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The Fernie Ledger 1906-08-29

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,A- *
,,/Vol.a II ^Number 74. **■ V
Price $2   a year in Advance
. .i *».,
riany Interesting: Items About People—A  Week's
"-V ';•;>a-    ^Round-Up of Local Happenings
Judge    "ll'ilsoii   returned     toCrau-'r.  it is no Jolly tliat it is Jolly, by
Jolly. *       '..'.-'
■' Wm. Handleyis back in town on a
visit tohiioltl stamping grounds.
Sol. Wilkinson, the timberman, ot
Ashland, Wis,, wenr^o' Tacoma Monday" night. ■
I.ew Hcrclimer, Idle of the G. N.
station'staff,, has lelt this city ami
gone .to .Spokane. . •   '
' li. M. Proctor arrived in town yesterday evening.   Ut  is stopping over
a day or two visiting old friends before  gqing  on   to  Montreal  to    join,
his family.       ,„ .' ,;,
John Turner loft this morning-, for
Elko, where he.is, to put in an electric lighting plant for' the North Star
Lumlier Company-in their big plaiur
plant * fil that place.       "',..'
"Mr. '). JfeTavi-sh, of the Scran Ion
Correspondence'School, was iif town
during the* week. Mr." McTavish is a
mcinlwr" of the Alpine' Club, and ' an
enthusiastic  climber -of   lhc   Rockies.
' '-*-
Mn Milton'and,family leave iti a.
few days for Vancouver, and after a"
short stay ' at, thut'place, they will
settle down' permanently in Nelson,
where.Mr. Milton has"accepted a lucrative  position. 7 .4
Malcolm' Mclnnes,' of Elkouth, was
in tlu cily .Saturday, lie is one of
the ,many complaining'mill men regarding tlie shoita'gc of, cars, which
causes very inconvenient delays in
the' lunilicr.shipping business. '
,.   - '.-'    '"    ,       • '.-■"       !'•
An infant, the .'grandchild   of „ Mr.
and'Mrs. "Smith, who live across the
track, died    early" Monday morning,
and  was  buried 'yesterday  afternoon,
Rev.' Hali;  of  the' Mrfltodist  church,
attended, 'aiid  thc 'funeral  was    con-:
ducted by.Scott and-Ross.*     ."''■'
M.  Mecklenburg*,   M:°: A.,   the", cele-
•bratcd and experienced-eye specialist,
will again visit' the' following places:'
T"ra*rj;jrook,' 1 •• CosmopoBtian j \HoteL7
Sept.' 9-10;    Mary.svillc,x Sept.- n-f2;
Moyie . dnig     store,   13-14;     Fernie,"
Hleasdcll's   drug .store,. Sept.   15-17.
Now is   yonr* opportunity   to ' havt-
your eyes properly. attenided to by   a
icliaflile and .graduate eye specialist.,
-Last Friday V'long'traiii' of freight'
curs lull, Rcxford,' coming- norlli."
This train was made up "of 10' loaded
cars " and 77 empties when..leaving
Wexford, but had l«en reduced to 57'
vvlicn.il, pulled into Fernie, Assistant SuperinUiulent Sawyer came up
willi the" train, ami returned .to Rex-
ford Saturday. " Yesterday a .train
of 81 'onilcd ears.wont out over the
li, N. The trallic on this road is increasing mpidly, und1 a second train
vrew will soon have lo Iks put on
this division to meet the increased
brook  tliis morning.
., The infant     daughter of Mr.    and
.   Mrs. -Wilson died on Monday.
C. C.WViight, the jeweller, was in
Cranl-rook Monday on .business.   •
Miller's orchestra will-play for the
fiununs' ball at Coal' Civek Monday
evening. .-
Miss Suddaby was removed, to . the
hospital. yc.steiday suffering with' typhoid fever.' , '       -   •••
; Constable Sampson, of Michel, 'left
for Seattle Thursday evening on a
holiday* trip.., „
-    Constable Lorscli, ol Wardner, i.s in
•charge at Michel during  the: absence
of Constable Sampson. ;
Thc.public schools oix-iud  oii lime
, Monday,  with every teacher in place
and  nearly 300  nupjls -enrolled..
.7 '    *, 44    .   ,
W. A. Martin, manager, of- the Calgary Cattle -Co , went to Spokane
'.Friday* evening on, a short business
trip.. , ...    *
G. G. S. Lindsay, Mrs. Lindsay-,
Mr. Belhune nnd Mrs. .Waidsworlh left
for tne Coast last Saturday^ morning.'      ' ,   v ■      ' I
~f■ ■**     1 **
. . Messrs. Wildman & McKell'nr have
secured, the contract for building in
large oil warehouse for the; McColl
Bros. Co. :
J. G,' Cummings, D.' T,.  S.f   went
down to Gateway last night,    where
'  he will do some surveying for nrriga-*
,tio:i purpose*. '.„*•*
Miss- Evelyn McKay, of ,"I/-tli*l-(ridgc,
aiul her ' ."sister, Crissie McKay, of
Crai-fb'rook' were visiting friends in
thc city Saturday. -
Elsie Mav,  the infaiiL daughter,   of
'dr. and Mrs. Shcrwoofl, of West Fernie, died on .Thursday^'' anil was bur-,
'ied on Saturday.*.*.,    .
Elias Rogers, rornicr. managing
director of the Coal Company, arrived in .town .Monday evening; for n
brief* stay in  the city.
'-0. I,. lloyntou, manager .of the!
JRlk Lumber Co., left Sunday; even-1
hig' 'for Calgary-. and .' other eastern'
points  upon  company 'busin*.tss. '
Sf ' ■    4 ,
.'.* Manager, Holt, of the Canadian
llatik of'Commerce, went to Cran-
Urook Hast Thursday to meet .'Assisl-
huL Inspector Cumbie, of Toronto.
,,J. Liudwcy, KiiperiiilcmUflt. ,of
bridges and, buildings for tin; .Great
."Noiihcin, with heiult-fliartersi at'
Vhitclish, Mont'., was in Hie city
.Kriday.   ■  ■.
Tlu 111011 Ihly tea given by the Jail-
its of tlm Methodist cliurch will * lie
hold nt the home ol Mrs. Wood in t'tfici
park - on next     Tuesday, SqitciiilicM-
,4th.   All arc most cordially jnvilcd.)
,', John llrcckeiiridge, of''' thc well-
Inowu coiilrncting firm,"was in tiie
city Monday on his return lo Cnl-
•giiry,' afler a visit to the company's
•'work on the Spokum- Interunlional
: 11,-11 r  Spokane,
.,; Superintendent of Ti'^n.*)p,orl!i*Jlfoii
.Price mid Division SupcfiiiU'liileiil
'Ericksoii passed through town thin
'uiorn'iig In tlu privnte ,<xxr Mlnno*
'idftna, which was - alinclied to tlie
;'cnstlxiuiid loenl.,
• A jHtluiU . sultering from  typhoid
foMii* wa.s suit  lo lho hu-ipilul   last
' Siiiulay,   Thero ore two coiivnlesceni
, jinliiMs  iceovetiiig from   Jin sniuo
. fever, nud oiiu moil, n foi-cl(!;iier, wim
tukm In 11 'dnv .or W «fi«.
',' Tho tree, pure fond •demonslrntioii.
I'-uf Cronrml gooilH by, Miss l*!rinn 11.
\nIcoI nt niuiHleU's On Vrlduy nnd
• , SiUmd-iy. will lie very 'liUercntliiir.
CruHCcnl "Mniileiii'* nnd CicHceiil II11U-
1 inn; Powder will 1x« inaUirinl Niibjects,
, mill ynu hhould tnkn In the exlilb-il.
'■\ h. M. Proctor Iuhvom 011 the C.P.U.
i.aiUwiimd thin uveiilug lo Join his
family in tlu ojsi. AIInh Dorothle
.kavvit near the cwl of Hc|ilemlwr In
itHiittia her ntnilk-H in Hni'liunl,   nt\A
,:■ Mr. nnd Mis. Proctor, willi llu other
\hlldrtu, will return to Vancouver In
n-ttiiUi petitiuiKUll)'.
'. A, II. Alexander, oiu ol ilu |m»|mi-
lur l.uy«« of <.w.'l Ciul, «.*.*•   .hi-l.-A
, llliariuii, -svciclatv aiul janitor of
llw C. 0, T„ ft A. A. Imi Saturday
'to fill lhe Viu-nin-y cniiw-il 1))' llie res-
lj;«.itl«'ii    ol Tlif>M. Keltli, who   hns
* Ml   loll}1    Hill-it       \br.   \*l*i\i\t,\   <n>   t»
NiUisfnicliiiii of the iiitiiiln-rs of    thu
••lull.       i1
; YxeA Wllkc* lift for Calgary lust
Satiirdiiy, where lie U'H'»» to looV nil-
♦ r lhc lvl8|**rnt>li HncH ktwom Cnl-
gnry and l.ng«nn( «>n tlte main llin*.
Frtd Wllkis i» one of tlw RU-itdy, rv-
' iry-diiy lw»y» who niaVo little noise
in tin* world, Imt who', hy Mrlct n»-
natioM to duty, always rH«»I» »t*«''-
ily n|> In th** c.-.ttmathm of tludr cni-
j.|oy«*r'*. Knil ua*. on.' of llu ohl-
limirs of nur lovin an^l will I* miss-
nl. llli lamily w»H UAlow ut w**>n*
an   lie* ha-- wfitml a liouw* for them
new road wiii be located bn the west' JOLLY'dOOD.'FELLOW^
side of the..river uiitilnear llosinej'  '   ... .......-••  ^ .a
where it will re-cross' to the east
iside' , It "is expected to,have . this
work completed this fall, wlicn'a
good wagon road will lw open to the
public as far, as llosmer. It is the
intention to cpntinuc this work
through thc Pass to the Alberta line,
and to improve-and extend .tne'"south
ind of it on to Elko,1 thus making a
continuous ^wagon road .from tlie International llouudary. on, the - south
to thc "prairies or" All>erta on the
east. ■.'...
—: p—-—■
Thc -]icnplc of. Coal Crt-ck will celebrate I.abor Day next Monday, and
11 well arranged ]irogrnm'iue of sports
races, etc., has been prepared for
the partiuilai's ^of' which see large
posters and bills.    , .'-
Trains will be run from l'Vrnie and
a large turnout may  be -expected,
In the (.veiling the boys of the Coal
Creek' fire brigade will give a ball in
the club entertainment' hall. ..The V
music will 1« furnished by the Miller,
owh.'Slra, and rt J rc-Iiii n.»ii ts • will be
served.   n        -    ,
Tickets  for  gentlemen  pi.oo;. ladies
f>'CC .        '  o   '        -.      :,   .
Prominent Firem-j-oja -the City ia
, the Way to C-tlgary CbaVeatlou j
, The Ifepbnrn law, passed by the
Unilcil States Congress last session
goes into- uiTiiet today 011 all railroads in thai country, and effects to
,"ome ex leu 1 the G. X, which comes
to Fernie. Uuilcr the provisions of
this act, no free transportation is to
be penullled, nml no discrimination
;n rales will be allowed. If this law
i.s found woiliable, il will put an end
to favoi-ill.'.m being shown to those
least needing it, nnd will remove one
of llie inont powerful leverages by
which tin, larger business trusts secured doiiiiiinlion ovor smaller concents, lo lhe ultimate disadvantage
of trade.
I.nst Siiliuilny nftcriionn, whllc.nl-
tending n reception given by I'reinli-r
Stnlyplii nt Ills ollicial rosiiUiicu mi
Aplekiirsky Islnnd, Ixiinb llirowers
Miccci-iluil In gaining nn eiitrnncu to
the ante t-liiiiulier, nnd 97 persons
wcro killed niul .t,t others were' i«>
jiuvd by iliu explohloii of 11 l.oiiib,
whl.li Intnlly wrecked a portion    of
tllR   llllilllillg,
I'ruiiiier Hlnlypin esaiptil with n
few blight lini'ms nnd scraU-hes, but
li-in 15-ynnr-old ilniighlcr was killed
and a voting son lmdly injured. The
l'n-inlcr'ft liei'Moiml secrelary, CV-iiarnl
Zniiinctlii, M, Kliovi'slill, Colonel
I'dleroff, Clinnibciliiliio Dnkldofl nnd
Vnrnrim, Aide llnulAiriff, Prince N'ak-
arid .. M!t\ <*1!Uuf Trr-'mi-efl *M"l
wvi-rnl jMiiirdli wi-ro nii\f«n>; thi* hIiiIii.
AhriihsIiis drove lo tha pnlnce in a
ronth, .driving nt .van ji. in. Tlwro
were four in tha parly, three of whom
were killed b^tll** explosion,
Thli ■.■•tm ilu- nirx;l lerTillio bomb
explosion sliicc llm killing of Alex-
umljr III. A greal panic * resulted,
iuul (ne iiii'iiibi-rH of tlie aristocracy
nre yreatly, aim uud niul imi xxniA
over llio nwlul aflnlr.
I.ittle Don.'.the favorite of the
town, petted by everyone", and admired for his bright, cheerful view of
life, is no more.'     ' '   -
The sprightly liltleefox terrier had
bem the property" of a colored gentleman., who now resides at the .provincial building, " the guest of the
city, but as his owner failed-to pay
thc license fee charged by, the city
for the pleasure bf owniiig*'n*.ce little
dogs like Don. he was oiu day taken
to ;.thj cily-.pound a'nd sentence of
death, passed upon'him not for,anything, that little Doii hadJ-ever"'clone,
but because',his owner didn't' perform
the duty, required of^ Iiiih by the law,
(■nd which _ was an - obligation which
lie owed to the little fellow when he
assumed the responsibility' of,,ownership: ■-        ■-   " . 4       -:■_-:
• Don-did not lack friends," however.
The ,0. K. barber shop boys came to
his rescue and he was spared to his
,fliei-ds_In.r_a.aJili.ip' lnnyr. .     *'- -'.-'
- Biit this world * is as fall of pitfalls, shares and'danger for dpgs as'
it is for men,'and last Saturday, lit-,
tic Don came home tb the shop holding-tlw .stump of-one foreleg up and
looking in at the door of thi shop,'
he.,told as plainly ,as dumb' animal
could-speak; the story' of his ealaiii-.
ity, and with' 'pleading "litll.* tyus
asked'for aid in his .troubles. -, Nol'
by speech did he do this, I'or jicver
a whine or whimper escaped him,'but
his was the*, silent mute appeal of "11
sj>ccchless•,little, friend.   .
On exam illation it was found thai
thc little fellow had in some ■ way
lost'the whole nt otu. little forepaw,
and the leg was-left so mangled thai
it was :al once, seen thai the most
merciful thing that could be done
wns to md the little fellow's life.
Ko one of tlu I). K, boys took little
Don tenderly inlo his arms, ainl holding him to a heart'full ol .sorrow,
took liim away'niid returned without
11 .
A pistol,-a cartridge and a- hllle
pressure of a linger upon Ou trigger,
a sharp, quick report, and Don wns
done with lifo.
Pernio will be well Represented
on Labor Dny.
A large crowd will go up to Crmi-
.broolt on Monday to witness lhe,
1,'nl.or' Day celebration iuul  sports,   ■
The Itnlinn Imnil will go nlong uud
lake piirt In the programme, which
will be a line, lung uud well nrnuiged
Our' (ire brigade rncen* have received llieir new curt nt Inst, and will
practice stendlly willi it, II'Is .1 line
Iil'iii, high wheeled, riil/l'cr llml construction, nml will lm 11 grcnt llll'
provt-niviil over lhe n|d service c.i.'t
which Ihey hnvii U'ui using. Two' cx«
tin coavlus will be iilliulieil to llu
regular west lound train Moiuhy
moriiliig, nnd 11 mutIhI w"1 '""'"I. l,lu
ciowd buck ih ilu t-v-ning,
A low rule for llu round trip \\\'A
lnt nind.', nml 11 large uowd ol Tel-
lilellcs will go up to mu tlu S|' IflH
nn.I cheer our llyeis in the wet   t?st
Vl'IA   fni*   th."   1rn«ln'   i*"p
CruiHiriifil! will n-ci'lve nil .'onu.v
wilh open armed linspltnlltv, nnd
there will liu 11 high time in the im-
iiniia Ik'U burg that day,
.v\')Aki-4   'tiit  HV   I'AKTV.
On Mon4ay*.va delegAtion of firci
chiefs ', ffom'.citfes. in" the* States o£
AVasliiii'g'ton * and ;'■'Idaho','-*'*passed
thioiigh .Feinie oil, tlicir.'way : to live
convention . of .liremeb,. which opened
)-esterday* at; Calvary,'
, The "'delegation.* included "A. II.
"Mycrs^ chief of the fire department of
tho City of Spokaus, Chief Grangtr, ol
Dnunport; Chief Lyjjon,- ol- . I*wis-
'' ton, and Chief .KeUy,,, of. Wallace,
Idaho. , Those, gentlemen are a'l enthusiastic lovers of their calling and
were,a,fine lot of men, Along with
theni were'Mr. Fred A.. Wood, of • Se-
attlel 1-epres.iitiug the Gamewcll Fire
Alarm Telegraph Conipany, and Mr.
.1. F. I.indsey, who represents thc
Washington Rubber Co., with head-
tpiarters  at  Spokane.'       ' '
'ihey *A'cie" iti ' tlw city from the
arrival of- the G. X. train from Wexford until tliey left on the cast l^ound
C. V. K" express, bound for Calgary.
Tli*-y were most of thein old-time
ftrtiwuintantes of the Whelan boys,
and they were ,. most royally cnter-
taiiud at  the Xupancc.
Tom Whelan had arranged toglvt
them their diimer before ljoarding the
train in tlic evening; and .when they
sat; down to the tables the servicb
was so -arr'aliged that not a moment was lost, in waiting for changes.
, So neatly was this dcaie that one
of them remarked A that Davcttport
would be di/./.y'wilii'delight at the
sight of it. •• • v ;■
- They also'learned-that .they could
get their silver,grilled as neatly, by
tlie c'liarter-in-thc-slot system here in
Fernie as in Spokanc.-
'iki whole party were taken to the
Coal Creek mines after lunch to
have'a run. thtough -.the bigr!powcr
plant aiid the great' steel' tipple,  ■.
While, they were",,, '.discussing the
Napanee dinner, - the local'fire brigade
hoys got on their racing. harness and
had the big hose; carKManding al
the'starting point jtist". outside, and
were ready to. give the-, visitors * an
exhibition run' jusl before 'their de-.
.parturc   ior  Calgary. '    ','    .,    , .,•
The.home bovs'made, a record run,
and   were   highly  praised '* by *" these,
veteran  visitors.
wete .pleased* to call a mb^t .pleasant
stop; over, they continued their] jour-
»ty .to Calgary, promising, if; pos-'
sible; .to stop over.on their return
trip and . accompany out Ijovs - to
Cranbrook; bn,Monday. ' ' '   1
*' Boji Voyaje, Hoys!
— 0	
It   is   Jolly,,  "buy", Jolly.;.
Cranbrook Herald,
; Th? silver, speakiiij-- trumpet presented by Messrs. Tate & Son, fbr
the winner of llie hub and hub race
on Lalior Day 1ms arrived, and is
now on exhibition -*'»it their store.
11k trumpet, or megaphone,' is of
silver, beautifully engraved, . nnd is
one that any hose team on the continent might lie proud to possess,
and Messrs. Tate & Son have "certainly shown a high appreciation of
the fire deparlimut by presenting
this handsome trophy. The following are the conditions and rules to
govern thc contest:
1. Pri/.c to be competed for not
niore than once in the same town in
any one year.
2. Winning team must put up for
competition the Tate Challenge Prize
on the "day of tlu>ir annual celebration. -     ' •
,-"-. Tlu team winning three times,
either successively or otherwise, to
liecome the perniniuit owners of the'
same. '   '
1. Teams to consist of not more
than twelve men,
1. To run- 6113 hundred and filty
' 3. Pistol start, hubs to-be' over
starting  line. " '
<**. Teams to run with approximately  the ,smnc weight reel.
5. Judges to l:c appointed   by   thc
competing teams.
■ .  ,  o •
"Buy" Jolly, it is Jolly.
-. 0 .
The .school was rc-opensd' on Monday, Aug. 27th, for '*, the fall, term.
Mr, John Simpson will be principal,
and Miss Nicholson retains her khanj-e
5f—the~jiinior room       ——    —s
1 -  - * *■' - 1    1"
, , , 1 . *C t>
Cattell, one of the Best Men on the Hose Reel Team
Breaks a Leg while at Practj
. A most distressing accident occurred last night when tlie brigade boys
made their practice run.
The new* carl arrived from Cranbrook Monday-evening, and the boys
had intended to make a run with it,
but it was, found that the reel did
hot work smoothly, and, the first
run was made with tlw old 600
pounder. This proved a most unfor-
li.nate race. Just as the team had
finished a fine run, Cattell, who of
late has been taking the leading position, slipped * and fell in, front, Lof
the heavy cart, and'before-it could
lie stopped by Black, who was at llu
pole, ami the others, it went over
Cattell. In some way his right foot
was caught in the spokes of the
wheel and was brought iu contact with one, of tlu arms of the
reel, which was revolving rapidly in
• he opposite direction from tlie motion of.the wheel, and his leg was
broken squarely oft below the knee.
Mr. Black i.s a large, powerful
young man, and as snple as a cat,
but his great strength, with the aid
of that of the- other hoys just ii<
front of the cart, \vas not sufficient
to stop it. It was due to the (jnick-
ness of mind and action that the sharp
edged tire 01 tha big wheel did not
strike poor Cattell's head., The probable result of siich a contact makes
one shudder to contemplate.
Mr. Cattell'    took his painful   am'
distressing   mishap  with  the courage
and fortitude of a hero, and was U-n
derly eared for and taken to the hos
pital, where Dr. Bcnnell set the bom
and made "his patient as comfortable
as possible  under   the  conditions.
,   Mr, Cattell is one of the finest special ns  of  physical  compactness    am'
proportion to be seen any where, and
was   the    pride of     the l*ovs of th.
team and*"' the people of- the   town
who were takinjr such, interest   iu the
in   tlu   illy   of clni-rfiil  liars.   Tli.*  pirVn for llu piers of the. brldg**, nml
ill   tO'ti
prosperwu life in their new   home.        From tht eroding; of the bridgi
Hoad KupciintuniU-itl Mt-Nluli hns
tm men working nn the new ro.nl to
UoMncr, an<! they are now engaged
fit preparing fnr llw appnutK.-s, In
the new luldgi* over the 1(11*■ fl s-itilf
ind a htlf nUive the Feinie l,uml«cr
Compniw nnii. •
Dlghy omt Wal-llc oro driving   the
The Ledger Kid nr.cplH with most
UAxa wishn bim *«*t bU lainily a   \*? l,rW*e will s<k« I* >n *\*tt. '       •"'»>■  H'-mt**. ««'l 'f '••* '»a    wtll lilam 01 ann-t tn*ln tn Waihlnxton.
home.        From tlit crowine of the hriilgc the innnit, l.e It lii there. I   Afler Vicing    enjoyed what   tlwy
I), V. Molt-Nuxt Wvdmsday nl
four o'clock, I nm giviii|i; a farewell
party to my friend, Kntle Milton,
•md I lio*)e your iiininnin wilt let you
rom.*, WV will lmve rrfivsluneliU nl
fi\c o'clock nnd gnme* after. Trusting ihnl you will I*- able to nlteHil,
1 ii in, y«nr n flei I Ion ate friend,
V. 8.—A*. )oii nre the only boy invited, and nIioiiIiI you nol oc*c*p|,
llw msitatii'-n to my paity, com
Anwn nfjiiiif (]vi» oVlnrlf nnd Inolt otvr
ih- finee.
Mr., ,Wcod,'...of -.Seattle, was the,
chief factor in .promoting.' tlu first;
national fire'tournament'" and' con-'
vention, and i.s:an "enthusiastic racer,
'havi'i'g' * J'jeeii , connected , with the
champion' ■■contesting lfrig'ades in
many.' touruiunenlfc-i ■'iir.:.Wood stands.
over, six feet-iu height, and is a fine
••■pcciiiicn ol1 physical .manhood.' ,•
..■'thief Myers',-of Spokun*t,.is a maii
of'experience' in ,' the art of fire
fighting, having ■ been' connected with
various departments , for more .than
thirty-seven -vjents.
-, Ho* was n- niembcr of the Oakland
department for seven, years,. liicn of
the >San I'raii'cisco department for
seven years, and since then he has
been a nunilurol the Spokane department for twenty-three years, the
last 'It'll of wliieht he has hejd- the responsible position of chief.of that extensive department. Spiok'niic . has
now nine well equipped fire stations,
wilh two new oues iu course of cou-
struclion., There are 7s1 men'.011 tlu
rorco and ao. mciic will Iks added ns
soon ns tlu new stations are ready
for use, Tli? cily has six steamers,
llireu fir'sl-tlnss, two s'ccond-class and
one third-eliiHS engine. It costs Spoknno more tlinu .Sioo.ooo1 n year to
iniiliiUiin this equipment, nnd Chief
Myers' estimate for tlu present year
wns St.WH-n,
Although Mr, Myers is past 57
years of age, ■ he is still an nclivc,
wiilc-nwnkc innii,- and as full of the
(ire thnt lij-lits lire tvx ever,       ' .
Cliief Kelly, of WaUnce, Idaho, bus
charge, of a fnu force of men, well
eii'ilppcd, which renders Wallace fiiu
Wullnce  In     llu chief city ol    the
CiHiiir d'Ahlus mining district, which
lutiis out more silver lend thnn nny
olli*1!' entiip on (he (-onliiuiit, nud is
c'(,nsw'|-»iciitly nil puffed up nu lliuif.
Chief Uriwger, of Dnvtnpnrl, Wash-
lng.tr.li, could not bonst of much lend
hut could crow ovor    llu (net that
I.iMc-'ilu  County, of which  Davrtipoit
is llu county *   Kent, produces   more
wheal than nny cnuiily in tlio   Villi-
id StnlUM.    Mr, tiriiii-jcr wuh   quilt
ur.liiiHinMic   yytr   our hoys   .n'viii-.
i|iinllti(>s,     mule nmpllmuitvd    Chief
lluldicy and Kd. Wildtnun upon tlu If
mul mid rnpld work ut the hydrant.
Chief I.ydou,    ui U-wiHtnn,   could
tlilu'f of nnilt'iiir    III whloh his    rltv
RVd'lled, iinU-KK iii wiin In the inimlivr
and   homily ol    her girls,   11 point
•■lili'Ii he. win prepared to mnintuitt
ng,iinst nil coniei«.v,
< UwWlon is   in tlio hills,   and   is
sn-iporteil bv n (livernltv of iudustrlcH
Xhtiltit Irmn snmll Iruit growing to
lar-*e milling ojK'ialions. '*'
Tlw Inst of nil .these. Jolly good fel-
lows, hut by no iiicann the leastfwoii
Mtulsey. Mr. I.lml-wy in fine ol those
fcllowH -Alio, getb nsxt to you bv let-
tin,* >»;i V.nn*A ' lli.it'lu apprcviaUft
tlm fiiw things whicli you have layin-r
nrimlKl   looiwi
lie wns tbe tuont (-nthinilastic of
nil cnthii*.f.i*»lic crowd, over th*
iJ^'iuum of our inoiinliilii scenery, llm
mpcclnlly n.liultril tne lofty penV* of
iIl- Iflii.c Si-.ui.s ami If tlu-y tvtrc
■,ck i*..uul> iKtlkcl upon icotid fouit-
ilmlfin-i tlie Udfttr would |* • little
wii-nsv li-st he idintihl try to   *w\ot
The .Movie hose team are making
every effort to prove themselves efficient at Cranbrook on Labor Day.
They fully intend bringing home both
lhe cup .and the money 1
Tin heavy,steel whicli' thc C.-',l\
tt.- Co. is- laying along ^Uu Crow's
N'cst line, in order to meet the increased .passenger" nnd freight trallic,
has Sjecn put down through Moyie.
' P. J. Smyth, the editor of tlu
j-.eader, was laid up with an attack
of bronchitis lusl week. ■> He was an
inmate of tlu hospital al Cranbrook
for several days, hut seems to be almost recovered,.    '
News reached here hist week nf the
death of Hen Murphy, who died of
tii'l-crculosis nt liis home in Allibrlu.
Murphy was one of tlu pii/tuers of
Moyie, being iiileivnted in llu Lake
Shore mine, On selling out in if-tyj,
Ile received $50,000-for his'interest.
'■' Wm, Hlnl, n liniheriiiaii nl the St.
Eugene mine, had his left arm brok-
tu, nnd his elbow badly smashed on
Saturday throu-i'i" - a fnll of rock
whilst engaged nl" work. Dr. Hardie.
Httdidjd the injured man, nud scut
liim down to Ci 111 "brook hospital on
the afternoon express,
Action ol 11 lloy at. the nines not
Likely to bo Repeated,
"ior    llie"
While ut llie, mines Monday in company willi llu visiting firemen from
over tlu binder, a 'Ledger reporter
got nt first hiinil, tlu pniliciilurH of
what might have hcc-n a fntul nc.-i-
While looking nl thc rolnry lippl*s
nt work on tin: iiinlii lloor of tlu tipple, hu learned  lluit some oiu    Iiud
been caught In tlm big wustct hopper,
uiul nt 111 si it iviih whlspeivd that 11
mail hud been killi*il,   Dcsiciutlng   10
the lloor Ik low llu tipples und groping his way tinning pulleys, Im-Hh end
shafting, lu litinlly leiulied  tlu    big
hopper inlo which    the wuste   from
tlu mine is dumped by menus of cm-
rlers,    Two boys, one on i-iuli side,
nre Ntiition.il ul tlu i-ml of the   curriers from whicli tliu rnck is rarrivd
into lhe hopper by meiins 01 ituliiud
".proiitN.   Tlu cliiIv of lU'Ke buys    is
to see tlmt tlu'Hii spouts mv not clog-
gc-it.   l,iu ol tli.'Hi- boys, Vtallui Unit
by name, nged nhoiil  17, hnd h-ll hti*
station and tlimUil into tlu lixppei,
uud when     tin hlldu at Uu luillom
u'uv o|ieiH'd lo lei down n carload of
thu waste, lu -nidiliti'ly iiiiiiid hiuixell
being drawn    downward by llu*   d.-
KCeiiiliii(( wnsle', nml wns ww>n bml.-d
to hin nock mid ho totnnlc-lely wi-iVVl,
In   tliat     lie (mild   not move.   His
mate on the nllur sid.* of tlu   hopper, twelng his -itvdiY-iriiit-f, g:i«-r lit,-
■Alarm, nml nun were wt to work to
dig IiilU oul.
It took scvcriil mitiiiU-N to retinue
lhe wa*-tc lioin III*. imprlKntud botlv
down to In-low his kin-*-*, when Ii.-
wan pulled mil, nnd came np tin* biA
drr Mii'linj* nnd n.it Hindi ilu **,ot«^-
for tfi*- .ircidiiil Ifii-f It* f»'H '■■•■«
•em, he ml*ihl lmve l«-«n drawn down
through tlu ttartow ink nf th* Imp
per and lictni ctuOicd or »nioih-r.d to
—jure—ponrcr^cciirr- record
week is villainously vile.'.
Oiu R, Thomas,'a" man of color,
was fined S30 and costs or two
mouths'al hurd labor for living' nf(
the proceeds'* ol * tlu business carried
on at tlu north end of town.
.1 aiues Ilucliaiiaii, charged with
vagrancy, was let off'on suspended
sentence. '      '
Charles I.oo, "Friink, a Chinaman,",
K. Ktigito, Masnuago undMedkas-
houia, au assortment of Japs and
Chinamen, were 'accused of lieing fre-
't-'iicaiers of houses unmeiilionuble
All plead guilty, nnd were fined ***35
and costs each.
M, IT. Montgomery, a frequenter of
forbidden places, was also compelled
to contribute the sum of jfcs mid
costs towards the maintenance of the
V, Sanv a gentleman of< leisure from
the laud of cheriy blossoms, wus -ir-
rested nt oiu,of tlu ungiiilded dulih
nl the norlli cud, and n bundle oj
correspondence found in his possession went lo show that he was engaged in llu business of procuring to-
fruits for iiinnoiiel purposes for people iu Chicago, lie wns fined S50 01
two months, nnd is now n giiesl ol
tlu cily, pending the arrival of sufficient of llu proceeds of' his style ol
business Irom the Chicmgo cud ti.
satisfy the demands of our cily police court.
Still number aiTair,, lit which it is
hlntc-d thn I Iwo ol llu.liiiiintis of u
.Inp joint were badly carved tip with
knives or r,woi,s, occurred Inst Sal
unlay, Imi as yet ihu perpctriilni\s o'
(he biileluiy hnve not U-cli nriesled,
ilioiigh tlu lolicu ure keeping 11 lookout for ilieni,
Dr, Kiiiiiysim pleadi*d guilty to tin
clintge  of  pinclie-ilig  medieliu    with
out 11 pioper liccu!*-'! xnu\ wus , lined
S»S, which go's in the Miiilli-ll nf llu
pioviliciiil  meiliciil  cist><K*il*l-JNUi,
— n———*
- Comil'
• of tfui
a joy
His fill
will  bring"'
but in-     tlu"
must go on .   and the race at   Cram- '
brook be  nm without the aid of the
Heel-footed   leailer.
'Mrs.   Cuitell   was greatly    shocked'
when she  learned from lur'huslxind's
broihe-r of     the  accident, and ' went
down to tlu hospital al once to see
He will 1)^ w-atelud with care, and
the whole town will welcome him.
Lack to hi,s accustomed place in the
The boys of the t'eani fed1 most
keenly the' loss tlu-y have "sustained
as a l-hcing team, but thi* feeling of
loss is overshadowed liy the sympathy they have for'their comrade in
liis .suffering.
The practices "wilI''«ro .011, and tlu
'.oys wilt,go up to Cran-brook with a
lln j combination  of runners.
The new cart. is n great improve-
nuiil over the weighty old one,   and
xccptiitg.a     little stillness    in    tlu
.ork'ing  of  the  reel,  which    can ; Iks
asily overcome, is in good condition,
"or  s.-rvice,
A   Ledger  lepreseillative  called ■  at-4*
he hospital this moinin'g. and found
'lr. CatulK u-sting I'liietly after hi-i
cet'ere  ordeal  of  lust  night.   Like    a
.nu fi-cm.'iii. lie ceiiieul I'uuch more
/.* n.'rrn I'or the success of the other
'-nys  in   th.'ir.races than  lu  did    iu
sisi-'own- misfortune, and was anxious
.0  1 now  that  the  l.oys  were    going
ight along willi  tlicir practices.
'Jit*,  boys will   be worthy  of    Cat-
e'l's plucky gocxl will, and' will
work just a little .harder to make up
as far as possible the loss of his
l>-lp. - '' „     '
plant      is   .oiieiat'ed    by   tlu   .ieffrey 4.
nianiiKacturiui> company of ColiiinHi'ua.	
Ohio, lor whom Mr. Tuttle has work-,
ul ulorc. Mr. Tuitle willjouruey
\ia Spokane, New York, Liverpool
and Cape-low-*.. "'    '
l?verj body i.s j;lnd lo know, ol
lirnie's good firtuiu in securing so
imporl.'iiil nud liicintivc,'a position,
niid.lu will lmve. hosts Of friends ill'
I''«niic, who will.wish him good luck
iu his far-away field of occupation.
"Air. Tut lie's futlur will miss bim
\erv much, as the two have been
loon companions ns well as tlu nearest of relatives, _ Mrs. Tuttle and
little May will likely follow ,1ater
to be with tneii- bread-wiuiier in
Natal. l''rnie 'TutUe,, like Kred
Wilkes, is a very (|iiiet, unassuiiiiug
youn,; mnn, with whom it dikes time
to become well aci*u,iiiiled, but who,
lutviii„' U-eii found out, is ulwuys
llel 1  in   til.: highest ivguid.
Tli.* best wislus of llu Ledger is
jo'ni'.l lo tinisc of his ninny friends,
,.s     lu goes   to renp larger reward,
n.i il hopes lo1 welcome hiiii back
to l'Vinie' wImi lu-hiis iiinde his Klakn
mi ,'thc land "t lb-- Kiiflir.
rtm*. *m
Hi* Honor .liul)!i! Wilsnii cam<
down from Ciunbrnnk yistciduy t-v-
cuing! nml held a hchsiihi nl tlucouttiy
Trnnk Tiyii.ki, alius 1'rniik Smitli.
wns tried on tlu charge of ohlnlniiig
money under Inlso preUtiscs, Inuiid
"iiilly and sculciie'cil to two months
nt haul labor in tlu jail h.-ie.
'J he. cum* nl TrUes-Wood \t.. M%-
t'uiie w^» ikvuieel 111 (.nm »•' '^*
A ch;iinl**r applu-atnn In lVrnii-
l.tniibei Co. vs. Christie-, npplinitlou
fm spu'dy jtidj-iiu-nl, dlMiilswd with
ui-m. \i, v, tvt».»\«.rti tm \<',+\»\ii£,
Hiiclinior Si Htrilinur for iltliiiilnut.
ChnmUii  itpplnntion,  lUluiwcll vn
CulUlk-rt  cMate.   Wnss  and Alexond-
il  for pbiintifl.   Appllciitmn tnsc-rv*,
ct  jurir.  grunted.   Ifeichmcr ,V IK-r-
'Jmnr lot   difiliil.tnl.
f)VY Y()Xi  S'TTH  Al'Hll'.l.
Hmifi Initio, tlte Houtli Afrh.ui
•.•UriiH, sou of Alderniiin W. \V.
Tut ile, ol our »*il>, U-uviH timinrinff-
nitlil o.-ii ih* t» N- l*mxA Inr
r.iil* iniiili Vol-il, Soutli AfrUa
vili«n- <».- X*Vs\ clwrgM nf (he uhctil
i-ul ma-hlii'tv l« 'ho Klniuts T,*iiij'i.
t'iKil Ci.iu|'.un* coal mines,, sllunU- i.s
mil*".    <ui inin f.adyMiiitli.      1hit
Ilr,  Knniyuiii Imd ticuuely iwljusleel
,iiins..|(' to llu' nir nl fivi'doui ami got
.lu mists nud cobwebs nl  llu prison
w,,i.d ironi his spci'Uiiles,  when1' lu
,01111(1  llilll.srll   iilice  niore  1 lllilllglwl ill
h,. iiiV.slu,'     ol   the   low,  willi    tlu
liili/s  being pulli-d by a woman* of
e.mlngly  1.1.1 idi.hi,     lii'.le,  as    tin*
.ilinlisly  iili|ei'lnl  In  sW.illnwilig  iiid;
-.cet d nun: mid Chiiti-M* rats    which,
lu elillllied to ll.l'.r disi'iiveteil  in  thu
.inv all  iikiIkIih:     llu Dr. Iuul    pic-
eiit/.A  ar.d  pie|iaiiil  fur her.   If    ll
d (111 t  do anything i-l*',   il   is hoped
ill ,t  It  lias innii lit-1- ol llu Chiik-w
'bi.-lor dis.-iis,'.
tlu It,id   ]ii,leihd n rhnrgi: of  Ob-
uiu'liiiig num. .i- iniili'i  ful*«! pivtelisi-.'i
i||niii.t   llu Dr., lml lhe 1 linri'C* was
.,ier wiilul'iiwii »iiil llu Dr. hns •!**-
,iuilul ihi" nick ol llu woods,
'ill I.-   will* oilier vietiiiis, mi it    in
mmouhI,  cauglil  hy .    this'Ceh'sllul
IiinIi-i*. 11, .ml who paid >li in ly    for
lit ph-U»lll'u oi   beill^  dllpnl,    bill   ai
luy weie men ol mm western spoil-
in}'., pnielivllii'',     they   uie Hiiwiiij;
ecoid   ,nn!  h.iyilig  iiottiiug,
Vi....   •   l\ \    '1   il, ii    ... "i.t • '.f   fi'!-
to •■   iidirinl will a ni 1-.iiii ailment
11 10 ifitig stninliii;' ,is iii Iif iilmoHt
.h;> uie, wen- iu-liii.il by llu* Dr.    In
t.i 1,1' mwUii ni.- 111 llie hhnpe.ol Miiiill
villi's uf pilk with liilbt whiih s]>olM
... tlmmU   il;. ml,iii,il  ovir  th,-'   slAtt
of tin-lit, iifui   ili>v It.nl I'-Ul   yigm-
(•ii.h sU.iKiii in .1 lilllc loittid liatli.r
lm:..   I\ii- th;,. special  I'lie of    treat-
iimi!  il, is .-.iiid  tlu Dr.  i-nlleclcd    '»
I.I'i   bill nl Sioo, •
Si ill miiilncr    uinii Miflirlng   from
lai,,r iiii.Hllities ul ln.iS"* uud cojipcr
in    olid  li.tiii, ',i-iittiu'il iluniif.li hl»
*y I m,  w.«.     -illiwl  ol   lie"  nntat
:n.d nl-o nf .-."iii,* !?.|i< in si|\er wlfiili
c...... it. ii.ciiid tn tlu -rf»lit (4 tlit
"lluitli is Chin 1 " ,1
Mum ix tin wm,1/  1 * .   ,
Tlii-t.' .ii. on .i^ioin in pi d it fen ivlie* n
b,- wh-. I-, not .1,,,1 usl tli,;eriX-ks i*
L.t ill. in. ,    ' r^g-«"-«»*'«--'*,tt«*--'g'''*-^ i.THSrw»f>ft 'toifttfr'^Jn in -rf hWiii if r ■ (■ i rrrf ~t-»j— '. *****
t—rcr-:—.-r-?7-T:- ,"'1 ., '*"—"-•*"'„ .      ., .* * —***-  .£■*■*.■ : '	
1*1*1*     CCDNIR     I PHflPPfer   largely.? conWidaled^priVate   uri-Vketms'.lo'be less than at fast rcport-
THK   FERNlb   LfcUUEK lerests; ,^*,e-arllKlalo^take tiu Ja,--   ■^--^ f**-i&>+
Issued every-Wednesday from the o£-
"fic*   of    publication,    Todd  Block,
Victoria Ave.,  Fernie,*• British Col-
D. V.. MOTT.;
'• c *.-"'
A Vancouver  telegram, 'dated
- ;'j/'**      ,»   -  •-.-. y-
24thV"s!taU;s:        i
\,, "CoiifiOHjiiion  of   the    story'' that
'"N, "lhe llh'nusc~ha-l put chased tj)u ,con-
V*lroiiing. i'nurcsl*. lii..a-li>iU^!i Colum-
bia*""h"ewsi)apej^l.lias---"'1)Ce« recei\i.d
from one of the leading Chinese merchants ol ilu cily, who is also an
agent of thc Canadian l'acific Kail-
way Company." The telegram also
states thai the name of this Chiiu;:e
:      gentleman' i.s Yip Sang.
ll seems thai the press i.s, to some
rxtent at least, taking this most extraordinary statement seriously, or,
at any rate, pretending lo do so.
The Ledger has not the pleasure, oi
the person,ii. acquaintance of Yip
, Sang, but il he is as shrewd and
nlcrt in managing his business affairs'as Chinamen of his rank,'standing and experience are known lo be,
then he' is not getting from these'
press reports the credit due him
'*- There • are no people in the world
who'' would so quickly comprehend
the futility of a campaign of the-nature suggested than tlu heathen
-, The   idea' that  the  .ChKnese 'irovei n-
memt oi  any inlhuiitial memljcrs    ol
the race are     so stupid as to invest
in a syndicate ol  newspapers  in Canada! for the purpose of a'dvocatinjgi the
aUolition of thc $500 head tax is, as
we    believe,   an    absurdity,    equaled
o»ly by  that    other alwurdity    thai
seems to be lingering in the minds o!
- some  people    who  are      not  heathen
1 Chinese, that the people can be hum-
hugged by   such statements,   or lhat
'papers that are known to have   been
.   bought- for the purpose of aiding this
or that  political  or financial  scheme
wield any appreciable influence for the
* accomplishment.* of   the   object   aimed
The   statement    in      this  telegram'
thai Mr.   Yip Sang is also an agent
of    the    Canadian    —Pacific-Railway
L,     ..Company  may mean     a great    deal
more than any other part of il,    as
_^_, there is     some probability   of    th'as
corporation      reaping   large  financial
returns    fiom. thc stimulus    Mich   a
course -wopld  give   lo  Oriental  trade,
ahd  travel.
Th'alt ncgljtialions   have   lieen pend-
news and "editorial comments euiinat
iii"- from sucli sources at,a decided
discount,-until it is probable that
such efforts 'work--injury-to the -.interests, intended .to. he. assisted .by
this boot'strap effort-'' at selt.-eleya-.
«.io'n.     "      u    "'•  '"
This whole Colouislic transaction
has hail "so much mystery "thrown
around it that. the reading "public,
thai particular quantity which .it is
supposed "these iuw owners desire to
reach and influence., are loosing interest even as „to who do'es.'own and
conduct it, 'and that lieing the ease,
thc expected influence will be a dis-
•appointmenl to its new .owners, whoever "th'-.y may be.
' If Jlr. Yip Sang' amf It's supposed
Chinese associates are so-foolish as
to Leied in 10- buying the' Colonist
wilh the hope that through its' influence thc S500 head tax' and other
restrictive legislation will be ■ removed, th-. 11' whatever price they, pay. for
the property will'be too high and tlu
results   disappointing.
If all this talk about the heathen
Chir.ee entering tho journalistic field
is ■ onlv so much dust kicked up to
hide Uu real owners from sight, the
result will be just as disappointing!
to tbem, whoever they are,* as* it
would  be' lo  John  Chinaman.
The real nigger in this newspaper
wool pile'is' sure to be dug out, and
is as likely to turn out to lu a fair-
haired Clnistian white- man ' bent
upon deceiving somebody, as, a lualh-
.■11 Ch'nee, with "ways that are dark
and tricks that, are vain" trying lo
humbug a quick, discerning reading
public. ■ '       '
That tbe oldest paper in Uu province which-, has always been considered the leading organ ot Cons'cryat-
isin should have its prestige-and ^ in
llucnce so shaken and shattered just
at the beginning of a provincial campaign is unfortunate for the "McBride
•.'•ovei'iiinenl, coining so close upon the
denunciation of one- of its ministers
by tlu leader of llu party which has
kept it-alive up to date.'
,lo h "Billings'    homely  old > saying
that when   a man starts down    hill
every hing  seems   to  be  greaccd    for
the  ihe occasion,  seems  applicable lo
the  Victoria  government.
- To1 the-'boiinliiul supply of a thick
coating o!  slippery dope composed of
bad   legislation      supplied  by    Ilieni-^
selves;  is added  thc eel-like slippcry-
ness     -of° corporate   influence    mixed
with  -hadowy hints   of yellow peril,-
wh'."c-h must make the steep  declivity
down which  the- ministry .are looking
seem all too smooth and'oily ,lo give.
It is now estimated that tlu loss
of lir-s.-will-'nol' exceed 3,000, and the
loss ot pi opcrtj-,''is reported, lo be not-
more, than. 55o,o°f.',ooQv   _	
Three' thousand lives ' and 550,000,-
006 would bei l)"t a-.smalls loss coin-
pared to llulo?** or life aiid property
suffered by one -*5»de in ,1 very, sb'ort-
ljv-,' ■'•-'n \s'At- It it couid l"e arranged to have one or 1 olh* sides " to*
a national qua^'el slnken up by an
earthquake 'just Mom the ' fighJJ"g'
po-'nt. has beeu'r<-'adie'd, it might, be
the meativ of • ending the. barbarity
and cruslly-of, war
fwilson $
To.shake llic'i'ght all but- of a na-
Sold by all Druggists and General Stores
.' -.       , - . ;   and-by .'mail. 1        . '_■
j." '    HAMILTON, ONTi   ;
■£ Eckstein- U Gray
Roomg 1 & 3, Henderson block, Fernie, *B. C.
;  F. C. Lawe■''
Post' Office Block,Fernie..B.C.
tion  and  replace, the.de-sire  to   whip
its neighbor witJi a strong and   over- i.n  ,m,,  ptarmigan,
powering  sense oi the ..power of    th-.-
Maker of the universe, at.the cost .of
'sonu buildings and the lives" of: a fe\v
people, woiild he ,aur improved lncth--
od of.settling international dispulw.
' ..Tin only tr'o"hle .with .this way    ol
iloiuj the     lh':,tg, would lic-.lheidilb-
dilty oi.haviiiit.the.political .ui*Jieavn
als "come  on  (*<- just the, right •.lime,
aii-l. place te) be .settled -by  an  unsettling quake. *    -        . .   ■)
-On another page of .this issue * will
be found a pathetic little story ol
life near,.a iight house,-written ex-
pie.-.sly Tor tlu* Ledger by the young
lady who \vaS the sojourner at the
tight house of lhe story- • The,Ledger
.11 a baiilerin-f Mny asked-its visitor,,
who had neve>" lvcforii altempled such
a task, for a short-story,,.bui lo.ils
snrpiisc it cv/lS taken seriously,' aiul
the young lady has shown by her el-
fori" of nil l»°ur, thai she lias ,the
capability of tn .author, and her
little seaside story is . well worth the
reading. '  , ■ ■",*•'
The ■Ledger 'topes lo prevail .upon
her for more stories to lay before Us
hope of a-slow and easy ending
For.ways that are dark
And  for tricks that arc vain,
Soiu.\ people  are  very  peculiar
 f,...■- -    -    ,    - llul   ihal  bcaU-cn   Chinee    '
ing for some time for a transfer    ot 1 should  so   blandly • agree
t    .*. .•    ..»■   ,1..   ..,..»!.   «r   .1...    ... .       ....   .-	
Below .is ii .summary of the game
law, ' with -.'•hicli every- hunter and
sportsman sli°«ld familiarize 'himself
bei ore starting "out with loaded gun
in cfucsl of gamer  -     ' ,    '"   '
: The' hunting   ' season   begins" "next
Saturday, Sept.  j.    ' Sportsmen ' are
•ooking 'forward to the campaign and
£cll:ii',' ariiiij' and'ammiinilicm in order.   Game it, said„to be plentiful this
season, as   in   former   years:   Kxp,.---
ieir-al  iiunlpi'Un'vli'o  know.-.lh'J .,fav-,
nritCngrouiKls of  »rc)ii..-*e, [duck,   siiip.e-
and.d'oei,  wi"- probably leave ■ Kelson [
on Kiiday'Vo as lei'lie ready to a\iev:
the  campaign  at  the earliest"   lawful
hour.'which '* one limn*"'liclorc*'suii-
n large portion ot the stock ol the
Colonist company has l>ecn thc pv--
f-ip of the newspaper world for some
time, is well   known.
As cary as last May, rumors were
rife thai Grand Trunk Pacific interests wcrt at work through trusted
agents in au endeavor lo get control
of the .stock' held by Lieutenant-Governor ihmsmuir in the Colonist company, and il was mooted that the
(leal had' l.cen consuniated, but nothing definite could he learned.
It is hardly probable, that the Canadian    Pacific     people     would    be
caught napping in such 11 game, nnd
ho one conversant wilh  the methods
of tliat great company would be surprised; to lc.un lhat it had outgeneraled the Grand Trunk Pacific    iu its
ntlcmpl to ncquire possession of  lhc
oldest   ..newspaper properly   011    lhe
Const, the stnnd-by of the Cousorva-
'llvc party in thu province,   and   the
mouthpiece ol  the     Mcllride government, 1 \
There sceiim to be Utile doubt thujl
tliero has been     11 change nf nwncr-
shJlp nf the Colonist,, Und u< very litlli*)
lilnu will' bring to light the nature of
tlie change, nud what its effect   upnjn
tlie future policy of the -wiper is   to
All ilic iflotts which iiiuV lio made
lr> liide irom public knowledge lite
real ntillioiH of llie policy to lie pur-
r.ucil will be unavailing, and tlie
Inorci ohsi'uru the real ownership, the
luore obse-iiic and futile will be the
inline rice wielded by the paper,
Hverybody   In     tliu ii'iiiliitj*; woiltl,
To  jai-l with.his money..
lu tliis land so bright  and so sunny,
To l.iiy  up old papers •   ■
Krcin whicli  to make  tapers •
With  which   to  light pipes;
'•'rom  which  he sucks visions
Of   brigades   aud   divisions ,   ,  ',
Of almond-cud heaihen
Sir.inning  over  tlie   Pacific,
Is a dream  too terrific ,
Kor Yip Sang, by dang,
A ihorl'time ago'lhe republics   oi
Chile' and    Argentina 'were threatening inch other with war over apiece
of d .".puled territory;1'today  the people of Aigentina nn* ncllv'cly helping
the people o[     Chile in their    great
ciiliiiuily nud peril,   livery dollar .invested by them i» tlilH way will   do
more to prevent   war than' 11 'I'ioiis-
iind spent in equipping "'«<' ivuitiing
uu 111 my.   It would lie a great   gain
to loth countries if n political union
coiild'be brought about wilh the approval ol  the masses in each.  They
nre conl ignoits, and it would tax the
resources of both to muUo coiiiiiinnl-
ciiticii    ireqiiciU   flcrnss -   the  Audi's
mo'.itiliiiii.s    which    separate* tli-'tu.••
Toronto Glolw.
Would the Globu have its reaih-is.
Iicli.'\e il favors uiiothi'i* shaking up
of tli .i-i! pour, sliakiii-iip Chlllnns In
nriliir to liiiis.li tlm tusk of uuiU«|,r
111 m  with  the  people of Argililina?
Tli-.! loiN of lilu resulting from lhe
ciirlhiiunku nil     llu-   west    const of
rise Saturday morning. ' ' A" ' *_'
British Co'-'ipbians as a rule arc,
fair sporlsnU-'U, and will observe the
.spirit of "the game' laws without compulsion. .Those who 'will liol do *r-o
will have t" reckon afterwards with
thc game! wardens and the provincial;
police ' .      ■
Kvery conscientious ' .sportsman will
familiari/c himself with the " game
laws ol'lhc province, which, are here.
summnrr/ecL  before  starling, out",.. *.
Do not bi" any phwisaul, robin,
gull, ' (.hiill'iich, V.ngllsh blackbird,
thi-ush, lliiii, skvlnrk, swan or birds
thai cat noxious insects, Iwnvpr,
cow- or' calf of caribou or inoosu,
wapiti or c"s fawn or deer,,ewe or
lamb of bin horn.
Opjn eie\A, x to March 1.—Duck,
snipe, bitten, mefldow lark, heron,
plover    - " ,      .
■• Sc-ptcin'I|f<*,   October,  November nnd
•l)eceml.-..f..-;Kill  grouse,  prairie chick-
^^ - -  ". •-	
len and ptarmigan,     bulls of moose,
elk, caribou-wapiti and' rabbits., .
Sept.- 1 (ti Dec."" 15—Di-'or, mountain
e;oat 01 'Vain ol big horn." '--  •
Nov. i,Jo''Mai'ch' 31, lake land otter aiuriiia'rten.'-
lltag liiiiil-Pive "caribou, 5' deer, 2
elk,,or wapiti,'a moose, 5 goat,' 3
hU'e'ep,',2^0 duck and 250 snipe.,em one
season'.   ,.,*,,'   L' .
Sell duck, snipe,  heron  and   plover
only between Sept, "1  and Yeb. 28.  .
Sellrgoat, moose-, big horn' or caribou  only" during .October,  November
nud December*,  also. hare,.
Buck deer, Sept. 1 to Nov. 15.'
Do not at any time export ,game in,
a-raw statu,, or any 'part or -portion,
of game,' except" licar, marten or,  otter;  and  game, killed on noii-rcsid.mt
license".   '   Do'.no't .'take. or.  kill  any,
game -.imported for acclimatising.    ,.
■Don't bunt.deer with-a dog..or   for
the, hide.   Do hot trap, net or snare
or .lake ,.with- baited  line  or'drugged
bait, etc1 any protected bird ■ or    at-
lenipt .to do iL. -
Do not take . or atlcmpl,.to take
trouf- with explosives, lime, .poison,
net, A seine, drag or devic**, ' other
than hook and line, lii lakes of. 50
sqiuare miles 01' "over, you may. .use
nets. -,*■--, ,*■   ,'
Do nol use .salmon cgfgs as bail npr
buy and sell beads' of sheep, elk,
wapiti, ■•■"■noose," carifbou, •• uor,Jclk
tcetli-i     ■"     - ', ■-      :   '  * ■     ■
Do not sell .grouse, ptarmigan or
prairie chicken;' -or expose; for sale
any game bird plucked, or any deer,
"goat, ■hi'cp, ni6osc,'clk*or wapiti, or
caribou  beheaded":    ."":■•
■ Kill ,no' game from one .hour "after
simscU, to one hour before sunrise.
Sunken punts,'swivel guns-'and' bal.-
terics-'i «'aifc  forbidden  for  duck • -and
geese;- '       . ''• '*?• ■■.••   *    ., '•      •!."•'
■ Do-Fnol cold slot age game nor ;■:>'-
port from the province deer   or, any
portion. ,"■'-,-*'     "' ■ ■
Wl Jt. Bo88,'k.C.-    ;      J. S.T. Alkxaktek
Ross,& Alexander -* ■-
Olliee In L. T. \V. Ulock, Victoria Avenue.
The Finest Forter
"aiul'  "/.:']
Tlie only d^oi Beer
in Fernie.
'.:,   the product ofthe .
J. Barber-, l.d.s., d.d.s.,
L T. W   'Block,   opposite the   Bank
Ofliue hours—8 ii.m. to 8 p.m.   . -
■ffevhte, SB* C-
1 Davey & :Laderoute *
W..j;:Wriglesworth, D.D.S.
Ov-ricu llouiif:-    '  8 snto 12 11. m. 1 to « p. m
0.30 to S V.m,
Offico in Alex. 1 ck'sllioelc        .   '
''    •    ovor Slum's llakery. -
FERNIE,        -'       - '     -     - 1
,. iVQSold.;only,fjt ,;:.
The King's Hotel.
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :   : ;
■ >        *.
Retail    Meat   Merchants
Office:   L.T.W. Block     ,
British Columbia'
- 0 ' :      ''
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
Choicest cuts of'fresh meats always-
"Cn hund. ,'     ,       ., '   .
Hams,"bacon, and lard as well.    •*
All kinds of fresh fiflfi otJ ucason. .
'Prompt  delivery; •■ -   ;
Give us a call. I' ;' -°    - -  -   'f
• TEL. 18.       -'■■'■     -' -       - -.    •";.''
Hcriurren Bros.
Sand, Lime & VVotid
Ofiice in'rear of How P0011 liloclt. Fernie, B.C
M. Kerr & Co.
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
CO., Ltd.
^   ..   „  , me
protected. ,
•Don't'tell your hunlinpr stories hc-
fofc Mhc: other, fellow has told'..his;
Always-'rcscrvcfto- yourself the last
chance-nl the tale of,your luini.
'■""WlTlooh into'the mu/./.le. of. your
(■ini* to see if itTis'-loadcd.    -    •*   . ,
DonH ,lr>"''-,to pull your gun put o^
a-wnj-on,'a-'h'on't.or ihrou-rh a fence'
or ■■ over .lof-s,- or; 'throu-rh, .hushes
with-' the- business cud of, 'it" towards
y°'"- *   '*   '  Y . '
''Ihe'''exact dale of ' the orijrin of
tnulc'unions- iii' America is unknown..
There ■ have' been no. mediaeval conditions, and it -is believed that there
were'ho labor,unions Jvi the colonies,
but n'strike of* journeymen .'bakers, it
is said, occurred iu New'York. City.ns
carlv'iiR 1741.   '   ■   ■        •   '    '.   ■
-,  . ■- Plans, Specifications "^'Esli^
mates furnished'on application.;
■   A,    Plenly   of  GOOD ..DRY 'LUMBER ON HAND., ."       "^
,"'     R. A. KERR.'-'   "  ,'"'"'
' 1 l
Architect     and Superintendent
Olhce at Residence,
BAKER 9*.,     *    f.   I-'ERNIE, B.C
Aviioiesale Dealers and Direct Import-.
J: ters of      .,,......
SCOTCH AND    •  o
-  IRISH, WHISKEY, ...   .   '   >
OLD TOM       *.        „      '
,- ■■>    '.AND HOLLAND GIN,. *.y ■ *:
"^Trroimw^r   ~r:   7-a"-T*"
- •    CHAMPAGNE   ,      ■   „      . ■'■'
SCHL1TZ BEER,". ,"< . •
.•..--   ALE AND STOUT,  .       ',
* BURMEISTER -''  -   '
v-     WHITE AND "RED PORT    --
■4  -       ; '1 ' .      -
Crow's Nest
Electric Supply Store
All  kiritis  of.-Electrical
Goods kept in stock.
;• AH' work
John, Turner,
900900000900X0000009, 9999%
' J
Minard's  Liniment Ctnes  Distemper.
Sept, 19, 20 '& 21, 1006
Th^Biggest and Best Eiw
Horse Races, Lacrosse Tournament and other
Attractions. The Latest Fruit, Vegetable and
Mining Exhibits in.the Pronince. Eoertjbodij come
D. C McMORHlS, Sec, J. J.,MALONE, PreB.
Woi-k; '* Home industry. Catalogue
•   Roedhouse. mid1 'Greenhouses,   *'
3010 Wiistminstcr lid,, Vimcouver B.C
'" ■ '   ' *      ' *■
-   -Sole Ageiils iu Cnnudti for
Windsor     Tonic,     ,Jap-     Destroyer.
■I ''!..'-."l
■ I I.
GenoraPMerchant '-
'"'and' Dealer in,,Wines-,;
Liquors and Cigars,'
If not, yoa .11*0 miHsIng somo $
ol the choicesi literature ot §
the century. V «>■* V*    §
§ Ser.d a dollar to R. T. LOW- S
S.'^KY, Nelson,,]]. C,and Rot S|
,* -''Iti'epul-u'ly:f6i:'a*ychr and -8
5 i rise dufof llio rut."' .' r,'>„ ; S
t-Xrc'-tllij; 11 few ioi|ii»ni-tiioiiH ulni nth-   South Aliieilcn ol|ly n few dnyH »K"i   f
m    m '^mSmiWm /       M       iC^lft^H  wb   iJjBi
tion. September 3rd
East ■■
Kansas City, Sm.95  St. Louis, Ssfi.oo
ChlriiRo, Jfio.oo.
On    Snlc   Au«. 7-«-'J.,   -Si'l'L    -*-**10'
Final Limit Oct, 31 st.
Toronto     $72.65
On Sain Hcpl, H.1J-K1. Limit Nov, jotlj
Hilwaukee $58.20
On Sale An*,'. 7*8-'.).  Liinll Oct. 3*nt
■»!■  *mWm*mmW*m
Thrr/Uf-h  rates all slat Ions,
Onttiiio, UuelKic, New York,       '
»•  ,    T.1., „i.i,,,l   TtTiivlt Inv   t'rnHllCMl
.....   ..-,,•'    -
1 Ovi \vi»ll'n<lon.
It 11* fA't'ltUMIX.!'-,   IIUMK   INI^l't-iTltV "».*
Crow's    Nost   Special
Minor's Favorlto Clflars
Parade at
10   a.   m.
Howe Races
Foot Races
and all manner
of athletic
$1,200     in
prize money
Special Trains all points
Hose Reel
Race, Wet Teat
See Posters
for full
E.   Kootenay's
Biff      Holiday.
•j, s. CAV-ran,
1).  P.  A., Nelson
K. .T. C0VL1C, A. 0. P. A.,
\ nmrmvu,  i'i,v.
v Fruits and
t Summer Drinks
litre yon'JI fm* cvcrytlilfii: the
Mason aflord.i In fine comlltUvw.
COMIC       ]K AM)       SKIS.
J. R. McEwing
in cowit.
Liuim-.nl    Cured t\st«,ei
Ik only enn of n tiunJre-l illiroivnt
Hhapo-i un 1 HlKoiniir Dthrli luriis.l
Mil In. Tiu t'tirfi-'tt i;ii ,i|-y u,' i:.J
tl/Urivntllidt-Iilll with ulita't tli-1/
nro iu (.il". ((u.iUilu' tliuin .11 tlu
Sliillim: Sx-Penny Pips
iii the World
mt., ..ii... ..... ....*>...
t'V.V WH.1. vnTMivctt,
Cvery D.io Guar, ntcol.
sotn IM CANADA ran IS:.
Ju.t r-*in«m')or ont ml' 'or
uet.:ni,i   Vt*fntt"  Plnnr
g<t t>***t *J      *** s«««<- •«• •*   **<  m *
For Sule at the
Club   Cigar   Store
AV. A, 1NOMAM, Prop,
Vhoiws 9». *     -      '      Fernie, 11. C.
•floml Jiinvn * * IlomlU|>
O.I5|i in IjV.      j'uriilu      Arr. R.Miim
l!!,!!,'! a in Jlnx'ord '       11,10 a'm' |
DM, am      - Kt'OKANI' P.aoptn
7,!li) p m Arr      Hunt tlo ,    I.v.O IS 11 m
* Dully (ixrcptSnnilnj-
Leitvlnj** Fernie 9.45 p. m. you;
iii+ivc nl 10.55 P' xxx, in -        ,
Arrive nl  10 p. 111. in
2nd    Night
Yet itiitnllinl inftkinintloti, tortli roner-
vut 1(111*1 «ti*., cull on or Hililrc**
<   11. J.. II   H(KnOK)
rf n        * a $:.
1 Great        t
I Cheap Sale!M
k'foukv imos.,
^i-a \r, ,i       —    -
ti-..i. .t rt. 	
Tlie fonlr-wvor:** ol Yertiie will
nltaM take nolle* that Alter April
irt, looft lbs CatptnUr* oinl J«»w-
'it* of Fernie I.ocal l«o will «1c-
round four doUan (4.00) (or tight (8)
bnutt' urorl.
V. H. of C. Ic J. XI. !»*>, Fertile,
life-mli* MtitrMnt Qwa THfAtbiti*
m}i Vnrtt TurkUli Tobnofoi, ^J
*R nnd OI(rnr«tt«t« At,
I Kfoury
Bros, i
(4 ban Franusco Chronicle
Henri  J   Houge, the IJiiited Stat
Mipenntuicknt.    ol    agencies    of    t
ScofctL-.li       Fnion        and     National
rnsuranct        Comjrtnv       oE        Edm
burgh, «ho is in cliarge ot its   San
Francisco  loss      adjiistraents,   -rtites
lhat th. company s position   !S   s
■forth  m  a circular,  reading  as     f<
lowi, which is Using sent to agtnts
We haw; retrained from  addressing
- —    regarding     our position ht
nil n
i Irani
mid 11
for explanation o£ newspaper articles
and hiirtlul nimori, circulated by olh
ers—preferring to wait until thc
gRS'feHil'"*-' the battle for supremacy
Has lifted, and tlle newspapers have
Spilled enough ink io appease tlie
j^iLi-atio-is  ou  winch  sonic  of    tlictn
& At lhc pvitset, «e beg leave to   as
tsiirc jou Tnatjwc liaic no apolog} to I
al-e to auj on<<    Wc sl-in<I f^jiiarelv
on onr re'conl,   winch is as honor J
Shis at that* of ally company in   tlte
fDi-ld   tutt ns wis have been   grosslj
lisn-prcsinfedi wc tlimk    it not oul
S- placid te rcl&U a few facts
Until m*tj days after thc earth
Ijiiake nud fin. nf the iSlh-aist of
April, \o did u«, attempt to adjust
l(msi.s oiir time being occupiud in re
eeiviur proofs, tproquri-fig tlle see
gicis ol competent adjusters, expert
jwcoiinlai Is anil liujldtrs, OlcmIiu^
apon a policj lhat we liaie not Ul
Sated from oni. iota, nor shill wc,
^nd in putting onr house m orikx"
generally lor the mighty tasL ahead
ST lis
township fair within twenty miles of
us ineint another spree and
there wa* Halloween and the Fiilh
of "November
I took turn to thc hospital o
birthday early in Dccemlier, an
big KBttppin turtle used to sit
his liu7zaiti, niaoin, and smg "-Rosin
the BOW and What feball thc Har
«t Be'
'He died,   ma'am,  on lost  Christ
as  Pij He   overheated   hiinself,
a am,  killing snakes in the comd
or with a thajp
li,     >es,    I would   get married
1    I wonldn t     mind a dniO-in"
ma am,  if    there   wasn t so
■  holid-ivs    It's  the  lK>lUta-\<s as
doubt, familiar with
New Yu rk rt solutions, indorsed
tlie forei(,Ti companies, which were-
.st effort was made bj  thc com
my rcpre <.cntatncs   here to     inter
llieir    intamng and agrc"    on
basii  lhat would lie acceptajik
{% the &an
million dollars)   claimants
1   otliLM,   withheld
„ We have no lLsitancy in saving 11
£icw of tlte fact that thc tnitli as t<
?nrtb|uakR damage can never lie ls
tMflished   in   one case   Hi a hundt.
of ten at sulIi 1-ooks of record as t(
ilnhty   of   venfyinf
Lloosl 1.S1JJ, of Sherln-oot.'
luspulor and Supt. of Bnd^i.
Ltion for Nova Scotia, s?vi
icllle or HII"**, 4.RD S uni-
lti:\r emed mu of 3 verv scve-v
•.rr-un ol nij leg caused hv a mil
while building a bridge at Dohertv
Crick   Cum Jutland Co "
-=~ e
A. E Humford tells how Psychine
cured Imn after the Doctors
gave hint up
" It Ij twelve years since Fjydune cured
ie of galloping consumption." Tho
npeaher was Mr. A. E. Mumford, sit feet
tall, and looking:just what be is a busier
healthy farmer Ho works his own fans
—it Magnctanan, Ont.
™ the C.FR. faB continued. "I had
night sweats, chills and fever andTrequent
lvcougheduppiecesofmylungs. I was
aklng last and the doctors said thero
-as no hope for me Two months treatment of Psychine put me nght on my feet
■nd 1 have had no return of lung trouble
If Ka Mnmford had started to (aire
Psychine when he first caught cold ha
would have saved himself a lot of anxiety
■nd suffering. Psychine cores all June
troubles by killing the germs—the root, of
Hotel, Fernie
T, Whelan^   Manager
A pleasant home
far tbo traveller.
Rooms    reserved
by wire.
Every- Attention
pace willi thc c
t olKr
1 and enlarge
Ims gone into     the wholcsalu  seirurc
He Ins litelv   tucked a whole    citj
nder his official bait, and it,    gom™
aliout all pulled up w^Ui the official
;rsonage!. of Slocan city who have
len rcfiism;; to pay the pr nter
llie cily dads of Slocan city order
1 some printing done bv Mr Smith
tngaln which wis done according
1 directions but for whicli they fail
I to pfly    licncc tlie little legal gale
that is now blowing over that wav
It is to Ik hoped that Shenft Tuct
11 keep Uic whole lot of them tuck
anav   nnd r Ins      official belt tilll
the ]irinlcr gels his paj
4 thai
1 subject Ior imparti
^WUPES"!-156. agreement
On the 2jth ot June Wl withdrei
for  good   and  sullicitnt   rcisr-n*   Po
he ' Underwriters' Adjusting Ku
cau eicipt that we ire still su
scribing members), and understand
ihar thirtj five conip-mies did tlie
smnc mam days later Wc are ii
jiist°ng_''oift losses (on. .our own ae
count) ns ncarh as wc can in bluet
accordance with our appreciation ol
our contract Intnlitj without fiar
or favor The nji are recemng Uu.
same careful treatment that lhc pool
In the past six weeks we have paid
to claimant1! $i ooo ooo one-half of
our aggregate Iiahilil) and with, as
little friction aud nol*
to sav, is anv comp-11
the   ' cjl.ii iity "
After paving
losses wc will have over ?2 000,000
surplus remaining in this countrj—
enough 'o enable ns *o meet another
San trincisco catastrophe should i
similar lnitfoiluue fall  elsewhere
Wc would not have jou for a moment understand tliat we are settling
losses at the tap of the drum or
Ihitive ire advertising li> prcpavmg
claurs 111 violation of our ilntj to
our stockholders and to all policj
holders in llw world outside of thc
San  Francisco  destroyed district
The company does not exist that
treats the cliimalits more justly and
impartially than we have nlwajs
hcrelofoic, are uow domg, and   sliall
r San Frmicisi
from Fcrmc, took a
Linerald Isle a few
and while wandering
along lhc street of a small town in
he interior, cimc upon a bnxom,
osj-chcetcd, Larefeiotcd Jnsh beauty
ivho wis presiding over a f nut stand
Scntinj fun ahead, the two ten
nrfect from tlle Pass began to ban
cr ind ilirt willi the ^irl, witJi little
mcctss, iiid becoming more bold and
feeling the} were not maintaining the
ipulalioii of Westerners, one of them
after purthasing a few lug, red ap
s of the girt, said
'TJieic are fine big apples, and th<*j
look good to e-tt, but Id raeher cat
look sweeter than th_ ip
"John wns a good ninn," -said Uu
-ftiriow "1 enn say *ioilnng agnmst
liim, 'emit that lie iwvor ttrow a solar
*j**pati Alld tliat 4Q.U woor on on**
«q. JKy nerveB, niu't what Uioy niuil
to tm Ito woiiJil Iimc Uro (Al\a to-
fluy, I'm'mii, only for iK-lWoyi-.
"Yoii bi«, ho WouW i-eUlirnln Nuw
Vuarji, nnd wpulit Iw ilmnk tot
week* vttlL tho nn*ih*jn*iuy oi our
ftarrtteG, wlitiU nnu tlia ofllli ot
.fmumt-y. whon tw wovXi ln-oni. «»<•
tnidh, tha'mn, Hurt he wmiW lio !"«
qpuorln' Hit uito wlwn St rntrlck'n
liny coiiia aloiiji, when,lio wonKl luvvo
tn swaltA tool, ilwifi hn unRli l Irlsli
■wjiint l'unilRilPBldil niitclll lint ho
unlil lhat no bntl n- lot rf trlwh
HiiiQiH! llio Irish. niHl ho liKil to
show Uiuu llml hi, womi 1 proiul lior
,'Tlwn, ma aw lie would lm pretty
we'll ite-niieil np hy Good. I'**t(In.y,
Sit tlu "w-ler tcaiUiiics hroU him
m np. mu.'«m % Hid timo the 24th
ffii^V^S^t*'- I'in'nm, lio wns
roTun-^parilon mo, ma'am, for »*-
Ing Mich a Word, bnt it's lln r*"l)
Qua in ^IhO-JSngWi J-wgrogo that
L¥pres*|cii 11^ mo, am
thatf iJefirhH-f, wn^Uft bftm till tho
Gnxcr's nicnio, and that kept liim
IfewlllW Ulh.Ci-.lo KplWay, nnd tho
qt-sisSf"H'M'*I&,WOs toHow«-iV>yJ
IMmr Hoy, tlmiiKh he novor dono
iloy's work slnco 1 ninrrinl Him, nnd
ijiat'i^ns, tr-iBfftji.Uiio, mnsin, ywA
»wonWnV%'SJi ill*ot tlio iluMi,
nlimo my o»n liu-tlmnil On l.nlioc
Ilny ho claiinoil Hint I", roproittitetl
tliu ilo'vn.tt'niWop nnsmiilojcili
."Ato'l.nWv Day enmo MM
iiuin-iWlnl BtliiMEf-w. nnd he dldBio
ilrav a. itolior liisMli, uift'iitiii "wSjutfl
Tlie su
inic fo-
a thev
the mojl dangerou*
veir for voung children Slouncl
and bowel tioubles come ijuickli during ih hot wcilhcr, and almost be
fort llie mother rc'i/cs thlt there I'
danger thi. Utile one mav he bevouil
aid B ibv s Ou-n fablets w-11 y e
unl summer complaints if given oc
casiomilv hecanse tliey teeji the
l»wcls iree from offerding 111-iltcr
Viid the Toilets will cure these troulj-
lc if thev coine sudd"nl\ You may
s-ivc /our child Lie bv keeping a.
]*i\ ol nbj s Own laliHets on hind
(o give jiroinpllj Mrs iFrinl. Moore
NorthficM "*T & sajs—"I do not
- nnv mcditinc that can cjjiial
Haby s Own Tablets for curing
.tomicli and bowel troubles I al
,\tvs keep them 011 hand in case of
A        (Pramxmtid Sijceai)
50c. Per Bottle
our stoun"h than ve have in yai
head if je did , came thi [puck re
ort,  and the  bovs >no ^d un
H a win  is ton  la,j   to work    hi
c'l himself up is a philosophv   dir
1 at =
tlie Dr   11 llinms   Sledicine Co
dong huim
}ouns r,
aiding and
:d kavc
Tatc notice that within Mxty day;
I intend to ipply to the Chief Com
mi;,s,iom.rs ol I anth, and Hoiks fori
special ctrse *o cut ai d cany a-v Ly
timber rrom. ihi, following lands, sit
1 atcd 111 boutli Cast Kooteitij lis
trict ee,mMiencrag at a post mark
ed John ItJiksLijiders uortlicast cor
ner, about one mile west of th..
mouth 01 tunnel Creek wher,. it un-
>tics into the tlk Eiver, thence south
io diaips tlience west So chains
Iitncc 1101 .U So cliains, thence cast la
located August 1st    1506
Per        A- 11   DOCK&IEADER,
Change of Business
Having leased the Fernie Livery
and Dray business of Wm. Handler, I am prepared to do all
kinds of Draying and Li very
iemrt   forPernle Coal, Sammtt   llm. ,.j Dttt.UntlnB
AKent of the Canadian OH Oo
G ive me a call
Ff-ed Hartdley
Agents for
Tlie Calgary Marble and Gramte Works
Th© Koctenay Slurblo Works, Velson.
Sampleacan be seen at the office.
Office Phone 41        Residence 76
Parlors In Lundy's BBock
The Elk Lumber Co..
Dimension, Flooring. Siding,
Finishing Lumberr and
All our stock is last years cut and well seasoned.
♦«♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦ wwwwwwwwtwww
u mm k> ncqmteii bj
lii cullc? Kil un tha srasi output
"     .fct-A free muiofs ceit,flcate la (
Lllnnrnr p.lid to tht
•Sram'ni --"""V asa$ 'J*E ,,"
Oi. patent picv du for tlie
Tlie lessee Oi^llliavi!»dredeoin. oper
jr amis nsa lulled   JEtaCal *IO put utmiim for
ncli  mil. of ti>€r'Hiwl     lloj »lty at ths
Xf   W   COBET,
Deputy Minister of toe Intenpr.
*    B,—"tWajitlic^iiicil   ftuS>li*»ltKW>   cA
this advertisement will not be paid
[ARTLXTT HOUSE    lorraerly  tlie
ClarL,  thc lieat $i  a. day kotel
1 Nclscu   Only white heir, c i j 'oyed
, W   -aARTI,i:TT^  Prounetoi:
Ui.   .   .   .
Waldorf Motel
Bus Meehs ALL trains
Jertit'*,  Si,  C.
wff/f* d kXutA/ Frtyiriatw
Will   Sell
90    Day
,   Round    Trip
'Excursion Tickets
l-Winnipeg, St. Paul, Duluth I other Eastern Points Bt
Selling Dates Sept. S * 10
For tMj.ilc.1 lufopnalicm, mtL«, uto , tnll on a. edroM \
ts lAjtH^^AJrKaTlfNt. r,.»l», D, 0.
The Best of Satisfaction
in Watch & Jeioelerg Repairing
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
B E. WALKER, General Manager ALEV LAIRD, Asat. Gen' Manager
Bnsbiess may be tamsactefi by mail witb any bmneh
of tho Banlc   Accoojits wksy bo orened, and deposits
made or withdrawn by mail.   Every attention is paid
to ontH>f-town accounts.
Ternle BrnucJ, ' <,   h    u,lt,   Muimjfer
Make your wife happy by buying a Steel Range of J. D. Quail
or money refunded
- P. BURNS & CO.™
Have ono ol their largest stores In Ferule.
I*mbt Vwl, Frcflb and Smoked Fish.
;; Frcsh^Fish constantly arriving
' '*,%.--V,»'%''V*'%*V-*%'"••*'•*■'%•
Wholesale & Retail
Ph^ne No. 1 Fernie, B. C,
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd 3
Brewers of Extra Fine 3
X,a^r Beer and Aerated 4
Waters. Bottled Goads t
*§i.«. ,  ...      «.8Bfi«i«My4i i
Central JfoteA
f    fames Jeowrn, - Proprietor  \
5 Well  furnished  roams     Tit   tabic   is   ^ippfi.d   ivitli  tlit.  bei**     <
^ lhe mackpt aHords   Tbe bn r i* -■ 11 kJ     wilh   tlit.   host wines,    0
(k liquors aiid cicars ' *f
i*'V*^****-v%^******"a.^*a,!?'»-»^*.*v%.'*».*»^*. «4
Now   Open   for   CnRagcmcnls   at
Dances,   Parties;,   Etc.,   in   Fernie   *£
===r====== Or   Outsifle   Towns ——- =====
From   3   to   Q   Pieces    Furnished
j.    Addressi    C. A. MILLER,      Royal   Motel,   Fernie
and   Home   Life
Can hn enjoyti! liy ink mim     vour     nculx    *t
The Royal  Restaurant
I« cnniimcttoi- wuh the "Rrnnl Hoti-I Vn In it nu il *w\i-l in ' l
city [or 85 lonli A Iuiv lnoro rcuul 1 lunrilirr rtivln 1 'li.iir iintruim
Js  nuttKiittullv   wllcittd
AI.I, WHITS IIM. I*     KMl'l ovru
MRS. M. HOCLZE9., Proprietress
Excursion Rates East
The Northwestern Line
Ver\  Io\  rntos, mum.  inp  lifM      vi   will  In. iu tltnl  to ■..ist
cm ptiuni tn llie [nlltminj; ..nixi   1 1   1   nil*! 1, ^"k» 1 7   '>. nl'J
9,  ftlit. ^Li'lcmUT {■,  ■)  Willi'     If   \    1 i.ii.t'iii-ilntc   n   trip   cnit   *'
will liny juir to write mc tar  [ul,   ] irinuln,is
Wt o1m* olltr 4.PH   1"«   loin..* trj. r t.- fr .111 Clmup..   111.I "tli r
pistir* pointh to nil pnnci|iiil wes l h    |U»nts      »      ■>n\     ol  \our
ErunilH ii i.    • IHilifi out  to    fe \o»     \i Ii   inr tin f  11 ii»c*-
V prtliil ca     'or intonnattim «il'  li] „ ,1 mink ri['U
U.S.  (OU,l.VS, fien'l Ascut
tilii Surnsiio A\e„ Siwkftiio
■^■H*-ahii»a'miliiiMlf|1lliai.^^ II.IMIIWMMiWWWMttWMWIlM sJsssssisssisd^e^S£i^^^^^^^s^?fS^rsm^iS^£
' *a^i^r&*M£MXK*timmm6mi
*«tri«..w. iftgtVKtaCiiWn^c.'w v^i'
A:   .     ' MICHEL.
-'■  Mr.  Win.    Pictou     is  visiting -his
. '^Mich«l   friends. ^   .
, ?•' The infant child of Mr. Andy Sack,
ot Xo: 94, died on Monday evening
■■,    Again there is   . a shortage of box
* cars, .iri-iiiediu^     the,work of «vUin«:
f1, out-coal.
'.•4, Seating capacity is at a premium
j-7aow since the newly formed choir is
tjTifetting in itsrniee work.
", ' Tha, afternoon shift Jiad to lay of
fc»auir<lav, oh account ol a famine in
7 hox cars, ahd all the ore cars of tli«
mine  being  full,,
V    Dr.  McSorloy    has    l)ecn    in    poor
I'luallh  lately.   So1 much sickness has
Wn    in camp  that  thc Doctor    and
■ stuff have  had  heavy  work.
While lKhing oir Suit-day, Mr. I'.rnest
1' Banics ran a fish hook in his Ilium*,-.,
,burying the hook deeply in thc flesh,
making it a very dillicult  anc\ painful task to remove it.
Miss Johnson, tlw lady day school
teacher, of last term ,* rejoiced , hej
friends by arriving on Saturday's
train. Her .holidays must havo
agreed with her, as she looks well
nnd in good uini .for another strenuous peiiod of labor among tha budding   intellects of Michel.
Mr. Mike Joyce-.and Miss Jenkins,
l*>th of Michel, took a flying trip to
Fernie Saturday, wln-rc they were
married by Uev. Mr. Wilkinson, of
Christ church". Tlie happy couple returned to Michel Sunday evening and
'..ogam lile together in ths little ncsl
already carefully prepared by tlw for- -
timatc groom. The many friends o
Mr. and Mrs. Joyce wish the young
couple a long and happy journey together, through lile. Mr. Joyce ,! liu.':
1-ccn a miner iu this part of th;
country  for a  few years.
We hear  the  tramp  of  aimed    men
up and down     our streets every cda\
now, and wt hear the constant ■ rat
tic  of  their  musketry   in  the    neigh
boring hillsides, as the various-nini
rods,  oKl     aud young,    endeavor t<
put themselves      in practice  for    th
• ■ game season, so soon to open....It   i.
expected,  with   , such  glowing autici
,'pation,    that    much    of    the    larg.
"'game  now  roaming  at   large -in    tli
■     "free and-open*''will soon be gathei
ed in as trophies of the diase.
, Mr.; Riilxjn Carl, who iii now livin
oh a  little  ranch" near  Michel,-   sob'
'his fine brood mare and young    col<
With  wagon,  etc.,  to Mr.   Geo. . Ko
met/, last. Sunday for the sum of on
hii-ddivd and thirty-five dollars.  Whei
tho water_ pipes freeze up this white-
nnd  thi .Michclites  descend  agiaiii    tc
the low .level of water carriers,   Mi^
Ko'met/., will'be able to ride aloft ii
y his" chariot of state while he supplie-
through" ' the goal posts," and - Coal
Creek7scored ,its -first;,goal. within ten
minutes after  the  game  began.
Then the fight was" on in earnest.
Time ' after time * the ball hovered
dangerously .near the Coal Creek goal
posts', again and again the Coul
Creckers,. \vith their superb"'individual play , ■ "and their remarkably line
combination work,'.,would .send the
ball /.ig-zagging to, the other end of
thc field, till by and by Michel lottl-
ed within thc penalty line, aud Coal
Creek' easily  kicked  a  second   goal.
Spurred lo more desperate effort* by
these  losses,  Michel .did even    tetter
playing   than" at ^ fust,   ^faain '* and
again  thc     enemy's citadel was   -lx-
seiged hy'quick:and dauntless efforts,
until    (.01 don, .   ai    Michel,   cleverly
xnade tlu •■pal ol tho day, 'iiiakinj['". tJitv
score ,two to     one'in favor of    Coal
Creek.   Two    more  goals  were    soou
scored,by Coal Creek,  one of -which
was obtained  from  another    penalty
kick.   The spectators were pleased at
the wonderfully dean game,put up ty
ill.* visiting  team', while several   dirty,
plays   were   made by oni or two   o(
the Miehd team.   At  least    two    of
the goals scored by Coal  Creek   were
Oblaiu.d 'through 'the  advantage  given "tlioni on account of the foul work
mad.: by    the home team. . With    the
exception of these two or three shady
tricks,, tlit     game  was  a splendidly
clean one," aud very evenly contested.
Most  of  the     lime  the pigskin    was
kept . -" by   Michel     team ' dangerously'
near   the  Coal -"Creek  goal.   Mr.    lid-.
Com  prettily   * scored, a  goal  during
middle   of   second half,  but was followed      by  Coal   Creek getting ■ two,
one"of which     was a penally,    while-
ten     'minutes  before'tiiiie,   Marshall,
who, had    • stalled   all   through •   the*
game  for  his  skillful  work,  clevcrely
won from'Coal Creek the final score.
The giame ended with thc score standing  four  lo  three  in favor    of    Coal
Coal Creek displayed her usual re;
niarkablc; ^defence, while McKen/.ie
and others :of; Michel won distinction
. mining:NOTES.
The contract sig*uJd last summer ;bje-
tween  lhe  Le Roi "Company'and'  tlie
Cental idated\ Mining " aiid    Smelting.
Company, by     which agreement    ths
entire • output of.   the  Le Roi  mines
was to go to the Trail  smelter during  three  years,   was ■ cancelled    last
week,   and   a   large- portion    of-*,  the
ore from the I,c 'Roi mines . will--now
go to tlie Northport smeller as formerly .it did under ,the management of
Mr.  MaeMillau..- It  is  further reported that'/5,ooo tons'    of.the Ive,„,Roi
output  is'- ',still.. lov go to. the    Trail
smelter,  aricr which 'the'" whole " "output of those mines "will 1>e treated by
the Northport  smeller,  which',is;?"the.
property of lhc l,e'Roi people.      '    ft
The   Consolidated-,Mining' & Smelt"-*
ing   Company., have      purchased     thi
Iron  Mask „ property,' _ and . will  ' woi k
that properly- as    rapidly; a.v'il .can
be oixn:d iii).   This will 'mean-  more
work  nud,   niore   wages . ' to .lie  distributed-at  Rossland.
The reported find of rich ore iii Ur.*'
Uam-bk-r has not as yet l-.eciuNdcvcl-
opLd !o such an cxtciit",as•*t'd.''«le-.
termining its extent or value. ' •,, '. ;
The -.-liiniiients of ore. for the week
Hiding last Salurdiiy, as' reported to
the Nelson Baily News..was as , folr.
lows: . '*>■■;
Bank   of   Hamilton
V '" Capital
a Reserve;
Total Assets
$2,500,000   -
2,500,000 -
Over $30,000,000
I Savings
One Dollar is sufficient to open ah account.   In- x
tcreBt ' paid serai annually at current rates.   The &
best facilities are offered to out of lawn depositors -J.
Current accounts of.manufacturers and inerch- -*>
ants solicited.-*;.-"AV, ".,", -   -       ' *y
A  General "Banking-   Business  Transacted" <■' r ' <|
Pure Food Demonstration of Crescent
Goods, i>y Miss Erma B. Nicol     :
7uuder""this heading* insferted.-at tho
'•2 rate of one cent: a word each* inser-
■^•"tion**. '* *      '      :.,.    *   " ,.**   "V;
\VANTUD-.-Girl    fbr^ , general   houf'e-
,' work.i-Apply*lo!. Mrs. W. R, Ross.
Boundary    mines. .
l.of-slhnd ■	
Slocan     Kooleiiuy.
,  Tons.
... 4,719
lor their ])i-etly defence work. Tlu*
one ' unpleasant; feature of the' day
was" when. Tony Barnes, one of Coal
Ci-c-Vs best and, cleverest players,
got hurt by kicking a blocked ball,
and ltad.lo retire from thc game for
a while: "■  , - •■ ' 7   .    ;    ■
iliinibnie walcr"7~tanks._~IIis"^j'oTiiir
son George" now ■ holds a very en
viable position among th**; juveniles
as lie sits astride Uie old marc walk
ing, sedately to the jingle of the cov
Mr.   Dan  MeTavish,   agent  of    th
Scranlou correspondent courses,   wa
in town last week doing up his regu
Inr monthly  work, aiid succeeded  al
so in getting sevcial     naw student.
enrolled,   lie  and  Mr.   Kinney    wer
?ein     together <|iiite a -1>it, for " Ik*
' sides    knowing   each    other    sevcrti
years, they made several noted climb-
-together last  .Inly, with other meni
' bers of tha  Alpine Club,  up the Yo
, ho, so they doubtless had mnuy ex
periehens     and climbs lo talk  ovei
Mr. Kinney is finish ing, up a lot    o
' Miperln     mbuntaiii   views,   takt*n    01
thnt    Velio Hip, some of  which  ar
views taken from  over ten  thousan
feet above tho sea, ninong tlw oceni
of peaks nud everlasting snows.
The dny school has nol yet    coin
tnencod its sessions,  and  the presen
prospects arc not very blight for il>
, opening very soon, though one* of tli
teachers     i*. already  on  the ground
. Ali-out j»ix weeks ago the public wer
notified*     to tlie effect that a publi'
meeting would lie held for the    pin
pose  of electing     trustees    for    th
school,     and though there are    ovei
three   hundred    children      in  Mjc-hel
th.-rc were only two people* at    thai
meeting, so no trustees were elected
It was with very great dilliniltv that
the     tencheis    ol  last  year receive"'
their salaries,  lor which  they  wink
id so hard.   This     year, unless    tli'
people of Mithcl, who cun  Imn    im
di masse  ton lootlmll game, do no*
uroiiKu themselves to u Utile    Ixittei
public spirit, their line school Iioiim
will remain   closed, nnd their    litlU
folks lie duptivid nf educational    la-
tilitits,   I'nliHc iioliiu will  soon    Ik
given to this iilli'cl, nud one nuiru op-
.pnrlunity will be offered for the elec
lion of  tlinsi!  trustees,   Mlcliel sliimh
in    th;  tinli'Me  position of posst-ssln-.'
Mily two bits ol pto|>crly within iti-
limilM     that   ure taxiiblo,  vi/..,    Tlu-
Trlti'S-WiH-d On. htoru nnd the Michel hotel, lml us thusu two places   do
oUnit all  lhe Imsiiu'ss, except   mining, (hire should lie no -'tiusllou    as
Iti fin.iiiii.il Mippoit, -
The Fi-tnie kpeilul, liearing the Coal
Crt.„Xi '».n»li-iH li'inn nnd .heir fri^mU
nrrivnt here in Mlclh-l uImiiiI six
o'clock, and inside hnll nn hour the
footlttll ground-t were crowded with
intliUNiuMtic iwoplu to witness the
final lengiii: muUli lie I ween the two
tiams A pooil vtime. wsh imliciput-
rd, localise ol the trams lieing ulioiit
tvrnly i-iattlud, oiwl '.|5«»*"<1 players
a all. N'nr were tho crowd disappointed. At half-past six the referee
|thidled thc signal of strile, tlie
teatrin iiniiiedialfly lined up, Mithcl
kktuU off the Ull and the bitttk of
tbe M-ason was on. The pigskin was
ot otue «ii.«M-tl lii-riily in»ui eu<l to
did (A the field in rapid sutctHsion,
ssA tmnv t.tilliant and exficrt playi
tn-uU-, till one nt the MUhel team
uVliUH.iti*ly »>iadc a font, and was
c«u->ht in ih* au by tli* uatihlul
«•(*!«*.     A ikte kuk wis* givin
»  Total    _
The  smelter  receipts  lor   the'   week
were:        " " .4.4
.   -    Tons.
Hall  n.in:s  smeller ,....-".    997
Uoiivnion   Copper "Co.-smelter... 4,74',*,
Granby smeller.'*.'..;  .'■" "'7,96-i
Trail   .smeller....'    ...... 5,4of*
alarvsviHeAsiiicUer :...;.." '50v-
WANTED--A , good  planer    operator:
..at 'IIosni-.T sawmill.— Apply al Mill.
A"  ' ■    *7 ' v ' 4 '
WANTED-Good     girl   .for
■. ho'iisew-ji-k.^-Apply     Mrs. ■"
Nuim. , -',*'-.,
.T.      W.
y "4- "
-SlTUATJOX - .wanted by  stenograph-*
,,er; gold mcdali,sK*.,.'Apply to J, cavj
" Ledger.
Total... .:. ' " "-..'..:
Total Ior year to date\ 1,049,880
'lhe B.  C.  Copper    .Co.,  at Green
wood,  expects  to  blow  in  its    large
new  furnaces  within a few-days," who'u
that smelter will  again be  adding to
the smelter receipts by a greatly   in-
ti eased quantity.   It  is',,expected tluu
tne new plant will      be able "to turn'
out  1,500,000  pounds  of  blister, .cop
per every thirty"da\s."
. The'oulpul .of;coal   from, tlu mines
for   the  week   ending  Friday, .August.*
24 th, was "as follows. . 0
cr *,- ofiice.
FOR SAI.E—A good Williain's piano.
' Apply I). "McLennan.
 ; r—; :—; ~t
are. for sale at, this ofiice, price 25
■ cents'each—"Room's-to Let, Apply
t, Within," "Furnished - Rooms to
Let,  Apply  Within." .
.Many   a   jjluni   man  smiles'but
"only the bartender sees him do it.
*  Practice  makes  perfect,   and   makes
yo jx-r cent,  of  the  boarders wanl.lo
snia It the  piano,
,   Mr.  Wnu- MclCwaiu returned to Kiko
nfler, a lour nionnrT^tK^iiF-vlslt"W
he   ICuropeaii  continent.        ,
R. C. S. Randall left Elko foi  the
Flathead country  via the south  'fork
'of  Klk  river on  ollicial  business.
I    George   Mellctt,  of      the *Colum*l>ia
Hotel,    will,    build'a   large  billiard
hall  and  bowling* alley  iu the    near
luture. A-.   .
Mr. Burney and family, of MofrU-
s.y Junction, have moved to *Elko,
and have taken over the dining room
at ih- Columbia Hotel.   ■,  "
On'te"' a number of * Montgomery
Ward, T. M. Roberts and Sears Roc-
buck,-Americans, passed through Kiko during the week, everyone as
.hen.-'hs- a Chinese laundry.ticket,
A large party of Elko residents nre,
■'Uni ing 011 the south fork of Klk
river, about twelve "miles from town.
Miss Watson, from Regius, is with
Ihe parly', und.by all nccounts they
■ire luiviiig 0, swell time, and may
possi'Jy.stop until the wiow Hies.
It is delightful just now nt Kiko,
'I'liV* of the sunshine, the pleasant
ilrivis, the beautiful groves, the
bin.■ sky, the luxurious trout dinners
supplied at the hotels, nud in the
'vening strolling where thc Elk river
wind i its silvery way. What a contrast from Fernie, where they breath
cul-u-nvon fog and live on ChiiU'se
vej*\ tables,
Miss Amelia Soti-of-n-C.iin, from
ToUuvo Plains, brought in u hi},'
slock of Indian curios to Kiko this
week, She was wearing 11 low-cut
jvciiiiig dress smile, and had her hair
dine up thut tight she had lo lake
out three hairpins before she could
wink. Shu pin eh;-Mil a very pretty
llowir gulden hut, nnd looked as
.wil as nu iced salmon when she lefl
Nii|*oleoii Boiicpurte, Monte Cristo
,iiid Jcu Bush arrived iu Kiko from
■lie cusl with two Imii-flry and thirsty
ll'iijs, gi\iii(j; opeil-uir )H!ifiii«inliiiK'i's
.md 1 hey mnde 11 big haul from thu
millionaire louiis's vlsillng Kiko,
'ihe le-uis were lieaU-d to several
Ijeei's,, niul looked hungry cimimli to
nl the tn ass pailloik.s oil 11 barn
loor. "it is supposed ihu trio collected t>jvd.il hundred dollars, and
•.-mil wore* a Uli-ciilidle power smile
-All ti  tiny  Id I for  llu: West.
l-ASSKI)  THHOt'tUl   l-'KlcNIK.
C. C Van Arsilol, locutiii-; engineer ol the (inuvl Trunk Pacilie Ituil-
way in the went, passed thrniigh I'Vr-
nie on lit), way Irom Viilotiu to Ed*
liienitoii yesterday, A ivpreselitnlivu
of tin. 1,-iU'ct culled ii|M-in him at lho
Wnldorf ami ieiuwi:rl urt--jii.iiiitniii.CN
whicli was made with this wry picas*
ant and tillable gentleman upon llu
occasion ol his liist visit to the Western end ol thc proposed roul thruo
years .igo. Mr, Van Arsilol lufonii-
al uut upH'.MlU.ituc that -Ai.lk on
the wi'htcrn division would In rom-
imiueil next yt-nr, lml us the sun*
tity nt material and labor wns effecting, tn sonic extent, all r.iiltr>,id
lutislructtfln work, he wouM imi like
to make anv stnleiui-nt as to date of
Coal  Creek..
.V.. 1,329,
..-.in, 121
Trades, and
Labor  Congress
of  Can-
FOR," S.^LE—A block of- 2,ooo"acres of
land,   loc.ted   on  railway,  will'   go
; '5,oco-"..\;'-""., ol* good tiiivbcr .pcr^-rcre;
'good "agr,cultural   land  when    tini-
-'ber has, been removed. '--This will be
*-so'.d "very cheap. ."For'further "par-,
licuhns*. apply, MOTT, SON & CO.,
F0R<. SALE-r-One WA-sliinjS'tori-' iralid
...Press, 7- col,, folio; one-G-jrdon'Job-
,*, bcrf'.'-fxii'. '-Bolh-.ithese^presses"' are
■ ill. fairp.cotiditioii,.!'".'and'-arc..pil'ered
for sale- (heap • oir account of hav-
t jiig^ installed 'larger! presscs,-in their
\o-''S*fiK'Y'^'.r-' ■    ■  .'■'-'
,-•'• ii' Fcriiic'. BA,C;:'
OJlicc  of  the  Sccrelary-Trcn-surcr','" P.
0.  Drawer  1017.
"       Ottawa,   Out'.,   Aug.   i.Sth," 190(1'.
To tlte Ollicers and Members ol'i.' I(al>-
oi-  Councils,   National'"Trade - Unions, Federal Labor Unions and International   Local  Trade  U,n.ons  in
• ' the Dominion of Canada' ,
Fellow Labor Unionirts and Brothers,
The twenty-second aiiiiusl session ol
Lho Trades nnd Labor Congress of
Canada will convene in the hall ol
the Hoard of Trade, Board of Trade'
Block, Bastion Square, Cily of Victoria, Province of British" Columbia,
beginning nt 10 o'clock, " Monday
morning, September 17th, i9ofi,. nnd
will continue is session from day * lo
dny until the business of the conven
tion has. lieen..completed.       -A'     r(-
Closer connection with the workmen of lhe west, is an absolute tie-
ce.ss.ily. ■'
The nppionchiiig visit lo the Const
iiiurls nil'important epoch in. tho history of the congress. For years 0111-
cflorts have been centralized , i» the
cast, and we have hnd n more or less
perfunctoiy alliance with tlie west,
but the growing importance of western development has raidered closer
coniu'clion with the workmen, of tlie
west nu absolute necessity. . It is
only fair, therefore that our western
brothers should leceivu the ciicotirug-
iiielil of a large ulUildiiiKi <-f dele
gates from the ohler proviiuvs, iiik'
all organization". In th'- east, cnl ill-
id to reprcsi'iiliiiioii, should make »
special effort to elect mid scud rep"-'
icJaw'iit'aUvcs to Victoria, .n-jjardless
ol  liiiiiiii-iiil oiilluy.
'I'llj congiess cxucullve, acting In
tonjiiiicllo-.i wilh the Muliilolu executive, has made ti special ellort, dur
-.li,; tlie several months previous U>
onr ineTtiiig lo oigoni/e from Winnipeg In the Const, The report oi
tlu orgiiliizcr will  hi pri-se-uled.
The past session of thu Dominion
I'lirliitiueiil has been un important
one, cinMnciiig 11 iliscui.'-ioii ol Keit-
nlu Kelniui, l'nblic 0«iiei>liip, th.*
I.onl's Dny Bill, Immigration mul,
iiliioiij,' olln-r feiitures, the uiicarlhing
of W. T, U. I'resUm's- coniiectiiiu
with the iiotorioiis Louis Leopold
Our solicitor' rc'ioil will doul in ex-
60   YEARa,t'
Trade Marks
Copyrights «tc.
Jtnrono sondtna n sketch nn J d lacrlntlqn mny >
quickly, imoortnlii our opinion ttta wliother an
liiToution la probBbly pnloiilnhfe. „Coniniunlcn.
tlom Btrlctlr confldentlnl. HANDBOOK on PntonU
eoiit (roe. Oldost nsoncr fornodorlngpaWnta,
1'ntonU taken tlirouKli Munu A Co, rooolvo
tptciat notice, without etna-go, la tbe
Sclcatif ic fliiurican,
A. haudiiomolr UlitBtratad wook If,  LnmoitdN
dilution of mr lolnnuuo lmiru-O.  'J'ormii, $3 *
. Tonr; four montha, fL Sold byall nowailoalorn.
llronoh Onico, m Y St, Wuktngion. D. O
leiiso with  these  matters.   ■
Ko less interesting will lie the re-'
ports of the provincial executives,
while tiie matter of international affiliations'must-be-taken into imiiied-
inle consideration.
Ways and means <- must lie devised
lo increase the number of lalior representatives iu the Dominion ]'arlin:
will be ilio'consideration of our fut-
PiciUibly thc most crucial feature
iiunt and Provincial Legislatures,
lire relations politically. Tlie cou-
ijross will be,favored with, the personal experiences of our president in
pnrliaimul, and the recommendations of Mr. Samuel Cioinpers in ((Ivor of independent political nclionjwillj
ho cnnsiijci-cd. ;Bffort.H will have to
ho Hindu to increase the uiimlter of
labor representatives in the Dominion 1'nrliiiineiil nnd l-rovlncinl I^r-
islaluies, and tho di'lcgatcs will havo
lo give their liest alleutiou to ways
iuul moans for this purpose,
Special efforts should 1w mnde to
signalize oiir visit by a Inrgu nt-
iiiiiliiiu'i- of delegates so as to assure
our wcHtiiu 'brothers of tliu intcivsi.
we luini in tlicin uii|l In the general
lii.llcriiiciil of lahori
l'Vateiiiallv Yours,
riesiiU-ut,, Montreal, Que.
VUc-l'i-estdeiit, Toronto,  Out,.
1». M. IlIIAl'ItU,
Home Bank of Canada J
iutispkliou of   lho line  to llu!  <oast.
11» jI'MkiUMitM*. i*. Ml. VuH Aiiulnl';. Ut.nl*
vhiting t^ain, tiie hall was. carefully jtfnoricr.s, from which point Im* looks
utiA k^iitkly nur.M-d tlirongb lhc Mtt-li-'nflrr  I In* pn-liniinnry nml prnuainnl j J     fllM'r
tl    tear gu*td and •ckiltfully    ruvlird   »urvcyll>{ «,f the line
The man with the Savings
lluuk habit i.t the oiie who
never gets laid off; h/s the
one who can get along without you, hut you cannot get,
nl"iig without him. The Suv-
iii;« l.iiiilc habit means sound
sleep, good digestion cool
jitdguunt and manly inde-
jmid, mc I'lie nifist lu-itlthfnl
thing I tn.iw ofis a S.ivin^s
lililik-bodk. There rue no mi-
nntrs in it to sti-nl nway
yo-.ir |A-rt»i' 1,1 mind, ll is n
gtiariintce ot     good U-hnv-
Wo would llko lo Imvo yonr iinntA
on our tint of depORltoni. Ko tnnttor
whoihnr your RUrt laono dolUror ono
luimlntl—vu will pay you Intfircsl at
entrant ntfc-H-'eompouiul«il twlco 1
Current Accounts Invited
Op Saturday Evenings 7 to 9;
rc.rnlc   Branch
Crescent fVlaplcine,; ;
Crescent Baking Powder
If  you   buy ..50c.
worth or over this
amount of Schocil \
Books or "School.
Supplies from us
you    will    get   a
School  Bag Free „,
■a!t       '..,..     .
or at
The Post Of f ice Drug Store
Men, keep your feet cool and comfortable - in a pair pf our Oxfords,
they feel jujst right on the foot and
we know they will look good to you
if you step in an<l let us show you,
Tan, White, Black ahd Patent at:
Reasonable prices. C    '/%/,['.;?i:
Vacation Necessities a
; \Ve are   offering   you   an   extra   quality   Suit,
Case made of Kestol, 24 in. long and1 has two
straps and good' brass trimmings and." lock, .solid
leather, corners, secured with copper rivetsi .'    ,
A „Truhk  made   over -.a strong- wooden'-' frame
with  iron bottom  covered with 5 ozl canvas well
"painted   and-fitted with ■ two heavy straps^arid:
iron trimmings stitched,leather handles at, •-•
Special Prices'>".':■'■["■■'"Y V
The. appreciation , of.
those, who have -.visited
our showroom aiid visited our .millinery and
fancy goods display is a
flattering proof to us that
pur.styles are exclusive,
tasteful and moderately
Only a few of those Lovely Black
Plumes left;
Expected  -loarrive   this
weekr a large ^shipment
of beautiful-shirt   waists,
and shirt waist suits.
t A.;.-T*\_ 'HAIVIILTC^N
Tinsmithing & piumbi-rig
I    HAVE taken  over the business  formerly   conducted  by  Shepperd.&Elliott and wish to inform"
the  public that I am in a position to do all kinds of
Tinsmithing and Plumbing in, a prompt and efficient
manner!    Remember the place.. /r
One door nortii of King Edward Hotel.  ,pho"c 1
i^~-r-*f"-t^>:-r--f-i-4-rf--f--f'-f ,♦    ♦ ;W ,*»-^-4-4—r—f-»,
Roosville & Elko
All hiiiili nf Ciinccries nml Provision rio'Lii*-.', Vrgtilulilcii,, clc.
, Sn.lilli'ry nml Tlnrncw, Ciiinp-
111*- Outlts, rack SiulilluH, uic.
Iiullnii He nil Wmi' iiltid CiiiioHi.
Kruili VcKt'taMi'H nml 'Polalms
■Unci fio'ii
hlilppcd r.n    order from
nnv tini-l rn«,1  nr west.
Mlko to
Nelson* B. C.
Smoke Royal Seal Cigars.
I. Atkinson,      -    , -     -     -:..    Fernie J. C
I We list below a,few things you all need
<|> this weather—come and sec our assortment.
t Garden  Hose,   Hose   Nozzles/ Lawn
I Mowers,  Grass  Clippers, Sickles, Ice |
I Cream Freezers, Refrigerators, Screen
i Doors and Windows.
ir   '
We have a nice assortment of these goods ot most reasonable prices
"i* - ,    -
.X ..J.
..I U.J1J
♦ . <►
I Always   the   Lowest!!!   :;
Tliln wook you wunt to noo tlio IIiion of Honlory for Mon, ' *
];  Women una Olillilroii.  Special TJiu'iraliiH hi tltouo C.oods.        * *
▼     Hlniw Soli, Slidt Pins, Knncv lowclrv, Wnlrltpq. Clnrlw, ffiiTrir* if
Genuine Turklkli Tobncco nnd ClRiirclies, %
Opposiic tlie G>kc Ovens
Diikcr Avcnuo       —.       Fernie ' *
' '♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^ I
HitxA otAern    lo VAmtt  or HnosJ
ville, .Aiul tlii'y will receive
Prompl   Attention
A hold that (iiniistii-s t\okl rom-
moilinim ncCdiuiiHulations for lt« pn-
Iron* Is a mhiim uf ''.i-aA-in. to tlic
irnvrllini' p-.Mfr, ftueh rt one t* the
Kin-* TMwiinl lu.Ul ut 1-Vrtilc, ' cor-
tier oppoiltt- 110-st oflipo.
MINAKDS T.iuiimnt Curt» DUteraper
Trunks, 5uit
Cases Valises
Boots, Shoes
W. R. ifcDougail


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