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 A' 7.*-A
' **„, A - ;•■•*£
. _/«■*■*     ,f     '
-*•    0 :•***
Vol. I, Number si.. *'
1 - w    ^     .jo*
FERNIE/ B. C, WEDNESDAY, JULY, 25,; 1996, , :
Price $i ' A year in AdvX'nce
Hany^Interesting; Items  Ab'out People—Ai Week's
'■ "■ Round-Up"of Local Happenings ,v"
.Mm. Sain" !7Graham
friends in Krank.
is * .'.-visiting
l-*:it AYhaleii left for,, tin* eflete cist
on "Monday . evening. '    ,
"Mrs. Terry "was   one* of* the ■'<■ ninny.
eastern, lin'vell-irs ou Monday/s train.
.'■'•' ,;.    - r-"' - i
-Mrs. Koliert Kerr-and children' left
for-"Winnipeg-, for a short * visit. "Mou-
'l")'• .     \     **,*
B.y.W. \Vrij-_liiL, of liostheni, Saskatchewan, brother. of our papular
jeweller, was  visiting here  last wu-k,
11.   IX.' l.eiineU,-6[ Oalirn'ryV-.w'a-;  in
. the cily, lasl Saturday  to  meet lion.
J: A,''Mncdi)*iiaJd', _of-Rosshind,   upon
legal  matters.,*'   '•-..*;',,■* -A'!-',   _     . „
. Iii tIie.:G, X, liaihvayAdisplay": - ad,
of the G'.'- A.'Ii. exeursioiK-.tlie-.'laie
is S3S.;-,o ' instead ■ of -'548.5oY*'".a**',*"~ announced  last week. ,.""*•; ■'•■'•'
,., "Miss- 1'). I'leteher,   of   Toronto,''.' ar-'
'rived in the'     eity * Sunday, morn-jig,'
and is now.   :lh<i guest . of  Airs.,. A,
Jnmiosr-n   at. Coal-Creel;.
"Mrs. SLreeter and two-children left
for IClkmoulh over the G. NT'.- ■**-', on-
dny evuiing. .The .family .intend making "Klkinoutli "their  liomc. .      '
Annie ]).", Kliser, iof 'Toronto,.' importer ol waleliinaker's and jeweller's" goods," '.was. iii-.town'Oast,^ .week
calling upon   oJir'locaU-.jewellers. -   ,
Mrs. G. Clcjile.' Mrs. T. ' White ond*
daughters," Miss Walker. - and 7.II. II.
Cook were passengers *. on lho outgoing G. ,N.- train Monday evening.
4    Mr. Dan   ,, MeN'ish went-'io   Miiliel*
Sunilav eveiuug to   look   after  'some
■   * -      -**    .   .
road work*' being-"' prosecuted'* in    llial
• vicinity by the"- l'rovincial Government." -   -,n '     -,..'.,,     - |     "*.    .,
-"'Mr*. Wv C. Dygc-i, Manager ' for 'the
Keiuinglon- T-ypj-AvrilerrGumpaiiy -lor
Alberta, ...siK'nl;; .'a.;.fuwMday,s  in  town
Mr. and-Mrs.' Fred Stork-and children lefPlast night via C. 1\ It.  for
yi trip »to 'Ontario,  ■•*■*■■"
:    '.      t •      - ' i '
j Missj-Jitlia, Stevens,-,"of. Seattle,, is
visiting at ICdgoelill .with 'her girl
friends'; the Misses Davies;,
Mrs.-A. B. Trites returned Monday
morn jig- from u visit to Victoria,
Vancouver, Seattle   and   Spokane. \
' Gordon . Johnson is up the Klk"
River '' witli-W. J. Wilson's survey
parly,, 'eliding a  hand  al  locating  a
railroad.,, .-*   ■"- ■ ' '"•
7   *      f -' ..■< -
Yreil Johnson lias a position in the
Coal Company ' machine shops 'ni
Coal ''Clock, where he"-can tinker
with" old iron to his heart's cohu-iit.
Miss Ross-leaves on Friday for a
trip to' lfcaulifhl IlaulT, where she
will be the - guest of Mrs. "Frank-
Smith;* one of Fernie.'s first lady citizens. '-      '■';.- »
Mr. Ilolchkiss, . of .Independence,
Wisconsin,* has been • appointed'. resident consul for liio U. S. at Calgary, and has assumed the, duties of
his ollice at that',place.  '"   „'-■ "
** '        *; -
I). ' Nuiiii,"* of* Winnipeg,"brother    ol
City Clerk Nunu, slopped willi*' his
bride a day or -two"to visit Mr. and
Mrs. Xiinn. The newly-married couple have been ''honeymooning'' at" "the
Coasi; a most delightful place to
spend one's' honeymoon*.'''" ,
The Caiiladitii'n Northern is' said
fojhave purchased of the C, ■l,.,Ii.
lhe Regina and Long Lake i:iUwa.-,
known' -as the" Prince Albert bran.-h
uud will hereafter. opLi.no. it as a
part of the Canadian Northern'system.   ■-, -     ' - ••■-- -  " .*
'Mr. and Mrs.'J-'. C. Lawe, and Mis.
Lawe, of Ottawa.- mother of our cn-,
ergetic cily solicitor, went down ■ to
Morrissey on tlie rSalurdny aftcniofiii
anch"returned Sunday; evenu.^.
-   'IT"" T~' '■*'*"■*;—r^ 1^   . ,
diiringi'tlie week,' and left' for Calgary'*
oil* "Monday." * ■'.,-_; •■■•£'■■- - A .
'..-  **     ■ ,*\7     **,c:   '•: *.<:' '■.- ■ -'•'.. .. '"*  ■
,.Mr.- Mills,, of   the,"  Trites■'■.Vof-d^
leaves ' tojiiqirpw' eVeiiiiig  for  Sedge-"
wickj' Alijerfa, ,>vll"e're  he   take.'i cliuige
of the  liii'rcnnlile.iUuftiuess  of,,'K..i\vlcr
and, l.recne, -  ...    .   ,..  ,       -'»'.,    "'
~Mr.. Hicks, "'of     Rossland,     lakes
cliai'",;..  of the  dry  goods  department
at Trites-Wood,   in place  of ' Y.    C,
liryaiil, who leaves, town-shortly for
Toronto <in  a short varaliou,-       '   ,,
,';,Noble IJiiins, .a.Tiiolile. fellow, froin
Trail,...passed lliiongh.town Saturday,
on his way ..to Winnipeg, wlii'iv he
goes' 'tb.'lmiish'ct business.- Lots of
hot'niivUliiiv'i.tlipVi! '.low; "fliutis.   .
j.-.f.osi-pli: ;Mnl*m-liV'' •;' of ;Ni/iia,; ■ ll.uii-,
gory;, 'Iniui'i'llicrijsa ■f-liGiilns,',of :,ilie:
saiuo ii'miji.','.were uuited^.jn innrriiijjcj.
iit the Catholic Cliurch hero by Vnth-
cr "Meissiiur Monday' nl io a, m. .
..',.. Jliss' Iloiuildsuii,'l'oii-t" loiiiii'i'litl
Aviili llu' uiilliiiory department ul thi'
''i'lites-Wond store, litis severed lu-V
cwiiK'clioii with thnt big inslitiuii xi',
and left on Siindiiy evening via ' <*'
V. 1\. on n visit to lier brollier nl
Ked Deer,
.''Dr. Dell cimif diAvn, from Criiu-
Jm-ciol- Moiidjiy iiioniing and left for
Gnli'way tlw sniiii'1 I'vctiitigi 'flu Hr'.'
is si ill siill'i'i-ing a Iittlo from tli,' el'-.
field «f tin- si'Vi'iv sluil;*! up lm" i-'X-
jii'iiiiitiil ii tew weeks ugo wlitlo lid-
jng on tlio train.
, ■ Mv, Y. II, ITiilo,'of tin* N'ci'rth Am*
criciiii . I,nnd,and I.iuujlwr Ciiinp;\uy,
li.is rc1inn:--d to'-tlio city froin Kudi-r-
liv, wlivre lu- ncconipnuii'd Mih. llnlo.
on lic'r lellnii liiiini' nfler sii.' had
hpont a lew wi'i'Uii with Mr. ll.tlc
innd son  here  in  l'Vi'iiin,
', C, D. MiN'iili, Jiiincii Myall nud
J, V. .-Kink pnssi'd ,tliroii(*Ii.tlio filly
oiihtwiiid buiiiid on Sundiiy ovvuiii-, n
C. T, M. liuin, Tliey nre noinj,' tlc.wti
niht for n uli'irl viiontuni during tlio
Ii..:ilid tern hi llio bniiiiiin U'H, nud
iixpn-t tn tool od In Ontario, Ni-w
Un iLswiek nnd Nnvu Si-orln,
Mi'.' Illiicl-HlDiH', of Ilia Nortii .'in,
H-portM'the di'pnrttiro n tew dny.i njjo
oi it luiuily iiiiiiiitl mi :xmi *. iiiiii
,.,," tuu-.li Mi[i,>i.-*.i:il ,,/ /.uli,/, i.'-'U'-
tr, nml Ki'Vcii -.'lii Id ion., live of .vlit.-li
T.*i.ssti\,iii nfilK-iu^ uiult-r live yearn o|
ng.-, nml Mr, Uln.lihtonu says tlio
paiviit'-i didu'l look un llioiigli tiu'y
('i.iiliuiplHinl foniinilliiig nit-o ,'iiiioidi'
for ir long time  lo  rniiio.
I.usl Siilttid.'iy, Just"l-ofori* nnm, 0
ili<' ul'ujin..was.{u;iit. in .front, tun r tin*
G, NVj-'j-lntIon,-ond- both Jhw cnrtK
n-i'if. 'win■'oii'<"rif tin* Fmll rtiul t|.<M"*i
to tlifiiioriii'i*,-tti-iir tin* Tuttli* t«»i-
il.-u.cv.- A'fucuf little vousct'.'i.m-:,*-
ll.id si.iilnl 111 n i.liiH'k uenr tlio lis-
.- "Mr. Uculiurer, of Craifc-Vook, was on
pur streets again yeAlerdiay,       , '
; 3[i'/\Vni,   Keyuolds   went     up-.
Medicine Hat yesterday evening.
'   W. J. "Bhindell   is in-Winnipeg
"week  taking in llie  exhibition.
MrAT.awe reports that a heavyTluiil-
slonn" visited thai lociility Sunday
aflenioon'. '.'■.",
- 'Mr. 1). Havics. weiit'.up.to Michel
yesterday to lake the place, 'temporarily, of Mi;. ' Coxv who has to ■ r,!-
liiivviiish^'. liis post 'in the company-''
stall king enough lo allow lhe A-ie-.
tors, to- openilc upon'him, This is
nu A, extremely iiiiplt'usianl way 'if
spending one's holidays.
Miss Maud Sleudiiinn, daughter, of
Harry Stoiidninu, of Macleod, uunc
'in oveiMhe Nortlreru Saturday
morning and .slopped with Mr, and
'iUis, W, W, Tultle until llio evening
,C."l"\ Iii 11 nin took her on to her
'hemic in Mnrlvod, Miiss SI-fil'iinn
has ■D.'.'eir attending tehool in Spokane. ,
The lloyce Carriage Works' firm, or
Winnipig, have very recently been of-'
find a liaiidsouie ,sum by the Gie.it.
Northern Uailway, for m portion of
tluir property al the corner of I'omi
slroet and I'.lgin Aveuiio, but ' lmve
Iuiiied the offer down, declining to
soil a portion of the property.- This
niiiv result. ' iu tlie Great Northern
buying the  whole  pmpeily,
Mr, G, (», S, I.indsny " received
woid of the dentil of his aged mother lasl Tliiii'sdii\ in Toronto', and left
llml evening lo '*l,'.' ''resent nt tlio liin-
i*i*i.l, Mrs , IJiidsuy-, who was tlu-
■Ident ilnughtor of William T.ynn
Miukou/io, wns "ti yonrn of ago," Mr,
C'liurlos I.lmlsiiy, who is living .villi
hit* .sou, wiih too fi'i'lil..' to ink-- iim
journey lo Toronto tii he prosont nl
tlu fini.-ml.
Hen Hav leu .has joined tho I'nv.Mi-y
do-piiitliu'lil sluil of the TrlloH-Wood
•Moron, nml. is donliii|» oul sweet
iliijlgn to his KW'col girl ciistoinors.
Hon lookii wiill, though tlio only complaint, ho litis  to  liuiko  of  the I.uiiiol
i-liool, where he hns hiin in iitteud-
uiit-ii during tlio ni-IidoI your, in tlm!
lio didn't got onoiijili to oat, »mt h"
will hnvo lo train down imnie be*
film liis friends will tnko liim sori-
Mr, .fumes Wlilnislor, n pio.iporous
,urinor o| llu rorliigo ]n Viniiie iij,s.
tl-lcl     iiul   1,|.n(l,..(-   ,.f   (W   ,.|(..     ,..,.,.
'('■.trnto, W. IT. WlilniMtov, t\rr'lv.«d in
llio oily Inst o'rliliiy nioiulnj;, ' r.nd
after speiiiliiig Sitlurdnv and Simdiiy
M'ltli Mr, WlilniMor and fniiiih' it-
turtu'd liv  Smiilnv'H onstliotiu.1 "C, 1',
■' SuperinteiKlent O'Neil, of the GrcAt
■Northern,, was in the  city yesterdAV..
j Mr. and "Mrs. lilackstone were enjoying llu*   scenery   at Elko,last Sun-
, : "ilrs. J, Melnlyre returned yester-
Iday morning irom a visit to Pincher
- Creek. B
. The 1'endraV lot i'-nvesti'j-j'ation has
Irgjin to gniud, and the A-nder.sjous
■are iu Seattle.
• Chester Noel, the jiopular clerk at
■-the1 Waldorf, loft'Monday., for a visit
lio Harrington'and other 'Washington*
: Mrs. Walker, wife of Chicf 'Walker,
has iiot improved as much the last
few days,as was hoped,' and is still
i-nile ill, ',       ' .      "
The Misses, Kuler, of'Toronto, who
are touring the' western country, are
at present in I'ernie, the g.utsts of
Airs.   .1. 11. McKwing. ,v
^ The Ticd'ger is confined , to four
P^gfi's, ou 'aceounl of a- .large . rush
order of jr/b wlor'k, which kept the
boys busy at   the jobliers.'
-'-Judge Wilson came down on the
evening, train ' and held chainlK-rs at
the court house last night, returning
lo Cran'.ljirook   this   iiiorning,.,
• „TIie output of c<>;^1 a-f. the. iini|iies
for the week Hiding July ao'tli, ■ was
as follows: Coal Creek, 1-2,959 tons;
Michel, -■ S.395 tons. Total,' 21,354
While in the east, Captain Stork
will go through the' military'mill al
Kingston and receive the final touching up nciessary to make a well-
drilled captain of him..
.-j * -
Walter,Harwood, got caught in  tlu*
hailstorm.- at-Morrissey lasti Sunday,
and reports that," hail stones as l.irj'e*
as small goose eggs fell in countless
minnlx-i'S' down '-' there. -ISctter' st.iy* in
li-eTiTi (^"wliere-Tnion' t. "luTTrlin"
I.I1.KI1AT.S   "MIvlCT.
Hon.* J. A.-Macdonald,,    M. V
leader of ..His Majesty's   loyal
position, was  in   the city   last
coming in on   Friday   evening   on the
C. 1'. K.   -
■ Tlu local l,iliorals look advantage
of'Mr. ' Maedonald's visit .yn legal
business lo call , a meeting.'- to" talk
over political affairs while he was
in town, and quite a crowd of Liii-
trals' gathered at ' Stork*^ JIall ■ 10
have a talk with him. Mr. Ma'd.m-
ald is in the best of spirits, and succeeded in stimulating tho "friends of
the paily here with ' the., lively . ,n-*
lliiisiasni which he himself feels over
Ihi:'- increasing indications-of weakness displayed by the Gijvernuicnl in
the very manifest endeavor ' they are
making), to disco^r which is ihe
most certain road ' to ' dife.it, the
holding of an election or the holding
of another session.
The excursion trains ' to the Suii-
"day school picnic at- Kiko-tomorrow
will lea\e tlio'.Great .N<*.rtliern' station
aL 9 a. 111. aiid 1 -p. m*;', returning til
*i,SO. and."'IS..V).-"Passenger's" will."also
be takon'ioii the ircgiilar C. P. li. ex-
,press at. tlie^sanu. rate.'* -        , ,'i '-   ■
Walter l'enwick, the all-round athlete uud loot racer, who has Iahii a
losideiil of our ■ city for the past
moiiili, leaves* tonight for the east,
to Ib! gone, three weeks,. after which
he will again be a* Keinieile. Mr.
Uenwiek has 'liuide many friends during his'short sojourn _ with us who
will bo glad to welcome(him backus
11 poiiiiaiioiil resident  iii our midst,
Kroni   the  Toronto  Glolic.
One or the,'oldest and most n-.-pect-
edected - residents of Toronto, Mrs.
I.indsny,' wife of . • Mr. Charles Lindsay, ex-registrar of the cily, died
'suddenly' at her residence,. 4119 '!)ov-
ercourt Road, ' oil Wednesday ' evening. The dece'ased, who was tlu eldest daughter of William I.von Mac-
kcnzid/M. P.,.. had hoen. ill for (a
longi period, and her death, although'
sudden, was nol unexpected. , . Mis.
Lindsay, who was in lu:r 7CH1 -tear,
was a lady of reiuarkivljle jnlLlli-
gciicc and force of character, and
tlirolig-jfi hor intiinate ' relations with
her distinguished fallior, with whom
'she was living rit the .lime of ihe
relicllion, was „<|uile an aulhorily 011
the even Is of that period. She was'
'one of two survivors of ■ a family of
iliirteon, several of w.liom died in infancy, and ot whom Mrs. King, wife
of John .King,3 IC. C, is "the. youngest. 'Mrs. I/intlsey is survived by ' her*
-liushaiicl. the ex-registrar; her iwo
sons, i\Ir.. Ct. G. S. Lindsey, C. C,
and Mr. Percy Lindsey, eif London,
Piiijii'laud, ■ and her daugliler, Tdr's.
Leonard Leigh, nl home., i lier. eldest
"SouTH ITT-Ct-\V*7™TTivn*l Koy77~"ri |pil—a~**"fcw"
mouth's nigo, nnd aniolher son, Mr.
Lyon.   Lindsey, sonic years 'age
It is rumored that a certain married man who had invested too much
of his monthly pay in Sea'gram lasl
Saturday night, and in consequence
weiuled his way to his home rather
deviously,-- met' with ah unexpected
experience, liis wife, having expel i-.
diced this kind of,experience upon
many other pay . nights past and
gone, concluded to give her husband'
of ihe devious "gait liabit-an experience which would lead hiin ' to improve his gait. Dame rumoc ' adds
zest lo this unvarnished tale ,by:'relating thai litis mtich-lroutiled -w,.'n-
an arrayed herself ' in black tij.his,
trimmed in red rings, long' pointed
slippers turned up at the toes,, decorate;! hei face after the fashion oi-
an Indian warrior, let her long.hhiek
hair fall loosly down over her bare
shoulders, and as the liin,bor-jotui<*d
hiii-'by staggered into the room, she
said in a voice full of smoke and \11l-
pluir: "Come in here, yon bioie.
I'm   a she devil."
. Imagine her surprise when he'sug-
■gered up to lier,., reached out his hand
and stammered: ■ ,"'Ish-/.at-so? , Shake
ol' gill. I'm your brolhcr-in-hiw;
mv wil'-shur sister."  .        -.   -
Accident  at   Fernie   Lumber  Go's
Mill Terminates Fatally.
•■ ,    ' ■ -
The  Deceased was a  Russian and leaves a Wife
and Family in nisi Native Land.
As Mr, Charles Richards and 11.
G. Loekliart were, homeward .bound
on a speeder from the water ' t.uik
nl-yove" ITosmer last Sun'elay nll.i-.r-
110011, Mr. Richards, in tlirowiiu> out
his hand lo catch lhe brake, missed
it and one of his fingers coining ;n
contact with the eogs in the gearing, was drawn into the inesh between the cog wheels and most severely bruised. In consequence he is
nursing it this week as though it
were a precious  pel. -■ '
The liberal Asset-;!%tVon inrt,ructcil
Secrctar) Walson to wire a retyiesl'
to the De])artmeiit of Pulhlic" Works
.asking- that the- plans 'for the new
post ollice be changed so as to have
the ('"[lilding front on Cox street. Mr.
•Walson received1 a reply Saying tlie
desired change would be made if Mr..
Galliher ai-ejuiessed.
lilier do'uljf! so, and the,desired change*,
will be  made..
Accident on Great Northern—Seven
Drowned   and   Hany   Injured
■ nosi. iimi practici-:.
Mo'ndny uwiijIu'ip nt ei'ghl o'clock,
the brigade Hindi- their lirsl practice
run on Victoriu Avenue. Chief Ilnl-
drv, Cot lei I, ' Nunu, Gustry, Mo.Kel-
liir, Wnrroii, Kiimiiier and Ilowdoii
lurn.'d out, and a run from the Fernio. lloud crossing down street pnst
the l'oyal Hotel corner hydrant nnd
on to the centro of the next l.locl.
wns miuli' and the hose nllnche'd to
the Iiydrnut' n.i llio cart passed,.
This lirst run was uui'dc. by lho
boys without a hiteli or mistake of
nny kind, Tho stnrt twas n guod cue,
ovory iniin springing forward iu lini-
.4.011 at lhc word *go. The only
triuiblo llio boyn oxpovloiicod wns in
H'.oppin,;' llio big, lu-nvv hose curt
at tho iloslri'd plnco, A second 11111
Wii.s made willi'cdit uiiwindiii'g the.
hose, nud ,l,he ll.oyn took tho uut
buck lo llm iliv hall, fooling tlmt
tholr first pniolii'o w.i>i i-inim-uily
Mii'i-ossfiil, 'Anlo'ilii'i- prnwioo 11111 will
bo mndo ovor ilio snuio i-ourtio ihis
ovoning ul 7.1.1 nl which limo 11 full
(emu of tin will bo in ' lino, und
froin nnw on two prncllccs a wu-k
will bo Iiml. A now racing oni'l is
Li-jui*- lAiill,„<l'id ns ' sA^1 fit' il Arrives tin- lioyfuvill iiu-roiiiso tholr
I'liiU'lli-o runs to throe onrli    woik.
Tho Monday evening prnotlou
lli'ought out 'i-ulti 11 crowd of intoi'*
I*Still lipci'l III OI'M, uud us llio pi'iu-lli-o
goes on ilili.'' Iiileiost will inriioM'
until it will    bo shown iliul    I'Yiuu-
l-Ull  lieediiu:   US     I III iniSUlMlv   lis     i'ii*,
1 it her plnoo over this mo*.! nsofiil nml
i-Miiiii'- ,spoit.
On Monday njloriioon at 4.1ft
o'clock, while ruiiiiiug at a • speed
variously estimated iit Irom i\o to
fin mill's an hour, the west bound
Gnat Northern passenger • train No,
,1, when emerging 'from tunnel No.
II, abon 1 ooo feet in length,. which
is silunlid about two miles east of
Camden, and 35 iiii1i;s. from Spokane,
loft the mils al llio woslorn end of
llie luiiiiel, whore the trnok ourvos
sharply, nud llio engine, tondor,-two
lAig-.'Vigo ours iiiiul the ' smoker wont.'
down tlie eiiib,iiiil;iiunt into lliamond
Lake, nu eiiliirgviuoiit of tlio ' Spo*
ki'iite Uivor. The wntor in tho lake
al this point is very deep, und the
oiigin-,' nud two 'i.iig!:5i'}fo t'iU'**; disap-
pfiired boiionlli lliv wnlor, und inro
snppo.iod lo bo "more than i;,o foot
biiioiilli llie siiifaoe, Tlle smoker also went into lho wiiU-r, and tbo day
ro.'ioli, whiili^wiis iiin'iiodiiitily ill the
rciir of llio Miiokor, lios on its side
ul the brink of the  l.'il'o.
An iuvt,\loin- |,'iiH tank in lho smiik-
er explodod when il 0111110 ill ooiitnot
willi Ilii' wntor, lidding llio horrors
of 1*,iiruiiig to thut, ' of drowning,
oiini'lng a wild panic union;; tho pas*
si'H)"i<*i-s, Some il.t'lpiii* Ir'Auyrs who
woro in lho Miioker 'foiiglil like so
niiiiiv ilotuoiis lo g,*l nt tho windows
nud tin mo   to  safety,
The eiii-iiii'cr 1III.-1 fii-oiimii I'vldeiilly
siiiy,d nl llieir posts and wnit und-
er (bo waves  with   thoir  hissing    en
gine.- The baggage ' and express 111011
wore both killed, 'but it appears, that
Conductor Hurley, who was - in the.
smoker, esenped wilh his life.
,11,'is said the rails .spread and let
tlie cars 0(1 (he truck, Seven persons
lost their lives and seven others were
more or less seriously injured, while
some 'seventeen others were slightly
hurt. An engine tind cn'l/hosc arrived, very shortly, after the accident,
Iiud rt roliol train' from Si"i*.*n.uo
iviuhod lho scene of the nci-iiloul
about, 7 p. m, The injured people
were removed from the wreck ns
I'liickly as possible, nud ' together
with the bodies of those of tlio dead
llml had been -taken out of lho
wreck, wore taken to Spoknno,, Wlioii
llio loscuo train arrived with its sorrowful buidtii of doad nnd wounded
ut 11 p, 111,, large crowds of people
filled the station nud platforms
anxiously awaiting the nrriviil of
tlio tun In, somo lo reeoivoi nnd Inko
rnro of Injured friends, nnd others to
look upon the mangled remains of
friends whom I hoy had look'd upon
only ii fow'hours previously iu the
fullness of life  nnd  hope. '
The don Hi toll of Iliis disaster is
the largest in tlio history of llio
Grout Noitlierii for years, A' ('enrolling il!i|lilrv will likely lie Hindi" ill
order lo diloiiiiliio tlio oaiiso, which
nt prosi'iit seems to lie a too ' high
inlo of spood,
. Lasl Saturday afternoon at atom
5,1'- in.,, a man by the name ol M.
Meitnsic, a Russian', who in company with his .companion sawyer was
falling a- ln.t,' itl tlu,  ti,llhel. .,atk   f)[
llie Fernie Lumber Company's, bush
camp a-hove town, was caught by the
foiling timW ' and- his leg i|',adly
smashed betwoin the Knee and ankle.
-'.The man wasj taken to the Hospital
ami Dr. IIig-j.*TiiSi assisted ' by Dr.
Bonnell, look the leg (,|** al,o*e tl.e
knte.   Thi'bout of-tliD~leg was brok-
Cliehalis;   two Japanese  firemen    and
01'io Chinese   erok.
Those rescued by the' ' life boat
crews were brought to Vancouver,
and Hit Princess- Victoria did not
resume her journey to Victoria and
Seattle until /, o'clock. The tug Clu-
halis had. 011 Ipurd a parly who were
bpimd ii]H.lie Const ' as far as , Blundcll harbor to look nl ovstor Iwds,"
with 11 yiew oj purchasing, which accounts   for the  large  parly  nhoard.
Road Master Telfer reports that lie
has superiiiteiKli'd tlu* laying of r,*j
miles o^ 80-pound steel on tlie Crow
line this season Ix-lween Miiekod anel
Elko" to dale, nnd there is'now icfi
only 10 miles of tin. old .light rails
between tliose lw<> points lo bc> remove;!. The Ir.u-k-layeis are now
wis I of Craii|bi-ei'ik laying about one
iniie per day of the heavy steel, .'.ml
in a short tinu- all the rails on tht
Crow's Nest lino 'wil!* ln> So-pound'
size, liy way "of resting Mr. Teller
'.is now .looking after (he operating ol,
'lliri-e steam slibwl's, one :4:l Moiris-
sey, one at Mioliel, -nnd one near
'MScieollT^al 1 eiigaigecl In lo-iding
gravel for  I ml last along the  liuef '
■ As a result' of ' an accident eight'
miles north ; of W'ancla, a "station 011
the Spoknno'.Fulls and .N.orlhorn.railroad, lust Saturday afternoon, fan
people were instantly killed and l.-e
others were injund.
, Tlie. killed weie: Judgo ' William
•Towusend, of Mossland; \V, IC. Smith
bartender on sli-amer Knslo; M. 1).
AloICiniion, |iursi*r on tho Knslo, .unl
.oni." 111:11. unideiitiliod.
Tlie injured woro: Mrs. W. ii.
Toole, Spokane, lefl arm Mirnisi'd ,11.'."'
slightly   bruised behind   Iof I   oar,
Clriiciii-o   Poole,  sou  of  Mrs, Poole
sligliTly hurt in buck.
Mrs, Nellie ' Wright, Cranbrook,
.li-jlit out on  check. -   "
Charles 'SiniiiieriiHin, purler oil
.skvper, sli|flil liruises, iuul the cook
011 lho ,'biill'ol var, name not given,
slightly liurl,
Tlio liuffi'l fill', which was a! lho
runr of the train, jumped llio track
a short distiuico before reaching a
liifli biidgo, uud after jumiiiug ovoi
thu lies a .short distance, loft tlio
rnndliod, drugju'ii;; tlio, d(|y oonch,
wliiih was next toil, down ir sleep
oiulfiiikiiiont, l-'oilnniitoly the day
ooiii'li Ij.-cfune 1111n011pk.1l from tin
cms iu fionl, or llie whole train
would haw boon diugged inlo tlio
deep gullov uml illn- lisi (if-dond nud
'iijiiivd would huvu -U'l-n iiiikIi Jar*
Judge TowiiMinl wns an 'old and
widely known resident ol tlm 1'iov*
iuiv, Inning ]|\cd in Itillisli C0I11111-
bin for (orlv yours. lie li lives a
widow uud two gtoiMiup 1 hll,li eii,
Ciipluili II, W. TowiiM-iid, oli-ik ol
llio .s 11 j 11 <■ 111,• limit, llossbuid, uud
Mis,  Aiiiliuiiy Tiirnoi,  ol  Nelson.
en in fifteen or twenty pieces, and
the shock was so great that .the man
never recovered from it .and-died
Monday morning at- 1.30.
II<: leaves a*,\\ife mul fiVt or six
children in his native land, who tre-
thus leit without, ilieir bread winner.
M. Mcriusic was a .man about 36
years of age, '   ,
He was  buried   Monday evening by
leather Mei.ss-.-nor,  Messrs.  Scott   anil.
Ross having, charjpe 0f Ule [UIU,ral Ilr.
D. Deviue was the only one of the
fire boys in tlie/.hali .at the' iim,-, ami
iinmeili-.ilely upon receipt of a hurry-
up call from the Roma, he" slid down
the rod, beat tlle alarm on the triangle, and . started his hose iim,
but by the time he got out of tin*
hall four or five of the. hoys were on
hand, and in less than" two minutes
from the lime the .message came in
over the telephone, the firsl hose icel
was at lhe scene of tfie fire, but as
ihu lila/.e was,a very small one, started in some excelsior packing wi.i'eii'
bad I'^eu carelessly thrown out at Iliu
rear of the 1 second-hand, store, *it .had
been exlinguisheil before the arrival
of the hose  cart.
■ The second cart was started' out* of
the hall by Mr. ,Stork, W. 11. Ross
and others, and got as far as tin;
Kernie Hotel, whui^ seeing the other
tarAstaml'iig, in'the street at the
Roma nnd -no elTort being made to
{couple hose and no smoke in siglu,.*
the team baulked and the cart, went
iio further.
Although tbtre was no. need "of tl.e
run,* as results proved, it was Itin-
licinl fn the way of practice, uml
11 tr—1 ire-1 io y r,—cjnn
gel theie fpu'ck, and that i.s 'ot importance in a light .Atli lhc fi:e 'demon.-
"FIRE AT  M1CT..C1..   •
■~A bush;'fire sprnm;. up' below '.h*.»
,iown of-Michel iast Saturday after-
'110011 and before il was stopped two
or three of the houses iu the. led-
lio-lll district were b.urned to t'us-
ground. Hy stteniious oflorts the
fire was 'got under control and ' no
'•erions d.iiiiagt-to limber is likely lo
occur, As a result of the very warm
"weather (Im-ii^ the lust vtwe> or three
weeks, the liability of bush fires to
.break oul has 'greatly increaseel, and
'lire w.udiiis should be getting busy
seeing thai nil necessary precautious
aie k-iiig taken io avoid the stinting of fires. -,
YANCO'.'VI-.l**  HAl'llOH  AOClliEST.
*~m IMM
As 11 rosull of a iiiiii,.inn botwitii
the U'liulifiil new sic.'imer PriiuosM
Yloluiiii aiul lit,- lug Clielmli!. in
Viiii'-oiivti* liurl nr lust Hailiirdiiy,
nine pontile Woiv drowiiod und lining totally wn-tl.cii.
U ,u f, /,*.. 4--i'~ ■• ii'- i''
at tl.e iiiliiiiui* >,l ill,*
mre.minj;   rid,-   v.-;---    •«
',   "
1,7,    ji.,;,'./ii.*,
luu'),)!,     tin*
'■Iii.u*.   tlr.ki
.*...........    ^..i,,
prospccti*  Hood
-.. ......aw',     !<i^*..l« *, . s .'.\,
tor,  n. ilHiniuT crop
id mi
A   C.
li.'eli put niii In-fore the nrriviil nf
tlm lirlKido, * No ilrtiiinRe nf cotiHo-
»|.;uu « w,ta done, ciieptiui*; a" hnft.
iriglii lo Mr. iMnaunv., **iit> lo-rfWi* l«»
iiiiagitio tliu flu* Ik nil has n pimiin
Inr giuilyi '.igiiliisl liim,
\V, II. Mncn nnd ilnughtor, of Win*
iii|ii-g, slopped over 11 dny in Pontic
Inst u'l-i'k to visit with Mr. niul V'-i
I. II. (Jini'l, Mr, Mara Is n munbor
of the lloyev ("nrring^ MViiki. 01
VViniil|H*g, uud lind just Ih'oii t.isiug
a vncition at the. Count ' with ni:-
ilntrjijlitt'r, Tli<-y wrrc very inmli ni**-
prls.'d to     f.iul  sncli nirolv  fiitnlup
stoiv". ns uv
in    I'i 1 nie, fii,.l
 IL ii
Incident  of n Mntchcd  Toot Rncc—UcnwlcU not In tlio Mnrkct
nnd In Consequence Klnjf jjcts Cold [-'cot,
'     MAI-TI.VO A  CIIANC1'.. '
A giing of men were put to work
Monday taking up the rails on ' the
sidings of the 'brunch nf tlio Morri.s-
••ey, Feiliio, and Michel railroad In.-
iweon ' Morrissoy nnd Cari-onatlo.
VlioM' mils me to bo used in the
yanls of llu. M, V. ."4 M. Co, liero,
wlierii about two miles iif Iruck.ig*.'
will be nddod lo that already In ii*.c,
.unl Ihu Morrissoy " weighing so.tloi,
will also be til,, 11 up nnd pl.ic.-d ill
llio yards heie. Tlii'f,e i..\leii'.ivo iin-
pioveimuis will 'Le loinplelod and iu
use by October or sooner, nud will
add greatly lo lhe oiipuolly of tin.
yai'dsi.j-o here, whloh at pii-siM is hi-
iug liixod Jn-yoml the limit by tliu
ooir,tiinlly liiiciciisliii; trallic ut this
noiiil. '
Tho j'rinX font inn*   whicli   was   to.
hnvo Ui|i    run  List owning al    the
r.*rr./,lll'rti   ^;rounds, did     l|ill        tlike
Tiie   lairh'.i'iivil   jyiittnii:Jii    rnllliilg
<mX\K tWUjtUWil vwiltU llw gi.iudnik i.t
lln* xiiiu-ry, •uliirhwi* I'oniiiili's lmve
ulwnvM at  linnil for tlm  looking.
to iih. tlie mini* nnd run tin bom-st
i«.r.,unl forMtin^ bin. ?i5o iVfiivMi,
Lui^d^l tin- I'liNtr-J.iiNiif fnifn nf. t'i,.'
C. V. H. Million, ptofcrrin^ a uu-
011 win-el,,   ton run  against   .l.-nwiik.*
This t.lia'm Ktn«y 'vv.i'-. I n'oi-ompnniod
by a Alt. Illusion, who '.,«,n gut
•mi,, lii;i/;|.'iii;:, .-iiid '.l>l|i|,iil willi llio
K. II,; Io Millie nnu. giilbilili- Lillgibilll
uli.-ri- t.'io jnlibiiij- ,.in bo mnrv
MKitssiiill-, i.iiikiI «ti, Some di«.np-
pnintmeni was «\p.»i, iuvd l,y jn-npli'
mil,, li.nl    l«,n      «•».}.« il-njf  U* 1*1   a
».,m! , le il!    M''. ,  'il"    i Vi-n-Tind,-    n.i"
-fl.id   lo    tiiow     that    Mr.   Itimuik
*loud his ortiinid
"■'  I '.lMll".'-*l.l'."l,'.lF.l»
ilio Iittlo liii.it wus hwuiig "broad
side on" directly in ilu* course of llio
out (gniii^ Kloiimor, wliloli was plough'
ing lliiongh 1 liu water nt llio into of
Iwoiily-lluoi. miles un hour, und so
luur iliul lho little iug vvii.i cut. in
I wain iilmosl iK'fotii nu c-flort to
Mop iinild lie iiindo, I,ifo pro.iorvois
„i-io ni inuo tluovvii out by tin
I'litiioss Violorln and life hoalhWcie
IciMi-Ttil,  vlliill  piikid up  six  ,siin iv
Ol ih? fifliTii n,oido 011 ilio ill (ai-
.-il tug, utn,. 1 l;ii\i> not boon uiovoiod,
nud hopi-s of id'ovcrlng tli,; Ijmlion
ol these mlsslm* oiioh Imvo boon
iib.iiidoiud, '
Thoso ksciioiI woro tin* following-
t'ni'liiln   Hnu-*,!'.   liursler   nf the tug;
I, 11, llclllVtll. 'Olllllllssiiill lltolill.llll,
V.-itlooiiifi, l\ A IVall, rliioiieer: I'
<;. Sliiilhuiss, ]{. II. Hryio   mid   R.
v. w'U.
Tlir nosning nl'-ir: Dr, II. Hiitt<*Ji,
London, .•'nglnml;  Mr*. M,   11, llrvro,
>H'.f   '".
Aboiil .too |iiii]do Weill  up loVioli-
|.| on   tlie spni.il   Li/. 1 S.itiiidiiy    t,>
Wlllloss  111,*  gilllle   nl   (iii.tl.,ill   txtWtili
llio Mhlii'l Inns and tlio foul Clock
toiitii,      Tlio giiuii' witk .1 good   'in-,
Illi'l ill 111,' Ili.l bull Michel M'OK'd ■'!
to o  Iliilll   tlle III, 1 C   |,,ys,  but '11 tbi*
Inst half the l\ C. Iwivh could m-o
Uttor with tin* wind ill their balks,
mid thoy didu'l lot llu- Mi, Ini In*,',
iln nny nnuo scoring, placing ll,i,-o
liilltos to then ovui 11,-dii, ,'.0 ih.it
tlio sioio stonil .v.' iu lavnr o( ihe
l1   t'   Lm-.  at  ih,.  11  of lho '.'.im,'
A SMALL ni.r-;.
Solid.iy iifli'iiiouti .1 Iittlo iiftei
live ii'i lock, win ti iMi)1t,nl\' wiis
lounging id inn in ih,-i,„il,.,t plmts
loti.! lomi,I, uith to.it>, ,Hiid 111ll.1i>
nil, sii'.|,'i inlii'. dis, tit tli il, tli>- I'ii,-
liu* ,'lbilln gi.lig at th, bi,* li,,11 < ud
il, lily'It*'.111     dinging aud     <l<i.i,*jig,
Vjiiuoiuci;     Hiid.1   M.'ivon,
V.iU.iiu\it. r..ati,,tt I'lUwilt, u^i- 'i,
Vuni'irtivrr: 1'. J. Clilili, Vnnnuivi-r;
Wm. II.   Crawford,  doik  hand,    tug
1 in l,*s  111.111  11   iiiiiiiii|,.  111
sin, I  III 1,mil,   ]H,.|ilr  inn*  nut 1111 ik-
illg f"!  fin-.   It   «.!■*   -.pi niiii    1i».i1i,1
ill    tit.- u.ir nf     T. 1 ri'
.tn! tun.t
store      a,lj,,iiiii,'g ih,-     Koimi  Hotel,
iloun Vi,loiiii  Aviniie.
Iii'l', I'rliipton, o| ' llie lbipti-it
I'liiiioli, 1111111u-.1l last I'i id,iy In/in ii
iwo wool. 11   nip tmthe Cdii.sl, width*
el lie Willi to ilUolld llio iilllllllll loll"
\ rill lllll   ol   til,,  llllptl..,!   Chill 1 ll   held ill
New WcNliiiiii'.lci.    .Mr, Kunptoii   to*
pO||,*i IllVe       of   ill,' lllOSt   MKU'.sllll
imi lings evi 1 held in the proviiuo,
iii.iiiy nun ,i| piomitiiiiu* in iho
, Inn, li luini' incsi'M Imiii diii mil
poiuis t-i the Domini,ni, Dr. t-,o'-.|i/ii,
Uei.*.. N'oi ton mid Bales, and Ilr.
KoioMionl, nl Toiniilo; Dr, Whil- of
I'liiii,* 1'ilu;u,l Island, ainl Dr. lliil-
ihinson,   nl   Si.   .luini, N. H.,    being
■iimi, I,.'    ill,     Ulpnl ,., 1      ,mi< 1      f (I,     .■',...
llll st.il I was .mud,' ill tho dileitioll
o| a I'i 11, imill Baptist Colli {go by
the dull.iti,ill ol -.'iiiiilos oI Innd Ut
Siiimiiii Sido, llkauivgiin Valhv, for
,1 idle, Hid the 1.'lilldsnme"MlliM.rip'
ii,<n of S|i,,w«i Iniviinl a Mi*.t,-ii,in,'e
iiiiul. '
Ilii' K'l-mpt'iii tii,p!'' th 1.mi'l !ri[>
oiu tin Ihiiuliiul bit,,* mill,* ol lho
C. V   it-  and     b.iik   \i,i   tho    •'•••m
N'olllll-TII,   11ll <tlj')l     ill,'     (>l,|l,l|ll*i       of
th" Woiimt,li,,* Viilhy and tho »\In 111
fn 1,1s <>i i)i<< l,ig Ihm.1 uiiitiiiy,
V,,,.liii^.V".,- An it.iiiii.tl U<*i>uii..u
lonviiitioii willi*-on.- nf lit,- loviltH
of llu:   Wc-iiiiiin-.tor inuvt-ntioii. •-r
J i Ilf lltll I t'-my'!, f    i1
^h-^eaj   ^^r-j^ea--«.\^TT-*-. • ~ *L"-fl t*'I-l -«Tii-wi-t.WiM-|>ii(ni,iil«l i   •■"-•■"
-    ' -.-, -   . "   '   *    ;*. '      ' JT       \ -v        '       ft
'   Q.
[*..\.—,'   j_>. xS.   juLi   25   iyou
IN   AD-
Is.si.ed every Wednesday from th« ofiice of publication, * Todd Block,
Yicioiia Ave., Kernie, British Columbia. . v ■     "
man, and is, the" ' <lirst'*Jtcp towards
the creation of a' separate*,.;., depuri-
"meiit of iwiucs,; • which-will probably
be-completed duving the next secsion
of ParKameiit, and Hon. Mr. Tem-
pleman made the lirst minister of
mines   in the   Dominion   Cabinet.
It would, meet lhe desire, of most
desirable people if -one certain Desire
Brothier were lo be placed* where his
iinli'olv eUsire to, polnle the . atmosphere of lieedom could not be- satis-
tied. This would remove-, some ofthe
snares that beset ihe paths of imio-'
vent.niaidoiihc#>d. and take cm I of
The   press    of llie  country      is   jiisl   politics  on,.* of   the   burning  issues.of
now relieving  iis mind  upon  the .sub-   tin-  ,|ay.
ji't-t of  thi.    _ in. w  Sunday  Observaiici: •	
Three hundred times better than sticky paper.
Sold by all Druggists and General Stores
and by mail. ■
Hill',   and      ot  course  many   are     the
views     taken    ol .the' new  law.   >>'•-,
hodv si-oni.'*      to    know    just  exactly
what   is expccU-d, of   him   on Sunday
now,    So much   depends   upon   whore
he. is, and how   the     Provincial     Al-
loritey-Ceneial     m'uy teel   about   gelling  busv    in his efforts lo keep oilier  people  from- getting bu.*»y  on  Sun
jaViv.    One   particularly     pious  editor,
in   his   laudable   elTorts   to   detent inc
just   how ^  lo      apply'this  new   lojja'
inaoliine,      very solemnly   advises   *,i.--
reiider.s     lluit under ,llie new     re iim.
fliey should,  if  lliey   read the  Sunt!
morning-papers  at.all, do  so  in   <li
evening,     fiom     which   one nuv     bi
led   10 believe     that     what    11mv   Ik-
verv   immotal nnd* unlawful     in    th-
morning may,  by the time the oven
ing shadows   grow   thick    enough - tn
hiclc  the reader  from   the gu/e  oi t nr
ion's   people, boi-oiiie   moral   onoij.'iii,-
be     *peiiuissi\blc. This     .lisliiil*.
'would no doubt prove a great benefit to that same editor, permitting
him to look over the'Sunday pap-.i>
in time lo ,-01111110111 on their contents
on' Monday. Kisbeis", hunters and
other seekers alter pleasure on Sws-
• dav should bear this ' in mind and'
keep cpiii-i until the editor is seen
to lake up his Sunday morning paper in tbo aUerue-on, and then X*ht.
to the woods and streams and do
their best to l-ven up things during-
the  balance  ol the  day.
It is really too h:iA thai our *w-
lons at Ottawa did not go into this,
thin.* with .particularity and save
puopln llw I rouble of di-le.niini'-ig
what llu.} should do in order to U
.,. gooti on Sunday,
*> ' *i-i,c i,C(l,'er is in doubt as to Just
what "time in the afternoon il «-«
take up *a Sunday moriiiug paper,'01
whether it would be doinjfright if il
should puckeiup'its 4 lip», expand Uh
lungs, then suddenly coinpwt-s
again,      forcing the   -ur
■ The V. S.'l.ovdiinienl lu'is sent* a
Miirblehtacl .warship to sea" in n.-do.i
to see if it is possible to butt the
wurliki feeling out oi the Centra*
Aiiieiicaii people and Sajv?-*a-d<)ii;a'ii
Irom lx-ing gutted by the.- savage
'■uaiemalesi •> who see'.n to wanl lint  a niali.   wherever he  is  found. '
As  ii   result ol  the   conllict   between
egal, advisers,  it   liegins   lo   look    a:
hough it will be u
ore the devil has a
i'haw... '
long, lime  . bechance  to   1 hav.
,   . ■   KLON':iIKlC STOIC KS
oul   through
ftrTo.iipresseei-lips, and-flirts    imilw
a   noii.e like    whistling,   or     wlieth.*'*.
. such  mi exertion  would   tend   lo  pro-
lane  the  Sabbath or  not.    t
.    Perha.is,     through   the   editor   who
can so nicely determine  at  .just  wlmt
time mr Sunday *it.  is  permissiible   t
rend a wicked     Sunday morning   \i.\\*
er,' mav vet  be able  to determine  all
,   the 01 her uncertainties     of   the     new
law ns happily   as   he- has-' the    reading of the.   .Sunday . paper,   and     '-hen
people' call    go  on doing  just    about
tiio      same under   the new   order     ot
things as they have been doing inidei
lhc old.   Thai will  suit'most pe.opl*.,
ami  for lhat  reason  the   Ledger    lit
Heves  that is jusl wlmt  wiU  lumpen
According to the   resolution * intro-
lucecl  by the chtiitniaii  of  the  linauei
oiiiiiiiUee'and     carried   by the   coti'i-
,il" at tin   lust   meeting,   every   tiuoc-,
upied or vacant  properly in. the city
jvill lie 'asssossod   10 cents'1 a  loor   foi
die niatn   to   which it is  adjacent;   so
ihut even   twinty-live   foot   lotwbicli
Is   opposite   a   cily     main" will   yield
!he city liXiisury S2.50.
■! Tlie number   of      assessable   proper-
lies      whiih are now   paying   nothing
uto   lhe   oily   treasury   will   prob-.i'bly
,ol be less     than   i,*t,ooo.       At   S2.50
■icr  lot  these    will   bring the  citv an
iildlti'oua) u.Vi.Oiio   in 'iVvimiic   as soon
is tlle mains hnve been  laid  tlirougli-
ilit   the.   city.—Calgiiry   Herald.
Then: are a lew lads'and sagge.i-
: ions in'the above which il. would
' >e well for Kernie people; to reiiu-i:'-
Tobacco, Plains is a reservation
own somewhere., up in Alberta, nain-
d nol because of I he tobacco grown
here, but bemuse ''of tlie plains
iotiie friend sends in a stray „ copy
,['lhe Tobaceo Plains .Journal „ sriv-
ug an aeiouiii of birthday .' party,
cstivilies ill lite reservation:
"The village baud, which consisted
, >l lirst bass drum, .second bass ilriim,
•ig'drum  and lit lie" drum,  played  so
-'The Klondike stoves sent clown
rom Vancouver started a man in
iusiiiess and not oiie reached, the peo
de for whom' tbey weie intended,The
.upplies sent down on the Amur fur-
'1 ished lluie grocery stores, thus., do-;
iig. «oocl in a' wav' that was not con-
C4       C. _-
emplatcd by the Canadian,, donors.A
,;ood niuiiy people iii S,an Fnn'ticiscb
,we their start in life to Canadian
loniliceuii'. ' ,        '
. So   writes   !*Surse   "McLean   to-  the
/iiiKumver   World, and .whose .k'tters
ivi'dlv and   interestingly  portray   life
ind conditions ,.in   San Kranciseo.
"There, has not been a really good
'iirtlnjuukc iu two weeks, savs -'-Miss
Uc.Lean, "nothing ,.bul s,ight shocks,
-.an; Kivinciscp, is a dreadful, awful
dace. Nevertheless . the hopeful spirit
>f the ]>eople is amazing. Kverv'botly
eeins to believe'"that the future of
jhe city will be ._ greater than . the
.; "Xo organized attempt has yc'ti'bV'en
nade to clear.up the oily, everything
'icily, (lebtu'd,pending settlement with
;hc-insurance  companies.',
"The  Galbraiih conslnietion      com-
>aiiy  u  big  concern,  is ' preparing  lo
Ml   business   buildings  are   lo  be    of
■•ut   ten thousand      men   to   work on
: .v<>n,000   worth   of, business   blocks.
teel and concrete,  no  brick -biiildings.-
,*ill  be   allowed   in future.   Thousands
if people aro, still living in tents aiid
1 proposal   is on   loot   lo  erect   "  ten
liousaiiel  houses A before   llie   winter.
','ollii'ng, b'a.s jl.teii tkme,   solar,   and
°f. something   is  hot-done  before  cold
-eatlier   seisin'  the" suffering   will be
terrible.    -'.--."'.•■
Miss iMcLean reverting to the state
'lent she liuide-lo tlle world that the
lumber of deaths would reach "" ten
homum], repealed il. without ciuali-
oaliou    She   assured   the World- that
SEALEDTEXUEltS-utdrebsed to tlio uncler-
siijned,- unit endorsed -Tender for Post
Olliee, Fernie, B fj.." will be received ut this
officii until Satitnliiy Auguat 4, HKKi, inclusi.
vely, for She eoi.slriictiou of k Post Office, &e.,
buiUling at Fernie, li. C.
Pluns nnd hi.boiiivnti.oii oau-lie -oeen and
forms of tender olitainuii at thia Department
and on aiiplicaiion to Hubert A Keir, Esq ,
Clork of Works, Feinie, 15.0.
Persons tendering are notified that, lender*
will not lie considered .unless made on tlio
printed form supplied, und signed with their
aeiual siKiititures
lCneli tender must lie accompanied by»nil
lu-topted cheque on a chartered bunk, made
payabe to tne order of tho llono.rulilc the
Minister of Public Works, equal to ten per
cent (Id p. c ) of the amount of the tender,
which williie forfeited if the party tendering
decline to enter into a c mtract when calU'd
upon to do so or if ho fail to-rompliti
Ihe work contracted for. If the
tender le not acepted the cheque will he 11-
turned.   '
■ Tlu, Department does not hinil  itself  to  accept tho lowest or any eender.--
.   Uy order, "
'    " FHKD. GKLINAS*-,
..- ' Secretary.
Department of Public Works,    -  "
,  ■ ' Ottawa. July S2,18nr.
Newspapers inserti, r this udveitisement
without, authority from thn Department will
not be paid for it.
fl.   Ois F.   No.  31^2
h-.'-'1      KiA  * - I-*-*., '' *■
Meet  in iroi'v.  HaH on    the    last
Tuesday in every.-month. .
' . W.'J. J! 'MORKISSON, Fin Sec
L. P. Eckstein
l-ARklBTEH-AT-LAIV,*'   Roi.KIITOl.,     ETC.
Hooms 1 it 8, Henderson block, Venue, H. C.
F C.'Latoe
.   Post Ollice Block. l'Vinie..ll.C.
\V. K llOSSj,K. C. J. S. T. Al.KXANPl-n
Ross & Alexander
,    F1. It NIK. 11. l\
1 'lllll* tn   I., T. \V. I'.'„cl„ Victoil*i Avenue,'
Jo fiSarber1-. l.d.s., d.d.s.,
('oul.—Teal lands may he purchased at ilu
pi'i-iicro for *olt coal and fSO for unthiacitu
Not more I ban llio ao e« can lm acquired by
one. individual or company, Hoyulty at. tlio
rate often icnis pur ton ol' i,l)nli pound*.i uliull
liu collected on tliu srcihgoutput,
Quartz—A lieu miuel's ccrtilicat* IsBiunted
upon payment iu advance of *■.*> pur mimini for
an individuul, and Irom ?.rrf) to -tllKJ per iinmira
lor a company according to capital.
A fiee miner, having d'iscuvured ininernl in
place, nm J' Lucate a claim l/icxi x l,.Vil feet.
' The ico for recordiiiB a cluim is 4ft.
At least -jHKl must bu expended on tha claim
oai'liyiNirur paid to the ininintf recoider in
lieu thereof. When 'Sou has neuii expended or
l>iiiil, the locator mny, upon having a survey
uiude, and upoii comply ing with ether ru.
quirements,purchase the land at.il an acre.
The patent prov des for the payment of a
royalty of il per cent on thu sales..
I'l.ACKitminiiiK claims geneiully are 100 feet
square; entry feu 4."i renewable yearly,
A free miner may obtain two leases to
iredsjc for gold of live liiilescach lor a term of
•-weiity years, renewable at (he discretion of
he Minister of the Interior.
Thu lessee shnll have a dredsein operation
.vithin inic season from the date of* the bmse
.or each live miles. .Rental giopor annum lor
each mile ol river leased. Iloyiilty at the
rate'of 'i. percent collected on the output lifter it exceeds ati.OtKi.
\V.   W.   C0K.EY,'
Deputy Minister of  the  Interior.
N.   IJ.—*CJn.iiyitltci|i-iyed   -yi$>licsvtio.n   ol
this advertisement will not be- paid
L T. \V     llloik,   oppositu  the   Banh
.Ollice hours—8a.m. to 8 p.m.
W, J. WriR-lcsworth, D, D.-S,
Ofkick Jlouitsi-        t* into IS a. 111. 1 to 5 p. 111
«        (j.30 to » p.m,
Otlice in Alex. L ,"k's HioeU
■■Jfevhte, 3B. C.
Davey & Laderoute
There i:i nn independence tlml ilvirii*,
to litilil    on   I'orlorn    hopes  nnd    lor
, lost i-iinses, and ' lo linive  the  wrath
»(      ('Tiiveiniiieiit in loyally    to    tin-
tn-ntlis  o[( llie ]ioe>t',i  t-reed:
"Then    to side  with   trnlh   is  nolih*
Wlieii  vwn share lier  wri-lelled eritsl;
Kre   lier eansu liriiijrs   faine (and   pro-
AhiI   'tis prospisi-Miis  to lie  jusl,"
Canada is llu* home- ol ihi ii'di-pcn
di'iii'c lhat   nirscs      (Ipposilions    and
erin-j-i'S      lo Oiiveriiim-iils—llie   'ind**-
pi'iideiice   of n linser' sort,   whose mil
lire   wns mirrored      In   the  word,*0i>l
"Tlion ever  slroni'   uprm   llie  s*Ji»ii''.
cr .side,
Tlion   rortiiuf's  t'lijimpion   tlmt    dost
never  lij-lit
Mm  wlit-n  1 it* 1- liiiiiiiiriiiis  Indvship    i.i
■  liy
To te.iili  llin* sali-ly,
Tlion   wear a I loirs  hide!   Doll  it for
And liniiif  n   1'iill.skiii    on    those    r„.
i*ri'iml   llinlis."
Toriiiiin Ivvi'iiinj,' Ti'li.),'iiiiii,
Ves, ii ml tlii'iv is hii liidi'pi'iiilriii-i-
pi'iiiliar 10 this wi'slt-ni I'liiiiuit'
whicli piumpi* men to turn down
tlu-ir lliiimlii wlieii HI111011 siivs
"IhimiliN down," mid wliieli i-aiisci
the owners 01 llie tliiiiiilis to wiKjjlt-
vn*|-;li' when Siiimn whiKn sotm>tliiiiK
lo until an cxiciil as to do uwnv
with tlu- ni-i'd ol thr word i-oHsist.
cney   in di'M'ri'liiiif,   their  actions,
lbth J.;,lii,,;,|s, ,„' th, t.',i'K>nv i'Ae
DpilliT,   Irfi'lljllj'    to    ||u.   ,in/,.|,s     ,;(
U'ltuii|wj., *i.iys th;>t tluv mc tiviiij'
to walk into Ih'iiM'ii InnKwiiiiIm, mi
lluit Si. I'elir  wlll    lh,ink  thai   ihe\
Mil-  lliiaill-r    mil.     t;nill)»ldok    llil.N      n
leW individuals i-iiKiijri-il in woiki*-p
lln* sni,if dndi-i', And thosi fndivid
n.iN know tlmt the l,„M| kiioivs thnt
tliey ki|i„i ih.H ||,,. |i(ir,| k„l)WN„
Cranlirook   lliinld.
I loi id Lord, how Unowiiijj the
loiowiiiif I.onl is urnwin' in W
lit 1)  lind  l'-|*riiii.  vci,
Till'    (ri'filoirjl'ul   l)|.|MI(mt'|||    i||     l)|.
tnw.i lia« Im'i-ii  11 iiiiifi*!<«|  tn il,,-  |„
Und Ri-itnii|.   I)r|,;it1mt-iit,   whiih    X
prissi'd,,!  rivrr Fij-   IFon.   H'm    Tempi.
.-elions of music   lid ween   the' events,
nakin*.   an cle^iinl       conihiiiiiiion    11
.'li.'rnioiiy. -
,priie nepmw.s   were  dressed like     ew
ork  soe-icty Indies,     .with   a    tdii>,lil.
Itllerence, and looked  as  proud  us ■ a
"rove  of   peacocks. ' ", '"
"In      the eveiiiiij-     "Aliss  "Millie  Hull
roil I,   'The  Speckled   Hennty,"    san^
:;iei*iil     seleeiions  '^liv   retpiesl,     anfl
'.'iis iicc-ompniiieil liy Gall-ill-IIis-lIaild
,11   the   tomtom,.
"The crowd dispersed siiijfinir the
■.real Irisli-Aiiieiie'iiii lnillad, "AnlU
;l.aiii; Sylie.* "—A. .1. H. •
This atleiiipt upon t|u. pilrt ,,,* |||U
niiiiy mail" o| the ,.\limienpolis Join-
ia!"' to steal, "Indus Indus," this lo-
iiuvo plains*, of Molilalia lyiiijr so
ii'iir us, just over the liortler, and
li'liiiliiii- tin-in to Alhertn, is a re-
l-esliinir   eliiui^,   -..,,'„,   )|u,   nivii|}rs   tve
ce iii some  of    th*      Yankee  papers
il'oul Kiitlieriiitr   in   ull   western ''C1111-
nln and pliu-iuj, it on the .south side
'*■ 'li''  iiili'i-imlioiial   line,
hell the "inquirv was liiiidetnt
oronor's   ollice   llie re pi v. was
DKiWANI) Till-: l.AMKI,,
I lli-jjniii/eil lalior wishes our imm--
ry to lead lhe world ju indiistriiil
lohiilioii, in iiioiiility, in rulij-iouH
ilu-ly, iu tin* I'oiiicption of „ii nMt
■iiil.es men no-lile, women lieiuililiil,
nd ihililii'ii   In-ijilit   and   happy,   (<••-
.aii.'/ed lalior   appeals  lor  aid lo  ■ c-
omplisli     I'liiiiiiiipuUoii    froiii indiis-
:■'.'!       illjnsliiv,  lu iMillilish   liliillini
loo.-l,   lo help  make  eaili  day lirij-ln-
I-  llllill    iliul    whiih    lni.s   j;,iuc   hi'liue,
or your Hviiipiiiliy ,tml i-o-opiM-atioii
hal roiiiiiless nilllioii*. yet mi iim 11
.Hi li'.i- up and say your nunu* is
■li'i.'ii'd', Tliu Iiiiul ■ is (he nllve
niiiicli to lirlii)- ajio'il lii'tli'i* i-iuidi-
ioiis. t'.oods ili*Ni).;lli,tfil by lhe nil-
oil llilii.-! iile never 1 lllllK* ill llll 1 i'ii ,1
lio;i. That is a lau 1 It tt t cevi'v
iml.s    iiiMiuiisi slio'ild  lirar  strii-lly
II l'lliid, Swiiitsliop uud ilisniv.
ulni . ti'lleiiieiil lioiisc g01 ids ui'M r
ra    lhc union     liiltcl,    Ci|,|ii's     111,11k.
'l.V llllill,III Hllll IcplollS I'llillcM', Ulll-
lll'Hls  lll.tde        |,y     Moliicu      who      'M'
,iru'l 10 toil Imin 1 > in t(, hiiM.-*. n
!,ty, llu- pi01I11,Is nl shops run |,v
li:ld 1.iimi 111,11, nl these hen tl„.
lark ol llu union 1;, 1 k• 1. Willi,,.11
weplioii,   thev nil   ,n4i„.   (nun     th,,
iplll   Shop,   llllll    It;,   loll);   III,Ills,     low
viii*'n and il,');iiniiiiy hhuHiions. Tl.n
i'M    .111,1 iimi*,1     tlie tne     way  l,i
Mill's UIMllllisIS to tlllolll' llll' (lllM'll
lllll,     ev llli ll   '.I.iliil'    in,    l:,ir      ,,li.|   ,li*
iiii lii.iiimiil, n lie iii)- u,i).. ,tu,|
'llit-sp,, t i 11 v   condition*.,   is im   >, n-
oil 1111*11 l'l l,III,Illlltll llllll,ui,I ill,'
'llitfll   IiiIb-I '<|| rin \*   llllill,'  III, v   Iuiv
-*hoM lhc maiiiil.i, inn-is that lhc
inioii IiI-Ih<I j*. ,, 1,1, tot ,11 liicin,'.',,
,iid ilii-v will U- 1 .it;, 1 l<> mill/,' .it.
oul iiiiii   im.1,1   ,|..  mi,,in  111,11    unit
'llllll, II,    llllll    ,1,11      .llli, )i'     loll l.'IV
'li.'il li..* tli, 1,111 , mlil, hi ol l.diiii
<ioti   it   ua** iii.i.lc   in   n   union   "Ii.ii*
' <-  «lIM*ill   m,|l   llllll   Ui'Mtrll,    ,,|,it   hi-   I,
tt,nl -iiid "oi ,-in 1 in 1111 ,.( ^ .t.i
> .ore   Wiitit'p.,.',  Voii,
asl 11,11 ihiiusmi'l k'.iown and inane
hoiisand iiukiiowu. In ordinarv 1-011-
1'isittioii people in- Sail Ki-.-incisco
weak of the loss .of life as aiiythini;
"tween leu and   fifteen thousand.
Tiie liusine.-s section'presents tl;c
'appeai-iiin-e oi a frontier .city, with
ts loti);, linos nf one st nry "shacks and
'i'.e-k ol sidewalks, The hir^e , retail
iinis have j.>,oiie..lo'Vnu Ness and'Hill
lore and established themselves in
irivali- houses.
"Miss    Mel,uni! says it  is almost  1111
wissihlu  tri  exa;{|.|.:rale   the   boodlihf;
.-.f relief   Mipplies.      The ' distribution
.vas in   (he hiuids   ol   three   clrimiiiis-
r'oinsis,  but everyihiii).   was     siiliject
"-) a   political pull.   The only   way lu
lii,\e sauplies      or money   distributed
vas to send  someone  alouj,- to  do  it
The N'ew York teachers in response to
irj-mit representations   on this   point
rom    Un..     Sail -Francisco    teachers,
onk this iciursi-  iiid'the   consceptence
was thai llieir coUriliiition was prop
■fly   iliHli-iliiiU'd,   In the- sjiiue      way
aipplies sent   from   here .to Miss   *Mc-
l,e,ni and   Miss  M,'I,end,   Vancoiivei-'s
lepivseiilatives   on tht-   spot,   renched
tlm parlies   for whom   they were    in-
'i-ndcd,  Muss nii'i'i'ii^s are constniitly
beliiK licld to iirolesl   ti)fiiiii,st       this
oiidlllon of alTiiiis with refrard to
'lie (listribiiiion or supplies, but Utile improvi'iucut hns been nlleeted,
fake notice that within sixty days
i inieud' lo apply Lo the chief -commissioner of* lands and works for' a
special license lo.cuL and carry away
timber Irom the following lands situated in southeast Kootenay district'
.Commencing at a post marked John
Dockslader'.s southeast corner, about
one   mile west of, the mouth of   lun-
r > **       *■
nel-creek where il empties into      the
Ii i 1»*Ti vtsf,—1 liciice north-So-cl 1 si 11 sf
thence west >So    chains,    thence south
i-io  chains,   thence  east   80  chains    to
place   of   commencement.
I.oca'ed  May  lylh,   1906.
: *■•   4     ., Tvocator.
-    ' Per   '
ovor Slum's Hukery.
11. 0
,„    QITme':    L.T. W. Block
I'-kunif. British .Coluniliiu
ncflurren Bros.
Sand, Lime & Wood
Oilu.iiinWarof How frioii* 111 tusk. FtmiiOili.O
M. Kerr & Co.
^AUTLI'ITT 1T0TSH.  forinerlv tliu
Clnrlt,   tlm best  Ji   ,v dny  hotel
in  Ni'lscn. Onlv white. Imlp t,n j loved
0. W,  n.MJTl.KTT.   l'roDi-letor.   '
U (inty tint (if 11 liunilrrrl rtlfferi'iit
nIi«1iiiiiiuul «lrinour llrlnrli tiirneil
out In, Tlm |i,iifm.|. i|ii,il||y of tlm
Itrliriuil llmiklllulih uhloH tliey
nrn niiidi*, i| 11 nil Am tlmm it* tlm
Shilling Six-Penny Pipe
In the World
Tlir.V Wll.r. SOT IMMIM.
TIIKV Wll.l. M0TC'HA<.'K.
Ti/try Pipe Guir«nttttl,
.!<!»! ri'iiiciiihi'r nml n«k (nr
"Shield Brand" Pipes  *
i',»i s.ii,' .11 1 iii-
Club    Cigar   Store
W,   A, IN'C.HAM, I'i..*.,
I'li-.n,- ti, .        I'.-niii',  11 t*
„ Ilolden at Kernie,
IN Tlfl'. MATTRR of the Estate ol
"Henri Joulia," •ll deceased,
All persons having any claims of di-
niands against the estate of Henri
Joulia, late of Kernie, II, C, t!•»-
ceased, are ..hereby recpiircel lo Hlo
with the iiiiilersi|riied the nniiu'f. and
and addresses, aud full particulars
of their claims duly verilied, on or
before the iM day of Augusl, 1906
after said ( dali> the adininistralrix
will proceed lo distribute tlie said estate nmoiyjrst the,parlies hereto, Imv-
'•'■j* rcjrjiird only or tliu clniiu.s of wnich
she shall then lmve had notice, and
>ijje will not he liable k>r tlie proceeds ol the uslate, or niiy»pnrt llmro-
of so distributed to nny person
whose clniin she bad not had notice
at tliu lime of distribution thereof,
Dated   tliiSj afitli   day   of  Juno,   A.
I), icjofi,
Ileiiderson  Hlock,  Kernli'.,  H,    C,
Solicitors lor Admiiilslrntri.«r.
NOTICE.    .
Notice is hereby jjivi'ii Hint 60
days niter dnlu I intend tn apply to
lhe chief i-oiiiiiiiKsioiii'r of lands nud
works to piiii'lui'ie the following described hind uenr Elko, in llie district
of East  K'oolciiny, II,  ,C.
Coiiimeiiiinij al n ]iost plantcf', nt
thu Northeast corner of Nlol No, 7310,
!lii:iu.' 1101th 40 cliains, thciice west
fin cliiflns, llii'iici- south 40 chains,
lliitliiu I'usl uloiii" norlli line of Jnl
No, 7310 do chains to place of com*
I In toil nt Elko, J). C, Mny 30, iinCi
CJUtAl' HA'nV.i.
C. I". li. "•iiiniin'.r       Excursloim
Tliu Earn.
U'iiiiil|-c«,   1'orl  Ai tluir,   Duliilli, St
.'am,    Jtliiiiieii|iu'ns,     >.S-,.3", Umuliii,
ho.hti, JCfliisiiN  Cily   ■t»5fi.'*5, {St.
Louis $.>o oo, Clmnno,  *j(>,|,ihi on sale.
.Mini: 4, t,, 7, J**., -js, July a, 3, Auj{-
li.il  7, H, t}, Sepl,  H,   10,  On     sjimu
dales tbii,ii|.|i eMiirsion fines will Ih;
MiioU'il |o all points iu Ontario, 0.ue*
bur.  .Mn lit lm,.  pi-m-liiii-s,   Vimv    Vorl:,
niul  Xiw  I'iiiylalid,   Tickets uie  first-
ilasa, bear 'ii> dnvs limit  for relurn,
and   111c   siibjcl   to  iikiiiiI   variations
of loVitr; uic (\|mi £tnn\ iu one       or
Ifiilb  iliifiiiiiiis via  tlie  (titiil  Lakes
l><t.'ilh)Aiiirormnti(4i   mi "'•i'|>jtHiWtl^i,
J, H. Cnrlcr, I). 1'. A„
Kelvin, H. C.
VffmrdV   TJnlmrnf   t't.ui   Ofsfrmpfr.
Contractors and Builders
Plans, Specifications aud Esti-
, mates  furnished 'on^ application.
1 PletUy' of   GOOD   DH.Y"  I.UM-
'   '.        R, A.. K15RII.    ■    ■.    "
Architect     and Superintendent •
Ollice  at Residence,
BAKER m„     -     -     VEdlNIE, ll.C
Work. Home .industry," Catalogue
I'-ri'c. " '
Sccdliousi' and Greenhouses,
3010 Wc'stmii'iKler Ud., Vancouver ll.C
Round    Trip
ON SALE JULY so-*; "
Eastern Excursions
ST, PAUL   ,
AUOUST 7, «, 0,
r,i..*Tr.M.H..i'P. ."* i,
t',001*. TO Ul'Tl'UN TILL dCT. ,-jt
1, Kor berth nscmilions nnd ilctnlli'd
infoiminion   upplv to loiiil ii|',iniH,
E. .1. COVI.E,
.,    I).   V.   A.,   Nelson,
A. G. P, A,,
Vancouver,  11,C,
Tht 1 oiu rutins of VVtiile will
ph-.-ise laki" nut ic* thai Alter April
m,   I'M  the  Cit|wntvift  and   Join
K,  nf   I'Vlllii'   I (Hill   132(1  will tic*
niand four dolliti.s (4,00) (or eij-lit (!•)
luiiir.-' work.
U, H. a C. fi. A. TJ. 1 mo, Fcrnfo.
**•" -.  «f»
Ah There!
The Finest Porter
The only Good Beer
iir Fernie.
the product of the
Lethbridge brewery
Sold only at
The'King's Jlbtel.
The Calgary
Cattle Co. 4:\:
Retail    Meat   Merchants
Thos. Pogue, * J*    jf   Proprietor
Choicest cuts of fresh meats alwavs
^n hand, >      >
■ Hams, bacon, and lard as well;
; All kinds of fresh fch nr   leason.
! Prompt-' delivery.
'I Give.us a call. -
TEI,. .18.
' 1
Crow's Nest
Electric Supply Store
All  kinds „of  Electrical
Goods kept in stock.
; All  -work
John Turner,
■* <i
'■ ai
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
WINE   CO., Ltd.
Wliolesalts Dealers, and Direct Import-
ters of
*     l'OMMERY
Solu ARcmii in Cniiadi* for
Windsoi-    Tonic,      J»B    Destroyer.
'-.mi1'!....), in   1   _jiiihii imn in itnnumiMwanm.
Philip Carosella
Gonnral Merchant
and Doalor In Wines,
Liquors and Cigars,
*F*niTa*Nriin, b.. of
,t"T ■■vrw-Ni'/v, iuijjv. iNM>VH'rnv t*.*,
•CTNIOlSr   tiA-BElXi
Opow's   Nost   Spoolal
Minor's Favorite Cigars
Second-Hand Store
0*).-.iH-t! u-. uaxt to Roma Hottd
Tor   Cash
I, V   t.. TK»RV.' ■•
Mliinrdli  Llniriiriil   Cures  Dlf,litln*rlii
% 099900000000000999000000
^ Are You Reading    ^
I Are You Reading
Knot, you aro mi-ialni? some
ot the choicest, literature ot
the century.     -  f > ■*?
Sor.d a dollar to R. T. LOWERY, Nelson, B, 0. and «et
it regularly for a year and
rise out, ot tlie rut.      f V
Hon** Down •
11-4.-* p ni I,v,
Xi.tft h m
(MS ft m
7.!Wpm Arr
Vurnlu      Are, B.lo it m
Hoxforil 0.10 a ni
SPOKANE'    ,   »,80 jirn
Heat,I*     LviUium
' Daily •soopthiiniUy
LeiiviiiR Fernie 9,45 p. m. you
iirriveat 10,55 P- »•• '»
Arrive nt  10 p. m. in
2nd    Night
For ilvtullud i.iforii-.-.tlon.ljtrt.inim*
VHtlutii, Mtu„ cull on or addr-nu
f V
I Great
j Cheap Sale 11
M    IU     -■ ",   UL   I.JH
f Noxt to Hunk of Oommcroo "J 9
V$ Shvo 2ft to 50 nor cunt, -^
V y Mihi'h Fitrnlalilnji-.i,
v v
!,mllM' \Vj,tir(
Moots ^ .SliOliR,
i.r . i       '•,*:,,•t8• C*l*» fl,rtVM,
WatolinH, Hiuoni,
Jnwolery, Notloni
, mid HinrillwuroH
tvtrytfcine at Sacrifice Prices H
Pure TurklMli TobuecoB, tjji
i j ml Olirnrettci $\
rmmmtmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmtmmmmm     * ''
I Kfoury
f,\ Como In iti
Bros, i
iuul aeo Good*
v -(. - ,,   .?. *
.   -A
' The - following intefvfew   between   a
Spokestriaii-Review representative
and   J.„'-J..Hill, :which{-appeared;  in
■ that paper on1 the  iSth inst.',  we reproduce iii fulls as ibeing  of .-.mucli in-:
• -.--*>    *-        - - .   !■,   - * 1
tcrest    to I'ernie     people,    who   are
watching- .• thet development -'', of ?,, Mr.,
Hill's plans closely. '■"
. ."Mr. Hill's ans\\t?r to thc question
as to how he intended to fill the
gap in ,Jus Canadian .line. fronr-Win-
nipeg .through''' jl&rnie Jto • the j .* Coast
is .'characteristic.      He will    fill-   the
gap'between Fernie and the V; V. &
?:'- **.,,     t.7     ...     , > A   VS        •'
t    ly, }vithi>a7*railroad,-•£  *£'*? .7;'-A       r.
Come" to" think 'of it*'*', how clsci could'
'he'* do'it?' l*>erhie',<1 people'will soon-
■**■' see, much more   of- Mr.   Hill'   and'his
,b|tildiii^:operations, and, it. won't hurt
Ferine either, -
■ KMp. Hill made .use of „. the ..same
statement to a.-represe'nt«tive''.o["*'the
■ li'dgcr*     last  ln.ll as   he  did to.   the
Spqkrsiiian the other day-when   that
questioners asked'Mi-.  Hill  if'theClii-
... -•   „   *■•,'. **»».«-.   ,'*i
,cago & "Northwestern were seeking an
outlet to  Uitf, Coast,*. He  hoped 'they
would, as tilth-*,' was  plenty  of    business for all^rp'adsT*.    ", -. *   '    *   •
[,;'.WIi"en  thelr/bdge^calicdsMr.   Hill's
, attention ' to■A'S'if^'lThomas•• Shaugh-
nessy's; stalemenUthat' . he    thought
.*- . Feriiie      people ' li'iadh.tf- mistake ■ * in
' lending" their' aid lb thcVG'reaV'Norlh-
ern"    in its efforts', to'^gct,,into>.Yhc
.    .Crow's Nest Pass,' lie s'lhiiinglyi.'said,'
'    he thought'-. Sir •  .Thomas', slateiri-Mt'
' w-roiig, ns  there  was' 'plenty ' of,7'room
' and  lots of,'business . for  both   roads.
"   ■•'    l      .---*'s'«'* ■ .    , ■   •*■•;,     *,    -4.'.---       .     ■
, '-.'Siite eiioitgh, there is lots*'of business for'both' 'roads/ "'Sir- Thomas
can't supply..enough*'ears. t'o; do ,;.tl,e
.business, > now demanding*  his - alien-
** I" 111. ,'' "       « .. ■**       ' "        .*■*      ' ' '      \ l
tion oii'vlhe- Crow. * ".What ' rem tli lion
woiild *i\vci'he in of-'we" did'nt 'li'.ive
the ■.Northern; at- hand ;to' haul, coal
ond coke, and to aid in the-, lumber
"■ nnd' other industries? , The C. P., R.'
need not worry about the cncroncli-
- meiils nf the ,'Grea'tj -Northiinij Kiio.
G;rand- Trunk Pacific" or lhe Canadian !Xoi thern'. - ,They, will , all "be kept
lins'y for years to coiiie in their efforts lo keep-up wilh 'the increased
demands" which "will be 'made ' upon
their capacity for doing transporta-
lioii  business. ; ,   ,*'
. ta"Spokane will never' have"a union
depot in y'our lifetime. The *' Great
Northern* -and the Northern- - Pacific
have n/t-voi- coiiti.uiplated * using - the
Great .Northern station jointly.
- Tnt\r--A*s "o mole, room in" this'- 'station than-we want ■' ourselves.'--■■'Yon
iimst remember these yards nre *.i
. an- '..-islaiid.;; and-%iitlie.rF. / i« v a... 1 invit-pd-
chancc   for, expansion,".* A • ,„■■ ■
Thai .   was'    the ..declaration'   ai
..   James .T;     Hill,,   president    of    the
Great  Npt'tliern ' rnilfcia'd, '■who   wilh.
■-his party readied'Spokane' last 'niglil
' at 1 r   o'clock  over  the Great  Northern ioii .thi*i■■;■;;.j-eJLtirii trip;.Ahom .; the!"
Coast."     '■      ,.**   '-■'        -      '-"  -   '" •
liqually important i.s the assertion-
from l\li-1(| Dill. t that his Vancouver,
Victoria & Unstern Ruifway, whicli'
i.s lKiing ' constntc'led, by the Great
Northern from' Grand Forks, IV. C ,
to* Vancouver, IX. C, is to l>e a pan
of tlu'. Ciiiiadi-dii .transcontinental
load wliith" Mr.: Hill .is io build ■' to
Um Coast from  Winnipeg,  Manitoba,
V.Tlie terminus     of    the   Canadian
line, will he'   Vancouver,"  said.  Mr.
Hill,,   "nnd     the mad '   will    pass
tlrconglt Fernie,   li.   C,-])f tours   will
be iii-iil'i into the Stiites' wherever 111**
topography of  'lhe country' on    other
conditions wnrrnnt it."
'"Dots tlie   fiu't.   that tlie   jine""\vill
pass iliiougli Fevn'u .'inean'thnt'    it
wili not touch Kdiuoiitoii?"
J'Xn it1 doesn't.      I don't enre "to
say  whether we will" or will" not  go
lo   Kiliiioiiliui.     Vou   will   hnve   to
' wnit  for    ili<v.>1npiiu*iitH, on  thnt,"
Mr, Hill's ; special, train reached
Si>oktiiie.l(i,st;iiigIitat u o'clock, nnd
'while , tlie train wns being .switched
upon tin* Kidetr.u'k, he nnd his party
lelt lhe conches nnd wnited nt ' the
.lepoli Mi,.lTill walked up.-niid down
the |ilulform,, niul viewed the fine
si nut mv he'hnd built with obvious
In nppiMiriiiicii, -Mr, Iliil does . nol
look lilte thu Titanic rail rond builder
of his time, Neither >vould one rce-
ogni/t' hiin by , the photographs ol
him tlmt nre extant, which wero evident Iy taken scvcrnl yours i-Jgn, As
lie .wnlkcil along.the platform hint
liij'ht 111 his shirl sleeves, wenrilig ft
lillh- -{1 ill ,crip nml puirni'* ot*h cigar,
tie had more of the appi'i-rnnrc of hii
• ilth-rly iiiiTli.inii thnn. of ,1 gruil
rnilroi.il iiiii'giiitli'. His lu*urd in
Kuorli'r thnn hUpd-tnix-i- show It,-and
is more eniled and griwh'd. His
n1ioii1i1i'|-h nn< Cln-gllining to show a
((light stoop, hut liln ku-n brown eyr
:l Is stjll Nliurp and emits oci-iihIoikiI
Hashes ol fire when, some tpirKtinii is
|inip(Miiuiiil ilini ih ma 10 Ins likni'j
or toinlii'S 11 It-mler spot.
lie MkwiiI i|itciiM' iiitcrest in tlm
ip-wspapiTK, uiore eKpeciiilly ,ii- those
from ilio Const, and sii-un-d dis.ip-'
poiiili-il when Mijiie*.if theiii could nol
Iw obtained.
Mr. Uill    never  tells .anything    iu
1 an inti'tvlcw Unit Iir does not wuit
lo tell. Neither -Iocs In* lnsiuul'y
vi.i-ilili-*t g\iietar iiiC/rtiintioii which
hit, Inlt'llognior hicks, All iiltenleW
wilh the Gniti Noiilii'rn ouiirr lnrf,--
'ly <-fnisjslH nl irjiit-stifiiis and iiiishv's
of yes and 110. lie ,I(k*h not nml"-
long M.Ut-iiii-iits.
"I liiiif no news, nml I don't want
xo bt int,tiir*,il,'" he tf.M lln- ».-
pnrftr us Fn- Rlejipqif Jront  th'    rr >fn
'.'The, 7newspa])crs misquote mc - and
have nie making statements thal;-\T
donot""niake.''' ■* ' *" ■>     ,
The reporter promised to 'be very,
very careful ■ in quoting him correctly, .and Mr." Hill* nodded his bead in.
approval, after which he talked'comparatively 'freely. " * •■■ yi
1 With "reference  to ' lhe extension   oi
his .Seattle & Portland joint road \ir
Spokane, Mr.  Hill said that it is ii«-
snied    if practical      grades    can"   be
found,"*.*and that Pasco  * "is" the point,
'at'which' the- iine 'from  Spokane   -v«M
connect    with    the   road    down     ilio
north blank of _ the  Columbia't« :'-'. t-
.land.  •".■ftiiv'lli'l   would   not say    hu-
soon  the-survey  which is being m-ide
on the   proposed   extension   is lo    Incompleted.    ''The   road  is being  biii't
•to relieve the.,present heavy, tradic on
the Northern Pacific' out ol "Spokane,
.rather-'lhan to .secure*   a, short    route
to "Portland," said" Mr.  Hill.        .    «*
In answer to a question, Mr: ITil'l
■said that-the extension suppnsi.-il!,'
being jniilt l,y the Northern P.aiilie
from Pasco to Miliaria, Wash., is a
pari of the Seattle &. Portland load,
He. also stated lhat the Great .Northern has no interest in the'Cul(U*s,u*-
Graugcvil'ie  line.
"How do you expect lo fill the gap
lelween Fernie and, Grand Forks, P..
C. on.your- Canadian line?." was
asked, A .    ,
•'.'Willi -;i' railroad," was-the- ih-.-.r-
'nc-teristic rep! v.
j "Will _ the-route    he   made throng!?'
th   Stales or over Canadian soil?'*'
'■'Perhaps   both.   In   sonic places    \\e
.will, make (btours   into   the Stales,:'
"Where   will you'"make   detours?"
'"Several .places: '    I  don't   enre   to
. ','.What, is the Great Northern doing
'li-iwai-dcleetrifvii*',-  'its lines?:'    '.
!'-'':..e. nre plannine,, to-try  out   electricity, in spine   of   our tunnels."'
"Do you expect lo .try iron any of
.vour- branch  lines?" -   >
-    "No't- 110'w'.'.'-.
"Do you  think  electricity  will e/cr
•upplnnt steam for-railroad power?"
'' "I, don't -know." ....
".Is tlte Great Northern acquiriii";
nny power sites with the view nf
•iib.sliiul.mg' electricity?"
j'.'.'^o-."" .-- '- ,' '
• "Do.   you* " think ihe    Ch-li-am   ."">
Vorthweslern' is seeking nn outlet  to
lie. Coast?" '
A.VI.don It know.    I   hope -thev     find
vie." ['   y -   '*
"WhV?" Do'   vouMliinl- 'competil ion
Ans business?""
.T-T-->-i Mere
Quebec Man tell? how the Great Con*
sumptive Preventative was
an all-round Benefit
" My wife took La Grippe when she was
in Ottawa,"says R. N. Dafoe ofNorthfield
Farm, Que., in an interview. '■ She got s
bottle ot Psychine and after using it for a
fewdays she was quite well. I took a eold
and am using- it and am getting all right.
I think Psychine is one of the best tonic9
on the market to-day."
There you have the whole matter in a
nutshell. La Grippe and colds are among
the forerunners of consumption.
, This man had one, his wife had the other.
Psychine not only cured both but it 'built
them 'up so that their bodies are strong
enough to resist disease. All seeds of
eomsuinption are killed by
(Pronounced Si-kcen)
50c. Per Bottle
Lareor sizes 81 and $2—all drugf{--**ta.
DR. T. A. SLOCUM. Limited. Toronto.
"Il-IMV"--'*-m.m~sk ^fa-di.
i'n,l-r"*"'"--'*'-T- * -' TV,!, *
Bn   tFeriiie*. is.a feasant home for all  who travel.
T. WHELAN Manager.
lielpi-rs.   Mi.   Lcitch.states   lhat     the
niiii wiil be  rebuilt -as soon as prat
'ticahlc,  but may  be ->laml0 a mile or
'two rearer  the   tinrlwi-  than wns   the
one jn.st  destroyed.
A .SLIGHT MKl--l-.ItKNCr.,.
r  iiccped   into her pet   retre'1!-.
A   deep,- -old-fashioned   window scat
I  lound .behind  me.
So meditative,'"seemed her mood,  '    ,
Did   I"!   r  ,[ lies ti oned  her,   intrude?
Soft blushes   mounted to   her   hair;
.She  smiliiijr said,   within lie    air,
She didn't  mind  m,.. ■
Lonj, ■ since I won   the  dainty maid;
A family' mail,  sedate  and' staid,
,Vou .now may  find ,iiie
Sonielimes I jrjve, for her own  need.
A    few jusl ructions   she   should
Bill.- little deU-.iviiee   she   pays?
And,* even  as  iu olden . days,     •
She  doesn't   mind  me!
,4 ***
ge of Business
Having leased the Fernie Livery
and Dray business of Wm. Hand-
ley, 1 am prepared to do all
of  Draying-  and
Agents for
■      Tho Calgary Marble and Granite Works
Tlio Koctonay Marble Works, Nelson.
Samples can be soon at the office.
Office Phone'41 "     Residence 76
Partars in Lundy's Block
is ££g±£&'sr L,,"c m" ,),8'ri"""""'
1 s-^iiifsi liesiTfoT'lTl r^fATsT
'" nd. rail roads'.'develop, a  country!:'"'
.'"I)o    you    think'the   Xorlh 'Co.isl
■ood   is a Nortluvesteru   project?"    "-
•y"T'/lo'i't know anvlhiiijr about    it,
-\cepl wh.il   I  liavr  seeii  in newspapers out here.*" . -   ''
;,.''.'\yiliVl.rni,iU.  ,1,,   Vou  think   the Cli'-
■•.'i'*o, Milwaukee-& SI. l'aul will laV..
"'"'ill ri'frrrnce  to Spokane?"
."The      iwniavners of that  rond   ran
("11   vou better,       I  only' kn.iw   thai
Mii'v have several   crews  of siirvevors
;n the  lield, and  T' hope  to see th.'in
Ind n rrnite,"
■ Mr.IIill-Ht SI. l'aul a week aj-o
Tuesday, jjoiujr diieet to rorilaiid
over the Northern Pacific. Tn tho
■i.-irly last ni-ilil, ln-sides Mr. Hill,
were: .Louis M, Hill, vice-president
of the Orciit Northerii; Howard • 1.1-
liotl, president' of llie- Nortliern I'.i-
;ifie; \V. L, Ihirlin^, chief. cn-,-itKvi- ol
Uie Norlhi'i-n Pacilie, and A. ll,
'Tortjrlniid, chief eiifi-iiieiM- of thr Ureal.
.S'orllicin, The special ri'inniitpil in
'•ipokaiie over ni'ihi, and will leiue
h's inoriiiiijr ,,t H o'clock
'      ' '     A NKIWirs LOSS,
Tlie loss or the Kn'-t Konlenay
Liiimbcr Coiuputty's mill nl Cruiihrn'/i-
a week ii'-ii Monday ni-flit by lire, is
a serl-'iis -Jdow lo the'business of tlmt
I'litfrprlsin-f i-otnpii-iiv, ivniilu^, ns it
has, ns a tiinu when e.vcry mill Iid
lolijjiiijr to (liein is lioinjr slraiited I
lhc iilniost in mi 1'ITorl' to kcc-V |,p
ivilh tin- lively deiiitind for luiuher
Mr. I,eitcli wns sick ni tin- tinu-, and
hnd lo -oitti-iil liiinself willi lookjnir
tit  llie  bij*   bonfire Ironi   his wiiiilnv
'I'lti' loss is est hunted nt Si3,or*o,
imrtiiilly rovrivil hy liisunimv. Tlm
power Iiouso of tlie Crnnlirook Kl.-c-
U-Jc Ll-j-hi Compnny ' Adjoining tli*j
iiii]l, -was sitM-d liy the skilllul ,vork
ttt the Iiii' hrlgndf, nml nuiiiv willln
,.     ' "     'i '
Sciialm James A. Ilenieliwa'v often,
falls into tlie habits of the' lower
house (of which, he was 'forinerlv a
member., when addressiiiir'the othta..
When speaking   before the
senate not.
since'he repeatedly'referred io
Senator Hi-vlmm as ''the. jri'iitlcntaii
from Idaho," the. ttrin always 'used
"<K llie. other end ' of the capitol''
'when .speakinjf to or or a colic
while in the  uppe!   chauiber  Ih,
nev    re
to their'collcaji-ucs as "the. seu-
i.itor from" whatever stale he rep resents.
Senator Heiueiiway's repeated ret-
«••''<»''-• lo "(he Kciillei.iaii 'Iron, ril.i-
!io'- caused ennsidera^'le nierrinieiit
iiiucnifr the. old sta(;er.s,,both on the
M-uate floor .and in tlie galleries,
KinalJy the asltite old senator was
P.irtui»U'il by a woll-nu-aiiiiij,- col-
li'UK'iie wlio weiil to him and wliisp-
i-i'i'd sonielliiiiK in his ear. Senator
lU'ini-liway's- e\es twiiiklcd ns lie
•■i""ed   lo Senator  Ileyl.urii  nnd ,viid-
"I   hope   the senator   will    pardon
me for cnl I in,, ' Mint  n  gentleman "
. ''"'ie house,broke down nml the -rav-
el  li-l... . h
Yrom   the Herald,
•fos. U'yan, the Ilontce Orcely f,f
llie. Kootenays, s]lul J,,,.-,,-,■,',,,,„„
Li'tlibi-idge with his presence on Mnii-
dny, Joseph Ryan, no need of
ing liis miUonnlity, wields the
for the Nelson News, nnd wns lien-
to report the lucrossu nmti-li. When
n pen goes into l.ynu's liands il
pours lonh language wj(j, tl\\ ,)„,
hoiiiily aad iiniid,- „r ;, m.>,iii1 .ti:i
Crnnlirook cuiite down bv spivi-i!
Irnin. A Iniiidred sdotig they inviid*'
cd the hotels in the morning, having 1u*li:nd them thi' curs' iliToraleil
with Criiiilirnol; coloni. Tliey iruiu',
tliey saw, Imt lhat  is as fur as ili,-y
'Willi     Willi     Clll'Sel.        The      I01l(|l|i.**'l
seoined I'lisy, ns (lie in.Ui'li- was bg-
ureil oul mi the train romiiig lown,
Make yoiir wife happy by buying a vSteel Range of J.'D. Quail
. ^-mumtm. - J..„. ^ , - .]tlr
or BTioney  refunded
The Elk Lumber Co.,
Dimension^ Flooring^ Siding,
Finishing Lumber and
All our stock is !ast years cut and weil seasoned. ®
Best oft Satisfection
r n   *3
in Wateh & Jctoelery Repairing
Mankof Hamilton
Head Office :   Hamilton, Canada.
Capital * $2,415,000       fResevve * $2,415,000
XLolal Mstyeto*.$29,000,000,
Hon. Wm. Gibson, President.
J. 'Turnbui.l, Vice-President and General Manager.
Mpncy Ciders nnd   Dialis ixiird. p.-nalYi' ir, Can:,da iir iilur.ul.
Foreign drafts caslied.   .Spcdn'l advantages in Savings Dcpartiiieni. *'
Open in the evening of the Coal Go's pay-day from 7 till 9"
J. R. LAWRY Auunt ••'••'UNII'* IIKANCH
,-%^^%^^Jk^'V^%^^^ VU^^JV^*^ *y%r
"CT'N'nDB'R Isr'Hl'W" •^^N^c^in-i^'HiisrT
jamos tSevorn, - ' • ".'
Proprietor  \ •
Well  ftirnislicd. rooms,   The table is supplied with the best
the nuirkiil affords. The lia r is supplied    with   the   best win<-»,
•ft Ii(|iiors and olgars. j
\**A*>>mV**%r%*AA^%***V*^0%fis^^ -%i
Now   Open  for   CnBORcmcntn   nr.
;   Dances,   Parties,   Etc.,   in   Fernie
Trr^-rr-^r™ or   Outside  Towns ■^r===-.
;   Prom   3   to   8   Pieces   Furnished
.    Address:    C. A. MILLCR,     Roynl   HnUil,   fernie
■Havo ono of tlu.i. ttxrftOrA, pUxwh in Vx>r\\U>, r
L»ml), Veal, Krw-h and fimokod FIhIi,     J
Frosli Fish constantly arriving    I
'%%SV*y*S*+*%ll%*tXr1k*S^^ ^^ '•1^*%%^%
Mend   Office
Cnlvnry,   Altn.
I     On n.vounl  of th,.  Nmlnnnl  Kni-iipiiu-nt of llu- Cm
t. Army or. Uu; Koptihlir in Mimu-iipolis, Ainjitsi, tytH,  \
Mreat Norfhern Rj
Will sell Round Trip Tickots Fornlo
The Dominion Meat
&   CafcfcBe    Co.,   Ltd.
Wholcmnlc «, Rclnll Ment Mcrchnntn
Fcrrtlc, B. C.
HnmtB,   Mncon,   Lord. Vint, nnd Gnmc In Sermon.
Vlclorln  Ave.
•Phone   No.   4
I Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd \
t r
IJ rowers or Kxtni Fine
Lmror Ilcor nnd Aorntcc1.
Wiiiers.   Itottlcd GoocIr
a Specialty.
and   Home   Life
■"■ '"* "^.■'•7..r*7r,T7*7'i':"--'--*' . . 1trrn-.~t^.,ik,,,.j
Cun lie rnjov'4-.l  liv Ink ill''     yonr     ini'uls    at
The Royal  Restaurant
In ronjmictinn willi flu* I'oynl Hold. Thr Inst innil servtil in ' ihi
city for *»,-, .mis. A Inv tin-ii Jii!iiliir li,„n,Uts lU-siird. Vour pnUouiiKo
U   I'l'Mprrllnllv   solicited.
MRS. M. MOELZEL, Proprietress
Excursion Rates East
The Northwestern Line
V.IV   lull    lilt,-.,   I,llllill   (|i|>   lilj.1 ,|,,.,s,   uill   In    111   ,11,,t    tit  i',|Sl.
rin point', „n Ih, I,,11m\miij^ .i.i 1.• .1 ulv :>, .md ,t, August 7, J, ut\A
>>, iuul S-Mr-iil.,.. •--, ,1 .md n- || \,,ii ,,,i,i, Mi[i|,n,. , niji i*,*isf tr
will |i,iy v.111  ii, nnii' in,- |,,t   ini)   ->-,hiu,,|,*s
W,  .,).., .it)., .,*,- j,,,,-  ,,( (,.,, t.ltl., U,,UI i-|,;l<lp, „U(t „ti,'i
Listctn I'xiiiU to .ill |,iin.i|,,il   wv.-tit-iti    -mini*..     ||      i,nv    oli-uut
(inu,l>, hi.* i...,.m,« ,,ut  to   ,-,-  *..„!, vi id- im  thrit 11,11111 s
A |(fiit,tl imiiI f(,r trif,>tm,itf.,ii  tull  liriii" n t|itivl. n*plv-
H. *M. f-OU.IXN, **J«.tri   .-*B«<iit
fitf\ Hprrtfriif* Ai'f,, Hpokntte
' t*r •• '•
t'  :'. T.
-J. y
^ The Ledger will- not be-responsible
'{or statements made or opinions expressed in communications appearing
in its columns.
AN 01*l**N.  I.ETTEH.
■j. The  following     letter  was sent  to
ihe Free Press,- but  was reinsert pub-
Sir,—Atlraeted   liy  a   leaderette   in
your issue of  the. bill, I  was indiivod
to lireak  a      ciisiom,   that of    never
.-readijiijr aiivthinjji fi/Diii   the   edition*!
chair     ol your paper.       So,  with s
K-cUlessHess > worthy 'of a  better    ve
.ward, I waded  l!uou»h the said lead
erctte in search-'of an idea, presented
in Uu- siiiiiiiiiiifr up of Socialism,  vet
in an article  of  llial headinjj I . iii ill
the word mentioned  twice only,    :m
not the    slightest     reference  to    th-
philosophy   of the   uiovuii?nl    for or
against.    1 shall liken your leadeicUt
nir.s the   ' apjiles     of  tlte'dead sen'
shore of much    promise      lo tlrj ew
but ashes  to- the  ta.ite.
litu'on says,      "A mixture of ial--.:
*- hood is liki  alloy "in yolrt and silver
whiih may   make     the     metal   wor
belter, but  it dibaseth it,"   It i.s fo
this very reason  that  I  be<; your in
iluljieniv.llie' mixUne of   falsehood   i '
your leadeiette     may make   il     wot'
so lniK.li   better, that  many  shall    1,*
. deceived as to tlie authentic farts   ol
the   day's proceedings. -
Bui before going further, I shall ask
you to satisfy    me      on     one   point..
Which of these two conjectures in cor
reel:   Were ^ you present      at"   tltos*
meetings,   and dirt     you  deliberalel'
niisrepreM.nl  the true  facts,  or    wer
you listening  behind the  fence  bf.tli
Recreation Grounds, being too mean
oriel    us, be     charitable, ' in      (uo
straightelVfl cireimi'slanees to pay tit
price of admission,   thus   receiving
false  impression of tlie proce'eHings.
Now, let me inform you that Hawthornthwaite did nol limit his -'loud
b«asl" to Hritish Columbia slone,
but challenged all Canada, and thai
he stipulated a subject, i.e., CauiUl
vs. Labor, and that Mr. ' l)icke»,
who, mark ,you,'was nol tie ih*!*:-
man cjf the day's proceedings, but
acted chairman foi a short while
during the absence of Mr. "liggs,. i,«d
furthermore, Mr. Y.. Sherman was
chairman during this particular part
of the proceedings, ' and "that Mr.
Dic-kcM , (as I v;as vsaying) did' net
take the platform -with   HawtliorwU-
aw. lortvi-r. more. Aincn, amen. Von
say that with the' question asliFn-*
Hawt'lionulnvaite io reconcile " tbt
proclaimed principles of Socialism
(aiid, liy tlie vyay, I should, like ' VJ
of know, what ' vou or>Mr.-. "Dicken
know of the principles-"p-Ui^poialiMi-.),
with his vote oil the'K.C.-^V K- h\t\A
gi ant of Six,,ooo acres*," "his vote on
the Kaien Island deal, the Dewd.iey
the educational and assessment ;'. i,
liis- discomfiture was complete, al.rt
he was',speechless'! ' (ye^ gods, ag.-iir.?,
olli-riiig iio explanation' of his conduct.   '    -     *    ■      ■ -   '
Fred  Waters., superintendent  of   the
logging department  of the  Elk l.imi-
lx-r Company      business,   arrived ' in
town last  Friday  with a carload -of.
fine large .horses,  which he  purchased
at Edmonton for use  in  the    woods.
-They, were a fine looking lot, sixteen
in   uiiml>cr, weilghing. from ' 1,420 -to
l.Sfio    lbs.  each'.     The.se  teams* .-.ost
nearly S500 uach,laid dow.n here. Mr.
i * ■.
Waters says Edmonton    is- a boomer,
ahd    the    ' crops on the    prairie   aie
ivaite, but .simply asked some que*-
lions, hy no nie.'ms "ugly," by ifc«
way, cohcerHimg his public career, as
far remwvi-d from the sub-eet, marl
you, on wliicl tne iiiemlx-r fr«m '<•!»-
nainia .threw- out his ch-alleage, as
, the ■" interests of capital are renin*-;-.'
Irom those of labor, aiid were it »t
all pertinent, I could say liotltiHg
here-, concerning the same action of
President .Dicken, and tflc' opinion ol
a not indillerent number of the I'ernie miners regarding  this  incident.
1 admit that someone was disc-red-
iteif, but you ure 'mistaken as lo
whom (Unit leiice idea is inipreKsiitg
itself rather slnnijjly upon my mind),
I deny llml the discrediting wilt* doHi
by tliu inen: usking, but assert .In.'.
il wns ..oik.'J jy the manlier ol uskiiig
,The,ioiniiiotioii whiih followed ll'O'ie
tpiL'slions was not applause, us yoii
suppose (I nm almost Mire yon were
behind that fence), It was a laugjli
of derisioti, mingled wilh the piou.,-,1
ol others who wished (he ipiestioittr
(o hiivt! n .stpiare rtenl.
Ilawlhoiiithwitite did not answer
those tfueslions with ' silence loll,
these tedious old fools, I ivoiulii
whnt yon cull silence), but -inviUd
Mr, Dicken to come to (he Miin-i*-.'
Hal! tlie next evening, nnd there rt
would answer hiin fully, Then, tipon
.Mr. Dicken proitV'.sling he would lie
oul of town Ih,* following inoniiiii,',
'tin* (.-iii'sUoiis wire answered in a
soiiirwliiii hasty manlier, and n<A-ju*
fully .nud salislni'toi'v ns they ' ,v'«w
the following  nighf,
Afler llie sugary ■•.inptviieM, 'o( tliu
Inwyi'i-'s language, lhe SoHnllsln \ij{-
oiotis ,'xpiv.ssioiis were 111 least ii>*
Iivsliing, nml apropos of this, |ul m>!
nine.more i-uil \,ihi- iitteiilioii in
Lord Ilnt'oii, whom l'opu call*! tht
wisest, !itigliu*!,t, iiieiuiesl of m,in-
kind. II,. suys, "Tlu-v Uiul ii'veivti,'..
loo iitucli (,|,| Onus mv, bill 11 si'oiii
to llu- ' in-w " \\V musl nil ndiuii,
tlmt i'h'iiJ 'loivf.iilii'i's did -'rent things,
Imt «,- miiM jiIm, ;,,i|„it tli.it wu,
purity t:, 11 j, ^iini ij tiiaiiitnin go-ill
it) loi doing gr,.„t things, Iheruloie
let il.'l ii'llsc to lout, back - except Icr
ii'ii iiuvtitiu. to mow loiwii.d, As
(or (lu- iIImiissIoii of pnllticN liu'ii,*
out' of* jilit.'c ut a mineis' -liriili', I s.iv
mil-' ymi thin by politics only, liy 1,
v,,ii,vpi„,|i   ,,' in„ imvii   poliliinl  j,-m
tllO.'Ollgll   tllllll'l'hlllllll'jljl   of  t|||.  |||i;hi(.:|t
|w>lili(;il -.itu.ition, mi,* u gicu,,,,-
(,'iiiii'i<|iiion nl his own -mliliciil now-
*-r, and a ri»ht iim* thrreol, inn iln*
ivoiki.r iHit.iin jiis'i,»., niul for tli,..
fiitihiiiug ol jiihUu-, ns for jiiitii«
itM'll I .,*,.,, "a|| |,|m.t. „ (,,,|,|,|,, j,,,,-
all Mif.011. siiintiirl."
"Kw.\uhere t|u. Hritish nml Ca*
(iailinn llnt-s l,,w iisdinoiiv to the
lo.uilly ami ili'Votiitn ,,( i|„. |Mr,|i|B t»
their-rcitiutiv." G,„l sav,* the una
Do ion np,-,t it*, to take lliii iim fi J-
rt-'iui' of lov.'ltv iiml dcvolioii. Wliv,
now I Au iK-think inc. most of tli.->>i
Hags \tt-r,' liuilg out by ^looti Vpc|»*
*tr, lh,i,n wIioih I <|<i Mili-mnly ,1c
"hrv fm grc.lfrr ,.|l,'ll?y rvi'-.f'- to itt'.y
tmintry. t*ir<-« ptinf? m-rviie ainl «n-r*
(Hiary i-ililrtrn, frrim wliom imgcls
■ml initiklt-fi of *»nifc AettnA u* now
1 had intended to brand this ; (•-,.-,-
talioll as a deliberate lie, but l.ut
of charity I'shal! confess my. :nitul
is fully made-up.as to your iiosi-
iion behind that fence.'" As. 16" ihe
reason why the Xarita^mo -miner • did
not {jet the full benefit of-the-Workman's Coinpt-us*i|li6n Act',1 "'that „is
simple. ' They did not- have ■ a slrong
union lo pay er\peiises,'iior yet ft'«'r.
lCcksttin to fight it to a succos'-f-.il
coustimmaliou against odds through
more than one court. Mr. Keksteiu,
I (metaphorically, of course,) r.iise
my, hat to you; Mr. Kdilor,* lhe
(metaphorically, of course) take - 01
my hand to you. Now, sir, let 1111
put you 0:1 the- path of truth atjai.i.
Mr;IIawtlioinwiiite's ine-eliug in lhe
"Miners' Hull was not the. same i.v-
eiiing, but llie'next night. The greater part of his speech was not a bitter harangue against all forms cf
wealth (why, he extoled the trti-its),
but against the manner iu whi-.-li
'iiiosl ol the wealth produced is di-
varied Irom its rightful owners. Nor
did he propose to confiscate' it when
his'parly came into power, for he
inaiiiLained that until the U. S. took
the lead, his party were powerless'to
proclaim Socialism. Ne did not picture .Socialism in nil its" beauty, lie
painted capitalism, not in all* its horror (that were impossible to any living man), but in some phrases oi its
horror, San' Salaift,, having _ 'iiteu
,10 an end of these fabrications, ^ let
uie beg ol thee, forget, not this shining example of dutiful emulation of
lhy worshipful sainlship. ; .
Vou say that no sane man . vou'd
ever expect to see Socialism. "»iv, I
trust you will not allow the lbsurd
assumption ' thai only the exj>e-,..i;
lions of sane men arc callable •■;[ r:-
ali/.alion, to cloud your judgment.
, Not thiily years ago no -sane ian
ever expected anything of Bell's, telephone; in lact oiie sane'man to whom
he oflered half interest if lit ' wor.id
use his inlliieiice in promoting it, 01-
he ever came back with his "lool-"
lalkin'g , machine." Today it has
half a million miles of wire and is ol
great commercial   utility.   .
How long is it since no sane !.;an
ever expected to "see Alberta a ',teat
wIiea'.t-|i*rowing country? How long
did it lake to induce 'sane men' to
open up this Crow's Nest l'ass .01111-
try? ' *    '
' And now of tlie Premier Diamond
Mine. Six yeip.' ,»r,,o" t,n*ie men
would not give 15 shillings for a £
share in this mine, yet a I'.llh*
over ii , year ago a sane man g*iw.
£ 10,000 ior J2o /Ji shares,
Then us lo what sane men have in-
"..*,!. Now about Whitiker Wright?
„„; about the Story Cotton Co?
How about liquid air? Sane men expected great things ol these. Why,
know sane men who expect a . fair
and unbiased account of,lhe world's
news from editors round whose nooks
hangs the feitr of consequences, nnV
the dread of public opinion, nud 1,1
whose lieuil lies the greed of guilty
Anticipating  your favor,   for wh iih
1 'p,,i-M'"*t    my     thunks,     I  riMunin,
Yours Truly,
P. S.--V011 insinuate llial my I'u-lf
an: I unity.   This  mny be so of  wli.il
I have sit Id liol pertitiniiig to ,.1'ilv
2nd uml .in!. These I iiinintuiii lo bt
wiitccI; for llie ollievc, they coi'ii*
from 11 NDinewliiil iitii.eHiiblc sotivn,
the dnih, weekly nud inohthly presti,
nnd iiu'indil.cii-mt  ineinory,
)f lliey  aie   refiileiiblv,  refute llioiiti
II will be i-onleriiig 11 Invor upon nie
lo show me where I mn wronj,', Votl
lmve, your eui-yclopcilins und youn m(,i»
tlHlicul iipotls, You lmve yonr ri*
I ■oriel's uud your correspondentx scat-
(eicdiiliiiinil, speilul and o'.li.'iwi,*--
•lio,v uie my errors. As for pi'i.sotiul
uliiihe, il lliere lie any, nil I cun snv
i* "people iii glus-* hotiM'i should no',
throw   sio.tu's."
Voiiis Truly,
My mare,., a -vtry .valuable one,
was badly bruised and cut by* being
cauglil'-iiii n wire fence. Some of the
Iwoniuls would;hot heal,, although 1
tried many-;"different'; medicines. Dr.
Bell advisei'.me jo use M1NAK1VS
LINI-MiCXT, diluted at'first, ,-Jicn
stronger as the .sores liegan, to look
letter, until afler three weeks, the
sores '* have healed and best of all,
the hair is growing well; aud is NOT
Will TIC,' as is most always the i-asi*
in'lii-'rsc   wounds.     ",       - .   c'
'   •*   • i'\ m. Douci-;-:.
Wcvuioiith. ' '      .,
A. Sharplcy and wife,, "Moyie; Cora
Minis, Moyie: S- Child, Victoria; .J.
C.'Otis, ■ Spokane; W.J. Coulter^
Spokane; H. P, Schivelj-,. Spokane;"
H. L. Kennedy, Spokane; J. I/, **Me-
Intyrc,' City; • J. Campbell,' .'Cranbrook; W. Alexander, Coal. Creek. J.
Dick,. llosmer- A. .1. Pattersoo, Hos-
liiet;- II. Neyring, Salem; J. Johnson, City; P. A. Hill, Seattle; Mrs.'
C. Y. Mini/, and. son, Spokane; P.;
McConnell, Baincs Lake; A. C. Murray, Michel; "Mrs. Kock andson, Calgary;! IC. Ii. Lucas, Davenport, Geo.
li, Kish, Spokane; IS. J. Shaw, Seattle; C. A. Kliiiycitsmith, F.tkio; II.
R. McConnell, Toronto; M. Pleish-
niaii; Vancouver; II. At. Tisdale, St.'
Paul. •* "'■'',
" The garden party aad concert given by ,lhe ladies of the Catholic
Church iu the beautiful grounds - of
II. W. Herchmer last- night ivas-a
most enjoyable affair. A line musical .programme was rendered and enjoyed by. an appreciative audience.
': Boundary,, shipments of ore during
the past week' were ■ 20',63/r tons;
Rossland shipments were 4,635 ton-;;
Slocan Kootenay shipments were 3,-
052 tons. Total .for this week, 2.S,-
344 tons.
The receipts at the smelters were.:.
Granby smelter, 15,844 tons; Greenwood smeller, 744 tons; Boundary
Palls smelter;' 37 9*-7 Ions; Trail
-iniellev - 35,000 tons; Hall Mines
smelter, 948 tons; Marysville ' smelter,-500 .toils.   Total,  27,463  tons.
,",   -;V   '. : iNAPANRR.
W. D. 'Mhco, Wimiip-g: M. II. Mace.'
Winnipeg; B. Wilson, Movie'; X. lv.
Broley, llosmer; W. J. Nixon, Pernie;- R.. "Mansfield, Cratiljjrook; * R
I'ugh,, Coleinan; W. R.^Gasting," L(*J
inais; P. L. Vareuin, Cily; Jas
Bates, Cranbrook; Geo. Mtipin, Coal
Creek; Oscar Johnson, Moyie; Sist-
ers-rtf Chaiity, New , Westminster; J.
Doyle, ' M;ieiw«l; P." Scott, Moose
Jaw; T. Ballard, Mooso Jaw; Harvey' Brown, Coa] CreeJ;; , W. ' W.
Brown, Coal Creek; Mr. and "Mrs-.
•Pus-cull, Coal • Cr**ek; M. Vlelchor,
Xorthport; B. V. Irish,- Michel;. D.
McDcimitl, Morrissey; M. Rosso,
Blairmore; Thos, Cavin, Cranb'rook;
R. McDonald, Cranbrook; * J. A.
Ra;ney,- Spokane.
under this heading instcrted at the
rate of one cent a word each insertion.
The Ootids Clothing Co. ball team
«-f Spokane,'.manai-Jed.by '.Walter Me-
Callum. are arrangiiijj a trip Llirougli
IL' C. They will play a series of five
games at each oi the following places: Crairtironk.'KH-i'ni'e, PranJi. Le Ill-
bridge and Kalispell. This is one ol
the best teajns in the Spokane
ieag,ue,'aiul      a   good_g;aiiie   will  ,bc
Pernie, 'good   ' two-storv   house   on
' the   property .--Apply   MOTT, *0N
&C0. ,     -
lol located in centre of city for sale
al a bargain price—Apply   • MOTT,
SON, & CO.
looked  ior
The. Fertiie baseball leant still
have their eyes ou -that Calgary cup,
and an ellort will Wiiiiulc to. land
it this'fall. They, have the "timber,
and are getting "into shape, tind Fernie expects, lo have the host learn in
B. C.
'.hi* ulcpfioiie uiiup'tny bus its linos
ixtilided us lur west now us Ityuii,
.unl .south to UihV Ctcck tm thi.'
Kootuiay livei, win re (lie new mill
ol the linker I.iiiiiUt Cotniuinv is l,»-
ing put up.        *
J. I). .Mi-llriilc uud hiiiiily we 111, to
Wild IIoi.se last Sunday iu Ihcir nil*
loiuubil,*, and had 110 tumble whut ■
ever with llie heavy hills.
Mrs. L.i till, Missci.' I^ni uml l'.lla
Leitih .ind little Mm ion ic turned
Irom Culnarv lust Sutunlitv nttiriiing
iiuiiiiip.iuiu! by Mr. J^iiiili, who
li.td gone there oil IniHilieiK, Tlm
Misses IaiHIi will s|i,;iid the summer
v.ti.ilii.u ul  lioiiie,
\lt*. V. C, Mulpas 'ami *lii|,!tin re
hirin-fl F.isf Sii/phiy from Sirdar,
**.i«*i.* ilu-y Itavi- l«tn for tu«> wielrt
ttistiiatiiig <u that deli'-littin) Minimi-r riM.rt. '
F. G. ■ While, of tht Canadian Bunk
of Co.iunc'rce', left'Sll■ni(tay,'in'orning
for Grand Forks, where he will spend
liis holidays. *"''',
A game of foolHiill Jjclween u team
from the Central Hotel and one from
tho Royal was played Monday evening Ul the recreation grounds, It
was n warm "game, but the Central
boys were too much for their Royal
Highnesses, and gave them a thick
•"■eating 0f whitewash,   Score  4-0,
F. C. Mercer , and Win. MeKi.'»/.iu,
tlelAku'tiiS Iroini the' DoHvieite i.-olony
at Zion City, III,, were i.rl<clli\>yiclj{e
a'fuw days ugo, supposedly for lhe
purpose Of .securing n large tract of
land upon ° which to locale a few
swariii*, ol Dowitites from the c.vti-
crowdetl hives ol '/Aon City, Buiwccn
Mormons nud Dowieities, Soulliern
AllK't-tn will  soon   be  populated,
Iiuudred and - twenty acres in the
Kootenay valley, 40 acres under cul-
* livalioii; 140 acres can be irrigated
at small expense. There are. good
buildings on* the pioperiy,' also
three .miles of fencing. There", is
about two million feet of first-class
limber; on the kind. Tliis is a snap
lor anyone wishing to gel a good
ranch. For particularso.apply .. „ lo
Molt,.Son.& Co., ,
FOR SALE—The., property known as
the Tiemont hoarding house Victoria avenue, Fernie. Good ' two
story house, 11 bed rooms upstairs,-' 5 good rooms down
stairs; plastered: there i.s also a
good shed and stable on the prop-
- city. Will, be sold very cheap
for'cinsh. This is a sityp for any
<pie wishing tojnake n igjoo'd investment. For full partirulars,
etc,   apply Molt,  Son  &  Co.,
of 378 acres, situaletl in one of the
most favorable spots for fruit growing, gardening, slock raising niii.
poultry growing in the Kootenay
country. This ranch i.s nil fenced
contains, 61 acres of first-class bol-
tom .land, 25 acres' of which is iu
a good- state of ' cultivation,, 7
acres of good bench land suitable
for fruit growing nnd gardening, niir'
in, line slate of cultivation. There
is. n good log house of four rooms,
with shingle roof, stabling for fi
horses ' nud 9 head of. entile, two
good henhouses and a good rool
house. This, vnltiab.e properly can be
hail for $5670.00 ensh, il taken soon,
nnd is the best bargain for anyone desiring lo go Inlo ranching
thai can be fouiul in East Kootptiav
For further pnrliculnrs npplv to
Molt, Ron & Co, Fernie, 11.'C.
f P. Hi'mlerson, Coleiiuili; W. Collins, Crnnlirook; J, P, Hegiin, llosmer; L, W, McKeii/.ie, llosiner; ,1,
W, Chisteiis, Spokune; IL C, Xorris,
Spokuui-; II, McMillan, Lm-oinbe; C.
McKi'li/.ie, IIosiui'i*; .1. C. Keinpstoii,
Conl Creek; J, Ciirrnlier, S11111I Creek;
.1. Kn^luiid, Cntir-hrook; ,1, E, Luu*
easier, ' Elkiiioulli; C. W, Rnlliwell,
Grand Forks; Win. Thoiuiis, Criin-
luonk; M.' Tliuey, Hosiiier; L. Poj{-
it.ii, Ctili'inuti; Thos. lilliott, N'tilu-
tou; W, H. Tlininpsoii, Nimloii; C.
A,   Knox,  Kntliilriim,
' WAL110UF.
IC. Ciiineroii, Ciiiiyoii City;* ' G.
Wliitt;, Flunk; 11, A, Gruluiiii, Winnipeg; J. II. Green, Raymond; II.
L,    Gi,liliiud,     Ilaiilngloii;  J.    M.
., ,, ',. 1*        T **,.ll,,
iimci.s, lJ.,ii.l.^.on, ,,, .1, .'.*,.u.>.
Mi iliiiiii* 3I.il; V. '.',. Appi'lby. Mon
tival; (V li, Cilroy, Toroiilo; II. II.
Uoss. Elkmouth: J. Jorgciison, Elk
inoiitli; Alum Smith, Spokmie; Mm,
A. M, l-Jiilllpps, Hpokiiiie;|C, OjGnuIy
>,|,i,Viiih", A, ii.ilci, *->,,u V-'i.idvimu,
II, 0. CiiiiiiniiiM, Jafliuy; I), A, Elmer, Moyie; C. A. Dovv, lilko; Geo, V.
l*i)rtMiiilli,.lluyiieN Luke; A, L. Cint-
liam, It.iyiiiM Luke; A. lliuckiiiiidgi-
and wife, Calgary; Vivian Be Fancy,
''■.ok.uiv., It. Il.tinilti'ii, S'tw Yotk,
Mis. II, IL Komi, Kllmoutli Andrew
Liiidlnw   Spokaiii'; .1, Norton, Moyie;
A hotel thut .uri.it.lu-*. rjiiiel rom-
tnotlioiiK ncrfiiitiiintlnIInni* for Its ini-
•joi, 'a|tu-»^   jo (»H**| |>JB.top:>( 3il|M
3-(J    «i|   OUO   U   l|MI({   '.1!|l|lld *]'a|||'IA«J-'
troll* In a .Hour-e nf pleoxurc to the
tier npponlle noit ofllce.
MiiiAid'8 Mniriittit  ciiro.i purget  in
WANTED—Situation us help in pii-
vnle family by Englishwoman,.
No     wnMiini*-,—Box 405, Nelson,
n. c.
WANTED'-Girl    for    general   liou.-e*
" work. —Apply 1 lo Mrs. W. ll. Ross,
FOILS'!)-A piii'M- roiitiiiuiiig 11 sum of
money. Owner can have sninc bv
paying for this ad.—Apply I,i'd;i,i.r
Fruits and
Summer Drinks
Here you'll lind everything Iliu
season nlToidn in fine condition.
COME       IN ANT)       SEE,
J. R. McEwing
Tie best Si-making
Countries- of   the world
contribute, to the making*
,of my ,.      .' . "
Four-in-hand Neckties
IH'HERE is- no old,
. Stock here. Every, bit of Neckwear, is
just fresh from the* silk
maker- and'you. can't
help but be pleased.
Come   just   to   see the
looking*  is a pleasure to
J, you.and,.lo me." ,
Mostly 60c. Ties—some
at- ^oc *— but  this week
* '     « l-
you can choose any ronr
in-liand  Tie in my store,
for— * '.'     ?
The Preserving Season is now
on.     Gtet our prices on Fruit ;
Jars  before   purchasing   else-^;
^where. ' . ^'^. '"■
Bring your Cash and get value for your Money.
i ti.990999999999tm
t\\       ••     -   s
"*> li
ft O .. ^
ft -4
W. J. Blundcll
The People's Grocer,   P, 0. Block, Fernie
George F. Johnson
Fernie9'        B. C.
The.     appreciation;     of-
those, who  have   visited
our showroom, and   visit-
ed   .our.***   millinery. and-
l'.Inc)rg:oocls~cl i splay_is—a~ «
flatterino- proof to us that   *
'. our. styles are exclusive,
lasteful and. moderately
Only a few of those Lovely Black
Plumes Left
Expected   to arrive   this
week, alarg'e shipment
of beautiful shirt   waists,
and shirt waist suits.':
• 0 •» •<**-<>»
■■—I >MMrtl»l»*-*l.lt<l*'WW«WW1M--afcM***WW^
FOOTI.A.,1. C.OOD.S    '
■■ni a umi-ai i ii**■ ■■ wib-mh—w
. Firo Works
Souvenir Cnnc.-I
Mon, keep your feet cool arid comfortable in a pair of our Oxfords,
they feel just right on the foot and
wo know they will look good to you
if you step iii and let, us show you,
Tan, White, Black and Patent at
Reasonable prices.'. *
We, are offering you an extra quality Suit
Case made of Kestol, 24 in. long and has two
straps and good brass trimmings and lock, solid
leather corners, secured with copper." rivets.
A  Trunk   made   over a strong wooden ,, frame, ,
with iron bottom  covered with 5 oz. canvas well
painted   and   fitted-* with; two heavy scraps and
iron trimmings stitched leather handles at
Special: Prices
Tinsmithing& Plumbing:
t. T' HAVE taken over the; business, formerly;'coii-
„ * ducted, by Shepperd & Elliott and wish to inform
the publicthat I am in a position. to do, all kinds of
Tinsmithing and Plumbing in a prompt and efficient
manner.    Remember the place.
One door north of King Edward Hotel.
♦Phone 1
■       **vm %■■      vn       ■ItM^      bUflHIU      IIV%Vlf ■    ■   ' ,   ■■■■■ ■■..■■■■»■■—■■■ ■,jU|,.«
tenay Cigar Co.
Nelton, B. C.
Smolke Royal Seal Cigars.
I*. Atkinson,      -    '.;■-.-     Fernie, B. C
I.INI-:    OV
-Palace Drug Store
li. P. Mcl.cnn, Mff-r.
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000,   Rcsorvo Fund, $4,500,000
B. E. WALKER, tlcncnil Mminirnr   . ALEX. l.Alltl), A**.. Cen'l Manani*
™__.   „_— i',
BuslnoBO may bo trnnnactod by mail with any branolt
of tho Bank. Accounts may bo oponod, and deposits
mado or withdrawn by mail, Every attention ,1b paid
to out-of-town accounts,
l>rnlo Uranch
O. H.  Holt,  Mr linger
<„         I, ,|,|. in,,        |  	
$: Wc list below a few things you all need
<*♦> this weather—come and see our assortment.
I Garden Hose, Hose Nozzles, Lawn
% Mowers, Grass Clippers, Sickles, lee
t Cream Freezers, Refrigerators, Screen
% Doors and Windows,
|       We have a nice assortment if [tee goods at wost \w****\% ym
:' slr'OLIR WINDOW.    , WHIMSTER   &   CO.
■WL.UI.I_U.  V    LJJI'.'W.llltJ'J
Always  the  Lowest!!!
Tliim wcok yon want to moo tlio linen of Honlery for Men,
Womon iiml Clilhlron.  Hpoolnl KargaliiM In theme Goods.
llliiiise KctN, Slick PiiiK, Fimcy Jcwislrv, Wntpliei, Clpclcx, Rttj-ori &c,
(.iiiuiint- Tuiliii.li Ti-l>,«i.LU iiiiii CiKiifvUtt,
Opposite lln** Col«c Ovens        —    '   Baker Avenue       —       Pernio
■ imi m in n'-nHim nimmn*,!
WE  have    rfcelvcd
and pasttul   into
stock, a ton of Foot**
wear in Men's Womens
and Childrens goodn.
Box Calf, Laced nnd Con
press from $3.00 to $5.00
Miners' Pit'Shoes from
$1.90 to $4.00—	
oiD mmht mm nm, mm.    w. - R. MoDOUQ/ill
Sl'USCWilli. VOU THU I.KDGKtt Mlnaul'i* Mitimcnt cures cold, etc,


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