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The Fernie Ledger 1906-09-05

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Vol.  II,  Number 5.
rlany Interesting Items  About People—A   Week's
Round-Up of Local Happenings
^fernie^b: c, wednesdav.Iseptember 5
Rudolph Doran, oi Spokane,
li; city yestetday.
JIj-.- anJ Mrs. V.. li. S. Wads
tnm.d.lo tit: cily this *uoniin:
H. W. Fulness, of the Great Sordi
dly .
T.  IT-  1-uinttnm
agent.(it tint G.  *
lo h.itr Mr. It'll
The; Great  S«
train.!   .IJaisi Sati
.more thai. <:tie li
II, von desire ti
0 expel
-   Mr* Jolly.
h.arly. joti}--.rc«.erolii
Joliet in:,'-'•Tolly "Si
SeptA>o.A A" '""
;  yilfiy^Ai
Jolly     Jfi'lii-t      ot   Jolicl  ou"
Side of l.ifc.'j
Get everything ill readiness 1
jollied tn Mijiday by Sir. .foil;
Joliet....H you inissit, you will
It you dearly .Iw■ jollt«rt
<luB't fail tb hear Mr. .Toll;
let on: '"Jolly Side of Life"'at Optra House on Sept.  -oU--
•rii; oittpnt.'of-.coal,, ; for tlie    week
inding      Friday,  Aug.   3tst,   w
follows:   Coal      Creek,   14.33"
Michel,    '7,3M    to'"--       T"lal.
Miss Ales
Miss Ki'di
it to Port Steele
:idd returned Tuesday [rom. a
of   fresh fniit   arrived from
yesletday   morning.
Gm dm:, .    Canadian customs
i  Klkmoulh    Tiici
i Mi.hei S
.all last" night at tlie
al-.hough. not i largely
very  pleasant little"
nnd  left  for
Mrs.  Thos. Fuwcell
Spokane wilh her  two
will place tn= eldest  nf
school In    "hat city 1*
lo Feinie."
Thire arc some thing
everv am, -mil don't fr
day lhat everybody wil
lhc never dceeiving aiul
ing Jolly ai Jotitt.
Miss 15va:und- Miss
augh,  ofiit.   "Paill,      wl
G. N.,°Ior slime weeks,'left tor their
heme  last Fliday^iilght-
Mr. Sam Graham .left aioialay^for
Albany, Oregon;-where lie S"es to,,
look after thc' grain sad- trail crop"
on his Earni, which is reported iy his
tenant to he of fine quality ond large
Mr. B.acssloiU, o.["the G. N', and
wTfe, and A- B. Trills ami sire, wen;
down to KIIaiiioiTih hy. Friday night.'.'
G. X. train to ."(lend a few,.(ays at
: lhc McConnell ranch, where lite felling and.hiintinj,"are reported to 'ic
good. *,■"■'■■'
"D. Driscoli, of Spokniu, ill Hie
city  yesterday   looking
will   establish  fl
y.    He
filial ile
The i
- lit;.
story" wrilli
anil twhich was crowded oul
week's issue," will lie found in auo
"column ot this issue, and is
WortJi the reading. II <h; Le<
were permitted to make known -
jrersonality". of lhc author, it w*
add stilt more lo the interest of
slory. - ,' -;     .
L weak' frnm tlie
,1  his
st utt.V
r domestic" ii
,  ■;(. c
5    Of   .
1  (04-. e
,  =97
5 Im
tlie  C.
. lllu  ("real Nortlieni
Tit's »b an     average nl 95 cars' per
.   (Lay for the five days, nnd in aii    indication of Ate rnpltl «rowlh   of   the
lonllngu iiiinitl.'Hs Itoiti tie-mines and'
J.^.Caru-n . district . passeu^'i
ORMit rt.ltie C. I'. K., was i» •"»'«
HnUir'luv innkiiiK afler■!orrun*;niit«l-i
ior the 'LV.-il'nMA UUir l>«y 'el.-
Iirntfnu. Mr. Curler iv-mrl-* lius'ness
very Lriik in nil Hues on lhe Crow's
Ktsl hrriiitli, * He fX|«ela a h.-uvy
pasiwintr iwflie ■luting tht lull, au.l
liioks for. it aoo'l Hint mil nt lit'
Nelson Knir.::
BI Eliickttitliiirij, iM. A., die eeh~
linHml Ollil e*perienettl eve spceloiihl
will ngaitt Visit tlle lot lowing plncen:
Crnnlinvok, Ceuiiopi.ttloii Hotel,'
Sept. g'-i <i; 'Ma.-jbVilI«, Sept. < i-ia;
MoyieAd.1-E'A-->ton*,' i3-'4i- .-Feruie,
n£asdc.l*a drtii; store, Sept. 15-17-
Sow "ia your op'ioi-lunity lo linvi
\onr cyeS:piopcEly.ntlcJided to hy '>
1 elirfliie. and graduate eye siicdalial-
Mr. A.. Joyce lias-'iusigw-il !ii»-j'(-
silwt pr" rtcptily WgiBU-iir . in* :W
provincial ».rvin., aiid is., leavni.-
.Fernie ilii" locate -i«7tjie taioiniiig-iiiw
.province; of SnsUateltewnn. Mr. Joyce
waa onE_oi :..the. pi.onecr selUcrs ty
Tern c, coining alienJ o["tlfc riitcel".«
Uie. jai1r«»d1>.;.,a»4-'hi«t-^l.!i:»i;lmal;
litSs ol one "lii" orniiolliirt-vt-r-since.
Sir.,'.aiul Mc-i.,, .Jpyct" "Ilnt"' .»?.*»«;
fnetids in runic who will regret
ihjlr .lepnrtiira'V UUlo Miss /Alice
Joyee'tii" MW-ot-tfie tittfe:-girl-.:..'thftt
wokes fric-ids of- otd tu«l -young, and
Will also Min mientV -by lur..little
Trlnnils.-. Tlie ■ rjotlBar ■ wishes * Uia ■; tnin- ■
Ay. good" luck fu: tleifr.uEw home.
ilt'e   on   Momlav night'
li=  Snaiiem. ■ ""   7"-'.
ff  IK Furness,_of tlitGrenl. Si
rn,  wns  in   lowit  Tuesday" ami went
.-llul anil retiinteil leaving li
iast *i:Bht.
Mr.   Belfry,   of   Un    G.   X.    station
A   Big Turnout   from , the Neighboring
Towns, and a ,Fin|t Day's Sport
-Labor Hay has
ortls than
Ill the li
er-., 1>iit their lock of lonj;
.raiBinjt anil esperience in
1  ngninst   Utent,   and   bo;h
tl, and iuilj race, tlu-J" sho*
.■It. Iscller advmtiagc, " al
b«n .that. Gusty",   1
a two inciitlrs
lake his rest in
Mr.  CalUl* ii progressing  .:
liis place on the police/ loree
.he firo  Ijri^ailc  racing  team.
As  Mr.
inj; Fcinii
'   Jfiller
ami left avs-r tlu G.
lon.  by  llirnday  ni^lil
Jliiis Francis Davies
Stevens ulii. lias 1
Kdgeriiffe duriny the
days,   I^ft for Seattle
Miss   plivti,   ot  Lot
town     .Tuesday morning    lo
|   as   stenograph-r.    in
j of  EcksU-:n anil  Gray,
usie inriiisiieil lty  '.'Pat"  M.l-
ont aimt.rihcing. the
Patrick Wliclan, ol
Dewey, at NU^ianti;,
left hy Uiis morning-s
11  with the ffardntrg.rl
liili'p Carosclia for three
10 was ililCc'ult to 1.1 ji.-'
was thought Unit    s-he
A. Jiolsoitsoji, of St. Paul, pre:
I of the Klk Lumber Compan"
t in on lhe C. P. R. west I10111
erday, rnd left via tlle sail
e for the east agaiir last    nigh
aiwl  <lo^s      a  lot of lits business    ■
■"ridav. llie International Coal
t Co., at Coleman, lookout
ltd 1,751 Ions of e?>al during
I,      ami   stopped (luring     the.
tripped nnii lilt ji
They had'tlie m
which  was 3o.
tlle liistol, am'
tun. Th; Fen
r.*corded =r se.
.■.ccgihIs, ami I
seconds. The
ords  is ■!•' .VS
that   th;  avLra
fused to make
thev cl.iini tit..*:
Tlie aio^-tc, in
ud their ca]
. .7. Elmer, 1
lio n,anip..lal
fellows to l»al
Ijikc all othi
and   ' they get
Ile loailer, wilivfi got 1
fhis eolii|intiy are in . n
urn  nnt --,5™i tons uvei
a wny. Tliis
it Coal
<*'"6 «i ■
Tlii   l-Vrliie-l-nsBliOll   team   Iwut   llie
Ml Creek ii'iiui by 11 clow   score ol
fi.   Cnn Wliclan did good   work (or
IU.-      l:flV3. lioliUlig. llie     Conl
« ihiivii hard unlil  tlle taut ili-
h,n lh. iitttfire roi mined up
a-s   mi'l  balls, aait  two    men
"lirst lias.',  w!ica a single and
l.agK^r-in  succession    drought
hrec  rims for ilf  C.   C.   boys.
•Then CJui rallied and sent  llio   n=xt
ts'Un  Ute lichch. .
ihe I'd
li-tvg. V
■Had; it not-'I.
itor tlu
I" right
of losing' Kelly, who play
field Ior the. Pcrntu -hoys, ths sen
woiiM'fiiivb-Iiei'irnearerlo-o In fnv
pi'.-lie viiilois.... As "it was, Kelly
mritvutl away rut-tit-die
Uuvjnj no X-nXX tin; it was a ttittg lime
!;ifoi*a"Iw"wmlil he loeatoil, hint .the
Pernij ioys hiid to pltiy n lop-aid eii
ga«ie_w.Uilu l tie was ..lieing looked _»!'■
Wluu■ fnimd, lw was taiit. onleep along
iido ot some tiollciw IngH liounil. WlUi
Iionpa. wtileli .Imd n. Busiilcio"a.:oi)or
oi hnpA. nboul'. thorn.
crantp twentv yards before lhc finish
reached,' au.l hail .to"*,fa'J ont',
Lenia, thus cluekiitg tile fiiu sp
al whicli they were jtninff.-Jlw-ymij
Jiave.btL-tt ahla lo pass Cranbrook,
did tlieMovit team, tiefore rcaclttng
the chalk .line.
. Bui our hoys      arc uo kickers, lliey
arc  runners,     'and took llieir" deleat
hering events   .
inciting of -the* lum-
is the Joe loading
-oiiUsl. lliere were five ^ft of load-
:rs tried llteir skill at tSi^.ahil eacli
[earn worked hard tfnottg4 .to earn
.lie pri/c, tint-only-'twol.W^e- lu'eky'
■nough.lo secure ttei.RA.jlK
l!Ji3 "S*6rtli  Slur  I.uinlKWJgoinpnny,
niitiilie'r one  untlit,' put
lad'ntnl did     tlie job ii
mcontUt.      -TK^^rtK' Stdr
inlK-r two
ueii   should,
t Cranbrook ,-v
ing. l
1 lids.
of tl*- thrte watih
5 seconds, and re-
secoud run Tor what
of   theit
h; .wet,
11 very inUeh. I
lie coiiUNliints
lie vWlbw it. I
11 piillinl. oil,ro-.kat
nil.* ot Cmii
aiul; drilling eniile
.Inea. ■'Ill: resull ittaity iwojik-
firogniiitjiu uiul 1
out irniniiiiij
long 111- stu-els
-The ■ilHliilig*;c.
part tu liy only..I
.se who. did. w-^n
ding  in    UiroijB..
■ fn.
ivtiicli ilu .Ittlttir... won
ly;  that is if pinmtliliB steel
1 -ai'id'mtjilit     anil itinin e^i
cntlisdj easy... '■"..
^nieclio|jping,.contest'.wns n 1
Hllle lioiil wiih    axes in whi.h
liantly l.oys Iroinj the ;wo:«Is mnrtu the
chips Hy,   . :' "
1 The  'tic--m.ikamA of 'whom   I'
Were  three,  show"! liow easy it  h
ihnkti ticti it'j'on.-;ohty;ki«iw' ltpw
sw'ng n   lirond  axe ■mvr.your""'litntt
nnd down unto thu loo wiUinut tnk
'tig nil itn. ear nr WiUttinj-.n. toot,-
Two naivyew-cut ,ilir(ini.-lt a ,tnni.
nn.e log o.t*. ' IhVlies in diameter.-. in-
j- wenndH, nliiltllE ns a tvhi nmy ol Iter puir ol siiwj*orn enme to tliisi.-iviw
rt,V.;   scciittds.'   ■I..:.-.:-'' tuc-twefitS
tlie -wagon  in less
but "just ns    tliey were eleirtng    tbe
mil tlirce logs bulged
off-side of tlte wagon ahS changing
Lhe team tu thc opposiSssidc and
han^'ng the. rigging*, tBgJjJ liail the
three logs hack- on -the; loBia in ths
total time of 10. miftntefu fed 32 seconds,   'which :  is    rariiadglily  ijnick'
Thi I.eds"   is a- MKf^.iii.pi
lhat    Bahly'   Morris   hfitskomething willi--a. dishoiieel .tlgVt.   which
here ■ ol   lhe"
1'iitiing' Iiiiu
tee ainl "scni
country behind a gravi
watch chips anil snwdui
logs aiid oilier logs roll ng-on skids,
\ihi1e, liis "other sports -j$Kere being,
carriirt on in places tha^fere numerous in the city. ;v '.
, By. tliLs arrangement ;e*ir reporter
missed the contest of .tli'l'SjJady mem-
' " ' " - fiuiuJieS of the
t /-whom wiffged
done- last year,
bat iheit will. he. lib. iicord; in-Hia-
pQCtfc style " how
they, llieir Ittatehes, and
Baldy Morris wilt soirbsvk his mem-
iresh -coat
Bahly" w
vay-hacktd   "Horns.
There was a" row of :the3.-" Laughing
aters" liiLxt-   up on ..7the    sidewalk
itti their moccasined feet piantcd -.n
llie    boards    at    va'rioiis "angles,   all
aciile, with    apex  lo the Iront,     am!
wearing   gennins   uiade-while-you-wait
smiles of esjiansive expression as  tha
Fefn'e    ccnUnselit,    headed    hy    the
tend,   man-hed by. in'afl its    pride
,ast 3-car Uie parade; composed ot
its and flags, was .marly half a
lis long and' was good .to
Best liniil*rui.ns' llm
tier Mills,   Ltd.
I,   K
Ilesl   mer.lnint.s-   lloat
.Union wilh .t*;sl ptior
Brotlierhood ot Rail
nl a|i
Union  with     largest
Ko. 71, W. F. M., Sloy
^Dest deiorattd _ l«i
Royal  llol el.
Best   decorated   residtti
CO,    I
Pernie Citizens Do Themselves Proud   During   His
Excel lencics Short Stay.
1   "the   1
1,     Ka
Gray   and
by     t
on  tlici,
« at 4.2
lhe sta
JI.   ill
Best draught      team,  King I.m
Hub   and  Hub,   Cranl-HTook.
■     fioo YARD TON'V KACE.
First,  Weary Willie,   ownid   by
nid;'S. Small,
end,   Uotlie,   o«
n^d   I
iul  ;
mr or five floats awl teams all told
-a sad falling off in one short yoar. 1
'•Tlfe greatest feature ot the parade
lis, year was the very large tarn-|
nt 'of.'V Moyie Miners* Union. One .
undicd and twenty men were in
nu, all   fine specimens of the hardy
011; of industry in Moyie, as in
laiiv another tamji in the province.
There must have l«en more than
to ]ieoplc jtresent Irom plucky little
Moyie, wbitii added materially to
'is success of tlle day hy llieir duin-
er and the money Ihey spent in tic
Tlu    ledger   would      most   tinmhly .
suggest that  !ieiiig  iti possession of a
recreation   ground,   with  a   good
ui     stand, where everybody  could
all sports,    and contests without
ing lo travel all-over town, thut
would   pluase      visitors   to   Cranbrook,  at lesst visitors from Fernicr,
ts   were  used  for.tht
:h  ihey nre intended.,
ithei-  viuilors     would
rego  the  freedom     ot
nr fair nuighlmi  and
liny nit mliiiission Ico
in  tll2 groiiriils.   It would    he ' lunch
11 nre      coiulorlabl.:    nud    somewliiit
Iieuper    ilitiii .   Uti;'    Iwo  aditiission
eliL-lue has jiiwed  lo Iw to lllu pco-
.li:  nt liirj*c.
I.u'l.or Duy is Mi|ipos«<t to lm nn in-
tiliilinu f.i'r llie of Uiiwc whu
nl.or, ,iu,i     it makes tlift* Isneki:    nud
.-.e poor, .Inwii-tni'lili'ii soils ol toil
villi noil heart), nnd horny liimds,
um- to work double Vitft time ou
meii holidays K-tiiud '■•■"rd dual'*
nl-les - with spaih-s mut hearts; clubs
md-dintimiwls, in llio hard, grinding
rcn:l itiltl ot niirei|iiju>d I11W, llius
rviMj{ lo fkt-'tmt n sweating exist-
n've tr,im ilu loafing wretch*.-* who
vnn'l eiiiitu in town without n lot
pf.'lilairiue «l  Iioins , nml  lienliitfi ot
file nfo-ile ol- Cranbrook have at
llhl'ir :,";'*tHsposal n fme rccrention
Kroiiiul, 'lliey .ure centrally lacal-: 1,
uud thi* peil|>le ot tht'twigW.titiits
i.owns Itave shown. iheir appreci.itioit
of llteifo . things by always.'turiitni"
m»t Invlr-rge limnl*ni to the «Mt-
tit .wneni*- herelofore prepnrctt * loi
thnn, but. Monday's experience w'll
lend .to- put a diim]ier upon ths v ai
tif "llijuo onuide iMiin.le.fA    A-- ^"   ""
Tlte  LedKer  is .. one ot  Crnnhro Ik's
wnrniest (rk-mls.    Us' o*\'W^   li'n>-**t
niauy '^[ "Cr-*iribfoolf*i oiihsst nnd Ik ft
citi/ensi  .mil ll   lias tterolotoru  .done
i,ll it ronld to Wi-dnt ill crcaUnj;   nu
iitleresl ■'.".In  llie  •■^m' Day; *.elo\
tion,  Olid would* like  to ttoc  It >..i
n... putnatMRl onuiinl  event.. It
(.nrc .tliat'alter Mo'iHlay'-i oK|)ir.i
riJraiilwobfc will redoulilf X»r ■ eilorti,
'NIOX MEX,  too YARDS, 25 TO 3
First,   G. .Maitaban.
Second,   A.   J.   Daiidiiraitd.
VS10S  MUX   1™ YAItDS,  ,15 TO A
YEARS..     .
A.   McCowan.
1, J. Brake.
RACli,     irSDlill  16 YEARS
First,   Harold   Johnson.
Second,   Frank   I.eijjlillinuser.
First,  Edgar I
Second,   Maria
Second,   Anglophobia.
First,  Euslad.
Second,   I'eter.
First,  Sopl-ra uud McLenh.
Second,   Susie  and  Ethel,
ton yard DASH.
First,  T.  Gi.II.m.
Second,  G, Manahan.
,F MII.E.      '
A.   15!**
.   lSrtchi-i
Second,   F.   McConnell.
First.   J.   Bredieit.
Second,   I).   McLean.
irst,  G.  alaualmu.
,-R.   J.   Iliac
eelia   Met'
ond,   lfclla  Tav
First, Carrie Moore.
Kecf.nd,   Hrown :e  .tardine,
.   Cltlll'PING CONTEST.
Pirst, Moort.
Second,  Win.  Tot len.
First, "N'olilt    Rtur iUills—II.
gin,  K.  Harrison,  f. Mtli«-eu,
i-oiid,  Nnv
:  Mills-
First,  Win.  'I1
tKlll,    M'l'O
.loli us ran;   I'eur.soii  und  ,1c
mut ,1 ..lm.
Ulill,  Ynhk.
Set ond,    !ln\
1 Wimru n
llll 1 I.t.
*>('■  COST
.1 tlliv
' had Ii
dislociiied and b
nt llw C, I>....R. eoal .mine nl---!!-.*
yeslenlliy, nud was lttoii|th
down to lhe hospital, iy lie re lie is In
ing ironUd by Hr. Iliifliitis.. , '.'.
A casting in tlm Ims-cnr loader up
al (lu-itiincN broke .yes i-ei
nooti, wtiltli put all the .111
Sa. 3, toiiiptirni-ily .
The dimiuft-- nil' lm ".*!>:
anil work go. oirnijuii* hi;
Icroniiing-ratt^  - .
.0 clin
lb a ladder
*i tlie
oi-etls, Crom
a glin
i]is«  ol      the
by  thu  ladies  whr
1   th.
.-  and' past   thc     Coal
-' handshake, tbe*(party,
iy, as His Excellency;
s rear'platform, how-
lc.dfnmn.ut ut the three
ami a "tiger" giiren hy '*
.■d   011   the  station piat-
Oae ol the pleasing little
-.A llu vn-y iiii[irutiiplu allair, .
lrfseiiluliou of a bcaulitul bou^iet
>f sweet jie.i.i from the ladies of the-
:ity to Their Kxcetlciieies hy tittle
•;va Ross. This neat, unassuming •
•tlle tokrit oi sweet, (lowering fidel-
ty   waa   greatly   apiin-ciated     by  the
and   little
1  Eva
,h; happv 1-ecipieUt ol
>F.,k,n lliaiiks.
.Many indies graced llie occasion,
heir presence upon the platlui
...lwi-.hslalKlm.-T  the  fatt  tliat    im
:he I'art a
t tlm hoiin
of i
j Indies
Aid S
.   Wood in
■    ot     thu
K-lli.rflist   ehurth.
Tlterc was no public notice given-ol
ie time ot the arrival of the special
-;i'a unlil nn^ o'clock, and. crjisider-
y tlio shortness of Uie time, lhe
unout was a most creditable on;-
,.t pilable cotidili
>r^ Mr. Whimster
aring t3v: evidenc.
-led the gii*' to
.ove-named Such
girl Hit legal «■
nil she is 11 ye
1   receive   thi  l^st
total  .
r tbe rooi  of this
lie   Milton,   Amy   IligKS,   Evelyn
<,    lMli-.h   BigES,   I.ubi   tk-ddings,
e   Limilie,. Flonn.-e  Davis, Bessie
Ha/ell,     Nellie   Ila/tll,     Nellie  Bebb,
iy      Gould,     Viola     White,    Laura
h-le,    Unto    1'olloek,   Edith    Maild'
aiarj#rifs   Cnrniiehael,   Lillian   Camrr-
Edna, Wallaee,   Minnie  Curd,    thi
Hllle hosUKs, May A. T*-uUle, JUkI the"
Ledger Kid.
Tultle   and Mrs: W. W.
Dr. Groves, U.I.D., .1. I*., medico
llicer of the "Is!) oi W.ghl, cx-prest
.■nt ,.i the Hritish Medical Associf
on,     aiul      mauv  other    things   io*
atiirdav's   delavid   wcnuIhhiikI   C.   1'
easUhtiliil treigljl
.  1!,  line    «nd .11
1 Imdly
cas    In
The Led-ir Kid succeeded, after
iuch^coaxing, in. getting permission
f liis ma to attend May Tuttle**,
arly last Wednesday in honor ol
er iitlle   fikiid.   Katie  Miltcn.       He
.  bud  11
and all tilings nice," while
!o:ii boy Kid-had to put up
I hi wus allowed..ol lhe nice*
nd -was all lit; lime think-
,w little hoys are eonstruct-
ps and snails nnd tittle dog:s
here  was     rollicking fun all
;  for
.   Tuttle,   tlte  Ledger
lhe jibes of the    little
h  on.
e   of   whom   considered
of   going  bomb    willi-
sis tat
ice nr the" aid ot  iheir
It  w
'" * '•"" *""'*'■
tlie delegation of fire chiefs, which
ss;rd ihroiijjh Feruie last week en
ute t" Calgary, jtopjied over again
sl.rday* on their return trip. They
re ;;tiort two nun, Lydoti, of I^w-
0:1, and Lindsey, ot Spoknne, hut
i- reporter tell thai it would '*•
■adfng on iluii he iu makins en-
iries as to hutr llie two had been
it, mid so retrained trom going into |KirtieulurK, Tbe ikte^alinn upcak
" :hly ot tlitir tveniiiiciit in Coljjory,
it n'iMirt n Xivti meeting <ind .souw ,.
.■.Ik-lit   rneiliij.
Tllli; .int.i.lKST Jti[,I,Y VBT.    ■
■•runtlin I'ii'm* .tullv, of JnlUt,
II iiier.t ill.: sides ul Ills lislellers
ill a Jolly bit of .Iiillirivntionh*.
: flper.l lluiise next Mniiduy tiifiJil.
-. Jallv tomes wiih Uie' highest
-'   ■ ■ nut
,o|i1<<   who.IniVi- U-eu .lollh-d 1,
ll,   I'aUco   Drug  Store.   '.
iistic lu-lt on (irepand
t Iniigb vmt have over
1  world,  wlure  Jollily
A   Wltl.CUMI*.    VISITOR,
Kiii.knnook was held fi
ratiie down Irom -Jaffray on Satnr-
diiy*s local, and made llta hearts
and sloninclis ol liis frii'ids glad by
Iiii, gmial. pK'senw. nccmi|>anied by
a  Tine lot of Sand Creek trunt,
■Mr. Wallace in uii.ilit watrAtnutt now
for Mr. Jcm-tl's mill company at
Jaffray. fie reports the lieW mill to
U* a model ni ucntiu-ss and compact-, which works without a, hitch,
'illid is going al-dill capacity. -'.--'-.-
' Mr",, renminbi over-Sunday
•itut went, liiick lo Jnflmy iau.;Mon'
day.' --■-■■-     ■■■:  -.;,_  ■ THE   FERNIE LEDGERy FERNIE, B.C. ..SEPTEMBER '5,^906
 . r
Issued every; tyednesday -froatvtfc*-«f-
fic« of -. publication, Todd Block,
Vicloiia Ave.,,,Feruie,  British Col'
D. V.MOTT-   ,"'
'   -.,4 "'IVY.  .     •   '  . -     ''*-
"tt'itk' the permission ol Rev. _. Mr.
Hall, of /ihe Methodist'8 Church, we
-plait before our, readers this week a
partial teport'of a sermon delivered
•by liim in .the . Fernie Metkodist
Church . on Sunday morning,- Aug.
26,' upon tht subject of unity in
church work, which is an able address upon 11 subject which is just
now being very, much discussed in
church  circle*. .« ■
The principle which Rev. Hall deals
with more particularly, as it relates
to church work, is oiie which can Ih.-
studied to advantage in more worldly affairs—the ownership • and management of public, utilities, and, in
fact, all matters which touch in any
way public interests.
If th,;-people of  Kernie were limited
in protecting their own  interests   as
a community, they .could-resist    tlu
, attack of the most powerful combination  of privnte interests , that could
■- be arrayed against them.
It is only through the dividing, or
the citi/ens of the towns by appealing to private, or imaginary privaU
interests', thus playing * upon th.
: purely selfish instincts of individual--
that the interests of the town as a
whole.can be subverted to tlte privatt
. interests of whatever happens to lx
the largest single private interest.
The  citi/.cii    who  foolishly     ima'g
ines that by yielding to the perstuis
ions, of   a  powerful   private   inUreil
trod in conse-'itence lends     his assUt
ahce        to   '   such       interests       in
the     belief     that     he   can,    by   at
doing, aid the public interest or fui
thcr his own private     interest, is   ;
very   shortsighted      individual,'   wh
will lx; rudely    awakened sooner    o
later to tha fact that thc privatt in
terest which secure!, his aid by sucl,
persuasion  will do unto him    as    i
has induced, liim to assist it in    do
ing others.'
There is,,no private interest now ei
 jc, *nir._nr_pv.*r_wi'11-_t',_ill_this^ or
any. other city, which is or can h
greater than the public" interest, un
all .'subterfuges rcsortod to to mak.
people 'accept. .such conclusions* an
ik'signod, not in aid of public inter
ests, but in direct-opposition to sucl
interests./ It is only by ' prevent.*
unity,of action that private ir.terc*.
tan'ever hope to subvert public' in
terest to 'its own use,
__ o—	
labor unions'.*.The very ^tlotts   arc
dFawittg' together,* incited t^eto   by
seTf-i*teresj;,    a, A moveii^tit which  is
full of .hope fb'r'thefuttit-iv. Yoii have
heaid-Tof the    mouse ai"4 tht ba"cl.
.HeH.-ad' the li-at*rel   all   his"
•life/'.One' day he got -to ttie top    of
the*, lliarrel and looked-rVouitd. '."Pear
me,''*"said' he, "I did-iK-H' Know that
.tha world was so large!1'1   So   if-any
people aie. Jiving in tl»c  )>a,rrtl    and
do not know-what'is g°i*ti£on in \he
world,' right. under  tlieit* eyes!   'Htis
drawing  together amonf* tho nations
is going* on fast, and is oi>e °i the m9**t
noteworthy   and  eneourajyjiig  features,
of the time.   ,   ".',     /   •'   '   ' *i   „
After all, it is- what \e might expect.' The principle of^in'ncatjou is'
written in tlu universe; \vJ»'Cli simply
means a-tuiniiig-inlo-onC\ _"0»ly thai
when we Come to deal \\*ith. mvii#aiid
human society, a lie-*'*' fi»ctor enters
iii'.o the situation. M't'i has.power
to interfere with tht ii-Uufal order ot
eviiils. He i.s at v:iriai«<W,Uh himself
imd o hvrs: He can and tl„cs, fni.'itiate
lhc purposes of God* Nevertheless;
despitj human actions. a**-d through
liiiinan actions,, the »inifyiiiR Work
goss on in the moral as* tfVll a** the
material world.
Religious' unification is Roiii},' *.*■•'
'tilts is mote remarka'"^ than i" tlio
oilur cases, when yoi' ec*"1*-' tV* con-
sid.r the conditions; -Mw> feel more loth
deeply on religion tI»|Mi politics or
business. When it A* 9- matter of
trivial concern, you \vi\\ give n decision ollhaiid. But if it is something affecting the w-cUil^ing of vour
home and family, mid possibly even
your own life, vou wiU vt'ar.t time to
.onsidtr, and'will not lie so^ndy to
yield. And this is tlx*» ltien
have clung so tenaciously' lo tlK-'ir religious predilections. 'IV-* things, to
h in. seemed vital. Uwax harder
to j,et into line, but Um greater the
effort required to l*cjji*i movement,
ihe greater ■ the montc-lut"! oiii-e be-
gun. And this moveiMvnfc in tl'«s «'ii)'
of rJigious unification'by reason *°f
its greater moiucnluUi is t.'-'Sliiied
to go on unifying h\0te and more
imn,.and'on a vastly, wider scale, than
.11 the case either,of Politics 0r bw , _ •
History has many it (.'Wickered page
as a result of this" diu;ciilty of get-
ling 'men,, togSither. .-.-'lu'n'porary un-
'on; have, been fof»ied and broken
up, political and reli-jU>us. \VU.-n it
is* the'most sacred , interests that to be involved, jjien ;u*e pre-
patc-.l to go to any Extremes. Heii.e
strifes; disorders and ^'Urs.. It was
hir,d to g(:t leather. atid lookitig^on,
an unenlightened libHCryer mighl
;li: violent coiiiinoli°*is mid overlook
,lu, underlying forces, ^nd would . bt-
iucliiud to: say that {j»e history «!
iiian was nothing \i an interminable and irreconcilaJjle ccyiiMicl of
..onlrariclics.- That ^oultl be the
same tiling, us looking only ' at    tht
and fifty-from    the  _Congregational,
ctjually-dinded between laymen   and
ministers.   When these men met    together,   and   frankly*- faced th* facts
all round, for only on* the, basis  .of
the utmost frankness was it any y!ood
to       me^t,.'   .and      -without.,,  absolute- -  ^frankness;     *  there .'    'can
'be    no    thought    of    uuiou   at' ^ill,.
they were oma/ed to find how    near
they were   together.   The proceedings
Were characterised by a-most marked
spirit  of .   carriesthass   " and ' lirotlisr.
limiss'.'-'Dillicnlties tliat at one    time
seemed insuperable-   began ' to disappear.      Mindi   these   were  represtmla-,
•live meii irom ,the different denomin-
atioais—old men, some of thain,    not
•given to ch.uige,  but. they ' were mutually, in earnest, and the marvellous
thing   about it     all „ was tliat 'they
found    themselves,  hi    such -, general'
concord.   Thore was■■'.  of,,.tha
spirit   of    God   brooding  over . their
assemblies; and take it all in all,,   it
Was one  of      the    most    remarkable
Katheriiigs in church history.   A basis of union was drawn np and a doctrinal    .statement.'     Think   of    this!
Not two centuries ago Arininian aiid
ta'alvinist  were    in hitler ..opposition!
Kach contended with all tlu 'intensity
of  conviction    thnt  he  was' standing
tor llu truth or th; Gospel, and    so
was  ranged  in  opposite camps'. Now
sides have come ■  to see    that
other .side was right.     *I)o you    nol
think that Calvinism"  was right    in
pro.laiming    the   ' Sovereignity   i of
God?   What was it made such    stalwart   liicn     of- faith    hut this same
glorious      truth?   Equally    tnic  was
thc Arminiaii position as to the Re-
•.'    of    ">un,    with    all its
liiomeiitous   consc'tiimnccs'.*     As    has,
bwn well.said, these two truths    are
like two heiiiisplievcs—we may not bo
able   to  haiiiioni/e      them,   but  both
are required to.mako. a sphere.
Ik hind this'later proposal there.are
•.veij. hty reasons—th-*  drawings' of th j
Spirit   and     Xh-i nseds of, the work,
reasons  religious' aud   economic. "Ilut
wlulhef sucli union   is   on the whole
d.siral-le   is  not      yet  clear.   It  will
deptnd  on conditions. , There can    be
no 1'iiion if there i.s to. be any    surrender  of   convictions.   At   first    one
or two of the strong'men on   eithe:-
side     was. opposed    to ' the   proposal.   l)r.  Potts was     one, and an ex-
ii.oikrfttor    of   the   General' Assembly
was  another.   Dr. Milligan- wtnt  into
piim.0   against   ' tht.    movement,  but
afterwards, I believe, came into line.
Dr,  l'olts .also came over, -and  said,
'"Gentlemen," you  have  done what    1
thought  was   impossible;     you•■''have
liariuonized what I thought could not
be__hltrinoni/cd;_l am prepared to iro
in'o'action, ntidVe-* aU'haye'^'tliffersnt
dispositioli---,^ But /'there'-*' is rooiu
for all, antrlor'afl k'iiids of measures""
aud- Jnelhqds.; J„ There are ^differences
nf • administration,;. . bufe, the,   same
Spirit: -It is impossible for* all to
think alike,' "unkss all'are'on the-
saiue'A plane of thought, and that,-
ineans* that/all must bc.'dijually well
iiistrucU'd. Sometimes you meet
witii ' individuals, who -. know, it,all,
and yoii p. teach them nothing.'
Iiul"when-! tlrcre is .the,'right* spirit
th^re is'no difficulty iit the' way of
Chr^tiau unity. IIow^js it possible? |
We can ' all -.i:c?acccssM>lc • to. truth.
This is the attitude of the scholar-
lie puts his-theories aiul prejudices! on
one.; sidj, aud -goes,, after, truth, .We
eiin ail"ke?jian open mind;6., wc can
all cultivate.a,^Christian spirit.
Here is .,the;. root condition for a.
revival of religion—mutual concord
among individuals; mutual regard
and. lputtial confithnce.. We* caii respect .each other'.-' convictions aod
.••how a .kindly, interest and work to-
•;tlh.'r. Such brotherly unity is .the
crowJiihg , glory   of   Christianity.
Unity is convincing. What a moral
'•ower it, exerts 1 It strikes n .cont-
inunity" wilh the felt evidence of the
prcsi-nee , of God! It brings God
near!   Ikhuld .Jiow  gbi-n)    and
,*Ilireo limidrcd times bet
,  ter than sticky paper.
gold by all Druggists and general Stores
•,..   -'     ■ .•■-. and by maiW-'.,- ■_; ■
d» -' - >-$»
The Calgary   :
Cattle.Co,   :j;/;:   ';
Retail    Meat .- Merchant^-
licluild Jiow
pleasant it is^c-r ■li-.ethrcn, to
logethr in unity! , ,       -   .
She  Tells  How, Ilr.   Williams' ' Pink
Pills  Saved   Her  Dan-gdilcr.'
;   Eckstein & Gray
-'      O      ;'     .   , ''.       ... v  '
itoomg 1 & S, lloudorson t.lock, Fernio, B.C.
.  F. C. Latbe.
Post Oilico Block, Fornio. B. C.
'■ Hotel-
ffevttie, *W. C.
Davey & Laderoute
W. ft. Boss,K.C. .„ J.S. T. AI.KXASII.R
Ross & Alexander
BARRlSTEItS, solicitors, . etc
.   „ .     KERNIE, U, 0.   '■■
'      '       ,. '"
bniee in L. T.W. Ulo'olt, Victoria1 Avenue.
.f$»      A'
A> t
Clioicest ents ot fresh meats nlwayn
un land.,-
Hams, bacon, and lard as well.     '
All kinds of fresh Gri. eta  reason;
'* Prompt  delivery. i
Give^ns a call. I * ■     .
TEI,. 18.      -, , '   .
forest fires have again done dam
nj-c to th» timlier interests of th
province,- nnd still no system , tlm
inn be called by that name has beci
ihaiifjiinited for the purpose of cop
ilig iiiLtliodicaUy with them, At th,
boards, of trade convention in Crim
brook Inst winter, it committee o
that hotly met a representative o
tlie C, V. R., nud some lwiieficial dis
enssion took place. Mr. Pearce, o
CulRary, on Uhalf of the 0, V, It,
tiH.l the committee got so far nloB
ns to promise to recommend to th
railways aiul to the government tin
consilium lion of a plan of eo-operu
tion between the mill men, the C, 1'
it,  and  the piovinclal authorities.
The government has Ix-on appoint
Ntig fire wardens ami a'iilliori/,ii*!gl then
to appoint assistants, nulhoi
ity has becu vested in tlicsc warden
by which tliey could compel the at
teiitliincc. of mi'ii ot firtiN, ami ver;
little piojircRS lias been inatle in con
Tha railway compan(t», from whose
locomotives' a laige' percentage ii
tlu»e liies originate, are deeply in
tcrcNted in llw piCHorvnlion of the!
own timliei, ««h well as iu the 'pro
ti'itioii ol all ntber timlier, Iron
whiih they deilvu a large reveuiio, »■
it In iiiiiiiiil.ictiiri-d ami. hliippvrt U
mnrki't over their Vxniit,
Tlit -uovlnrlal  goveiiuni'ltt,  Hcarce-
)y  li'NH ililel'cKU-il prciililiirlly, a,s lliui
loose to    tlm uxliiil of tlw royally
nnd     the gfoiinil rent   of all Crow*
luiiiU, im well us llie royalty on uli
railrond  and   other  lands  ailci.uti'd
anil il it- in the province   ol tliu gov
eminent to make uiu-li i-nnctnn'iit   n
.Will liinlii! eficilfve  tliu     fire wrotce-
tion   ngiiKilions by giving   to   the
1-.*i^i-fl(iiu     i on st n,l i,n I it ry     -fiiitfiiijrily,
nlonjj with tlte power lo ptiy for tu-
(orrtil    It"Imi  for such public service,
tt  will cost noiiiethiiig to do   this,
but   it   in costing     all lom-crucd   »
great ileal more enili year such reg-
illations nie not uml put   i*
tek-.ii-.nls in motion i\\ chemical com-
filiations, lint the*''' vcry notions, or
toiiimotions, were buff* of the'process of human crynUili'iitioii. " And
in spite, of all thu "ui-l, and bloody
strit.s, the unifyiii(j bi-oi'ess svxiit on,
bringing like and li^u' together. A-nA
ih-is to the enlightened wind the
gloomiest . situatioHH )« his*-«ry aiv.
nt the same time (Ana fruugln   w'.Ui
hope.   As  one'of  f%  religions poets
lias put it—
The clouds yc so n'Utli dread,
Ar,: bjg with mercy, Ahd shall Ureal;
In blessings on yo-'l- Jiciul.    **
Sermon print-lied in the Fertile
MctlHxlist Cliurch, Sunday monilig.
August tit, l«j*/», by Hev. \\'.,1„ IUll,
It.A., IU).:
Text•- Ikht.kl Imw guml and how
pk-asnnt il in for brrthnii to dtell
together in  unity!   IV.  X.\S,  t,
After a passing rt-.en-tt.c to the
ttimilr* In (He l'wlm. natural to lit-
lirew thought, but senrcely the wny
in whicli we would csprtx* onrwlve»,
tlw pr**f1«r w.nt on to *sy, in |»ait;
t',u*V niu-.tuwiUu Am molrxg on iu
the worhl to-by in the w»y ol unifi-
fitK»n Individuals fl-nd cotntnunit-
itt *te tsittlag isln roiriliinatinn^ on
a Urg«r and Utfet usbt. W* kave
political utiiont, roiurntrcial imioBi,
Religion is u unifying process!. Now seems n Ilut cr,„iri\dicti«u after
what has l-ceii said.' JJtit, In spite of
the appiirutt poradoJt; it is iievcrlhe-
less true, And th« |r|*ciUext tniifytng
process hns lieen Cl»»iHtisi«ity, in
spite of all the diviiiir)»s of Christendom, This is easily demonstrated.
CVo lack lo the niilu-'t-'lirisiinii, seini-
Uiri.aric ages, o<td ■ tUoir ceaseless
strife lietwcen mah mid man, "nd
tril:« and tvibe. Chv|!iti«n|ty laid its
stron;-* liand on tlitf*c prolHiiisilies,
stamped out a viu-l juiurtwr of l>|tr-
hiirlaios, spread itH pitcifw Renins
over larger mid hlrj^r ar«-'as, nnd
brought iiicrensiiijj njffen^itioiiH o»
mm into line.
N'ow 11 looks ii*. If n KV(*ftt >■«<»■«"
Ing were coming i>vi>r ft larU« Hedioii
of Clirislindoni lo i»et elost->' togctb-
■i\ Tills iiioveuieiti is hot eoufiiied
lo the evangelical ihuulit's, It'll ifi
s|u*ciiilly inuikcd ii'UoUg Ilii evaiigvl*
iciil cliiinheii, the v-.vy eluirfhi'S which
have been ilinr|{«t\ with being ve
spt.iiiible for tlu M'l|tN una Ktcts. In
point of fncl, lio«'i'.v'-''. tliiife Ih ii
greati r unity in th^r diversity llum
is to bu lound uiiu>ii(i xhw i-liiin-lu'ii
whiih have piest'iH-d im o«ter mil-
foimlty. And *ltiM*« clu'iilies uro
coining together lii'Jie »i"d i>,"<,;'
Ona of thu most H't'lc'""*- siVAxn <»f th"
limes ts Um liiik'hg Up of like »U'*
iiiiiiiii-titlniiN. lU-m-io"--* WHc* ,^r,,
unl there are lii'Rmi'H»g ^r uiiiim,
uul in a niunl'ei' uf- InsliiiK-eM «»loi»
his Uen ellecttil. Here in Cumuli*
wc have viiluiilly i>n,»s. .**!«»*«»»••■*•- union ml nnu ri-.K^M*-'''1" ''"■'"■•' Jl"J"
oautn  lo occun.   '■'"In* w»Hu.  ^H$    '■*
tine ol   AnMraliji. wr»d a lik«J process
ia   going   mi   "In j*..ig1iu»d "nnd th^
[untied Slates.
Now ei .men ft V'V.J'»'*>»> -!*'« •K **'•**
larger uuificatiuii* Cluitilien «hiih
ure as wide npittt, in llieir historie
origin nnd «lcve!.>IHi,«nt ns ute thu
Melhod.M, Congrcj.rt«ion.'\l and 1'rcs*
Uylerian churtlieKi jtru nctuully «e.
goti.itff.jt n vi,.w to union. This
mutter ha* Ken <U 1'fRte^ fightwii
uurtiltu und x»o\ lAu-iiAy. It
l«en ,!iMi»i-**<l i" tl"* 'W*"1 ^'^X'TiA
A»s<i>»1.1y ol tin* W^hyttflan clmnh,
and will lie dealt >,itli in the forthcoming (km-nil CM***** t>f °,,ir
our. ilmrcli in J**M'*l«**'r.
T.i'f tit.- vuy n *i)fA or (tin Aliotit
th.;T- movenu-nt. A itioii'A repriwit'
(alive trrtttitilttce i*,f h<tt0xx "u-n In
the rriprftivc chtwlw* ■*•*» ftplHiint-
itl, * litindrnl hi**** *»<* iu*n «hc
lT«-*»bytfri4n and \f<*tho.|'*t ihurUus,
into     the    union    on    that "basis.""
Whelk-i- this means that the rani;; and.
file of     the ministry and laity    will
fall into*,   lin*; remains to  be .seen
Tlu: matter will.doubtless be referred
by     the' General   Confeniice  to    Uie
fju'arlerly   Iwards of  tlu various congregations    for      them   to  pass .upon.
lh:s  coming  year.   Incidentally, - the
orig.'nal proposal  has  lieen extended.
In'the meeting of the recent General
Ass.inblv,   an   F.piKe'opal   representative of the Anglican church appeared
and gave the movcmuil his blessing,
i-l.i "inr  for  a',larger  comprehension
o: plan" and   this   was carried   out.
Wo that if they   see Uieii way   to do
so,  the way  is <meii for'our Baptist
friends and others to   take   part . in
thy'ns, .   .includh.jg,,   oiu-
frknls of the Anglican cliurch.
I have spoken more fully on these'
points than  T intended. "I wished toj
emphasize  something still  more    de-.
sii-nb'le     than formal union,     There
may he'unions without unity. 1 pre-,
Mime I would not lie In error in saying tlmt our labor unions nre not always    united.      Union   is  concerned
more     with community of  interests
n-iilil     exit; ri i all    cotaiUt.pns.     •Unity
strikes' dicper, -and can exist with ov
without     formal unions.   It  touch.-*'
the   individual latitude of one   mail
towards another, ol a Christian mini
toward   his   brother, of incmlx'rs of
tlu same   household of faith toward
one nnoth'-r.    Whether formal uuio.'i
Is possible or not, we. can cultivate
tlw    spirit  nr   Christian unity.      If
Ilixivinis whut we pretend it to lw.
and  we     aie  going  <<> he  together
there, surely we ought to have a little of ihe same soft of thing   down
here!   11 mny Hot hu possible or An-
Anaemia   is .the   doctors,name for
bloodlessiu-ss.   It is an ailment that
effects almost every girl .in her teens.
Womanhood make's; new, demands upon her blood  supply that she.eaniiol
meet..     Month    after ...month    Jier
strength,' lmrA very*   life,  arc    being
drained away. *Ko food and no care
can  do    her .any  good,   Xo common
medicin-j can  save  her..     She    needs
new, blood.'   New,'.blood   is   Uic  one
thing—the  only  thing—lhat-eaii make
a  'healthy   woman ot her.   Dr.. Williams', l'ink Pills actually make new
blood'.   That- i.s  why  they  never .fail'
lo cure anaemia.'.That   is how   they
save from an'curly grave'scores   ol
young1  , girls-'    whose    health    and
slrengith .depend    upon   their,   blood
supply.   Mis.. .Anson   Clark,    Arden,
Ont.,''    says:—"Dr.    Williams':0 Pink
Pills have* been   a . great  blessing in
my family, .as .two. ol my daughters
have used'ihenv with marked success.
\Vh.n my eldest daughter was   alsoiit
'seventeen she -began to, f ail - in health.
:II»r blood  seemed to have turned' to
water.'     vShe     was   - troubled"''.' with
"ll i T7. i itess"f~~i its—1 ea-* tr
cause   her   heart    to
and    she.. could
J. Barber-, l.d.s.,* d,d.s.,
L T,
W  ' Block,   opposite  thc
Oniee hom-s-8, to 8 p.m.
W, J. Wriglesworth,-^, D.-S.
Office Houiiei- .    « "Kto 12 a. m. l to 1* p. m
0.30 to » V,m.
Oiiieo in Alex. 1 "I-'b Bioel:
over Slum's UuliM)'. .
FERNIK,        -        -      -      -        P* c
Crow's Nest
Electric Supply Store
All  kinds   of* Electrical
Goods kept in stock.
All  work
*>      •    a
John Turner,
a   Prop.
a pleasant home
for the. traveler.
Simon Dragon,. Proprietor.
lo iiicij'u
till!   clUlll'lll'S,      lllll.
si nil le
we can i*lny fair with one iiiiotliur.
All this slrilu niul Jealousy mitl im-
hallowcil liviilry, f;o..s lo my very, If as a |iu»loi' T cnnnol |iluy
fair, ilu-ii I nm nol worthy ol tli-'
innii.' ol *Jhrlslliin iinslorh Olnii-cli-
iH, luislois nud iieople, wc cun nil
■ilny lair uiul act in concert! I low
ninth 1 would HKe to su: a union of
t.' lories in every loiiuiiuitily,
a union ol Item t'i mid hiiml-t in th-
cnii.ii! of liO'l!
How j-oinl uiul how pleasant It is
for brellnvii, lo il.vell l<u,*i*tli,.i' in
unity! S-hicli unil\ is iiiipnsslvo
\lli;ieu'i' ><»»'      iiin-l   i»»i«   »»•    »'    "'
licailaelu s - an'V
exertion .would
palpitate    violentTj
not walk ..upstairs^* without stopping
lo  rest.   She  doctotcd, for   upwards
of a year,  and, the doctor    sa'ul  sin.
.lid not nave as much blood , in   her
l:ody; as an  ordinarily', healthy person   would   have  in one arm.     Thc
doctor's  treatment did not do her a
paitic'le  ol  good,   She  seemed    slowly fading nwny.    .Then   she   liecniu'e
alllicU'd. with.' salt   rhaiim   ami   her
liimds' wort  almost raw.   About this
time a neighi-or advised the   use .of
Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills, and she began "'inking; them.   After    using ' the
pills' ..for a few   weeks   wc could- see
nn improvement, her appelite,  began
to improve   and . a   trace   of   color
cuimi to'--   her cheeks,   She continued
taking the pills : until,she   had   *.*>•'-(.
thirteen boxes wlun she was as well
uud strong as ever, every , trace   of
both*a.     iincmia '   and . salt    rheum
Iuul disappeared   and   sii**   has since
etijoywl the best of health.   Later on
my  youngest /laughter,   aged  fifteen,
begun to lose hoi health, but thanks
to our experience.with Dr. Williams'
Pink   Pills wo • liiiuw where   to look
for n cure, and after using four Ijoxcs*
of pills she was all right   again,     I
have, also n*wil    the pills myself   for
in/nous troubles with compjete   sue-
Uleh rul blood is tho secret ot
licalih-Dr. Williams'' l'ink Pills Is
llw si'Ciut of *jc!i,veil blood, Thoy
ucliiiilly- in-lko vi-Ji red Wood, that is
why lhoy euro nnnemln, headaches,
and Ifli'kncliuK, Indigestion, nervous
prostviUion, heart palpitnf'")". xxexxr-
nlgin, ilieiiniiilisiii, sciatica, St.
Vitus l.;uii'e uud the niliiiunlH thai
uuiki's lho' lives of so many women
nnii growing gii'ls miserable. Sold
by nil iiitdicliio dealers nr by mail
nl 50 Minis a box or six boxes (or
i-a.Vi (rom 'fhu »r. Wlllluins' Modi-
ijiiu Co,, l'li-tickvilh', Oni.
•'  '   -. DOMINION       : ,,
..*"■.  LAND SURVEYOR'   '
Ollice:   L.T.W. Block . .
n " ~
WiiE   G0V  Ltd.
Wholesale-dealers and Direct, Import-
tors of-       "•
" I.OXDOX DliY ._      *
OUJ TOM          -       'I- -.
"Rend Down ' u"   * Head Up
0.1.-) p m iv.      Keniio'      Arr. 8.50 a m
Vi SS ii rh' '        Hcxtord 0.10 a m .
fi..|5 11 iji    '    SPOICANK 0.I10 p m
i.r.6 p m jVit,      Senltlo      Lv fl 15 a. m
*■ Daily excopt Sunday ;.
Lcaviii'*-  Fernie ,,9,45 p. m.  you
arrive at 10.55 p. m. .in -       *
/     *"'  VANCOUVER"'      ' •"
'■'    , -    NIGHT
ricriurreii Bros.
Sand, Lime& Wp«-rf
Ofllce in rear of How I'o'oii llloelt. Ferniu, K.O
Sole Ajccnls in Canada for
Wind-Tor     Tonic,'      Jaj*;     Destroyer.
2pA  ° HSght
I'or ilctfiilcit iiirormnt iun, berth rMor-
vatioiis, otn., cull on ur inlilrosa'
JI, li. II  l/mim-,   -
JVl. Kerr & Co.
Contractors'and Builders
Plans, Specifications and Estimates (umlslicil on application,
Plenty  of  GOOD
Philip Carosella
•    Gonoral Merchant
and Dealer in Wines,'
Liquors and Cigars,
li. A, KERR.
Architect     and Superintendent
Office nt Hesldencc,
BAKER 3T.,     *   ■    TOR-NIli, ll.C
37"*ElTB-*N"T,ail,  B.-   O.
Work. Homo indiinlry. , Catnlojjue
Scedlioiise anil .'n-cciiliouses,
3010 Westiiiiiisli-r Hii. 1 Vancouver 11,0
l.Uii.iiili'V.) ..Ji-j.lj'v.^ It 'jm-.uV; an
«liiio-.|ili'.-ii; "1 ({.nlullty nnmnd, and
/l^'els ' « spirit of confidi'licis alld
Koo-l will, ''wily 1" »"> uniformity.
U coexists with tlu: utmost varli-ty.
.   .       . r   . . '.r li,.   '..     ,,,,1
,s. i*.w  i*»4.w.      v..  ;   •■
unity.    You can lind uniformity    iu
llie -"rum-iiid, hut il is the utiilotm*
ity    of   dcUih.     ■Kncli'   innifnilmily
sirnn-*ii-s nil tlmu-'lii and life. Tlmt
wns    tlm    .-trui    ol   tlie     iiiediucvitl
tliiirili,   t'nitv in variety is tlm -,'renl
principle   tli.»l     diilvcs   from    Hod.
'(■mv   Xiivi-n'l   nil    tlie same forms;
lhe fnii; ol   Nnwri'  is v.iriid.     'liu:
liriiuiplc ol nnilicalion is nl work nt
ll,e   very   Jn'«tt   «'l    t'litij!". ''''I   *l
iiiitnifmU ilRvlt  in »n infinite    varl-
t(y ol formn.
Th.^ iliurili     of Owl innnl U:   liijt
,»ouj;li for all v-orlellcs of latter find
iflfincwHii".™.      I den't metin rrnnkjr
(li*l«>iittim«,     lml no two nu-n    are
oliir,   t^ft.* man x*. nn ortiM, nnotli*
»r is a th'nlur, and anotln r ii strr.i.jj
fruits and
Summer Drinks
Hute you'll dud evcrytlilnj: tlio
,,    season affords in fino condition.
COM IV        tii  AMi       liltll.
J. R. iVicCwiiijt
00  VEAnO'1*
gar I'A'I'KIIM/.J.  iltlAII'.   tiNUl'ri,i'ltv.,*u*r
tj-isrioisr  LAnEJEiXj
Crowps    Nest   Special
Minor's FnyorBto Ct»ars
,.,,»/ tu
Tnnoc rVUrwo
Dcviono.   ;
OorrMiaHTS &.o,
-      '-iiinnmim
Scientific Httiericatt.
-    C0.30IBrMdw*W6W,Yp
Sept. 19, 20 & 21, 1905
TheBiggest and Best Eoer
Horse Races,   Lacrosse   Tournament and  other
Attractions,     Tlm  UrqpM Fruit,  Vcflp.toblc ond
Minitifl Exhibits in thc Pronincc.      Ercnjbodij come
D. C. McMORRlS, Snc. J. J. MA1.0NE, Pres.
Kiinsns City, Smw   St. r.ouis, ?5f';<>0|
ChieiiKo, $(,0.00.
On    Sain    Aug. 7-S-O.,    Sept.    8-10,
Kiiial Limit Oct, 31st.
Toronto     $72.65
On Sale Sept. S-'J-lo, I,imit Nov. 30IIJ
Hilwaukee $58.20
On finli* Aug. y-S-y.   I,lmlt Oct, 31st
Ylii-oii|{Ii   lilies ull NluflotiH,
Onliiiio, niiflii'C, New York,       '
"-    New Eii({l«iHd Mi'.fllhim  I'lovliiciN
' On A|ipllc(i(li)|i,
fii only onn nf n liiimlroil ilill'j'cul
HlinpiM nu 1 nlxoi PHI" Hi I.u' 11 tlllM'.l
nut in, Tim iMirfm-t .,'d illty of tit-)
Hrliu'iml llm iiliIll with wltln'i llio;
nro 111111I0, iiniillllci I liom in thu
Shilling Six-Pcnny Pips.
in the World
**«l*i        .timmrt    «tV/»      *»*.    ,*.**
Cvtry Plpa Cuir.*ntctd.
Juit remember ami null for
"Shield Br-ind" PJnw
For .Sale at the
Club   Cigar   Store
.     W. A. INGHAM, I'rop,
rhmto'91-       -       -       I'ernie, H. C.
Tlie- loutiaiVith of retnlc,, will
(ilcnw Into notitft tliftt After Apiil
Ml, 1906 the C*nKntert ond .loin
.«* 01 I'Vniic F.ooi. ia?" will demand four dollars (4«>) for elRlil («)
liours' work,
V. «, of C, A J. V, 1330, Fi-rnle.
Mitinl-i I.intitn-ni for    *wi« wvety-
'j, 9. cahrun,
I).  I\  A„ Nfliiou.
P., .Y, COYI.M, A, t\. V. A,,
Vancouver, 11,C,
# fiireat *»
I Cheap Sale (1
I *.?
f y
KFOUHY   imOS.,        \\
't.9 hioxt-'to .ton.; ot Commerce w
$]$ Have 25 fo no ncr font. 5
ot  ....--  '■■. .—■—   -
%Vt Mnii'H Ktirrililitnu-H,
«& LiuIIch' Wi'rti', ^c
/1V IJOfttMi-i.SllOPB, JJ
HntH, (JnpB, Olov-'tt, ** *»
Wntclioi*, Il'ixni-H, •>$
Jowolrry, Notinna *>
W nnd Binnllwnrc* W
»»» - yt
1 tvtfltbtog alfecrifke tell ||
3J Pure TtirltlHli TobnecMi *JJ
nml Cltrnroltr-H
Bros. M
■ *
-i»v;»virr^ THE  FERNIE 'LEDGER, FERNIE,  B. C.  SEPTEMBER 5 1906
1 \-
CHAPTER'FROM THEIjIFE   OK   away with young Galloway*
MARGARET   GAI^OWAY.'.: "*.       et's .father.
" While spending a summer   va-.<ation
at  one of  the numerous light houses
which -dot      the    rock bound eastern
jdiorcs ol Canada,'I became
' ed with y.'-iuinib»!r of the people of the
little  village, .which   had grown    up
near *'.4 this,  particular   beacon light,
which sccme'il to keep a kiiul of silent'
-.\igil over  the little coinmiiiiit)* lK-st;
.led near*it as" if for protection.    .
" There    was ^    nothing , peculiar    or
strikingly  different - about    this  light
house 01-,,its little "cluster of-houses,
from  any  other  ligiu  house.:-.
Doubtless-the simple'story 1 lcailied of tlie life'of Margjaret Galloway
could lit lilted to the life story of
many,, another simple1' ■ gill's life at .villages along that coast:
Margaret Galloway' Iwul so "endeared herself to tlie people of the little
'village through lief unselfish devotion
to the sick, the aged and helpless of
all classes and condition*,*;, - thai :;'llL-
was looked upon as an aiitn)el of nioicy
by these poor fisher folk.     ;
I Icr life is a strange no-mingling of
sorrow    and suffering,  out of    which
■ grows Ute sweet little story only par-
liiilly-i'i>a*ali\(  me  by  her ' loving
friends aud neighbors.
Jir* iiii.. 'Varly dnys of the village,
her giuii(U,'itlia>,i-, .David MncKniglit,
came over tlio ocean from Scotland
unci oon'ttibilled his share toward tlu-
growth ol.lhu . I Hon new settlement
,by building for himself a little cottage about, a mile from .the cluster
of houses hear thc tower of "the light
house. -
David wasti     quiet, retiring ri'iui,
and. held    little intercourse with   his
,'ujw  neighljors.
lie lived, alone, save for little .Tack"
- Ross,, tlu; young so'ii of the village
school master,', who gradually " wpn
liis why ' into the* affections of the.
',lonoly old' , 'mail, until they became
I'.o.-ju -companions. And soil came
about ' that little*.duck often* accompanied Dm id oii. his fishing expeditions,-for that was David's., calling,
in his little fishing smack, the , Sara-lie, nnd learned to love the sea
Troiii' sharing the excitement of. the.
sea life, and the hearing of the in any
talcs, ol adventure which tha old man
poured into thc receptive ear of his
little   companion. - .
•    • Sometimes  David  allowed his memory to cany him back to 'the hcath-
.    cry  hills of  dear  old' Scotland,    and
" then  .hick would**..!- told tales not or
the sea,  but of boyhood  days : spent,
.  upon the hills "of his native land-.
On j day'    David received'   a'letter
.stamped-with tlte postmark of Liver-
—pool—over ■   , 0rc^'TO7_n.'ml'rHii—a:—few-
weeks  there ■came   . to David a, pale,
-delicate ' little   woman,   whose- thirty
\cars '   of  life's battle had  left    he:
naught' bui  pale cheeks,  ill health, n
widow's  sorrow and  a mother's joy,
for   with     her'came a little !girl o'
seven -years, her     only ihilil.    ' The
(laii-'liter    had. stretched,    it-   hand'
acioss-  tli-j   sea  in   her sorrow,  and
David  had clasped,     it  and bid    his
dnug-liter conic  to him.
For a lew weeks the change of air
' end tha love of lief.l'atlur seemed   to
give lior n n.*w life, but not for long,
nnd.the pale', llickoring life after this
■hort  ll.ish  of  atut'iiiiig  light'   went
out forever,    , leaving" little Morgnrel
ns an t^'ilv legacy to a loving! groud-
. fat her.
Mni'giu-ei.    was  n .briglvl,  sprightly
lillle. uill, and soon found th
Alter a time David., fell back upon
his col exhausted."'*"      * *'
. I.onciy . little .. Margaret watched
anxiously for an hour, but'.' he lay
quite quiet. Then rallying, lie looked
.steadily, at her,- then smiling, said:
"Ye hae been "ii guid lass tae ,ycr
aultl grandfather, Margaret;, I'm gaiin
lioo; He's takin* nie tae Him^salV'aiid
lae-wce Wary, and her mither.. Yt-'ll
join us a' over yonder,-will ,ye no?"-
lie ceased speaking and breathed
heavily and. more heavilj' for a tune,
and soon passed onto "over yonder,:: leaving .litile Margaret alone in
Uie little col, alone in a lonely*'new
world, although, she did not then
Lnow -it, and alone in all the wide,
wide .world,  old or nev.v
■It was daylight now, and outside
the• watci so. wild and tumultuous • a
few, liours . before, was now shining
sparkling in the bright, warm light
of  the .morning suit.
So quiet and peaceful lay the.sea,,
tlmt one', could uot think that but ii
few' short ■ hours was lashing
the, shine like n. demon'-wild anil
"iWiillowing up, every life that' dared
ride on  its 1 osom.
Tlio little village lay 1/asking in the
stin. but there was no Sarcella lo ht:'
•v-m, and .lack did not. come back.
After David had "been laid to rest
by ihe'side of Mary, Margaret went
about lief" little" household .. task .is
I'sual, but thc little cottage' was so
munly "and Iter little heart so full ot
i'roiible, that 'no.oite ventured, to
sneak of her double loss*.
Kh> n'cVev gave tip watching the sea
lor the'fust glimpse of the returning
fiarcellii,, hearing .to her' her * tardy
.lack,  but  .lack conies not .buck,
SHU, each'morning Margaret's eye
sweeps over the wide waste of ; wat-
cv.v and each eveniog she sees -the
last ray " of fading light die out - in
darl.iuss, but no' Sarcella somes sailing h-jme, and .lack lies silently ■ in
his grave beneath, the waves. , ' \
Many a lad"of ihe village has tried
to win Margaret's heart from its
peaceful resting place With .Tack's be.
n.;i'lh the sea, but each suitor goes
away with a humiliating, sense of
having bruised a bleeding heart and
of adding pain to a young life already too full  of.-sorrow;.
When any of the villagers are ill,
Margaret is to. be found by ;thc bed-
.-h!c patiently, lovingly caring for
* liein  in  their helplessness.   • °
When-*storms coma and other boats
with other loved ones conic nol-lmek,
Margaret'; " with.. her heart full . of
pitv aud eyes full of tenderness, gives
y-)iinteou.sly-> silent sympathy
wincii~i"*el_oiigs~u) those-wito-•wive-su.—
fered the* same bereavement, to give,
nnd.tliu'.*- has become the''good angel
of the littli. village, by the sea, where
she'still is waiting, for .T.ick to come
hack. "      '
Dut the, cruel ,' soa rolls on in scr-
enitv, and Jack conies riot liack from
his rest in eternity'      -t,
i o	
St,  Isidore, P. Q,, Aug. ifirW.
Minard's   I.iniuu'iil   Co.,   Limited.
Ciiiii'.li'iiicii,—I. have frc.-ticiitly used
MIN'AKD'S' IjlXIMKKT 'and also prescribe it for my patients always
wilh the most gratifying results, and
t consider it the best all-round I.ini-
liienl  extant.
Your truly,
DR.  ,U)S.  AUG.  R.ROIS
Quebec Man tells how the Great Consumptive Preventative was
an all-round Benefit
" My wife took La Grippe when she wa«
in Ottawa," says R. N. Dafoe of Northfield
Farm, Que., in an interview. *' She got a
bottle of Psychine and after using it for a
few days she was quite well. I took a cold-
and tyn using it and am getting all right.
I think Psychine is one of the best tonics"
on the market to-day.".
There you have the whole matter in a
nutshell. La Grippe and colds are among
the-forerunners of consumption. ■
This man had one, his wife had the other.
Psychine not only cured both but it built
them up so that their bodies are strong
enough to resist disease. All seeds of
consumption arc killed by
(Pronounced Si-keen)
50c. Per Bottle
Larger •lse« 41 and 82—all druggists.
DR. T. A. SLOCUM, Limited. Toronto.
organized.   He  said;
"There is no doubt "that this matrimonial'biiieaii had at its'head-men
of-high business and incentive ability. They must, be lawyers who understand thoroughly how to manage
either nu honest*or an illegal concern and assist * its members to steer
clear of the pilLills ofthe law. Furthermore, there must have been iiicn
of wealth to finance the schemes and
to lease and furnish houses for the
organization. The chief men in , the
organization, and the women as-well,
must be most adaptable to lit themselves and.their methods to the different, means ol .playing on the foibles of men and thus get thsin to,give
up large amounts ol money. The
versatility* of the syndicate -is shown
by Ilia schemes which tbey have, employed, namely, tha love letters, tlie
spiritualistic game,' the selling of
stock in the companies and the ' fortune-telling business,'iu addition to
this new scheme. '-..."
One'of the cleverest women in, the
syndicate-, lias a remarkably sweet-
faced, handsome dauyliler- ahoiit 20
years of age. She also has a,niece a
few year's . younger." lloth gills ' are
fair,' one has light brown hair, aod
the   other   titian   red.   Their .-fca'iiircs
ciliate the mother and "get her blessing to tht, engagement,
i Preparations for the., wedding-, it is
said, would go oil apace, livery 6th'
er member of-the household would \..\
apparently as 'happy as tlte bride-to-
be. Clothes would be bought for tha
girl, the house .would I.e. filled np
with extra- hiruis-hings, decorations
would lie added, < and every time the
fiance, called he- found the entire'
household in activity. In the meantime, , however, the other women ,111
the house, the "widow," it sis said,
were also carrying on their flirtations" with the men whom they,'nut
through the matrimonial advertise-,
ments. Then the would-be Ui-jde
would disappear with, everything fn
sight.    /      .      .*.
Take notice that within sixty days'
I intend to apply to. the Chief Commissioners ol Lands and tVoiks lorn
special '.icense to cut aud cany aw.iy
timber from the following lands., situated' in South ICasf Kootenay district: ■ Commencing at a post marked John l'ot.k.sit'adcrs, northeast corner, about one mile west of ihe
mouth of Tunnel Creek, where it empties into lhe Klk lliver, thence south
80 chains, thence west >So ch'.iin--,-
thence north 80 cliains, thence east'.So
chains,   to  place  or commencement.
Located August  1st,  1906.
Per '     A, Ji.  DOCKSTKADKR,,
"5    -i Agent..'
Conl.—Coal lands irmv lie purcliasofl .at 610
lier ncie for soft conl iimi KiH for ant lu-acite.
Hot more than '>-*0 acres i'llll i* ucijuirea uy
one individcal or company, ."Royalty at tha
rate or Ion cents per ion ol s,(XK) pound*;' sliul!
ha eollccleii on tin: gross output.
Qwii tf.—A ficfl miner's eertitieataii'Brantod
upon ptiyincut* in iiityfiii.-'e of >.1 per iiunum tor
nn iiidivulua!, «mi from j.lJ to !.1<I0 per auiium
' for a company urcuritini; to capital.
A fiee miner, IiiivirB'discovcicil mineral In
p.uf-0, may lucato a claim l,i*..>j x l,5tw feet.
Tliu fee for reeorilinsc a claim Is (S.
•Ai IfiisfJ-UiOiinistbec-xptniteJon the claim
»-iiv-h vcar or paid ro tho miiiing roeoviier in
liim t'liereof. When t.Viiiiliaa ix-on cxp'cnilad or
paiit, tlio loetiloi- may. upon Imving a survey
niiuie, siiid upon i-oniplymg with other ro-
quireiiients1purclii'.i;o tho land at-fl nn acre.
Tin' patent provide.-,'for tlit' payment.of a
royalty of sj per cent on the bttle.-i.
I'l.ACi:"- isiuini; claims generally nre 100 foot
wiuaia: t'ntr.v feu i.*i reucv.-ableyearly,
A fiec mii-.or may ulitain two lenses lo
di'cJso lor cold of live miliseiu-li fora term of
v-ventyyeai.-, icnewnhlo at the diftiietlon of
ho allinVtcr id Ihr hilcrior.,,,. ,-
Tl-.o -.hall !ia\cadredi;e in operation
".*stliiii flic ^:i»(iuiriiui tlio (Uitu of the lon»e,
X.j.- rai-ii Ilvo milo-i. liciitul tin pur annum for
ibiiIi mini of livur leaded, Hoynlty at the
ia.,8 of-i. i>s-v ceiiteolltutoit on tli6 output nf-
iLritoxi'unis' ■
W.  W.  COREY,
Deputy minister of the Interior.
N.   JU-,—Ui'»4pilh('i*i/etf   jVi^blictajtiqn   ol
ihis* ailvertiscment will not be paid
for. '
JKTv'TiCiK i^liovoliy fitvun that sixty days from
I--* 'Into I. intend i;i apply In the Hon. Ohief
(*ti]mnissioiH-i of bunds und AVoilis for per-
mifi^ioii lo piiiohafo tlio followinc deserihed
bin1!. OolmniontiiiiK at- the South Kast rnrnor
01' lot SijT liieni1'.' l'n~t SO chains South At
chains went an rlmin» and thuneo north HO
cliains ia jmi'.it of eomniuiiCMnoiil-.
August SJlh If.W! '   —13
Ulinard's   Liniment    cures  Dandruff.
Agents for ' "\.
The Calgary Marble and Granite Works
Tliei-toctenay Marble Works,.,Nelson. -   '"
'.'   Samples can be seen at tho olliee.
;   '   ".     Office'Phone 41   ',. Residencei 76
Parlors in Lundy^s Block
The Elk LuphbiDr w^
■' LIMSTEDr      *
0 . - ■ !     '. ' ' •	
Dimension, Flo©riiig? Siding^
Finishing Lskitiiieii9 anel
'     Mojuldings;.;     ^
All our stock is last years cut and well seasoned.
a ■•  -     ▲
■w  i .-,    . '  ♦
1 T-
A pleasant home
for the traveller.
ttU^-f.4-.. m
♦ ,5
—"——-—in "rrnir ntmKM^m\»xnMiaiaoatptmjr->acy.i-a***?-^
:■*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ^*^0*   *$$Q4r'$4r'$$$Q'$Q4$m'$+4>4
A. C. LI
O   -        ■*' " ■
The Best 0^ 'Satisfectidn:
in Watch & Jeto-felertj Repairing
out spot, in tlm jvriinilfntiter's lii'arl,
iuul n wcmilt-rful> wns wr»u.-,'hl
in tlio ohl man's lilt*.
Miirfrnri'l K'ntm sliarcd lii lior Rfaii'I-
IntlH'i-'ii niul .Tuck's lovt* of llio wn
nnd o( tlm Iittlo l:oal, Sarcella. .nml
dfUn slits wns on*! nf 11 crow tif tlirw
llml sailed mor tlie Ion ill <*|m-st ' of wliicli lu'iuiiilit tlie liieniis' of n
simple  living.
If (.'li.,. wiis lefl lielillld, tliere would
always he some llUlo surprise nwitil-
iii't llie old niul Ili3 yniniR lisliijv-
niiii upon theii li'lurii, some little
tli'llcncv, tlie result of lu'V in'ueiiiniirt
mind  '.mil  deft -little  HnKors.
' .Inoli's niollier look iv Kivnt interest iti hit* liHlo Iflvl frieml, mid'slit jMfii«.-iret iiiitny lliini,"-    "t   n
lll'lpflll   llllllll'O,
An tlio yours went liy in -llii'lv censi-
less iiiiui'li, Jni-U mid JIm'Uitrot lio-
eiiilie nini'u m'txi-i*.,ii-y lo eiieli other
N'o jov wnu ooliipleti'. unless slmrul
l.y iiu-li. Hvcry troiililiv wns divided,
milking i^ ' liiifdeii only lmlf s"
h.'iivy ns H t*iHvli.-!,iiliini'.
(Ili« llihlu lute in OclnlKii*, Duv Id
Mm-lCiiii-lit, now tin nlil mnn, 'li'i »"'
lt'01 iHiinl lo tlw luck uf Roini; to sen
in tin* l*.onl, mi .I111.I', k1ii«I "I m> o|i-
|ioi-tuii!ly lo .show his skill with. tin-
l.ont, olienvl to j-o In kin Stl'llll.
Mdi-fj.tii'' wfill ilnwn to th-- fbuxf
lo lift'.' hiin ."ll, pi-"»'l ,,( l'''1' ,ir,u'*'
Jiuk, v.lio    so willingly i««>k   iipi.n
himself    tlie.    |c..|i.'!l".iliilitl-.'N
pjj.'ii**; llio lio'il-
I'poii  ivliu-iiilli^   lo   tin-   IlUh'    (
tni>e, tha foiunl her Rniiiilfntlii-r.'snf-
fi-i-in,' inUliselv.
l.lUli! Al'llU'tiel iliil .1," iii »'*•' l'-,|v
i:r to ivlltivu iiiin, liut she w.i.-i j.^ivly
' iTnul'M, U-tsw n biv i'fl«»rl!» to soft*
in tlu. innii of lhe poor old num mi'l
her anxiety fur .l»ek, for th-* wind
IUmI  riSatl  Mlrti'lilin, In.' r,'i..i.-- '*<.'■>   ■	
-.Imt out ill Inky tlarkiKss, nnd slu*
.(iitlil Jienr tliu tiiuiider of tlm lirrnk-
ir>i upon the why shore Olttn she
I'ceivil i«U» tin*. Inky lilmkiK-fw, vnln-
ly liopln,* lo .wi seme lijiht'spot,
■n-ini rii'f in fft—■ Mnckli'.is iltt oii;»Ti
which ahe iiiinht cati-lt u --limpM-- «•.-
.fjulc  n-tiiniln*:
Ilut uo killiih- l'J,'M. '"' lUt- -1.!'
H*;!it of J net ou ill■•  lo*siiij,' wave*
iipi.n wliicli     lu* xntiHA I* Miiiru*''1?
lor liio, «li«l i-lis mv.
IWm.I tli*- -n'^min'-* '■■»-' **,onn
fr^»,t1, nnrl wiih tl"' l.rir.iWiilt-1'r «>[
ih* "via'd.r thi* j'.r.tndfiiihrr M-.iitnl
t*» U.-jUltli, ftiid he licKiiu to ♦""*'_ I"
Hf.irjri.vl aloni Im iuoiJits ifii'.d-
1k**1 dav.. .iiul "1 I'"' ,'««* w,u'n
Jliiry   l.tokc hi*   heart     hy mnnin*
New York, ; Anjr, 31.—Two , new
plinses of the woikiiiKs of the, ulle}'.
ed ''Syndicate of Kfhereul,I;ove"
which 1:1 sniil to luivu iluiicil scores oi
men, were iinenrlhed yestcrdiy,
Though Mrs. Uiim Y. Vernmlt, the
utli-.icl.lvi! "willow" who was urresl,-
i,d on three fediinil wurrniits loi* ul-
le.jied illicit iimi of tho mails,', wns
not uetively concerned in the, okij.'u-
l.ian of the more recent nlnni, loTlow
iiieiiihers ol her oi'jtaiiiwilioii, it w,\s
iissei-lud, t)ii(*iii,itud them,,, One ol
thesj schemes, it is suid, required
more Mihilu work, moro iv'.r.xiuiiir
licimly uud a stronger nppenl to the
lieurls of j-iillihlo men tlinu wns ns-
Nerilied lo Mrs. Vurrnull. Sevcrul
moil hiciiino i'ii}{ft|ii'il to n licnuliful
yoiiiijj -jirl, iliiiiKhicr of ona of the
woiiuii, nnd j'uvti tho mother lurjru
niiioiiiilH nl nioiiuy ns presents, An
ingenious foi'luiie-tellei' persiiuded tliu
111111 lo lmy stock in eoiupiiiiieH In
which tiieinhei.N of the syndiciHc were
With thu expiiiiiutioii of the new
hiheiiies hii Id lo liikvu, tic-cn worked hy
th- (ir^iui'/aliiiii. an oMielul Miiiifl^hnl
In his     in Ind the, Initid was 'perfectly
modisli siu-h,.ulliey ' are- attractive.
The mother ami aunt, is extremely
shrewd',' and as sli20\vus horn \villi:,a
keen desire lo have wealth, she is
ready, it i.s said, lo resort to plays
of sympathy aud kindness to-obtain
The matrimonial' advertisement columns in.tha newspapers were not used
in this instance, it is said, to linns
to the vaiious homes of tlu organi-
yation men who infill fall iu love
with the jjirls. The 1,-irls went out
to social a Hairs and met men who
were invited to the* house. Tho muii-
l»ers of tlie 'nlloftuil synilicnte liroiij-hl
to the' house nun from Wall street,
„In 0112 .case it was said a wealthy
man from Toronto was caught in'lhe
clutches of lli-o - syndicate, The . ''ii'l
manifested a keen ufloelioii for the
alleged victim, it is said, and the
man was lin-jor to marry her, She
hinted that, the consent of the moth,
er must he obtained;
W1k*ji the, eager suitnr so"i-rht oul
J thc shrewd uiolhor, il is said, he
(was met with 'coldness. The moilv-
er, it is said, told him a loiii; story
of financial troubles, aud that .sho
could not permit her daughter to
marry at that linn-, because she herself was ujiable, ihrouirh lack of
funds, to huy such 11 trousseau as a
girl of such biceilinj' and social
.staiudiiii: should have, l-'urlhuriiim-c,
it is said, the mother.explained that
when her daiif-jiter lefl her, her ov-u
income would he cut down, as,lhe
fortiiiu was in tho duui-liu*''.' name.
The. suitor, plentifully supplied wilh
funds, kind of heart nnd sympathetic,
would generously offer mousy to tide
the mother' ovei the dilliciilty of tin.
moment. Such olltv could not he ar-
ctnteil,     the,mother   is vopoited'its
,■•■.■..•pF.CG^MEReE'A :"
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
B. E. WALKER, General Manager j    > ALEX. I-AIRD,' Asst. GeniM«n»f«f
i ' ' ' '     ■
Business may be transacted by mail with any braaoh
of "the Bank.   Accounts ihay bo opened, ahd deposits
macJooi" withdrawn by mail.  Every attention ia paid
to out-of-town accounts.    *''-'       ■•'*0 i .'.' » .
Fernio Krniic.r , O. S.   Holt,   Manni*rcr
Make your Iwife happy by buy-
d 1 *
ing a. Steel Range .of J. D. Quail
Ktiy'ii}*1.   Yheri'iiiioii,
it, is r-iild, tli.»
suitor would it)*rce to '-ivii.thi* niolli
t.r it fni'itu niiiomil "f nmnuyi «»''
rtftcv  tearfiil   iieisiiinliil)'   would
,   i
fames Sovorn, ,**      '      " '-       .      ftvprfhr
Well furnished  rooms.   'liho  Inhh*.'is snpiilicd  with the lw»t
the mnrket affords, The ha rj i.s .s.ipidii'd    with   the   best wind,
•5,   "     liquors nud cijiftrs. !      '' ' '     "     *
t*%r*lr%r\**r*l1Ar*%r%r~k.%%,'*, tiM.^,0 0/&%<lV^/ty*%l%/wA/wl" %A
***%*■ aw ■• r<>M«««Mn>«Hi
Home   Life
Can he enjoyed hy (nl; in;-     your    ..nnii.*,    nt
The RoyaJ!
oi mim
RAin'LlvTT 110USK. fornicrlv Hib
Chirk, llw hoHl Si n duv hotel
in Nclscii. Only wlillu helji (,n 1 loyed
O. W. IIAUTI.KTT. 1'ioiiiiutor,
Hnvo ono of their inr-j-jot-t ftlorcn In Kontio.
3fiwn1>, Veal, Ki-pkIi mul Mmokcd I-'IhIi,
Fresh Fxsli constantly arriving
■t'1S^^tk'%^f**,%'ll V'OAl^i. •V^■T^•*r*'^<C-»^/'^r'^•i5l'■,^ 7,-^-^ •'^-^.'t^^'-v^ii
III conjuiirlioii with the Koynl Ifofil.
city for  ?5   eeiits. A lew mow. i'-^i.l u
Ih  lvsiiei'lliilly  solicited, .
AM, WIUTK Il,l',l, 1'
hist     nicy]        served ill ' ih*
■ni'd'i.'i di't.iivil.  Your jmlrona---»
MRS. M. HOCIL^tit, Proprietress
_■ L-l IM
m ^|^HM4MW-V*<i< utHMf*** •'
Round    Trap
Excursion Tickets
Winnipeg, St. Paul, Duluth & other Eastern Points
Sailing Dales Snpl. 8 & 10
Whole-SQl'?. •>> s<o.tnU
and  15UTTER
Phono Ko. *i
l t'lnji*,,   );*. Vj.
The Northwestern Line
Very low nil••«, lound trip lit.'.ul.i'.c will In- in cfli-rt to
fin poiiils mi tin' ..'ill.-wiiij- .l.i i. ^ .Inly .', mul .1, Aiijjusl 7, S, nml
ij, uud Si'iili'inl-ci' '*» ') nnd I"- li imi u.i.Uinjdiili! ,i tii*> I'Ui.t it
will |iny your In writ** m<- lur  luil   ■■'.uiiiiih.'iiii.
Wi. iiImi oflit  veil' low  ion ii. I tii|> liili k liuiit I'lliiMi'.n ulld iA\)tr
disli-m iioint;* to nil |iiiiH-i|'.il -i-i-nli-rii    |niiiil;i.    II     nny    ol  yom
lf'ii:*riil% inn I'oiiiiiii', mil to .ue \ou, \uit« nn* ilu-u  u.niu.-*.
A poslnl mul for infoimutton wiil hrinj; n *|iti»-U n-ply. '
^ 11. K,  fOLMNM, Uffii'l  A«rmit> S|iiJit,Miii Ave, Hiiol/iine
To. ilctaiU'il itifi'muaum, tiUi1;', uic, -.all m,. ut u\\i.i,\.
11. li. T1LACKSTONK. IVn.l.*, H. (\
I Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd |
FRKNtI!. JJ.C.           ^  *2j
BrcwcirH of Kxtwi Fino J
Ln^or ^cci* and Aoralcc1. *
Watom. iiotticd GcociR X
i J   IH-MllilHW'S
3^*   UNDER NEW ^.-4WACEMEMT   ■-*■*
uho    .     ,
Waldorf J'foiei
KdOVlS Ui-SKKVI-n UV. WIlSi: Sarnie,   iB.   C.
fMS wv.Y.rt All. TH\.\SV
CQ*jjfS t? j'fuski tProptMm THE   FE&kiE LEDGER, -FEftNJB. B.C-.^SEPTEM.foRj, 1906
Tlic\Ctoiiir.   lanuly  have   relumed
* rl --"*,   --I''' - " '
,lo Spokane:   *••
Two of Mrs. Gorman's children left
this week* for    Lethbridge to    altend
„school. ' '   *
The .semi-annual election of ollicers
-of ^tite Moyie "Miners' Union took
' placeSn {-Saturday.
Ernest^ Marsden returned Monday
Iroin* the coasl, where lie wenCtO'-as-
sist the Nelson cricket tcam-V.Jc/^;
Quite a
n-i'tmber ol  Moyieites went
Cranbrook  on      Sunday, - thus
X.   ti„!\
seeking  to'escape  tlnQ-j^jS11  of  Mon
day • morning. *t'x.
Mrs-, Muellihi^ivd«ii.liiklren-4elt Wed
ticsilay for  Uegtii-ir^lrae • they    will   frjends^wKilo some p.
join, Mr. Mueller, wli'o is -b"ftifc*njiig)"?».' ^^uj^jt^d. -- .
l.i<r brewer,;, in thai cityri*=':=*=i=---;=i^^rT l-V.D.iwsoii,    ''
_       ..     '. -«■ *   J.»I . * .-- *      .*. ^t -flan 1 _J1      'II       1"*"     . C'IaI.11.
windless ior the purpose oi hauling
and "loading and piling wining props,
lies  and  willow  pipe steins.
Kiko needs several thousand nidi
10 supply "the demand.of the destroyers of the forest. Right here
just now contractors are thicker than'
fleas oii a. Vancouver dog. By their
fruits'' f-liall ye know tltc-iu.
-Bill Collins and.' son Ord intend
leaving for Washington to, pick hops
"'Mr. "Hcolt, "The Totter Palmer" of
Kntftka, Montana', was alt Elko visiter llltl^'eek.- Ile is a" prince of good
';elTow%, aud' made a host of friends
in ElkS<-rjfc "is chuck ftill ol "lln:
milk oMiumaii kindness, and goes
around do;ng'"goo"d. lie,, makes wariii
will j friends "AvK'ilo some people are getting
.roe Goupill, the "proprietor of the
Mnithatlcn .Hotel, accidentally broke
his leg 011 Saturday evening. He was
taken io Cranbrook hospital ou Sunday. '.        .        " .
Chas.  A,  Mackay  has  a huge    raft
on thc lake, some 800 feet from   the
i-ast shore,  whore he  is,sinking   .for,
•bed  rexk.   At the  point where    he  is
operating there is 70 feet of water.,
1   Thi' Moyie brewery, now that . Mr.
' Mueller   has di-paitcd,  is' -under    the
jnnii.'iifeniciit  of  Adam  Wander,    and
till   business ' *>hould    be  transacted
It-rough  him.   He  has  power  to  collect all accounts, etc.
Almost, all Moyie turned ,'oul on
Mi inlay, lieing t'ikeii by special train
to Cranbrook. The return was made
about 9.15 p. 111. To judge from thi-
- appearance of several, it is good for
some that Labor Bay "only comes
once a yeai.'
, Monav orders can now be purchased at the Moyie Drug and Stationery
Store. Goldie Stuart is, thj agent.
. r.nd Dominion Express orders may be
either purchased or caslied. This wil'
save people walking to Ute ' C. V. M
station to get their orders
Through the courtesy of thc management ol the Cranbrook Herald
the Moyie Leader was .published last
week' whilst the editor was lying in
Cranbrook -hospital. Messrs. Simp
soli and Billings sent a man an
some type up,' and the paper appeared as usual.
I,. F. Crowe, who was taken U
Crattbi-ook last week, and "there un
'derwcnl an opeiation, died On Tiles
day morning. Deceased was about 3'
years of age, and^was only in .Moyi-
it few weeks. He came to M.oyic Iron
Trail to-work 111 thj Si. Eugene of
0 ficc as accountant. lie nlade man
friends, and was well liked by ev
cryoic. The remains'were shipped tt
Truro, N'ova Scotia, where his par
tnts reside.   He  was n ineinlx-r of th
,., ^Masonic fi'aiteriiitv-=aiid tne-nibcr-iwO	
thc Order fiom Cranbrook' ami Moyn
conducted the funeral. The six Iron
Moyie ollteiatcd as pull-liearers.
, _ o	
.   ELKO,    W'JSVII.LK  AND   'J. OH AC
the     well-known
hustler"'lor     Slobarl,    Sons & Co.,
Winnipeg, looking as rosy as the
.lawn iu Ju*, spent Sunday in Elko:
lie-" showed the biggest stock ol'
.-.ample*-' ever opened up in Elko. His
■ia'.es must ha\e been satisfactory,
.\hcii lie'-left ior the east he was
.vhistling "She's, the Lily of th,: Valley/'    ■    , .      "' '    . lioo, the youngest son ol
.•'red "lioo, Hoosviilc and- Elko, met
with a painful accident, having two
"ngers of his right hand cut olT at
.he first,joint. ,
,  ,."    *■ '   MICHEL.
Several "large parlies ' left "Michel
■Saturday for big fishing up,thc Swill
Current, and *biought 'back lots of
ijamc and, many camp stories.     * .■
The baby daughter's r of Mrs.
Kllen Oakley and ' Mrs. Elizabeth■
Hampton, both of Michel, were bap-
A'/aA .Sunday' alternoon by Kev. G.
,V. 'Kinney in the respective homes ol
ach.       " '
. Mr. Dan ' .McDonald, who left town
ui Friday =lasl for several days hunt
.0 get a big horn or two, report's
threat 'scarcity of bag game. Wc
Jiink the game must have known ol
Dan's coining anil wisely kept out of,
•ange. He reports there arc lots ol
There  was  alay-ofF of      all  shifts
'.-.a'tiuday and 116 work, on<-account/ji'-f,
a  famine 'of cars.       .Scores   of  men
Look  advantage  ol   the enforced  lioli-
■lay  and   tiamped  into  the  hills    for
game.  Much was their disappointment,
however,  for, with. , thc exception  ol
two  or three birds,  the crowd    came
l>ack  minus  the  game.
' Labor  Day,   as      a  piiblic  holiday,
was celebrated by thc Italian Society
with  a panic  and  sports.   The'Hungarian Society     iurned,oul in    fu  11
and   accompanied- the  Italian  Society
n  the  parade.   With  .stirring    music
.j .yU ltcBe 1 i i''vnt'-brtLSs_ljamlJL_an_d__JJt4j_,
beautiful silk  banners of  the  two societies  gaily      iloating  in  the breeze,
ihe 'morning   was   spent in parading
the town.
.'In    the  sports      of  the    afternoon,
Iknr'.c  Mootney   won* tlle  lirst.   pri/.e
THIRTY days lifter ilute, wo, tlie lufleraisn-
ed, intend to apply to thu Asststiint (.0111-
niKsiouex nnd Chiel uomiuisbipiier ot LtuiUj
and Works of the Province of British Columbui
for a license to prospect for Coal iiml 1 etro -
euin on the following described hmda, lfl
■Lot 4WS, South Ea»t Kooteimy, and more
fully described about three milo? kouAi offtlie
Flathead River,, being the lint 1111 mist of
Robert Heading's claim, south and adjacent
of llattie L.* Smith, being the .e-location of
ChailS Auxin's claim. o»o of the ortgani
clii msoi the Haekett group, thence south 80
$ ins thenoe we.t UOolialnB. thenco no. tl SO
■hiiiiiis thenco eult 8u chaina to the iiUus ot
Sinnin", containiiig OU) acres, dated-August
nth, i'.K«i.  - .- •■•-..
'        IloiiKltT Br.Ai)tN«, Locator. .
Sept. 6th. ItKKi, :_Y—
The Initial Post of Charles W»M?.Coirt Mid
claim iu the Hackett grom , a " •»1tt,0u3>rB.4
to tho north east «nicr «l H<*trt 1M     f
o'liim'. Thence^f•«'llW»1l^l^,Ko w'chain*.
east, theuce 8-j chains bouth, n',-1'^iuinl. 01u
west to place  of beginning, eonuuu" b
acres, dated August 0th, IW>.
Cil.MU.KS WA1.M*. Locator.
A. IlAUKK-i-r, Agent.
Sept. 5tli, 1900.'      o ^_
Thelniti-tllMst of Thomas Wholaii's Coal,
and I'eJroleum claim., Re-loeation of 1>. K.
McDonald's claims. Commencing at■ tl 10
nortii we.,t comer |,oat ^outli and adjace,nt to
Uliarles Wnlde's o him.. 'lhonl'O HO cluuns
»utMhonce 80 chains east, theiico SO clmins
no" li thonco 80 chains west to Ijlueo 0
beginning, e-oi.taining Mil uercs, dated August
^tll.llKHl.-       ,'     .p^ojuHWuKLAS.I.Ocntor.
.     A. HACKKI-r, Agent.
S,.pt. Btll^llKKi.	
Initial Post of Coal und Potroloum Claim
being tbo south east co ncr post of 11. .1.
.loliiison'seltiiin, south and ndjacent o Jlobt.
KeaUiug's claim, and being re-loi-at in of 1
Waldo claim. Thonco WI oliiiuis
nor 1 , theni-e bit chains west, thenco 80 chains
"outl. llumco eu»tMcliains to tho lita o
begii ning, containing mo acie.», dated August
II. J. Johnson, Locator.
A. JUc-KU'n', Agent.
Sept. iith, 1000.
! BaitBc   of  - HaimiSiton :
;   Capital
Total Assets
$2,500,000     a
• 2,500,000    :Y<
Over $30,000,000
I Savings
Ono Dollar is sufficient' to open an account. In-
, tcreBt paid semi-annually nt^currcnt rates. Tho
<% r\ . — ' « ** host facilities nro offered to'out of town deposiiors
"$* IJA'r\Vil»*l"rnAn4' Current accounts of manufnetnrers 'und-mei-ch-
I U-OUdl UllDlll   ants solicited.
X " A  General  Banking'- Business   Trtinsaeted
, Just arrived;.::"Peaches, Pears,
Plums; fine eating and; cooking
.   AppieS...    ,   WHILE THE FRUIT IS AT IT'S.BEST.,
tintlor this heading instcrlcd al tho
rate of one- cent a word each insertion.   ,
v tBiundell
WAXTfUi—A„ iiursi;   girl.—Apply Mint
aaer * Canadian   liank   of   Coiiinu-roe,,
l-ernie, ]J.   C.
\V,AN'i;i.,i)--Cai|)onteis to' work on the
new C. P. It. statli.11.—Apply on
thj job,  tn' l'ijrby t&. Waldie.
Initial l'os,t of Coul unit Petroleum Clmm
coniiiiuncitiB at a. post plnntti.l on the smith
wo.t cornel-, lieing tlio initml l»*-.t of Jo»sio 11.
Joluiiuu uml 11 re-locitcion ut Uiiniuvon l.o«".=.
olnim. Thonco nortii 8;> cliuinn, thenco east. bO
chuiiiH, tlioncB south SO chuins, tliunuo wosl 80
chair.s to the placo. of hugiimniB conUiinli.**
GUI uercs, iluteil August Tth, lllll). >      >     , Joiissiis, Locator.
A. Hai-kkit, Agent,
Sept. .Ith, 19«l.    .        j	
lnitiiilfost'of Coul und Potrolonm Cluim,
couiinunciiiB ut tho north it est corner,, ol \.
aM. l'ollocli's claim, south uiul iid'ucoiit ol
.lc*'4.iu 11. Johnson's claim; and Iioint' ic-louii-
tion ol Albert Uecli's claini. Theuce south 8
cliuins, thence east SO cliuins, tnoncc norlli 8c
rbnnix. thenco west 80 chains to tho placo ol
bcb'iiinint', eoutiiiniiiB CIO ucres, dated Augu»'.
Tth, mull.
0 V. M. I-01.1.CCK, Locator
A Hackkti', Agent	
Sept Sill, 1000
Initial Post of Coal and Potrolonm Claim,
commencing at the north ,east corner of J. It.
Polloela's'oluim, south and tuljaccnt, tn H. .1.
Joiiiiiou'd claim, being tho ru-locution ol lul-
«nrd iTiubli's cluim.   Thonco soulh 80 chains,
tlience nest 80 chains, tlience 1101U18J clium.-,
thenco oast 8il cliains lo the placo ol hpginninu,
conliiininu iHOncics. dated August 7th,l%6. ;
'   I J. 11. Piii.ixcii. Locnlor
A. llAi'KK'Ji', Agent
Sept. iith, 1010       4- _    v
Initial Po.-.t of foul and Petroleum Cluim,
commencing ut the south c.tst coiner 111 John
It. lloss' ami south and ud'.iceni to.1.11. l'o'.-
lock'., claim, ami ol gimmel K.
Green's cluim. Thence 1101 th80 chains, llivnci
wo.180 chainsj'thence soutli 80 chains, thonce*
ea,tsi chains to l.lio placcol heginnim!, con-
tiiining li-IO acres, dated August 7th, I'M). .
. Joiis XX. lloss, Locator
"     *-       A. ll.veilic'l'i', Agent
Sept. iith, liiOil   • ' • .4-
slniliul Post ol Coul und Petroleum Claim,
commencing ut 11 post ou the south west co:-
attjiiceiit to V. 11, Pollock's claim, and u jc-
locution' ol Thomas Poster's cluim. .Thence
north 80 chuins, thuneo east 80 chain:1, thenco
south 80chains, thenee we»t 80 chums to the
place of heginniiig, cuiituimng 010 acres.duti'il
August 7111,11100.
.* 11, L, Bi.aiikstom:, Locnlor
A. liAVlll.Tl', Agent
er  ofiice. ' "'
YOII SAliVi—A good William's piano:
Apply* I).  McLennan.    .
KOlt- vSALK-20 lots in ..West'la'i-nio;
easy terms....Apply W. T. Henley,
West  Feinie^
FOU SAr,K—A lilock of 2',nno'acres of
, Ia.Mil, loc--,lcd on* railway, will go
5,01:0 'S'H ol good linvlicr per <:ci-e
good -agi-.eullural land wheii Iim
lier has, been removed. This will
sold vciy cheap. For further particulars," apply, MOTT, SON" &C0.,
If* you buy' '50c.
worth or*over this
amount of School
Books or School
Supplies from us
you will" get a
School Bag Free
at ' "'
SIXTV days nfler date I intend To apply to
the llonoriihlo Chief Commissioner ol
l.umls and Works, Victoria, to puichuso tho
following described Innd: -
Commencing at. u post marked .T'.R-.Eifniuii.l-
son's south-west corner ud joining John 11, Old-
lield's land; thenco SOchains north; tlience 81
chiiii.s cast; ll-.ence 80 chains south; theuce 80
chains wcsl to the jioint of commencement,
tho whole,containing UM acres
Fred Zcller, ol Klkinotith, was ii
town this week.
Governor Hanson, of,\Vasa, was a
.Ivlko visitor this week.
Mr. Vear.sim wus down from .laf
fray 1-uynij'  di aught horses.
Fred Kooui-y and lanuly, I.cth
bridge,    aie vihiling F,lko and viein
"Ity. '
SlaMloy Toilliunter is drivin-r staj;.
'between I-ilko and McConuell's Is
Arthur Hanlsiey, of the Uose-hti'
!:lock niiiih, was a visitor in Kll'
this week,
M, Mi-inncis returned from Crow'
Nest and lelt for the south aiid th
llij-  Vixvs Trees,
Tom Hiiiith, of Marysville, is spe«d
ing a few days ill l'.lko, the j-iiest "
the Huffman  House,
A lur-ju paity of Chicano tnpitul
ists are nt Jioosvillu lmyin-r up th
hi-' topper piopei'ties.
C. J). McN'ali returned from th
tnsl Monday nnd went south hy th
Mountain  Stage  l.inu,
Miss Johnsnii, of (iiund Forks, ur
rlveil ill Kiko, mid will taku rlmr-'i
nf tlle new sihool house,
II fsil't what you know, hut win
ynu rnti make nlhiTH 'heliuvc yn'
liiow llial iiiiinls in Kiko,
J". Mi-Coiim-ll, l-riiu'is Kilwuid Is
Iiiml, Knoliliny river, lv.'iir Wald-i
wns un Kiko vihilor this week,
Hill Mii.lVnxo wiih in town frnii
tliu helt, Titlmiiti Vlaltts
looking fm   ii post-hnle colli met,
Win. MrKw.m mid I'rril Uo:m.'y h'f
Kiko MiiBil.iy iiVi'iLii-; for ilut IIu|i|-'
Kiiiiik i-iiihIi, Siuiikriiut Vnlh'y.
li'i; un i-usy iii.itlii to soy Iiiml
in whiti', or a yellow ihi)* is n mini
hill tn piiivu ii  is iiiiollur mutter,
Mm    Daisy    Watson, ol      lU'^in.i
1   hit for thai Miiully city nltui* h|muI
itig     itiniiths with Miss Inn
T,, tlm iiiivciiiniint fire hri-
';it*li*, was vlsllili-,' Klkn, Hock Crn'V
i.Ud Jiilii'uy in his ulliiiul i-iipni'lly
tlifs wi'iik.
A lurui' paily of expert distipleH of
,,■    , ' . r ,f»        1
,.-.:,kl        .l...%k#i.      V.......      t«./l»4i      ll./fl*     II...   .
ti. r mi'l w, nt  nji tin*     '-.nutli IdiV.   i^t
I'.ll; tivir.
■Inrk M-'Kt-c i-iiint ih'wn Ironi Hyijii
«ii a visit tn his -uiri-iits mul i-x-
<Iiiiii}*    (MivliltnH    with    his brother
1r1:}.        .;■'....;       J!.;..'.."       T(.,t...
Hiisly, "'(be i'lnl Armour" of 1-Vr-
Hie, nn Kiko visitor this wick.
He nut loU ol (lictuls, hut failed tn
r.iiM: inn hi*. oMii umlnvllu.
Mr. I'liillipp.s frtiitl'ind'H ranch,
Wns in to«ri with a bl|{ luid of Tin-
ptrury appks, and ihey went ijuick-
ir than t-oiU-il f,uuih nt a luupuin
t-ta-ulir MiDi.tiihl and Pan McKay,
loth ul jjiou-4. iia-iutiry, li4V<: tvm-
thing; in ilio timk-r lin.; staked mil
ibmri to tin- willow biixhes. uml Ate
j iv ing clost: jiriir* on lilnikthoin
Mick** in Rms* lnt«t.
Tim Knr«-*-tr ti*t* undcmlaivl, b*%
1.c*n viij><i); Xu biiMH Klk river wnr
the kQs*   ani uut h sum winding
iuVt!ie l;oy's race under 12, with .lohn
Klenskey as second, while Marie
I'likiA and Sara Jackson woii th-j-
pri/cs in the .sanii. race for girls.
]!o/s iace, 15 and under, was won
by Win. Iladdeii as first, aud Geo.
Ili'tuljisoii   a   close   second.
Miss Kraneis Fiikcs and Miss Annie
Can not only. w«n first and second
a-sp^clively in the girl's race, 15 and
undo**, but also those of the youn-,'
Indus' race. Unl it was when the
inarrii'il Indies raced, that the crowd
orsiok the beer garikn aiul duuciiij*
paii/oii and Mrs. .lames provid her
le-in ss by comini' in' lirsl, with
Airs.  Dieveiiski   ii;-. second.
'Ih re was also much excitement
wli.ii the old men prepared to inn,
and miuli (iiiesslii'i iiud'bollinu; was
don., when the ho'iu-y bearded vi'ter-
mn lin.ilup Much to the surprise
of many, Messrs. Weaver and Marsh
were left (in in the rear, while Messrs. Thos. Wnkcland and relet* Mur-
uiy won,
In Ihu .\i\o yard race,' Jack A. Mi*;
Unii-i'd, who lisiially counts ou netting all the blj; irnncy in si-;ht In
the iiiiiii for mm, could .not over-
ciiiiii* llm llltie 25 yni*d haiidiciip |*lv-
i*ii him, Aiid Micky Joyce pleased the
irnwd by Inking first, ami Jack had
in ctiii'iiil   !ilni,n,lf wilh si'i-oiid.
fu thai hard, miisilfi nuking potato nice, Uobl, Wilson cauie lirst, and
Stimluy llii'iiii-r secfiiil, whih' Mult.
Miillui-s and Slnnlvy llrcwcr won th?
<ai-k niro,
Und McK.'11/.le won in the. >all
thlowillg inlitesl.,
Tli.- best thing of the day was the
■■rii'ki't iiiiiti-h hi-tworn tliu Yaiikics
.md llu Ciili.ulliuis, Much grind play
wiih ills|ilayi'il by l^>th sides, mil
many skilliul iuom's mnih- by iiull-
viiluuls, The Yniiklt-s won by a
■iron: nl thirty-two ng-aliist twinly-
Theii! was rlii iu li-' lu. the pavilim.
mt the gniiiiuls nil il.iy niul a grnlid
la'l in Mi'.hel It-til I" ll"' ■■villi-'*,',
(innd iiiiisu- wu.'* fiiinl.'.iiiil hy the
Melli'Viii; lirii!;.'*. b.itul.
Lust week s .shipiiinits nl nn.', ns
ii|fniU'i1 by llu- l».»i«v N**"!-*, .*'.'««* ».»
lo llm iivciage,
luiliiil I'ostof Coul uml Petroleum Cluim,
commencing; ut 11 post liein*,' the north oust
corner post, of W.A. Ross' uliiim, i-oulli uml
iidjuccnt ol John 11. Uohs' ro-locutiou of Ulie
fj. J!ull'ii claim, Thenee south hi chuins,
theucu west 80 chains, thence north SO chimin,
tlieiicueust so chuins to plucu of heiiiniiiiii.',
coiitiitiiini; tilu acres, dated AiiKiiflb 7tl», lf>tnj._
\V. A. liiiKR, Locator
,     A.llACIChIT, Ab'UIlt
Sept..Mh, low - -fl
Supt. .rith VJCfi, ..
f,0' ii);or.     "
SIXTY days after date 1 intend lo apply to
the'Honourable* Chief. Commissioner   of
Lands and Works, Victoria, to purchase the
r.,lln.,.;.,.. .1., ;i....i   1 1. >-      1
Y or at • * '   ')■ * •
The Post Office Drug Store
foilowini; dosc.riljc'd innd
44C4.1;   IIICUL-IS i. , CllIllllS .Slllllll,   IIICIICI-    14 I I'll l\ ill.,
east to llm point of eomineiicemoii., the wholo
containing ClOit'cios. ,' ,,
Sept7 5th K.'OO
SIXTY iliivsnfter'tlntu I intend t<j apply to
(lie Jluno'iiritlilc Chief Commissioner_of
Ijitnds and Works, Victoria, to purchase the
IoIIowIiik iloscrilied hind: in Klk Hiver valley
. Comnieneiui*- ut a marked John li.
I'ratt's north-east curlier, inljolninir John JI,
Uldili-ld's hind; tlience S.ichaius south thenco
SO clniiim west; thence SI chains north; thence
8:1 chains ciul. to tha point of comm'3iieomeut
the wholo eontiuniiiH (11'Jiicilm,
Men, keep your feet cool aiid comfortable in a pair of onr Oxfords,
they feel just right on the foot,' and
Ave know they:-wUl look good to you
if you step in and let us show you,
Tan, White, Blaclk and. Patent at
Reasonable prices. „
Vacation Necessities" "
We  arc  "offering" *yo«   sin   extra.'   quality   Suit
Case made  of Kcstol, 24'in. long and  has-, two
straps and good brass  tricimings and lock, solid
. leather corners, secured with copper rivets.'  * *
A* Tr,unk- made "over a   strong wooden    frame
...with  iron bottom  covered with 5 oz. canvas well,
, painted,- and   fitted with, itwo  heavy straps' and'
■ iron trimmings stitched le;fither' handles at
Special  Prices
s«iii ,-i.itli into*
John I), i'rnU. Locator.
S. IJ, Oliver, Aueni
II. II. lleri'in, ](unill)reck; X. "l'(,
I'l-ok-y niul \vid>, Ilosinui-, J. 1., I\lc-
CulliiuBli; C. 1*. Ui^ins, City; A, 11.
Alexander, Coul Creek; .Tnines I\Ic-
I,ovti-ii, Ilo.sini'i'; Jueol) Dover, Ni-1-
•soii; 1{. ,fi Kiipi), ,Spnkaue; ' C, A.
Miller; Mrs, Kieluwd Muluui; 1». I,,
l-'oiciun, Wluti- Visli; ,0. 1). Korte,'
Morrissi'y; P. V. Moll, Cily; T. II,
Sin'.ili] Marysvilli!', .Tniui's Mi-Id'un,
Coal Creek; K. J. liluck, Skylioiuisli;
I''. Ii. Miicdentitt, 1'i'orin, 111',; .1 film
Wood; .1 nines Slioiif; \V. V. Diiiuiiliy,
Ciianlirnok; C. .T, Soutli, Vivncouver;
IT, Myois, S|)okniii>; Kr«l Kellcy,
Spoliivne; I'nil Kelley, Wallace: 1).
Gr.'iiiKvr, I)iiveli|iiirt; Weil A. Woml,
CrilRiiry; M. K, Ceiul; V.A. Jneolisoti,
1-rin/le   Co-.
I/, MrKuii/li', Vaiii-inivi-r; Viola
Hi-oll, San I'l-inifisi-"; H, W, Van
Xorinuii, Wiiiiliii'r, lilnlui; A. 1). Miller, SeiUlle; K. U. .1. Korsler, Spnr-
wuniljwiKiil; I), X. M. T.nvi'slev, Cul-
-.-nry; C'em-j-e C'niulil, Ciiljrary;; Mlns
Tin.-, H|iokiiiii'.; Miss Mi-Tiivy, Spo-
ktilie, MIhs Claire, , Spiikane; Miss
rhillipH, Spot'iiin.; .T, V. Hi-yiniM*'iiu-l
wife, Cliiivhliiiliiis'Al. M, Hoys, Win
ni-ie-i-i 'I'- *•'• "i'ii and wile, Cowley:'
I'. Milhr, Cily; li. II. Hulian, Wuid-
ii...-; Y, A. Ciiliilnii. li'iwn I'nlls, lowii;
M. S. Tyler, t.imiiuilli*, Ky.; S, Wil'
kiiimiii, Axlil.iiiil, \\'i>.; I', fi. H.iil,
Sp'ikiin ; X. I.vm-ii, Spiik.iiii'; I'. A-
Mill, Sutltle: I). V. Winuule, City;
(bn. .liii'':.ii'.oii, Klkmaiitli: I.. 0.
I'ul'leH, Citv; M. C. Ilosle, llunn-.-i*«
Periv; .Ins. Mi l,i an, Wultn Wallii; Y,
A. 'liiillaii, Mullein.- Mul; Mi's. C,  1?
I'lllii    till Ill'li    iKntn'i    ..ii...,   .•
SIXTY iIhjh nfler ilnto T In lend to uppl.v
llm llonoiirublti Cliief UomniUhionui*
l.nml., anil Worlo, Viutiirin, to pnruhiii.0
following doMiriheil latuls in Klk Hivor vul
I'oiiiinuiK'iiiK ut a postmarked John 11,1
(lol'l'.s uorth-wost. cornor to .1. A. Mullonii
luni!, tlieueo till ohiiilln moiiIIi; tlioneoSOoliiuua
i.iintj'iluineoSK'li.iluM norlli; tliiinoo KO oliuins
.woiit lo llio point of ooiiimoneaniont, lho
whole ui'iitu'iilns ilio iii'iui,,
Sept. (.tli', ldOU
John II. OlillloliI, Ijnontnr.
*,S, K. Oliver, Audit,
The ' ; appreciation ', of.
those who have visited
oiir showroom and -visited our; millinery" and
fancy goods display is a,
flattering proof to us that
our styles are exclusive,
tasteful  and   moderately
llikiuifViry   .slii-uiitJil-i   ■.■'(.illnl
Mll-til'-jiit   !<lii|iiiiiiili   wvre	
SloiliJti-K(riiU-ii.iy  t.lil|»miiit*i...
Tlle   hiuulU-r itri-ljit weie:
(irai-iliy       MiiilUr  t*,,:M
Umn.   Cnji,   tin., t'iiiiii»i**l  '. Mi
Trail    Min-ltrr .•  i'.'R
Hull   Milk".  Miu-lifi  •."*'•'
Murysville micllcr     .S*1*'
Tiital TrKilH-t.    «>I nre M  -*mtli si,
j,-,,K.x» lulu.
Total sIiijuiuTilH »»r tlie tvei-1* t.-cn
lhc min^s, 20,'t>») <•'"■»
'itiiitX riui|»t-> tm  tl'*- >*"il-  l''-itl'»
f,tHt,,^tH Ion*.
Tolnl n-nii'li (/ir tn, :,•
Ci. Kloiiiiiiutt, Coleinan; C, J. Miller,
l\l,",el.:od; li, J, Muinford, Mueleod;
1', Keutu'd}., Cily'; M." Meredith, To-
ri.lito; .lohn Jiiirliur und wife, Cily;
CScoi'jjc I,. I'.\vilijj, Coleinan; .1, K.
lleriu, T.ilior';' C. S. llulterlield, Spo-
l.iine; J, JI. De anil, Spokane; A, IJ
Wayl'liinl, Spokane; C. I'.n'jij.voixl,
Moiiliuii'i; A, A, SiiUie.rlniul and wife,
Wai.dft.r- C. A. Dow, l*.lk.v, Mr. W.
MeDoiuiM, Cily; W. 11. Wliile II.
Sto.-kloii, Ca-.j-.ary; M. llryan, Mac-
lend; Mrs, ,1. A, Sanders and family,
Spokniiu; Minn Oliver, 1/oudon, Onlij
C. S. Haul, Spokane; liolierl 'I'Jvvarlj
]'. II. Dm iiluiiil, Cii-nnd Korks; C
SelJrTi'ick, Ci/wltyj U'nrry lli'iilden,
WiiliHl,ui-|'; Mrr. ,1. A, Spelioe, Wales-
liiirjr; W. A. Tiuillek, l'iiulier Creek;
11.  II,' Arni.sirniijj,     Crosslield,   Alta;
TIhw, Tlniis, \V. II, Ilollou, W. Cris-
laj.lur, Crnnlirook; .1. Sands, OIm-Ii;
W, O. iMiirteii, Winnipej:: K. W.
Hun.-''*', WIiit.-IMii Vi "eker, City; IV,
Moi'lfiin, Slr.-illii-iiiin; Tlio.i. Morjjan,
Ci;ii,'l.-io*-k; May I„ Wrij',lil, Swift
Ciimnl; Mrs, .1. 11. Aldriili, Slras-
liiue-; Clius. Iliiinlilim, OUIn; I).
Smith, Uo'-lna; .Toliu Su-wiirt, Coal
Creek; W, Hrail-voi-d, l.eil-lliiiilj.e-,
Arllnir dim it; .lohn Stark; 0,'iVk-
i*r; I). V. .Wotl, City; 1), C Kelly,
Cily; A. Mil.eiid, Coleiiiuu; I'. W,
l',.ill,, die^ui, W. W Hi^iiif.
l-'nusl, (liv»iin; Cu'orjie l.iiiir^iiy,
Spanvoml; .1. li. CaniplK-ll, Cimii-
Hook; .1. II. Klllli-kles, Cl illi'l irook;
,T, Caii-itlii-i's, Cily; W. Cniiieroii: II
II, lliisi-l., Spokane; Tlu»s, Walki.r,
fr..n» ronk;      Alex.   NmI.hI-'i-,    Crnu-
H -, ...        ' ..l'l        ,. it'    .,1,
—: '
j Tinsmithing & Plumbing
- . : ; ^ ■ ; —; ;—; ■
-;-T    HAVE, taken  over th*i'business ,formerly ,con-
,. \- ducted by Sheppcrd '& Elliott and wish to inform
, the  public that I am in a position to do all kinds .of
Tinsmithing'and Plumbing:'in a prompt and  efficient
manner. " Remember the pi lace.
:: One door north pf King Edw ard Hotel.  IEMoeJ
ISclsoat, B. C
Roosville & Elko
There Is uolliiii-;' Irom u lialchel
to split the kiiulliii-j wood to thv
iiiiiiplete nuUit for an ixplorln-r
I'Vpi'dllloii uhieli wv do not supply ul   a  nasoiu'l'le priee,
Hardware, Harness & Saddles
Miners, Prospectors Supplies
Kootenay Cigiar Co.
"*M"MMi^.^U.^HailM*MH*iM.HnilM   1«MMHM%MMW«MH».MHI«I
■*^MW-MH«-----tM-----*---*a-HHHHI^^ BH-MHMM   m*mmmmmWmm*mmm*^m**mm1mmm*mm*r**r*WSSmm
Smoke Royal) Seal Cigars.
' ' '     a "
LAtkinson,      -      -      -     - ;. fernie,B.C
Y **«■"■■"•■**»•••••«■»* *"""™«li^^ HwafcHWill III ■ 11.*! I ll—WWIWI ■ It !»J4l<WI*<«l*WM*aM<J<MM*JMnM^       W
^ Wc list below a few things you all need , %
^ , this weather-—come and see our assortment.       4>
t Garden IIoso, II^so Noz/lcs, Ljiwii |
I Mowers, Grass Clippers, Sickles, lee i
"| Cream Freezers, Ifjefrigerators, Screen $
i Doors and Windows-.
1       We have a nice assortment of Hiese goods at most reasonable price.*;      |
<J. i ■ .    . q>
^**-t>'^^4^-t-$ltt-i--t-t*M)-M^,<H w Q'W^Q&frW&WW'&W' W&$>
n ibipji i.i.i um»-
■■fHil'lt1. I m.fV». "I'H'.W^
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Wo would HI'o to Imvo your nnnw
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Current Accounts Invited
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9 j
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Tobacco Plains
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Trunks, 5uit
Cases Valises
Boots, Shoes
W. R. McDoujTaH SSt ^:
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New Westminster, BX.
MfiTaldwitt. Toronto University
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Avert in Art, Mmie, Pliv*J«-al nilitirc and Kljvcutlon. l*of Cnlcmlar Ac,
'.•IJrfs* "Citlumbiart Collfgr."   Tcnn iipent Sept.  17th,  I'**-.


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