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..(T   '   I
li/   *"
Vol. II, Number 7.
Price $2   a year- in Advance
riany Interesting Items  About PeopIe«A  Week's
/ R6und-Up of Local Happenings
"*J. /S. 1-atierson,     ol   Cranbrook,
Avas *in- town Saturday/   ,
V Charles'Kettles,   of  Pincher Creek,
*• was-in-the "city'last Saturday.
Otto V.- Hough,  of Elko,   was    hi
town  last .Saturday''on  business.
"Born, to   Mr.  and Mrs. II. ' Leslie
Ptaebler, at Ilcrlin,' Out., on the "th
inst., a Kaii-ghlpv. ,      v   ..
Mrs. V. A. Watson ciitortairied n
"lar'g« number of lady friends to an
afternoon ten on Saturday.
. Wm. l'earce, of the C. 1». 11. Land
Department, passed ihrcueh town on
Sunday's  west-bound  trainA      .   ,
Mrs.' Arthur. *•: •"Berridge, 'of ' Coal
Creek, is visiting'*'with Mrs*. Klauer,
of ihis eity for .a few days.
W. J. Walker, vice-preside.nl of the"
Pacific Live Stock Association, of
Spokane, was in town . last Saturday.
Frank Sherman,     presid.-nt of    the
district Miners'   Union, .left  via , the,
C. P.-.R.' last* Sunday, bound for Vietoiiu.
W. T. While, ol the Rank of Com-
" mcrcc, and Mrs. White, wenl   up   to
"Michel Friday     evening, and returned
.   Sunday, morning.
, Dr.VConway Cartwright, son of Sir
.',4Ric"haVdVc'artwrigJil,-.is expected to
t'7.:arriveTin the city in a day.or two to
>i< £ltike-*V: position with DrsACorson and
jf, '-Bbniiill;*- ; A-A /' *.
& A.' J.'Starkcy, of the Pacific Liv*.
5i' .Stock Association, appointed Moll,
y Son & Co. local agents for that
*? company while in' the city. Watch
-..' . lor  their ad.,-
.'*: . Ex-United Stales Senator George
ij Turner, of Spokane, was in the 'city
y. last Friday on his way home from
}t a visit to the Sullivan mine and
i| Marysville smelter, " ' .
3* Mr. Ilawihome, of Nelson, repre-
li scntin.-; , the Hudson . Hay ' Company
ond the Kootinay'Cigar Co., was on
onr.'.slrcels ...last Salunday ' shaking
hands  with  his-many friends.
James Wallace came up from Jaffray yesterday' morning and returned
on' llie 'afternoon . local.   Mr.' Wallace
§1   reports everything going on  in
lr    swing al .T affray. *•■■'".     , *     .
•t      Th<*   Nortii-Star. Lumber Co.,    of
%  ''JajSc^Xi  .aro. contemplating ■ e.ln.n.ging'
£•   the'iiariic of that  institution at Jnf-
i:    Iray to avoid conflict with th-: same
y.    name at oilier points.   ,
1-      G.   Bruce, Brown"   passed through
'*' "*Kern:e. lii-"lit before last on his    way
to Vnncoiivcr, where he goes to take
V.,a 'position, with, '. one-of     the large.
hardware houses of that city.
J.'F.'M. Tiiikhain, manager of the
•;.-., Cronhroole branch of     llw    Imperial
;:.itfank,.\ was. in the-city in ..company,
' f. with ;Gcu.:i*il  Mnuaj-er  Wilkie    Moti-
{<"ity?'"■"'"   '"
Conductor 11. S. -Robertson, so well
v.**.  known * to , the' travelling public,    is
hack again on lho Fornio-lK'xford rim
• .-{or   a .-lew    ituyS,    while    Conductor
':' Mlruckr.oii.--er  is    taking  Mr,  Uoberl-
-jon'ft run on tlie main 1 iliu-
John    Wallace,     'brother    of    our
townsman,  James    Wnllncc, died    in
Ciimlwrlnml. England on the Gili   of
f-i^AiiRUHl.'. nl. theadvanced   ng,e of   73
^ ''yours.   Mr.' Wnll.u-i-  worki.il  continually in on.- conl mino for more thnn
40 years,
Mr. and Mrs, A. C. Liphardt   and
.-'    little Miss Mary  retiinwil f 10111    Uic
imst     o» Monday   morning, after n
Ioivjj niul pleasant visit with   friends
■    ;iii (Jiunrlo.   Mr, I.iphardl looks very
" ' iiuicii unproved In health as 11 result
" nl hiB vacation.
Dr.'''IUkkImRi' wlilln making a 1-vo-
fcsstojial trip to the C. 1». «• cnmp
ut HoiHiirr lust Sunday, got spilled
out ol tho Hftdilli'. by his horse Miiiuli-
ling, Imt lorluiuilt'Iy no -cli-Juvnigo
wim done, ns thu ground was soft
und tin- Iioi'ku genllu--
The Spokane Clinnvlwr of Commerce ilele-j-tilion has lien having, n
1 oyal tiimi lu llu UomuUiry aiul
Went Kooti-nny country during tin.*
poM, week, mul went home with
jileiiKitlg reiollei-Uoiis of Xhi. irlp,
whiih will hear g-ood fruit lor Uu
•places viHiU-il, ns well as for tlu City
ul Spokane
A. J. SWirkey, of the rui'llic l.lvc
Stock Afc-icKlullnii, wiih in town yes-
U-rdtiy on hid return front Edition-
'•' toil, wlwiu Iw has U-tii opening a district, olliic for his company- 'I'lie
Hcott HroUieM tu« llu local iiiaiiiiK-
cn ot tbat place. Mr. Stnrkey ro-
• porU n Wx-e initrcht In his* ImiHlncitH,
mvl pviiofU n  lnrt><' inwlu.
n. W. Wllklu, Y,et\nta\ innnnger ol
thr.linperiAl Uiuik ol C;*|i>i*tla, was. iu
thc city Motulny. Mr. Wilkie is rn
i-nihiminiNtfc Irieiul ol the wtM, fttvl
hU lank Has U'uii «iw ol the \Aox\-
ifrs in tliat line oC .hintliieiwi, nlwnys
dlKlil-tying it-, lailli in t)*^ i«tute 01
■ the went hy woiU which wero mosl
lntieficial to the liiinliiess InlcroKtH ol
lhe «xniiii*liiiK vx\A oi the Dominion.
All part'liU intiiiding to wiul clilU-
r»n to tin* piiWIc -school who have
m.t tis yiit «ttt<r''d, ure rw|,«io«»«l to
have their chit-licit in wliool not lnt-
wr llutt iwxi Momlnj*. K<if'» A,iy
thilAna are kept out (A (Iteir tUsses
put-* thorn thit much furtlter l*.liind
lhe other.. In tfte name clas**-**, cant-
in^ tronhlc lo llw teachers unA placing lii-* late crmia-r* *t a .-li**\tH*ani-
ftl!.u. Pliice jotir rhiMren in trliool,
and see that ilu-y arc regular in tluir
Take a look a I those fine "apples'
in j the- Ledger ollicis window. ■
Head the Ledger offer on the best
display ' ol vegetables and bring
along your .samples.
Set Mrs, Wai-rget's nnnouncuim-nt of
new-' goods to "'be oh display next
Tuesday and '.Wednesday.
' If th.: daiu-R • on Friday evening
comes- up lo expectations, ih;ie will
nol l,c standing room in ihe Opera
House. '
Mrs. Bonnell, Cc1iKla11.cc ami'Franklin left on Saturday for St. Johns,
>.'. 11,, on a visit. They will be ab-
si-itl for n .month or two.
Mr. Hoch.'.sler, of the Loid.'s Day
'Alliance, will occupy lhe Methodist
pulp-it next Sunday morning and th*
Haptist  pnijiit.   iu  thr; cwniugi.
The regular i|ii:irU-rly meeting of
the hoard, of health will be held at
the ollice of the Cily Clerk next
Thursday  t\ tiling,  llu 24th inst.
W. K. Miller, of the Milwaukee
Kail toad, came in on yesterday's G,
X. train, and is looking after business- for his line.
This "is the .time of ilii year to
make known the bargains you have
to offer 10 your customers through
the columns of lhe Ledger. llri:ig in
50m-  nils.
Miss .Mclntyre, of Coleman,,- who
has been visiting Mrs. Whimslcr for
the past week, return.d to Coleman
Monday  evening.
W. T. Ilealy,. one of the old-lime
hoys, of the lumber making crowd,
lefl. yesterday for Jaffray, where lie
takes ■ n position with the Jewell
Lumber Company.
Don't forget.1 that tomorrow is the
last day upon which you can pay
your taxes ami secure the one-sixth
rebate for being prompt. Put your
money on the table and get your receipt.
' Thero are, lots of fin.- looking .vegetable gardiiis in and around Fernie. Show llie people what you have
by sending samples, to the Ledger for
exhibition. • -
Odd Fellows' hall, Sunday afternoon
at four o'clock! Mr." Rocluster will
-.iideavor lo explain tlu provisions of
the new ' Sunday law nnd everyone
should  l.e present.
W.'.sK. Ross lefc Saturd-ny night
over lhe Northern for'tho coast ou
.1 trip and'will" return wilh Mrs.
Koss who h<is been placing ' lliehoys
in school. Miss Kva is also with
her mother enjoying the trip to the
capital city,
Don't- fstay away from' lire next
meeting ol ilu City Council and then
kick if ihe' new .limits don't suit you.
He ou hand lo sec what the ik>w limits
are nnd be prepared lo "'boost or
knock,"' ns onr ,, classical premier
Mould sny, according as you like
or dislike'lhe  new boundaries,
Tluy hnd burglary committed at
Fi-huk last week nud Ihnl town is
Inking 011 airs over tli.' fact thai one
more evidence' of cohiiicJt'.-rtl/it(iiiiii^in
has been added to its record.
T1I13 new coke ovens nl CokliiVnn will
soon be completed 1111..I roiwly for
firing.  *
Inspector T. S. lleldier of the 1*1.
X. W, M. V. hns Loon transferred
from I'iin-lier Creek to lllainnoie to
lake flu place of Inspector Kninies,
who hns ln'cti cent north. T-orinnii-
cn I barracks , will ne establishod nl
lllnii-iunrt, making that plnco the
lunity.iunrters of tlu for,*.!* in the
Dr, 'lloniii-ll nnd A, II. Trites, nc-
cc.iiipai>!e(l by' Ilr. Hurry Power nnd
A. 11. JiilKsuii, of S|iokiiu.-, and Mr,
lllnckwlnne, of the NortJierii, left on
Suliirdiiy evening oil tlu east louiul
C. 1\ 11. bound foi' tha prairio. Mr,
.Incksoii goes along on busiiuss
while, the two Dm, niul Mr, Triles
nre .stlrrjiig up trouble nnioiig the
ducks ml  ihlckeiiK.
A, V, (.ni(,ly, Mayor of Mncleod,
wns innriied loduy nl Halifax to
Miss K, O'DolilU'll, of ihnl place,
Mr. Cii-iuly is otic of Mneleod's oldest uml best respected eiti/elis und he
nnd his wile havu the l/enl wlMivh of
everyhoili' mil west, Mr, llruily is
iiUeiVaSted in the linrihviilc hiisilioss ut
MucLuil, Krnnk mil Coleiiinii.
Mrs, II. ,\. Ciiih-r, wife (»f Muiiug-
er tin li; i-f, ol tlu Iiileiiint.io-.iiil Conl
Mr Coke Co, nt Colemnn, is still
i-onliiud to his .led as a result ol
ih- 'iinforliiuiite iimdi-nt whicli l:«-
(el liur iiu-vt'l'iil week1- ngti while
diovoii,* to ruin-, xn ,\ viiiitii^.
Dr. NewluiHl, of Lethbridge, w.is up
,1 Ml fl.iy .l-ivs ng<» to iUuttil Iwr
ml it is iioWi .Te|ini'U-il thai is now
,,lowlv luuiniviiig.
'Ihe .^jieiuil nieet.ngs 01  Mi- S.ii'.-->-
tfoti  Aimy  HnivcHi Festival Thimks-
(jivlng serviies in nnnoiuicid for this
week tnd,     llw «nd,   '?r«' "",' S-1*M
iliul.   Tlu met tingi will be of a most
inter, Ming ami instructive ilmruiti-r.
on; nf ill,-   ii-ifi-. N-ln--' nntiicd "Th'.'
Harvest (Ini-cii niul Her I.oynl   Sub-
jei'ls."      The     IMrrnrki,     nv   iin-lei-
matul,   will b«     tasttliilly   nml s.ng-
j,"c-ijtiv«ly il.'Kiratifl, caliulati-il to im-
prtfti  lit,' tititid with llu ftptciiil    <di-
jpi-t ol the vrvktu.    It U -*Iiispirid
lhat Co-iinti'i-sion-i' C«»inl«, the Ti-r-
ritort.tl l.-oili-r for fit• Dominion, will
pay Fernw toipt •» visit in the n«af
(iitui -e.
, Note thc change in Mrs, Tod's   ad.
,bis week.
Follow, the crowd to the grand lwill
on Fridayf'evening.        ' ,  ■■
Mr. A. Fisher, of Toronto, arrived
in thc cily this morning.
Born, lo Mr. and Mrs. A. Cameron yesterday morning, a son.
Secure your tickets for the' dahec
on Friday eve before tli.>y are- all
sold out.
J. *- liudnick.'s family arrived in
town this morning, and "now thi
Home Biitik man i.s happy.
Chief Walker is still, absent at
I.ethUiidge. - He and Mrs. Walker are
expected -home iu n few days'.'
Mrs. Clark wenl up to Coleman
Sunday to take a few .days ivsi aud
to visit, with old-time friends.
Don't  forget  to register if vou  are
not already on  the voters'  list.   TI12
time  for.this expires next ,Moud:iv.
1^. K. l'hair, erstwhile proprietor
of tli: 1'h.iir Hotel, Nelson, aud later
of the Grand, in Spokane, was in
town* yesterday.,
(>n account of the dance in . tlu
Opera House '5n Friday, Sept. *?*st,
the train to Coal Creek will l.e held
till .a.,*-o a. in.
Fred Johnson left last night over
the Northern for Vancouver, where
he enters the Vancouver Collwjjialo
Institure   to-continue' his  studies.
1 nomas White returned this morning from'an extended visit, to old Ontario. We hope to gel hiin 'back to a
proper- state of civili/alioa before
The .monthly lea of lhc Trashytcr-
ii-.ii Ladies' Aid* Socit.lv', Was given
al the home of Mrs. Hmiling.ton, yesterday afternoon, and was a decidedly  pleasaiiL  and  successful  affair.
HeiiKinbcr that Miller's orchestra
is giving ,1 grand ball in the Opera
House 011 Friday evening? Refreshments will lv.*. served during tlw evening.   Gentlemen   $1,50.   Ladies   free.
Mr,, and Mrs. George ginning, of
Alaeleod, were guesisat lho 7 Hotel
Waldorf yesterday. They relumed lo
Macleod last night. 'Mr. Tin-niiii. is
ihi popular manager of llie I'nioii
Dank in that wull-venlilatMl little,
hamlel.  a'nd is a 11 Jwly-uiarr.ied man.
A. 13. Jackson, Dr. l'ower and r.ur
owtt irenial Dlacksiohe letunicd yes-
lerd.iy morning from rinclicr Creek
leaving Dr Homiell and A. IL Trites
stuck in the mud down that way
Mrs. CJ. R. Doyle, of. Kdmonton,
wife of the popular member of the
Alberta Legislative Assembly for
Sturgeon, arrived iif the city this
morning, and will bv: th? guest of
Mr and Mrs. D." V. Mott for a few-
days. This is Mrs. Doyle's first vis-it to
Feruie, and she find-, tlte •mountains
wearing their brightest and richest
clothes. Slu thinks our mountain scenery ■ excells .the heauties of I5;iu:l.
GAMIv AT- Till? NA1-ANKK.'
The editor of this paper went duck
hunting Inst Sunday, which ' indicates
that public sentiment is in a shork-
ing. condition regarding the new law
prohibiting  such  tli'iigs.
lie had a good lime, aiid brought
down a nice, icii.ler, dtiek over in the
Napanee wilh n jab of a fork and
the ilourish of a blight dinner knife,
lie captured * .somi*, spring chicken,
too, and had such:an all-round good
time at it that he didn't seem lo
care anything uboi|l' Lord's Day Alliance   ioolishii.-ss.
lie even says he'll do' il again, aud
is hoping to bring down canvas Ijacks      TI12      sihool   hoard      met   Monday
nind mallards in ' the' Napaiue   dining   night in  Dr.  Corsan's ollice, aud after
Mr. D. MeNish, government superintendent of roads for this district,
reports that by Saturday' he' will
have lhe preliminary work on the'
llosmer road so Iar along as to
make' travelling hy sleigh from. Fernie to Hosmer practicable during tlu
winter.' The work on the bridge over
the river above the Fernie T.imilier
Co. mill is progressing, <ind the
bridge will le ready for use before
winter set*- in.
Mr. MeNish has, u 111:11 at work,
nnd will have his gang on the east
in.l of Cox street n-.-x't week, exlm.l-
itig that thoroughfare across the
railway tracks an-.l up ilu bill to
tbu cemetery. The railway company
will pul in plunk'crossings. This will
be h great improvement in the way
of reaching llu coiiietery, as heretofore the road to tin- citv of tlu dead
was .1 very roundabout oiu, and a
very steep bank Iuul to be cliniU*.d in
oilier to reach .the grounds ou llu
hill, '
The Largest on Record in Fernie's History—Eyery
Person had Money to Spend.
loom the'next time lu goes over that
way oh a hunting expedition. It war.
the most successful hunt he has had
for a  long  time
He was not alone, either. There
were others, and tlu'y all looked and
acted as though' they were happy. If
you Want lo be sure- of good game
well cooked and served, you should
visit  the  Naprn.-e  hunting  preserves.
Tom' Whelan won't report you lo
the game wardens, and you will be
sure  of  bagging  the' game.
Jackson left "last ivigilit for Spokane:
Peter Lmidie-met with quite a
painful mishap Saturday while wrestling with the prolan*.ity provoking
pastime cf putting up a stove. He
had UP linger broken and his haiv.l
badly".,- jannuid and .bruisi.d, The
Ledger'will guarantee, though;" lhat,
li..' didn't  swear,
■Mr.' Win. I'.dniuud, ot Oro.ulo,
Washington, is in town lod.av, an.-.l
wns iittriieU-d liy the sanr.iles oi
fruit iu the Ledger olliic w.'iv.low and
gave us a call.' Mr. Kilmund !s mi
extensive, .fruit glower, nnd was very
much iiilei-'slid iu the .possibilities of
fruit growing ,in '.his pnrt of ,)u
- Sum Grnham rcturitud Monday
morn ing fmni n nip to his farm near
Olympin, Oregon, He reports- a fin;;,
crop of grniii am) fiuit, nnd -a hiiin-
pei cro|,' of hops, Times are good
over there. Mv Graham • sold his
wheal nt V**S culls per bushel, nvul his
onts at 'J" cents. Hops nre wovtli
ao ci ills per pound,
Win. 'Martin, for n long lime a
Fernie nsideiit alld n.populai- em-
ployco of llu P. Ihu 111 Co,, resigned
his'position with the Calgary Cuttle
Co. iwi.il left for Spokane last night.
"Hilly," as lu wns fnniiliurly cnlled
by his ninny friends, wn» 11 good
young. citl'A'ii, and his -ninny friends
will wish him success wherever lu
mav loenl-1.
Tlu union men ot ilia I'liUod Mine
Workers of Americn notified the 11011-
tmiou nun working at Coal Creek
ihnl lifter seviii dnys tliey would
not work with them.' Tlu notice was
posted up last 'Ihiiittday. Juki, whnt
llu reKiill will W in uncertain .is
yet, but it is hoped that no serious
inlerfer nee nr slopping of work" will
ritsult. nml llml lUc.su working men
will l.n iil'lo lo uniii'rthly nVrniige
their dideiviiees without loss lo tluin-
m.-Iv«'n or to lhe coiiiiiiiiiiily.
Mis. W. W. Tiitllii wi.ui np to Jaffrny Moiiilny nnd ivtuiiied in the «v-
Uiilig willi'Iwr riislli'iitiiig Imslmiid,
who lm.-. been trumping nround thu
woods up tlnii wny, Ilu reports having hud a good time, und wns 'won-
•lerfully surprised nl the evidence ot
niiiurul wealth lying nboul in (lint
Miction nwaitilig the, eliterpiiMiig stiller to collie nml potsess tlm Innd,
There 4}ie IoIn ol \Aixets where the
hij{ led npjile will ilouti.sii omi tiu
UViiMt gitov t.i it I. .iiul m!> "j- '•'•'*
Wiiy, it soliuoli- will do the Milling
cn.\ ,.lu-rwaril ihi tnowing.
Mr, Tt-lfoid,    the   rial   i-sliiu- mnn
Ironi     Snskuloiiii,   Sunk.,  who    It.ts
ll'lll   II   -l-eillii-   M.-n'it.i    ."1   hi..ia   \:.'.,
left on Sni,iiidii\ lor his home, lobe
gonj 11 few weeks, lie likes t'eillii'
so Wi-Fi llial Iw will 'li- back ' ngtiin
Minn, nnd expect-* to do more busiiuss in the timber liu.*. While li ro
ft 1- pnnhWil ilu: Ciiiiimiii^s tim/.tr
limils on Wilson Cnt-k through M>itt
Son .V Cn , nml is (-..iisiilcriu,* the
piopi'-ii* i(>n of put ling in 11 mill tn
ml tiiiilni from thc-tu limits. Mr.
Till-ml his .scivnil |>cnrjiie of ample
mi tint AVtociuled with htm who are
t.w.lltirf (or good invi-tilimnis in ll
C, nml now that one prnm-tiv lws
Uiti hiilmil, it is very likely lint
others will he nr^nirc.1 nml n|N-rnt<-il.
The Mayor, and Aldermen Quail,
Mclntyre, Heck r.nd Biggs were, pres-
iiit al the regular .council meeting
last  Tluusday' night.'
After the reading' and adoption of
the minutes of previous meetings, a
communication f:om KcUsteiu and
(.ray, complaining of the injus'-ice to
tlu city taxpayers causa..d by the ad-
uiissii 11 of nonresident ehilditn. to
the cily schools without paying a
tuition o fee, was read.. - The matter
Wiis'referred To the school board,
with    lhe   recommendation    that   im-
'niTiliTirt—a-evrou br:—taken-—by—thnt-
l:ody. -
'1 he secretary oi, the II. C. Municipalities Union wrote, inviting the
city to send a delegation to the annual convention which is 10 lie held
at Kaimloups, Oct-. 24 anvd 25. Th'e
minimum membership-fee is Un dollars, and a committee was appointed
lo. coiinider the niatlcr.
Manayei Holt, (>r .the Hank of Com-
111.rec, wrote to say that the head,
ollice had eonliniiid tli.-; arrnngenient
to allow an overdraft by '-he city of
?5,oon. The communication was lilcd
Mrs, Wm. Oodficy, of the furnishing coiuii'itlee of the Children's Aid
Society, or Vancouver, wiole asking
aid to furni.'-li ihe new home, and on
motion of Aldi'i-mcii Heek and Higg-s,
the letter was lileil nnd Cily Clerk
Nunu instructed to inform the writer
that the cily i.s imt'in a position lo
make a donation nt present.
A communication from T.nnd Commissioner MeKvny, or the Coal Company, asking th-.il the gralling on
Cox street, near llio corner of l'ellatt nvi-ii'ie, he caupleled, wns rend
nnd lilcd, and the Clerk instructed to
inrorui the wilir that the bonid of
works will attend lo the inn Iter as
soon as the grade has been. i-sUhlA'i-
(in motion of Aldernr.11 Mclntyre
niul (Jmiil, n cotuiniltee consisting of
the Mayor niul Aliieriiii.1i -Heck, Triles
nnd Tuttle was npiioinli'd to interview Mr. Liii'.lsay regnid'ng ih.irges
I'm- hydi'nu.t.s. street sprinkling, water
.'ur 1 l'u fire hull nn.l jail, and io m-
it/uire abotil the sale of the company's
weighing sioles to tin. city, with
power lo mnko ari'iiii^-n'citls tiU-urry
out llm ili'iils-
After the final passage ol hy-lnw
,V nnd Alilei-iiuii. Mcliilyve giving
noticti of llie intndiii-tioii of 11 new
lire, limit by-lew nl the in-xt meeting,
the council  nil intn lied,
some routine business, the matter of
the boundaries, or the new ■• district
was lakin up nml discussed.
Secretary Niinn, .by direction of the
board,' had wiied Alexander l{obin-
son, StijierinUniUni of ICducalion at
Victoria, asking why West Fernie
had Ren left out of the district, and
received an reiiswei stating that the
omission was unintentional, and that
lhe territory across tlle river would
lie iuclmkd in  the .district.
The local board decided to have a
survey of tlle new .district made at
once, and the secretary was instructed to mgage A. O. Cummings, I). L.
S.', to do the work as soon as possible.
The matter ol n high school for
Kernie will next .be dealt with, and
i!   is    probable  UutV  such  a'   school
will l.e established  within  tbe venr.
Rev. Win. Moore, D.-l)., Secretary,
.lecturer and organiser of tlie Canadian- Society lor the prevention of
consumption i.n.l * ollwr lulx-rculo^is
disLiises,  i.s-in the" citv, an-.l irnve. the
Last Saturday was payday for the
month of August, and a new record
was again tsiabl'slMl.
Tlu; Coal Company^ paid oul hero
ami  at Coal  Creek,  $101,797.85.
Al'Michel tha roll fooled § 53,Vl"7.-
•,'.*),  making   a    total    of    Si55,705.U>
The Klk Lumber Company paid out
the  s.uue  day,   $14,350.00.
The Kernie Lumljcr Co. pay for the
same   month,  $9,250.00,
Ths North American Land and
Lumber Col have  ;i  roll of Sj.aoo.wi.
The'total  paid    by  thv   three  mills
is   S2n,,Soo.
This, lidded lo the Coal Company's
roll,   makes   a  total   of. SiS*2,5tjy.S5.
.Vdd to this the amount paid 0111
by the three railrftiuls, llie Kort
Steel 1'ii-ewing Company and the various stoics and other business ■ concerns, and we will have a grand total of wages pa'id out each montli
between Michel r.nd Morrissey oi
$250,000.00; ii total of $3,000,000 in
one vcar.--
Last January the Ledger published
ligures ,which proved that at thai
time a quaiter of, a-million of dollars was paid ,.out, each mouih in ihe
the line -between
Krank and Morrissey. Now the ter-
lilory in which that amount is   paid
out*   i.s   restricted      lo  lhc   territory
west  from Michel to  Morrissey.
It is witliiu thc possibilities that
the- noarler million mark will bit
leached here at Ferni.i in another
The. C. V. It. camp at Hosmer U
taking on definite, form; and next
year,, wiil witness a large inereasi of
llie pay 10II at lhat place, which, liy,
the way, h.is not been included lit*.
llie  above  report.
Don't let us run away with tlie
idea that the men who earn tbesu
vast sums of money have nothing to
do with lhe spending of it, aiul lhat
this Talley owes its prosperity to tha
people who have had value received
for what  they pay out.
Capital is necessary to develop the
great resoiuccs oi ihis country; but
capital generally sees 10 it that',, it
gels value .for every dollar paid out,,
and wlun the dollars have passed
over '.he counter they cease lo lie the
properly in any way ol the payor,
and b..coiiie the property of ihu
The evil which comes t o this and
all other camps of industry whert
large capital is • cmployiid, arises
from the ellorts of tlio companies. to
t-Catilrol th.-se dollars after they have
parted with them, and who resort to
unfair methods  to do so.
•Mr. Stead, viee-preskb nt and gsen-
eral manager of the Dominion Meat
Company, accompanied by Mr. Calkins, sec.-trees, of the same e.ini-
paiiy, and Mis. Stead, arrived ' in
Kernie last Kriday night fiom Cranbrook. ' „
The Dominion Company have lately purchased tbe meat -business of
Harris Uros., of Cranbrook, and are
enlarging an-l improving the business.
This company are just completing.
.1 large abbatoir at Calgary, and are
putting 111  an  extensive  cold  storage
a   most    lrieiidly   call     this
in  company    with  Dr.'Crr-
ls  iiigngeil   111   a     cause
l.e     supported by    every
Mr. Cuiiiey, of Knslo, who is nu
ciilliiisliiMlc ndvo.'iitu of Irnii growing in this intiurVi h-lt with ihe
I.edg.r a few miinples ol Kuslo-
giiiwn fnii1, which mn le ta.'iii in the
I.ciVr 01111-1. window. Tnl- n look
nl these apples niul |k*iiIs und ih.-n
cnniiiilr ihe jo'i'-il ililii-s nl gi-iiwliig
Mich fruit by the cur load within a
tew iiiilu.< 01   l-Viliu*.
,\lr,   t'.iiiii';,   i'i.'** |ini(iii.» ■-! il.   -.-'1
gu- a lnrgii mi'l fin.-i  lolhtiioii   of
K.islo fr«U «p-."  *'•>■■ o.-iaiaion nf h'-i
UeXl  visit   to  I'ltnie
ALlti'U t a    ini.,-.;    .'1, ■..-'.. iv L'iVU 1 IA
The thiid (Hiliiuil coiiviiitinn of the
Alhv'rtn   l'lvt.-.  Assri.intiiiii   will  con
viiv   nl    Mi lai"-'   Hut ii.'M  l'ritl.iy,
the aisi
The conitnitt.i N toiiipos.-il of J.
,f. Voung, "»*• M- lhnulst.ii mil lloh
l-*dnan!., ni  ih.   Kyi- ihi in r
lli'ii* will '.i .1 Hal full of Mi .li* ■
im made lo that irlo, and lhe Led-
i;i-r will lv in -il I'i. h.iM il ih. i;<I
ing on tin  vol h  good,
An i-vi-urvi. -i 1ti ll.infl i«t |irni«t-,d,
niul the Mii'.-s ol Ih.t (Lis Cilv will
•*«,-   that   th    visiimg jih.iTi'.---   nr.-
Ill,I lie   iO!ll|i.M»bl?   will It   in   lowH
Dr.   Mom
lhat  -diotild
man, woman .and child who has any.
intetest in lhe general weltart- and
Uialih ol lhe. Iimiinu family. The
most'deadly enemy ol the'race of
man iy consumption in its di He rent
forms, and Dr. Moore's mission is a
mission of ihnrily which should appeal  to all.
Dr. Corsni'. is lending his aid lo the
cause, nnii 11 uieeliiig is being ar-
1-1111^,(1 for , tomorrow nigh'., when
Dr. Moire will go I'ully into the subject, explaining tha methods nud objects of the soiiety mtuh more fully
Ihnii can be done through the newspapers, Lord Miulo was the lii'sl
hoiioinry inesiilviit, ,' nml nl present
Mn rl (.my occupies that position
Tlu ollicirs are the  following:
Honorary I'lvsid nl, His Mxeel-
leiiey, The Karl ('.ivy, The Coveruor-
Iloiiornry Vice-l'ivsitleiits, The
I^i'iileiiaiil-Ciovi'i'iiui's of all the
Provinces, _____
President, Hon, W. C. Ivlwnrds,
Si-iiutor. .
Vice-l'l-esideiils, Tip I'resid. Illf- of
the  l'iriviiiciiil  Associntions.
Hon, Treiisuier, .lohn M. Court-
iiey, CM,IV,, I.S.O., Deputy Minister
ol  Viliiiiiec,   Oltnwa,
Seen-inry, Lefluver niid Organizer,
Uev, Wm," Moore, D.H,
And an cxi'itiiiw council ol twmly
iii.inbers, of whom tell aiv appointed
by His l'.xiillilii'y The (.ovi'iiior-Cieii-
i'1'iil, mil Mi mv tlected ut the nn-
lllllll   meelillg.
A notlic ol llie liiiic nud place will
lm seell ill nliolli'i* colllllill, uud doil-
geis will be disiribiiti-d on tin--
struts  toiuoirgw,
Ilr, Mooie should haw u crowded
lll-llse, alld II bllllll'll society sliould
be fornnd in kindle and keep nlive
1-.11 iiiii.iest in this inoi.1 woithy
The boiler for the a.U;aioir ah.l
lighting plant has just U'en placed in
position, and is, of 50 horse power
Capacity. Tlie boiler lor the cold
storage plant is oie lhe way, aiui i*;
of  75 , horse  power'
The'company have also just completed a , line large store and ollice
building for the accommodation iof
their rapidly increasing trad.:. This
new building and fixtures hns cost
the company $<|;-,ooo, and is 'a line i
Ed. Wildinnii and Neil McKellar,
two of .our. etiteiprising young Guilders, have si^ured the contract to
build Iwiiily-oiie new dwellings ■ nt
Tal or, Alberta, to be occupied by
miners. Each house is to ■ be 28x32,
two stories high, and designed to accommodate two families.
The lumber for these houses .lU?
goes from Keiuie... Mr. Wildnian ,ie-
tui'lied from Tabor Monday liioiii-
iug, au.l as soon as word .is received
ironi T;lbor, both he aiid Mr. MeKcl-
iar will go down wilh :i force of mell
'.o rush 1/liil'liilg as rapidly as possil-jle.-
-plUndcr llu direction_o( ilr,_l)ixon_,_
the new mun.igei- ai Tatar, , the /.e-
velopmeiit work, is going on ,-.,,:,*\
inpidly, niul that mine will soon , i.c
ir. a position to turn 4*0111 double the
pies.nt daily   output. ,    .,
McKellar and Wildnian are deserving young men, who have iiin.de ih-.-ir
way to success by atU-ntiou t(). bus-
iiv.'ss -anil doing everything -well- tliat
has  Uvn  entrusted  to their care.
The I oys will .be missed at the lire
hall   while  ihev  are  away  nl Tabor,
It   is  loeatid, on  Nth  Ave,, |  .
letweell   Ctlltie      (iiiiI'Nm   Ave.   EuslJ,
,,     ,.-       , -. ,. ,, ,,,    ,    'huge  a  ci'lilnlct
uenr llu fine,  largi.  Mi-Doiigiill Block, '
one   ol  th» .finest   business  slruetiir.-K
in Calgary,
,   Colin  II.  Campbell," of Winnipeg,  is
pre.sid.nl  ol   ihis company,  und  il   is
llieir intuition   to  increase their bus
iiie.ss by adding new brunches, ns ha..
been  recently  doiie  nt   Cranbrook,
They have enpil.-i' and are looking
lor places to iim- il lo best ndviiut-
''No," said Mr. Slead, when spok-
■.11'lo il-oui the riiiiior ih.it ih-iotii-
puny would eliir.i! iiji its .l.usiiies1. in
I'ei-nie, "our business is stelidily
growing here, and we iuieiid in add
lo il and lo op, n up oilier rhops ns
rapidly a,', we can iiii-rease our facilities for piopei'ly handling our increasing 11 iidi-. We certainly like our
i-<riiic In innii, mid will continue lo
improve .md iuhl lo it."
The linn (ire lerlninly ,doiH^Vn larg*.'
business lletv, and llle-.e two i^illlh-
111111    nre   wide-awiiki.      hustlei-s    lm
ll.|,de.   .
There is im leiiiloiv iu Westein
Can.nin wJiei'r mi tiiuib li-f.li 1111,11,
per tiipiln, i.-. i-oii'iinii-d as ah ng th.-
Clow's Nest  bidiiih, with  ill. niiiiii'i-
Oll!j   llllllhel    1.UllpS   liiid   Iliil'.'!!.1,   1"W II'!
„ n————
but    i-eeryliody   is    glad   lo  hear    ol
gnod   foi liuie*  ill   securing    so
..'red Waters, o' ih' Elk piiiiUr
Coinpntiv, arrivi-il in town lns< I'ii-
duv with .1 inv ln.id uf hut''*'.*', 'nm'.
Pin li-ei Cn-i'li, •Tlu-i'i. wen' i-leveii ol
tllelll, llllll the lot Wiiglnd lh,frf.o
puiiiifi-i. I
)■!..)   ,it     lb' y   1...I    Vii.l   di.'Mt    «'■
th* Intn (.' er     the ,)iv.-i, nb'»n    i?
e Ills  a   piilind.    Tin   heaviest,  a   loe-
\Hii-old   'llullion,   \v> iglutl   I,'.ho  lbs,
illld   tile   Hlllnllfil   llppetl   tlle   scale   ul
1. 11.,.    .:,, ,   1   ., ,,
Its, Tlirv .iu a line looking I<>1 'if
Imrst-s. Alt. ..'atir.s si.ttis ih.it ih*
roiii|iiiiiy now lime nv-1 t*t hut-es,
iitid th- iiiiiiiltr will I - iinrniM-il '..-
lml ur. soon  as possible,
This coinpntiv li.u,. v*t nun ut
lluit iiiiplo-., anl aii' looking lm
Thr*-.- lmnilud imn s.n-1 in.- Iumdud
horses iiiakc i(iiilt* a worVmjf furn-,
.iiid ..1 ll.- fci.ihe 1 \p,oLiiiii oi ,1
l.itge  sum  of  lin n.-y 1 a ih  month
Tin* ",'allt; i.,tw iiddilina to the tilt •
title; i-.ip.uiiv.nl lit*- mill is im*** in
,,p.r.'iti'iii. .ind will add -m.iH-ri.iHv
to tin-  output   iif  the llllll
Win, Keny niii! Wiiltir ll.iiwon.l te-
luriii'il to town Mondiiy (min thu
limit iliu und tishiug i-xiiiisiuii down
the   Moultii.ts'   i.ivtt.
Thev sailed Imm W'.mliiei on ill."
burg.! Miii>     Ann,     11   Ilut -lint 1 nnu d
llelglllcl   III   llio-l. iiili-   spied,   ulll ll.i-
i^ul'd   llltl   liipnb.   iliul   --hii.ils    ol   111.'
IviloKIHlV   witllnul        ■■■linns    llli'th.ip
lo   lislus,   buds,  i.< ei   nl   lb iiIn 'Ui-.
Tluy li f 1 the. Mniv Aim ,il IU \
Imd, .rnd lulled 111. ir spoil bv lid
nig- the 1 nd li.uU to Kit'iii.'
iiiey it pou  imi  iuin.11 g.iu.    "■ 1	
.   .1       1.. 1   .   .    ,1   1 ,■ '
l|m     I .ilh  lind,  Iii.i.  th y  .,i<   i.llit',1
Mi.- truth
Melli.nl iind III ;n ->t wiii 1-iih liu.d
List nighl in ill.- pnliii- ti.iiti **,*i .'ill
rusts fur iisa.iult, iiiitl A. I'linn 1.ui
Slo and nisi*; |ni  iti- Sinn- nib uie
A man 11.iiiu-d 1) fn-, wim w.is
.tiillld   gnillv   ol   Itgl'iu;!,   .unl   .uiirli-
IT   llllll-tl   Ili.l lit \,   lllll)   M.li   p. dill'llg
W.tlli.lit    .1   f'..-. tl'- W1T1        lit   ulll      of
town Tiiili   I.- ilt\ it.it ni.i 11.t>  to .oni.-
l.a. L.
Wm I..M1.11.I «.is I.u -1 J*-* ,iri.l(o.i''
ot tw-i ii" M'li' I"' l-iti-r drnti-ji .1111
)\n Sclllll'., wh> lml tlntt- like-
'wi-..,  tool   Mi*  '.itn    inidtcm...
tohn   llunti r  h.is  Um  mu r.lnlitl
Air. A. Cnritev, of Knslo, proviilci-.il
liiul-er uispectoi, was iu the, cily
during the weih looking .'after tlw
liniler dues, limn ilu- .several .mills
ill ihis disirid. 'llie levetiue collect-
11I from this soinu in lhe I'Vinii: dis-
tiiet aiiioiinls to S-j.s.ooo, and is coii-
.'iiaiitly  on  llli;  iniiins'.',
Mi, Cuiiiey showed tht' Ledger rep-
11-s.utnlivi s*uni- Siimples ol Kuslo
apples whiih he had brought over
with him this trip for Mr, 1'iug-
Wiild, who is taking them to .show
lo Iriiluls in Mi.nliiua. These were
us fine '.'lUtipli-s of fiuit ns one. could
wish 10 see, uud it can If liullifully
!>iiid that Kuslo U-longs to the big
red  apple  iliMriit.
Just iis line fttiit us this inn Ingrown ull over lhe lower Koiiteii.iy''
Vnlley, and .some d.iy we ->)i:ilI mv
big, insv (Ineked nppli-s from Elko,
.Inllray, Elkiinuitli nnd I'm I'.way in
out stoic; to lake lhe plilie ol the
Okiitmgiin  Lake  siipplv,
Wiih the pay rolls in the Pass
jumping sl.\ wuid at the ian* they
have lt-eii lining, then, will Ik millions nl ilollms i-\pi-ii(lt-il nniniiilly,
ami a I.i!gu peiveiiliigt' of it will be
paid (or fresh fiuit, und the iiiiiii i.u
lhe good fiuit bum inur suth .1 market Will be nil lllih'pillilt'lll lill.i',11,
lllgilglll 111 1,11* Ol ill- 1IIII.-.1 piofil-
libli- iis Wi'H ii-- ino'.l aglt 1 iiiih- oc
lup.ilioir.  iii  the  itiiiiitty
Tin 1. .ut th'iif.intli of iitrts i.i tli
bist ol ftnil l.itil'l within u niilius
ol liltv inih-.s ol l-'i'init' awaiting lo
be Ullliv.lltil to Limine tlst-llll to tilt'
uwliel-. ;m.I Id'til' pinph' who U.nil
I'nml   fh'.ll. ttllil.
i.iii'ivi.  t'f.ii   •*-;-("rr ijpt I't'.
The LediM oflet'- a pii'«' of oni*
inn's siiiMi'l|illim 'o lln- pa|K.-r lo
lb.- purlv Mipiilvin-.; 11 with the ln-st
Hilledlnu of {-ntiiliN'-i, l^t-ls, riirniH,
I     .1     I.1. r    lll'll.,,. 1    llllill. >UV1 t llllll
tuinips ginnn in 01  near I'tinlc, tint
less   ill.Ill   IWO   s.llllplts   ol   l.ltll    Vitlil
in uni' one colltilinn.
'IIi-m* s.tmplc* will U- dispbiyeil in
th- If*il,*ii window, mill due nolli't.
inill l»- gum ul all dispUii  In   thc
Ih- •,1-ir.tnl l^^t displav will '*•
ttUltli'l to siv im 111 ti-. paid up *ub-
Mti|iHnit. .unl ihr iluril lo thn**
Mniith-- All sunj-li* lo 1«- jm*««nuil
and {ibi-iit mi  . iliil-ititin tut ur    U-'
inli;   the   flls-t   ill   llilnUl.
Cmiit   .ui mill    itttir i.inipU-i    and
turn  p. i--*.f whit < .m lv .l<*».- m llu
vr|.'*l,il'L  inn   in  I'tinie*.
.     1.  1
Issued every Wednesday from th* ef-
fice of publication, Todd Block,
Victoria Ave:, Fernie,, British. Col'
I).  V.  MOTT
t- '
The repott of lhe first meeting of
the ministers of thc various churches
ol -the city and neigililljorhood, which
met several days ago, was iiiiavoid-
uhly crowded out o! last week's issue
of the Ledger, and as the meeting
took into consideration the coming
of Mr. Rochester, of Winnipeg., who
represents the Lord's Day Alliance,
and who will address a mass meeting,
to l.e held in* the Oddfellow's Hall
Sunday at four p. in., a few remarks
relating to the work of the new ministerial association may not lie out
of  place.
Such'associations exist in all large
cities, and in many of the larger
towns, and are of- great value lo the
church organization.
• They bring together the different
churches-' through their ministers, and
und to unify 'effort and harmonize
elements that otherwise might neutralize  each  other.
Thc first meeting of the niinisters
cl the Fernie churches was well attended, all ministers being, present
except Father Mtissner, who was un-
' avoidably detained at CraiVbrook, "but
who sent a letter to be read al the
■meeting expiessing his regret at not
being able   to  attend.
All the churches will-co-operate in
so far as possible in this movement,
niul the association will become a
permanent   body.
There ' were   present    at  this   first
meeting, which was held in the study
0 room   of      the   Methodist   parsonage,
Rev.  Wilkinson,      Rev.   Grant,    Rev.
Kelnplon  anil  Rev.  Mr.   Hall.
Mr. Hall was made president and
Mr. Kemp ton secretary, and' it' was
arraiini.il to hold regular meetiifg.'vl
In addition to organizing the association, thc matter of Mr. Rochester's visit in ihe interest of the
Lord's Day Alliance, was taken up
and n committee appointed to make
lhe necessary urrangements for a
mass meeting next Sunday, at which
Mr. Rochester will undertake to ex-'
■plain thc provisions of tht new Stin-
'.luy  law  enacted  thiought   the efforts
The meeting will be held in the
■ Odd' Fellow's Hall, and should lx;
well attended, not only by thc friends
.ol the hili, but by those wlio arc opposed to such legislation, in order
thai a better understanding of thc
bill as passed may be had. -
Aside Irom the work taken up by
the local minister., in support of Mr.
Rochester's meeting, lhe objects aimed at by a ministerial association
nre such as to commend i'i to al\peo-i
pic who have the interest of church
work ui heai I, As in all-the callinjg!(
of life, the niinisters, by keeping in
touch wifii eiich other and unifying,
n.s far ns possible, their efforts to
better the conditions of life, enn accomplish much more good than hy
holding aloof from each other and
working, along separate lilies which
may diverge instead of converge to a
common center, the liest for nil.
The churches arc keeping abreast of
the times iu their methods of working., nnd iiiu as piogressive as other
It hum who ■ have not nlleiided
"church lor years, nnd who reiucinlter
the trend of preaihing as heard forty
•tears ago, were lo occupy the pews
uf the chinches now, they would l*u
siirprisid at the progress made nlong
liberal lilies tlmt has come over the
spiiit ol the live, wide-awake minister of today ns compared to his rec.
ollections of old-time mitiistcrial, effort,
Ministerial alliniicci huvu done n
j;rcnt deal _ to bring about these
ihangcs, iiml nn iilliancc of the mill-
isiers of ihe Firnie clinrchci can but
do good to the muse for which such
organizations   .ue   formed.
.....    ..,...,,s,,,,,,,.    111-irH, 1 ,,,11,1 ,       I,int.
o the 1 uv district a small portion
... tlm tirtitor-. east ot the coke
ovens nnd the 1-oit Steele llrewing
into ih
expense of education, or . their children' should be made lo pay a per
capita, as is don,: in Nelson and oilier cities where such conditions exist.
lhe Ledger believes the best method is th., enlaiging of the district,
so as to take in all property from
whence comes pupil? to the schools,
'lhe people of West Fernie can in no
other way secure, at tlte same cost,
the education of their ihildren, and the
same is true of those children living
in  other  outlying  territory.
Thi people (>r Fernie are also spending thousands oi dollars each year
■-ending children away to he educated
in high schools t.-i other cities. Fernie- needs a high school of its own,
so that this 1 drainage of cash to
other towns would l>c chawgxed to a
source of income from children from
outside, schools b?ing sent here lo receive   high   school   training.
--V high school here means the difference between paying, out and taking in cash lor educational purposes.
With the boundaries of ths Fernie
school district enlarged 'to take in all
territory irom which children are now
nttending thc public schools, iui.ru
high school lo accommodate our own
and other children established, the
proportional expense of education
would lie greatly reduced,
Our school hoard, we believe, arc
taking, the matter up wilh the provincial authorities, and will do all
in their power lo have a readjustment of.the boundary lines, so that
nil the chi I hi en in the locality will
have the best possible school advantages at the least general cost.
SIXTY iliiymiftor duto I iiiteud to uiiply to
the HonoiaMc Chief Coniii-.is.-.iouei- of'
Lands uud Works, Victoriu, to puruliu-e the
following described hind in Elk ltiver Val'.ev.
Commencing ut u post niaiked X.K. C's north
east corner, thenee 8J chains south to S. K.
Oliver's application to purelmhe: thence su
chains west; thence 8.) t hains north ; tlu-iice
80 chains east to point of commencement,
the whole contiiinhiB tao acres.
N- IS Oliver, Locator
S.-K. Oliver, ABor*;,
Sept. Mil, l!H)C>
A comicmpory stated, in a lengthy
editorial a few days ago, that W. .T.
Bryan's idea of public owner«h*;p of
railroads in the United States was
impracticable, because it could not
be financed, owing to the vast sums
necessary to accomplish such a.
change. It i.s stated that it would
rel.Miire fourteen billions of dollars
to do this. It is also stated that
ol this vast siim at least half represents no real value, but which ever
way it is looked at, we'arc'of opinion that "the United Slates could
finance that little scheme with much
greater ease than could ths editor
of our contemporary finance his little
ue-wspaper properly and keep- it afloat
mid clear of the contaminating, ib'Jast-
ing, humiliating, damning, influence
of corporations, which are run al
tlte- expense ot the public and for the
benefit of.the fellows who have.grown
rich out of the proceeds of watered
stock and other trick games known; t(>
the . trade. .,   «
—Bryan- won't- Wftrry~BVcF" tln™filiaiic~
ing of a few .thousands of millions
by. Uncle Sam nearly so much as the
lew, plain, ordinary people will worry
over the financing of a little newspaper to keep it out of the hands of
ihe   professional   rolJhcrs.
SIXTY days afterdate I intend to apply to
the H.jiiorablo Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works, Victoriu, to purohaso tho
following described hind:
Commencing at a post marked K. E Goodwill's norlh .vest corner luljoiiiimi N. E.
Oliver's application topurului.se; tlience So
chains simili; tlience 8U chuins ea*tj thence
SOchains noith ; thence t*l chains west to the
point of commencement, the whole containing
liid uercs.
E. fi. Ooodw.vn, Locator
S E. Oliver, ..gent
Sept. 5th, 1'jOU
SIXTY days after date 1 intend to apply to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner of„
Lands unit Works, Vietoiiu, lo piucha.,e the
following described land: - -    -
Commencing ut u post, niuikci! 0. J. l.'s
north west corner adjoining K IO Oootlwy'i.'s
application to purchase: tl.ence SU chains
south ; thence 80 ehains east; thenco So elm in.-,
north; thonce 8Jchains west to the point of
commencement, tho wholo containing IHO
Sept .'.th, lnor.
(1 J. l.ovell, Locator
S. E. Oliver, Agent
SIXTY days after duto 1 intend to apply to
the Honorable Chief CommisMonei' of
laiuit,,and Works, Vietoiiu, to purchiiso the
following described hind :
Comment-liif. nt a post muikvd W.  1>\ H's
soutli   west  uomcr udjoiiiing N. E, Oliver's
nppliciitioii lo purchase; t lie'uee s;i ehains noith
thenee SOuhaiiiscust*, tlinncu SII chains south;
thenee MU chains went to  the point of commencement, the wholo containing iii:i ueies;
W. K Hull,Wuk,-r
S. E Oliu*r, Age-lit.
Sept, Slli, V.iWl
SIXTY days after ilutel intend to apply to
the HonoiulUo Chief Coinniinsioi.cr of
I,unil-i and Works Vietoiiu, to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post mnrked JI. S Edward's southwest corner adjoining i*,'. JO. Oliver's nppliciitioii lo ihucIiiim*; thenee Klclinliib
north; thenee 80 cliuins eantj thenee so cliains
south; thence fm chains west to the point of
commencement,the whole eon tabling i; in acres
11, S. Edwards, Locator
' S, E. Oliver, Agent ■
Sept. Sth, WOO
SIXTY days afterdate 1 intend to apply to
.the Honorable Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works, Victoria, tu purchiiso the
following described lauds;
Commencing at ii post marked Ernest Pollard's south east corner adjoining N.K. Oliver's
application to purchase: thenee S.l ehains
north; tlicnco So chains west; theuce So
chains south; thenco 8:1 ehains east, to the
point of coinineneement,lhc whole containing
liio aei'os.
Eiiic-st Pollard, Locator
S. E. Oliver, Agent
The election, in the State of Maine
the other day is a confirmation of
he belief that, a great change is
going on in lhc minds of the people
which can not, as the result in that
State shows, be accurately measured
as to the causes which nre at work
lo produce it.i
The vote was larger thnnc'in other
years, and the great reduction in the
Republican majorities of other years
is being explained variously by parties who look at the figures throu'gh
party colored gla.sr.es, but there i.s
no doubt about there lieing. a change,
I'eihaps nil causes mentioned by
lhe reviewers of the result had some*
th.'ug lo do with the change, Hut
that this i-liiingc will continue nud
ihat great .surprises are still in store
for the professional nnd the anti-
■Hunted parli/nn, can nol ,l>o dottblwl
by those who can look on from with'
out,   through  uncolorcd  glasses,
rpAKE NOTICE, tli.it .In days alter date I
*. intend to apply to the Cliiul Commissioner
of Lands and Works lor a special license to
cut und carry away timber froi*. the following
described lands;   -■
Commencing at a post planted about two
miles west ol Elk Hivor und iiliout three miles
south of ilorrissev, tlience west 80 ehains,
thence non h so chains, tlicnco east SO ehains,
thence south 80 chains lo place of commencement,
P.   A. Itll-UlaiMOTT ■
Moiibissky, Ii. C. Skit. Ilm ii, 1W;0. — n
s«Cj.-a5ls   OP  CANADIAN-   N0BTH-"\V£ST
0 ■	
Coal.—Coal lands may be purchased at $10
per acre, for soft eoal and MO for anthracite..
Not more than Sill acres can ho acquired by
one individual or cuuiptii.y, Hoyulty at tho
rate of ten cents per ton ol 'i,0W pounds snail
be collected on the gross output.
Quartz—A free miner's ceitificate is granted
upon payment in advance of i5 per annum for
an individual, and from i:*i to ilOO per annum
for a company according to capital.
A freo miner, having discovered mineral in
place,may locate a claim J,.'AXI x 1,500 feet.
Thc fee for resbrdin« a claim is i&.
At least ilOO must be expended on the cluim
each year or paid to the miiiinu recorder in
lieu thtreof. Whan iiw has been oxponded or
paid, tlie locator may, upon littving a uur'vey
mnde, and upon complying with other requirements, purchase the land at $1 an acre.
The patent provides for tho pavmeut of a
royalty of aj per cent on the sales."
Placer minim; claims generally are 100 feet
square; entry feo $.*> renewable yearly,
A free miner may obtain two leases to
dreJge for cold of live milescach ior a torm of
twenty years, rcuowable at the discretion of
he Minister of lhc Interior.
The losscc shall have a dredge in operation
within one season Irom the date of the lease
for each live miles. Itentul tlo nor annum lor
OHuh mile of river leased, iloyiilty at the'
rate of si percent collected on the output lifter it exceeds *10,(>Uii,
W.  W.  COREY,
■ Deputy Minister of the, Interior. '
N.   1)%—Un-a-nllK^l-ii/eii   p\i{f-lic*i<tiQn   ol
this advertisement will not be paid
' lor.
YTOTiCEh hereby iiivoii that sixty days from
^» date 1 intend to apply to the Hon. Oliief
Commissioner of Lands iiud Works for permission to purchiiso lhe following described
land. Commencing at the South Kasl corner
ol' lot SOT thonoo Kiii-t 1'0 chains South SO
chains west so cliuins and thence north an
chains to point of coiiiineneuineiit.
August L'Oth liMi'i   . - '' -111
Eckstein & Gray,
Barristerb-at-Law,    Solicitors,  Etc.
Rooms 1*& 3, Henderson block, Fernie, B. C.
F. C. Latoe
Post Office Block, Fernie. B. C.
W. a. Ross.K.C. J. S. T. Ai.EXAKrnk
Ross & Alexander
FERNIE. 13. C.
Oniee in L. T. \V. Block, Victoria Avenue,
Jn Barber., l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L T. \V    Block,   opposite the   Bank
Olliee hours—8 u.tn. to 8 p.m.
lem by buildii'.jr up cities such a.s
Kocha.sli.-r, Oivulonim, .Albert l.ea,
1-,'id Wing, St. Cloud,' etc./'clc, nrc
■.'oinjr to be, with lines of electric-
irniisj-orliuiqii reneliin-v out in every
direetii.-n? When, tin- lAMiiiUy ronds
iTie-gTrtlircncU-wiTir~lo\v-lnre cleellte"
liins leading lo mitui'iil entires, jieo-
I'-le will more nnd more long for tlij
Hii lot, pence and normal life of-' llie
lie ids and woods and • move out lo
tlleiu. We nil leel llie desire stirrill;v
in us now.—A. J. li., ill Minneapolis
The Veimillion Signal says lli.il
Al. A, IJriiuinacombc will undoubted-
iy be lite lirsl niayoi of thai town.
WIlii Mr, liriiiitnacoiiibo - has been
transferred into ""his worship," will
lie promise a sihooner 'brimful of
beer to every vottr who helped to
i-oiiib the opposition into a state of
inettk submission? ,"    ' ,.
Uu- dinritt.
Print ipal   I'ldlnr liat  submitted    •
.   it pnrt to llie bo.nd wliii.li show*, that
out  ol  a     total   tnroHin.iit   of  ,115
pupil*, 1-35 nie m.u-icMililit>    ol    the
In 01.1.T wouli, th*. tiixpayrrK of tlie
'ity v t'.tyittg dittto'.t ii.mill,- Mrt.-»t
'lin* 'Mould par lor (dui-itin^ thtii
N'o on.*, Mot cv«n llio*^; wim arc
, l*ftt-f.tU3< hv lr«« tiiutatii-n, will
ttMUSrl  '1**1   Ht*,*.  j*   tifbX
Xr'rft Yrttue *nA ihe fr-rritor.'   tsit
Ut   the toU  ottRi   J.I.11UI1I   \*     littiu^lil
into tit.- -I...ttkt mi J iiiade 10 pay, ty-
taxation, ib<ir jj*1 piojniruoii oi th*
The Nciii-,isKn State .Tout-mil nbly
dissect* i\lr. Hill's ngriiiillural aii-
dri'NS nl thu -ilnle fair, and puts its
Mi-jv-r on uu iiiteu.Min-' spui in it,
Air, Hill's ni'i!,iiiiitiil is that in Iwinty
yiiitN we uill have fifty million more
pio|ile than we now have; the pulilie
land is nliindy j-olie; the people ure
llnekiii-,' to the eitien, How is that
fiesli     lilty million.1 to be led?     Hy
UUliiij; a li-liilli to the soil; by Im:1-
ter liiiiiiiii|>;  by     a ii.ilional    n-volt
i|*ainst III,' mop hip of liiiiiilidiituie
mill   trade... 'J lie   Join mil   sny.i:
".Vi- wish Mr, Hill Imd not stopped thole. Ik- iliunnosrd ilk1 disi-iiKc,
mill th: d'.siad lunl.tiy t.tatu is ple-
Ititcil, but Iiom now js ill.' bitter
l.iiiniut',  tlie leluill to th,< soil,    tb:
i-viilt a^.m^t iii.iniiliu tnic ini<| trndv.
to U* siiin.il.itiil.' Tiii ru are im-ii h«
worl. in I,im oln Cidorirs tu day lalior \1I10 o.mi, Itn' ol ili-bl, 1 iih Nu-
brasldi i.-iiiii*. ll it ull very well lu
talk n letuiii to the Miil to tli-.'Miiul
to ottk-ift v.iMiout laiiiis, Imt Mr. Mill
llll|*,l'lt  .1.   V..*l'l       U>   lo lillVi'  lliStllllJi
ol liis lux 1-its liom .Miuiuapolis \u
I'ortlunl |,y .trf;i*iii,ui a^ m try   nr
•,'iiiU}, 111111 I nil. to tlu soil, Au tin-
nomii' uud .-nilini niii^iiit hu«   diJiwn
llllll    tO    "iVll-    111 IIS.      il    it     IN   l.l-Ml.llilf
or,,ni'ii-N*i.'io ••» At aw tli.-m back, .111
tioiiiiiiiic nml mu in' tiia*'.iu-t uttrait-
in-f Ut lh.it dinction Is nAjnlrnl.
WI1.1l ilr. Iliil niul olh, 11 iiili-n-tid
in tlu -jirobbiit lime now to disinvi-r
,-imf rstiildisli n the i-otintir ntir.ii--
11 ifiiitifry III.* iit itki.ll li not ,-it-
ir.i(Uon tiionj-li 10 <li.iu- lo it, uli.it
it- fjoin-*j to Ic luitiivli-il? Kotiit* (mi-
pit- live in a city lo !*• in the ni-.li
a ml the tt'iMil; otUn* to 1* liur
■fcfJitiT?, jmrniMiwHi |i.*tl<, hl..r»rU*,
nrhociN nr 11 fvrtoin thtmh. IVnfd,-
.ttt nut v.mi-ll«riiio»<. «1mI tluy t.nt
Ic jitt-liatl. Mliy will not tli.1 u"»*'''
ci p<.pu.atiori  itw-U  settle tlu prole
Mniriii.er tlldVLi', who wus so badly
injured in '.he, railroad aeeideiil al
Alidii'iue Hat, which occurred two
weeks iitfo lasl Friday, died a week
iif-o Sunday iii{-lit.
An effort wus mnde by the local
medical men to stibslitiili. a section
from thc l/nekboiio of a doe; for one
badly laeeinled and broken iu Glover's buck,  but other injuries nnd his
If A, .), U. wei'L to look about
l'Vinie he would find 11 few human
wheelbarrows 'thai are easy to push,
idiysienl wcukiiess Were ton much to
overcome, and he died as iiibove staled.
TJ10 Medicine Ilut Times, from
whiih the Above in tukiu, stales thai
l',nu;iH.'er lilover leuves 11 wile und
four small children, nil in 11 wry
delicate statu ol  hi-',iltli,
Mr, lilover was i'i vein*; ol n(.;e,
uud wiih U1k1.11 away Innn his luinily
ut a period wh.ii it most u.-i<K*i1 lii;i
A. E. Mumford tells how Psychine
cured him altir the Doctors
gave him up
-' It lltw«lv»ye»r» ilnce Ptychlno eurtA
• of gulloplnif consumption." Ths
tptslut wan Mr. A. E. Mumford, tlx (eel
U, ind bokinf juit what be li * buiky
-.■lU-l'-ftrnrr. JJo v..,J,a V.i Ji.» '.mtm
Mtr MtfneUwin, Ont.
" i cauiht my cold <workin(r m a liremtn
sntb* CiV.n." he continued, ••! IiaJ
nlfbt iwtiti. chilli and fever and frequent'
ly coufbe-J up pieces of my lungs. I was
•lnkin-f fast and the doctors snid thero
wastxohop* for roe,   Two months Ireal.
SSi'l .1" "•*i^'>"""•*4 l"** «*» I^V.4 \r.l H.jf   l"tti
ud I havu bad 00 return of lung troublo
It Ut. Mumford had slarted to lake
Psychine when be first cauirlit cold bn
would have saved himself a lol of anilely
aad suiTerins;. Psychine cures all lunjr
troubles by killing- theiterms—the roots of
Ike disease. *)
rillllRTV tln.vs lifter ilnle, wo, llie uiiilerslini-
■S- . ,uil, inteinl to iipiily to tlie Assibtnn! (Jom-
mil.aioiicr nml Cliiel Commissioner of I.iiiii1h
niul Works of the i'l-oviiico ot Uiit.ihh Coluinliiii
for a lieenso to prosiicnt for Coal iinillVtiol-'
tuiii on tlio following' do.cri.bctl lamls, In
but -I'i!].'!, South Kust. Koot uuny, niul moro
fully iloscribcil about, threo mile's south ol the
Klatliciul Jliver, lieiin- tho Initial post of
Robei'tKcii.liiiK'i-c-litiiii, south uml iiiljiieont
of lluttiu I,. Smith, liehiK the le-loention of
Cluirlos Auslin's claim, one of thu oriKiniil
chiiins of tho llnekett Kroup, tliont-c south Sii
chuins thenee wost (fio'iulns. tlicnco north 81)
eliiiins, thence eiistS) chains to thu place of
bi'BiiiiiniK, contniniiiK liio acres, tluteil .\iiKiist
«tli,ll|...ii.  ^
IlollKKT RllADINO, boflltor.
A.MUIHW ll.leKKTT, .\ljcllt.
Sepl.fitli. iiimi	
The luil ial l'ost of Charles Waldo, Conl and
Potioluum claim, Re-location of Annie S.
l'rallier's claim. CoinnicnciiiK 111 the hnuth
west corner post, soutli ami niljacent to
Marion 1'owoll's claim whicli is a surveyed
claim In tlio lluclcett. croup, and also adjacent
io the north east ccrncr ot Robert Itcndinir's
claim. TnunccBU chains noi'th,t hence Hu cliuins
cast, thenee Su chains south, thonce So chains
west to place of beirinnlin;. contniniiij; mo
iifiei-, dn tuit August iith, l!K)ii,
Ciiaki.ks Wunif, l.ocntor.   '
A. H.u-Kl-iT, Airent.
Sept..1th. 1W.ii!.
The Initial l'ost of Thomas Wlielnn's Coal
and l'otrolciim claim. -Jto-location of 1). K.
McUimald's chiiins,' Coinmeiicinu at the
north wost corner post south and adjacent lo
Charles Walde's claim. Thenee So chains
south, Ihencu Hu chains east, thence 8:1 cliuins
north, thenco N'l chains wci.t to placo of
hcKiniiiiiB. containini; llli) acres, ilalcit AuKUbt
isth. 11*00.
A. llACKKiiAAijeiit.
Sept. 5th, won.
Initial l'ost of Coal uml l'etroleum Claim
lioiui*. -thci south u.ist corner post of 11.'.I.
.loluisfjii's claim, south and adjacent of Relit.
Re.idiiiR's u'uiin, and liciiic ru-lccalinn of T.
Wiildo Murpli.r's cluim, Thenca Sn chains
north, thonce 80 chains vest, thence S;i chains
south, thenco cast 8.)chains to tho place of
bcuiiiiiiH,, coiitainiiit" UIO110103, tluteil AiiKust
Ith, Wctl.
11, J. JoilNfioN, Locator.
A, IIackkti-, Ab'ont.
tst.pl, 5Hi, 111011:
Initial l'ost uf Coul and rutrolemn Claim
commencing,ut a post, plantod on the south
west coiner, licinn tho Initial post of Jessie 11.
Johnson mul a rc-locarion ofCaineion Lewis'
claim, Tlicnco noilli 8.1 chains, thuneo east 811
chains, thenco south 80 chuins, thenco west. 81I
chains lo the place, of liceinnliin contiiinliiK
ll-i'J uerts, ilutcil AiiKUhl 7th, lntii.
, .Ii.isik II. .luuNsoN, Locator,
A, llACKKi'r, AKOllt,
Initial l'iihtr:of Coul ami I'etioleum Claim,
coiiuiiciiflin; ut llie ninth wont, comer of V.
.M, i'ulluclt'n claim, south uml adjacent nl
Jennie JI, Johnson's claim; and buii.i; le-locu-
tion of Albert. Ruck's clniin, TIkii.'u sonth 80
cliiiii.H, lliuiicu east Ml cliuins, thence noilli 811
chains, thenco wist Hi chuins to the place ut
bi'KinnliiK, cuiitiiliiini,'Ull) acres, ilated Aunnst
"th, lsiuii.
V. M, Viii.i.dCK, Ldciitor
tUf A. Hai-kiti, Agent
Supt ,'ilh, 1!«H!
Inlllnl l'ont of Coul und Puti'iilunin Cluim,
comincnciiiK ut Iliu noith cast coiner of J.H,
l'ollock'ri tilitini, hinith unit lullueoiit to 11, J,
.MllillhOll'H  ttlllilir. lielllK UlU  I'll.lddlltInn of Ki •
Miiid Oruhli's elitini, Thenco south 80 chain*.,
thi'licu west 8l)(.hiiiiiH,1liiili(.u nrirtli HI ehlillis,
ihonco east hii chains to tho nlucii oI'IickIiuIiik,
coiitttliiliiii mu hcius, dated Aim-ust 7th, KM. ~
Ql, It. l'nl.l.oi.'K, Local or
A. IIAI'KK'IT, Aijeut
tsi'pt, .1tli,l!ity|
Initial l'ost nr Coal und I'utrnluuiu Claim,
('(luiiniinclni; 111 thu stint li oust euniur of John
It, Ross' nml south uml adjacent lo ,1, It, I'ol.
lock's claim, nnd ru-loeatlon of Hiiinut'l K,
(ll'eeu'ri cluim. Tlioncu noith KlichuliiH, tlience
wont K11 chnlns, t linui'u suutii Ho chuins, thuneo
cast 811 chuins tn tliu placiinf hculnniuu, con-
tuinlnif nm ueies, dutcil AiikusI 7th, tin*),
John It, ItnHH, Locator
A, IlAi'Ul.TT./incut
Initial I'n.it uf Coal ii.nl Rutiolmiiii C'luliii,
I'lililliiiiiiiliiiT nt 11 |in>t imi tliiiMiuth west cor-
imr of II, li, niucknloiiii's iiliilm, suutii iuul
iiiljiii'iiut. |o V.M. l'lilloi'li's clniin, nnii 11 ic.
Ini ut inn nl Tliuiiiiu Kost i.r's eliilin, 'i'liuin'ii
linilli Niluliulns, tlieiiiii mist NlchiiliiM, timlii'ii
miulli hiii'liuliis, thcneii wim). 80 chain, to llm
pliiceiif lii'Kliinlmr.cuiitiiliiliii, illn acic»,ilitlcd
Auiriist llli, I'.Hm,
II, li. Ui.AirHh'iiiM:, l.tioiiinr";
A. IIacklii-, Audit
Sept. Mli, num
Inlllal To.t iif ('.ml nud I'litroluuin Clalni,
ciiliilni'llclliU ut 11 iiiml. IidInk the ninth cust
I'lirliiT piml uf \V. A, llm**1 clullll, snutli uml
itiljiici.ul nf,Iniin It. Rims' r.i-li.i'iitlnii nt (Iliu
L. Ilnll'ii i'liilm, Thciii'ii uniiili n*i cliiilnn,
I lumen wi-.l 8.1 elm his, ihaiin. nuilli M chains,
luiuii ist ni cbains to pbici. of liculnulnij,
loiitaiiiinii iiii iii'icn, ilutcil AiiKii»t7lli, linnl,^
W, A, Kiihh, liiii'iilui-
A.IUi-KCir, Au"ii>.
Mpi.f.tli, imm ~*j
flMIIIITViliiVHiifli'r ilnin I intoii.l to upply
*■ to tlm chief (.'niiiml..inner pf l.iiinls null
Worln. Vlclnrlii,lM!.,forii hiicciiil Ile1.u-.11 to
nil uml ciirry iih-hv Hint «.'(rom Ihu fulluw.
Iiik duscrll.i-il liiiulii —
t'(iiiiiii -Inir nl 11 iuul pluiilcl nt llm N. \V,
l'i.rt„,r i-T I i.' -I'll   It,,,,.., ,„,.,.(,,,.(•(..-, I, ,1.   ,
tlidlirii llullli .l.'M'huilH   tllelici IV,  81I rilllill.,
Mii-tn-i-v. tu ciniii-, tli-ni'i- i'.|.|   tr, 1 inilil
Uiim c S, 1,'icbalm tn|Kilnt olcoiiitiiiiii|.|.nii.iit
  JI, illlNNW
J.IUlOUtll, l.'tli. Si |.l, litII -.||
W. J. Wriglesworth, D, D. S,
0fuck llounsi-       f 'Kilo 12 a. in. 1 to 5 Ji. m
0.30 to « p.m,
Ofllce in Alox, L ek's mock
over Slum's Rukcry,
Vernik,      -
-     ■  JB.
Office:   L.T.W. Block
Fernie British' Columbia
rieriurren Bros.
Sand, Lime &Wood
Office in rear of How Koon Block! Fernio, U.C
Jfcvnie. ffi. ..C.
Davey & Laderoutk
iff* A
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :   :
Retail    Meat " Mercjiants
"a,     " - *   f.     '   a^';:J    '■'
Choicest cuts of fresh meats ahvaya
■in hand.
. Hains,-bacon, and lard as well..    ;
All kinds of fresh fob on  *e»son.
Prompt  delivery..
• Give us a call. | '    !
TEIf. 18. '     !
A. McCartney
P. O. BOX 260*
Fernie, B. 0.
Contractors and Builders
Plans, Specifications and-Estimates furnished on application,
Pleaiy   of  GOOD   DRY   LUMBER ON HAND.
Architect     and Superintendent
Office at Residence,
BAKER aW.,     -     -     FERNIE, ll.C
Work, Home iiiilu.slry. Catalogue
Free. '
Seedlionse and Cireeiihouses,
3010 Westminster RtL, Vancouver 11,C
SIXTY iluyrt uflor diit0 1 liilciiil tn npply to
tlio llniinriililo Ulilcf t'linimlrtnliini'i' nf
LiiiiiUnnil VVnrkH, Violoi-ln, to purtiliiimi llm
followliiK iIiihiii'IIiuiI Iiiml;
C'oniinuncln-' 111 n poat innrlcr-tl .I.U.Ediiiiiinl-
hoii'm Koulli.wi'nt. ('(>rniiriiilJolnliu>,lolin 11.(11.1-
llolil'n Innd; tlii'iico wi olmInn nurtli! tinmen K)
cliuliiHi'iul; llmiH'omi elinliiit nuilli; tlumi'ii 811
I'linlim wuwi to tlit) pnlnl. nf i'iinit)ii.|i(.oiuiint,
llio wliolu noiitiilnliiK iVKliii'i'dn.
„ . ,, .i.u.MiiMrNnsoN,
Hfpt, ,V,li IikkI l.ocnior,
SIXTVilnyitiirtiirilutu I liilinnl in u|i|ily In
t li tt iluiiiiiiralilii Clilnf l *<m 1111 iMhtit mi.t- nl
Itiinilu nml \Vorkn, Vlntorln, tn iiiiii'Iiiinu tin.
followlna tlti«orllii*il tiunl!
rniniuiiiii-liiK nl 11 |ioMl niHrlioil S I', Ollvcr'ii
htititli-niiht. t-oriHtr inljtilninu-.lolm II.IHiIIIi'I.I'h
Iiiiul: llinnco hu Hnilim nnrlli; tlii'iicii Hncliiiliin
wn»l; I Imn co Hili.liiiliirt hiinlli! Iliimin aii'liiiim,
mint lollio iinlnt of i.|)niiniiiiri.iiiiiut, tlm wliolu
contiiliilnn HlHiii'riM,
H.i|it,!,'.lli lunil
SINT-t iliiyNiifliir ilnin I iiiii'inl t'i ii|i|il,vin
llm lliinoiiiiililii Dlili.f (NiiiiiiiUMliini<r nl
l.iiliiln mul WiiikM, Vli.lnrlii. In nnroliii-411 Ilni
fnll-ovlnif tli'm-rlU'i! Iiunli In Klk lllvir vnllut
l!iiiiiiiii.ni.|ni' nt 11 piMt iiiiul,,.,! ,|<i|iii li,
I'ni t t*H imr I li'iniHt I'lirimr, inljiiliiliii. Jnlni II,
(llllill.M'* lunil; Hi'tiif.., Mli:|iiilllK (.until tliolll'l'
Hi i' iiiIiixwikI; llinniiiitii i.'iii Iii* um Hi; Iiluiiil'
Hti'Iiiihid |.»»t to lln-|ii,lnt ti(coiiiiii.tiir..|iii.|it
'lm wliolit iM.niiiltilii,) iinni'it'ii,
' . .luini It, I'nitl. I.iii-iiiiii-,
W.p^. All* im^l N, I'MHIvcr. Ai'i'iil
SIX'I'V illllH llfll-rilllttl I lllll'llil In ll|l|llv tn
tliu lliiiinnriililn I'll l.'i (Jniiiiiilml.niiT ol
l.iimU nml Wm k», Vlrtnrlit, In |iiiri'lin«ij tlio
followliiKd,....1 lliu.l Inn.I» In Kid IIUiT viillm-i
1 ('.iiiiiiii'iii'liii/iii n |.n.t iiiiirlii.il Jolm II in.|.
tli'I.I'» iinrili-wi.ti forniT to .1. A. M.'lii.iiiil.r.
iiiiul, tlliMirii Kii'lmliiit hinilli; tliinii'ii nii'Iiiihif
fllM; tlionriiHIi'liiliM liurl III thi'lli'i) Ml I'lullli.
wt»tt lo tlm ixiliit nf I'liiniiiuiui'imiit, llu*
wliolcatiiitiilnlim iiii) in ri'«,
1  1 .  t;  (,i ti- 1 1  i        ,
" 'kK.biivuriA-it'iii.
, t','.i*«
Min-ud't*  Lininiiiit    riin-ts IKmilniH.
(ttmmOmmOSl Si Urn*)
50c. Per Bottle
mmsttgwt stss* «l *M*t «l-«ll drugtlttk
li T, A. ttOCUKr UwlHTwwb.
? New Westminster, B.C.
kUMH with Toronlo lini-muty
T2lt':-Cl'.l\'l.S ImiiIi I^ulit-f nnd (.t-n'i**mtn ns Rv**tidt*nt or n* Dny
l^-ji .SiiiJ.iit*. I lur. a coinnleli* Ctiiiimer«-UI or llutints* Couf-rt-.
J.'V IVcpart*. ■.UiJfiilx lo Rnin TVa-rlicr** lVrlinV.-.lc4 ol nil yjtxAe*. hi
-iiTiK.u.oii viilli Tuironto l'nlv«ri>ily—-•»«<» tin* lour -.c.ir»* courw for thc
II. A. ilftfrrt-, nnJ the lir»i yrar of lln** T.uooin 5m-Imx>* «i' Sfience. I!.t« a
nfwci.il Mrro*.pt*rior'* Couim" tor Miner* who work in II. l\ Instruction
K-vcn in Art, Mu»ii*, I'l-ijr^imt niliiire nml Hlflrntrnn. Wor I'.ilerul.ir »*v«*,
uiiilre-.-. "CttluniKiin Coll-fjj*."   Term »pen» S<pi.   17th,   i«i*i6.
—   »
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler. °
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
Crow's Nest
Electric Supply Store
All  kinds   of   Electrical
Goods kept in,stock.
All  -work
John Turner,1 Prop.
WINE   CO.,  Ltd*
Wholesale Dealers anil Direct Import-
ters of , '11
I.O1VDON  DRY            „ ;! ■*•
.  OLD'TOM .'-ii.
l'OMMERY %.''
vSCIIUTZ HEER-, ,\j,    S
Sole Agents, in Canada for   ;
"ft'iiulsor     Tonic,       Jag     Destroyer.
Philip Carosella
General Merchant
and Dealer in Wines,
Liquors and Cigars,
3yE11=J3SriHJ,  B..  o.
aw I'A'uiONiy,**- /ii5Ai"i-; Jni*u*!itky *a*j
■aasrio-isr  L^B-Enii
Crow's    Nest   Special
Minor's Favorite Clfjnrs
I* only one of n hundred (lIlTorcnt.
Nlmpiw nn;l H\r,oiour llrlnrli tin-noil
nut In. Tlio iiorfont nnrillly of (lin
I Iiiu-11 nl llio-.Kill wltli wliloh thoy
nro miulo, 111111II1I04 tlmiu ni tho
Shilling Slx-Pcnnv Pipe
In thc World
'i.'.'t.'i  Mtttit t.ut \.i»X\.i.t
ttirry VXttf rummnlrf il.
Jiut mmombor nnd atk for
"Shield Brand*' Pipes
Yur tAnW Hi Vnu
Club    Cigar   Store
V, A.  INGRAM,  Prop,
Vhrtttc 91.       -       •       Ferula, 11. C,
Hond Down *
9.'"i p ra I.v.
•Head Up
Arr, 8.Ma.m
Uill, a m Kcxford 6.10 a tu
0.45  nm Sl'OKANK D.Sa'pin
■"7.Sop m Arr       Seattlo   ,   Lv9IS»m
* Duily oxcejit Sunday
Leaviiif-,   Fernie 9.45 p. in.  you
arrive at 10.55 p. m. in
NIGHT '   ,"
•VrnvG— al—■ i o-p,~nir~in~
2nd    Night
For dotuilcd informntton, lorth rojer-
vutlourt, utc.,ciillon or ftddrosa
II.:li. B   IMLtKrv,
Nelson and Return
OiiKale Si'pt.   iS, u), an.  Mcturn 34th.
Westminster and Return
On snlo Sept. 28 to Oct. 3,
DAILY   TIIIa-niT-Il  SU'..'.I'1'.llH.
Al'KUWIIIvAl)  Tl)   VANCOUVl'.tt
Km- full piti'luiiliiiN ami lior'li res-
iiviiliuiis, upplv to Iticul uj-fiilH   ur
J, S.  CAUTRtt,
1).  1'.  A., Helton.
K. J, C0VI.K, A. 0. V. A„    "
VllllCOIIVlT.   II,C,
eo YiARr*
Tham Mam*
^     OCtlONI,
mitfilfHnilb *>b.
AnroM lendlnt * iktloh «nd d lUHpllan vty
(inlrhW mci\r( 11I11 imr fij.iiilini »rM> wbulliiv ui
In,»W mi li VMl)»ljlrPIIWI»bW..Co-rimiiiil(i».
iioiif«irioilratitiia3«iii(J, (UNDftbuX^rtuwix
•uut lu*. (-.ilMi *iten<tr ft fiMfirini MtMU.
I'ulonli uticn lliruulh it^m^JbitSSlr*
Sciviiiific Hiti.ricati,
A*iiWii1»nm»lTmtinlnliirt nontu   1 ,.anl rir^
) ii*M*iiti t/l ut.) MtdliViAa V<uniii,  *I tirm*, tt •
tV.V.t'.-S'^ii1"'''1'  XHTMmt*\***ldmiis,Z
The conimc*or» ol Feinie will
pk.tw UU tu>VUc tltttat Altet April
Ut, it/<6 tlte Cupttiter* atid Join*
uu of Kcttiie I.ocal tmo will tlc»
tiimA lour tt.olli.is (4.00) for ei^Iit (S)
liours' work.
v. n. nt r. * ,r. Tr, »??«, Fcn»l»,
Mit.uil-. l.lniiniht  l(ir    s.*tli* tvrry-
Fruits and
Summer Drinks
Here you'll nml everything tlio
tt'if'.on .nTnri.* in fine ronAltlon-
COMB       m AKD       8KK,
J. R. McEwlnv r a . ■ ft. ■ g ■■
Various estimate; have  been  given
of this year's wheat output,  ranging*
from 75,000,1x10 to 100,000,006   bushels.   The most recent one is that   of | Tlu
Mr. John Airci, Winnipeg manager of
,_ the Canadian Baiil-' of Commerce. Ile
figures that the three provinces   will
•produce :t*i-,8i3,9oo  bushels  this    sea-
, sen. Mr. Aird's estimate is particularly worthy of note, as coming from
a man who has alwsys lieen very
close -to the mark. Last yoar he was
only 1,000,000 bushels lielow the output.  :Mr.   Aird   buses*.his   calcuftuion
..upon.Reports of tlu bank's agents in,
the various localities, using lhe acre,
age figures given in the Government
bulletins. He also estimates that the
out - crop will be 80.854.6vS0 bushels,
nml the barky yield i~,73aS,79o laish-
From theio estimates wc can figure
-.that the probable value of tlu grain
will le 10 the farmers, One good authority in the grain trade told our
i-cprcK-ntalivu this week that last
year ihe average price of wheat to
the lanueis wus al:out 6Sc, of oats
■JKc, . aud* barley 30c. Taking tlw
sume average for 1906, Mr. Aird|s estimate of tlu crop,we get 4>lie follow-
inR-.       „    ,     ■ '. y
Wheat-9i,Si--,9oo  bushels,   at  1.8c,
**>-»;433.45*3- .
Oats--80.854-f.80 bushels., ut 28c.,.
f" ,639,310.
. Barley-17,735,790 bushels, at 30c,
tF5.35o,3V«-','  ,'
Total,  $90,393,13-1.
When we add to this amount the
return to the western consumer from
live stock, dairy produce, vegetables,
etc., it is safe to.say that the total
will-pass $100,000,000. This i.s an eiiur-
moiis sum. of money to do business
With* airion-j a comparatively small
population, and it is no wonder -l»ii
.outsiders are easting wistful eye."
ihis way*. This is why the , vrestern
consumer spends his man;;)* upon the
best, material to lie had. ife 'ill
have none but the best, whatever ;hc
pxicj.muy be. We repeat our ndvu-c
to the retail merchant, "be sure yon
get the money."
Macleod is (juiti; stirred up over developments which came out at the
trial ol Frank Wilson-. He was cliarig'-
cd with obtain.n;;' $25,'and five thor-
oughiited chickm-i to allow a German* naiiie.% Westra to make a homestead eniry, Wilson is deputy land
ugent here, his father acting as .sub-,
■^"^■^iiiH>v:l...<i~v)ii.m 11.-,—111^.11— 1..-c -t.*.^.-.»..t.-
iouml accused guilty, It i.s expected
that seveial more charges of a similar nature will eiop up.
'' 0	
St. Jostph. Lewis, July. 14,    1903.
.Miii.i.'d's  Liniment  Co.,  Limitwl.,
Cnnlleinen,—I was badly kicked by.
my horse last May, and after u-sing
several preparations on my leg nothing, would do. My leg was black as
jet. I was laid up in bed for a fort-
.night...md could not walk. After using three bottles ol your MIN'AUD'S
LINIMENT I wiis perfectly cured, so
Uut I could stint on the roiwl
Coiiimercial Traveller,
,'1'hii I.eilgii' is in receipt of a copy
of Percy V. Ciooilerniatli's latest pwl>-
lieity booklet, Cuiiada's Niitionul
riuygroiuid, a souvenir gmide lo the
mountain■'resartH of Western CiUH'.l.i.
It', In, a work ul art tiliroiig'hoiilA
GottUiiiiatli is nil right, nil right on
ths; write, ami the press work, wliiili
has bem    so well executed, is   uosn
the press ol tlw Calgary Herald.
The, illustrations are all (rom new
photo*, aud llu engraving has Ian
diviu hy.tlic ». C l»hoto-K|lfer«vlnjr
Co,, nl Vietoiiu.
Aside from the artistic nml liter.ivy
meritH of tl»e little -looklet, It is full
ol vultiitlilu information to tli(>«. who
wish to iiift-itt u« Iiilclligt-nt, coinpru-
b-.nsive tour of itlie big playground,
auil should lm 11 pocket coinpniiion ol
ivory visitor,.,
'lhe tiillihj* niiiii of twenty-five cents
w«U "fWcurb lhe little giiliie, which will
repay the eipiudiviiru a liuiiilri'd fold
if kspt al iiuml nud consulted ns one
"travels through  the  park,
Carlton, Allu., Sept. 17.-Wlmt
may jinssllily tuin out to lie « very
inipiiituiil discov-jry to tills pnrt ol
th* country lias junt cotim to UglH,
vi*,, ,th» ducuvery ol t\ fxxxi l-.'ft'l «l
(oppcr/ mixed with gold. A wrll-
known primpt'ctor, J, H. Van l'ell,
has for some time U-.n*-* tryiiij-: out
the rock» In tlu moiuitnins iu*iir the
tinier on the Aiiiirli'-in Me, I.iwt
year he found copper, nnd sciv :i»l
**'.M «*'(, Viwt-iM l.i V.J'.s !•.■••■•■'•;:
iii rttu* illri-Clon wwA I'vi-rytlilntijvnliit-
trt to the (net that 'H fnllnwert tliese
would run together. Preparation1*- were
* started again this ipring, mul will)
greater rapidity than wns   expected
l}..  1ri\,1  fl„iitl.Xiii\,,tX  in  tint   ti-tw 111 *rc
U in plain night »<>me of tlu: rieliext
copper ever seen with an admixture
nl gold and silver.   Ihe find   It   rn
Kmti'dy Cu-ek, which runs  into thu
1     St. Mary'n river, just l«low   where
the large dam Ik to I* built   liy the
V. K. gnvcinim.-tit.  'lhe location   ol
tbi», mini Is    it-out 35 miles nouth*
went   Irom Canlnton, which    i*   the
nearest point for supplien, etc. Work
will I* tarrtt-d cn ihis prospect    all
winter, alld It     l*» jmssitile that   tli--
vclnpimiiu will take place that   wilt
amtonith     even  the   most  sanguin,;,
rt>r   -tome     yearn <r»i>v*i  -»..»-»(>tiU
h.v* 1*cti worked     in thin vicinity,
l.ut thi* M th: riiht-si find yet,   nnd
bow rU!n   it   iv dilE<uU to c<*n.p»t<-,
but expert report* place the   value
higher than the "novice is willing   toj ihe eJcnunls that  actually make now
grasp at--prescut.
Big Guns of the Sullivan   Company arc Getting. Busy.
Crafifl-'rook Herald.
There is something do.ng in ,'ihe
Sullivan mining company.* Last, week
William Evans, an experienced mining man, and of late a heavy buyer
of Sullivan stock-and securities, ramc
to Cranbrook and went at.once to
the Sullivan and made a thorough
examination of the mine. .\ few d-iv.s
later 13. Glendiniiiug, the manager of
the company, arrived from Spokan;
and went al onie to tha mine, where
he spent a few days. On "Monday
both bf the gentlt-men went to Spo-
kt-it., and the next day .U. S. Senior Tinner and G. W. Shields arrived
liom Spokane. Tliey were met by
Robert' Anderson, llu superintendent
of the mine,- and this morning they
went lo the mine. It is said that G.
W. Hull, formerly local manager of
the smilter when il was first started, will arrive on Saturday. It is
known lhat there is a fight on for
crntrol Ixilweeii the .Sweeney interests and those controlled by Mr.
Hull, and lhat the contest will come
to a focus within a few days. Cranbrook i.s interested so far as* it effects the continued working of the
mine, and the operation of jthe smelter.
Cranltfook  Herald.
'lhe men who are at the head of the
Cran).(:ook Telephone Compnny' are
lo be ' congratulated for . their enterprise in extending the outside lines.
This week the line to Wasa was completed. This gives Cranlirook direct
ci.niioction to the nortii wilh Marysville, Kiniberley, the Norlli Star and
Sullivan min.-.s, and intermediate
po'uts. To the west as far as Ryan
and all intermediate points. To the
east as far as Elko aiid then south
as.far as Klkmoutli with all the important points lying lietwcen tlu-re'
and Cranbrook. To Font Steele and
up th; valley as far as Wasa. It is
possible that some of th; business
niati of this ton 11 do not fully appreciate what' such an extension - of
lhc telephone lines mean in a com-
merciiil way to .the business interests
oi tliis town. From cve'ry direction
of th; compass, from all of these
points thai are constantly buying', it
Iilaccs, ilieni  in direct  communication.
Hood artd slreb(»lheh th-i nerves.
That's wh) Ah.-y cure anaemis, indi-
ga-s-'aion, neuralgia, rheumatism, luin-
l-.agO, headaches, backaches anil heart
palpMalicn and. skin diseases, liku
j.-imples and cc/ems. That i.s why
tli.jy . aie ihe- gieatest help in the
world foe growing girls wlio need
new l>lc)0<l and for women who are
troubled with ii regular health. Sold
by all medicine dialers or by mail
Irom The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Itrockvillc, Ont., at 50 cents a'box or
six l-oxca*. lor $2.50.
Cnpta-n A.' li. McDonald, Sergt.
Todd ■ and Constable Manson, of the
R. N. W. ill. 1\, left White Horse a
short time ago, taking with thnn an
Indian guide, and the party will
blaze a trail from Atlin to a point
on Dame Creek, wh^-re they espect to
meet, a const ruction party from ihe
east, who are establishing the ti ail
from the east.
This trail i.s very much needed, and
wh.n put in such .shape as to ' permit of pack horses travelling, will
ojK-ii to the prospector a large area*
of country heretofore almost inaccessible to 'anyone..
It is" hardly probable tliat the
trail will, prove of much liciie.it to
travellers desiring to reach the Yukon, as travel by such a route would
be too slow.and expensive to be of
use when lh.it country can be reached so much quicker and with so
much less discomfort than travelling
over a rough country by foot or ln-
pack  train. ' • •   .
_ o—~	
E.KlIHllTIOX.        '    "
*"—-——""" •
For the above cvuit, the Canadian
I'acilic Railway nre quoting very
low round tri]) excursion rates, same
being 011 sale Sept. 2S1I1 to Oct. 2nd,
good for return passage till Oct.nth.
Rate from Fernie is 523.(15. Daily
throug'li sleepers are being operated
Irom Airowlicnd. For berth reservations 011 Columbia river steamers or
sleeper, apply to local agents or
-.   .1', S. CARTER,
H.-r. A., Xelson,  11,  C.
with Cranbrook. Only the oilier day
a representative of the Herald was
•11 r.iise of the leading stores of this
town and heard an order for., goods
from Elkmou-.li. Had it not lieen
for the telephone th;: cluiiiiees are th.it
the order wodld have gone lo Fernie
or some other town. It i.s sii.h im-
pmveme-nls a,s these thn|t' iare constantly adding to the importance of
CriHiJ.look and lay ing. the foundation
for making this place on«. of the leading cities of the interior of the province.
Need Just  the     Rich Red Blood Dr,
Williams'  l'ink  Pills Actually
From   girlhood to middle ■ life the
Iienlih and happiness of every woman
ili.-puhl,- upon her blood,   If lier blood
ia poor and watery she becomes weak,
languid, pale mul     nervous.   If    her
blood supply  is  irregular s-lie sufters
I ion! Ju'iidiuliu.s uud  I'lickiK-hcs,    nnd
oilier unspeakable distress which only
women  know,     At every  stnge    of
woniuir-t lile Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
are her best friend, because they nc-
tiiully make the rich, red blond which
given help and sluugth nud tone   to
every organ ol  tlu body.   They help
u woiuau just whui nnliire uuikes the
j-ruiU'Si eleuiniid upon lier. blood supply,   Mrs, II, Gngiion,     who for   30
jear.s has been one of tlle lest known
re.sid^nU     of St.  Roclis,  Que,, suys;
"Dr, Willluiii-.'  PiuK  Pills hnve l*en
,1 blessing to un..   I was»ivi'iik, worn
oul anil .siiiiTely nblo to drug myself
nl.oul,   I MilleTcd from heailaihes und
(li/./.in.'Ki, my nppilite wns poor, uiul
to ntli'liipl lioiiseuoi'l; left uie utterly worn old. il slept I'mdly nl night,
niul wl'nl sleep T got did not refresh
Iliu.   For nearly  three years    I  wns
in this condition, und wns cciistuiil-
ly Inking     medlclu.', but found    no
l.t'iu'lil limn It.     On.* of my   neigh-
bins,     who Iiml iimiI Dr,   Williams'
l'ink Pills with 111111I1 b.-iielli, nil vised
nie to try th.-m.   I diil so, mil   tli.-
whole stiMy  is  Iold  iu  the  words  'I
um well iiguin.'   Then* ure times yet
when I tJlke- tlu pills, for they K'-cin
10 be n giinrnntce 'against tlu troub-
Ii>m froin whicli so ninny woiihii   siif-
Ilr   V."!!!:;*.-.!:-i' V!:*.!.  ''il!..   .'.-;.'!,   .,.'.
on   th->   Vowt'lM.     Tlii'V eimtiiln  ju-it
you, or I'll take it out o' , eluded to dr«w out an'" call for help.
your hide.'-    ■_
"I tried lo step in ktween 'em bin
I wasn't .ijuiek enough. Smrgis didn'i
.say nolliin', he je-si haiiUd oil an'
knocked Bran!; kerslap in'.o ihe mir-
ior i.n' scalleitd tb*e tonic an' hair
bru.'.hes an" razors an' .shampoo mixtures all over" the', floor, au' the next
minit they was trompin' an' sinasliiu'
'em in'.o the giomul. I. picked up a
cane chair ai'.' lliu-w it at Stu*/gis r.n'
it missed him an' brought down th;
mug nick. Sturgis left oil poimdiii'
Brank lon^-j L-iiough to' return the
chair, an' this time it didn't miss. I
got it on top o' my head an' I con-
Wh-ii I got back wilh the marshal
Stmgis had gone auV Brank was ji st
coniiu'  lo his senses.
"Well, I had V111 both arrested an'
Brank told th. justice I'd put up a
job on bim an' I got fined Sio aiid
costs for iiieit-n" to a breach of the
peace. Th.-u I sued Sturgis for dam-
apes an"  lost out, an'  the result., o'
that* fracas was I busted un in    l.dsi-
- -,      -
ness r.n' lwd to gel out o' town—jest
by  tiUbin'' a  lilllc-."
"Til-it's  llie trouble wilh you   barbers,"  commented . the "listener.   "Vou
will''talk "
-  "It's, cured me," Said the barber.
Sept. 19, 20 & 21," 1906
The Biggest and Best Eoer
Horse Races, Lacrosse Tournament and other
Attractions. The Largest Fruit, Vegetable and
Mining Exhibits in the Pronincc.       Eiier-jbodij-come
D. C. McMORRIS, Sec . J. J. MALONE, Pres.
&            ■     	
-V*     ^tm hmiim^» MWaiUMiiw ****** ■■fi wiiciifcw ■■  —* *m m n* t^ mt *******—w    «M.--MMH>MMMi-(>.HaHW^Mti
Hotel, Fernie
T. WheJasi,   Rlfanager
A pleasant homo
for tlio traveller,
Rooms    reserved
by wire.
Every Attention
«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦#<>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•>♦*♦♦   ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦J^^
Agronts for
,   Tho Calgary'Marble and Granite Works
Tho Koctcnay Marble Works, Nolsbn.
Sainplescan bo seen at the ofllce.
Office Phone 41        Residence.. 76
Parlors in Lundy's Block
The Elk Lumber Go.r
Dimension^ Flooring*, Siding/
Finishing Lumiser and
All our stock is last years cut'and well seasoned.
...'.• Gioes
The Best of Satisfaction
in Watch & Jeicelery Repairing
Tli,-. hnrl):-i- lui.-li.d tha; last vihra-
tion.-T 01 tlu Spanish fumlanjfo l*.y
laying   his linnd  .irross  the-    strings
^i2!r.l==.sllOOM=hlS=iia?a(l. =-'="*:
"Xol ilio,"'he said. "Vou go lo a
lawyer all' ask him what in thinks
oi it. I got myself in a -great mixiip
rnre hy 1-iiltiii' in wilh j-ooil advice
TIibiv wa.s a fi Her name o' l.i-iiitk
i'air.0 to inu oiii-i!, an' "Shile I was
eiitt*'n' his * hair lu told me aliont
iiiiotilur jiiiy name o' Slurgts 'at
owwl liim S3.50 f<;r some juiju-riii*
lic'd clcisio for hiin. I don't i*eiiu*m-
lier now jeiit'egsackly how it" was,
whether tli-jrc was nny .dispute al;oiit
llu work or not, I didn't pay so
11111. li attention to it, anyway. Hut
lie cl.iiiueil Suirj*is ow-.<l this S3.50
au' lu lotildu'i gut it out of him.
"'Viliy. don't you sue him?1 I says.
'''\Vh.it .-,'(.0(1 'ud that,do nn-?1 lu
soys, 'I'd have to pay a lawyer Pifi,'
" 'Why don't yon take it 'out of his
Iiid..'?' I says—jest like* you niij-hl say
it. I didn't care notliin' ii'ljout it oiu
way or anotlur. Stiir-jis uster keep
11 iiiii'> wilh me, an' I had his trad;*
" 'That's what I'd do,' 1 says-
jest talkin", 'I'd -jo up to him nn'
say, "You pay nu that S,i..S(i ynu owe
nie, doji^cn;; yon, or X:11 take it out,
o- your hidi!."
" 'I've a notion to do it,' he says,
" 'Do an you like ahoiit it/ I says.
'It nin't no hiisilk'ss o'  iniue,'
" 'Well, sir, rijilit tlnii au' llwiv
Stnrjjls comes into llu sJiop.* Ah soon
us lie mys who is in tlie cliuii' he
looked kind 0' Hiil/l-vi'fiuNU'.l, Imt he
didil't K'i out, 111. I wus hopin' lie
would. Flo set down au' picked up a
paper air hei-an rciulin'. Drank .sum
Iiiin iu tlu --lass, uu' lu lookid kiu.l
0: ilnlVici'liiislid, too, lml lu- didn't
say nolliin', I'd most e,ot (luu willi
I1I111, but wlii-n I seen his fihtx doiili-
lin' up miili'i ilu> clnilm I Ik'ji-iiii nil
over fi-'iir, stiippiu' here nu' I lien-
nil1 Kteiiiuiir up,. I tlioiij-Iil I'd |!''t
St ill'-'is tind out, luil lie sal ilii'iv
* si f lie li.is nil 111..- time llui'i* was,
At last, wli.n lli.Ti- liotii'Nlly tvasu'l
Hot ti ill' li'r.ie I i-oiild do, I wipul oil
Ills fiii-e nu' n.'ii nirjeiked ill,- dolli
oil Iiiiii. At tlu stiuii' lime I ulllsp-
civil tn'Iiiin 1101. to iniiki: no fuss in
llu  *1|U|>.
"I jjucsii li.! didn't uuil.Tsiand \ihal
it was I --aid lo Mm, for !u didn't
null (0 put on liis collar, lie {nil
wulki'ii lij»     to J-ilurjiiH nil' lie savs:
'V(1U  pill*  llie   llllll S.V50 .Vol!   OWi'e  UK',
.".w.i.iul *   i.iiiiiin tn   lui   tiiiie  evi.iy-
tentment-Happiness |
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
B. E. WALKER, General Manager   . ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager
Make yonr wife happy by buying a Steel Range of J. D. Quail
or money refunded
tw ♦♦♦«♦♦♦<►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦+++++*++«**««4«4+4 +
Business may be transacted by mail with any branch
of the Bank. Accounts may be opened, and deposits
made or withdrawn by mail. Every attention ia paid
to out-of-town accounts.
Fernio  Kruucli Ci. S.   Holt,   Miiiuiffor1
mv%, tnv^-Utt^-itll^tit^^VMittU^ «|
xrasr-DH-R -n-h-w .■M'TS.Nvvcs'-R-ivrEiJsrT
amos Oonorn,
Well furnished rooms, Tlu*. inlili- i.s supplied with the ln*Rt
thn mnrkct afforiln. The ha r i.s supplied wilh tin* best winod,
li(|iior,s and ci^nr.s, J
► %^*V%^*%-V%^%r%^,^%^' )sAb%#~s*Mi/V*>>W*ir%r*m~^
and   Home   Life
Hnvo ono of llioli inrgp-nt floi'OH li» Fornlo,
Lnnib, Vcul, l-'ri-tili nud Smoked FIhIi.
Fresh Pisli constantly arriving
Can he enjoyed  hy lul; iii*j     vour     iiieiil.'i t nl .t
The Royal  Restaurant
III i-otijuii-'lioti willi the '1'oynl Hotel, Tin! lust uii'iil served iu ! ths
city for 95 i-cnts. A few morn reirul ur liiiunleis deMired. Yiiiir iiutroiiuKo
Ih   lespiiittully   solicited.
AM. WHITK III*.!. 1'     KMI'l.nVKI).
MRS. M. HOELZEL, Proprietress
*%%%«'«%-%%%%%«r '%^'%^*%^%^-%^%%^^l-«%%%r%%%%
Smoke Roya! Seal Cigars.
L Atkinson,      -      -      -      -      Fernie, B. C
maujji^nujim'j m v % •
Wholesale & Retail
Phone No. H Fernio, B. C.
Kootenay Gear Co,
Nclion, a, C.
No Lengthy Argument
Tlm V.rnl* Uilfrer it * WIM ted
• UU llin ddlciir)'»*«lwi niii I.
Iho oni*/ I'f In ( Hlio-i tcitwum
CnXsart unJ Kolviii tl,«i cun
l>U<*» Ifa. I'ntiin 1^*1,1 «», r««r
The Fernie
about good printing-
is necessary; n good;
bufciities-i man knows
that a neat, tasty job
of Printing at.racts
attention & inspires
confidence. That's
the kind we execute
Wm Yob Tried Us ?
^mm^mmmm mmm
* Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd *
 FHRNin, n.c.
Rrowcrs of Extra Flute
Lnfter Rccr nnd Aerated
Wnters. JJottlctl Goods
a Specialty.
%W -H i 'hM -I'M •f'-l4iff*H'i *'H-*-H.*H'$
Subscribe  for  The   Fernie Ledger "g«*««ii
Ijhe fernie ^Artistic
\/f RS. WAGGET beg7to intimate that she is h<™»£ ^
iVl latest u&to-date creations in Ladies and Children's Millinery
which will be complete and on show
Tuesday and Wednesday Next
25 th. and 26th. of September
All New, Choice arid Gorgeous t\.lV,.BIOCK
Bank   of  Hamilton I
Total Assets
Over $30,000,000'
One Dollar is sufficient toop mi an account.   Interest paid somi annually at current rates.   The
<§> \pj\/in0,'*\
f\sr W VIII CLO \j\^\ OS I     wain nuiiii (iiiiiuiiii(i   ui.   »,iu»*wiiv  t. (ii^L-.,      . j. nu    %y>
°        ' best facilities aro offered to out of town deposiiors ,J>
~  rir.n,o t»+*>-irtn*r' Current accounts of manufacturers anil mcrcl.*-<*•>
I ueparirneni anusolicited. i
(Special   to lhe  T^tljLier.)
Morri.ss-.y 'Junction,'has  l>een  inucli
irtj'-iucnti-cl      ot  late   by   tramps- (. and
stray vags, which keep the few families liviiij.  lijrc continually    on    the
Charles Ila.if.diniaii's hyiuiw was
l.-rokirii into last night by three men
uiul used lor ihe convenience of cut-
" inj* and sleeping. In the morning, the
fellows left, leaving the lire burning
in   the house.
The hush fire at iUorrisM.y is completely extinguished,  and  the  accompanying  written statement  has    just
l.-c-1-n Uandjd      to,,me liy Mr. Murphy,
which is, as far a--. I can gather, the
state''ol   allairs as  regards  the    late
lire  at  this place.   The writer wished
nie to forward it to you at once.
Swiiilin   Station,  Sept.   lfi,   1906.
Dear Sir,--I notice  an error in the
Free Press concerning the fire at Morrissey  that   destroyed  the  mill.
Charles Rechtiian saw a fire .the
nipht before, and two of the employees stayed by  it.
I was told next morning Uiere was
11 fire starling, and I went lo sec it.
ft was not (ii thc Great Northern
riekiUof-ivay. I,,-notified ths men
working" that they had belter put it
out, as it nii»lu get_ under headway,
and    if   it   did,      the  mill   would    bo
II also      told  the  man   in    charge,
Oiu. of th; employees of the Jewell
I,uiul<cr Co. had a n arrow escape
from mutiliatioit on Wednesday, lie
was working 011 the butting saw, and
while engaged in cutting a slab slipped, and Ills hand caine in contact
with the swiftly icvolviug steel, in-
llicting a rathet  nasty  wound
H is gratilying tr, learn that John
Johnson", the man accidealally shot
u short time ago, is now on the road
to recovery. His sister, Mrs, Heck,
visited    him   recently    at  Cranbrook
ington Kriday looking for Iliil. Hill
howuvtr had left two days before for
Washington looking for Mary. It's
haul to say  which will win out.
Mrs. Kliugcnsu-ilh, of, tlu* Klk
Hotel, enle-.-luiu..d a nuniKr of her
friends very pleasantly to a picnic
down al. lhe waler ialls in honor of
Mrs. N.. A. Mackenzie, of Lethbridge,
who is visiting the Klingcnsiuilhs.
° Hlair, l,elclu.r, ilu.- -populai young
conduetor ol tlu Fernie mine train,
is  ecu.liictiug-  a     ,big   game   limiting
A ".General  Hanking-   Business   Transacted
under this heading iustcrted, at the
rate of one cent a word each insertion.
Hospital,-    -aIu-i-i*  he  is  attended    by   party   into   tho  Flathead.   The  party
Dr.  King,' and reports-him   -as being   outfitted nt llu. Koosville Cash Store,.
\VAN"Tl-,I)--Cal|K-nters lo work <-.n the
.11,'W.   C,   1'.   K.-* station.-—Apply    on
llu job,  lo-Digby ,*i  Waldie.
WANTl'ID-A nurse girl.—Apply Man-
nger Cniiadii*iii I'.-.ink ol Commerce
■l'en-ie, H   C,
A'hotel that, furnishes* qmiel, dolii;
monlious acconuno'diiliou „ for its pa-
Irons is a "source of pleasure tn- the
U-avelling'7]-iiblic, SuelAa r.n? is the
King Kdv.'ard Hotol, of l'Vinie, corner opposite post  ofiice. t*w
Just arrived/ Peaches, Pears,
Pfums, fine eating and cooking
out of danger and able to sit up.
Prosperity lias made its home here,
as is evidenced by the output of lumber in this vicinity. The iuw band
mill ol the blast Kootenay Lumber
Co., is surpassing itself /daily, and
it  i.s decidedly  interesting  to    watch
it working.   The lumber il is turning
out is  well 'sawed, and will  compare
favorably with  that  of tlu Coast  as
regards  quality,      the    percentage ,ot
clear  material. being- high.'
KEMPSTON-IvAKLS,  ■      ''
A quiet wedding took place, this
mornX; at' nine o'clock in Christ
Church, When Rev. It. Spalding Wil-.
kinson performed the beautiful ' marriage service of the Churih of Kng-
latKl, uniting for life .1. C. Kemp-
slon, of Dublin,* Ireland, but a Kernie resident tor the  last two,   years,
Mr    Forte     lie  said,   "let  her' bun.',   ami  Miss Olive Georgiana  Marls
ilr.   lorn. .Dublin.   Mr.* Frank Wlnla    ami   Miss
he did not care a emit. .  I..     . "
It  is   rather singular.- There
three separate fire:, over a quarter of
a mile apart, so lhat there would be
a clean job. Everything uiovcuAiJc'.is
regards tools, had been 'removed long
before ' the  fire, even'to  th*.  grinding
.The Great  Northern   engines   never
-set—the—lin* Qiie_lir<L_,s_tarted over ■ a
quarter of   a mile from the track.
The controversy between Movie : ud
Cranbrook still '* continue,1., without
any sign of a coiiciliatiftn.
Mrs. Cioupill left Moyie Sunday for
Kamloops, taking with her three
granddaughters^ who arc attending
the convent   there,
, The ^contract for sinking tlia shaft
nt tiie Lake Shore mine has been
uwtmlc.il to J. Rivers, of Rossland.
He and his , men will 1w|jin work
Crnldic Stewart aiul -Walter Geldert
were "At Home" in their bachelor
'.(ftiarlers last Wednesday evening. Invitations were issued to a number ol
thel.oys, who expressed their appreciation of the occasion by having a
rousing good time. Up'to ,llic small
hours there was a sound of revelry,
plainly indicating the enjoyment, of
ihosc within, „
Kev. ,1. Ci, Shearer, th'e secretary
ol the Lord's Day Alliance, lectured
on Kridiiy evening in the McGregor
Ilnll. The l'cv. gentleman-spoke for
upwards of nn hour, speaking, principally of the "Vigla (or the SaUbiith
at Ottawa, '
Kev, Mr. ttoivert-iitts was chairman
ol llie nicctyig. Afler the Uev, geu-
tk'inau'b speech lie proceeded to ihe
formation of a branch alliance. The
following were elected ollii-crs of tin*
local society. President, Rev, G, II,
I'indloy; Vlcc-l-rcH., -'as. U(iUt1h;
Ki'c.-Tkms,, Rev. Thos.Hvum'i.'i^nitts;
l-'x-'i.ul'ivu Coiiiiiiitli^--Mi!K^s. Pick-
ering, Simpson, Ilusori and MucLiir-
Itessie^McDiiiiald,   witnessed   the   ceremony- ' ,       '
The happy couple will spend a few-
days at Elko, after winch tluy will
settle  permanently   in   Kernie.
The Ledger ' congratulate? , Mr.'
Keiiipsto!.,,aud wii-h-.-s him and his
Pride a long and happy life. .
. o —
Never look a clcth-.-s horse in
Elko,  and ■ expect     lo l.e gone    two
Weeks, *■"
There is a lot ol people in Elko
who want everything for nothing;
tluy expect lo get th; waterworks'
into their houses without paying"for
it. Thcs:;' people should move to
I'ernie,- where everything's-'"big, even
the, cinch  bug:
'.Farmer     Turniplop came  in • from
Koosville ,.wilh a big  load of cucumbers,      tomatoes,      sweet    corn    and
squash", .and   shipped  the   whole  load
10  Calgary.     Tin.  old   hayseed    said
they  had just,     started  iu  to  thresh
out  the pumpkins this week.
■   The* Canadian governniiir.  is  building - a   bridge    across  the  Kootenay
river at    Gateway,  ll.  C.,  for    three
American   settleis.   It   would    be     a
long  time before    Uncle Sam ' would
build a, bridge for three Canadians to
gel their produce  lo market.
Tha dark town musical "and * big
mouth corned}* troupe that arrived in
Elko from Kernie the otlur day was
given lilteen minutes to leave* town
by Constable Dow. Tluy left for the
west, looking like cattle on a blind
\V. W. Burke, of* 'National Cash
Register fame, spclll Sunday and
Monday   iu   Elko,      and   was   greatly
I'OR' .SALE—-V good William's piano
Apply I). ■McLennan.
I'OR SAI.E7-20 lots in West Fernie;
easy terms....Apply W. -T, Hcaley,
West Fernie. -        . * ,**
FOR SALE—A block of 2,000 acres of
laud, located on railway, will
5,000 '.'.et ol good timber per cere;
good age.cultural land when Iim
ber has, been removed. This will be
sold very -.heap. For further., par
liculars, apply, MOTT, SON & CO.,
I'OR SALlv-Oiu WAa-hiiij-jicm Hand
Press, 7 col. folio;- one Gordon Jobber, 7x11. Both these presses are
in",' lair condition, and are offered
for sale cheap on account ot ha\
ing installed larger presses in theii
stead. Write for prices and term.-
Fernie. IL  C.
If you buy 50c.
worlh or,over this
amount of School
Books or -School
Supplies from us
you will g*ct. a
School   Bag* Free
impressed   wilh  lhe   magnificent  seen
,.[»,._; .._th^i!nmediute_v,iduiLyJ He
(Spociul lo tl|c Ledger,)
Mr, Agiiuiv pnshwl thioiigli, i.IUi
cpclidiiig n short time nt ilu Jewell
LiimUr Co, mill,
The North Star Lunvber Co, lias itn
mill well under way, uiul ■■oiifuh'iiily
-txpa'ctit to begin sawing this lull,
Mr. J. IliirrowiT, representing xhv
Northwest Jobbing uml Commission
Co. 1 was lien: on lnn-inchM Tiiesdav,
Mr, Win, Wllinoi, nt l'Vinie, paid
iih a, Hying visit ihis week, inking
orilem for the clothing firm lie ivpic-
M.IU8. ,
Alul-stii,    .A.l.v/ti   .ii,-!   ,,>.,! i.J)     h.tii.
still home tics ill tlie itix-k, but   owing to  the scarcity of cars are    not
loading at present,
Tl|i< Uev, Mr. Mi-Ciilloiigh held   his
bl-"*c-V>iy   miiMm;   Hi   \i.\.   i».i.<#.ii !..-..*.
UM Monday cvfiiing, and despite 'he
ihrenti'iiing min, n good gathering
tins lliere to listen  to his discourse.
Tlu Jewell T.uiiiIm'i Co. are rapidly
pushing their wor', mwler llu 1111111-
iHjniunt ol Mr. C, (',. Jewell, Their
mill is will !'(|iii|'|*.'il, mid is now
-..iwllijf 'ilc.iilllv. rc(||iiriii|f but tin:
loinpli-tioii of the spur to lnundi its
output 011 the mnrkct,
School Ii.ik rvcintly Inn r.opened,
jtml tlw (K-oplc of. Jiiflray hiiv«* every
rrauxn to .'-nj-r..liiluU ilietiisilvo <>n
the aii.fiiii.llion ol nwh « vulimble
U'uilicr ui Mis*. Htevent. Tlii'* is Mliif
Sicviiis* iiml visil lo tl'l* part ol llu*
toiiiitry, hor home U-i«# m VUtoiiu.
Mr.  lluriuy  is  building  a fine  reM
dince  on  l'irst  Avdiue.
Harry Martin, l'llbinoulh, is visiting friends, in Elko this week, .
A little truth gius a long way now
the game season is in full swing.
Cream I'm! Jim and Doughnut Dan
expect to start a bakery iu Elko Ihis
Pitchfork lllll says he will have
about 30 tons ,6f timolliv' lo thresh
this fall.
Miss Mnry Todliunti'i- returned to
Elko alter a live week's pleasant trip
to llnult,
R. Johnston lost two valuable
horses by lhc Grunt Northern train
Saturday. '**
John Mott, tho, big eagle of Hi.'
(ToiTinuir IloiiM!, Elko, went to
Cranbrook this week,
The old school hou**e nl Elko was
I'lirnt down last week, No other
coiniiuiit is iiecensary, ^
Fred Ron. Si'., wns visiting Uoos-
viltc, where lhe big red apples grow
several dnys this week,
Coiistnhlc Dow and family, includ-
'ng tho iiiiinuliihlu Jack, aie rusli-
■ atiiij;  in the  RoeU  Creek  pineries.
Messrs, Moir nud l.-iwdcil, liuvi'l-
ling. iihnUii.ii-iipliei'H, Winnipeg, ure
lining justico to the scuiery mound
Slieiiddii mid Tlardy, llu livery
nun, inteinl ])Ulti'ig .! lin-' stage between the C, 1', It, station nud (lie
Waler Fulls,
Mrs,    M,    McIiiii-"-, ol    I'.ll'iiitmth
piissul ilnoiigli Elko on Iii'l- way   to
Calgary    She wns  iii-i-oiiipiiiiicd      by
her  two soils.
V, 11, Hawthorne, ol Nelson, cniiii-
down Sunday  to iillciti! divine    sir-
vice uml sell llu output ol th.: Hud
fcoii'h liny distillery.
IloiuuKii, the patent iiu-dinu* mull
ol Ciiinliiool!, was in Elko iliis week
piddliii:! pink cli-phuiil (oclaails mid
>jici'phi'iili'i:i'   delight
Flunk Millleel', lll.ill.lgvl' nl thc
Cupper Keith' gioiip ii.sir lloov
villi', passed ihroiigli Elko on hit,
iray to I'einic Siituidiiy.
l.lcssts, l'ield uiul Citiuei'oii bi'iiU|;ht
a big hiiud i.i liorii-H Iriiin llu- I'llllll.lid Ut-Saive, Moiiliiiiii, nnd shippid
(llclil   limn   r.li-o   1.1   v'..ii^.i,i .
.^Ji.*,*, hiii., ,'.',.i;;.imd, w, 11 known
id Elko, now living iieiu- Woosvllh',
will le. matrieil S<p|. ii'th, lo W,
Harvey, ol  KiiitIjii. Moiitiina,
The l'ny Boll ilu wing tnbiuco bill
>*.;»l,^i ....l l..! ■■':: ; !■'!• r <"■•** In
town litis week Inun Vancouver talking loloivd iiiiisliti on ilu pirn*
■.tniii|»s niul  backyard enrm!  Iciiies,
T, Wlii-l-iii, of I'i inie, won the big
piiiupkin at the lnwii tennis parly
given by ilu KliugiiiMiiiiliN, ol the
Elk Hotel, Elko, I'nday, Jim IViUn
taking the Hack of sweet (orn for
sriotid ]iri'(-.
A, Yi. Ilrolcy \»n,'nA throngli Elko
(<n his w.iy to Gnld Creek with u
Wiscon.-iin (inmiiicr Tiiesil.iy. Uotli
giiilleiuiii had ^mix, mkIii biscuit--
nud snowMiiK-.i, nml it's hard to say
wlnn ihi'j* will Ui hnt-k.
Mrs. Collins «iid lu-r filteen-vear-
old balij- runic    tu Kiko from Wn-.li--
hought n 'big consignment of Elk'o
views iiiul souvenirs from' the Roosville Cash Store, which -will certainly advertise Elko.
OLD NEWS'i'Al'ERS—AT THE LEDGER .Ollice-   ■     '..
arc for sale.at this office, price 25
cents each—-"Rooms  to  Let,  Apply
„ Within," ^'Furnished Rooms to
Let,  Applv  Within."
or at
The Post Office Drug Store
LOST-Large    SiKer    Heart, wilh
monogram  S.  E   K.   riwiw return
to Miss Reading --"
Mr. and Mis.'J. N. W. Hall,' Mr.
nud,Mrs. Wm. Dreed, and Mr. and
Mrs, Morris Hall, all of Doslon,
were in .the city, -slopping at tin
Hotel Fernie from Sunday until this
luorn'iig, win 11 tliey look tJi-j west
bound C. V, R. train for H12 Coast.
.. IRIr. .1. N, W. Hull, is president, and
Morris Hull, his nephew, is secretary
ol tha North American Land and1
Lumber Company, of which Mr. Y'
II.  Hall  is general  manager.
A meeting or the directors .if ih.s
coinpaiiy was held during tha r.l.iv
of the Boston members *ol llio   io*ii-
pany.       :
Mr. IlruLiI is also a member and
director ol  the company,
The'si! people are becoming largely,
interested ,111 timber lands in IL C,
and will be Irci'iient visitors to Fernie.
The North' American Land aivl Liim-
lier Company is oiie of the youngest,
but by no means the least, timber
linns doing' business here,
. o	
The hot wilier pipes-for thc'Hotel
Hrooklyii have, at last arrived Irom
Joiiuslowii, Jim Marshall certainly
knows hoiv to run uii'hoiel, for tin*
Hrooklyii ,,1'iin give the majority
01 tliu western hotels i.aids ainl
s]ia.iL*s and will in a walk.-Greenwood  Irf-dgte'
Thai's , nothing! There are hotels
up this way that give yon oil kinds
ol curds uud three dice thrown in
and still  will silting down,
Tlle Iiiiul gallic between lhe Miilul
nnd Coal .Ihvek boys lor tlu: Foil
Sled 11 levying Co, pii«: nip ivmi
pl.iu'd on illw rccicat'iiii grounds Smut day evening, mid mi exciting anil
well 1'iititcHiii. battle was louehi, ,1,
Tiirnlmll. 01' Frnnk, releieid lhe gntni:
lo th.: siilisl'uiliiiii ol all, The nt-
u-ndiiiici: was huge, over 5Su kinu
lliki 11  ill -,il   the gate.
Th.-  nin     hains   weie very evenly
lililnliced,  bui   ihu  Michel   buys    1 n|i-
liil-i-il   ill.  eup'"|,v   -\   s-ciiiv  ot   Vi,     llllll
uinli-'il ilu: nip in triumph to Michel.
'■lAKF. KfiTlfR I lint fin .l«y« uftiir ilnin I lit.
■t. ttiliil, l(ni|iiilv I" tli" Cliief CiiiiiiiilHiniilii'r
nf liiimlH niul wnrli'i fur \i(irniln*.lnn 1'» imr-
i-li.i.i(. (In. (iilliniliur ili'nPrlliMl llili'l 111 Houth
ICiikt K111 it en 11 v,- -
IVllllllKli'-llIll »• 11 |".»l -ilAntttilim tliu Wont
luiiikiir I'.lk lllver, nl 1 mil tli roc iiillim Imlow
(Unix, WVIi.'i'.t'ii tirii-1'tniiMniii iiu<t niiirliinl
Tliiiiiiiix CihIiiiii Nuilli Went Corner, lliniii'o
Hmitli iiirlmliiH. tliMiPu Runt .|iicliiiln». ihniicd
Norili it In tut ,v'ieliulii> lo tha luini," of Klk lllvur
tliiiiiei, iilmiu ruiit lunik to llm plnen nf emu.
!iii,r,,'eiiuiiit. eiiiilikliiiiiK "in nerii4 nuiru or line..
Si'|il. lot, I'.MMl.    TlldWAH CIIAIUN
'|VM;|', NliTH'l., Him 1,1 .In*,, niter ilnle 1 In.
S. loin. In Hpiily In Iliu Cliief (.'oiiiuil*.loner
nUiiiiiil* niul  Wnrkii fur ^iernil«.lnii tn |mr
FOUND—A watch, Ownur can hlave
il by paying for this ad.—-W. 11.
McDougall. —7
o   lhc   newest and
smarlcst coants in Fernie.
They just arrived and arc'
opened at the old-reliable
Men, keep your feet cool and com-
.   fortablc in a pair of our Oxfords,
they feel just right on the foot and
*   Ave know they will look g;ood to you
if you stiep in and let us show you,..
Tan,   White,   Black and Patent at
Reasonable prices.
Vacation Necessities
Wc arc    offering-   you   an. extra   quality   Suit
Case made  of  Kestol, 24 in. long- and  has  two
straps and -good brass  trimmings and lock, solid.,
leather corners, secured with copper rivets.
A Trunk made over a strong wooden frame
with iron bottom covered with 5 oz. "canvas well
painted and fitted with two heavy straps and
iron trimmings stitched leather handles at
Special Prices
I—Home Bank of Canada!
Roosville & Elko
There is nothing from a hatchet
to sni it the kindling wood to thu
com-ili'li- outfit for an exploring
iixpc.dilion which wi> do not supply at  a  ronsonnhlu prico.
Hardware, Harness & Saddles
Miners, Prospectors Supplies
Drygoods, Orocci-ics, Turin I111-
pleini'iils and Machinery from
SluniWinding Moiinu Traps lo
Cyclone Stiii'lais, Indian Curios,
Sonvi'iiii's of Uoosvillc mid HUjo,
Haw Kuril and l-'rr.sh Vioduce from
Tobacco Plains
hhipped on    order from   lr,!l-o lo
any pn.'l east or went,
Siinl  oidii'-.  lo  ICllio.
llil>, (iiiiiic ..1 Inn lets onditU'd
willi supplies, Tack Horses and
Among the Coals, both
lor Misses and ■ Ladies
arc some of thc New
Checks and Beaver cloth
Children's dresses from
size 16.to infants in all
designs and colors. A
complete line of Bear
Skins for babies also silk
and flannel drcsse and-
Tlio Millinery is llie mosl up-
li'-iliUi*' in stylo iuul always at
inoileralc pri-'cs, The latest in
Shirts, Mouses, Hells niul Collars. The early Full Felts will
lie ready lor sale early Friday
KM-HUT    lIU'l.l.Akl)   SAVS:
.   The   man  with  the  Savings
Hank hahil    is tho     oiu. who,
never gels    laid   off;  lie's  the
, one  who  can  get along' with-.'
out'yon,  lml  yoii  cannot   get
along wit lii ml  hiin.   The Savings Hank hahil  means sound
sleep,    good      digestion    cool-
judgment      and    -manly   independence.   Tlie   most   healthful
thing I li.nnw of is a .Savings
(h-iiiil'-ho'ok.   Thero  are   no   mi-
eiohi's    in  it      to steal away
your peace, ol    mind.   It  is  a
■■uaruiilee  of      good  lu-hav-
V>'o would liko to hnvo your natrio
on our list of d.'.pnsitoi'.-. No mnltor
wliotlii'.i- your slnit is ono ilnllar'oioiie j
hundred—wo will jviy you intoroHt nt
cui-rent rates—compounded twice a
yoar.     . -,.
Current Accounts Invited
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9 i
J. G.  MARSHALL, Mar.,
Fertile    Branch
Jour."'.;- -■        ■*77'A A'.,:    ■■.„•• "   ■..'■'I' -..■■■■:■■■ .-,-*--- '     ■:■■>:■■.■< ,■..   •,,•■■■■"'.*■:■•, ;l
,:':' 2__ ■-■''■■•'     • -  ■     ■     ;  * - ■■   ■..-     '■    •■   ■-■-     ■■  ti .     .______J„.
Wc hav: SHOES  to
please the whole Fam-,
Shoes for ladles & gentfi.
' W. R. KcD0yf.AU
 ,       f I*
I'llllMl   lilll lllllwlhilltl (tunClll^
J-.'ll»l Kmjllill.-l.l.—
UllUli  111  !|.llllll
I'.IIM  II till villa..* .-.
Cuiiiiiii.nrliiir nt n txi.t iiImiiIcI nn (lift wot
IihiiU nf K'k lllicr rIiumI (iiii inllc« imrlliof
("Iiiin. Wuji'll'i. prnriitpUiiU, Hlnl tiinrlll<l
.Iniin Crnlmii Nnrlli Wi-^i Ciiriicr, I Imnc*S<i!illi
li l-linti,.,(lune.- l-Utiat iii'Iiulnn, lltenf-i) Nmlli
nliimi :i,' i Iinlnt tn llm linnk nf. Klk lllvci,
1t^i,. I- *|,,v.i-»»il l-unk »a lit* |.li«i (.from-
imiii'<ii,i>rit i.mli-iiiiiniiiiiiff iivia<ic»(Lino or
X-UI.'I Aiiuilol .IM, X'.ufi
ili.lm IVdlidn
• I'i
llOTIvl, A  UI'IVAI.S.
A, rilij-le mul wile; A, Fnrtll, Cnl*
giiry; Mrs, MeKni, Scallle, ,1. Si\-
l-'idn-r,!! VV'irdiii'i" .Tns, IUiU«s, I'l'l.o;
.1. A. llaivev, Klkoj^fhoK. Covin,
Kiko; 1*, 1,. I'oicuni, .1, I,, Mckean,
11, Y, MeUuii, Mi!.. II. V. Msl,,'ix\,
i'uih i\M,ciiii, City, V, Is. Jlawilmn,
Ni'lsiiii; I'miik Minion,. liiili'Wiiv; V,
l), Sheir, AIiicIumI; lli-o. Hhnuii m,
City; Y. II. Altirtin, 1'iaii'*-; n, U.
l.vans, V. A. (.icm-ll, Coal Cie.-k;
\V. Mc!,e(i:l, .liillray; i\liss :,anili,
Cily; A, King, 11, J. Irish, A. W.
II. Miichod, ,1, TiiiiioiM.u, U. Jri'is,
IMirk-l; C J„ Fiasct, .liillray, \V.
Uislup, City. W. A. lliiliimr, Hamilton,
V,. lUirtou, C. Waram, M»>.v Miintv,
I'«iirl King, Hairy Print;.-*, l'ringli-
Co.; Ah-x. II. Watt-oil, Hlkmontli; X.
!■*.(»« II,  Cjjg.-.ty;   J, CatiJiUtr,    SawiIJ
Cw.'L, Jfi-. ,iud Vr-,   f'r,*ip(i,  nk.Xi.U; '
i ,ii I....
MW# «-f
Our Beautiful Display of
Heating Stovos
Stove Boards
Coal BoiitilcR
Firo SliovelM Etc
Car of Ranges io arrive (lii*> v,
MuiiHil'i IJiiitnt-nt nm**. colli, etc,
j^^ga^^^ja^aiys j
isimmsm'immwrMmsmim mmwrnsmnssw**.
Walliiec; W. Tllinii|».ii|i, Wnll.uv; C.
I.oyd. 'Witlhiu--. Knl* Uinn-Jii, Cit^v;
M, Mi'Auli'l'i*.. KlktiK'iuh, W, .Siivngw,
Miihil: J. William-, Wct.iskiwiii: .\.
.1.   .Vndiuii);    Ci.iiiiirinii;; C,    C,
Vi-i-inh, Ci.l'-iimn,   A.  A   VWwe,  Mil-
Adanis, On*.; K. Copiwu-k, Aihcinr,
•\Iri>. Klliotl, N'nutou; A. 11. I-Vrgiisnu,
Vancouver; Mrs, .!.*.!. Ilnrrin, Oko-
(oIh; A. Musiwy, Spokan*-; Wu".
Sti-rg, Sinlou''! Show; A. M, And
u-.w>, Kiko: C, Id tiles, I'tncJi.-r Cnvfc;
11   .11   AV.-i;', Sl'»taiu;  V.  I'lsui-.,   f,    lv   Aii^iwdiI,      Moiuuiil*.   S..   .»',
Frank;  M. Illuiit-.. Calloway; A
i\.nnxuu, ,i) W   S.*.*.a>.. Ciny. ••
Gardiicr, l'fi*vl.-»
I   Tl'Al.
CitvL   Mc   ,itiil Sir*.'   i inpi'.  '"."""'>  [ y ,   ,.
V   II! Snmt!   -Cnlgarv;}, V,^xx,[  II. T.   A |a «. ^ «™^
Co,,\ Cn-A;   C.  V, SmlUC and wMUXlMf.   Kl'-f   I.-   I    «».r'" ''nl »,K-
Uri-iiii-r, Sew Yui-k; A. II- .I«ck*m,
Sii.kiMi.--, Hi. Power, KjH-V/m.- A. A
Ci-U.ii.iii, Cily; J. a. PiUU-twiii, Klk;
Ann .loyic, lloki-r, M. MeckU-nU-ig,
Mniiiriiil; Alex. II. U'MmJi, 1.1k-
tn«inlii: Ji>hn Sinitb, Ivlniniii-.iiki. U-
Kvrtiit,  II.     J-Uott, Conl, Cu-ek;    A,
IVi-j-iisoii, "(tostou; M. Crtlr, IToMinur;
Wm. I'niM-l, llosmi'i-; V. S. (iiwtt.
Spokalio; U. K, llmlsoii, Spoknm*; H,
Ii. A., l''orcslir, .Sparwood; A, II.
Shi-try, Spuk.inu; M, U. Cuwell,
Priiiic Alkrt; O. Ilriin* Hrown, Klk:
.1. Smith, Conl Creek; ll.A. Sunk-
ion. Caljpiry: II. II. Cooper, Von-
cmtivr; Mr. ami Mtu. do, y. Tin-
iliu/, Mailcod;. J'rcd I). Thirst Ji, Wanl-
iit-r; .Tulin llrcfly.nriili-t1, Cnljjnry; W.
IV. 'IlionipKiil, ,Cx>..l Ciietl;; A. II,
MH-.(l,.i^l(l, CimI Cuxk- It II. Uo..->,
Klkmoutli. .
K ^*
»   .J


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