and   the   Apache.   But   recently
there has been signs of a rcapproi
small  way  due
king nt tlie n  •!?
minor tribes,
to'cottfact whil
or in railwav
larg'e Centres of employment, and aug
mented fcy the comparative ease with
-tfthich travelling can 'itojw be ac
complishcd. This spirit of coucili i
lion afjfl conslolnlat^tm has been fos
tered by the. missionaries who hav
established  branches   all   over the
country. Some ^missionaries liavc
done Ineffible mischief in promoting
the..doctrine, of  "Africa for. the  Af-
'Unrest--has been increased by t u.
pathetically '■ futile efforts of the Ou
man government to put down the.lle-
ttro rebellion in German southwt&t
Africa: "There -. for. two and a halt
years a small aiid insignificant tnv-e
Of iHo'tcntotts and Hereros, poorly
1 M-fciett; a|nd loo"^ed upon with contempt'. by the Basuta tribes, liavr
successfully- defied the kaiser's mail-
try;' with a comparatively small num
ber.of whites living i
tlements, or dispersed
tn tlie midst of a,huge
tion tliat extends over a very -lur
area If such a ". population shoo
ed fist, and fought an astonishing
successful.campaign in which revers
to the German troops have occurr
with monotonous regularity. Aft
the .expenditure, of fi 50,000 000 11
lie ..sacrifice of 7000 lives, and 1'
constant airnal of reinforcements
the field,, and the 'end is yet as fi
from, sight as it was two yearsag
The.Herero, fighting with a chivali
totally unexpected; is far from hur
iscouragcd, and quite recently tl
lutf Marengo, sent a message I
'the mighty general of tlle emperor
1 reply to-a demand to surreidr
aving that thc war had just be^ji
and Chat he had better-take the v><
n troops home if he did not uis
If the ITotenlot "Jacket' can d
this, What is not possible fcr tin. 1
on warriors of. the mighty tribes •
Amaswoza, to say . nothing 'of tli
score of smaller but equally warlil
tribes? So thinks lhe Kaffir., and Ll'
unrest  grows  in  proportion   and  iti
Letsea, the wily Batsuto chief, 'wh
.hut a fcw months ago succeeded b
unanimous \oice of the tribes, the d
ceased Icrolhodo ns paramount lul
of the great Basil to nation, has Hull;
all prejudices aside and is in fricndl-
communion with his brother chitf
Dinizulu, son of-Cetewayo. Ditmili
was Vanished by the British to St
Helena, where he was treated a.
potentate,- alloWE.il -several wives,
large retinue and a personal alio i
(tnce of. S5000 per annum. Under thi
ihadow of the Great Napoleon's grai
he  hatched  fresh   schemes  for th
rlhrow of the white race in Afn
Subsequently, by the efforts o
itaken philanthropists the govin
it was induced to release him mc
he returned lo Zululand by mi n
England, wliere he was petted     -in
musty   the   danger  oii the
retailed at the 1
cd  a
d not long relunitd     pi
been     reinstated     when   lie   got  lm
ade short wort of  sniiK. rci. 1
ptttv chiefs and others      wil
had attempted during his abjure I
uihorilv,  and      U*
lilierties  not  in  conformity with  h
sen chafing all aim
and 1
for  a row.  His
itioni and pretensions are fanned liv
he compilings of the educated
■oitti(; chiefs from the .colleges of
ovedalc and.* ZonnenWoom ind urn;
cd by lhe more turbulent,iudums ir
petty chiefs, he is by no roe ins uu
willing to measure swords with tlie
whites, and with the assistance of
the warlike Batsutos, to bring tr
pass  the prophecy of Uie  great   Clu
South Afriea, although- a white c
only is really a black peopled t
total -1
The      total
white   Bj.li I ing  1
position of the hut tax. and rcfusi
to pay it, killing an inspector m
troopers ot the local'mounts
force order. Twelve of llie ringleader
aptured, brought to trial -111
red lo death on a charge u
high treason and murder. The* ucr
icculcd at ' Petermaritsburg, .ill
:apital, on April 2
t wus then fondly, hoped that an
Linpt at rebellion had been nipju
the bud, but the regrettable lltci
it   nas   but   tlie  'outcome   of .
drunken brawl at un annual Iicl
nk, and. that "le s^ er._ measure
n taken Woiil-" .'srimidate anv oil
malcontents. But further disturb
es have occurred .and other chief
lis trt ou the. warpalh." Thc ixstn,
oil of Greylowu, Natal, lias bee!
nded   by   lOie   deposed   Baittlmatn
Fernfo, is a pleasant home for all  who travel.
T. WHELAN, Manager.
ith r
of    the
iark  on  lhc  kidnap
Magiiwajbala,   an
as  suspected of lie
ipporur of lhe Kov
■Ve   swear   bv   C,*lc
ir  king.
So far these disturtai
onliULd to tbe petty chiefs but it 1
improbable that these would take th.
luitk^ive, 'risking their lives un
property by committing Jiigh trcisot
unless .thev had been assured of tin
issistancL and protection of a mil
ligbcr up. It has ever lieen the pol
cy of the great Zulu chiefs to li
ow and through their sub ordinate
oment   mischief,   repudiating   all  u.i
ii some great crisis prccipitatis      3
crash and    makes   all   inrthtr     ills
Change of Business
Having* leased the Fernie layery
anil Dray business of Wm. Hand-
ley, I am prepared to do all
binds of Draylngr and Llrery
Agent   for Femlo Coal, ..
Agent ot tbe Canadian Oil Co.
immit Lime and DIstrl bating
Give™e2s!.Frc(, Handley
of the  greatest  ri_lj
Will  the gmc
d pate faced, mother
IVlicn your iiervts aro7but of order
' your whok liLallh is ou the \srgt 01
u brcaVdown. Sudden sounds star
ties    yon; yonr    muscles  twitch and
( your ; hands trenililcj yonr self-con-
IrotisiiriilUTedi your will power it
UPiie. Your In-iiir aches; your fv^t arc
nlleW : coliV   nml   y'wir race   flushed
- Yolir'hcail jimijis and thnlups nl tha
leUM eMitemetil, yon nre nistlcs.1 nt
ni)*ht niul lireil wlmn ynu wnke.
Your teinpiris irrilrfilc ami ipu Iuul
utterly doMMicwUd. "Ami the wholo
irnnlila7in tiwiatti-ti your Wowl.iit too
thin ■nd wtitoiy lo kiiep litis -nerve*
Mivnnt;, Tlwrii is only ono wny lo
h*\u styon*;, lieallliy iiorvcfi-f""e*l
tliem wiili ilni rich! in*.*! Itlnod Uiul
otily:'1Jr.-_ Williams' l'ink I'iilit can
iimku-omJ. ilo - mnko. Mr, Fred
.Fori."*':..i/ Siillivnn Blrcol. Toroiitu,
W)*i-;-r''I won n thmplutu wreck willi
iiDrvoii,i prosirntion, l|ul Dr. Willi Bins' Pluk 1'llls U«vo iinido n 111.W
man ol mu. I Iiml i**on norvons for
'years; llm Ic nut. noise would niarllu
lnt, and tho IciMt oxcrtioii would
leave' hie Utterly proslrnlcd. I lost
-in wciitht, nn.l plivslenity ! was nl-
niciic a wreck. I Imd not taken he
pills; 'long wlien. I lound limy were
helping mc^ my appetite improved,
iny nsn'cs, Uogau'lo grow slondy aiid
diiy by ' day I gained until I wns
Hgaiii a well in-an.: :My weight m
cifeiilscd' tivcrity-fivc ponnds whilo.,1
was li.sing .tho.pills,, %o itty .who anl*.
vfer bs I7-.i1* I can aa> tliat it Dr
■ Williams' l'ink spills nrn, given a .fair
trial,.a. ture will be^aurc to:*nHi>Wj"
Dr. Billiains1 Pink. PillsAMslbwil
Hr. Fprili, siiiiply becnuias tliey mede
the rich, imi*. blood wlilclt properly
nourishes. lhe^i-vcs. nml ltecps. them
.   "ttrong    Tliey will ture nil the    din*
l|a|BH due to Imd lihrod and tdintter-
Sd-^tjorfeif, - such'- as. - ano«inla,-= indlgan*
jn, headaehc*i- ani UsclmcheK, rSeu-
tnatism, lunOMigo, St   Vitus   dance
parajyal^, gui-idml wa»kn=M a»d   .he
secret ailnienls of growing girls and
L alv.ii
c pilla wiUi lhc
c Dr. Tt'illiams' Pint Till:
t People on the wrappci
ach box. -Sold by mertiiiu
ir suil direct by
KjM.es  for
President .Tntiwi .T. Hill of Uic
.ixat Xiiilliorn lind something n(T 111
Livit to Vancouver piiantc-to say 111
n    interview   nt.Hpoki-.no  Uie  oilier
I'^TIn-lcriiiliiiiH ot tho new Cniindiau
mo will liu VmicQiivcr,1'-said Mr.
Hill, "ntid Uie rond will pass thronj>li
Funiiiv, It. C. Dutonni wilt lie made
inlo (hu stales wIimwit tlio tripo
(triiphv of* lhoIcnm.:i.y nr "thtr mn
il it ions wurmnt, it.
'Does lhe fact that lhe lin
pass through I em 0 mean tli
it uill not tO'ich Edmonton?'
till  r
1 ill  r
11    Mill  havt   lo
is on that,
\pect to fill th.
mc ind Grr.Jid I'orks,
Cnjindiaii Iim'    ln,
ontt \
»Hli..   tn
the chain 1
wo    will   nuke     detours    Into
■■VI1.1L i,. ilio Crvnt .\*i.rlli«rn
inwiird uI;.-UiiyliiB iis lines'"
"\Vo nre. nlmi uli'.,. lo .try oil
iriclly in smile nf our inmu'N 1
"Do yon exiled lo Irv il on
.of. your lilrnnvh Unci.'1
G. A. R.
Great Northern Ry.
Will sell Hound Trip Tiokets Fei-nleto
fop $38.50
TiclcHs on Siilu Aug. 7, 8. g     l.'imtl Ktfiiri, Limit Orlohur 3, |
Fgr fletnltea |n(6rmnti0n, rale., etc., wil on m
Contentment-Happiness j
Make your wife happy by buying a Steel Range of J. D. Quail
Agents for
The C:ilffary Marble rtBd Granite Works,
Tho Koctoimy Jfarltle \Torks, Sols on.
Samples can bo seen ht tbo office.
Office Phone 41   '    Residence j6, m
Parlors j in LundyTs Block I
The Elk Lumber Cov
Dimension*, Flooring, Siding*,
Finishing Lumber and
All our slock is last years cut and well seasoned.
The Best of Satisfection
in Watch & Jeicelerg Repairing
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
B. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, AssL Getil MmMfrf
Business may be transacted by mail with any "branch,
of tho Bo-iik.   Accounts may be opened, and depo-sits
matlo or "Withdrawn by mull.   Every attention .is paid
to out-of-town accounts,
FiTKiu   ltr-mch G. S.   Holt.   Mitlinger
or  money  refunded
.*.....^..„^.,.,^> s
r P* BURNS & CO.
i    Save one of their IflTgeBt Htoi-cs in Fernio.
{ L»mb, Veal, FreeU and Smoked F!b1i.
; Fresh Fish constantly arriving
,*%^^%^^***%**^*-**«*v***^*»»******-** •**♦***
Head   Office I-: Calvary,   Alta.
The Dominion Meat
&   Cattle    Co.,   Ltd.
Wholesale & Retail Meat Merchants
Fernie, B. C-
Hami,   Bacon*   Lard. "Fish and Game In Season.
Victoria  Ave.
'Phone  No.  A
I Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd
Brewers of Extra Fino
Laser Beer and Aerate*'.
Waters.  Bottled Goods
a Specialty. ±
itttttttwttt^t-**WvtttttvtWt*. ,' *. -
*■ ^^»^«*>«*^««^*.««^««^«««%«*.^^%^»*^^*J
XrsiTXm&.  lSr*E*ro-  aVt^^tTA-Q-'E'MBlITT
femes kieoern, - - -
SProprtoief  i
Well furnished rooms. The tal.te in sup-jltc.! willi t!ie best;
the market affords. TIie ba r is sunpllcil with thc best winKi,
licinors aiid cigars. !
Nov/   Open   for   Engagements   at
Dances,   Parties*   Etc.,   In   Fertile
=^=^= or   Outside.   Towns ==^r^=
rom   3   to   8   Pieces    Furnished
Address:    C. A. MILLER,      Royal   Hotel,   Fernie
Fernie    X
and   Home   Life
Cnn I* rajfiyi'il I.v Ink inc     vour     mrah    ot
The Royal  Restaurant
mnjiit'clion willi tin- lli.yiil H<>t>*l.    Tlie  IhtsI      nt:nl scn-t-t  hi ! l
i- Ior  as   ftntn. A Xvw mnn-  n'lri't nr  Utartlera ileiireil.  Your  |ni(roiu
Al.r. WHTTr, HRI. I'     KMl'LOVED.
MRS. M. HOELZEL, Proprietress
Excursion Rates East
The Northwestern Line
Verv lnw rules, mnn.t Irin lirM-closs. will I* in vttvst to • Isl
em poiiils .in lho if.llowing iUu«: July s, mn! *i, \npmt , s "in
y. uiul Sei.t,-mU.r S, <i urn} i.i. If you cnnU-turfaic i trip .it"
mil \,ny  yem-  to write  in.* fnr   [nil   mmiaiUvs
U'l o1j»>. oiler wry low iriinid tri|i nitri* Irom Clu*. if,n il»l olli r
cistern.'pr*Ks In nil |-.riin-iinii   western     jmiiils.     1(      any     ol        11
I I Ior motion
I   ..rir.R  „  <,..iek  re|>!y.
H. 8. COLLINS, Gi'ii'l AffOiit
615 Spra^uo Ave., Spokane
^ <^*Si   -J'iBfgmm*'
9 ^Y~X-
"*--Y -A**'-*r--''-"A-"''-•.-•"■' -j:r-";- v"; y'''/':x-■-'.'i'i1'-'-'Yy r A""A'
VETKRA\'E*'««MO.\'KEY  SHIXES.,:J    Joseph     lijan.Aot    thc Cranli-ook
* ,1 Herald,  was in town Saturday * and
Complains   to    Commissiouer.     that
■'•••DokUTs'*   IIa%-e Fun  With Him.
'**' Washington, D. C, Aug. 3.--A veteran'   out 5.1     Illinois has written a
bill    of complaints     to tne commissioner ol^ pensions, ■ He _* says:,.   *   -"
''I've just got another o' your pos*-
tcvtal- caeds u-ili*.1 'nie'-'to"go-befor   thc
dokteis    to lie examined.7    I've been
gettin'  these cards bout every   monl
since 1 plttd for an increase   bf' my'
pension two years ago.<-I've l>cn pulled roiind, txaniincd, punched in   the
ribs, and sounded in thc lungs,   and
made  io     hend over the back of    a"
cheeri and Ac      all soits of'""inonkc*.
shines ti'l-ljfoel as If i'ort'er have- a
salary with .an agent to go ahed an.l
."stilt 'up*   bills A ^'Te    tegin with you
-   stilt mt to r  lot bf dokters "np    to
warren, and it tuk em a hall hour le
liiid   out that _ the-.rccson;. why!! tha
couldn't find aiiy circulation   in   my
kg   is cans *  it was    a wooden leg.
Three or torn    times after-that   you.
. sent me to edds and ends ot doktcrs
who eculd'1't ' ttll thc differcnee    l>*-
tweeii an epilcptik   Simpton   and   a.
bile*, klam. .     ;;,    ;        :.'_„."'
"mei^Kj this is olright, and it mav
be,fun for the doktcrs, ; it was    fun
for mc far" a while, but now that you'
arder me back to     the fust tbo doktcrs, and p.obly     expek 111c-to start
on the same     old ocirkus over again,
i'm goin to kick like a brindle steal
A. Last siiiuim.1* on account, of thc frisk
? mess   of apuir of colts my wooden
leg got   -tangled up and. was chawed
lo flinders     i.   a, nioin machine. ,i
plied  to     the  doktcrs  gebcnal for-a
"    new leg, but   he scd   i only had the
old one three years, and i'd have   to
ivatc too years more befor the   gov-
weut could allovd, to make a hole in
the    surplus by    gitting me another:1
.,    meanwhile mi natural leg, the one i
- -• '' l)iot' 'away.safe   from tht Wilderness
has tuk,to the rcumatis, till'i'm'almost sorry ; didn't     drop it when i
-, did the other, one.
•'■ '    "Xow'-mV Commissioner a1>out this
matter of inereasin mi pension,   you
ma do just aw you dam pleas. If you
think     . hisiii."    one ' laig      at      the
-'.,;, Wilderness    in 1864 blotted   out    the
record of a bnllit thro the body    al
Antituin   ii 1862, arid'   if you think
lhat the pension i've been gettin   in
.full pay1 for a set of    justed insides;
'-'* that hain't been in good running, order for more cn     twenty years,    and
never will tliis side of new j-Jirusal-cui.
AU.-RIGHT,- "•       ,   '***
But i'm goin . to tell you jest 1k.-
twene-ns, that when that minir ball
went   lliru_.in;    at Antituin, it plaid
Sunday.   He is writing up the   sawdust   faclov'cs   around   the 'district
while-the-."Old Man','.is at Nelson on
the' roimd-up.'       . .*-   .,.'',     ,■'.   '.
The- descip.'es   of   I&a^c Walton are
tnakiiif,    some    record catches    these
M. Anthony, Michal;'. JI. Taylor,
Michel; Y. ll. Wright, Chicago; ,11. II*.
koss, Elkmouth; J. Belaney,- Michel;
W-. ;-W;;: Waldo.-Waldo; .T. lie id,. Tor-
dnto;V"nIrs^;Tlibs^"Rol-iertson" and fam-
"ilyj-'aiiss'Smitii*; Soleman; Gee*: '-E-
Fish'; Spokane;' Mrs. Washington, Al-
botU*_-,Chas. .Itali,! "Montte'al;' "Mrs. J.'
days,  aud-"il  Ihev could knit   "their J M.   Vuager,':   Portland;; M.   Ye.igcr
socks from tlie "yarns' they spin thev
would have socks", to burn. '* ; -^ •.
» Jim Cron-n,.. of silver lead fame,'
stopped over-at Elko'with his iam-
ily* Monday' nud Tuesday.- .  ...
W. T. l'aiks, of I.bs An-gcles, Cal.,
says; that hlko supplies health and
pleasure' th'tnper , than' any summer
resort in IX. C,
Bill Colli*.'].'aiid Archie Austin left
Kiko Monday- via the Big G for
Washington. -About three hundred
people were "ill the station* lb wish
-.hem "hon'\oyaj-c.'-' .-...-■.■   :
■ Tlie vegetable crop from the viciii-
ly of-Roosville,-/where*,, the big,red
ugiplcs grow, ToVaCtb Plains is ' ar-
.-jving. in Is'.kci daily. There is no
necessity for the elite .ot Fernie to
send to Timothy.- Eaton's for their
vegetables fiom now on'.'    *   •
The post f.fiice is receiving its lull
supply of, dcpailnuntal done from
the cent. hoi..
-, 1). ;V. Mot.,arrived in town .today
sitting ou the, ridge pole of a Tobacco Plains cjiyuse*-from "the south. He-
was whistling "Home, Sweet Hume"
Mtl left via, the C. P. K; for Fernie.
"Four lun.died men could find" employment around Elko. .:
Thirty lb fifty dollars is lieing'.ol-
fcred lor lam', south of ,lioosville To'
hacco I'hi'is.;
, xapaxee.        *:;„
P. J. V01 cum, Fernie;- Jas. ,Mc-
Vicker, Xaprnec; Geo.. J. Hugh, Calgary; \T. IS. Broley, llosmer; C. 1).
Forte, Morrissey; J; B. Forte", Cran-
Urook;''J. J'urlcy, Cranbrook; J. Jlc-
Govern, Cianbrook; ,M. O'Coaiiell,
Cranbrook; F, 'Million, Cran^J-ook;
P.- Ei Can all; Kalispcl; P. Collitr,
Kalispci; F...W." Curnoc, Michel; J.
U. Currie, Vernon; F. II. Hall, C011-
ilerby; J. A. Foster, Morrissey; A." E.
Hall, Canal Flats;,
Mr.* Wilson    and witc, High River,
Portland; Nrsf-'ftV'-H.1 Foreman.' Spo-.
ksmu;. .Mrs.   J,- Scnsegraf,  A,- Siu.*.-.u-
graf,' 'CA'J. cSen'segraf, E." A. Sonsu-
graf, Kes pice,-Idaho; C. A. Gorma-i
Kal'ispelf "M."].ullen, Montreal;  A'. C*
Dee,,Mica2i;.D. Il', Smith, Michel; E.
R.- J. -Fbster^SharwpcKl; -Tlios,',;_Wnr?.
wick,  Shaiv-ood;  ■   Dr,  McRae,..   Calgary;- Rctlia Covington,  Spok'anr** -%
if. Ainsworth, Council Blulls;  J.    C,
Jensen,   Council-B)ufis;".S.   Sevc'.nc-:.','
Sppkanc;,j .."A. H.-'^Macdonald,    Coal -,t
Creek;-.'''jV^Shearer*,-.': Co,al„ Creek;   Xlu
Reiss;.^T.*;H.^.B':-">ii7.g'crdld, A.    Butler, ,Clias.-';I.bwc,, J. 'K. Taylor," ■ Job
Keciic';    Ray     Andeison, • Biii-iV'aiirt'
Reiss- Show; A  A.  II.   Cousins, -E'.K-
moulli; Wi S. Hawkins, OhUaiio';   C.
F.'; Stwart,-Toronto, W. II. Me*AlIi;.t*
or,-' Hosn.er,', II. ',  S.' Ross,   TorcmVo;'
A.M.' Cnri, Re"ina;-J. Lym-h,.-ilos-
mer; .' 'ii..-.J",ieislinian, ynnconvcr;   ,*■*.
I.yon, "Elko;-'.A.'W-... SeaWy,' Hamilton;     E:   /•'.   Schoonwell, .Hnmiiiiin;
John McDonald, City; E.'J.'.JIuUon ■
Medicine  Hutj  D.  McCulloch,. Wclas-*
.tolin .NTcwinan, Cranl-roofc;  J.  Aor-
•genson., Elkmouth; M,"' Peterson, Elk
•iiouth;   **;.  Peterson,  Elkmouth;    H.
Geromo,    Ji'airmbre;     W. W.W.ildo,
Waldo,  A.  C; >S. R.: milick,'   Cnin-
brook; B. S. Baker. Xaulon;   Waltei
Gardner,    Tiank;   ' Jas.    Kcinpstom.
Coal; Creik;, ■. L.   McKcn/.ic,   Hosmcv;
B. W.; Levscii," Spokane; W.  A. Tins-
ris, - Spokaiic;-"    R. .Barnett,     Cranbrook;   Miss' -Ella 'Hccs, .^raiibrook.
Roy.McKiniey, Sand Point; II. Hes-
sel, Westoi;   Jas. Brown', Nelson; *\V.
N*.- Tompkins, Okotoks. _   .  •,
Several parties of surveyors are at
work.in this district. . .Onc,_ prc-ium„-
■ahlsAfor-:Uic C.: P. R.,-;arc,' working
on "the South Fork,' and. a couple ,0"
others,'-' presumably'- for. -the Great
Northern, arc at work between here
an'd'Cardslon.' No'information cau
be learned as* to :the o%cts--of cither
parties.—Pinther Creek Echo.
#1 , a»  rti«
•     '   •   *'*'■. A   -       :  .   ^- , . .       , -..-: '»:.-. .uir,> ,    .-'
• i-rj^^***?**,--^-'■ —-vsvias-*
1   lii iS ' , - A . , ,1
,. helV with M'ln important part of m.v
innards, aud it plaid it for keeps. It
cut soniothiiK' alto flinders, I don't
know whethev it was liver, my lungs
or what j and your pet doktcrs, don't
seem to km/ : much* ni'ioiit it as I do,"
,Thc plane facts, that's what I'm
"driven at, broke up and. busted mc
from heel - lo whiskers, and I got
misted at /■l'titum before mi leg was
lost, and thc record says so.
Now i dont wiiit to lic'sasy i ainl
liilt that nay. But mr. warn;:r if
you expect to * l'los.sum out as vice
president of these .United Stales   hy
, iAiifeinj" ogtnst thc honist klahn of nu
old veteran with one foot in „tlic
gruvc, .iiid the other dam near it,
yourc gettin more linn than yotil
have time to stak up. Yonl make
about as much nt that game ns tlie
dokler general will by -vctooiiig
wooden li-g.*-; ►
~— o	
A lingi^guinan iliy tlie name ol
Gei-row, who lias lieen liv/ing nt Med-
iciin* llat 'iiul ninning on the express
over the Crow, created n little stir
al^mt tliu C. P. R. station, and caused Constable,** Diummond and Duthii*
Home troiihle  Inst Friday,
Gunnw was al hl-i post   when  tho
train nrrivid here, hut when Morris-
<iuy was rt-'icficd, he linil disappeared
.(mm the Imggngo car and could not
lie found i.l.out the train.
'i'lie conductor wired Kl Mr, Rending, llie above (acts, nnd went on his
way with his train minus the hog-
gage Mitu'ihtr,
Mr. Reading notified the police,
and they at once l>egnn a search for
the man along the line lictwcen here
and Morrissey, Imt couldn't hag thc
-bug-gugt man,
It wus fcured thai lie might have
iallrii from the car and ln-on wirlous*
ly hurt, 01 pcihaph killed, and .soim*
anxiety was (ill about hiin,
I.iitet- iiilotinatioii, however, led to
the cimiliisioii thnt he hud left liis
car at the teal chute here und,Hoarded ii V,, X, freight train hound (nt
over the 1/onkr, where he is llaUU-
to remain, nn account of smiic tmul)*
le be sct'tii* tn have got into nt Med*
frlni; Hat, the t'xmX nature nf- wlikii
ha** licit ns Jul been In'iinl,
.'i.'ii     .i/D.aii/    4...il.*,)
Roosville & Elko
All Kinds of Gtoccrics and Provision   Pioduce,   Vegetables,,   etc.
Saddlery and Harness, Camping Out-its, Pack' Saddles, etc.
Indian Bead Work n|nd Curios),
Fresh Vegetables and Potatoes
direct du'ir .        "
'i^-—-"-yy•■   a   "      bS»K~.   - , •'   -^ ^=35=j^.
.   -     ,' '■-■" '"Civ !     (X ri&&mhs " J^^^TZy.i.'-
5Dfi^ ^H'l-^".^ ; ■-/~>!£—r1
.shipped fm     order from   Elko to
any part east or west.
Send 01 tiers "to Elko   or Roos-'
ville, .-iiid tliey will rei-eivo
Prompt   Attention
The appreciation
those who have visited
our.showroom and visited our , miHincry and
fancy goods display is a
flattering proof to us that
our styles are exclusive,
'tasteful and moderately
Only a few of those Lovely, Black
Plumes Left
Expected   to arrive   this
week, a large shipment
of Ifcautifu! shirt   waists,
I*   _,.,  p',,,:    it        tf\        ji       '--i
A'; V^ W^y-'-'-^ Q^^1-)/! ^^^ Mr •**-^:?' ^
Wx.v   <:-<"-"    ^ /V -a: ;"*'-t I*-
}\-;'i'J' _---
UWipivAiin p2i*krmcrs.'':'.'£i*oii'?es of Acrobats
" , ^Gymjiasfs, ':J3ycyciv:ts; Jn^crs. "V/iro and Rojie '
'" :       Wa:ker*s, Necromancers, Atiidc-lcs^
■   Ci.uc! Japanese rorfonner.-s.'  -
TALKEiNG- E-O.NY ; ,    "
■EXC3TE?«v'l RACllS '  '  :    '.
A BIQ, frtOSA!!. SHOW'   ■■•.
WATERPROOF' TfiNT-.-i.   <*
JUGH'sCnCGiL.'KJDiNG   ,C   ■
LBAi?!K-i. aati'-ZHOUNDS,;
mWiiili POLICE d3)\iROL
Qivewmy® Koyal: ^taliaaa  Bsinda 'R®?m®
E^jRiP?**? Kvejfy "■Child' Attending tlie,Matinee Will
r.M^JL/JLf Be Given  a Pony. Ride,  Absolutely Free.
Grand W^ee-Street Parade 1JL a. m. Daily
. '  ' '^^^O^l^^k       WI , ' .   \-   ' ■    :> ■   ' t
■•    ------'..'   \yr.^^yi^rt^. -_V;v_*u^*L"=^^-^="' * * *
yy- ~--($!Di)WYY^^^ '%
■.'.-.'.'~yyy~'j.     . Yr^y'^^-^''''", "•'—''Y—" r«—3-''^§§
Head Office, Toronto, Ont.
Branches throuuhout Canada, and Aacnls
and Corre-ipondBnta In the United Statcu
 , nnd  Grcnt Britain	
Win. Iloltfli  ami -.tail nf n<.sis(nnti
(trr I'.tiinti.i-r nml i-opcrlng tli-* interior ol tlie (niiintm .Tolmny Molt'** «m*
•        i      . .  *        i , *
^..^..w-.'b   l'l    .......'4.    j*' ',.  >«   1.^-im.,,   ^,.v      ,,.*>.
Ilolldumn J.(mm.,
A lar|*d -■ntiiij!".*.. ot luA'itu anil
Ktittlontcii l.r.ni l-'cinic s\tetx( 8\n\Aay
in l.lbo.
Dlunioiiil I)i(li |ia*.M(1 t!irdii|''fc TClkn
Wonrtdy ou liU wuy tn Spi4;.tni-,
utarlnjj s\ l:.ii4-..olli:il hat, tlt-vr-lum*
liter i<»:it, <•*.('. a riniltlli- wtnil ,\UnJ*
A.'(i *it!i -ti.mioiti.ti on xbe \a\k\ ul
hii toat.
IJ,*.* Millie -.UKiAnin SjtMn^, |>h*
t*l»*Tlie-C««V, Hctly llolftn-lfn'r-
SttKling, (.ml Voiinj;-M«n-AtIrat'IO(«
Ifu-Hnm*. i...wl a flvit-J,** vi-.it to Per*
rn« Fri'lay.
Ustict Vntry, (h* HinUr, t.« txtiA
piitl-liulx coi.liattur, of Klfao, i» l^u-
Ut %b*n t.1 V\ytK*y*\h ittm* .km
•*.r*ttHnf itniv»i. ,
A General' Banking Business Transacted.
Accounts may be Opened and Conducted
by Mail   .   ,   :   :
Savinff's Bank Department
•u »
l>M)OHlt» of VI.00 nnd tipwartln rot-olvcrt nnd Intor-
c«t nllowed nt Ourreiit UntcH.  -Tlio DepoHltor
Im Mibji™* to no delny In tlio wltlidrnwnl
of tho wliolo or nny portion of tho
ie* ■ Children
mm* kci u*-u*m *•
.Ir WW -V* *.^*V« «W'IM*MV'imM;-**WIMHM«iP
—M*»"i     „ —VVB*»4*»-W**K.-W-**i^*.rf .raM**.^ WM*
tills < • ,;".r'. V.-jy.. \ _
'tW ^<\'k
Mowoy Ordorg and Drafts iflsucd pay
ablcf everywhere. 	
■tt M &*^r* m^m H   Q
Saturday Evenings 7 to 9
J, H. Marshall
«2si n~ yy, mmJikm -
■ ;<*".' ■•*■»-
See, the   Animal   Police   Patrol
See the Animal Fire, Department.
t       i
Sec the   Wonderful   Aeriali-$ts
Sec   the   High   School Riding
n-IE    NEW
ONLY TWO     ,


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