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The Fernie Ledger 1906-09-12

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 Vf^pi*'.'*™'* ::***>wS
/s       SEP « «06
Vol. II, Number 6.
nany Interesting  Items   About People—A   Week's
Round-Up of Local Happenings
•  city  Saturday.
s. in the iitv .lit
f von dm I sci!
.   IlnWB.    Ildlcl
ill-   Air*. Blnrk i
lii'.-  lumber mar
ring th,. week,
things, right,    *-e
vitl f
in    Ui.-    Upcr.i       House    nti
tun n-.,   fieplemlic.   21st,
live'specialist,  Br.-A.   Howi
l.e   nt   tlu   Pi-1 nie   Hotel   Kept.
Mis. 1*. H. Kims niul ihe
left [or Vieloria. Sunday.
;.o bad. tc Sir. LanK's s*
ami hir  term.
Tlu   1
Fiidav, Hcplcmler 3
:■ Millers orchestra t
■ in. lii; (Vera Hon™
wait   until      ymi   ai
.Sow is ih; lime to have y.
cxamin d. Dr. Howe, eye ,
nt Hotel Feinie Sept. 16-1S
Mis. Brings leaves ton
rottlM-l.   Oiugrli,  with. V.n
Tlu j,
.  horsj,  Dan Patch.
I at  ihi Mlnnesola
■ Morriss
night. .
ush fire, a
It is not o'un that an opportunity
lo kti>- iaMflt gonil music a* will he
rreai ill to lovers of dancing cn
" riulav nii:lii, Sept. 21st, when
filler's orchestra will give a ilaiue
in   llu  Opera  House.
Cranbro .t" jii.t "Selscm lacrosse
Kains are lalkina at each otlir
,hrc,u;-|   llu   |iai'cis  al.-out  playing, a
■ -that -b-'^hk-. will 4io-jirjaii^cd,--li; -ll^,
|i..y.d  ilniiug iJic Nelson-fair.   *
Mr.     A.   McCartney,     the     popular
,'- has added    pi-
The, nominal..*.-, for' district Xo
18. I'nitcd Mine Workers of America
is now taking ]ilacc.
Mrs. J. R. l'ollock will receiii
'ff-Mli oa and alter lhe third Wedncs-
il-lv   in   Or.lotcr.
Trouble is -brewing at ih; Tithoi
[lines, ' where a change of innnage-
n:n.   h.;s   rcc.ni.ly --Uc:n plnce.
Miller's orchestra, on., of ih* linjsl
ij*j-.ri4j{oti.in* nf high-class musician,
v.ll u-ii-is j ilaiicn on Friday ni^tit,
fepl. *iisl.    -      ■
Tlu      executive  co
IV.; cMiiidvivd.
I..   W.   I'atnu,
committee    ol     It
ei*   toddy   nt  Illai
ty  ycsieiday      vu.ilinjj   fritii.Is    mid
icking  after  hus'ii ss interests.
A.  G.d.fcs,   hue  ot  the Trite s-Vond
o. alail, l.-li ;his morning fnr Grand
Forks,  wtere lu goes  lo" take a posi-
«   in  a  large hardware  siorc.
X.  W.-'fnUie left yesterday upon a
nt-ng   and Jislin^  expedition  in  ill.-
ij;l-Vi>i-Ii.TOsl       ol   Jaffray.    He     ex
.ts lo i,e gone- a week or more.
v.   ll.' McKinstfy.       of  Marysville,
s in Uie estv- vesterdav looking after th.. s.ilc „f stmts' horses to llu coil
lively just
He   •
lew system „i noi-feiiy th; in*
A land of Ki.ot.n.v Indian
il up lhe Elk valley "last Sat
iupposntlv on a hunting cxpci
:t is tinu fur llu samc ward
^et yauiey suit see what goes 1
rresid.nt   Fr.-....,   *-,]urina.i,,   .•:.
S,   Un
Fr..n*i 'Uislcad, one of lhe
j.opnlar l..t.Ehis nt ih; road, .
town last week o;. his regular
annual   loiindi.       Mr.   HalsU-a
Cn   Thiir.Mljy,   September  51li.     llu
Ut suspenj  operations,    nml  n..(ii.*e  to
noiv a«aiti:iS  lhe call  from   iluir d"s-
Go.-crnm nf Itn*l.t*»s Clerk E.-rt*
■ir-tratfu.-- ~lfc- -is-fcept" prttty l.nsv
lh_-s; -'days -wiih-liis ■3:itSc CruKinvit
(Ontravts aiKl-liii3iti.sM in 1011-11, iihi.h
Ths     Rev:     WiikiiLVon,     6t     Christ
Church,  totolnrteil  wrvices     a*-    Elko
Vp in dale lh;-ie have l»en built or
Passtiiyets on tlu West hound C.    1'
K.   thii  iimt-nmg report  two  feet     oi
dwelling houses  in  the'iitv    and     in
(Vest  Kernie  iiiis ..-car.   Of  ihis nuin-
W.   A.   Bleasdell   left   for - Montreal
U-r 33  .Trii  iii.West  Pernie,   17 in   ihi
on Moniiaiy's  cas thou n.i   C.   P.   K.   to
annox -,-*low tbe.ti. X. tracks, add 18
resume  his   studies   in  McGill.-
in   the   city   pmper
Miss    SiitldahvS  is    verv    ill     wilh
Th.-Si  buildings      repres.Tit  an  out-
fever, but is repomd    as prugnssin™
as W.-11   as  eoutd .he expected.
SC.cjn oc 5i8,i««  hein- expen led  on
rostmaster   ..oh,,,,.,,   is  sHylitly  in-
Ihi  HiW ^tulioii I.,-   iJ,;   C.   V.   S.   Co.
ilisposci!, ami      has l.ccn  conGn-:d     in
:.n:I -aiHitton..   and   iiup«-,vem.tis     lo
his hrnie Inr llu lasl day ,,r two.
■.:Ji...r  -i:uildm«s,  will  m.ik; a    lota!
Mr.  anil  Mrs.  tVadiworlli,  who have
lor  the  build.11-  season bf ovor Si on,-
:e.n_vi.sii:iw Mr. atfl Mrs.    G. G.  S-=
im.    A ■i.m:  re.-.ud  for.a citv    whi h
Lindsay, left  lor Toronto Monitav ev-
-Vest  vcar will     see  much   more     c-i-
Tlu  meinU-rs   01   llu  rai.wnv    coni-
unavc   lin.bliiM   ..peralmns,   ns     ih:
l*r..,;,:ly m
t-iiitl ih.t Sept
1pr.11   J*..*.].   ;l,t
huntiufi exeursi,,
Walter ilarwonrt
Alex. AK-nolial
ant, of Wim,,,
sleiitiy, -..aa „
y.d C.  P. R.
if a ini-a., just *;o over to lb: Xap-
n.--. on K.inlav be-lwem di: an,1 l«o
■'clock an.) sample   ih_- grub.
Knot cliiii-i-fi has orjlmi^d an aii's-
liart- of lii.- W. H. SI. K., in con-
uclit,,! wiil, il,- I"rtf.-!.vtoi-ir.ii chunh
n C;.iia.l:i. Miss ll«Kn-:on, travel-
li.nS..-'^cr-tarv of ih.- W. II. ' M. S.,
,-i.sit.d Feinie Ani Fridav last .iii'l
hi laities of Kn )i
makif. hiin      fiit  lack and forth    lie- '
Ka-ie   r.nd  Laurie  Hall,      llu     two , *Jj
daugliltrs of Kev. H. 1,. Hall, of ihi I a|
Metlicd7sf (bur.!., leave Salurdav j .-„
ni«-ht mer lhe G. N. bound, l-a; \ a
ns ili.jXew We,tminslerF Bliere thi.v ,-0 lo ' „
semi- Ull n 1   Colninhia   College, .  j .„
. tc' On Thursduv, liu 13U1 inst.. at 8 *.:.,
11 'll p. 111.. Uie Kalvafoi. Attnr will tea- ' s|
l-rf*v' 1 duct tlu Sunday scIidoI stholnr's :.n- .,1
ing   prog
1   f..r
nd ,
I, n..:,u   Mis^ira
iry ...rtJiviili. Mrs.. Whim
nlvclei! presidiiii; Mrs. Hav
nvs.t Mrs Mniih.-ad, vice
i.  II.   X.   Hess,  sec.  (or    ih
n-M „nd 5.,1.1,,-c...
A Slav,  naiiuil .Sieve Kub.-liaiv, wa
min.   al   Coal   Crtik  Mnjiilay  twtwe.-
and C.mluctorLeV-
. run. Ttuy went up
were Isiek with llw
.  Whin
hi   self.
Mr. Jolly once veiled the "frost
is on ihe llmipkin and tlu Foildjr's
in the Slook" before Mr. Hilev him-
felf, who was so pleasj.l with "lile effort lh.11 he told Mc. Joltv ihatl Ihcra
lie  himsell had
y Uu*
villi   I
s j'.lliul amlkn.'es a
l'u l*li:t.*il Stales, from Xe
\ork lo Sf.li Fr.n.isu., but this" '
his first visit to C»n..da. He leetn:
.1 in I,iihbridKe last ai-jtil, mid :
di.-tliTin. as far nwili as lutinouto.
4Ir. Jolly is a jolty {-ond fellow I
ne-i   nil  tlu   lecture platform,  and  :
ill  (
P. McCinii
ill «
as in town last
day, and
Uie  Uilger  n tr
Mr.  McC.i
llvl   two  it
has a verv- idea
ruin  ih.- G. X.
0:1    at   Ila
u i's
Lak.-, ihi  is
nell-s   is'.nnd   011
0 t n-.y
a   short   dis
of Rlk river.
i a
d   Hshn;  down
ay  is j.001
, un
i Mr. JkCaiili!
1 ond      111
isi:ors    at   his
untrv  hot
Tlu   Clan!
Tclcphon;  Co.
a  c
eulral    office  at
■utaaH  1
Miss  Gertie  Grahjn,   gave   a   Partv
o her yi,ung Irii-iids at the home   of
.i-r   pariols   on   Geiiimel   street     last
ilfjil,   wliicli      was  langely     attended
y a jcih   lot oi  juvmilcs.
Tli.-re   were pr-.-suiio   Misses Cassie,
Cody,  GracL- aud   Uura  Dudley.  Kt-
lio   Kins,       .'lilliv     SuhrVk-!,   Eihia
Hooiy, Alice lluiiiie,   Helm Muirhead,
liilij   B'(tj-»    and      iliss Rosie  Know,
■oiler  Si-ntl-rs  ami   Mr..   Harry
tl,  Masters (X-orgc C™ly,    Earl
.er,  Hd.  Dulllie,.     Rov  Kirkput-
Hi.11   Davies   Gl0rKo   -fCin-;., P.--iv
Ctark,  Arthur  Kill-J,  tXltsg* Stevens,
11k   Cc.dv,   Ko'iert   l-'ergusui,     Clar-
-v Muii head      anil  the  ledger Kid,
10,   losci!ur   wiih  Mabel,   Florence,
J  G.oi»i.-  Graham,  am!  the  young
Then,- was i-eeiii,,n. and stngiug
.ml dBn..iii« au.l prancing: -cards,
h.cker.s cto*;onotc and otiur -games,
ial sucli a spread »( cake and olh
^ (fioi. tliin-iS tu rat lhat llie Ledger 1 ov go! loo lull (o.r.utteraiict-.Ha-:
fere th'i reiil, !onnal feast Is^gan, anil
, heeanse tie- promised
nl to stay out late,
.re vnii'l ami don't let
■  Ial
tCS    Tf.
'gat party did n.it go to
lu Bov.Md-.ry cociurr and Rossland,
as was pruned, on aceouu of llu
|siiKht indisposition of His E-tcel-
Warnsc, a German, i.ncy, Earl Grey. Tluy lefl Xelspi.
decled general of tlu ' Si nilay ev.u'ng," au.l to.-ifc tlu Arid ts at Rome last Sat ,ow. i^ake ,olt lrt Arrowh.-ail, au.l
eceed Father Martin, ' u,.fl;e lo the inn'n line at Hevel-
May. He received, tlw 'slokc.
'icl.oif trout  Pope Pius I
Mayn.-  Kogirs,  of  Crunlvrocik, \i\til
I'.ricksr.n in liis piivate car,'   nltaclled
10  yestiii(ii's  local.   Maynr   Roj{<.*T4
*fi"i|UiU busy just (low looking   after
; nrrniijiing lor  the hiiiutin.;  10  be
■tl.it    l.y  tlie  Cilj   nt     .*Cra»l,ri>i.l'
M:Xy   wi(|i      ihi   provincial   Rovein-
ni luiihliii^, hut     ili.< itn in 'don't
ll even, -u.i:l tlilny  is ,ilw ivsraU.
fri.lids 111  J-'etliie.   K]n= will U'    i«ar-
viu.t in '.lie     curly spr'tt; to   Arilnir
ICiuiiogiirn, Wi*" Afri.-ii,
The tnU 'nr ilu annory lor ilu
i:«.>t nay nllett- has f.n.iilv beiti de
tiiUl upon, nil it ii* Ii"l>-'<1 Au ,,im'I-
ill;; will  le vvc'ti-il Iwln.e win,.T tfl*.
1 loi in th' H--W   -A-
■hy *.-«, toh.tr
Calgorv up,,:, :lu. ol
it -lo ilut ,itv ,
party.    It   appuir,   1
parel (.1 ihe ]>ait.v.
niul lu I.H...-.1 tl|i ]
.'.taiifin wilhiinl llu
n tnllar. a lii.rse, ,b
The  live I'llKlivi   s
ih; Viee-He.;al
it Tluir Ksi-i-1-
;arri.a.~i,   coa.h-
e a match gam
ie te.ua aii-i Ut Kalisjicl t
I Huiulav, H,.. if.lll, r.ll-1 '.
ii nt th.- I.il.vr plac* ih.-
Siuuiav,  thj =jid'.
il^iy night, lhe "2nd, and retu
, Fernie i.-ti Mt ndav morn:n;
,       thus    aliiBilius      t.n   csti
,.-  ivitpHt   oi  caal      for  lhe
""'inn  fros __	
Ihe Mayor, to Mr. McCarthy, M
-, and to Kmator Long heed,' an.l
Jld lh,m plainly w,hat h_- ih,,uKht .,[
u   whole  shooting  match.
t words, as Hear as «-e cau
gentlemen,  lhat I  am  lhe represmia-
livc of the King  :n Canada, and was
vited as sucli to a reception iu vou,
ty.   I consider  this  recent ion an hilt  to  His Majesty.    Please ask  tlu
l.anJ lo   play 'God  Save the    Kin-;'
j>n,[  have my carriage  called ot once.
"Have        ir.y     carriage     calh'd     at
inco" was ptoduclivc of still    funhir
onfiision.    Wlun His Excellence walk-
dcil lorlh   in      a state of suppressed
J had  to gn   home
ee,.  di-camin-   of  gol:
atl-niKh:.    Wlkn
rem under ill-' co>
11 Vic
iictit   Agon
iclcc ed  l.j
A, G. Willimt, iiccouninnt nl th.*
Kill; I.nniU'i- Co., Cr.i---.-Vf.i-.-. wns
in in.-.u. M.milij-. lie ivpons n brisk
l.iisiii's,' for lii.il romptiiiv iliirln/llie
si.hWjii, which is still iih ..risk as i-wr
in-l prii.-iltclH ^ticil tur cimlimud ile'
maml duiiiij- ill- full. Tin.- tl-.w wX\\
11I  Yah!, will l.e ready  for openititm
4-1 ly in siivi-miwr.
. .Mm Hrown, ni Hosmer, siipenii-
t nd.ni o:     ill-* C. P. R. coal tipt'ra.
'lion. .U lln.i place, wn« it. i\k city
S-'ii'.ntil..'*, niut repi.-ris tlmt work is
K*.iti.*- si.adilv ou. lie now has 100
men "a! work, nn.l will heep tlu (orcu
.will le a lttcly one ni that, cmiip,
as -ii;an.* nn i« win will lie put lo
v.n.k  limn  mc now  ^tsagwl.
Mr. O. A. Uoherlson, president ol
th- Hit I.iinilci' Comiiany^ wliilw. in
tiiwii ia.l week, placed nn ordei
'ill.-  0.   K.  hat-U.-.  Iwys have  n cun-
Vou cun si'ir lho Rti'i'tl grnsn i>row nn
l\u imck nl 11 |il]!,
Aiul ni'im \\k <;Hlti     al n cl*iv   man
wh'.k tua wait.
k yon can hi.vp i'lie bristles j-*.™
i'ii   llu   lliR,
And llu-lin.- curl on vour win,
-ftI1.U1 ihe hni-ler s-linves thu whisker;
WI jour liu'.*,
I. yon Iihvl lllu insh lo 1,0 tin,* pi>«">'
l.-isl 'ili«r,<Uy, Mr. A, .!. Slnrlw*'
und It. II. Gurloik, nl ihi l'aeifi
Lite Kloi'k - Ass(".'fiH-*i.il,. S|inki,l1;
were in tiie etly, Thiy are lookin,
up ihe live stuck ill.ilirillU-e Imsln.-s
ot  tint, ass.iiiui;!,!!,  nhidi    d.ivs    l.
i^al roll    mill. 1
itinnnge   li,siil'-:i
le   Irost, which  h-l
niic a fallin-; oil, :.nd
•r Day, M, nil;'?-, a hival
.-Jng 'in thi Is'S-car l»:u
und thi u*.mMi(-v
.. ,11 1'riihi
viiAT joi.i.-v ua'Tvuiv.
EARL qrey atcalgary
The Reception Described as Seen by an Old Timer..
The Arrangements in Detail.
himself,   are   the   mon     emlnrrassin*
Jt. Kvervibodv haun
-eremonial. It ,1
aids   (by    thnSi wbu
e li i:ml deail in such ■
s r
on     in C
last  w
38 degre
ncil   had
0 a
of   20.1X
1,  tn
ore or lesh
seven =
ui   had   1„
In far:
When  His  I
lhe  In
with   its
in f
the  s
I the  iciehM
ihere was 1
n ri-fhl.; ,„
\fter wait
seeing thai
10 carriage there. Xolhlnj;
iug      around  a  while   aud
egal party started off on foot and
alked all the way back lo iheir car
t thi depot.   I.ur.l Hofciek, who had
hich letfhcd Mil party to the drill
hall, expecting to return in the same
:l.iele. had to walk back without a
hat, wilh a cold, sharp wind bloving
gale. Forlunatelv, His Lordship
J.s mil wear whiskers.
Immediately after the Earl's briel
Id (aasiic njity, Mr. Giltis added
fuel to the iIhiuls hy slepping 10 ihi
ind commencing lo r,.tIt.
Wordswor,h-s (anion.-. po:m, -We ar.
tt'lien he rcacho*! th; refrain
1 unl. with "ICiikt tliix, wc
are but lh^ven."..ihi Earl li>st his
temper and .shouted lor'the rips.' Gil
juneil      .ippropriatejl S50    fo:
e of S.J5 left ti
Ud s
o Ih.
•I how l'u live dollars was expend
il. Tliire wav no bunting, no ban
iiict, no iHiihing. Is .lohn Hall 1
,e  |)eriuiited tu get  hold of this i*4
IVe thins,  lux
tigun-head i^ passing. Ontsiib- of possessing one of the hig plums ni the
Ilritisll diplraiia.ic s*rviw, hi ha:
noiti of Umic qualities whicli arius,
lhe inlvnsi nl     the people' in     tie it
recepti. n were His Majesty 10 V.no
us wilh      a visit,  hut tew ol us    ar.
ii graven i
hue.. ,tpre
ng  at      present,  alj,,,
fiigv  oi  His  Majcstv
on  a     po.
IK.Killy   tl
Wh.n  Ea
I  Grev an.
party ar
drill hall there
to meet tl
-in.   Tlur
hrtj      doois  lacin-
1.-  street,
like,   tin-
leads 1.. Ih
saddle r
noihir  1<
ihi  ,K.nUtn upstairs
he other
mo lhe ha!
itself.    It
the  Tiger
he noble
■:arl,  but  li
just hapikniil
0 strike tlw nElii /Iof
liio   lhe   1
.•si  chatiilj.
r.    WiUi   asas-
4UCC    at    G
lis,    who
busv recoil
Itlllg    lo   so
ncbody  hi
■loits «,
vear   eigln
>n       humlr
4.I    atid   u
imp,  His
C\ielleucv 1
he fiirtber
end uf   lhc
J around
with balelu
When  F.i
urson   was
reading -,]
lands  -,ht.ol
as  if  he
he   patsv.
Sonic   wnr
s   hi   cos
make out
at  all.   so
he sitbsti
othir.s.    TT
i  first    tim
he tried
Willis su-ppvd  up nervr
usly  from
.ind aud c
orrecled     V
r eiampl
, thf
navor fell
down      wh
a he cam
he   words
s   predece
ubk d   1
lik>4  .
rp    :
yt& Gillis. and .lbliisperc.
-ffidi^te'    -Ba»tr"'"Iliitiirionih   prtilc-
*lil!ht,iLih.'.-    It.was   all   wry   lunar"
i.ord   Greys   ri-jdy      u;cupit.l   ihteo
.corsl..    He   s.a,d:    "I   beg   to     a*k-
•ecipt ol yunr adilr*iis.
Mr.   Mai
Rati Guy would have
asco lightlv   and
hii-g as a jote.
.suited hi 4
over  llu
he     whole-
Ing  huSv he
ion     to'  hi'
card.       II.-
icd  ih.
s  carpel   sli.ipi
.   ih.u   kin I   .ll
N'ur.hwisl.rll S'.ules ami 11. C, Tli
a e making a loui of AHx-rla n
■Su-ikiilehciv-li, wh-'re, lluy, e\pecl
«lo a |ari;e liiisillis.-: ill ill.- 'snuii: lii
'Ihey nre piO'-r.-ssive, live young m
who niti!;t bnsltiiss par
C. Coulter- ami C, Mcttolwm,   I
"Victoria..Collegi.   sliuh-nls   wln>     -Wc
l.e:» s|«niling  their  vacation    i*ii  tlu
    _       ciUiioes, wlvi-l*    west,  Wj-Te" 7*|  Pernie  last  week,    rani
li'.s newly or,'i>i.i*.tl toal ci.mpi.flv al tr*ll Kuml-iy t(i--y occii])i.. 1 vh.* pulpit
'inbnr llUcliil'l" -bililll litis fall' for at the Uelhodist chiireli, Mr. Mc-
ulililionril min.-r-t at that place. Me Sot*ti- pr.a.h-U:*; lit.- nu-n-'i* s>-r-
^■1^, )),,(. [hi coill compnnv arc num niul Mr. Coulter tukini;* iIk* eveli-
,.i.'n. lo diavloji itn. mines ns' mp- ilig Service. Tll.s.* two vMing. nw-n
idly mh [iisiille, nml lU--y expect in nrc hri. lit ond enterprising, mid
mon double ilu iiiiipitt. Tlierc is .!■- '.nt-ili.iiR toiild Iwtter. add to their
iiiuml 'for nil llu coal tluy can gel hmuiiw college train'n.- Hi aii (i trip
Mil, nir! It's comi'nty «''" Itsvv no rlirougii. ihc„ B(eni wvsl, of which
,li-oul,lo lu iifHiiig all Hi* toa'i.' they .not loo' iimeli is known io ih; aver-
ci>ii.pi-l rn the7i«ftikitl. . [»!!* easlem sliiil.nL.    .
ts LliijhUiii  mark  upon  1
.t<l all ol ill* lender, Howe
ml denier will lili up his head
li*: I'nur [uiuler will I* dead
. dun'i pay for what he's sa id.
li  hrighl, l.ll,,'.A;ilB.vlva«
in which 16 draw apt il-
o(  h..w  to kevp   on   ih.-
jollv  side 0
prisin.i   anl
in.nlnl  in it
ein.-'-n-.i   llli   iiil.llceiiial
His word
von 0! Col.
lieiurc, ot-th'i''gTund ran-
rado, niul of ilu. ellecl ol
brit.lit u«> n
day  brilliai
slnvtiejll,     Irfoou     >ln1l«-
ll. snn    nml    cl.-ar n.mu-
v'  upon   Ihose   wonderful
ra-^s,  which h- nimli    ti
il |.».ilih* (or Ciirriek 1.
mill nltiMii il. »■» !"' ll''
■   ilisun.',    iravvllvd    nft»m
e rest ing   11
llli   public.    lie
I (jilt.il wilh ih.* uliilily
own   *o  tlL-   loot-lights     and
nvited  1
em  to supper at his    hole!
i  plav  Ko lo bla-es.      Thr*
a.l  thi
line  ol  th-ir lives.  ;h.- pap
r-i  were
lull of th.   ineidsiu. the ne=
he  pliivni everv night iner,.
Iter to
latLid houses utul was vote.
iU.,.   paid   ,t
w.st     111 llu.
e  .lavs      Ih.- N
Moan ted  I'nl
c-  at   Calgary
H    (-i    11HU,    Uli
joints.    Vh-
l.,v  Hi- Kstvl!
hi's -I  Cttljttry
11 (-nor
.Smiih and .wc how ilii people wT.
; their bats! Caiuda never sent
Kail Grey. U« Was 1101 >l.i«.-n
he   [Kopie.    Howuing   Slrcjl   look-
Oi no slH-ciai  iivliviiluality to tlo
lii-un-hiiid a.i   in      ill.- cotony  of
hnp|K*n.d 1.1 light    i-u
the   rapidly
1  this  iiu.il    1
t.eloic    th:
1  Cflcc
his nun de-
ol  lha gtsot
His ini|i. rscitation nfili.- Imy wim
,ces Ih nj.-, at niRht, as tohl 1 v
Rnftn.'- h'» ld,,--*4ii-'nll-i-^i'r:eci.Jti"'l
I'ably  not  havu
■rough o.  IMImoiilh
iv old ciid^er in the
r Mai
is silly to expect   ihiin  10 eu-
Kirs'*' V>bxy fur th.- inouwnt
lile interest in ihi iwople whoir
s in his official capacity.
stiff, formal, chillv reivp
i.h,-i-a.- vim tmss qIom; in t
.ud sli,|t» annas wilh a lordli
the men wore  the biK h-avy 11111*-
eluu-t and ga.inllets, with    s.!,-
, and Wiu.hi-<ur.   Several .J  ih..
men   nearl>   lalute't   ir.   '-heir     s:nUl--i
roin ih* excissive heat.
At eery place ih.-  7ice-Kegal partv*
.topptd theie  wa*  limchion     ami    i«"
lhc wi-H-Jisrililin-'d
Bvc, th;   Gov.-:nor-
On lak.ug his .eaw,
General  addressed his vs-tort     in    th-*
lollowiug   exasiivratin"   terms:
■Men, this ii the first  time I   have
0v.1l   ihi     escort of -.h; N'orlhwosl
e piopcr slcp
(Continue BB
 : iiL>' : —  '    " :	
"I'tO . tlOLLA.R'3. A. YEAR
"  .; . "'Y-.'. -..VANCE.
-Issiscd e^y'TlYdriesday"froin* tht' of-"
fice of. publication, ,Todd Block,.
Vicloi-ia Ave?, Fernie^'Briti-sh Col-t
iiMibia. * J      A  * *'    '
V.  MOTT. .,
'Two weeks ago, in an cdilbrinl entitled '.'A Chinosc Pti/./.lc," the I.e.d-
gi-r, poked' mild satire at lite --il-a
that lhe Victoria Colonisl had ' lieen
purchased by wealthy Chinese liiet-
1 hunts fnr the purpose of using tliat
paper to influence popular opinion
upon \hi Cliluiso immigration policy
of this country.. -
■ Oil*, paragraph of tlte, article rc-
li-rred to,  staled:
■ 'Th.*' idea tliat ilu Cliim-se ■fovcrn-
Mitnt or nny inilmntial mi-tiilx.'r.s ol
llie race ure so stupid as to i'.i\vil
111 a sxndiciitr of newspapers in Can-
ml.1 for llu- purpose of ailvricaUiifjf llki
abolition ol ill.- $500 li...ul'iux is, as
we l.iKcvo, "mi absurdity, equaled
only liy that ollur ulisurdily that
Minis to lie lingoriiij; in (lie miniU of
sonie- people wlio are ii'.t lu-atli;:n
ChliK'se, thai the peoule can he liiim-
liuj-'j-ed hy, Mich statements, or that
papers that aiu known to have heun
1 .might for tlie purpose of siidiiifr this
i,r that political .or financial scheme
wield any .ipi.rcci.il ,'e influence for the
accompli-huLii!. of tlu ohject aimed
Since llu appearance of ihe
n'ove, if transpire.*.' that t .it
ii-...n.iger -' o( tlu Coh nisi li.->-s
iudi^nanily denounced tlu . »lite;
tmni ilut' any "heath.n Chinee'' has
nnylliin-r to ,do with tlu Colonist iu
v.Uy way, a siatcm'cnt which coiiiiims
the Ledger's position as to llie Chi-
'lifse l.finji too alert to Ive c.iu^hl
throwing away their lnr.ney iii an
1 ndeuvor lo inllucnce public opitron
I.v buying a newspaper, or a dn/.cn
* newspapers to lx' run as so mauv ad-
\ocates of a policy already so un
'popular  as  to  need  much   bolstering.
Tlu slalcminl ot the manager ol
liis Colonist can le taken as correct.
'•flu Ledger fin titer stated iu the
same editorial lhat" tlu real nigger
in this newspaper wood pile i.s .sun*
10,lc dug out*, and is as likely to
turn out to be a fair-haired Christian
white man bint upon deceiving somebody,     as   ■ a   heathen    Chinee,   with
2yw_!t vg_l lm t._pn^_d:irt.-_;iiiJ.1_l.i-_irj.y_1 lul _l_
un. vain" trying lo humbug u quick,
discerning  reading  public."        „       '
The 11 :w lnanager is said to ii ivi*.
stalid that lhe -iuiv owner of tin
Colonist is a single individual, .md
that the'paper will be condiutcd in
Uic iuierest of the Conservative
I arty, hnl this new owii.-r and, his
inanar'.r will soon find out tliat the
Colonist will lose its inlliun.e aud
ilu support of, Conservatives so long
ns its •.cal own.T i.s unknown to the
public, and its course in regard , li
' public policy will be -discounted b\
' its shifty cii.leavois to keep Irom th-.*
public, th'  id .nt ity .of  its  owiurship,
'lho public is discerning enough tr
tlislingiiish clearly between an open
iiidt'pi-bdvlil paper, conducted in tlu
interest of the public, and a paper
niii in llie in.ercsl of private monopolies, and which dares not maki
•known tli.; power 'lxihiiitl n make-lie-
lieve tliroiii;. A very little time will
U> required lo dcteriniii'' to which
i.lis> of joiirunls the Colonist, under
its new  oiwu'isliip, belongs,
'llu "li.'tillu'ii Chinee.' owiurship
hnlH1I1-' is burst, and all oilier bub-
JiltN mad., of * nap and air which
slull be started nfloat to deceive
|.iopii- will luu st as (piickly nnd
prove ns d.-lritneiiKil to the'infliuii.-i
of ill.* paper that starts them sailiii--
through llu nir ns did thc Chintsc
.iwiLTflnp  story.
If .lohn Chiti.iimin had rciillyfl might
llu Colonisl, ami had under taken In
npitily iuiliiitici! llb> public mind
lhi-<mj*]i its lolumiw in favor of a
' 11 duct'on ol the Chiru'M' heiid tax, il
could have laid cluim to oiie. most
nimmmliible feat ure in tlu conduct
ni 11 n'W.sptipcr, that is, honest, open,
(nir di'iiling wilh the jniblie.
It in very evideiil thai th.- new
•iiviier of ih.- Colonist is unl n Chin-
niiiuii, but' il ritibiiiw to In* sriii just
how fur that piipii: is pupiir-id to go
in lib* way of open, fair di-uliiig with
thi* public, iiud Its iiilliitli.r with the
public will l.t; coextensive willi its
friihkii.s-i uml Hi'tiaiv diuliiig.
'III.' littlii fellows who .oiullv im-
ni.ln.- ilut tluy inn have the eon-
fid li-" of the people while ri-illHtllg
ill,- pi ..'il,' lli.'ir own innli'ili'iur, ure
flirilliT btliilld III; lime*, tIil'iii ih-
'luaill n Chiiicu," nud il such n ltd
Iuiv 1111.« li.iiighi the Cnlniiisi with
tin id.a thai lie is going to fool
invl.nilv, lu hud Utter gi. tain- n
(i\v iv4>.i)ii. m tniiimiiii, e-mtvti.1,1
l.iisiii.'ti m.use fiom Vip Sang..
Iti ilu- niiuintiittr xhv Colon,*! K
Inn.in,! pi.Migi- and iullttiiici' 011 *u-
ini.nt of ull Ulis s|iiTiilalion    us    to
V.I.I   llHTl I   it,   iltlll   llllill    ItlWTlM   ll    If.
iliur.did to UiiiU'i in it!, future pol-
DON -t  C.lvT  CAT'C.irr,
'.li,- iHNK>m-» i.i«s of tt.i rtiiii-i.
Siiii.s .i-iii* U'-n Mi1»wrvv,L Two
niriiyylilig I.u iliil.., Nniiiij; min, tn.ir
Suiiiiis wiK-'tiUiglit, ulni Ikivi-rant It-
c jn Urnliiittt County, ami in ot<Ur
to ft'.-il llieir lunl.'t uviil ovit into
Itriii li Col'iinliiii. nil Rrnsi, fund
liay and .uul..l it     inlo "ll''»»lii»'i;t««
lU   U-.ll   tbv'M   lAllU'.    TtU'A   V.0,-*   1**U[U
u brillialii pifirr (A work upon Ik.-
}>.irt ol ih* kr.n nnd nltrt in*»|K'itor
tolso taugfci ituni,     aud who it tiuw
ful' ability..*?*-?' 'i~,  -x k.     ?V
Th;se K"c.or •jrsiruggli'ngM-,oys-v-."ivere
hard lo catch, and th.'ir hay -was
smuggled" e'as:ly ■ into"the" United
Slates. The iii.,p.-ctor will be very
ihankful and -appreciale'.it .a.s .a great
favcr ,if- anvbodv-.who hfars of more
hay sTntigjyers'jwill:Jadvisc''liini ofthe
nun," thi- place ulr.l tht'time" of thy
d.ed. * •
Th.-y do c.Uih a lone Chinese op-
•-itim smuggler'oucc' in a* while.—"The
Ccaiat." , ,   -  .
'flies*! yoi:n> hayseeds of Washington farmers are not up in improved
mctlu.ds ol f-niugigling? They- should
com j over into l'l-itisirColumma*! organize a company, cut tlu* hay as' a
company, deliver it over the line iu'
•Wa.-'h'nalon to ,lh.ins.'lvt-.s' as individuals,- or as -another company,
''illicit they could fo.m on that side
out o". .llumselvcs, sell their-own hay
made in 11.. C. at a very low price to
ili.mselves in Washington, and thiis
beat I'iK-le Kum-oiit of customs 'dues
on pro'jicr valuations.
Then, loo, thi.sj moss-'b-acked farin-
jis •hnultl uo*t do s'uih thugs upon
,i retail basis. The rake-otl isn't big
enough to nuel deinunds .if the)'J
should 1st- . caughl with i niy u few
on. of  iIts sluff.
Th.y :liottltl go into llu business
on llu vlu-ilesale basis, ,>.o that in
easj of trouble their piolils would be
ol stifliciint si/e, measured in dollars
i nd cents,, to enable them'to keep
oul of jail and out ol  (lu papers.
'l'h.-se Rubes wire loo rustic* Uuy
were, caught smuggling a few wagon
loads of hay Irom one-siiU- of the.
line'.to lhe. ir.lur,- cnl doiiilAless have
had to pay all duly due Tilde Sam,
as well as fines for tluir olknce, and
he tiling gets into llu papers. Why
didu'l they run up a bill of $10,0011
>r $15,000, so tluy lould setlle in an
aristocniiical way with Uncle S.1111
md his watch dogs, and be able to
.Leap things quiet? •   ■
Hy doing it  in that way,they" could
;o  about   th.-   101.11 try   talking..about
otlur     ptopie's      dishonesty    and   oi
lu'ir own ina<.,*iaminity towards their
Crecdoth from-.the galling ""chains of
trust :-:'; and ': corporation". greed,
\\iatre.-J'Cj. lgbktil-'^i. ijjion^..--as;, cra/.y
vecl-lots a few years ago,-ltit things
arb ""'ili-.n'-ing' * .rapidly ,* and * thj.
^jrctd of- t'.u corporation shurJ*, likt
tin. greed of the slave omu.t, is doing, mor,; to help tlu .so-called -zealot
and 'Socialist to brin^ about an
eradication of the evil than the most
persistent   advorate   of #reforni.
i.Many niot'c towns die for want of
Toulfdehce qti tht pari of the busi-
iness meii and lack of public spirit
ili.in froin opposition' of lK'igh.boring
towns'  and   adverse   surroundings.'
-' MIXING REQULaVriOXS..     -A.
'flu long pending arrangement of a
steamer -service between Mexican and
Canadian Pai'ilic porls, has finally
hent settled, and the service will l.e
insliliite'd for' a. term of two years,
subject to tlu ratification of tli!
Mexican congress nnd the Cr.nadu.n
The ni.w over-seas fast mail train
tcteiilly put mi lhe C. 1», K.\ mail.:
'he First-nip on schedule time, arriving at Vaucouvei 30 seconds aluad
01 time', 'thus deiiionstral'iig that Ih.
(jt'-kour lime inn l.e madj without
dillieully. 'Ihis makes a new recoid
from Liverpool lo Hong Kong, and
ihis time will .still be reduced as^lif
load is improved.
The welcome exUiukd lo W
Itiyan'at New York upon the occas-
0:1 of his lvturn from his roimd-lhe ■
world trip, was 11 most, hearty on-.-'
nd full of significance to the ma-
"•hiiu politicians, nol only of his own
parly, but ol llu* Republican' party
as  well.
*Mr.   llryan   is      a  most   remarkabk
personality,      and has a firmer    hold
upon  the  masses of  llu people  of th.
■fn i tTil—.StatT-s"**-t lian—srn>—olh* r—American,  except   I'rcsidini  Roosevelt.
* Th: rea>.o.i is not Iar lo seek,.  ' lie,
next  to 'Roosevelt,   is  tlu-   leader    o'
lu   fii'hL      against  cori*orate   corruption,  and  -  the people  over  tlu    lin.'
ire  in earnest  in  their  fight    aga'n .t
hat  monster  oi  th.-ir own  creation,
and  will      nol   slop until   they have
•.tittuped   its lile out.
Had Dry-in crnl'.n d his last ciim-
laign lo a lij'lii. aga'nst trust and
lorporiilioii iipprt-s.su 11, h: would
have polled a miuli larger vote.
His speech at Madison Square Gar-
d.n the o lur day is tlu best <rtu li
has ever do liv*. red, lx-causs. it is frei
10111 much lh.it \uaki 11 y.l h's formei
■.'llorls aud is clear and d.-cisive upon
.lu real issue that will l>e ikcided iu
lu ueKt  campaign.
If tlu Republican'! do uot niiiiin
ale licb'evt'lt, it is ifiiestioiiabli'
whether any o'.liei- Republican can hi
■ul up who can hope -to defeat Mr.
11 ry 11 n.
Tliu' alarming feature lo tho nia-
liim parly man nud th. large cor-
u.ratioiis just now in Amen*.an pol-
tics, is lhc tilid.iwy of people of .il '
.iitrties lo break away Irom llu fold
ami go out lo tlu iiiniy ujm.1i th.
Iciisl indication ol tlu pit'seiice o'
llie jicopli.' who rcpri'seiil the 'inisl
mtfiU'st.s iu the councils of el tiler
The next picsidiiitial ciunpiiign will
how iliil this iiiibpiiid.nl ilisronnnl
of pnrty liii.-H has beiii growing, and
will have llu deciding tlUl uroii the
U'HIlIt, ,
Anl. Ihis is right. It leaves tin
party heekis ami griillcis withnut
their  woiili'tl   powur  n,|i-.l  ocuipatW»
Their opm piismiv iu uny political
cuiiip it ,111 vU'iiiilii of weakii'ss to
thai  t'iiiiip.
All iIiIn ims Inn' brought , 111 tout
•y Niiili nin ii'i WooHi-vi'lt, Uryini,
l'nlk, ,leloiiit, uiiil I ll -• i r lollmvers,
vho art* ill.- -snit nf llu* political
■■utill In llu I'niUil StiitiH, We u.'td
lots of that kind ol v.iIt in our political bund nu tins nlil? of the lin?
uhi'iv ihi' i-viU of iiiipoiulioii gieid
alii iiin.c <|iili-ll>, unl'1 fulfill! lit ly
iiioivAj'l.iiigi liUiil) Hill, iiilui. lli.ni
limy hnve beiii 0:1 llu otli.T side, <
Hnl   llie   auaVin »„'   will come   in
Cuiwd.i  lis    ill     '.li? Slules, «n«l  »!'
longer il   is ililiiiid  ih.' greater will
1 ,.   Hi.  nib  .ii-il   uli 11   il   dni'i.     itillli'
..... .—(i -•
Tiny  1■■■Ivlii.1U1I th.   n'luicnlinn'.i.
ni* lhe battle nf l.v'watnmic in Kiiti-
its 11  fin   dat* IH'1
.Ir.h;,  Jlioun,   III.' Ii.ro ol  the buttle
has Lin tU.id tin ny \viii***.   but   tli:
.piril whiih iiiiiiuitid him    in    that
niillicl (till ni.irih.s on.
Ho was k u,idi-rnl a maniac by the
gtcill  body nl    lu-  people ni  ill' time,
lul lu. v.-i* iij.Ui   nn.l mil oi hi*. ,u-
liotiM   tunic    l.vidoiit     lo n  nice of
I lmk m.n
Ilut tu* tint nol m.l slitvirv in all
it* ton's l.j slatting llu- ronllicl
ufiiili in ltd in tin- »Uililion of Afri-
um sl.t»tr»   in '.hi. south.
"(.Jur.- mv i.(l«.r foimv ol ,0.-iriy**
Ir'^U.Ujt   miiA       *S   d.HlA'tiUj*   l'.l   illU'lli
^iht hiiuunity  .11 v.i«i llw   physical
«.'ianry In ill,' ij;iiotiiiu blntV man.
'Ib* iiuh uli-t finl Ugzn lo puaih
Letlibii(b;e, tlu JManch:sler of th:
West. " ■   ,
del rid of the weeds on tlu .'.trcels.
If you don't, we will have,a hundred
fold' more nexl year.
Tlu al.iivc appears just as copied in
thel/elhbridge H-rald or llu- 30'.:! r.lt
Are weed; a itfanchester production
Or is the soil in tlu streets of Lelh-
hridgie- ,so productive as to grow
weals where the trallic is of lUan-
-h.'stcr  nuv'iiitude?  -
Coul.—Co»l lands may le purchased Rt.*lC
per acre for roft toiil niul HO for nntliracite
Not more ttuiin SiO mint* can te ncqulrwl liy
one individual or voaipany, H»ynjty at-tlie
rate or ten cents por ton ot i,Oixi pouud-j uluol
lie uollce ted on the gross uut put. , ^
Quartz—A free miuer'u certificate is granted
upon payment 111 iidvanet*. of 15 perliiiuum lot
au individual, and from iSU to tlix) per aimuin
for a company accordinK to capital.
A free miner, having discovered mineral in
place, may placate a claini l.Mli 5.1,500 feel'.
Tlie fee for recording a claim ia 15.
At leant HOOmubt be expended on the claim
each year or paid to the mining recorder in
lieu thereof. When i&MO has ocen expended or
paid, the locator may, u-pou having a slimy
made, and upoil complying with other requirements, purchase the laud it *1 an acre.
The patent provides for the payment: of u
rjyalty of KJ per cent on the sales.
Pl.ickii mining olaiiiu generally lire 10J feet
square; entry fee fii renewable yearly,
A free miner may obtain two leases to
tredge fur gold ol five miles each lor a term ot
-.wenty years, renewable at tho dl.1cret.011 ol
he Miiaister of lhe lntciior.
The lessee shall have a dredge in operation
within one season from the date of th^li.-ast-
i'or each ii\e miles, llental ilu 1 or annum lor
dacli inilu of liver leased. Ko^ult-yjit the
.ate of 2.1 er cent collided on the output alter it e.s-ee.da tlO,OUO.
W.  W.  COREY,
Deputy Miimter ol  the Interior.
N.   11..—Uxia-fitlu^i-i/eil   *-**.{Mic*<i,li6n   ol
this advertisement will uot be paid
" lor.
X1IT1I K it lioreliy iiiveu I hat ^ Ixty days (10111
date 1 iuteiid to upp'y to lhe Hon Uliief
-oiniiiisslonci of bunds and Works lor permission to purcluito the followiiiK di'iieril.ed
Iiiml. t'oiiiliieiiciiiK ut. Hi.: South East curnt'i
of liit K.17 tlieucu I a t -.ij chains touth -a
cliuins we.it '.'11 cliains ami thenee mutlt !ln
chains to point, of comment einci.i,
Align St Silt ll  won i 7   -is-
l.i\ EtaSrm ; -■;.. j.i\ MYEhs-aiiAY*
; Eeksteffi>& Gray^
Barristeks-at-Law,    SonCiTor.g,  Eta
Itoorna 1 & 3, Hetde'raon block, FetnicT B. C.
F, G.LeiuDe
■ Post Ollice Block, Fpruie; B. C.
\V.'II. Boss, K. C. J. S..T. Ar.KXANrr.H
Ross.& Alexander    ,
KEItNIE. B. C. " *.-    -
., • O
Office In Ii. T. W. lllock, Victoria Avenue.,
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :; :
■Retail    Meat  .Merchants
J. Barber, l.d.s.,
"iha Dominion Uoverniiunt h:is
proclainud 1 hu, e!jihte;nth of Octobcr
js Th-iiiks-rivintr Day.
Notivitl^latidiit"      an     clli>;l    was
made lii cli.-ii^e  the day  of tlu week
1 out Tliiirsdity lo "Monday, the day
will Io celel)ratyL-_o:i Thuisduy, nc-
a'ordmjj lii the loiiif eKla'blishcd ens-*
loin, and turkeys will, have lo roost
higli \Vi.<liie:d:iy nijflit if tluy wish
to escape lho murderous savajres *- of
llu huiiiiin. race-who wi.-h to express
their thankitiliuss by 'jjettiiiij outside
of us much turkey as possible .011
lluit  d:iv  of  thanks.
The iK'Oule of Kernie can con^ratu-
iile themselves that they did not
make   lhe  mistake  iliul    their   dii*ij»li-
I ors   oi   Cranbrook* coiiimiltcd    wlun
tluy   went   in.o   a   lop-sided   partnership with  the  l'lovincinl   Coveruminl
;'or tlu    purpose  of erecting  a    joint
oll'.ce •biiildiii'i' nl  that place.     Cranbrook   people . arc   nothing   if  not 'enterprising   : nd   tluy,   in   tluir    haste
o  ha-.e  a     city  building,  h.inusscd
li iiisjlvt-s to the s!o\vesl-»aited   o'd
■*ix tentn ou th.- loutin nl,    and    are
inckin,;  and  plungi^r  in   the lunus.;
n a way ih.it must l:t sleep disliirb-
n'f to tlu otlur half of tlu team.
The pinpo.ve of store advertis'ng is
nol lueiely  to sell goods, but lo sell
1.ore i*ooil.s-'lo make friitids, build
up a )iulri,iuige thnt will mil < niy
slick, bill grow. Newspapers reach
7lu greatest" number of people in llu
iniii'i'dia'u v'uiiiity in the most nat-
•nal  way' at  the  least  expense,    and
hey uro thi'ieliue the U'st of all
mi (limits for stores.   In a  newspaper
011 follow llu liius of leasi' ri'Mst-
■ nce—yu\i foi low wiih the stream--
,'ou talk tu an audience alrendy ns-
sembhd,  to tlu people  who want   to
I'lid-theii- uunlal cosmos  is  right—
h.y are on your wiie, and tluy
.von"I ring oil il you hold their' in-
erest, Alti'uction is ih.* basis of nil
i<lvcrti,siiig—*,ju store is tlu sun, llu
11 mu ml il.
llie ph.ii.'ts  lh.it    ri'volvi
■ ,     ,11R(K)K IlKHALD.
Dcliitid llie Scots tame llu*   Italian
mid oi l'Vinie, 'Ih.'i'L' were si uiciii-
b.Ts iuul tivt'iyi 11.1 was a iniihieiiiii.
Clad iu siiikin^ uuifoinis, uml willi
x\n love lA iiiiisii- shoiviii;, in their
.'in'liiati'iJ fnces, ihey gate tlu pen-
He along ilu liim a gicut treat uud
were gii't'ii'd with enthusiasm all
all ng  iliu I'oiile ot punule,
Alien Mul/, tlu I'Viniii breuvr,
-tiiihd all duy uud tlui smiled ivj.l.iin,
All 01 ilu- tonus dill nobly In s.ulni,' mil crowds, i,nd Cuiiibuuik np-
|»vcvl,ilcn ilu lact.
' William Tultle helped ihu l.alor
May roinmllliv by acting us a judge
11 th- wcl IU.-.I iv.') rail'. Mr, Tulllu
li.is mil be. 11 1 if uy.11.1 tlu lest o.
Iiuilih the past It-w molitlis, but
.hitiks lli.il lu is improving imw,
licit 111.11k uiinc iliiiiu as u   mini'
lt-r (i. tlu I'viuie hose teiini, nil I was
ii'iirtnlv   i'1-ii.ii.il   In'   h'i.   1,vnn'    I'v■-,«
brook  ill.iid'i.
Tli.- Ki-.il-.ii.iy I'm-lytiry ini-l in
Craitli-ook List uv.-li, Hev. W. ('..
ilrouii, Niiv Diiivii-, iiiodiialor, Oilier
iiiliikis pxs nt ivtre' \V. N. (.i'llll,
l'Vinie; .1. V, I-Vrgiism, Nelson; A,
V.. Cumcrnn, Fein1!-, J). Ciiinplivll,
N'ukiisp; W. I). Mc-Kit*. Circniwood;
.'ohn I'l-rnii*. KI111H, (uorj-c It. Kind'
t.iv, !,[«)„', \V. ','. ILiitiiUi.iv, Mulul,
H. .!. Ibnglas. Trail; T. «. Muc-
Lio-l, <ii.,iul li.iU. T, U. I'mUs.
SliHi.n; S. I.ittdie, I'lionix; li. IL
Oliver, Miuli Clerk, awl tt. A. Mac
nnn-lL of Mardmr. Mr. A. K. Cam-
irv.n, nf K,tnil, «n« firtlain.'d to ilu
t'|,till   iti.    .|Uv;.'.„iH',  l.C  vUlkiilv   UViU.lV,
a romiiuli..' wn\ appminittl lo have
iliiirj;t* ol lb.- mailer, nnd lo r.-poit
(tt lb^ m-kt inceti».»
" n I
1. \V    UIihK-,   opposite  lho   B.mli
Olliei* liottrs—811,111. to 8 p.m.
W, J. Wriglesworth, D. D. S.
On-tcii lloniri- ■■■    f -i to it 11. m. 1 to B'ii. m
li.lIU to M ll, 111,
Olllct. in Alex.1  'ik's llioek
ffevnie, ffi. C.y,
Davey & LadeR-dute
over Slum's lliikory.
ri^HIRTY iln.VH lifter iluto, wc, tlio iiiiilei:»iiii-.-
Ja. cil, iutciul to ii|.|il,v tn tliu Assistiuii Com.
milsioner unit Cliiet ton mis>iuiicr of bunds
uml Works of tlio i'ro\ imi- uf Uiitisli Coliiinl>iii
for 11 luiuiiso to iirospuet for Coal uml lYtlol-
.11111 on thu li'illowiiiK iloii'iiln.l liimts, in
l.ut l.'i it, Soutli Kust Kootemiy, uiul . 111011-
'ully ilcsciitiuil itliout Unco milA somli ol tlie
Klutlionit Itiver, lieiui?* the Initial imst ol
Rol crt KriiuliUK'seliiiin, soi.tli unit luljaeonl
of ilut tie b. Smith, hciiii; the re-loeiitiou ol
I'liiiiles Austin's cluim, oko of.tlii; oilKinul
cluinisof the Huckutt Brouji, tlicnco south 81
clniin.*, tlieiiee ivust MluliiliiiM. tlicnco norlli 8(1
liiiins, thoiiec viihlSj eli.iins to llm' pliU'ti ol
hi Kiiiniui,', coi.tuiuiiiK lit I uerJs, ilutcil August
,   rtiiiii'iiTl.l'.imx.'i. I.ncntnr,
AM 1IK1V  li.ltlKKI'l', Af,'i--llt.
Seiit. (itli. 1!IU> 	
The Tniliul I'o'.t ot t'liurles Wiihlo, Conl und
l'litrolt'Uiu cluim, Ku-looution of A11 llio S
I'lUthtii's cluim, Coui'muneini, ut. the soulli
\ve.4t 141.11 or io»t, south uml mljucciit to
Minion l'liMoll's claim which is 11 suivi-y,!.!
claim in the llucl.ctt i;i'oui>, uml ulso adjai 0,11
lo the ni.i th cui-t ccriici* of Kol.uit Kcudiny'.-.
claim. Tnonce SUeliuliisnortli,tliL>iK*i..Sichuiiis
list, thence ti'.l chuins south, tlici.co Sj cliuins
west to place ol bcKiniii-it,, i-oiit 11 ii.iny (110
ucits, ilutcil AliKllnt ulll, l!Mi.
Ciiahi.i:s Wai.iii:, liooator.
A. IlACKK'l'l', AKCllt.
Sept. "ith, l'JOi.
Tin) Inititl l'ust ot 'i'lionms Whclnn'b ,Conl
uud Petroleum claim. Kt'-locatlou ol 1). K.
McDonulu's oltiims. Commoncins lit the
noith west coiner 1 Oat south ami inljaceiit. lo
Charles Wnlde's cluim. 'i'licnce 80 c.litiiiis
south, thence Ho chains east,'tlience &) chuins
north, thei.ee. HJ cliuins wc»t to place ot
lieK'iniiin*,', coiitainiii*,' Ulll ucies,dutuil A11SH4I
 = _.TilOiiAS_\Vin:i.AX,J.iif:utoi*.	
A. Hacki-it. Aseiit.
Si-pt. 5th, lW*i.
Initial l'ost of*Coal nml' l'eti-oleum Claim
beiiiK the south eu»t corner post, of 11. .1
loliiisoii'a claim, south uml adjacent of ltoht.
Jteailiiiu's I'luim. und la-inn re-loculinii of T.
NV 11 liio Miiriili.v'H cluim.. Tlii'iicu'xu I'liuiiis
norlli, thence 80vhnin» went, ilium u 8.icliain.i
south, thenee eiut XO cliuins to llio phice ol
I.ckI* iiitiK, eontiiiuiiiKiilJaerc, tinted Annust
ilh,.l!i.«. ,'
II, J,'JoilXRiN, Locnlor.
A. UACKKIT, AKl'llt,
Sept..Ith, lliKI.
Initial l'ostof foul uml i'etio'.eum Chum
coiiiineneliiK ut 11 post plnnted on tliu south
west coiiii'i', LeliiK thu hiiiiul p,ist ol Je»siu It.
.lolnisoii uud it lu-lociition ol (.uiiieioii I.eivi-,'
claim. Tlience 11111 III H.i chain*, tlience oust Hi
chains, thenco south Ku chains, thuiicewe.,1 Kj
clminu tothe plnco ol I *.|}ini,iiin cniitiiiniiiK
ill nicies, (IiUimI AiiKtii-t 'dli, Hull.
.li.t'Kii; II, .Ii'IINhox, I.ccitor,
A, llAI'Kh'I'l', ABUllt,   ,
Initial l'ost. of Coal uml 1'utrnloum Clniin,
eoiciiielieliiK ut. tho nuilli «i'ht eoiuer of V
M, J'oiloclt's clnlm, ninth and tut jut 1111 ol
.It'Snio II, Johnson's claim; uud lnjinu io-li.cn
Hon ol AlLi'i't Dick's claim, Tliulicu Miiitli K
chiilue, tluiicouiihl Wi cliaiiih, tlience miuli H,
elniniH, lln iK'o nist W) cliuliiH In llm plnet- 01
liHliiiiiiii.', ciintulnin*.' Hii ueies, iliited AukiisI
illl,  HMHl.
V, U, I'lil.l.ui.'K, Locator
v{, A, IIai;ki:it, AKfnt
Sept .'III, 11KJII
Initial l'ost of Coal nnd I'vlroluiun Claim,
ciiiiiiiiuiii'iiiK nt llie 111111I1 east comer ut J. It.
1'ullui'k'n i'liilm, Miutli uml iiiljiicent. to 11. J,
Joliln Oil's cluliii. hell K thu ic.iil'iii Inn ol lid-
vMiiil (.Irulih'h claim, 'llioiico cuiitli Hu ehains,
lliiiico m est hu chains, '.Iiul,i c noil li H1 elm Iim,
tlii'luociiht Michuiiih lothepluceol l,i'nil Ul>.:,
conliuniuif iliu iiciun, dated Aimitnt. Ti It, l.i rt. *_'
I..I.II, riil.l.KK, Locnlor
A, lUcKl.i r, Aueul
Sept..Mh, imm
lull lul l'ost ol' Coul mul rct'idci.in Clnlm,
('OliililulieiiiK al 1 llu Miiilh east collier 1.1 .luini
It, lloss' uiul 1.1.nth ami udj.iceiil In ,1, It, l'o|.
lock's c In tin, 11l.1l rcdocntiuii of Kumi'vl Ji,
(Jl'eeii's cluim, 'Plicm n m.ltliHiiclinlus.llii.iico
ivuHlMicliiuiis, lliencu Kiiut ll hii ohn iim, tlience
flint Hi chiiliis m tlm placcul I I'lfiiiiiiuu, uijii-
tlllllillK lllll lieil'r, ililted AllKUnt 7tll, UK ll,
.IuJIN ll. Iti.HH, Lui'iiliir
A. IIaiKMI', AhuiiI
!, Initial l'ost of Coul uml I'litioleuiii Clnlm,
I'OllllliUIII'll.U III II pOHt (III lllll MUltll Must I'lll-
HUT   (ll    II,   L,   I IlllkstOl U'»   ii III till,   KOt.lll   lll.ll
udj.icciit In Ni.NI. lol ink's ilium, iu,il 11 ie-
lm nt lull iif TIiiiiiiii,, ho, (ei'» iiluiiil, Tlmlicii
lioilll Hucllllllln, t Ili.l,ce (l.lst Ml i'llllll', tllUl.l'u
aOlltll HIclllllllS, Illelll'U Wunt  HII ('llllill*  lo llll<
pliinuul liuMililiii.K,!.' iiti,iliii.ui'.laiii.|ii.,ihitiii|
Alillllhl Ull, llll«i,
II, L, IH.aci'hii.m:, Locator
i\. ilAI'KHIT, Awcllt
Hi-pl,'llll, 11KNI
11) It (it I l'ostof iiiiii iii.il I'litroluinn I'liilm,
I'lililliiiilielUU lit 11 |.n,.t hi lnw Iliu IKiltll eiut
iMii'iiii* pitst nf NN'.i, lloni' i.limn, sntitli uiul
Itiljiieiilit (il .luini It, Hum,' lii-loi'iitioli ol lliiu
I,, Jllitr.i'clnlm, Tlimicii south Nl ilnillis,
tlllilll'U Wcl H.li'lillllH, IllwIII'H IIOI'lll H>, Cllllllls,
IIkiiicceiut HU chuliu In place ul l.|i|JlililliMi
i'iiiititiuiii|-iil'i iicri'i,iLti'ii Aiiuutt "ill, im<i.„
W. A, Kiihii, l.nciilnr
A.IUi'KHI. Aui'iit
Office'.   L.T.W. Block
FiiPN'm- Briti*,!) Columhiu
ricriurren Bros.
Sand, Lime &W ood
»     FOR   SALE-
Oilier in rear of How F0011 Mod., Kernie, ll.C
t$»   - .A
- -ffTin h- ■ ■ 1,m.i
■Choicest cuts of fresh meats nlwavs
cn hand. ,
. Hams,' bacon, anil lard as well.     :
All kinds of fresh L~; oo   tea son.
Prompt  delivery.
Givu us a call. I
TEL. 18. :
A. McCartney
p. o. r,ox 260
Ferule, B. C.
Contractors'and Builders
Plans, Specifications and Estimates furnished ,on  application,
■   „    , ricnty   of , GOOD o DRY   LUM-
Architect     and Superintendent
OlTtcc at Residence,
BAKKR.SH*.,     .     .     FERNIE, n.C
Woik, Home industry. Catalogue
Five, .   , '
ScodlioiKie and Ori'ciiliniiscn,
.in 10 Wt'sliiilnsli'r RiL. Vancouver ILO
60   YEARS""
feaU-lit. Atll, 1!«»1
DAUTLETT HOUSE, foimcily thu
'' Clark, ilut liest $1 a dav kolul
in Nc1m;ii. Only white hi.-lp t.n * lov-nl
O. W.  IIAUTLETT. I'i-i)i:rl(itoi-,
V\\V   1.'(1T 1 fl I'1V*{»   ^lllH-'l'I'll   fW'*"
nrc lor Hiilc ut thin nllin\ V1''*"*' -S
ceiitH i.uth"',,Uoiiiiis lo Let, Al.plv
U'lllun," "Fuiliislitil I'ooms (o
tjit. Al»«>lv  Willilu."
Trade Marko
■       DHI0N8.
Anyone nomllnii n nkololi mul 6 morli-llnn ma;
qnlnlily lururliilii niir opinion Una wliuilior mi
lii*aiitlmi l» prohiilily r	
    ..    .  . .      -..../IMIflllllhA    c
llum iirlotlrroiiiiiioiitinl, HANDBOOK
iuul (roo. (IMont nuoiioy fur not Urliiu..
I'ntonii takou ilirinii-li Mumi fi ('0,
nutial tiolict, wil tinut eliiir*.*}, 11 thn
('innii, uiil.-n.
K on I'Htomc
''1, rccoi»o
Scientific Jfmsrican.
AhniKlidiiiilrlllnilMlnirwIick 1. I.nriiot clr.
ouUtlnn ot tittj icliniliuo jniirimi. 'I'uriini, 13 »
l»tt*i Jour niontlii,II. HolJUi'iill lwiwmlenlcrii,
renoa on
fruits and r
Summer Drinks
lit-re you'll find i*wr\ tiling * tlu:
M-il'llU!   llllllllls   ill   lllll!   I'Oilllilil'll'.
COME   '   IN AND       SEE.      .
' m      w-fc      «' m      m~* m
J* It* IVlCI-Wlll'tt
MiHi'il's'L'niu'idtl    cwm IV.ndiufli.
_^^a New Westminster, BI
Mfiliattd willi Toronto Uoivtrsily
-    .    "..":*-*"* Av*   Z"m*~-m
H. ,\. OiRrit, nr>J lhc .in! *»<-Ar<Nfl!ic Tiifivilii Si..oi>>!'ii|r ScKvuv. H.»« fi
kfttr'nl "Vr>i*{irt"tor'si Course" fur Miners who n-urft 'to 11. C fii.,trtn-f.iu»
Ijivcii in Ari, Mutic, rii)^t-iilt'iiIlurcitii-J Klocuiinit., I-Vr Ci»kr»J,ir &v,
mlilri'*.-! "rnluniMjin rollru**.*'   Trrni opens Si*pr.* 171.1,  nv,f,.
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
WINE   CO.. Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers aiul Direct Import-
ters ol
. '   IklSH* WHISKEY,
, OLD TOM .*
——T-roaiMElt¥ =^-r-
Crow's Nest
Electric Supply Store
All  kinds  of   Electrical
GootLs kept-in stock.
All, \york
John Turner, '
Soli*. ArciiIs in Cnnndti for
Windsor Q Tonic,      Jag    ■Destroyer.
Philip Carosella
,.   General Merchant -,   *
and Dealer in, Wines,   .
Liquors and Cigars,
irims.nsri'E], b.. o.
t-v   I'A'lllUMloK   fillAn-.   lMil'1-STHY 'M
■vjasri63sr .label
Crow's    Nest   Special
—■   AND	
Minoc's Favorite Clfjars
In nuV i,fi« of ii Imntrcil illtro.'i lit
Nlii|i.i:iiiiilMlxniniir liiLir 11 IiiimuI
Mil. hu T!iii piirrovt 1,11 ill'y 0,' ||io
l)r|.|r 11111 lho-.1.1,1 willi iililu'1 Iliu/
nro mull*, i*|U*illiU*i llicm im Hid
Shilling Sx-Pcnny Pips
1.1 the World
TIICV WIM. Niir ItUlt.V,
i.ii.i nii.i.Mircij.u.',,,
Tvciy |»V»i' Ciur.jili'i'J.
Ju it rcinninVr mul iikl* 'or
"Sliicl.1 Bran J" Pines
I'V Hiik at ihe
Ogfar  Store
,\.  INCUAMT,  l'rn->,
Kctnic, 11
Ilcnd Down *
ft.I'i ]i m Lv.
li! .•.*■ n in
C l.'i  a m
7.3jpi)i Arr
Pall nio    .,
' Head Up
Arr. 8 5)ii ni '
lililn m
P.80 p m
, I.v 915 11 ni
* Daily except Sunday
Li'iiviM-*   I'ernie 9 ^5 p. 111.  you
arrive' al 10.55 p. in.* in
•      .VANCOUVER     .
ST.   I'.Vrf. DULUTH
Kiuisaii Cily,'p,s,|,35   SI. I.miis, S5fj.n0
Cliia-upi, pf.o.on,
On    Snlc-   Aiijj, 7-8-1*1.,    Sept.    8-io.
Kiiial Limit Oct. **i.st,
Toronto     $72.65
On Sill.: f.i|.l, 8-ij-ui. Limit nov. a(»tl(
nilwaukee $58.20
On Snlu Ant?, 7-S-i),   Limit oct, 31st
"11 r 1 1 1 1    um
■Tliif.i'j-li   rail's ull hliiliiiiiji,
'   Oiiiuiiu, On..lit, N,.w v«irk,       '
•  ■   New Kn-rliiiiil  Mi'iitliuu  l'rovlnriis
On Ap)illi-iili(,n,   ,
a. a. cAii-rrcii.
I).   V.  A.,  KcIkciii.
i-l. •'• cnvi.K, A. C. V. A.,
Vniicniivi'r, yi.fi.
its*     mm Si*.
I Great
I'llwtU! «JI.
snrwii to covTKAcrniis.
Tli* cnntrai'lK.rs of IVriiie will
lilcflwi lute noxUt lltat AIL-r April
it>t, 191-6 the Carpenters tin.l Join
i» <•! I-Vniii- I mm I i;?o will .lr-
inniul four dollars (4.00) for eij»ht (8;
Ik.iiim' wink.    .
U. U. «,{ C. IV S. V. mo, l-Vimc.
Ifi^ud';  I.iniiiiim   tor    ':.iL  rvcrv
I Cheap Sale 11
-"""""   w
'KKOlillY   1HIOS.,        $
KiWi. iu  i.'inH 0) ClilllllllTCO  iii
? -jJL*yg^Jj>.flpiiorcoiit. &&
i Mi'iih Fiin.liililiii'i.. *jk
$ !.n.!U.»:. WW,-, A
llnnltASIiuiw, X
iv . 1      V,*1*' Vn?*> '!,',m. H*
\\fitrlu<i», UnstdrH, J.f»
Jimi'lor.v, Nm ion* ft
nml Smnlln-nrc'i "Ai"
$ [st[WM a[Si(rifk( Pfkcs!! Jg
*>jC- r»uro TiirUIkli TolHicToi, 3.1
r]h 1111(1   C\lXX\ti>tt(H fr
*j>   .-■■■■■ ■■■■„,   w
I Kfoury   Bros. |
l\\ Cumo (n nud hoc Goods Xti
*i* "5 v
W-l^!'LS!' J'* «*» *■*» *f* *u *u *»# «»* **. II;
-, */* >
I 'pass3-l  iu'l- plate in church.
Th.'re '.was'' a '-little silver;.but' Ilia
crisp Lank.notes he-aped'thi-inselvos
up high Lefoie me; ' '
, Atul ever as Uu 'pile, grew the plate
lli-came wanner- and wanner, until
it fairly biniud my fingers, and a
smell .of ..scorching, flesh; rose from
it,' and 1 perceived     that some     of
- the r.oie*- wen'. beginning to .smolder and  curl,  half  browned at    the
And then-1   saw through  the   smoke
iiito      ilu  \-eiy_ substance    of     the
niciuy aiul     ihilichl  what it really
■ was;  '; - -     . ■
,i".caw iliu » stoL'ii    cainings ol    the
.-'joor,     .tli;   wide' margin ' ol   wages
p.-md  down   to  starvation;
I  saw      Ui;  underpaid    factory  girls
ekini ont Hot   living on the   street,
, and  the ovcrwo-ked child,  and   the
suicide "of "lhe   di'schangeil  miner;   -,
. I saw poisonous gases from the 'great
nirliv.ilaaiclorii's,     spriudiijg ,, disease
and  death;
I jiaw d.'.spair and dnid^ery lilliii);ithe
i :.!iw r.ists .vto-.vi.iI our from brother
nun fcr permission to live ou God:*-
liind; o ,   .
I ,,iiw nun shut out from Uic bosom
of ihu earth Mid begg.iirr for the
poor privilege to work in vain and
becoming tramps and paupers and
diunkurds and lunatics, and crowd-
id inlo aliuliousa's, in*:inc-asylums
and prisons;,  . -
I saw'"ignorance  nnd vice  and crime
.growing,,  rank
; li.ins:
in      .stilling,   llltliv
saw usury spiing from usury,
aga"n born ol unjust monopoly and
purchased , laws rind legali/.c>d violence;     -. -      '   ..
saw shoddy cloth and adulterated
fofid und lyi'ijC goods bf all kinds,
(k'/ipeiiin; men .and wqincn • aind
vui'iUri/iiig Uu world;
.saw hldeousness exUtiding itself
from coal lir.iu and forn.lry, over
forisl and riii-r and field;
raw. uu u y   grabl-.ed   fi'om    fellow-
,- ...i-.V/li'.-rs, au.l sw'u-lli.d from ftl-
bi,v swindlers, and undeinealli thein
tli:.     woikinun   forever   spiiin'ng  it
-   out  ol his vil.iis;
1 saw tin: lalioriug world, thin and
j-ale :.nd lulil i.n 1 careworn and
.(iiivi"u, p.>.ii!n,r out this- tribute
frcn'i its lo.'l and sweat inlo th.*-
la|*s of  llu richly, dress.-.d m;n and
i wouitii in lhe pews, who cn'y
gbiii.Lil al llum lo .shrink from
them  iu d'sgi^t;
I'A.iw llu gifts ol tlu wealthy-' and
.well-to do given grui^ingly' [rom
hoards :.o .g'rent thai they could not
1 c  nlissi'd,' as  u   bril-c  from  super-
They are all .in this killing business.'
Seagram's racehorses and" his wealth
cut no. figure in our eyes. We have
helped hiin buy too many of his flyers
..and so has almost every'other d—-d.
fool of  our acquaintance.
Jn 1S30 Dr. H. S. Tanner was shut
m.a cage lor fourtca days without
looel or water;    he did, this to prove
that, alcoholic stimulation    was   not
necessary,   l,s  1SS7  he aljslained froin
all    foods    Tor forty-two  ,days   and
nights, suhsis'tiiig entirely on air and
water.' Ou tha 3SU1 day "of his fast lu
walked fourteen  miles. Dr.   Tanner  i.s
now a nsiilem of I.os'" Angeles, Cal.,
and  lu  recently euallcugi-d  anv    lx-er
drinker      to       live ..exclusively     0:1
beer aud   lu ■ will  take   noili'iy iUIt
water;   the test lo ,be cr.nliniiod°unlil.
the snpo.iorily   of   Iter or waler   is
demonstrated   as *a  lifo sustaiiur;   he
has olfered to ]>it hiinself aga-iisl six
lx*er   iTrinkeis:*   Dr.   Tnjuier,   now   76
years of age,  hale ar.d-luarly, makes
'ihis diallingc  because' it is-oftui  as
serled thai beer i.s a lualthful, wholesome,   tive-giving   leverage. ... .
Of course Dr. Tanner's ch.ilieiigi*
will ne\er be accepted, for no habitual IJeer drinker could' live lm
days and subsist entirely ou l.cor; il
is a very easy matter to subsist on
water fur twenty, thirty, forty or
fifty day.;, and has hem done hundreds'1 of 'limes.
It would hi' interesting lo find out
how long a' man could subsist on a
..ict, of whiskey slraigh'.. _ His lini-di
would  be a corker-   .-.,'    .
But thc Great Consumptive Preven-
^ tativc brought Health and Happiness to his Home
"Our doctor said there was no cure for
my wile as both her. lungs were affected,"
rtrF^J1- Waller, *of Pearl Street,
Brpckyille, Ont. A'lt'was a sad disapi
pointment to us both, just starting out in
life, only married a short time. But before
she had finished the firit bottle of Psychine
the pain in her lungs quickly went away,
and after taking six bottles Mrs. Walter
was a new creature and perfectly well
again. .   % J
• That is just one of life many families
inlo which Psychine has brought hope,
health and happiness., It is a living prool
tliat Psychine.cures Consumption. But
don t wait for Consumption. Cure your
LaGrippe, your Cough,* your Bronchitis,
four Catarrh, or your Pneumonia with the
remedy that never fails—
(Pronounced Si-kcen)
r.tition to'a di.sh. n.-st" judge in tlw'
-  expccl.ilion   of   iseapiiij;   hell.
I saw all ihis. and th-: plate burned
•.-.-> i- 1,
' my '.iigirs so that I h:id    to    hold
il lirsl in one h.iiul and th n iu tl).
'  (i lior,  : 111  I  was glad \ili.*ii    the
pnrson-  in  his  ollicial    robes    look
.-th.- sinol.iui-    pile ■ Troni    ini',-- aiul-
■    tnrnin;*' ahoui;   lifted    it-   up    and
'   la'd il rn the altar.
li'w.'.s nn ( hl-liiiii*. altar indeed, foi
ii lore a burnt olle'ring of flesh and
l.loJ-.d-,ft sweety savor unto the Mo-
Jfih uli 'in . (ha'se people wimhip
nllli lli.-ir dii'ly round or human
The sh.v.'.lilt'.s nn in iho temples ns o!
yc.iv.- .*,n.l  Ok  lablcs of th; luoii'.'y-
ili.iii/i'is w.iit'ii-r  In  U*. ovi'i-tiirned,
TKl'.TIllNG  TIM1-:.
Ivvii'y motlier dreads that period in
h.r 1 iilty's life known as leethii,'
t'nii'. 'Hi.1 Utile gums uro swollen
in'lniiud niul tinder; Uu child suf-
f 1 rs gnally, uml is so cross nnd ir'
iii nihil' ihu lhe whole housjh i',il i.-
111 edge. All this is dunked il
linm-.-i wli.'ic' Unliy's Own Tiibli'ts i n
11s.il. 'Ihis iiiediciii.' nllnvH llu -n
flniiiiiiAlSon, JO,i,ii.i llu swoll.11, uu
d.r u'linm, hr n^s llu teeth Ult'iiT'li
pniliUssly. In proof, Mrs, \V. C. Me-
I'ny, Ihiileigh, Out,, says: "I luive
found Unity's Own Till.lets n splin-
did nudiciii.' nt teething tinu*. My
Imliy wns very sick nt thnt time,
wns iTO,.s, restless and had no op-
I i-l llu. Afler |iiviii<. '»-'i' tin Tnbk'ls
there wns n inurkrd inipnivi'im-al,
i.ivl in tlu loursa! ol 11 lew days s-liu
wns i:ot like ill.' sitinu child, The
TnMi'is 11 iv jusl th.' midii-lii' lo help
lilllc niiis ovir llu- irylnj*. U'elhilig
tinu'," Von i-iin I,'**- H«'>y'H Own
Tn'.l.'t«' fi-i.tu !>">' ilnilt-lpint «-<' l»Y
mail nl. 2,s i-uilH 11 box, by wriliii--
Tli.' Ur. Wllliiitim'
lli-iickvl'lli'. (lul.
IiUenvaticiial   ' Typoy)m|)hi(fal   Union
Announces Victory After a Year's
The Inlernat'-onal Typographical
.-on-.-eiiliim, whiih was held at Col
-rado .Springs Ta.st we**k,' marked tin-
.nd of .the year's eighihour figlu
The convciilion was notable lor it-,
-.inily i.nd iiiiliusi-isiii. The Typo
i'ii] hical (.rgaiii'/-.at:on now count.-
ts.-lf" victor in the biggn-sl -organi/ei'
struggle that tho-lnl..or moveineiir
has witn.ssed.
'llu    leport,     fiom     the    Coloradn
.-.prints C.ii/etle,  is as .follows:
..'-The eij,hl-hour day is won!"
This was the keynote of vesterdav
iflerno.-n's ses-iion of Uu convinlioii
>f the. Intein.uiona.l Tyi*i?giraphieal
inir.n wlia'ii ilu'repo-'t of llu eight-
hour cou-.miltee was received , am'
11 uimou.sly   adopted;
To show llu country. t.lul *.l   is firm
•n    its      l-elief,  tlu     delegates  vol..(]
nanimo'.isly      (o "reduce    the  assess
11.nl which tlu iiifcinl'ers of the uiiior
have hccir-'paviini  since the bi"jiimiii.'
50c. Per Bottle
Larffot- slxoe «i and S2-all dru^glata,
0R.T. A. SLOCUM. Limited, Toronto.
"/.-Sept. 19, 20 & 21, 1906
The Biggest and Best ^er
Horse   Races..-   Lacrosse   Tournament   and   other!
Attractions.   '-.The   Largest  Fruit, .Vegetable and |
Mining Exhibits in the Province.'      Ener-jbody come
D. C. McMOHRIS; Sec -  '       J. J. MA LONE, Pres.
Scott &:m
of  the  jjiiu-ral  strike
10 to     r.n (ri
on  January
per cent,  asse
Mi'ilii'iliL-   Co.,
WWIII« * Q mm* H'l'WI —I
Cnl,;iiry V.ye t)\te\\er.
'lli.t };nii.il ir.ivi'lh't lor Sonjirnm-K
uhLshiy i-oiirriii wns in Crtl-jjrtry this
\ioiili liit|.tiiii|'   uj) lui-iini'ss    for    lhc
tillll.       Ill'   PIVH. llllll     ill.'   lli'WhlHIIUTS
r.td h*K iuslinu'1-H willi a bw^n col-
mi'ii i»iiliiu' ol Am Si-auiam'K mci"
In rtivN. The I'.yc Op.Her wns Invoieil
wuh i iu; nl Win*.- 'mimi:-*, I'lu-ioiu-iJ
iu u J7.511 fimiU'i 011 llio (lisliiicl un-
tl.rst.inil.'n^ lli.il wv wtte to gkt pa|Hr»
i'liiiliMiii a wnti'-iip. We shall tlo io.
U'i' i-ousitl.'i* Scannuii'.1. wlii-iln-y lo
liiiili vi iy hi','11 :iiiinnj-4jn in.' tniiiii'inii-:
•n('.sfiu noiv on tlu- ni|.iivkiit. N'ol tltivt
il is i.|iy winsc 111.111 oilier wlilsVcys,
l.nl, Whi llu most ilrnnli, tl crcnti-N
nun*' liuo; tli (iiij..li.iiit ill.* counlry.
ll li.is pul iiuiiv iii.ii in ilu-lr •jruvtn
ihiu :i eur\t<: u( i.-...|iMi<f vli.-irpi roulil
1 nunurute in n ymi, unl Iiiih pul
tlKiii.-'.iiiiti ii'ioii ili.iii'.aiul:. of •;.unl
nun ou ilu- La j. tiitxgrtxtix'h uvnllh
is built on tlu* lolly of oilu-ru .unl
• mil ol lii.i i.ir.Iior*i.',«i n-prt-m-nts- n
I'liinlrrit or inort- wirlrlu's who Ii.ivp
«1.nl ol i.i-!iri'.'.i! li<in:fi-> liioujilit    um
I v inopiiiii^ up an miT'iln* nf fifs
i«»i*giit.   WV Iwvt* r.o iiiow r^jHcl lor
II mull 111 .tut Hm/fiim'* luislnisi-.
iii,*** wv lnw for HiiiKlifle or ih.«
uiunU-rcrs   whom     HatV. liflfi   t-anj;*.
They furtliLr    decided lo make scv-
ral  i!i.i!iirC.s   in  the  nielli xl  of    crn.
Incline the strike until the ei^lu
hour day has be.ii <.sla;!ili.>.heil in
..verv oliice miller ih.-. juri.sd'rlion    o'
he   li.li*rn.;i:on.il' Typographical   I'll
,. 'Ilij  coiumittee ..reportiii   that     ac
oi'il'n-r lo tlu lalcst figures, .iR^fu,
ni'inbris nie workin-j- eifjht hours
-iaS.Sf> tire under a nine-hour contracl
ml n,ioo are on strike. Th.* exiuiH;
if Uu s:ril:c, to date, has hoen    ap
rfixiiiiiiloly Ji.i'kki.oiS, u.-arly all o
•A'hiih, ixt-cpt S.|7,y 15.44 received fron*
h.' A median Kciht alien of l.nl or,
h.is b.-cii coiili-ihulid by the nieniliei-
hip worliiiij; uiuler iindislurU'd n.n
■lit ion i. -
AX    l.XCKU.I'.NT      riiODrCTION
A llnii-.'.liihil friend'has K-.nl us ,*\
opy of the olliciai soiivuilr nuiiibei
I Ihu Xchs-Uc.-omI, of Uerlin, On-
11:io, i,4..s:iul ti).011 the (HTiish.ii o!
ho iiiitiiiiii.ii ceh«l1111 tion of the ,M;
h'lii.iit in the wood;' from ub!ih has
.volvcd > He of the busiest nml mosl
prospirous rilii's of Ontario,
The .soiiMiiir is of 'ipiarlo si/o, nu.,
.oiiliilii.s fij^hly puj,vs, illusirnled
with liuuiy line half-lone prints ol
pu'lilic hiiililnijis, privnte ilwi'llinjjs,
..til iiM'uifui'lui'itiii phillis, Aiiiouji
hu nun/ 1 holds ol proiu-'iiviil cit-
i','(ti,< i.s lo hu seen ilu fniiiiliiir fun*
of oul lul-. lello.vlouii'UK.n, II, I,es
liu Stiicblcr, A -"luiio,' nt ihu iile-
lure of tlu Ihi lin police stall will it-
• ml n I'.'aMin for lhe presnu-e of tlu
iiiouiitiK'til to Kaiiiei' Wlllinni 1, In
Vktorlii l'ink,
TIi!h Viclorln Pni-l* Is,llie roiuip
lion of tli.i fiillii-r of II. U'slii'Sliieb
hr, nml is    a most pleiislii-' ft-ntiuv
Of   il   I'll*-'   fllll   ill   pIl'llKllllt    fl'lllllllH.
Winn I'l'iiiiu has nltnltli-'l her iiii-
Uiiniiil ni|iii'ei'Miry, who slinli huv
t]\a will not bt c i-ily nioiu fnir to
look upon tlpin In ill in Imiulii «l-yi-m -
nlil hit ol (ieiiiiuiiy, which lies uiuler
lhc smiliti'.i sun und ihu I'iiIiu Jmk
iloivn iu Oiitui'inl
which were carefully ci nce'aled in Uu
■ hick lc.cal i)ru.*ah-«-oi:il!" I'nder tlu
(.real I.akes, we 'presume, and llu
Niagara and Si. I,awi\n.-e. IniUd,
u:ni- we c-nu to ili'ii'i ot il, waKn't,
ilia Thiuuus tuiiiiul modeleil alter oiie.
«'! tlusj 'iiiiil.'rjji'omid iouUs? Our
own suhwiii- lacks only-tlu ,l;ni;h-
ivoo.l iu the llri nx to an.swi.i- the ih-
.-.criptiou. It is,.of com so,*, of no im-
portanee th.it ilu elder Garrison was
the A'l.oliiioni.si leadi.-!- ()| all ollurs-
who was too clb.se'y waldi.d ever io
have niii thinK ••„ 4i(, -.iVc-rscjiiiillv wilh
i-scapiii^ siau.s aoll ',],_. ,:X:n,vlr_
"round   Hallway."
Minrird's  I.inimiiil   Co.;   Limited.
Deai Sirs,—I li:,d" a r.leed'n^ 'i'„]n.
or 0:1 my face for' a lonjr Uine ' :.,u.i'
Hied a miml-er of r.mt(lies' without
.'my Kood results, ami I w:.s adviwii
to' try iUIXAIilV'i UMIIKNY,', airl
(TAo    ... ■    '        i,
Waldorf Jfotel
fornio.   SB.   C,
$Hejgs d Jfustci Proprioior.s
er um'ii.;- several l.ouUs,  ii imn
ef.inidele  ci.iv,   and  it  lualcd    all  np
-ind   ills.ippoai-i d   aUo...Mlur.
'' David. iip;n*i)i-;uson', .
Ililla'fs.e    SlatloM,   Kin;;s  Co.,  N.  1',.'
Sept.   17,   1904.
Clilcnjj'i I'lihlii'.
Nmy, V01 k Kvuin^  l'ost says:   l-'nr
Alil.'U'.'.iii   idAtoiv    ' u>  ^.le   is wmle,'
lolilliltinl us to      tlu  I'ili^lirli   il.-ws
Th.-  London Si-iii'lud,  coin
ill.litiuy on tlie 1eti1v111.il. fn.111   ih,
iilitors.-!p ol lhc Nnlii'ii ol Mr. Win
ill  i'uiinph \i,ii)im.ii,  iWinmn  ,11111
us iiii!   non ol Wlllinni     Lloyd Itiu-
ison, "tliu oriv'iiii/i'i' ot th.«    ur.il.'i-
^roiiiul «iiiivc 1011I1  \o HUrty in Cim
I'llu!'*   Thai no oiie iiiny he in iloubt
is to wli.il kind 01 subway it his was,
ihe Slniiil.inF     ■■l.irf.hiti's*   "Th,-  Vn
il.r(-r-u:ii.l Woml to l.iU-rly," or, as
il   wns ^in-rnllr *-lylvrj, tji    "t'n I r
•a-roiiiid Mail«■«)■," wu* 11 j-vii.r.V title
inipliliij,' tli..  many  various  tn, ilu«V
t'ilo;»tii1 to nr.sisi ilu i-Mii|v of tun 1-
wii>  mIuvi-.i fioln tl*.- Soullu-rn to the
NVurtliiin S1.1l.* utiA lo Cm via. Tin
rurllifsF iiirixl  p-n.-rnllj* tis.A writ    tu
tunH tlu Lwihr* hj  nnuni (A   niiIi-
(i-rrmivan   luuti.'ls,    ilw iitoutlin   of
■ •— 1———u
M.n   asleep   in  *>h'.:-ivli.
Lilile sin, wide awake-Wake up!
.•a,   h.-.e.c(m.s   th/collect". 11   plate.
l'fi--. hat np', "you little fool, \,lnl
■'lo you  .-.uppose-  I.'in  asL-i-p  lor?.
tup;   gnu wooing.' q'
Harpir's   Max.a/.iiii'.
Th.-ri-  wns  a   lovely   lady'; 11:1
i\h;> l.:nnvs.d 1,.11-alh a spivadji,.  yon-
Its  (-lately  h.-ij,liL  was  her  deiijijii;
A  truly loollnjr 1 had.-  it   Ui.ew!
(T-i 11 it little tuidrils jrr.'w
■'.h'lli  j-iivr-  l'i-r  *r;utle   joy  to   eh.'-iv.
Vet  oft  the .sighed,  a  <ju/.in;r wide,
And  wis'.ii'd -.he l.n.-\v i.uoih.i' .mih,
(Sonm  uowir j;uu  km.nth  Uu- yew
To tell lur City 'troubhs to.)      ■
Slu lived  th.'  idle ir.oiiuiils  Ihni,
And  days  in  dull succession  lieu*,
Till   on-   lin.. eve   >h,.   cnsi-d
A  nn.iily stranjicr nut lier vie,v,
Ifo ■if-ivi-  a eoiii'ily  |..),v  or  Iivo •■
She 1 only   looked  hiin  thni  .mlilin
"I   fear     you    nuike    some,  -.li.i.-i
niistiike - „.
I'd-linj.lis d is lho yew vou \n-v\ '
(lis branches     blew uiul seemed
"Your cue,     n.-w j-nu—it's, up
'f"*1 ■' *" -"" n-n **n* *u*m
A pluasmit homo
for lho traveller.
$vw$<Tw<r>ww'<w*<r4><>$$4W$$4.   *<w*$4ww*ww+*>**€>w'www**\
T. Whe8a!j?   RfTanager
Itooms    reserved
by wire.
Every Attention
said:    "If  ftniistfi  you   would     es-
I'll say iidieii without ni'.o— .
Hnl  let me mid,  I kn-.w your ihnl--■
I'm on piijj,?   two, th.i   Cnn'c Whn'ii
"I'Vu-.-iivi.,-' -.lm     said,  "Uu. liiuh    1
I fi-aivd you wm-,- Mime -ijirvi'j-iiul
'Tis my iv^jiu wv'vc u*ver iin*i -
I knew 11 j;in wh.i knew of ymi."
1 Thin wnsn'i     niii"-wInn's'tinu   to
Tin-     \uw nnu   I'li.'-v;    .'.lu l,n..\v  h
"I'llO tlleli: till   nlli.r i'iv,!,,  -ii,, tm,,"
Khi,. n.iIiI,  "II  you'ir uiii-.ii'tiil  in
The  yew*   [   us*,   j 11 |   ilti.o i
Their yelViv diWiy  Ii lldiil.,, <|u!
'Hie iiii is msily iii viewj
Hi'   H'..|   ll T   111   il   Wi-i'l;   or   IWO,
'llm  "Duly     Guns" did ipiiti-    i-n-
' v.*'.  i    *.    I    !'. I  !.    .   '. ;
Hill■uili  thm   y< v:  th-  ,,\..,\  ii ,•■   .■,-
'Ih re. niii|ii 1, Utile .juiuev uw,
■ • w
Make your wife happy by buying a Stool Range of J.D. Quail !
lMUMMit>*«git r-^.n*nM.i..M.-^,ir.aV| .iri-..^ir ,  rn   h
or  money  refunded
HIWIlMim   llll -jutw
-UM**M«M««Mt * r - iHimimr -—"■■
.  '%■**'
Hnvo 0110 of (licit forgoM nloi-of. In l'Vrnlo, ?
Tianili,. Vi-al, Trohli mul Smokcri Fish.     9
I'rosh l;ish constantly arriving    S
Af \\immm . ... 1... -u-mtltlU Ml-mmmmtmm — „„ , 1 miiii iiiiii? nr---* "1   J-^-" iTi   V    U
9*' *"&)
\-m IA«WW   *••** *rmm        .j-vmwwwb**^..- .„  '.■-'
OSH i-AfhKI  U.\>-
i-ohjliyftll })nn.',,l*.*,tiv.A Oi-nct.-il Ktorw
nml hy itiiill.
Min.it.l*'. l.inin.int    «uroi lbtiilrufl.
Hiin nl-*   I iniin. iti   for   •.■!..
Wholesale & Retail
KGGS   und   liUTTliH
Phono Mo. 4 Pernio, B. 0.
ivii-ii -ii'ii  ii  i»   11 ■ i-,   i*i  ii   i-i tv   i ,-ii-u -iv il-i,'. tV'it'it^fcfc'fe'ftz
" Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd
FKRNin, H.C.
4   *'
Hrowers of Kxtrn FIno
L»i;cr Ilccr niul.Acratcii
i, Sprcfjilty.
j Subscribe  for  The  I'ernie Ledger
'•O. s.l-iir?&g$
*.*'" -" ' j       *i
V* ■;'■&'■ /"I-
A greats for .*•'*-'
Tho Cnlffary JIni-bie ami Gianito.Works
Tlio Koctenny-'Miirblo. "Work's*, Nelson.   '.
Samples can be seen at tlie ofllce.
■ Office Phone 4i '      Residence ' 76
Parkors in Lund^s Block
The Elk Lumber Ocf.f
Dimension^ ¥i*30^m% Siding-,
Finishing L%imhe/Y and
All pur stock i.s last years cut and well .seasoned.
A. C.
The Best of Satisfaction
in Watch & Jcicelery Repairing
Paid-up Capital, $1-0.0-00,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
-■ • 1 	
B. E, WALKER, General Manager AI.EX. LAIRD, Asst. Gcn'l Manager
Business may bo transacted by mail with any branch
of the Bank.   Accounts may ])e of>c*n«tl, and deposits
made or withdrawn by mail.  Evei»*y attention is paid
to out-of-town accounts,
Fernio Ttrniicli (i.ii.   Holt,   Maiiiiffpr
'%^mr^rWt*VmV^^*myr*i^^\%/^ %^%^%^,
^ xjnsrr-iEnx isrinv-r M.'.A.N.A.a-D-.Mr.i-isrT. $)
james tSovorn, * * * Proprietor  J
■ Wull  funiislioil  rooms,   Tlm  Inlilt:  is su-i'ilii il  \iiili   I lie  lii'st    0
tliu iu.'irl;i:l. alTiinl.s, Tin*. Im r i.s ,s'ini|ili.'il     willi   thr.    lii;sL wim.-s,    0
*a Ii(-ti.n'N nml t-iirnr.s. ( %%
m\)>W,+f*J%tKr1^%f*tf%f*Vw^ ^4
■ MMOUUUI ——'—--«* ..a...... 	
and   Home   Life
Can Iir ciijoyi-il  liy tnl; ill)'      your     iiiimI.h    nt
The Royal   Restaurant
III   rnlljlllirlirm   willi   (In- 'K'nyiil   llnlcl.     Tli.'   li. •.(       in;.I «hmi|   iii  I (lift
i-ily fur ?s   i-i'iils, A few inoni imnl nr liii'inlri-i (li**.iiril,   Yum   |iniioiuii;i«
is   ivH|n:rihilly   Milirlli-il,
am, wiiiti*; in-;i;i'    kmim.ovkd,
MRS. M. HOEILZiCL, Propreetress
n«*:«oji, u. c.
Smoke Royal Seal Cigars*
I. Atkinson,      ....     fernie, B. C
Of* **"»
Exhibition   »  --*  ..*
New Westminster, B, C,
Oct. 2nd to Oct. ■>{.-. Inciuotuo
Will Sell Round Trip firsL Class lidiets
Ternln to Now Wo itaiicista*. SJ^.^.fiS
Dales of Sales Srpl. 28th to Oct. 2nd. Ind-uivc Rclcro lis-il Oil. tllli
I-'nr ilt'tiiiliil iiifii)iii;ili.ii.. i ,ti!. eii* . tii'.l iiii ..-• nijivt,*
li. i„ iii,A«:i;,,*ri»N!:, r.'ii.i", v,.t\
M^ I "I   'll'IMIII'll
Hi^m ' ' *■ -I
  ■MM-n ——^—^mm**m^tS:^Sm*mmmmmmW**'^m^m''mm^^^^^^^^^^*^
The Dance in the       ^^s Frfee
Opera   House   on _
Bank  of   Hamilton
, Capital
Total Assets
Over $30,000,000
Sept. 21 st
I Savings
f Department
.*1..\1NS N0TKS.
Mr. Voii.li-,, ol Cowley, spini   Sun-
iIjv in  lilku.
*>i-.d  KifUiam,  ol  I.-*l.il*ridRe,  war-
tn Ul.'.o \isiiu>- Aicmluy.
th- Ik-si w.iy t'> li"'! out \vli?n* th-.-
■hoe  piiu'Iu'S 1.1 ,u> wear H-
.   Kr/m-c   Smith      f-»-l    KM   Huinincll
camo  iii  ftc.ui" llli* souili Mon-lnv.
.l.\i-n-l*»(lv      >»   l-'-lko   is  ■ i-m-Rl-ntf.
, .ivl....tliW or playing  '"11" 01<l Al>l^
Sock-tv in Kll.o'is ciuiic lively now
"    anil will no iloni-t ci-niinuc so for a
' It's    all    right   vo   'Aie happy,   1>ut
Mhafs   ihe. mailer wilU  HvinB    l,UU
Several Liilonsiuins wen- in town
ihis week iwdilliiy diamond brooches
niul  i-.i;lit-iUy  clocks.
Bald-lKiuKd niL-ii arc at a sIirM.,
il.sadvantago wli-Mi soiiie.i;<**ly tells
ilium  a  hiiir-raisiiiK  story.    0
•Miiiln-,'  around     lloosvillc is    very
ui-tivc'anl th* hi*; "d apples    have
.siartid   to   move, northward.
Spcncc lAon.i, who m»Ai tlu HoH-
maii House a popular rc-spit tor xlu
1-aft two iii'onllii,  left  for Moyn..
Charlie MeDcnalil ami Dan McKay
well au.l i-ivoial.lv known UiroiiRii-
,,U th* Koou-navs, left lor Ashcroft.
Govenunciii Arm'. McMullen, of
i.Vrn'e, cainL- ilowsi to inspect llu
• nr.\v" r.cliool house, and went west ti>
W..K.  -rompkiiis, the horse   buyer,
lrcm  Okolo'ts,  picked up attolh-r cai-
3o.ul  of horses and i-hipped   them   to
-    Kdir.oiitnn.    '
Mrs.    Norman -   A.   Maekeii/.ie,     ol
litlibriilso,' and   her   two   little   girls
 w,   lilnc. • are   visiting,     th-   Klingcn-
smith's of  this 'pictiirewfuc^Tmrgr   •
Mrs. Ingham, oi Shbep Mountain,
left for Washington for a short visit,
i.lid will i-i',tnrii wilh Mrs'. Ingham,
who  has been  visiting  California.
W. C. I.ichli, Geo." Culm, V*. Bird
nml Ci. Veiiii'snu v-.-tiiiii-.il to Ward-
Tier with jr.o pounds of fine trout
Irom ih.* ."OUl.1 fori: of Klk River.
, Tlm.id Axe H.n was'up from Hoos-
\ille tliis week with a smile on his
face lii-.i- * a iraielling rat, looking
lor a tie ecn-.ract cn 1I1? K,  C, U.
Kiko is to hive a„first-class livery
Millie   (making   four   altogether)     to
supply tlu- iiKivasing (lemaiid  of   the
courtship 'trail.:   irom   Feinie,     Crnn-
lvonk  and  JUoyie.
• Tlio      town   oi    Kurek.a,   Montana,
.south ot  Boosvillo, 11,  C, was burnt
(.lit with the exception ot three il-mi Iil'iii)** this week,      the work of  ii    dis-
'.larj'/Tl employee nf one of llu hotels.
W.    ;\I.    l'.ollcni.,    Cranbi'ook-s  i-ole-
1irat.il    llnwir      gnnlun  wall    paper
stick*.*!',   came   duwii   from   Cranbrook
ni assist Hob l'b-iiung, who is pn-lni-
ili.-;  nud  piipeiing     Mivenil  residences
sltuati'il  in Xoi-tli Still' 1-ark,
A Nooriville Intnier passed ihrough
Kilo on Irs way to Keinie io hire
111- lire biigiide in gath.'r his sweet
coin, ''ile said h: witnteil nun wlio
-Viri' us.il ito li.iiidliiij* honks and
A it hi i> Mel-Tee blew in frrnu lbiyne's
!,nl,i' i ml, stated ili.it th,* wind was
lilri.M-.i_.- a lili_\-mill, gait on I.on^
I'mirie mid taking the gale along
i hd blew tli.. gravel froin iiround sev-
1'ial post holes, leaving th.1 hole
itirl:'ii:  Iwo feet out nf ih.' gnuinil,
'I'lie inliiiil d.iiigliti-i-, Annie; nl Ml",
mul Airs, Matthew Hall, whiih, alter
un iliu ss nl uighl weeks, died ou
V'rid.iy, was buried Suliudiiy niler-
iiiioil.   Kev.  ('.en.   Kiiim-y  iilliiiiitvil,
Th*. string baud ol Miili.-l has lie-
liiully iiijilt'i'liili'iil nnd m-i-ins to be
'i.ieoiiiilig u leal thing, nnu li nnisa*
nml nnu itiiii.s si mu- real good musie
in-ill-* ini.iliii'iil by-it, Now. ami ih..u
th.- prnu'lut nir ol Aliilu-l is al-o set
vibi.iliii^ tu tlu blnir ol tiuiiiiiet and
''Hi.- ■iiiiii.ii.sai'v    of    111.1  Melliodist
ihni'ili in being held noxt .Siiiulny,   It
it-, I'xpeetul thai  oiu nr.twfi   of    the
ii,-i, li oi.ii,', iniiii.-.ti.is  ulli lv   ',',;    ■<*
liliil.ill..-.       'lb.'   I..1I11:   ar,-  ,i:\viug     n
IiinIm.1 Miii.il mi  lho [ollowing   Mnn-
■liv i*viiini*r to lu-lp proiiiru liinds to
nlieW  '.hi' iIihitIi debl,
'Ih i'i' is 11I-1. a  eimlesl  i,n K'tw.-ll
the m.n, but ^nce most o-f tlu
alTcci-.d  hi)\e  l.*\ii  s..t. to work
wh.-re in  the in'a.*, it is hoped
the _trom.li; uill soon Ic settled.
,    Tlu-   looil,all   1-uni      from. CoWuian
.11 rive a  in  camp  Salui'day   and  pJay-
, il   a  m-.ilili d   game   with   the    home
leani  fm   tlie  cup.   The  giimt  started
at   <1.<1,S,   so   llial   the   Coleman     hoys
eould return  I10111&  on ilia passenger.
A vi ry good "game was put up,    but
llie  Coleman  1 ovs t.oon  gave evidence
lli.it  tluir  plaxiii-*;  was  outclassed by
that   ol   llu      home   team.      Nothing
much   was  do'.iu   t'H   S-o.S,     when" a
lively tiissL* too'n    place at tlu- Coleman  j-_o.il posts, but   in spite   ol  tlu*
•.ci'd defence put up by llu goal keeper, Mathers, ot ilu heme, team,  f.n.il-
U   lumliil  the   ball  between' tlu posts,
in. Iif ten minutes a'ler tlu .ball had
l.een Jim riid from end to md   of   ,th:
field, Mathers again.got Uu tall and
scored fur Michel.
This seeiiiid lo aious-j tlu- Coleman
iioys to show  Miihel what  they  really   ioii.il  do   il   tluy  luil   wanted   to,
lor  tluy      ih.'ii.  wi h'.n    one  ininute,
iibhjd  Uu  ball  lo tlu  Michel end  of
Uu field and mad; a record goal. Tli.*
'..iinu irrin  UiiaS 111 was more or less
tame.   Coleinan  ^ot but  tluc i.n: goal
ilur'n r *ih.-  gam.*,  while' Mathers covered himsell  with     glory by winn'hg
all   three    goals      that   Mielul   got.
, Tonny Oakley and otlur.-; of lhe home
team   became    constantly   conspicuous
iy  their   IniUianL  plays.
Though   'h:*  game  did  not-seem   as
i'ivclv  as  mine  played  he
iy  thai  last     1 n; playid
Cre;-k, yet it must have  liiii  djsper-
aite,   for      lhe l-.iys   wore  out    three
balls du; ing  ill j gnme, and for  15 or
10 mimiUs  al  the  end  of  tin ■ game,
llurc  was no^ball  al.'nll,  a"n*.l Mielul
of the pigskins     into shape just    in
uiuler litis heading instcrlcil al lho
rate of one cent a word each inser-
' tion.
WANTED—A nurse gill.—Apply Manager Cnnadian'Hank of Commerce,
Kcr.'ie, 1.    C.
WANTED--Carpenters to work c.n llu I
now   C.   I'.  V..  static 11— Apply    on
llu jo'<, to Digby & Waldic.
One Dollar la miflicleiit to open.an account. In- ,t>
tereft paid semi annually at current vntes.- The ,fc
best facilities arc offered to out of town depositors -|>
Current accoimts of innmifaclui'brs and mercli- <$>
ants solicited. "   <l>
A  General  Banking:   Business   Transacted . <|
*    SUMMER    SELLERS    f
tEMMKsmm*mm*m>***mmmmmmmm*llMlmtU*mXtmmmm.-m^  WWin "I*-'■! I   —I    I   I il""mi*1 * t i*mlUWi tml   *"' >.'r if"i'lfiin"^l. Vt
We list below a few things you all need
v this weather—come ahd see our assortment.
<**> ■ ^     ■
I Garden  Hose,    Hoso   Nozzles,   Liuvn
* Mowers,   Grass   Clippers,  Sickles, Ice s.
Cream Freezers, Refrigerators, Screen |
Doors and Windows. .       .,     .  a
We have a nice assortment cf these -goods at most reasonable prices       |
Vs'-M<-H'<-*?<£*-M*-$<^ » ^^^^^.^.-^**^.-S> •>*^'j>'$4
Just arrived.   Peaches, Pears,
Plums, fine eating and cooking
AppleS.    .   ?vmi.E THE TRUIT IS AT ITS BEST.
W. j. Silundell
l'Ott SAT.K-A gooil Williiun's iiituio
Apiii'y  I).  Mi.-I.aiinan.
l'OIl ' SAMi-20 lols in West ruinio;
easy levins.,..Apply W. T. Ilealey,
West reillie.
ftlr.   Kirt.'Fl    l.iirn.*s   H^     !1
kill:   in   llie  fl""   Arir'.w}.'   llli
Earl Grey at Calgary
(Ci.ii.iiuii.il   fiom  l':i}-c   l.)
Th,:   ul-ou-   inv   iilmo-t   ih;   iileii.i-
'.u!  woiil., nf  l.o.il Al.v.-nl.'in on    ili'.s
As tli.- i'.n-niti'1-s nl Uu X, W, \\. V.
ire  noinrioiic  inr Xxeeo'.wj, tilings
aliL-n>s-*jlvcN, tli!:
.ini.*  llu-  a! (i e
roil SAI.K-t-Abioela of 2,coo acres ol
land, locltd on railway, will go
5,oco ':".'. ol jjooci tini'lcr per'-rere;
good ai»i-.eiilliii-ul land wlu-n Iim-,
l;ei lias V.ci.n ivmovcil. This will no
ro'.iV very ilicap.- ror fiii-llu-r ■ par-
titulars,'apply, JIOTT, SOX & CO.,
SIXTY ilny:! lifter .lulu 1 intmul to U|>-ily lo
tliu   Hiiiiiiiiililu   Oliii-f   t'.iitiiiiissio.K.r  of
lj;in.Is uml Wurk-., Vii-.tmiii. to lHircliUM,- tlio
„,..   .„,,,. I'olluvvi'u ilu-ici'ilnul'Innd in Klk niior Vnlley.
mil. s>eiu ...-• -^ t;om*fni.,'ll.i111,fttul),!stiiinrkeilX-H.O's iinitli
.>rc, exp-jcialr ciirit corni-i", tlieiiee-8.) chains soutli to S. K.
" ■*. . ., . , Olimr's aiipliculiou to iiurcluisu : theiu-e Hi
I Willi l-oal ulnviuswost; tlieiineSl iliuins nort'i; tliinec
' (i-i cliains enst to ]ioiut i f conimeiii't-nient,
tliu whole L-oiitiiiniiiK li-liiaeies.
. _." N K Oliver, l.ol-ntor
S. K. Oliver, Acent
S,()t. .Mil, ItKH'i
SIXTY iliiyiiiiflm-ilati-I int ml to nl uly to
llm   ll-'nionilile  Ohiuf Cniiiiiii»»ioiiui'   ol
r.iiiulsuml Works, Victoriu, lo puruhiise tlie
-fnl1iiwiiiK-,'lnM'.ritii-il-lniul: *^'	
Ci>iiiiiien('.iii|i; nt ii pimt. nuirkel 1-"!  E^Oooii
wvn's nurtli    **eil   eoriier   intiniiiiiiai   *>f    K
Oliver's   uiMi'.ii'iilion to imrisliiiMi; tlionoe   SJ
cliuins si.Hill; thenee HI clniiis I'asf,;  thuneo
EMclmins hoitli; tliunce SJ t-liiiins wist to. the
point ol comment oineiit.t lie whole emit ii.n inf.-
.■''■■ K. K. Qooilwyii, l.uuiitoi
S U. Ulivor, AKunt.
Sent f.'.li/v.K.ii
SIXTY iliil-:. iiftiiriiutu 1 inteinl lo.apply to
' fhu lloiioriililo Chiuf Oniiiiiiimioiiui' of
l.iiuils nml \Voik», Vietoiiii, lo puruliiuu the
following ihi,,erilii*il Iiiml:,.
Coiiinii'iiuinii' ut ii (inst muiko.l <> ,1, lit
north «uit voi'imr mljoiiiinn K K lloiiilwyn'.-
ilpliliL-ution to puri'hiisu: thenee 80 chiiins
south ; thonee H.lilmlns insl; thcii'O(iiclmlns
nurtli; thuiicu H) chuins west to the point, ol
iioiiiiiiunetiiiiuii't, tho   whole   i.oiituliiiii*,'  i'.l
II. .1,  l.liMlllj l.Ol'lltuI*
S, I1'. Oliver1, A«oiit.
Sopt, .'.th, liiuil
UINTY iluyr. iiltiir .lulu 1 inteinl lo apply to
►J   Iliu  lloniiriihlii   Chic"  Cointiiisrluiim'   nt
Trunks, Suit
Boots, Shoes
&, Shoes
It".'       J
W. R. McDougall S,^vi:
Seeing the   newest and
'smartest coats in K.n.ie.
They just arrived and are
opened at the old reliable
I-. store—
prf.liul.ly, is Uie I'rsl
illl-'llelll   ll iS   tfOt   '--lit.
•iMIill     •«,>''»f
-•J  lii'    xtiwn
Mn-s.- mv i-iiir.'iis.iiiij; for vnti-s, llien-
li'li^ iv-ViMl MpUiiiliil pri/es in vn-iv.
'ill. liiiililis line. inlliiUil ure i"!Tm» lo
,,' iipplinl lo llie ri'inaiiiliij; ilel/l nn
lie Alrlltnilisl iliiirili, H looks lis il
iii.il Ol.t iiiin to lv wipitl oni, il /ini
(uhiils In  niiuli.n^.
illi'l:-:    MllrOl.lll,    llll,l   lllS   Id'llt     In-rc
lur a l.w niuiuli-, Iiii litis nmriiiit-;;,
io laVi* up H*r nil iniil-.,!iti « mil-
liiii'iy sioiv ut VViiiii*. Mi>*> M.iTsliall
Minis lo I.* » uiiii'i.'Unl lm ml nt linn
viir«, flic liaun: iiiimii)>.'il .llini-
'ind i.m i-i. nl iii.- .«uiih- time in ill-
Mlil Conuirv.
11 si in li i wuil..
Wt* tin iiijoviu^ (?) a small i.lriki-
h-iv in Miili.-l. Tin- miii.-r*. ui inin-
y.n. j cam- 'ail willi ili.-ir tools S.it-
_iinl.iv.      Tlnii-    muiis  to  K-  wv.ril
So kehle, ind .ml, lias Wmii '.lie i'.i-
l-ei-esl iv.-illy Iiii lowiirils tli-> country
-.ii wliiili ilh'y lia'.o slrullul tli.'ir
I.i-iof li.mi- in ■' n stale of viee-renul
1'iipeiil.iiii, iliil IIito is"no iu-ilniicu
on recoid of a Cioveriior-liui.-ral li.i"-'
in;,', retiin.'-d lo visit Canada aliei
Ills lei in ol olliie was up,
'Hi.- .iiiin*. of (iiiwrimr (i-n.ral or
Vii-i'i-oy is nil very well in In.lia,
whero niillii'jiis of l)liiekn luivu to l.i*
hlulTuil inlo Miliji-i'tion l,y miU'.iril
inippiii;;s ol' power mi.'l ill; nl'.Ui'i'
of   aiillioiily.   'I'll.-   uliiiiioiir   ol    l.i-
1 OS'lljr   SpU'tilll.S    llll    J',01'HI'OI1S    llllll'-
lions npi-i-als  lo  ill:  inn:iiaul  mini
It is pail oi  tlu  jiuiiii'.   In  Cuiii-lv
tli.1  iiiiiiiafiu'iuii'i's,   ill.'  fnrtners,    iln
miners ainl      tlu   linsiius''   men   ...
onr  towns, eonlil worry  uli ii^    very
liii'oly   wilhoiil   any   viee-i'i'nul    court
'Ilii*,' is iiiiui-'h ik.ii.'* hsl" at.   Ott ii wu
wlllinni      llu   ..iii-IV'Li'v    in-ie|:iat'Ulili'
Ironi  n  si'.iiiilii.'ii     win ru   n  li.'iillliy
(ll'llllll'l-IICy     I'llllll     lllilllllli'.S—llll I,      Ml
nie asli'iniiil lo nuv, only ton* vciiily
lo niii ilionlili'vu-'witli an iiiiitalin-.i
loyul ciiui't
Still; nil ilii- Ims nolli'ii'i lo il,<
v»i li ill.- ill ,liliV tri'iiliiii-nl l'.arl
Ciivy, alter lii-in.i inviliil, wiik tii'-il-
. il |,v his liii'-lfi, ill.1 unspuilinlile ■ il '
loiiiii'il of (.'iilj-'iin*. i Tli.' ixi'iis' ili.ii
lli'y iliiln't l.now nuv h.-iier i'i..s ',',i'
llli'l'it   ol  In-ill;;  pelfii'lly   lull',  '"t    '.
ilo.s not lielp iiuiiiiTs I'i any 'il.n-u-
inj! cxt iu. Ani lo tli n't ili.it \vi
It.ivi' to Mil up willi ilii-i oiiilit u it-'
'lln-  i,ii'ile  I'luil  u.nile  His    ,uis'. A>
wli ll lie uiiilei looil to villi  liis .I'-lrili
on ili,< ileMiiid Innii-. ol     tlu* *.,h.Il-
iii.-ii  vim Iliul      I:i1:i>u'iiI1  lll-j   tliill'ili
to   nl11ml liis ritvpiinii-   He in.istiil
'llh'lll   |i iMIIsr   llli'J   VM'li-   mil   lll.K*    a
lar-j-ir    i|iiiiiiiuioh—ns      il,   Uy   i'■■..*.■
liui»iiiiin's liiik, tliey miilil    miiHip
ly ili.tii.'.-lvi-!. ul will.   Wo li.ivi-    iiii
11 acli il  wir.-liss     liutiiiiu  tiiullipli.-a-
liim yel.   I'live us liuie.
Wlml ,x lot of siovies wv'ioalil U'l
o( ill,* j'iiu.li'1'ies of voynllies ami
Miiii-rnyiillii-'i!' Ii     is not  ^iiuritlly
MlliWII,   l.llt   It   il- il   lllll  just  till- Mllll'.*,
that wln-u I'l'iiiu- Anlinr of I'mi-
n.ni^lit's iiiiiii sii.ppiil .il I-'iiM f'.i* a
lew* iiiiiutli*,. His Uoyiil Ui|>lnii'-«M *.N.
pinl I'i n*. tin- will-l-uowii pel U,u,
i,'iillllol;ij*> (lInill,lnn ill,, hotel I.imii,
lilnl iiiiiin ili.itcU linstltil nroiiiiil |or
)|-.s villi* lo xlioot It. Hi- llmiiejil it
v.uik* uainial for wild (jnnii! tn fouie
I'uvvn f.'om iti*,* mouiiiaiiu   mil   nl.n*
LiiMilsiiiiii Woilis, Vii'toilii, to pnrcliiiMii the
lol owiim iliiscnlic.l luini:
01'liinniii'liiK nt, a -io..t miirku.l.W   F. H's
nnu'If   west  uoincr luljuiniim N. K   Oliver's
upp-iuilt ion In luui'liii-iii; t hence s:i eluiiiih liorth
thnn -ii mi ulni inn east, tlience Mcllnhu tout li;
tliunoi H.i chtiiii, \ve,t to the iinlnt ol com-
meiniiimoiit, the whole ciititiiliiiiii*; iii) ueies;
\V, K Hull, Locum..
>', \i O.iviir, Auent,
Supl, f> '', limit
If i you buy 50c.
worth, or over this
amount of School
Books or School
Supplies from us
you will get a
School Bag Free
SIXTY.lily* uftui* ilntd lnt uml t/i npiily to
til;    )>u,.11.llllll!    1.11,lit    I.iilllllll.iill.ini'i'    01
Lunilii uml Wiii'liH Vietoiiu, to imrnluuu tho
follow.un iIukoiIIilmI luiiihi *.
Cum neiielim at. a pint niarkwl 11, S Kit.
wiiril'rt nolilh wi-,-,1 eoriii-r iiiljoli.iiiii N, V,, 0|
tv».i''rt iiipltenl inn In puiehiiiie,' tlicnee Hiii'lnitin
norlli; tliuiii'ii Hu chnlns ein,t; llieiieii Hii clniin..
S'llllli; tilt-nee So elniiii.4 wimt lo the piiint o:
noniiiiu .|.||||..llt,tliu whulu i'llliiliilniiKUllliiei'e.-
II S, KilwuriU, l.in'.itiir
-; H>.,()llvi..|., AKiint
3-pt. M!i, J-Kiii
SJX I'Y tlnyt. alter ilnin I liiluiiil tonpply lo
Iliu lliinoi'iililo (Jllliil l.'ollllhlnrliilicl' nl
[.unlit nml YVui'lOi, Vleloiln, to piiiehiniu lln*
folhiwliiif ilu-iinihiiil lilmlh ;
I'oiiiiiiiiiielnn nt u |,o,,t iniirkuil iCniont l'oll-
ir.l'H nil iilh cunt, i-oi'in railjoiiiiiii; ,NK. Ollvui',
,i|>|il1i'lltlO). In plll'ellllnui lllinn-li N;l cllllllu
illlltll t thelivi) Hi I eluiliiii Mei,t: thence N
...Imiiiii Hniitlii tlioiieu Ni iilintiiH mint tu tin
point of (.iiii!iiitinc..iiii.iit,tlio u'liolii i<nntiiliilini
Kriiiml I'olliiril, l.tit-iitin
rt, K, linvii*   A|M-.t
-4|.|lt,Mll,l|Klll .11
l**i 11*  Mis lA'illt   til.'  I'lMlli'lliill   I'lli ilie*
liiiilwnv will --liitii iii elleil Irom Cal-
jj.ny,   itiidwiiy,   l'l'iitii-toti,   inlvriuiili-
iii' uml nil  Komi iuiv ],o',nls,    siu>',li'
nn   ixi'titsioii   tul.s   for   tlu   round
nip.   S.'il.ii,'      iliiUs,  Sept,   iN-i,'-'..i',
in il lor iiiin ii till Sipi.  J. 1111.
Hat.1  froin   J.'ailiie,  JiS.io.
.1, ;■!, CAU'i'KU,
1).   V. A., Nilx.ii, lkl\
Oi' at
The Post Office Drug Store
UlX I'Y iliiyiiiirtur iliitii I int-jiiiLti- niiply t<
^J thu   llniini-iilile   Chief   I'liiiimUiilonci*  ol
' uml., nml WorU, Vietoiiu, to imicliapn the
I'ollowlini iloKiitl.uil Iiiml;
Ciimiiiuiii'liiK nt ii pint iniii'luiil .l.ll.lCilniuinl-
ilOll'K limit ll-Wfnt CO! lllll' |llt]olllillK .luini II. 0|,|-
HiiIiI'h Iiiml; llienen Hi I elniliiH liol'lh; thulli'ii Hii
elm Ins hiinI; llionce hii cIhiIiim miuIIi; llienen Hi)
chuiiiH wi/Ht tn the |.olnl of eoiiiniiitieeinuiit,
the whole niililiilillliK III.I nei'liH
Among the Coals, hoth
tor    Misses .and .Ladies
are   some * of the  New
Checks and Reaver cloth
Children's dresses   from
size 16 lo infants! in all
designs and  colors.    A
complete   line    of  Bear
Skins for babies also silk
and   flannel  dresse and
The Millinery is. llio most up-
lo-diilc in slylo iiml always at
nioilornU' prices., The latest in
Skirls, Willises, Bells niul Collars. The early Full Felts will
he roiiily i for hiiIo early .Friday
moniiiij.(.   .
Men, keep your feet cool and comfortable in a pair of our Oxfords,
they feel just right on the foot and
we know they will look good to you
if you step in and let us show you,
Tan, White, Black and Pal cut at
Reasonable prices.
Vacation Necessities
We are offering you. an extra quality Suit
Case made of fccstol,.24 in. long and has two
straps and good brass trimmings and lock, solid
.leather corners, secured with copper rivets.
A Trunk  made   over a  strong wcotlcn * frame *
with  iron bottom  covered with.5 o/. canvas well
painted   and . fitted with   two  heavy straps  and.,
iron trimmings stitched leather handles at
Special Prices
jV|>t, (.ill IM
l.oi ntoiv
SIX'IV iIii.Vh 11ftin ilatu I lutein! to n|i|ily to
thu lliiiiimrnhhi l-hlul' Coiiiiiitnhlui.tii- nl
l.iimU nml Wni'ki., Vletnilii, t.i imieliiiiii Uie
followlm.-ilnaji'i'llicil Innii:
t'oininmieinir nt n |nni minliuil S K,Olivei'ii
.iimlli-miiit I'Diuor iul]iiiniiii( J'iIi 11 ll.lllillhilil'h
lilllill llielil'li HI nlllllllH nml III ilmiii-u H ti iniin,
weiil; llienen Si chains noiiiIii tlmnen Huhaliiii
iiitxl in llm imiiit of coinn.eiii eniciit, the wholu
S K,(*l.l\'|..U.
Ki'lit. full Villi liiieill. I*,
SIXTViliiyKiillnr ilnin I ilileli.l I'i ll|.|il,V In
Iliu liom liinliln t'|iii.| Cuiiillil-.-lul.ci' ol
l.aniln ami VVollii.. Vletnilii. to iniieliilKii llie
followliii! ili'Miillicil I1111.il in Kill Itivir vnlley
l.'iiiiiiiieiiiilliK ut a |niil nnu kill ,Iniin I',
I'rnH'ii nmtli iMiil enni'i'i iiil|oiiilni< .lohn II.
()|illli>|il'n lanil; lliiince KmIiiiIiih hi. nth I In I,ci
Mil <• lllllllH Mllxlj llll'IICC HI I' I IM 1 lln noilli; I llllill 1'
HI i'liiillHcii.il 1 ij llili Iinlnt  nf iniinlliiilieeliliilll
tllll Whlllll 111 lltulllllU HI Ull'IIM
Hc|il, ,M h lln it
in.-  .-♦.iliu-  •     1  .    - f     t,   .,    .,     1,
WV ui-.li Iir miirli •>'•*"'«l out iln* l-ivm-*- "' »■- ^' »• u- •-■
'.,.|m. 'Hi s.* Uiul ul piople i-iinimt
jiis.ilily piiis...s,*. inimK 1l1.1t ore normal, .iiul y.l »'<• "«■«' filH-rlnl xn \uM
Anv.ii Xn lit- Mipersiiti'ii «f llieir pro.
i-min-iip.**.   mli.iwiw,  "wi    nr..-    tin«
Tli-  |iir*;i"'l   piiiil.iy  In  Hi-    liirtloiv
nl   lie l'l.   Kii-itt'ii.> Miiriij; Cnnijiiiiiy,
iimi'   Willi   1I1..  in |i,    Mimil.iy, wli.il
ilu   .4.1,1,   ,,!   :".\.\.' '. 1       \v;i      ili"l.ni I
ltiiv-n.;  lit* n-n'.itli  tit v* w.i'i nn nvev-
llj-l'   III   .ll Il'll    ,'.'i)       III 'II   I'll   til'     psiv-
Tiliili'i*-- .lie l.i'iii-.- inllul (nr to sin',;
Hi.' tlnii 111 tli.- I,nlii- Hi.ne mill' .In'
i-i\. ';:» ;:: i-K -.u .«-■!'.• •' "•
llllill   tO   •,(»>   fl.*-.*!.
Olli:r iiii|iuivi.|iitiits nn. nlm t.i I.
iii.- pl.t e nt tli.' s'twiiiill iii.,ii.'ili-il
willi l.iiU' r'lmvc, nml llie l.itililiii/, u\
.in miilil inn  in ll>.  loii'iiili'iilnr,
lii"-. mul mli.-r iin|iniveiiiiiils
im ni lii iiiiii i« 1 ii'm mil wen n nunc
|iin.,|iiimi,- Iiiiiii- in Miiyie 1I1111 tli"
|>iiM  Ills   Kill.
Unit Stnitli, ill.-, ^.liliil ,Ii<k'IIIii!-iT ill
j Mm ie, met willi n pniiiMl iiiviiliiit
'Inst Tliniid.iy iiltirimnii. Whilst mil
u.t)llii/, li. Miiiiililul ,iii,l J.-U mvr a
t"it. injnri'n^ Iih. In ■.-■-.-([» wri' <i,-veii'-
ly. It ih likilv lloli uill It* <|nict lot
M-vi-rnl  iliiyt*,
0, A, Kiiij{ .-iiul wile Ml Mny It-
iiihl Mt-.-k (m SihIiiiu*, Mr.' Kni-i
<iim.- to Miiyii: iilnii ilr.* SI. lCiij.:.iie
1 nin HI ra tor     witH IkIii?; Iniill,    nn.l
,luini ll. I'lllii. I ulnr,
H, li.Ollviir, Anji_l
UINTV ilnin nllci'ilate I Inliinl In Ml'l'ly In
'J tlie lliiin.niiil.il. Clilcl CiiiiiliiU-liiiier ul
liiiliilitilliii Wink4, Vie,111 In, In imii'liiun tliu
.'iiIIiiwIhh ilimiiillicit InliiU In Kilt Ititt'i vitllc>;
l'iiiiillieiii.||i(< ul 11 |m/it niulKeil .lolili ll.Ohl-
lle11',* nurtli.\vi.»l ciirncr lo ,1, A. McIIdmiUV
mini, llieiieii HH'IihIiik niulli: Ilieni n wieluilim
ullll; lIlCIICl, HI ell llll i 'llll I 111 tlli'lli'li HI I'll.lllln
.iuul  lii llm  iinlnt   ul  eiiiiiiiiiiiieuiininl,   llin
wliuk'U'i'llliill.ll.Hi'.IJil len, .,    ,
.lohl. ll,l)|.llli.U,l,iieiitii',
M, K, Ollvei', Aki-iiI,
Roosville & tlko
'I'll iv  is, iiiilliiii,;  Irnin n luililiel
to n|ilit tli,. liliiillln,! winiil In Hi.'
'i-ciiipli'lt- nnllil   I'm-    nu ixpliii'iii-,'
1'xpnlitiiill wliiili  we An mil   unp-
' ply  nt   n   iMiMiiiiilil.'  pi'liv,
Hardware, Harness & Saddles
Miners, Prospectors Supplies
l.-'yuri; 0 i, Cl.o.'i riis, .'"nnii lin-
. pU'iiii'iits nml Maih.in.ry limn
}-'| in Wiiiiliii-' iMnnse Trnps In
Cyilil'i Sti.i'liiii', liiil'.uu Ciirin.i,
S«iiviH'i'--i <>f llniMvill,- nml I'.ll'.n,
l!il\v 1'iirn iiij.l Kitsli l-roiliu.- lioiii
Read ancS
■ ■■^^ - C -iTb   i^%/lf^l   WmT^Wm&mwtm
XmmSm*mW%Ls4 ^ \/   l       fl      W       l    ■       fi   \**4 ^Ls** \M
I i
Read the following report by the
Insurance Department of Washington:
S-'Ol-:ui,', Wnsli., Aiir. **'), i(-on,—This !r, to certify tlitil at tli.'
iiivilsilku' ol tli.', ollii-ers ot i.lie I'liiilii- l.ive Slncl; Af,!,(ioinliii:i, I
visits il its lionii! oll'k'i-.s nt SpoKnii', Wnsli,, lur tli* pnipose ol in-
viiMij-ntinji its condition nml cxiiniiii;n.*- iu'.o its nl.-iirs. 'llie l'u-
ciilt* lA'ie StiicU Assii.-iiilU-.il lins Ihmi in lipjiiiiiu.i in th- Slnle ol
lilnlui siucu, Jnn.1, il;i).S. Tliis .*'*.),so'i;itii.n in-; rn'iiilly linil its nf-
fnirs tlioionjih'.y nntlileil by Mr, Ullis l.i-* "Alm-.tci', o[ {'.j.okrin.',
whose wo!'!; I ctirelully vei'ilieil in every mspi'i'i, Tli.is Kpnrl slif'ws
Iiul. IMny 31. njofi, tli.« nssets (lf ihu ,Assni-i*:iiii|li innonnt.-il in
?ff.H,;"!7-N.y6, with total, Jinliili lies ol $711,1.-1.71, U-iiviii; 11.". nssits
n( ^i-ii'l-iS, wliicli hnve l.c'tt iii'-rins.-d (o tie litsl ot Anj.*,n*,t hy
llu following iiiiioiinls! Vor .liuie, Sj.i1a3l'i.,a; for .Inly, SiO/v);-.;!,''
lunliin^  n   totnl  ill  nssel   to   Auj.nst." 1,  "fl20,1 .--S.f.K.
Tli.-s'e l'ljjiiros show the Association to l,i: in eMvlliiil lomlitioii
ili.l ,i".lleci eivdil'tipon its nian.i^iiii; 11., 'Hie. wrilicnlinn of th.> report of I,lr. l,i> -Master nlso i'ih-i-i-i tin- j;ior.n.1 of a .writii-ntion ol
ih.- leport ne, innii.' to tlu liisiiiiiiii'c ilc| iii-iin.iii of Malio, Tlu
r. oil 'lily income of th.- Ass-nn-i iitinii nioiv ill.111 limply covers th.-
moll lily  losses  niul  i-xpiti-ia'S,   nil In ..linwii |,y ill.- (iio'.vtll of llio As-
iiorlulii;ir!i   surplus,
1 iH'i'si-nally iiii-l  th.' trusti-.k of ih> Assoiintioii, an-1 war.   nc-
i-o il.d every   facility    ill the I'ursuit  oi     my    ollWial   ilnlies, mil
■wish to express my  appri'ciiir'ou of lhe tour.my i^Uir.l.il ly    Mr,
,1,  11,  Siliroi-k, inai'i.i|-ei- of th/ AKSor-iiiliiin.  nml  his colli'a.»ni'S,  nil
of  mIioiii ninuifesteil  nn i«nni..i.i iles h lint  nl!    llu nlTnli's of tli:
As.'-o.'inlion  It,  hilly  iii.-eslinal-.i' nml    in inir.'il into.   Tli .tv is   in
liulillily  oiitstniiiljiv/  ii|fiilii:il  tli.'   ioiii|i:iiy  i.i'Miiil lln1  I'liu* Unili
piii.i-riiiiil in  its by-laws  for ill-*  payiinir.s of its ilalius an I los,*. s,
I'l-nm   the   sliowiii);   iniule  hy Hii.'   As.'o.'iiiilnti,  its ciiivfnl   mil
iMi'ii'ciuivo iiiii.i:i|,'fiiiiiil, r.ml  Mi-! sni-plii*- v.l|uli  it lui-i lc;li   kiic-
iv.'iuliil in lniililiu-,' up, I have no Ii.mUii.-.v  uliatovir in fxprcssinsj
11111f.il.nc in ll nn.l i-niitiitniii'a,  itn niithoiiiy to tr.-.usiH't l.ii.rii.-H.'i in
11 ntiniiiil in ilia 1 ne iuul li.- uuhiiili
lii.> ri-Mi^ii.ttion -,i (t-w iiei-k'i nj»M.
I'.i-lli 1,ns anl Mrs. Kin,; wi-iv liljjily
nspiiiul ly all i-liid'i.H in Moyli', t.lil
Ol.' IOWII 'lO'.l tWll o it-, i»;.\ utvoi.
i'ii 11 lli.-y lelt.
H. 11 (loil.liiril niul John McNeil, two
Cii.ir,iook yoiillis, wnv nrraiiii.il 1(-
lO!.*        till!    .lllstill'S   Of     111'    lVlIU'      in
Movie on SalinAny, S'i>l, -Itli, ili.iil;,"
111   With   l-lllllll.il   llllill tisllesn   ill   ll,-)>-
initi;' to put nnt ii iniupliie whiih
ill y hinli whilst 0111 tn ilf vn-iiiiu
ol Milium' I .like last we.-k, Con liil.-r-
•il.l, il.iiii.i^c wns tion- to ill.- iim
Ivr, ninth it owiuil by tli- l'orto
Hli-'i l.iiml.i-r Co. rii-iullii^ |>ii''lly to
ill.- tit ti j5**, 11 lin.' «♦' S.so mi'l tosl.t
Mils  inipos.il   m  iiu'ii liis.-.
lol 11*11 lias n-liiin. A fioiii tin*
Co I.-1. Wldlnl il VaiMitiMi' h- w\i*
nit by litu (atli.-r, \iliu, tlimi^li Ko
)tsitk of n-^c-, Is slil". Inir nwl li-iirty,
nml oili r nuinl-trs ol tlie Hill   (am
Tobacco Plains
.hipped ».u     onli'i- from    Ull.n lo
an,' im-I cntit or west.
Siii'l  (inl.'ii*   to   Hlkn.
Iliu   (Vanii*
Willi   llllpilliUM,
UllllUl:;      (llll lit I I'll
I'iU'I;   llo-.i*..'!i    nml
the  Stnte
of Wnshinntoii.
.1   11, SIUV1-.I.I',Y,
Iiisuriiiici1 Conimis
if Wu
Inn-r, S'.nii- of  wu li'n-'liiii
The Pacific Live Stock Assoctnltoni rf VVotshlnB;-
ton lias written over $4*000,000 In the StatcR
of Washington! Orcaon, nnd Idaho, nlno In the
Provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, nnd
paid over $120,000 In claims since ortfnnl-rntlan
Kor full particulars call at head office or luklrcss 5
B Pacific Live Slock Association, 607 Keiuvcll Block, 5
Z Spokane, Washington. {
!••§€#€«€•••••«§ •6t«ca«M»»M-M««Mtt'»*»9Ml< S
•Thc Home Bank of Canadaf
A lioltl Uml liii'iilslu'H f|iiivli nil"*
iiioilionMirtoiiiinoiliit'oiiH lor     it** pst-
llOIIH    iS il SOlllll'    III     -lll'llllllll.    to    llw
Iravillint! piiblii'. Smli 11 on** i* ",l'
Kiiir Kilwnnl liMt-l of l'Vinie, ' ror-
ner o|i"nislli' post ollice.
ill, Iliv'ii^ ix li.ip|»*.   H-iinii.il-
I'iiil.iy   iii|>l.l   in tlu Mil'.","'  Il.ill
riitl.iy m,li».   in  tli    M»<•«'.•...■*  H»H
nl H p, in , on ill* "I.oil '« l>»y   -M
Innii- )l.it<.rriM "
Kl.lM'iUT    Ul'imAUn  SAYS:
'.'III- llMl.      l/t.Sll       il.'.,      .,..i'.'! ^,-
lbtu'i liiibit    i.t tli.'     one who
n-wr Ri-ts    hiid , ofl; 1i.'*» tlie
11, on.-  iiiin  inn f,el  nlonjj wlllinni   yon, but you cnnnol yje(
nl'iiij; with.ml him,   Tit.* Snv-
tn^i 11.nil, Imliii  menus sonml
slt'.-p,    j»rn il     (lijjislioii    uml
jmlijii.ni      nnii    iv.niilv   inili-
|h ll'l.liiv,   'Hie   limit   Innlthlnl
llilii.; I In.w of Is n S,ivln;-i
■l?.iii"i-look,   "Ih -io  nn- im niiii oii s    In ll     to fct'-nl nwny
yi.r  i<-:iee ol    iniiul.    ll   is  a
■;i. miili-i"  ol     H'iimI  Ih-Iiuv-
Wo would Hku li Imvo your nninn
on niir lint of ilepm.ltct'H. No iiinltor
whotlicr your Kind Ihoiio ilollm-oroiio
Imiiili'.'.l- wo will pny yoii IiiIpiorI ut
i-nri'i'iit inli'H-i'oiii|ioni!ili'il tu Ico *
Current Accounts Invited
Open Saturday Evenings 7 to 9
,   J. G. MAI1SI1ALL, Mar.,
( I Pvrnttt    ftrnnclf
I    ((j»«-*4-
Mln-iiil'i l.lniniiiit (iirci ^-'4,» ^
I Subscribe  for  The  Fernie Ledger


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