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The Fernie Ledger 1906-07-11

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 V--f 1
y.^ Y^ndY,
Vol; I, Number 49.
iy v
aa X
A     •   , ,»**■>". .'*
O - *  sjc   I    m* ; • *-   *
Hany Interesting Items  About People—A  Week's
.   .        ,-.','-. *   '■      ■ '" - ■   . '  --
. :'   r    Round-Up of Local.Happenings ,  A:
F.   H.   Pearson,, of  Jaffray,   was a
Fernie visitor' yesterday.    * '
- r '- ....... ' ' '-
It. li. Iilackstone, G. N.. agent,
went to" Michel. Sunday. '  >
F. , II, Hale returned) Monday front
a trip'up the Kootenay'valley.
Pat Whelan left.Monday for a ten
day ''trip to* Spokane, and Wallace""
Mr.' Jii'-hi-ini, of Sheep mountain
ranch,-was taking 'in .some Of ', the
sports at the carnival* last week.
Mr.and Mrs. .11. ■ A. Kanouse ol
Frank, were jn the* city Saturday on
tluir' way. to  Spokane.  '
S. S. Motih'ahan of Coleman was a
Fernie visitor yesterday. He reports
things* lively  at  Coleinan.-        ;*
' Mrs. lloiinell returned Saturday
from -Missoula,- Montana," where 's!q
has been   visiting  her  brother.
Mr. Neal, formerly of Edmonton,
is nejw iilling the position of, " city-
operator here.. Mr,. Tajt-being trarfs-
ferretbtoCalgary. '
Work* on the new C. P. R. station
is progressing and the .concrete found
ation is
now   being put   in        the
It. W. Coulthardt, of the sales dr
'purtmciit of the < coal, company, is
shaking, hands once more with his
Fernie. friends. ' *
Rev. W, .IJ. 'Kempton left Monday
morning, ,last 7 for New Westminster to altehd ,the annual-convention
held .this  in   the Royal  city',-.
Mrs. (Viler who was so painfully
in.jurcd in a - runaway accident     ueai
Frank' last'week,-has been* taken"to
the.I.eih'br'filge hospital for treatment
', "Mrs. 11.'" Firestone.and daughter, after a visit - e-f two weeks with Mr.
Firestone, of the FJlk Lumjber Co,,,
returned'Monday- to. their
Ivi-bby.'    - ' *   "    A
work can lie, done.
Mr, Doberer of .Cranbrook. and ',Mr!
Hanson, of Wassau; were on the cast
bound ,C. P. It. train Monday evert-
ng and gave the ledger rcpresenta?
live ..some cock-and 'bull stories ns to
where they weie going and'what for;,
but we^will  see what we  shall.,,see.  "
The city has* taken'off its gay holiday attire, and is once more garbed
in its sober every/,day* robes'?'The
cleaning administered to Victoria av-
L-nue   is of' a.;more pcrnianumt   ""aaid
. J, ,11., Iluwlhoriithwaile, M. P.
i(iil'd   Frn-nk,' presi-deint
,".ne district Miners' union, came
from-,{liu;east.oii' Monday's
C. P.*It.' train.
Thos. Keilli und his daughter were
Uown irom,Coal Creek on Monday.
Miss Keith is the teacher nt the Coal
creek school and. is'now quietly ' en-
joying   her holidays,
J, II. Hiiwthoriithwnite spoke to a
largv- audience in thc hall nt Michjl
Saturday night Inst and a large
crowd, uguiii listened, to him nl the
same place nu Sunday.
\\\. It. ltoss, M„ P. P., lefl for tlu
toast last Sunday. Mr, ltoss will he
gone several weeks, 'but did not mnke
it clear tn the Ledger whether he i*
Mil ou a ■hatli'Ing or a fishing expedition. •
0. I,. Pearson^ who has lind chnrge
of the coke sales of the coal conl*
pany for the pusl two years, has
severed his eniinectioii with thai
company /and leaves for the van!
■.hfiilly. '
W. Mills; of tlie Central hotel is
np in All.-rla this wetV ox\ n. visit
tn his wife nml family. They will
return with him in about ten .Ihvh
when' In* will again take up his residence nn (ii'iiiiuel street,
ltnud Muster Teller Ih nnw super*
intending the job nf filling up ihe
lnw plno-H in frnnl of the freigflit shed
at the C l>, 11. Hliilinu. Tlu*
train load nf gravel wns duinped in
fiont of the sheds im Monday,
J. ,C, Kenny has purchased C.' W.
I.aidlty's tailoring business and "has
moved into the store on,Victoria occupied by Mr. J.aidlev.
- Frank Shorman dietrict president of
lhe . Miners' union, went, east again
Monday evening, after shaking a few
hands- in this city lietwecn train's.
The excessive heat of the past week
lu.s'created a general desire upon tin;
part of the small boy to go' swimming and ihe best places lire 'in' demand. .  ' ■
-:'    Price $2 -a year in Advance
■7 -R.   Wi Wood left for*the coast Sun-
*, G- °- S. Lindsey.and R.-CoultharJ
■At tm last night's G, N. train for
,' wkane. ■ $ -      .*'""■■
..J-Ir. Conn,- wife and child, are leav-
t\ Ml tfso C. P.: R,v. in -. a few days
,  lor Now Zealand,  where" thev
nl try their futuxu in-a new fielell
B«.. A,-Dorreli,*ledger-keeper iu thi:
rjA1-"** of LC*j,"»«erce,,.has lieen transfer
y to the "New Westminster  ' branch
'aucc on the U'll^er. £ E. Shaw
<*-*toria   is tlw  junior'
Jailer   Johnson * has his      at
work on Pellatt avenue near thc city
hall tins week and he  will soou have
tha'l polrtl-cla   of   ('her,s:treet'>..-*-;k'|.ig! hi
as well, as Victoria  avenue.'
'1<-   Cordon• takes    Mr". Dorrell's
■ of'
tlw  junior
>M^\A' McDouKall [ lias "purchased
ni r" 1I-,IIule'f* interest in the Fer-
c^J I,umlK'r coinpaiiy.-i.aridi'thus bei
s Hies the sole.ovviierof^that cxten-
'ih ,)rolnH,lt.v" Josii' BHii'n\rs( once said
^t when
Moj'ie',, where ho has l«en requested
to speak again' to the miners of that
cainp.Thc.". socialistic leaeler is cer-
.lainly. having a strenuous time in iiis
endeavor to do as much talking as
liis opponents of all shades and conditions in, politics.
The output of coal at the mines
.vas 'not up to* the' average last week
.wing tothe celebration of Dominion
Day and the Kajgles" carnival. Tho
output foi the weekending. • last
Friday  was: ,       '...'. .'; .   • '
' Mine— Tons.
Coal ■ Creek   ...... ...... '...', ;.. 5690
Michel.  , ,'  6001
a' iiian^-startcd  elown hill
■rything seemed; to-be'greased    for
*-' occasion,..but it seems   that  Mr.
'ougnll  has^reversed this  arrangc-
,«ui.anil seems to be climbing     up
*1  without   inmi]i  d'ifliculty,0having
b'i\:°lllC lhe S(ile 0w»ei::of* lhe big mill
Immigration Agent  Dunlop  reports', t •S1,":ss  a"d the  fatlwr of a  dangh-
ops  on  the nrniri,*   innHm.   i„   r.n.j '   -   a" 'll one month'.'-'''
:rops on the prairie looking in fine;
:ondition, and' indicating another
bumper harvest, With'another record"
crop following .'last year's great'-yield
the Hood of," immigration will be"
greater than ever.  ,    ■ .      ,'.
The  occupant---"of  two    or  three   of
lhc shacks east of the railway wtiosj
hacks  are  in   the   way of the  cxten-;
sion of the new siding, have be. n no-*   ***,Z , r " '"    ■
lifcd  to vacate in order  that'*'     thi   Li^ ,  ''"^ ,B A^"St ftt
work can'be do,,,..' • '       -   Ut™! "««kncc, .Riverl>ank  c
►L-n.'ficial nature.     This process ini'ght
Dj,c extended to other,, streets wirth'beti
.ficial results. . , •   ' ,., ..  •>
s A hail storm is reported to. have
visited Crnnlnrocikr--and.ivi'ciuitv   ' last
Iiinday. *' S«npson ' sheiuld move 'out
of the banana licll;or gel a A, metel
lielinet..' Heavy rainfalls are reported
."rom, Michel and other points up the
vally last SunicJay, Only slight. show-
>rs fell" in this vicinity.'
A (act whicli spenks well for the
leople oi Fernie and their guests' lait
week during,the carnival,is this-',that
ihu (lisl.iii-;i-*i,iice of (i|iily cn»iscy|iiai*-cc
occurred lo mnr the occasion or
•I,ive   trouble to the   police, Nh.
boisterioiis, drunken men were se,>n
011 the streets and the revenue from
lines was nil.
11. Tupping, ono of Iltvelstokc's live*
alderinen, hns lwcn in the cily for'
a day or two looking up business for
lhe Oregon Nursery compnny, of Salem. Mr. Tapping reports liavHd*; done
n good business with the ranchers in
the Kootenay nnd ICIk river valleys,
having 'boohed ninny orders for fruit
trees nnd .small fruit 'plants,
The Sunday schools of the Methodist, Ihiptisl, Presihyterinii and
..Inneh of Kiiginiid, have united theii
'nrees and will hold a union picnic
it Kiko 011 the stilh inst., ami have
invited the Qoal Creek' school to
join ilieni. Particulars as tn train
icivice uud other iirrniigi'ineiils will
Iw announced later, ,., '       „
The Leilgei- ucknnwh*dgeH wilh pleas
ure nn Invitation from the city ollicials ami Miners' union of tlie jelly 01
. II. II. ltns'i, of ltnsH Urns,, Klk*
mouth, was iu the city Monday, lie
icporls    the Ktrntiiiny    n*.     having
renihi'd -ind   nil'
mini I'flchralinii The HossliiiiderH nre
priiicei. ut the I'litertniiiiiiK nrt ami
.he Ledger knows il will lie inlssiug
a great tllin- if it should iall tn be
AVm.,T. White,, so. long and so
pVeirai*lY .kiiown' to*the, iwoiplc of
r'ntie,was married, to: Miss KlU-n L.
.faring, of "England," at. the Don.
■■on Spiare Methodist-church, Mon-
«al  on Saturday,* morning, -June 30
- Rev.-1?. -15.1 Scott*! .'Mr.' and'-Mrs.
nite aiinoiince' that"they"will "be at
lue to tlieirfrichds oii'the lirst and
to,     VJ,itL's-miin-v *rifnds will be sure
hn extcntl to him and his 'bride, who
w|*** so  recently joined- lovihjg- hnmlds
«i him acrossi the sea,*)a ntost hear
welcome to their \\iw home.-    The
alfzcr Jptus its sUll;|mall "v^icc with
others  in  congratulations     ' and
T]<*1 .wi,shes'   to'ulie   happv r couple.
1 >y.are expected' t6, airri've in Fernie
*.   the. end  of this' .wfcek.'   ,•.:'*• '.   .
aHV' R-.".Wi!son.'RO wen' fav'or
^.l.Vaknown'to'the people of Fertile
w th wdiom he .became so well known
lov" '.c|'!irKc of. Ul« survey: partv. no-v
YYin": U.,£ railroaid'Iliue If rom 7   . a
t0Ult '"ear. Michel/,pn the. C..-P.     R.
< the   - 'coal ■• *-"ficl«ls''bfr'tlic";Imperial
¥l and  - "
^ifliu'iiee'oi the"'Fording and
rivers, and thence uortheasicr-
! to the extensive .coal lands ;; be'-
n 'Ring to the .company.;^; The 7csti-
wI-Ued eos> pf the .road, is $720,000
vift01''-!''-* ",1(V'«<"od has 'hc"en pro-
l«l and the  intention "is to' ' have
ne; ,0a'1,'"' ■run"'11K ""'er within the'
*t  year.  The     possibilities   '11 th"
v(.Uf*f  I'nilway 'construction up    the,
ni(«li\v in the near future are.   grent,!
A a great stimiihis will he put inln'-
1'ill's   of  trade   in'consequence,
loms  collections  made n't     tho]
'^n  of  Fernie    for the year ending1
' l«e 30, 'mofi, were as follow.s:
'ports,   dutla'hle ',.,
lP«>rts,  Tree
.;Stt9, Wfi.oo
,.   5.1 .ao^on,
_  S 64,076.47,
^-v'lislom.-, roiieclions for" tho month'
ly   col^.cled	
J line, iqofi, were
T'Wis, dutiable .,.
'V'rts, free ,',	
...   T,cs83.oc>
Hy collecteil
...5 -WUH
, Inliiiul Ilevinue
liiln'nd ri'Vfl'nuo, colleclloiis-, for the'
"«»r ciuliiigJime'so,;,, '1906,-: wore
^S,4H6.93, i(' '.'.
ynllectioiii f„r ■i1iu"iii«iiih nf Junt*
;W ,4  '   ' ■   • .      ,    ,;   ■
clals ami Miners' union oi thejcltv ni "h riiN ,.      .
Itnsslnnd In lie present upon the 16th Mti|t  ;	
iiud 17th nu the niTiisinii .of their an- ■**■...■„.,.   !,' """'"'■< "\  , '} ' *'
. .     1 ,    .,      ,,„    ,.   ' 1    , _ ,*>»■■ -*>   , ,      114,00
mini I't'lchrallwi The HnsslaiiderH nn- 'Vim,,,, ,.
. .       .... . ,       '•"it-*  , ,     1(15,00
nud he evpcels  to \v  runnlm,'
upon It ngnin 'in n few day*-.
Keith  Whiiiisier,   nf  the Whimster
Hardware rompnny, is up In his eyes
in lhc (new kIoic pi 11 cing and showing
iy    n*.     having | nhc new good-, thai «are daily arriving
III,!     M.r*.     ,-{.„itn    I     1    il . , '        il TT       1   .
,* .. ■*.      *.>*        ... ft* .it...K     ...       ....        tl. .1  .....  1,1
U'liinisler 9t Cn. have l-ceti awarded
the contract fnr Nleniiiheatlng       and  1,1  ,ii,.  ,1^,1,  j*.    n    T*    ,*l„.**l
D. M. (Irani, a thoroughly coiit|M-tciit
stemnfitter mid plumber arrived ,'rnm
Calgary mi Friday morning tn take
charge nf thin department.
Mr, ami Mr*, T. If. IVhrlntt
on Hn)mA\\y'H wej»tl>*<«ln.l ]t(it\\ tot
.7n.Tr.iy, nfu'iv tlk-y were ioltt-'A by
(iiant Downing and wift. and th*
jolly quartet went tun tn St. Mary***
lake where they,expect to hold n ten
ilnv*' sensinn nf pirlniriing. Thf fmn
in lli.U lake   will   liavr   -A  Itanl   tilth*
III  A   VkhiW  \\t-c \i\k\\\\. \m-sfk,  \ts\X, V.h*k
a Milk-iing time Wlu-UnN friend* will
i-x|'U-irntt- listening to t'oth yam* 'on
bit- »*t4«l8*    IA    Vtttm'it, ,..
•bloi-V. Tluir ih-w store i'i bright nml
clean and whin u lull stock has
tmn arranged ill place will lie one
the fincul looking ston-N .iti the rlty.
This firm lieliuves In -iiilicious use of
jmreiin -ini. tn, -niii ik' Mtt. ..,* vvun
Viglil new ml, in another pnrt ol
this jsvitc of the ledger.
The imuliiiiG man in the basement
nl the Todd blmk bus lieen stoplHil in
bi* f.ypi!*i!f.tin(r, op>.ratfnnm im-eral
time* during the pn*l few d*y* ' by
uful lu ihtuiighl was. thc u-lkelinu
nf AW.thcr grrol conflajgratton npjin
thc windows through ttlilrh hr pt-ls
his tight, l.ut upon Investigation he
hrti* li' that il wan only ihe re-
Arttion from llw bright ml Kagte's
UjI vkiUUU wc-urn *ln-ti tie
oiu in front of Uk- Kingx hotel
tltnwt X,w wpy *r»/liti/{ Itlis ftu\\'\t
Ttwu ArntiM ik tt'lot (A yonr hit IU ib
,i','oln'   •'"    , Jj-.i.'W flu
, Hu- tnul colhrtioii't,' customs   ainl
Jmid  ri'vemii', for the year,     were
\S(* 4".
*     * * »
*********** *
The -Cauadinii    I'ncific  lH/<on«-"iK^
''Vt>    lrt, ,1        1        ,,        v,     1
l.i   ■ ■ .'.i.i   I.,     ll,,.    .u.|ai„|n*;    it-
Winn. No,,,,,* trip tlikrt''"<(u u)t-
' .tly 20*97, ft«oil to return Aug 2, for
.Jlv Sii)..s5. KiiMtern exciirslnnn, St.
A'lil, Chicago, Onlnrln, Quel-cc, M.ij
u»ii»o prirtinreH, Aug. 7, R. 9. Sept, S,
"-    '■'      ,v«M   to  JeAimi tin    tilt,   -^1
McAI.lUXE-SWEENY.   "    ;
A pretty wedding tool; place In the
l-resilA'terian church Sunday afternoon
at 2.30 when Miss Harv Swee-n.' was
joined iii' tihe hn'.\ boiuli «• niatii-
1'cny to' John .'■!.'. \<i> :.j "i im bii-lc
was supported by Miss-Dooley, while,
It. Moore' performed a- like service
the -liridegrocau.        ' *
The bride'looked beautiful in an
Alice   blue  eoline     ,  gown, trim
med with white appli,qiie. Her   going
away gown was of oavy blue'-panaina,
cloth   with'''Ok   coat   and   blue   tulle
hat  tb match, ' ■
• Thchappy couple were the recipients
of many pretty and expensive presents. A -
Mr. and'MrsT Me'Alpine left" on th.j
6.30 train for the cejast and intend
making' their  future  home  at   Banff.
mand" and unlil sufli time as the
A.' It-.* & I. Co., * areprepared .to
meet iwitlt and make a satisfactory
agileeuKut? ,-wtth their men, atid tliat
we publish ■ the above resolution in
the press.
. Amongst   other   matters   taken up
was lhe   {rouble  at  I.undhreck'and.
condition of the mine,  which is now
idle.      The .board ordered the follow-
( )
ing telegra^nis' sent out \ty the convention, '
I To'the  inspector oi mines, at
Calgary: the following despatch     was
sent, signed by F." H.- Sherman.
"Mines at" Lundbreck now idle; five
men'bnfht recently;" i.v!ne. in dangerous condition, wish you to investigate at  once." "
The following was sent to the minister   of pul-Iic works   at   Kchnonton:
l'I,un<lbreck oni-iic ' now-idle owiifg
gas burning men and mine heing in
danjArous- ce-fiditibn. * .Wish iinine'id.
iate investigation ,hy your inspectors"
ffsom Nearby towns
Mim.   Carefully   S.l«ct.a   from   Exchanges and Furnished by
SpicUl Correspondents
In^th'e write up of the sports .last
week it was slated that ,611c of the
contesting teams.•in.the log loading,
contest.was from the Fernie Lumber,
company's -mill. This,was a mistake
«s 110 team from  that mill took part
The, Ledger representative got
the names of the men composing the
two teams' mixeel and'when corrected
should read that the Elk 'Ltimber
tonipanv team   consisted   of Fred
I.andon, Archie Johnson, Lew-Miller,
and oncinan, the, top loader      noiiiiL
not 'given. The' other' team' was . a
volunteer one taken ' ' from ■-different
camps. Had thc reporter got -things
mixed like'that up town"'the Ledger
would know how to account for, it,
Imt- happening ,"* where it did where
there was nothing lo ilrlnlf, Uut.'water
we    give it np. ..   -    ';''''    '
■■'nr rates nnd riKervntinng nnd i|...
yb'A   iiifnriii'Hl^,  apply  to  loenl,
t K.  .T. C0VT.R, 1). 0. I». A ,
AS, CAUTKU. I), |»; A;  Von-mivtr
' Kct«nn.   -
Mr, llawtlinnitlmnlte upolie to n
^wii', nudieiirc in tlte rlit4i lir.ll ,it
v<»al Cntk Inst night. Hi* remarks
^*re alriig the same limn that lie
'■ii-ite livtc'lu FittMiK bs-l \hvrb. und
%re listened tn attintivcly hv hU
Varers. Spare ami 'lime forhhl nn
'-tlrmkil notice nr ttfmrt tit bin *A-
'Vess, He left tliis morning noum! for
The Coal Creek Kickers have kicked
the championship out of the reach of.
the other,league teams and are tight-
filing, theii '!<dls preparatory to kicking the Fort Steele Ilrewing Com-
pnny-s trophy into their.-own possession. 1 What an addition toV reform campaign .committee those fel-.
lows would make, '        1     i
Next Saturday the Conl ,' Creek!
hoys play nl Frank and the Fernie*
teniu  nl  Colemnn, •
, Thb Colcnin'ii, iimd 'Michel hi.iri-,'1;
.tennis pin-red n lie I'-iline -at the la 1 lip'
place Saturday, score 1-1.
l'Vi'iiie anv'd Cool 'Cedk, f,.r, ,>»'
Icnms played a league gnnie on the
grounds ol the latter nt Coal Creek
Saturday 'evc-in'ng,   j,n   wliivli the!
Conl Creekers scored another victory,
Store 3 to 1,
17. RL W. of A. In Convention     at
' Illuiniioie. '
Al the meeting u[ t|,c t-xeeiitive of
tiie rnilid^Miiie Wnrkum for district
N"«. m, lu-ld at lllalriuore last week
0 large (uiioiiui of business was trims*
acted, and the unit lur of unsafe miii.'-»|
in the IW taken up with tlie miii.'s
ilepi.l'liiii'in of the AU|jrtn, 'gVivern-
iiii.iit,(ind,nn iiivesligiition I'leiiiniiihil
The- distrirl nllicers, ntilioiuil boiir.l
liii'inher, and u ivprehintntiw ' from
every lin-iil in tht. dlsliiet was present
at the meeting, the following being
lu lUtiiiiliiiue,
I'rehideiil V, U, Hheriiinii, '
Vlii-rusiihiit .1. It, C.iilvin.
.Si'iieliiiy  ,7,   It,  MiDoniild,
N'ntinnal  Hnnrd  Mi-iiiUt Fulterson.
The different loinlis were repri'seiitcd.
by lhe Inllowjng delegnles;
Fernie, W. Di.kni,
Miclnl, C. C.iirdner, ' "
Coleiiiuu, \V. (iiiihnm,
Frnnk ,.I,  S'lchnl. •
T.ille, M. IVtrim,
llelUvne, C,  Stiihbs. '
Hillcrest, C. lluriows.
T11iKll.f1.ft.    TT    T.*,■...,. t
IiethlMidgt*. .1). ,JlcNali.
Titl-or, I). Wilier. '
, Caniiioie, J, S, Wright,
llnnkhead, J. .S, MeAlpine. -
Tlw .nnltci nf tlu* strike nt L*th*
hrlAg* xt/a* fully ?ont Intn nn.l the
►,'nllnwing irinliitlon wan )mum4.
«'*fifwn-t,,„tJK- i**&lAivc,'cuiiurtil nf
0UlriU IH V, M. W. nf A., in meet-
ln.<r asvn|'iV.l. h,-w\m« canfiilly r.tW-
nMcrcil lhc nun now nn ulrilo' nt
Letltlirldgi' and nKn tht Rnnncial pn
»itlo» of lb* district, tre*Miry, and
find ituiMlvr-i in a ulnmg jmsition:
lie it therefore,
ft»4»nlvc(I, That wc instruct niir of-
f,(\t% tn cof-tinm- llw fight st I/lh-
lirldgr- l.y evtty means at thtir com*
The results of lhc recent examinations for the high school" appears in
the last issue of the Gazette. It
that in thc rural districts of th*-
province 277 candidates entered for
the hi.flt school entrance examinations
Of this number 140 passed and are
now t'lialified to attend high school.
Fernie and Golden occupy,first places
among successful, competitions, as th.-
whole numl>cr entered in each in.
stance passed. '
. The, results fn inspectorate No ?,,
embracing east and a portion of'
West Kootenay, was as follows.
Ko. of candidates, 49; passed 35.
Cranbrook Centre, u
Cranbrook,   Number  of  Candidates
6, passed '2. Louis .W. Stewart, 588
Gladys M.   Ga'skill, 558.      '   ,' „  ".
■ Fort  Steele—Number  of  candidate-'
1, passed,   1.  Walter' G.  Tannhauser
600. - 'o
Moyie—HHtnber a of    candidates,   3
passed  1. Arthur fj. Crowe, 667.
.Wardner—Number .of candidates,   1
passed, 1. Mnrial I. Shepherd, 576.-,
p     . Fernie  Centre.
Elko.—Num,ber     of'. .   candiates 1
n„..^.,.l ,. T...,._p IT~11._ 1. -or
-i'&.'nst,j~i-.~*.tvr.—St.—,—5""~ '
• Fi-mic—Number of candidates 7
passed, 7.. Viola.White, fifty-Margin*-
ita Carosella,Ofifi$}.'J*essi'e Ha/.eil, fit*
Raymond GidilJ-ngs, 639; Leona Po!
lock, 636; Eupheriiia McCliment, 601
Harry Pollock. 599.     .
.: ,., Golden .Centre.,..--... ._..,
Galena—Number  of* candidates,- '1
passed  1.  Mary H. Mcintosh; 645.
Golden—Number of Candidates,    ;
passed 7. Dorothy C. Jones, 531; Mn
garet  Nealon,  723;  Owen a  Starforth
700; Joseph Nealon, 685; Katie       V '
Kenny, .649;  Minnie Adams, 583;  Ai '
nold Hnnna, 5(12.    ,
Wilmer—Niuulier  of  candidates,    1
passed 1.. Celeslia Iknnett, 734.
'IT,  S.  Ollircr, iil-*; Gateway*   Charge''
wiih Smuggling Chinese.
Helena, Mont,, July 8.—Deputy Collector of Customs Hoover station.,'.-
nt Gateway, an'entry port from Ca
niiii, on the Montana boundnry lin
was arnstcd   iu   this city  today    on1
complaint of U, H, Taylor, a 'seer."
service  man   sent out from  Washin.i*
ton to investigate charges of a con
spirncy to smugg-le Cliiue^.-  jmlnwful
ly into the country,.1' •
Hoover came from Gateway to appear «s a witness in a deportation
case before a -United States enmmis
sioner and wns arrtinted upon his nr
rivnl here, charged   wilh  cnnsplrary.
The cniiiplniut stutes that HnovVr,
QniMi Lee and Wong Wing Guey con
Nplred tn bring Vcc Fecn intn tli»
United States nnd lhat lliey did s.
on June 27. Ycc Feen wan arraigned
lodiiy 011 n charge nf being in tin
roil 11 try unlawfully 'and pleaded guilty, Hi will he deported.
It is snid that the kiniiggllng o'
Cliltii'se iuin the country by wny ot
Giiitcway hot tirien gnii*j'f nn tnnre
lliaii 11 year, the liixt evideiu* nl th.
exlsti'iici* nf n ennspiracy being found
in tin- cast wlun n nuinUr nl China*
mi'ii were nrristcd |,v immigratinn nf
firers yeiilerday, lml others are likely tn fnllnw.
Hoovei' has ts't-n rustnin-i collector
nt Cm te wny since tlte pnrt wan e»-
tiihlii.|ied five years ago. He was
formerly s deputy sheriff imd lata
tliiil nl police nl Kulispclt. His rep*
ut 11 tion has always U-rn good pre
From the, Prospector. v
l-?ev. fi. p. Klewuiling, rector of
Christ church,, took charge of the ser*
virts of the church-of .-Eng-iand at Feinie on Sunday. "     «,
Rev. J. p. . Westman: made a trip
lo ItfarysviSle and-Kii'inberley this
week'*; in connection with his clerical
duties. On Thursday evening he spoke
at the Noith, Star, mine and last even
ing at Mary.svine-.he gavt histaddress
on "The Three-indbdman.' '    ',
Horn, at Marysville,'*'June \j, to
Mr. und Mrs. W. S. Ward, a'son.
From the Herald-
Mrs. James Stewart and two
daughters arrived from' Winnipeg Wed
nestlay morning to join Mr. Stewart,
who is chiel tie inspector for the
Crow. They have leased the J. S.
Brake home in the- we-*Tiaft"of town
ahd will take up iheir. residence thereat once.,
p. C. Ryan, of Wyclifle, was fetched to town Sunday altcrnpon very
much out of sorts. Mr. Ryan took
sick Friday last and giadnally grew
worse until Sunday when his condition became st-rious,,. and it ; was decided to bring him.-into town. Today he is much improved and in ' ,1
diort time'will lie out of danger.
One of the prettiest weddings ever
performed in Kast Kootenay occurred
at the Methodist church here Tuesdav
when Henry A. McKowan and ' Miss
Rva May Cartright were united in
marriage by Rev.      J.  P. Westman.
groom are well known h^re'where tlu-y
have a host of friends, the,bride li'av- '
ing been practically raised - in ihe
Pass, while the groom 1ms long been
a resident of Lille where he is one ot
the most popular miners in lhat
camp and held the honoraWet' position
ol 'secretary of lhe Lille Miners' union.
"•"rom the Leader— ,
A union  of thc  Industrial  Workers *
of the World was organized in Moyie
last Sunday   aft'ernopn   iii   McGrejror
hall  by'W.   J.° Fellham,  the  district
organiser.  Mr. Fellham made a talk
The Spokane Iiiutnationitl is no<*
handling four enginrs nn it* line U-
twrcn llonnrrs F«*rry, Idahn. and tny
Canadii4U, line. Qmr pt thy«t i* used
for lirint-inttr steel to' the ffniM. V**-
nngcrs and freight are f#ing tccom-
moif-itrd in fi siimll woy and it " ii
v»|>eiti-d that irguUr selu-dulei*. will
la* adopted *u far at tht f*rry. ' Th«
artitrtl running nf trains will not
mmmenre, hnwi-vtr, until the trains
run nut  <*i  S^IMynt.   yttyitUsytr*
Mil.- Wi,-* Wi* lUilttl^k*.  <*t«l  UiHJkVlA,
where the Hfmtawr UUraM^Ml rail-
ttni- will pass iin.lcr the Rreal N'or-
itWrri tr«'i«. Tbe it*t\ will ttttb
Sin.l(M,inl aUiut Auguit lo.
.in the principles of oigtanued lab'or
iftcr the close of which the following
officers were elected'* F. *.I. Smyth:;,
president; Andrew Johnston, vice-pres-
dent; Sid Humbly, recording secretary! John Gordon, conductor; Win-
Irvine, warden." K. Kelly agreed , to
.tct'as iinanclUl secretary ■ protein .'* ,
McGregor hull was well.filled, last
Saturday evening to listen to J, II.
Hawthornthwaite, M. P: P., of Na-
iKiimo.niid leader oi the socialist pally of the. pi{ojvincc. Tlifis. K. Kelly
tcted as chairman and introduced the
speaker, Mr,      Hnwlhnrnlhwnilc
'•ti a. rapid ami, somewhat brillinni
.peakcr, At times lie was cool and
ikg-fliii at 'itimes he pnwed the :iir;
mil became, spasmodic. lie would;
hit Lieutinant-govcrnor Dunsmuir a-
•it]), then the* beef trust, John I),
llockcfeller', then the .liln-ral govern-,
ilieni nt Ottawa, tlicit the conservative government nt Victoria, He
. dnyed no favorites and all were;
■-rist for Ins miick rake. But as inj
the real ^iie'stwin of socialism and its:
■imposed remedy for the industrial'
and class evils nf *ll"* "presniit dhy,
lie was imt at all clear, and those
who went to hear nn educn'tioiinl
speech were' doomed to disappointment, '
M.AIUM0KK. .     '
From the Times--
Materiul is ln-ing delivered for >i
new depot nt Coleimiii.
Archie Mcl.eo.l transacted biisiurss
it   Ferule Thursday.
Peter Mc.Vkhol has opened up .'1
ijiiieitil iiienllalidiKt store ul Cum'*,
Tin* steel gang, composed of- HS men
tinier Fniviunn Nevlin, has Uen lay*
ng llu* heavy steel throughout ' the
l'ass thi*. wtttm.
During the pnM lew days 11 numlH-r
if Uiilieis huve been biiint by gut. ex
plnsiotis in the Lundbreck mine mil
.is 11 infiM'iyui-iKc the mine is now idle
\inoii";st lb#.»e who were inure or less
wrlotiMy injured are F, Sun'l, l*
Hie,   A. Sinsiim nnd W.  Shaw.
A. (i. Trelli has leased his hotel
tl Col, man and wiil leave wiih hii.
finnilviii h few iIiivh ior n visit in
On Tuesday a serious accident ' ne-
I'tirrcd B» tin* tgiiatry nl the Crow's
.Vest ^,ime Cn., L, Unssi wim was cm
ployed there,    while loading    a  Imlr
li'iil   III,1 * il, n'linifi.   lli'irjfc.    I'Vlillidi.     in
his hand. IU was badly tut up. 'A
's trarrd that hr will lint- the flight
nl dot rye nnd has nlr«-»dy had one
hand awputatid.'*-
' 0» * Thunsl^y nt last week John
H<MF/,ir<i, hr/iihrr nf Mnrv Hnwnri',
and Mrs, Uov!*, ot this plant*, pav«.-d
away in the LetWiridgi*:h,»si>i«.il r»f*.-r
a long- illitvKH. ll« I1-4V1*. a «*iit* nml
l»« rbi.imi to inMirn his lm*.
A i/Vry |ir«ilty wedding tiM>k pl.i.*
at th" hnnw f Mr ' Carl
IUnsnt.11- nn NalunUy rvrntag st*i
\,***b*eib, tm i*t» .V>, s>W« Ut-v. 'K.
It. Ifarrav, ot CnWman. tic! the In *t
that united for |if« Ms ,.',!*,.'.
liir, Vtsmt* lUtkritMrr, %a I»ji»a M.-
Nntl, of  l.illr
From the Kcho.—
A football match was played her-j.
on.Tuesday of lasl week lhe first in
the league series, ihe teams l»infr
Lethbridge vs: Pindier Creek. It was
a very one-sided game, the home
team having it all their own way bv
a score  of 5   to  nil. '_
On Monday, evening as the people
were returning 'from the races • an
accident, occurred by which Paul »i-
onne lost a horse. Several boys were
racingand such a dust was raised a
team coining could not lie seen, and
lhe horse ridden by Dioniie ran into
it, the pole entering the horse's chest
about a foot. The" horse staggered ,t
few feet and fell dead. Noone was
The     infant • child  of    Mr. Lev
Crockett, who lives a -short distance-
east of town, was found dead in it:;
lied on Wednesday 'morning. It had
been vomiting a shortime previously
and it* is supposed that it had another attack and 1 the parents not 110-
' icing it, died of strangulation. Tlu
oronor ,was notified ,1mt deemed it
unnecessary to hold an inquest.
A man named McQueen, who bus
Ix-en working for Mr, Heppncr, about
ihree miles from Fishl-urn, was arrested',, on Wednesday last on ' -.i
charge of rape ou a girl about sixteen yeais of age. He 'was committed to Macleod jail for trial at tlu
_ncj(L_sittiiitr_nr ii,i,rs„„,..-....^^^ .	
 —-,-   -      r. ...~—-....j.i* mc Limit
A young man named Save is, a half'
breed, ■ living above Chas. Smith's '
ranch, died on Sunday of pneumonia ,
He had been ill for several . days,
but paid but little attention to it,
not den refraining from nmuh-cmcitl--.
until-Sunday," when he felt, so ill he
called in Dr. Turcot< Tlie doctor
soon saw the man was'in'abnd wav
and immediately niaile urinngi-menis
for*having him removed to the hospital. He had only got the iniin a
short distance away from the tent
when he called for his faftlicr, wlr1..
wns wilh him, and immediately expired. ' The IkmIv was • buried fn'nm
the Cnthnlic church the same evening
Ora Kddy Inst his life lust Tuesdax*
in attempting to'ernss the South
fork up near the Hutu* raiuli. The
next 'day his brothers (..mul his I earn
tangled in the brush mi the
of the river, lower down tlu*
mains of his huggy, while still
ther down the body was found on a
sand bar. S'o impiest was held. Kildy
ran  a   butcher  shop  at   IVIIiviic,
Krom the Times.—
Pnrticiiliirly sad are the ei re must iinccs loiiiieclcd with the deiilli uf
Henry Fell Inst week, The d.-ieasei*,
a; years nf nge, i-iiinc lure ' fmm
Keiilou Fulls Out., a loiiuighi iii<i..
in good health, He was stricl'tu with
nolle   nephritis.
Fire d.-slroyed llie hom-e nn.l ;l,i.
bit's belonging to Shoit llios, Initr
miles east of here Tiie-sdnv. A full
was burned in tin* stable. The nr iji 1
of the lire is unknown, .but is Mipp.r-
i'il to have lieen fiom it di-h-tiivr iln,-
J. 1'). Hull, Athcitii' miiiiiigi'i' ...
the Hell Telephone Co., was iu tn-v'i
today inspecting the systi-m and ii-
ad vert nut ly sluikiug with 'ii<
frit fills. Ile npnits Sn phoin' -ub*
sriilieiK  ill  High  l.ivit.
Cnlgarv, .Iuiv n.-Calgnrv buildup
npi ml jt »is .lie ciuupli lily ti><! "V
|M-nding 11 M'lllt'iiii-nt U't-Auii ih.'
imitliit, btnl.lini; l.tUit. t. .ml
11.11I1 in lulu nl ihe ills, The m< u *-*»•*
milted an iittimatum to tin- C"i
',;..,'.   :    ,.:  . 1  '''.'..-.  ' '  ,:  "  '''
iuy tor s*;1. c.nt'. ;oi hmn l.*t |.".,t ir
niiitets iuul V it nl*. fm  bil'nr"
The Alls 1 tn limblinj' <|...nv si'.'u
id the si oh* Imt tin- mini imitr nlnrt
rifiiM-d nnd tlu-ir mm \wul >.u --«*>l---
'l./.'ltui*^    ),ii.'o,i>./  »	
nud Htiriuiiia'Kitis iiIm'c in «< ik with
noiitmiiiii btUir.ts and tin* IhiiIiIh.;'
nperalinns mr nt a standstill .-xii-pi
in lhe ease ol lhe AlWrl.i lbiildi'i;1'
John HrniWr, 0 P|*»ljndit *»h>> •*.»*.
emplnynl »«■ a duv.i in Vi< 1 nnu
al C«al Cr»t-k, u.i-> fouii.1 tiinl'-i th-
first car of 11 siiin*. 1,1" >.i\ wl...,.
Iw was hiinginj- out i*t tlu- min -
Monday M'rningnt aXmmi nnu- ,,'m,h*
He was bionglit drnsn tn th ln-.-pi-
tat wlwle he   iiml   (toot   h ■;    iltj'ill
trsturdas *llun.-ni .it   1 i>',b*i»    At
lV,th tlw liri.k 'anl   ItupMst is  King h,)A  u,A.\y. THE FERNIE LEDGER, FERNIE,   B.C.   JULY 11^906.
1 " VANCE.''' "J
IN   AD-
Issr.e'd every Wednesday from the of:
lice   of    publication,     Todd   lllock,-
' Victoria , Ave.,-Ferine*; IMtisJi ,Col~.
timbia. ■     ■   **   •;   "**   '"     '      , '■•.   ■;■'   -
I").   V.   MOT.T    "
' Kditor
the retil^ife'ifli^s '■"M- la^t.MfA^M^f
with;telI^"^cii|*VgaK"^im. »j*sM
Mr' IIaWt&rntliwail'^**'^ai'eSW'et't
■For waul of, space, lasl week tlte
Ledger had lo omit*'any statement or
comment upon' lhe address delivered
in Minos'* union hall upon the ru-
lalion.-diip ol capital and labor, -by
.1 II. Ilawthorntliwaile, the li*adi;i.
of the socialisl party in this province.
The hall .was well filled bv'-an uudi-
,.:nce that lislemed attentive.y to
what the 'speaker' had to say and it
wns evident-that ''he had the sympathy ol a, majority of his hearers
made lhe audience was "mostly
of followers of and lvelievers' iu the
doctrines promulgated by.Mi. llaw-
ihoriiihwaite and his political friends
A representative ni the Ledger was
cordially invited to occupy a ' seat
at atab'.e near the speakers' stand,
and had ample opportunity to .hear
and to note, "the effect of the' gentleman's remarks upon the audience and
must say that he he-Id the attention
of his hearers very closely, whalcvei
the   opinion   of some   of   them -might"
to, ' • 1 .•   ■
As stilled in last week-,s issue regarding „l he few remarks made" lithe, same speaker at,,the .Millers' celebration, Mr. Hawthornthwaite show '
ed a marked improvement in his man
' ncr' of speaking and has devtlopedt.'
, a rcmarki-fblc de-gxee tlieAiriitorien'
facnllv  of   leading   his audience.
Cl r- ,
Many statements made by him- an
unanswerable and are endorsed by
the most eminent speakers and writers  of  today, bui .on  the  oilier hand
= some of his reasoning and conclusion'
are erroneous because based upon incorrect statements.
■.Four years ' ago Mr. Ilawthorntliwaile. nd-Mr. Wilson, both advocates
of lhe same cause, spe>kv"here-*alitl„'ltoth
of them stated lo their
thal "All wealth i.s the product, o
l.*.r*j>r," and in that'connection slalec
liirtlier that the statistics of, the bureau   of .labor  of the   United      Stale*
_sltowed that   in, the ' previous-■     yea:
Mr.' Hawt^rniliwa^S^^alp,^- ^
of   bofh'*' old - partifs^for, ■ theft*"*- ttRbrtfl
coming.<5,-'*,\ras*"'7 seve'rcTA&ndfJn'' soine'
respects  just and  deserved .'"When      a"
political, party7.*'is."7elilriisted'"i!'..7 with
power il'.js,, hi  once bcsal-"-,*-';'y the"
.■ji-e.ed .of  the^grafler  whovhas"-no'-i uso!
..*.'■      -    --**-*,T?-..,.    *' -'- ^ •   F*. '    >• '-..      -.
for'a'pa'fty 'n*nt iit {jpwer >and too of-.
teu the power- eiilrusled, by the. people for the* .purpose o,( properly goy;
ernii'ig 'i's prpslitule(l-."fo'i--jr<j,h'e' purpose
of-,,rewaidin*^ individuals for. party
MerviccA rj-id* y-jou'i^U*. Iiievit-ajvly fol-
lowsT-.""       .- -1.
Xo  party  organization has '.ever'ex;
isled for,.  long     without eucouutcrin!'..
:..*!.      u.   -* -J&. ,rf-f,
-, l£-. '->tl     , 1&>V,
-V. The;vcontrac^s£,qf, Ferine . will
please-''take*-' notice -^hat'■'-'Af ter April
'ist",   1906  the  Carpenters^ and  Join-
-V-   -v   Pl 4-3.* -|v«.',.,i.Wl(*tliJ>Mi1,t>f. ..', "   a   1   -k.     -*,
■ era of Fernie" I.oc'aV 1220 - will , demand four dollars (4:00) for eight'(8)
hours,vw6rk.'.:,.i.7"...'...'.7.7^." -...„■' .,7    •
,    ..      ' .      W.^A. CONNELL,      ;.
; "-'- -   -■*-.•,*■  - ■—* >- -.-■■ President,
U.'B, of C. St* A.'V. 1220, Fernie.*-
Yi *' 7'"-MDJINO REGULATIONS..   »■■>
l£ Oi  H,,lSi|p. 3172
iMeet in$i. 0. F. HaJl on    the    last
-^.Tuesday in eyery^month.'
- .- *-• W. J.i J.vMORRISSON,. Fin Sec
there had .been produced in Unit conn*,
try   thirteen, billion   dollars,,    worj.1
of wealth;   thai-live millions of  wage-
earners bad produced that wealth ant'
that lliere   we iii seventy, millions   o!
idlers in llial country who, -   tlnou'gli
the present e-ei'Jtoiiiic   c.iiidilicms     se-
c 11 red four-liflhs of.the product  ofllu
live   million   wage earners.   Mr.. Iltiw-
tlioriilliwaite   upon the   occasion      ol
'his lasl speech here- Hindu . use of. llu
same Mateiueul   as regards   the wagi
earners   ii;i'eiviiii;ie-/-.iiy   mic-lif-lli   "o
the   product   of their   mil,* bnt      did
nol tell  his  uudii'iici'  lu.\v( he*        Inn'
deterinineil the fact, but if, he  is still
laboring   under      the-   same erroneous
conclusions   lak..u from   the  statistic -
(il.ri-poil  of the   I'liiled   Stales  stn
tislicul  ileparlmi-iit,  some one  should
put 111111  . right for ■ .such  i-oiii-ldsioii,-.
are absurdly      ridii-ulntis.      (.niiitiii--
th\i,t all   wdilth' is lhc   product    .0'
labor, ilois any one of  intullige.iice In
lieve  that live niilliniis  of people    if
the gronl iialioii to,the south   are-'lo
ing -ill ihe work lliere, while the b.u!
an.v oi the  people  are  loafing? 'Tl   i-
a nice lilllc slip   from ,th-'  slutenieli
that nil   wealth   is   the   jiroiiuet      o!-
Inhor  lo lln  sliileineiil thai  live mil
lions o|   WAOK    IvAUNl'd'S   proline,'
nil  the wealth in the country,    llu-i
(li'iiioiislinle   that   wage earner.*
get onlv oiie-lii'ili ol the thirteen Ml'
lions prntlui-iMl,   mill   therefori!        aiv
chi'iiled out of the oilier four-fifths,1>,<,
the idlers.
Ileciiiisi' n man or 11 wniinui Is ik.i,
on (he piivinll ol sunn* inilusli-iiil 11,
Nlitnlioii line*, imi prnvu, tIf.**, lie I
nol 11 prndiieer ol wuiillli, nud if Mr,
Hiiwtlmriilliwiiile dnn't want In de
lihi'i-.itely niislimd ||jN trulhfiii follow
1 rs In- should look a litt'/* ihe-'tr in.
lo these statistical mutters so ,n
tint tn lay himself open to the. uluiiy,.'
Iiiefei'ii'il iiguiiisi him by his pnlnicf,
cppiiii'iiis n| being Insi'iii'i-ie. \ veiy
large prnpni-linn nf the wealth Jin'
iliiinl in the. I'nitcd Htiites is brmigh'
into exisiriu'c bv people who ,ln llol
ligum'tipi.n lhe rolls nf nnv ruin-
puny or indictiJul miii'iin, ,in,l in
skip nt niii! bound from III.' Mm.-
iiiint llml wi'iillli is the pimliKl d
liibor In the i'I'iiiIiciiiim iissiilliptloil
lhat  there 11 re only live million    In-
l,«,!l'l.*.      .11    UU       \   ll.U'i     .>i,lU.<      1.1 ....
'.■,.'''...i i'f llll bi'liltllle'^ li.i'licit *•
of ...nine public's llllilgijli'^f'ioil, n^lil
lb. readiue*.-. with whiih IlllllV pi.'O-
ple taki Mich stntLliieiils Seriously N
evidi'iii-e nl the iluiiger which' limy
11' wimighi eillit'T limuij-ti nMi-/e.n-
oiis igiioiaiiii. nr downright dislinn-
i-sty, It is .1 pity llml u limn «l X\i*
nieiitul i-np.iiiiy of Mr. Iliiwthmiith-
wuiii' shuuiil be misled by such crrmi-
miis inmliisinii.., uiul in tutu 1ki lend
by his bimiiiig iViitv In help the
cause nf the l.tlmiiiig m„u, intn lead*
ing ilnin intn 1 in- simie tinti'iinhle pni
itlnn, ' Then: uru limny wiivh in
•aIiiiIi In (uiild be ti gn-nt help to-
wnrd« righting sonic nf lln- r».;*,l
wrung*, to which nil I'trWer-.. whether
wngi* (iniiciH or nnt, nrt snbieft, hut
•u»li lmli-'N mi he Ik using helps
no (list iniise perm.'ii-riitfV nnd nnly
puts iiiiiiiiiiiiili.iii into ilu  hands    M
meet'with the, same.trouble;'-.and then-
i would  depend upon  the'honestyw.of-
purpose   and   ability of  himself.     and
'lis colleagues as to'whether
:iiiliitiit  would' escape*-, the *pi.tfalls.ill-.
'.o which   soinaiiv   goveiiiiueiits     are
.irecipitilled   by .the:  selfish greed    ^of
1 llieir, gralting ,:supporleis.-  The   gfeal
body   ol  the- people-   of   this   .conplrv,
whelhet;   liberal,,   ronservalive   or   so-
vialisl,. an- honest   and  desire' honest
governnutit,   hut   lliey   are- o?leii^ defeated iiii their object-by the insistent
and, insidious efforts of thc fellow who
is ever .'present  looking after  personal
interest, using, as, his  weapons jiarty
'.cal   and  an  interested  playing  npon.
the   feeling oi j-tairiolism with the intent tc) deleat.thc object of tthe really  patriotic voter. '      ,,-,..
A,,co'.itein]ioraiv iii.coiumcnling upon Mr. TIuwlhnrnl.hwaile"s ' remarks
on i*jalrio,tism waxes warm and lee-
lures   hiin upon  his   lack- of so desir-
ilile  a  seliliiueiit, but* the world       is
1 ,       •        .      i.  -      >, -    -    .>-.',
rapidly growing-out of tbe cramped
.-onditiniis of. lhe,.p!isl when the i>co-
iile of 'line epuniry knew .very little
of those of others, and the meaning
)f the.word patriotism has' caught
this spirit of expansion till'it is fast
lieing looked upon, as a word slanting, lor, the love'eif lhe'best tliat .js
lo ilse found in any country,  ahd that
I man can be a/real 'palrioAwitho'iit
lespisiug the* good iii his naticiual
'ie-igh'1'oi- or winking al the w'r'on'gs
-onimilled in the nanic ol" patiiotisin
!n his own laud. The greatest' ]>al-
'iot of.,tc>day is he who unhesitating
'y. upholds that'which  is'good '   and
ight in .hi.-,, and-all other lands
md does     his best    to     right his
iwn liefoie   going... foi th so   do   bailie,
.gainst those  ol. other  countries. _.""
t—Mrrri r.iwlltoiyitinvai Iti—wi 11-rhavc-t-. lime  of  it making  it'clear     to-
ihe people. 01 this   province   his   pos-,
..     1       ■*■),-      *  . 1   *, •       4 .   *. ■■
linn   b,.'lween'the   .two   'parties   and;
justifying   liis.,course  in, the   , "housej
in tbiiies. lhat   ate   of vital   impcirt-j
-- - . .     .,-    ....   -1. \    - \.   *   |
intu lo  everybodyu.and his  novel idea.)
if supporting ^llie worst nieasttres-
'-rnughl .down by the governineiil in.I
irder lo make uiipo'pula'r llial" ' gby-
...rnineiit, can .not be. considered its
latleriiig lo.iho goy,;rn;.i''icii.l',-which
\hiili se.eins -to exisl and draw; its
•ajary. under such 'conditions. -Tn'or-
'.un'alely, liowe\er, ffir, the socinlist
ic gentleiiiaii's.cniisliiuciicy he. always
ipnils his philosophy 'by his oft repealed ,,1-niidt'iiinniiiin ol Jiis . liberal
••ppoiu'iiis , for pi-o])o.siiig .worse .itieas-
II es llii.ii those iif his.coiiservaiivui
'rieiuls giving tliis »irS ,a reason fori
'iis  political, turning.       •' ;
her .varicnts franchiscv holding, corpor-
titicns. •*,., ;.,  ,.  f,,„ ,    ,,)
Even now Montreal's gas" bill ' is
•5400,000^ per-,, annum greater than
Toronto's gas bill for the*'same .num-
"ber of cubic feet. ...
i Toronto i.s no model, and if public
ownership docs not restrain this cityjsi
ibis dillieiilly, send if Mr. ITawthornth.' captains of; industry they'-'will put
thwaile should ever succeed-in becom Toroi/to as-deep in" the mud as Moll*
'ng the leader., ot a government he-will   trtal   is , jn ih^inM-^A,-. *!   'i/'
Winnipeg, in voting^ $600,000   for  a
ga-i-plaul and* $3,500,000. for anelee*
/.trie.1  plows*.;   tUvelcjpiiieiiiiiJ' plapiit,' *|ias
slngkcred .eastern Caiiai'da 'with,    the
.magnitude of   a western .faith in west.
ern-greatness..".     , .  -       „      .
i* Thus Mciiiitreal    has   to  pav
!$4oo,ooo. more: (.lian Toronto pavs fo:*
gas every yc-ir,, Kxlra; toll  as Vini-
pared with Toronto  will  mean    thai
.Montretil.. is paring ,$2,0110,000     more
per  annum   for the  necessities  of"   :i
:city.s   life   than   Winnipeg   wilh     be
paying when Winnipeg is as large -as
"Montreal  is today.
..Vublic ownciship will  build up  Winnipeg   on\t'    supply of   gas,  'electric
power anef other great necessities    at
cost,   l'rivate ownership' will'    ' bleed
Montreal - for a ,supply of gas electric
power and other great'necessaries -at
cost,, plus $2,500,000, .the. interest    oh
$50lot)o,()(>o*''worih   of .wa'ei'ei'   stock
The iiiirestrained greed of private own'
ership  will put  oft  the "map" in liiaiiy
lines of 'competition ", with'Winnipeg
and other cities  that lay  hold of the
principles ''f'pi'tj-lic ownership in  their
voulh.'Monlrealjs position in relation-
toher  pul.lic  franchises 'is' absolutely
hopeless.   Toronto's'[position  will ''be-
little better "if 'this   city   does      not
■lu.ickly lake'lhe power silu'atioh'o'ut
of the haiids of "the,,''.'Caplains "of Industry."
■■1^:11.:     ; ■-'   1     7      .        _, ,      '■     ,
"Much .speculation''is'lieiiig'i'iidiilgo'.l
iu regard,ng Mr. lioss' trip'lo the
coast anil 'many people"' thiiik his visit
has more to'do'witlf mailers' politic-*r
Coal -Coal lands 'mny be purchased »t tlO
per ncre for roft coal uiid 1*0 for auttimclts
Not more tluin Sio uc es can b« acQinica l*y
one indUidiiftl or company, Royalty at tb*
rate often cents per ton of <*,000 pounds itaall
be collected on the eross output. . ^
*> Qmirtz—A free miner's certifichtu is graated
upim piij-ineiit in udvanceof $5 per annum lor
au individual, aud from {SO to tlOO per aunum
for a company according to capital. " »
! A fiee miner, huvinR diiicovered mineral in
place'.nmy locuto 11 oluiml/iiM xl/iOO.leet.
: The fee for recording a'claim is 4ft. 7
, At ieiii>t. \ lew must be expended ou the claim
eae-li>L*sir or paid to the iniiiinit recorder,In
lieu th.-i-eof. vft'-ti has uc*en expendeu or
paid, the loc.ntor may. upon baving a kurmj
made, and i.pou complying'*-with other, ru-
(liurerneiits,piirclucftO tlie huul at cl an acre..
'Tlm patent jiriiVdcs for the payment of a
loyiilty of 2[ per emt. on the sales,  ,
l'l.ic-Klt liiiniiiK nlitims Kenernlly are 100 feet
•.uliuire; entry feu *ft renewable yearly,
A free miner may obtain two leases to
dredge for gold of live miles each for a term of
twenty vents, renewable at the discretion of
bt lli'i-ister of tbe Interior. \   .,
The, lcs-te-c bhall have adredgc in operation
wltliiu one sioison frxm the date of tu* lease
for each li\ e miles. Heutal <lu i-er annuia for
each mile of river leased, Royalty at th*
rate of 1. per cent collected on the output' after it osceeds tin.OOO,
,  . \V.  W.  COREY,
V Deputy' Minister of the Interior.
N.   1).,—Urt?yilhc(-rl7C(r   fti-lihlicsiiliQn   ol
this advertisement'.will not'.be paid
■; :%:;?* Eckstein
B.\rri8tbr-at-Law,     Soucitojv Etc.-
Iloomg Vifc 8, Henderson block,,Fernio, B.C.
;       F, C. Latoc
j    ?ost Oflice Block .-Fernie. B. C.
W. K aosB.K.O,  .... i J. S. T. .ALKXASrcn
; *   Ross & "Alexander
1 - .      /   , F
! '   ""  ''i'EItXIE. 1)?C.;   Y   '
! Oniee In L."T.'W. liluck, Victoili Avenue.
Ij. Barber-j l.d.s., d.d.s.,
-~ t:—" ,
- Tiri-;,UNIONf'liA»KI/.'    A !■
Tliu Mivyiv I.eiuler iiiinoniu'e;*'; .llirilj
it 1111M   eiiii'ies llli:   llllioll'Inliel, ■' !
\\'eie sneli M (net, in'it'Inte ,'iselist^
wu would i'i ml I1.- weK'onie this ollie--
into the. 1 links . of the, •i'ypojji-aphi.c'iil,
•niioii, Imt it is only. 11, hiilf'.triilh j
I'or the lahcl il funics hulonns to il",;
'inliisti-iii'l Woi-iicis.ol the Worlil, .111.',
is no wuy tlit print,
iii)> lifetei'iiify. Someone' must lwive,
: 1111 up n' hi),' jolly on friend Siuytli
on tin; hihi'l <iiii.f!ilon ' unci, iiidiic.'.l
hiin lo ndopl this, which ivnlly is,
not oi nny more vnliie from .11 print-
ir.s' stmidpiilnl thiiii'.oiiu of. thrise ofi
,1 hoi lie nl Ciilniiry he'eV, Tlieui l,j
oiily'fiiic rei-0|;iii/(-(l niiloir-liipii-l, thiil
of Ihu Tiilei'imlioiiiil . 'I'ypo-jrnplili-iil
'Uiioii, nnd here it Is:   ■ '       .
Dmill licikiievc.l hy those who ullln.j
ihroiiuli ijjiioi'.iiiii: or lln'olinh 11 ilusiry
In. work 11 chi'iip nickel, 11,11 l\nmi.-c-
lli.y use  ilut union lulii'l,
Th.' l'Vinin 1,1-cljfcr is lhc only news'-
priper Itelwc-eii Niilhiiii uiul Cul({iir>* Imi any iiiiii in use llm union
IiiU'I mul looks In uuiou men llin--ii*'l
.nil lhc ilistrict to ilisi-oiuitiiii-iici'
.mv iitli-iupt ul .fnlMinj; uny mh-i-hIIcrt
llllioll liilii-l-iis ii printc-iv' lilln:l--on
il, .<-uiiofi.ft niMiiev li'i* mil I'i'iiiiiiie
it'.; uot •ii|ti!u-e,'iiii.|. we Ihiuk ii tIif
f.i.inlir mull looks up the iiinttoi" hi-
will lain- out our coiilc'ilioit,
If imy otic iliuililN thr* Inilil. ' of
tin-si' sl'itcmcuts,    hit him write hiji
I. A|.   li*'. '."'-H	
tin liilit I 01 Hi.* Industrial Worker*, nl
the Wm hi is imi rei-(»niii/,v'l »»* A
priiileiV liiln-l, nnrt Hint il« np|Ki*.-
unci* mi 11 i'.Si "I iniiitini: is *■?
HUiiitnili*.* that It hun Ucn pi'otlurei.
t>*, nn Imt, nnu '.i ninliT 1111I011
ilitioiu. ' '"   '*
Take notice that, within sixty tlays
I intend to apply to the chief commissioner of .lands anil works .for a
special license to; cut. and carry away
timber Irom the following lands situated in .southeast Kootenay .-district'
Commencing at a post marked John
bockstneleiAs southeast corner, ahoiit.
one mile west of the mouth of Timr,
■cl creek where it empties into 4 the
Elk river, thence north So chains;
thence' west' So . chains, thence south
80 chains,' thence, east 80 chains , to
place   ol   commencement. ;  ,
Located May  19th,  1906.
*--.       ... ..'",..      .Locator.
,   ' .Per
ffevnic, 3B. G.    J
Davey ■& Ladkroute'
The Fiilelt PorteiA
The only'Gpoll; Beer
in Fernie. a
the product of the
-,        1 .    . ,   , , ■ j      .-  ,     ;.    , •■ ,
Lethbridge Brewery
Sold only at
Tlie King's Uotel.
lu T. W.. Block,. opposite, the   Bank
Offlue hour*—8 a.m. to tl p.m.
W. J, Wriglesworth, D, D. S,
Office lIOUKSi-        t'V-to 12 a, in, ^J to 5 p. iii
**      .. C.Sli tba P'm. "   :.
'"Office- in Alex: 1-".k's Bioelc,, ,
' .' overSlinn'siUiliiory."
FERNIE, .,    i-   ",' -        —     -        II. 0
in. the c0t-ntv:c0u"rt oe icast
' . ■   , ■■' koot'exay,       ■■   "-
Holilen-at •Kernie, -'-
.- „ *.
IN TIIE03\IA'l-TEil of the Estate of
■'., "Henri' Joiilia," ; ' 'deceased,
'   Intestaie!    -'' " '   *'.
,  All persons having uny claims"of di-
luands, against     the 'estate, of   Ilenn
al lli'an'Av'ith _a vacatioir'*'The.      - .-„-        —-    	
Ledger'sees'' nolhii'ig'-'iii  this* suntmer   ".TbuliiiJ   hite'of Eernie,' 11.-' C.,""   i!,.--
day vacation' toAause it 10 *■ change
its opinion that there will he noAlec-
tioir,  either, bye--or general,  so .long
as; suclfAv, nroveiiienl^c-aiirin any^vaT
lie avoided. II,*' however', the geAerii-
lnent'opens this "constituency hy' appointing' ^lr."-: lioss'" 'to the cahiiiel',
there 'arc* uiimistakaMe' evidences lhat
there wiil be a lively* Jighf over" "'the
scat, asJMr.' nawtliorniliwaitti and
his lollowers announce t'luil tliey will
have a candidate in the' "field to op-
pose'iMi-, Koss'and Ihut'they aresiirj
to'elect hiin'V       '■■'■■     - ■ ■ ■
The Cr.inhrbok Telephone company
are eiili.rpri.sihg aiid'are reaching 'out
lor business which will put money into the lu'-j-siiry "u-;id di-iny trade lo
that' lilile In'ir'g,'"' Lines will soon
\u completed tc_) Ell.fc, ElkurouUi.
Wiiiiliier and Yahk, All these liiu*
will briog.- business ,'ln llml centre,
Iu Kernie, wc have a system which
'helps the'' business of al-least one
■.lii'm",, uii'l'*)\e should be' thankful .for
that iiiucli. As ,Mr. .Lindsey iviiuirks,
"You sec,,*, we. hnve the destiny, of
I'ernie in our'hniids,some times," 'find
lhc chip-their.-hands , and" "Hciir, 'henr!" ■
Office:. L.T.W. Block      '
. Fernie-A Columbia
The Calgary
Cattle Co.   :   :
Retail    Meat    Merchants
nor wEA/niEii aii(mi<:ntk,'
Al the, lirsl sign of illness (luring
the .hot weiitlier, give the ' little, oik's
Unity's Own'Tul/lets or-in n few .hours
the trouble nmy he. beyond cure, Hn*
hy's'rpwn Tablets is the best inedieiiii'
in lhe world to preventisiiiiiiuei- coin*
lilulnis' if givep' oc'cnsioiinlly to well
ehiliireii, The piudeiil mother will
not wait .until ti-'onjblu coihuh—she will
ket|i her ihildieii well lliroiigh uu oc-
i-ttsioiKil* dose of this tiii'dlcine, Mrs.
■JMwnrd Clark', 'McC.rc'gor, Out,, mivs:
"My little girlsuflercd from colic'iiiic,l
boiycl troubles hnl llnhy's Own Tub-
luls speedily cured.Ium," And tlu
mother hii's the gnunin^ee of n gr.v-
(•lii.nenr (iiuilyst thnt Hiese, Tnli^.'ts
i-ontiiiii no opiules or luiruiful .lnii».
Sold hy. nil nicdicllie ileiih-iK or hy
ui'itl for ( 2,1 iviits 11 lio-c Irom ' Thi!
Dr. WIlHn.iii.H' Meili.liU'Co., llriK-Mljilh*
Out, Keep the Tnlih'ls ill the li'iiiw.
Tiii'Mlny n.ft(>iiio(>i nt Nelson the
Colcimiii foot I.ii II ti-iiiu wns defenlcl
hv the Nelson tcniii  hv n score     ,-if
ceased, -.-arc   hereby   required .to   f-!e
with the  undersigned the names   "and
and  addresses,    and   "full, particulars
before lhe""ist day of August, 1901*1.'
after'- said'Alaie the administratrix
willI prc'-ecci-el to distrilnile the sairl-es-
tate;'aiii'oitgsl the,parties hereto, having regnrd'oiily of lhc" claims of wnich*
she shall 'theii-have had-notice, .and
fjj-e will not be liable ior llie proceeds'of the estate, or any part there-,
of so distributed to any person'
whose claim she had 110C had notkv
at the.lime of distribution thereof,'
.Hated, .this . 26th 'dny  of   June,   A.'
1),' 190(1. ,'        .
,,  Henderson Block,  Kernie,  II.    C ,
Solicitors for Administratrix.'
(Late (iBsnycr Nelson Smeller)
Gold. Silver or Lend eacli....... .'.'...n.00 •
Ooiiper..... ti.ii      Oyilil-Silver-.... sjl.50
Charges lur (itlieii-'mctulj on nnilii-ation .
. \   BAKER^ST., NElSON I   a' ,
P. 0, Drawer llc-8 Phone ACT
ncHurreh Bros.
Sand; Lime & Wood
Oillcc In rfc'arof ir.iw Fouii'lHacU.' Fernio,ll.C
•^    *^; ty-
*■•   'THR-A'
-, "'..,'Modern .',  ,' „.
in—■—mwmwmwmiiiiimi m msinim*m*m*ss**
**-     •     *■ '      ij
Thos. PogueV   o^?   /o$    Prcprictcr
* NOTICE.. .    .    ,
Notice is hereby given thnt ,60
lays' after dale 1 intend to apply to'
, lie chief commissioner or lauds nnd:
w'orhs to pui'chni-u the 'followin-*- deJ
scribed land near Elko, in the district1
of East Kooteimy, .11.  ,C.
Commencing nl a post plnnted nt
the 'Northeast coiner of lot No. 7310,'
thence-noilh <"o i-hniiis, thence wcst>
fio chains, tlicnco south 40 chuins;
thence ensl uloii<j* north line of lol
N'o. 7,vf> Co ihains to place of com:
Ihi ted nt Eli.o, ,11, C, Mny 30, nof,
TT"""    "" ' ..■■—.—-.*. 1. ■■wu. ■      ■■■1
I,i»l Your l'ropci-ty With
Vimi) I1ASS,
l'ropcrly lor Sale, Kent or Exchniijje
Hints  Collected,  Employment' ., Fin*.
11 Ishcd.
C. 1\ li, Summer      Excursions   ro
Tliu Eiia,
Wiiiiilpe.,-,   1'ort Arthur,  Duluth, fit
.'•iii'.,    Miuneapolls,     >59.3o, Uinalia,
>jii.h(i,  KoiisiiN City fob..*,, IA,
Mollis £f.o,oo, Cliiviijjij, $1i.\.oo on wile
.lime i\, n, 7, 03, a-*, July 3, 3, Auj{-
«.-l 7, «,  9,  Sept. 8,   in,  Ou     suiiic
d.iti.s tliroii-ili I'xi'iitsloii fnrt'N will be
(pioied in nil points in Ontario, Que-
l;«c,  Muiilliiiu piwinees, New   Ymlt,
uml  New 'Eiij-IuikI,  'J'ieUels uro' flrnt*
3 lo 1',  Spi-itklni* of tint •'nine    tlu*  cluiM, hear yn duys Iliull for rctuiu,
v,Avm i|.||d H wnn niie til thv pi-Mlli-il I""'1   flre   "''bject  lo  iisiml   vuiliitloiiH
i-lcfiu'csl   hnd Ih'sI    fool-hull   m'ntclii't
ever plnyid  in  Nelson.
Wmmmmmmm***mm** 111  11
WHAT AIMH'T I'EUN'U*..     .«
Ton.iiio Tth-|-iiiiii-'   A-       '
lltlnii ib. c-jptinu". ol inVliislry
lmve ilmie wilh Montivnl tlu* imliwtry
of cily will U- »o-i(,ed wth thy
tlntv  ot p.ivinjr divldetKif on   Jjn.W*,-
Tfnvfi liimilml tlfflMbfl.
Sold by »ll DriiMUt* nm. OfiicmlBtorM
and hy mull.
ui   Iwllie,   Ml.:   nihil   jitHlii   ill   emu i)|
Volli   din ct Inn*;  via* the   ('rent   T.iiln*!-,
n.'l.-ill.yiiul'oininllli'li  011 "^p'-ilJc'iiiiidii,
J, H. Corter, I). V. A„
NcInoii, 11. C,
M. Kerr & Go.
Contractors and Builders1
. Plans, Specifications arid Esti-:
.-.■'    mates fumi.slicd on application/
.,  of  GOOD   ITIiY   LIIM*!
'   Ii. A. KRRR,
,, Architect     nnd Superintendent    j
... Office at Resilience,      -.,•■■   |
BAKKR tW.\     -  A     KRRNIB, B.C1
PA01PI0   COAST   HHUD8     ;
Work. Home industry," Cntnlo-rue'
Kree,   " ■' - -       1 •       '
SVeilliousi,. nml Ci-et'iihriuses,
3»in WVNtiiiin.ster KM., Vniiconver 11.0
■1. i.
Thadk M*hk§
-   ' DctliaNi
CormiaiiTi Ae.
Any ntid timdlnj * •*!■ •( rti vittS wnXtilXtm »»t
•ilMklf fan>trt»ltl mi 011MIM tfmwbmmmt *n
IlifMUlmi l<Wi)b»WrjiitM|iljVj.Ctoi«i«iinl»«.
r*MW**tlti, mitXta-m ihtrt*, H tb
, I'atiuiU l«k«n iSroufr
-utmmnUt, m\tXtatn*l-m„	
Skills: Hmtrkaii.
1**1 uoith ni  wAirl in the stifle of  ' Miamrd'tt  I.iiiiimnt •Ci.h*J   ''iMuuper.
90 Day Round Trl|i
■';'*Throii^li iCxcur-iloii rniea
- * *    j ■ , % 1
. • . MAKfilMK 1-UOVINL'liS,
f*tl^ *   .|**.*l'r,   ,!*«,. '
"ir »"i
Dates of Snle,'
JUNR 4, 6, 7, i3l .,8
AUGUST 7, «, 9)
SRPTRMnER 8 ft 10
Tiel<etH Mihjfct lo vnrliitloiiM 0,
imile iinJ include ipciiU nnd heriliu on
Ciin. I nr. Sieiimcru on Grcnt Liihei.
Kiill Particular! Prom
,      J, 8, CARTRR, 6
IV. P. A,,-N«l»o»,
r. HKAnma,'ar».,
.   ,       Tini*,  Bt C.
.'i pleasant .home
for lhe traveler.
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
WINE  CO.? ad.
Wholesale I.enlei'3 nnd Uirect Immirl-.
ters of
I,0XD0N mi\
OUJ TOM    .      ,     ,
.   AKU UOIJiAN'D lilN, v     i
AUi AND STOUT,    ,'. " |
Wil'lTR ANI) R'iCI) POUT !
h 1
{-Sole AkuMr in Ciiiiiidu foi
Wimliior    Tonic,      J«jr    Deslroyerl
. ■       ■ i
"■W.S,.l.,."-» •■»(»■; •■« V>-...:.-i^.Mi*?!3.<»«af.<--;*-.—j
Philip Caroseilti
Gonoral Merchant
and Dealer. In Winos,
Liquors and Cigars,
i'iu iii-*, i jjj,   xJ,.   CJ.
l*'.l'«i!i*U-IXJIJ_JlJl»Jg"«^!.U.1.'...'jrHf_if w.»»>y«i
XJ X*4 i,OXM   i-i^o-i JiiXj
Orow'o  Nest   Spcokl
M ln(Di*rt Favorite C.nni'3
Second-Hand Store
Ofinnfel up noxt to Itnmi Hon-!
fot*   CcmH
*^.».i»i.«.<»«.^..«..t.^.^"i-*»"<i."»'*»^*i*i"i *■>"«"».
Minar,li-i I.iiiinii-iit  Ciiii-n Wlplillii-iiii
Choicest Jcuts of, fresh meats ahvavs
tn hand.'    '    ,  .
Hams, bacon, and lard as well. >
*,All. kinds of fresh Cth cn  icason.
Prompt  deli very.   ' -.
Give n's a-call. I *'- . ; ; ■'     ',
'fEI;. 18.'.'    ,'■     ■.- ''
Crow's Nest
Electric Supply Store '
\   All. kinds   of   Electrical
Goods kept in stock;  .    "
.-,.. All  work
John Turner,.? . Prop.
* Read carefully air the *
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this issue, and  Patronize  our Advertis-
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ffiuricoHririi* t,i Sum Kou]
Short Orders served at ail
liours, day or nlKlit. >
Two doom noutli oflliolilk liivor Cli.b
fcrinle,   ; :-:     B. C.
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Claim ?'i
u     II not, you aro nilnBlnp boiiic §
§    eif tho cholccsi, llfcemturo d !>
iliooontuiy,        t V \y
St n.i nilollnpto li, T.LOW-
K1IV, Nelson, 1). Cl. ami cct <*-*
It i-bKiilnrly for n year nml 5
l'Iso ont ol iho rut,     <Jf  l> §
1 -^W9PHH.WTI!riI9lt
Hfl'ul Hown " • Itcnil Vp
i.r, ji in I.v.     V'biiiIu      Arr,»,.} nm
IS IK", ii m    ,      Itonrard o.jonm
il 41 n m HI'DKANK l.,H'))ini
7.'ininn Arr      Hoitltlu      I,v li 1,'iuin
* Dully i)<(0(.|itKiiii.|iiy
I.tfiivliifj; I''cn»lo 1)^5 p, ni, you
i.i lite: al i>'•■),-) |). m. in
'Arrive nl  xo p. m. In'1
2nd    Night
v  - '   -   **-
1'iir ili.tii'llii.l liiformBtlnn, l.ortli r»*er*
v-.|lotii.,i)tc.,f,iUori nrftililroi*
II, I., nrjCKinox*,
DAKTLKTT HOUSU.  formerly ||ia
ClurJe, tlm lN>.Ht Ji a day liotitl
in Ke'Hcn, Only white Iiclp tniloyctl
G.  IV.  llAHTlJ-CTT, I'ruprfetor.   ' lv*
A"" ., '
Peter Murray,, aged 26 years, a min
er at Frank,. Alberta,was killed on
.Friday; last.'by a fall of" rock ."while
at work* in lhe mine,. The rock
fell in ;siich''aAiiianii<'r' as to crush the-.
ua"oilunale man's head'to'a' pulp and
separate .it" from  his body. ,'..,';■',.■"
Americans Visit the l'ass arid Exam-,
waspurchased by lhe seller,. Thomas
i'or'S300, -and now-J'afU'r* eight * years
it has sold "for $42 an  acre. "
y-m l-is
irie- Properties.
'.*■   <i.   ■ ',*     .!
Isaac W! Anderson, an American
'• cavitaiisl, formerly president of a the-.
Tacoma .laiitL coinpaky ", which, owned.
the towpsite of .Tacoma, Washirigton,
cud at jirtsent" president' of thet! gas .and who, has
otlisr nuiiTeroiis"" fiii'iiicial ' cdniicclioii-s'
\i.siteel lhe l'ass last week in company.
' wjih-l',?- Den'tpsie, 1 principal ownerfef.
the Willi worth favm .below Dellevus,
ond .Howurd* Hulcher, and W. A. Reiil
■of r'liiladelnhiii;]J). ,Sli|anwioo'd,
of llaveiford,  l»j. '
. -Tlie (-i'iiliL-iiii.11 arrived from. Spoilt", lie llonduv'mul oh TuesdiSyl viMte-1'
sei'/nil- of Uw coul''properties' in \tbe-
tuigbboiliood of rielievne. The piirpose"
oi their visit was to inquire into thr
coal' situation with.a view to opeiv
in)*' .auolh.-r' 111 mc. Mr. l.empsie stat
ed .thai iii iUr.pfoliiibility "lie ;\voukl
ttri-anjfe for. the • of oper-
Aitioiis c.n'his property" very s'oba.''
lit was .the first'visit to • the .Pass
of all the gentlemen with the ,excep:
tion. of Mr: l.empsie-and' 'they weri
greatly impressed, ^ith the. possijliil-
. ities of the" district. Mr.' Anderson as
the head of the Spokane'Gas Co.,, is
lookiuj, far a more, suitable coal for-
,the:,ninmifai-Ure of gas than is available in k is territory, and the prpb-
aftility-'is^that his visit:-will-result in
the adoption "of the '-ise* of 'l-asiTcoal.
-;A sad drowninx accident marred tho
celebration of Dominion. Tav. at I.eth-
hriilfr.  A party of yoiitt^ people were
.- pickinckiiiji ,4 at thc.-'river! -; Jtc-ar'; * 'the
i»Hini)iiig station. The day lieiujr verv*
,w.**aun some !-of"'tlielii'.. went. batli-ii*'^?
•Two jriils,4 Ethel Fleetwood ^nd An-;
nie, Patterson"'.venture":! out'too far"
Wild were carried off byjthe swift ctir-'
rent, the   former   being   drowned, and
* jthiv latter,*' after-' great 'efforts-. * 'lie in j*.
■rpsiisciluted.   The  body   of  the 1<Alei*t'-
' ."tyojid  jirl'lias  not been recovered:
*,*.,'*      -   MORE  IRRIGATION
:.*■•; 3.'* -.;-.
,.. Ottawa, _July,*,7.—Tlie Robbins Irr'
gatioii coiiipiuiy,, an English syndicate, i.s uiideitaking an extensive,project"' in'■Ut-'.' disti'ict'-west' .and',, .soutli'
of Medicine Hat, ,'whicli, contemplates
the irrigation and improvement. *>;<if
upwar'ds"'ofv3p6;cooVdc'res' lying A'be-
l ween'lhe C„V. R. mainline and the
Crow's Nest ljne of railway, . This
concern has , entered, into a contract
to expi'nd a minimum, of fl'000,000 in
the project', aiid'expeels that their out
lay on iuiproveiiieiits and works will
rtin'lo J 1,500,000. Outside of certain'
f net otic,*, whiih the company, will-es-
"tablisli in the ciiy'of Mediehi*v Hilt,
..llicii-. seheine contemplates, n ,,settle-
nienl of a tract.with American and
Caiindinii settlers who have, experience in llie"working of irrigated laiid-
Tke coiii|iuiiy, will establish a. eaiininj;,
liiclorvj'niul a.licet.sugar'fiictbrv.
<■     'I*-''*" i     ,:      -'■'•' '-1" ' '   A
-      .   11,"C,  KAMION  PURE,
Liverpool, July 9,—Tlie clinmlier of
.coiuirierie.' lirts'^iiivi'slignted" thc report
.tliat u liiiiuiiti linger., had,been found
iii ii'tin of preserved, salmon, The
-.tory was found to In**' a hoax, • and
it is (Iceland Hint Hritish Columbia
(•"..Ilium has always been, found pure.
■WIU, NOTu-UftTIUK. ' •
' OtU\vn,.July ,(>.—Hon, A. 11, Aylei-
wor'.li*-,;8liUl!(l todiiy tliat tlioie -.wh.i
uo foii.iiliill.-m' for tlie report that llie
'dinth ol W'slttit IliirwitU wriiilrf, iiuiW
it iieTi'SKiny for liim lo mign .froiii
llie'govi'iimu'iil in order to*look tl«
ter tiiuJiiiHlneiiH of* the .ftriii,, li/ollwr
words Hon Mr, AyVsviorHi IfnH uo'i.a'
tuition nf IciviitK llw irovernmei-t,  .,
■ '■■       ■    ■       '•'." '
'O'H'im'Olt   WIU.   VIHIT CANADA,
Tiiiudnti, July y.—WJii-u he goflu to
Vlillndt-Ipliln to'llie 'Irish fntifi-retiM
wilh Hon, Eilwnid Illuke, T. I'. 0'-
Ci'imor, M, 1',, will; iiIko.vInII; Call-
Hiin (tI the iiiyltnlioii of Sir Tlioiiiii«i
fiiu'uuliiu'Hiii.y,' niul'will' likely' nnilroH-i
'KOIIIC   IllCi'lillgl", •
Power.and Lighting-Services fprj(ad-
'•- ■    A'       .ncr Farmers.       ":~
■ .-■ . '!'• " ., . -A
'Nearly, ten miles-   of new "lighting
"►ind power lines in the vicinity of
f,adner in addition to ffoiiVtccnViiiiles
of new lines from Steveston to that
town are;,to |>e . constructed by; .{he".
B. i-L. - nlectnc-vliailway- coinpan/,*'*
says 'the Vancouver.-Proyinec,-,. .This-
will mean that practically,every farmer residing; within fenir miles 'of IM ■ a . „ . ,- ,
-    '".„*','        ,     *■*, ;*..   . A most distressing accident hapnen
ncr will haw the advantages of e ec-1  y      * •"  "'',,,  . . „,  ,    •,   A1 -
. ••,•-,£■'■•   ,.    ,...- " \^A    near   lllairmore   Weduetdav      in
trie  hght*in his  house.'and cheap;el;: " y
ectrie power to run light farming 111a-
<.f.-*.i.*-*!'--"*rM...'. 4>n..:i'* j..-v_.IA ..•• -.,
... Kev.   John  Sheehan  of   thc  Servite-
Fathers    lajippie'd to'jAI(iyor.i' Duiiric''
signed lhc*-rw6*irian_'s -pairdbn ^and   -^lii
was released after being in prison for
si*  weeks.'
The.-woman is a French-Canadian
of excellciu family, and was educated
in. a Fivnch convent-.Her parents live
iu   Montreal.   She   came'.here two
years ago. '*,'     '  ^
'e ; *
N4-PAfflEl   HOTEL
Cn   Fern!e,!is a pleasant Eioino for all who' travel.
7. WHELAN-, IHonagor.
chincry:: \Clias,'i"Kuinmel j' manager ol
the heating £lnd power depots of the"
"British •/Columbia ""Electric^'company,
lias returned from'a few' days' star';
at,I.adner .where he reports., the far-;
mers are all greatly delighted with":
the interests of the company to e'A--'
tend its lines into the farming districts around , I.adner.,; , ., * J "
*, In:I.adner (IislricUaloiic:-there have
already been applications for over,
uitm lighis as well as a number 'ut
power ^iislnllalions. Itut it is i'ii tlio
case eif the farmers located aleiiig
thu .various ' roads, leading ■„ out ^ol-
I.adiier.s Landing that the siirprisilig'-
'' for conn'ee-iic'n catiic, Ar--
raiigeiuents have %been nnide tn "?»;•
tend the lines' a distance of about,
threes miles .a-f^ng/ the ■ river -lo-frfrd
New Westminster, and similar dis;*;
taneesV'o'n'Hwo.'of 'the other/principle'-;
roads. .._   •> ,      *' ' ;  '{>'■
■ ■■IiAconstrucling- the 'new'lines, the!
three.phase system, is lieing installed'.*;
so that the current can lie used eitheri
for... lighting  01;, power .purposes.''I'  *'-
rui.i.s nowN'Tiir; monrv.* ^
'Yukon Rainmaker Wins Out—at Least
"■■'''-    :-' '* it iiaiiis.'"::- ; ?|
.Dawson,, July /|,-C._ M.AlIfttfield,'-
of I,o~s Angeles, i.s Vnore' ilia'n,.inak'io;^
good: liis- claim as pii iJiducer of rain*.';
His head-quarter.-- at the Dome ''sre
attracting mueluattentidii •■' ', and *'a1--
ready the precipitation .has, liceii
'much rfbd\-c the "ave'rage. For'' '»\x
days the, precipitatiqii ,has been J.28
of an inch, while during the whole' of' year,'the" total* fall was'-.2*5'
of an inch. Hatfield-is living iu j »;
tout under his raininakiiig'.tower. *;Ne!.
has the mystic," potent" moisture'-'-"at-
l'actor   in-the   little   ntcioii-
.iire. at-.,the,tpp„* of*; the. tower^.The-1ow?,
er is  -n  feet- high.   Thctent at   lhe
l-.ase of, the tower is.. 10x12 feet,    and
the box   at   the "top   of the ' lower •*is
four- feet  square  and one  foot>. deep,"
"with oiie-n top' ani'i is covered oil the.
outside-; with, tar' paper,  He -does not
.pose as* V 'inaker .-of* raiii. ^AlVii.     he
.'laiiiis to" do is   to   induce  precipita-,
lion   if there-arc'   clouds.! containing
moisture  within   the',,sphere ' of .'inilu-''
•'nets of his machine.. '
3 The   foiiiidation   of his.  theory      is
electricity.     Hi.*  cla-'m's'tliat  his  secret machinery gone nil us' a large am-
oiint of .elcetiivjai ^eiici'gj;,,';. Thisj    is
forced -'inlo'tin.'*-clouds -wlierc-.- it jiro
duces, a .sonic- hat similar eflVel,     to
lightning,   which* is  generally   followed by.a downpour of ruin, Wlierevti,
lliere are' clouds there 'is 'moisture; as
is \yell   kiiown,    Ruin falls  tialurnlh
wlien k clpiids     containing     ,' moist-
ure strike - togelher''or n largvr    niii-
oiint  than  call be  carried  iu suspension* is" (Ulfueted  liy  one cloud,
All Hatfield alleges, is:'that-lis Invention will assist natural forces i'ii
pradiiciiigniiiifnH or snow storms".
.Ilu has certainly. 1>o<"..i,< successful 'iii
most cases lie lins tnlcd nud where
failure has been met with it was
•<iu m1.1l .•.■tjiipjA ni|i iif Xjjf*' ni[* iinij.u
solulely. .lm iti of clouds during, tlu
whole lliiiu of his expcrinii'iils.
IMinceioii, July fi.—Mcssri-) llnlilwln
iim', Aniliiiiii,,, i.iiilt.i^ el.^i'.cti.i, UA
hf.I 'J'huiMl-y with J.iiVp^ (Mlu-.o-a «s
giiiile lo rxploir llie'iipper reiii'll«(j' 61
thr Tiiluuierii river ■ Atul tin* • Un\i*
uiiiiiutniiis, It is liiidn'stooil tlidi Hie
tugiu.i'i'is will ouilt'iivor to.filir 11.lower 1111-i*. ibnti the Coijiiilniiin, n*bx\
hiiH nlrcdily liffu «urvcyeil, lint' fonn'S
lii^lio vx|il'IikIvo in coiiHliiiclioii nn.l
'oper|i:t|on, Tlow fur the explorl|Jlo'i
will cxli'iiil Ih not known, but it,' N
sn!d tlinl a thorough reconnlsfinco
ol i).iiy known Tiiits, liuluiliiii; llie
SV'iigll will lie.iimiii'. '   ■' •' ' ■ " f- j'
W. II. Tlioiiitm Ims sold his farm
t'i nillv's from.I'iliiceloii, roiitnlnli'.','
.Vm-^-icnj, \al ,^C.' M., Klnploii.'ol
Cirniul- j<VirV«, for fj*»l.V'0.,"„TMV; .ami
allords i*t Klrlklng iHiislrntioti ol (lie
iiieri'imi' in vnlne caused liv llu* con-
'.Iriiitloii ol (lie rail way, At one lime
it wim sold for fio,' again It was of-
(tied ul tioo ami rcftiKed, later It
.' J.**--.       A-    ■-
nu'uTAi, .rnTiici-; .aihisK". woman
Chicago , Authorities Iniprlsoii Young
''I '■     Caiia'diiurOIrl YiMy.
).,Clilcng(i);.Tiiliv,7V7-A stni-llliig ..caso
of police bnitallty In deiiling with a
lii'lplcs'i, sick wouiaii lias just coiiui
lo light'by tliu reli'iisii froin tlio Ui'liKi
well'of Miss KlplioiiHlnti Marin Allen
CiuIIliix, who was.sent tlicit', on May
9*1 uiider an nlliiN of Min-y Hoc, with
nut llm opportunity in coiiiiiiiiiiicatu
with frii'iiils. '
, Tliii Miiinaii, who In only **5 yi'iirs
"yt'iini of agei lias been KiilTerliig froin
liysloi'la! and otliei-. lii'i-voiis1 iiIIiihiiIm
which ul tluics -bring rin.toiiiplcUi col*
Inpso and fainting spells. These UKiks
Jier helpless. May 91 tliu girl,
Hii'i'iil with ini atliick while 011 tlm
Hi ret'I. and a police rillii-cr was called
U, .i.,:.U Im.  !ii.,U.'.,1  of  :,*is.!!;-.j;  Im
which Mrs.-H. Jf. tlaler was serioa:;-
ly injiiredj-'Thefiiijured ladyjwith Mrs
rovah'-Jrere driving from-Frank when
their hbrse"-'- be'ca'ine-"' fri-jhienodraud
ran away. The* an'itial kicked the Uig
gy to pieces" aiid-"in the'nielefj-*' Mrs.
Galer.was so badly- hurt; that-it-was
necessary, to reiiHive.he^/to.her home
"n'-a.^sjU-etcher. . r.Kor.tuuately ■ -,r tiie;
switch; engine;-was"-*»ear and'thV-crew;
took;'the' laiUes* to :,cbl'eiii;n'"; iii^'tthe''
caboose.Mis|^a!u^j<*ri<^s5'A are'
nc'rious and J.pakifull^'rs?"Ppyah'''' es-*
caped withoi*.t'.fwor.-e-7i^ n'
kith oii>bui'**ariH.     %y$;£*Y'-j '
•Al)  MAN  CAPTUREDf'" ■/
--.MoiHlavvni'j>li(; nf inst- weel. night';
discovered; a'JiurglaA^T work , in
the .bfliceandiifter a s'truggie* capture
*A the; iii'an and , tiuiieel.-.Jiim'-.'.ov'er i to
the authorities. ThViwoihl-.W b«rglnr.
who would a bprgling.,*go, ."gavt.'/lllH,'
liame of Yainum'.aud was committed*
'or trial  at  Macleod. :-' * ','    ...
■]   ;M*HY   I.RTHMR-ID'GK' I.03T   •.) ;\
Because , Umpire ;Was   '-Rotten" "ani
;, a, l'*ew Other .Things.   , „...,
.'J.rtlibn'dgeJlerald.A    ' •''     '  *''',-'ridgc.ball team went to Ken-it
B.   C, -on,- Tuesday "and- played '"    i
ghmc with that' team. By all"accounts
lhe*local  niiie; were* up ■against    , 'all
.kinds'of loaded dire.' In",the first'place
Pernie went* oil'i'lie fietj with fonr.oui
s|deis'to '-'treiigt^^thrm;   Tliey  ho«l
an umpire"' wkoAvas-'rotteii. ' 'In 'tlie
eighth   inning 'the scora  was'6   to   :
■'n Let h bridge's   favor. A in*, the ninth"
.-*?'!'".S.. th,<; unipire  eyjjleiitly felt- V.
nie haa.lo.,w.n:,  ***.<'  he is elaiiiiVd','7 to
jiiave J? called three   fouls j.'-iafef^hits
cnahli'ng" Fernie io" score'r'scvcii._..'l'uiis
land "win"the'imatch. EvenAkt'citi/eii.*'
.of^eruie^were^Oiitra^Vilfat— thi^hinri"
pire's  decisions. '.-,,-' ..-...' '
.7I^thliridjfe 'challnigedTthe1 :-;".Fernie
tetuu to play heie.ior $2.56.    .        "'.'-
•| It i.s ite'edIi'.w*.fijr.-;l^';T'iedgei-,., ,.to
,say iiuieh, ,'beyoiul* iibiuling:'; out that
Uieabove'"story'is just about'*'us "rot
jtrji"' as wus-the l/tihiiridge' team'.s
after (he seventh iiiuings. when.: A.J
ii matter of fact; they, went'to piece's
Wild let Kernie plhyVriiig^" ,,'- around
•theiir hfter ■■—■phiylng ■ nWirly en-orless
.ball for six iiniings. The .umpire was
-Jitir, and no outside mon"were.' played
by Fe-riiie... .    ,' •;,
'Ag'ents for "*       .
The Ciilsary Marble nnd Granite Works
Tho Koctcnay M:n-bla Works, Nelson.
Sumplescan be seen at tho ofik'e.
.'    Office Phone 41   :   Residence 76
FarUrs In Liimdy's B-fcck
,a Change of Business
Having- leased llio Fernie Livery
and Dray business of Wm.-Hand-.
ley, I am prepared to do all
Mnds of Dray ing and Livery
!•> ■ ."work.-,
Agent   for Fernie Coal, S it in mi t Lime   itnd Distributing
Aucnt of the Canadian Oil Co.
Olvemcacallf-yed H anic||cy
In llu*   rounlv   luv.-tllitl  lie tonic   tlw
* i *
liklplcjfis vvoiniiii toljliu Clikapo (iyo-
itilu police siatloii iiud pliici'd liar Iti n
roll, ' Clinrft'i-H\xtf-'"'ill-ilirilorly fn'mlm't
wens plnrt'tl nj;oiiist. lior.
Inntv.ul ui lur Ttiit iiitiiu- liit puiiwv
lltxvo tin* nntiiuof "Mnry Don" '<n
tin* ivrords and slit' was m-ut to tlio
Hridowoll mider n ?7,S'lluo mi rcpro-
Ni-iilatloiiii mnde liy tliu polieoinaii
llint llij' wnninii's stupor was diu>,
lo ili\i(.';i, Aflt 1 a few d.iys in tlu-,
nrldowoll tlio wr.innii tallied nml
asked' to lm -port-litIimI to send word
to friends. Tliis wtx* itdiseil.   .-
Dr. l-'ridi-riou Illoiiey tleflarcH tlu-
woman lind ln-cn ill and under liis
professional cute (or ".i-ve-nil inoiitlis
and tliat it was nu outrage ip pl(|i*i.
lier Ip n cell U-rnii;io slu* linil rnllopl-
i-d anil war, iiiialiln 1(t tell Jior -*!*iiii>
or aujitwr ijiieslloiiH put toiler     l.y
,. According to K. IT, !-ihermnii, pr-j'.-.
J.di.nt of tlie district, miners'.union,
and V. Patterson, district board mem
lier, who wore talking to n Puss j.a*
"per Hie other tiny, 'conditions at I,ctV
hridfje nre peculiar, Patterson anil
'J-jlit-riuan wore in I,rllihridj;c lust
week,, Tliey say Hint tlie All.ort.ii Coal
nnd Kailwuy company is mukliijr '•*
strenuous effort to operuti . with
jioii-iiiiion men, hut declared that it
■Wi'll fie  a flat 'failure. A-' \   '■[
"j''The ronipaiiy i'-i opo-ratlin sifter' h
fashion, said ' Ur.' Klin-mi'i, '"Thoi'r
hi-s- a few liicn workiiif biit tlirre Is
nil-'lity little conl heiii'*- dii(r, I 'WIU
tell yon tiqw the. company i.s jettin,.-
d*i!„qiitpiit ,you -liavi. seen* spoken at'
111 the. piipei"H.'*Tli-*-eoiii|iiiiiy- kud soiuu
in,nnn tons or conl piled up nt the'
work's" tknt wns .'■Iwjf'.Hi'V'i'rol yearii'
a-joviThere- - were ulso •',: uhout' * throe
liwidrod cnr,s-(M coal «uderjjvnniid'
wkuir the strike <ircuf*iuil.* Tkey^lmvn
-lieen Imiiliii); the nl.U"'"' coal ' ''\i|i
nnd holstliifr thut midei'(;niiiiid nu.i
puttluu" n little,of It'on'top of thci
old coul and thou srndiuj/ the lot
out, This is the-way the output was
olitnliied nu which itr is-.luted thu
mine Ik opu-nllif-,''., Wlicii \ ,the ,company got ready (o'sUiriii ifiiswuo
word wan ""i-nt out'.'thnt. tlw-Miiiiie
wniilil Htuil up, tkc wltislles ti«
hlou'ii and a slimy nf he|{liiiiln<* woih
wus* willi Iheiiloo thai th-
111111 would JJo,k hhek to work l,ul
the ruse did not uiu'cc'cd. N'ot '11 uiaii
went liiieli to work/ To |j,v« an Idon
i-f how ilu-'Jr nvc vtiylrTjf to make tlu>
iiit-Jl   sliek,   I   Wrllt   OIU   Iir ill III,.*
Iil'iii- Dn- ,,lhi-i   ,|,iy,  01 uuii,^   if  Wrt*.
not nlhnied inside the, pieUt line Imt
f snt ilown ou tin  grni-t *n«l watokfil
iiiittei-i vii tli a pair of field ylii.'-scv
it ^iin    mi'l limit ^iiiilll r was '  Keen
«i.i iiuiiieitiutrly iHe.^Hifr .suited |*o*
ng up nud down,  Tk»y nmst     kuvt
nm It up   mul tlriwi ''tyi times     (hi-
my lifMelil,,  Imt it  tlldn'l  fool     nir
iiiin ll hs wllk,tke, •fleiNKf* I could NtV
easily that (he    cars wi'ie not diniip-
ed Imt y-tevr vnu up uiul down uguin,
evldinlly lo liuikr trie think tlny,wfiv
,|..riiitiU|i lull lilust. Thr lew iiieu th.'
company  have got working  ure krpt
In cars at the* mtiie,    A few days nj,'o
two of tliim mine up town ami did
not k<> hud HM* »ud *iltic<-       tlut
time tbe car-i nn* locked every »i*thl
nt nine o'clock. Voy mpy jlielii-v-* tlmt
whiil nii|i the (ompiiiiy lin,'' will  not
sUnd soil of llillt-* very  ltiti|f.
Make your wife happy by buying a Steel Range of'XD. Quail
T7i *—•"" ""--Trf-nrr-itr r
******. 4^* mSmir 1*«Hli
ormoncy  refunded
The Elk 'Lumber Co-?
__ .,, LBRHSTEO.
Dimension^ Fioci§*§Big7 Sidisig*^
:. Fleiishing Liimlier amiS
All our stock is last/years cut and well seasoned.
The Best of*. Satisfaction-
in Watch & Jetoelery Repairing
Head! Office :   &2amiEio!ia, Oacadst.
Capital * $2,415,000        fflesevve * $2,415,000
l    '     ' TZotnl %8Seto * $29,000,000      .
Hon. Wm.'Gh'son, President. * ■   ".;'
I. Turndull, Vice-President and General Manager.^^-
74 Branches iEafoeitiEaccit Canada ^
Money Ou'eii-   Knifit, i;'.'i ul, ]-;;\;.,l!i. in f.-u-.-.cJo t,r a l*. road.
Foreign 4i"afls cislied.    Spec'inl advantages in Savings l*)vp;trinu*nl.
Open-in the evening- ofthe Coal Co's pay-day from 7 till tj~ ■
**  " '""'        **, .J.'R. LA*WBr*AK«iil. I'KHNll-* HKAXCir
t*Ll%>     '%%r%r\^/*^%f*yt^'%^/^^^<^-^^
XJITIDEl'B   3**T*KTW   •^^J^N7V.OIS■M:•ffi•N'T   »'.
yamos tStvern, .- - V Proprietor.
Well furnished roonui. Tho. tabic is supplied wilh tlio best
the market affords. The bar is'supplied ' w'itli the best winus,
liquors and dears, j
i.'%^^b^rk%%-%%^*^^k^'-v,V'* '^^s^^m^%%iit^^<%rtv^%/^
* •
» t
llavu ono of thoii Inr-jru't ptoi-OR in Fornlo. «
lAJiib, Vwil, Frrali nud Brnolrtl Fluh.
Fresh Fish constantly arriving
Head   Office i.t Colcary,  Altn.
The Dominioni Meat
m^*~      »** ^wr*1     <-     - -    *«*-    »-• "I       mmm* ******-    "S*. '      VV *^*« ^^ *I*tw4i W
VVhofeHuic *i Kef nil Ment Mcrchnnla
Pernie, B. G.
Horns,   tlocon,   Loi-tl. rish and Game In Sc-uon,
The Sem
; For Up-to-dnto, dodiiiiK' nnd
Gent's Furnish ing-R,, Drop in
and ho fitted up. ]
\ Don't forget the place L, T. W. Block j
t '■*•**■* wt.l>« • wrw
and   Home   Life
Can lm cnjoyi'il  by  ml; |n>r     ynur     iiiiiils    nl
The RoyaB   Restaurant
In coiijtiiii'tiiin wilh tin- Hoyul llnt.-l     Tlm  ln'.t     mini mtvii)   in ' tlm
city (or 35   i-ents. A  l.-w 1110:1- in-ul nr  liii.iidii-i ilrslri'.l. Your*putiniiniie
ll   rvH|ici'tliilly   •10lkit.1l.
■ 1 f
, MRS. M. HOELZEL, Proprielrcss
Victoria  Ave.
'Phone  No.  4
Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd ;
 !lGRN,n* u'Ct
', "    '        ' -*..»•      ,     I   11. HUM ll. —    "H.WH   ■■■   IIUMIWM      ■ ■       ||| MUM
Rrowcrs of Extra Fino
Lnircr Beer nnd Aerntci*
Waters. Mottled Goods
a Specialty.
Excursion Rates East
.The Northwestern Line
*■ , '.!
Vt-rv lnw'uiii.-i, 1,1,111.1 im.'/.i-i ,.|.-|..    u-iii *i„   jn ,ii,.,i  (,.', , j
cm point*- on lln* follmviii}; ,l,,l,s' ,lnly a,   and .», Aii^ukI ;*, .?, .ml
'), "lid St-ptiiiibrr H, •) .ml -i      it   vou ■   ,(   tiM, ,*•,,   il
will pay yum  tn urn,' in,- lm   lull   p-,iiinii|i,,s.
Wt    (lKo   llllll    ..'IV   lull"   I.-.I||.|   t!j|t   utts   l|,„|,   fill,.,;.,.    tlnlVll,.,
rnstrrn poiiit*. tu nil  ui-'iutii    |>.iit-.i*.     II     ,n.\     ,,i".,-,„n
frimili arc romliiR out |n -.we j„n,,wtlt,  m,. ihiii n.nii,.,        ' ,
A postal *.ii,l (or nilnriii.iti.m W(||  |lM,,,, ., ,{Uhi  ,,.,,-Vi * '
1 It. H. COI.MXS, (Jonl  Afrctit
01." .M|ii-iifrno Av<»., ,S|iolr/nic.
\ Xn-b-z.y-
'■■•'  --fi-
"UARYSYII.I.I",  BOAlil) ,01'*  TRADE,,
■At a' public meeting lield in Marys
ville lasl week the Marysville ,■ board
"ol trade was organized with the following  ollicers. , *       A
.T,  l*"".  lluchcroft,  president.
M. IT. McMtihon,-lirst viee-presidc-nL
A." 1*.   Cliem-tte,, second   vice-president.   ' '
I...C. Hichop, secretary-treasurer.1
'   -Executive—J.   l-\   Pringle,   A.   Mel.
Fletcher,  K.   C.  Wilson,   K.   .1.  Clayton, and U. Allan.
duly'.' before.?vrest.-ain,'.. so that' '.'it
would only :"*apply:Ho those? who unlawfully   conspired   Lo. unduly ■ trade.
Sir Wilfiid sa,id he/would consider the
matter. " *■     *
,, A suit which of considerable
interest to iiiillineii and millhaiul.s
throtighoiil the province generally i>
soon to be started, against the Mun-
dv luiiiber Company, of - Revt.lstoke,
for an ini'iactiou ol the alien labor
!aw, lu chambers at Yancouvcr last
week .lohn 11. '* Mills, on behalf' ' oi
Kiolr.':;*d Nieltol, loriueily of Revelstoke, .made un application , for con-'
sent lo proceed against lhe Muitdi
Lumber Company. Mr. .lustue Mor-
rAjii reserved   judgment.,
Mr. Mills .stilled to the i-oiirt that
in Noviiuber last tlie I,tiinb.:i
o., head ollice is at I'lud'oi:"
I'a.'J imported 15 laborers from Until
i'i In! -i>;.ul put them l,u wurk in'"' tlu
nw'll at Revelstoki-. In order to give
the Aineri'.aiis woik he said 15 Canadians were dismissed„ Nichol ' .was
one of the dismissed Canadians and
Mr. Mills i*. acting for llu entire 15
The penalty for iiii'porliiig American laborers as set forth in 'tin'
alien labor law, is a line of not les:-'
thaii lil'ty dollars and not more than
one thousand  for each  case.
Dawson, .1 nl y 9.—Ilatfteld'!-''
malting! contract     is.' cancelled.
scni.ers- to Uic- Hatfield fund will
call a'„ meeting and' disclaim furtlii'-r
coniiection with the transaction. All
subscril-e'rs have' decided' that' hi lias
not'delivered the jtoods and fool
ishncss to. teinpori/c further. All hydraulic works arc closed, for want .of
waler.      " ■' ..    ■ •*
but it has been beaten four times and
equalled once.,. The record time" for
the, race ■ is still that made by-
eight of; Jjejy; College.,Jn 1S97, of
minutes';'.- 51'^secqndsC ;-, *-., ;*
• Tlfe'H'icibiy' of.the!:Bclgia'ns was en-,
tirely "unexpected. It was generally
thought, that Trinity hall after its dc
'feat of thc Argonauts, .would . havo
"no difficulty with* the* l.elgiaii eight1
iu thciitm'is.--', A    '. '; -.-'
, S. Walters left last night for
ga'ry to,takeAin.the,, fair, A-'-_   ■
' Mr. and Mrs, II. L. Manley returned  from   the" coast  this morning.
* Judge ."Wilson arrived in town yesterday evening and is holding a session  of the   county   court   today.
Ottawa, July 9.—About 200 'members ol-the Retail Merchants- association of Ontraio and Ouebec, waited
upon Sir Wilfrid Laurier 'and1' Iloii.
Mr. Aylesworth today land asked that
leave be given them in .the criminal
code to meet and coiivbine together
to discuss trade matters in the. same
Way as labor men do. The delegation
asked that the word "unlawfully-"
be placed in section 520 of the code
before   "conspire" 'and   the   word   1111-
lleiiley, July (>.—Tlie crew represcn*..
ing the Club Naiitijque de Grand,-.Del;
giniu, todays dyleaU'd „ Trinity A'Ha^i
Cambridge, by 'three.' lengths".ill*', .th
I'mal.fnf lln- grand ihalknge cup.'The'
lime was'7 minutes'9 seconds. ' "''
The ci/p thus haves I'.nglaniL for
the lirsl. l-i'ie in its'history''and lor
the next-two've* months at least-will
adorn tin- Imaclt-unrlifs'of- the llelgi-
an   rowing  club.
The'ease with whicli the- .l.elgians
beat The crack Itrilisli ciew was ra
Iher" 11 rough, shock lo the complacency ol the home oarsmen am] their
lxslief in'tiieir hitherto unshakable, in
viiicih'ility ..I their rowing methods.
"Apart from a momentary, advantage
at'the start, Trinity hall never wan
n   the, race.   .".**•* :      ,
General congratulation's will be extended to thv-Jtelgian eicjit, . which
has tried so often and hitherto unsuccessfully, for the blue ribbon ol
iilqunlics. ' '    >
The race .rowed today was the thir
tceiitli under the present conditions,
and colonial and.lorcigti crews* have
competed nearly every year, including
the. Toronto Argonauts,'the .Belgians,
Cornell and- I'cnsyiyania ' univcrslitics
and the Vesper club of Philadelphia/,
Of tlle thirteen races' lii'ne" Have ''-ceii
won by 1 the Leaiide,!' Rowing 'club,, of
London, and one eacli'.by .Triiiityllall
Third Tiinilv, lmth of , Cambridge,
New .College, O.xford, and llu ■Club'
,Na 11 t'i'. 1 lie de   Grand, .of Belgium.
Tlie time of to<lay's"racc, 7 minutes
9  seconds, .is  better  than the .average
■ .<*•-, HOT EL",. ARRIVALS.
. Kl.NG, Kl)WARl)f \y,, IL. Lytic, "J.
Cliurch,0 Nanton \V. F. Ki'jv-ay,, Fraii'k"
J'. Kdinpton, Coal Creev; K. Kcnney,
lcthbridge; J. V. Brown,;'
".17. "C .Thointoii^Wardiier; K. Weiler,
S, Tacptifa';..'Mary.' oVton-. l'incher Ck.'
%. ^Caldwellr Jaffraj-;'?j;:ttibsoii, lvlk-
jnouth; A'^Stitli^rlancl,;'j-Cowiey; A.
C)i(?iipiiell,!,,S-mf'.\''f-^ K.- -Dixhii,. S.
DiNon,' Caigary; ,->■•;' H- •■ Hawthorn tli*
waite, Naiiai'mo;',;R. McShak, Elko;
\V.'"G. Hodgius,. Killarhev ■'. - - _.
A- WALD0RF--F.; C."!Vinkler, Eelson;
i<\ .A'ouiig;''\V7, Donnelly,,.H. Cuminins,'
liiiynes; 7.\T. •'.-McDonald,", G. Davis,
Frank'; Mrs.'f 1):^ M;, Grant, Calgary;
.1. Gelpiii, ' Toronto;. I.ucille . BranilT,
BAF. Walling, \V. M. Frost,, Eureka
S.-Coylii Walla Walla;'.F Turnan, A.
"C. Dee, F. Corkill.'T. R,, Lawcs, Chas
Eiiiiner.-on, Michel;- TJiosi Roivil.'/Su,
Bellevue;",' Mrs." T. Richards,' Kpo-
kiine; M. R. Cowell, Prince All>ert;
1'. McCoiuWil,' 'Baynes .Lake; A.. M.
■Raeltie, Elkinotilli; IT.'A. Kanouse &
Avife, Frank, ,1C J. Dtitlon, Medicine
Hat;   W.  G."Ross"'Vancouver;     Mrs.
B. Herring,' -I,os ;Angeles; ,"l-\ ', <!>'F.
Cromwell, 1'ortland; F. "Markhaiu, Chi
cugo *\[rs.*"'M, Mill'lin, Mrs. M: -'AG.
Trowbridge, Spokane; II. II. Ross,
'Elkmlouth;' 6".' ''"A:* 'Ilunle'r",- Xclson:
High  River-  F.   II. Pearson,  Jafl'rav;
C. A. Dow,Elko; .Henry'Richards,
Leeds, 'Kng.,. W. A.. Laycock, ,'TIigh
River: W." Addie", Lu'ndbrcck. ' ,
; NAPANEE.—0. D. i-'ort, E. H.
Hester, Morrissey;. E. Kenny, T.cth-
'britlgc: 'G:"ll'..'Hoiik; .Anderson,
lion, Barber, Kinney, Lethbridge base
ball team'; 'A: -C." Bowers, M. Cum-.
'eroiV-'Mi-r and -IIrs. Clapp-, Cran'jrqok
X.-.E: Broley ;& wife, Bellevue; ...A.
"K. Lcitch,  JalTrey,,  W.  L.        Smith,
do.; W. Frascr, Elko;-.P. Boon, Belle,
vue: '. W. . Woods, „ Whittf'^h'; ,,T. W.
Kn-'effAKalispcL -, ., .'. \;
- Genial. Jo'.of., thc Crow, is, in the
eity again today.-' Mr. Carter never
tires   in . hiseffqrts  to.niake.,..- people
who tiiavel   on   his   line   cckpflortvaili'le
n ' - '
and happy.
Duiican McKay, an old timer in-the.
Pass," died, at the hospital here on
Saturday, ond was-.lniricd on Sunday,
Rev,-Grant of the Presbyterian church
ollicjating at the funeral. '     ,',   J
.'■ • Jx!i hfXel that furhiskes quiet" com--
mo^liotts'accommodations for * its patrons is'a sourW of pleasure j to the
travelliig*public. Such a one is the
King.Edward liotel of . ,"I"*crnic,'
noV'opposilei post ollice. A
By consulting M.' Mecklenlierg, M.
A. II. S., the eminent eye-siglA ,ipe-
tialist of Calgary, :yon,-jct the very
best'services and at' moderate, charges
As a proof of'what he claims he. of-,
fefs fifty dollars;to* any ipersrm who V
eyes are/defective" if lie fails l.:.'
adopt the proper lenses even . after
others have given it.up' as, hopeless,.
Again at WcasdeH's'drug ^torr,,July.
23, 24 and 25, and at Michel July
21   and -22. * • '    . -
It is our Pleasure
to please You.
That's why wc. have, tlie, most ar- ■'
tis'tic. line  of *■ wall."papers  ever
, shown in Fernie. Dainty floral effects for  bedrooms,'''stripes     for
. halls, tapestries and heraldic patterns' for ■ libraries, and dining
rooms; French. effects for' parlors;
In fact we have every thing' the
most exacting' taste can demand.
I. L COVffit
Wail; Papers   .
The Preserving Season ds how
on.      Getj our pricesV on Fruit
Jars   before   purchasing- else-
■ where.;''-;-.v.."    V'"    '_.        -:-" '
Bring your Cash and get:value for pr Money.
« *•*
ft C «
*   " /*'" .   - . **
W. J. Blundcia
f he People's Grocer,'   P. 0. Block, Fernie
Minard's I.iniment Co.. limited,   ■
bents.—l cured a valuable hunting
dog.of mange with MinariVs Liniment',
alter several' velerinaries had treated
him' without doing hinr any perina-
11 .'lit good. ,, Yours,'etc.,
'    - • •- •.    W1I.FHII) GAGXI5,
Prop.   Grand.   Central   Hotel,   Drum.
'     .nioiidville,  Aug,   3,  'Oi*.
.Cl'l'V  01<-  KKUNIR.*
.}.   *   *** *f* ^iV /lV ^v <iV *fr ^iV ^iV V^V *JV Si\ *),\ <i\ ♦■j'V <i\ *fs> *fr «*i\ *i\ .i> ^i> ^-» <i> *s> *i* /l* *lV *l\ /lV 'I*. ^i-» *y* *l> '1* »l> »i> *'*
i?5 -> , .-    Hi.
■■H—W ■" 1 >■***' Tjhihi
\ A ^E have just opened up a full line
of "Stewart" Cook Stoves   and
Ranges,   These are American goods, &
the best value in the market.
. In'response lO'ti largely sighed petition, T hereby declare Thursday, the
2dUi da\\of' .Inly1..i('o6i a public holr
iday lo In.'., known as the Civic.Holiday, aiid I, reijnest-all'loyal citizens"
to observe^ flic' same. „
'   ■ "     - - '"''"A. Wi WlMA&WilA^
\A/.E are  rapidly getting the balance
of   our   Hardware   Stock    into
shape, and will be   ready  for   business
in any line on
Feruie,  9U1' .Tuly,   190(1.
(iiulcr this heading instcrtcd at lho
rate of, ope cent a word each insertion, *." . ,   ''
The appreciation
those who have visited
our showroom and visit-
:cd our millinery and
fancy goods display is a*
flatterinjj"' proof to us thjat
our styles are exclusive,
lasteful and moderately
priced. .
Only a few of these Lovely Black
Expected   to arrive   this
, week,, a large shipment
of beautiful shirt   waists,
and shirt waist suits.
There is proilt as well as pleasure in - .yi€Wlng"- cur ads from
week to week ahd many a helpful
suggestion which; will enable,
you to supply your needs at a big-
saving*, for; instance
Sample  Tpwels
Aboiit 25 dozen of Danish <&Huck
Linen Towels. .Our entire line
that has become slightly soiled
and mussed from handling..
During llie week you can have
your choice which will save
you about:? 5 per cent, discount.
Feruie, good two-story . house on
the -properly.--Apply MOTT, -f.ONf
& CO.
lot located iu centre of div for sale
at a bargain prict?—Apply    MOTT,
.-'OR SALE—10,006   shurcs^ Sullivan
(i stock  at 3)jc—Moll', Soil & Co.
liuudreil and    twenty acr-js in tin*
, Kooteimy valley, 40 acres under ct*l-
tivntioni 140 titrcs can he irrigated
' at Miiull expense. There a« good
huildiugs on    tlie     property,  0U0
. three' miles of fencing, There If*
about two million feet of iirsl-clfifis
tiwiher on thu laiiil. This is a simp
lor anyone wishlnjff to gel a jjooil
ranch, For particulars apply to
Molt, Son & Co,,
Fire Works
Souvenir Canes
■ Jf
Tj "frjtaS
Ceiil and see if we cannot please you.
Whimster & Co.
Henderson    Block
*». *r*
I'Ott HALE—The., properly knowu as
the Treinont boiuding house Victoria avuiwc, Fernie. Good, twq
story housi", 11 bed rooms up-
Klaiis, 5 good rooms i- down,
slniis; plastered: there ts also a
good shed untl stahlo on tin property. Wilt lwKolil very cheap
for mull. This is a, kiiSjap for miy
cjiie wisJiliiR to.^ialie rt \&mA investment. For full parUrulnrs,
etc, apply Mott, Son \ Co,,
<*-**-»• mi*i*,*t 1 1 pi ■■■ni **************-11*  ■ ■■■■"
of ,178 ncrcs, situate---, in ons of the
most favorable Hpots for fruit growing, gnitUnlng, stock rnlKlncr 'hiht
pnultry growing In the Kooteuuv
country, This rnnt-h is nil fenced
coiiluiiiH 61' ncrcs of first-rluss bottom land, 95 iu'K'b of which Is In
a good stnte of ' cultivation,, 7
ncrcs of good bench land suiliibla
for fruit growing nnd garilciiln)*;, nni,
In fine sliiln of cultivation. There
is a good log house nf four rooms,
willi shingle roof, stnlillng for 8
lirnsrs ' nnd <) lii'-nd of entile, two
good IirnhoiiKi'S nnd a cnntl root
linusi". This vnluab,n properly can lie
hud for t*,ft'n.fto ciihIi, II lulniii soon,
nnd Is (he best linrgaln for    nnv-
«   1 >,       1 «,,    ..,11...
...1.      111-ill ,11^, I.,     s^.i     .,,..,     l.l.iS,,.,,1.
(hiti rnn \w foiittil in "Plfltl Vnotfii„v
For fuillior psi-llculnrs npplv to
Molt, Son ft Co, Fcrnlc, 11. C,
a a. T?..;;H/^i^roN
; Tirismithih-g & Plumbing
*► T HAVR taken over the business formerly con-
,1- 1 -ducted by Shepperd & Elliott and wish toinfprm
thc public that I am in a,position to do all kinds of
mithingf^nnd Plumbing in a prompt and efficient,,
Remember the place.
-One door north of-King Edward Hotel.
•Phoric 1
Now  Open   for : Enaavementn  at
Dances.   Parties,   Etc.,   In   Fernie
====== Or   Otilslde   Towns ■ r
From   3   to  8   Pieces   Furnished
• ♦ •
Palace Drug Store
li. r. McLean, Mgr.
Addr«SBSi.  C. A. MILLER,     Royal   Hotel,   rernle
lVA •**"■"J-"M    S'i!.".!''.''    **f   J'*Jj>   Ji
vale j\jiully liy KncHihwoiiiuii.
So waililng.—Tint 405, Niltoii,
•n. C.
r0SITI0.Sr WANTED—ns head tooV
in hotel or rcNtuurant by cxper-
ij.nri'ij timsiiff'r: !nr wnttM      ri"tit
hoti-l ilinliij,' room, rct,taurant. ,or
1.UH,   Ui.utliun Ihiu:x. Atliliihlii M.,
C, V., U-dctr oflirc.
WANTEM-A limn to lull flooring
m.uhine *»1 F.lko. Must 1* rnpahle
ol   j-tudinu    fltMitittf', .siiling a n.i
t,viUll*4 mi\A tVVUli  MktUC. A.:'.*. MMUl
six auoA men at North Hlnr I.11111
1-rr Coiiipftnj''« mill nt Crnnhrook
In WmA lamltr. A«Iitrf<«, N'orlW
Star T.uin1irr Co., Elko, n. C.
U only ***pt a humlr-t-J illlTorciit
A, ,..,^ 144,, *<>.»*. r Um. 11.1*1 I. lu,,»..«•
nut In. Thn nnrfnnt t\\\ iHly of llin
llrlsranllha-.kill with whloi thoy
nro iiivlc, i*u-*ll(lu< llmm ** tha
Shilling Six-Penny Pipe
in the Woritf
Cvcry fit* QuihsKciI.   ,
JimI remtimher nml mXc fnr
"Shield Brand" Pioes
Kor Hale at tlit.
Club   Clffar   Store
W. A.  IN'GKASr, 1-rou,
I'Iioik- 91.       -       •       I'ernie, B. C,
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.   Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
R. E. WALKER, Cenrml Mansger
AI.EX, LAIRD, Aul. 0«n'l Mt»*f*i
BuslnoBB may bo traniaoted by mail with any bmnoh
of the Bank. AooountH may be oponed, and denouito
made or xvithdravm by mall. Evory attention i* paid
to ouUoi-towa aooounts.
Femlo  IJrmtoli O. 8.  Holt,  Mnnngor
Cigar Co.
•Uinanl't  Uniutwit  cnr«*« g^rftt
i-iulkovi, ii. C
Smoke Royal Seal Cigars.
L Atkinson,      -     -
ie, B. C
Koli.t I* Uc-rrliy *|-is*rn that th*
lunili rnmiler nm by Sam Ktt lias
Iimii \mti(Ait mil liy Chin Sam All«iitulH tlue the lute owner art* 'o
l«p |>aiil to him ami Iw |*»v<i nil at.
tftiinls ai-aln-il hint.
Verntii, II, C„ July j, Xty*.
Minanl't. I.lniiittttl <urr* col,l, etc.
Fruits and
Summer Drinks
Hurt, ynn'fl f!n<f everything; ifw
mmad tfloriU fn fine condition.
COMH       IN AKD       HUB.
J. R. McEwlng


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