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The Fernie Ledger 1906-07-18

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-: j"KS?
Vol. I, Number.50.,:s .-
jFERNIE, B. Ci WEDNESDAY. JU.LY* "i8,, 1966
Price $2   a year in Advance
Jany Interesting t Items  About PeopIe-=A   Week's
*_•    t:    '^u^_*rj^ of Local; Happenings "'.
H. H Ross,.of.Elk'mout.i.-wa*-" iii town
' Saturday.       ■
Ben D-ivies "returned from Victo
, ria on Sunday.
Mrs. W. A. ■'Ingram:left Monday
ni«>-lit on 11 visit to Letlibridffe.
j ■""■ , I' tt    '
, Mrs. W. J. Bliuulell- who liasbeen
visiting-in \Viitiiip»»- for tht)-5, past two
inoniliB.is expected home iii tlio morn-
In*. <•      -   ,   '
\,   .    ft * ■ ■
'* 11. A-jhlichl, a welt known lumber
doiilei*. of Winnipt'u, wnsin town last
Tiiursjiiiyaiiil lioiif-rlit'.tht'. ontiro cut of
Mr.-A.'O. Hlacli'dinillat HoHnier.
Anyone havin*>; shares of International Coal and Coke" stock loi- sale
will di/well to o.-l] upon F. J, Watson who has nrdei-aio pm*chiise.-; . []'
Mi"' II. 'J Johnson was the successful
"odder for the Ciri-nthers* property at
t'10 cornor (if Geinmel'street and, 'Pellat
avfiiiiojon Monday,    'lhe price paid
was'SlSOO. , • _
Mrs. \Vnfker, wife of cliief Walker,
who has boon seriously ill for sevtril
days, is noiw improving rapidly and
her many friends hope to see .her out
again-so mi and enjoying good health
Vi. K McI)on»-all is opening out in
the old Tr'ninont block a . fiiio stock-of
ladies' and scntlimien's honVs and, shoes
trunks and valise**.* Watch for .lodgers
at yoiir door and fuillieraniioiiiicenieiit
in them columns next week; * "'. '
4 Geo, M, Kndicotl, represent in;*- Rand
Mc"**Jally & Co., is in tho city., snliciiii -r
qnlnrs fnr'n nit\y map of the dominion,
'sliowin-r I'-ecent chimg-es of lioiiinlaries.
tho new provinces and ninny,, other
things of intiirnst brin(rlii(- tho'map np-
to4(lnt(i. " .   _
, Tlie mines are all* cixporicncinfr
Bome_ trouble in securing cars,, the
car famine making itself felt in that,
ns well as the lumber trade. The
men-iit Coli-msnijnd other points are
aeefiiiiH. ' ..«/-■
- Mi;, tjalierer nf Cra^l-jrook was in
tPWH .yeara-ilny* on"* hia. -way hump
f|-oin. thp t Cjtlg-iry fa jr. On his re .
turn trip' ho ' wi-.iulo,*o'i " into" Ijoth-
lindgo in timo to bog tlm .Cranbrook
liny»'got a iji'ubblng by tlio cowboys.,
h ,I\ Ki-ki-toln and family left last
nlRht for tlm const,tn be gone for a' few
weaks yn'catioii ''fi.-o.iY [linrdSvofk!1-'- Mr,
. KckHtein has 'jnon a very busy mnn
and is in much iieod iif a ri.Rt. ' They
oxpect to locate at some quiet spot on
tha sea shore near Victoria- .  .. • ,  .
The Qoal .'Creek boys played*- at
IOnuik on Saturday and it must have
p.isqn a (Ino'siimc. \o |npk; *"t as nelt)|-
fxy-'kOa Bqccecilcd |n making 11 tally.
Tliis iniikco' it netspRBiiry , to. play
ft'iili) anil If the game Is tn bo played
on neutral ground wo would,.like to
hoo the ini tiio take placo at Furnlo.
Tho Coleinan football toil in played
tlio.Fr'i'nio boys on the ruoraulinn
groiiiuls hero liiBtHntunlay evening,
|)tllngiip»i Hci)i;op('|-j-b"ngnliiHt the
■jiojjip \m\xx."' T|ip g/i|iifl lapkc.fl R|)|r.
jtanij il|« Qo|cni!|i) lioy** hopt tjio
ball (i|iiro tn "tho 'Kernie ffonl 'ton
llinnli ill ilii) tlmo. The uttt-ndniice
wna Binull,' Paddy,Muldrow roloroed
the game to the Hiitlflliictloii ot everybody.    . ') •
A. 0, TlimnpRnn, who hns been
opointing tlie-Moiiolinn inncliine in the
LcmIhoi-tijlU'ii slncii il wait liiBlallod (iihI
wlnrjji-1, kovoiim'I hi** L'ii'niiii|4|un wil li un
on RH'innm of ll| lii'i|l||| -pill In ii||iingiii|t
Ills |ni'iil|nn on llm-iilvjcii of Ii|h motlli'iil
ii|tiiiu|ui)t.,. Mr.: :T|ioinpHiiii Ih an in
(liinlrlpiiH ,mi wiill tin au IngnnlmiH
opi-VAt-niS wlio. Ijiin had wivernl yoai-H
■Bxpi*r|ii||i.'i»,. Ill* family loft hint night
ovor'tju* <l- N.for Hi'iitllu w|iori» .tliny
expect to roMil*1, ,
Walli'i- linrwooil ipcnl Himilay down
iihoiH MnrriKHi'V and iTpitrtH having
gnti|Mxlimil llieh il-niil. |illlgl(i.l lip in
two or lln'i'ii IIIok iiilni'licd lo n linn lm
, wiih tiillln/llnough lho woods while
rovllutr IiIm Sundiiy nt-lii.nl leaf le«Hnn,
In prnnf of the hI/ii of lhe niililrhy fish
lie slipwed our reporter IU inimmim ou
a piece nf wrapping pupei' he took fmin
.around a whiskey Imtlin, hut ho could
produce tin proof ns tn thn Suiulay
i-clioiil pnrt of (do htnry. ,  ,
,|i [{. INi|lock um) Win I(<my went to
|tund|iu'|ik 011 Hntuplny nnd fropi there
thoy travidleil up the Houth fork of the
i\i,1 if..,i'i. ,.|,.n>. t.i *nA...i. ^r it.,. r>...
nldoi'Ing thn very limited (Iran they Imd
nt ili«|r (llnpnsnl, Crmrj HinunUy evon-
lug till midnight of tho wtmn day, and
tlio short time from Ruiulity mhlnl)-|it
till tho went bound train camo along
Monday morning thoy roport having
(taught a Iimi slrliiiroffliil-.il. Hail It
not l*#(in for the unfortunate brenk
mad ft In the tlmo rttthelr dle-wml by
th* Intnrvuntlon of tlm Salil'iAli thoy
would Imvo cnuglit n uto*\ xmny inorfi.
All NorUi-f «Tcn*r« btvtt btxtn palmed
oft on us by unlucky ll-dium but thin U
thn »llpp«rle»t on* of the whole lot
Ho Iar m w« tits roneernml wo run
trtitlifully any (tiny didn't .how mt
slilnnr (ji proof of their story.
I Miss Marshall .irriveA' in the cily
yesterday;' and will- be lhi_> o„os"t
of, Sliss', "Miller   f'or'^a   few   w.ol-s.    *
Mr. and Mrs. .C. I'i. I.yons, of San,
;doii,;arrived in the' city a day oi
l\vo iigo* on a visit to their daughter,
Mis.} J.-Gusty. ' Mr. Ivyons is citv
clerk oi lhe city in tlic.gulcli, and re-
lurned to his civic. ' diitii-s In* • this
iiiorniii-g's train.. Mrs.' I.yoas will H-.
niain with Mrs., Gusty for wversil
weeks, - ^
The rc-organi/cd' city band, -irid ir
"the direct ion ol" of Mr. Thos. Hi"-,"-,
is jrciting along .famously. They aiv
liracticinj;- l"n*t|iielit;y aivtl have sonic
sixteen players at work and ,vill
soon' be, able to give the^ public"gno'il
music. The. ,boys are' deserving nf
success, and are , sure of a full share
of  patronage.
A meeting of the executive of thc
Liberal 'Association" was held in F.
C. I,awcs' ollice on Saturday evening, which ' was;' well attended. A
lc.'-olulioii "unanimously passed recommending" W'. It., Rogers for the position of post master' at ilosmcr ami
some other matters of a routine
/nature  were-attended' to; '
.The   rcfresliinent   committee  of    \he
Union  Sunday School ,pic-niq  reijuest
that  friend,^ , and , parents who    are
willing  to contribute  lunches  lor  the
children's _, .table,   seiul , their "baskets.
to llie several churches not  later than
S q'clpcko^ the pioi'iing of..Tuly *-,6th
markeij   children's   tnll-dc.    Owiivi.'     to
- '   - -.  * -      1      . ■*
the1 hitge iniin her expected, the table
committee find it impossible to'provide relreshinciils for' adults.
Yesterday morning a tnai. liy ilio,
^aniei of 11, Iloslev, Svhile working in
the, lumber yard at the Klk 'Mniibji
Co. mill,, had the misfortune'to pel
his foot.caught by some fall''-.' inn-
^ier,    His  foot was iiaiufullv  '..vnn.-l
Jinl—wlie-ii lakc.a*.to—tho—hospital iu
was found tliat no bones were lirok-
e^ ajid ^10 serious injury done. Tie
\yill  he liiick fit wni'k ijrn fc\v days.
Thp ' I^iiilii'.s' Aid Society of the
Mpth'-idist Chnri'ir are preparing to
give a lawn social in the grounds of
Dr.* ItoiineUron;, the, afternoon""*, aiul
evening of Tuesday, August the 7U1.
Thc Doctor's line large lnwn will afford ample room, and the ladies can
Ih* depended upon lo do the resl tn
tlie satisfaction or'cverylhjndy. Vurth-
er purticiilars will be announced later,
vice, "liighteeii hundred cars'-"would
seun at lirst' thougla to - lm' a "verv
large addition to thu1, himlwr hauliii"
capacity pf the road, ljut it must
be iviiieiulitretl that the most of these
liat'cars will only ^eein to' take the
place of box "ears that will have to
be' taken; out,of the same" service ,to
lie used in moving tlu:-grain, while.
the stock ears will be fiill, of'"cattle"
which will bigin to move eastward
along- withthe wheat. ... "'   -"'^ •;.
TJie railway, company sire '. niaking
cars and lotouiotives' in their" '. own
shops lis lapidly as possijh.c •■ and. -co
the full capacity ol ihcir present facilities, and are also adding to their
car b tn'lding plants. Besides these
means of increasing their stock of
cars, tliey are 'buying cars "where ver
they.can get them", but-with all,these
e'Torts- they are sadly __ behind the re*
;<|uii-eiifciiis of the' transportation Inist
■.villi tlie demand for more growing
ore rapidly than is the means ' ol
This cooditio-ti is not codilined * to
the C. I*, li. alone, but extend!- to
the Canadian , Northern and the
Grand .Trunk and it will take a long'
time \ to get- thc supply up to tlie demand.. *•'•*,' „
; In the ineantiiiic Uf. Reading, and
his many associate agents'.are performing nu, "function of buffers between the men" who want cars and
the companies,who can't supply them
a iiokvS... ox Timsr.
Mr. and ]\\,rn. Tom,Whelan returned
anfo anil i-ouiiil Mnnd'ny morning from
their outing on-Dull river, They weiv
accompanied hy Mr and Mi-h. (.rnnt
Downing, of Jnffrey, and report, iiavln/j
hnd a line holiday.
The fl-dilii--- at thn fulls on Hull river
wan splendid nnd Tom reporth thnt
after lining up n HO*- pound hiu'.U of mil!
iu proner* lug their ciilcli they had In
throw nwny ten nr fifteen pound'- of
Huh for want of milt Now thia in roally
a frcflh I1h|| Rini'Vi flml If Tom'will allow
iih lo divjile tlio BOO pnimdH nf will li.v
UKX nm] divide ihoiinioiint lln-oivnuw/it
hy 10 wo mlt-lil ho Imliici'd to piihh It iih
the IruPHt true HhIi Htory of the HonKon
w •■
A lire al Arrow head on llie mnrninp,
of ihu 1 Jill ilcslroyi'il lhe si ores nl
Ke.id H) 'vmin-r, c. H, Hume, W. V.
riiHiipliroy uud 'i\eori\v Chapman, lhc
Unlim mul Cily IioIi'Ih, uiul lhc itsi*
ili'ni.'c-- of Mr, II. Stowurt, niul Mrs,
KciT. The loss U okiIhiiiIl-iI ul fnily
to til'ly llioiimiiul ■Jnllui'-',
^A case of-moVe„tliao iwcnliar interest has been engnging the attention
of the court at 'Krank for some' time
was decided last week when Harry
Howard, of tbe Cosmopolitan hotel,
I.Iaimioi-e, was lined. Sao and costs
for allowing dice shaking for drinks
on the 'premises. Krank Carrier," the
■■■■rU-nder, a*d ir^-ry .cWV-Hm-R.
iwrtieipator .,',, the pastime
each, iim-il S20. aiid  costs,   '-.-
The'Coal Company will pay out on
Saturday the sma of "$150,2-25.90 beiiiR
the larseut sum ever paid out by that
coinpany'on. aiiyjono- pay day in;its
historyv    ,  •     m v\ ." A   . " ,
, Of this amount $92,816.80 will bo paid
here-aiid.HtCoal' Ortiek, '55ii,0C9.G5 at
Miclt«j|*.-uid *1,H0»..15'at.Carb'oiiado ,■-.
The otitimt of coal at. the mines foi
the week ending Friday, July 19th was
as'follows:       -■■ •y."1 A^,': ;,',       ";"
Coal Creek ,  10^3 tone
Michel..:.'.'..     7,514 " „
* -Mr. Hrown, 'superintendent "of tlw
development u'ork"l>eiiig carried on
at Hosmer, was in town Saturday,
lie. stated to -a Ledger representative
that there were about* 50 men employed liponane work, .and lhat -it
would be pushed ns rapidly as possible. Air,, Hrown also informed our
reporter "that thiAC. IV R, were'preparing . to .begin ..permanent development* work upon their extensive coal
fields up' the ' Klk, and that "Mr.
'Stockett wouid pay a*'visit to-, that
locality during the present \veek pie-
paiatoiy to putting a force of :neii
at'work. This i.s good news. to ihe
Kernie boy.s, 'who are "extensively interested up that wav.
dancing before his watery vision until his ears seemed* to be ringing
with the, sounds uf'hundreds of church
bells calling his attention to the lact
that there is ii bran new Sunday observance law on the* statute book,
and that he was in eminent d;ui»ef
of lieing the first' awful exampk*'\.l
what may happen to a. man .on Sunday il lie don-t keep "away- from the
water, liy the, time he had succeeded in getting on top of the , log jam
again, .he had resolved to quit
pluinlaujg, pay 1/ack his ill-giotleu
gains to the printer and go straight
to Sunday school.
Hut alas!, by the lime the printer
got to. see him Ins clothes had dried
out, the waler had drained oiit 'ol
his ears, the church bells had ceased
to ring, and Charley was busy working upon a scheme to rais. the price
of plumbing.
A  Question   of  Interest
Loyal Citizen.
to   Every
.,   Albert   Karr, who   was   tried   'lasl
week before   Magistrate      Whimpsu-r.
A Ledger representative called upon' Chief,.,Haldry at the lire hall *a
:cw days ago and learned from that
'.'.ciilleina.i Hint, ilu- ,,,-oje-ct of geltimr
logether a team ol real" live 'hv buf-
d'Cs lo practice for the contost at
Cran-brook on next labor day','*, "k'ni*.
pushed along   rapidly  and   that a
lean, „( ai least' ten good men will
he;practicing i„   ;l   fl,w   (lavs
The following named men have already volunteered to take up t]K. .
work mu! will, \vitli the' necessary
trailing, ni.lI(L.   as fltu.  ;i   i]r
li-aiii   as can   \K,   Unuul
Here is     Hi,. iist:
Cattell,   J'.    Oust.
in   any town
Win.   Haldry,   II
I.   Kelniev,   Hint
cliargx.il  with    an   infraction   of    tb.- f H'ack, .1. M*. Xiujii,   W..C. HamiKou
'Frank Sherman, president ofthe
Jislricf, union, rt?turned-. from Frank
veslcnlay'lnoniinfr. " The Miners "al*
.I-'nink-quli workSalunlay owin-; to a
disiBroemepi as lo thc-in'terpretation of
lho ayrecnenl cnleroti into behveen
lhe iniinaKeniciii ^nU,the'men which ■„
siinili.-i.-io the .iiKivcmcnl in force here
nnd elsewhere in ihe Pass. ,       '
" Mr. Slicnnan roporls thai lhe mailer was seitled 10 life satisfaction,o'f!lie
men aiul work resiiincd've's'lcrJay. He
also reports llial llic.Lnnhrcck mine is
now- being: operale-d, safely lamps
luiviiif*- been provided lo prolect the
men from il.inKer by f-as.- *i*im[ mine
is now lurniiifr out j So to 200 tons of
i-oal per day which ,,ll Bws in,rt ,hu
ilonicstii: fuel Inule on die prairios,
' Mr. .-iiul Mrs, White- rvliirnccl safely
lo town last Friday nuiriiin-r and nrc
"ini-s'ly cnsi-oiii-od in H,,; LiplmrJi
a»-flllnK.    m,.s,   Whi|0 |s H nn,|veor
Dorsclshire, Kn-ilmul, ;„ul |u.r |0|1(,
journey n.-mss- the oivan lo meet her
inU'iuh'.l liii'sk-iiiu was her' lirsl trip
to this side. '
Shi* iin i-tlmiswl will, „,,,. liiiU. r,'„y
nmSiM sncli loffy ,wa|m and,, linds
thnt "KlohdyUo "„White" as he Is so
laniilinrly known by his |«Vrnlo(friends,
has mndo ninny now friends for lior
who wore wjiitti.(r 10 wi'lcomi) lu>r as
Mil lllll IVil'llll.  ' '    ' *       ■
Mrs. Whlto will heat home, t\v an-
noimi-t'd ln-tt week, on tho lirsl and
sci-ond TliiiiMhiys in Annum!
The local lo.lKi.. of Odillollows hnve
fhan-jeil iholr miotm-*- nlfr|)| froin
I'-flday lo Wednesday, llio first nu'elini»
tin the new lime omirrlni,' In-nl-rht
when Mr. Robert Dudley, of IVinhroke
I-titlKo No. an,,, I. o. o, j?, u.|,| |H,
presenled by ||U. |lV„| 1,^^, lv|,|, |(
veleian jewel liom i|u. IV.inhmholoil-.i-.
Mr. Diullev Iimi hoen a niomht-r of Hie
order for -it- years. A lai-f'r aiiviulaniv
is I'xpi'i-leil lo.ni'.ht nn.l a w,t„j ||,nu
will be ci.Jojvil |>y ad,
W. li. ROSS, M. I'. P. HACK
\y. U. Ross, M. (». p., l(rr|w,,
Iioint' on 011 .S.mvhiy oyer \\w C. V, R,
iU-i*ompimiyt| hy Id,, two lv»\s who are
IliilVi'for ih.'.-nmni.ir >...,..,i*i  :;    •
Mr, U.ku didn't 1-iiv,. nnyilun,, .,1^111
him Hint looked like n po'rlfollo of miy
Ulml, Inn wus in 11 muni |mmiir ailji
willfully i-ii'-iying Uic pasl lime of
ilim-linf- the water ||iiH'iiiK from lhe
1M-I.I.W i-,-i ,1 ^.ir.'ieti liiKe on to ),is
his flfiiirisliiiifr ^nrdon.
'Hi.- regular aniiiial cry Inr ,----r»-
eius i{* hi'liig ||lii|ii-ti l||<o tlle i-ara
id !lD Hie ulnil(.|l ii'i'ellls jn |||e west
iiml I'or nir in im ''Xii'pili.ii.' It «i-
-ipillvs ahoiit If, cilia |»ei duy to Iiii
tlm di'imiiiit lu'l'l' outside nl the 10,11
and coke husli^ss, n.-dl Mr, ihfui-
ing thinks himself lucky if lie nu*--
ceedn in  I'ctlliij'  five cars wt oil    in
*       1     , 1 1     V   ' *     . * II"
.....   ......    .......  ii,..,,.    "ty,'    ''",', '.,»».-
lliiiiil lie -JiJU'l-j. 1 "}■!'■ N^lA l|»d X\w
i-|ilil|,itl|)ii 0' tl'c inillimn t(i U' pro-
Inn,) wun nnly utivrrrattr Uy llw-lr well
kiifiwu i»h<< lo|ig-.s,ilTcrl'ie; lorlieoritnc.*.
Hni»'«' f'll'it 'if'tlio VJiutiU'W* nf this rar
pltl.l.l in v.in  'tn- tlilll  svln.i   ia  Ih   H'UI '
cil that it require* from 950 to a;.s
cnr» cm |i day in Htipply \\\e tlcmanil
Blow,' tin* l-'row llin* alnnr.
The Ci V. U. Itavii at the present
tlmo ' eighteen htmiltnl Hat
vi\r-i In (ow.itvuttlii,- ;niviu tii^iUn'.-
time hi ron"«tnirtloii -.en-lrt- togt-th-r
with tttrfiiiiJi niul tri'trx. n*'i'f*«s.qrv .'0
nn* tht tn ami as soon at, the Rre.u
j»raln croiw in !!«• jirovinrt* tu Ok*
rait ut us liej-ini to movi* nil tb.'
t-n^ini'M, cVewii oivl corn will l* taken
oft vwtslnttlm  stnice nn.l  ihr  flat   w|„,„      Nn    „ . .
r ihTir'xn i\T*r"" -^ w -h •» «'hi^t.m
rltr,   whili* t.hr  rrrwn an.T fbr   pow-r j l|mWl. who ,rtV,. u ,n ,.,m(ll, ^ |o
Rossland was'visited by the-fire
fic-iul lasl Saturday. Minuter Bros.,
merchants, lost Si2,000, covered to
tins extent of S(S,ooo liy- insurance.
The Hairison Block' was a total
loss, unM>ui,ti,ig( with contents, to
54,200: insurance, Si,000. Tlie ' Stevenson building adjoining ..the ilarri-
soit Block,,,,worth about Si ,500, and
insured for S500, was destroyed. T.
li. Morrow, who occupied the build-
in', willi 11 stock of drugs,'valued, at
S5,oo<i, losUlhe e-ntire. stock. ITe
will   get   hack . Ss ,000   insurance.'
The Windsor Hotel, owned by A.J.
McMillan, was damaged, to the extent1 of S5.900: covered to the extent
ofS2,Soo insurance. This hotel was
occupied by.N. A. Htirritt, hotel
keeper- ]li*> loss on- furniture is
Sa.'Hio, half of which is covired by
coal mines regulation act by iliinj;
sJiots in the mine without being le
gaily qualified to do so, was found
guilty this morning and lined, S10 and
costs. •  '.
■ Fire Boss Bowie was also fined S10
and costs for permitting Karr lo tlo
the   firing.
A charge of perjury has been preferred against Karr for false swii'ir-
ing in the case against Kire., Boss
Bowie. "iVe are informed that Mine
Inspector Morgan will ask the, department of mines for an inquiry into- the action   of   Kire   Hossi, Howie.
wn Italian, name iiiilkiVown, committed a ^brutal attack upon a' ^liin-
ainan by the .name of I.ee., Die last
Monday evening near the tipple.
The Chinaman was ' severely beaten
over the heart.
The police are on the look-out for
the guilty man, but as vet have
[ailed to locate him. s
H-'A.   Kumnier,   NVif MeKellar
Win.   Mitehell.
Vr-   Li'mii
panics who   ,k.;,j
is corresponding        wj*j,
racing reels
"i,   or manufacture
aiul finds that it will  re*
Kro«-in^   win,  a  steady, •u.,i„t,rnM„-
"IjSrowth,   w.s   tlm.  win-   fence   crop'
"ij evoiy   direction   the   I,
lei'ce. ■ jio.sts  ami
ong   lines   of
hai'hed   wire    are
st.;elelung   on,      farther'   and   fa,ih,r
w,?h    ;,,°"Ul'  '   "'khiK     within   tlu-ir
I»ieklmg c,nil)I,.ut.  mnn,  MU]  ino|v  (>f
Uij velvet verdure, and imerfen'u.r
•vjli the-old' trails and cow paths by
wliidi sliorL aits ..sell to be made
■■"-jvill not he long unlil ,Verv ves-
"Hf- of these old ,-onds will have disA
apjicared, and p^opk- wj|i |1:1V(. .lo
"ijvel in (he straight, and naiTo\y
"■"'I'1*"   I'd«cen   strings ofwiiv."
'" Knipy liros. lost by fire and drvtnA
age from water to slock, S*?,5"o, fully jiroteclvtl   by  insurance'. *
A residence 011 l,e. Roi Avenue was
damaged lo the exleiil. of,* S,*joo,
which will hu fully pa iti ,by'the insurance. The occupant of tliis house
lost SS(K). jn,clothing and .furniture,
hiil will get only S200 ^lisiirance, all
that- was carried 0,11 tlie, contents.
Tlio   li(*veie   IIuU'l was also   slighlly
■I.",,n.K*..i. Tl>" loinl loss fools, approximately, S<| 1,0110, nnd the insurance will 111110111.t  to $18,non
A     I'l.UMHICU'S   Wl.KMMA,
On the dny after lust Saturday, 11
man who was standing on a log
jam in lhe Klk river, a mile or two
above Mrl.ougnir.s mill looking for
trouble, look a sudden tumble , and
licgiin pliiiuhinig operations to (ind
just how far dow-i, i\ vats, tn the
biiltoiii ot tlio. yivvVi Tie went down
t\V'W tl'lil iniiilit'd (wain both liiue*.
Init: did not touch bottoin. N'ow Ihis
fellnw. i^ a plimiher by tiinid'e^ a-nd
while he was hunting for the bottom
lhe second lime, visions of lhe "hill
he rendered the newspaper num for
tinkering a gasoline eiigim, ulnng
wilh others of the same extort I mill tt" kind, all interspersed a 1110,1^
oilier iln 111 iiii/'hlf sins which lie -aid-.
deiily reepjlei'deil havluk' ctiimniUeil
-hiring a lile oi  pltiin'blng, nil   cuue
CRAXlUKiOK     VS.    IJCTllHRlllGK.
 'I'lie giioejnl—train frrm'T-C-mnlirouk.
to -I.eth'bridge passed through I own
Monday moiiiiug at-one o'clock-.villi
nearly one hundred passengers ij'i'.ard,
Milt Kastner, Kred Johnson, Charlcv
Uavey, ' C. C. MViglit, A. ,T. Mott,
Simon Dragon and three or',four
others, joined the party here. The
train'arrived in T(eih!'-'nilg«" at 7.7,0
a. ni, A large crowd was attracted
by tlle expectation of seeing a good
-game, and they were not disappoinl-
ed, TheCranbrook boys were confident oi wiiiii!,,,; ii,,-. irmw' ,U)(1 ,,„,
up a fine fight, but the liav-inaKei.*
were too ninny for them, jiiling up a
score of 5 to 1 against the hammi
hell boys, This , result makes it
necessary to piny ' another game,'
which will likely he played here,
sonic lime next month,
J, 0. Ciiinmiiigs went down to
J-ini'h'.i Creek last Friday to do
some surveying, and returned ye'i'.er-
ilay niiirniiiR "
lie reports the prairie as lookiii'.',
like a •■jmriullse of grei.n,' lhe grass
verdeiil. as in June owing to llie
copious rains- of On- last week or
Iwo. Kail whent, with lew excep
lions of fields injured Uy the cold,
dry winter, looks well, and all spriii-*-
crops arc In the finest condition
One crop he noticed In particular as
Tenders  Being Called for—Some
Disappointing Features
Efforts Should he made to Prevail on the Depart,
ment to  make Slight Alterations.
KUMMKit sewwii,
Thr- p-lr rft-f «nmmei- tthoni tmtiiiir
arrmi^fil l.y PrpHhUnt J. |». Wont mnn.
t'l-flnlirnol,-, mul \V I. \\M, », A„ •-,,
I)., ot Vernio, ollirot* of tlm . K*.-
Konl<*imy ili«trlc|, a|,ph« k| Klkn In*
morrow. A pro^rammr* for onr-li dav
lm* liffii «rMiiif«-«l far nml ih<> aft-rtioon
U In (bf 1.-H71.* of (be trrtf*1lrm itfiiu
mltter*.     N'n
Af \yi^l Ik- -.ecu hy rel.-ivuie Ip oni
divertising i(,1iiiiiii>, the DcpatlttKUl
nf V»hl«: Works ni, Ottavwi ate a-ik-
itig lor ti'ttdciK lot the coiistliii-tion
ot llic,in*\i ->o:*.t ollui itt tlj.it* |it.iu,i.
loenl cullrticl01 h i'iiii see lhe pi.Ill-*
and Kpccihinliniis lor ilu- building, | paitnnnt
which have Ih-cii lorwanh-d to Air, thmi Hour
1'oUit Kiiru liiiilding ihik. These
plant aie mm npi-n loi iiispctlioii at
the olliie nl 1'- ;!. WatMin timing lh«-
„l,*,.„n. of Vr 1'eir M Ol.inlironk,
Tin-"**' plan"* aiv .Iiiiuii lot 11 Iniildinj'
t,it ti%\ thut- iiHlu's liy .V> l»it, two
slfitles liij;h, 10 lie <il -.1 one f.-iiiiilii*
iimi and brick wnll«i, the casing lirit-k
to Ik-   prrhhe'l.
The roof is Iii be lint, nml the
mnin i-nliancc- 11 l«i U- Irnin IVlhtt
A\ 1 Iim , M full* tin* .i-l.- ■ titr.in,-.- ••. lo
Ir nn dm Su., l. In ,111 this ni-
trawr lln- *tatrw.iv to lhe «u»i.iti,i.
dqiarlmcnt 011 Xhv npjvr lloor will
Hue, ami rt *i.i,c th»or will  trail   into
Ik*   \m<.\ ufliif.    XtlU,   )«    Mtlll-*     11*.
"i* a tulluv ,i\t.l*-j*-,int iuutu^-iui'tu. i";
it throw* llw- front of llw l.nilding
iim.-iv I run 1 the tiiisinr-is    i-lrn-t,    ,un\
will as lhe uttlity ol the building.
The gioirml Hour will In' oiiupii-d u\
llli.1 1I0,**I o)lice, t-Xi'iplilli; tin- sp-»,i-
lnl.i;ii up hy lhe weighing iuul i-x.un
iiiilig depiirtliieiit' ul tin iiisloiui. .li -
mid tin*  Ktinrwav  lo  iln-
Wit.h Uli  J»],.VYKI)  IN'   I.-KKN-IIC.
•Wi'- C-harles J),ney informs' the
Ledger that the lie between tlu* iwo
crack lacrosse tenuis or Cranbrook
and I(.'ihiii-ids'o will be played oil in
Kernie   sometime, -between   the. 1 St and
lOlll      Ilf    AlllMIBl •|'lll^i;,-.i;il;;-,i,1l:_l!f)..t._
wiih their-usual pluel; and enlerpiise
icil! conn*, down Jiv special tr.-iiu and
Hiin,.;, all ih,.;r Jrieuds. ' A large
>e t'Npecled   . to  accom-
quire about S150 to.secure n\ good
cart and other necessary equipment.
As it seems to be outside the pro-
ivince ofthe, eity to provide this
money oiu „f tiie eity funds, some
other means of piodueiiig ii wlll be
It should nm be dillieuli to raise
thfs ainoimt of_ money and the Inns
who are* so willing to giVl. - u't^ir
time lo training should not be al-
lowed   to put     up a   eelil  0M1. A
subscription or some kind of ail' eli-
lertainmetit should Ik- ar.angv'i'l and
••»•** Kinall sum placed in ihe bands
of the boys at the wirlii-st niomcia.
Thirty subscribers iii*$5 ,.;,,), will do
the trick and the I.edgvr, l,,.a,|s 't\lK
I'M- with its little S5. Who will U-
ihe next   011   the   list?
Come uu, boys! "and help a good lirL.
I't'igade to bring down that ' Cran*,
brook jiri/e,
S-lim.TlJR  HKTUl-NS.
We ct-iiduise the .lo)'lowing report
of. mining operations dining ilu-past
week irom the Nelson Daily News, •
valuable weekly summary, which appears each week iu lhc Sunday issue.
Houndary stiipmems during last w.\k:
crowd    ihjiv
pany the I.etl,bridge boys, (lushed as'
Ihey an bv iheir late victory, nnd
wi-jarc sure tu have the most exciting; and warmly eonle.'ted game ol
lae-josM- ever played  in  the  l'ass.
..Messrs. Carter, Coylc aiid lieatl-
nig have been interviewed, and have
giiiirnnleed a fate of on,, and one
thi'd Un- the rnuiid nip fiom anv
point 011 the Crow line. The rci-.ci-
tion gi-.u.-.i.. '.4i„„dd |,e lilled wiih a
leei.id 'breaking crowd upon tJ1.11 o,
en.-iiimi. Ili-liiiile date nnd further.
pai;ticnliii.s will be made public next
The   Customs   IVpuitniciil   has   lor-
wurded   (..   Customs   Collector     Win
'Ki-ny,   a   large   lour thousand   pound
Mifi) for    use  in  his olhce,
The sale was .shippid 'fmni tin-
C,o|d,i-*M(Ciiil"ii.j.hCii., of Call, ami
seems lo  be  a   kind  of  11   hoodoo
On ihe loin.; Journey Irom Call to
Kel'lile, ll dug two holes tluoilgll llie
lliioi- oi tin* cai in which it wa*-
.sllippeil, nud had to be jiulrd up
out o| them wilh jack screws plni-ei!
heiii'ltlh  llie car.
Itlllv Scot I Inckle.l lhe job ol
pliiiing tin hoiidoi. iipsliiiis in tin
I,AT VA lilnck, but gm stuck hull
way up lhc m.iu.'i with it. and Mini
ly had le li.u.l il in l'1. •'• Walsoii'*.
ollice oil the gu.lllnl llooi , wllele il
is iii.i ipulc so hniidy as a p<nl.el il'
a shut lo Mr. Kmv, bat adds a 11 np-
peiililliu- ol digliily nml nu llltilitloli
ol   going   inlo    th*.-  banking   huMiii-s*.
lo   Ml-     Will Mill's   nihil-.
The l,i.l)'.*r -.'igg'si;. in Mi. K.-iiy
III,it   hi    h\i\'f   lhe   iinii'leV'iiiiii-   b..v.
plllCeil oil lhe lliW posl ..line Ini III
lhe |.iiiiil iinlii,.In! oil lhe biiibllim
plan, mul l.i ih. 11 m 1111.-1 *- build ii
in  ns  llie  building |t*towi
Tiie upper 11.ior is divided mi"
ciiiiviiiii-iii ilipnitnieiits lm iiibuiil
icMiuie    aiul    customs and   liiv.ilotv
I'lltK  llU|i*r,\ll|.; TKAIM'Ml
\\7     li, iiuuk     will   |,iol...\).lv ni.il..'
|.',*l mi-    III',   hoili. .   .111.1  uill    illt-clliilU
l.'llll   Ills      »'.' .I'.l. llll i-       In   the    III.'    I.II
g.nli-   bow in u.uii.ug   tor   lln*   Ci,tn
l.i.^.l-      T  it.,,.-   II"-    cue Willi    ill'1
maii.|i!it„imw   plcli'i-d   in   11 am     and
.llill    ill    llie    lilljMile,   nn.l    Ihe rxpet-
i.llii.    1.1     ' mil    an   all H'liliil   athlite
nsAli      Uiiiwnk   n»  aid   in ihi- Ham
in--,   I'liiiic   ..hi.tild   U- irtile   li»    run
. ...|    I ,     ■     ,      ,, . ,  ' '        "     '"■      •■"•>•.■•     ,,,,,„•     III     IHl.lV     III1JII    (III'     IllllllU'l-i        MIIT1,        .111,1
w.ll l« ,,ul wiolVr Kr».n carrying .ht   »»kH*.|»(m«W"nlyM,|,lnM||nito„.LiU .Wt™.  fr,m, tb, *****,*„*. -*,<
Tin .ip-H-nraiiit- uf the building is
Hot plT-|i<i..scNMIIg, owing in the Hat
roof Icitnre, and ihis debit m ap
pi-iirniue 11 nol lhe worst (eattu.- nl
11 Ilni roof. Sn-.lt 11 tonf will Ik*
found verv uusalisfailorv «lnii mi
gri-.-U u -.nnwfiiil ttlwnjn pt.-*, niN d'U-
•rig ih.- whiler
ll may Hnl h>' Xuu I.lie. In ji.--.c the
pl.lll* -*'< thanged a-* In h;iv,- 'lie
main entrainr on Cnx S»rn-l/-r*nd
the LcT-jei ho]M*i thai an rffort it*
lfi.it ilitt.tion uill U: 111..1V. No in
.t,.»4« iu (k^lv** luut U iuii'.iw.l.
ami tin timr T>st, nml It i« hop.,*
tin- d, |,.irliin nl will (link.- the ,.i***i«,d
-1           '              ,
21   S**.*-
•1 *'«•*,
Slocau Kootenay sliipiiieiiis.
Sinellei-  receipt:,'   for   the   siuni
-   |vr-
Grimby. Smelter ".
Kmina Smelter	
'     Total..,.	
ItAC. Copper .Co	
Trail Snn-lter  .]	
Hall    iMiiks  Smeller	
.iiaiy.svnie   ,-iiu,.>iier    	
This report   shows an  inci
the   previous   week.
Some men   are   loved   for
eiiiies     tiny ,   have iniide,   1
men   ate   loved   lor   the   111
, UllV
have   niiide.
A    man's   actions    after   mnr-riui'i",
are  nothing   like the  samples  siilm.il •
led  during i-otiri-.hip.
Jem.iiiii—Ves, In: asked me to |io
fishing wilh hiin, aud when we'd got
(hi miles awav he discovered. In1 Mad
forgotten   the   bail. „
Wiilkins—ntu   eould     yoii  hot    di.,'
sniiie wm ins?'
,Tf nkiiis—Wojiuk?    Wh'-al in     '.lie
world   should we do   willi   woims'   .\
man can't   drink   worms!
Air. uud .Mis. Limhny euteiiyiiu.d a
huge pany of Irieiids nt l'ark II..um:
last   nighl.
A cal ol Hew .potaloes tn anive 011
%ale Monday. (",el our priiv..-\V .1.
Division Superinieiiileiit Ktiil'.,oit
was iu lhe lily yestcidav, niidwint
enst  this  motiiiiig,
Hull. .1 A. Maeib.iial.l, leader, ol
the Inr .1 Opposition, is lApi-rlrd in
..iWII    l'*lld.l>    eCellillg.
W.   .1,   Thi.uip'uii,   an   i-vi',rl   M.>n-
ilille .opelalnl'   lllllVed    llele   on Tu."--
.iay, and  is    n,,w  iu     charge  ol   'he
ma1 hiue   iu  the   !(< dger  (IHiii*.
A hotel that llll Irishes quirt lOlll*
nioilioiis aiTiiiniiuillations for Its pa-
(roiiN is a Minn.' o| plea-iiin- In the
travcllliU' public. Smli a nm- '*- •I"'
Klllg Kdwnid ll-.-el ol IVinie, ml
lii-f- npp.islle  iiosl nUiii'.
"Mr. A. .1. I-Vlloii, r,pi.-.nl ''^*' "(
lhe Hi lelil ifie Amuii.ni, aiiHiil i'i
llu* 1 tU    this   iikii 11 in-* Mi*   1*-     ■'" -
,niiipaiili'd   liv   his wife,   and «i!1   'e-
maill   III ill.   i\X\ im-  'lavs
A   sp.-iiiil * .it   all...hnl   1,"   iiiiiil*. 1
six passed   thi.aigh uiwii   Mimd.n ,'.-
ning    iimi ih.-  C.   1'.   W.  mitt.it.i.n"
II!   Ollll'lll   |,*llt>     Ol        *1f!ll     Nntih-Mi
railwav nun,      iniltnlun'  I    1'    !'■"■
ii-ll.  ot Heal lie    .
11 .•
. 1, .
On    ihi-    t,. 1,.ilniti   giiiiin.l'.   heti-
Aug. iln- J.-tiil. „i 7 n'lliiil. p. m , a
n>,l,f,.  i  11.      i.u   Os    11. itiipi'iM-'ll'!'"'
I'niiiiil.i will In* mn lit" Th'iinas Kui;',
..(  U-.i.ui^g,   ..i'.!   V,"    IJ. nv.hi,      th
«,III.I-,.i.MI      Nil-f.ll   splllllil "li.i*.
IV. tl   fo ,1    l.uil*.   ,,tr    lllr    ',Wlft,**1   (Ull
Hel'i   ill   Call id.I. .ui'I   III'    'Lit. ••    fil--
5i <«><> 1 '.-.li
This   Mil!        I»-   nil"     0'   llir p_l.-ilis»
t*v,ni*.t',     th.* *«.i'..« >n tl.,- *t»>i I »t«i |iAti»ii* b^s  ^.'iv.u vi  .ii' •* * "'I'
tin-, ami  is Mir.   in .iitr.nl  n   Lire, |Arr*>inat !'<h js.l.ir% itiiM*«.liii., A1A1
rr.Mtt ul .'i'.i  j,.*i,p:,-  lo witn.**-   »h< '.*•*),   "t amt  M,  HtiA ,11   .Mt.h.l      AiAv
t"     V,     il nyh, t-ui,    ,'«" * >1
s.ngu  .li'ilit. C. 1'   If..  K.  A   C.
i;, IU 1,11 ui'.slilll passelli'il i.i'-Id;
Mis. fnvlc, and .1 !-• 1 .111, 1. ". •""1
p.isMiigir ngeiii, atiiM.l mi N" '•
\esliul.iy willing Inmi iln- m»Xb
.md Welti on i.t-1 in Sup, 1 intend' »1
Ktiikhoii's   nir ili**> niiiiniiig
Jh- rtmsHlliit'i*'  M.   Mrrtl'-iil** rr.   *l
A.   D.  S.,  lln- «-mini-nl r\r '.ighi     I" *
■i.ili-t   ol   C,,J{»-irv,   yon  p, r   ib.-   »,-r-
|*-st villus uti.1 al iikhI, i,,i,  .J1.1i *.-
Al it |Uik,*f tA wlul   he tt.'iin*-.   I>.- ''
fcr^ fifty dollars m nnv.|hr-,«n «li" '
r-vet-      nre iMnlivi*    it  hr   I iif--      *»
.ulnjil   lln-   |»n.|m   7, •;-*'- ei'fi      'Au: THE' FERNIE LEDGER,0 FERNIE, B. C.   JULY i8, 1906
Issued every  Wednesday from  the of-,
. (ice* of    publication,     Todd   Mock,
Vietoiia  Ave.,   Kernie,   British  Columbia.
1)7 V.   "MOTT
G.  G.  MK1KLK
.    Editor
' There has been a great deal of political y-os.sip indulg'cd in "during the
last wee/k or two in this 'district.
This  talk   lias been' stimulate*. '>>*
several  seemingly  independent  sources
Tlie Hon, Messrs. Mcllride '"* and
Green have been manifesting a great
desire to get close lo the people and
have been busy touring and promising-. '
Mr. Ilawlhornthwaite has been doing sonic louring, too, and amidst .1
all Mr. Koss has gone down to the
coast. -       .   '     '
All these things coming so elos.'l-,*
upon each oilier have added -/est l*»
the speculations indulged in by tlw
potytuvil proij,tir.f.tiiVv'l'ors who a're
trying to determine whether il means
a general election in only a bye-clue
lion in Kunie district. A majority
of the prophets hoiu-vci, seem to incline to the opiiiimi that the latter
is the object ainied at and here in
Fernie some wire pulling is evidently
going on. (iovernineiil supporters,
socialists, liberals and labor men are
all, 'watching tor oi»j)o(riu|iiilie.s lo
■ strengthen their positions with the
probable result lhat the opposition
to a weak and discredited government
is being divided in such a' maimer as*
to completely niiMilv the will of Unpeople iM the district if persisted in.
This is exactly the object aimed at
by the element which hopes, as a result of such schisms, to strengthen
its hold upon the powers that Ik- at
Victoria, and which, if successful, will
make ol socalled popular government
a delusion and a snare.
o This district has lieen represented
for the last lour years by a member
who received only a little more.than
»ne-third of the votes- cast at th*
. last provincial election', and who can,
in uo sense, except a technically legal one, be said to represent the pet-
pie of his riding. Wc'do not say
this as a reduction upon the member, but as au instance of how far
short   oiir system'-'.of popular 'goverii-
of judgment Avhere lots of money will
lie of' no avail, and the poor'-fwilh a
clear record "will "occupy the-.high pos
itions i while the society refugee ■ who
counted oh lots of money saving the'
Jhe dny .at all times;', will .take up .
'llie'punislimcot that (bcfits the. crime
and wrestle wilh it through the rest
of:eternity.   , "*'"      - '
The above from the Cranbrook Her
aid ms very good and expresses what
most people think of such mercenary
methods of coupling up humanity in
order not to perpetuate a sound, mor
al, heaityy human race, but to bol-
- ster     up   and   keep   going,   ai   social
iiy of Mr, Ilawthorntliwaite's explanation of ■ why he had • supported
bad legislation brought in by the
Mcllride government and it. wishes to
again cail attention to thatYtimftion
of his justification of liis pafl? ?B keep
ing alive a government by""a party,
which he loudly proclaims as dishonest. lie most vehemently declares it
to'be the policy ol the parly ' 'uu
leads to .support the worst kind of
a partv in enacting the worst possible laws, in order to' bring - that
parly and what it stands for inlo
disrepute, but almost iu the same
Vi'eath undertakes lo defend his opposition   to* the   measures   and   methods
'of tlie' lilx-rals because they, arc worse I system which is jgfdaduallv "but   s'tircl*
than those, of the   government,   "thus   eal*'ng,,oul the vitality  of portions  of
ment sometimes coine.s of lreing what
it is courteously  called.      '• ;
If Mr. Ross should be called tothe
cabinet in the capacity of attorney
general, and should consiApiently ask
his constituency for endorsation, he
can only hope to secure thai • endorsation ihrougli a division of the
treineiidous.4 opposition to the government which so evittciilly exists
throughout the district.
Mr. Ilawthoriilhwaile while iusist-
■ ing that the socialists °iuiisl put up
'n candidate, upon principle iir Ihis
riding, is winking iu the most elli-
cieut wa\ to assist Mr, MeJiride to
hold together his weakling grivern-
niimt a little  longer,
So apparent   is this  that inane
people believe. Mr. H'nwth.'rnlhwailc
lo (lie totally insincere, but whether
he is guilty of insincerity or not
the ellect ol his luetics will Ik.' the
same as though he were, nud insofar
hs his efforts  go to  divide the.
strength of the opposition to the
present unpopular government, in just
s»» Iar will he have succeeded in stilling the popular will of the district,
whiih il crysluli/ed and cuiuliiiicd upon one man would make the return
of any man, whatever his personal
standing and si length might lm,
who should usk lhe voti'i.s ol Hie
i-linlriel to giidoise the pre.siiil government un impossibility,"
The   Mclliide   goveiiiineiil docs
not rcpicM-tii a majority of the pco
pie* ol this pniviiiei-, It ilni'!- not in
reality ivpteseiu a majority oi the
voters nl the conservative piuty.
It came into e\isleuee not so much
an the chosen icpicsi'iitati\es ol thai
puite as 11oni the lesult o| assistance
reiidenil by iulliieiiies entirely mil
kide ol that oigniil'iitioii, nud Iw-
lii'iu kepi in p'lUei by inlliteiues cii-
tilelv outside (he piiltv iil'giilli/iltiiui
wlinh openly Haunts its principles nn.l
bViii  Iruldlv  attacks iis  inlegiily,
The Ic.l.'i ol the socialist paily
is toduv openly di-ilaiiiig lhat by
holding the l.iibiiiii' ol power he Hni
compelled llli' govi-lllliiellt tn do hit
will, Mr. Ilnw iimiiitliu-aiic is making
llit.M' very null.U tiling sluleinciits
whrrevci he goes, ami Is declaiiiig
lljtiat lu- will see tu it thai n
rmifliibili. k imi lit lln. li,.Id heve to
op'Misi Mr. Hoss in nisr ol u livc-i'lcr-
(i'.ii, and llml he will also assist ill
l.i iiigj)!1" mil n smialist candidate ill
the Kiislo ilistriit   lo  oppose lhe
Hon. Mi.  Green     il  he should .stand
( ..   .      i    ,:   .      ■    , i i     i    ,:, ,,
       t   '
whiih must Ih> brought on within tin*
lll'll    Villi
Now [I i„ nol only possible but
very probable lhat Umi. Mr. (ireci
could in no w,i\ expect to .«• return*
,•,"1 from   fv.'.,'!.!   uitm^  wvvliti'..   t.;'
tlie division   of   tlu i,|,|xisiti<m   vott,
ml\A   the si*t.kli.l   U.ntii   ,i.ubl tb, .tl,-
(.ri-t-n no grialer Mivii,   than to sie
to    ll     tlul     .1    vtki^li*.!    l,ltl.1l.-|4ll*    i«
put iu the laid ami >t vigor,itt* mm-
puifit waged in llin Mi'-port.
Thf ledger last wtrk ilnv. tli<* at"
tut ion o, it** wirter* to ihr wtwu-r.!
cotifonndiiig in the short space of a
single paragraph his ' most laboriously worked out justification for ■ his
part in lhe. wrong-doing - of a -government.-incapable-ol doiiig anything
but wrong so long as it is willing
to lean upon a' reed which so 'publicly 'and studiously smites it on every
platlorin. ( ' ■
Mr.   .M.elliide's , conserva'tive   apologists  scout the  idea that  he   is    held
.a power by  the socialist  trio in  the
house  thus contradicting the socialist
leader  in' his assertion  that' by  holding the balance   of   power   he has
forced the c)i>veriimeiit lo adopt uieas-
dres obno-Moiis lo  itself.   Itut whether
.Mcllride i.s the  innocent  victim'of    a
•ninll  parly which  is avowedly woik-
ing to   make 'him     ,commit political
suicide,   or whether. Mr:   llawlhoriilh
waite   is Ut-ing used   as   a   puppet by
Mr.   Meltride, to  keep himself   and   as-
■-.ociates in ollice, need not occupy thv
.cople's   attention.   That we   have   a
■oyeiniiienl at   Victoria   that   is  wiling to   hold on  to  ollice   under either
•oiidil'on   is enough   to  condemn      it
n (he minds of all people who desire
Hood '.sljalr-Je    government     backed by
an    unmistak(if>jle     majority '   of the
olers of   the  province.
There are many, niativ reasons why
the Mcllride gtiveruinent1 'slronld .l*v
■nreservedly londemned; they .have
ailed in so iniiiiy ways that a mere
.-ilation of their numerous'misdeeds
'iccomes tiiesoine, but all these short
tunings are the fruits of allowing
uieii to hold responsilble positions who
ire willing to do so under the c'on-
tilions which th'e present government
have preserved   their ollicial   standing
9 *4
11 is only natural and to be expected
• hat men who have shown themselves willing to hold ollice under
such conditions should be willing to
-oiilinue to do so through the aid
>f such   crude    .political   legerdemain
7fs*"!7r irow~i^hT~exin,n-nnn     .    ~
: . - '. '
No  province can  hope to have good
•-oVcrninent. so long as such conditions prevail. No parly can nfford
■o hold on to olliee at such cost, llet-
ter.ten years of good, clean* oppos-
■tion than tea months of such play-
'ug at governing as is chargeable to
'he present government. II it should
occur that Mr. Macdonald should Iiud
as a result of u general election, thai
lie were in the same position ns is
lie present 'government aiid should
have to depend as does Mr. Mcltrid"
upon the support v>f members who
-polity boast that Ihey hold the hal-
ince of power nnd use it to further
"he interests of an org-a-iir/ation op-
onlv opposed lo tin. mvowed principles
mil practices of (he party which sup
■lnrlcd him, he wouhl.be doing the
worst possible injury to (he countr,'
'( he should be so'wenk as to follow
'ha example set before liim by the
'irst .conservative government this
■iroviuce has so unfortunately had
'Iniisl upon it.
The great conservative party as a
vliole nie not lo blame for the pies
■n( gove.ninieiil's existence inasmuch
is it was the result of a niiscoiiccp-
'ion. Hut the parly has had four
vears' experience and should i( nguin
'iiul iisell in lhe |iosition it is now
'ii.'uller another election, it will be
.ddiiig damiiulioii to coiideiuniilion
;f it allows itself to be again pros-
'Milled as il has lieen during the
irst  lour \ nrs.
Sold by all Druggists and General Stores*'
,      ■ ii   .      and by mall.
I.-  CK
Meet in I. 0. F. Hall on    the
■\  ■ Tuesday in every - month.
L. R Eckstein
Bahrister-at-Law, . -Solicitor.   Ktc.
4     ■ .       > ' 4"
Hoorr.6 1 & 3, Iloi.dcrson block, Pernio, B, C.
the- great human faint y. Hut it seems'
to the    Ledger  that    the     Herald  is
shooting at birds that liy'too     high
'"or its  gun.   The Alierdeens  will    not
*ce what that paper says aljout their
ill-iUHitched   ma,rr|age, a(^d ■ the   ller-
aliVs   well   intended   rebuke  will      be
ost.  Xobody in this part of the. wild
ml woolv west  thinks of marrying a
conian old enougb to lie his, mother,
and there   are no   old widows   or  old
uaids to   be   had   if he   were   foolish
iiongh   to want  one.   Hut there      are
vils ol (he most demoralizing nature
h.: most   threatening  to  the. political
is well as social life of this growing
new  western  country,  growing  up  in
mr very midst threatening to pollute.
lenionaliye and choke but, of existence
he very   desire   for free   government,
nil    clean  society.    ,
If the  Herald would turn its atten-
ion to  things    . much '  nearer "".ionic.
'."hicli tin eaten   by   their demoralizing
nlluciicc   of concentrated  wealth    un.
ler   the guidance   of unprincipled man
tgenieiit,   to swallow  up  and  control
he political   and   municipal   destinies
if 'the  Kootcnays  it  would  be    more
■radical and effective.
A lew weeks ago. a certain man Ije-
ume desirous of procuring a horse,
nd finding another man who wished
o dispose of a horse a bargain was
truck whereby a horse lielonging to
'.um number two was transferred to
nan number one who liegan making
se.of the, real horse- which he had
ccured upon .the promise of paying
o man mnnlier two the sum of -525.
oin of.the realm. It seems that.man
iiuifber one did not meet the. o'bliga-
-.ion to pay the '"c-* as' soon as he
lad promised Id do and sooiuaddiliou
,1 dickciitigl was' indulgiid in, resuliiny
11 the   arrest  ol man  number  one   at
_!i<i—iiiiKtci{iiL'tw'i>i^—liiaii^**—iiuii^1i|cr two,-
iiid he was arraigned before, a magis-
rale charged with stealing .the trou-|
lesonie, but innocent horse.- The mag
strata dismissed the case, which was
a. horse ou man number two, hut mini
■er one was .- again arraigned lieforu
umtlicr' mjag'tii'itnalc upon the sarnie
Jiarge, and this time the magistrate
uled that while there was not ' eit-
uigli evidence to send ■ 'man nuin|hcr
mc ii]i lor trial', there was enough
■pou whicli to hold him, '""a"" **«m-
iioneslji." .lecision was a horse on
nan unmix-!* one who consequently rc-
nains in durance vile until the siting of a higher court, Thc. higher
ourt after listening to the evidence
11 this horsey case, told the defend*
mt 'he could go, free, which was a
lorse on the other man, The real
orse iu the case is still in''dispute,
nd his final disposition is yet to be
Tiie following press despalch Irom
Loudon shows how far "society" will
mi iu lhe worship ol lhe i-.luii'ghly did
"Sociely was a lilt slaggeied ,11
irsl by the auiioiiuieiiiiiil that ii nm.'
iage had been ai'i'iiiigid between
'.out lladilo, eldest son and heir ol
he Mill I ol Ajlhiilicii, alld Mis. Cock
■nil.', a linen diupei's widow uud
leleliiloiv lllllilliiiMi union*,., the I'ash-
ollable .lnt, but leiovel'i'il iis cOlll-
1,tsni,. oil Ic.jMlitlg lll.ll Ills fififlici'i*
'l.i.** lots ol   molliy."
Mil   ill,   *|ll.llc,    lli.W,    is   lint       thut
liiiugh lu make a teal man or uo
nail -■-,i'ii   ted blond  iu   their      veins
; t   ... 1' 11    ,. ., 1       1,   •       1 1,   1
, *   » ■ - ...
,1 nue lhat ill,* widow is -,' ..'o.**n ov
bi Iter than h.-l pinspective hu^.Ulil,
',ots nl   uiollev.   Tlle wiil III  has    gone
11.mix- mail iu this dav ami ng,'.
(,oli   ol  ihntlev!   What   a  liltlltitllile  of
b.       *.       I.".,.,,   '. ..." 41,        I,       \,,S,.ll,       ,|,'.il.l'«l,      l+^J,
Mi.m.inl', ',|ii,iluics ni tin* widow. Nol
,1 wind about her goodness ami pur*
lv. Knotty is satinl'id willi lhe
tiiiie -I.»l< nun! th.it she has lots of
111011, v Tin- soiial line ot distinction
i*. dr.mit t.f.il lit- ih, u, igfif -if min
.il t in li unl, ami with I Ik growth of
tin-, Milliu,ini uuuuii.i'iU iiui.a.xci.,
.ui.) ih,- pniitv <>i tlw- In,m« (imi nttrn
ittifliiis .< f.iii, l^its «,( itioTM-v anil
Vet tlk poor iti'llldul fools fol^fL-t that
uliill the last li.ollltllt (OUleS, whin
IV.ttli Im*. s|t|i|*,l tn and ilAiini-il hi*
• >nn, \br «i«lini wiik j;.. t»-li,ir a lur
F C. LauDe
Post Olliee. Block. Fernie. R. C
Coal.—Conl lanils muv lie purcliaseil at MO
per aura for soft eoal mul »S0 for aiitlp-Huitti
Not more tli.111 aai ;u*. es cun Xi» ncqutrcil uy
one iniliviib'iil i.reotiiimnv, Royalty •■** •»•»
rate often conts per ton of S,00(i iioinids dliull
be oollectiitt on tiie cross out |iut. ■J
Quiirtz—A Ireo minor's cui-titieutu is ei'»*«*eJ
upon imviiient in nilvioire uf «•'. l>ei' niimun for
a-n iiiitiviiliuil, mul from iW to tino jier ionium
for » comimiiy iiccoi-diiiu to en|iitnl.
* A fret miner, liuviiimlisi'.oveicil niinenxl in
pliice.mu*' ltteute 11 claim l,.19U,x l,.r,uo feet.
Tliu lee for ret'onling 11 claim ia ',.*>.
At Itiixt «lixi must be uxjiemleil ou tli* claim
each vear or puiil to the iniuiiiK recorder in
lieu thereof. \Vli«n t "rtl has l.uen ext.oiiileil 01
l.uiii, the loeiitorniuy, tt|.»u hiiviu(f ta btuvey
iiuule, aiul upe'i romiilyiiic with •tlier ru*
iiuliemeiit9,pui'cliii«e the lun.htt4.1 an acre.
The patent iirovute*. for th* payment of a
loyalty ef US per cent, on the sales.
l'l.ACKit mi.ii.i*,' elaims generally ar* IIH) feet
siinaro; entry tee *.'> renewable yearly,
A free miner rimy obtain t,\ve leases lo
ilreiljic fos* Kol.lofllvs miles cneli for a term of
twenty years, renewable at the itlhoretlon of
h* Minister of the Interior.
-The lessee shnll have aiire.lBO in operation
within one season from the date of the lease
for each live miles. Rental sin ijor annum for
smtih mile of river leased. Royalty al the
rate of 2. per cent collected on the output nf.
tor it exceeds tlo.WKi.     "    1 *,
*W.  \V.   COREY,
■Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.   B.—Ui*A||itlic'p:i-/etf   ^(bliciattic-n   ol
this advertisement will not be paid
W, R. Robs, K7 C. J. S. T. Alexander
Ross & Alexander
I'-ERNIK, 11. 0.
Onteclu li. T. \V, lllo'nli, Vieloil" ^'I'liur.
J. Barber, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
I. T;, \V    Block,   opposite  the   Bank
OWeo houru—8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
tfevnie, 36. Q.
Davey. & Laderoute'
All There!
Th© Finest .Porter
The only Good Beer
iii: Ferhie.- —
the product of the
V\.A\S LANTiUAttn.
Thcd by Ilod^etts ..ej.-nrdlii',' Onlnrio
Hii th lint it,
Toronto, .Inly ).—Plain lnnj-iiajjc
vns iikiiI hy Dr. t. A. llotlj-xslts, ,scc-
el.tiy ol the provinciiil board of
iciillh, nt » tncctiiij,' of that body
•cslerduy. in respect to certain coalitions iclutivc to the birth rntu ol
Intai-io. lie first pointed out the ne-
liHslty    lor |,'ri'iitcr     nttt'iilioii iKiliij-
iveii by lhc board* to diuwin-; iitteii*
Ion of the public to the (jrowiiij'
iced nl mole general ediicatioii as
o iiur.sinu und care of liifnnts, 'I'lie
niiie attention j-fvui to Instruct pa*
I'lils ns to how to brill-' up a llmby
s is -liven llicm in n-spccl to lhc
variiit; of yoiiuv, chliketiN or n timr
iii(-l«l.red calf or oilier luiinyaril pro-
'nets, piiiliuilutly ns rc'-jurd fecil-
u>,', would In* lolloweil by ui'milly
ood  ii-Mills,
The inu-ficd liiiieii.se in the, number
.1 still hii (lis wut i oiiiiii..|iled oh
nd Dr. Ilodjti'tls said: "II It wen.
osnIIiIc to j;i\v In statislliiil form
he iiiiiiiIki of jihoilioiis that haw
KCtiiiid in  the  Milne  period  oi  time.
VI- would    |l)iv'e    refutes    wllilll  Wi)ltht;
e somewhat  astoundini,' to  the  c.n-
!•',! mil II,. \'\u\n-l*,,.r ,-,..,ii,.Ilib,,, nt
•lml 1 mil I tie «-oelnl di'i'i'iifniev of
tie jire-i.-iit ilny, il W my opinion
hat It is time this Itourd directed
iihlic ut tent Ion  (o lhc (acts       nml
.nj.'j;i-sl    tiomr     ineitiiK  wlierdiy   the
-, .-       .. •,  ,      ,
.»,**. ...... *»*" 4'^. l..'>*t.i. *1^.        I...UMI.1.       ll, ..,.
inns wire brought more pr.iiniiiintly
'■clore the public mul our in.n und
voiiii-n li«ii)*lit tlu-ir duties cut It to
the otliii, and Imtli In the stnte <ti
rts|H-ct to lluir oflspriiij;." '
Tin* Sotllullst pnrty n( Colomdo.
ut llieir ir.niTinlfin in Ih-nvcr Inst
wit-l., nniniiiiitiil a (nil nXate tit Vet,
!i«-ntii1 liv VV .1. !lay-mod, fm j;ov
riimr H.ivho/h| is now in Culihri-ll
Idaho  jail,  await in-;  trial for iniiriUr
■ ■ ■  HI   I' ■!     ■  f   •
M-partr* l,inim«*nt  (Iiiin  >H*"t#-nij»tr.
Take notice that within sixty days
1 intend to apply to the chief commissioner ol" lands and works for a
special license to cut and carry away
timber Irom the following lands situated in southeast Kootenay district'
Coiiiiiiuiiciiig at a post marked John
Oockstadcr's southeast corner,- about
one mile "west of the mouth of Tuu-
Jiel creek where it empties iiito the
Elk river, thence north So chains,
thence west 8o '"chains, thence south
So chains, thence east, So chains to
place of commencement.
', Located  May   19th,   1906.
 ; .     .       Locator.
TJ. B. nOCKf-TF,Al")KR,
'*   Afeuit.
Holden at I''eriiic,
IN Till? MATTKR of,the l?statc ol
"IIenrif   Joulia," deceased,
All persons hnvijit--any clniin,, <,t <u-
inands against thc estate of Henri
'Joulia, late of Kernie, IX. C, 7 di.-
ceased, are hereby required to - file
with the undersigned thc names and
and addresses, and full particulars
of their claims duly verified, on or
before the  ist day of August, iQofi
aflcr , said date the ndmini.str-.trix
will proceed to distribute thc said estate amongst the,parties hereto, hav-
in-; rcgktrd only of the claims of,, wnich
she shall then have hnd notice, uud
*jhu will not be liable kor the proceeds of thc estate, or any part, thereof so distributed to any person
whose claim she had not had notice
at the time of distribution thereof.
Dated this afith 'day of June, A,
1), 190(1.
Henderson Work, Vcrnie, II,    C,
Solicitors for Administratrix,
Notice is hrrchy given that fio
days alter dale I in tend tn apply to
the chief commissioner of lands avid
winks to purchase the following de-
.srrilicd land near Kiko, in thc district
of Kast Kooteimy, 11,  ,C.
Commencing nt a post plnnted nt
llm Noillicnsl corner of ^lot Nn, 7,116,
thciiic north <*.. chnins, thence west
dn chains, tlieiue south 40 chains,
thciicii east along north line of lot
No, 7316 /.ii clmi'is in plnce of coin*
Dated at Kiko, .11, C, May yo, ionfi
W, J. Wriglesworth, D, D. S,
Okmck Ilounsi-       f. -Wto 12 a. 111. Ho 5 p. m
.U.SO to » p.m.
Office in Aleic.X'ik's Umok
Sold only at
The King s Hotel.
The Calgary
Cattle Co*   :   :
Retail    Meat    Merchants
Office:   L.T.VV. Block    ;
Fernie British Columbin
ricnurreri Bros.
Sand, Lime & Wood
Oilico in renrof Jl'ow Foot. Mock. Kernie, H.O
M, Kerr & Co.
Contractors^ and Builders
Plans, Specifications and Estimates furnished on application.
Plenty   of  GOOD   DRY
it. A. KRRR, i!
Architect     and Superintendent
, Olhce at Residence,
BAKER m.,     -     -.    KERNIE, B.C
Work. Home imliistry. Catalogue
Free.   . "      '
Sccdhoiisc nnd Greenhouses,
3010 Wcstininstcr Rd,, Vancouver 11.0
Round    Trip
ON SAI.F. JULY 30.-17
Mit Your l'ropertv With
I'ropcitv (or Kale, Unit or J-.*.ihuiij>e
Htiil*.  Collictitl,   Eiiiployniciit    Fur-
11 Dilit.il.
C. 1*. R, Summer       Kxciirsioim   vo
Tin* ".•.ant.
Uiuui-K};, Port Arthur, Duluth, SI
I'liil, JliaiiLuiK-liii, J,')'..3<>, Omaha,
Jf.V'ho, ^Kaiisiim City ^.a.*", St.
I.o'!ii» $t*i.titi, Chiciino, ">'>.t.o<> on utile
Jiinc 1, 6, ;, JJ, s.s, July J, 3, Aiik-
tixt 7, li, v. Sept. H,  10. On     naino
d.iti:t tl.ri.uph cxi'iirsioii (ait-ft will Ik-
ipioicd to ull points in Ontario, Uuc*
\*e, Muittiiitc provlfK-csi, New    Yoik,
un,I   Ni-v,   l',l,i;l.iinl,   TiiUlt.  tile  liitii*
ilu-is, ln-4r >> ilayr. limit for icturn,
and arr *til,i*ct  to usual  variations
ui \u\ut; nn- ulso fnunt in one       or
kiitl. i|ir*i.litiiM via  tlie *.r«*iil.  l,ti\cs
IWuil.lflinforiii*li(*i   <4i *W|VUtii-HU«i.
J, S. Carter. 1). l». A.,
Nrtson, H.  C.
Eastern Excursions
ST. l'AUI,   ,
AUGUST 7, X, 4,
Slil'riiMfJKK « iV 10
tixJisltl l\) Kti'iVKN ViUUmiCt'. ,U
For licrlli rcNorvutlons and ilclullcil
inloriimtioii   npplv to local ii'-int"-,
ItA'1'J.'S \i.m   I'Ktt   DAY    '
Thos. Pogue,   o£  ' Jt   Proprietor
•'*'" :."•*:■-*■*■'
Is a pleasant home,
for thc traveler.
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
WINE   ttO., Ltd.
Wlioltisale llenlcrs and Direct Import-
ters of
I,0N'I)0N DllY
■AND Ilfli.LANl) D|N,
Kciii.ivis nam,
alm and stout,
Wlll'l'V, ANI) UKI) TOUT
Hole AjfuMtH in Ciuuulh for
WlndHor    Tonic,     Jan    DcHtrpyer.
Philip Carosella
Gonorat Merchant
and Doalor in Wlnns,
Liquors and Cigars.  ■>
•FiQ-R-isrian, B.. o.
J. h.
C AMI Hit,
I).   V.  A,,  Nelson.
.1. COYMt, A. «, 1>. A,,
Yaiii-oiiwr, ll.C.
Tht contractors ol  yernie       will
plcisc tali: in a ice that After   April
m,  ltjo(> the Carpenter', und Join-
if. of IVittii- Iik.iI um ulll Ac
nund four doll.i-s (4.00) for elRltt (8)
hours*' work.
W. A. CONNKr.T.,
U. H. ol C. It J. U. nm, Fernie.
tm I'Alio.'.M/,"'. |ttiMN_IM>f-f4£(iV "•»
Tjr3Sri03Sr  XiASmX-
Orow's  Nntt   Speolal
Mlnei^s Fovorlle OI(|ars
Second-Hand Store
Opcncil up next to Ucma Hotol
Tor   Cnsh
I, W   R. TRHttY.
4<».«...».<i.»i*» ♦n>.«..»"i"*> ».«ii.>i'«i«i.«,» .I. «i
liin-iuli..  l,l\\i.\tMul, Cuuu pi|i|itlu*ii.-.
Choicest cuts of fresh meats always
cn hand.
' Hams, bacon, and lard as well.
, All kinds of fresh (*.*>•. or   teason. •
- Prompt" delivery.
Give us a call.    .' * *
TEL.. 18..
Crow's Nest V
Electric Supply Store
All  kinds   of   Electrical
Goods kept in stock.
All  work,
John Turner,
-«-- Advertisements
this issue, and   Pat
j. ronize  our Advertis-^
>^%%V« *«k>-%%^%%%'
|Sueec»Hor to Sbhi Ken]-
Short Orders served at all
hours,; day or night.
Two ilooiB Boutli of tlio Klk Hlvor Oluh
Fcrnle,     :-:     B. C.
•» 999900909999999990999099
I Are You Reading    |
j Lowers    I
If not, you arc mlssln-RT oomo
of tho choleoai; litei-aturo ot
tho contnry,        » f  *?
St'tifl a dollar to R, T. \fi}V.
KRY, NolBon, |). 0. arttl not
It i-oKnlnrly for a year and
rise out of the rut,      V  V
tlllll.l liowii'
• lluit.l Up
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OAk'I'I.l'TT 110IJSH. (ormirlr tlu
' Clark, tha bent fi s day hotitl
in KtUcn. Only white help cn • lojntd
0. W. .UAttXUF.tr. I'tuu}'**^.   ' " -s *-,,
I .
Trf*"   -"ERNIE LEDGER, 'FERNIEy'B, C.   JULY ,i8„igo6
r® V-
Young Millionaries Ove a Fast Life: a^ are  broken up and the once  Happy ?
Couple Agree to , Disagree-Some Revelationsin  the Upper Crust. ;
Pittsburg",     'Pa.,; July-'   16—Am-  cd from  its share "of  trajfttdies-',    aiid   matiimonijal.market,and 'wedded "Miss girl from Atlanta, Ga., .She was cer- heas corpus writ was the    ..ly thing, (direction of 'siciiiiii<r   a   warrant   for
wrican millionaires and their ;,   'sons   scandals.' -   ' ■ ;     Martha Hitchcock, daughter oi Secre- tainly woithy of a lietter man. ,'fhey *   'This was too slow for liim,     ■   Ac-   U*iflu-iii;in foi a-Jkltielion. in the mean
taave'ufcen unfortunate in their     mar-     Old  William  Thaw,   founder of ' the   ta'ry  of the  Interior   Hitchcock.   She came   upon hard   times.   The     Clark  . eompanied ■ hy    a   friend   lie arrived   time IV-iileiiii-in is planning to escape
visges, and they can scarcely    .make' family   never   went   through   lhe'( di-. is. now stiinjr him for, divorce. estate was   lied   up in   legal .hjatlles here   Saslurdvy,   Then   five     -leading   from tin* home foil with the girl and
Adam'*) excuse and,,say. "the  woman   voice , courts, "but he "had  his"    own      Lawrence :C.  Phipps,  nephew of'"    Al'he young man,  who* had never tried Centralia' men   offered   to assist   him   hide away  until thev can  marrv.
troubles, lie   is   known     as a   Phipps, partner «>,   Andrew-Carnegie, *'"■ work,..even*, when  lie attempted to in reselling the girl.  Plans were mad,..
Christian gentleman,    philanthropist,   is another  Pitt'slmrg   millionaire   and heroine  a newspaper  man,  was help- the sM'ccess. o/ 'vvltioli   depended u-joti
and business, man of rein'ark&bh abil-   his married lift, did not .'prove happy." lcS-s to.^stipport  a  wife.   ]lut  the  girl getting word to the** distressed     one.'
ity.  the fuel  lhat his wife did     not rIThere.'Jwas      much   sensational   lest>i- sto9tl the--.te.st      They  had  one  room In this they were  successful,
live with  h'iiii   for years" because"    , of '.inony   that   could have   lieen,: brought over in Allegheny. She cooked     their      A, relay of fast  horses was  provid-
his fondness  for the ' socieU-  of  other   out in   the  trial  of that  ease  hut, it >»eals in  a  chafing  dfsli,   and'if ever ed   Mwecn the   {arm   anid Central fa.
Through a. long series of yeftrs there-   women,   particularly   of .young   girls, .was not. The',divorce was quietly se- a woman  stood  hy  a  man she stood 'Saturday   night,   two hours after ' the
taos been a string of divorce eases 011   -s ,,<,<_ exploited as much as his good   cured and now ifis-said the divorces '-y   bim.     The   clouds   rolled      awa- girl retired, 4T.eiffennan was under her
trial here in    the;   Allegheny 'county '",iCL.(ls.' He maintained a big house, in ,are casting• .sheeps-eyes at each other Tlw legal entanglements were, unlang- v,-iud<iw:   He tossed her a rope ladder
cetirt     wliich      attracted     aUeiMifim   ],*ilth avenue, where he carried on      as . and if the   were  reinarrid   ft      would '"'•  T'-c Clark foi tune depended upon, and she descended   in her night . robe
throughout   the   country;' - suited, his tastes, while .his  wife ami. not surprise anybody. fat  eliubby   "Chic"   Clark.   He      was and slippers,   She   explained   lhat her   p^k-.l   l(J nK,   .,'„■■ j^,.   [(Jr puilectioii
LIST I.I'.l) HY  THAW-    -    (. ..children, lived out   in   the   Kast   K«d   KOMANCli  OK IIAltT McKKK.- again   rolling in  wealth.   Ilut   he   im- wardrobe was'.under lock and key.        .saying   that she had   bun   s'oid   into
One of the earliest Thaws, his name   -flu, 'family disited. him   often. .        Hart McICee, son of the inilili.oiiaire. mediately forgot   the woman,who had      I.e.iffermiin     wrapped     lier   in      his   shiverv to   the'mnn who   was      with
has.lieen  forgotten'just   for--'the* ni<">-      Of course the /uses of William Kllis miasm man and traction liinjgiuitM, mar holjuiil hiin over the rough  places She overcoat   and the   driver "gnlliiped   his   her
ihou ga vest tne, 0, Lord,!' for in
most instances it has,' l*een the wife
who hassnffered" wrong at .the hands,;
ofthe husband,, or at least the.-evi-
dwee in the divorce courts seems to
have borne out this theory.
A Girl 17 Years
Sold into
New .York.—Kosic  Colin,  a   17
old girl wh early this morning
ened to kill her unless she went with
him.  So after  spending, the night  in   .
the flat, they started this morning io!*
the 3rd-avenue elevated.   Rosie    told
her buyer that she was hungry     and
wanted something to eat. '
He gave her some money and told
her,to go into a restaurant while he
waited for her outside. .When. Rosie
came nut of the restaurant she saw
Policeman ttrynes. She ran " away
from her buyer and liegfec'd Brynes
to  protect her.
The Brooklyn man disappeared be.
fore Rosic made , Brynes understand
the situation.
The detectives found in .Airs'. Salinos
flat   a   rawhide whip   with,,    , "which
Rosie said she-had  been lieaten when'
she rebelled   against   the   degradation ■
imposed upon her.  . It was 'orifcjnally
ten   feet   long   but had "been   braided
"into a stiff,  sword-like  club        three
feet   long.   When   Rosie was   undress-'
ed   a  do/ui  ugly  welts,.  which     she
said were     made   by   the   whip, were
found 011   her  back   and  shoulders,
ment,,started the list. That was the aoMN RECENT SKNSATIONS.— . . ried I.iila Sutton, She stood it as 's"c«l f<>l7 * divorce finally and
famous '.'Indian Princess", trial,', Glp-.-'Coiey, ol 'the United States * Steel lon>g tm .she'could and, sued for . di- >*■■ T,,c xiexi day she married Charles
rious old Tom- Marshall, Allegheny's-*,^,.,,,,...'^;,.,,. Harry. Kendall,' Thaw vorce on the.grounds ,of.gross cruelty Donnelly, another of piitMburg's mil-
most, famous criminal lawyer, made,,,'iln,i Augustus; Hartje, the! millionaire, negligence and nonsupport. He,set- lionaires. *
his reputation in the' trial of'- that. j,aper manufacturer, are just " now tied that by. pay ing her J\*"o,ooo and- ^«'>l.ralia, 111. —William
c*i»e. Cuba U. Quit was the ..Indian, crowding, the . newspapers. They are not contesting the divorce. A messeii Jfilr eloped in .iiightclothc.s QAQAQAA-
Princess. She married a Thaw. • At-1 (,ac*, 'sensational enough , in everyway, gcr .wailed here the day the': decision Daughter of, preacher escapes by
least the world recognized  them     ns.'Corey lif.ted from comparative pover- wns handed  down and. the  instant  it l1Si; °' ladder—Countryside aid s htiQ   shouts o;
repealed her   storv   wilh
married-and the man never inade* any. ty  as. clerk .in a  coal  ollice  at ?4f> a   -wa« ov, r. he started with a transcript "J*t*'*Toriuaii, a I.ochijivar from Chicayo.   the men, a married one   received
got   horses two   miles, when   the      second details when she appeared in (he liar-
team and five friends were picked up. lv.„, ,)u[ici. vmn lf)(|,lv. \yn\t -„.,. Wt.ru
The live  miles was covered  in just ri, ariajgi.ed .loseph Kuig.gc.a, a saLooii-
mmutes.      There was   just   15     min- keeper of .Moiint' Veinon and Mrs!.I.c-
utes to catch.the  11,30 train to Chi- „a Salin„,.of New York, wlioiu    she
cigo, and  on   this the elopers;       de- accused ,,-is tying,   nun-Jigllhe         in-
partcd amid the coiigrsitnlations    and, stiuiiieiils  of her  degra'daiiou.
party',   One,     of.    lUagislinte     Baker    held them      in
<dded   Principal   iu   Fii.iiious Aetloir Shotks
the small
denial of it. She-knew little, of her nionth to a-position where he presid- for-New York, Arriving there lie -has iletl with his sweat heart, Grace
husband or^of his antecedents.* When 0(- over the business of a billion dol- placed the, transcript,in Hart . Mc- 1-Ionme, the liandsoine 18 year old
he died she was "advised to sue ■ for* iar corporation, lost his head over-a- Kce's h.-.ndsat 7 o'clock, the next /laughter of.the Rev. Alexander',*Mon-
her .widow's dower* of his rich en- chorus girl. ■ The wife... he had,,, mar- moniiii;;. That afttji'iiioion'- u Hcvusc r01--, pastor of the Chicago Lawn Con-
taU. r * .  ' ried   when   she was pa  house .servant .waa granted MeKee to wed the beauti   gregaiional   church. ;
Only the older people of. America for his father ' would not- do for his hii Denver, widow, Mrs. Travis. They
remeiiiber the. trial'today, but it exalted stalioii. lie wanted to be rid were niii.-iied and started for Europe
was oiie ol the most remarkable-ever of her and,, the divorce suit, recently • sailing that afternoon. They have
tried here. The Thaws..won, although fi'cd by the wife iii'Nevada is the re-' not di-sl.tr.iied the serene pool' of so-
the popular verdict wa,s  in  favor    of   suit. '        ..„.',,.' **lely since. '   . '
the, dusky Indian girl who had pledg Augustus Hartje is is trying'- to .lame.v King,Clark and his "violet
ed her lile and honor to-the < scion of prove that his wife-is a- moral de- .bride" are known wherever divorce
the- Thaws.' All  that remains in Pits   generate and has named a negro      as  proceedings  are" ren.il.   He was
respondent. _ an(' heir of the ironmaster,
James G.'Blaine,'Jr., was a Pitts-   1<!t.t, al|d   the   honeymoon   never
burger,      .His father   was   * born and   pd  lr>r Ih*; divorce suit
raised bu
two. generations  in  the  coimly * court   city  ami he, met '■ and  married      his..  	
house, are the records ofthe famous, first'wife'her*-..,She was Miss Mary il'^aine repugiiant to her tlie lirst hrought her to this eity. Pastor Mon
Cuba U. Quit Jaiins. To his dying Nevin of this city. She was a pretty ''^"'V s.llL' -saw him taking, off his shoes-1'"*" llas » lonely lu 1111. live miles from
day Tom Marshall" maintained .' the 'actress wilh*-a-brilliant career before ^''a'li.l he' sat down on the floor" to per lowii'" and in the house 011 this farm
Indian'woman had. been wronged.'he- ' her, She ' probably thought an'■-alii' form that operation., Clark sued for the girl was kept a prisoner. She
cause of  her color.'  " ,    A-       «ance with the son 01-the first'states-   divorce and  the jury disagreed.   Then   hicks a  month  ol being eighteen.
LEG-KNI") OK INDIAK'S; CURSE.—      man   of.the day Would-; bring-*', laurels ' "tllli bridit, tried .it and. she \yoi)7   She'  " The.minister insisted that she mar
i-lushing thanks;    of the    bridc-lo-lrc,
when in  ten minutes    .he  du'g up    r,
skirt," a  wrapper. and   other  articles.
I.eilleniiau ■ arrived in   Chicago      on
S2000 b.iil on a charge of abduction.
Rosie was sent, to the house of detent ion.
New York—Hannah Elins, the ne-
gress who while mistress of senile
John R. Piatt got Sf.S5,ooo fiom him,
and who was a central figure in sensational legal proceedings when Piatt'
tried lo recover his money, has given
one of the choice residence- districts
of .Harlem a rude shock. She has niir
chased  two fine apartment houses and
Rosie caine  here  from' Russia    two   Uirncdoiit 30 white families.and invit
Snturdn\   with Miss  Monroe  and  im-
II cu-l'iinly-wus   awku-ajrd Cor   .the   mediately  conveyed  her to  the  home
g,irl to    racea>vay   in l„r   ni-giht-rol*,   of   his parents, in Chicago Lawn. Pas   the drIVcr   of a",,,   ice %„,i,
plus one   other, article   which may   be   tor   Monroe and   Rejected-Suitor  Ed.    made daily deliveries
ytiirs ;t^o. t'p" to two months ago
she worked in a' hiitler fnctoiy. There
she came  to  know Frank,  who      was
, and
in the        block.
He made   love to   her,   whicli she
ed  negroes to  liccome  tenants.      Tilt-
color line was   very closely drawn 111
1, ■ .- *
Xew York residence districts and* Mrs.
Elins",   invasion . inidoujitedly   means
tlte-entire block will Iw,given over tor.
all for
side    was witli
burg today.to recall that famous trial is an alley named for the Indian
princess: *       •"    •
It was -a rich trial while it lasted.
.Buried somewhere under tlie dust    of
called  lingerie.   Onlv, a. pair of cloth Shanklin, took up    the pursuit     and
slippers covered her  tootsies. Jt  was arrived in the cily tl.e. nexl  night, ciprocated.  Tliev became engaged and   nf***, as tl.e value of pro-forty wiil
love,   and the   whole   country- The  father  is determiiud   to   recap- finally  Krnnk  proposed  to take      her   '
her,    .clothes or  no ture  his daughter.   The  young    couple to.seo his relatives in PelhauilManor.
s,m   .■..„.,«.■,■,.      '                  " heard of  his   advent   and   I.eiHeima,, IiAthat   place, she savs,   he  accom-
lr     ,       .                .       Charles'    .■"'*!- n w«* ago Pastor'Monroe- kid armed himself and  said he  would kill plished her r,,i„ ami afi'er brutal treat
He married Miss Edith BartT" ««PM  "S   daiv^.ter     from   Chicago, the minister  if he   invaded   the ' ho.,* ment  took her to'Mt. Vernon to Ri,.
-    i;m1-.!"",,'     UW     iiss,sU,,u'(17",f -Til,>^ i" an   attempt. ,to  carry oil  the   girl, geiiera's saloon. There, she says   she
...                                      ■             »,       ,.                      ,)CRn.n         to° -Slla,lklln'  "   *!™tnl .stiiilc-nt of        this He placed   her  iu   a   room   and   bairi-'  was compelled   lo stay   in   sl-iver'v   of
t,a..few-.»,.le,s-outside: of; the: »oon. Mrs. Clark testilied.in'.the trial   l'1^'-  >'^<'  bey into a ca*b,      drove caded   tliV'apartme,,..   Th,,,   he    no- .|u- inosl (le*«rn,U„K '^r- "  '       '    * '-
01 lier d vo:n*e  case that her husilwnd   to ll,li" Illinois Central  station,      and '        ■            "
depreciate   and the   whiles   will      .ill
move out. * '       , '
60   YEARS'"
He placed her i|i a room and barricaded the, apartment. Then he. notified the police .thnt il thc- minister
attempted violence or engaged
stables or policemen to invade
house he would resist to the" death,
I/ieffenii'an, armed himself .with a
shotgun and two revolvers and barricaded-the. front and"back doors     and
A   weeir   aero,   the girl says,   Prank
con-   Ijronght   her ilown    ,*, 'Mrs.   Salino's
the   lint." ' .
Last night Rosie savs she was atic-
ti<yin,d oil. The ladders were Rugt-
giera, \,-h("i came down* Irom Ml. Vernon for. the purpose, and an' unknown
There, is a legend that when denied'to her. that she could reach  in  no , oil.- /married again   and'is   living   happily   >v Sl.aiiklin.     jsi,u re.uset;. I(e,.lerman ballwavs. Two'frie.wls are holdiit. the   Brooklvn man    Rug,eiem would
even the. honq-r , of wifehtKjM.., till  In-' er. wav.   -It brought ,-heartaeheSs   and fevtr afterwards     ■■■■-., -■       nbi..ii.,..l *  ,v..rm,.t  „..•-■ ;.l, „i...  f„,i.'* ,' ,    /i:1,'j, • .,     -,;.    -■       ''".-• '
"u~4    *~* '        ' "      - r* '   '   *'" . *] *•   '   * l*% " '  . t       'I *    * ^ ^ J       '.* 1 \ , . „.* „^ IVM   t.        tl   I til        JIH.J . *»l*l.-*.^i*l'l*HlIt**l_ Lljltl
H.an  woman  pronounced a  curse    ou. she sued hun  for divorce. '   She-mar- .CHARLIE CLARK FORGETKPL- ,-  er for threats to kill,    and conslalyles him "lhat she would prefer death    lo
the name-of-, Thaw*.  Whether she  did. ried Br.-'Biill'a".famous "siirgcon A"-of'."*, Charlie Clark, alias  "Chic. '              "
• or not the family lwin certainly nuffcr   New .York.   Young Blaine entered  the, kin of the above named
.       a cott-.'   are waiting to serve it. He consult-.- returning io her captivity.
married  -n   ed lawyers,' and was  told that n  ha-      The minister's move has Ix'eu in the
.10-11 igmn^uran-.s*".-)— iTunlieTBrrTokljnr
man offered   S2.**   and   got her.
She did  not waul   to go with''   him
but she says the Salinn couple 'Uirent
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The   Fernie   Ledger
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my {■** fTTi i -"*f ^-^>-"*--*«»^*t»'**'
A Great Industry that is yet to be
Developed—Coast has great
Deposits of Iron.   r
Interviewed in St. I'aul,-' in a further slai'l.-iiHint--' reg'.Y^iuy-. Calitat.1iaii
railway afiaiis, l'-eMih-iit. J. ,1. Uill,
ofAne Great  Northern,  sain:    „
"If yon are going to builil a railway, you must know what a country
produces and what it., can produce
with a 'profit, and if people will engage in that production. It is necessary lo niak-.- the country prosperous in order to make the road prosperous. Canada west of Winnipeg
all the way lo the sea is, a productive coiiiiilry. ' It produces Uni-ai'iegc
of a most pi<>litiihlc character in its
.win.ul, barley, oats, fruit, vegetables
minerals,   coal and lumber.      "
"Do you believe that Western Canada will be a manufacturing country?"
"Some day and on a ve-r-y large
"Where iron and coal are close together?" '
"Yes, and on the coast."
"Where are thc best places for es-
tafliiishiiijg iron, industries.-'
- "There1 is an n.b'indance of iron of
very high 'quality along both the
west and north coasts of Vancouver
island, on Texada, aud, other islands
along the coast, and j^eat deposits
of coal iu,)that' same country, > and
there is an abundance of iron on the
west side of the maii'ii range of the
"Rocky mountains, together with an
abundance of good coking coal in the
Crow's Xest region ' on the east side
of the' main range.
"Where..will the market be?"   ' . ,
"The'Orient;.for a time will'furnish
n good market, but China has its
own   coal and .iron,   probably the
largest' undeveloped resources of iis
kind in the. world, but Canada ' has
the. high seas, ha'snlt it? and with the
eoal and iron close to the high seas
there . wouldn't beany trouhle finding a market. The chief -grologist at
Harvard is , suilhori-ty .for the statement  that     iron , ore. is.'Jgetting  very
scarce' in Great Britain,, France and
Germlany, and thus *Rnropc will be
one of  the.  great markets  for  Canad
ian iron  and  steel. '
■■"They are manufaeturing iron and
steel in Canada already, and • there is
a great, iutiire' lor that industry, because. Canada has the materials from
which iron and steel are made. The
consumption   of these  products is
enormous. Fifteen years ago they
look eight million tons of iron-ore
from lake Superior; this year forty
millions of tons. The ore and sirip-
piugs of other material to get at
the ore that are moved every, three
years from lake {Superior i<qual ' in •
quantity the material dug out of the
Panama°eanal. Xow, at the, rate of
forty million tons per'year the whole,
of the isron in lake Superior will be
exhausted in forty years. With that
condition demonstrated in front. of
ns,, Canada has no reason to lie uneasy as to what will become of lier,
, "There will be a good deal of railroad iion used in the next few years
in Canada' Mr.  Hill?"
"Do you think they will get it from
the states?"
Xo, I should think llriiish Columbia would seel \vh.il a* jj-irid ojppoir-
tiinity' this is for establishing iron
and steel industries."
-4** I
"Would you prefer to',purchase your,
rails for Canadian railroading*:) m
"Why certainly; we should be very
glad to (see some rail industries built
iip. I shall, be disappointed.if they
are not.
"Can't they manufacture cars and
locomotives there?"
"There, is nothing to prevent. 'I'iwy
are already putting in an American
locomotive establishment near Montreal, ahd it is doing well, but thai
is a long way from the west to get
material. ..They can make locomotives,
cheaper where they can get. material cheaper, although the Dominion
n , ,     ■ '
Steel   company- ought to   furnish      a
notoknow as to the quality of their
iron  or coal.
A correspondent writes of the wedding of  King ;.Alphonse  and  l-Vinccs**.
Km-.. ;*
Returning parties from Madrid,
who -went' there lo see tliat 'magnificent pageant, the Spanish royal wedding, have -brought some reailly , delightful stories bac kwith ihem-alAnil
lln. young king and his beide. The
most delicious of them'.was told by
a lady iu waiting in a "Mayfair boudoir
the oilier day and -. as already the story of all lhe ladies'- clu"l*f-. It happened on the wedding day. The bride and
groom had been made one and,were
apparently as lively as crickets after
the nia'ny g;eo;tgj.*oiis ceremonies that
tired out everybody else. The. great
ball and reception had begun ■ at. the
palace. Alfonso and Victoria : had
been sealed on. the throne, rind"' had
received the. homage of the grandees
for an hour.'The royal ipiadrille was
over and general dancing-and [ prom-.'
enadingwas" going' on. The ■queen-mo-'
tlu-v stood in rather a large group,
which.' included lhe°priiice- and princess
of Wales, otlior, foreign royalties and
Home ,of their lords and • ladies in
wailing, They were talking animated
ly, when suddenly the queen-mother
slopped   and   looked   about her,
She'missed their majesties, the bride
and Ihridegroom. She is a great stickler I'or eliqiiette, is the jqneen mother
She, descried one of King Alfonso's
pert'onal nide-da-qmmp ami beckoned
him lo her. He is a particularly
youthfui ollice'r, a playfellow of the
fcingi and only recently appointed. The
■queen-mother told him to find the
king nl once and demand his presence
The youth bowed and departed. They
do things early in Spain, for it .was
then just 9 o'clock at ,night., In ten
minutes the " youthful aide-de-camp
returned out of breath and in a very
excited stale, and interrupting the
■queen-mother's conversation blurted
"Oh, your majesty, I cannot deliver you 1. message'. Their majesties
have gone "to bed*' the bedrqpm doors
are lot-hod and -chamberlains guard
the .1,-ulerooms. They ' would no'l'—"
but the queen-mother stopped ' him
and waved him away. The royal cir,
cle was tliiin'bfonnded and'for the mo
ment disconcerted. . Nobody dared
laugh,'but'-lnirghtcr bub'bled over
their facts ' nnd their eyes sparkled
with mirlli. The .queen-inolh'er immediately broke up lhe circle, ,but not be
fore she had . whispered . an epi/;"ra'iii
"in^vlre-ear- of^thTr-priiiccss"-or"V,*a'i<*F*7
which'was'loud enough lo be caught
by the  others.   "The  poor  children,-'
slit said, "they, are almost too bien-
tot"". She spoke, of course, in tlw
universal diplomatic languajge,French
and I find it;very hard to do the
word properly into- English. But
what astonished, everyone was when
two hours- later*, .the-young king' and
his -ty-jiishii.-g bride'made their reappearance and joyfully .led the way to
the gr.md hanV-'tiel. I<atcr in the night*
without a wink ., and with innocent
faces, they allowed themselves to be
led" in state procession "to the bridal.
ch.^ni|icr. 'First went", the " ' jc£ueen,,
who was handed over to her ladies
Hi wailing her maids of honor ■ an-1
her ladies of the Iwd chamber.. Then
went the king, in chai*ge of his ret
was a very lale hour, when, with the
state blessing, tlie youthful couple
were, lelt officially alone to their slum
hers. ' ,     !"     '
'■It has come out since the "wedding
that tlit king really proposed first
to another tCnglfsh' "princess. It -was
Princess Patricia of Connaii'ght. Princess "Pat"' as she is popularly called
was willing to become a queen, bin
refused to chaiyg-c her religion, so Alfonso's proposa,'j was' rejected. ' It is
few W'oiueii who can "boast ,6f refusing
ii king. •   "-'* -   -
New York—Influenced hy the, crusade against the impropriety of open
work hosiery, bare arni!- atid diap^ian-
ousf summer dresses, 'and'aju appeal
by Dr. Schorner , a well-known clergyman, to business men to slop the
wearing of such garments among the
female employees, the management of
the New York: | telephone exchange has
issued   an   order   forbiddijiig the   girls
to wear .short sleeves, "indelicate lios
iery," or "peeknfrioo" or." "Buster
Brown" waists, declaring them all
bad .for business. .
'flic manifesto has* caused gfenoral
consternation," and one of thc girls
when interviewed declared that she
would go on strike rather than* obey
thc order., She added: "Xo manager
can boss,our clothes. Wc are going
to stick to our summer things. We
can do belter' work when we're drcis
ed cool, and if people don't like it
they needn't^, look."
A    large   department   store  has  issued similar orders, and is compelling,
the girls   to   wear long cliffs 'to   conceal their arms exposed  by the short
sleeves. '
The whole summer  season has ..boon
-marked ,by   innovations   .  which have
■*nfo"iW*d~SeveTe~^nt"ici;*hri— fr"onr*t he~.ni
vo-.-ates  of propriety. ."  '
' Dr. Schorner- recently caused a sen
sation by ..denouncing the .women who.
came to his church in transparent
blouses, declaring that ■ bathing suits
were much more decent ■ and^ad'ding
"This, is a church, not a bath'house'
The "peekaboo" blouse is. popularly so-icalied .from its, tendency to , attract inquisitive'.ma^uline"' glajtees,"
and is a transparent,1 short sleeved
blouse, suitable cnovj-jr <for *i|idpo.rs',
but utterly in'aJ)propri)nte for street
or business. The material is frejtjucnt
ly no thicker than a veil for , iv the
face. ■  ■■   4  , e
, llli|*iis-a"*ij** o*f Women' 'are ■ see^i. "in
the streets of New'"- York this season
wearing- "peekaboos'.' and: also the
"Buster Brown" blouses, low cut
with elbow, sleeves, with no gloves,
and the artns uncovered.'These are
especially popular among ..typewriters
aud ■ shop-girls. " . ■ ., -,
Would be Nice to Meet in the Early
. Morning After. »
The fossil remains, of a (lynoshur
were discovered in the bnd lands of
Wyoming in 1899. The ribs of this
■gigantic extinct nnininl were 9 feci"
long; his tail fio feet: his neck 30
feel, nml it'wns calculated that his
tilxloi.ilnalcavity, with, lungs and en.
trnjils rrtiiovifl:, \youlid hayc -for'inckl
a room 34 feet long, ififeet wide,
with ai p'rrflJablc-height of 12 feet.,
in which forty people .'night 'easily,
find seats. A round steak cut from,
the ham of this beast would have
lieen 12 feet in diameter with a solid
bone in the centre 12 ' by 14' inches,
with no hole, for marrow. The animal
was 130 feci' long, h,$ feet high at the
hips and 25 feet liiigh at the shoulders!
and-wei'gheda'foout 130,000 pounds. The;
skclH'oh of this gig-nlntic mammal
wasset up in the university..of* Wyoming. ' ■ ' .       ,
" New York,—The investigation of the,
district attorney's office to discover
the motive for the k,lling of Stanford
White by Harry. Thaw .is bringing to
the office oi thc prosecutor many women of the stage. The Broadway .theatrical dislrict'lias lieen flooded with
subpoenas. Many chorus girls have.
left the city and' others .remain at
their homes tb avoid the subpoena
serve-*.   *
Two young' women whom the district attorney's office, has lieen eager
**] j -• ,
and  Gertie Grant. "It  is .alleged  that
| these women were, followed and,    an
noyed >by detectives who had been
employed to yateh White. Paula IX*s-
tnond,. whose real- name" is Paula- Kef -
'ferinan,-'is';now-at her home in Kingston, "X. Y., and a representative of
the district attorney" has gone there
to see 'her. 4Miss Giant has lieen m
Europe °for some time,' but- returned
last night. Detectives were watching, all the steamships, but the-girl
slipped ashore unseen and her whereabouts are now unknown.'
Both Miss Grant aiuPMiss. Desmond arc known to have -lieen friends
of White.'      '.      ''
The ' activity ol the* district attorney's ollice in tunning down' all
clues  in „the  theatrical district is-
largely  due  to the story   told by
Mr. Garvin by' Edna McClure," a
showgirl and former friend of Mrs.
Thaw, Miss.McClure told the assistant district attorney that White
entertained a number of guests in a
Broadway restaurant one intjht. Thaw-
saw White enter the place. He began
to abuse White, Miss' McClure says,-
aiid said to litis wife: '
"There {foes the liJjijekgualrd • rtow
Hint owned you 1*1 ore I did." '
, Mrs. Thaw is reported to Have! answered:
"Stop mkillg up my past, Harry
That ■ brute over there is responsible..
Go tb him about  it." .
"I will,"' said Thaw,""I will ' get
him yet,"
'Mrs. Legramle Mink, tho mother ol
Edna McChire, w'.is with her t'.anjjSiter
at the. district attorney.s office' yestei-
day.- In speaking of the - Thaw case
today . she said: ■*,    '    ;■
"Harry Thaw's hatred for Sanford
White was like that of a maniac. He
seemed possessed of a consuming, horror of White, It was plainly a mania with him." -- fi'
. The district attorncy-s office iis also
searching for William Slurgis, ' a'
close friend of Har.y Thaw; Who has
disappeared since tin* tragedy." Iti i»
reported that, Stuitgis had luiard
Th'aw   mnko   threats' a^-yinst' White.
When I buy
Queer Story from the Orient
The Young Woman Pleads in   vain "for   her   lifc-Her   Death   to   be   Avcngecl-"Hcr
Murderer now in thc hands of. the'law and Justice .will be done.
,A 'W-t-y slf'ry f>f lhc Qne"*l just
comes Irani Manilla, 'where Manual
Ynp Clink; a Chinaman livlii|» in
,Tondo has been locked up hy the
police 011 a charge of being responsi-,
for thoburial nlive of an ei'ghteen-
yeiir old Filipino girl, who Iuul been
his niistiess, and whose inline is unknown.
According to the evidence ill the,
hnii.lK of the police iiiitliorities, Clink
missed n verv vnlimlile diamond rhi|{.
ill Kjna, oi'il accuse*! the girl oi Inking it, She protested her innocence
hut the Cliinjr.nun would not guv.
ear to her ,s-tuteiiietit,s, nud nr.l-.reil
her to be buried nlive, Tlie girl plead
ed with hiin ivnd promised to ;be his
.sluvc ii he would spuru her, but her,
heathen master simply said: "No, I
have spoken."
Clink, who is nhnut 54 years old,
iiiisurly-lookiiig and sloop shoiildured,
ordered niioihei- Chiniiiiiiin, three I'ii.
lipiw) nun iiud' a nj-i,ti,ve wtVi<i)i „to
take the girl to u dark spot near
the lM-etel bridge near the Cnlln Yn-
layn, six blocks froin where the
Cliiiiiiinan lived, and bury her there
When the, spot was reached n grnve,
was dug, the victim forced into it
und tied down wilh ropes, She n^iin
pleaded, this lime with the
grave digigcr, not to fulfill his hideous mission, but .her', cries of distress were in vain niul the life of the
young woman was smothered out.
The crime was successfully hidden
until n few months ngo when ' tho
C1l1ine.se accomplice, whose nniiie is nn
known, died, I,iltk« by little the facts
ot the ease have been workiii-* out
nnd thedeleetives have' been constantly nt work trying to locnlc the
persons I'oiicerned nnd to rthtniti defin
ite evidence. At last one of the men
who went tn the grave wilh thc girl
was ion-id,and   upon     llwing sn'csled
New Y|*rk, .lime iK.-Aftur trailing
Ip ffi'ller 1ft this eity fro l.lverpool
in din I'liduiivor lo induce Iii 111 to rutin 11 to his wife and family he ilc-
Ki-iUil six yi-ni'N ago, pretty' l'houlw
Cohi'it   niiiiiiliiiind in   lliiilein    police
court of SiiUinliiy tlmt he had miuli:
two iilteinpls In kill lu-T
confessed being n witness of the old
crime and told the full details ' as
given, The other witnesses to the nf-
fair hnve   lieen- nifrestc'tl.
On Saturday morning the detective,,
in i-hnrge ofthe ense, in compnwy
with ii board of health nl-kcv'i " x\x\$
up the n-.Hi.ii.i8 of. the unfortunate girl
duly the skeleton was intact nud it;
was,sent to the morgue pending t\\
further itiveHtigntio'i,-*Cn'ble Nvwh. ."!
1 . ■  11
—a—a— 1 1 —H   '
Iy und wns timid, riincln. was the re-
souiaful, bright member nl the fniu*
ily, uud it wus .settled thnt she
should si nrt for New York 11111! lind
ln-r father,
The family scrimped nnd saved until   the, passage  money  hnd  l>eeii  lie*
ciiiiiululeil,  Mrs,  Cohen has n sister,
Mrs, Slier, living here. Airs, Hfier wiui
Itinlifit'l that I'lini-jbt; was nlxnit tn nr
Tlm lulhei, Mux Cohen, ol 477 Cc-   live, met her   nt   Klliti islnnil, nnd
(lur iivmiiie, llrooklyu, wits reiiieiiil*er-
ril by lhe court nlleiuliuitH us n nmn
nrrni-'ii.-il llure 11 few months ngn
nml sent In jiiil for ten diiys Inr
tlireiiteiiing tn llirnw Ihe plucky little, t-niiipliiitiiiiit inlo (hu river,
Chili wnyliii.l his ihiu-'hlci uml
Uii'll lo pel sill,ile ' her In gn Willi
Jliiu, Hi: told lur he would dike ln-r
to 11 hunk uml get -*niiie innlii-y for
her tn send In her iiiniher, The girl
refused to mmiupniiy hiin mul he
■.iviii-l- her A rniwil I'titheied imrl
l'nliceiiuni Wliltniiin -pliui'il Cnheii under inretit on n clmrgo ol nNsnult,
The story nf l-hnclre's plucky ihft«e,
ninie out nt the. police sin tinu. Il np
peitnithitl Cohen,  in 'iQno, wlillo liv-
....   :„    1 :,.. ,„. ..1   „.;,l,   til*.   „.lf|.     'ind
,.,h   ...   ..■■>...,  ■   .       j
lour daughters li,i«f n hard run ' ol
lurk, l.iiiler pretence nf going lo I.on-
d(,li to Imtler himself he deserted hit]
Jiiinily. They had iu>< tin- slightest
■.iin'.iclnii os to his wliert-iibniits until two venr* n'gn, when i.ii.- of ^f^■l
Colii'N'H relntlves m«t him nn the
hlu-et lu thi.-- city.
She Inst nf) time in rnmiiiuniriiling
wilh Mrs, Cnlii-n, uho h.ul Itf-rn brnvi-
ly si niggling to keep her little ffttn-
ilv together, I.t wns ileteriuliH'il 1»y
the inotlw-r ntid Um- little girls (Imt
nnt* nf them must pursue ihe malci-
irnnl 1iiis1»n«d nml fnther.
Mrs, Cjilwii t-poVe Hitglisli imperfect
look her hniiiii. This \ttiH ten tnnulhx )o| her mmhtIi nml nppeiiietl tn he linil
The fi'ightcn.cd woninii cnlled 11 )i,)l-
iceiiuui, who ciiught Cohen nml llm
girl slrtiflgling. iMioebu Iuul beeoini',
suspicious and her father was trying
tn drug her along. The full story wus
mil told ill court at thnt lime, hut
Cohen was sent tn the rslimd Inr ten
The girl went tn work in n luuiitliy
nnd In h'er lei hii re liours stnrted u
new hunt Inr her fnlher. Ilu lennie.il
l-lmchi! Inst un liiiui in Isgltiuliig
lln: seiirch, She had been reiitid In
I lie streets of "Umponl and New
York did tint frighten her. Alter
n time she Icnrinil Hint lur l.ithn
wus In Urniiklyli. Duy after day shr.
iniiliuiieil herTt-nnli nnd ul 1 iimt she
fnimil lifril , '
Collin was unl gi'i-^lly siirprisvil,
Hi: hud Inn nl thnt she wns looking
fnr hiin nml hud prepared himself In
receive her. Impressing the greiitesl
pleuhllle til thu tileuliltg he iHCiiinpiin-
Itil hi'i'xtn the home nl her mint, .mil
these pmmi.M.I to pay her .1 sum ol
money in eniisiilerntinn ol whicli sho
■tlinnhl ' nprec never in iinimv hiin
The girl refused tn lake tin- nininy
—it was not n lurgi! sum—but insist*
ed that hi. should send 11 teasnutilile
niiinmit .'(it'll week t'.'lur iniillier niul
sinters, Aflirr n long nrguiuetit Cn*
lien iigrei'd to this,
Ife frilled fir her (he -n-vl dny nn,l
told lur he u-niihl take hrr to tl.e
bunk nnd get the money. Mr-.. Sfur
wns snspiiinns nml f..llmv.-il tlttin
Hhu found * thnt Cohen wns leading
his il.iughter to the ,shores <>1 th..-
lUiUm, livti ul .1 -H.ii'l v.h*-H. hs.
might push her inlo tlw water without fi-nr of U-ing M-eii.
ilismie when he jiilliped ut her ill 11
ii*wdeil street nil rlutunlny niul trlOtl
In drug her nwny wilh hiin..
Cnlii-n tried to tiiiike nil hints ni
explanations wluii urmigiieil in llm*
bin poliie unlit, but the girl's storv
was iiiiiobnniled . The. iiingislriitr.'
held him iu J.snn linil In keep the
pciiK' fnr six inniitliN, There is 110
likelihood llml he nm (unilsli 11 boll.l
so the ikeisloli Is equivalent tn -i
six mouths lull M-nteiue,
feed niosqiiltiws.
fi,   If you arc hungry  take 11 roll
in bed,
7,   If ynu ure ii Iittlo hn(u)rse, trot
to llm"iiifirinnry,
H,   If your .honks lire ruined,     turn
over i\ new leaf.
9,   Thu cniitlle is thc only     inmate
allowed to go nut nt night. '
in,   Ynu   run  lie   ill  the. hiirnicks,
hul  ynur lire is Iii ilimger If ynu nre
eniiglit  lying nut nl il,
I select the maker
who gives the best wear
—collars that will stand
the, toughest Chinese
This week  I    have |
some fine Austrian Linen
Collars -- and   Austria
leads the world,in making1 collars.
Regular 20c. Linen
l-Collars this week—*,    '
3 for 5Qg
Back they go to the
regular price* after the
wet.k\ end.
I'A.tK.U.'k  iHIUuti.
lliiiuliiils ol gills ntii.ituloiisly is
cnpeil (lentil in lhe Notre Uniue vnu-
vent «i-titmt al San .Inse, Cui., when
lhe big eurtUpiuke nci'iirreil, destnn**
Ing tin.- buildings, 'fin- girls nn- no*'
hotiMil in 11 wnti.hu build,ng iu the
ennviiit grounds und ure enjoying the
experience, "rumping in the liiirrni-k':.'
us Ihev cnll il* Smue nf the girls
ninde up the following tuh-s for lhe
1.   Fur  Ik 11    Im.v    ring  tin1' tmivl
n.   r.insts irntibled ivilli  niglitinnre
will litnl ii hnlli r nn |lhe hatV pnnfi.
;|.   II   voni   j.i17.ii-.. slips   linb*.   .into
tl,.   u,.atu.*A.
4.   Megister  lof.lltbrtiihcs  nl  he rol-
ijiKiili-r*". *
Lonilnii, .Tm ,4,— .'dure Arthur,
thu hiiliilsoinesl ineiulier of tlle royiii
frtliiily hits leluiiKd full of unecdnles
from his init-sinii to Jnpuii, where ho
went In invest (lie Mikndn with the
nrder of the Cuiiler, King Krtvnrrt
hns Iuul si-.veiiil long tnlk» with the
y.iiing 1111111, und Iiiii'-Iim very heuillly
over riincu Arthur's desirlptioii ol
one .lupiiliesu cii.sfnin,
Al one oi the big limneis liu ,U,'tn>i
ed in .lupuii, the couises run inlo
two figtius, ami us llu guests wr.re
leaving, ench found u snmll jmreel
nwniliii!» him in the outer roonw
rriiiee Arthur took liis puree I lifinsoH
iustt'.-ul of handing it over to lil«
eipierry, thinking It wus 'ti speclnl
On' reiiililng hnme he nptited It tn
finil (hut it rnnlnineil the fnnd, very
llliull liinsscl up, thai lie had lint
iiert)  n)Ae In ml   ill   dinner.
Prlnre Ailliiir wtii surprlsril In filiil
lli.it the king win. well rut'uninlra
wilh this brniifh nf Jnpaiu-v ell*
Wild Flower Gnrden in lli'm city. Wc.
hnve secured it most eligible vile in
Heitcon Hill Park,nnd (lie City Author-
itles have promised to mnko tm two
two small ro»*ky pondJ.
Our nim is In secure n representative
collection of lho mniiy k'liMtiful wild
flowers nnd shrubs nuliv* lo tliin Prov-
inc«. ,t
We now nppeitl tonnyonc who In inter-
esled in llio flora of Ills particular local-
liy to help un. We wunt lliW Full only
thin-* subjecls llml will thrive on rocl'H
nnd In dry ultimlionn, ns wo shall not
hnvo water unlil next snison.
Our ftindr. arc llmlicd nud wc cannot
ofl'cr lo pay for plunls, hut will gladly
nny frt-l}{lil clinrgcs, It in 11 In lior of
inve on our part, und wo ahull ho Kind
to hear from anyone nhle and willing |o
help ih In Ihogooil work.
ViclorlH, II- C.
iuiuiiiiMiuu]|j!!iuJi..||'i,.ii|Ji urm
George F. Johnson
Fernie,        B. C.
That's why we'have the most aN
,. tistic line of * wall papers ever
' shown in Pernio/' Dainty', floral effects for bedrooms; stripes for
halls,, tapestries.and heraldic patterns for libraries -and dining
rooms; French effects for parlors;
In fact we have everything" lhe
most exacting taste can  demand.
Wall Papers
"Shield Brand", Pipes
For  Sale  at  the.
CKub.   Cigar   Store
W.   A.   INGliAM,   Prop,      - \
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The apprccialioii of
those who have visited'
our showroom and visited our millinery" and
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flattering proof to us lhat.
our styles are exclusive,
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Only a few of those Lovely Black
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Tl.e Nrt-in.1 WUloty Solely fm> un. wf.*BM,W^
tlorlaUen lho worh of CKlnblmhiiip; n \n«t•,»i>ni,i tar 11
rr^^j^fr^f <*£&+'*'   .
81M.UI ,.7.,.VW-yW*JJrt-».w-J U- )}.* Hid*.-
nlffiiwl, nnii «n^ora«,l "T*rtA*r fer re*X
Oltlut,, t-Vrnlo. n.0„"vrllll>« r«erlv«,t nt tliln
nilla-, imill Hntnnliy A«*uit I, Jici. Ineltial.
vwlv. (or tin* I'uiiairiititluit ut * I*o«t Ofl.c«, &r.,
biilMlim »t V*ri-*l«. n. c.
I'lniiH mul kiifcltlenllon run .*•* uren nml
f«rm»»f leiiitorulitnlMilHl thli l>o|iiirfinont
t.    , .   ~  ... . II. .,.!,...   ...    II..I ..,    ,■_    V...»     I.'...
Uierksf \tNirJ*n,J''cr-ii«,Jl.a       ,      '      '
romoiu tKinUrliif Mr* noiil«,t tltnt ttniltr*.
will not lie <-r>.i>*.H*r*l UI,I#m mt'l* on tli*
|irlnt«il funn «u|,pllcl, nnd •Ignlxl willi tliiilr
uri'iml felgnnturei*.
Kin'li t«ii,l«rniu«t te nrromnAnlad hy *n
„(<•(,i.tftlulifquo011'». rlitrt«r»i1 lunk, mml#
ii-»vO>l» tn tn» ttr,Ut st th* Hinttmtit* id*
UXnUtrr nt VwXiXlr Woiki, nflnul to Un i*r
,:«nt (ton.*.) nf lh* nmonnt of Hit, t*n<(«r,
**iUl*-U 'mil k* fu*r«{t«'l l( Uu Htntl.V ttU'iairfilil
ilPdlln* to niittr lulo » fftnlr*rt wh»n ««)l«.l
utKiti to iln »n lit If li* Ull to «nn.|>l*f«
fin. tt-i-irlr (-r,n*ri\t-1ii,t fnr, It th*
UniXi-t Xt* mil *e**x>U.X tl.# tX,W will l*» r»*
7li» I)*p»irlirinit ilw*unl Mmt lt**U to ic*
c»|<). tli* lo*».» cr ttfiy »^t,.Ur,
VtXtt.lt. intl.lNAH,
!>*p*rtn.*nt fttPal.tk! Work.,
Ottkwa, i*\f H, \*m.
V»i»M>*t*n Inktrtlaf thli   Mr«»tl»»i**,#i-
...     ..   -      ..   . n*
ss tg jaA
iS-a S%m    il-a
■^ugsfiitsji* ft^*" -* - '-r-r'tati(t i*—1 *'
On nccounl of,lite Nnlionnl I.-.c.'innicnt of lite (Iraml
Army or lhc Rt-puhlic In Mluneiiprtll*, AMtfim i**-iH, «lu-
Great Northern ..-Ry.
Will tioll Round Trip Tlokels Foinloto
st. paul nm mmmwohts
for $48.50
Tlrk*»* on Sals Au-y. 7, fi. 1)      Finn, tthvm Limit Awf*u*t jt
■■■■"■ ■■ ■■'■■■■1 «  *i '■
For iltttllf-it InformsUlftn, tttet, eXt.r mil on or •ilri'tt
,     U. I*. DLACKMTUNK. Fwnle, «. C. THE  FERNIE LEDGER, FERNIE,   B. C.  JULY 18 1906
'   ,    A. NEW.PRIMA:DOXA,
During  the past week or so       the
coast cities. have   been   enjoying   an
epoch   of-'musical   exhilaration,' consequent    upon lhe. discovery  of  a  rara
avis iir songlanc.. She.is Olivia-Dalil**,
and although   for half a   dozen   years
' a past she liasibcLn a favor.te singer of
lhe northern  "European  capitals,    her
nniino-arid   fame,  have ,W*n   comparatively unfamiliar to. western America
aml indeed, the majority, even of.niu-.
sical followers,1 iti, this part of'    the
world had probably never heard     oi
, her. When the promoters of the great
■Minneapolis" sangerfest lasty year de-
, cideil   to make., a   special   feature   of'*
the music, of* Edward Grcifc," the most
origiiiial   and  .distin 'guished   musical
genius of. the  century;   they  found   il
•    necessary to  send   to   him   at his
home hi; Christiana, Norway, for 'ad--
vice   as     to the  singer  lx'.si  qualified
tolgive  his '.-.ierdly lieautiful     pongs
_.vivid 'life and  full of meaning  h,  the
teirprqtalioii. Greigl nt once told them
r     t,l?| 1        f■■■?'"-•     .  wns(nbne'lo meet
lhc'Jre;<niirements  hut   Olivia   7   nnhl,
the: favorite .songstress, whom it had
been his own and  Mine.  Grieg's pride
and delight to .specially .'coach  in  all
iiis.'cclelirnled   "tone   poems," °      as
"•h?y ,nre   called.   And so  .Miss   D'ah)
■-enmeao America Afis  satigcrfcst soloist,: took Mimieapoiiii'  musical circles
,„ hyi storm,  and proved,  as the Times
, of, that city  declared,   "the *only wo-
m  man ever heard ,   *nt the   Auditorium
hall* with suilicient  voice to fill , the
- immense edifice,''
'     A"f«*.H»   fcmirai;   as  she wanted
to see something of Western America
Miss Dahl passed to   > San Prancirco
enro'ute scoring triumphs at     Denver,
and    .Salt   I.nkc.   She  had  given two
sign-ally  successful" concerts  in     San
Francisco when' the carth'qiinkc     and
fire .came, and" she was left a stranger in a    strange '  city, her personal'
property- swallowed   up, in   the   dual
disaster.   Tnen she came'north as   -.a
refugee and a concert  wns given      in
Victoria.   Quite a  numlier of the  music lovers   of the., capital . attended—if
theltritth be told, perhaps chiefly out
"of a   chiiritable "desire   to help      ' an
eartiix-.lake,-sufferer.      Tlit'J*;  were  not
Miss Dahl's'manager  and secure
date here., ■   ■ 7
Repeats   t-iiat   Naitiyes lia|vi>
;,        ''A Mistresses   to  Flee,
. Johaniiesbei^, July 17.—The', . disquieting rumours lhat blacks of the
Rand contemplated an; uprising tomorrow are lxirne out by the fact
that native servants, have warned tho
mistresses.to retire to places of safety. Similar rumours have k-cen eir-
ited an'llie Reef, but the 'police ridicule them,. However, inucl'1 anxiety
is expressed tlfat a paper read at ii
conference of the Ethopian „ church
Jmhoilyihg. reports from the' various
listrict, says" an uprising, has. been
openly advised. " „
report, arid his conclusions- will be
awaited with great interest. He" will
examine all -.known deposits in the
province, lake samples from each and
give, when the report* is published, a
complete chemical analysis of contents. Mr. Carmichael will also take
a trip lo Kainloops and investigate
the deposit's of gypsum reported line _in-existence in Highland river val
ley.  " . . '
In   Fernie,, is a pleasant home for all who  travel.
T. WHELAN, Manager.
Kingfisher,   Okia.,   July   14.—Mrs.
■Jmily  McKirilev,  postmistress      here
uul widow of a cousin of  the    ' lalo
'President JMcKinley,     was nrraigiu-d
.lwfore   United    Slates   Commissioner
Richards,  charged   with falsifying   lV.
cords.  John W. McKinlev,  ij/./.ie^M...
Kinley anil Clara Godfrey, assistants
weie also arraigned.  They all waived
preliminary   hearing* and were   bound
over' to tin- grand jury in ^reio bonds
Confesses  Ruin   ()   ,
-   Wife   I'ies
.lujjjhter ' IWhilc
prepared for -the feast of song Olivia
Dahl, tht,modest ■ refugee,spread for,
them. "Who was this woman?" they
asked each, other, wlijprn tlifcy lilad
never hoard of before, yet who
sang with the voice, the perfect nielli
oil .'and the natural, easy grace of a
Melb'a, a Gadski or a .Nordica. vAnd
instead of exhausting; jlter-treasures
iiTlieT"firsl selections,, sije_grew~Tcon^
stantly better  until, Victoria   reached
. a condition which, anywhere else
would be unbounded enthusiasm; and
the critical "Week"-'voiced , the generally expressed feeling that "Victoria had been entertaining',, an angeHun-
awnres.'' A return concert "was '"hs'k-
ed for at once; ladies nnd 'gentlemen
who had heard Miss DaJil at this first,'
recital ollering $5, Sin, nnd in _one
instance $35 for sents if n return con
cert could he. nrrninged, Eveutiinlly
the Victoria thi'iitre wns secured and
Miss Dahl snug to virtually the, capacity of that house on the evening
of June 19, So general was, the enthusiasm concerning hor that,whon
the snliscription sale nt no (its -opened
applicants for ticket)" formed a line
extending to Dmiglnx street, sonic
bringing camp chairs, which, they
hitched forward ns the li.lv- worked
nearer nud nearer to the box ollice.
Similar .U-monslrations were ' -noted
nt other island points,
At hoili Dmiciiu uml I,iidysiiiith jmh
lie receptions were held nud the visit
of Miss Dahl mnde n'j si-miii-Holid^y,
Mnslc-lovers allenili'il from all points
within u radius of ao miles. One .mini
, cur pnrty orgiiui/cil by Mrs, Komi'i*;,
ol ti|mwhig-ill lnke, "worked their
pusNiign' even further thnn this, and
llu* jiext eve|ii|ig tiir|iing tip nt I,ndy
tniiipi tji Hsjt'|i to the sniue pro*
jji-ftimiie i»gili||. The iiicldi'iit is citoil
nn Ull-nitratl-*-'-.-. of tin-, excHptti/iinl
liiiinii i'Xi'1'i-lsi-il hy this nmilest Nor*
wi'glnii girl, wilh the innst simpU
mul iiimftecleil uuiiiiicr in the world
lml llu- very spirit of song eml-oilleil
iu her. '
Just al present .Miss Unlil is rest,
ing ut Shiiwiilgnii Ink*., hut ns she
Ims ixpit'SN?il n ili-slrc to see somi'-
thlug ol Itrilisli Coluinbln while the
opportunity Is prm-iitnl, uml ns her
j<;i>6-i>7( lour il<H'S uot open until Kip*
tuinUr, lur iiiiiiiivg,t'in«'iil' is iirrnjug*
ing to send li/*r, with her tn<\-elllivg
compiittloii mn) plutilht, Mist, (liii.t
Smith through fiom Vlclurlii to see
more "liv Uu- C, V, », and Crow's
Xi'sj line', retuijftiiiig: «hy tiie (ntnifi
liije.     .-«. few - rojiccrlN will he       nr*
'"'..I'T.l   \*;1l,*',i'e Ml{'.i**- AVe   t mil(k ftn-'
ij is vrrv'iiiiirh to In, ho|H'il that Yet
\\xi> **yiII he que of x\\e it'teripr places
\VW\\' '
Mist* I'hIiI flpiK'nri. tit have what
ffwl^rent ^iir|r^ sl.ife .fi^iy.ijM
linvc- possessed-nv nliut»>t pcctilt per-
<r,,,ol  rt.-»,.»*.        1    -  ,.„.,.,       .    ,....!....,.
, .     '.. I ,,     '      ^.,.4, w.^...... ,*,«...      ,
and iiKhksty winning her nmlirnrt*
romplrlely from the very nimiirnt tAxe
first np|K-nis "•s-fntv tlii-in. As if singer
—jM'-fffd *rlll»'nlly—she in rntltlnl to
comparison with MeHi*-*, Xnnllca,
Stfrniiirtnit-IWiielr, fXvnthrklt, * or
nnv «f world rrU-hrati-d ilivft* of
th-* pri-11-rit ifaj-,
the nlitor nl the.I4-df-.-r wan for«
innai*- snou^b to *|^ jir<K1»t «« tlit
lust 'Victotia concttt ami tlumfjh not
pretending tu l* s n.u-.lc'U critic, can
JMAnily tn«lorjif t{w pr-iixe gittn Mis*
\\*M\, ni.,. h-^pr-*! (bnt) r,txrit Yttyle *o*
titty will tntt the mtxtter up wfth"
Odessa, Wash., July, i6..-Conrad
Wolsiiorn pleaded guilty to a charge
of criminal alisault on his daughter
!vatic, aged 13, The crime was committed yesterday while-the coipse of
his wife lay • in thc house, a victim
of the  day before   of consumption.
Lynching was threalciiedi  hnl order
prevailed. Tlie prisoner was taken lo
night   to Davenport   by   Marshal   Ge-
nur and Sheriff Inkstcr.
-.lid-Now Gets Sentence, of
* Charlesloii, W. Va., July, ifi.-Fo,-
■••.illing Rolu-rt Lane because ho would
not pay for' riding on a chair car,
Special ,Oflicer John I„ Howeiy iiuisl
serve an eight year sentence ill the
oenitentiary. The supreme" court .today sustained ': the verdict on which
he \yas sentenced. Lane was-riding on
cemher and refused to pay thc extra
'are demanded for chair car scats.
■Vt Maiden nn attempt was made to
'ject him, and iu the fight tliat'fol-
'owed he wns killed by Howery.
Will -Prove Big Money Saver'to the
'* . West. • ' , * ■
Winnipeg, . July "■ if..—Just previous
to; his; ■ departure t\(.r England, William Mackenzie, of the Canadian Nor
thern railway staled that his company would lose no time in-.completing'the branch to Hudson .Day. Already So miles of  this   liile' has  beeii
built,   and as soon   as   the   surveyors,
who arc now in the field have     their
work completed, lenders will lie called for , for the construction of the
remaining 250 miles,
The Canadian Northern has already
:secured aline of steamers willing to*
run between Kl. Clinic-hill and Liverpool. .Many believe ,that within two
or three years the hulk of 'the whoa'
crop will Ik- shipped to Europe !>•
this route, Soon after Christmas' an
icebreaker arrived at Fori Churchill,
from Liverpool and reported .that, she
had no trouble in making thL. trip',
although she was .not mado for such
heavy ice   as   it was expected sho
would 'encounter  in  the  northern  &ea.
Dy way of l'ort Churchill the rail
haul to Europe is about Soo .miles
diorier, which would mean a saving
of fully 20 cents a bushel to the farmer 011 all ihe. wheat sent ,out by
thisi route. Not only wojuld wVeJat
'>e shipped 'out through Hudson Bay
but cattle, lumber and other ' ' pro-
duels of.the northwest, meaning a
vearly saving of millions of dollars
10 the shippers. Although no , . an-
■louiicciiK-nl has yet been officially
uade, il is understood the. Canadian
Vorthern railway expects to be run-
•liiig steamers from Fort .Churchill lo
Liherpool   during the summer  of f9oS.
Agents for
The Calvary Marble ai°.d Granite Works
The Kootenay Marble Works, Nelson.
Samples can be seen at the oHice.
Office'Phone4i.  "   Residence 76
Partors in Lundy's IIBdck
iRflJKCT ,tT..vS.
llriiish   Tars
TINN].;i)  MRAT.
I?nt  Vnnkei
Refuse   lo
London, .July 9.—As a result
, he refusal of- one of the ships of
'ho Hritish attacking fleet to taki-
on American tinned meats diiriii!j<i the
ecent naval manoeuvres the nilmirnl-
ly directs that ships i-oinpuni,'** , be
.uipplied wit'i Aust'i-Jl-ilrtii or Aif^Vu-
tine brands in lieu of Americnii. The
lem'aiuder (if Aiiuricnn tinned meats
how on hntlil is ,hi*<ng retnnied lo the
,'ictualliiig yards nnd will lxi no long
•r n coiii)iulsory ration for the .navy
Winston Chutchill, under sifivtiu-y
of the colonies, in nn ollicial communication lo William liediiioml, nationalist niPiiiher of pnrlinmeiil for
lhe enst Division of Chuv, snys lie
is informed that special enre is exercised hy the New South Wal*.-'-
foverniiieiit that only absolutely heal
'hy beeves nre slaughtered for fond
nnd* that every pri'.'a.i-lion is tn|un
it the frce/.lng nnd entitling works to
'nsuie cleanly ini-tl-ods. Wl|i'|"evcr nny
'breach of the regulation,-* regiirding
'lennliiii'ss is proved lii-eiiWK mi' im-
iiu'diali'ly withdrawn. IVrsoiis who
sliiughter a iliwiiHi'il iKH'f nro Hnhle
to imprisonment for two yours, and
the seller of dlnon-si'd nuiit in limbic
10 imprisonment, for a longer term.
(Vovernmcnl InspectorH reporl weekly,
Twelve hourN' iiolici .mint be given
of intention to Nlniigliter, nml whero
no such notice In given a peinilly of
•v*>5 n lienil limy lie imposeil.
ClIAKRl-'l) WITH Ml-HllKll.
riliijo Mine nunnl on Trinl for Killing,
StetiUjuvIlk'-, (llfo, -.Tuly o.-JV>-
uly Slii-rlff Murray nurresliil Cnpf
tain H, W. TiillM or the mint |;hniiils
al llradley, iuul (liiiird T. 11. l'lvslou
totii-ght on murder clilirgi'si grmvini;
out of I lie >*li(>()tflig nt the iiiiiiin of
xtxe linm-if Hintih Conl Compnny on
Suiiihty, ,l«ly 1, ni five strikem, four
fatally. '(.iIht gii-tiiU xxxv ili-M-riiug
llrmlley, IVnring pniM-Ftillou.
■     "      ,   '   "    IMghy, N.K
Alinard's  Liniment  Co.,   Limited.
" Gentlemen.— Last  August  my horse
■vas badly .cut- in eleven places by    a
'larbeil ■ wire fence.   Three. of„the" cuts'
small ■•■ ones) healed ' soon, -but      the
others, became'foul'and   rotten,      and
.'hough     I  tried many kinds   of  med-'
icinfe,-they'had no   H*.iicfici,al "result.
At   last- a doctor advised   m'<*   In   Ir.*
Change of Business
Having leased the Fernie Livery
and Dray business of Wm. Hand-
ley, l am prepared to do all
kinds of Drayiiig and Livery
work. '
gji^2^slLFrfed Handley
The Elk Lumber Co.,
Dimensioitip Flooring/ Siding,
Finishing Lumber and
All.our stock is last years cut and well seasoned.    .
r*"*~**~~~" *.~.~.~~.^^;
^-Happiness j
Arinard's Liniiueii't and in four weeks
time every sore was healed' and -the
liair had grown over each one in fine
-onditioii. The liniiiicnt is certainly wonderful   in its   workiiifj,
"     .TOUX i'i. IIOLDIJX-
'.Vitness,   Perry  llakei*,.
TCdwnrd 1'iondelj' mnnairit'i,-- director
of the Canadian Hrelal Co., jrave the
follow inn- interview with a Neslou
NMws1 reporter lhe other, da\y wheni
asked abnuL the Krank plant,
"Wo are ill a position now to hau
die f,o tons daily ,.f /.iuc eonceiitrates
:ind ,in two or three iiionlh.s wi. can
double Ihis nml tivnl 110-tons dailv
Wewanl do do ns much business in
1 his couiiiry, as is'possible for (,rS to
do, and would .father dispose of our
output in Canada ir it cnu be done,
We ate always in lhe mnrkct to purchase /inr ore nt' a fair price, ,,,nti(l
we want lo assist iu the developim-nt
and production of v.iw ore and concent rates ill every way possiible.'We
have ore on hand now cnouv;h
lo run for several months. The process sn fnr Ims been even better lliiiu
we cxpectid nnd we nre tin iii'iir out
n 'jo pir cent, zinc or a frncllnn better. Vou will be interested In kuow-
Iiijj: thill within the next fortni|{lil
we will ship from our .'rank works
lho first ciiilonil of /.Inr ever 111111111-
fnr! ured in Cntinil'i, TCvervtliinp 111
the plant I.s riiuiiliij-; smoothly nnd
as I have nlremly snld, really lietlei*
than we expected, Tlu* rcinnln-
liifT four fiirnarcK will be hlnwii- 'u
But the Great Consumptive Preven*.
Native brought Health and Happl*
ness to his Home
"Our (Joctor natd (hera wai no cure for
*yy wlio mr both her lun-rs wora nmiclcd,''
««yt Mr. L. II. Walter, of; Pearl Street.
Brockvllle, Ont. "> It wim * aad dlun.
pominicut to u» hiiin, jun »i»rtinR out in
Jifc,, r>n\y t-n-irrird ti chnrt tlrnr. Tint \ii-fore,
the hudfinlHlicd thn find hottlo or I'-iyclilna
thi* pain In her hinffi quickly went away,
W«J artff taMjvj** tis bottle* Mr*. Wallet
w«»*» new crealuro and perfectly well
That U hint onn nf thn many famltlM
Into which V»ychlno has brought hopo,
health and happtneaa. It li a living pro*.
that Piychine curei Con»umptlon. Bui
don't wait felr Cotmumntlon. Cure vour
LaGrlppe, your Cough, your alronchltU.
your Catarrh, or your PnAimonia with Utt
►emedy that never faili—
111 ft* a
your wife happy by buy.
Steel Range of J, D. Quail
or money refunded
The Best of Satisfaction
in Watch & Jei»elery Repairing
ffiantt ofWamilion
Head Office s   Hamilton, Canada.
Capital * $2,415,000        Wesevve * $2,415,C00
Votal Msoets * $29,000,000 ■
'-.     Hon. Wm. Gibson, President.
.      J. Turnbull,-Vice-PresiJent and General Manngcr.  '
74 Branches ihrouyhouf Caiiatfa
.       IVlor.ey OiAea, ■„, d   l")ii,fis isf.i.id, r.-. \ j. I. It-' ir, fi.rw.tl.i , r ;ilio;ul,
;       Foreign Jrafis cihlied.    Special adyaiilii-.:^ in Savings l)ep;iriiiu>nt.
.Open in the evening of the CoalCo's pay-day.from 7 till 9
1 :   J. II. LAWItY Aiiuut KliUMK UKANUtt
'.,    _ -.^^^^-^
'+***+*%*>>%*S*Yl'%r%A>*r%r* 1*%*r*,J W ^
' 9
Havo ono of thoir inv«Ci*t Moitn in Fornlo,
•Umb, Von), Krrah and Staokod Fish.
1'resh I;ish constantly arriving
Hcocl   Office
Kxninlnntinn to l"n> Miiilo |-y l-rriviii-
flol P'trvcyrir. '
Steps or* to lie (alien tliif. im-.koii
Xs fully iiiYvalt-galr tin* iliflvniit <n-
Iw^KitA «if ffr clny Aiul Rypsiini ih.n
havr ln-t-n ilitrnvi-ri-il tn rlilUrnit iim*
trict* nf llritikjt. CnltituHi., I'mvin-
•I A«*s,yer CaTtniihai! hat !mn 53-
■itnutcl In ,1<-voir- n. l»r(jc futiitin
tA (be pitMiit fu-atr-*. to wmU of
lhi» charAder.    It if* Xhe  Un\  (hue 1
that     thc     day   -Vpnsll*. tuv** !*■ vn   lmtt*r slsss tt m*4 •»-*!! 4**t*mtws,
iho M..>jr<t of nti cxtfntleif '    nfTiiiif ~  ~
c-*«8«ry,  Alta.
The Dominion Meat
&   Cattle    Co.,   Ltd.
Wiiolcwnlc « Rctnll Ment MerchnnM
Pernie, B, C.
Hnm*'   RnC°n'   Lw;^ ^"- Gam. in «cn.o„.
Vlclorln   Avt>.
XT3STIDE3-R   ISrEI-W  JVT.^N.^a-HIM'ai'-SrT
Jams* *S*v»rn,
Well furnished rooms. Thc table is supplied with thc hest
tht market affords. The ba r is mip-ilied with the best wiiun,
liquors and clears. !
■^■%*%--%%-**%%%%/^ ^
The Semi-Ready
For tp-to-ilato 'Clothing :incl
Gout's Furni8hin«s. Drop in
and bo fitted up.
Don't forget the place L. V. W. Block j
\ w
and   Home   Life
Can I* rnjo-^d hy tiik Inj-     ynur    im-uls
The Royal  Restaurant
In conjunction wilh thr ....vol llmrl.    Tlw \*t\     nwA
uiy for »5  i-tnis. A jrw nu.rr r, t-ul ..r |NMi«lrrr. ih-siu-il.
I*   respectlullv   willritrd.
AM. WHITK IIUl, v     KMI'I.OVKf),
s»-ivi-il   111    th*
Vuill   liiitlolliii'r
r vYuii IfvL
<fVCU*WWv{l tbmmttm)
50c. Per Bottle
'"haii*!  r-tu.  *i
MRS. M. HOELZEL, Proprietress
Excursion Rates East
: • Fort Stc.de Brewery Co., Ltd
FBf-tNIR, H.C.
Ur«wers of Kxtrn FIno
Laircr Kcer an<l Aorntcct
Waters.  liottlcd Goodn
a -Specialty.
Imtgsr slsss •! «Md «S*HUI SXnttMXSWm, IT" -> ^
It. T. k, 9L0RUM. LlmfW, ltrmM lW-f-HW-WfrH-44*^^
The Northwestern Line
to   , .1 ,t
;*, :,, .in I
.  , ;i ■   ii
,11,! .ith-1
Wry lot*- inUrs, 101111,1 nip  jtfMii.!.^.  Mill U   in ,ll.ti
"in i-iiui-. ,,« ih, [,.Ui.*iW,, ,|,l(l|    UiU  ..,   „,„■   (| ,\„,,„.,,
•>. snA SrjilrniUr 8. •> mul n-.    It   v«'i i,,nt,iii-,l,u,'   n   «ttt
ttill |>.iy   v>mi   tt, *mli-  in,* tin   full   fjim, t.^.j.
Wt nlwi i»n».»  vrty lnw   Ionii.l Ui|, i,t\rs ft,,11, t'lii,,,,.,,
*»*.|.lli jw.inl*. In -„!!  |.nn,ij,.'l   tifSUjf,     |«,n,t..       U       ,iril      .,;    *„,.,
fri.».U mr -..ti.ini' i.tu i«>  „-,- v«,i( ,vr„,. „u. xUlU  llllu>.
A |u*U| (aid fur iui«liiuli„n  will  *,itn»- a .|i>i.l. r.j.lv
It. H. COl.l.lNH, »..*» I   Awmt
♦II5 Nfirntriu* An*., H|iol<:m,» wsmtm*yrw*m**m^m*m***
'■.'IB. UUDtV
■*•*■ U*-* l WWII MM
~      *J,t>l
"im^iH "r..\'i':y',.f'Au.'.;^.i.) iu«*l| Oul lie l,aS
accumulated a'co-flfriorlable fortune.
From the Frank Paper—*    . ■■' *,,i
.Martin Evans, an employee of* the
mine here, while visiting at " his
father's ranch the other day.was unfortunate enough to break a le"-*; . bv
falling- fiom a horse. , He is-now: at
ihe luispital   here.
II. C. L'aneasU-r, nifiHager of llio
"41"   'meat   market   here   lefl t<>'-
I'incher Creek" JYiday evening, where
he will look after ihe company's interests "Peter Hart, a recent arnv
al from England, .will he in rliiiv. ■
here. ,
Constfjl<|j I.aw, who lias lwcn (loin;-;
police work at "M <-I.i-c.il, returoed yes;
terday.' , 'A
Walter Gardner,* while working .in
camp the' other day, was prostrated
with heat.- . >
Mrs. II. X. Galer, who met with
an incident near Coleman, has beon
removed lo" Coleman. *,
li. Smith of Pincher Creek, was
brought to the hospital "Monday Mil*
ferin"' from i\ppeiidirilir**. Air, (ijpiern-
tion will   be performed   on   him.
Jan, JMnlcaiioq, a employee of vhe
Mueller while attending lo his .duties "Monday night, • met wilh au accident whiih will lay him up ufor
some time. lie,.was unfortunate .enough to fall from an elevated pla1-**
form which resulted in 11 broken collar bone and other severe injjuries.
Ileis in   thr .hospital  heie.
Thursdi-jy he.vras ar-*ariging his fishing o"u\fift-*Jiadtwo of lit;" clogs lied and
was   ready to go  on ft trip with J. C;
Drewry lo   the Old M.ju. river in Alberta when a representative of this paper
railed on hiai. \."*>V5*'es, it is true'I have
resigned..   1 dti'sp-some*. time ago, but
it is only noiv.yi-i'at,;*I_*-,;ao.. able;to gut
away.    1 \y"a^.Jfever';bert"ir pleased "with"
lhe  St.AEugttiv-; iind  1'"holding all of
niy stock in it: :  Being still a director 1
shall   come   10" Moyie quite often, probably ona- a month, and look over'the
properly     Tlni mine is in good  hands
and will  run very   nicely  without me.
R. H. Stewart, consulting engineer for
the company,   will   have charge of 111**:,
affairs here, but ot course"Mr, Aldridge
is general managor."
Mr. Cronin's family is living in Spokane,
and  Mr. Cronin will spend most ol*his-
time there     ■ It is said that he and his
family intend taking a trip  to. Ireland
tfiissiiivjmei-,   '   *> **'-■,'"""'-■
From The llemhl-
Wm. Bleasdell. of l'Vrnic*, wus in
town a conplo of dnys this week  on
his way homo after spending about a
■month  , in    thr   hills   along*    the
Mr. and Mrs, J. D^ Mcllride nnd
daughter, Miss Edith, returned this
week from their trip to t.hi- coast.
They report; a most enjoyable1-time
and very fair weather, with the
.exception of a few days of extreme
hoat. Miss Edith has grown into a
youn'** woman since she her depara
ure from Cranbrook two or three
years ago, and her many friends
here »"u pleased to know that she.
will spend the summei: at home,
Dr. W. S. Bell iuetu willi a severe
accident the other evening while
ridins* on a freight; train. Tlie day-
had been excessively hot and the
doctor sought a chair in the coupoln
ot the caboose to get a little air.
The air brake went into action just
.'as the doctor started to climb down
and he was tin-own to one side, his
bead and shoulder receiving injuries
that rendered* him  partially  uncou-
* scious (or a short time and left him
with a badlv lamed'shoulder.
The eity council nine in re^nlrr "of-
aioii last Thursday night. IVe.Hi-nt,
ills Worship, tho .Mayor, and Aid,
Mclntyre, Bed;, Tuttle, and Quail
After the martin-; and approval of
the last re-rnlar mootiiij?, cninniuiiicii-
tions from L. I*. lieketoin and Herchnim-
si Hui'cliinur regarding sanitary condi*
tions were read and filed. Resolution
passed nuking the board of health tn
■enforce the regulations
Fire chief Baldry repotted no lires or
practices for the month of Juno,
Ills requests tlmt arrangements be
wade for the uso of the hydrants and
Jor the purchaau of additional cfjuip.
ment after discussion was referred to
the lire, wator und light com nlttee.
Thn request of the Salvation Army
for assistance, in rescue work wiih takou
uniier consideration hut tlio council
could not see Its wny clear to do movo
than expross its sympathy with the
work and regretted * that It could
'Vender 110 assistance at this time,
As a result of the roport of the works
Atid pi-operty committee as to slteel
work the hoard was nutliqi-h.ed to
employ .1. (1. Cuiiimlni>'s, I* I.. S to
CNtiihllsh n street grade whuru Improve*
jueiits are to he in 11 do 011 thn sirui-iH
Ahlurman Quail gave (lie iismil
notice that ho would Introduce a unido
,'Jlly Sollcilor Lhwo ropoi'led that
lie Imd agAln heard from NiiYumi&C.*.
of Chicago, who stated Mini his Inst
tottiM' hail liuen refiTi-nd to thoir
tjollcitor for further consideration.
-Cmiiii.il Mum ailjouriicd.
Moyie Lender.
Thirli'i'ii year*, ago Inst iinniili Jnnifs
(V011I11, in ioiiip.ui) with I'iitlii'r Co-ulo
41ml un Indian inum-d IVlir. M.'k*.*il
tlu* St. Kugi'iie propel ly, Then llu*
work of I'linvcrtiiig tlu' pruspeci into 11
iiiimr wii*. lu'guii. Thi'ie was no railroad, no Moyie und lUiCriinhrook then
and tiwry pound of ^rub nud luppk-i.
Imd to be parked from I'm t Steele, 1,0
miles nuay. crouui .tml IV|u Ui-*m*i*
i't»«*jf;5*>rJ |Jji-J"i*l u ,.il.-ii.^'J'lvti.
They e.ii-li took tnriiiHt lioldiiij,' nnd
liiiiiinicriiiK tin* drill, as well ns doiujr
the I'liokiiiK, xliiirpi'iiini; the steel, eti:
Then p.iy-duy would I'oiiiio, nud Cronin would pull 11 roll of hill*, from his
pockcl and p;iy Ol.'iii.ii) mr liis iiioiiili's
work. Tlicrv witi* 110 labor I roubles
or tiriib strikes at llu* St. 1'ue-cili* in
tliosii ilti>M, Then the force was in~
creuseA, amJ IVu-r I.vnih, W. V. While
Win., and Jinncs Mills, llie Ilumilloit
boy* iind John H.iklu* were liiroJ.
While is nun •.ii-vi'inti-nili'iil nnd
flakkc is a foreman.
Now ,ifur lliiUv.cn yens ol" umiit,*
urtus iiiniiaKviiiciii Mr. Cronin li,i> Im*
dtrrd 111* r«*i.l|*natu»ii, uliirb tin.* com*
finny Inu rcliKt.uitlv aacpu-d. Mr.
Cc.mln took thc Si, Kunciie wlivii there
ist* noxli'ttm btit ilieiroppinu of a led utile leavei il the set ond largest silver-
.Mtf nine on llu* Aim-rtf-in .oni'iiii'iii,
• iti lt« l** tixnAt for himself a lepula.
imn as «   mio'iuu mm)  ii.iit ujiyo
N"i;\\* Vork--lCv"i!l\n Xcs'liif.- Tll'-w—
schoolgirl ,'lroin 1'itlnhiirj.-, protcKc ol
iirehiti'it, artists' model, stage beauty,' wik- ol youn;; .Pittsburg'.millionaire, eau.se ol seii.su'tional ti-njj;fcdyt—
tri'iwjc'l iiu*i the "jjreiit white way"
of Broadway' ^tnd is now,added to
the Ion;; list   of* women   who have
figured in  Broadway* sensations.
• -The   iiliiiriii|r  j;'ieaincof  tlle {jroat
while, way and the twinkling, fasci-
natin^ flitter of tiie white ■ lights,
ha\e one more count against, their
seore. ' 6
Tra.nedv has stalked unmasked into
the wry midst of the bubble world,
and while the myriad .while lights
do nol fail to flitter ju^t the same
tlie moi.i'list* and philo^ophvrs who
reali/.e how.clo.se akin are comedy
and trrljicdy, have one' more lesson
to point (\)il with ,the heavy .finger ot
warning.   * . '■. ■   -
J The murder ol Stanford While by
Ilany lv. Thaw, reprcseiilinj; as- it
doe's the very ' essence of the life of
the while lights11 "low, calls up ' tlle
gliosis ol oilier tragedies which have
sunken into deep shadows which tin'
•brightest .lights  alone east. j
Nol since the,, killing of Col. James
Kisk, jr.-| by Kdward Stokes over
Ihe.-lJ.'iiiitifiil    L„.Tosie   "Mj-.rtislicld, '  3-1
_7 .- ,,- I,-.-.. .^J.-..,...,!.. /aI_lI1wi 1'.111(1.
-yL-.ii:.~-?ig«,~na.-*.-«i-.i..iii^*-,,.,-- o>—*...!* —..,--1,-
which is bound by Thespia on one
side and Bohemia oil the other, given
cause for, peerijig li,nftJO ,t]he shai'.i .
Which lull where-the, lights are bright
est. Yet since that sensational kill
ing of irt/2, in which two, of New
York's most' pnii'iiiiierrt men imd a
beautiful actress-figured, the while
lights have blinked on countless trag"
edie.s., Many, of them have appeared
in print", some ol'theii'i have -been
food lor column's ' of newspaper stories, but tlu- shadows that steal into
tlle Hide sii eels have fallen on bitter
lieiii-luclies  and unheard   of  tragedies.
In less'.tinu: tlinu it takes to write
it, an artist can change the .mask
ol ooincdy to one ol iniiujody. It ,is
only'the dow illuming ol the lines of
lhe mouth. The philosopher will tell
you llial stalking aniou'g'the scenes
•il laughter and hilarity is always a
grim .shadow ready lo pounce unexpectedly, upon the unwary, and that
lhe more ' niiiestriiinwl ' mirth, the
greater, Ihu sorrow.is bound to l>e.
The. While lights-continue lo glim*
iiieiaud the* laughter and the.joy     ol
The Inigedics enter, they arc div
living continue just the snnie*
cussed in awestruck tones lor' a short
linn., nnd then nre lorgolleli, ■ They'
make way Inr new tragedies ' and
new shadow.-.
Where the while lights glisten the
iiiuralisi will tell you,the shadows
un- llm blackest. It Is only natural
Ijial the rule ol'contrast will work
llu- s.inie us iu natural laws, It is
lhe world of'high lights and shadows,
lhe mi.iv leiiiit ti'.iv-edy, the story ol
AlUiough older by *i.| years tlinu
,los:e .Mansfield is still relenvd to
us iln* most seiiMitiomil nllair of its
kind in the history ol NVw York's
guv world, Today in the light ol
the Tl'iaw While Shouting lhe (fid story ni liiiw M«| Stokes shot Jim l'lsk
liei.nisc ol lie,lilt iliil Josie Miilislli'hl,
Iliis been oil the tongues of mill alld
w,itinii .-lin iiiiifUilivi ihe fnmiiiis sen,
salimi,   oi  who     have heiiid   It   fioin
till il. flltlll'IS.
Tin* -.Inioiiug nl ).'i,sk by Stoked
unlil led ill the (iinlld Celitl'iil hotel,
l''isk, wh,, "lis deeply ill love with
.liisii- Mniislielrt, hiid lH:fiumled he!
liner In-r uiiNiii'iessltil iitlrtnpr to
will iiiuu-is us ,tn .uUess. IJe pliueii
hit ill 11 splendid eslliblislitiiylll, i'llllll
biter iutii-dnuil Ihi tu his (liciid and
business pinliii'i, Ivdwiud Sliikes.
I''isl, .,1,1,11 liiiiml 1 lnt t
"I'-iJuiilslii',  i.s lonsliiiil   in all    olhcl
Save in the nihil* and tilluiis ol love'*
T|u* jcaloi'M nl Kisk rtinvc hill] lei
i1i-.s|h ful imt. l-'iniilly -fstokes ihri'iiti'ii*
id to piiMisli l-'isk's letters, UlVnj'-
ilig his Juit- deals. The hud liclwivii
lilt* two lilcll stinted over till* .'fl*
ui'tn-ss,   Ini iiiin   Mole, bitter, fine
.Niniuiry dny Strikes nnt l'lsk In
tin Cmuil <.*< nl ml hotel and shot
him. .   v
M>h<'< r -.tl..m   <.inn<.l <taint  tit,* r»n,
U:l,<,-,|i,-s   ,,t   (|tl.    Imul   Ilf   llflllliflll   WO
111.11, nl l.oighiei, mid #.rij;ht ligjit-i,
In Mi,    kiiosvii    nud   uiikiiMV*)i'|M<1ffl*
urtak-4 wnich have 'dotted tlte history
of New Ybrk's tbeat-cical and-Bohemian life j the filicide of.-Ma^lyn ■'* the
leading lady of A, M. Palmer's company, was-a* prototyptv^of a; similar
tragt'dv,*'*;wliieh'was to'occur in   -NTew
•*   , -   > ,... -v.;      ;*-       ^,A>-.-   1,    ,-■ '•'
Yoik  ten years later. "*-/'    ' ' ' -    *
As the Fisk-Stokes tragedy has its
siijfgiestion.s of'siinilUrity.- with : the
While-Thaw shooting, {,0 had, Tthe
doi<J),e suicide of Slay' Brooklyn and
Frederick I.ovecrafl its suggestion* ot
the suicide of Cr.issie' Carlisle, the
lieautiful youngs actress, and Charles
'J. Rob.v,.his fiancee. , *
, j\Iay.. Brooklyn Avas;*-known to„. the
theatrical world twelve years ago'.
She was wilh A. Jf. BalnierAit „ the
l'alnicr theatre and created the orole
of Mrs.-Paige in-'the original produe-
tion of Ala!)a'iiia.V.Vi;;Her, last' appear-
aiice-in Xe\K^rk-iiwas-'a's-:ltIrs. Krr-
lynne in f.ady"l\yiiideririere,V fan.;:
.The nmirafeer'-yol'.Pa^'in'n'sX'-thoatre
was Frederick-,-,I.ovecratf,.- .and the
friendship pf lhe leadi"ng"la<ly. and tlte
niiafuager   sooii 'developed'into'7   deep
love.*" '   .„   ;       ."-''*     . *' '   ',
On,October '26 -Frederick I.oyecrafV
cbHiinitlecr'suicide in'.-liis rooms ,nl
Broad wav and, thirtieth' street! Worry'over business afiairs was said to
iinyc: unsettled his ■ mind. - ,      -,-     '
"Miss Brooklyn was .greatly depressed by lhe'suicide, hut shortly alter
slie went  on  the road   with   the .Pal
mer company..
A few inonths, later/a maid knocking at the actress' 'door in Sao Fran
cisto, became suspicious at the silence', within. .Bursting; in the ,-door,'
she found Miss Brooklyn dead with ,1
'brittle ol carbolic, acid hy , her, side.
She had taken her lile. in the .same
manner as the man-'   she loved.-'
The. double suicide., of the two-well-,
known theatrical persons caused a
great deal of comment and conjecture
along Broadway' where the^two were
known to have been devoted lo each
The tragedy ol Crissie Carlisle is
one of those-pathetic ..stories-, moral-
sts love to point out with ■ many
quotations of "the wages pf sin,',;
v^et. thii greatest sin -of the beautiful
,-oung. actress, who was the toast
ol the gilded youth in" the1,land where
'he whit,; lights twinkle, was her love
if pleasure and thc very essence * of
ife, wh-'ch makes the great > ywhile
,vay-just  what it'ip.
None of   the  side, lights   of    Broad-
..... ^ 4 ^
vay    can point    to  a", nio're hojieless
girl,  courted  and   leted   by   men      of
'wealth,   who was   left   lo   die   miser-
■'ll'ly, unknown and alone in the shrub
er'y  at   IIJKJihridge.''       ' ■--'	
There is no lesser theatrical diyin-
ty- of Broadway who can boast 01
.1 deeper • admit'ation and a greatci
.lopularily with the gay youth of the
..own than did Crissy Carlisle..- Her
iparlnieiits weie as beautUul as he,
-ostunies.   She had'money  to  lavish
In the lile that is elkrves'cent' " and
-.ire free, Crissie. Carlisle was* the
most beloved, There was never , a
•light thai she was not- the most at-
•■ractivc figua' nf Sluinley's or Uec-
"or's, where the grinning Ori'lin still
grins sardonically upon so many com
alius and tragedies, In the Casino
uicesses she was always a favorite.
Where the wine bubbles, the eyes
lash and the gay life", reaches . the
'ugliest point of hilarity, there ' wns
Crissie dirlisle,, '
■ Biit the primrose path of dalliance
'ed, .'as the moralist would snv, * but
'.o the suicide's grave,
One da-, an niirecogni/able body
vas found in the undertbrush up near
-'"ordham, The (ace was so disfigured
-iy exposure 'that no one knew who
he suicide '.was,- NVnr by there was
in empty bottle* which 'linil contained
■ 1
The body   was   taken   to the   Ford-
Iniin morgue, where it was gazed up-
,'«!' wl.t.li   shyidcfN ,of   itil^ilslibn   liy
many cm ions persons iu the hope -il
'deiilification,    A   pockethook     con-
aini'iig. n lew cents nnd a photograph
•if Mdiia    May   wns-the,only   posses
don.   Tt was the  photograph of    I'M-,
nil May thut led,,to Ihe,.suicide's ideu
Crissie Carlisle always carried    the
ictrcss'   pictuie(.   The two  gjlrlsl hud
li'ways hceii great friends,
, Then the world  knew that the dis-
Iguivd woman suicide  who    had Iuin
nichiliiied'   lii the    Koidhain  morgui'
or diiys wns the oiuv lieautiful Oris-
de Carlisle,,whose noiil      stained lips
mil   d'ihioloii.d I'mi' had once     Ih-cii
lu- merriest and prettiest along    llu.'
{rent white way.   The lips tlmt were
hawu  ami  dinturlnl  had nnu*  smil-
•d and   lun^d   ijver the   [ootllejlits,
md lln; hand  from  which  the  hoi tie
if i-uulifillc   acid   hnd fallen   had once
'leld the sparkling chaiiipagiii'    glass
n iniiiiy merry toiisls.
The stoiy  ol Crissie    Carlisle.  wa<
tin: old   one ol   a   lavorite   yestcrdiii-
tti.lttitti.-u lotiav, An illness which she
iver estimated   in   its seriousness hud
limit.- In r dcp.i.ssed,    She was out ol
work mid slimmed her old companions
Two   weeks  after   the death   of   the
voting: ail less who hud lound life loo
wearisome at  thirty, llu- Imdy of   a
'llllll was found in I'lversldc park, lie
had shot liiinst'lf mid tin 11 taken catholic iu id,     r.iitur It was discovered
that the suicide was Chas,  .1. links,
;i  liookkiipei   at   the Waldoil-Astoila
Nolls -had   Ik iliu     eliga'gcd to   Crissie
lovt-.   On  tin- day sit   for  their  iniir-
Carlisli- with whom lie was deeply in
(iagti tin  young woman     had disappeared.   Winn     lu-r   Miii-iiW'  lintjlne
kiioukt tlw yiiwiift jnan, WfifAiuc wilh
Ih! further nwny   from rlir*   lij';l»f : ruiil
grirf, iollowt-il the same   path, which
laughter     of llronihvnv  Minn Crissiel
Carlisle had ever dreamed of ih ^her
care .free    days.
' The storyof Evelyn* Granville,./once
a famous Casino beauty,' is even more
litting foe the- ptn of the moralist
than the!tragedy r of Crissie Carlisle,
Evelyn travelled * the path of "real dissipation-which began in the brilliant'
restaurants   of Broadway  and on   the'
boards of  the famous Broaciwav  llu-
-   , ■  i
atres to the   workhouse.
Kiglitecii yearsj-ago ICvelyn '   Granville was one of, the most dashing ol
New   York's   thea'.trictil •l^e-auties.   Xo
youijgj *act ress' was more phott^graphod
than she.    She lived like .a diva, and
her costumes and e.i*uippages were the
envy-of the hard working chorus girl.
It was during the regime of        the
Aroiisbns that she* gained her   , fame.
During.'he'r, theatrical isitccess .she met
Burton   Webster,   a  bookmaker.   Verv
shortly, after as   Mr.- and   Mrs.' Webster-they wenl * to •' live   in   a  fashion-
ti|bli* .l-Joardiiig house in 42nd street.
.Broker Goodwin   appeared.011   ...the
Webster-Granville  domestic  scene, one
day, and as a'result of tin; lieautiful
l*)velyii;s acipiniiilance,   Goodwin  lost
his"life,   Webster   claiming   that      Inlaid insulted Kwlyn and then threat-
•ned him, so he shot the broker. "Web
ster  was  sentenced   to  ao years      at
Sing Sing aud Evelyn sank to       the
'owest depths of degradation,   -,' ■■
Nan Patterson, too, travelled
'rent white way, The shooting
Caesar Young iu .the hansom; •
'.he arrest-of-Nan Patterson, one of
'he Florodora girls; her tiials -, and
■iukse^uent' aclijciltal ariP' still fresh
ii the put lie mind. -       Q *
-Nan ' Patterson i,s ' no\vo living obscurely. She learned the . ,- lesson
if. Broadway. But it is doubtful if
he. Thaw-White, affair has had any
nore interested render ■> than ..this
I'oimg woman.  '      -  '
Here arc a few of the recent cases
,11 which Pittsburg men have nehiev-
■d notoriety: .        •
The case of "Alan Wood, who     mar-
ied GolrlipMohr,   a/'Welier   &'-Fields
horns girl, is fresh  in  th'e    '   public
G?h.son I). Packer made ,his millions
n Pittsburg  in a  hurry  and  got  he-
,ore  the public in'a  breach  of proin-
se suit. Mrs.   ■ Mary I Vetler    sued
'iim for Sino,of)- niifl got it.
The engaging ■ theatrical manager,
Mcniiult," who 'mnde"millions in Pitts-
'"irg, left his, fortuin; to'T,aura- Big-
-er,; the actress, who saiil that' she
'■''ns his wife. The only son of ..llu-
j'ones JamiIy of the millionaire steel
1,111 of Joiics nnd Uughlin, shot
■'imsclf to  death"  i„   ]lor  apartments
_iilaJ!itt:i>><'p-'<—'-1 *-  i	
- -*■—JVU*.'>.>|*—i,('i^l-a~ie\v-days-—ago"
M. "Morrison,  Coleman.
J: C.   Keinptpn,   Coal  Creek.
C. M.  Mordland,  Republic.
E. Robinson,   Calgary. ' '
,F. Allen.
F. Kilroy, Hosmcc.
"Wm.  Tracy. .   '
J. H.   "McGililjon, "Nelson.
■3   4
• .   .    '     NAPANEE.
M*. McGuire,  Complex.
J:**W. Kelly, Pincher.   ,   .,     '
• Geo. , Manpiri, Coal Creel*.
F, R. Hawthorne, Neisoh.
D.  .T. Eliiier, Movie..'
M."E.   "Itroley   and   wife,' Hosnu-r
A.   Gibson.
Geo.  Lauricj Morrissey.
0.   1).  Tate,  Morrissey.   "   ,
JB.' McClcllan,  Spokane.     A
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-. W. Addie, Lund heck,
Mrs,  ,1. It,  Tnft.
Mrs, tt. Gilbert, St. Paul.
•lohn J.  Iliiuis,  Vancouver.
Dr,   Kilpatric,  Toronto,
Mrs.   James Ri!,-j,s(>.ll,  Pincher Crock
Miss C,  tt.  Dull,  ■
J. D, Strntoii mid wife, Spokane.-
W.Don-ild,  N'elson.
F. 1). Tyiier, Macleod, .    '
C, W. Tiinu'is, Hainilton,
CM, Senley, Hamilton,
(1,  N, ttrieve, Spokane.
tt, w. Jewell, Jafl'rey, '   •
-H. C,  Williams; <JJai-esholm
. A,  W,  Miiel-iiiiinpn, Portlnnh/
F. A, Aclniid,  Tomiitn,
CA.  Dow, Elvo, '   '
II,   IL  Ross,  Elk Mouth,
A.   E,   Taylor,  ttavim,  Wash, •
FredDick,    Milwaukee,
J, -Johnson,  City.
I). P, Sncketl, New York,
Mis, M,  tt,  Trowlidge,
Mrs, .1, W   Ml III in,
f). W, Un-.*-, City.
Charles Slieppnrd,  Cily,
P. C. Winkler, Nelson,'
II, C. Heiioii, Cninbiook,
W,V, Moore, fit, Stephens, N\H,
tt. M.  J.mlncolt,  Vancouver
E. A. Kuiiiiiiiir, City.
Miss K. Altciiiuilt, Sprngiic.
Jos. WhU'I-n, Cheney,,
W.  .T.  Ca|ip, Fort  William.
I'.II. Walhice, Vancouver.
J,   II.  Smith, Vancouver.
0, 11. Turner, Moyie,
A,  11.  Moni.s,  Kniiighnin,  Out.
V, Irvine, Krank,
Miss Ueltn Coviiigiim, Spohaiu;.
Mary Uussell, MoiitioHe, Cnl.
Madge M, While,  Spokiinc,
A.   J.  l'Vlton  and  wife,  NuwVork
A. W. Hagfti, Tin City, Cnl.
of 378 acres, situated in one of the
most favorable'spots for fruit grow-
* Ing, gardening,- stock raising- au«
poultry   growing   in   the   Kootenay
'■' country.   This   ranch -i.s   all" fenced
"contains 61  acres of first-class bot-
tonY,laiid,   25  acres  of  which  is  in
acres of good bench land suitable
' for fruit growing and gardening^ and
in fine *itjVlp n'f culUvalipji. "There
is a good log hoii.SP'pf four rpnms,
with shingle roof,, stabling, fnr ' 8
horses and 9 head of cattle, two
good henhouses and a good root
house. This valuab.c property enn lie
had for $5670.00 cash, il taken noon,
and is the liest bargain for anv-
oue. desiring to go into ranching
that can be found in East Kootenay
For further particulars npply to
Mott, Son & „Co, Fernie, 11. C,
Linen Department
There is profit:as well as plea-
'  '       o * ■ -,■'■'■
sure in   viewing: our ads   from
week to week and many a helpf ill ,
suffgesiion   whicli   will   enable'
yoii to simply your needs at a -big: «■.
saving-,,for instance
Sample |Towclts"
} **      * * < :       ,
About 25 dozen of Danish & Huck
Linen Towels. Our entire line
tliat has become slightly soiled
and    mussed    from    haiidJin-ff.
1 -■-        '        " ■ r. :''
During- the week you can have
your choice which will save
you about 35 per cent, discount.
WANTUD—Siliinlioii as help iu private . family by Kiiglishwomnn,
No ' washing.—l.ox. ,,05,. Nelson,
fl.   C
POSITION WAN'I'Irjn-—PH l|ca|] cfipk
'   in lintel or restaurant '.'by G)f|)or:
fenced malinger; or would      rent
hotel dining room, rcMnitnilil ,or
large hoarding house, Address M,
*   C, Y., Ledger ollice.
WANTl'ID-A man to lull flooring
machine at Kiko. Must "he capable
of grading flooring, siding nud
. ccili||-jf null tyi||g same, Also want
six good, men nt Nnrlli HlarLum
bcr Company's mill at Cranbrook
to load liuiiHnDr. AddrpH**, North'
Star Lumber Co., Klkn, 11, C,
VOI'S'I'-A ])iirsi* coiitainliig a sum of
money, Ow*jer can hnve same hy
pnyi|ij- ffir t|iis ml,—Ajiply Ledjijer
Tinsmithing & Plumbing
*   HAVE laken  over "the* business formerly   con--
ducted  by 'Shepperd & Iilliplt nnd wish to inform
the public lhat I am in a position1 to-do "nil kinds bf
Tinsmithing* arid Pltimbing in n prompt and efficient
manner.    Remember Ihe place.^
; One door north of King Edward Hotel.  Th9n*J
" •H-*^--f--t-4-*H*f*H-H~^*^~H--H*f-+
' ' ' ' * *■ I        • t I r **, .     *V     . .    • .','■»*,    •.«    j
C A. "
Now   Open   for   Engagements   «t
Dances,   Parties,   Etc.,   In   Pernie
====■ Or   Outside   Towns ^	
• 1
From   3   to   8   Pieces   Furnished   '.
rrr 1
Address:    C* A* MIU_E*;R.     Roynl   Mptp).   -Pcr-ilc   j
J.   II,   llawiliotnihwiiiu., Naualmo
.1,  C,   Keiuplon,  Coal  Creek,
W, 0.  Ilod|!ins,  KiillJMpell.
.Miss Stiiiiliiili, Coul Creek,
T. W. VhioA, Nelson.
.I»!«,C,  I'einphtor, Conl Cnev,
Doll  Triii-y,  S'ew  York.
C    Curvet 11    t'ruiilirook.
Kieil Laiidoii, Hunker Hill.
II. I-'.. S-teilHii'iii, Vucaille, Cnl.
Mr.  nud  Mis,  Steplu-Hs,  Duluth.
.Jas. Smith. Coltjmaii.
Md.   llm lien,  Coleinan,
.lohn Hunter, Colemnn,
John  iCNiill,  Coli-mliii.
Men    S, ul I,   Coh'lllllll.
A.   JI.1i1-.lonr,   Cohiiian.
I). Mcl'iirlniic. Coliiunii,
A.   Crookston, 'Coleiiwin.
Jus, Nind, Cohiiniii.
.John IttitH-flyin, CnUman.'
ll'iu 5tittffTi,  (ViFjiimiTt.
Roht.  Mattison, Coleman.
(W  llerliyhliire,  Colemnn.
prNr-mNo iv\r,s R
..   »"'■ ■"■■» mill1 "i»
Fire Works
5onvcnJr Cane.«
GOODS. '    '.*■
-Palace Drug Store
H. r. McLennf Mvr.
Miiinrd't-  Liniment  tures Kurgtit in
Paid-up Capltftl^lOiOOO^oiT^R^rvo Fund, $4,500,000
f 41.
ll. B. WALKER, r.pnofnl Mnnnft-vr AMJX. LAIRP, A»M, 0«n'l M»n»g»r
BvBinoBS mny bo transacted by mail with any branch
of tho Bank. Accounts niay bo oppnod, and dopqaVfa
mado or withdrawn by mailr Evqvy attention lii paid
to out-of-town account*,
Femlo   Hiuiioli (j, »,   n0uf   Minmtror
■'■'■"■ !'.' L..  <, ..'.■■.. .|.i.. .
Kootenay Cigar C»,
r>Bi|. .iv11.1 N«I«PP»*«» P» Pf
SmoKe Royal Semi Cltxanst,
L Atkinson,
fernie, B, C
In r»«|iiiiisi  tn i, Inrj-ilv Mfi-ni'd po*
titinll, I liili liy dillflli.' TIlUTMlny, tll*.<
Ji-itli dny <>l .'uly, l<'<-t>, ft pulilif li«l-
|i iiluy to U- kiimiU'tis tlu' Civic Holiday, nud | r»i|iii»t ull Uiynl uUImii*
t<-> olivivc: tlw f.nvne.
A. iv mMMtimn.,
l'Vrnle, ytli .tuly,  xy*: '
Fruits and
Summer Drinks
Iluro you'll Hnd ovory thing tlm
tittif,nti nflntAs in fine condition.
COW      IV AVD       fll'.R.
J. R. McEwInE


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